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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Monday Night Raw
American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida | 2nd May 2011

Following the huge events of Extreme Rules last night, Monday Night Raw emanates from Miami, home of Wrestlemania 28 next year, and tonight, not only can we look forward to the fallout from last night’s pay-per-view, but it’s the Birthday Special for none other than THE ROCK! The Great One will be in attendance, opening the show for a birthday address, but that’s not all we’ll hear from the host of our last Wrestlemania…

Tonight also sees the contract signing for the WWE Title Match at Over The Limit. Current champion The Miz came through a hellacious match last night in an Extreme Rules Triple Threat that saw John Cena and Triple H walk out empty-handed. Meanwhile, one of Raw’s most talented in-ring technicians, Daniel Bryan, won his Ladder Match last night to secure himself the position of facing The Miz at the next pay-per-view. As a result, Bryan and The Miz will sign the contract for their title match tonight, while Raw General Manager Jerry “The King” Lawler oversees proceedings… alongside a man who’s held the WWE Title on several occasions himself, the Brahma Bull, The Rock. The Miz and Daniel Bryan are old enemies, having met before, and if their rivalry carries forward to tonight, Lawler and The Rock may just be needed to keep the peace.

Elsewhere on Raw, CM Punk made off with a startling win in his Last Man Standing Match against Randy Orton when Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield intervened on the Second City Saint’s behalf. Much to the chagrin of the WWE fans present, Ryan and Sheffield provided the assist for Punk with merciless finishing moves, leading to Punk hitting the Go To Sleep on a bloodied Orton to keep him down for the ten count. Tonight on Raw, CM Punk was offered the night off, but he has declined, possibly to give us an explanation for why these two behemoths joined him at the crucial venture last night. When will Punk make his voice heard? And what will the damaged, brutalised Randy Orton have to say about it all, if he’s even present after his beatdown?

Raw also has not one, but TWO title matches here tonight for the Miami fans. Fresh off her title win alongside Sheamus in last night’s Winner Take All tag team affair, new Diva’s Champion Melina defends her title belt against former champ Eve Torres, clearly infuriated that she wasn’t pinned to lose her championship last night. Regardless, she cashes in her rematch clause tonight on Raw, meaning it’ll be settled once and for all which of the two deserves to be the face of Raw’s Divas. Similarly, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater retained their WWE Tag Team Titles when Gabriel put BOTH Kane and the Big Show through the Spanish announce table, sparking discussion through the entire world after Extreme Rules’ most ‘wow’-worthy moment. Tonight, the duo from the Corre defend their titles against the team of R-Truth and Johnny Curtis, the latter cashing in the title shot he won from Season Four of NXT. After their exhausting match last night, do Gabriel and Slater have what it takes to defend their titles AGAIN in the face of overwhelming odds? Tune in to Raw to find out, because the Tag Team Titles are on the line in our main event this evening.

And that’s not all – we’ll hear from John Cena, while the United States Champion Sheamus takes on Mark Henry, the luckless John Morrison faces the equally-luckless Ted DiBiase, and we’ll find out if Michael Cole has made it to the arena, and the announce table, after his fall from the WWE stage last night!

~ Announced For Raw ~

WWE Title Match contract signing between The Miz and Daniel Bryan
The Rock kicks off his own Birthday Special
We’ll hear from John Cena


Tag Team Contest – WWE Tag Team Championships
Justin Gabriel and The One Man Rock Band Heath Slater (c) versus R-Truth and Johnny Curtis

Singles Contest – Diva’s Championship
The Red Carpet Diva Melina (c) versus Eve Torres

Singles Contest
The Fortunate Son Ted DiBiase versus The Shaman of Sexy John Morrison

Singles Contest – Non-Title Match
United States Champion Sheamus versus The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

MelvieBaby! (That wasn't too gay, was it? Haha)
Long time no see, pal! I see you're still doing it up in the BTB section as per usual... just gonna drop a quick prediction, seeing as how everyone else failed to do so. Lucky me, I get the first stab!

Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater (c) versus R-Truth and Johnny Curtis
Melina (c) versus Eve Torres
Ted DiBiase versus John Morrison
Sheamus versus Mark Henry

Also looking forward to see what kind of extravagant celebration Rocky is gonna have, and how things go with this contract signing between Miz & Bryan goes. Shoot me a message of the private variety when the show is posted up. Cheers, my brother!

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

“Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats for Act Two.”

Monday Night Raw
American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida | 2nd May 2011

We open with a video package running through the events of last night’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view, although not the Winner Take All Match. We see Daniel Bryan’s ridiculous Surfboard Stretch atop the ladder on Dolph Ziggler, then later kicking his head in and unhooking the briefcase; next is the highlights of the Last Man Standing Match between CM Punk and Randy Orton, with the Viper firing up for the RKO only to be overcome by the appearance of Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield. The two huge men beat the Apex Predator to a pulp, then hand him over to Punk for the GTS, getting the fatal ten count in the process. We see Orton, face covered with his own blood, collapsing to the mat in frustration…

…then the sight of Triple H, John Cena and The Miz across from one another in the main event. We see some of the spots, namely Alex Riley going through a table, Cena’s mid-air Powerbomb on Triple H, the Game hitting Cena in the face with the sledgehammer, Miz’s Swinging Corner Clothesline using the ring steps as a platform, Cena putting Triple H through the announce table from the top rope, then getting pushed through another table by Miz himself – then finally, the chain-aided STFU, the Spinebuster on the chair, the Attitude Adjustment… and The Miz hitting the Skull-Crushing Finale on Cena, into the ring steps. As The Miz has his arm raised after his narrow victory, we sweep into the Raw video package.

The VP ends with The Miz on top, smirking as always, then we hit the American Airlines Arena in Miami, where fireworks EXPLODE across the stage and the Florida crowd goes wild! The camera sweeps over the crowd, all holding a variety of signs, before we head to the ring… Justin Roberts is waiting for us.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, I have been informed that after last night’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view, Michael Cole is unable to be here tonight to commentate. As such, by order of Raw’s General Manager, Jerry “The King” Lawler, please welcome his permanent replacement…

It’s all eyes to the stage, with a couple of cheers for no Cole...


A big pop thunders through the American Airlines Arena, as none other than Jim Ross steps into view, cowboy hat and all! Grinning like a government mule or something, Good Ol’ JR marches down the ramp, acknowledging the cheering crowd with a humble wave. Over the top, we can hear Josh Matthews…

Josh Matthews: Folks, welcome to Monday Night Raw, and honestly, my Christmas just came early! That’s Jim Ross, returning to the announce desk it would seem – what a way to kick off Raw after last night’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view in Tampa! No Michael Cole – I repeat – NO Michael Cole!

JR heads around ringside, slapping a couple of outstretched hands, then smiles again as he sees Matthews at the desk. There’s, obviously, an empty seat next to Matthews, which is where JR heads to, making sure he shakes his broadcast partner’s hand first. He takes his hat off briefly to get his headset on, then puts the classic cowboy hat back on, meaning that Jim Ross is officially back!

Josh Matthews: Good Ol’ JR, let me be the first to say – well, welcome back to Monday nights!

Jim Ross: Thank you, Josh, thank you, I’ve never understood retirement anyway.

Josh Matthews: And folks, what a night we have in store… (as a graphic sweeps into view) tonight, it’s The Rock’s Birthday Special on Monday Night Raw, meaning the Great One himself is here in his home city of Miami, and that’s not all – he’ll be hosting a contract signing between The Miz and Daniel Bryan later tonight!

Jim Ross: Yup, I was watchin’ Extreme Rules last night, ladies and gentlemen, it was a barn-burner indeed. I’m all filled in on what’s going on, and believe me, you don’t wanna miss when The Miz – still WWE Champion, by the way – signs that contract for his match… at Over The Limit.

Josh Matthews: Absolutely, JR, and that’s not all – we’ve got not one, but two title matches to look forward to, as Melina defends her new Diva’s Title against Eve Torres, cashing in her rematch clause, and the WWE Tag Team Titles are on the line in our main event. Not to mention, we’re set to hear from John Cena, and United States Champion Sheamus is in action, too.

Jim Ross: Gonna be a big one, Josh. Buckle up.

There’s silence for a moment, as the camera sweeps up to the stage…



THE ROOF COMES OFF THE ARENA! It’s a hometown reaction, and a deservedly huge one, for THE ROCK as the Great One marches into view, wearing his shades and ‘I Bring It’ t-shirt! We see a boy with a “Happy Birthday Rocky” sign in his hands, then we cut back to the man himself, soaking up the atmosphere with the most content smile you’ll ever see. Nodding his head, The Rock begins to head down the ramp, touching the hands of various ramp-side fans in the process.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… THE ROCK!

Jim Ross: And I can’t think of a better way to get started on my return than with this man, Josh – all you gotta do is listen to this ovation and you’ll realise that The Rock is rooted in Monday Night Raw’s history. He helped this show get to where it is today.

Josh Matthews: Can’t argue with that, JR. As you can see, folks, The Rock has the American Airlines Arena on its feet, and this is the first time we’ve seen him since the Raw after Wrestlemania, back when he announced the hiring of our General Manager, JR’s former broadcast partner, Jerry Lawler.

Jim Ross: I know Jerry’s come under a little bit of fire for his efforts so far, Josh, but personally I think he’ll work his way into it, and frankly there’s no better way to make Raw a good spectacle than bringing in The Rock, and on his birthday, no less. Let’s hear from the man.

Rocky is now in the ring, on the turnbuckle to smell the atmosphere as usual. Hopping down, the Brahma Bull takes a long march around the squared circle, familiarising himself with it, then holds out a hand to take a mic from ringside. The blue light remains hanging over the scene as his music dies down, but the arena is far from silent, with thousands of “ROCKY! ROCKY!” chants echoing around. From behind his shades, The Rock nods, then cracks a smile, flashing the million-dollar teeth. When the chants cool a little, he crouches and brings up the mic…

The Rock: …FINALLY!

BIG pop from the get-go!

The Rock: The Rock, has come back...

The famous pause, and all the fans scream “TO MIAMI!” He smiles, however…

The Rock: …HOME.

A massive cheer goes up! Rocky paces from side to side, perpetually smiling.

The Rock: The Rock’s got chills – you’re givin’ the Rock chills!

He shudders.

The Rock: The atmosphere in here – Miami, you know what we’re gonna do tonight, LIVE on Raw?

“What?” the crowd asks, in a totally non-Austin way. The Rock turns to the camera and flashes the smile.

The Rock: The Rock, and members of Team Bring It here in Miami, Florida…

Big, cheap pop. Rocky removes his shades and puts them in his pocket.

The Rock: We’re gonna go all out. We’re gonna make sure that tonight’s a night that no-one will forget for a long, long time.

Another good pop for that, and Rocky nods.

The Rock: But not just that, oh no. The Rock’s not here just for himself. It might be The Rock’s birthday but there’s a whole lot more to celebrate tonight. Because right here in the WWE, The Rock knows that things are changin’. The Rock saw that at Wrestlemania.

He pauses, and a few “Rocky!” chants spring up, eventually swamping the entire arena; The Rock grins, and waits for them to die down before continuing.

The Rock: And tonight’s the start of a new future. And hell, it’s a new future for the whole world – ‘cause last night, the good men and women of the US armed forces killed Osama Bin Laden.

Unsurprisingly, a HUGE cheer goes up for the death of one of history’s greatest heels.

The Rock: And that’s not just big news. That’s massive. That’s gigantic. Now, it’s not like we can top that tonight… but we’re Team Bring It, and that means we – will – try.

Big cheer from the Rocky fans… so, everyone.

The Rock: Plus, later on, The Rock and Jerry “The King” Lawler are gonna host a contract signing for the WWE Title match at Over The Limit. That’s can’t-miss stuff, because we all know Daniel Bryan’s gonna whip that jabroni Miz all over Seattle in three weeks, am I right?

Unanimous pop in reply.

The Rock: Damn right. It’s a night to remember. And while The Rock’s here, let The Rock wish a big welcome back to Good Ol’ JR over there at the announce desk!

Another pop as JR tips his hat with a slight smile.

The Rock: Wouldn’t have anyone else callin’ the action on The Rock’s birthday special, JR. See, it’s all set out perfectly to be a great night. The announce team, the contract signing, and most importantly, the MILLIONS…


The Rock: …of The Rock’s fans here in his hometown of Miami – it’s like… it’s like the stars are aligned to make tonight special. Can ya feel it, Miami?

Big cheer to the affirmative.

The Rock: Same here. In fact, The Rock wants to go back to that locker room after this, check up on his phone, and see ‘Stars Are Aligned’… trending worldwide.

Decent pop. Rocky nods.

The Rock: The atmosphere just feels – right. So let’s get down to it. Because ever since The Rock stepped foot in the WWE, The Rock could see this moment. The moment The Rock got to stand here, with the whole of Team Bring It, and celebrate this big, bright new future we got ahead of us. Tonight – is the night.

As usual, Rocky’s cracking out plenty of the ‘live your life’ catchphrases.

The Rock: All the way back when The Rock was just startin’ out as the jabroni beatin’, pie-eatin’, trail-blazin’, eyebrow-raisin’, feelin’ fine, stars align, here in Miami to celebrate the big thirty-NINE…

Big cheer for that.

The Rock: Even when The Rock was just startin’ out, The Rock knew in here (points to his chest) that he would have some great moments, and tonight’s gonna be one more. So let’s crack open a couple of beers, sing a few songs, and have the biggest Monday – Night – Raw in a damn long time!

The crowd seem to like that idea.

The Rock: And because The Rock is back home for his birthday bash, it’s gonna be even bigger. So how about we kick things off by…


Suddenly, The Rock’s momentum is stopped, and the Great One turns to the stage with a frown. The crowd is booing heavily, and it’s no surprise that they intensify as CM Punk slowly wanders on to the stage, mic in hand… with the hulking figures of Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield either side of him.

Jim Ross: Oh no.

Josh Matthews: CM Punk beat Randy Orton in their Last Man Standing Match last night at Extreme Rules, ladies and gentlemen… but in no small part was that thanks to those two men you see there, Skip Sheffield and Mason Ryan.

Jim Ross: And while I wanna hear an explanation from him, Josh, I sure as hell don’t wanna hear it right now – we were sharin’ a moment with The Rock, for Christ’s sake!

Punk’s music subsides, and immediately a series of “YOU SUCK!” chants kick off around the arena. Punk twirls the mic in his hand, eyes flickering around the arena, and slowly he brings it up as the two big men observe the crowd with cold looks.

CM Punk: Dwayne, I’m gonna say one word.

He smirks.

CM Punk: Faith.

A few boos as Punk begins to slowly, slowly meander down the ramp.

CM Punk: Now, faith can mean many things. It can mean religion, it can just be a belief… but I prefer to think of it as something bigger. Something much more concrete. I prefer to think of it as complete, unequivocal trust.

Rocky frowns again, never taking his eyes off Punk.

CM Punk: Personally, I had complete trust that I would win last night at Extreme Rules.

BIG heat for that.

CM Punk: I had complete trust that I would make Randy Orton bleed…

Again, the crowd lets their feelings be known.

CM Punk: …but when I heard that tonight was your so-called (air quotes) “birthday special”… I had the most faith I think I’ve ever had – that you would be here to suck up to these people with slimy catchphrases and shameful ass-kissing.

Massive heat for Punk’s insults here, and Rocky seems unimpressed.

CM Punk: And frankly, I’ve only had to listen to you for a short while, but I’m already sick of it. So I am here, as I am, even twenty-four hours after I went to war – I was offered the night off, I declined – to tell you that you should do us all a favour and run on back to Hollywood.

More boos for Punk, who nods slowly at the reaction. The Rock mockingly thinks about it, as Punk climbs up the steel steps to the ring apron. He leans against the top rope and raises his eyebrows at the Great One.

CM Punk: I’m amazed you’ve got this far, Dwayne. I consider it a minor miracle that you’ve managed to make a career out of these generic tactics, your meaningless catchphrases.

Ryan opens the ropes, and Punk steps inside the ring. Sheffield and Ryan follow him in.

CM Punk: Anyone can do what you do. For example… (turning to the crowd) who here likes the Miami Dolphins?

Inevitably, a loud cheer goes up. Punk smirks.

CM Punk: And would you look at that, I’m Dwayne Johnson. Because y’see, you are dangerously overrated, Dwayne. You’ve built your legacy as some sort of legend… based on something that my dog could do. So I’m out here to tell you that you can close this so-called ‘party’ down.

Boos for that implication.

CM Punk: If you have a problem with that, you can take it up with these men. Skip Sheffield. Mason Ryan. Call them The Convoy. Perpetual motion – unstoppable force.

We can see Sheffield nodding, but The Rock snorts.

The Rock: What did you say their name was?

CM Punk: I just said –


HUGE pop from the Miami crowd – Punk rolls his eyes.

The Rock: You got a lotta nerve walkin’ your monkey ass down to this ring, Punk, interrupting The Rock. You think you’re a big deal, huh? You won last night and now you think you can go ONE, ON ONE – WITH THE GREAT ONE?

The crowd cheers wildly again, and Punk holds Ryan back with an outstretched arm.

The Rock: Let’s just face facts for a moment, jabroni. The Rock watched Extreme Rules. So did all these people. They know exactly how it went down last night! You couldn’t get the job done by yourself, so you called in back-up, ain’t that right? That’s not got anythin’ to do with faith, kid, that’s just called havin’ no balls!

Again, the arena pops big as Punk gets insulted again.

The Rock: So if you think you and your pair of roid-rage cronies stand even a chance against The Rock, on his birthday, lemme tell ya right now – The Rock’s not the one who’ll be goin’ to sleep, because he’s gonna book you three into a bed at the SMACKDOWN – HOTEL.

Punk scowls, while the crowd chants along with the Brahma Bull.

The Rock: So I guess what The Rock’s tryin’ to say is… if you want The Rock outta this ring, I just got three words to run by you, Punk.

He puts out his hand, and the crowd will chant along…


The American Airlines Arena goes WILD, chanting “ROCKY!” again and again – Skip Sheffield flexes out his shoulders, as if ready for a fight. Punk takes a look around the arena, then his eyes flicker back to The Rock.

CM Punk: I don’t play by your rules, Dwayne. I’m not going to jump into a fight with you, even with the Convoy at my elbow. No. I’m a smart individual. You saw me tear Randy Orton apart last night – you saw me leave him in a pool of his own blood.

Rocky shakes his head, as the boos roll in for Punk.

CM Punk: So here’s your chance to make a safe exit. Seeing as it’s your birthday, consider my gift to you, not embarrassing you in front of all these people.

He motions towards the ropes, but The Rock raises the eyebrow.

CM Punk: This is what the stars were aligned for tonight, Dwayne. No hard feelings. Raw is just run… a little differently to when you were on top of the pile. And that means it’s party… OVER.

As the crowd boos, Rocky thinks about it… then DUMPS his mic to the floor! Smiling, the Great One shrugs, and says “Do your worst,” off-mic, meaning Punk frowns…

CM Punk: Fine… then tonight isn’t just your birthday. It’s also the night you witness the power of faith… first-hand.

‘THUD’ goes the mic against the canvas, and now Punk takes a step forward, with the Convoy on hand… The Rock flexes out his fingers, and the arena buzzes, chanting “ROCKY! ROCKY!” in support as the Great One weighs up his odds… Punk raises a hand to signal Sheffield and Ryan…



AND THE PLACE JUST GOES NUTS!!! Punk turns around in horror, as do the Convoy – as RANDY ORTON charges on to the stage, and hurtles down the ramp! He’s stitched up, but the Viper looks FURIOUS, and within seconds, he’s made it to the ring, hobbling like a fucking madman…

Jim Ross: ORTON! The Viper – by gawd, here we go!

The Apex Predator slides into the ring – AND MAULS MASON RYAN WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Punk immediately rolls from the fray, but Skip Sheffield tries his luck on Orton – but the Viper knocks him back with a right hand… STRAIGHT INTO THE ROCK, WHO DEALS HIM A RIGHT HAND, TOO… AND ORTON PUTS THE BIG MAN DOWN WITH ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE!!! CM Punk is scarpering up the ramp, with Sheffield and Ryan shaking out the cobwebs furiously as they backtrack too…

…and now Orton turns to face The Rock, centre of the ring – it’s an old-enemy staredown, but The Rock just helped the Viper! The epic stand-off between two of the WWE Universe’s favourites has split chants for a moment, but it’s over as soon as it starts, with Orton saying “Happy birthday”… and then rolling from the ring! Orton’s focus is up on the stage, where Punk is stood nervously between the members of the Convoy… AND HE SCARPERS, WITH SHEFFIELD AND RYAN FOLLOWING IN HIS WAKE! Orton immediately sprints after them, up the ramp and behind the curtain – the chase is on!

In the ring, we’re left with just The Rock, hands on hips, shaking his head in disbelief.


Regardless, the crowd cheers as his music begins to play, and a few “Happy birthday!” chants pop up, though not in full force. The Great One shrugs, and heads around the ring to raise an arm to the crowd on each side.

Jim Ross: A pretty hectic start to Raw, Josh, and it won’t surprise anyone to learn that Randy Orton wants revenge for what happened last night at Extreme Rules.

Josh Matthews: Indeed, for a moment I thought we would see a physical altercation between The Rock and CM Punk’s so-called ‘Convoy’, but you saw the Viper haul his bruised frame down that ramp to clear them out, and it looks like he wants more.

Jim Ross: And folks, we’ve still got plenty of action to come – after the break, Diva’s Title on the line, so don’t touch that remote.

We fade away from The Rock’s subdued celebrations.


When Raw returns, the bell chimes…

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall, and it is for – the DIIIIVA’S… CHAMPIONSHIP!

Decent pop as the graphic flows into view. Stupid butterfly design.


A fair pop, though nothing special, goes up as former champion Eve Torres makes her way out, looking less than pleased to be challenging for the title that only a day ago she was defending. She quickly does her pose, then heads quickly down the ramp towards the ring, wanting to get this underway.

Jim Ross: Now, Eve Torres was unlucky to lose her title last night at Extreme Rules, as she wasn’t pinned to lose it, with John Morrison being the man to take the fall.

Josh Matthews: Well, we’ve heard plenty about John Morrison’s lack of ‘edge’ in recent weeks, and it may have cost Eve that title last night when he fell to Sheamus’ Brogue Kick, JR.

Eve rolls into the ring, and before she’s had a moment to play to the crowd, her music has died down and now it’s replaced by…


And now the light heat rolls in for the NEW Diva’s Champion, Melina as she struts out on to the red carpet, with a half-dozen photographers taking her picture. She spreads her feathered arms to the side, with the Diva’s Title wrapped around her waist, and she smirks on her way down the ramp.

Jim Ross: Even if she wasn’t involved in the fall, Josh, I know Melina – she’ll soak up every moment of holding that title, even if tonight’s the beginning and end of her title reign.

Josh Matthews: And knowing what she was willing to go through to get the title shot in the first place, she won’t be quick to let that title slip out of her grasp tonight, JR, undoubtedly. In fact, I think we’ve got a little clip to hear from the Red Carpet Diva herself…

Indeed, a little picture-in-picture box pops into view in the corner, with the arena noise fading so we can hear Melina, sat in the picture with her new title over her shoulder.

Melina: Last night at Extreme Rules, I finally got this title back. No-one deserves to be top of the Diva’s division in the WWE more than the most marketable Diva, and that’s me.

She smirks in the smaller shot, while her real-life counterpart climbs up to the apron and does the splits.

Melina: Tonight, I know Eve’s got her rematch clause – but after I beat her, it’s on to bigger and better things for me. I’m Melina, your new Diva’s Champion… and it’s going to stay that way for a long time.

The picture vanishes, and now we focus on the ring, where Melina removes her extravagant entrance attire and stands in the corner with just her ring gear on. Eve asks the referee to hurry up removing the feathers, because she’s ready to go, frowning in the corner.

Justin Roberts: Introducing first, the challenger… from Los Angeles, California… EVE – TORRES!

Pop for Eve, but she doesn’t play to the crowd – she’s too focused on her opponent.

Justin Roberts: And her opponent, from Hollywood, California… she is the current Diva’s Champion – MELINA!

And conversely, boos for Melina as the Red Carpet Diva raises her title slowly and extravagantly into the air. The referee, Justin “The Pimp” King as usual for women’s matches, takes the belt and raises it high to remind us what’s at stake, before he passes it to ringside and calls for the bell.

Match One – Singles Contest – Diva’s Championship
Eve Torres vs Diva’s Champion Melina

As we join the bout six minutes in, the scales haven’t tipped in either direction, but we’ve seen more aggression than you’d expect in a Diva’s match usually; Melina is fired up from her title win, while Eve is still frustrated about the manner she lost the belt, meaning she comes out of the blocks like a house on fire. It’s Torres in control as we join the action, whipping Melina to the ropes; the Diva’s Champion comes back with a clothesline… no, Eve ducks it, then hits the ropes herself. She comes charging back, but Melina pulls out the Drop Toe Hold, meaning Torres gets laid out across the second rope… and then Melina follows up with a Double Knee Drop to the back of Eve’s neck, just like last night at Extreme Rules! The crowd groans as Eve collapses to the mat, gasping for air, and now Melina drags her across the ring – but Eve suddenly reaches up, and grabs Melina by the hair! The Diva’s Champion screams out, and Eve uses it as a chance to apply a headscissors, trying to bring the Red Carpet Diva down to the mat… and she does! Torres looks to be moving into seriously aggressive territory now, choking the life out of her opponent, until Melina manages to roll herself backwards, even getting to her feet! Eve’s legs are still wrapped around her throat, so Melina begins to kick at her opponent’s stomach, again and again until Torres releases the hold – she gets back up, holding her ribs, and throws a slap… ducked by Melina – AND THEN MELINA NAILS THE SPINNING FACEBUSTER!!! Melina plants her challenger, then hooks a leg… one… two… but Eve kicks out!

The crowd cheers a little as Melina is denied her first successful title defence, but she grabs Eve back up by the hair, and sets her up… FOR THE LAST CAAAAALL… NOOOO!!! Eve spins out – ENZUIGIRI!!! The crack echoes around the American Airlines Arena, and both women go down, though this spurs a few “Let’s go Eve!” chants from the relatively-hot Miami crowd. As a result, Eve begins to crawl across the mat, hooking a leg… one… two… no, Melina kicks out! Eve sits up, frowning as she does, then pushes herself up. Melina finds the ropes, and pulls herself up as well, meaning the two Divas collide again, swapping stinging slaps between the two of them! They exchange blows for a good twenty seconds, slowing up with every shot, until Melina kicks Eve in the gut, then looks for the Sunset Flip Powerbomb… but Eve sends her SPIRALLING through the air with the Back Body Drop! Melina screams in pain as she hits the deck, and it takes Torres a moment to recover, before she scales the turnbuckle… MOONSAULT TIME – NO GOOD, MELINA GETS THE KNEES UP!!! Eve goes spasming across the ring, face wrecked with pain, and Melina uses the adrenaline to find her feet, screeching “GET UP! GET UP!” over at her challenger – slowly, Eve does as she’s told, wobbling back towards the Diva’s Champion – BAM!!! MELINA NAILS THE SUPERKICK TO THE JAW!!! Eve collapses to the deck, and Melina immediately falls on top of her for the cover… one… two… three!!!

Result: Diva’s Champion Melina bts. Eve Torres via pinfall at 8:24


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, and STILL WWE Diva’s Champion… MELINA!

It’s official – MELINA is still the champion, and she gets to her feet with a smirk through her exhaustion. She’s handed her title, and immediately hoists it into the air, having her hand raised by Justin King to boot. Eve, meanwhile, is still down, holding her jaw in agony, and rolls to the outside, trying to come to terms with a morale-crushing loss in her rematch tonight.

Jim Ross: Melina gets the dubya here tonight, Josh, and on the back of performances like that, it’d take a brave woman to challenge her next.

Josh Matthews: We’ve seen the sadistic streak of Melina this past month, and that nasty Superkick we just saw is just one of the weapons in her arsenal – truly a powerful figure as Diva’s Champion, and now the questions turn to where her next challenge will come from, JR.

Jim Ross: And we can’t forget young Eve Torres – a great second title reign for her, before her loss last night at Extreme Rules, and I’m sure there’s still more to come from her in the future.

We cut away from Melina’s title celebrations to head backstage…

…where Randy Orton is storming through the backstage corridors! The Viper gets a huge pop from the Miami masses after what we saw from him earlier, but now we get a closer camera angle, we can see he’s still in a bad way after last night’s Last Man Standing Match. His forehead is taped up from where he was cut open, his eyes are haggard and he has strapping around his right shoulder. Still, he’s moving like a man possessed, that is, until Scott Stanford rushes to the scene, like last night.

