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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

It's shaping up to be a great RAW though I have to question whether you should reveal the GM now, if at all. I'm guessing it will be someone like Paul Heyman as I can't see it being a member of the roster although I hope you surprise me with that. Another interesting thing is the tag match and it looks like you may be pushing all four men so that's good to see. Good luck, I'll be reading.

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

I am looking forward to Raw. I am especially wondering how you plan out the Miz and Cena feud along with the identiy of the RAW GM. Punk and Henry is alright and same goes for Morrison and Sheamus, the two had good matches before but they shouldn't feud again, hope you aren't going down that route. I like Ziggler and Regal teaming and same for Bourne and Bryan, great match. Eve and Alicia is eh. Loooking forward to the FBI Agent on Raw as well, seems very interresting and I am very curious.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Thrilled to see this thing up and running. Honestly, I find it hard to get excited for BTB's these days but this is undoubtedly cant-miss stuff. I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take things and how you mould the product to your liking. Very pleased to see you're going with the real-life WM results, also.

Good luck pal!
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Monday Night Raw
Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia | 4th April 2011

We start with a black screen, before “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Showcase Of The Immortals!” rings through our ears as Michael Cole welcomes us to Wrestlemania Twenty-Seven – or a recap of it at the very least, as “Written In The Stars” by my personal music god Tinie Tempah kicks up, and we’re into a highlights package. First we get a big sweeping shot of the Georgia Dome, then we’re straight in on the action, as we see the image of John Morrison stunning Dolph Ziggler with some impressive aerial offence in Raw’s tag team affair, and Snooki unleashing a few flips on Michelle McCool to light up the crowd, before she finishes it up with a cartwheel into a splash to win it for her team.

The next contest we see has more lengthy highlights, as CM Punk and Randy Orton go head-to-head, baring their teeth with the intensity as they match up. After several shots of Punk working Orton’s knee and making unsuccessful covers, including the slightly iconic shot of Punk screaming with frustration as Orton fights out of the Anaconda Vice, we see the shot of Orton connecting with the Super RKO to take the win. With Punk laid out, Orton raises his arms to the roaring masses, as we cut to black for a second... and then we hit the match between Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole, with Stone Cold Steve Austin delivering a Stunner to Jack Swagger to keep him out. Eventually, despite Cole’s attempts to escape, King lays the proverbial smackdown on his announce partner, and nails the Fist Drop followed by the Ankle Lock to win the contest, before Austin delivers an extra Stunner to Cole, and stands tall with Lawler at the end, sharing a beer... except we then see Josh Matthews reading out an email from the GM, announcing the reversal of the decision due to Austin’s over-influence. With Lawler looking frustrated, we cut away.

We then see Triple H standing face-to-face with The Undertaker for their contest for the ages, and then we flash through several shots of the two icons exchanging blows, moves and finishers, including three Pedigrees... until in the end, it’s the Phenom who comes out victorious, forcing the Game to tap to the Hell’s Gate after an age in the hold, and winning the bout to move to 19 and 0 at Wrestlemania. As Triple H comes to terms with his loss and The Undertaker lies still on the outside, exhausted, we cut away for one last time. The two men we see are John Cena and The Miz, who go all out in the main event to determine the WWE Champion. We see the pair go over the barricade to force a double count-out, but The Rock changes things up by restarting the contest with a No Disqualification addition... only to then deliver a Rock Bottom to Cena, allowing The Miz to pin him for a historic title retention at the Grandest Stage Of Them All. However, after the match comes inevitable laying of the smackdown from Rocky, who drills The Miz with a few right hands, then the Spinebuster, and sends the crowd into raptures with the People’s Elbow as the event comes to a close...

...and now we sweep away from The Rock’s victory pose, heading into the Raw opening video package. When that’s over, the camera rushes into the Phillips Arena, where – KABOOM! – the stage gets lit up with fantastic pyro, and the crowd goes wild! As we pan over the roaring masses, with hundreds of signs sprouting into view, we hear the voice of an ecstatic Michael Cole:

Michael Cole: LIVE from Atlanta, Georgia, we’re only twenty-four hours removed from a terrific Wrestlemania Twenty-Seven... and I was victorious, ladies and gentlemen!

We are subjected to Cole’s stupid grin now, as we head to ringside, where Josh Matthews is sat beside him, hands folded together as he frowns at Cole. Both men are at the announce desk, with Cole showing no fear that he’ll be attacked by Jerry Lawler anymore, which means a stunning lack of the Cole Mine at ringside.

Josh Matthews: Indeed a truly great night last night, though I can’t really tell you much, after I was unconscious for the second half –

Michael Cole: Is it any wonder, Josh? Ya try to steal my role, reading out the GM’s emails, and what do you get? You get a Stunner, that’s what! For once, you have no argument, huh Josh? You can’t condone Steve Austin’s actions last night – he was a god-awful official, Josh, and I still pulled out a historic victory!

Josh Matthews: Your... victory aside, Cole, we have a huge night of action coming up tonight, because Extreme Rules is only four weeks away, and that means the WWE Championship’s gonna be on the line.

Michael Cole: And what a travesty it was that I wasn’t there to call The Miz’s emphatic win last night, Josh! The Miz moves to two and oh and Wrestlemania, and that barbeque-sauce-drinking hillbilly was in my place! Thank god we get a chance to hear from the most must-see WWE Champion in history once again tonight, I want to enjoy this moment, Josh! The Miz! WWE Champion, baby!

Josh Matthews: Well indeed, we’ll hear from The Miz sooner rather than later, but also tonight, Sheamus takes on John Morrison, as well as a huge announcement as we finally learn the identity of the anonymous Raw General Manager –

Michael Cole: That’s right, Josh! I’m gonna get up in that ring with that laptop, and I’m gonna make history once again by announcing who the new GM is! What a night to be Michael Cole, isn’t that right?

Josh Matthews: I don’t really envy you being Michael Cole if I’m honest, but I’ll move past that, because tonight is going to be huge, folks. It’s a brand new year in the WWE calendar, and that means –



Loud booing goes up around the arena (with a fair few cheers from the same Cena haters from last night) as the TitanTron and stage comes to life, and it’s not long before the WWE Champion, The Miz makes his way out, smirking as he rests his belt on his shoulder. Alongside him is Alex Riley with the usual random briefcase, and the pair enjoy the heat as they stand victoriously on the stage, both dressed sharply tonight in plaid suits. The Miz slowly lifts his title into the air, smirking oh-so-smugly, then drops it back to his shoulder, and the pair head for the ring.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... the WWE Champion, THE MIZ!

The crowd boos (for the most part), but Cole stands, loudly applauding as The Miz and Riley take the steps up to the ring, each picking up a mic on their way. The WWE Champion stands on the apron for a moment, soaking up the reaction, then steps inside, with Riley duly following.

Michael Cole: Yes! YES! Look at that man, Josh! LOOK AT HIM! You’re lookin’ at the most must-see WWE Champion of all-time! You’re lookin’ at the guy who stands for everything that guys like John Cena and Jerry Lawler could never dream of having! This is a man with a talent; THE MIZ! This man is the total package, Josh! We are in the presence of a living god

Josh Matthews: Please. Please, just sit down.

Michael Cole: What a man! He enters to a standing ovation in the Phillips Arena, ladies and gentlemen! A man who just... radiates awesomeness! Well done Miz! WELL DONE!

Cole continues to applaud like a madman, and Matthews sighs, resting his head on a tired fist as he waits for the torment to end. In the ring, The Miz nods appreciatively towards Cole, then lifts his title up high once more for the crowd’s benefit. Riley joins Cole in his ovation (and a fair few Cena haters in the far background join in), and after a few moments, the music dies down. Cole finally, mercifully, takes a seat, and The Miz twirls the mic in his hand, waiting patiently as he endures the heat from the crowd. After a moment or two, he goes to speak.

The Miz: You are all living... in my moment.

Big heat from the people who feel like playing along; small pop from the smarks for the sake of being ‘cool’.

The Miz: I said that all the way back at Money In The Bank, when I won the briefcase that started off my true rise to the top of this show. And life just... got... better. Because then, back in November, I cashed in my briefcase on Randy Orton, and became W – W – E... Champion.

Heat as The Miz glances at his belt again.

The Miz: But that was just the beginning. The night I won this belt wasn’t the defining moment, not by a long shot. Oh no. The greatest moment of my title reign came last night... at Wrestlemania Twenty-Seven.

The WWE Champion smirks darkly at the crowd, as a few duelling “We want Cena!” “Cena sucks!” chants kick off, which The Miz allows to continue for a moment before he cuts through again.

The Miz: Last night, I cemented my place at the very top of this company. I stopped being known as just the WWE Champion... and I became finally recognised as the greatest, most must-see WWE Champion, OF – ALL – TIME.

Mostly heat for The Miz’s arrogance.

The Miz: So like I said – you are all living in my moment. Not John Cena’s, not The Rock’s, not anybody else’s, just mine. This is a historic, historic night. I have made the transition from Champion – TO LEGEND. And you are all privileged to witness the result of that transition, right here in this very ring.

Boos from the crowd, while Riley nods in the background. The Miz begins to pace as he talks.

The Miz: The Hogans, the Austins, the Rocks, Cenas, Ortons, Flairs, Steamboats, Undertakers... they have nothing on me as a star. I am a media icon. A must-see man. I single-handedly turned this show on its head when I won this belt – I despatched with Orton, Lawler, Cena, Morrison, and so on. I outshined The Rock each and every week. I WAS THIS SHOW, inside and out, from the moment I won this belt, and believe me, it’s going to continue.

The Miz smirks as the crowd boos once again. The Cena haters try to start a chant in The Miz’s favour, but it falls on its face rather quickly.

The Miz: And last night, I proved that all the hype, everything I said, everything Michael Cole said, everything Alex Riley said... it was all true. I – beat – John Cena.

Surprisingly big mixed reaction here, though maybe less surprising given the reaction Cena received at Wrestlemania last night.

The Miz: But even after I’d beaten him, still the focus wasn’t on me. I won the main event of Wrestlemania Twenty-Seven with a World Title on the line – that’s the biggest moment in a superstar’s career... and still, I don’t receive the recognition I deserve. Because everyone is spending their time...

The WWE Champion visibly shudders, then scowls as he spits out the next line –

The Miz: ...talking about The Rock.

A MASSIVE cheer goes up for the Great One, and immediately, a huge “ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY!” chant fills the Phillips Arena, with The Miz curling up his top lip in disgust. After enduring the chants for a moment, the WWE Champion gets bored, and raises his mic again with a frown.

The Miz: Enough! The entire build-up to Wrestlemania, I had to put up with the focus being shifted. I had to live in the shadow of The Rock and John Cena... but last night, I proved I was bigger than them both.

Mixed reaction.

The Miz: So it’s time to forget about The Rock. It’s time to forget about John Cena. The only name on anybody’s lips... should be me. THE – MIZ. The greatest – WWE Champion... of – all – time.

The Awesome One smirks, then takes a step back –

The Miz: Because I’m The Miz... and I’M –


A huge mixed reaction greets the iconic music, and The Miz turns to the stage with a curled upper lip, as does Riley, as spotlights wave around the arena... and John Cena storms out from behind the curtain. The camera zooms right to his face as usual, but his expression is dark and emotionless, and he walks purposefully past, heading immediately for the ring.

Michael Cole: Hey! Who does this guy think he is? He lost last night! HE LOST! And now he’s out here interrupting the new leader of the locker room, the WWE Champion? This is a disgrace, Josh! He’s tarnishing The Miz’s victory speech! Can you –

Josh Matthews: Do you ever stop?

Michael Cole: Look at John Cena’s expression, Josh! That says it all! He KNOWS he lost last night, he knows the torch was passed! Even Cena knows how badly he got whipped, now he’s just lookin’ for sympathy!

Cena makes his way down to the ring, trotting quickly up the steps and hitting the ring. The Miz folds his arms over his title belt, and as Cena’s music dies down, boos rain in from the surprisingly anti-Cena Atlanta crowd. Cena, ignoring them, takes a mic from ringside, and runs a hand over his short hair, before he readjusts his purple cap, and stands across from the WWE Champion and his assistant. Once again, duelling “LET’S GO CENA!” “CENA SUCKS!” chants pick up, and after a few seconds, when they’ve lost their edge, Cena finally speaks.

John Cena: Y’all know I don’t make excuses. But y’all also know I play... by three rules.

Mixed reaction for Cena. The Miz scoffs, and looks to Riley with a smirk. Cena points to his purple shirt:

John Cena: Hustle. Loyalty. Respect. Those three rules keep me... they keep me on the straight and narrow. But I guess that’s just a difference between us, Miz. ‘Cause I know that you don’t play them too.

The WWE Champion shrugs.

John Cena: Last night? I didn’t get beat by one guy, I got beat by three. So no, man. It might be time to forget about The Rock... but it is not time to forgot about JOHN – CENA!

