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TNA: 'Cause Stone Cold Said So!

The backstory for this BTB is simply instead of TNA signing Hulk Hogan in October of '09, Dixie Carter signed "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. In this, Stone Cold will be basically running the show or have the same powers that Hulk Hogan has. I'm using the same roster that TNA had before January 4th 2010 as well as the same champions. Since a lot of the storylines at that time were based on Hulk Hogan arriving in TNA, I will be going in a whole new direction for this BTB. The first show I will write is the January 7th, 2010 edition of Impact which will be Stone Cold's debut in the company. I will be posting more details later, hope you all enjoy!
TNA Wrestling
'Cause Stone Cold Said So!

Jeff Hardy TNA World Heavyweight Champion
Since: 2/14/2010
Brutus Magnus TNA World Tag Team Champion
Since: 10/18/2009
Doug Williams TNA World Tag Team Champion
Since: 10/18/2009
Desmond Wolfe TNA Global Champion
Since: 2/14/2010
Christopher Daniels X Division Champion
Since: 1/17/2010
Alissa Flash TNA Knockouts Champion
Since: 2/14/2010
Madison Rayne TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion
Since: 2/18/2010
Velvet Sky TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion
Since: 2/18/2010

Abyss - Status Unknown
A.J. Styles
Alex Shelley
Alissa Flash
Amazing Red
Andrew Thomas
Angelina Love
Bobby Lashley - Storyline Injured
Brother Devon
Brother Ray
Brutus Magnus
Christopher Daniels
Chris Sabin
Consequences Creed
D’Angelo Dinero - Storyline Suspended
Desmond Wolfe
Dixie Carter
Don West
Doug Williams
Earl Hebner
Eric Young
Hector Guerrero
Jay Lethal
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Jeremy Borash
Kevin Nash
Kristal Lashley - Storyline Injured
Kurt Angle
Madison Rayne
Matt Conway
Matt Morgan
Mick Foley - Status Unknown
Mike Posey
Mike Tenay
Ric Flair
Robert Roode
Samoa Joe
Scott Steiner
Shark Boy
Slick Johnson
SoCal Val
Stevie Richards
Sting - Status Unknown
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Tara - Storyline Injured
Taylor Wilde
Velvet Sky
Vince Russo
Willie Urbina

Angelina Love, Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky – The Beautiful People
James Storm & Robert Roode – Beer Money
Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams – The British Invasion
Hernandez & Homicide – LAX
Consequences Creed & Jay Lethal – Lethal Consequences
Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin – Motor City Machine Guns
Kiyoshi & Okada - Team Japan
Brother Ray & Brother Devon – Team 3D

Dixie Carter – TNA President
Stone Cold Steve Austin – Head of TNA Management
Jeff Jarrett – TNA Founder/Managerial Assistant

Vince Russo - Head of TNA Creative
Matt Conway - TNA Creative Team Member
Raven - TNA Creative Team Member
Brother Devon - Agent
Brother Ray - Agent
Taz - Agent

Mike Tenay – TV Commentator
Taz – TV Commentator
Hector Guerrero – Spanish TV Commentator
Willie Urbina – Spanish TV Commentator

Don West – TV Interviewer
SoCal Val - TV Interviewer

Jeremy Borash – Ring Announcer

Andrew Thomas – Referee
Earl Hebner – Referee
Mike Posey – Referee
Slick Johnson - Referee

Upcoming PPV Schedule

3/22/2010 - Destination X / Orlando, Florida - Impact Zone (Live on Spike, Monday March 22nd)
4/18/2010 - Lockdown / St.Louis, Missouri - Family Arena
5/16/2010 - Victory Road / Southaven, Mississippi - DeSoto Civic Center
6/13/2010 - Slammiversary / San Jose, California - San Jose State University Event Center

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Re: TNA: 'Cause Stone Cold Said So!

Very interesting. I loved TNA before Hogan, or in your case, Steve Austin, so this roster is very pleasing. I'll be watching.

I'm back...

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Re: TNA: 'Cause Stone Cold Said So!

Cool Roster, but I'm surprised you aren't going to do the January 4th Show.

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Re: TNA: 'Cause Stone Cold Said So!

Originally Posted by Nitro_4_Life View Post
Cool Roster, but I'm surprised you aren't going to do the January 4th Show.
I'm not doing the January 4th show because the move to Monday nights was Hogan's idea and I hope that if TNA were to have signed Stone Cold in real life that he would have been smart enough to see that the Monday night move was not a good idea and stay on Thursdays.

Note - I just realized Tara was the Knockouts Champion at this time and not ODB.

Breaking News: Venue announced for January 7th Impact, Roster Cuts, News on Sting & More

- For only the second time in company history, TNA will be taking Impact on the road to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's home state of Texas January 7th. Impact will be live from the Reliant Arena in Houston.

- TNA has recently come to terms on the releases of Christy Hemme, David Penzer, Jesse Neal, Lacey Von Erich, Raven, Rob Terry, SoCal Val, and Traci Brooks. We wish them all the best in their futures.

- None of these releases were seen as shocking. Christy Hemme and David Penzer's releases were seen as mere cost cutting measures. There was no need to have David Penzer on the payroll when Jeremy Borash could do his job and Christy Hemme was simply making too much money for just being a backstage interviewer. TNA originally had huge hopes for Jesse Neal, hoping his being a war hero would help him get over with the fans but the lukewarm reaction he got coupled with the fact he wasn't progressing in the ring as fast as management would hope made him expendable. Both Rob Terry and Lacey Von Erich suffered the same fate. Management is still high on both of them but their lack of ring talent severely limited their usefulness. There was only so much time they could go being sidekicks. And Raven, Traci Brooks, and SoCal Val were just not used very often and there was no plans to use them in the future so they were cut loose.

- Sting's TNA status at the moment is anyone's guess. It is being rumored that both he and Stone Cold have been butting heads ever since Stone Cold came in over Sting's schedule. Sting wants to resign but Stone Cold's insistence that he work house shows has held him from officially resigning. Creative/management are both assuming that Sting will eventually resign like he does every year but when is still unknown.

- Both Brother Ray and Brother Devon are now working backstage as agents. They are not expected to be used in-ring much anymore.

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Re: TNA: 'Cause Stone Cold Said So!

Interesting headlines for TNA. I'm surprised that you eliminated both Christy Hemme and David Penzer because now there is no backstage interviewer unless you use Don West, or have all of the interviews take place in the ring with Jeremy Borash.

So far it seems as though Stone Cold is costing the company more than he may be worth with all the cuts happening, and no signing of superstars or even rumours of the sort. It will be interesting if he actually manages to get anyone to come into TNA on January 7.

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Re: TNA: 'Cause Stone Cold Said So!

Preview for January 7th Impact - Stone Cold Debuts!

- In what promises to be one of the most historical Impacts in TNA history, Impact is live on the road at the Reliant Arena in Houston, Texas where "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will finally make his TNA television debut. Will Stone Cold bring anyone along with him, what changes will he bring to TNA and what does he have in store for the TNA roster?

- Also, the return of the dangerous Ultimate X match. Six X Division wrestlers will face off to decide who will go on to face TNA X Division Champion Amazing Red at Genesis.

- Eight TNA Knockouts will be in action when they compete in a Gauntlet Match to determine the #1 contender to the TNA Knockouts Championship.

- All this and more, live Thursday January 7th, only on Spike!
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Re: TNA: 'Cause Stone Cold Said So!

