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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Smackdown Feedback

First off, I'm glad to see you returned to this thread.

Obviously Smackdown is going to start with a recap of WrestleMania, so glad you included it.

Kicking off Smackdown with the Rated R Superstar, expected the same sort of retirement speech he had in WWE or something bland, and I'll be honest, I LOVED the start to the show, a promo from Edge as a face never amused me, he was pretty shit and bland at them when he was a face so yeah, glad you went the route you did with Del Rio ambushing him. I was expecting Christian to come out to the aid of Edge as soon as the beatdown was occurring but I'm glad that didn't happen because I loved Del Rio's promo, was very in character and I could picture him saying it. Del Rio saying Edge could repay the debt of destroying his car by giving him the World Title was awesome. Another beatdown wasn't what I expected, I expected Christian to now come out, which he didn't. The beatdown continued and THEN we get to see Christian, and I like how he pulled up in a car, explains why he wasn't out there as soon as Edge started getting his ass handed to him. Christian making quite the save with Alberto escaping pretty much unharmed was sort of expected, I thought Brodus/Rodriguez would be the ones who took the punishment from CLB. And was a good way to set up the Del Rio/Christian match for later on in the night. Good opening.

6 Man Intercontinental Championship No DQ match at Extreme Rules = CHAOS! Love it. Matt Striker's Call of Duty 4 line was epic. I like how this match was given some time but I HATED the result, mainly because I can't stand Trent and think Chavo could still be a legit Champion in this day and age, but that's just me. I hope the 6 Man match shapes up to be awesome, because it damn well sounds like it will be.

The movement from the match to Wade backstage was well executed imo, Wade standing watching one of the men he has to face at ER but also gets to the point about the Corre match later on. Wade's promo was what I would expect from him, trying to fire up the rest of The Corre? Anyway, I hope The Corre split up soon and you push Barrett & Gabriel. Two have a tonne of potential and don't deserve to be in a shit stable anymore.

JTG, forgot this man existed. VERY glad Cody won, he deserves a push and eventually to win a singles title. Happy Mysterio never got to touch the UnDashing One, Cody or Wade to win the IC Title match please. Please for the love of God, if Mysterio does get in the IC title match, don't let him win it.

I really don't know what Trent's mic work is like, so I'll just assume you nailed it. Trent & McIntyre backstage, I'm guessing Big Mac will get in the IC title match now too, now I want either Wade, Cody or BigMac to win the match at Extreme Rules, that is, if MaC gets in the match.

Expected Corre to win here, did NOT expect the match to be given nearly 14 minutes of time. Don't know why, just didn't expect it to last that long. The ending was awesome. I'm expecting a massive amount of friction in The Corre will end up splitting them up. Probably with Slater & Gabriel remaining as a team, Wade going on to have a mini feud with Zeke and then eventually Wade elevates to Main Event status and Zeke, well, Zeke can fuck off for all I care. Oh, I stand corrected, the feud seems like it might sadly continue between these 8 guys. Big Show & Kane are jokes tbf, so I suppose keeping them away from everything else is alright.

Snookie = Can't stand the woman, don't know why you've kept her on WWE TV, I'm sure you have your reasons, hopefully for Kharma to debut and crush her or something. The segment as a whole though was nicely done with Laycool being the bitches they are and all and the GLAMAZON, yes, fucking yes! Glamazon = Epic. Oh and Michael Tarver Him hanging around backstage should be his permanent gimmick, randomly appearing in random moments, even really serious ones.

I REALLY hope you push Otunga, he gets hate but he's actually pretty decent. His promo here was brilliant. Sin Cara ruined my fun for Otunga. Suppose it was a good way to debut him, but I wouldn't have used Otunga for it, would have used someone else but nonetheless, you gave us a glimpse of what Sin Cara is capable of and I expect him to rise to the midcard scene really quickly and be one of the 'key' guys in that scene. I'm unsure if you will be keeping Rey & Sin Cara on the same brand, but if you do decide to, don't rush a rivalry between the two Masked Men. A slow, subtle build could be quite nice if done properly. That is, if you do plan on going that route with having Cara face Mysterio at all. I'm unsure if Cara will be on Extreme Rules but I hope he is.

