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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 6/6/05- Baltimore

We open the show with a video package highlighting the goings on last week between Batista and Triple H. We start with the Triple H promo in which the game labelled his rivalry with Batista as a ‘war’ and that Batista may have won the battle but the war zone was about to be entered and the Game always wins the war. We then hear J.R speak on how Batista would not be at the show following a brutal beating from the Cerebral Assassin the week prior to the show. We then cut to the main event of Shelton Benjamin vs. Triple H and the ending which saw Triple H pick up the win thanks to the Arabian Entity. The video then heads to the aftermath in which we see Trips about to squash Benjamin with his sledgehammer before to everyone’s shock Batista’s music hits and the Animal charges down to chase off the Game. The video ends with a shot of both men and Triple H’s line of ‘This is an all out WAR!’

We then cut to the opening intro and pyro as Raw kicks off

Jim Ross: We are counting down the days until Vengeance and our next stop on the road is here in Baltimore! I’m Jim Ross, joined as ever by the Coach and we have a blockbuster show in store once again here tonight.

The Coach: Ain’t that the truth J.R?! Tonight a huge TRIPLE main event in store including a bigtime six man tag match baby as the World Heavyweight champion, Batista teams with Shelton Benjamin and the World’s Largest Athlete, The Big Show to take on The Game, Triple H, the Intercontinental champion, Muhammad Hassan and the ‘Protégé’ baby, Mark Jindrak!

Jim Ross: A massive tag team contest right there where three intense rivalries will no doubt escalate. And also tonight two more massive one on one match ups as Shawn Michaels, under huge pressure heading into Vengeance will take on Mr.Money in the Bank and the thorn in Chris Jericho’s side, Edge.

The Coach: Michaels can’t buy a win J.R and if I was a betting man, which I am, I would be betting allllllllll my money on Edge to wipe the floor with the Heartbreak Kid here tonight. Eric Bischoff’s a genius for softening up the Showstopper like this!

‘Just Close Your Eyes’

Christian steps out ready for action, accompanied by Tomko as we get set to kick off Raw.

Jim Ross: But we are kicking things off ladies and gentleman with Captain Charisma, Christian! Last week saw Christian as the guest on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel and Coach, chaos ensued.

The Coach: It did indeed baby boy. Christian and Jericho verbally tore into each other last week and I loved every damn second of it! Andddd J.R, Jericho’s rival and Christian’s best friend got all the more into Y2J’s head last week, as Edge was just an inch away from spearing Jericho in half!

Jim Ross: It was all a damn set up from Edge and Christian but thankfully Chris Jericho saw what was coming and he dodged the bullet. Christian’s got his own problems to deal with Coach, namely Ric Flair. Maybe he ought to start concentrating on his match with the Nature Boy at Vengeance.

The Coach: What for? Christian could beat that old man with his eyes closed! At Vengeance the torch is passed J.R!

‘Break the Walls Down’

Out steps Y2J, Chris Jericho to a big pop as Jericho looks on inently at a former bitter rival as we get set to kick off the show in style.

Jim Ross: I know for a fact Coach that Chris Jericho cannot wait to get his hands on Edge at Vengeance. I spoke with Chris earlier on today and he told me that Edge has got one over on him for the very last time. Edge has been costing Jericho ever since Wrestlemania, causing Jericho to fall short in his quest for championship gold. At Vengeance, Y2J says it’s coming to an end.

The Coach: And you believe him?! J.R lemme tell ya, there is a reason that Edge is Mr.Money in the Bank. And that reason is because he’s smarter than all of the guys that were in that Money in the Bank match, INCLUDING Chris Jericho. Y2J only has himself to blame for falling short in his title matches. At Vengeance, like Christian said last week J.R, Jericho has it ALL to prove.

Jim Ross: But just as Chris Jericho said last week too Coach, Christian has it all to prove as well. Both men are in big time match ups come Vengeance and both men will be facing huge challenges, starting here tonight.

Match One: Singles Match

Chris Jericho vs. Christian w/Tomko

The match is certainly a hot opener as the two men get the crowd rallied up as they show firm support for Chris Jericho, starting up a ‘Y2J’ chant in the early goings. The opening stages saw an up and down contest as both men took turns to one up each other with Jericho drawing first blood, grabbing a near fall following a surprise roll up on Captain Charisma. It was then Christian’s turn to go close to an early victory as he too caught Y2J with a roll up, only this time the Peep Show host grabbed the tights of Jericho, much to the crowd’s dislike only to score a two count.

The match continued in a fairly even fashion but it began to turn in Christian’s favour as Tomko made his presence felt on the outside. It was Jericho who seemed to be in control only for the referee to turn his back momentarily and Tomko took full advantage, getting up on the ropes and grabbing Jericho’s neck and smashing Jericho head first against the ropes, sending Jericho down.

With Christian returning to his feet, this allowed him to take advantage, delivering some stiff kicks to the fallen Jericho before doing his signature search out into the crowd for his peeps, only to be met with boos. Christian then brought Jericho to his feet before whipping him into the turnbuckle and delivering a running clothesline, knocking the wind out of Jericho’s sails. With Jericho holding his stomach, Christian delivered several more shots to Y2J before delivering a nice suplex to the former Undisputed champion and going for a cover. 1...2...kick out at the death by Jericho!

The fans breathe a sigh of relief as Jericho stays in the contest and Christian demands that the referee count faster next time. Captain Charisma then decided he’d seen enough and went up to the top rope but it was perhaps a mistake on Christian’s part as by the time he reached the top, Jericho was stirring and back to his feet. Christian sees Jericho now upright and decides to fly, attempting a missile dropkick but Jericho sees it coming and gets out of harms way as Christian goes tumbling!

With the two men now fallen, it’s a case of who gets up first. Both men start to stir and it’s Jericho who’s up first with Christian not far behind. The two trade blows with Jericho knocking Christian aback, gaining the upper hand. The fans are right behind Y2J who whips Christian across the ring, Christian bounces off the ropes and is met with a big dropkick from Jericho! Cover from Jericho, 1...2...kick out at two from the Captain. Jericho gets right back to his feet, with a look of anger on his face and it appears Jericho’s seen enough. Jericho goes for the legs of Christian, looking to lock the Walls of Jericho in on his opponent but Christian wriggles, trying to fight against it and he succeeds, kicking Jericho off and into the corner.

Christian bounces up and charges at Jericho who dodges it, Jericho then swings at Christian who ducks it also. Christian turns Jericho around, looking for the Unprettier! Jericho counters it though and pushes Christian off of him. Christian turns around, charges at Jericho once more, drop toe hold from Jericho and he locks in the Walls! Walls of Jericho to Christian who has nowhere to go!! Christian’s crying out in pain, struggling to hang in there. His hand is about to drop before BAM!!

Jericho is smashed from behind with the Money in the Bank briefcase by Edge!! Jericho’s rival lays him out and the crowd boo the life out of Edge as Tomko then gets in the ring and the two begin to stomp away on the fallen Jericho as the referee calls for the bell

Winner: Chris Jericho Via Disqualification(13:39)

Christian gets to his feet now and joins in the assault as Edge holds the head of Jericho shouting ‘You’re not better than me, I will prove everyone wrong’ before rejoining the attack.

Jim Ross: Oh for God’s sake! Jericho doesn’t stand a chance! Edge and Christian are like a pack of dogs here, feeding on a fallen Chris Jericho.

The Coach: I love it J.R. And don’t you forget about Tomko either! Edge is taking out the competition baby boy and he’s using all his assets to do it. If you got somebody with the talent Christian’s got in your corner, somebody with the power Tomko’s got in your corner, ya use em. Jericho’s in a world of trouble.

The trio continue assaulting a helpless Jericho as J.R. calls for some help out there and right on cue..


The arena goes insane as the Nature Boy, Ric Flair runs down to the ring in a shirt and trousers and charges after the trio! Flair knocks down Edge as Christian looks to avoid the Nature Boy at all costs! As Flair sends another right hand at Edge though, Christian sends Tomko after him but Flair tosses Tomko over the top! Captain Charisma then looks to take advantage and charges at Naitch but Flair sees it coming and turns to deliver a big right hand to Christian, sending him to the mat!

Edge gets the hell out of the ring holding his jaw, joining Tomko as Flair waits for Christian to get back up, only for Christian to weasel his way out of the ring and exit up the ramp to big heat

Jim Ross: The Nature Boy has returned here tonight! And Christian may believe the torch will be passed at Vengeance but if Ric Flair has a say in the matter it’s gonna be a bumpy ride for Captain Charisma in Las Vegas!

The Coach: This isn’t right J.R! Ric Flair isn’t meant to be here tonight! Christian had no idea that Flair would even show up, let alone behave in such a DISGRACEFUL way here tonight on Raw!

Jim Ross: And Edge and Christian’s actions here tonight weren’t disgraceful?! If it wasn’t for Ric Flair they were gonna take Chris Jericho’s head off!

The Coach: Jericho deserved it J.R.


We return and head backstage where we see Ric Flair passing through the hall shouting and Woooing to himself as Todd Grisham catches up with him.

Todd Grisham: Ric! Ric if I could just get a quick word. I think I speak for everyone in saying that nobody expected to see you here tonight on Raw. When did you decide to show up and how did you feel in finally getting your hands on Christian?

Ric Flair: WOOOO! The Nature Boy is always FULL of surprises Todd!

Pop for Naitch.

Ric Flair: I gotta be straight with you. I didn’t know if I was gonna show my face around here again before or even after Vengeance. But I’ve been watching that little snake Christian week after week and it’s had me itching to get back, it’s had me DESPERATE to get back and teach this kid a lesson and I COULDN’T WAIT until Vengeance anymore!

Pop again.

Ric Flair: How did it feel getting my hands on Christian tonight? It felt ab-so-lutely GREAT! WOOO! And let me tell ya, that out there tonight was the Nature Boy just getting started. At Vengeance I’m gonna take that son of a bitch and I’m gonna show Christian what it’s REALLY like to be Ric Flair!

Flair wipes his forehead before continuing.

Ric Flair: He has no idea what it takes to be me! The only similarity between me and that punk is the colour of our freakin’ hair! Difference is Todd, the Nature Boy gets more ladies in a night than Christian does a LIFETIME!!

Pop again for Naitch with a few laughs.

Ric Flair: I live the high life, make no mistake about it. There is only ONE Ric Flair, the Limousine Ridin’, jet flyin’ kiss stealin’, WOOOO, wheelin’ dealin son of a gun!! But for all the finer things in life I enjoy I love NOTHIN’ MORE believe me NOTHIN’ MORE than handing out an ass kicking.

Flair has really worked himself up here.

Ric Flair: At Vengeance that is exactly what I’m gonna hand out to Christian. He wants to talk about the torch being passed, about the dawning of a new era. Well Christian, this era ain’t over yet pal! And Naitch ain’t passin’ the torch over any time soon, and especially not to a no good piece of GARBAGE like you! Christian I’ll see you at Vengeance kid and I will teach you what it really takes to be the man! WOOOO!

Flair walks off to a big pop as we head back ringside.

Jim Ross: Statement made here tonight from Ric Flair ladies and gentleman. The Nature Boy is FAR from finished and when he and Christian do battle at Vengeance, Captain Charisma may be in for a rude awakening.

The Coach: What statement was that then J.R? The only statement made from that old has been is that he needs to show up unannounced to catch Christian off his guard. Well let me tell ya, at Vengeance when Christian is fully prepared what happened tonight stands NO CHANCE of happening again.

Jim Ross: Well I for one beg to differ on that but at Vengeance we will see whether that is really the case or not.

‘I ain’t a lady to mess with’

Out steps Victoria to a few boos but nobody is really bothered as the number one contender to the Women’s title gets set for action.

Jim Ross: Well last week saw this crazy, twisted woman Victoria get her hands on Trish Stratus yet again as she left our Women’s champion in a heap backstage.

The Coach: Lemme just cut ya off there J.R. I got a question for ya. How in the hell do you come to the conclusion that Trish Stratus’ attacker was Victoria last week? Explain that one to me. For all we know, Trish Stratus could’ve fallen backstage.

Jim Ross: Oh come on!! We all saw Victoria’s reaction to Trish being tended to by our medical team. The woman is severely screwed up Coach and she crossed the line last week with that assault.

‘Need a Little Time’

Out steps Torrie Wilson to a small pop as we get set for this Women’s contest.

Match Two: Singles Match

Victoria vs. Torrie Wilson

Torrie puts up a good fight in the early goings, surprising everybody as she takes it right to the former Women’s champion. Victoria soon began to show her mean streak though as Torrie’s early pressure began to fade. The number one contender turned it up a notch and delivered some strong shots to Torrie, really roughing her up before delivering a big clothesline, almost sending Torrie inside out. Victoria finally put the beautiful blonde out of her misery delivering a sickening Widow’s peak to put Torrie down for the three count.

Winner: Victoria(4:01)

Victoria then takes a mic to quite a few boos but not too excessive.

Victoria: Last week I watched on just like all of you people as your beloved Women’s champion was carried out of the arena on a stretcher.


Victoria: And all week long people have been asking the question, who would do such a thing to the loveable Trish Stratus? People have been pointing the finger at ME.

Heat for Victoria again.

Victoria: Well I don’t know where they would get that idea from but I would never do such a thing. So my message here tonight is really simple. At Vengeance, I face Trish Stratus for the Women’s championship and Trish I want you to make it to Vengeance at one hundred percent. So Trish, I promise you, from the bottom of my heart, that I am going to everything and anything I can to find out exactly who did this to you.

Victoria then laughs and smiles before exiting the ring to heat.

The Coach: How admirable is this woman J.R? Her and Trish are rivals and yet Victoria’s gonna go outta her way to find whoever did this. Wow. Are you really gonna sit there and accuse Victoria now?

Jim Ross: You have got to be kidding me Coach. Victoria is twisted, an evil and twisted woman and I can’t wait for Trish Stratus to get some payback.

We then cut to the back where we see the World Heavyweight champion Batista! The Animal’s appearance is met with a big pop as the champion is preparing in his locker room when he’s greeted by the arrival of Muhammad Hassan, accompanied by his fellow Arabian Entity members. The four men are drowned in heat from the crowd as Batista looks on intensely, almost ready to fight.

Batista: The hell do you want?

Muhammad Hassan: Relax Dave, relax. No need to feel intimidated, we’ve not come here to weaken you ahead of tonight’s match. No we’ve come to you here tonight to give you a little pre match advice if you will.

Batista looks confused at what Hassan’s getting at.

Muhammad Hassan: See I don’t know if you heard what Triple H had to say last week but he brought up the fact that this whole little issue between the two of you, well it’s become a whole lot more than that now hasn‘t it? It’s become in Triple H’s words, a ‘war’.

Small pop for the war element.

Muhammad Hassan: Dave as unfortunate as it is, I too know all about war, WE(pointing around at his associates) know all about war. And war can turn real ugly Batista, REAL ugly.

Daivari butts in.

Daivari: Dave Batista, a man with the intelligence levels you posess cannot POSSIBLY go to war. We know what it’s like living in that kinda fear. That kinda fear that you’re living in right now at the thought of facing Triple H again!

Heat for Daivari.

Batista: I don’t know what you’re getting at here but you damn sure better hurry up and get to the point before I take care of all four of you.

Batista gets in Hassan’s and Daivari’s face to a pop, more in anticipation than anything before The Great Khali steps in front of his group mates to another small pop as the giant stands in front of Batista but Hassan pulls his man away.

Muhammad Hassan: Our point is Dave that it takes a whole lot to get through a war. And you don’t even have the faintest idea what it’s going to take to survive. Triple H on the other hand, he knows ALL about what it takes to survive. Which is why tonight he has handpicked ME, Muhammad Hassan…

The crowd cut Hassan off with jeers as Daivari holds his arms out wide to parade Hassan.

Muhammad Hassan: It is why he handpicked me to be on his team tonight. Because I know just as well as Triple H does what survival is all about. Living in a country where I am VICTIMISED for NO REASON! And yet day in, day out, I, WE, survive. We survive the abuse from barbarians like all these people here in Atlanta.

