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Re: Extreme Revival


"Start a War" by Static X plays as the intro video airs. We are live from Montpelier, Vermont tonight. The crowd is cheering as the camera's go to Joey Styles

Joey: Hello, ladies and gentleman, and welcome to another exciting edition of Extreme Pro Wrestling on HBO. My name is, as you know, Joey Styles, and we have a jam-packed night for you! Rob Van Dam and "The Franchise" Shane Douglas have been itching to get at each other, and tonight, they will finally meet in the ring! Rob Van Dam will team with the EPW world champion, Bryan Danielson, and they will face the team of "The Franchise" Shane Douglas and Jeff Hardy. But right now, it's time for a match for the International Title!

A graphic flashes showing the IN title, and we are taken to the entrance ramp. "One Big Rush" by Joe Satriani plays as the challenger, Hayabusa comes out to the ring to a wave of cheers.

Joey: For those of you who missed EPW last week, Hayabusa beat Kaz Hayashi in an astounding number one contender's match to earn the right to wrestle in the second ever title match to be seen by a national audience in EPW.

"Cool" plays as Carlito walks out to the ring. He is very calm, and possibly as a result of that, the crowd boo's him louder then usual.

Joey: Carlito has been the International champion for well over 4 months now in EPW, beating Evan Bourne in a "Loser Leaves EPW" match at our last super show, "East Coast War Zone", and he has been on a roll. The question is, will Hayabusa be able to dethrone Carlito tonight?


The match begins with some back-and-fourth shoving. Carlito is clearly not sweating this at all, but Hayabusa catches him with a dropkick. He goes for a quick pin, but Carlito kicks out. The two men rise and Carlito, who is clearly taking this more seriously now, arm drags Hayabusa and follows it up with an arm lock. Hayabusa wiggles himself free, and he goes for an Enzugiri, but Carlito ducks it and knee drops The Falcon. The two go back and fourth for a bit until Carlito manages to Spine buster Hayabusa, giving himself the advantage. Carlito zones in on Hayabusa's back, weakening the core to make his finisher that much more devastating. Carlito puts The Falcon in position for a Flowing DDT, but Hayabusa punches Carlito in the side a few times, gets out of the DDT-Set up and hits Carlito with a DDT of his own. The two get up, and The Falcon hits a suplex. The Falcon goes to the apron and... Springboard Corkscrew Senton! He goes for the pin.... only a two count, though. Despite the kick out, Hayabusa is taking advantage of the situation. He wrestles laps around Carlito for a bit, with a flurry of arm drags, strong strikes, take downs and submissions focusing on Carlito's right knee. Eventually, Hayabusa goes to lift Carlito up for the Falcon Arrow, but "The Bad Apple" reverses it and hits a suplex on Hayabusa, crashing The Falcon's left ankle onto the middle rope. Hayabusa looks hurt after this. The two are down for a moment, and the ref begins a count. The two are up by seven, though. They trade blows back and fourth for a bit, until Carlito sends Hayabusa into the ropes. Carlito goes for a flap jack, but Hayabusa hits a DDT on his way down. Hayabusa lands on his leg funny, and he limps his way over to the apron. He jumps up to the top rope and goes for a Springboard Moonsault... CARLITO REVERSES IT INTO THE BACK STABBER! 1.... 2.... 3! It's over!

WINNER and STILL INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION: Carlito by pinfall after 15:41

Carlito holds the title high above his head and, while he is being booed, a few can be heard applauding the two for a great match


When we return, Hayabusa is being helped to the back, and is being applauded by the crowd. "Start A War" by Static X plays and Paul Heyman makes his way to the entrance area. He shakes Hayabusa's hand before addressing the crowd.

Paul: First of all, before I get to business, let's applaud Carlito and Hayabusa for a great match!

The crowd, for the most part, cheers

Paul: It's great matches and phenomenal wrestlers like that that make EPW the best wrestling promotion in the world today, and in five weeks, we will be able to prove that at our first ever Pay Per View event, "Still Barely Legal". Now, over the course of the next few weeks, you will here me make quite a few announcements about this show, but I would like to make the first of those announcements tonight. As you all know, tonight, our Tag Team Champions, Mexico's Most Wanted...

Boo's at the mention of them

Paul: ...will be facing off against Paul London and Brian Kendrick...


Paul: ...will be facing off in a non-title match. While this match is, with no doubt in my mind, going to be an exciting one, I decided to spice things up just a LITTLE bit more. So, I would like to announce the stipulation for this match- If Mexico's Most Wanted wins tonight's match, they will get to name their opponents for "Still Barely Legal". It could be anybody in the world, so long as they agree to it, no questions asked. However, should Paul London and Brian Kendrick win tonight's match, then they will be facing MMW at "Still Barely Legal", and it will be... for the EPW Tag Team Titles! Also, next week there will be a 7-Diva Over-the-top-rope battle royal, where the winner will face Victoria Varon for the EPW Women's Championship at "Still Barely Legal"! With that said, enjoy the rest of the show!

"Start A War" plays as Paul makes his exit to huge cheers. We go to the broadcast table with Joey Styles.

Joey: Well, there you have it, by the end of tonight, the first match for "Still Barely Legal" will be announced, depending on who wins the tag match tonight! Folks.... do we really have to do this? Fine... the following is a paid announcement by "The Long Island Iced Z", Zach Ryder... now might be a good time for a bathroom break.

A video airs of Zach Ryder lifting weights at the gym while listening to techno music. He looks up at the camera and smiles

Zach: Hey broski's, my name is Zach Ryder. You know, two weeks ago, Maven Huffman beat me, and ever since then, everyone's been giving me crap for it? Are you kidding, bro? Maven's no where near as exciting as me, the Long Island Iced Z! And even further, now there's internet rumors going around that Maven's coming back soon, and he's got a grudge against me! Are you serious, bro? Maven, you got what you had coming to you! If you would have stayed out of my business, I wouldn't have had to beat you down, and that could have been me facing Carlito tonight for the International title! Maven, if you want to get hurt again, then come at me, bro! Just know that if you do... you won't be coming back for a long time! WOO WOO WOO..... you know it, BRO!

