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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Hey man... Just dropping by for some reviewage. I suppose I'm in a little late for the last RAW, so I'll go ahead and have a go at your Superstars event.

M-$quared's Superstars Feedback

Kicking off the night with Kidd vs. Goldust? Very believable. Then on top of that, you have Tyson pick up the win. I personally agree with this decision %100... as Kidd is slowly but surely starting to grow on me. And having him win via submission is the icing on the cake. Looks like you're gonna be giving Kiddo a mini-push (or at the very least, not have him job out to the whole roster like other bookers have done) I like it.

The promo between these two superstars, although written in recap, was also very believable. Not excited about R-Truth being pushed towards ANYTHING (but that's just me... lol, don't mind it.) But he and Curtis get the verbal upper hand which makes me think that this won't be the last time they'll encounter each other.

Baretta vs. DiBiase is a match that, in real life, I'd probably head to the bathroom on, unfortunately. However, having Baretta pick up the win was quite the shock for me. (You'll have to forgive me, I haven't read up on the thread like I probably should have.) Looks like Teddy's having some troubles picking up wins... I would hope that doesn't last too long without some type of backlash from Ted.

Another bittersweet match for me here, having Truth & Curtis defeat the Usos. However, it's good for them to build that momentum up if they're going for the tag titles anytime soon. Definitely loved the ending there with Primo & Ryder having the last word at the end of the night. (Take THAT, R-Truth.)

Overall, a very believeable show. Would've enjoyed reading this in full, but I totally understand schedule clashed. I for one applaud and admire your determination to this project. Hang in there bro, and now that I'm back, I'll definitely be reading. *shuffles out of thread*

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Superstars Feedback

Tyson Kidd getting a win over Goldust is something that pleases me. I’m really hoping eventually Kidd can work his way back up to being on one of the two big shows, but I honestly don’t mind if you slowly build him up with a string of wins on Superstars. As for Goldust, keep him right where he is, and just maybe add a bit of comedy here and there.

Honestly, I’m really hoping you go with the R Truth character change that they are going with in real life? Why? It’s simple. The R Truth character, whether in full or recap, is just really bland. I’d be lying if I said I knew much about Johnny Curtis, so yeah, no real judgment. Ryder and Primo certainly make for an interesting team, especially with Ryder doing all the talking. at the Long Island Iced Z, epic line. Anyway, a tag team feud between these guys could be good for Superstars to get some actual meaning.

A good win for Trent Barreta I guess. The mentioning of DiBiase’s bad form has me hoping you’re going to make some sort of storyline out of it.

Just quickly regarding Raw, I didn’t initially read all of it when you posted it. I just did that before I got to this show, and I must say nice job. You caught the character of Michael Cole brilliantly, he was entertaining throughout. Punk/Orton continuing, Cena/Miz rematch, as well as Sheamus/Morrison and possibly Ziggler/Bryan all have the potential to be pretty good. You made some subtle changes, whilst not up hauling everything too soon. It was definitely a fun, entertaining read, which is something I didn’t always feel in your old thread.

A solid main event for Truth and Primo. The aftermath was good, with the attack from Ryder and Primo, continuing what you started after their little meaning earlier. Logical booking.

Overall, I know superstars isn’t much, but I couldn’t be bothered writing a full load of feedback for Raw. Anyway, thread is definitely off to a promising start, I’m going to keep an eye on this one for sure.

Oh, and from what I read at the beginning of your Raw, Tinie Tempah OWNS!

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack... Let's see how long I can consistently post shows.

Friday Night SmackDown
Mobile Civil Center, Mobile, Alabama | 8th April 2011

SmackDown emanates this week from Mobile, Alabama, just five days after the stunning spectacle that was Wrestlemania XXVII – the Mobile Civic Center is sure to be packed with a capacity crowd, and the atmosphere will be electric, as the WWE Universe settles in to watch the fallout from the biggest event of the wrestling calendar. Plus, it’s a new year, meaning there’s plenty to look forward to, as SmackDown begins to head towards the first pay-per-view of the NEW wrestling calendar, Extreme Rules.

Last Sunday, Edge pulled out a big win against Royal Rumble winner Alberto Del Rio, retaining his World Title in the process. The Rated R Superstar, along with his best friend, Christian, went on to vandalise Del Rio’s expensive car on the ramp, leaving the Mexican Aristocrat in tears as his night ended sourly. Tonight, Edge will open the show with the World Title belt in his grasp; he knows that later on, he’ll watch as Christian and Del Rio face off for the right to challenge him at Extreme Rules. With that contest looming, will we see Edge interrupted by either man, especially the one whose “destiny” he ruined at Wrestlemania? And who will earn the right to a World Title match, between two men who have fought on several occasions in the build to the Showcase of the Immortals?

SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long clearly wants to get the new wrestling year off to a bang, as he’s already announced one blockbuster match for Extreme Rules – it’ll be Wade Barrett defending his Intercontinental Championship in a Six-Pack Challenge against FIVE other competitors! As if that wasn’t bad enough for the heartless Englishman, it’ll be a Hardcore, Elimination-style match, meaning all weapons are legal, and the last man not pinned or made to submit will be crowned the Intercontinental Champion. Obviously, Barrett needs some opponents for this sure-to-be-brutal contest, and as such, there will be TWO qualifying matches tonight on SmackDown – firstly, Chavo Guerrero will step into the ring with Trent Barreta, and secondly, Cody Rhodes will face JTG, just five days after his controversial win over Rey Mysterio. Which two of these four men will claim themselves a shot at the Intercontinental Title?

Speaking of Wade Barrett, he and the other three members of The Corre were embarrassed at Wrestlemania, losing in two minutes and thirty-three seconds against Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston. Tonight, however, The Corre have a chance for redemption, as it’ll be a WRESTLEMANIA REMATCH, with the two teams of four going head-to-head once again. Will Barrett, Jackson, Slater and Gabriel be able to conquer the men who made them look like amateurs last Sunday? Tune in tonight to find out.

For weeks, we’ve witnessed video packages building to the appearance of the famous luchador, Sin Cara; rumours are swirling about whether tonight is his night to make his debut on WWE programming – will we see the Mexican icon appear on SmackDown, or will the mysterious man keep us waiting yet again?

Also tonight, you can expect to see Rey Mysterio, Drew McIntyre, Laycool, Kelly Kelly, and even a mystery Raw superstar! You don’t want to miss the excitement when SmackDown rolls into Mobile tonight!

Announced For SmackDown

World Heavyweight Champion Edge to open the show
Alberto Del Rio vs Christian – Number One Contender’s Match
Chavo Guerrero vs Trent Barreta
Cody Rhodes vs JTG
The Corre vs Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston – Wrestlemania Rematch
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust


Totally psyched for your return. Was pretty upset that this seemed to be abandoned after one show. Not much to review here as it's just a preview for post wrestlemania Smackdown!. You have a Chavo vs Barreta match. I know they are irrelevant in real life, but I'm a HUGE fan of both. I can't decide who I want to win that one. I really hope you push Wade Barrett FAR, yet not too fast. As for the WHC, I hope in someway it becomes a triple threat. ADR vs. Christian vs. Edge could be a VERY interesting storyline. Man i'm just soo excited that you have returned to this.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Show looks pretty good, Melvis. Not so sure on the number one contender match already being announced, as it feels like something that should happen as part of the show, but everything else looks good. A solid card, plus a bit of intrigue with the RAW superstar to show up. It's been long enough, so now we just need the show. Don't make us wait much longer.

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Very happy you're back, Melvy, you're definitely one of my favorite bookers here on the site! Card looks great, and the mystery RAW superstar better not be a letdown

Alberto Del Rio, Chavo Guerrero, Cody Rhodes, and the Corre are my predictions as to who will win the matches! Good luck, man, and you know I'll be reading!

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Good. Can't wait for Smackdown! When will it be posted, roughly?

Alberto Del Rio vs Christian – Number One Contender’s Match
Thinking a draw here, don't think you'll waist the Christian/Edge match on a lousy PPV like Extreme Rules.

Chavo Guerrero vs Trent Barreta
You had Barretta go over on SS, and Chavo's old, so unless you're doing the Cara/Chavo fued, I'm going with Trenty.

Cody Rhodes vs JTG
Reason: He's facing JTG... 'Nuff said.

The Corre vs Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston – Wrestlemania Rematch
Don't think Corre should break up yet, you should redeem their squash at 'Mania.

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Alberto Del Rio against Christian should definitely be a pretty good match. I've got a feeling, we're going to get some kind of a no contest, with a triple threat eventually being set up for the PPV. I found it a little weird that a match has already been announced for Extreme Rules. This hardcore match at Extreme Rules should be awesome though. Chavo and Cody to qualify, please. I'm a little scared Edge's promo is going to be extremely bland, so here's hoping you find a way to spice that up. 'Mania rematch doesn't excite me that much, but I'm hoping you make the right team win this time.

If Raw is anything to go by, I'll really enjoy this. Post sometime soon, please.

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Friday Night SmackDown
Mobile Civil Center, Mobile, Alabama | 8th April 2011

SmackDown opens with the inevitable Wrestlemania recap, first showing Cody Rhodes taking on Rey Mysterio, with both men pulling out some big moves as they try to grab the win – the video even shows Rhodes as he pulls out a move from his old mentor, Hardcore Holly, as he dumps Rey with an Alabama Slam, but it’s still not good enough to get a three count. The video flashes through the near-falls until we finally see Rey pulling off Cody’s face-mask and using it against him... then Rhodes using Rey’s knee brace against HIM by bludgeoning the high-flyer with it as he comes off the top rope. With Mysterio dazed, Rhodes delivers the Cross Rhodes to get the win, and stands victorious for the first time ever at Wrestlemania as we cut away...

...to see the Corre making their way down the ramp to face Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston. The highlights don’t last long, however, as Santino strikes with the Cobra on Slater within three minutes of the opening bell, and Show delivers the Knockout Punch to leave the Corre dominated on a world stage. We cut from the four victorious men’s celebrations, to the match which we saw at the beginning of the actual show, the World Heavyweight Championship bout between defending champion Edge against the Royal Rumble winner, Alberto Del Rio. After various highlights, like Edge locking in his Sharpshooter variation and Del Rio applying the Cross-Arm Breaker, both to no avail, we see Christian taking Brodus Clay to the floor, before Edge drills his challenger with the Spear to pick up a historic win at Wrestlemania. Edge then goes to work on Del Rio’s car with a crowbar, completely wrecking it as Christian warns Del Rio off with the threat of a pipe shot. The last SmackDown image we see is that of Edge and Christian grinning at Del Rio crying on the ramp, before finally, we head into the opening video, complete with Green Day over the top.

Once that’s done, we arrive in the Mobile Civil Center, where fireworks spray across the stage, and we sweep over the crowd for just a moment, before heading to ringside to see Josh Matthews, Matt Striker and Booker T!

Josh Matthews: Hot off the heels of Wrestlemania Twenty-Seven, SmackDown is here in Mobile, Alabama, and what a night we have in store! I’m Josh Matthews, alongside Matt Striker and Booker T... guys, who’s hyped for a new year of SmackDown action?

Both of the other men raise their hands with grins.

Booker T: Y’all better believe I am, dawg – roll on the new year, man! Wrestlemania was off da chain last Sunday, and y’know that SmackDown’s just gonna keep the good times rollin’, Josh.