Huge heat for Hassan now.

Muhammad Hassan: And tonight Dave, your quest for survival begins. Because you’re going to need all the help you can get tonight if you’re even gonna make it to Vengeance. Myself and Triple H teaming up tonight only equals a nightmare scenario for you Dave because we are the ultimate survivors!


Muhammad Hassan: Your team tonight though Dave? Shelton Benjamin. The Big Show. Two guys who are hungry for gold themselves if you catch my drift. Believe me, you may be the World Heavyweight champion but that just means you’re the ultimate target. I may hold this.

Hassan pats his Intercontinetal title.

Muhammad Hassan: But I want THAT even more.

Hassan now motions at Batista’s World title.

Muhammad Hassan: I want that. Triple H wants that. Our partner tonight, Mark Jindrak , he wants that too. EVERYBODY in the back wants that, including your ‘team mates’ tonight ha ha.

Batista looks at his title as Hassan, Daivari and Dutt smile while Khali looks on menacingly.

Muhammad Hassan: I’m just saying Dave, be prepared. Be prepared for Triple H at Vengeance and be prepared for tonight because ya never know just who’s gunning for ya.

Hassan looks pleased with his speech to the champion as Tista responds.

Batista: Are ya done? I don’t need you to tell me that I’m a target. I don’t need you to tell me to watch my back. I know all of that and a hell of a lot more. Incase you forgot, Triple H and I at one point were on the same page. And he USED to be that target. Triple H had the whole roster gunning for him but he taught me that there was ALWAYS a way out of it.

Pop for the champ there.

Batista: I don’t care whether it’s you that wants a shot at this, I don’t care if it’s Jindrak, I don’t care if it’s Big Show, I don’t care if it’s Benjamin. While I hold this, I’m the MAN AROUND HERE!

Pop again for the Animal.

Batista: And as the great man himself would say, ‘to be the man, you gotta beat the man’. Thanks for the advice ‘champ’(Batista pats Hassan’s I.C. Title) but I can deal with whatever is thrown my way and I’ll deal with it again tonight. And as far as a war goes?

Batista pauses as Hassan looks on angrily.

Batista: Well you don’t know what an Animal is capable of when it enters a war zone. Now get outta here before I give you a taste of exactly what it’s like.

Batista and Hassan go face to face as Hassan looks furious before Daivari pulls his man away and the Entity leave while the fans pop for the Animal again.


We return and immediately hear…

‘Sexy Boy’

Out from behind the curtain strst Shawn Michaels to a big pop as the Heartbreak Kid makes his way to the ring ready for action.

Jim Ross: For Shawn Michaels the road to Vengeance is really heating up now Coach. Michaels was defeated by Muhammad Hassan last week and with Eric Bischoff up to his old tricks, HBK never stood a chance with it being more like four on one than a one on one contest.

The Coach: Oh bull J.R. Shawn Michaels lost last week fair and square. Muhammad Hassan was the better man and at Vengeance Shawn Michaels can’t afford to be second best again like that. It’s been happenin’ for far too long now and at Vengeance once again, I got my doubts about the Showstopper.

Jim Ross: For once Coach you are actually right. At Vengeance Shawn Michaels knows he cannot lose or else his dream of becoming World champion again ends. And not only that but Shawn Michaels will become the property of that snake Eric Bischoff if he is defeated at Vengeance. Let me reiterate that point, Shawn Michaels doesn’t just lose a match, he becomes the property of our General Manager.

The Coach: And he’s gonna lose again here tonight ha ha!


Mr Money in the Bank Edge makes his way out to big heat, probably furthered following his earlier attack on Chris Jericho.

Jim Ross: Well this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Edge out here tonight folks. Earlier on in the show, Edge’s opponent at Vengeance Chris Jericho went one on one with Edge’s long time friend and former tag team partner, Christian. Inwhat was a chaotic ending, Edge tried once again to get the better of Y2J and it again looked to be working only for the return of Ric Flair able to stop E&C from doing more damage thank god.

The Coach: You’re telling me you didn’t enjoy that beat down J.R?

Jim Ross: No I did not Coach. Not for a second and I hope Shawn Michaels puts Edge in his place here tonight.

The Coach: Well I for one loved what went down earlier until the old man showed his face and Shawn Michaels putting Edge in his place here tonight simply ain’t happenin’ baby boy.

Match Three: Singles Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Edge

Michaels and Edge lock up to begin the match with Michaels gaining early control as he whips Edge into the ropes before knocking down Mr.MITB with a shoulder block. The Heartbreak Kid immediately goes for an early cover, looking to surprise his opponent but Edge kicks out at one and a half. Michaels immediately brings Edge to his feet before taking him towards the turnbuckle. Michaels places Edge upright before delivering a vicious backhand chop to ‘Wooos’ from the crowd as Edge holds his chest in pain. HBK delivers another and another before turning the chops into right hands as the referee starts the five count.

With the count up to three Michaels realises he may disqualify himself so pulls back as the referee talks to him. This moments hesitation allows for Edge to get himself back into things. Michaels turns his attention back on Edge but it’s the Rated R Superstar who sees it coming and delivers a kick to the gut before tossing Michaels shoulder first towards the turnbuckle, through the ropes and into the ringpost! The sound of HBK’s shoulder hitting the steel can be heard across the arena and Edge wastes little time heading after his fallen opponent.

Edge took control from this point on, working away at a possibly injured Shawn Michaels. Michaels right shoulder was struggling from the impact of the ringpost and Edge worked at it every opportunity he could take, stomping away as Michaels yelled in pain. Edge then decided to try and finish things off and delivered a brutal Edgecution. Cover by Edge, 1..2..kick out from Michaels much to the relief of the crowd.

With Edge looking clearly frustrated he headed to the corner, waiting patiently for Michaels to get himself back up to his feet, looking all set to perform a spear on HBK. Michaels slowly got back up and with the crowd trying to get Shawn not to turn around but Michaels spins around into a charging Edge, SPEAR!! NO!! Michaels sees it coming and manages to dodge out the way as Edge stops himself and turns back around, charging after Michaels but Michaels delivers a back body drop, sending Edge high into the sky as the Showstopper looks for some momentum. Michaels takes down Edge again with a clothesline and a second as he pumps up the fans.

Edge is down again as Michaels runs the ropes, Edge returns to his feet and Michaels connects with a flying forearm smash and Michaels nips up to a big pop! The crowd sense Michaels is on the verge here and HBK heads up to the top rope! Michaels steadies himself with Edge showing no signs of life but the crowd begins to boo as ERIC BISCHOFF struts down the ramp. Michaels laughs and gets off the top to stare down the GM who simply holds his hands out as if to say ‘what?’.

Bischoff then begins to laugh telling Michaels to turn around and he does just that right into the oncoming Edge who nails Michaels with a right hand! Edge now sets himself up, ready for the spear! Will he connect this time?

Edge is poised as Michaels slowly gets to his feet, Bischoff now on the apron, egging Edge on but the crowd soon goes wild? CHRIS JERICHO comes running down the ramp! Jericho pulls Bischoff off the apron! The GM asks Jericho what he’s doing and asks if he knows who’s boss? Jericho responds by nailing Bischoff with a right hand, scoring a HUGE pop!! Edge is now pointing at Jericho and telling to get out of here as Jericho waves at Edge sarcastically. Edge turns back around, BAM!! Sweet chin Music!! Cover from Michaels, 1..2..3!! Michaels wins

Winner: Shawn Michaels(10:31)

Jim Ross: YES! Payback for Chris Jericho and at long last Shawn Michaels scores a BIG win here tonight as he heads towards one of the biggest matches of his career at Vengeance!

The Coach: You call that a big win J.R? That’s NOTHING to be proud of! Shawn Michaels needed Chris Jericho here tonight, he still can’t get it done when the lights are on bright and he’s all alone. At Vengeance he WILL fall short again. Chris Jericho should be SUSPENDED for his actions here tonight! Edge had that match in the bag!

Jim Ross: And you mean to tell me that Eric Bischoff’s interference had nothing to do with that?

The Coach: You’re damn right I do, Eric Bischoff is OUR BOSS! He can do whatever the hell he wants, unlike Chris Jericho. Jericho’s gonna pay for this I’m telling ya J.R. He is gonna PAY!

We cut to see a smiling Jericho heading up the ramp who mouths to Edge ‘What goes around, comes around’ whilst Edge looks dejected in the ring. We then see Shawn Michaels leave the ring with a smile on his face for the first time in a while as Michaels looks at a fallen Eric Bischoff on the outside and has a small chuckle to himself before heading to the back.


We return and go to the back where we see Eric Bischoff in the medical room with an ice pack on his shoulder as the medics tend to him before Todd Grisham appears.

Todd Grisham: Eric, just wanted to see how you’re doing and your thoughts on what just went down?


A few laughs amongst some heat for the GM

Eric Bischoff: My shoulder feels like it’s about to fall off and I’ll be damned if Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho think they’re gonna get away with it!

Bischoff grimaces before continuing.

Eric Bischoff: Which is why next week they’re gonna be in action. It’s gonna be the team of Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho and Ric Flair.

Big pop for that team line up.

Eric Bischoff: Against Edge, Christian and Tomko. Let’s just see how Jericho and Michaels respond to that.

Todd Grisham: Thanks Eric.

Eric Bischoff: Oh and Todd before ya go, just one other thing. I want you to tell Shawn Michaels that after what happened here tonight, at Vengeance, I’m not gonna be held responsible for the damage that is done to the Showstopper.

Heat for the GM as the camera then cuts and we see William Regal in the halls, dressed in a suit, preparing his protégé Mark Jindrak for tonight’s main event.

William Regal: Now Mark, tonight is a major opportunity for you. See you’re teaming up with the current Intercontinental champion and the soon to be World Heavyweight champion Triple H. THAT is where you want to be. That is where you ASPIRE to be. So when you step out there tonight, make a statement. Show the world exactly what you’re capable of and exactly what you’re going to do to the Big Show at Vengeance.

Jindrak nods his head before psyching himself up, slapping his cheeks jumping on the spot.

William Regal: See I don’t care who you take out here tonight Mark. It could be Big Show, it could be Shelton Benjamin, it could even be Batista. The most important thing here tonight is that all these people leave this arena with one man’s name on their lips and that is Mark Jindrak.

Jindrak begins to smile before nodding his head in agreement.

William Regal: I’ll catch up with you before we head out there but if you don’t mind I’ve got a bit of business to attend to. I’ll speak with you shortly and remember, just one man’s name on EVERYBODY’S lips.

Regal and Jindrak shake hands before Regal walks away and the camera follows him, leaving Jindrak wandering in the other direction. Regal ruffles his suit a bit, sorting his tie out before his face suddenly drops and the camera turns and we see The Big Show! Regal looks to turn and walk away but Big Show grabs him by the shoulder before tossing Regal across the hall into the wall! Huge impact on Regal as the crowd oooohs. Big Show then shouts at Regal ‘You think you can get away with what you and your boy did huh?’ Show then picks Regal up once again, this time by the scruff of the neck as Regal pleads with Show to stop, apologising profusely. Show then lets a roar before delivering a HUGE right hand to Regal, almost knocking the veteran out cold to a big pop. Show decides that he’s not through yet though and brings Regal up to his feet once more, looking him in the eyes and declaring that Regal may believe Mark Jindrak is the future but Show promised Jindrak’s future was him ‘beating him within an inch of his life’ before Show put the nail in Regal’s coffin and hoisting Regal up before chokeslamming Regal through a coffee table! Show then lets out another roar before walking away.

Jim Ross: Wow. Coach a couple weeks back we saw Mark Jindrak and William Regal decimate that man The Big Show. Tonight however Big Show is looking intense, he’s looking fired up and he’s looking like he’s found his motivation once again. Mark Jindrak has awoken the giant, plain and simple.

The Coach: William Regal ain’t one to lie down and roll over either J.R. Big Show just DESTROYED William Regal and as good as Mark Jindrak is, I don’t know if he’s got it in him to deal with the Big Show in that kinda mood. Dominant’s a damn understatement.

‘We’re Comin’ Down’

The music of the tag team champions hits and out come the Dudley Boyz as D-Von gets set for some triple threat action.

Jim Ross: Well we learned last week that at Vengeance these two men will put their Tag team titles on the line against the Basham Brothers AND the thorns in their sides as of late, the Arabian Entity members, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari in a triple threat match. Huge test for Bubba and D-Von come Las Vegas.

The Coach: I can’t wait for it J.R. It’s about time the Dudleyz realised their time’s come and gone. Time to let some fresh blood in baby and be it the Basham’s or be it Dutt and Daivari, I’ll be a happy man.

‘Arab America’

Out come the duo of Dutt and Daivari to instant heat with Daivari the member of the two stepping inside the squared circle tonight.

Jim Ross: Well last week these two got exactly what they wanted and that’s a tag team title opportunity. We saw the Dudleyz take on the Basham’s last week and in what was proving to be a heck of a contest, it was the interference of Sonjay Dutt and Daivari that ruined that battle. At Vengeance these two are gonna have two teams out to get them, lemme tell ya.

The Coach: So are the Dudleyz J.R So are the Basham’s. It don’t make a damn bit of difference what happens between now and Vengeance. When it comes down to it and the titles are on the line, only one thing matters and that’s bringin’ home the gold.

‘Some generic theme’

Still don’t know the Basham’s music, any help? But they make their way out as Danny is the man in action tonight.

Jim Ross: Perhaps the least talked about duo of the three here and yet perhaps the most dangerous. Doug and Danny Basham are extremely talented Coach and have seemingly gone under the radar whilst the Dudleyz and the Entity do battle, could that play into the Basham’s hands come Vengeance?

The Coach: For sure J.R. You said it, these guys can go, ain’t no doubt about it and at Vengeance I wouldn’t bet against these guys takin’ home the gold.

Match Four: Triple threat match

D-Von Dudley vs. Daivari vs. Danny Basham

The match begins with Daivari and Danny Basham double teaming on D-Von, trying to take out one half of the champions. An early assault of punches and kicks from the duo seemed to knock the stuffing out of D-Von but as with all triple threat matches, a pinfall soon came into play as Daivari and Danny connected with a double suplex. Danny decided to go for a cover but Daivari pulls Danny off of him and goes for the cover himself. Danny immediately pulls Daivari off and the two exchange words before coming to blows and it’s Daivari who gets the advantage throwing a kick into the midsection of Danny Basham.

With Daivari now in control, he delivers a nice suplex into a pinning position on Danny but D-Von breaks it up at the count of two and the current tag champ now inserts his position in the match, taking it to Daivari. D-Von lays into the Entity member with some stern right hands, sending Daivari backwards and into the corner. D-Von then lays into Daivari in the corner with more right hands before standing on the second rope and beginning to deliver more right hands as the crowd chants, ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6’ but that’s where it stops as Danny Basham returns and pulls D-Von down before delivering a kick to the midsection and a nice DDT, planting D-Von. Cover from Danny but Daivari flies from the top rope, delivering a leg drop to the back of Danny’s head, breaking up the pin.
The closing stages of the match saw Daivari and D-Von do battle with Danny seemingly taken out by that leg drop. Daivari looked for a roll up on D-Von bu the big man managed to get the shoulder up staying in things before taking Daivari down with a big clothesline and signalling that this one was about to end. As D-Von looked to set Daivari up though for what appeared a spine buster, he was rolled up from behind by Danny Basham!! Basham grabs the tights and gets the three count for a surprise win!

Winner: Danny Basham(5:12)

Jim Ross: And that right there is exactly what Doug and Danny Basham are capable of. Sneaking under the radar just like that and in just a couple of weeks time, if they can do it again, we’ll be looking at our new World Tag team champions.

The Coach: Genius J.R. These Basham’s are as smart as they come and Danny Basham comes up with the goods here tonight. As much as I’m a fan of Dutt and Daivari, them and the Dudleyz better start thinking’ about these guys baby boy.


We return and head to a video package, similar to the last couple of weeks for the duo of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth. The duo are walking up the steps towards a plane.

Ken Doane: Hi I’m Ken Doane.

Nick Nemeth: And I’m Nick Nemeth.