We are taken back stage, where Christy Hemme is standing with Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

Christy: Paul, Brian, tonight you have the opportunity of a life time! You will get to face Mexico's Most Wanted, and if you win, you will face them at "Still Barely Legal" for their EPW Tag Team Titles, what are your thoughts?

Paul: Well, first of all, those belts do NOT belong to Mexico's Most Wanted... well, at least they won't for very long. Me and Brian have been busting our humps all around the world, and we're finally being given a chance to make it! If you think we're blowing that, then you got another thing coming!

Brian: Halloween, Damien, you guy's have been on the top here for awhile, and we respect that... but you better start shining those belts up, because pretty soon, there going to be around our waists.

The two walk off screen, and Next is seen at the bottom.


When we come back, "Genie in a Bottle" by Fozzy is playing, and the duo of London & Kendrick are running down to the ring to a healthy cheer. Their music fades, and "Perros" plays as Mexico's Most Wanted comes down to the ring to boo's.


The match starts off with London and Halloween. The two lock up in the center of the ring, but Halloween hits him with a drop toe hold, then quickly spins over and locks in a front headlock. The two go to a standing position quickly, and London pushes Halloween into his partner's corner. Damien tags in, and springboard double stomps London in the small of his back. Damien hits the ropes as London stands, and he catches London with a running crossbody, getting a 1 count for his troubles. Halloween and Damien make a series of quick tags, taking care not to let London get to his corner. Kendrick is getting fired up. Eventually, Damian grabs London by the feet and starts swinging him around. Halloween jumps in the ring, but neither of the two notice that London manages to tag in Kendrick as he's being swung. Kendrick runs in and throws Halloween over the top rope. Damien stops, but he is dizzy, and Kendrick rolls him up in a school boy. 1.... 2..... 3!

WINNERS AND TAG #1 CONTENDERS: Paul London and Brian Kendrick by Pinfall after 6:17

London and Kendrick run out quickly. Paul is holding his side, but the two are both excited. MMW is in the ring, and they are screaming about that being a "Bullshit Ending", and how "We got ROBBED!". Camera's go backstage, where Danielson is taping his arms up for his match. Rob Van Dam walks to him.

Rob: Look, Bryan, as much as I'd hate to ask you this, I'm a little paranoid right now because of Shane's actions two weeks ago... it could be the green talking a bit, too, but anyways, I need to know that your not going to fuck me tonight like Shane fucked me a few weeks ago, dude.

Bryan: Rob, two weeks ago, Jeff Hardy kicked my ass after the match, and there's a good chance that that wouldn't have happened if Douglas wouldn't have turned on us. As far as I'm concerned, Shane Douglas is just as much MY enemy as he is yours. Plus, I still have a grudge to settle with that face paint wearing fruit tonight. So, no, you have nothing to worry about, and no, I'm not going to fuck you. I don't swing that way buddy.

Rob laughs and the two leave the locker room. A graphic flashes saying "Main Event- Next!"


When we come back, "Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple is playing as Shane Douglas walks out to the ring to HUGE boo's. Jeff Hardy is already in the ring. The music fades, and "The Final Countdown" by Europe plays. Danielson makes his way to the ring with the fans chanting "Your gonna get your fucking head kicked in" to the two men already in the ring.

Joey: Well, folks, it looks like RVD isn't the only one with a grudge tonight!

Danielson's music fades, and "Walk" by Pantera blasts as Rob Van Dam makes his way out to huge cheers. When RVD and Danielson enter the ring, Douglas bails. Hardy gives him an annoyed look, but stays in the ring as Danielson stares him down.

MAIN EVENT: Bryan Danielson & Rob Van Dam VS Shane Douglas & Jeff Hardy

The match starts with Van Dam and Jeff Hardy. The two lock up and Van Dam hits a stiff kick to Hardy's ribs. He tries to follow it with a spinning crescent kick, but Hardy moves and drop kicks Van Dam in the knee, sending RVD to the ground. Jeff hits the ropes and nails a double leg drop kick to RVD's knee. The two go to a standing position, and Hardy tries going for a very early Twist of Hate, but Van Dam counters it with a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex. Douglas runs in to break up the pin, but he doesn't leave right away. He throws Van Dam into the corner and starts beating away at him. Van Dam fights out of it, and the two brawl. The ref tries to break it up, but with no luck. Van Dam is pushed into his partner's corner, where Danielson makes the tag, but soon enough, RVD and Douglas' brawl goes outside of the ring and, eventually, to the backstage area. Danielson storms the ring and nails Jeff with snap suplex. The two get up, and Danielson ducks around and hits Hardy with a German suplex. The two stand and Danielson hits "The Antichrist of Wrestling" with a belly to belly suplex. He goes for the pin... but Hardy kicks out at two. Danielson takes advantage for awhile, spreading out his offence to make any of his finishing moves even more painful. Eventually, Danielson manages to put Hardy into the LaBelle Lock. While Hardy comes close to submitting, he is able to grab the ropes, forcing Danielson to break the hold. Danielson and Jeff get up, but Hardy pushes Bryan into the referee. Taking advantage, "The Charismatic Enigma" low blow's Bryan, but he drops to his knees as if he had been low blowed. The ref gets up, and begins to count the two. Hardy is up first, at 6, with Danielson quickly following. Jeff hits Bryan with a sitout jawbreaker. Hardy jumps to the top rope and.... HE NAILS THE SWANTON BOMB!!! 1.... 2..... 3!

WINNERS: Jeff Hardy & Shane Douglas by Pinfall after 11:54

Jeff Hardy crouches down over Danielson and can be heard saying "Your title... is MINE!". We go backstage, where security is holding Shane Douglas and Rob Van Dam off of each other, when Paul Heyman runs in.

Paul: Whoa whoa whoa, THAT is enough!

The ruckus calms down as everyone listens to Paul.

