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cp954 01-27-2011 01:56 PM

WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.
Monday Night Raw roster as of August 1st 2005

Batista- Face
Triple H- Heel
Muhammad Hassan- Heel
Shawn Michaels- Face
Chris Jericho- Face
Edge- Heel
Christian- Heel
Mr.Kennedy- Tweener
Kane- Heel
Big Show- Face
Shelton Benjamin- Face
The Great Khali-Heel
Sonjay Dutt-Heel
Goldust- Face
Mark Jindrak- Heel
Doug Basham- Face
Danny Basham-Face
William Regal- Heel
Eugene- Face
Bubba Ray Dudley- Face
D-Von Dudley-Face
Charlie Haas- Face
Ken Doane- Heel
Nick Nemeth- Heel
Rosey- Face
Val Venis- Face
The Heart Throbs- Heel
Viscera- Face
Rob Conway- Heel
Maven- Heel
Simon Dean- Heel
Trevor Murdoch- Heel


Trish Stratus- Face
Lita- Face
Victoria- Heel
Stacy Keibler- Face
Torrie Wilson- Face
Christy Hemme- Face
Ashley Massaro- Face
Molly Holly- Heel

Tag teams/Stables/Alliances
Dudley Boyz: Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley
Basham Brothers: Doug and Danny Basham
The Heart Throbs
Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas; The World's Greatest Tag Team
The Arabian Entity: Muhammad Hassan, Daivari, The Great Khali and Sonjay Dutt

Mark Jindrak and William Regal
Val Venis and Viscera
Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth: The Platform to Perfection
Eugene and Goldust


Jim Ross- Commentator
Jonathan Coachman- Commentator
Todd Grisham- Backstage interviewer
Maria- Backstage Interviewer
Lilian Garcia- Ring announcer
Eric Bischoff- General Manager

Friday Night Smackdown roster as of May 2nd 2005

John Cena- Face
John Bradshaw Layfield- Heel
The Undertaker- Face
Kurt Angle- Heel
Rey Mysterio- Face
Booker T- Face
Randy Orton- Heel
Rob Van Dam- Face
Carlito- Heel
Matt Hardy-Face
Orlando Jordan- Heel
Rhyno- Heel
Bobby Lashley-Face
Joey Mercury- Heel
Johnny Nitro-Heel
Chris Masters-Heel
Paul London- Face
Brian Kendrick- Face
Paul Burchill- Heel
Rene Dupree- Heel
Kenzo Suzuki- Heel
Shad Gaspard- Face
JTG- Face
Chavo Guerrero- Heel
Gregory Helms- Heel
Luther Reigns- Heel
Jamie Noble-Heel
Kid Kash- Heel
Heidenreich- Face
Snitsky- Heel
Sylvain Grenier- Heel
Shannon Moore- Face
Spike Dudley- Face
Scotty 2 Hotty- Face
Super Crazy- Face
Billy Kidman- Face
Hardcore Holly- Face

Tag teams/Stables/Alliances
The Mexicools: Psicosis and Super Crazy
MNM: Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro and Melina
Cryme Tyme: Shad Gaspard and JTG
Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero
Paul London and Brian Kendrick
The Pitbulls: Jamie Noble and Kid Kash
RVD and Rey Mysterio
Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki
Shannon Moore and Spike Dudley


Michael Cole- Commentator
Tazz- Commentator
Tony Chimel- Ring announcer
Josh Matthews- Backstage interviewer
Teddy Long- General Manager

Current champions

WWE Champion: John Cena. Defeated JBL at Wrestlemania, April 3rd 2005.

World Heavyweight Champion: Batista. Defeated Triple H at Wrestlemania, April 3rd 2005.

Intercontinental champion: Shelton Benjamin. Defeated Muhammad Hassan at Summerslam, August 21st 2005.

United States Champion: Matt Hardy. Defeated Orlando Jordan at The Great American Bash, July 24th 2005.

World Tag team Champions: The Dudley Boyz. Defeated William Regal and Tajiri at Backlash, May 1st 2005.

WWE Tag team Champions: MNM. Defeated Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio at Judgment Day, May 22nd 2005.

WWE Womens Champion: Victoria Defeated Trish Stratus at Vengeance, 26th June 2005.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Gregory Helms. Defeated Paul London at The Great American Bash, July 24th 2005.

Renegade™ 01-27-2011 08:27 PM

Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar
This is quite possibly the only time SmackDown! had a better roster than RAW. Dudley Boyz to save the RAW tag division too. Good luck.

Ghetto Anthony 01-27-2011 09:26 PM

Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar
Rosters are quite a bit off (Mexicools, Kid Kash, MNM, The Dicks, etc) but looks pretty good otherwise. Right after Mania will be boring for you, though imo since you basically have to build Cena/Batista over the next few PPV's as they're new champions.

cp954 01-28-2011 07:11 AM

Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar
Thanks for the support guys.

Raw Preview- 4/4/05

24 hours removed from an incredible Wrestlemania, we are back at the Staples Center, Los Angeles as Raw kicks off a new era.

Last night, the World Heavyweight championship changed hands as Batista captured his first World title, defeating his former mentor Triple H in a hellacious battle. What will ‘The Game’ have to say about losing his beloved gold? And what will ‘The Animal’ have to say on realising his dream?

Also, last night saw Edge become the first holder of the Money in the Bank contract, this means Edge has the chance at a World title match of his choosing, any time, any place. Could we see Edge cash in tonight?

Randy Orton came up just short in his attempt to end the Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania, what will the legend killer have in store as his next move?

And finally, Shawn Michaels lost in a classic match against Kurt Angle on the biggest stage of them all, how will HBK react to that?

Find out all this and more live on Monday night Raw.

cp954 01-31-2011 09:34 AM

Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar
WWE Monday Night Raw- 4/4/05

Video package to kick off the show with all the highlights from the Raw side of things, including Edge winning the MITB contract, Randy Orton coming up short against the Deadman, HBK being beaten by Kurt Angle and of course Batista capturing the World Title from Triple H. The package ends with the infamous Jim Ross, ‘The Animal has been unleashed at Wrestlemania!’

Opening video hits followed by Pyro.

Jim Ross: We are live from the Staples Center, Los Angeles 24 hours removed from an electric Wrestlemania. I’m Jim Ross alongside Jonathan Coachman and Coach tonight marks a new dawn here on Monday Night Raw.

The Coach: You’re damn right J.R. and I got a feeling that all hell is gonna break loose here tonight!

‘I walk alone’ hits to a thunderous ovation as the new World Heavyweight Champion Batista walks out suited and booted, grinning from ear to ear.

Jim Ross: There he is Coach! The man who last night finally got his hands on his former mentor, his former leader Triple H. And last night Batista realised his dream and became the new World Champion.

The Coach: J.R, you and I both know that last night, Batista got lucky and when Triple H shows up here tonight, that title around Batista’s waist will be back in ‘The Game’s’ possession, mark my words.

Jim Ross: Lucky?

The Coach: Am I speaking a foreign language to you? I know you’re an Oklahoman and all but c’mon.

J.R just scowls at Coach as Batista gets a hold of a microphone. The crowd in L.A. starts a loud ‘BA-TIS-TA’ chant as the champ begins to laugh slightly.

Batista: Wow it feels gooooood to be in L.A tonight!

Batista: You know, when I won the Royal Rumble back in January, I was filled with pride, to join a list with names like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and more. But last night, last night, I went a step further, I accomplished the ultimate goal in the business, I became( pauses for a moment laughing slightly), I became WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Man, you don’t know what that means to me.

Batista: Wrestlemania, the grandest stage of them all, I went toe to toe with that son of a bitch Triple H. The man who took me on board, the man who used me for his own good, the man who would stab his own grandmother in the back for this title. As soon as I won the Rumble, he knew, he knew damn well that I was a threat to him and he tried to force me out the door, over to Smackdown.

Batista: He thought he could click his fingers and I’d run. No chance Hunter, you were running scared and I knew it and last night I had great pleasure in kicking your ass all over the Staples Center!!

‘The Game’ hits to a chorus of boos as the former champion Triple H walks out to the ring.

Jim Ross: I get the impression Coach that this isn’t what Triple H expected would be the situation here tonight.

The Coach: Batista best be ready for this J.R. Some guy once said’ Business is about to pick up’ and I couldn’t have put it any better right here and now baby boy.

Triple H: Dave, Dave, Dave. I believe you have something that belongs to me.

Coach murmurs ‘he better give it back’ as Batista stares a hole through HHH.

Batista: What’s that Hunter? Huh? If I got something of yours, why don’t you try and take it from me?

The Animal takes off his sunglasses and jacket and looks ready for a fight.

Triple H: That would be all too easy Dave. You see, last night I lost MY World title. I will admit here and now that I took my eye off the ball, I took me eye off the ball for one second, one damn second and you capitalised. Fluke Dave. Fluke. You know it, I know it and these people know it.

Boos fill the Staples center as ‘You suck’ chants begin.

Triple H: Boo all you want, chant all you want, you know it’s the truth and soon enough that title will be back around my waist. Cos Dave, you know that I’ve got a rematch clause and when I invoke that clause there ain’t a single person that can stop me from taking back what’s mine.

Batista: Rematch clause huh? Well if you’re so confident you can beat me then how about right here tonight we do it. (Triple H looks concerned) Me and you, World title, what do you say Hunter? Cat got your tongue?

Metalingushits to the surprise of all the fans and to the surprise of the two men in the ring as Edge walks out to the ring with his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Edge: Sorry to spoil the party gentleman but I think you’re both forgetting something. See last night, the World title scene turned on its head, but not just in your match. No, last night I became the first ever ‘Mr.Money in the Bank’.

Boos all round as Edge looks thrilled with himself.

Edge: You see, this briefcase here holds a 12 month contract that guarantees me a title match anytime I want. Batista, I think you may need to forget about your rematch with this has been and focus on ME!! I could cash this baby in tonight if I wanted to and there’s not a thin..

Batista: Well why don’t you? Come on Edge, you and me, right here, right now, I’ll take you on, I’ll take you on (points at HHH), I’ll take the whole frickin roster on.

The Animal is getting pumped up as the crowd rally behind him.

Edge: I’m not that stupid Dave. I’m gonna bide my time and when everything is in place, when you least expect it, I’ll be waiting and I will become the new World Heavyweight Champion and you? You can bank on it.

Break Down the Walls’ hits as Chris Jericho comes out to a mixed reception.

Jericho: Don’t get ahead of yourself Junior. Last night, you screwed me out of that contract. I had it won before that spot monkey Benjamin knocked me off the ladder.