A good pop goes up from the younger side of the audience, and though it’s inevitably counteracted by the other half’s boos, it’s still a big reaction for Cena. The man himself is starting to get fired up now, but The Miz and Riley are less than impressed.

John Cena: I know you want to throw me out the window as a challenger, Miz, I get that. But if it wasn’t for The Rock, I’d be standing in this ring once again as The Champ

The Miz: Really?

Cena takes a step forward:

John Cena: Really.

The Miz: Oh really?

The crowd replies with “Really!” but Cena stops himself with a wry smile, his first of the night.

John Cena: We could do this all night, really we could. But I’ll save us both some time, and cut to the damn chase. You and me... at Extreme Rules.

Mixed reaction from the crowd, and The Miz chuckles.

The Miz: You just... don’t... get it, do you Cena? Check the footage. Relive the moment. I – beat – you. One, two, three. The biggest match of the wrestling year, and you LOST, John.

Mild pop from the smarks; heavy boos from the majority of the crowd. Cena looks at the floor with frustration.

The Miz: I’m not sure how to get this message through to you, Cena, but you’re nothing to me anymore. You have no reason to be standing in my ring, you have no value in comparison to the WWE Champion.

Again, another mixed reaction goes up from this topsy-turvy Atlanta crowd. The Miz points to the stage.

The Miz: So I suggest you turn around, and haul your sorry carcass out of my ring... or I’ll embarrass you again in front of the very fans you said would guide you to victory.

There’s a long pause, and Cena takes one glance at the ropes behind him, before he turns back to face The Miz, who takes a step forward with a frown.

The Miz: Didn’t you hear me, Cena? I told you to get out of my ring.

Cena curls his upper lip in bottled fury, as The Miz does likewise, the two men almost nose-to-nose now.

The Miz: You’re nothing to me... get out! Or don’t you understand me?

John Cena: It’s you who doesn’t understand, Miz! See, I can’t leave this ring any more than I could... ignore a kid who wants my autograph, or hit a guy with a low blow just to win a match! I don’t back down, I don’t quit, I don’t – give – up! That’s not who I am, Miz, and that’s why I’m standin’ here... ‘cause you owe me a rematch, and DAMMIT I’M GONNA GET ONE!

Pop for Cena’s intensity, but The Miz refuses to back down, staring into his enemy’s eyes. After a few long, long moments, The Miz raises his mic again with an icy tone...


For once tonight, the crowd is unanimous, booing ferociously as the camera turns to focus on the General Manager’s laptop. The Miz and Cena don’t move an inch, still staring furiously at each other in the ring, but Michael Cole proudly pushes himself to his feet on the outside, and picks up a mic:

Michael Cole: May I have your attention please...

Big heat from the Phillips Arena.

Michael Cole: I have received an email from the anonymous... Raw General Manager.

Ignoring the heat that follows once again, Cole heads over to the laptop to speak. He reads for a moment.

Michael Cole: And I quote...

Heat for the new Mr. Wrestlemania. () Cena and The Miz finally move apart, with the latter standing with Riley in the corner now as they wait for Cole to speak.

Michael Cole: “Before anything else, I’d like to remind everyone that my good friend Michael Cole will be revealing my identity later on tonight. I feel it’s now time to show who I am, but just for old times’ sake, I’ll stick to this fashion for the rest of the evening.”

A couple of boos for the “my good friend Michael Cole”, and Cole grins a little bit.

Michael Cole: “However, to business. John Cena, you’re right. Last night at Wrestlemania, you lost because of outside interference from The Rock. And as such, you deserve a chance to win yourself a rematch.”

“WHAT?” roars The Miz from the ring, and Riley hurls some abuse at the laptop as Cena smiles; the crowd come alive with a mixture of cheers and boos once again.

Michael Cole: “So tonight, it’s going to be John Cena in a tag team match against The Miz and Alex Riley... and if John wins, he will receive a WWE Title match at Extreme Rules!

The crowd both cheers and boos a bit for that, but The Miz looks furious.

Michael Cole: “And John Cena’s tag team partner will be...” Ugh... “RANDY ORTON!”

A massive pop goes up for the Viper! Cena nods his head, and Cole steps down from the podium, looking less than happy, as The Miz comes to terms with what he has to face tonight. Slowly, he looks up at the smiling Cena, then to Riley, who is just as frustrated as he is himself. The WWE Champion thinks for a moment, then says something to Riley... before they start to walk towards Cena! The crowd comes alive again with a mixed reaction, and now Cena throws off his cap and shirt, ready to fight! Matthews says “Wait, what’s going on here?” as The Miz and Riley close in – BUT CENA ATTACKS FIRST, BLASTING RILEY WITH A RIGHT HAND, THEN TAKING THE MIZ TO THE CORNER, AND UNLOADING WITH FRENZIED PUNCHES! The crowd explodes yet again with all sorts of noise, and The Miz can only protect himself desperately... but suddenly, RILEY yanks Cena out of the corner – no, Cena turns and hoists him up to his shoulders...

...THEN CONNECTS WITH THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT TO A-RY! The Phillips Arena is in raptures, with the younger half of the audience going WILD, and the older Atlanta masses booing Cena’s actions – BUT SUDDENLY, THE MIZ COMES FROM BEHIND, HOOKS THE ARMS... AND DELIVERS THE SKULL-CRUSHING FINALE TO CENA! The WWE Champion absolutely PLANTS his possible Extreme Rules challenger, and suddenly, he’s standing tall over Cena’s lifeless body on the canvas, raising his title into the air as the crowd remains split between positive and negative reactions.


Michael Cole: Yeah, baby! YEAH! The Miz shows John Cena who’s boss right there, and later tonight, he’s gonna do it again, mark my words! The most must-see WWE Champion of all-time just provided another great moment for the tomes of history, Josh!

Josh Matthews: Well, it’s certainly not the last time these men will collide tonight, as you heard it from the still-anonymous General Manager – it’s going to John Cena, teaming with Randy Orton to take on The Miz and Alex Riley, and if Cena and Orton win that match, we’ll have a Wrestlemania rematch on the cards for Extreme Rules.

Michael Cole: Don’t count on it, Josh! We are looking at a man who can handle anything! This man is special, and don’t you forget it, Cena! Tonight’s gonna be just another night, of The Miz making Miz-story, on MONDAY – NIGHT – RAW!

As The Miz raises his title with that devilish smirk, we head to the first break of the new wrestling year.


We return to Monday Night Raw to a silent arena...


The crowd boos wildly as the stage lights up, and none other than CM Punk comes walking out, a deep frown on his face after what happened last night. The bell chimes, and the Straight-edge Superstar drops to a knee, before he checks his ‘watch’ and roars “IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME!” out to the audience before he makes his way down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-two pounds... C – M – PUNK!

Michael Cole: Well, this man was denied his rightful retribution last night. Once again, Randy Orton weaselled his way to a win, meaning CM Punk found himself screwed over at the hands of the Viper yet again.

Josh Matthews: I don’t condone what Randy Orton did all those years ago, Cole, but you have to give him credit. CM Punk put him through hell these past few weeks, and if anything, the right man got his revenge at Wrestlemania, when Randy Orton capitalised with that RKO as Punk was coming off the top rope.

Michael Cole: Oh, please. Orton’s performance last night was miserable at best, Josh. He was limping around that ring like a wounded puppy, and CM Punk had complete control. Orton – got – lucky. And I bet Punk’s about to show us a thing or two about how he could have easily demolished him last night.

Punk heads up the steps, then climbs to the top turnbuckle, where he throws his arms out wide and screams out to the crowd, clearly fired up tonight. He then hops down into the ring, removing his shirt and stroking his beard in anticipation as his music dies down. Watching through narrowed eyes, Punk stares at the stage impatiently, beckoning for his opponent to show up...


A good-sized pop goes up for the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, who comes bouncing out with a hearty grin on his face. He takes one look around the arena, then smiles again, and heads for the ring, slapping the hands of the fans nearby as he does. Punk is seen scowling from the ring, running his hands over each other in his usual fashion.

Justin Roberts: And introducing his opponent... from Silsbee, Texas, weighing in at four hundred and eighteen pounds... the World’s Strongest Man... MARK – HENRY!

Josh Matthews: Well, the World’s Strongest Man is always a sight to behold, Michael, and he’ll be looking to kick off his new year in WWE with a win here tonight.

Michael Cole: If he sits on Punk, maybe! How is this guy supposed to beat CM Punk, especially in the mood he’s in, huh? I don’t care how strong this guy, we’re lookin’ at a whitewash here, Josh!

Henry gets up on the apron, then steps into the ring – Punk crouches in the corner, frowning again as he sizes up the big man, then pushes himself to his feet, and runs his hands over each other once more. Henry, still grinning, heads to the turnbuckle, stepping on to the second rope to raise his arms to the audience, who give him a good pop in return. The World’s Strongest Man smiles, then steps down carefully, and places himself in the corner across from Punk as his music dies down. The official checks both men are good to go, then calls for the bell.

Match 1 – Singles Contest
CM Punk vs Mark Henry

In the early going, it’s unsurprising that Henry hits a few big power moves to light up the crowd, with clotheslines and Stinger Splashes to really take the breath out of Punk. After a minute or so of this, however, Henry charges in for another big Stinger Splash, only for Punk to roll out the way, meaning Henry’s knee clatters into the second turnbuckle, and from here, Punk starts to aim for that injured right knee, just like he did to Randy Orton last night at Wrestlemania. The commentators point out this link, and Punk starts to see Orton in Henry, taking out his frustrations from last night on the big man. We join the action after about four minutes, with Punk in complete control; Henry is on the canvas, baring his teeth with the pain, and Punk is just going to work with stomps to the knee, similar to those of Orton’s, for the sake of irony. After the referee starts a count, Punk moves away, running a hand through his hair and seething a little. Henry finds the ropes, and starts to pull himself up, but Punk gives him no time, grabbing him by the hair and yanking him back up. Ignoring the official’s remonstrations, Punk shoves Henry to the corner... then charges in with the Shining Wizard to the head! The impact reverberates throughout the arena, and Punk smirks for a moment, before he grabs Henry by the head once again... and delivers the Running Bulldog to finish the sequence, centre of the ring! The Straight-edge Superstar hooks the injured leg for the cover – 1... 2... 3-NO! Henry kicks out!

A pop goes up from the crowd for Henry’s resilience, but Punk is less than pleased, pushing himself back up and heading out to the apron. Punk bares his teeth, then grabs the top rope with both hands, and tells Henry ferociously to “Get back up, fat pile!” to some heat from those who hear it. Matthews rambles about Punk’s “condescending attitude” while we wait for Henry to find his feet, and when he does, Punk springboards... THEN CLATTERS THROUGH HENRY WITH A SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE! The crowd groans with the impact as Henry goes down yet again, and “surely that’s it” is the call from Matthews as Punk shoots the half again... 1... 2... 3-NO! Henry fights free at the last second again!

Punk beats the mat in frustration, then gets down beside Henry as he groans in pain. “Just... stay... down... Randall...” mutters the Second City Saint, and Cole asks if he heard that right, but it seems he did, with Punk continuing to hiss abuse at “Randall” despite the obvious fact that’s not who he’s facing here. The World’s Strongest Man tries to push himself back up, but Punk speeds up the process by pulling him up himself... then he tries to lift him up for the GTS! The crowd comes alive with all sorts of noise as Punk attempts something impressive here – but he can’t get the big man on to his shoulders, and Henry capitalises, pulling Punk up into the WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM – NO! Punk elbows his way free, then wisely rolls behind the big man – before he lashes out with a brutal Heel Kick to the back of Henry’s injured knee! The crowd groans with the sickening shot, and Henry goes down in absolute agony, with Punk looking incredibly pleased with his work. The Straight-edge Superstar takes another look around the arena, then suddenly darts down to the canvas... BEFORE HE APPLIES THE ANACONDA VICE ON HENRY! HE’S GOT IT LOCKED IN! Henry is flailing desperately, trying to escape the hold – but after barely five seconds, HE TAPS! HENRY TAPS OUT!

Result: CM Punk bts. Mark Henry via submission at 7:24


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner as the result of a submission... C – M – PUNK!

Punk refuses to let go for a few moments, until the official tries to pry him off, and he finally relents. He pushes himself to his feet, and smiles with a slightly demented look, before he immediately loses his grin, and furiously shoves Henry from the ring with his boot. The crowd boos as the World’s Strongest Man tumbles to the outside, and Punk turns his attention to the ringside staff, screaming “GIVE ME A MIC! I SAID GIVE IT TO ME!” until they finally scramble to pass him one.

Michael Cole: I told you, Josh! Domination! CM Punk just dominated the World’s Strongest Man!

Josh Matthews: There’s certainly a new edge to CM Punk since that loss last night, Cole, and it’s a little disturbing, if I’m honest. Did you hear him call Mark Henry “Randall”? It’s a bit eerie.

Punk’s music cuts, and the man himself brings up his mic.

CM Punk: That is what was supposed to happen... last night at Wrestlemania.