Scott Stanford: Randy, I know you’re looking for CM Punk, but just tell me – after it emerged that CM Punk had hired this so-called ‘Convoy’ of Skip Sheffield and Mason Ryan to screw you over, just how are you feeling?

Orton’s head twists sharply to meet Stanford’s.

Randy Orton: How do I feel, Scott? How do I feel? I feel sick to my stomach! I feel like I could… I could PUNT everyone in this building here tonight, man, I really do. I feel physically ill just thinking about last night.

He turns to face the camera, and grabs it by the rim of the lens.

Randy Orton: Punk, I know you’re watching this. Somewhere, you’re holed up with your buddies, just loving every second of me tryin’ to find you. But I hope you realise – I will find you, Punk. Because last night? Last night you crossed the damn line.

The Viper’s voice has turned to a low, menacing hiss.

Randy Orton: You knew you couldn’t win. You knew what I was going to do to you, so you chickened out, and maybe for you that’s just another day at the office, but for me? What you did puts you right in my cross-hairs. Because make sure you know this. This is no longer about retribution for me.

He cracks a demented smile.

Randy Orton: This is about pure… PAIN.

Pop from the fans. Orton lets go of the camera for a second, then chuckles darkly.

Randy Orton: I don’t care who I have to go through to get to you, either. I’ll turn this whole stadium upside down to find you, and make you… SUFFER.

He bares his teeth now, just filled with rage.

Randy Orton: You’re gonna wish you’d spent less time coming up with lines about ‘faith’ to spit in The Rock’s face… and spent more time checking your health insurance… because you need to know if it’ll cover you having every bone in your body broken… one, by one, by one.

It’s truly creepy stuff from the Viper, who nods his head slowly… then turns, and goes on the hunt again, storming off into the distance and calling Punk’s name ominously. As Stanford watches him leave, we fade elsewhere…

…to see Ted DiBiase, standing alongside the Bella Twins. He’s not wearing a shirt.

Ted DiBiase: It’s all pretty easy, ladies, I just work out every day, make sure I splash a few dollars on some decent baby oil and… viola.

DiBiase botches ‘voila’ there.

Brie Bella: Don’t you mean, ‘voila’?

Ted DiBiase: Sure, sure, whatever you say. Now, I think you mentioned a drink?

Nikki Bella: That was you, Ted.

Ted DiBiase: Hey, I said some things, you said some things… well, whaddya say?

The twins exchange a glance.

The Bella Twins: (in unison) No.

The crowd pops a little as the Bellas go trotting off into the distance, gossiping about something or other, and DiBiase is left to pout, folding his arms and leaning against the wall. However, that’s not the end of the segment, because his eyes flicker up to someone out of shot, and he frowns.

Ted DiBiase: What are you doing here?

The shot pans out… and Ted DiBiase Snr is the man we see! The crowd cheers for the Million Dollar Man, who is dressed flashily as always here tonight, and strokes his beard briefly.

Ted DiBiase Jnr: Dad?

Ted DiBiase Snr: Nice technique, son. Did you try using less oil?

Mini-Ted scowls.

Ted DiBiase Jnr: I’ll ask again, Dad. What are you doing here?

Mega-Ted gives him a smile.

Ted DiBiase Snr: Well, you weren’t answering my calls, so I made the trip down the road to see you, and to tell you about your trust fund.

The younger DiBiase frowns.

Ted DiBiase Jnr: What about my trust fund?

Ted DiBiase Snr: Well, you know I opened it up for you when you made your first Wrestlemania appearance… but I always kinda hoped you’d… well, you know… win a match or two, as well.

Mini-Ted looks insulted.

Ted DiBiase Jnr: I can win a match any time I want!

Ted DiBiase Snr: I’m glad you think so, Ted. Now, I’ve spoken to Jerry Lawler, and you’ve got a match next. And if you lose again… I’m gonna cut you off.

“OHHH!” cries the crowd, but DiBiase Jnr is incensed!

Ted DiBiase Jnr: You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me! What’ll happen to my cars, my stuff – my house?

Ted DiBiase Snr: This family was built on victories, my boy. If you can’t show me the skills – well, I can’t pay you the bills.

DiBiase Senior cracks out the classic Million Dollar laugh, and gets a little pop from the crowd for his efforts.

Ted DiBiase Snr: But all jokes aside, I’m dead serious, Ted. If you don’t prove you’re a true DiBiase, I’ll turn up LIVE next week on Raw, and cut you off in front of the entire world in that ring.

DiBiase Jnr is appalled.

Ted DiBiase Snr: It’s tough love, kid. Maybe it’s the jumpstart you need.

With that, DiBiase goes to leave – oh wait, he turns.

Ted DiBiase Snr: And Ted? Put a shirt on.

This time, DiBiase Snr leaves, with his son shaking his head in pure dismay.

Jim Ross: Big news from the Million Dollar Man – Ted DiBiase’s gotta win his match, or he gets cut off from his trust fund! He’s in action on Monday Night Raw, when we return!



When we return, Ted DiBiase Jnr receives DAT JOBBER ENTRANCE, pumping himself up in the ring. He moves from side to side, looking nervous ahead of this now-vital match. The bell rings…

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! In the ring, from West Palm Beach, Florida, weighing in at two hundred and fourteen pounds… TED – DIBIASE!

Jim Ross: Ya heard it before the break, folks. Ted DiBiase’s been what I can only call a ‘cold streak’ of late, losin’ left, right and centre – tonight, it’s make or break for him, ‘cause if he loses, Josh, his father’s gonna cut off the trust fund that has defined his young career so far.

Josh Matthews: Indeed JR, DiBiase first dipped his hand into that fund after his first Wrestlemania appearance over a year ago, but it failed to launch his career as it he wanted it to, and especially recently, his form hasn’t been that of… well, a DiBiase.

His music dies down quickly, and is replaced by…


It’s a good pop for John Morrison, hot off his loss last night, who walks slowly out in his fur coat and shades. He throws up an arm for the slow-mo pose.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds… JOHN – MORRISON!

Josh Matthews: And a man whose luck didn’t turn as he wanted it to last night, JR – John Morrison just couldn’t beat Sheamus in the Winner Take All, high stakes match, and as we saw earlier from Melina, it was a ruthless display from the current champions.

Jim Ross: John Morrison’s a tough cookie though, Josh; he adapts, he’s flexible and he’s resilient. I – I reckon he could still come back and make another run at that title that’s eluded him, I really do.

Morrison is now on his way down the ramp, giving his shades to a young fan in the front row before he slingshots up into the ring. DiBiase eyes him nervously, still pacing, and Morrison removes his coat, handing it to ringside. Referee Charles Robinson checks both men are ready, then calls for the bell, as both competitors bounce on the balls of their feet.

Match Two – Singles Contest
Ted DiBiase vs John Morrison

When we join this bout, DiBiase’s got Morrison grounded with a headlock, trying desperately to wear the high-flyer down to better his chances. Morrison doesn’t plan to wait, however, weaselling his way left and right, left and right, until he manages to spin DiBiase out – the Fortunate Son rolls across the ring, surprised, then charges in with a clothesline… but Morrison ducks it, and lays a kick to his side – and another! The cracking impact has DiBiase reeling into the corner, wincing, and now Morrison measures him… NOBODY HOME ON THE DROPKICK, AND MORRISON COLLIDES WITH THE TURNBUCKLE! The Prince of Parkour hits the deck in agony, holding his legs, and DiBiase wastes no time falling on to him with a hard Elbow Drop and the cover… one… two… but Morrison kicks out! A cheer goes up around the arena, but Ted forces Morrison a seated position, and begins to blast him across the face with some swinging blows from behind. DiBiase’s aggression is all based on what’s at stake here, and now he pulls Morrison up by the hair, sending him to the ropes and following in… Morrison turns, but ducks the signature DiBiase clothesline, then heads for the ropes – FLASH KICK TIME – NO! DiBiase hits the floor to avoid the strike, then just hauls the high-flyer down to the mat with the School Boy pin… one… two… three – no! Morrison just escapes!

Disbelieving, DiBiase looks around the arena, seeing the ridicule of the fans, and sighs to himself. Morrison, however, is up more quickly than his opponent expects, and when DiBiase turns around – MORRISON NAILS HIM WITH THE ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE HEAD! DiBiase collapses, and Morrison makes the cover… one… two… kickout! DiBiase kicks out, and now Morrison rolls across the ring, fighting through a bit of fatigue from both tonight and last night to get back up. DiBiase is looking considerably dazed after the big kick, and now Morrison grabs him for a Neckbreaker – but DiBiase spins away, then locks the Cobra Clutch for DREAM STREET – NO, Morrison worms his way out, then hits the ropes… FLASH KICK CONNECTS THIS TIME!!! The crowd goes wild, and with DiBiase down and out, Morrison drags his lifeless body to the corner, where he takes a look at the crowd and says “Make some noise!” before he springboards – AND DRILLS TED DIBIASE WITH STARSHIP PAIN!!! The crowd does, indeed, make some noise, as Morrison crawls back into the cover, and Charles Robinson counts the fatal pin… one… two… three!!!

Result: John Morrison bts. Ted DiBiase via pinfall at 6:37


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner… JOHN – MORRISON!

A great pop echoes around the American Airlines Arena as Morrison gets to his feet with a relieved smile after losing last night… but the focus is inevitably on DiBiase, who sits up against the turnbuckle with pain etched across his face and an arm strapped across his stomach. The poor lad has lost AGAIN, and he looks desperately disappointed with his own performance, breathing heavily as Morrison celebrates with the crowd. Briefly, we cut backstage to see Ted DiBiase Snr watching on a television monitor, before the Million Dollar Man sighs and leaves the shot, shaking his head.

Jim Ross: John Morrison gets back on track here tonight in Miami, but it’s a dark day for young Ted DiBiase, Josh, ‘cause that man’s just lost somethin’ very dear to him.

Josh Matthews: Indeed, there will be no more parties, no more expensive champagne or cars for Ted DiBiase thanks to John Morrison’s victory there, but to be cruel about it, JR, I don’t think he’s got anyone to blame for it other than himself.

Jim Ross: Not by a long shot, Josh – this is all on him, and he’s gonna have to do some serious re-thinkin’ if he ever wants to see that trust fund again.

In the ring, Morrison turns around to see DiBiase, and puts his hands on his hips. After a moment’s thought, the Prince of Parkour moves across the ring and offers him his hand! A mixed reaction goes up from the crowd, and DiBiase looks at him quizzically. Morrison shrugs and says “I’ve had a rough couple of weeks as well,” prompting DiBiase to take that hand, allowing Morrison to pull him up. The Shaman of Sexy gives him a friendly pat on the shoulder, then leaves the ring, with DiBiase left to wonder why he would make that gesture of kindness. Tired, or maybe just exasperated, the (Un)Fortunate Son slumps against the ring ropes…

…and now we head backstage again, where the crowd pops big at the sight of JOHN CENA, who is WALKING! Cena, looking a little worn down from last night but nonetheless moving, is in his traditional red gear, dog tags around his neck as he makes his way through the corridors, smiling and pointing at the occasional worker. However, he comes to a stop, and looks at someone out of shot.

John Cena: I shoulda known we would cross paths tonight.

The shot pans out… to reveal THE ROCK. Even though they’ve seen the Great One once already, the crowd goes INSANE, just as they did for Cena, and now the two icons measure each other up.

The Rock: The Rock saw what happened last night. That’s a tough break.

Cena’s expression shows no signs of friendship between the two.

John Cena: Yeah, sure sucks when ya get so close to that title… only to have it ripped outta your hands.

The Rock raises the eyebrow.

The Rock: Alright, The Rock sees what you’re getting at… but we called it even, Cena. You remember.

Cena cracks a smallest of smirks.

John Cena: For now.

Wait – what was that? A few “Ohhh”s from the crowd, and The Rock tilts his head a little.

John Cena: Happy birthday.

Cena continues to WALK (~!), leaving Rocky in his wake, looking considerably surprised by Cena’s implication.

Josh Matthews: John Cena still smarting from last night’s main event, but he’s here in Miami tonight… we’ll hear from him, next on Monday Night Raw!

We fade away from Cena…


Our shot starts with a car’s wheels; the rims spin at a ridiculous pace, and the roar of an engine can be heard in the background. We smash cut to the car stereo, which is conveniently playing ‘Help Is On The Way’ by Rise Against, and at the wheel, we can see a hand tapping to the beat. The camera pans slowly upwards from the wheel and we can see The Miz, nodding his head to the beat as the car window behind him shows us that the car is flying down the highway, late at night. Suddenly however, blue and red lights flash in his rear view mirror, and he looks up at it with a frown...

The Miz:
Great... what now?

His car pulls over to the side of the road, and the police car slides in behind it. Out from the car walks two cops, both wearing hats, and they arrive at The Miz’s window. One of them looks curiously like Christian, and the other uncannily resembles Edge.

Long-haired officer:
Sir, do you know what speed you were going?

The short-haired officer (the Christian lookalike) takes a notepad, flips it open, and starts making unnecessary notes.

The Miz:
You don’t understand, officer, I have to –

Short-haired officer:
No, there’s no excuse for speed, sir. Speed kills.

Long-haired officer:
That it does. I’m gonna have to see your licence, sir.

Begrudgingly, The Miz gets out his licence and gives it to Edge the officer.

Long-haired officer:
This expiration date doesn’t look good to me, sir. I’m gonna have to ask you to come downtown with us.

The Miz:
Wait, hold on a sec! You don’t understand, I’m late!

Short-haired officer:
(intrigued) Late for what?

The Miz thinks about it, then comes clean.

The Miz:
I need to get to Over The Limit.

The officers look at each other, then nod.

Long-haired officer:
Well, that changes everything. Let’s get this man an escort!

The Miz smirks, and now we cut to the sight of him driving his car at an even faster speed, with police cars surrounding him as he speeds towards a stadium in the distance. We briefly cut back to Edge and Christian’s car, where someone who looks a damn lot like Sheamus pleads from the back seat:

Ginger criminal:
I’m tellin’ ya, I didn’t know she was a fella!

Edge and Christian’s doppelgangers shake their heads with disapproval, then we watch the police escort speed towards the stadium, before we sweep into the graphic...

Where anything goes... WWE – Over The Limit!


Raw returns to a silent arena, and thus it stays for a few moments... until…


MIAMI GOES WILD!!! The arena lights go into overdrive, flashing all over the crowd, and now it’s time for John Cena to storm out on to the stage, moving a little stiffly but nonetheless holding his head high. He turns to the camera on the stage and says “From Florida… to your house” before he throws the salute and jogs half-heartedly down to the ring.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…. JOOOOHN – CEEEEENA!!!

Jim Ross: John Cena planned to win the WWE Title last night at the Extremes Rules pay-per-view, but circumstances conspired to keep him from that illustrious belt, Josh.

Josh Matthews: Indeed folks, just moments after John Cena had struck Triple H with the Attitude Adjustment, The Miz capitalised with the Skull-Crushing Finale into the steel ring steps, allowing him to pick up the win and retain his title. As much as it’ll sting Cena’s pride, JR, he came up just short yet again last night.

Jim Ross: But don’t forget, Josh, don’t forget. John Cena doesn’t give up, doesn’t quit, and this is a setback that he won’t allow himself to worry about. He’s gotta keep fightin’, because soon, things will turn around for him. I’ve seen it dozens of times in the past from this man – he finds a way like no-one else does.

Cena rolls into the ring, rather than his usual slide, and throws up the ‘Word Life’ symbol for another pop. We sweep briefly around the arena, and when we come back, Cena has a mic in his hand, and after a few moments, his music dies down. In the lull that follows, we can catch some of the boos from the Cena haters, showing that by no means is this Miami crowd unanimously pro-Cena, and the man himself cracks his usual smile at the mixed reaction. Still, it’s not long before a host of “CENA!” chants start up from the women and children, and the Cena haters are quickly drowned out. The would-be “Champ” raises the mic.

John Cena: I’ve never once lied to you guys, so to say last night didn’t hurt… well, I can’t do that.

Cena runs a hand over his head, tilting his cap a little as he does.

John Cena: To be honest, I know it sounds a little big-headed… but I’m not used to being here in the middle of the show. Most of the time, I kick us off, or I take us home. And maybe, now I’m not WWE Champion, I gotta accept that I’m not the centre of attention, and I hate to say it but that’s a little hard for me.

Mixed reaction at that.

John Cena: And it stings to be out here without that title, too. I really thought last night was the night. I was so – so sure I was gonna right the wrongs from Wrestlemania, become “the Champ” all over again, jump into the crowd and celebrate being back to where I know I belong.

Again, a few boos and a few cheers.

John Cena: But that didn’t happen.

Mostly heat here.

John Cena: I got the Attitude Adjustment, and I was thinkin’ “that’s it, that’s the three right there”… and quick as a flash I lost it. Miz grabs me from behind and lays me out on those steel steps.

Boos as Cena casts a quick glance over at the steps; a grimace.

John Cena: I couldn’t make up for Wrestlemania, I couldn’t do what I love to do for the CeNation… last night at Extreme Rules, by the letter of the law – I failed.

A few cheers go up from the haters, but mostly the fans here in Miami disagree.

John Cena: All I know now is that I gotta keep tryin’ to make it back. There’s somethin’ deep inside me which says I gotta be champion again, or else there’s no point in me even bein’ here.

Pop from the crowd.

John Cena: I don’t hold a grudge against Triple H for what happened last night. We gotta move on, and that means settlin’ the issue we got in front of us right now. See, I know Daniel Bryan won his shot last night, and he deserves that – really, he does.

Cena takes a long look around the arena, nodding his head at a few “Cena!” chants…

John Cena: But I want in.

BIG pop from the CeNation, but the inevitable boos roll in from Cena haters and Bryan fans alike, and there are plenty of both of those last two. For a moment, the duelling “LET’S GO CENA!” “CENA SUCKS!” chants begin, and Cena almost manages a smile again, although still trying to stay serious following his big proposal.



A HUGE CHEER ROLLS THROUGH THE ARENA!!! Cena turns to the stage with a nod, mouthing “Sure, sure” to no-one in particular, and now it’s all eyes to where that infamous figure is standing, drenched in water… the Game, TRIPLE H!!! The red and green lights flashing all around him, Hunter doesn’t move, still staring at the floor for just long enough…



And the man spits water EVERYWHERE! The second Motorhead tune fires up the Cerebral Assassin, who throws up his arms and roars out at the crowd – the Miami fans LOVE it, and now Tripper heads down the ramp, tonight in a t-shirt labelled “Behold the King” and his trunks. In the ring, Cena paces, and although we can see signs of fatigue in both men, they both wear expressions that mean they’re ready to get down to business here tonight.

Jim Ross: Very rarely does anyone mention the WWE Title without this man throwing his hat into the ring – Triple H heard what Cena had to say, but by gawd I doubt he agreed with it!

Josh Matthews: Triple H put in a big performance last night too, JR, and he’ll feel just as frustrated to leave empty-handed as John Cena did – maybe more so, as he wasn’t pinned to lose the match!

The Game storms up to the apron, takes a long look around the arena as the white light comes down, then swings inside the squared circle to match up to Cena. Under the ferocious flashing lights, for a moment it’s a classic Raw image as these two behemoths of Monday nights weigh each other up, until Tripper turns to ringside to grab a mic. The lights die down, as does the music, but the atmosphere doesn’t, with booming “LET’S GO CENA!” “TRIPLE H!” duelling through the American Airlines Arena. Both men look out at the crowd, in different directions, before they turn back to look at one another, and it’s now that the Cerebral Assassin speaks.

Triple H: John… no matter how much you think you need to be WWE Champion – I need it more.

A short and sweet opening remark gets a pop from the crowd.

Triple H: In all the years I’ve been here, no man has lived, breathed, fought for that belt… like me. That’s the one thing I can look at myself in the mirror and say I know for sure.

Cena mouths something we can’t catch.

Triple H: So for you to come out here and say you want that title match at Over The Limit – hold your horses. Because if we’re talking about men who deserve it, look no further than the guy who’s held it more times than anyone else on this show, and the guy who fought just as hard as you to take it back last night.

A decent pop goes up for that.

Triple H: And I’ll hand it to ya, you know – we both went through hell at Extreme Rules and I respect you for it. But you know, for everythin’ that happened, goin’ through tables and hittin’ each other with chairs… we didn’t settle which one of us is BETTER.

“It’s true, we didn’t,” acknowledges Cena from across the ring. The Game begins to fire up.

Triple H: That’s somethin’ we said was gonna happen. I wasn’t just goin’ out there to win the WWE Title, I was goin’ out to prove I was better than The Miz, better than you…

John Cena: (a low tone) …and better than the Undertaker?

“OHHH!” cries the crowd, and Triple H turns his head suddenly, like a hawk searching for a kill.

John Cena: That’s what it’s all about, huh Hunter? Ya said it yourself all those weeks ago – you couldn’t beat the Undertaker, so ya wanted the WWE Title to get back that self-esteem.

He shrugs.

John Cena: And how’re you feelin’? Knowin’ ya couldn’t get it done?

The Game stares a hole through Cena.

Triple H: I’ll let that remark slide, John. Because I’m feelin’ exactly how you are. It stings – to know The Miz is still champion. I don’t like it either.

Hunter begins to pace, wincing even.

Triple H: But the fact is, you and I are out here, The Miz isn’t, and this – this thing, right here, is no longer about the title. It’s about you and me.

A pause as that sinks in.

Triple H: You AA’d me through that table last night… I hit you in the head with a sledgehammer. Two guys don’t do that to each other without really wanting to put them down – and OUT.

Cena nods.

Triple H: And just like you said, I’m still feelin’ what it’s like to lose to the Undertaker. Maybe someday you’ll get that opportunity and you can say you know what that’s like. In the meantime, the only thing that brings us together is we both lost.

Some boos for that.

Triple H: Frankly, I still think one of us is going to be the next WWE Champion. Even more frankly, I’m pretty damn sure it’s going to be me.

BIG pop from the HHH fans.

Triple H: But before I get around to that – this is about you… and me. And before I set my sights on that title again, we’ve gotta settle this. I want to settle who’s better right… here… tonight.

Cena nods and the crowd goes wild!

John Cena: You wanna know who’s better, Hunter? We can show Miami right now.

Again, the crowd LOVES that idea, and both men engage in a staredown for a moment, even taking a step in the other’s direction… here we go…



It’s buzz-kill heat for Dolph Ziggler, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero, both looking considerably sour after the events of last night in Tampa. Like the men in the ring, Dolph is in his ring gear with a merchandise t-shirt, sporting his name on the front and ‘Perfection’ in gold letters cast across the back.

Jim Ross: Awww, what the hell is this guy doin’ out here?

Josh Matthews: Folks, that’s Dolph Ziggler, who last night couldn’t unhook –

But Ziggler has a mic in his hand, so Matthews gets cut off.

Dolph Ziggler: I hate to break up the little reunion you guys are havin’, but I think you’re both forgetting one important factor, and his name is DOLPH – ZIGGLER.

Instant heat for Ziggler as he begins to pace down the ramp, Cena and Tripper staring at him from the ring.

Dolph Ziggler: Fact of the matter is, even if you try to cover up what (gesturing wildly) this is by sayin’ you’re just gonna settle (in a low, mocking voice) “who’s better”...

Cena frowns.

Dolph Ziggler: …I see right through you both. Even if you two go at it, whoever wins is gonna go right ahead and call themselves number one contender to the WWE Title – and that doesn’t fly when I’m around, got it?

More heat for Ziggler as he climbs up the ring steps, and leans against the top rope.

Dolph Ziggler: In fact, you guys talk about how much you need the WWE Championship – talk about it all ya want. But I got news for you when you’re done.

He steps inside the ring, then opens the ropes for Vickie to join him.

Dolph Ziggler: Nothin’ – and I mean NOTHIN’ – makes a guy hunger for that title, more than havin’ a title shot snatched outta your grasp at the last second. You guys think you had it bad? Did you have your hands on a title match contract? Did either of you actually win, then suddenly it turned out ya hadn’t? NO. Nah, you two got beat fair and square. Not me.

Ziggler shakes his head, as does Vickie.

Dolph Ziggler: I left Daniel Bryan in the dirt, only for that vanilla midget to screw me over at the last second. And Dolph Ziggler doesn’t settle for that. No, Dolph Ziggler only settles for PERFECTION.

Boos from the crowd, as Triple H looks at the floor in frustration.

Dolph Ziggler: So that leaves us in a bit of a… situation, now doesn’t it? I mean, here are you guys, both losers…

Big heat for that, and Cena tilts his cap a little.

Dolph Ziggler: And me, with a point to prove. I’m out to prove that I can win the big one. And seein’ as we all know it’s not showin’ off if you can back it up… you two are in for a display… of showmanship.

A smirk from Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler: Startin’ the moment you two say again you’re next in line.

Some boos from the crowd follow that, with Vickie trying to lead the fans in a round of applause. Cena and Triple H exchange a glance, with the Game looking in a fierce mood, while Cena remains stoic. It’s the man of three rules who speaks first, however.

John Cena: You don’t say. Then we’ve got a problem, ‘cause I don’t know if you two are tired from last night…

Cena REMOVES his shirt, sending the crowd into a frenzy!

John Cena: …but I’m not. I’m always ready if it means a shot at that title.

Eyes flicker between the three men… ‘clunk’ goes a mic to the ground – and now TRIPLE H removes his shirt! The crowd starts to get fired up as the Game shakes out his hair, falling menacingly across his face, and now Ziggler looks a little uncertain of his involvement. Cena crouches, looking between the other two men, and Vickie starts blurting “Dolph! Dolph, do something!”


Once again, it’s all eyes up to the stage, where the Raw General Manager, Jerry “The King” Lawler, steps into view, mic in hand and motioning for them to calm down. His music cuts, and King has to cut through a few “JERRY! JERRY!” chants to speak.

Jerry Lawler: Gentlemen, gentlemen!

All three men (and Vickie) now stare up at Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: The last thing I need as General Manager is you three exploding all over Raw. John… Hunter… I’ve sat at ringside and called the action while you two tore each other in half before, and no offence to any of the fans here, but I don’t need it happening again.

Inevitable boos for that.

Jerry Lawler: As General Manager, it’s my responsibility now to look after the welfare of WWE Superstars, and if you two go at it tonight, or any other night, I’ll have to have you guys restrained. I don’t need broken announce tables or top stars injured. That’s just sensible.

Dolph Ziggler: Hey, hey! Wait just a second!

Boos as Ziggler brings the attention back to him.

Dolph Ziggler: When you’re talkin’ about “top stars,” make sure you know who you’re talkin’ to, Lawler! Do you know you I am? I’m DOLPH – ZIGGLER!

Red in the face, Ziggler’s bleach-blond hair now streams across his face like a madman.

Dolph Ziggler: So why don’t you stop worryin’ about these guys, and worry about what I’m capable of doin’ to your precious show? Huh? HUH?

Loud heat for Ziggler. Lawler raises his eyebrows.

Jerry Lawler: I’m getting to you, Dolph. (pause as he regains his composure) See, I know exactly how to defuse this entire situation… John Cena, Triple H, you need to put aside your differences. For the good of your careers, and for the good of Monday Night Raw.

Cena and the Game exchange another cold look.

Jerry Lawler: Which is why, at Over The Limit, it’s going to be John Cena, teaming with the Game, Triple H!

Big mixed reaction – half the crowd wants them to go head-to-head. The two men scowl and look at one another in disbelief.

Jerry Lawler: And you’ll be facing Dolph Ziggler…

Boos as Ziggler looks at his future opponents with a similar scowl.

Jerry Lawler: …and his partner, who’ll be decided in a special match – next week.

Another mixed reaction.

Jerry Lawler: And whoever scores the fall at Over The Limit… will earn themselves a WWE Title match with the champion at Capitol Punishment next month in Washington, DC!

Decent pop for that, and Lawler turns away, walking backstage. In the ring, Cena and Triple H turn to face one another again, tempers possibly flaring… but Dolph Ziggler is FURIOUS! He’s stomping about the ring, screaming “He’s stackin’ the deck against me! What the hell’s the matter with him? I’M DOLPH ZIGGLER!” For a moment, he marches towards Triple H, but the Game feigns a punch… AND ZIGGLER HITS THE DECK TO ROLL FROM THE RING!!! Vickie Guerrero hurriedly follows him out, screaming “Show some backbone, Dolph! Come on!” but Ziggler just points up at the duo in the ring… “We’re not done.”