Matt Striker: Always a great time to a member of the WWE Universe, guys. Extreme Rules is just a few weeks away, and I personally can’t wait to see what huge contests we’re going to witness there, plus the fact that tonight, we get to see all of the Wrestlemania fallout right here from the best seats in the house.

Josh Matthews: Certainly there’s a lot that went down on the SmackDown side of things five nights ago, including the Rated R Superstar, Edge, retaining his World Heavyweight Title against young Alberto Del Rio, as well as wins for Cody Rhodes and the... well, the anti-Corre, you could say.

Booker T: A lotta big stuff went down at ‘Mania, Josh, like you said, but we got a big night tonight, too – I’m talkin’ the main event, man. Alberto Del Rio versus da man who helped Edge win last Sunday, Christian.

Josh Matthews: We’ve seen those two men go at it on SmackDown in the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania, guys, but tonight, the winner of that match will take on Edge for the World Championship at Extreme Rules, which ups the stakes to a whole new level.



THE MOBILE CIVIC CENTER GOES WILD!!! Smoke rushes up from the stage, and it’s not long before the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge walks out with his title belt, and looking thoroughly pleased with himself. The camera shows someone in the crowd with a “Marry me Edge” sign (thankfully a woman) before we head back to the Rated R Superstar, who takes a step or two down the stage before he throws his arms into the air to unleash his usual crazy pyrotechnics in the background. Now grinning, Edge starts to make his way down the ramp, greeting a few people here and there.

Josh Matthews: And a great night for Edge last Sunday, guys, as he managed to defeat the man who’s been plaguing him for weeks on end, the Royal Rumble winner, Alberto Del Rio.

Booker T: I was thinkin’ we was gonna see Alberto pull it out when he got dat Cross-Arm Breaker locked in at Wrestlemania, Josh, but just take a look at Edge with dat belt, man. Can’t say he doesn’t deserve it.

Matt Striker: The Rated R Superstar is always one of the most determined superstars on the SmackDown roster, guys – it’s no surprise to me he managed to prevail over “Destiny’s Darling” last Sunday, and it’s no surprise to see him taking the time to greet these fans here at ringside... wait a sec, what the –

Suddenly, a sharp uproar of boos can be heard, and Edge barely has time to turn towards the stage to see what’s going on... BECAUSE ALBERTO DEL RIO AND BRODUS CLAY COME CHARGING OUT TO BLUDGEON THE WORLD CHAMPION DOWN FROM BEHIND!!! The heat is huge from this Mobile crowd, and Del Rio just stands watching, baring his teeth in fury as Clay goes to work on the World Champion – “Destiny’s Darling” is in his ring gear, similar to Clay, but the Mexican has a sheet of paper in his hand, though he’s much more focused on the suffering of the Rated R Superstar, still laid out in front of him. He tells Clay to “Pick him up”, and he does, allowing Del Rio to grab him by the head... AND JUST FLING HIM INTO THE NEAREST BARRICADE WITH A SICKENING CRASH!!!

A big groan goes up around the arena as Edge lies still for a moment, and Del Rio picks up the title belt with a sick smile, nodding his head as he looks at its shiny surface. Clay drops to his knees, and starts to lay more right hands into the head of the World Champion, as “CHRISTIAN! CHRISTIAN!” chants can be heard around the arena. Del Rio tosses the belt over his shoulder casually, then lays the sheet of paper on Edge’s body and heads for the ring, eventually telling Clay to join him on the apron to open the ropes for him. His enforcer does so, still throwing dark looks back at Edge as the Canadian gasps on the ramp floor, and now Del Rio and Clay stand in the centre of the ring, enduring the fierce heat from the crowd as a dark smile crosses Del Rio’s face. At ringside, we see Ricardo Rodriguez applauding as Del Rio poses with the World Title, and eventually, the Mexican Aristocrat asks for a mic from ringside – Rodriguez happily passes him one, and he immediately raises it...


Immense heat from the crowd after his unnecessary attack on Edge.

Alberto Del Rio: But you... you already know that.

Del Rio smirks slyly as he hoists Edge’s World Title a little further up on to his shoulder.

Alberto Del Rio: Five nights ago... at Wrrrrrrestlemania... Edge, and Christian, screwed me over.

Heat from the crowd.

Alberto Del Rio: So for now... allow me to imagine what it would have been like, for me to stand before you tonight as World Heavyweight Champion. Because we all know... my destiny says this is how things should have happened.

Del Rio, still admiring the belt, now turns to point at Edge, trying to figure out where he is on the ramp floor.

Alberto Del Rio: And Edge... you think you can wreck my car, amigo? Well take a look at that piece of paper beside you – that’s a bill for the damage.

The bill is the last thing on Edge’s mind at the moment, with the Rated R Superstar still gasping in pain as Del Rio continues, smirking.

Alberto Del Rio: It wasn’t good enough for you, was it, Edge? Using your friend Christian to make sure you walked away with this title... no, you weren’t done there, were you? Denying me my destiny was just the start, amigo. You took it... too far. You don’t even deserve to look at my car.

Del Rio is still grinning a little, as he usually does, but there’s an air of real menace about him.

Alberto Del Rio: But I know a man who can make it right... Teddy Long.

Mixed reaction for dat, playa.

Alberto Del Rio: Teddy... I know you’re back dere. Why don't you come out to dis ring... and strip Edge of his World Title which he stole out of Atlanta last night. And maybe, you give it to a real torch-bearer for SmackDown. Like me... Alberto Del Rio.

The crowd boos wildly now, and Del Rio waits patiently. After a few moments, Teddy Long doesn’t arrive...

Alberto Del Rio: Come on Teddy... come give me my title, peso.

Still nothing from the SmackDown GM, it seems. Del Rio scowls, and looks at Edge instead – his face lights up, and he rolls from the ring.

Alberto Del Rio: But you know what, Edge? I don’t need Teddy to give me this World Title... this one right here. I just need you to hand it over to me. I will cover the debt of my car, amigo... if you give up your World – Heavyweight – Title.

Big heat from the crowd once again, and Edge looks up at Del Rio from his place on the ground. The Mexican Aristocrat kneels down beside him, smirking once again.

Alberto Del Rio: So... that bill... or destiny... as it should have been?

Del Rio slowly lowers the mic towards Edge, and suddenly we can hear his desperate breathing. After a few moments, he brings his eyes up to look into Del Rio’s, and spits right back at him.

Edge: Screw... YOU.

The Mobile crowd goes WILD for that, and Del Rio stands with a furious expression on his face. He shoots a look at Clay, who clenches his fists with a frown, and suddenly, Del Rio pulls Edge back to his feet, before he throws him into the lion’s den again, under the bottom rope! Clay grabs the Rated R Superstar angrily, and he tosses him to the canvas... BEFORE HE STARTS FIRING AWAY WITH RIGHT HANDS, SENDING THE CROWD WILD WITH BOOS ONCE AGAIN! Del Rio rolls into the ring too, and just kneels by Edge as he has the daylights pounded out of him, shaking his head and watching the beatdown in frustration at Edge’s stubbornness. He puts the mic to his lips once again...

Alberto Del Rio: You think you’re brave, peso? Wanna hold on to your title? Want to deny me my... destiny?

More heat from the crowd.

Alberto Del Rio: I don’t need a number one contender’s match, Edge... I just need this title. YOU OWE ME THIS BELT – AMIGO.

Del Rio tells Clay to stop, then dumps the belt on the floor... and points to it with a cold expression. Clay gets the idea, and pulls Edge to his feet, before he sets him up – THEN DRIVES HIM ON TO THE BELT WITH THAT HUGE EXPLODER SUPLEX OF HIS!!! The crowd roars with disapproval, and Del Rio pats Clay on the shoulder as the big man grunts “SH’YEAH! SH’YEAH!” a couple of times. The Mexican Aristocrat takes a look around the arena now, then back down to Edge, squirming on the mat... THEN DROPS TO THE CANVAS TO APPLY THE CROSS-ARM BREAKER!!! Massive heat can be heard as Edge yells out desperately in agony, and Del Rio’s expression is one of pure hatred, cranking the pressure to unbearable levels as the Rated R Superstar begins to tap out...

...but the TitanTron comes to life suddenly! Clay (as well as Rodriguez at ringside) looks up in surprise, but Del Rio just continues to tear at Edge’s arm tendons, baring his teeth with the adrenaline as everyone else looks up to the screen. The camera shows the car park of the arena, where we see a black car pull up – AND AS THE DOOR OPENS, CHRISTIAN STEPS OUT TO A HUGE OVATION! Del Rio finally looks up to the Tron in horror, and he leaps to his feet, keeping his balance by gripping the ropes... as Christian, frowning, starts to head towards the ring area, walking straight towards the camera! A whole host of “CHRISTIAN! CHRISTIAN!” chants kick off in the crowd, and now Del Rio frantically tells Clay to protect him, as Booker T says something along the lines of “KARMA IS A MUTHA, MAN”, and as Christian CHARGES up the steps to the Gorilla position, the stage in the arena turns gold...



AND A HUGE POP GOES UP FROM THE CROWD AGAIN! Captain Charisma wastes no time as he steps out on to the stage, and makes quick pace towards the ring, sliding under the bottom rope – AND HERE WE GO! Clay surges forward with a right hand, but Christian ducks it, and the big enforcer tumbles over the top rope! Del Rio is next, and he also aims a punch for the Livewire’s face, but he blocks it, and heads round the back to hook the arms – KILLSWITCH... NO! Ricardo Rodriguez is up on the apron, so Captain Charisma drops Del Rio’s arms, and BLASTS the announcer off the apron with a stunning Dropkick! The crowd loves it, and now Christian turns round, looking to kick some Mexican ass, but Del Rio is gone, rolling under the bottom rope to escape his comeuppance! Christian points to him as he backs up the ramp, and the crowd boos the Mexican Aristocrat, who can only shake his head, and retreats to the stage!

Josh Matthews: Alberto Del Rio really cutting to the chase here tonight, guys, but it looks like if he wants that World Title shot, he’s gonna have to beat Christian in that main event later this evening, because we heard nothing from Teddy Long on that proposition about awarding him the World Title.

Booker T: Dawg, dat stuff from Alberto was just sick. I’ve seen him do some back alley thangs, but he’s takin’ it too far with attackin’ Edge like dat.

Josh Matthews: Indeed a new low for Alberto Del Rio tonight, but still to come, folks, we’ll see if he can get himself that World Title shot at Extreme Rules, plus a whole lot more – don’t go away.

Christian ignores Del Rio now, and instead drops to the canvas to check on Edge, as Rodriguez and Clay recover nearby, and SmackDown heads to a break.




After his hideous burial by the real WWE writing team, there’s very little in the way of a reaction for Chavo Guerrero, who struts out on to the stage wearing his usual headband and poncho over his orange ring gear. The bell rings, and Chavo spreads his arms wide, before he starts to make his way down the ramp, bouncing confidently to the beat of his music.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a qualifier for the Intercontinental Championship, Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge at Extreme Rules! Introducing first, from El Paso, Texas, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds... CHAVO – GUERRERO!

A match graphic comes up, showing Wade Barrett with his Intercontinental Title, but with five silhouettes in the background, as “EXTREME RULES” appears underneath Barrett and his mystery opponents.

Josh Matthews: Chavo Guerrero’s gunning for a shot at the Intercontinental Title here tonight, because in four weeks at Extreme Rules, it’s a first time ever match – six men in the ring, elimination rules, no disqualifications, and the last man not pinned or made to submit... will be the Intercontinental Champion.