MAIN EVENT TIME. Had no idea who was going to win this going into it, none at all. The match flowed quite well, After Christian was sent 'thudding' down to the floor and Brodus got involved, I expected Christian to somehow pick up the victory, the 'Hero comeback' and all, Clay being ejected from ringside, gives Christian some hope I suppose but now I'm thinking Del Rio will find another way to cheat his way out of this one. (Too many changing thoughts!! ) I legit thought that when Christian reversed the Cross Arm Breaker that he would connect with Killswitch and win, but then Michael Cole showed up. Cole returning to Smackdown? Yay. Jack Swagger? Would like to know his reasoning for attacking Christian so I guess we will find that out next week. I'm guessing this will take Christian away from the whole Del Rio/Edge picture so he can have his own separate feud with Swagger? I'm hoping Del Rio wins the World Title at Extreme Rules now and hopefully Christian doesn't stay away from the World title scene for too long because I REALLY want him to win it in your thread. Hopefully by Summerslam.

Overall, I enjoyed most of the show. One or two things I wasn't big on, but most of it was booked good. I'll look forward to hearing why Swagger attacked Christian and hoping Trent somehow gets taken out of the IC Title match . Keep it up.

I haven't reviewed very much before so sorry if it's not what you would usually expect.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Great to see you back man.. as you are always one of my favs in this section. Lets see what you do with a fresh start here on Smackdown, so many different ways you can go, hopefully Edge sticks around and you don’t make things too similar to WWE. Also noticed Edge wasn’t on the Smackdown banner? Is that a sign of things to come?

Good recap of Wrestlemania, reminding anyone if they had forgotten of the Smackdown action. Announcers open was good and everyone seemed to be in character. Interesting to see Striker at the announce booth.. where is Cole? Anyway don’t mind Striker.

Edge out first is good. Got nervous we were going to see a retirement announcement or something along those lines, though we will never know as Del Rio and Clay jump him early. I do actually like Clay as an enforcer and is just another body in a Del Rio feud. What is this piece of paper, great heat for Del Rio though. BTW, one thing I love about your shows is how you paint such a great picture of what is happening. Good stuff. You have Del Rio’s character down, though it isn’t a hard one and is fun to write. Lol the bill for the damage.. this is something Del Rio would do, pretty funny.One line I didn’t get was when he said the world title he stole out of Atlanta last night? Wasn’t Wrestlemania 5 days prior? Del Rio giving Edge the choice of bill or title was pretty cool. Edge obviously says screw you. Clay goes to work, I like how Del Rio hasn’t done anything and Clay is doing all the dirty work. Ah the armbreaker… and finally Christian comes out!! Where were you man lol? Who is the Livewire? That is a new nickname to me? Christian getting the best of Del Rio and company was good and overall a great way to start the show setting up the match for later.

Good idea with this six man IC hardcore match. Really putting some credibility and excitement back into the belt with this match. Plus having to earn a spot in the match shows that this is a big match. Baretta is somebody I really like, and feel he is talented. Wanna use him a lot in my thread also. Glad to see him win as at this point Chavo is just an enhancement talent. Baretta isn’t gonna win the title but he will make the match exciting. Good back and forth match, with Baretta capitalizing after a missed frog splash.. does Chavo ever hit that move? Lol

Interesting meeting with the Corre. I didn’t like the line we have a responsibility to the corre, they are the corre. Anyway it was good to set up some possible tension but I feel like Barrett would have been more upset if nobody responded to him.

Another IC match, and Cody needed to win this one obviously. Coming off a big win at Mania against Rey, Cody is looking good. He has a legit shot of winning the title. I am questioning if you could have found a better opponent rather than a jobber JTG but I guess you have only a certain about of people that aren’t involved with other stuff and are faces that can lose. One thing I am interested to see is if you continue the undashing gimmick and what you do rather than the whole paper bag thing. Great to see Rey come out and get some revenge on Cody. I know this feud isn’t over and I see a one on one match on an upcoming sd happening. Also expecting rey to be added to the title match at ER.