In the squared circle, Triple H turns back to Cena – AND THE PAIR GO NOSE-TO-NOSE.

Josh Matthews: There you have it, ladies and gentlemen – Triple H and John Cena must team together at Over The Limit if they want a second chance at the WWE Title!

Jim Ross: By gawd… how are these two supposed to co-exist?

As that question from JR hangs in the air, we slowly fade away.



A warm pop goes up on the return to Raw, as the hulking figure of Mark Henry walks out on to the stage, smiling and holding up a friendly arm to the crowd. The bell chimes, and the big man heads for the ring, slapping numerous hands and taking pictures on his way.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Silsbee, Texas, weighing in at FOUR hundred and twelve pounds… he is the World’s Strongest Man… MARK – HENRY!

Josh Matthews: Welcome back to Raw, folks – before the break, big news ahead of the Over The Limit pay-per-view, with John Cena teaming up with the man he wanted to face in Triple H, with a WWE Championship opportunity on the line.

Jim Ross: And we’re eagerly awaiting to see who Dolph Ziggler’s partner will be on the other side of the ring, but for now, we can only speculate, and Josh, mighty brave call from the Raw GM.

Josh Matthews: Certainly it’ll keep Cena and the Game from tearing one another apart for now, but who knows – let’s turn our attention to this man, Mark Henry, who alongside Tyler Black, asked this question of the United States Champion last week on Raw.

We cut back to last week, seeing Tyler Black and the aforementioned Henry, in their suits, asking Sheamus “So what is it that makes you think you can just... attack other guys, huh?” and “Why d’ya think you can get away with it?” only for the Celtic Warrior to tell them both to “Stuff yerselves” and shove Black out of his way. As Black looks at him incredulously, we cut back to the arena, where Henry is in the ring, watching that highlight with a slight frown.



Considerable heat fills the American Airlines Arena as the camera swings towards the stage to herald the arrival of the United States Champion, Sheamus, who brandishes his title with an evil smile and roars out at the crowd, arms spread wide. The Celtic Warrior beats his chest, then strides confidently towards the ring, unimpressed by the World’s Strongest Man waiting for him.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent… from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at two hundred and sixty-seven pounds… he is the current United States Champion… the Celtic Warrior – SHEAMUS!!!

Jim Ross: Off the back of a damn impressive title defence, Josh, Sheamus is – and I hate to say this, given his attitude to his fellow competitors – red-hot right now.

Josh Matthews: Hard to debate that, JR. Sheamus is undefeated as United States Champion, a real bastion of Monday Night Raw at the moment, but Mark Henry is out to test him here tonight, especially after we saw between them last week.

Jim Ross: This Tyler Black character, seemingly a competitor but still obsessed with askin’ questions of the Raw roster and fulfillin’ this so-called ‘agent’ role – gotta wonder where he’s goin’ with it, what his motives are. And why Mark Henry seems to still follow the guy. Lots of questions still be answered from Mr. Black, Josh.

Sheamus enters the ring and again, lofts his title into the air. As Mark Henry says “C’mon boi, let’s do this,” the Celtic Warrior decides to taunt a little bit more, before he finally hands the title to ringside and removes his famous chain. For the first time, he frowns at Henry, measuring up the huge four-hundred-plus pounder, trying to see where to begin his campaign in this match. Mark cracks a smile, happy to see he’s wiped the confidence off the Irishman’s face, and as the two brawlers prepare to go to war, referee Jack Cone calls for the bell.

Match Three – Singles Contest – Non-Title Match
Mark Henry vs United States Champion Sheamus

A decent bruising match between two big men who actually have some ability; at first, Sheamus struggles to get Henry off his feet, but once he has, the power element of the Irishman comes into play. As we join the action, Sheamus has Henry in a seated position, blasting away with some mean clubbing shots to the chest, before he hits the ropes and just floors the World’s Strongest Man with a boot to the face! Down goes Henry, and now Sheamus starts dropping those signature knees, bludgeoning his opponent in the temple until the referee counts four and the Celtic Warrior moves away. Sheamus beats his chest and spreads his arms wide again, beckoning for Henry to “Come and get it, fella…” and when he does, the Irishman straps a hand across that gigantic chest… IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER!!! He drops Henry right on to his knee, and the World’s Strongest Man gasps out in pain as Sheamus rolls him over… one… two… but Henry kicks out!

The crowd pops as Henry keeps this match alive, and now Sheamus looks pissed, grabbing the big man up by his head and clubbing him in the back again. With Henry keeling over, Sheamus applies the Powerbomb position, possibly calling for the end – but Henry throws him overhead with the Back Body Drop! A cheer goes up in the arena as Sheamus crashes to the mat, but quickly he’s up, wincing and holding at his back… BOOM! Henry blasts him with a clothesline! Sheamus is up – AND AGAIN! Henry begins to fire up, nodding his head repeatedly, then waits as the Irishman staggers to his feet once again… Henry shoves him to the corner, then charges in AND JUST HAMMERS SHEAMUS INTO THE CORNER WITH THE BODY AVALANCHE!!! The crowd groans in awe as Sheamus gets squashed, and now he staggers into the middle of the ring, eventually collapsing into the canvas in agony. Henry, however, cracks a smile, playing to the crowd before he hits the ropes… RUNNING SPLASH – NOBODY HOME! HENRY EATS CANVAS!

Sheamus rolls out of the way there, with Henry crashing down with a grimace of pain, and now it’s the United States Champion again, who just falls on his opponent with a Double Axe Handle. With Henry still dazed, Sheamus does something unusual, heading out to the apron and grabbing the top rope! As the commentators wonder what the hell he’s doing, Henry struggles back up, blinking out the cobwebs, and turns – RIGHT INTO THE SLINGSHOT FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK!!! The crowd cries out in awe, as Henry crunches down to the mat, Sheamus standing above him with a satisfied expression; the Celtic Warrior knows he’s always improving, and he’s shown us all again here. Slowly, he begins to beat his chest, wandering around the ring and crouching in the corner. The dizzy, beaten Mark Henry looks to find his feet, though he wobbles on unsure legs… AND SHEAMUS TAKES HIM DOWN WITH THE BROGUE KICK!!! Big impact sends Henry down and out, with Sheamus smirking as he hooks a leg… one… two… three!!!

Result: United States Champion Sheamus bts. Mark Henry via pinfall at 11:09


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner… the United States Champion – SHEAMUS!

Josh Matthews: Just a flat-out vicious level to Sheamus’ performances, knocking off the World’s Strongest Man here tonight on Raw, JR.

Jim Ross: Indeed impressive from the Irish-born United States Champion, Josh, and any time ya put down a man of Mark Henry’s size and calibre, you’ll be turnin’ heads. Locker room on notice tonight.

In the ring, Henry is still down, and shortly after Sheamus has his title handed to him and his arm raised… he asks for a mic. He gets it, and immediately turns to the stage.

Sheamus: I don’t know if you’re back there, fella, but if you’re watchin’, Tyler Black, here’s why I beat guys down after the bell – because I can.

There’s some boos for that.

Sheamus: I retained this toitle last night, and now I don’t have to answer to ANYBODY. So watch this, and realise why you, John Morrison, and anyone else should think twice before t’ey try me again.

Sheamus throws the mic from the ring, then picks Mark Henry up again... takes a step back – ANOTHER BROGUE KICK TO MARK HENRY!!! The crowd just rips it out of Sheamus, who again raises his title into the air – but then he takes a look at it… and weighs it up in his hands, telling Henry to get back up AGAIN! The World’s Strongest Man looks a little too unconscious to really get up again, but still Sheamus stalks him, title in hand…


And the crowd pops BIG! All eyes shift back up to the stage, where TYLER BLACK says he’s had enough, charging down in his ring gear – he slides into the squared circle, and Sheamus SWINGS with the title belt… but Black ducks, hits the ropes… AND NAILS SHEAMUS BETWEEN THE EYES WITH THE YAKUZA KICK!!! The crowd goes NUTS as Sheamus gets flattened, the title flying out of his hand, and now Black wastes no time, slingshotting up to the top turnbuckle – PHOENIX SPLASH ON SHEAMUS, SENDING THE CROWD ABSOLUTELY WILD!!! That stunning move has Sheamus rolling from the ring, holding his stomach in absolutely fury and agony, pointing up at Black but totally speechless! Black picks up the United States Title and says “This is yours… we’ll see for how long” before he just TOSSES it out of the ring at Sheamus, and goes to check on Henry again. The Irishman scrambles to take his title and backtracks up the ramp, looking considerably angered by what’s happened, but now it’s all eyes to the ring, where Black looks concerned by an unconscious World’s Strongest Man. A few medics rush down the ramp; referee Jack Cone looks on as well, and the head doctor grabs a walkie-talkie and says “Get us the stretcher…”

Josh Matthews: Tyler Black making the save for his associate Mark Henry here tonight, but one wonders how badly injured the World’s Strongest Man is.

Jim Ross: Sheamus has never been known as havin’ much in the way of a conscience, Josh, but young Tyler Black sent a message right back at him here tonight, folks. I think we’re hearin’ the need for a stretcher here for Mark Henry, but I don’t see one…

The head doctor keeps asking for the stretcher, and Black stands bemused – “What’s going on?”

Suddenly, we cut backstage to an open ambulance, and a host of medical staff are huddled, all frowning. “Where did it go?” “I don’t know, it was here a second ago…” “Whaddya mean? We can’t lose a damn stretcher, those things are huge!”

And now the camera tilts to the side, someone saying “What the hell is THAT?” and we see something going on the distance… the cameraman rushes closer, and we can make out RANDY ORTON wheeling the STRETCHER towards the grounded CM Punk! The crowd immediately roars with approval, concern for Mark Henry evaporating – Orton has got his hands on the Second City Saint! Punk tries to get up, but Orton grabs him by the head… and drives his head into the steel edge of the stretcher!!! “OHHH!” cries the crowd as Punk reels off, even slumping into the arena wall… so Orton grabs him by the head, SLAMS him into that corridor wall… then grabs the stretcher – AND CRUSHES PUNK INTO THE WALL BY RAMMING IT INTO HIM!!! Again, the Second City Saint’s tired frame takes a beating, the man crying out in pain, and now Orton tosses him on to the stretcher itself by the hair… then just BEATS the crap out of him with clubbing rights and lefts to keep him there, before he goes to slide the stretcher down the corridor…

…BAM! But here come The Convoy, Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield, slamming into Orton and knocking him to the hard floor! The crowd immediately boos as the two behemoths start laying the stomps into the Viper, both seething, both desperate to inflict some damage. As Ryan helps Punk’s limp body off the stretcher, Sheffield pulls Orton to his feet, and just DRIVES him into the wall again, then into a series of crates, then finally crashes his head off the aforementioned stretcher. The Apex Predator is in serious trouble, as now Mason Ryan adds a Knee Lift to Orton’s woes, and the Convoy pull Orton to his feet once again… to lump HIM on to the stretcher.

Punk, now far more satisfied, points into the distance, and Mason Ryan begins to wheel the stretcher down the corridor, and Sheffield lends Punk an arm to help him follow. Punk starts breathing trash talk, muttering “Faith, Randall… faith got me here…” as Ryan keeps wheeling Orton… until they stop in the arena parking lot! A few groans of awe go up from the arena crowd, as Ryan yanks Orton off the stretcher, and feeds him to Punk – roundhouse kick to the skull from Punk! Orton slumps over the bonnet of someone’s red sports car, a Dodge of some kind, and now Ryan grabs him by the head to just SLAM him back into the bonnet once again! With the Viper reeling, Skip Sheffield takes a run-up… AND LEAPS WITH A MONSTROUS LARIAT INTO ORTON, SMASHING HIM INTO THE CAR WINDSHIELD!!! The crowd just roars “OHHHHH!” in horror, as Orton gets DESTROYED by Sheffield, a man who sadistically seems to LOVE what he’s just done, despite Orton being spread-eagled, unconscious, on this car. Punk now drags Orton’s carcass off the bonnet and lays him to the concrete floor… before he topples the stretcher on top of him with a nasty impact! As Orton lies unconscious, bruised and battered on the parking lot floor, Punk straps an arm over both Sheffield and Ryan to keep him upright, and the Convoy helps him make a speedy escape as medics and backstage crew rush into view to help the Viper.

As it sinks in that Punk will do ANYTHING to punish Randy Orton, we emphatically fade away…


A man strapping on a pair of fighter’s gloves.

For a year, he’s been held back.

He throws punches, left and right, left and right.

He hasn’t shown his true colours...

He bounces up and down, preparing himself.


The man throws back his head and roars out, though no sound can be heard.

But he’s been watching you. Waiting in the shadows.

A dark smirk through the darkness from this man.

Now, Monday Night Raw must prepare...

We see the flash of this man’s eyes, then his bared teeth.

...for when he gets let off his LEASH...

The man, towel over his shoulders, laughs as he storms around the place, free.

...and runs rampant.

Flashing shots of men falling to the ground in boxing matches.

It won’t take long to see that this man is the future.

The man spreads his arms wide and roars once again.

In fact...

For the first time, the man steps into the spotlight...

...it’ll only take you 1.9 seconds.





When Raw returns, it’s MAIN EVENT TIME…

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall, and it is for… the WWE – TAG TEAM – CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

Decent pop as the Trojan graphic for the WWE Tag Team Titles swings into view.


The crowd gives a fair ovation for the challengers, R-Truth and Johnny Curtis, as Truth leads them out with his usual dancing entrance. Tonight, however, he doesn’t rap, just letting the crowd chant ‘What’s up’ when necessary, while Curtis looks all business ahead of his first title bout. They head down to the ring, Truth shaking a few fans’ hands, Curtis just setting his sights on the ring and rolling inside.

Josh Matthews: Tag team action in the main event, JR, titles on the line courtesy of Johnny Curtis’ victory in the fourth season of WWE NXT, under his WWE Pro, R-Truth.

Jim Ross: And well-deserved, I might add, Josh, but it’s just a question of whether or not Curtis can turn all that momentum from recent weeks into the big title win here tonight in Miami.

Josh Matthews: And Johnny Curtis has, indeed, had a strong welcome to the WWE, not losing a match since winning NXT, and that probably gives him the best possible approach to tonight’s match.

As Truth and Curtis line up in the usual ‘face corner’, their music dies down…



Boos fill the American Airlines Arena as YOUR WWE Tag Team Champions, Justin Gabriel and the black-eyed figure of Heath Slater, appear on the Raw stage for the first time since Nexus’ last appearance before Wrestlemania. While Gabriel stares coldly down at his opponents, Slater fights through his bruises and fatigue to raise his title and yell “Who even ARE you guys?” brashly. The One Man Rock Band heads down the ramp, pointing to his championship belt all the while, as Gabriel follows him down with no sound, no acknowledgement of the fans or his opponents, only his long, searching looks around the arena. Chilling.

Jim Ross: And a mind-blowing finale to the WWE Tag Team Title Match last night at Extreme Rules, let’s see we have some footage of it…

Indeed we do, as a replay rushes on to our screens of Justin Gabriel’s ridiculous 450 Splash on to both Kane AND the Big Show in last night’s chaotic match.

Josh Matthews: Justin Gabriel saw his tag team partner knocked out by the right hand of the Big Show, but somehow managed to haul both big men on to the Spanish announce table, and then, as you see, the 450 Splash to put it away. Truly one of the most extreme moments… of Extreme Rules.

Jim Ross: Absolutely, Josh, but now, just twenty-four hours afterwards, they’ve gotta put those titles on the line yet again, against two guys who didn’t go through a Tables Match last night – and that means it’s gut-check time for the champs, Josh.

Slater enters the ring with a few brash words at their opponents, while Gabriel heads around ringside, avoiding them completely to step into the corner on the opposite side. Curtis takes a step towards Slater, and the One Man Rock Band shoots back to his own corner, holding up his hands and saying “Don’t touch me, boy, you ain’t nothin’ to ME” in his usual bragging fashion. He reunites with Gabriel, fist bumping with the South African, then turns again to await the introductions.

Justin Roberts: Introducing first, the challengers… at a combined weight of four hundred and sixty-four pounds… the team of R-Truth, and JOHNNY – CURTIS!

A good pop for the challengers.

Justin Roberts: And their opponents, at a combined weight of four hundred and twenty-nine pounds… they are the current WWE Tag Team Champions… Heath Slater, and JUSTIN – GABRIEL!

Boos, with a cheer or two here and there, as Slater raises the belt. The titles are handed to referee Mike Chioda, who shows that they’re up for grabs, then hands them to ringside. It’ll be Gabriel against Curtis to start us off, and the referee calls for the bell in the final match of the evening.

Main Event – Tag Team Contest – WWE Tag Team Championships
R-Truth and Johnny Curtis vs WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel

As we join the action, Slater has Truth isolated from his tag team partner, grounding him with a series of unrelenting stomps to the side. The Zookeepah looks towards his corner, where Curtis is frustrated with how things are going, but before Truth can crawl back, Slater is on him again, breathing heavily but still capable of competing – he falls on Truth to apply a side headlock. Truth slides to the side, then turns away, tries to weave his way out and eventually elbows Slater in the face, catching him in the black eye to force a release. Both men get to their feet, and Truth hits the ropes… BUT RUNS INTO A SPINNING SPINEBUSTER FROM SLATER!!! The impact leaves both men flat out, but Slater forces himself into action for the cover… one… two… but Truth kicks out – and Slater just goes again with a series of right hands! Truth manages to stagger up to his feet in the aftermath, but the One Man Rock Band shoves him to the ropes and lays him out with a Flapjack! Truth is looking worse and worse here, and now Slater tags in Gabriel, who immediately comes in with a Slingshot Senton Bomb to R-Truth, then shakes out his arms, still trying to shake out the cobwebs of last night’s match.

Although Curtis is still yelling for a tag, Truth hasn’t got a hope, as Gabriel forces him into a seated position in the corner, then throws a few boots before he takes a run-up… Low-Angle Dropkick to Truth! As the veteran crawls away, eyes unfocused, Gabriel scales to the second rope, feeling out the balance as Truth stumbles back to his feet… he turns… and Gabriel launches, maybe for the Hurricanrana – DUCKED! Gabriel lands on his feet, but he hits the ropes, only to be kicked in the gut by Truth… SUPLEX STUNNER, TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES!!! Both men go down in a heap after R-Truth’s huge move at the crucial moment, and now they both turn to their respective corners, trying to edge closer and closer – Gabriel makes the tag to Slater… but ‘SLAP’ goes the hand to Curtis, AND HERE WE GO!!!

The NXT Season 4 winner slingshots into the ring, and immediately knocks Slater down with a Dropkick! Slater dusts himself off and tries again – another Dropkick! Both men find their feet, and Slater throws a weak right hand… which Curtis ducks under, then spins on his heel and just BLASTS the One Man Rock Band with a Discus Clothesline! Slater gets levelled, and now Curtis turns to the side, lashing Justin Gabriel off the apron with a stinging European Uppercut! The South African clatters to the outside, leaving Curtis without distractions as Slater finds his feet again, and the NXT winner sweeps effortlessly in behind… BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX DRIVES SLATER INTO THE DECK!!! The crowd pops as Curtis hooks both legs now, surely tying up the belts for his team… one… two… three – no! Kickout from Slater, and Curtis is stunned – he’s slow to rise, but still faster than the lethargic and two-matches-in-two-nights Slater… the One Man Rock Band has to recover, slumping into the corner. Curtis doesn’t plan to give him that time, however, hurtling in – BOOTS UP FROM SLATER!!! Curtis reels away, and Slater finds his way to the second rope… he soars, catches Curtis… AND DRILLS HIM INTO THE CANVAS WITH TORNADO DDT, LEAVING THEM BOTH FLAT OUT!!!

With both men collapsed, the crowd becomes involved, chanting Curtis’ name a little as the referee begins to count towards the fatal ten. R-Truth and Gabriel are back on their respective aprons after selling their injuries, and now, at a count of six, the two legal men find their feet, both using the ropes. Slater casts a look at Gabriel, hand outstretched, but says “I got this,” and turns again, but when he moves towards Curtis, the NXT winner drops him on to the second rope with a Drop Toe Hold, then tags in R-Truth! The crowd cheers as Truth comes haring into the fray, grabbing Slater from the floor and sending him across the ring – Slater rebounds, then misses with the clothesline as Truth does the SPLITS… then leaps to take Slater down with the Jumping Corkscrew Hook Kick! The crowd pops as Truth shows off some athleticism, then beckons for the One Man Rock Band to rise… he does, though he bends down, gasping for air, so Truth hits the ropes… SCISSORS KICK – NOOOO!!! Slater stands, then hauls Truth to the deck with a roll up… one… two… but Truth kicks out of it!

Both men split following the kickout, and though Truth scrambles after Slater, he rolls from the ring and tries to get some distance between himself and his opponent! The crowd inevitably boos Slater, who runs past Gabriel… and the South African sticks his boot out, catching R-TRUTH right between the eyes, knocking him down! Boos fill the arena, and referee Mike Chioda immediately lectures him, but here comes Johnny Curtis, barging Gabriel off the apron again! Slater now rolls back into the ring, and rocks Curtis with a right hand, but the NXT winner boots him in the gut in reply, then hurls him to the outside, knocking down Justin Gabriel as the South African gets up! Though the crowd cheers, Curtis isn’t done, grabbing the top rope… AND SOARING TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A PLANCHA TO THE TAG CHAMPIONS!!! The crowd gives Curtis a HUGE ovation as he floors both Slater and Gabriel, and now it’s R-Truth who staggers to his feet, taking Slater as the legal man and rolling him back inside the ring. Truth follows, then lethargically falls upon him for the cover, surely securing the titles this time around… one… two… SHOULDER UP FROM SLATER!

“Awww, what?” calls R-Truth, but the official can only shrug! Truth sighs, muttering to himself, then gets to his feet, shaking out the cobwebs and calling “WHAT’S UP?” to the Miami crowd – they respond in kind, and now Truth begins to stalk Slater, telling him to get up so he can finish this… up gets Slater, so Truth hits the ropes and goes for the LIE DETECTOR… DUCKED!!! Slater dodges the killer shot, and now Truth staggers… SLATER STRIKES WITH E-MINOR!!! The crowd cries in protest, and now it’s Slater into the cover, screaming “ONE – MAN – BA…” – BUT JOHNNY CURTIS MAKES THE SAVE!!! Curtis really wants these titles, keeping the bout alive, then desperately escaping to his corner, away from Mike Chioda’s protests… Slater and Truth both try to find their feet, but it takes them several moments this deep into the contest, and when they finally do, they begin to exchange blows… then Slater goes to whip him to the corner… reversed by Truth – so Slater hits the Tag Team Champions’ corner turnbuckle hard – GABRIEL returns to grab the blind tag – and now Truth deals Slater a crunching shoulder thrust, slamming the One Man Rock Band into the buckles!!! Truth turns around, calling “WHAT’S UP?” once again – BUT GABRIEL SPRINGBOARDS, AND TAKES TRUTH ALL AROUND THE WORLD BEFORE HE COMPLETES THE HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN!!!

R-Truth reeling, Gabriel gets back up, possibly the hottest man in the match now after his stay of absence (thanks to Slater), and Truth staggers to his feet… STO connects from Gabriel, who then heads to the ropes – no, he takes a detour to thump Curtis off the apron with a right hand – now he hits the ropes, opposite side, and tries the SPRINGBOARD MOONSAAAAAUUUULLTTTT… CRASH AND BURN FROM GABRIEL!!! Truth rolls, rolls, rolls to the side, and Gabriel hits the deck, though the momentum carries him to his feet, clutching the stomach he injured last night at Extreme Rules… AND NOW THE LIE DETECTOR FROM R-TRUTH!!! Miami goes WILD as Gabriel gets flattened, and surely that’ll do it… one… two… SLATER SAVES THE MATCH!!! Slater dives in with an elbow drop to Truth, leaving us in a scene of chaos, bodies strewn everywhere, as Slater rolls out to the apron in exhaustion. For a moment, no-one moves, until Gabriel rolls conveniently towards the babyface corner, and Curtis RISES from the outside floor like Batman, scaling the turnbuckle and calling for the deadly Diving Leg Drop! These fans in Miami show their approval, and Curtis SOARS – DOWN – INTO – THE MAT!!!

“By gawd, what’ve they gotta do?” moans JR as Gabriel rolls out the way, and now it’s Curtis down in that same position, as Gabriel struggles through the fatigue, both from tonight and his toils last night in Tampa, to get out to the apron and scale the turnbuckle himself. Boos can be heard as the South African goes up high, crouching vehemently above young Johnny Curtis… BUT HERE COMES R-TRUTH!!! The veteran isn’t done, bursting to life, climbing up the turnbuckle to take Gabriel on and save his partner, throwing half a dozen right hands to daze the South African! Gabriel comes back with a few shots of his own, however, peppering a kick or two as well, and this could go either way… Johnny Curtis rolls to the outside, proving that Truth saved him there, but now it’s the two legal men trading blows up high! Truth gets the upper hand, looking for the Superplex too… BUT HEATH SLATER RETURNS, AND PULLS TRUTH DOWN… WITH THE POWERBOMB!!! “OHHH!” cries the crowd, while Slater falls to a knee, blinking heavily and ignoring Mike Chioda’s calls – while Chioda tries to get him to leave, however, Gabriel lines up the 450 Splash again – ONLY FOR JOHNNY CURTIS TO CLIMB UP TO THE APRON AND TIP GABRIEL OFF THE TOP!!!

The crowd pops as Gabriel crashes to the deck, leaving the legal men down again… but now Slater wants a piece of Curtis, having seen exactly what he did! The One Man Rock Band moves past Chioda, yelling abuse at Curtis… but the NXT winner SLAPS him, sending him reeling back, then springboards – BAM! DROPKICK! Slater rolls from the ring, and now Chioda is on Curtis’ case, counting to five to get him out of the ring… R-Truth is up, and the dazed Justin Gabriel scuttles backwards, with referee Chioda just behind him. Truth spots Gabriel, and as the high-flyer gets up, the veteran charges in… Gabriel’s plan backfires, as when he dodges, Mike Chioda has already moved out of the danger zone, knowledgeable as he is – BUT TRUTH COLLIDES WITH CURTIS INSTEAD!!! The crowd groans in shock as Curtis falls to the floor, rolling from the ring, and now Truth faces Gabriel – REVERSE STO FROM GABRIEL… WHICH HE THEN TRANSITIONS INTO THE BRUTAL KOJI CLUTCH!!! The crowd screams for Truth to escape, the women and children especially chanting his name, but with Gabriel’s legs and arms all choking Truth out, it looks like he may not have the energy to free himself! Gabriel has a truly vicious look in his eyes now, screaming “TAP! FREAKIN’ TAP OUT!” like someone who really needs this title… Truth tries to inch toward the ropes… then finally raises a hand… AND TAPS OUT!!! R-TRUTH GIVES IN!!!

Result: WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater bt. R-Truth and Johnny Curtis via submission at 17:17


Justin Roberts: Here are your winners as the result of a submission… and STILL, WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… the team of Heath Slater, and JUSTIN – GAAABRIEL!!!

On the outside, Heath Slater screams “OH YEAH! THAT’S HOW WE DO IT!” and rolls into the squared circle to celebrate his victory – Justin Gabriel has to be convinced by Chioda to release the hold, and eventually he does, leaving Truth nearly passed out on the ring mat. The Corre duo are handed their titles, and they raise them high, with Slater grinning his face off after a proud shift himself, even if he didn’t score the fall AGAIN, while Gabriel’s face is unreadable. Pure stoicism from the South African, who raises his title high like the cold, emotionless figure he’s become.

Jim Ross: Folks, Justin Gabriel does it again – he’s manipulated the situation at hand, and come out with the big win as a result. Can’t say I’m not impressed, Josh.

Josh Matthews: I think Gabriel was trying to get R-Truth to collide with our match referee, Mike Chioda, but it seems the official getting out the way only led to Truth hitting his own tag team partner – Johnny Curtis – that was crucial… (as the Koji Clutch replay appears) and just clinical with this cruel submission manoeuvre, JR.

Jim Ross: That Koji Clutch doin’ the job for the Tag Team Champions here tonight, and news from the SmackDown side of things, Josh – these two men will be in the Battle Royal this Friday to determine the NEW Number One Contender to the World Title.

Josh Matthews: No doubt those two will be eyeing an opportunity at new champion Alberto Del Rio, but for now, it’s ‘job done’ for Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. Two nights, two successful defences, and it’d take a brave man to bet against them any time soon.

