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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Monday Night Raw
Sommet Center, Nashville, Tennessee | 11th April 2011

We get exactly the same recap video we got from Raw Rebound on Friday night, with The Rock announcing to Michael Cole that the anonymous Raw General Manager has been FIRED – and replaced by Jerry “The King” Lawler, who conveniently appears to smack his adversary with a right hand. Rocky drills the loudmouth with a Rock Bottom, before Lawler adds a Fist Drop, and then the Great One delivers the People’s Elbow to leave Cole embarrassed by the pairing at the end of last week’s Raw. At the end of the video package, we sweep into the usual Raw opening video, then to the Sommet Center, where Justin Roberts stands in the ring by himself.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... in his home state of Tennessee, the new General Manager of Raw... JERRY “THE KING” LAWLER!!!


A big, big pop goes up for the hometown man as the regal tune fades in, and everyone looks to the stage with anticipation to see the arrival of the new Raw General Manager, Jerry “The King” Lawler indeed. The WWE Hall of Famer, dressed in his usual black trousers and “King” t-shirt, grins at the crowd, then begins to make his way down the ramp, greeting various Nashville fans along the ramp on the way.

Josh Matthews: Welcome, one and all, to Monday Night Raw, live from Nashville, Tennessee, where we are seeing the first appearance of Jerry “The King” Lawler as the NEW General Manager! I’m Josh Matthews at the announce desk, and personally, it gives me great pride to see Jerry as the General Manager. After many years in the business –

Michael Cole: This is a travesty, Josh. This is an ABOMINATION. I – we are looking at a hideous injustice here on Raw. The Board of Directors have tainted this show. THEY’VE TAINTED MY SHOW, JOSH.

Josh Matthews: And how could we forget Michael Cole with me here at ringside –

Michael Cole: Monday Night Raw doesn’t stand a chance anymore! This show just became a sinking ship, Josh! Jerry Lawler just took the reins, and that means we’re all screwed. No more “longest-running weekly episodic show on television”, Josh. Oh no. We’ll be lucky if we make it past Extreme Rules with this moron in charge!

Josh Matthews: Can you just stop for two seconds so I can explain how this happened?

As King steps into the ring, he collects a mic from ringside, but it doesn’t stop Cole ranting –

Michael Cole: What more is there to say, Josh? THE ROCK AND LAWLER SCREWED ME OVER. This guy doesn’t deserve the role of GM – he’s a biased, unprincipled, past-it HACK who –

Jerry Lawler: Hey... HEY! Cole!

The crowd cheers as Cole looks up with a scowl.

Jerry Lawler: I’m gonna get to you in a sec, but until then, do us all a favour and shut your yap, alright?

Another BIG pop, and this time sees Cole sit in silence, simply glaring at the new GM. Lawler turns away from the desk, instead facing the audience, who begin to chant “JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!” in their hundreds, and the Hall of Famer can’t help but smile.

Jerry Lawler: Guys, you have no idea how much it means to me... you have no idea how good it feels, really. How good it feels to stand here, in good old Tennessee –

Cheap pop from the crowd.

Jerry Lawler: – and be the Raw General Manager. It’s one of the best feelings I’ve had in my life, and I’ve gotta... thank all of you for makin’ this moment extra special for me.

Cole makes a deliberate gagging sound at ringside as the crowd applauds Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: And another great feeling is knowing I’ll never have to hear that awful sound of that laptop with its stupid alert...

Another cheer comes from the crowd, who seemingly agree. Lawler just can’t stop grinning.

Jerry Lawler: ...and now, if we need a decision made, you just have to look to me, not to that... that ridiculous podium. And you know, for forty-one years, this business has been my life. I’ve lived and breathed wrestling. I’ve done just about everything a guy could ever accomplish here... and now I get to run the show that I love, too.

More applause for Lawler, who paces about as he talks.

Jerry Lawler: If I couldn’t get it done in the ring, I’d want to do this job – so when the WWE Board of Directors rang me up after Wrestlemania and asked if I wanted to manage Raw for them, I said I’d love to, one hundred percent. And because I... I love this show so much, I want to make it as exciting for all the WWE Universe, as I know it’ll be for me.

Lawler raises an arm to point to the crowd, and receives another healthy pop in return. He then stops smiling, and turns to face the announce desk, where Matthews is grinning, but Cole looks like he wants to be sick.

Jerry Lawler: But you... you. Michael Cole.

Heat from the crowd as Cole stands up, hands on hips.

Jerry Lawler: Now, I know you had a little love-in thing going with old GM, Cole, but unfortunately for you, I don’t really feel as friendly to you as he was.

Cole spits “Because you’re a cynic” back at him.

Jerry Lawler: The thing is, I spent so long after I found out I was gonna be General Manager, just imagining what it’d be like to fire you on the spot. First night in charge.

The crowd LOVES that idea, but Cole just throws up his arms – “Why am I not surprised, you power-hungry tyrant! I just know how this stint in office is gonna go for YOU, Lawler! Constant abuse of power!”

Jerry Lawler: But you know, Cole, as much as I wanted to do it, I convinced myself I couldn’t do that. I just... can’t stoop to your level.

Cole looks at King in disbelief, and a few boos can be heard from the crowd.

Jerry Lawler: So I’ll tell you what. You sit yourself in that chair, and call the action. My revenge, Cole, can be you having to sit through Raw every week... and knowing that I call the shots – no more “can I have your attention, please”, no more “and I quote” – the WWE Universe doesn’t have to put up with your voice ever again.

A pop goes up as Lawler grins at Cole once again.

Jerry Lawler: And that’s that, Cole. Seeing as I’m your boss now... take – a – seat.

Slowly, begrudgingly, the “Voice of the WWE” slumps into the chair, and mutters something under his breath. Lawler turns back to the crowd, and continues:

Jerry Lawler: Now, since tonight is the first night in charge, I have something pretty special in mind –



The crowd boos wildly as the focus shifts to the stage, and Lawler sighs. Cole starts screaming “YES! YES! THAT’S MORE LIKE IT, BABY!”, and the boos only intensify from there at the sight of the WWE Champion, The Miz, making his way out on to the stage. Alex Riley is out alongside him, with both men dressed in plaid suits as they were this time last week, and Lawler looks at them with disdain as they begin to make their way down the ramp, smirking all the while.

Michael Cole: There is a God, Josh! You see that man? You see ‘im? The most must-see WWE Champion of ALL TIME is here to save us all from dying of total... total boredom! Let’s see how Lawler deals with the man who’s BEATEN him in the ring time and time again, the only man who can keep this show afloat... THE – MIZ!!!

Josh Matthews: Now, we learned last week that The Miz is going to face John Cena one more time for the WWE Title at Extreme Rules, after Cena won in a tag team match last week alongside –

Michael Cole: And I’ll tell ya what’s gonna happen at Extreme Rules, Josh – just like Wrestlemania, The Miz is gonna beat Cena! HE’S GONNA BEAT ‘IM! That’s what happens when ya step in the ring with a LEGEND, Josh!

Josh Matthews: What are you –

Michael Cole: Just watch what happens when The Miz steps in the ring with your precious Raw GM too, Josh! The comparison will SCARE you! One is a winner, one is a loser! Lawler is – a – LOSER!

Josh Matthews: Do you ever stop talking?

Let’s re-focus ourselves on The Miz and Riley, as the cocky pairing take the steel steps up to the ring. Lawler remains rooted to the spot as Riley walks briefly past him to collect a mic for the WWE Champion, then turns back to hand it to him. The Awesome One’s music dies down, and a chorus of “MIZ SUCKS! MIZ SUCKS!” chants start up; Riley scowls as he stands behind his mentor, but The Miz simply does his classic expression, taking a deep breath as he surveys the arena, then turns to face Lawler, twirling the mic in his hand for a moment. He chuckles to himself a little bit, but his smirk soon disappears as he goes to address the unimpressed GM...

The Miz: Lawler... as much as I’d love to congratulate you for being the new General Manager...

The WWE Champion thinks about it for a second, then shakes his head.

The Miz: ...it turns out that I really couldn’t care less.

Lawler rolls his eyes as the crowd boos in response to The Miz’s words.

The Miz: See, when I saw you out here, I could only think of one thing. And that was – “Why is Lawler stealing MY spotlight?”

More heat from the crowd as Lawler mouths “Your spotlight?” back at him with amusement.

The Miz: When these people come to Raw, or when they turn on their TVs... they don’t want you, Lawler. They’re watching for the most must-see WWE Champion of – all – time.

The boos continue as Lawler raises his eyebrows.

The Miz: So in the future, maybe you’ll think twice – about taking time away from your most valuable asset. Because this belt? It makes me the most important guy here on Raw. In the entire WWE. If you wanna last long in your job, Lawler, I’d learn that quick. Just a little... tip for you.

Cole applauds briefly on the outside, but stops as The Miz goes to talk again.

The Miz: But credit where it’s due, Jerry, because unlike the previous General Manager, you have one redeeming quality – you’re not hiding behind a laptop screen. But for all I know, you might be just as much of a coward as he was. You might be afraid to make the big calls face to face... man to man.

Cole yells “HE IS! HE IS!” as the crowd boos The Miz some more. Lawler laughs it off.

The Miz: So speaking for the entire Raw locker room as the leader I am...

Heat from the crowd – Riley tells them to “Pipe down” in response.

The Miz: ...let’s just test that out, Lawler. Because the old GM was a coward. He hid at home and made countless mistakes. Mistakes like giving John Cena another chance at my WWE Title last week.

Healthy pop for Cena, forcing The Miz to pause.

The Miz: Are you a coward, Jerry? Are you?

Lawler chuckles.

Jerry Lawler: Can’t say that I am, Miz, no.

The Miz: Oh really?

“Really!” comes the shout from the crowd, and Lawler grins again.

Jerry Lawler: Really.

The Miz: Really?

Jerry Lawler: Really.

The Miz pauses and surveys the crowd for a moment, then smirks.

The Miz: Well that’s good to hear, Jerry. And I guess it means that you’ll have no problem with what I’m about to ask from you. Your first act as General Manager.

The WWE Champion takes a step forward, speaking in a much sharper, lower tone suddenly.

The Miz: Retract John Cena’s shot at MY title.

Massive boos greet that suggestion, as Lawler frowns. The Miz is smouldering as he looks into the GM’s eyes.

The Miz: You saw it at Wrestlemania, Lawler. I beat Cena – I don’t need to defend my title against him again. You know it just as much as I do.

Lawler thinks for a moment, even with The Miz’s face right in his, as Riley waits patiently, one arm folded over the other in a business-style pose.

Jerry Lawler: Sorry, Miz. Can’t do it.

The crowd pops BIG for that, and The Miz looks furious, obviously. Lawler steps away from the WWE Champion and his temper, providing a contrast to his anger with a small grin.

Jerry Lawler: No, y’see, I saw what happened last week. The rule was, if Cena won the match, he got a shot at you at Extreme Rules – and he won the match.

Another great pop goes up as Riley and The Miz fume.

Jerry Lawler: So no, Miz. John Cena still has his WWE Title shot at Extreme Rules.

The Miz: You have NO idea what you’re doing here, Lawler!

Heat from the crowd again, as Cole yells “TELL ‘IM MIZ!” eagerly at ringside.

The Miz: I beat Cena at Wrestlemania! I pinned him to the mat, one-two-thr –

Jerry Lawler: Oh, I got that part, Miz. But I’ll tell you what. You want my first act as General Manager? How’s this for later tonight...

Lawler pauses to think, then grins.

Jerry Lawler: ...how about a little bit... of PICK – YOUR – POISON?

The crowd LOVES that idea, giving a big cheer of agreement, and The Miz is suddenly pulled back by Riley, who whispers some undoubtedly-helpful ‘counsel’ in his ear. The Miz thinks for a moment, then nods, and walks back towards Lawler, a smirk now on his face as he stands almost nose-to-nose with his old opponent. Slowly, slowly, he raises his mic, then croaks out in his classic style...

The Miz: ...yes.

Another good cheer goes up from the crowd, and Lawler nods.

The Miz: But remember this... that’s your call, Lawler. After tonight, don’t blame me if Cena doesn’t want to face me at Extreme Rules... because I’m gonna destroy him. And he’ll realise once... and for all...

BIG dramatic pause from the most must-see WWE Champion of all-time.

The Miz: ...that I’M THE MIZ...

Instant heat from the crowd.



CLUNK goes the mic as The Miz tosses it to the floor, and he and Riley leave the ring to plenty of heat from the Nashville fans, as Lawler just watches them make their exit with a small smile.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it! Huge news to kick off Monday Night Raw – tonight sees the return of Pick Your Poison, between John Cena and The Miz!

Michael Cole: What a farce of a decision, Josh! Any sane man would have just done what The Miz asked and retracted Cena’s title match! What’s Lawler doing to his star man? He’s tryin’ to ruin him, that’s what!

Josh Matthews: If it’s alright with you, Cole, I’m just gonna start ignoring your little rants, but more importantly is what we’re going to see later on Raw; Pick Your Poison is later tonight, we’ll fill you in a bit more after the break for sure! We’re LIVE in Nashville, don’t go away!

As The Miz and Riley back up the ramp, we skip backstage to see John Cena watching intently on a TV screen, smiling. The former “Champ” has a ‘light bulb’ moment of inspiration, and quickly leaves the shot to (presumably) find someone to help him with Pick Your Poison, as we focus on The Miz’s smirk on the screen... then head to a break.


As we return, we’re at the announce desk with Matthews and Cole once again. Matthews is smiling, but unsurprisingly, Cole is wearing a sour face after enduring Lawler’s segment before the break.

Josh Matthews: Hello, welcome back to Monday Night Raw, where before the break, we saw Jerry “The King” Lawler make his first announcement as General Manager, speaking to the WWE Champion, The Miz. Now, over the break we got some confirmation that tonight, Pick Your Poison will return once again; for those of you not familiar with the concept...

Michael Cole: This is such an exercise in futility, Josh. I’ll tell ya how it’s gonna end tonight. The Miz will win, John Cena will lose. Just like at Extreme Rules –

Josh Matthews: Thanks, Cole. Anyway – tonight, The Miz will choose an opponent for John Cena to face, and vice versa. Both men will compete tonight, and as we’ve seen in the past, Pick Your Poison can lead to huge momentum shifts in the lead-up to a big match, and with that WWE Title match at Extreme Rules drawing ever closer, tonight could be a crucial night.

Michael Cole: Firstly, if you ever interrupt me again, I’ll put you in the AnCole Lock, and it’s not a fun experience, I’m tellin’ ya. Secondly, it’s not gonna make a difference who Cena chooses tonight for The Miz. He’s gonna wipe – the – floor with whoever he has to face. Story of The Miz’s life! He’s a born winner, just like me! You can go join Cena and Lawler in the Loser Club if ya want, Josh!

Cole cackles at his own joke, and the bell rings to tell us that we’re about to see our first contest of the night...


A mild pop goes up for the well-known tune, which inevitably sparks the appearance of R-Truth and his tag team partner Johnny Curtis on the stage, both wearing small smiles. The pairing exchange a quick high five, then head down the ramp, greeting nearby fans as they do.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied by R-Truth... from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds... JOHNNY – CURTIS!

Josh Matthews: Of course, Johnny Curtis, the winner of Season Four of NXT, making his first in-ring appearance on Raw tonight; winning NXT also means that he and R-Truth are entitled to a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships, currently held by Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater on SmackDown. Cole, what do you think of Johnny Curtis?

Michael Cole: Wait, who?

Josh Matthews: J-Johnny Curtis? Are you serious? He – he’s the guy walkin’ down the ramp with R-Truth!

Michael Cole: R-Truth! Oh, don’t even get me started on this talentless sack of horse manure, Josh. This guy, constantly asking “WHAT’S UP, WHAT’S UP!” Well, I’ll tell ya what’s up, Truth – YOU SUCK! THAT’S WHAT’S UP!

Josh Matthews: No, I mean Curtis – h-he got a great win on Superstars last Thursday –


Curtis and Truth roll into the ring now, with the latter bouncing jovially to the beat of his music, while Curtis just heads to the turnbuckle, and raises his arms to play to the crowd. They don’t seem to really know who he is much more than Cole does, but then again, WWE shoved him to their website, so it’s not much of a surprise. Truth picks up a mic from the corner of the ring, then waits for his music to die down. It does, and Curtis joins his mentor in the middle of the ring as he raises the mic...


Big cheap pop from the fans here, especially Little Jimmy in the front row. Truth grins.

R-Truth: WHAT’S UP?

“WHAT’S UP?” comes the enthusiastic reply from the crowd! “Well done, Truth! Ya got one right!” yells Cole at ringside, sarcastically applauding the Zookeepah as he gives Curtis some words of encouragement, then leaves the ring, and gives the mic back to the staff there. Cole continues to rant about Truth’s incompetence, as Curtis prepares himself, and then we look to the stage...


There’s not much in the way of a reaction as the Latin theme strikes up, but that’s because these people clearly aren’t Down With Zack and Primo, as Zack Ryder and Primo Colon strut out, both smirking down at Curtis in the ring. The pair stand on the stage, both holding mics, and taunting the crowd as Primo has himself announced.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, accompanied by Zack Ryder... from Puerto Rico, weighing in at two hundred and eighteen pounds... PRIMO!!!

Michael Cole: Now here’s a couple of guys I could get used to seein’, Josh! Are YOU Down With Zack and Primo? I know I sure am!

Josh Matthews: After these two attacked Truth and Curtis from behind on Superstars, I’m not so sure I am –

Michael Cole: Hey, shut up, Zack’s tryin’ to talk!

With Primo’s music fading sharply out, Ryder (dressed in the usual awesome headband, shades and jacket) raises his mic to address his adoring people.

Zack Ryder: Ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, monkeys, pigs, cars, rednecks and members of the Zack Pack... it is I... Zack Ryder.

Some heat, but also a resounding cheer from some of the older men in attendance. Ryder grins cheesily.

Zack Ryder: Now, the faithful viewers of my YouTube show ‘Z! True Long Island Story’ will know that if you’re in the mood for watchin’ a tag team with great looks, great hair, and great ability to get BABES, all you need is a bit of D – Z – P... that’s Down With Zack and Primo, bro.

Again, the boos are mixed with another solid cheer from the men. Ryder and Primo start to walk down the ramp.

Zack Ryder: And since we’re here on Monday Night Raw rather than Superstars for once, let’s just take a poll to see if Raw... is Down With Zack and Primo.

Ryder walks over to the side of the ramp, and points to a man in the crowd.

Zack Ryder: Okay, bro – are YOU Down With Zack and Primo?

Man: Er, yeah?

Ryder grins.

Zack Ryder: That’s right, bro.

Ryder high fives the guy, then turns and points to Primo, who is standing with a woman.

Primo: Okay, so what about you, senorita? Are you Down With Zack and Primo?

He offers her the mic, but she just shakes her head.

Primo: What, you’re not? Dat’s not cool!

We skip back over the other side to see Ryder standing by a kid wearing orange Cena gear, trying to teach him to do the fist pump.

Zack Ryder: Okay bro, so I’ve taught you the hottest dance move from Long Island – now, who’s your favourite broski in the WWE?

Ryder holds the mic out for the boy, who thinks for a second.


The crowd cheers for that, and Ryder genuinely facepalms. Curtis yells “WANNA WRESTLE OR NOT?” at Primo, but he’s ignored by the Puerto Rican.

Zack Ryder: Dude, Cena? Are you serious, bro? Primo, I’m startin’ to think this is a lost cause, man, you’ll have to show ‘em in the ring.

Primo shrugs, and heads for the ring, rolling inside. Ryder wanders around ringside now, still talking.

Zack Ryder: Now, as DZP showed on Superstars last Thursday, these two guys don’t deserve a shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles – nah, the only guys who deserve that are the WWE’s two coolest broskis, Zack Ryder and Primo.

“Is dat right?” laughs Truth from the other side of the ringside area, as the crowd mostly boos Ryder again.

Zack Ryder: And after Primo gets it done tonight, you’ll all realise that you should be Down... With Zack and Primo. Woo woo woo – YOU KNOW IT.

Ryder tosses the mic to the ringside staff, as Primo and Curtis measure each other up in the ring, and the official calls for the bell to kick things off.

Match One – Singles Contest
Johnny Curtis vs Primo

We join the match about four minutes in, with Primo trying to keep Curtis down with a headlock; the NXT winner has a bit of a size and strength advantage, though, which allows him to power his way back to his feet – from there, he shoves Primo away, out of the hold, and heads for the ropes. With Truth and Ryder watching intently, Curtis comes charging back... but Primo leaps up, and pulls him down with a Hurricanrana! The crowd groans in complete awe of Primo’s skills as a high-flyer, and the Puerto Rican wastes no time, simply stretching back to hook one of Curtis’ legs on landing... 1... 2... but Curtis kicks out! A pop goes up as the Boston native makes sure his first Raw match doesn’t end prematurely, but he looks a bit shaken up regardless on the mat; Truth gives him a word or two of advice, while Primo heads to the outside apron, telling the crowd to “Watch dis” as he places both hands on the top rope and waits for Curtis to get up. Eventually, the youngster finds his feet, and Primo uses the ropes to springboard upwards, before he leaps off the top rope with the SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK – BUT CURTIS DUCKS, AND PRIMO CRASHES INTO THE CANVAS!

Ryder throws up his arms on the outside in frustration, but Curtis’ eyes light up, and as Primo wobbles back to his feet, the NXT winner quickly hooks him up, then sends him up and down with a crunching Sitout Suplex Slam! The crowd can’t help but applaud that eye-catching move, and Curtis smartly turns Primo on to his back now, hooking a leg as he goes for the win here... 1... 2... but Primo kicks out of it! Curtis looks to the sky in amazement as he realises that it wasn’t good enough, but regardless, he follows Truth’s instructions from ringside, and pushes himself back to his feet. Ryder claps at Primo, telling him “Come on, bro!” as the Puerto Rican stumbles back up, and wobbles into the corner, resting. Curtis charges forward eagerly to attack the dizzy Primo, but the high-flyer dodges out the way suddenly – SO CURTIS EATS PAD! The NXT winner’s eyes go a little unfocused, and Primo leaps up from behind for the BACKSTABBER – NO! Curtis grabs the top rope, meaning Primo hits the deck hard, and Curtis heads immediately to the outside apron, sling-shotting himself directly to the top rope – he lands a little lethargically, but Primo is still down, so he has time to collect himself... BEFORE HE LEAPS WITH THE DIVING LEG DROP – AND CONNECTS WITH IT, RIGHT ACROSS PRIMO’S THROAT! The crowd cheers as Curtis makes the ring shake under the impact, and Truth yells “DAT’S RIGHT, JOHNNY!” as his partner hooks a leg... 1... 2... 3!!! Curtis wins on his Raw debut!

Result: Johnny Curtis bts. Primo via pinfall at 6:20


It remains Truth’s music for Curtis’ success, but regardless, the pop from the crowd belongs entirely to the NXT graduate, who has his arm raised with a smile, despite some obvious fatigue.

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner... JOHNNY – CURTIS!

Josh Matthews: Well, I can’t help but be impressed by what I just saw, Cole – looks like R-Truth is teaching Johnny Curtis pretty well!

Michael Cole: Do you ever talk about anything other than Johnny Curtis, Josh? Jeez, give us a break.

Josh Matthews: Seriously? After everything we have to listen to about The Miz –

Michael Cole: The Miz would destroy your precious Johnny Curtis, Josh! I’ll tell ya something; one win over Primo means nothin’! You just watch, R-Truth and Curtis are going nowhere near the Tag Titles!

Josh Matthews: Well, Michael Cole’s judgement aside, Johnny Curtis seems to be picking up some momentum in the WWE since his NXT win, and you can be sure that the WWE Tag Team Champions, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater from SmackDown, will be watching closely to see how this pairing gets on in the weeks to come.

As Curtis and Truth celebrate in the ring now, and DZP regroup on the outside, both frowning, we cut away...

...and now we’re backstage, where Melina is standing, chatting nonchalantly with Alicia Fox. A smattering of heat can be heard considering what we saw last week from the Red Carpet Diva, who seems uninterested in whatever Fox is talking about, and after a few moments, John Morrison of all people appears in the shot, wearing his usual sunglasses. Melina turns and looks at him in surprise, as Fox stops talking, and lightly pats Melina on the arm before she leaves. Melina turns to face the ‘Prince of Parkour’, who takes his glasses off and smiles. Melina doesn’t return the gesture, wearing a cold look in response. In the background, Michael Tarver makes an appearance, finishing up another sultry text to his best friend Megan Fox, then looks up to watch the conversation between the old flames, Morrison and Melina.

Melina: (icily) Can I help you?

Morrison frowns a little.

John Morrison: Yeah, I was just... I wanted to check you were okay – I mean, last week... I...

Melina: What about last week?

Morrison shifts his weight uncomfortably.

John Morrison: Well... what you did to Eve – just didn’t seem like your kind of style...

Melina raises her eyebrows.

Melina: My kind of style? Well John, I realised a while back that if you wanna win – you need to have an edge.

Morrison frowns again as another smattering of heat is aimed at Melina by the crowd.

Melina: So now? Now it is my kind of style, John. Playing nice doesn’t win me Diva’s Titles. And... well, as you showed everyone last week, playing nice gets you your head kicked off.

Boos as Melina brings up Morrison’s beatdown by Sheamus last Monday night.

Melina: Maybe you won’t like it, but I’m gonna be the next Diva’s Champion. Shame I can’t say the same for you and the United States Title, huh?

Morrison is practically speechless after this outburst; Melina just shakes her head.

Melina: Winning just isn’t your style.

The crowd boos Melina’s bitchiness as she walks away, with Tarver’s eyes stuck on her ass the entire time, and Morrison just stares into the distance, stunned by Melina’s words as Raw fades to a break.


When we return, we’re with Scott Stanford backstage.

Scott Stanford: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my current guest, Dolph Ziggler.

Heat for Dolph Ziggler as he steps into the shot, scowling, with Vickie Guerrero standing to his side.

Scott Stanford: Now Dolph, last week you lost in tag team action to Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne... well, tonight you face Bourne in singles competition; do you think a win will get you back in WWE Title contention again?

Ziggler is still frowning as the mic comes his way.

Dolph Ziggler: Firstly, Scott, last week isn’t important. If it wasn’t for me coming to the aid of my... my beautiful girlfriend here, Vickie Guerrero...

Vickie blushes as the crowd boos.

Dolph Ziggler: ...we never would have lost that match. I would’ve cleaned house.

Ziggler runs a hand over his long hair, then pushes himself forward so he’s in the camera shot more.

Dolph Ziggler: So screw John Cena, screw The Miz. The only person who deserves that WWE Title is DOLPH – ZIGGLER.

The crowd boos as Ziggler points repeatedly to his chest. Stanford surprises him, though:

Scott Stanford: But Dolph, last week, Daniel Bryan –


Ziggler absolutely roars that line, causing Stanford to step back a bit in surprise, and Vickie tries to calm the blond youngster, who is suddenly red in the face.

Dolph Ziggler: Daniel Bryan is... HE’S NOTHING! I could squash him like – like a BUG, any time I wanted!

More heat for Ziggler as he firmly grips his hand around the mic.