Paul: Look, if you two want to fight, I'll let you fight! At "Still Barely Legal", it will be Rob Van Dam facing "The Franchise" Shane Douglas! Also, next week, Rob, you will find a representative, and Shane, you will find a representative, and they will face one another in the main event! And whoever picks the winning man will get to pick the stipulation for your match!

The show ends with RVD and Shane nose-to-nose, staring each other down, with security surrounding them in case of another scuffle.



Carlito Colon defeats Hayabusa to retain the International Title

Paul London & Brian Kendrick beat Mexico's Most Wanted to become #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles

Jeff Hardy & Shane Douglas beat Rob Van Dam & Brian Danielson


Gail Kim VS Natalya Neidhart VS Mickie James VS Megumi Kudo VS Cheerleader Melissa VS Jazz VS Ayako Hamada- Battle Royal to become #1 Contender for the Women's Title

Representative of Rob Van Dam VS Representative of Shane Douglas- Winner picks the stipulation for the RVD-Douglas match at Still Barely Legal


Rob Van Dam VS Shane Douglas- Stipulation Undecided

Victoria Varon (C) VS ???- WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH

Mexico's Most Wanted (C) VS Paul London & Brian Kendrick- TAG TITLES MATCH

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Re: Extreme Revival


It's finally been announced: Rob Van Dam will face Shane Douglas at EPW's first pay per view, Still Barely Legal! The question is, what kind of a match will it be? In our main event, Rob Van Dam will select somebody to represent him, and "The Franchise" will do the same, and whoever wins gets to pick the stipulation. Rob Van Dam earlier this week announced that he has selected John Morrison as his representative. The question is, though, who has Shane Douglas picked?

There's a lot of rumors going on concerning who will face off against the EPW champion, Bryan Danielson, at Still Barely Legal, but the rumors come to a stop this week! Shortly after last week's show went off the air, Paul Heyman announced that there will be a number one contender's match. Christian has been dazzling audiences since the late 1990's with his innovative style and memorable matches, as has Jeff Hardy. The history these two stars have is that of wrestling folklore, and this week, they will square off once more! "Captain Charisma" will face "The Anti Christ of Professional Wrestling", and the winner will become the new EPW Title #1 Contender!

Plus, the Women's champion, Victoria Varon, has to be sweating a little bit, because there will be a 7 diva battle royal to decide who will be facing her at Still Barely Legal! Gail Kim, Ayako Hamada, Natalya Neidhart, Mickie James, Megumi Kudo, Cheerleader Melissa and Jazz will be competing to earn that right!

All this and much more on this week's EPW ON HBO!

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Re: Extreme Revival

Good show.

You start things out with a solid first match with Carlito coming off strong, no underhanded moves, a nice clean win. It's hard for me to tell from the limited interaction with Carlito whether he is Face or Heel, so the clean win makes me lean toward face but he's one guy you just never know... Waiting to see some clear proof of what he is.

Interview with Ryder... The color choice is hard on the eyes. Also, I'm not that familiar with Ryder, so with him calling Carlito out is he actually eligible for the International Title?

Paul and Kendrick VS MMW- Nice hokey ending. Can't be all serious all the time and I like that. However, with that said I don't think these two are your top choice for winning the title, and if they do I feel it should be a one and done title defense, losing it quickly to a stronger team.

Nice interaction between RVD and Danielson. And great match between the two teams, I can totally see Douglas and RVD brawling back to the back leaving Hardy and Danielson alone. I also entirely expected a cheap win, low blow, for Hardy's team.

Once again, pretty good show, and next weeks ladies match looks like it's going to be hot!
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Re: Extreme Revival


"Start A War" by Static X plays as the intro video plays. We are live tonight from New York City! The crowd cheers loudly as we go to the entrance ramp. "Another Me" plays as Jeff Hardy comes out to huge boo's.

Joey: Good evening, ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Joey Styles, and welcome to our fourth edition of Extreme Pro Wrestling on HBO. My name is, as you know, Joey Styles, and we're kicking things off in a big way! Our first match will be to determine the number one contender to the EPW Title. Here we see Jeff Hardy coming down the ramp, and he has been antagonizing our EPW champion, Bryan Danielson, for the past few weeks, and it's clear that he's gunning for "The American Dragon's" title. Tonight, he has the chance to face Danielson for that belt at our first pay per view event, "Still Barely Legal".

Hardy's music fades, and "Close Your Eyes" by Waterproof Blonde starts to play. Christian comes out to large cheers. He gets in the ring, and he and Hardy get in each other's faces.


Almost the moment after the bell rings, Christian meets Hardy with a huge slap to the face. Hardy is stunned by this, and Christian takes advantage by whipping Hardy into the ropes. Christian goes for a dropkick, but Jeff actually SLIDES under him. Jeff hits the ropes and goes for a running flipping senton, but Christian rolls out of the way. Christian quickly gets up and goes for an elbow drop, but Hardy rolls out of the way. The two get to a standing position and lock up. Hardy whips Christian into the ropes, Christian bounces off and Hardy hits him with a scoop slam. Christian gets to a seated position. Jeff goes off the ropes and dropkicks Christian in the back of the head. Hardy takes advantage of this for awhile, focusing on the legs of Christian to keep him grounded. Jeff goes for a suplex after a few moments, but Christian ducks behind Hardy and kicks the inside of his leg, dropping him to his knees. Christian dropkicks him in the back of the head. Christian lifts him up and throws him to the ropes, nailing "The Anti Christ of Wrestling" with a spinebuster. He gets a two count. Christian takes advantage, going for a hand full of pin attempts, but only get's continual one's for his efforts. Eventually, Christian flips Jeff around for the Unprettier, but Hardy pushes Christian, sandwiching the ref in between the corner and Christian. Christian leans against the ropes, but Hardy runs forward and clotheslines Christian, sending both of them over the top rope. The two brawl for a moment until Jeff nails Christian with a sitout inverted suplex slam. Jeff Hardy grabs a chair and jumps up to the apron. Christian slowly gets up, Jeff runs at Christian, jumps... WHAT A SICKENING CHAIR SHOT!!! Jeff throws the chair under the ring and slides into the ring as the ref slowly gets up. The ref begins to count Christian out. 1....... 2....... 3....... 4...... 5..... Christian starts to get up...... 6...... 7...... you can see blood pour from Christians head...... 8..... Christian is on his feet..... 9...... Christian starts to walk to the ring, but collapses..... 10. It's over!