As Slater parades the title around the ring, and Gabriel watches Truth and Curtis retreat sadly up the ramp, we fade away again.




When Raw returns, the ring has a table in it, cloaked in black, as well as the traditional black carpet and two padded wheelie chairs. In the centre of it all stands Raw General Manager, Jerry “The King” Lawler, smiling with approval at the scene.

Jerry Lawler: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back – I’m Jerry Lawler, and welcome to the contract signing for the WWE Championship Match at our next pay-per-view, WWE Over The Limit.

Half-hearted pop for Lawler’s half-hearted introduction.

Jerry Lawler: But just before that – on the subject of Over The Limit, I have one more match to announce. As we saw earlier, the issues between Randy Orton and CM Punk have… well, escalated.

Mixed reaction at those names.

Jerry Lawler: Therefore, at Over The Limit, they will settle their differences once and for all… in as fitting a match as I could think of – a Stretcher Match!

BIG pop for that concept, as JR says “Wow!” and it sinks in that their final encounter will be a suitable environment for what they have in mind. Lawler gestures on…

Jerry Lawler: As for tonight, let’s get this contract signing started – I’d like to introduce the man helping me to keep the peace… THE ROCK!



Once again tonight, the crowd goes NUTS at the sight of THE ROCK, who storms into view and heads down the ramp, nodding his head from behind his shades. Lawler applauds him politely from the ring, as the Great One receives another thunderous ovation from his hometown crowd, and the man himself wastes no time entering the ring, throwing up an arm to the fans, and shaking Lawler’s hand. His music dies down, and they both can’t hold back grins as the crowd immediately roars “ROCKY! ROCKY!” in their thousands.

Jerry Lawler: Well, first of all, Rock – happy birthday.

Another pop, as plenty of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” chants kick off again.

Jerry Lawler: I’m glad to have you here, on your special day no less, but without further ado, allow me to introduce the challenger for Over The Limit… ladies and gentlemen… Daniel Bryan!


A great pop goes up for Daniel Bryan as the submission expert makes his way out, sans Gail Kim here tonight, with a humble but warm smile on his face. He sidesteps down the ramp, in his ring gear with a merch shirt on, and greets a few fans at ringside before he clambers into the ring. He heads around the turnbuckles briefly…

Jim Ross: Of course, Daniel Bryan unhooked the contract he’s about to sign last night in a Ladder Match against Dolph Ziggler, in a match that could have gone either way, Josh.

Josh Matthews: I definitely think so, JR, but it also says a lot about Daniel Bryan’s heart, his desire – I think he wanted it just that little bit more, and that was what inspired him to pull out those crazy submission holds and go to even further lengths to win his shot at the big time. Tonight could be the start of something very special for young Daniel Bryan.

Bryan shakes both Rocky and Lawler’s hands, then takes a seat on the right side of the ring. He feigns getting comfortable, then looks at the mic and the contract on the table, even taking a sip of water from the glass beside them to show how calm he is. His music dies down, giving way to the “Daniel Bryan!” chants, and again, he can’t hold back that traditional babyface-Bryan smile.

Jerry Lawler: And the man he’ll be facing –

???: Wait, wait, wait…

The crowd boos as the jacket-wearing figure of Alex Riley appears on the stage, mic in hand and a smug look on his face. He runs a hand through his hair as a Raw nameplate slide into view, then disappears.

Alex Riley: The WWE Champion doesn’t trust a biased General Manager like yourself, Lawler, so he’s asked me to come out here and give him a FAIR introduction.

Though Lawler sighs, Bryan can’t help but chuckle at the mind games of a man he knows all too well.

Alex Riley: Ladies, gentlemen, kids and beloved family pets. Whether you’re listenin’ from a sky box or you’re depressingly in the cheap seats… hi up there!

Riley waves patronisingly up at the top tiers of the American Airlines Arena, then squints.

Alex Riley: Forget it, they probably can’t see me. The only thing they saw tonight was probably Mark Henry, but that’s only because…

The Varsity Villain blows out his cheeks and spreads his arms wide to signal Henry’s size. He chuckles at his own humour.

Alex Riley: Anyway, anyway. Tonight, you all get to see… or maybe just hear… something special. A man who single-handedly beat two of the WWE’s most famous superstars last night, writing himself into the history books AGAIN…

Unsurprisingly, heavy boos for that.

Alex Riley: He is a man who doesn’t accept mediocrity. He is a man who rises above and beyond your expectations every – damn – time. And most importantly, he is a man who is going to pick Daniel Bryan apart at Over The Limit…

The classic Riley grin as the heat rolls in.

Alex Riley: I give you… THE MIZ!



HUGE heat welcomes the WWE Champion, The Miz, as he strides proudly out in his ‘Hello! I’m AWESOME’ gear, WWE Title strapped gloriously over his shoulder. He stops for a moment to admire the arena, only to then mouth “Nah, sucks” and head down the ramp, Riley muttering words of encouragement at his elbow.

Jim Ross: I don’t know what annoys me most about The Miz – his ego, or how much it gets padded when events turn out like they did last night, Josh.

Josh Matthews: The Miz undoubtedly feels empowered after his win in the main event last night, but he faces a stern test in Daniel Bryan, a man he’s met on a few occasions before, but never for a prize this big. Even if we can predict a certain amount from The Miz’s upcoming speech, the question still remains… how will he deal with Daniel Bryan?

Jim Ross: Guess we’re about to find out.

The Miz and Riley enter the ring, and survey the scene. As the WWE Champion’s music dies out, a few “Miz sucks!” chants become audible, so The Miz does his usual disapproving pout as he stares about the American Airlines Arena. When he’s done, he slowly lowers himself into the chair, and helps himself to the mic on the table, of course with the ‘W’ turned upside down to become an ‘M’.

The Miz: Well, isn’t this just a fun reunion.

Dripping in sarcasm, Miz gets plenty of boos for that.

The Miz: I mean, here we are with a so-called Hall of Famer, a so-called future Hall of Famer, and the so-called ‘best wrestler around’… and yet still, somehow, I manage to rise above all three of you.

Heat as Miz’s gaze switches between the three.

The Miz: I know all of you for a different reason, but to be honest, you’re all in The Miz’s past. You’re all in the same boat as John Cena and Triple H last night… in that I’ve outshone you all at different points on my career.

More heat for that, as Bryan keeps grinning and Rock raises the eyebrow.

The Miz: For instance… Lawler. Jerry Lawler. I remember beating you at Elimination Chamber like it was yesterday. I remember pinning you… and how good it felt.

Boos as Lawler frowns and looks away.

The Miz: And how about you, Daniel – Bryan. Did you enjoy winning your match last night? Did you? I bet you went and sat down in the back, held that contract tight to your chest and watched me go out and dominate… and I know that after you saw that, you felt a lot worse about your chances.

Bryan just sits and listens.

The Miz: See, I am the master of shocking people around here. Just when you think I’m done holding this title, I find new ways to win, stun the world… as the most must-see WWE Champion of all time.

Big heat for The Miz, who takes another long pause to look around the arena.

The Miz: And when you realised that, you realised that contract wasn’t so much a reward… as it was a ticket to a very dark place for you, Daniel. A place where you’re gonna end up embarrassed.

More heat as Bryan stays still, just keeping that little smile going.

The Miz: I mean, from day one of your time in the WWE, I’ve been better than you. You remember those times on NXT, the very first season, don’t you? Of course, of course. But not fondly, huh Daniel? And why’s that?

Bryan doesn’t deign to give him a response, though that smile fades.

The Miz: Because you couldn’t even win a match. Against a group of ‘rookies’, just like you… none of whom have won a World Title since that show ended. And I just know, that deep down, that really gets to you.

Boos as Bryan narrows his eyes a little. We can spot Alex Riley smirking behind The Miz’s chair.

The Miz: You couldn’t buy a win back then… and you can’t buy a win at Over The Limit, either.

Again, the crowd boos, but all of a sudden, the mic on the desk is in Bryan’s hand.

Daniel Bryan: Miz, I know you like to talk, but maybe you should try listening for just a sec. Maybe you should even try to open your eyes.

A pop from the fans as Bryan takes over; The Rock is seen watching from behind his shades, arms folded.

Daniel Bryan: I’ve come a long way from NXT – I think you remember, seein’ as I beat you for the United States Title way back when, and I’m gonna the exact same thing in three weeks at Over The Limit.

Another decent cheer, as The Miz scowls.

Daniel Bryan: To be honest, if you don’t believe me, ya wanna keep livin’ in the past, I don’t care. If you still treat me like a ‘rookie’, like an underdog, it’s just gonna make it all the more satisfying… when I make you TAP on pay-per-view… again.

The cheers get bigger as Bryan starts to get under The Miz’s skin, and The Rock smiles a little.

Daniel Bryan: As it happens, I’m the best wrestler in the world. And as the very best wrestler in the world, I gotta win the best wrestling title in the world to prove that.

Good pop of approval from these Tampa fans, but The Miz shakes his head.

Daniel Bryan: Of course, I’m capable of that. In fact, I could make you tap any day of the week. Monday, ya get outta bed – I’m there, and BAM! Sharpshooter, I make you tap.

Pop for that.

Daniel Bryan: Tuesday, maybe you’re shoppin’ for hair gel, and BAM! Figure Four, I make you tap.

“WOOOO!” cry the crowd in response.

Daniel Bryan: Wednesday, brushin’ your teeth – BAM! Surfboard Stretch, I make you tap. Or Thursday, ya go to an autograph signing, just got your pen out and BAM! Cattle Mutilation, and you TAP.

Big cheers again.

Daniel Bryan: Friday, at the gym, then BAM! Armbar, you tap. Then Saturday, you’re havin’ a nice romantic dinner with your girlfriend over there…

Laughter as Bryan gestures at the frowning Alex Riley.

Daniel Bryan: …BAM! Triangle Choke, you tap. Then Sunday, maybe you’re just at church, prayin’ not to have to tap out anymore, and I knock the doors down, put you in the LeBell Lock… AND – YOU – TAP.

One last firm cheer, as Bryan cracks a grin and the crowd chants “DANIEL BRYAN!” The Rock looks impressed, nodding his head, but the scowls on Miz and Riley’s face tell you how sour they are about it.

Daniel Bryan: Fact is, Miz, I can beat the ‘most must-see WWE Champion of all-time’. It’s what I’ve been workin’ my entire life for, come rain or shine.

A bit of applause from this Miami crowd.

Daniel Bryan: Sometimes I look at you as WWE Champion and I just think how much you don’t deserve it. When I beat you… I’m gonna treasure every second with that belt around my waist. I won’t abuse my position like you like to do.

Miz leans slowly forward in his chair.

The Miz: (deliberately) …Lies.

Boos from the crowd.

The Miz: If – God forbid – this title somehow fell into your hands, you’d forget about everything you just said. Of course you’d let fame take over. I’ve met dozens of men like you in my career, scratching and clawing my way up the WWE ladder… all who say they can’t wait to hit the big time, only to let it take over.

He smirks.

The Miz: I’m the exception to the rule. Daniel – you’re not.

Heat for The Miz.

The Miz: You’d become even more arrogant, even more unbearable to listen to – but don’t worry. This title is going nowhere. I’m too much of a legend, an ICON to let this belt fall into the hands of a pest like you. And that’s not arrogance, or fame taking over my career – that’s just pure, unadulterated, glorious MIZ.

Some of the biggest heat of the night for The Miz’s… well, arrogance. A few “MIZ SUCKS!” chants begin, but suddenly, they get cut through by a familiar voice…

The Rock: If The Rock could offer his insight for a moment…

BIG pop as the Great One interjects, taking a mic from the table.

The Rock: Not that The Miz –

Alex Riley: Hey, pipe down while The Miz is talking, alright?

Loud boos for Riley, having grabbed the last mic and interrupted. The Rock turns to look at him incredulously.

Alex Riley: You should consider yourself lucky to even be here, so how about you just step back in line and observe, like you’re here to do!

More heat as Riley now tries to order The Rock about. The Brahma Bull lowers his shades.

The Rock: Who – in the blue hell – are you?

Big pop!

Alex Riley: My name is Alex –


Again, the crowd goes WILD, but Miz turns in his chair to hit Riley for being stupid enough to fall for that.

The Rock: Now listen here, Miz, you cocky son of a bitch…

Another huge pop here.

The Rock: The Rock didn’t come here just to help out Jerry Lawler, ohhhh hell no, he came here to put you in your damn place!

The Miz scowls again.

The Rock: This kid over here, Daniel Bryan – he’s the real deal! After all, the MILLIONS…


The Rock: …of fans watchin’ around the world, they all love this guy! Hell, even these good people in Miami love him, because if I they didn’t, why would they be chanting his name?

The crowd cottons on quick and starts chanting “DANIEL BRYAN!” over and over. Bryan himself can’t help but grin at that.

The Miz: I don’t need your advice, Rock. I don’t want you here, I don’t need you here, and I don’t even care that it’s your birthday – if it wasn’t for this useless General Manager, you wouldn’t be here at all.

Strong heat as The Rock frowns down at the WWE Champion.

The Miz: I outshone you at Wrestlemania, even when you were supposedly the guest host. The torch has well and truly been passed, Rocky. So now it’s time for you to step down and get OUT – because I’m the new Great One here on Monday nights now.

Again, massive heat from the crowd as The Miz’s ego hits new levels. As The Rock stares furiously at him, the WWE Champion raises the mic one more time.


Boos ring around the American Airlines Arena, and now The Miz puts the mic on the desk, reads over the contract for a moment, and signs on the dotted line. He slides the binder across to Bryan, whose eyes flicker to Lawler, Rock and finally The Miz before he takes the mic up again.

Daniel Bryan: You know what? No words. Just wrestling.

He drops the mic to the table and signs the contract as well. It goes to Jerry Lawler, who looks it over…

Jerry Lawler: Thank you, gentlemen, and good luck for your title match.

With that generic GM comment, Lawler leaves the ring, contract in hand, and heads up the ramp. Back in the ring, however, The Miz slowly gets to his feet, gaze switching between The Rock and Daniel Bryan. The crowd is now chanting “ROCKY! ROCKY!” and the Great One removes his shades, putting them in his trouser pocket. He raises the mic.

The Rock: Seeing as it’s The Rock’s birthday… would anyone here in Miami like to see The Rock and Daniel Bryan have a party – by kicking The Miz and Alex Riley’s asses all around this ARENA?

MASSIVE pop to the affirmative, and immediately The Miz scowls, with Riley bouncing on the balls of his feet. Daniel Bryan takes this as a sign to get up, which he does, and looks between the other three men. The Miz lofts the title back on to his shoulder, frowning as he stares at The Rock… he tries the cheap-shot – BUT THE ROCK BEATS HIM BACK WITH THE PEOPLE’S PUNCH!!! Alex Riley now leaps forward to try, knocking The Rock back with an ambushing right hand… BUT DANIEL BRYAN KICKS HIS FUCKING HEAD IN!!! The Miz has long since escaped, backtracking up the ramp with his title in hand, but now it’s all eyes to poor Alex Riley, struggling back to his feet, unaware of the Great One standing right behind him… ROCK BOTTOM – THROUGH THE TABLE!!! The Rock just DRILLS Riley through the table, leaving A-Ry flat out in the ring, and we catch The Miz shaking his head, left furious tonight by The Rock’s actions! As Riley lies unconscious beneath Bryan and Rocky, the Brahma Bull picks up one of the mics…

The Rock: Right here… right here’s your next WWE Champion!

BIG cheer from the Miami fans!



With that, he tosses the mic beside the floored A-Ry, and raises Daniel Bryan’s hand victoriously into the air! It’s a heart-warming sight as Bryan gets a hero’s reception by The Rock’s hometown crowd, and as streamers and balloons fall from the ceiling, we catch The Miz’s sour expression on the stage, and the crowd chants “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” again and again…

Jim Ross: Well, it’s official, folks – at Over The Limit, The Miz will defend his title against Daniel Bryan, and with a little help from The Rock tonight, he may just have started to play some mind games with the current champion!

Josh Matthews: Anyone who counted out Daniel Bryan because he’s never been WWE Champion before can think again, JR, because tonight we saw a streak in him that I don’t think we’ve seen before – that man wants The Miz’s belt, and what a conclusion to that contract signing!

Jim Ross: Alex Riley contributing to The Rock’s birthday celebrations in a manner which he wouldn’t have liked, certainly, but nonetheless a great night for The Rock, a great night for Daniel Bryan… that’s all the time we have, from myself, JR, alongside Josh Matthews… goodnight!

As Bryan turns to The Rock and leads the round of applause for him, Raw fades to black.

Quick Results
Melina bts. Eve Torres
John Morrison bts. Ted DiBiase
Sheamus bts. Mark Henry
Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater bt. R-Truth and Johnny Curtis

WWE Championship
The Miz (c) defends against Daniel Bryan

The Final Encounter – Stretcher Match
CM Punk versus Randy Orton

Tag Team Attraction; No. 1 Contender
John Cena and Triple H versus Dolph Ziggler and ???
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Raw Feedback

First off, I adore you bringing J.R back. Beats Cole all day, every day.

No other way to start things though than the Great One what with his b-day shenanigans. Really good stuff here, character down to a tee, even throwing in a Twitter reference, now trademark Rock right there . Punk!! Fantastic to see this taking place. It’s something WWE have only recently started to do, with Rock/Bryan/Punk a few weeks back and they should’ve done it years ago, have their up and coming guys, their nearly there kinda guys interacting with the stars.

Punk was brilliant here, really was, I could hear every word he was saying in my head, nailed it. The whole faith thing, the Dwayne references and his ‘dangerously overrated’ line was just so Punk, loved it. The Convoy? Hmmm, I kinda like it, will probably grow on me. classic Rock here, owning Punk and his hitmen. Really great exchanges and Orton coming down to back Rocky up was great to see and not surprising considering the way Punk turned him over last night. Highly enjoyable read to kick off the show here.

Nothing much to say here, surprise surprise Melina retains. No shock, right call.

Really couldn’t get into this with Orton. I don’t know why, just felt a little off. Most of the interaction so far I can vividly imagine people saying in my head but with Orton I just couldn’t at all. Might just be me but I wasn’t feeling it. The overall message was clear though, Punk beware, the Viper’s in pursuit which will be good to see.

Good stuff here from the DiBiase’s. Always felt this would be the eventual route they took for Ted but they can’t put a decent storyline together to save their lives. Looking forward to where this all ends up.

Seemed a decent contest here and a nice win for JoMo to stop his little winless run. Right call to make as this DiBiase storyline can take shape now and the aftermath was interesting with Morrison offering his hand. A face turn for Ted? Hmmm, we shall see.

Very good job here with Rock and Cena. Displayed that the tension is still there despite them being all happy go lucky and the line from Cena ‘For Now’ told me all I need to know.

Ah typical Cena here, character to perfection but it’s just frustrating to see. I’m sure you will eventually shift his character but for now I guess you have to stick with it, so at least you’re writing it well. Cena wanting in though on Bryan’s shot he earned is ridiculous but again…classic Cena. No surprise to see Trips and him bringing up his love, his thirst for the title was great, it’s what I always remember when I was a kid, him just wanting nothing more than to be on top, dominating the scene. I was a bit miffed that Trips kept saying he’s desperate for the title, that’s what he’s gunning for, yet then saying he needs to settle things with Cena. Unless it’s gonna be a number one contenders match, I don’t see why he’d be all that bothered. Some good exchanges between the two men though.

And you put this perfectly, a buzz kill. Ziggler coming out would’ve had the crowd fuming but I love it. Much like with Punk and Rock earlier, this is exactly what they should’ve been doing a long time ago, a guy like Ziggler getting involved with two legit stars, it’ll help him no end. Ziggler was characterised very well here, much like the majority of your roster and Lawler setting up this clash for Over the Limit is huge and will be a MASSIVE rub for Ziggler and whoever his partner is, which right now? Haven’t got a clue, looking forward to seeing it and to seeing how you allow Ziggler to grow working with Cena and Trips.

Very good encounter from Sheamus and Henry here, big win for the Celtic Warrior also. His push has gone smoothly so far in this thread. Wow, you’re going all out with Tyler Black. I didn’t expect this but I really like it. Great way for him to come to prominence and if he were to dethrone Sheamus it’d be massive for him. No doubt a great feud in the making here.

Absolutely crazy stuff here from Punk/Orton and the Convoy(already growing on me). Orton showing his sadistic side in hunting Punk down but the ruthless brutality from Sheffield and Ryan here, wow. These two are sheer dominance. Can see where this is heading and after the recent developments, it’s gonna be bloody wild.

Hold on, hold on. The Tag Team Titles…main eventing? I feel like I’m back in 2000. Love it, if not a bit surprised but still, great call. Gives the belts a boost, gives all these four men a boost too. It was a very good encounter and for these guys to be given seventeen minutes on Raw is amazing. I would say it’s a tad unrealistic but I am all for it. Definitely the right call in having Gabriel and Slater retain also, after their display last night as well. Gabriel bringing a submission into play now? Very nice and just adds all the more to his arsenal as well as his growing reputation.

No surprise Lawler announces Punk/Orton Stretcher match, obvious call and it should be an absolute blockbuster feud ender there.

Riley, fantastic. This guy has got all the tools on the stick. Really strong stuff from Miz here, you always write him extremely well and I could connect with every word he said, bringing up his past with all three men was a great touch and it makes you realise there really is a story all written out for this match already. Bryan was surprisingly good too. Obviously he had a very different persona at this point than his ‘YES!’ phenomenon he has now so you did all you could with how he was at this point. The seven days of the week run down I enjoyed, albeit it a little corny. Riley interrupting Rock had me cracking up again and you knew what was coming. He’s already used it once tonight, overkill? Never with Rocky. Rock elevating Bryan here with him getting the chant going, really clever stuff and a great ending also. Always gonna lead to Rock coming out on top and him kicking some ass with D-Bry alongside him is just really smart booking in terms of elevating Bryan all the more.

On the whole, I probably sound like a kiss ass coming off this review but everything really was excellent. The only criticism I think I had was Orton’s interview. The rest was just superb. I mentioned it in your Extreme Rules but the way you’re making new stars and elevating new guys is fantastic. Again here tonight you did that, allowing Punk and Bryan to interact with Rock. Ziggler getting to mix with Trips and Cena, just refreshing and this whole show had that kinda vibe. I look forward to it continuing and also to Smackdown. Don’t keep us waiting too long.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

JAM's Review

The opening of the show was a really good one with introducing Jim Ross back to the announce table. JR is a legend on commentary, so it's good to have him back. The first half of Rocky's promo felt a bit off but it's kind of hard writing for The Rock anyway. But in the second half, it really picked up, and was great all throughout with Punk made an appearance. The exchange between the two was pretty good and the lines that Rock had to say, I could imagine it all in my head. When Orton came out, he definitely added something here and the staredown between him and Rocky was a nice touch. Punk/Orton should be a feud that is kept going and I'm wondering how far you take it. But anyway, it was a good start for the show.

Decent match here with Eve and Melina. I like both ladies since they can both perform well in the ring. Glad that you actually gave them a decent enough time here. The Orton interview seemed a little off as well, I don't know, just something about it seemed off. But this anger he has towards Punk, I won't be surprised to see the punt come back into play. This is pretty interesting what you're doing with Dibiase. Having his dad “cut him off” could be a good storyline for sure. Dibiase should definitely be a bigger star than he is now. I think all he needs is a chance. Tough luck here for Dibiase but maybe you'll make him come back as the “Unfortunate Son”? Sounds like a pretty good gimmick too, have be a dark character, something similar to Cody Rhodes I guess.

Ha, I see what you did here. You did well in getting Ziggler over after that exchange with both Cena and Triple H. I love the match that Lawler has made for Over The Limit, it should be a good one. Ziggler actually sounded really good here in his dialogue. No idea who his partner could be but it's definitely a big match for Ziggler, for Cena and HHH as well. Hopefully you use this to really put over Ziggler who is main-event worthy pretty soon.

Mark Henry being jobbed to Sheamus? Don't like that since Henry is a pretty good heel as of late, but since he's a face here, I get why you're doing it I guess. I do think that you need to change Tyler Black to Seth Rollins though. But anyway, having Black in a midcard feud with someone like Sheamus is big. I'm slowly starting to enjoy RAW more than Smackdown because of the new talents that are being pushed harder than ever, lovin' it! The scene backstage was brutal and was a joy to read. Another segment for the Orton/Punk feud, definitely could be a really good, personal feud possibly going to depths to hurt each other, likin' it for sure!

Very interesting video package here. Leads me to think it's a crusierweight when that line about 1.9 seconds was emphasized, no idea who it could be to be honest. Tag match as the main event? Well that was certainly nostalgic. What a way to end the match though, Koji Clutch from Gabriel? Wow! Gabriel is definitely a good talent and I'm actually glad that you're keeping him in a team with Slater as he's a heat magnet. Valiant effort from Curtis and Truth here but the tag titles were never going to change hands. Twenty men battling for the World Heavyweight Title? Can't wait for that.

Ha, what a closing segment this was. Everything was perfect, Alex Riley was a joy to read here, haha. Well anyway, you have Miz down to a tee, he's a really good talker and I'm glad you utilize that skill that he has. What Bryan had to say was pretty good as well, he's definitely come a long way to be a pretty good promo-man. It was clever to use The Rock to elevate Bryan in this situation and I'm glad that you did it. Ofcourse the contract signing had to get physical and poor Riley here had to pay the price. Riley was awesome throughout the segment and so was Miz but the star of it all was made out to be none other than Daniel Bryan.

Overall, a really good show with everything advance in terms of feuds. The Orton/Punk segments were brutal. That feud should be a really good one especially since it involves Orton, we know Orton has had many great feuds once it gets personal. Also glad to see you live up to your thread name title. You're definitely using the new talent here great. Black, Bryan, Ziggler, Miz all are the future of RAW. Now onto Smackdown to see what's going on there. Great job with this show, King. Onto the next one!

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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

To Quote the graet Ron Simmons DAMN! i love what you've done with this you've taken the most shitty thing I've ever seen and made it a phenomenon keep up the good work 5/5

RATER R Superstar
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

WWE Superstars
Amway Arena, Orlando, Florida | 5th May 2011

Match One – Singles Contest
David Hart Smith bts. Ted DiBiase via pinfall at 7:21
Poor Ted DiBiase’s bad form continues here, as the bigger competitor in Smith pulls out a win with the Saito Suplex after some back-and-forth action. Although in the middle parts on the match-up, DiBiase manages to keep the big man down, Smith eventually fires up again to leave DiBiase wondering – what does he have to do to get his trust fund back? As commentators Scott Stanford and Todd Grisham ask how long this losing streak will continue, David Hart Smith offers his hand to the Unfortunate Son to help him back to his feet. As with John Morrison on Monday, DiBiase finds himself perplexed by other superstars’ pity for him, and so ends the segment.

We get a brief promo from Curt Hawkins, telling us that he’s bored of sitting around and waiting for chances. As of next week on Superstars, he’s going out to drop the Heat-Seeking Elbow as much as he can, because he doesn’t play by the rules… in fact, he’s redefining standards. He’s pushing the envelope. He’s a rule-breaker. He’s Curt Hawkins, and he’s ready to fly.


Match Two – Tag Team Contest
Percy Watson and Darren Young bt. DZP via pinfall at 12:23
The South Beach Party Boys are run down before the match by Zack Ryder, who claims that HE is the only man in the WWE – “woo woo woo, you know it” – who knows how to truly party. As he shows off his signature fist pump, Primo waltzes out alongside him and agrees, saying that no matter how entertaining Watson and Young THINK they are, they’re nothing compared to DZP, who constantly make sure every night that the crowd is Down With Zack and Primo. Watson invites them to the ring to prove it… and in just over twelve minutes, they can’t manage it, with Watson nailing Primo Colon with the Showtime Splash for the three count. With “Showtime” Percy Watson and Darren Young looking considerably pleased with their re-debut win, DZP make a retreat, saying ‘this isn’t over, broskis!’

Raw Rebound gives us a replay of the contract signing between The Miz and Daniel Bryan, in which The Miz brings up his newfound status as a so-called “legend” or “icon”, and Bryan talks of his wrestling ability, including how he’s “worked his entire life” for a shot at the WWE Championship. After he mentions that he could make The Miz tap any day of the week, we note The Rock’s input, only for Alex Riley to cut him off… and then things get even more heated, eventually leading to the signing of the contract, and Rocky putting A-Ry through the ring table. As Bryan and Rocky celebrate in the ring, Rock’s birthday special comes to an end.