The official is seen helping Henry back to his feet at ringside, but the big man looks disorientated.

CM Punk: I demolished Mark Henry’s knee... just like I did to Randall Keith Orton. There shouldn’t have been any doubt about the result – it wasn’t supposed to be a match, it was supposed to be a beatdown. I was supposed to put him on the shelf like he did to me, two and a half years ago.

Boos for Punk, who bares his teeth in anger.

CM Punk: But somehow, Randall escaped. Somehow, he won. But that – wasn’t – supposed – to happen.

Punk now turns to ringside, pointing to someone in the vicinity.

CM Punk: You! Timekeeper... how long was that match?

There is a pause as the timekeeper nervously checks his watch then tells him “Seven minutes.”

CM Punk: Seven... minutes. Y’see, that man –

Punk turns to point at Henry trudging up the ramp.

CM Punk: Mark Henry isn’t worth seven minutes of my time. No. But I wanted to highlight to all you people, just what I am capable of. Just what I should have done to Randall Orton last night.


CM Punk: But it comes as no surprise that he slithered his way to a victory. I don’t find myself in shock. I just find myself saying, “How is this man escaping me again?” And I think to myself, the only thing I need to do – is punish Randall Orton for everything he’s done to me. So tonight, let me make a vow, in front of all you people.

Punk snarls at the camera.

CM Punk: My business with Randall Keith Orton... is not over. And until the day I finally do to him – what he did to me, I don’t plan to stop my pursuit. And I will demolish any man who stands – in my way.

Heat for Punk again.

CM Punk: So Randall, even though you beat me last night? Until the day I obtain retribution... you will remain – UN – FOR – GIVEN.


The crowd boos as Punk throws his mic to the floor, and exits the ring. On his way up the ramp, he shouts “You people sicken me!” at the crowd nearby as they boo him, and after a few moments, we head backstage...

...to see Daniel Bryan, walking with his girlfriend, Gail Kim! The crowd pops nicely for the pairing, who are deep in a conversation, and both wearing healthy smiles as they head down the corridor – when they stop in their tracks at the sight of Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero! The cheers turn into heavy boos for the heel duo, who look less than impressed at the sight of Bryan and Gail.

Daniel Bryan: Er... can we help you?

Ziggler smirks.

Dolph Ziggler: Not really. We just wanted to congratulate you... you know, for knowing your rightful place and not being on the Wrestlemania card last night.

Heat from the crowd.

Dolph Ziggler: Oh, that’s right, you were on the pre-show. But... oh, I don’t see that United States Title anywhere on you – do you, Vickie?

Vickie Guerrero: Hm... nope, I can’t see it, baby.

Dolph Ziggler: Oh, riiiiight. You didn’t even win! Man, not a great night for you, huh?

Bryan and Gail exchange confused looks.

Daniel Bryan: Didn’t you guys – lose to Snooki?

A big pop goes up as Ziggler’s smirk vanishes.

Vickie Guerrero: Hey! He didn’t lose to Snooki. A couple of flips and tricks and everyone seems to think she’s the next... Vickie Guerrero!

Vickie laughs, and Ziggler wraps his arm around her, to heat from the crowd.

Vickie Guerrero: And hey, Dolph here is still better than you and your... tramp.

“OHHHHH!” roars the crowd, and Gail’s eyes go wide.

Gail Kim: What did you just call me?

Vickie Guerrero: I’m sorry, didn’t you hear me? Would you like me to spell it out? T – R – A – M –

- BUT GAIL SLAPS VICKIE BEFORE SHE CAN FINISH! The crowd loves it, and Vickie screams out in her usual fashion... BEFORE GAIL TAKES HER DOWN WITH A LOU THESZ PRESS, AND HERE WE GO! A huge cheer comes from the arena, and somewhere, Joey Styles is screaming “CATFIIIIGHT!” as Gail and Vickie go at each other on the floor, with Bryan and Ziggler desperately trying to separate them! In the background appears Michael Tarver, texting, but he stops to watch the ladies go at it with a grin, until finally, Bryan and Ziggler break their respective girlfriends away from each other, and hold them back, with both women screaming abuse at the other. As Bryan and Ziggler exchange cold glances, Tarver is the only man left in the shot as they pull their girlfriends away – Mr. 1.9 takes a look around, then goes back to texting the President, walking out of the shot with a smirk. Raw heads to a break.



As Raw returns, we are greeted by the sight of William Regal in his usual royal robe, looking disapprovingly at the filth in the arena around him. The bell chimes.

Justin Roberts: The following is a tag team contest, set for one fall! In the ring, from Blackpool, England, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds... WILLIAM – REGAL!

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, ladies and gentlemen, where William Regal is set for tag team action here tonight. Regal, of course, adept in all sorts of styles, including brawling, technical wrestling, and also an impressive submission artist, Josh.

Josh Matthews: It’s always an experience to watch William Regal perform, Cole, just because of all those qualities you mentioned, and I don’t doubt he’ll be showing us a thing or two from his repertoire again here tonight in Atlanta.

Regal’s music dies down, and he removes his robe as he waits for his tag team partner.



Heat rings around the Phillips Arena as Dolph Ziggler struts out, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero, which means Cole abandons his ‘sensible’ persona yet again...

Justin Roberts: And his tag team partner – accompanied by Vickie Guerrero... from Hollywood, California, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-three pounds... DOLPH – ZIGGLER!

Michael Cole: Perfection doesn’t describe it well enough, Josh! Dolph Ziggler might just be the future of this business, and look at his taste in women, too! Doesn’t Vickie look beautiful tonight? Doesn’t she?

Josh Matthews: Well, I –

Michael Cole: That’s damn right, Josh! She looks amazing as always! What – a – woman! She doesn’t even look fazed after that backstage fight! Dolph Ziggler is one of the luckiest guys alive, Josh, I’m tellin’ ya! Great looks, talented, he’s a former World Champion, and he’s got a great woman by his side! This guy has everything!

Josh Matthews: What about Wrestlemania last night?

Michael Cole: Blip on the radar, Josh, blip on the radar! You heard Vickie earlier – Snooki barely did anything! We’re still lookin’ at the hottest couple in the WWE, you know we are!

Ziggler leads Guerrero down to the ring, where he steps up on to the apron, and swings his head in... only to swing it back out in his usual fashion to stare into the camera. With Vickie applauding him from the outside, Ziggler finally joins Regal in the ring, and the two share a tense handshake, seeing as neither man particularly trusts the other, more because of their own natures, rather than because they have past issues. Ziggler’s music fades away, and the heel pairing wait in the ring...


The crowd cheers now for the always-exciting Evan Bourne, who charges out on to the stage with a big smile, and throws up the inevitable peace sign to the crowd. He takes a quick look around, then leaps into the air, and just sprints down the ramp, flinging himself leg-first under the bottom rope and trying to fire up the crowd with a big yell as he stands.

Justin Roberts: And their opponents – first, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at one hundred and eighty-three pounds... EVAN – BOURNE!

Josh Matthews: An exciting young talent in prospect is Evan Bourne, and a win here tonight could do him wonders in the lead-up to Extreme Rules – maybe even put him in the United States Title picture, Cole?

Michael Cole: Sure Josh, Bourne knows how to entertain a crowd, but what else? He’s been here for what, three years? What’s he got to show for it, huh? Nothin’! No titles, no accomplishments... I think Evan Bourne gets too much praise around here. He should try backing it up sometime.

Bourne retreats to the corner now, letting his music die down as he waits for his tag team partner.


A good pop goes up now, and Evan Bourne smiles at the stage at the sight of Daniel Bryan walking out alongside Gail Kim. Ziggler and Guerrero’s expressions are less than pleased, however, after what went down before the break, and Cole audibly groans as Bryan and Gail make their way down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: And his tag team partner – accompanied by Gail Kim, from Aberdeen, Washington, weighing in at one hundred and ninety-two pounds... DANIEL – BRYAN!

Michael Cole: Oh dear god, not this guy again.

Josh Matthews: Did you bump your head or something this morning?

Michael Cole: Did you think that maybe I’m just sick of pandering to all these guys who don’t put in the effort, Josh? Nerds like Daniel Bryan, corrupt backstabbers like Randy Orton, anybody who dares to stand up to the most must-see WWE Champion of all time? I won last night, Josh! I WON! Why should I have to pretend I care about these people? I don’t! And Daniel Bryan’s just another guy who doesn’t deserve to be where he is!

As Cole really starts to let rip on Daniel Bryan, the man himself joins Bourne in the ring, and Gail Kim takes up a position at ringside. Bryan and Bourne talk a little bit of strategy as the music subsides, and it looks like it’ll be Bryan and Regal to start off, with student versus mentor being the main theme as the contest begins.

Match 2 – Tag Team Contest
William Regal and Dolph Ziggler vs Evan Bourne and Daniel Bryan

The usual WWE tag team formula couples quite well with Evan Bourne’s terrific selling here – early on, it’s Bryan and Regal showing off some technical wrestling, but when Bourne gets involved, things pick up pace, with Regal suffering various high-impact aerial moves from the young high-flyer. Inevitably, however, Bourne’s momentum runs out, and Regal takes back control. From then on, Ziggler and Regal wear Bourne down, and after about six minutes, Bourne (and the crowd) are desperate for the hot tag to be made, with Ziggler the man in control as we join the action. Ziggler has Bourne in the corner, laying into him with a few right hands, before he pulls him to the middle of the ring, and applies the waist lock. Bourne tries frantically to get free, but Ziggler’s hands are locked together tightly, and he pulls Bourne up... and then back down with a crash for the German Suplex! The crowd groans as the canvas shudders, and Ziggler finds his feet, delivering a big Elbow Drop before he makes the cover... 1... 2... but Bourne gets a shoulder up! Both the crowd and Daniel Bryan applaud Bourne kicking out, but Ziggler pulls Bourne back to his feet with a frown – the high-flyer goes limp, exhaustion setting in, and Ziggler has to fight to tug him back to a vertical base. When he does, however, Bourne has no resistance as Ziggler pulls him up on to his shoulders... and sends him down with a Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster! Cole starts praising Ziggler’s “versatility” at ringside, while the Hollywood native makes another cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Bourne kicks out once again!

Ziggler looks at the official with an incredulous expression, and Regal offers him the option of the tag – but Ziggler tells him to stuff himself, and waits in the corner, as Matthews wonders (aloud) if he’s thinking Sleeper Hold here. Eventually, Bourne does find his feet after much struggling, and he wobbles towards Daniel Bryan... BUT ZIGGLER DARTS FORWARD FOR THE SLEEPER HOLD... NO! Bourne doesn’t allow him to lock it in, and drops to the canvas, throwing Ziggler overhead with a lightning-quick Snapmare! The crowd cheers as Ziggler goes tumbling, but he charges back to his feet, and flings a right hand – nope, ducked by Bourne, and when he turns around, Bourne yells out and leaps up – CRACK! He wipes Ziggler out with a big Spinning Wheel Kick, and suddenly, both men go down – the hot tag is on! The crowd is going wild now, and Bryan is stretching as much as he can, desperate to give Bourne some respite... Ziggler manages to tag in Regal – BUT BOURNE LEAPS TO TAG IN DANIEL BRYAN, AND HERE WE GO!

Bryan leaps over the top rope, and Regal flings a furious left hand as they meet in the middle – but Bryan smoothly ducks underneath it, then starts firing away with some big kicks to the midsection! The crowd loves it, and Regal keels over in pain, so Bryan lashes out with a couple more to the side, then to the stomach, then to the knee... and he then just fires away until Regal is forced back into the corner, where he starts lashing out with those kicks like there’s no tomorrow! Regal is taking an absolute beating here, and the official ends up having to start a count to make Bryan relent! At four, the submission specialist walks away, cracking out an old phrase by reminding the referee that “I have ‘til five!” before Regal charges out of the corner with a foolish left hand... which Bryan ducks, and heads to the corner. Regal follows him in, but Bryan scales the turnbuckle, then leaps over the top of him with a classic backflip! The crowd pops for that, and Bryan heads to the ropes... before taking Regal down with a huge Flying Clothesline! Ziggler pounds his head against the top rope in frustration, and Bryan hooks the leg... 1... 2... but Regal kicks out of it!

A groan goes up around the Phillips Arena as Regal keeps this contest alive, and Bryan looks up at the ceiling in frustration. Gail Kim offers him some kind words from the outside, and Vickie Guerrero scowls, moving towards her and telling her to “Shut up!” In the ring, Bryan pulls Regal back to his feet, then sends him to the ropes, and leapfrogs him the first time... then sweeps to the floor to let him run over – he then leaps up to his feet, but Regal’s been through this before, and he strikes with a kick to the gut, then a stunning Double Underhook Suplex! The crowd groans as Regal takes a breather now, with Bryan recovering, and Ziggler asks for the tag – Regal nods, but on the outside, Gail Kim and Vickie Guerrero are still arguing... AND VICKIE SLAPS GAIL, KICKING THE CATFIGHT OFF AGAIN! Ziggler turns around, and drops from the apron to sort it out, frowning and saying “C’mon Vickie, ya don’t need to do this!” as Regal yells at him that he wanted that tag. Ziggler tells him to “Hold on a sec” and goes back to trying to separate the women... BUT REGAL TURNS AROUND TO SEE DANIEL BRYAN, WHO TAKES OUT HIS LEGS, AND PUTS HIM IN THE LEBELL LOCK!!! The crowd goes WILD as Regal roars in agony, and Ziggler is in no position to break it up... but Regal can’t find the ropes, and Bryan cranks up the pressure to unbearable levels... MEANING REGAL IS FORCED TO TAP OUT!