January 7th 2010
TNA Impact
Houston, Texas

Impact opens up with a long video focusing on the impending debut of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The video features small interviews with Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett, Mike Tenay, and Kurt Angle on their thoughts about Stone Cold as well as Stone Cold talking about joining TNA. The video was quite long, playing up how important an Impact this will be, being one of the most historical Impacts in company history. Once the video finishes, Impact cuts to a brand new opening video, featuring Stone Cold, as well as a new theme song. Once that’s finished, the camera cuts to the ring area, the pyro goes off and the show officially begins.

The camera pans over the entire arena, obviously trying to emphasize the fact that this is only the second time in TNA history that Impact has been on the road.

The camera eventually makes it all the way around to the announcer’s desk where Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone. They give the rundown of the show, including hyping up the Ultimate X match and Knockouts Gauntlet match which will take place later on.

Once Mike Tenay and Taz finish the rundown, the music of TNA President Dixie Carter begins to play. Dixie makes her way out of the entrance tunnel and down to the ring to a pretty good reaction from the crowd.

Dixie starts off by welcoming everyone to this historic Impact. She thanks the fans in attendance at the Reliant Arena as well as those fans watching around the world. She says TNA has come a long way in such a short amount of time. “From a company that everyone said would fail right away, to a national TV with Spike TV, to signing some of the biggest stars in the business like Sting and Kurt Angle. Tonight TNA takes another huge step; a step that we all hope will take us to that next level. Tonight, one of the biggest names ever in not just the wrestling business but in the entertainment business as well makes his TNA Impact debut. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado please welcome to TNA Impact, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin!”

The crowd comes unglued when the familiar glass shattering sound is heard and the familiar theme song begins to play. Once Stone Cold steps out of the entrance ramp, the crowd gets even louder. Stone Cold pauses on the top of the entrance ramp for a while, looking over the fans and taking the moment in. He eventually begins to make his way down to the ring. Once in the ring, he poses for the fans in all four corners before shaking Dixie’s hand. Dixie hands him the microphone and then leaves the ring.

Stone Cold pauses for a moment as the crowd chants “Austin!” “Austin!” “Austin!” The camera shows several Austin 3:16 signs in the audience. After about thirty seconds he finally begins to speak.

“Oh HELL YEAH!”…..”You know, when I first started thinking about the idea of joining TNA wrestling, I was a little skeptical. Being where I am in my career, the thought of having to start a whole new adventure and not knowing where it would end up honestly scared me a little bit. But as I sat home and the more and more I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that I had to do it. Being a veteran in this business, I owe it to the young up and comers to do everything in my power to make sure that for their generation the business is alive and thriving but let’s face it, the business is in the shitter right now. The other company has formed a monopoly and is slowly but surely beginning to tear the wrestling business apart. Again, as I was sitting at home I came to the conclusion that for the wrestling business to get back to the levels it was in 1990’s, TNA needs to succeed and grow and the only way it’s going to do that is with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. So I called Dixie back, I signed the contract and here I am, in Houston, Texas on Impact! As I was brainstorming ideas for my vision of TNA, there were two things that came to mind. First thing, there is nothing like a live wrestling show. A taped show, ehh, it just doesn’t do it for me. So I said to Dixie, “Dixie, I don’t care how much money it costs, I don’t care how we do it but from now on, Impact needs to be live every single week.” And you know what she said? She said, “Stone Cold, that’s a great idea!” So from now on, TNA Impact will be live every Thursday night!

The crowd continues to cheer, and Mike Tenay and Taz can’t believe it. Stone Cold continues.

“The second idea has to do with the current TNA roster. I am sick and tired of wrestlers who are just handed championship opportunities because of who they are or who they know, that’s not how it’s going to happen in Stone Cold’s TNA. No, from now on, if you want a title shot, you are going to have to earn it by impressing me. This is about finding out who’s the best…”

Just as Stone Cold is finished, he is interrupted by the music of Kurt Angle. The lights go dark and out from under the entrance ramp arrives the Olympic gold medalist. Kurt’s pyro goes off and he begins to make his way down to the ring. As you can suspect, Stone Cold does not look too happy about being interrupted like that.

“Well Steve, long time no see, how you been?”

Stone Cold doesn’t respond, he just stares at Kurt as Kurt continues talking.

“Well I heard what you had to say about the best earning the title shots and I thought I’d just come out here and say look no further when looking for a world heavyweight championship #1 contender. In fact, just save yourself the trouble and name me the #1 contender now because let’s face it, I’m the only one worthy.”

“This little interruption aside, if you are indeed the best option for the #1 contender spot, then your in-ring work should show it. I really should say hell no to giving you the title shot but you are an Olympic gold medalist and a former TNA World champion so I am still going to give you a SHOT. In fact, I am putting you in the main event tonight.”

“Really? Sweet. Against who?”

“I am not going to tell you. If you are truly the best, then you should have no problem.”

Stone Cold’s theme music begins to play and he extends his hand towards Kurt. Kurt looks at him, not too sure what to do or what to think about what has just happened but Kurt extends his hand right back and the two shake. Just as they break apart, Stone Cold surprisingly hits the Stunner on Kurt! Kurt is left motionless on the ring apron as someone from the outside starts to toss beers in to Stone Cold. The camera cuts to commercial as Stone Cold continues with the beers.


Match #1: Beer Money vs. LAX vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Coming back from commercial it is time for the very first match of the evening, a three way tag team bout between Beer Money, the Latin American Xchange, and the Motor City Machine Guns. LAX is the first team to come out to the ring. As they are walking down the ramp, Mike Tenay and Taz are joined by the TNA World Tag Team Champions, Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams. Mike Tenay also explains that whoever wins this match will earn themselves a title shot against the champions at Genesis. Following LAX to the ring are the Motor City Machine Guns and last but not least is the team of Beer Money.

Homicide, James Storm, and Alex Shelley begin the match in the ring. Right away James Storm and Alex Shelley begin attacking each other while Homicide just sits and waits. This goes on for a few seconds before both Storm and Shelley notice Homicide just standing there and they go to attack him. Homicide is able to fend off Shelley but he has trouble against the larger Storm. Storm backs Homicide into a corner and begins to pound on him. While Storm is working on Homicide in the corner, Alex Shelley has gotten to his feet. Shaking the cobwebs off, Shelley launches himself at both Storm and Homicide, sandwiching them in the corner. Shelley tags in Chris Sabin who then irish whips Shelley right back towards Storm and Homicide, sandwiching them in the corner once again. Chris Sabin grabs Homicide up off the ring apron and begins to go to work. With Homicide still dazed, Sabin is able to quickly wear him down with his fast paced offense. Sabin is even able to get a pin attempt in but only is able to get a two count since James Storm was able to lunge at them at the last second and break it up. While James Storm and Chris Sabin begin to square off again, Homicide sneaks past them and tags in Hernandez. Hernandez comes in like a freight train and just begins leveling all competitors. He picks Chris Sabin up for the Border Toss but Chris is able to fight his way out and even manages to get Hernandez down on the apron. With Hernandez down, Chris takes the opportunity to tag back in Alex Shelley. Shelley initially takes his time to decide who to attack before attacking the man who’s been in the match the longest, James Storm. Storm appears rather worn down and Shelley is easily able to wear him further down rather quickly. After a few seconds Shelley goes for the pin attempt but only gets a two. At this time, Hernandez has stood up and Shelley notices. Shelley decides to forget about Storm and focus on Hernandez. This turns out to be a mistake as Hernandez is ready for Shelley. The two square off. However Shelley is no match for Hernandez who quickly over powers him. This continues for quite a while before out of nowhere James Storm hits the super kick on Hernandez! Seeing a perfect time to finally tag in Robert Roode, Storm goes for it. Roode enters the match and goes right for Alex Shelley. Robert Roode gets on a roll quickly. Strike after strike knocks Shelley down. Roode even hits the Double R spine buster on Shelley and it looks like he may get the win but just as Roode goes for the pin, Hernandez once again wakes up and breaks up the attempt. Hernandez pulls Roode off Shelley and he begins attacking him. After a few seconds of this, Hernandez irish whips Roode over the top rope and out of the ring. Feeling pretty proud of himself, Hernandez takes time to taunt the fans. Just as the fans are booing him, out of nowhere Shelley hits a super kick of his own on Hernandez. This time he’s down and out. Sensing the end is near; Shelley quickly tags in Chris Sabin who immediately climbs to the top rope, jumps off, and lands right on top of the motionless Hernandez for the 1, 2, 3!