Triple H: Why are you out here Chris huh? You’re at the back of the line, so why don’t you turn yourself around and go to the back and whine to Bischoff. The way I see it, I’m entitled to my rematch and when I win my title back, maybe by that time you’ll be ready to hang with the big boys around here.

Ooooohs fill the arena as Jericho is pissed.

Jericho: Look Hunter, I don’t know who you think you are but I suggest you take a long hard look in the mirror before you start talking about hanging with the big boys (as Jericho motions downstairs to a decent laugh from the crowd). The way I see it is, yeah you got your rematch but I want my shot, I deserve a shot! And I am not leaving this ring until I get it.

Triple H; How bout I make you?

The Game and Jericho go face to face as Edge attempts a spear on Batista but The Animal moves out of the way, throwing Edge through the ropes.

I’m Back’ hits as Eric Bischoff comes out to deal with the mess inside the ring.

Bischoff: I don’t know what the hell is going on here but I do know it all revolves around one thing, the World title.

Bischoff: Hunter, you have got your rematch and it will happen at Backlash in just under a months time. However, Hunter, there is a twist. You see I think these fans would love to see Chris Jericho and Triple H go toe to toe with one another, am I right?

The crowd cheers as they expect Bischoff to give them what they want.

Bischoff: Well it ain’t happenin tonight that’s for sure haha. But it may happen come Backlash.

Triple H mouths ‘What?’

Bischoff: You see tonight’s main event will see the new World Champion Batista in action! And he will go one on one with Y2J Chris Jericho! And if, if Jericho defeats Batista, then he will be added to the title match at Backlash! Have a good night folks!

‘I’m back’ hits again as Batista and Jericho looked pleased with the announcement while Triple H is furious. Edge remains on the outside making his way up the ramp, signalling at his briefcase to the three men in the ring.


Jim Ross: We are back live on Raw ladies and gentleman and Coach our main event is set for tonight.

The Coach: J.R. I cannot wait! Batista is gonna get what’s coming to him tonight when Chris Jericho beats his ass 1-2-3 in the middle of that ring.

Jim Ross: Well we’ll see about that Coach.

Ain’t no stopping me now’ hits to a decent pop as Shelton Benjamin makes his way down to the ring for his upcoming match.

Jim Ross: Coach here comes a man who last night put on a heck of a show in the Money in the Bank match, amazing athleticism from Shelton Benjamin.

The Coach: I gotta agree with you J.R. Some of the things this kid does in the ring is phenomenal.

Out next comes Daivari dressed to compete with Muhammad Hassan, the arena is filled with heat as the two soak up the atmosphere. (If anybody could tell me Hassan’s theme music it’d be greatly appreciated).

Jim Ross: These two human beings makes me sick Coach. Every week they come out here and whine about America, about our country. Talking about how they get a rough ride just because of their culture, bull Coach, in actual fact it’s because these two are self centred pieces of crap.

The Coach: I think Hassan and Daivari have every right to feel disrespected by these people J.R. They and I include you in this BBQ boy are prejudice.

Jim Ross: Aw gimme a break Coach, gimme a damn break.

Shelton Benjamin v Daivari- Non title match

The match begins with Benjamin going straight after Daivari who makes it to the ropes allowing himself some time to escape Benjamin’s pursuit. The two men lock up as Benjamin gets on top of things, throwing two, throwing three hard right hands at his opponent.
Benjamin gets a hold of Daivari and hits a pefrect german suplex. Goes for the cover but gets a two count. Benjamin goes to work on the arm of Daivari, stomping away at his opponent before whipping him into the ropes, hitting a vicious clothesline on the helpless Daivari.
Muhammad Hassan the climbs onto the apron, getting the attention of Benjamin who gets in the face of Hassan, the referee intervenes as Daivari attacks Benjamin from behind, throwing some tough right hands on Benjamin who falls to the mat. Daivari applies an armbar on Benjamin who grimaces in pain, reaching out for the ropes, just inches away before finally getting a hold of them. The crowd begins to get behind Benjamin as Daivari waits for Benjamin to rise again.
As Benjamin gets to his feet, Daivari charges at the Intercontinental champion, who ducks, Daivari bounces against the ropes and comes back right into the awaiting Benjamin who gets Daivari in position for the T-Bone suplex! Bang! Benjamin hits it, 1-2-3, it’s over and Shelton Benjamin picks up a big win.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

After the match Hassan attacks Benjamin with a steel chair, two vicious shots to the back of the Intercontinental champion as Hassan poses to the crowd with the title belt in his hands,the heat is tremendous for Hassan as Daivari recovers to pose with his client.

The Coach: That J.R. is your next Intercontinental champion! As good as Shelton Benjamin is, he is not on the level of this guy right here.

Jim Ross: What the hell was the need for that attack Coach? Who does Hassan think he is? Benjamin won the match fair and square and that son of a bitch smashes Shelton with a steel chair. I cannot condone this man’s actions Coach.

The Coach: He is making a statement my man and I love it.

Randy Orton is shown walking backstage as he makes his way to the ring next!


'Burn in my light' hits as Randy Orton gingerly makes his way out to the ring, looking deflated after his loss to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Jim Ross: Randy Orton the person I have no respect for Coach but last night, Randy Orton the performer gained a hell of a lot of respect from not just me, but a lot of people in the back. Orton came as close to ending the streak as anybody before him.

The Coach: That young man right there is the future of this company J.R and last night proved it. He may not have beaten the Deadman but he proved a point last night. To all the doubters, to all the haters, Randy Orton proved last night that he is the real deal.

Orton takes a mic as the fans chant UN-DER-TA-KER

Orton: Chant his name, chant it all you want, he’s not here tonight and I doubt he will be for a long time. Last night, I pushed The Undertaker further than anybody has before, I pushed him to his limit.

Orton: You see, Undertaker may have won the battle last night, but like it or not and you may not realise it yet, but I will win the war.

Orton: I am the future of this business. (Coach shouts ‘Tell em Randy’) The Undertaker is on life support. He is at the end of his reign of terror here in the WWE and when, not if, but when he retires is in my hands. I control The Undertaker’s destiny and just like that (clicks his fingers) I can end it.

Orton: So I am simply out here tonight to let each and every one of you people know that last night marked the passing of the torch. And that torch is going to burn the Undertaker’s legacy and it’s going to burn via the Legend Killer Randy Orton.

Sexy Boy hits to a huge pop from the crowd as Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring.

Orton: What do you want Shawn? Like I said, the torch has been passed. Do you want to be another name on the Legend Killer’s hitlist? Is that something you really want Shawn?

HBK: Randy, I’m not out here to shut you up believe it or not, though you are sending the L.A. faithful to sleep here at the minute.

Orton clenches his fist, angry at Michaels’ comment.

HBK: Easy Randy. I came out here because you said something that caught my interest a little. You said that Undertaker won the battle but you will win the war. Now tell me Randy, how do you expect to win the war? How do you expect to click your fingers and end The Deadman when he’s over on Smackdown?

HBK: And it got me thinking, last night, I also lost. I lost the battle to Kurt Angle, and how the hell do I win the war if he’s also on Smackdown? So I thought, well Randy has a master plan if he’s gonna topple the Undertaker, so I figured why not hear it in the flesh. So c’mon Randy, tell me, how are ya gonna do it?

Michaels gets in his face with a goofy grin, infuriating the Legend Killer.

Orton: Like I said Shawn, it doesn’t matter when, it is in my hands. I can do it this Friday on Smackdown, I can do it in a years time but I will decide when to end it, and there’s not a damn thing The Undertaker can do about it.

HBK: Randy, ha, so young, so stupid. I’m gonna speak really slowly for ya ok? HOW DO YOU PLAN ON GOING TO SMACK DOWN WHEN YOU ARE CONTRACTED TO RAW?

The crowd laughs at Michaels’ joke as suddenly ‘No chance’ hits to a mixture of cheers and ooooohs as Vince McMahon makes his way down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well, this wasn’t what we were expecting Coach! What does Mr. McMahon want with these two superstars?

The Coach: The boss is here baby!! It doesn’t matter what he wants J.R, he’s the boss he can do as he pleases.

Mr.McMahon: Well I’m guessing neither of you were expecting this tonight huh? Shawn I heard you rambling about contracts and whatever else, Randy I heard about you wanting to win the war, blah blah blah. The fact of the matter is, Shawn is right. It ain’t gonna happen, not on my watch.

Orton: But sir, you have to give me The Undertaker, I am the future of your company, I am gonna make you BIG money for years to come. Come on Vince, make it happ….

Mr.McMahon: That’s Mr.McMahon to you Randy.

The crowd ooooooooohs again as the boss stamps his authority.

HBK: So Vince, what is it you wanted to share with us this evening?

Mr.McMahon: Mr.McMahon Shawn.

HBK: Vince, what do you want?

Mr.McMahon: I’ll pretend that didn’t happen Michaels cos I have some great news for all you fans here tonight, for all you fans across the world and particularly for you two gentleman inside the ring.

The crowd wonders what the news is, some already catching on to what Vince will announce.

Mr.McMahon: It’s time to shake things up again!! And in just under a months time. The night after Backlash, live on Monday Night Raw, we are gonna have ourselves a good ol’ draft lottery. Each and every superstar is eligible to be drafted. And that means that you Randy, and you Shawn, better pray to god you get drafted or that the Undertaker or Angle come over here, because if that doesn’t happen then the war is already over. Have a good night gentleman.

Mr.McMahon leaves the ring as Orton and Michaels look pleased with the news, as McMahon walks up the ramp he pauses quickly and turns back around.

Mr.McMahon: Oh one other thing. Seeing as neither of you will be getting what you want til after Backlash that leaves you two free for the Pay Per View. So how about it Los Angeles? Backlash, the Showstopper one on one with the Legend Killer.

The crowd roars with excitement as Michaels grins at Orton before hitting Sweet chin music on him!! Vince McMahon smirks as the show goes to a commercial

We return from the commercial

Jim Ross: We are back folks and before the commercial break, huge news from Mr.McMahon!!

We are shown a replay of what happened ending with Sweet chin music.

Jim Ross: Coach I cannot wait for Backlash and now 24 hours afterwards we’re gonna have a draft lottery!

The Coach: Well I gotta admit baby that Backlash is shaping up nicely and the Draft lottery best bring the goods home to Monday Nights.

'Time to rock and roll' hits to a decent pop as the Women’s champion Trish Stratus walks out ready for a Wrestlemania rematch with Christy Hemme.

'Walk idiot walk' hits as Hemme makes her way out to an average reception.

