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WWE 2013: Its a New Day

WWE 2013: It’s a New Day
This BTB is set in 2013. Some stars have retired their places have been filled by the younger talent also since the summer of 2011 TNA wrestlers began jumping ship as it became clear to most of the talent that the company was going in the same direction as WCW. While TNA is still afloat it mostly relies on Indy talent as most of their big stars have jumped to WWE. Even Eric Bischoff left the company to take up on screen role in WWE.
This BTB picks up after Wrestlemania 29. With new stars and new talent beginning the long road to the biggest event in Wrestling history Wrestlemania 30.

Raw Roster
General Manager: Eric Bischoff
Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia
Commentary Team: Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross
WWE Champion: Mr Kennedy
Us Champion: Cody Rhodes
World Tag Team Champions: Beer Money

AJ Styles
Alberto Del Rio
Bo Rotunda
Brett Dibiase
Brodus Clay
Cody Rhodes
CM Punk
David Hart Smith
Duke Rotunda
Evan Bourne
James Storm
John Cena
John Morrison
Mr Kennedy
Mark Henry
Mason Ryan
RTruth Randy Orton
Robert Roode
Shelton Benjamin
Ted Dibiase
The Miz
Tyson Kidd
Wade Barrett
Zack Ryder

Smackdown Roster
General Manager: Paul Heyman
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Commentary Team: Tazz and Michael Cole
World Heavyweight Champion: Edge
Intercontinental Champion: Samoa Joe
World Tag Team Champions: Beer Money

Big show
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Curt Hawkins
D von Dudley
Drew McIntyre
Ezekiel Jackson
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Jeff Hardy
Justin Gabriel
Kofi Kingston
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan
Samoa Joe
Scott Steiner
Shad Gaspard
Trent Barreta

Tag Teams and Stables
Raw Tag teams

Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm)
The Fortunate Sons (Ted Dibiase, Brett Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, Joe Hennig, Duke Rotunda and Bo Rotunda)
Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith)
R Truth & John Morrison

Smackdown Tag Teams
Cryme Time (JTG & Shad Gaspard)
Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel
The Dude Busters (Trent Barreta & Curt Hawkins)
The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D von Dudley

Pay Per View schedule
Backlash 28/4/13 MGM Grand Garden Arena
Cyber Sunday 26/5/13 Honda Centre
Money in the Bank 23/6/13 Verizon Centre
Great American Bash 21/7/13 Greensboro Coliseum
Summerslam 18/8/13 Staples Centre
King of the Ring 22/9/13 American Airlines Arena
One Night Stand 20/10/13 Wachovia Centre
Survivor Series 17/11/13 Pepsi Centre
Armageddon 29/12/13 XL Centre
Royal Rumble 19/1/14 Georgia Dome
Elimination Chamber 16/2/14 Joe Lewis Arena
Wrestlemania XXX 30/3/14 Madison Square Garden

The first Raw comes to us the night after Wrestlemania 29. The following is a summary of what happened at WM 29

Beer Money defeated The Dudley Boyz, Hart Dynasty and Slater & Gabriel in a 4 way Ladder match to become the new World Tag team Champions

Ted Dibiase defeated Randy Orton. Dibiase won when his brother Brett distracted the ref and Ted used his Million Dollar Belt to knock Orton out and get 123.

Samoa Joe defeated Ezekiel Jackson to become the new Intercontinental Champion

Cody Rhodes defeated John Morrison and AJ Styles to retain the US title

Kurt Angle returned to WWE to accept Chris Jericho’s open challenge

Kurt Angle defeated Chris Jericho via Submission

Undertaker defeated John Cena to go 21-0 at Wrestlemania

Edge defeated Jeff Hardy to retain World Heavyweight title

Alberto Del Rio defeated Royal Rumble winner CM Punk to retain the WWE title

Mr Kennedy cashed in money in the bank after the Main event and defeated Del Rio to become the new WWE champion


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Re: WWE 2013: Its a New Day

Well, your roster definitely has alot of potential. I'll be following this to see where you go from here
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Re: WWE 2013: Its a New Day

Raw Preview
April 1 2013 Staples Centre

24 hours removed from an action packed Wrestlemania Raw comes to you live from the Staples Centre.
The arena were te pevious night Mr Kennedy shocked the World and the WWE champion Alberto Del Rio by cashing his money in the bank breifcase and winning the WWE title for the first time. How will Del Rio react after havin his WWE title taken from him moments after a hard fought victory over CM Punk? Plus with Mr Kennedy confirmed to be at Raw how will our new champion celebrate his controversial title wn?

Fortunate son fortunate to win?
The Fortunate sons will be all smiles when they arrive at Raw as Cody Rhodes retained his US title and Ted Dibiase got a victory over long time rival Randy Orton. But will Teds happy mood be spoiled by the vengeful viper? After being screwed out of a win at the gran daddy of em all the Viper Randy Orton told WWE.com he would be in the Staples Centre to deal with the Fortunate Sons an insisted he would not be comin to RAW alone. So who will Randy be with ? or is it simply mind games from the Viper?

Beer Money to defend the gold
After a grueling 4 way ladder match were Beer Money confrimed their status as the best Tag Team in the world by capturing the World Tag Team titles they will have to defend them just 24 hours later. Previous champions Slater and Gabriel, who had held the belts for an impressive 7 months, invoked their rematch clause for tonight on Raw. Will Beer Money be able to defend the belts after the hell they went through at Wrestlemania or will Slater and Gabriel make Beer Moneys title reign a very short lived one?

The Deadman to be at Raw?
After the Deadman went 21-0 at Wrestlemania will the Undertaker make his presence felt tonight on Raw?
Also what about John Cena?
Cena confirmed to WWE.com in an exclusive interview that he would be at Raw and he also said he has some choice words for the Phenom should he show up at Raw.
What des Cena have to say to the Deadman?
Will Taker even show up?
only one way to find out

Confirmed for Raw
Mr Kennedy Title Celebration
Beer Money(c) vs Slater & Gabriel Tag Team Title Match
Zack Ryder vs The Miz

Tune into Monday Niight Raw coming soon to the Wrestling Forum

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Re: WWE 2013: Its a New Day

Monday Night Raw
April 1 2013

Raw opens with a video package showing highlights from Wrestlemania 29. The package ends with Mr Kennedy holding the WWE title above his head.
Raw Theme music hits. The camera gives a look around at the capacity crowd as the Raw pyro goes off and the crowd go nuts. The camera cuts to Jerry Lawler and JR at the commentary table.

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Raw coming to you live from the Staples Centre. We are less than 24 hours removed from an epic and controversial Wrestlemania. But one things for sure King and that is the excitement will continue here tonight on what should be another night to remember here in the WWE.

Kennedy!!!! Mr Kennedyís music plays and the crowd go crazy as they await the arrival of the new WWE champion. Kennedy appears on the entrance stage without his belt though. He pats himself down as though he was looking for it, then with a trademark Kennedy grin he raises both his hands in the air. On one wire drops his trademark microphone and on the other drops his WWE title belt. he grabs his belt which he slings over his shoulder and grabs his mic. The crowd look on waiting to hear from the new champ.

