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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Smackdown Feedback

I always like an unconventional way of starting up a show, so this Barrett/Corre hunt was certainly enjoyable and interesting. I’m sure that’ll continue throughout.

Kicking off the actual show with Del Rio’s a good option following what went down the week prior or what I remember of it anyway, the fiesta? You capture Del Rio really well and I liked what he had to say here about feeling sympathy towards Edge. Comparing his actions to being on death row was a great analogy. And I must add, I like the whole Alberto Administration, would certainly suit someone like him. Great stuff with regards to Edge now being what he hates and that his time is done around here. If only ADR’s was like this on the mic in real life. Steel Cage match? Now? Fine by me and a great opponent in doing so might I add. I liked the way you wrote this, mentioning how this was seemingly just a preview ahead of Extreme Rules and what the commentators were doing etc. The action itself was enjoyable but obviously Del Rio gets the win in what was a strong start to the show.

Liked this with Rhodes and Show as this coulda gone wrong with Rhodes being made to look weak but that was certainly not the case as you made him look pretty strong here as well as keeping up with his character and the whole face thing with leaving the ring. Mysterio coming out was no major shocker and him getting the upper hand wasn’t a bad thing, I’m just hoping Cody eventually puts this thing to bed. Good stuff on the whole though.

Enjoying this stuff with Barrett and his boys. The fact he’s on everybody’s case from superstars to backstage crew is a nice touch and I thought you did well with Kofi’s response to all of it as well as the bit of tension between himself, Gabriel and Slater. Shows that it’s really getting to him now.

Considering Mysterio is a pain in the backside to write and never the most entertaining, I thought you did really well with this segment. The whole reasoning why they both wear the masks was great and I’ve no doubts that this feud’s gonna heat up at and beyond Extreme Rules.

Kofi and Drew going at it seems like a distant memory in real life, so glad to see it here and again it was a nice match up between two men who I’m sure will both shine come the Six-Pack at Extreme Rules.

Found myself having a good laugh at this segment with Barrett and the big men. Glad to see Wade didn’t back down but was never gonna end the way he wanted with those two guys. The hunt continues!

Loved this Swagger promo from top to bottom. The opening about staying in America and how it’s superior to England, he’s superior to Christian was great, as was the mentioning of their past and how it won’t help him in this kinda match. Really simple but effective words. Convincing win afterwards also, as should be. The fact he made the poor guy say ‘I quit’ was a great touch I must say and at that point I expected Christian, made sense. Nice little line from Christian to cap off a good segment here.

Nice little exchange from Drew and Trent here. Letting the young guys have more TV time is great and their little feud amongst this Six Pack has gone along smoothly.

Six man tag next week should be a fun one. Wasn’t too keen on Teddy saying I don’t know, just thought you should know, although it was funny, inadvertently or not lol. Fining Wade’s a good move too, just further fires the Englishman up. Nice little touch to finish things off with the whole lights thing in the car and whatnot, had a mysterious vibe about it, as has the whole of Barrett’s night. Good job with it.

Wow, certainly didn’t expect Gabriel to look this good or strong against the World Champion. I think he’s got a bright future but this was a strong show of faith from you and a heck of a match might I add. Kudos to you for going this route. Absolutely BRUTAL attack afterwards from the Alberto Administration and I love the fact that you’ve added Chavo into the mix here. Completely unexpected but it just adds to ADR’s arsenal now. Be very intrigued to know the reasoning from Chavo but it was a fantastic ending here, making ADR look very strong heading into next week and Extreme Rules.

On the whole I thought this was an excellent show Melvis. Really enjoy the way you write Del Rio and also Swagger on the mic, I sometimes wonder why the WWE themselves can’t book like this, so simple, you do it so well. The Barrett hunt was maybe a little long and came to little conclusion, but I did enjoy it, the way he took no prisoners and questioned any and everybody. I would hope to get a tad more next week on this before going all out after Extreme Rules with a Taker return. Certainly has all the makings of a big feud. All of the main feuds right now though have me hooked and I prefer the Smackdown side of things to Raw at the minute in all honesty. Great job, keep at it.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Just a note in that I don’t think I’ve kept up with your Smackdown enough, but I’m trying. Read a few and think I’m in good position to give some feedback. Especially after the stupid good feedback you gave me.

619s Feedback for Melvis' Friday Night Smackdown

The kickoff was very intriguing, if for no other reason than I enjoy non-traditional openings, especially when they divulge right into action. This mob-esque interrogation scene really raises questions here, but I’m pretty sure this won’t be the only time tonight that we see The Corre ‘on the hunt’. Killer closing line, by the way. Expecting more clarity on this through the night…like to answer what the hell he’s even looking for. I’m sure that’s just my lack of knowledge at the moment. On we go.

First of all, props on nailing Ricardo’s intro in pretty solid Spanish. Or at least I think so. I typed that whole block into Google translate and it seemed pretty legit. You also captured his style of delivery pretty good as well, whether that was intentional or not, with all those words running together. A small detail that makes me appreciate the work you put into it. In regards to Del Rio’s dialogue, with his random gratuitous Spanish phrases thrown in, I would’ve expected him to say mi mariachi instead of ‘my band’. His accept seems pretty spot on here, somewhat intrigued at the intro (to me) of this ‘Alberto Administration’. In hindsight, I think it’s sort of ironic Del Rio’s calling Edge dull (not that I don’t enjoy the Del Rio character he’s just…bland nowadays). Pretty spot on for his whole character here, though I don’t know how well putting his shot up for grabs in a cage will tie into his character, but we’ll see, won’t we?.

Impressive match here, but the result was never really in doubt, especially since I remember you posting news about not continuing Sin Cara’s undefeated streak. That aside, I’ll get to the story it told to me despite the obvious ending, and that’s that Del Rio displayed a great deal of confidence and has even more confidence going into his match against Edge. Your descriptions were very well done; I can just picture the look of ‘horror’ that’d be plastered on Del Rio’s almost cartoonish face if he saw a Sin Cara spider about to escape. This match also does something for Cara in regards to how he may fare in the future as far as gimmick matches go. I don’t know if anyone else has taken note, the lucha style isn’t exactly favorable in high-spot specialty matches, a la a ladder match, that you would actually think they were good at. Or at least I think so. So good to see Cara and his style featured in a pretty decent stipulationed match, although a Sin Cara/Del Rio feud somewhere down the line wouldn’t hurt. Also, loved the small, poking descriptions of Brodus Clay, keeping him separate almost from every other member of the Administration. It really goes a long way for his character to be shown like that.

I miss moments like these in modern wrestling. That being when multiple faces inflict justifiable additional pain, especially post match, to a pretty annoying heel, the commentators play if off and understand. But today, we have Michael Cole harping on their every action and constantly degrading them and not really adding anything. That said, I feel some depth could’ve been added with one of the commentators showing a bit of edge in regards to the situation, but nonetheless, a solidly described match here, with the actual result being one of smart booking – Rhodes doesn’t look too weak, nor does Show. Mysterio does look a tad off being the assaulter/aggressor here, but I understand it because it would’ve been just strange for him not to do anything to him given their history.

I thoroughly enjoyed this segment and the way it was done, and the ending really has me guessing where Barrett’s character will be going from here on out. The continued questioning is nice, and it was interesting to even see Kofi take a somewhat aggressive stance against the guy who turned out the lights last week. Finally getting to hear from the other half of The Corre is completely necessary, and this is the part where I’m looking forward to. I see you’re probably continuing the plotline the WWE just dropped in never referencing why the Nexus buried Undertaker, so of course, how that all plays out will be interesting to see, but the notable thing here is Barrett. He’s already beginning to get paranoid as hell and convicting members of his own stable, which I can only imagine will continue to mount to a point of genuine fear-driven insanity of the Deadman. And an angry, scared, and paranoid bare-knuckle Engllishman isn’t a good thing for anyone (except we the readers, but only at a distance….) It’s either that theory or I just have a fetish for characters having breakdowns and divulging into insanity some way. Carry on.

The Mysterio interview introduced the very interesting concepts of why each one wears a mask, which I thought was very well presented. The promo ended somewhat weakly, I felt, seeing as how the two segments Mysterio said beforehand seemed like perfectly acceptable concluding points, the but promo kept going and ended on a line weaker than what the previous two were. Still, playing up Mysterio’s ‘overcome the odds’ story is always a good place to start so long as you make it something different. But I’m almost certain the Six-Pack Challenge won’t be the end for these two.

Chimmel saying ‘and his opponent’ to the first man in the ring is probably more a typo than anything, but onto the actual match. It seemed to have a pretty standard ‘Five Moves of Doom’ finish for Kingston, but seeing as how you’ve mentioned you’re not the biggest McIntyre fan, I don’t think that’s that big a deal. The SOS from the Future Shock is a nice flowing sequence that’s easy to picture, I’m just personally not the biggest fan of McIntyre jobbing. But alas, it is what it is.

Keeping the hunt going, with what I’m assuming is the final probe of the night. Any more than this may be overkill. Loved that you had him go right for Kane after he realized that it may be all part of that scheme for him; excellent train of thinking, seeing as how as a reader, that’s one of the first places my mind went as well. It’s always nice to read a viewer’s mind. This keeps an interesting spin on things, but like the Mysterio segment, this one ended a tad weakly. I understand perhaps Show could’ve gotten another line in, but any promo that ends in a line that says ‘buddies’ after a pretty intense interrogation between two very volatile characters is gonna come across as ending weakly. It keeps me very intrigued, because there’s so many directions to go here with Barrett and this storyline as a whole. Just don’t make it Slater.

Swaggers address was interesting in the fact that he brought up facts from two years ago. On RAW, Punk and Orton are doing the same thing I suppose, but nonetheless, an interesting part of the segment that I’d like to see a bit more of. I appreciate it when character development keeps going in wrestling instead of stopping at the end of each feud. Wasn’t ever a question that Swagger was gonna destroy the English kid, still looking as dominant as he should be going into an I Quit contest. Oh, hey Christian. Simple stuff from the Captain, though not the biggest fan of his ankle being 100% just a week later, but hey, it did its job with building the hype effectively.

This is where I think a booker/writer’s talents really show, and that’s what they can do with the previously directionless characters in attendance. McIntyre and Baretta are prime examples and there seems to be something between them that I’m sure will be a tad more in depth later on. What’d you say some of my segments were….bon? Yeah. That was it. Bon.

Keeping on Barrett, aye? I totally forgot he was IC Champ until it was mentioned, but that’s my fault and not yours. This continuing humiliation conga line for Barrett I feel is only gonna make him further divulge into a paranoid and angry sort of character somewhere down the line. All it takes is one bad day to make sane people go mad….this is obviously Barrett’s

Quick note on Booker’s commentary – as much as I enjoy it because it’s in character and quite humorous, his dialogue is somewhat difficult to make though, but again, not really your fault. You’re just capturing the essence that is the near incoherent Bookerman.

Very capturing and very well done main event, incredibly displaying the talents of both men here, Gabriel looking like a million freakin’ bucks (we’re in England…so…pounds). Everything was well paced, near PPV quality in terms of how you controlled the movesets to slowly ascend, especially when its so hard to with a guy like 2011 Edge, whose moveset has become incredibly limited. Edge pulling out the win was never really in doubt, like the opening, but didn’t stop me from enjoying the actual match one bit. The respectful gesture by Edge just points to me that not only is Gabriel’s turn coming and expected, but it will probably be very conflicted, which might be interesting to see. The ending was absolutely emphatic and definitely an eye opener to keep on the situation. The Administration growing is always nice, especially when it’s someone who has some sort of history with Edge in Chavo. Will be seeing if this becomes more personal, but bravo on the absolutely ridiculous beatdown.

Overall, I found this show a little more entertaining than RAW, though apologies for not leaving very many notes on RAW. The Barrett-centered program was definitely something different, which I commend you for. Thought it was a tad bit overkill with the fourth segment, but hoping more comes out of it in the pass. Some very solid build for everything on the PPV, although there didn’t seem to be much hype for the tables match other than a few indirect comments. I thoroughly enjoyed everything on the show, the only real complaints I had are probably up there in the comments aside from just some personal nitpicking. You do have something very fun and creative on your hands and I look forward to keep keeping up with it. The peasant named Kirby still very much approves.


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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Okay, so I’ve spent a month or so writing Raw and SmackDown and bits of Extreme Rules; dare I say it, stockpiling~! SmackDown is nearly finished, Raw has been finished for ages now (not that that’s stopped me going back and editing it several times) and Extreme Rules will be a while yet, I should imagine. Still, this is all very promising, and I’m pleased with Raw, so as soon as I finish SmackDown, I’ll post Raw.

Feedback-wise, I really do owe cp954 some kind of feedback, at least on the booking if nothing else, because he’s been so patient with me that it’d be unfair to keep abstaining from saying at least something. 619’s World Ablaze has a lengthy piece of feedback with my name on it, and I’ll try to get into some other threads soon... er, as King don’t I get some kind of Royal Scout who tells me what’s decent to look at? Damn.

Enough rambling. Have a preview, peasants.

Monday Night Raw
RBC Center, Raleigh, North Carolina | 25th April 2011

The last Raw before Extreme Rules comes LIVE from the RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, and with tensions running high ahead of this Sunday, it is sure to be a night of heated words and frantic action. This Sunday sees three matches on the Raw side, with the WWE Universe wondering if there will be one more added or not, and the only way to know for sure... is to tune in tonight.

But that’s not the only one reason to tune in to the USA Network tonight; another is the huge main event you can expect to see. Last week, Triple H earned a WWE Title shot after he defeated current champion The Miz in a match governed by special guest referee John Cena. Cena was unsure how to call the match throughout, and it seemed he was going to hand a win to the so-called “most must-see WWE Champion of all time”, until the Game reminded him of his principles, and Cena called the match down the middle, counting the post-Pedigree pinfall to give the Cerebral Assassin the victory. Immediately afterwards, however, Cena dropped Triple H with an Attitude Adjustment, and in this past week, we’ve heard from Raw General Manager Jerry Lawler that the three men will compete in an Extreme Rules Match this coming Sunday. Along with this announcement comes the declaration of tonight’s main event – it’ll be John Cena against the man he left laying last Monday night, Triple H, as The Miz sits ringside on commentary. With Cena and the Game having a long history between them, this match is sure to have some underlying issues, and whoever wins could end up being the favourite between them to take The Miz’s WWE Title this Sunday. This explosive match-up should be a terrific prelude to an explosive main event this Sunday, so you don’t want to miss it!

Elsewhere on Raw, the race to become the next challenger to the WWE Title continues to rage between Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler; after an exhausting bout with William Regal, Bryan declared that he thought Ziggler to be “scared” to face him. All we saw of the Perfection Artiste last week was an infuriated frown and a storm-out, with Vickie Guerrero hot on his heels, but this week, he’ll be in action against David Hart Smith. Can Ziggler overcome the large Canadian? Will he prove his mettle against a sure-to-be-watching Daniel Bryan? And ahead of this Sunday’s huge Ladder Match, might Ziggler have a word or two for his future opponent?

Another man clamouring to prove himself to an adversary, perhaps to an even bigger degree, is potential United States Title challenger John Morrison. The Shaman of Sexy has had a rough ride recently, constantly rejected for a title shot by current champion Sheamus, who has left him laying two of the previous three weeks. Tonight, Morrison faces another man looking to get back on track in the form of William Regal, who narrowly lost to Daniel Bryan last week in his home country of England. A win tonight for either man could propel them into title contention, whether Sheamus likes it or not, and that could make this match make or break for the Prince of Parkour; considering his desperation to prove his ‘edge’ to both Sheamus and ex-girlfriend Melina, one has to wonder what lengths Morrison will go to if it means getting a title shot. Tonight, the United States Title situation might be cleared up once and for all.

This Sunday has many matches sure to end with battered and bruised superstars, but perhaps none so much as the heated rivalry between Randy Orton and CM Punk; last week saw the announcement that the two enemies would face off in a Last Man Standing bout at Extreme Rules. After the ferocious threats that have flooded the back-and-forth between these two psychotic, twisted men, that match in six days’ time is sure to be a violent, unforgiving affair, and tonight, the Viper will look to take some of his frustration out on the luckless and recently-winless Ted DiBiase. The Fortunate Son has been on a terrible run in recent weeks, but a win over Orton tonight would do wonders for him – however, whether or not the Viper will give him half a chance given the mood he’s in is debatable. It’s Orton versus his ex-protégé, tonight on the WWE’s flagship show; will Orton send a message to CM Punk with a win here tonight? Or will Punk have something more to say?

Also, R-Truth and Johnny Curtis put their Tag Team Titles shot on the line against DZP, Santino Marella takes on Tyson Kidd, and much, much more!

~ Announced For Raw ~

The Miz, Triple H and John Cena will all speak


Singles Contest
John Cena versus The Game Triple H

Singles Contest – WWE Tag Team Titles Shot
R-Truth and Johnny Curtis versus DZP (Down With Zack and Primo)

Singles Contest
The Perfection Artiste Dolph Ziggler versus David Hart Smith

Singles Contest
The Blackpool Brawler William Regal versus The Shaman of Sexy John Morrison

Singles Contest
The Viper Randy Orton versus The Fortunate Son Ted DiBiase

Singles Contest
Santino Marella versus Tyson Kidd
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

This seems like a very stacked show going on here, and the main event will hopefully live up to expectations, and I fully expect the Miz to get involved at some point in it, the champion has been brilliant in this thread thus far.

This is a good way to promote the tag team division, I don't recall a tag team match from around this time period where the two teams weren't involved in the title scene, but I think The Corre will somehow retain at Extreme Rules so I'm going for Truth and Curtis to win here.

Should be an easy win for Ziggler here, hopefully we get a few comments from Bryan also.

Regal/Morrison will be a good match, and although I think Morrison will win, Regal will definitely get a great showing like last week against Bryan.

Maybe Ted can score the upset with a Punk interference? But otherwise the losing streak will continue. 4

And as always, I'm looking forward to your fantastic backstage segments (Tyler Black, Michael Tarver) as well as Michael Cole.

Sorry, my King, for the lack of more in-depth comments/ramblings. Will be reading the show for sure

From your weirdest peasant.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust


We fade open to the front of the RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, where merchandise stands and stalls selling a variety of artery-clogging American foods are in the background. A swarming crowd of fans in the arena ‘lobby’ cheer wildly at the chance to be on TV, and in the middle of them, with his title belt resting comfortably on his shoulder and a mic in his hand, stands the WWE Champion, The Miz. The Awesome One pouts as he looks around his usual fashion, then raises the mic to his mouth, and smirks; behind him, the fans wave frantically at the camera and make funny faces for the sake of it.

The Miz: Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be in the WWE.

He pauses to let that sink in, as a couple of the fans behind him tell him he sucks.

The Miz: Yup, ever since I was in kindergarten, drawing pictures of myself with the WWE Title – oh, but wait. Stop the record right there.

He holds up his free hand to the camera to stop that train of thought.

The Miz: No, I’m not going to reel off a clichéd... sob story, just so I can endear myself to... these people.

“Miz sucks!” chant the fans behind him, as he directs an arm towards them to show who he means.

The Miz: Quite... the opposite. See, I don’t work in clichés.

He smirks again, as we can hear some boos from the arena over the top.

The Miz: Yet – how can it be, that when I finally stood in front of thousands of fans in the main event of Wrestlemania, I just felt... empty?

A frown.

The Miz: Why... why is it that when I have all these people surrounding me, the WWE Champion, I don’t get the thrill from it?

Of course, this is all rhetorical, and again, he smirks. He begins to walk towards the camera, away from the plethora of fans, and slowly makes his way through the ‘lobby’.

The Miz: I know the answer. (pause, he admires his title) See, the thing that makes me different from every other guy on Raw is this – I’d... given... up.

He shrugs as he continues through the arena, past more excited fans who wave for their two seconds of screen time; Miz ignores them.

The Miz: Yeah, I’d given up on that dream I had. All the other men in that locker room, they never gave up, but I did. I went to business school, and I thought – I thought that was me done. Then I dropped outta college and went into reality television, and then I thought I’d found my true calling. My niche.

A small boy gets a little too close to him, and he shoots him a glare to stop him in his tracks; probably a plant. Hopefully.

The Miz: But one day, it hit me. An epiphany. I knew I had the natural charisma that reality television just couldn’t handle – it was too small of a battlefield to conquer. I knew I had to be WWE Champion – I knew I had to come here, to the WWE, and make my name.

As if he knows the entire arena’s layout by heart, he takes a turning into a more restricted, almost industrial area, and there stand two security guards by a pair of double doors. There, he turns to face the camera again, with his back to the doors.

The Miz: This was where I was gonna get my thrill.

A sly smile from the Awesome One.

The Miz: So back on a cold day in 2006, I finally made it here. Signed in the WWE after years of trying... and so I stepped through the doors to the place where I... where I am now the staple. Where I am the reigning KING.

Letting that dramatic statement sink in, The Miz turns and shoots the guards a look; they blankly turn to open the doors for him, and he strides through, with the camera following him. He continues to talk, with the camera now following him side on as he wanders through Raw’s backstage corridors slowly.

The Miz: Sure, I’d been here on Tough Enough, I’d had a taste. But it wasn’t ‘til then that I finally got to call this place my HOME. And what a place it is, huh?

He gestures around with a sweeping arm, still wearing that shit-eating grin.

The Miz: Even now, I still remember how much of that thrill I got when I walked in. I thought for sure, for sure, that this was gonna be the place where I’d get the biggest adrenaline rush, the biggest THRILL of my life.

His smile disappears.

The Miz: But I was so, so wrong. I was spurned by these people. Not just the people in the crowd, but everyone back here, too. I was labelled as “that guy” from reality TV, and suddenly I was everybody’s entrance mat to go wipin’ their feet on. And it made me sick.

He snarls in his usual fashion, right into the camera.

The Miz: Thing is, I still harboured that dream down inside me. I thought for sure that someday, I’d get my kicks, I’d get that thrill. So by the time I made it here, to the top –

With an evil smirk, he raises the WWE Title to the forefront of the image.

The Miz: – I decided to treat each member of this here show exactly how they’d treated me... with complete, and utter CONTEMPT.

Boos from the fans in the arena. A couple of workers can be seen here and there as The Miz begins to wander into a more busy area.

The Miz: I don’t have to care about any of them, because I know how far I am above them all now – they’ve all been treading water for five years, but I’ve risen above and beyond. Tag Team Titles, United States Titles, Money In The Bank – WWE Champion.

Again, heat can be heard for The Miz as he continues to walk.

The Miz: Yet, I hadn’t found the thrill, the excitement I thought I’d get. Maybe it’d been sucked outta me, I thought. Maybe I just hadn’t had my defining moment yet. And I sat down after last week’s show and you know what I thought to myself? I’m at the very top of the pile, and I still somehow despise everything around me.

Heat – The Miz scowls.

The Miz: The fans, they cheer for men like John Cena, like Triple H – but in the end, I know there’s only man... making the headlines.

In the background, some workers carry a heavy load together; the show is still being set up.

The Miz: Sure, the tin reads ‘Monday Night Raw’, but if you get a can opener and bust this sucker wide open, all you get is me. I am the headliner.

More boos as The Miz heads through the cargo area now, past several chain link containers and the occasional worker having a chat with his colleague.

The Miz: Like, this Sunday. Extreme... Rules. Does Triple H think that because he got a helpin’ hand from the referee last week that HE’S the next WWE Champion? Does John Cena think that ‘cause he was standin’ tall at the end of the show that it’s gonna be him winnin’ on Sunday?

The crowd cheers that concept, but the WWE Champion scoffs.

The Miz: Well, tough. ‘Cause they should know better than anyone – in this industry, there comes a time when a champion hits his peak. Becomes untouchable. Bruno Sammartino, for instance.

Small nostalgic pop for the longest-reigning WWE Champion of all time.

The Miz: Bret Hart.

Pop for the Hitman.

The Miz: Hulk Hogan.

VERY mixed reaction there, as the Awesome One continues to walk.

The Miz: Hell, even Cena and Triple H have been there at one point or another.

A sly shake of the head as he comes out of the cargo area into a long white corridor yet again. A few workers with clipboards and headsets hurry past.

The Miz: I’m never letting go of this belt, because if I don’t get a thrill – this is the closest thing I have to one. But notice how it’s not the boyhood dream I care about... I don’t.

He almost spits that out.

The Miz: Sure, the circle is complete. From the little guy starin’ at a fuzzy television to the grown man standin’ here with the WWE Title on his shoulder. But I’m not like all these other men, oh no.

He puts on a wide-eyed expression.

The Miz: I refuse to bend to clichés. And just like that, I’m not gonna allow a clichéd ending this Sunday. Everyone knows that in the movies, either John Cena or Triple H would get the famous win and live happily ever after... but things don’t always work out the way you want them to. (eerily) I learned that before.

Frowning, he continues to walk until he comes to a door – across it reads “WWE Champion – Locker Room”. He turns to face the camera again.

The Miz: I don’t get a rush because everything I ever dreamed this would be... is a LIE. The WWE is nothing like what I imagined... it’s a miserable, cold-hearted, fickle place.

Boos as The Miz brings us all down early on in the show.

The Miz: But some day, I’ll get that thrill – somehow, I’ll do it, I... swear... it.

He snarls with bared teeth for a moment, then composes himself.

The Miz: And as for tonight... and every other night, until the night I retire, I will continue to smash boundaries, break clichés, make this show watchable – as the most must-see WWE Champion OF – ALL – TIME.

Big heat from the arena crowd as The Miz walks towards his locker room door, then turns as he reaches it.

The Miz: Because I’m The Miz... AND I’M...

The crowd chants “AWFUL!” back at him in their juvenile manner, but he says nothing. Instead, he moves the microphone towards the camera, showing the upside WWE logo which forms the classic ‘M’, then wears a blank expression as he brings it back to his mouth.

The Miz: ...AWESOME.

With a cold, bleak look into the camera, he turns, and enters his locker room. We hear Alex Riley saying “Hey man” in the background, as the door SLAMS shut...

Monday Night Raw
RBC Center, Raleigh, North Carolina | 25th April 2011

...and now we head into the Raw opening video package. The ending shot of John Cena giving the salute leads us to the RBC Center, where a massive explosion of pyro lights up the stage! Following that, we sweep over the cheering fans, holding up a variety of signs, and then we go to ringside, where Josh Matthews and Michael Cole are awaiting us.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome – this is Monday Night Raw, LIVE in North Carolina! Raw emanates from the RBC Center in Raleigh tonight, and with Extreme Rules this Sunday, get ready for a big night! I’m Josh Matthews, with Michael Cole here at ringside – are you excited, Cole?

Michael Cole: Excited? Are ya kiddin’, Josh? It’s only six days ‘til The Miz finally gets Triple H and John Cena off his back FOR GOOD – and did ya hear him pourin’ out his heart on live TV just now? What a guy!

Josh Matthews: Indeed a powerful message from The Miz to the rest of the WWE that we just saw, but don’t forget what we’ve got later tonight, because folks, this is HUGE news –

A graphic appears via rushing through the classic Raw city, and settling on two men displayed on the skyscraper; the caption reads “JOHN CENA VS. TRIPLE H – TONIGHT”, and the crowd goes WILD!!!

Josh Matthews: Yup, it’s gonna be an almighty clash of two long-time allies, long-time enemies, but undoubtedly two of the biggest names in the WWE today... Cena versus the Game is our main event!

Michael Cole: Yeah, let’s hope they beat the hell outta each other and then The Miz can just clear up on Sunday, Josh! And ya forgot to mention – The Miz and Alex Riley are gonna be joinin’ us on commentary! I can hardly wait, that’s gonna be somethin’ else!

Another graphic pops up to show John Morrison standing alongside William Regal.

Josh Matthews: And at the risk of talking about anyone other than our WWE Champion for a moment, feast your eyes on this match – the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison, desperately trying to prove his mettle so that he can get a United States Title shot, takes on the fearsome veteran, the Blackpool Brawler, William Regal.

Michael Cole: Let’s be honest, Josh, John Morrison had his chance, and he blew it – when William Regal wins tonight, maybe he’ll be in line for a title shot instead!

Josh Matthews: Certainly a possibility, Cole, and of course, with Extreme Rules so close, that match could have some real consequences regarding the United States Title picture.



Loud boos ring around the arena as Dolph Ziggler arrives on the scene, flicking water from his drenched hair, with Vickie Guerrero stomping out behind him with a disapproving look at the crowd. The bell chimes, and Ziggler roars out with adrenaline at the fans on his way to the ring.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero, from Hollywood, California, weighing in at two hundred and fourteen pounds... DOLPH – ZIGGLER!

Josh Matthews: And speaking of this Sunday, a mouth-watering match in prospect – that man, the arrogant but talented youngster Dolph Ziggler, against one of the best in-ring competitors Monday nights has to offer, Daniel Bryan, in a Ladder Match to decide the next Number One Contender to the WWE Title.

Michael Cole: Well, Daniel Bryan ain’t much to write home about, Josh, but I’ll tell ya who is!

Josh Matthews: Is it Dolph Zig –

Michael Cole: (cutting him off) It’s Dolph Ziggler! He and I have so much in common, too! Both tremendous athletes – don’t you roll your eyes at me, Matthews – both admire the wonderful work of Vickie Guerrero, both vastly, vastly disappointed in the so-called “management” of one Jerry Lawler... we’re practically twins!

Ziggler charges up to the apron, then steps inside the ropes – only to, of course, turn back out and stare into the lens of the hard camera with a no-nonsense expression. Vickie Guerrero applauds him lavishly at ringside, as the Perfection Artiste, as I like to call him, steps inside finally and tests the ropes. After a moment or two, Ziggler’s music dies down, and is replaced by...


...the generic rock music of David Hart Smith, who gets a relatively-nothing pop from the crowd as he arrives on the stage, raising an arm to the arena. In the ring, Ziggler scoffs and runs a hand through his hair.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent... from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds... DAVID – HART – SMITH!

Josh Matthews: Dolph Ziggler faces a bigger man in David Hart Smith here tonight, and arguably it’s exactly the kind of challenge he needs – Daniel Bryan accused him of being scared last week, Cole.

Michael Cole: Not sure where that NERD’S gettin’ his info from, Josh, but he’s way off! Dolph Ziggler’s one of the bravest guys on this whole show, and that’s what he’s gonna show the world tonight! Bryan said he wanted to see who Ziggler is? Well maybe he missed the introductions, Josh, ‘cause I think we all know who he is – the next Number One Contender, that’s who!

Smith marches purposefully down to the ramp, eyes locked on his opponent; Ziggler paces about the ring, paying him little attention in contrast. As Smith gets into the squared circle, his music subsides, and now there is nothing but a scattered host of “Daniel Bryan!” chants that float around the arena. Smith and Ziggler begin to circle, and the referee calls for the bell to start Raw’s opening contest.

Match One – Singles Contest
Dolph Ziggler vs David Hart Smith

Ziggler and Smith have a quick exchange in the early going; they both manage to get in some basic strikes and even a Scoop Slam from the Canadian. Ziggler looks like taking charge, however, as he fights back with a few amateur wrestling holds to earn himself a breather – Smith retaliates by escaping, then flinging his opponent under the bottom rope to send him tumbling the outside. With Vickie’s encouragement, Ziggler makes the decision to stay on the outside to take another brief break, as Raw does the same.