Dolph Ziggler: Daniel... Daniel Bryan doesn’t matter to me. The only thing that matters to me is getting back to the TOP, like I was on SmackDown – when I was the World... Heavyweight... CHAMPION.

Vickie nods her head with a grin despite the booing from the crowd in the arena, though Stanford decides not to remind Ziggler how long his reign was.

Dolph Ziggler: I’ve been World Champ before on SmackDown, and I’ll do it again, here on Raw. See Scott, I am the brightest young star this show has seen in years – if Jerry Lawler was a smart man, he’d take a real... good... look, at what I do to Evan Bourne later tonight.

Ziggler bares his teeth with the adrenaline rushing through him.

Dolph Ziggler: Because after he sees what I do in that match... Lawler’s gonna be scramblin’ to find himself a blank match contract, so he can scribble my name in – against the WWE Champion.

With the crowd booing still, Ziggler grabs the mic to pull it up to his mouth further:

Dolph Ziggler: BANK ON IT.

With the crowd jeering on, Ziggler and Guerrero leave the shot, leaving Stanford to look on uncomfortably.

Following four promos to one match (sorry, just realised), we head back to the now-quietened arena...



The crowd boos once again at the sight of the United States Champion, Sheamus as he arrives, smirking after what we saw from him last week. The bell chimes, and the Celtic Warrior lifts his belt into the air, roaring out to the arena before he starts to make his way down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at two hundred and seventy-two pounds... he is the United States Champion – SHEAMUS!

Michael Cole: The first Irish-born WWE Champion, Josh; Sheamus is a guy I just love to watch! Knows how to get it done in the ring, doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, plus he’s undefeated since he won the United States Title! What a guy, Josh, what a guy!

Josh Matthews: Sheamus, of course, with that nasty post-match assault on John Morrison last week, delivering the Brogue Kick to knock Morrison into the crowd – but of course, morality isn’t really the focus of your favourites at the moment, is it, Cole?

Michael Cole: I don’t have a clue what you just said, Josh.

Josh Matthews: I was implying –

Michael Cole: So which poor sap’s gonna take on Sheamus tonight, huh? Who’s gonna stand in the way of the undefeated United States Champ? I’ll tell ya, Josh – NOBODY, THAT’S WHO! No-one’s gonna stop Sheamus right now, he’s on the roll of his life!

Matthews doesn’t waste his breath replying to that, instead turning his attention to Sheamus as he climbs into the ring, and looks to the scrawny fellow in the black trunks across from him.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Nashville, Tennessee – Burt... LOWELL!

Lowell raises his arm to the crowd, but it’s a fairly non-existent cheap pop in return. Sheamus’ music dies down, and the Celtic Warrior hands his title to ringside, as Justin Roberts leaves the ring, and the official calls for the bell to get us started.

Match Two – Singles Contest
United States Champion Sheamus vs Burt Lowell

Matthews tries to troll Cole a bit by saying “Lowell could cause an upset tonight”, but the “Voice of the WWE” just goes off on another huge rant about Sheamus’ ability as the bell chimes. Lowell tries to go on the offensive straight from the off, charging forward with pace – BAM! Sheamus ends that train of thought with a BRUTAL Double Axe Handle, and Lowell already looks like he has a broken jaw as he squirms on the mat. Sheamus looks a little bit bored, but he remains, as usual, a man of action, so he yanks Lowell back to his feet, and forces him into the corner... then begins to just drill him in the abdomen with shoulder thrusts, over and over again to contort Lowell’s body in between the buckles! Cole is laughing it up on the outside, running through all Sheamus’ accomplishments as the Irishman tosses Lowell to the canvas, and just lets him suffer for a moment. Nashville’s hometown jobbing hero looks in bad shape already, clutching at his jaw and stomach, and the look in Sheamus’ eyes suggests it’s not going to get any better for him from here. Lowell tries to force himself up, but Sheamus clatters through the back of him with a thumping forearm shot, sending him tumbling back to the deck. Boos ring round the arena as Sheamus spreads his arms wide, then suddenly starts dropping knees to the side of Lowell’s head, thoroughly shaking up the poor lad as he suffers on the canvas.

Eventually, the referee ends Lowell’s torture, telling Sheamus to get off with a count of four, and the Irishman shrugs, leaving Lowell to try to find his bearings on the mat. The thin youngster looks completely out of his depth, but nevertheless he has some courage, dizzily pushing his tired frame back to his feet – but Sheamus inevitably puts his arm over his chest... THEN ALMOST SNAPS LOWELL IN TWO WITH THE IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! The crowd groans with the impact as Lowell writhes in agony, and even though that could easily end the contest, the United States Champion still isn’t done, standing back up and holding the top rope as he waits. Lowell is a broken man now, and his eyes are barely focused, but Sheamus, still waiting, expects him to rise, saying “C’mon fella, Raw’s only two hours.” Matthews suggests that the referee should just call an end to this, but Cole disagrees, saying that he needs to be “taught a lesson” for some reason, as finally, Lowell clutches at the ropes, and pulls himself back to his feet. He is shaking from the punishment he’s taken, and as he wobbles back into the middle of the ring – SHEAMUS TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH THE BROGUE KICK!!! Lowell gets WRECKED by that sickening blow to the skull, and lies in a contorted heap on the canvas, as the referee gives him a look of sympathy, and suggests to Sheamus that he should just pin him. Raising his eyebrows with a degree of contempt (but mostly boredom, more than anything), the United States Champion wanders over to Lowell’s corpse body, and stands a single boot on his chest for the cover... 1... 2... 3!

Result: Sheamus bts. Burt Lowell via pinfall at 2:33


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner... SHEAMUS!

The referee raises Sheamus’ hand as the crowd boos, and the Irishman quickly heads to the edge of the ring, demanding to be handed his title. A ringside staff member rushes over with it, and Sheamus smirks as he walks to the centre of the ring, then lifts it into the air, roaring out and beating his chest.

Michael Cole: Can you spell DOMINATION, Josh? Can ya?

Josh Matthews: You know, Cole, I think I can.

Michael Cole: Well, I’ll tell ya! It’s S-H-A-M-U-S!

Josh Matthews: Er, Cole... you missed out the ‘E’.

Michael Cole: You think I don’t know how to spell Shamus’ name, Josh? Gimme a break! I... uh... look, all that matters is we just saw the United States Champ DESTROY that kid, and frankly, it would take a damn impressive guy to take that belt off him right now, Josh! Did I mention he’s UNDEFEATED? Huh? Did I?

“Yes...” groans Matthews, letting his head slump into a resting position on his right hand at ringside, as Sheamus looks down at Lowell, and just shakes his head, before he starts to wander about the ring, raising his title and beating his chest to the crowd –


A good pop goes up at the sight of John Morrison appearing on the stage in his usual fur coat and sunglasses, though Sheamus looks less than impressed by the sight of the Shaman of Sexy. After taking a brief look around the arena with a small grin, Morrison throws up his arm for the Jo-Mo-in-slow-mo shot, then we cut to Sheamus’ frown in the ring as Morrison heads for the ring.

Josh Matthews: Certainly an intriguing appearance from John Morrison, especially after his morale must have taken a hit after getting –

Michael Cole: Melina owned this clown earlier, Josh! Once again I have a reason to thank Melina; last week she kicked Eve Torres in the jaw, this week she told John Morrison what we’re all thinkin’! What a woman!

Josh Matthews: Well, Morrison lost last week in a great back-and-forth match with that man right there, Sheamus, who then proceeded to Brogue Kick him over the barricade. It seems Morrison hasn’t given up his United States Title hopes, though.

Michael Cole: Let’s hope Sheamus blasts him between the eyes with another Brogue Kick, Josh! KICK ‘IM, SHEAMUS! KICK ‘IM BACK TO CALIFORNIA!

Morrison heads up the steps to the ring, and steps inside, where the United States Champion looks at him with a slightly confused look; nope, he’s frowning again. Regardless, Morrison grabs a mic from ringside, and his music dies down quickly to leave us with silence, bar the “MOR-RI-SON!” chants from select areas of the crowd. Morrison smiles and nods in response, then turns to face Sheamus, who is impatiently waiting for the Prince of Parkour to say something. Eventually, Morrison brings that mic up.

John Morrison: Y’know Sheamus, I’d really hate to feed your ego, but that... that looked pretty easy, am I right?

Sheamus smirks, and nods to both Morrison and the booing crowd.

John Morrison: Now, I think you’re better than that. He wasn’t much of a challenge, Burt... Burt... wh-what was his name?

The Irishman shrugs.

John Morrison: Well, it probably doesn’t matter. All I’m sayin’ is, you need to be fightin’ someone... someone who’s a little more on your level. If you’re gonna be a real United States Champion, you need to defend that belt against someone. Anyone. Maybe someone... standing in this ring right now.

A pop goes up from the crowd, but Sheamus just chuckles.

John Morrison: Don’t like that idea? Hey, that’s cool. But lemme just ask somebody else for a sec...

Morrison turns to face the crowd, and whips off his shades with a grin.

John Morrison: So Nashville... does anyone here think Sheamus should face me for that United States Title?

A BIG cheer is the response from the crowd, but Sheamus immediately heads to the edge of the ring, barking for a mic; someone hands him one, and he comes storming back to Morrison with a scowl.

Sheamus: Nah, nah, nah, nah.

Boos as Morrison takes his turn to frown now.

Sheamus: Ya think ya can get t’ese people to save ya, huh fella? Ya think you’ll get a title shot if ya get ‘em all to cheer and sing and dance fer ya?

The crowd really lets Sheamus have it here, as Morrison takes a look around the Sommet Center, then stares back at the Irishman.

Sheamus: Nah, t’at’s not how it’s gonna happen, John. See, ya wanna talk about bein’ a real United States Champ-yan? Well, let’s talk about bein’ a real man, fella.

Morrison mouths “A real man?” back at the Celtic Warrior, and he nods.

Sheamus: Because a real man, John – a real man wouldn’t let himself get bashed around like a dog’s chew toy, lad. Like last week. I kicked ya over t’at barricade like ya weren’t even there. So ya can stay well away from my toitle, John. Ya don’t even deserve to look at it.

More boos as Morrison decides to cut in:

John Morrison: First Melina, now you, huh?

Morrison runs a hand over his hair.

John Morrison: No, I can have an edge, Sheamus. I’m not weak like you think I am –

Sheamus: Nah fella, that’s just it. ‘Cause somet’in’s changed.

The Irishman points right at Morrison now, almost accusing him of something.

Sheamus: Ya remember at the beginnin’ of the year, John? Ya had the upper hand on me. I was King – of – t’e – Ring... and I still couldn’t beat ya. You were on t’e verge of the Dubya-Dubya-E Champ-yan-ship... but look at us now, eh?

Sheamus looks to his United States Title, then to the very title-less Morrison across from him.

Sheamus: Roles reversed, ain’t t’at roight, fella? I am cruisin’ past opponents. Undefeated since I’ve had t’is belt. But you... ya can’t buy a win – unless ya get Snooki to help ya.

Boos as Morrison looks at the floor with a frown.

Sheamus: So a few months ago, you woulda been first in line for this toitle, John. Now?

Sheamus can’t help but grin.

Sheamus: Now... you’re not even worth a Brogue Kick.

With that, Sheamus heads for the ropes, and exits the ring. Morrison turns to watch him leave, incredulous, as the crowd boos the Irishman’s arrogance. The Prince of Parkour raises his mic as Sheamus hits the stage...


...but he gets no response from the smirking United States Champion, who walks backstage without even so much as turning his head. As Michael Cole laughs at Morrison’s expense, and the man himself kicks the ring ropes in frustration, Raw heads to a break.


There is a lot the human body can endure.

We see nothing but a black screen, coupled with the sound of a man breathing heavily.

A human can survive a heart attack.

A lightning-quick flashing shot of a man clutching his chest, then back to black.

A human can survive a huge fall.

The darkness is punctuated by the image of someone falling off a ledge, then it returns.

A human can survive an attack from an animal.

A man falls backwards as a dog leaps at him, then the black cuts it off again.

A human can even survive a gunshot.

Two silhouettes across from each other, as one lifts up a gun, and the blackness cuts in as the gunshot rings out. The shot suddenly turns to the image of John Cena screaming in pain in a submission hold, then Edge lying against the turnbuckle, baring his teeth as he suffers.

But with survival... comes pain.

And now Randy Orton, clutching his injured knee on the canvas.

How much pain is a man willing to go through?

Rey Mysterio slumped against the mat, eyes unfocused.

What barriers will a man break to achieve glory?

The Miz gasps for air as he raises his WWE Title above his head.

Which man will be able to survive?

Alberto Del Rio winks to the camera, then The Corre raise their arms in the air.

Which man will truly experience...

Christian looks to the sky in frustration, and Cena roars to the crowd.


CM Punk grins devilishly at the camera, before the ‘EXTREME RULES’ graphic appears, and the video package fades to a close...


Scott Stanford once again greets us as we come back.

Scott Stanford: Ladies and gentlemen, once again, please welcome my new guest... JOHN CENA!

A huge pop goes up for John Cena as he appears with a smile on his face, with of course a undertone of boos in the background as usual.

Scott Stanford: Okay, so John, earlier tonight we heard that you and The Miz will be choosing opponents for each other as part of ‘Pick Your Poison’... The Miz’s match is next, have you got him an opponent?

Cena smiles as Stanford tilts the mic towards him.

John Cena: Boy, do I ever, Scott. See, when I heard Jerry Lawler announce Pick Your Poison earlier tonight, d’ya know what my reaction was?

Stanford shrugs.

John Cena: Boom, bam, YABBA-DABBA-DOO, KABOOM! We are in for a firecracker of a night, Scott!

Pop from the crowd as Cena gets fired up...

John Cena: And I’ll tell ya, Scott, the guy I found to help me out tonight, he wants a piece of The Miz. He’s gonna do something really explosive tonight – but you wanna know another night which is gonna be explosive?

Again, Scott waits for Cena to tell him.

John Cena: Extreme Rules. Extreme Rules is gonna be a powder keg, man. Unfortunately for The Miz... I’ve got a match. And I’m-a light that match all over Tampa in three weeks. ‘Cause I’ve been in my fair share of extreme matches. I’ve been at Extreme Rules before. Hell, I got thrown through a spotlight two years ago at Extreme Rules! I know what I’m doin’!

The crowd cheers for that (Cena knowing what he’s doing, not the spotlight thing.)

John Cena: Yup, I’ve been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, sold the t-shirt, made a profit, gone on eBay, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, found myself another t-shirt, wore the t-shirt, wore out the t-shirt, chucked the t-shirt into the crowd, hit The Miz with an Attitude Adjustment, and now HERE I AM!

Another pop for Cena’s eccentricity here tonight. He stops for a moment, and with wide eyes, he slowly comes to a dramatic realisation, then slows himself down.

John Cena: But there’s just one problem, ‘cause I don’t have the WWE Title yet. Not – just – yet. But I want it. I want it SO... BAD. And when you put that – that intensity, that desire... when ya put that with my three rules...

Cena points down to “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” on his shirt.

John Cena: ...ya know there can only be one outcome, Scott. At Extreme Rules – like tonight – it won’t matter what match I have in front of me. Tables match, Ladder match, Chairs match, I Quit, Last Man Standin’, Falls Count Anywhere – the list goes on and on, but it – doesn’t – matter... to me. Nah.

The ex-“Champ” smiles a little as he hears a few “CENA! CENA!” chants from the crowd in attendance.

John Cena: ‘Cause at Extreme Rules, no matter what match it is... The Miz isn’t gonna be able to pick – his – poison.

After a small pause, Cena turns to face the camera with a hardened expression.

John Cena: He’s just gonna have to take it like a man.

The crowd pops for that, and Cena nods at Stanford, before he leaves the shot.

We head back to the arena...



Once again tonight, the appearance of the WWE Champion, The Miz and Alex Riley inspires boos from the Nashville crowd, with the pairing now in their ring gear as they arrive on the stage. The Miz raises his title belt high, then begins to walk down the ramp, with Riley smirking as he follows him. The bell rings.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-one pounds... he is the WWE Champion... THE MIZ!

Michael Cole: YEAH, BABY! To your feet, Josh, let’s give this man the applause he deserves!

Josh Matthews: I’m just – oh, for god’s sake.

As The Miz sweeps up to the apron to show off his belt, then steps into the ring, Cole is (of course) on his feet, heartily clapping for the WWE Champion as he raises the belt again, and Riley rolls in after him.

Josh Matthews: Well, The Miz is set to face an opponent of John Cena’s choosing here tonight on Raw, who we just heard from backstage – Cena seems really fired up for Extreme Rules, and after The Rock cost him his WWE Title match at Wrestlemania, it’s very clear that Cena wants to make up for that at Extreme Rules.

Michael Cole: GO MIZ! The most must-see WWE Champion of all-time, he’s about to demolish whichever poor guy Cena chose to bite the bullet for him tonight, Josh!

In the ring, The Miz throws off his black jacket, then turns to face the stage with a slight smirk as his music dies out, and he awaits the arrival of Cena’s choice for his opponent.

Josh Matthews: Well, I was just saying that Extreme Rules is only three weeks away, and Cena’s really in a fighting mood –

Michael Cole: Don’t you get it, Josh? The Miz can beat Cena, he can beat The Rock, he can beat anyone that Lawler or Cena put in front of him! We’re lookin’ at a whitewash here! GO – MIZ! Get ready to see –



AND THE SOMMET CENTER ABSOLUTELY EXPLODES! The Miz drops to his knees for a moment in shock, but Riley hurriedly pulls him back up, just as stunned – AS RANDY ORTON STEPS MENACINGLY OUT ON TO THE STAGE! The crowd is going WILD for the Viper, who just smirks, and points down at the WWE Champion, who has to hold the top rope to keep himself upright!

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred and forty-five pounds... the Viper... RAAAAAAANDY – ORTON!!!

Michael Cole: Oh COME ON, that’s not fair! NO! NO! This is a joke!

Josh Matthews: Look in the eyes of the Viper, Cole! We heard it from John Cena earlier – Randy Orton wants a piece of the WWE Champion, and he’s gonna get it here tonight!

Michael Cole: You CAN’T be serious, Josh! This – this guy – this guy doesn’t deserve a match with The Miz! Someone’s gotta stop this! SOMEBODY STOP THIS!

Orton can’t keep a sick grin off his face, and he starts to make his way down the ramp under the gold lights, as Riley tries to convince The Miz he can still win; the WWE Champion does NOT look confident as the Viper rolls into the ring, then heads to the turnbuckle – before he throws up his usual pose, arms wide as the crowd cheers him on! After that, Orton hops down, and sets up in the corner, fists clenched by his side as The Miz tries to steady himself, and the official tells Riley to leave the ring. The golden lights and Orton’s music fade away, leaving us with a ferocious chorus of “RANDY! RANDY! RANDY!” chants as The Miz grips the top rope with bared teeth. Orton snarls with that same devilish grin, and the official swings his arm to get us started...

Match Three – Singles Contest – Pick Your Poison
WWE Champion The Miz vs Randy Orton

After seven minutes of back-and-forth action between these two old opponents (including several attempts on The Miz’s part to escape the ring for a breather), we jump in as The Miz enjoys a rare stint of dominance over the slowly-tiring Orton, unleashing some nasty boots to the gut of the Viper in the corner. Slowly, Orton begins to slip down the turnbuckle, but before he hits the floor, the referee reaches a count of four, and The Miz relents, exhaling with frustration. In the lull that follows, with the WWE Champion taking a brief rest in the middle of the ring, Orton manages to pull his body up to a standing position, and drapes his arms over the top rope on both sides as he tries to recollect himself. He doesn’t get long, however, as The Miz charges in, letting out a roar of adrenaline – then connects with his signature Swinging Corner Clothesline! The crowd groans with the impact as Orton crumples to the mat, and The Miz stares menacingly out at the arena before he detaches himself. Orton’s eyes glaze over a little bit as he finds his way up to his knees... but The Miz grips him suddenly round the head, and delivers the Snap DDT! Orton’s head bounces awkwardly off the canvas, and he lies still as the WWE Champion tugs him towards the middle of the ring, then turns him on to his back for the cover... 1... 2... but the Viper comes alive to kick out of it!

The crowd gives a hearty cheer as Orton kicks out, but The Miz just shoots a cold look at the official and says “Really?” in a condescending tone as usual. When the referee shrugs, the Awesome One throws up his hands with a frustrated sigh, then gets to his feet, and crouches, beckoning for Orton to rise. Eventually, face contorted with pain and fatigue, the Viper struggles back up – so The Miz grips him from behind, and tries to plant him with the Skull-Crushing Finale... NO! Orton spins out of it, then hooks his arm around The Miz’s head – to connect with the Inverted Headlock Backbreaker, and both men go down! A big pop goes up as Orton floors the WWE Champion, who rolls dizzily on to the apron, and starts to use the ropes to pull himself up. The Viper sees him, however, and darts to his feet; the WWE Champion tries to fire a shoulder thrust, but Orton comes back with a cracking kick to the face, forcing him to slump over the middle rope! The crowd cheers as Orton instinctively grabs The Miz by the neck... THEN DRILLS HIM INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE ROPE-HUNG DDT! The impact shakes the ring a little, as Orton quickly flips The Miz on to his back and hooks a leg... 1... 2... BUT RILEY PUTS THE MIZ’S LEG ON THE ROPES, AND YELLS FOR THE OFFICIAL TO STOP COUNTING!

Boos ring around the arena as the referee looks up with surprise, and Orton stares at Riley with fury, having experienced his interference before and knowing that something must be fishy here. Regardless, the official tells Orton the foot was on the ropes, so the Viper forces himself back up with bared teeth. The Miz rolls into the middle of the ring, with Orton circling him, trying to come to terms with the fact this match is continuing... until he suddenly drops the mat, and begins to fire up, pounding away at the canvas with a furious expression! Riley looks concerned on the outside, but The Miz just looks groggy, as Orton snarls for him to get up... and eventually, the WWE Champion finds his feet, stumbling straight into an RKO – NO! The Miz jams the move, and Orton is sent staggering to the ropes, as the Awesome One charges to them on his side too – BUT ORTON COMES ALIVE WITH THE SCOOP POWERSLAM WHEN THEY MEET AGAIN, AND HOOKS A LEG, CENTRE OF THE RING... 1... 2... 3-NO! The Miz kicks out! We’re still going!

At ringside, Cole screams “YES! YES!” in jubilation as The Miz survives, but Orton can’t believe his luck, staring at the sky in frustration. Riley starts clapping, trying to spur The Miz to his feet, but Orton jumps the gun on that one, yanking the WWE Champion up instead – but The Miz surprises him, booting him in the gut to kill his momentum! Orton keels over with a groan, and the Awesome One bashes him against his knee with the Backbreaker... then spins to complete the combo with a sweetly-executed Neckbreaker! The Viper lies motionless once again, as The Miz leaps over him eagerly to hook a leg... 1... 2... 3-NO! Orton kicks out this time, and The Miz can only beat the mat in anger, before he rashly gets back up, and starts trash talking – “Come on, Orton... come on, Randy, I’ll put you down...” he hisses at his opponent, who finally manages to wobble back to a vertical base – so The Miz applies the Full Nelson to hit the Skull-Crushing Finale again...

...but Orton spins out of it again, then darts behind the WWE Champion – OLYMPIC SLAM! ORTON SCORES WITH THE OLYMPIC SLAM, AND DRAPES HIMSELF OVER HIM FOR THE COVER... 1... 2... 3-NO! KICKOUT BY THE MIZ! A huge groan of disappointment goes up around the Sommet Center, and Orton is absolutely stunned! The referee holds up a surprised two fingers, as Orton holds his head in his hands, then yanks himself back up using the ring ropes. Shaking, the Viper hugs the top rope, baring his teeth down at the resilient WWE Champion, who is reaching out into the air on the canvas, clearly still dazed. After a few moments of listening to the “RANDY! RANDY!” chants around the arena, Orton decides to kill things off – AND DROPS TO THE CANVAS TO FIRE UP AGAIN! Another huge pop goes up as the Viper pounds the mat once more, then leaps up, beckoning feverishly for The Miz to rise for one last time!

However, the crowd starts to boo, and Orton’s eyes go wide – BECAUSE CM PUNK IS CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP! Orton sprints to the ramp-side of the ring, careering into the ropes to scare Punk off as he hits ringside – the Straight-edge Superstar thinks twice about getting in the ring, as Orton, scarlet in the face, roars “C’MON! I DARE YOU! I FREAKIN’ DARE YOU!” The crowd is roaring with all sorts of noise now, and Punk bares his teeth up at the raging Viper, holding up his hands with a degree of innocence, but Orton just continues to scream at him, telling him to try his luck and step inside! The Second City Saint backtracks a little, stepping nervously away from the ring, where Orton just spits trash talk his way – BUT SUDDENLY, THE MIZ IS UP, AND HE TUGS ORTON BACKWARDS, THEN SETS UP THE FULL NELSON ON THE VIPER FROM BEHIND... SKULL-CRUSHING FINALE TO ORTON!!! Ferocious boos flood in around the Sommet Center as Punk smirks devilishly, and Michael Cole screams with joy as The Miz hooks a leg... 1... 2... 3!!! The Miz steals it!

Result: The Miz bts. Randy Orton via pinfall at 13:17


Heavy boos can be heard as The Miz leaps to his feet, grinning his face off, and Riley rolls into the ring, clumsily passing him his WWE Title, which he raises gaily into the air! Orton is barely conscious on the canvas, and we cut briefly backstage to see John Cena, running a hand over his head with a frustrated expression. We head back to the ring, where The Miz and Riley begin to parade around the ring, the former with his title held majestically high as Cole applauds them from ringside.

Michael Cole: HE DID IT! We are living in the Era of AWESOME, Josh! Did ya see that? HE JUST BEAT ORTON INTO THE GROUND!

Josh Matthews: CM Punk – CM Punk just cost Randy Orton his match against the WWE Champion! R-Randy Orton had The Miz beat, and Punk distracted him to give The Miz a chance to –

Michael Cole: Hey, I’m just about sick of your excuses, Josh! When are you gonna wake up and see the light, huh? You are lookin’ at the most MUST-SEE –

Josh Matthews: Alright, alright! I’m just saying, The Miz didn’t win that match by himself!

Michael Cole: The Miz is an influential man, Josh! I bet CM Punk was just dyin’ to help out the WWE Champion! That’s why he came down here!

Josh Matthews: That or the fact he’ll take any opportunity to screw over Randy Orton, Cole!

Michael Cole: Let’s not stress the details, alright? Bottom line is, The Miz won, Orton lost! AND WHAT A WIN IT WAS! WE ARE LIVIN’ IN HIS MOMENT!

As Cole continues to go on and on, The Miz and Riley exit the ring and head up the ramp, grinning all the while as they taunt the crowd. In the ring, Orton begins to raise his head, breathing heavily – and Punk slides in to join him, smirking evilly as he lies beside the Viper. As The Miz and his VP of Corporate Communications head backstage, the music cuts, leaving us with just Punk’s voice as he hisses from the mat, “I said we’re not done here, Randall...” with a sick undertone, and we head to a welcome break.