Kennedy: Ladies and Gentlemen last the night at an historic Wrestlemania the WWE Universe witnessed Alberto Del Rio retain his WWE title against CM Punk

The crowd immediately boo when Del Rios name is mentioned. Kennedy waits for silence before continuing.

Kennedy: But he did not leave as the champion because here before you is your new WWE champion and his name is MRRRRRRR KENNNNNEDDDDYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!....................................................KENNEDY!!. Yes yes yes I am the champ. I promised you last week that I would provide you with a Wrestlemania moment that would top Hulk Hogan slamming Andre, a Wrestlemania moment that would go down in history, a moment so unexpected that you all had to pinch yourself as it happened and people around the world were rewinding the footage to make sure it happened. I promised you all this and damn it I delivered. I stand here before you with the gold I have hunted after my entire career and I guaran-damn-tee that it will take a whole freakin army of superstars to take this away from me.
And just for you my loyal fans who followed me all the way to this moment Iím going to host in that very ring here tonight live on Monday Night Raw, I am going to host my very own Title celebration bash. Its gonna be freaking awesome because tonight is not just gonna be one big party for you people here in the arena or for all the fans watching around the world, its gonna be one for me. MRRRRRRRRRR KEEEENNNNNEDDDDYYYY!!!!!!!!..........................KENNEDY!!. And trust me this party is gonna go all night long and you will all be here to share it with me

Kennedy turns to walk away but stops short. Turns around with mic still in hand.

Kennedy: OH I almost forgot about one very special person I have to invite to this shindig. This invite goes out to the former, I repeat, the former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio. If you find time in your buy schedule to come to my party Iím sure myself and the fans would be happy to see you.

Kennedy smiles lets go of his mic as it rises back to the sky he turns and heads backstage.

JR: Well you heard it folks our new WWE champion has a party planned for tonight. You think Del Rio will accept the invite King?.

Lawler: Well I think it would be rude of him not to go. I mean Mr Kennedy just won the WWE title and the first thing he does is have a party and invites the former champ. Maybe he wants to patch things up with Del Rio

JR: I highly doubt that one King. I think Mr Kennedy has something else planned for Del Rio

King: Probably JR. Hey you think Mr Kennedy will invite us?

JR :I Donít think so King

King: Aww so Iím stuck with you all night then

JR: Looks like it King but at least we have some great matches to call.

King: Thatís true

JR: Later on tonight we have a tag team title match as newly crowned champions Beer Money defend the gold against former champions Slater & Gabriel. Also for you tonight we have the Miz taking on Zack Ryder

King :I can't wait for those ones JR. What about the huge main event planned?

JR: Of course King. Tonight we are gonna see CM Punk take on John Cena. Should be a great main event. Well folk going to a quick commercial break when we return we will have Evan Bourne taking on Joe Hennig.


Raw comes back on live and the cameras are in the Fortunate Sons locker room. Ted Dibiase enters the locker room to join the rest of the group.

Ted: Has anyone seen Orton tonight?

The rest of the group look at him with the same expression giving the indication none of them had seen him

Ted: Not one of you seen Orton come into the arena? Is he even here?

The group look at him with the same expression as before

Ted: Honestly can't I count on you guys for anything.

Cody: Donít forget Ted if it wasn't for Brett you would not have beat Orton last night at Wrestlemania. You sound a little bit scared Ted. Worried about the Vipers vengeance?

Ted: Of course not he's gonna show up on his own and its gonna be 6 vs. 1. The only friends that guy had was you Cody and me. But now the guy is alone. He isnít bringing anyone. Now Joe go out there and kick a hole through Evan Bourne. I want you to hurt him. Send a message to Randy that we are not to be messed with. Understood?

Joe Hennig nods his head in agreement. A wicked smile creeps across his face.

Ted: Good now get out there

Camera is now back looking at the entrance ramp as Evan Bournes music hits and he begins to make his way down to the ring. The crowd give a huge pop for the high octane, high flying Evan Bourne.

"I Come From Money, I Come From Class....". Fortunate Sons music hits as Joe Hennig makes his way to the ring he carries a towel and chews gum on his way to the ring, both trademarks of his late great father Mr Perfect.

King: should be a good match here between these two young rising stars.

JR: I know King we have the high flying style of Evan Bourne versus the technical excellence of Joe Hennig. I swear it King every day that goes by he looks more and more like his legendary father.

Singles Match
Joe Hennig Vs Evan Bourne
a quick paced match from the beginning. Bourne delivered a series of drop kicks to keep Hennig grounded. Bourne then got Hennig into an armbar but Hennig got to the ropes causing the ref to break the hold. Bourne then began stomping on the right arm of Hennig and then delivered a standing moonsault. Bourne headed to the top rope maybe looking to put Hennig away early with the Airbourne but Hennig got to him quickly and knocked him off the top rope. Hennig delivered a snap suplex and then began showboating to the crowd.

He headed to the top rope and delivered a bionic elbow from the middle rope. Hennig picked Bourne up and sent him into the ropes but as Hennig went for a backbreaker Bourne countered with a head scissors and sent him out of the ring through the middle rope. Bourne didn't let his opponent rest on the outside as he flew over the top rope with a suicide dive but Hennig anticipated this and delivered a clothesline to the mid section as Bourne flew towards him. Hennig then irish whippd Bourne into the steel steps and then into the crowd barrier. He then threw Bourne into the ring looking to finish him off with his version of the perfectplex.

But then from the crowd came RANDY ORTON!!. Orton clotheslined Hennig. He was carrying a steel pipe which he went to work on Hennig with. He then picked up the nearly unconscious Hennig and delivered a devastating RKO on the outside of the ring. Finally after the savage beating the rest of the fortunate sons rushed to there friends aid. Orton fled through the crowd and stood up at the back of the arena looking down on a battered Joe Hennig.

Winner by DQ Joe Hennig

Orton grabs a mic and looks set to address the Fortunate Sons

Orton: Hey Ted! 1 down...

Orton laughs then disappears into the crowd


Raw comes back on live. On screen is JR and Jerry Lawler thy seem to still be in a state of shock over the Randy Orton attack on Joe Hennig

JR: I donít know what to say King that was a brutal attack. what did he mean 1 down?

Lawler: Iím Guessing it means more people are gonna get hurt. And those people are gonna be the members o the Fortunate Sons. So JR who do you think Orton has brought with him?

JR: Your guess is as good as mine King. Could be anyone. But Dibiase made a good point how many allies does Orton actually have in the WWE Locker room

Lawler: Iím guessing its in the region of O-O he has no allies, no friends. He's the viper. The lone predator of the WWE universe and thatís the way he likes it. it looks like Ortonís trying to get inside Dibiaseís head

JR: Well one things for sure ad thatís is that Joe Hennig could be on the shelf for quite some time.

"Ohh Radio tell me everything you know....." Zack Ryderís music plays. Ryder gets a decent pop from the crowd. Since the summer of 2012 the WWE fans began getting behind Ryder after he had a confrontation with the Miz after the Miz lost his WWE title. This led to a match between the tow at Summerslam that year.