Post match, Christian slowly gets to his feet. Jeff goes to the outside of the ring, punches Christian several times and throws him into the ring. Jeff goes under the ring and grabs the chair again. He slides into the ring, Christian is still on the ground. Jeff lifts the chair up.... but wait! "The Final Countdown" by Europe starts to play as Bryan Danielson runs out to the ring! Hardy quickly bails, and is halfway up the ramp when Bryan calls for a mic.

Bryan: Jeff, for the past few weeks, you have beaten me, brutalized me, embarrassed me... not anymore! You got what you want, you got me in the ring at Still Barely Legal for my EPW Title... but Jeff, I am going to hurt you, I am going to brutalize you, I am going to embarrass you.... and I will make you... TAP.... OUT!

Jeff makes his way to the back as "The Final Countdown" plays. The crowd chants "He's gonna make you tap out like a wuss *Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*" as we go to break.


When we come back, there's a graphic playing. The HBO logo is on the screen, with a giant letter M under it. There's static playing in the background. The graphic fades, and the word SOON fades in. When we come back, Michael Cole is standing beside Carlito Colon.

Cole: Carlito, last week you beat Hayabusa to retain your International title, how do you feel?

Carlito: Michael, it should come as no surprise that I won. I mean, I am better then every single wrestler in the back! For years, my family has been the dominating force in my home country, Puerto Rico, yet in America, nobody takes me seriously, nobody takes my family seriously! Well, I'm sick of it! I'm sick of this country, I'm sick of these fans!


Carlito: I've held this title for over four months, and still, nobody takes me seriously! Now, I know that Paul Heyman is going to have somebody face me at the Pay Per View for my title, and I welcome that! Because whoever I face, I am going to humiliate them. I am going to spit in their face. I'm going to leave with this title still on my shoulder... now that? That's cool!

At that moment, Paul Heyman walks into the shot (The crowd pops) and takes the mic from Michael Cole, shooing him away.

Heyman: Carlito, I'm not too sure where you come across insulting the American fans, and I'm not sure what universe your in where people don't take you seriously... although that ridiculous afro probably doesn't help your cause... but you are right with one thing. You ARE going to have a match at Still Barely Legal. And next week, we're going to find out who your opponent is, because next week it will be Finlay going against Yoshi Tatsu. The winner, of course, will face you in four weeks at Still Barely Legal.

Heyman nods at Carlito and walks off screen.

Camera cuts to the locker room area, where Christy Hemme is standing outside of Shane Douglas' locker room.

Hemme: Ladies and gentlemen, right now I'm waiting to get a word from...

Shane walks outside of his locker room. When he notices the camera, he puts his hand over the lens until the door of the locker room is closed. Christy looks surprised.

Hemme: Shane.... was that...

Douglas: Yes, Christy, it was.

Hemme: And is he...

Douglas: Yes, Christy, he is my representative tonight. Now, just because you know, you better not go flapping your gabs, telling anyone, because he will be my little... OUR VERY BIG secret until later tonight. All I have to say is this... Rob, John... good fucking luck!

Camera cuts to Mickie James and Gail Kim talking

Joey: Well folks, while we're going to have to wait until later on tonight to figure out who Shane's representative is, I do know for a fact that up next is our seven diva battle royal!


When we return, Megumi Kudo, Gail Kim, Cheerleader Melissa and Jazz are already in the ring. "New Foundation" is playing as Natalya makes her way to the ring to cheers. Her music fades as "Driver Rock" starts to play. Ayako Hamada makes her way to the ring to boo's. Finally, "Seven Nation Army" plays as Mickie James skips her way to the ring, to HUGE cheers. The seven women stare each other down, and the ref is about to make his way to the ring... but "All The Things She Said" by Tatu plays. The women look toward the ramp, and Victoria Varon walks out with a steel chair, title on her shoulder. She looks at the seven before unfolding the chair and sitting.

Joey: Well, it looks like our reigning Women's champion is making sure she has a front row seat for this match, and I can't blame her. She's getting a great look at the competition!

MATCH 2: Megumi Kudo VS Cheerleader Melissa VS Gail Kim VS Jazz VS Natalya Neidhart VS Ayako Hamada VS Mickie James- BATTLE ROYAL TO DETERMINE THE #1 CONTENDER FOR THE WOMEN'S TITLE

The bell rings, and chaos quickly follows. Ayako squares off with Megumi, Mickie and Melissa square up and Natalya and Kim team up on Jazz. Maybe a few minutes pass before Jazz makes the first elimination of the night, throwing Gail Kim over the top with ease. Only a few moments pass before she also tosses Melissa over. A few more minutes of brawling takes place, when Megumi throws Mickie over the top.... BUT WAIT! Mickie hangs on... Mickie James pulls a Shawn Michaels! Mickie pulls herself up over the top rope and back into the ring without her feet touching! Megumi notices as she gets back in the ring, but Mickie pulls down on the top rope.. MEGUMI FALLS OVER THE TOP ROPE! It's down to four now! The four women look at each other for a moment before Natalya runs toward Jazz! James and Hamada brawl, but the focus is on Natalya and Jazz. Nattie hits Jazz with a discus clothesline, sending Jazz to the mat. Natalya goes to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Jazz kicks her off. Jazz gets up and kicks Neidhart hard in the gut. Jazz hits her with a sit out face buster before lifting her up into a Military Press position... OUCH! Jazz throws Natalya over the top rope, eliminating the Queen of Harts. Meanwhile James is on the ground. Ayako and Jazz face off in the center of the ring, the crowd booing both of them. Jazz goes for a punch, but Hamada kicks her hard in the side before the punch connects. Ayako belly to belly suplexes Jazz. The two women get up, and Hamada super kicks Jazz, sending her to the ropes. Hamada throws Jazz over the top rope! Jazz is eliminated! Ayako raises her arms and turns around... MICKIE HITS HER WITH A HEAD SCISSORS! HAMADA GOES OVER THE TOP! She hangs on.... BASEBALL SLIDE FROM MICKIE! HAMADA IS ELIMINATED!