Booker T: That’s gonna be one mutha of a match, man, and Chavo Guerrero’s a talented guy. His involvement in dat contest could make things twice as interestin’.

Matt Striker: The current champion is Wade Barrett, guys, and he’s sure to be watching this contest alongside the Corre backstage, especially as he has such an explosive title defence to look forward to in Tampa in four weeks’ time. No-one likes having to defend against five guys at once, and if Chavo’s one of those guys... well, watch closely, ‘cause we could be looking at a future Intercontinental Champion.

We now see Chavo in the ring, finding a place on the turnbuckle to taunt the crowd, but upon realising they don’t really care, he hops back down, and removes his poncho and headband as he waits. His music dies out, and now we turn back to the stage...


A small pop can be heard from the fans who are half as cool as Trent Barreta as he makes his way out, smiling at the crowd. Chavo scowls as he bounces on the balls of his feet, and now Barreta heads down the ramp, high fiving as many fans as he can on the way.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent... from Mount Sinai, New York, weighing in at two hundred and three pounds... TRENT – BARRETA!

Josh Matthews: Trent Barreta is an exciting superstar to watch, guys – I know you’re a big fan of Trent, Matt.

Matt Striker: Well, myself and Trent kick some butt at Call of Duty 4 when we’re on the road, Josh, and believe me, he’s not half bad, but he’s not half bad in the ring either, and that’s what matters here tonight.

Booker T: Ya gotta love Trent Barreta’s style, dawg. I just love watchin’ this guy perform, he knows how to get a crowd on his side, he knows how to liven up Friday nights... big things in this young man’s future, guys.

Barreta now rolls into the ring, and heads to the turnbuckle, playing to the crowd with a grin. He then hops back down, and runs a hand through his hair as Chavo continues to frown at him. The official has a quick chat with both men, then calls for the bell to kick things off –

Match 1 – Singles Contest – Intercontinental Title Match Qualifier
Chavo Guerrero vs Trent Barreta

We join the contest with Chavo in control, a headlock keeping Trent to the mat. The crowd gets behind Barreta, however, and the youngster manages to force Chavo up with him, before he fires away with a couple of elbows to free himself... then heads for the ropes – AND BAM! HE TAKES CHAVO’S HEAD OFF WITH A STUNNING FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Guerrero’s body contorts with the crunching impact on the canvas, and the crowd groans in awe as Trent hurriedly makes the cover... 1... 2... but Chavo gets a shoulder up! Barreta rolls back to his feet, and heads to the outside apron now, wasting no time in preparing for his next move. Eventually, Guerrero finds his feet, but his back is turned to Barreta, who springboards – and knocks the Mexican Warrior flat on to his face with a BIG Springboard Dropkick from behind! The crowd loves that, and once again, Barreta hooks the leg... 1... 2... 3-NO! Chavo kicks out of that, too!

Barreta takes a look at the official, who shows him two fingers in the nicest possible sense, and the young New Yorker forces himself up again. This time, he crouches in the corner, and beckons for Chavo to rise to his feet, brushing his hair out of his eyes in a slightly Edge-like fashion, then he releases the ropes and starts to hop about, firing up the crowd as Chavo gets to a vertical base. Trent charges in, but Guerrero is a wily one, and he stops him in his tracks with a kick to the gut... before he connects with a Suplex! Chavo now rolls to bring Barreta back to his feet, and Striker starts talking about Guerrero’s tribute to his late uncle, before the Mexican Warrior connects with a second Suplex... and rolls to bring Trent up once again. Barreta tries to struggle free briefly, but Chavo is determined, and he manages to pull Barreta up and down for the third of the Three Amigos! A few “EDDIE! EDDIE!” chants can be heard from certain areas of the crowd, and Chavo wastes no time with the cover, desperate for that Intercontinental Title shot... 1... 2... but no! Barreta kicks out to keep this one alive!

The crowd cheers for Barreta’s resilience there, but Chavo isn’t impressed, and he drags his opponent quickly to the corner, before he steps to the outside – and heads up top! Various members of the crowd get to their feet to see what’s about to happen, as Chavo points to the sky, then leaps with the FROG SPLAAAAAAAASH... NOBODY’S HOME! CHAVO CRASHES AND BURNS!!! A big groan goes up as Guerrero plants himself into the canvas, but he manages to force himself to his feet, clutching his abdomen – CRACK! Barreta runs right through him with a Busaiko Knee Strike! The ‘Gobstobber’, as Barreta calls it, has Guerrero barely conscious on the canvas, and now Trent picks him up to his feet... before he grabs him by the head, runs off the ropes – AND DELIVERS THE ROPE-RUN TORNADO DDT!!! Chavo gets absolutely DRILLED by that impressive move, and the crowd cheers as Barreta makes the cover... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: Trent Barreta bts. Chavo Guerrero via pinfall at 8:27

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner and qualifying for the Six-Pack Challenge at Extreme Rules... Trent – BARRETA!

A pop goes up for Barreta after such an exciting finish to the contest, and the New Yorker throws his arms up to the crowd with a grin. Chavo clutches his head on the outside, frustrated that he couldn’t win this one, and Barreta continues to play to the fans, as we head to ringside.

Josh Matthews: It’s a win for Trent Barreta tonight, which means he’s in line for his first ever Intercontinental Title shot in the WWE, guys; what a great opening contest here on SmackDown!

Matt Striker: Couldn’t happen to a better guy, Josh – I can’t wait to see how he does in that Six-Pack Challenge, we’re in for an entertaining match for sure. You know, Trent Barreta might just be going places on the back of that performance, guys.

Booker T: Like I said, ‘dat man right ‘dere has got a bright future here on Friday nights. If I was Wade Barrett, I’d be a little bit nervous right ‘bout now, I’m tellin’ ya.

Talk of the devil, we cut backstage to see none other than the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett, watching Barreta celebrate from a screen in his locker room. Boos can be heard for the Englishman as he turns away from the screen with a frown, and sees the remainder of The Corre in Ezekiel Jackson, leaning against the wall, and the WWE Tag Team Champions, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, deep in conversation. Barrett’s presence silences the young duo, who turn to face him as Jackson tilts his head up, too:

Wade Barrett: Lads... we have a responsibility to The Corre tonight.

Slater, Gabriel and Jackson watch him with blank stares.

Wade Barrett: Last Sunday, we got embarrassed. The biggest event of the year, and we got humiliated on the global stage – by four LOSERS.

Boos from the crowd, and Slater, the man pinned, looks to the floor. Barrett takes a step towards him, and speaks sharply and directly into his face.

Wade Barrett: But tonight, we have a chance for redemption. A rematch. So we need to be stronger than ever – more united. Can I trust you three to do that?

Silence from his Corre companions. Barrett shifts his title belt forward and smirks.

Wade Barrett: Good.

The Intercontinental Champion heads for the door, then stops to turn back, speaking with an icy tone at his three companions.

Wade Barrett: Don’t embarrass me again.

Barrett now walks out with his belt, leaving Slater to look at the floor again following that little ‘pep talk’. Gabriel pats him hard on the shoulder, whilst Jackson folds his arms and watches Barrett goes with the usual frown. A match graphic appears to highlight that it’ll be The Corre versus Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston and Santino Marella in a WRESTLEMANIA REMATCH later tonight, as Jackson shakes his head in the locker room, and SmackDown heads to a break.



It’s pretty good heat for Cody Rhodes as SmackDown returns, with the youngster walking menacingly out on to the stage; his head is covered with his plastic mask and the usual black hood, giving him a truly dangerous air as he keeps his head down, and simply stands motionlessly on the steel stage as the bell rings.

Tony Chimel: The following bout is set for one fall, and it is another qualifier for the Intercontinental Championship, Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge at Extreme Rules! Making his way to the ring... from Marietta, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-three pounds... COOOOOODY – RHODES!

The cameraman has the audacity to try to get a close-up of Rhodes’ mask-covered face, but he sharply looks at him and hisses “Get that out of my face!” before SHOVING the cameraman to the stage floor for some extra heat, as the fallen camera shows Rhodes’ feet storming down the ramp.

Josh Matthews: This new, bitter, overly-self-conscious Cody Rhodes is a sight to behold, and five nights ago at Wrestlemania, that bitterness hit a whole new high when he defeated Rey Mysterio.

Matt Striker: Cody Rhodes is a disturbed individual for sure, Josh; he bashed Rey’s skull in with his own knee brace last Sunday, and that really begs the question... just what is this young man capable of from here?

Booker T: Check out what he did to dat cameraman, Matt – dat right dere’s one crazed mutha, man. He has a chance to qualify for dat Six-Pack Challenge at Extreme Rules right now, but I shudda to think about what he could do in a match like dat, I really do.

Rhodes strides silently down the ramp now, ignoring the insults from the nearby fans, including a child or two calling him “Ugly face,” and he takes the steps up to the ring, keeping his head down the entire time. He swings into the ring, and sets up shop in the corner, staring down at the canvas to create an incredibly creepy scene as his music fades out. A few “619! 619!” chants can be heard, but Rhodes doesn’t move an inch, keeping up this eerie, motionless covering of his head.



A decent pop goes up for the ever-grinning JTG as he makes his way out, bouncing all over the stage like some sort of rabbit, but we’ll assume his reasoning for it is because he’s just that gangsta. Anyhow, he seems unfazed by his freak of an opponent, instead enjoying the time to ‘holla’ at some of the members of the audience.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds... J – T – G!!!

Josh Matthews: JTG set for action here tonight –

Matt Striker: (clears throat)Allow me to lay down the law, Josh. My, er, homeboy JTG’s been teaching me some lingo in exchange for lessons in the finer points of American literature, so I’ll just ‘holla’ at ya, if that’s... down in the hood with you.

Josh Matthews: Wait, what?

Matt Striker: I’m feelin’ JTG’s chances here tonight, Josh... er, he’s been killin’ it recently, he’s got mad skills up in the ring, and, uh, my b0y’s been pullin’... pullin’ shawties in all the clubs – um, ya dig?

Josh Matthews: Any idea what he just said, Book?

Booker T: (laughing) Not a clue, dawg.

Matt Striker: Why you gotta hate?

“Don’t quit your day job,” chuckles Matthews in reply, as JTG hops on to the apron, and slips himself in between the top two ropes, hammering down on the top one with his hand in his typical fashion. He then joins Rhodes in the ring, but he ignores his unmoving opponent, instead heading to the turnbuckle to spread his arms wide, showing off his “bling” as Striker puts it, before he hops down. As he removes his chains, hat and coat, Rhodes finally moves, slowly pulling his hood down to fully reveal himself in the plastic mask. Having lost to Rhodes within the past month via the use of the mask, JTG looks a little wary, but he still hops up and down, raising his fists in anticipation as Rhodes throws his jacket to ringside, and the bell chimes.