"AWESOME I came to play...." The boos ring out throughout the Staples centre but to everyoneís surprise The Miz comes out in street clothes with his arm in a sling. he has a mic in his other hand with a smug look on his face.

Miz: Unfortunately I had an accident in the gym today while preparing for tonights sadly I must inform all my loyal Miz fans....

The fans boo to make it clear that he has no fans

Miz: That i will not be able to compete. However Zack I was able to find a last minute replacement. Some one who I think could be able to go to down to that ring and give a performance nearly as good as I could. Ladies and Gentlemen my new associate...

JR: who could it be King

King: oh god hope its not Alex Riley. haha what if its Michael Cole

the man walks onto the stage and towers over Miz

King: who is that JR?

JR: Oh my god King thatís.. Thatís MARK JINDRAK.

Miz and Jindrak walk towards the ring both with smiles across there faces. Jindrak gets into the ring. Miz stays at ringside to cheers on his new associate.

Miz: Now you boys play nice haha

Singles Match
Zack Ryder vs. Mark Jindrak w/ The Miz
In the beginning Jindrak began backing Ryder into a corner of the ring and begins to put in kicks and punches the ref breaks it up before Jindrak took a heap shot a delivered a big boot to the face of Ryder. Jindrak hits him with big scoop slam ad then puts Ryder into a rear chin lock. The crowd begin to cheer on Ryder.
Ryder begins to stir and manages to get out of the chin lock and begins to go to work on the big man. He works on the left leg of the big man before going for a swinging neckbreaker but Jindrak blocked it and nailed Ryder with his signature left hook. Jindrak went for the cover but only managed a two to Jindrakís surprise. Jindrak then delivered 3 successive scoop slams. He looked to the Miz for his approval. He then went to finisher Ryder off with a powerslam but Ryder wriggled free and hit a reverse DDT.
Ryder had found his second win nailing Jindrak with two dropkicks and then he did connect with his swinging neckbeaker. Ryder then headed to the top rope. While there Miz climbed onto the apron distracting Ryder. The Miz's distraction allowed Jindrak to nail Ryder with a big boot. With Ryder hung up on the turnbuckle Jindrak got him onto his shoulder and nailed him with a devastating running powerslam Jindrak covers Ryder for the 3 count and his first win on his Re-debut in WWE.

JR: Oh Gawd Dammit King why did the Miz get involved? Jindrak Iím sure could have won on his own.

Lawler: Ye but this is Miz's way of sticking it to Ryder. You gotta give it to Jindrak though. He could have covered Ryder for a 10 count he was out cold.

JR: Thatís true King Jindrak was very impressive. Oh wait whatís the Miz doing he's heading into the ring.

King: Maybe he is just gonna congratulate Mark Jindrak.

Miz enters the ring. He has a chair with him. Jindrak picks up a lifeless Zack Ryder. Miz lays the chair on the mat and takes hold of Ryder and delivers a skull crushing finale onto the steel chair. He stands over Ryder then he and Jindrak leave as Raw goes to commercial beak.


Raw comes back from the commercial break with the ring full of balloons there is a marching band surrounding the ring playing music. in the middle of the ring is a giant blown up picture of Mr Kennedy holding the WWE title above his head at Wrestlemania. and in front of that on a table was a big cake with the words "Mr Kennedy new WWE Champion" written on it.

"MR KENNEDY....." Mr Kennedyís music starts playing and the champ comes to he ring with a huge smile on his face. He even goes to the trouble of putting on a party hat. h stands in the ring and admires his cake and picture before raising both hands to the sky awaiting his trademark mic and his title belt.

Kennedy: Well would you look at this iv got my own cake, a giant picture and a ringside band what a party. Just gonna do a quick check to make sure all the guests have arrived. are the WWE fans here?

The crowd gives a huge cheer

Kennedy: ok so thatís the WWE fans here. Is MRRRRRRRRRRRR KEEEEEENNNNNNEEEDDDDYYYY....... KENNEDY here?.
Yep Iím pretty sure I am here. And lastly Alberto Del Rio is he here?

the crowd gives out a huge "Del Rio Sucks" chant

Kennedy: Alberto? anyone seen Alberto? He's quite tall umm looks like a jackass. Alberto you here buddy?
I guess not. Well its ok I planned ahead just in case he didn't show up.

Kennedy climbs out of the ring, goes under the ring and pulls out a life sized cardboard cut out of Alberto Del Rio. He gets back into the ring a places the cut out beside him and pulls out of his pocket a white scarf and hangs I round the cut outs neck. he stands back has a look then shakes his head. Gets back under the ring and grabs a sombrero and puts it on the head of the cut out.

Kennedy: Now thatís just perfect. So Alberto I just want to say that me cashing in on you it was nothing personal I just really wanted to be the champ and to be honest you didn't look in the best condition after your match I hope you understand.

Kennedy obviously gets no reply from the cut out

Kennedy: oh so now your not talking to me come on Alberto don't be like this buddy

Again silence from the cut out

Kennedy: ok you listen here Alberto Del Cut Out donít stand there in my ring and ignore me Iím just trying to be....

Kennedy stops and looks at the cut out as though he had just been insulted. Kennedy then drops the cut out with mic check then picks it up snaps it in half and then throws it into the crowd. Camera gets close up on Kennedy he stares at the camera laughing but then his face goes serious and in a serious tone he said

Kennedy: All joking aside Alberto this is a warning to you and anyone else who thinks Iím a flash in the pan champion. you want to try and take this belt from me then I will take you down.

Alberto Del Rio then begins coming down towards the ring looking furious. He gets in the ring and starts shouting at Kennedy in Spanish he pushes the cake off the table and continues shouting. Kennedy shrugs his shoulders and then delivers a mic check and Del Rio goes face first into the cake. He then picks up Del Rio and throws him over the top rope.

Kennedy: I am the WWE Champion. I am MRRRRRR KEEEEEENNNNNNN.....

"Iím Back and Iím better than Ever....." General Manager Eric Bischoffs music goes on and the crowd give him less than warm welcome.

Bischoff: Just while I have you both out here. Alberto because Kennedy cashed in his money in the bank on you technically you don't have a rematch clause which means you won't be facing Kennedy for the WWE title at Backlash. However you could still have a chance because starting next week there will be a series of matches to determine a new number 1 contender and you are involved and Kennedy you are in Next weeks main event facing a mystery opponent of my choosing and its someone you have never faced before. So Gentlemen good luck for next week.... you'll need it

Bischoffs music plays as Raw goes to commercial


Raw comes back on with Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel in the ring waiting on Beer Money

"BEER!!!! MONEY!!!!" Beer Money's music hits and the crowd give a big pop for the new WWE tag team champions.

JR Beer Money looked banged up King you think they're gonna walk out of here with the titles?.

Lawler: I don't know JR Slater and Gabriel don't look too bad considering they were in the same ladder match last night.