Mickie stares up the ramp, her arm being raised in victory. Victoria stands up and claps politely at Mickie before walking her way to the back. The camera cuts backstage, where Victoria walks. She walks past RVD and Morrison, and the camera stops on the two. The words "Main Event- NEXT" flash as we cut to a break.


"Ain't No Make Believe" by Stonefree Experience is playing when we return, and John Morrison, with Rob Van Dam at his side, is making his way to the ring to cheers. The music fades, and "Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple plays. Shane Douglas comes out, mic in hand, to massive boo's.

Shane: Well, well, well, Robbie, impressive little guy you got to represent you. The mistake you made, though, was that my guy was able to prepare all week for Mr. Morrison, meanwhile, you have no clue who my guy is... UNTIL NOW! COME ON OUT, JOE!

With that, "On Fire" plays and SAMOA JOE makes his way out to the ring!

Joey: WOW! What a shock! Folks, for those of you who don't follow west coast promotions, Samoa Joe and John Morrison have had some epic battles over there, and if there's two men who hate each other as much as Van Dam and Douglas do, it's these two!


John is shocked, but that wears off early on as the two lock up. John hits a quick Russian Legsweep. The two get up, and John goes for a springboard dropkick, but Joe catches him, lifts him for a power bomb... but wait! John uses the momentum to stand on Joe's shoulders! He jumps up and hits Joe with a huricanrana! John goes for a pin... one count! The two are quickly back on their feet, they tie up.. Joe hits John with a belly-to-belly suplex! Joe goes for a pin, gets a one count. The two get back up, and Joe hits Morrison with an inverted atomic drop. Joe hits the ropes, hist Morrison with a single leg drop kick. Joe gets up, hits the ropes again.. WOW! Running senton onto Morrison. Joe goes for another pin... only a one count! Joe has a clear advantage at this point, and Van Dam looks worried! Joe ends up backing John into a corner, hits him with a variety of chops, then hits a MASSIVE CCS enzugiri! He goes for the pin, and it's gotta be done... NO! JOHN KICKS OUT AT TWO!!! Both Shane and Joe look shocked, and RVD gets a "Morrison" chant going. The two slowly get up. Joe hits the ropes and goes for a clothesline... Morrison ducks it! Morrison catches Joe with a leg lariat! The two slowly get up and trade blows back and fourth. Morrison hits a dropkick, Joe stumbles backward. Another dropkick, another stumble. John hits the ropes... OH! Joe catches him with a spinning backhand blow! He goes for the pin... ANOTHER TWO COUNT! On the outside, Douglas slides a steel pipe in, then distracts the ref. Joe looks at the pipe, then throws it outside of the ring! Douglas is livid... OH! Van Dam rips Douglas off the ropes and hits him with a kick to the head. Samoa Joe, who is distracted, turns around... right into a Springboard Roundhouse from Morrison. Joe stumbles up and... "The Guru Of Greatness" nails Joe with a Moonlight Drive! Joe is positioned toward the corner... John jumps up... STARSHIP PAIN!!! 1.... 2.... 3!!!

WINNER: John Morrison by Pinfall after 16:38

Morrison and Van Dam are ecstatic with their victories, Joe and Douglas are at the bottom of the entrance ramp. Rob grabs a mic.

RVD: Shane, I told you that John was going to win, and now I get to pick the stipulation! And I'm going to make myself nice and comfortable, dude, because at Still Barely Legal, it's going to be you and me... IN A HARDCORE MATCH!!! Hey John, what time is it?

John: It's 4:20, and your gonna smoke his ass!

"Ain't No Make Believe" plays. Camera cuts to Shane and Joe. Shane is yelling at Joe... JOE HITS DOUGLAS WITH AN ENZUGIRI!! Douglas is down! Joe makes his way to the back, and the final shot of the night is RVD laughing at Douglas, while Morrison is on the top rope, his arm raised in victory.



Jeff Hardy d. Christian to become the Number 1 Contender to the EPW Title

Mickie James wins the 7-Diva Battle Royal to become Number 1 Contender to the EPW Women's Title

John Morrison w/ Rob Van Dam d. Samoa Joe w/ Shane Douglas


Yoshi Tatsu VS Finlay- Winner becomes #1 Contender for the International Title


Bryan Danielson (C) VS Jeff Hardy- EPW TITLE


Victoria Varon (C) VS Mickie James- EPW WOMEN'S TITLE

Mexico's Most Wanted (C) VS Paul London & Brian Kendrick- EPW TAG TEAM TITLES

Rob Van Dam VS Shane Douglas- HARDCORE MATCH
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Re: Extreme Revival


Today, Paul Heyman announced the start of a Developmental brand for Extreme Pro Wrestling, known as the Philadelphia Wrestling Circuit. He said, and we quote, "The fact is that there's a lot of talented free agents out there, and there just isn't enough room on the main roster to have each and every single one of them. However, there's no way that we're going to let other wrestling promotions scoop them up! Therefore, after meeting up with Mr Brownson, I have organized the PWC!". He also announced that there will be a number of main roster guy's who will do PWC shows, and that wrestlers contracted to PWC will be allowed to still work the indie circuit, so long as they are free on PWC dates, which Heyman announced will occur twice a month. He also announced the rosters today.


Al Snow
Big Rob Terry
Bully Ray
Chris Masters
Colin Delaney
Colt Cabana
D-Lo Brown
Desmond Wolfe
DH Smith
Doug Williams
Hardcore Holly
Kenny Dykstra
Necro Butcher
Paul Burchill
Primo Colon
Skip Sheffield
Wade Barrett


The Core (Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel)
Cryme Time (Shad Gaspard & JTG)
Curt Hawkins & Trent Barretta
Latin American X-Change (Homicide & Hernandez)
Sonjay Dutt & Shawn Daivari
Team OMEGA (Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore)


Daizee Haze
Michelle McCool
Velvet Sky

There have also been rumors that other stars were signed recently, but Paul Heyman denied these rumors, saying "While there is always the possibility that Mr Brownson has hired wrestlers without my knowing, it's highly unlikely. Brandon usually handles the business aspects of this, and I take care of the wrestling aspect. Possible, but not probable. Next question?"