Baretta promo was cool, and nice to see you give him a character as he hasn’t really ever talked other than back on ECW. I see he has the whole laid back cool RVD gimmick which is no pun intended “Cool”. Great to see McIntyre bring up their past. McIntyre getting in his head, I see him being in the IC title match also. After that promo I think Baretta has a shot to win playing up the whole nobody thought he could win thing.

8 man Corre tag match. I really was disappointed irl when the gave this match like 2 minutes at Mania. Like this match you have here, as it was a fun and exciting match. Like all big tag matches the best part was when all heck broke loose towards the end. With bodies flying everywhere, but good to see Barrett lead by example and pick up the win. Im kind of disappointed he pinned Santino as that doesn’t gain much credibility but it is still a win for the Corre. I also am interested in seeing how you handle them and if you break them up. I hope not as they could be a big part of the show, and Barrett is more dangerous the ruthless leader he is. Nice shot for good measure after the match and this isn’t over, cant wait to see what big show will do next week.

Snooki is still here? Lol catfight..where is Joey styles? Cant complain 3 ½ hot girls going at it, though idk if snooki would appear on Smackdown?

Otunga and Sin Cara was a nice match, as no surprise Cara stays undefeated. Is Otunga on SD now? If so wat does this mean for Nexus and I could see him joining the Corre if he stays.

Main event time and this is a big match. These two have had great matches on SD and this was another one. I think Edge should have been at ringside calling the match as he has a huge interest in it. I mean he cant still be hurt from earlier? Though the post match stuff I know why he wasn’t there. The match was good but the ending I liked a lot and didn’t see coming. Cole is a great character to write with and is an easy way to get talent over with the fans. I don’t get why he would choose to come out now and ramble like this.. but that is Cole he does things when they are unexpected and wants to be in the spotlight. But I don’t get why he says he is back on Smackdown bc he has been the announcer on Smackdown since about January. Swagger costing Christian the match was good and should set up a feud in the future. And with Cole hopefully as Swagger’s manager he should get a big push. Edge didn’t come out I am surprised but at least you acknowledged him

Overall good first show. Not too much happening but you are just starting to form storylines to differ from real life. I like some of the feuds you are setting up such as Swagger/Christian, a proper del rio/ edge feud, and the IC title match. One question about the two title matches, obv a stipulation will be added? Guess well have to wait and see. Good show again, cant wait for you next show, hope it wont be as long a wait next time
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Melvisboy's Smackdown Review!

Wassup. I sometimes read through your old thread, but I never really commented so I thought I’d comment on this one and give as good a review as possible bearing in mind I've hardly ever reviewed before. But I’m going to start reviewing regularly now, to not only help other bookers but to pick up little things and help myself. So yeah, let’s go with your Smackdown! Just a note, I’m reviewing as I go along in the show, and I'm not all too familiar with modern day WWE. I know enough to get by, but I don't know enough to call myself an expert, so yeah.

Not much to comment on regarding the VP. It has to be put in there and it did its job of just recapping Wrestlemania. Nothing more to say really, is there? Immediately, I can see you've captured the commentators near enough perfectly. I can just imagine their voices saying them exact things which is good and gives me hope for the rest of the show. It had to be Edge, Christian or Del Rio to start the show in my opinion and I’m glad it's Edge. It'll be interesting to see how you handle Edge considering he retired on this episode of Smackdown, I believe. Definitely something to look forward to seeing unfold!

Fuck, Edge doesn't even get a chance to speak and he's attacked by Clay and Del Rio? Meh, I wanted a few words from Edge but this will suffice, I suppose. I was never convinced by Del Rio being a villainous heel but at this rate, in your thread I will fall for the act because he generally has pissed me off. Good job, I guess. Haha, he really is a bastard isn't he, the bill, the attack and now simply belittling Edge. He's only just started speaking and you've grasped the character of Del Rio brilliantly! As expected, Christian is out to make the save and thankfully he doesn't do too much damage to Del Rio because that just adds to the chickenshit'ness (yes, that is a word) of ADR. Very nice way to start the show.