Ken Doane: And incase you’ve been living under a rock these past couple of weeks, you’ll know that we are all set to arrive on Monday Night Raw real soon.

Flight attendant: Your passports please gentleman.

Nemeth and Doane look at one another.

Nick Nemeth: Definitely living under a rock right? (Doane nods) You know who we are sweetheart so run along now and make yourself busy.

Nemeth and Doane waltz past the attendant who snarls as the duo step onto the plane and begin to walk down towards their seats.

Ken Doane: Certain people seem to think of us as…arrogant..

Somebody brushes Nemeth’s jacket.

Nick Nemeth: You wanna touch my jacket again buddy? Lord knows you can’t afford one yourself. C’mon have yourself a feel. No?

Nemeth brushes his jacket off as the two keep walking.

Nick Nemeth: They think of us as selfish..

Ken Doane: Egotistical..

Nick Nemeth: Jerks.

Doane bumps into a woman, shouting ‘Move’ at her.

Ken Doane: And you know why they think that Nick?

Nick Nemeth: I know exactly why Ken, it’s because they’re jealous.

We see an old man looking at the pair with raised eyebrows. Doane looks at the man and laughs.

Ken Doane: Jealousy’s a terrible thing sir, you can look at me all you want but you’re never gonna look this good.

The two then sit down in their seats.

Nick Nemeth: When we come to Raw, jealousy is gonna be running rampant.

Ken Doane: Because we bring a whole lot more to the table than people will ever understand.

Nick Nemeth: So we’ll forget all the snidy comments.

Ken Doane: We’ll forget all the name calling.

An attendant brings the duo a glass of champagne each.

Nick Nemeth: What YOU(pointing at the camera) all need to do is get ready.

Ken Doane: Cos Ken Doane

Nick Nemeth: And Nick Nemeth

Ken Doane: Are ready to provide the platform

Nick Nemeth: To perfection.

The pair then toast their glasses as our final shot is of the plane high in the sky.

We then cut back ringside..

'Born Naughty’

Out steps Mark Jindrak minus his mentor William Regal after what the Big Show did earlier to him and Jindrak looks less than pleased as he makes his way out.

Jim Ross: Well it’s been a rough night already for Mark Jindrak folks. Jindrak’s mentor William Regal was assaulted backstage by an angry giant, the Big Show and Jindrak himself has only just found out the news moments ago during our commercial break, take a look.

We see a clip of Josh Matthews catching up with Mark Jindrak backstage. Matthews asks Jindrak what his thoughts are on what Big Show’s done to Regal. Jindrak looks confused and asks what? Matthews then informs Jindrak of the attack, at which point Jindrak’s face drops and he then looks furious as he heads off in the opposite direction, clearly towards the ring for the upcoming match.

Jim Ross: Jindrak clearly not taking too well to what the Big Show did to William Regal. An angry Jindrak crossing paths with an angry giant here tonight, we could be in for a car crash Coach.

The Coach: I feared for Mark Jindrak earlier on J.R. But now, having seen just how fied up Jindrak is as well as the Big Show? Wow, we got ourselves a heck of a fight on our hands.

‘Arab America’

The Intercontinental champion Muhammad Hassan makes his way out, accompanied by The Great Khali to a chorus of boos.

Jim Ross: Well last week it was a case of same old story with this man folks. Muhammad Hassan stole yet another victory thanks to the help of his Arabian Entity members, defeating Shawn Michaels. There is no doubting Hassan is on a roll and at Vengeance the numbers game plays into his hands once again.

The Coach: Shelton Benjamin doesn’t stand a chance J.R. As good as Shelton is, it’s two one one at Vengeance and it ain’t just any two guys either, this is the Intercontinetal champion and a seven foot freak we’re talking about. Muhammad Hassan holds all the cards come Vengeance.

‘Time to play the Game’

Instant boos for the music of the number one contender Triple H who makes his way down to the ring, looking as intense as ever.

Jim Ross: Last week Triple H got one over on Shelton Benjamin at long last but it was the aftermath that left people talking. The Game was all set to give Shelton Benjamin one of his trademark beat downs with a sledgehammer but thank god that Batista made the save or else that coulda been all she wrote for Shelton Benjamin.

The Coach: Anytime Triple H gets that sledgehammer you better be worried and Shelton Benjamin’s a lucky guy right about now. He can thank Batista for saving him from being just another number cos Triple H was gonna damn near take his head off last week. Batista better be prepared come Vengeance J.R, if not then Triple H is gonna end the war once and for all!

The heels line up in the ring anxiously before…

‘Crank it Up’

Out comes an angry giant as the Big Show steps out to a good pop, eyes firmly fixed on Mark Jindrak.

Jim Ross: An angry, angry man ladies and gentleman. We saw what Big Show did earlier tonight to William Regal and if I were Mark Jindrak I’d take cover.

The Coach: You would J.R. Mark Jindrak ain’t afraid of anybody, these two guys are gonna explode.

Show doesn’t hesitate getting in the ring and heads straight for Jindrak who doesn’t back down either but the referee prevents Show from getting his hands on ‘The Protégé’.

‘Ain’t no stopping me Now’

The music of Shelton Benjamin then hits and one half of the World’s Greatest Tag Team steps out accompanied by the other, Charlie Haas.

Jim Ross: A lucky escape last week for this man Shelton Benjamin and to be quite frank Coach, he’s gonna need another at Vengeance if he’s to recapture the Intercontinental title.

The Coach: The odds definitely ain’t weighin’ in Shelton Benjamin’s favour J.R. Muhammad Hassan’s a tough opponent on his own, you add a seven foot three giant in beside him? It’s game over.

‘I walk Alone’

The World Heavyweight champion Batista makes his way out to a huge ovation, looking fired up here tonight as the camera pans to Triple H who looks on anxiously.

Jim Ross: Last week Triple H declared that the issue between he and Batista was now a ‘war’. Well Coach the World champion looks more than ready of going to battle. Despite a heinous assault from the Game a couple weeks back, Batista showed up last week and you can be damn sure that he wanted a piece of Triple H.

The Coach: But he didn’t get it J.R Triple H is too smart for Batista. The war has begun baby boy and only one man ever wins the war, Triple H. Batista’s got it all to do come Vengeance.

Match Five: Six Man Tag Team Match

Batista, Shelton Benjamin and Big Show vs. Triple H, Muhammad Hassan and Mark Jindrak

Shelton Benjamin and Mark Jindrak start things off, looking to get an early advantage for their team here tonight and it’s the young ‘Protégé’ Jindrak who gains the upper hand, sending Shelton off balance with a strong left hand. Jindrak then looking to make his mark began unloading on Shelton with a flurry of lefts before sending Shelton down with a big dropkick and an early cover but Shelton gets the shoulder up at the count of two.

Jindrak continues his attack, stomping away at the right arm of Shelton, looking to weaken him for that vicious armbar we saw from the powerhouse last week against Eugene. Benjamin yells in pain as Jindrak continues working on the arm of his opponent before dragging Benjamin over towards his corner and making the first tag of the night, to Benjamin’s bitter rival, Muhammad Hassan.

Hassan joins the action to heat as ever and immediately carries on where Jindrak left off. Hassan works the arm of Benjamin for a significant period as Shelton flinches at every opportunity, clearly hurting from all the damage done. Hassan though decides its time to shift focus and the leader of the Arabian Entity ups the pace a little bit as he knees Shelton in the mid section before delivering a scintillatingly quick DDT, sending Shelton down. Cover from Hassan, 1..2..kick out! The fans roar in approval as Batista and Big Show cheer on their team mate from the apron.

Hassan immediately brings Shelton up to his feet before posing to the crowd, drawing heat as ever but it plays into Shelton Benjamin’s hands as Hassan grabs Shelton’s leg, Shelton refuses to be pulled around and delivers a brutal émigré sending Hassan spiralling. A big change in momentum there as both men are down with Shelton crawling towards his corner, looking for a tag. Benjamin crawls, using all his energy, unable to use his right arm. Hassan is now showing signs of life also and heads over toward his corner. The crowd are willing Benjamin home and he gets there first, tagging in Big Show! Hassan is about an inch away and he too gets there and tags in Triple H! The Game and Big Show go toe to toe before Trips throws a big right hand and the two start trading blows. It’s Show who gets the upper hand as he sends Triple H stumbling to the turnbuckle where Show unleashes a save chop to the chest of Trips to loud oooohs from the crowd.

Show then tosses Triple H half way across the ring with Hunter seemingly in no man’s land. Show then let out a huge roar to which the fans popped but the cheers soon turned to boos as Mark Jindrak stepped through the ropes to stare down his rival as the referee kept the two apart, sending Jindrak back to his corner and the distraction worked a treat as Triple H, back to his feet nailed Show from behind, taking the big man down before taking control of the match. Trips laid into Show with some big right hands to the fallen giant before looking right at Batista and telling him that this was to be his fate at Vengeance.

Trips then allowed Show to get to his feet before delivering a kick to the midsection and a pedigree attempt incoming! Show reverses it though and sends Triple H flying over his shoulders!! Show turns around though right into a big boot from Jindrak!! Jindrak then starts laying into Big Show but is met by Shelton Benjamin who comes to the aid of his team mate and all hell breaks loose! Muhammad Hassan immediately jumps on Benjamin but Batista makes his arrival into the match!! Batista sends Hassan flying with a clothesline with Benjamin and Jindrak returning to their feet. The two start trading blows as Batista waits for Hassan to get to his feet. Benjamin knocks Jindrak into the ropes, catching the ‘Protégé’ in them and sends both himself and Jindrak over the top with a big running clothesline as the two men hit the floor with a hard fall!

The crowd though is on their feet as Batista is stalking his prey inside the ring. Hassan is back to his feet, he turns around to find the Animal who delivers a kick to the gut before hoisting Hassan high in the sky, Batistabomb time! NO!! Triple H from behind takes Batista down from the knees as Hassan rolls out of the ring. Batista holds his knee in clear pain as Big Show is now stirring. Show is up and he turns around right into the waiting Triple H, Pedigree!! Big Show eats a pedigree, cover, 1..2..3! It’s over!

Winners: Triple H, Muhammad Hassan and Mark Jindrak(9:03)

The Coach: Your next World champion J.R!! That is exactly Batista’s fate at Vengeance and there ain’t a damn thing anybody can do about it!

Jim Ross: It took more than Triple H to put Big Show away here tonight Coach, you and I both know that. Mark Jindrak took Big Show’s head off with that damn kick. And you better believe that Batista is gonna wanna get his hands on Triple H all the more after what just went down. Triple H took Batista right outta this thing here tonight.

The Coach: Batista didn’t see it comin’!! I love it!!

Jim Ross: Tonight the Cerebral Assassin has got one over on Batista. But the question remains, in just two weeks at Vengeance, right now are we looking at the next World Heavyweight champion? Goodnight everybody!!

The show closes with Batista looking up the ramp at a jubilant Triple H who holds both hands up and counts his fingers to 11, signalling that after Vengeance he will be the eleven time World champion.

Current Vengeance Card: June 26th 2005: Las Vegas; Nevada

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista(c) vs Triple H

Chris Jericho vs Edge

WWE Intercontinetal Championship: 2 on 1 Handicap Match

(Charlie Haas is banned from ringside)

Muhammad Hassan(c) and The Great Khali vs Shelton Benjamin

Christian vs Ric Flair

WWE Women's Championship: No Disqualification Match
Trish Stratus(c) vs Victoria

World Tag Team Championships: Triple Threat Match
The Dudley Boyz(c) vs The Basham Brothers vs Sonjay Dutt and Daivari

Shawn Michaels vs ?(If Shawn Michaels wins he becomes Number one contender to the World title; If Shawn Michaels loses he becomes the property of Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff)

Mark Jindrak vs Big Show
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 10/6/05- Baltimore

Tonight’s Smackdown comes to you from Baltimore, the final stop before next Friday’s special edition of Smackdown: Night of Champions. With all of the Smackdown championships on the line next week you can be sure that the superstars in contention for gold in seven nights will be doing all they can here tonight to gain an advantage heading into Night of Champions.

The main event for next week will see John Cena defend the WWE championship against the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. Tonight both champion and challenger will be in action, also against champion and challenger. John Cena will go one on one with the United States champion Orlando Jordan in a huge champion versus champion encounter. Cena and Jordan have a history between one another and it is sure to be a fiery encounter when these two collide. One man who’s sure to be keeping an eye on John Cena is Kurt Angle. Angle has been intent on sending a message to the champion over the past couple of weeks after Cena inadvertently cost Angle the chance at a WWE title shot. Will the Wrestling Machine play any part in this big main event? And can John Cena find some momentum heading into his huge title showdown on the Night of Champions special?

The other highly anticipated match confirmed for tonight’s show will be challenger up against challenger as Randy Orton goes one on one with the number one contender to the United States title, Matt Hardy. Orton has been on a roll ever since defeating The Undertaker at Judgment Day, even defeating John Cena in tag team action last week. In contrast Matt Hardy’s luck has somewhat spiralled since Judgment Day. Hardy was unfortunate not to win gold at the Pay Per View and has been plagued by Orlando Jordan’s presence week after week. Will Hardy get a big win heading into his title opportunity next week? Or will Orton be able to carry that winning streak forward by defeating a the ever determined Hardy? Be sure to find out.

We are also promised a confrontation tonight between the Cruiserweight champion Paul London and his challenger next week, The Hurricane. Last week London promised that he’d track Hurricane down and get to the bottom of his recent dealings with Chavo Guerrero. Guerrero has been helping Hurricane pick up victories, claiming that Hurricane can’t do it on his own and he’s proving that but if Hurricane takes his advice and ditches the Superhero routine, then Gregory Helms can reach Cruiserweight gold. Hurricane appears to have been oblivious to this but Paul London isn’t so sure. Will London get the answers he’s looking for? Or will Hurricane continue adding to the confusion?

And finally, last week we saw the Mexicools what looked like kidnap Chris Masters last week in bizarre circumstances. The Meixcan trio have promised to liven up Friday nights and we can only hope to find out just exactly what has happened to the Masterpiece

Confirmed for Smackdown:

Champion vs. Champion

WWE Champion John Cena vs. United States Champion Orlando Jordan;

Challenger vs. Challenger

Randy Orton vs. Matt Hardy;


Paul London will confront The Hurricane
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 10/6/05- Baltimore

We kick off with a highlights package from last week’s show including the opening promo in which Kurt Angle and John Cena came to blows. We then see Teddy Long announce the main event that night where Cena and Angle would have to team up to take on JBL and number one contender to the WWE title, Randy Orton. We then see the main talking points of the main event including Angle refusing to be tagged in and the eventual coming to blows of Cena and Angle. We then see Randy Orton hit the RKO on Cena and pin the WWE champion, giving the Legend Killer a huge boost heading into the Smackdown: Night of Champions special.

Opening video and pyro then hit as we join Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: We are just a week away from one of the biggest Smackdown’s in WWE history when the Night of Champions special rolls around. Tonight may well mark the final night in John Cena’s WWE championship reign and the champion WILL be in action here tonight as he goes one on one with United States champion Orlando Jordan!

Tazz: Huge match up right there Cole. Champion versus champion and we know the history between those two guys, it could all kick off in that one!

Michael Cole: No doubt about it but the man who challenges John Cena next week Randy Orton will also be in action here tonight. We’ve got champion versus champion in Cena versus Jordan but how about this one Tazz? It’s challenger versus challenger, Randy Orton faces the number one contender to the United States title, Matt Hardy!

Tazz: Major contest there Cole and I gotta feelin’ this is gonna be one heck of a night here in Kansas!

‘One of a Kind’

Out steps one half of the number one contenders to the WWE Tag team titles to a big pop, Rob Van Dam.

Michael Cole: But we are kicking off Friday Night Smackdown with Mr.Friday Night himself, Rob Van Dam!! And next week on the Night of Champions special Van Dam and his tag team partner, Rey Mysterio will get their rematch and chance at retribution when they take MNM for the Tag Team championships.