He also announced today that not only are they talking about another pay per view in the near future, but HBO has green lit a two-hour special two weeks after EPW's first Pay Per View, "Still Barely Legal". Quote: "This will be a trial to see, as the powers that be put it, 'If you can keep an audience engaged into a program for a full two hours', which translates to 'See how the ratings are', so if everything goes according to plan, then you can expect EPW to become a two-hour program very soon!

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Re: Extreme Revival


John Morrison had possibly the biggest win since debuting in EPW last week by beating his long time west coast rival, Samoa Joe! However, this week he will quite possibly be in the biggest match of his career thus far, because he will go one on one against the EPW Title Number 1 Contender, Jeff Hardy! Hardy has proven in the past few weeks that he doesn't care how he gets a win, so long as he comes out with his hand raised. But if "The Shaman of Sexy" can get a win over him, it will definitely put his name in the hat for the number one contender-ship of the EPW title at our next pay per view, which was announced last week, "Ultimate Jeopardy".

Speakings of announcements last week, Zach Ryder has issued an open challenge to anybody in the Philadelphia Wrestling Circuit. Ryder is hands down one of the toughest, most ruthless competitors in EPW today (Anybody who doesn't believe him can ask Maven Huffman), but could he have made a mistake by challenging the PWC? And more importantly, who is going to answer the call of the "Long Island Iced Z?"

Plus, Yoshi Tatsu and Finlay will compete to find out who will face Carlito Colon at "Still Barely Legal" for the EPW International Title! Tatsu has been a crowd pleaser since coming to the EPW, wowing the audience with his unique blend of Puroresu and high flying. Finlay, on the other hand, is a rough brawler who doesn't care what the crowd thinks. What will happen when these two lock up this week, and which one of them will move on to "Still Barely Legal"?

All this and more on this week's EPW ON HBO! You better not miss it!
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Re: Extreme Revival


"Start a War" by Static-X plays as the entrance video plays. We are live tonight for Washington DC! Camera cuts to Joey Styles.

Joey: Welcome to Extreme Pro Wrestling on HBO, everyone! My name is Joey Styles, and we have a packed card for you tonight! In our main event, we will see "The Shaman of Sexy" John Morrison, who is coming off a huge win against Samoa Joe last week, go one on one with the number one contender for the Extreme Pro Wrestling title, Jeff Hardy! Plus, Zach Ryder requested a match with ANYBODY from the Philadelphia Wrestling Circuit. We know that Ryder will get his match, but we still do not know who from PWC is answering the call! However, right now, we take you to the ring for the International Title Number One Contender's match!

"J-Pop Drop" plays as Yoshi Tatsu comes out to the ring to a smattering of cheers. He runs down to the ring excitedly, waving to the crowd

Joey: For those of you who don't know who this man is, Yoshi Tatsu is a tremendously talented youth, but a lot of people are questioning if he's done enough lately to have earned this match. It goes without saying that Yoshi is looking to silence his critics in this match tonight!

Tatsu's music fades, and "Lamberg" plays. Finlay walks his way to the ring, looking all business, shillelagh in hand, as the crowd greets him with sizable boo's. He puts the shillelagh in the corner and steps into the ring.


Finlay and Tatsu tie up in the center of the ring, and Finlay wastes no time as he brings Tatsu to the ground with a basic take down. He begins a ground-and-pound on Tatsu before being pulled off by the ref. Finlay goes to argue with the ref, Tatsu gets up. Tatsu runs toward "The Fighting Irishman", but Finlay takes notice and greets Yoshi with a short-armed clothesline, taking Tatsu down. Tatsu gets up, and Finlay hits him with a European uppercut. Tatsu backs into a corner, and Finlay meets him with a spear. Finlay takes the advantage, wearing Yoshi down with a variety of holds. Finlay locks in a sleeper hold late in the match. The crowd begins a "Yoshi" chant, which revitalizes Tatsu. Yoshi and Finlay end up in a standing position, Tatsu grabs the back of Finlay's head... AND HE HITS HIM WITH A STUNNER! The two get back to a standing position and Yoshi NAILS Finlay with a huge roaring elbow! Tatsu goes to the top rope as Finlay stumbles up... DIVING SPINNING HEEL KICK! 1.. 2... 3!


Yoshi jumps to the top rope in celebration, as the crowd politely cheers him. Camera goes to the back, and Zach Ryder can be seen checking his hair in the mirror before he makes his way to gorilla position.


When we return, Shane Douglas can be seen in Paul Heyman's office with security guards. Rob Van Dam walks in, and the two stare each other down, security stepping in between them. After a moment, Paul walks in.

Paul: Shane, Rob, happy you two could show up. Now, the reason that I called you both in here is simple. I had a hell of an idea the other day, you see, I figure that the two of you can't wait to get your hands one one another, get a chance to punish one another, but quite frankly, I can't have you two going around brawling backstage, causing mayhem on my show like that... so I had an epiphany! Next week, there will be a contract signing between you two to make your match at "Still Barely Legal" official, and to free EPW of any legal action should one of you get hurt... but that still leaves us two weeks before the pay per view! So I figured I would arrange the main events of the last two weeks before "Still Barely Legal" to be "Pick Your Poison" matches. Now, in case you gentlemen have forgotten, that's where you pick the other man's opponent. The reason why you two are here is because, to decide who will compete in two weeks, and who will compete just days before the pay per view, there's going to be a coin toss, loser competes the week before "Still Barely Legal". So...

Shane: HEADS!

Paul: Well, okay then... *He pulls a coin from his pocket, and flips it*... ooh, tails!