Result: Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne bt. William Regal and Dolph Ziggler via submission at 10:27


Justin Roberts: Here are your winners... the team of Daniel Bryan, and EVAN – BOURNE!

The crowd cheers as Bryan releases the hold and leaps to his feet in jubilation, before he’s inevitably joined by a similarly-thrilled Bourne. On the outside, Ziggler finally pries his girlfriend off Gail Kim, who rolls into the ring, rearranging her hair furiously. She then turns back to face Bryan and Bourne, then realises her boyfriend just won the match, so her frown spins upside down, and she kisses him on the cheek. On the outside, Guerrero screams and yells to Dolph about how she got “attacked”, then she looks up to see Gail waving at her from the ring, and it takes Ziggler holding her back to stop her kicking things off all over again.

Josh Matthews: It looks like Gail Kim’s issues with Vickie Guerrero aren’t going anywhere, Michael, because they just cost Dolph Ziggler’s team a win here tonight!

Michael Cole: What a joke, Josh! This nerd and his girlfriend, stealing wins from talented superstars like Dolph Ziggler, it makes me throw up a little, I’m telling ya!

Josh Matthews: Oh come on, Michael, Vickie slapped Gail, that’s how it started off at ringside –

Michael Cole: Let’s not go into details, Josh. Long story short, Daniel Bryan’s a nerd, Dolph Ziggler’s a star. And it should stay that way.

We now head to ringside to see Cole and Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Well, regardless, we’ve still got a big night of action coming up tonight here on Monday Night Raw, with John Morrison versus his old rival, the United States Champion, Sheamus. Plus, it’s going to be Alex Riley and The Miz against John Cena and Randy Orton – and if Cena wins, he gets himself a WWE Title opportunity at Extreme Rules!

Michael Cole: I still say that’s a bad call from the anonymous General Manager, Josh, but it’s one of the last he’ll be makin’ as an anonymous man, ‘cause most importantly tonight, a man who matters is revealing the identity of another man who matters! That’s right, I’m gonna announce the identity of the Raw General Manager, later on tonight! Can you believe how lucky you are, Josh?

Josh Matthews: I really, really can’t, Cole.

The camera cuts backstage now, where Scott Stanford is stood with a mic in his hand.

Scott Stanford: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the man with me at the moment, John Morrison!

A decent pop goes up as indeed, John Morrison appears in the shot, smiling from behind his usual sunglasses.

Scott Stanford: Now John, you were victorious alongside Trish Stratus and Snooki last night at Wrestlemania, and tonight you have a match against the current United States Champion, a man you’ve battled on a number of occasions in recent months – can you give me some insight as to how you’re feeling at the moment?

Morrison thinks for a moment as the mic comes his way.

John Morrison: Well like you said, it was a great night for me last night, Scott. I’m still a little dizzy from all the partying we did afterwards in the A-T-L...

Big but oh-so-cheap pop for Morrison there.

John Morrison: They sure know how to party around here, but I guess it’s back to business. So tonight – Sheamus. My old pasty-faced friend, huh? Well, I’ve beaten him before, but since then he’s got himself a title, Scott. He’s a changed man.

Morrison rubs his jaw.

John Morrison: So I’ll tell ya what I’m gonna go out there and do, Scott. I’ll do what I do every night since I came to this show. Every night since I first stepped into a wrestling ring. I’m gonna pull out all the stops, do something amazing – know why? ‘Cause I’m the Monday – Night – Delight!

Pop from the crowd as Morrison grins.

John Morrison: So bring on Sheamus. Me and him have had some great matches – I’ve come out on top, but that’s beside the point –

Morrison stops talking (and stops grinning) as he sees someone off-camera. Within moments, the camera zooms out, and we see none than the man himself, the United States Champion, Sheamus step into the shot, looking coldly at Morrison. After a few moments of the two old enemies glaring at each other, Morrison finally has it in him to crack a joke...

John Morrison: Hey Sheamus... wait, there’s something different about you since last time...

Morrison narrows his eyes, even looking closely to inspect Sheamus’ title belt on his shoulder.

John Morrison: Have... have you got whiter?

The crowd laughs, but Sheamus doesn’t, unsurprisingly.

Sheamus: Ya t’ink you’re funny, Morrison? Ya t’ink I’ve haven’t heard it all before? Well listen, fella. T’night? It’s gonna be a whole lot different from t’e way it went last toime out.

Heat from the crowd, as Morrison just looks coolly at the Irishman from behind his shades.

Sheamus: And trust me. Ya won’t be laughin’ when I pound you into the mat... or kick ya in t’e head.

The Atlanta crowd boos again, and Sheamus takes a step closer to Morrison, looking him right in the eyes.

Sheamus: I’ll see ya in the ring.

And with that, Sheamus barges Morrison out of the way, with the Shaman of Sexy having to grab the nearby wall to keep himself balanced. He turns to watch Sheamus leave down the corridor, as we see a brief graphic appear to highlight the fact these two will collide later tonight, and then Raw heads to a break.



Alicia Fox is in the ring as Raw returns, arrogantly pacing around. She mouths something at someone in the front row – we can’t hear it, but let’s just assume it’s not friendly, and pay attention to Justin Roberts as the bell rings...

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! In the ring, from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida... ALICIA – FOX!

Michael Cole: Well, before the break, you saw a heated confrontation between old rivals John Morrison and Sheamus, and that’ll be a prelude to their contest later on tonight.

Josh Matthews: Those two men have been through some great matches together; that fierce rivalry they had in the back end of 2010 seems to have been rekindled tonight over Sheamus’ United States Title, and that puts a whole new spin on their prior issues, it seems.

Fox’s music fades out, and now the camera turns to the stage...


A miniscule pop can be heard from some guy at the back of the arena, as the Diva’s Champion, Eve Torres, makes her way out with her belt, and does her usual pose on the stage, lifting her title into the air. She turns to the arena with a smile, and jogs down the ramp, slapping the hands of the nearby fans as she does.

Justin Roberts: And her opponent... from Denver, Colorado – she is the Diva’s Champion, EVE – TORRES!

Michael Cole: I’m tellin’ ya, I think Morrison’s got his hands full tonight, Josh. Sheamus has had to put up with Morrison stealing wins from him on several occasions... I don’t like Morrison’s chances, especially not when the United States Champion’s on such a roll!

Josh Matthews: Well, nevertheless, we’ve got Diva action to look forward to here, as Eve –

Michael Cole: Hell, I can’t remember the last time Sheamus lost when he’s had that belt, Josh! He’s undefeated as United States Champ! What does that say about him?

Josh Matthews: Cole! Er... the match?

Michael Cole: What? ...oh no. Please, no. Ah, dammit.

Cole starts bashing his head against the announce desk, and we head to the ring, where Eve and Alicia are measuring each other up. The official waits for Eve’s music to subside, then calls for the bell to get this contest started.

Match 3 – Singles Contest – Non-Title
Alicia Fox vs Diva’s Champion Eve Torres

As the bell rings, both women dart into the centre of the ring for a lock-up. After some inevitable screaming from both women, it’s Eve who gets the upper hand, forcing Alicia to the corner... before she unleashes a few big right hands to Alicia’s face, trying to rock her confidence early on. The referee forces her out of the corner, and she finally relents, before she yells out to the crowd, trying to fire them up. The Diva’s Champion gets a small cheer in response, while Cole just repeats “Please end it, please end it” at ringside, continuing to bang his head off the desk surface. Eve takes some inspiration from that, and grabs Alicia by the head, running her to a different corner, and just bashing her head off the top buckle over and over again! Matthews tries his hardest to call the action despite Cole’s incessant moaning of “I’m beggin’ you, stop the torture” while Eve pulls Alicia to the middle of the ring, and sends her to the ropes. Alicia comes back with a big right-handed blow to the face, sending the Diva’s Champion staggering to the corner. Alicia winds back, then charges forward to connect with a Corner Clothesline, before she tugs Eve back to the ring with a headlock, and transitions a little sluggishly... into a Monkey Flip, sending Eve up and down with a solid impact! Cole swears he’s done nothing to deserve this, and Alicia makes the cover... 1... 2... but Eve kicks out to keep this one alive!

At ringside, Cole desperately asks if that was three, but Matthews tells him to shut up, and we head back to the action, where Alicia pulls Eve back to her feet – but Torres shoves her away, then leaps up to connect with a (one-footed, of course) Dropkick, taking Alicia down! Both women get up once again, and Eve strikes with a second Dropkick, before once again, they find their feet, with Fox looking incredibly dazed. The Florida native throws a dizzy, poorly-chosen punch, and Eve smoothly ducks it, before unleashing a big Enzuigiri to wipe Alicia out! The crowd cheers for that, despite Cole’s attempts to start a “Boring” chant, and now the Diva’s Champion hooks a leg, hoping that’ll be enough... 1... 2... Alicia gets a shoulder up, however! Eve sits up, and runs her hands through her hair, but she picks herself back up, determined to continue. She looks to the turnbuckle, then starts to clamber up, and reaches the top with a brief glance backwards before she leaps with the MOONSAAAAAULT – NOBODY’S HOME! Alicia rolls away, and Eve crashes and burns into the canvas!

An audible groan goes up as Eve clutches her stomach, and Alicia rests up in the corner. The arena is still reeling a little from Eve’s missed Moonsault, and it looks to have really taken its toll on the Diva’s Champion, as she struggles to even make it up to a knee. She does find her feet, but she’s conveniently bent over, still holding her stomach, which makes Alicia’s eyes light up, as she goes for the SCISSORS KICK... NO! Eve stands up straight, meaning Alicia kicks thin air, and suddenly, the Diva’s Champion fires the shock Roll Up – 1... 2... 3-NO! Alicia kicks out at the last second! Cole starts trying to talk about the revelation of the Raw GM later tonight, but Matthews fights to talk over the top, still calling the action as Eve wonders how she couldn’t keep Alicia down for the three there. Slowly, both women find their feet once more, and Eve throws a right hand, only for Alicia to duck it, and try to lock the Diva’s Champion in a Full Nelson – but Torres spins right out of it... and knocks Fox down with a huge clothesline! Alicia lies still, and Eve barely even thinks about it this time, heading up the turnbuckle... AND LEAPING TO DELIVER THE MOONSAULT, RIGHT ON THE BUTTON THIS TIME! A good pop goes up as the impressive move connects, and Eve makes the cover, smiling in relief... 1... 2... 3!

Result: Diva’s Champion Eve Torres bts. Alicia Fox via pinfall at 3:24


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner... the Diva’s Champion, EVE – TORRES!

Eve gets to her feet with a slight smile, and has her hand raised by the official, before she takes her title from ringside, and heads about the turnbuckles to celebrate. Alicia rolls to the outside, holding her stomach in pain, and she kicks the barricade in frustration as Eve plays to the crowd.

Josh Matthews: A great win for the Diva’s Champion here tonight –

Michael Cole: Thank god that’s over, Josh. Worst few minutes of my life, I’m tellin’ ya. Can we fast-forward to the bit where I reveal the GM, please? The crowd needs something to care about.

Josh Matthews: Since when do you care about the crowd?

Michael Cole: I don’t, Josh, but if I was sat in that audience, I wouldn’t wanna see that match! I’d wanna see Michael Cole in the ring, announcing the biggest revelation of 2011!

Josh Matthews: Well, regardless of Michael Cole’s... disparaging view of the sexy, smart and powerful WWE Divas, it’s an impressive win for Eve Torres here tonight, and... hey! HEY!

Eve is up on one of the turnbuckles, still celebrating her win despite Cole’s remarks at ringside, but suddenly the crowd is making some noise, trying to warn Eve that behind her stands Melina! The Red Carpet Diva has a furious expression on her face, and as Eve turns round... SHE GETS ABSOLUTELY HAMMERED WITH A HUGE SUPERKICK TO THE FACE! The crowd groans with the impact as Eve goes down like a sack of potatoes, and now Melina is all over the Diva’s Champion, unleashing a plethora of hard stomps as the Atlanta audience boos her. Cole finally seems interested, and Melina ignores the crowd’s booing, instead pulling Eve up by her hair, and forcing her over backwards. The Red Carpet Diva takes a cold look around the arena, then puts her leg up on Eve’s neck, and lets out a huge ear-piercing yell... BEFORE SHE DELIVERS THE PRIMAL SCREAM!!! The ring shakes with the impact, and Melina waits for three seconds in the pinning position, holding up one finger... two... three, to point out how she would have just won a match. She then stands up, and picks the Diva’s Title off the mat to stare at it for a few moments, before she smirks, and drops it across Eve’s motionless body as she exits the ring. The crowd boos her as she makes her way up the ramp, that smirk still lingering on her face all the way up.