Trish Stratus v Christy Hemme- Women’s championship

The contest begins quite back and forth as Hemme goes in aggressively on Stratus. Stratus starts to shift momentum though and hits two consecutive clothesline on her opponent. Stratus goes up to the top rope looking to take advantage of Hemme who was just rising from the mat. Hemme was playing possum though and knocks Trish off the turnbuckle and onto the outside. The match goes to the outside where Trish turns the tables once more, ramming Christy into the barrier, a nasty bump for the feisty redhead. Trish grabs Christy and rolls her into the ring where she goes to work on Christy’s leg but Christy rolls Trish up! 1-2- Kick out by Trish! A close shave for the champion.

Christy gets on top of Trish and starts holding her down by her hair ringing her neck almost as the ref warns her. Christy takes her foot off the gas as Trish recovers. Christy goes for a clothesline but Trish hit’s the drop toe hold, Christy’s face slamming into the mat as Trish gets the crowd pumping. They know what’s coming as Trish gets ready to hit the Stratusfaction!! Bang!! 1-2-3, it’s all over, Trish retains in a hard hitting affair.

Winner and still Womens Champion: Trish Stratus

Jim Ross: What a matchup Coach and yet again Trish Stratus proves why she is the best in the business.

The Coach: A great effort by the still fairly inexperienced Christy Hemme but Trish just survives, I see big things on the horizon though for Christy Hemme in future.

We go backstage where Triple H is sitting in his locker room with his head in his hands before Chris Jericho enters.

Triple H: Out!! Now Jericho!! Do not get in my face again or I will knock your teeth down your throat.

Jericho: Whoa, easy Hunter. I don’t want any trouble. The way I see it, I know you don’t want me in the match at Backlash but think about it. If I am there at Backlash, it’s 2 on 1. Me and you can take Godzilla out the equation and then we fight it out, one on one, man on man. I know you’re running scared of Batista, I don’t blame you. With me in the mix, you got nothing to worry about. Just take that on board Junior.

Jericho leaves as Triple H thinks things through wondering what to make of Jericho’s suggestion.


We come back from the commercial as Just Close Your Eyes hits to some heat with Christian and his problem solver Tyson Tomko walking out ready for tag team action.

Jim Ross: Last night at one stage it looked like Captain Charisma was on his way to becoming Mr. Money in the Bank but he came up just short in his attempts and it’ll be interesting to see Coach where he goes next from this.

The Coach: I thought it was Christian’s time J.R but with the problem solver by his side and with the talent Captain Charisma holds I think we will see 2005 be the break out year in Christian’s career.

Slow Chemical hits as Kane makes his way to the ring with his partner for the evening Matt Hardy!

Jim Ross: Well an interesting team right here Coach, these two men have a storied rivalry but tonight they must put their differences aside.

The Coach: Ha ha J.R. I love this! Only Eric Bischoff could be so smart by putting these two together tonight. Genius. Watch them implode

Christian and Tomko v Kane and Matt Hardy

Tomko and Kane start the match off with Kane dominating with uppercuts to Tomko before whipping him into the corner where the right hands continue. Kane hit’s a scoop slam on Tomko before heading to the top rope. Christian heads off his corner though and pushes Kane off the top rope down to the mat as Christian pats his chest gesturing to his ‘Peeps’.


We return to see Tomko in control of Kane, working his back with a knee to the kidneys, Kane being willed on by the crowd as Matt Hardy waits impatiently to be tagged in. Kane begins to gain some steam and kicks Tomko in the gut before hitting a vicious high boot to the big man, as he crawls over to his partner. Kane makes the tag! Matt Hardy enters and gets right on top of Tomko, big right hands before hitting looking to hit the twist of fate! Tomko reverses and clotheslines Hardy as he tags in Christian. Christian takes down Hardy and stomps away on Hardy’s left leg, Christian runs the ropes before hitting a strong leg drop on Hardy. Kane then enters the ring to the crowds delight!!

Tomko joins in and all four men are in the ring now! Kane hits Christian with a big right and grabs Tomko by the throat, Christian makes the save, NO! Kane grabs Christian by the throat! Double choke slam incoming, but Christian kicks the Big red machine in the gut. Matt Hardy looks to take out Christian but accidently takes out Kane! Kane falls outside the ring as Christian turns Hardy around to hit the unfretted! 1-2-3, all over, Captain Charisma and Tyson Tomko picking up the win.

Winners: Christian and Tomko

Jim Ross: Damn it, that CLB steals one off of the unfortunate Matt Hardy.

The Coach: Unfortunate? Hardy got what was coming to him. You do not take out your partner like that J.R. Hardy is selfish.

Jim Ross: Coach for the love of god, Hardy didn’t mean that.

The Coach: Didn’t he? Look at the history J.R, he knew damn well what he was doing.

We go backstage where Batista is making his way out ready for the main event.

Jim Ross: There he is folks, the World Champion in action next!!


We return to the music of Batista, ‘I walk alone’ as the animal makes his way down for his first match since becoming champion.

Jim Ross: Big big stipulation here tonight ladies and gentleman. If Chris Jericho can defeat Batista, he will enter the World title match between Batista and Triple H at Backlash.

The Coach: I think he’s gonna do it J.R! I said earlier and I’ll say it again, Batista got lucky last night and he will be found out come Backlash, be it Triple H or Y2J.

Jim Ross: We’ll see Coach, we’ll see.

Break down the walls hits to a mixed response again as Chris Jericho makes his way out ready for this huge contest.

Batista v Chris Jericho- Non title match, if Jericho wins he gets inserted into the Backlash main event.

The match starts with a lock up as Batista forces Jericho back into the corner, the ref breaks it up as the crowd chants heavily for Batista with a minority chanting ‘Y2J’. Jericho dusts himself down as he braces himself for a Batista onslaught. The Animal charges back at Jericho who moves out of the way as Batista runs into the turnbuckle shoulder first. Jericho then looks to take adantage hitting a belly to belly suplex on the animal before applying a firm sleeper hold.

The Animal struggles for a couple of minutes as Jericho demands he tap out. Begs the referee to end it. The champion picks himself up though and elbows Jericho in the stomach, releasing the hold in the process, Batista kicks Jericho now in the stomach as he runs to the ropes and hit’s a vicious clothesline on Jericho. The Animal panders to the crowd as he looks to finish things with a Batistabomb. As Batista signals thumbs down, out comes Edge to real heat. Edge gets on the apron to distract Batista, the ref is checking on Jericho as Edge nails Batista with the briefcase! As Edge smirks out comes Triple H!! The Game gets a small pop as he hurls Edge from the apron and begins to nail the Rated R superstar with left and rights. Inside the ring Jericho is up and Batista is completely out cold! Jericho wonders what the hell is going on as he locks in the Walls of Jericho! Batista isn’t even conscious and the ref calls for the bell. Triple H realises what has gone on and stops what he’s doing with a look of despair, realising that Jericho is heading to Backlash.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Meanwhile, Edge has managed to scour up the ramp with a wry smile on his face, knowing that he now has the adavntage come Backlash despite not even being in the match!

Jim Ross: For the love of God, that bastard Edge has gotten exactly what he wanted here tonight and Coach next week there is gonna be hell to pay! I guarandamntee that Edge is gonna get what’s coming to him and Batista will be the man to deliver it!

The Coach: Ha ha absolutely genius from that man Edge J.R! That contract he holds is golden and tonight Edge has played it perfectly!

Show ends

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, I don’t expect much but any would really help me as I want to improve and see what people think.

iMac 02-02-2011 02:12 PM

Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar
Returning the favour on your review of my Smackdown. I wasn't an active fan of wrestling at this time, so I apologise in advance if I don't understand a few things. But the timeframe should serve you well seeing as you have a talented roster available. Anyway, on to it...

No other choice than to start the show with Batista. What he said was fine, but I'd like to have heard more from him before he was interupted. A bit more of how much it meant to him to become champion, more about how he intends on dominating the show going forward, etc. Trips interupting is also a logical choice, very much liked the choice of the word fluke, a solid method of Hunter getting some heat back after the defeat. Edge coming out to make his intentions clear regarding the MitB briefcase makes sense, but again, seemed very short, especially after the fact that it was the first Money in the Bank in history. Perhaps an Edge interview were he didn't have to share the spotlight so much would have been better? Jericho is a strange choice to be out next, as the announcement from Bischoff, as I'm not sure you should be clouding the issue between Trips and Batista at this point in time. Interesting main event announced, but I find it a little odd that you'd put Batista in this position the night after the biggest win of his career. He should really be beating Jericho and looking strong in the process.

Hassan <3 Loved the character, and a feud with Benjamin over the IC Strap makes all the sense in the world. Match at Backlash plz.

Orton's character shown through much more than Michaels' did here. Michaels felt very subdued almost. Vince out, announcing the draft early is good as I always like a few weeks of hype leading into the draft show. Not so sure about Vince just throwing Orton and Michaels together in the manner he did. You could easily have had Orton hit a surprise RKO (rather than the Sweet Chin Music we got) in retaliation for Michaels interupting him, building a bit of bad feeling between the two, saving the announcement of the match for a later day. Nothing wrong with sticking the two of them together, would make for an exciting match, but a feud between two guys of their standing should have had a bit of a better start than this.

Trish > Christy. Always.

Christian and Tomko getting the win is always good. Run with the tag titles plz. Kane and Matt Hardy, what a strange pairing. Were they not feuding a few months earlier? Ah ok, Matt 'accidently' costs his team the match. I liked the way you had Coach reitirate the history of the two. Assuming we're gonna see something come of this, maybe even a match at Backlash?

Interested to see Edge involved like this. I guess I understand where he's coming from, thinking triple threat could weaken whoever the champion is once the match is over, making it easier for him to cash in. But as I said earlier, I'm not too sure about having Batista lose the night after becoming champion. You could have saved this for next week maybe, there would still be time to build for Backlash.

Overall, a hit and miss start to the thread. I'd like to see a lot more detail from your promos, they felt short and rushed. Details in matches aren't that important, but detail in promos are imo. The card we have for Backlash so far (Hassan/Benjamin, Orton/Michaels, Batista/Triple H/Jericho, Kane/Hardy?) on paper is shapping up nicely, but the way you've approached things could have been better. Out of all of those potential matchups, I felt that the one you handled best was Benjamin/Hassan. The booking for that was spot on. The others had some questionable decisions. Also, I don't think there was a mention of Regal and Tajiri, should have had them involved in some fashion. Got some potential, so keep working at it, and by the time you hit Backlash you should have a better grasp on things. :)

cp954 02-03-2011 06:41 PM

Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar
Thanks for the comments imac, much appreciated. I certainly hope to improve as I go on, but glad to know that you liked certain aspects. Anyway Smackdown preview…

WWE Smackdown preview 4/8/05

Friday night Smackdown comes to you on our final stop from Los Angeles, California. On what is sure to be a blockbuster night, what will happen from the Staples Center? As it welcomes the new WWE champion John Cena who defeated the self proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’ JBL at Wrestlemania ending his 10 month reign on the blue brand as champion. Surely JBL won't take lightly to his defeat?