Main Event – Singles Contest
William Regal bts. Johnny Curtis via submission at 16:57
A big main event between newbie and veteran ends in William Regal’s favour on Superstars; just days after Johnny Curtis failed to capture the WWE Tag Team Championships alongside R-Truth, he tastes his first defeat in which he takes the fall himself. This comes after nearly seventeen minutes of terrific action between these two, culminating in the finale in which Curtis comes off the top turnbuckle, looking for the Diving Leg Drop, but misses when Regal rolls out of harm’s way. Regal had targeted Curtis’ left leg for the duration of the contest, meaning this miss was crucial, and allows the Englishman to tie the rookie in knots with the Regal Stretch, something unstoppable when injured as Curtis was here. Curtis has no choice but to tap, giving Regal another impressive win, and handing Curtis his first singles loss.


Friday Night SmackDown
Amway Arena, Orlando, Florida | 6th May 2011

Just five days after the controversial Extreme Rules pay-per-view, SmackDown is in Orlando, Florida to witness the fallout of a night of extreme action.

First and foremost, the WWE fans were outraged on Sunday when Alberto Del Rio won the World Heavyweight Title from Edge, thanks to Brodus Clay and Chavo Guerrero hauling him out of a steel cage. Tonight, the new World Champion will open the show for his victory speech, and possibly to explain his actions following what many have dubbed ‘a tainted win’ last Sunday. That being said, Del Rio has never been a man to care about HOW he won the title, as long as he got his hands on it in some way; regardless, Del Rio’s so-called ‘destiny’ has been fulfilled, and tonight, he’ll tell us how that feels. But will Edge show his face so soon after being robbed of the World Title he cherished? No doubt Del Rio will have the rest of the Alberto Administration alongside him, but Edge won’t shy away if he has a score to settle.

Also related to the World Heavyweight Title is our main event this evening; twenty of SmackDown’s best and brightest will try to claim a World Title shot at Over The Limit, competing tonight in an Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal. Whoever can outlast nineteen other men will give themselves a chance to dethrone Alberto Del Rio personally at the pay-per-view, and while we only know one competitor of the twenty – David Otunga’s brash words landing him this chance on Sunday – it’ll undoubtedly stand as the sternest way to decide who most deserves a chance at the big gold belt.

Cody Rhodes is the new Intercontinental Champion – he beat five other men on Sunday to become champion, last eliminating his nemesis Rey Mysterio with the help of a shot from his signature mask. Tonight, Rhodes faces another of the men in that match; promising young superstar Trent Barreta, who was eliminated early, but had a good showing nonetheless. Elsewhere, the man who eliminated Barreta, Drew McIntyre, aims to be only the second man to beat Sin Cara since his WWE debut. Can the Sinister Scotsman overcome the crafty Mexican Idol? And who of those, if any, are next in line to Rhodes’ Intercontinental Title?

Also, Jack Swagger takes on Chris Masters after losing his ‘I Quit’ Match this past Sunday, we’ll hear from Wade Barrett after another supernatural occurrence… and can anyone stop Beth Phoenix from winning? Michelle McCool will try, tonight on SmackDown.

~ Announced For SmackDown ~

New World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio opens the show
The thoughts of Wade Barrett


Twenty-Man Battle Royal For A World Heavyweight Title Shot

Singles Contest – Non-Title Match
Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs Trent Barreta

Singles Contest
The Sinister Scotsman Drew McIntyre vs The Mexican Idol Sin Cara

Singles Contest
The All-American American Jack Swagger vs The Masterpiece Chris Masters

Singles Contest
The Glamazon Beth Phoenix vs Michelle McCool


Note: Thanks for any feedback on Raw, especially to Jamjam22 for doing it when there was no evidence I was ever going to post SmackDown.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

No review from me for now, I've just read through this thread, and from what I've seen, it looks fantastic. Extreme Rules was one of, if not the best PPV's that I've read in BTB. For this SmackDown, I'm thinking Christian will win the battle royal, Cody Rhodes will beat Barreta, as he only just became champ,Drew McIntyre should beat Cara since his streak's already gone,and Swagger & Phoenix should win their matches quite easily.
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Okay, so I haven’t formatted/coded my own show since my old thread, so this came as a bit of a surprise when I remembered how long it used to take. Anyway, because the forum doesn’t really like my usual SmackDown colour when you’re formatting line-by-line, I’ve switched to the usual blue for the purposes of convenience. Possibly not the greatest of issues. That said, I hope this was worth the wait, and I hold no grudges against those who don’t want to wade through the main event, it took me forever to write and it shows.

(Hey JamJam, I finally posted it! Keep the faith buddy.)

I’m going to try to dish out some feedback before the next show (especially to the 2011 threads, seeing as I’m working in the same time period, but all around as well). Raw is finished and SmackDown is half-done too, so we’ll see how it goes from here.

Friday Night SmackDown
Amway Arena, Orlando, Florida | 6th May 2011

SmackDown begins with a few clips from Extreme Rules, including the lights going out to cost Wade Barrett the Intercontinental Title, something Cody Rhodes then collects with a mask shot to Rey Mysterio – a Cross Rhodes later and we’re looking at Rhodes as the new champion. We then see Michael Cole flying off the steel stage, then Christian coming through various close calls to beat Jack Swagger by threat of con-chair-to in their I Quit Match. Later, it’s Justin Gabriel’s INSANE 450 Splash to both Kane and the Big Show, through the Spanish announce table, to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships. The final footage shows the exchanging of moves and near-falls in the World Heavyweight Title contest, with Edge narrowly missing out after the Spear, then Del Rio unable to force the submission with the Cross-Arm Breaker. Eventually, it’s Brodus Clay and Chavo Guerrero who help Del Rio steal the World Title, pulling him from the steel cage after his Enzuigiri to Edge on the top rope… as Del Rio kisses the title and Edge stares at him furiously, we fade away…

…into the NEW SmackDown opening VP, complete with new theme song, ‘It’s Your Last Shot’ by Politics and Assassins (better known as the Bragging Rights 2010 theme, but it’s just too good not to use again), speeding through the main SmackDown stars until we end on our final image, that infamous Del Rio kiss to the big gold belt, red ‘X’ lit up in the Extreme Rules set behind him. After that, we hit the Amway Arena, where blue fireworks cascade all over the stage, and now the fans here in Orlando cheer and wave as we head to ringside; the smiling faces of Josh Matthews, Matt Striker and Booker T greet us.

Josh Matthews:
Five days after the controversial events of WWE Extreme Rules, SmackDown emanates from the Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida, and tonight’s going to be big, ladies and gentlemen!

Matt Striker: Get ready to be impressed, indeed, because the fallout begins here – we have a new World Champion, a new Intercontinental Champion, and things are still yet to be shaken up even more, because we still have plenty of action as we prepare for Over The Limit.

Booker T: It’s gonna get hot and heavy ta-night, guys, I’ll tell ya dat right NOW.

Josh Matthews: Absolutely Book, because later tonight… (cue graphic) it’ll be twenty men in the ring at the same time, all fighting it out for a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity at Over The Limit.

Matt Striker: We’re going to find out for sure who really wants that title, guys, and after weeks of hearing from men like Jack Swagger and Christian about their title hopes, tonight could be the night for someone to really make a name for themselves.

Josh Matthews: Also tonight, we’ll hear from Cody Rhodes, and the death-defying Sin Cara is in action –


The heat is MAMMOTH as the stage turns gold, and we watch the black Mercedes of the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio, roll into view. Sat in the passenger seat as usual is Rosa Mendes, looking particularly pleased, and Del Rio honks the horn again and again, that satisfied smirk unable to be removed from his face. Over his shoulder is, of course, the World Title, which he raises into the air immediately after stepping out of the car. At ringside, the infuriating voice of Ricardo Rodriguez drifts into our ears…

Ricardo Rodriguez:
Damas y caballeros, prepárense para un gran hombre. Usted vive en la mediocridad, pero este hombre vive en la celebración y el espectáculo. Él es el orgullo de México, el nuevo campeón de los hombres… el es – ALBERTOOOOOOOO – DEL RIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOO!!!

Josh Matthews: Alberto Del Rio’s title victory this past Sunday can be called ‘controversial’ at best, guys.

Booker T: And 'dat’s takin’ it lightly, dawg. Alberto just went out dere and stole dat title, man, he stole it. Just when I thought Edge was gonna pull it out, dat Administration came rushin’ in and dey helped dat boi take da gold, and it just don’t sit right with da Bookerman.

Matt Striker: Questionable indeed from so-called ‘Destiny’s Darling’, with his “destiny” essentially coming true at Extreme Rules, but I don’t think he’ll care, as long as he has that belt. He said he’d bring in the new era… and possibly he has, gentlemen. Certainly, with that title, he’s the new face of SmackDown, whether you choose to like it or otherwise.

Del Rio heads to the ramp now and raises his arms, letting the flow of gold fall from the ceiling; as he does, Brodus Clay, Chavo Guerrero and the trumpeter wander into view behind him, from the curtain, completing the Alberto Administration, and together, Del Rio leads the group of five down to ringside, where… yes, Ricardo Rodriguez has tears in eyes, and is applauding wildly. He’s the only one, however, in an arena full of boos and jeers for the new World Heavyweight Champion. Del Rio enters the ring, in his usual gold trunks and towel around his neck, but it’s the title belt the camera zooms in on; Ricardo joins his associate in the ring and hands him the mic. Once all six of them are in the ring, Del Rio’s music subsides, leaving us with just those “YOU SUCK!” chants directed at the entire stable, with all of them but Clay seeming cruelly pleased with their efforts of late. Of course, it’s Del Rio, title on shoulder, who raises the mic first.

Alberto Del Rio:
I thought de most satisfying thing about winning last Sunday would be when I held dis title into de air… but I was wrong.

He smirks.

Alberto Del Rio:
De most satisfying thing… is standing here right now, knowing I was right all along.

Big heat for Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio:
I told you people dat I would bring in a new era for SmackDown… and just look around. My face is now de final picture in de opening video. De story of Extreme Rules was my first ever World Title win. And I know all you people hate me for the way I did it… but I don’t care.

A few more boos, “YOU SUCK” chants and the like.

Alberto Del Rio:
Edge thought he could use that Steel Cage as an advantage over me, but I proved him wrong. You all saw me in dere, outperforming him at every turn. Somehow I’d like to have watched de faces of you all as you watched it… and slowly realised dat Edge’s time was quickly running out.

More heat as Ricardo nods in the background.

Alberto Del Rio:
Now, he’s done. Just like I promised, I took him out back and shot him like a DOG.

Serious heat for that metaphor.

Alberto Del Rio:
After dat bell rang, de colour drained from his face. He knew dat I’d embarrassed him. He knew dat I’d taken back de one thing dat let him stay at de top of dis show.

Del Rio looks at HIS title yet again.

Alberto Del Rio:
Dis is my title, and with dat, I get all de privileges I deserve. I have everything I earned before – de money, de cars, de… (a flash of a smile at Rosa) beautiful women… and now everything I earn with dis title over my shoulder. De recognition as de best here on SmackDown, de contract bonus, and most importantly, de knowledge dat myself and my Administration…

“DAH-DAAAAH DAH-DAH DAH-DAH-DAH!” is the cry from the trumpet.

Alberto Del Rio:
…are de number one force in de entire WWE.

Boos as Del Rio turns.

Alberto Del Rio:
Just look at us. You have de gorgeous Rosa Mendes…

Heat. The secretary takes an extravagant mock-curtsey.

Alberto Del Rio:
De beast dat is… Brodus Clay.

More boos for the snorting, bored Man of Mayhem.

Alberto Del Rio:
De trumpeter who heralds de dawning of a new day…

The trumpeter raises his instrument to Del Rio with a smile.

Alberto Del Rio:
My amigo, de man who made dat moment last night twice as special… Ricardo Rodriguez.

Clear heat for the swagged-out Ricardo, who fixes his bow tie.

Alberto Del Rio:
And finally, a man raised from the same heritage as myself… Chavo Guerrero.

Boos for the Mexican Warrior as he raises his arms.

Alberto Del Rio:
We are a group of individuals cut from de same cloth. Classy, strong, efficient – successful.

The camera pans across the Administration’s faces, though Clay remains stoic.

Alberto Del Rio:
And behind your new World Champion, dere is no man who can take dis title away from me. So no matter where you’re watching dis, make sure you know – you’re going to be seeing dis picture a lot.

Taking the title off his shoulder, Del Rio brings it up and kisses the big gold belt again, with the heat raining down on the new champion…


The crowd pops in relief as the camera turns away from Del Rio – up we go to the stage, where the SmackDown General Manager, Theodore Long, pops out with a mic in his hand. Del Rio scowls, as do Chavo, Ricardo and the trumpeter, while the crowd are just happy to see an interruption to Del Rio’s victory address here.

Theodore Long:
Just hold up a second, playa.

“What de hell is this?” questions Del Rio.

Theodore Long:
Now Alberto, I recognise that you’re the new World Champion. Dat’s fine by me, playa, you won last night by hook or crook. But we’ve still got a loose end to tie up. Y’see, the man you took that title from, he’s got a rematch clause.

The crowd cheers for that, but Del Rio scowls furiously.

Theodore Long:
But seein’ as the Battle Royal later tonight will decide the challenger for Over The Limit… we kinda need to put a fast-forward on that rematch.

Another pop.

Theodore Long:
In fact, we’re gonna have that title match…

Alberto Del Rio: …next week.

Del Rio points up the stage, ignoring the heat from the fans.

Alberto Del Rio:
Dis is an important night for me, Teddy. I’m your new World Champion. You don’t wanna get our relationship off to a bad start, now, do you?

Teddy frowns at the Mexican Aristocrat.

Theodore Long:
To be honest, Alberto, that title match…



THE CROWD GOES MENTAL!!! Smoke rushes up from the stage behind Teddy Long, and now, looking like he wants to KILL Del Rio, EDGE storms out! The Administration goes into a slight panic, with Ricardo rushing about the ring like a headless chicken, while Del Rio just frowns under the flashing lights… AND NOW THE BELL RINGS!

Booker T:
Awwwwww yeah!

Josh Matthews: Guys – I think we’re about to have a World Title Match!

Matt Striker: This isn’t what I was expecting tonight at all, Josh! That’s the Rated R Superstar, Edge, and I tell you what, he doesn’t look happy! Rematch clause bein’ cashed in right here tonight in Orlando!

Edge flexes out his fingers at the top of the ramp… AND CHARGES FOR THE RING! The Administration scatter, except for Brodus Clay, who stands across the ring from the Rated R Superstar – both men look ready to have a battle, so Edge ROARS forward and starts blasting the big man with right hands! Clay is taken aback, falling back to the corner, and now Edge rocks the Man of Mayhem with a Big Boot to the skull! A dazed Brodus collapses, rolling from the ring, and now Edge fires up the crowd, beckoning Del Rio back into the squared circle… here comes referee Charles Robinson, too, meaning we have a match on our hands!

Del Rio is on the outside, title still on his shoulder, but he’s having a fit, storming around ringside like a caged animal – he wants a piece of Edge, but he’s wary of how much the Rated R Superstar wants a piece of HIM! Chavo gets up to the apron and starts talking trash – BAM! Edge knocks him off with a right hand! Ricardo Rodriguez holds Del Rio back and whispers tactics in his ear, until slowly, the World Heavyweight Champion finds his way to the apron, and joins Edge in the ring. The Canadian has to be restrained by Charles Robinson, as Tony Chimel’s voice echoes from the outside…

Tony Chimel:
The following contest is set for one fall, and it is for… THE WORLD – HEAVYWEIGHT – CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

HUGE cheer from the Orlando fans!

Tony Chimel:
Introducing first, the challenger… from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and forty-one pounds… the Rated R Superstar… EDGE!!!

The crowd is firmly behind Edge here, giving him a big pop as he nods his head.

Tony Chimel:
And his opponent, from San Luis Potosi, Mexico… weighing –

Ricardo Rodriguez: …y el campeón de los hombres para siempre – EL ES ALBERTOOOOOOOO – DEL RIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Heat as Ricardo interrupts, then throws his mic away, pointing to Chimel and screaming “That’s my job!” In the ring, Charles Robinson takes the title from Del Rio and raises it into the air. As Chavo, Brodus and co. regroup on the outside, the World Title gets passed to ringside and the bell rings in this shock opening bout…

Match One – Singles Contest – World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio

After eleven minutes, the crowd is beginning to believe Edge will recapture the gold here, having shown some real aggression in the early going of a back-and-forth contest. As we get into it, Edge is fighting out of a basic behind-the-back Armbar, with Del Rio desperate to work Edge’s weakened left arm from this past Sunday. Though the Canadian gasps in pain, he’s not ready to quit, and he manages to find a vertical base, if only to take a few knees to the ribs from Del Rio, who then shoves him to the ropes and bends down… CRACK! Edge kicks him between the eyes, then applies the front facelock for the EDGECUTION – NOOO!!! Del Rio spins out, lashes a kick to Edge’s left arm, then leaps up and connects with the Double Knee Backbreaker! Down goes Edge, wondering when Carlito made an appearance in this match, and now Del Rio struggles to the outside, wincing through his fatigue as he climbs to the top rope… DIVING SENTON – CONNECTS TO THE RATED R SUPERSTAR!!! The crowd groans in awe of the big move from Del Rio, who now stretches back to hook a leg… one… two… but Edge kicks out of it!

Del Rio sits up, blinking at the referee in surprise, then decides to go back to work, pulling Edge up by his hair. On the outside, Chavo and Ricardo applaud Del Rio, with the Administration basically surrounding the four sides of the ring now, and the World Champion steps back, then goes for the ENZUIGIRI –NO GOOD! Edge ducks the move that cost him his title, and when Del Rio staggers on landing, the Canadian spins and drives him down into the canvas with the Edge-O-Matic, and the pin… one… two… kickout! Both men struggle back up, and Edge throws a right hand, only for Del Rio to duck – Double Knee Arm Breaker this time! Del Rio goes right back to the injured arm, sending Edge stumbling over to the ropes… he drapes himself over the top rope, exhausted, but Del Rio gives him no respite, moving over there to land some hard blows to the arm… referee Charles Robinson gives him the count to make him move away, even giving him a lecture – and Chavo Guerrero leaps up, grabs the arm, and drops from the apron to wrench Edge’s arm off the rope! The crowd boos immensely, as Del Rio looks to capitalise with the Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, followed by the cover, Del Rio pressing the left arm into the mat as well… one… two… no good, kickout!

Edge begins to crawl away after he kicks out there, but Del Rio hunts him down and picks him up again. He grabs the Rated R Superstar by the hair again and begins to trash talk – “I broke your title reign… now I’m gonna break your arm, amigo…” but Edge shoves him away! The crowd pops as Del Rio moves in again, shaking his head, but Edge boots him in the gut – EDGECUTION!!! The Amway Arena comes alive, and now it’s all eyes on the Canadian, crawling back to Del Rio to lay the functional right arm over the champion… one… two… no! Kickout from Del Rio, and here we go again, the two tired men up to their feet and exchanging blows! It’s endless right hands, until Del Rio kicks his opponent in the stomach and uses the ropes… BUT HE WALKS INTO THE BIG BOOT FROM EDGE!!! The World Champion gets flattened, eyes unfocused now, and the exhausted frame of Edge heads to the corner, looking to make Del Rio’s reign very short… he crouches… he bares his teeth… and the crowd starts chanting “SPEAR!” Del Rio looks totally out of it, and Edge prepares to end it – but Chavo’s on the apron again! Boos fill the Amway Arena as Guerrero insults Edge… BUT EDGE HAS NO TIME FOR IT, DRIVING CHAVO OFF THE APRON WITH THE SPEAR!!!

As Chavo falls to the outside, the attention goes back to Del Rio, now stumbling to his feet, so Edge locks his sights on the World Champion again – but this time, the trumpeter is on the apron, instrument in hand! Furious, Edge MAULS the trumpeter with a Spear of his own, sending him to the outside too – but now ROSA MENDES enters the fray, on the adjacent apron! Charles Robinson can’t keep track of the entire situation, as Edge snarls at Rosa to “Get the hell off,” just long enough for Del Rio to charge in… BUT EDGE SIDESTEPS, AND DEL RIO NEARLY HITS HIS OWN SECRETARY!!! The crowd groans as Rosa nearly gets hammered, but the World Champion has bigger problems, because he turns around… AND EDGE DRIVES HIM INTO THE DECK WITH THE SPEAR!!! The crowd goes WILD, but the fatigued body of Edge lies flat, unable to make the immediate cover on the unmoving Del Rio… Edge begins to crawl… UNTIL THE MONSTROUS BRODUS CLAY PICKS EDGE UP… AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE MAYHEM SLAM!!! The Tongan Death Grip Slam leaves Edge unconscious, and as Charles Robinson throws this one out, Clay pulls Del Rio up, helping him from the ring, and calling to Ricardo to “Get the title, we’re leaving! GET THE TITLE!”

Result: Edge bts. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio via disqualification at 14:54

No music plays – the only backing track is the immense booing in the arena as Clay aids Del Rio’s exhausted frame up the ramp, with Ricardo scurrying after them with the title in hand, Rosa trying to wake up Chavo and the trumpeter…

Tony Chimel:
Your winner via disqualification – the Rated R Superstar, Edge… but still the World Heavyweight Champion… Alberto Del Rio!

Josh Matthews: Brodus Clay saving the match-up for Alberto Del Rio tonight, guys, but maybe more than that, he’s just saved him the World Title as well!

Booker T: I thought my boi Edge had fo’ sure right dere, dawg, he hit dat Spear, but somehow dat Brodus Clay takin’ the coward’s way out, gettin’ Del Rio da win yet again here on SmackDown. Gonna drive me insane, dawg.

Del Rio begins to come around, taking his title with the slightest of smiles, while Clay stares down at the ring, where Edge leans against the ropes, hardly moving but eyes showing signs of life as he watches the Administration retreat up the ramp. Chavo and the trumpeter are holding their ribs, but they make an escape as well, following Del Rio to the top of the stage. As the image of Del Rio’s next great escape burns into our television screens, we fade to our first break…


When we return, Todd Grisham has his hands on a mic.

Todd Grisham:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time… the Big Show.

Decent pop as the camera pans to the side… and considerably up, to factor Big Show into the shot.

Todd Grisham:
Now Show, last Sunday at Extreme Rules, you and your partner Kane were unsuccessful in your challenge for the WWE Tag Team Titles. With that in mind, how are you feeling ahead of the Battle Royal later tonight?

A shrug from Show as the mic goes his way.

Big Show:
Look, I’m disappointed about last night’s Tables Match. Of course I am. But sometimes in the WWE, things go wrong. Like Kane getting injured, but he’ll be back.

Mixed reaction there.

Big Show:
And I can’t honestly say that I’m not impressed by what Justin Gabriel did last night, but it’s time to move on, Todd. Starting with the Battle Royal later. That kind of match usually favours men with size, and I like to think I’ve got a good track record with that.

A small pop.

Big Show:
At Over The Limit, I’ll become the World’s Largest… Champion.

He weighs that big right hand in his left, getting a decent cheer from the crowd again.


The camera slides right to see Jack Swagger entering the shot, to a chorus of boos, with Michael Cole appearing, in a neck brace no less, behind him. Show snorts with laughter at the sight at Cole, but Swagger folds his arms and stares up at the bigger man.

Jack Swagger:
I’m not sure if you remember me, but I’m the Phenomenal Athlete, the All-American American, JACK – SWAGGER. And you’re the world’s largest idiot if you think you’re gonna throw me over the top rope.

Good heat for Swagger.

Big Show:
Maybe I won’t have to. Maybe you’ll do it for me… you know, quit.

A few laughs from the crowd as Swagger’s face scrunches with rage.

Jack Swagger:
Watch your mouth around me, Show. If you thought last Sunday was your most embarrassing moment in WWE history, just keep talking, and I’ll break your ankle.

Heat for that. Show isn’t intimidated by Swagger’s low-voiced threats, however.

Jack Swagger:
In fact, you’re gonna get a little preview. I’ve got a match next… so why don’t you watch what I do to my opponent – and then we’ll see whose night it’s gonna be tonight.

As the silent Cole forces an ugly smile in the background, Swagger storms out of the shot.

We cut to the ring, where Chris Masters gets DAT JOBBER ENTRANCE by already being inside the squared circle. The bell rings.

Tony Chimel:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall! In the ring, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred and sixty-five pounds… the Masterpiece… Chris – MASTERS!

Masters poses to virtually no reaction. Eyes to the stage as the Masterpiece’s music dies out.



Heat echoes through the Amway Arena again as Jack Swagger makes his appearance after a few moments to allow him to get to the Gorilla position from the interview set. The All-American American has the hobbling Michael Cole beside him on a crutch, but pays him no heed, just walking purposefully to the ring and forcing Cole to keep pace as best he can.

Tony Chimel:
And his opponent… from Perry, Oklahoma, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds… he is the Phenomenal Athlete… the All-American American… JACK – SWAGGER!!!

Josh Matthews: Jack Swagger went through a hellacious I Quit match-up with Christian at Extreme Rules, only to eventually say those two crucial words when threatened with the con-chair-to from Captain Charisma.

Booker T: I tell ya right now, Josh, dat was da right call from Swagger. One con-chair-to coulda ended dat boi’s career, but he right back out here to try to dominate dis match, get some momentum rollin’ for the Battle Royal later on tah-night, get himself dat title shot.

Matt Striker: We all know how focused an individual Jack Swagger is, gentlemen. We saw a new level of intensity from him just there, possibly signalling a new mind-set as he looks to get himself in World Title contention, despite his loss on Sunday.

Once Swagger gets into the ring, he does a quick ‘On your knees’ taunt in time with the music, then squares up to Masters as referee Rod Zapata calls for the bell.

Match Two – Singles Contest
Chris Masters vs Jack Swagger

Swagger explodes out of the blocks, taking Masters down with several clubbing blows to the back. The Masterpiece struggles back up, but Swagger responds by taking him to the mat with an amateur takedown and rolling him about the canvas like a rag doll. Swagger transitions easily into the front facelock, pulls him up and sends him to the ropes. Masters rebounds and takes a Shoulder Block to knock him down. The LA native begins to get frustrated, getting to his feet with a grimace, and now he goes aggressive, throwing a clothesline… no, Swagger ducks it, hits the ropes – BAM! The huge Running Knee Lift catches Masters in the jaw! The Masterpiece reels away, smarting, only for Swagger to haul him back with the waist lock – BOMBS AWAY GOES MASTERS, GERMAN SUPLEX FROM SWAGGER!!! As Masters collapses to the side, Swagger takes a moment to spread his arms wide, walking around the ring but never smiling once. Chris Masters gets to his feet, but Swagger darts in and takes out his legs with a football tackle! Again, Masters falls to the floor, wheezing in pain, and now we see Cole applauding gingerly at ringside, while we get a replay of Swagger’s latest dissecting move.

Needless to say, the Phenomenal Athlete isn’t done there. He pulls Masters up by his hair and clubs away with more forearm blows to the back. With Masters weakened, Swagger has no trouble pulling him up, holding the 265-pounder briefly in the Military Press… before he dumps him neck-first on the top rope! Masters reels back, gasping for air, and now Swagger pulls out the big guns, scooping him up with Oklahoma and RAMMING him into the turnbuckles, one by one! As the All-American American picks apart Master’s spine, the crowd sits in awe and disgust, and of course, Swagger completes the Oklahoma Stampede in the corner. As Masters writhes, Swagger takes a run-up, taking to the turnbuckles… SWAGGER BOMB! Boos begin to roll in as Swagger turns his head to the crowd, then trash talks down at Masters – “Bet you wanna get off the carousel now, huh Masters?” – and picks him up again, dragging him to the centre of ring… up goes Masters… AND DOWN WITH THE GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB!!! This time, Masters doesn’t move, eyes unfocused – that is, until Swagger grabs him by the ankle for the ANKLE LOCK, and begins to wrench away until the Masterpiece taps out!!! Cruel, brutal and efficient from Swagger!

Result: Jack Swagger bts. Chris Masters via submission at 2:02


Tony Chimel:
Here is your winner as a result of a submission… he is the Phenomenal Athlete… the All-American American… JACK – SWAGGER!!!

Swagger has his hand raised by the referee, then heads for the turnbuckles. He calls “On your knees” to the crowd, then steps off, shoving Masters from the ring by his boot, and joining Cole on the outside. Making his exit, Swagger turns to the nearest camera.

“Tonight’s the night of SWAGGER.”

Before the commentators can even start talking about how impressive that was, we go to a break.