Raw comes back to the sight of a man in a black and white suit, complete with shades, walking towards the camera, down the corridor – yep, it’s Tyler Black, all suited up once again tonight. Black, with his long hair slicked back, continues to walk until he encounters Santino Marella, casually talking to Tamina. The crowd pops for Santino, who turns with wide eyes to face the FBI’s finest; Black raises a notebook in his hand, and lifts his shades for a moment to read it.

Tyler Black: Are you... Santino Marella?

Santino, pretending to fight for Tamina’s honour, tries to make himself look tall, and shakes out his shoulders.

Santino Marella: A-yes, that’s me. Santino Marella.

Nodding, Black reaches inside his jacket, and brandishes his FBI badge, only to immediately retract it and shove it hurriedly back inside.

Tyler Black: Tyler Black, FBI.

Black casually tosses the notebook over his shoulder, then folds his arms.

Tyler Black: Now, I just need to ask you some questions.

Santino shifts uncomfortably on the spot.

Santino Marella: Oh, er... I-a, my beautiful girlfriend Tamina can answer your... RUN!

Hurriedly, Santino sacrifices his girlfriend, shoving her in Black’s way, and goes charging off in the opposite direction – Black yells “HEY! GET BACK HERE!” as we follow Marella’s sprint down the corridor, constantly throwing desperate looks back... UNTIL HE HITS A BRICK WALL, AND FALLS TO THE FLOOR... wait, that’s not a brick wall, that’s Mark Henry! The crowd pops at the sight of the World’s Strongest Man as he turns around in surprise, and Black comes rushing into the shot, yanking Santino to his feet and applying some handcuffs to the dazed Italian.

Tyler Black: Santino Marella, you’re under arrest.

Santino Marella: On... on-a what charge?

With Henry watching on, Black grins from behind his shades.

Tyler Black: Just some problems with your green card, buddy.

As Black begins to walk Santino out of the shot, Tamina appears, wearing a concerned expression, and Black turns back to look at Henry, still smirking a little.

Tyler Black: Hey, nice job stoppin’ this guy. We could use someone like you with the law.

Mark Henry: (chuckling) Yeah?

Tyler Black: Yeah. Think about it.

With that, Black marches a sad Santino out of the shot, past a texting Michael Tarver in the background, as we cut back to the arena...



...and the crowd boos as Dolph Ziggler appears on the stage, accompanied by his girlfriend Vickie Guerrero. The blond youngster looks fairly pumped for this upcoming contest after what we heard from him earlier, and the bell rings as he heads down the ramp, with Guerrero applauding him as she follows.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero... from Hollywood, California, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-three pounds... DOLPH – ZIGGLER!

Josh Matthews: A talented, if hot-headed, individual is Dolph Ziggler, and – well, you heard it from him earlier tonight. He wants to be next in line to the WWE Title, and after he lost last week, a win over Evan Bourne could be really crucial to getting himself back on track, Cole.

Michael Cole: Ya missed out former World Heavyweight Champion in that little speech, Josh. Just look at Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero; the WWE’s power couple! I just can’t get enough of watching these two together, it warms my heart, I’m tellin’ ya.

Josh Matthews: You can warm stone now?

Michael Cole: Did I ever tell ya, you’re a real funny guy, Matthews. Yeah, real funny. I’ll ya what, though. How’s about you go cry in your mom’s basement about never gettin’ a girlfriend, and I’ll just stay here and keep my spot as the VOICE of the WWE. Huh? How’s that sound, funny guy?

Matthews rolls his eyes, as Ziggler heads to the apron on the hard camera side; he steps up to the apron, then swings in – only to swing back out again to stare into the camera. With Guerrero applauding him in the ring, he finally steps inside, wrapping a casual arm around his woman as they wait together at the edge of the squared circle. Ziggler’s music dies down, and now attention turns back to the stage.


A nice cheer goes up for the arrival of Evan Bourne, grinning as usual as he charges out on to the stage. He throws up the peace sign a few times, then starts to make his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of every fan he can reach nearby.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent... from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at one hundred and eighty-three pounds... EVAAAAN – BOURNE!

Josh Matthews: I’m a big fan of Evan Bourne’s style, I gotta say. Really leaves it all in the ring, one hundred percent, every night. Not to mention that big win he got over Dolph Ziggler alongside Daniel Bryan in tag team action last week; things are looking bright for this young man.

Michael Cole: Evan Bourne’s just like Daniel Bryan, Josh. Always smilin’, always spendin’ too much time tryin’ to excite the crowd rather than winnin’ the match... and under it all, he’s just a nerd, Josh. Bit like you.

Josh Matthews: I can honestly say I never smile when I’m at this desk with you, Cole.

Michael Cole: Cry me a river, Josh. Or go hug it out with Bourne, I don’t care.

Whilst these two have been arguing, Bourne has made his way to the ring, leaping feet-first under the bottom rope. Now, he bounces on the balls of his feet, as Vickie laughs at him on her way out of the ring for some mind games; Ziggler runs his hands over his hair, then shakes out his arms as Bourne’s music dies down... and after a few moments, the referee calls for the bell to get us started.

Match Four – Singles Contest
Dolph Ziggler vs. Evan Bourne

With two athletic guys facing off here, inevitably the action is fluid and entertaining for the crowd, but Ziggler is undoubtedly trying to lessen the pace whenever possible, fully aware of Bourne’s potential threat when things speed up. An example of Ziggler’s buzzkill attitude is on show as we join the match after four minutes, with the determined and angry blond superstar holding Bourne to the mat with a chinlock. Bourne gasps out as Ziggler presses his knee sharply into his back, but the crowd is on his side, and with their support, he starts to find his feet. Ziggler scowls, and tries to keep hold of Bourne’s jaw, but the high-flyer suddenly spins out of the hold, and unleashes a stinging kick to the side of Ziggler’s thigh! The ‘crack’ echoes around the arena as Bourne strikes once more, then again and again, with each shot causing Ziggler to yell in pain, until he lashes back with a right hand to Bourne to kill his momentum! Bourne reels back, then suddenly strikes with another kick, only to take another shot to the face in return... but he replies with that right boot yet again, and soon, the pair are just throwing strikes, not bothering to defend themselves! The crowd cheers with each kick, then boos the punches, as the pairing keep firing away in turn... until Bourne starts to really let loose, sending Ziggler staggering back – but he darts forward with a crunching knee to the stomach to force Bourne to keel over! The high-flyer groans out, and Ziggler takes a breather for a split-second before he leaps forward – and connects with the Fame Asser! The athletic move from Ziggler has Bourne laid out, but a bit of fatigue has Ziggler hesitating before he finally forces Bourne on to his back for the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Ziggler’s hesitation costs him; Bourne kicks out!

Ziggler pushes himself back up, and looks around the arena with a frustrated expression, then down at Bourne, who is blinking out the cobwebs on the mat. Vickie eggs her boyfriend on from ringside as he shakes out his arms, and waits for Bourne to rise... the high-flyer eventually finds the strength to force himself up, and like last week, Ziggler charges forward to wrap his arms around Bourne with the SLEEPER HOLD – NO! Bourne repeats his escapist tricks from last week, tossing Ziggler overhead with a Snapmare... then Ziggler scrambles back up, desperate to keep control – BUT BOURNE LEAPS UP, AND SPINS ALL ROUND THE WORLD, THEN BRINGS ZIGGLER CRASHING DOWN INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN!!! The crowd cheers wildly for that stunning move, and Vickie screams “KICKOUT, KICKOUT!” as Bourne hurriedly hooks both legs... 1... 2... 3-NO! NO! Ziggler somehow kicks out of that!

A huge groan goes up around the arena, and Bourne rolls to the side, before he wobbles back up, eyes wide as he realises that he couldn’t get the three there. Ziggler’s brain is scrambled now, and he staggers all over the place as he finds his feet, then sees Bourne through his unfocused eyes, and throws a right hand – but Bourne ducks smoothly under it... then sends Ziggler to the doctor’s for concussion medication, by cracking him between the eyes with a stunning Knee Strike! “OHHH!” cry the crowd as a collective, and as Ziggler stumbles about the place, Bourne lets out a big war cry – THEN LEAPS FOR THE SPINNING WHEEL KICK, FLOORING ZIGGLER IN AN INSTANT! Matthews screams “COVER ‘IM!” at ringside, but with Ziggler near the turnbuckle, the high-flyer flashes a look at the corner, and the crowd only egg him on further! Bourne eagerly heads out to the apron, then clambers up to the top turnbuckle, as around the Sommet Center, fans get to their feet to see him fly – BUT VICKIE GUERRERO IS ON THE APRON, SCREAMING ALL SORTS OF NONSENSE TO DISTRACT BOURNE! Both the official and Bourne look at her with incredulous looks, and eventually, the referee manages to force her to step down; Ziggler’s still on the canvas, seemingly motionless, so Bourne takes a look around the arena, as Matthews and Cole argue about Guerrero’s involvement... AND BOURNE FLIES WITH THE SHOOTING – STAR – PRESS... NOOOOO!!! ZIGGLER ROLLS OUT THE WAY – but Bourne lands on his feet, staggering and stumbling on landing... BUT THEN ZIGGLER APPEARS FROM NOWHERE, AND SCORES WITH THE ZIG-ZAG!!! The crowd groans as Bourne’s body contorts on the mat, and Ziggler wastes no time making the cover on this occasion, snapping at the referee to make the count... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: Dolph Ziggler bts. Evan Bourne via pinfall at 7:43


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner... DOLPH – ZIGGLER!

Ziggler is greeted with boos as he stands himself back up, and the referee hoists his arm into the air; he just nods, then rubs his jaw in frustration. Vickie rolls into the ring to congratulate him, throwing her arms around him as the referee subsequently exits the scene, but Ziggler is practically emotionless here, just staring at the man who caused him a couple of issues in that match.

Michael Cole: Try and tell me we’re not lookin’ at a future multiple-time World Champ, Josh! Just try and tell me that! Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero are goin’ nowhere!

Josh Matthews: I can’t help but feel if Bourne had hit the Shooting Star Press when he had the chance – hey, what’s Ziggler... h-hey! HEY!

In the ring, Ziggler suddenly darts forward, and dives down to Bourne’s level, FIRING away with right hands! Vickie just stands by and watches without concern, as the crowd gives Ziggler HELL, and the man himself just rocks Bourne with those blows, again and again! Matthews is yelling “This is wrong! S-somebody’s gotta stop this guy, he’s gone crazy!” as Ziggler pulls Bourne up... ONLY TO DRILL HIM WITH THE ZIG-ZAG YET AGAIN! Bourne collapses in a heap, as Ziggler, now full of emotion, red in the face and with fire in his eyes, roars into the hard camera “ARE YA WATCHIN’, JERRY? HUH? ARE YA WATCHIN’ ME?”

Josh Matthews: This is... Ziggler’s just tryin’ to send a message to the new General Manager!

As Cole muses that Lawler clearly can’t control his talent, Ziggler screams “LET ME PUT ON A SHOW FOR YA, LAWLER!” and yanks Bourne’s lifeless body back up once again, with the crowd continuing to boo ferociously, while Vickie just nods her head with approval; Ziggler tosses Bourne on to the second rope now, and just rams his boot into Bourne’s neck, choking the LIFE out of him, despite the fact he’s surely out cold regardless...


THE CROWD CHEERS CRAZILY; BOURNE HAS A SAVIOUR, AND HIS NAME IS DANIEL BRYAN!!! Ziggler turns to face the stage with bulging eyes, and Bourne slumps to the canvas behind him, as Bryan comes sprinting out, his music cutting – THEN MAKES AN IMMEDIATE BEELINE FOR THE RING! Vickie screams “DOLPH! DOLPH, DO SOMETHING!” hysterically, as the submission specialist slides under the bottom rope, and Ziggler scrambles forward to meet him – BUT BRYAN SPEARS HIM TO THE CANVAS, AND STARTS FIRING AWAY WITH RIGHT HANDS!!! The crowd LOVES it, as Bryan and Ziggler get into an all-out brawl, hammering each other with everything they have, as Vickie tries to yank Bryan away to no avail... and suddenly, Gail Kim charges down to the ring, getting another cheer from the Nashville masses!

Gail slides into the squared circle, and Vickie turns to her with a furious expression, then starts screaming all sorts of trash at Gail, who just shakes her head – THEN SLAPS VICKIE’S FACE OFF! The crowd goes wild as Vickie gets absolutely DECKED, and rolls from the ring, only to be followed by Gail, as Ziggler and Bryan finally separate... both men scramble back up, and Ziggler throws a right hand – nope, Bryan ducks it, then smoothly kicks Ziggler’s legs out... AND PUTS HIM IN THE LEBELL LOCK!!! A big cheer goes up as Ziggler SCREAMS in agony, while Bryan just wears his classic smile, enjoying Ziggler’s suffering as he taps out over and over and over again... until Bryan finally releases him, and leaves him laid out on the canvas as he plays to the cheering crowd! Gail, having chased Vickie halfway up the ramp, rolls back into the ring to celebrate with Bryan, who raises an arm as they stand above Ziggler, and Cole roars about how Lawler’s entire brand is in chaos...

Jerry Lawler: Okay, okay!

Another cheer goes up as the Raw General Manager, Jerry Lawler appears on the stage, barely able to hold back a grin, as Cole yells “OH YEAH! NOW YOU ARRIVE, LAWLER! WHAT A JOKE!” as his hateful response. In the ring, Ziggler gets hurriedly tugged under the bottom rope by a frantic Vickie Guerrero, who worriedly tries to comfort him as he clutches dizzily at his arm on the outside...

Jerry Lawler: Y’know what, Dolph? If you want a chance to be the next Number One Contender, I say, why not?

Mixed reaction as Ziggler blinks out the cobwebs, then bares his teeth up at Daniel Bryan in the ring; the submission specialist just grins back at him, as Lawler continues.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah – we’re gonna decide the next Number One Contender to the WWE Title, at Extreme Rules. It’s gonna be you, Dolph Ziggler...

Ziggler leans against the barricade, supported by Guerrero as he screams “DID YOU SEE WHAT HE JUST DID?” furiously up at Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: ...against DANIEL BRYAN!

A big cheer can be heard from the crowd, as Bryan grins at Ziggler again, as the blond youngster just beats the barricade in frustration, and Lawler holds up a finger.

Jerry Lawler: But since it’s Extreme Rules we’re talkin’ about here, why don’t we make it a bit more interesting for you both... and make it a LADDER MATCH!

Again, the crowd goes WILD for that concept, and Bryan nods repeatedly as he puts an arm round Gail in the ring; Ziggler flies into a rage again, as Vickie tries to calm him down, and Lawler heads backstage.

Josh Matthews: Woah! Huge announcement from our General Manager there, Cole – it’s gonna be Daniel Bryan versus Dolph Ziggler in a Ladder Match at Extreme Rules... and the winner gets a shot at the WWE Title! What a match we’re gonna see there!

Michael Cole: NO! Lawler’s got it wrong again, Josh! Daniel Bryan just assaulted poor Dolph outta nowhere, and now he’s gettin’ a chance for a WWE Title shot? You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me! Lawler doesn’t have a clue!

Josh Matthews: Well, Daniel Bryan just put Ziggler in the LeBell Lock, and I bet Dolph’s not lookin’ forward to the next time they step in the ring together, but despite Michael Cole’s undeniable hatred of our new GM, he’s made some great calls tonight; we’re about to see the conclusion to the one he made earlier, too – after the break, John Cena faces The Miz’s choice for Pick Your Poison, so don’t go anywhere!

As Cole just rants about Daniel Bryan’s evil tactics, and the man himself has a stare-off with the furious Dolph Ziggler, Raw heads to a break once again.



We get highlights from SmackDown’s opening, where Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay jump Edge before he can even get in the ring, and Del Rio tells the world he should have been World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania, only he was screwed by Edge and Christian’s interference. He offers to cover the bill for Edge’s vandalism of his car in return for the World Title, but Edge refuses, and suffers a Cross-Arm Breaker for his troubles; Christian arrives to remove Del Rio and Clay from the ring, and checks on his friend as we are reminded about Christian versus Del Rio for the No. 1 Contender-ship later tonight.

Cutting to the main event, it seems Christian has Del Rio where he wants him, as Clay gets ejected from ringside, and Christian sends Ricardo Rodriguez packing by booting him off the apron. We see Christian blocking the Cross-Arm Breaker, and he sets up for the Killswitch... only for Michael Cole to interrupt, talking of how he has returned to his “true home” on SmackDown after he was so cruelly treated on the past Raw. As the referee tries to remove Cole, Jack Swagger surprises us all by drilling Christian with a Gutwrench Powerbomb and escaping through the crowd, allowing Del Rio to make a cover – the referee rushes back to the ring just in time to make the decisive count, and the final image of SmackDown has Del Rio celebrating, as he books himself a second World Title shot, this time at Extreme Rules.


The camera sweeps from SmackDown Rebound to ringside, where Cole is grinning, but Matthews is just staring at him, frowning and shaking his head.

Josh Matthews: Why... j-just... just why did you...?

Michael Cole: Ask no questions, Josh, this is not the time. Oh no, tune in this Friday night, you’ll hear everything you wanna know; once again, viewers tune in to SmackDown to see Michael Cole in his true home!

Josh Matthews: You were on SmackDown for weeks leading up to Wrestlemania...

Michael Cole: Ah, but not like this, Josh. Nah, this time, Michael Cole and Jack Swagger are makin’ even more headlines than we were before! Del Rio’s cool, but MICHAEL COLE’S the real deal – just tune in on Friday, Josh, I’ll blow your mind. That is, if you even own a TV...

Josh Matthews: I’m on the announce desk for SmackDown! Y-you were announcing alongside me on SmackDown a month ago!

Michael Cole: Sorry, I probably was too busy preparing for my big Wrestlemania win to notice ya, Josh.



Yep, for a THIRD time tonight, that music brings boos from the Nashville crowd, as the WWE Champion, The Miz, steps out on to the stage, still in his ring gear, but with a ‘Miz’ t-shirt over the top.

Michael Cole: Hey, and speakin’ of winners, look who’s out here to join us on commentary for the main event!

Josh Matthews: Oh – is he... ah, no.

Michael Cole: What’s-a-matter, Josh? Afraid he might embarrass you?

Josh Matthews: No... I’m just a bit worried about you two being too close to each other.

Michael Cole: Well, luckily for you, Cena’s not gonna last long against The Miz’s pick, so dry those tears, Matthews! Hey, maybe you can pick up some pointers on how to be more awesome, and less of a nerd!

Josh Matthews: I’m really not –

Michael Cole: Nah, you’re right, Josh. You’re a lost cause. Hey – HEY MIZ! OVER HERE!

The Miz heads around ringside, having covered the ramp while these two were jabbering on, and smirks at the sight of Cole, then takes a seat next to him, pulling a headset on and placing his WWE Title on the desk in front of him. Cole offers him his hand, and the Awesome One shakes it, nodding.

Michael Cole: Big night, huh? Liking the hair, by the way.

The Miz: Thanks Michael, I know a guy.

The Miz’s music dies down, and now we all look to the stage expectantly...





“What, is he in the bathroom or something?”




THE ROOF COMES OFF THE SOMMET CENTER!!! A monstrous scream of approval goes up from the crowd, and we see The Miz looking unfazed at ringside as John Cena now jogs out in his red gear, then steps back and yells “WOW!” at the arena laid out in front of him. He turns to face the camera next to him, and he shouts “KAAAAAA-BOOM!” to the audience at home, before he throws the salute to the crowd, and begins to head down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans as the bell rings.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds... JOOOOOHN – CEEEENAAAAA!!!

Josh Matthews: Well, John Cena selected Randy Orton for The Miz earlier for Pick Your Poison, and now he has to face The Miz’s choice of opponent –

Michael Cole: And how did Randy Orton get on against The Miz, huh Josh? Miz, let me be the first to congratulate you for that win; I don’t think I’ve seen such dominance since you won at Wrestlemania!

The Miz: What can I say, Cole... it just comes naturally to me.

Josh Matthews: Er... Miz, don’t you think CM Punk’s role in your win –

The Miz: Shut up, Josh.

Michael Cole: God bless you, Miz.

Cena slides into the ring, then hits both ropes to test them out, and finally throws his cap into the crowd. He then turns and throws up the ‘Word Life’ sign to the cheering fans, before he whips off his shirt, and throws that into the audience as well. Finally, he crouches, and awaits his opponent as the music dies down...

The Miz: John...

Boos kick up from the crowd as The Miz picks up a pre-placed mic off the announce desk, and Cena turns to face the WWE Champion, sighing.

The Miz: How should I put this... well, when I was looking for someone backstage to take you on, there was a little problem.

Cena frowns, and The Miz blinks deliberately.

The Miz: Yeah. See, it turns out, people were just queuing up to face you, Cena. I guess you’re just not everyone’s favourite guy back there.

The crowd boos as Cena raises his eyebrows, disbelieving the “queuing up” bit of that.

The Miz: In the end, I just decided to compromise. You of all people, Cena, know that in a WWE Title match... you need endurance.

Cena takes a deep breath, seeing where this is going.

The Miz: I thought you needed a bit of first-hand... training. Just to make sure you’re ready to take on the most must-see WWE Champion – of – all – time.

At ringside, Cole nods his head, and says “How nice is that?”

The Miz: So tonight... you’re gonna run – the – GAUNTLET.

The boos rain in from the crowd, as The Miz sets down his mic, and relaxes back into his chair, smirking as Cole congratulates him on his “great choice”, and Cena looks to the floor. He steels himself, then turns to the stage, and with a cold expression, raises his fists.



It’s light heat for Ted DiBiase, who appears on the stage with a hardened stare at Cena in the ring.

Justin Roberts: And his first opponent, from West Palm Beach, Florida, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds... TED – DIBIASE!

Josh Matthews: W-well, Ted DiBiase is the first of The Miz’s choices tonight, but he’s been on a bit of a... a losing streak lately...

The Miz: First mistake, Josh. Losses don’t matter in the WWE; it’s all about the impact you make. It’s all about whether or not people remember you.

Michael Cole: Couldn’t agree more, Miz. Though, I’ve gotta say, I won at Wrestlemania, AND I’ll always be remembered as the Voice of the WWE. If you can do both, like me and The Miz can, then I like to think that you’re twice as good.

The Miz: That’s vintage Michael Cole right there.

Michael Cole: You know me so well.

We cut away from Cole and Miz’s love-fest to see DiBiase as he steps into the ring with Cena, and the referee calls for the bell.

Main Event (a) – Gauntlet Match
John Cena vs Ted DiBiase

This one doesn’t take all that long, so we’ll just jump in at five minutes, with Cena really letting loose on DiBiase with right hands in the corner; the referee tells Cena to move away, and he does, then throws up the ‘Word Life’ sign to a good pop from the crowd. The Miz laments Cena’s “same old, same old” at ringside, and his Extreme Rules opponent turns to face DiBiase again – but the Fortunate Son falls to the floor and rolls from the ring! Boos can be heard as DiBiase takes a break, shaking his head to clear out the cobwebs, but Cena is right on his trail, rolling from the ring too! DiBiase doesn’t have a clue, and Cena suddenly grabs him from behind... BEFORE HE SENDS HIM BARRELLING OVER THE ANNOUNCE TABLE, FORCING THE MIZ TO DIVE TO THE SIDE TO AVOID A COLLISION! A big pop goes up as The Miz stares at Cena with bulging eyes, then roars for DiBiase to pick himself back up as Cena fires up the crowd once again; slowly, DiBiase clambers back over the announce table, and barely stays upright as he staggers towards Cena... but the ex-“Champ” wastes no time, tossing him into the ring, and following him back in as The Miz re-seats himself, scowling.

In the ring, DiBiase tries to scramble back to his feet, all over the place mentally, but Cena spins him round as he gets up, then leads with a kick to the gut... and scores with a Fisherman Suplex! The Fortunate Son yells out in pain, then gets back up determinedly – only for Cena to send him overhead with another Fisherman Suplex! This time, DiBiase isn’t so rash getting back to his feet, but instead takes a moment to collect himself on the mat... nope, Cena suddenly presses him down to the canvas for the cover! 1... 2... but DiBiase kicks out of it! Cena rolls back to his feet, shaking off any fatigue he’s accumulated so far, and crouches, telling the Fortunate Son to rise. Slowly, baring his teeth with frustration, DiBiase stands, and tries to throw a right hand, anything to get him some offence in – but Cena ducks it, and HOISTS DIBIASE UP FOR THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT... NO! DiBiase escapes out the back, and suddenly applies the Cobra Clutch for the DREAM STREET – but Cena escapes that, and suddenly yanks out DiBiase legs from behind... THEN APPLIES THE STFU!!! The crowd comes alive with a big cheer as DiBiase roars in pain, and The Miz yells pointless advice from ringside... DiBiase makes an attempt to crawl for the ropes, and for a second, it looks like he has a shot, as he manages to get only fingertips away from that all-important bottom rope... but he just – can’t – reach... AND HE TAPS OUT!!!

Result: John Cena bts. Ted DiBiase via submission at 7:27

The bell chimes to confirm Cena’s won this first part, but his night is far from over, as he pulls himself to his feet a little wearily, and rests briefly against the back ropes. He gets no music to celebrate his victory with, and is only left with the sight of DiBiase rolling sorely from the ring, cursing his luck as he loses yet AGAIN.

Josh Matthews: Looks like John Cena cleared your first hurdle, Miz.

The Miz: Frankly, Josh, if Cena couldn’t beat DiBiase, he didn’t deserve to be my opponent at Extreme Rules... well, he still doesn’t. Point is, that’s not all he has to deal with, to prove he has any right to face me again.

Michael Cole: And quit makin’ stupid points, would ya Josh? You’re wastin’ The Miz’s time and energy here havin’ to answer your idiotic questions. I’m sorry, Miz, he just gets outta hand sometimes.

The Miz: Don’t worry about it, Michael; I’m dealing with idiots all the time around here. Him, Cena, Lawler... the list goes on.

Cena looks up to the stage... it’s time for round two...


A mixed reaction goes up for The Miz’s choice for second man, but Cena just takes a big, deep breath, as The Great Khali steps out on to the stage, alongside Ranjin Singh. Both men bounce to the beat of the jolly music, then start to head down the ramp, eagerly meeting various fans along the way, though they’re not as pleased that Khali’s about to step in the ring to face their hero as he seems to be.

Michael Cole: Woah, Khali? How’d you get him to take on Cena?

The Miz: I’m just an influential guy, Michael; just took a bit of persuading... and I told his translator buddy there that Lawler said he had to, of course.

Josh Matthews: Why am I not surprised...

The Miz: Y’know Josh, I’ve always thought you did your best work when your mouth was shut.

Michael Cole: Why can’t you be here on commentary every week?

In the ring, Cena slowly raises his fists as Khali pulls himself up to the apron, then steps over the top rope. Singh applauds him at ringside, and Khali shrugs at his old ally Cena (think Summerslam 2010, or the lead-up, anyway), but the ex-“Champ” just stares coldly at the big Punjabi Playboy. Okay, screw it, no-one can take this dude seriously when I call him that, he’s clearly the Punjabi Giant. At the very least. Anyway, the referee calls for the bell – Cena vs Khali, wrestling showcase about to go down.