As the clock ticks over four minutes, we join the bout with David Hart Smith trying to take control; he has Ziggler reeling after a couple of big clotheslines, and now he pulls him back up, before lifting him sky high with the Vertical Suplex Lift... and just holding him there, showing some unbelievable strength to keep him upright! At ringside, Vickie Guerrero screams for Dolph to “DO SOMETHING!” but he’s in no position to do anything except fall as Smith directs him down to the mat – Vertical Suplex connects! Smith makes the cover over the dazzled Perfection Artiste now, hoping to put this away... 1... 2... but Ziggler kicks out! The bleach-blond youngster leaps back to his feet as he breaks free of the cover, and when Smith rashly darts in again, he ducks the bigger man’s clothesline. Smith spins round in surprise, only to be met with a sweetly-executed Dropkick from Ziggler – he forces his large frame back up, but Ziggler strikes again! Once more, both men get to their feet, and Smith falls slightly, clutching his chest... so Ziggler charges in and scores with the Fame Asser! “OHHH!” cries the crowd as Smith’s face gets driven into the mat, and Ziggler immediately turns him onto his back in one smooth motion... 1... 2... 3-NO! Smith shoves Ziggler off, and the Perfection Artiste goes scrambling across the ring, then runs a hand through his hair in shock!

Smith crawls over to the ropes, and begins to pull himself up; across the ring, Vickie lambasts Ziggler to get involved again, so he bares his teeth and stands. Shaking out his arms, he begins to stalk Smith, whose eyes look a little unfocused as he, too, gets back to a vertical base. As soon as turns, Ziggler tries to whip him across the ring... but he manages to set his feet and send the Perfection Artiste to the corner instead. Ziggler hits the buckle hard, and he looks like a sitting duck as Smith charges in – NO! He spins away from the danger, leaving Smith to CRASH into the buckle, and then stumble back into Ziggler’s range – SO THE PERFECTION ARTISTE LEVELS HIM WITH A STINGING SUPERKICK TO THE JAW!!! The crowd groans in awe as Smith sells it like he’s been shot, and goes down, leaving us with just the sight of Ziggler standing above him, breathing a little heavily, but wearing a confident smirk. He runs a hand through his still-wet hair, then flicks some of it down on his opponent, and takes a slow, focused walk about the ring, before he tells Smith to get up again. Now completely dazed, Smith struggles back up again, wincing as he holds his jaw... the crowd tries to warn him frantically, but it’s no use, as Ziggler sprints in – AND DELIVERS THE ZIG-ZAG TO DRIVE SMITH’S HEAD INTO THE CANVAS!!! A groan goes up as Smith lies still, all hope lost for him in this contest, and Ziggler puts the finishing touch on by shooting the half with a quick glance to the referee... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: Dolph Ziggler bts. David Hart Smith via pinfall at 6:30


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner... DOLPH – ZIGGLER!

The crowd boos as Ziggler gets to his feet, and has his arm raised by the official; he can’t help but smirk, having given a strong display here tonight. He is quickly smothered by Vickie Guerrero, who shoos the referee away, then hugs him affectionately again.

Josh Matthews: Dolph Ziggler in good form here tonight, Cole, and the aforementioned size difference didn’t seem to hinder him, either; looking strong for this Sunday.

Michael Cole: We all knew what this result was gonna be from the openin’ bell, Josh – just look at the grin on that man’s face! I can’t tell if he’s happier about that win or the love he’s gettin’ from Vickie, the lucky devil!

Josh Matthews: Well, I’m not sure about... oh, what’s she doing now...

In the ring, Guerrero is motioning to ringside, asking for two mics; the crowd begins to boo as she gets handed them, and Ziggler’s music dies out. Calmer than the immediate post-match adrenaline frenzy that fuelled him just moments ago, Ziggler stands with his arms folded next to Vickie now as she gears up to talk. Matthews mutters “Oh no” as she hands one mic to her boyfriend, then raises the other to her mouth; in the background, Smith trudges up the ramp.

Vickie Guerrero: Excuse me!

Immediate, big heat. She scoffs.

Vickie Guerrero: Excuse me!

Again, boos rain down from the crowd. Ziggler’s eyes flicker about the arena.

Vickie Guerrero: I said... EXCUSE ME!

Another huge chorus of boos. Not satisfied, Vickie puts her free hand on her hip.

Vickie Guerrero: My boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler... (gesturing) has something to SAY!

Boos from the disapproving crowd. She passes over to him, and slowly, he wanders forward. He takes a long, long look around the arena, with the fans chanting “YOU SUCK!” at him, then runs his free hand through his wet hair once again. He turns to shrug at Vickie, sharing her disgust with the fans, then spins back to the hard camera with his classic opening line.

Dolph Ziggler: Follow – THAT!

Heat from the RBC Center. Smirking at his own prowess, Ziggler continues.

Dolph Ziggler: Somebody’s gonna have to come out here and perform after this – but it’s gonna be a pretty poor showin’ after what you people just saw.

More boos.

Dolph Ziggler: I mean, look at what I just did. I showed you why I – AM – PERFECTION.

This time, Ziggler runs both hands over his hair, smirking as the heat rolls in.

Dolph Ziggler: And I love every second of it. I love being... perfect.

He begins to take a slow walk, from side to side, with Vickie smirking in the background.

Dolph Ziggler: Now, I know you people will never understand where I’m comin’ from, but lemme just explain. I epitomise...

Dolph pauses. He goes to continue, then frowns at someone in the front row who attempted a “WHAT?” chant.

Dolph Ziggler: (with disgust) Get a dictionary.

He gets a response, then just uses his free hand to make an ‘all-talk’ motion back at him. A few boos from the people who get it.

Dolph Ziggler: Where was I – ah, I epitomise, what it’s like to be... golden. To have zero flaws – whatsoever.

Big heat for Ziggler’s unbelievable arrogance.

Dolph Ziggler: And hey, maybe all of you don’t get it, maybe the General Manager doesn’t get it, but this Sunday, I’ll show all of you exactly what I’m talkin’ about.

He nods with a smirk – then has a light bulb moment. He turns to Vickie, and hands her the mic, then rolls from the ring. Taking a quick stroll around ringside, the Perfection Artiste flips the apron skirt up, then reaches underneath... to pull out, of course, a LADDER. A mixed reaction goes up as Ziggler picks the steel frame up, and slides it under the bottom rope. Ziggler rolls back into the ring, then sets the ladder up and takes his mic back... before he begins to climb?

Josh Matthews: H-he knows there’s nothing up there, right?

Michael Cole: It’s symbolism, Matthews! Open your mind!

Once at the top, Ziggler puts a leg on either side, and sits with a sly smile. Below him, Vickie applauds.

Dolph Ziggler: This little visual demonstration is for those of you who lack imagination, like Daniel Bryan. ‘Cause last week, he asked me... if I was scared.

He scoffs.

Dolph Ziggler: Scared? Do I look like a guy who’s scared? No – I’m not running from anythin’, I’m right here! You wanna talk about what I’m gonna do to you, Daniel, let’s talk about it – I just said, I’m right HERE!

He spreads his arms wide atop the ladder, beckoning a Bryan appearance. When no-one arrives straight away, he folds his arms with a small chuckle.





A loud cheer goes up as Daniel Bryan strides purposefully on to the stage, flanked by Gail Kim; Ziggler smirks, and scales back down the ladder to stand by his own girlfriend. Bryan, still sporting a slight beard, points down at Ziggler briefly, then slaps a few fans’ hands on his way down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Ugh.

Josh Matthews: Well, we talked about how good Dolph Ziggler looked after his win tonight – Daniel Bryan overcame William Regal in a lengthy bout in Manchester last week, and I’d say he’s more than a match for Ziggler come this Sunday, Cole.

Michael Cole: Of course you’d say that, Josh, you just ignore all his glaring hypocrisies and idiotic comments! You think he’s God’s gift to the ring! You think –

Josh Matthews: How much time do you spend inside my brain, exactly?

Michael Cole: Long enough, Josh, long enough!

Bryan wanders up the steps to the apron, then helps Gail inside. The pair face up to Ziggler and Guerrero with hardened expressions, and Gail eventually collects a mic for her boyfriend. As Bryan’s music slowly subsides, a few “DANIEL BRYAN!” chants can be heard, and the American Dragon cracks a grin momentarily.

Daniel Bryan: Hey, Dolph – you remember when I made you tap out two weeks ago?

Pop from the fans as Ziggler scowls.

Daniel Bryan: You remember watchin’ me last week when I... won my match?

Again, a cheer or two.

Daniel Bryan: That’s my ‘demonstration’ for you, Dolph. I’m so ready for this Sunday. I’m ready to go out there in Tampa and take everything I’ve ever deserved when I climb that ladder – my shot at the WWE Title.

Another pop as Bryan runs a hand along the steel next to him... then points to Ziggler.

Daniel Bryan: You, on the other hand – I don’t think you’re ready.

Small cheer as Ziggler scoffs and waves that away.

Daniel Bryan: Nah, I’m serious. I saw you win... but you weren’t even trying, man. Then you start flapping your gums sayin’ you’re perfect? Really?

He frowns.

Daniel Bryan: You’re far from perfect, Dolph. Wanna know what your main flaw is?

Ziggler mouths “Lay it on me” with an unimpressed look.

Daniel Bryan: Overconfidence.

Pop as Bryan smiles; in contrast, Ziggler continues to look upon his opponent with disdain.

Daniel Bryan: And hell, I’m not even countin’ your vanity, your... selfishness, and that weird thing you’ve got goin’ on with your hair... w-what is that, anyway?

Cheers from the crowd as Ziggler gingerly touches his hair with his free hand.

Daniel Bryan: (shaking his head and getting back to topic) Never mind. Point is, Dolph, you talk a big game... but I think – (innocently) and that’s just me – that you’re nothing special.

Slight groan of “Ooooh!” from certain members of the audience, as Ziggler looks to the side with a frown. Gail links arms with Bryan, who gestures to give the floor to the Perfection Artiste, who shrugs.

Dolph Ziggler: You wanna get into that kind of firefight, Daniel? Huh? Well, that’s just fine and dandy for me – hey, let me tell you all (addressing the crowd) about the exciting, or not-so-exciting, world of Daniel Bryan... the original vanilla midget.

Heavy boos as Bryan chuckles, shrugging that off as Ziggler did to him.

Dolph Ziggler: I mean, hey, if you’re looking for entertainment, look no further, am I right? Daniel here might just stop holding his opponent down on the mat for five minutes with some fancy headlock and actually... do something! Or is that outside your range?

More heat as Vickie Guerrero laughs out loud.

Dolph Ziggler: And I’d spare you the whole NXT debacle, but what the hell, right? Zero wins in the entire first season... kicked out by WWE management...

Again, Vickie laughs, and Ziggler even chuckles a little himself.

Dolph Ziggler: Then there’s the issue with your taste in women...

“OHHH!” cries the crowd; Gail Kim looks appalled, but Guerrero, safe behind Ziggler, nods furiously.

Dolph Ziggler: And is it true you don’t even own a television? I mean, seriously?

Bryan raises his eyebrows.

Dolph Ziggler: Face it, you might just be the most boring guy I’ve ever met. And you think this Sunday’s gonna be your big coming-out moment, but the problem is – you’re facing perfection ITSELF.

Massive heat as Ziggler spreads his arms wide arrogantly.

Dolph Ziggler: This Sunday is my moment – I get to start on that path to my SECOND World Title...

Daniel Bryan: Oh, c’mon!

Pop as Ziggler gets cut off, and he shoots a glare at his future opponent.

Daniel Bryan: You held the World Title for what, ten minutes?

Ziggler has nothing to say to that.

Daniel Bryan: I just bet if you won that title shot this Sunday, your head would just keep gettin’ bigger and bigger, Dolph. But see, you’ve got a problem there.

Bryan steps forward menacingly, staring Ziggler in the eyes.

Daniel Bryan: It’s hard for your head to get bigger – if I’ve just kicked... it... IN.

Big, big cheer for that, and Ziggler narrows his eyes. After a long pause in which the crowd chants Bryan’s name several times, Bryan brings the mic up again.

Daniel Bryan: Makin’ you tap won’t do anything this Sunday, man, but beating you? It’ll still have the same effect – a win’s a win. And after I’ve got that contract, not only am I finally gettin’ that shot... but you won’t be thinkin’ you’re so perfect... anymore.

With that, the pair go nose-to-nose; Ziggler hisses some trash talk, and Bryan clenches his fists, as if preparing to fight. He brings one of those fists slowly up to his jaw, sending a message, but so does Ziggler. The “DANIEL BRYAN!” chants kick off in full force again, and Ziggler frowns... before he backs away, and steps out of the ring. The crowd boos wildly as the Perfection Artiste drops to the outside floor, beckoning for Vickie to join him, and she does, scurrying after him with one last glare at Gail in the ring. Bryan keeps his eyes locked on Ziggler as he leads Vickie around ringside towards the ramp, and they begin to backtrack up the ramp; the bleach-blond youngster says “You’ve got nothin’ on me”, as Bryan just raises his fists to send back a fighting message. With a smirk, he turns to look up the ladder... and of course, begins to climb, just as Ziggler did before, until he reaches the top, and saddles the ladder, pointing to Ziggler to a big cheer from the fans!


Josh Matthews: These two men know only one of them can be the next challenger to the WWE Title; they’ve said their piece tonight, but the question remains, Cole – is Dolph Ziggler going to get his “head kicked in”, to quote Daniel Bryan, or will he climb the ladder and prove that he is, indeed, “perfect”?

Michael Cole: Like Daniel Bryan’s got half a chance against Dolph Ziggler, Josh! Dolph explained exactly why Daniel Bryan doesn’t deserve to be on the WWE’s flagship show, and this Sunday, he’s gonna send him back to the bottom of the pile, where he belongs! I can’t wait!

As Bryan, atop the ladder, stares down the frowning Ziggler, who stands on the ramp with Vickie, Raw heads to a break.


When Raw returns, we’re backstage, where the United States Champion, Sheamus, is walking. He gets a heap of boos from the Raleigh fans, though he pays them no attention, striding through the backstage corridors with a very ‘haters gonna hate’-style walk. He stops, however, as Tyler Black and Mark Henry appear in the shot, both suited up with shades over their eyes. The ‘FBI Agents’ get a strong pop from the fans, though Sheamus can’t help but chuckle at the sight of them.

Sheamus: Noice.

He goes to walk on, but Black holds out an arm; Sheamus scowls at him as if wondering who he thinks he is.

Tyler Black: Sheamus, is it?

The United States Champion refuses to indulge him. Black continues.

Tyler Black: So what is it that makes you think you can just... attack other guys, huh?

Sheamus raises an eyebrow.

Sheamus: Refresh me memory.

Tyler Black: Last week – what you did to John Morrison. Why d’ya think you can get away with it?

The Celtic Warrior scowls.

Sheamus: None of yer business, fella.

With that, he goes to walk away, but this time, it’s the World’s Strongest Man who gets in the way.

Mark Henry: The man asked you a question.

Sheamus isn’t intimidated.

Sheamus: And I gave him an answer.

He looks between the two agents with that same frown.

Sheamus: Ya can both go stuff yerselves.

This time, he SHOVES Black out of the way, then walks out of the shot. Black dusts himself off, then whips off his shades to watch him leave. Henry shrugs, and Black looks perplexed, as we fade to the arena...

...and the bell chimes.

Justin Roberts: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! The winners of this match will face the WWE Tag Team Champions, next week on Raw!

Mild pop for that.



Decent boos (with an undertone of cheers from some men in the arena) can be heard as the stage turns purple, and the cocky figures of DZP, comprised of Zack Ryder and Primo, strut out for this big match-up.

Justin Roberts: Introducing first – at a combined weight of four hundred and twenty-nine pounds... Down With Zack and Primo... D – Z – P!!!

Michael Cole: I’m excited for this – are you excited, Josh? It’s finally time for DZP to get their shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles, and there ain’t a team in the WWE that deserves it more!

Josh Matthews: I’d have to contest that, Cole, considering Johnny Curtis was declared the winner of WWE NXT’s fourth season, entitling him to a shot at those titles alongside his Pro, R-Truth – they’ve been plagued for weeks by this tandem of Zack Ryder and Primo to put that shot on the line.

Michael Cole: Cut these guys some slack, Josh! You’re lookin’ at two of the coolest – er, broskis, in the WWE! They’d be way better champs than R-Truth and Johnny whats-his-face... hey, do you think R-Truth remembered to come to Raleigh? Maybe he thought Raw was still in England, he’s always gettin’ places wrong!

“Once, Cole, once” says Matthews, as we watch DZP strolling down the ramp; Ryder is wearing his usual headband and shades, while Primo bounces up and down on his way to the ring. The pair get in the squared circle, then head to the turnbuckles – Ryder leads a smattering of fans in a fist pump, then holds up the ‘Long Island’ sign, while Primo just raises his arms and nods to the beat of Ryder’ s music. Both men hop down as the music fades out, and as Ryder removes his headband and glasses, we turn back to the stage.


A mild pop goes up, mainly from the children in attendance, as R-Truth, mic in hand, dances into view, with Johnny Curtis pumping himself up behind him. Truth raps his way down the ramp, while Curtis slaps the hands of a few fans here and there, and we see the unimpressed expressions of DZP watching them all the while in the ring.

Justin Roberts: And their opponents – at a combined weight of four hundred and sixty-four pounds... the team of R-Truth, and Johnny – CURTIS!

Josh Matthews: Johnny Curtis is looking to be a great prospective talent, Michael. He’s picked up several wins on both Raw and Superstars in recent weeks – he could be going places, starting with the Tag Team Title shot in his possession.

Michael Cole: Don’t hold your breath, Josh, he’s still inexperienced... bit like you! The question is, d’ya really think he’s ready to take on two ring-savvy guys like Zack Ryder and Primo? What about the Tag Team Champions, Gabriel and Slater, huh?

Josh Matthews: Of course, folks, it’s worth mentioning – the Tag Titles will be on the line this Sunday when Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater defend their belts in a Tables Match against Kane and the Big Show, and the winner of that match will face the winner of this one, next Monday night. And the argument’s there that the champions might be weakened, Cole.

Michael Cole: Might be? It’s a freakin’ Tables Match, Josh! But what if Big Show and Kane win, huh? You really think Johnny Curtis can overcome those two? I don’t think so!

By the time the commentators have got through all this, Truth and Curtis are in the ring, with the former having a mic in his hand. Truth waits for the music to subside, pacing about the ring, then brings the mic up.


Big, cheap pop here.

R-Truth: WHAT’S UP?

“WHAT’S UP?” comes the reply from the eager crowd, and now Truth tosses the mic to ringside. Ryder applauds Truth’s announcement sarcastically; he then steps out to the apron to allow Primo to start, as the Puerto Rican insists. Across the ring, R-Truth volunteers to start, so Curtis shrugs and heads to the outside. As Truth and Primo begin to circle, the referee calls for the bell.

Match Two – Tag Team Contest – WWE Tag Team Title Shot
DZP vs R-Truth and Johnny Curtis

After about five minutes, we join the action; after a bright start, Curtis finds himself in an awkward spot, being isolated by the efficient pairing of Ryder and Primo. Though they’re quick to run their mouths outside the ring, DZP seem focused on the task at hand here, as is shown by Ryder holding Curtis in a front facelock and pulling him to the corner – Primo tags in, and lays into Johnny with a boot to the gut. Ryder steps to the apron, while Primo clubs Curtis in the back, then again, forcing him down to a knee. Across the ring, Truth shouts some encouragement, and it seems to liven Curtis a little, because as Primo whips him across the ring, the NXT Season Four winner hits the ropes with purpose, then ducks the incoming clothesline from his opponent. Again, he heads for the ropes, and tries for a Big Boot – but it’s Primo who ducks now, so both men hit the ropes once more... but Ryder stretches out an arm and pulls Curtis back! The crowd boos wildly as Curtis turns to confront him, but Long Island Iced-Z holds up his arms innocently... SO PRIMO CLATTERS INTO CURTIS WITH A FORCEFUL DROPKICK, SENDING HIM TUMBLING THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE!

Curtis hits the outside floor with an uncomfortable ‘thud’, and clutches at his shoulder in clear pain; Primo doesn’t seem to care, though, exchanging a smirk with Ryder. Curtis, still wincing in pain, struggles back to his feet, placing a hand on the announce table to steady himself – he stumbles back towards the ring... but Primo charges, and sends him reeling with a Baseball Slide, leaving him to hammer back-first into the announce table! The crowd groans with sympathy as Curtis collapses again, and Primo spreads his arms wide with a cocky stance, before he grabs his opponent by the hair, and forces him back up. R-Truth hops off the apron to stop a double team, but before he can get there, Ryder helps Primo to roll Curtis back into the ring. Primo follows Johnny back in, and makes the cover, as Ryder shrugs at Truth on the outside... 1... 2... but Curtis kicks out! A pop goes up as Curtis keeps this bout alive, and now a frustrated Primo gets up, frowning. He heads to one of the neutral turnbuckles, and clambers to the second rope, waiting for Curtis to get up – finally, he does, still selling the beating he’s endured so far, so Primo leaps off for the Hurricanrana... NO! Curtis musters all his strength to hold the Puerto Rican upright...

...THEN DRILLS HIM INTO THE NEAREST TURNBUCKLE WITH AN EXTRAORDINARY POWERBOMB!!! “OHHHH!” cries the crowd in awe, as Primo spasms on the mat, and Curtis collapses too, hair straggled across his face as he tries to shake off the pain running through him. If there’s going to be a hot tag, it has to be now, it seems, with Truth desperately reaching over the top rope, and with Ryder yelling “Come on, bro!” frantically at his partner! The crowd eggs Curtis on as he struggles towards his corner, pulling himself across the canvas – Primo manages to get the tag to Ryder... AND CURTIS LEAPS FOR THE HOT TAG TO R-TRUTH! The crowd goes wild as Truth springs into the ring, immediately doing the SPLITS to duck a Ryder clothesline, before he comes back with a stinging one of his own to knock Long Island Iced-Z to the floor! The RBC Center is excited, and now Truth summons Ryder up again – they face up, and Truth lines him up with a Suplex – scratch that, Vertical Suplex... WHICH HE DROPS INTO THE STUNNER, AKA’ED AS THE TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES!!! The crowd loves that, and now Truth hooks a leg, grinning with the thrill of competition – 1... 2... 3-NO – PRIMO BOOTS TRUTH IN THE HEAD OUTTA NOWHERE!!!

A hefty groan of disappointment goes up as Primo makes his presence known with that buzzkill, and now he refuses to relent, stomping all over Truth in a furious attempt to wear him down! The referee tries to calm him down, but he’s clearly infuriated – but things just get worse now, because from across the ring comes Johnny Curtis, who sends the Puerto Rican tumbling over the top rope with a clothesline! Primo clatters to the outside just as Curtis did earlier, and the NXT Season Four winner cracks a grin before he turns round – INTO THE ROUGH RYDER FROM ZACK... NOOOO!!! Curtis ducks underneath it, leaving Long Island Iced-Z to soar throat-first on to the top rope! The crowd groans as Ryder cannons off, gasping for air and clutching at his gullet in agony, then stumbles right into the path of R-Truth – WHO CONNECTS WITH THE LIE DETECTOR!!! A big resounding cheer goes up as Ryder gets flattened (though some of the men in attendance jeer it), but instead of covering, Truth points to Curtis, who heads out to the apron to receive the tag – he gets it, then clambers up immediately to the top rope, adjacent to Ryder’s unmoving body... the crowd buzzes, and Curtis lines up his shot before he soars majestically off – AND DELIVERS THE DIVING LEG DROP, RIGHT TO RYDER’S THROAT!!! Again, the cheers drown out the almost-inaudible boos, and with R-Truth punching the air with triumph, Curtis makes the cover... 1... 2... 3!!! Truth and Curtis keep their title shot!!!

Result: R-Truth and Johnny Curtis bt. DZP via pinfall at 9:13


Justin Roberts: Here are your winners – the team of R-Truth... and Johnny – CURTIS!

The Raleigh crowd gives a pretty good ovation for the over pairing of R-Truth (mostly because of him) and Curtis, who have their arms raised by the official with similar grins on their faces. As the referee leaves, Truth hits his partner reassuringly across the back, unable to wipe that smile away. Curtis looks incredibly satisfied with his work here tonight, and they decide to play to the cheering fans, as DZP regroup on the outside, looking increasingly frustrated.

Josh Matthews: There you have it, folks – next week, Johnny Curtis and R-Truth will face the WWE Tag Team Champions for the titles, and no-one can deny them now... especially not DZP!

Michael Cole: Look, Josh, ya haven’t heard the last of Zack and Primo, alright? These guys are future Tag Team Champs, mark my words; it’s gonna take a lot more than one loss to shake ‘em!

We sweep away from Truth and Curtis’ celebrations to head backstage, where Melina is standing with her phone in hand, texting. She gets some decent boos from the fans, as Michael Tarver strolls into view behind her – and frowns, before he checks his own phone... is she texting him? Apparently not, and he doesn’t look happy about it. Regardless, he stands there, staring at her, as John Morrison appears into the shot, wearing his fur coat! The crowd cheers for the Shaman of Sexy, and Melina looks up at him with a sudden scowl; an icy silence engulfs the scene. From behind his shades, Morrison cracks a little smile and shrugs.

John Morrison: Hope you’re ready for a show.

Melina says nothing to that, just glaring at him, before she leaves the shot, heading past the camera. In the background, Tarver goes back to texting George Clooney, as Morrison watches Melina leave, and we hear Josh Matthews over the top:

Josh Matthews: John Morrison has a message to send tonight to Melina, who’s going to join us at ringside on commentary ahead of his match with William Regal – we’ll see you in a few moments!

Michael Cole: Melina AND The Miz at the desk tonight? This is gonna be a great night, I’m tellin’ ya!

We fade away from Morrison’s blank stare.



Some boos can be heard as Melina appears again, still in her ring gear, though minus the usual cameraman who take her picture. With little in the way of fanfare, for a change, the Red Carpet Diva just shoots a few menacing looks at members of the audience, then walks past the ring towards the announce desk.

Michael Cole: Now here’s one hell of a woman, Josh! Melina! Melina – great to see ya!

Melina barely acknowledges Cole at first, then looks at his outstretched hand with contempt, before she lightly shakes it, and sits down, putting a headset on.

Michael Cole: Melina, it’s such a pleasure to have ya here at ringside for this match.

Melina: Yeah, a pleasure for you.

Cole smiles, then frowns as he gets that; Matthews, out of politeness, offers a handshake to Melina, but she ignores him, and he withdraws it.


A good pop goes up for the arrival of John Morrison to the stage, dressed in his fur coat as before, and he does his classic slow-motion pose – and the commentators quickly run through the sponsors.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds... JOHN – MORRISON!

Josh Matthews: Well Melina, John Morrison’s been appealing for a United States Title shot for a while now, but clearly you don’t agree that he deserves one.

Melina: Josh, I don’t normally care about John’s business. But if he thinks he can get involved in mine, tell me how I should handle myself, then I’m gonna do the same for him – and no, he doesn’t. Sheamus has already beaten him once, that should be enough for any normal person.

Michael Cole: Exactly! See, Josh – this guy doesn’t deserve squat, yet he keeps goin’ on and on and on about gettin’ a title shot... let’s hope William Regal ties him in KNOTS tonight, right Melina?

Again, Cole’s attempt to bond with Melina is no-sold by the Red Carpet Diva, who doesn’t reply. Morrison, having given his sunglasses to a child in the crowd, springboards into the ring, then removes his coat and passes it to ringside. He looks briefly to Melina sat at the announce desk, then turns away and waits in the corner for his opponent.


A mixed reaction goes up from the crowd here, mostly comprised of boos, as William Regal walks out on to the stage in his usual purple robe, looking disapprovingly out at the arena. Dusting off his sleeves, he begins to make his way down the ramp, composing himself ahead of this contest to come.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent... from Blackpool, England, weighing two hundred and forty-three pounds... WILLIAM – REGAL!

Michael Cole: Now here’s a guy you can get excited about, Josh – great technical ability, great talker, great image... William Regal’s someone who is owed a title shot! Owed!

Josh Matthews: He put in a valiant performance in his home country of England against Daniel Bryan last week, certainly Cole, but John Morrison’s no slouch... Melina, what are your thoughts on –

Melina: Look, how about instead of quizzing me on people I don’t really care about, we talk about Eve.

Josh Matthews: Er... Eve? What – what about her?

Melina: Oh gee, I’m glad you asked, Josh; (cutting the sarcasm) see, while the WWE Universe is happily chatting away about John Morrison and Sheamus, they should be talking about how I don’t have my title shot yet. I’ve embarrassed Eve on more than one occasion, and I don’t even have a match tonight – something’s not right here, and if it’s my problem, it’s Jerry Lawler’s problem.

Michael Cole: I couldn’t agree more, Melina, couldn’t agree more! Jerry Lawler’s runnin’ amok on this show with these crazy decisions – get this woman a title shot, am I right?

He laughs loudly, but still, Melina no-sells him out of annoyance, and keeps her eyes locked on the ring. We cut to the squared circle, where Regal wipes his feet briefly on the apron, then steps inside; he removes his long robe and hands it to a member of the ringside staff. With Morrison watching him intently, Regal rubs his wrists with a pre-match smirk, then faces up to his opponent. The referee checks both men, and as they begin to circle, he calls for the bell.

Match Three – Singles Contest
John Morrison vs William Regal

About eleven minutes in, a back-and-forth match has rendered both men rather tired, but nevertheless, they have a good fighting spirit, as Regal shows by forcing Morrison into the corner with a few well-placed blows. Morrison grimaces with each shot, then manages to dart out of the corner, forcing Regal there instead; he then begins to lay into the Englishman with some big kicks, taking the fight out of the veteran! Hoping he’s got his opponent weakened some more, Morrison wanders away to give himself a run-up, then charges in – BAM! Regal gets a boot up, meaning Morrison runs straight into it... and the Englishman capitalises by sending him reeling across the ring with a stinging European Uppercut! The ‘crack’ leads to Morrison stumbling away, but he determinedly turns around – but Regal hooks him up and nails an EXPLODER SUPLEX, dumping Morrison on to the canvas with a hefty impact! The crowd cries “OHHH!” in awe, and Regal makes the cover, sensing a win... 1... 2... but Morrison kicks out! Both men get up again, with Morrison shooting another glare at the unimpressed Melina at ringside, and the two competitors square up again.

Holding his back, Morrison tries to get some momentum going, bouncing up and down, then starting to circle. Regal is the first to dart in, but Morrison weasels out of the Englishman’s grip, then strikes with a few kicks to the side, before he tries to transition into the Russian Legsweep – but Regal pushes him away! The crowd groans as Morrison has to put both hands on the top rope to stop himself, then turns around into an attempted Double Underhook Suplex... NO! Morrison frees an arm, then spins out of Regal’s grip – the Englishman turns round in surprise; CRACK!!! FLASH KICK SENDS REGAL SPIRALLING TO THE DECK!!! The crowd comes alive as Morrison lets out an adrenaline-fuelled roar, then beckons for Regal to rise again... finally, he does, so he charges in for the MOONLIGHT DRIVE of all moves – NO! Regal jams the move, then gets in behind for the Regal-Plex... but as he gets Morrison airborne, the Shaman of Sexy manages to FLIP over Regal’s head!!! The arena sits in awe as Regal turns around, stunned by the counter... AND THE NOW-STANDING MORRISON DELIVERS THE SPINNING WHEEL KICK, TAKING BOTH MEN DOWN AGAIN!!!