Also, confirmed on wwe.com earlier this week, general manager Teddy Long has promised to make a huge announcement. What has the GM got in store for all his ‘playas’ on Friday night?

We will also have a Cruiserweight championship match as Paul London defends his newly won title one on one against Chavo Guerrero. Can the new champ overcome the veteran Mexican and retain his gold?

Find out all this and more this Friday night on Smackdown!

cp954 02-04-2011 07:01 AM

Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar
WWE Smackdown 4/8/05- Staples Center, Los Angeles

Video package plays with Smackdown highlights from Wrestlemania including Kurt Angle making HBK tap, The Undertaker pinning Randy Orton, Big Show being beaten by sumo wrestler Akebono and John Cena becoming WWE Champion for the first time.

Opening video plays and pyro.

Michael Cole: Friday night Smackdown comes to you from the Staples Center, Los Angeles. I’m Michael Cole alongside Tazz…

‘My time is now’ hits, cutting off Cole as John Cena makes his way down to the ring to a rousing reception.

Michael Cole: And here he comes Tazz! At Wrestlemania, on the grandest stage of them all, John Cena proved the doubters wrong and became the new WWE Champion!

Tazz: Well Cole, I couldn’t have been more proud of Cena just a few nights ago. The guts, the will to win of this kid was phenomenal and he deserves to stand in that ring, the WWE champ. I was one of those doubters you mentioned but Cena gets big props from me after that showin’ at ‘Mania man.

The cheers are deafening with a large chant of ‘CENA, CENA’.

John Cena: Los Angeles, California!

Big pop


Even bigger pop

John Cena: You know, it’s only just sunk in, it has only just hit home that I am now on top of the mountain! People doubted me, from minute one in this company, they thought I couldn’t do it, they thought I was all talk. Well at Wrestlemania, I proved the doubters wrong!!

The fans are on their feet for Cena

John Cena: JBL (boos all around). Yeah I get the impression that’s how everyone feels about that guy. JBL has beaten everybody here on Smackdown. The longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown history.

Boos again for the former champ

John Cena: Now, now, I know none of us like him here but that is some achievement I must admit.

John Cena: JBL defeated Eddie Guerrero, god rest his soul. ( yes he hadn’t died at this point in real life but we’re running with it)

The fans start an Eddie chant.

John Cena: The Undertaker.

Good pop for The Deadman.

John Cena: Booker T.

Another good pop for Booker.

John Cena: Big Show.

Another good pop this time for the 7 footer.

John Cena: All of these men, JBL defeated, he got the job done, one way or another. They are all gonna go down as surefire WWE hall of famers. And John Bradshaw Layfield retained the WWE title time and again against them. Impressive.

John Cena: But. And this folks is a big but. JBL made a huge mistake when John Cena was his next challenger.

Fans pop slightly.

John Cena: He underestimated me. He didn’t respect me. He didn’t see me as a threat like he saw those four names I mentioned.

John Cena: Well JBL, let me ask ya. Do ya respect me now? Do ya take me seriously now? Do ya put me up there with the Eddie’s and the Big Shows now?

The fans start a small Cena chant.

John Cena: I’m bettin’ that things might be a little different next time we cross paths, I’m bettin’ that JBLoser takes me a lot more seriously!!

John Cena: But one thing will remain the same and that is, that THE CHAIN GANG IS STANDING TALL AND THAT THE CHAMP WILL STILL BE HEREEEEE! (Cena hits his chest passionately)

Another huge pop as the crowd is electric for Cena tonight.

John Cena: And to everyone out there who remembers, take a look at this.

Cena points to the titantron with a picture of the former United States championship on the left and the United States championship he held when he was champion on the right. The fans cheer as they know what is coming.

John Cena: Ha, you know how we do L.A. I changed that championship into what I wanted it to be, I changed it into my work of art and you can be damn sure that John Cena’s WWE championship is gonna be a heck of a lot different to the one I’m holding here tonight. Next week, John Cena introduces Friday Night Smackdown to the new WWE Championship belt!! ( Massive cheers at this)

‘Longhorn’ hits to a chorus of heat as JBL makes his way outin his limo.

Michael Cole: Well Tazz, this was never gonna take long. JBL’s 10 month reign as WWE champ came to an abrupt end at Wrestlemania and the look on his face says it all here tonight.

Tazz: Cole, I am guessing JBL ain’t wastin’ any time here tonight in getting’ down to business if ya catch my drift.

John Cena: Well here he is ladies and gentleman, Wall Street’s finest, the ‘Wrestling God’, the piece of crap I disposed of at Wrestlemania, Mr John Bradshaw Layfield. Big round of applause.

The crowd laughs as boos are thrown around at JBL.

JBL: Very funny Cena, do I look like I’m laughing? Does it look like I’m in the mood tonight for your jokes and your ‘chain gang’? No. No it does not!!

John Cena: My apologies John, I forgot you left your smile back at Wrestlemania when I wiped it off your face.

JBL: Haha, John Cena, WWE Champion and comedian. John I came out here for one reason and one reason only, I want my rematch and I want it tonight.

The crowd cheers at the prospect of a title match tonight.

JBL: But then, then you said something before I came out. You said that you were goin’ to introduce a new title belt next week.

Again, big cheers here as JBL’s face paints a picture.

JBL: You people really wanna see that prestigious championship belt tainted by that(points at Cena) thug, that no good, no talent , waste of space who has my championship on loan? You really want that huh?

The crowd shout ‘Yeah!’ as JBL shakes his head

JBL: Morons. Cena, you better think twice about bringing your own little belt in next week cos I can assure you that you won’t even last til next week as champion son. I want my rematch and I want it tonight.

John Cena: You know my motto John, You want some, come get some.

‘Macmilitant’ hits as Smackdown general manager Teddy Long comes out to the ramp to a decent pop.

Teddy Long: JBL, I hear what ya sayin’ playa and as the former champ yeah you deserve a rematch.

JBL: Finally, a man with some sense. I want it tonight Teddy, I cannot wait any longer to get MY championship back.

Teddy Long: Hold on just a second JBL, ya see, yeah ya do deserve a rematch but we got ourselves a small problem.

Cena sblacks as JBL’s face turns to thunder.

Teddy Long: Ya see JBL. That rematch clause you wanna invoke. It don’t exist playa.

JBL: What in god’s name are you talkin’ about Teddy?

Teddy Long: You heard me John, it weren’t in ya contract and that’s final, but I’ma give you a reprieve.

Teddy Long: And with that bein’ said, I am out here to announce that starting tonight we are goin’ to have ourselves a good ol’ #1 contenders tournament which you will be a part of JBL.

The fans pop big time for Teddy's announcement.

JBL: What in the hell is your problem Teddy?! I have carried this show for ten long months as the pinnacle and this is how you repay me? By putting me in a tournament?

Teddy Long: You heard me John. Now your match won’t be til next week when you go one on one with Booker T. The other six participants will be: Rey Mysterio( Big pop), Kurt Angle( Heat), The Big Show( Pop), Carlito( Heat), Orlando Jordan(Heat) and Rob Van Dam(Big pop again). And tonight we will see Big Show go one on one with Carlito in the first round and Rey Mysterio will face Orlando Jordan!

John Cena: Now Teddy, I feel that playa.

‘Macmilitant’ hits again as JBL looks in despair with Cena laughing at the man he conquered at Wrestlemania.


Michael Cole: Welcome back folks and what a way to kick off Smackdown with that huge announcement from Teddy Long!

Tazz: Well Cole, I feel for JBL but we are gonna have some serious action in that #1 contenders tournament and I cannot wait.

Chavito Ardiente’ hits as Chavo Guerrero makes his way out for action.

Michael Cole: Chavo Guerrero has had a week to forget Tazz, he lost the Cruiserweight title to Paul London last week and was seething to be told he wouldn’t be on the Wrestlemania card. Tonight, he looks to win back his gold.

Tazz: I got a feelin’ that Chavo is gonna do the business here tonight, when Chavo is as fired up as he looks, you gotta be worried for Paul London here.

‘Hey You’ hits as the Cruiserweight champion Paul London makes his way to the ring.

Michael Cole: Your new Cruiserweight champion folks! Paul London won the gold from Chavo last week in an incredible match up and this young guy is a star in the making Tazz.

Tazz: Energetic, high flying, super talented is Paul London but tonight is gonna be a heck of a battle if he wants to retain that title.

Paul London v Chavo Guerrero- Cruiserweight title

The match began at a frantic tempo with lots of counters and reversals. London had two near falls in the opening stages before Chavo took a time out to gather his breath back, with London smiling inside the ring, egging Chavo on to come back inside. Chavo returned and London went straight on the attack. London whipped Chavo into the ropes before hitting a magnificent spinning heel kick to the back of Chavo’s head before getting a two count.
The match began to turn in Chavo’s favour as he picked up steam and hit the three amigos which got a pop despite Guerrero being heel. As Chavo went up for the frog splash, London sat up and joined Guerrero on the top rope, hitting a vicious suplex off the top! The crowd were really into the match as both men tried to recuperate. London was back to his feet first with Chavo not far behind. As both men traded blows, London hit a tremendous point pefect drop kick before heading to the top rope. The crowd urged London to hit his finisher and BANG! London goes for the 450 splash but misses! Guerrero rolls out of the way as London writhes in pain at his missed effort.
The momentum then shifted in Chavo’s favour as the luchador went to work on his opponent. Stomping away at London’s leg as he pandered to the crowd. Chavo picked up London and hit a thunderous brain buster! This one has to be over!! Guerrero covers him. 1-2- No! London kicks out! Chavo can’t believe it and heads for a steel chair as he wants to take out his anger on London. The ref tries to get Chavo to put the chair down as London picks himself up and heads for Chavo who comes at London. London rolls Chavo up though and grabs the tights!! 1-2-3!! It’s over! London retains!!

Winner and still Cruiserweight champion: Paul London

Michael Cole: Paul London has retained his title here tonight!! What a tremendous showing by the champion.

Tazz: What a matchup Cole. Two of the finest Cruiserweights in the world puttin’ on a heck of a show here tonight. Only on Smackdown baby!

Michael Cole: And that’s not all we’re gonna see here tonight folks. We’ve still got two matches from the #1 contenders tournament, including The Big Show up against Carlito and the ultimate underdog Rey Mysterio meets Orlando Jordan in our main event!

Tazz: I cannot wait Cole!!