A 6-pack hardcore challenge for the IC title, eh? Nice. I really do hope you bring some prestige back to the IC and the US titles because they really do need revamping and a match like this at ER could really start the revamping process. Glad to see Chavo in a meaningful match and I hope you don't just use him as a jobber. Also glad to see Barreta out here fighting for an IC title shot because I think the kid has real potential and hopefully you use him well. The match was nice. Whether you meant to do it or not, you really defined the rookie/veteran qualities between the two, with Barreta covering at all costs trying to get the quick win etc. But yeah, a nice win for Barreta but I'm really not expecting him to win at Extreme Rules, but hopefully here's to a nice, slow burner push for Trent and please don't let Chavo fade in to irrelevance.

A decent little promo from Barrett, nothing I can really say or do about it. I'll probably forget about it though, didn't really mean much, but it did its job of reminding the reader about the Corre match later.

Another IC title qualifier? I'm not one to complain, but it seems a bit fast. Maybe there should have been a match in between them? I'm not sure, maybe it's just me. Rhodes vs. JTG and we all know who's winning this. Rhodes is a guy I can actually see winning, unlike Trent, simply because all he needs to be considered a legit threat is a singles title and he hasn't had one yet. If he were to win at ER, make it a long run please. Nothing really to comment on about the match, it was just a generic match which I think ran on for a bit longer than it should have done, considering the ability (or lack of) of JTG. Never the less, I hope this is the last IC title qualifier tonight otherwise it would be overkill. Oh dear, Super Rey is here!? Just as I got a little excited about the prospect of a title run from Rhodes, a run-in from Mysterio tells us that he's not really going to win at ER as the feud with Rey is carrying on, unless the IC title becomes a part of the feud. But yeah... i'm ruling Rhodes out of the match now. That little bit with Rey at the end, I thought, was unneeded.

Here's to hoping you reach Extreme Rules, which I’m sure you will.

A Barreta interview seems okay. I've never really heard the guy speak, but based on his gimmick of being a little bit of a nerd/rocker dude, you seemed to have nailed it. Drew Mac' coming in was a nice touch as I can imagine it getting pretty boring by now and a nice little reminder of Drew and Trent's little rivalry at the beginning of the year. I thought that had real potential and I hope you play off of it a little bit more, please? The badmouth from Drew kind of makes me support Trent a little bit more in the 6 Pack challenge which I guess was the point. I really hope you make Trent an underdog type character, as I feel his style, gimmick and stature really suits it without being TOO Super-Rey'esque.

Third match of the evening, seems to be going pretty quickly to me. Meh, nitpicking and just my preferences again. Another nit-pick here, and you REALLY like your wrestling don't you and since you'#ve been in charge you've really changed the promo:wrestling time drastically. Third match in and almost half an hour wrestling has already past. Anywho, quality match with no complaining regardless, and this time the right people won and they won in a solid fashion as well. The aftermath was good also, obviously setting up a few things. I'm guessing Kofi will be in the forefront of the IC title match if he's included in a qualifier next week, and a Gabriel/Slater vs. Kane/Show match. Jackson on the other hand, fuck knows. Interested to see where he's going in the future.

Snooki needs to go, ASAP. Other than that, the segment, like I said about the Corre segment earlier, was forgettable; other than the appearance of Tarver! Marked out. Again, I’m interested in seeing him evolve in this thread.

Dayum, you and your cheap, attention-seeking little tactics. Was hoping to see another brawl out here except we see everyones favourite superstar, Otunga. I hate the guy and whether or not that makes me biased towards this promo or not, I didn't really dig it, if I’m honest. It just seemed awkward and forced but if you like him, I guess i'm going to have to put up with him. Nice way to introduce Sin Cara even though I think a more credible star could have been used for his debut, bearing in mind all the hype that has gone in to it.