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

Following the end of the match, the Guns celebrate in the ring as the British Invasion, who is still at the announcer’s desk, stand and applaud. Homicide grabs his partner Hernandez and the two begin walking back towards the locker room. The Guns and British Invasion soon follow, leaving only Beer Money at ringside. Robert Roode seems to be having a hard time getting up. While James Storm is attending to his partner, out of nowhere the lights go out. Nobody is too sure what’s going on until a very loud “WOOOOOO!” is heard over the loud speaker. The crowd erupts as the lights come back on and “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is standing on the entrance ramp! Beer Money immediately pops up and their eyes get as big as can be as they stare at the 16 time world champion. Beer Money and Flair continue to stare each other down as the camera cuts to the back.

Cutting to the backstage area, a sort of new member to the TNA broadcast team, Don West is with the founder of TNA, Jeff Jarrett.

First things first, Don asks Jeff for his thoughts on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin debuting in TNA. Jeff says that he’s very happy and very proud that TNA has come to the point where they were able to sign one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. “I remember how big the signing of Kurt Angle was for us but no offense to Kurt, Stone Cold is just on a whole other level.” Don then asks for his thoughts on Stone Cold basically running TNA now. “Again no offense, but TNA is my child, my baby and I hope to god Stone Cold knows what he’s doing because if I sense he’s doing anything to harm TNA, there’s going to be hell to pay.”

Jeff then excuses himself and walks off camera as it cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, Impact immediately cuts to the announcer’s desk where Mike Tenay and Taz are still in shock over the arrival of Ric Flair. Tenay and Taz show the video over and over again and they still can’t believe it. They are interrupted by Jeremy Borash who is beginning to announce the start of the next match.

Match #2: Alissa Flash vs. Angelina Love vs. Awesome Kong vs. Daffney vs. Hamada vs. Madison Rayne vs. ODB vs. Velvet Sky – Knockouts Gauntlet Match

Turning their attention back to the action in the ring, Mike Tenay and Taz explain the rules of this Knockouts Gauntlet Match. Two knockouts will begin the match in the ring for two minutes and then after that, a new Knockout will enter the ring every ninety seconds. The way you are eliminated is by being thrown over the top rope. Once the final two Knockouts have been determined, it becomes like a normal match where a pinfall or submission wins. Whoever wins this match will be going on to Genesis to face Tara for the Knockouts Championship. First Knockout to the ring is ODB, followed by Hamada.

Two of the toughest Knockouts in the division begin this match in the ring. They immediately lock up in the center of the ring. The more technically sound Hamada manages to get the upper hand. Hamada hits several quick arm drags, trying to wear ODB down early. Sensing she better try to get ODB over the top rope before the next Knockout enters the match, Hamada tries to move ODB closer to the ropes but she won’t budge. ODB is able to battle her way back to her feet as the clock ticks down to zero.

Entrant #3: Daffney

The unorthodox Daffney enters the ring and immediately launches herself right at both ODB and Hamada, knocking them down. This move caught both of them off guard. Daffney tries picking Hamada up off the ring apron and tossing her over the ropes but she won’t budge either. Hamada is smart enough to realize what is going on and lands a few strong punches to Daffney which daze her enough to allow Hamada back to her feet. Hamada then positions Daffney right near the ropes and begins to attempt to toss her over. Daffney holds on with all her strength. Once ODB gets to her feet, she joins Hamada in trying to toss Daffney over. The two almost get Daffney over as the clock ticks to zero.

Entrant #4: Madison Rayne

The third member of the Beautiful People enters the match and joins ODB and Hamada in trying to eliminate Daffney. ODB does not seem to want her help however, as she immediately elbows Madison in the face. This dazes Madison just enough for ODB to quickly grab her and toss her over the top rope!

Eliminated: Madison Rayne

At this point, Daffney has managed to crawl back into the ring after fending off Hamada. Daffney and Hamada begin to square off as ODB just stands in the corner and watches, waiting for the next entrant.

Entrant #5: Alissa Flash

Seeing a “worthy” opponent about to enter the ring, ODB readies herself. Once Alissa enters the ring, ODB immediately runs at her and tackles her, furiously pounding on her head with punches. Alissa tries to protect herself but ODB is relentless. Meanwhile, Daffney has turned the tables on Hamada. Daffney now has Hamada teetering on the ropes. Daffney tries and tries but Hamada is just too strong, she won’t budge. ODB continues attacking Alissa Flash and Daffney continues trying to eliminate Hamada as the clock ticks down to zero.

Entrant #6: Angelina Love

Hoping to fare better in this match than Madison Rayne did, Angelina takes her time entering the ring and when she finally does, she avoids all the other Knockouts when possible. The other Knockouts seem to not even notice her; they are too busy with their own little feuds to care. Alissa Flash has managed to fight her way to her feet but ODB continues the assault. Hamada has gotten back into the ring and continues the fight with Daffney. The whole time, Angelina just stands in the opposite corner of the ring, waiting for the next Knockout to enter the match.

Entrant #7: Velvet Sky

Breathing a sigh of relief that her best friend is now in the match with her, Angelina Love can now get a little braver and start trying to eliminate the other Knockouts. The two members of the Beautiful People talk over the plans before doing anything. Meanwhile, Hamada has Daffney once again on the ropes. Daffney begins flailing her hands all over, hoping to land a punch on Hamada. She succeeds and Hamada leaves her alone. Daffney then tries to climb back into the ring. Seeing a perfect opportunity to strike, the Beautiful People run at Daffney and together they eliminate her!

Eliminated: Daffney

Feeling pretty proud of themselves, the Beautiful People take a small amount of time to taunt the audience and celebrate their small victory. This small amount of time was all Hamada needed. With a surge of energy and a powerful close line, Hamada eliminates both members of the Beautiful People at once!

Eliminated: Angelina Love & Velvet Sky

The Beautiful People can’t believe it and neither can Hamada for that matter. Angelina and Velvet try to plead their case to the referee but the referee doesn’t budge in his ruling. The Beautiful People continue trying to argue until they see who the last entrant in the match is.

Entrant #8: Awesome Kong

The Beautiful People immediately go running when they see Awesome Kong come down to the ring. Once Awesome Kong enters the ring, she wastes no time. ODB tries attacking her but she is simply no match. Awesome Kong knocks her down, picks her up, and tosses her over the top rope like she’s nothing.

Eliminated: ODB

The crowd, as well as Hamada and Alissa Flash, are all in awe at how quickly Awesome Kong eliminated ODB. Knowing they’ll need to team up in order to eliminate her, Alissa and Hamada both attack Awesome Kong together. They actually manage to back her into a corner for a little while but this is just a minor setback for Kong. With a surge of energy, Awesome Kong tosses Hamada to nearly the other side of the ring. She then grabs Alissa Flash, picks her up, and tosses her out of the ring, just like she did to ODB.

