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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Monday Night Raw
MEN Arena, Manchester, England | 18th April 2011

The WWE touches down in England for the first night of the Wrestlemania Revenge week-long tour, which will span across the entire of the United Kingdom, including SmackDown in the famous O2 Arena this Friday night; tonight, however, Raw emanates from the Manchester Evening News Arena, and things are sure to heat up ahead of Extreme Rules in just under two weeks’ time.

Last week, WWE Champion The Miz stooped to a new low to keep himself ahead of John Cena in the lead-up to their Extreme Rules title bout; after Jerry Lawler announced Pick Your Poison as the night’s theme, the Awesome One stole a win over Randy Orton when CM Punk provided a distraction, and then forced Cena to run the Gauntlet against Ted DiBiase, The Great Khali, and then himself, surprising the ex-“Champ” with the Skull-Crushing Finale from behind to claim a tainted win. However, the WWE Champion’s celebrations were spoiled by the arrival of TRIPLE H, who hit Alex Riley with a Pedigree and raised the famous belt to signal his intentions. Tonight in Manchester, Triple H will open the show to discuss his return and why he targeted The Miz; will the Awesome One have anything to say about the Game’s shock tactics? And where does John Cena come into the equation?

Another man planning to have his say on Raw tonight is Randy Orton. The wronged Viper, after being pinned by the WWE Champion last week, must be feeling more hatred for CM Punk that ever before – the week previously, Punk had made the vow that business wasn’t finished between the two, and if that wasn’t true when he said it, it certainly is now. The Second City Saint wants Orton to agree to a rematch, after the Viper was victorious at Wrestlemania, but it seemed the third-generation superstar was more interested with getting himself in contention for the WWE Title. Now, however, Orton must surely be out for revenge, and we’ll hear his true feelings when he gets on the mic tonight.

New Raw General Manager Jerry “The King” Lawler had a big first night last week, re-introducing the Pick Your Poison concept and signing another match for Extreme Rules in the form of Daniel Bryan versus Dolph Ziggler in a Ladder match. The prize they’ll be competing for is a WWE Title shot, and considering how much both Ziggler and Bryan want to be top of the pile on Raw, one would imagine they’d be over the moon. However, Ziggler and his girlfriend, Vickie Guerrero, don’t want to see Bryan in contention for a title shot, and it seems these two have some issues to deal with as a result, issues which might only be concluded in a brutal match like that we’ll be seeing in thirteen days. Tonight, Daniel Bryan takes on his old mentor from years gone by, William Regal, in the Blackpool Brawler’s home nation. Will Bryan keep his momentum rolling after he made Ziggler tap out last week, or can Regal take the pressure off Ziggler a little by picking up the win?

Meanwhile, John Morrison’s pursuit of the United States Title continues, though not particularly successful. Not only will current champ Sheamus barely give him the time of day, let alone another match, but old flame Melina has taken to picking apart Morrison’s ‘lack of an edge’, claiming that the Prince of Parkour has no killer instinct that would allow him to get in the title hunt properly, as the Red Carpet Diva has efficiently managed to do in terms of the Diva’s Championship. While Melina faces Tamina tonight, Morrison is without a match, though he’ll be seeing the United States Champion compete when Sheamus faces Yoshi Tatsu; what lengths will Morrison go to in order to prove his merit? And who will win in those aforementioned match-ups?

Also tonight, Tyler Black continues his investigations, and you can expect to see Mark Henry, R-Truth, Johnny Curtis and more!

~ Announced For Raw ~

Triple H opens the show
Randy Orton to speak


Singles Contest
Daniel Bryan vs The Blackpool Brawler William Regal

Singles Contest
The Red Carpet Diva Melina vs Tamina

Singles Contest – Non-Title Match
United States Champion Sheamus vs Yoshi Tatsu
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Ah, so the "King" is back on his throne

I've tried to keep up with this thread while it was going on, and I will say that thus far you've done a very ncie job sorting through the mush that is the 2011 roster/Wrestlemania results. Miz having to go through potentially both Cena and Triple H is a HUGE idea that I hope you see through. In smaller notes, very interested in the way you want to go with Tyler Black and actually giving some character to JoMo. Your returning RAW looks very promising, especially with Bryan and Regal going at it in Manchester. I expect a half-hour match. Make it happen. Only quirk so far is I'm not too keen on Lawler as GM, but I'll play along and see what's up in the end.

Other than those random observations, welcome back, fella (hopefully long term). You always seem to have a good head on your shoulders for this stuff. Just don't get too big a head, your highness


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It's Baaaaack...
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

You know I've wanted you to return to this for awhile now, so I'm more then pleased to finally see it here. The return of Triple H was done EXTREMELY well last week, it was really made to feel like a big event. A Hunter promo to open the show is probably the best way to go, and it'll be interesting to see if you can build some chemistry between The Miz and HHH. I don't know how Cena is going to get involved in this, because as the returning star, and the guy who went toe to toe with The Undertaker at WrestleMania, Trips has so much momentum right now. And we don't want Cena to be an afterthought here, so I'm really interested to see how this goes.

If Punk doesn't interrupt Orton microphone time, I just may fall asleep. Bryan/Regal needs to be given fifteen plus minutes also. It looks to be a good show to return with, I'll be reading.

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Monday Night Raw
MEN Arena, Manchester, England | 18th April 2011

After a brief video package shows us The Miz beating both Randy Orton and John Cena through nefarious means last week, followed by Triple H laying Alex Riley out with a Pedigree, we see the Raw opening video package. As John Cena throws the salute to finish the video, we head to the Manchester Evening News Arena, where the English fans go WILD as the fireworks go off all over the stage. From there, it’s to the announce desk, where a sour-faced Michael Cole sits, accompanied by his polar opposite, a grinning Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night –

Michael Cole: Ah, give it a rest, Matthews. Hi, I’m Michael Cole, the only sports journalist worthy of introducing the longest running weekly episodic television show in history, MONDAY – NIGHT – RAW! We are live in Manchester tonight, and by we, I mean... I am, unfortunately, joined by Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: (with an undertone of sarcasm) Thanks for the sparkling introduction, Cole, I’m learning a lot from you already. Indeed, we’re in jolly old England, though I doubt my broadcast partner has inherited any of that jolly spirit from our surroundings – regardless, prepare for a night of heated action!

Michael Cole: Always the joker, right, Josh? Well, don’t worry, ‘cause you can’t dampen my spirits; I’M the guy who makes this show worth watchin’! I’m the ear candy you just can’t get enough of! So why don’t you just shut your yap and let a real announcer go to work –



THE ROOF COMES OFF THE ARENA!!! This English crowd goes NUTS as the famous Motorhead tune echoes through the building, and if possible, they turn the volume waaaaay up as TRIPLE H makes his way out on to the stage, dressed in a classic ‘The Game’ shirt over a pair of worn jeans! The King of Kings, as of course he must be named, stands motionlessly upon the stage for a moment, as the green and red lights flash about... but the music cuts sharply out, to be replaced by –



Once more, the masses here in Manchester roar their approval, and at this cue, the Cerebral Assassin begins to head down the ramp for the ring. Though he looks around the arena, it’s impossible to tell how he’s feeling, as he hides his emotions behind his usual poker face.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... the Gaaaaaaame... TRIPLE ‘AIIIITTTTCCHHH!!!

Michael Cole: And would ya look at that, from one buzzkill in Josh Matthews to another in Triple H – where the hell does this guy get off, anyway? Last week, comin’ out here and ruinin’ The Miz’s night! Geez, learn when to quit, y’know? SOMEONE GET THE MIZ OUT HERE!

Josh Matthews: (ignoring him) Of course, Triple H making a huge impact when he turned up at the end of Raw last week, delivering both the Spinebuster and the Pedigree to Alex Riley and holding The Miz’s WWE Title into the air as we went off the air; now, we get to hear just why he did it.

Michael Cole: Oh, ya don’t need him to tell ya, Josh! I’ll tell ya right now! It’s because he can’t stand to be outta the spotlight for two weeks straight, so he’s gotta rain on The Miz’s parade! What a loser! The Miz was out there making MIZ-STORY, and Triple H –

Josh Matthews: (sighing) I miss Jerry Lawler.

Michael Cole: Did I give you permission to speak, huh? Who do you think you’re announcin’ with here? I’m the most must-hear broadcaster in WWE history, and dammit, I’m owed some respect!

Matthews just decides to be silent for now, resting his head against his hand, while Triple H collects a mic in the ring, and paces about, mulling. His music dies down, and we’re left with just the overpowering “TRIPLE H! TRIPLE H!” chants that ring around the MEN Arena. Finally, there’s a break in the eager chanting, allowing the Game a chance to speak.

Triple H: At Wrestlemania Twenty-Seven... I couldn’t beat The Undertaker.

Mostly boos at this opening comment; the Cerebral Assassin shows his first sign of emotion – defeat.

Triple H: I never thought I’d stand here and say it, but... I didn’t break the Streak.

Again, boos, but less this time. Tripper looks at the floor, as if embarrassed to remember what happened in Atlanta fifteen days ago.

Triple H: And it didn’t... it didn’t hit me ‘til I got back to the locker room that night. I sat there, and a bunch of docs were lookin’ me up and down, tryin’ to figure out why I was too injured to get up and leave... but I realised the thing I’d hurt most – was my pride.

Mixed reaction, and Hunter’s eyes flicker around the arena.

Triple H: I went into that stadium knowing I was gonna win – but when I set foot in that ring I never thought I’d be up against what I saw from the Undertaker. (conceding) I threw everything I had at that guy, and he... he just wouldn’t stay down for the three seconds when it mattered.

He frowns at the memory, then looks to the crowd.

Triple H: But then I started to think. Sure, I failed. Does it make me a worse competitor?

“NO!” answers the crowd to the Game’s completely rhetorical question.

Triple H: Does it make me any less worthy to step inside these ropes night in, night out?

Again, the crowd gives a firm negative reply, not that he needs one.

Triple H: Hell – no. So I spent a week with my family, recovered my pride, and then I came back to make an impact the only way I know how; by walkin’ down that ramp and scaring the crap out of the guy on the top of the Monday night pile.

A hearty pop goes up from the fans.

Triple H: So even if I lost to the Deadman, I’m not gonna feel sorry for myself, because feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t get you anywhere. Kicking ass is what gets you places, and that’s what I did last week.

Another big pop.

Triple H: The way I see it, nothing gets you back in the mood like gettin’ in the hunt for the WWE Title, so that’s exactly what I’m here to do. I don’t care if there’s a match booked for it already at Extreme Rules, I’m here, I’m fit to compete, and believe me...

He leans in to the camera.

Triple H: (growling) The fightin’ mood I’m in... no-one’s gonna stop me from gettin’ a shot.

This gets a hefty cheer from the crowd once again, and the Game bares his teeth for a moment. He begins to pace around the ring again.

Triple H: So the general gist, for those (loudly) hard – of – hearing: if I can’t beat the Streak, I’ll just get the next... best... thing. So whoever’s in charge of that, maybe they should hot-step it down here and make that happen before I start to shake things up myself.

“TRIPLE H! TRIPLE H!” chants the crowd as the Cerebral Assassin looks up at the stage expectantly.

Michael Cole: Lawler’s not gonna cave to this moron, is he?






Immense booing swamps the chanting now, and Triple H’s eyes narrow with menace as the WWE Champion, The Miz, makes his way out majestically. With Alex Riley similarly suited up alongside him, the Awesome One raises his title belt into the air to prove a point, then begins to stroll casually down the ramp, taking his sweet time; whether this is a tactic to rile the Game or simply out of fear, I can’t tell, and I’m the writer.

Michael Cole: WHAT A HERO! Let’s face it, no-one cares about Triple H, he’s old news – this is the man we all came here to see! Things are about to get a whole lot classier now The Miz is here, Josh, and you know it too! Would – would ya look at Hunter’s face? That’s pure FEAR!

Josh Matthews: Why would Triple H fear The Miz after what happened last week?

Michael Cole: Were you not watching? The Miz beat Randy Orton and John Cena in one night! One night! Sure, Triple H had the element of surprise on his side, but now – now the playin’ field’s level, Josh! Get ready for more Miz-story, courtesy of the most must-see WWE Champ of aaaaaaall time!

Josh Matthews: Do you just say the first Miz-friendly thing that pops into your head?

Michael Cole: Do you ever add anything meaningful to this announce team?

The Miz marches up the steel steps and swings inside the ring to face up to Triple H; contrary to his shaken-up expression at the end of the show last week, Miz now looks fairly relaxed in the Game’s company, as shown by his casual wandering past him to the other side of the ring to collect two mics from ringside. Tripper’s eyes never leave the WWE Champion, who passes one of the mics to Riley as he enters the ring, and now the pair stand united across from the Cerebral Assassin. The Miz’s music subsides, leaving the crowd to chant Triple H’s name again, but The Miz virtually ignores them.

The Miz: You... think you deserve a shot... at me?

Triple H’s expression is ice cold.

The Miz: Really?

“REALLY!” replies the crowd.

The Miz: Really?


The Miz: REALLY?


The Miz: Well, unfortunately Hunter, I don’t. Because no matter what these buck-toothed, tea-drinking SLOBS think...

Big but oh-so-cheap heat for The Miz from the Manchester fans.

The Miz: ...you proved last week exactly what I’ve been saying for months. No-one can make me break a sweat without taking me by surprise first; you tried to compensate for the fact that one-on-one, you couldn’t even touch me, Hunter.

More heat.

The Miz: If you think you’ve shaken everything up here somehow, try to use some of the energy you usually divert to your gigantic nose to keep it on your face, and put it in your brain instead.

Hunter is unimpressed, but Riley chuckles despite the boos from the crowd.

The Miz: Frankly, you were nothing but a nuisance. A speck on the mantle that was my historic night. Because in case you didn’t notice, Hunter, I beat Randy Orton and John Cena during Raw last Monday. That... is the work of a legend in the making. Nay, a LIVING legend. So you can try and fool these people into thinking you’re something extraordinary because of what you did, but really, the only extraordinary thing on Monday Night Raw is THE MIZ.

Another torrent of boos from the crowd, and The Miz adjusts his belt again.

The Miz: And to answer your question... you losing at Wrestlemania does make you unworthy. Just like John Cena is unworthy. You’re like two peas in a pod, Hunter. Both losers at Wrestlemania, both pretenders to my throne. My belt. But in the end, neither of you is a challenge. Neither of you deserve a shot at me.

He bares his teeth as the crowd jeers again.

The Miz: I got all these tweets after last week’s show, talking about how I was gonna lose to you, or how I was gonna lose to Cena, and how I wouldn’t be WWE Champion for much longer. But those people... those people are idiots. Firstly, you don’t have a shot at me, and you’re not going to get one. And secondly, because I beat John Cena last week, I beat him at Wrestlemania, and in two weeks at Extreme Rules... it’ll be third time lucky for me, because he’ll finally be out – of my – WAY.

Heat again, as HHH shakes his head.

Triple H: Nah, nah. You call yourself the most must-see WWE Champion of all time, Miz? I’ve seen dozens of men like you. Always hopin’ they’ll get past one challenger, tryin’ to extend their reign as long as possible... but here in the WWE, things have a funny way of coming back round to bite you in the ass.

The crowd pops at that concept; The Miz scowls.

Triple H: I saw how you won at Wrestlemania, I saw how you won last week. That’s exactly what I’d come to expect from you. But soon, it’s all gonna come crashing down. It’s not gonna end well. And if I may be so bold as to make a prediction about how it’s gonna end, it’s gonna have something to do with your face, meeting (pointing) that mat.

Again, a cheer goes up.

Alex Riley: Hey, I don’t think you quite realise what the deal is here –

Triple H: That goes for you too. Touch me and that Pedigree last week won’t be such a distant memory, kiddo, so pipe down.

Pop as Riley gets humbled.

Triple H: You both have a real fine act going on here. Riley dives in front of the bullets, Miz picks up the scraps. The problem with facing me is... I’ve got a lot of ammo.

The Miz frowns; was that an innuendo? Regardless, the crowd cheers.

Triple H: (menacingly) If you put that title on the line against me, Miz – I’ll go in all guns blazing, and I’ll come out the winner, whether you like or not.

The Miz: Like you did against the Undertaker?

Immediate, loud heat. Miz tilts his head and smirks.

The Miz: Me and this belt have nothing to do with luck, or cheating, Hunter. Some men just work harder than others, and I’m right at the top of that pile. I climbed my way up from a virtual nobody... to standing before you as the headliner. The main event.


The Miz: You don’t deserve a shot because you’re a loser, and I’m way, way above you now. And there isn’t a man on this whole PLANET who has the tools to take this belt away from me. Not... a... single... man.

They’ve reached a stalemate. Smirking, The Miz brings up the mic.

The Miz: Because I’M THE MIZ... AND I’M –


AND A GIGANTIC CHEER CUTS THE MIZ OFF!!! All three men in the ring look to the stage with differing expressions, and The Miz casts his eyes to the ceiling in frustration as John Cena marches out, telling the camera “Gooooooood DAY!” in his best English accent on the stage!

Michael Cole: Ah, give me a break!

Josh Matthews: The Miz is about to be faced with two men who have the necessary tools to take that belt away from him, Cole – Triple H, and that man right there; JOHN CENA is here in Manchester!

Michael Cole: You’ve just heard the gospel truth from The Miz, Josh – none of these guys are on his level! Why should an icon like him have to cater to the demands of low-lives? Nobody wants to see Hunter and Cena hog the spotlight, so why is The Miz being forced to deal with them? Lawler’s runnin’ a circus around here!

Cena charges down the ramp and slides into the ring, throwing up the ‘Word Life’ sign to the fans as the three men watch him with frowns. The ex-“Champ” grabs a mic speedily, then wanders around the ring, casting his eyes between Miz and Hunter as his music dies out. The usual mix of boos and cheers can be heard for Cena, who splits the English fans down the middle as usual, and he smiles in acknowledgement of the reaction.

John Cena: Me oh my, if it isn’t Tripper and the Frog Face Parade!

Pop for Cena’s comedy, though there is a constant undertone of boos from some of the hardline Cena haters. The Miz takes a similarly-negative stance, putting on his best frog-faced scowl to sell Cena’s insult. Triple H, on the other hand, just stands and listens without emotion; of course, he knew Cena would have had to have a say in a matter involving the WWE Championship.

John Cena: I mean, sure, I figured you’d be out here to say your piece, Hunter, and Miz, you can’t go five minutes without openin’ your yap... and Alex, I know you’ve gotta follow him round like a thirteen-year-old girl with a crush on the captain of the football team!

Again, a pop goes up, and Riley chuckles humourlessly, then gives him a merciless glare.

John Cena: Oh, sorry, we’re in England – over here, y’all probably think I mean soccer. That’s cool, I think it still applies... y’all have captains in soccer, right?

As if getting an answer from a friend in the front row, he points to no-one in particular, then nods.

John Cena: Okay, okay. All right. I guess we are where we are. You, Hunter... you want a WWE Title match?

Hunter says nothing; no need to answer THAT.

John Cena: Well knock me down with an English muffin, I wouldn’t have seen that comin’ in a million years. It’s not like anybody else on Raw wants a shot at it!

Triple H raises his eyebrows. Cena comes to a mock realisation.

John Cena: Oh – oh wait. That’s not true at all! (cutting the act) No, Hunter. We all want a piece of The Miz. We all want a chance to taste that gold, whether it’s for the first time or the tenth. We’ve all got that fire inside us.

A small pop goes up, but The Miz interrupts.

The Miz: Because you’re such an ambassador for the Raw locker room, huh Cena? Cut the big speeches, save the jokes for an open mic night. (narrowing his eyes) You’re not some kind of hero, sent to liberate the WWE Title from my shoulder! Nah! I pinned you last week!

Immediate boos for that.

The Miz: And you know what that makes me? In the simplest terms I can put this... it makes me better than you; no strings attached, no excuses, no whining, no complaining, just facts. I’ve pinned you twice in three weeks. I am superior to you.

“Is that right?” retorts Cena.

The Miz: Yeah. So take your jokes, and your cheesy smile, and your stupid purple shirt, and take them all to the back... then I want you find a chair – and sit down and shut up.

More heat. A few fans chant “Sit down, shut up!” at The Miz, but nothing to deter him.

The Miz: I shouldn’t have to sift through the trash, yet here I am in a ring with you two. After last week, Cena, you should count yourself lucky you still have your match at Extreme Rules; and Hunter, if you can’t beat The Undertaker...

A sly grin from the Awesome One.

The Miz: ...you sure as hell can’t – beat – me.

Big heat for The Miz’s implication that he’s better than the Deadman.

The Miz: When the future generations look back on my reign as WWE Champion, I want them to think of the most must-see WWE Champion of all time... not the guy playing mediator in the middle of the ring with a loser on each side.

More boos.

The Miz: Cena, I’ll see you at Extreme Rules.

He goes to leave, but turns to stare at the Game.

The Miz: How fortunate... that I’m SPARING you the embarrassment of losing – again.

With the Manchester crowd booing, The Miz leaves the ring, with Riley following him obediently. In the ring, Cena puts his hands on his hips with a shake of his head, while Hunter just yells “I’ll find a way, Miz!” at the WWE Champion as he turns to face them from the ramp.

The Miz: (making his classic boo-hoo face) Neither of you could beat me anyway. (smirking) Because I’M THE MIZ... AND I’M... AWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEESSSOOOOMMMMEEE!!!

The crowd boos, but within seconds, an unexpected tune sweeps in...


...and a cheer goes up as the Raw General Manager, Jerry “The King” Lawler strolls out, a small smile on his face borne purely of the frown on The Miz’s.

Michael Cole: Can’t The Miz have two seconds without being interrupted by some clown?

Lawler’s music subsides speedily, and he raises the mic in his hand.

Jerry Lawler: Firstly, I hope the WWE Universe here in Manchester is having a good time!

Embarrassingly-cheap pop for Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: Now, protocol suggests I shouldn’t be handing out WWE Title shots, especially not when a match has already been booked for Extreme Rules...

The Miz smirks with satisfaction, but Tripper and Cena wait for him to finish that sentence.

Jerry Lawler: ...but since we don’t have a stipulation yet, I figure there’s still time for that match to get shaken up a little bit, don’t ya think?

A pop goes up in Triple H’s favour, and the Game finally cracks a smile. The Miz, contrastingly, looks furious, and Riley takes that as his cue to follow suit.

Jerry Lawler: Plus, since it is you, Miz, and there’s nothin’ quite as fun as making you have a temper tantrum...

The crowd cheers once again, but Cole screams “THIS IS RIDICULOUS!” in protest at ringside.

Jerry Lawler: ...so tonight, it’s gonna be the so-called most must-see WWE Champion of all time, The Miz...

“There’s no ‘so-called’ about it, you hypocrite!” roars Cole!

Jerry Lawler: ...versus THE GAME, TRIPLE H!

These fans in Manchester LOVE that, showing their appreciation, and Triple H begins to nod.

Jerry Lawler: And Hunter, if you win that match, the WWE Title match at Extreme Rules’ll become a Triple Threat match!

Another BIG pop goes up, and the Cerebral Assassin smirks sinisterly. Cena looks up at Lawler in surprise.

Jerry Lawler: But hey, just to make it interesting... there’s gonna be a special – guest – referee.

A pop of intrigue from the crowd. The Miz is red in the face with anger.

Jerry Lawler: And his name... is JOHN CENA!

THE CROWD GOES WILD! A host of different chants spring up, for Cena, HHH and who knows who else, while Cole bashes his head against the announce desk on the outside; Cena is stunned!

Josh Matthews: Good Lord – Pick Your Poison last week, and now this huge bombshell this week... Jerry Lawler is pullin’ out all the stops to make Monday Night Raw entertaining! We could see a Triple Threat match at Extreme Rules for the WWE Title, Cole!

Michael Cole: This is – this is FILTHY! Would ya get a load of this guy? Jerry Lawler is drunk on power, I’m tellin’ ya! Makin’ crazy decisions, screwin’ The Miz over... he will not rest until the WWE Title is pried outta The Miz’s cold dead hands, Josh! YOU’RE A TERRIBLE GM, LAWLER!

In the ring, Cena and Hunter stare at each other, clearly both surprised by Lawler’s bombshell, and the question lingers in the air, though Matthews decides to voice it.

Josh Matthews: John Cena’s gonna be back in this ring later tonight, and the power is in his hands... will he call that match down the middle? Or will he, God forbid, aid The Miz to a win so he can keep his Extreme Rules chances in his own hands? Ladies and gentlemen, Cena may have a choice to make... we’ll see you in just a few moments!

As The Miz rages on the ramp, and Cena and HHH continue to have a staredown, we head to our first break of the evening.



When Raw returns, William Regal is stood in the ring, rubbing one hand in the palm of the other as he waits. He’s wearing his usual purple robe, and smirks at his home nation crowd as the bell chimes.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! In the ring, from Blackpool, England...

Decent pop for the English part of that.

Justin Roberts: ...weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds... WILLIAM – REGAL!

A mixture of cheers and boos, leaning toward cheers based on where we are.

Josh Matthews: William Regal set to go here tonight, in his home country of England, just minutes after we heard another huge piece of news from Raw GM Jerry “The King” Lawler – later tonight, The Miz faces Triple H, and if the Game wins, he’s added to the WWE Title match at Extreme Rules; plus, John Cena is the man in the striped shirt for that match! That’s a pretty unpredictable main event, Cole!

Michael Cole: Yeah, way too unpredictable for my likin’, Josh – I just know Cena is gonna screw The Miz just for the sake of it! Get ready for a grade-A piece of biased officiatin’! I’m tellin’ ya, Lawler doesn’t have a clue; what right does Triple H have to get this opportunity, huh?

In the ring, Regal removes his robe as his music cuts out...


A damn good pop goes up for Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim after the former’s big save of Evan Bourne last week, and the couple wander out with matching smiles on their faces. Gail applauds her boyfriend politely, then waves to the English fans as Bryan heads down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Gail Kim... from Aberdeen, Washington, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds... DANIEL – BRYAN!

Michael Cole: Ah, dammit; I thought it was bad enough to have to put up with ONE bad Lawler decision a week, then he decides to put this clown on, first match of the night!

Josh Matthews: I get the impression you’re still sour about this, Cole...

As if on cue, highlights flash up from last week, where, after Dolph Ziggler beats Evan Bourne, he furiously attacks the high-flyer after the bell; after delivering a second Zig-Zag, the Perfection Artiste himself tries to choke Bourne over the second rope... that is, until Bryan makes the save, and ends up putting Ziggler in the LeBell Lock as Gail slaps Vickie Guerrero to prevent her interference. After Ziggler decides to tap rather than snap, we see Jerry Lawler making his way out to announce that Bryan and Ziggler will go at it at Extreme Rules in a Ladder match to determine the new No. 1 Contender to the WWE Title.

We flash back to the arena, where Bryan is stepping between the ropes to face up to Regal, while Gail prepares to support him from the outside.