Tag Team Title Match
Beer Money(c) vs. Slater & Gabriel
James Storm and Slater started the match. From the collar and elbow tie up Storm got the advantage delivering a suplex and then he irish whipped Slater into his teams corner and began to put the boots to him. The ref broke it up. Storm distracted the ref long enough for Roode to put a few shots into Slater. Storm then scoop slammed Slater and then dropped a knee to the head of Slater. He then tagged in his partner. Storm and Roode then dished out a double suplex then a double elbow drop. Then they did the usual Beer Money chant to get the fans going. Roode and Storm successfully managed to keep Slater isolated for the majority of the match until Roode attempted a superplex but Slater countered knocking him off the turnbuckle he then hit a missile dropkick then both men were down in the ring with the ref starting a ten count. With the fans chanting for Roode both men reached their corners before the ten count and made the tags.
Gabriel and Storm get in and start going at each other like wild animals. Gabriel got the upper hand and dropped him with a vicious DDT. Gabriel then went out onto the apron and delivered a springboard leg drop. Gabriel then went to the top rope for his 450 splash but as he executed his deadly finisher Storm got his knees up to counter it.
Both men were down Gabriel used the ropes the pull himself up Storm began pulling on the ref. With the ref busy getting storm off of him Roode cracked Gabriel over the head with Storms beer bottle. Roode ten stormed across the ring and took out Slater on the apron this left Storm to cover Gabriel for the win.

Beer Money collect there belts and quickly get up the ramp. They know they've just stole a victory here tonight.

JR: What a match King but we still have an awesome main event to come King

Lawler: I know an still no sign of the Undertaker maybe he forgot about Raw tonight. I mean he is getting old maybe his memory isn't as good.

JR: If the Deadman is here Iím sure he will make his presence known but now we will see CM Punk take on John Cena. Both men lost at Wrestlemania last night so both will defiantly will be looking for a big win here tonight.

Lawler: well now we can go backstage with Josh Matthews who is with John Cena

Josh: Hello everyone I'm Josh Matthews and my guest at this time I John Cena. Tell me John how are you feeling after your gruelling affair with the Undertaker?

Cena: Well Josh Iím a little banged up but Iím sure that won't stop me kicking some ass against CM Punk tonight here live on Monday Night Raw.

Josh: Have you had a chance to see the Undertaker:

Cena :No but when I do I have something to say to him.

Josh: ok Well good luck tonight with CM Punk.

Cena: Thanks Josh.

Josh: Back to you JR

JR: Thanks Josh well seems Cenaís pretty confident about tonight even after last nights match.

CM Punks music plays and creates a mixed reaction from the crowd for the Straight Edge Superstar. He enters the ring and sits in on of the corners of the ring.

John Cenaís music hits and the crowd blew the roof off the Staples centre. John cant wait for this match so he runs down the ramp. He throws his shirt and hat into his adoring fans then gets into the ring with CM Punk.

Main Event
Singles Match
CM Punk vs. John Cena
Both men locked up in the centre of the ring. Cena showed off his power by pushing Punk to the ground this angered Punk who came ahead at Cena with kicks and punches trying to wear Cena down. He delivered a double underhook suplex. He climbed to the top rope but Cena reacted quick enough and slammed him off the top to the ring below. Punk was sent in to the ropes, Cena ducked for a back body drop but Punk went for a sunset flip which failed as Cena Dropped to his knees and hooked Punks legs. Only a two count.
Cena picks punk up and irish whips him into the corner and then delivers a running shoulder block to the mid section of Punk. Cena picked Punk up on to the top rope and connected with a devastating superplex which left both men hurt.
Both men used the ring rope to help pull themselves back up. With both me up they turned and met in the middle of the ring and Punk grounded Cena with a kick to the head. Punk went for the cover and only got 2.
Punk goes for a dragon sleeper. He locks the hold in tight and it looked like he was fading away but he managed to power out and pick Punk up and deliver a powerslam. Cena then signalled for and then delivered his five knuckle shuffle.
He picked Punk up on to his shoulders looking for an FU punk go a knee to the had and counter he then picked Cena up for the GTS but Cena used his strength to counter with crucifix pin and get the 123 for the win.

JR: Well King now thatís what I call a main event.
Lawler: your damn right JR.

Cena grabs a mic as Punk leaves the ring.

Cena: As you may or may not know I lost to the Undertaker last night. Now most guys who Taker beats at Wrestlemania they come out and bitch and moan but Iím not going to. I respect the Deadman and he gave me the hardest match I ever had. Being in the ring with him makes you realise why he has been on top of the WWE mountain for over 20 years and as a fan of this great company Iím quite glad I didn't lose the streak. So Deadman if you out there thanks for a great match.

The lights go out in the staples centre and the Undertakers gong sounds. When they come back on the Undertaker is standing in the ring with Cena. They have a stare down which is when as a sign of respect the Undertaker offered his hand to Cena for a Hand shake. Cena accepted. They shook hands. Cena then raised the Undertakers hand.

JR: Now thatís a class act right there King. thatís what you want to see. 2 athletes who respect each other even after a huge match at the biggest even... wait what the hell is John Cena doing.

Cena dropped the Undertaker with an F-U. He then says this in a cold and serious tone.

Cena: This isnít over Deadman, oh no not by a long shot.

Cena then walks out of the ring leaving the Undertaker in the ring as he heads backstage.


Quic Results
Joe Hennig bt. Evan Bourne via DQ
Mark Jindrak bt. Zack Ryder
Beer Money retain world tag titles by defeating Slater and Gabriel
John Cena bt CM Punk

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Re: WWE 2013: Its a New Day

My only two complaints is that A- There were only four matches in what is supposed to be a two hour broadcast and B- Your grammar was a bit poor (Run On Sentences and lack of Comma's). Other then that, good show, man. Geeked to see Mark Jindrak returning, even if it was at Ryder's expense.
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Re: WWE 2013: Its a New Day

cheers man i always liked Jindrak. And i thought bringing him in as Miz's muscle could be a nice way to introduce him back
im trying to fix the grammer issue
i thought by doing 2 big promos wud have covered for only having 4 matches but i will make sure to put 5 matches in my next show

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Re: WWE 2013: Its a New Day

quick update for any of my loyal readers im getting a partner to help me write this BTB and he will be taking up writing smackdown so if Smackdown preview should be u soon and if i can't sort something with a partner, which i hope i do, then il have to write smackdown myself :P

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Re: WWE 2013: Its a New Day

hey loyal fans iv decided to try this on my own and not get a partner i wana try this on my own so without further adu the SMACKDOWN PREVIEW!!!!!**The crowd go wild***

Smackdown Preview
April 5th 2013

Following an controversial Wrestlemania and an action packed Monday Night Raw
what is in store for fans this coming Friday Night on Smackdown Live from the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

Smackdowns Olympian Returns to Friday Nights
After a stint away from the WWE Kurt Angle returned to the WWE this past Sunday at Wrestlemania. The Olympic Gold Medalist defeated Chris Jericho in Jerichos open challenge.
Will we find out why he returned to th WWE or why he accepted Jerichos challenge. Also what wil Jerichos reaction be to being defeated by a retuning Kurt Angle?.