Eliminated: Alissa Flash

Knowing that her chances in this match just dwindled down to nearly nothing, Hamada fights back against Awesome Kong anyway. Surprisingly, the quickness of Hamada is enough to get Awesome Kong down on the mat! When Awesome Kong stands back up, Hamada hits a powerful running drop kick on her which backs Awesome Kong up against the ropes. Awesome Kong appears dazed but this turns out to be a false front. Just when Hamada comes charging at her, she stands up, grabs Hamada by the throat, choke slams her down and covers her for the 1,2,3!

Winner: Awesome Kong

Following the match, the referee tries to raise Awesome Kong’s hand but Kong scares him away. She doesn’t take any time to acknowledge the crowd or the camera following her victory, she just simply starts to head back to the locker room.

Before the camera cuts to commercial, it quickly cuts to the backstage area where Kurt Angle is being attended to after he was the victim of a Stone Cold Stunner.

Don West tries to ask Kurt for his thoughts on what happened earlier. Kurt doesn’t say much, he just responds by saying that he’s going to make Stone Cold pay for humiliating him like that. Don then tries to ask Kurt about his upcoming match against Stone Cold’s mystery opponent. Kurt fires back with “I don’t care who he puts in my way; I’m going to humiliate whoever it is the way Stone Cold did to me.”

Kurt Angle then pushes Don West away. Sensing he better not press it any farther Don West walks away as the camera cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, Impact cuts to the backstage area where Bobby and Kristal Lashley are apparently trying to find Stone Cold.

Kristal is asking every stage hand and backstage person she can find “where is Stone Cold?” Nobody seems to know and as this goes on, Kristal gets angrier and angrier. She starts yelling, “Stone Cold, Stone Cold, Bobby would like to talk to you.” Eventually the Lashleys run into “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero who is sitting backstage, apparently reading a book. Kristal approaches the Pope and asks him if he knows where Stone Cold is. Pope doesn’t answer that question, rather he immediately stands up and gives Kristal the “hey beautiful” look. Pope begins hitting on Kristal as she tries to get him to answer her question. Growing tired of Pope, Kristal calls over her husband Bobby and Pope immediately backs off. Pope politely says that he does not know where Stone Cold is. The Lashleys then turn to walk away. As they are turning away, Pope slaps Kristal on the behind and immediately runs away. Both the Lashleys get very angry but do nothing as the camera cuts back to the ring area.

Cutting back to the ring area, the sound of Matt Morgan’s theme song is heard. Matt Morgan approaches the ring dressed in street clothes, with a microphone in hand.

“First of all, I’d like to say how awesome it is to be working with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin for the very first time! He was one of my favorites growing up and he still is a favorite of mine to this day. With that being said, having not worked together before, he may not be that familiar with my work so I thought I’d come out here today and explain to him and to all you who exactly I am. I am “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan, I am the DNA of TNA. I am the biggest and baddest big man in wrestling today. I am better looking and better built than any big man that has come before me and any that will come after me. Frankly, I can’t think of any big man in the history of wrestling that could even come close to beating me. To quote a famous Canadian, I am the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.”

The crowd boos that quote but Matt just laughs it off. Matt then motions he is about to start speaking again when he is interrupted by the music of “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash. Nash gets a pretty good reaction from the crowd as comes to the ring.

“You think you’re the best? Boy I was whipping pieces of shit like you in this ring while you were still in diapers. How many world championships have you won in your time, huh? Oh yeah that’s right, none! And you think you’re the best looking big man in the business, hey they don’t call me “Big Sexy” for nothing.”

“No offense “Pops”, but your days as “Big Sexy” are long gone. And secondly, you are correct that I have never won a world heavyweight championship in my career but I would much rather earn my title when I finally do win it than winning the title because of who you know! Your whole career has been nothing but games and backstabbing, without that you’re nothing! You may think you’re all big and tough but I can guaran-damn-tee you that I could have beaten you back then and I can sure as hell beat your gray ass right now!”

Out of nowhere, Matt Morgan nails Kevin Nash with a powerful punch which knocks him on the ground. Morgan furiously begins to assault him. This continues until TNA referees and security enter the ring and stop him. Having left Kevin Nash bloodied and beaten, Matt Morgan then leaves the ring area as security check on Kevin.

Before cutting to commercial, the Impact cameras take a few moments to look in on Samoa Joe’s locker room. Joe is busy preparing for his upcoming match against Abyss.


Match #3: Abyss vs. Samoa Joe

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for the third match of the night featuring two of TNA’s toughest men in “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe and “The Monster” Abyss. Abyss is the first to the ring, coming to the ring to a very mixed reaction from the crowd. Following Abyss is his opponent Samoa Joe. Joe gets a much better reaction from the crowd.

Abyss and Joe immediately square off in the middle of the ring. Right away Joe seems much more determined than Abyss does. In fact, Abyss hardly gets in any offense at all. Within a matter of maybe a minute and a half, Joe has Abyss down on the ring apron in a submission! Abyss struggles but Joe just locks in the submission tighter and tighter. Abyss has no choice but to tap out!

Winner: Samoa Joe

Following the match, everyone was very impressed with how quickly Joe made Abyss tap out. The referee raises Joe’s hand in victory. Just as Joe turns to leave the ring, Stone Cold’s music begins to play.

“That, that right there was what I was talking about when I said impress me! Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the newest #1 contender to the TNA World Title, Samoa Joe!”

Both Joe and the crowd can’t believe it. Because of his quick win against Abyss, Joe is now moving on to face A.J. Styles at Genesis for the TNA World Title. The camera then cuts away to the announcer’s desk, where Mike Tenay and Taz both comment on the shocking announcement by Stone Cold as well as give a quick plug to the upcoming Genesis pay per view, which is only two weeks away. Once they are finished with the plug, they then move on to previewing the upcoming Ultimate X match. They go over the rules of the match as well as give a long detailed history of the match. Once they are finished, they announce that the match is up next, right after the commercial break.


Match #4: Consequences Creed vs. Daniels vs. Jay Lethal vs. Kazarian vs. Kiyoshi vs. Shark Boy – Ultimate X Match

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for one of the most dangerous and exciting matches in the history of professional wrestling, the high wire Ultimate X match featuring six wrestlers from the X Division who will battle for the right to go on to Genesis to face TNA X Division Champion Amazing Red for the X Division Championship. All six competitors are in the ring when Impact returns from commercial and when Jeremy Borash finishes up introducing them all, the referee rings the bell and the match can begin.

Right away all six wrestlers go for the scaffolding. Only Kazarian and Daniels manage to get up and out to the ropes above the ring. Daniels struggles to hold onto the rope and ultimately has to let go and try again for a better grip. Kazarian makes his move towards the X. He almost pulls it down but he’s stopped in his tracks by Shark Boy. The two fight in mid air, trying to knock each other down. After kicking at each other, both wrestlers lose their grip on the ropes and fall to the ring apron. Meanwhile, the team of Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal are teaming up, attacking both Kiyoshi and Daniels on the outside of the ring. After nearly a minute of pounding on their opponents on the outside, Lethal Consequences then make a move towards the X. Kazarian and Shark Boy, who have recently staggered to their feet after falling from the top ropes, are now fighting each other in the middle of the ring. Both men seem much shaken, however Kazarian is the one that seems to have the most strength as he is able to fend off Shark Boy. This turned out to be perfect timing for Kazarian because just as he fought off Shark Boy, he turned around to notice that Lethal Consequences were making a play for the X. Kazarian begins climbing to the top to try and get to the X before Lethal Consequences do. This leads to a three way confrontation on the ropes above the ring. Meanwhile, the other three competitors in the match have gotten to their feet. Up above, Consequences Creed has fallen off the ropes, leaving just Kazarian and Lethal to fight it out. Eventually Kiyoshi manages to climb to the top. The three continue fighting it out when out of nowhere Shark Boy leaps and knocks all three of them off the rope. The crowd goes nuts for this move which leaves all four men motionless on the ring apron. This presents a perfect opportunity for Consequences Creed and Daniels to try and get the X while everyone else is incapacitated. The two immediately climb to the top rope and begin crawling towards the X. The crowd cheers both men on as they fight for the X. The two kick and strike at each other for what seems like an entire minute but eventually Consequences Creed loses his grip and falls to the ring apron, leaving just Daniels alone to grab the X and the victory!