Michael Cole: Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Way to go, Melina! Way to inject some life into this awful division! Thank you, Melina! Thank you!

Josh Matthews: Message sent from Melina to Eve Torres here tonight... and it’s a dark message to say, “I’m coming for your title.” Chilling post-match assault, Cole.

Michael Cole: That’s the kind of Diva’s Champ we deserve, Josh! Someone like Melina! Someone who knows how to get the job done! She just saved me from wasting nearly ten minutes of my life!

Melina smirks from the stage down at a motionless Eve in the ring, then turns and slowly heads backstage – likewise, that’s where we go, with the camera cutting to see Randy Orton walking down a corridor! The Viper gets himself a HUGE pop from the fans here in Atlanta, and as usual, he looks to be in the mood for action. As he walks, Scott Stanford wanders up alongside him.

Scott Stanford: Randy, excuse me for bothering you, but –

Stanford pauses, giving Orton a chance to object, but he stops walking, and remains silent, so the interviewer continues.

Scott Stanford: Well, you beat CM Punk last night at Wrestlemania, and you’ve got a huge tag team contest in the main event tonight alongside John Cena against The Miz and Alex Riley... tell me, what kind of mindset are you in going into such a big match?

Orton stays deathly silent for a moment, just staring coldly through Stanford, until he finally speaks.

Randy Orton: I’ll keep this... short. CM Punk last night – was a prime example of what happens to people... who get in my way. And if The Miz, or Alex Riley, or even John Cena gets in my way tonight... they’ll suffer the same experience. Me, delivering an R... K... O.

Pop from the crowd.

Randy Orton: But don’t forget this, either. John Cena is NOT the only man on this show who wants a WWE Title shot... so if winning tonight is the first step to getting myself one? Then believe me... I’m going to do everything and anything – to make that happen.

Again, the crowd cheers, and Orton storms out of the shot, keeping it short like he said he would. Stanford watches him leave, and now we cut elsewhere with a split shot, seeing both John Morrison and Sheamus making their separate ways towards the ring. We hear the commentators over the top, as Morrison stops to high five a couple of people, and Sheamus simply looks forward without emotion.

Josh Matthews: It looks like Randy Orton means business here tonight, and of course that’s not all we have on Monday Night Raw, because we’ve still got a tag team main event and the revealing of the General Manager’s identity, but next up, old enemies collide – it’s gonna be John Morrison versus the United States Champion, Sheamus, LIVE on Monday Night Raw, don’t go away!

Raw heads to a break, as expected.


As Raw returns, the bell chimes, and the stage turns all the colours of the rainbow...


The crowd cheers for John Morrison, who wanders out in his usual fur coat, and poses in sloooooow motion as the pyro sprays off behind him. The Shaman of Sexy then heads down the ramp, greeting the fans, and even gives his sunglasses to a young girl in the front row, as the bell rings.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-four pounds... JOHN – MORRISON!

Josh Matthews: We saw John Morrison’s confrontation with Sheamus earlier on tonight, and it’s fair to say the Shaman of Sexy, the Prince of Parkour you could say, has some United States Title ambitions.

Michael Cole: We’ll see how that works out for him, huh? Sheamus is on FIRE right now, Josh! He hasn’t been beaten since he won that title off Daniel Bryan, and that’s because he’s one of the most dominating superstars on this here show!

Josh Matthews: How did Morrison beat him twice before, then?

Michael Cole: King of the Ring was a curse on Sheamus, Josh! He’s thrown it aside, and now he’s a totally different competitor! Undefeated, Josh! Undefeated like me at Wrestlemania!

Morrison heads to the ring, and poses on the turnbuckle, before he hops down, and removes his coat. As his music dies down, the focus returns to the stage...



Boos ring around the arena now, and Morrison frowns from his position in the ring as the United States Champion, Sheamus walks out, beating his chest as usual. The Irishman lifts his belt into the air deliberately, then starts to make his way down the ramp, looking disapprovingly at the fans nearby.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent – from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at two hundred and seventy-two pounds... he is the United States Champion – SHEAMUS!

Michael Cole: Look at that man, Josh! You try and tell me he isn’t a different man to the “King Sheamus” you saw lose to John Morrison at the end of last year! There’s a whole new dynamic to Sheamus now, and it’s called the United States Title!

Josh Matthews: I’m not one to deny the credentials of the Celtic Warrior, Cole – a two-time WWE Champion, the 2010 King of the Ring, the reigning United States Champion... he’s been very successful in his short time in the WWE, I don’t deny him that. I just think that out of everyone who’s ever taken on Sheamus, John Morrison has always been the guy who seems to have his number!

Sheamus ignores the heat from some of the fans in the front row, then clambers up to the apron, and steps into the ring. He beats his chest towards the hard camera and lets out a big war cry, before he hands his title to ringside, and removes his usual chain, too. Morrison is seen bouncing on the balls of his feet, and Sheamus bares his teeth at his old enemy as the official waits for his music to die down, then calls for the bell.

Match 4 – Singles Contest – Non-Title
John Morrison vs United States Champion Sheamus

As usual between these two, it’s a cracking back-and-forth affair, and let’s just jump straight in at eight minutes, with Sheamus blasting the Shaman of Sexy with some big shoulder thrusts in the corner. Morrison gasps out with each hard shot, and eventually, it’s down to the official to stop Sheamus breaking his opponent’s ribs with a five count. Eventually, the Irishman takes a few steps back, only to then charge back in for a Corner Clothesline – NO! Morrison spins out of the corner, and Sheamus ploughs right into the top turnbuckle cover! A pop goes up from the crowd as the United States Champion reels off, dizzy, and wobbles into the centre of the ring – so Morrison takes advantage, lashing out with some cracking kicks to the side, forcing his opponent back to the ropes. The Prince of Parkour now presses him into those ropes, then sends him off to the other side... no, Sheamus sets his feet and sends Morrison instead. The high-flyer rebounds, then charges back – STRAIGHT INTO A THUMPING DOUBLE AXE HANDLE FROM THE IRISHMAN! The crowd groans as Morrison hits the deck, and Sheamus is quickly into the cover... 1... 2... but no! Morrison kicks out!

The crowd cheers as Morrison keeps the contest going, but his reward is Sheamus grabbing him by the hair, and yanking him back to his feet. The official tells Sheamus to “watch the hair”, but the Irishman completely blanks him, and grabs Morrison by the head, before he just flings him right into the steel ring post! Morrison gets horrifically jammed in between the top and middle turnbuckles, crying out as his shoulder connects with the steel, and now Sheamus bares his teeth, clearly wanting to inflict as much pain on his old arch-rival as possible. He grabs Morrison by the ankle now, and tugs him free of the turnbuckle, before he starts dropping his signature knees to the Shaman of Sexy’s head, wearing him down with some big shots. The referee has to tell Sheamus to stop with a five count, and the Irishman relents at four, but the damage is done, with Morrison’s eyes looking a bit glazed over now. Sheamus delivers a few stomps, then drags the high-flyer to the bottom rope, where he just chokes Morrison on it, getting some big heat from the crowd! Once again, a five count has Sheamus releasing the unfortunate Prince of Parkour, who clutches his throat on the canvas.

Cole starts to talk about Sheamus’ “domination” of his old enemy, and now the Irishman starts signalling for the end, as he bends his knees in the corner, and beckons for Morrison to get up. Slowly, the Shaman of Sexy pulls himself up by the ropes, with the crowd trying their best to warn him, and Sheamus charges forward with the BROGUE KICK... NO! Morrison ducks underneath it, then leaps up – CRACK – for a big Spinning Wheel Kick to the face of the Irishman! The crowd cheers wildly as both men go down, and after a few moments, the official has to start a count, with Sheamus looking bewildered on the canvas after he missed his finisher. As the referee calls out “Seven!” both men find the ropes, and pull themselves back to their feet, with Morrison looking slightly worse for wear. The Shaman of Sexy’s hair is draped all over his face, with the man himself sweating through the exhaustion, but Sheamus is breathing heavily, too, still slightly dazed from that big kick. The two men slowly move to the centre of the ring, and Sheamus surprises his opponent with a kick to the gut, before he sends Morrison to the ropes, and bends down... BUT MORRISON COMES BACK WITH A SUNSET FLIP, PULLING THE IRISHMAN DOWN INTO A PINNING POSITION... 1... 2... 3-NO! Sheamus kicks out of it!

A big collective groan goes up around the arena as Sheamus fights out, and both men find their feet again due to the force of the kickout – Morrison fires a ROUNDHOUSE KICK... NO! Sheamus ducks it, then throws that huge Double Axe Handle again – only for Morrison to duck that, then come back with a Superkick attempt... NOPE! It’s ducked, of course, by the Irishman, who now heads for the ropes, and goes for a clothesline... but Morrison sweeps to the floor to let Sheamus run over him, then stands up – only for the United States Champion to put him in a front facelock... but Morrison spins out of that... CRACK! MORRISON UNLEASHES A HUGE SUPERKICK TO SHEAMUS’ JAW, AND THE IRISHMAN GOES DOWN! The crowd cheers wildly as Morrison finally connects, and that could easily be it as Morrison hurriedly hooks a leg... 1... 2... 3-----NO! SHEAMUS KICKS OUT SOMEHOW! Morrison rolls backwards from the kickout, stunned that wasn’t good enough, and as the official holds up two fingers to him, the Shaman of Sexy forces himself back up, more determined than ever, it seems. He tries to pull Sheamus back up, but suddenly the Irishman comes to life with a punch to the gut, before he puts Morrison in the Powerbomb position! The crowd boos as Sheamus tiredly hoists the Shaman of Sexy up for the Crucifix Powerbomb, and it looks like we could be about to see the end – NO! Morrison slips out the back, then heads for the ropes – FLASH KICK – NO! Sheamus ducks underneath it, and the Prince of Parkour somehow lands on his feet, only to stagger as he lands, and tumble into the ropes, getting a little caught up. Sheamus recovers as Morrison detaches himself, however, and with the crowd screaming, the LA native turns around – ONLY TO GET FLATTENED BY THE BROGUE KICK FROM THE UNITED STATES CHAMPION!!! A huge groan goes up with the brutal impact, and now Sheamus covers, baring his teeth in frustration that this didn’t come a whole lot earlier... 1... 2... 3!!!

Result: United States Champion Sheamus bts. John Morrison via pinfall at 12:39


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner... the United States Champion, SHEAMUS!

Sheamus has his arm raised by the official, and the crowd boos heavily, but the Irishman is in no mood for posing, ripping his hand out of the referee’s grip and telling him to “beat it, fella”. The referee obliges, exiting the ring, and Sheamus kneels by Morrison, breathing heavily after that hard-fought win.

Michael Cole: YES! Put another ‘W’ on the record, Josh, scratch another tally into the win column for Sheamus! This man is running rampant on this show!

Josh Matthews: Sheamus’ impressive run continues indeed, Cole, but what a match we witnessed between these two old rivals – quite a contest here on Raw. Certainly a – wait, what’s he doing?

Matthews is stopped in his tracks, as in the ring, Sheamus grabs Morrison by the head suddenly, pulling his face off the canvas. The Shaman of Sexy is still smarting from the contest, so he can’t force Sheamus away, and the Irishman starts to talk trash, saying “What made ya t’ink ya could beat me, fella? Eh?” before he yanks him back to his feet – then throws him through the ropes to the outside! Heat rings around the arena for Sheamus’ actions, and the United States Champion follows him out, telling him “I’M NOT THE SAME MAN YA BEAT BEFORE, FELLA! I’M BETTER T’AN YOU NOW!” before he picks him back to his feet... THEN FLINGS HIM BACK-FIRST INTO THE FAN BARRICADE! Morrison crumples to the floor, yelling in agony, and the crowd’s heat intensifies, while Sheamus shows no remorse at all.

The United States Champion continues to stare coldly at Morrison as he spasms on the floor, but he frowns as the Shaman of Sexy puts a hand on the top of the barricade, trying to pull himself up. Sheamus bends his knees a little, snarling now with bared teeth, and tells Morrison “I DARE YA, MORRISON! STAND UP AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!” but the LA native remains determined, instead pulling himself up, clutching his back in anguish – AND SHEAMUS YELLS WITH FURY, BEFORE HE DRILLS HIM WITH THE BROGUE KICK, SENDING HIM TUMBLING OVER THE BARRICADE!!! The heat is intense for Sheamus now, who stares furiously at Morrison as he lies motionlessly on the cold concrete floor of the fan-free section. The Irishman tells someone at ringside to give him his belt, and he snatches it from their grasp as they bring it over. Still frowning, Sheamus turns and leaves, storming up the ramp as Morrison lies still on the outside floor.

