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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Having read the first two weeks of Raw / SmackDown, I felt compelled to give you a heap a praise for the amount of thought and detail you put into your work. I'm writing a BTB at the moment myself and while I do try and be as detailed as I can, you put me to shame!

WM27 was around the time I got back into wrestling and I really enjoyed the direction you're taking things with this, so I'll definitely be keeping up to date. Extreme Rules is looking great - better than it turned out to be in reality!

Keep up the good work.

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Smackdown Feedback

Sorry this is so late, for some reason I completely forgot you’d even posted

But yes, Del Rio kicking things off was the only option after Extreme Rules and it was pretty standard stuff, all characterised really well and the run down of the Administration was nicely done, they really do look a strong force. Wow, title match right now is massive, would’ve expected it maybe next week but a huge way to start the show.

Match looked a strong one and would’ve no doubt delivered in a different way to the cage match at Extreme Rules. Fairly predictable but sensible way to end the match with Big Brodus sticking his nose in and saving his man the gold. Maybe not the greatest way to start Del Rio’s reign off with a cheap title retain but it no doubt adds more heat to he and the Administration.

Swagger/Show feud would be interesting. I’d be all for it as long as Swagger goes over which I’m sure he would. Did get a giggle out of Show’s little ‘quit’ line here. Expect to see these two cross paths in the battle royal.

Bit of a shame that this only went on for two minutes as Masters deserves a bit better imo but it did what its purpose was and that’s give Swagger some heat back and a decent victory following his defeat to Christian. Expecting a strong showing from Swag later on tonight to aid his recovery.

Solid contest again here beween two of the mid card men on Friday nights. I’m not a massive Cara fan and would take Drew over him all day but Cara’s new and fresh so I guess it’s a good thing his push continues. Wouldn’t surprise me if he too gets a decent showcase in the main event.

Strong interview with Barrett. I like the idea of not being too concerned as he’s moving up the ranks, something I too have done with a defeated mid card champion. The line about ‘dealing with it swiftly’ was a good one and I am very much looking forward to when ‘whoever is responsible’ finally shows up. Barrett, Taker would be great.

Nice start to Rhodes’ reign as champion here, a good showing and a good win against one of his opponents at ER. Good to give Barreta the chance but definitely the right call in Cody being successful.

Aftermath was good and it was something I was hoping for. Rhodes promo was on point, his Dashing character was nailed here, his obsession surrounding it was portrayed well here before the arrival of Rey which was much needed I felt. Was a good little tease heading into the Battle Royal.

Good win for Beth here, not a whole lot to say on it really, pretty standard stuff.

Hmmm, very intriguing segment with Kofi here, makes you think a strong showing is in order tonight for Mr.Kingston.

Gabriel I felt was a bit iffy here, the way he kinda threatened Chimel, demanding he announce them again, I would never buy Gabriel as particularly intimidating. His overall message however was clear and I got the point. Slater on the other hand was excellent as the asshole heel that he is, perfect with regards to him.

I really didn’t quite know how to comment on all of this Battle Royal so I’ve gone with the option of running down my overall thoughts in one little passage. Well I’ll start off with the winner and it kind of surprised me but after the little segment beforehand it wasn’t as surprising. Kofi’s a HUGE choice to go through with and give the opportunity to. I think they missed the boat with him a couple years back and I’ve no doubts you’ll make him look legit heading into Over the Limit. A Del Rio/Kofi feud has something behind it after what you showed earlier so it does make sense and will be a refreshing change in the main event scene so kudos for that. I will say that the Kofi video earlier may've been a giveaway which is disappointing, however I do understand why you did it.

That really wasn’t the main talking point for me however from this. I think the Corre/E&C stuff takes it. This could be one hell of a feud right here and another chance to REALLY elevate Gabriel and Slater in particular as a team but for Barrett also(screw Jackson). The way you had E&C simply dump the Corre out one at a time wasn’t something that pleased me while reading but then for them to come back and eliminate the two Canadians was classic heel stuff and the thought of this feud on paper has me excited. Especially if it ends up going the route I believe it may well go.

On the whole an excellent main event that showed off all different kinds of rivalries building or beginning as well as some strong action. I think the opener was obviously a good one, a World Title match kicking off a show can’t go wrong, however I do think it was a little flat in between the opener and main event, purely because everything was building towards that battle royal. So it wasn’t really your fault, it was just there was so much emphasis on that BR that everything else felt kind of irrelevant. Main thing was that it delivered and delivered in a big way. Looking forward to how things progress. Keep the goods coming
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

If I am correct, this is the first time I have properly fed back on one of your shows, my King. Thank you for the feedback in my thread as well, twas very kind of you

After what went down at Extreme Rules (was a corker by the way mate ), starting off with Del Rio was obviously the correct choice. The first part of the promo with him talking himself up was obviously going to happen, as I remember whenever he achieves ANYTHING he has to open the show to talk about it I'm happy with the direction you took though with him finally realising his destiny and becoming champion, though there maybe could have been a mention of the whole destiny shtick here... but I'm not sure if you dropped that whole thing or not, so ignore me if you did Going down the Administration was a nice little touch, putting them over as a group, and I do believe that Del Rio is right in saying that it is something we will have to get used to; I can envision these guys being a force to be reckoned with for a while. (DAT TRUMPETER)

The rematch happening now is something I don't have an issue with as I did the same thing it is just a way to signal that both men will be moving away from each other now. The match itself was really well written, which comes as no shock whatsoever to me haha. I liked how it was really back and forth, and just how the moves kept building up more and more each time. Edge looks good coming out of this as he once again wasn't beaten clean, and he didn't even lose the match. He looks good because he almost beat Del Rio despite all of the Administration distracting him. Clay getting revenge for the pre-match stuff was good and Del Rio being the chicken shit he is running away Although the fact that Edge still hasn't had a fair rematch does say that maybe this feud is not over just yet. Very enjoyable start to the show

Glad you didn't have Show talking for too long, but you have to play up the importance of his size in the Battle Royal later on. Swagger interrupting was good, and at Cole on crutches and the neck brace, classic. I lolled at the line from Show about quitting, and I think that Swagger needs to have a strong performance in this Battle Royal to redeem himself from Extreme Rules. If you have these two feuding, I am sure that you will make it a lot better than the feud they had in 2010 over the WHC, which was okay, but it could have been so much more. I'm a fan of Masters so it was a bit of a shame for me to see Swagger wreck him like that, but Swagger just kicking someone with the physique of Masters around does wonders for Swagger, who needs to be built back up following the I Quit Match against Christian. It would be hard to bet against him in that Battle Royal but there are some huge names in there for sure.

Edge has to be the favourite for the Battle Royal, and it is his only way to gain another shot considering what happened in his rematch.

Booker is the reason I sometimes don't do commentary for Smackdown what the hell was that? I think you captured Sin Cara's wrestling style really well in this match with McIntyre, as at every chance he tried to roll Drew up, which is very realistic. This would have been an awesome TV match to watch purely because of the way the tables kept turning and the momentum kept shifting. The contrast of styles was showcased well, with McIntyre using any opportunity to lay Cara out with a power move or a big strike. The sequence at the end was nicely put together as well and DAT ROLLUP coming into play again, this time getting Sin Cara the win. Drew's frustration after the match shows that this might not be over just yet and I wouldn't be against seeing these two go at it one more time.

Pure brilliance here King with that Barrett interview. You can tell he wanted to just rip poor Todd's throat out (wouldn't be against it tbh) but was trying his best to hide it in. I hope that he is able to turn things around by putting in a good performance in the Battle Royal.

I really enjoyed this match between Cody and Trent. Having Rhodes go over one of the six men he beat at Extreme Rules was a good move to show that he is on top of the IC Title division and the midcard as a whole. Barretta looked really good here, with the kick out from the Beautiful Disaster as well as almost beating Rhodes with the Gobstopper. A good win to kick off the reign for Rhodes no doubt The promo afterwards was really well written I feel. Personally I think I struggle to capture this Rhodes, so I might have to come after a few tips Mysterio showing his face was nice and I think it was the correct move to not let these two get physical just yet. Having Rhodes as IC Champion and feuding with Rey does wonders for alleviating the title's prestige, much in the fashion of the Mysterio/Jericho feud over it a few years back.

Phoenix squash match.. nuff said.

Interesting stuff with Kofi here, he could be the dark horse in this match.

I liked this promo from the Tag Team Champions, though I would have preferred Slater to do most of the talking as I prefer Gabriel as more of a 'silent assassin' figure who doesn't NEED to talk... plus he isn't really a revelation on the microphone. BUT I have no real problems with what either one of them said.... they talked themselves up and rightfully so.

Like CP, I'm not entirely sure how to talk about this Battle Royal, but I will give it my best! The jobbers getting eliminated at the start is fine with me, though I thought that Otunga would last a little longer given that he was involved in the segment with Long at Extreme Rules where the match was announced. Nice starting to see the eliminations starting to become a little more high profile now with Barretta and McIntyre. Would have maybe liked to have seen Show look like more of a threat before being eliminated. But Show still looks strong as it was 3 of the other big guys in the match throwing him out. Guerrero and Clay going out next were nice moves as now Del Rio is probably shitting himself now, and it was good to see for Clay especially taht it wasn't just ONE man getting rid of him, it was the two biggest faces on Smackdown doing it. Really enjoyed this little passage here with all of the finishers and signature moves, way too many to comment on but you should know it was good to see a period like this for a few minutes. Some big eliminations follow though, and this is the turning point of the match, as The Corre are eliminated in order of danger to be honest; don't know if you noticed that or not.

That Double 450 Splash sounds nasty... I can imagine it looking even sicker in the ring where there is no announce table to break underneath like there was for Kane and Show. With the favourites out now, it seems like a fresh face is set to win this one; which is good. The possibilities for a E&C/Corre feud are awesome; it is like there isn't a bad route this can go down. All five of the guys left in this match have potential to be stars on Smackdown; this Battle Royal really does show just how good the roster you have is to be honest. Rhodes going at the hands of Mysterio and Cara was cool, nice to see those two working together. Sin Cara's elimination seemed pretty nasty from the sounds of it, and Kingston getting revenge for Rey eliminating him in the IC Match at ER was good; glad you referenced that. Swagger had a really good showing, which is really what was required from him following Extreme Rules, and you did a really good job in this match alone to put Kofi up there as a potential threat to Del Rio. There is history between these two so it is a smart choice, but I really do want to see Kofi being built up as a credible threat heading into Over the Limit. Good main event

A top quality show once again, King, did not expect anything less :P Kofi challenging Del Rio is a nice refreshing match that will be a very welcome addition to the card, plus you will have E&C/Corre stuff and most likely Rhodes/Mysterio in some capacity, which makes the Smackdown side of things look very strong. Raw looks like a good show, hopefully you won't keep us waiting too long, I don't think Jam could take it Your weirdest peasant signing out. (Hopefully you are able to draw anything useful from this aha)
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Thanks to cp and TWG for their feedback, I don’t envy anyone having to trek through that main event. Always appreciate the comments, so cheers to both of you. In my eyes, this is one of the better shows I’ve written in the thread, despite its heaviness on heel promos, so I thought I’d post it before the end of the year so I can feel like the thread is moving closer to Over The Limit as we go into 2013.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Monday Night Raw
Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, Tennessee | 9th May 2011

Before Raw’s opening video, we’re backstage. Into view fades an ‘EARLIER TODAY’ graphic, as it becomes obvious that this is an informal office, presumably of the GM. The camera moves sideways to show, indeed, Raw General Manager Jerry “The King” Lawler, stacking a few papers and putting them on one of the tables beside the sofas. He stands, and frowns.

Jerry Lawler:
Oh – what… what are you doing here? Raw doesn’t start for another hour…

The camera zooms out… to reveal Randy Orton, standing in a ‘Viper’ tee with a no-nonsense expression on his face. He shakes his head, getting a big pop as this video is played on the TitanTron.

Randy Orton:
I don’t care what time it is, Jerry. You know why I’m here.

Lawler looks at the floor briefly; it looks like he didn’t want to have this conversation.

Randy Orton:
Alright, let me spell it out for you. I want a Handicap Match, with the Convoy… TONIGHT.

A pop from the crowd, this being the first they’ve heard of it. Lawler, however, looks unsure.

Jerry Lawler:
Randy, I don’t… I don’t think I can do that.

Heat as Orton scowls. Lawler raises his hands.

Jerry Lawler:
Look, look. After what happened last week, I’m not sure I’m ready to let you back in that ring. I don’t think you’re thinkin’ clearly; I think you’ll put your anger before your health, and Randy… look, these are two of the most dangerous guys on Raw… and… and…

Orton looks absolutely furious, so Lawler tails off and again, holds up innocent hands.

Jerry Lawler: (quietly, almost pleading)
Randy – ya gotta know, I’m just tryin’ to look out for ya. I’m the General Manager now, I gotta… I gotta look out for the welfare of the guys who work here, and I’m sorry, but… but I can’t with good conscience let you do this. It’s my job.

A horrible silence falls. Orton stares at the GM blankly.

Randy Orton:
What do you want from me… to make this happen?

Lawler looks stunned.

Jerry Lawler:
Randy, it’s not about that, it’s –

Randy Orton: Is it ‘cause I’m out-numbered? Huh? You want me to get a partner or something?

King hesitates.

Jerry Lawler:
Well, I…

Orton takes that slight, slight hesitation as a screaming ‘YES’ and storms out of the shot. We’re left with just Lawler, looking considerably saddened and concerned by Orton’s choice…

…and here we go into the Raw opening video, complete with The Miz as our final image, and subsequently leading us down into the Thompson-Boling Arena, where the fireworks EXPLODE across the stage! The camera pans across the cheering crowd and the hundreds of different signs, before we head to ringside to see good ol’ Jim Ross sat alongside Josh Matthews.

Jim Ross:
Boomer soomer, good evenin’ and welcome to Monday – Night – RAW! I’m Jim Ross, sat alongside my good friend and partner Josh Matthews… let’s get busy, Josh!

Josh Matthews: Absolutely JR, Raw’s LIVE from Knoxville, Tennessee tonight, not far away from the hometown of our General Manager Jerry “The King” Lawler, who’s already had one decision virtually taken out of his hands early tonight, as you just saw.

As we get the obligatory graphic, we see Randy Orton and a silhouette standing across from the Convoy, Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield.

Jim Ross:
Yep, we’ve got this locked down, folks – tonight, as long as Randy Orton can find himself a tag team partner, he and said partner will team up to face the menacing, sadistic duo of the Convoy.

Josh Matthews: Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield, of course the hirelings of Orton’s rival CM Punk, having cost Orton his match at Extreme Rules, and with a blockbuster Stretcher Match looming between Orton and Punk, it’s highly likely the Viper wants to get those two obstacles out of the way, JR.

Jim Ross: Very true, Josh, but that’s not all, oh no – we got a big’un in the main event as well… (pause for the graphic) it’s gonna be those two men, John Cena and Dolph Ziggler, opposite each other at Over The Limit in Tag Team Attraction, who go at it tonight.

Josh Matthews: Not to mention, we’ve got Number One Contender Daniel Bryan in action against Alex Riley, and Bryan’s girlfriend, Gail Kim, vying for a Diva’s Title Match against Brie Bella – that’s a lot in store, so stay with us.



A good pop goes up around the arena, as John Morrison slowly makes his way out, and the bell chimes. Cue the slow-motion from Morrison, looking confident after his redeeming win last week, as we get some introductions from Justin Roberts and the fans along the ramp stretch out their hands.

Justin Roberts:
The following is a Fatal Four-Way Match… and the winner will team up with Dolph Ziggler to decide the new Number One Contender to the WWE Title at Over The Limit in Tag – Team – Attraction! Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds… JOOOOHN – MORRISON!

Jim Ross: As you’ve heard, this is a big match with big repercussions; four men will battle it out, and the winner will receive the final space in what has been dubbed ‘Tag Team Attraction’… that means they’ll team with Dolph Ziggler to face the divided team of John Cena and Triple H, and with those two at such odds, Josh, I daresay there could be a WWE Title shot up for grabs there.

Josh Matthews: Without a doubt in my mind, JR, and who better to examine than John Morrison? He’s a hungry young talent on Raw, he’s had some setbacks but come back stronger, and although he’s by no means friends with Dolph Ziggler, I’m sure he’s eyeing that title shot as much as anyone.

Morrison hands his sunglasses to a young girl fan in the front row, then makes his way up the steel steps as the music changes…


Some light heat for Tyson Kidd, as the young (and undefeated) Canadian paces into view, allowing himself a smirk as he sees the arena laid out before him. He raises his arms and begins to make his way down the ramp, trash talking and saying “Let’s start makin’ some history, eh?” as he turns his attention to Morrison.

Justin Roberts:
And his opponent, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and five pounds… TYSOOOON – KIDD!

Josh Matthews: Now folks, Tyson Kidd has made a bit of a name for himself recently with his impressive winning streak, which stretches back… quite a good while, JR, though I can’t recall the specifics.

Jim Ross: Tyson Kidd, last of the Hart Dungeon graduates, always a threat, and as you say, Josh, quite unbeaten in recent months, puttin’ in some real impressive performances… that hasn’t gone unnoticed, and that’s why he’s in the fray for this important match.

Kidd heads for the apron, slingshots over the top rope and climbs the turnbuckle to taunt the crowd; he gets some decent heat for that, especially from the kids giving him thumbs-downs, then hops down and throws abuse at Morrison instead. The Shaman of Sexy seems unfazed for now, while we turn our attention back to the stage…


The TitanTron goes into a frenzy as the wiry graphic sparks into action, and the crowd gives a solid pop for Evan Bourne as he arrives, throwing up the peace sign and grinning ahead of his big opportunity.

Justin Roberts:
And their opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at one hundred and eighty-four pounds… EVAAAAN – BOOOOUUURNE!

Jim Ross: Well, if we’re talking about incredibly talented young superstars, we’ve already got Tyson Kidd and John Morrison in the ring, but take nothing away from Evan Bourne, who might just steal the show tonight, Josh.

Josh Matthews: Always a possibility when Evan Bourne steps between the ropes, JR. Keep in mind, though, that Tyson Kidd has beaten Evan Bourne as recently as a few weeks ago, so that could very well be a focus for Evan; getting back that loss, as well as launching himself to a level he’s always wanted to rise to.

Bourne SPRINTS down the ramp and throws himself audaciously leg-first under the bottom rope. He heads to an empty turnbuckle to play to the crowd, smiling again as a few young fans return his peace sign, and then hops down as we await competitor number four…


It’s mostly boos for the pompous anthem, but a couple of audible cheers here and there, as William Regal slowly appears, right hand against his classic black and gold robe as he inspects the arena. He sweeps his hair out of his eyes, then begins to walk down the ramp, at his own pace, while the other three men watch him warily from the ring.

Justin Roberts:
And their opponent… from Blackpool, England, weighing in at two hundred and forty-three pounds… WILLIAM – REEEGAL!

Jim Ross: And finally, a man with a lot of pent-up anger, pent-up frustration, a man who has always wanted nothing more than to get his hands on the WWE Title… William Regal set to go tonight.

Josh Matthews: The very classy William Regal you see now has always been contrasted by the brutal, aggressive style of the man inside the ring, JR, and don’t think we won’t see some aggression from him tonight, especially when something he – I daresay yearns for – is on the line.

Regal wanders leisurely up the steel steps, wiping his feet on the apron, and steps inside. He looks at Bourne, bouncing on the balls of his feet, then to Kidd, smirking a little in the corner, and finally to Morrison, a man who’s beaten him recently, albeit in a close contest, and narrows his eyes just a touch. The Englishman removes his robe, handing it to ringside, then retreats to the last empty corner to wait for referee Rod Zapata. The official checks all four men, as JR and Matthews lay on the importance of this match… and yes, we get the necessary shot of Dolph Ziggler, with Vickie Guerrero, watching backstage. As the Perfection Artiste rubs his jaw and waits to discover his partner, Zapata calls for the bell and we are underway.

Match One – Fatal Four-Way – Winner Joins Tag Team Attraction
John Morrison vs Tyson Kidd vs Evan Bourne vs William Regal

After roughly eight minutes, it’s understandable that, given the athleticism of three of the men in this match, it’s been quite fast-paced, but with all four having a strong technical sense, it’s also had various stretches with quick reversals and a few submission holds here and there. As we jump in, Kidd has Bourne tied down, cinched in a side headlock, but the St. Louis native fights his way back to his feet and forces them both into the ropes… Bourne escapes the hold and hits the other side… Kidd sweeps to the floor under Bourne, so he runs over him… now the leapfrog from Kidd, who bends down… kick to the face from Bourne! Kidd reels up in shock, but John Morrison, previously on the outside, hops to the apron and springboards – OVER KIDD – INTO BOURNE WITH THE MISSILE DROPKICK! Down go both men to the delight of the crowd, but Morrison’s up… straight into the clubbing blows of Kidd, stopping the Shaman of Sexy’s momentum before hitting the turnbuckles – SUNSET FLIP TO MORRISON – BUT NO! Morrison rolls through to his feet, swings and misses with the kick as Kidd ducks… the Canadian rolls back to his feet, quick as a flash, catches Morrison with a Spinning Heel Kick and sends him to the corner. Kidd charges in, but Morrison’s out of the way – SO KIDD SCALES THE TURNBUCKLES AND GOES FOR THE MOONSAAAAUUULLLTTTT… NOTHING BUT CANVAS!!! MORRISON GETS OUT OF HARM’S WAY!!!

Craaaash goes Tyson Kidd, leaving us with Morrison, stumbling to the side in shock after that exchange, even slumping against the top rope in fatigue… BAM! William Regal climbs to the apron and just catches him across the face with a stinging European Uppercut! Morrison staggers wildly into the middle of the ring, giving Regal a chance to step inside. He grabs Morrison by the hair – and starts bludgeoning him with knee shots to the face! Boos rain down from the crowd, witnessing Regal’s stiff style first-hand, as Regal shoves Morrison into the ropes – AND DELIVERS THE EXPLODER SUPLEX! Morrison collapses like a rag-doll, and here’s Regal with the cover… one… two… but Evan Bourne breaks it up! The crowd pops for Bourne’s spirited dive into the fray, and now he gets up, Regal doing likewise with a scowl. Regal goes to grab the youngster, but Bourne darts under his arms and lashes him in the side with a kick… and again, and again! The sharp hits have Regal forced backwards, into the corner, and Bourne charges in… BUT REGAL SENDS HIM INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! Down goes Bourne in a heap, forcing himself to all fours as he gasps in pain – AND NOW KIDD HURTLES IN, USING BOURNE AS A PLATFORM FOR POETRY IN MOTION ON REGAL!!!

Tyson Kidd’s athleticism is, as always, on full display as he batters Regal there, and both the Englishman and the Canadian collapse after that hit, leaving us with four downed men. The first to his feet is Kidd, shaking out the cobwebs from his daring move, and although he loses his footing briefly, he stays vertical, and grabs Bourne by the legs. Though the crowd was impressed moments ago, they return to boos as Kidd steps in for the SHARPSHOOTER – NO! Bourne comes alive and shoves him away! Kidd staggers towards the turnbuckles, but turns around and throws his signature SUPERKICK – BUT AGAIN, BOURNE DUCKS! Bourne charges for the ropes, getting some momentum… ALL AROUND THE WORLD ON THE HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN! Kidd wobbles up, his mind considerably jumbled, as Bourne heads to the outside and to the top rope… DOUBLE KNEE DROP TO THE FACE… AND HE STICKS THE PIN… one… two… NO! MORRISON DIVES IN TO BREAK IT UP!

So close for Evan Bourne! The crowd gasps as the pinfall narrowly doesn’t reach three, and now Morrison grabs Bourne from the mat, flinging him under the bottom rope to get rid of him… he turns… AND KIDD BLASTS HIM IN THE FACE WITH THAT SUPERKICK! Both men go down again, the crowd crying out in awe of the crack that still echoes around the arena… Kidd crawls to the outside apron, then hauls himself up. He puts Morrison in his sights, then goes to slingshot – but William Regal charges at him… so Kidd drops the top rope down, and the Englishman clatters to the outside floor! Away from Regal’s awkward landing, we turn our attention back to Kidd, who springboards for the ELBOW DROP… NO GOOD!!! For the second time in this contest, Kidd’s hesitation allows Morrison to get out the way, and as both men struggle up, the momentum is with the Prince of Parkour, who finds the ropes – BANG! FLASH KICK TO KIDD!!!

In a matter of seconds, the tables turn, and we get a brief shot of Dolph Ziggler shaking his head backstage, before we go back to Morrison, dragging Kidd to the corner and setting it up… up he goes – STARSHIP PAIN ON THE MONEY FROM JOHN MORRISON!!! The crowd pops big, and slowly, Morrison crawls back to Kidd to drape an arm over him for a tired cover… but Evan Bourne’s climbing the turnbuckles from the outside… one… two… AND BOURNE’S SHOOTING STAR PRESS INTERRUPTS THE DAMN COVER!!! WOW!!! The crowd goes WILD for that massive impact, crushing TWO separate men, and for a moment, we have to watch some replays because any other action at this point is worthless… what a decision from Bourne! When we finally get back to the present day, Bourne is holding his stomach, barely staying on his feet – Morrison is on the outside floor, Kidd on the apron, so Bourne leans through the ropes to pull the Canadian back into the ring… BUT WILLIAM REGAL JUMPS UP, AND CLOBBERS BOURNE WITH THE KNEE TREMBLER!!!

Bourne collapses back into the ring like a sack of potatoes, and the arena groans in unison – Bourne gets thumped into next week on that one! We get a couple of replays, but it’s quickly back to the ring as Regal goes for the kill, falling on the barely-conscious Evan Bourne… AND TYING HIM IN THE REGAL STRETCH!!! The sadistic submission puts Bourne in NO position to even argue with that, and within seconds… Bourne taps!

Result: William Regal bts. Evan Bourne, John Morrison and Tyson Kidd via submission at 13:12


Justin Roberts:
Here is your winner as a result of a submission, and going forward to Tag Team Attraction… WILLIAM – REEEGAL!!!

Regal has to be pried off Bourne by Rod Zapata, who reluctantly raises the Englishman’s hand, then falls beside Bourne to check on him again. Regal looks pleased with himself, unable to hold back a satisfied smirk as he looks at the destruction around him. Morrison and Kidd are only just coming around on the outside, Morrison’s hair a mess of sweat across his face and Kidd holding his stomach with gritted teeth.

Jim Ross:
Just when ya think Evan Bourne’s got it wrapped up, Josh, William Regal jumps in with that Knee Trembler, and that means he’s goin’ to Over The Limit.

Josh Matthews: It’s almost uncomfortable to watch the Regal Stretch being applied, JR, so I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like to endure it. Evan Bourne had no choice there, but nevertheless an enthralling contest to begin Monday Night Raw, and there’s more to come.

Jim Ross: Indeed Josh, but the story here is this – Dolph Ziggler just got himself a very powerful ally ahead of Tag Team Attraction against John Cena and Triple H, and if those two men are watching right now, I’m beginning to think their own divide may be the least of their worries.