Our shot starts with a car’s wheels; the rims spin at a ridiculous pace, and the roar of an engine can be heard in the background. We smash cut to the car stereo, which is conveniently playing ‘Help Is On The Way’ by Rise Against, and at the wheel, we can see a hand tapping to the beat. The camera pans slowly upwards from the wheel and we can see The Miz, nodding his head to the beat as the car window behind him shows us that the car is flying down the highway, late at night. Suddenly however, blue and red lights flash in his rear view mirror, and he looks up at it with a frown...

The Miz:

Great... what now?

His car pulls over to the side of the road, and the police car slides in behind it. Out from the car walks two cops, both wearing hats, and they arrive at The Miz’s window. One of them looks curiously like Christian, and the other uncannily resembles Edge.

Long-haired officer:

Sir, do you know what speed you were going?

The short-haired officer (the Christian lookalike) takes a notepad, flips it open, and starts making unnecessary notes.

The Miz:

You don’t understand, officer, I have to –

Short-haired officer:
No, there’s no excuse for speed, sir. Speed kills.

Long-haired officer:
That it does. I’m gonna have to see your licence, sir.

Begrudgingly, The Miz gets out his licence and gives it to Edge the officer.

Long-haired officer:

This expiration date doesn’t look good to me, sir. I’m gonna have to ask you to come downtown with us.

The Miz:
Wait, hold on a sec! You don’t understand, I’m late!

Short-haired officer:
(intrigued) Late for what?

The Miz thinks about it, then comes clean.

The Miz:

I need to get to Over The Limit.

The officers look at each other, then nod.

Long-haired officer:

Well, that changes everything. Let’s get this man an escort!

The Miz smirks, and now we cut to the sight of him driving his car at an even faster speed, with police cars surrounding him as he speeds towards a stadium in the distance. We briefly cut back to Edge and Christian’s car, where someone who looks a damn lot like Sheamus pleads from the back seat:

Ginger criminal:

I’m tellin’ ya, I didn’t know she was a fella!

Edge and Christian’s doppelgangers shake their heads with disapproval, then we watch the police escort speed towards the stadium, before we sweep into the graphic...


Where anything goes... WWE – Over The Limit!


When SmackDown returns, we’re backstage again, but in a darkly-lit room, with an empty steel chair in the middle of the scene. Suddenly, Edge slumps into the chair, hair drenched across his face. The guy gets a huge pop as usual but he looks furious.

Winning a World Heavyweight Title for me, took a lotta effort. I had to win a TLC Match against three other guys to get the chance to be top of the pile. Del Rio, you took that all away from me.

Boos from the arena crowd.

I was stupid not to see that tainted win on Sunday. I was stupid not to see what was coming from you and your cheer squad earlier. But this isn’t over.

And now a pop for that. Edge leans in to the camera.

If I have to, I’m going to throw every SmackDown superstar over the top rope later. And I feel sorry for the guy who gets in my way… because things are gonna get RATED R.

As the crowd pops big, Edge slams the chair against the floor and storms out.

We fade back to the arena.

Josh Matthews:
Indeed, folks, we’re receiving word that the troubled man you just saw, Edge, will compete in that Battle Royal later tonight, possibly for one last shot at the title he lost just five days ago.

The bell rings.



Mild heat breaks out around the arena for Drew McIntyre, who looks seriously pissed off after failing to go the distance in the Intercontinental Title Match this past Sunday.

Tony Chimel:
The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Ayr, Scotland, weighing in at two hundred and sixty-five pounds… DREW – MCINTYRE!

Josh Matthews: Drew McIntyre unsuccessful on Sunday, guys, eliminated second courtesy of Kofi Kingston, and although he’ll be in that Battle Royal later tonight, he’s not going in with a good state of mind.

Matt Striker: By no means, Josh. Drew McIntyre has had problems with his temper in the past, and these consistent setbacks won’t be doing him any favours. He needs a win right here, to set himself up for later on.

As Drew Mac takes off his BADASS LONGCOAT, he steps into the ring and waits as the music dies down…


A good pop goes up as blue mist rushes up from the stage, and Sin Cara steps out, as always wearing that bright azure mask. He unclips his own longcoat and leaves it on the stage, before he stops at the top of the ramp to take a long look at the arena around him.

Tony Chimel:
And his opponent… from Mexico City, Mexico, weighing in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds… SIIIN – CARA!!!

Josh Matthews: Death-defying Sin Cara in action here tonight, fresh off a great upset win over Tyler Reks last week on SmackDown, and we’ve got word that he’ll be in that Battle Royal as well, meaning our main event tonight is slowly filling up with some real World Title contenders.

Booker T: Y’know I love to watch dis boi in action, dawg, he’s got somethin’ real special. Da things he can do between da ropes, I don’t think I’ve evah seen anybody pull dem off before. We in for a treat tah-night.

Translate THAT, 619IDH. Anyway, Sin Cara takes a little run-up, then SPRINTS down the ramp, launching from the unseen springboard into the ring and getting a big burst of pyro as well. With the crowd cheering, the Mexican Idol is off to the turnbuckles, playing to the crowd while Drew Mac gives him a look of pure contempt. When the music dies down, we’re left under the blue mood lighting as Sin Cara and McIntyre measure up to one another, and the bell chimes…

Match Three – Singles Contest
Drew McIntyre vs Sin Cara

Sin Cara goes down again as we join the bout four minutes in, with Drew McIntyre really letting his aggression out on the Mexican Idol. As the Scotsman falls on Sin Cara with a series of clubbing blows, Josh Matthews questions at ringside if the high-flyer can overcome this latest challenge. McIntyre pulls Sin Cara up and sends him to the ropes – Shoulder Block puts the Mexican Idol down. He gets up again, but this time McIntyre forces him into the corner and starts putting the knees in. The referee gives him a count of five to stop battering his opponent, and McIntyre finally yanks Sin Cara out of there – Hangman’s Neckbreaker, right on to McIntyre’s knee! As Sin Cara writhes in pain, the Sinister Scotsman grabs him and presses him to the mat, cover… one… two… but the Mexican Idol kicks out! There’s still life in the high-flyer! A good pop goes up as Sin Cara frustrates his opponent, and now McIntyre pulls him up… but Sin Cara pulls him in with the SMALL PACKAGE – one… two… kickout from McIntyre!

Gasps around the arena now, as Sin Cara turns the tables, and now both men get up, showing signs of fatigue but ready to charge in at one another – only one man will win this battle for pace, and Sin Cara obviously shows the cat-like reflexes to duck McIntyre’s clothesline, hitting the ropes and going ALL AROUND THE WORLD on the Sinister Scotsman – Headscissors Takedown sends him flying! McIntyre wobbles back up, staggering into the ropes… so Sin Cara charges forward and Dropkicks him so hard he falls over the top rope! As McIntyre tumbles to the outside (and Matthews reminds us that would be an elimination in the main event later), Sin Cara soaks up the cheers from the fans, then shakes out the cobwebs and hits the turnbuckle… top rope – THEN THROWS HIMSELF TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A RIDICULOUS PLANCHA TO MCINTYRE!!! Huge elevation from Sin Cara! That’s got the crowd on their feet, chanting “SIN CARA!” repeatedly, and now the Mexican Idol struggles back to his feet, trying to recover. He keeps himself up using the crowd barricade, then guides McIntyre to a vertical base… a few cracking kicks have the Scotsman reeling back towards the ring…

…but now McIntyre thumps him in response with a knee to the gut, and rolls the Mexican into the ring. Sin Cara gets up, though clutching his stomach, and when he turns, McIntyre is there, shoving him into the ropes and BANG! He knocks him down with a Big Boot! Sin Cara goes down, meaning the Sinister Scotsman will hook both legs… one… two… three-NO! Sin Cara forces a shoulder up! The crowd cheers as the match keeps going, and now McIntyre shows some real frustration, throwing his hair out of his face and pulling the high-flyer back up – arms hooked for the Future Shock – NO! Sin Cara spins out, hits the ropes… McIntyre sidesteps and shoves him to the other side… but Sin Cara pulls out a handstand, legs off the ropes… HANDSPRING BACK ELBOW!!! Again, the crowd lights up with cheers and gasps of awe, as McIntyre stumbles up dizzily, and the Mexican Idol hits the ropes for LA MISTICA… all around the world he goes… BUT NO!!! McIntyre manages to throw Sin Cara off, sending him collapsing to the mat, and when Sin Cara gets up, surely it’s FUTURE SHOCK TIME… but again, Sin Cara escapes the hooks, and darts behind McIntyre for the surprise SCHOOL BOY… ONE… TWO… THREE – GOT HIM!!! SIN CARA STEALS IT!!!

Result: Sin Cara bts. Drew McIntyre via pinfall at 6:58


Tony Chimel:
Here is your winner… SIIIIIN – CARA!

Jammy bastard, he’s done it again! The crowd pops big as Sin Cara pulls out the sudden pinfall victory, but unlike last week, there are no in-ring celebrations, as the Mexican Idol rolls to the outside and celebrates on the ramp! This is all to get away from Drew McIntyre, who is PISSED inside the ring, storming about the place and hurling all sorts of abuse at referee Scott Armstrong! As Sin Cara backtracks up the ramp, sharing a few celebrations with the fans nearby, McIntyre leans against the ropes and points at him. He’s clearly furious about how that match went, but for now, it’s Sin Cara’s moment.

Josh Matthews:
Sin Cara with another underdog moment here on SmackDown, knocking off Drew McIntyre in dramatic fashion, and that sets him well confidence-wise for his participation in the Battle Royal later tonight.

Matt Striker: Always impressive in the ring is Sin Cara, Josh, and his athleticism proved the difference in that match – don’t think we’ve seen the last of Drew McIntyre’s aggression tonight, however.

As Sin Cara raises his arms to the crowd, McIntyre shakes his head in anger… and we fade to a break.


When we return, we’re with Todd Grisham, once again with a mic.

Todd Grisham:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time… Wade Barrett.

This should be interesting – inevitable boos from the crowd for the FORMER Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett, as he steps into the shot looking…


Todd Grisham:
Wade, last Sunday at Extreme Rules, you lost your Intercontinental Championship to Cody Rhodes… can I get some thoughts on that?

Barrett smirks.

Wade Barrett:
Todd, allow me to assuage any fears you might have. Losing that title is merely a sign of me moving on to bigger and better things here on SmackDown.

Is his eye twitching?

Wade Barrett:
For instance, later tonight I’m going to win the Battle Royal to make myself the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Title, and you’ll need no further proof that the winds of change have begun to blow here in the WWE.

Heat for that.

Wade Barrett:
So my thoughts on losing that title… frankly, I’m not concerned, Todd. There’s no reason to get frustrated, no reason to get… angry.

Barrett takes a deep breath and forces a smile. Grisham’s not buying it.

Todd Grisham:
Are – are you sure you’re not even a little frustrated by the bizarre moment where the lights went out again in your match, possibly signalling…

Wade Barrett: Todd, Todd, please. I’m not the type of man to blow off the handle if something goes wrong, so let’s just say this.

Again, that eye twitches as Barrett tries to stay calm.

Wade Barrett:
Eventually, whoever’s responsible… will have to show themselves. And when – when they do, I deal with the issue there and then. Swiftly, I assure you.

Barrett forces another smile, almost wincing in the process.

Wade Barrett:
There’s absolutely no reason for me to be frustrated, Todd, because tonight… tonight is the night that I turn things around.

He stares at Grisham for a little TOO long – it’s a little creepy – before he finally disappears from the shot.

To the arena now, where the bell chimes.


A small pop goes up through the Amway Arena due the recent exposure of Trent Barreta, the former Dudebuster charging out with a grin on his face. He runs both hands through his long hair, then shouts “How we doin’ tonight? C’mon!” trying to fire up the crowd, before he starts to run down the ramp, slapping the hands of the nearby fans.

Tony Chimel:
The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Mount Sinai, New York, weighing in at two hundred and three pounds… TRENT – BARRETA!

Josh Matthews: Wade Barrett seems to have calmed down from this past Sunday, guys, but considering what we saw from him after that Six-Pack Challenge, I’d take that with a grain of salt.

Matt Striker: Absolutely, Josh; one of Barrett’s key attributes has always been his ability to deceive, and make no mistake, he’ll still be harbouring some aggression after what we saw on Sunday.

Josh Matthews: And also featuring on Sunday in that match was young Trent Barreta, folks. He was eliminated first, but he’s always ready to impress, and he’ll get a chance to do that against the new Intercontinental Champion.

Booker T: My boi Trent, he always ready to prove himself, and if he can get da big ‘W’ tah-night, he could be on his way into mah Faaaave Five, dawg.

Barreta slides under the bottom rope, but as he goes to play to the crowd, his music gets replaced…



Loud boos fill the arena now, and the dark figure of the NEW Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes, walks slowly onto our screens. His black jacket has the hood pulled over his face, with his head tilted downwards so we can’t see him properly. The one difference from this time last week? That title belt, strapped closely around his waist, reflecting the dark gold arena lights. As he begins to pace down the ramp, we catch Barreta’s unsure expression in the ring, while he tests the ropes.

Tony Chimel:
And his opponent… from Marietta, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds… he is the Intercontinental Champion… CODY – RHODES!

Josh Matthews: Cody Rhodes used his signature mask to beat Rey Mysterio on Sunday, picking up the prestigious Intercontinental Title in the process… although his mental state is coming increasingly into question, gentlemen.

Booker T: You’re tellin’ me. Dis boi is twisted, man, twisted.

Matt Striker: Cody may have won that title match, but indeed, his use of a baseball bat, steel chairs and the very mask on his face raise the question – just what is Cody Rhodes willing to do in order to win?

The cameraman again makes the foolish decision to try for a close-up, but Rhodes shoves him out of the way, muttering something under his breath. He takes the ring steps up, then steps inside the squared circle and lays the title on the top turnbuckle. The jacket gets thrown to ringside, and now Rhodes stares into the title belt, eyes burning behind the plastic mask. Finally, he turns and hands the belt reluctantly to referee Jack Doan, before turning his attention to Barreta. The two men move in, and the bell rings.

Match Four – Singles Contest – Non-Title Match
Trent Barreta vs Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

Joining the contest about four minutes in, it’s been back-and-forth action, despite Cody Rhodes doing everything he can to wear Barreta down, using the referee’s five count to its maximum and keeping Barreta on the mat whenever possible. In that vein, Rhodes has Trent down in a side headlock as we jump in, but the New Yorker manages to force his way up. He fires a couple of elbows to Rhodes, then moves into the ropes and forces the Intercontinental Champion away with the momentum… he rebounds – BACK BODY DROP FROM BARRETA! Rhodes goes flying, and now Barreta calls for the crowd’s support, getting some cheers to fire him up! He crouches, waiting for Rhodes to struggle up, and when he does, Barreta whips him to the ropes again. Barreta drops to the canvas, so Rhodes runs over him, then rebounds into a Trent leapfrog… and now the ENZUIGIRI connects on the third visit! Down goes Rhodes, and though the commentators urge a cover after the cracking impact, Barreta’s off to the outside apron, holding the top rope. Rhodes gets up, but the Disfigured One can’t see Barreta, who springboards up behind him… SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK TO THE BACK! That flattens Rhodes, and Barreta flips him on to his back for the one… two… no! Kickout from Rhodes!

Both men get up again, and Barreta throws a big kick, but Rhodes ducks it, so Barreta spins 360 degrees… crack! Rhodes nuts him between the eyes with a mask-aided headbutt! Barreta reels off to the ropes as the crowd boos Rhodes’ legal weapon, and when Trent returns, he’s too dizzy to stop Rhodes striking with the Russian Legsweep! That sets Rhodes up for something bigger, as he takes a moment to collect his thoughts, laying a few stomps before he heads for the corner… clambers to the rope – MOONSAAAAUUUULLTTT… NO GOOD!!! Barreta rolls out the way, and now both men are down! Barreta is by the ropes, wincing the pain away, until he slowly makes his way up using said ropes – he turns to Rhodes, clutching at his stomach in fury, and Trent launches forward for the GOBSTOBBER – NO! Rhodes sees it coming a mile away, darting to the side to avoid the Busaiku Knee Strike, and when Barreta gets up, it’s too late to stop Rhodes springboarding… BEAUTIFUL DISASTER!!! The impact leaves the crowd groaning in awe of the kick, and with Barreta down now, Rhodes just has to finish the job, hooking a leg… one… two… three – NO! Barreta kicks out somehow!

Rhodes can’t believe it! He gets to his feet, eyes again bulging behind his mask, and begins to lay in frenzied stomps like a madman! The crowd boos Rhodes’ uncontrolled strikes, until Jack Doan intervenes with a count of four, and Rhodes moves away… no, he returns to the scene of the crime and leaps with his signature Knee Drop, sending Barreta rolling to the side in pain! Rhodes watches him with no sign of remorse, again beginning to mutter things we can’t even hear, and finally, Barreta struggles back up. Referee Doan asks Barreta if he’s okay, and barely is the affirmative out of the New Yorker’s mouth that Rhodes brushes the official out of the way… he scoops Barreta up… ALABAMA SLAM INCOMING… NO!!! Barreta wriggles free, showing life in him yet, and hits the ropes – GOBSTOBBER, RIGHT INTO RHODES’ MASK!!! The crowd goes wild as Barreta puts Rhodes down, and now he craaaawls across the ring to drape an arm over the Intercontinental Champion… one… two… three-NO!

It’s narrowly not good enough for Barreta, but the New Yorker isn’t finished yet, brushing his straggled hair out of his eyes and beckoning the Disfigured One back to his feet. Rhodes swears and growls to himself on his way up, and Barreta grabs him by the head, looking to kill this off with the Springboard Tornado DDT… but Rhodes shoves him to the ropes as he goes for it – and Barreta rebounds… so Rhodes scoops him up – ALABAMA SLAM CONNECTS THIS TIME!!! The impact on that move shakes the ring, and although that’ll do it, Rhodes isn’t done. He kneels beside Barreta, grabs him by the hair and tells him “You’re not good enough… to even LOOK at me…” before he pulls him up – mask-aided headbutt dazes Barreta beyond resistance – and now Rhodes hooks him up… we all know what’s coming, so the demented Intercontinental Champion takes a moment to let it all sink in… BEFORE HE DRILLS BARRETA INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE CROSS RHODES!!! The crowd’s optimism dies here and now, as Rhodes presses a forearm into Trent’s face in the cover… one… two… three!!!

Result: Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes bts. Trent Barreta via pinfall at 7:48


Tony Chimel:
Here is your winner… the Intercontinental Champion… CODY – RHODES!

Josh Matthews: Victory on the first night as champion for Cody Rhodes, but again, questions to be raised about his mental state, guys. That was… disturbing in places.

Matt Striker: This is just the kind of thing we’ve come to expect from Cody Rhodes ever since he started wearing that mask, Josh, and unfortunately, Trent Barreta was the latest casualty to this new attitude.

The referee goes to raise Rhodes’ hand, but the Disfigured One pulls his arm away and calls for a mic. As Doan disappears, Rhodes grabs the mic with two hands and turns to point at the downed Barreta.

Cody Rhodes:
Cut… the music.

The monkeys in the back do so.

Cody Rhodes:
I’m above… men like you. You don’t deserve a thing from me.

The heat from the crowd turns Rhodes’ attention on to them.

Cody Rhodes:
I want all of you to look away. I said LOOK AWAY! You don’t deserve to look on my face – I don’t WANT you to look at me! This mask was made to protect me from your… from your sick judgement! I am better than being judged, I am better than men like this, I am better than being exposed to the world! Give me my jacket! You! I said give me my jacket! And my title too!

Boos for Rhodes’ aggression as a staff member hands him those. He drops the mic briefly to put his jacket back on, throwing the hood over his masked face and strapping the title around his waist again.

Cody Rhodes:
I have earned the right to stay hidden. Last Sunday, I made Rey Mysterio pay for breaking my nose. I made him pay for EVERYTHING, and it’s because you know I’m right that you hate me.

Heat for that. Rhodes tilts his head lower, making sure no-one can really see his face.

Cody Rhodes:
He tasted justice. That’s all he deserved. Pain, suffering. That’s something I’m happy to give to every single member of this wretched show.

He paces around the ring and crouches beside a cameraman, forcing the camera towards the title belt.

Cody Rhodes:
And this title – this TITLE, right here, makes everything I’ve ever said, back to when that filthy Mysterio broke my nose and trapped me in this hell… everything I’ve said is validated by this championship.

The Disfigured One stands, and leaves one last eerie shot.

Cody Rhodes:
Now get… your cameras… away from me.

‘Thud’ goes the mic off the canvas, and now the crowd boos as Rhodes turns away…



The crowd goes WILD! The stage lights up with that rainbow design, and now Rey Mysterio hurtles on to the stage, looking like he’s out for BLOOD… and now he sprints for the ring, HE WANTS A PIECE OF RHODES!!!

Josh Matthews:
Rey! Rey Mysterio’s here – he’s going for Rhodes!

Mysterio’s music cuts as he hits the ring… but Rhodes is gone, gone, GONE, rolling from the squared circle and backtracking furiously back up the ramp! Mysterio leaps to the second rope, gaining some more height to point at Rhodes, yelling “I’ll get you later, then, ese! We’re not done!”

Josh Matthews:
Cody Rhodes escapes with a win and with his body still intact, but for how much longer is debateable, because Rhodes will come face-to-face with the Ultimate Underdog later tonight, when they both fight in that Battle Royal.

Booker T: Cody don’t want any of what Rey’s bringin’ right dere, Josh, but believe ME, he gonna get a taste of revenge later tah-night – Rey Rey’s not done yet, and he gonna bring it all back again in da main event.

With Mysterio pointing at Rhodes (whose face we can now see, his eyes wide open behind his mask), SmackDown fades away from this heated scene, into another break.


Raw Rebound gives us a replay of the contract signing between The Miz and Daniel Bryan, in which The Miz brings up his newfound status as a so-called “legend” or “icon”, and Bryan talks of his wrestling ability, including how he’s “worked his entire life” for a shot at the WWE Championship. After he mentions that he could make The Miz tap any day of the week, we note The Rock’s input, only for Alex Riley to cut him off… and then things get even more heated, eventually leading to the signing of the contract, and Rocky putting A-Ry through the ring table. As Bryan and Rocky celebrate in the ring, Rock’s birthday special comes to an end.


SmackDown returns backstage, where we see none other than Christian warming up. He’s in his usual ‘Flip The Switch’ tee, looking pumped to win himself a World Title shot, just days after winning his I Quit Match against Jack Swagger at Extreme Rules. Captain Charisma gets a pretty great pop from his peeps in attendance (so, everyone), and we fade away…

…back to the arena, where the bell rings.


A few decent boos go up for the pairing of Michelle McCool and Layla, AKAed as Team Lay-Cool, although only one of them will be fed to the Glamazon in action here tonight. They pose dramatically for the crowd, then strut down the ramp.

Tony Chimel:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied by Layla… from Palatka, Florida… MICHELLE – MCCOOL!

Josh Matthews: Christian looking more than ready to go to battle in that all-important Battle Royal, and as that big match draws ever closer, we’ll be seeing Michelle McCool in action here.

Booker T: Dat man Christian gotta be pumped, Josh, but it’s all about Michelle McCool right about naw – ain’t nobody been able to beat Beth Phoenix in a looong time, dawg.

While Lay-Cool enter the ring, we go back to the stage…


The arrival of Beth Phoenix draws some cheers from the crowd, and the Glamazon strides out looking like she means business tonight. She raises her arms high in her signature fashion, then makes her way down the ramp, her stare burning a hole through Lay-Cool in the ring.

Tony Chimel:
And her opponent… from Buffalo, New York… the Glamazon, BETH – PHOENIX!

Josh Matthews: The Glamazon really has been on a hot streak lately, guys.

Matt Striker: No doubt, Josh, but the question is: will that come to an end tonight? Michelle McCool is a former Women’s and Diva’s Champion in her own right, and this could be Beth’s biggest challenge yet on SmackDown.

Phoenix climbs to the apron, then sits on the turnbuckle and flips into the ring. Referee Justin “The Pimp” King will officiate this Divas contest, of course, and once Phoenix’s glare pushes Layla from the ring, we can get underway.

Match Five – Singles Contest
Michelle McCool vs Beth Phoenix

It’s not long before Phoenix has a grip on this one – McCool manages to get some offence in early on, but as soon as Phoenix gets off the mat, her power moves take the fight out of Michelle. As such, Phoenix lays her opponent out with a Scoop Slam as we jump in, then hits the ropes… but the Elbow Drop misses, and now McCool gets back into the contest around four minutes, firing a few kicks to the Glamazon’s side! Layla starts clapping wildly at ringside, and now McCool shoves Phoenix into the ropes. Beth rebounds, and comes right back into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! There are a few gasps in the crowd as McCool gives herself another chance here, but she has to take a few deep breaths before she can crawl over to make a cover… one… two… but Beth just HURLS her off at two! The crowd cheers as Michelle goes rolling across the ring, only to haul herself back up and try again… HUGE BACKBREAKER FROM BETH!

Phoenix is through playing games here. She heads to the corner of the ring and beckons for McCool to get up, with the crowd buzzing for a big move… that’s exactly what they get, because as soon as Michelle is at a vertical base, Phoenix hoists her up with the MILITARY PRESS! The crowd sits in awe of Phoenix’s ridiculous strength, and the Glamazon holds her aloft for long enough that Layla starts screaming in protest nearby… THEN DROPS MCCOOL BACK TO EARTH! Michelle crumples into the canvas, but Beth won’t cover her. Instead, she stands and watches Michelle writhing on the mat, before she yanks her back up… and hooks the arms! A pop goes up in the Amway Arena as Phoenix calls for the end, pulling Michelle into the infamous hold – McCool struggles, but she can’t get out – GLAM SLAM CONNECTS!!! That’ll do it, as the Glamazon rolls Michelle over and hooks the leg… one… two… three!

Result: Beth Phoenix bts. Michelle McCool via pinfall at 5:40


Tony Chimel:
Here is your winner… the Glamazon, BETH – PHOENIX!

Phoenix has her hand raised, then rolls McCool from the ring on Layla’s side. The English Diva hurries to help her Lay-Cool colleague, but the focus remains with the Glamazon as she heads to the turnbuckles to raise her signature pose. When she’s done, she drops to the canvas, rolls from the ring and leaves the arena with no further pageantry – her business is done for tonight. Because the cameramen are getting little from the Glamazon, we get plenty of shots of Layla consoling a bruised McCool on the outside.

Josh Matthews:
Another convincing performance from Beth Phoenix tonight, and certainly it seems that no Diva on SmackDown can beat her, guys.

Matt Striker: You can never be sure of anything in the WWE, Josh, but I know what you mean; the Glamazon is racking up the victories, and that can only mean good things for her.

As Phoenix disappears behind the curtain, SmackDown heads backstage.

We’re in one of the backstage locker rooms, with various kit bags lying in the background. The only man present is the forlorn face of Kofi Kingston, who gets a healthy pop from the fans… but he seems to be watching something on the locker room television set. We see the flashing light of the screen reflecting on Kofi in the dim light of the room, but not the footage itself because of the camera angle. There’s a knock on the door and Kingston looks to the side.

Worker: (off-screen)
Kofi, the main event’s about to start. You better go.

Kofi Kingston: (quietly) Thanks, man.

He gets up and takes a deep breath. Finally, he walks out of the room without turning the TV off, and the camera tilts around… to see footage of Alberto Del Rio forcing Kingston to tap out at Elimination Chamber 2011. The footage continues to roll, showing Del Rio’s post-match celebrations over the hurt Ghanaian, until finally we fade away from Kofi’s personal memory.

We return to a quiet arena, but the bell chimes.

Tony Chimel:
The following contest is a Twenty-Man, Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal, and the winner will face Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at Over The Limit!

Big pop from the fans for that.



Plenty of heat fills the Amway Arena as the stage turns red, and it’s the WWE Tag Team Champions, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, who make their entrance. Slater lifts the title into the air, yelling all kinds of trash at the booing crowd, but Gabriel stays silent, looking all around the arena before he heads for the ring. Slater makes sure to show all the fans along the ramp that HE’S the Tag Team Champion and not them, before he joins the South African in entering the squared circle.

Tony Chimel:
Introducing first… representing the Corre, they are the WWE Tag Team Champions… Heath Slater, and Justin – GABRIEL!

The pair head to the turnbuckles; Slater again lofts the belt high, but Gabriel’s eyes show no signs of arrogance, just slightly narrowed at the crowd. He hops off first and asks for two mics.

Josh Matthews:
Not only did Justin Gabriel pull off the impossible on Sunday by putting both Big Show and Kane through the Spanish announce table, guys, he made R-Truth tap out on Monday Night Raw, meaning he and Heath Slater are still your Tag Team Champions.