Very quick, brief match here and I’m glad to hear it. The less time I have to read about Otunga, the better. However I did mark for the showing of La Mistica which is a quality move and I didn't think you'd use it, haha. Hopefully, with Sin Cara you either: A) just have him be a wrestling machine, and have his technical skills speak for him, or B) get him a mouthpiece. If you let him talk (or at least try to) then i'll be very annoyed, to say the least. Nice debut, and hopefully big things are to come from Sin Cara, and the only big thing to come from Otunga is his last match.

Time for a main event, and like I said earlier, despite me being a fan of WRESTLING I feel that this week’s Smackdown has had too much compared to other weeks (not that you could have helped it) I would have preferred a gradual rise, not just a HUGEE leap. But like I said, that's my preferences and this is your BTB so carry on doing what you're doing! I don't even think I have to comment on the match its self simply because you have a real knack for match writing and it definitely is the highlight of your writing. I've noticed the extensive vocabulary you use within your matches just give it a little something and is definitely something I have to try and adopt in my writing. I see you're still carrying on with Michael Cole the cunt persona which I guess ia alright considering all of the build the WWE have put in to it already. Jack Swagger coming out of nowhere was alright, even though he hasn’t exactly been RELEVANT recently, so for him to playing such a huge role in the main event scene is weird, but I’m all up for a push for Jack, just don't push it too early. I know you’re a fan of him from your last thread, just don't blow it too early.

All in all, Melvisboy, it was a very solid show for what it was worth. The lacklustre Wrestlemania beforehand didn't really give you any benefits, but you made what you could out of it and it was a very entertaining show. Maybe a bit too much wrestling, 50 minutes over the course of two hours, bearing in mind commercial breaks, promos, entrances etc but there was a lack of promos and segments compared to usual which I guess made up for it. Like I said, your match writing is spectacular and certainly the best aspect of your writing and I shall definitely be reading more of your matches to pick up some things. Like I also said, your vocabulary is excellent, as is your grammar and spelling so nothing to complain about there. You have me intrigued about a few things and you have definitely got me waiting and looking forward to your next show. Good Luck, and please carry on because you've proven to me why your old thread was so successful and why you are so highly rated.

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Yeah, got to this eventually. Don’t think I was going to let this one get past me.

The WrestleMania recap served its job of reminding me of the SmackDown! WrestleMania stuff, while the commentary hyping up the aftermath of WrestleMania as big and exciting for this show was nicely done.

Edge coming out to kick off the show after winning the title at WrestleMania makes sense, and I love the idea of Del Rio (along with Brodus Clay) attacking him, trying to make a big impact coming off the loss to him at WrestleMania, while also making sure the heat is staying very high in this one. Del Rio jumping into the ring with the world title over his shoulder and starting his promo off like nothing just happened is a really nice way to show off his cocky attitude, not caring that he just beat the shit out of Edge. Del Rio saying he wanted to imagine just what it would have been like to be the champion, thus having the belt with him was alright, especially with the building up from Del Rio that he thought he was screwed. The whole bill thing was great too, showing the real arrogant side of Del Rio by having him, in such a serious time, talking about something like that. Having him try to have Edge stripped of the belt and also offering to pay the bill if Edge hands him the title was clever, showing his desperation to become champion. Edge standing up to him, despite his position had to be done, while Christian coming out to make the save builds for the main event well. A pretty good way to start the show off, building up not just the rivalry here between Del Rio and Edge, but also for the main event between Christian and Del Rio.

Having Trent Barreta being the first man qualified for the six pack challenge is a little surprising considering WWE has been having him do absolutely nothing of note to this point, but I guess the six pack challenge allows you to throw a few outsiders in there and allow them to look good. I don’t mind you signaling a push for him here either, with a solid win over Guerrero, even if the crowd really wouldn’t care all that much about this match due to neither man being showcased at all of late. The match writing was decent enough here too, making for a solid opening match.