As Regal stands on the turnbuckles and observes the booing crowd, we get a brief focus on Dolph Ziggler, watching with a slight frown backstage – is he pleased or intimidated? With Regal’s macabre celebrations burning into our vision, we head to a break.


When we return, we’re with Scott Stanford backstage.

Scott Stanford:
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Scott Stanford, and please welcome my guest at this time… Ted DiBiase!

Mixed reaction as Ted DiBiase appears in the shot, dressed in his ring gear and a very simple merch tee. His face is almost expressionless, a man lost and a little unsure of his surroundings. He nods half-heartedly at Stanford.

Scott Stanford:
Now Ted, we saw that last week, your father told you if you didn’t win your match, he was going to cut you off from your trust fund tonight, live on Raw. Since then, I’m to understand that plans have changed.

The mic heads Ted’s way.

Ted DiBiase:
You might think that my father is a man of spectacle and grandeur, Scott, but it turns out he doesn’t even have the faith in me to cut me off to my face.

A wince from DiBiase.

Ted DiBiase:
No, he’s not here tonight. He… you know, he was so embarrassed by me that he just cut me off the moment the bell rang. That very moment, man.

Is this genuine emotion from the Unfortunate Son?

Ted DiBiase:
He didn’t want me to have a week of splashing cash and makin’ the most of it. He just cut me straight off and wouldn’t answer my calls. It’s his way of teachin’ me a lesson, it’s how he does things. Then I lost on Superstars and that was that, decision made.

He takes a deep breath.

Ted DiBiase:
So I had to make some changes. I hitched a ride with some friends to the arena tonight, instead of drivin’ my Merc. I haven’t eaten at any fancy restaurants or bought any expensive clothes.

A shrug.

Ted DiBiase:
I don’t feel… right anymore. And what really gets to me… is how everyone looks at me now. Like a lost puppy. Like I’m something to be pitied, like I can’t make that change myself. Like a homeless guy on the street corner in the rain. And that isn’t me, man, that isn’t me. DiBiases are supposed to stand for something better, something I’ve lost, but something I’m sure as hell gonna get back.

A mixed reaction from the crowd, as Ted’s steely eyes tilt upwards.

Ted DiBiase:
Tonight, I’m going back to my roots a little, Scott. Something more than money. Deeper, something better, something I can believe in. Something that lets me look in the mirror again.

DiBiase finally tries to smile – it fades, but he nods.

Ted DiBiase:

That actually gets a small pop, and DiBiase leaves as Stanford thanks him for his time.

To the arena, then. Enough of this soppy shit, ring that bell.


Justin Roberts:
The following contest is set for one fall… and the winner will face Melina for the Diva’s Championship, next week on Raw!

A small pop for something these people won’t get to see. In the ring, as Roberts will no doubt tell you, Brie Bella is set to compete, smirking as her music plays, while Nikki Bella gives her advice and leans on her shoulder.

Justin Roberts:
In the ring… from Scottsdale, Arizona… BRIE – BELLA!

Some light heat, if any reaction at all, as Brie raises a lazy arm in acknowledgement.

Jim Ross:
Heartfelt words from Ted DiBiase there, Josh, and possibly a new outlook now that his father, the Hall of Famer of the same name, has... dare I say, left him out in the cold.

Josh Matthews: I’m not gonna question anyone’s parenting methods, JR, but that’s how it looks. Whether or not the younger DiBiase can really get himself back on track is questionable, but in the WWE, things can change (snap of the fingers) like that, in an instant. Don’t count out the Fortunate – or should I say, Unfortunate – Son just yet.


It’s more of a reaction than the Bellas received, but nonetheless somewhat muted as Gail Kim arrives on the scene, without her boyfriend Daniel Bryan, who’s probably preparing for his match later. Gail, smiling as always, slaps the hands of the nearby fans on her way down the ramp, then points to the Bellas in the ring and makes a few title belt motions.

Justin Roberts:
And her opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… GAAAIL – KIM!

Jim Ross: It’s been a big couple of weeks for Gail Kim and her boyfriend, Daniel Bryan, who’s of course looking at a WWE Title Match at Over The Limit, and now Gail could be in with a chance of winning the Diva’s Title as well, Josh.

Josh Matthews: If she can overcome the tenacious Brie Bella, JR, she’ll have that title shot, but of course, we can’t forget the current champion…

As if on cue, as Gail climbs to the apron…


Boos swarm the stage as the reigning Diva’s Champion, Melina waltzes on to the stage, as if she’s pissed that no-one invited her to the party. Gail, stepping inside the ring, turns back to look at the Red Carpet Diva, who walks down the ramp in her street clothes, shaking her head at both women in the ring.

Jim Ross:
Oh – the Diva’s Champion… that’s Melina, folks, and she doesn’t look like she approves of her two potential challengers… and now she’s coming over to us. (sighing) Oh, this can’t be good.

Continuing to disapprove, Melina heads around the ring and slumps into an open chair beside JR. She grabs a headset and folds her arms.

Josh Matthews:
Er… Melina, always a pleasure –

Melina: Cram it, Josh.

Josh Matthews: I – just wanted to ask what you thought of Gail and –

Melina: Are you deaf? Shove a sock in it!

Matthews falls quiet with pursed lips. Melina keeps her arms folded and watches with a scowl, clearly just here to do some first-hand scouting, and in the ring, Justin “The Pimp” King as always will get this Diva’s bout going. The bell rings…

Match Two – Singles Contest – No. 1 Contender to the Diva’s Title
Brie Bella vs Gail Kim

By no means is this an outstanding contest, but Gail keeps it somewhat interesting, with the four minute mark just ticking over as we get into it. Brie is laying in the stomps to Gail in the corner, but the referee’s count of four forces her away. Brie takes a moment to play to the crowd, raising an arm and talking some trash – we catch Nikki clapping loudly at ringside – and now Brie charges in at Gail… but she rolls to the side, and Bella slams into the turnbuckle! The crowd pops a little as Gail Kim crawls away and forces herself up, sweeping the hair out of her eyes and beckoning Brie to get up as well… Backbreaker hold – no! Brie kicks Gail suddenly in the face, forcing her grip loose, then whips her into the ropes… Small Package from Brie on the return – one… two… but Gail kicks out!

A light pop goes up as both women find their feet again, Gail looking a little uncertain, and Brie fires a clothesline – ducked by Gail – and she lines up the Straight Jacket Neckbreaker… GOT IT! Brie rolls to the side, near the ropes, but Gail sense a win and throws herself over Brie for the cover… one… two… BUT NIKKI BELLA PUTS HER SISTER’S FOOT ON THE ROPES! Justin King stops his count, spotting the foot, but Gail saw Nikki’s interference, and immediately begins to argue with the official! King, being a pimp, doesn’t care about her concerns because he’s probably staring at her chest, so her appeals fall on deaf ears… and while they’re discussing the infringement, Nikki Bella pulls off TWIN MAGIC, yanking her sister from the ring and playing possum instead! The crowd begins to boo, while JR and Josh start yapping about law-breaking at ringside, but Gail’s spotted it, and when Nikki ‘struggles’ back to her feet, Gail wallops her with a no-punches-pulled Roundhouse Kick! Nikki goes down in a heap, but Gail pulls her straight back up, simply to set up the EAT DEFEAT – AND SHE NAILS IT! That’ll do it, as Gail hooks both legs and Melina throws down her headset… one… two… three!

Result: Gail Kim bts. ‘Brie’ Bella via pinfall at 5:44


Justin Roberts:
Here is your winner… GAIL – KIM!

Gail has her hand raised by Justin King, and at ringside, Brie and Nikki Bella exchange words about their mix-up, Nikki holding her jaw in frustration. Melina, however, stands with her title belt over her shoulder, waiting and watching as Gail begins to smile and celebrate with the crowd.

Josh Matthews:
Convincing win for Gail Kim here in Knoxville, JR, and although Melina might not be happy about it, we’ve got ourselves a new number one contender.

Jim Ross: That title match to come next week on Raw, not to be missed Josh, because in Melina and Gail Kim, you’ve got two Divas capable of tearing the house down. Melina’s first chance to cement herself as a real mainstay in the Raw Diva’s division.

Josh Matthews: And you know that she – hang on, she might not be waiting!

Melina thinks about it… THEN SLIDES INTO THE RING! The crowd comes alive with warnings to Gail Kim, especially after Melina’s various attacks on previous champion Eve Torres, but before Melina can so much as prepare her attack, GAIL TURNS ROUND AND POINTS AT THE CHAMPION. Melina stops in her tracks, eyes widened, and for a moment, both women are stock-still, an unspoken message passed between them. Gritting her teeth, Melina goes to play some more blatant mind games, lofting her title into the air, and saying “You want it? You can’t HAVE it, honey.”

Jim Ross:
Well, Gail Kim was on the look-out for a sneak attack from our sneaky champion, Josh, and we could be in for a great match next week.

As Gail stares at the Diva’s Title, we fade backstage…

…to the locker room of none other than the Game, Triple H, who of course gets an ALMIGHTY pop from the fans here in Knoxville. The Cerebral Assassin in street clothes, consisting of a leather jacket over one of his ‘The Game’ shirts and a beaten pair of jeans. Sat on a bench in his locker room, he has a mobile phone pressed to his ear and is deep in conversation, looking less than pleased to be talking to this person.

Triple H:
You have my answer.

Pause as the other person speaks. He frowns.

Triple H:
Because I have better things to do, that’s why.

He cuts the call and throws the phone to the side. Standing up, he turns to leave, but stops.

Triple H: (gruffly)
Ever thought to knock?

The camera pans… to reveal John Cena, standing in his usual purple and yellow gear, getting his own gigantic pop from the crowd, mixed with the usual boos here and there. He tilts his head and points at the phone, lying somewhere off-screen.

John Cena:
And who was that?

Triple H: None of your damn business, John. What do you want?

Cena shrugs.

John Cena:
Well not much, man, not much… just wanted to see if you’d changed your tune from last week. I wanna know if you (pointing) think you’ve got it in you… to work together, just for long enough for one of us to get that WWE Title shot.

Hunter stays silent, just staring at Cena. The ex-‘Champ’ lowers his voice even more.

John Cena:
‘Cause you know… you saw Regal win. You know we’re against – let’s say – dangerous guys. You know we’re not gonna win if we don’t –

Triple H: If we don’t what, Cena? Huh? You think we’re just gonna be buddy-buddy, like nothin’ ever happened between you and me? You think I wanna put that all behind me?

Again, Cena shrugs.

John Cena:
Maybe I just thought that you, of all people, would do whatever it takes.

The Game’s face scrunches in anger.

Triple H:
Oh, I would, John, I damn would. Normally. But there’s somethin’ I can’t look past, and that’s the fact that only one of us can get that shot. Not both – ONE. So you can try and tell me about how we should be workin’ together, tryin’ to ask if I’ve ‘got your back’ or whatever…

Hunter leans in with a snarl.

Triple H:
But fact is, I don’t want to. I don’t wanna be friends with you, I don’t wanna be partners, colleagues, not a damn thing, Cena. All I want is for you and me to prove who’s the best round here, and we can’t do that.

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Triple H:
Until then, save the act. You and I are nothing. We’re not a team, and if I have to, I will Pedigree the three of you at Over The Limit.

Pop for that. Cena is motionless.

John Cena: (quietly)
Are you gonna be there tonight… or not?

A long, drawn-out silence between them.

Triple H: (finally)

Half a smile from Cena…

Triple H:
But not for you – to see what I’m facin’ first-hand… and nothing else.

…and it dies. Cena takes a long look at his future tag team partner. He nods.

John Cena:
Have it your way, man.

With that, Cena tilts his cap and leaves, the door closing behind him, and Triple H is left to consider – is going it alone REALLY the best option against Regal and Ziggler? With that dilemma on his mind, we go to a break.


Our shot starts with a car’s wheels; the rims spin at a ridiculous pace, and the roar of an engine can be heard in the background. We smash cut to the car stereo, which is conveniently playing ‘Help Is On The Way’ by Rise Against, and at the wheel, we can see a hand tapping to the beat. The camera pans slowly upwards from the wheel and we can see The Miz, nodding his head to the beat as the car window behind him shows us that the car is flying down the highway, late at night. Suddenly however, blue and red lights flash in his rear view mirror, and he looks up at it with a frown...

The Miz:

Great... what now?

His car pulls over to the side of the road, and the police car slides in behind it. Out from the car walks two cops, both wearing hats, and they arrive at The Miz’s window. One of them looks curiously like Christian, and the other uncannily resembles Edge.

Long-haired officer:

Sir, do you know what speed you were going?

The short-haired officer (the Christian lookalike) takes a notepad, flips it open, and starts making unnecessary notes.

The Miz:

You don’t understand, officer, I have to –

Short-haired officer:
No, there’s no excuse for speed, sir. Speed kills.

Long-haired officer:
That it does. I’m gonna have to see your licence, sir.

Begrudgingly, The Miz gets out his licence and gives it to Edge the officer.

Long-haired officer:

This expiration date doesn’t look good to me, sir. I’m gonna have to ask you to come downtown with us.

The Miz:
Wait, hold on a sec! You don’t understand, I’m late!

Short-haired officer:
(intrigued) Late for what?

The Miz thinks about it, then comes clean.

The Miz:

I need to get to Over The Limit.

The officers look at each other, then nod.

Long-haired officer:

Well, that changes everything. Let’s get this man an escort!

The Miz smirks, and now we cut to the sight of him driving his car at an even faster speed, with police cars surrounding him as he speeds towards a stadium in the distance. We briefly cut back to Edge and Christian’s car, where someone who looks a damn lot like Sheamus pleads from the back seat:

Ginger criminal:

I’m tellin’ ya, I didn’t know she was a fella!

Edge and Christian’s doppelgangers shake their heads with disapproval, then we watch the police escort speed towards the stadium, before we sweep into the graphic...


Where anything goes... WWE – Over The Limit!


Raw returns to a quiet arena.



Boos from around the Thompson-Boling Arena greet the arrival of the fearsome, grouchy figure of the United States Champion, Sheamus, as he arrives on the scene. The Celtic Warrior swings his arms on the way down the squared circle, not in a McMahon style, but just to show he’s in a rush and he means business tonight.

Justin Roberts:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… the United States Champion, the Celtic Warrior… SHEAMUS!

Boos for the Irishman as he swings himself through the ropes.

Jim Ross:
Now Josh, here’s a man who has no reason to be pleased after what happened last week – Sheamus had just beaten Mark Henry, but then engaged in an uncalled-for attack after the bell.

Josh Matthews: Were it not for Tyler Black’s intervention, Mark Henry could have been hurt even more badly than he was, JR, but thankfully the so-called ‘Agent’ made the save, even hitting a Phoenix Splash on the undefeated United States Champion. In fact –

Sheamus has a mic in his hand…

Roight, turn off the music.

The monkeys in the back do so.

I’m not interested in standin’ out here and talkin’ about myself. Nah, I wanna talk about some guy called Tyler – Black.

Decent pop for the ‘Agent’.

Now, I wanna clarify somethin’. What happened last week was nuthin’ but a fluke, fella.

Boos for that.

You blindsided me while I was finishin’ me own business wit your pal Mark Henry. And by doin’ that, now you’re on me bad side. So why don’t ya come out here...

He scowls.

…so I can kick yer arse.

The crowd boos in unison here, lambasting the United States Champion with “YOU SUCK!” chants. Sheamus shrugs them off, adjusting his title belt on his shoulder, and waits.


Now the crowd pops as Tyler Black storms out, looking perfectly happy to get in the ring with Sheamus – wearing his ring gear with a black zipped-up hoodie on, the ‘Agent’ storms down to the squared circle, eyes never leaving the champion. He trots up the ring steps, grabs a mic from ringside, and stands across from the United States Champion, waiting for the music to subside.

Jim Ross:
Tyler Black is one spirited competitor, but I question his sense to be getting in the ring with Sheamus so readily… did he not hear what Sheamus just said?

Josh Matthews: I think this is what we’re beginning to learn about Tyler, JR; he’s not stubborn as much as he is principled. We’ve heard his questioning of people he thought were breaking the law, or breaking common rules of decency. Maybe this is just the kinda guy he is.

The music dies, and Black raises his mic immediately, cutting through any “Tyler Black!” chants.

Tyler Black:
You’ve got a lotta nerve.

Sheamus scoffs.

I’ve got a lotta nerve? You must have bumped yer head, fella. You’re the one who’s way outta line. You think ya can get involved in my business and not have to face the consequences?

Tyler Black: Consequences.

“Ya heard me,” says Sheamus off-mic.

Tyler Black:
See now, that’s coming from you. A man who did something inexcusable last week.

Sheamus: Oh, don’t give me that, fella, don’t give me that.

The Irishman swings his free hand dramatically to wave him down.

Nah, I didn’t call ya out here to talk to the wannabe agent, fella. I don’t want that side of ya, the fake side. I wanna hear from the little man on the inside. I wanna hear from that voice inside ya that makes ya think you can judge me, like you’ve got any right to give me all that ‘morals’ crap.

Sheamus points at Black.

You think you’re all high and mighty, Mr. Righteous, Mr. Black. Well, I say to hell wit it. Give me the REAL Tyler Black, the guy who thinks he’s worth a damn. ‘Cause I’ve got a message for him… not for you.

Black looks slightly angered, but he stays calm despite it.

Tyler Black: (quietly)

Sheamus: That you’ve been hidin’ behind yer mask, but I know just what you are, lad. I know you really just wanna beat the hell outta me, and that doesn’t fit yer policy, so I think you’re all confused.

Black frowns, and Sheamus begins to pace, relishing the chance to get in Tyler’s head.

So lemme help ya back to the real world with a couple of facts. I’m the United States Champ-yan. Make that the undefeated United States Champ-yan, in fact. You, on the other hand… you’re NOTHING.

Heat from the crowd as Sheamus smirks.

You haven’t got –

Tyler Black: NO!

Black’s outburst gets a BIG pop from the crowd, and Sheamus looks at Black, stunned.

Tyler Black:
I don’t have to listen to this – Sheamus, you want the real Tyler Black, well here I am.

Another healthy cheer from the crowd.

Tyler Black:
You know, maybe I did lie about who I am. Maybe I made up some stupid ‘agent’ thing and maybe it was a little corny, but it meant something.

Black’s steely glare keeps Sheamus quiet.

Tyler Black:
Let’s cut to the chase, ‘cause I’m not afraid to admit this – I was scared.

A slight mixed reaction. Sheamus raises his eyebrows.

Tyler Black:
Yeah, scared. ‘Cause lots of people have got bad things to say about the WWE. Even the guy who’s supposed to represent this entire place, the WWE Champion…

Immediate, loud boos for The Miz.

Tyler Black:
…he says that the WWE is a terrible place to work, especially for a new guy. So I was scared that I’d get here, and every last thing they say would be true. What if everything I’d ever dreamt about just crashed and burned around me – can you even begin to imagine what that’d feel like, man?

Sheamus just stares back at him.

Tyler Black:
Well, it scared the hell outta me. So when I got here, I just tried to inject as much… as much ‘good’ into this place as I could. The problem with that is – you, Sheamus.

Some boos for the Celtic Warrior, who shoots a withering look at the crowd.

Tyler Black:
See, you embodied everything I was scared about in the first place. Attacking guys when the match was already over, always going too far, not giving a damn about your fellow man. Where I came from, we didn’t do things that way.

Black sweeps his hair back out of his face.

Tyler Black:
But I’m not scared anymore.

A pop greets that statement, as Black allows himself the smallest of smiles.

Tyler Black:
No. I’m here, I’m ready, and yeah, I’m gonna beat the hell outta you, Sheamus. Beat you so hard that you’re never gonna even think about hurting an innocent guy again. I’m gonna do something special for a friend of mine.

Some applause from the crowd.

Tyler Black:
And when you’re lying on this mat, (stomps on it twice) looking up at the stars with that title in MY hands, I want you to know that you’re the one who caused this all to happen. It’s all on YOU.

Another strong cheer around the arena, prompting a serious frown from Sheamus.

Well that’s all a real tear-jerker, fella, but to me, that’s all a load of hot air.

Boos as Black shakes his head.

It doesn’t matter to me… what you think of me. Nah, lad. All that matters to me is that you’re here, so I can Brogue Kick yer teeth down yer throat.

More heat, but Black looks on his guard. Sheamus stops himself, however, and thinks.

Actually, nah. Yer right. What I want most of all is that big moment. I wanna beat you when it matters. I want everybody to be watchin’. I’m talkin’ the title on the line, just like ya wanted, and I wanna see the look on yer face when you realise that ya don’t hold a candle to me, fella.

The Irishman grins as the crowd chants “YOU SUCK!” at him again.

So ya want a title match? By all means, mate. But when ya step in the ring wit me, and when that bell rings… being a ‘good’ guy… it ain’t gonna help ya at all.

Again, boos and abusive chants lead the way, while Black just stays rooted to the spot, shaking his head at his first real enemy in the WWE. He clenches his fists, and Sheamus notices.

Sheamus: (grinning)
But ya don’t wanna wait, and neither do I.

The two men bare their teeth… AND GET IN EACH OTHER’S FACES, TALKING UNDER THEIR BREATHS AND SENDING THE MICS TO THE DECK. The crowd begins to chant “TYLER BLACK!” repeatedly, stamping their support in his corner, but these two men are in their own little world, fists clenched as they get ready to go…


There’s a bit of a mixed reaction here, as Raw General Manager, Jerry “The King” Lawler hurries on to the stage with a mic. In the ring, neither man will move away from the other.

Jerry Lawler:
Wait, wait, wait!

The music cuts abruptly and Lawler holds up his free hand.

Jerry Lawler:
Alright! You can have that match – Tyler Black versus Sheamus, United States Title, Over The Limit, you got it!

BIG cheer from the crowd!

Jerry Lawler:
But I can’t have a repeat of last week – are you guys listening? You can’t do this now!

Sheamus and Black continue to exchange trash talk, refusing to acknowledge the GM. Lawler looks helpless.

Jerry Lawler:
Tyler! Tyler, if you want that match… Tyler, if you want that title shot, I need you out of that ring! Out of the ring, or the title shot’s gone, you – you hear me?

Boos for Lawler’s half-hearted management, but despite the weak delivery, the ultimatum stands, and Black finally tears his eyes away from Sheamus. Tyler’s clearly desperate to have a go at Sheamus here and now, but slowly, he backs up, frowning at the Celtic Warrior and touching the ropes.

Jerry Lawler:
Come on, Tyler.

Shaking his head, Black steps slowly to the apron and points at Sheamus. The Irishman beats his chest and raises his title, prompting Black to reluctantly drop to the outside floor. Keeping his gaze locked on his future opponent, Black backtracks slowly until he’s halfway up the ramp.


Jim Ross:
These two nearly exploded all over Knoxville, Josh, but our General Manager defused the situation, and would you look at this match – Tyler Black takes on Sheamus, still undefeated as the United States Champion… Over The Limit, title on the line!

Josh Matthews: We haven’t heard the last of this, folks – these two still have serious issues which may only be solved once they’ve fought in the ring, but until then, we can only speculate. Can Tyler Black finally teach Sheamus a lesson in decency?

Jim Ross: Or a better question – will Sheamus add Tyler Black’s name to a long list of defeated opponents?

Black joins Lawler on the steel stage, and as Sheamus and Black continue to stare holes through one another, we get some much-needed tension relief in the form of a break.


When we return…


The heat is MASSIVE for three men who have literally no sense of compassion, CM Punk and The Convoy, Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield, all looking considerably confident ahead of this affair. The bell rings, and Ryan and Sheffield slam each other on the chest to fire themselves up before they head down the ramp, Punk rolling his hands ominously over one another behind them.

Justin Roberts:
The following Tag Team Match is set for one fall! Introducing first, being accompanied by CM Punk… at a combined weight of FIVE hundred and seventy-six pounds… Mason Ryan… Skip Sheffield… THE COOOONVOY!!!

Jim Ross: Well, a convoy they are in size and a convoy they are in power – Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield showed us last week, both at Extreme Rules and on Raw, that they are two of the most dangerous men we’ve seen all year, if not on a larger scale.

We get highlights from last week, with Randy Orton beating up CM Punk backstage on a stretcher, only for The Convoy to intervene and turn the tables in Punk’s favour. The main highlight is, of course, Skip Sheffield’s BRUTAL Lariat on Orton, smashing a fucking car windshield in the process, before CM Punk topples the stretcher on him, and The Convoy help him make his escape.

Returning to the ring, CM Punk looks deathly pleased with their work, having just watched the footage on the TitanTron. Mason Ryan’s grinning like a madman, but Skip Sheffield just does the Ryback-esque nod, which we can assume is a form of approval. After a few moments, the music fades, giving way to a host of “YOU ALL SUCK!” chants from the angry crowd.



THE CROWD GOES WILD! The lights flash red and gold, heralding the arrival of Randy Orton, the Viper absolutely seething and ready to just FIGHT Sheffield and Ryan tonight. Orton stands in place for a moment, tilting his head up and looking out at the crowd, all baying for The Convoy’s blood as much as he is.

Justin Roberts:
And their opponents… first, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds… RAAAANDY – OOORRTON!

Jim Ross: And now a man who’s put up with an awful lot from CM Punk and his henchmen, Josh. Randy Orton has waited for his revenge, denied him at Extreme Rules, and in two weeks, he may just get his chance in a Stretcher Match at Over The Limit.

Josh Matthews: Not to mention, if he’s found himself a partner, he might be able to dish out some punishment to The Convoy in this match, JR. A big couple of weeks for the Viper, no doubt about it.

Orton walks down the ramp a little, but he stops. His music dies down, and we wait for his partner, if he even exists…



“What?” ask JR and Matthews in unison… and the crowd is split down the middle, maybe verging slightly towards cheers… as TED DIBIASE walks from behind the curtain, nodding his head! The Unfortunate Son looks as focused as he ever has, running a hand through his hair to keep himself centred. He turns to look at Orton, neither man looking particularly sure of the other, but eventually Orton nods and heads down the ramp, returning his focus back to The Convoy and Punk. The Second City Saint himself looks intrigued, but he shakes his head, telling Sheffield and Ryan that “he’s not a threat, stick to Orton” before he slides from the ring.

Jim Ross:
Is Ted DiBiase insane, Josh? The poor guy hasn’t won a match in months! I don’t mean to be cruel about it, but for God’s sake, that’s Sheffield and Ryan in there…

Josh Matthews: Certainly a brave decision from Ted DiBiase to help Randy Orton… these two had a match though, JR, just a few weeks ago! Orton RKOed DiBiase – twice! And you can see it right there – can these two really work together? Do they trust each other enough?

It’s not certain, because Orton and DiBiase enter the ring from different sides, Ted still throwing unsure looks in the Viper’s direction. Ryan looks ready to eat both men alive, Sheffield pacing about the ring like a caged dog. Referee Mike Chioda shrugs, saying “If it’s good with the GM…” and as Punk shouts some advice to The Convoy at ringside, Orton unsurprisingly opts to start us off, opposite Sheffield. DiBiase retreats to the apron and waits for his chance to redeem himself. The bell rings.