Tazz: These two guys are desperate for payback Cole. Van Dam especially, we’ve seen it since Judgment Day and MNM are gonna need to pull another one out the bag to keep guys the calibre of RVD and Rey Rey away from the gold.


The other half of the number one contenders steps out to a warm reception as Rey Mysterio joins his partner inside the squared circle.

Michael Cole: The Ultimate Underdog came to the aid of his friedn Rob Van Dam a while back when the numbers game became too much for Van Dam to take. And Tazz just how well do the styles of Van Dam and Mysterio go together?

Tazz: They go hand in hand Cole. Ya couldn’t ask for a much better team than these two guys which makes it all the harder to believe MNM will walk out wit’ the gold next week Cole.

The Dicks then make their way out to no response as nobody gives a damn about them, shock horror.

Match One: Tag Team Match

Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio vs. The Dicks

Van Dam and James Dick start the match off and it’s an early onslaught from Van Dam as Dick can’t keep up with the pace of Van Dam’s offense. From the get go though there’s interest at the top of the ramp as MNM appear to instant heat, taking a birdseye view of their opponents next week. Van Dam connects with his usual array of kicks, sending James all over the place before a snap mare takes him down as Van Dam then locks in a headlock. Van Dam eventually releases the hold before looking at a suplex, he hoists James up high but Dick fights out of it, nailing an elbow to the head of Van Dam before delivering a couple of right hands and a clothesline, taking Van Dam down.

James then took to his corner to tag in Chad Dick and the more natural tag team if you will, use their expertise as Chad comes in and begins to stomp away at the fallen Van Dam. The crowd begin an ‘R-V-D’ chant but Chad laughs them off as he continues his assault on RVD, sinking his foot into Van Dam’s face to the count of four before the referee considers disqualifying him. Chad then brought Van Dam to his feet before whipping Mr.Friday Night across the ring. Van Dam comes bouncing back and takes Chad down with a spinning roundhouse kick knocking Chad down in an instant to a big pop!

Rey Mysterio holds his hand out in the hope of a tag and Van Dam makes his way over to his partner and slowly but surely makes the tag, introducing Mysterio!! Rey as ever enters at a lightening pace, with Chad charging at Rey who ducks it several times, running the ropes before Chad catches Rey but Mysterio delivers a tilt awhirl head scissors, taking Chad down and into a cover! 1..2..kick out just from one half of the Dicks.

James Dick on the outside encourages Chad but it’s no use and he decides enough is enough, entering the ring but so too does Van Dam! RVD and James exchange rights before Van Dam sends James down with a huge kick to the back of the head! The impact was heard by all as Van Dam then delivers a drop kick to Chad Dick who goes head first into the ropes, the fans all knew what time it was now!!

Mysterio charges at Chad, full speed ahead and delivers a 619!! Chad goes flying as Van Dam points to the ramp where MNM watch on anxiously. Mysterio goes to the top and connects with the West Coast Pop! Cover by Rey, 1..2..3, big win for Rey and Van Dam!

Winners: Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio(5:40)

Michael Cole: Big win here tonight for Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio! MNM have gotta be worried Tazz about just how impressive that was from RVD and Mysterio just there.

Tazz: Cole if I were a bettin’ man I’d put me some money on these two walkin’ away with the Tag team titles next week. Van Dam in particular has wanted to teach MNM about respect, well next week it may be the final lesson for em.

MNM back up the ramp, pointing at their championships as Van Dam and Mysterio signal that the gold is theirs come next week.

We cut to the back and see Booker T who is walking down the hall before the former WCW champion is met by Rhyno

Booker T: What’s happenin’ dawg? You a’ight?

Rhyno: No Booker, I’m not alright. I’m not alright at all. What the hell was last week all about huh?

Booker T: Look man I didn’t mean to hit you wit’ dat chair last week a’ight. You know as well as I do dat I wanted a piece o’ dat sucka Carlito, just like you do. Carlito dodged a bullet last week man, just like he did at Judgment Day when incase you forgettin’, you hit me wit’ dat gore.

Rhyno puts his head down for a moment before speaking up again.

Rhyno: You know that Judgment Day was a mistake, I wanted to get my hands on that punk after what he did to me and believe me, I still do. But last week Booker, I’m not so sure it was an accident.

Booker’s face drops as there’s a few oooohs in the crowd.

Rhyno: No, see me hitting you with a gore was never intentional. But you had a motive Booker, you had a reason for hitting me with that chair last week after what happened at Judgment Day and I think you took advantage of that fact.

Rhyno’s in Booker’s face now as Booker still looks horrified.

Booker T: Tell me you didn’t just say dat.

Rhyno nods his head.

Booker T: I would NEVER do dat to you man. We supposed to look out fo’ each other. We both supposed to be wantin’ a piece of Carlito but if you want a piece of me, you goin’ da right way about it man.

Rhyno: All I know Booker is that what happened last week was more than a coincidence. I still want Carlito just as bad as you do, but Booker if anything like that happens again, I’m gonna be wanting a piece of you just as much.

Rhyno walks away as Booker whispers ‘Da hell’.


Michael Cole: Indeed the Great American Bash is right around the corner as our next Smackdown Pay Per View and heading into that event we may well have a new WWE champion. Let’s join Josh Matthews who’s standing by for us.

We cut backstage to Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman my guest at this time, the number one contender to the WWE title, Randy Orton.

Heat instantly as Orton comes into shot.

Josh Matthews: Randy last week you pinned John Cena in tag team action, how big a moment was that for you last week and do you believe it’s handed you the momentum heading into your title macth next week?

Randy Orton: It wasn’t a big moment at all Josh. See moments like last week in my mind are to be expected. I expect to beat guys like John Cena, like Kurt Angle, like JBL. I expect to get the better of whoever it is that I step in the ring with, I proved that when I defeated The Undertaker at Judgment Day. If The Undertaker can’t live with me, then what chance does anybody else stand?

Orton pauses before continuing.

Randy Orton: And as far as your other question goes Josh, well momentum doesn’t count for anything. See John Cena could have all the momentum in the world heading into Night of Champions next week but what does it count for exactly? Nothing, that‘s what. All it takes next week is one moment, just one second, ONE.. RKO and it’s over, John Cena‘s reign as champion is over.


Randy Orton: Last week was a preview of what’s in store for John Cena. Y’see Cena’s too worried about what Kurt Angle’s next move is gonna be and let me tell you and let me tell John Cena this.

Orton looks directly into the camera.

Randy Orton: If you think for one second that Kurt Angle’s your problem Cena, then you’re even stupider than I thought.

More boos for the Legend Killer.

Randy Orton: I, ME, Randy Orton is your biggest problem and I’m gonna prove it to you next week and maybe then, when it’s all said and done and you no longer see the WWE championship sitting on your shoulder, maybe then you’ll realise that Randy Orton is the biggest problem for not just you but ANY superstar in the entire WWE.

The Balitmore crowd are really against Orton here.

Josh Matthews: Well Randy later on you go one on one with Matt Hardy. Are you going to be looking to send a message to John Cena out there tonight?

Randy Orton: The odds are that no matter what I say, no matter what I do, it won’t effect John Cena. Like I said Josh, Cena’s gonna be too busy with Kurt Angle to really care about what I‘m doing. That all plays into my hands Josh. So my message for Cena tonight will be loud and clear, keep focusing on Angle, keep worrying about Angle because the more you do, the more the odds shorten on Randy Orton becoming the new WWE champion.

Orton leaves to heat as we head back ringside.

Michael Cole: Well Randy Orton believes that he’s going under the radar Tazz. He believes that John Cena is too fired up in his business with Kurt Angle than concentrating on him and their title match next week. Does Randy Orton have a point?

Tazz: I think he does Cole. I mean Cena and Angle’s hatred is clear for all to see, this has built up big time the last few weeks and it’s more than possible that Cena’s forgettin’ about Orton.


The music of Carlito hits and out steps the Apple Spitter to decent heat as he gets set for action.

Michael Cole: Well last week Carlito yet again continued this roll that he’s been on in the past couple of months when he defeated Rhyno, albeit via disqualification. It all came about when Booker T made his presence felt during the match, looking to exact some revenge on the man who defeated him at Judgment Day Carlito.

Tazz: Yeah but the Book man ended up costing his buddy Rhyno in the end and that weren’t all that went down Cole. Booker swung for Carlito with a steel chair after the bell had gone and similarly to Judgment Day, only with the roles reversed this time around, Booker missed Carlito and knocked Rhyno down wit’ that chair. A brutal shot that coulda done some serious damage to Rhyno man.

‘How do you like me now?’

Out steps Hardcore Holly to a small, tiny, very tiny pop as he gets set to take on the Apple Spitter.

Match Two: Singles Match

Carlito vs. Hardcore Holly

The veteran Holly takes it to Carlito in the early exchanges, taking the Coolest superstar on Friday nights off his game with his usual aggressive style. Holly got the support of the crowd on his side from the get go as he roughed up Lito with some hard right hands before clobbering at the back of the former U.S. champion, sending him down to the mat.

Holly then whipped Lito into the ropes before ducking down, looking to send Carlito up and over but was instead met with a big kick to the face from Lito who then delivered a strong uppercut sending Holly spiralling. With Lito now in control, the Caribbean star upped his game. Lito scored the first near fall of the contest following a nice dropkick, getting him a two count. Carlito then began to hammer away at Holly, unloading with lefts and rights, showing a real aggression, shouting something in his native tongue to Holly which drew big heat from the crowd.

The finish of the match came as Holly began to get himself back into the contest, delivering a couple of right hands to Lito, much to the delight of the fans. The fans good mood was soon over though as Carlito ducked another right hand attempt before grabbing Holly from behind and delivering the Backstabber, quick as a flash, into the cover. 1...2...3. And just like that it’s over

Winner: Carlito(5:02)

Michael Cole: A convincing win yet again here tonight Tazz for Carlito and you’ve gotta believe that he’s not at all phased by the recent issues he’s had with both Booker T and Rhyno.

Tazz: If he is then he’s doin’ a damn fine job o’ not showin it. Carlito is on fire Cole and I don’t think that either Rhyno or Booker T can stop ‘im right now.

Carlito takes a mic afterwards to immediate heat from the crowd.

Carlito: It kinda feels like Carlito is just comin’ out here every week and ju people are seeing the same thing over and over again. Whether it’s Rhyno, whether it’s Booker T, whether it’s a nobody like dis guy, Carlito just washes his hands wit’ dem.


Carlito: But believe it or not, das not what Carlito wants, no. So just for all of ju people in Baltimore, Carlito’s gonna give ju all a lil treat here tonight.

Lito smiles as the crowd boo before Carlito turns his attention to the fallen Hardcore Holly who is down in the ring still.

Carlito: So uh Bob, Hardcore, whatever you like to call jurself, Carlito hates to tell ju this but uh, jur luck’s just about run out.

Carlito then puts the mic down before heading towards the announcers and grabbing a steel chair.

Michael Cole: Aw, c’mon. Carlito doesn’t need to do this Tazz, he’s already beaten Hardcore Holly here tonight, what’s he need to do this for?

Tazz: He just wants to treat the fans Cole, you heard the guy, real generous of him.

Michael Cole: Oh please. You know as well as I do that this has nothing to do with the WWE fans. This is all to do with Carlito’s own ego, he wants to hurt Hardcore Holly, to dispose of Hardcore Holly.

Carlito returns to the ring wielding a steel chair and looking ever so pleased with his work here tonight and what he’s about to do to a helpless Holly but..

‘Can you dig it? Sucka’

Big pop as the music of Booker T hits and Carlito’s recent rival charges the ring, hell bent on taking it to Carlito

Michael Cole: And here comes Booker T!!

Tazz: Oh all hell’s gonna break loose Cole!!

Booker gets inside the ring and Carlito swings at Booker with the chair but Booker ducks it! Lito turns around into a right hand from Booker, followed by a flurry of rights as Carlito drops the chair. Booker continues unloading on the Apple Spitter, knocking him down with a clothesline before getting on top of Lito and continuing with a series of right hands, looking relentless in his assault of Lito.

There’s soon confusion amongst the fans though as Booker T’s flung from on top of Lito by Rhyno! Rhyno tosses his friend off of Lito and gets on top himself before dishing out a number of right hands himself to the Cool superstar. Booker T looks completely taken aback as Rhyno takes over. Not wanting to be upstaged by his friend though, Booker decides Rhyno’s had his turn and flings Rhyno off of Lito now before heading back after Carlito. The tension between Rhyno and Booker though seems to build and Rhyno pulls Booker off as the two stare each other down, arguing about what’s going down.

The two then seem to get a bit heated and Rhyno shoves Booker T in the chest! The fans ooooh as Booker shoves back to a pop and the two exchange more words before Rhyno exits the ring staring right back at Booker who has his hands held out wide, wondering just what Rhyno is thinking. Carlito meanwhile slides out of the ring and down to the floor, considerably shaken up by the two mens ruthless actions here tonight

Michael Cole: Well Booker T and Rhyno want one thing Tazz and that is a piece of Carlito. But it appears the two friends can’t seem to co exist in doing so. We saw earlier on tonight the tension and it’s clear again here just now that something’s not right between Booker T and the Man Beast.

Tazz: It’s all about pride Cole. Booker wants to get the job done himself, Rhyno wants to do the same thing. One of ‘em is gonna end up disappointed.

Michael Cole: Well we saw last week that things between the two went wrong when Booker accidently hit Rhyno with a steel chair and we saw at Judgment Day when Rhyno inadvertently gored Booker T. Do you think those two moments are starting to adversely affect both men in their pursuit of Carlito?

Tazz: For sure Cole and I got no doubts that things are gonna keep heatin’ up as long as Carlito is getting’ involved in their business. Carlito may’ve been on the receiving end here tonight but he might just be the overall winner the way things are workin’ out wit’ these two guys.

We cut away with Booker and Rhyno still looking at one another with the tension clear for all to see.


We return and see Cruiserweight champion Paul London walking down the corridor, met with a good pop from the fans. London looks around, clearly searching for something or someone before he reaches the locker room and enters. London sees several of the Smackdown superstars before picking out just the man he wants, The Hurricane.

Paul London: Hey, uh can I get a word with ya Hurricane? I’ll make it quick.

The Hurricane: Why of course Citizen London.

London and Hurricane leave the locker room and go back out to the corridor.

Paul London: Look next week I’m putting this(pats the Cruiserweight title on his shoulder) on the line against you. Paul London one on one with The Hurricane. Sounds like a heck of a match, am I right?

The Hurricane: Indeed you are and I’d like you to know that it is going to be a real honour facing somebody of your calibre for that championship next week.

Pop as London nods his head.

Paul London: Right but uh I just wanted to clear something’ with ya here tonight. See next week like I said, it should be a great match and I wouldn’t want anything or anybody to ruin it if ya ctach my drift?

The Hurricane has a puzzled look on his face.

Paul London: This whole thing between you and Chavo Guerrero that’s going on, I want you to be straight with me and tell me what the deal is man?

The Hurricane: Citizen London I don’t know what you’re referring to here. There is no deal between myself and Chavo Guerrero, believe me on that.

Paul London: But I don’t. I don’t believe you because it’s all too convenient isn’t it? Chavo Guerrero couldn’t beat me, he couldn’t get the job done so now he’s turned to you. He’s turned to you, he’s gotten inside your head and he’s been helping you win matches, he’s trying to help you become Cruiserweight champ.

The Hurricane: I don’t need any help. When I step inside the ring with you next week, we are going to steal the show and I will prove to all The Hurricane’s loyal Citizens that I can become the king of the Cruiserweight division.

Paul London: Well I hate to burst your little bubble here but you cannot beat me. Simple fact. The only way you’re gonna beat me is if your buddy Chavo sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong.

And speak of the devil, out of the locker room steps Chavo Guerrero to instant heat as the Mexican Warrior joins the conversation.

Chavo Guerrero: Paul, Greg, good to see you both. Couldn’t help overhearing your little discussion and heard my name mentioned a couple times, great to see I’m still in your thoughts Paul.

London looks at Chavo menacingly.

The Hurricane: Who is this Greg that you keep referring to Citizen Chavo? I have told you several times now that I am The HurricaneFriday Night Smackdown’s very own superhero.