Having it known that Barrett is watching the qualifiers is a nice little touch, while this not just hypes up the match for later, but perhaps signals for a more dominant performance from The Corre not just tonight, but from now on. A short promo, but it does have the potential to set the tone for things to come.

Personally, I would have liked to see these six-pack challenge qualifying matches spread out more. Having them one after the other when you have a whole show to work with seems odd, especially considering spreading them out more would maybe keep the concept in the viewer’s mind for longer. I was surprised this match went as long as it did because it felt like you could have just had almost a squash match, but Rhodes still looked dominant, and that’s what’s important here.

Rey coming out to try to brawl with Rhodes is a good way to keep their feud alive, although it felt a lot like the Christian/Del Rio one earlier, with Rhodes bailing just before Mysterio could hit him with his finisher.

Extreme Rules coming soon would be nice, although I know how you struggle for pace with shows.

The Barreta promo showed enough personality, with him talking with his own lingo, plus the attempts to get the crowd behind him were nice. Capitalising on the matches he had with McIntyre earlier in the year is smart, and I certainly wouldn’t object to a feud between these two leading up to Extreme Rules and perhaps after it. It’s a good way to elevate Barreta up and make him seem like he belongs in the eyes of the fans.

Simple but effective way to turn around The Corre’s momentum by having them beat the guys they lost to at WrestleMania. Santino taking the beating makes sense, as he’s obviously the weakest member, while Barrett, as the figurehead of The Corre (despite them being “equals”) picking up the pinfall is a smart move. The post-match stuff works well to allow Show and Kane to go after the tag champs, while the Kofi/Wade thing is hyped up a bit as well. Good booking all-round with regards to The Corre and their titles.

Snooki sticking around? Can’t really say I’m a huge fan of that, as I just can’t see her bringing anything positive to the division. I’m not too sure what to make of this little brawl, as I can’t see Snooki being involved in a feud, although Phoenix being a smiley face really seems a bit weak for her.

I have mixed feelings on this one. Otunga coming out to Edge’s music? A brilliant heel heat tactic. However, at the same time, hyping him up on the preview as a RAW superstar being on SmackDown!, then delivering, well, him, is a huge letdown. I guess I was just expecting someone of interest, but I have to say I’m a little put off by it being Otunga here. The first few lines from Otunga were pretty brilliant, with SmackDown! being “the B show” due to the lack of A-listers. Otunga talking himself up as a real celebrity and thus being too good to be in anyone’s shadow was nice too, while him making an open challenge on SmackDown! seems a little weird, although I guess it sets up the answer from Sin Cara well.

Having Sin Cara shut Otunga up isn’t a bad way to debut him, however, at the same time, I’m not sure Otunga is a suitable first opponent for Cara. What makes Sin Cara impressive is the moves he does, and as such, they should be sold well. Sticking him in there with Otunga, a guy who is awful at everything, isn’t really going to make Cara look as good as possible, and thus he probably isn’t a preferable first opponent. Having him shut Otunga up no doubt gets him some brownie points with the crowd, but I just think you could have picked someone better.

Showing Christian looking over Edge is not just a nice way to remind us of what happened earlier, but it also hypes the main event well.

Really, really not happy to see Michael Cole interfering in the main event. I know he’s meant to be a big heel, but he makes me want to change the channel more than anything else in real life, and I really couldn’t give a damn about him. To see him getting himself involved in another big match really isn’t something I’m a fan of. I’d rather him instead just become a dicky announcer without being involved in anything to do with wrestling. I understand it set the Swagger interference up, and they have their relationship due to Swagger training Cole, but I don’t think the Cole part was needed still. With that said, Del Rio gets his world title shot, Christian is protected, and you have a ready made feud between Christian and Swagger, which are all positives, meaning you’ve shaped the main event scene up well.

All in all, a pretty good first SmackDown!, Melvisboy. A few small things I didn’t like, but you’ve set things up so that you can start to push the guys you want to push and create some feuds of your own. It’s just one show in, but I like the way you’re changing SmackDown! up a bit already. Good stuff.