Match Three – Tag Team Contest
The Convoy (Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield) vs Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase

As you might expect, The Convoy work better as a unit in this match; of course, Orton and DiBiase used to work together in Legacy, but things have drastically changed since then and they no longer share that chemistry. If anything, the two hardly trust each other – Orton clearly only chose him because he was the only volunteer. It doesn’t help that The Convoy are BEASTS, as shown when we join the fray after seven minutes, Ryan beating the crap out of DiBiase with a series of stomps and clubbing shots. On the apron, Orton looks frustrated, wanting to get his hands on The Convoy but unable to as the illegal man. He isn’t helped by the sight of CM Punk across the ringside floor, being very vocal in his advice to his henchmen, and the Viper is obviously enraged by the sly tactics of his enemy. DiBiase, to his credit, doesn’t give up, trying to fire some shots in when Ryan pulls him up, but the Welshman whips him across the ring and turns him inside out with the Big Boot! Cover from Mason… one… two… but DiBiase kicks out!

A few cheers go up as DiBiase keeps his team in this. Orton, on the apron, realises he has to swallow his doubts… and starts slamming the turnbuckle, trying to fire up his partner! The crowd follows suit, clapping their hands, and Orton, seeing DiBiase wincing in the ring under a Ryan boot to the neck, walks up and down the apron, telling the crowd “C’MON! LOUDER!” These Knoxville fans oblige him, clapping wildly as DiBiase gets tied up in a Full Nelson from Ryan… the Unfortunate Son struggles towards Orton, and for a moment, a hand flails towards the Viper – BUT RYAN TUGS HIM BACK! The arena sighs as one, and now Ryan releases the hold, pulling DiBiase up with the MILITARY PRESS! Ryan marches Ted around the ring, showing off his amazing strength, as Punk applauds with a sly smirk… BUT DIBIASE ESCAPES… RYAN TURNS – DROPKICK FROM DIBIASE!!! Both men go down, and now the crowd comes alive again, urging DiBiase back towards a RAGING Randy Orton… Ryan closes in towards Skip Sheffield, as CM Punk shakes his head on the outside… Sheffield tagged in – BUT DIBIASE SETS THE RING ON FIRE, SO HOT IS THIS HOT TAG TO ORTON!!!

Skip Sheffield is a big guy, but he’s NO match for Randy Orton when he’s this pissed off, and as they collide in the middle of the ring, the Viper just MAULS Sheffield off his feet with a huge clothesline! Sheffield can barely believe what just happened, but dazed he pulls himself up again… BAM! CLOTHESLINE NUMBER TWO! Again, Skip gets up, blinking in shock… Orton hits the ropes this time – AND NOW THE LOU THESZ PRESS, BEFORE HE STARTS PUNCHING THE HELL OUT OF SHEFFIELD! The crowd absolutely loves this, screaming their approval, and now Orton writhes on his way back to his feet… but Skip is rolling to the outside apron… except, that’s exactly what Orton wants! Inevitably, the Viper grabs Sheffield by the head and pulls him through the second rope for the ROPE-HUNG DDT… BUT HERE COMES MASON RYAN! The Welshman pulls Orton off Sheffield, pulling him to the corner and blasting him with right hands! The referee is all over Ryan, but even though he steps outside at a count of four, it gives Sheffield time to recover… so when Orton stumbles back into the middle of the ring… Sheffield picks Orton up for SHELL SHOCKED – BUT ORTON’S OUT THE BACK… OLYMPIC SLAM CONNECTS!!! Orton makes the cover… one… two… THR-NO! KICKOUT!

Orton rolls to the side, baring his teeth in frustration, then forces himself up. Sheffield looks a bit beaten, but he’s a tough bastard, and soon enough he’s on his feet as well. At ringside, CM Punk is pacing, the outcome of this bout no longer certain, and across the ring, Ted DiBiase manages to haul himself to a vertical base on the apron. The Unfortunate Son is exhausted, the fatigue clear on his face, but he manages to drape himself over the top rope, at least there for the tag if Orton needs him. In the meantime, Orton and Sheffield square off again, the bigger man knocking Randy back with a fierce right hand… Orton staggers, but he fires back in equal measure… but Skip takes it on the chin and just drives Orton into the corner! The Viper cries out in pain, but Sheffield’s not done, taking a few steps back and HAMMERING ORTON WITH THE CORNER CLOTHESLINE! Orton collapses in a heap, and now Sheffield lets out a HUGE roar of adrenaline, his blood boiling over! “LET’S GO TO WORK!” screams Skip, then starts marching around the ring, feeding off the heat from the crowd, then yanks Orton off the canvas, heaving him on to his shoulders… BACKPACK STUNNER!!! Down goes Orton, now it’s Sheffield into the cover… one… two… BUT ORTON KICKS OUT!

“No good!” cries JR at ringside, as Orton’s resilience shines through, and now Sheffield stands, growling with anger, and tags in the eager Mason Ryan instead! In comes the Welshman, immediately laying into Orton with a series of stomps, then pulling him up and lining up the PUMPHANDLE SLAAAAM – BUT ORTON SPINS OUT FOR THE R – K – NOOO! Ryan shoves him away – and Orton staggers right into his own corner, getting the tag to DiBiase… and the Unfortunate Son comes haring in, knocking back Ryan with a right hand, and another! Back goes Ryan, stumbling under the weight of the blows, but he comes back with one of his own… ducked by DiBiase, leading Mason straight towards Orton – SNAP POWERSLAM! The referee tells Orton to get out of the ring, and slowly the Viper does, almost forming a smirk, as DiBiase pulls Ryan sluggishly back up… he hooks him up for DREAM STREET, sending the crowd into a pop that surprises even them – BUT RYAN TURNS OUT OF IT, HOOKS UP THE PUMPHANDLE – AND HE GOT IT THIS TIME!!!

The crowd gasps as one as DiBiase goes down, and this time it’ll be academic, Ryan grinning and nodding his head as he stands above the Unfortunate Son… but Skip Sheffield reaches across and tags himself in blind, before – RKO!!! ORTON GOT RYAN WITH THE RKO!!! The arena pops BIG as Orton floors the Welshman, and again he writhes – before he ends up staring, transfixed on CM Punk on the outside, the two enemies glaring at one another again… BUT SKIP SHEFFIELD RUNS THROUGH ORTON WITH THAT FIERCE LARIAT OF HIS!!! While Orton was fixated on Punk, Skip took his chance, mauling the Viper with that move, sending him down and surely out! Orton rolls to the corner, unmoving, and now Sheffield, very legal after seeing Orton coming and grabbing the blind tag, turns his attention to Ted DiBiase, still barely moving on the deck. Sheffield pulls the Unfortunate Son to his feet, lifting him on to his shoulders and beginning the fatal march… BEFORE LAYING HIM OUT WITH SHELL SHOCKED!!! DiBiase is lifeless now, more so, and Sheffield falls on him with a no-nonsense expression, hooking both legs and staring at referee Mike Chioda… one… two… three!!!

Result: The Convoy bt. Ted DiBiase and Randy Orton via pinfall at 12:31


Justin Roberts:
Here are your winners… the team of Skip Sheffield, and Mason Ryan – THE CONVOY!

Heat fills the arena as Sheffield gets to his feet, nodding his head again and again, standing above DiBiase and Orton’s bodies with a blank stare. Mason Ryan pulls his hulking frame back up, shaking out the cobwebs and grinning half-heartedly as Chioda raises their arms. CM Punk rolls into the ring, nodding his own approval, then speaks to them both under his breath.

Jim Ross:
I… I won’t say ‘I told you so’, but Ted DiBiase knew the risks, Josh… yet another dangerous display from The Convoy, and look how pleased that man is – sickening. CM Punk enjoyed every moment of that.

Josh Matthews: We know how much CM Punk loves to see Randy Orton suffer, JR, and that’s just – hey, HEY!

Punk looks around the ring and says to The Convoy…

“Okay, do it.”

…AND THE CONVOY GRAB THE UNMOVING ORTON, TYING HIM UP IN THE ROPES!!! The crowd begins to boo fiercely as Orton comes to life, struggling desperately to free himself, but Ryan and Sheffield lock him in tight! Punk rolls out of the ring to grab a mic, immediately directing all attention back his way, as The Convoy stop DiBiase from rolling away.

CM Punk:

Immediate boos for Punk speaking, as he rolls under the bottom rope again.

CM Punk:
If you remember, we tried this once before, and you… you broke my nose, didn’t you?

Pop for that.

CM Punk:
The thing is, this time, Randall… the game plan’s changed. See, I don’t care so much about hurting you on the outside…

He leans towards Orton, just far enough away that the Viper’s furious headbutts and kicks can’t reach him.

CM Punk:
I want to hurt you on the inside.

Heat as Punk turns back to DiBiase. The Unfortunate Son tries to crawl away, but Sheffield cruelly stands on his wrist. Punk kicks him casually in the side as well.

CM Punk:
Just to rewind, you once punted the men who would stand beside me… in the skull. That’s how you do things, Randall. Even Mason Ryan here felt that first-hand.

Ryan looks furious at the very memory; he snarls at Orton and punches him in the stomach as some kind of retribution. Orton groans in pain and looks to the sky, still unable to free his arms.

CM Punk:
Now, I’ve never been able to repay that favour, because no-one has been stupid enough to stand beside you… in a very long time. Frankly Randall, it’s because you’re a danger to everyone, especially those closest to you, and no-one is dumb enough to actually lend you their trust. Why? Because you’re a psychopath.


CM Punk:
And that’s the kind way of putting it. No, today is a special day, because we’re about to find out what happens when you associate yourself with Randy Orton. Complete and utter… destruction.

That’s the cue for Mason Ryan to pick DiBiase up… into the ropes – BIG BOOT! The Unfortunate Son collapses in a heap. CM Punk falls into his typical cross-legged position, sat right in the forefront of Orton’s vision. He tilts his head.

CM Punk:
It’s obvious that the reason Ted here stood beside you… was because he’d hit rock bottom. And when you hit rock bottom, there’s no telling what you’ll do, Randall. You do stupid things.

Now Sheffield pulls Ted to his feet, only to hoist him up – BACKPACK STUNNER. The crowd groans.

CM Punk:
Now compare that with me. I operate on a policy of faith.

Heat for that as Ryan beats Ted with some clubbing shots to the jaw.

CM Punk:
Faith, as I told Dwayne last week, is a very powerful thing. I would even go as far to say it’s the reason your life is slowly going down the drain, Randall.

Sheffield picks Ted up and sends him into the corner – BODY AVALANCHE! Sheffield crushes DiBiase into the turnbuckle, then climbs to the second rope, roaring “FAAAITH!” at the booing crowd.

CM Punk:
The Convoy believe in me. I believe in them. Ted DiBiase? He never believed in you. You never believed in him. He doesn’t even believe in himself, because that’s what people with a lack of drive do.

Mason’s turn – he yanks the motionless DiBiase up and hooks up the PUMPHANDLE SLAM – NAILED IT!

CM Punk:
So in a couple of weeks, Randall, it’s gonna be you and me in a Stretcher Match. And you know what, I can’t wait. Because compared to what I’m gonna do to you, tonight might as well be a day at the ball-park.

Punk stands, and just LASHES a kick to Orton’s stomach. The Viper tilts his head to the sky again and wheezes in pain, trying to say something under his breath… AND HERE COME SECURITY, MOTIONED FORWARD BY JERRY “THE KING” LAWLER, TO THE DELIGHT OF THE CROWD!!! But, just as the security surround the ring, Ryan and Sheffield go into a FRENZY, careering into the ropes and barking at the men!

CM Punk:
Jerry Lawler. You made your choice, sir, and it was wrong, so I sure hope that this security is to take YOU away. Out of this building, out of a job you can’t handle, and certainly away from me, because The Convoy will hurt anyone who comes near me.

A security member hops to the apron – SKIP SHEFFIELD CLOTHESLINES HIM INTO NEXT WEEK!

CM Punk:
YOU WERE WARNED! I said – I said, just now! You – were – warned! (off-hand) Skip, we’re not done, I want this guy Shell Shocked.

The General Manager has a mic…

Jerry Lawler:
Punk, listen to me –

CM Punk: SHUT – UP! I don’t wanna hear excuses, nothing about punishments or something about ‘safety’ to pad your ego, Lawler, I don’t want any of it. Don’t you try and play a role you weren’t made for. Tonight, just like Orton, you failed. (turning) Sheffield.

The monstrous Skip grabs Ted again, and Orton yells “STOP!”

CM Punk: (laughing)
Oh! Oh, what a hero. Let’s… let’s hear this, Randall.

He sarcastically leans the mic towards the Viper.

Randy Orton: (gasping)
He’s had… he’s had enough. Don’t –

Punk takes the mic back his way before Orton can finish.

CM Punk:
He might have had enough, Randall… but you haven’t.

The crowd boos as Sheffield hauls DiBiase up high. Ryan keeps the security at bay, knocking a couple of men from the apron, and now Skip marches around the ring, waiting for Punk’s signal… the Second City Saint raises an arm…

CM Punk:
Faith. A powerful thing, huh?

He turns to point to Orton, then to Lawler, with his mic hand.

CM Punk:
Maybe you could all learn a thing or two.

Punk drops his other arm… AND SHEFFIELD COMPLETES SHELL SHOCKED ON THE UNCONSCIOUS TED DIBIASE!!! Orton writhes about in agony, furious at Punk, furious at himself, and now Punk lets the mic ‘clunk’ to the floor. With The Convoy on either side, Punk says ‘Look at what YOU did…’ and makes his exit. The security make no attempt to stop Punk, nor The Convoy, as Lawler waves them down. The GM stands almost motionless, his face pale as the three heels walk past him, up the ramp, and now the security swarm the ring to let Orton free, as well as checking on DiBiase.

Orton falls beside DiBiase, gritting his teeth through the pain of the abuse HE’S suffered, though he knows it’s nothing compared to the beating the Unfortunate Son took for him. Punk and The Convoy turn on the stage, the Second City Saint slowly beginning to smirk – his message well and truly delivered tonight. We get a great camera angle, encompassing the shaking head of Jerry Lawler, a man who has failed the guidelines he himself set out to Orton before the show even began.

Jim Ross:
Ted DiBiase… used as a… nothing more… nothing more than a metaphor, a message here tonight… is there nothing this man CM Punk won’t do? It’s just despicable, it’s just…

JR is at a loss for words, so we leave everyone to recollect their thoughts, with the medics rushing down to help DiBiase, and Orton beating his head against the mat, muttering “I failed, man, I failed…”


A man strapping on a pair of fighter’s gloves.

For a year, he’s been held back.

He throws punches, left and right, left and right.

He hasn’t shown his true colours...

He bounces up and down, preparing himself.


The man throws back his head and roars out, though no sound can be heard.

But he’s been watching you. Waiting in the shadows.

A dark smirk through the darkness from this man.

Now, Monday Night Raw must prepare...

We see the flash of this man’s eyes, then his bared teeth.

...for when he gets let off his LEASH...

The man, towel over his shoulders, laughs as he storms around the place, free.

...and runs rampant.

Flashing shots of men falling to the ground in boxing matches.

It won’t take long to see that this man is the future.

The man spreads his arms wide and roars once again.

In fact...

For the first time, the man steps into the spotlight...

...it’ll only take you 1.9 seconds.





When Raw returns, we’re backstage, fading into the view of Dolph Ziggler, changed from earlier so he’s now in his ring gear. He smirks as he’s told he’s live, and the crowd boos the very sight of him. No Vickie, just a black background behind him.

Dolph Ziggler:
John… Cena.

BIG mixed reaction, as you’d expect, leaning toward cheers as before.

Dolph Ziggler:
This is a shout-out to you, man. Tonight’s the night things change on Raw.

He smirks again, bigger and brighter than before.

Dolph Ziggler:
For far too long I’ve sat back – no, I’ve been worse than that. I’ve been passive. I have been a spectator, and for that, I apologise to the WWE fans. Because I’ve been witness to John Cena’s stranglehold over the WWE, and I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t done anything about that… yet.

Boos for the immense arrogance of the Perfection Artiste.

Dolph Ziggler:
But tonight, like I said, things change. I want you all to remember the date…

Out comes the smartphone so he can check.

Dolph Ziggler:
That’s May 9th, 2011. Because from this night on, Dolph Ziggler’s gonna be top dog, from the moment I beat John Cena tonight.

More heat from the arena crowd.

Dolph Ziggler:
I’m gonna expose him. I’m gonna show you all that the cream really does rise to the top – a real show of talent, the kind of thing you, the audience, have been denied for many years.

He cracks another grin, spreading his arms and looking around.

Dolph Ziggler:
I mean, how generous am I? And it gets better, folks. Because come two weeks’ time in Seattle, Dolph Ziggler’s gonna go one better. He’s gonna team up with William Regal, a man who can get the job done, just like me, and I’m gonna win myself that WWE Title shot.

Boos as Dolph nods.

Dolph Ziggler:
So Cena… consider tonight just a little preview. Allow me to plant the seed of doubt in your multi-coloured, three-ruled, two-dimensional rainbow of a mind. Not only am I gonna beat you…

Another big grin from the Perfection Artiste.

Dolph Ziggler:
…I’m gonna teach you a thing or two. I’m gonna show off, because I can. It’s that easy.

Some heat there too.

Dolph Ziggler:
“You can’t see me?” (he scoffs) Try you can’t TOUCH me… ‘cause I’m perfection.

With that, Ziggler runs his hands through his wet hair, and flicks droplets all over the camera lens. Through the makeshift rain we spot Ziggler’s shiny jacket and bleach-blond hair disappearing out of shot.

Back to the ring, where we’ve got a bell chiming…


A BIG, BIG pop resounds around the arena, much bigger than two weeks ago, because Daniel Bryan, thanks to last week’s contract signing, is now over as fuck, thank you Rocky, and he strides out with a genuine smile. The submissions expert raises an arm to the cheering crowd, then begins to sidestep down the ramp in his typical fashion, wearing his dark red trunks and stroking his slight beard on his way up the steps.

Justin Roberts:
The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Aberdeen, Washington, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds… DANIEL – BRYAN!

Jim Ross: Well, here’s a man who had a good night last week, Josh, as Daniel Bryan really staked his claim to the WWE Title in his contract signing for Over The Limit.

Josh Matthews: Like you wouldn’t believe, JR – Daniel Bryan and The Rock celebrated the Great One’s birthday in style, putting Alex Riley through a table, and getting the fans thoroughly believing that The Miz’s near-six month reign as WWE Champion will come to an end in two weeks’ time.

Bryan climbs to the top rope from the outside and raises his arms to another BIG cheer from these fans in Knoxville; he can’t contain a grin and hops down, bouncing on the balls of his feet. He retreats to the corner and as his music subsides, he soaks up the “DANIEL BRYAN!” chants that refuse to die.


At first, the crowd isn’t sure how to react, but the boos quickly resound in unison as Alex Riley arrives, clad in his Varsity Villain jacket, nodding his head to his new theme music and saying “One hell of a tune, ain’t it?” He crouches on the stage, pressing his hands to the deck and throwing his arms into the air, letting loose a bit of thumping pyro before he heads for the ring.

Justin Roberts:
And his opponent, from Washington, D.C., weighing in at two hundred and thirty-six pounds… he is the Varsity Villain… ALEEEX – RILEY!

Josh Matthews: And if Alex Riley wants some retribution for what happened last week, here’s his chance, JR. The Varsity Villain will go one-on-one with the number contender to his mentor’s WWE Title, and what a chance to dent Daniel Bryan’s considerable momentum, as well.

Jim Ross: Daniel Bryan takes no challenge lightly, Josh, and so he shouldn’t here – as you said, this young man has been tutored by the WWE Champion himself, and like preparing for a football game, he’ll have done his research. Riley knows what he’s getting himself in for here.

Riley steps into the ring and faces up to Bryan with a smirk. The submissions expert doesn’t leave his corner, seemingly measuring Riley up, before eventually he leaves his sanctuary and shakes out his shoulders. Riley’s music dies down, so the Varsity Villain takes his jacket off and hands it to ringside – “be careful with that, it’s cotton” – before turning back to Bryan and rubbing his hands together. Both men look geared up for this one, though Bryan casts a look around the arena… just where is The Miz? He doesn’t have long to ponder, however, as referee Charles Robinson calls for the bell.

Match Four – Singles Contest
Daniel Bryan vs Alex Riley

The two NXT alumni give each other a good run out, but of course, it’s Daniel Bryan who’s on hot form at the moment, with his WWE Title Match in his sights, and for that reason, it’s after four minutes that Bryan nearly forces the submission for the first time, terrorising Riley with a Guillotine Choke. Riley falls to a knee, with the crowd unanimously telling him to tap out, but A-Ry is still a tough guy to the end, so he refuses. Charles Robinson keeps asking him, but despite the strain on his face, Riley manages to force himself up, much to Bryan’s surprise… and now Riley RAMS Bryan into the turnbuckle to make him release the hold! Bryan gasps out as he collides with the buckle, and Riley steps away, breathing freely again before he charges in – STINGER SPLASH! The big impact has the tables turning, so Riley goes for the kill, sending Bryan off to the ropes, then catching him with the waist lock – BACK SUPLEX SIDE SLAM! There’s a good impact on that, and now Riley hooks Bryan’s leg, almost cracking a grin as the referee makes the count… one… two… kickout! Bryan kicks out!

“Oh, come on now,” laughs Riley, casting a knowing look at the referee, who just shrugs, a little unsure what A-Ry is getting at. Like a wide receiver contesting a foot out of play, Riley puts a hand on Charles Robinson’s shoulder and tells him that was three, not that the official’s having any of it. In the meantime, Bryan begins to struggle back up, so Riley hurriedly goes back on offence, swinging a few cross-faced blows to try to keep the submissions expert from mounting a comeback. He turns Bryan around and tries for the Lifting DDT, but he can’t lift him… because Bryan has a leg jamming the move! Signs of life from the number one contender, who manages to escape around the back… REGAL-PLEX CONNECTS FROM BRYAN!!! He sticks the pin, too, so count that… one… two… but Riley kicks out, so both men get back up – BRYAN GOES TO KICK HIS FUCKING HEAD IN – DUCKED!!! Riley hits the ropes, jams Bryan’s attempted Hip Toss – GAMECHANGER, THE STO!!!

Down goes Bryan, and now Riley stands, taking a moment to grin at the booing crowd… then he raises a hand! The cameras close in what Riley’s holding… of course, it’s nothing, but Riley bites the imaginary pin from the grenade, screams “A-BOMB!” and tosses the grenade up high… he hits the ropes – AND FINISHES THE A-BOMB ELBOW DROP TO BRYAN! That’s explosively effective, and now A-Ry makes the cover… one… two… but Bryan kicks out of it! Riley rolls to his feet, shaking his head, but as Bryan stumbles up, the Varsity Villain hoists him up for YOU’RE DISMISSED… BUT BRYAN ESCAPES! The crowd pops as Bryan slips out before Riley can hit the TKO, and now Bryan’s to the turnbuckle, back-flipping over A-Ry and hitting the ropes, quick as a flash! He crashes through Riley with the Flying Clothesline… and now it’s time to up the pace! Riley up again – ANOTHER BIG FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Bryan gets to his feet, telling the crowd to amp up the volume, and when Riley stands up… BRYAN KICKS HIS FUCKING HEAD IN!!! The crowd goes WILD as Riley collapses, and Bryan wastes no time at all, wrapping A-Ry in the LEBELL LOCK… AND RILEY DOESN’T LAST FIVE SECONDS!!!

Result: Daniel Bryan bts. Alex Riley via submission at 6:57


Justin Roberts:
Here is your winner as the result of a submission… DANIEL – BRYAN!

The crowd pops as Bryan lets go of Riley and heads straight for the turnbuckles, raising his signature arm with a hearty smile! The submission expert comes down long enough for Charles Robinson to raise his arm in victory, and Bryan looks thrilled as always, nodding his head as his music plays.

Jim Ross:
Daniel Bryan continues to impress, Josh, sending yet another message to the WWE Champion by forcing a submission out of his protégé.

Josh Matthews: I’m beginning to like Daniel Bryan’s chances more and more, every time he –



Second only to The Convoy’s horrific beatdown earlier, this music is greeted by some of the loudest heat we’ve heard this evening. Bryan stops his celebrations and puts his hands on his hips, sighing as the WWE Champion, The Miz, steps into view, wearing his usual ‘I’m not impressed by anything, ever’ look. Naturally, he has a mic with the upside-down ‘W’ on it, and he twirls it in his hand as he stands on the stage.

Jim Ross:
Oh, for God’s sake.

The music dies out swiftly, allowing the WWE Champion to talk.

The Miz:
How… smug… you must feel right now.

“YOU SUCK!” chant the crowd. The Miz ignores them.

The Miz:
That little smile on your face when you won… reminds me far, far too much of how you looked last week when you and The Rock ran roughshod over the contract signing.

Boos for The Miz’s description of how things went down.

The Miz:
Frankly, Daniel, I hope you enjoyed your moment in the sun last week… because it’s all you’re going to get.

Heat there. Bryan smiles without a word as Miz hits ringside. Riley is still down, clutching his arm.

The Miz:
In fact, the reason you probably liked it so much, Daniel, is because there’s one key similarity between you and The Rock… it’s that you both love to steal the spotlight from the most must-see WWE Champion OF – ALL – TIME.

Again, the crowd boos The Miz’s arrogance as he waltzes up the steps and rests himself against the top rope.

The Miz:
The problem with that, though… is after Over The Limit, there’ll be no spotlight for you. You’re going to fade back into obscurity, where you belong.

More heat. Bryan folds his arms and waits for The Miz to get to the point.

The Miz:
See, I don’t see the best wrestler in the world, I see a rookie. I still see that saaame green face I tutored on NXT, and nothing you can ever say, nothing you can ever do, no victory you ever accomplish, will change that. You can’t change what you are.

Miz shakes his head slowly, his usual frog-face stare cutting into Bryan.

The Miz:
You’re still that miserable nerd. This title… this title is too good for the likes of YOU.

With that, Miz throws Bryan the mic. The submission expert catches it with a blink of surprise, but rather than speaking, he stares at The Miz instead. The WWE Champion says “C’mon. What have you got to say for yourself, Bryan?” but his number one contender just looks around the arena and frowns. Finally, he looks down at Riley, recovering at the edge of the ring, and raises the mic.

Daniel Bryan:
No words, Miz. Just wrestling.

Bryan tosses The Miz his mic back… THEN GOES TO GRAB RILEY AGAIN! The Varsity Villain flails desperately as Bryan grabs him by the arm, looking for the LEBELL LOCK yet again… BUT HERE COMES THE MIZ… BUT HE SCRAMBLES AWAY AS BRYAN GOES TO KICK HIS FUCKING HEAD IN! The WWE Champion backtracks furiously, putting as much distance between the two as he can, eyes wide at what nearly happened there. Alex Riley, now a little more aware of where he is, escapes as well, holding his arm still as he follows Miz gingerly up the ramp.


And now Bryan’s back to the turnbuckles, raising his arm to the crowd – and they give him that same healthy pop that he received when he first walked out, if not higher, for getting one over on The Miz yet again. On the stage, the Awesome One clutches at his title belt, clearly shaken by nearly getting knocked out.