Hurricane does one of his ridiculous poses to a pop from the crowd as Chavo holds his head in his hands.

Chavo Guerrero: You are NOT a superhero, for the millionth time! You are Gregory Helms, one of the best Cruiserweights in the world and you are embarrassing yourself week in, week out.

Hurricane looks at London confused.

Chavo Guerrero: You have only been winning matches lately because of me. I am the reason you’ve got your championship match next week, the only reason. Without me helping you, you’d have been doing exactly what The Hurricane does best, LOSING.


Chavo Guerrero: But Gregory Helms? Gregory Helms is a winner and you and me both know it.

Paul London: Look I’m not buying into any of this crap. I’ll make it really clear for the both of you to understand. Chavo, you stay out of my business or I’ll do exactly what I did to you at Judgment Day. And Hurricane, do the right thing next week, face me one on one and do NOT allow him to get involved. I’ll see you next week.

London walks away as Hurricane and Chavo look at one another.

Chavo Guerrero: Well? What are ya gonna do then Greg? Ya gonna listen to a guy like Paul London or are ya gonna take my advice and let me help you become the man around here again?

The Hurricane: Chavo I don’t need your help to become great. The Hurricane can become a great all on his own. So next week I’d appreciate it if you stayed away from my match.

Chavo holds his hands up as the fans pop.

Chavo Guerrero: Hey, that’s perfectly alright with me Greg. But listen, when you come up short next week and believe me, you will. When you come up short, you’re gonna realise that everything I’ve said to you here tonight and for the past few weeks is nothing but the truth. The Hurricane cannot and will not become a champion. Gregory Helms? Whole different story. Good luck next week.

Chavo walks off to heat as Hurricane looks on pondering what’s gone on here tonight.

We then cut back to ringside

Michael Cole: It appears as though The Hurricane has had enough of Chavo Guerrero’s interferences and we will get the one on one match we’ve all been hoping for next week as Paul London and Hurricane battle for the Cruiserweight title.

Tazz: Great to hear from Hurricane Cole but now he’s got it all to prove. Can The Hurricane really do it on his own or does he infact need Chavo’s help? Gonna be a good one next week baby.

‘Burn in my Light’

The music of the Legend Killer, Randy Orton hits to immediate heat as the number one contender makes his way out for action.

Michael Cole: Last week Randy Orton scored a huge victory, pinning John Cena in tag team action and with just seven nights to go until the Night of Champions special, how much momentum does Randy Orton have going into his WWE title match?

Tazz: Oh a heck of a lot Cole. Ya gotta believe that Randy Orton is the favourite come Night of Champions. John Cena’s got his hands full as it is wit’ Kurt Angle and wit’ Randy Orton breathin’ down his neck, a lotta people are wonderin’ if Cena can really get his head straight and beat Randy Orton next week.

‘Live for the Moment’

The U.S title number one contender Matt Hardy then makes his way out to a nice pop.

Michael Cole: Another man on a roll as of late is this man. Matt Hardy has been building momentum week after week since coming over to Friday nights, his only slip up being at Judgment Day when Orlando Jordan managed to sneak a victory in their United States title macth. Next week, Hardy gets his chance at retribution.

Tazz: Gonna be a big time match up next week Cole. Orlando Jordan had a stroke of luck at Judgment Day, can he pull it off again against an in form Matt Hardy? If he can then it’s gonna take a heck of an effort cos Matt Hardy is on fire right now. Hardy has never looked better than he does right now.

Match Three: Singles Match

Randy Orton vs. Matt Hardy

The early going is tentative as both men lock up on several occasions, looking to one up the other but failing to do so. The fans start a Hardy chant from the off as Orton looks on sternly. The two lock up a further time and this time Orton gets the upper hand, delivering a kick to the gut before beginning a series of right hands to the U.S. title number one contender. Orton then whips Hardy across the ring into the ropes, Hardy comes back at Orton who takes him down with a shoulder charge before the Legend Killer pounces on Hardy, locking him into an early sleeper.

Orton locked in the submission hold tightly but Hardy managed to wrestle free eventually, to a big pop from the crowd as the North Carolina resident managed to get a foothold back in the match. Hardy then looked to take it to Orton, swinging at his opponent, knocking Orton back as Hardy whips Orton into the apron and delivers a big running clothesline, knocking the wind out of Orton.

Hardy began to find some momentum from then on and really took it to the Legend Killer. Hardy scored a close near fall as he connected with a side Russian leg sweep, almost picking up a big upset. For a moment Hardy seemed to even believe it was over as he spoke to the referee, asking if it was three, only for the referee to shake his head leaving Hardy disappointed. The former Tag team specialist then got on top of Orton, delivering a series of right hands before roaring to the crowd which got him a nice pop. Hardy then decided to head up high, taking a position on the top rope, Orton meanwhile was stirring, back up to his feet only for Hardy to come tumbling off the top, sending Orton back down with an elbow to the top of Orton’s head. Cover again from Hardy, 1..2..kick out again.

A shift in the match then came as Hardy brought Orton up to his feet, only to be met with a thumb to the eye from the Legend Killer, taking a leaf out his old mentor’s book. Orton then took advantage of Hardy’s misfortune, levelling Hardy with a clothesline before delivering a nice suplex, taking Hardy down. Orton then began to stomp at Hardy, using the five count to the maximum as the fans booed Orton’s actions. Hardy slowly got to his knees before Orton brought him back up to his feet before whipping him across the ring, Orton looked to deliver a clothesline but Hardy ducked it. Hardy came running right back at Orton from the opposite side and connects with a flying forearm, knocking Orton down.

Hardy now had full control and waited patiently, stalking Orton as he made his way back up to his feet. Orton slowly turns around, Hardy connects with a big side effect!! The fans go wild as Hardy heads to the top rope, again roaring to the crowd who are right behind him. Hardy flies from the top, connecting with a massive leg drop!! The fans egg him on for the cover but Hardy waits instead, looking all set for the Twist of fate. Orton slowly gets to his knees but the fans begin to boo as we see Orlando Jordan strutting down the ramp with a broad smile on his face. Hardy begins to realise something’s up and looks around to see OJ.

Jordan holds his hands out as if to say I’m not out here for anything but Hardy begins to shout down at the champion. Jordan then looks back and tells Hardy to turn around, shouting ‘Concentrate‘. Hardy does exactly that and he’s met with a thunderous RKO!! Cover from Orton, 1..2..3. Orton wins it, quick as a flash

Winner: Randy Orton(11:45)

Michael Cole: Randy Orton is rolling towards Night of Champions but Matt Hardy has every right to feel aggrieved here tonight as Orlando Jordan costs Hardy what would’ve potentially been the biggest win of his career here tonight.

Tazz: Orlando Jordan playin’ some mind games Cole. If OJ’s gonna retain his title next week, getting’ inside Hardy’s head is gonna be the way to do it. Props to Matt Hardy though here tonight, a great effort in takin’ on the Legend Killer but when that RKO’s around, ya better watch your back.


We return and see United States champion Orlando Jordan walking to the back, looking incredibly pleased with his work just now when OJ meets with his mentor if you will, JBL.

JBL: Bravo Orlando, bravo. THAT is what I wanna see more often from you son. I wanna see you gettin' inside your opponents heads and I wanna see you getting inside the head of John Cena later on tonight.

Pop for the mention of Cena.

Orlando Jordan: John you don’t need to worry about a thing. I know you still gotcha issues with John Cena and as your chief of staff I’m gonna fulfil my duties to you later on out there when I not only BEAT John Cena, but I tear apart the WWE champion.

Heat for OJ there.

JBL: That is the kinda talk I like to hear. As far as tearing apart John Cena goes, I don’t want you to finish the job off though. No, see I want you to pick apart Cena, leave him vulnerable and when the time is right, I’m gonna come on down to that ring and I’m gonna pick up the scraps.

More heat.

JBL: John Cena knows exactly what I’m capable of and when I dispose of him tonight, he won’t even make it to Night of Champions next week. And you know what that means don’t ya?

Orlando starts smiling along with the Wrestling God.

JBL: It means that John Cena will NOT be able to defend the WWE championship next week and that title will become vacant. Next week it ain’t gonna be John Cena up against Randy Orton for the WWE title. No, it’s gonna be me, John Bradshaw Layfield, an American Hero, the Wrestling Gawddddddd versus Randy Orton for the WWE title.

Orlando Jordan: Now boss, that sounds like a REAL main event.

The two begin to smile as we then fade away and we cut away…

To see Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis walking down the hall, met with a decent pop from the crowd. The duo continue walking down the halls before suspiciously entering the Boiler room? The two Mexicools enter to find the third Meixcool awaiting them, Super Crazy. The men speak in their native tongue briefly before we hear shouts of ‘HELLO’, ‘WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?’

The camera then shifts and we see Chris Masters blindfolded and hanging down from the ceiling, almost like, you guessed it, a pinata

Chris Masters: Look I dunno what you guys are doing here but I have had just about enough of this. Now would you please let me down and let me go and we’ll forget all about this.

Juventud: Chris, amigo ha ha. We came to the WWE to bring a bit of entertainment, a bit of fun to this place and you? Well you’re almost like our little project.

Chris Masters: Project? Are you kidding me? Your little project is OVER. Let me down now or I swear to god, when I get my hands on you I will finish all three of your careers in a matter of SECONDS!

Juventud: Chris, you don’t know how glad I am to hear that you’re enjoying yourself up there.


The three men try not to laugh, covering their mouths as they do so.

Juventud: Well uh, Masterpiece. You may not be enjoying your little stay up there but we, the Meixcools are really enjoying the view from down here esse’. So uh, like I said, you’re our little project ‘Piece and this project’s gonna keep rollin’.

Chris Masters: What the HELL is that supposed to mean?!

There is silence as the trio head over to a chair where we see three bats lined up, ready and waiting to take to their very own pinata!!
Chris Masters: I’m talking to you. HEY!! ANSWER ME DAMN IT!!

Juventud: Talking’s done Piece. Ready guys?

The trio then begin to hammer Masters with their bats(not baseball obviously, just ones that hurt enough) much to the delight of the fans who pop big whilst Masters screams out to stop, telling the three to get the hell away from him, flapping his arms around as he tries to fight the three off but they’re nowhere near him as the camera fades away with the trio still hammering away as we head back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Looks like Chris Masters bad luck with the Mexicools isn’t ending anytime soon Tazz ha ha!

Tazz: Man these three are makin’ Chris Masters life a livin’ nightmare!! They wanted to bring a bit of fun to Friday nights and to everyone apart from the Masterpiece, they’re doin’ exactly that.

‘Hell will be Callin your Name’

The music of Bobby Lashley then hits and out steps the Real Deal, set for action.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, the man now in your picture has been simply dominant since coming to Friday Night Smackdown. Bobby Lashley has beaten everybody in his path and quite frankly Tazz, I don’t see anybody stopping him right now.

Tazz: Well how do ya stop him Cole? The size of this guy, the speed, the sheer athletic ability, Lashley’s a freak of nature and whoever does stop him is gonna have to have the match of their life.

‘Final Force’

Michael Cole: Well last week Lashley defeated Kenzo Suzuki’s tag team partner Rene Dupree. Tonight, Suzuki is gonna look to take a little payback for he and Dupree after last week.

Tazz: For sure Cole. Lashley’s gotta be careful he doesn’t underestimate a guy like Kenzo Suzuki. Kenzo’s no slouch and wit’ Rene Dupree in his corner, these two could pull some tricks out here tonight.

Match Four: Singles Match

Bobby Lashley vs. Kenzo Suzuki w/Rene Dupree

Despite Suzuki not being a small opponent by any means, Lashley dominates from the get go showing just how superior he is in terms of strength and physicality. The big man took Suzuki down with a series of clotheslines, knocking the wind out of him before turning it up a notch. Suzuki attempted to take on Lashley at his own game, charging at the monster with attempted clotheslines of his own but Lashley ducked them before running the ropes and nailing Suzuki with a thunderous spear, almost breaking him in half.

The damage seemed to be done to Suzuki from that point on as Lashley headed straight after him, lifting him up for a suplex, only for Suzuki to show some life, nailing an elbow to the head of Lashley before dropping a couple of right hands before whipping the big man across the ropes but Lashley rebounds and takes down Suzuki with a big shoulder block. The Real Deal then went back to the attempted suplex he tried previously, this time connecting with real authority as Lashley then pumped up the crowd as he brough Suzuki back up to his feet, hoisting him up before connecting with the vicious Dominator. Cover from Lashley, 1..2..3, that’s all she wrote

Winner: Bobby Lashley(4:09

Michael Cole: Yet another convincing win here tonight from Bobby Lashley! This young man is on fire right now and can anybody really stop that vicious dominator Lashley uses?

Tazz: Not a chance Cole. When Lashley builds up a head of steam like that, you ain’t stopping’ him. It don’t matter if you’re one of the Cruiserweights or one of the biggest dudes in the back, you ain’t stopping it. Lashley is a beast, plain and simple.

Michael Cole: Well when we come back folks, we’ve a big time main event! It’s champion versus champion, WWE champion John Cena takes on the United States champion Orlando Jordan, next!

We cut away with Dupree and Suzuki looking intently at Lashley seemingly saying ‘This isn’t over’ as Lashley smiles and poses to the fans.


We return and Josh Matthews is standing by, ready to speak to us.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, in a matter of moments we will see United States champion Orlando Jordan go one on one with my guest at this time, the WWE champion, John Cena.

Big pop as Cena enters the shot.

Josh Matthews: John this time next week you’ll be defending your WWE title against the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. Having seen Randy Orton defeat Matt Hardy earlier on tonight, how big a match up is your one coming up against Orlando Jordan?

John Cena: It’s a big match up Josh, make no mistake about it. Orlando Jordan’s a tough guy, heck he beat me for the United States title. Like you said, Randy Orton got a big win tonight, beatin’ a guy like Matt Hardy ain’t an easy feat. But I’m gonna guarantee that tonight I go out there and I send a message to Randy Orton. I send a message to Randy Orton that come next week, he’s… he’s… right.

Confusion from Matthews.

John Cena: You may be wondering what I’m talkin’ about but it’s real simple. See I heard what Randy Orton had to say to you earlier on tonight Josh and he said something that really hit me. Orton said that my main worry has been Kurt Angle and that I shouldn’t be worrying about Kurt, I should be worrying about him. And he was right, I hate to admit it but I’ve been too worked up in getting me a piece of Kurt Angle. Well Randy, lemme tell you this, you got my attention now, you got it loud and clear.

Pop from the fans as Cena’s now looking directly into the camera intensely.

John Cena: I ain’t underestimating ya Orton. You can go in the ring, without a shadow of a doubt. But let me warn you this, do not EVER underestimate me. Cos Randy you may be right about me being focused on Kurt Angle but you’re wrong about me taking you lightly. No, in my mind, YOU are taking ME lightly. You think that I’m gonna show up next week and be lookin’ over my shoulder, waiting for Kurt Angle to show up. Wrong Randy, so very wrong.

Cena lifts his cap off.

John Cena: I want you to watch my match with Orlando Jordan and I want you to see exactly how focused I am. Thanks Josh.

Cena walks away to a decent pop as Josh smiles before Josh turns around and sees KURT ANGLE!! Angle is standing, looking in the direction of Cena walking away, much like Matthews with a little smirk on his face as we cut back to ringside.

Michael Cole: John Cena indeed looking intense and focused here tonight Tazz but like we just saw towards the end of that interview Kurt Angle is far from done with John Cena.

Tazz: I got my doubts about Cena Cole. Is he really concentrating solely on Randy Orton? I ain’t sure about that one.

‘Do what I want’

The U.S. champ Orlando Jordan makes his way out to steady heat, all set for the main event.

Michael Cole: Big time opportunity for Orlando Jordan here tonight. Orlando defeated John Cena for the United States title, if he can defeat Cena again here tonight, you’d have to believe that Orlando Jordan could be the next man in line for a shot at the WWE title.

Tazz: That’s a big if Cole. Cena’s stepped his game up since he lost that U.S title and OJ’s gonna have to give one hell of a performance to pick up the win here in Baltimore baby.