Main Event (b) – Gauntlet Match
John Cena vs The Great Khali

Cena finds this challenge slightly taller (hehe) than DiBiase, with Khali’s pure size and power clearly giving him an advantage over his slightly-pre-weakened opponent. As we join the match eight minutes in, Cena is a shadow of his former self, having taken a bit of a beating from Khali, who is clearly being driven by the lies Miz fed him earlier. Right now, Cena is on the mat, eyes slightly glazed over, but the Punjabi Giant shoots a look at The Miz, then pulls Cena back up. The ex-“Champ” tries to fight back somehow, but Khali just thumps him with a headbutt, sending him back down to the deck. At ringside, Cole is still praising The Miz’s choice for Cena’s second opponent, as the WWE Champion watches his future opponent squirm on the canvas with a sly look of approval. Once again, Khali frowns, and paces about the ring for a moment, before he makes a cover... 1... 2... but Cena kicks out to get the crowd cheering! Khali stands again, looking a bit disheartened, but resigns himself to continuing, and pulls Cena back up once more. From there, the Indian hoists Cena into the air with the Military Press – the crowd groans in awe of the big man’s ease in lifting Cena up, and The Miz nods arrogantly at the announce desk... BUT CENA ESCAPES, AND LANDS ON HIS FEET!

The crowd immediately livens up as Cena shows signs of life, and although he staggers on landing, he’s good to go by the time Khali turns round, and before the Punjabi Giant can retake control, Cena just FIRES a big shot to his jaw, sending him reeling back! It’s not enough to knock him down, but that’s what Cena’s going to try next, forcing his tired frame into action as he hits the ropes, then leaps forward with the Flying Shoulder Block – the impact is a jarring one, and again, Khali staggers back, only to then come firing back with the KHALI CHOP... NO! Cena ducks under it, then charges spiritedly for the ropes on the other side... BAM! He leaps forward with that Flying Shoulder Block again, forcing Khali off one foot, only for him to regain his vertical base, trying to steady himself once more. Cena knows it’s now or never, and as Khali waves his arms about in a desperate attempt to keep his balance, the arena watches in awe as Cena leaps up – then takes Khali by surprise and off his feet, with a spectacular Dropkick! The crowd loves it as Cena pulls one out the bag, and Khali topples to the canvas... then Cena forces himself tiredly back up, and throws up his hand! A big cheer goes up as Cena stands above the floored Khali, then heads to the edge of the ring to send the “You can’t see me” to The Miz at ringside, before he heads back to the Punjabi Giant, brushes off his shoulder... THEN DELIVERS THE FIVE – KNUCKLE – SHUFFLE!

The Miz and Cole can’t believe what’s going on at the announce desk, as Cena forces himself to rise once again, and crouches, waiting for Khali to pull his massive frame up to join him. Ranjin Singh frantically tries to warn his brother of what’s coming, but the big man is still groggy as hell after that Five Knuckle Shuffle, meaning he stands up right into the path of a determined John Cena... WHO SOMEHOW PULLS THE FOUR HUNDRED POUND GIANT ON TO HIS SHOULDERS... “NO WAY” ROARS COLE AT RINGSIDE... AND CENA SENDS THE SOMMET CENTER INTO HYSTERICS BY DELIVERING THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT TO KHALI!!! “How... HOW?” is all Cole can muster at ringside, shaking his head as The Miz just stares with a blank expression, and Cena collapses to the canvas, before he slowly, slowly drapes himself over the Punjabi Giant, hooking a tree-trunk-esque leg for the cover... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: John Cena bts. The Great Khali at 13:48

CENA DEFIES THE ODDS AGAIN! The crowd is on its feet to applaud Cena as he struggles to find his feet, and the official has to help him, complete in the knowledge that he’s still got a third man to face. Cena thanks the referee, then slumps against the turnbuckle, breathing heavily now as he looks exhaustedly at the stage.

Josh Matthews: John Cena... John Cena just doesn’t give up, does he? That was a stunning comeback from –

Michael Cole: How the hell did he beat Khali? That guy’s four hundred pounds! I... this is ridiculous, what’s Cena’s angle here? Th-that’s not even possible!

Meanwhile, The Miz just continues to muse silently, watching Cena recover with his fingers to his lips, carefully thinking as the focus returns to the stage...

...and Alex Riley wanders out to no music, just holding a microphone. Cena’s expression doesn’t change; instead, he just tries to get his breath back, as Khali and Singh disappear from the scene. The crowd boos Riley fairly loudly, as the Varsity Villain (in his ring gear) raises his mic.

Alex Riley: Cena, sometimes you just can’t find better talent than the stuff ya find at home, am I right?

Riley starts to make his way down the ramp, grinning.

Alex Riley: So when it comes to your third opponent... well, The Miz chose someone that he knows he can trust.

As Riley hits ringside, Cena steps lethargically into the middle of the ring, waiting for Riley to join him in the squared circle.

Michael Cole: I gotta say, Miz, A-Ry’s a great choice – wait, huh?

Riley just smirks up at Cena, who beckons him to “Come and get some”... but the crowd is booing...

Alex Riley: And who can ya really trust more... than yourself?

The heat has swollen to huge levels now, and the camera zooms to show the entire ring, with THE MIZ standing behind Cena, eyes wide with fury! Cena barely has a chance to turn round, as the WWE Champion suddenly hooks him up from behind... THEN STRIKES WITH THE SKULL-CRUSHING FINALE! Cole screams “YEAH! YEAH, BABY, THAT’S WHAT I LIKE TO SEE!” at ringside, as Riley laughs, and The Miz tells the official to ring the bell... nervously, that’s what he does...

Main Event (c) – Gauntlet Match
John Cena vs WWE Champion The Miz

This isn’t so much of a match as a cover, as The Miz immediately rolls the lifeless Cena on to his back, and Riley tries to lead the crowd in a big count-along as the referee begrudgingly calls it... 1... 2... 3!

Result: WWE Champion The Miz bts. John Cena via pinfall at 0:05


The crowd EXPLODES with vicious heat for The Miz as he stands to his feet, smirking, and has his arm raised by the unimpressed referee. The Miz spits for the official to leave, so he sighs and does so, as Riley joins the WWE Champion in the ring, and once again passes him his belt, like he did earlier.

Josh Matthews: This – this is a new low for The Miz...

Michael Cole: This could be the single greatest night of my life, Josh! Who cares about Lawler anymore? WE JUST WITNESSED MIZ-STORY! MIZ WINS AGAIN!

Josh Matthews: But he snuck up from behind – Cena had just endured twenty minutes of punishment –

Michael Cole: Ya know how they talk about how Jericho beat Austin and Rock in one night, Josh? Well, tonight is the beginning of The MIZ’S legacy! The Miz BEAT Orton and Cena in one night! He’s the REAL DEAL! We are lookin’ at the most MUST-SEE WWE CHAMPION OF AAAAAALLL TIME!!!

In the ring, The Miz just raises his title belt above Cena, as Riley throws up his arms in victory, and the crowd continues to boo. Cole is nearly tearing up from joy on the outside, as Cena rolls from the ring, and The Miz smirks his absolute face off...

Michael Cole: Take – take a good look at what you’re seein’ there, Josh! The Miz standin’ above Cena... that’s what you’re gonna see at Extreme Rules! The Miz put all the doubters, all the nay-sayers, in – their – place tonight! Look in his eyes – that’s the eyes of a winner right there, Josh! Two wins, one night – this has been Monday Night Raw, Monday Night Miz, tune in next week for more dominance!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I bid you a very, very happy good – nigh-



THE CROWD LOSES IT!!! A GIANT ROAR GOES UP FROM THE FRANTIC TENNESSEE MASSES, as The Miz and Riley turn to the stage in horror to see... YES, TRIPLE H, WALKING SLOWLY OUT ON TO THE STAGE!!! For a moment, there is no movement, just the Game staring coldly down at the WWE Champion... but then the music changes emphatically –



- and the crowd goes WILD yet again, as the Cerebral Assassin spits out a torrent of water... THEN BEGINS TO HEAD STRAIGHT DOWN THE RAMP TO THE RING!!! The Miz is speechless, colour drained from his face as Riley tries to tell him to get the hell out, but he’s completely stunned stationary! Michael Cole can barely believe his eyes, as the crowd just continue to go crazy – and Tripper, hair drenched down his face, clambers up to the apron, and stays there, staring into the eyes of the WWE Champion...

Suddenly however, Tripper’s music cuts emphatically, and the Game steps inside the ring; The Miz and Riley stand across from him, horrified by the sight, as “TRIPLE H! TRIPLE H!” chants ring around the arena. It’s not obvious why the Game hasn’t moved an inch since he stepped in the ring, and The Miz furiously demands what he’s doing here... until Riley launches forward desperately with a right hand to clear him out – BUT TRIPLE H BLOCKS IT, AND SENDS RILEY PACKING WITH A RIGHT HAND OF HIS OWN!

The crowd cheers once again as Riley goes down, and HERE WE GO, because The Miz tries his luck next, booting the Game in the gut – but Tripper comes back with a RIPPING clothesline, sending the Awesome One clattering to the deck! The Sommet Center comes alive once again with that, but suddenly, Riley clips the Game from behind with the Chop Block, and Triple H spirals to the mat! He dizzily struggles back up, and Riley grabs him by the hair, trying to slam into the turnbuckle – BUT NO! Tripper stops himself, then bashes Riley between the eyes with an elbow shot to send him reeling away; the Game moves back into the centre of the ring, and the pairing meet in the middle one more time... DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER TO RILEY!!! The crowd goes BERSERK as Riley gets laid out, and the Game is straight back on his feet to roar out at the masses, throwing up his arms as The Miz wobbles back up...

...then rolls from the ring as Tripper turns around! Boos ring around the arena as the WWE Champion (leaving his title belt in the ring in his haste to escape) slowly and irately backtracks up the ramp, eyes locked on Triple H’s as he stands above A-Ry. Those “TRIPLE H! TRIPLE H!” chants heat up once again, and the Cerebral Assassin slowly tilts his head down to look at Riley... then pulls him back to his feet, and symbolically locks eyes with The Miz as he hooks Riley’s arms, and the crowd roars once more – BEFORE HE DELIVERS THE PEDIGREE TO LEAVE RILEY FLAT OUT!!! Fans around the arena are on their feet to yell their approval of the Game, who stands above Riley once again, then picks up the WWE Title... and hoists it into the air, eliciting another big pop as The Miz snarls, roaring “THIS WAS MY NIGHT! YOU RUINED IT!”

Josh Matthews: THE GAME! Triple H sent a message to the WWE Champion tonight – not so confident now, Cole, huh? The Game lost at Wrestlemania, but he’s gunnin’ for the WWE Title, which means things are gonna heat up here on Raw, that’s for sure!

Michael Cole: N-NO! Who the HELL does this guy think he is... I... he spoiled the greatest night of The Miz’s championship reign, Josh! TRIPLE H, YOU MAKE... YOU MAKE ME SICK!

Josh Matthews: Triple H has inserted himself into the WWE Title picture here tonight... ladies and gentlemen, this has been Monday Night Raw – take a mental picture of Michael Cole’s face right now, it’s priceless – I’m Josh Matthews, sayin’ goodnight... you don’t wanna miss next week’s episode, I’ll promise you that! Goodnight!

As Triple H raises that belt high with a cold expression, and the crowd goes wild...


As The Miz screams down at the Game from the ramp...


And as Michael Cole bangs his head against the announce desk in frustration...


We fade...



“THIS – WAS – MY – NIGHT!!!”



Quick Results
Johnny Curtis bts. Primo
United States Champion Sheamus bts. Burt Lowell
WWE Champion The Miz bts. Randy Orton
Dolph Ziggler bts. Evan Bourne
WWE Champion The Miz, The Great Khali and Ted DiBiase bt. John Cena

WWE Championship
The Miz (c) vs John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

No. 1 Contender To The WWE Title – Ladder Match
Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan

Intercontinental Championship – Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge
Wade Barrett (c) vs Trent Barreta vs Cody Rhodes vs ??? vs ??? vs ???


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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Raw Feedback

Smart to open up with a video package of the highly anticipated new GM, and what not that took place last week. Especially since, not me, but some may have forgot what happened since you took so long to get this up.

Before I get to the actual segment itself, I just wanted to touch on the opening commentary. Youíve pretty much got Michael Cole spot on, and it makes your commentary readable. There are only a handful of bookers whose commentary I read and donít get bored, and Iím happy to say youíre one of them.

As for opening the show with Jerry Lawler, whilst it may not be the most entertaining man to start off with, it certainly makes sense. Last week he was announced as GM, but at the end of the show, so it makes perfect sense for him to begin his first full night in charge addressing everybody. Iím not sure what to think about you playing up the hometown thing so much, because if I remember correctly, the only place Lawler got a really good ovation was Memphis. Lawler immediately beginning with an insult to Cole was nice. The following thank you speech was expected, and once again, whilst itís not the most exciting thing in the world, itís necessary. I thought it was smart that he went back to Cole, although maybe he could have just got Cole out of the way in the beginning, then said thank you, and then got interrupted? Iím not saying you did anything wrong, because Iím not even sure itíd work better that way, but it would have saved you from going to Cole, then something else, then back to Cole. The Miz was alright on the mic, although I was hoping for him to maybe insult Lawler a little bit more, rather than just try and get him to rid Cena of his rematch. I like how Miz tried to trick Lawler into it though, calling him a coward. Typical heel stuff. Lawler standing up for himself is obvious, and pick your poison sounds pretty damn good to me. This gives us two pretty good matches for the night. Honestly, I thought you did a good job with this segment, not only giving yourself two big matches for the night, but creating some chemistry between Lawler and Miz.

at Truthís cheap pop. Please keep them off of the show. I know theyíre what he does, but itís nothing more than a waste, unless heís going to say more afterward. Zack Ryder is such an awesome character and you pretty much had him down well here. I enjoyed the surveying of the crowd to, just all pretty entertaining stuff, tbh.

Nothing wrong with the opening contest, with nothing exceptional happening either. A solid enough opener, as the association with R Truth, and a few more wins like this, will continue to raise the profile of Johnny Curtis. I think thatís smart booking, although on a personal preference, I just want anybody associated with Ryder to do well.

An interesting segment between Melina and John Morrison. Iíve no idea what the go is with Morrison and whether heíll listen to Melina or not. Iím intrigued to see how you book him, but Iím more excited to see what you do with Melina in the womenís division. Melina is probably one of the best women you have on either roster, so turning her heel, and actually using her effectively is something Iím glad to see. at Tarver also.

Another solid interview with Dolph Ziggler. I like the fact that youíre signaling Zigglerís intent for the WWE Championship. The threads that are always more fun to read are the ones that have mid carders genuinely pushing to step up to the next level. With that being said, I doubt a win over Bourne will really earn Ziggler anything. It looks like Ziggler will be feuding with Bryan though, and this interview did a good job of furthering that.

With the attack last week, and now the easy squash this week, youíve done a good job of writing Sheamus as an unstoppable force. Smart booking, making your champion look really strong. at Cole not knowing how to spell Sheamus as well.

John Morrison wanting to challenge Sheamus again makes sense. His speech at the start was good enough, although itís nothing special. I didnít expect anything great either, because Morrison isnít exactly the best mic worker, so props for keeping him relatively short. I found Sheamusí bit really interesting. Heís talking down to Morrison but heís talking down to him in a way that could really inspire him. Sheamusí speech was probably my favorite of the night so far. Morrisonís little scream at the end with Sheamus annoying him wasnít bad, but I donít think it was needed. I think this could have been a little more effective if Morrison kept himself silent after this, perhaps showing some self doubt.

Is Extreme Rules going to be in full?

A lot of people in BTB ignore the kiddy friendly product, and I really wish you would do the same. I thought the interview was pretty good, with intense Cena probably being the most interesting Cena, but that little bit at the start where he said ďĒYabba Dabba DooĒ was just really hard to read and not get annoyed. I know itís part of what he does, but Iíd love you to iron that shirt out of his character, because whether in real life, or BTB, reading that just takes away so much from his intensity. Anyway, this interview from a booking standpoint did a good job of promoting pick your poison and Extreme Rules.

Randy Orton being The Mizís partner is the perfect choice. Being a highly credible face, it would have hurt Orton if Miz didnít sell the fact he was a bit weary, however dropping to his knees seemed a little overboard. Firstly, I donít see the point in recapping the match and exactly what happened when I have nothing to complain about, but Iím not one of those guys who just skim matches. It was written pretty well, with some nice false finishes, as well as that awesome sequence that lead to the Inverted Backbreaker from Orton. Regarding this match though, itís just booking 101. Punk interferes, furthering his feud with Orton, and the WWE Champion picks up the victory.

at Marella having problems with his green card, funny stuff. I love the way he tried to sacrifice his girlfriend to get away as well. I doubt youíd put a pointless segment on the show, so Iím expecting maybe a tag team between Black and Henry. Oh, and TARVER~!

Much like the previous contest, another pretty good one here, although I felt it was always about Ziggler. I understand you didnít want to job Bourne, but I just feel Ziggler has a better standing, and perhaps shouldnít have needed Guerreroís help to pick up the victory. I really feel like that may have actually hurt Ziggler a little. I thought the Shooting Star Press, but Bourne landing on his feet was a pretty nice way to set up the ending. I love innovative matches, it makes things just seem that much better. The attack after the match was done well, leading to the Daniel Bryan appearance. I thought maybe Bryan locked in the Lebell Lock a little to easily, but I guess Ziggler had competed just moments ago. A ladder match bveing announces between these two is something Iím really looking forward to. Itíll be good to see somebody different (Ziggler or Bryan) get a title shot as well. I donít think Iíve seen many, if any, Ziggler/Cena feuds.

Smackdown Rebound huh? This may be a little hypocritical, but I hope you post SD before Christmas.

Cena being forced to run the Gauntlet is just smart stuff by The Miz. Something similar happened in somebody elseís thread not that long ago, and I liked it then, as I like it now. Cena pretty much dominated DiBiase from start to finish. First off, Iím going to say I hope this losing streak leads somewhere, because I think DiBiase is great. Second of all, in booking terms, the Gauntlet has to start off with Cena looking like an absolute machine. The Great Khali as a second choice is definitely a shock, but it makes perfect sense, as a win for Cena over Khali makes him look really good. If I wanted to be really critical, I could say the offense in this match was fairly boring, but itís Khali, so itís expected. An awesome twist with The Miz picking himself as the last guy, just more great booking. A five second win over Cena, and the fact he beat Orton and Cena in the same night, puts Miz on a higher level right now. I loved the comparison by Cole with Miz and Jericho. I was actually about to rite that in my feedback, until I read further on and realized you already mentioned it. Triple H coming back after Mania was a huge surprise, as he hadnít really been mentioned at all. This attack does put him straight into title contention to. What a big way to end the show, as your main event scene has just become so much more exciting.

Honestly, Iím pretty loud on the fact that I hate this time period. Yet you continue to be one of the only guys who can do enough to keep me reading. The booking was first class throughout the show, whilst the writing for the most part was as well. With the return of Triple H, and some mid card feuds being established, youíre really setting things up nicely here. A good show, keep it up.

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

King James' RAW Review
First of all, so far, you've had the greatest format. I like the font as well. Pick Your Poison tonight. One of my favorite stips to hype a match. Johnny Curtis making I think his debut is cool. Good that he won it too. Sheamus going over the jobber was obvious. Interesting promo by Ziggler. Cena choosing Randy Orton was very wise. A Tyler Black FBI gimmick, wow. That's something innovative to say the least. Hope this plays out nicely. Miz making Cena go in the Gauntlet was clever and then him as the last opponent, the icing on the cake. Amazing job with this show as far as realism goes. Good show.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Fuck, where am I? What is this place?


WWE Superstars
The Pyramid, Memphis, Tennessee | 14th April 2011

Match One – Singles Contest
Kofi Kingston bts. Ted DiBiase via pinfall at 8:10
Things haven’t been going well for Ted DiBiase in recent weeks, and when he steps out to open the show on Superstars, it seems like he’s in the mood to finally end that poor, poor run of form; unfortunately for him, his opponent is the energetic, revenge-driven Kofi Kingston, still fired up after declaring that he was coming for Wade Barrett and his Intercontinental Championship last Friday on SmackDown. Though DiBiase enjoys a few stints of dominance, he’s eventually overcome by Kingston’s pure ability, as the Ghanaian came off the top rope for a stunning impromptu Crossbody, then finishes things up with the Trouble In Paradise. Kingston celebrates with the crowd, as DiBiase curses his luck yet again, and Scott Stanford wonders aloud what DiBiase can do to end his losing streak at ringside.

We head backstage to see Zack Ryder and Primo, also known as DZP, both with mics in their hands. Ryder says that last week on Superstars, DZP made everyone sit up and take notice. They proved that THEY are the complete tag team in the WWE, not R-Truth and Johnny Curtis; they have the looks, the skills, the hair, the charisma, the high-flying, the technical, the power, the presence, and most importantly... “we’re the coolest bros around, not just back in Long Island, but in the whole WWE.” Primo takes over, saying that Johnny Curtis might have got lucky last Monday night when he beat him, but that proves nothing – they’re all about style in recovery, which means that tonight, DZP is going to make their mark, and show everyone who just wasn’t paying attention, that THEY deserve to have a guaranteed WWE Tag Team Title shot, not your local car thief and his no-name accomplice. Ryder says that if the camera stays on them much longer, people are going to have to start paying cash money to witness it, so if they really want more free Ryder, they should check out his YouTube show, “but for now, take care... spike your hair. Woo woo woo... you know it.”


Match Two – Tag Team Contest
DZP bt. Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust via pinfall at 3:42
It’s clear that Ryder and Primo don’t take their opponents too seriously as they arrive for this match after the break, and they make relatively quick work of Tatsu and Goldust; Primo shows off some high-flying moves, and despite a brief comeback from Tatsu, Primo gets the mildly-hot tag to Ryder, who quickly stops Tatsu’s momentum, and shows off the ‘Call Me’ Leg Drop for a count of two, before he eventually brings him down with the Rough Ryder for the three count. After the match, Primo delivers a Backstabber to Goldust as he tries to check on his partner, and Ryder provides the exclamation point with the Zack Attack to Tatsu. The camera spots R-Truth and Johnny Curtis backstage, shaking their heads with disapproval, as we fade away.

Raw Rebound this week has The Miz utilising CM Punk’s influence to steal a win over Randy Orton in Pick Your Poison, before he then forces John Cena to run the Gauntlet in the main event. Though Cena overcomes Ted DiBiase and The Great Khali, Alex Riley provides the distraction to allow The Miz to capitalise with the Skull-Crushing Finale as the third man, then pick up the win. As Michael Cole rants and raves about The Miz defeating two modern-day icons in one night, however, the WWE Champion’s celebrations are interrupted by TRIPLE H, who delivers a Double A Spinebuster and a Pedigree to Riley, before he raises the WWE Title above his head to send a message to the stunned Miz on the ramp.


Main Event – Singles Contest
Tyson Kidd bts. Evan Bourne via submission at 15:33
A real classic between these two talented youngsters in the main event of Superstars sees Tyson Kidd come out victorious yet again, keeping his hot streak rolling following his demolition of Goldust last week. In this high-paced, crowd-engaging match, it looks like exhaustion is taking its toll on both men, possibly to the point neither man can pull off their high-octane offence. However, Bourne pulls out an extra reserve of energy to bring Kidd down with a Spinning Wheel Kick, before he heads up top to attempt the Shooting Star Press... but Kidd telegraphs it, and rolls out of the way. With Bourne lying almost motionlessly on the canvas, Kidd wastes no time in pulling Bourne to the dead centre of the ring, and applying the Sharpshooter; after nearly thirty seconds in the hold, the young St. Louis native just can’t find the ropes, and finds himself with no option other than to tap out, giving Kidd another big win to close Superstars.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Great to see you back, even though I am disappointed it is just superstars. Hopefully you get back into this because you are one of the better bookers we have. Lets see what this show looks like. I like these small kind of shows using everyone and developing some mini feuds. As well highlighting and recapping things from raw that we should look out for or maybe just so u can bump your thread lol

Kingston vs Dibiase is a good match for Superstars. Glad Kingston won, really am hoping you build up Kingston and make something of him rather than just keeping him as the generic mid card face he has been for years irl. Maybe that is just hopeful thinking. Look forward to his feud with Barrett. I hope this Dibiase losing angle goes to him turning things around? Maybe bringing in his dad to be his manager? But again this match was good to put over the losing streak angle and make Kofi look good.

I am liking the team of DZP. This little promo was funny and put them over as well as their feud with Curtis and Truth. I like u are slowly rebuilding the tag team division. Weird that Truth is a face, but I like that it is different. Overall a good promo and everything was in character.

Basic squash tag match to put over DZP and make them seem legit. This win may not prove much but a win is a win. Curtis and Truth shown backstage, further puts over the feud.

Raw Rebound.. Seems like I read that ages ago lol. Hope we get a Raw soon to see where this goes next.

These are the kind of matches that makes Superstars a great show. I could picture this match as it has occurred quite a few times on superstars. Great length and it made both men look good. Nice ending and was surprised Kidd won the match. Maybe a push for him. I like Kidd but I feel he would be better surrounded with a group or something. He is just too bland on his own.

Overall, it was what it was. Nice show that put over some angles and showed that you plan on keeping this thing going. Refreshing our memories about somethings, and put over some people I hope you pushing ( Kofi). Good to see you back and hope to see a real show up soon
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

I'm hoping you are going to get posting some shows soon again Melvis. I'll have a review up for Raw tomorrow or Wednesday. Never even knew Raw had been posted. Shows how much I pay attention. Anyway, I'll pop you a review in a bit.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Friday Night SmackDown
The Pyramid, Memphis, Tennessee | 15th April 2011

The Pyramid plays host to the hottest show on Friday nights tonight, and there’s plenty of action set to go down in Memphis, especially after the stunning events of last week’s show.

Last week’s main event saw Alberto Del Rio narrowly overcome Christian to earn himself a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity against Edge at Extreme Rules, but he received a huge helping hand from the All-American American, Jack Swagger, who appeared from the crowd to slam Captain Charisma into the canvas with the Gutwrench Powerbomb. While Del Rio has himself that World Title match to look forward to, Christian has no such pleasure, instead having to face up to how close he came to beating Del Rio, only to have Swagger screw him over; tonight, Christian hosts the Peep Show to open SmackDown, and it’s rumoured he will call Swagger out, so that the All-American American can answer for his actions. Will Swagger have the guts to stand across from Christian face-to-face this week? What was his justification for costing Christian the match he’d been waiting his entire life for?

Despite the clear controversy surrounding his win, Alberto Del Rio IS the new No. 1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Title, and tonight, he has big plans in store to celebrate... in fact, he’s holding a ‘fiesta’ to commemorate “the end of Edge’s World Title reign”, according to his new secretary, Rosa Mendes. WWE.com tried to get an interview with Del Rio for more information, but Mendes informed us that Del Rio had no intention of telling us more, and that we would just have to watch and see like everyone else. Undoubtedly, Del Rio is planning to play some more mind games to toy with Edge ahead of their clash in two weeks or so, and after his attack on the Rated R Superstar at the very beginning of SmackDown last Friday night, the Mexican Aristocrat must be thinking he’s got his Extreme Rules opponent rattled. With Rosa Mendes accompanying Ricardo Rodriguez and Brodus Clay as part of Del Rio’s entourage, is his influence ever-growing? Might Edge have a response to both last week’s assault and this ill-reasoned ‘fiesta’? And just what will Del Rio have to say?