Rated R Retains then he will Defend
Th ultimate opportunist Edge was victorious in a hellacious no disqualification match against Jeff Hardy. However at the end of th match Smackdown General Manager Paul Heyman came out and informed Edge and the WWE Fans that Edge will defend his World Heavyweight the following Friday on Smackdown against an opponent of the GM's choosing. Who could Paul have in mind for the Rated R superstar?. Will Heyman finally succeed in having Edge lose the title?

Joes gonna get the belt....Joe Got the belt
The Samoan Submission Machin arrived in WWE and declared he would be wearing gold by The time Wrestlemania was over and he followed through with his promise and is now the new intercontinal champion. But with big Zeks temper will he respond to the loss at the grand daddy of em all?

Confirmed for Smackdown
Cryme Time vs The Dudebusters
Drew McIntyre vs Kurt Angle
Scott Steiner vs Kane
Edge vs GM's Mystery Opponent

That plus much much more.... Only one way to find out what happens
Tune into Friday night Smackdown coming soon to the Wrestling Forum

StinerSplash91 Presents WWE 2002: Brand Extension
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Re: WWE 2013: Its a New Day

Huge news
News coming straight from Titan towers is apparently Vince McMahon has been in talks with his creative team with the idea of the possibility of bringing in a third brand alongside Raw and Smackdown.

It was confirmed that if the show goes forward it wil be in control of McMahons son Shane o Mac. And it was confirmed that Shane will be at the Stples Centre for Friday Night Smackdown.

More news as we get it

StinerSplash91 Presents WWE 2002: Brand Extension

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Re: WWE 2013: Its a New Day

Friday Night Smackdown
April 5th 2013

Smackdown kicks off with a video package highlighting Wrestlemania. It shows Samoa Joe winning the Intercontinental Title, Kurt Angles return and it ends with Edge standing on the entrance way holding the world title high above his head.
The camera cuts into the arena showing the capacity crowd. The Smackdown theme hits and loads of pyro goes off and the crowd go nuts. Camera then goes on the commentary team of Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Hello everyone and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown and what a night we have ahead of us. Should be exciting.

Tazz: With Wrestlemania behind us we now go marching on to Backlash but personally I can’t wait to see who Heyman has in store for Edge

Cole: Same here Tazz. Our Gm promised us a world heavyweight title match here tonight and you gotta think Edge has to be worried.

Tazz: Well after a gruelling match with Jeff Hardy you wouldn’t bet on Edge walking out of here with the big gold belt around his waist

Cole: Plus as reported on WWE.com earlier this week we know Shane McMahon is gonna return to WWE TV tonight with a big announcement. I can’t wait for that one. You know when a McMahon shows up its gonna be a special night.

“Here comes the money, money talks, here comes the money…” Shane-O-Macs music hits as the crowd give a huge reaction. Shane hasn’t been seen on WWE TV for over 2 and a half years and the crowd are expecting a big announcement.

Cole: Well it looks like we are wasting no time because here comes Shane McMahon and he is walking with a purpose.

Shane struts like his father down the ramp and enters the ring and gets a mic. The crowd begin to chant “Welcome Back”

Shane: Thank you everyone its good to be back in the ring. Now you all know why I’m here. The WWE is launching a third brand. The idea was mine I told my Dad that fans want to tune into WWE and not know what there gonna get. One minute they could have a high flying cruiserweight match the next two guys beating the hell out of each other with every weapon imaginable or they could see 2 guys putting on a wrestling clinic. So that’s when I decided to create a brand that has that excitement factor. So coming soon on Wednesday nights will be WWE Showtime.
At the moment me and my team are assembling a team of great wrestlers from around the wrestling world to be brought to the WWE to give WWE Showtime that edge. We are talking guys from the States, Mexico, Japan, Canada and the UK. I’ve got high flying cruiserweights, big hitting heavyweights and some crazy guys to go through tables and smash chairs.
Our tag teams will be able to challenge for the WWE tag team titles. However we have our own Showtime title, Showtime Hardcore title and the Showtime Cruiserweight title. These will all be exclusive to Showtime. This new show will be the way to re-establish the hardcore and the cruiserweight divisions in the WWE.
So this Wednesday coming WWE Showtime will debut so make sure you tune in.

“Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor…”” GM Paul Heyman’s music plays and the crowd boo him. They clearly are not
fond of the GM Heyman comes out laughing and clapping sarcastically.

Heyman: Oh thank you Shane for what surely was a pointless announcement. But that is not why I’m out here. I’m not out here to point out to you that everyone knew what you were gonna say or that no one really cares and you should have just posted the news on WWE.com for all these morons to read. No that’s not why I’m out here. I am here because you have offended me, your whole concept has offended me. Re-establish hardcore?. It was you and your family who killed it off in the first place and then your family further destroyed the memory of the company that I helped build by putting on the joke that was the new ECW. And now you come onto my show and try to desecrate the name of hardcore once again.

Shane: Paul Paul Paul, I admit that the new ECW did not work out as planned but this is not about ruining the name of ECW or the name of hardcore, its about bringing it back properly the way it should be and creating a show full of excitement.
Heyman: What makes you think you know hardcore

Shane: Not only have I competed in hardcore matches I’m a former hardcore champion. And on top of that I’m a McMahon and I can do whatever the hell I want

Shane stares angrily back at Heyman

Heyman : Oh I’m so sorry I totally forgot about that one match you had with Steve Blackman. You think your so freaking hardcore why don’t you prove it tonight

Shane: You expect me to wrestle in a match tonight?

Heyman looks at him and laughs sarcastically

Heyman: No Shane I don’t expect you to wrestle. I expect you to get EXTREME. If you think your hardcore get in the ring with an ECW original…tonight…..In an ECW rules match!!!!.

Shane: Well Paul the last time I checked my last name was McMahon and that means I don’t back down. So your on.

Heyman has a satisfied expression on his face

Heyman: Wonderful. Would you like to meet the superstar who’ll be sending you back to Connecticut with a couple less teeth and a broken bone or two?

Through the crowd comes ECW Original ROB VAN DAM who whacks Shane in the back with a kendo stick. Then nails Shane with rolling thunder. Heyman tells him to go to the top rope. RVD Hits Shane with the 5 star frog splash. He then leaves with Heyman.

Heyman: Shane, Now that was Extreme

Cole: My god Tazz Shane looks hurt.

Tazz: Hey if you don’t wanna get hurt you stay out of the ring. If he gets in the ring with my buddy RVD he is gonna get hurt even worse

Cole: I don’t think Shane will be leaving on his own to feet tonight. We could see him in the back of ambulance before the night is over.


Smackdown come back on the air with the Dudebusters in the ring waiting on Cryme Time.
“Brooklyn Brooklyn….” Cryme times music plays to a bit of a cheer.