Michael Cole: Well we have already seen Orlando make his presence known here tonight, costing Matt Hardy his match with Randy Orton. Orlando has continued to be a thorn in the side of Matt Hardy and next week that rivalry will reach boiling point when they do battle once more for the United States gold.

‘My Time is Now’

Michael Cole: And here comes the champ!! John Cena will put his WWE championship on the line against Randy Orton in seven nights on our Smackdown: Night of Champions special. Tonight Cena wants to send a message to the number one contender.

Tazz: AND Kurt Angle Cole. I got no doubts that tonight isn’t just about Randy Orton, isn’t just about the title match next week, it’s still about Kurt Angle.

Match Five: Singles Match

John Cena vs. Orlando Jordan

Cena dominates the early goings as Orlando Jordan has no answer for the strength of Cena. The WWE champion takes down his opponent with a series of shoulder blocks to which OJ has no answer for. The Uunited States champion seemed to be helpless as Cena continued his dominance for the next couple of minutes before an opportunity finally fell Jordan’s way. With Cena running the ropes, Jordan managed to duck the oncoming charge and himself ran the ropes, knocking Cena down with a high knee to the temple. Jordan goes close with a pinfall attempt, scoring a two count as he demanded a faster count.

Jordan then brought Cena up to his feet before looking to deliver his little trademark shuffle. Jordan jabs at Cena with several left hands before delivering a big right hand sending Cena tumbling as OJ panders to the crowd, drawing in heat. Jordan heads back to work on Cena, working at the right arm of the WWE champion, stomping away before locking in what looked a painful armbar.

Cena’s face is etched in pain as OJ locks it in tighter, begging for Cena to tap out but the leader of the Chain Gang refused to give in, showing all his usual guts and determination, eventually managing to battle his way to ropes much to Jordan’s dislike. Jordan told the referee to call for the bell next time to which the ref looked at Orlando strangely. This seemed to mark a turning point as Cena managed to claw his way back into the match.

With OJ wasting time arguing, he turned back around into the waiting Cena who delivered a right hand, followed by another sending Orlando backwards. Cena then delivers a big clothesline, taking Orlando over the top rope to a nice pop! Orlando goes crashing down to the outside as Cena now takes his turn to pose for the crowd before heading to the outside himself. Cena brings OJ back to his feet as the crowd are excited by how close the two men are to them. Cena looks to whip Jordan into the steel stpes but OJ reverses it and sends Cena shoulder first into the steps!! Big impact on Cena as Jordan heads back inside the ring, looking to take a breather.

The referee begins to count Cena out as Jordan continues his recovery. The fans begin to boo though as down comes JBL!! Inside the ring, Jordan sees his ‘employer’ if you will coming down to the ring and Jordan distracts the referee allowing JBL to stomp the hell out of Cena! The crowd shits all over JBL as he lifts Cena up before charging at him and delivering a clothesline from hell! But NO!! JBL lines it up but is attacked from behind by MATT HARDY!! Hardy looking to take a bit of payback on Orlando Jordan after what happened earlier. Orlando Jordan now has no problem telling the referee to turn and around and look at what’s happening.

The referee does so and heads to the outside, calling for more officials, telling Hardy to go to the back, along with JBL. Hardy roars to the crowd before shouting at Orlando, ‘Next week OJ, that title is mine’ to a big pop from the Baltimore faithful. A host of referees separate the two men, taking them up the ramp separately as the match continues. Orlando has re-entered the ring with Cena now joining him. Jordan immediately pounces, kicking out at Cena before looking to deliver some Orlando Magic!! Jordan goes for it, Cena reverses it though and pushes Jordan into the ropes, Jordan rebounds right into Cena’s path who lifts him up high, FU!! FU to Jordan!! Cover, 1..2..3, Cena wins it!!

Winner: John Cena(8:53)

Michael Cole: Statement made tonight from John Cena! Despite the interference, despite JBL’s best efforts to further get inside John Cena’s head, John Cena has prevailed here tonight with a little bit of help from Matt Hardy!


Cena does exactly that as he turns into the waiting Kurt Angle!! Angle slam attempt from Angle but Cena counters it, lifts Angle up, FU!! FU to Kurt Angle!! The crowd eats it up as Cena does his ‘You can’t see me’ pose to the fallen Wrestling Machine, finally getting the better of Angle. Cena then lifts up high his WWE title to a big pop from the Baltimore crowd but……

BAM!! RKO, RKO TO CENA!! Randy Orton takes down the champion with a brutal RKO sending yet another message that he is not to be forgotten about. Orton then takes the WWE title and looks at Kurt Angle before heading over to Cena and laughing at the fallen champion before lifting the championship up high to instant heat

Michael Cole: Yet again folks Randy Orton has taken advantage of John Cena and Kurt Angle’s issues. Kurt Angle continues to get inside the head of the champion Tazz. Whilst Randy Orton just as he has done here tonight, continues to go under the radar.

Tazz: Cena and Orton are gonna explode next week Cole! Cena’s got Kurt Angle looming, he’s got JBL still looming, can Cena really cope wit’ the odds stacked against him next week? Can Cena really focus on that man, the Legend Killer, Randy Orton? I don’t think he can.

Michael Cole: One thing’s for sure, you will NOT wanna miss it! Smackdown: Night of Champions special next week! Cena and Orton for the WWE championship!! Goodnight everybody!

All feedback will as ever be returned and appreciated. Matches aren't great again ahead of upcoming PPV and Night of Champions next week, don't wanna burn out.

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Smackdown 10/6/05 Review

I'll start off by saying your commentary is fairly spot on. I can hear both Michael Cole and Tazz in my mind when I read the dialogue you've presented them with. In fact, I think most all of your dialogue accurately represented the wrestlers, commentators and interviewers they were meant to portray. A few minor inconsistencies from time to time, but nothing that really stands out or detracts from the enjoyment of your thread.

Not familiar with James and Chad Dick, but RVD and Mysterio kept the action pretty entertaining. Enough that I could see this being a realistic opening contest for a 2005 episode of "Smackdown". The Carlito/Holly match was good, but I'll admit I'm glad you kept it short. I think anything over five to eight minutes between these two would be pushing it. The Orton/Hardy match was my favorite of the show. Really great psychology, well written, excellent pacing, nice finale; Jordan's distraction was one of those little touches that help build mainstream storylines better than matches alone can.

I was never a fan of Bobby Lashley, so his match against Suzuki didn't really interest me (nothing bad about the set-up or the writing however). The Cena/Jordan main event was slightly less thrilling than I expected it to be. Not a bad match per se, but if I was to rate matches I would say the main event was about a two and a half star contest whereas the Orton/Hardy would have been three and a half. Still, it wasn't the worst way the end a show. There's a lot of great build with the backstage segments and I'm curious to see how your "Great American Bash" will be set-up (as well as your "Night of Champions" edition).

I know from your last line that you felt the matches might not be that great, but overall this was a very solid read and I'll definitely be keeping an eye on where you take your presentation.

The Crypt of Cross: New Review - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) Posted 11/29/11

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 13/6/05- San Diego

With less than two weeks until Vengeance, Raw emanates from San Diego, California and it is sure to be a wild night in store for the Monday Night Raw superstars.

Last week saw a big six man tag team match end in Triple H scoring a victory over the 500 pound giant Big Show. The Game managed to get one over on his current rival Batista who was building up a real head of steam before the Cerebral Assassin took out the Animal from behind, enabling him to take advantage of a helpless Big Show. With Triple H building up their title match at Vengeance as a ‘war’, we’ve yet to really hear a response from the World champion. Triple H has bragged that he always wins the war and that Batista has never even entered a war zone. Well tonight, we have learned that Batista will kick off Monday Night Raw and will give his take on the ‘war’ he’s embroiled in and what he’s got in store for his former mentor.

Also scheduled for tonight is another huge six man tag team match as the team of Edge, Christian and Tomko take on the team of Chris Jericho, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. Eric Bischoff made the match last week after being angered by events that took place during a match up between Shawn Michaels and Edge. Bischoff looked as though he was all set to screw Shawn Michaels, only for Chris Jericho to make his presence felt, stopping the Raw General Manager from getting involved whilst also costing his rival Edge a big victory. Ric Flair’s return to the ring is also a major talking point as the Nature Boy shocked everybody last week, returning to help Chris Jericho fend off the trio of Edge, Tomko and Flair’s opponent at Vengeance, Christian. Will Naitch be stylin’ and profiling’ here in San Diego or will Captain Charisma pull one out the bag in this mammoth match up?

We are also certain to see more developments in the Shelton Benjamin/Muhammad Hassan feud. Confirmed for tonight is another tag team contest as Benjamin will team with his long time partner, Charlie Haas to take on Hassan and The Great Khali. With Benjamin facing an uphill struggle at Vengeance when he must go it alone against both men, can he and Haas make any sort of impact here tonight and perhaps dish out a psychological blow to the Intercontinental champion and the rest of the Arabian Entity?

Almost guaranteed tonight will be the appearance of William Regal and his protégé Mark Jindrak. Jindrak and Regal have been making headlines since forming an alliance several weeks back and taking out Big Show. Last week however, it was the giant who got angry and William Regal felt the full force of the seven footer. Show destroyed Regal backstage, sending the Englishman flying all over the place. Regal spent several days in hospital but is scheduled to appear tonight and both he and Jindrak are sure to be looking at payback.

Don’t miss all the action and all of the chaos live on Monday Night Raw as Vengeance draws ever nearer!

Confirmed for Raw:

Edge, Christian and Tomko vs. Chris Jericho, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels

The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali


Batista will open the show and respond to Triple H
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Was gonna see if I could get to your Smackdown (very busy schedule ), but now I suppose I can hold off 'til RAW.

Don't think I've read any of your RAWs, to be honest, so looks to be something fun. The alliances of Regal/Jindrack and Hassan/Khali look to already draw my interest, while Batista/Trips should be getting a bit on the brutal side of their feud. The big six man should be fun, with Flair being a new element, it appears. Will be taking a peek, duder.


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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 13/6/05- San Diego

We open with just the usual introduction video and pyro as J.R. and Coach welcome us as ever.

Jim Ross: We are now less than two weeks away from Vengeance and tonight the road to Las Vegas will continue to heat up as Monday Night Raw comes to you from San Diego! And folks a HUGE tag team match up signed for tonight by general manager, Eric Bischoff.

The Coach: Eric Bischoff NEVER lets us down J.R! Tonight, Ric Flair returns to the ring, teaming up with Y2J, Chris Jericho and the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels to take on my boy Captain Charisma, Christian, Mr.Money in the Bank, Edge and Tomko. What.. a.. match up J.R!

‘I Walk Alone’

Jim Ross: But we are kicking things off with the World Heavyweight champion, Batista! The Animal has endured a tough couple of weeks with Triple H declaring that the ‘war’ had begun and that Batista didn’t know exactly what he was in for when he steps into the ‘war zone‘.

The Coach: He doesn’t J.R. Triple H has been there and done it and he ALWAYS comes out on top. At Vengeance when these two men collide one more time, Triple H is gonna prove that Wrestlemania was a fluke. Batista won that battle but he ain’t winnin’ the war.

Tista takes the mic to a nice reaction from the crowd but the Animal doesn’t look too happy.

Batista: I gotta be honest with all of you people here tonight and say that although it is great to be here tonight in San Diego.

Cheap pop.

Batista: Although it is great, I’m just not in the mood tonight. I’m not in the mood to walk around the locker room back there and talk to all the guys. I’m not in the mood to joke around here tonight. I’m not in the mood to do anything tonight except KICK TRIPLE H’S ASS!!

Big pop for the champion.

Batista: I am SICK of that piece of trash thinking he owns this show, walking around like he owns the damn company for that matter. Triple H needs to start realising that every second that passes by is just another second closer to me tearing his head off at Vengeance.

Pop again for the Animal.

Batista: Triple H seems to think that what happened at Wrestlemania was a fluke. He seems to think that when it comes to ‘war‘, he’s unstoppable. Well Hunter I know you better than anybody and in a way you’re right. I see where you’re comin’ from, I really do. Over the years, the amount of guys you’ve faced, the amount of times you’ve won those wars is incredible. But what you don’t seem to realise is, that is all in the past. This, the here and now, the present, there’s a new sheriff in town Hunter and you’re looking at him.

Another nice pop.

Batista: See I’ve learnt a heck of a lot over the years from Triple H. One of the greatest things I’ve learned from Triple H is that there is always a way. I know Hunter inside out like the back of my hand. I know what makes him tick, his strengths, his weaknesses, you name it, I know it and that is what makes me so dangerous to Triple H because I know the way.

Batista pauses.

Batista: And that is what makes this ‘war’ that Hunter talks about different. The facts are that like I said, down the years Triple H has always had the upper hand on his opponents. He’s always had that ace up his sleeve. He’s always had a Shawn Michaels, a Stephanie McMahon, a Randy Orton, a Ric Flair, a Batista fighting his battles for him. And that is why he nearly always comes out on top. Well this time, he’s got NOTHING, he’s got NOBODY to save him from what I’m gonna do to him come Vengeance.

Another very nice pop for the World champion.

Batista: Y’know I remember when the Undisputed title went exclusively to Smackdown and Raw was left without a champion. So what happens? Well Eric Bischoff brings back this(points at the World title on his shoulder). He brings back one of the most prestigious championships in the Wrestling industry. People were excited, I know I sure as hell was, but what happened?

Batista shakes his head in disgust.

Batista: We didn’t get to see two men battle it out to really see who deserved to hold this. We didn’t get a tournament to crown the true World champion. No, I had to sit back and watch as we got Eric Bischoff handing his little buddy Triple H this World Heavyweight title without breaking a damn sweat, and to this very day that still pisses me off.

A small BA-TIS-TA chant breaks out.

Batista: See Triple H has had all the help in the world since he stepped foot into this business. There are guys in the back there who work day and night to get within an inch of the heights Triple H has got to. So when moments like that happen and Triple H just accepts being handed the title, like he owns the damn thing, you can all see why I get so damn angry.

Again Batista shakes his head.

Batista: So at Vengeance I’m gonna finish what I started, I’m gonna finish the war. I’m gonna go into that ring and I’m gonna fight with everything I’ve got to give, not only for me but I’m gonna fight for this championship and I’m gonna fight for all those guys in the back who don’t get things handed to them, who have to work to get their opportunity.

Very nice pop again for Dave.

Batista: Triple H you wi….

‘I’m Back’

The Animal is cut off by the Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff who steps out to instant heat.

Jim Ross: Well Eric Bischoff’spersonal quest to ruin Shawn Michaels career took a turn for the worst last week as the Showstopper finally got one over the Raw General Manager, albeit thanks to a helping hand from Chris Jericho.

The Coach: Chris Jericho made a huge mistake last week J.R You only have to look at Shawn Michaels and his situation right now to realise that you do NOT cross the boss.

Bischoff takes a mic as Batista looks on sternly.

Eric Bischoff: I got a uh, I got a question for ya champ. Are you really that stupid?

A few ooohs as Batista raises his eyebrows in surprise.

Eric Bischoff: You come out here and you wanna throw my name out there? You wanna call me out on ‘handing’ Triple H the World Heavyweight title in the past? All I can say is wow. Just wow. Have you uh, have you forgotten exactly where getting on the wrong side of me has gotten Shawn Michaels?

Pop for the mention of Michaels.

Eric Bischoff: It’s brought him to the very lowest point in his entire career so let me ask you another question. Do you wanna join Shawn Michaels at the bottom of the barrel? Cos I can make it happen Dave. Believe me, I can make it happen.

Bischoff stops with a broad smile, allowing Tista to respond.

Batista: I’d much rather join Shawn Michaels than go about my business with somebody who hands people championships, somebody who abuses his authority like you Eric.

Pop for the Animal as Bischoff looks taken aback.

Batista: And to answer a couple of your questions. Am I really that stupid? Call it stupid, I call it guts. Having the guts to stand up for the right thing. As for where crossing the boss has gotten Shawn Michaels. That is one of the things that myself and everybody in this arena respects the hell outta Shawn Michaels for.