However, SmackDown tonight features more than just shows and parties... it’s all about the wrestling, too, and that’s evident in the fact that three of the four members of The Corre will be action, just one week after the group showed their unity with a win over the same team who defeated them at Wrestlemania. This week, Heath Slater faces Kane, the man who hit him with a Chokeslam last week, while Ezekiel Jackson fights Rey Mysterio for a place in the Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge for the Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules. Jackson’s presence in that match would increase the chances of a member of The Corre leaving with the belt, so current champion Wade Barrett will be keen to see Big Zeke defeat the Ultimate Underdog – however, the Englishman has his own problems, as in the main event, he’ll be taking on the man he TOOK the Intercontinental Title from in the first place, Kofi Kingston. Teddy Long has decreed that if Kofi wins this non-title match, he’ll secure a place in the title match at Extreme Rules, and with it, have a chance at taking back his title once again. After The Corre won last week, can they keep the good times rolling with three wins from three against fearsome opponents? Or will Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston secure themselves shots at Barrett’s title? And possibly most interestingly, how is Heath Slater supposed to overcome the Big Red Machine?

Keeping in with the theme of the Intercontinental Championship, the most maths-savvy of you will notice that one last place is free for the six-man title match at Extreme Rules; that place belongs to either Chris Masters or Drew McIntyre, who will compete tonight with that title shot on the line. McIntyre insulted Trent Barreta last week when Trent was telling the world of his title hopes, and tonight, he has a chance to join him at Extreme Rules to put his own personal dent in those aspirations. On the other hand, the Masterpiece is desperate to get his hands on gold too, which means he’ll be trying his absolute hardest to quell the Scotsman’s aggression in this contest, which is sure to produce a victor well deserving of an Intercontinental Title shot.

Also tonight, the awe-inspiring Sin Cara is in action against Chavo Guerrero after he debuted spectacularly against David Otunga last week, and following the catfight we saw last week, Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly will be teaming against Michelle McCool and Layla of Team Lay-Cool. You can also expect to see Big Show, Cody Rhodes and Justin Gabriel, so prepare for a huge night of action from the Pyramid!

~ Announced For SmackDown ~

Christian opens the broadcast with the Peep Show
Alberto Del Rio to hold a ‘fiesta’


Singles Contest – Intercontinental Title Match Qualifier
Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston

Singles Contest – Intercontinental Title Match Qualifier
Ezekiel Jackson vs The Ultimate Underdog Rey Mysterio

Singles Contest – Intercontinental Title Match Qualifier
The Masterpiece Chris Masters vs The Chosen One Drew McIntyre

Tag Team Contest
The Glamazon Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly vs Team Lay-Cool

Singles Contest
WWE Tag Team Champion Heath Slater vs The Big Red Machine Kane

Singles Contest
The Mexican Idol Sin Cara vs The Mexican Warrior Chavo Guerrero
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Been away from the 'net so never been around to reviewing this thread like I usually do unfortunately.
I really enjoy the Smackdown preview. I am surprised by what was come about to the card considering that there is only midcard action along with tag team and divas action but that's great and promotes that Smackdown is the home of the future Raw roster I guess. Either way I am really looking forward to wha tExtreme Rules comes to and Alberto Del Rios fiesta sort. Christian speaking out will jus tbe on Jack Swagger so I don't really matter bout that. I like the feud because it is a little homage to ECW if you think about it. Anyways I hope I can review ur show and hope to c it up sometime soon. Sorry if my language got a lil cut short. I'm on phone and the internet sucks on it so...enough of rambling on, see ya on Smackdown Melvis.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

After receiving an intriguing offer for a partner thread with someone else, I'm not sure how long this is going to keep going, but see what you think anyway.

Friday Night SmackDown
The Pyramid, Memphis, Tennessee | 15th April 2011

A brief recap of last week’s edition shows us Alberto Del Rio as he attacks Edge at the beginning of the show, and tries to award himself the World Title in return for covering the cost of Edge’s vandalism on his car. The Rated R Superstar tells him “Screw you”, so Del Rio and Brodus Clay assault him once again, but Christian arrives at the arena and makes the save. In the main event, Christian looks like beating Del Rio in a match to determine Edge’s challenger at Extreme Rules, until Michael Cole makes a shock appearance on the stage to distract both Christian and the official; in the meantime, Jack Swagger appears from the crowd to hit the Livewire with a Gutwrench Powerbomb, and as a result, Del Rio picks up a tainted win. Nevertheless, it sees him crowned the new No. 1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Title, and as the announcers question Cole and Swagger’s motives, Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez celebrate in the ring to end SmackDown...

...and now that highlights video sweeps away into the opening video of SmackDown, featuring most of SmackDown’s roster as Green Day take us through it. From there, we head to THE PYRAMID, where pyro sets the stage alight, and this Memphis crowd goes wild as the camera sweeps across the masses. We cut to ringside, where Josh Matthews, Matt Striker, and of course, Booker T are sat at the announce desk, hyped for a night of action.

Josh Matthews: Hello there, welcome to Friday Night SmackDown, I’m Josh Matthews at the announce table here in Memphis, Tennessee! With me tonight as always are my faithful announce partners, the Bookerman and your teacher, Matt Striker!

Booker T: (chuckling) Yo, I’m lovin’ dat. Da Bookerman!

Matt Striker: Well, I’ll tell you what I’m loving, Booker, and that’s the fact we’ve got two hours of SmackDown action to look forward to. And after last week’s turmoil, I’m highly intrigued to see what response we’ll receive from those who were wronged, notably Edge and Christian, as we get closer and closer to Extreme Rules.

Josh Matthews: You’re in luck then, Matt, because we have three Intercontinental Title match qualifiers, including our blockbuster main event – but first, cast your eyes to the ring, where we’re all set up to hear from one of the men you just mentioned, Captain Charisma... Christian.

The camera finally shows the ring, which has ‘Peep Show’ logos on the ring posts, as well as a black carpeting and two ‘director’s chairs’ (you know the ones I mean) set up as well. We sweep up to the stage, though, where “PEEP SHOW” is flashing on the electric curtain, and the music hits to kick things off tonight...



A big pop goes up around the arena for YOUR host of the Peep Show, Christian, as he steps out from behind the curtain with a healthy smile at the Pyramid laid out in front of him. Wearing jeans and a black jacket, Captain Charisma has a look around for some ‘peeps’, before he starts to make his way down the ramp, still smiling a little as he slaps the hands of a few fans, then hits the ring.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... CHRISTIAN!

Josh Matthews: We all known Christian loves wearing that smile for the WWE Universe here in Memphis, Matt, but inside... well, he must still be asking questions after Jack Swagger’s unprovoked attack on him last week; an attack which directly cost him a shot at the World Heavyweight Title.

Matt Striker: Swagger’s assault was unnecessary and uncalled for, Josh, absolutely. I don’t think it really matters what Swagger’s reasoning was, because if he has the, well, guts to step out to face Captain Charisma, I bet he’s in for a bit of comeuppance. Christian wanted that title shot really badly... without it, he’s left to wander around SmackDown until the next time he can get a shot at Edge, and that waiting will kill him inside, I’m sure.

Booker T: I tell ya right now, guys – if, if a sucka punked me like Swagger punked Christian last week, I’d be comin’ for him as soon as possible, ya dig? I’m amazed Christian doin’ it like a man and callin’ Swagger out to the ring... I’d just get back dere in da locker room and give ‘im a Book End, dawg.

In the ring, Christian picks up a mic from one of the chairs, and waits as his music dies down. A few “CHRISTIAN! CHRISTIAN!” chants can be heard from the younger members of the crowd, before the man himself raises the mic and begins to pace as he talks.

Christian: Y’know... I’ve been in this business for a while now.

Christian stops to rub his jaw for a moment.

Christian: I mean, I came to the WWE... (counts on his fingers) maybe thirteen years ago? Let’s go with thirteen. Now, that’s a pretty long time.

Again, the Livewire pauses as the crowd chants his name a little. He smiles.

Christian: I’ll admit, when I first came here, I was a bit busy tryin’ to suck blood rather than win titles...

Laughter from the crowd.

Christian: But since then, I’ve done a whole lot. I’ve won Intercontinental Titles, European, Hardcore, ECW... more Tag Team Titles than I can count... but I’m missin’ just the one.

The camera zooms right in on Christian as he raises a single finger.

Christian: All I need is that World – Heavyweight – Championship. The complete set... just one title away.

Christian sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

Christian: And the current champion? My best friend, Edge. Can you imagine what that would be like?

He grins a little as he thinks about it.

Christian: Me and Edge, head-to-head for the greatest title on Earth. It’s the stuff stories are made of, right?

A small cheer goes up, but Christian’s grin fades as he looks up.

Christian: But last week, that dream of mine... that dream took a bad turn. I guess you could call it a hiccup or something. ‘Cause just when I was about to beat Alberto Del Rio – Jack Swagger turned up and ruined it all.

Heat for Swagger’s actions, and Christian looks around at the Peep Show set.

Christian: Now Jack, I don’t know if you’re just in a bad mood from hanging around Michael Cole too much, or maybe you just wanted to screw me around for the hell of it... but the fact is, I’m not gonna let it slide.

Pop from the crowd as Christian turns to the stage.

Christian: See, I’ve been workin’ for a World Title for too hard and too long to let someone get away with costing me a shot at one, which means it’s about time you came out here and explained yourself.

The crowd buzzes as the camera focuses briefly on the stage, then back to Christian, waiting in the ring. After a few moments, he taps his foot and raises his mic again.

Christian: You’re the special guest on the Peep Show, Jack, so any time you’re ready...

Again, we watch as Christian stares blankly at the stage, until finally...



A big host of booing springs up for Jack Swagger as he appears in his ring gear, face impassive, with a suited-up Michael Cole grinning as he swaggers out alongside him (no pun intended). Cole points down at Christian with a stupid-looking smirk, while Swagger just stares coldly at the man he screwed over last week, and gets a similarly cold glare back in return.

Josh Matthews: Not much remorse on the face of that man, guys.

Matt Striker: Jack Swagger might be one of the most talented in-ring technicians on the SmackDown roster, Josh, but he’s got some issues when it comes to playing by the rules, and that’s putting it lightly.

Booker T: Yeah, Swagga don’t care ‘bout any other dude in the locker room but himself. He just wants success, and if dat means takin’ guys out in the middle of matches, you know he’s gonna go dere, man.

With Cole following him eagerly, Swagger heads down the ramp to the ring, where he takes the steps up to the apron, then takes a moment to stare at Captain Charisma before he swings inside. We cut briefly to the crowd, where a small boy is giving Swagger the thumbs down and booing, before the camera re-focuses to the ring, where Swagger and Cole now stand across from Christian with mics. As before, the All-American American shows no emotion as he engages in a staredown with the Canadian just yards away from him, while Cole grins like a madman, and puts one hand in his jacket pocket. Eventually, Swagger’s music subsides, and he brings up his mic; he doesn’t speak immediately though, just continuing to stare... but in due course...

Jack Swagger: (slowly) I am so sick... of people like you.

Heat from the crowd; Christian mouths “Like me?” with a raised eyebrow.

Jack Swagger: Yeah. People like you, losers like you, tryin’ to claim MY World Title.

Again, the crowd boos loudly, and Christian frowns.

Jack Swagger: Each and every man on this show knows that I am the only guy worth a DAMN when it comes to the next challenger to the World Title... because I am the red-blooded athlete. I am the two-time All-American American. I am the best pure talent in the entire company – but what I am standin’ here with? Nothin’.

Mixed reaction as Swagger scowls at his bare shoulder, then back to Christian.

Jack Swagger: Ever since I lost the World Title last year, I’ve been wanderin’ around aimlessly. Every time I tell somebody I want that title back... no-one takes me seriously. Like my first reign was a flop or somethin’. And lemme tell you somethin’... nothin’ about Jack Swagger is a flop. I’m the best – there – is.

Swagger finally cracks a grin, but the man across from him isn’t smiling. The All-American American begins to relax, and starts to pace around.

Jack Swagger: So when you... you... start paradin’ about the place, sayin’ YOU’RE the next in line to the World Title? What a joke. I can’t think of anybody who deserves it less.

More heat from the Memphis crowd.

Jack Swagger: You remember back on ECW, Christian? Back when ya used to screw me over with exposed turnbuckles and... and leverage pins in our title matches? Remember that?

Christian says nothing, but Swagger smirks.

Jack Swagger: I know you do. And after that, you don’t deserve anything related to that World Title before I do. I still deserve MY shot at gettin’ back somethin’ I’ve been missin’ for a long time. Somethin’ that proves beyond a doubt... that I don’t just look like a winner. I don’t just act like a winner. I – AM – A – WINNER.

Boos as Swagger goes a bit red in the face, and points to himself vigorously.

Jack Swagger: So the reason I did what I did? It’s ‘cause I was just remindin’ these people... who the All-American American is – and who the no-name Canadian livin’ in his friend’s shadow is.

“OHHH!” cries the crowd, and Christian steps forward with a furious look, but before he can say anything, the infuriating voice of Michael Cole steps in...

Michael Cole: I couldn’t have said it better!

Immediate boos for Cole’s involvement.

Michael Cole: Christian, who the hell do you think you’re talkin’ to, anyway? Huh? ‘Cause you’re not showin’ enough respect to a man of Jack Swagger’s stature!

Christian directs his scowl at Cole now.

Michael Cole: You’re lookin’ at a former ECW Champion, a two-time All-American, a former Mr. Money In The Bank... and most importantly, at least he’s been World Heavyweight Champion! Bet ya wish ya knew what that feels like, huh?

More heat as Swagger steps forward to stop Christian advancing on Cole, and the two athletes stare each other down once again... but Cole continues to talk.

Michael Cole: Not to mention the fact he guided me to victory at Wrestlemania!

Josh Matthews groans at ringside.

Michael Cole: So frankly, you’re lucky we even gave you this much of our time... in fact, we’re goin’ to see Teddy Long about a certain World Title shot, so why don’t you run along and watch some hockey, while we arrange a World Title match for someone who actually has talent, okay?

Massive boos from the crowd, and now Christian raises HIS mic to reply.

Christian: Oh no, oh no. That’s just not happenin’, Cole, and I’ll tell ya why.

Christian takes a step back from Swagger, who bares his teeth a little as the Livewire points at him.

Christian: See, you cost me my title shot. Which means we still have a score to settle. That makes sense to you both, right?

Cole frowns, but Swagger just flexes his arms.

Christian: So Jack... why don’t we just clear the ring, and we’ll finish this up right here and now – and then we’ll see who’s the next in line to the World Title... and who’s the no-name here.

Swagger thinks about that for a second, then chuckles and turns to leave.

Christian: Oh, th-sorry. Did I th-stutter?

The crowd laughs as Christian mocks Swagger’s lisp, and suddenly, the All-American American stops in his tracks. He turns back to face Christian once again, and the pair go nose-to-nose, with Swagger spitting “You’re about to fight the phenomenal athlete, buddy...” as the crowd chants Christian’s name...

...UNTIL COLE SLAPS CHRISTIAN IN THE FACE! The crowd roars with disapproval as Christian reels to the side, and Cole immediately drops to the canvas to escape the ring; the Canadian charges at the ropes to try to return the favour, but Cole is up the ramp by now, as the Livewire hurls abuse at him from the ring. Furious, Christian turns back to the ring, where Swagger is suddenly CROUCHING, baring his teeth with a red face – Captain Charisma barely has time to react, because the All-American American launches forward to send Christian up into the air – THEN DOWN AGAIN WITH THE BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!!! The ring shakes with the impact, and Christian clutches at his back in agony... BUT THINGS GO FROM BAD TO WORSE, AS SWAGGER GRABS HIM BY THE LEG, AND APPLIES THE ANKLE LOCK!!!

Voracious boos ring around the arena as Christian roars in pain, and Swagger just YELLS with the adrenaline, furiously twisting the Livewire’s ankle to a horrible angle! Cole laughs as he rolls back into the ring, and talks trash at Christian as he suffers on the mat; Booker T talks about Swagger’s disgusting tactics at ringside, but the All-American American is too busy putting Christian through hell... until finally he lets the Canadian go as he taps, sending him crumpling to the canvas. Swagger leaves, with Cole scurrying after him, and the crowd boos wildly as the All-American American heads up the ramp, not even looking back.


In the ring, the chairs are scattered to the side, and Christian grips his ankle in pain as Swagger and Cole head backstage. We head to ringside, where the announcers look on with concern.

Josh Matthews: Christian came out here looking for answers here tonight; he got them, but he got a bit extra from Jack Swagger, too.

Booker T: Yo, we heard Swagga say dat he wanted a shot at da World Title before Christian, but right now, I don’t think either of dose guys are gonna be in World Title matches until dey’ve slugged it out for real in the ring.

Matt Striker: I’ve got to agree with you there, Booker – if I know Christian, he’s not going to forget this quickly, which means this isn’t over between Jack Swagger and Captain Charisma, not just yet.

A graphic sweeps into view to show Kofi Kingston across from the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett.

Josh Matthews: Well, still to come tonight, Rey Mysterio takes on Ezekiel Jackson for a place in the Intercontinental Title match at Extreme Rules, but feast your eyes on this for our blockbuster main event; a non-title match between the current champion Wade Barrett and the man he took that belt from weeks ago, Kofi Kingston – and don’t forget, if Kofi wins, he gets himself a place in that title match in sixteen days’ time! Don’t go away, we’ve got a big night of action ahead!

As Christian gasps for air on the mat, SmackDown heads to a break.




The crowd boos as the Tron turns red, and we’re greeted by the sight of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, as they make their way out to the stage. Both men stop to raise their belts for a moment, then throw them over their shoulders in unison, and talk some degree of tactics on their way down the ramp. The bell rings.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied by Justin Gabriel... from Pineville, West Virginia, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-two pounds... he is one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions... HEATH – SLATER!

Josh Matthews: Welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown, folks, where Heath Slater is set to go one-on-one with the Big Red Monster, Kane; I don’t envy him one bit, but after The Corre got a big win last week as a unit, Slater might fancy his chances a little bit more.

Booker T: I don’t fancy anybody’s chances against Kane, Josh. He’s one nasty mutha, but like you said... The Corre are on a bit of a roll, so who knows?

Matt Striker: I’ve been following Heath Slater since his time on NXT, and as he’s shown on SmackDown, too, he’s a surprisingly proficient superstar inside the squared circle, guys. He’ll want to get some revenge on Kane for that Chokeslam after the bell last week, too.

Josh Matthews: That said Matt, what does he have to do to beat Kane tonight?

Matt Striker: Well, his first priority would be to keep out of the way of those big strikes, they’re very demoralising and... well, debilitating in a match, but also to bring him down to the canvas; if Kane can’t get momentum going, Slater can try to wear him down.

Slater hits the ring, while Gabriel takes up a position at ringside to cheer him on; backstage, we see Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson watching intently from The Corre’s locker room, before we head back to Slater, who is resting against the turnbuckle. His music dies out, and is quickly replaced with –



A good cheer (as well as a big groan of awe at the pyro) goes up from the crowd in the Pyramid as Kane storms out from behind the wall of flames, looking like he’s ready to crack some skulls as usual. Big Show appears behind him, wearing a small, casual smile, and follows the Big Red Machine down the ramp as Slater mentally prepares himself in the ring.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, accompanied by the Big Show... weighing in at three hundred and twenty-three pounds... KAAAAAAANE!!!

Josh Matthews: Kane and Big Show lost their Wrestlemania Rematch last week when Santino Marella was pinned by Wade Barrett, but tonight, Kane has Heath Slater all to himself; he gave him a Chokeslam last week, and I bet he’d love to do it again, Matt.

Matt Striker: No doubt about it, Josh. Kane’s an imposing figure when he’s coming down the ramp, and even more intimidating when you’re in the ring with him one-on-one... I look forward to seeing how Slater plans to deal with the Big Red Machine.

Booker T: Haw, no-one to tag out to, no-one to help ya. By yourself in a ring with dat man Kane? Makes me glad I’m at the announce desk instead of back in dat ring, dawg.

Kane wanders up the steel steps, then storms over the top rope to face an apprehensive Slater, as Show rests against the apron to watch with a relaxed expression. Slater slowly moves forward as the referee has a word with both men, and after Kane adjusts one of his elbow pads, we’re good to go, as the ring of the bell confirms...

Match 1 – Singles Contest
WWE Tag Team Champion Heath Slater vs Kane

We join the match after about four minutes, with Kane in control; he has Slater pressed up against the corner with an elbow to the face, making Slater suffer for as long as he can before the referee tells him to move away. As he does, we see Slater staggering out of the corner a little, blinking with the pain of the shots he’s taken so far. He gets little respite, however, because Kane turns around, and just blasts him with a monster of an uppercut, sending him collapsing to the mat! Gabriel tries to give Slater some support, but his tag team partner is a bit busy trying to remember where he is, and within seconds, Kane is upon him again, pulling him back to his feet and sending him to the ropes. Slater dizzily rebounds off the other side, but the Big Red Machine bends down too early, giving the Tag Team Champion a chance to deliver a stinging kick to the jaw! Kane reels upwards, stunned, and Slater sees his chance, surprising the big man by going low with the Low-Angle Dropkick from there! Kane hits the canvas as his legs disappear from underneath him, and now Slater leaps for the cover, desperate for the win... 1... 2... but Kane throws him forcefully off!

A resounding cheer goes up as Slater tumbles across the ring, but he’s soon up again, charging rashly at Kane once more... SO THE BIG MAN TAKES HIM IN HIS STRIDE AND DELIVERS THE SIDEWALK SLAM! A groan of awe goes up from the crowd as Slater gets wrecked by that move, and now it’s the Big Red Machine’s turn to cover, with Gabriel yelling “Kick out, kick out!” furiously at ringside... 1... 2... 3-NO! Slater does just that, keeping this contest alive! Both Big Show and Kane look a little surprised by the kickout there, but the latter decides to waste no time, instead pushing himself back up... and heading to the outside! The crowd cheers as Kane looks to liven things up, and as Slater finally wobbles back to his feet, he’s met with a soaring Big Red Machine – WHO WIPES HIM OUT WITH THE FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Kane rolls on impact, then snarls as he hooks a leg, as the crowd counts along... 1... 2... 3-NO! Slater kicks out again!

The camera shows certain members of the crowd with their hands on their heads, and Kane is similarly bewildered; Slater looks dizzy, but he’s still going here, which means Kane has to up his game, it seems. The Big Red Monster takes a deep breath, baring his teeth, then stands up – and raises the arm into the air for the Chokeslam! The crowd gives a big pop for the incoming move, as Slater stumbles conveniently back to his feet, then gets GRIPPED round the throat... but when Kane sends him up, he escapes the grip, then puts him in an inverted facelock from behind – REVERSE DDT! Kane lies still on the mat, with the entire crowd stunned by Slater’s reversal, and at the furious behest of Gabriel nearby, Slater hurriedly leaps across for another cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Kane kicks out this time!

Slater slams his hands into the mat in fury, then grabs the nearest ropes and tugs himself back up. Kane rubs a gloved fist against his hand on the canvas, as Show tries to tell him to get up – eventually, the Big Red Machine manages to force himself to a vertical base, and Slater moves in to continue his offence... BAM! Kane lashes out with a right hand to send the One Man Rock Band stumbling backwards, before he comes back with one of his own – nope! The big man blocks it, then turns around and pulls Slater to a seated position with the Snapmare... before he heads for the ropes – AND LEAPS FORWARD WITH A MONSTROUS DROPKICK TO SLATER’S FACE! The crowd groans with the brutality of that impact, and now Slater lies flat out, though Kane takes a moment to crawl across to the Tag Team Champion’s body for the lateral press... 1... 2... 3-NO!!!

Somehow, some way, Slater kicks out of that, and Kane stares at him with a look of infuriation... before he stands up, teeth bared in anger, and lifts his hand into the air to prepare for the Chokeslam once again! The crowd, still a little shell-shocked from Slater’s kick out, starts to cheer, and Big Show says “YEAH!” as the Tag Team Champion finally staggers back to his feet – CHOKESLAM TIME... NO! Justin Gabriel is up on the apron to distract the big man, who shoves Slater to the side – CRACK! He just LASHES Gabriel off the edge with a stunning uppercut, sending him crashing to the outside floor! A big pop goes up as the South African crumples up in a heap, and Kane points over the ropes at him, snarling something inaudible... BUT SUDDENLY, SLATER PRESSES HIM AGAINST THE ROPES, THEN PULLS HIM DOWN WITH THE ROLL UP... 1... 2... 3!!! SLATER STEALS IT!!!

Result: Heath Slater bts. Kane via pinfall at 8:18


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner... HEATH – SLATER!

Within seconds of the victory bell, the boos roll in, and so does Justin Gabriel, immediately grabbing Slater’s arm and lifting it into the air! No-one can quite believe it, least of all Kane, who just lies motionlessly on the mat, staring at the ceiling as Gabriel and Slater celebrate above him.

Josh Matthews: Justin Gabriel’s distraction – Heath Slater just pinned Kane!

Booker T: What da hell did I just see?

A big grin breaks out on Slater’s face as he realises what he’s just done, but suddenly, the crowd is cheering... because BIG SHOW is in the ring, fists raised, and when Slater turns round to celebrate some more – BAM! SHOW FLATTENS HIM WITH THE KNOCKOUT PUNCH!!! The crowd erupts as Slater goes down like a sack of potatoes, and before Gabriel can react, Show locks that big right hand around his throat... THEN DELIVERS A MIGHTY CHOKESLAM TO THE SOUTH AFRICAN!!! Again, the Memphis crowd goes wild, and things can only escalate... because Kane sits up in his usual fashion, eyes bulging with RAAAAGE!!!

Matt Striker: Uh oh. I don’t like the look in Kane’s eyes...

The Big Red Machine stands up, then looks across to Big Show, who is staring down at the two Tag Team Champions on the canvas... BUT KANE SNAPS, AND STARTS PUTTING THE BOOTS TO SLATER! The crowd has no qualms with the assault, but Show looks at his tag team partner like he’s crazy, saying “What? We already taught ‘em a lesson!” but there’s no stopping Kane, who drags Slater to the corner, and just fires away with those boots, further sending Slater into unconsciousness! Show stands in the middle of the ring, watching incredulously as Kane continues to stomp on Slater’s chest... then drops to the deck and leaves the squared circle. It looks like Kane’s going to leave it there – but no, he reaches under the ring apron suddenly... AND PULLS OUT A TABLE OF ALL THINGS!!! The crowd roars their approval, and Kane slides it under the bottom rope without a second thought, before he follows it in. Show puts up his hands, trying to calm Kane down, even tugging him by the shoulder to have a word... but Kane couldn’t care less, instead bending down to begin setting up the table, keeping an eye on Slater in the corner. Eventually, still ignoring the advice of his tag team partner, the Big Red Monster sets up the table, then begins to move towards Slater to put him through it...

Booker T: I’m seein’ some baaaad things in Heath Slater’s future, guys.