Tag Team Match
Dudebusters vs. Cryme Time
The match began with Barreta and JTG. Barreta got the better of JTG in the beginning but JTG re-took control of the match when Barreta went up to the turnbuckle however JTG delivered a dropkick to Barreta. With Barreta straddling the turnbuckle JTG hit a devastating superplex. Both men got to their feet when JTG hit Barreta with the Mugshot. He went for the cover but only got 2.
Barreta got sent into the corner where JTG put the boots to him. Stomping away viciously. He followed this up with a running dropkick when Barreta was sitting in the corner. JTG then went for another cover but again only got a 2. JTG tagged in Shad. The big man from Brooklyn went to work quickly on Barreta. He delivered a military press. Then Barreta was picked up and sent off into the ropes and received a sidewalk slam then Shad delivered a leg drop. Shad made a quick cover after the leg drop but Hawkins broke it up.
Shad sent Barreta back into the corner he then went to deliver a running shoulder block but Barreta moved causing Shad to collide with the steel ring post. This gave Barreta a chance to get a tag. With Barreta close to his corner and so close to a tag, JTG came off the top rope delivering an elbow drop to the back of Barreta. JTG then dragged Barreta back to his corner. This allowed Shad to find his bearings after hitting the ring post hard and get the tag to JTG.
JTG hit Barreta with a series of scoop slams. JTG got Barreta with a snap mare then followed by a flip neckbreaker. Barreta looked down and out. Shad got the tag back in and put the boots to Barreta. He picked up the lifeless Barreta and set him up for a running powerslam. With Barreta on his shoulder Hawkins had clearly had enough and ran in a delivered a running dropkick to Shad knocking him down with Barreta falling on top of him in a sort of reverse DDT.
Barreta used whatever strength he had left to crawl to his corner and finally make the tag while at the same time Shad made the tag to JTG. Both men ran in Hawkins got the better after punches being exchanged. Hawkins then hit the taste of pain. Then before heading to the top rope hit a recovering Shad with a dropkick. Hawkins then delivered the heat seeking Elbow drop from the top rope and cover JTG for the 1...2...3.

The Dudebusters exit the ring to a huge crowd reaction. Hawkins has to help Barreta up the ramp after the beating he suffered

Cole: What a match Tazz.

Tazz: No doubt about that Cole. Dude Busters showed true resilience. A few more performances like that would put them in line for a tag title shot.

Cole: Would be nice to have the tag belts back on Smackdown. But I understand now that something is going on backstage. Someone has arrived in the arena

The camera goes to the car park backstage were a limo pulls up. The door opens and out comes KURT ANGLE.

Tazz: The Olympic Gold Medallist has returned to Smackdown.

Cole: It really has been too long Tazz since Kurt Angle has been on Smackdown. We understand Josh Matthews is backstage I think he is going to try and get a word in with Kurt.

Camera shows Josh Matthews catching up with Kurt Angle

Josh: Kurt! Kurt!

Angle: What is it Josh?

Josh: Well the WWE fans want to know why did you take up Chris Jericho’s open challenge?

Angle: Well Josh I may have been away from WWE for a long time but one thing that hasn’t changed is Chris Jericho running his mouth about himself. So if he wants to go about for weeks throwing out challenges then he should be prepared when a real challenge comes up.

Josh: You know you’ve got a match tonight against Drew McIntyre?

Angle: Yep I’m quite excited about performing on Smackdown again I missed the Smackdown fans. I just hope Drew is ready for me

Josh: Do you expect to hear from Chris Jericho?

Angle: Well if he does decide to show up I’m sure I’ll be ready for him.

Josh: Anything you’d like to say to the WWE fans?

Angle: Yeah. Kurt Angle is back in the WWE, Oh its True its Damn True.

With that Angle entered his dressing room.

Josh: Well it seems like Kurt Angle is confident about his return to Smackdown back to you guys.

Cole: Thanks Josh. Well Tazz Kurt is looking forward to getting back into the Smackdown ring, think he’ll put on a good show.

Tazz Well Cole if he puts on a match half as good as he did at Mania we should get one exciting match.

After that Kane’s Pyro hits, the red glow fills the arena and his eerie music plays. The big red machine makes his way to the ring and awaits the arrival of Scott Steiner

“Holla if ya hear me…” Big Papa Pumps Music plays. He comes out with a microphone.

Steiner: The Big Bad Booty Daddy is in the house LA and tonight Kane, you big red freak, your gonna get a beating from the Genetic Freak, Big Papa Pump Scott Steiner.

As Steiner makes his way down the ramp Smackdown cuts to commercial


Smackdown comes back on the air with Steiner having Kane in a bear hug.

Single Match
Kane vs. Scott Steiner
Steiner had Kane locked in a bear hug, with Kane seemingly fading away Steiner picked him up and slammed him into the mat with a spinebuster. Steiner then taunted Kane by doing press ups in the ring. He then put the boots into Kane. He then delivered a t bone suplex. Steiner went up to the middle rope when Kane was down and began posing his muscles to the fans.
But then much the same as his brother the Undertaker, after taking punishment Kane simply sat up while Steiner’s back was turned as he posed. Kane delivered a power bomb from the middle rope. Kane then picked up Steiner sent him into the ropes and then hit him with a huge big boot to the face. Kane then headed to the top rope for his trademark clothesline.
However as Steiner rose to his feet he spotted Kane on the top rope and as Kane came off it he grabbed the ref Causing Kane to clothesline the ref instead. Steiner tried to take advantage as Kane tried to wake the ref but Kane countered and nailed Steiner with an earth shattering choke slam in the centre of the ring. Kane then did the cut throat taunt signalling for the Tombstone Piledriver.

Tazz: Well Steiner its Tombstone city for you my friend what who is that Cole?

A man came rushing through the crowd and climbed the barrier

Cole: Oh my god Tazz that’s BUFF BAGWELL.

Bagwell climbed onto the apron got onto the top rope he shouted at Kane to get his attention. Then delivered the Buff Blockbuster to Kane. He then grabbed Steiner and pulled on to cover Kane. The ref came too and counted the 1...2...3.
Bagwell pulls Steiner out the ring and helps him up the ramp. Steiner knows he is a lucky man.

Tazz: Just seems like tonight’s full of surprises Cole.

Cole: I know Tazz and the show isn’t over yet there is still plenty more to come

A Video package then plays. It shows the planet earth and something falling from space. The words “it came from above” come on screen. It shows a man landing and then standing. Then the words “ And now he is coming” appear on the screen. Then you see the man walking in darkness then the words “you better be ready” come across the screen. The video then ends

When Smackdown resumes the ring is set up for a special edition of the Cutting Edge.

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen we have a special treat for you right now. A special edition of the Cutting edge with the world heavyweight champion the Rated R superstar Edge.

You think you know……..On this day…” Edges music plays and the rated R Superstar emerges. The reigning champ receives a lot of boos from the fans. But not even that can wipe the smile off his face. He makes his way down the ramp raises his belt and his pyro goes off. He makes it into the ring and grabs the mic.

Edge: Hello my loyal LA Edgeheads!!!!

Boos ring out around the arena

Edge: Ok maybe there aren’t that many Edgeheads in tonight. Welcome to the Cutting Edge. I’m not gonna waste anytime because as you’re all aware I have world title defence tonight against a mystery opponent. So my guest at this time is none other than the man I beat at Wrestlemania, Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy’s music hits and the crowd go nuts for the charismatic enigma to arrive. Hardy makes his way down the ramp and steps into the ring and stare down the Rated R superstar.