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Good point on the Rhodes/Mysterio thing being similar to Del Rio/Christian earlier, BkB. I’d never noticed the similarity, yet you’re completely right. Thanks to everyone for the feedback (can’t rep you again til I spread, Hulk, so I’m saying it here), really appreciated. I’ll try to return feedback for the next shows I see pop up from each of you, though I fear I won’t be much help to you, FluxCapacitor, given my non-existent TNA knowledge. Regardless, thanks to you all for the help, I get the impression my first two shows were solid starting points for both brands; let’s see how it picks up from here. Raw preview hopefully in the next few days, but for now, here’s a couple of notes which I drew up a week or so ago.

WWE Draft and Viewer’s Choice Return; News On Raw Feuds And A Widened Tag Team Division
TWO special, three-hour episodes of Raw have been announced by WWE.com; firstly, the WWE Draft Special will take place on the night following Over The Limit, on the 23rd May edition of Raw. This, as in past years, will feature a ‘shaking-up’ of the brands, with various superstars switching over to the other show over the course of the evening. Also, the night after Capitol Punishment will feature the return of ‘Viewer’s Choice’, with the fans being able to decide on various matches and stipulations for the 20th June show. It is also rumoured that ‘Raw Roulette’ might return later in the year, too.

Two interesting storylines on Raw are those of Sheamus against John Morrison, and Daniel Bryan against Dolph Ziggler; both storylines feature men who have feuded before, sparking debate about creative ‘recycling’ old storylines. However, in both cases, there is a new dynamic to the feuds – Sheamus and Morrison have the United States Title to fight over, whilst Bryan and Ziggler now have their respective girlfriends to be involved with their own personal feud. Creative hope these two feuds (which have both yielded Match of the Year candidates in the past), can only get better over the next pay-per-view or two, as a result of these extra factors. There is potential for new feuds after these two are over, but with an event like Extreme Rules looming, feuds with past heat are more suitable, seeing as they are guaranteed to culminate in gimmick matches.

Following the appointment of Jerry Lawler as Raw General Manager, creative are deeply considering either a move to have Michael Cole only on SmackDown as a manager of Jack Swagger (considering the help he gave him on Friday), or stay on Raw as commentator. If Cole does go to SmackDown, it will invariably open the door for Jim Ross to take his place at the announce desk. The other option is to keep Cole at the desk for now, but have him quit or be fired later on in the year.

It is rumoured that the creative team want to try to ‘reinvigorate’ the tag team division; the current WWE Tag Team Champions are The Corre’s Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, who could be set for a title match with Big Show and Kane at Extreme Rules. However, creative apparently want a wider range of teams, which explains the use of WWE Superstars to debut Johnny Curtis’ partnership with R-Truth, as well as their subsequent match with The Usos, and the post-bout assault from Down With Zack and Primo. If the division includes Santino Marella’s team with Vladimir Kozlov, as well as the possibility of the ‘South Beach Party Boys’ (Percy Watson and Darren Young from FCW, previously shown in the first two seasons of NXT), then the ‘wide range’ creative are looking for in the tag team division could soon be fulfilled.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Sorry for my lack of activity. I’ve started to write a bit more of SmackDown, which is good, so hopefully it’ll flow better from here on out; wish me luck. Raw is done, for the record, but I’d like to get a good portion of SD done before I post it. Maybe at some point I can give out some feedback, perish the thought.

It’s a small preview, but trust me, the show is MUCH bigger.

Monday Night Raw
Sommet Center, Nashville, Tennessee | 11th April 2011

Monday Night Raw arrives in Nashville, Tennessee this week, following the stunning announcement last week of Jerry “The King” Lawler becoming the NEW General Manager. Tonight, in the home state of our new GM, the Hall of Famer will open the show to outline his plans for the WWE’s ‘flagship show’, and he’s sure to receive a big reception. After Lawler embarrassed Michael Cole last week amid the rivalry the pairing have sported the last few months, will “King” exert his new-found authority to give Cole his marching orders? What will he have in store for the superstars of Monday nights? And what will he do to mark his first night in charge?