Match 2 – Singles Contest – Intercontinental Title Match Qualifier
Cody Rhodes vs JTG

Rhodes’ brutal, almost insane, side has really been let loose in this match, similar to how it was last Sunday when he beat Rey Mysterio, and JTG has taken a fair bit of punishment. As we join the match after three minutes, JTG is sat in the corner, enduring the force of several boots to the face from an enraged Rhodes. The official gives Rhodes a count to make him relent, and eventually he does, watching with an almost-Orton-esque coldness as JTG lies dazed on the canvas, head slumped against the bottom turnbuckle. The referee complains to Rhodes about keeping it fair, but the masked man simply glares at him, then pulls JTG out of the corner, and sends him to the ropes. Jay comes back with a right hand, but Rhodes ducks it, and JTG heads for the other side – he rebounds, then darts in again, but Rhodes boots him in the gut suddenly... and drops him with a big Bionic Elbow shot to the face! JTG goes down in a heap, as Striker immediately picks up on “Cody Rhodes with the signature move of his father Dusty there”, and Cody takes a moment to frown at JTG writhing on the canvas, before he drops to make a cover... 1... 2... but JTG kicks out!

A pop goes up from the Mobile crowd as Rhodes is denied victory there, but he scowls, and yanks JTG back to his feet, again ignoring the referee as he tells Rhodes to “watch the hair.” JTG tries to shove Rhodes away for a second, but the masked youngster takes barely a step back before he moves forward and just BLASTS Jay with a sickening boot to the skull! JTG gets flattened yet again, but Rhodes gives him no respite, instead dragging him to the bottom rope, and draping him over it; he then presses his boot into JTG’s neck to choke him, and the crowd boos Rhodes’ antics as Jay gasps desperately for air. The official quickly steps in with a hurried count to make Rhodes stop, and at four, he does, not wanting to give up that possible title shot. JTG detaches himself from the rope, panting, and Rhodes grabs the top rope on the other side of the ring, scowling as he waits for the Brooklyn native to get back up. Eventually, sweating from the pain, JTG finds his feet, and takes a step towards Rhodes, who hooks him up, and connects with a crunching Russian Legsweep. JTG is taking a real beating here, and Rhodes casually finds the ropes now to fire his signature Knee Drop – BUT NOBODY’S HOME! JTG rolls out the way, and Rhodes hits the canvas, only to push himself hurriedly back to his feet... AND GET SUDDENLY ROLLED UP BY JTG FROM BEHIND! The crowd comes alive with a big surprised cheer, as the official counts... 1... 2... 3-NO! Rhodes kicks out of it!

JTG tumbles across the ring with the force of the kickout, stunned that he couldn’t take the sneaky win, and the crowd groans with a similar disappointment – Rhodes is FURIOUS, though, and as JTG gets to his feet, the masked man just bashes his skull in with a sickening mask-aided headbutt! Jay collapses again, and the referee immediately kneels next to him to check if he’s okay, as Rhodes just stares down at his opponent with a cold, emotionless expression. JTG starts groaning that he’s fine, and tries to press himself back to his feet, but Rhodes is straight back on him, pulling him straight up and throwing him forcefully into the corner. JTG winces as he hits the turnbuckle hard, but Rhodes continues to go on offence, lifting him to a seated position on the top rope... and then smacks him with another stinging mask headbutt shot, this time to the sternum as Rhodes takes two steps up. With JTG reeling, Rhodes tries to hook him up for the Vertical Suplex, but Jay is resilient, refusing to be tossed off the top, and he even comes back with a right hand to halt Rhodes’ move in its tracks! The crowd begins to cheer as JTG starts to fire away, blasting Rhodes over and over again – until he finally manages to get a foot up, and SHOVES RHODES OFF THE TOP ROPE! Rhodes comes CRASHING down to the canvas, and the crowd eggs JTG on as he tries to find the energy to return some offence... Rhodes struggles back up as JTG manages to inch up to the top rope, and then LAUNCHES OFF –

- BUT RHODES CATCHES HIM MID-CROSSBODY!!! The crowd groans in awe as Rhodes manages to hook JTG up on his shoulders, and transitions so Jay is on his back... THEN DRILLS HIM WITH THE ALABAMA SLAM!!! The ring shakes from the horrific impact, and JTG lies motionlessly on the canvas now, with Rhodes a little surprised himself that he managed to pull off something so spectacular; he’s breathing a bit heavily now, but regardless, this match is all his, and he picks JTG’s dead weight off the mat to finish things off. JTG slumps a bit as Rhodes grips him with the inverted facelock... THEN DELIVERS CROSS RHODES!!! The crowd groans as JTG’s contest surely comes to an end with that move, and Rhodes rubs his jaw in pain from the shots he’s taken, before dropping beside JTG to make the cover... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: Cody Rhodes bts. JTG via pinfall at 7:46


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner and qualifyingfor the Six-Pack Challenge at Extreme Rules... CODY – RHODES!

Boos flood in from the crowd as Rhodes pushes himself to his feet, and the referee raises his hand for barely a second before he wrenches it away, scowling. The official raises his hand, and exits the ring, leaving Rhodes in the ring with the floored JTG as his music continues to play.

Josh Matthews: Just when I thought JTG was going to steal it there, we really saw Cody Rhodes turn it up a notch, guys, and that means he’ll be a part of that Six-Pack Challenge at Extreme Rules.

Matt Striker: I have to agree with you there, Josh; at first, I thought Cody was showing those levels of intensity to get that Intercontinental Title shot, but the more that match rolled on... well, I think he was just trying to inflict as much suffering on JTG as possible.

Booker T: Man, I knew we was gonna see Cody Rhodes do something impressive tonight, but I wasn’t expectin’ something like dat. Dat Alabama Slam shook the whole arena, dawg, I’m kinda hoping Jay’s alive right now.

Back in the squared circle, Rhodes just looks down at JTG, still not moving, and shoves him from the ring with a single boot. JTG crumples lifelessly to the outside, and now Rhodes stands himself in the centre of the ring, just absorbing the heat as he scowls at the Mobile crowd in attendance...



THE CROWD GOES WILD! The stage is suddenly coloured with a huge rainbow backdrop as none other than Rey Mysterio walks out, frowning and pointing down to the ring at his opponent last Sunday! Rhodes scowls up at Rey, who takes a quick look around the arena, filled with fans egging him on... SO HE SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP, SLIDING UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE TO KICK THINGS OFF! Rhodes throws a furious right hand, but Rey ducks under it, and Dropkicks Rhodes in the back... CAUSING HIM TO FALL FORWARD ON TO THE SECOND ROPE!!! The crowd goes CRAZY as Rey pumps his arm to the fans, then charges to dial it up... BUT RHODES DROPS TO THE DECK, AND ROLLS FROM THE RING!

Intense booing meets Rhodes as he snarls at Rey in the ring, who immediately heads to the turnbuckle to pump up the crowd as Rhodes retreats. Mysterio raises both arms to the fans, then drops his right one to point at Rhodes on the ramp, and the camera zooms in on the Ultimate Underdog as he says “We’re not done here, ese” with a smirk, before he hops down, and plays to the crowd some more.

Josh Matthews: You heard it from the horse’s mouth, ladies and gentlemen – “We’re not done here,” says Rey Mysterio, and Cody Rhodes does not look happy about that!

Matt Striker: ‘Redemption’ is a brilliant concept, Josh, and it won’t be long before Rey can really pay Cody back for what transpired last Sunday, I’m sure.

Josh Matthews: Speaking of redemption, Matt, that’s what on the cards in our blockbuster main event here tonight on SmackDown, because we’re going to find out Edge’s opponent for Extreme Rules, as Christian faces his old nemesis, Alberto Del Rio, for a shot at the World Title.

Booker T: Alberto really sent a message with dat attack on Edge earlier tonight, dawg, but it’s still all to play for, ‘cause Christian’s in the mood to hand out a beatin’ of his own in the main event. Ya know what they say ‘bout karma, too.

As Rey and Cody stare at each other from opposing ends of the arena, the latter significantly more frustrated, SmackDown heads to a break.


There is a lot the human body can endure.

We see nothing but a black screen, coupled with the sound of a man breathing heavily.

A human can survive a heart attack.

A lightning-quick flashing shot of a man clutching his chest, then back to black.

A human can survive a huge fall.

The darkness is punctuated by the image of someone falling off a ledge, then it returns.

A human can survive an attack from an animal.

A man falls backwards as a dog leaps at him, then the black cuts it off again.

A human can even survive a gunshot.

Two silhouettes across from each other, as one lifts up a gun, and the blackness cuts in as the gunshot rings out. The shot suddenly turns to the image of John Cena screaming in pain in a submission hold, then Edge lying against the turnbuckle, baring his teeth as he suffers.

But with survival... comes pain.

And now Randy Orton, clutching his injured knee on the canvas.

How much pain is a man willing to go through?

Rey Mysterio slumped against the mat, eyes unfocused.

What barriers will a man break to achieve glory?

The Miz gasps for air as he raises his WWE Title above his head.

Which man will be able to survive?

Alberto Del Rio winks to the camera, then The Corre raise their arms in the air.

Which man will truly experience...

Christian looks to the sky in frustration, and Cena roars to the crowd.


CM Punk grins devilishly at the camera, before the ‘EXTREME RULES’ graphic appears, and the video package fades to a close...


SmackDown returns to the sight of Todd Grisham backstage, with a mic in his hand.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... Trent Barreta!

A decent pop goes up for Trent Barreta after his entertaining win earlier tonight, and he steps into the shot with a pretty satisfied smile.

Todd Grisham: Trent, earlier tonight you qualified for the Six-Pack Challenge at Extreme Rules for the Intercontinental Championship, which will be your first singles title shot ever in the WWE. That’s a big step up for you, do you think you’re ready for it?

Barreta runs a hand through his long hair, then shrugs and nods.

Trent Barreta: I gotta say ‘yeah’, Todd. Winning earlier tonight felt SA-WEET, and I just wanna keep the good times rollin’, you know?

Barreta grins.

Trent Barreta: I’m just gonna take it one match at a time, though. Each week up until Extreme Rules, where I’m just gonna do what I do best. Totally rock in the ring. You know, kick some butt, get the fans on their feet screaming “BA-RETT-A! BA-RETT-A!”

Trent stops speaking for a moment, allowing said “BA-RETT-A!” chants to fire up a little in the crowd.

Trent Barreta: And believe me, Todd. One title shot’s all I need. ‘Cause come Extreme Rules, it doesn’t matter whether I’m looking at tables, ladders or chairs – I can work with it all, I’m a versatile dude. So bring it on. Trent Barreta... the next Intercontinental Champion. Sound good to you, Todd?

Grisham shrugs.

Todd Grisham: Sure.

Barreta cracks a smile again.

Trent Barreta: Well, it sounds pretty sweet to me, dude. And I hope my man Tony Chimel out there gets used to sayin’ it, ‘cause he’s gonna be sayin’ it for a while after Extreme Rules –

Trent stops in his tracks suddenly, as Drew McIntyre steps into the shot, smirking. The crowd boos for the Chosen One, who looks Barreta up and down, and chuckles.

Drew McIntyre: Remember me, Trent? Drew McIntyre. The guy who was droppin’ yoo on your head for the first few months of the year.

Heat from the crowd as Barreta folds his arms.

Drew McIntyre: But, uh... maybe I dropped yoo a little too hard on your head – because I think I made yoo a little bit delirious. ‘Cause here you are, sayin’ yoo’ll be the next Intercontinental Champion?

McIntyre chuckles.

Drew McIntyre: Take it from a former champion, Trent. You just... don’t... cut... it.

The crowd boos, and Barreta just smirks back at McIntyre, who stares at him for a moment... then walks away, leaving Trent to stare after him, shaking his head.

We cut away from Barreta’s unfazed expression to the arena, where the stage lights up with a red glow...