Josh Matthews: That was...

Michael Cole: You don’t get in the way of Sheamus, Josh. Dominant. Says it all.

As Sheamus watches the medics attend to Morrison from the stage, we fade backstage...

...to see John Cena making his way down the corridor towards the ring! A big mixed reaction goes up, and Cena smiles at a couple of people as he walks – but then he stops, and his smile disappears. There is silence for a moment, then the camera pans out... to reveal none other than THE ROCK!!! The crowd goes INSANE for the Great One, wearing his “I Bring It” shirt as usual, and the two icons size each other up, the tension speaking for itself. Neither man seems to want to talk first, but the crowd is still going wild for the Brahma Bull, who takes a slow look around, then finally offers a single hand.

The Rock: Call... it... even.

Another MASSIVE mixed reaction goes up for that, and Cena stares coldly into the Great One’s eyes. He clenches a fist, never breaking the eye contact, but suddenly, a whole host of “ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY!” chants kick off, and both men turn their heads to listen to them. After a second, both men turn back to look at each other, and Cena looks down at The Rock’s hand once again... then shakes it slowly, eliciting a host of (mostly) boos from the crowd, who wanted to see them go at it. Cena smirks, then looks at the floor, and leaves the shot. We’re left with Rocky now, who turns in the other direction, and walks on, with a couple of backstage workers (and Michael Tarver, still texting) turning to look at him with surprised looks on their faces. Eventually, The Rock stops, and a man wearing a sharp black and white suit steps into the shot, with blacked-out shades on his face, and slicked-back long hair. The guy looks like he’s dressing up like an agent from “Men In Black”, and The Rock frowns at him.

The Rock: Who... in the blue hell... are you?

Small pop for the catchphrase. The agent reaches inside his jacket, and pulls out a badge, flipping it open briefly – then immediately closing it and putting it back before the Great One can even read it.

Man: Tyler Black, FBI.

The Rock frowns, still wondering why he didn’t get to look at the badge properly.

Tyler Black: A pleasure to meet you, Rock. I have something for you.

Again, Black reaches inside his jacket, and produces an envelope, with “THE ROCK” printed on the front. Black hands it to The Rock, who looks at it, and grins.

The Rock: Great – wait a second. Why is an FBI agent delivering this?

Tyler Black: It’s of upmost importance that this information reached you before the end of the show, Rock. The WWE Board of Directors needed someone trustworthy.

The Rock frowns once again, then takes the letter.

The Rock: Why not call The Rock’s cell phone?

Black shrugs.

Tyler Black: They thought you’d prefer it in writing. I was told you’d know what to do with it.

Black folds his hands over each other and waits, as Rocky tears the envelope open, and reads... before he grins heartily, and looks to Black once again.

The Rock: This is great!

Pause. Black says nothing.

The Rock: So... you’re really with the FBI, huh? Do you have one of ‘memory erasers’ in case some aliens turn up or something?

The Rock grins at his own joke, and Black chuckles a little.

Tyler Black: Ha ha... that’s classified.

Black sharply exits the shot, leaving The Rock by himself, incredulous as he looks around, as if expecting Ashton Kutcher to appear screaming “YOU GOT PUNKED!” at him. In the end, no-one arrives, and The Rock just looks confused, before he re-reads the letter in his hand, and shrugs, leaving the shot as Raw heads to a break.



We return to Raw to the sight of Michael Cole and Josh Matthews once again:

Josh Matthews: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, ladies and gentlemen, of course we’re all excited to see the return of Triple H next week, but think back to before the break – The Rock is in the building tonight, even shaking hands with John Cena and saying they’ll “Call it even” here tonight. Not just that, however, but The Rock received a letter from the WWE Board of Directors, delivered by FBI agent Tyler Black... things are getting mysterious here on Monday Night Raw, though I don’t doubt it’s something huge.

Michael Cole: If ya want huge news, Josh, look no further than what’s comin’ very soon! Me, Michael Cole, announcing the identity of the Raw General Manager, LIVE here tonight in Atlanta! Who needs The Rock? He didn’t win a match last night! I DID, JOSH!



The crowd boos wildly (again, for the most part), as the WWE Champion, The Miz, and Alex Riley arrive in their ring gear for the main event. The pair take a moment to survey the arena as they did earlier, before The Miz raises his title belt with both hands, and leads A-Ry down the ramp. The bell rings.

Justin Roberts: The following tag team contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, at a combined weight of four hundred and eighty-two pounds... the team of Alex Riley, and the WWE Champion – THE MIZ!

Michael Cole: Now, let’s just clarify something, ‘cause I’ve been getting all these tweets throughout the show about A-Ry, Alex Riley... by the way, 40,000 followers on Twitter, Matthews, beat that... but a couple months back, Alex Riley became The Miz’s VP of Corporate Communications, and now people seem to think he can’t team with The Miz tonight! What a joke! Who wouldn’t want to see A-Ry in action? Why even complain?

Josh Matthews: It’s a fair point, Cole, Alex Riley lost to John Cena back in February –

Michael Cole: So what? He can still team with the most must-see WWE Champion of all time! Do you hear an email alert, Josh? Do you hear the Raw GM saying it’s not okay? Just shut up and watch The Miz go to work.

The Miz throws his belt on to his shoulder, then charges up on to the apron in his usual style, letting the camera zoom in on his face and title, before he swings himself into the ring. Riley follows him in, and the pair taunt the crowd a bit, until finally, The Miz’s music dies down. There is silence, but then the stage turns gold –



It’s a HUGE pop for Randy Orton as he makes his way out, staring with a cold look at The Miz, who icily returns the favour from the ring. Riley frowns at the sight of the Viper, who begins to stalk down the ramp, taking his time and not at all fearing an upcoming match against the WWE Champion.

Justin Roberts: And their opponents – first, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred and forty-five pounds... the Viper... RANDY – ORTON!

Michael Cole: Here’s a man who doesn’t do morals, Josh. Randy Orton is one of the most sick and twisted individuals I’ve ever seen, and yet these people – even some of my beloved Cole Miners – seem to love this guy!

Josh Matthews: You’ve got to wonder whether Randy Orton is watching his back after CM Punk’s chilling words earlier tonight, but at the same time, Randy Orton isn’t the kind of man who has to worry about being attacked – not when he’s such an expert brawler himself.

Orton finds his way to the ring, and once he gets in there, he storms towards The Miz and Riley, who smartly move out the way to allow the Viper to clamber up the buckle and raise his arms to the crowd. He gets a big cheer from the Atlanta masses, then he steps down, and takes up a position in the opposite corner, waiting patiently for Cena as his music cuts.





And the Phillips Arena EXPLODES with all sorts of noise, ranging from the roaring cheers of the younger fans to the ferocious heat of the many Cena haters here in Atlanta, as none other than the man himself, John Cena, comes charging out on to the stage, looking a lot more excited than he was earlier! Cena stops on the stage, yells “I’M THINKIN’ EXTREME RULES, MAN!” into the camera lens, then throws up the salute to the crowd... before he makes his usual sprint down the ramp, sliding into the squared circle with a big grin!

Justin Roberts: And his tag team partner – from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds... JOHN – CEEEEENA!!!

Michael Cole: John Cena just doesn’t know when to quit, Josh! He LOST last night at Wrestlemania, and he still thinks he deserves a shot at the WWE Title! GIVE UP ALREADY, JOHN! IT’S OVER!

Josh Matthews: But Cole, The Rock –

Michael Cole: Oh, don’t give me “But Cole, The Rock!” The Rock doesn’t make a difference, Josh! He’s just like an annoying fly in the summer, and The Miz is a damn swatter! Rock or no Rock, The Miz won last night, and that’s how it’s gonna be at Extreme Rules, no matter who he faces! GO MIZ!

Cena flings his hat and shirt into the crowd, then throws up the ‘Word Life’ sign, to another mixed reaction from these Atlanta fans. Cena points to The Miz with a sly smile, then turns to face the icy stare of Orton in the corner, and his smile disappears at the sight of an old rival, yet at the same time, an old ally. Nevertheless, Cena will have heard Orton’s words earlier, and as such, he looks wary as he moves in to talk to him. Cena’s music dies down, and in the end, it looks like we’ll be seeing Riley versus Cena to kick things off. The Miz watches intently from the apron, as the bell rings to kick things off.

Main Event – Tag Team Contest
WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley vs Randy Orton and John Cena

We join the contest at around nine minutes – it’s been fairly back-and-forth, but in the last few minutes, Riley and The Miz have isolated Cena, and they’re starting to pick him apart. At the moment, Cena is faced with the task of dealing with the WWE Champion himself, who seems more than happy to deal with Cena when he’s weakened. As we join the action, the Awesome One has Cena in a side headlock on the canvas, trying to wear him down further, but Orton starts thumping the turnbuckle pad in frustration, and the crowd takes that as the signal to start clapping Cena on, so the former “Champ” starts forcing himself back up. The Miz looks stunned by Cena’s sudden strength, and he’s powerless to stop his possible Extreme Rules challenger getting to his feet, before he breaks free of the hold and heads for the ropes... but The Miz smartly kicks him in the gut when he comes back, forcing him to his knees! A mixed reaction goes up for that, and now the WWE Champion grabs Cena by the head – before he just DRILLS him into the canvas with a big Snap DDT! Cole roars “YES!” at ringside, and The Miz quickly hooks a leg, frowning a little – 1... 2... but Cena kicks out!

The reaction is, as usual here tonight, mixed for Cena’s kickout, and The Miz shakes his head at the official, before he pulls a dizzy Cena back to his feet, and whips him to the corner. Cena groans in pain as he collides with the pad, and now The Miz charges in – to connect smoothly with that impactful Swinging Corner Clothesline! The crowd groans, and the WWE Champion throws Cena backwards, letting him hit the canvas, before he detaches himself from the turnbuckle, and stands over Cena’s body. Riley wonders why he’s not going for the cover, but the Awesome One just smirks at the crowd for a moment, before he pulls Cena back up, then delivers the Inverted Facelock Backbreaker... then the smooth transition into the Neckbreaker Slam! Cena looks lifeless on the mat, and Orton bares his teeth, looking incredibly frustrated as The Miz hooks a leg to take the match... 1... 2... 3-NO! CENA KICKS OUT OF IT AGAIN! The Miz and Riley are stunned by the kickout, and furiously, The Miz tugs him back up again, before he hooks the arms for the SKULL-CRUSHING FINALE... NO! Cena suddenly spins out of it – THEN LEAPS UP FOR A DROPKICK TO TAKE THE MIZ DOWN! The crowd cries “OHHH!” in surprise as Cena pulls one of his back pocket, and now both men are down, with the entire match hinging on this one moment, and with Orton reaching desperately for the tag!

The crowd is alive now, all sorts of noise filling the Phillips Arena, and now Cena looks to Orton, still frantically reaching to get involved, and as The Miz crawls to tag in Riley – CENA FINDS THE ENERGY TO LEAP OFF THE MAT, AND TAGS IN THE VIPER! A massive pop goes up from the crowd as Orton comes charging in to meet Riley, with the Varsity Villain throwing a right hand... no, Orton ducks it, and floors the youngster with a stinging clothesline! Orton starts to shake his head furiously, and Riley gets up again – BOOM! Orton wipes him out with another beastly clothesline, and Riley somehow finds his feet again, brains thoroughly scrambled... only for Orton to shove him into the ropes, then lay him out with a huge Powerslam! The crowd goes wild for that, as the Viper leaps to his feet, shaking about and getting as fired up as he can... BEFORE HE DROPS TO THE CANVAS, AND STARTS BEATING THE MAT LIKE A MAN POSSESSED! The Miz is roaring at Riley not to lose this, and the crowd is going WILD as Orton hisses at Riley to get up – eventually, he pushes himself up as asked, and Orton goes for the RKO... NO! Riley shoves Orton away, into the direction of The Miz, who fires a cheap shot to completely kill the Viper’s momentum!

Boos ring around the arena as Orton wobbles back towards Riley now, and the referee lambasts The Miz’s actions... but Riley pays no heed, instead hooking Orton up from behind to deliver a Belly to Back Side Slam! The move leaves the Viper lying still, and now Riley shoots the half eagerly... 1... 2... 3-NO! It’s not good enough, because Orton kicks out to keep this one alive! The Varsity Villain looks stunned by the kickout, and looks instinctively to The Miz for help, who furiously tells him to finish things off, so Riley hurriedly pulls Orton back up, and hoists him on to his shoulders for the VARSITY BLUES TKO – NO! Orton escapes out the back... THEN DELIVERS THE OLYMPIC SLAM, SENDING THE CROWD WILD AGAIN! Cena punches the air on the apron, that smile returning to his face now, and Orton makes a determined cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! RILEY KICKS OUT!