...BUT SUDDENLY, WADE BARRETT AND EZEKIEL JACKSON HIT THE SCENE! Kane and Show look to the ramp in surprise as the remaining two members of The Corre look to get involved, sliding under the bottom rope to take the two big men on! Kane immediately charges at Barrett, but the Englishman ducks the incoming right hand and just DRIVES the Big Red Machine into the corner, then starts firing away with right hands! Show, on the other hand, doesn’t even get a chance – BECAUSE JACKSON TEARS ACROSS THE RING TO TAKE THE WORLD’S LARGEST ATHLETE OFF HIS FEET WITH A DEVASTATING CLOTHESLINE!!! The colossal impact shakes the very foundations of the ring, and Show rolls from the ring limply, collapsing to the outside... Kane manages to shove Barrett away in the corner, then charges furiously at Jackson – BOOM! HE GETS HIS HEAD TAKEN OFF WITH A CLOTHESLINE, TOO! The crowd groans with awe once again, and the two members of The Corre smirk as Kane suffers on the canvas. Barrett looks to the table, then tells Jackson to pick Kane up, which he does – before he sets up for the Book of Ezekiel...

Josh Matthews: Good G-God... he’s gonna p-put Kane through that table!

...but before he can, the crowd comes alive – BECAUSE HERE COME REY MYSTERIO AND KOFI KINGSTON! The two high-flyers, Barrett and Jackson’s opponents later tonight, charge down the ramp to the ring – AND HERE WE GO!!! Kofi darts forward, taking Jackson by surprise with a big Dropkick, sending him tumbling between the ropes to the outside, while Rey leaps on to Barrett, spinning all around the world... THEN SENDING HIM CRASHING DOWN WITH THE HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN! The crowd LOVES that stunning move, and Rey makes title belt motions at Barrett as the Englishman escapes the ring, clutching his back in pain! Rey and Kofi head to the turnbuckles now, taunting Jackson and Barrett, and it looks like that’ll do us nicely...

Josh Matthews: Terrific teamwork from Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston here tonight, and not a moment too soon, either – wait, h-hey!

...BUT WE’VE ALL FORGOTTEN ABOUT CODY RHODES, who sprints down the ramp to the ring, then tugs Rey off the turnbuckle... AND DELIVERS CROSS RHODES TO THE ULTIMATE UNDERDOG! Heavy boos ring around the arena as Rhodes drops Mysterio on his head, and Kingston turns around with a look of horror; Rhodes takes one look at Kofi and immediately makes his exit, yelling “YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME, REY! THERE IT IS!” as he backs slowly up the ramp. Kofi tries to check on Rey, but the Master of the 619 is out cold.

Booker T: Aww, dammit! We shoulda seen dis comin’ from somebody like Cody Rhodes... dat’s just wrong, man, dat’s just wrong.

Kofi stands back up, then takes a look at the table, which has fallen on its side in the commotion... but he’s got other problems, because GABRIEL AND SLATER JUMP HIM FROM BEHIND! Boos erupt from the crowd once again, as the exhausted and lethargic Tag Team Champions fire away with boots to the Ghanaian’s chest and skull... that is, until two GIANT shadows fall across them, and the pairing turn around to see the FURIOUS pairing of BIG SHOW AND KANE!!! Both men look considerably worse for wear than they were earlier, but they’re well enough to inflict some more punishment, as Show demonstrates by pulling a stunned Gabriel up into the GORILLA PRESS... THEN DUMPING HIM TO THE OUTSIDE, CRASHING INTO BARRETT AND JACKSON IN THE PROCESS!!!

A big cheer goes up as The Corre get flattened – or three of them, anyway – before we turn our attention back to Heath Slater, nervously and tiredly standing across from Kane with his fists raised. Show pulls the table back up, and Slater tries to make a break for it... but Kane grabs him by the leg, and YANKS him back to the ring before he can escape! Slater now gets up and tries to fire a right hand, but Kane brushes it aside, and GRIPS HIM ROUND THE THROAT ONE MORE TIME... BEFORE HE SENDS HIM UP – AND BACK DOWN, THROUGH THE TABLE WITH THE CHOKESLAM, STRAIGHT FROM HELL!!! The satisfying ‘crunch’ from the impact has the crowd on their feet, and now Kane and Show help Kofi and Rey back up, before they raise their arms into the air, getting another healthy cheer from the crowd. All four men look a bit worn, but none as worse as the crushed Slater or his stunned Corre compatriots on the outside. Rhodes, meanwhile, watches emotionlessly from the stage, before he heads behind the curtain.

Matt Striker: Absolute anarchy, gentlemen... and that’s only the first match!

Josh Matthews: Indeed, a huge altercation there, and we’ll be seeing these men again tonight; don’t forget, Rey Mysterio will be taking on Ezekiel Jackson, and Kofi Kingston will face the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett, in our main event. We’ll see you after the break!

The four faces play to the crowd through their fatigue, as Barrett and Jackson scowl at their future opponents, and Gabriel just stares at the broken body of Slater... before we now head to a break.



We return to SmackDown to the sight of Michelle McCool and Layla of Team Lay-Cool in the ring, laughing it up and gossiping as they wait. The bell rings.

Tony Chimel: The following is a tag team contest set for one fall! In the ring, the team of Michelle McCool and Layla... TEAM – LAY-COOL!

Josh Matthews: Welcome back to SmackDown, where we witnessed carnage before the break between The Corre and their adversaries – we’ll see more of them later tonight, but for now, let’s turn our attention to the women you see in the ring right now.

Matt Striker: I was impressed with what I saw from Ezekiel Jackson earlier, but I wasn’t impressed with how these two ladies conducted themselves last week...

The TitanTron lights up to show us what happened “LAST WEEK”, with Kelly Kelly congratulating Snooki on her Wrestlemania win – that is, until McCool and Layla show up to throw insults at the pairing, leading to a catfight between the four women. Just when it seems that Lay-Cool are going to give Snooki and Kelly a battering, BETH PHOENIX steps into the shot to clear the airheads off.

We cut back to the arena, where McCool and Layla are scowling up at the screen after reliving Phoenix’s interference last week. Their music subsides, as they shake their heads in disgust...


A decent pop goes up as the imposing figure of the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix, leads out Kelly Kelly, who wears a bright smile on her way out to the stage. Lay-Cool continue to scowl, and Phoenix raises her hands above her head with a sly smirk, before she starts to head for the ring, talking some tactics to Kelly as the blonde hurries down after her.

Tony Chimel: And their opponents, the team of Kelly Kelly, and the Glamazon... BETH – PHOENIX!

Josh Matthews: Beth Phoenix really took out the trash last week, guys, and I have a feeling I’m gonna enjoy seeing her in the ring once again tonight on SmackDown.

Matt Striker: We can’t forget the pure vivacity and exciting in-ring abilities of Kelly Kelly either, Josh, but I’d have to agree... The Glamazon back between the ropes is, no doubt, a positive thing for the women’s division in the WWE.

Booker T: (chuckling) I don’t know how positive it is for Lay-Cool, dawg, but hey, I’m all for Friday nights havin’ a little bit more Beth Phoenix, she’s one fine woman.

Striker shoots Booker a funny look, before we cut back to the ring to see Kelly standing across from Lay-Cool, and Phoenix flips smartly backwards off the turnbuckle before she joins her tag team partner. The pair talk tactics a little bit more, before Beth steps forward to start against a nervous-looking Layla, and the bell chimes to get us started.

Match 2 – Tag Team Contest
Team Lay-Cool vs Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly

When we join the action, Kelly Kelly’s in an awkward position, trapped inside a Camel Clutch from McCool; the referee (“The Pimp” Justin King, of course) asks Kelly if she wants to tap, but despite the pain etched across her face, she tells him emphatically “NO!” which only infuriates McCool more. Kelly’s eyes flicker towards Beth, stretching for the hot tag to relieve Kelly of her responsibility after a minute or two of tough punishment from Lay-Cool. McCool tries to crank up the pressure, but gets frustrated when Kelly refuses to tap, so instead, she clubs her to the deck with a forearm to the back, then just FLINGS her face-first into the mat again by her hair! The crowd groans with the impact, and McCool ignores the referee’s lectures, instead just turning Kelly to her back and hooking a leg... 1... 2... no! Kelly kicks out of it!

McCool looks at Layla with a frown, then pulls Kelly up, before she sends her off to the ropes – BUT KELLY COMES BACK WITH A SURPRISE DROPKICK! It’s not the most well-executed of Dropkicks, admittedly, but it does the job just fine, with McCool tumbling to the ground in surprise, and now a small cheer goes up as Phoenix stretches out for the tag once again... Kelly continues to crawl towards that corner, as McCool shakes out the cobwebs, then spots Layla and manages to tag in the English Diva... BUT KELLY LEAPS TO PROVIDE THE GLAMAZON WITH THE HOT TAG, MAKING THE CROWD COME ALIVE! Layla charges eagerly forward, but Phoenix sends her CRASHING down with a big clothesline, then AGAIN as the English Diva stands up – third time lucky doesn’t do her much better, as Phoenix whips her to the corner... she goes crashing off the buckle, then staggers back into the path of Phoenix – WHO SENDS HER UP WITH THE MILITARY PRESS... THEN LETS HER FREE FALL INTO THE CANVAS FROM UP HIGH!!!

The crowd, suddenly much more into this one, cries out in awe as Layla gets CRUSHED, and Beth lets out a big war cry to try to fire them up further! McCool doesn’t like what she’s seeing on the apron, so she steps into the squared circle – but that’s a BIG mistake, because Phoenix sprints forward to clothesline her straight back over the top rope and out to the floor! Beth is on a TEAR here, and when Layla staggers back up, her attempted slap is just swatted out of the air by the Glamazon, who spins her round and goes to kill things off! Layla is helpless to stop Phoenix here, who clips the English Diva’s arms from behind... THEN SCORES WITH THE GLAM SLAM!!! Kelly Kelly simply watches in awe from the outside, and the crowd gives a resounding cheer as Phoenix rolls Layla’s limp body to her back, and makes the elementary cover... 1... 2... 3! Screw Ezekiel Jackson, we just witnessed DOMINATION from Beth Phoenix!

Result: Beth Phoenix (and partially Kelly Kelly) bt. Team Lay-Cool via pinfall at 4:49


Tony Chimel: Here are your winners... the team of Kelly Kelly, and the Glamazon... BETH – PHOENIX!

Phoenix enjoys a healthy reception from the suitably-impressed crowd as she stands up, and Justin King, after checking out her chest like the pimp he is, raises her arm along with Kelly Kelly’s.

Josh Matthews: (incredulous) Blink and you’ll miss her, guys!

Booker T: Yo, dat was unbelievable! Beth Phoenix wasn’t in da mood for games tonight, and she showed us all why she a former Women’s Champion, aight. Dat’s a big statement right dere.

Matt Striker: The Glamazon is truly a formidable force, gentlemen; she’s back with a bang for sure, picking up a huge win here over Team Lay-Cool, who are no pushovers themselves.

Layla gets tugged out of the ring by McCool, who frantically tries to wake her up, to no avail, while Phoenix and Kelly celebrate their win with the fans...

...and now we head backstage to see Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... Cody Rhodes.

Big heat for Rhodes, who steps into the shot with his hood up over his face, and looking at the floor; we’re only just able to see his face, though he allowed us to see him earlier when he attacked Rey Mysterio...

Todd Grisham: Cody, in just sixteen days’ time, you’ll be one of six men competing for the Intercontinental –

Rhodes brings that train of thought to a sharp end, snatching the mic from Grisham’s hand.

Cody Rhodes: Leave.

Grisham can barely argue with Rhodes, who is still looking at the floor, and he obliges, backing reluctantly out of the shot. Rhodes turns towards the camera, but he continues to tilt his head downwards.

Cody Rhodes: Rey... Rey Mysterio.

Pop from the crowd.

Cody Rhodes: You don’t know how much of a mistake you made when you got involved in my business again... last week. Instead of cut your losses and face the fact you lost to me at Wrestlemania, you keep coming back for more punishment... but oh, I’m happy to oblige there.

The cameraman tries to tilt the camera so we can see Rhodes’ face, but he grips it tight with his spare hand.

Cody Rhodes: Stay where you are.

Pause while Rhodes exhales heavily.

Cody Rhodes: Ever since you bludgeoned my face... my beautiful face... you’ve been cocky, Rey. You thought you could beat me at Wrestlemania. You FAILED.

Heat from this Memphis crowd.

Cody Rhodes: You wanted back in the spotlight, though, didn’t you – REY? I know, I know you did. Just like you wanted to ruin my career by destroying my face... then you tried to make it worse last week.

A momentary laugh from Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes: But I – I didn’t let that happen. I won’t let you ruin me. I won’t let you ruin me.

Rhodes tilts his head up a little, then puts it back down.

Cody Rhodes: I’ll be watching you later. I hope I didn’t hurt your chances of making it to Extreme Rules, Rey, that... that would be a shame. I think you and I in a Hardcore match – I think that’s just perfect for what I have in mind for you. What I want to do to you. How much I wanna pay... you... BACK.

Suddenly, Rhodes throws his head up completely, showing his bulging eyes from behind his transparent mask. He leans forward, letting his face engulf the entire shot.

Cody Rhodes: So if you make it to Tampa in two weeks... I’ll show you again, Rey, just like I showed you earlier tonight, when I dropped you on your HEAD...

Rhodes bares his teeth with anger, then closes his eyes... and opens them once again, furious.

Cody Rhodes: I’ll show you... no-one’s gonna mess with Cody Rhodes... EVER AGAIN.

The camera stays fixed on Rhodes’ enraged expression for just a moment, as the crowd boos in the background.

Cody Rhodes: Now get that camera outta my sight.

With that, Rhodes SHOVES the cameraman to the side, and the camera swerves a little, until we see Rhodes walking away, off down the corridor. We see him throw his black and red hood back up, and from that shot, we fade to a break.


When we return, the bell rings...

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a qualifier for the Intercontinental Championship, Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge at Extreme Rules!


A mild pop goes up as Chris Masters arrives on the stage with a smile on his face, then flexes his muscles suddenly, roaring “BOOM!” out at the crowd. After a moment of posing, the Masterpiece points to the ring, and heads in that exact same direction.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred and sixty-five pounds... the Masterpiece... CHRIS – MASTERS!

Matt Striker: Welcome to the gun show, guys!

Josh Matthews: The what now?

Matt Striker: Just feast your eyes on the muscles on the Masterpiece, Josh! I bet one of his biceps could wrestle a match by itself, that’s how big we’re talking!

Booker T: Chris is pretty ripped aight, but he’s gonna need a whole lot more than just strength to beat his opponent tonight... if he does though, he goin’ to Extreme Rules to challenge for the Intercontinental Title. And I bet he like da sound of dat, dawg.

Masters takes the ring steps up to the ring, then steps inside; he flexes his muscles again to a small pop from the crowd, then waits in the corner for his opponent as his music dies out.



Boos fill the Pyramid as the Tron turns gold, and the Chosen One, Drew McIntyre, walks coldly into view. The Scotsman takes a look around the arena with a disdainful expression, then fixes his eyes on Masters, and begins to stalk down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent... from Ayr, Scotland, weighing in at two hundred and fifty-six pounds... DREW – MCINTYRE!

Josh Matthews: Drew McIntyre told Trent Barreta last week that he didn’t “cut it” when it came to challenging for the Intercontinental Title – now Matt, Trent’s already qualified for that match at Extreme Rules, and if McIntyre wins this match, he’ll join him there.

Matt Striker: I have to disagree that Trent Barreta doesn’t stand a chance at Extreme Rules, Josh, I think he has a real shot, but his job might just become a bit harder if he has to deal with the Sinister Scotsman, too.

Booker T: I’m tellin’ ya, Drew Mac scares the bejesus outta me. Give ‘im half a second in dat ring, and you’ll regret it, man.

McIntyre slowly makes his way to the ring, where he walks up to the apron, and casts a cold glare on Masters before he steps inside to face him. The Masterpiece throws up another muscle-bound pose with a grin, but McIntyre is in no mood for games, ignoring his opponent as he waits for his music to subside. Eventually, it does, and the Scotsman paces up and down his side of the ring, flexing out his hands until the referee finally calls for the bell to kick things off.

Match 3 – Singles Contest – Intercontinental Title Match Qualifier
Chris Masters vs Drew McIntyre

The clock ticks over four minutes as we join the action, with McIntyre choking Masters over the middle rope, using his boot to deprive Masters of air until the referee breaks things up with a count of four. McIntyre walks away, emotionless still, and allows Masters to detach himself from the ropes... that is, before he immediately goes to work again with a series of stomps to the back. Again, the referee has to count the Scotsman off, leaving Masters reeling on the canvas as he tries to find his feet. Finally, he does, but Drew moves in again to continue, pressing him against the ropes before he sends him across the ring... Masters rebounds, but ducks the incoming clothesline, and when McIntyre turns around, Masters delivers the Inverted Atomic Drop! Drew staggers away in pain, but this time, Masters is the one staying on his game, whipping the Scotsman to the corner, then speedily following up – BAM! The Masterpiece crushes his opponent into the buckle with a BIG Corner Splash! The crowd cheers for that, and with McIntyre stumbling out of the corner, shaken, Masters follows sweetly up by bringing him up with the Vertical Suplex hold... then just standing there, showing off his strength as he keeps McIntyre held above him perfectly! After several moments, the crowd cheers for Masters’ showing, while Striker inevitably talks about “the blood going to McIntyre’s head” at ringside, until finally, the Masterpiece brings McIntyre crashing down with the Delayed Vertical Suplex! Another good cheer goes up as McIntyre writhes in pain, and Masters hooks a leg to secure himself an Intercontinental Title shot... 1... 2... 3-NO! The Chosen One kicks out!

A groan of disappointment can be heard from the crowd as Masters stands up with a look of similar dejection, but he decides to continue on, crouching as he waits for McIntyre to rise. Eventually, the Scotsman does, blinking out the pain of Masters’ stint of momentum just then, and the Masterpiece charges forward again – nope, McIntyre ducks the big Polish Hammer coming his way, then grabs him by the head to SLAM him face-first into the top turnbuckle! “OHH!” cries the crowd as the Masterpiece reels backwards, then turns around... AND GETS BLASTED BETWEEN THE EYES WITH A STUNNING BIG BOOT FROM MCINTYRE! Masters collapses after two consecutive nasty shots to the head, and now Drew leaps across him for the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Masters kicks out of it! McIntyre snarls at the referee to claim it was three, but he gets no response other than a shrug from the official, so the Scotsman yanks Masters back up, then hooks the arms for the Future Shock – NO! Masters uses his massive strength to unhook his arms, then suddenly spins round the back to counter with the MASTERLOCK – but he only gets one arm for the Half-Nelson before McIntyre drives him backwards into the nearest turnbuckle to make him release! The crowd groans with disappointment, and quick as a flash, McIntyre turns to pull Masters into the centre of the ring – THEN HOOKS THE ARMS AND HITS THE FUTURE SHOCK THIS TIME AROUND!!! Silence engulfs the Pyramid, and Drew presses a forearm into Masters’ face on the mat, making the cover in the process... 1... 2... 3! McIntyre’s going to Extreme Rules!

Result: Drew McIntyre bts. Chris Masters via pinfall at 6:45


It’s heat for McIntyre as he stands up with that same cold expression on his face, and briefly has his arm raised before he drops to the floor, and leaves the ring – his business is complete.

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner and qualifying for the Six-Pack Challenge at Extreme Rules... DREW – MCINTYRE!

Josh Matthews: Impressive stuff from Drew McIntyre tonight, which means he’s got an Intercontinental Title shot coming his way at Extreme Rules; Matt, could we be looking at the next champion?

Matt Striker: Certainly a possibility, Josh – as you said, we just saw how talented Drew is inside the ring, and in the Hardcore-style match we’ll be seeing in two weeks, I’m sure the Sinister Scotsman will excel.

We cut briefly backstage to see Trent Barreta shaking his head as he watches McIntyre leave, before we go full-screen on the Scotsman as he leaves the steel stage. As Masters rests against the turnbuckle and curses his luck, we once again cut backstage...

...but this time to the office of SmackDown General Manager, Teddy Long, who looks quite pleased with himself as he finishes up a piece of paperwork on his desk. He looks up as someone arrives in the picture, and his smile vanishes.

Teddy Long: Can I help you?

The camera zooms out, revealing the figures of Michael Cole and Jack Swagger as they walk forward; like earlier, Cole is grinning stupidly, but Swagger just stares at the SmackDown GM without emotion, with the crowd loudly booing the pair after what they did earlier on.

Michael Cole: Yeah, ya know, Teddy, ya can. ‘Cause my man Jack here showed ya earlier that he’s the next in line to the World Title by makin’ Christian tap... so why don’t you go on ahead...

Cole grabs a piece of paper from Long’s desk and pushes it in his direction.

Michael Cole: Why don’t ya go ahead and make the World Title match at Extreme Rules... a Triple Threat?

With Long looking up with surprise, Cole throws an arm around Swagger; the All-American American shoots him a look, and he hurriedly withdraws the arm. Long cracks a smirk, and stands up.

Teddy Long: Well, I’d love to do dat, but my hands are tied.

Small pop from the crowd.

Teddy Long: Da thing is, Jack, you’re all signed up for a match at Extreme Rules already, playa.

The crowd cheers wildly for that, and Long crumples up the paper Cole shoved him, then tosses it to the side. Swagger and Cole are stunned, however –

Jack Swagger: What? Against WHO?

Long’s grin widens, and he shrugs.

Teddy Long: Against Christian, dawg.

A BIG cheer goes up from the Memphis crowd, but Swagger is FURIOUS!

Jack Swagger: You gotta be kiddin’ me! Do you KNOW who I am?

Teddy Long: Oh, I don’t wanna hear your whinin’, Jack. But you better listen to me. ‘Cause we’re talkin’ ‘bout the one pay-per-view of da year where everything’s a little bit extreme, right?

Swagger’s eyes are bulging, but he says nothing.

Teddy Long: So, since you made Christian tap earlier, and I bet he’s lookin’ for some payback... it’s gonna be an I QUIT MATCH, PLAYA.

The crowd LOVES that, and Swagger clenches his fists... only to stop himself, and take a deep breath. Baring his teeth, the All-American American turns around, and storms straight out the office, with Cole scurrying after him, crying “Jack! Hey, JACK!” We turn back to see Long, who can’t keep that grin off his face as he sits down, and he relaxes in his chair as we cut elsewhere...

...to see the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson walking down a backstage corridor. Boos rain down from the crowd at the sight of half of The Corre, and Barrett stops Jackson for a moment. The big man stares straight at his Corre comrade, who pats him hard on the shoulder, and says “Do it for The Corre.” Jackson smirks and nods, then turns to walk down the corridor alone, as Barrett watches him in the background. “NEXT” fades into view, and we hear Josh Matthews over the top:

Josh Matthews: Massive bombshell from Teddy Long; it’ll be Christian versus Jack Swagger in an I Quit Match at Extreme Rules, but after the break, we decide another contender to the Intercontinental Title, when that man, Ezekiel Jackson, takes on Rey Mysterio – that’s next, here on SmackDown!

We fade away.


There is a lot the human body can endure.

We see nothing but a black screen, coupled with the sound of a man breathing heavily.

A human can survive a heart attack.

A lightning-quick flashing shot of a man clutching his chest, then back to black.

A human can survive a huge fall.

The darkness is punctuated by the image of someone falling off a ledge, then it returns.

A human can survive an attack from an animal.

A man falls backwards as a dog leaps at him, then the black cuts it off again.

A human can even survive a gunshot.

Two silhouettes across from each other, as one lifts up a gun, and the blackness cuts in as the gunshot rings out. The shot suddenly turns to the image of John Cena screaming in pain in a submission hold, then Edge lying against the turnbuckle, baring his teeth as he suffers.

But with survival... comes pain.

And now Randy Orton, clutching his injured knee on the canvas.

How much pain is a man willing to go through?

Rey Mysterio slumped against the mat, eyes unfocused.

What barriers will a man break to achieve glory?

The Miz gasps for air as he raises his WWE Title above his head.

Which man will be able to survive?

Alberto Del Rio winks to the camera, then The Corre raise their arms in the air.

Which man will truly experience...

Christian looks to the sky in frustration, and Cena roars to the crowd.


CM Punk grins devilishly at the camera, before the ‘EXTREME RULES’ graphic appears, and the video package fades to a close...


The shot fades back in to the Pyramid, where the bell chimes once again.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a qualifier for the Intercontinental Championship, Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge at Extreme Rules!



Again, The Corre’s music elicits boos from the crowd, with Ezekiel Jackson being the man to arrive on this occasion, roaring out at the crowd with a ferocious air as usual. He’s no longer wearing his Corre t-shirt, instead just wearing his red trunks, and he stomps about the stage to let out some adrenaline, before he starts to walk down the ramp, nodding his head to the beat of his music.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first... from Guyana, South America, weighing in at three hundred and nine pounds... EZEKIEL – JACKSON!

Josh Matthews: If you’re not slightly intimidated every time you see Ezekiel Jackson, you’re either not looking at him hard enough, or you’ve taken too many hits to the head.

Booker T: If it’s da second one, most of dose hits probably came from Big Zeke himself, Josh.

Matt Striker: Yup, Ezekiel Jackson is certainly one of the most forceful superstars on SmackDown, guys, and just think about this; if he wins this match and joins Wade Barrett in the Intercontinental Title match at Extreme Rules, then the chances of a member of The Corre leaving with the title... are doubled.

Josh Matthews: He’s been your teacher... Matt Striker, ladies and gentlemen.

We see a brief highlight of Jackson wiping out BOTH Big Show and Kane with big clotheslines earlier tonight, before we cut back to Zeke himself, grinning up at the Tron which just showed it. His music dies down, and he lets out another roar to show off to the crowd, before the boos are turned to cheers...



THAT MIGHT JUST BE THE BIGGEST POP OF THE NIGHT! If it’s not, it’s still pretty huge, as the crowd LOSES IT for the sight of the man they’ve seen once already this evening, Rey Mysterio, as he leaps enthusiastically out to the stage, and charges all about the place, firing up the crowd! Rey Rey heads to one side of the stage to fire off some pyro, then the other, then shakes out his sore neck (see, I haven’t forgotten what happened earlier, neither should you ) and heads for the ring, pressing his head against any kids wearing Rey Mysterio mask on his way.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent... from San Diego, California, weighing in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds... RRRRRRREEEEEY – MYSTERIO!

Josh Matthews: Cody Rhodes surprised Rey Mysterio with Cross Rhodes earlier tonight, but he’s still out here, ready to compete for that Intercontinental Title shot against a man nearly twice his size and weight – I don’t think anything sums up Rey Mysterio quite like that does.

Matt Striker: Couldn’t agree more, Josh. Rey’s trademark perseverance and determination are the defining elements of his character, his personality. He doesn’t stop in the face of adversity, he tries harder and harder to overcome it, and that’s why they call him the Ultimate Underdog.

Booker T: (laughing) Hell, d’ya think he’s da underdog in dis match, Matt?

Matt Striker: I’d probably say so, Book.