Michael Cole: What a joke, Josh. Lawler’s just handin’ out WWE Title opportunities like they’re... I don’t know, toilet paper! What has Daniel Bryan, that nerd, done to deserve that chance? And what has poor Dolph Ziggler done to be forced into a Ladder match, huh? It’s just not fair! In an ideal world, we’d be seeing The Miz versus Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Title, and a damn spectacle we’d be watchin’, too!

Josh Matthews: I’m thankful we don’t have to watch that match, Cole, I can’t imagine you’d be able to, er, contain yourself.

Michael Cole: Oh, you’re gonna see it, Josh. Miz and Dolph both win at Extreme Rules, you’ve got yourself a match-up to remember comin’ up after that!

In the ring, it seems we’re ready to go, with Bryan and Regal sharing a good handshake to symbolise their respect for each other, former student to former teacher. The Manchester crowd gives a decent pop for this show of sportsmanship, and the official calls for the bell.

Match One – Singles Contest
William Regal vs Daniel Bryan

It’s been 50/50 between these two the entire match so far, as we join the action after about thirteen long minutes or thereabouts; Regal has Bryan down in a rest hold, a Chin Lock to be exact, but Bryan begins to fire up with the help of Gail Kim inciting the crowd to clap him on. Finally, he makes it to his feet, throws a few elbows to Regal’s gut, then spins out of the hold, taking the Englishman’s arm with him in the Arm Wringer. Regal winces, but manages to press Bryan into the ropes, forcing him off to the other side immediately afterwards – Bryan rebounds, then rolls over the top of the bent-over Regal... CRACK! Regal turns round into a stinging Roundhouse Kick from D-Bryan, and as the Englishman topples to the floor, Bryan points to the corner for an obligatory pop from the crowd! Sure, there’s a couple of boos from the most hardcore of hardcore Regal fans here in the MEN Arena, but they’re pretty much drowned out by the Bryan supporters who watch with bright eyes as he clambers up to the top turnbuckle... THEN LAUNCHES OFF, AND GETS SOME HUGE ELEVATION ON HIS FRONT DROPKICK ON REGAL AS HE STAGGERS UP!!! Regal goes back down with a shuddering impact, and now Bryan hooks a leg... 1... 2... but no! Regal kicks out!

A groan and a few cheers can be heard from these fans, and Bryan struggles up after landing hard; he’s surprised that Regal kicked out, but nevertheless, he continues by pulling the Englishman up with a front facelock. Regal surprises him, though, striking with a European Uppercut! Bryan reels back in shock, then fires with a European Uppercut of his own – Regal staggers back, then hammers Bryan with another Uppercut, only to get one back! The pair start to exchange now, with the crowd mostly cheering for Bryan’s hits, then mostly booing for Regal’s, and finally, they begin to slow down to sluggish shots, winding back before they fire; Bryan hits a couple in a row, forcing Regal back, but the Englishman stuns him with a kick to the gut! The submission specialist keels over with a gasp, and Regal seizes the opportunity, grabbing his arm and whipping him to the corner... he follows in, but Bryan BACKFLIPS BACK OVER HIM! The crowd cheers in awe, as Bryan charges to the ropes, thinking Flying Clothesline... but Regal ducks it! Bryan heads to the other side, then leaps again, but again Regal ducks, leaving Bryan to turn around in confusion – AND REGAL LAYS HIM OUT WITH A SWEETLY-EXECUTED BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! The impact leaves Bryan flat out on the mat here, and sensing a win, Regal makes the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO!

The kickout from Bryan means we’re still going, but before he can get up, Regal grabs one of his legs, and turns him into a Half Boston Crab! Matthews muses about Regal’s technical proficiency in knowing how to stay on offence, and it’s evident in D-Bryan’s pained expression that the Englishman is doing some damage with this hold; desperately, he puts out a hand as if to find the ropes, but Regal continues to apply the hold like a true veteran! At ringside, Gail Kim tries to motivate her boyfriend, and again gets the crowd involved by starting a slow clap – this seems to egg Bryan on enough that he can edge his way towards the ropes... he refuses to tap as the official asks, then bares his teeth, and makes one last push to successfully GRAB the bottom rope! A pop goes up as Regal breaks the hold in frustration, and begins to pace around the ring, breathing heavily as he considers his next move. Bryan, on the other hand, remains with his hand on that rope, recovering, and begins to slowly pull himself up, only to keel over from fatigue briefly – Regal has a light bulb moment, and charges for the KNEE TREMBLER... BUT BRYAN WAS PLAYING POSSUM! The crowd cheers as Bryan stands up to avoid the deadly knee, then hooks Regal up from behind – AND IRONICALLY DELIVERS THE REGAL-PLEX, STICKING IN THE PINNING POSITION... 1... 2... GOT HIM – NO!!! KICKOUT!!!

There’s actually applause from sections of the crowd after the exchange we’ve just seen, and as Regal gets up to a knee, his eyes widen as it occurs to him which move Bryan delivered; the Washington native can’t help but grin a little through his exhaustion, and Regal points to him with a wry, knowing look. Again, both men push themselves up, and Regal forces his opponent into a lock-up, as if he just wants to talk some trash about the Regal-Plex’s copyright laws... then suddenly ducks behind Bryan with the waist lock – AND SUDDENLY NAILS HIS OWN REGAL-PLEX, RIGHT ON THE BUTTON FOR THE PIN... 1... 2... 3-NO!!! The crowd cheers for Bryan’s kickout, but the man himself looks too stunned to acknowledge his support, simply rolling away from the scene of the kickout and resting against the ropes in surprise. Regal, struggling back to his feet, says “That’s how you do it, sunshine” across the ring at him, and slowly, Bryan gets up so they can continue the bout. These two old allies, friends, adversaries, call them what you will, have put each other to the test in the opening contest of WWE’s stint in England, and surely we must be reaching the conclusion; as they collide once again, Regal tries to throw his opponent overhead with a Suplex, but Bryan stalls the move. From there, he spins out, and kicks Regal in the left knee – and then the right, bringing him down to a kneeling position, before he fires away with kicks to the Englishman’s chest, again and again with a stinging impact each time! After about seven shots or so, he stops, only to lean back one last time... AND KICKS REGAL’S FUCKING HEAD IN!!! Regal gets DESTROYED by that massive kick to the temple, and collapses into the canvas like a sack of potatoes, leaving all the time in the world for Bryan to tumble exhaustedly to the mat and hook a leg... 1... 2... 3!!! That’ll do it!!!

Result: Daniel Bryan bts. William Regal by pinfall at 18:04


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner... DANIEL – BRYAN!

The crowd cheers almost-unanimously as Bryan pulls himself sluggishly to his feet, and has his arm raised by the official; Gail slides into the ring with a warm smile on her face, and gives her boyfriend a congratulatory hug, though Cole is less than impressed at ringside.

Michael Cole: Oh, come on! William Regal could be out cold, and Bryan doesn’t even care!

In the ring, Bryan helps a recovering Regal back to his feet, and the pair share another handshake to complete the Englishman’s one-night face turn, though he staggers a little once he’s at a vertical base.

Josh Matthews: Then what’s that, Cole?

Michael Cole: Yeah, like that nerd even cares about Regal’s well-bein’! He’s just out to hurt people – he’s a menace, that’s what he is, Josh! Someone should lock him up!

Josh Matthews: (no-selling that) Well, Daniel Bryan is the winner of Raw’s opening bout here tonight, and ahead of Extreme Rules, that could be some valuable momentum. Are we looking at the next No. 1 Contender in Daniel Bryan? Not long ‘til we find out.

Michael Cole: Oh please.

We fade backstage to see Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero watching Bryan’s celebrations on a TV monitor. Both of them have sour expressions on their faces after what they just saw, and as if to compound Ziggler’s misery, Scott Stanford appears beside him with a mic.

Scott Stanford: Um, Dolph...

Ziggler scowls as he turns his head.

Scott Stanford: Last week, Daniel Bryan... well, he made you tap out. Can I get some thoughts on –

Infuriated, Ziggler ignores Stanford and walks off into the distance, with Vickie following him.

We cut from Stanford’s grimace to the sight of Tyler Black and the hulking figure of Mark Henry alongside him... and they’ve both SUITED UP to the extreme, in black suits over white shirts, and even matching shades! The crowd pops at the comical sight of the pair of them as they walk along, and eventually, they come across a man walking in a suit of his own... it’s Ted DiBiase, who gets a bit of heat from the fans. DiBiase stops to look at the pair of them with a mocking laugh, then goes to carry on, but Black stops him.

Tyler Black: Ted DiBiase?

Ted frowns.

Ted DiBiase: Er, yeah.

Black exchanges a glance with Henry, then reaches inside his jacket to flash a badge at DiBiase, only to stuff it back inside before DiBiase can actually look at it properly.

Tyler Black: Tyler Black, FBI. (pause, he gestures) This is my associate, Mark Henry.

DiBiase nervously looks the smirking Henry up and down.

Ted DiBiase: We’ve met.

He turns his attention to the stony-faced Black.

Ted DiBiase: (tentatively) What can I... do for you?

Black finally smiles.

Tyler Black: Just wonderin’ if I could talk to you about some... (coughs) tax evasion problems I’d been tipped off about. But, er... (lowering his shades) you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?

DiBiase doesn’t move.

Ted DiBiase: No, I guess I wouldn’t.

Tyler Black: (lowering his voice) See now, if you just came clean about anything you might be... doing, we could cut a deal.

Ted DiBiase: (shiftily) I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Black nods.

Tyler Black: I figured you wouldn’t.

In the background, Michael Tarver appears, texting his bro Neil Patrick Harris, but stopping to watch the exchange that follows.

Tyler Black: Look, if you want me to go easy on you, just tell me... what you know.

DiBiase sighs and looks around, missing Tarver completely.

Ted DiBiase: Here’s the deal, buddy. Around here, we do things a little differently. We settle stuff out there (pointing) in the ring, not in code.

Black lowers his shades again.

Ted DiBiase: So if you want a word outta me, maybe you meet me in the ring... and we can... discuss it there.

The agent smirks.

Tyler Black: Well, I have an associate who deals in that sort of thing...

Henry grins, and rubs his hands together. DiBiase looks like he’s seen a ghost.

Ted DiBiase: Er, no! No! It – it has to be you. Yeah, you.

Smirking, he takes a few steps back.

Ted DiBiase: I’ll see you out there.

He scarpers away, leaving Black to fold his arms. He looks at his ‘partner’.

Tyler Black: That was a challenge, right?

Grinning, Henry nods.

Tyler Black: And... he’s on a losing streak, right?

Mark Henry: Big one.

Tyler Black: Well, then... (he checks his watch) Should be at the bar by nine.

They walk off-screen, and Tarver shrugs, before wandering away. Raw goes to a break.



A decent pop goes up as Tamina arrives to the music of her boyfriend, Santino Marella, as we return from commercials. Tamina raises her arms to the crowd, but the fans are more interested in Santino, whose name they chant over and over on the couple’s way down the ramp; he plays it down with a happy grin. The bell chimes for our second match.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied by Santino Marella... from the Pacific Islands – TAMINA!

Josh Matthews: Tamina and Santino are an... odd couple, to say the least. Though, of course, tonight it’s not about the pair of them, it’s just Tamina in Diva’s action.

Michael Cole: Good lord, this is tedious. Do we really have to sit here and watch Tamina perform? Could we not just go grab a soda and wait for The Miz?

Josh Matthews: Seems a little disrespectful, Cole, but if you really wanna go, I’ll hold down the fort myself...

Michael Cole: Ack, I can’t do it. It’d be a crime against nature to leave this announce desk alone with just you, Josh. Raw’s ratings would fall flatter than... I don’t know, your announcing career! And what happened to Santino after gettin’ arrested last week, huh?

Josh Matthews: My guess would be Tyler Black couldn’t charge him with anything... how else would he be in England?

Michael Cole: Criminals find a way, Josh.

Tamina and Santino shore up in the ring, and exchange some pleasantries, as her music dies down, and the red carpet gets rolled out on the stage...


Boos roll in from the crowd as Melina makes her way out with a whole host of men with cameras take numerous photos of her; she throws her arms into the air dramatically, then begins to strut down the ramp, all the while looking deadly-focused ahead of her match.

Justin Roberts: And her opponent... from Los Angeles, California – MELINA!

Michael Cole: I stand corrected, Josh! Things just gotta a whole lot more interestin’ – what a woman is Melina! Class, beauty, talent; she’s got it all, Matthews, and you know it! I tell ya, her kicking Eve’s head off two weeks ago was one of the best things I’ve seen in months, it was really something!

Josh Matthews: Some might even call it tasteless, Cole.

Michael Cole: Well of course you’d call it that, Josh, you don’t recognise talent when ya see it! We are lookin’ at the next Diva’s Champ, as soon as Lawler wakes up and gives her the title shot she deserves!

Melina disperses the photographers, who wind the red carpet back up the ramp, and the Red Carpet Diva pulls herself up to the apron; the famous split inevitably follows, eliciting the usual groan of awe from the crowd, before she pulls herself under the bottom rope. She looks at Tamina and Santino with disdain, then tells the referee to get rid of the Italian. As her music dies down, Santino makes a deliberate hash of exiting the ring, staggering and stumbling through the ropes until he tumbles to the outside to a few laughs from the fans. In the ring, Melina tells Tamina exactly what she thinks of her, as the referee calls for the bell to get us started.

Match Two – Singles Contest
Tamina vs Melina

After about three minutes, Tamina’s been valiant in her efforts, but Melina is far too determined to make a lasting impact on the inevitably-watching Diva’s Champion, and brutalises Tamina as much as she can from the opening bell. This includes several extensive chokes and hair-pulls, one of which we’re witnessing as we join the action, with the Red Carpet Diva choking her opponent over the second rope with a boot to the neck. The referee gives her a count to release, and she does at four, only to then tug Tamina off the ropes, and start stomping all over her! The crowd boos Melina’s aggression, and once again the official is forced to step in with a count of four before Melina throws up her hands in innocence and walks away. Santino looks concerned on the outside, and his concerns are further vilified as Melina pulls her unfortunate opponent back up, only to deliver a nasty Backbreaker! Tamina cries out with pain as she tumbles to the mat, and subsequently, Melina gets right back on her case with a series of frenzied stomps to the head!

Tamina just can’t cope with Melina’s relentless offensive style here, and again, she’s forced to her feet, and then to the corner, where Melina starts to BASH her head into the top turnbuckle! Screaming with adrenaline, the Red Carpet Diva speeds up the blows, until the official again has to step in, and Melina lets her opponent crash to the floor, brushing her hair out of her eyes as she walks away. Tamina blinks out the cobwebs, then uses the ropes to pull herself up... Melina charges in, but Tamina surprises her, throwing her up so that she comes down throat-first on the top rope! The crowd cheers as the Red Carpet Diva reels back in shock, and Tamina takes advantage of the lull to take a much-needed breather. When she’s ready, the daughter of the ‘Superfly’ goes charging in – she took too long, though, so Melina gives her the point of an elbow to run into! A groan goes up from the English fans as Tamina staggers back in pain... BUT SANTINO’S ON THE APRON! The very pro-Santino English masses cheer for this, though the official tries to dissuade him as he makes a series of remarks about Melina being a “meanie”... CRACK! SHE SILENCES HIM WITH A PERFECT SUPERKICK TO THE JAW! “OHHHH!” cries the crowd as Santino tumbles dramatically off the apron, selling better than half the roster, and now, Melina turns round to see Tamina... WHO GETS A TASTE OF MELINA’S SUPERKICK AS WELL!!! Down goes Tamina, and Melina hooks both legs with a frown... 1... 2... 3!

Result: Melina bts. Tamina via pinfall at 5:13


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner... MELINA!

Michael Cole: See what I mean, Josh? Total domination! Plus, she took Santino over there down a peg or two, and that only means it’s a good night for everyone!

Josh Matthews: What on earth could you have against Santino?

Michael Cole: His unibrow annoys me.

Josh Matthews: Are you serious?

Michael Cole: We’re gettin’ off the point here, Josh – all I’m sayin’ is, Melina is the biggest threat to Eve’s Diva’s Championship yet, and it’s not gonna be long ‘til we’ve got ourselves a new champ, based on what you just saw! There is no-one on Raw who – oh, no!

Melina is celebrating her win in the ring, smirking at the crowd, while Tamina and Santino recover from their beatings at ringside... WHEN THE DIVA’S CHAMPION, EVE TORRES STARTS CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP! A mild cheer goes up from the English fans as the Diva’s Champion hurtles towards the ring, and it looks like she’s going to get some revenge for Melina’s actions two weeks ago... BUT MELINA GETS THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!! The Red Carpet Diva rolls under the bottom rope, mouthing “Not just yet” at her adversary, who presses herself against the rampside ropes and just points to her future challenger, mouthing all sorts of trash talk!

Michael Cole: Smart thinkin’ by Melina there – just ‘cause Eve knows she’s gonna lose her title, she starts disruptin’ other people’s post-match celebrations? Has Eve Torres got no class, Josh?

Josh Matthews: And you’d know all about class, right Cole?

Michael Cole: You should watch how lippy you get with me, Matthews.

As Eve and Melina share a staredown ahead of their inevitable Diva’s Title clash somewhere along the line, we head to a break.


There is a lot the human body can endure.

We see nothing but a black screen, coupled with the sound of a man breathing heavily.

A human can survive a heart attack.

A lightning-quick flashing shot of a man clutching his chest, then back to black.

A human can survive a huge fall.

The darkness is punctuated by the image of someone falling off a ledge, then it returns.

A human can survive an attack from an animal.

A man falls backwards as a dog leaps at him, then the black cuts it off again.

A human can even survive a gunshot.

Two silhouettes across from each other, as one lifts up a gun, and the blackness cuts in as the gunshot rings out. The shot suddenly turns to the image of John Cena screaming in pain in a submission hold, then Edge lying against the turnbuckle, baring his teeth as he suffers.

But with survival... comes pain.

And now Randy Orton, clutching his injured knee on the canvas.

How much pain is a man willing to go through?

Rey Mysterio slumped against the mat, eyes unfocused.

What barriers will a man break to achieve glory?

The Miz gasps for air as he raises his WWE Title above his head.

Which man will be able to survive?

Alberto Del Rio winks to the camera, then The Corre raise their arms in the air.

Which man will truly experience...

Christian looks to the sky in frustration, and Cena roars to the crowd.


CM Punk grins devilishly at the camera, before the ‘EXTREME RULES’ graphic appears, and the video package fades to a close...


When Raw returns, we’re backstage, where none other than JOHN CENA is standing, talking to Raw’s favourite new team, R-Truth and Johnny Curtis. Cena, especially, gets a huge pop from the crowd, complete with the obligatory boos again, and he tilts his cap as he talks.

John Cena: Y’know, I’m on board, I think you’d be great tag champs...

Truth nods his head with a massive grin, all the while leaning on Curtis, who has a small smile to complement his partner’s. Behind Cena, however, The Miz appears, eliciting immediate boos from the crowd. Truth and Curtis’ smiles disappear, and Cena turns to face The Miz with a less-than-friendly expression.

R-Truth: Yo, we’ll catch ya later, John.

Truth and Curtis shuffle away, leaving us with just Cena and Miz staring each other down.

John Cena: (coldly) What do you want?

The Miz, with that shining spinner belt over his shoulder, shrugs.

The Miz: Cena... just think about this. At Extreme Rules, I’m gonna beat you no matter what.

Cena raises his eyebrows as the crowd boos.

The Miz: (in a low, heartless tone) But maybe you wanna ask yourself a question... do you really wanna hurt YOUR chances – by letting Triple H stick his giant nose in... our... business?

Cena shakes his head with a weak smile, clearly disapproving of The Miz’s suggestion.

The Miz: Let’s just say... if there’s a call you’ve gotta make one way or other... just play it smart.

A few boos are audible as The Miz leaves that message to hang by exiting the shot, and Cena watches him go with a frown; the ex-“Champ” turns and begins to ponder the decision he has to make later tonight...

...and now we cut to the arena.


It’s decent heat for the hapless Ted DiBiase on his arrival to the stage. Dressed in his ring gear but looking startlingly lacking in confidence, DiBiase’s eyes flicker around the Manchester Evening News Arena briefly, before he heads for the ring, muttering encouragement to himself under his breath. The bell rings.

Justin Roberts: The following bout is set for one fall! Introducing first, from West Palm Beach, Florida, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds... TED – DIBIASE!

Josh Matthews: Ted DiBiase lost to John Cena in the Gauntlet last week, as well as losing to Kofi Kingston this past Thursday on WWE Superstars, and now –

Michael Cole: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on. You’re not seriously telling me Lawler’s lettin’ this happen?

Silence from Matthews.

Michael Cole: Oh good Lord. Y-you’re, you’re not – (laughs) oh, this is ridiculous. This is ridiculous! This is a joke! Is Lawler genuinely puttin’ Ted DiBiase in a match with the FBI agent guy?

Cole slams his hand against the desk in hysterics.

Michael Cole: What a sideshow! Oh – oh, my side hurts! This is an absolute farce, Josh! Tell me this isn’t gonna be the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen!

Josh Matthews: Well... Big Dick Johnson...

Michael Cole: (ignoring him) How does Lawler keep comin’ up with this stuff? The guy is a MANIAC! So what, anyone can just turn up wearing a suit and get a match on this show? Is this guy even employed?

Josh Matthews: D’ya ever think he’s just giving the audience what it wants? Maybe the WWE Universe wants to see Tyler Black in the ring!

Michael Cole: (in stitches) Oh yeah, ‘cause I bet Tyler Black’s a freaking technician between the ropes, am I right, Josh? Oh, I bet we’re in for a spectacle – a spectacle in how lousy a GM Lawler is!

DiBiase is in the ring by now, and his music dies out. He scowls up at the stage, as Cole continues to laugh his ass off at Lawler’s decision making at ringside.


A sizeable pop goes up for Tyler Black as he appears – and Cole’s grin VANISHES as he sees that Black’s ditched the suit in favour of a pair of trunks, complete with elbow pads and knee-high wrestling boots! WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT, TYLER BLACK’S A WRESTLER!!! The agent still has his shades on, just for the effect, while Mark Henry alongside him remains suited-up; the pair begin to walk down the ramp, with Black looking fired up to get going. DiBiase, meanwhile, looks like he’s seen his future written out for him, with an unfortunate ending.

Michael Cole: What... what the hell?

Justin Roberts: And his opponent... the newest member of the MONDAY – NIGHT – RAW roster...

Big cheer from the crowd, as Cole cries “WHAT?”

Justin Roberts: ...from Buffalo, Iowa, weighing in at two hundred and five pounds... “The Agent”... TYLEEEEERR – BLACK!!!

Josh Matthews: Did I ever tell you I love surprises, Cole?

Michael Cole: What is – what in God’s name is this? What the hell is Lawler tryin’ to pull here? Did he just screw over DiBiase? This guy – this Tyler Black is a fraud!

Josh Matthews: Looks like Tyler Black had a reason to be here after all... he just wanted to be in on the action!

Michael Cole: I think you mean he freeloaded his place on the Raw roster, Matthews!

Black rolls into the ring and plays to the crowd from a couple of turnbuckles, before he hops down; on the outside, Henry can’t stop grinning as he puts both hands on the apron. DiBiase points to Black, saying “Who the hell ARE you?”, and Black decides to provide answers by heading across the ring and asking for a mic. He gets one, and as his massive rock tune of a theme subsides, he removes his shades, and cuts over a couple of “Tyler Black!” chants to speak:

Tyler Black: Ted, maybe I should introduce myself properly...

He grins and extends a knowingly-fruitless hand to shake.

Tyler Black: My name is Tyler Black...

DiBiase doesn’t shake it, still furious at being suckered into a match with “the Agent”.

Tyler Black: ...but I’m not really an FBI agent.

“Oh, come on, Lawler’s taking this too far!” screams a particular someone at the announce table.

Tyler Black: A couple weeks back, I was just a guy wrestlin’ in front of anyone who’d come watch me. But when one of my friends gave me a call and asked if I wanted to see ‘round backstage at Raw, I couldn’t say no... so I put on a suit in case I met – well, you can never be too careful when you’re lookin’ for a job.

He scratches his head, as if embarrassed.

Tyler Black: Then, next thing I know, guys are handin’ me messages to give to THE ROCK of all people. So I think to myself, I’ll just roll with it. And you know what, I’d say it went pretty well.

“What a phony!” “Give him a chance, Cole.”

Tyler Black: But I’m not proud of it. I just wanted to be in the WWE, so I pretended to be someone I’m not. (pause) Well, partly. ‘Cause actually, pretending to stand up for justice and all that – it felt good. And when I came clean to Jerry Lawler, he said he’d be happy to have me here on Raw, as long as I “kept up the good work.”

DiBiase scowls.

Tyler Black: And I don’t know if you’re actually dodging taxes, Ted, but I know what you are to me now – you’re an opponent, and you’re about to see what happens to my opponents.

Black hands his mic to ringside, and DiBiase tries to protest to the official, but he says (we assume) something about the match already being booked, so he has no choice to call for the bell. Cole similarly tries to destroy Black’s credibility at ringside, but the message of this whole affair is; “The Agent” Tyler Black has a Monday Night Raw contract, and that’s that.

Match Three – Singles Contest
Ted DiBiase vs Tyler Black

Black has impressed so far with a series of proficient wrestling holds, just to highlight to anyone in the crowd who missed the angle I was going for, that Black is actually a wrestler after all, and not the aforementioned FBI agent. Regardless of being caught off-guard, DiBiase is still (despite his losing streak) a somewhat-talented superstar himself, and he manages to get in some offence of his own to throw Black off his game; in fact, as we join the match-up, the so-called Fortunate Son has Black in the corner, throwing right hands. Black just tries to cover himself up, but DiBiase is being deliberately vicious, and forces the Agent down to a seated position. After that, he starts blasting him with boots, as if trying to stomp his problem away, but the referee breaks it up with a count of four; in frustration, DiBiase fires one more hard stomp to the chest, then walks away. Black slowly pulls himself back up, and DiBiase charges in again... but the Agent gets the hell out of there, ducking underneath the attempted clothesline – DiBiase clatters into the top turnbuckle and spins in shock, eyes unfocused... so Black takes HIS turn to go hurtling in now, delivering a stiff Corner Elbow Strike! The crowd cries “OHHH!” as DiBiase suffers another hard blow to the skull, and now he slumps a little against the buckle, unsure where he is.

The crowd is beginning to get on Black’s side more and more, and a few chants of the Agent’s name can be heard as he pulls DiBiase out of the corner, and sends him to the ropes – no, DiBiase sets his feet and just HURLS Black over the top rope... but Black grabs it and lands on the apron! DiBiase thinks he’s earned a rest, but then he turns with a horrified expression to see the Agent, so he instinctively charges in to knock him off – BAM! He runs right into an elbow from Black, and thus staggers back into the middle of the ring... so Black springboards – AND DELIVERS A STUNNING SPRINGBOARD LARIAT, JUST SLAMMING DIBIASE INTO THE CANVAS!!! The crowd cheers wildly for that impressive move, and Henry counts along on the outside as Black makes the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! DiBiase’s losing streak isn’t continuing just yet!