The crowd really lets Morrison know of their approval, and hurriedly, the Prince of Parkour pushes himself up again so he can pull Regal to the corner. Leaving the Englishman’s dead weight in the line of fire, Morrison grabs the top ropes – then pulls himself up, AND SCORES WITH STARSHIP PAIN, RIGHT ON THE BUTTON!!! A big cheer of celebration goes up, and Morrison desperately makes the cover... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: John Morrison bts. William Regal via pinfall at 13:33


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner... JOHN – MORRISON!

A big cheer goes up as Morrison leaps to his feet with a satisfied grin on his face, and jovially has his arm raised by the official; he heads about the turnbuckles, playing to the crowd. As he reaches the final one, however, he notices Melina at ringside, sitting in silence as she watches him.

Josh Matthews: An impressive win for John Morrison over William Regal here on Raw, and finally, it looks like he might be sending the right messages to Sheamus –

Michael Cole: Don’t get ahead of yourself there, Josh! He’s still the same loser he was fifteen minutes ago! I bet Sheamus isn’t even watchin’ this, he’s got better things to – ah, no, what’s he think he’s doin’?

In the ring, Morrison asks for a mic from ringside, eyes still locked on Melina’s; finally, he gets one, and immediately, the music dies down. He points to her as he brings the mic up.

John Morrison: Good enough for you, huh?

The crowd seems to think so. Morrison continues to pant, selling the effects of the match he just endured.

John Morrison: Ah... I might not impress you, Melina, and I might not impress Sheamus, either. But believe me, I want a shot at the United States Title, and I’m not gonna stop campaigning until I – GET – ONE!

Pop for Morrison’s adrenaline rush.

John Morrison: I don’t care what I’ve got to do, whether I have to beat a – a thousand William Regals, a million Sheamus’s – I’m –



Boos immediately fill the arena as the no-nonsense expression of the United States Champion, Sheamus, appears, with the belt over his shoulder and a mic in his hand, too. The Celtic Warrior, casting disapproving looks at Morrison from a long way away, begins to march down the ramp to the ring, shaking his head.

Michael Cole: You gotta admire Sheamus for takin’ the time out of his day for this, Josh – look at John Morrison, I bet he’s countin’ his lucky stars he’s gettin’ an audience with the United States Champ!

Josh Matthews: Well, er, Melina, what are your thoughts –

Melina: Just let him talk.

Matthews frowns at Melina’s abruptness tonight; in the ring, Sheamus steps in and stands across from the Shaman of Sexy, who puts a hand on his hip. Finally, the music fades out, and Sheamus has to wait for several “YOU SUCK!” chants to die down before he talks.

Sheamus: I’m gonna tell ya a little story, John.

Morrison smirks.

Sheamus: Back in Ireland, we had a pretty good – community spirit, ya know? Everybody knew each udder. And t’ere was this one guy, ‘bout yay high (indicates), we called him Mickey.

He pauses to adjust his title belt, then paces from side to side a little.

Sheamus: Now, Mickey was, in no uncertain terms, t’e village idiot. And he reminds me a lot of you, fella.

Heat for that remark.

Sheamus: Just like you, he never knew when to give up, John. Always took t’ings a little too far. And we all t’ought he was hilarious. But with you, it’s just sad, fella. It’s pat’etic.

More heat, as Morrison takes a step forward – Sheamus holds up a hand, however.

Sheamus: Nah, hold it t’ere. ‘Cause t’is isn’t t’e bit where ya come roarin’ back and take me toitle; t’is is the bit where ya give up and go HOME, John.

Boos for Sheamus.

Sheamus: Frankly, I’m so sick of havin’ to tell ya “no”. I’ve beaten ya once, laid ya out twice; what more d’ya want, huh? D’ya want me to just end yer career? Is t’at what it’d take ya to get ya off me back?

“Try it”, comes the reply from the put-on hardened expression of Morrison.

Sheamus: Well, tough, lad. We’re done. Ya don’t deserve a toitle shot, and that’s that – this is yer foinal warning. Not a ‘well, keep trying’... the foinal warning.

With that, Sheamus turns and goes to leave; he’s only got one foot on the outside apron, however, before the stage turns a vibrant gold...


...and a pretty loud pop goes up for Raw General Manager, Jerry Lawler, who walks out with a small smile on his face and a mic in his hand. A host of “JERRY! JERRY!” chants ring around the arena as Sheamus begrudgingly steps back inside the ropes, and Lawler heads for the very same ring; at ringside, Melina sits with her arms folded, quietly watching the whole proceedings unfold.

Michael Cole: Can’t this guy go one show without shovin’ himself in the spotlight?

Josh Matthews: There’s something to be settled, so he’s settling it! Give him a break!

Michael Cole: Are ya kiddin’? There’s nothin’ to be settled here! Morrison doesn’t deserve a shot, that’s the end of it – ya just heard it from Sheamus himself! Unless Lawler’s out here to fire Morrison, this entire debate is null and void!

As usual so far, Melina refuses to add anything, eyes locked on Morrison in the ring; Lawler gets inside with the two enemies, and motions for his music to die down. The fans continue to chant “JERRY! JERRY!” at a frenzied pace, until finally, they quieten down enough for him to talk.

Jerry Lawler: Okay, okay. Let’s get down to it – John, Sheamus is right. Between the two of you, he’s had the upper hand, and logic would tell me... well, I just can’t give you a shot.

“He’ll never stick with that, it’s the sensible decision” bemoans Cole. The crowd boos as Morrison looks at the floor, and Sheamus nods tentatively.

Jerry Lawler: Be that as it may... the only other superstar who might have been in line for a shot – was William Regal, and John just beat him.

Pop as Morrison raises his eyebrows. Following the mild see-saw of emotions, Sheamus frowns.

Jerry Lawler: Thing is, Sheamus, with Extreme Rules this Sunday, you need an opponent now, because Raw only has one match slot left to fill, and you’re one – one of my premiere superstars, so I want you in that match.

Sheamus doesn’t take that as a compliment; all he hears from that is the concept of ‘title defence’.

Jerry Lawler: So, with that said, I think the sensible thing to do is to give –

Melina: Are you people serious?

Boos as Lawler stops in his tracks, and looks with surprise to ringside, where Melina has a mic in her hand, presumably from being conveniently placed on the desk beforehand. The Red Carpet Diva removes her headset and stands up, leaving the announce desk and heading for the ring steps.

Michael Cole: (completely genuinely) Always great to have ya here, Melina!

Melina: So, after everything I’ve been doin’ on this show, you’re gonna give a title shot to this guy?

Morrison frowns, and the crowd’s boos support him; Melina steps into the ring, still scowling.

Melina: I’ve beaten Eve Torres, your Diva’s Champion, like a rag doll, twice. And what do I get for it, huh Jerry? Nothing! What the hell is going on here?

Jerry Lawler: Look – Melina, I understand that you’re...

Melina: No, you don’t! You don’t understand a thing about me, or this show! Because anyone with any sense would have given me my Diva’s Title shot two whole weeks ago!

Boos for Melina as she flies off the handle.

Melina: I haven’t even got a sniff of that title, and yet this guy’s gettin’ title shots when he’s been nothin’ but a... but a freakin’ PANSY!

Running a hand through her hair, Melina lets out a furious shriek of anger, scaring everyone in the arena. Sheamus, on the other hand, looks slightly impressed by her tenacity.

Melina: (through clenched teeth) The only one in this ring who should be in a title match this Sunday – is ME.

Heat rains down on Melina, who has hit ‘full screaming bitch’ mode.

Jerry Lawler: Well, I –


A mild pop can be heard as Diva’s Champion, Eve Torres, makes an arrival, similarly frowning. She wastes no time with posing, instead heading straight for the ring, and demanding a mic when she gets there.

Josh Matthews: Well, we’ve heard from John Morrison, Sheamus, Melina – and now the reigning Diva’s Champion, apparently?

Michael Cole: The ring’s getting way too crowded for my likin’, Josh, I’m tellin’ ya! There’s no way Lawler’s gonna be able to handle this – hey, hey, maybe Sheamus’ll kick him right in his face, Josh!

Eve grabs a mic, and immediately turns back to Melina, pointing to her with a furious scowl; her music dies down, and she snarls at her adversary:

Eve Torres: No, no, no! I’m not letting you take the back alley for every confrontation we’ve ever had, then steal a title shot at the last second – no!

Pop for Eve’s similar resilience. Sheamus is now in the corner, resting against the turnbuckle with a pensive look on his face. Melina, however, just paces about like a maniac; like a woman possessed.

Eve Torres: The way I became Diva’s Champion – I did it with some kind of honour, with respect. Giving her a title shot spits on everything the WWE Divas work for –

Melina: You seriously believe that?

She laughs mercilessly.

Melina: Sounds like an excuse.

Furiously, Eve darts forward, trash talking with the unstable Melina, who returns her glare; the pair are only inches away from each other, and a few “Eve! Eve!” chants can be heard from people returning from their toilet break. Finally, it’s Sheamus who breaks the silence.

Sheamus: Ya know what? Foine. Let t’em have t’eir match – I’m done here.

He goes to leave again, but Lawler has his ‘I’m going to say a clichéd, cheesy line’ face on.

Jerry Lawler: Actually, Sheamus, I’ve got a better idea.

The Celtic Warrior turns again, as Morrison’s glare at Melina separates her from the Diva’s Champion, and all four superstars begin to exchange glances.

Jerry Lawler: There’s only one way to settle this between all four of you – this Sunday, at Extreme Rules, it’ll be a Winner Take All Match, one fall to a finish; Sheamus and Melina...

Boos for the heel pairing, who exchange a brief, emotionless glance.

Jerry Lawler: ...against John Morrison, and Eve Torres!

Pop for both Morrison/Eve and the match announcement.

Jerry Lawler: Whichever team wins, will get both titles – how’s that?

Obviously, the reigning champions look less than pleased, but Morrison cracks a small smile; Melina, on the other hand, just seethes, teeth bared as she looks across at Torres. Shrugging, Lawler exits the ring to a host of more “JERRY! JERRY!” chants, and slowly, the two teams this Sunday begin to separate until they stand across from each other. Sheamus and Melina look to each other yet again, as do Eve and Morrison...


Josh Matthews: OH!

The crowd explodes with boos as Eve goes down, holding her jaw in agony, and her title belt lands beside her; Melina looks almost-sadistically pleased, while Morrison stares at her in shock. Sheamus stares at her briefly, still emotionless as Morrison looks with concern to his tag team partner this Sunday – then turns back to the Celtic Warrior...


Once again, ferocious boos ring around the arena as Morrison collapses the floor, barely moving, and Sheamus lets out a deep breath of exasperation. He turns once more to look at Melina, whose eyes haven’t left Eve, and then the heels’ eyes meet... until Sheamus nods at her, and leaves the ring.


Heat follows Sheamus on his march back up the ramp; the camera zooms in on Morrison’s lifeless face, as Melina crouches beside Eve and holds the Diva’s Title in her hand. Slowly, she gets to her feet, and raises the title into the air, enjoying her moment; but then her smile cuts, and she dumps the title back on the current champion. Sheamus has already gone backstage, and Melina does similarly, leaving the ring and heading up the ramp with a sick look of condescension.

Josh Matthews: That’s a massive announcement right there, folks; this Sunday at Extreme Rules, United States Champion Sheamus and Melina will team up to face John Morrison and the Diva’s Champion Eve... and both titles are up for grabs for the team who scores the winning fall!

Michael Cole: So this means John Morrison’s got a title shot?

Josh Matthews: Yes, but so does Melina –

Michael Cole: Oh, you’ve gotta be kiddin’ me! So Lawler’s forcin’ Sheamus to defend his title against a guy who he’s beaten already? Seriously?

Josh Matthews: Then he shouldn’t have a problem beating him again, Cole.

Michael Cole: Cut that attitude, Josh, it’s not a good style for you.

Josh Matthews: Well, regardless, we know what we’ll be seeing this Sunday – it’s Winner Take All for Sheamus, Melina, Eve and John Morrison, but will this be the scene at the end of their match in Tampa? Michael Cole seems to think so – we’ll see you after the break!

As Morrison’s eyes flicker open and shut, and he frowns, Raw goes to a break.


When we come back, we’re with Scott Stanford backstage.

Scott Stanford: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my current guest... John Cena!

BIG mixed reaction for John Cena as he steps in to the shot, wearing his red t-shirt. He puts on a posed look of mock thought, then turns to look at Stanford as he asks his question.

Scott Stanford: John, last week on Raw, you counted the pinfall as Triple H beat The Miz to be added to the WWE Title match this Sunday at Extreme Rules – now that you know you’ll be facing two men, not one, how are you feeling about your chances?

Again, Cena feigns thought.

John Cena: I – wait, no. Lemme ask you a question, my good friend, Scott Stanford.

Stanford looks surprised.

John Cena: Now tell me, how are you feeling?

Scott Stanford: (shrugging) Er... how am I feeling? Just... generally?

John Cena: Sure.

Scott Stanford:(again, shrugging) Um... I’m good –

John Cena: You’re good, you say? Well, so am I, Scott, so am I, because ya can feel it in the air! Ya can feel how excited everyone in the WWE Universe is, ya can feel the electricity back here in the locker room... there’s just a buzz; can ya feel it, Scott?

Stanford, for the sake of it, nods.

John Cena: O’course ya can! ‘Cause this Sunday, it’s Extreme Rules, baby! First pay-per-view after Wrestlemania! I get to make a fresh start, don’t I? I got a bit of tough luck at the Grandest Stage of ‘Em All, but this Sunday, it’s the rebirth – I get my hands on the WWE Title, and the world is right as rain again!

Pop for Cena’s enthusiasm.

John Cena: As for last week – well, in the end, I realised it’s about my three rules. Hustle, loyalty, respect. And they meant I had to play fair for Triple H’s sake. That’s just plain politeness.

He cracks a big grin.

John Cena: But this Sunday, in that Extreme Rules match – there are no rules. Just... EXTREME!

Another big pop.

John Cena: But just before that, Hunter, it’s you and me tonight! Mano a mano! And hey, you and me, we’ve done it out there in that ring once or twice before – but something feels a little different tonight, man.

He frowns, trying to think of what it is.

John Cena: Maybe I’m just feelin’ a little bit hyped from the AA ya got from me last week. Maybe I’m hyped for the WWE Title match this Sunday.

He shakes out his arms, and grins again.

John Cena: Or maybe I’m just crazy, Hunter. See, ya gotta get in that kinda mindset when you’ve got an Extreme Rules match comin’ up... ya just gotta get a little – CRAZY.

With that, Cena stares blankly into the camera for a second, then salutes and walks out like a weirdo; the camera turns to watch him march down the corridor, wobbling from side to side and telling nearby workers that “I’M JUST TRYIN’ TO GET A BIT CRAZY, GUYS!” and knocking drinks out of people’s hands. We pan back to Scott Stanford, who can’t help but chuckle at Cena’s eccentricity, and now we head back to the arena.


Justin Roberts: The following bout is set for one fall! In the ring, from West Palm Beach, Florida, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds... TED – DIBIASE!

Indeed, we fade back to the ring, where Ted DiBiase is psyching himself up for the contest still to come. At ringside, Matthews is laughing a little at Cena.

Josh Matthews: Well, John Cena’s got his own ways of preparing for high-profile match-ups, and one has to hope Ted DiBiase has some kind of secret weapon, too, Cole, ‘cause he’s having a bad run of form.

Michael Cole: Someone of Ted DiBiase’s class and... well, social status, can only stay in the dumpster for so long, Matthews, before they come roarin’ back and show everyone what they’re made of; hell, I bet Ted’s gonna turn it around, starting right –



Michael Cole: - now. Oh.

THE RBC CENTER GOES NUTS!!! One of the biggest pops of the night goes up as Randy Orton walks menacingly out on to the stage, and in the ring, DiBiase wears a hardened scowl.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred and forty-five pounds... the Viper... RAAAAAANDY – ORTOOOOOON!!!

Josh Matthews: Randy Orton’s not a man to mess with right now, folks; after enduring the taunting, the mind games of the sadistic CM Punk in recent weeks, the pair will finally face off this Sunday in a Last Man Standing Match, where only one of them is going to leave under their own power.

Michael Cole: And finally, finally, CM Punk will have retribution for what Orton did to him three years ago, Josh! It’s gonna be a beautiful moment, a moment for the ages!

Josh Matthews: I think Randy Orton might have a thing or two to say about that, Cole.

Orton begins to slowly pace down the ramp, eyes flickering slowly about the arena; he wanders up the steps and enters the ring to stare at DiBiase, his old protégé, coldly. The Fortunate Son, who isn’t looking so fortunate at the moment, watches him slightly-nervously as the Viper goes to the usual turnbuckle and stands atop it for the classic Legend Killer pose. This gets him a mighty pop from the crowd, as well as a series of fans who replicate the pose, or at least throw their arms into the air; Orton soon steps down, then stands across from DiBiase, as the referee looks between them. Finally, the Viper’s music dies down, and the official calls for the bell in this contest between two old adversaries.

Match Four – Singles Contest
Ted DiBiase vs Randy Orton

Though Orton comes out of the blocks like a house on fire (or a metaphor that works; you get the gist), DiBiase manages to telegraph a couple of moves that Orton attempts within the first few minutes, possibly because of their past relationship, as Matthews muses at ringside. As a result, DiBiase manages to get in some decent offence, and when we join the contest, he has Orton down in a side headlock, being relatively “Boring!” as a few fans try to point out, but the chant doesn’t catch, with the majority of the crowd favouring a “LET’S GO ORTON!” chant to egg the Viper back to his feet instead. Spurred on, Orton begins to push himself up, then gets them both to the ropes; they rebound together, then Orton uses the momentum to shove DiBiase to the other side. The Fortunate Son comes back with a clothesline, but Orton ducks it – INVERTED HEADLOCK BACKBREAKER! Out of nowhere comes that move from the Viper, and as DiBiase goes down, the St. Louis native hooks a leg, baring his teeth as he senses the win... 1... 2... but DiBiase kicks out!

The crowd groans as DiBiase keeps this bout alive, and slowly gets to his feet. Orton does likewise, striking with a stiff European Uppercut; DiBiase comes back with a right hand, a favour which Orton returns. Soon, the pair begin to trade blows, with Orton throwing in a European Uppercut every so often – eventually, it’s Orton who gets the upper hand, forcing his former ally back to the ropes. He presses him into them, then sends him across the ring; Orton bends down, but DiBiase cracks him between the eyes with a stinging kick, before he scoops him up – dead on with the Scoop Slam! Orton gasps for breath on the canvas, and DiBiase suddenly begins to lay into him with stomps, before he fires an Elbow Drop, and shoots the half on the landing... 1... 2... but Orton gets a shoulder up, and both men roll back to their feet – DiBiase whips the Viper to the ropes, then follows him in; Orton rebounds, and turns round – CLOTHESLINE? NO, POWERSLAM FROM ORTON!!!

A big cheer resounds throughout the arena as Orton counters DiBiase’s signature clothesline... and now, Orton drops to all fours; IT’S TIME TO GET FIRED UP!!! The crowd begins to get excited as the Viper pounds the mat, seething, baring his teeth and desperate for his old adversary to get up so he can meet his demise... eventually, DiBiase struggles back up, so Orton strikes with the R – K – O... BUT NO!!! DiBiase JAMS the move – then suddenly applies the COBRA CLUTCH with a stunning counter, thinking DREAM STREET... NOOOOO!!! Orton sends him spiralling across the ring with a Snapmare reversal, and when DiBiase scrambles back up, the Viper instinctively sends him overhead – AND DELIVERS THE OLYMPIC SLAM!!! The fans go wild as DiBiase gets laid out with that move, only to roll out to the apron with the impact; at first, a groan goes up as Orton realises he can’t cover... but he can do something much more devilish, as he proves by darting over to DiBiase to pull him up, and drape him over the second rope in the front facelock! The crowd begins to buzz as the referee tells Orton to break the hold, and reaches “FOUR!” – SO ORTON DRILLS HIS FORMER TUTEE WITH THE ROPE-HUNG DDT!!!

Once again, DiBiase lies flat. This time, the crowd knows he stands little chance, and loud “RKO! RKO!” chants begin to ring around the RBC Center; smirking evilly again, Orton nods his head at the chanting fans... then drops to all fours again, beating the canvas and hissing “C’MON! GET UP!” to DiBiase, who finally finds his feet, though he wobbles after the shots he’s taken. The Fortunate Son, looking incredibly weak and beaten, stumbles towards Orton, and there is a momentary silence – AS ORTON STRIKES WITH THE RKO!!! DiBiase collapses in a heap on the canvas, and now Orton throws himself about the ring, fired up, almost frothing from the mouth, before he throws his frame across DiBiase’s body for the cover... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: Randy Orton bts. Ted DiBiase via pinfall at 5:39


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner... RAAAAAAANDY – ORTOOOOON!!!

Triumphant, Orton gets to his feet, and has his arm momentarily raised by the official before he heads for the turnbuckle, throwing up the Legend Killer pose in more of an adrenaline-filled frenzy than any kind of celebration.

Michael Cole: That was – that was ruthless! That was dangerous!

Josh Matthews: One might argue, exactly the mindset he’ll need to beat CM Punk this Sunday, Cole.

Michael Cole: Ted – Ted DiBiase could be seriously hurt, Josh! Does Randy Orton have no conscience? No integrity? No compassion?

Josh Matthews: Do – do you ever watch Raw?

Michael Cole: That’s not what I mean, Josh! I’m talkin’ about the basic respect you’re supposed to have for your fellow competitor – Randy Orton doesn’t have a respectful bone in his whole body! He’s just runnin’ around doin’ what the hell he likes, and Jerry Lawler hasn’t got the spine to stop ‘im!

As Orton continues to celebrate, the crowd begins to scream and boo, however...


Josh Matthews: H-hey! Punk! CM Punk!

The crowd EXPLODES with boos for Punk as he throws himself on top of Orton’s fallen body, flailing away with crazed punches! He detaches himself briefly, then starts dropping knees to the Viper’s chest, furiously trying to wear him down; he yanks him back up, then tosses him to the corner, before he charges in for the SHINING WIZARD – BUT NOBODY’S HOME!!! Orton darts out the way suddenly, leaving Punk to crash into the turnbuckle, then stagger towards the Viper – RKO – NOOOOOO!!! Punk shoves Orton away, then hoists him up for the GO TO SLEEP... BUT THIS TIME, ORTON ESCAPES!!! The Viper flings a right hand, but suddenly, the Second City Saint hits the deck, and rolls from the ring! The crowd boos ferociously for Punk’s cowardice, and he begins to back up the ramp, saying “This Sunday, Randall – it all comes crashing down for you”.

Orton, meanwhile, is pressed up against the ramp-side ropes, restraining himself from going after Punk, just like he did last week – scowling, he turns around... and sees Ted DiBiase struggling for air still on the canvas! The crowd cheers as Orton turns devilishly back to look at Punk, who stares at him wide-eyed from the ramp; like the fiendish anti-hero he is, the Viper immediately grabs DiBiase off the mat, and holds his chin against his shoulder briefly, pointing his free arm towards Punk, watching in disgust... AS ORTON DRIVES DIBIASE INTO THE CANVAS YET AGAIN WITH THE RKO!!! The crowd goes NUTS yet again as Orton gets to his feet, still fired up, then stands above DiBiase’s unmoving body, snarling with a deathly confidence up at Punk, who shakes his head from the stage. Orton, shivering from adrenaline, brings his hands into the air – and begins to count to ten, with the crowd chanting along in the background.

Josh Matthews: These two men may never stop going for each other’s throats until the moment one of them is left laying this Sunday – Cole, I shudder to think what they’ll have to go through to get to that point.

Michael Cole: I’ve got your answer in three simple words, Josh – hell... and... back. When Punk’s done with Orton this Sunday, he’s gonna be lookin’ in a lot worse shape than Ted DiBiase there, I’m tellin’ ya!

Josh Matthews: Folks, Randy Orton and CM Punk have business still to finish, and that’s exactly what they’ll do in just six days’ time in Tampa – but speaking of unfinished business, John Cena and Triple H go head-to-head in our main event... that’s still yet to come, don’t go away!

As the crowd’s count, along with Orton’s, reaches ten, Punk says “There will – be BLOOD”, and spreads his arms wide in a similar fashion to his 2009 full-bearded persona, before he slowly backtracks behind the curtain, and we’re left with just Orton’s wretched smirk as Raw fades to another break.


There is a lot the human body can endure.

We see nothing but a black screen, coupled with the sound of a man breathing heavily.

A human can survive a heart attack.

A lightning-quick flashing shot of a man clutching his chest, then back to black.

A human can survive a huge fall.

The darkness is punctuated by the image of someone falling off a ledge, then it returns.

A human can survive an attack from an animal.

A man falls backwards as a dog leaps at him, then the black cuts it off again.

A human can even survive a gunshot.

Two silhouettes across from each other, as one lifts up a gun, and the blackness cuts in as the gunshot rings out. The shot suddenly turns to the image of John Cena screaming in pain in a submission hold, then Edge lying against the turnbuckle, baring his teeth as he suffers.

But with survival... comes pain.

And now Randy Orton, clutching his injured knee on the canvas.

How much pain is a man willing to go through?

Rey Mysterio slumped against the mat, eyes unfocused.

What barriers will a man break to achieve glory?

The Miz gasps for air as he raises his WWE Title above his head.

Which man will be able to survive?

Alberto Del Rio winks to the camera, then The Corre raise their arms in the air.

Which man will truly experience...

Christian looks to the sky in frustration, and Cena roars to the crowd.


CM Punk grins devilishly at the camera, before the ‘EXTREME RULES’ graphic appears, and the video package fades to a close...


Raw returns to ringside, where Michael Cole and Josh Matthews are sat, again with opposing expressions; Matthews has a polite smile, while Cole actually disapproves of YOU, the reader.

Josh Matthews: Folks, it’s gonna be huge – this Sunday, live in Tampa, Florida, is Extreme Rules 2011, in front of a ten thousand-strong capacity crowd; what a way to kick off the new WWE calendar, Cole.

Michael Cole: I can’t argue with ya, Josh, it’s lookin’ like a tremendous night of action, ain’t it, huh? There’s no more fitting event to be called by the most must-hear WWE sports journalist of all-time!

Josh Matthews: Michael Cole’s self-praise aside, Extreme Rules is sure to a night that’ll live long in the memory, and just take a look at a few of these matches; for instance – you just saw them continue the long stream of mind games and almost-confrontations – CM Punk and Randy Orton face off in a Last Man Standing Match.

Michael Cole: Everythin’ that CM Punk’s said up until this point’s gonna ring true, Josh – him beatin’ Randy Orton’s gonna linger in the Viper’s mind for so long it’s gonna wreck his whole career! It’s gonna haunt him every second of every day, until he realises that what he did three years ago was a horrible mistake, and frankly Josh, he deserves nothing less! It’s JUSTICE this Sunday!

Josh Matthews: Well, speaking of justice, we may as well take the time to thank Rev Theory for the official theme song of Extreme Rules, ‘Justice’, which I’m fairly sure gets better and better every time I hear it, Cole.

Michael Cole: Yeah, yeah, it’s a real tune; when are we gonna talk about The Miz exactly?

Josh Matthews: (sighing) Let’s get that out of the way; it’s the very namesake of the event, ladies and gentlemen – an Extreme Rules match between two icons of this business, John Cena and Triple H, and a man who claims he’ll soon be an icon, The Miz – oh, what now?

Michael Cole: Soon? SOON? He already IS, Josh, that’s the point! Didn’t ya hear him earlier? He’s breakin’ boundaries, stoppin’ clichés! The Miz is the most dominant WWE Champion we’ve seen in years, and this Sunday, he’s gonna show us all exactly what kinda guy he is! He’s gonna keep fightin’ ‘til he gets the rush he’s been waitin’ his whole life for, and that makes him a stand-up champion, Matthews!

Josh Matthews: And to turn our attention gratefully to SmackDown, it’s the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, defending his pride and joy against Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage Match, where thankfully, the ever-expanding Alberto Administration can’t sway the contest.

Michael Cole: Hey, Alberto doesn’t need those guys to beat Edge! He’s already good enough to be the World Champion, whether he’s got the Administration with him or not; I’m thinking it’s time for his destiny to come true this Sunday, baby!

Josh Matthews: We’ll see, Cole – certainly, Del Rio’s been looking in good shape recently, especially when he, Brodus Clay and Chavo Guerrero left Edge lying in the middle of the ring to finish SmackDown last week. Morally ambiguous or not, he gets the job done.

Michael Cole: In this business, Josh, sometimes that’s all that matters – job done! Alberto’s got a killer instinct, and that could just make him a huge presence on SmackDown for years to come! I’m talkin’ YEARS!

Josh Matthews: And well, speaking of rivalries years in the making, look no further than two former ECW Champions, now on SmackDown, both believing they deserve to be World Heavyweight Champion. It’s an I Quit Match between two old enemies – Christian versus Jack Swagger this Sunday, Cole, and I’m sure you have an opinion or two on this subject, given your, er, relationship, with the All-American American.

Michael Cole: What, just ‘cause I’m workin’ with the guy ya think I’m gonna give a biased opinion? Huh? Well, gimme some credit, Josh! I don’t need to tell ya the dominance Jack Swagger’s gonna display this Sunday, ‘cause everybody can figure it out for themselves! Christian screwed him over two years ago, now it’s time for payback, courtesy of the Phenomenal Athlete himself!

Josh Matthews: Indeed, it’s sure to be a heated contest between these two, seeing as they both have something to prove, and seeing as they both have an agenda to get themselves in World Title contention at the other’s expense; this rings true of the match between Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler too, Cole.

Michael Cole: It’s the “original vanilla midget” versus the brightest young star on Raw, Josh – it’s finally time for Dolph Ziggler to break out, and then we can all look forward to Ziggler versus Miz for the title at Over The Limit! That nerd’s gonna have to go sit at the back of the line where he belongs when he’s done in that Ladder Match; hell, maybe he’ll even go home and stop botherin’ us!

Josh Matthews: Bryan seemed pretty fired up earlier on, Cole, but it truly could go either way, especially considering how unpredictable Ladder Matches can be.

Michael Cole: Are ya kiddin’ me? It’s NOT gonna be close! It’s gonna be domination from my man Dolph! It’s gonna be a master class of pure perfection! And no-one knows how to be perfect like DOLPH – ZIGGLER!

Josh Matthews: It’ll be a deserved winner when the final bell rings in that match – at least that we can agree on. (pause as the next graphic appears) And on SmackDown, here’s an exciting match to look forward to; six men, one Intercontinental Title, five falls and a whole load of weapons – Wade Barrett puts his championship on the line against Mysterio, Barreta, McIntyre, Kingston and Rhodes this Sunday.

Michael Cole: It’s gonna be chaos this Friday when they go at it in a six-man tag team match, Josh, but this Sunday; it’s anything goes! You want that title, ya just gotta fight tooth and nail, hammers and tongs, ‘til you smash and grab your way to gettin’ that belt around your waist! I just can’t call it!

Josh Matthews: Each of those six men has been clamouring to take the title for weeks on end, and like you said, Cole – it’s a hostile environment, and the phrase ‘anything can happen’ may never have rung as true as the bout we’ll be witnessing in Tampa in six nights’ time.