John Cena teamed with Randy Orton last week to beat The Miz and Alex Riley in the main event; this win granted Cena one more shot at the WWE Title at Extreme Rules, much to the dismay of The Miz as the current champion, especially as he was never pinned. Considering The Miz’s controversial win at Wrestlemania over Cena, the Awesome One is well aware that the former “Champ” desperately wants to make amends, and we’re sure to hear from both men over the course of the show tonight, with Extreme Rules on the horizon.

Speaking of Randy Orton, the Viper might have placed himself back in WWE Title contention by winning alongside Cena last week, but despite this, he was assaulted after the bell by CM Punk. The Straight-edge Saviour feels that his business with Orton still isn’t finished despite losing to the Viper at Wrestlemania, and it seems he’s drifted into the dark regions of his psyche as a result, including calling Mark Henry “Randall” repeatedly in his match last week. Will we see more of Punk’s psychotic side (clearly a result of his desperation to defeat the equally-psychotic Orton) evolve tonight, or will Orton find him first, to pay him back for the damage that was done last week?

Last week saw Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne beat Dolph Ziggler and William Regal – Ziggler was unable to tag the Englishman out because he was dealing with a catfight between Vickie Guerrero and Gail Kim, allowing Bryan to drop Regal to the deck and apply the LeBell Lock to win it. Ziggler explicitly stated in a WWE.com-exclusive interview this week that his WWE Title aspirations on Raw have NOT been dented by his loss, as he wasn’t involved in the fall, and this week, when he faces Evan Bourne in singles competition, Ziggler will want to get himself back on track with a stroke in the ‘W’ column. Will fellow WWE Title hopeful Daniel Bryan be watching this match, and will we see another Bryan/Gail-Ziggler/Guerrero confrontation?

After Johnny Curtis and R-Truth won their first ever tag team match together on Superstars, they were assaulted by DZP; Zack Ryder and Primo Colon. DZP had earlier declared that they were more deserving of Truth and Curtis’ guaranteed WWE Tag Team Title shot, and they followed up on that declaration by leaving the pairing on the mat at the end of the show. Tonight, Curtis steps into the Raw ring for the very first time, taking on Primo in singles competition – this match could set the tone for future WWE Tag Team Title shots, featuring two men very much in the hunt for those belts with their respective partners. Can Curtis keep his mini winning streak going at the beginning of his WWE career, or will Primo teach him a lesson about the unpredictability of the WWE? Tune in tonight to see if Curtis’ Raw debut is a successful one!

Also tonight, the United States Champion, Sheamus, will be in action, plus you can expect to see appearances from Santino Marella, Melina, Mark Henry, John Morrison, Ted DiBiase, Tyler Black and many more!

Announced For Raw

New Raw GM Jerry “The King” Lawler to open the show
Dolph Ziggler vs Evan Bourne
Johnny Curtis vs Primo
United States Champion Sheamus in action
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Raw looks great, I am looking forward to the advancement of Jerry Lawler as the Raw GM. Plus I am wondering about the Punk/Orton angle and then the whole tag team thing going on with DZP and Curtis/Truth is pretty nice. I think you failed to mention some of the drama going on with Melina and Eve, hoping that Melina explains why she attacked the Divas champion.

Anyways, looking forward to the show.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Looks good, can't wait to read the show. Read both RAW and Smackdown, didn't get a chance to write some feedback but I'm really enjoying what I'm reading from you as always! Don't know if I'll be able to write you feedback, but I will definitely read your next Raw! Keep going strong, man!

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

I like where you are going with the Truth/Curtis and DZP angle, I can't wait to see what you do with these two teams that never got a proper go in the real WWE. Looking forward to the next Raw for sure!
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Can't wait to read the show. I like how you give every storyline a lot of importance and make them sound interesting. I really like where the Sheamus/Morrison and Ziggler/Bryan feuds are heading. Randy/Punk and Miz/Cena are not so interesting but maybe you add some twists to make them more entertaining.
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