Matt Striker: Against overwhelming odds, no less, Josh. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel have done the Corre proud this past week.

Booker T: Damn straight, but awww hell, it don’t mean I gotta like it, dawg.

Gabriel hands Slater a mic, and now the music subsides. The Tag Team Champions get some more heat from these Orlando fans, but inevitably they don’t care. Slater raises his mic.

Heath Slater:
Now, I’m not one to brag…

Obvious heat for Slater’s whopper of a lie.

Heath Slater:
…but y’all gotta admit, we look –

Justin Gabriel: Wait.

Slater looks at Gabriel in surprise. Gabriel, one arm folded across his stomach, turns to Chimel in the corner.

Justin Gabriel:
You. Chimel. Introduce us again.

Chimel is taken aback by that, and his hesitation doesn’t go down well.

Justin Gabriel:
Do it.

The ring announcer holds up an innocent hand.

Tony Chimel:
Uh… ladies and gentlemen… your WWE Tag Team Champions… Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel.

Boos greet Chimel’s unenthusiastic announcement, and the man himself seems uncomfortable under Gabriel’s harsh gaze. Finally, Gabriel turns away from him.

Justin Gabriel:
Tag… Team… Champions. Whether you like it or not, that’s what we are.

Gabriel casts a look across at Slater. Some boos from the crowd.

Justin Gabriel:
Except for one thing – we’re more than that now.

The South African looks at his title belt.

Justin Gabriel:
We’re not just a tag team anymore… we’re the best tag team in the WWE. If these belts weren’t enough for you, what we did this week should have changed your mind.

Slater begins to nod, even form a smile.

Justin Gabriel:
I mean, we have sacrificed for these titles. Heath Slater took a WMD to the face and a Chokeslam for them.

The crowd isn’t sure whether to boo or cheer there, but Slater nods proudly.

Justin Gabriel:
And I… I threw myself through a damn announce table, through TWO huge men, with the most dangerous move in the WWE… just so I could stand here today… and then I made R-Truth tap on Monday night, for the same reason.

Some pretty loud heat for Gabriel’s strong words here.

Justin Gabriel:
Fact is, you don’t have to like us. You just have to recognise that we do this a lot better than anyone else.

Gabriel chucks the mic to the outside floor and goes to lean against the turnbuckle. The crowd boos the South African, and, having got his thoughts off his chest, motions to Slater to “Go on, Heath. Tell ‘em.”

Heath Slater:
That is soooo… RIGHT.

Heat for the obnoxious Slater.

Heath Slater:
We are talkin’ nail on the head right there. You’re lookin’ at the death-defyin’ Justin Gabriel… and the ONE – MAN – BAAAAND, BABY!

Boos again fill the arena. Slater busts out the trademark wide grin.

Heath Slater:
We put our bodies on the line and came out lookin’ like a million bucks. And why? BECAUSE THAT’S JUST HOW WE DO IT.

More heat as Slater prances about the ring. Gabriel stays in the corner, in his own little world now.

Heath Slater:
And tah-night – TAH-NIGHT? The Corre’s gonna run rough-shod over the rest of that SmackDown locker room... and at the end of the night, Alberto Del Rio’s gonna have a dark day in his ‘lil calendar… Over The Limit, the World Title comes home to the Corre, BABY!

Slater grins as the crowd gives him hell. He turns to the stage.

Heath Slater:
In fact – I’m sick of waitin’. Let’s do this! Let’s get it ON!

The One Man BAAAAAND throws his mic to ringside as well, and now the Tag Team Champions hand their belts out of the ring in preparation for the squared circle getting a little crowded.



Again, the Corre’s theme is greeted with boos, and Slater can’t help but applaud and smile as Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson arrive, making a quick pace to the ring. Barrett is again forcing himself to smile, his demeanour considerably stranger than usual, but he still acknowledges Slater and Gabriel as he and Jackson hit ringside – “Good speech, good speech. Excellent.”

Tony Chimel:
Also representing the Corre… Ezekiel Jackson, and WADE – BARRETT!

Josh Matthews: Wade Barrett assured us that the events of this past Sunday have not fazed him ahead of this match-up, and he believes this is his time to go to Over The Limit to fight for the World Title.

Booker T: I don’t know about dat, Josh. Dat boi Wade’s lookin’ a little twitchy right about naw, and I don’t know if he’s ready to face dis challenge – even if he got Big Zeke to help him out.

Barrett and Jackson join the Tag Team Champions in the ring. The Englishman shakes hands with Slater and Gabriel, while Big Zeke just gives them each a nod, and now they turn to prepare for the other competitors.



The American flag waves on the TitanTron (Yank readers, get up and salute, I’m rooting for Barrett after all) and Jack Swagger romps on to the stage, beating his chest and proclaiming “Tonight’s the night of SWAGGER! Get on your KNEES!”

Tony Chimel:
And from Perry, Oklahoma, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds… he is the Phenomenal Athlete… the All-American American… JACK – SWAGGER!!!

The Phenomenal Athlete continues to make his way down the ramp, minus the injured Cole unlike earlier, and as he does, setting his sights on the Corre…

Josh Matthews:
Will tonight truly be the night of Jack Swagger? World Title shot on the line, when we return to SmackDown!

...we go to a break so I don’t have to write out all the entrances.



When SmackDown returns, the ring is considerably fuller, with Christian arriving as ringside as we tune in. Captain Charisma looks around the Amway Arena for his ‘peeps’, then scales the steel steps and enters the ring. He trades a look with the sour-faced Jack Swagger through the host of men in the ring, as Chimel (now standing on the outside to escape) makes the introduction.

Tony Chimel:
And from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds… CHRISTIAN!

Josh Matthews: Welcome back to SmackDown, folks, where Christian is arriving for our main event – twenty men facing off for an opportunity at Alberto Del Rio’s World Title at Over The Limit, and guys, it’d be difficult to find someone more deserving than the Livewire.

Matt Striker: Absolutely, Josh. Christian won his dangerous I Quit Match with Jack Swagger at Extreme Rules, not four weeks after Swagger cost him his original World Title shot, so really, it would take us in a full circle to see Christian win the title shot here on SmackDown.

Christian’s eyes dart amongst the differing men in the ring – since the break, the Corre and Jack Swagger have been joined by Sin Cara, the sizeable figure of the Big Show, David Otunga, Cody Rhodes, Tyler Reks, Drew McIntyre, Trent Barreta, Kofi Kingston, JTG, Rey Mysterio, Curt Hawkins, and two members of the Alberto Administration in Brodus Clay and Chavo Guerrero. Plenty of competition. There are also a host of referees on the outside, ready to get us underway… except for the fact we only have nineteen men, so we’re waiting on our twentieth competitor…



CUE THE ROAR FROM THE AMWAY ARENA!!! The lights in the arena go into OVERDRIVE as they flash like crazy, and smoke rushes up from the stage… AND EDGE JUST SPRINTS OUT, CONTENT TO WAIT NO LONGER, HURTLING DOWN THE RAMP!!!

Tony Chimel:
And from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and forty-one pounds… the Rated R Superstar… EDGE!!!

The crowd gives a HUGE pop to the Rated R Superstar, who slides into the ring and starts yelling at the referees to “Ring the damn bell! I’m ready!” but before head official Mike Chioda can get us going…


…oh no. The heat is the arena fills to the brim as the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio, struts into view on the stage, accompanied by Rosa Mendes and her clipboard.

Booker T:
Awwww hell.

Del Rio begins to walk down the ramp, taking his sweet time while everyone in the ring watches him, and he waltzes in his best suit around the squared circle, flaunting his title past a furious Edge all the way to the announce desk. He seats himself next to Josh Matthews and puts on a headset. Matthews looks less than pleased, but it seems the competitors might be able to ignore him now… except for Edge, who keeps his eyes locked on the Mexican Aristocrat. Rosa Mendes heads around the ring to pass on some last-minute advice to Chavo and Brodus.

Josh Matthews:
Alberto, I didn’t realise you would be joining us.

Alberto Del Rio: Nothing like a bit of first-hand research, huh Josh? No, dis is perfect right here.

He adjusts the title on his shoulder and waves his hand like a King telling his peasants to get back to work.

Alberto Del Rio:
Don’t worry about me! Ring de bell, pretend I’m not here!

As the focus returns to the ring, Mike Chioda on the outside does, indeed, get us started.

Main Event – 20-Man Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal – World Heavyweight Championship Shot
Big Show vs Brodus Clay vs Chavo Guerrero vs Christian vs Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs Curt Hawkins vs David Otunga vs Drew McIntyre vs Edge vs Ezekiel Jackson vs WWE Tag Team Champion Heath Slater vs Jack Swagger vs JTG vs WWE Tag Team Champion Justin Gabriel vs Kofi Kingston vs Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara vs Trent Barreta vs Tyler Reks vs Wade Barrett

As the bell rings, we inevitably descend into a massive brawl, something Alberto Del Rio seems to find quite amusing at the announce desk. Rosa Mendes is the only other person at ringside, moving around ringside to observe and make notes, while the most notable man is Edge in the ring – he goes on a bit of a rampage as soon as the bell chimes, going after various different opponents with right hands, until finally it’s Christian who stops him and tries to calm him down! Edge’s eyes are wild, showing how he’s lost the plot a little bit here thanks to Del Rio, but Christian holds up his hands, trying to appeal to his best friend… and now the Rated R Superstar nods, managing to rein in his anger for the moment. Across the ring, however, we see some real aggression from Cody Rhodes, who is laying the boots to Sin Cara with the help of Drew McIntyre, and also from Jack Swagger, who clubs JTG into the ground with a series of clubbing blows. JTG manages to struggle up, but Swagger grabs him by the scruff of his neck and just HURLS him over the top rope to the floor!

Elimination #1: JTG by Jack Swagger at 1:02

With that, Swagger stamps his intentions for this match early doors, and goes to takes on Kofi Kingston, stopping him from tipping Tyler Reks over the top and ramming him into the ropes with some shoulder thrusts. Wade Barrett, meanwhile, has holed himself in a corner with Ezekiel Jackson on the lookout for any threats, while Justin Gabriel takes all comers and Big Show gives Heath Slater a massive slap across the bare chest! Back in the middle of the ring, Edge turns his attention to Brodus Clay and Chavo Guerrero, double teaming Trent Barreta, and points to them. Christian nods, and the old band reunites as they go charging across the ring, hurling themselves onto Clay and Guerrero with a series of right and left hands! This has the crowd cheering, but although Christian floors Chavo, Edge can’t bring Clay down, just wrapping his arms around the big man’s throat and trying to choke him with a Sleeper Hold! The Man of Mayhem staggers into the middle of the ring, wincing, but he snorts and throws Edge overhead, down to the mat! Edge gasps in pain – he’s already been in action tonight, too – but he gets up, only to have Clay’s hands around his throat for the second Mayhem Slam of the night… NO! Christian hooks the big man’s arms and turns him for the Killswitch… but Brodus spins out, and shoves Christian away…

…and Curt Hawkins of all people knocks him down with a Big Boot! Hawkins goes for the high five with Brodus, but the Man of Mayhem frowns and goes to haul Chavo back to his feet… during which time, Edge gets back up, and throws a right hand at Hawkins – which he ducks, and hits the ropes. Edge kicks him in the gut, though, and throws him to the outside floor, right by the announce tables!

Elimination #2: Curt Hawkins by Edge at 2:11

Edge leans over the ropes now, pointing at Del Rio, who smirks and seems unfazed. Edge turns around and sees none other than David Otunga, with the A-Lister charging in at him… but Edge throws him for a ride as well – no, Otunga grabs the rope and lands on the apron! Edge turns away, though the crowd screams in protest… Otunga gets up on the apron and takes a moment to smile… but that’s crucial, because the Rated R Superstar turns – AND SPEARS OTUNGA THROUGH THE ROPES TO ELIMINATE HIM!!!

Elimination #3: David Otunga by Edge at 2:46

With Otunga’s ambitions for the World Title over, Edge turns away again… and that look is in his eyes again! The crowd cheers as the Rated R Superstar begins to fire up, beckoning absolutely anyone to turn around and face him… step up Jack Swagger, who hears the buzz of the crowd and leaves Kofi Kingston alone. The Phenomenal Athlete frowns, but Edge sprints at him before he can react… NOBODY HOME ON THE SPEAR! Meanwhile, Ezekiel Jackson and Wade Barrett finally have some competition, as the Big Show moves over to their corner and blasts Big Zeke with a shot to the stomach! The World’s Largest Athlete presses Jackson into the corner, with Barrett trapped hopelessly behind him… AND BIG SHOW SQUASHES THEM BOTH WITH AN AVALANCHE!!! The crowd groans with the impact, while Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, former tag champs, go to eliminate Sin Cara… only for Rey Mysterio to get away from Heath Slater and stop them with some right hands!

It’s all getting a bit chaotic here, so let’s paint a picture – McIntyre and Rhodes are dealing with Mysterio and Sin Cara’s resurgence in one corner, while Big Show slaps Barrett in the chest and fends off Jackson in another. Trent Barreta is showing some spirit against the bigger man in Tyler Reks, while Brodus and Chavo get some instructions from Rosa Mendes at ringside. Justin Gabriel is cracking Kofi Kingston with some sharp kicks while Heath Slater comes over to help contain the Ghanaian, while Christian is getting up to see Edge and Jack Swagger going at it, trading blows in the middle of the ring! Edge gets the better of the exchange, forcing Swagger to the ropes, then sending him off to the other side… but Christian catches him with a Forearm Smash and knocks the All-American American down! Meanwhile, Tyler Reks begins to tip Trent Barreta over the top rope, but as Slater and Gabriel try to stop Big Show killing Jackson and Barrett, this frees up a tired Kofi Kingston, who manages to move across to Reks and Dropkick him in the back… Trent Barreta grabs the ropes, but Reks isn’t so lucky, tumbling to the outside!

Elimination #4: Tyler Reks by Kofi Kingston at 3:30

The crowd pops as Kingston gets an elimination, turning away after the move and inadvertently keeping Barreta in this contest. The former Dudebuster rolls back into the ring, sighing with relief, and now Kingston goes to rock Heath Slater with a punch, forcing him to the ropes. We have bodies everywhere, especially Wade Barrett’s, considering the Englishman’s barely done anything except hide behind Big Zeke Jackson. As Edge and Christian get forced into a corner by Clay and Guerrero again, Sin Cara gets away from Cody Rhodes and hits the ropes… then sends the Intercontinental Champion flying with a Headscissors Takedown! Drew McIntyre forces Rey Mysterio up to the top turnbuckle, but the Master of the 619 kicks him away, then leaps off… Seated Senton to McIntyre! Mysterio is rolling, and he takes down Chavo Guerrero as the Mexican Warrior turns around, then charges into the path of Justin Gabriel, while Big Show is occupied with Jackson again – CRACK! The South African rattles Mysterio with a kick to the skull!

As Rey Rey goes down, Gabriel shows no remorse, turning around to see Sin Cara coming at him… Sunset Flip from Sin Cara – NO! Gabriel rolls backwards as it connects, then leaps forward and knocks the Mexican Idol into next week with a killer Dropkick! As Ezekiel Jackson marshals Big Show into an empty corner and starts firing away with big right hands, his fellow Corre member Wade Barrett finally shows some life, helping Gabriel back to his feet… but here comes Trent Barreta, looking for the GOBSTOBBER – NOBODY HOME… AND NOW BARRETT PUTS A RIGHT HAND BETWEEN HIS EYES!!! Barreta falls backwards, leaning against the ropes in a dazed state, and now Barrett gives Gabriel an Irish whip, launching him at Trent… and Gabriel clotheslines Barreta over the ropes and out of this contest!

Elimination #5: Trent Barreta by Justin Gabriel at 4:35

Barreta’s unforgiving landing on the outside gets a smirk from Gabriel, who turns and finds himself booted away by Drew McIntyre! The Sinister Scotsman is up, kicking a now-grounded Christian away as well, while an oblivious Wade Barrett goes to help Heath Slater in his struggle against Kofi Kingston. McIntyre spies Sin Cara on the mat, and just hauls him back to his feet to tell him “Your win against me… was a FLUKE…” but the Mexican Idol surprises him, firing a Dropkick to knock him away! Across the ring, Big Show finally wins out against Ezekiel Jackson by putting him down with a thumping clothesline, and now he sees McIntyre staggering across to him… so the World’s Largest Athlete hoists Drew up with the MILITARY PRESS – AND THROWS HIM EASILY TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

Elimination #6: Drew McIntyre by Big Show at 5:04

We’re down to fourteen, with Brodus Clay still trying to eliminate Edge in the corner, Kofi Kingston trying to fight off Slater and Barrett, and a variety of bodies strewn across the canvas. Big Show turns around from his elimination of McIntyre with a smile, but it vanishes as Jack Swagger pulls himself up and sees the big man. The Phenomenal Athlete shows no fear, squaring up to Show and talking a little trash as he always does. Show says something back, so Swagger SHOVES the big man… and he has to take a step back! The crowd cries “OHH!” but Show is having NONE of it, shoving him right back and sending him to the ropes… KNOCKOUT PUNCH – MISSES! SWAGGER DUCKS… then comes back with an all-out Chop Block, putting his weight behind the move to take Big Show down to a knee – AND NOW BRODUS CLAY WALLOPS SHOW WITH A CLOTHESLINE, TAKING THEM BOTH DOWN!!!

The two big men collapse in a heap, but we’ve got another huge presence in Ezekiel Jackson, who enters the fray with a snarl. Looking down, he spots the Corre’s long-time enemy in Big Show, and tries to force the World’s Largest Athlete to his feet, but even Big Zeke struggles. Brodus Clay gets to his feet and actually helps Jackson pull the Big Show up, if only so the two big men can shove him to the ropes… but Big Show comes back quicker than they expect, and knocks them both down with a double clothesline! The crowd cheers as Big Show careers through them both like a train mauling two cars at a crossing… but here comes Jack Swagger, driving Show into the ropes! The World’s Largest Athlete is taken by surprise and Swagger starts clubbing away with a series of right-handed blows, trying to wear the big man down… Show shoves him away, but Swagger comes back with a thundering Big Boot to the skull immediately after! Show looks considerably worse for wear now, and Swagger goes for the kill, grabbing Show’s legs to try to tip him over… but the guy is huge! It looks like too big an ask for the All-American American… that is, until Justin Gabriel nails Big Show with a cracking Superkick to the jaw… and here comes Ezekiel Jackson too, grabbing Show’s other leg… and even Brodus Clay, hauling Show by the stomach… AND THEY TILT HIM UP… AND OVER!!!

Elimination #7: Big Show by Jack Swagger, Brodus Clay and Ezekiel Jackson at 6:47

Gasps go up from the crowd as Big Show’s part in this match ends – the big man clatters to the outside in shock and pain, holding his ankle as he lands on it awkwardly. He gets up, staring between the ropes in dismay at the three men who eliminated him, and lets out a roar of frustration before heading up the ramp. We go back to the ring, where Jack Swagger tumbles into the corner to recover, and Big Zeke and Brodus stare each other down. Before the two biggest men left in this match can fight, however, they’re being called by their associates to help again – Chavo Guerrero is trying to force Christian over, but as Clay goes to help, Edge again steps in to stop Christian being ganged up on. Wade Barrett, meanwhile, is teaming with Heath Slater against Kofi Kingston, but the Ghanaian knocks Slater away and looks to flip Wade over the top rope. Barrett roars for Jackson’s help, so Big Zeke wastes no time in stopping Kingston’s reversal in its tracks.

Across the ring, Justin Gabriel has Rey Mysterio on the ropes, while Sin Cara has forced Cody Rhodes’ masked figure into the corner to fire away with some kicks, even trying to hoist him up and over the top rope. Heath Slater staggers towards Gabriel and gives his tag team partner a hand, pressing Mysterio into the ropes and firing him off to the other side… they meet the Ultimate Underdog centre of the ring, and throw him up, sending him free falling to the canvas! The crowd groans as Mysterio crashes into the mat, and now Slater rolls him on to his back, before the Tag Team Champions hit the ropes… Slater lands an Elbow Drop… and Gabriel follows up with the Senton Bomb! Rey gets hit with both barrels there, and now Gabriel and Slater get to their feet, the One Man Band taking a moment to raise an arm while Gabriel just smirks…

…ONLY FOR EDGE TO NAIL THEM BOTH WITH A DOUBLE SPEAR!!! The crowd goes wild as Edge floors both the Tag Team Champions, and the Rated R Superstar gets up, almost frothing at the mouth because of the adrenaline! Edge turns his head to ringside, again staring furiously at Alberto Del Rio… but now Brodus Clay charges in, grabbing the distracted Canadian – “Shee-WAH” – and nails him with the Exploder Suplex! The cheers turn to boos in the Amway Arena, as Brodus forms an evil smirk, and we catch Alberto Del Rio applauding leisurely at ringside, things seemingly going to plan… but suddenly, Christian shoves Chavo away, and when the Mexican Warrior charges rashly back in, Christian sends him careering over the top rope – AND OUT!!!

Elimination #8: Chavo Guerrero by Christian at 8:26

The World Heavyweight Champion’s smirk vanishes – one of his men is out! The referees on the outside tell Chavo to head to the back, but he still can’t believe he’s eliminated, protesting to the officials! In the ring, Brodus goes right after Christian… but Captain Charisma just SLAMS his head off the middle turnbuckle with the Drop Toe Hold! Clay is dazed here, but he can still force himself back up, growling through gritted teeth. Christian has to try something else, so he hits the ropes and rocks the big man with a Forearm Smash, but it won’t put Brodus down, and he grabs Christian by the throat now… MAYHEM SLAM!!! Del Rio is seen nodding at ringside (while elsewhere, Rosa Mendes consoles Chavo) and Brodus spits “Sh’yeah! Sh’yeah!” down at Christian, who rolls out of the way, gasping in pain. Brodus turns around to face another target, skipping over Cody Rhodes as the demented man tries to force Sin Cara over the top… but now Kofi Kingston manages to beat back Barrett and Jackson, coming alive with some right hands to send the Corre members reeling away. Barrett moves in again… but Kingston slides between the middle and top ropes – PENDULUM KICK TO BARRETT!

Wade reels back now, and Kofi wastes no time, springboarding up and knocking down Ezekiel Jackson with a Missile Dropkick! The crowd cheers for the Ghanaian as he springs back up… and spots Brodus Clay staring right at him! Kofi steels himself, then fires a kick to Brodus’ side… and another… and again and again, trying to wear down the Man of Mayhem. Brodus winces with each shot, but he answers back by grabbing Kofi by the throat… MAYHEM SLAM AGAIN – NOOO!!! Kofi wraps his legs around Brodus’ head, and throws him with the Hurricanrana! Great counter! Brodus stumbles into the ropes, but he turns around – CRACK! TROUBLE IN PARADISE CONNECTS!!! Clay wobbles, but he won’t go down despite the big move… KNEE LIFT! Jack Swagger is up, and he runs through Clay with the Knee Lift – but the big man still won’t go down, so here comes Justin Gabriel – SUPERKICK TO THE JAW! The crack echoes around the arena as Brodus falls into the ropes, rebounding lethargically back at Gabriel – who shrugs like the badass he is, and drills the Man of Mayhem with ANOTHER SUPERKICK!!! Brodus won’t tumble, but his eyes are unfocused, as Wade Barrett gets in on the act… BAM! He nails Clay with a bare knuckle punch… AND EDGE SPEARS HIM OUT OF HIS BOOTS!!!

The crowd absolutely LOVES what we’ve just seen – a united act of defiance against the Alberto Administration! Brodus finally goes down, dead as a doornail, and now it’s back to business as usual, as Swagger picks up Mysterio and tries to eliminate him… Edge turns to the announce desk to taunt Del Rio, but Barrett grabs his legs from behind and TIPS HIM OVER THE TOP… NOOO!!! HE HANGS ON!!! Edge won’t lose this bout, and he grabs the ropes, legs dangling near the outside floor precariously until he can tug himself back on the apron. Barrett looks pleased with his work as he turns back to the ring, though Edge is still alive in the bout. Barrett joins with Justin Gabriel, and the pair turn towards a downed Christian… but Kofi Kingston saves the Livewire, throwing Gabriel over the top rope – the South African holds on, but Kingston can still go to work on Barrett, peppering him with right hands! In this time, Edge manages to return to the ring, and Christian pulls himself slowly up using the ropes, so they both enter the fray to help Kingston – Barrett knocks Kofi away with a right hand, but Edge and Christian hook him up and deliver a Double Suplex!

Edge and Christian roll back the years with another double team, as Justin Gabriel gets back into the ring and pulls Heath Slater up, trying to refocus him. Brodus Clay slowly struggles up, still dizzy after taking a huge beating from half the other competitors, and Kofi, Christian and Edge exchange a look… BEFORE ALL THREE CHARGE IN, AND FORCE THE MAN OF MAYHEM OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!

Elimination #9: Brodus Clay by Edge, Christian and Kofi Kingston at 11:31

As Brodus clatters to the floor and out of contention for his employer’s World Title, Cody Rhodes and Sin Cara’s struggle has headed up top, Rhodes sat on the top turnbuckle with Sin Cara on the second rope… and now the top rope… Sin Cara – SIN CARA… HOLY SHIT, MOONSAULT SIDE SLAM FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! WHAT A MOVE FROM THE MEXICAN IDOL!!!

Alberto Del Rio was in the middle of talking about Brodus Clay’s elimination, but the commentators had to cut him off to talk about Sin Cara – he’s stealing the show yet again! Del Rio is quick to mention that he’s the only one who’s actually beaten the Mexican Idol, who now lies motionless on the canvas next to Rhodes, eyes closed behind his mask. Across the ring, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater have Ezekiel Jackson back to help them, and the three Corre members line up across from Edge, Christian, and Kofi Kingston – it’s stand-off time! Ezekiel Jackson is the first to draw, however, charging forward to take on Christian, so Edge throws right hands at Slater, and Kingston leaps forward and starts trading blows with his fellow African in Gabriel! The only other remaining fight is Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio, a former World Title Match played out in miniature form in the corner as Swagger tries to tip the littler man over the top.

Ezekiel Jackson is inevitably the man to make the first breakthrough, forcing Christian into an empty corner and firing away with right hands. He takes a step back, and goes for the big Corner Clothesline – but Christian gets the boots up! Jackson reels back, giving Christian the chance to scale to the second rope… TORNADO DDT! Big Zeke gets DRILLED into the canvas, while Edge whips Heath Slater across the ring, only for the One Man Band to use the turnbuckle to propel himself over the Canadian when he follows him in – Slater starts laying the boots to Edge, forcing him to the ground and keeping him there by choking him.

Justin Gabriel and Kofi Kingston are exchanging kicks, but Kofi gets the upper hand, mixing in a few right hands to keep Gabriel guessing, forcing him back to the ropes… Kofi takes a step, then charges – GABRIEL DROPS THE ROPE – NO! Kingston stays alive, grabbing the middle rope on his way down – AND NOW HE SKINS THE CAT, THE CRAFTY S.O.B!!! The crowd pops big for Kingston’s athleticism, as he works his way back into the ring, and when Gabriel turns around to check, Kofi hooks him up – SOS CONNECTS! Gabriel gets floored, and now Kingston starts to jog around the ring, getting fired up and getting the crowd on his side! Kingston to the ropes, then “BOOM”… “BOOM”… BOOM DROP TO GABRIEL! The Orlando fans are fully behind Kofi now, who starts to clap his hands to signal Trouble In Paradise… but here comes Heath Slater, leaving Edge alone to rush Kingston into the corner, saving his partner! Boos ring around the arena for Slater’s buzzkill, as Wade Barrett gets up to help as well – but he gets booted in the gut by Christian and sent to an empty corner.

Rey Mysterio just doesn’t want to get eliminated here. Jack Swagger is trying everything, but Mysterio is resilient, as we can see from the number of blows he’s throwing at the All-American American to get him to move away. Finally, Swagger curses under his breath and staggers away, giving Rey the time to scale to the second rope… Seated Senton to Swagger! Rey hits the ground running, as Swagger gets up and misses with a clothesline – Rey hits the ropes, and Dropkicks Swagger so hard… yes, he falls on the second rope, would you believe it! The crowd cheers as Mysterio prepares to dial it up, hitting the ropes – 619 CONNECTS ON SWAGGER!!! A huge pop goes up in the Amway Arena for the big move, and now Rey heads to the apron… springboards… NO-HANDED DIVING SPLASH ON TO SWAGGER!!! The crowd just eats it up, and Rey gets up with a big smile, though he holds his stomach with one arm… he turns… AND GETS TURNED INSIDE OUT BY AN EZEKIEL JACKSON CLOTHESLINE!!! Sin Cara struggles back up… SO ZEKE DEALS HIM A MONSTER CLOTHESLINE AS WELL!!!