Rey slides into the ring, then heads about the turnbuckles, playing to the crowd on all four sides in his usual fashion, then hops off the final one with a grin. That grin vanishes at the sight of Big Zeke, however, who wears a sick smile of his own as he measures his much smaller opponent. Now wouldn’t be a good time to remind you all that Rey pinned Ezekiel at Bragging Rights this past year, so I won’t do that. Anyway, Mysterio’s music dies down, and amidst the “619! 619!” chants that ring around the Pyramid, the referee calls for the bell.

Match Four – Singles Contest – Intercontinental Title Match Qualifier
Ezekiel Jackson vs Rey Mysterio

After maybe six and a half minutes of action between these two, the size advantage of Jackson is clear to see already; Mysterio, after being hit with Cross Rhodes earlier, looks in a bad way, and though he’s lit up the crowd with a few big high-flying moves, he hasn’t really caused Big Zeke much concern. We cut briefly to see Wade Barrett backstage again, now joined by a tired Justin Gabriel, with the Englishman looking particularly pleased with the way things are going. The camera returns us to the ring now, where Jackson has Rey in a seated position in the corner – Big Zeke lays a few boots to Rey’s skull and chest, then takes a few steps back... before he BLASTS Mysterio by charging forward to crush him into the turnbuckle with his knee! A groan goes up around the arena as Rey’s body goes limp a little, and now Jackson throws him (literally) into the middle of the ring and makes a cover... 1... 2... but Rey gets a shoulder up!

Jackson doesn’t look too impressed by Mysterio’s tenacity, but he continues regardless, pulling the high-flyer up with ease and placing him in a Backbreaker Rack – the Torture Rack! Rey SCREAMS in pain as Big Zeke goes to work, shaking him up and down, and the announcers sit in a stunned state at ringside by this brutal submission hold... Rey is in absolute agony, but he just refuses to tap, yelling “No! NO!” as Jackson continues to shake him about the place! Jackson roars with adrenaline, trying to force a submission from the Ultimate Underdog, but after a while of Rey flat out refusing to give in, the big man tries to shake him too much – WHICH ALLOWS REY TO FREE HIS LEGS, THEN SPIN INTO POSITION TO DRILL JACKSON INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE TORNADO DDT!!! Both men lie motionless after that unbelievable counter, with the crowd chanting “619! 619!” at the top of their voices, until finally, when the referee’s count has reached a whole five, Rey crawls slowly across for the weak cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Jackson kicks out!

A big groan goes up as Rey tumbles away from Big Zeke in shock following the kickout, and rests again the ropes, trying to recuperate. Across the ring, Jackson blinks out the cobwebs, then places one of his big hands on the ropes to pull himself up, staggering a little as he realises how much that Tornado DDT shook him up. Nevertheless, he manages to regain himself enough to turn round, to see Rey trying to find his feet – Zeke speeds the process up, however, by grabbing Mysterio around the head, and shoving him across the ring instead of an Irish whip. Rey rebounds, then slides between Big Zeke’s legs, and when Jackson turns around... CRACK! Rey feeds the leg, then unleashes a BIG Enzuigiri to send him tumbling to the deck! The crowd pops for that, but the powerful figure of Jackson scrambles back up, still determined to fight on despite having very little sense of where he is – so Rey smartly finds his way behind the big man, then leaps for a Dropkick, which sends Jackson tumbling forward, over the second rope! A big cheer goes up from the crowd, as Mysterio looks to dial it up, heading for the ropes... BUT JACKSON CATCHES HIM MID-619, THEN TUGS HIM BACK TO THE RING... AND DELIVERS A VICIOUS DOUBLE-HANDED CHOKESLAM!!! The sickening impact leaves Mysterio in a heap on the mat, and the crowd is silenced as Jackson makes the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! MYSTERIO KICKS OUT OF THAT SOMEHOW!

Jackson can’t believe what he’s just seen! The crowd lets loose a big pop, but Big Zeke roars “NO!” and leaps to his feet, shaking the ropes in fury! The referee tries to calm Jackson down, but he’s lost it, clearly infuriated by Rey’s consistent refusal to stay down for the three, and as Mysterio struggles up, Jackson BLASTS him back down with a clubbing blow to the face! Boos ring around the arena now, as Jackson lets out a MONSTROUS roar to the heavens, then flings Rey into a seated position in the corner, and begins to fire away with stomps, over and over again! Mysterio is taking an absolute beating here, as Jackson grips the top rope for some added brutality, and, impervious to the official’s remonstrations, he keeps HAMMERING away with that right boot... until the referee’s count reaches five, and Rey slips into unconsciousness – so the official calls for the bell!

Result: Rey Mysterio bts. Ezekiel Jackson via DQ at 10:02

No music greets Mysterio’s victory – just the sound of Jackson grunting as he fires away with more stomps to Rey’s head, though he’s already beyond feeling it. Backstage, Wade Barrett looks frustrated, while Justin Gabriel frowns, and in the ring, Big Zeke yanks Rey’s body back up, and tugs him to the middle of the ring. Matthews says “C’mon, that’s enough...” at ringside, but there’s no stopping Jackson, who sends Rey up – THEN DRILLS HIM WITH THE BOOK OF EZEKIEL! Heavy boos greet Jackson as he stands above Mysterio’s body, then lets out another HUGE roar of adrenaline, and exits the ring, snarling.

Josh Matthews: Looks like Rey Mysterio qualifies for the Intercontinental Title match in two weeks, but I fear for his health after that attack by Ezekiel Jackson – he really let his emotions run away with him here tonight.

Matt Striker: Undoubtedly, Josh; what was most chilling about it was how Jackson just wanted to make Rey suffer after a certain point, rather than win the match.

Booker T: Uh, I’m speechless, man. I don’t even wanna think ‘bout what I just saw. Dude’s got some issues.

Still growling and grunting, Big Zeke flexes his muscles nonchalantly, then mouths “He had it comin’ to ‘im” at the camera before he heads backstage. In the ring, Rey’s eyes flicker open, and he groans in pain, before we fade away to another break.


We return backstage, where a stunning white Rolls Royce is the focus of the camera’s eye, until we zoom out to see Alberto Del Rio relaxing at the wheel. Boos roll in for Destiny’s Darling, who sighs with a casual smile, and steps out of the beautiful car to stand inches away from a beautiful woman, Rosa Mendes, who holds a clipboard close to her chest. Nearby, Ricardo Rodriguez is all suited up as usual, standing politely behind the pairing, while Brodus Clay leans against the wall, clearly bored. In the background, Michael Tarver walks past in his usual black suit and cool hat, texting his best bro, Brad Pitt – that is, until he stops to check out Rosa Mendes’ ass as Del Rio addresses his new ‘secretary’...

Alberto Del Rio: My beautiful Rrrrrrrrrosa... do we have everything for the fiiiiiiesta?

Boos from the crowd as Rosa grins and checks her clipboard.

Rosa Mendes: I think so, Mr. Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio: Champagne?

She checks the clipboard.

Rosa Mendes: Si.

Alberto Del Rio: Italian or Spanish?

She raises her eyebrows, and Destiny’s Darling chuckles.

Alberto Del Rio: Just checking, senorita.

Rodriguez chuckles in the background, too. Clay makes no movement.

Alberto Del Rio: Is the band ready?

Rosa casually walks round the corner, and beckons someone forward – in response, a full Spanish band arrive, playing guitars, trumpets, etc. Del Rio nods his head with approval, wearing his usual bright grin, and Rosa smiles similarly, as the band bow to Del Rio, then walk out of the shot, stopping playing as they do.

Alberto Del Rio: Oh, do you have the balloons?

Del Rio leans towards Rodriguez.

Alberto Del Rio: Ricardo and I love the balloons.

Del Rio and Rodriguez put on cheesy grins, as Rosa checks the clipboard.

Rosa Mendes: In more than one colour, Alberto.

Alberto’s grin widens.

Alberto Del Rio:FantŠstico. All is set for the most spectacular party in SmackDown history. And where would I be without you as my new secretary, senorita.

She blushes. He puts his arm around her, and paints a (metaphorical) picture in front of them with his hand.

Alberto Del Rio: Tonight is the next step to me... winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

The crowd boos, and Rosa grins. As Del Rio, Mendes and Rodriguez engage in some Spanish conversation (with Clay rolling his eyes at the edge of the shot), Tarver completes his business staring at Rosa’s ass, then heads on his way, texting various celebrities as usual. We fade from there to the arena...


In the ring already stands another superstar with Mexican heritage, Chavo Guerrero, pacing about the squared circle with a definite appetite for competition raging in his eyes. The bell rings, and Chavo throws off his headband, tossing it from the ring.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is set for one fall! In the ring, from El Paso, Texas, weighing in at two hundred and five pounds... CHAVO – GUERRERO!

Chavo gets a few boos and a few cheers from the crowd, but it’s not much, though he barely acknowledges the Memphis fans, instead keeping his eyes locked on the stage.

Josh Matthews: Alberto Del Rio looks all set for his ‘fiesta’ in honour of Edge’s title reign “coming to an end” at Extreme Rules, but let’s turn our attention to a bit more Mexican stylings here on Friday nights, where we’re about to see two superstars with prominent Mexican backgrounds go head-to-head.

Booker T: Awww man, I can’t wait to see this contest, this is gonna be off da chain, man. Chavo Guerrero, nephew of da late, great Eddie Guerrero – dey call ‘im da Mexican Warrior, but after he lost last week, he needs some retribution right ‘bout now, and who better than against a newbie on Friday nights?


A good pop goes up for the mysterious figure of Sin Cara as he appears, throwing off his jacket on the stage. He takes a look around the Pyramid, then begins to sprint down the ramp, where he leaps athletically over the top rope – of course, this elicits a big groan of awe from the crowd, though Chavo couldn’t care less, it seems.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent... from Mexico City, Mexico, weighing in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds... SIIIIIIN – CARA!

Matt Striker: He might be a relative ‘newbie’ on Friday Night SmackDown, Booker, but Sin Cara has a lot of history and heritage from the Mexican scene; he’s no pushover, as he showed impressively last week.

Josh Matthews: Indeed, the loud-mouthed “A-Lister” David Otunga lasted just three minutes with this man last Friday, and it’ll take a veteran performance from Chavo to keep Sin Cara under wraps – a very, very talented superstar to have here on the blue brand.

Booker T: Hell, I was impressed by Sin Cara last week. Dude knows to get it done, no doubt; time for him to prove dat lightnin’ strikes twice, is all.

With both cruiserweights looking eager to get going, the official waits for Sin Cara’s music to fade out, then (under the blue and yellow mood lighting, of course) the bell is rung, signalling the start of this one.

Match Five – Singles Contest
Chavo Guerrero vs Sin Cara

After three minutes of Sin Cara running through his moveset, with a bit of Chavo offence sprinkled about, we join the bout with Chavo gasping for air after taking a big Dropkick to the face. The Mexican Warrior finds his feet, gripping the top rope for support, then sees Cara charging in at him – so he drops to the floor and smartly rolls from the ring! Boos can be heard from the crowd as Chavo says “No, no” under his breath and takes a break... but Sin Cara gives him no respite, scaling to the top rope suddenly – AND LEAPING HEROICALLY TO WIPE CHAVO OUT WITH A MASSIVE PLANCHA TO THE OUTSIDE! The crowd gives a big cheer for that, and the Mexican Idol is immediately back on his feet, throwing up his arms to play to the Memphis fans; after that, he sends Chavo reeling with a stinging kick to the ribs, before he tugs him slowly back to his feet, and throws him towards the ring. Guerrero rolls under the bottom rope, then stands up rashly, gripping his abdomen with a pained expression – Cara follows him in, and tries to whip him to the ropes... but Chavo sets his feet and sends Cara off himself. Guerrero bends over, looking for the Back Body Drop, but Sin Cara goes over the top with the SUNSET FLIP... DOWN GOES CHAVO, COVER... 1... 2... 3-NO! Chavo kicks out!

Sin Cara rolls backwards following the kickout, while Chavo leaps to his feet, albeit dizzily, and the two go for each other again – but Guerrero surprises the Mexican Idol with a kick to the gut, then delivers a Suplex! Chavo rolls on impact, bringing Cara back up with him, before he connects with a second Suplex... and then he rolls again, ready to complete the Three Amigos – and he does! The third Suplex leaves Cara lying still, and now Chavo finally makes a cover... 1... 2... but that’s all it’s worth, as Sin Cara kicks out of it! Guerrero looks annoyed, and watches the Mexican Idol as he struggles back up – Chavo rises to meet him with a Knife Edge Chop (“WOOO!” cries the crowd), then presses him into the corner. Guerrero fires away with a few more chops, then tries to send Cara across the ring... BUT CARA TUGS HIMSELF BACK AT CHAVO, THEN LEAPS UP TO BRING THE MEXICAN WARRIOR TO EARTH WITH THE HURRICANRANA! The crowd pops, and Cara grips a back leg to secure the pinfall... 1... 2... 3-NO! Chavo kicks out again!

The crowd sighs, and again, Cara rolls backwards and up to his feet. Chavo looks thoroughly shaken, and forces himself to a vertical base too, staggering a little. He turns around to see Cara, who blasts him with a kick to the gut, then one to the side. Guerrero gasps with each shot, bending over in the process; Sin Cara heads for the ropes again, but Chavo surprises him with a Monkey Flip on the rebound! Cara goes flying overhead, then hits the deck, as Guerrero sees his chance, and immediately heads to the outside, then up top! A mixed reaction goes up from the crowd as Chavo prepares for the Frog Splash... but wait, because Sin Cara rolls to his feet again, and scales the turnbuckle to join Chavo up high! The Mexican Warrior tries to fire a right hand, but the Mexican Idol blocks it, then attempts the Super C4... NO, BECAUSE CHAVO SENDS CARA FLIPPING OFF WITH A SHOVE TO THE CHEST... BUT THE MEXICAN IDOL LANDS ON HIS FEET! The crowd groans in awe at that, but Chavo wastes no time in leaping off with the Missile Dropkick... DUCKED BY SIN CARA! Chavo crashes and burns, but foolishly, he staggers back to his feet one more time... so Sin Cara charges for the ropes, and leaps up – THEN SPINS ALL AROUND THE WORLD ON CHAVO, BEFORE BRINGING HIM CRUNCHING DOWN WITH THE ARMBAR TO COMPLETE LA MISTICA, JUST LIKE LAST WEEK AGAINST OTUNGA!!! Chavo absolutely ROARS with pain as Sin Cara wrenches away the arm, until shortly, CHAVO GIVES IN!!!

Result: Sin Cara bts. Chavo Guerrero via submission at 6:13


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner as the result of a submission... SIN – CARA!

Josh Matthews: Sin Cara wins again here on SmackDown, which means things are looking good for the Mexican Idol, wouldn’t you say, Matt?

Matt Striker: Certainly a great start to his WWE career, Josh; he’s two and zero, so we’ll see how things go for him from here. We just witnessed another star performance from a star performer.

Booker T: If I was in the SmackDown locker room back dere, I’d be takin’ a good look at Sin Cara, guys. This man really knows what he doin’, no two ways ‘bout it. Future’s bright, man, future’s bright.

In the ring, Sin Cara has his arm raised, then celebrates with the cheering crowd, as we fade away (rather abruptly) to a break.


And now, it’s time for RAW REBOUND!!!

“How about a little bit... of PICK – YOUR – POISON?”

The video package opens with the new Raw GM, Jerry Lawler, telling The Miz that he’ll be picking an opponent for John Cena, and vice versa – we then skip to Miz’s match against Cena’s choice, Randy Orton. After several near-falls, it looks like Orton is set to strike with the RKO, but CM Punk distracts the Viper, allowing Miz to capitalise with the Skull-Crushing Finale for the win. In the main event, the WWE Champion makes Cena run the Gauntlet; Miz’s Extreme Rules opponent beats Ted DiBiase and The Great Khali, but the third man is Miz himself, hitting the Skull-Crushing Finale before Cena can react, and pinning him to the canvas. The Miz celebrates his two-victory night, but suddenly, TRIPLE H returns in a blaze of glory, hitting Alex Riley with a Double A Spinebuster and subsequent Pedigree, thoroughly shaking up the main event scene on Raw in the process. Raw Rebound ends as Tripper stares at The Miz, who retreats up the ramp...


And now we’re back on SmackDown, where it’s MAIN EVENT TIME, and the bell chimes.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a qualifier for the Intercontinental Championship, Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge at Extreme Rules!

A pop goes up, but before anyone can get too excited, the stage turns red again...



For the third time tonight, The Corre’s music hits, and the inevitable boos rain in from the crowd at the sight of the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett, who walks out all alone, with his belt over his shoulder. The Englishman, still wearing his Corre t-shirt, surveys the arena, then begins to walk down the ramp, keeping that same contemptuous expression on his face as always.

Tony Chimel: Making his way to the ring, from Manchester, England, weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds... he is the Intercontinental Champion... WADE – BARRETT!

Josh Matthews: Wade Barrett has seen his fellow members of The Corre win one out of two here tonight; Heath Slater defeated Kane in a shock result, Matt, but then Ezekiel Jackson got himself disqualified against Rey Mysterio... how must Barrett be feeling right now?

Matt Striker: Indeed Josh, it’s been a mixed night for The Corre. I can only assume he feels frustrated, going by the look on his face, plus the fact that he’s seen two capable competitors added to the list of his Extreme Rules challengers tonight.

Booker T: Y’think Drew Mac and Rey Mysterio are bad, Matt? If Wade loses here, he gotta deal with Kofi Kingston at Extreme Rules, too, and I’m-a tell you – Kofi wants dat title back real bad, man. Real bad.

Barrett steps into the ring, then lifts his title up high with a cold smirk. He hands it briefly to the referee and takes off his shirt, before he tosses it over the top rope and takes back his precious belt. From there, the Englishman rests against the corner and waits, staring into the title strap until the stage turns green, and his attention is diverted.



A big pop goes up from the crowd, especially the younger members of the audience, as Kofi Kingston’s music hits, and the Ghanaian leaps out on to the stage with a grin. Wearing a bright green t-shirt, Kofi takes a quick look around, then invites the crowd to join in as he slams his hands together three times, unleashing three separate bursts of pyro... before he LEAPS through the air to set off one more explosion behind him. It’s undoubtedly impressive, though Barrett doesn’t think so, instead just flexing out his hands, ready to use for a good bout of punching.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, from Ghana, West Africa, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-one pounds... KOFI – KINGSTON!

Josh Matthews: Kofi Kingston was another man who lost to The Corre in that Wrestlemania Rematch last week, but you heard it from the horse’s mouth; “next week, Wade” he said, and seven days on, Kofi gets his hands on Wade Barrett once again.

Booker T: Damn right, my man Kofi’s got some business to settle wit Wade Barrett after he and da Corre stole that Intercontinental Title from him a month back... and if he wins, he gettin’ himself another shot at dat belt. S’gonna be one hell of a main event, man.

Kofi charges down the ramp to the ring, where he jogs up the ring steps and springs over the top rope. Barrett steps forward menacingly, but the referee stops him from going further; Kofi plays to the crowd for a moment, then his music dies down, and he stands across from the Intercontinental Champion, fully ready for this contest. The referee has a word with both men, then calls for the bell.

Main Event – Singles Contest – Intercontinental Title Match Qualifier
Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston

We join the bout eight minutes in, with Kofi trapped in the corner by Barrett’s pure presence; the Englishman has all the time and space he needs to pick away with a few shots, both left and right-handed, before he takes a few steps back, shaking out his hands. Kofi tries to recover, wincing, but Barrett goes hurtling back in again, delivering a crunching Corner Clothesline! The crowd groans as Kofi goes staggering weakly out of the corner, and Barrett, moving to the side to let Kingston suffer for a moment, then charges in – AND BLASTS KOFI IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD WITH A VICIOUS BIG BOOT! Kingston crumples like a box of tissues to the deck, and Barrett, baring his teeth a little, presses his forearm into Kofi’s face for the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Kofi kicks out! Barrett turns to look at the official with a look of disbelief, then gets up, with Kingston struggling back up, too – Barrett immediately goes to the ropes, but Kofi sweeps to the floor to let the Englishman run over him, then leapfrogs him on the rebound... then sends him to the floor on the third meeting with a big two-handed strike to the throat! Barrett wobbles up again – so Kofi strikes with that again, and when the Englishman forces himself back to a vertical base one more time... KOFI LEAPS TO WIPE HIM OUT WITH A DROPKICK! The crowd cheers for Kingston’s athleticism, and the Ghanaian scrambles into the cover to secure himself that title shot... 1... 2... 3-NO! Barrett shoves Kofi off him to deny him the win!

Both men get back up, and Kofi swings with a big kick, but Barrett ducks under it, then raises his fists to aim some well-placed shots to the Ghanaian’s jaw. A few of those strikes has Kingston stumbling backwards, all the way to the corner, so Barrett charges in again – but Kofi sweeps himself between the ropes to dodge, and as Barrett hits the corner, he gets BLASTED in the face by the Pendulum Kick from Kingston! The crowd cheers as the Intercontinental Champion staggers away, holding his face, and now Kofi heads to the outside; from there, he clambers up to the top turnbuckle, then soars off with the DIVING CROSSBODY when Barrett turns around... IT CONNECTS – BUT BARRETT ROLLS THROUGH, PINNING KINGSTON TO THE DECK AGAIN... 1... 2... 3-NO! Kofi kicks out of it! Again, the crowd lights up at the sight of Kofi keeping this one alive, and Barrett gets to his feet, sighing with frustration. He tries to force his opponent to his feet, but Kofi shoves him away, then leaps up for a Senton – no, Barrett ducks under it, then grabs a surprised Kingston round the chest... AND DELIVERS THE BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! The impact has the crowd groaning in awe, and Barrett wastes no time hooking a leg as he connects... 1... 2... 3-NO! Kingston just won’t stay down!

Barrett sits up after that, and bares his teeth; backstage, we see Justin Gabriel holding his neck and Ezekiel Jackson standing with his arms folded as they watch their Corre compatriot, before we head back to Barrett as he stands up. He flexes his arms out, then waits as an exhausted Kofi Kingston tries to find his feet. Eventually, the Ghanaian gets up, and turns to face Barrett, who picks him up for the WASTELAND... NO!!! Kofi struggles, then escapes out the back – Barrett turns around... AND KOFI HOOKS HIM UP TO DELIVER THE SOS, RIGHT INTO THE PINNING PREDICAMENT TOO... 1... 2... 3-NO!!! Barrett kicks out this time! Both men roll across the ring now, before pushing themselves up as the adrenaline rushes through them both – they go charging in, but Barrett is quicker on the draw, delivering a BIG clothesline to scramble Kofi’s brains! Barrett barely takes any time to gloat, yanking Kingston back up so he can pull him up into the Fireman’s Carry again – WASTELAND INCOMING FROM THE ENGLISHMAN...


The crowd ERUPTS suddenly, and through the darkness, we hear only the excited cheers of the fans and the confused cries of the commentators... until the lights come emphatically back ON, to the sight of Barrett, wearing the most confused expression he can muster! The Englishman takes a frantic look around the arena, as if he’d seen a ghost, but the distraction has given Kofi all the time he needs to recover, meaning he’s set, crouching in the corner, ready to strike! Eventually, still stunned, Barrett remembers there’s a match to be won, and turns round to face Kingston... BUT HE GETS DROPPED WITH TROUBLE IN PARADISE FROM THE GHANIAN BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE CAN HAPPEN!!! The crowd goes WILD yet again, and now Kofi looks to put this away, hooking both legs for safety as the official drops for the count... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: Kofi Kingston bts. Wade Barrett via pinfall at 12:25


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, and qualifying for the Six-Pack Challenge at Extreme Rules... KOFI – KINGSTON!

The crowd pops loudly for Kofi as he leaps to his feet, grinning broadly as the official raises his arm into the air. At ringside, Booker is nodding and applauding, but in the ring, Barrett looks stunned; the Englishman crawls to the corner and holds his head in pain, slumped against the bottom buckle. Kofi, meanwhile, leaps up a different turnbuckle to celebrate with the crowd, slapping his hands together once again to get the crowd going.

Josh Matthews: D-did anyone else see what just happened?

Booker T: Damn, what a time for the power to go out, huh? Wade Barrett was just about to win, too! Dat’s some bad luck right dere, but hey, looks like Kofi’s got himself an Intercontinental Title shot!

Matt Striker: I suspect it was a bit more than a coincidence, Booker; just look at Wade Barrett’s expression. He knows something was amiss there, and he’s not going to let that one go, I think we can assume that much.

Josh Matthews: Well, Kofi Kingston’s going to Extreme Rules, regardless of the intriguing events we just saw here on SmackDown, but one thing’s for sure – we have our six men who’ll be going at it for the Intercontinental Championship in two weeks’ time, and that’s not all we have to find out tonight, either. After the break, Alberto Del Rio’s ‘fiesta’ – we’ll see you in a moment.

Kofi hits the floor and rolls from the ring, still celebrating, as we see Gabriel and Jackson frowning in confusion backstage, and Barrett looks absolutely stunned. From the Englishman’s incredulous expression as he slumps against the corner, we fade away one more time.


When SmackDown returns, the ring is laid out with a bright, red carpet, including a large table covered with drinks and appetisers; in the background of the shot, that same Mexican band we saw earlier stands, all playing an acoustic version of *REALEZA* for our enjoyment. Balloons and streamers cover the turnbuckles and ring ropes, respectively, and it looks like we’re all kitted out for a party, as Ricardo Rodriguez stands in the middle of the ring, smirking as he prepares to make an introduction.

Ricardo Rodriguez:SeŮorasyseŮores,siťntateycŠllate.UstedestŠa punto depresenciarunhombre magnŪfico.Esqueridadel destino.…l eselprůximoCampeůn Mundial Peso Pesado.…l eselhombre al quetodosdeseamosquepodrŪa ser.Provenientes delospaŪsesdela gloria,Mťxico,por favor, pagarsusaspectos.…les...ALBERTOOOOOOOOOOO-DELRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOO!!!

With that, the band kicks up into high gear, and the crowd boos as that gorgeous white Rolls Royce pulls into view, with Alberto Del Rio honking the horn with a satisfied grin. In the passenger seat sits Rosa Mendes, who waits for Del Rio to hit the brakes before she exits the car. Destiny’s Darling does likewise, still smirking as he bounces to the tune that the band is laying before him, and takes Rosa’s hand to lead her down the ramp; in the background, the hulking figure of Brodus Clay walks out on to the stage, scowling.

Josh Matthews: In just sixteen days’ time, Alberto Del Rio will face Edge for the World Heavyweight Title, and he got a huge helping hand towards that goal last week, Matt.

Matt Striker: Absolutely, Josh; Jack Swagger’s desire for ‘vengeance’ on Christian led to Del Rio scoring the pinfall which booked him that World Title match. We all know how much the self-proclaimed “Destiny’s Darling” claims he should have won the title at Wrestlemania, but he gets a second bite of the cherry, however ill-gotten, in Tampa in just over two weeks’ time.

Booker T: Alberto’s a talented kid, aight, but I still see a lotta room for improvement, guys. I mean, he couldn’t get it done at the Biggest Stage of ‘Em All, naw he’s gotta be at a whole different level to beat Edge, ‘cause he’s a veteran of da game – he ain’t just lie down for him, y’know? Del Rio’s gotta grab himself a whole new mindset, a whole new attitude, if he wants to be a World Champion.