Michael Cole: And ya heard it announced earlier by the imposter, Jerry Lawler – Sheamus and Melina teamin’ up against... ugh... John Morrison and Eve Torres with both the United States and Diva’s Titles on the line, meanin’ if Eve steals a win on Melina, Sheamus loses his title, too! What a sickening decision, Josh!

Josh Matthews: In hindsight, Jerry was in a difficult position, Michael, so I’d say he made a good call; as you heard, folks, it’ll be a Winner Take All Match this Sunday, where two of Raw’s premiere rivalries will come to a conclusion in a match where the first fall takes all the glory, and those who hold back – they’ll be left out in the cold, Cole.

Michael Cole: I assume you’re talking about Morrison, Josh.

Josh Matthews: In your eyes, I probably am. And finally – and this one’s gonna be huge – it’s Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, your current WWE Tag Team Champions, taking on the colossal duo of the Big Show and Kane, in a Tables Match, where both members of a team have to be put through a table for the victory.

Michael Cole: You gotta ask yourself, Josh – how the hell d’ya put Kane and Big Show through a table, anyway? Huh? Those guys are absolutely huge!

Josh Matthews: It looks like a tall order, no pun intended, for the young members of the Corre, but remember, at Extreme Rules – anything goes, and that means they can go to any lengths necessary to get the win on Sunday.

We cut away from the match graphics, back to the ring, where Justin Roberts and a referee are standing.


A decent pop goes up as the Italian theme of Santino Marella signals his entrance, flanked by Tamina, and the bell chimes. Santino acknowledges a gigantic ovation that doesn’t exist, thanking the fans as he leads Tamina towards the ring.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied by Tamina... from Calabria, Italy, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-three pounds... SANTINO – MARELLA!

Josh Matthews: Well, Extreme Rules looks like an explosive night, Cole, and there’s still more to come from Monday Night Raw here tonight – Cena versus Triple H is our main event, as well as this match right now!

Michael Cole: You’re forgettin’ all about The Miz on commentary, Josh!

Josh Matthews: Oh, I’m not forgetting, Cole. You won’t let me forget.

Santino gets into the ring, doing some comical warm-ups to prepare himself, as his music dies down, and Tamina takes her place at ringside to support her boyfriend.


There’s a few boos, but very, very little else for the rarely-seen-on-Raw Tyson Kidd, as he struts out on the stage with his hair looking as stupid as ever, but with a unique fire in his eyes tonight. He spreads his arms wide, taking swaggering steps down the ramp, and Santino is seen narrowing his eyes in preparation in the ring.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent – from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at one hundred and ninety-nine pounds... TYSOOOOON – KIDD!

Josh Matthews: To take the focus off this Sunday for just a moment, Michael, a man who deserves credit is none other than Tyson Kidd – he’s been red hot on Superstars recently, including wins over the hulking Chris Masters, the lightning-quick Evan Bourne and the veteran Goldust; he’s really making everyone sit up and, well, take notice.

Michael Cole: I got a lotta respect for Tyson Kidd, Josh – he’s just like me! We’re both winners!

Josh Matthews: Is there anyone on this show who finds success that you don’t compare yourself to?

Michael Cole: I think Daniel Bryan won a match once, right? But look, stop divertin’ attention away from Tyson Kidd, alright? He’s a talented guy, and we should focusin’ on him – this is his moment to get a bit of respect from these fans here on Raw!

Contrary to Cole’s remarks, Kidd’s taunting from the turnbuckles earns him no respect at all from the fans, as we see a small boy giving the Canadian a thumbs-down. Kidd, wearing a sly smile, points to himself cockily, then hops down and shakes out his arms as Santino marches dramatically across to face him. The referee separates them, waiting for Kidd’s music to die out, and when it does, he calls for the bell.

Match Five – Singles Contest
Santino Marella vs Tyson Kidd

Before the bell has even finished ringing, Kidd immediately goes behind Santino with a waist lock; Marella looks confused, and tries to break his grip on him, but suddenly finds himself in a side headlock. Kidd frees him, then fires a kick to the back of the Italian’s knee – and another – before he shoves him to the ropes, and leaps to take him down with a Dropkick early on. Comically brushing off his face, Santino gets back to his feet and tells Kidd to “Bring it on!” so the Canadian immediately obliges with a lock-up. Despite Santino’s considerable weight advantage, Kidd forces him back to the corner, and gets in a few stiff shots with his right hand before the referee tells him to move back. Frowning now, Kidd looks to inflict some damage by charging in – but his Running Shoulder Block attempt goes straight into the turnbuckle! The crowd groans as Kidd grimaces and turns round, throwing a rash clothesline, which Santino ducks – WITH THE SPLITS, I might add – before he sends the Canadian tumbling to the deck with a Hip Toss!

The crowd cheers as Santino gets to his feet now, and makes the ‘raise the roof’ gesture to get them fired up... BEFORE HE BEGINS TO SET UP THE COBRA! The fans seem to be enjoying themselves, chanting “SANTINO! SANTINO!” as the jolly Italian creates his deadly finishing move, and begins to hiss at Kidd to rise... he does, so Santino STRIKES – just kidding, you didn’t think I’d bury Kidd like this, did you? Nah, Kidd ducks right under the Cobra, eliciting a moan of disappointment from the crowd... AND THEN HE TAKES SANTINO’S HEAD OFF WITH A MINDBLOWING SUPERKICK TO THE SKULL!!! The hideous ‘crack’ echoes around the arena as Marella goes down in a crumpled heap, eyes unfocused, and Kidd shakes out his arms again... before he tugs Santino into the middle of the ring, steps in – AND APPLIES THE SHARPSHOOTER!!! Santino, previously quiet after the Superkick, comes alive again here, screaming “OH-A MY GOD!” amongst other dramatic phrases, until he finally yells out in pain – AND TAPS OUT! Kidd destroys Santino!

Result: Tyson Kidd bts. Santino Marella via submission at 1:47


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner as the result of a submission... TYSOOOON – KIDD!

As if it’s what he does every day of the week, Kidd lets Marella out of the Sharpshooter with a casual throwing to the floor, and spreads his arms wide with a shit-eating grin; he knows how easy that came across.

Michael Cole: Tyson Kidd! Tyson Kidd, huh? What a dominating performance from that guy right there – that was somethin’ impressive if I ever saw it, Josh!

Josh Matthews: Indeed impressive from the up-and-coming Tyson Kidd, but still to come, our main event – WWE Champion The Miz and his protégé Alex Riley join us at ringside as Triple H takes on John Cena!

We head backstage from Kidd’s grin to see Scott Stanford.

Scott Stanford: Ladies and gentlemen, you heard from John Cena earlier tonight, and now you’ll hear from the other competitor in our main event just around the corner – my guest, Triple H!

HUGE pop for the Game, Triple H, as he walks into the shot in his ring gear, looking deathly focused.

Scott Stanford: Triple H, last week you secured yourself a WWE Title shot when you pinned the WWE Champion himself, The Miz, but after the match you were controversially AA’ed by your opponent in just a few moments, John Cena. Can I get a few last-minute thoughts before your bout tonight, and ahead of this Sunday?

The Game remains focused as the mic comes his way.

Triple H: Y’know... I should be angry, at John Cena, for what he did last week.

He rubs his jaw.

Triple H: But I’m not.

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Triple H: See, if he was right about one thing, it’s that this Sunday, things have gotta get a little crazy before all’s said and done. When the dust finally clears, I plan to be standin’ there as WWE Champion... and sometimes you gotta throw the rulebook out the window before you can really understand the game you’re normally playin’.

Small pop for that.

Triple H: John, you made one smart choice last week, and one bad one. The smart one was countin’ that pinfall – ‘cause if you hadn’t, nothin’ would’ve stopped me from comin’ after you and beating the livin’ hell outta you.

Big pop from the Cena haters, some boos from the younger members of the audience.

Triple H: The bad one – was giving me that Attitude Adjustment after the match. ‘Cause believe me, I said I’m not angry at you. But you made me realise; I’ve gotta turn it up a notch.

He finally shows a small smile.

Triple H: I lost to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but if I’d given it maybe that little more somehow, it’d be a whole different story. And last week, John, you made me realise what I need – to – do... to bring that belt back home to me. The man who wears that belt more proudly than anyone who’s ever set foot in that damn ring.

Really loud pop for Triple H’s general legacy.

Triple H: I’ve gotta go even more than one hundred percent. I’ve gotta throw that rulebook out the window and show you, and The Miz, exactly what I’m capable of when I reach my pinnacle.

Another cheer goes up as the Game nods.

Triple H: So I’m gonna go ahead and thank ya for what you did last week, John...

He grins, then slowly lets it fade until he stares coldly into the camera.

Triple H: ...and now I’m gonna punish you for it.

Big pop from the Raleigh crowd.

Triple H: And Miz, seeing as you’ll have the best seat in the house – you make sure you feast your eyes on what I do to John Cena... because this Sunday, just like last week, and just like Cena’s gonna do tonight... you’ll play the Game... AND YOU’LL LOSE.

MASSIVE pop for that, and Triple H leaves the shot, as ‘UP NEXT’ fades into view, and Raw goes to a break.


And now, WWE Mobile presents... SMACKDOWN REBOUND!!!

SmackDown Rebound this week features Alberto Del Rio declaring that it will be his great adaptability that will prove the difference against Edge at Extreme Rules, especially as he’s not scared to step inside a Steel Cage; he shows this immediately afterwards, bringing the cage down, and putting his title shot on the line against anyone in the SmackDown locker room who wants to face him. Out comes the awe-inspiring Sin Cara to take the challenge, but the high-flyer succumbs to the Cross-Arm Breaker after taking a Powerbomb into the Steel Cage wall. Del Rio stands tall as the Administration applaud him...

...and we cut to SmackDown’s lengthy main event, in which Edge takes on WWE Tag Team Champion Justin Gabriel; though the South African proves to be more than a match for the World Heavyweight Champion, the Canadian manages to get his knees up as Gabriel goes for the 450 Splash. This leaves Gabriel in an injured state, allowing Edge to deliver the Spear to score a hard-fought victory. After the match, Gabriel slaps away Edge’s offered handshake, and things get worse for the Rated R Superstar as none other than CHAVO GUERRERO makes a surprise appearance, distracting him so Brodus Clay and the aforementioned Del Rio can attack him from behind. Chavo gets in the ring to shake hands with ‘Destiny’s Darling’, who again calls for the cage to be lowered, before the three men brutalise the World Champion, with the exclamation point being provided by Del Rio applying the Cross-Arm Breaker. SmackDown’s final image is that of Del Rio with the World Title around his waist, as the Administration stands victorious.


When Raw returns, it’s MAIN EVENT TIME...



Immediate, loud boos ring around the RBC Center as the WWE Champion, The Miz makes his second appearance of the evening, following the long promo he cut at the beginning of the show. Naturally, a smirking Alex Riley appears alongside him, wearing his varsity jacket over his ring gear, and the Varsity Villain nods with approval as The Miz raises his title arrogantly into the air with two hands.

Michael Cole: Oh boy, Josh, are ya ready for this?

Josh Matthews: I – I really don’t think so.

Michael Cole: Look at that man right there, Josh! Look at ‘im! He’s the most must-see WWE Champion of all time, and he’s gonna come give his personal insights on this match for us! We’re privileged! We should be thankin’ him with all our hearts!

Matthews decides to stay silent rather than argue, as The Miz and Riley make their way around ringside, and both shake hands with Cole as they sit in the two empty seats beside him. Both men put on their headsets, with The Miz smirking casually as he leans back in the chair, and Cole, of course, can’t wipe a grin off his face.

Michael Cole: A very good evenin’ to both you guys, Miz, Alex – I tell ya, this main event’s gonna be a whole lot more watchable now I’ve got a couple of real talkers to help me call this bad boy!

The Miz: Y’know Michael, I’m always happy to help out, it’s one of several things I do very, very well.

Alex Riley: Hey, how’s it goin’ down that end, Josh?

Matthews raises an eyebrow to that, and Riley laughs callously. A few “MIZ SUCKS!” chants can be heard from the crowd, but the arena soon begins to buzz as the Awesome One’s music fades out...



Like peasants roaring for the monarch himself, THE RBC CENTER LOSES IT!!! The usual green and red lights go into overdrive, as the crowd rocks to the Motorhead theme that rips straight through the arena... AND THEY JUST GET LOUDER AS TRIPLE H STORMS OUT INTO VIEW!!!

Josh Matthews: Th- the ovation!

The Miz is seen sitting with a pensive two fingers against his cheek, as the Game stands still as a stone for a moment, drenched in water – until the music dies out for barely a millisecond...



And again, a roaring cheer goes up for the Cerebral Assassin, who spits his water out furiously, and begins to march down the ramp, taking another swig of his bottle before he throws it casually into the crowd. He heads up to the apron on the hard camera-side, then leans back against the ropes to spray his water out above his head, before he ROARS to the RBC Center under the sheer white light that illuminates him! The fans are going absolutely wild for the Game, who turns to step inside the squared circle, then heads to the turnbuckle to taunt to the crowd – but he directs his classic pose to The Miz, who shakes his head at him despite the crowd’s pop of approval! Tripper steps down, setting up shop in the corner as he prepares for his opponent.

Justin Roberts: This bout is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds... THE GAME... TRIPLE ‘AIIIIIIIIIITCHHH!!!

Josh Matthews: Folks, you’re witnessing a true icon – this Sunday, Triple H competes for his fourteenth World Title in the Extreme Rules match against John Cena and the current champion, sitting at this very announce desk... well, you can’t deny his popularity, Cole!

Michael Cole: And ya can’t deny his hypocrisy either, Josh, but I don’t see ya bringin’ it up! Triple H acts like he’s some kind of liberator or hero, but he LOST at Wrestlemania, just like Cena, and now he’s gettin’ a shot at the title? It’s like a big joke’s bein’ played on The Miz here!

The Miz: You could not be more correct, Michael; Alex and I were talking earlier about it – who do these guys think they are? There’s only one WWE Champion around here, and I don’t get the respect I deserve from Jerry Lawler; he just coops me up with whichever losers are first to put their hands in the air. (mocking voice) “I want a shot, I wanna shot!”

Again, Riley cackles at that, as in the ring, Triple H’s gaze remains locked on the stage, and the arena buzzes once more...






AND AN ALMIGHTY ROAR RIPS THROUGH THE ENTIRE RBC CENTER!!! That roar is made up of a mixture of high-pitched pops from the women and children, matched with the ferocious boos from a large section of the male fans, and the noise just gets louder as JOHN CENA charges out into view, grinning at the reaction! Again, we see a thoughtful Miz at the announce desk watching Cena with an emotionless stare, before we cut back to the ex-“Champ” as he tells the camera “Just six days, if ya can wait that long!”... before he throws up the salute to the fans, and begins to charge down the ramp to the ring!

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds... JOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHNNNN – CEEEEEEEEENNNNAAAAAA!!!

Michael Cole: Now Miz, tell me – it must have felt great to pin John Cena at Wrestlemania, but I bet it’s gonna be even better when ya pin ‘im this Sunday, am I right?

The Miz: Honestly, Cole, it didn’t feel great – like I said earlier tonight, I didn’t get the thrill I was looking for. But if nothing else, beating Cena and Triple H this Sunday will keep this WWE Title in my grasp, and remaining the most must-see WWE Champion of all time is the first step to finally getting the kicks out of this business that I always wanted.

Josh Matthews: Er, John Cena said earlier tonight that he was gonna get a bit “crazy” in order to pry that title out of your hands, Miz – what’s your response to that?

The Miz: (frowning) I think what everyone’s forgetting here is – John Cena’s already crazy enough for thinking he has a legitimate chance of taking my title. He’s already a walking, talking pile of corny jokes and bad slogans, and nothing he can do this Sunday will change that, Josh! End of story.

In the ring, Cena rebounds off both sets of ropes, before he throws his cap into the crowd. He then throws up the ‘Word Life’ sign in time with the chorus of his theme song as usual, before his music subsides, and amidst a series of duelling “LET’S GO CENA!” “CENA SUCKS!” chants, he whips off his shirt and flings it into the crowd. A few fans near the hard camera microphone chant “Throw it back!” but the person who caught it is part of the 50% of the crowd cheering Cena on, so they keep it. Now, the referee steps into the middle to have a word with both competitors, as Justin Roberts takes his seat at ringside, and Cena and the Game exchange deathly glares; these two have fought before, Matthews reminds us, including at Wrestlemania 22, and yet tonight, it’s all about scores to be settled, and momentum to be gained. The crowd buzzes, with a series of duelling chants for both men springing up, and the referee calls for the bell in this monumental main event contest.

Main Event – Singles Contest
Triple H vs John Cena

As is to be expected in any contest between two huge names, this one gets some length given to it, and following that trend, we join the bout after a series of near-falls and back-and-forth action, fourteen minutes in. With both the Game and the ex-“Champ” looking rather fatigued, they square up once again following a kickout from Triple H; Cena tries to take charge, dodging under a right hand to take the Cerebral Assassin around the gut and drive him into the corner. Tripper groans upon impact, and now Cena careers back towards the middle of the ring, measuring his target before he charges in for the Corner Clothesline – NO! Triple H grabs the nearby rope to tug himself out of harm’s way, leaving Cena to crunch into the turnbuckle; as the West Newbury native staggers back towards him, Hunter lurches forward, taking both men down with a HUGE clothesline of his own! The crowd groans with the impact of the Game’s desperate but powerful hit, and with the look of someone dying to grab the win, Tripper gets back to his feet, and breathes heavily as he tells Cena to get up. Slowly, the ex-“Champ” finds his feet, clearly dazed after the moves he’s suffered throughout the last quarter of an hour, and now Triple H tries to whip him to the ropes... but Cena sets his feet and sends the Game instead, before he bends down – BUT HUNTER COUNTERS WITH THE FACEBREAKER KNEE SMASH!!! The crowd erupts with a mixture of cheers, boos and groans as Cena reels off Hunter’s knee, eyes unfocused, before the Game puts his weight behind a shove, sending Cena to the ropes this time... AND LETTING HIM RUN STRAIGHT INTO THE HIGH KNEE!!! Again, a mixed reaction meets the crunching impact as Cena gets flattened, and now Triple H falls clumsily into the cover, surely sensing victory... 1... 2... 3-NO! KICKOUT!!!

Triple H’s stunned expression at the official tells half the story, with the crowd’s mixture of relieved cheers and dissatisfied boos telling the other half. The Game runs a hand through his sweat-drenched, straggled hair in disbelief, then takes his old adversary by the head, and guides him back to his feet, baring his teeth to give himself strength before he winds back – and delivers a stinging Knife Edge Chop across Cena’s chest, eliciting a unanimous scream of “WOOOO!” from the fans! Cena grimaces, staggering backwards briefly before he comes back – into another chop, and another cry of “WOOOO!” around the RBC Center. This time, Cena stumbles into the ropes as he sells the shot, loosely draping his arm over the top one, before he clenches a fist, and throws it at the Cerebral Assassin... but he telegraphs it, and sends Cena to the ropes with a momentum-aided Irish whip! The ex-“Champ” hits the ropes speedily for the rebound, so Triple H thinks DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER... BUT CENA JAMS THE MOVE! A sigh of relief echoes from the Cena fans, as their hero takes a step back, only to fire a lethal right-handed blow – ducked! Triple H instinctively dodges the blow, then turns round to see Cena hitting the ropes for momentum... FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK FROM CENA!!!

Down goes the Game here, and at ringside, The Miz mutters “Here we go...” as both men get up again, and of course, Cena leaps forward with another Flying Shoulder Block; Triple H stumbles up once more, throwing a foolish clothesline, which Cena sees coming and ducks, before he lifts the Game up, and drills him into the canvas with the SPIN-OUT POWERBOMB!!! Upon impact, Cena is immediately to his feet, arm in the air with an enlightened expression on his face, and the noise level in the arena inevitably rises, with the Cena fans egging him on, and the haters jeering him in equal number. Regardless of the abuse from half the crowd, Cena rises above the hate, turning to ringside to tell The Miz that “YOU CAN’T SEE ME!” before he heads to the ropes... AND BRINGS THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE DOWN ON THE GAME’S FACE!!! Once more, the RBC Center comes alive, and now Cena, apparently recovered somewhat from Hunter’s offence, takes to the corner of the squared circle, crouching slightly to stare down his reeling opponent. Finally, Triple H shakes out the cobwebs, and gets to his feet, wandering straight into the path of the rolling John Cena... who scoops him up, thinking ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT, and the Cena haters roar in protest – BUT HUNTER ESCAPES... AND IMMEDIATELY TAKES CENA DOWN WITH A DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN, SPLITTING THE ARENA IN HALF YET AGAIN!!!

As Cena desperately tries to cover himself, Triple H leaps atop him, and starts BLASTING him with right hands, letting his classic adrenaline rush take over, and he gives his old rival a thorough pounding, much to the chagrin of the women and children! After a moment, the Game relents at a count of four, and with Cena still grounded, he wastes little time thinking up his next plan of action, because he grabs the West Newbury native by the leg – then steps in, twists round, AND APPLIES THE FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!!! The majority of the arena screams “WOOOO!” repeatedly yet again, as The Miz watches with a scowl at ringside, clearly a little unnerved by the wide arsenal Triple H can utilise, but we quickly cut back to Cena, who is in AGONY! His eyes are wide as he struggles, pain shooting through his legs, and he immediately, instinctively, reaches out with a hand for any sign of the ropes; but there’s none to be found, and as such, he slumps to a lying position, baring his teeth in pain yet again. Triple H, on the other hand, relishes every second, especially after Cena’s post-match present to him last week, and it’s not long before the Game begins to bellow “TAP! TAAAAP!” at his opponent, who, true to his moniker, WILL – NOT – QUIT. The Cena fans chant his name, trying to get some kind of response out of him, and finally, we have lift off, as the man himself turns his eyes to the nearest ropes, and begins to edge towards them, with Triple H snarling as Cena shows signs of life. However, Cena stops himself as he gets closer to the ropes, and grimaces yet again; it even looks like he might tap, as he raises a hand into the air, and the Raleigh fans scream a variety of things... BUT THAT HAND COMES GRATEFULLY DOWN ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!

The referee immediately rushes on to Triple H, telling him to break the hold, and to the joy of the CeNation, he finally does, baring his teeth in frustration. Breathing heavily now, the Game finds the adjacent ropes, and places his forehead against the top one, taking a breather as he tries to recover his game plan. Turning, he sees Cena attempting to get up, fingertips slipping off the ropes as he looks to find his feet. Hunter, however, prepares to give him a deadly punishment should he turn around, spreading his arms high and wide to fire up the crowd... finally, Cena struggles up with the ropes’ aid, then spins slowly to walk towards his opponent – WHO KICKS HIM IN THE GUT, AND HOOKS THE ARMS... BUT NOOOOOO!!! Cena frees an arm, then spins out of the hold, surprising the Game by pulling his legs out from under him... BEFORE HE PULLS THE STFU OUT OF NOWHERE, SENDING THE CENATION INTO A FRENZY!!! Triple H roars in agony immediately, while Cena’s yells are nothing but pure adrenaline, with the Game’s hands searching desperately across the mat to find some kind of refuge from this torturous submission hold! The fans are, again, split 50/50; half urging him to find the ropes as Cena did moments ago, half urging him to tap out to hand the match Cena’s way! Once more, The Miz is seen watching with a discontented look at the announce desk, refusing to comment as Matthews and Cole sell the hold’s effectiveness to the extreme... but is there life in the Game? Back in the ring, Hunter refuses to give in, shaking his head furiously every time the referee asks the question, and slowly, he begins to crawl his way towards the ropes, each inch a lifetime away... Cena cranks up the pressure desperately – ONLY FOR HUNTER TO ROAR, AND WITH ONE LAST GASP, HE FINDS THE ROPE, JUST LIKE CENA DID!!! The RBC Center explodes with another typically mixed reaction, and wearing a tired expression of defeat, Cena rolls off of Hunter, though he has to use the ropes to keep him upright; the entire scene is almost a parallel to Triple H after Cena escaped the Figure Four, except this time – Cena’s got something else in mind.

With the Game slowly crawling on all fours away from the ropes, Cena lugs his tired frame out to the apron, and heads for the turnbuckle. The ex-“Champ” looks incredibly weary, clambering sluggishly up to the top rope, and when there, he has to secure himself with a hand on the rope either side of him. Below him, Triple H begins to pull himself up, but he keels over in exhaustion, holding an arm over his stomach to sell it. Cena, digging deep, manages to stand up fully... THEN LAUNCHES OFF TO DRILL HUNTER INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE DIVING LEG DROP BULLDOG!!! Once again, the crowd comes unglued with a variety of loud reactions, boo and cheers alike, and Matthews screams “THAT’S GOTTA BE IT!” as Cena turns the Game into the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO!!! TRIPLE H KICKS OUT!!! The majority of the male voices in the RBC Center give a low-pitched but hearty cheer as the Cerebral Assassin keeps himself alive in this bout, though the higher-pitched voices groan in disappointment! Cena, meanwhile, pushes himself to his feet, panting after a long stint here, and finally, he decides there’s only one thing to be done; it needs to be an Attitude Adjustment. Following that train of thought, he tries to haul Hunter’s two-hundred-sixty-pound frame up, though it’s a struggle even for him. Baring his teeth to dig even deeper than before, he tries to lift the Game on to his shoulders – but the King of Kings comes back with a clubbing blow to the back, forcing Cena to drop his opponent, and stagger away a little, before he turns back to try again... SPINEBUSTER!!! TRIPLE H NAILS CENA WITH THE DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER, SENDING THE CROWD INTO A MASS OF NOISE AGAIN!!! Amidst the crowd’s chanting, the Game wastes no time, draping himself over Cena with a hook of the leg to put this away... 1... 2... 3-NO!!! IT’S NO GOOD!!!

“Whadda I have to do?” moans the exhausted Triple H, staring bewitched at the official’s two fingers for a moment... and then falling backwards to the canvas, blinking in disbelief. Likewise, just inches away, Cena lays with his eyes locked on the ceiling, barely able to believe he kicked out, and in the lull, a series of “LET’S GO CENA!” “CENA SUCKS!” begin to duel again, as we watch the motionless bodies of these two opponents this Sunday. However, as the referee starts his Double KO count, we cut to the other man in that match, as The Miz and Alex Riley exchange a glance... then drop their headsets to the desk!? Cole frowns, saying “Guys, the match is still goin’...” but The Miz doesn’t reply, instead walking over to the ringside area – AND GRABBING TWO STEEL CHAIRS!!! The TitanTron shows the actions of the despicable WWE Champion, who gives a chair to Riley, and tells him “Let’s light this up” before they slide into the ring in unison! The referee looks at them with a confused look, stopping his count of seven, which would have trailed off anyway as Cena and Hunter begin to find their feet on opposite sides of the ring. Nervously, the official tells them not to get involved, but The Miz ignores him, and directs Riley to Cena, before he puts the Game in his sights – AND THE DUO LASH THE CHAIRS OFF CENA AND HUNTER’S BACKS IN STEREO, BRINGING THEM BOTH COLLAPSING TO THE MAT AGAIN!!! The referee looks at them both in horror, and naturally has no choice but to call for the bell!!!

Result: Triple H vs John Cena ends in a No Contest at 20:04

As you’d expect, there’s no music as the bell chimes; just boos, and immensely loud boos at that, as The Miz and Alex Riley stand above the WWE Championship contenders this Sunday. Riley drives the chair into Cena’s back again for good measure, as The Miz just stares coldly down at the Game; in the background, we can see the referee again trying to get them to leave, but Riley threatens him with the chair and he hurriedly exits the ring instead.

Josh Matthews: How – how can you justify this, Michael? The Miz just ended our main event in the most abrupt way possible, just to get one over on his challengers!

Michael Cole: I don’t have to justify squat, Josh! That right there is nothin’ but a pure smart attitude! This guys don’t deserve anythin’ from The Miz, and he’s just showin’ them that; this is exactly what’s gonna happen Sunday, too, so get used to that sight!

With a dizzy Hunter secured in the corner by Miz’s boot on his chest, Riley prepares for a big shot on Cena; the crowd buzzes as the Varsity Villain allows Cena back to his feet, setting up like a baseball player about to slog it out there for a homer. As soon as the ex-“Champ” gets up, staggering about with a grimace, Riley steps forward with a big CHAIRSHOT – NOOOO!!! Cena somehow ducks it, then snarls with adrenaline as the Miz’s young apprentice turns round – AND CENA HAMMERS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE! The crowd almost-unanimously comes alive with cheers as Riley gets flattened, and now Cena grabs the chair from the mat, eyes on fire as Riley rolls desperately from the ring... BUT CENA IS HOT ON HIS HEELS!!! Once again, the fans go crazy as Cena slides from the squared circle, chair in hand, and goes sprinting after the Varsity Villain, who hurdles the barricade and charges out into the crowd, with Cena following him all the way!

Josh Matthews: C-Cena’s goin’ right after Riley! Over the barricade – they’re in the crowd!

In the ring, The Miz has long since moved away from Triple H, shouting inaudible commands to Riley, who scarpers up one of the long crowd staircases and escapes through a pair of double doors. Reaching the top of the stairs, Cena loses sight of the WWE Champion’s young protégé, and puts his free hand on his hip, shaking his head. We cut back to the squared circle, where The Miz is FURIOUS about Riley’s failure, but things are about to get worse, because behind him stands, of course, TRIPLE H, and he’s absolutely RAGING himself! The crowd begins to cheer, as The Miz turns round to return to his prey – who is prey no more, because he charges across the ring to attack him... BUT THE MIZ ROLLS FROM THE RING AT THE LAST SECOND!!! A ferocious chorus of boos surrounds The Miz from the angered fans, while Triple H careers into the ropes, snarling abuse down at the Awesome One; the champion darts to ringside, grabbing his title belt and throwing the chair to the side, before he heads around the ring and up the ramp, scowling.

Josh Matthews: Well, The Miz’s plan to put down his title contenders tonight didn’t go as he expected, and Cole, this Sunday – it might be a case of what goes around, comes around!

Michael Cole: You’re not tellin’ me ya believe that, are ya Josh? Triple H and John Cena should consider themselves lucky that they escaped a real good beatin’ tonight, that’s for sure, but at Extreme Rules, they won’t be goin’ anywhere except the hospital, baby!

We cut up to Cena, who roars through his fatigue, letting the adrenaline consume him as he raises the steel chair into the air. All around him, several fans chant “CENA! CENA!” to support him, while The Miz, pouting furiously, clutches his title belt to his chest at the top of the ramp. Triple H, however, steps briefly out of the ring to look underneath the apron – AND TO THE CROWD’S DELIGHT, FINDS THE CONVENIENTLY-PLACED SLEDGEHAMMER!!! The Game rolls back into the ring now, lifting the weapon up high with a deadly look of menace ahead of this Sunday; we then look at Cena, firing up the masses that surround him in the heights of the RBC Center; and then finally, we look to The Miz, plans backfiring tonight, but still with that gorgeous belt in his hands... for now. As the camera switches between the three men in different areas of the widespread arena, the commentators sign off.

Josh Matthews: Triple H has his sledgehammer in hand. Cena’s got the adrenaline pumping. The Miz has got the title. It’s three men, just these three, this Sunday in Tampa, in an Extreme Rules match to decide the WWE Champion once and for all; each man says they deserve to be the top dog on Raw, but in six nights’ time we find out who can truly back up those claims!