Pop again for the champion.

Batista: Shawn Michaels will not back down for what he believes in, no matter who he’s up against, be it me, be it you, be it Vince McMahon himself. I know I’m not the only one who hopes that whoever you’ve got lined up to face him at Vengeance, get their teeth kicked down their throat by the Showstopper.

A H-B-K chant now begins as Batista nods his head.

Eric Bischoff: When you won the World title at Wrestlemania Dave I really, sincerely hoped that we could have a good working relationship, that we could see eye to eye. Well I guess what you just said here tonight blows that right out the window doesn’t it?

Batista nods.

Eric Bischoff: Well that’s just too bad cos you go ask Shawn Michaels if he’d wanna start over with me and I bet you his answer would be yes. Shawn Michaels will become mine at Vengeance, that is a simple fact. But Dave be aware of this, you’re not far off joining him.

Bischoff looks angry now.

Batista: Is that right? Well how ’bout I show you exactly what I’m gonna do if you even think about threatening me again ’boss’?

Batista takes his shirt off to a big pop as Bischoff suddenly starts to look nervy but

‘Sexy Boy’

The music of Shawn Michaels hits to a pop but a slightly confused one as the crowd were hoping for Batista to take out the GM.

Jim Ross: Well I for one was hoping Batista did to Eric Bischoff what I think everybody in San Diego would like to do.

The Coach: You don’t speak for everyone J.R. Batista’s made enough mistakes tonight as it is and he can thank his lucky stars that Shawn Michaels is out here to stop him from making another.

Michaels has a mic in hand already and gets set to speak with an angered yet nervy Eric Bischoff.

Shawn Michaels: Sorry to spoil the fun Dave but I can’t let ya do any damage to Eric Bischoff. I’m sorry.

Boos ring round the arena as Michaels shakes his head.

Shawn Michaels: I know, I know. We all wanna see Eric Bischoff get torn limb from limb by an ‘Animal’ but it’s just not happening. Not tonight anyway.

Bischoff then interrupts.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn I don’t know what you’re out here for but I’m really not interested in hearing it. Facts are that Batista’s going the same route you went down Shawn by trying to take on me and Dave you’re gonna end up exactly the same as HE(points viciously at HBK) has and that is full of regrets. Regretting the day he put his hands on ME! So Dave, your punishment starts TONIGHT. You will go one on one with ‘The Protégé’ Mark Jindrak right here in San Diego.

Pop from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: Oh and Shawn…

BAM!! SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO ERIC BISCHOFF!! The crowd goes insane as Michaels struts a little while Batista laughs smugly.

Shawn Michaels: Eric don’t EVER interrupt the Showstopper.

Pop again as a ‘HBK’ chant builds up.

Shawn Michaels: Now Dave like I was sayin’, I couldn’t let you get your hands on Eric Bischoff, no, no, no, that’s my job!

Pop again as Michaels looks to leave the ring only to stop a second.

Shawn Michaels: Oh and Dave, one other thing before I go. At Vengeance when I’m done with that piece of garbage down there(pointing at Bischoff), if you’re still holding that World Heavyweight title, then you better be ready cos the Heartbreak Kid wants one more run on top.

‘Sexy Boy’ then plays as Batista nods in appreciation of Michaels statement here tonight and the fans cheer wildly at the thought of Batista and Michaels.


We return and join Todd Grisham who is backstage set for interview.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guests at this time, Edge, Christian and Tomko.

Heat for all three who don’t look best pleased to be here.

Todd Grisham: Guys tonight you team up to take on the team of Chris Jericho, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. How are you feeling heading into such a big match so close to Vengeance?

Edge: We feel really great Todd and I sincerely mean that. See at Vengeance I face Chris Jericho whilst Christian faces Ric Flair. Flair and Jericho have got a lot in common and one of those things is that they are both stuck in the past.

Christian: That’s right. Y’see as great as Ric Flair was, we are now in 2005, we are in the midst of a new era and that era no longer revolves around the Nature Boy, this is my time to shine now. And as far as Jericho goes, just like Flair, he’s too busy living off what he‘s achieved in the past. Sure he won the Undisputed title, but how long ago was that now huh?

There’s silence for a couple of seconds.

Christian: Yeah exactly.

Edge: And as far as the other member of their team tonight goes, Shawn Michaels is in the exact same boat as those two go. Michaels has lost it, plain and simple. Shaw..

Todd Grisham: He beat you last week though Edge, I mean th..

Christian: Shut up wise guy.

Edge: Like I was saying before I was so RUDELY interrupted. Shawn Michaels hasn’t won a big match since before Wrestlemania. Kurt Angle’s beaten him, Randy Orton’s beaten him, I would’ve beaten him last week had it not been for Jericho sticking his nose in business that wasn’t his.

Tomko just nods menacingly in the background.

Edge: Tonight the three of us are gonna prove our points for all to see. The past is all well and good but it’s about the future on Monday Night Raw and not one of our opponents tonight fits into the future of this company.

Christian: We on the other hand Todd, we mark the prime example of what Monday Night Raw is going to be about. Starting tonight and finishing at Vengeance, we are going to prove that it doesn’t matter how many World titles you’ve racked up, it doesn’t matter how many Pay Per Views you’ve headlined, how many arenas you’ve sold out. All that matters is the here and now. And right here, right now, WE are all that matters.

The trio walk off to good heat as Todd Grisham thanks them for their time before we cut back to ringside.

'Yeah, We’re Comin’ Down’

The music of the tag team champions hits as Bubba Ray Dudley gets set for action, accompanied by D-Von.

Jim Ross: Well strong words from Edge and Christian there Coach. I don’t quite agree with them but we’ll find out later on tonight that’s for sure. Moving on, last week saw a triple threat match between D-Von Dudley, Danny Basham and Daivari in which Danny Basham picked up the victory and Coach you believe that the Bashams could be favourites come Vengeance as they go under the radar.

The Coach: Absolutely. People seem to be forgetting all about the Basham’s and that will no doubt work in their favour at Vengeance J.R. These guys on the other hand are a lot of people’s favourites and I ain’t got a clue why. They’re on the list with Michaels, Jericho and Flair for past it.

Jim Ross: Oh don’t give me that Coach, the Dudleyz are the World Tag team champions for a reason and it damn sure ain’t cos they’re past it.

‘Arab America’

Out come the duo of Daivari and Dutt to decent heat as the Entity members make their way down with Sonjay Dutt the man in action.

Jim Ross: These two men have perhaps made the biggest impact out of each team ahead of Vengeance with Daivari and Sonjay Dutt taking out both the champions and the Basham’s on several occasions, albeit thanks to a helping hand from their fellow Arabian Entity members, Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali.

The Coach: These two guys don’t need help J.R. They are just naturally gifted, multi talented superstars and at Vengeance they’re my pick to take home the gold.

Jim Ross: I thought you had the Basham’s down as favourites?

The Coach: I can root for both team’s cant I? I’m impartial remember.

J.R glares at Coach in that usual way.


The Basham’s then make their way out to a small reaction with Doug set for action this time out.

Jim Ross: Well here are your ‘other’ favourites. Last week Danny picked up a big win, building some nice momentum for the Basham Brothers heading into Vengeance, can Doug do the same tonight?

The Coach: Absolutely. These two guys are hard as nails baby boy and I can see them going two for two tonight.

Match One: Triple Threat Match

Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Doug Basham

Bubba immediately charges at Dutt and takes down the small Entity member. Doug Basham then heads after Bubba, looking to catch him off guard but it’s no use as Bubba is starting things off at a blistering pace as he drops Doug with a back body drop. The fans pop as Bubba shouts ‘Come On’ with Dutt getting back to his feet, Bubba again charges but this time Dutt ducks it and runs the ropes before connecting with a flying forearm knocking Bubba down this time. Cover from Dutt, 1..2..early kick out.

The pace of the match doesn’t die down as all three men continue looking to take it to one another, using every chance they get to get the upper hand on their opponents. Doug Basham looks in control midway through the contest as he and Sonjay Dutt double team Bubba, whipping the big man across the ring, Bubba rebounds and the duo deliver separate kicks to Bubba’s gut before a double DDT takes Bubba down. Dutt looks to go for the cover but Doug drag him back and delivers another DDT, this time taking Dutt down. Cover from Doug, 1..2..just at the death a kick out from the small member of the Entity.

Doug slaps himself, trying to psych himself up as Danny encourages him on the outside whilst D-Von slams the mat, trying to rally the fans to get behind Bubba who’s making his way gingerly to his feet. Doug goes right after Bubba but the big man responds with some right hands, using his infamous little jab routine before laying Doug out with a big time right hand. Bubba looks to build some momentum and waits for Doug to return to his feet. Doug surfaces slowly and turns around into the waiting Bubba who delivers a brutal spine buster!! Bubba goes for the cover but Sonjay Dutt rolls him up from behind!! 1..2..3!! Dutt steals one!!

Winner: Sonjay Dutt(5:39)

Jim Ross: BIG win for Sonjay Dutt right there folks and once again the momentum has shifted in this threeway feud for the World’s Tag team titles. Come Vengeance, it is anybody’s ball game!

The Coach: I can’t call it J.R All I know is that we’re leaving Las Vegas with NEW World Tag Team champions and I for one cannot wait to see who it’s gonna be.

Jim Ross: You cannot count out the Dudley Boyz Coach. Bubba Ray and D-Von’s experience alone could well be enough in two weeks to retain their titles. The only certainty is that it’s gonna be a heck of a match up come Vengeance.

We cut backstage to see the number one contender to the World Heavyweight title, Triple H. The Game’s appearance is greeted with strong heat as he walks down the hall before stopping and apparently finding exactly who he wanted to find, William Regal and Mark Jindrak. The duo are also met with considerable heat, Regal sporting a neck brace after the assault on him from Big Show last week.

Triple H: Mark, William, good to see ya both. I was kinda hopin’ I’d run into you guys before your match with Batista tonight. See I’ve got a uh, a little proposition for ya.

Regal holds the back of his neck awkwardly as he goes to nod but struggles and instead says ‘Yes, go on’.

Triple H: You know that at Vengeance I’ve got my rematch with Batista for the World title. That match is less than two weeks from tonight and well it’d be a real shame if anything were to happen to Batista beforehand, if you two catch my drift.

Jindrak nods smiling as Regal responds.

William Regal: Myself and Mark know exactly where you’re going with this, and well all I can say is, it’d be our pleasure to ‘soften’ Batista up if you will out there tonight.

Trips smiles.

Triple H: I knew you’d see where I’m comin’ from. I don’t care about the result tonight, all I care about is that he(points at Jindrak) makes his mark on Batista. I don’t want him leaving this arena in one piece tonight.

William Regal: Believe me, with a man as physically impressive as this, as aggressive, as dominant as this(pointing at Jindrak), you have nothing to worry about when it comes to Batista tonight.

Hunter smiles and nods his head before shaking Regal’s hand and going to walk off only for Regal to stop him in his tracks.

William Regal: But erm, there is a little something we’d like from you in return Hunter.

Trips looks puzzled as he halts.

Triple H: I’m listenin’.

William Regal: As I’m sure you are well aware, I was savagely assaulted last week by that seven foot ogre Big Show. That attack left me in a hospital bed for three days and with a severely damaged neck. I cannot, no, no, no, I WILL NOT stand back and let him get away with that.

Jindrak nods his head in agreement.

William Regal: Young Mark here is going to dismantle Big Show at Vengeance. But just like you want us to soften up Batista tonight, we would like for you to, well you don’t even need to soften him up, we’d simply like for you to send a little message to the Big Show that we are NOT to be messed with.

Heat for Regal here.

Triple H: Let me tell ya Regal, I got absolutely no problem takin’ care of business for ya. Good luck tonight.

Regal and the Game shake hands once more as Regal smiles broadly, slapping his protégé on the chest whilst Trips walks away, intense as ever.


We return to the music of Molly Holly who’s set for action against……

‘Time to Rock and Roll’

The Women’s champion Trish Stratus makes her return to a big pop after missing Raw last week following being assaulted, with Victoria the likely culprit.

Jim Ross: Great to see Trish Stratus back here on Monday Night Raw. A couple of weeks back Trish was savagely attacked backstage by Victoria. It wa…

The Coach: Woah woah woah you just stop right there baby boy. You DO NOT know that Victoria attacked Trish. Victoria told us last week she didn’t know who did it, so how do you huh?

Jim Ross: Oh come on Coach, Victoria practically admitted it last week. She wants to weaken Trish Stratus ahead of Vengeance, you and I both know it.

Coach falls silent much to J.R.’s delight.

Match Two: Singles Match

Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly

Molly goes all guns blazing in the opening stages, really throwing herself at the Women’s champion and briefly it works as Trish seems a bit rattled by the early onslaught. Molly’s aggression soon wares off though and Trish begins to take advantage from there on in.

The champion worked her way into the match with a series of forearms, knocking Molly off balance before Trish takes down Molly with a Thesz press before unloading with lefts and rights, followed by the usual women’s action of shaking their opponent by the hair, as Molly squeals. Trish then scored a near fall, following a nasty looking suplex which seemed to make some impact on the lower back of Holly.

The ending of the match came as Molly looked to get herself back into things, striking Trish out of nowhere with a big kick to the head of Trish, This just seemed to anger Trish though who responded with a big kick of her own into the gut of Molly before Trish handed out a dose of Stratusfaction to Molly!! Into the cover, 1..2..3. Trish scores a big win

Winner: Trish Stratus(3:25)

Jim Ross: Trish Stratus doesn’t look like she’s missed a beat folks. A mighty impressive showing from the Women’s champion here tonight.

The Coach: Alright I’ll give credit where credit’s due. A good outing from Trish Stratus here tonight BUT Molly Holly, as good as she is, she ain’t Victoria.

‘I ain’ a lady to mess with’

Speak of the devil, out steps Victoria with a mic in hand, much to Trish’s dismay.

Victoria: Trish it’s really, really great to see you back on Raw. It really did break my heart a couple of weeks ago when I saw you being stretchered out of the arena, I mean I thought and I don’t know about all these people, but I thought that our match at Vengeance was out the window there and then.

Trish rolls her eyes.

Victoria: Y’know I’ve been searching for the past two weeks as to who attacked you backstage and I hate to be the bearer of bad news Trish but uh, I, I couldn’t find anything.

Boos for the number one contender.

Victoria: I’m sorry I really am. I wanna know just as badly as you do as to who it was that so brutally, so viciously attacked you so we can take action, we can take revenge, we can take vengeance ha ha.

Trish now has a mic.

Trish Stratus: Cut the crap Victoria. I know just as well as you do who attacked me. All our great fans know who attacked me and it doesn’t take a detective to figure it out so how ‘bout you come down to this ring and try to finish what you started?

Pop for the champion as Victoria shakes her head.

Trish Stratus: Fine. You don’t wanna come down here? Then I’m comin’ up there.

Trish drops her mic to a bigger pop and charges up the ramp but Victoria runs right to the back to heat from the crowd as Trish slows down, realising Victoria wants nothing to do with her here tonight.

Jim Ross: Victoria showin’ her true colours right there folks. She wants nothing to do with Trish Stratus here tonight.

The Coach: Smart move J.R. Ya got less than two weeks til one of the biggest matches of your career, would you wanna risk potential injury?

Jim Ross: Trish Stratus deserves to get her hands on Victoria Coach and I for one can’t wait til Vengeance comes around and these two go at each other.

We cut backstage to find Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas in their locker room. The World’s Greatest Tag Team are met with a nice pop from the San Diego crowd.

Charlie Haas: Look I believe in you man. Sure Vengeance is gonna be a heck of an ask but you gotta have faith Shelton. I got faith in you, all the WWE fans around the world have got faith in you but you gotta believe in yourself too man.

Shelton nods his head, clearly concerned about the handicap match at Vengeance.

Shelton Benjamin: Y’know you’re right. You’re damn right. I am better than Muhammad Hassan, be it one on one, be it wit’ that big freak Khali in his corner, be it wit’ the whole damn Entity behind him, I can do this.

Pop for Shelton as he looks more relaxed thanks to his partner’s confidence boost.