Blinking out the cobwebs, DiBiase tries to push himself up to his feet, but Black is straight back on his case, standing up quickly so he can put the Fortunate Son in a pre-emptive front facelock. DiBiase struggles, and manages to shove Black to the ropes. The Agent rebounds, but for some reason, DiBiase isn’t there, so he turns round – AND DIBIASE HAMMERS HIM WITH HIS TRADEMARK CLOTHESLINE!!! “VINTAGE DIBIASE!” cries a joyful Michael Cole at ringside, as the man himself hooks both legs... 1... 2... but no! Black kicks out, and DiBiase can’t believe it! Furious, he grabs Black by the hair and yanks him back up, before he applies the Cobra Clutch for DREAM STREET – NO! Black pulls him down with a Snapmare-esque reversal, and when DiBiase gets up, Black hooks him up from behind – AND SCORES WITH THE BELLY-TO-BACK COMPLETE SHOT!!! DiBiase’s face gets drilled into the mat, but instead of making the cover, Black turns him on to his back, hits the ropes for momentum, then SOARS spectacularly to deliver the Standing Shooting Star Press! The crowd cheers again for Black’s athleticism, but again he forgoes the cover, instead crouching slightly and beckoning furiously for DiBiase to rise one last time. Slowly, the Fortunate Son (who isn’t looking so fortunate now) finds a vertical base, then staggers into Black’s grip – SMALL PACKAGE DRIVER FROM THE AGENT!!! This time, DiBiase lies still, and there can be no doubts as Black makes the cover... 1... 2... 3!!! Tyler Black wins!!!

Result: Tyler Black bts. Ted DiBiase via pinfall at 8:46


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner... TYLER – BLACK!

A good pop can be heard as Black gets to his feet triumphantly, punching the air with the HUGE rush of adrenaline he feels, and has his hand raised by the official. Henry joins him in the ring to help him celebrate, as DiBiase rolls to the outside, and holds his head in both pain and disbelief.

Josh Matthews: He might have got here by unorthodox means, but Tyler Black’s unorthodox offence clearly went down well with the WWE Universe here in Manchester, and he’s victorious in his debut match!

Michael Cole: Oh, come on, Matthews! Tyler Black is the biggest fraud since the Raw General Manager! This guy has no right to be on Monday Night Raw, and I tell ya, I pity poor Ted DiBiase, he didn’t deserve this kind of treatment! This is just... just vulgar management!

Josh Matthews: (again, ignoring him) Well, certainly a night of surprises so far, but the future looks bright for young Tyler Black – terrific win for “the Agent” here on Raw; still to come, John Cena is the special guest referee as Triple H faces the WWE Champion, and Sheamus in action, so don’t go away!

Instead of going to a break, we go backstage, however. The man we see is John Morrison, who gets a good pop as he leaps heroically over a series of crates in the cargo area of Raw’s backstage setup. Once he’s finished his warm-up (and gotten another pop from the crowd for his finishing front flip), he does a couple of stretches... but stops in his tracks as Melina walks into the shot, smirking. There is a cold silence between them for a moment, before Melina puts her hands on his lips.

Melina: What I did out there? That’s having an edge.

With that, she walks away – Morrison watches her leave, then growls to himself and kicks the nearest crate as hard as he can, clearly angry by the running implication he has no killer instinct. Still evidently furious, he looks around hopelessly, then throws up his hands in infuriation as Raw now fades to a break.




THE CROWD GOES CRAZY! The entire arena turns a stunning shade of gold, and out from behind the curtain walks Randy Orton, in a Viper t-shirt over his ring gear, which for some reason he needs to wear, even when not competing. Orton wastes no time, just heading straight for the ring with a cold, emotionless stare.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... the Viper... RAAAAANDY – OOOOORTON!

Josh Matthews: Well, Randy Orton is a fierce, proud competitor, which makes it all the worse for him that last week, he was cost his match with The Miz because of interference from the man who’s plagued him for weeks on end now, CM Punk.

Michael Cole: Frankly Josh, CM Punk doesn’t deserve this kind of bad press! The Miz would have beaten Orton anyway, so why did it matter if Punk just sped the process up? It doesn’t, I’m sayin’!

Josh Matthews: (incredulous) W-what? Orton was gonna hit the RKO!

Michael Cole: Nah, nah; again, Josh, you’re way off the mark – The Miz made his name beatin’ guys like Randy Orton... hell, he’s the guy he won the WWE Title off in the first place, if your memory stretches back all that time! Randy Orton can complain all he likes, but let’s face facts here; if he’d never gone and punted CM Punk in the head three years ago, none of this would be happenin’! That’s basic karma, Josh!

Matthews has no answer for that, and instead we turn our eyes to the ring, where Orton heads to a turnbuckle and does his classic Legend Killer pose. He steps down, then takes a mic from ringside and begins to pace about like a man possessed. His theme song fades, and several loud “RKO! RKO!” chants ring around the MEN Arena, but Orton barely responds to them, just raising the mic.

Randy Orton: I am having... the worst insomnia right now.

He wipes his face with his hand, as if tired.

Randy Orton: Every night – nothing. I can’t get to sleep, no matter what I try.

The Viper grips the nearest rope loosely...

Randy Orton: And each time I think I’m drifting off – a face appears in front of me.

...and his hand slips off.

Randy Orton: This one face just sticks with me. Like a ghost. Like a pest.

He turns and begins to pace again.

Randy Orton: That face... haunts me. So I can’t sleep. My eyes just can’t stay closed.

Orton bares his teeth to the camera.

Randy Orton: It’s the face... of C... M... Punk.

Immediate boos for the Second City Saint.

Randy Orton: And I know – I know... that Punk isn’t worth staying awake for. He’s not worth the breath I waste to say his name. He’s not worth the space in my BRAIN that I use to remember him.

Pop for that.

Randy Orton: Yet, there he is. Just like last week... when he came running down in the middle of my match and screwed me over...


Randy Orton: ...he just doesn’t go away. He sticks and sticks to you like a... like a whining child. ‘One more match’, he says. As if beating him at Wrestlemania didn’t really count. (a flicker of a smirk) And the God’s honest truth of it is – the entire reason he wanted me to suffer, was to make up for something that happened three – years – ago. Three years.

Orton shakes his head.

Randy Orton: CM Punk is so wrapped up in the past that he doesn’t realise... what kind of beast he’s awakened. Awakened permanently.

The crowd cheers as Orton writhes his head about like a snake briefly.

Randy Orton: And sometimes... sometimes when I’m awake at three in the morning, I get up and go outside, go out into the street and just – stand there. Oh, I never used to do that. I’d say any other man would be crazy.

He looks to the ceiling, then back down, and closes his eyes for just a second.

Randy Orton: But I find it... peaceful. There’s something about it which sends shivers down my spine. Lookin’ up at the moon. And something I love about the moon is how it can change shape, change size, every night. But in the end, it’s still the same thing. It’s always still there; it never truly goes away.

He smirks evilly; almost sadistically.

Randy Orton: And it reminds me – of myself. Because I evolve, I change. I get more and more deadly. I become capable of so... much... more... every day that passes.

Pop from the English fans again.

Randy Orton: So as it turns out, this insomnia was the best thing to happen to me in a long, long time. ‘Cause now I know exactly what I’m capable of. And I know exactly what kind of beast I am.

Another hearty cheer.

Randy Orton: CM Punk... you have a decision to make. You have to weigh up how much you want retribution – versus how much you value your health.

The masses are well into this now, cheering once more.

Randy Orton: And trust me, it will be your health on the line. Because I’ve got an RKO just waiting for you after the trouble you’ve caused me. I’m ITCHING to do it.

Another sadistic grin from the Viper. He writhes again, too, like a man holding back a desire to destroy anything he gets his hands on.

Randy Orton: I know how much you want me to face you again – that’s why you’ve decided to be the pest that you are... but you’ve crossed the line, Punk. Now there’s no way back. Now there’s only one ending to this whole thing... and it’s just three letters.

“RKO! RKO! RKO!” chant the frenzied fans in attendance. Orton stands to the back of the ring.

Randy Orton: (snarling) So... let’s do this.

Another big cheer goes up, and everyone looks to the stage ahead of the confrontation we’re surely about to see.





Almost the entire MEN Arena gets to its feet to BOO CM Punk loudly as he wanders casually out on to the steel stage with a mic in his hand. He observes Orton with a condescending look, then walks from side to side as he waits for his music to die down.

Michael Cole: Now here’s a guy who just can’t catch a break, Josh. He loses to Randy Orton by a complete fluke at Wrestlemania, but will Orton give him a rematch, like any FAIR guy would do? No!

Josh Matthews: Yeah, but it’s not just a rematch Punk wants, he wants vengeance, Cole. He’s driven by this idea he’s gotta pay Orton back for what happened all that time ago, and that’s why he’s staying up on the ramp; he doesn’t want to walk into the ring with Orton, he wants to wait ‘til there’s a referee involved and he can bend the rules to his advantage!

Michael Cole: What kind of guy do you think Punk is, huh? I mean –

By now, Punk’s music has subsided, and the last part of that exchange between the commentators was as Punk observed the fans chanting “YOU SUCK!” in his direction; Cole stops as the Second City Saint begins to talk.

CM Punk: Randall.

Silence as Orton stares coldly up at him.

CM Punk: You say... you have insomnia? Well luckily, I know just the guy who’s great at putting people to sleep.

Boos as Punk continues to pace, clearly too focused on revenge to take a seat as usual.

CM Punk: But hey, I understand that you’re frustrated, Randall. I understand that you’re angry. But I think the real reason you’re just a great big ball of hormones is that you KNOW you were wrong to kick me in the head three years ago, and now you’re just a little bit scared to take your comeuppance like a man.

Again, heat from the crowd as Orton tries to beckon Punk to the ring; the Second City Saint ignores him.

CM Punk: In fact, I think deep down – deep, deep down inside you, Randall, you know you deserve to be punished for your actions. You know you deserve what I’m going to do to you.

Snarling, Orton retorts:

Randy Orton: Oh, oh no, Punk. The only thing deep down inside me is the urge to do it aaaaall over again.

Loud cheers from the thousands of fans.

Randy Orton: So why don’t you come down here... and take your comeuppance like a man?

Punk smirks, and waggles a sly, taunting finger.

CM Punk: You’d love that, I’m sure you would... but no. I’m going to stay right here. Because tonight is not the night. See, three years ago, you punted me at Unforgiven – that’s a pay-per-view, a real showcase. You took away my World Heavyweight Championship on a grand, grand stage, Randall.

Orton seethes, pacing about the ring like a caged animal now, deliberating whether to just leave and go after the Second City Saint, who remains calm.

CM Punk: I want to do the same to you. I want a match with you at Extreme Rules, so can I give you what I owe you there. When the whole world’s eyes turn on you. And then, once I’m done – you’ll be asleep alright, but it’ll be a nightmare. A living nightmare.

Slowly, Punk begins to walk down the ramp, detailing this perverted fantasy with wide eyes. Orton’s fists are clenched, a wretched soul being tormented; he tries not to scream at his enemy...

CM Punk: You won’t just see my face when you go to bed, Randall. Every time you step between these ropes, every time you open your curtains in the morning, every time you start your car engine, every time you kiss... your... daughter... goodnight...


CM Punk: You’ll see the same image over and over. My hand... being raised into the air. And everything you hold dear to you will be swamped by that same image, so much so you won’t be able to BREATH without thinking about what I did to you at Extreme Rules.


CM Punk: I know you want this match as much as I do, too. You think you’re gonna deal with me once and for all, Randall, but I know you far, far too well now. I’ve studied every movement you make, every move in your arsenal... and come Extreme Rules, you and I can go at it in any match that suits your fancy – but at the end of it, I will taste sweet retribution; and that’s just a god-damned fact.

Letting out a furious, animalistic ROAR, Orton drops to his fists on the canvas, akin to his taunting prior to an RKO; Punk’s face is practically on the bottom rope from the outside, and the pair lock eyes, exchanging furious looks of restrained, yet explosive hatred of the other.

CM Punk: (coldly) Any... match... you want.

Orton, shivering with pure adrenaline, knows he’s walking right into Punk’s trap by accepting his challenge, but he wants to get his hands on the Second City Saint FAR too much now to deny him it. Instead, he snarls, bares his teeth, growls to himself, mutters “Oh, oh, oh... I know... oh, oh...” then drops to a lying-down position, eyes still wrathfully locked with Punk’s, and brings the mic to his mouth.

Randy Orton: Last...

Punk cracks a satisfied smirk.

Randy Orton: Man...

“Oh God.” mutters Matthews at ringside.

Randy Orton: STANDING.

It’s a MASSIVE pop from the English fans at that, who begin to frantically chant “RKO! RKO! RKO!” again, but Orton’s attention is solely on Punk, as the two heated enemies have one of the most heated, hate-filled staredowns in my thread’s short history... AND ORTON SNATCHES FORWARD THROUGH THE ROPES... but Punk darts out of the way, then just winks – and walks slowly away, up the ramp.


Josh Matthews: There you have it, ladies and gentlemen – CM Punk and Randy Orton didn’t lay a finger on each other tonight, no matter how close they came to it, but here’s the story; we’re receiving word from backstage that Jerry Lawler has immediately said YES to that match proposal for Extreme Rules – that means these two will go head-to-head in just thirteen days’ time in a Last Man Standing match!

Michael Cole: Orton’s gonna finally get what’s comin’ to him, Josh! Punk finally got the match he deserved, but he’s gonna get so much more come Extreme Rules, I’m tellin’ ya! Justice is gonna be served in just under two weeks, and I can’t wait!

As Punk spreads his arms wide and smells the atmosphere in the arena, and Orton lays his head over the bottom rope with adrenaline, we fade away from this scene of feverous animosity.



When we return, Yoshi Tatsu is already in the ring, bouncing up and down as he prepares for some good competition, because all competition is fun for our Yoshi. The bell chimes in the background.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Tokyo, Japan, weighing in at two hundred and eleven pounds... YOSHI – TATSU!

Michael Cole: Welcome back, folks, to Monday Night Raw right here in England... y’know, Lawler’s made some shoddy decisions recently, but hey, looks like the guys who take charge like CM Punk can still thrive on this show, Josh! Ain’t that somethin’?

Josh Matthews: If you’re referring to the brutal match-up between two fierce enemies we’ll be seeing at Extreme Rules, Cole, forgive me for not being overly-excited.

Michael Cole: Oh, just stop bein’ such a wimp for two seconds, would ya Josh? Just think of how much you’re gonna enjoy Orton lying on the canvas for a count of ten! That’s gonna be a beautiful sight, if ever there was one! Justice at its finest!

Tatsu’s music fades out, and is replaced speedily with –



Heavy boos can be heard from this Manchester crowd as the United States Champion, Sheamus, strolls out with his belt over his shoulder... and the son of a bitch is wearing a Liverpool football shirt! The Celtic Warrior’s usual heat is boosted by rolls of cheap heat from the Manchester fans, City and United alike, who rip it out of the first Irish-born WWE Champion as he begins to march down the ramp with a hearty grin of someone who knows he’s trolling and loving it. The back of the shirt, as shown by a camera that follows him, reads “SHEAMUS” to prove that it’s his shirt, and as he heads for the ring, he enjoys the abuse he gets from nearby fans, leaning over the barricade to tell him what they think of him.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds... he is the current United States Champion... the Celtic Warrior – SHEAMUS!

Michael Cole: (laughing) It takes a brave man to wear a Liverpool FC soccer jersey in Manchester, but h-hey, Sheamus is the bravest guy on this whole roster! He’s teachin’ ya a thing or two about having a spine, eh Matthews?

Josh Matthews: I try not to antagonise the locals when the WWE goes on global tours, Cole, but if that’s what Sheamus feels like doing... well, I can’t really deny him that, he’s twice my size.

Michael Cole: That’s damn right, ya can’t! See, Sheamus is his own man! He doesn’t care about what these people think, he stands up for what he believes in! Now there’s a role model! Plus, did I mention he’s UNDEFEATED since he got that United States Title? Huh, did I?

Josh Matthews: You said it about five times during his match last week.

Michael Cole: Hey, that’s an impressive feat – that match didn’t last long, remember? Sheamus dominated that kid, and now he’s gonna dominate Yoshi Tatsu, too!

Sheamus, thoroughly enjoying the extra heat he’s getting, steps inside the ropes and beckons for a mic from ringside. He gets one, and once his music has disappeared, he’s swamped with a variety of chants and boos, but he gives them a chance to eventually settle on “YOU SUCK!” as Tatsu stands patiently in the corner with the referee.

Sheamus: Now, I can understand why you people don’t like what you’re seein’...

He grins.

Sheamus: It’s because you’re all jealous.

Big heat at that implication.

Sheamus: You’re jealous of me toitle, you’re jealous of t’e great city of Liverpool...

Very loud, cheap heat for the Celtic Warrior.

Sheamus: And most of all, you’re jealous of how whenever I step in t’is ring, I am just a flat out success.

He grins with satisfaction as more boos roll in.

Sheamus: Hell, even last week, when all of ya were beggin’ for John Morrison to get another shot at me toitle, each one of ya could see t’e difference between us. Because just like Luis Suarez can make a mockery outta United...

More cheap heat; that’s the last one, I promise.

Sheamus: ...I could flatten John Morrison in a second. I could squash that fella like a bug. And that’s why he doesn’t deserve a shot, and t’at’s why I’m gonna keep blowin’ past me opponents until someone who can actually give me a CHALLENGE... shows up.

Turning to look at Tatsu, the Celtic Warrior can’t help but chuckle. He passes his mic to ringside, and the excitable crowd starts to chant “Morrison! Morrison!” to rile the United States Champion as he removes his Liverpool shirt and tells someone at ringside to ‘take care of t’at’ as well as his title belt. He turns back to face his opponent, who is bouncing on the balls of his feet in anticipation. The referee checks both men are set to go, then calls for the bell.

Match Four – Singles Contest – Non-Title Match
United States Champion Sheamus vs Yoshi Tatsu

...and Tatsu goes down again as we join the bout after around two minutes; the Japanese superstar is having a torrid time against the much bigger, stronger man, and despite striking with a few of his classic kicks, Sheamus has pretty much dominated the youngster. Tatsu tries to get up again, staggering to the corner as he does, and Sheamus follows him like a shark on the hunt, immediately firing away with shoulder thrusts into Yoshi’s abdomen, blasting all the air out of him! Each shot elicits a loud groan of pain from Tatsu, but he’s powerless to stop the United States Champion, who finally relents when the referee says the word ‘Four’, preceded by three other numbers. Sheamus walks into the middle of the ring, beats his chest and spreads his arms wide in his usual fashion; the crowd boos loudly, and now Tatsu detaches himself from the corner, gasping for air all the while. The Japanese superstar unloads a sharp kick to Sheamus’ side, and the CRACK that echoes around the arena gets a groan from the crowd, before Tatsu fires another, and another, forcing Sheamus back to a different corner. The Irishman winces, but Tatsu misjudges how injured he is, taking a few steps to charge heroically in – BUT SHEAMUS SENDS HIM UP... AND TATSU LANDS ON THE TOP ROPE, HEAD THUMPING OFF THE BUCKLE!!! The crowd groans as Tatsu lies in a crumpled state on the top turnbuckle, one hand on his head after that impact, and Sheamus takes a brief breather as the production crew show a couple of replays.

Tatsu seems to have some life in him, as he sluggishly pulls his head up... but Sheamus is right back on his case, flipping him like a pancake on the turnbuckle, then SLAMMING him repeatedly in the chest with a series of lethal forearm blows! Boos and groans of horror go up from the audience as the Celtic Warrior just UNLOADS on the defenceless Tatsu, and eventually, the referee has to break things up, almost screaming his count in Sheamus’ ear so he’ll leave Tatsu alone! Furiously, the Irishman walks away, still seeing the red mist in front of him, and Tatsu collapses lifelessly off the turnbuckle to the mat, having sustained a nasty beating there. The referee tries to help the Japanese superstar get up, looking concerned, but Sheamus speeds up the process by grabbing Yoshi by the head and tugging him to the middle of the ring... before he places an arm over his chest – AND DELIVERS THE IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER!!! Tatsu yells out in pain and writhes on the canvas, but Sheamus refuses to make a cover, instead standing back up and grabbing the top rope in one hand. He uses his other hand to tell Tatsu to stand again, though how smart a decision that would be is debateable... the referee tries to check on Yoshi again, but the Japanese superstar fights on, struggling weakly to his feet – ONLY TO GET BLASTED BETWEEN THE EYES WITH THE BROGUE KICK!!! Tatsu’s body contorts on the canvas, practically broken all over after Sheamus’ onslaught in this match, and nonchalantly, Sheamus spreads his arms wide as he places a boot on his opponent’s chest for the cover... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: Sheamus bts. Yoshi Tatsu via pinfall at 4:26


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner... the United States Champion... SHEAMUS!

The referee raises the Irishman’s hand, but he quickly pulls it away, and demands his United States Title from ringside; a member of the staff hands it to him, allowing him to beat his chest and lift the belt high triumphantly. The official helps Tatsu out of the ring, meaning Sheamus has all the ring space to himself to celebrate...


But suddenly, the crowd begins to cheer, and Sheamus turns with a bemused look to see John Morrison charging out from behind the curtain... AND SPRINTING TOWARDS THE RING! Furiously, Sheamus throws his belt to the side, and roars “C’MON THEN!” at the Shaman of Sexy as he slides in the ring... AND THE PAIR JUST START TRADING RIGHT HANDS LIKE CRAZED ANIMALS!!! Both men keep slogging away at each other, until Morrison ducks suddenly under Sheamus’ arm and hits the ropes –the Irishman spins... right into the FLASH KICK from the Prince of Parkour! Down goes Sheamus, and the crowd cheers in awe of Morrison’s ability – he’s not done, however, as he drags his adversary towards the corner, then fires up the crowd briefly before he attempts STARSHIP PAIN... BUT NOBODY’S HOME!

Sheamus rolls well out of the way, though Morrison lands on his feet and turns – DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO THE SKULL FROM THE CELTIC WARRIOR OUTTA NOWHERE! Boos immediately swarm Sheamus, who rubs his hurt jaw with an enraged look, then grabs the top rope as he did just moments ago in his match, and tells Morrison to “GET UP, FELLA! C’MON!” Eventually, the Shaman of Sexy shakes out the cobwebs and pushes himself back up... BROGUE KICK CONNECTS!!! Morrison goes down in a heap as he did two weeks ago, but this time, Sheamus seems to enjoy it a lot less, still selling the effects of the Flash Kick. Infuriated by Morrison’s persistence, he decides to send a message, and pulls the Prince of Parkour back to his feet, before lifting him up with the Crucifix – AND DRILLING HIM WITH THE CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB!!! Morrison is completely out of it now, and Sheamus picks up his title belt; he looks down at Morrison, still frustrated despite what he’s done here, and storms out of the ring without even so much as a taunt.


A chorus of boos accompany Sheamus as he heads up the ramp, not bothering to get his Liverpool shirt from ringside, and instead walking away with a scowl. He refuses to look back at Morrison, whose eyes flicker on the canvas in the ring.

Josh Matthews: Well, John Morrison tried his hardest to prove he did have an edge here tonight on Raw, but again, Sheamus left him laying. You’ve gotta wonder when this is gonna end, Cole.

Michael Cole: It should be over already, Josh! John Morrison’s had his match with Sheamus; he lost! He should just face the truth – he doesn’t have the killer instinct ya need to be a champ in this business! And maybe when he wakes up over there, he’ll realise that!

We cut backstage, where Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim are walking. Bryan gets a good pop after his mini-marathon victory earlier, and he grins as he talks to his girlfriend, though inaudible to us. Scott Stanford appears from the side of the shot, however:

Scott Stanford: Daniel – Daniel, can I just get a word?

Bryan stops walking and gives Stanford a friendly smile.

Daniel Bryan: Shoot.

Scott Stanford: Well – Daniel, it’s only thirteen days ‘til you face Dolph Ziggler for the Number One Contender position in a Ladder match... after that big win earlier tonight, surely you must be feeling confident?

Stanford offers Bryan the mic; he grins.

Daniel Bryan: Sounds about right, man. First, gotta give credit to William Regal, that guy’s one hell of a competitor and it’s an honour to step in the ring with him.

Respectful pop from the English fans.

Daniel Bryan: But if there’s one guy I don’t have that kinda respect for, it’s Dolph Ziggler.

Boos at the mention of his name.

Daniel Bryan: Dolph, you go out there and attack good guys like Evan Bourne ‘cause you think someone’s overlookin’ you for a title shot – well guess what? Now you got your shot, but you’re too afraid to step up and face me in the ring? You don’t even come watch at ringside? What, are you afraid? You scared, man?

A cheer goes up at that idea; Bryan frowns.

Daniel Bryan: Maybe your arm still hurts from me making you tap last week. Maybe you just don’t have the guts to face up to what I’m gonna do to you. But next week, we’ve still got something we need to do before that Ladder match. I wanna see us in the same ring together.

He points right into the camera.

Daniel Bryan: You’ve gotta prove to me that you’re not afraid, Dolph. If you’re half the competitor you say you are, you owe me a chance to say to your FACE why I’m gonna kick... your... head... in – at Extreme Rules, and go on to become WWE Champion.

BIG cheer for that.

Daniel Bryan: So that’s my confidence boost, Scott. I know the kind of competitor I am.

He points to the fire in his eyes, then again back to the camera.

Daniel Bryan: Time for Dolph Ziggler to show me who he is.

The crowd pops again, and now Bryan and Gail leave, as Scott thanks them.

Now we go elsewhere, and see a split-screen; on one side, the WWE Champion, The Miz, walks and talks with Alex Riley, while on the other side, Triple H takes a swig of his water bottle on his way to the ring. ‘UP NEXT’ fades into view in the bottom corner.

Josh Matthews: Well, the night is coming to its end, but it might yet bear fruit for Triple H – after the break, our main event; The Miz versus the Game, with John Cena as the special guest referee! You don’t want to miss it, believe me – will Cena call it down the middle?

That’s the question we’re left with as we fade to a break one last time tonight.


And now, it’s time for SMACKDOWN REBOUND!!!

SmackDown Rebound this week features an extended recap of Alberto Del Rio’s ‘fiesta’ in honour of Edge’s title reign coming to an end at Extreme Rules; Del Rio introduces us to the ‘Alberto Administration’, made up of Destiny’s Darling himself, as well as Ricardo Rodriguez, Brodus Clay, Rosa Mendes and a trumpeter that Del Rio plucks out of the band to play a short tune any time he says the stable’s name. During the toast in Del Rio’s honour, however, Edge interrupts, talking about how “stupid” the entire scene is, especially how it seems Del Rio needs an entire administration to beat him. The Rated R Superstar then tears the ‘fiesta’ apart by blasting Brodus Clay with a guitar shot, then delivering a Spear to the poor trumpeter. He then reveals that Del Rio’s allies won’t be able to help him at Extreme Rules anyway, as their World Title match will be contested in a STEEL CAGE. At the end of the video package, we are left with just Edge’s final words...