Winner: Daniels

The crowd goes nuts as one of their favorites, Daniels emerges victorious. The camera cuts away with a shot of Daniels still grasping the X.

Before going to commercial, the Impact cameras catch a glimpse of Kurt Angle who is in his dressing room preparing for his upcoming main event match against Stone Cold’s mystery opponent. Angle appears very, very focused. He doesn’t even notice the cameras as he walks out the door towards the ring area.


Match #5: Kurt Angle vs. ???

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for the Impact main event, a match Stone Cold made earlier in the night when Kurt Angle interrupted him between the Olympic Gold medalist and an opponent of Stone Cold’s choosing. Obviously first out to the ring is Kurt Angle. Angle appears in no rush to get to the ring, taking time to stare at the fans as well as glare at everyone else. Once he gets to the ring and his music stops playing, the entire Reliant Arena goes dark and silent. The only sound heard is the crowd. Angle looks around as if to say, “is this a joke?” Eventually the video screen fires up again, showing several bizarre symbols and colors while playing a strange kind of music. Kurt just laughs it off and begins to walk out of the ring but he’s stopped dead in his tracks when the Reliant Arena turns from dark to a green color and the music changes from strange to a familiar theme song. The crowd goes wild again when Kurt Angle’s opponent finally reveals himself. The crowd can’t believe it, Mike Tenay and Taz can’t believe it but its true, Kurt Angle’s opponent is…JEFF HARDY! Hardy takes time to acknowledge the fans as he makes his way down the ring ramp. Kurt Angle acts like he’s seen a ghost. Hardy enters the ring and the two get face to face. Jeremy Borash begins the introductions. Once he’s finished, he signals the referee to ring the bell.

Hardy, using the element of surprise as his aide, takes the early lead in the match. It takes quite a bit of time before Kurt Angle finally gets focused enough to begin to fight back against Hardy. Even when Angle does fight back, Hardy is still ready for him, matching him move for move. Hardy does his best to try and not turn this match into a grappling contest since obviously he is at a big disadvantage so he uses the many quick strike attacks in his arsenal to wear down Angle. Hardy keeps the momentum going for the next minute or so of the match before Kurt suddenly gets a burst of energy. With a new fire in his eyes, Kurt begins firing back at Hardy. The two trade blows back and forth until Angle manages to get Hardy down on the ring apron. Kurt must have hit Hardy pretty good because Hardy does not move much. Seeing this may be his opportunity, Kurt grabs Jeff’s legs and locks in the Ankle Lock. Kurt doesn’t have it in for very long when out of nowhere Jeff is able to reverse it. Now with both men back to their feet, they continue fighting. Just when it appears that Kurt may once again get the upper hand, Jeff surprises him with a quick Twist of Fate! With the crowd firmly behind him, Jeff goes to put Kurt away. He climbs to the top rope and hits the Swanton right on Angle! Jeff immediately covers him and gets the 1,2,3!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Following the end of the match, Jeff poises for the fans while Kurt Angle remains motionless on the ring apron. Impact fades to black with a shot of both Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle still in the ring together.

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Re: TNA: 'Cause Stone Cold Said So!

News on Flair & Hardy, Stone Cold's Role Backstage, TNA on the road, & More

- Ric Flair's TNA debut last week reportedly caught a lot of people backstage in TNA by surprise. Flair's signing was kept on a very low need-to-know basis to avoid it being leaked to the internet. Not even Beer Money was told Flair was going to come out after their match. Although it is a known fact that Ric Flair wants to wrestle again or at least work in the wrestling business again, everyone always expected him to return to WWE at some point, not completely sever ties and join the competition. It is unknown at this point why exactly Flair decided to join TNA but it is being reported that Flair's current contract is for one year.

- Jeff Hardy's TNA re-debut wasn't as surprising. Hardy had met with Stone Cold a few times before the January 7th show and reportedly met with Dixie Carter at least once as well. There was a reported deal in place with WWE for Hardy to eventually return once his court issues were all over with but Hardy backed off of it when he saw how he was being treated on WWE television. Dixie Carter was the one pushing hardest for TNA to sign Hardy, hoping the huge popularity Hardy had when he left WWE would carry over to TNA.

- There is a lot of rumors going around as to what Stone Cold's role in TNA is. Although he officially is not in complete control of TNA (at this time), Dixie Carter pretty much lets him do whatever he wants to do. Eventually as Stone Cold gets more accustomed to working within the company, he will take a more official position.

- One thing Stone Cold has been pushing for since he joined is more TNA televised and pay per view events held on the road. Stone Cold, as well as many others, know how limiting the Impact Zone is when it comes to the growth of TNA. However many events that end up being held on the road will obviously depend on how much money TNA is willing to spend. The ideal plan at this time would be to have one Impact a month on the road and then all of the pay per views on the road but that may be a little out of reach at this point.

- However, one upcoming TNA event will be held on the road. TNA will be holding its annual Lockdown pay per view from the Family Arena in St. Louis, Missouri. The venue was announced on after Impact last week.

- Speaking of last week's Impact, following the show it was announced on that Kevin Nash and Matt Morgan will be facing each other at the upcoming Genesis pay per view. Last week on Impact, Matt Morgan attacked Kevin Nash after Nash interrupted an in-ring promo that Morgan was giving.

- As of last week's Impact, this is the updated card for Genesis...

A.J. Styles [C] vs. Samoa Joe - TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
The British Invasion [C] vs. The Motor City Machine Guns - TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
Amazing Red [C] vs. Daniels - TNA X Division Championship Match
Tara [C] vs. Awesome Kong - TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Kevin Nash vs. Matt Morgan
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Re: TNA: 'Cause Stone Cold Said So!

Preview for January 14th Impact - Woooo!

- Last week, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair shockingly showed up on Impact, following the conclusion of the triple threat tag team match. Now on this week's Impact, Naitch promises to explain why.

- Ric Flair was not the only superstar to show up unexpectedly last week. In the main event, "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy returned to TNA and defeated Kurt Angle. Now this week, in a dream match scenario, Jeff Hardy will go one on one with the TNA World Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles in a non-title match.

- Awesome Kong defeated seven other TNA Knockouts to become the new #1 contender to the TNA Knockouts Championship. Now this week the last Knockout she defeated, Hamada, looks to gain a little revenge as she takes on the new #1 contender.

- Also on Impact, the #1 contenders to both the X Division and Tag Team Championships, Daniels and the Motor City Machine Guns will team up to take on the X Division and Tag Team Champions, Amazing Red and the British Invasion in a six man tag team match.

- All this and more, live Thursday January 14th, only on Spike!
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Re: TNA: 'Cause Stone Cold Said So!