Van Dam smiles, Shane scowls. The crowd cheers.

Paul: Well... that's said and done with. Now, since neither of you have matches tonight, and I want no physicality between you two tonight, I'm going to have to ask that security escort you both from the building.

The crowd boo's, but RVD laughs.

RVD: That's no problem, Paul-E, and have a nice night!

Van Dam walks out, surrounded by security, and we cut to ringside, where "Radio" by Watt White is playing. Zach Ryder is cockily making his way to the ring to huge boo's. Ryder is arrogantly smiling as he grabs a mic and steps into the ring.

Ryder: Alright, ladies and broski's, this is the big moment! Tonight, one lucky PWC "Star" will get to try and make a name for himself, by going one on one with "The Long Island Iced Z". Now, I just want to warn the unlucky dude who comes out here...

He is cut off by "How do you like me now?". A pissed off Hardcore Holly storms out to the ring to a bit of fanfare. He can be heard saying "Shut your mouth, you cocky little shit" as he makes his way to the ring.

Joey: Well, Ryder might be eating his words here tonight! Say what you will about Bob "Hardcore" Holly, but this guy doesn't play around. Zach very well might have bitten off a little more then he can chew tonight!

MATCH 2: Zach Ryder VS Hardcore Holly

The match kicks off in a big way, as Holly greets Ryder with a huge right to the chops! Holly nails Ryder with an elbow to the top of his head, then damn near suplex's Zach out of his boots. Holly basically beats the ever beloved shit out of Ryder during the opening moments of the match, stomping and punching Ryder's lights out to huge cheering from the fans. At one point, Holly even hits Ryder with the Falcon Arrow, getting a two count for his troubles. However, the tides begin to turn when Ryder side steps an attempted dropkick from Hardcore Holly. Holly gets up as Ryder is hitting the ropes, and Ryder catches Holly with a running bulldog. Ryder gets up, goes off the ropes, and hits Holly with a massive jumping knee drop to the back of Holly's head. Holly gets up, and Ryder plants him with a lifting inverted DDT. Ryder gets up and stalks Holly as he slowly gets up, then... OOH! Ryder nails Holly with the Zach Attack! 1... 2... 3! This one's over!

WINNER: Zach Ryder by Pinfall after 8:42

Ryder gets up and arrogantly shouts at Holly before his hand is raised.

Joey: Well, there you have it, folks! Love him or hate him, and I'm sure most of you can't stand this guy, Zach Ryder walks out of this one with another impressive victory... Wait, what's this? OH MY GOD!

Someone in a hooded sweat shirt gets on the top rope and hits Ryder with a missile drop kick from behind. The person stomps on Ryder until Zach rolls out of the ring... his hood fell off... IT'S MAVEN! MAVEN HUFFMAN IS BACK! He grabs a microphone, as Ryder stands atop the ramp.

Maven: RYDER! You cost me a month of my career, you prick, and I want you! You, me, Still Barely Legal! Whaddya say?

Ryder is shaking his head, but "Start a War" starts to play, as Heyman makes his way to the ramp, mic in hand.

Paul: First of all, Maven, it's great to have you back! Now, before I get to your request, I would just like to let you know that next week, Maven, your returning to in-ring action against Shocker. Now, as far as your request, personally, I find it only fair. That's right, Ryder, at Still Barely Legal, it will be Maven Huffman facing ZACH RYDER! You brought it upon yourself, Mr "Iced Z"!

Ryder can be heard screaming at Heyman. Camera cuts to Maven, who has a mile-wide smile on his face, as he is showered with "Welcome Back" cheers from the DC crowd.


When we return, a graphic of the HBO logo is on the screen. The letters "MJ" fade in, with static again in the background. The graphic and letters fade, and the word "Soon" fades in. When the word "Soon" fades out, we fade into Zach Ryder throwing a tantrum backstage, flipping tables and screaming "Are you serious, bro?". Cameras cut to Joey Styles.

Styles: Well, folks, what a huge announcement! Now, while we were on break, Paul announced two more huge matches for next weeks EPW on HBO. On top of Maven's return, we will also see Women's title number one contender Mickie James take on PWC's Velvet Skye, and in our main event next week, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels will go one on one with "Captain Charisma" himself, Christian! But right now, we take you to the interview area, where Christy Hemme is about to interview one of the two men who will be in our main event, Jeff Hardy.

We go backstage where, sure enough, Christy is standing with Hardy. The crowd boos.

Christy: Thanks Joey! Jeff, up next, you will be going against "The Guru of Greatness", John Morrison. After last week's huge win against Samoa Joe, how are you feeling going into this match.

Jeff: Christy, I've gone against boys much bigger and much more dangerous then Joe, and John's recent victories haven't gotten him into the main event of Still Barely Legal, so John's victory proves nothing to me. I'm aware that the wrestling world has very short term memory loss, but let me remind you that I have beaten John Morrison before. I not only beat him, but I humiliated him, I stripped him of his pride, and I sent him crawling back to the tag team division. His partner isn't here in EPW, though, so after tonight, I'm gonna send him packing, I'm gonna...

At this moment, Morrison walks into the shot to big cheers from the crowd. He is smiling as he grabs the mic.

John: Jeff, as much as it pains me, I do have to give you credit where credit is due. Yes, you have beaten some great wrestlers before, and I'll even admit that you've beaten me before. However, what you forgot to mention was that I have victories over you, as well! You bring up that last week's win didn't get me a title shot, and I'll give you that one. However, unlike you the past few weeks, I didn't have to cheat to win. I beat Joe fair and square last week, and tonight, "The Every Night Delight" is going to beat you fair and square in the middle of that ring! See you out there, Jeffrey!

John walks off and Jeff stares him down as we go to commercial break.


When we come back, "Ain't No Make Believe" by Stonefree Experience is playing as John Morrison makes his entrance to big cheers.

Joey: Well folks, this is what we've been waiting for all night. Just moments ago, both men brought up some very good points, and I'd say that there pretty evenly matched! But we'll find out who the better man is right now!