Jim Ross:
The Miz came out here to get inside Daniel Bryan’s head, but the number one contender is no pushover, and yet again, The Miz is sent packing!

Josh Matthews: Things are looking good for Daniel Bryan’s WWE Title challenge, JR – a big win over Alex Riley, and now he has The Miz on the run as well… all I’ll say is, could Daniel Bryan be the biggest challenge to The Miz’s title yet?

Jim Ross: Maybe, Josh, maybe.

We cut backstage, where Dolph Ziggler talks to Vickie Guerrero and his future partner, the frowning William Regal, on one side of a split-screen… and John Cena occupies the other – and they’re all WALKING~! The graphic ‘NEXT’ fades into view, and the crowd pops big for Cena…

Jim Ross:
Well, Daniel Bryan’s made another big statement of intent, but still to come, a preview for Over The Limit – it’s Cena and Ziggler, one on one, in just a few minutes!

Cena nods to a few backstage workers, and Raw goes to a break.


And now, WWE Mobile presents... SMACKDOWN REBOUND!!!

SmackDown Rebound this week shows Edge’s plight in the first match of the evening, losing out in his World Heavyweight Title Match because of Brodus Clay’s illegal intervention to cause the DQ. Though the Rated R Superstar is despondent (contrasted against Del Rio’s relief at stealing the title away again), he gets another chance in the Battle Royal later on. Edge is on fire in the early stages, seeming ready to reclaim his chance at the title he craves, but after he and Christian eliminate all four members of The Corre, Wade Barrett and co. take the opportunity to brutalise the Canadians with steel chairs. Justin Gabriel lands the 450 Splash to both men, showing us just what lengths Wade Barrett will go to in order to find success on SmackDown, and how he feels when it’s ripped away from him. We see Kofi Kingston winning to secure himself the World Title shot at Over The Limit, as the ecstatic Ghanaian points to Alberto Del Rio, who kisses his belt to end the show.


Raw returns backstage again, where Daniel Bryan is walking through the backstage area, and he finds Gail Kim, who greets him with a big hug – the pair get a strong cheer from the arena crowd.

Gail Kim:
You were brilliant! Oh, and here’s your new shirt, it came earlier.

She holds out a dark-red shirt, and Bryan grins.

Daniel Bryan:
Yes! This looks great, I’ve been looking forward to this all week.

Pulling it on, Bryan smiles again. On the front, it has ‘NO WORDS’ written in big letters. At this point, Scott Stanford rushes into view with a mic in his hand.

Scott Stanford:
Daniel – Daniel…

Bryan puts an arm around Gail.

Scott Stanford:
Great win tonight… do you think you’ve got the upper hand in the mind games between you and The Miz now? Ahead of Over The Limit?

Bryan raises an eyebrow at him. After a long silence, Gail points to the words on Bryan’s chest.

Scott Stanford:
Er… no words?

Bryan looks to Gail and tilts his head to indicate their departure. Gail smiles and the pair turn away, showing, of course, that the shirt says ‘JUST WRESTLING’ on the back. The crowd pops for that, and Stanford turns back to the camera. He shrugs.

Scott Stanford:
Well, there you have it.

Back to ringside now, where it’s MAIN EVENT TIME, and JR and Matthews are joined by William Regal at the desk.

Jim Ross:
It’s been a good night for Daniel Bryan, folks, but as we get set for our main event, we’re joined by a man who has his own history with that man, William Regal. (tilts his hat) William.

Regal sits back and smiles.

William Regal:
Daniel and I are old associates, yes – I very much look forward to facing him at Capitol Punishment for the WWE Title.

Josh Matthews: Aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourself there?

William Regal: Josh, don’t get snappy with me. We’ve had this discussion before.

Matthews, former associate of Regal on NXT commentary duty, nods a couple times and falls silent.



THE BARCLAYS CENTER GOES WILD!!! The camera swings up to the stage, where those lights are flashing again, and the man stands in his same street clothes as earlier… the Game, TRIPLE H! With the crowd going wild all around him, the Cerebral Assassin stays still as usual, waiting for the music to change…



And now Hunter makes his way down the ramp, eyes flicking left to right. He heads down to ringside, past dozens of fans trying to reach out and touch him, and seats himself in a chair to the right of the announce desk. Crucially, he’s not AT the announce desk, meaning we’ll hear no more from the Game on his strategy ahead of Tag Team Attraction.

Jim Ross:
And there’s a conflicted man, ladies and gentlemen – Triple H has made it clear that he doesn’t want to work with John Cena in two weeks at Over The Limit, but one has to question how smart that decision is.

William Regal: Triple Haitch is just one of those men, JR, especially these days, who prefers to work alone. Maybe in the past he’s had his dabblings with partners, but nowadays he does things his way. It just so happens that that approach won’t help him against myself and Dolph Ziggler in two weeks’ time, but that’s another story.

Josh Matthews: Well, that’s just it. Triple H is too proud to accept John Cena’s help, and I think Cena’s concern is that if the Game takes this challenge alone, neither of them are going to be getting that WWE Title shot.

William Regal: Just to chime in again, sunshine, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for them as a team, either.

The Game’s music subsides, as Hunter sits and waits.



Boos fall throughout the arena on Dolph Ziggler, followed by the applauding Vickie Guerrero, as he appears from behind the curtain. Talking so much trash you can’t even keep track of it all, Ziggler runs his hands through his wet blond hair and flicks it at the ramp, before marching for the ring. He makes sure to abuse plenty of the fans on his way. The bell rings.

Justin Roberts:
This bout is set for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero… from Hollywood, California, weighing in at two hundred and thirteen pounds… DOLPH – ZIGGLER!

Jim Ross: Now, William, Dolph Ziggler’s made quite a few outlandish statements ahead of this so-called ‘Tag Team Attraction’ at Over The Limit… what are your thoughts on him?

William Regal: Jim, Dolph Ziggler’s a great athlete but I’m yet to see anything to really back up all his talk. Will he make an adequate partner? Yes, but so would either of you.

Josh Matthews: (half-smiling) Are you really suggesting you can beat John Cena and Triple H?

William Regal: Was that not clear?

Ziggler hops to the apron and climbs into the ring only to pull his head out again – there’s the signature stare into the camera. The Perfection Artiste stares out around the arena, then finally steps inside and tours the turnbuckles, slapping his chest and saying “Perfection right here, baby! Get ready for a show!” His gaze falls on William Regal at ringside, and the Englishman falls silent on the mic, maybe suggesting some tension that we hadn’t expected between the two. Ziggler then looks at Triple H, and breaks that tension by giving him the DX crotch chop! The crowd goes into a mixture of boos and “OHHH!”s, but the Game is completely stoic, not rising to Ziggler’s taunts. Unimpressed, Ziggler hops down, exchanging another glance with Regal as he does. The music dies out, and now we wait…


Of course, you can always expect a HUGE reaction, and tonight is no different, as JOHN CENA hurtles into view! The Barclays Center almost vibrates with the sound of thousands of people cheering, on top of a thin layer of boos as always, but nevertheless Cena is blown away by the reception. The ex-‘Champ’ turns to the camera and says “I can show off too!” before throwing the salute and sprinting for the ring. He slides in and immediately starts testing the ropes, bouncing from side to side.

Justin Roberts:
And his opponent, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds… JOOOOOOOOHN – CEEEENAAAAA!!!

Jim Ross: Listen to the ovation for that man! John Cena may divide opinion, gentlemen, but tonight, he’s out to show Dolph Ziggler a thing or two, and looking at his expression there, I don’t think his issues with Triple H are in the forefront of his mind.

Josh Matthews: When John Cena steps between the ropes, JR, he’s there to perform. He’s as focused an individual as you’ll ever see in the WWE – we’re in for a great contest here.

Regal, meanwhile, places his fingers together and puts them in front of his lips. In the ring, Cena throws his cap into the crowd, then removes his red shirt and does the same with that. Turning to face Ziggler, the West Newbury native almost smirks, and retreats to his own corner, crouching a little as he prepares. Ziggler, meanwhile, paces from side to side, staring Cena down; he’s ready to back up his own words. Vickie screeches some support from ringside, as Regal muses in silence at the desk, and Triple H watches without emotion nearby. Referee Scott Armstrong checks everything’s legal to go, and calls for the bell.

Main Event – Singles Contest
Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena

As we join the action around nine minutes in, we jump into a back-and-forth match between these two, with the balance perhaps sliding slightly towards Ziggler. In that vein, it’s the Perfection Artiste in control here, holding Cena down with a side headlock… which, of course, he has to transition into a HEADSTAND, because how else can he show off, and even William Regal looks impressed at that. Cena winces on the mat, trying to find a way to escape, but now he has Ziggler in his ear, saying “Oh yeah! It’s that easy!” as he continues to stick the headstand. Eventually, he falls back to the traditional headlock, wrenching at Cena’s neck, but the ex-‘Champ’ begins to fight his way to his feet… he throws a couple of elbows, then uses his superhuman strength to force Ziggler’s grasp slowly off him – he heads for the ropes, rebounding… BUT ZIGGLER WITH THE DROPKICK! Down go both men, and here’s Ziggler with the cover – one… two… kickout by Cena! There’s cheers in the crowd, but Ziggler looks annoyed, so when he gets up, he flips his hair out of his eyes and pulls Cena up again… another Dropkick!

Cena rolls across the ring, but his resilience is legendary and he forces himself up again. Ziggler comes in with an Irish whip, but Cena sets his feet and sends the Perfection Artiste to the corner instead. Ziggler hits the buckles, and Cena charges in – straight into Ziggler’s boots! Cena staggers away, and the Show-Off looks to capitalise, sprinting across the ring to connect with the SIT-OUT FACEBUSTER ON THE MONEY! That has Cena looking at the ceiling, blinking in shock, and Ziggler covers him again… one… two… KICKED OUT! Again, the crowd pops as Cena stays in the game. Ziggler gets up, tilting his head to the sky in frustration, then lays a stomp into Cena’s chest, before leaping… THE PERFECT ELBOW DROP! The impact shudders through Cena, and though the West Newbury native reaches for the ropes with a gasp, Ziggler kicks him on to his back again and lines up that same Elbow Drop – NAILED IT AGAIN! Ziggler sticks the pin this time… one… two… Cena shoves him off once more!

Ziggler grabs the top rope and yanks himself dramatically back up. Shaking out his arms, the Perfection Artiste turns to ringside and tells Regal “I’ve got it covered, don’t worry,” before he turns and pulls Cena up… but the ex-‘Champ’ shoves him away – FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK! The crowd comes alive as Cena turns it around suddenly, the pace speeding up, and when Ziggler gets up, he takes another Shoulder Block… up they get, Ziggler throws the clothesline, Cena scoops him up – SPIN-OUT POWERBOMB! Amongst the cheering, Cena leaps heroically to his feet, eyes wide, throwing up that signature hand… he bends down to Ziggler and tells him, along with the crowd that “YOU CAN’T SEE ME”… into the ropes, brushes himself off… FIVE – KNUCKLE – SHUFFLE! The Barclays Center pops big as Cena gets to his feet, feeling the adrenaline now, as Ziggler sells the move with trademark over-exaggeration. Cena crouches in the corner, beckoning him to get back up and ready himself for the finale… Ziggler shakes out his cobwebs, hair a mess of sweat across his head, then gets up – so Cena scoops him up for the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT… NO! Ziggler escapes out the back – SLEEPER HOLD!!!

At ringside, Regal muses “Smart,” but it might be more than that – it might be a winning move, because Ziggler’s got it cinched in, and Cena falls to a knee! Ziggler’s got those arms wrapped around Cena’s head, with the West Newbury native’s face scrunched into a mess of flappy skin and stupid facial expressions, and now Scott Armstrong falls beside Cena to ask him if he wants to tap! Cena brings his hands to Ziggler’s forearms, trying to pry himself free, but Ziggler’s got him locked securely into his signature hold – the Perfection Artiste nods, again and again, but Cena is resilient, and though he raises an arm, he won’t tap… no, he grabs Ziggler by the head – AND THROWS HIM OFF! Ziggler spasms as he collapses on the mat, then gets to his feet, staggering as he does… Cena with the surprise Dropkick! The crowd pops as Cena dips into his arsenal, leaving Ziggler on the deck, and now Cena takes a deep breath, forcing himself up. He heads to the outside, frowning on his way up to the top turnbuckle as he sells the hits he’s taken from Ziggler so far… Ziggler ignores the screaming of Vickie Guerrero as he gets to all fours, then to his feet – LEG DROP BULLDOG FROM CENA!!! The crowd pops HUGE as Cena turns this around, hooking both legs for the cover… one… two… THR-NOOO!!! ZIGGLER KICKS OUT!!!

Cena’s eyes hit the roof – why won’t Ziggler stay down? We get a shot of Triple H shifting his position in his seat at ringside, looking around the arena at the stunned fans, many of whom thought that was the end! In the ring, Ziggler slams his hands into the canvas and begins to drag himself towards the ropes, eyes unfocused a little. Cena shoves himself up, looking to ringside with a considerable frown – he’s not happy how this match has panned out, but he sees no support from anyone at ringside. Of course, he’s John Cena, so it’s not like he needs it, turning around to face Ziggler again. The Perfection Artiste is slumped against the ropes, staring at Cena across the ring, but he shoves himself into the fray again. Cena, looking to hit something else, kicks Ziggler in the gut and goes for the Fisherman Suplex… but he never gets the chance, as Ziggler jams the move and spins out of it, looking for the ZIG-ZAG… NO! Cena manages to get his hands up, using his strength to grab Ziggler by the head and neck… BEFORE HE THROWS HIM UP INTO THE FIREMAN’S CARRY… ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT TIME – NOOOO!!! AGAIN, Ziggler squirms out the back, and when Cena turns, he throws a clothesline – but Ziggler ducks it, and LEAPS BACK AT CENA… FOR THE FAME ASSER ON THE BUTTON!!! Both men go down in a heap, but inevitably it’s Ziggler who forces his opponent on to his back for the count… one… two… THR-NOOO!!! ZIGGLER DENIED YET AGAIN!!!

Vickie Guerrero hurls all sorts of unhelpful advice to Ziggler, who holds up a hand as if to say ‘I’ve got this, woman, leave me be,’ before he shoves his shaky frame to his feet. Cena looks a wreck, on all fours trying to recover enough to win this bout. Ziggler stumbles dramatically from side to side, but he manages to grab Cena by the head – only for Cena to come alive again, shoving Ziggler off to the ropes and hitting the opposite side as well… AND THEY COLLIDE IN THE MIDDLE WITH THE DOUBLE CROSSBODY! The crowd cries “OHHH!” as both men collapse to the deck, and we get a couple of replays as JR and Matthews ask who might have the desire to win, maybe the added edge to shoehorn themselves into a winning position here… it’s Cena who shows the first signs of life, putting his hands on the middle rope and beginning to drag himself up – BUT TRIPLE H GETS UP AT RINGSIDE, AND HEADS FOR THE RAMP!!! A mixed reaction goes up around the Barclays Center as the Game decides he’s seen enough, but of course, this draws the attention of Cena, who drapes himself over the top rope and points at him. Hunter stops and turns to him, saying “I’ve seen enough,” before he heads for the ramp again. Cena shouts “HEY!” and again Triple H turns back – Cena says “What? You just – you just gonna walk out? You not learnin’ anything out here?” The Game stares at him for a moment, then says “We’re not a team…” and heads up the ramp, ignoring Cena’s protests in the ring… but Ziggler’s up… AND HE CATCHES CENA WITH THE ZIG-ZAG!!! The crowd cries out in shock as the Perfection Artiste lays Cena out, and suddenly Regal sits up at ringside… Ziggler dives on top of Cena, hooking both legs and keeping his free arm away from the ropes… one… two… THREE!!! ZIGGLER BEATS CENA!!!

Result: Dolph Ziggler bts. John Cena via pinfall at 16:22


Justin Roberts:
Here is your winner… DOLPH – ZIGGLER!

Screams of joy from Vickie Guerrero at ringside – Dolph’s done it! Ziggler leaps to his feet in absolute ecstasy, roaring “YEAH! YEAH!” as loud as he can and having his arm triumphantly, gloriously raised by the referee! As Scott Armstrong leaves the ring, Ziggler throws up both arms, pointing to the sky and then heading to the turnbuckles to scream “TAKE A LOOK AT THAT ONE, HUH?” as the crowd boo the result. At ringside, William Regal removes his headset and leaves the desk, but JR and Matthews are too stunned to acknowledge it.

Jim Ross:
I – I don’t believe what just happened, Josh! Triple H chose to leave this contest at the most crucial venture, and that sign of… well, he showed he had no confidence in his future tag team partner, and that distraction caused John Cena to lose this matchup! What did the Game just do?

Josh Matthews: I’m at a loss here, JR, I don’t get it either! Triple H walking out on John Cena… I… Dolph Ziggler looks like Christmas has come early! This has gotta be one of the biggest wins of his career, JR!

Jim Ross: What kind of hell is this gonna play on Triple H and John Cena’s hopes of winning Tag Team Attraction?

Triple H turns on the ramp, but there’s no remorse in his expression. He looks around the arena at the fans as they boo Ziggler, and for a moment there might be some kind of annoyance, but certainly not regret, and he begins to head for the backstage area… but now the crowd is making more noise, because while Ziggler celebrates on the buckles and Vickie applauds him, WILLIAM REGAL slides into the ring! Cena is struggling back to his feet, wincing and breathing heavily, and just as Ziggler hops down from the turnbuckle – REGAL BLASTS CENA WITH THE KNEE TREMBLER!!! Cena collapses in a lifeless heap, bludgeoned in the temple by that thumping move, and now the crowd wildly boos Regal, who takes a few deep, satisfied breaths as he stands above his future opponent. Ziggler, meanwhile, seems unsure at first, but slowly begins to smirk as usual, nodding his head and pointing to Cena, saying “More to come of that.”

Jim Ross:
Triple H has… Triple H has left his tag team partner behind, just like he said he would… he said he was going it alone at Over The Limit, and if nothing else, he’s a man of his word, but…

In the ring, Regal looks to Ziggler – neither man will go near the other, certainly as yet uncertain of the other’s trustworthiness, but the fact they’ve combined to put Cena down and out is enough for now. Regal stares down at Cena again, nodding his head slowly as he enjoys the feeling of being back in the spotlight, while Ziggler heads to the forefront of the camera’s vision, the front side of the ring, and casts us his usual smile.

Josh Matthews:
Ladies and gentlemen, if we thought John Cena and Triple H were in for a rough ride as of last week, I don’t know how to describe the challenge they face now. Dolph Ziggler and William Regal stand tall here in Knoxville, Tennessee, looking like the favourites right now to take home that coveted WWE Title shot in two weeks’ time.

Jim Ross: What the hell is going on inside the Game’s mind?

As Triple H stares down at the celebrations of two very dangerous heels, Dolph Ziggler runs his hands through his hair, and lets the camera pan in very close so he can flick water all over the lens.

“Hey, SmackDown – FOLLOW… THAT.”


Quick Results
William Regal bts. Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd and John Morrison
Gail Kim bts. Brie Bella
The Convoy bt. Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase
Daniel Bryan bts. Alex Riley
Dolph Ziggler bts. John Cena

WWE Championship
The Miz (c) defends against Daniel Bryan

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) defends against Kofi Kingston

The Final Encounter – Stretcher Match
CM Punk versus Randy Orton

United States Championship
Sheamus (c) defends against Tyler Black

Tag Team Attraction; No. 1 Contender
John Cena and Triple H versus Dolph Ziggler and William Regal

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Raw Review

Melvs my main man. Good to see this still going. Here's some Raw feedback, things have been interesting to say the least so hopefully this show is still good.

I love "earlier today" starts to shows. Orton wants to fight the convoy was in typical Orton fashion and him pressing the issue onto Lawler was good. Good segmment, I'm interested to see who his partner is.

The four-way is a good way to start the show. I like that all night I will know who is going to join forces with Ziggler. I want Morrison to be in the contenders match but he's a face and the winner will team with Ziggler. So I'm guessing Regal will win. I feel like he's a lot more believable as a potential top contender than Kidd.

Very fun opener. All four guys got their moves in. All four looked strong. Great way for Regal to win getting the trembler and the Regal Stretch. I don't think he's winning the tag match at Over the Limit but he'll make for a good match when Tripper ends up winning.

I like the story of Teddy Senior cutting little Ted's money and DiBiase Jr.'s promo was really good. Potential face turn?

Melina vs. Gail should be a fun Diva's match. Better then most of the matches around this time for that division. That's really all I have to say about it since I generally don't care about Divas.

I really liked this Triple H-Cena segment. First off I'm really interested at who Triple H is talking to and what he answered no to. I hope this plays a bigger role as Over the Limit draws closer. I expected Trip's hard stance on not being friends. It'll be interesting to see how he plays into the main event. I could see him screwing either Cena or Ziggler then planting the other with a Pedigree.

Over the Limit poster, for the win.

The Sheamus-Black segment was really enjoyable. I liked Sheamus from start to finish and Black got a lot better as went on and picked his intensity towards the United States Champion they all made valid points. King came out at just the right time and continues to fill his destiny in this thread as White Teddy Long. The match at Over the Limit should be good. I hope Black wins for a variety of reasons. He deserves it and Sheamus needs to be in the main event scene, it lacks top heels right now. Those are the main two. Good stuff here all around. This is probably your most interesting story on Raw right now.

There's the DiBiase face turn, going to back his roots. Very good action here or at least the best you can get out of Ryback and Mason Ryan. I really liked everything that went down post-match. This is the best heel Punk. Crazy, demented Punk. Him doing these things to get into Orton's mind was great and having them destroy the security so Jerry can't stop him. This segment was truly amazing the more I think about it. It actually bared an erie resemblance to when Orton tied Triple H to the ring post and then assaulted and kissed Stephanie. It was on that level. I take back what I said earlier about Sheamus and Black being your best thing. Because Punk is your best thing right now.

Michael Tarver coming back? Meh. I never really saw much in that character so hopefully you can do something with him.

Solid Ziggler promo. The more I think about it he's going to win in a screwy fashion tonight. He needs it to put him on a level playing field with Trips and Cena heading into Over the Limit.

Bryan-Riley was a good match. Bryan came out looking like a million bucks but that doesn't chance that I'm not that excited about their match at Over the Limit. I know it's a filler Pay-Per-View and Bryan will do well getting the shot but it just feels too soon from their past feud over the US Title in later 2010. Like a recreation of it for a different belt and that just isn't I'm particularly interested in. All the post-match stuff was good and well but it's just not a feud I'm interested in. Especially since it seems pretty obvious Miz isn't losing the title to Bryan.

A good main event. Regal on commentary was a nice touch. As I expected earlier, Ziggler wins because of something screwy. The only part that didn't make sense was Triple H saying he was leaving because he'd seen enough and then staying on the ramp while Ziggler won. I get him not helping because he's only in it for himself but if he was going to leave, why didn't he just leave? Either way though the heels come off looking, as you stated multiple times, dangerous which they need. Because prior to this point Ziggler and Regal had never been booked on the level of a Triple H or a John Cena. Good work.

Good showing on Raw here I really enjoyed everything you did in this show from a stand alone episodic stand point. I'm liking all of your storylines except the WWE Title match, which isn't even bad, it's just not interesting. Great stuff overall though man, I look forward to seeing more.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Back to business. Raw is basically finished; I've started SmackDown and a little of Over The Limit too. After the PPV I really start to mold things in my own making, set up some big angles, so here's hoping I can get into a rhythm. Who knows. In the meantime, fuck previews - here's Superstars and SmackDown, double whammy.

WWE Superstars
Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee | 12th May 2011

Match One – Tag Team Contest
The Usos bt. R-Truth and Johnny Curtis via pinfall at 10:13
Despite the best efforts of Truth and Curtis, the youngster’s inexperience shows when a double team gone wrong on Jey Uso accidentally leads Curtis into a clothesline on his own mentor. R-Truth hits the deck, and a double Superkick on Curtis eliminates him from the equation, before Jey heads to the top rope and hits the Diving Splash on to Truth for the three count. After the match, the Usos celebrate a meaningful win, seeing as they’ve been hard to come by lately, while Curtis apologises profusely to Truth, and his mentor tells him “Don’t sweat it, man.”

Backstage, where Tyler Black is preparing himself for his first appearance on Superstars. In waltzes David Otunga, his opponent, to tell him not to get too comfortable here; this is HIS show, like SmackDown is, and he owns it like his law degree. He’s the one keeping the show running, because HE’S… well, an A-Lister. Tyler Black is no A-Lister, however. He just makes big empty threats and doesn’t back anything up. Black tells him to shut his mouth and get out of his locker room. Otunga says this is JUST like him, but Black silences him again and says that Otunga’s going to be a little preview for Sheamus to enjoy.


Match Two – Singles Contest
Curt Hawkins bts. Goldust via pinfall at 2:25
Hawkins continues to re-invent himself, taking Goldust apart here – he lays the Bizarre One out with a fantastic Hangman’s Facebuster known as the Taste of Pain, then hits the Heat-Seeking Elbow for a simple three count. After the match, Hawkins gets on the mic again to say that he’s redefining standards, and that tonight was no different. Goldust was in his way, and he pushed the envelope all over him, because that’s what he does for fun. He’s ready to fly, and he just proved that. “RULE-BREAKER.”

Raw Rebound this week is the chilling post-match promo from CM Punk whilst The Convoy beats up Ted DiBiase in the background. With Randy Orton tied up in the ropes, Punk lambasts the Viper’s decision to take him on at Over The Limit, asking why anyone would ever have ‘faith’ in Orton, compared to what Punk is capable of as a leader. Jerry Lawler and a security team try to intervene, but Punk tells them all to stay away, screaming that Lawler isn’t fit to be General Manager, nor attempt to intervene in his business. Skip Sheffield hits DiBiase with Shell Shocked to complete the beatdown, and Punk leads The Convoy up the ramp, as Randy Orton curses what he’s allowed to happen.


Main Event – Singles Contest
Tyler Black bts. David Otunga via pinfall at 8:01
Otunga dominates for stretches of this match, but the new United States Title contender has too much ambition to be kept down for long – he comes back with a fire in his eyes around the seven minute mark, hitting a series of impressive moves to lead him into the stunning Paroxysm and win the match. After the match, Otunga tries to attack him out of anger, but Black again outwits him, knocking him down with a Superkick and hitting the Phoenix Splash to wow the crowd. Black returns to his celebrations, showing that people who attack others after the bell never prosper, and sending a message to his future opponent, Sheamus. We fade away from Black’s satisfied smile as Superstars comes to a close.