January 14th 2010
TNA Impact
Orlando, Florida

Impact opens up this week with a recap video featuring the surprise debuts of both “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Jeff Hardy. First the video shows the debut of Ric Flair, focusing in on how he seemed to be there scouting Beer Money. The video then finishes up focusing on what happened between Stone Cold and Kurt Angle at the start of last week’s show and how it led to the main event of Kurt Angle versus Jeff Hardy. The video concludes with the shot that ended Impact last week, of Jeff Hardy standing victorious over Kurt Angle. Once that’s finished, the video cuts to the traditional theme song opening video. After that’s done, the camera cuts to the ring area, the pyro goes off and Impact begins.

Once the pyro finishes firing, the camera cuts to the announcer’s desk where Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone to this week’s live Impact telecast, obviously emphasizing that because of Stone Cold, TNA Impact is now live on a permanent basis. They then go into hyping tonight’s huge main event, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles versus Jeff Hardy in a non-title match. Before they can finish, they are interrupted by the music of Kurt Angle.

Kurt does not go through his traditional entrance routine, with coming up through the entrance ramp and pyro and all, rather he just heads straight for the ring with a microphone in hand.

Kurt Angle:

Almost instantly Stone Cold’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Stone Cold surprisingly doesn’t seem very mad or upset at being called out, he just climbs into the ring and waits for what Kurt has to say.

Kurt Angle: “Ok first of all, not only was I put in a match last week that there was no way to prepare for, but now I hear that you’re giving Jeff Hardy a shot at A.J. Styles tonight? After only being back in the company for a whole week? How in the world is that fair?

Stone Cold: “Yes it’s true that Hardy has only been back in TNA for a week now but to be fair, it is a non-title match and remember, whether or not you think you were “prepared” enough for your match last week, Hardy still beat you.”

Kurt Angle: “Well I want a shot at Hardy again, but this time I am going to be ready for him. You’re not going to sneak one on me again.”

Stone Cold: “You’ve just given me a great idea Kurt. As you know, the Genesis pay per view is coming up this Sunday and I still don’t have a full card so how about this? If you stop whining about your title shots and whether you think you deserve them or not, I will give you your rematch against Hardy at Genesis.

Kurt Angle: That’s great, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Thank you.

Stone Cold: And I’m even going to make it whoever wins, becomes the new #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.

Kurt is so shocked at how generous Stone Cold seems to be with his match making, he doesn’t speak, he just stands there and smiles.

Stone Cold: But there’s a catch. If you win your match against Hardy, you obviously become the new #1 contender but if you lose, you will not be allowed to challenge for the TNA World Title for exactly one year.

Kurt’s smile immediately turns to a frown as he takes a moment to contemplate whether he should take the deal or not.

Stone Cold: Well, do you want the match or not?

Kurt pauses for a few seconds and then finally responds.

Kurt Angle: Bring it on.

The two don’t say anything to each other after this. Stone Cold’s music hits and he begins to walk out of the ring, leaving Kurt behind to think over the ramifications of his upcoming match.

The camera then cuts back to the announcer’s desk where both Mike Tenay and Taz comment on the new match just made for Genesis. They then hype tonight’s upcoming main event as well as show a video of earlier today when Jeff Hardy arrived at the Impact Zone. Taz starts to comment on how he thinks it’s so cool that Hardy is back in TNA when he is cut off by Mike Tenay who says a giant white limo has just pulled up in the parking lot and the cameras are now going to see how it is.

The camera cuts to the parking lot area where the before mentioned giant limo has just finished pulling up. The driver gets out first and walks all the way to the back of the limo to let out the person inside and out steps “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. You can hear the crowd in the Impact Zone chanting Wooo! as they see Flair step out of the limo and make his way to the ring area as the camera cuts to a commercial.


Coming back from commercial, a very loud WOOO is heard throughout the Impact Zone followed by a slightly modified version of Also sprach Zarsthustra, Ric Flair’s familiar theme song. After a slight delay, Naitch himself steps out of the entrance tunnel to a huge reaction from the crowd. Flair pauses for a moment to let it soak in before making his way down to the ring. Climbing into the ring, Flair pauses again while staring at the crowd. Eventually he begins to speak.

Ric Flair: Wooo!

The crowd woos back.

Ric Flair: Ever since last week when I showed up on Impact, I’ve been getting phone call after phone call asking me, “Nature Boy, why’d you show up in TNA? Nature Boy what are you doing?” Well that’s why I am here today, to explain to each and every one of you people why I am here in TNA. As you well know, about two years ago I retired from in-ring competition. Many people thought that was the end of the “Nature Boy” forever and I planned on that being the end of my entire wrestling career. As I was sitting at home, contemplating what I should do with my career, as fate would have it I just happened to turn on the TV, on a Thursday night, to Spike TV and caught a very small first glimpse of TNA Wrestling. What I saw during that very small segment was enough to get me off my feet and calling Dixie Carter. What I saw was a tag team match featuring Beer Money. When I saw those two, I instantly got flash backs of myself, of the Four Horsemen, of Evolution, to put it simply, I saw potential greatness. That’s what got the fire burning inside the “Nature Boy” once again, I said to myself, that is the future right there! With my help, those boys can be future legends, with the “Nature Boy” by their side, nobody will stop them. So that’s why I’m here in TNA people, to offer my services and knowledge to Beer Money because together, we can do great things.

Flair’s music begins to play. Flair once again pauses to acknowledge the crowd as they cheer very loudly for him. Just as he is exiting the ring, the camera cuts to the back.

The camera cuts to the locker room area where James Storm and Robert Roode were watching Ric Flair on a monitor when Don West walks in.

Don West: Guys I’d just like to get your opinion on what Ric Flair had to say about you.

Robert Roode: Although I think, and I’m sure James would agree, that we don’t need anybody’s help, when a legend like the 16 time world champion Ric Flair offers it, you have to listen.

James Storm: Now, now, now wait a minute. We shouldn’t be too quick to side with Flair, remember people don’t call him “The dirtiest player in the game” for nothing.

Robert Roode: I realize that but it wouldn’t hurt to at least take a few pointers from him now would it?

James Storm: It might, you never know.

Robert Roode: It’ll be fine. Now come on, let’s go try and find Ric.

Storm and Roode then walk off camera as Impact cuts to commercial.


Match #1: Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, & Daniels vs. Amazing Red, Brutus Magnus, & Doug Williams

Coming back from commercial it is now time for the first match of the night, a match featuring all the participants in the upcoming X Division Championship match and World Tag Team Championship match at Genesis. On one side are the challengers, the Motor City Machine Guns and Daniels. On the other are the champions, Amazing Red and the British Invasion. Mike Tenay and Taz give a quick plug for their matches at Genesis before the participants start coming to the ring. Daniels is the first one out followed by his partners the Motor City Machine Guns. Amazing Red follows them, and last but not least is the British Invasion.