Orton sits up in shock, and can only look at the official with wide eyes, disbelieving that young Riley fought out of that, but suddenly, he takes on a new look... it’s his demented look; his furious one, and the crowd cheers as the Viper begins to “coil” once again, slowly punching the mat, telling Riley to get up. The Miz scowls from the apron as Orton really starts to fire up, beating the canvas furiously, red in the face now as Riley tries to force himself up... but before Orton can do anything more, THE MIZ charges in, and clotheslines Orton over the top rope... BUT NOT BEFORE CENA SMARTLY GRABS THE TAG OFF ORTON TO MAKE HIM THE LEGAL MAN! The crowd comes alive with a mixed reaction as Cena makes his way into the ring, with The Miz and Orton laid out on the outside, and now Riley finally finds his feet... BUT FOR THE SECOND TIME TONIGHT, CENA HOISTS HIM UP ON TO HIS SHOULDERS, AND SENDS HIM CRASHING DOWN WITH THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!! The Phillips Arena is split once again, with a big cheer coming from those young Cena fans, and now their hero hooks a leg, as The Miz looks up in shock on the outside... 1... 2... 3!!! CENA’S GOING TO EXTREME RULES!!!

Result: John Cena and Randy Orton bt. Alex Riley and WWE Champion The Miz via pinfall at 14:57


Justin Roberts: Here are your winners... the team of Randy Orton, and JOHN – CEEEEEENA!!!

“NOOOO!” roars The Miz on the outside, and he rolls into the ring furiously, but Cena is gone, exiting the ring to celebrate picking up his title shot here tonight in Atlanta! The crowd is once again split on Cena, but he couldn’t care less at this point, simply grinning from the ramp as The Miz shakes Riley furiously in the ring.

Michael Cole: NO WAY! This isn’t happening, Josh! That tag wasn’t legal, I’m tellin’ ya! Something is wrong here! No-one beats The Miz and A-Ry!

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it! We have our Extreme Rules main event – The Miz will defend his WWE Title against John Cena, in a Wrestlemania rematch! Cole – oh, come on.

Cole is nearly sobbing into the announce desk here, and the ring is empty now, with The Miz and Riley on the outside. The WWE Champion angrily grabs his title belt, and brandishes it in Riley’s face, saying “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THIS BELT MEANS? HUH?” as Riley simply holds his neck from taking that Attitude Adjustment, and Cena throws up the ‘Word Life’ sign on the stage. Eventually, Cena heads backstage, still smiling, and the focus is removed from The Miz and Riley, with the camera now showing Randy Orton rolling back into the ring. The Viper smirks as he realises that his team won, and he throws up his usual two-armed pose to the crowd, who give him a good pop in return. Holding his neck a little tenderly from the fall to the outside, Orton moves around the ring to raise an arm to each side of the crowd...

...BUT SUDDENLY, CM PUNK COMES CHARGING OUT FROM THE CROWD!!! Intense heat rings around the ring as the clueless Orton frowns, but before he can figure out what’s going on, Punk is in the ring, and he spins Orton round – THEN PUTS HIM ON TO HIS SHOULDERS, AND DELIVERS THE GO TO SLEEP!!! Orton crumples lifelessly to the canvas, and the heat is HUGE for the Second City Saint as a sick grin appears on his face, and he drops beside Orton, whispering something dark into his ear. He eventually stands up, and raises a single arm as he stands above Orton’s body, and his music hits.


Josh Matthews: That’s just... sick.

The crowd boos intensely, and Punk just stares into the hard camera, a small smirk on his face, as Raw heads to its final break of the evening.


Raw returns to the unfortunate sight of Michael Cole in the ring, standing in front of a podium with the Raw GM’s laptop on it. Various “Shut up Cole” signs appear in the background, and the crowd is booing intensely at the sight of the self-proclaimed “Voice of the WWE”. Ignoring the fans’ reaction, Cole picks up the mic in front of him.

Michael Cole: Can I have your attention please...

Big heat for Cole here, but clearly he’s not fussed.

Michael Cole: The moment of truth has arrived, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to reveal the identity of the Raw General Manager... but first, I feel I should address something.

Matthews says “Oh no” into his headset, as Cole starts to grin.

Michael Cole: You all may have noticed that my famous ‘Cole Mine’ booth is gone from ringside tonight – and that, ladies and gentlemen, is because I no longer have to fear the brutal, primitive assaults of one Jerry “The King” Lawler. And you know why? Because last night at Wrestlemania, I WON!

More intense heat for Cole.

Michael Cole: And notice how Jerry Lawler – he’s not here tonight! Have you seen him? I haven’t, that’s for sure! Because he’s a coward, and he knows that I could beat ‘im again!

Cole laughs evilly, and grins as the boos flood in. A few “JERRY! JERRY!” chants kick off in the crowd.

Michael Cole: But I don’t want this night to be overshadowed by Lawler’s cowardice, no. Tonight isn’t about him, folks. And it’s not about me becoming the new Mr. Wrestlemania, either... well, of course it is, a little bit.


Michael Cole: Tonight’s about my announcement. The biggest announcement of 2011, right here!

Cole grins at the camera once again.

Michael Cole: So, from the mouth of the true Voice of the WWE, let me make history.

With the crowd still chanting “JERRY! JERRY!” in hope of a Lawler interruption, Cole puts his glasses on, and leans towards the laptop screen to check what he has in front of him. He then nods, and raises his mic again:

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, the General Manager of Raw is –



THE PHILLIPS ARENA ABSOLUTELY EXPLODES!!! Cole turns to the stage with a look of absolute HORROR... AS OF COURSE, THE ROCK COMES STORMING OUT!!! The Great One still has that letter in his hand, and he stops for barely a second to point at Cole menacingly, before he makes his way down to the ramp, with the arena still going CRAZY for the Brahma Bull! Cole looks like he’s shat himself, and grips the podium to keep himself standing as Rocky storms up the steps to the ring, and heads to the turnbuckle, climbing up to raise his arm and smell the atmosphere in the roaring arena! He then hops down and swings into the squared circle to face the “Voice of the WWE”, who, now recovered from the initial shock of Rocky’s appearance, begins to frown as the Rock stops to face him. After a moment of staring blankly at Cole, The Rock grabs a mic from ringside, then waits for his music to die down. Even after it has, the arena is still filled with noise, because the crowd is alive with frenzied “ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY!” chants, and the man himself just waits, smiling, until Cole grumpily breaks the silence.

Michael Cole: H-hey Rock, what d’ya think you’re doin’? This is MY moment –

The Rock: Hold that thought – FINALLY!

The crowd goes wild, and Cole scowls again.


While that’s not strictly true (he was here last night), the audience loves it anyway.

The Rock: Michael – Cole. As much as The Rock would love to hear you whinge, and whine, and cry about how The Rock spoiled your big announcement, let’s save it for another time.

Rocky begins to pace around the ring.

The Rock: The Rock got a very special message backstage, y’see, Michael Cole. This message... it’s so important, that The Rock had to come out here and tell each and every one of the MILLIONS...


The Rock: ...of The Rock’s fans, both here in Atlanta and watching this go down around the world, about this message. But first, you get to tell The Rock something.

“What?” spits Cole with a frown.

The Rock: Yeah. You can tell The Rock, who this rudy-poo anonymous GM really is.

Cole throws up his hands, then says “I was about to say that anyway!”

The Rock: Hey, use your mic, jabroni, or The Rock’ll slap the taste right outta your mouth! Didn’t your momma teach you any manners? Tell The Rock, and all these people, just who the anonymous General Manager is!

Pop for the implication that Rocky might slap Cole, but it doesn’t happen. Cole sighs, then brings up his mic.

Michael Cole: Ya really wanna know, Rocky? Well, I’ll tell ya. The Raw GM is –


HUGE pop from the Atlanta crowd as Cole is silenced!

The Rock: Yeah, The Rock said it! It doesn’t matter, because The Rock has right here in his hand, a special message from the WWE Board of Directors – telling me that... that laptop?

Rocky pauses, then looks to the letter again.

The Rock: Well, to put it in terms you can understand, Michael Cole, you can take that laptop... shine it up real nice...

Cole looks to the ceiling with a tired resignation, and the crowd cheers as The Rock starts to get fired up...

The Rock: ...turn that sumbitch sideways... AND SHOVE IT STRAIGHT UP, YOUR CANDY ASS!

The crowd, having just chanted along with The Rock, now goes wild again, leaving Cole to throw up his hands again, mouthing “Come on...”

The Rock: That’s right, ‘cause that laptop’s useless! The anonymous Raw GM? The Rock’s here to tell you, Michael Cole, that he’s FIRED!

A MASSIVE CHEER GOES UP FROM THE CROWD ONCE AGAIN! Cole looks incredulous, but The Rock holds up a hand.

The Rock: But that’s not all, Michael Cole. Awwwww no. Because The Rock’s got one more piece of information on this here sheet of paper, and that’s about who the NEW General Manager of Raw is!

Cole frowns now, saying “Who?”

The Rock: Well, The Rock would tell ya, jabroni... but why not meet him – yourself?

The crowd is suddenly going CRAZY, because there’s someone behind Cole, and he slowly steps away from the podium, and turns round... TO SEE JERRY “THE KING” LAWLER STOOD BEHIND HIM, GRINNING AWAY! Cole yells “No! NO! This was MY night!” but Lawler just grins, and shakes his head – BEFORE HE SMACKS COLE WITH A RIGHT HAND! The crowd goes wild as Cole gets clobbered, and he turns right round into the grip of THE ROCK – WHO DRILLS HIM WITH A ROCK BOTTOM!!!

The noise is HUGE inside the Phillips Arena now, as The Rock looks to the podium... THEN RAISES THE EYEBROW... and just kicks the podium to the canvas, knocking the laptop to the floor, where it breaks into two halves! Rocky grabs the podium and tosses it over the top rope for good measure, before he turns round to see Cole still floored, with Lawler standing over him, that huge grin remaining on his face. The Great One offers his hand to the WWE Hall of Famer, who gladly shakes it to another big pop, and now, the pair look back to Cole... before Lawler drags Cole to the corner, and begins to scale the turnbuckle – BEFORE HE DELIVERS THE FIST DROP TO HIS ARCH-ENEMY!!! The crowd roars, and Cole spasms, rolling into the centre of the ring – where The Rock stops him with a single boot, and looks out at the crowd again! Another massive pop goes up for the Brahma Bull, who feigns taking off the armband, then swings the arms and heads for the ropes... he runs over Cole... then rebounds... AND GIVES COLE A TASTE OF THE PEOPLE’S ELBOW!!!

Josh Matthews is on his feet to applaud King on the outside, and Lawler points to him with a smile, before he has his arm taken by The Rock, and the pair raise their arms to the cheering crowd! Rocky says “One more thing”, and grabs a mic off the canvas...


The crowd stops chanting along with him for a moment, as the Great One turns to Lawler...



Another big pop goes up, and now Rocky and Lawler stand tall over Cole’s lifeless body, with the Atlanta crowd applauding the Great One and the NEW General Manager of Raw. They head to the turnbuckles to play to the roaring crowd, who go home happy tonight, as we fade... to... black.


Quick Results
CM Punk bts. Mark Henry
Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne bt. Dolph Ziggler and William Regal
Diva’s Champion Eve Torres bts. Alicia Fox
United States Champion Sheamus bts. John Morrison
John Cena and Randy Orton bt. WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley

WWE Championship
The Miz (c) vs John Cena



Note: First show of a new thread, always a little rusty but I think it was okay for the most part. Reading through that last segment again, it feels a little short to me, but hey, I think things will pick up from here on the whole.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Raw Feedback

Okay the opening with Mania results is always a good thing to have. The Miz promo was spot on if you ask me and it was pretty awesome. I didn't really care for the Cena part, I thought he would have some comedy in it more, personally but the intensity he shown was great. The main event seems nice and I see Punk costing Orton or something plus I think that King would have been the GM here since he was not in attendance at the commentary table on Raw tonight.

I liked that you are billing Punk to be like some psycho who still has a beef with Orton. It was pretty sweet to read him saying Randall while he had the Anacado Vise locked in on Henry. I like Punk getting the win and I also like the fact that he was able to win and win by submission, with Henry, it makes him look very strong, if you ask me. The promo was great as well.

I liked the little segment between Ziggler/Bryan and their girlfriends and I like Michael Tarver being on the show as well and him texting the President? This is what made me think he was actually the FBI agent for the show.

This match was cool, I liked that Bryan went over on Regal and I hope this leads to a feud between the two or something since it seems as if you don’t want Bryan to take on Sheamus to continue their feud over the United States championship. I hope Ziggler and Bourne will have a match as well because they would be great together if you ask me.

I actually liked the Morrison promo, it seems like something we would say and I like the fact, he actually put over Sheamus in his promo but then cut him off and put over the fact that he won in their matches. The Sheamus come in was great, I like how it seems like you are going to give him a pretty fair push here on Raw. Make more fun of Sheamus being white - white…hurtful.