Now we return to Raw, where the bell chimes for the main event.


As before, THE ARENA GOES WILD! The booing from the minority of the crowd continues, but nevertheless, the positive reaction is HUGE for John Cena as he appears in his referee shirt. The camera zooms up to him so he can yell “I LOVE IT!” to all the viewers at home, then charges down the ramp to the ring, sliding in and throwing up the ‘Word Life’ sign.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing the special guest referee – JOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHNNNN – CEEEEEEEEEENAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Michael Cole: John Cena as the referee for this match might just be one of the worst decisions Jerry Lawler’s made so far, and he’s only been in charge for two weeks now! The guy clearly doesn’t have a clue what he’s doin’ – of course Cena’s gonna screw over The Miz, that’s his first priority!

Josh Matthews: Certainly a difficult decision ahead of John Cena; if Triple H wins this match, he’ll be added to the WWE Title match at Extreme Rules, lowering his own chances, but if he wants to avoid that, he might just have to go against every principle he holds dear to him.

Michael Cole: Don’t you worry, Josh! He’ll do anythin’ to see The Miz lose, even if it hurts his chances! He’s a moron, just like his buddy Lawler! This entire match shouldn’t be official!

In the ring, Cena now takes to the corner, throwing his cap into the crowd as he does. His music subsides.



The MEN Arena fills with loud booing and jeering as the WWE Champion, The Miz, strides out on to the stage, weighing his belt over his shoulder. He stares disapprovingly at Cena’s presence in the ring, then takes his belt off his shoulder and lifts it majestically into the air, looking up to the ceiling as he dramatically poses. Alex Riley appears alongside him, arms folded in his varsity jacket, and follows his mentor down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: Introducing first, accompanied by Alex Riley... from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds... he is the WWE Champion – THE MIZ!

Michael Cole: If there ever was a soldier, Josh, if there ever was a true soldier in the WWE, his name is The Miz! This man, this LEGEND, has soldiered on through countless pathetic challenges, beaten men left right and centre, and yet he’s still saddled with men who don’t deserve a shot in hell! The Miz is an ICON!

Josh Matthews: (sarcastically) What he did last week really endeared himself to the WWE Hall of Fame judging panel, I’m sure, Cole.

Michael Cole: What would you know about gettin’ into the Hall of Fame, huh Josh! Nothin’! So shut your yap and just watch The Miz go to work! I’d have ten dollars he’ll dominate from bell to bell and then Cena’ll just swoop in and do somethin’ stupid to score points against the most must-see WWE Champion of all time!

The Miz charges up and swings himself on to the apron, smirking to the camera. He stands and steps inside the ropes, shooting Cena an icy-cold look before he hoists his belt into the air once again, sending a message to the ex-“Champ” more than to the crowd. Riley takes up a position at ringside, and The Miz props himself against the back ropes to wait for the inevitable.






ONCE AGAIN, THE CROWD EXPLODES WITH A MASSIVE POP!!! As the green and red lights flash like crazy, the crowd go similarly-insane for the arrival of the iconic Triple H, drenched from head to toe in water! The Game stands still as a rock on the stage, and just lets the atmosphere swallow him up, until his music cuts suddenly to leave us in silence oh-so-briefly –



The crowd cheers frantically again as the guitar roars through the MEN Arena, and now the Game begins to walk down the ramp, water bottle in hand.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent... from Hartford, Connecticut, weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds... THE GAME... TRIIIIIIIIIIPLLLLE ‘AIIIIIIIIIITCH!!!

The camera shows The Miz in the ring, arms folded as he puts on his best poker face so we can’t tell how intimidated he is, before we skip back to Hunter as he walks round the ring, tosses his bottle away, and steps on to the apron. He pins both arms behind the top rope, then careers back... and SPRAYS the water out of his mouth, roaring out to the crowd under the sheer white light from the ceiling! Another pop greets Triple H’s classic entrance, and now he steps inside the ring, coming into immediate conflict with Cena, who is standing in his usual taunting corner. Slowly, Cena moves to the side so the Game can play to the crowd, before he hops down and prepares for battle.

Josh Matthews: Triple H gave his all at Wrestlemania, as he told us earlier, but he failed to end the Undertaker’s Streak – now, if possible, I think he’s even more determined to get back on his feet than he was to end the Streak in the first place.

Michael Cole: The problem with that hypothesis, JOSH, is just like ya heard from The Miz – if ya can’t beat the Undertaker, what makes ya think ya can beat him? The Miz is on a whole new level on Raw now, and if wasn’t for Lawler’s choice of referee, I wouldn’t even blink an eye about this match! This would be Miz’s for the takin’!

Tripper’s music subsides, and instantly the crowd begins to chant his name; he barely even registers it, however, keeping his eyes locked on the WWE Champion as he reluctantly hands his belt to Cena in an awkward moment. Cena stares at it for just a millisecond too long to pretend he doesn’t long for it, then hands it to ringside, before he checks both men are good to go... and calls for the bell.

Main Event – Singles Contest – Non-Title Match – Special Guest Referee: John Cena
WWE Champion The Miz vs Triple H

We jump in after around ten minutes of back-and-forth action between these two, because if I have to write ten minutes of match between these two in addition to the finish, you won’t see this until 2012. As we get into it, Cena is asking Triple H if he wants to tap, because The Miz has him in a chin lock, pressing his knee firmly into the Game’s back. Tripper growls in pain, but replies with a firm “No” to answer Cena’s question; the crowd begins to get behind the Cerebral Assassin, however, and slowly, he begins to utilise his massive strength to force himself up, though The Miz tries to keep control by switching to a headlock. Triple H finds a vertical base, and manages to shove the Awesome One to the ropes, before he bends down – too early, because The Miz kicks him in the jaw! Tripper reels upwards in pain, clutching at his face, and The Miz capitalises, tugging his opponent down for a quick Backbreaker, then transitioning to complete his usual Neckbreaker combo! He scrambles over the downed Game for the cover, hooking a leg and shooting Cena a look... the guest official makes the count... 1... 2... but Triple H kicks out!

Applause and cheers follow Triple H’s resiliency there, though The Miz’s eyes flicker briefly towards Cena; he decides not to pick a fight though, instead focusing on the one in front of him. He pushes himself up from his kneeling position, and grabs the Game’s arm to pull him toward the corner. Tripper tries to get up, but The Miz hits his head against the bottom turnbuckle, then stomps the hell out him on the canvas, trying to wear all the energy out of him! The crowd boos wildly for The Miz’s aggression, and eventually, Cena starts counting to get him away – when he won’t relent, Cena looks ready to disqualify him... but gets in between Miz and the Game instead, and manhandles the WWE Champion out of the corner! Boos can be heard from the people who realise what just happened... Cena saved The Miz’s bacon! Triple H’s eyes refocus, and he struggles back to his feet to see Miz and Cena exchanging cold glares, akin to the same you’d see between future opponents, as they are. The Awesome One says nothing about what Cena just did, instead charging in on Triple H in the corner – AND CRUSHING HIM INTO THE BUCKLES WITH THE SWINGING CORNER CLOTHESLINE! “OHHHH!” roars the crowd as the impact leaves Triple H collapsing to the mat again. The Miz hangs between the ropes for a couple of seconds, then detaches himself and returns to the ring, where Triple H’s hardened determination means he’s up to his knees, breathing heavily. The Miz is quickly back on him, however – SNAP DDT CONNECTS! Triple H gets drilled into the mat there, and again, The Miz flips him on to his back... 1... 2... 3-NO! Kickout!

The Miz stands again, clearly frustrated. Cena remains silent, just watching as the WWE Champion beckons for Hunter to rise yet again. Slowly, the Game manages to struggle up, so The Miz charges with a Knee Lift – but Tripper dodges it! The Awesome One puts his knee through nothing but thin air, then hits the ropes almost unintentionally, and comes back at Triple H – FLYING KNEE STRIKE! The Miz gets blasted by the classic move of Hunter’s, only to rashly get back to his feet... Triple H whips him to the ropes, but The Miz sets his feet and sends the Game instead, then bends down – SO THE GAME SCORES WITH THE FACEBREAKER KNEE SMASH! Another moment of “Vintage Triple H!” (as Matthews cheekily calls it at ringside) has the crowd cheering again, and now The Miz reels upwards in a complete daze, allowing the Cerebral Assassin to shove him to the ropes... AND TRIPLE H DELIVERS THE DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER TO SEND THE CROWD INTO A FRENZY!!! From taking a beating to handing one out himself, Triple H roars with adrenaline, then triumphantly hooks a leg, as Cena slides to the deck... 1..... 2..... 3---kickout – BUT THAT WAS A SLOW COUNT!!!

Triple H looks up in confusion for a moment, and quickly his expression changes into a stunned horror as he stares in disbelief at Cena, who just looks him straight in the eye with a guilty grimace! Both men get to their feet on either side of The Miz’s heavily-breathing body, and Triple H looks from the WWE Champion to the guest referee – he knows exactly what Cena did there, and it looks like Cena does, too! Triple H hits the stage of anger now, pointing to Cena and saying “You’re better than this, John” before he takes a frustrated walk away from his old adversary, trying to come to terms with the obstacle he’s facing. The Miz rolls to the side of the ring, as Triple H turns again to ask Cena “What about your three rules, huh? Hustle, loyalty, respect? Where are they, huh John?” and it seems the ex-“Champ” has no answer, looking at the floor. Sections of the crowd chant “YOU SOLD OUT!” at the Cena just because he’s given them an excuse to hate him, and trying to escape Triple H’s judgement, he turns to check on The Miz, who still hasn’t got up. Triple H puts his hands on his hips, shaking his head... BUT SUDDENLY, ALEX RILEY IS IN THE RING! Boos explode from the crowd as Riley stalks the unaware Triple H from behind... but Cena looks up, spots him – AND DRILLS THE VARSITY VILLAIN WITH A CLOTHESLINE TO SEND HIM PACKING!!!

A hearty cheer goes up as Riley rolls away, out of the ring, and now Triple H looks at Cena in surprise, then nods his head, though he can’t bring himself to even smile. The pair move in again, with Triple H trying to ask Cena why he’s stooping to The Miz’s level – Cena points to the WWE Title on the outside, then says “I need it back, Hunter”... BUT THE MIZ IS UP, AND HE HOOKS UP THE FULL NELSON ON HUNTER FROM BEHIND... NOOOOO!!! Triple H instinctively spins out of it, then hammers The Miz in the jaw with a right hand to send him spiralling to the deck! The crowd cheers, and now Triple H roars at Cena to “WATCH THIS!” as The Miz staggers up again – kick to the gut, arms hooked – PEDIGREE TO THE WWE CHAMPION!!! The arena goes MENTAL as The Miz gets levelled, and now Triple H does the first thing that comes to his mind, the cover! He hooks a leg furiously, and Cena comes down to the mat for the count... 1... 2... he hesitates... and hesitates... THEN BRINGS HIS HAND DOWN FOR A THIRD TIME AND CALLS FOR THE BELL!!! TRIPLE H WINS!!!

Result: Triple H bts. The Miz via pinfall at 15:11


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, and receiving a WWE Title shot at Extreme Rules... THE GAME... TRIPLE ‘AIIIITTTTCCHHH!!!

THE ARENA ROARS THEIR APPROVAL!!! Across the MEN Arena, fans are on their feet with their hands in the air in triumph, and the Game leaps to his feet, ROARING with adrenaline too! He pumps his arms to the cheering masses, then turns round...

...into another furious staredown with Cena! The crowd cries “OHHHHH!” as the two men stand across from each other, with The Miz tumbling out of the ring to the outside... Triple H is the first to make a move, nodding his head and saying “Good choice.” Cena nods likewise.

Michael Cole: Awww, what the hell is this? I told ya, Josh! I TOLD YA! CENA SCREWS THE MIZ!

Josh Matthews: A-are you serious? He was doin’ the opposite, then he finally realised his principles couldn’t let him –

Michael Cole: Oh, spare me the theatrics, Josh! John Cena has just shot himself in the foot! What a MORON! Of course he’d have to screw The Miz over, he just wants to see him fail! Like everyone does! No-one can handle The Miz’s success, Josh! This entire brand is jealous of him! THIS SHOW MAKES ME SICK!!!

In the ring, Cena grabs Triple H’s wrist, and raises his arm to the crowd; the Game lifts his other arm, confident of his chances at Extreme Rules, and roars to the fans once more...


Michael Cole: I KNEW IT!

And now the MEN Arena EXPLODES with all sorts of noise, vicious boos and elated cheers alike, as Cena stands tall over the body of the Game – AND TELLS HIM “YOU CAN’T SEE ME!”

Michael Cole: Cena! Cena’ll do anything to get an upper hand, Josh – h-he doesn’t have a ‘principle’ in his BODY!

Cena bends over Triple H, still waving the hand, then moves it away so he can tell the Game “The result’s gonna be the same, Hunter! I’m still gonna be The Champ again!” before he heads to the nearest turnbuckle, and REVELS in the mixed reaction from the crowd as he throws up the ‘Word Life’ sign! As earlier, the tendency leans towards cheers, but the booing is much more profound than before, not that Cena minds, grinning a massive smile as the Raw end-of-show logo fades into view...

Josh Matthews: Regardless of Michael Cole’s opinion of John Cena, he’s the man standing tall at the end of Raw tonight – Triple H will join him and The Miz in the WWE Title match at Extreme Rules, but for now, I bid you farewell from Manchester, England!

Michael Cole: NO! The show can’t end like this! This has been a sideshow, a circus! Lawler’s l-like the zookeeper who just lumps all the animals in one cage! This is anarchy! S-someone’s gotta do somethin’!

Josh Matthews: (trying to sign off) This has been Monday Night Raw!

Michael Cole: What the hell is goin’ on with this show?

...and we fade to black.


Quick Results
Daniel Bryan bts. William Regal
Melina bts. Tamina
Tyler Black bts. Ted DiBiase
Sheamus bts. Yoshi Tatsu
Triple H bts. The Miz

WWE Championship
The Miz (c) vs John Cena vs Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship – Steel Cage Match
Edge (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

Last Man Standing Match
CM Punk vs Randy Orton

I Quit Match
Christian vs Jack Swagger

No. 1 Contender To The WWE Title – Ladder Match
Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan

Intercontinental Championship – Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge
Wade Barrett (c) vs Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre vs Trent Barreta



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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Before I get into the good stuff, I just wanted to touch on the commentary throughout the show. I know Michael Cole played an annoying character in real life, but I really wish you’d stop writing that way. In all honesty, bar a handful of people, most bookers commentary (mine included ) is embarrassingly bad as it is, and Cole is making yours really hard to read. It’s just so over whelming, and as a result, your commentary team barely hypes anything, they just bicker. Maybe there are some people that disagree with me and think OHZ COLE IS EPIC… but I thought I’d throw in my two cents.

I was really interested to see how you went with Triple H to open the show, because I was a little worried that you might leave The Undertaker issue unaddressed. I was pleased to see that wasn’t the case and you did a pretty good job. You managed to make it sound as if Trips would get empathy from the fans for his speech about ‘Mania, yet he saved face, by still sounding badass when he turned to The Miz. Once again, I thought everything was spot until right before The Miz came about. Since about 1999, Triple H’s character has been built on one obsession and one obsession only, to win the WWE Championship. You had Hunter call the title the next best thing behind the streak, and that for me is just something that doesn’t fit his mindset, imo. The Miz was pretty nice early on as well, although the nose insult was a little lame, to be honest. Miz sounded very Jericho like when bragging about beating Orton and Cena in the same night, AND calling himself a living legend. I think I may have touched on this in my last bit of feedback in here when I said that this accomplishment can only do wonders for Miz. I’m pleased to see you’re using it straight off the bat. The rest of the promo went along solidly enough with the two bickering, and then predictably (in a good way because it had to happen), here comes Cena. I beg you to never have Cena call HHH Tripper again, that was pretty terrible. The insult of Riley came across a lot better than the others so far throughout the whole promo. Cena was typical Cena really, nothing stood out, but everything was solid. I will point out that the constant playing on the fact that we’re in England is very Cena-esque to. Lawler makes the main event, and this promo did a good job of hyping Extreme Rules and made a huge match for tonight. Despite maybe one or two questionable lines, a pretty good way to open the show.

Being in England I can understand that Regal is going to be cheered, but the whole handshake thing really shocked me. I’m not going to criticize because I’m just completely torn on whether I thought it was a good move or not. Not really much to say about the actual match, it was solid enough, although it makes me crave a match between the two written in full, so you know, book that sometime soon. Anyway, again, not much stood out was just a solid match. Danielson picking up the win was a necessity though considering he’s got the bigger profile out of the two in this thread. I almost forgot to mention how happy I am that you gave them the time they deserved as well.

I was going to mention how I expected Ziggler and Guerrero to show their faces but then you cut to them straight from the match. Ziggler still pissed after last week makes sense. Vickie remaining silent shocked me though; I thought maybe she could have said something after Dolph walked away. I expect something a little later from Ziggler though, after seeing this, it would just be weird if he didn’t at least attempt to retaliate tonight.

DiBiase and Black segment was a little random. I guess it sets up a match for tonight. Not really sure where you are going with this Black agent thing. Whilst at first I thought it was fun, now I feel as if it’s a little lame, and I can’t really see it leading anywhere good. By the way, this losing streak for DiBiase better lead somewhere. He’s too good to waste.

As much as I mark for Melina’s splits entrance, I think it would have been better if she didn’t do it tonight. Don’t get me wrong; through the domination of Tamina and the embarrassment of Marella, you really made her look focused/like a beast. I just thought though, if she’s so focused and in such a seemingly bad mood, why would she bother with the flash entrance? Eve trying to get a piece of Melina made sense, and Melina getting out of the way just makes Eve have to wait another week. Builds the tension between the two rather well, smart booking.

Despite what people say about this time period being so terrible, looking over the Extreme Rules card, and that’s shaping up to be a damn good pay per view. With the likes of Wolfy, Legend, Imac and 619 all close to big events, it’ll be interesting to see how everybody compares… No pressure or anything though.

Very, very smart to have The Miz come up to see Cena. I was waiting for something like this, and if it didn’t happen, I would have made a point to let you know you messed up. But this is clever, builds a nice little one night cliff hanger sort of thing, and perhaps plants some ideas into Cena’s head.

Tyler Blacks promo draws up a positive and a negative for me. It’s a positive because the agent gimmick was REALLY starting to bother me, and I’m hoping him admitting that he’s not really one, means it will stop. On the negative side of things, bringing him in as an agent only to scrap it just seems like you’ve done some typical WWE booking. Tried something, didn’t like it and just randomly scrapped it. I don’t know how serious I am going to be able to take this guy now, especially with a suited up Mark Henry having his back. The next few weeks are very important to how Black is perceived in this thread.

Obviously expected Black to get the win. Another solid match on the show, and whilst it’s a step in the right direction, I still think you’ve got a long way to go to get Black out of this hole. As for DiBiase, as I said earlier, this losing streak better lead somewhere. Also, as long as he’s losing, just keep him at least competitive.

Melina continuing to bug Morrison is something I’m enjoying. She’s clearly getting inside his head, and after being killed by Sheamus, I believe some sort of heel turn could be in his future. Anyway, this is intriguing at the moment. I love these sorts of slow change things, where the character development is portrayed so well.

I had pretty low expectations regarding Orton getting microphone time alone, and I kind of sit on the fence regarding everything he said here. The beginning was alright, although maybe the whole Punk’s not worth the part of his brain he remembers him with was a little over dramatic. It sort of made Orton sound like some sort of idiotic teenager. I really enjoyed the part where he called himself a beast; it’s leaning towards his sadistic role, which is definitely what he plays best. I usually love philosophical promos and what not, but the whole comparing himself to the moon thing didn’t really gel to well. I understand what you were going for, but I just didn’t dig it. Punk’s line about putting people to sleep was epic, perfect way to start, playing on Orton’s words like that. The rest of the promo went along solidly enough, with the bit where Punk mentioned Orton’s daughter, even without insinuating to much, was very interesting. The LMS stipulation is a good one, because Orton is known to be a sadistic guy, and Punk seemed pretty out there on your first show. A better segment than I was expecting, but nothing overly great.

The cheap heat for Sheamus was nice, especially the Liverpool jumper. Basically Sheamus beating the shit out of another sorry individual. You have booked Sheamus incredibly well so far. I love the beast type pushes when they work, and this one is definitely doing that. I’m one hundred percent behind Sheamus in this thread so far. Double champion? I think so.

Morrison making an appearance makes sense, but I found it funny that Sheamus got the better of him. I’m interested to see just how Morrison reacts next week. Definitely a very interesting part of Raw, at the moment.

Daniel Bryan interview was…okay. I wasn’t sold on the whole asking Ziggler if he’s scared thing. One, we know that’s not true already. Two, it kind of comes across as maybe a tad heelish the way he said it. For example, if he just said I think Ziggler’s scared it could have came across a little different to the way he asked the question. He sounded almost heel Edge like, tbh.


Once again, and it seems to be a common thing with your matches, the main event was another solid one. There was nothing really stand out that would make somebody say it was a brilliant, but at the same time there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. The constant questioning of Cena’s values was nice, and you booked a pretty nice twist with Cena almost giving in to The Miz’s jedi mind tricks, only to change his mind at the last minute. The aftermath with Cena taking down Hunter was expected, there was no way they were both just going to stand there looking at each other. Nice hype for the Extreme Rules main event again, and an entertaining way to finish the show.

Overall, another good episode of Raw. You continue to be the only booker who can keep me interested with this time period. Everybody seems to have something going on at the moment on Raw and it makes everything that much more fun to read. I don’t like the Black stuff, and no Ziggler appearance seemed wrong to me. After being mad like that, you set up a hook for him to do something vicious later on, and then just left it and had the okay Bryan interview. Also the odd nit picky thing I mentioned throughout some of the promos but nothing major. Good show, don’t take to long with Smackdown.

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Raw Feedback

I remember giving you some feedback in your old thread but this is the first time I’ve given some here. I’ve read the previous shows and you’ve certainly done a good job so far with this. Moving on…

Kicking things off with Trips after last week was a good call and I’m glad he didn’t go right into the business with Miz, instead clearing up the Undertaker and Wrestlemania. Thought he was pretty much on the money from the off, the hurting pride comment was nice and wanting straight in on the title picture is expected from someone of his calibre. The one comment I didn’t agree with was when he said that if he couldn’t get the streak, he’d get the next best thing. That just makes the WWE title look secondary, when it’s obviously the top prize around, the prize that Trips himself has always craved.

Miz was typically Miz here. Nothing too out of the ordinary, liked how he immediately brought up beating Cena and Orton last week, I’m sure you’ll use that regularly with him. Riley piping up and Trips putting him straight back down was great I must say. Cena coming out certainly changed the mood and I give you credit, you’ve got the Cena character down to a tee here. BUT I don’t like it at all. That’s nothing to do with you, you wrote it perfectly, it’s just the Cena character in general, ‘Tripper’, Frog jokes, Football jokes. All typical Cena but just so cheesy. Glad to see Miz not backing down from either man, continuing to get in their faces. Lawler coming out wasn’t a major shock and that’s a nice little main event signed here. Cena as referee just adds to it also.

Very pleased to see Bryan and Regal get such a long match, as with it being in England also. Glad to see that the right man won, with Regal looking strong in the process also. Small push for Regal as well as Bryan? I’d be all for it.

Ziggler and Vickie simply walking away was a slight surprise. I expected we’d at least hear from Vickie but no, interesting, willing to see where you go with that tonight.

The whole Tyler Black agent thing’s been a decent little gimmick but I’m glad we’re finally gonna get him inside the ring tonight. It’ll be interesting to see how you go with him just being an agent but probably winning a match against a decent level superstar.

Nice showing from Melina here as expected against someone like Tamina. Nothing much to say on that one really. Her getting out of dodge with Eve surprised me as I expected Melina not to simply back down like that but certainly makes you think Eve’s got Melina worried.

Very good interaction backstage with Cena and Miz. The exact kinda thing I’d expect from Miz, trying to weasel his way out of the predicament he’s in tonight.

The whole idea behind Black being an agent was quite good at first but here’s the problem, going from that to this. In my opinion, you could’ve handled things better. Maybe have it be known beforehand that Black could wrestle but was hired to be an agent at first. Now I get the whole reasoning behind Black lying but it just doesn’t sit with me and makes you wonder where he goes from here. Does he continue his agent duties or does he just wrestle now? The match itself was good and Black winning was no surprise but I’m intrigued to see where you go with him now.

I was a fan of this Orton promo, I have to say. It’s not the usual standard Orton promo and it certainly got goin once you had him mention awakening the beast. Pretty similar to a promo 619 had for Christian but had its differences still. Really liked the whole talk of evolving like the moon and the way he stands outside at 3 in the morning, was pretty chilling stuff. Punk was on song throughout, the opening line about putting people to sleep was just Punk to a tee. The ‘every time you kiss your daughter goodnight’ line was fantastic and you can just imagine Orton’s facial expression when Punk said that. Last Man Standing suit’s the rivalry these two are building and it should be a heck of a match, would love to see a Punk win. Enjoyable promo here.

Nice cheap heat actions from Sheamus and a nice victory to boot. Really enjoying the Sheamus/Morrison stuff at the minute although I’d rather have seen Morrison get the upper hand here following Sheamus’ dominance already tonight and after Melina’s little pep talk earlier.

Decent interview from Bryan here. I liked the closing line of Ziggler needing to show him who he is. I’m looking forward to seeing that next week. Loving how you’ve got these two going at it with a title shot on the line.

Main event time and it was yet another solid match up here. End result didn’t shock me too much as triple threat gives you so much more in terms of options and will add to Miz’s credentials if he can leave Extreme Rules victorious. Pleased to see a slight edge to Cena at the end with the Attitude Adjustment. Expected a simple staredown but pleased to see that.

On the whole a very good show Melvis. Enjoyed all the match ups throughout, particularly Bryan/Regal and the main event. Thought the Orton/Punk stuff was very good and LMS should be brutal. Sheamus looked very strong here tonight and the Bryan/Ziggler feud has me very intrigued. Only complaints would be the Tyler Black situation though you’ve certainly got time to tun that round and also the characters of Cena and Michael Cole as well. You write them perfectly, don’t get me wrong but they’re just so annoying lol. That may just be my personal opinion though. Good stuff here though, well done.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Ah. I enter the throne room. But as I do, forgive me, my king, for I've read your show, just motivation and time constrains have really hindered me for the time being. So just a few notes....

Trips moving past 'taker, especially after adressing the whole thing, was a small part of the promo but big in my eyes. I really can't stand the whole 'this angle/rivalry is over, now that its done, lets forget about any development until convenient' mindset of modern wrestling. That being said, again, I LOVE that you're not gonna completely bury Miz, I don't think, but especially stoked that you've set up the possiblity for him going over both Cena and Trips and making his stock going up tenfold.