Friday Night SmackDown
Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee | 13th May 2011

We start with some highlights from last week – first, Alberto Del Rio and his Administration celebrating his World Heavyweight Title win, only to be interrupted by Teddy Long announcing that Edge is cashing in his rematch clause. In that match, we see Edge hitting the Spear on our new World Champion, but Brodus Clay intervenes to hit Edge with the Mayhem Slam, and helps Del Rio out of harm’s way as Edge’s World Title hopes slip away…

…only for us to see his next chance, storming down the ramp to join the Battle Royal in the main event. We see plenty of Edge tossing men from the ring, as well as the impressive performances of Jack Swagger (who helps eliminate Big Show), Kofi Kingston, and Christian. Eventually, Edge and Christian manage to eliminate the entire Corre one-by-one, prompting a furious Wade Barrett back into the ring with his comrades to hit Edge and Christian with chairshots. Justin Gabriel adds a devastating 450 Splash to both men stacked, before the foursome fling Edge and Christian from the match as well, ending both their title hopes. In the final stretches of the match (and this VP), Kofi Kingston’s performance is intercut with the shot of him in his locker room, watching his own defeat to Del Rio at Elimination Chamber… Kingston finally knocks Swagger out of the Battle Royal to win it, sparking celebrations in the arena as Kofi gets his first World Title shot. Alberto Del Rio stands on the announce desk and raises his title belt to end the VP.

Now we’re treated to the SmackDown opening video, flashing through various superstars on the blue brand, finishing, as is common now, with Alberto Del Rio kissing the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules in front of the red ‘X’. From there, it’s to Nashville, where fireworks light up the stage and the crowd pops BIG for the arrival of Friday Night SmackDown! We head to ringside, where Josh Matthews, Matt Striker and Booker T are waiting with eager smiles…

Josh Matthews:
Welcome to Friday Night SmackDown, folks – I’m Josh Matthews, alongside your teacher Matt Striker and the Bookerman, the five-time World Champion – Booker T!

Booker T: I nevah get tired of hearin’ dat, man! We in Nashville tah-night, and believe me, things are gonna get hot and HEAVY. It’s gonna a big one.

Matt Striker: Oh I agree, Booker, it’s gonna be a great night of action here in the Bridgestone Arena, including hearing from The Corre after their shocking actions last week, and in just a few moments, our new number one contender, the high-flying Kofi Kingston.

Josh Matthews: And we’ll get to that man in a moment, Matt, but take a look at what he’ll be up to later… (the graphic sweeps into view) he’ll be teaming with Rey Mysterio to take on the Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes, and the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

Matt Striker: No-one makes tag team matches quite like Teddy Long, guys, and that’s another winner right there – unmissable stuff here on SmackDown tonight.

Josh Matthews: Absolutely, because also tonight, Jack Swagger takes on the Big Show after their confrontation last week, and Drew McIntyre has a rematch against Sin Cara, as well as Six-Man Tag Team action… frankly, guys, I can’t wait.



The Bridgestone Arena gives a MASSIVE pop for Kofi Kingston, who comes leaping out from behind the curtain with the biggest smile you’ll ever see! The new number one contender raises his arms for the three thunderclaps, getting some loud “BOOM!”s from the fans in attendance, before he launches himself on to the ramp to get another burst of pyro, and he heads down the ramp, greeting fans along the way.

Tony Chimel:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… the new number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship… KOFI – KINGSTON!

Josh Matthews: A reception worthy of his performance last week, guys – Kofi Kingston pulled out all the stops to win that Battle Royal, and he’s going to Over The Limit as a result.

Booker T: Awwww man, I tell ya, when it was down to just my boi and Jack Swagger, I thought it was ovah – I thought Jack had it wrapped up on dat apron, then Kofi with dat Pendulum Kick and BAM! We got ourselves one hell of a contender – Del Rio look out.

Matt Striker: Kofi Kingston puts in performances like no other superstar on SmackDown, Josh, and last week was no different. He’s told me on countless occasions how he’s wanted to break the glass ceiling and hit the main event – tonight is his first step on that road, and I couldn’t be happier for him.

Kingston trots up the steps and enters the ring, heading about the turnbuckles to fire up the crowd with a few more thunderclaps, before he grabs a mic from ringside. Slowly, his music fades away, and Kingston paces around the ring, unable to hold back a smile as “KOFI! KOFI!” chants build around the arena. He looks down at the cartoon version of himself on his t-shirt (“Here comes the boom!” it cries), then looks up with a nod of his head – he’s overjoyed to be in this position. Up comes the mic.

Kofi Kingston:
I’m gonna have to take a sec, guys.

Grinning, he lowers the mic and spreads his arms wide. The crowd slowly builds a cheer and Kofi soaks it up, smile widening as he closes his eyes. After a few moments, he opens them and brings the mic up again.

Kofi Kingston:
This is just… the best feeling. Because let me tell you, I’ve been waitin’ for this for a long time.

He puts a hand to his chest.

Kofi Kingston:
In fact, lemme explain. I am – the WWE’s biggest fan.

A pop for that.

Kofi Kingston:
If you rewind all these years and take me back to bein’ just a little kid, growin’ up in MA, all I ever did was watch this company. You can just imagine me, with my eyes glued to that set – man, that was me, every day. I loved it, watchin’ the Hogans, the Andres, the Warriors…

Some cheers here and there. Kingston grins again.

Kofi Kingston:
Hell, some of the best years of my life were watching Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels wrestle each other and sayin’ to my friends – ‘that’s gonna be me some day. I could do that, I know I could.’

Another pop. He looks around the arena and nods.

Kofi Kingston:
I know it sounds cliché, but somehow I always knew I’d get here. So here I am – I’ve put in the hard work for all these years, and it’s finally paid off. All that hard work, just like last week in that Battle Royal, was to get me here, so I could shoot for the top and win that World Title.

Kingston bounces, as if he’s got chills just thinking about it.

Kofi Kingston:
And guys – all of that means I’m not gonna waste that chance now.

A big pop there, as much for Kingston as it is for the dethroning of Del Rio.

Kofi Kingston:
I think… I think all these years, I’ve wanted to make that big step and be one of the greatest, just like those heroes I used to watch as a kid… and just like it was for them, it all starts for me with that big – gold – BELT.

Again, the crowd cheers for Kingston, who nods his head with that same grin and goes to speak again…


Heat FILLS the arena now, as DAT GOLD RAIN falls from the ceiling to herald the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio, flanked by Ricardo Rodriguez, Brodus Clay, Chavo Guerrero, Rosa Mendes and the trumpeter. In a twist on the usual entrance, the trumpeter is playing along to Del Rio’s theme song, with Chavo nodding his head to the sound, while Del Rio just stares down at Kingston, clad as usual in an expensive silver suit and his scarf.

Josh Matthews:
Well, that didn’t take long.

Matt Striker: This is just the kind of man our World Champion is, Josh. Alberto Del Rio’s shown us on several occasions that the only voice he likes to hear – is his own. Tonight, I’m afraid, is no different.

Booker T: Awwww, and to think, I was really beginnin’ to dig what Kofi had to say. Man, Del Rio loves to shove his face where it ain’t wanted, dawg, he really does.

In the ring, Kingston paces – the smile he wore previously is gone, replaced by a cold stare at the man he faces in nine days’ time (look how close I’m getting to another PPV, are you all proud? ). Del Rio leads the Administration down the ramp, with Chavo being the man to head up to the apron, opening the ropes for the World Heavyweight Champion to step inside. Brodus Clay looks considerably pissed at Kingston, a man greatly responsible for his eventual elimination in last week’s main event, and Del Rio has to tell him to back down as he enters the ring too. Eventually, we get all six members of the Administration in the ring, of course headed by Del Rio, with Clay slightly detached by waiting in the corner behind the others. The Man of Mayhem snorts and waits for his employer to speak, as the music dies out, and the crowd heavily boos Del Rio. As Kofi waits with the slightest of frowns, the Mexican Aristocrat takes a look around the arena, then adjusts his title belt and raises the mic.

Alberto Del Rio:
Kofi… you are way, way ahead of yourself dere, amigo.

Heat as Kingston weighs up the six people lined up in front of him.

Alberto Del Rio:
You – you may like to dream of your name in lights… but at Over The Limit, I’m going to make you black out.

“That’s good, I like that,” says Kingston off-mic, as the crowd boos Del Rio again.

Alberto Del Rio:
See, before you can become a star, you’ve got to beat stars. And de biggest star on SmackDown… well… el es –


Heat as Ricardo goes overboard as usual – who gave him a mic?

Alberto Del Rio:
Exactly. And unfortunately for you, Kofi, I’ve got a little too much… well, class… to let my first title reign fall at de second hurdle.

Kingston raises his eyebrows, unable to stop pacing. It’s clear he’s just a little too uncomfortable with the balance of power in the ring.

Alberto Del Rio:
What Alberto Del Rio stands for, peso, is certain values. And my Administration…

“DAH-DAAAAH DAH-DAH DAH-DAH-DAH!” is the trumpeter’s call.

Alberto Del Rio:
Excellent. Dey stand for de same values. And by proxy, the World Heavyweight Championship…

He raises the title to some powerful heat.

Alberto Del Rio:
…it embodies dem as well. The problem is, Kingston… you don’t meet dose values.

Heat for that again, as Kofi shrugs.

Alberto Del Rio:
For instance – take a look at de royalty we were grown from, hm. Like myself, like Chavo Guerrero, bred from de greatest luchadors in de world!

Boos, especially for Chavo, who throws up his arms to taunt the crowd. What “Eddie!” chants we may hear are generally drowned out by boos for the Administration.

Alberto Del Rio:
Or look at Ricardo Rodriguez – his father, a wealthy businessman in Mexico City. Or Brrrrrrodus Clay, who comes from a long line of…

Del Rio stops and turns to look at the Man of Mayhem with a frown.

Alberto Del Rio:
monster trucks? I don’t –

He shrugs and leaves it alone.

Alberto Del Rio:
Anyway – de World Heavyweight Title, like all of us, is a name synonymous with greatness… Kofi Kingston, on de other hand, is not.

Some boos as Kingston rolls his eyes.

Alberto Del Rio:
You, Kofi, don’t deserve a damn thing from me and dis title – because what have YOU ever done, huh? What have you done, amigo?

Kingston doesn’t say a word.

Alberto Del Rio:
I’ll tell you. Handfuls of short title reigns – Tag Team Titles, United States Titles, Intercontinental Titles… dey might have meant a lot to you back when you had dem, Kingston, but nothing stands out about you at dis level. Dat’s because you belong aaaall de way down de food chain.

Boos from this Nashville crowd. Kofi stares into Del Rio’s eyes and shakes his head.

Kofi Kingston:
Man, you sure love to sound your own horn – oh wait, you’re so spoiled you’ve got someone to do that for you!

Pop for that as Del Rio casts a glance at the nervous trumpeter.

Kofi Kingston:
And you know, I’m proud of where I come from – but hey, it isn’t the be all and end all of who I am, Alberto. All that matters is where I’ve got to now, and where I’m gonna be in nine days’ time.

He grins and points at the World Title.

Kofi Kingston:
The answer to that is standin’ at Over The Limit, beatin’ all five, all six of you if I have to!

Another pop as the Administration exchange unsure glances, bar Clay and the champ.

Kofi Kingston:
Once we get there, we raise the stakes, man. And when the dust settles, I’m gonna do all these people proud… and I’m gonna be the NEW – World – Heavyweight – Champion.

BIG cheer from the masses! Del Rio scowls.

Alberto Del Rio:
You talk a big game, amigo… but you’re full of hot air.

Kingston cracks a grin, knowing how serious he was.

Alberto Del Rio:
Lemme take you back to earlier this year, hm – Elimination Chamber.

Kofi’s smile fades.

Alberto Del Rio:
You couldn’t get de job done in February, Kofi. Next Sunday, the stakes – like you said – are higher. How do I know… how do you know… how do these people know… that you – won’t – choke?

Boos as Del Rio digs deep into Kingston’s main issue here. The Ghanaian takes a long, long look around the arena, then to each member of the Administration. Finally, his gaze falls to Del Rio, and he stares coldly into the World Champion’s eyes for several moments.

Kofi Kingston:
I know… I know I’m not gonna choke, man.

He steels himself with a deep breath, almost as if he’s taking a step up in the world.

Kofi Kingston:
Not this time.

The crowd pops for their hero, the big challenger here, but Del Rio and co. look unimpressed.

Alberto Del Rio:
Well if dat’s what you think… maybe you don’t understand what you’re up against, Kingston.

With that, as if on cue, the Administration moves forward. Kingston throws his mic to the side, frowning, and raises his fists, but needless to say it’s about four on one, maybe more… the crowd begins to buzz, booing as Clay and Guerrero move to either side of the Ghanaian…



A HUGE POP GOES UP!!! The Administration shifts as one to see REY MYSTERIO hurtling out from backstage, forgoing his pyro – AND HEADING FOR THE RING!!!

Josh Matthews:
That’s – that’s Rey Mysterio! Kingston’s partner later tonight!

Booker T: Oh HERE WE GO, BABY!

Here we go, indeed, because the Ultimate Underdog charges down the ramp – and slides under the bottom rope, IMMEDIATELY KNOCKING DOWN CHAVO GUERRERO WITH A RIGHT HAND! Kofi wastes no time either, blasting Ricardo and the trumpeter out of the way, then going for DEL RIO – but the Mexican Aristocrat dives to the canvas and rolls from the ring! The crowd boos wildly as the World Champion gets out of harm’s way with Rosa Mendes, leaving Kingston and Mysterio with just the huge Brodus Clay… who charges in for the DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE – DUCKED BY THE HIGH-FLYERS! Clay hits the ropes, and Rey and Kofi exchange a glance – stereo Dropkicks to Clay’s knees! The Man of Mayhem stumbles down, ON TO THE SECOND ROPE, and Mysterio looks to dial it up – but Chavo Guerrero shoves Clay off the ropes, and helps the big man get out of the ring!


Again the Bridgestone Arena fills with boos as the Administration, largely a stable of style and less of genuine strength (only three of them even wrestle), makes their exit, of course guarding the World Champion, Alberto Del Rio, as he raises his title belt. In the ring, Kingston and Mysterio turn to each other and grin, knowing they’ve got one over on their opponents later tonight. The babyface duo head to the ramp-side turnbuckles, playing to the crowd with smiles, though Kofi looks a little muted – did Del Rio get inside his head there?

Josh Matthews:
Rey Mysterio saving Kofi Kingston from an untimely assault ahead of our main event later tonight, and they look in good form to take on two of SmackDown’s champions, guys.

Matt Striker: Kofi Kingston promised us he wouldn’t ‘choke’ at Over The Limit, and on the back of that speech and his actions there, I have faith in him to fulfil that promise – he looks ready for tonight’s match, too.

Josh Matthews: That match still to come, ladies and gentlemen, but after the break, Sin Cara takes on Drew McIntyre, so don’t go away!

As Kingston and Rey have the last laugh, the Alberto Administration stands frustrated on the ramp, though Del Rio stares stoically at his title… and we head to a break.


When we return, the arena is quiet…



Boos can be heard around the Bridgestone Arena as Drew McIntyre makes his entrance, looking considerably sour-faced after his loss last week. The Sinister Scotsman takes a long, disapproving look out at these Nashville fans, then heads down the ramp, trying to pump himself up under the golden lights of his entrance routine. The bell rings.

Tony Chimel:
The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first – from Ayr, Scotland, weighing in at two hundred and sixty-five pounds… DREW – MCINTYRE!

Josh Matthews: Welcome back to SmackDown, folks, where we’ve got Drew McIntyre set for action just one week after his narrow loss to Sin Cara last Friday night.

Booker T: It was a great match and it was hella close, Josh, but hey, Drew Mac can’t have no complaints, Sin Cara is one crafty mutha and there ain’t no shame in losin’ to tha Mexican Idol.

Matt Striker: While that’s true, Booker, one must consider the psyche of the Sinister Scotsman – Drew McIntyre never takes setbacks well. He’s a man most comfortable when he’s winning, or not comfortable at all. I think he wants that win back, and tonight, he gets his chance. If he loses, God forbid what we’ll see from him…

The Scotsman enters the ring and heads for the corner; tonight, no more and no less. He’s ready for this match, and he keeps nodding his head, as if he’s been waiting all week for this. His music dies down, and a few “You suck!” chants are thoroughly ignored by the in-the-zone Drew McIntyre.


And conversely, a strong pop goes up for Sin Cara, the Mexican Idol pacing out with typical spring in his step. He throws aside his armless longcoat and heads for the ring, LAUNCHING himself over the top rope as the pyro explodes behind him!

Tony Chimel:
And his opponent… from Mexico City, Mexico, weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds… SIIIIIN – CARA!

Josh Matthews: Now, Sin Cara put in a great performance in last week’s main event, coming so close to winning himself a World Title shot just a month after his debut.

Booker T: Sin Cara, dis boi is death-defyin’, dawg – he always brings dat excitement, and he gonna do it all over again tah-night. Drew Mac’s gonna have to up his game, man.

Sin Cara heads to one of the turnbuckles, raising an arm to the crowd, then gets down and bounces on the balls of his feet. Drew McIntyre removes his BADASS LONGCOAT and hands it to ringside. He eyes his opponent and prepares to go to work here. Referee Charles Robinson checks that both men are good to go, then calls for the bell for SmackDown’s opening contest.

Match One – Singles Contest
Drew McIntyre vs Sin Cara

As with last week, Drew McIntyre tries to use his power to keep Sin Cara grounded, as we can see when we jump in after seven minutes. The Scotsman has Sin Cara in an Abdominal Stretch, putting the luchador through some serious pain here to force a submission – Sin Cara, however, is resilient, and continues to shake his head. McIntyre tells the referee to “Ask him again,” trying to put more pressure on… but Sin Cara fires some left hands, his free hand, and the Sinister Scotsman is sent reeling away! The crowd pops as the Mexican Idol gets out of the hold and cannons into the ropes – ALL AROUND THE WORLD – HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN! The style of Sin Cara, as always, gets a big pop from the fans in attendance, and now McIntyre staggers back to his feet – Sin Cara to the turnbuckle, scaling up to the top – AND HE HURLS HIMSELF BACK INTO MCINTYRE WITH A MOONSAULT!!! Down goes the Scotsman, as Sin Cara grabs a leg… one… two… but McIntyre kicks out of it!

The forceful kickout sends Sin Cara across the ring, but the high-flyer leaps up – McIntyre staggers as he gets up t00, leaning against the turnbuckle, but he turns in time to see Cara sprinting at him… BUT DREW DARTS SIDEWAYS, SLAMMING SIN CARA’S HEAD INTO THE TOP BUCKLE! The crowd cries “OHHH!” as Sin Cara collapses in a heap, but McIntyre won’t let him recover, falling on him immediately to force him into the bottom turnbuckle and just bludgeon him with right hands! The Mexican Idol squirms in agony as McIntyre fires away, only stopping when Charles Robinson counts to four, and when he does, the Sinister Scotsman takes a moment to sweep his hair out of his eyes and grins with a dark satisfaction. Sin Cara forces himself up, gripping the middle rope for some kind of stability… BUT MCINTYRE CRUSHES HIM AGAINST THE TURNBUCKLE WITH A RUNNING KNEE TO THE HEAD! Again, the big move leaves Sin Cara reeling, falling to his knees in the corner, but although McIntyre takes a moment to savour the hit, he’s back on the offensive, dragging him up and nailing the Hangman’s Neckbreaker! Down goes the high-flyer, barely moving, and Drew hooks both legs on this occasion… one… two… kickout by Sin Cara!

A pop resounds around the arena as Sin Cara kicks out, but McIntyre gets up to a knee, glowering at the referee. He pulls the Mexican Idol up again and sends him to the ropes… but Sin Cara comes to life with the HANDSTAND – into the ropes – HANDSPRING BACK ELBOW! The crowd pops for the awe-inspiring move, as both men go down. McIntyre rolls to the side, fingers stretching towards the ropes, while Sin Cara is on all fours, masked face turning to watch his opponent. Eventually, both of them get up, and McIntyre throws a right hand – but Sin Cara ducks it, then leaps and throws McIntyre with the HURRICANRANA! The Scotsman groans in pain and stumbles up, so Sin Cara charges in, leaping up with the Headscissors, setting that spin into motion again… only for McIntyre to hook his arms as he rotates, AND HE DRAGS SIN CARA DOWN TO EARTH – FUTURE SHOCK OUT OF ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE!!! The crowd is instantly deflated, groans echoing around the arena, and McIntyre capitalises, hooking a leg as Sin Cara lies still… one… two… three!

Result: Drew McIntyre bts. Sin Cara via pinfall at 10:05


Tony Chimel:
Here is your winner… DREW – MCINTYRE!

McIntyre’s back in the game! Boos fill the Bridgestone Arena as the Sinister Scotsman has his arm raised, but he quickly tears his own arm away from Charles Robinson and uses it to rub his jaw, wincing after a hard-fought contest with his high-flying opponent. Sin Cara lies in a state of disarray, head rolling in pain, as Drew Mac heads to the ropes and points to himself. Letting a deep breath out, he steps down and makes his exit, taking one last glare at the Mexican Idol on his way out.

Josh Matthews:
Say what you want about Drew McIntyre, guys, but maybe he proved something to all of us tonight – making the win back over Sin Cara, and that’s only the Mexican Idol’s second loss in the WWE.

Matt Striker: I’m always impressed with Drew McIntyre – he might go overboard with his aggression, but tonight, he might be turning his luck around, gentlemen. Keep the SmackDown roster on notice when the Sinister Scotsman’s around.

McIntyre storms up the ramp, happy that he won this week, and in emphatic fashion. In the ring, Sin Cara tries to force himself up, but he’s clearly weak. We head backstage…

…to meet dear old Todd Grisham, mic in hand.

Todd Grisham:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time… the All-American American, Jack Swagger.

Intense booing from the Nashville crowd as the camera pans out to reveal Jack Swagger indeed, scowling as he often does these days.

Todd Grisham:
Jack, last week you were the last man eliminated in a Battle Royal to determine –

Swagger raises a hand to stop him, then holds it out. Grisham looks confused, but he cottons on and hands the mic over. Swagger stares at him until he gets nervous and edges out of the shot. Satisfied, Swagger turns to the camera.

Jack Swagger:
If I wanted questions about what I haven’t done… I’d call my mother.

He blinks – that wasn’t a joke.

Jack Swagger:
Let me explain something, so that all of you can remember this. As an athlete – I am PHENOMENAL.

Heat for Swagger’s brash comments.

Jack Swagger:
I don’t have to throw Kofi Kingston outta the ring to prove that. Last week was just a fluke, a matter of inches, a loss of balance. Nothing – more.

More boos for the All-American American.

Jack Swagger:
As for tonight, it’s just about outperforming people. It’s what I do best.

A smirk.

Jack Swagger:
This week, it’s the guy I eliminated in that Battle Royal, a guy who I told I would embarrass. I’m gonna take on a guy who’s my exact opposite – the Big Show isn’t an athlete. He’s a lumbering… no-talented… OAF.

Loud heat as Swagger picks on a crowd favourite.

Jack Swagger:
And Show, if you’re listenin’… I saw you fall on your ankle last week. Tonight, I don’t have a single problem… SNAPPIN’ IT IN HALF.

He clenches a fist and weighs it up in front of the camera. He smirks, then dumps the mic to the floor and leaves the shot. We head to a break.


SmackDown returns backstage, where we see The Corre; Wade Barrett, leading Ezekiel Jackson and the WWE Tag Team Champions, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. The four men get boos from the crowd; Barrett is talking to Gabriel, though we can’t quite hear him…

…but Slater frowns, and hangs back. Gabriel and Barrett disappear from the shot, while Jackson turns to face the One Man Band (BABAAAY!).

Ezekiel Jackson: (gruffly)
What’s up?

Slater scratches his head. The frown deepens.

Heath Slater:
I thought I heard something.

Zeke snickers.

Ezekiel Jackson:
Oh yeah? Whatcha hear?

Heath Slater: Well – I kinda thought… kazoos?

Wait a second… a small pop goes up from the crowd, but Zeke looks sceptical.

Heath Slater:
You know – hell, it was probably nothin’, let’s – let’s go.

Slater trots back to Jackson, slapping him on the arm; the pair go to join the others again.


Back to the ring, where Zack Ryder and Primo (AKA DZP) are standing in the ring with mics. Behind them, Tyler Reks stands slumped against the turnbuckle, waiting with his dreadlocks hanging ominously in front of his eyes. The bell rings.

Tony Chimel:
The following is a Six-Man Tag Team Match! Introducing first, the team of Tyler Reks, and DZP, Down With ZACK – AND – PRIMO!

Zack Ryder: Thanks bro, we can take it from here. Now, I know you SmackDown viewers don’t get to have this privilege often, but get ready for a treat – Zack Ryder, Primo Colon, D – Z – P in the house!

Mostly boos, but a few Ryder-lovers cheer that.

Dat’s right, Zack, because when Raw gets too dull for party-goers like us, we gotta spice things up!

Zack Ryder: I hear that, man. Now, on Superstars last week, we got beat by two guys called the South Beach Party Boys.

A decent pop there, but Ryder lowers his shades.

Dat’s not cool, Zack.

Zack Ryder: Naw bro, it’s not. ‘Cause not only is their name a personal insult to me – because we all know only ZACK RYDER knows how to really party…

A mixture of boos and a few cheers for that.

Zack Ryder:
…but these guys are gonna get a little cocky, so we gotta put them in their place. And here to help us, our bro Tyler Reks here!

Reks doesn’t move an inch.

Zack Ryder:
C’mon Tyler, help me and Primo out… let’s do the fist pump!

Ryder and Primo start fist pumping in the ring, marching about the place, but Reks still doesn’t move. We can’t see his face because of his dreads, but Ryder keeps fist pumping in his face, trying to inspire some life in the X-Factor, but there’s no emotion in Reks and Ryder leaves him alone to dance with Primo. A few fans dance along in the crowd, but before we can really get into it…


A pop goes up as DZP turn to the stage with frowns, and Trent Barreta leads the South Beach Party Boys, Darren Young and Percy Watson out on to the stage, all of them wearing big smiles! Barreta takes to the central role and runs his hair out of his eyes, while Watson and Young do some kind of dance behind him. Watson’s wearing his lens-less red glasses as usual, while Young runs his afro comb through his hair, and now the three men head the ramp, Barreta pointing at DZP with a confident smile.

Tony Chimel:
And their opponents… the team of Trent Barreta, and the South Beach Party Boys… Darren Young and “Showtime” – PERCY – WATSON!

Josh Matthews: A successful debut for the South Beach Party Boys last week, as Zack Ryder mentioned, and Matt, I think these guys could be a real force in the tag team division.

Matt Striker: It’s still early days for these two young men, Josh, but certainly I found it an impressive debut – Percy Watson’s Showtime Splash is always an entertaining move, and I think ‘entertaining’ is really the word to describe them.

Booker T: I tell ya, dese two are somethin’ special, dawg. I saw ‘em on NXT and dey are HOT. They’re good on their own, but together, they make stuff happen.

As it becomes obvious that the only reason I keep Bookah on the desk is to annoy 619IDH, Watson and Young get to the turnbuckles from the outside and point to the skies. Barreta, meanwhile, charges down the ramp and slides into the ring, screaming “YEAH!” into the faces of the smirking DZP. Watson and Young arrive to back Barreta up, and referee Rod Zapata has to ask them all to separate, though Tyler Reks is already out to the apron, stretching his hands out in preparation. As we get set to go, Watson opts to kick us off, against the eager Primo Colon, and the bell chimes.