Video package for Judgment Day airs with images of John Cena, JBL, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio all playing with the video saying: Everyone makes decisions, everyone makes a choice, everyone is judged. Judgment Day, 22nd May, Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We return and ‘Medal’ hits to a majority of boos but some cheers thrown in. Kurt Angle walks down with a huge smile on his face. Shannon Moore is already waiting in the ring.

Tazz: Cole, I gained new found respect for Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania, he went toe to toe with Mr.Wrestlemania himself and he made Shawn Michaels tap out in that very ring. That ain’t easy let me tell ya.

Michael Cole: Tazz, I have never doubted Kurt Angle’s ability and at Wrestlemania he again proved why he is one of the best in the business. Angle and Michaels stole the show at Wrestlemania and ultimately it was Angle who struck the killer blow.

Tazz: Ha, I gotta feel for Shannon Moore tonight cos I ain’t seein’ much hope for this kid.

Kurt Angle v Shannon Moore

The match is over within a couple of minutes as Angle doesn’t give Moore air to breathe it seemed. Angle hit a double belly to belly before hitting a big angle slam, before roaring a loud shout of ‘YEAHHH’ which got him some boos. Angle finished it off emphatically with the Ankle lock in which Moore tapped straight away with Angle refusing to let go.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Michael Cole: See this is the side of Kurt Angle I can’t respect Tazz. The match is over, why has he gotta punish poor Shannon Moore?

Tazz: Cos he can Cole, simple as that.

Angle lets go eventually and takes a mic, breathing heavily.

Angle: Shawn Michaels, Shannon Moore, John Cena, it doesn’t matter cos I’m Kurt freakin’ Angle. Olympic gold medalist, former WWE Champion and the man who made Shawn Michaels tap out at Wrestlemania!

Loud boos ring through the Staples Center.

Angle: I watched Raw this Monday night, I heard what Shawn Michaels had to say. Michaels wants to win the war with Kurt Angle. Funny, real funny. See I have got no problem with finishing ‘HBK’ once and for all. (Angle gets close to the camera)

Angle: Listen closely to this Shawn. I coulda broken your ankle in two at Wrestlemania, be careful what you wish for Showstopper, I’ll see ya around.

‘Medal’ hits again as Angle leaves the ring looking incredibly focused.

Michael Cole: Tazz, Kurt Angle in this kind of mood isn’t a man to mess with and Shawn Michaels, as iconic, as legendary as he is, has he bitten off more than he can chew with trying to take down the Wrestling machine?

Tazz: You may well be right my man, I think we may be looking at the next challenger for the WWE championship.


We return as Paparazzi hits and out comes a red carpet, photographers, a young woman and two men.

??: Ladies and gentleman, my name is Melina, and allow me to introduce to you my partners, Hollywood’s finest and the next WWE Tag team champions, Mercury and Nitro. We are MNM and we are here to take over Smackdown.

Michael Cole: Well, this Melina is certainly confident in her teams ability that’s for sure, lets see what MNM are capable of here tonight on their Smackdown debut.

Melina does her signature splits on the apron which leaves Michael Cole speechless.

Tazz: Well, if these dudes are half as good in the ring as Melina is at the splits, we got a winner here! Good god, did we really witness that?!

Cole: I-I- Wow.

‘Turn it up’ hits as Scotty 2 Hotty comes out with his partner for the evening Spike Dudley to a decent recpetion

Michael Cole: Well by no means a given for MNM here tonight. Scotty a respected veteran and Spike has the heart of a lion, this’ll be a test for the newest Smackdown acquistions.

Tazz: No doubt Cole, I’m lookin forward to this.

MNM v Scotty 2 Hotty and Spike Dudley

The match lasted around five minutes as Scotty took the early advantage getting in a headlock on Mercury. Scotty was then distracted by the screaming Melina on the outside as Mercury recovered to attack Scotty from behind. Mercury began to pummel Scotty on the back of his head before hitting a vicious DDT. Mercury then tagged in Nitro as they double teamed Scotty. Spike decided to take action and went after Mercury, knocking down one half of the newbies, but Nitro out of nowhere it seemed hit a huge dropkick on the little man knocking him out of the ring to the mat, as Spike tried to bring himself up, Mercury and Nitro hit their finishing move on Scotty, the Snapshot and scored the victory in emphatic fashion.

Winners: MNM

Michael Cole: Well, that was certainly an impressive debut from MNM. That snapshot looks lethal Tazz!

Tazz: Couldn’t agree more with ya Cole, I think these guys are gonna make a huge impact on Friday nights baby.


We return backstage where Orlando Jordan is warming up for his match with Rey Mysterio later tonight. As OJ is preparing, in walks JBL and the Bashams.

JBL: Orlando, haha, how we doin my good man?

Jordan: I’m doin’ good John, just getting’ ready to put a beatin’ on that little punk Rey Mysterio.

JBL: That is what I like to hear son, now let me share a little secret with you. Ya see I face the winner of your match tonight in the next round of this tournament.

Jordan: If you beat Booker T next week.

JBL looks disgusted at OJ’s comment.

JBL: Do you wanna rephrase that Orlando or do I need to slap some sense into you?

Jordan: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, when you beat Booker T.

JBL: Thank you. Now as I was sayin’. I face the winner of your match tonight, now I’m gonna be in your corner out there along with Doug and Danny, and I’m gonna make sure that illegal immigrant Mysterio does not pull one out the bag.

JBL: That then leaves me an’ you Orlando. JBL, a wrestling God and his chief of staff.

JBL: The bell rings, you lay down, 1-2-3. BAM, JBL advances to the final and goes on to face John Cena.

Jordan: John, it would be my pleasure.

JBL smiles smugly as he tells Orlando he’ll go far as long as he’s by his side.

We return to the ring when ‘Crank it up’ hits to a good reception as the Big Show makes his way down to the ring ready for the first #1 Contenders tournament match.

Michael Cole: Well Tazz, Big Show certainly had a tough night at Wrestlemania that’s for sure but tonight it’s a huge opportunity for the former World champ.

Tazz: You’re damn straight it is Cole. Big Show could quite easily win this whole tournament, there ain’t a person in that locker room who can stop Big Show when he is focused and on his game.

‘Cool’ hits to some loud heat as Carlito makes his way out to the ring, apple in hand.

Michael Cole: Well this man certainly isn’t looking as smug tonight as he normally would be!

Tazz: Would you be Cole?! C’mon, Carlito has to face this giant here and you expect him to be happy about it?

Michael Cole:
You know exactly what I mean Tazz. Carlito comes out here weekly thinking he’s better than anybody else here on Smackdown, tonight that cockiness seems to have eluded the ‘Cool’ one.

Tazz: Don’t say cool again Cole.

Big Show v Carlito- #1 contenders tournament match

The match starts off with Show right on the attack going after Carlito who runs outta the ring and the Big Show follows suit. Carlito gets back in the ring with Big Show right behind but the apple spitter is now on top as he hammers Show with hard rights and lefts, hitting a nasty elbow to the back of the head. Carlito continues to work on Big Show stomping away at the big mans legs, leaving Show in considerable pain.
Carlito then allowed Show time to get himself up before going for a DDT which he connected with. Carlito goes for a cover, 1-2- kick out by Big Show!! Carlito couldn’t believe it and went for a cover again picking up just a 1 count. Carlito complained to the referee as Big Show made his way back to his feet. Carlito then went after Show again but the big man blocked it and head butted Carlito viciously before hurling the former U.S. champion into the corner where Show put his finger to his mouth to silence the audience before hitting a vicious chop to the chest of Carlito. The Caribbean superstar’s chest turned bright red as Show laughed before hitting another chop across the chest of his opponent!
Show then went on the offensive again, picking Carlito up and holding Carlito high in the sky before dropping him backwards behind him, a thunderous drop to the mat and Carlito looks out of it. Show is in cruise control. Big Show goes for the cover but Carlito somehow kicks out at 2.
Show then waited patiently for Carlito to get back up as he lined up Carlito for the choke slam, the crowd waiting in anticipation for it, Show grabs Carlito by the throat but Carlito kicks Show in the gut ad slaps Show across the face!! The crowd ooohs as Carlito goes from behind Big Show and hit’s the backstabber! Backstabber by Carlito and this one is over!! 1-2-3!!! Carlito has beaten the Big Show!! But wait, the Big Show’s foot was on the bottom rope! The referee sees it and calls for the match to be restarted, Carlito is furious!!

Michael Cole: The referee done the right thing, now if Carlito had any sense Tazz, he’d get back on top of Show here and finish off the job. Big Show’s foot was on the bottom rope, it’s as simple as that!

Tazz: Cole, I don’t think Carlito is gonna wanna turn around.

Big Show has returned to his feet and as Carlito turns around he grabs Carlito by the throat and lifts him high in the sky! Chokeslam! A brutal choke slam from the world’s largest athlete, 1-2-3. This time it is over! Big Show advances to the semi finals.

Winner: Big Show

Michael Cole: Big Show advances to the semi finals!!

Tazz: Oh man I thought this was Carlito’s night Cole but you gotta give Big Show credit, he took advantage of Carlito’s mistake and could well be heading to face John Cena for the WWE title.

Michael Cole: And now partner, we get Big Show against either Kurt Angle or Rob Van Dam! What a match that will be!

Tazz: Cole, this is why Smackdown is the ‘A’ show. It don’t get much better than this.

Michael Cole: And still to come, we’ve got Rey Mysterio up against Orlando Jordan! Stay tuned when return on Friday night Smackdown!


We return with a video packgae showing highlights from The Undertaker v Randy Orton at Wrestlemania

Michael Cole: Tazz, we saw a phenomenal match between the deadman and the legend killer at Wrestlemania, and barely, just barely The Undertaker extended the streak to 13-0 on the grandest stage of them all.

Tazz: I gotta admit, I thought Taker was beaten at one point, I thought that Randy Orton had killed the legend of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. But the deadman just would not say die. Incredible match up.

Michael Cole: Well after that match, what you didn’t see was that The Undertaker was carried from the ring by his druids and we have not seen or heard from him since. We do not know when or if The Undertaker is going to return, your guess is as good as ours folks.

Tazz: Lets hope for Smackdown’s sake that The Undertaker is back sooner rather than later.

We cut backstage to the office of general manager Teddy Long who is on the phone to somebody when in walks RVD to a good response.

Teddy Long: RVD! How you doin’ playa? What can I do for ya?

RVD: Teddy, I just wanted to come by and say thanks for puttin’ me in the WWE title tournament and that it will be my pleasure in kicking Kurt Angle’s ass all over Chicago next week.

Teddy Long: Rob, that’s the kinda attitude I love to see from my superstars here on Smackdown!

??: Speaking of titles Teddy.

In walks the new team of MNM to decent heat already.