The Corre’s kick-ass (yet about the 400th version of it) theme blares from the speakers to heat from the crowd, and the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett leads the group of four equals out on to the stage. He is accompanied by Ezekiel Jackson and the WWE Tag Team Champions, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, and none of the four men look in a particularly good mood after what we witnessed from them earlier tonight. Barrett punches the air to let off some pyro behind the foursome, who walk as equals down the ramp now, with the camera moving backwards to encompass all four as the bell chimes.

Tony Chimel: The following tag team contest is a Wrestlemania rematch, set for one fall! Introducing first, the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett, the WWE Tag Team Champions, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, and Ezekiel Jackson... they are THE CORRE!!!

Matt Striker: The Corre’s proverbial ‘darkest hour’ came last Sunday with that loss in two and half minutes, and in the enterprising mindset of Wade Barrett, that’s just not the direction the Corre need to be heading in.

Josh Matthews: Couldn’t agree more, Matt; we heard some stinging words from Barrett to his Corre associates earlier tonight, and he expects a win from them tonight to make up for what we saw last Sunday. Can you blame him, though? This group contains three of the four champions on Friday nights at the moment, and they didn’t even last three minutes on the Grandest Stage Of ‘Em All!

Booker T: Ya get the impression dat dis is a huge night for the Corre, man. Dis is make or break time right here. If dey wanna be a big thing in the WWE, dey gotta do something big tonight.

Matt Striker: You can’t forget that so far tonight, Wade Barrett has had to put up with constant talk about the Intercontinental Title match at Extreme Rules – how can he solely concentrate on this match when there’s all this hype surrounding the fact he has to defend against five challengers in three weeks or so?

“It’s a good point,” muses Matthews as The Corre hit the ring; Barrett stands in the centre of the ring with Jackson behind him, while Gabriel and Slater head to the two turnbuckles on the hard camera side. As the Tag Team Champions raise their belts, Barrett just smirks, and Jackson raises his arms above his head with a dark grin, ready to inflict some real punishment tonight. Gabriel and Slater hop down, and the four men wait patiently for their opponents now, with Barrett hissing tactics at them while they wait.




A pretty good cheer goes up around the Mobile Civic Center for Big Show and Kane, who walk out on to the stage with a real sense of purpose tonight. Show grins and makes a title belt motion at The Corre, but Kane just flexes the fingers on his good choking hand, staring a hole through Jackson from across the arena. The camera shows the Corre with varying expressions; whilst Barrett just stares, Jackson looks absolutely pumped, banging his chest and grinning, but Slater and Gabriel look less than confident after what happened on Sunday. Show and Kane head down the ramp, but they stop there, and wait for their teammates.

Tony Chimel: And their opponents... first, at a combined weight of eight hundred and eight pounds... the team of the Big Show, and KANE!!!

Kane’s music dies down, as does his red lighting, and now they turn to focus on the stage as it turns the colours of the Italian flag...


Another good cheer can be heard, this time for Santino Marella as the deadly Italian struts into view. He looks around the arena for a moment, then grins and thanks the fans for their love and support as he walks down the ramp, pretending to blush and saying “Thank you, thank you” on his way. He eventually reaches Show and Kane, squeezing himself comically between the two giants; when they look down at him, Santino takes a look at The Corre, then pats his two partners on their arms and says “Don’t worry, I’ve-a got this.”

Tony Chimel: And their tag team partner, from Calabria, Italy, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-seven pounds... SANTINO – MARELLA!!!

Marella high fives Show, then asks for one from Kane, who leaves him hanging. Santino’s music fades out, and now the stage lights up a stunning shade of green –



Kofi Kingston’s appearance gets a big pop from the crowd as he leaps out on to the stage, and he takes a moment to enjoy his warm reception, before he unleashes his pyro with three claps of his hands, then bounces down the ramp to join his teammates. Santino gives him a bad-ass nod, which Kofi returns, and Show rubs his hands together, saying “Let’s do this” before heading for the ring with the other three. Barrett looks down his nose at the opposing team from the squared circle, with Jackson still baring his teeth, and the ‘anti-Corre’ enter the ring through various means, giving us even numbers between the two sides as the referee tells three from each team to hit the apron.

Tony Chimel: And finally, from Ghana, West Africa, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-one pounds... KOFI – KINGSTON!

Josh Matthews: These four men really capture the hearts of the WWE Universe, guys; Show, Kane, Kofi and Santino, you’ve got size, strength, speed, talent... and the Cobra. A special group of guys, wouldn’t you agree?

Matt Striker: I always enjoy watching these four perform each and every week, Josh, but we could easily say that The Corre have the exact same attributes – they just haven’t made good use of them lately.

Barrett tells The Corre that he’ll start things off, showing his willingness to atone for last Sunday himself, and Kofi, eyeing Barrett’s Intercontinental strap, sets up to be his opponent. Barrett flexes out his fists, with the rest of The Corre and Show, Kane and Santino watching intently, and Kofi begins to bounce about as the pair circle each other deftly, and the bell rings.

Match 3 – Eight-Man Tag Team Match – Wrestlemania Rematch
The Corre vs Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston

A fast-paced opening to the match has Kofi exciting the crowd with some high-flying moves, as well as Big Show getting in some of those big chops to the chest of Gabriel, while Kane sends Barrett reeling with a cracking shot to the throat or two. Before long though, Santino tries to take it too far, missing his Diving Headbutt when Gabriel rolls out the way, and The Corre have been picking the Italian apart ever since. As we join the contest at eight minutes, poor Santino’s been taking punishment for the last five or so, and the commentators’ doubts about The Corre’s togetherness are slightly lessened following the clinical offence they’ve seen so far. At the moment, Santino is at the mercy of the determined Slater, drilling him with stomps as Marella’s teammates look on with concern; well, except for Kane, he just looks angry, but that’s no surprise. Regardless, Slater heads for the ropes and connects with a Knee Drop to Santino’s head, then makes the cover – 1... 2... but that’s all it’s worth, as Marella kicks out! Slater frowns, and tugs the Italian to the corner, where he tags in Gabriel, and holds Santino down as the South African uses the ropes to launch... then comes down across Santino’s abdomen with an impressive Springboard Senton Bomb! Matthews can’t help but praise Gabriel’s athletic ability as he hurries into the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Santino kicks out again!

Barrett grumbles that “This is getting ridiculous” in his glorious English accent on the apron, and Gabriel looks up at him with a frown, seemingly agreeing with his assessment. The South African pulls Santino back to his feet, and applies the front facelock, allowing Slater to tag himself back in. Santino struggles briefly, but Slater quickly strikes with a boot to the gut to force him to bend over in pain. Gabriel heads to the outside apron again as Kofi tries to egg Santino on, and now Slater whips the Italian across the ring; Santino rebounds, and Slater bends down – BOOM! SANTINO DRILLS HIM WITH THE SANTINO STUNNER!!! The crowd ERUPTS as Slater gets floored, and Barrett yells out in frustration on the apron, while Santino collapses too – “This is the turning point!” exclaims Matthews, and Kofi, Show and Kane all stretch forward, desperate to get the tag from Marella as he tries to find his bearings... Slater looks up with unfocused eyes to see Barrett snarling, stretching out his hand alongside Jackson and Gabriel – Slater manages to tag in the Englishman... BUT SANTINO FINDS THE ENERGY TO TAG IN KOFI KINGSTON, WHICH MEANS THINGS ARE ABOUT TO HEAT UP!!!

Kofi immediately springs over the top rope, as Show helps Santino back to his feet on the apron, and Barrett comes charging in with a right hand aimed for Kingston – nope, he ducks it, and just CLATTERS right through the Englishman with his signature double-handed slap to the chest! Barrett hits the deck, then finds his way back up – only to get smacked right back down by that same move, and Kofi hops up and down, beckoning for his opponent to rise one more time. Despite Gabriel and Slater’s warnings from the apron, Barrett does just that, so Kofi hooks him up, and delivers the sweetly-timed Russian Legsweep! This time, Barrett stays down, so Kofi starts to jog around the ring, firing up the hot crowd before he charges in... “Boom, boom...” and delivers the Boom Drop across the Englishman’s abdomen! Kingston leaps back to his feet, telling the crowd to go wild – they duly do so in response, as the exciting Ghanaian sets himself up across from Barrett, and begins to slap his hands together. The crowd starts to do the same, as Kofi prepares for Trouble In Paradise...

...BUT EZEKIEL JACKSON HAS OTHER IDEAS, CHARGING IN TO BLAST KINGSTON DOWN WITH A SICKENING CLOTHESLINE! Kofi spasms on the canvas, as Jackson snarls despite the heat from the crowd – but suddenly, BIG SHOW comes charging into the ring, tackling Big Zeke and forcing them both over the top rope to the outside! The two big men clatter to the outside as the crowd groans, and now Gabriel clambers up to the top rope in a neutral corner, thinking 450 Splash on Kofi – BUT KANE GETS INVOLVED, SPRINTING ALONG THE APRON AND LASHING GABRIEL OFF THE TOP WITH A HUGE THROAT THRUST, SENDING THE SOUTH AFRICAN CRASHING TO THE OUTSIDE!!! Kane laughs maniacally as Gabriel screams in pain, but HEATH SLATER makes his presence known too, as he tears into the ring to knock Kane off the apron with a powerful Dropkick! The Big Red Machine tumbles to the outside too, and Slater takes a moment to check on Barrett, as Kofi weakly stretches up to tag in SANTINO MARELLA across the ring!

The crowd suddenly cheers as Santino pretends to roll up imaginary sleeves, and steps into the squared circle as Slater pulls Barrett to his feet – Slater frowns as he sees the crowd cheering... because Santino is gearing up THE COBRA, and when he turns around... BAM! SANTINO STRIKES WITH THE COBRA, SENDING SLATER TUMBLING TO THE MAT! The crowd loves that, as Marella repeats what happened at Wrestlemania, and Slater rolls from the ring; meanwhile, Barrett is recovering, leaning against the top rope. Santino takes a dramatic look around the Mobile Civic Center... then starts to prepare the Cobra AGAIN! Barrett continues to blink out the cobwebs as the crowd goes wild once more, and when the Englishman turns round, Santino strikes with THE COBRA ONCE AGAIN – NOOOOOO!!! BARRETT SUDDENLY HOISTS HIM ON TO HIS SHOULDERS... AND DELIVERS THE WASTELAND!!! The crowd is completely silenced in an instant, and with no-one in sight to break it up, Barrett drops to hook a leg, ordering the referee to count... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: The Corre bts. Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston via pinfall at 13:04


Tony Chimel: Here are your winners... THE CORRE!

Barrett quickly gets back to his feet as The Corre’s music hits, and the crowd boos voraciously as Barrett tells the official to raise his hand, too. The referee obliges, then Barrett shoves him aside to yell for the other members of The Corre to hit the ring. With Show, Kane and Kofi all laid out around ringside, Gabriel, Slater and Jackson struggle back into the squared circle, looking a little worse for wear following that final sequence. Slowly, Gabriel and Slater grin as they realise they’ve won, and Jackson just nods darkly, before Barrett grabs the hands of the Tag Team Champions, and lifts them into the air. Slater grabs Jackson’s to complete The Corre’s celebration... before they all look down to Santino on the canvas.

Josh Matthews: Turnaround completed, ladies and gentlemen.