Edge: Hiya Jeff how you feeling?. Hope your not too banged up from the other night. Hope when I speared you through the protective barrier I didn’t injure you. Did I injure you Jeff? Are you in pain?

Jeff: Nothing I can’t handle Edge and nothing that time won’t heal. In fact I figure I’ll be 100% come Backlash. Now we had one hell of a match and you know that another night it would have been me walking out with the world title.

Edge: But your not Jeff. I’m the world heavyweight champion. You know I’ve accomplished so much here in the WWE I mean I don’t see anyone as a challenge anymore. Come on Jeff I’ve beat you more times than I can remember. Why don’t you just forget about being world champion and go join your brother on the list of people whose dreams I’ve destroyed.

Jeff: If I were you Edge I wouldn’t be so cocky you might not even be the champ come Backlash. You might lose the belt tonight and whoever the unlucky guy is who beats you they’ll have me to look forward to at Backlash.

Edge: Not only will I walk out of here tonight the world champion, as long as you and I are on the same show you’ll never be World champion and you wanna know why Jeff. Because I’m just better than you. I always have and I always will be so deal with it

Jeff: OK Edge how’s this for dealing with it….

Jeff then decks Edge with a double leg takedown and starts laying in the punches on the champ. Edge gets free but Jeff delivers a kick to the mid section and goes for the twist of fate but Edge wriggles free and rolls out of the ring.

Let the bodies hit the floor!!!! Paul Heyman’s music plays and the GM appears at the entrance way.

Heyman: Jeff, Jeff, Jeff what makes you think you’ll be getting a title shot at Backlash?. You just lost to the champ and you expect another shot?. Well Jeff all I have to say is you could be in the title picture if you win next weeks main event. Because next week there will be a triple threat number 1 contenders match and it will be you Jeff hardy vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho.
Oh I almost forgot about you, Edge. The rated r superstar. You could say that for the time you’ve held that title I’ve had it in for you and I’m trying to get you to lose the belt and that is simply just not true. What I have been doing is creating competition for you to see if you are a worthy champion but I’m afraid tonight your title reign will most defiantly come to an end. Because tonight you will defend your world Heavyweight Title in a one on one match with………..GOLDBERG!!!.

The crowd go nuts at the mention of Goldberg as the fan favourite has been out injured for 6 months.


Smackdown comes back on air with the camera on Michael Cole and Tazz

Cole: Hello and welcome back to Smackdown. If your just joining us then you’ve missed quite a bit. Moments ago General Manager Paul Heyman revealed who Edges mystery opponent for tonight’s title match will be and it was a shocking announcement

Video replay come up on screen and shows Paul Heyman announcing Goldberg as the opponent.

Tazz: Well I really don’t see Edge leaving with the gold. Not against Goldberg

Cole: Its sure to be an exciting match but that’s not all. Also coming up tonight we have Shane McMahon vs. RVD in an ECW rules match. But now I believe we are going backstage to Josh Matthews.

Josh: Hello I’m Josh Matthews and my guest at this time is the FORMER intercontinental champion Ezekiel Jackson. Well Zek you had one hell of a match with Samoa Joe but you didn’t walk out with the…

Zek snatches the mic from Josh and pushes him off camera

Zek: Joe I hope you enjoyed Sunday at Wrestlemania. I hope you savoured the moment. Relish in the glory Joe because next week your reign as Intercontinental champion comes to an end. I just spoke to Heyman and I invoked my rematch clause. So Joe I’ll see you next week and ill be taking my belt back and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it.

Zek throws the mic back to Josh Matthews and then goes off camera. Josh comes back into view.

Josh: Well guys looks like we have an intercontinental title match next week, back to you guys.

Tazz: So next week it’ll be a Wrestlemania rematch as Ezekiel Jackson challenges Samoa Joe for the Intercontinental Title.

“Oh its True, its Damn True…” Kurt Angles Music plays and the crowd gives him a huge pop.
Drew McIntyre gets the jump on Angle as he is making his way to the ring. But Kurt fights back. Both men continue brawling on the outside when officials are summoned to break the two up so they can officially start the match. Both men are separated and both enter the ring at either side and the match looked set to begin.

Single Match
Kurt Angle vs. Drew McIntyre
Angle and McIntyre locked up in the ring with McIntyre got the advantage in the early stages. The chosen one raked the eyes of the former Olympian. Angle was then sent into the corner were McIntyre began stomping at the mid section of Angle before the ref broke it up. McIntyre then delivered a running boot to the face of Angle knocking him over the top rope. McIntyre pursued Angle to the outside. He threw angle into the crowd barrier and then began laying hard shots into Angle. The ref got to a count of 6 before McIntyre slid Angle back into the ring. McIntyre went for a pin but only got a 2 count. Angle was then hit with a snap suplex and then McIntyre went for a running knee drop but Angle moved out of the way.
Angle then hit several punches to McIntyre before hitting a belly to belly suplex on the chosen one. Angle then nailed McIntyre with 3 rolling German suplexes. When he finished he dropped his straps signalling for his infamous ankle lock but Drew came from behind with a chop block. McIntyre then began to work on the left leg of Angle, stomping away before locking in a single leg Boston crab. McIntyre had the hold in the centre of the ring, Angle looked like he was in a lot of pain.
Twice Angle crawled to the ropes and twice he was pulled back by McIntyre. He began shouting at Angle to submit but Angle refused to give in and on the third time Angle managed to reach the bottom rope and broke the hold but Angle was in a bad way after the submission move.
McIntyre then lifted Angle to his feet and irish whipped him into the corner. He then ran at full speed at angle going for a running clothesline in the corner. But Angle managed to raise a leg and his boot connected with the face of McIntyre. Angle saw his opportunity and hit the chosen one with the Angle slam and then locked in his ankle lock.
It didn’t take long for Drew to submit from there.

After the match Angle grabbed a mic

Angle: Next Week I’ll be the number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight title. Oh its true, its damn true.

Angle then dropped the mic and left the ring as his music hit and the fans gave him a huge pop.

Cole: Kurt Angle victorious on his return to Smackdown and it looks like he intends on being the number1 contender after next week

Tazz: Well Cole I wouldn’t bet against him. When Kurt Angle wants something he usually gets it. This is the guy who won Olympic gold with a broken neck.

Cole: Well we could be seeing the next World heavyweight champion but the action doesn’t stop there Tazz because when we come back we will have RVD vs. Shane McMahon in an ECW rules match.

The same video package from earlier plays again. It shows the planet earth and something falling from space. The words “it came from above” come on screen. It shows a man landing and then standing. Then the words “ And now he is coming” appear on the screen. Then you see the man walking in darkness then the words “you better be ready” come across the screen. The video then ends

Smackdown comes back on with the ring surrounded by a variety of weapons. Tables, ladders, chairs, trash cans, kendo sticks were just some of the things which were at ringside.

“here comes the money, money talks, here comes the money…” Shane came out with his Shane O Mac t shirt on and looked ready for a fight. The crowd give a huge cheer as Shane is wielding a kendo stick.

“One of a kind…there I see that look in your eyes makes you believe I’m one of a kind” RVD made his way out with a shopping trolley full of goodies. When RVD reached the ring he turned to the fans and does his R…V…D taunt. As he did Shane came flying over the top rope with a suicide dive. Both men go crashing to the floor. The ref rang the bell and the match began.