Melina: My boys Mercury and Nitro were wondering when you were going to be handing us our tag team titles?

Teddy Long: Handing you the titles Melina? Y’see that just ain’t happenin’.

Melina: What do you mean Teddy? You saw how dominant my boys were earlier tonight, we deserve those titles.

RVD: You don’t deserve a damn thing.

The crowd pops big for this as Melina looks stunned Van Dam interrupted her.

RVD: You been here five minutes and think you deserve to be handed things? Lemme tell ya something. I’ve been in this business for a long long time and I’ve never been handed anything. I’ve earned it.

Nitro: Rob, look at you.

Now look at us.

Nitro: And there lies your answer. When you look like we do, Hollywood superstars, you get whatever you want. When you look like that(Nitro scowls and points at RVD). No wonder nobody has ever handed you anything.

RVD sblacks as Nitro and Mercury laugh with each other and walk off.

Melina: Teddy get back to me on that, oh and Rob, good luck next week.

We return to the ring ‘Longhorn’ hits as JBL’s limo makes its way out and out steps Orlando Jordan along with the cabinet, JBL and the Basham Brothers.

Michael Cole:
Well it is main event time Tazz and here comes JBL and his cabinet, the United states champion Orlando Jordan and the former tag team champions the Basham Brothers.

Tazz: Well Cole, I gotta feelin’ that JBL and his boys are gonna play a big part in tonights match up. Rey Mysterio may not stand a chance here.

‘Booyaka’ hits as Rey Mysterio makes his way out to the ring, giving a mask to a kid in the audience.

Michael Cole: Here he comes Tazz! The ultimate underdog! The biggest little man in the WWE. Can Rey Mysterio really fulfil his dream and go on to become WWE champion?

Tazz: Well, anything can happen Cole and it starts here tonight for both these superstars.

Rey Mysterio v Orlando Jordan- #1 contenders tournament match

The match starts with Mysterio gaining the advantage, his high flying style getting the better of OJ. Mysterio hit a hurricanrana early on and attempted a pinfall but Jordan kicked out at 2. Mysterio then set about going to the top rope and looked for a cross body but Orlando caught the former Cruiserweight champ and hit a sidewalk slam before going to work on Mysterio’s right leg, looking to wear down the high flier, good strategy by the current U.S. Title holder. Jordan locked in a variation of the figure 4 leglock it looked like but Mysterio made his way to the bottom rope much to the fans delight.
Jordan allowed Mysterio to get up before hitting a big boot on Mysterio who appeared to be struggling at this stage. Jordan then went to grab Mysterio who rolled Jordan up and went for the pin! 1-2-kick out by Jordan! JBL breathed a huge sigh of relief as Mysterio then looked to take advantage of the momentum shift. Mysterio hit a hard, vicious kick to the back of the head of Jordan before hitting a drop kick on OJ. Jordan fell into the ropes and Mysterio has the 619 set up!! Mysterio goes for it! But Danny Basham moves Jordan out of the way as Mysterio misses.
On the other side of the ring, Doug Basham is up on the apron to distract the ref as JBL sneaks in through the ropes. But Booker T , JBL’s opponent next week emerges from the back and takes down Doug Basham as the referee tries to deal with Booker and Doug. Danny Basham goes to double team Booker but the 5 time WCW champion fends off both men. The referee has lost control!
Inisde the ring JBL is poised and has Mysterio set up for the clothesline from hell but John Cena! John Cena comes through the crowd and hoists JBL up on his shoulders, he’s gonna hit it! FU to JBL!! The crowd erupts as Mysterio hit’s a drop toe hold on Jordan into the ropes and this time Mysterio hits 619!! He’s going up top, Mysterio drops the dime! Cena calls the referee back in! 1-2-3. It’s over, Mysterio advances!!

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Michael Cole: Mysterio has done it!! Mysterio has done it!! Rey Mysterio is advancing to the semi finals!!

Tazz: Wow, I cannot believe it Cole. JBL’s master plan has backfired big time here tonight!

Michael Cole: What a night for Rey Mysterio! What a night on Smackdown! Join us next week from Chicago. Kurt Angle meets Rob Van Dam, JBL faces Booker T and John Cena introduces a new championship belt! We’ll see ya next week everybody!

cp954 02-08-2011 08:03 AM

Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar
Raw preview- 4/11/05- United Center, Chicago, Ilinois

Monday Night Raw comes to you from Chicago with the World title situation now a lot clearer heading into Backlash.

Last week saw Chris Jericho insert himself into the title mix when he defeated the new champion Batista, all thanks to the sneaky interference from Edge.

Edge will no doubt be on a high after seeing the champion now in a precarious position come Backlash, leaving Edge potentially open to strike. Will Edge try to one up the champion yet again this week?

On the other hand, what will Batista have in store for Edge this week? Last weeks loss is sure to not sit well with the champion and Batista is undoubtedly going to want to get some payback. And what will Triple H have to say now that Chris Jericho has been added to the equation at Backlash? The Game had a rematch nailed on but Eric Bischoff pulled one out the hat when he announced Jericho possibly being included and with the result from the main event, Hunter’s worst fears were confirmed. We’ll see just what Triple H has up his sleeve this week.

Also, last week saw Vince McMahon announce Randy Orton would face Shawn Michaels at Backlash. HBK got the upper hand last week when he hit Sweet chin music on Orton. How will the Legend Killer respond this week? And will we see any developments in the draft announcement with both Michaels and Orton wanting changes to happen

We also saw Muhammad Hassan stake his claim for the Intercontinental title last week when he attacked the champion Shelton Benjamin. Surely the champ will be out for payback this week in Chicago?

Find out all this and more live on Monday Night Raw

cp954 02-09-2011 06:00 PM

Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar
WWE Monday Night Raw- 4/11/05- United Center, Chicago, Illinois

The show begins with a video from last week showing Chris Jericho beat the World Champ Batista thanks to Edge and earn himself a place in the World title match at Backlash. We go to the opening video and pyro.

Jim Ross: 20,000 strong here tonight from the United Center, Chicago, Illinois. We are live on Monday Night Raw as the road to Backlash picks up steam!

The Coach: I am hyped for tonight J.R!! Batista’s reign as champion is one week older and one week closer to coming to an end!

Jim Ross: Well, that’s your opinion Coach, but you have gotta be sure that Batista is gonna be out for payback here tonight.

‘Break down the Walls’ hits as Chris Jericho makes his way out to decent heat after stealing the win over Batista last week.

The Coach: That man in your picture folks could very well be the next World Heavyweight champion and I for one would love it!

J.R: Of course you would Coach, anybody who cheats to win gets an ‘A’ grade in your eyes.

The Coach: Chris Jericho did not cheat last week J.R. He didn’t ask for Edge to come down to the ring. Jericho simply took advantage.

Jericho takes the mic, dressed casually with a beaming smile on his face.

Jericho: Ladies and gentleman, your next World Heavyweight Champion!!

Heat drowns Jericho out as he continues to revel in it.

Jericho: Do not boo me. I am simply stating a fact. Come Backlash, Batista’s little reign will be over and the ayatollah of rock and rollaaaaaaaaaaaa will stand before you as the king of Monday Night Raw.

The fans don’t take kindly to this as Jericho’s smile is beaming.

Jericho: It doesn’t take a genius to work it out. You people should know that when I step into the ring, there is nobody better! Batista isn’t on my level, Triple H isn’t on my level, nobody is on my level. I set the standard in the WWE.

Jericho has the crowd in the palm of his hand.

Jericho: It doesn’t matter who I come up against, week in, week out, the result ends the same and that young lady over there( Jericho points at Lillian Garcia), what’s her name? Jilian? She will stand there and say the words, ‘Here is your winner- CHRIS JERICHOOOOOOO!!!!’

The fans are really hating on Jericho right now.

Jericho: In fact, why not do it now? Here and now Jilian, come on.

Lilian looks confused as Jericho laughs.

Jericho: Jilian, don’t make me come over there. DO IT NOW!! DECLARE ME YOUR WINNER!!

The heat is thunderous as Lilian stands up hesitantly.

Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner- Chris Jericho

Jericho takes a deep breath seemingly taking those words in.

Jericho: Ha. How good does that sound?

The fans boo loudly as Jericho continues grinning broadly.

Jericho: One problem I do have though that is really bugging me is that people have been coming up to me all week long saying the same thing over and over again.

Jericho: Chris, do ya think you would have won without Edge interfering, do ya think you would be heading to Backlash?

Jericho: People seem to forget who I am. I am Chris Jericho. I am the first eeeeeeeeeeever Undisputed champion, I am the man who defeated The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin on the same night. How many of you people have done that? Huh? How many?

The heat is huge for Jericho now.

Jericho: My thoughts exactly. None of you. None of you, none of the guys in the back. Not Batista, not Triple H. I hold all the cards heading to Backlash and there isn’t anything, anybody can do about it.

Jericho: Now, onto the other piece in the puzzle that of course being...

Jericho: Edge.

Decent heat for Edge’s name being mentioned.

Jericho: Y’see I don’t get what Edge thinks he’s doing getting involved in my business.

Jericho: Yeah he holds the money in the bank briefcase. So what? If he thinks he’s going to use that contract at Backlash, he better think again.

Jericho: Because at Backlash, there will be a new World champion, but it won’t be Edge and it certainly won’t be Triple H, it will be me!!

The boos ring around the United Center once more before ‘Metalingus’ hits and Edge walks out, also to some considerable heat. Edge is dressed in street clothes.

Edge: Did I hear you right Chris?

Edge: Did you really say that you didn’t need my help last week?

Edge: Cos the way I see it, without me, you wouldn’t be heading to Backlash Chris. Way I see it, you owe me, you owe me big time.

Jericho: You think you’re some big shot now don’t you Edge? You think, just because you hold that briefcase that you’re suddenly one of the big boys in the locker room, you’re one of the stars.

Edge nods as Jericho shakes his head.

Jericho: Time for a little reality check. You have done nothing to put yourself in my league, hell you aren’t even in Batista’s league. At least he has a World title to his name. What do you have Edge? What do you have to your name?

Edge goes to speak but Jericho cuts him off with the intensity in his voice picking up.

Jericho: I’ll tell you what you have. Nothing, not a thing.

Edge: Hold it right there! I am a former tag team champion, a former Intercontinental champion, a king of the ring winner! You call that nothing huh?

Jericho: Intercontinental champion, check. Tag team champion, check. King of the ring winner, you got me there, but where you don’t have me is the World title count.

Jericho: How many World titles have you won Edge? Come on, count ‘em out for me buddy.

Jericho: One? Two? Three? Oh wait, I just remembered, it’s a big, fat, spanking ZERO.