Booker T: Dat was in a whole different league to what we saw last Sunday, man. Santino had a chance to win it at the last second, but dat man right dere, Wade Barrett; he know what he doin’. Big, big win.

Matt Striker: The general aura around The Corre seemed so different in the ring tonight, guys. They might just be learning from their mistakes, and I think that win could prove that. Just look how confident they look – wait. Oh, no. Not th– don’t...

Barrett exchanges a glance with Gabriel and Slater, and suddenly, the Tag Team Champions have grabbed Santino, and pulled him to his feet. More boos can be heard around the arena as The Corre’s music cuts sharply, and Big Zeke Jackson grabs Marella, a dark smirk forming on his face before he roars out – THEN DROPS THE ITALIAN WITH THE URA-NAGE! Santino crumples on the canvas as the crowd gives The Corre hell, but before they can do any more, BIG SHOW, KANE AND KOFI KINGSTON HIT THE RING AGAIN!

The three faces have clearly recovered now, and Barrett is the first to notice them as they slide into the squared circle, immediately dropping to the mat and rolling out of harm’s way. Jackson looks up with a scowl, and makes a hasty exit too – but Gabriel and Slater AREN’T quick-witted enough, giving Show and Kane a chance to grip them both around the throats! The crowd roars as Barrett and Jackson watch in horror from the ramp, as Show and Kane send the Tag Team Champions for a ride each... SIMULTANEOUS CHOKESLAMS TO GABRIEL AND SLATER! The Corre pairing lie lifelessly on the canvas now, and the crowd applauds as Kofi helps a dizzy Santino back to his feet –


- and now Show and Kane point to Barrett and Jackson, still frowning as they retreat up the ramp. Santino slumps against the turnbuckle, and Kofi heads to the forefront of the picture, pointing to Barrett and yelling “NEXT WEEK, WADE!!! NEXT WEEK!” as the Englishman just lifts his Intercontinental Title into the air (having been handed it by a ringside staff member). Jackson looks none too pleased by what he’s just seen, and Show and Kane begin to fire up the crowd, while Barrett and Kingston just stare at each other, as SmackDown fades away to another commercial break. Intense stuff.


As SmackDown returns, we’re backstage, where Kelly Kelly is talking to none other than Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi! A surprisingly-good pop goes up for the pairing (possibly due to Snooki’s awesome moves this past Sunday), who are deep in conversation.

Kelly Kelly: ...but yeah, I thought it was totally awesome, and I just wanted to congratulate you for winning! What was it like, anyway? Wrestlemania?

Snooki: Girl, it just rocked. It felt so good to give those skanks a taste of their own –

???: Oh, we’re skanks?

The crowd boos as inevitably, Michelle McCool and Layla step into the shot, shaking their heads in unison.

Michelle McCool: Okay, so Snooki? Firstly, your parents must have had a few too many drinks when they called you that... but I guess they probably did that when you were being born. Downing shots, then Snooki here just fell right out and landed on her head.

Big heat for Laycool as Snooki’s eyes go wide. Layla laughs.

Layla: Secondly, your win on Sunday? Total fla-luke.

Michelle McCool: That’s right, Lay. And why? Because Snooki – you’re not –

Laycool: – FLAWLESS –

Michelle McCool: – like we are.

McCool frowns as she looks Kelly Kelly and Snooki up and down.

Michelle McCool: Hell, just like your friend Smelly Kelly here – you’re just a two-dollar SLU –

BAM! Snooki just LEVELS Michelle with a stinging slap to the face! The crowd loves that, but suddenly, Layla leaps forward to tackle Snooki to the floor, AND MCCOOL DOES THE SAME TO KELLY, STARTING OFF A CATFIGHT SUPREME! Just like on Monday Night Raw, it’s CATFIGHT CITY, USA, as Kelly and Michelle roll about screaming, as Layla tries to tug Snooki’s hair off! In the background, Michael Tarver makes his inevitable appearance, dressed sharply in a suit and ultra-cool hat as usual, and stops texting George Clooney for a few moments to watch the ladies go at it on the floor. McCool and Layla start to get the upper hand on the face ladies, pounding them with some really vicious slaps, and things don’t look good, until – BETH PHOENIX STEPS INTO THE SHOT, SCOWLING!

The crowd cheers loudly for the Glamazon, who immediately sorts out this playground-esque shit, tossing McCool off Kelly to the delight of the fans, then booting Layla away from Snooki to send Laycool tumbling to the edge of the camera shot. The two bimbos rush embarrassedly back to their feet, frowning and clutching at their faces in pain, as Phoenix helps Snooki and Kelly back up. McCool tries to rearrange her messed-up hair, as Layla touches her lip tenderly, and Phoenix shoots them a look, before they scurry away to another pop from this easily-pleased Alabama crowd. Tarver shrugs, and walks off too, texting once again despite none of the Divas noticing he was even there. Kelly and Snooki smile at Beth, who smiles back, then asks if they’re okay, as we fade back to the silent arena...

Josh Matthews: Beth Phoenix really helping out Kelly Kelly and Snooki backstage here tonight; Laycool didn’t seem to appreciate the loss they got handed this past Sunday, but the Glamazon really put them both in their place, guys.

Booker T: Da hell was Michael Tarver doin’ in the back dere?

Matt Striker: Certainly an intriguing altercation between the strong, smart and sexy WWE Di –



The crowd goes WILD as smoke rushes up from the stage for the second time tonight, and kids around the arena look excited by the concept of Edge appearing after that nasty attack he endured earlier tonight.

Josh Matthews: Is – is Edge back? After... after what we saw earlier, this would be impressive to say the least...

Matt Striker: Well, the Rated R Superstar has always been known for his pure resilience, Josh, and –

The music cuts suddenly, leaving the arena in an awkward silence. Then, from behind the curtain, holding a mic in his hand and wearing his usual black hoodie and shades... steps David Otunga. The crowd comes alive with boos for the “A-Lister”, who takes a nonchalant look around from behind his sunglasses, but stays on the stage to absorb the heat.

Josh Matthews: Oh come on, what the hell is David Otunga doing here? He’s a Raw superstar!

Booker T: Dawg, that just doesn’t fly wit me. Who da hell does dis guy think he is, huh? Raising the hopes of all the people here in attendance... that’s just wrong, man.

Matt Striker: Well, I’ve known David Otunga since his days on WWE NXT, and he’s an outspoken young man –

Smirking, Otunga, cuts right through Striker AGAIN.

David Otunga: Now that I have everyone’s attention...

Boos flood in from the unimpressed crowd, as Otunga begins to make his way down the ramp, taking his sweet time as he keeps the mic up.

David Otunga: I think I’ve figured out why this show is considered... ‘the B show’.

Otunga takes a look around, as a kid in the front row tells him that he sucks. He lifts up his shades briefly, then frowns and puts them back.

David Otunga: Well, I can’t see any A-Listers around here.

“Ugh,” groans Matthews at ringside.

David Otunga: Now, if there’s something this show needs... it’s a celebrity. Someone who just makes you turn on your TV screen. And I know just the man.

Otunga grabs the nearest camera, and brings it up to his face with a smirk.

David Otunga: The A-Lister... David Otunga.

Boos from the crowd again as Otunga heads for the steel steps.

David Otunga: Now, since it’s a brand new year in the WWE, it’s time for a little ‘changing of the guard’ here on Friday nights.

The “A-Lister” steps into the ring, still covered by his hood/shades combo.

David Otunga: So I’m here to get things started. Because I’m DAVID – OTUNGA. If you don’t know me? You should.

Light heat as Otunga smirks.

David Otunga: I’m way past hangin’ with losers like the New Nexus, like CM Punk. I’m a star on my own. I’ve been to the White House – TWICE. How many of y’all can say you’ve done that, huh?

Otunga throws back his hood now, and whips off his shades.

David Otunga: I’m in all the magazines, I’m at all the award ceremonies, parties, you name it, I’m there. I am the man that SmackDown needs to be ‘the A show’.

Striker sighs at ringside, and Otunga continues...

David Otunga: Nobody looks as good as I do. No-one has my star power. So that’s why I figure I should make an example of anybody in the back there. Anyone at all, I don’t care. Tonight is all – about – ME.

Otunga turns to the ramp, smirking as he waits with his hands in his pockets...


The stage lights up with brilliant shades of blue and yellow, and Otunga frowns in the ring at the unfamiliar theme... until the stunning figure of the debuting Sin Cara slowly wanders out, coated in a long, blue, sleeveless trench coat. The bell rings, and Otunga starts to have doubts, as Sin Cara throws off his coat, then points down to the frowning “A-Lister”.

Josh Matthews: We’ve been seeing mysterious video packages for weeks, guys, but here he is in the flesh... the Mexican luchador, the wrestling sensation that is... SIN CARA!

Booker T: Man, I’m just glad we didn’t have to listen to dat Otunga speech anymore, but I’m hyped like everybody else for dat man right dere, Sin Cara. We’ve heard loads about his mad high-flyin’ skills, now we get to see ‘em.

Sin Cara looks around the arena to draw from the cheering crowd for a moment, then just charges down the ramp, before he leaps up and over the top rope, causing a huge BOOM of pyro from the stage as he does! From the camera’s view in the ring, Cara’s huge leap there looked unbelievable, and it really has the fans going, while Matthews can only exclaim “Wow!” at the announce desk.

Matt Striker: The masked icon Sin Cara is a huge figure in Mexico, guys, and I have no doubts that we’re about to find out why. David Otunga may want to withdraw that open challenge.

Hurriedly, a referee comes jogging out to officiate this impromptu contest, as Sin Cara simply paces about the ring, staring directly at Otunga the entire time. The “A-Lister” looks less than confident about his decision to stroll out to the ring, eyeing the horns on Sin Cara’s mask nervously. He throws off his hoodie, though, and flexes his muscles tentatively, as Tony Chimel makes the announcement from ringside.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Hollywood, California, weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds... The “A-Lister”, DAVID – OTUNGA!

Regaining his confidence, Otunga points to his abs, saying “You wanna do this? You sure? Then let’s DO this!” in an attempt to intimidate his Mexican opponent, but the high-flyer just continues to pace, eager to start his first WWE match rather than play mind games.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, debuting tonight from Mexico City, Mexico, weighing in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds... SIIIIIIIIN – CARA!!!

A good pop goes up for the well-hyped Mexican, who lifts an arm into the air in acknowledgement of the crowd, then locks his eyes on Otunga once again. The referee checks that everything is in order, then calls for the bell!

Match Four – Impromptu Singles Contest
David Otunga vs Sin Cara

As the bell chimes to start this match, Otunga continues to frown at his opponent, trash talking some more by saying “You ain’t A-list... hell, you ain’t even D-list, man!” Sin Cara doesn’t respond, so Otunga just scowls, and begins to circle the luchador. Cara circles too, and things kick off sharply, as both men move in for a lock-up; Otunga’s seventy-five pound advantage means he quickly overpowers the Mexican, and forces him to the corner. The official counts to four before Otunga strolls backwards with a smirk, flexing his muscles to the crowd and nodding his head. Sin Cara shakes out his arms, then moves forward again – Otunga lurches forward for another lock-up, but Cara doesn’t want to waste his time, ducking smoothly underneath Otunga’s clumsy grapple, and immediately heading for the ropes. The Mexican springboards sweetly into the air, then wipes Otunga out with a STUNNING Springboard Moonsault! The crowd cheers in pure awe of Cara’s skills as Otunga tumbles to the mat, and the luchador lands on his feet, before he quickly takes a step to the outside apron. Otunga looks thoroughly shaken, but he forces himself back up anyway – AND SIN CARA SPRINGBOARDS UP AGAIN, BEFORE HE SENDS OTUNGA FOR A SPIRALLING RIDE TO THE MAT WITH A MAGNIFICENT HURRICANRANA!!! The crowd LOVES that, and Sin Cara sticks in the pinning position for the quick win – 1... 2... 3-NO! Otunga kicks out!