Singles match
ECW Rules
Shane McMahon vs. RVD
Shane stood up after he performed the suicide dive. He grabbed a trash can lid and delivered a hard shot to the face of RVD. Shane then placed the trashcan over the head of RVD and leaned up him against the apron. He then delivered a dropkick to the face of RVD, crushing the trashcan into his face. Shane then grabbed a chair from ringside and placed it on the floor then DDT’d RVD’s face onto the chair. Shane then put the boots to a seemingly lifeless RVD.
Shane then slid him into the ring and grabbed 2 steel chairs. He unfolded both chairs and set them up facing each other. He then stood in front of them with RVD in a front facelock. He went for a suplex , but RVD blocked, he tried again and RVD blocked again but this time RVD front suplexes him onto the steel chairs. RVD then went to the outside and got a table. He leaned it against the turnbuckle. He then picked up Shane and delivered a running power bomb through the table.
With Shane laying lifeless in the corner RVD placed a trashcan on his head and went to the opposite turnbuckle, which could only mean one thing. RVD then flew across the ring hitting Shane with the Van Terminator.
RVD then knocked Shane out of the ring and began to taunt to the crowd. As he left the ring to pursue Shane, he was struck by a trash can lid shot from the fallen McMahon. RVD grabbed a kendo stick and returned the shot. Both men then began trading shots with the trashcan lid and kendo stick until both men could barely stand.
Shane then delivered one last thunderous shot with the trash to take down Van Dam.
Shane then got himself together and grabbed a ladder and set it up in the ring close to the ring ropes. He then Set up a table, delivered another shot to RVD with a kendo stick. He then placed RVD on the table then went back in the ring to climb the ladder. He gingerly climbed the ladder but RVD managed to get off the table and unknown to Shane got onto the ring apron in front of the ladder.
When Shane was at the top and saw RVD on the apron his facial expression was one of fear. Before he could react, RVD springboard onto the other side of the ladder. He then delivered a vicious kick to the head of Shane. With RVD looking like he was going for the five star frog splash Van Dam climbed down and stood on the top rope. While balancing with the ladder he managed to fold the ladder up and then stood in the middle of the ladder and fell with the ladder on top of Shane. To this the fans chanted E-C-W E-C-W E-C-W.
RVD then placed a chair on the ribs of Shane, headed to the top rope and nailed Shane with a five star frogsplash. After clutching his ribs due to the impact of the frogsplash onto the chair he covered Shane for the 1...2...3.

RVD leaves the ring clutching his ribs. Medical staff rush out immediately after the bell and help Shane to the back. The camera then goes onto Tazz and Michael Cole.

Tazz: I don’t think we’ll be seeing Shane McMahon for a while that’s for sure.

Cole: That’s for sure Tazz. Are you ready for the main event?

Tazz Am I ready?, of course I’m ready I can’t wait to see Goldberg back in the ring. I got a feeling we are gonna crown a new world champ tonight.

Cole: Well Tazz it’s a defiantly a possibility. Well folks when we come back we will have our main event of the evening. Edge vs. Goldberg for the World heavyweight title.


Smackdown comes back from commercial and the fans are awaiting a huge main event.
“You think you know me..” Edges music hits and he receives the boos. He look a bit less happy than he did earlier on. He gets into the ring and stares up at the entrance way.

The titantron then shows security outside a locker room the door bursts open to reveal GILLBERG. Gillberg walks out of the room and begins walking along the corridor. Edge is seen in the ring laughing uncontrollably. As Gillberg turns the corner in the corridor to climb up to the entrance way but from out of nowhere he is speared by GOLDBERG. Goldberg looks at the camera.

Goldberg: He was first, Edge your NEXT!!

Goldberg’s music plays as he heads to the entrance way. He ways through his pyro and he walks with a purpose. That purpose to be the next world heavyweight champion. He gets in the ring and stares down Edge and he has a wicked smile on his face.

Singles Match
World Heavyweight Title Match
Edge [c] vs. Goldberg
Smackdown’s main event had the big match feel about it. Edge and Goldberg locked up in the ring. Goldberg used his strength advantage and forced Edge into the corner and began hitting the champ with heavy blows to the ribs. Then he delivered 3 shoulder blocks to Edges ribs. The ref pulled Goldberg away from Edge allowing the champ to get a breather. But Goldberg then ran in at Edge with a knee to the gut.
Goldberg then delivered a running powerslam. He then took Edge and threw him over the top rope and began taunting in the ring. Edge crawled back in the ring and Goldberg put the boots to the champ. He then locked in a Boston crab on Edge. Goldberg leaned right back and applied as much pressure as he could onto Edges lower back. But Edge used all his power and strength to pull himself to the bottom rope causing Goldberg to release him from the hold.
Goldberg didn’t let Edge get any rest he again put the boots into Edge, picked him up and hit a huge military press on Edge leaving him out on the mat. He then crouched in the corner looking to connect with his spear on Edge. As he ran at towards his opponent, Edge countered with a drop toehold smashing Goldberg’s face into the middle turnbuckle. Edge then picked Goldberg up on his shoulders and hit him with an electric chair drop. The champ went for the cover and only got a 2.
Edge then picked up Goldberg and delivered the impaler DDT and then went to go for his own version of the spear. As Goldberg got to his feet Edge hit him with the spear. When he went for the cover Jeff hardy ran out and got on the apron distracting the ref. Edge went to confront Hardy on the apron but as he did Goldberg went to attack him from behind. The champ moved just in time and Goldberg knocked Hardy off the apron . When he turned around Edge connected with yet another spear. And cover Goldberg for the 1...2.… GOLDBERG KICKED OUT AT 2.
Somehow Goldberg kicked out at 2. Edge was in a state of shock. He put a number of vicious punches to the head of Goldberg. You could see the rage in the face of the world heavyweight champion. Edge picked him up and went for the Impaler DDT again but Goldberg countered with a two legged takedown. Stomped Edge in the ribs and then locked in a sharpshooter on the champ. Goldberg sat back and applied the pressure, Edge looked certain to tap out.

Just as it looked like Edge was about to tap out to the sharpshooter, CHRISTIAN, Edges long time friend ran down the ramp went to the timekeepers table grabbed the world title and then got in the ring and clocked Goldberg in the back of the head with the belt. The Ref called for a DQ. Goldberg may have won the match but Edge kept the title but why did Christian get involved.

Christian retreated up the ramp and at the top he was met by a smiling and applauding PAUL HEYMAN.

Cole: What the hell was all this about Tazz

Tazz I don’t know Cole but I guess we’ll find out next week.

Smackdown goes off the air with Christian standing with Paul Heyman. Both men looking at the ring and smiling .

***END SHOW***

Quick Results
The Dudebusters bt Cryme Time
Scott Steiner bt Kane
Kurt Angle bt Drew McIntyre
RVD bt Shane McMahon
Goldberg bt Edge by DQ Edge retains world title

StinerSplash91 Presents WWE 2002: Brand Extension

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