Michael Cole: For the last few months, Monday Night Raw has been all about The Miz, Josh; MONDAY – NIGHT – MIZ. You tune in this Sunday for somethin’ special, folks; The Miz goes above and beyond yet again in Tampa – we’re gonna see the most must-see WWE Champion get his thrill, and it’s gonna be a glorious moment!

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, regardless of Michael Cole’s opinion, this match could just about go any way possible – it’s unpredictable, it’s crazy, it’s EXTREME – we’ll see you this Sunday! Goodnight!

Our final image is The Miz, staring fiery-eyed down at his opponents this Sunday...

...and we fade to black.


Quick Results
Dolph Ziggler bts. David Hart Smith
R-Truth and Johnny Curtis bt. DZP
John Morrison bts. William Regal
Randy Orton bts. Ted DiBiase
Tyson Kidd bts. Santino Marella
Triple H vs John Cena ends in a No Contest

WWE Championship – Extreme Rules Match
The Miz (c) vs John Cena vs Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship – Steel Cage Match
Edge (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

Last Man Standing Match
CM Punk vs Randy Orton

I Quit Match
Christian vs Jack Swagger

No. 1 Contender To The WWE Title – Ladder Match
Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan

Intercontinental Championship – Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge
Wade Barrett (c) vs Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre vs Trent Barreta

United States and Diva’s Championships – Winner Take All Match
Sheamus (c) and Melina vs John Morrison and Eve Torres (c)

WWE Tag Team Championships – Tag Team Tables Match
Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater (c) vs Big Show and Kane

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Raw Feedback

I mentioned in your feedback for Smackdown how I like the unconventional openings to a show so I was a big fan of this with Miz here. The whole story he was portraying here was excellent, wanting that thrill, striving for that thrill that he always felt he would get coming into the WWE but not finding it despite all he’s done was excellent. I liked how you brought up the fact that not only the people rejected him but how the whole locker room did the same thing, makes you realise he’s had to fight his way through so much even when getting here to earn some respect. ‘I’m never letting go of this belt, because if I don’t get a thrill – this is the closest thing I have to one’, I absolutely loved this line, it was perfect for what this whole segment was about I felt. Really strong way to open the show, making sure the focus is still on him despite such a huge main event is great as I know that the WWE in real life would make Miz a complete afterthought if Cena/Hunter was the main event on the show.

An as expected victory for Ziggler here but at least Smith didn’t look too bad here. Ziggler’s little speech here was decent, very much in character and I laughed when he said get a dictionary, that’s such a typical off the cuff Ziggler comment. The boring, bland face character the WWE gave Bryan here will leave you with a few problems until you can build him up fully which I expect you to do so in due time. That’s the only reason why I wasn’t too keen on Bryan here, it was just standard stuff, I didn’t like the comment of Bryan stating he didn’t think Ziggler was ready, then saying yeah Ziggler won but he wasn’t even trying. Well that’s kind of Ziggler’s thing isn’t it? He’s s good, he doesn’t need to try. Things picked up again when Ziggler got involved, again more nice cocky little comments from him, the taste in women was a nice ohhhhh line. Nice close to this segment, not letting the pair brawl was smart as it leaves a lot to be excited for come Sunday. Good stuff on the whole here.

Interesting little exchange here with Sheamus and Black. Not sure whether this will lead to anything but adds to this bully side of Sheamus at the minute.

Decent match up here between DZP and Truth/Curtis. Pleased to see you building some teams and allowing them the time to go out and do their thing, take note WWE. I’m not too keen on Curtis from what I have seen of him, again that’s probably WWE’s fault but a team with him and Truth as was supposed to be could do wonders for him and also allow Truth to do something meaningful so I’m all for this.

Nice line from JoMo here, simple yet effective.

Big win for Morrison here over a very valiant Regal as ever. I’ve no doubts these two would put on a real cracker but I don’t blame you for not giving us more from this, very challenging, even tedious at times to keep on writing out TV matches.

Aftermath was the more important factor here and Morrison showing a bit more aggression here in almost demanding a title shot was pleasing to see. Loved the way you wrote Sheamus here, the way you add his accent to things is good reading. When Melina got involved in this I wondered where we were heading but as soon as Eve came out I realised exactly where and it’s a nice match to add to a highly entertaining card and it’s something a little different too which is always refreshing. Enjoyed the ending with the heels getting the upper hand on the faces, gives them some strong momentum heading into Extreme Rules.

Typical Cena here. Hate his character, his over the top routine but you wrote it well and that’s the main thing, did it’s job in hyping Extreme Rules more than the main event tonight which isn’t a bad thing.

Always, always gonna be an Orton victory here but seemed a decent contest and at least DiBiase looked somewhat credible here. Main talking point is of course Punk and the attack afterwards, expected it to be honest but Orton escaping his clutches was a nice little twist as Punk then heads off and it builds the tension now heading into Sunday, really giving the fans that urge to see the two tear into one another when they do meet. I would’ve liked to see something a bit more from the two ahead of such a huge showdown but I do understand why you kept it fairly simple.

Great run down of the card here and some highly entertaining banter from Matthews and Cole.

Tyson Kidd vs. Santino Marella on Raw, never thought I’d be seeing that, be it on my TV or on BTB but great to see Tyson giving a good showing AND getting a win to match. A slow push would be great to see.

This interview was much better than the Cena one I felt. Trips was pretty spot on throughout and his whole thanking Cena for last week, despite the AA had some solid reasoning behind it. Making sure he didn’t forget Miz too was a good touch.

Main event time and as expected some really nice exchanges from both in this one. They’ve produced strong outings in the past and here would appear to have been no different. The Figure Four and then STFU were nicely done, both men trading blows so to speak but surviving. Very fitting ending, Miz and Riley were always going to get involved and it’s smart to have Miz escape here tonight without getting his backside handed to him. Cena wielding the chair and Trips the sledgehammer with Miz being his cowardly self was a great shot to close the show as it just portrays what’s sure to happen come Sunday.

A very enjoyable read as ever Melvis. Really liked the main event, some strong action from both men and Miz again came out looking good from this show, the promo at the start was very good and the ending, despite him running away, was fitting for him as he leaves having one upped both men here tonight. I think you’re starting to rally put your stamp on the show now, moving away from the WWE storylines that you almost had to continue following Mania, seeing Kidd, Curtis/Truth etc getting time to shine is great and long may that continue in terms of building others once Extreme Rules is done and dusted with. Really looking forward to Smackdown and of course the big one itself.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

This might be the first RAW of yours that I feedback entirely. Oh well. Here you go, your highness.

619s Feedback for Melvis' Monday Night RAW

A lot of thoughts on this opening segment. First off, I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the show kicked off in a non-traditional manner and I’m all for that, but even moreso that it was Miz. I’m not the biggest fan of his current-day character, but you did introduce a new level of depth to his character that was well delivered. Miz needed this final declaration about himself going into the PPV (where he needs to go over at, btw) and try and separate himself from being overshadowed by Trips and/or Cena. One thing about the presentation, though, was his reference to clichés and breaking the mold. ‘In the movies’, or by cliché, he mentioned that Trips or Cena would walk away with the title. But personally, when I think of the movies, its people in his position that get the gold in the end – the underdogs who do keep breaking boundaries against all odds (and in this case, not one but two behemoths to topple). Does that make sense? One can easily understand what you were aiming for, but can you see where that could also leave a hole? Or maybe I’m just being difficult. Anyway, also loved the reference to Miz feeling empty after his ‘mania win seeing as how, well, it really did seem empty for all in attendance, didn’t it (and I was in attendance…and yes it was.). Set the tone great for the show.

Your decision to throw Ziggles/Smith up first is in the right place, I feel. After the cold and inauspicious open from Miz, there wasn’t really a need for the traditional opening promo. No surprise that Ziggles gets the win, Smith in a not-too-shabby performance either. It’s the aftermath that’s really the focal, of course. Wonderful spotlight here on the upper-midcard feud going into the big event. Thought it dragged on quite a bit, however. There were a lot of things said and great points made, a few things that fell flat (ex. reference to Ziggles’ hair), but a really nice segment for both guys. But yeah, it seemed to drag on a bit, but again, still a great seg for those involved and did its job in getting a great deal of interest and attention in an undercard feud.

Big lipped moment here. I thought Black dropped the ‘secret agent’ bit…? Are we undoing that? Or did I miss something…?

Shit, I forget how annoying your Cole is. Again, to a tee on his 2010/early 2011 level of annoyance, but damnit if I don’t want to backspace every bit of dialogue he has. Really good description on the match here, even if it was pretty formulaic, was enthralling. Your style is very engaging. Glad to see Truth and Curtis get the win, and even moreso keep their relationship. Don’t know if I mentioned this on my first bit of random thoughts on your thread, but simply keeping the promised NXT title shot has done great things for both men, as you do seem to be on the track of rebuilding the tag team division. P.S. Fucking turnbuckle powerbomb made me mark.

Oooooh…that awkward moment when your ex might be texting the intimidating black guy in the room. These Michael Tarver running gags are much appreciated, btw. Even if it leads to nothing, but I kind of hope it does.

The small Melina spotlight was nice for the Women’s division and all. I may start taking a note out of you and Legend’s book and fast forward matches a little bit to an action point. It has the same effect storytelling wise and your writing is still captivating, even in abridged form. Nonetheless, a much needed win for Morrison, although a part of me really wanted Regal to get the natch here. I can only Morrison’s delivery on trying to sound passion filled, but the Sheamus bit was a tad difficult to get through. You may have overdone the accent a bit, but it was a very nice touch to the promo . Never dug Sheamus’ ‘true Irish stories’ bit, thought good use of it here where at least the tangent wasn’t that hard to draw and seemed relevant. Nice to see you build that relationship between all four individuals and this decision, although yeah, it did get a bit crowded on the scene, thought glad you acknowledged that. Great last minute addition to the card, although I almost would’ve preferred Morrison/Melina v. Torres/Sheamus, not just so that both champs are on one team, but because of the interesting chemistry that would’ve presented, especially with the exes on one team. Nontheless, what you did makes more sense in this scenario.

Another big lipped moment here from Cena, although I can clearly picture him doing something goofy like this. Not sure how to feel about it at all. On one hand, it completely contrasts Miz’s opening sentiments being all serious and shit, but to Cena it just seems like…fun. Of course, that’s just the Cena character’s way of getting pumped up as it were, but it came across a bit more goofy than anything.

at Cole’s ‘oh crap’ moment before the match.

Not like there was really competition here, but y’know. Orton seemed ridiculously vicious, especially your ending portrayal. I was really glad you didn’t slip into the formula you’ve gone on for tonight – match, in ring promo, match, in-ring promo – at least in regards to PPV relevant matches, mostly because you had Punk and Orton exhibit their promo last week and this was just one final slash of the tire. Basics here.

I’m throwing you a challenge, my fair King – top my World Ablaze with your Extreme Rules. Not saying World Ablaze was ZOMG AWSUMS~! but I’m openly throwing the gauntlet that would have otherwise been unspoken. But yeah, the section is really looking forward to your Extreme Rules. And I’m looking forward to see how far you can really push WWE 2011 with your first PPV. Humble me, fair King.

‘Shit eating grin’? Haven’t heard that ‘round these parts since the days of DDMac. Nice little jobbers match for Kidd to get him some kind of momentum of some sort, and given how high you are on him (just not his hair) I expect him to get some sort of build in the coming months.

Nice Trips promo here, though I’m never one who can say much about the Triple H character. I’ve never been able to capture the guy really well, but you did well here on that, essentially going right back to the Miz/Cena chemistry – Cena seems exaggeratingly serious, Miz is deathly serious, while Trips is directly in the middle and just being…well…serious. A great bit of contrast going on before the big show.

Another well-constructed match, even in its brevity, told a story in itself, even in the grand scheme of the Extreme Rules main event. The submissions exchange was beautiful in my eyes anyway, but the conclusion was never really going to be clean cut with Miz being out there and all that. A great way to leave a cliffhanger going into the PPV, introducing the feel and notion of weapons and reminding us that that equalizer is always there for Triple H and that Miz is more than comfortable utilizing weapons. A very solid end to the take-home show, although I was kind of hoping Riley would’ve gotten the snot beat out of him so he’d be a non-factor at the PPV. Just personal preference though.

Overall, a very, very enjoyable take home show that did everything it was supposed to do on the RAW side of things. Didn’t even realize the card was symmetrical – four matches from RAW and four from Smackdown. Executed very nicely, my league. I won’t say this was a promo heavy show, but you did have heavy use of promos, most notably the Miz opener, the Bryan/Ziggler exchange, and the Sheamus et al. situation. Not that these are bad things, seeing as how they certainly did very well in advancing everything they focused on. If there’s anything else I griped about, it’s probably in the ramblings above, but again, a very nice take home that left several things wide open come Sunday. Don’t take a month and a half to post Smackdown, plz. And remember your loyal servant’s challenge, my King


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

I’m throwing you a challenge, my fair King – top my World Ablaze with your Extreme Rules. Not saying World Ablaze was ZOMG AWSUMS~! but I’m openly throwing the gauntlet that would have otherwise been unspoken. But yeah, the section is really looking forward to your Extreme Rules. And I’m looking forward to see how far you can really push WWE 2011 with your first PPV. Humble me, fair King.
You know my response to that, brother. It's ON.

Originally Posted by 619IDH View Post
Big lipped moment here. I thought Black dropped the ‘secret agent’ bit…? Are we undoing that? Or did I miss something…?
Yeah, it's going somewhere. Fear not.

Don’t take a month and a half to post Smackdown, plz.

It gives me no pleasure to wish this thread its one year anniversary. I know I haven't been all that consistent or quick with posting in it (okay, I haven't even posted the first PPV yet) but I hope what I have done has been somewhat entertaining. I'm hitting exam season now so I'm still not sure how consistent I'll be, but here's hoping. Extreme Rules should hopefully come soon, however, because I'm writing it at the moment and I'd say it's going well. In the meantime, let's get cooking with this stuff.

WWE Superstars
Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina | 28th April 2011

Match One – Singles Contest
William Regal bts. JTG via submission at 7:55
In the opening bout of Superstars, William Regal regains some of the momentum he lost when he was defeated by John Morrison on Monday; though JTG gets some big crowd-friendly moves to get the Greensboro Coliseum on his side, it’s Regal who eventually takes control. JTG mounts a comeback late on, but as he attempts the Shout Out, the Englishman shoves him away, and in the wake of the reversal, JTG can’t recover quickly enough to dodge the vicious Knee Trembler, leaving Jay barely conscious on the floor. Baring his teeth, Regal then falls to the mat, putting his poor opponent in the Regal Stretch to force a speedy tap out for a powerful win.

We then cut to a VP showing former NXT Rookies, Darren Young and “Showtime” Percy Watson, having a barbeque on Florida’s South Beach. Turning to face the camera wearing colourful checked shirts, they both flash deliberately cheesy grins, as girls in bikinis play volleyball behind them. Watson spears a hot dog from the barbeque with a fork, then holds it up with a knowing look before placing it in a bun held out by Young; he takes a stroll along the beach, with Watson briefly leaving the shot. Young tells the WWE Universe that after NXT, he and Percy had decided to chill out a little, and go back to their roots. It’s loosened them up suitably, and now they’re ready to take the WWE tag team division by storm. As he takes a knowing look at the girls, Percy dances into the shot as a generic techno track gets a few nearby buddies dancing too, and under the boiling Florida sun, Young says it doesn’t get any hotter than the South Beach Party Boys. Watson says “Uh, uh, uh – OH YEAH!” with a big grin from behind his lens-less glasses, and that we’ll see them next week on Superstars for their fabulous re-debut. In the background, one of their bros asks if they want a beer from the cooler, and Young tells the audience to hold tight until then, before they go back to the party, dancing as they do, and the VP ends, leading us to a break.


Match Two – Singles Contest
Trent Barreta bts. David Otunga via pinfall at 11:32
A back-and-forth match between Barreta and the Tung himself ends in a win for the Intercontinental Title hopeful, who escapes the Verdict Spinebuster by pulling out a Crucifix pin, though the A-Lister kicks out at two. Soon after, however, Barreta delivers the Gobstobber, a stunning Busaiku Knee Strike. This is enough for the successful pinfall, despite not being Trent’s primary finisher; it symbolises a motion to make the move more prominent in his arsenal regardless, and with Barreta picking up the win tonight, he looks especially confident ahead of his big match this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Raw Rebound this week has an excerpt of The Miz’s lengthy opening promo, namely his part about the WWE being a “miserable, cold-hearted, fickle place” and how he plans to start towards finally getting his “thrill” this Sunday. We then cut to the main event, a marathon between John Cena and Triple H, and after a series of narrow near falls, including Cena surviving the Figure Four and the Game surviving the STFU, The Miz and Alex Riley end the bout prematurely with stereo chairshots to both men. However, as Riley lines up a lethal shot to Cena’s head, the ex-“Champ” ducks and sends Riley reeling with a clothesline, before he takes the chair and chases the Varsity Villain into the crowd. In the ring, the distraction gives Triple H a chance to recover, charging at The Miz, only for the WWE Champion to make a last-second escape; as Cena taunts from the stands where half the fans chant his name, Hunter finds himself the name the other half chant in the squared circle, and The Miz scowls at his future opponents as Raw comes to a close.


Main Event – Singles Contest
Chavo Guerrero bts. Yoshi Tatsu via pinfall at 14:40
Superstars closes with a contest between two exciting athletic superstars; Chavo Guerrero, hot off his triumphs over Edge alongside the Alberto Administration on SmackDown, looks confident from the opening bell, with Brodus Clay providing support at ringside, while Tatsu remains focused throughout. In the dying embers of the match, it looks like Tatsu has found a second win, peppering Guerrero with stinging kicks and chops, before he attempts the Roundhouse Kick to end it all – but Chavo ducks, and hits the Three Amigos for a close two count. At ringside, Clay offers little support to Chavo other than his general presence, but regardless, Guerrero finds the energy to go up top anyway, and scores with the Frog Splash to get the three count to the disdain of the fans here in Greensboro. After the bell, Brodus hits Tatsu with the Tongan Death Grip Slam for the sake of violence, and roars “SH’YEAH!” to the booing crowd, as Chavo’s theme song plays, and Superstars comes to a close.

Friday Night SmackDown
Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina | 29th April 2011

It’s been four exciting weeks on SmackDown, but it’s nearly here; Extreme Rules is THIS Sunday, and tonight, it’s time to tie up the loose ends before a heated set of Blue Brand matches in two nights’ time. SmackDown is in North Carolina this evening, with a series of great matches to enjoy and several questions to be answered before this Sunday’s action.

This Sunday sees a Wrestlemania rematch with the stakes raised, in the form of Edge defending his World Heavyweight Title against Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage Match. Last week, a Chavo Guerrero distraction allowed Del Rio to blindside the Rated R Superstar, and he, Brodus Clay and Guerrero then brutalised the World Champion inside the unforgiving steel. Tonight, Chavo opens the show to explain his actions, as well as facing Edge’s best friend Christian to capitalise on his new position in Alberto Administration. Later on, Edge himself will speak about last week’s events in a special edition of the Cutting Edge with Del Rio and his Administration as his guests. What will Edge and Del Rio have to say with their huge match looming? How will Chavo justify what he did last week? And can Christian send a message to the All-American American Jack Swagger just two days before they meet in an I Quit Match?

Elsewhere on SmackDown, Wade Barrett has had a rough ride of preparing to defend his Intercontinental Championship; his attempts to discover who was responsible for turning out the lights in his match with Kofi Kingston two weeks bore no fruit last Friday, and he even faced a $10,000 fine for attacking SmackDown’s backstage staff in the process. Tonight, he teams with two of his opponents this Sunday, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes, to take on Kingston, Rey Mysterio and Trent Barreta in a Six-Man Tag Team Match in SmackDown’s main event. Whoever wins this match could see the momentum flow in their favour before this Sunday’s proceedings, and more than anything, Barrett needs a win to get back on track.

Similarly, Barrett’s fellow Corre members, the WWE Tag Team Champions of Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, also have something to prove. Gabriel put on an astounding performance against the World Champion Edge in the main event last week, narrowly losing to the Rated R Superstar, and tonight he faces another monster challenge in the form of the World’s Largest Athlete, the Big Show. With Gabriel and Slater set to defend their titles against Show and Kane this Sunday in a Tag Team Tables Match, a win would go a long way towards proving a point for both men. Can Gabriel topple to the giant, or will it be two losses in two weeks for the high-flying South African?

Also tonight, Sin Cara looks to put his loss to Alberto Del Rio behind him as he takes on the huge Tyler Reks, while Beth Phoenix looks to stake her claim as the top Diva on SmackDown against Michelle McCool!

~ Announced For SmackDown ~

The Cutting Edge with the Alberto Administration
Chavo Guerrero to open the show


Six-Man Tag Team Match
Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, The Sinister Scotsman Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes
The Ultimate Underdog Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and Trent Barreta

Singles Contest
The Mexican Warrior Chavo Guerrero vs Captain Charisma Christian

Singles Contest
WWE Tag Team Champion Justin Gabriel vs The World’s Largest Athlete Big Show

Singles Contest
Michelle McCool vs The Glamazon Beth Phoenix

Singles Contest
The Mexican Idol Sin Cara vs Tyler Reks
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Congrads on one year~! hopefully this year coming we can see more of you, I was getting worried you had left us for good.

Smackdown is looking superb, haven't been following what has been happening lately however, after reading the preview things look very good. I think the besst would be having Sin Cara go over Tyler Reks. Gabriel going over the Big Show somehow maybe with the assistance of his partner. And Christian will probably go over Chavo but via DQ after Swagger makes an appearance, they'll probably fight through the crowd and brawl it out before their match. Also heres hoping for the heels to go over in the 6 man tag match.

Overall looks like it's going to be a great show, please get it up sometime soon .

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Okay, it’s been nearly a week, and Extreme Rules is halfway finished, so I’m going to post this, and then I’ll follow up with the official preview (and prediction contest, too, I would imagine) once I’ve got some more of the event done, so I don’t pull a ‘Rumble’ from the last thread and keep everyone waiting for months on end between preview and show. I think you’ve all done enough waiting already.

Oh, and quick edit: Thanks to Harlem/The Bad Guy for his comments.

Friday Night SmackDown
Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina | 29th April 2011

We open with a rather brief highlights package from last week’s episode, in which Edge prevails over Justin Gabriel in the main event, only to be distracted by Chavo Guerrero of all people. This allows Brodus Clay and Edge’s Extreme Rules opponent, Alberto Del Rio, to attack him from behind, and ‘Destiny’s Darling’ invites Chavo to the ring, before bringing down the steel cage and battering the World Champion in a three-way assault. At the end of SmackDown, it’s Del Rio with the World Heavyweight Title fixed round his waist, with his hands held into the air by Chavo and Clay as they stand triumphantly over the Rated R Superstar...

...and now we get the usual SmackDown opening video package, accompanied by Green Day’s awful and unsuited-to-this-show tune, which I will change after Extreme Rules, before the camera cuts to the Greensboro Coliseum. It’s all eyes on the stage as the pyro clatters about the stage, and now we sweep over the cheering crowd before we head to our favourite three-man team at ringside.

Josh Matthews: Welcome one and all, this is Friday Night SmackDown, emanating tonight from Greensboro, North Carolina; I’m Josh Matthews, joined as always by your teacher Matt Striker and Booker T – guys, Extreme Rules is but two short days away!

Booker T: Awwww, I’m gettin’ pumped aight Josh – just forty-eight hours ‘til we get crazy in Tampa, man, and dat means it’s gonna be hot, hot, hot ta-night on SmackDown!

The Bookerman gives one of his classic, satisfied laughs.

Matt Striker: (grinning) Your enthusiasm is not unfounded, Booker, because I too am excited for what should be a stellar show, and tonight is no different; I’m thinking about the Cutting Edge later tonight, with special guests, the Alberto Administration.

Josh Matthews: Indeed, Edge confronts the already-infamous Administration in his very own talk show later tonight, but note this for your main event match of the evening, guys –

A graphic crashes into view as is typical of SmackDown, with Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio and Trent Barreta on one side, and Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett on the other.

Josh Matthews: Two days before they all collide in a Six-Man, Hardcore, Elimination Challenge at Extreme Rules for the Intercontinental Title, we’ll be seeing them all in action; it’s a Six-Man Tag Team Match, set up by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long. Kingston, Mysterio and Barreta take on Rhodes, McIntyre and a man not to be crossed, the current champion, Wade Barrett.

Booker T: Wade had a rough night last week, no doubt, Josh – it’s all about gettin’ back on track for him, and he’s gonna get right on dat, ta-night here in Greensboro.

Matt Striker: Barrett’s got a point to prove, but so does McIntyre, having endured some mind games from Trent Barreta last week, while the demented Cody Rhodes got a taste of punishment from Rey Mysterio; these two teams have animosity in every possible direction, guys – just like this Sunday, I think it’s gonna get ugly before the final bell chimes.

Josh Matthews: Also to come, Justin Gabriel takes on the Big Show, one week after losing to the World Heavyweight Champion, and Beth Phoenix is in action against –



The heat is some of the biggest this man’s had in years on end; Chavo Guerrero struts out with a more-than-satisfied smirk on his face, with the imposing, no-nonsense figure of Brodus Clay measuring the crowd with a disgruntled expression beside him. There’s more than just size that contrasts the pair, who have different heritages, different styles, different ring attires and different outlooks here tonight, yet they’re undoubtedly linked by their membership in the Alberto Administration, and that gets them the heat they linger for to open SmackDown. The bell rings.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied by Brodus Clay... from El Paso, Texas, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds... CHAVO – GUERRERO!

Josh Matthews: Now here’s a man who’s got some questions to answer, guys. Chavo Guerrero, the so-called Mexican Warrior, provided the distraction for Alberto Del Rio to sneak-attack Edge last week at the end of SmackDown, and all week, the WWE Universe has been wondering – why?

Matt Striker: A perplexing one indeed, Josh; of course, Chavo shares one very important thing with Del Rio in the eyes of the Mexican Aristocrat, and that’s a rich heritage. Both men come from lines of famous, legendary luchadors, and that links them like brothers to Del Rio – though personally, it seems less like something to do with pride and more something to do with Chavo wanting to cover his back, Josh.

Booker T: All I’ll say is – Chavo’s been havin’ a bad run of late. Maybe he thought dere was safety in numbers, so he asked Alberto what he had to do to get himself in da Administration; dat involved screwin’ my boi Edge over after his match, so Del Rio could get his hands on da World Heavyweight Title a few days early, dawg.

Wearing his usual poncho and headband, Chavo beckons the heat to keep coming, casually strolling down the ramp and beating to the beat of his music. He takes the steps up to the ring, casting a nonchalant look over the Greensboro Coliseum as he does, and he immediately heads to the turnbuckle, spreading his arms wide with another casual pose. He hops down, asking for a mic, as Brodus Clay stands with an emotionless expression at ringside, arms folded. Chavo’s music dies down; this allows a few “Chavo sucks! Chavo sucks!” chants to spring up, and Guerrero, having not enjoyed a reaction as such in while, is content to let it run for a few moments before he brings the mic up.

Chavo Guerrero: For those of you... who don’t remember me...

A scowl at the haters.

Chavo Guerrero: My name is Chavo – GUERRERO.

His surname gets a huge Spanish emphasis from the Mexican Warrior, who paces slowly about the ring as the crowd boos him.

Chavo Guerrero: Just when you think I’m gonna fade into obscurity, I go out and make sure it’s all eyes on me again; just when you start to forget who Chavo Guerrero is, I do something no-one expects.

A few boos here and there; his eyes flicker about the arena, as if he has some long-standing dislike for each of the members of the audience.

Chavo Guerrero: I mean, here we are in 2011 – I’ve been here on SmackDown for years. Sure, I’ve been on Raw, ECW – but SmackDown was always home of the Guerreros.

Around the arena, some powerful “EDDIE! EDDIE!” chants pick up, and Chavo, though frowning, nods his head and holds the mic out to let them build. Once the crowd has paid their respects, Guerrero brings the mic back to his mouth and continues.

Chavo Guerrero: Now, before I take us all back to last week, lemme take you back to 2008. See, back then, I was part of a little group called La – Familia.

Mixed reaction from those who remember.

Chavo Guerrero: La Familia was supposed to be about us all – we were supposed to be just that, a FAMILY. We had the Mexican name, we tried to imprint the Mexican gene on SmackDown, but we failed, and that’s all on one guy. Edge.

Big pop for the Rated R Superstar, but Chavo scowls.

Chavo Guerrero: I get that he’s some kinda hero to everyone now, but I see right through ‘im. Back then, he was a self-centred, self-preserving, egotistical champ...

Heat presses in for that comment; Guerrero wanders around the ring, then continues.

Chavo Guerrero: So three years on, has anything changed? Hell no! All I see is Edge with that belt again, and dammit, it’s getting ridiculous now. (he shakes his head) I was just Edge’s lackey then. But today, I’m not here to be anyone’s puppet. I’m my own man, and that means makin’ my own choices.

He pounds his chest with his free fist.

Chavo Guerrero: See, I’m not here to do Alberto Del Rio’s dirty work; I’m here to make sure that the World Title isn’t on someone who doesn’t deserve it. And mostly, I’m here to pay tribute to my heritage better than I ever could when I was Edge’s – tackle dummy.

Boos from the crowd.

Chavo Guerrero: Alberto Del Rio knows how to bring the true Mexican spirit into the WWE – better than anyone else. So this Sunday, he’s gonna become the new World Heavyweight Champ, and at the same time, the Administration’s gonna become the biggest force in the WWE.

He points towards the hard camera, as the fans boo yet again.

Chavo Guerrero: And Chavo Guerrero’s along for the ride, ese.

With a ‘clunk’, the mic hits the floor, and the crowd boos as Guerrero kicks it from the ring, clearly fired up for his upcoming match. The “Chavo sucks!” chants are audible yet again, but as the Mexican Warrior turns to the stage, still in his poncho, we do likewise – the stage turns gold...



It’s a BIG pop for the appearance of Christian in his ring gear, swinging his hand up to search the arena for his ‘Peeps’. Grinning, he throws his arms into the air, then begins to head down the ramp towards the ring, slapping the hands of as many fans as he can reach. In the ring, Chavo looks undeterred, watching his opponent with a confident expression that we haven’t seen so much from him recently. At ringside, we briefly see the emotionless face of Clay, but it’s more to remind us of his presence rather than sell a particular storyline element on this occasion.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent... from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and twelve pounds... CHRISTIAN!

Josh Matthews: Well, an intriguing contest here to open SmackDown tonight, guys, because Chavo Guerrero has to contend with one of the men he probably didn’t want to see – best friend to the World Champion himself, Christian.

Booker T: Not to mention Christian got his own point to prove, Josh – he’s out to show Jack Swagger he got da edge to make him say ‘I – QUIT’ dis Sunday, and dat means he gotta go all out on Chavo here ta-night.

Matt Striker: The mind games have been rife between Swagger and Christian indeed, Booker, and if Captain Charisma beats the revitalised Chavo tonight, it could be the next step to putting a bit of doubt inside the All-American American’s mind.

Josh Matthews: Swagger and Christian have a long-standing rivalry that dates back several years, just like Chavo’s loathing of Edge, as we just heard – this Sunday, it’s an I Quit Match to decide which one of them is more worthy of a precious shot at the World Title, and more than anything, it’s about pure pride, gentlemen.