A big groan of disappointment goes up around the arena as the “A-Lister” refuses to stay down, and sends Sin Cara tumbling away with a big kickout from the pin. Both men get back up, and the Mexican charges in again – BOOM! Straight into a MONSTROUS clothesline from Otunga, killing his momentum! The crowd groans once again, and now Otunga lands a Elbow Drop, hooking a leg quickly afterwards... 1... 2... but Sin Cara kicks out of it! Otunga frowns, and yanks his opponent immediately back to his feet, before he whips him to the ropes... but Cara suddenly performs a handstand, bouncing his legs off the ropes – AND COMING BACK TO DELIVER THE HANDSPRING BACK ELBOW TO OTUNGA! The “A-Lister” gets caught completely off-guard by that one, and he rolls to the outside furiously, clutching his jaw in pain. The crowd boos Otunga’s escape, while Sin Cara simply holds his arms out as if to question it, then decides to make the best of what’s there, charging up to the turnbuckle and scaling to the top rope – BEFORE HE LEAPS ACROBATICALLY OFF THE TOP TO WIPE OTUNGA OUT ON THE OUTSIDE WITH AN UNBELIEVABLE PLANCHA!!! Otunga gets DESTROYED by that, and Sin Cara struggles back to his feet, nodding his head as the crowd chants “SIN CARA! SIN CARA!” in unison following his athleticism so far in this contest.

With Otunga still trying to figure out where he is, Sin Cara heads up to the apron, where he waits for Otunga to rise, thinking Asai Moonsault – but Otunga gets up, then darts forward to cut out the Mexican’s legs from underneath him! Boos rush in from the crowd as Cara clutches his back and rolls back into the ring, with Otunga, still smarting from that Plancha, follows him in with a scowl. Sin Cara forces himself back up, staggering a little, and when he turns round, Otunga hooks him up for the Thrust Spinebuster – he gets Sin Cara up... but NOT down, as the Mexican escapes the hold, and lands behind the “A-Lister”! A small pop goes up as Sin Cara charges for the ropes now, then leaps up with the Headscissors, spinning all around Otunga’s neck and holding out his arms... BEFORE HE BRINGS OTUNGA CRASHING DOWN WITH THE TAKEDOWN, THEN APPLIES A VICIOUS ARMBAR TO COMPLETE LA MISTICA!!! Otunga absolutely SCREAMS in agony as Sin Cara wrenches mercilessly at the arm, and within seconds, OTUNGA TAPS REPEATEDLY, ALMOST CRYING FROM THE PAIN! Sin Cara wins it!

Result: Sin Cara bts. David Otunga via submission at 3:24


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner as the result of a submission... SIIIIIIIIIIIIN – CARA!!!

The crowd cheers wildly for that stunning display from Sin Cara, who leaps to his feet, raising both arms in victory, before he heads for the turnbuckle, and continues to celebrate his huge win on his debut.

Josh Matthews: Sin Cara sending a huge message to the entire SmackDown locker room here tonight, guys; what an amazing performance we just witnessed!

Matt Striker: You have to respect a man with such a knack for in-ring technique, Josh, and I whole-heartedly enjoyed that contest. It was impressive to witness, no doubt – I can’t wait to see what more Sin Cara can accomplish here on SmackDown.

Booker T: Aw, dat shut David Otunga up real good. Friday nights just a whole lot more interestin’ with Sin Cara around, he gonna make a big impact right here.

As Otunga clutches at his arm in frustration, and Sin Cara continues to play to the crowd, we briefly head backstage...

...to see the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, sitting on a bed in the first aid room (or whatever you’d like to call it), with Christian and the SmackDown General Manager, Teddy Long, standing by, in conversation with the Rated R Superstar. The crowd pops to see that Edge is alive, though he’s holding an ice-pack to his neck and his other arm looks fairly limp after the Cross-Arm Breaker; regardless, he seems okay, despite wearing a constant wince of pain on his face as he talks, and Christian hits him lightly on the shoulder, before leaving to take part in the main event. As we follow the Livewire as he leaves the medical room, walking towards the Gorilla position (we assume), SmackDown heads to its final break of the evening.



Raw Rebound this week features Michael Cole standing in the ring in the final segment on Monday night, prepared to announce the identity of the anonymous Raw General Manager. However, after a fair bit of gloating about his ‘win’ over Jerry Lawler at Wrestlemania, Cole doesn’t get the chance to tell everyone who the anonymous GM is, because none other than THE ROCK interrupts with a special message from the WWE Board of Directors. Rocky tells Cole that his laptop is useless now (and tells him somehow he can shove it), because the ANONYMOUS RAW GM IS FIRED!

As the crowd goes wild, Cole looks horrified, and Rocky drops another bombshell, that the NEW General Manager is stood right behind him... the self-proclaimed “Voice of the WWE” turns round to be confronted by JERRY “THE KING” LAWLER himself, who blasts his old partner with a right hand, allowing The Rock to hook him up, and deliver a Rock Bottom. The Great One removes the laptop and its podium from the ring, before King delivers the famous Fist Drop to Cole, and The Rock electrifies the crowd with the People’s Elbow too, as Raw ends with Lawler and Rocky standing tall.


We return to ringside now, where Josh Matthews just can’t wipe a grin off his face.

Josh Matthews: A terrific moment this past Monday on Raw, when we saw Jerry Lawler instated as the new General Manager, as well as a degree of ‘comeuppance’ for one of the most annoying men I’ve ever had the personal misfortune of enduring at this desk, Michael Cole.

Booker T: Man, I’ve been so sick of listenin’ to Cole each and every week... Rocky giving him dat Rock Bottom was one of the sweetest things I ever seen, Josh.

Matt Striker: Certainly an iconic moment on Monday Night Raw, guys, but we have our fair share of iconic moments right here on the blue brand, and I think we’re about to witness another one any moment now.

Josh Matthews: Absolutely, Matt, because up next, it’s Christian versus Alberto Del Rio once more – the winner of this match will face Edge for his World Heavyweight Title at Extreme Rules, and after Del Rio brutally attacked Edge earlier, this match will have an added significance for Christian.

Booker T: Edge looks a little worse for wear back dere, so he ain’t gonna be out here to support his buddy, Josh, which means Christian’s goin’ have to fight Alberto Del Rio, but also Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez, y’know?

Josh Matthews: Considering what tactics we’ve seen recently from Alberto Del Rio, Book, it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s exactly what he’s facing here –



A great pop goes up for the second appearance of Christian here tonight in the arena, as the Livewire steps out to the stage, looking carefully for all the ‘peeps’ in attendance. Backed by the golden colour of the TitanTron, Captain Charisma takes a sweeping look around the Mobile Civic Center, then starts to walk down the ramp, slapping the hands of the nearby fans as the bell chimes.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and the winner will face Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules! Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-seven pounds... CHRISTIAN!

Josh Matthews: Christian does face a bit of an uphill struggle here, guys, but remember, he’s beaten Alberto Del Rio twice in the lead-up to Wrestlemania, and can you imagine what it’d be like if we saw Christian versus Edge for the World Title? It’s a story just waiting to be written.

Matt Striker: You could say it almost seems like fate that at some point, these two men are going to collide on a big stage, but at the same time, Alberto Del Rio claims that it is his “destiny” to win the World Title, and that he was robbed of that conclusion this past Sunday.

Booker T: Both dese guys would be great numbah one contenders. But sometimes, when I was in the ring, you just gotta get it done on the night; it doesn’t matter ‘bout fate or ‘destiny’ or nuthin’ – you just gotta pull it out in dat ring, and this one could either way, I’m tellin’ ya.

Christian gets into the ring, and steps up to the top turnbuckle, pointing out to the fans with a grin. He then hops down, and has a quick word with the referee as his music dies down, before he settles in the corner, and resigns himself to wait.


The crowd boos wildly following what we saw earlier this evening, as a stunning black Bentley pulls into view, of course driven by Alberto Del Rio, grinning widely. He steps out of the car, and makes his way to the ramp, taunting some of the fans in Spanish, and Brodus Clay appears from behind the curtain to join his ‘employer’ of sorts as he stares down at Christian. As the usual golden spray falls from the ceiling, and Del Rio grins, the camera briefly shows Ricardo Rodriguez in the ring, smirking as he makes the announcement.

Ricardo Rodriguez: Señoras y señores, siéntate y cállate. Usted está a punto de presenciar un hombre magnífico. Es querida del destino. Él es el próximo Campeón Mundial Peso Pesado. Él es el hombre al que todos deseamos que podría ser. Provenientes de los países de la gloria, México, por favor, pagar sus aspectos. Él es ... ALBERTOOOOOOOOOOO -DEL RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOO!!!

Josh Matthews: Alberto Del Rio driving that beautiful Bentley Continental GT to the arena here tonight, but we all know that for all of his wealth and influence... Del Rio can’t buy himself a World Title, as we saw a little earlier this evening.

Matt Striker: Well, “Destiny’s Darling” won the 2011 Royal Rumble in his first ever Rumble match, not to mention the fact it featured an unprecedented forty men; I thought if anyone was going to best Edge for that World Title, it would be him, but he just couldn’t get it done on Sunday. And that probably annoys Del Rio more than all the vandalised cars in the world, Josh.

Booker T: Hell, he attacked Edge before he could even get into the ring tonight, dawg. Dat’s one bitter dude, and if he doesn’t get another shot at dat World Title tonight... who knows what he’ll do next.

Del Rio makes his way down to the ring, and Clay takes up a position at ringside to scowl directly at Christian, who just locks his eyes on Del Rio as he steps from the apron to the squared circle. Del Rio looks the Livewire up and down, then chuckles, and removes his towel from his neck. He briefly offers it to Christian, saying “You want dis, mohito? You can get someone to throw it in for you – oh wait, you have no-one!” before he laughs once again, and tosses the towel from the ring. Christian just shakes out his arms, prepared to give the Mexican Aristocrat the beating he escaped earlier. The referee waits for Del Rio’s music to die down, then shoots a warning to both Clay and Rodriguez to say if they interfere, he’ll throw them out. After Rodriguez protests his innocence ahead of time, he sighs, and calls for the bell.