Still nto sold on Lawler as GM, but even moreso not into Cole on commentary. You do have him very much in character, but good effing lord he's annoying as piss. It's not painful to read because you have him to a tee, its just he's Michael Cole and he's painful to listen to as is. There's nothing good about what he has to say about anything. In real life, the only reason I haven't started watching shows on mute is so I can listen to Booker T bring me lulz.

None of your matches disappointed in the least, but would it have killed you to give Bryan and Regal two more minutes . Nonetheless, I suppose this is no surprise given your recent crowning of King...

The Tyler Black character - I very much understand why you would drop his gimmick so fast, but I just don't like it. He's very much a developing character; a blank canvas if you will, especially to WWE audiences. I don't like starting and stopping pushes/gimmicks, and as Stojy noted, his booking in the next several weeks will be very crucial to how he is percieved - is he this goof (ex) agent with Mark Henry still in his corner? Or is he a serious as can be wrestler? Regardless, I expect a feud with Regal at some point down the line, plz.

And quick note to Stojy...

Originally Posted by Stojy View Post
With the likes of Wolfy, Legend, Imac and 619 all close to big events, it’ll be interesting to see how everybody compares… No pressure or anything though.
...don't think my name should ever really be in the same breath as Wolfy's and Legend's. But yeah, on the note of the PPV, it looks pretty awesome from where I'm sitting.

Ah, so the king plagiarizes from his peasants (I kid ) in regards to Orton and his moon. Punk here was really on the money, taking Orton's new insomnia approach and saying to hell with it. I understand what the analogy was here, but it did feel a tad out of place. Punk's wink at the end was a tad much too.

But yeah. There's just some quick and probably useless notes regarding this. Keep it up, though, and I'll be sure to check in on Smackdown. Thou peasant Kirby very much approves.


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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Thanks for the feedback, Stoj, 619IDH and cp954, it’s really helpful; I’ll return the favour for the next show you all post, unless any of you would prefer it for the most recent one, in which case just let me know and I’ll get on it. Hopefully I’ll return some random thoughts for 619’s most recent one, actually. In response to any concerns, what I’m doing with Tyler Black, John Morrison and Ted DiBiase is all intentional; each one of them has an end result based on their progression at the moment, if that allays any fears. [/mysterious]

WWE Superstars
The O2 Arena, London, England | 21st April 2011

Match One – Singles Contest
Tyson Kidd bts. Chris Masters via submission at 10:01
Once again on Superstars, Tyson Kidd impresses. Despite facing a much larger, stronger opponent in the Masterpiece, Chris Masters, the young Canadian manages to mix up his offence in his classic style, changing from high-flying to ground-and-pound in an instant, and this unpredictability throws Masters off his guard enough to always keep Kidd with a subtle upper hand. Masters manages to get some of his own power moves in during the ten minutes, but in the end he can’t capitalise, with Kidd escaping well before Masters can apply the Masterlock, and eventually bringing him down with a Superkick, followed by the Sharpshooter to make him tap out; once again, Kidd celebrates a victory on Superstars.

When walking backstage, the rookie-mentor duo of R-Truth and Johnny Curtis, now a staple on Superstars, have their team talk cut off by the rare appearance of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, set to compete in the main event. The pair from The Corre look Truth and Curtis up and down with disdain, but Truth jovially reminds them of ‘da roll’ they’re on, so if Gabriel and Slater are still champions after Extreme Rules, they better prepare to have Curtis’ guaranteed title shot cashed in on them. Slater scoffs and the implication, saying he beat KANE last week on SmackDown – why do these two think they can beat him and the master of the 450 Splash? At this point, DZP arrive on the scene; Zack Ryder remarks that Truth and Curtis CAN’T beat them... but Primo says that THEY can, because they’re the coolest duo in the whole of the WWE. Ryder says after DZP beats Truth and Curtis for their tag team title shot next week on Raw, THEY’LL be the next WWE Tag Team Champions – “Woo woo woo... you know it.”

Match Two – Singles Contest
Evan Bourne bts. Ted DiBiase via pinfall at 6:17
Ted DiBiase’s torrid run continues – the Fortunate Son gets on the mic before the match to declare how he WILL get out of his slump, and that he was just thrown off his high-profile game by Tyler Black’s fraudulent actions this past Monday on Raw. Evan Bourne has little interest in DiBiase’s affairs though, it seems, because when the match begins, he shows the Fortunate Son no sympathy, blasting him with every kick, knee strike and move in his arsenal, before nailing the Shooting Star Press to win it in just over six minutes. DiBiase looks disconsolate, lying with his back to the turnbuckles as he curses his luck, while Bourne fires up the English crowd with his post-match celebrations.

Raw Rebound features The Miz’s match with Triple H in the main event of Raw, with John Cena as the special guest referee. On several occasions, it seems that Cena is almost favouring The Miz to make sure Triple H isn’t added to the Triple Threat at Extreme Rules, but when the Game sees a slow count from the official, he demands to know his angle. Cena finally realises his principles are the basis of his personality, and blasts Alex Riley from the ring as he tries to interfere, before making the count as Triple H hits the WWE Champion with a Pedigree. Cena raises the Cerebral Assassin’s hand... then drills him with an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT to end the show, waving his hand and telling him that “The result’s gonna be the same, Hunter” as Raw fades out.

Match Three – Singles Contest – Non-Title Match
Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater bt. Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust via pinfall at 9:35
In the main event, the talented pairing of Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust try their hardest to top the WWE Tag Team Champions, but Gabriel and Slater show their unity by utilising a series of tag team manoeuvres on Tatsu when they get him isolated. Eventually, Tatsu gets the hot tag to Goldust, but just minutes later, the tables turn back in the champions’ favour when Slater hits the Bizarre One with the E-Minor. The One Man Rock Band then clears Tatsu from the apron, and tags in Gabriel – the South African comes crashing down on Goldust with the 450 Splash, and that’s more than enough for the successful pinfall. We cut backstage to see R-Truth and Johnny Curtis watching intently, but it’s Gabriel and Slater’s celebrations that stick with us as Superstars closes.

Originally Posted by WWE.com

Thursday, 21st April 2011 – 10pm
As we speed ever closer to the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, the General Managers of both Raw and SmackDown have been busy getting their side of the show ready for broadcast – on Raw this past Monday, we saw Triple H beat current WWE Champion The Miz in a non-title shot to see himself added to the title match at the pay-per-view, and Jerry “The King” Lawler has decreed that these two, with John Cena in addition, will face off in a match that’s the very namesake of the event, an EXTREME RULES MATCH!

Likewise, Teddy Long doesn’t want to be left behind on SmackDown – after Kane put Heath Slater through a table on SmackDown, he’s announced that Slater and his tag team partner Justin Gabriel will put their WWE Tag Team Titles on the line against Kane and his partner, the Big Show, in a TABLES MATCH!

In both these hotly-anticipated encounters, bodies are going to be put on the line. The gold at stake for these superstars is such a commodity that these men will go through hell and back to claim them as their own... and considering what you’ve just read, that’s exactly what they might just have to do! Stay tuned to WWE.com for more updates as the Extreme Rules pay-per-view beckons!
News on Sin Cara’s Push, Michael Cole
Previously known as Mistico, WWE’s newest draw on SmackDown is, of course, Sin Cara; apparently, the original plan had been to have him go on an unbeaten streak, however the creative team is wary of overdoing streaks considering there are one or two prospective talents that they want to go undefeated, too. As a result, expect Sin Cara to lose sometime soon, possibly as early as tomorrow night on a live edition of SmackDown. If he does lose, it is likely to be against someone of high enough status that Cara isn’t hurt by it, but considering possible plans for a tag team alongside fellow luchador Rey Mysterio, creative would rather have Cara not have an ‘invincible’ image, so they could sell the angle of the ‘underdog’ tag team.

The debate about Michael Cole’s role on Raw continues amongst the creative team and, naturally, Vince McMahon; the question is whether to put him on SmackDown to solely manage Jack Swagger (with the WWE Draft being the night after Over The Limit, there is still the potential to bring him back to Raw if necessary), or keep him on Raw, in which case there would need to be an angle to calm Cole’s issues with Lawler, so that the commentary could shift more towards the actual action, which is a slight concern currently. It’s entirely possible that a decision will be made after Extreme Rules.

Friday Night SmackDown
The O2 Arena, London, England | 22nd April 2011

From England’s most famous indoor arena, in the heart of the Millennium Dome, SmackDown is LIVE in the O2 Arena tonight; the stars of the Blue Brand know there’s only nine days until Extreme Rules, making it all the more important for them to pick up momentum tonight ahead of several huge matches at the first pay-per-view of the new WWE calendar.

Last week on SmackDown, World Heavyweight Champion Edge trashed Alberto Del Rio’s ‘fiesta’ honouring the so-called ‘end’ of the Rated R Superstar’s title reign come Extreme Rules. Despite Del Rio’s ‘Alberto Administration’ being in full force in the ring, the World Champion made a mockery of his future challenger’s entourage by hitting Brodus Clay in the head with a guitar, and Spearing the trumpeter Del Rio had assigned to play for him whenever he mentioned the Administration. At the end of the show, Edge relayed Teddy Long’s judgement; at Extreme Rules, the World Title will be contested inside a STEEL CAGE! With that knowledge firm in both men’s minds, Del Rio will open the show tonight, now that he’s had a week to recover from the shock announcement that was sprung upon him last Friday. Similarly, Edge will have his hands full, as he’ll be taking on the talented South African and one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Justin Gabriel, in SmackDown’s main event. What will Del Rio have to say about his Administration being rendered practically redundant during his World Title match? And can Edge prove to the so-called ‘Destiny’s Darling’ that he’s a deserving champion with a victory over one of SmackDown’s brightest young talents?

Another two men who learned more of their fate to come at Extreme Rules are Christian and Jack Swagger. The two old adversaries met up during the Peep Show last week at the beginning of SmackDown, after Christian called the All-American American out for costing him a World Title opportunity the week previously. Swagger revealed his motivations were because of Christian’s apparent ‘cheating’ two years ago in their time on ECW, and how he feels HE should be next in line for a World Title shot, only to have the whole brand think of him as a joke. Though he didn’t want one, Teddy Long gave Swagger a match with Captain Charisma at Extreme Rules regardless, in the brutal format of an ‘I Quit’ Match. No doubt these two men have some long-standing issues to settle, and there is no better stage than at a pay-per-view where every match has an added fire; tonight, Swagger will be in action – will we hear from Christian after he was put in the Ankle Lock last week? Surely these two can’t stay away from each other with the animosity they share? We’ll find out tonight.

In a bizarre moment last week, the arena lights cut out just as Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett was poised to beat Kofi Kingston, surely denying him a title shot in the process. As a result of the peculiar electrical fault, Kingston took advantage with Trouble In Paradise to score the pinfall, making him the sixth participant in the Extreme Rules Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge for Barrett’s title. On SmackDown this evening, Kingston faces fellow Six-Pack Challenge competitor Drew McIntyre, to see which one can tip the momentum in their favour – but possibly more interestingly, rumours are abound about Wade Barrett’s temperament. What will the Englishman have in store when he sets foot in his home country’s premier indoor stadium? Will he be able to focus on the title defence that is drawing ever near, especially after last week’s events?

During a chaotic post-match brawl following Kane’s narrow loss to Heath Slater, the Big Red Machine put the One Man Rock Band through a table with a crunching Chokeslam. Because of Kane’s actions, Teddy Long announced late last night after Slater and Gabriel’s main event win on WWE Superstars that the champions would defend their belts at Extreme Rules against Kane and the Big Show in a Tag Team Tables match! That match is sure to be a mess of wood and strewn bodies, especially with behemoths like Kane and Show involved, but tonight, the World’s Largest Athlete has other things to pay attention to; he faces the twisted, demented Cody Rhodes in singles action. Both men have something to be wary of – Rhodes must watch for Show’s always-dangerous right hand, but Show must beware of Rhodes’ new persona, willing to go to any length in order to beat his opponents, as shown last week when he hit Rey Mysterio with Cross Rhodes and told him that it was all revenge for forcing him to wear his now-trademark face mask every week. After delivering a chilling interview last Friday, Rhodes is clearly in a whole new place mentally, and that makes him a very, very lethal potential opponent. Who will come out on top tonight, and will we hear from Rey Mysterio after last week?

Also, you can expect to see Trent Barreta, Chavo Guerrero, Sin Cara and much more tonight on SmackDown!

~ Announced For SmackDown ~

Alberto Del Rio to open the show
Jack Swagger competes


Singles Contest – Champion Versus Champion Match

World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs WWE Tag Team Champion Justin Gabriel

Singles Contest
Kofi Kingston vs The Sinister Scotsman Drew McIntyre

Singles Contest
The World’s Largest Athlete Big Show vs Cody Rhodes

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Despite the fact that I’d love to see BOTH men be utilized well on the main shows, I can dig this match for what it was. I know its Superstars and all, but Masters/Kidd probably could have had a little more detail. Again, I know its Superstars, but it could have been a quality match. A good win for Kidd, but I’m glad that you didn’t just have Masters job. I beg you to have both these guys do something decent on the main shows, because both are fairly great.

Decent enough tag segment. Again, not really much to add, this was just a pretty clever segment to add to your tag division. I’m glad you’ve got a few things going on with that to, smart to add prestige to the titles and the division in general, because tag wrestling is awesome.

Ugh, I get it’s going somewhere but I can’t help but cringe at DiBiase putting over Bourne. Again, a good match for angle advancement with DiBiase, and Bourne gets a much needed win.

And basically a throw away main event to put over the tag champions. Again, no issue from me. I like the idea of for Superstars having a couple of competitive matches, and then having some sort of big name (in this case tag champions) to make an appearance in the main event.

Obviously I wasn’t going to have much to give feedback on, so hopefully those random…thoughts will do.

Onto the news…

Tag Titles Tables match is another nice edition to Extreme Rules. Whilst Kane and Show can barely move, their weaknesses can be hidden by the stipulation, and they are former tag champs which makes them a legit threat. With that being said, Slater and Gabriel must go over. They seem to already have a few things set to happen with other teams, and giving the titles to the washed up has beens would just be stupid. Still a good edition to the PPV though.

Sin Cara stuff seems pretty basic, although if I’m honest, a tag team with Mysterio sounds terrible. They’d put on good matches but the set up would be so generic, and after about a month or two, you’d pretty much have done everything original that two guys with no charisma and masks can do.

Michael Cole to SD seems like the best option. Get him off commentary, and eventually have one of Swagger’s opponents murder him.

And now the preview…

The show looks like it might shape up with a Del Rio/Edge promo, and then a Swagger squash win, followed by a Swagger/Christian segment. I’m sure the segments will be entertaining but I really hope I’m reading into things wrong. I’d much rather see some of the other issues on Smackdown getting centre stage, instead of the two long, drawn out segments featuring the same two feuds as last week. It’s kind of what is wrong with the WWE in real life at the moment; they don’t give everybody a chance to shine.

In ring action seems decent enough with Edge/Gabriel and Kingston/McIntyre both set to be a pretty good read. I definitely don’t expect for Kingston/Mcintyre to finish cleanly though, with the six pack challenge needing some fuel added to the fire. Rhodes/Show could really suck or be decent due to Show being in the match, so I’ll be interested to see how that comes out as well.

Show looks alright, although again, I’m really hoping we don’t get those same two segments as last week.

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Cheers for the feedback on the notes and Superstars, Stoj. Having busted out some real feedback (to 619IDH) for the first time in about eight months a few weeks back, I’m hoping I can get a bit more out there, including for 619’s Tag Team Halloween, which I’ve had a skim read of, and Stoj, you haven’t touched your thread in nearly a month now, but as soon as you get back to it I’ll hopefully be right there for some feedback, provided I do some research on 2004 WWE to help me out. As for cp954, I’m sure I owe you a least one piece of feedback, though I’m not sure I’d be much help on Vengeance; there’s no better time to get into a thread properly than after a PPV, though (as much as I’d have to just jump in on the SmackDown side), so hopefully I can get something down for you for your next Raw. I’d also like to get back into BkB’s thread if he feels like getting some more of dat shizz written, so if you’re reading this, get on it, mang.

I know one of the main issues/complaints people have about my shows is that the matches are not particular long or eye-catching, so I at least tried to solve this on at least one front with a relatively-lengthy main event. Only one more week of shows after this, with Raw now written already, then the PPV. Huzzah.


Friday Night SmackDown
The O2 Arena, London, England | 22nd April 2011

SmackDown doesn’t open with the opening credits; conversely, the shot fades in on the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett, marching through the backstage corridors alongside Ezekiel Jackson. Barrett gets a decent pop from the English fans who want to blindly follow their countryman, but also a host of boos for his nefarious character. The Bare Knuckle Fighter looks around as he walks, then spots what he’s looking for, and beckons Jackson to follow.

Wade Barrett: Over here.

The camera pans to the side to show... SmackDown’s production booth? Barrett looks it up and down, then nods to Jackson, and RIPS the door open – THEN HE DECKS THE FIRST MAN HE SEES WITH A RIGHT HAND, AND YANKS HIM OUT OF THE BOOTH! The crowd groans with sympathy for the poor production worker, who lies dazed on the concrete floor, as Barrett picks him up by his shirt with two hands and bares his teeth:

Wade Barrett: Was it you? Huh? (pause) I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!

Worker: (frantically) I don’t – I don’t know what you mean!

Furiously, Barrett drops the lad to the floor, then delves inside the booth again, grabbing the next nervous production worker and slamming him against the outside of the booth with a ‘BANG’.

Wade Barrett: How about you, then? DID YOU DO IT?

The worker is scared to silence, but he desperately shakes his head, just hoping to escape a beating like his co-worker got. Behind Barrett, another worker leaves the booth with a look of surprise, but before he can leave, Big Zeke blocks his path, and Barrett swarms on him, grabbing him by the throat menacingly. The camera zooms right in on the scene, so we can see all the rage flowing freely from Barrett’s expression.

Wade Barrett: TELL ME! Tell me what happened! WHO DID IT?

Worker #2: I... W-Wade, we – (chokes) we don’t k-know, it wasn’t – it wasn’t us! W-we had nothing to – (and again, Barrett tightening his grip) God – we w-weren’t involved! P-please!

Barrett looks ready to snap the worker’s neck, but instead he releases him; he collapses to the floor breathing heavily and clutching his throat, and Barrett walks into the booth again – finding no-one else to question, he goes and meets Jackson again, who waits patiently, enjoying the suffering of the staff.

Wade Barrett: Nothing.

Ezekiel Jackson: What d’you wanna do?

Barrett clenches his fists as he looks at the unhelpful workers, still recovering.

Wade Barrett: The one thing the English do better than anyone, Ezekiel.

He slams his right fist into his left palm, as if preparing for a fight.

Wade Barrett: We go... on the HUNT.

A mixed reaction goes up for that, though Big Zeke grins, and now the Corre pairing walk past the camera...

...and we sweep emphatically into the SmackDown opening video, before the image of Edge with his World Title in hand takes us to the main part of the O2 Arena, where fireworks explode and spiral from the steel stage! Once the pyro is done, the crowd goes wild, and the camera sweeps across the English fans going crazy, before we cut to ringside to see Josh Matthews, Matt Striker and da BOOKERMAN, Booker T.

Josh Matthews: Well, Wade Barrett doesn’t believe in coincidences, which means he won’t rest tonight until he finds out who was to blame for last week’s unfortunate technical issues; regardless however, SmackDown is LIVE in London, England, tonight... I’m Josh Matthews, sitting with Matt Striker and Booker T.

Matt Striker: A very good day to you, Josh, I’m excited to be in England, these fans are excited to see the superstars of SmackDown – should be a great night!

Booker T: Awww, you know dat it’s gonna be a big’un when we come across the pond, guys! I am so psyched for dis, I just wanna get goin’!

Josh Matthews: It’s a big night indeed that we have in store for you and the WWE Universe, Bookerman – tonight...

A classic SmackDown graphic sweeps into view, with the glass shattering as it reveals the two men; Edge and Justin Gabriel. The crowd cheers at the prospect of the match.

Josh Matthews: Hot off the heels of making a huge statement to his future challenger Alberto Del Rio, World Heavyweight Champion Edge takes on the Corre’s Justin Gabriel, one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, in a Champion versus Champion match-up!

Booker T: Both dese guys have got messages to send to their challengers at Extreme Rules, dawg; dat one’s gonna be off da chain! Veteran versus youngster!

Another graphic appears, showing Big Show against Cody Rhodes.

Josh Matthews: And of course, one of Gabriel’s Extreme Rules challengers, the seven foot tall Big Show, takes on the demented soul of the masked Cody Rhodes.

Matt Striker: I’m not sure I can call that one, Josh, that’s a match where anything could happen – both men have such different styles, but one thing’s for sure; when they collide tonight, sparks will fly in the O2.

Josh Matthews: Absolutely, Matt, and let’s not forget what we heard at the end of SmackDown last week –


Boos immediately swarm in the O2 Arena now, and the camera shows the suited-up, smug figure of Ricardo Rodriguez in the middle of the ring. At the top of the arena, a stunning high-end Mercedes pulls into view, and of course, out steps the grinning figure of Alberto Del Rio, who seems in good spirits despite his ruined night last Friday.

Ricardo Rodriguez:Señorasyseñores,siéntateycállate.Ustedestáa punto depresenciarunhombre magnífico.Esqueridadel destino.Él eselpróximoCampeón Mundial Peso Pesado.Él eselhombre al quetodosdeseamosquepodría ser.Provenientes delospaísesdela gloria,México,por favor, pagarsusaspectos.Éles...ALBERTOOOOOOOOOOO– DELRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOO!!!

Del Rio walks over to the ramp during this monster of an introduction, and points to his face with that shit-eating grin once more on his face, as the usual golden spray falls from the ceiling. Behind him, Rosa Mendes steps out from behind the curtain in a short but expensive dress, with Brodus Clay on one side and the ever-nameless trumpeter on the other, instrument in hand.

Josh Matthews: Er, well this is what I was about to get on to, guys, but it seems Alberto Del Rio wastes no time!

Booker T: Del Rio’s lookin’ pretty damn happy, Josh – dat’s a little suspicious, seein’ as he got embarrassed by Edge last week... I tell ya, I’d be comin’ out here lookin’ like someone set a fire inside me, dawg.

Matt Striker: (sagely) But isn’t that the beauty of Alberto Del Rio’s personality, Booker? He’s a man of class, dignity, even. I don’t support a lot of his actions, sure, but the way he conducts himself is stellar. I hate to say it, but he’d make an excellent World Champion, an excellent face of SmackDown.

Josh Matthews: What’s wrong with Edge?

Matt Striker: Nothing, nothing at all. But I’m saying Alberto would be equally good. He has the qualities of a Royal Rumble winner, the qualities of a World Champion – you could say there are more similarities between him and Edge than you’d think, Josh.

After that interesting point from Striker, we cut to see Del Rio leading the rest of the Administration down the ramp, to the ring. In his ring gear with the usual towel over his shoulders, ‘Destiny’s Darling’ takes the steps up, then swings inside the ring and takes Ricardo’s mic. He then turns to face the hard camera and shakes his arms out in his typical cocky manner; in the meanwhile, the trumpeter helps Rosa into the ring, and Clay follows expressionlessly so that he stands with his arms folded behind the other four. At the forefront of the group, Del Rio twirls the mic in his hand, and the music fades out to allow the crowd’s instant heat to become audible. The No. 1 Contender to the World Title scoffs at their abuse, then raises his mic sharply –


The crowd replies with a chorus of boos.

Alberto Del Rio: But you – you already know that.

He smirks, and makes sure his towel is still over his neck suitably.

Alberto Del Rio: Now, all week, I’ve heard lots... of laughter.

‘Destiny’s Darling’ shakes his head.

Alberto Del Rio: People seem to think it’s hilarious that Edge ruined my fiiiiesta last week.

Pop from the fans.

Alberto Del Rio: I keep seeing replays wherever I go, and then de people nearby look at me and... and I hear dem whisper. Dey say – “Is dat the guy who’s going to challenge for de World Heavyweight Championship?”

He frowns.

Alberto Del Rio: And I turn to dem and I say – YES. I have earned dis shot. It doesn’t matter what Edge says, or what Edge does. All he proved last week... is dat he’s a criminal.

Heat for that.

Alberto Del Rio: Dat’s right, and all of you, you know it too! (pause, he rubs his jaw) See, Edge trashed my champagne, my band, and my entire evening last Friday... but I’m not sad. I’m not angry. If anything, I feel sympathy for him. Yes, sympathy.

“Da hell’s he talkin’ bout?” questions Booker at ringside.

Alberto Del Rio: What he did – it reminded me of de classic story. Think about it. A man on Death Row. He... he knows his final hour, is approaching. But he manages to say something meaningful, just before dey take him out back – and shoot him like a DOG.

Heat for Del Rio’s analogy, as Ricardo Rodriguez smirks in the background.

Alberto Del Rio: Dat reminds me of Edge. He knows that his time with de World Title is running out, so he’s just trying... trying, so hard... to make a mockery out of me – Alberto Del Rio. But dat’s not going to work, amigo. I’m so much smarter... than dat.

The crowd boos again as Del Rio methodically hisses every last syllable.

Alberto Del Rio: And one of de things I know, is dat no matter what idiotic mind games you try to play, Edge, I’m still going to beat you inside dat cage at Extreme Rules. You think I need my Alberto Administration for that?

Behind Del Rio, the trumpeter plays the “DAH-DAAAAH DAH-DAH DAH-DAH-DAH!” as loud as he can. Del Rio nods his head with satisfaction.

Alberto Del Rio: Oh, oh-ho no. I can beat you all by myself, peso. And I’ll tell you why.

He smirks as the camera zooms in closer.

Alberto Del Rio: It’s because you’re living in a little dream world, all of your own, Edge.


Alberto Del Rio: See, in de years and years dat have gone by, Edge – Edge was making waves. He used to be de revolutionary!

Del Rio raises a revolutionary fist mockingly into the air.

Alberto Del Rio: Edge used to be de guy who made things interesting. I know, I know him. He used to liven dese things up here on SmackDown, or over on Raw, when someone had – well, outstayed deir welcome.

He shrugs.

Alberto Del Rio: It was exciting, no? Was it not? But de problem is – now, Edge is de man who’s outstayed his welcome here in de WWE. He’s become de exact thing he hates!

Boos from the crowd; Ricardo nods in agreement.

Alberto Del Rio: Edge, you are not a (air quotes) “Rated R” champion... you are dull. Dull, amigo.

More heat for Del Rio’s insinuations.

Alberto Del Rio: I hate to be de bearer of bad news, but each of you know it to be true! Edge is like... como se dice... de broken record player. It just stays on repeat. It gets – boring.

The crowd begins to chant “YOU SUCK!” at ‘Destiny’s Darling.’

Alberto Del Rio: What de public wants to see – is the new generation, Edge.