As Booker and Striker agree there, we see Christian clambering up to the ring to join Chavo in the squared circle. Chimel has long since cleared off, leaving just the Mexican Warrior, the Livewire and the referee in the ring, as Brodus watches at ringside, and the music fades out. We’re left with just the “LET’S GO CHRISTIAN!” chants that boom around the Greensboro Coliseum, causing Christian to smile a little, and he glances momentarily at Clay, though without much concern. The referee brings both men in, has a quick word, then calls for the bell as they begin to circle.

Match One – Singles Contest
Chavo Guerrero vs Christian

As we join a well-fought contest about seven and a half minutes in, the fact that both men have had plenty of experience in the industry is evident; just about every move has been crisp and well-executed on the part of both competitors, even including the rest hold Chavo employs as we get into it. The side headlock has Christian frowning as he tries to escape it, and eventually, he begins to get the crowd involved, clapping his hands to incite them to do likewise. With the Peeps in the Coliseum behind him, Christian starts to get back to his feet, then shoves Chavo off to the ropes; he rebounds, only to run right into a Forearm Smash from the Livewire! Guerrero goes down holding his jaw in pain, and Christian lets out a yell of adrenaline as he heads for the corner, hopping to the second rope. He again shoots a glance at Clay, still unmoving on the outside, then watches Chavo get to his feet – he soars off, catching the Mexican Warrior with the Diving European Uppercut, the Flashpoint! A pop goes up as both men go down, but it’s Christian who moves first, hooking a leg a little sluggishly for the cover... 1... 2... but Chavo kicks out of it!

A groan rings around the arena there, and both men find their feet again; Chavo throws a right hand, catching Christian in the side of the face, but the Livewire fires back, and soon the pair are exchanging blows! Christian begins to get the upper hand, then lets loose a stinging Knife Edge Chop across Chavo’s chest – the crowd screams “WOOOO!” in unison, as Guerrero stumbles backwards! Chavo rests in the corner, and Christian tries to follow... but he gets a surprise kick to the gut for his trouble. Guerrero suddenly steps to the second rope, then leaps over the top of Captain Charisma for the Sunset Flip – but Christian rolls through, and throws a slap at Chavo’s face; no! Guerrero rolls to the side instinctively, so Christian hits nothing but air, and now the Mexican Warrior takes control, spinning the Livewire to face him, kicking him in the gut – and hitting a Suplex! As you’d expect, Chavo rolls to bring Christian up again, only to hit the second Suplex... and now the pair get up for a third time – SO GUERRERO COMPLETES THE THREE AMIGOS!!! A mixed reaction goes up for that, and Chavo wastes no time with a cover... 1... 2... but no! Kickout by Christian!

Tilting his head back, Chavo lets out an exasperated sigh, then pulls Christian back to his feet. He puts his hands on the Canadian’s shoulders, then leaps into the air, pulling him down with the Hurricanrana and sending him spiralling across the ring! The crowd groans in awe, and Christian frowns as he gets dizzily back up – Guerrero spins a Rolling Wheeling Kick in his direction; DUCKED! Captain Charisma manages to get underneath the kick, then hits the ropes... Chavo tries with the right hand, but again, Christian ducks, then hooks up the inverted facelock from behind – INVERTED DDT!!! Instead of the cover, however, Christian gets up again, and begins to fire up the crowd with a frenzied yell... before he turns back to the Mexican Warrior, and brings up the pincer motions, setting up for the Killswitch! Cheers build throughout the Coliseum as Christian circles Chavo, who winces as he tries to find his feet... BUT BRODUS CLAY IS ON THE APRON!!! The aforementioned cheers turn to rabid boos as the big man tries to step in the ring, possibly to get his funk on, and the referee rushes to stop him getting in, though Clay takes his sweet time by feigning a misunderstanding. Christian frowns, moving over to speed up the referee’s remonstrations, as all the while Chavo Guerrero recovers...

...but the crowd begins to cheer again, this time as loudly as they can – BECAUSE EDGE IS CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP... WITH A KENDO STICK IN HIS HAND!!! The crowd inside the Coliseum is going NUTS for the World Heavyweight Champion, who quickly hits ringside, and Clay drops from the apron to meet him... BUT EDGE BLASTS HIM BETWEEN THE EYES WITH THE CANE!!! The big man collapses to a knee, then to the floor as Edge stings the kendo stick off his back, and now a wide-eyed Chavo forgets all about sneak-attacking Christian, instead heading to the ropes himself to trash talk at Edge! Suddenly, it’s roles reversed, with Christian now the man setting up behind his opponent, eyes alight as Chavo stares furiously down at the shrugging Rated R Superstar. The referee keeps telling Edge to leave, and slowly, he begins to backtrack towards the ramp, as the crowd chants “EDGE! EDGE!”... so Guerrero turns back to the ring, scowling – BUT CHRISTIAN HOOKS HIM UP, SPINS HIM AROUND, AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE KILLSWITCH!!! The crowd ERUPTS with a unanimous cheer as Chavo gets flattened, and now Christian makes the elementary cover... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: Christian bts. Chavo Guerrero via pinfall at 11:10


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner... CHRISTIAN!!!

“C’MON!” roars Christian in jubilation as the bell chimes to confirm his win, and sweat runs off his face as he leaps to his feet, one arm clutching his stomach as the referee raises the other into the air. The crowd gives him a strong ovation too, which he acknowledges with a grin, as the referee leaves the ring – we see Brodus Clay still blinking out the cobwebs on the outside, then Edge leaning on the cane on the ramp, smiling politely at the official as he walks past him.

Josh Matthews: Edge levelling the playing field here tonight with that kendo stick, gentlemen; I don’t think Chavo and Brodus were expecting that!

Booker T: Dat’s some revenge right dere, Josh. Edge makin’ sure Chavo’s not makin’ off widda spoils here ta-night on Smack... hey, whut da hell?

As soon as the referee is past Edge, the Rated R Superstar immediately takes the kendo stick back in hand, and charges back to the ring! The crowd pops again as Edge grins devilishly at Chavo, currently trying to pull himself up using the ropes; Christian gives him a nod of encouragement, and now Edge turns the cane in his hand, preparing to give his old ‘lackey’ some payback for last week. Chavo finally finds his feet, then staggers as he turns around – AND GETS THE KENDO STICK TO THE STOMACH... THEN TO THE BACK, TOO!!! Chavo groans dramatically as he kneels to the floor, face wrecked with the pain, but the crack that echoes around the arena has the crowd cheering, and both Edge and Christian share that jovial attitude! The World Heavyweight Champion holds the cane out to the audience, and with his free hand holds up a single finger, as if to ask ‘One more time?’, and the response is a more than positive cheer, so Edge winds back – AND DRIVES IT INTO CHAVO’S BACK ONCE AGAIN!!! This time, the Mexican Warrior rolls from the ring, holding his back in agony, and Clay stumbles to help him, wincing himself. In the ring, however, it’s all good for Edge and Christian, as the Rated R Superstar hands the kendo stick over to the former ECW Champion, then beckons for them to leave. Smiling, the pair slap a few fans’ hands, then Edge walks towards the nearest camera and hisses in a low voice...

“Cutting Edge – tonight.”

With that, he smirks evilly, and turns away, with Christian raising the cane high to drum up some more crowd support – they oblige, chanting a mixture of both men’s names, and we see Clay and Guerrero looking less than pleased at ringside, scowling in pain.

Josh Matthews: It’s all about retribution for Edge tonight, guys – after that horrific attack on the World Champion inside the steel cage last week, he came out here to punish Brodus Clay and Chavo Guerrero, and he did just that, without a doubt.

Matt Striker: Edge getting down to business for sure, Josh, and if that doesn’t teach the SmackDown locker room not to get on his bad side, I don’t know what will.

Josh Matthews: Of course, we’ll be hearing from the Rated R Superstar a little more... (pause as a graphic appears) later tonight, when he hosts the Cutting Edge with special guests Alberto Del Rio and the rest of his, perhaps a little bruised, Administration.

We cut from Edge and Christian’s celebrations to fade backstage, where Sin Cara is WALKING! The crowd pops for the Mexican Idol, clad in his usual mask and longcoat, and ‘UP NEXT’ fades into view in the corner.

Josh Matthews: But before that, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got plenty of other action in store; it’s Sin Cara in action on Friday Night SmackDown after the break, so don’t go away!

We fade to that break.


When SmackDown returns, we’re in a classic WWE locker room, with wooden shelving and benches in the background, complete with the usual pay-per-view posters on the walls, one of which hypes Extreme Rules this Sunday. Regardless, our focus is the three in the middle, who get a good pop between them; in the middle stands Kofi Kingston, with Rey Mysterio to his right and Trent Barreta on his left. Kingston, with one of his own green merchandise shirts on over his ring gear, is gesturing as he talks.

Kofi Kingston: ...and I know that this Sunday, it’s every man for himself, I get that. But tonight, we’ve gotta be on the same page if we wanna win, guys.

Rey nods.

Rey Mysterio: Absolutely – I mean, Wade Barrett’s a bare knuckle fighter, Drew McIntyre’s scary to have to deal with and... Cody Rhodes, he’s just unstable, homes.

Kofi Kingston: Exactly what I was thinkin’. Whichever team wins tonight could take a whole load of momentum into this Sunday’s match, and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m thinkin’ we could really deal ‘em a blow if we beat ‘em here.

Trent Barreta: Dudes, why don’t we just...

He does the classic ‘turn it down’ Ross gesture from Friends.

Trent Barreta: ...chill out a little, y’know? Relax. We’ve got this tonight.

He runs a hand through his gelled-back hair.

Trent Barreta: C’mon, we’ve got one of the greatest luchadors of all time...

Pop as he points to Rey.

Trent Barreta: A former three-time champ...

And another as he lightly punches Kofi on the arm.

Trent Barreta: And me, the guy who just loves to entertain. I’m tellin’ ya, we can do this.

Kofi nods with a slight smile.

Kofi Kingston: I like your thinkin’, man.

Rey does likewise.

Rey Mysterio: Same here. Tonight – is our night.

Barreta nods with a smirk, then leads the line with a hand in the middle – shrugging, Kofi puts his hand on top, and Rey does the same; Trent then shoves them all up in a gesture of teamwork, and as they all look confident ahead of their match and continue to talk tactics, we fade back to the arena. The bell rings.


A hearty cheer goes up as blue mist rushes up from the stage, and out steps Sin Cara, surveying the crowd from behind his shining azure mask. He unclips his longcoat and dumps it on the stage, before he raises his arms, and begins to take a few paces on the top of the ramp.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Mexico City, Mexico, weighing in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds... SIIIIN – CARA!

Josh Matthews: Sin Cara’s really made an impact since arriving on Friday nights, guys, as shown last week when he narrowly came up short in a gripping encounter inside a steel cage for Alberto Del Rio’s World Title shot.

Matt Striker: The Mexican Idol really wants to inject himself into the forefront of SmackDown from the get-go, Josh, and considering what we’ve seen from him so far – I’m all for it! He’s awe-inspiring in that ring!

Booker T: Awww, no doubt, no doubt, man. Sin Cara’s one excitin’ dude, and he goin’ show us dat once again ta-night, you better believe it. I’m seein’ big things for dis little guy.

Sin Cara takes a few steps back, then sprints down the ramp, hitting the unseen springboard to LAUNCH athletically over the top rope, with the pyro exploding behind him to elicit a groan of pure awe from the crowd. He immediately goes for the nearest turnbuckle, hopping up to the second rope so he can throw both arms into the air, pointing to the sky as the fans cheer him on. He returns to ground level, then paces around the ring to fire himself up further as he waits for his opponent.


There’s a few boos at the arrival of the menacing, six-foot-five figure of Tyler Reks, though not many; Reks takes a long, long disparaging glare around the Coliseum, then begins to pace down the ramp, eyes now locked on Sin Cara from behind his dreadlocks.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent – weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds... TYLER – REKS!

Josh Matthews: Now here’s an intriguing match-up; there’s seventy-five pounds between Sin Cara and Tyler Reks, which means this could one of the hardest bouts he’s had in his short SmackDown career, guys.

Matt Striker: I agree, Josh, especially considering the technical proficiency Tyler Reks brings to the table in addition to his impressive strength. He’s a dangerous man to step in the ring with, and if Sin Cara isn’t quick enough on his feet, he may suffer the same fate as he did to Alberto Del Rio last week.

Reks clambers up to the apron, and steps over the top rope; he doesn’t make any attempt at theatrics or real emotion, instead just staring darkly at Sin Cara as if the high-flyer was his ‘prey’. The Mexican Idol, from what we can understand in his body language, seems undeterred, however, bouncing about on the balls of his feet and shaking his arms out as the music fades. These two vastly-different men face up to each other, and the referee calls for the bell to get us started.

Match Two – Singles Contest
Sin Cara vs Tyler Reks

Reks, indeed, presents one of the biggest challenges Sin Cara has faced yet, using his strength to throw the Mexican Idol about the ring, perhaps more so than Del Rio did last week. As we join the contest four minutes in, despite some resilient comeback attempts from the high-flyer, it’s Reks still in control, pounding his smaller opponent with right hands from a mounted position on the canvas. The referee forces Tyler to stop his assault at the count of four, and the dreadlocked figure rises silently to his feet, though he snorts briefly as he prepares to go back on offence. As Sin Cara slowly brings himself back to a vertical base, Reks throws his dreadlocks out of his eyes... AND HAMMERS THE LUCHADOR WITH A FEROCIOUS CLOTHESLINE!!! Cara crumples to the floor, his body contorted from the impact, but Reks grabs him back up by the head, giving him no respite... he applies an inverted facelock, baring his teeth briefly – THEN THROWS CARA BACKWARDS WITH AN INVERTED SUPLEX!!! The crowd groans as the nasty impact leaves the Mexican Idol in a bad way, and now Reks presses him to the mat for the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Sin Cara kicks out!

Applause and a few cheers go up as the high-flyer keeps this bout alive, and now he begins to show signs of life, crawling towards the ropes. Reks pushes himself back up to his feet, clearly infuriated that his opponent won’t stay down, so he tries to force the issue by grabbing him, and shoving him across the ring to the ropes... Sin Cara rebounds speedily, then comes hurtling back faster than Tyler expects – he ducks Reks’ clothesline attempt, then smoothly scales the ropes, soaring off backwards... AND WIPING REKS OUT WITH AN ASTOUNDING SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY!!! Reks goes down, with Cara landing on top of him for the cover... 1... 2 – but the big man shoves Sin Cara off him, sending him spiralling back across the ring! Both men get back to their feet, with Reks stumbling clumsily back into the corner to rest; Sin Cara, however, sprints in to keep on offence... NO! Reks throws him up with a Back Body Throw – only for Cara to land PERFECTLY on the top turnbuckle! Reks, thinking he’s thrown his opponent from the ring itself, staggers into the middle of the squared circle, breathing heavily as he recovers, before finally he turns around... AND SIN CARA LEAPS OFF, CATCHING REKS AROUND THE NECK AND WHIPPING HIM ACROSS THE RING WITH A DIVING HURRICANRANA!!!

The crowd pops loudly as Reks tries to figure out where he is, blinking through the pain, and Sin Cara leaps back to his feet, pumping his arms to get the fans cheering! Of course, they oblige, and now the Mexican Idol sets his targets on Reks once again. The big man struggles back to his feet, stumbling dizzily towards Sin Cara, who charges in for La Mistica, spinning all around the world... but wait! Reks manages to jam the high-flyer’s movement, catching him in a Powerslam hold, and as Sin Cara struggles like a fish in a net, Tyler throws him up into the Argentine for the BURNING HAMMER... BUT SIN CARA SUDDENLY ESCAPES THE HOLD, ROLLING OUT BEHIND – AND IMPROVISING WITH THE CRUCIFIX FOR THE SHOCK PIN... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: Sin Cara bts. Tyler Reks via pinfall at 6:28


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner... SIIIN – CARA!!!

Exploding out of the pinfall like a cat caught stealing food, Sin Cara immediately charges to the nearest turnbuckle, throwing his hands into the air to play to the cheering crowd! The referee never gets a chance to put his hand in the air, as the Mexican Idol is ecstatic about his win, and simply heads about the corners, celebrating with the fans as much as he can. Reks, meanwhile, is on the outside, raging after his narrow loss, and he stomps up the ramp with a frustrated expression.

Josh Matthews: Sin Cara overcoming Tyler Reks there, guys, and he’s proved something to us; even after losing last week, he came back bigger and better tonight, and I’d bet things will only get brighter for him here on out.

Matt Striker: Oh, it’d be a brave man to bet against you, Josh, because we saw from Sin Cara tonight that he’s not just quick, he’s not just talented – he’s resilient, too, and that helped him beat a fearsome opponent in the hulking Tyler Reks. Plaudits to that man.

Booker T: I keep bein’ impressed with dat boi right dere. He just gotta keep clockin’ up dose wins, and ya better believe dat good things will come rainin’ down for an excitin’ guy like Sin Cara, dawg.

We get the obligatory replays of Sin Cara’s win, then we see him continuing to celebrate, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside, before he heads back up the ramp, and SmackDown goes to a break.


When we return, we’re with Todd Grisham, who has a mic.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... Drew McIntyre.

Boos for Drew McIntyre as the camera pans to reveal the frowning Sinister Scotsman.

Todd Grisham: (tentatively) Now, er, Drew – well, tonight you team with Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes in the main event of SmackDown... considering your l-loss last week to one of your opponents later, Kofi Kingston, how do you plan to get back on – back on track tonight?

McIntyre opens his mouth, but no words come out as the mic comes his way. He closes it, then frowns, and runs a hand through his hair before speaking.

Drew McIntyre: For weeks, I’ve been tellin’ yoo, Todd, that I’m gonna be the next Intercontinental Champion. Last week – last week was just a wee blip on the ol’ radar.

Again, he stops, thinking it through.

Drew McIntyre: It doesn’t change anythan’. I’m still goona go inta Extreme Rules an’ dominate, like it or not. Any man who gets in ma way... will be considered – collateral damage.

Heat for McIntyre’s cold, calculated remarks.

Drew McIntyre: An’ ta-night – well, I’ve got somethin’ special planned for ma opponents. Little Rey... Mysterio.

Pop for the Ultimate Underdog. McIntyre narrows his eyes.

Drew McIntyre: I’ve dominated him before – an’ I’ll do it again later on. Same for Kofi Kingston, a man who I’ve beaten – more, more than once, Todd. No matter what the record says for last week.

He clenches a fist.

Drew McIntyre: But the worst things I’ve got planned... revolve around the last man, ya’see. Trent – Barreta.

Decent pop for the optimistic rocker.

Drew McIntyre: He’s like a petulant... insubordinate... arrogant... CHILD.

He bares his teeth, scowling at the very thought of Barreta; heat is the crowd’s inevitable response.

Drew McIntyre: An’ he likes ta think to himself, that he’s better – than me. But that’s wrong. Aye, he’s nothin’. And ta-night’s just goona be a taster for him.

Finally, he allows himself a smirk.

Drew McIntyre: The real punishment begins... this... Sunday.

Rather than walking out of the shot (like so many of my interviews seem to end), Drew Mac stands where he is, staring coldly into the distance, as a few boos ring around in response...

...and we cut away to see Big Show and Kane – and they’re WALKING! A pop goes up for both big men, with Show wearing a small smile to contrast Kane’s emotionless demeanour. After they’ve walked for several moments, however, Show turns and stops him. He says something we can’t hear, but Kane thinks for a moment, then smirks, and nods. Show begins to WALK (~!) away by himself, preparing himself by weighing his monstrous right hand in his equally-huge left, now wearing that sly smile again, as Kane’s figure shrinks into the distance behind him, and we cut back to the arena.



A series of boos (though interestingly, a few cheers here and there) are audible as WWE Tag Team Champion, Justin Gabriel, makes his way out on to the stage. With his black hair spiked up as usual above his matching beard, the South African slaps the title belt around his waist several times, then begins to make his way down the ramp, again working by himself this week. We cut briefly backstage to see Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson and Gabriel’s partner Heath Slater watching on a TV screen in their locker room; Barrett sits pensively in the corner, eyes on the screen but not at all focused on it, while Jackson works with a dumbbell as he watches, and Slater stands, one hand on his jaw in thought. From there, it’s back to the arena, where Gabriel heads up to the ring apron, and slingshots into the ring.

Tony Chimel: This bout is set for one fall – introducing first, from Cape Town, South Africa, weighing in at two hundred and thirteen pounds... he is one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions... JUSTIN – GABRIEL!

Josh Matthews: Folks, if your opinion of Justin Gabriel hasn’t risen after last week’s main event, it’s entirely plausible you weren’t watching closely enough. Matt?

Matt Striker: Oh, I’d have to agree, Josh. Justin may have declined a handshake from the World Champion after their near-twenty-minute marathon last Friday, but his performance was nothing short of impressive, and that puts him in a very good stance ahead of both this match, and the Tables Match he’ll be competing in this Sunday... at Extreme Rules.

Booker T: Justin’s an excitin’ competitor, guys – naw, I don’t approve of da stuff da Corre gets up to, but damn, if dey don’t have some talented guys in dere. Justin’s one of ‘em, and ta-night, he can build on what he did last week by pinnin’ one of da guys he gonna have to face in just two days’ time, man.

Gabriel sets up in the corner, removing his title belt and throwing it over his shoulder as he closes his eyes, quietly murmuring to himself ahead of the behemoth contest we’re about to see... Exhibit A...



Crank it up indeed, and the crowd obliges, cranking the volume levels up with some loud cheers for the Big Show as he strides out on to the stage. The World’s Largest Athlete wears a hearty grin on his face as he observes the Greensboro Coliseum laid out in front of him, and he raises his deadly right hand to get another pop before he starts to make his way down the ramp, greeting nearby fans.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent... standing seven feet tall, weighing four hundred eighty-five pounds... he is the largest athlete in the world... THE BIG SHOW!!!

Josh Matthews: The Big Show didn’t score a fall last week either, guys, but he did win his match; Cody Rhodes getting himself intentionally counted out against the World’s Largest Athlete.

Booker T: I tell ya, Josh, I’d be thinkin’ about runnin’ any time I get in da ring widda Big Show. He’s one mean mutha when he gets goin’, and dat’s exactly why he didn’t bring Kane out to help him ta-night.

Matt Striker: It’s very intriguing to say the least, gentlemen; both the Big Show and Justin Gabriel are out here minus their respective partners here tonight, and that really says something about what they’re trying to prove to the other team. This Sunday, as soon as one man gets put through a table, his team is automatically at a disadvantage, but I think both these tag teams want to prove they’re individually stronger than the other, and that’s the kind of competition that can only be good for SmackDown.

Josh Matthews: Well put, Matt, and of course folks, it’s a huge match-up to look forward to this Sunday – Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel putting their Tag Team Titles on the line against Big Show and Kane in a Tag Team Tables Match; I’m not exaggerating when I say anything could happen, because it’s four very unpredictable individuals involved – the momentum for grabs in this match here tonight could just sway it, even.

Big Show is in the ring now, having thrown up his usual Chokeslam taunt to the crowd, and now he turns to face Gabriel; the South African looks quietly confident, though he clearly measures the bigger man with a degree of restraint, knowing not to go all guns blazing early on. Show, conversely, looks pleased to be getting a chance to put his hands on his future opponent, and as the referee calls for the bell, the big man clenches his fists in anticipation.

Match Three – Singles Contest – Non-Title Match
WWE Tag Team Champion Justin Gabriel vs Big Show

After eight minutes, it’s been fairly back-and-forth, though Show has obviously got a little more offence in; this holds true as we join the bout, as Gabriel staggers back to his feet after a Big Show Scoop Slam. A thumping left hook to the gut has the South African stumbling to the turnbuckles, and he grabs the top rope with his right hand to steady himself. Before he can properly recover, however, Show is on him, pressing him into the corner with his left hand, and telling the crowd “Shhh” with the other; the fans wait as the right hand goes into the air... then comes CRASHING down on Gabriel’s chest, eliciting a huge ‘CRACK’ around the arena, followed by a groan of awe from the masses in attendance! Gabriel gasps out in pain, but he finds himself shoved back into the corner – BOOM! Big Show strikes again with that palm, sending the high-flyer crumpling to his knees in agony! Pleased with himself, Show turns to face the crowd, punching the air and roaring “C’MOOOON!” to get them pumped up; they respond with a loud cheer, so he turns with a grin, beckoning for Gabriel to rise... when he does, the World’s Largest Athlete scoops him up high with the Military Press! The crowd sits in awe of the big man’s strength, as Gabriel comes alive, struggling as he tries to escape before Show can drop him to earth... but this is a man who went toe-to-toe with the World Champion last week, and he surprises his larger opponent by twisting in mid-air... AND SOMEHOW APPLYING A KOJI CLUTCH TO BIG SHOW FROM UP HIGH!!!

Matt Striker goes into a mark-out frenzy at ringside, stunned (as we all are) that Gabriel could pull that off – and now the Big Show slumps to his knees, with Gabriel’s entire weight pressing down on his shoulders, not to mention the fact the South African’s arms and legs are wrapped like a vice around Show’s throat, refusing to let go! Show’s eyes begin to glaze over, with Gabriel frowning furiously as he tightens his grip, and now the World’s Largest Athlete falls to the canvas, though his opponent doesn’t let him out of the hold. The referee falls to the deck, asking Big Show if he wants to tap – he manages to grunt an unconvincing “No” back at him, but Gabriel, now with his head on the canvas as he continues to choke Big Show out, starts to tell him to “Tap! TAP OUT!” with a venomous look in his eyes. Show brings up a hand... but he uses it not to tap, but to push himself towards the ropes, desperately looking to escape – and though Gabriel cranks up the pressure, the World’s Largest Athlete has the drive to find the ropes, with his hand coming gratefully down on the bottom one to break the hold!

A resounding cheer rings around the Greensboro Coliseum now, and the referee immediately starts a count, forcing Gabriel to detach himself from the bigger man. He gets up, eyes ablaze with frustration after failing to achieve a submission there; he decides to head to the outside apron, gesturing to the dizzy Big Show to get up. The big man looks in no hurry, however, having been seriously de-energised by the Koji Clutch. Finally, however, he wobbles back to a vertical base, and turns to face Gabriel as the high-flyer springboards... CAUGHT! Big Show catches Gabriel in the middle of his Crossbody attempt, then transitions – AND DUMPS GABRIEL WITH A RING-SHAKING SIDEWALK SLAM!!! The crowd groans with the impact, and now Show slumps over his opponent for the cover... 1... 2... but Gabriel gets a shoulder up!

Big Show looks to the ceiling in shock, then forces his tired, giant frame back up. He turns to the crowd for support... then throws up the Chokeslam taunt! He lacks his usual gallantry, having taken a bigger hit to his focus than he might have expected, but regardless, he gets a pop from the crowd, and now he turns to face Gabriel, who is slowly finding his feet, clutching his back tenderly to sell the last move. The South African stumbles into Show’s grip, and it could be CHOKESLAM TIME... BUT NO!!! Gabriel escapes the hold as Show lifts him up, then hits the ropes – HE DUCKS THE KNOCKOUT PUNCH – then takes refuge in the corner, a hand on the top rope either side of him! Show, adrenaline pumping, sprints after him... but Gabriel moves forward, and drops him sweetly with a Drop Toe Hold – AND SHOW’S HEAD CANNONS SICKENINGLY OFF THE MIDDLE BUCKLE!!! “OHHH!” cries the crowd in unison, and now Gabriel darts frantically out to the apron, climbing to the top rope as Show rolls lucklessly into position! Boos begin to swarm Justin Gabriel as he crouches on the top turnbuckle, then turns his head to give that malevolent, hard-hitting glare to the camera... BEFORE HE LAUNCHES – AND DELIVERS THE 450 SPLASH, CRUSHING THE BIG SHOW WITH A HUGE IMPACT!!! A groan rings around the Greensboro Coliseum as Gabriel rolls momentarily to the side, a hand on his stomach... then he leaps over the Big Show, wincing as he does... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: Justin Gabriel bts. Big Show via pinfall at 12:45


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner... one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions... JUSTIN – GABRIEL!!!

Upset! Gabriel slowly pushes himself up, breathing heavily, and clutches his stomach with that right arm; the referee raises his left into the air in victory. The South African allows himself a smile, at which point the crowd begins to boo further, because Heath Slater appears on the stage, and begins to stride speedily down the ramp to join Gabriel’s celebrations.

Josh Matthews: J-Justin Gabriel really took it to the Big Show tonight, guys, and his hard work paid off... he’s beaten one of his opponents for this Sunday, and that 450 Splash might just be a reminder to the Big Show when they meet again in Tampa, guys!

Matt Striker: Indeed, young Justin Gabriel proving why he’s a champion with that performance, but (as the replay appears) he got a huge hand from the turnbuckle here – would you look at the pure impact of that collision? The Big Show wasn’t getting up after that, Josh, and I think the 450 Splash was just Gabriel’s way of... well, making a point.

Booker T: And now Heath Slater’s joinin’ him in da ring, man. I tell ya, dese two kids are lookin’ better and better for dis Sunday right about now – Justin Gabriel? He put it down right here tonight, he showin’ da world that size isn’t da be all, end all right here on Friday nights.

In the ring, Slater continues to congratulate his tired tag team partner, but then has a ‘light bulb’ moment. He rolls from the ring, and flips up the apron – BEFORE HE GRABS A TABLE!!!

Josh Matthews: H-hey!

Booker T: Whut da hell is he doin’?

The crowd begins to boo wildly, as Slater slides the table under the bottom rope, then follows it in; Gabriel stands with his hands on his hips, still recovering from the match he was just in, but Slater tells him to “Help out” as he begins to set it up! He unfolds the table and stands it up in the centre of the ring, as Gabriel finally nods, and grabs Big Show off the canvas with a front facelock... the big man’s huge dead weight means Slater has to give Gabriel a hand to get him on the table, but once he’s there, both men begin to form smirks. Slater points to the corner, and Gabriel heads back out there, clambering to the top...

Matt Striker: Good Lord, I think –

Josh Matthews: Hang on, this is – this is despicable! Big Show’s barely conscious!

Gabriel crouches again, looking evilly out at the Coliseum, as Slater raises his arms into the air in his typical One Man Rock Band way...



THE COLISEUM GOES NUTS!!! Suddenly, Slater’s smirk disappears, as do Gabriel’s 450 Splash intentions, and all eyes turn to the stage, where KANE walks out on to the stage, snarling in fury!!!

Matt Striker: Ohhhh man, here we go!

Kane takes one bulging-eye look at the WWE Tag Team Champions... THEN CHARGES DOWN TO THE RING, SENDING THE CROWD WILD YET AGAIN!!! Gabriel scrambles down from the top turnbuckle to fight, as Kane slides into the ring – and sends Slater spiralling away with a Throat Thrust! The One Man Rock Band reels away in agony, as Gabriel tries his hand... but Kane deals HIM a Throat Thrust too! Slater comes roaring back... STRAIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT TO THE SKULL!!! The crowd has come unglued here, chanting “KANE! KANE!” frantically as Gabriel comes in again... but Kane scoops him up, AND DELIVERS THE SIDEWALK SLAM!!! With both champions laid out, Kane moves to the table, grabbing Show by the hand to pull him from danger – the World’s Largest Athlete stumbles briefly, but his partner keeps him upright, saying nothing, but the teamwork is there for all to see!