Match Two – Six-Man Tag Team Match
Tyler Reks and Down With Zack and Primo vs Trent Barreta and the South Beach Party Boys

The three heels have control as we join the contest, with Reks beating down Young, showing some real aggression. Young tries to get up, but Reks blasts him back down with a clubbing blow to the spine; he drags Young across to the ropes, drapes his neck over the middle rope… then chokes the life out of him with a boot to the back of the neck! The crowd boos, while Reks bares his teeth, almost enjoying this as DZP turn to each other with impressed looks. Rod Zapata is quick to intervene, counting Reks away, and as Young slumps off the ropes, Reks hauls him back to his feet – REVERSE STO! Reks turns Young on to his back, lays in a fierce Elbow Drop and hooks a leg… one… two… but Young kicks out! The crowd cheers, but Reks is inevitably pissed, and he slaps the hand of Zack Ryder to bring Long Island Iced-Z into the fray again. A few pops can be heard from the Ryder fans as he steps in, as Young tries to get up… but Ryder knees him in the gut, throws him into the corner, and puts him in the Long Island crosshairs – BROSKI BOOT TO YOUNG!

The impact there rattles Darren inside out, and now Ryder drags him back to the centre of the ring. He yanks Young to his feet, fist pumps once, then shoves him into the ropes – FLAPJACK! Young gets drilled into the canvas again, as Barreta and Watson look concerned on the outside, and Ryder makes the cover… one… two… kickout! Young stays in the match! Ryder forces himself up and looks into the hard camera, telling us “Don’t worry, Zack Pack, I got it,” before he heads to a neutral corner, and lines up the crosshairs again. Young struggles up, wincing as Watson and Barreta try to fire up the crowd, and here goes Long Island Iced-Z for the ROUGH RYDER – NO GOOD! Young ducks to send him the other way, Ryder having to stop himself on the turnbuckle – they meet in the middle… YOUNG SCORES WITH THE SNAP SCOOP POWERSLAM! The crowd pops as both men stay down, rolling sideways and looking to their corners… Ryder gasps for air as Primo stretches for the tag, whilst on the other side of the ring, this may be Barreta and Watson’s chance, both looking to give Young an out! Ryder struggles over and gets the tag to Primo – BUT YOUNG FINDS THE ENERGY TO LEAP, AND – “OH YEAH!” – GETS THE TAG TO PERCY WATSON!!!

Watson slingshots over the top rope, as does Primo, and the two men meet in the middle – Dropkick from Watson! They both get up again, but Watson’s a coiled spring, and he leaps again for another Dropkick! Watson hits those to perfection, but as Primo gets up, he mixes it up, sending the Puerto Rican into the ropes… leapfrogged by Showtime – BAM! LEAPING BACK ELBOW TO PRIMO’S FACE! Colon goes down, reeling, but Watson’s not done, beckoning him up again. “C’mon, baby, it’s time, it’s SHOWTIME!” Up gets Primo, wobbling though he does, and here’s Percy Watson, leaping and cracking Primo with A HUGE ENZUIGIRI! The crowd pops as Watson puts Colon down again, making the cover now… one… two… but Zack Ryder breaks it up!

Some boos can be heard as Ryder keeps this one alive, throwing some stomps to Watson’s back, but TRENT BARRETA springboards, and knocks Ryder sideways with the Springboard Dropkick! Ryder rolls from the ring, but Tyler Reks comes in and grabs Barreta by the neck. He tosses Trent over the top rope, then goes for Darren Young on the apron, elbowing him off the apron as well – but Trent Barreta never fell to the outside, he HANGS ON! Reks looks at Trent with bulging eyes, then goes for him… but Barreta pulls the top rope down and this time it’s the X-Factor who goes tumbling! In the ring, Percy Watson crawls back up, and he tags in Barreta as he stretches… on his way up, Primo clutches at his ribs – UP GOES BARRETA, INTO THE SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK ON PRIMO!!! The crowd pops big for Barreta’s huge move, and now he helps Primo up with the front facelock. Trent raises an arm to the fans, getting himself a big pop, then cascades up the ropes… SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT!!! PRIMO GETS HAMMERED!!! Ryder and Reks are out of the way, leaving Barreta to make the cover, grinning his face off… one… two… THREE!

Result: Trent Barreta and the South Beach Party Boys bt. Tyler Reks and Down With Zack And Primo via pinfall at 8:12


Tony Chimel:
Here are your winners… the team of Trent Barreta, and the South Beach Party Boys… Darren Young, and PERCY – WATSON!

Barreta gets up, pumping his fists, and into the ring come the Party Boys, bruised but victorious, and they raise Trent’s arms high! On the outside, Tyler Reks’ head hangs, unable to believe his efforts in this match went unrewarded, while Primo and Zack Ryder regroup on the ramp, with Ryder asking the Puerto Rican what happened there. Percy Watson and Darren Young hit the turnbuckles, as ‘Showtime’ hits the top rope to tell DZP “See ya next time, kids! PERCYMANIA’S RUNNIN’ WILD!” with his trademark smile.

Josh Matthews:
Things continue to go to plan for the South Beach Party Boys, but take nothing away from Trent Barreta, who picks up another impressive win here on SmackDown.

Booker T: Look at DZP, dawg – dey runnin’ with their tails between their legs, and I LOVE IT.

Matt Striker: Great heart shown from all three men involved, guys. I like the look of the South Beach Party Boys, and of course, Trent Barreta continuing to show us why he’s one of SmackDown’s rising stars.

As Barreta celebrates with his free-spirited tag team partners, SmackDown goes to a break.


Our shot starts with a car’s wheels; the rims spin at a ridiculous pace, and the roar of an engine can be heard in the background. We smash cut to the car stereo, which is conveniently playing ‘Help Is On The Way’ by Rise Against, and at the wheel, we can see a hand tapping to the beat. The camera pans slowly upwards from the wheel and we can see The Miz, nodding his head to the beat as the car window behind him shows us that the car is flying down the highway, late at night. Suddenly however, blue and red lights flash in his rear view mirror, and he looks up at it with a frown...

The Miz:

Great... what now?

His car pulls over to the side of the road, and the police car slides in behind it. Out from the car walks two cops, both wearing hats, and they arrive at The Miz’s window. One of them looks curiously like Christian, and the other uncannily resembles Edge.

Long-haired officer:

Sir, do you know what speed you were going?

The short-haired officer (the Christian lookalike) takes a notepad, flips it open, and starts making unnecessary notes.

The Miz:

You don’t understand, officer, I have to –

Short-haired officer:
No, there’s no excuse for speed, sir. Speed kills.

Long-haired officer:
That it does. I’m gonna have to see your licence, sir.

Begrudgingly, The Miz gets out his licence and gives it to Edge the officer.

Long-haired officer:

This expiration date doesn’t look good to me, sir. I’m gonna have to ask you to come downtown with us.

The Miz:
Wait, hold on a sec! You don’t understand, I’m late!

Short-haired officer:
(intrigued) Late for what?

The Miz thinks about it, then comes clean.

The Miz:

I need to get to Over The Limit.

The officers look at each other, then nod.

Long-haired officer:

Well, that changes everything. Let’s get this man an escort!

The Miz smirks, and now we cut to the sight of him driving his car at an even faster speed, with police cars surrounding him as he speeds towards a stadium in the distance. We briefly cut back to Edge and Christian’s car, where someone who looks a damn lot like Sheamus pleads from the back seat:

Ginger criminal:

I’m tellin’ ya, I didn’t know she was a fella!

Edge and Christian’s doppelgangers shake their heads with disapproval, then we watch the police escort speed towards the stadium, before we sweep into the graphic...


Where anything goes... WWE – Over The Limit!


When SmackDown returns, we’re backstage yet again. This time, it’s the locker room of the Alberto Administration, where Chavo Guerrero’s playing cards with Ricardo Rodriguez and the trumpeter, though exactly what game they’re playing is unclear. In the background, Brodus Clay stands with his arms folded, while Rosa Mendes checks her hair in a mirror to the side. The crowd boos a little for these guys, but they only intensify as the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio, now in his ring gear, steps into the shot, title on shoulder.

Alberto Del Rio:
Okay, listen to me.

The Administration turn to look at him, as he puts a hand on Chavo’s shoulder.

Alberto Del Rio:
Chavo, Ricardo… Brodus – my beautiful Rrrrrrosa… and…

He frowns at the trumpeter.

Alberto Del Rio:
Amigo, do you even have a name?

The trumpeter shrugs.

Trumpeter: (quietly)

Alberto Del Rio: Hunico? What’s your last name?

Again, the trumpeter shrugs and goes back to his cards. The World Champion is unsure. He moves on.

Alberto Del Rio:
Look, what I wanted to say… is dat you can’t intervene tonight. Not tonight.

For once, Clay shows some emotion, stepping away from the lockers.

Brodus Clay:
Boss –

Alberto Del Rio: Ay, ay! (holding up a hand) I will not be labelled as a man who can’t defend his own title, Brodus! Huh? I am Alberto Del Rio! I was about to destroy Edge last week!

Boos for Del Rio’s lies.

Alberto Del Rio:
We… we own SmackDown. You are my friends, me amigos. We run things.

Chavo smirks.

Alberto Del Rio:
But I’m more than just one man, I’m a champion, and I’m going to prove dat… tonight. I’m going to show Kofi Kingston how he’s going to suffer – first-hand. Elimination Chamber, all over again. It’s going to be beautiful.

Boos as the Administration nod their heads.

Alberto Del Rio:
We will continue to run things, amigos. But tonight… tonight is on me. Viva Alberto.

Chavo, Ricardo and Hunico nod, saying “Viva Alberto” in reply. Del Rio hits Chavo lightly on the shoulder and goes to prepare further for the main event. Chavo makes a remark about Hunico’s name and they go back to their cards.

To the arena, then, where the bell chimes…



The crowd pops heartily as Big Show makes his way out, wearing his usual beanie and raising that giant right hand to the cheering fans! The World’s Largest Athlete has a big grin on his face, apparently looking forward to this match, and as he heads down the ramp, he slaps the hands of various fans, giving his hat to a small boy in the front row as well.

Tony Chimel:
The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, standing seven feet tall, weighing FOUR hundred and fifty pounds… he is the World’s Largest Athlete – THE BIG SHOW!

Josh Matthews: Though unsuccessful in his bid to become number one contender last week, the Big Show still has a goal in his mind, guys, and it involves knocking the loudmouth Jack Swagger on his back.

Matt Striker: Although one might question how easy that is, you can never doubt the Big Show. It’s the World’s Largest Athlete versus the Phenomenal Athlete, and at the end of this match, we may just know who has the… well, the bragging rights if you will, in that department.

Booker T: And you know Jack Swagga loves to run his mouth, dawg. Big Show goin’ do us all a favour tah-night and shut dat All-American boi up. I’m feelin’ dat WMD, baby, knock ya lights out, ya know?

Big Show clambers to the apron and steps over the top rope. He takes a moment, then raises the Chokeslam taunt to the crowd, getting another good pop, before he paces around the ring and greets referee Jack Cone. Show points to a few members of the crowd with a good-natured smile, and eventually his music dies down so we greet someone with an actual future…



Immense booing fills the Bridgestone Arena here, and the American flag waves on the TitanTron, as Jack Swagger bounces into view, pounding his chest. The All-American American secures his footing on the stage, raising his arms, then points down to tell Show “You’re going DOWN, big man! It’s all over!”

Tony Chimel:
And his opponent… from Perry, Oklahoma, weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds… the All-American American, the Phenomenal Athlete… JAAAACK – SWAGGER!

With the chorus of boos surrounding him, Swagger heads for the ring, smirking as usual, looking extremely confident, even against a huge opponent. The All-American American takes his time, walking around ringside to make Big Show watch him, just to immerse himself in his own ability to demand attention.

Josh Matthews:
He was the last man eliminated by Kofi Kingston last week, but take nothing away from Jack Swagger – he’s about as dangerous a man that the SmackDown roster has.

Booker T: Absolutely, dawg – ya don’t gotta like him, but if ya think he can’t break ya ankle, think again, man.

Matt Striker: I think Jack Swagger’s been frustrated by a series of ‘near-misses’ since Wrestlemania, guys. He narrowly lost to Christian at Extreme Rules, then narrowly lost last week – Jack Swagger’s just looking for that one moment to recapture his glory from last year, and if his attitude continues its current way, it may not be long before he gets it. He’s a real competitor, as much as I hate to say it.

To the ring, where Swagger clambers inside and hits the turnbuckles, telling the crowd in stereo with the music to “ON – YOUR – KNEES!” brashly, before he turns to face the Big Show. The World’s Largest Athlete is waiting patiently in the opposite corner, ignoring all of Swagger’s taunting and pageantry. Finally, Swagger tells the referee that he’s good to go, shaking out his shoulders as his music subsides. The men begin to circle, and the bell rings.

Match Three – Singles Contest
Big Show vs Jack Swagger

After three minutes, these two have had a bit of back-and-forth, but as we can see here, it’s Big Show who gives the crowd something to cheer about by pressing Swagger into the corner, raising a hand… and SLAPPING him in the chest, a stinging shot! Swagger falls to his knees, making a pained expression, as we skip backstage to see Michael Cole watching this on a monitor. The former commentator looks pensive, stroking his chin, and we head back to the ring. Big Show pulls Swagger up, then sends him into the opposite corner, then looking for the BODY AVALANCHE… NO-ONE HOME!!! That would have crushed Swagger, but the Phenomenal Athlete is out of the way, and when Big Show staggers back to face him, Swagger charges behind him – FOOTBALL TACKLE TO THE KNEE! Big Show falls, and though he tries to get up, Swagger BLASTS him with a nasty boot to the face! Show rolls into the corner, so the All-American American tunes up the band, then charges for the SWAGGER BOMB… BUT SHOW HAS SWAGGER ROUND THE THROAT!!! The crowd pops as this match heats up earlier than expected, with Show getting to his feet and dragging Swagger up with him… CHOKESLAM TIME – NOOO!!!

Swagger escapes the chokehold, and when Show turns, the All-American American THROWS himself into him with a clothesline… but the big man doesn’t fall! The Phenomenal Athlete hits the ropes again, however, and ROCKS HIM WITH THE RUNNING KNEE LIFT!!! Show reels back into the ropes, with Swagger beckoning for him to return into his grasp… Show does – so Swagger boots him in the gut, and he’s thinking GUTWRENCH… surely not – NO! Show spins out the hold, then cocks the W – M – D – ducked by Swagger! The All-American American ducks the killer blow, then drives Show into the corner, and starts bludgeoning him in the face with some big forearm strikes! Show can only cover up at first, but then he shoves Swagger away. Swagger charges in, but Big Show THROWS him up – only for Swagger to frantically grab the top rope, pulling himself up to the top buckle… AND HE TOPPLES SHOW WITH A FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK!!! Great improvisation from Swagger, who now makes the cover… one… two… but Show shoves him off!

The crowd pops as Big Show stays in the bout here, but Swagger is FURIOUS! Big Show gets to all fours, trying to find his feet – but Swagger HAMMERS him with a boot to the skull to put him back down… then grabs him by the ankle, and… drags him into the corner? A bizarre choice by Swagger, who rolls from the ring, and reaches in for the ankle again… SHOW’S ANKLE INTO THE RING POST! The World’s Largest Athlete ROARS in pain, but Swagger’s not done, saying “I told you I’d break it, Show!” and pulling that ankle from the ring… before he CONTORTS Show’s leg around the ring post – AND APPLIES THE ANKLE LOCK FROM THE OUTSIDE!!! The crowd boos furiously as Big Show yells to the heavens in agony, but referee Jack Cone is having none of it, telling Swagger to “Let him go” from the illegal hold… he counts him… all the way to FIVE! Swagger’s too busy trying to break Big Show’s ankle to care!

Result: Big Show bts. Jack Swagger via disqualification at 5:48


Tony Chimel:
Here is your winner as a result of a disqualification… the Big Show!

Big Show’s music plays, but almost immediately cuts – because Jack Swagger is happy to throw this match out! The All-American American is ROARING with adrenaline, wrenching Show’s ankle to a horrible angle, and though Jack Cone tries to reason with him, Swagger wants to snap the ankle in half, like he promised! Show’s yelling “GET ‘IM OFF! GET OFF!” in frenzied pain, slapping the mat to tap out if that’s what Swagger needs, but the All-American keeps tearing away until finally, he’s content with the damage he’s done! He lets go, but before Show can retract it, Swagger takes the ankle one last time – STRAIGHT INTO THE STEEL RING POST AGAIN!!! The arena fills with boos again for Swagger as he begins to head for the ramp at Cone’s behest, and now a host of medics rush down the ramp to check on the Big Show, who’s in a state of disarray.

Josh Matthews:
Jack… Jack Swagger promised to break Big Show’s ankle, and while he might not have gone that far, guys, he’s certainly made a statement tonight. That was disturbing from the All-American American.

Matt Striker: We’ve always known that Jack Swagger is a man of technique and controlled aggression – he’s just showed us again, and while I can’t condone what he’s done, he’s eerily a man of his word. We’ve got EMTs down to ringside to check on the Big Show, and once again, we can ask… where does Jack Swagger draw the line?

As the medics tend to the gasping Big Show, who of course clutches at his injured ankle, Jack Swagger nods his head with an evil smirk, before he backtracks to the stage and leaves… and SmackDown goes to a break.


Todd Grisham is back in the interview set when SmackDown returns, mic in hand.

Todd Grisham:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time… Rey Mysterio!

A BIG pop from these fans as Rey Mysterio steps into view!

Todd Grisham:
Rey, last week on SmackDown, Cody Rhodes said he delivered “justice” when he beat you under controversial circumstances at Extreme Rules. Do you have any answer to those comments?

Rey smiles.

Rey Mysterio:
Well, firstly, I think Sin Cara and I answered those comments a little last week when we kicked him outta that Battle Royal…

Cheers for that as Mysterio grins, but he gets serious.

Rey Mysterio:
But Cody, what you said last week, it made me think. See, ese, I don’t have to listen to you, and if ya don’t want me to, I don’t gotta look at you either. All I want is my rematch with you. One-on-one.

Pop as Mysterio points into the camera lens.

Rey Mysterio:
I don’t need your story about how you say I broke your nose, man. I don’t need anythin’ about no masks or hoods – all I wanna talk about is the title on your shoulder, and how I wanna take it right offa there.

Again, the crowd cheers at the concept of Mysterio as champion again.

Rey Mysterio:
‘Cause the time for us feelin’ sorry for you is over, Cody. If you want another piece of me – and I know you do, man, tonight’s main event won’t be enough – if you wanna end this once and for all between us, there’s only one place, and one match, I wanna see.

Rey tilts his head, holding up a single finger.

Rey Mysterio:
Over The Limit, Intercontinental Title. No partners, no excuses, no runnin’ or hidin’. Just you and me, to say who’s right and who’s wrong… to settle the score – and to let me give you the hidin’ you deserve, man. ‘Cause you’ve put Rey Mysterio through a whole lotta crap…

Mysterio stares into the camera.

Rey Mysterio:
…but I’m not keeping my head down like you, and I want that title… BAD.

Another pop. Rey nods.

Rey Mysterio:
I’ll see you later.

With that, he steps out of the shot, the crowd cheering and chanting his name a little – Grisham thanks him for his time.

Back to the ring…



A decent cheer goes up, though nothing extraordinary, as JTG comes dancing out into view. He keeps poppin’ and lockin’ all over the stage, and the bell chimes. Jay takes a look around the arena, then begins to bounce down the ramp, welcoming various fans with his gold-toothed smile.

Tony Chimel:
The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds… J – T – G!

Josh Matthews: Strong words from Rey Mysterio there, and guys, the challenge has been laid down – Rey Mysterio wants to settle his score with the demented Cody Rhodes, for the title, in nine days’ time at Over The Limit. Thoughts?

Matt Striker: Well, I hate to take focus away from MY BROTHA, JTG, but tell me you didn’t see this coming, Josh. Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes have been at each other’s throats for months now, and with the Intercontinental Title involved, there’s no better way to put this all behind them, with one match to ‘settle the score’, as he so eloquently put it.

Booker T: But hell, man, just ‘cause it sounds like a good idea, don’t make it so, know what I’m sayin’? Cody Rhodes doesn’t want a piece of dat boi Rey Rey, ‘cause he think he beneath him… I think it’s goin’ come down to how the main event goes tah-night. Dat could be decisive, ya dig?

As JTG heads up to the ring apron and does his usual horrible taunt between the ropes, his music dies down.


There’s a few boos here and there, but again, not much of a reaction, as Curt Hawkins steps out, cane in one hand and wearing a spectacular black jacket. He spins, revealing that on the back it reads “RULE-BREAKER” in quite simple terms, while the breast of the jacket has the logo of a bald eagle’s head. The camera zooms it on it as he marches down the ramp, and he points to it as he yells “THIS EAGLE’S READY TO FLY, BABY!”

Tony Chimel:
And his opponent… from the BIIIIRD’S NEST, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-three pounds… THE RUUUUUULE-BREAKER… CURT – HAWKINS!

Josh Matthews: JTG set to go tonight, against a man who’s reinvented himself a little lately, the so-called ‘Rule-Breaker’, Curt Hawkins.

Matt Striker: How many rules does this guy actually break? He’s won a few matches recently, Josh, I can give Curt Hawkins that, but at the moment, I still see a lot of bragging for very little end result.

Booker T: Naw, that’s just da boi dat Curt Hawkins is, dawg. He been sayin’ that he gonna fly like the eagle, ya know, gonna push da envelope, gonna break some rules, redefine some standards and just drop some Heat… Seekin’… ELBOWS.

Josh Matthews: Booker, do you have any idea what those things are?

Booker T: Not a clue, man, but I LOVE IT.

Back to Hawkins now, as he steps up to the apron and swings himself sideways. He throws his cane to the side, then hops into the ring to face JTG. Jay looks eager, but Hawkins holds up a hand to tell him to slow down, heading to the turnbuckle to slowly float on his wingspan, spreading his arms wide like the eagle ready to fly. After a few moments’ airborne, he comes down for landing in the ring, and finally turns to face JTG properly, removing his jacket and handing it to ringside – “Be careful with that, that’s a whole piggybank there” – before he psyches himself up for this contest. Referee Scott Armstrong checks that Hawkins is done with his various pre-match rituals, then calls for the bell.

Match Four – Singles Contest
JTG vs Curt Hawkins

Let’s jump in after four minutes or so, with Hawkins in clear control as he chokes JTG in the corner, with his boot pressed into Jay’s neck. Scott Armstrong provides the count to make him move away, but of course, Hawkins takes the opportunity to taunt the crowd, throwing out some more trash talk. JTG struggles up in the corner, and as Hawkins keeps gloating, saying “Redefinin’ standards, and you all love it!”, there’s all the time in the world for Jay to recover – Hawkins turns… and JTG knocks him down with a Dropkick! Hawkins’ arrogance costs him, and JTG makes a quick cover… one… two… kick out! JTG pulls Hawkins up, trying to stay in control, sending him to the corner. Jay charges in – straight into the boots of Hawkins, who gets to the second rope – he jumps, but JTG ducks and Hawkins leapfrogs him, only to stop… CRACK! PELE KICK OFF JTG’S SKULL! Down goes Jay, and Hawkins hooks a leg… one… two… but JTG gets a hand on the nearby bottom rope!

With the crowd cheering Hawkins’ inability to end it there, the Rule-Breaker gets to his feet and brushes his hair from his eyes. JTG keeps his hands on the ropes, trying to pull himself up whilst wincing after that big shot, and when he turns around, Hawkins sends him to the opposite side. JTG rebounds, then throws a clothesline, but Hawkins ducks it, YELLS, and wipes JTG out with a BIG clothesline of his own, clattering right through him! Once again, both men hit the deck, as Striker sells Hawkins’ striking ability, and now the Rule-Breaker gets to a knee and subsequently to his feet again. JTG looks considerably shaken, so Hawkins pulls him by the hair and applies the front facelock – but Jay turns out of it and throws Hawkins into the corner! Curt collides with those buckles with a gasp, and now here goes JTG, leaping to the second rope – “CH’YEAH!” – MUG SHOT FACEBUSTER! JTG with the cover… one… two… three-NO! Hawkins kicks out of it!

JTG looks to the sky, slightly disbelieving that didn’t do the job, but he eventually uses the ropes to tug himself up and concentrates on ending this bout. He takes a few bouncing steps to the middle of the ring, then beckons for Hawkins to rise, possibly signalling the end. Hawkins uses the buckles on his way up, then staggers to face JTG as he charges for the SHOUT OUT – BUT HAWKINS DUCKS! JTG can’t grab Hawkins for the big hit, so he turns in shock… Hawkins hooks him up, turns him around and ducks under his leg – TASTE OF PAIN CONNECTING!!! That huge Hangman’s Facebuster leaves JTG flat as a pancake, rolling lethargically on to his back on the canvas, and Hawkins spares us the taunts for the moment, heading swiftly to the outside. Hawkins clambers to the top rope, then visualises his flight, raising his arms high and screaming “FLY LIKE THE EAGLE, BABY!” before he crouches – AND NAILS THE HEAT-SEEKING ELBOW!!! The crowd groans as Hawkins crushes JTG with what must be the final blow, and here’s the cover… one… two… three!

Result: Curt Hawkins bts. JTG via pinfall at 6:36


Tony Chimel:

Hawkins gets to his feet, yelling with adrenaline, and cracks a smile so satisfied that you can’t help but boo him – the referee raises his hand, but he’s quickly off to the turnbuckles to tell the crowd how right he was. JTG, meanwhile, rolls to the side of the ring, holding his ribs to sell the Heat-Seeking Elbow.

Josh Matthews:
Well Matt, you wanted results from Curt Hawkins, and you got them.

Matt Striker: I asked to see that, granted, and Curt Hawkins impresses tonight. It was an intelligent performance, perhaps a little too conceited and self-aware for my personal liking, but hey, Curt Hawkins has always been a confident individual and tonight he backed himself up.

Booker T: Hell man, he did more than dat – did ya see dat big Elbow Drop? Dat was some heavy stuff right dere, and I could see dat boi rackin’ up some serious wins, man. Push da envelope and break rules, Curt! You got what it takes to make it into mah FAAAVE FIVE, dawg!

Matt Striker: Let’s not get carried away.

In the ring, converse to Striker’s current thoughts, Hawkins IS getting carried away, not literally of course; the Rule-Breaker has his jacket handed to him and slips into it, making sure to grab his cane as well. He rolls from the ring, singing his own praises, and as the camera moves in, we can hear him telling the nearby fans that “I’m redefinin’ standards – you should ALL be thankful, c’mon!” He waltzes up the ramp, the camera getting the ‘RULE-BREAKER’ part of his jacket in shot for good measure, and as Hawkins sells his own genius to the fans, we head backstage…

…to the empty hallway outside a locker room. The door bursts open as soon as we’re live, as Wade Barrett leads Ezekiel Jackson and the WWE Tag Team Champions, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, from the room. The four men get booed once more, as Barrett allows himself a dark smirk as Gabriel and Slater talk quietly behind him. The Englishman and his cohorts walk down the corridor, past various superstars who look at them nervously, as if they separated themselves from the locker room further with their actions last week. Barrett spots someone, and he beckons to them as he continues to walk. The camera pans out to reveal SmackDown General Manager, Teddy Long, looking at the four men with a blank expression.