Like last week, this concept of the ‘new generation’ elicits a cry of “VIVA ALBERTO!” from Rodriguez.

Alberto Del Rio: Gracias. (he adjusts his towel) The only man dese people want to see, is de future... not de past. De new talent like Alberto Del Rio and his Administration.


Alberto Del Rio: So take note, amigo. I shall prove a point to you; why I’m not scared of our title match being inside de steel cage... because – I excel when de odds are against me. I won my first... Royal Rumble. I would have won at my first Wrestlemania, if you hadn’t pulled out everything in your bag of tricks – and I’m going to win my first ever Steel Cage match, peso. Because...

Del Rio points to the ceiling, and the camera tilts up to see – A STEEL CAGE BEING LOWERED!!!

Alberto Del Rio: ...it’s my destiny.

The crowd begins to cry out in awe as the cage begins to appear in front of us all, and, as if Del Rio had ordered them to previously, the rest of the Administration exits the ring.

Josh Matthews: What – what a start to SmackDown! Del Rio’s lowerin’ the cage, guys!

Booker T: Oh my GOODNESS!

Matt Striker: I can’t fathom what Alberto Del Rio’s thinking is here, but the man knows how to build intrigue!

Keeping the mic in his hand, Del Rio slides his towel out of the ring, as the cage hits the floor, and the ringside staff secure it to the apron. ‘Destiny’s Darling’ begins to pace around the structure, admiring what he sees, even touching the chain link frame with a sadistic smirk. Finally, the cage is secured, but the door left symbolically open, as Del Rio turns to the stage again.

Alberto Del Rio: Allow me to make a... demonstration for you, Edge. Dis is de the steel cage that we will be fighting inside in nine days’ time – but you need to realise, what you’re up against, amigo.

Smirking, he turns to the stage.

Alberto Del Rio: So listen to me, SmackDown... anyone who wants to become a part of my destiny, I invite you to dis ring. Inside de steel cage, under steel cage match rules... yes, yes, de referee I asked for...

Del Rio refers to an official who was previously sitting at ringside, but is now clambering into the cage, as if he was pre-warned of this by Theodore Long.

Alberto Del Rio: And just to up de ante... if any of you (big Spanish emphasis) losers... can beat me, you can have my title shot at Extreme Rules.

The crowd groans in awe, and Del Rio spreads his arms wide for a huge ‘come at me bro’ to the entire SmackDown locker room... but for a moment, there is silence.

Josh Matthews: Del Rio – he’s putting his World Title shot on the line... in his first ever Steel Cage match, right here, right now – on SmackDown?

Booker T: What da hell? Dis guy’s gotta be outta his mind!

Del Rio passes his mic through the door to a member of the ringside staff, as we continue to wait...





The crowd pops loudly, as the lights dim in the arena and smoke gushes from the stage... Sin Cara strides out confidently, whipping off his long-coat – he’s taking the challenge!

Josh Matthews: Whoa!

Matt Striker: Gentlemen, I think Alberto was trying to get rid of all unpredictability by having his first Steel Cage match here on SmackDown rather than at Extreme Rules – but things just got a whole lot more unpredictable, because that’s the astounding, death-defying Sin Cara!

Booker T: I said last week I thought dat dis man was gonna go places – I just didn’t think he’d been goin’ them dis quickly, dawg! Challengin’ for a World Title shot? Dat’s big stuff, man!

Matthews, stunned, tries to sum up.

Josh Matthews: (nervously) Ladies and gentlemen, do not adjust your sets... this is – this is SmackDown, live in London, and yes, we’re about to see a Steel Cage Match between two of the blue brand’s brightest young stars – Alberto Del Rio’s making a statement if ever I saw one!

In the ring, Del Rio looks unimpressed by Sin Cara as the high-flyer sprints down the ramp, then charges up the ring steps to walk through the door to the ring. The two Mexicans have a staredown, as the referee closes the door (there are a couple more referees on the outside to open it, check if someone’s feet have touched the ground, etc), and now it looks like these two are going to go at it inside the cage, as the rest of the Administration watches with interest from the outside. The referee checks both men are set to go in this unbelievable impromptu match, then calls for the bell!

Match One – Steel Cage Match – Winner Faces Edge At Extreme Rules
Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara

The commentators use this match to explain the rules of Steel Cage matches to casuals, or people who don’t ever pay attention to this company – regardless, the aim is to give the fans a little preview of Extreme Rules, too, and in that respect, we’ve had a decent show from Del Rio and Sin Cara by the time we join about six minutes in. Del Rio is trying to ground Sin Cara with a Body Scissors hold, but Cara uses his agility to roll from side to side, spinning Del Rio eventually on to his front; the Mexican Aristocrat keeps his hold firmly on the Mexican Idol, however, determined to wear him down... only for Sin Cara to put his hands on Del Rio’s legs and force him off! Del Rio rolls back to his feet, and Cara charges in; Del Rio throws him overhead with the Back Body Throw – BUT CARA GRABS THE CAGE WALL LIKE A SPIDER!!! Del Rio turns in horror to see Cara clambering up the cage, and sprints over to pull him emphatically back down – he tugs Cara off, leaving the Mexican Idol to crunch into the canvas, and now Del Rio can breathe easy, resting against the ropes as he considers how close that could have been. Sin Cara starts to struggle back up, but Del Rio sends him reeling with a sharp kick to the collarbone! The high-flyer rolls across the ring in pain, clutching at his shoulder, and lies slightly under the bottom rope; seizing an opportunity, Del Rio marches across the ring, then uses the top rope to give him leverage as he presses Sin Cara into the cage wall face-first!

The crowd boos wildly at Del Rio’s actions as Sin Cara suffers (or so we assume, he’s wearing a mask), and again, the commentators raise the point of how lethal the cage environment can be. Releasing Sin Cara, ‘Destiny’s Darling’ takes a moment to gesture towards his smirking face for his trademark taunt, then beckons for his opponent to rise. Taking his time to sell the injuries he’s sustained, Cara struggles up, so Del Rio charges in to crush him against the wall... but the Mexican Idol darts out the way, leaving Del Rio to CRASH face-first into the steel! “OHHH!” cries the crowd, and now Sin Cara has the time to find the ropes, scaling the turnbuckle and soaring off – SO HE CAN DELIVER THE ASTOUNDING SPRINGBOARD HURRICANRANA!!! Del Rio gets sent flying across the canvas, brains thoroughly scrambled, and he staggers back up – so Sin Cara heads for the ropes again, and ducks right under Del Rio’s instinctive clothesline... then hits the ropes again, as Del Rio bends down... BUT TOO EARLY, BECAUSE SIN CARA LEAPS OVER HIM AND BRINGS HIM DOWN WITH THE SUNSET FLIP..... 1... 2... 3-NO!!! DEL RIO KICKS OUT!!!

A massive groan of disappointment goes up from the London crowd, who are being treated to a special occurrence in the form of this Steel Cage match here tonight; in the ring, Del Rio staggers and stumbles to a vertical base, barely able to understand where he is or what’s going on! The crowd urges Sin Cara to make the most of the opportunity in front of him, and that he does, leaping up and initiating his classic get-up-and-go strategy by charging at Del Rio... then spinning ALL AROUND THE WORLD on ‘Destiny’s Darling’, looking to bring him down for La Mistica – NO! Del Rio jams the move as Sin Cara tries to finish up, grabbing the Mexican Idol’s legs to stop him pulling him off his feet, and leaving him stranded, upside-down! The crowd cries out in despair as Del Rio pulls Cara’s paltry 180 pounds back up – THEN DELIVERS A SICKENING POWERBOMB RIGHT INTO THE WALL OF THE CAGE!!! The impact echoes throughout the arena in the worst way, and the crowd groans with the sound of “flesh meeting steel” as Striker describes it; the camera zooms in on the motionless Sin Cara on the mat, looking pretty much out of it. Del Rio snarls in frustration that Cara nearly surprised him, then decides to teach him a lesson, saying “I’m sick of losers like you” as he tugs the Mexican Idol into the centre of the ring by the arm – AND APPLIES THE CROSS-ARM BREAKER TO THE DISDAIN OF THE ENGLISH FANS!!! Sin Cara comes alive, writhing in silent pain, and as the Alberto Administration show their approval at ringside with applause and cheers (bar Clay), it seems Cara has no chance... AND THE MEXICAN IDOL IS FORCED TO TAP OUT!!!

Result: Alberto Del Rio bts. Sin Cara via submission at 9:38


Ricardo Rodriguez:Aquí estásuganador...elpróximoCampeón Mundial Peso Pesado!Éles… ALBERTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – DEL RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOO!!!

“YES! SI! SI!” roars Del Rio in triumph as he gets to his feet and has his arm immediately raised. Boos rain in from the crowd all around the arena, but the Mexican Aristocrat doesn’t care ONE BIT, just spitting down at Sin Cara “You are not better than ME, peso!” and again turning to raise his arms in a heroic triumph.

Josh Matthews: Looks like Alberto Del Rio is more than ready to take on Edge inside the steel cage, guys; a cold, hard fate for Sin Cara in the first Steel Cage match either man has ever competed in.

Matt Striker: Well, Sin Cara made a brave choice by trying to step up to the big leagues early in his SmackDown career, Josh, and unfortunately, it didn’t pay off, but I still see big things for him. Undoubtedly, Alberto Del Rio looks ready to match Edge in every aspect of the World Champion’s game. Impressive stuff.

Del Rio storms through the cage door, and dramatically walks down the steel steps, while the referee checks on Sin Cara in the ring. Del Rio receives a pat on the back from Ricardo Rodriguez as the trumpeter plays a little victory tune, and now ‘Destiny’s Darling’ leans against the steel cage, looking at it with a sly expression. The camera zooms in on him next to the chain link, close enough to hear him say “One step behind me, amigo” before he leans towards the steel... and runs his hand along it as if he’s been in a thousand cage matches, playing mind games with Edge, who is inevitably watching. After that, he heads for the ramp, with Ricardo trying to taunt the crowd on one side of him, and Rosa chatting to the Mexican Aristocrat on the other. The trumpeter jovially follows them, with Clay looking indifferent as usual, and SmackDown heads to its first break of the evening.


There is a lot the human body can endure.

We see nothing but a black screen, coupled with the sound of a man breathing heavily.

A human can survive a heart attack.

A lightning-quick flashing shot of a man clutching his chest, then back to black.

A human can survive a huge fall.

The darkness is punctuated by the image of someone falling off a ledge, then it returns.

A human can survive an attack from an animal.

A man falls backwards as a dog leaps at him, then the black cuts it off again.

A human can even survive a gunshot.

Two silhouettes across from each other, as one lifts up a gun, and the blackness cuts in as the gunshot rings out. The shot suddenly turns to the image of John Cena screaming in pain in a submission hold, then Edge lying against the turnbuckle, baring his teeth as he suffers.

But with survival... comes pain.

And now Randy Orton, clutching his injured knee on the canvas.

How much pain is a man willing to go through?

Rey Mysterio slumped against the mat, eyes unfocused.

What barriers will a man break to achieve glory?

The Miz gasps for air as he raises his WWE Title above his head.

Which man will be able to survive?

Alberto Del Rio winks to the camera, then The Corre raise their arms in the air.

Which man will truly experience...

Christian looks to the sky in frustration, and Cena roars to the crowd.


CM Punk grins devilishly at the camera, before the ‘EXTREME RULES’ graphic appears, and the video package fades to a close...


When we return, the bell rings in the arena.


The crowd boos loudly at the sight (not that we see much of him) of Cody Rhodes. The Disfigured One walks out in his black jacket, hood up over his masked face, and just stands there, head down as he is introduced.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Marietta, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-three pounds... COOOODY – RHODES!

Josh Matthews: Guys, we’ve seen Cody Rhodes as the narcissistic, self-loving superstar, and he was difficult to watch then – nowadays, it’s just plain uncomfortable to watch him go to work.

Matt Striker: This transition from self-loving to self-loathing has indeed been a grand change, Josh; we witnessed last week just what Cody Rhodes is willing to do to hurt Rey Mysterio for the troubles he’s caused him. They’re gonna collide at Extreme Rules in that Six-Pack Challenge, and god knows what they’ll do to each other!

Booker T: Cody Rhodes is one twisted individual for sure, dawg. Da guy’s just out to hurt people now – I sorta feel, you know, sorry for dose five other guys at Extreme Rules!

Rhodes now begins to walk down the ramp, keeping his eyes cast to the ground, and when the camera gets a little too close, he puts up a hand to prevent us from seeing his face. He wanders up the steps and gets into the ring, but rather than any kind of taunting or showmanship, he heads for the corner and looks at the ground, muttering to himself as he prepares to go to battle. His music dies out...



A big cheer goes up as a burst of pyro from the stage signals the arrival of the Big Show, not accompanied by Kane this time around, but nevertheless sharing his partner’s menacing appearance as he raises one of his gigantic arms to the crowd.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, standing seven feet tall, weighing four hundred and eighty-five pounds... the World’s Largest Athlete... the BIG SHOW!

Josh Matthews: Well, whether Cody Rhodes is on a tear or not, it’ll take a huge performance, no pun intended, to conquer the seven-foot frame of the Big Show here tonight.

A graphic appears highlighting what we’re going to see at Extreme Rules; Show and Kane on one side, with Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater on the other – ‘TAG TEAM TABLES MATCH’ reads the caption.

Matt Striker: This is very true, Josh, but two men with an even harder task, arguably, are the WWE Tag Team Champions, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, who found out late last night that they’re going to take on that man Big Show, and Kane, in a Tables Match at Extreme Rules!

Booker T: Awwww, that’s gonna be one mutha of a match, man. Gabriel and Slater are gonna have to put both of dem giants through a table EACH? Hell, if y’all can do that, you deserve dose Tag Team Titles, man. Dat’s an achievement dat lasts.

We cut back to the arena now, where Show is in the ring; he raises the Chokeslam taunt to the crowd to get them fired up, then turns to face Rhodes, who slowly removes his jacket. After handing it to ringside, Rhodes turns and stares coldly at the big man from behind his mask, showing no signs of fear. Matt Striker does some psychoanalysis at ringside and concludes it’s because of Rhodes’ mentally-altered state that makes for his unfazed facade; the referee checks both men are good to go, then calls for the bell.

Match Two – Singles Contest
Cody Rhodes vs Big Show

After about five minutes, Rhodes has got some offence in, but for the most part, Show has dominated with his superior strength. We see an example of that as we join the action, with Show pressing a tired Rhodes into the corner, and telling the crowd to be quiet for a moment so they hear this... CRACK! Show cannons his hand off Rhodes’ chest, eliciting an “OHHH!” from the crowd, and now Rhodes falls to his knees, groaning in agony. Breathing heavily, he crawls out of the corner, then tries to stand up, staggering as he does. He holds up his hands to prevent the oncoming Big Show from attacking him further, but the giant doesn’t listen, just thumping him in the gut with a right hand to force him to keel over. The World’s Largest Athlete picks Rhodes up, way above his head, showing off his strength as Rhodes roars “NO! NO!” in panic... AND SHOW LETS HIM CRASH DOWN FOR THE MILITARY PRESS SLAM!!! The crowd cheers as Rhodes clutches at his abdomen in agony, mouth wide as he suffers, and Show plays the crowd briefly before he turns to make the cover... 1... 2... but Rhodes gets a shoulder up!

A few boos can be heard as Rhodes survives, but Show stays on the offensive, pulling Rhodes up and shoving him towards the corner forcefully. The Disfigured One stumbles into the turnbuckle back-first, then tries to recover as Show lets out a HUGE roar of adrenaline and charges in – STRAIGHT INTO RHODES BOOT! The crowd groans as Show staggers away, holding his face, and Rhodes sees his chance, charging across the ring to spring off the ropes – AND DELIVERS THE SPRINGBOARD ROUNDHOUSE KICK, THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! The stunning move that might have toppled a smaller man only manages to daze Show, however – Rhodes snarls in a twisted frustration, and marches back to the big man, targeting the back of his left leg with several stomps to bring him down to a knee. Show clutches his leg in pain, wincing, but Rhodes won’t give him respite, CRACKING him in the face with a nasty mask-aided headbutt! Show tumbles to the canvas, gasping in pain after that horrid shot from Rhodes, and the masked superstar sees the chance to win, making a cover... 1... 2... but Show just shoves him off at two!

Rhodes rolls across the ring in surprise, then clambers to his feet and yells with anger, clearly annoyed by the big man’s resilience. Show begins to find his feet again, though looking slightly worse for wear now, and Rhodes decides to attack again, aiming for the left leg once more; but Show reads it, and moves surprisingly-nimbly out of the way, before he grabs Rhodes by the head, and puts all his weight behind a massive headbutt of his own! Both men look dizzied by the impact, as the crowd groans in awe, and now Rhodes stumbles away, while Show blinks out the cobwebs; Rhodes manages to recover himself, then turns round to face the big man... WHO GOES FOR THE KNOCKOUT PUNCH – NO! Rhodes ducks under the lethal blow – then rolls from the ring to escape! The crowd boos wildly at Rhodes’ cowardice, as he says “No, no, not my face... not MY face” at his opponent, and begins to backtrack up the ramp, shaking his head. The boos intensify, and a fatigued Show puts his hands on his hips; the cameraman gets too close to Rhodes, who shoves him away, and the referee’s inevitable count continues. Show yells for Rhodes to return, but the Disfigured One bares his teeth in frustration and refuses... meaning the referee’s count eventually reaches ten, and the win goes to the Big Show!

Result: Big Show bts. Cody Rhodes via count-out at 8:32

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner as the result of a count-out... the Big Show!

More boos go up at Rhodes’ expense, though a few people cheer just because Show is declared the winner; in the ring, he has his arm raised, though doesn’t look particularly pleased. Rhodes’ eyes are bulging from behind his mask, showing some traits of the crazed, deranged man we’ve come to witness recently. He begins to slowly back further up the ramp... but the crowd goes absolutely WILD, because REY MYSTERIO walks out behind him, blocking his way!

Josh Matthews: Cody – Cody Rhodes getting himself counted out here tonight against the Big Show... wait a second, that’s – that’s Rey Mysterio!

Rhodes turns round as if to leave... BUT HIS EYES BULGE EVEN FURTHER AS HE SEES MYSTERIO! Rey sprints right at the Disfigured One, who immediately and instinctively charges back down the ramp, and slides into the ring to avoid the Ultimate Underdog!

Booker T: Rey – Rey’s tryin’ to get a hold of dat dawg, Cody Rhodes – oh boi! WAIT A MINUTE!

Rhodes looks furiously back at Mysterio, saying “No, not to me, not to ME” but then he turns round – AND THE BIG SHOW GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT... CHOKESLAM TO CODY RHODES!!! The crowd erupts with a loud chorus of cheers as Rhodes gets left flat out, and now Rey rolls into the ring, grinning widely!

Josh Matthews: Rhodes! Rhodes gets Chokeslammed!

Booker T: I told ya, guys, karma’s a MUTHA!

In the ring, Rhodes looks completely out of it on the deck, and Show can’t help but grin at Rey’s expression; Mysterio isn’t done, though, as he heads to the outside apron, and heads to the top turnbuckle!

Josh Matthews: And now – what’s Rey thinking here?

Matt Striker: Comeuppance of the highest order, Josh! It’s time for a little payback for everything we saw from Cody Rhodes last week, and I think everyone here in London loves it!

Mysterio takes to the top rope now, and raises his arms to the crowd; they give him a hearty cheer of encouragement, and Show fires the fans up as Rey crouches – THEN LEAPS OFF WITH THE NO-HANDED SPLASH ACROSS RHODES’ ABDOMEN!!! Another pop goes up as Rey leaps to his feet, arm across his stomach in slight pain, but Show raises his arm to the fans, with Rhodes lying supine, eyes unfocused.


Josh Matthews: Tonight is Rey Mysterio’s night, ladies and gentlemen, and if that doesn’t give him a boost ahead of Extreme Rules, I don’t know what will!

Matt Striker: Absolutely, Josh; Cody Rhodes tried to steal away from his match with the Big Show, but in the end, he took a Chokeslam anyway, and he’s lost some face tonight... er, no pun intended.

Booker T: I can dig it, guys. We’ve been waitin’ to see Cody Rhodes taken down a peg or two – but I dunno, is it gonna make him more humble or is it just make him even more crazy?

Josh Matthews: We might find out the next time we see him, Book, but for now, here’s the headline; Rey Mysterio has paid back his enemy, and with only one SmackDown still to go before Extreme Rules, that could be vital! Still to come, Kofi Kingston versus the Sinister Scotsman, Drew McIntyre, and of course, a Champion versus Champion bout for our main event; don’t go away!

As Mysterio goes about the turnbuckles, and Rhodes rolls from the ring, clutching his stomach and cursing his luck furiously, we go to a break.


SmackDown returns to see a frustrated-looking Wade Barrett walking by himself backstage. A mixture of boos and cheers can be heard for the Intercontinental Champion, who still hasn’t got his belt with him, simply because he needs to be hands-on for the investigation he’s on, and who has now apparently sent Ezekiel Jackson to search elsewhere. The Bare Knuckle Fighter walks right up to a pair of backstage workers, different to the production guys from earlier, having a friendly chat, and interrupts their conversation.

Wade Barrett: Gentlemen...

Worker #1: (pre-emptively) Wade, man, we – we don’t want any trouble.

Wade Barrett: Oh, I see.

He turns to leave – BUT SPINS ON HIS HEEL, AND HAMMERS THE CHEEKY BASTARD WITH A RIGHT HAND!!! The crowd groans in horror as the poor bloke crumples to the floor, and his co-worker tries to run, only for Barrett to pull him back, and PIN him to the wall with an iron grip.

Wade Barrett: Did you see anything suspicious last week? WELL?

Worker #2: No, no! I swear! I – I didn’t see anything! I don’t k-know anything!

Furious, Barrett lets him down, and he hurriedly checks on his co-worker, looking concerned. Shaking out his hand after the punch he threw, the Intercontinental Champion continues to walk purposefully, with a couple of workers scurrying out of his way in fear. He comes across Beth Phoenix, talking to Kelly Kelly, and both ladies get a decent pop. They turn to look at him warily.

Wade Barrett: Did... (considers asking them) Did either of you see anyone suspicious last week? Anything at all?

Beth folds her arms, though Kelly still looks nervous.

Beth Phoenix: No.

Barrett shoots a look at K2, who frantically shakes her head, out of fear rather than concealment. Throwing up his hands, Barrett now massages his knuckles as he walks away again, looking more and more exasperated with finding out nothing about what happened last week. After walking a little bit more, he comes across... Michael Tarver, texting Matt Damon in his most stylish clothes. Both former Nexus members look each other up and down, and Tarver smirks.

Wade Barrett: (unsure) Do you know...

He trails off, and looks a little confused. Still smirking, Tarver just shakes his head, knowing Barrett would never dare to even touch his badass self, and resumes texting as he walks out of the shot. Barrett continues to walk, shaking his head again in frustration – and once again, he comes out at one of the long, white corridors, where Kofi Kingston is making his way towards the Gorilla position, we assume, for his match. Barrett holds out an arm to stop the Ghanaian, though, and he turns to face the Intercontinental Champion with a look of bemusement.

Kofi Kingston: Can I help you, Wade?

Barrett snarls, and raises a fist.

Wade Barrett: Maybe you should start by telling me why the lights went out in our match last week.

Kofi looks at his fist without concern.

Kofi Kingston: Can’t help you, man. Wasn’t me.

Wade Barrett: (coldly) How sure are you about that, Kofi? Huh?

He goes nose-to-nose with Kingston.

Wade Barrett: If I find out it was you –

Kofi Kingston: (in a surprisingly menacing tone) I told you, I don’t know. I just remember pinning you.

Pop from the crowd, and Barrett bares his teeth again.

Kofi Kingston: I have a match. If the lights go out in that, then you might be on to something.

Barrett stares at him coldly... and the Ghanaian turns away, walking down the corridor for his match. Clearly angered, Barrett turns around – and nearly walks into the WWE Tag Team Champions, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, both with their belts on their shoulders. Barrett sighs with relief.

Wade Barrett: What have you found?

They exchange a glance, then Slater shrugs.

Heath Slater: No-one knows anything, man.

Barrett groans.

Justin Gabriel: Look Wade, I feel for you, but I’ve got a match to be preparing for. Against the World Heavyweight Champion, y’know? And it would really help if I – if I wasn’t running round like your errand boy.

Barrett shoots him a look for a moment, then waves his hand to tell him to leave. Giving him a consolatory pat on the shoulder, Gabriel leaves the shot, and Slater goes to follow him... but Barrett stops him. The One Man Rock Band turns back with a surprised expression.

Wade Barrett: Where... where were you during my match last week, Heath?

Heath Slater: (frowning) I was in the medical room. I got put through a table, remember?

Barrett looks sceptical; Slater scoffs in disbelief.

Heath Slater: You’re not serious! Why in God’s name would I help the Un –

Wade Barrett: DON’T say that!

Slater looks to the side in frustration.

Wade Barrett: I don’t know who it was, but if it was... him, then someone was helping him, Heath. Someone must have seen something(pause, he thinks) maybe you’re after the Intercontinental Title... wanted an ally, huh?

Slater can’t believe what he’s hearing.

Wade Barrett: Maybe you felt guilty for what we did in the Nexus... wanted to make it up to someone?

Again, the One Man Rock Band scoffs.

Heath Slater: You’re insane.

With that, he leaves; Barrett runs a hand through his hair with a infuriated expression, trying not to break down and punch out more people.

We cut elsewhere from Barrett’s interrogations, to see Todd Grisham, standing with a mic.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... REY MYSTERIO!

A BIG pop goes up for Rey Mysterio, who steps into the shot wearing a huge smile.

Todd Grisham: Rey, earlier tonight you got some revenge on Cody Rhodes by throwing him in the ring to get Chokeslammed by the Big Show. In just nine days, you’ll be facing him along with another four men for the Intercontinental Championship – how’re you feeling ahead of that match?

Rey grins as the mic goes his way.

Rey Mysterio: On top of the world, Todd, on top of the world. Words can’t describe how good it feels to give Cody Rhodes a taste of his own medicine... to return the favour from last week.

Small pop as Mysterio punches the air a little.

Rey Mysterio: Y’know, Cody Rhodes has been bullying me about that accident where I broke his nose for months now. It’s like an obsession for him, Todd. You can see it in how he walks, how he talks; he can’t get over it. And sure, he beat me at Wrestlemania. But he got an assist from his own mask.

Heat for that.

Rey Mysterio: See Cody, the reason we wear masks are way different. You wear yours ‘cause you can’t bear to show your face, ese. You’re worried people are gonna call you ugly, man, but I learnt long ago you can’t live your life worryin’ about what people think – people used to call me short, said I’d never make it in the WWE.

He clenches a determined fist.

Rey Mysterio: But I worked and worked to make it here. I won a Royal Rumble, two World Titles. That’s something they said I’d never do. But I proved them wrong, Cody. And that’s part of why I wear this mask. It reminds me of where I grew up, everything I learned from my father – part of the reason I’m here today. And hell, I’d expect you to know about that, man. Your dad’s Dusty Rhodes.