Josh Matthews: Folks, this is undoubtedly a tag team affair – Kane wasn’t going to see his tag team partner put through a table here tonight!

Matt Striker: Absolutely, Josh, and it’s that backing that might just carry Big Show and Kane to the Tag Team Titles this Sunday, no matter what the result of the match we just – oh, wait a second!

In the ring, Slater begins to clamber back to his feet, as Gabriel uses the ropes to do likewise; Kane suddenly darts forward, however, AND GRABS GABRIEL BY THE THROAT!!! The crowd roars once again, and Big Show clumsily grabs SLATER by the throat too – the two behemoths turn back to the table in the centre of the ring... AND BRING THE TAG TEAM CHAMPS UP... BEFORE SENDING THEM CRASHING THROUGH THE SAME TABLE WITH SIMULTANEOUS CHOKESLAMS!!! The Greensboro Coliseum LOVES it, and as the reigning champions lie dismantled in the wreckage, Kane smirks evilly, then brings his arms into the air...


...and back down! Kane and Big Show raise their arms into the air in triumph; Kane’s eyes flicker around the arena, though he shows little more than a small smirk in the way of emotion, while Big Show, an exhausted solider, seems ultimately satisfied.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, Justin Gabriel may have been victorious over the Big Show here tonight on SmackDown, but believe me, it’s far from over between these two tag teams; this Sunday, if the Big Show and Kane can do what they just did, we’ll be crowning new WWE Tag Team Champions.

Booker T: Did you hear dat crunch when Gabriel and Slater went through dat table, dawg? Boi, it’s all about da message dey’ve sent, and we could be lookin’ at new champions aight. Hell, I don’t think dere’s a man alive who could put both dose guys through a table!

Matt Striker: We’ve witnessed a big moment for these four men right there, gentlemen. Gabriel and Slater will take confidence from the win, but the Big Show and Kane will take confidence from putting their opponents through the table... it doesn’t mean all that much just yet, but in just forty-eight hours, doing will get them the title belts, and that means – well, it’s still all to play for, Josh.

Josh Matthews: Indeed it is, and we eagerly await that bout for the WWE Tag Team Titles this Sunday – but before that, we’ve still got Diva’s action, plus a huge Six-Man Tag Team Match and the Cutting Edge! Don’t go away!

As Kane and Show leave the lifeless Slater and Gabriel in the debris, we fade away.


There is a lot the human body can endure.

We see nothing but a black screen, coupled with the sound of a man breathing heavily.

A human can survive a heart attack.

A lightning-quick flashing shot of a man clutching his chest, then back to black.

A human can survive a huge fall.

The darkness is punctuated by the image of someone falling off a ledge, then it returns.

A human can survive an attack from an animal.

A man falls backwards as a dog leaps at him, then the black cuts it off again.

A human can even survive a gunshot.

Two silhouettes across from each other, as one lifts up a gun, and the blackness cuts in as the gunshot rings out. The shot suddenly turns to the image of John Cena screaming in pain in a submission hold, then Edge lying against the turnbuckle, baring his teeth as he suffers.

But with survival... comes pain.

And now Randy Orton, clutching his injured knee on the canvas.

How much pain is a man willing to go through?

Rey Mysterio slumped against the mat, eyes unfocused.

What barriers will a man break to achieve glory?

The Miz gasps for air as he raises his WWE Title above his head.

Which man will be able to survive?

Alberto Del Rio winks to the camera, then The Corre raise their arms in the air.

Which man will truly experience...

Christian looks to the sky in frustration, and Cena roars to the crowd.


CM Punk grins devilishly at the camera, before the ‘EXTREME RULES’ graphic appears, and the video package fades to a close...


We return to ringside, where Matthews, Striker and Booker remain sat.

Josh Matthews: Guys, I can’t tell you how excited I am for this Sunday; in a little under forty-eight hours, we’ll be in Tampa, Florida, ready for the first pay-per-view of the new WWE calendar, Extreme Rules.

Booker T: (chuckling) Get ready for a big night, dawg! Six titles on da line, eight matches, and each one of ‘em got its own unique twist – I’m so pumped, man, I can barely sit still!

Josh Matthews: The buzz is certainly in the air, Booker, and let’s jump right in with SmackDown’s biggest match – the World Heavyweight Title will be defended inside a steel cage, with current champion Edge and his challenger Alberto Del Rio fighting it out for the gold.

Matt Striker: I’m way past the point of trying to call this one either way, Josh; Edge has had his moments, so has Alberto, but ultimately, it’ll be a tremendous contest between a true veteran, the Rated R Superstar, and one of the WWE’s brightest up-and-comers, the Mexican Aristocrat.

Booker T: My boi Edge doesn’t have to worry about da Alberto Administration dough, guys, ‘cause dey locked inside dat big steel, if ya know what I’m sayin’ – it’s all about which guy can just pull out da win, dawg, and I can’t wait to see who comes out wit da gold!

Josh Matthews: Those two men have been at each others’ throats for weeks and weeks, but two men who have a rivalry that stretches back years are the duo of Christian and Jack Swagger, Matt. Both men have a lot to prove, both hope they can claim the World Heavyweight Championship in 2011, and I suspect they still have some scores to settle from their days on ECW; that I Quit Match should cover it for them.

Matt Striker: Absolutely; by the end of that match, neither man will be able to deny the other their right to be higher up the pecking order for a title shot, and I think the Phenomenal Athlete might just be able to steal it, Josh. As we heard last week, Christian doesn’t have much in his arsenal to make a man submit, and that might prove to be the difference.

Josh Matthews: And Book, I know you’re eager to see this one; the WWE Title bout between The Miz, Triple H and John Cena in an Extreme Rules Match – there should be some broken bones and bruised egos before that match is done, guys, and after this past Monday on Raw, it really could go to any of these three determined competitors.

Booker T: Awww, it’s lookin’ mighty tasty right dere, Josh! Da Miz has got himself convinced that he da most must-see WWE Champ of all time, but da best champs gotta win da tough matches, and it don’t get much tougher than an Extreme Rules Match, dawg. I’m expectin’ nothin’ less than pure – carnage.

Josh Matthews: Indeed, these three men will battle it out in a hostile environment for sports entertainment’s biggest prize, but perhaps something greater is up for grabs in this bout, guys... (pause for the graphic) take a look at this; the Viper, Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing Match against his mortal enemy, the Second City Saint, CM Punk.

Matt Striker: Well, if we’re talking about carnage, Josh, this match is going to be chaotic. These two men don’t just hate each other, they despise each other, they loathe each other. They want nothing more than to tear the other into several pieces, and I’m genuinely scared one of them might achieve that when the bell rings for their contest this Sunday.

Booker T: Randy and Punk have got some serious issues, man – Punk is desperate to, to punish the Viper for puntin’ him back in 2008, and I don’t think dey gonna stop whalin’ on each other until one of ‘em is down for dat massive ten count, guys. Dey gonna put da ‘Extreme’ in ‘Extreme Rules’.

Josh Matthews: And, of course, speaking of treacherous match-ups; you saw them just now, it’ll be Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater putting their titles on the line in a Tag Team Tables Match against the Big Show and Kane... I think the question remains, guys, how the champions are supposed to put two behemoths like their opponents are, through a table?

Booker T: Oh, I’m thinkin’, Josh, but it ain’t goin’ be easy. Show and Kane put Gabriel and Slater through a table ten minutes ago, and dey showed us all how easy dey find it – I don’t know if da champs can return da favour.

Josh Matthews: I doubt you’re alone in thinking that, Book. Speaking of members of The Corre, Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett faces one of his biggest challenges to date; he’s got five challengers to deal with in a Six-Pack, Hardcore, Elimination Challenge this Sunday, and not only is it sure to be a crazy ride, but Barrett’s mental status might play a part.

Matt Striker: I agree, Josh; Wade may still be preoccupied with the events of two weeks ago, when the lights went out in his match with Kofi Kingston – last week didn’t go well for him either, being fined by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, and that might affect his confidence. A win later tonight could help, though, so I’d keep an open mind.

Josh Matthews: All six of these men have a claim to the Intercontinental Title, meaning it should be an action-packed contest, but likewise, the Ladder Match to determine the new No. 1 Contender to the WWE Title should be the same.

Booker T: Dese two guys are both hella competitors, Josh, but in my eyes, look no further than my boi D-Bryan; Dolph Ziggler knows how to get it done aight, but Daniel’s got dat fire in his eyes, he got dat ambition to be da next big thing, and dawg, I think we gonna see him top o’ da ladder this Sunday.

Josh Matthews: Daniel Bryan climbed to the top of the ladder this past Monday on Raw, Book, so he’s undoubtedly got the momentum that might carry him past the braggart, the show-off Dolph Ziggler – but one match that’s not about the bragging rights as much as it is about the titles... it’s Winner Take All, folks. Eve Torres teams with John Morrison against Sheamus and Melina – first fall takes it all.

Booker T: When it comes to Eve and Melina – I mean, shucky ducky quack quack, man, dose two ladies are welcome to get all catfightin’ near me any day.

Matt Striker: Er, thanks Booker – I’ve gotta say, John Morrison has been desperate for a shot at Sheamus’ United States Title, and I think he might just pull it out in Tampa in two days’ time, Josh. I think the Brogue Kick he took on Monday will only fire him up – it could be a case of Sunday Night Delight for him, I think.

Josh Matthews: Well, it’s Morrison’s determination against Sheamus’ undefeated streak with the title in hand, as well as Melina’s back-alley tactics against Eve’s style and grace; definitely one to watch, folks, as is the entire event – it’s Extreme Rules, LIVE from Tampa, Florida... just two short days away!


A decent pop goes up from the crowd, and Beth Phoenix strides out confidently on to the stage. She raises her arms into the air in her usual fashion, though she has no title belt to do it with, and begins to head for the ring, with Kelly Kelly appearing behind her to cheer her on. The bell rings.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied by Kelly Kelly... from Buffalo, New York... the Glamazon... BETH – PHOENIX!

Josh Matthews: We’re set for Diva’s action here, with Beth Phoenix being joined by Kelly Kelly, and guys, what a return to the ring for the Glamazon two weeks ago.

We cut to see some highlights from Phoenix’s hot tag on SmackDown on the 15th, coming in like a freight train against Michelle McCool and Layla, barely taking any offence from Lay-Cool before she drops Layla with the Glam Slam for a dominating win.

Booker T: Yo, da Glamazon ain’t to be messed wit when she’s in dis kinda form, Josh, and she’s ready to get it done again ta-night.

Matt Striker: It’s worth pointing out, Josh, the Diva’s Title is on the line this Sunday, and after that, whether the champion is Eve or Melina, the next challenger could well be the winner of this match we’re about to bear witness to.

Josh Matthews: Beth Phoenix has always been one of the ambitious Divas in the WWE; competing in a Royal Rumble match, a previous multiple-time Women’s Champion, plenty of dominating performances under her belt and a plethora of pay-per-view wins – I’d be surprised if she didn’t pursue the title after Extreme Rules, Matt, I agree.

Phoenix climbs up to the top turnbuckle from the outside apron, then flips down into the ring; she nods at the referee (you better believe it’s “The Pimp” Justin King, this is Diva’s action, playa), then sets up shop in the corner to wait for her opponent.


Boos ring around the arena as Team Lay-Cool, consisting of Michelle McCool and Layla, strut out on to the stage; they spin around to show their team name embroidered across the back of their jackets, then McCool starts for the ring, with Layla smirking as she follows.

Tony Chimel: And her opponent, accompanied by Layla... from Palatka, Florida... MICHELLE – MCCOOL!!!

Josh Matthews: Now, Team Lay-Cool might be obnoxious and... well, vain to the extreme, guys, but they too have had their fair share of success here in the WWE, and Michelle McCool will want to get back in the hunt for the Diva’s Title, starting with this contest against the Glamazon.

Matt Striker: Any moment these two start to talk, you see members of the WWE Universe putting their hands over their ears, Josh, but you gotta respect these lovely ladies for havin’ an opinion! Michelle’s a terrific in-ring competitor on her day, and I just fancy her to give Beth Phoenix a run for her money here, gentlemen.

Booker doesn’t contribute; he’s too busy admiring Layla as the English Diva takes up a position at ringside, while McCool enters the ring to face Phoenix. Michelle scowls at the sight of the Glamazon, who gives nothing away, while Justin King brings them in for the match, and the bell chimes.

Match Four – Singles Contest
Beth Phoenix vs Michelle McCool

These two have been through a fair few matches in their careers, so it’s not quite as sloppy as it would have been if I’d put you all through a match between the Divas managing them from ringside. Regardless, this one doesn’t take all that long, and as we join the bout three minutes in, it’s Michelle choking Beth on the middle rope – the referee counts loudly in her ear to get her to relent, and as she moves away, she throws her arms into the air to taunt in her advantageous position. She gets the heat she’s after, for the most part, then pulls Phoenix off the ropes by her hair; King scolds her about the handfuls of hair McCool has, but she ignores him, and drags the Glamazon to the corner, before she thumps her head clumsily off the top turnbuckle. Phoenix groans, then stumbles backwards, trying to shake out the cobwebs, and McCool charges in again with a clothesline – but Beth ducks it, and when McCool hits the ropes, she sends her FLYING with a Back Body Drop! McCool writhes in pain, as Layla claps her hands on the outside and screams “C’MON MICHELLE!” in support, and Phoenix runs a hand through her hair, still smarting from a couple of shots she’s taken from her opponent.

Michelle begins to find her feet, but a stiff forearm shot from Phoenix has her reeling again. The ‘flawless’ blonde stumbles into the ropes, dazed, then pushes herself back to face the Glamazon once more... so Phoenix scoops her into the air with the Military Press, showing her immense strength to the crowd – BEFORE SHE LETS MICHELLE FREE FALL TO THE CANVAS WITH A CRUNCHING IMPACT! A groan goes up around the arena as McCool’s face becomes wrecked with pain, and even Phoenix’s ally in Kelly Kelly looks a little disconcerted with the Glamazon’s brute force here tonight. Not one to mess around, Phoenix brings McCool back to her feet... but suddenly, Michelle shoves her opponent away, then lashes out with a big kick – DUCKED! Phoenix always saw the shot coming, and the momentum spins McCool around, disorientated, giving Beth the opening she needs to clip her arms! Michelle screeches in protest, as does Layla in horror at ringside, but all she can do is flounder about helplessly, unsure how to help, as Phoenix brings McCool into the air – THEN SCORES WITH THE GLAM SLAM!!! Michelle finds herself flattened, and Kelly Kelly nervously applauds at ringside as Beth turns her opponent nonchalantly on to her back, hooking the leg... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: Beth Phoenix bts. Michelle McCool via pinfall at 5:21


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner... the Glamazon... BETH – PHOENIX!

Phoenix lets out a long, drawn-out breath as the bell chimes, and she acknowledges the now-cheering crowd as she gets to her feet, raising an arm to the masses in attendance. King raises her arm into the air, and she sells her jaw by rubbing it with her hand. Business completed, she heads to the turnbuckles to celebrate briefly, allowing herself a smile, before she leaves, with Kelly Kelly throwing her arm around her to congratulate her as they wander back up the ramp.

Josh Matthews: Another powerful performance from the Glamazon on SmackDown tonight; guys, could we be looking at a future Diva’s Champion? I mean, again?

Booker T: Awwww, Beth Phoenix got it DONE ta-night, Josh, and I bet she’s just itchin’ to get on Raw where dat title is... hell, Team Lay-Cool just can’t handle her, dawg!

Matt Striker: Indeed, it’s hard to see who on SmackDown can stop Beth Phoenix with these kind of performances every week, guys – I don’t think Kelly Kelly’s that eager to get in the ring with her either!

As Phoenix gives the crowd one last raised arm on the stage, and Layla tends to a dizzy McCool in the ring, the Glamazon can’t help but smile, and now we fade backstage...

...once again, we’re with Todd Grisham, mic in hand.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... Christian!

A BIG pop goes up for Captain Charisma, Christian, who is indeed Todd’s guest, stepping into the shot with an amiable smile for our friendly interviewer.

Todd Grisham: Christian, in just two days you’ll be facing the All-American American, Jack Swagger, in an I Quit Match, and earlier tonight you beat Chavo Guerrero – I can only assume that’s given you a boost.

Christian nods with that same smile as the mic comes his way.

Christian: Absolutely, Todd, absolutely – but before I elaborate...

He clears his throat dramatically.

Christian: Ahem... ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, PEEPS – of all ages...

A good cheer goes up from those same Peeps.

Christian: Tonight, you guys saw Captain Charisma take charge. See, the second Teddy Long told me I’d be facing Chavo tonight, I knew it was going to be rinse and repeat from last week. I knew Chavo was gonna waltz out to face me with a block o’ muscle behind him to get him to the finish line.

A smile as he wags his left index finger intuitively in front of the camera.

Christian: So what did I do? Like I said, I – took – charge. I made sure I had back-up of my own, and trust me, it doesn’t get any better than the World Champ havin’ your back.

Pop as Christian smiles; we’ve yet to see his right hand, but he brings it into view – he’s holding the KENDO STICK from before, and the crowd cheers again. Slowly, he tees it up in front of him, admiring it, then rests it over his shoulder like a baseball bat.

Christian: Now this old friend o’ mine, the kendo stick? That’s a little trip down memory lane for you... Jack... Swagger.

Boos for the Phenomenal Athlete.

Christian: Oh, this Sunday, it’s all about the here and now, the present day for us, Jack. But when you see this, what do you think about, man? I’ll tell ya what I think about – I think about E... C... W.

The crowd cheers, and a few “E – C – DUB!” chants ring out.

Christian: I know you bring up what happened two years ago... all the time. You think I – I cheated you. You moan about singlet straps and exposed turnbuckles, Jack, but you’re makin’ me ask the question... are you focused?

A frown into the camera.

Christian: I mean, think about it. Back then, it was all about the ECW Title. That was the biggest prize we could get our mitts on, y’know that. But now we’re on SmackDown. Now there’s the World – Heavyweight – Title.

He stops to smile at the very thought.

Christian: That’s huge. And if you want it, you’ve gotta be focused. Not complainin’ about something that happened two years ago, but just step in the ring with me and change the record this time around.

Again, his smile fades and he looks uncomfortable.

Christian: But that’s just it, I am focused, Jack. I’ve always been ready for this step up. And three weeks ago I was ready. I was gonna get that title shot and have my dream match with my best friend; the match where we could go all out for that big... gold... belt.

He looks down to the floor, frustrated, then back to the camera; the kendo stick is now in his hand, which hangs by his side, unseen by the camera shot.

Christian: The second you wrenched that chance outta my hands, man, you dug yourself a hole that I’m not gonna let you out of. Hell – no. I’m gonna make things EXTREME this Sunday!

Big pop for Christian’s enthusiasm and subsequent grin.

Christian: And in that I Quit Match, I’m gonna make you yell out that you could never beat me back on ECW, and that you can’t beat me here on SmackDown either. Then once we’re done – I’m going straight for the gold.

Eyes wide, he stares into the camera, his grin fading to a small, confident smirk.

Christian: Christian... World – Heavyweight – Champion.


Immediately, boos ring around in the arena, as Todd Grisham scurries frantically away from the scene, horrified, and as the kendo stick tumbles from Christian’s hand, Swagger begins to lay boots into Captain Charisma, each shot taking the breath out of him! From the edge of the shot arrives Michael Cole to a plethora of further heat, yelling “YEAH! YEAH!” obnoxiously as Christian takes a beating; Swagger drops to his knees to fire away with clubbing shots to the Canadian, as the heat intensifies in the arena.

Josh Matthews: S-Swagger! No, he’s – he’s stooping lower than ever here!

Matt Striker: This is – oh come on... why does Jack feel the need to do this?

With adrenaline running through him, Swagger now huffs and puffs about Christian’s body on the floor, before he picks him up by the left leg – AND APPLIES THE ANKLE LOCK!!!

Josh Matthews: NO! Swagger with the – with the Ankle Lock, he’s gonna t-tear him in half!

Booker T: He just tryin’ to weaken Christian for dis Sunday, man, it’s sick!

As Christian YELLS out in agony on the floor, an ecstatic Cole reaches into his jacket and pulls out his MOBILE PHONE, before he presses a button and holds it to Christian’s mouth! Swagger roars “SAY IT! SAY YOU QUIT!” furiously, and Christian’s face becomes wrecked with pain and sweat, but he shakes his head vehemently... SO SWAGGER WORSENS THE ANGLE! Christian can’t contain his agony once again, as Cole desperately tries to elicit a submission into the recording device; eventually a host of medics and referees rush up to Swagger, shouting at him to “LET GO! LET GO, JACK!”

Josh Matthews: Thank god – I...

Finally, when Cole can get no submission from the determined Christian on the floor, Swagger scowls and angrily flings the Livewire’s ankle down. Immediately, Christian grips it in pain, gasping in desperation, and the medics swarm to help him – in the background, Swagger spreads his arms wide and loudly proclaims:

Jack Swagger: (panting) This Sunday... I’m puttin’ things... in their rightful – PLACE.

As the crowd in the arena boos, Swagger and the suited-up Cole make their exit, though Swagger seems frustrated he didn’t get Christian to QUIT. Regardless, the sight of Christian being tended to fills our screens...

Josh Matthews: Has... has the damage been done?

...and we go to a break.


SmackDown returns to a silent, uncomfortable arena after what we just saw. The bell rings.



Loud heat echoes around the Coliseum as the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett, makes his way out with a Corre t-shirt on and his title belt over his shoulder. Twirling a mic casually in his hand, Barrett forces a smirk, despite having a poor night last Friday; he paces from side to side on the ramp, eyes watching the entire arena as he does.

Tony Chimel: The following is a Six-Man Tag Team Match, set for one fall! Introducing first, from Manchester, England, weighing in at two hundred and forty-six pounds... he is the Intercontinental Champion... WADE – BARRETT!!!

Josh Matthews: Wade Barrett was unsuccessful in finding out who was to blame for the lights going out in his match two weeks ago when he went “on the hunt” last Friday, and to compound his misery, he was fined by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long for his... forwardness, during his investigations.

Matt Striker: There are production workers backstage who’re still coming to work with black eyes, Josh, but as a man of class and... er, Britishness, I don’t doubt that Wade Barrett has calmed himself and is ready to get back on track – after all, he’s got to defend his Intercontinental Title in two days’ time.

As Barrett’s music dies down, the crowd’s booing becomes more prominent; the Englishman pays them little heed, however, instead admiring his title belt with that same smirk. He then turns to face the arena once again, bringing the mic up to cut through the “YOU SUCK!” chants.

Wade Barrett: As all you no doubt are aware... tonight has seen members of The Corre, a faction I hold dear to my heart, put through tables.

Big mocking cheer for that; Barrett frowns.

Wade Barrett: And last week, I went on a chase around the O2 Arena to find out who was responsible for... in fact, it doesn’t matter.

He holds up his free hand.

Wade Barrett: For the purposes of convenience, let’s just summarise; these past few weeks, things haven’t exactly been running smoothly for the number one stable in the WWE.

And now he rubs his jaw, as a few members of the crowd boo the ‘number one stable’ bit.

Wade Barrett: But no matter what obstacles we face, we will overcome them. The Corre is united, The Corre is resilient, and most importantly... The Corre is going to turn it all around this Sunday, when we keep our share of SmackDown’s titles – in our grasp.

Heat for that, but Barrett does his classic pout and nods his head.

Wade Barrett: Now, not only was I cruelly dealt a ten thousand dollar fine last week by Theodore Long, but this Sunday I have to deal with five separate challengers, and although frankly I could easily make accusations of him stacking the deck against me... I think I’ll actually take a great deal of pleasure seeing his face after I overcome the odds.

More boos; as the Englishman continues, he begins to slowly wander down the ramp.

Wade Barrett: Though of course, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, because tonight is very important too. After the aforementioned... hiccups, it will be a relief to show my opponents this Sunday that I’m the Intercontinental Champion for a very good reason – because, put simply, I’m a more refined competitor.

The heat continues as Barrett heads for the ring steps.

Wade Barrett: And following that train of thought, you can all watch me in just a few moments...

Now on the apron, he sweeps into the ring.

Wade Barrett: ...as I take my opponents by storm – and lead my team to glory.

With that, he lowers the mic slowly, forming another Barrett classic; the content grin. Before he can say more, not that it seems that was his plan, the stage turns gold...



More boos accompany the arrival of another hard-hitting Brit in the form of Drew McIntyre; the Sinister Scotsman looks unworried despite his loss last week, and treads slowly down the ramp, locking eyes with his tag team partner. Of course, the two have teamed up in the past, albeit briefly, and thus there is an element of respect between them... wait, unless McIntyre’s just staring at Barrett’s title – actually, that might be it.

Tony Chimel: And his tag team partner... from Ayr, Scotland, weighing in at two hundred and fifty-six pounds... DREW – MCINTYRE!

Josh Matthews: We heard it earlier, guys; Drew McIntyre, just like Wade Barrett says he is, seems focused and determined to walk out with the Intercontinental Championship this Sunday, more so than I think I’ve ever seen him.

Matt Striker: Absolutely, Josh – he said anyone who got in his way would be “collateral damage”, and after his loss to Kofi Kingston last week, I can’t help but fear his anger is going to drive him to make that true.

As McIntyre heads to the ring steps to join Barrett in the squared circle, we turn our attention back to the stage...



Once again, it’s boos, even heavier than that which the other two heels received, for tonight’s first sighting (if you can call it a ‘sighting’) of Cody Rhodes, clad in his dark jacket with his hood over his masked face. He stands on the ramp momentarily, staring down at the floor, then begins to trudge down towards the ring, holding up a hand to stop the camera filming him.

Tony Chimel: And their tag team partner... from Marietta, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds... CODY – RHODES!!!

Josh Matthews: Though if we’re talking about guys who could inflict pure punishment, expect murder and mayhem from the mentally-altered Cody Rhodes, and expect it at one Rey Mysterio.

Matt Striker: Exactly. Despite the possible overshadowing of this issue by the Intercontinental Title match, there is no escaping the fact that Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio have some issues to settle; issues that will surely impact how the match flows this Sunday, and possibly even impact who walks out victorious.

Booker T: Cody’s one nasty piece o’ work right about naw, man. He don’t stop for nobody, he only lookin’ to – to inflict dat damage on anybody who moves, y’know? He’s just... just dangerous, dat’s what!

In the ring, McIntyre and Barrett exchange a few icy words, far from being keen partners, while Rhodes joins them with barely a glance in their direction; instead, he sets up shop in the corner, places a hand on the top rope either side of him, then stares at the mat. His music subsides, then...


A decent pop leads Trent Barreta out on to the stage; he throws up his arms to fire up the crowd, wearing that same youthful grin as earlier in the locker room, and he keeps this up by jogging down the ramp, slapping the hands of the nearby fans. In the ring, we can see McIntyre eye him with a look of disgust.

Tony Chimel: And their opponents... first, from Mount Sinai, New York, weighing in at two hundred and three pounds... TRENT – BARRETA!!!

Matt Striker: Oh boy! Gentlemen, don’t get too comfortable, because you’ll soon be up and out of your seats in awe of the entertaining young athlete that is – Trent Barreta.

Josh Matthews: I know you’re a big fan, Matt, as am I – Trent’s got a real fire lit inside of him, and he could well be a dark horse for this Sunday if he gets a bit of luck on his side.

Booker T: And if he keeps Drew Mac offa his back, too, right? Dere ain’t no love lost there, dawg.

As if to highlight that, Barreta stops at the bottom of the ramp, eyes locked on the Scotsman in the ring; as the music dies down, the stage behind Trent turns a vibrant green.



The crowd gives a hearty ovation here as Kofi Kingston comes sprinting into view, and throws up his hands... “BOOM!” “BOOM!” “BOOM!” cries the crowd in unison with the Ghanaian, as the pyro explodes in perfect time, and now Kingston greets the fans along the ramp with a grin.

Tony Chimel: And his tag team partner... from Ghana, West Africa, weighing in at two hundred and twelve pounds... KOFI – KINGSTON!

Josh Matthews: Speaking of exciting superstars, Matt, Kofi Kingston has some experience in flying about the ring, and seeing as he lost the Intercontinental Title to Wade Barrett in the first place, he’ll want to get one step closer to regaining that belt by winning this main event tonight.

Matt Striker: I’m not one to deny that Kofi’s an exciting superstar, Josh, not at all, and earlier we heard that he, Trent and Rey Mysterio seem ready to co-operate in this match; the question has to be asked – can Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett co-exist like their opponents plan to?

Booker T: Awww, ma boi Kofi’s lookin’ fired up ta-night, man. Whedder dose guys can co-exist or not, it’s gonna be hard to take down dis guy when he’s rollin’ like he is recently – he beat Drew Mac last week, and I might even call dis boi my pick for da win dis Sunday.

As Kofi joins Barreta, the pair do a quick high-five, as in the background, the stage turns a rainbow colour...



AND THE COLISEUM GOES NUTS!!! In the ring, Rhodes finally brings his head up to stare at the stage, as Rey Mysterio sprints out, throwing his arms about like a madman as he feeds off the energy of the arena! The Ultimate Underdog rushes to one side of the stage to unleash his pyro, then the other, and blesses any fans wearing his replica masks along the ramp before joining Barreta and Kingston with a grin.

Tony Chimel: And their tag team partner... from San Diego, California, weighing in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds... RRRRRREEEEEEYYY – MYSTERIO!!!

Josh Matthews: Few men inspire the WWE Universe quite like Rey Mysterio does, gentlemen, and as a previous two-time champion, the Master of the 619 could well be in a position to win it once again this Sunday.

Booker T: I’ve been in dat ring wit Rey myself, Josh; I know what he can do, I know dat level he can reach when he really kicks into gear, dawg. He’s got himself some stiff competition but don’t be surprised if we hearin’ dat six-one-nine gettin’ dialled for da win in just two days’ time, oh yeah!

Matt Striker: Undoubtedly a fierce competitor with a long lineage of Mexican luchadors and several accolades under his belt, guys; Rey Mysterio hasn’t backed down from a fight in his life, even against men literally twice his size, and in some ways, the odds being stacked against him in that Six-Pack Challenge probably don’t matter to him, because that’s how it’s been his entire career.

The three faces exchange a look, then head to the ring as a unit; Rey and Kofi clamber up to the turnbuckles, while Barreta stands on the apron in the middle, as Kingston leads the crowd in a “BOOM!” chant, and Mysterio blesses them with his usual sign-of-the-cross-esque gesture. Barreta engages in a staredown with McIntyre, then steps into the ring to face the Scotsman and his partners. Rhodes has his eyes locked on Mysterio, while Barrett’s eyes flicker between his opponents, even back to his tag team partners, too. As Rey’s music dies out, the face team sets up the usual corner, while Barrett elects to start immediately for their opponents. The Englishman removes his shirt and hands his title to ringside, while his partners have already got rid of their attires, leaving Rhodes’ face on show for the first time. As Trent Barreta steps into the ring to face the Intercontinental Champion, the referee calls for the bell, because as you all know, it’s MAIN EVENT TIME...