The fans oooh Edge a little bit who is fuming with Jericho.

Edge: Enough Chris!! Enough!! I am not prepared to stand here and take this kinda crap from you.

Jericho: What are you gonna do about it then Junior?

Jericho takes off his shirt, wanting to go toe to toe with Edge, the fans are behind Jericho now before, ‘I’m Back’ hits and Eric Bischoff makes his way out.

Bischoff: Gentleman, gentleman, hold it right there. Now if you two have a problem with each other, let’s settle it!

Bischoff: Chris Jericho, one on one with Edge in our main event tonight!!

This gets a decent pop, more with intrigue than anything.

Bischoff: Oh wait, before I go, one other thing, how could I forget? It’ll be Chris Jericho one on one with Edge with Batista as the special guest referee!!

Both men look horrified as this gets a huge pop as Raw heads into a commercial

We return with the camera going to Eric Bischoff’s office, where there is a knock at the door.

Bischoff: Come on in.

In walk William Regal and Tajiri,the World tag team champions.

Bischoff: Mr.Regal, what can I do for you?

Regal: Well Eric, I was wondering just what role your tag team champions were going to be playing at Backlash? We really don’t seem to have much competition at all and young Tajiri seems to be getting very impatient.

The camera pans to Tajiri who is smiling like crazy.

Bischoff: Well Regal, tonight you boys are going to be in action against Rob Conway and Trevor Murdoch, how’s that sound? And if they beat you here tonight, they will get a title shot at Backlash!

Regal: Wonderful Eric. Come on Tajiri son, we’ve got what we wanted.

Tajiri sprays the green mist in Eric Bischoff’s office before leaving much to Bischoff’s annoyance as Regal rolls his eyes and the crowd get a good laugh.

Bischoff: We gotta get a rule in place about foreign superstars, good god.

Jim Ross: Well Coach, that was certainly…. Interesting.

The Coach: Tajiri has got a screw loose J.R. Summin ain’t right with the Japanese Buzzsaw.

Rob Conway and Trevor Murdoch await in the ring as ‘Born Naughty’ hits and Regal and Tajiri make their way out to the ring to a small pop.

Jim Ross: Speaking of which, here come your World Tag team champions!!

The Coach: I do not like William Regal. I do not like Tajiri but I will be the first to admit, these two have got talent, ain’t no doubt about it. Regal is as tough as they come and Tajiri as smooth as butter inside the ring.

Jim Ross: Great analogy Coach.

Match One- Non title tag team match

William Regal and Tajiri vs Rob Conway and Trevor Murdoch

The match starts off with Regal and Conway locking up. Regal gets on the offensive, throwing some hard lefts on Conway before whipping him into the corner and tagging in Tajiri early. Tajiri goes to work with some stiff kicks to Conway’s back with Conway stumbling to his knees.

The former Crusierweight champion then ran the ropes before Conway lifted Tajiri up high but the Japanese Buzzsaw came back down and hit a huge hurricanrana! The crowd applauded as Tajiri went for the cover but got just a two count. Tajiri then went to the top rope and attempted a drop kick but missed as Conway looked to gain some momentum. The former La Resistance’ member picked Tajiri up with ease and hit two scoop slams in a row on Tajiri, posing for the fans to a small amount of heat. Conway then went to work on Tajiri’s back, hitting a vicious running knee to already worked on back. Conway then tagged in Trevor Murdoch who went straight at Tajiri in typical Murdoch fashion, tough, mean, rugged offence.

Murdoch then set Tajiri up for a clothesline but Tajiri ducked it and ran at Murdoch before locking him up in the ropes for the tarantula!! The crowd popped for this as Murdoch writhed in pain. Tajiri let go as Conway then made his way into the ring but Regal also made his way in and got the better of Conway with a running clothesline. Regal then threw Conway over the top rope as Murdoch made his way back in to the ring where Tajiri awaited to hit the Buzzsaw kick!! 1-2-3, all over!!

Winners: William Regal and Tajiri

Jim Ross: A convincing win for the tag team champions!! And maybe William Regal was right Coach, maybe there is no competition for them.

The Coach: There is always competition J.R. And I am pretty sure Regal and Tajiri are in for a rude awakening when that competition comes. Cockiness is a good thing but overconfidence, uh uh, Regal and Tajiri need to keep their game face on.

Jim Ross: So far, so good for the tag champs though.! Moving on Coach and still to come here tonight. Chris Jericho goes one on one with Edge with Batista the special guest referee!!

The Coach: A huge main event J.R. Batista better not abuse his power tonight or I am going straight to Eric Bischoff!!

Jim Ross: For gods sake Coach.


We return as Muhammad Hassan and Daivari make their way out to the ring to enormous amounts of heat. Hassan soaking it all up in typical fashion.

Jim Ross: Well this man certainly didn’t do himself any favours last week when he attacked Shelton Benjamin. He wants respect, he needs to earn it, not attack people when their guard is down.

The Coach: J.R. Muhammad Hassan has my respect, that’s all that matters babyboy. Last week, he made a statement, a statement that he was coming for Shelton Benjamin’s Intercontinental gold and I was impressed.

Jim Ross: He took advantage of a defenceless Benjamin! How is that impressive!?!

Coach remains silent as J.R. looks at him disgusted.

Jim Ross: My point exactly Coach, my point exactly.

Daivari has a mic and is rambling away in Arabic or whatever it is he rambles in. The heat is immense as Hassan looks on before taking the mic from his manager.

Hassan: I see great similarities between all you people and Shelton Benjamin.

Hassan: You see, the Intercontinental championship is as prestigious as they come. It is..

Hassan is cut off by loud chants of ‘USA USA’.

Hassan: It is an incredible achievement to become Intercontinental champion, to hold that belt would be an honour. But here’s where the similarities lie.

Hassan: Shelton Benjamin disrespects that title the same way you people disrespect me!!

The boos are thunderous as Hassan can’t get a word in. Daivari is shouting at the crowd but this just makes things worse.

Hassan: You people know it’s true. Since I came to the WWE, I have been treated like an outsider, I have been treated like I don’t deserve to be here. I deserve to be here as much as any one of you people!!

Again the crowd is going mad at Hassan.

Hassan: I am an Arab American. I grew up here in this country and yet I have to walk the streets with people whispering, with people staring. How do you think that makes me feel?

The crowd starts an asshole chant to which Daivari again goes mad at.

Hassan: Well, it is time that something makes me feel like I belong here. It’s time for Muhammad Hassan to wear some gold in the WWE. It is time for Muhammad Hassan to bring some honour back to the Intercontinental championship.

‘Ain’t no stopping me now’ hits to a big pop, probably more out of relief than anything as Shelton Benjamin makes his way down to the ring.

Benjamin: Are you done Hassan?

Benjamin: I have had enough of all your antics. Since you came to Raw it’s been nothing but the same damn thing every week, you either come out here and screw someone over or you come out here and moan about being disrespected. Now either you put up, or you shut up.

Benjamin gets in Hassan’s face as the fans get ready for the confrontation. Hassan laughs and pulls away.

Hassan: You think I’m worried about you Shelton? You think that getting in my face is going to scare me?

Hassan: I don‘t fear you Shelton. Fear is waking up to find death threats in your mail. To know that people out there want you dead! All because of the colour of your skin!! I haven’t done anything wrong but I am victimised by every single one of you people who are supposed to be true Americans!!

Benjamin has heard enough and attacks Hassan to a huge pop! However, the numbers game catches Shelton up and Daivari gets on top of Benjamin, raking his eyes, before hitting a low blow on the champ which allows Hassan to get out of the ring and up the ramp.

Jim Ross: That damn Daivari gets Hassan out of jail here tonight!! Damn it!! I thought Shelton was finally gonna shut Muhammad Hassan up once and for all!

The Coach: J.R. Hassan is right though.

Jim Ross: What?!

The Coach: He’s right, people are victimising him for no good reason!! And Shelton Benjamin joined them here tonight when he attacked Hassan, that was completely unprovoked J.R.

Jim Ross: Coach, gimme a break. Hassan beat the holy hell out of Benjamin here last week, I think that’s provocation enough.

The Coach: Well whatever way you look at it, when these two men do collide it’s gonna be one hell of a match up!!

Jim Ross: You got one thing right tonight Coach.

We head backstage where Todd Grisham is standing by with Triple H!

Grisham: Triple H, just wanted to get your thoughts on what transpired last week during the Batista-Jericho match?

Triple H: My thoughts are Todd that that scrawny piece of trash Edge got involved in something’ that was none of his business and Edge needs to realise that I don’t forget these things.

Triple H: There is a reason I am called the cerebral assassin and when, not if, but when I get my hands on Edge, he better be ready cos’ I will take that briefcase and stick it straight up his ass.

Grisham: Well, due to that man Edge, Chris Jericho is now in your title match at Backlash, how do you feel about having to go through two men now to win back the World title?

Triple H: Jericho isn’t a threat to me Todd. Never has been, never will be.

Triple H: As far as I’m concerned, Backlash is already a done deal. I am walking out as the World Heavyweight champion again. Jericho can try, Batista can try, hell, Edge can be stupid enough to try but nobody, nobody beats the game and when all is said and done, I will become an 11 time World Champion.

Triple H walks away as we go to a commercial.

We come back and head to the ring where ‘Just close your eyes’ hits to some good heat as Captain Charisma makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Tomko.

The Coach: Yes!! Here he is J.R. The man who is going to have his breakout year this year. Captain charisma is gonna be a major player this time next year, mark my words J.R!!

Jim Ross:
Well Christian and Tomko certainly started things off well last week, defeating the odd pairing of Matt Hardy and Kane.

The Coach: Where’s that pen J.R.? I don’t see you marking it down.

Jim Ross: Will you shut up?

The Coach: Don’t try and silence the voice of Monday Nights J.R.

Live for the moment’ hits as Matt Hardy makes his way out to a good reception.Jim Ross: Matt Hardy is another young man who could well have a breakout year this year Coach.

The Coach: Could he? News to my ears J.R.

Jim Ross: He sure could and we are gonna have ourselves a heck of a match here tonight that’s for sure.

Match two- Singles match

Christian vs Matt Hardy

The match starts off quite slow as both men get to grips with each other before Hardy gets the early advantage taking Christian down to the mat. Hardy went to work on his old rival, getting on top of him and hitting him with some hard shots to the head before the ref has to separate him.

As Christian makes his way to his feet, Hardy leaps at Captain Charisma who ducks as Hardy goes into the turnbuckle and Christian climbs on to the middle rope, hitting Hardy with right hands before posing to the crowd, but as he does so, Hardy pushes Christian off the ropes and onto the mat. Hardy goes up top and hit’s a huge leg drop!! This one could be over early!! 1-2-kick out by Christian!!