Wade Barrett: (pointing)
Okay – clear the runway, we’re about to talk, and you can’t stop us.

T-Lo shrugs as The Corre walk past.

Teddy Long:
I told ya before, playa, the spot’s cleared for ya. Say what ya gotta say.

Barrett ignores him, so he can pretend he’s a rule-breaker like Curt Hawkins, and keeps walking, with Zeke in his wake. Long, however, holds up a hand.

Teddy Long: (quietly)

As Slater leaves the shot as well, Gabriel hangs back and turns. He frowns, casts a look at The Corre, and takes a few purposeful steps to join the GM.

Justin Gabriel:

Long looks down the corridor to check the others are gone.

Teddy Long:
Look. I didn’t punish y’all for what went down last week, but here’s the deal.

Gabriel scoffs and goes to leave, but Long stops him with a raised hand. The South African exhales.

Teddy Long:
If… if they come for you tonight – I’m not responsible for what happens. Don’t come cryin’ to me if things go wrong. (a pause; he blinks) Got it?

Gabriel takes a long, deliberate stare at the GM, as if to gauge if he’s joking. He looks down the corridor, presumably where the other three have gone, then back to Long. For a moment, he laughs a little, but his smile fades as he realises how serious Long is, and rather than come up with a smart remark, he spins on his heel and leaves. Long sighs, then turns…

…to see Michael Cole, standing with his arms folded, minus his neck brace as we saw earlier. He gets some heavy heat from the fans in the arena, but he doesn’t mind. An unmovable, wretched smirk is set on his face.

Michael Cole:
I understand you wanted to see my client, Teddy.

Long rolls his eyes.

Teddy Long:
You could say dat.

Michael Cole: (dramatically) WELL, unfortunately, you’ll need to give him more notice next time. The Phenomenal Athlete has gone home for the evening, so you’re left with just the Voice of the WWE.

Big heat for Cole’s big ego. Long holds up a hand.

Teddy Long:
Ya know what, playa, that’s fine. All ya gotta do is send him a message. See, Jack Swagger may have hurt the Big Show, but he’s a tough guy, and he’s gonna be back. Soon.

Cole’s smile wavers as the crowd cheers.

Teddy Long:
In fact, I just spoke to the doctors – and they think he’ll be good to go by Over The Limit. And with dat in mind, I figured he’d want to get even. So next Sunday, your boy and Big Show are gonna go one on one again, and if Jack pulls another stunt like he did tonight… well, let’s just say your whiny voice in his ear? That’s gonna be the least of his problems, playa.

The crowd pops pretty big for that revelation, as Cole shakes his head.

Michael Cole:
You just love your job, don’t you?

A sly smile from T-Lo.

Teddy Long:
Holla holla.

With that, Long makes his exit, leaving us with just Cole. The annoying son of a gun keeps shaking his head, then pulls out his mobile phone… and takes a long sigh as he begins to dial. SmackDown goes to a break.


As we return, the arena is silent, but not for long…



Fierce, loud booing erupts around the Bridgestone Arena as The Corre slowly appear, cast against their traditional red logo in the background. Not for the first time tonight, Wade Barrett seems to be directing the show, despite the fact they’re supposed to be four equals, and while Ezekiel Jackson couldn’t care less beside him, the other two seem more distracted. The WWE Tag Team Champions, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, loft their belts into the air, but they’ve both had their own reasons to be scared of some kind of impending doom here tonight. Slater looks around the arena with a brave face, while Gabriel stares at the ring, making his way down the ramp quietly as usual, but every so often he stops, as if struggling with something.

Tony Chimel:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… THE CORRE!

Josh Matthews: What The Corre did last week was nothing short of disgraceful, guys. Edge and Christian legitimately eliminated these four men from contention in our main event Battle Royal, and Wade Barrett went… well, pretty much crazy.

Matt Striker: Crazy, insane – however you wanna label it, Josh, it doesn’t really matter. What’s significant is that Barrett had earlier been trying to portray himself as a calm and collected man, but obviously, events conspired to break that façade in half.

Josh Matthews: Absolutely. Barrett led the other members of The Corre to attack Edge and Christian, slamming steel chairs off their backs before Justin Gabriel delivered a 450 Splash to both men. Frankly guys, I and many of the WWE fans wanna hear what possible excuse Wade Barrett can find for his actions, and the actions of his associates, last Friday night.

Booker T: And you ain’t the only one, dawg. I wanna hear him tell us aaall about it, before Edge and Christian come and lay a whippin’ on dat sneaky mutha.

Barrett is first into the ring, his gaze wandering around the arena to compliment his casual smirk. From ringside, he’s offered a mic, but he tells them to wait, as the other three enter the ring through various means; Slater under the bottom rope, Jackson over the top, and Gabriel slingshotting smoothly inside. Barrett directs each man to a turnbuckle, and we’re left with The Corre standing as a unit, owning each corner of the ring as they pose. The Englishman raises both arms, while Jackson just nods his head, and both Tag Team Champions raise their titles for a second time. When they’re done posturing, Barrett takes that mic, not bothering to get them for the others, and the music dies down as he turns to speak. He waits momentarily as the “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” chants ring in his ears, then he slices through them.

Wade Barrett:
No-one messes with The Corre.

Waves of heat immediately.

Wade Barrett:
I’ve said it before, I said it last week, and I’ll say it again tonight. You don’t mess with us.

The camera pans along the four men, showing Gabriel and Slater as their eyes slowly observe the arena.

Wade Barrett:
In fact, you’d be stupid to even consider it, but apparently, some don’t share that view.

A shake of the head from Wade.

Wade Barrett:
People should know not to get on our bad side by now – in nine days’ time, The Corre was supposed to collect the World Title, but when that plan was ruined, that bad side came out. And Edge and Christian are entirely to blame for that.

Big heat there.

Wade Barrett:
They thought it acceptable to get involved in our business, and they were punished. That’s the circle of life, that’s just basic rise and fall. What goes up… must come down.

More boos, as Slater can be seen nodding.

Wade Barrett:
And on that note, I’d like to take a moment to stress something. This was not, contrary to what you might believe, a one off.

He takes another long, disapproving look around the arena.

Wade Barrett:
Anyone who messes with me – and The Corre… will face those repercussions. That’s ANYONE, anywhere, at any time.

Well, we can tell who that one was aimed at. Barrett emphasises every last word there.

Wade Barrett:
Nevertheless, despite the beating we handed Edge and Christian last week, we’ve seen nothing from them this week. All that proves is that people around here are finally started to take us seriously. People are finally beginning to fear us… as – they – should.

Heat as Big Zeke flexes his muscles beside Wade.

Wade Barrett:
All of that means that we will not face consequences for what we did, because we were in the RIGHT, and because we are FEARED. Edge and Christian have learnt their lesson, and that’s just the beginning.

Barrett turns, slapping Slater and Gabriel on their titles as a show of support, then points into each of the two cameras covering the action inside the ring.

Wade Barrett:
The Corre is going to take the World Title… (he switches cameras) and anyone who gets in our way will face exactly the wrath that Edge and Christian faced.

He nods his head amongst the boos.

Wade Barrett:
They may have wanted that title, but no-one wants it more than ME. The winds of change…

The Englishman stares and stares into the lens.

Wade Barrett:

And so the heat comes back, as Barrett steps back, and grabs Slater and Jackson’s wrist. Slater joins with Gabriel, and the four men raise their arms simultaneously, getting even more boos from this Nashville crowd, to the point that the heat nearly drowns out Matt Striker’s disapproval at ringside. These men brutally attacked two fan favourites, but here they stand victorious, and inevitably the crowd hates it.

Suddenly, however, the TitanTron flickers…

Hey dudes! Up here!

We look up to the Tron… WHERE EDGE AND CHRISTIAN ARE SAT, GRINNING THEIR FACES OFF!!! The crowd pops BIG for the Canadians, seemingly sat somewhere backstage, but the camera only shows them from about their waists up. Barrett looks furious, maybe even a mix of shock and disbelief, while the other members of The Corre look similarly annoyed. Slater shouts something incomprehensible at the screen. Christian, who spoke the first time, continues.

Just when ya thought you’d got rid of us, huh?

Cheers as Barrett scowls again.

And y’know man, it gets worse, too. ‘Cause nobody’s happy here. See, I really needed that World Title back. I needed to win that Battle Royal to get back at Alberto Del Rio, right? Y’know, after he screwed me over and all that stuff…

Christian feigns thought.

Yeah, I think that was it. Rings a bell.

Edge: Right, right. And you, the Livewire right here (patting him on the shoulder), you kinda needed that win ‘cause… well, you’ve only been lookin’ for a World Title since ya first stepped in this company, right?

Again, Christian pretends to think, then nods emphatically.

But guys, guys. I think we could almost… almost… look past all of that, you screwin’ us outta that title shot and doin’ everythin’ ya did… but you know what really gets me?

Barrett turns to the others – “The hell is this?”

You used chairs, Wade. That’s our thing, man!

Christian: Didn’t we copyright that?

Edge: If we didn’t, we totally should’ve! Chairs rule all!

Christian: Long live the chair!

A good pop, as it becomes clear that E&C are taking us on a trip down memory lane here. THE BIG HIGH FIVE follows.

And last week, Wade, I said – I said I would pity the man who got in my way. Well dude, you got in my way.

They hold up their hands innocently, at the same time.

But hey, we’re not gonna make a scene! You’ve had a bad few weeks, Barrett. You lost your Intercontinental Title, you look like a total chump, and someone’s been playin’ mind games with you… you’ve probably had enough of people screwin’ with you, right?

The bros exchange a look, then Edge leans forward so his face takes up a large section of the screen.

Only thing is, man… you’re gonna wish you hadn’t screwed with US.

A HUGE cheer goes up around the arena, as E&C leave that final message before the image on the TitanTron flickers and dies out to black. In the ring, Barrett turns in frustration, asking the other three what’s going on, as they shrug and exchange confused looks. We get a camera angle showing the four men firing heated questions at one another, trying to figure out how to deal with the Canadians’ threats… and suddenly, THE CAMERA LURCHES FORWARD AND CRACKS EZEKIEL JACKSON IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!! The crowd goes NUTS as Big Zeke hits the deck, and now SLATER takes a FIERCE shot to the back of the head from the other camera!!!

Barrett and Gabriel both turn in horror – AND THEY TAKE SHOTS WITH THE CAMERAS TOO!!! The Bridgestone Arena is overjoyed, thousands of fans on their feet as The Corre take these big hits, and as Gabriel rolls limply from the ring, the two cameramen throw their equipment to the floor, and pull off their black caps… OF COURSE, IT’S EDGE AND CHRISTIAN!!! IT WAS JUST A TAPE ON THE TRON!!!

Matt Striker:
H-hey! How did they get there?

Genius – why would The Corre think to check the cameramen? It’s a trick Edge has pulled before, but it’s worked to perfection here tonight, with Barrett crawling desperately from the ring with a few gasping breaths… Big Zeke struggles back to his feet – AND EDGE DRILLS HIM WITH THE SPEAR!!! Jackson rolls to the outside as well, but E&C are happy to let him go, turning their attention back to the recovering Heath Slater. The One Man Band tries to get up, as Edge and Christian throw each other another high five, before Edge goes to crouch in the corner. Justin Gabriel climbs to the apron, but Christian sends him FLYING back off with a right hand! Jackson and Barrett are disconsolate, furious, putting distance between themselves and the frenzied Canadians in the ring. Slater gets up – ANOTHER SPEAR!!!

Josh Matthews:
Edge and Christian! The band is back together… and it looks like they’re getting old school!

Nodding his head, Christian rolls to the outside – and almost identical to Barrett last week, HE GRABS TWO CHAIRS! Barrett takes a step towards the ring, but Edge points over the top rope, flashing a white-toothed grin at the Englishman, who stops, and tells Gabriel to “Get the hell over here! I’m serious, do it!” In the ring, Christian re-joins his old friend, throwing him one of the chairs, and now the two babyfaces head around the squared circle, firing up the crowd! With the cheers ringing through the Bridgestone Arena, E&C turn back to Slater, grasping desperately at his ribs. The One Man Band is on his knees, as Edge and Christian SLAM those chairs into the mat either side of him, building a rhythm as the crowd stomps along in tune… up gets Slater… CON-CHAIR-TO!!!

Matt Striker:
Rollin’ back the years, Josh! Con-chair-to!

Josh Matthews: This crowd is going nuts, guys! Edge and Christian have come for The Corre, and that wasn’t Heath Slater taking those hits, that was Wade Barrett! That was Alberto Del Rio! That was anyone who’s wronged Edge and Christian!

Slater hits the deck, unsure whether to hold his chest or his back, but Edge and Christian are just frantic! They’re bouncing around the place, whether it’s pointing up the ramp at Barrett and the others, or raising the classic ‘rock star’ pose to the crowd – they’ve got a taste of what they came for tonight, and Barrett’s face is pale in response. They drop their chairs to the mat and kick them from the ring, before they put the boot to Slater’s back and SHOVE him under the bottom rope too! Slater collapses in a heap on the outside, selling the beating Edge and Christian gave him, and Gabriel comes down the ramp to check on him. Up the ramp, Jackson asks “Whaddya wanna do, Wade?” but Barrett doesn’t reply, scowling down at Edge and Christian and unable to move an inch.

Josh Matthews:
A fitting revenge for Edge and Christian tonight – they didn’t get their hands on Wade Barrett, the mastermind behind last week’s attack, but they hit him with one of those big cameras, and… well, just look at Heath Slater! What a Con-Chair-To, guys!

Matt Striker: I never get tired of an Edge and Christian reunion, Josh, but this one meant even more tonight. They sent a message to Wade Barrett alright – you might not want to ‘mess’ with The Corre, but on tonight’s showing, Edge and Christian are back to their best as well.

Booker T: Mah bois Edge and Christian got it done tah-night, fo’ sure, but I think Wade Barrett’s still in for a whuppin’ if dey have anythin’ to say about it! Dese guys ain’t done wit each other yet, awww no.

Edge and Christian continue to fire up the crowd, as Gabriel helps Slater to his feet, the Tag Team Champions staggering back to join Barrett and Jackson. Big Zeke also aids Slater to stay upright, but Barrett is unmoving, standing in front of his three comrades without any kind of assistance to them. As Edge and Christian celebrate this small measure of payback to The Corre, SmackDown goes to a break.


Raw Rebound this week is the chilling post-match promo from CM Punk whilst The Convoy beats up Ted DiBiase in the background. With Randy Orton tied up in the ropes, Punk lambasts the Viper’s decision to take him on at Over The Limit, asking why anyone would ever have ‘faith’ in Orton, compared to what Punk is capable of as a leader. Jerry Lawler and a security team try to intervene, but Punk tells them all to stay away, screaming that Lawler isn’t fit to be General Manager, nor attempt to intervene in his affairs. Skip Sheffield hits DiBiase with Shell Shocked to complete the beatdown, and Punk leads The Convoy up the ramp, as Randy Orton curses what he’s allowed to happen.


When SmackDown hits your screen again, it’s MAIN EVENT TIME, as the bell chimes…



Fairly loud heat fills the Bridgestone Arena for the thumping tune of the Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes, who steps out from behind the curtain with his hood over his head. His title belt is strapped around the outside of the jacket, and he slaps it protectively with his hand before he begins his crooked, disjointed walk down the ramp. As usual, we can’t see his face, though you can just make out a glint of the arena lights against his plastic mask.

Tony Chimel:
The following tag team contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Marietta, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds… he is the Intercontinental Champion… COOODY – RHODES!

Josh Matthews: Welcome back to SmackDown, folks, where we’re set to go with our main event, and this is the first time we’ve seen Cody Rhodes all night – if you can call it a sighting, with that trademark hood and mask covering his face as usual, guys.

Matt Striker: And the demented Intercontinental Champion has a challenge to answer, Josh, after Rey Mysterio asked them to ‘settle their score’ at Over The Limit. The Master of the 619 wants Cody’s title on the line, and if he can win tonight, he might just get that last chance.

Josh Matthews: This is a high-stakes match, alright; earlier this year, it was Rey Mysterio who broke Cody Rhodes’ nose and supposedly ‘forced’ him to wear this mask. Rhodes picked up controversial wins at Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules, and tonight – well, tonight, this unstable man might be able to get Mysterio out of his hair for good.

Rhodes heads for the ring, stepping inside with a raised hand to make sure that the camera can’t capture his face. He settles in the corner, tilting his head down and waiting for his partner. His music dies down.


Again, the arena builds with loud, LOUD heat as a silver Mercedes rolls into view, with the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio, behind the wheel as usual. Title over his shoulder, Del Rio honks the horn a few times, a complete contrast to Rhodes’ muted entrance, before he swings out of the car and pumps his arms loutishly at the nearby fans. Smirking his face off, Del Rio turns to the ramp and waits under the golden rain as Ricardo Rodriguez pops up at ringside for the announcement.

Ricardo Rodriguez:
Damas y caballeros… se trata de alguien con clase real. Oriundo de San Potosí, México, un lugar incrustado en grandeza, él es el hombre más grande de esta empresa se ha visto nunca ... ALBERTOOOOOOO – DEL RIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOO!!!

Josh Matthews: And Cody Rhodes isn’t the only one with a title defence on the horizon, as Alberto Del Rio gears up for his first pay-per-view defence, against one of his opponents tonight, Kofi Kingston.

Matt Striker: The Mexican Aristocrat prides himself as being top of the SmackDown pile since Extreme Rules at the beginning of the month, gentlemen, and already Alberto’s got an attitude to match his position. We heard it from him earlier; he says his title is in no danger from Kofi Kingston, and tonight’s his opportunity to prove that.

Booker T: We seen nuthin’ but good things from Del Rio since he got here, know what I’m sayin’? Won da Rumble, World Title matches, and now he standin’ right dere as da top dog. Ya don’t gotta like him, but ya gotta respect him.

Del Rio, rubbing his hands leisurely against his trademark white scarf, grins on his way down to ringside. Rhodes hasn’t moved, hardly acknowledging or noticing his tag team partner, while Del Rio does a lap of the ring, showing his World Title to anyone who will look. He trots up the steps – eventually – and joins Rhodes in the ring. He frowns at the Disfigured One, then heads to the turnbuckle, cracking another grin and slapping his title belt enthusiastically. Del Rio’s definitely a happy bunny tonight, winking at the booing crowd, before he hops down and attempts to get some kind of reaction out of Rhodes. The music fades away again…



For the second time tonight, it’s a huge pop for Rey Mysterio, who launches out from behind the curtain and points to the crowd. The multi-coloured lights flood the arena as Mysterio scoots to one side of the stage, signing the cross and hitting the stage to let off a burst of pyro, then does the same on the other side. He turns to face the ring, where Rhodes is removing his jacket and exchanging a couple of low-voiced words with his fellow champion. Perhaps a little distracted by his enemy’s presence, Mysterio begins to make his way down the ramp, blessing some kids in Mysterio masks as he does.

Tony Chimel:
And their opponents… first, from San Diego, California, weighing in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds… REEEEEY – MYSTEEEERIO!

Josh Matthews: Rey Mysterio showed us earlier that he means business tonight, because guys, he wants Cody Rhodes’ title, and the mind games between them may be just as important as their encounters in the ring.

Matt Striker: Never underestimate the power of mind games in the lead-up to a big match, Josh – it’s what we saw from the demented and disfigured Cody Rhodes before Extreme Rules, and we saw there what he’s capable of, including winning the title you see there.

Booker T: Ya better believe it’s been back ‘n’ forth between dese two guys. All they evah do is get at each other’s throats, dey constantly goin’ for da jugular, you know? Dis is about more than da title, this is just about getting’ EVEN, dawg. Rey Rey wants his match and he gonna get it.

Mysterio heads up to the apron, pointing out at the crowd with a smile, then steps inside and heads for the turnbuckle. He turns to cast a glance at Rhodes, before he faces the crowd again and does the sign of the cross as usual. Hopping down, the multi-coloured lights fade as a series of “619! 619!” chants build in the Bridgestone Arena, and now we get the lime green lights instead, as Rey and Rhodes share a cold staredown.



As before, the crowd goes WILD as Kofi Kingston high-knees it into view, feeding off the energy of the crowd! The Ghanaian takes a moment to invite the crowd to join in, as he staggers back and winds up the thunderclaps, getting some loud “BOOM!” responses from the fans in turn. In the ring, Alberto Del Rio leans against the turnbuckle and toys with his scarf, watching Kofi with a tiny smile after getting into his head somewhat earlier. Kingston leaps on to the ramp, setting off his final burst of fireworks, then bounces across the ramp to greet the fans on either side.

Tony Chimel:
And his tag team partner… from Ghana, West Africa, weighing in two hundred and twenty pounds… he is the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship – KOOOFI – KINGSTON!

Josh Matthews: Folks, in nine days’ time, it’s the biggest match of Kofi Kingston’s career to date. His first World Title shot, after he defeated nineteen other men in last week’s main event, and we heard from him to start tonight’s show – he’s always wanted to break through the glass ceiling.

Booker T: No doubt dat mah man Kofi’s had a hard time gettin’ here, but he ain’t gonna let dat big money moment slip away from him now. He gonna pull out da stops tonight, and he gonna do it next Sunday, too, and awww man, I like his odds!

Kofi turns his eyes to the ring. He rolls to the inside, then, akin to Mysterio before, he heads for the turnbuckle, swapping Rey’s adapted sign of the cross for his signature thunderclaps instead. The crowd joins in once more, getting a smile from the Ghanaian, before he finally jumps down to join Mysterio, the pair exchanging a quick low five. Kingston looks to Del Rio, who throws his scarf to ringside, says “Let’s do dis, amigo,” to the timekeeper, and opts to start. Rhodes shrugs and heads to the apron, while Kofi looks to take the World Champion on. Referee Chad Patton calls for the bell.

Main Event – Tag Team Contest – Non-Title
World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston

These four men have all got considerable ability between the ropes, so it’s some good action, for a decent amount of time – jumping in, it’s Del Rio beating down Mysterio, tormenting his old rival with a Hammer Lock. Rey gasps in pain, trying to worm out of it, but Del Rio comes down on his neck with a couple of sharp elbows, then winds back and cracks Mysterio in the back with a nasty kick! On the apron, Kofi looks concerned, trying to spur his partner to find the hot tag, but poor Rey is writhing, holding his back and his arm. Del Rio lays in a series of stomps, then pulls Rey to his feet – he’s got the Arm Wringer, then over again, booting Mysterio in the same wrist and shoving him to the ropes. Mysterio rebounds, straight into the clutches of the World Heavyweight Champion… TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER! Again, Mysterio groans, taking the brunt of plenty of offence here, while Del Rio presses him into the canvas… one… two… three-no! Kickout! Kofi nods his head, and the crowd pops, but Del Rio frowns and tilts up to his knees, then his feet. A few yards away, Rhodes paces up and down the apron, eyes bulging behind his mask.

Mysterio begins to struggle up, but gets a boot to the gut for his troubles. Del Rio grabs him with a smooth waist lock transition, perhaps looking for a German Suplex… but Rey resists, fires a couple of elbows and finds the ropes – up he goes FOR THE WHEELBARROW FACEBUSTER!!! Del Rio gets planted there, though Mysterio’s taken several hits and he stays down too, as the noise in the arena builds, and Kofi Kingston stretches over the top rope desperately to turn this match around! Rey’s right hand hits the mat, and he begins to claw his way towards his corner, much to the joy of the crowd – Del Rio’s eyes are unfocused, gritting his teeth as he hauls himself in Rhodes’ direction, as the Intercontinental Champion stretches just like Kofi. Del Rio has slightly more energy, so he gets the tag first – BUT REY FINALLY LEAPS INTO THE TAG TO KINGSTON!

Quick as a flash, Kofi’s over that top rope to meet Cody Rhodes, knocking him down with the double-handed chop! Rhodes is up, but the Ghanaian scores with another chop, then a Dropkick on the third meeting! Staggering up, Rhodes falls into a neutral corner to try to recover – but Kofi LAUNCHES into him with the Koronco Buster, and starts firing away with the right hands, as the crowd counts along! We hit five, then Kofi rolls down… and sends Rhodes FLYING with the Monkey Flip! Another pop goes up as Rhodes take a hard landing, his spine curving in pain as he cries out… Kofi jogs around the ring, firing himself up – into the ropes – “BOOM!” “BOOM!”… BOOM DROP CONNECTS! Supported by the thousands in attendance, Kingston rolls to his feet, grinning with the adrenaline… Rhodes still manages to find the energy to get up, though he holds his stomach with a grimace, as Kofi sprints to the turnbuckle – AND HURLS HIMSELF BACK AGAIN WITH THE CROSSBODY, DROPPING RHODES TO THE DECK FOR THE COUNT!!! One… two… THR-NO! Rhodes kicks out of it!

Kofi rolls to the side, grabbing the middle rope and scrambling up. Rhodes is up too, holding the mask as he curses through the pain. The Intercontinental Champion again falls into the corner, baring his teeth, and Kofi looks to take advantage, charging at him – BAM! Right into the boots of Rhodes, and Kingston stumbles backwards… and now Rhodes slams him with the Russian Legsweep! Not content with that, Rhodes snarls something at the Ghanaian and rebounds from the ropes – up high and down hard on the classic Knee Drop, and now Rhodes presses the forearm… one… two… kickout by Kofi! Sideways goes Rhodes, but he’s up immediately, while Kingston has to exhale with some difficulty as he joins him – boot to the gut from the Intercontinental Champion, who hoists Kofi up for the ALABAMA SLAM… NOOO!!! KOFI ROLLS DOWN, CATCHING RHODES IN THE SUNSET FLIP – no, Rhodes rolls through that… DROPKICK TO THE FACE!!! The close-range shot has the crowd groaning in awe, as Rhodes hooks both legs… one… two… NO! Again, Kingston stays in the game!

When Rhodes forces himself up, the camera zooms in enough that we can see the frustration behind his mask. He takes a long look around the ring, and his eyes finally settle on Del Rio, now asking for the tag on the apron. Casting one more glance at Kofi, Rhodes gives in and tags in the World Champion, who darts between the ropes to get at a wounded Kingston. The Ghanaian tries to get up, but Del Rio stings him with a kick to the ribs, and yanks him up by his hair instead; Kofi yelps in pain, but Del Rio grabs his left arm – Double Knee Armbreaker! Del Rio’s smooth execution leaves Kingston on the canvas again, but the Mexican Aristocrat takes a moment to relax in his superiority – a quick wink at the hard camera. As the boos resound around the arena, Del Rio takes to a position above Kingston, telling him to get up. Slowly, holding that briefly-targeted arm, Kofi finds his feet with a considerable wince, so Del Rio grabs the arm for the CROSS-ARM BREAKER – but Kingston turns out of it and shoves Del Rio away! The World Champion hits the ropes, then LAUNCHES WITH THE ENZUIGIRI… but again, Kofi’s aware enough to duck the killer blow – HOOKS THE CHAMP UP – SOS ON THE DIME!!! Kofi nails the pin as always, crowd popping big… one… two… KICKOUT BY DEL RIO!!!