Small pop for the American Dream.

Rey Mysterio: So you can claim I wear this mask because I’m a coward if you like. I’m just honouring everything I’ve ever known, ese. And at Extreme Rules, I’m gonna teach you who’s the real coward – it’s the same guy who ran away from the Big Show earlier.

He cracks another smile.

Rey Mysterio: You told me to cut my losses last week, Cody – but man, we’re way past that. In nine days’ time, you and I are gonna go at it in that Six-Pack Challenge, and you’re gonna see how hardcore I can get if it means paying you back, and gettin’ my hands on that sweet title again!

Pop as Rey runs his hands over his mask, fired up.

Rey Mysterio: The Biggest Little Man has still got a whole lot more for you, homes. And believe me, it includes my favourite three digits – six... one... nine.

The crowd cheers once more, and Rey thanks Todd, before he bounces out of the shot...

...and we head to the arena, where the stage lights up for one of my favourite theme tunes, but one of my least favourite wrestlers...



Heat can be heard around the O2 Arena (though there are a few cheers for the Scottish fans who’ve made the journey for the televised edition) as Drew McIntyre steps out from behind the curtain, and the bell rings.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent... from Ayr, Scotland, weighing in at two hundred and fifty-six pounds... DREW – MCINTYRE!

Josh Matthews: Rey Mysterio looks fired up for his Intercontinental Title shot at Extreme Rules, and that’s more than understandable, but never count out this man when you’re talking about that particular championship, guys.

Booker T: Awww, I’ll never forget watchin’ Drew Mac when he won da Intercontinental Title so early in his career, Josh – dis guy’s one mean dude, and hell, he could really pull it off at Extreme Rules, man, he really could.

Matt Striker: The eerie figure that the Sinister Scotsman cuts is truly bone-chilling, guys; he’s an intelligent but brutal and ruthless in-ring competitor, and that makes him a threat no matter what match he’s in, let alone in a no-disqualification bout like the one in nine days’ time!

McIntyre walks down the ramp in just his ring gear, looking around with disdain. The camera shows a fan with a “I came from Glasgow to see Drew” sign, then to a small child giving him a thumbs-down in contrast, before we cut back to the ring, where McIntyre is settled in the corner. Wearing his usual disgruntled expression, the Sinister Scotsman waits impatiently as his music fades out; the stage turns green...



A very loud pop greets the appearance of Kofi Kingston, especially from the younger members of the WWE Universe, and the Ghanaian leaps out with a fired up expression. He raises his arms up and slaps his hands together three times to get his pyro exploding from either side of him, then leaps forward to let loose another burst, before he jogs down the ramp, slapping hands with every fan who wants to.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, from Ghana, West Africa, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-one pounds... KOFI – KINGSTON!

Josh Matthews: Well, if we’re talking about men with a history with the Intercontinental Championship, look no further than this man, Kofi Kingston; he’s a former three time champion, and after he lost his belt to Wade Barrett under controversial circumstances, he wants it back more than anything.

Booker T: Dat’s mah boi Kofi for ya, Josh – dis guy’s always lookin’ for the next challenge, the next big match, and it doesn’t get much bigger than a Six-Pack Challenge! Dis guy right here could be my pick to win it all, man.

Matt Striker: I find it hard to argue with you, Booker, especially after Kofi beat current champion Wade Barrett last week – the question is, can he overcome the fearsome Drew McIntyre tonight?

Kofi rolls into the ring, then heads about the turnbuckles, calling “BOOM! BOOM!” to the English fans; the kids in particular clap their hands together in unison, and now Kingston hops off the final turnbuckle to face up to Drew Mac. As Kofi’s music subsides, the Ghanaian bounces up and down in his green trunks, then waits for the official to call for the bell – McIntyre walks menacingly forward, and the referee gets us started.

Match Three – Singles Contest
Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston

When we join the bout, Drew is enjoying a stint of dominance, having grounded Kofi effectively thus far; the clock ticks over six minutes as McIntyre presses Kingston into the corner, and tries to wear him down with a few thumping shoulder thrusts. Kofi groans in pain, and now McIntyre takes a few steps back, before he charges in and squashes the Ghanaian into the turnbuckle with a Corner Clothesline! The crowd groans with the impact as Kofi almost falls to his knees, but the systematic and ring-savvy McIntyre wastes no time pulling him back to the middle of the ring, and executing a perfect Reverse STO, A.K.A’ed as the ‘Scot Drop’ by Matt Striker; Kingston gets drilled into the canvas with it, regardless of its name, and now McIntyre flips him over on to his back for the cover... 1... 2... but Kofi kicks out of it! A pop goes up at Kofi’s resilience, though Drew doesn’t share their enthusiasm, going straight back after Kingston as he tries to get up; he puts him in a front facelock and tugs him over to the ropes, before he tosses him over the middle one and begins to choke him with a knee pressed against his neck! The crowd gives McIntyre some decent heat as he tortures the Ghanaian, and at the referee’s loud count of ‘four’, he releases him, though seemingly unsatisfied with how much pain he caused.

Kingston detaches himself from the ropes, gasping for air a little, but forces himself up to show his determination to keep going. Unfortunately, Drew Mac is still in the mood to inflict damage, so he presses Kingston against the ropes, then fires him off to the other side – Kofi rebounds... AND RUNS RIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT FROM MCINTYRE!!! The crowd cries out in sympathetic awe as Kingston crunches to the floor, and again, the Sinister Scotsman makes the cover... 1... 2... but again, it’s not good enough to prevent a kickout! McIntyre beats the mat with a frustrated yell, then pulls Kofi up by his hair this time, and hooks the arms for the FUTURE SHOCK... BUT KOFI GETS HIS ARMS FREE, THEN SWINGS HIS LEG FORWARD AND DELIVERS THE SOS OUT OF NOWHERE!!! A massive pop goes up as McIntyre gets slammed on to his shoulders, with Kofi frantically telling the referee to count it – 1... 2... BUT NO! McIntyre kicks out!

The crowd groans as McIntyre escapes that one, and Kingston’s eyes go wide in surprise as he pulls himself up again. He stumbles a little, then manages to get off a kick to the side of the now-standing Drew; the Scotsman tries to reply with a right hand, but Kofi ducks underneath it and unleashes another cracking kick... and another, and again, to force McIntyre to the corner. Kingston takes a quick run-up, then leaps for the KORONCO BUSTER – NO! McIntyre darts out the way – but Kofi lands on the top turnbuckle and holds on! McIntyre takes a breather, then turns around to see Kingston standing on the top rope... and he leaps off, TAKING THE SCOTSMAN DOWN WITH THE FLYING CROSSBODY!!! McIntyre gets floored there, and now Kofi gets to his feet, punching the air as he fires up the crowd... the Sinister Scotsman struggles back up again, eyes unfocused, right into Kofi Kingston’s line of fire – SO HE INSTINCTIVELY STRIKES WITH TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! The crowd goes WILD as McIntyre goes down again, and Kofi yells in triumph before he makes the cover... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: Kofi Kingston bts. Drew McIntyre via pinfall at 8:49


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner... KOFI – KINGSTON!

Kingston leaps back to his feet, yelling “C’MON! C’MON!” with the adrenaline coursing through him; he immediately heads to the turnbuckle, slapping his hands together to celebrate with the crowd. Across the ring, McIntyre clutches at his head, and rolls from the ring with a frown.

Josh Matthews: Kofi Kingston overcame a tough test here tonight, guys, and that could be big ahead of the Six-Pack Challenge... (watching the replay) and would you look at the height on that Crossbody!

Matt Striker: Undoubtedly an awe-inspiring performance from Kofi Kingston, showing how you can never count him out, but don’t expect Drew McIntyre to take this loss lying down, Josh. He’ll want to come back bigger and stronger at Extreme Rules; it’s possible this match will have made him even more dangerous!

Booker T: Man, da thought of Drew Mac gettin’ even more aggressive makes me a little worried, dawg. Take a look at mah boi Kofi, dough – he’s rollin’, and if Extreme Rules ain’t the night when he gets his title belt back, I don’t think he ever will. He goin’ do it, fo sure.

Josh Matthews: Well, Kofi’s certainly looking on good form ahead of that match in nine days – still to come, the World Champion Edge will be in action, we’ll see you when SmackDown returns!

As Kofi continues to celebrate, nodding his head to the beat of his music, McIntyre retreats sourly up the ramp, clutching his head, and SmackDown goes to a break.


We return, once again, to the sight of the frowning Wade Barrett backstage. The Bare Knuckle Fighter is still on ‘the hunt’, and gets another mixed reaction from the fans, though mostly boos after the things he’s been up to all evening. He’s looking more and more frustrated, and it seems he’s going to bite off more than he can chew, by storming up to the Big Show and Kane – the two big men are deep in conversation in one of the storage areas of backstage SmackDown, and they turn their heads with unimpressed looks as Barrett interrupts them.

Big Show: (annoyed) What?

Barrett ignores him and turns his attention to the Big Red Machine.

Wade Barrett: Tell me if you did it.

Pure silence from the big man.

Wade Barrett: Did... you... do... it?

Kane cracks a smirk.

Kane: You should run along... before your throat gets a lot tighter.

Pop from the fans; Barrett raises his eyebrows.

Wade Barrett: You think I’m intimidated by you? Huh? Let me remind you of something, Kane. Who kept you as World Champion late last year? Who stuck his neck out for you?

Again, Kane stays silent, just returning Barrett’s glare.

Wade Barrett: And now you’re helping him, is that it? Is it HIM?

Still silent, Kane smirks again.

Wade Barrett: I knew it. So insecure about your Tag Title chances that you –

“OHHH!” Kane suddenly grips Barrett by the throat in one gigantic hand, forcing the Englishman to gasp for air, eyes wide in pain as the crowd cheers.

Kane: I don’t answer pathetic questions... I just CRUSH pathetic men.

A pop goes up from the crowd, and now Kane lets go, leaving Barrett to slump against a nearby crate, desperately struggling for air. Kane and Show begin to walk away.

Big Show: And tell your buddies that we’re comin’ for their belts!

They leave the shot, and Barrett recovers, shaking his head furiously. He stays slumped against the crate, infuriated that no-one will tell him anything about who orchestrated the events of last week...

...and we cut to the arena, where the bell rings.



Heavy boos ring around the arena as the All-American American, Jack Swagger, saunters out with his arms wide. Behind him, a jovial Michael Cole struts out, taunting the crowd, and Josh Matthews mutters “Oh dear lord” at ringside.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied by Michael Cole... from Perry, Oklahoma, weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds... the All-American American, JACK – SWAGGER!!!

Josh Matthews: Jack Swagger told Christian last week during the Peep Show that he was sick of people “like him” getting World Title shots ahead of him, and now we know they’ll collide in an I Quit Match at Extreme Rules – let’s get some thoughts from your teacher, Matt Striker.

A graphic highlighting the Extreme Rules match-up to come between Christian and Swagger appears.

Matt Striker: Well, the animosity between Christian and Jack Swagger has been brewing for years, Josh, since they collided on ECW years ago; these two both think they should be in contention for the World Heavyweight Title, and that’s what provoked Swagger’s attack on Captain Charisma during his match with Alberto Del Rio two weeks back. My opinion? An I Quit Match is exactly what these guys need to settle their issues.

Booker T: Dat’s gonna be one brutal match, Matt, but you’re right on da spot dere – it’s exactly what dey need, dawg! Swagga and Christian both think dey should be World Champion, and hell, da only way to know for sure is to make one of ‘em admit that they ain’t!

We sweep back to the O2 Arena, where Swagga, I mean, Swagger, is now in the ring. He heads to one of the turnbuckles, yelling “ON – YOUR – KNEES!” in time with his music, before he hops down, and inspects the paltry, pasty specimen across from him. At ringside, Cole yells “HOW’S IT GOIN’, JOSH?” obnoxiously at Matthews, who tries to no-sell him, before Cole heads back to the apron to cheer the All-American American on.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, from London, England – David Andrews!

Andrews, a small but seemingly agile youngster, raises both arms to the crowd, but gets very little in the way of a reaction. Swagger chuckles, then grabs a mic from ringside. As Andrews bounces on the balls of his feet to prepare himself for the biggest match of his career, Swagger takes his sweet time wandering about the ring as his music dies down. A few “YOU SUCK!” chants are aimed at the All-American American, who just flashes them all his classic smile, then raises his mic, his serious face returning.

Jack Swagger: Allow me to say, from the bottom of my heart...

He puts a hand on his chest to show his heartfelt emotion.

Jack Swagger: ...how much I wish I’d stayed in America.

Sudden, cheap heat for Swagger.

Jack Swagger: See, as an All-American American, I know better than anyone why America is so, so great. We’re superior in just about every way to this tiny excuse for a country. And you know what that reminds me of? How superior I am to Christian.

More heat from the fans.

Jack Swagger: But what do I find after I make Christian tap out last week? I go to claim the World Title shot I DESERVE... and find out Teddy Long’s put me in an I Quit Match? What a joke. Unfortunately, Teddy, it’s not a very funny one. And frankly, you’re an idiot to even book it.

Boos as Swagger insults the GM.

Jack Swagger: Fact is, I am the Phenomenal Athlete. I am so much better than Christian, it’s like kicking a rag doll about the ring. And that’s what I keep tryin’ to tell you people. Despite this massive, gigantic difference between us, somehow HE gets chosen for a World Title opportunity while I’m left out in the cold. But after Extreme Rules, I’m gonna fix all that.

“FIGHT THE POWER, JACK!” cries Cole heroically.

Jack Swagger: Sure, I can admit an I Quit Match is awful convenient, seein’ what I did to Christian last week... but there’s just one problem. It’s Christian’s problem.

The camera zooms in on Swagger’s face as he frowns.

Jack Swagger: I don’t think he knows how to make a man say those two words.

Heat, and the cameraman backs away again.

Jack Swagger: Christian doesn’t have any submission holds, he has no threatening presence whatsoever... when he beat me twice two years ago, he used an exposed turnbuckle and pinned me with a handful of my singlet straps – how’s that gonna help him here? (pause, he smirks) Short answer, it won’t.

More boos for the All-American American; he turns to face Andrews with a look of disdain.

Jack Swagger: And you... for all the good you are, you might as well be Christian, ‘cause you’re doin’ the exact same thing he’s doing at the moment – WASTING MY TIME.

Heat as Swagger turns back to face the hard camera.

Jack Swagger: I put him down two weeks ago, and that was supposed to be the end of it. I should be challengin’ for a World Title, but instead I’m preparin’ for a match I don’t even want – which is exactly why Extreme Rules is gonna be a big night.

Again, Swagger flashes that grin.

Jack Swagger: I’m gonna make Christian scream that he can’t match up to me. And after that, I’m going to be your next All-American American, World... Heavyweight... CHAMPION.

As the crowd boos, Swagger throws the mic out of the ring, then turns to face Andrews with a frown. Andrews looks focused, but it seems clear, from the size difference if nothing else, that Swagger has this match wrapped up before the bell has even chimed. The referee calls for it, though, so we’ll see how this goes.

Match Four – Singles Contest
Jack Swagger vs David Andrews

The bell has barely finished its ring before Swagger darts in like a pro, ducking in behind Andrews and applying a waist lock. The rookie is caught off-guard, and it allows Swagger to capitalise by bringing him down to the mat with a basic amateur takedown. From there, the All-American American begins to roll him about the ring, wearing him down like a man who’s done this a thousand times; it’s a surprisingly no-nonsense approach from someone who usually does just this, but on a much more outlandish level. With Andrews unable to break Swagger’s grip, the so-called Phenomenal Athlete pulls him back up, and slams him roughly into the corner. Andrews reels off the turnbuckles in pain, but Swagger rams him right back in to do some more damage, before he sends Andrews across the ring with more a shove than an Irish whip. Andrews clatters into the opposite turnbuckle, then stumbles back towards Swagger – who runs right through him with a thumping Knee Lift! Down goes the poor Englishman again, but Swagger refuses to cover, looking more to send a message than anything; he yanks Andrews back to his feet, then hooks the dizzy lad up round the waist – AND DELIVERS A BONE-CRUNCHING GERMAN SUPLEX!

“OHHH!” cries the crowd as Andrews’ body contorts on the canvas, and now he lies conveniently adjacent to the turnbuckle; Swagger turns to the camera, spreading his arms wide and taking a moment to say “Hope you’re watching this” to a certain someone... before he turns, charges to the corner, leaps up to the second rope – AND SCORES WITH THE SWAGGER BOMB! Cole applauds loudly at ringside, as Swagger gets up, nodding his head as the crowd boos him. Andrews, meanwhile, continues to clutch at his abdomen in agony, while Swagger wanders about the ring quietly, then drops to a crouching position to observe his weakened opponent. He stands up again, frowning as he waits for the Englishman to rise; eventually, he does, though looking exhausted and beaten, so Swagger hooks him up – GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB!!! The crowd groans with the impact as Andrews gets left laying, barely able to move now; Swagger beats his chest like a competitor in good form, then grabs the unfortunate youngster by the leg... AND APPLIES THE ANKLE LOCK!!! Andrews screams in agony, bearing his teeth through the pain briefly – and then tapping out, over and over and over again!!!

Result: Jack Swagger bts. David Andrews via submission at 2:02


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner as the result of a submission... the All-American American, JACK – SWAGGER!

Michael Cole rolls into the ring to raise Swagger’s arm, shooing the referee away, and the All-American American doesn’t even smile, staring straight into the camera instead. He then looks down at Andrews, still squirming on the mat, and frowns.

Josh Matthews: Dominance from Jack Swagger here tonight, guys.

Booker T: Dat man right dere, he ain’t gonna pull no punches, dat’s for sure – hey, WAIT A MINUTE!

Booker is referring to how Swagger’s face has contorted with rage, and now he grabs Andrews by the ankle again... AND PUTS HIM BACK IN THE ANKLE LOCK!!! Boos ring around the arena as Swagger tears away at Andrews’ ankle, then tells Cole to “GET A MIC!” in anger; his associate scurries to get one, then brings it back as the English jobber continues to tap. Swagger tells Cole to put the mic beside Andrews, and he does, while Swagger continues to wrench on the ankle, screaming “TELL ME YOU QUIT! SAY YOU QUIT!” furiously. Andrews nods feverishly and continues to tap, but Swagger repeats his demand, forcing the youngster’s ankle to an even more uncomfortable angle...

David Andrews: I – QUIT! Ah... I QUIT!!!

Boos rain down on Swagger as he finally lets Andrews go now, still hardly satisfied. He shoves the feeble Englishman from the ring with a hard boot, and he crashes to the outside, clutching his ankle in agony. Just as Cole begins to lead Swagger around for a victory lap, however...



THE FANS GO WILD!!! The stage turns gold, and a furious look crosses Swagger’s face – as Christian walks out on to the stage, ankle clearly healed since last week! Captain Charisma looks down at his future opponent with a no-nonsense glare... THEN CHARGES DOWN THE RAMP TOWARDS THE RING!!! The Livewire slides into the squared circle and looks to get some revenge – NO! Swagger and Cole get the hell out of there, instinctively making their exit in a typically-cowardly manner! The pair begin to back up the ramp as the crowd boos them, and Christian allows himself a small smile as he sees the frustration on Swagger’s face.

Josh Matthews: Jack Swagger made an example of poor David Andrews tonight, but Christian’s sent his message – he knows Swagger wants no piece of him, and I think Swagger knows it too!

Booker T: Jack Swagga – he runnin’ like a sucka, man! Christian playin’ dem mind games, he got Swagga retreatin’ alright!

In the ring, Christian looks down at the mic that Cole just used to receive Andrews’ confession, and picks it up. He twirls it in his hand, as the crowd chants “CHRISTIAN! CHRISTIAN!” to a small smile from the Livewire; he turns to face Swagger, who seemingly wants to go back and give Christian a fight – but Cole holds him back.

Christian: Don’t wanna stay in the ring with me, Jack? Huh? (he grins) Looks... like... you – QUIT!

A BIG cheer goes up, and Swagger RAGES on the ramp at that implication, storming from side to side and considering going back. Cole frantically tells him “NO! NO! Don’t cave to this guy!”, holding up his hands to stop the All-American American going back to the ring.


The crowd pops once again for Christian’s music, and he dumps his mic to the floor. He heads to the turnbuckle and looks out to the crowd for some ‘Peeps’, deliberately taunting Swagger, who has to be ushered towards the stage by Michael Cole; the All-American American clearly wants to go back and get Extreme Rules started a little early, but Cole desperately tells him “Not now” and manages to get him up to the stage. Scowling down at Christian, Swagger mouths “Just wait”... then disappears backstage, with Cole breathing a sigh of relief as he follows him. In the ring, Christian shakes his head, then goes back to playing up the crowd...

...and now we head backstage. Instead of the Brit you might have been expecting, we see the smarting figure of Drew McIntyre, holding his jaw after the Trouble In Paradise he took just earlier. The Scotsman storms down a backstage corridor, frustrated following his loss; when he stops, and looks with disgust at Trent Barreta as he leans casually against a wall! The crowd pops a little for Barreta, who looks fairly relaxed, and cracks a smile before he takes a step towards Drew.

Trent Barreta: Good win, dude.

Chuckling, he pats Drew on the shoulder, then walks away. McIntyre turns to watch him leave, his eyes wide with fury at Barreta’s audacity, as we hear Josh Matthews over the top.

Josh Matthews: The mind games between Trent Barreta and Drew McIntyre continue ahead of Extreme Rules, but after the break, the main event – it’s Champion versus Champion, we’ll see you in just a few moments!

We fade away from McIntyre as he clenches his fists.


And now, it’s time for RAW REBOUND!!!

Raw Rebound this week features the return of Triple H; the Game details how he couldn’t beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but he knew he could capture the WWE Title to help him recover his pride. After The Miz disputes this, we hear from John Cena, too; the final verdict from the Awesome One is that neither of them deserve a shot at him, but he knows he’ll be taking on Cena at Extreme Rules. However, Raw GM Jerry Lawler turns that around by saying that if Triple H can beat the WWE Champion in a non-title match tonight, he’ll be added to the match at Extreme Rules. To spice things up, he names a special guest referee... John Cena.

In the main event, Cena has a decision to make – screw the Game over to keep the WWE Title match as a one-on-one affair, or call it down the middle and see what happens? Just as it seems that he’s favouring The Miz, including not disqualifying him and counting slowly following Triple H’s Double A Spinebuster, the Game picks up on it, and asks Cena about his principles. In the end, Cena sends Alex Riley packing with a clothesline when he tries to interfere, then watches as Triple H hits The Miz with the Pedigree; reluctantly, he counts the pinfall to give the win to Triple H, then hoists him up and delivers the Attitude Adjustment after the bell. Telling Hunter that “the result’s gonna be the same”, Cena waves the ‘You can’t see me’ hand, then plays to the crowd as Michael Cole questions Lawler’s management abilities at ringside, and Raw fades to black.


SmackDown returns once more to the sight of the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett, marching about backstage, with his belt now over his shoulder. There is no-one else around, however, and he looks even more infuriated than before, were it possible. Giving up, he throws his arms in the air, then sighs and leans against the nearest wall.

???: Tough day, playa?

A pop goes up at that familiar voice, and with a pissed-off expression, Barrett turns round the corner to see SmackDown General Manager, Teddy Long, leaning against the wall on the other side. All suited up as usual, T-Lo rounds the corner and addresses the annoyed Intercontinental Champion.

Teddy Long: I asked to see you in my office, Wade.

Barrett groans like a pupil caught skipping class, though more out of exasperation from his unproductive night.

Wade Barrett: In case you hadn’t heard, Teddy, I had more pressing business.

Teddy Long: Oh, I’ve heard everythang you’ve been gettin’ up to, playa. And I thought you’d be interested to know that next week, on SmackDown? You’re gonna team up with Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes...

Boos from the crowd at those names.

Teddy Long: ...to take on Rey Mysterio, Trent Barreta and Kofi Kingston.

But the fans cheer loudly for those ones. Barrett, bored, raises his eyebrows.

Wade Barrett: And why would I care?

Long shrugs.

Teddy Long: I don’t know. But I just thought you should know.

He goes to leave, then turns with a mock realisation.

Teddy Long: Oh, dat’s right, the other thing. I’m finin’ you ten thousand dollas for punchin’ half of my SmackDown backstage crew, Wade.

Big pop as Barrett looks appalled.

Wade Barrett: What? That’s ridiculous!

Again, Long shrugs.

Teddy Long: Not my problem, dawg. You can pay any time within the next seven days; (pointing) oh, and I can convert dat into pounds if you want me to, playa.

With a little smile to signify how chuffed he is with laying down the law, Long makes his exit. Barrett groans again, having a torrid night, and now he goes to walk down the corridor, but is stopped as Ezekiel Jackson appears, shaking out his arms. Barrett looks up at him expectantly.

Wade Barrett: Tell me you know whose fault it was, Zeke.

He shakes his head.

Ezekiel Jackson: Sorry Wade. No-one I asked had a clue, even when I... (menacingly) shook things up.

Barrett sighs.

Ezekiel Jackson: If it was him... it was just him.

Barrett stares at him, as if unsure what to think, then rubs his jaw as he tries to ponder. Into the shot arrive WWE Tag Team Champions, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater; Gabriel has a sports drink in his hand.

Justin Gabriel: Found anything?

Barrett looks frustrated.

Wade Barrett: No. (looking around) I’m starting to think it was just an accident, guys. (he shakes his head) All night, my Extreme Rules opponents have been preparin’ for the match, while I’ve been looking for something that probably wasn’t even there.

He lets out an irate sigh, as Gabriel hits him on the shoulder to support him.

Wade Barrett: You know what – just screw it. I’m going back to the hotel; I’ll see you guys there later.

As Gabriel and Slater say “See you later” with sympathetic expressions (though Zeke just nods), we follow Barrett as he begins to walk away. He turns briefly to say:

Wade Barrett: (gruffly) Good luck, Justin.

Gabriel gives him a quick, light punch on the arm to acknowledge that, and Barrett now takes a long walk down the corridor, away from his Corre comrades, as he heads to the car park. The grizzly, industrial area of the O2 Arena has a plethora of different cars from all the superstars and staff of SmackDown, and its wide open space has an eerie silence as Barrett’s boots echo off the concrete. Reaching into his pockets, he pulls out a car key, and walks over to a black Vauxhall Corsa, with ‘Alan’s Rentals: London’ on the front in a fancy design. He clicks the key to open the car... but it does nothing. He frowns, and tries again, but to no avail. Sighing, he rams the key into the lock, and tries to turn it, but still, the door won’t open.

Wade Barrett: (under his breath) Bloody rental cars...

Finally, after a few moments of struggling, he manages to edge the lock open enough that he can tug the door open; he does it with such force, however, that he pulls it too fast and knocks into the car next to his with a loud ‘thunk’ as metal meets metal. He groans, then looks to make sure there’s no dent – but there’s a fairly sizeable one. He decides to give up, turning to throw his title belt on to the passenger seat...