Main Event – Six-Man Tag Team Match
Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes vs Trent Barreta, Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio

As we join the contest ten minutes in or so, it’s Rey Mysterio taking the brunt of the offence from a surprisingly-adept team of Barrett, McIntyre and Rhodes. For the first half of the match, it’s been back-and-forth, but in typical WWE tag team fashion, the heels have begun to take control, isolating the Ultimate Underdog to make sure he can’t get the tag to Kingston or Barreta. In this vein, it’s McIntyre pounding Rey as we jump in, with the high-flyer trapped in a seated position in McIntyre’s team’s corner. The referee counts to four before the Scotsman moves himself away, baring his teeth in frustration, because no amount of punches would have been enough for him; he sets Mysterio in his sights again, however, and charges in – OH! McIntyre catches Rey in the face with a horrific running knee in the corner, causing the high-flyer to slump deliriously to the canvas! The crowd groans with the impact, and now McIntyre tags in Rhodes, who’s been hissing at Drew to tag him in for the last few moments. Immediately, the Disfigured One throws himself through the ropes into the ring, and starts putting the boots to Mysterio with a scowl on his barely-obscured face. As with McIntyre, the referee counts him off, and frustrated, Rhodes grabs Mysterio by the head and pulls him up, before shoving him to another corner. Rey hits the turnbuckle and staggers slowly back into Rhodes’ domain – so the Disfigured One scoops him up... AND DELIVERS THE ALABAMA SLAM!!! The impact shakes the ring, and as Kofi and Trent look concerned on the apron, Rhodes hooks a leg... 1... 2... 3-NO! Rey kicks out!

Though the crowd cheers, Rhodes is less than pleased, and now kneels to grab his enemy by the head, trash talking in a low, hate-filled voice. Once he’s done, he yanks Rey back up again... AND GOES TO END IT WITH CROSS RHODES – NO!!! Mysterio spins out, then immediately heads for the ropes – he springboards – THEN SENDS CODY FLAILING ACROSS THE RING WITH A HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN! It’s roles reversed now, with Rhodes looking dazed as the crowd frantically eggs a floored Mysterio back to his corner, and Kingston and Barreta stretch out their arms desperately – but Rhodes manages to shake out the cobwebs and scramble to grab Mysterio by the leg! The crowd screams as Rey tries to reach his corner, but Rhodes tugs him back, with the high-flyer staggering to his feet, though Cody refuses to let go of his leg... SO MYSTERIO TURNS ROUND, AND NAILS A HUGE ENZUIGIRI TO TAKE HIM DOWN! The ‘crack’ that echoes around the Coliseum gets the crowd on their feet in awe, and now it seems that Mysterio might get that tag... both men slowly edge towards their corners, as Rhodes lethargically finds Barrett’s outstretched hand – BUT REY GETS THE HOT TAG TO TRENT BARRETA, MEANING IT’S GAME ON!!!

Barreta immediately slingshots into the ring LIKE A BOSS, then charges forward, ducking Barrett’s bare-knuckle punch and knocking him down with a Dropkick when he turns around! The crowd pops, as both men get back up, and Barreta unleashes a Knife Edge Chop to send the Englishman reeling into the corner; as the crowd roars “WOOOO!” in the background, Barreta steels himself, then sprints in – BAM! Trent rocks Barrett with a stinging Running Corner Elbow, forcing the Intercontinental Champion to stagger dizzily into the middle of the ring... so Barreta charges off to the ropes, then hurtles furiously back at his opponent – AND WIPES HIM OUT WITH THE BUSAIKU KNEE STRIKE, THE GOBSTOBBER!!! The crowd can’t help but cheer in awe of that huge hit, and as Barrett goes down, Kofi Kingston lets out a yell of amazement, and Trent punches the air before he makes the cover... 1... 2... 3-BUT NO, DREW MCINTYRE BREAKS IT UP!!!

Heat rains down on McIntyre now, as the Scotsman boots Barreta out of the cover with a dark smile, and subsequently ignores the referee’s berating. Retreating to the corner, Drew steps to the apron, where Rhodes regards him with an impressed look, or what resembles one from behind his mask; Mysterio and Kingston are FURIOUS, however, yelling at the referee in protest – but now the focus returns to the action, where Barreta and Barrett are getting to their feet once again. Trent is first to make a move, kicking the Englishman in the gut, then hitting the ropes – ONLY TO BE SCOOPED UP FOR THE WASTELAND... NOOOOO!!! Barreta escapes out the back, then almost jumps to his corner to tag in the first man he sees, an infuriated Kofi Kingston – WHO COMES IN LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN! Still frustrated by McIntyre’s actions, Kingston shoots over the top rope, then takes Barrett by surprise with a Two-Handed Chop, then another when he gets up! Fired up, the Ghanaian whips Wade to the corner, then leaps athletically to unleash the KORONCO BUSTER, getting ten punches and a subsequent count from the crowd before he rolls back down... AND SENDS BARRETT FLYING WITH A MONKEY FLIP!

With the fans in the Greensboro Coliseum well and truly excited now, Kingston begins to jog about the ring, telling them to make even more noise, before he hits the ropes, cries “BOOM”... “BOOM”... AND LANDS THE BOOM DROP! A pop goes up as Kofi rolls back to his feet, gritting his teeth with adrenaline as he begins to slap his hands together – and on the apron, Mysterio and Barreta begin to do it too! This gets the ‘WWE Universe’ fully involved, with pretty much the whole arena clapping as Barrett finds his feet, allowing Kingston to fire away with TROUBLE IN PARADISE – NO, HE DUCKED IT!!! Kofi staggers on landing, as the crowd groans, and now he turns to face the Englishman... BIG BOOT OUT OF NOWHERE FROM BARRETT!!! Kingston crashes down to the canvas, and Barrett has to sweep strands of hair out of his face as he stumbles exhaustedly towards his corner, and tags in McIntyre before retreating to the apron. Conversely, the Scotsman shows none of Barrett’s fatigue, stepping inside with a callous smirk and immediately going to work with a ferocious set of stomps on Kingston. He eventually pulls him back up, then flings the Ghanaian into the turnbuckle – Kofi stumbles backwards, clutching his torso in agony, then turns with a pained expression into the path of the Sinister Scotsman, who sends him up and down with a smooth Northern Lights Suplex! McIntyre bridges professionally into the pin, and the crowd sits in suspense as the referee drops for the count... 1... 2... 3-NO! KINGSTON KICKS OUT!

McIntyre sits up in horror, then casts a look at the official before he gets back up. Barrett and Rhodes watch intently as the Scotsman grabs a handful of Kingston’s hair to bring him up to his feet – he hooks the lifeless Ghanaian by the arms, but as the crowd gasps in protest, McIntyre takes a moment to shoot a menacing look at Barreta on the apron... BUT THAT COSTS HIM, BECAUSE KOFI SHOVES HIM AWAY, THEN SCORES WITH TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! The crowd ERUPTS as McIntyre goes down, but so does the fatigued Kofi, meaning he can’t make a cover – as the arena eggs him on, Kofi manages to turn himself towards his corner to tag in Mysterio... so the Master of the 619 charges down the apron, and climbs up to the top turnbuckle adjacent to McIntyre’s position on the mat! With the Scotsman down and out, there’s no-one to stop Rey launching with the NO-HANDED SPLASH, CATCHING MCINTYRE ACROSS THE STOMACH, AND THE COVER... 1... 2... BUT BARRETT BREAKS IT UP!!! The crowd immediately boos the Englishman, who throws himself on top of Mysterio to stop the cover, only to be taken off-guard by Kingston, who sprints into the fray, and clotheslines him over the top rope! Barrett clatters to the outside floor to a great cheer from the fans in attendance, but before Kofi can enjoy it, he’s rocked by a HUGE mask-aided headbutt from Cody Rhodes, who’s joined the proceedings!

Kingston goes down clutching his face, and Rhodes mutters some kind of trash talk as the Ghanaian rolls from the ring. Turning, Rhodes sets his sights on Mysterio, eyes bulging wide in fury as he sees the high-flyer... but Trent Barreta hurtles on to the scene, shocking the Disfigured One with a Flying Clothesline, taking both men over the top rope out to the floor! The crowd cheers as Barreta’s go-all-out policy leaves Rhodes crumpled on the outside floor, and now we’re back to Mysterio versus McIntyre; both men get up at about the same time, and McIntyre scrambles to grapple Rey somehow – but the high-flyer ducks sweetly under Drew’s grip, and hits the ropes. The Scotsman instinctively bends down for the Back Body Drop, but Mysterio goes over the top with the SUNSET FLIP, AND THE PIN... 1... 2... 3-NO! McIntyre narrowly kicks out, and both men leap lethargically back to their feet once more; Drew bares his teeth, and tries to catch Mysterio off-guard with a heavy forearm shot... BUT REY DUCKS, AND MCINTYRE CATCHES THE REFEREE IN THE JAW!!! The crowd groans with the impact as the official slumps to the floor, and McIntyre takes one crucial second staring in shock at what he’s just done – before he gets Dropkicked on to the second rope by Mysterio! A huge cheer goes up once more, and Rey can’t hold back a grin, firing up the crowd as he prepares to dial it up...

...BUT CODY RHODES SLIDES INTO THE RING – AND HITS REY IN THE FACE WITH HIS MASK, NOW IN HIS HAND, DETACHED FROM HIS FACE!!! The crowd ROARS in horror, as Mysterio crumples lifelessly to the floor, and Rhodes stares down at his enemy, before he slowly puts his mask back on his face, and cracks a devilish smirk. McIntyre sluggishly removes himself from the second rope, then sees Mysterio on the floor with a similar smirk forming; he wastes no time yanking the high-flyer’s dead weight up, determined to put his own stamp on this affair as he hooks the arms... FUTURE SHOCK TO MYSTERIO!!! The Coliseum rains boos on Rhodes and McIntyre, the former who revives the referee as McIntyre makes the cover – slowly, the dazed official crawls to count it – and as Trent Barreta gets back on to the apron, Rhodes SMACKS him back off with a sharp right hand! With Kingston and Barrett still laid out on the outside floor, there’s no-one left in the ring but McIntyre pinning Rey, as Cody watches with a disgusting look of pleasure... 1... 2... 3!!! IT’S A STEAL!!!

Result: Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes bt. Trent Barreta, Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio via pinfall at 18:13


Tony Chimel: Here are your winners... the team of Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, and the Intercontinental Champion, Wade – BARRETT!

Josh Matthews: No! That’s – Drew McIntyre just stole that win, guys!

Booker T: Whut a despicable way to get da win, man. Drew Mac should be countin’ his lucky stars, he was about to get dat six-one-nine, ya know what I’m sayin’?

McIntyre and Rhodes have their arms raised by the official; Rhodes immediately tugs himself away, however, and falls beside Mysterio on the canvas, hissing insults under his breath to the Ultimate Underdog. McIntyre regards him with a frown, and makes his exit, as on the outside, Kingston, Barrett and Barreta find their feet again. Barrett seems satisfied, but Kofi and Trent are inevitably frustrated by the loss.

Matt Striker: This is a huge momentum shift in my eyes, gentlemen, ill-gained or not; when the bell rings for this Sunday’s title match-up, it’ll be Drew McIntyre who got the last fall on another competitor, and that could be crucial.

Josh Matthews: And folks, this match is about a lot more than the Intercontinental Title; Cody Rhodes screwed Rey Mysterio out of a win here tonight, and as you can tell, he’s more than happy about it – oh!

In the ring, Rhodes’ expression has changed from sick satisfaction to a scowl, a desire to inflict more punishment. Following that theme, he pulls Rey back to his feet, and with the crowd beginning to boo, he applies the inverted facelock – CROSS RHODES CONNECTS!!! Heat rains down on Rhodes, who doesn’t care in the slightest, instead just staring down at Rey with bulging eyes...

...BUT SUDDENLY, HE GETS NAILED WITH TROUBLE IN PARADISE – BY KOFI KINGSTON!!! The Disfigured One goes down in a heap, as the crowd changes its tune to hearty cheers, and now it’s the Ghanaian on top, pumping his arms as he feeds off the energy in the Coliseum! Rhodes rolls from the ring completely, while Rey does likewise, leaving us with just Kingston, who heads to the turnbuckles to celebrate...

...ONLY FOR DREW MCINTYRE TO AMBUSH HIM WITH A CLUB TO THE BACK!!! Frankly, Kingston should have seen it coming, as McIntyre slides back into the ring to make sure the spotlight hasn’t been stolen from his pinfall victory! Kofi slumps over the top turnbuckle, then finds himself tugged off it completely by McIntyre, who dumps him to the floor, and starts pounding away with ferocious right hands...

...AND NOW TRENT BARRETA GETS INVOLVED, SLIDING INTO THE RING AND TACKLING MCINTYRE TO THE DECK!!! The crowd goes wild once again as Barreta fires away, bludgeoning the Scotsman with each shot – but McIntyre shoves him off! As Kofi rolls out of the ring, McIntyre snarls and goes after Barreta again with a clothesline... but Barreta ducks it, then hits the ropes – GOBSTOBBER!!! McIntyre collapses to the floor, and Barreta YELLS in triumph... but he’s not done! The frantic youngster swipes the hair out of his eyes, then pulls McIntyre back to his feet, before he applies the side headlock and scales the ropes... SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT!!! The Coliseum applauds that awe-inspiring finisher, and Barreta begins to grin, enjoying the reception...

...BUT THERE’S ONE MORE MAN! Wade Barrett has bided his time perfectly, and now he slides into the ring with an opportunistic look; as Barreta turns to celebrate with the other side of the crowd, he walks straight into the path of the Englishman – WHO SCOOPS HIM UP, AND IMMEDIATELY DELIVERS THE WASTELAND!!! It’s turned from a scene of celebration to being laid out for Trent Barreta, and now Barrett takes the spoils, heading to ringside to demand his title; he gets it, and lofts it triumphantly into the air to a chorus of boos, wearing his classic grin as his music booms into our ears.


Josh Matthews: Anyone who was worried that Wade Barrett wasn’t re-focused on the Intercontinental Championship need only look at that image; he’s on top here on SmackDown, and he’s got a win to his name as well. Folks, could Wade Barrett beat the odds this Sunday after all?

Matt Striker: Well, I think the safest thing to say is that anything could happen, Josh. After the anarchy we just witnessed, I expect nothing less than similar anarchy in Sunday’s match-up, and whoever can come out of it in one piece... might just be our Intercontinental Champion.

Josh Matthews: Indeed, Matt – it’s Wade Barrett’s biggest test as champion yet, ladies and gentlemen; that’s to come in just two days’ time in Tampa, but after the break, the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, hosts the Cutting Edge! You don’t wanna miss it!

As Barrett tells the assorted men on the outside that “This title isn’t going anywhere, gents” with that same grin, SmackDown fades to its last break of the evening.


And now, it’s time for RAW REBOUND!!!

Raw Rebound this week has an excerpt of The Miz’s lengthy opening promo, namely his part about the WWE being a “miserable, cold-hearted, fickle place” and how he plans to start towards finally getting his “thrill” this Sunday. We then cut to the main event, a marathon between John Cena and Triple H, and after a series of narrow near falls, including Cena surviving the Figure Four and the Game surviving the STFU, The Miz and Alex Riley end the bout prematurely with stereo chairshots to both men. However, as Riley lines up a lethal shot to Cena’s head, the ex-“Champ” ducks and sends Riley reeling with a clothesline, before he takes the chair and chases the Varsity Villain into the crowd. In the ring, the distraction gives Triple H a chance to recover, charging at The Miz, only for the WWE Champion to make a last-second escape; as Cena taunts from the stands where half the fans chant his name, Hunter finds himself the name the other half chant in the squared circle, and The Miz scowls at his future opponents as Raw comes to a close.


SmackDown returns to ringside, where the three-man team awaits us.

Josh Matthews: Welcome back to SmackDown, and as you just saw, things are getting heated in the fight for the WWE Championship – but frankly guys, I don’t think there’s a more heated rivalry in the entire WWE than the one raging about the World Heavyweight Championship between Edge and Alberto Del Rio.

Booker T: Ya know dat’s right, Josh – I mean, dese two guys went at it at Wrestlemania and Edge came out on top, but dey’re steppin’ it up a notch dis Sunday! Inside dat steel cage, things are gonna – get – SETTLED.

Matt Striker: And of course we can’t forget the new dynamic to this match-up, even if it won’t matter this Sunday; Edge has been plagued by the actions of Del Rio’s new ‘guard’, the Alberto Administration, and they’ve made sure that the Mexican Aristocrat always has an upper hand when he needs one.

Josh Matthews: Absolutely Matt, but as you said, these two men will be locked inside the steel cage, and it’s for that reason that Edge might just stand a chance of retaining the World Title; it’s outside influences removed, nothing but pure one-on-one action inside that unforgiving steel, and whoever can simply out-do their opponent will be known from then on... as the face of Friday Night SmackDown. Let’s take you to the ring now...

The shot indeed fades to the squared circle, where the usual stools are set up, standing on a black carpet floor. The ‘Rated R’ logo is projected on to the mat to set the scene, and now Tony Chimel pipes up.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... the World Heavyweight Champion... the Rated R Superstar... EDGE!!!



THE COLISEUM GOES ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!! Just like when we saw him earlier, the appearance of the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, gets a massive ovation from the fans in Greensboro, wearing his leather jacket over jeans, with his title belt draped over his shoulder. He observes the Coliseum from behind his classic shades, then begins to march down the ramp, casually acknowledging the fans who wave and cheer.

Josh Matthews: Edge is one of the most determined World Champions that SmackDown has seen in a long while, guys – after winning the title back in December late last year, he’s seen off a number of challengers, and this Sunday he could finally put the issue of Alberto Del Rio to bed... or he could lose the belt that means so much to him.

Matt Striker: I think the Rated R Superstar will take heart from the match stipulation, Josh. Edge has won several Steel Cage bouts in the past, and Del Rio has only won one... last week. In terms of experience, our World Champion could have the edge, no pun intended, and the fact that the Administration won’t be able to influence the match means he has reason to be hopeful.

Booker T: Aww, more dan hopeful, Matt! Edge is here to stay as World Champ – I’m not denyin’ that Alberto’s not done some damage, raised a few questions, know what I’m sayin’, but Edge’s got a score ta settle after summa da stuff Del Rio’s been pullin’, and he goin’ get it done dis Sunday, I just know it.

With Booker’s endorsement behind him, Edge heads up the steel steps and enters the ring. Holding the World Title to his shoulder still, he uses his free hand to pick up one of the mics on the nearest stool, then paces about the ring. As he mulls over what he’s about to say, his music cuts out, and a whole host of “EDGE! EDGE!” chants kick off around the Greensboro Coliseum. Smirking from behind his shades, the Rated R Superstar nods his head in acknowledgement, then raises the mic as the ‘Cutting Edge’ logo appears in the bottom-left-hand corner of our screens.

Edge: I just came from the doctor’s office.

Small mixed reaction as Edge runs a hand through his hair.

Edge: Y’know, I have so very... very, little respect for a guy like Jack Swagger and his personal helper monkey Michael Cole...

Pop for that.

Edge: ...and what they did tonight just – just made sure that the next time I see them, I’m Spearin’ both of ‘em right outta their boots.

Again, the crowd approves.

Edge: But Christian’s a tough guy, he’ll pull through, he always has... and it occurs to me I don’t have to worry about what Jack Swagger does, because Christian will be in Tampa this Sunday and he will make Swagger cry like a little girl, so...

Big cheer for that concept, as Edge shrugs.

Edge: Only there’s one thing that Jack Swagger has done which I suppose I should mention – and that brings me to the set-up you guys see in the ring here. Of course, as your World Heavyweight Champion, I’d like to wish you all welcome to the most ground-breaking talk show on SmackDown, the Cutting Edge...

Again, Edge tails off as the crowd cheers.

Edge: And on that note, it’s down to my own business, not anyone else’s. So let’s talk about Alberto... Del... Rio.

Immediate heat for the Mexican Aristocrat.

Edge: Now, three weeks ago, ‘Berto beat Christian to earn a shot at my World Title after leaving me unconscious at the start of the show and... and Jack Swagger givin’ him a helpin’ hand in the match itself.

More boos for Del Rio and Swagger’s actions.

Edge: Sure, I said I’d move on from Swagger, but my point here is that unlike when Alberto won the Royal Rumble, which is all well and good, he didn’t earn his shot for this Sunday. Nothin’ he’s done recently, on his own merit, makes him worthy of bein’ World Champion, and sometimes? Sometimes that rubs me the wrong way.

A few boos for Del Rio again. The Rated R Superstar removes his shades now and puts them in his jacket pocket; his eyes, now visible, seem a little tired.

Edge: And just like that, he’s tryin’ to make up for how he couldn’t beat me at Wrestlemania... by stacking the deck with this so-called – Administration.


Edge: But not only does that steel cage make sure he can’t do that, it just proves something to me, proves something to you all, and proves something to Alberto himself.

He smirks.

Edge: Like everybody saw last week, it proves that Alberto Del Rio can’t beat me – by himself.

A healthy pop accompanies that shot from Edge, who now turns to the stage.

Edge: So if ya wanna prove me wrong, Alberto – well, here’s your chance, because the special guests on the Cutting Edge here tonight are Alberto Del Rio... and his fan club.

A small mixed reaction goes up, and now the camera turns to the stage...





Huge boos immediately swarm in as the Mexican theme hits, and clad in a dazzling silver suit, Alberto Del Rio walks casually on to the stage with his hands on the white scarf that adorns the outfit. Alongside him are inevitably his cohorts; Rosa Mendes clutches a clipboard to her bust with a smirk, while Chavo Guerrero scowls following his earlier loss and Brodus Clay looks in a considerably un-funky mood. They are joined by the nameless trumpeter, instrument in hand, while we cut to see Ricardo Rodriguez standing smugly at ringside for an unnecessary introduction.

Ricardo Rodriguez: Damas y caballeros, siéntate y cállate. Usted está a punto de presenciar un hombre magnífico. Es querida del destino. Él es el próximo Campeón Mundial Peso Pesado. Él es el hombre al que todos deseamos que podría ser. Provenientes de los países de la gloria, México, por favor, pagar sus aspectos. Él es ... ALBERTOOOOOOOOOOO – DEL RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOO!!!

Josh Matthews: Well guys, this Sunday it’s ‘redemption time’ for Alberto Del Rio, or it’s nothing at all.

Matt Striker: Alberto calls himself ‘Destiny’s Darling’ because he believes it’s always been his fate to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, Josh – the problem with that is Edge beat him a month ago at that exact same event, which has inspired this new, more vicious side to the Mexican Aristocrat, like we saw a week ago.

Josh Matthews: And while we’re on that subject, let’s just take a look at that again...

We cut to see highlights from last week, in which Del Rio, Chavo and Brodus lay Edge out, and the Mexican Aristocrat calls for the steel cage to be lowered. Once it has been, the Rated R Superstar gets hit with a variety of moves, which we get fleeting clips of, including the Three Amigos, the Fall of Humanity, the Frog Splash and eventually the Cross-Arm Breaker. We return to the arena, where Del Rio is heading for the ring steps, though Clay steps up to the apron to begrudgingly open the ropes to let ‘Destiny’s Darling’ inside.

Matt Striker: The fact that Alberto could dominate the World Champion inside the very steel cage they’ll be competing in this Sunday will do wonders for his confidence, Josh. You can see the smirk etched on his face there; he knows the Administration have given him the upper hand, and this Sunday, that momentum, that confidence, might lead him to his very first title win.

Booker T: I can’t say I’m da biggest fan o’ da way Alberto does things, dawg, but when you leave the World Champ on his back in da middle of the ring, you sendin’ a message that you comin’ for dat title. Dis has gotta be one of da biggest threats to Edge’s World Heavyweight Title... well, ever!

By now, Del Rio has entered the ring, and taken the other mic from the other stool. Neither he nor Edge sit, however, and as the remainder of the Administration files in behind Del Rio (with Ricardo even joining from ringside), the sight is that of Edge lined up against all six individuals. Alberto’s music soon dies down, and several “YOU SUCK!” chants follow the Mexican, who watches Edge with a wary grin before raising his mic.

Alberto Del Rio: You’re... you’re walking, amigo.

Edge returns a patronising smile.

Edge: Yeah, I figured that would surprise ya. See, unlike you, Alberto, I don’t have a skeleton like a Chinese vase.

Pop for that; Alberto’s grin vanishes.

Edge: So we’re different like that. But after what you did last week, when the guys in the back were checking me over, I got to thinking... we’re – we’re very different, you and I, Alberto.

A little frown now from ‘Destiny’s Darling.’

Edge: Yep, you and I are on total opposite ends of the scale. On one hand you’ve got me, growin’ up stomping through the snow in Toronto, and then there’s you, bein’ served by waiters in Central Mexico.

Boos for that, but Del Rio shrugs – he doesn’t care.

Edge: (flippantly) Hell, you were even trained by the legendary luchadors of the past!

Del Rio misses the sarcasm and cracks a smirk.

Edge: But I’ll tell ya what, ‘Berto, the biggest difference between us is that while I stand here and face whatever you’ve got to throw at me, you run. You run from everything. You hide behind bodyguards like Clay there, or yes-men like (gesturing) Ricardo, or – er – lackeys like Chavo…

The deliberate word choice from Edge gets Chavo FURIOUS, and the Mexican Warrior has to be blocked off by Del Rio as he attempts to get at the World Champion, yelling “C’mon! Let’s do this right now!” Edge can’t hold back a grin, using Chavo’s previous promo to bite back at him.

Alberto Del Rio: No, no, no, Edge. You lie. I hide from nothing, peso. But you – you hid behind your little buddy Christian at Wrestlemania, and now you’re running from me. De new standard.

Heat from the crowd as Edge folds his arms.

Alberto Del Rio: You try to divert de attention from your weakness by ruining my beautiful car at Wrestlemania, my wonderful fiesta two weeks ago… you’re trying to out-do me at something that I excel at. De spectacular.

Again, the fans boo that.

Alberto Del Rio: But you don’t fool me, amigo.

He flashes that priceless smile again.

Alberto Del Rio: Behind all your tactics, you’re still de same man who’s going to TAP dis Sunday to de Cross-Arm Breaker. And believe me – I dream of dat moment every night when I fall asleep. It’s all I think about. Dat one moment where I break out, in front of (he throws up his free hand) I don’t know – fifteen, twenty thousand people in Florida? No?

A few boos, but the crowd mainly starts to tell Del Rio “YOU SUCK!” again and again. He chuckles, then continues with his speech.

Alberto Del Rio: When I make dat happen dis Sunday, Edge, I’ll show everyone in dat locker room, all dese people paying to watch, and most of all – YOU – that de new era is upon us.

On cue, Ricardo cries “VIVA ALBERTO!” behind his friend and employer. Del Rio grins.

Alberto Del Rio: Gracias. My Administration…

“DAH-DAAAAH DAH-DAH DAH-DAH-DAH!” is the cry from the trumpet.

Alberto Del Rio: …is de most powerful force in de WWE right now, led by de most powerful man… and soon to be de most powerful World – Heavyweight – Champion.

Heat from the crowd. Edge raises an eyebrow as Del Rio paces a little.

Alberto Del Rio: And you know, de stakes are higher in two days, Edge. Much higher than at Wrestlemania. Because you and I are going to step into dat Steel Cage Match – it’s a dangerous, dangerous place.

He tilts his head, as if he sympathises for Edge.

Alberto Del Rio: I showed you last week how much I can handle de cage. I beat Sin Cara inside it and made him suffer.

More heat.

Alberto Del Rio: And dis Sunday, I’m going to do the same to you. I’m going to come out victorious – just me, not my associates. I’m going to stand tall as the new leader of SmackDown…

One more flash of a smile from Alberto.

Alberto Del Rio: …because it’s my destiny.

Big heat from the crowd as Edge holds up a finger.

Edge: As much crap as we all just heard come outta your mouth, Alberto…

The fans cheer for that, while Del Rio frowns.

Edge: …you said one thing that’s right. The stakes ARE higher for you. Because this Sunday, I wanna kill two birds – with one stone.

He smirks.

Edge: Y’see, I don’t just want to retain my title… I wanna tear your Administration… LIMB FROM LIMB.

HUGE pop at that thought, and Ricardo and the trumpeter exchange a look of terror. Chavo raises his fists, however, and Del Rio looks ready to fight too… but Brodus Clay looks less worried; he’s frustrated by Edge’s attack on him earlier, but he’s in no hurry to go to war over it just yet.

Edge: Yeah, when that match is done this Sunday, and once I’ve retained my World Title…

The crowd cheers again.

Edge: Once it’s done, I’m gonna find a steel chair, and run through your stupid Administration until there’s nothing but wreckage left. A personal con-chair-to symphony.

Another hearty cheer from the crowd, who desperately want to see that; Del Rio looks slightly concerned, as do his cohorts behind him, but he frowns and shakes it off.

Alberto Del Rio: How unfortunate for you, amigo… that you’re not going to win.

Immediate boos from the Coliseum.

Edge: No, that’s where you wrong, ‘Berto. And straight after it, I’m gonna make all these loyal fans notice that you’ve tried real hard to make a… make a legacy outta your short career, but when it comes down to it, when it’s gut-check time, there’s no room in the WWE for people who don’t deserve it.

Pop as Del Rio scowls.

Edge: There’s only room for the guys at the very top. They’re the guys here to make the lasting impact. Guys like me who can tap into the levels way beyond the regular, way beyond PG and way beyond the acceptable standard.

He pauses for a moment, as Del Rio mouths “Beyond PG?” and Edge nods.

Edge: Guys like the RATED – R – SUPERSTAR.

MASSIVE pop for that.

Edge: (hissing) And I’m not going anywhere.

The crowd roars their approval, and now Alberto takes a step forward to go nose-to-nose with the World Heavyweight Champion, as both men let their mics drop to the floor. The trash talk flies from under their breath, as Chavo and Clay stand behind, prepared to launch for the attack…

…but Del Rio holds his hand behind him to tell them not to pull the trigger. The Administration exchanges glances and stays back, though Chavo looks pissed to not get his hands on Edge, and now it’s just a pure stare-down, Edge and Del Rio telling each other what they think of the other. An eerie scene to take us home.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, the entire landscape of SmackDown could change inside that steel cage in just two days’ time… will it be another Rated R performance from SmackDown’s most faithful servant, Edge, or will Alberto Del Rio truly ‘usher in the new era’? Folks, it’s Extreme Rules, it’s this Sunday, and it’s going to be absolutely unforgettable! I’m Josh Matthews, with Matt Striker and Booker T – goodbye for now!

As Edge and Alberto Del Rio share one last moment of trying to out-talk the other, SmackDown, and the Cutting Edge, both fade to black.


Quick Results
Christian bts. Chavo Guerrero
Sin Cara bts. Tyler Reks
Justin Gabriel bts. Big Show
Beth Phoenix bts. Michelle McCool
Drew McIntyre, Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes bt. Kofi Kingston, Trent Barreta and Rey Mysterio

WWE Championship – Extreme Rules Match
The Miz (c) vs John Cena vs Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship – Steel Cage Match
Edge (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

Last Man Standing Match
CM Punk vs Randy Orton

I Quit Match
Christian vs Jack Swagger

No. 1 Contender To The WWE Title – Ladder Match
Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan

Intercontinental Championship – Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge
Wade Barrett (c) vs Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre vs Trent Barreta

United States and Diva’s Championships – Winner Take All Match
Sheamus (c) and Melina vs John Morrison and Eve Torres (c)

WWE Tag Team Championships – Tag Team Tables Match
Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater (c) vs Big Show and Kane




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