The music fades, and "Another Me" begins to play. Jeff walks out to the ring to a storm of jeers and "Cheater" chants from the crowd. Jeff scowls at the audience as he makes his way into the ring.

MAIN EVENT: John Morrison VS Jeff Hardy

The match starts off with a tie up and a series of arm drags and take downs from the two. This amazing display of wrestling is cut short, however, when Jeff stomps on John's toe, following it up with a dropkick to Morrison's knee. Morrison drops and Hardy gets up, bonces off the ropes and meets Morrison with a knee to the face. Morrison backs into the corner, Hardy follows. Hardy grabs the top rope, jumps up... DAMN! Jeff greets Morrison's face with a rope-aided corner dropkick! Jeff goes for a pin, but only gets a one count before Morrison grabs the rope. Jeff has an early advantage, keeping Morrison grounded and starting to work on his legs. After a few minutes, Jeff brings Morrison to a standing position. Jeff runs up to the top rope, jumps for the whisper in the wind... BUT MORRISON COUNTERS WITH A DROP KICK! Morrison covers Hardy, and he gets... only a two count! Though he might have only got a two count, John is definitely in control now. "The Shaman of Sexy" takes a very similar approach, working Hardy's legs. Eventually Hardy gets up and Irish whips Morrison. Morrison hits the ropes, Hardy goes for a clothesline, Morrison ducks it... UNBELIEVABLE! Morrison springboards off the middle rope and nails Jeff with a flying roundhouse! Morrison gets up, hits the rope... A RUNNING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Morrison goes for the cover... only a two count! The two slowly get up, Jeff goes for a kick to the gut, Morrison grabs his foot, throws it down... SUPER KICK BY JOHN MORRISON! Hardy falls flat, and Morrison see's his opportunity! John Morrison jumps up to the top rope, he's going for the Starship pain! But... ooh, Jeff lifts his knees up at the last second. Morrison's hurt. Hardy gets up, goes to the top rope... JEFF HITS THE SWANTON BOMB! 1.... 2.... 3. This one's in the books!

WINNER: Jeff Hardy by Pinfall after 11:48

Joey: There you have it, folks, another impressive win by Jeff Hardy, and a clean one, at that! There's no denying it, unfortunately... tonight, Jeff was the better man! Wait... John's up... he's extending his arm for a hand shake! Hang on... now that's uncalled for!

Hardy stares at John's hand for a brief moment, before booting Morrison in the gut and hitting him with the Twist of Hate. The ref slides in to check on Morrison, and Jeff coolly leaves the ring, the fans booing him, chanting "Hardy Sucks". The last shot of the night is the referee checking on John Morrison.



Yoshi Tatsu d. Finlay to become Number One Contender to the International Title

Zach Ryder d. Hardcore Holly

Jeff Hardy d. John Morrison


Maven Huffman VS Shocker

Velvet Sky VS Mickie James

Christian VS Christopher Daniels


Bryan Danielson (C) VS Jeff Hardy- EPW TITLE

Carlito Colon (C) VS Yoshi Tatsu- EPW INTERNATIONAL TITLE

Victoria Varon (C) VS Mickie James- EPW WOMEN'S TITLE

Mexico's Most Wanted (C) VS Paul London & Brian Kendrick- EPW TAG TEAM TITLES

Rob Van Dam VS Shane Douglas- HARDCORE MATCH

Maven Huffman VS Zach Ryder
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Re: Extreme Revival

Two good shows back to back.

I'll have to make an admission to you though, I'm not familiar with Yoshi, and because of that I don't know whether I like Carlito VS Yoshi at the PPV.

On another note of stars I'm not that familiar with; I know of Zach Ryder but haven't actually seen an episode of Raw where they use him. Aside from a recent nod and greet from John Cena. But from everything I've read about him, you seem to have him down. As for the match and having him beat Hardcore Holly, some might think that a big win for him, but I've never seen the big deal about Holly in the first place and it seems no more than Jobber beating Jobber victory to me.

I enjoyed your Heyman segments.

I enjoyed the Christy Hemme interview, and subsequent match. I think a feud between Morrison and Hardy at the start of a new promotion is a good thing, not sure about main event though, (but we couldn't have Douglas and RVD tonight so it has to make due). Apparently they've had matches before, at least they let everyone know about it tonight. You built up the tension between the two well, I guess we'll see whether/how it plays out for a month or so and see where it goes.

It may not seem like it, since I didn't review your second show, but I was waiting for this post and all in all it was a decent offering.
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Re: Extreme Revival

This week, on another extreme edition of EPW ON HBO:

Christian: One of the hottest stars in professional wrestling today! Whether he's the one half of the hottest tag team in the world, pissing the fans off or getting the audience behind him, he has undeniably been one of the centers of attention everywhere he's ever worked. Christopher Daniels: Called one of the most underrated wrestlers in the history of the business. "The Fallen Angel" was a founding father of the X-Division, and has been in some of the all time greatest matches in professional wrestling history! This week on EPW, the two will go one on one against each other in what many are already predicting to be a match-of-the-year candidate!

Maven Huffman has been out of action for the past month due to a horrific post-match assault by Zach Ryder. But this past week, Maven made his grand return and was granted a match against Ryder at Still Barely Legal. The question is, though, how much has his injuries effected his ability to perform in the ring? This week, we get our answer when Maven goes against Shocker!

Plus, two weeks ago Mickie James beat six other diva's to earn the right to face Victoria Varon for the Women's Title at Still Barely Legal. However, before she gets her shot, she must beat Velvet Sky, who was a main-stay in the Canadian Women's scene until she was hired. Will Mickie be able to beat Velvet, or will "The Beautiful Person" be able to make James just another victim?

All this and more on this week's edition of EPW ON HBO! DON'T YOU EVEN DARE MISS IT!
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Re: Extreme Revival

Mickie and Velvet, wow, I don't know if we've seen these two face off against each other... Maybe for good reason, you just might see how weak Velvet really is against the likes of Mickie. Although, Velvet has held her own against Angelina lately.

I'm interested to see how this plays out, but fully expect Mickie to win that bout, unless......
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