The two X Division Championship contenders start the match off in the ring for their respective teams. They immediately lock up in the middle of the ring and go back and forth for quite a long time. Eventually the veteran Daniels gains the upper hand and starts to pull away from Amazing Red a little bit. Feeling pretty worn out at this point, Daniels tags in Chris Sabin. Sabin picks up where Daniels left out, pounding on Amazing Red while isolating him in his team’s corner. Sabin irish whips Amazing Red into the opposite corner. This turns out to be a mistake by Sabin as Amazing Red is able to counter his move and take back the offensive momentum. After several quick flips and X Division style moves which left Chris Sabin motionless on the ring apron, Amazing Red tags in Doug Williams. Doug Williams is obviously the best grappler in the entire match and he quickly takes advantage of that. Instead of going for the pin right out of the gate, Doug Williams decides it’s best to work on Sabin a little bit with various submission moves in an attempt to slow the high flyer down. While in a hold, Sabin tries desperately to crawl to his corner of the ring and tag in Alex Shelley. With all his might, Sabin inches his way towards Alex and with a last second lunge, he’s able to tag him in. Shelley flies right into the ring, knocking Doug Williams down, hoping to surprise him with his speed and quickness. This works wonders as Williams is not prepared. Once Shelley feels that he has Williams right where he wants him, he tries going in for the kill. However the veteran Williams is prepared for this and surprises Shelley with a quick roll up. Lucky for Shelley, he’s able to kick out at two. The surprise roll up by Williams seems to have pissed Shelley off because he immediately starts frantically kicking at Williams. Eventually the referee pulls him away. Shelley then tags back in Daniels. Daniels again picks off where Shelley left off, pounding on Williams like it’s nothing. After nearly thirty seconds of Daniels domination, Daniels tries his luck on the pin attempt but he gets only two. Daniels goes back to doing the same thing he was doing before to nearly the same result. After quite a while, Daniels again goes for the pin attempt but again only gets two. Much like Shelley earlier in the match, Daniels begins to show signs of frustration. Being frustrated ultimately costs Daniels. He becomes careless with his offense and you just don’t do that against someone like Doug Williams. Doug Williams is able to reverse Daniels enough to where he can just barely tag in Brutus Magnus. The slightly bigger Magnus comes in with a fury of close lines on Daniels, each more powerful than the last. The Motor City Machine Guns try to interfere on Daniels behalf but Amazing Red and Doug Williams are ready for them, they both knock them out of the ring. With the ring clear, Brutus Magnus hits his finisher on Daniels and quickly pins him for the 1, 2, and 3!

Winners: Amazing Red, Brutus Magnus, & Doug Williams

Following the match, Brutus Magnus stands over his fallen opponent and taunts him as his two partners re-enter the ring to join him. All three stand proudly victorious in the ring as the camera cuts to the back.

Cutting to the back, Don West is with both Homicide and Hernandez of LAX in the backstage interview area.

Don West: Well guys, I understand that you have something you’d like to say?

Hernandez: Yes we do Don. You see, Homicide and I fell a little short last week in our quest to become TNA World Tag Team Champions. Now we’ve made our voices heard on why we think we really are the ones most deserving to wrestle for the titles but we are going to have to put that quest on hold for a while. We’ve got a different target now. Eric Young, LAX is putting you on notice. We are coming for your Global Championship and I guarantee you that we will not rest until either one of us is TNA Global Champion!

Homicide: Which one of us is it going to be?

Hernandez: We’ll figure that out later.

Homicide: No, I want to figure it out now. There’s no way I’m letting you take all the credit again. I’m going to be the next Global Champion!

Both Hernandez and Homicide continue to bicker strongly back and forth of who should challenge Eric Young. Just as the argument starts to get physical, it is broken up by Stone Cold.

Stone Cold: Break it up! NOW!

Hernandez and Homicide then separate, not wanting to get confrontational with the boss.

Stone Cold: I’m going to settle this right now! It’s going to be very simple. I’m putting both of you in a match tonight against each other and whichever one of you wins will go on to Genesis to face Eric Young for the Global Championship, sound good?

Both nod their heads in agreement.

Stone Cold: Fine then, it’s settled. But if I hear any more B.S. from you two for the rest of the night, not only will you not be wrestling for the Global Championship, but both of you will be fired!

As you can expect, LAX was shocked when they heard this. Neither one of them moves a muscle as Stone Cold walks off camera and Impact cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, instead of cutting to the ring area, the cameras cut to the backstage area where James Storm and Robert Roode are still trying to locate Ric Flair. Just as they are about to walk out the door and leave, Flair comes up behind them.

Ric Flair: Gentlemen nice to meet you face to face finally.

Flair shakes both of their hands. Robert Roode seems very star struck at the sight of meeting Ric Flair, James Storm doesn’t seem as impressed.

Ric Flair: Now I don’t know what your plans are for the rest of the evening, but I was just wondering if you’d be interested in coming to party with “The Nature Boy”? Stretch limo, all the beautiful women you can handle and all the beer you can drink, what do you say?

Robert Roode: Hell yeah Ric! Let’s do it.

Again James Storm doesn’t seem very sure about going with Flair but eventually caves in when Flair hands him two beers. The three men then walk out the door towards Flair’s limo as the camera cuts back to the ring area.

Match #2: Awesome Kong vs. Hamada

It is now time for the second match of the night, a Knockouts contest featuring the #1 Contender to the TNA Knockouts Championship in Awesome Kong against the last person she eliminated to become the #1 Contender, Hamada. Hamada is the first competitor out to the ring. She is followed shortly after by the always intimidating Awesome Kong.

Hamada may be the only Knockout currently on the roster that is not afraid one bit of Awesome Kong. She proves it by right away attacking Awesome Kong and trying to force her down. Hamada is smart and uses the quickness advantage that she has over Kong. Hamada actually manages to last the first couple of minutes of this match without “feeling the wrath of Kong.” She even gets Kong down on the ring apron for a few moments. Knowing what a full momentum by Kong can mean, Hamada picks up the pace even further to try and put the match away before Kong can get in a lot of offense. Kong does not like this new fast pace. You can see in her eyes that she’s growing angrier by the second. Eventually the anger reaches a boiling point and Kong just explodes. Once this happens, Hamada has only seconds left. Kong doesn’t waste time, she puts Hamada away right away with the Implant Buster and the pin.

Winner: Awesome Kong

Following the match, Awesome Kong does not wait inside the ring for the referee to raise her hand. She immediately starts walking out of the ring but she’s stopped in her tracks by the theme music of the TNA Knockout’s Champion Tara. The two stare each other down as the camera cuts to the back.

Cutting to the back, the camera catches Matt Morgan leaving the Impact Zone and heading to his car. Just when Morgan is attempting to unlock the door, he is jumped by Kevin Nash who nails him in the back of the head with a chair. The shot bloodies and knocks out Morgan. Nash just tosses the chair to the side and leaves an unconscious Matt Morgan lying by his car. The camera cuts back to the ring area, specifically the announcer’s desk.

Both Taz and Mike Tenay comment on the attack on Morgan by Kevin Nash that just occurred. Mike Tenay believes that it was totally un-called for but Taz believes that Morgan may have had it coming since he attacked Nash last week on Impact. Eventually the topic switches to the growing feud between Bobby Lashley and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. They show the video of what occurred between the two last week when Pope tried to hit on Bobby’s wife Kristal. Just as they begin to comment on it, Mike Tenay interrupts and says that there is some sort of commotion going on backstage and they’re going to cut to it right now.

Several security guards and TNA officials are trying to hold back Bobby Lashley and D’Angelo Dinero from fighting each other. It is unclear at first what started the fight but when Stone Cold interrupts yet another confrontation between TNA superstars, the origin becomes clear. Bobby tells Stone Cold that earlier in the day that Pope tried sending flowers to Kristal and when Bobby found out about this he went to kick Pope’s ass. Pope says the flowers were not meant in any sort of bad way, they were just meant as a nice little gift. Bobby lunges at Pope again but is stopped by Stone Cold.

Stone Cold: I’ve had enough of this backstage fighting crap tonight. If you’ve got a problem in this company, you settle it in the ring. This Sunday at Genesis, it’s going to be Bobby Lashley vs. D’Angelo Dinero. You two can beat each other up all you want then.

Stone Cold then pushes Bobby away from him as he walks off camera. TNA security then begin to back off as Bobby just smiles at Pope who is now noticeably shacking in his boots.