Main Event – Singles Contest – Number One Contender’s Match
Christian vs Alberto Del Rio

After another back-and-forth bout between these two men, we join the action about ten minutes in, with Del Rio trapping his Canadian opponent with a tight Body-scissors hold. Christian gasps for air every time Del Rio increases the pressure, but despite the referee’s enquiries, he refuses to tap out; instead, he just endures the pain, and soon the crowd starts to clap, trying to egg him on. Christian grits his teeth, and nods as the crowd’s clapping reaches fever pitch – he manages to get his feet to the mat, then begins to push himself up. Del Rio frowns, and keeps his grip, trying to force him back down, but suddenly, Christian see-saws him on to his shoulders, and the referee actually has to count Del Rio for the pin... 1... 2... but Del Rio breaks the Body-scissors to get his shoulders off the mat! The crowd cheers for Christian’s ingenuity, showing his years of ring experience, as Del Rio bares his teeth in frustration that he nearly got embarrassed. Nevertheless, the action continues, with the Mexican Aristocrat lashing out with a high kick to the head, but Christian ducks it, and heads for the ropes – then just HAMMERS Del Rio to the canvas with a big Running Forearm Smash! The Livewire lets out a big roar of adrenaline, and the crowd roars with him, so he heads for the corner, and steps up to the second rope to give them something more to cheer about... Del Rio forces himself up, and Christian launches – TO CONNECT WITH THE FLASHPOINT, THE DIVING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! Del Rio gets flattened, and now Christian hooks both legs, eyes wide as he goes for the WIN – 1... 2... 3-NO! The Mexican kicks out!

Christian looks to the sky in disbelief, and then watches Del Rio struggling towards the ropes for a moment, as if transfixed; he snaps right out of it, though, and pulls the Mexican Aristocrat back to his feet. He then sends him to the ropes – nope, Del Rio sets his feet and whips Christian to the corner instead. Captain Charisma hits the buckle hard, and gasps in pain as Del Rio charges in... wait, Christian ducks out the way, between the ropes – then drills Del Rio with the Pendulum Kick! A big pop goes up from the crowd as Del Rio staggers away, and Christian finds the second rope again, possibly thinking Tornado DDT this time around... BUT RICARDO RODRIGUEZ GETS UP ON THE APRON! Boos ring around the arena, and Christian steps up to the top rope to get a clear shot – BEFORE HE BOOTS RICARDO BETWEEN THE EYES TO SEND HIM SOARING OFF! The announcer clatters to the outside to a great crowd reaction, but he’s provided the necessary distraction, because when Christian turns back to the ring... DEL RIO SPRINTS FOR THE CORNER, AND CRACKS HIM WITH HIS SIGNATURE ENZUIGIRI TO THE FACE! Christian topples off the top, and CRASHES horrifically to the outside floor with a thud, as the crowd groans in horror, and Del Rio smirks with satisfaction.

The official looks a little concerned as Christian runs a hand over his face in agony and frustration, but Del Rio quickly has the official’s attention, spouting some nonsense about ending the contest via mercy rule, as BRODUS CLAY BOOTS CHRISTIAN IN THE FACE AS HE TRIES TO GET UP! The crowd erupts with boos as the official spins round to see Christian laid out again, with Clay walking away – AND THE REFEREE PUTS TWO AND TWO TOGETHER, THEN TELLS CLAY TO LEAVE RINGSIDE!!! A big cheer goes up as Del Rio yells in protest, and Clay roars “WHAT?”, but he has no choice, and after a few moments of defiant threats of a DQ from the referee, the big man is forced to concede, and reluctantly leaves ringside, telling the cameraman to get the hell out of his way as he does. Del Rio is NOT a happy bunny, and things only get worse for him from here, as he turns round to see Christian facing him with an angry expression! The Mexican Aristocrat holds up his hands as if he had nothing to do with Clay’s interference, but Christian just charges forward – straight into a big Reverse Elbow from Del Rio, who tries to surprise the Livewire with a quick cover to follow up! 1... 2... but Christian keeps his World Title hopes alive!

A big cheer goes up from the crowd there, but also a sigh of relief, as Christian rolls away, but fatigue is clearly taking over, and he has to rest himself for a moment, rather than stand back up. Del Rio, infuriated that he hasn’t won the match yet, wastes no time in grabbing Christian from behind, and clutches at his arm – BEFORE PUTTING HIS LEG OVER FOR THE CROSS-ARM BREAKER – NO! Christian BLOCKS his leg suddenly, then spins Del Rio away! The Mexican wobbles away in surprise as Christian blocks his finisher, then grabs HIM from behind... AND CONNECTS WITH THE REVERSE DDT! The canvas trembles with the impact, and Christian makes the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Del Rio kicks out AGAIN! Christian kneels by the Mexican, cursing the ceiling in pure frustration now as he fails to secure that World Title shot... so he resigns himself to the fact that only one move will win this for him, and gets to his feet – then brings his arms out wide for the pincer motion! The crowd cheers as Christian prepares for the Killswitch, and Del Rio’s unfocused eyes show how his contest could be about to come to a crunching end...


HUGE boos can be heard as the camera focuses on the stage, where indeed, MICHAEL COLE is standing with a mic in his hand! Christian frowns, and Matthews moans “Just when I thought I was safe...” as Cole observes the proceedings with a disdainful expression, then begins to pace.

Michael Cole: Well, after I was so cruelly treated by The Rock and... ugh... Jerry Lawler – or should I say, Jerry LOSER – haha, ha...

No-one laughs, as Christian just stands with his hands on his hips, shaking his head, and Del Rio continues to recover on the canvas. Cole frowns again.

Michael Cole: As I was saying; I am a VICTIM of irresponsible and frankly, vicious treatment on Monday Night Raw. But luckily, I am not a one-trick pony. Oh, oh no. Because I am not just the Voice of Raw, I am the Voice... of the WWE. And that means I fit in anywhere.

Now the official in the ring, seeing this is holding things up, rolls from the ring to try and get Cole to clear off, as Christian looks around with that same look of infuriation on his face.

Michael Cole: And even though my many talents were wasted on Monday Night Raw, I know that I am truly welcomed in my real home. WHERE IT ALL BEGAN, FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN.

The crowd boos wildly, and starts a “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” chant at Cole, who grins now, and points to the blue tie he’s wearing.

Michael Cole: So I just know the good people here on Friday nights, including my old pal in the back there, Teddy Long, will welcome me back with open arms. I HAVE RETURNED, SMACKDOWN!

The referee now gets to the stage, and starts protesting with Cole, who shrugs, and mouths “It’s a free country!” back at him. In the ring, Del Rio is slumped against the turnbuckle, looking in pretty bad shape, but Christian is still breathing a bit heavily too, as he watches Cole arguing with the official... WHEN SUDDENLY, HE GETS CLUBBED DOWN FROM BEHIND – BY JACK SWAGGER!!! The crowd ERUPTS with boos for the All-American American, who speedily pulls a motionless Christian back to his feet... THEN SCORES WITH THE GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB TO CAPTAIN CHARISMA! Christian lies still now, totally lifeless on the canvas, as Swagger rolls from the ring, and escapes through the crowd! Cole finally agrees to leave, conveniently freeing up the referee again, who charges down the ramp to see Alberto Del Rio crawling towards Christian – Booker T roars “NOT LIKE DIS, MAN! C’MON, THIS IS JUST WRONG!” as the Mexican drapes an exhausted arm over the Livewire, and the referee sees no reason not to count as he slides into the ring... 1... 2... 3!!! DEL RIO’S GOING TO EXTREME RULES!!!

Result: Alberto Del Rio bts. Christian via pinfall at 17:32


It’s BIG heat for Alberto Del Rio as he struggles back to his feet, and suddenly, a smirk begins to form as he looks down at Christian, unmoving on the canvas. At ringside, Ricardo Rodriguez has to blink out a few cobwebs from earlier, but nevertheless he makes a smirking announcement...

Ricardo Rodriguez:Aquí estásuganador...elpróximoCampeón Mundial Peso Pesado!Éles… ALBERTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – DEL RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOO!!!

Josh Matthews: I’m – I’m speechless! What did we just see?

Booker T: God dammit man, that punk Michael Cole distracted the ref, and then Jack Swagger cost Christian his World Title shot! He was about to win, dawg! This is – this is a joke!

Matt Striker: Why... why would Jack Swagger want to ruin Christian’s World Title hopes? I don’t understand his actions at all, guys.

We cut briefly from Del Rio’s celebrations to see Edge backstage, still sat on that bed, shaking his head with a frown as the screen in front of him shows Del Rio raising his arms and grinning broadly as Christian remains on the canvas, face down now in the corner. We skip back to Del Rio’s grinning expression, as Ricardo Rodriguez applauds him eagerly...

Josh Matthews: Well, uh... it’s been a night filled with action here on Friday Night SmackDown, and what a main event to top it all off – it’s going to be Alberto Del Rio versus Edge for the World Title one more time at Extreme Rules, but ladies and gentlemen, there are still so many questions to be answered here, so we’ll see you next week. I’m Josh Matthews, with Matt Striker and Booker T – good... goodnight!

...Del Rio soaks up the boos from the crowd, laughing it up as he revels in his future World Title shot – and SmackDown fades to black.


Quick Results
Trent Barreta bts. Chavo Guerrero
Cody Rhodes bts. JTG
The Corre bt. Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston
Sin Cara bts. David Otunga
Alberto Del Rio bts. Christian

WWE Championship
The Miz (c) vs John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

Intercontinental Championship – Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge
Wade Barrett (c) vs Trent Barreta vs Cody Rhodes vs ??? vs ??? vs ???

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Smackdown Feedback

Always start with a recap of the PPV, huh? Of course ya do! Anyways, the commentary was nice, nothing special or spectacular. On the preview, I thought Edge's announcement would him announcing retirement so glad you didn't go with that decision. But him getting attacked by del Rio is a very nice announcement if you ask me. The brawling is nice and I loved the Del Rio promo but instead of saying last night, what about saying five nights ago? The Christian arrival is nice, I hope you keep Brodus Clay with del Rio so he can have some backup you know what I mean, its a nice twist.

A six pack challenge for the IC title would be nice and would get some stars on the PPV and for a title, like Barreta. Glad Barreta won, I really like him as much as Guerrero but yeah, he hasn't had many shots in the WWE, hopefully that changes.

The Corre interaction was nice, not really caring for Wade being the only one talking, seems like he is not exactly enjoying the idea of equals.

Surprised Rhodes won here with the IC title on the line, was expecting Mysterio to cost him the match and then next week or later on the show Rhodes would cost mysterio his match. Him winning is nice though so I am guessing Mysterio will be qualifying for the match next week. Wanted a promo or some words shed by either Rhodes or Mysterio but oh well, seems nice enough now.

I love the Extreme Rules promo!

Barreta interview was nice, I love that he is going with a gimmick of living like for the moment or whatever, well I love him actually having a promo you know. McIntyre interrupting the promo is nice and I love that the two will have a minifeud going into the Extreme Rules ppv, I expect McIntyre to qualify now, or at least hope he does.

Love Corre winning, they definitely deserved the win and I personally hope you don't plan on breaking them up so soon.

Loved the promo between the divas actually, keeping Snooki post mania is pretty good for the ratings and great for the deal that they would have came up with for even using her. Phoenix in the mix is nice, need reminding that she prolly has unfinished business with Laycool. Tarver in the background made me chuckle for some reason.

The David otunga promo was pretty nice, I don't care for him at all but I do love his gimick to be honest. I think you only had edge's music play because yuo dont have a music decided for him yet. Either way, Cara making his debut like this is pretty nice, Otunga is a talent to squash if you ask me and just teh right person for Cara to own. Glad you kept Cara as a submission move, cant wait for the plans you have for both stars.

Okay the whole thing here is nice. Main event time, greaet match indeed. Cole coming on Smackdown is nice, glad after that he had Swagger take out Christian, really nice angle. THinking for Extreme RUles it may be Edge vs Del Rio and Swagger vs Christian or even a fatal four way for the World title. Great match to end the show. Looking forward to the next show, Melvis. This one was pretty nice.
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