Kingston can’t beat Del Rio just yet! The exhaustion of this lengthy tag team bout is starting to really show, as Kofi leans back and sighs to the arena ceiling. Slowly, he struggles through the fatigue, and holds up a hand to Rey Mysterio, who offers the tag – Kofi’s not done with the champion yet. The Ghanaian raises his arms… and begins the thunderclaps, the crowd joining in slowly but surely, until the arena begins to cry “BOOM!” as one, firmly behind the number one contender here. Del Rio is shaking out the cobwebs, but finally he forces his tired frame back up, straight into the path of TROUBLE IN PARADIIIISE – NOOO!!! Del Rio ducks under the shot, and Kofi staggers towards the heel corner… cheap shot by Cody Rhodes! Kofi stumbles back Del Rio’s way – CRACK! FIERCE ENZUIGIRI FROM THE CHAMPION!!! Kingston hits the deck, but rather than make the cover, Del Rio dives into the tag to Rhodes – the Intercontinental Champion is all business, clambering straight to the top rope – AND THROUGH THE AIR ON THE MOONSAAAAUUULT… ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT!!! Rhodes spirals away on impact, but he fights through the pain and here’s the cover… one… two… SHOULDER UP FROM KINGSTON!!!

The crowd pops again, as Rhodes’ eyes bulge behind that mask once more – he stands, stumbling somewhat, then turns to see Rey Mysterio on the apron. The Intercontinental Champion has a long staredown with his potential challenger, pointing angrily at him and saying “You don’t deserve a thing from me!”, even getting up close, mask-to-mask! Mysterio shakes his head, as Del Rio screams “Hey! You stay focused, amigo!” across the ring, and Rhodes GRABS Rey by the mask, completely ignoring his partner! Boos fill the arena as Rey gasps in his resistance… then catches Rhodes across the face with a stinging SLAP! Back staggers the Disfigured One, completely stunned, and Mysterio springboards – NOTHING connects though, Rhodes ducking the Diving Senton, so Rey Rey hurtles across the ring and bludgeons Del Rio off the apron with a right hand! The Mexican Aristocrat tumbles to the outside in shock, as Mysterio turns for more action – CRACK! RHODES CATCHES HIM WITH THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTER KICK!!! Rey gets floored there, and Rhodes seethes down at him, showing some real aggression after that furious kick, but as he turns to face Kofi Kingston – HE GETS NAILED WITH TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! The crowd goes WILD, with Kofi diving frantically into the cover… ONE… TWO… THREE!!!

Result: Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio bt. Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio via pinfall at 19:11


Tony Chimel:
Here are your winners… the team of Rey Mysterio and KOFI – KINGSTON!

Kofi Kingston LEAPS heroically out of the cover, and has his arm raised by Chad Patton with the world’s biggest smile! The guy is ecstatic whenever he wins, and no less so tonight, though he falls to a knee with nineteen minutes of exhaustion. Forcing himself up, he goes to help Mysterio to his feet as well, slinging the luchador’s arm around his neck to keep him up. Mysterio tells him “Nice job, man,” while Kofi points to the turnbuckles, and the pair head to opposite sides of the ring to play to this thunderous crowd! On the outside, Rhodes is on his knees, his hand underneath his mask to sell the finish, all the while scowling up at Mysterio’s celebrations; the same can be said of Alberto Del Rio, who grabs his title and storms up the ramp, shaking his head in disapproval.

Josh Matthews:
Folks, take a look at Kofi Kingston – he might have had a doubt or two earlier tonight, but those will have disappeared now, because he’s got the win here tonight, and you can tell by Alberto Del Rio’s face that he’s not as sure of his chances anymore!

Matt Striker: Less than assured indeed, because we’ve seen yet another great performance from Kofi Kingston, and don’t forget about Rey Mysterio, either. The Ultimate Underdog said he was coming for Cody Rhodes’ title, and even Cody might not be able to get out of defending his title one more time now.

Booker T: Mah boi Kofi got it DONE tah-night, man. Next Sunday, I got mah money on him, I got mah money on a new WORLD – HEAVYWEIGHT – CHAMP, baby.

On the stage, Del Rio is joined by Rosa Mendes, who comes out to comfort him, but the World Heavyweight Champion shoves his secretary away with a scowl. He wants to be alone here, folding his arms and staring coldly down at Kofi Kingston’s emphatic thunderclaps in the ring.

Josh Matthews:
Folks, Kofi Kingston continues to impress everyone here on SmackDown, perhaps even the World Heavyweight Champion himself, but will he be able to replicate it at Over The Limit? For tonight, all that matters is he and Rey Mysterio have a crucial win under their belts… we’ll see you next week!

We switch between the cameras, from Del Rio staring at Kingston, to Rhodes staring at Mysterio, as they swap back and forth, and from the cheering Bridgestone Arena, SmackDown fades to black.


Quick Results
Drew McIntyre bts. Sin Cara
Trent Barreta and the South Beach Party Boys bt. Tyler Reks and DZP
Big Show bts. Jack Swagger (via DQ)
Curt Hawkins bts. JTG
Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio bt. Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio

WWE Championship
The Miz (c) defends against Daniel Bryan

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) defends against Kofi Kingston

The Final Encounter – Stretcher Match
CM Punk versus Randy Orton

United States Championship
Sheamus (c) defends against Tyler Black

Tag Team Attraction; No. 1 Contender
John Cena and Triple H versus Dolph Ziggler and William Regal

Singles Contest
Jack Swagger versus Big Show
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Smackdown Feedback

No other way to start than with Kofi fresh off that HUGE win last week and you had him pretty much nailed on here. Very cheesy babyface words but that’s exactly what Kofi is and I think that the fairytale ‘boyhood dream’ title wins are a rarity nowadays but if Kofi ever were to win gold IRL then he’s one of those select few who could pull it off. Del Rio was all kinds of awesome here, he’s just gold in this thread and again here, characterisation to a tee. The whole ‘class’ thing was really well executed, the history of all the Administration and it made sense, loved the Clay monster truck joke haha. Wasn’t all that sure why Mysterio came out for the save at the end, I know that Kofi’s his partner later on, although when thinking about it again, I guess that and the history he has with Del Rio allowed it. Very solid start, particularly from ADR and his gang.

Really pleased with the outcome of this one. Last week I was a little frustrated that Cara seemed to be going nowhere just beating random guys like Drew Mac, Tyler Reks etc but now this thing seems to be turning into a mini feud which I can certainly live with. I’m sure it’ll no doubt lead to Cara getting a defining win BUT it’ll do both superstars the world of good and I’m all for some McIntyre air time.

All I can say here is that you better right the wrongs of the Swagger-Show feud a few years back or I will kill you. Show destroyed his momentum back then, I have full faith that Swagger will take the big man down this time around.

Lovely little tease here with the Corre, expecting that to progress later on, excited for what’s in store.

Ryder wanting T-Reks to fist pump= win. Anyways, nice little tag contest here and just a small little something to keep these guys occupied which is pleasing, nothing too extraordinary but it does its job effectively. You produce this, something so simple whereas IRL we’re punished with Khali/Hornswoggle/Ryder vs 3MB, I think we know who wins that battle.

Solid continuation from earlier on tonight and more importantly, HUNICO is the trumpeter. This stable got even more loaded. Really enjoying these guys at the minute, can only seem them growing all the more.

Nothing too much to say about this one except is was very clever booking. Swagger losing here would’ve been disastrous; Swagger winning here would’ve killed the feud already, DQ? Perfect option, Swagger looks a beast too with the not letting go, really nice to see that aggression. Break his ankle at Over the Limit. Thanks

Decent enough interview from Rey here. He’s so painful to write so kudos for giving it a go and the reasoning for wanting a title shot was solid, particularly liked the way he tried to take it all away from being about masks and looks etc, simply making this about the one on one match and about the IC Title.

Hawkins push, certainly wasn’t something I anticipated a few weeks back but you’ve clearly got something planned for him and it has me intrigued. Match was decent enough if a little predictable. Would like to see a bit more rule breaking from the ‘rule breaker’ though. If that’s to be his little moniker then go all out with it.

Didn’t particularly see the need for the Corre/Long interaction, already had a glimpse of them tonight and this didn’t massively further things. The stuff with Cole was much better and done exactly as anticipated in setting up those two for Over the Limit.

Usual excellence from Barrett here, why they don’t give this guy a mic IRL is beyond me. The little threat hinted towards you know who was very well worked btw. No surprise that E+C soon intervened and they were also very much on point. I will say that I expected them to be a little more serious than they were BUT E+C certainly weren’t known for that and the comedic aspect was anticipated. I think you’ll get a lot better with these two together the more you write those kinda segments. Not that this was bad by any means but I think you’ll only continue to one up yourself.

Well, I guess that’s why they weren’t all too serious lol. Awesome attack and very clever with the ol’ cameraman tactic. Con-Chair-To was brutal and it’s just vintage E+C stuff. All about establishing E+C together again here and you did that perfectly with their signature move. I have no doubts that the Corre will strike back big time next week, having come out of this not looking all too bright. Really enjoying the route you’re going with this right now though, just be careful the Corre don’t end up looking like chumps, although I’m sure they won’t!

Main event was a solid contest and it’s most definitely the right call in giving Kofi the win here. Continues in building his momentum while making him seem like a legit threat to ADR come Over the Limit. I think this one’s gonna go up another notch next week and the same applies for Cody/Rey just to really up the ante come OTL. Nothing too ground breaking here but effective ending that leads us very nicely towards the ever nearer PPV, good stuff.

Overall yet another really good show. Kofi/ADR is not gonna have a lot of time to really kick into gear, however you’re doing a fine job so far. E+C/Corre stuff was very cleverly done and I think this feud could be ‘the one’ as far as SD goes in the coming months, that’s if this does go long term. On the match side, none were really standouts on paper and didn’t exactly grab my attention hugely BUT as you put prior to the show, after this PPV is when you’re really gonna have moulded things into your own so I’m sure guys like Hawkins, DZP, SBPB, McIntyre etc will all have more layers to them and those matches will see us as readers a lot more invested. Looking forward to Raw fella, keep up the goods.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Wait, what is this place? It feels so familiar, but it feels like I haven’t been here in…oh, I don’t know…months. I suppose I should dust off the old cobwebs in this place and say hi. Muchos gracias on your feedback, MelvisKnight. The least I can do is pay the former King a nice visit.

Oh, btw, I fired the castle maid because she was on ‘#TeamFlux’ and I am having much trouble finding a new one. Apparently, having to clean up after Kirby seems to put off a lot of hired help. Anyway...

619s First Bit of Feedback for Melvis in Effin' Forever

First off, it’s nice to see you getting behind plenty of the young guys. You’ve obviously been big fans of Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, and Justin Gabriel since the start of this piece. And now even moreso with Kingston and Tyler Black, especially seeing as how that edition of Superstars was essentially ‘The Tyler Black Show’. And with just a quick glance at the confirmed card for OTL right now, it looks very much like a ‘threshold’ PPV for these young guys you seem so keen on. It’s a lot of these guy’s first real big chances, almost like making them earn their place in a way. It’s indeed something to more than look forward to. But onto the actual show itself…

Absolutely no other choice than to kick off with Kofi, so good move there. I’m not entirely sure how to feel about Kofi’s dialogue before Del Rio came out. On one hand, the guy has never had super exceptional microphone abilities and at the same time has never been truly developed and expanded upon as a character. With those things in mind, what he said was something that I would more than expect to come out of his mouth. The reason why I don’t like it is just because of how generic babyface it sounded, which again, is probably no fault of your own, it’s just that at this point, there wasn’t/isn’t much for Kofi to actually build on character-wise. But it did lay a good foundation for us to get a closer look at Kingston on a regular person/emotional level, I suppose. Even after Del Rio showed up, Kofi’s responses seemed very generic, but I’ll hold off on that for now, really, because I know there’s reasons for that. I love that Del Rio brought up their easily forgettable encounter earlier in the year; it’s a great way to tie things together and further do what you’ve been doing since the start of your thread and that’s tie up all those loose ends. Del Rio does present a little bit of doubt to Kofi here, and I like it. Clearly, no one thinks Kingston is gonna take the title so soon, but as I mentioned earlier, this feels like a threshold PPV for the younger squad that will be much more about character development than it will be about who wins and losses and Kofi not being able to come up with that big win could be a key character defining trait (that actually haunts him to this day, really). I thought Rey having to come out and save Kofi was a small stab at that besides being rescued from a six on one onslaught (hey, I’ve been hit with a trumpet before. Those things are made of BRASS, man). Fully expect a big tag match later, but as for this opening segment, it didn’t blow anything out of the water, but it did its job in setting the groundwork for the show, the PPV, and possibly Kingston’s character as a whole.

I called this, didn’t I? I figured after my gushing about the chemistry between Cara and big guys that you’d give’im this . In all seriousness, I liked this match more than I did Cara’s match with Reks what felt like eons ago. As with that match, you had the characterizations of both men down to a tee, with Cara flying all over the place and the larger and more brutal McIntyre throwing his weight around and a nice inversion of things when it was McIntyre who had to get crafty for the out-of-nowhere win that Cara’s been getting quite used to. A nice little mini-feud here of trading wins, both men starting to get some sense of direction, although I have no idea where your direction wants to go with them. Still, easily overlookable stuff, but holds a great deal of future weight. Good job here.

AJ Styles will be calling good ol’ Swaggie for gimmick infringement pretty soon, but this sort of tickled me a bit. I’ve said before that I love the no nonsense, winning obsessed, athletic machine gimmick that Swagger seems to be sinking into, and this just looks to build on that. The ‘outperforming’ line I thought was a little bit odd, though, considering Swagger just called himself an athlete and seeing as how he’d probably be in the mindset of revenge to prove he’s better than a ‘game of inches’. That line seemed more apt for a Ziggler character. My overanalysis aside, pumped at you’re gonna continue giving Swags something to do.

Kazoos? If E & C don’t show up later, you’re not getting that Jericho/Foley program you’ve been on my ass about.

Reks no selling the fist pump is gold. Anyway, love you still getting more guys on the program and actually giving them something to do. While I’m sure this can lead to more undercard shenanigans for all involved, it was a fun little match. Marked for the springboard tornado DDT finish, though. Love that move. I’m curious what you’ll do with Barreta, btw. He had that attention grabbing program with McIntyre earlier and is staying in the limelight a bit. Hoping something comes of him in the future.

Well the vision I’ve had of a weeny little trumpeter just got blown to bits. Hunico’s pretty buffed out to be blaring DAT BRASS, but that gives this whole stable just that much more depth. Also like the twinge of deadpan you seem to be implementing in Del Rio’s character. Between the comment to the trumpeter and about Brodus’ linage in the opening, he seems to be getting a little of that. Anyway, how very ‘noble demon’ of him to want to do things the right way and rip Kingston apart by himself. I like it, especially in this era of WWE coward heels.


I dig that you’re carrying the simple fact that Show landed on his ankle last week as a heavy plot element which just plays into Swag’s incredibly focused aspect of his character. Didn’t really figure this one was gonna end in some sort of clean fashion, but I like that it did so with Swaggs looking utterly monstrous. This one probably isn’t over, but if it ever does, I can almost be sure that Swagger will actually break that ankle and put Show on the shelf for a while.

Oh hey a Rey Mysterio promo of yours that’s not about masks. I tease, but that’s actually a good thing for what this promo means. Much like Kingston earlier, Rey’s not a guy to do a whole lot of talking, but this got the point through – it’s no longer just about what masks and props mean to either man. It’s about just who is the better man. And there’s no better basis for a title feud than that. Props on this.

Hawkins push? Interesting. It’s too primordial to critique too much, but again, do like that you’re doing something with people on the roster. That’s slowly becoming one of your trademarks to me is the fact that there’s no real idle hands on your show – everyone is doing something, getting their own little spotlight, and staying semi-relevant. Heat-Seeking elbow sounds sick, too, even if it is a pretty generic elbow drop.

Did I miss something between Gabes, The Corre, and Teddy? It did seem a bit odd, but it kept me guessing a little. As for the latter portion, yay for yet another threshold match, this one for Swaggs.

You love giving me those subtle little character clues, don’t you? I’ll take the bait – while you long-windedly told us that the Corre was a pretty dominant unit (and showed us as much), you kept each of their identities individual simply by the way each of them walked down the ramp and into the ring. They’re a unit, but each individual is their own unique gear in the machine. Bonus points for that. But BIG bonus points for the on-point message from Wade. The unnerved mastermind that he is came out a little bit to me in that what he was saying was that he sounded like he was trying to convince himself that they’re feared much moreso than, I suppose, the audience. Still, wonderful control of language to form it into manipulation. Killer final line from Barrett, btw…or it would’ve been the final line had E & C not finally shown up. Funny stuff from these two; you captured their old school schoolyard antics really well, as well as their near brother like chemistry. Legitimately LOL’d at ‘Long live the chair’, btw. E & C waiting in the wings in the ring itself was nothing short of fantastic, especially when you gave it to us from the perspectives of the cameras themselves. The attack itself was pretty brutal, with no surprise at the weakest member of the group eating the chair blows. You’ve given us the Edge and Christian reunion many people wanted around this time, and it’s especially charming in the sense that I don’t know how much longer you’ll be using Edge given his real life retirement wounds, so this could possibly one final, glorious run for E & C. It’s a feel good program for the Canadians and certainly an elevation program for the Corre, so big time kudos on putting this one together.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I do love the added little touch of actually having Ricardo give his long introductions in actual translatable Spanish. Major props on that attention to detail, although given how tediously you judge critique me, I shouldn’t be surprised. As for the actual match, it’s no surprise that the spotlight was readily on Kingston with Rhodes sharing it a little bit, seeing as how we haven’t seen him on the program yet. But of course you go the smart way with the Kingston win, very well executed by Rhodes still showing his deep obsession with getting that mask off of Rey. Also, Kingston took quite a number of heavy blows in this match, so a great way to maybe build some determination in him there. Very solid match that more than did its job.

What’s this? A quiet ending? No shock factor? No mysterious newcomer? You need to keep up, MelvisKnight

I kid with that last line (maybe I’d feel less self-conscious about it if other people tried it), but another great building block episode here. I said it in my opening babble that OTL is really shaping up to be not perhaps the ‘changing of the guard’, but definitely a ‘focus on the newer guard’. I just realized that’s been almost a year since I even reviewed one of your RAWs as opposed to your Smackdowns/PPVs, so I hope I can pipe in for that one as long as you don’t wait another three months to post it. But back to the show itself, not a whole lot to gripe about, although the way the Corre/Long segment was written had me scratching my head, even if I knew what happened last week. I’ve stated the blandness of the Kingston character, but other than those things, there wasn’t a whole lot of, if any more, detraction on this one. You have a chance to post another PPV just on the horizon, which I suppose means, what, OTL by Labor Day? With all that said, everything is building more than nicely and superb enough to make me wanna swing my head around for the next show. BAM! There. This show has earned the KingKirby seal of approval.


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Originally Posted by cp954 View Post
No other way to start than with Kofi fresh off that HUGE win last week and you had him pretty much nailed on here. Very cheesy babyface words but that’s exactly what Kofi is and I think that the fairytale ‘boyhood dream’ title wins are a rarity nowadays but if Kofi ever were to win gold IRL then he’s one of those select few who could pull it off.
Originally Posted by 619IDH View Post
Absolutely no other choice than to kick off with Kofi, so good move there. I’m not entirely sure how to feel about Kofi’s dialogue before Del Rio came out. On one hand, the guy has never had super exceptional microphone abilities and at the same time has never been truly developed and expanded upon as a character. With those things in mind, what he said was something that I would more than expect to come out of his mouth. The reason why I don’t like it is just because of how generic babyface it sounded, which again, is probably no fault of your own, it’s just that at this point, there wasn’t/isn’t much for Kofi to actually build on character-wise. But it did lay a good foundation for us to get a closer look at Kingston on a regular person/emotional level, I suppose. Even after Del Rio showed up, Kofi’s responses seemed very generic, but I’ll hold off on that for now, really, because I know there’s reasons for that.
It has to be said, I'm very pleased I got these responses. Huge thanks on the feedback from both of you, of course, but it's these bits that stick out (other than the new King scouting my subtleties with The Corre.) It should simply be noted that every word Kofi said was measured; of course, he's not out of this world on the mic, much of that coming down to character and lack of practice, but there's more to this. It was all intentional. This promo will be quoted a lot during this thread, purely because it's generic. I'll leave that hanging and move on.

Kofi not being able to come up with that big win could be a key character defining trait (that actually haunts him to this day, really).
Oh you and your character traits. That's certainly part of it.

What’s this? A quiet ending? No shock factor? No mysterious newcomer? You need to keep up, MelvisKnight
Amidst my genuine internal consideration of getting my name on here changed to MelvisKnight, lines like this make me think how much you're going to love the draft show.

Oh, btw, I fired the castle maid because she was on ‘#TeamFlux’ and I am having much trouble finding a new one.
That's disgusting. Maybe if I'd spoken to her once or twice I would have found out. I'm so sorry.

Apparently, having to clean up after Kirby seems to put off a lot of hired help.
Stupid fuzzball.



After Friday Night SmackDown came to a close, General Manager Teddy Long completed SmackDown’s Over The Limit line-up by making another two matches for the huge event. First – shortly after Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio’s win over champions Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes, Long granted Mysterio’s wish for one last match with the Intercontinental Champion. Rhodes and Mysterio have had their issues going all the way back to the beginning of 2011, but their rivalry will finally be settled this Sunday when they go one-on-one again for the Intercontinental Title. After being at each other’s throats for so long, can these two keep things within the rules for long enough to determine a winner once and for all? With these two set to air their true grievances on Friday night, they know have a huge match upcoming just two days afterwards. It’s title on the line, next Sunday at Over The Limit.

No less are the issues that Edge and Christian have with the dangerous stable known as The Corre. Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson and the WWE Tag Team Champions, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, have shown their true edge over the last few months since first forming; things really turned a corner, however, when Barrett led the group in illegally eliminating Edge and Christian from a Battle Royal last week on SmackDown. Edge and Christian, both desperate for another shot at the World Title, didn’t take too kindly to the interference, battering The Corre with chairshots last night on SmackDown, though the Canadians were denied a chance to really punish the main perpetrator of the assault in Barrett. At Over The Limit, though, they’ll get another bite at the cherry, when Edge and Christian reunite on pay-per-view to take on all FOUR members of The Corre, in a 4-on-2 Handicap Match. The question is – can Edge and Christian overcome being outnumbered two to one, and can they finally get their revenge over The Corre? PLUS, as if that wasn’t enough, this coming SmackDown, Edge and Christian will face Gabriel and Slater with the WWE Tag Team Titles on the line! A win for the Canadians this Friday could mean all the difference going into the pay-per-view two days after, as well as the possibility of the pairing being Tag Team Champions for the first time in years on end.

I just realized that’s been almost a year since I even reviewed one of your RAWs as opposed to your Smackdowns/PPVs, so I hope I can pipe in for that one as long as you don’t wait another three months to post it.
All this whining, you're starting to sound like TWG Ask and you shall receive...

Monday Night Raw
AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas | 16th May 2011

Over The Limit is six days away, and the men and women of Monday Night Raw enter San Antonio to make their final marks before this Sunday’s chaos yet-to-come. This is most prominent in the issues between WWE Champion The Miz and his upcoming challenger, Daniel Bryan, who last week again stood tall after forcing Alex Riley to tap out. Bryan has declared himself mute ahead of possibly the biggest match of his career, and if he is to become the new face of the WWE, he will need that focus; tonight, Bryan will have his concentration tested, with his girlfriend Gail Kim facing Melina for the Diva’s Title, while The Miz is sure to be vocal about last week’s events. With Bryan holding the ‘upper hand’ in recent mind games between the two, The Miz needs a memorable evening to swing the momentum back in his favour. What will the self-proclaimed ‘most must-see WWE Champion of all time’ have in store tonight?

Also last week, Dolph Ziggler beat John Cena to raise his own stock, making a huge statement as Tag Team Attraction draws closer; he will team with William Regal, who won a Fatal Four-Way Match last week for the privilege, and it’s likely we’ll hear from both the Englishman and the Perfection Artiste tonight about their chances heading into a match with huge repercussions going forward. Meanwhile, the issues grow between future partners John Cena and Triple H, who continue to aim for one another’s throats in spite of their obligation to team together on Sunday. The Game left Cena high and dry last Monday as Ziggler and Regal assaulted him after the main event, and tonight could be crucial to repairing the damage; is there any salvageable teamwork left between the two? If they want that WWE Title shot, they better hope so, but we may well have some more light shed on the situation tonight, live in San Antonio.

CM Punk is another man who got his hands dirty last week, or metaphorically at least. Faced with Randy Orton’s unorthodox partnership with the newly-focused Ted DiBiase, Punk watched The Convoy beat them in tag team action before orchestrating a violent assault on DiBiase as Orton was helpless to interfere. This week, Raw GM Jerry Lawler has decreed that Punk will face punishment for his sickening actions, facing The Great Khali in singles action. Punk will have to topple a giant just six days before his Stretcher Match with Orton, who won’t be on Raw tonight by Lawler’s hand; inevitably, this is Lawler’s way of paying back the Second City Saint, who told King last week not to interfere in his business because of his incompetence. Regardless of Punk’s view of Lawler’s management, the Chicago native has a tall challenge in front of him tonight, as he looks to send another dark message to Randy Orton ahead of a brutal match this Sunday.

With a United States Title Match looming at Over The Limit, Tyler Black has undoubtedly made a huge impact in his short time since arriving on Raw. Unfortunately, his opponent, the champion, is Sheamus, undefeated since winning the belt, and looking dominant on every occasion; that is, until he was forced to deal with Black, who has Sheamus’ number both in the ring and on the mic recently. Black told us last week that he had a fire lit inside of him to teach Sheamus a lesson about the way the Irishman does his business, and come Sunday, we might see the biggest challenge to the title that Sheamus has seen yet. Keeping up that trend, Black has another chance to prove his worth tonight – he’ll face a man who hasn’t lost in months, a man with an undefeated streak of his own in young Tyson Kidd. Kidd has been lobbying for a chance to showcase his ability on Raw, and tonight he’ll get his chance when he faces off with the number one contender to the United States Title. Whose streak will snap tonight – Black’s or Kidd’s? And is there anything Sheamus can do to deter his dangerous challenger?

~ Announced For Raw ~

Singles Contest – Diva’s Championship

Diva’s Champion Melina vs Gail Kim

Singles Contest – ‘Streak Versus Streak’
Tyler Black vs Tyson Kidd

Singles Contest
CM Punk vs The Great Khali

That's right, I'm STILL going. Could be like two shows within a month. New record if it happens.

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Firstly, I'm loving the reunion of Edge and Christian over on Smackdown, that's awesome.

As for the coming episode of Raw, I'm mostly interested to see how John Cena reacts to Triple H leaving him high and dry last week. I've loved the sadisicness of Punk so far in this thread, and I'm highly excited to see just how you'll have him murder Khali. Things in the thread in general are really beginning to have your imprint on things, I like that. Sorry I can't leave full length feedback for you, but I have A.D.D when it comed to this stuff these days. You're doing a wonderful job with the thread though, and I have been reading, keep it up.

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