Coming back from commercial, Impact cuts to the announcer’s desk where both Mike Tenay and Taz comment on the newest match added to this Sunday’s Genesis card between Bobby Lashley and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. They both agree that they would not want to be the Pope right now. They also go over the rest of the Genesis card as well, finishing up with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match between A.J. Styles and a participant in this next match, Samoa Joe.

Match #3: Samoa Joe vs. Stevie Richards

Cutting away from the announcer’s desk, the cameras show Stevie Richards who is already in the ring awaiting Samoa Joe. Once Jeremy Borash finishes introducing Richards, Samoa Joe’s music begins to play and “The Samoan Submission Machine” makes his way down to the ring.

This match was pretty much one sided right from the start. Stevie Richards did manage to stay alive and get some offense in on Joe for the first minute or so of the match but everything after that was all Joe. Joe toys with Richards for a little bit but he eventually decides he’s not worth the effort and quickly puts Richards away the Rear Naked Choke. Richards taps.

Winner: Samoa Joe

This is the second match in a row that Joe has won in quick fashion. Mike Tenay and Taz once again say that A.J. Styles is in very deep trouble come this Sunday.

Speaking of A.J. Styles, following the Joe/Richards match, the camera cuts to the backstage interview area where Styles is with the returning SoCal Val.

SoCal Val: A.J. you’ve obviously got a very big mountain to climb when it comes to your opponent this Sunday Samoa Joe but before you can even face Joe this Sunday, you’ve got to go through your opponent tonight Jeff Hardy. Thoughts on facing Hardy?

A.J. Styles: Jeff is obviously one of the best wrestlers out there today and someone who is a huge fan favorite and I’m glad that he’s chosen to come back to TNA because for me to become the best TNA World Heavyweight Champion I can be I need to be facing the best competition and Jeff is that. Samoa Joe is the same way. Everyone knows that Joe is one of my best friends in the whole world; it’s always exciting getting into the ring with him because we always have great matches no matter what.

Just as Styles finishes that sentence, he is interrupted by Kurt Angle who comes barging into the set.

A.J. Styles: What the hell do you want Kurt?

Kurt Angle: Just to say enjoy your title reign while it lasts because if Joe doesn’t beat your ass at Genesis, I will at the next pay per view.

A.J. Styles: So sure of yourself are you? Last time I checked, you have to beat Hardy this Sunday otherwise, you can’t challenge for this title for an entire year.

Kurt Angle: Oh I’m going to beat him, you can rest assured on that one.

A.J. Styles: Ok Kurt, you keep telling yourself that. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a match later tonight to prepare for.

Styles then pushes away from Angle and walks off camera as it cuts to commercial.


Match #4: Hernandez vs. Homicide

Coming back from commercial it is now time for the fourth match of the evening, a match Stone Cold set up earlier to determine who would challenge Eric Young for the Global Championship at Genesis. This match pits tag team partner against tag team partner as Hernandez takes on his LAX partner Homicide. Homicide is the first LAX member out to the ring, obviously then followed by the big man Hernandez.

Right away Hernandez shows off his power when the two lock up in the middle of the ring, Hernandez just simply pushes Homicide and Homicide goes flying. Homicide tries to stall for time to regain his composure by complaining to the referee but the referee doesn’t listen. Homicide then goes to confront Hernandez. This time Homicide is much more ready for Hernandez, surprising him by getting him locked in a head lock. This doesn’t last longer either as Hernandez pushes Homicide off into the ropes. When Homicide comes back around, Hernandez once again uses his power and size to knock Homicide down. Homicide keeps trying to knock Hernandez down but gets nowhere with it. Hernandez just laughs it off. Hernandez just starts toying with Homicide, letting him get a little momentum and then quickly squashing it. This goes on for the next minute or so of the match. Homicide does manage to get Hernandez down on the ring apron for a brief moment but that is short lived when Homicide gets cocky and goes high risk. Hernandez is ready for him and slams him down. Just as it appears that Hernandez is about to put the match away with a Border Toss, Homicide counters out with a thumb to the eyes of Hernandez. With Hernandez now temporarily blinded, Homicide takes advantage of the situation and quickly rolls him up for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Homicide

Fearing the wrath of his partner, Homicide quickly rolls out of the ring and heads to the back. As you can expect, Hernandez is pretty mad but he doesn’t let the anger get the best of him. He just calmly heads towards the back as the cameras cut to the back.

The Impact cameras cut to the backstage office area where Jeff Jarrett is walking towards his office when he is stopped by TNA security.

TNA Security: I’m sorry Jeff but you can’t go in there.

Jeff Jarrett: What do you mean? That’s been my office ever since TNA moved to the Impact Zone.

TNA Security: I’m sorry sir but this is Mr. Austin’s office now and he’s given us strict instructions that no one disturb him, he’s in the middle of an important call.

Jeff Jarrett: Well tell him that I need to speak with them then.

TNA Security: We can’t sir, we can leave a message if you’d like?

Jeff Jarrett: No just forget it!

Jeff then storms off camera as it cuts to commercial.


Match #5: A.J. Styles vs. Jeff Hardy

Coming back from commercial it is now time for tonight’s highly anticipated main event between the TNA World Champion A.J. Styles and “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy. Before the two competitors begin making their way towards the ring, the music of Kurt Angle begins to play. Dressed in street clothes, Kurt then walks over to the announcer’s desk and joins Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary. Both of them seemed very surprised by this but just let it go anyway. Right when Kurt Angle sits down, the music of his Genesis opponent Jeff Hardy begins to play. The crowd goes crazy as Hardy makes his way down to the ring. Quickly following after Hardy is the champion A.J. Styles, also coming to the ring to a very good reaction from the crowd.

Right off the bat Hardy takes the momentum advantage. With a burst of energy, Hardy forces Styles into the corner and just begins to pound on him repeatedly. Hardy’s momentum is stopped only when Styles pushes him off the top rope and onto the outside of the ring. Surprisingly Styles does not go after Hardy right away, he lets Hardy get to his feet before attacking. Once Hardy crawls back into the ring, Styles begins kicking at him, trying to wear Hardy down. Styles even tries to go for an early Styles Clash but Hardy is able to counter out. However the next minute or so of the match belongs to Styles. Styles spends that minute working on the legs of Jeff Hardy, obviously trying to take away the aerial offense that makes him famous. Just like Styles tossed Hardy out of the ring earlier in the match, Hardy does the same thing to Styles, flipping him up and over the top rope. But unlike Styles, Hardy goes right after A.J. on the outside. He irish whips him into the steel steps as well as into the audience guard rail twice. Once Hardy feels Styles has had enough, he tosses him back in the ring. In an odd turn of events, Hardy begins to apply several submission holds to Styles while Styles is still hurt. This actually goes on for quite some time before Styles is able to get back to his feet. The two then go back and forth for what seems like two minutes, trading pin attempt for pin attempt, neither seeming to gain the upper hand until Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind on Styles. This seems like it would be the end but just as Hardy is trying to hit the Twist of Fate, Styles counters with a pele kick to Hardy’s head. Feeling pretty confident, Styles goes for the pin attempt but just as he is bending down, Hardy springs to life and hits the Twist of Fate out of nowhere! This gets the crowd very pumped up and with them behind him, Hardy climbs to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb right on Styles for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Following the end of the match, in a show of good sportsmanship, Hardy picks Styles up and shakes his hand. Hardy then raises both of their hands as the crowd continues to cheer loudly. Just like last week, Impact fades to black with a shot of Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy staring each other down, awaiting when they meet again at Genesis.

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