...and the lights in the already-dimmed car park begin to flicker? Barrett looks up in surprise, then frowns as the ceiling above him goes from dark to light, dark to light, in an ominous fashion. Slowly, the Intercontinental Champion scowls, then bares his teeth in anger, before he jumps in the car, and SLAMS the door in frustration. He goes to turn the ignition... and of course, it doesn’t start. He slumps his head against the wheel from behind the car window, groaning, as the lights continue to flicker above him.

Now, we cut back to the arena.

Josh Matthews: Not a great night for Wade Barrett; not only did he fail to find out who on SmackDown was at fault for the technical issues last week, but General Manager Teddy Long fined him ten thousand dollars, and even when he tried to give up and go home, that didn’t happen for him either, guys.

Booker T: I gotta have some sympathy for Wade, guys. When it’s not yo night, it’s not yo night.



Ladies and gentlemen, it’s MAIN EVENT TIME, and the first of our competitors, WWE Tag Team Champion Justin Gabriel, walks out with nothing but his title belt to keep him company. He gets some decent heat as he raises his belt into the air, but the visible fire in his eyes ahead of this match with the World Champion reminds us all of the exciting style which will always make him great babyface material. Regardless, he’s a heel for now, and thus he refuses to acknowledge the crowd, as the bell chimes, and he heads for the ring.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a Champion versus Champion match, set for one fall! Introducing first, from Cape Town, South Africa, weighing in at two hundred and thirteen pounds... he is one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions... JUSTIN – GABRIEL!

Josh Matthews: Notice how Justin Gabriel is all alone tonight; he might be half of the Tag Team Champions, but he’s always determined to prove how much of an accomplished, independent competitor he is, and it’ll be interesting to see how he gets on here, guys.

Matt Striker: Absolutely, Josh – I’d venture that this is the biggest match Justin Gabriel’s ever competed in, except for maybe that clash with Big Show and Kane in a Tables Match next Sunday!

Booker T: Justin Gabriel’s one talented dude, guys, but he’s got some tough match-ups ahead of him aight – World Champion tonight, then dose two giants in nine days? You gotta be kiddin’ me!

Josh Matthews: It’s certainly going to be interesting to see how he copes with these big names at such a young age, no doubt.

Matt Striker: Well, that’s one of the many things that Justin Gabriel has going for him; he might be young, but he’s got an incredibly-level head. It’s easy when you’ve got an in-ring style like he has to throw yourself recklessly at anything and everything, but he manages to keep his cool, night in, night out, and that’s what makes him such a talent for SmackDown to have, even if he does do his business under the Corre’s banner.

Gabriel climbs up to the apron, then slingshots over the top into the ring; he paces about the squared circle, wearing that same focused expression he’s known for, then leans against a turnbuckle as he waits for his opponent. His music dies down, and now the arena waits, buzzing through the silence...






AND THE O2 ARENA GOES WILD!!! As usual, a wall of smoke rushes up on the stage, and from behind it steps the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, looking dead confident tonight. Under the crazily flashing lights, Edge nods his head at the terrific reaction, then takes a few steps down the ramp – before he throws his arms dramatically into the air, unleashing his stunning display of pyro from behind him as usual! Another pop goes up at that, and now Edge begins to head for the ring, wearing his badass trench coat; Gabriel watches him with a pensive look, keeping his belt on his shoulder for now.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and forty-one pounds... he is the World Heavyweight Champion... the RATED R, SUUUUUUPERSTAR... EDGE!!!

Josh Matthews: And what a thunderous ovation from the fans here in London for the reigning World Champion! He’s set to face Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules; not that anyone needs reminding, of course, especially after what we saw from the self-proclaimed ‘Destiny’s Darling’ earlier tonight.

Matt Striker: It’s just so fitting that we’re live here in the O2 Arena tonight, Josh – it’s so unpredictable, you know? It’s been unpredictable thus far, with Del Rio competing in his debut Steel Cage Match earlier, plus a series of great matches... it can only get more volatile from here, too, because no-one shakes things up quite like the Rated R Superstar!

Booker T: I got big respect for Edge, guys, he’s a real great guy, and not to mention one helluva competitor, one helluva champ. Del Rio’s been lookin’ pretty sharp tonight, but if anyone knows how to take him down, it’s dat man right dere, and just look at how ready he is to kick some butt in the main event, dawg.

Edge heads to the ring, firing up the crowd on the first turnbuckle he sees, before hopping down and shrugging off his trench coat. He hands that, and his World Title, to ringside, as Gabriel slides his title out of the ring, and now Edge takes a moment to test both sets of ropes, running from side to side. After that, he heads to the corner opposite Gabriel, then shakes out his arms as his theme song subsides. The impending silence is cut by a host of frantic “EDGE! EDGE! EDGE!” chants from the English fans, to which the Rated R Superstar responds with a sly smile as he turns back to face Gabriel. The South African still looks deadly focused, rubbing his beard briefly as he steps in towards his opponent, and the official calls for the bell so these two can get going.

Main Event – Champion Versus Champion Bout – Non-Title Match
WWE Tag Team Champion Justin Gabriel vs World Heavyweight Champion Edge

As we join the bout, the dominance one might have expected from the World Champion hasn’t come about, simply due to Gabriel’s proficient ability; he’s also done his homework, too, making several surprising reversals early on, allowing the commentators to sell his professional attitude. Regardless, this match isn’t about Gabriel as much as it’s to have Edge in action for the first time since Wrestlemania, and as we join the action about seven minutes in, it’s the Rated R Superstar showing very little in the way of ring rust, applying a Half-Leg Boston Crab to wear down, if not force a submission from, Gabriel. The South African grits his teeth against the pain, and after a few more moments of trying to crawl to the ropes, he gives up on that avenue – and manages to turn himself on to his back. Edge turns, still holding Gabriel’s leg, and he gets shoved back to the ropes; he rebounds, but the South African is back up, and he pulls Edge down with a smooth Arm Drag! The Rated R Superstar winces and falls into a seated position, holding his back, and Gabriel follows up with a Dropkick to the back of his head, leaving him flat out! A groan goes up from the crowd as Edge takes a nasty hit, and now Gabriel covers, sensing a big win... 1... 2... but Edge kicks out!

The crowd applauds and cheers as Edge keeps this contest alive, but Gabriel scowls, and applies a headlock to keep the pressure on. The Rated R Superstar frowns in pain, then tries to break the Tag Team Champion’s grip – he’s unrelenting, however, so Edge has to try to force himself to his feet. With the crowd on his side, he makes it up, then fires an elbow to Gabriel’s gut – and another, forcing himself free, before he charges to the ropes... AND CLATTERS THROUGH GABRIEL WITH A BIG BOOT! Gabriel collapses to the floor as the crowd cheers, but Edge forgoes the cover, instead taking a breather and clutching at his neck to sell it. Gabriel, though dizzy, uses the ropes to pull himself up during the lull that follows, but doesn’t get a chance to turn around... because Edge hooks him up high from behind with the Electric Chair Lift! The crowd cheers as Gabriel’s arms flail about in the air, and the South African tries to balance himself – Edge looks ready to drop him backwards on to his head... but Gabriel suddenly explodes out of the blocks by jumping off Edge’s shoulders, spinning in mid-air in Mysterio-esque fashion – AND BRINGING EDGE DOWN WITH A HURRICANRANA, COVER INCLUDED! 1... 2... 3-NO! Edge kicks out at the last moment!

Again, a pop goes up as Edge escapes, but the Rated R Superstar’s shocked expression tells us all how close he came to losing there; Gabriel just seems frustrated that the World Champion won’t stay down, and begins to lay some boots into the chest of the Canadian. The referee gives him ‘til five to stop, and inevitably he waits ‘til four before he leaves Edge to breath heavily on the mat, holding his chest in pain. Gabriel heads to the outside apron, and takes a dark, ominous look at the nearest camera before he slingshots smoothly into a Slingshot Somersault Senton, a beautifully-executed move that catches Edge right across the stomach! The crowd groans in awe of the ease with which Gabriel pulled that off, but the South African doesn’t acknowledge them at all, instead just hooking a leg, and pressing a disrespecting forearm into Edge’s face for the cover... 1... 2... but again, it’s a kickout from the World Champion! Gabriel glares at the official with menace, then hooks both legs... 1... 2... kickout! Visibly frustrated, as seems to be a theme with members of the Corre this evening, Gabriel stands up, and drags Edge’s body a little further towards the corner. The Rated R Superstar is in a bit of a daze, still trying to recover, and Gabriel climbs up the turnbuckle from where he is inside the ring – with his back to the squared circle, Gabriel stands alone on the top buckle, closes his eyes briefly to prepare himself... it’s a fairly sinister image, and now Gabriel LAUNCHES backwards with the MOONSAULT..... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! EDGE ROLLS OUT THE WAY, AND GABRIEL CRASHES AND BURNS INTO THE CANVAS!!!

With the impact that shakes the ring, the crowd can’t help but cry “OHHH!” in awe as Gabriel clutches at his torso in agony, and the camera zooms in on Edge’s wide eyes on the mat as the picture-in-picture replays highlight the height Gabriel got on his Moonsault... before his body met nothing but the mat. Back in the ring, both men begin to stir, with Edge being the first person to find his feet; at ringside, Striker makes the point that a weakened abdomen could be Gabriel’s downfall should he suffer a Spear, but Matthews suggests he’s getting ahead of himself there. Meanwhile, Edge sweeps the sweat-drenched hair out of his eyes, then staggers towards Gabriel, putting him in a front facelock – the South African spins out of it, however, and fires a Roundhouse Kick – but then Edge ducks that, leaving Gabriel to spin round 360 degrees... and NOW Edge hooks him up, TO STRIKE WITH THE EDGECUTION! The crowd cheers loudly as that connects, and Edge flings himself over the Tag Team Champion for the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Last-gasp kickout from Gabriel! A vast amount of the crowd in the background of the shot can be seen throwing their arms into the air, just as stunned as Edge is that Gabriel wouldn’t stay down there, and now the Rated R Superstar gets back to his feet, eyes wide.

Turning to look at the crowd, Edge takes a deep breath; his hair is straggled across his face, he’s taken some big hits from his young opponent, and no doubt his Extreme Rules opponent is watching him every step of the way. The fans again begin to chant “EDGE! EDGE! EDGE!” as loudly and as quickly as they can, which spurs him on – he stumbles over to the still-grounded Gabriel, and grabs both legs, thinking SHARPSHOOTER! The Canadian steps in, as the crowd begins to cheer... but Gabriel reverses it out of nowhere, pulling Edge down with a Drop Toe Hold! A groan of disappointment can be heard, and now it’s the Tag Team Champion who tries to take advantage as Edge smarts on the canvas – he heads out to the outside apron yet again, and beckons for the World Champion to rise. Slowly, still holding his face, he does, and Gabriel springboards, soaring through the air at his opponent... BUT EDGE PULLS A HALF-NELSON BULLDOG OUT OF ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE, DRILLING GABRIEL FACE-FIRST INTO THE MAT!!! The crowd roars “OHHHHH!” as Gabriel takes a crunching impact, and Edge lies flat-out after the move too, selling the impromptu element of what he just did... before, slowly, he begins to crawl across the ring, pushing Gabriel on to his back and making the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Gabriel narrowly gets a shoulder up!

Once again, both men lie flat, as the crowd sits in disbelief that Gabriel is still going in this contest; a round of applause can be heard around the arena, more for the action they’re witnessing than for one competitor in particular. Slowly, Edge crawls to the ropes, and sits with his back to them, eyes wide as he realises that Gabriel kicked out – he grabs the middle rope behind him, and struggles up again. Across the ring, the young Tag Team Champion’s eyes are still unfocused, though his hands are active on the mat as he tries to find some sort of support... but things are looking ominous for him, because Edge heads for the corner – and begins to crouch, beckoning for him to rise for the Spear! The crowd cheers heartily, and begins to chant “Spear! Spear! Spear!” in that slightly-annoying manner, as Gabriel tries to find his feet, seemingly oblivious – finally, he forces his exhausted frame to a vertical base, and turns around... so Edge charges in for the SPEAR – NO! The South African LEAPFROGS it, and Edge has to stop himself from clattering into the turnbuckle on the other side, as the crowd groans with the Spear’s narrow miss! Blinking in surprise, the Rated R Superstar spins around to face Gabriel again.... BAM! The Tag Team Champion strikes with a Reverse STO, planting the Canadian into the canvas – but instead of making the cover, he keeps his arm under Edge’s neck, and transitions sweetly into the KOJI CLUTCH, CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF THE WORLD CHAMPION!!!

The crowd once again comes alive with all sorts of noise; boos for Gabriel’s offence, chants to cheer Edge on, screams of just pure excitement – WILL HE TAP? The Rated R Superstar’s face, or what we can see of it, is contorted in agony as Gabriel forces him through absolute hell in this brutal hold! With the whole of his weight on top of the World Champion to keep him pressed to the canvas, Gabriel finally shows some extrovert qualities, roaring “TAP! TAP OUT! TAP!” with adrenaline as he tugs on Edge’s head – the Canadian refuses to tap when the official asks him, however, gritting his teeth and growling “No! NO!” back at him. All this does is spur Gabriel on though, and the South African further chokes Edge into his leg with that iron grip behind the World Champion’s head – the Rated R Superstar looks like he’s beginning to fade as a result, but the crowd screams for him not to give in! His eyes begin to close, but he forces them back open, and begins to crawl, oh-so-slowly, towards the ropes... Gabriel just roars with all the voice in his lungs for Edge to tap out, but instead, the World Heavyweight Champion uses that hand to stretch for the ropes... he brings it up – AND FINALLY, GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!! The crowd cheers wildly as Edge escapes, and the official forces a furious Justin Gabriel to break the hold; at a count of four, the South African detaches himself from Edge’s neck, finally giving him respite, but he’s clearly infuriated beyond belief that the Koji Clutch just wasn’t good enough to get the win!

Gabriel takes a brief, exhausted walk around the ring, considering what he needs to do next – almost instinctively, he looks to ringside, but Heath Slater, of course, is backstage, due to Gabriel’s apparent desire to be independent in this monster of a contest. Frowning, Gabriel stares at Edge, who brushes off the referee’s concerns as he stands up again, clutching the top rope to support himself. He turns to face the Tag Team Champion, and raises his fists to keep fighting – Gabriel, breathing heavily himself, stumbles a little to meet the Rated R Superstar, and it’s Edge who lands the first punch. Gabriel reels back, then hits with a right hand of his own, so Edge returns the favour, as does the South African... and now they begin to exchange slow, clubbing blows, occasionally swapping in a kick each, until it’s Edge who begins to get the upper hand, forcing Gabriel back to the ropes. He shoves the high-flyer into them, then sends him off to the other side; the South African comes sprinting back at Edge, but he’s already dropped to the mat to let Gabriel run over him. Surprised, the fatigued Tag Team Champion rebounds again... no, this time Edge manages to leapfrog him, so he stops, then refuses to look before he leaps, throwing himself backwards with the Enzuigiri to catch his opponent off-guard... NO! Edge ducks it, leaving Gabriel to land to his feet, stumbling however... EDGE-O-MATIC CONNECTS!!! The crowd cheers as Edge slams the South African’s head into the mat, then slumps to make the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! KICKOUT!

“NO FREAKIN’ WAY!” growls Edge at the referee, who shows him the dreaded two fingers, and once again, the Rated R Superstar wonders what he has to do to put the youngster away. Running a hand through his hair, he pushes himself up again, and immediately looks to the corner – he points to it, and the crowd immediately cheers him on, so he begins to bounce on the balls of his feet, trying to stir up a second wind inside himself. Now, he takes to the corner, gripping the second rope from the crouching position again, and beckoning furiously for Gabriel to rise, muttering “C’mon, c’mon...” as he does. Finally, Gabriel uses the ropes to get up, then staggers into Edge’s line of fire... so he charges forward again – BUT GABRIEL ALWAYS SAW IT COMING, AND DELIVERS A REVERSE ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO SEND EDGE SPIRALLING BACK TO THE DECK!!! A groan goes up for Gabriel’s buzzkill, and with Edge laid out near the turnbuckle, it looks like things are about to get worse for the World Heavyweight Champion... because Gabriel steps to the outside apron, and begins to climb to the top turnbuckle! Once more, the crowd comes alive, desperately trying to warn Edge of what’s incoming, but he looks completely out of it on the canvas, adjacent to the corner where Gabriel stands on the top turnbuckle. The South African looks briefly to the side, casting that malevolent, evil look over the audience to the hard camera once again, before he crouches briefly – AND UNLEASHES THE 450 SPLASH – NOOOOOOOOOO!!! KNEES UP!!! EDGE GOT HIS KNEES UP!!! Gabriel goes spasming across the ring, clutching his abdomen in absolute agony, and now it looks like the fat lady is singing for the young South African, who presses his face into the canvas, suffering to an extreme – Edge, meanwhile, is on his feet again, sweeping the clotted strands of hair out of his face, before he roars at the Tag Team Champion to get up again! Finally, Gabriel manages to force himself up, baring his teeth through the agony of what might be an injured ribcage... AND OF COURSE, EDGE TAKES FULL ADVANTAGE BY TEARING HIM IN HALF WITH THE SPEAR!!! The O2 Arena EXPLODES with a massive cheer, and now Edge slumps into the cover... 1... 2... 3!!! EDGE WINS!!!

Result: Edge bts. Justin Gabriel via pinfall at 19:33


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner... the RATED R, SUUUUUPERSTAR – EDGE!!!

With the O2 roaring their approval, Edge pulls his exhausted frame back up once again, and gratefully has his arm raised by the official, who points to him, then leaves the scene. Looking like he’s going to collapse at any moment from pure fatigue, he slumps against the nearest turnbuckle, and lifts a triumphant arm into the air again. He allows himself a grin, then looks across at Gabriel, still clutching his ribs in the corner, with hair similarly straggled down his face.

Josh Matthews: Edge is victorious in this Champion versus Champion bout here tonight, guys – what a match it was, too!

Booker T: Awwwww, dese two guys really pulled out all da stops here tonight, dawg, but in the end, Edge is da World Champ for a reason, and he just said – anything Alberto can do, he can do too!

In the ring, Edge wanders over to Gabriel, who forces himself up. The two men stand across from each other, both sweating, both exhausted, both in pain; slowly, Edge smirks and extends his hand to a worthy competitor, saying “You did a hell of a job” – the crowd gives a mixed reaction to that, and with none of the other Corre members around, Gabriel has no-one to take advice from. He stares at the hand for a moment, thinking back to the contest he just endured... then SLAPS the hand away, and leaves the ring! The crowd loudly boos Gabriel, who ignores the nearby fans, and Edge watches with his hands on his hips as the South African takes his title belt and leaves without so much as a second glance as the Rated R Superstar. As Gabriel disappears behind the curtain, Edge shakes his head, then turns to the hard camera – “D’ya see me, Alberto? Huh?”

Matt Striker: You’ve got to hand it to Edge, too. The Rated R Superstar is a tremendous World Champion; more than worthy to hold that belt, and come Extreme Rules, I’m sure the winner of his match with Alberto Del Rio will be a worthy Champion, no matter which one of them it is.

Josh Matthews: Agreed, Matt – Justin Gabriel apparently doesn’t think much of Edge’s win here tonight, but you can’t deny it was impressive. Big message sent, gentlemen?

Booker T: I’d say dey’ve both sent a message tonight, Josh. Del Rio won in da cage, Edge pulled out a win in da Champion versus Champion match – it’s all to play for, dawg.

Edge asks for his World Heavyweight Title belt from ringside, and he gets it; he raises it into the air, but suddenly, his music dies out. He frowns, and looks around in surprise.






Josh Matthews: Huh?

It’s light, more surprised than anything, heat for the unwanted, unexpected figure of Chavo Guerrero, who struts out on to the stage in his poncho, bandana and ring gear. Edge looks at him like he’s stupid – does he not realise this isn’t Superstars?

Booker T: What da hell is Chavo doin’ out here?

Chavo begins to saunter down the ramp now, raising his arms arrogantly, as Edge continues to frown at him; Guerrero reaches ringside, and the crowd begins to boo loudly. Edge tries to ask him what the hell he’s doing, but the Mexican Warrior just mouths “Turn around...”, so Edge foolishly obliges...

Josh Matthews: H-hey! NO!


Ferocious boos ring around the O2 Arena here, as Brodus Clay and Alberto Del Rio, having charged out from the crowd, stand triumphant over the beaten, broken World Champion. Picking up the World Title, Del Rio pats Brodus approvingly on the back – THEN TELLS CHAVO TO GET IN THE RING!!!

Josh Matthews: Alberto Del Rio a-and Brodus Clay – this was all a set-up!

Guerrero rolls under the bottom rope, and with a smirk, he meets Del Rio in the middle of the ring – and they shake hands, much to the dismay of the English masses! With Edge still lying flat, holding his stomach in agony, Del Rio directs traffic, telling Clay and Guerrero to dish out some punishment... so they begin to lay into the World Champion with a host of nasty stomps! Again, the crowd boos wildly, as Del Rio places the World Title belt on his shoulder, and then points upwards... TO SIGNAL THE LOWERING OF THE CAGE ONCE AGAIN TONIGHT!!!

Booker T: Awww man, dis is – dis is wrong! Del Rio bringin’ down dat cage... Edge is gonna be trapped in dere!

Matt Striker: I can’t believe what I’m witnessing here, gentlemen – Chavo Guerrero as part of the Administration? Because they weren’t dangerous enough already?

Edge has no chance of escape, with Brodus and Chavo making sure he stays down with those stomps, and finally, the cage meets the mat. Satisfied, Del Rio holds up his hand to tell them to stop, then raises three fingers to Chavo. The Mexican Warrior smirks, then pulls Edge’s dead weight back to his feet... and delivers the first Suplex! Boos can be heard once more as Chavo rolls, and brings the Rated R Superstar up again – for the second Suplex, right on the button! Again, Guerrero inevitably rolls, and sets up for the third one – BEFORE HE COMPLETES THE THREE AMIGOS!!! The crowd groans as Edge gets laid out, and the World Champion, who was already exhausted after his match, looks in even worse shape now, barely even moving on the canvas.

Josh Matthews: This – this is hard to watch, guys – Edge just had a long match, he can’t even defend himself!

Unfortunately, Del Rio still isn’t done, as he strolls around the ring, nodding his head as he looks down at the floored Canadian. He takes a moment to admire the belt on his shoulder, then drops it briefly to the mat and pulls Edge up by his hair. The Rated R Superstar slumps against him, no fight left, and Del Rio smirks, giving an instruction to Brodus Clay... BEFORE HE DRIVES EDGE’S FACE INTO THE STEEL CAGE WALL! “OHHHH!” cries the crowd, before the boos roll in again, and now Edge staggers backwards, straight into the grip of big Brodus – TONGAN DEATH GRIP SLAM!!! Edge gets laid out once again, with Clay keeping his hands on the World Champion’s throat to send a message – he stands, and roars “SH’YEAH!” several times to fire himself up, but gets booed by the fans as a result of his animalistic style.

Matt Striker: And notice what Del Rio’s doing here, Josh. He’s using the cage, the very weapon they’ll have at their disposal in nine days’ time, to punish Edge, to inflict pain. But still... this is dishonourable, this is disturbing.

Del Rio kneels beside Edge now, and grabs his jaw to force him to look up at his future opponent. He hisses “Dis is what’s going to happen to you, amigo” before he grabs the arm for the Cross-Arm Breaker... but Chavo stops him? Del Rio looks at him with a frown, and Chavo says something to him that we can’t hear, eliciting a carefully-considered nod from ‘Destiny’s Darling.’ He drops Edge’s arm, and tells Clay to drag Edge towards the corner; Chavo, meanwhile, heads to the apron, and climbs to the top turnbuckle – again, the crowd boos wildly as Guerrero raises his arms with a sly smirk... THEN DIVES OFF FOR THE FROG SPLASH!!! Edge’s body takes another nasty hit, and he lies in a contorted mess on the canvas as Del Rio helps Chavo back to his feet, hissing encouragement from Mexican Aristocrat to Mexican Warrior.

Booker T: Chavo with dat Frog Splash on Edge – he’s lookin’ in a real bad way, guys, somebody’s gotta do somethin’ about dis!

Now, Del Rio tugs Edge’s dead weight to the middle of the ring, and grabs the arm once again; he smirks devilishly out to the crowd... THEN APPLIES THE CROSS-ARM BREAKER!!! The fans erupt with loud boos as Del Rio wrenches on the World Champion’s arm, with Clay and Guerrero nodding their heads in the background! Edge screams out in agony, desperately trying to escape the hold, but he barely has the energy to resist the pain he’s being put through, and is forced to TAP, again and again! Finally, after what seems like an age, Del Rio lets him go, though in a sadistic way, he doesn’t seem satisfied. Looking around the scene, the Mexican Aristocrat begins to smirk, nodding his head, and picks up the title belt again. He hands it to Chavo, telling him to put it round his waist, and Guerrero obliges. The crowd boos wildly at the sight of Del Rio wearing the belt, and now he grabs Clay and Guerrero’s wrists, raising them both into the air with that same evil grin. He winks darkly at the camera, and our final image is of Del Rio, Clay and Guerrero standing tall over the beaten, injured Edge, with the steel cage surrounding them all.

Josh Matthews: Edge has been brutalised by Alberto Del Rio and his cohorts here tonight... Extreme Rules is only nine days away, but is this the image we’ll see when the dust settles in that World Title match? Del Rio and the Administration standing tall?

Booker T: Del Rio showed us what a sick dude he can be tonight, Josh. He put Edge through a lotta-abuse in dat cage, and just look at him with dat World Title! Dat’s one confident man, dawg.

Matt Striker: Certainly a darker side to ‘Destiny’s Darling’ we’ve seen tonight, and if this is anything to go by, we could easily see his destiny come true next Sunday.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, this has been SmackDown, live in London – Alberto Del Rio is top of the pile here in England, but will he be come Extreme Rules? We’ll see you next week! Goodnight!

As the camera zooms in on Del Rio standing above Edge with the World Heavyweight Title around his waist, the end-of-show logo fades into view...

...and we cut to black.


Quick Results
Alberto Del Rio bts. Sin Cara
Big Show bts. Cody Rhodes (via count-out)
Kofi Kingston bts. Drew McIntyre
Jack Swagger bts. David Andrews
Edge bts. Justin Gabriel

WWE Championship – Extreme Rules Match
The Miz (c) vs John Cena vs Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship – Steel Cage Match
Edge (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

Last Man Standing Match
CM Punk vs Randy Orton

I Quit Match
Christian vs Jack Swagger

No. 1 Contender To The WWE Title – Ladder Match
Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan

Intercontinental Championship – Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge
Wade Barrett (c) vs Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre vs Trent Barreta

WWE Tag Team Championships – Tag Team Tables Match
Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater (c) vs Big Show and Kane


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