Hardy sighs with disappointment as he waits patiently for Christian to rise, signalling for the twist of fate before a video plays on the titantron of a woman screaming for Matt. She was in the corner of a dark room, screaming, pleading for Matt. The woman was of course Lita, who was forced to marry Kane last year after he defeated Hardy. She was crying as she said, ‘Matt I still love you, please help me, he’s harming me, I need you to finish him off once and for all.‘ Hardy looked on in disgust as out of nowhere, Christian came from behind and hit the un-prettier on Hardy before scoring the three count.

Winner- Christian

As Christian celebrates, the crowd is still reeling from the video of Lita.

Jim Ross: I-I don’t quite know what to say, that was disturbing Coach.

The Coach: J.R. I am stunned. Goodness knows how Lita must be feeling right now and the question I gotta ask is, where’s Kane and what has he been doing to Lita?

Jim Ross: The thought just makes me sick Coach.

The Coach: Was this payback for last week when Hardy ‘accidently’ hit Kane J.R.?

Jim Ross: Coach that was an accident and you know it!! If Kane wants to stoop so low then to hell with him but I got a feelin’ that this whole thing runs a lot deeper than last week.

The Coach: For once J.R. you may well be right.

We go to a video package for Backlash. The video shows Batista winning the title at Wrestlemania and shows the faces of Batista, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Edge and Randy Orton with the saying, ‘For every incident, there’s always a Backlash.’ Backlash, May 1st 2005, Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, New Hampshire.

We return and head backstage where Matt Hardy is on a rampage as he storms into Eric Bischoff’s office.

Hardy: BISCHOFF! BISCHOFF!! Where is Kane? Where is that son of a bitch?

Bischoff: Whoa whoa Matt, easy. Calm down a second.

Hardy: Calm down? Did you see that video? Did you see her?

Bischoff: I did Matt and I’m as shocked as you are.

Hardy: I thought this was all over Eric, you give me Kane next week or I will hunt him down and deal with this myself. I need to get her outta there!! Do you hear me Eric?!?

Bischoff: Matt, you and Kane, one on one at Backlash and this will be the final chapter I assure you.

Hardy: BACKLASH ISN‘T GOOD ENOUGH ERIC!!! Next week, me and Kane, make it happen.

Hardy walks out of Bischoff’s office as Bischoff breathes a sigh of relief.

Jim Ross: Well who can really blame Matt Hardy? Hardy has long been in love with Lita and to see her being held captive almost by that sick human being Kane is not right.

The Coach: Next week J.R. whether Eric Bischoff likes it or not, I think we’re gonna see Matt Hardy get his hands on Kane.

The music of Viscera hits to a pretty much nothing reaction as he makes his way out to the ring.

Jim Ross: Back to the action though folks and here comes one of the largest, most unique performers on the roster.

The Coach: Big Vis is always a huge obstacle to overcome and whoever his opponent is tonight will have their hands full baby.

Jim Ross: Look at the size of this man, my God.

‘Sexy Boy’ hits to a huge ovation as Shawn Michaels makes his way out to face Viscera.

Jim Ross: H-B-K Coach. The Showstopper all set to go one on one with this monster Viscera. Well last week, Shawn Michaels gave a taste of sweet chin music to Randy Orton and those two will meet at Backlash in what is sure to be a heck of a contest.

The Coach: Oh no doubting that Orton-Michaels will be a great match up. And maybe this time Orton will be ready. Last week’s sneak attack by Michaels caught Orton off guard, at Backlash, HBK won’t get that privilege.

Match three- Singles match

Shawn Michaels vs Viscera

Michaels struggles to get around the monster that is Viscera to begin with and the mastodon hurls HBK into the corner. Vis goes for a running clothesline but HBK ducks and begins to unload on the big man. Michaels then ran the ropes and hit a big clothesline on Viscera but the big man wouldn’t fall down, HBK went for another one but it still didn’t knock Big Vis down! HBK finally took the big man off his feet, with a third clothesline much to the delight of the fans. Michaels then went up top and connected with a huge elbow off the top rope.

Instead of covering the enormous Viscera though, HBK started tuning up the band! The showstopper stomped the mat several times awaiting Viscera to rise to his feet before BAM!! Sweet chin music!! The cover, 1-2-3, Michaels wins convincingly.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

As Michaels picks himself up though, he turns around straight into an RKO from the awaiting Randy Orton!! Orton strikes back before staring a whole through HBK’s fallen body. Orton then leaned down to Michaels face and whispered to Michaels that ‘at Backlash, the legend of HBK is killed.'

Jim Ross: That damn snake!! Orton waited, he waited for Michaels to be at a disadvantage and he took control.

Jim Ross: A calculated move from this devious young man. I can’t believe the levels he goes to Randy Orton, for someone with so much talent, he puts that all out the window with these actions Coach.

The Coach: What about last week J.R.? What about when HBK hit sweet chin music on Orton? Oh wait, you forgot about that didn’t you?

The Coach: Tonight, Randy Orton simply gave Shawn Michaels what he deserved. Maybe next time Michaels will think twice before going after the Legend Killer.

Jim Ross: At Backlash Coach, Randy Orton is gonna get what’s coming to him!! No doubt in my mind that HBK will bring his ‘A’ game to New Hampshire and Orton is gonna have to be ready.

The Coach: Randy Orton is always ready baby boy, always.

We go to a commercial as the image of HBK holding the back of his head plays with Orton smirking slyly.

We return with a replay of what happened before the break with Orton RKO’ing Shawn Michaels and J.R again going mad. We are then shown a clip of what happened during the commercial break. We are shown footage of Randy Orton being interviewed by Todd Grisham.

Grisham: Randy, Randy, hold up. Just wanted to get a quick word, could you explain your actions out there in the ring just now for us?

Orton: Explain my actions Todd? I don’t need to explain anything, It’s all there for you to see last week on Raw. Shawn Michaels wants to hit me with Sweet chin music, well we’ll see how he feels now he’s been hit with an RKO. Shawn, you came back after a supposed career ending injury Well at Backlash, I guarantee there’ll be no coming back when the Legend Killer adds yet another name to his list.

Metalingus’ then hits and Edge makes his way down to the ring for tonights main event.

Jim Ross: Well, here comes Mr.Money In the Bank and Coach, this one’s gonna be a slobber knocker in my book!

The Coach: J.R. I think you’re gonna be on the money there. We saw it earlier tonight, Edge wants to prove a point here tonight to Chris Jericho.

Jim Ross: The key factor here tonight though Coach could be Batista.

The Coach: I am telling’ you J.R. If he gets involved I’m goin’ to Bischoff.

‘Break down the Walls’ hits to a mixed reaction after his tweener work earlier as Y2J comes down to the ring.

Jim Ross: This man also has a lot to prove if he wants to live up to his word of becoming the next World Champion that’s for sure cos at the minute Coach, I’m not believing it.

The Coach: Jericho has absolutely nothing to prove and you know it. Did you know? He was the first ever Undisputed champion. Did you know that?

Jim Ross: I think Jericho might have told everyone on just a few occasions Coach.

As Jericho and Edge prepare themselves, ‘I walk alone’ hits to a huge ovation as Batista walks out in his referee shirt, ready to get down to business.

Jim Ross: Well, if I were Batista I would find it damn hard here tonight to keep my cool after what Edge did last week.

The Coach:
He better keep his cool, he is a WWE official for the night so he better damn well act like one.

Match four- Singles match

Chris Jericho vs Edge- Special Guest referee: Batista

The contest begins with both men hesitant knowing just what impact Batista could have in the match. The two then lock up before holding off each other again. Jericho then slaps Edge as Edge loses his cool, and takes down Jericho, beating him down viciously as Batista simply looks on, not getting Edge off his opponent.

As Edge does back off Jericho, the #1 contender makes his way to his feet and goes at Edge who is caught off guard and turns around right into Jericho. Jericho goes for a drop kick but Edge catches Jericho’s foot and spins it round but the foot comes full circle and hits Edge square in the mouth. Jericho goes for the cover but Edge kicks out at two. Jericho then goes for the Walls of Jericho but Edge isn’t letting him lock it in and kicks Jericho out of the ring with Jericho hitting his head pretty hard on the mat. Edge makes his way up and goes outside the ring but Jericho catches him with the low blow which Batista claims he didn’t see! Edge is down and Jericho hurls Edge over the announce table, nearly taking out J.R and Coach!

Jericho gets back inside the ring and waits for Batista to count but the Animal refuses! Jericho is disgusted and starts arguing with Batista who asks Jericho if he wants to go? Jericho backs down and brings Edge back into the ring. Edge suddenly finds a new lease of life though and hit’s a vicious DDT on Jericho before going for the pin, Jericho kicks out at two though. Edge can’t believe it and asks Batista to count quicker. Batista laughs at Edge’s feeble request.

Edge then goes up to the top rope but Jericho is up and joins Edge on the top rope!! Jericho looking for a suplex off the top but Edge refuses to give in and pushes Jericho back down to the mat before looking for an elbow from the top. This time Jericho gets the advantage though, moving out of the way and hitting a superb drop kick. Jericho then looks to hit the lionsault but Edge rolls out of the way and gets up, runs into the ropes and hit’s the spear!! Edge hit’s the spear!! Goes for the cover, 1-2-No!! Jericho’s foot was on the bottom rope, Batista saw it!!

Edge is going berserk as he demands Batista count to three but the Animal is losing his patience and Edge puts his hands on Batista, Batista snaps and clotheslines Edge!! The crowd goes nuts as Batista rips off his referee shirt and looks poised to hit the Batista bomb but Triple H comes from nowhere and goes to blows with Batista!! The crowd is eating it up as Batista and The Game go at each other. Batista gets the advantage though before Jericho comes back into the equation and goes to hit Batista but he ducks it and nails Triple H!! Jericho takes out the game before turning round into the waiting Animal! Batista lifts Jericho up and hit’s the Batista bomb!! Triple H is now ready to return to his feet and so is Edge! Edge is up first and looks to spear Batista but Batista saw it coming and moves out of the way, Edge spears Triple H!! The Game is taken out yet again!! Edge now awaits his fate though as Batista spins him round and hit’s the Batista bomb again! The Animal has dominated here tonight!!

Jim Ross: My god, look at the bodies!! Carnage everywhere here tonight as Batista gets his payback!!

The Coach: This is a travesty J.R. Eric Bischoff will not be happy about this! Who the hell does Batista think he is?

Jim Ross: He’s the World Heavyweight Champion, that’s who he is!! And tonight he stands tall inside that very ring! Tonight is Batista’s night as Edge gets his comeuppance!! Goodnight everybody!!

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