Del Rio helps Mendes up to the ring apron, and she steps in to join Rodriguez; Clay waits for Del Rio to take the ring steps up to the ring, before he does likewise. Del Rio takes a mic from Rodriguez, then waits for his associates to take their positions – Rosa stands to the side of him, while Clay folds his arms and stands with a bored expression behind the Mexican Aristocrat. Rodriguez tells the band to stop playing, so they do, leaving us with just the boos of the crowd as Del Rio, dressed in a silver suit with that towel over his neck, winds up...


“BOOOO!” comes the reply from the crowd, as Rodriguez nods his head with a smirk in the background. Del Rio raises a finger to point slyly at the Memphis fans.

Alberto Del Rio: But you... you already know that.

Del Rio just can’t keep that grin off his face.

Alberto Del Rio: In Mexico, I love a good fiiiiiiesta. It... helps me relax.

Del Rio closes his eyes to enjoy the atmosphere, then opens them and takes a look around.

Alberto Del Rio: So, I brought a special fiesta, right here to SmackDown, so you can all enjoy it with me. There’s just one... little problem. Because you see, we shouldn’t be celebrating the end of Edge’s title reign in two weeks, oh-ho-ho no.

Pause as the Mexican Aristocrat’s eyes flicker around the Pyramid.

Alberto Del Rio: No, we should be having dis fiesta in honour of Edge’s title reign ending – at Wrestlemania.

Boos from the crowd.

Alberto Del Rio: Everyone here knows... you all know that Edge and his little friend (he SPITS this out) Christian screwed me over at Wrestlemania Twenty-Seven. Right now, I should be your... World Heavyweight Champion.

Del Rio bares his teeth in anger for a moment, with the camera zooming in on his face; this is the kind of spurt of anger which he showed last week in his attack on Edge, but just like he did last Friday, he pulls himself together and puts on a smile.

Alberto Del Rio: But, ah... let’s not get caught up with the past, huh? Let’s just revel in what we have tonight. We can all relish that we are living in the last few weeks of Edge’s stranglehold on the World Title.

Rodriguez and Rosa grin as Del Rio does.

Alberto Del Rio: Soon. At Extreme Rules, destiny is finally fulfilled. You can try to stop it all you want, Edge, you can delay it... but only for so long, amigo. Wrestlemania was your last stand – Extreme Rules? Your luck runs OUT, peso.

Heat for Destiny’s Darling, who adjusts the towel over his shoulders, then continues.

Alberto Del Rio: But... where are my manners. I am not alone in my... quest for my destiny.

Del Rio turns to Mendes, smiling immediately at the sight of her.

Alberto Del Rio: My beautiful Rrrrrrrosa Mendes... my new secretary.

Mild heat as Rosa smiles broadly, and Del Rio turns to smirk at Rodriguez.

Alberto Del Rio: My personal ring announcer, my amigo – Ricardo Rodriguez.

Ricardo grins devilishly, and nods slowly. Del Rio pats him on the shoulder, then steadily makes his way to the back of the ring, where Clay is standing in front of the band, clearly uninterested.

Alberto Del Rio: Oh, and who could forget... my protťgť, Brrrrrrrodus Clay!

The crowd boos slightly at the sight of Clay, who says nothing. Del Rio pats him on the shoulder too, then walks back to the forefront of the audience’s view.

Alberto Del Rio: Together, we make the Alberto Administration. A classy name for a classy group, no?

Grinning, Del Rio turns back and points to one of the trumpeters.

Alberto Del Rio: I’ve got an idea. You, you there. Amigo.

The trumpeter looks around in surprise momentarily, then nods. Del Rio beckons him over.

Alberto Del Rio: Come here, let’s try something.

Shrugging, the trumpeter (complete with sombrero and moustache for the complete clichť) steps forward, and awaits instruction from Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio: Okay, here’s what I want you to do for me. Whenever I say the words “Alberto Administration”... no, when anyone says it, I want you to play a little tune for me. Can you do that?

The trumpeter shrugs again, then brings the trumpet up for a short “DAH-DAAAAH DAH-DAH DAH-DAH-DAH!” which brings a small mixed reaction from the crowd. Del Rio purses his lips, then nods with an expression which seems to show that he’s impressed.

Alberto Del Rio: Excellent. Let’s try dis... The Alberto Administration!

“DAH-DAAAAH DAH-DAH DAH-DAH-DAH!” Del Rio grins again.

Alberto Del Rio: Gracias. Now, I think we’ve got it all... de muscle, de music, de beautiful lady, de announcer, and finally... me, Alberto Del Rio.

Boos from the crowd again, as Del Rio smirks, and brings his right hand to his lips to toast the scene of excellence in front of him with a kiss. After that, he brings the mic up again, and turns to face the crowd.

Alberto Del Rio: Isn’t it a... beautiful sight? To see everything laid out so perfectly, for a perfect man.

Again, Del Rio smirks as the crowd boos.

Alberto Del Rio: In fact, it’s sort of... fitting, that tonight I speak from a place called – the Pyramid.

Cheap pop from the Memphis fans.

Alberto Del Rio: A little... history lesson for you all. See, thousands and thousands of years ago, in Egypt, de slaves built the Pyramids for the Pharaoh... and now, here in de year two thousand and eleven, I am the Pharaoh. And everyone else in dat locker room back dere... dey are mine to command. I am... I am the oracle.

Big heat for Del Rio’s arrogance now.

Alberto Del Rio: So just like everyone worshipped the Pharaoh back then, the King of the Pyramids... I am the King of the Pyramid here tonight!

Del Rio’s face lights up, and he can’t hold back a shit-eating grin yet again in spite of the crowd’s booing.

Alberto Del Rio: Each and every one of you, you should all be worshipping me and my Alberto Administration...


Alberto Del Rio: And one more person who should come out and worship me... is EDGE.

Big heat for that.

Alberto Del Rio: Dat’s right, amigo. I want you to drag yourself, drag whatever scraps I left of you last week, down to dis ring... and recognise that your hold on dat World Heavyweight Championship... is getting very, very loose, my friend.

Del Rio smirks, and then there is silence. The Mexican Aristocrat turns around and looks at Rodriguez, who shrugs, before he turns back to face the stage with a grin.

Alberto Del Rio: You think I can’t wait, Edge? Huh? You think I’ll get bored? I have everything I could possibly need down here... dis is the greatest fiiiiiiiesta SmackDown has ever seen!

With the crowd booing again, Del Rio turns to the table and picks up a glass of champagne. He hands it to Rosa, then another to Ricardo, then another to his new trumpeter friend, then another to Clay – who begrudgingly takes it – before he picks up a glass for himself and invites the band to take one each. After the band have politely taken a glass per person, Del Rio swirls the drink around, before he takes an educated sniff, and tastes it. After a moment, he smiles, and mouths “It’s good” to Ricardo, then brings up the mic again.

Alberto Del Rio: Well, if you don’t want to join us, Edge, I think we’ll be okay. In fact...

Del Rio raises his glass.

Alberto Del Rio: A toast. To de beginning of a new... a new era for SmackDown. An era of new talent – namely, Alberto Del Rio. To de end of Edge’s time as champion... and de completion of my destiny.

“VIVA ALBERTO!” cries Rodriguez.

Alberto Del Rio: Let us drink; to the true... champion. Viva Alberto!

With the crowd giving him hell, Del Rio brings his glass up to lips to drink, as does everyone else in the ring...



THE PYRAMID GOES ABSOLUTELY WILD!!! Del Rio slowly brings his glass down from his lips, smirking darkly under the now-flashing lights, and Rodriguez actually SPITS his champagne out in horror as the music kicks off dramatically. With the crowd rocking, the smoke shoots up from the stage, and eventually, a man steps through, seemingly healed from last week – of course, it’s the World Heavyweight Champion, EDGE, who runs a hand through his hair, then smirks from behind his shades. Del Rio stands motionless in the ring, just staring at the Rated R Superstar; the man himself walks forward, then stops at the top of the ramp, and throws his arms into the air, unleashing a fantastic plethora of fireworks behind him. The crowd loves that, and now, clad in a Edge t-shirt over jeans and with his World Title over his shoulder, the Ultimate Opportunist begins to walk down the ramp, casually slapping the hands of the excited fans nearby.

Josh Matthews: Anyone who doubted Edge’s tenacity, his heart, his desire – anyone who said Alberto Del Rio might have Edge’s number after he left him on the brink of injury last week... they just have to look at how comfortable he looks walking down that ramp. He’s back, guys.

Matt Striker: Ah, this is the kind of excitement the Rated R Superstar always brings, Josh. Just when ya think he’s gonna let Del Rio make his toast and run his mouth, he comes right out here and shows him – Del Rio’s attack only kept him down for so long. Edge always comes back to put things right, and that means we’re about to have a showdown, future opponent to future opponent.

Booker T: Maaaan, this just tops off my night, dawg. I’ve seen a lotta stuff tonight to get me excited, but Edge up and walkin’ has got to be my personal favourite. I’m just gonna enjoy dis moment when Alberto isn’t talkin’, too.

Edge strolls up to the ring now, wandering up the steps to the apron before he swings inside. Only the front, ramp-side turnbuckle is really ‘free’, so the Rated R Superstar uses that to hit the second rope, and removes the balloons before he throws up his usual rock-star pose to the fans, who give him another big cheer. Eventually, he hops down, making sure his title belt stays on his shoulder, and grabs a mic from ringside as his music dies down. “EDGE! EDGE!” chants fill the silence immediately, and the World Champion nods with a small smirk, before he inspects the scene of the fiesta in front of him; Del Rio stands at the front of the Administration, with Rodriguez and Mendes hovering behind him, while Clay remains in front of the band, not at all intimidated by Edge’s presence. Pursing his lips, Edge raises his shades off his face, resting them on his head, then steps forward and grabs a glass of champagne off the table; he gets a few laughs as he sniffs it, then has a small swig... and throws it to the side. Del Rio’s eyes bulge for a moment, then he composes himself and folds his arms.

Edge: Gee, this is a nice, er, shindig you got yourself here, Alberto... wait, am I underdressed?

The World Champion looks down at his t-shirt with mock concern, then takes his glasses off his head and puts them in his pocket, smirking.

Edge: Damn, I’m sorry. Must have missed the dress code part on my invite... I know it’s around here somewhere...

The crowd laughs a little as Edge frantically pats himself down, trying to find the invite, then gives up abruptly.

Edge: You know what? Screw the formalities, let’s just enjoy the – er, what did you call it?

Del Rio isn’t impressed.

Alberto Del Rio: The fiesta...

Edge: (cutting across) The fiesta! That was it. It was on the tip of my tongue and all. But hey, as exciting... as exciting as this all is, I have something else we can all get excited about. Y’know, something we can all look forward to.

Edge looks around briefly, then takes a step towards Del Rio.

Edge: In fact... you wanna guess what it is, Alberto?

Del Rio chuckles.

Alberto Del Rio: You bowing down to me, amigo?

Heat as Edge thinks hard about that one.

Edge: Close, but that’s not quite what I was thinking. No, the actual answer was you – getting Speared – by ME, at Extreme Rules.

BIG cheer for that concept, and Del Rio scowls.

Edge: Yeah. ‘Cause you attacked me from behind last week... you go to all this effort to make a ‘fiesta’ about a win you haven’t got yet this week... now, I’m startin’ to think you just need help to beat me. A lot of help.

Pop as the crowd gets behind the Rated R Superstar again.

Edge: You seem kinda stressed out by all this, man. I think it’s getting to you. I think the fact you can’t beat me without a team behind you and a little band to play your song... I think that fact just makes you wanna go back to Mexico and work as a fruit vendor, right?

Laughter from the crowd, as Del Rio shakes his head with a nervous smile, shrugging off Edge’s claims. The World Champion opens his eyes wide with mock fear again, and gestures with his free hand as he talks.

Edge: And I mean, it’s not like your entire act hasn’t been done before, either. I mean... look at JBL.

Again, a mix of laughter and cheers go up at Del Rio’s expense; the Mexican Aristocrat rolls his eyes, but you can see he’s getting frustrated.

Edge: ‘Cause if you think about it – he had the expensive car, the stupid accent, the (using air quotes) “secretary”, the whole ‘rich dude’ persona... hell, he even had a towel round his neck like you do.

Del Rio touches his towel, then looks back to Edge with a tired frown.

Edge: And you know, he even had this thing... I think he called it – the Cabinet, or something?

Small pop from those who see where he’s going. The Rated R Superstar blinks deliberately.

Edge: It’s – it’s like looking at his twin brother. His twin, Mexican, brother. Thing is, though, JBL’s Cabinet didn’t keep him all that safe... and trust me – if I wanna Spear you? No Administration is gonna stop me, Alberto.

Big cheer for that. The trumpeter steps forward for that tune, but Edge points to him abruptly.

Edge: Seriously, if you play one note on that thing, it’s goin’ where the sun don’t shine. Got it?

Again, the crowd cheers their approval, and the trumpeter steps back, humbled. Del Rio, however, has had enough, and he raises his mic.

Alberto Del Rio: No, no, no, no. Y’see amigo, you don’t even have a clue what you’re up against. I assure you... at Extreme Rules, all your childish comparisons, your little jokes? Dey’ll mean NOTHING. The only thing you’ll be saying... is “I – TAP – OUT.”

Ferocious heat from the crowd.

Alberto Del Rio: You don’t threaten my Alberto Administration. You don’t –

Del Rio stops, then looks to the trumpeter with a frown.

Alberto Del Rio: (angrily) Play de tune!

The trumpeter takes a nervous glance at Edge, then does a quiet “DAH-DAAAAH DAH-DAH DAH-DAH-DAH...” to no-one in particular. Still displeased, Del Rio continues.

Alberto Del Rio: No. Dis is not how de fiesta is supposed to go, Edge. Dis is about your World Title reign coming to an end, not you making a mockery of what I have created. So either pay your respects to de next World Heavyweight Champion – or get out of my ring, amigo.

The crowd boos, but Edge folds his arms.

Alberto Del Rio: Or how about a third option, huh? How about the Alberto Administration –

“DAH-DAAAAH DAH-DAH DAH-DAH-DAH!” squeals the trumpeter bravely.

Alberto Del Rio: - how about we give you a little taster of how we might just even de score at Extreme Rules? You screw me at Wrestlemania, maybe we should screw you in two weeks, peso. Maybe de only way to get the rightful champion around here... is to take the law into our own hands.

Boos from the crowd, and Del Rio steps forward to provide his usual wink. Edge raises his mic.

Edge: “Take the law into your own hands”? It’s a circus around here, I swear.

Pop as Del Rio and Rodriguez scowl again.

Edge: No, there’s gonna be none of that, Alberto. Nah, just you – and me. And you know why?

Del Rio mouths “Why?” with a shake of his head.

Edge: Because the entire time we’ve been talkin’, I’ve known what kind of match Teddy Long signed us up for at Extreme Rules. Which actually, makes it twice as funny when you say you and all your Mexican buddies are gonna screw me over.

A small cheer goes up, while Del Rio’s eyes go wide.

Edge: Now, it would be pretty easy to just let you wander to the back after the show and let you find out from Teddy Long yourself... but you know, I’d hate to miss out on the look on your face.

“What, you gonna leave me in suspense?” spits Del Rio.

Edge: Nah, I’m gonna tell you. But first, let me just get in the party mood.

Edge shakes out his shoulders, then wanders over to the band; he points to one of the guitarists, then asks “May I?” with an outstretched hand. The guitarist doesn’t have the balls to deny him, so he hands it over, and the Rated R Superstar strolls back to his previous position, instrument in hand. Del Rio sighs and waits, as Edge tries to play a chord... and BUTCHERS it. He holds it by the neck, then picks his mic up again.

Edge: Dude, your guitar’s way out of tune.

The crowd laughs, and Del Rio looks to the ceiling.

Alberto Del Rio: Enough with de games!

Edge looks up with mock surprise; Del Rio is almost red in de, I mean the, face.

Alberto Del Rio: You’re a funny man, huh? You ruin my fiiiiiesta, you make a mockery – do you know who you’re dealing with, amigo? It is my DESTINY to –

Edge: You know, I think I’ve figured out how to tune this thing.

With that, Edge throws his mic and title belt to the side, then takes the guitar neck with two hands... AND DRILLS BRODUS CLAY IN THE FACE WITH THE INSTRUMENT!!! “OHHHHH!” cries the crowd as Clay gets DESTROYED, tumbling to the deck in agony, and now Edge darts forward, ploughing through Ricardo with a right hand, then the trumpeter with another – the band scatters from the ring, as does Rosa, and now Edge turns to take on Del Rio... BUT THE MEXICAN ARISTOCRAT ESCAPES UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE! Boos ring around the arena now as Del Rio nervously backtracks up the ramp, and now a rampant Edge is just left with the trumpeter, and Ricardo – who hurriedly scrambles out of the ring as soon as he figures out where he is! Again, the crowd sighs with disappointment as Rodriguez tumbles to the outside floor, and in frustration, Edge sends the champagne table SPIRALLING as he overturns it, spilling the remaining champagne through the ropes to the outside, and now, the Rated R Superstar turns to face our friend, the trumpeter. The young Mexican has lost his sombrero, and he holds his face on the mat, writhing in pain as Edge stares coldly at him... THEN DROPS TO CROUCH IN THE CORNER!

A massive cheer resounds around the Pyramid, and Edge’s eyes go oh-so-wide as he beckons frantically for the trumpeter to get back to his feet, as Del Rio watches with a slow shake of his head... finally, the trumpeter struggles up, and turns around – SO EDGE CUTS HIM IN TWO WITH A VICIOUS SPEAR!!! The Pyramid EXPLODES with a thunderous ovation, and Edge takes a knee above his victim, throwing back his hair with a devilish expression. Meanwhile, Del Rio looks seriously pissed off, and he throws a tantrum on the ramp, kicking the barricade, while Edge picks up his World Title. He throws it over his shoulder, then grabs one of the mics from the canvas and drapes himself casually over the ramp-side ropes to talk to Del Rio...

Edge: I don’t know if your Administration’s gonna make it to Extreme Rules or not, Alberto...

The Rated R Superstar grins.

Edge: ...but even if they do, it’s not gonna matter. Because you and me, our World Title match – we’re talkin’ about a STEEL – CAGE.

The crowd roars at the announcement, and Del Rio seethes, baring his teeth and throwing his fists about in infuriation, until finally, he storms up to the stage. Edge, meanwhile, picks up a champagne glass...

...and symbolically breaks it in his hand.

Edge: Viva Alberto? Nah. VIVA... RATED R.


A big ovation erupts from the crowd, and the camera shows Brodus Clay, eyes unfocused on the outside, as well as a concerned Rosa Mendes helping Ricardo Rodriguez to his feet. We then see Del Rio, shaking his head on the stage, before the camera cuts to Edge, playing to the cheering fans.

Josh Matthews: Edge crashed Alberto Del Rio’s party tonight, as well as some huge news – at Extreme Rules, the World Heavyweight Championship match will be contested inside a steel cage, guys!

Matt Striker: An unbelievable announcement to end an unbelievable episode of SmackDown, Josh; the Alberto Administration’s first meeting didn’t go as planned, either, so I’d say Edge is definitely on his way to getting revenge for that attack last week. A-maz-ing.

Booker T: Awww, I’m so pumped for Extreme Rules. What a night, what a niiiight. I ain’t gettin’ any sleep tonight, dawg, I’m way too excited naw!

Josh Matthews: Extreme Rules is shaping up alright, and we’ll have all the fallout from tonight’s show, next week on SmackDown – emanating from Manchester, England! I’ve been Josh Matthews, with Matt Striker and Booker T... goodnight!

As Edge heads around the turnbuckles with his World Title in hand, the SmackDown end-of-show logo appears, and we fade away one last time.


Quick Results
Heath Slater bts. Kane
Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly bt. Team Lay-Cool
Drew McIntyre bts. Chris Masters
Rey Mysterio bts. Ezekiel Jackson
Sin Cara bts. Chavo Guerrero
Kofi Kingston bts. Wade Barrett

WWE Championship
The Miz (c) vs John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship – Steel Cage Match
Edge (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

I Quit Match
Christian vs Jack Swagger

No. 1 Contender To The WWE Title – Ladder Match
Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan

Intercontinental Championship – Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge
Wade Barrett (c) vs Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre vs Trent Barreta


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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

SmackDown Feedback

A recap of what went down last week is nice considering some of us may have forgot, particulary to the fans that is. The commentary is a nice touch, BOOKERMAN! Christian here to kick things off eh? I can agree with that considering Alberto Del Rio's fiesta should be put on last so the fans come home happy with Edge Spearing the life out of him. Anyways, you captured the promo great with Christian, I can imagine him saying that stuff so it was great stuff. He made the call out to Jack Swagger? Here he comes. I can somewhat imagine Swagger saying this stuff but you know what, it's been so long since Jack been on the mic so I couldn't be that sure but it fits him well if you ask me. I am surprised that Swagger got the end of the brawl on his side but with the slap from Cole, I guess you can consider that a distraction and Swagger capitalize on that so well done there. I'm glad Swagger remembered the stuff from ECW because it brings a little more fuel to the feud if you ask me considering it is bringing brought back and showing a different taste considering they both done stuff after being drafted away from ECW and since it is a different brand, the feud is different.

Heath Slater and Kane, can't say I am too much excited for this one but I can say that you are advancing the stuff between the team of Slater and Gabriel vs Kane and Big Show with this. How come we skipped four minutes into the match? I never noticed that you skipped time during your matches so that is a little thing that I never noticed before. Justin Gabriel distraction? Obviously the right choice for Gabriel and Show to come about during this match to support their partners. The way that Slater won was well done considering first it was a Justin Gabriel distraction and then he got a dirty pin on him, I think that really sells Kane as a monster you know so well done on that. A tables being brought into the occassion? I am guessing that Extreme Rules will have a Tables match on the card in some form between the Corre and Big Show/Kane. Here comes the rest of the Corre, sweet, giving the group the upper hand, you have showed some real intesity for the group right here I think which is something the WWE somewhat failed on. Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston? That's interesting, I can understand Kingston but not Mysterio ... I guess everybody wants the Corre get it handed to them. Cody Rhodes coming to take down Mysterio, that's great advancement to the feud. I love it. Corre standing tall besides Slater, who got put through a table? I smell tension in the air. Oh ... Rey faces Zeke in a match to qualify, sweet.

Phoenix and Kelly versus Laycool, a nice thing for the card and advances the stuff between them. I think Phoenix and Kelly picking up the win is nice since the heels just won the last match so the good girls can get a little victory here. With McCool trying to wake Layla up, I was surprised that Phoenix and Kelly didn't target McCool and I thought that they would attack her while Layla was taking a nap but I guess was wrong, the cute divas don't do that...

Interview with Cody, yay, he's wonderful on the mic. Him telling Grisham to leave is mean on the part of Rhodes considering Grisham was the man to read his letter to the WWE Universe at the Royal Rumble ... I think anyways >.> but it's cheap heat for Rhodes there. Rey wants punishment? What a dummy. Great stuff from Rhodes. Him saying 'get the camera outta my sight' was a great line by him and sells the face injury really well I think. Time to take a break.

It is a nice touch to see Chris Masters and Drew McIntyre on SmackDown, mainly McIntyre so I really love that Intercontinental title thing at Extreme Rules. Hey, you skip four minutes here too? How come you skip four minutes into it? Obviously McIntyre wins because there is no real story for Masters heading into that very match. Barreta looking on was a nice touch but I don't really care for him shaking his head 'no', because it has him show a sign of weakness and why wouldn't he want revenge on McIntyre for dropping him on his head? Oh well, glad that these two have a shot at the IC title, gonna be great if you ask me.

Michael Cole with Jack Swagger is great because Swagger could always use the backup in his day. I don't think Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger sounds like a whole round of chemistry so I would just keep it Edge and Alberto Del Rio, good call from Teddy Long. Swagger is already in a match for Extreme Rules? Odd way to reveal the match I think. An I Quit match is okay but next week, there better be more brawling intensity between the two if you know what I mean because an I Quit match is a serious deal.

Barrett wants Jackson to qualify for the match for help? I think if he would qualify, it would be bad for the Corre because everybody wants a title come around their career.

Obviously, you are wanting to hype Extreme Rules up.

I kind of like Jackson coming out alone, scrolling up, Slater did also, this gets some of the Corre members something to their name aside from the Corre, being in Singles competition, away from the other Corre members who may be able to get the heat for the man who doesn't get much heat. You gotta have Rey show the effects man, if he pulls out the victory, it is really gonna be a huge upset on the part of the Corre ... Jackson should destroy this boy! Okay, you went six minutes or so into this match, alright that's nice. Mysterio getting the win by DQ is the right way to go considering the damage Mysterio took and the way that Jackson plainly is. Slater is still hurt? I am pretty sure after all that time he should have recovered but it sells the effects dramatically, good job. Jackson taking out his frustrations on Rey is good, doesn't ruin Rey's momentum but he's been really getting hurt all the time, poor guy.

Nice ready up for the fiesta I think, gotta make sure everything is there.

Chavo and Cara, sounds like a little nice match and I like the roll you are putting Cara on just like the WWE did. I hope he like doesn't lose until like his second pay per view appearance. Anyways, well written match as expected since these two work well together, glad Cara won. Surprised that Chavito didn't attack after the match but with all the brawling that has happened after the matches, I think it might be too much for the show so good call.

Raw Reound, pick your poision is always a nice touch.

More of the Corre, loving the advancement on that group. This time around it's Barrett and Kingston. Did you run out of qualifiers so you had to use Barrett or what? Oh well, I like that considering Barrett beat Kingston for the belt so gives them a story if you ask me. The lights going out IS ABSOLUTELY GREAT! I think I know the thing going on here and I am glad that you are going with that story against Barrett, I don't wanna post spoilers though so I will keep hush-hush.

Fiesta time, let's get ready to partay! I love the stuff here. The Alberto Administration, Alberto, Ricardo, Rosa and Brodus, add Guerrero and it will be great! Anyways, I really love the lines here and I think it is nice to have a break from 'it's my destiny' and 'destiny was delayed' and comparing a Mexican to Egyptian is clever if you ask me and great aspect of talking on the arena, clever stuff. Them Mexicans, wanting a drink, don't do that ese. VIVA ALBERTO! I gotta agree with Edge, it is a nice shindig. There's even a dress code for the party? I don't like Alberto's party rules. 'you bowing down to me, amigo?' is a great line by Alberto, it was pretty funny. Alberto was a fruit vendor? No wonder why there is horrible parties here >.> It's a brutal circus, Edge. SPEAR! SPEAR! I knew Alberto would get the Spear from the start, woo. VIVA RATED R! Nice way to end the show, takes the fans home happy.

Overall, a wonderful show as always, I really liked the advancement of the Corre in singles competition and their own separate feuds like Barrett/Kingston and Gabriel/Slater vs Show/Kane but Jackson, I feel is a little left out besides hammering Mysterio, you put them with great intensity during the show. There was a lot of heat after the matches besides the divas and Chavo/Cara but there wasn't really a need for it so well done on that. You did great job on promos and advancing of feuds but I think you should write full matches, I understand you may not have that much time but they are nice matches but I would like to see that.
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