The divas match was alright, I was actually loling during Cole’s commentary as he kept going on about the feud between Sheamus and Morrison and didn’t even pay attention to the divas, seemed like something he would do during the Season 3 of NXT. Eve being the winner is an obvious choice because she is the Divas champ and hasn’t done anything so a victory for her would be great. Melina attacking her in the post match was great as well and I thought she was going to debut Awesome Kong with her during this part, like most people would have done but I hope you give her more of a build, like the WWE is currently doing.

I liked the Orton interview, also seems like something he would say in my eyes.

The US title match was great. I like Sheamus going over because he is the US champ and I don’t remember but I am pretty sure, he never beat Morrison and that could do great for him as the US champ. I liked the post match attack on Morrison and I was pretty sure that Sin Cara was going to debut her by attacking Sheamus like he did in real life, lol.

Lmao Tyler Black as the FBI agent, oh my, I hope you don’t use this angle for him completely all the time but at least, he can get some TV time, right? Hahaha.

Looking forward to what you have in store for Triple H return.

Cena and Orton winning was a shock to me because I thought Punk was going to cost Orton or Rock cost Cena or something of the sorts. Punk getting the attack on Orton in the post match was a good choice though but it seems like most of your matches have post match attacks on each other or someone attacking the faces, but that seems alright to put over that you will continue the feuds that were from Mania.

OK this promo was just great, wasn’t too short but it was effective as they would say quality over quantity and that is exactly what happened here. Rock got in face promo on Mr. WrestleMania and this is really where I thought he was going to reveal King as the GM or himself. And them boom, it happens, King is the GM. No lie I thought it was going to be him. I would have had Swagger do something on the show as he is the manager type thing for Cole but it seems alright as he is on Smackdown to be honest. I don’t know where exactly Lawler being the GM is going to lead Cole at though, unless he fires him or something but Lawler can’t go back to the commentary since he is the GM, lol.

Nice Extreme Rules poster but it seems like I have seen before. Can’t wait for what match type gets announced for Miz and Cena WWE championship, hopefully this ends the feud to be honest as well.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

- I liked your opening segment, a Wrestlemania recap was the only way you could have started and you done it well.

- The Miz opening i expected and i thought you done a good job. Pushing the Miz as champion is what you have to do and you are doing it spot on so far. I liked how you had Cena pinning Riley which caused a riff between Miz and Riley that may expand in the next few shows.

-The divas match was funny with Cole whining the whole way through.

- Sheamus getting the win was a good move. Again like Miz you got off to a good start with pushim him as champion.

- Cole you were spot on with. You had him as arrogant as he is right now and throughout the show i was hoping someone would shut him up. I am not going to kid on i knew, i had no clue Lawler would be the GM and was apleasant surprise.

Will be following the next few shows to see how this develops. Good start.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

One of my favorite bookers is back so of course I will be reviewing let’s see how the first show goes in this new thread.

Starting things off with the Miz I honestly did not expect. I was maybe expecting Cena much like the real Raw did, hell maybe even the Rock, but I cannot really say this is a bad move just unexpecting. I really enjoyed Cena’s speech here. He was one the serious side which I like. Anyway a nice match made for later tonight with a nice stipulation for Extreme Rules. However I don’t know if I actually like Miz hitting SCF on Cena. I guess I would rather like an F-U attempt followed by Miz being able to slip out and coward away, because that just makes Cena look weak. Hell Cena hitting Riley with an AA I felt would be better but that is just me.

I really liked all the parallels that were displayed in this match. Obviously Punk was going to go over, but I really like him working on the leg, and also calling Henry “Randall” which obvious means their feud is far from over. I really like the Unforgiven line to cap off his promo. Sent chills down my spine.

A nice back and forth between Ziggler and Bryan with Ziggler poking fun at Bryan but also DB able to get the jab in on Ziggler for losing to Vicky. I don’t know if I like Gail going full out attack on Vicky. I think the slap was enough….Michael Tarver eh? I think I have an idea on his gimmick that you are going to set up. If it is what I am thinking I really hope you pull it off perfectly.

Again more Vicky/Gail interaction which costs Ziggler/Regal the match. I like this feud because you have options for mixed tagged matches, amongst pretty damn good single matches because we already know in real life they can put on a solid match together.

I don’t know how I really feel about Sheamus/Morrison feud. Feels like we are going backwards in time. I guess it means more now that Sheamus has the United States title, but I feel both men should move on however with a very thin upper-mid card heel wise I get this is the best decision. Morrison getting cheap pops for shouting out ATL, sounds right to be honest. His speech felt, well it just seemed corny however you picked up the intensity with Sheamus so it was a decent overall promo.

Lol at Cole owning before this Diva’s match. To this point I have to say I really enjoyed Matthews/Cole on commentary however I wondered where Lawler is? Anyway the Divas match was fine because Melina/Eve probably the best two wrestlers on Raw so I can respect a mini feud between these two.

A decent little promo from Orton. I’m glad that he took aim at all three guys rather than saying, yeah me and John will be good partners. You know it sounds more like him.

So there goes my theory about a Sheamus/Morrison feud. A great back and forth match-up between these two with Sheamus getting the victory. I truly enjoyed the beat down afterwards showing the frustration and intensity of Sheamus, however injuring Morrison I don’t really know if that is the best thing. With Bryan tied up with Ziggler, only mid-card faces I can think is someone like Henry, Bourne, Truth (please no) to take on Sheamus for the title. Plus with Morrison building up so much momentum is it right to injure him now? Doesn’t seem like the right time.

WOW! Shock of the night. Cena/Rock calling it a truce. I really don’t believe it to be honest. These two hate each other (kind of) and you might not want to pull the WrestleMania 28 trigger quite yet, but at least keep the option sort of opening. Even if you didn’t want them to battle at WM 28 Summerslam is also a good option. I just felt a handshake was a cop-out on something beautiful. Also to note…Michael Tarver again? Hmmm I don’t know what to make of it. Maybe a spy for Smackdown now?

Tyler Black as the FBI agent…interesting to say the least. I hope he gets a wrestling role eventually but for now, as an FBI agent I like it. As for the document…I wonder what it could be.

The main event match was great, a lot of cool action….Olympic Slam appearance I would just say change it to its technical name which I have no idea what it would be but still. The ending seemed odd, and when I say odd I mean the tag. I think you could have made the blind tag a lot better/easier to picture, because the action of Cena lunging over and making the tag at the correct time as Orton is crashing over the top rope, just makes it hard to picture in my head. Maybe a simple “Orton bounces off the ropes, Cena hits his back” would of done the job. Anyway Orton coming out really, no surprise whatsoever as he gets the GTS off of Orton.

Classic Rock ownage on Michael Cole. Now here is where I am confused again. Like the board of directors is going to fire the anonymous GM the person they originally hired. Plus this whole storyline of who the anonymous GM goes right down the tube now that he is fired. I just think it is a big mistake, because clearly everyone wants to know who it is/was. And making Lawler General Manager, I’m not a fan of. Sure, he knows the product, but he doesn’t have that authority figure side to him if you get what I am saying. I just feel “King” doesn’t fit the GM type role we have grown accustomed to on Raw before the whole laptop GM (Vickie,Regal,Bischoff) but I’m sure you can prove me wrong. Also no Swagger throughout to defend Cole a bit of a surprise.

Overall: Well MB I really enjoyed your prior thread. This was an okay show, although some decisions I clearly didn’t like as I mentioned above. Not one of your best show, but not your worse by far. I’m still going to read, because I believe you have everything planned and all the negatives in my review will turn into positives as things unfold. Keep at it man.

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

I like it man. Very well written.

Should have had Orton double cross Cena though, and shouldn't have gone so hard on Punk wanting Orton still. Could have led to the Miz v Cena v Orton v Punk in a fatal fourway match?
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

WWE Superstars
Mobile Civic Center, Mobile, Alabama | 7th April 2011

Match One – Singles Contest
Tyson Kidd bts. Goldust via submission at 7:19
Towards the end of the contest, Goldust hooks Kidd’s legs up on the ropes in the corner, and prepares to deliver Shattered Dreams, but he gets into an argument with the official about it, allowing Kidd to detach himself. Goldust charges in rashly, but Kidd puts both boots up to knock him down, then applies the Sharpshooter to make the Bizarre One tap out. Kidd smirks from the stage in his signature fashion after a “big win here on Superstars”, according to Scott Stanford at ringside.

Backstage, R-Truth is with Johnny Curtis, reminding him that since he won NXT Season 4, he’s entitled to a WWE Tag Team Title shot, alongside his Pro... himself, R-Truth. He asks if Curtis is ready for such a monumental step in his career, and Curtis tells him to lead the way. Truth smiles, and says that they should get some practice in with a win here tonight, against – but before he can finish, Zack Ryder and Primo walk into the shot, laughing. Ryder tells Truth that while he likes to think he’s “gangsta”, he’s not actually as “gangsta” as the Long Island Iced-Z, Zack Ryder – “Woo woo woo, you know it.” Truth asks him what he wants, and Primo takes over, saying they want their tag team title shot, instead, because they are the superior team – everyone’s Down with Zack and Primo, but NO-ONE’S down with Truth and Curtis. Truth says that the title match belongs to them... and that’s the truth. Curtis and Truth exit the shot, leaving Ryder to whip off his shades in disbelief as they go.

Match Two – Singles Contest
Trent Barreta bts. Ted DiBiase via pinfall at 10:43
In this cross-brand match, it seems that Ted DiBiase’s recent run of poor form is going to come to an end, but after several near-falls for both men, it’s Trent Barreta who picks up the win – as DiBiase attempts his signature clothesline manoeuvre for a second time in the match, Barreta ducks under it, then pulls the Million Dollar Prince down with a Small Package, stealing a three count and a huge win. As DiBiase argues with the official, Barreta plays to the crowd, grinning after his win here tonight.

We get a Raw Rebound, showing The Rock’s interruption of Michael Cole on Monday night, including the announcement that Jerry “The King” Lawler is the new General Manager of Raw. We see Cole taking a Rock Bottom from the Great One and a Fist Drop from Lawler, before Rocky and the new GM stand tall at the end of an action-packed show in Atlanta.

Main Event – Tag Team Contest
R-Truth and Johnny Curtis bt. The Uso’s via pinfall at 11:01
This is a fairly back-and-forth match-up, but the end comes when R-Truth is lining up the Scissors Kick on Jey Uso, but when he goes for it, the Samoan youngster ducks out the way, then takes Truth down with a big Samoan Drop. He heads for the turnbuckle, thinking Splash, then tells Jimmy to get rid of Curtis – he tries to do just that, but Curtis drops the top rope down and Jimmy spirals to the outside. Jey is distracted as a result, and Truth scales to the top turnbuckle, sending Jey flying down with a Superplex. Truth leaps to tag in Curtis, who goes up top and delivers a stunning Diving Leg Drop across Jey's neck to pick up a decisive three count in his debut match on non-NXT programming. Curtis and Truth stand tall, grinning, but Zack Ryder and Primo come from the crowd, knocking the pairing down from behind and stomping all over them. Primo yells “STILL THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN US?” and pulls Curtis to his feet for the Backstabber, then picks up Truth and shoves him in Ryder’s direction to allow him to connect with the Rough Ryder. The crowd boos wildly at the end of the show, as DZP stand tall in the middle of the ring, nodding their heads and raising their arms... "Woo woo woo - you know it."


Note: I plan to post Superstars with a SmackDown preview in future, but given the fact that SmackDown still isn't finished and probably won't be for a couple of weeks or so until the exams are over, I felt it would be a bit premature. Regardless, my desperation to keep things rolling to a degree (plus maybe demonstrate my willingness to continue with this) told me that I should at least post this for now. As you can see, it's only a recap, but it'll have to do, I'm afraid. Over the next few months, I'll try to kick this into motion a bit more. Oh, and if I didn't rep people for their feedback earlier, thank you.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Superstars Feedback

I love that Kidd got the win over Goldust. If Kidd wins over a "veteran" like Goldust, I hope to see that he is getting a push, whether here on Superstars or even on Raw, in the United States championship division hopefully. I am also surprised that Michael Hayes didn't come out at his General Manager, was wanting to see a shock like that happen here in the thread.

Nice tag team interaction by the two teams man, I loved the segment to be honest, dunno why it just seems so nice to have tag team interaction on the show. Anyways I hope ethis leads to a feud between the two teams and the winning team gets to face the Tag champs at a pay per view, preferably Truth and Curtis at this point, especially since Curtis won NXT.

Don't care for Barreta going over on DiBiase, if anything, DiBiase should have got the win especially since he is being refered to as the "Million Dollar Prince". If he keeps that name, it would be awesome because I dig that nickname for him.

Alright tag team action, awesome but not DZP and TC but TC and Usos. Fine by me, hoping for DZP to attack TC during the match, maybe costing them the match. Let's see. After the match is fine too, kind of wanted DZP to cost TC the match so that the Usos just get a win but this works as well, I hope they get a match at Extreme Rules and the winners take on the champs at the May PPV, it would give the division some flair if you ask me.
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