Both Rey Rey and Sin Cara get destroyed there, and Big Zeke can’t hold back one of his trademark evil smiles – that is, until a tired Edge knocks him back with a Big Boot! Jackson hits the ropes, but comes back… boot to the gut from Edge… EDGECUTION TO THE BIG MAN!!! Edge lies on the mat for a moment, selling the injuries from earlier and in this long match, but he finally pushes himself up… Heath Slater looks pissed by Edge attacking his associates, and gives Kingston a shoulder thrust to the gut before he charges across at the Rated R Superstar… BUT EDGE SEES HIM COMING, AND SIDESTEPS, THROWING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!!!

Elimination #10: Heath Slater by Edge at 15:00

The first member of the Corre is gone! We’re down to the final ten as Edge rids us of one half of the Tag Team Champions, but that doesn’t sit well with Wade Barrett, who turns to the outside to shout at Slater in disbelief… then turns around, blindly leaving Christian alone to club Edge to his knees! As Christian recovers in the corner from Barrett’s previous bare-knuckle strikes, the Englishman looks to send Edge across the ring… no, he pulls him back – AND NAILS THE WINDS OF CHANGE! The Spinning Side Slam takes the air from Edge’s lungs, and Barrett shakes out his arms before he pulls the Rated R Superstar up again, and goes to throw him out… but Christian grabs Barrett from behind – INVERTED DDT! The crowd pops as Christian goes eye-for-an-eye on Barrett, but as he gets up, there’s more Corre pressure, as Ezekiel Jackson now arrives to throw him into the ropes… but no, Captain Charisma uses them to stop himself… Jackson charges in to clothesline him out… BUT CHRISTIAN PULLS DOWN THE ROPE – AND JACKSON TUMBLES TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

Elimination #11: Ezekiel Jackson by Christian at 15:50

Justin Gabriel struggles back to his feet, and when he sees what’s happened, he can’t believe it! Wade Barrett sits up against the ropes, holding the back of his head and cursing under his breath, while Christian plays to the crowd, ecstatic to have got rid of the dangerous Big Zeke! Jackson looks furious on the outside, and Heath Slater joins him, complaining “C’mon now! This was a lock!” In the ring, Gabriel helps Barrett back to his feet, explaining the situation, and the Englishman snarls in frustration as his numerical advantage disappears. Regardless, Edge is down, as are Kingston, Swagger, Mysterio, Rhodes and Sin Cara, leaving Gabriel and Barrett with a 2-on-1 situation over Christian. After the Livewire comes down from his high of eliminating Jackson, he turns to face the Corre duo and his smile fades. He raises his fists… but he stands no chance here, tired in the end game and facing two pissed off heels; Gabriel and Barrett start clubbing him down, giving Captain Charisma no respite until he’s on the canvas… but here comes Edge again, refusing to stay down, refusing to give up!

The crowd is firmly behind Edge as he wobbles back to his feet… and crouches in the corner! The Amway Arena fills with “SPEAR!” chants, and Alberto Del Rio has gone eerily silent at ringside as Gabriel and Barrett turn – DOUBLE SPEAR TIME – NOOOO!!! They both dart out the way, Gabriel having endured that spot already tonight, and the South African hits the ropes for some hang time – but Edge dodges – AND GABRIEL FLOORS BARRETT WITH THE FLYING CROSSBODY INSTEAD! The crowd cries “OHHH!” as Gabriel wipes out his own man, and although Edge is lying on the floor after diving away from the move, Christian is there, and he picks up the pieces by grabbing the stunned Gabriel – AND SENDING HIM OUT OF THIS CONTEST!!!

Elimination #12: Justin Gabriel by Christian at 17:13

Barrett struggles up, not realising things have gone from bad to worse… and Edge grabs him now, driving him over to the ropes… and tipping him up and out as well! THE CORRE ARE DONE!!!

Elimination #13: Wade Barrett by Edge at 17:26

“What have we just witnessed?” asks an incredulous Matt Striker, and it’s a fair question – Edge and Christian have eliminated all four members of the Corre, and on the outside, they can’t believe it either! The two Canadians turn away, both still looking to win this big match, but the cameras stay on the outside… where finally, thank God, Wade Barrett has SNAPPED and is going crazy at the other Corre members! Gabriel just stares at the floor, breathing heavily, while Slater tries to make excuses, and Jackson shakes his head, looking angrily up at Edge and Christian in the ring.

Elsewhere, Cody Rhodes has gone after Rey Mysterio, their rivalry igniting for the first time in this match; Rhodes has had plenty of time to rest after toppling from the top rope, so he can lay into the Ultimate Underdog with an array of mask-aided headbutts and measured right hands. Sin Cara, Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston are all selling their injuries, so Edge and Christian turn back to face one another – is it time for them to finally face off? Only one of them can go to Over The Limit, and we may be about to find out a little earlier than expected…

…BAM!!! CHAIRSHOT TO EDGE’S BACK… FROM WADE BARRETT? The crowd erupts with heat for that, as the Rated R Superstar collapses in a heap, and suddenly EZEKIEL JACKSON is back on the scene, spinning Christian around – BOOK OF EZEKIEL CONNECTS!!! Into the ring come Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, much to the dismay of both the fans and the referees on the outside, but hey, they’re already eliminated and it’s No-DQ! Barrett hands the chair to Slater and turns to Gabriel… “You did it on Sunday… do it again.”

Gabriel frowns, but we soon see what Barrett means. The Englishman rolls Edge into the corner, then drags Christian on top of him, and motions Gabriel to the turnbuckle. For a moment, the South African thinks about his actions, whether he really wants to do this, then steps swiftly to the outside and up to the top rope. He crouches up top, taking a long, evil look across the arena as the boos rain down… Barrett and Slater raise their arms in preparation… AND NOW GABRIEL SLAMS INTO EDGE AND CHRISTIAN WITH THE DOUBLE 450 SPLASH!!! INSANE MOVE!!! The crowd groans in pure awe as Gabriel repeats the big spot, rolling sideways and clutching his stomach, and Barrett and Jackson pick up the limp bodies of Edge and Christian. Barrett mutters something we can’t hear to Big Zeke… and now they just hurl the Canadian duo over the top rope, letting them both collapse to the outside floor like rag dolls!

Elimination #14: Christian by Ezekiel Jackson at 19:07
Elimination #15: Edge by Wade Barrett at 19:08

Slater throws the chair away, and the Corre link arms before raising them in sweet unison. The crowd, who were waiting for either Edge to get his rematch, or Christian to finally get his title shot, give the Corre absolute hell for denying them that, but Barrett and his fellows don’t care in the slightest. Gabriel is the first to leave, returning to the stoic glare as always, following by Jackson, and Slater… leaving just the twitchy Wade Barrett, leaning over the top rope to tell Edge and Christian – “No-one messes with the Corre.” He takes a look around the arena, as if he expects the lights to go out, then hits the deck and rolls from the ring to follow the other three up the ramp.

Although some referees are still checking on Edge and Christian, we have to turn back to the ring, where Cody Rhodes’ demented frame of mind stopped him caring what happened to the two Canadians at the Corre’s hands. Instead, he keeps firing away at poor Rey Mysterio in the corner, trying to wear him down while the commentators sell the cruelty of the Corre’s actions. Kofi Kingston starts to pull himself up using the ropes, while Jack Swagger does similarly, but everyone in the ring looks exhausted, especially the motionless Sin Cara, perhaps over-selling the Ezekiel Jackson clothesline from minutes ago. Regardless, it’s a Battle Royal, where over-selling is commonplace for the sake of convenience, and now we can turn our attention to Kingston and Swagger as they lock up. Sin Cara also begins to struggle to his feet, while Del Rio looks a little comfier at ringside for the ending of Edge’s part in the match.

Swagger sends Kofi to the ropes, but he ducks the clothesline and knocks him down with a double-handed chop! Up gets Swagger, but Kingston strikes again, trying to heat up the crowd after they died a little with the loss of Edge… Swagger stays down, so Kingston heads for the ropes… “BOOM”… “BOOM”… nobody home on the Boom Drop! The crowd gasps as Kofi hits the mat, and now Swagger rolls to his feet, scooping Kofi from the floor and ramming him into one of the turnbuckles – BEFORE HE COMPLETES THE OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE!!! That leaves Kofi down and out, but here comes Sin Cara, bursting back to life by leaping at Swagger… and sending him flying with the Tilt-A-Whirl Arm Drag! The crowd pops as Swagger tumbles across the ring, but he gets up and tries again – CRACK! ENZUIGIRI! Swagger collapses like a sack of potatoes, leaving Sin Cara to go after Cody Rhodes now, attempting to flip the Intercontinental Champion over the top rope – the crowd screams their approval, but Rhodes grabs the top rope desperately, refusing to go over!

Beneath Sin Cara and Rhodes’ struggle, Rey Mysterio begins to crawl away, fairly bruised from the aggressive actions of the Disfigured One. Rhodes hits Sin Cara with an elbow or two to force him away, then begins to mutter “They shouldn’t see me, they won’t see me… they won’t see this…” as he picks the Mexican Idol up for the ALABAMA SLAM, moving over to the ropes… but Mysterio forces himself to his feet, the strain visibly showing as he grimaces behind his mask – but he leaps forward, Dropkicking Rhodes in the back of the legs! This drops the Disfigured One back, as if Sin Cara was executing a Sunset Flip… but Rhodes rolls back on to his feet with the momentum… and canes Sin Cara across the face with a right boot! The Mexican Idol reels sideways, so Rey tries the Hurricanrana, but Rhodes shoves him off in mid-air! Mysterio lands on his feet, but his fatigue shows as he falls to a knee… and now Cody grabs him for the CROSS RHODES… NOOO!!! Sin Cara makes the save yet again, Dropkicking Rhodes into the ropes… he rebounds… and both luchadors drop the Intercontinental Champion on to the second rope with the Drop Toe Hold! The crowd cheers as Mysterio and Cara get to their feet and exchange a look… they BOTH hit the ropes – DOUBLE 619 TO RHODES!!!

The crowd goes wild as Rhodes spirals back into the ring, with Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio exchanging a few words in Spanish… then springboarding… RHODES TAKES THE DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!! The luchadors roll to the side and find their feet, albeit stumbling with the fatigue, and now Sin Cara moves towards the ropes, while Rey guides Rhodes up – Rey flings the Intercontinental Champion as hard as he can… AND SIN CARA PULLS DOWN THE ROPES TO SEND RHODES TO THE OUTSIDE!!! The crowd pops big!

Elimination #16: Cody Rhodes by Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara at 22:42

Rhodes tumbles to the outside floor; it takes him a couple of moments to understand, but suddenly he scowls behind the mask, and falls against the crowd barricade in a fit of anger. Unsurprisingly, he begins to talk to himself, cursing his loss, then looks up at Mysterio and Sin Cara and points to them. Rey sends a bit of trash talk back, especially after their back-and-forth of late, and then turns away. Sin Cara tries to bounce on the balls of his feet, clearly feeling the effects of a long match (no matter how much of it he’s spent on the floor), and Rey takes a moment to rest, slumping into the corner. As Cody Rhodes takes his title and curses his way up the ramp, Kofi Kingston gets to his feet, as does Jack Swagger… and now the final four men exchange glances, each in a corner as the finale to this long Battle Royal approaches. At ringside, Matthews asks Del Rio if he has a preference between the four, but he doesn’t reply, probably because all four are a considerable threat to his title.

Swagger makes the first move. He charges for Mysterio, kicking him in the gut and trying to force him for the ropes… so Kingston and Sin Cara go for one another, Kofi getting the upper hand by driving the Mexican Idol into the corner. Swagger lifts Mysterio up by the waist, trying to just dump him over the top, but Rey uses his feet to shove them both away from the edge of the ring – and swings up with the momentum… before bringing Swagger CRASHING to earth with the Wheelbarrow Facebuster! The crowd pops as Swagger gets planted, and as the All-American American tries to find his feet, Mysterio heads to the ropes for momentum… he tries for the Hurricanrana again – BUT SWAGGER PULLS HIM BACK UP – AND DRILLS HIM INTO THE CANVAS ADJACENT TO THE TURNBUCKLE!!! Rey’s head whips into the mat, but the Phenomenal Athlete shows him no sympathy, marching to the centre of the ring and sprinting to the turnbuckle… SWAGGER BOMB ON MYSTERIO!!! That’ll crack a few ribs, but as Swagger turns to beat his chest, Kofi Kingston whips Sin Cara at him… Swagger manages to throw him over the top rope suddenly… but not out, as Sin Cara lands on the apron!

Kingston leaps up and Dropkicks Swagger, who falls back and collides with Sin Cara… but though the Mexican Idol falls backwards, he keeps a couple of fingertips on the top rope, and that’s enough to keep him in the bout! The crowd gasps as Sin Cara comes dangerously close to falling, but we head back to the action, as Kingston slides between Swagger’s legs, then rocks him with a right hand… Swagger hits the ropes as he falls back… Kingston bends down - AND TAKES A THUMPING KNEE LIFT! A groan goes up in the Amway Arena as Kofi reels upright, eyes unfocused, and now Swagger shoots the Double Leg Takedown, looking to catapult the Ghanaian out of this contest… bombs away goes Kingston… BUT KOFI LANDS ON THE TOP ROPE, THEN LEAPS BLINDLY TO TAKE SWAGGER DOWN WITH A DIVING CROSSBODY!!!

That huge reversal gets the crowd out of their seats! Kofi rolls to his feet, face visibly strained as he uses the ropes to keep himself up. His hair is all over his face, out of its tied-up state and wild now. He turns to see Sin Cara springboarding… KINGSTON PICKS HIM OUT OF THE AIR WITH A MID-AIR DROPKICK!!! “What can’t Kofi Kingston do?” asks Josh Matthews, as Kofi tilts his head up on the mat and allows himself a relieved sigh, while the arena begins to chant “KOFI! KOFI!” in awe of his athleticism. Slowly, slowly, he begins to pull himself up, casting a look at the unmoving Rey Mysterio, and turning to Jack Swagger as the All-American American finds a knee. Kofi pulls Swagger up and goes to throw him over the top rope, but the Phenomenal Athlete puts a foot on the ropes to stop it, then elbows Kingston in the gut. Kofi steps away, grimacing… and now Swagger delivers the BIG BOOT, knocking Kofi somewhere into next week! The Ghanaian collapses, but here comes Sin Cara, pulling on the ropes to help himself up… but Swagger is relentless, grabbing the Mexican Idol around the waist for the GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB – BUT HE DELAYS IT, AND THROWS SIN CARA TO THE OUTSIDE TO COMPLETE THE MOVE!!! UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Elimination #17: Sin Cara by Jack Swagger at 26:16

Boos ring around the arena as Sin Cara takes a bad landing on the outside floor, but of course, Swagger doesn’t care, sweat streaking down his face and his breathing considerably heavier. Turning, he pulls the limp body of Rey Mysterio to his feet and prepares the exact same move, the devastating Gutwrench Powerbomb… BUT REY COMES ALIVE AND TUGS SWAGGER OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH THE HEADSCISSORS… NOOO!!! Neither man hits the outside floor, but both of them land on the apron, scrambling to be the first man to their feet again… Swagger throws the first bomb, but Rey blocks it and comes back with a few spirited right hands of his own! Soon, both men are exchanging shots, until Swagger takes a few steps back on the apron… then charges for the KNEE LIFT – NO GOOD! Rey dodges it, meaning Swagger has to stop himself, using the ring post! The All-American American turns around, and Rey climbs to the second buckle from the outside, using it to get a better vantage point to fire some right hands… Swagger dives for Rey’s legs through the ropes… but Rey JUMPS over him, landing on the adjacent apron! The crowd pops, though Mysterio winces on landing – AND KOFI KINGSTON NAILS HIM WITH TROUBLE IN PARADISE… MEANING HE FALLS OFF THE APRON!!!

Elimination #18: Rey Mysterio by Kofi Kingston at 27:27

Rey Mysterio might have eliminated Kofi from Intercontinental Title contention last Sunday, but Kingston repays the favour tonight! A mixed reaction goes up as Rey goes out of this match, leaving us with two men – Kingston, who collapses to the mat in exhaustion, sitting up only to hold up a consolatory hand to Mysterio, and Jack Swagger, who detaches himself from the ring post and rolls back into the ring as quickly as he can. After a few moments’ rest, the two men get to their feet, the survivors from a pack of twenty, and begin to lethargically circle one another. Swagger looks the slightly-sharper man, but Kingston’s the first to move, wrenching the All-American American’s arm with the Arm Wringer and looking to whip him to the ropes… only for Swagger to set his feet, and send Kingston into the corner. Kofi hits the buckles hard, and now the Phenomenal Athlete shows some speed to crush the Ghanaian with the Body Avalanche!

A groan goes around the Amway Arena as Kingston’s knees give up and he slumps to the floor. Swagger, meanwhile, takes a moment to walk around the ring, psyching himself before he runs in… second rope… SWAGGER BOMB ON THE MONEY!!! The air is slammed out of Kingston’s lungs, and the poor man looks beaten as Swagger clambers off him. The Phenomenal Athlete takes barely half a second in a glance at ringside, where Alberto Del Rio is leant back in his chair, but watching intensely, while Rosa Mendes has long since disappeared, presumably with Chavo and Brodus. In the ring, Swagger grabs Kingston by the hair, wrapping his arms around the Ghanaian’s stomach and preparing for the GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB to end it… BUT KINGSTON SUDDENLY HOOKS HIM UP – SOS TO SWAGGER!!! The crowd comes alive again as both men go down, but this could well be an even playing field again, with Kofi turning the tables!

Kofi begins to crawl to the ropes, inch by inch. His hands lock around the bottom rope, then the middle, and he slowly hauls his tired frame back to a vertical base. The crowd is behind him, and he has it in him to raise his hands… “Boom! Boom! Boom!” cries the Amway Arena in unison with Kingston, the buzz in the arena filling to the very ceiling. Swagger looks confused on the deck, trying to understand how his finisher was reversed, but nonetheless he begins to find his feet, as Kofi continues to clap his hands… Swagger’s up… SO KOFI LAUNCHES TROUBLE IN PARADISE – NOOOOO!!! SWAGGER CATCHES KOFI’S RIGHT FOOT… AND TURNS IT INTO THE ANKLE LOCK!!! LOCKED IN!!! It’s a stunning reversal from Jack Swagger, who immediately forces Kofi down to the mat so he can’t hop away, and begins to wrench at the ankle, not even caring that a tap-out won’t end this contest! The crowd are willing Kingston on, the Ghanaian stretching for the ropes desperately to somehow get out of this awful hold…

…but Swagger just keeps applying the pressure! Kofi is in agony – it’s written all over his face – and finally, he finds an inch here, an inch there, but as Striker questions; what good is an injured ankle in a Battle Royal? Even if Kofi breaks the hold, this could spelt the end! That said, Kingston’s too focused on the dream of his hands on the bottom rope, so he keeps edging his way there, while Swagger roars with adrenaline… Kofi stretches again, possibly only fingertips away now… Swagger increases the angle on the submission… BUT KINGSTON LOOKS DEL RIO DEAD IN THE EYES, YELLS THROUGH THE PAIN, AND FINDS THE BOTTOM ROPE! The initial euphoria quickly subsides, however, because of course, there’s no rope break in this contest, meaning Kingston has to use the ropes to pull himself back to a standing position… slowly, agonisingly, he does… Swagger looks stunned, but Kingston refuses to let up now – so he THROWS himself over the top rope… AND PULLS SWAGGER OVER WITH HIM… BUT NEITHER OF THEM FALL TO THE FLOOR!!!

Both men collapse on the outside apron, right by the announce tables, where Del Rio is now watching with an unintentional frown, and as quickly as their tired bodies will allow them, Swagger and Kingston get up. The All-American American decides to play rough, grabbing Kingston by the hair and just CHOKING him on the top rope! Boos ring around from these Orlando fans, but Swagger just wants the win, doing all he can to get it… but Kingston comes back with some elbows to the face, showing his fighting spirit as always! Swagger reels back, only to then throw a thumping right hand to stun the Ghanaian… he grabs him by the hair in one hand, then winds back with the other – but Kofi gets free of the Phenomenal Athlete’s grip… and when Swagger throws the clothesline, Kofi’s not there anymore, his legs sliding through the ropes… SWAGGER TURNS… AND KOFI KINGSTON STRIKES WITH THE PENDULUM KICK – SO SWAGGER CRASHES OFF THE APRON TO THE OUTSIDE FLOOR!!! KOFI KINGSTON WINS IT!!!

Result: Kofi Kingston bts. nineteen other men, last eliminating Jack Swagger at 31:25


Tony Chimel:
Here is your winner, and the NEW number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship… KOOOOFI – KINGSTON!!!

Kofi gets a MASSIVE pop as he collapses to his knees in the ring, and head ref Mike Chioda enters the squared circle to help him up and raise his hand. Kingston looks absolutely exhausted, but he’s the new No. 1 Contender, and that’s all that matters. He has to use the ropes to hold himself up, but he raises an arm, finally giving way to the grin that’s dying to break out. On the outside, Swagger looks to the sky in frustration, losing out narrowly for the second time in a week despite his squash win earlier, and he’s forced to watch Kingston’s ecstatic-but-sluggish celebrations.

Josh Matthews:
Kofi Kingston! Kofi Kingston is going to Over The Limit to face you, Alberto Del…

‘Clunk’ goes the headset from Del Rio, who gets up out of his seat and stares at Kingston in the ring.

Josh Matthews:
Well, no opinion as yet from the World Champion, but I daresay he’ll be facing a very unique challenge at Over The Limit, guys, and you can’t say Kofi doesn’t deserve it after that.

Booker T: I knew mah boi Kofi would pull it out, I knew it, dawg! Dat’s why he’s in mah Fave Five, dat’s why he’s a true competitor – mah boi goin’ to do somethin’ special in just over two weeks’ time, man, and I can’t WAIT.

Matt Striker: Indeed, gentlemen, Kofi Kingston always finds a way to astound the WWE fans, and he’s done it again tonight with that impressive performance, but there’s still questions to be answered, especially with the actions of The Corre in that match-up.

Josh Matthews: I’d certainly like to hear from Wade Barrett, Matt, but for now, let’s tip our proverbial hats to the new number one contender… folks, Kofi Kingston!

As Kofi turns to ringside to stare down the champion, Del Rio goes for the spectacle yet again; he climbs on to the announce desk, and raises the World Title high! The crowd begins to chant “KOFI! KOFI!” in support of the Ghanaian’s bid to end Del Rio’s title reign, while the World Heavyweight Champion kisses the title belt and says “Dis is going nowhere, amigo…” and Kingston allows himself another tired grin, shaking his head – a change of fates for the Ghanaian.

Josh Matthews:
Well, Alberto Del Rio doesn’t want anyone to forget who the World Heavyweight Champion is, having escaped with it once tonight thanks to his Administration… ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been Josh Matthews, with Matt Striker and Booker T. We have a new deserving challenger to the richest prize on SmackDown, but can Kofi Kingston dethrone the Mexican Aristocrat at Over The Limit?

With the crowd chanting his name, Kofi Kingston climbs to the top turnbuckle and makes the famous title belt motions, while Alberto Del Rio stares right back at him… and SmackDown fades to black.


Quick Results
Edge bts. Alberto Del Rio (via DQ)
Jack Swagger bts. Chris Masters
Sin Cara bts. Drew McIntyre
Cody Rhodes bts. Trent Barreta
Beth Phoenix bts. Michelle McCool
Kofi Kingston wins a 20-Man Battle Royal

WWE Championship
The Miz (c) defends against Daniel Bryan

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) defends against Kofi Kingston

The Final Encounter – Stretcher Match
CM Punk versus Randy Orton

Tag Team Attraction; No. 1 Contender
John Cena and Triple H versus Dolph Ziggler and ???
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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Monday Night Raw
Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, Tennessee | 9th May 2011

Rolling into Knoxville, Monday Night Raw tonight will see some fallout from the fallout, if you will, as men look for retribution and things begin to heat up ahead of Over The Limit in just under two weeks’ time. With the pay-per-view so close, there’s only a short time for the Raw superstars to make their mark ahead of any match they may have, whether it’s their biggest match to date, or just another notch in their belt next Sunday.

Last week’s Raw, the ‘Birthday Special’ for The Rock, went off the air with the Great One standing tall with number one contender Daniel Bryan, while WWE Champion The Miz scarpered up the ramp. Rocky also put Alex Riley through a table after The Miz and Bryan’s contract signing – Bryan promised The Miz to take things up a notch at Over The Limit and become WWE Champion, but tonight we may see how seriously he truly takes this upcoming title bout, because he takes on Alex Riley one-on-one. The Miz last week called himself an icon greater than The Rock and called Daniel Bryan no more than a ‘rookie’ out of his depth; tonight is Bryan’s chance to send his own message to the self-proclaimed ‘most must-see WWE Champion of all-time’, especially after his “No words – just wrestling” moniker impressed the WWE fans and locker room last week. If there’s one thing Daniel Bryan always does, it’s give 100% in the ring, and tonight, Bryan could take his next steps towards the biggest match of his career. But will Alex Riley have anything to say about it?

Also last week, we learned that rather than have John Cena and Triple H tear each other apart on live television, Raw GM Jerry Lawler wanted the pair to TEAM together at Over The Limit, with the incentive that if they could work together for a win, the man who scored the fall would get a WWE Title shot. Across from them, however, stands the arrogant, loud-mouthed Dolph Ziggler, who ironically has complained about the size of THEIR egos, and plans to win the WWE Title shot for himself. His partner in Tag Team Attraction will be decided tonight, when four of Raw’s most talented superstars never to win a World Title face off in a blockbuster Fatal Four-Way Match. Who will join Dolph Ziggler’s crusade for a title shot worth its weight in gold? And not to mention, in our main event, Cena and Ziggler will go head-to-head in an Over The Limit preview… but will Triple H be at ringside to help his future tag team partner? And can Cena beat Ziggler when he has so much on his mind? It’s Cena and Ziggler, one-on-one, tonight.

CM Punk won his Last Man Standing Match at Extreme Rules with the help of two men now known as The Convoy, in Skip Sheffield and Mason Ryan. The two behemoths again demonstrated their strength last week, saving CM Punk from a beatdown by long-time enemy Randy Orton backstage, on a night where Punk and the Convoy had also threatened The Rock on his birthday. Sheffield even hit his signature Lariat on Orton, driving him into a car windshield in possibly the most poignant or notable moment of last week’s episode. However, Jerry Lawler later announced that Orton would face Punk one last time at Over The Limit, in a fitting Stretcher Match to let them settle their differences once and for all, and given that the Viper doesn’t forgive or forget easily – just what will he do tonight to get his hands on these three men?

The United States Champion, Sheamus, has impressed since winning his belt. Not only is he flat-out undefeated since his title win, but he’s made a habit of attacking his opponents after his matches, making sure to send a statement that not only can he beat just about anyone, but that he does it emphatically. This aggression is what has made many superstars very wary of the Celtic Warrior, none more so than Tyler Black, whose ‘Agent’ personality has driven him to ask one major question of the Irishman – why does he think he can get away with it? Last week, Sheamus beat Black’s friend Mark Henry and hit him with a Brogue Kick after the bell, but before he could go even further, Black made the save, hitting Sheamus with a Yakuza Kick and a Phoenix Splash to send a huge message. One week after being shocked like never before, Sheamus is set to call Black out tonight, looking for some answers and looking to settle their differences. Undoubtedly Tyler Black will answer the call, so it’s purely a question of when, not if, the circumstances deteriorate into violence.

Also tonight, Gail Kim takes on Brie Bella for a Diva’s Title shot next week, and we’ll hear from Ted DiBiase, one week after his trust fund was cut off by his father!

~ Announced For Raw ~

Sheamus calls out Tyler Black
The thoughts of Ted DiBiase


Singles Contest

John Cena vs The Perfection Artiste Dolph Ziggler

Fatal Four-Way; Winner Joins Tag Team Attraction
Tyson Kidd vs The Shaman of Sexy John Morrison vs The British Brawler William Regal vs Evan Bourne

Singles Contest; Diva’s Title Shot
Gail Kim vs Brie Bella

Singles Contest
The Varsity Villain Alex Riley vs Daniel Bryan
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