Shelton Benjamin: I appreciate your help man, I couldn’t do this without you. I just wish that Bischoff woulda let you be in my corner come Vengeance, I could really do with your support when it’s game time man.

Charlie Haas: You don’t need my help Shelton. We may be the ‘World’s Greatest Tag Team’ but this ain’t tag team action anymore. This is all about the Intercontinental championship, I know how bad you want it man. Hey who doesn’t? But you, Shelton you deserve that Intercontinental championship and it’s about damn time Hassan and his boys learnt that you, we ain’t gonna be messed around with anymore, startin’ tonight.

Pop for Haas’ no nonsense attitude.

Shelton Benjamin: Oh no doubt about it. Let’s go do this.

The two men give each other a slap of hands before heading out the locker room.

Jim Ross: Folks when we return, it’s those two men, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, The World’s Greatest Tag Team squaring off against Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali, don’t go anywhere!!


We return as the music of Muhammad Hassan and the Arabian Entity hits as out comes Hassan and his fellow Entity member The Great Khali.

Jim Ross: Well Muhammad Hassan holds all the cards come Vengeance Coach. When you’ve got a two one one advantage then it’s always a bonus, when you hold a two on one advantage and your partner is a seven foot plus behemoth then you’ve got one hell of a bonus.

The Coach: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, as talented as those two men may be, they really are stupid J.R. How either one of ‘em believes that Shelton Benjamin is walkin’ outta Vengeance the new Intercontinental champion is beyond me. Hassan is too good on his own, Khali is too strong on his own. Together, these guys are simply unstoppable.


Out step the World’s Greatest Tag Team to a nice pop with a look of intent in their eyes.

Jim Ross: Well if anybody is gonna be able to stop them it could well be Shelton Benjamin. This kid has the guts, he has the determination, he has the ability to pull it off Coach.

The Coach: Benjamin has guts. Benjamin has determination. Benjamin has ability. But it’s two on one. What part of that don’t you understand J.R? His little buddy Charlie Haas isn’t there to help him out at Vengeance. Game’s up for Shelton come Las vegas and tonight is a preview of exactly what’s in store.

Match Three: Tag Team Match

The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali

Benjamin starts things off with the big man Khali and it’s a slow start to proceedings, no surprise really as Benjamin struggles to find a way around his huge opponent. Eventually Benjamin decides enough is enough and charges at the giant, throwing right hands at him but Khali doesn’t budge and eventually the big man responds by tossing Benjamin off of him and hurling him into the corner as the crowd gasps in awe at the strength of the Punjabi superstar.

Khali then looks to pick apart Benjamin, heading over to the corner and delivering a vicious chop to the chest of Shelton. Shelton writhes in pain as Khali continues stalking Shelton whilst Charlie Haas tries to encourage his partner from the apron. Khali though continues to dominate, whipping Shelton into the ropes as Shelton rebounds and Khali knocks Shelton to the mat with a thunderous clothesline. The big man goes for a cover, 1..2.kick out from Shelton.

Muhammad Hassan then entered the match, demanding a tag from his giant partner. Hassan stomps at the fallen Benjamin, realising the damage Khali’s done and the advantage he now has over his Intercontinental title rival. Hassan immediately locks Shelton into a sleeper hold, looking to further ground the high flier for a couple more minutes and it works perfectly. Shelton looks like he doesn’t stand a chance as Hassan continues applying pressure but with Charlie Haas’ cheerleading continuing, Shelton begins to stir and eventually the former champion gets out of the current champion’s grasp.

Benjamin then finds more energy from somewhere, beginning an assault of his recent rival, taking it fully to Hassan. The passion is clear for all the San Diego crowd as Benjamin puts a ton of heart and fight into this, launching himself at Hassan and taking him down with a Thesz press, before delivering right hand after right hand. Benjamin then whips Hassan into the corner before delivering a massive stinger splash! The wind appears to be knocked out of Hassan’s sail as Shelton rallies but BAM!! Benjamin is taken down from behind by Khali who re enters things much to the referee’s disapproval. With both men down now the crowd rally behind Shelton, urging him to make the tag.

Shelton crawls inch by inch towards Haas but Hassan is making his way over towards Khali. It’s Hassan who gets it first, bringing the big man back into things but Benjamin soon follows as he brings Haas in, to a nice pop from the crowd. Haas charges at Khali, delivering lefts and rights before kicks to the mid section of the big man but he doesn’t budge before Khali responds with a mammoth head butt, sending Haas down to the mat. Khali then brings Haas up to his feet before tossing him into the turnbuckle and pushing his boot right into the face of Haas, Khali’s foot almost devours Haas’ face.

Haas looks to be in trouble as Khali tosses him halfway across the ring before tagging Hassan back into the match. Hassan immediately begins clubbing away at the neck of Haas before delivering a nice snap mare takedown. Hassan goes for a cover, kick out at one and three quarters from Haas. A turning point soon came though as Hassan whipped Haas into the turnbuckle again before charging at Haas but he sees it coming and ducks out of the way before hauling himself towards the corner and tagging in Benjamin who comes flying in, attacking Hassan!! Benjamin lays into the champion once again before Hassan gets to his feet and is turned around right into a DDT! Cover from Benjamin, 1..2..kick out just from Hassan.

Khali senses his man is in trouble here now and enters the ring, heading straight for Benjamin but Charlie Haas reappears and charges at Khali! Khali doesn’t budge but Haas continues knocking him as does Benjamin now!! The two men almost, almost knock him off his feet before out the corner of his eye, Benjamin sees Hassan charging, kick to the gut from Benjamin, T-Bone! T-Bone suplex from Benjamin! Into the cover, Haas continues hammering away at Khali, 1..2..3!! He gets it!! Benjamin gets it just as Khali fights back!!

Winners: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas; The World’s Greatest Tag Team(9:14)

Jim Ross: There’s the guts, there’s the determination, there’s the ability of Shelton Benjamin!! You don’t believe that Benjamin can do it at Vengeance? Well you better take note of what’s transpired here tonight.

The Coach: He can’t do it J.R! He just can’t, c..c..can he?

Jim Ross: You better believe he can!! BIG win for the World’s Greatest Tag Team here tonight!!

We then cut backstage to find Todd Grisham standing by waiting to talk to us.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time, th..

Grisham is then loudly interrupted by a ‘WOOOOO’ as the Nature Boy, Ric Flair appears to a big pop.

Ric Flair: The Nature BOY is right here in San Diego!! WOOOOOO!!

Wooos from the crowd as Flair allows Grisham to speak once again.

Todd Grisham: Ric it’s great to have you here and my question is simple, how do you feel about returning to the ring tonight just two weeks ahead of your match with Christian at Vengeance?

Ric Flair: I’m excited Todd, really really excited for what’s in store here tonight. Y’know I’ve been sittin’ at home on my couch watching Christian run his mouth week after week and it’s made me SICK to my STOMACH!

Pop for Naitch.

Ric Flair: Tonight I get the chance to get my hands on that little weasel and teach him a lesson in respect. I couldn’t wait for Vengeance Todd and that’s why I’m grateful to be involved in this tag team match tonight and I’m grateful to have two partners in the shape of Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels.

Pop for the mention of his partners tonight.

Ric Flair: Guys like Christian, they run their mouth, they talk the talk but the question with guys like that is always the same, can they walk the walk? Well tonight, when Christian looks across the ring and he sees WOOOO the Nature Boy, SIX-TEEEEEN TIME World champion, he sees WHYYY-TWOOOO-JAYYY, a former UNDISPUTED champion and he sees yet another former WWE champion, he sees THE SHOWSTOPPER, THE HEARTBREAK KID, SHAWN, WOOOOOOOO, MICHAELS!

Massive pop as Naitch is getting worked up.

Ric Flair: When he sees the three of us, he’ll be lookin’ at three guys who have talked the talk, just like him BUT, he’ll be seeing threee guys who’ve walked the walk. When I look across the ring tonight Todd, I’m gonna be starin’ at three guys who are very talented, I don’t doubt that. Tomko’s big, he’s strong, he’s a danger. Edge, he’s Mr. Money in the Bank for a reason, he’s smart, calculating and of course there’s Christian.

Boos for the mention of Captain Charisma.

Ric Flair: Christian is exactly like Edge, he’s smart inside that squared circle, very smart, very talented don’t get me wrong but Christian has NEVER walked the walk. Not one of those guys have walked the walk.

Pop there as Flair calms himself down momentarily.

Ric Flair: Tonight, I’m gonna go out there, my partners are gonna go out there and we’re gonna prove exactly why we’re STILL the ones to beat around here. WOOOOOOOO!!

Flair walks off to a chorus of ‘Woooooos’ as Todd Grisham cheesily grins.


We return and head straight into a video package and although we can’t be sure it looks like it’s another in the offing for the cocky duo of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth. We enter what looks like a fancy restaurant and see several couples, seemingly enjoying romantic meals together as well as one big gathering of people. All the people eating are suited and booted as some classical music plays but we then begin to hear laughter in the background and yes….it’s them, Doane and Nemeth appear, dressed casually and walk right over to a table and sit themselves down.

Ken Doane: Hi, I’m Ken Doane.

Nick Nemeth: And hi, I’m Nick Nemeth.

Ken Doane: Y’know, we’ve taken you people along a journey with us for quite a few weeks now.

Nick Nemeth: You’ve seen us at a pool party..

Ken Doane: In our high class, top of the market range rover..

Nick Nemeth: And flying high in the sky, first class as per usual. If only our private jet was ready to fly that day. Damn it.

Ken Doane: So tonight we thought we’d bring you to our favourite restaurant around and show you how perfection wines and dines.

Nemeth then whistles.

Nick Nemeth: Yeah, uh hi, waiter, over here buddy.

A waiter slowly walks over, looking a bit hesitant.

Waiter: Errr, excuse me guys, have you uh, have you booked a table for this evening?

Ken Doane: Have we booked a table?

Nick Nemeth: Pffft what kinda stupid question is that? Of course we haven’t booked a table, you should be booking us to sit at these tables for cryin’ out loud.

Waiter: Look I’m, I..I’m sorry guys but if you haven’t booked then you can’t eat here.

Ken Doane: Listen shortstack, you do not tell us where we can and can’t eat. Look at me.

The waiter gives Doane a brief look.


This time the waiter does.

Ken Doane: Now look at him.

Again the waiter briefly looks up before turning away.

Nick Nemeth: He doesn’t wanna look at me. Ken, he doesn’t wanna look at me, is he for real? Good God what is wrong with you?

The waiter keeps his head down.

Waiter: Look I just ca…

Doane stands and gets in the waiter’s face.

Ken Doane: If you’d have actually looked at us, you’d have seen that we are two absolute mega stars and you’d have realised that you need to turn around and go get your manager so we can formally complain about our time being wasted.

Nick Nemeth: Time is money my friend.

Nemeth pats his watch as a man strides over from another table.

Diner: Look, I don’t know what’s going on here but me and my family were just trying to have a relaxed, enjoyable evening here and you’re making it quite unpleasant for us

Nick Nemeth: Unpleasant? And sitting there looking at your wife’s face all night isn’t unpleasant to you?

Diner: Hey don’t you ca…

Doane then grabs the man from behind and tosses him out of the camera view before wiping his hands of him.

Ken Doane: Now would somebody PLEASE come and take our orders?

The manager now heads over..

Manager: W..what would you..you like to or..order?

Ken Doane: I’ll have the steak please my good man. And that waiter of yours, well.

Doane then imitates cutting his throat, signalling to get rid of him.

Nick Nemeth: The steak also good sir, appreciate it, oh and make it snappy.

The manager walks away as the restaurant is now silent.

Ken Doane: There’s a hidden message in this whole fiasco folks. See in just two weeks time we’re coming to Monday Night Raw and well, lets just say that the Raw superstars need to be on notice.

Nick Nemeth: If there is anybody on Raw, anybody in the WWE that wants to cross our paths, that wants to get in our way, well quite simply they’re gonna end up like that doofus lying down there.

Ken Doane: So you all NEED.

Nick Nemeth: To get ready.

Ken Doane: Cos Ken Doane.

Nick Nemeth: And Nick Nemeth.

Ken Doane: Are ready to provide all of Monday Night Raw, with the platform..

Nick Nemeth: For perfection.

The manager then personally brings their meals as both men smile and we fade away with a message:

‘Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth: Coming to Monday Night Raw: 2 weeks.’

We return to the arena and hear…

‘Born Naughty’

The music of William Regal plays and out steps the Englishman, alongside his protégé Mark Jindrak who is set for a big opportunity against the World champion here tonight.

Jim Ross: A major chance to impress here tonight for this young man Mark Jindrak. Since acquiring the managerial services of William Regal, Jindrak seems to have raised his game, he’s young, he’s strong and he’s got buckets of potential and William Regal seems to be bringing that out of him.

The Coach: Absolutely J.R This young kid has got all the tools to succeed here in the WWE and if he can knock Batista off here tonight, that’s a huge step in the right direction for him. I mean he has taken it to Big Show in, pardon the pun, a BIG way. Jindrak has dominated Show and we saw just how angry that’s gotten the World’s Largest Athlete when he savagely took out William Regal last week.

‘I Walk Alone’

The music of Batista hits to a HUGE ovation as the World Heavyweight champion makes his way out ready for action.

Jim Ross: Well the war is on between this man, our World Heavyweight champion Batista and Triple H. At Vengeance they will battle it out once more for the World’s title but earlier on tonight Batista may well have started a war elsewhere when he got involved with Eric Bischoff.

The Coach: Batista is really as stupid as he looks J.R. I mean you DO NOT cross the boss, just look at Shawn Michaels, look where he’s headed right now. I guarantee you that it won’t be long until Batista ends up that way.

Match Three: Singles Match

Batista vs. Mark Jindrak

Both men go right at one another, looking to tear each other apart from the get go but nobody really gets the upper hand in the early exchanges as each man takes turns to hold the advantage. Jindrak gets the first blow as he delivers several knees to the gut of the champion, seemingly winding the big man before whipping Tista into the turnbuckle and delivering a big running clothesline. The Animal though didn’t lie down for Jindrak and showed all his usual fight and determination to bounce back.

With Jindrak looking in control, a possible lapse in concentration seemed to hinder the young superstar. As Jindrak looked over to his mentor William Regal on the outside, that split second seemed to allow Batista back into things as the Animal responded with a big right hand, catching Jindrak off guard. Batista then managed to build his way up and fight back, delivering a series of hard shots to Jindrak before taking him down with a big clothesline. The big man then brought Jindrak to his feet before using all his power and hoisting Jindrak up, delivering a big scoop slam before roaring to the crowd.

As the crowd started to rally behind the World champion, William Regal sensed that his protégé was in danger and made his presence in the match felt, getting himself up on the apron, garnering the attention of the Animal. Batista wasted no time in heading after regal but the wily Englishman used all his experience and dropped straight back down to the outside as Batista scowled at him menacingly. Batista turned back around but was met with a thunderous big boot from Jindrak, sending the Animal flying over the top rope and to the outside as Regal smiled devilishly whilst Jindrak immediately pursued his opponent.

With both men on the outside now, the crowd began to get further involved in the match as Jindrak stomped away at the fallen Batista. With Regal also still brewing on the outside, the fans pured heat on both men before Jindrak finally brought Batista back into the ring, following him in also. With the action now inside the ring, Jindrak delivered with a nice suplex into a pinning position, 1..2..kick out just by Batista. Jindrak then began to smell blood as he waited patiently for Batista to get to his feet, demanding Batista get back to his feet. The Animal does just that and Jindrak looks to charge right at him but the champion ducks it and instead runs the ropes before coming right at Jindrak with a huge spear!!

Jindrak goes spiralling as the crowd roar!! Regal is fuming on the outside as Batista shakes the ropes and the crowd anticipate what’s to come! BUT NO!! Instead we see William Regal once again on the apron and Batista charges at him once more, this time Regal doesn’t back down and delivers a right hand, knocking Batista down and out cold? The Animal lies motionless as we get a close up shot and it shows that Regal used brass knucks!! The referee has called for the bell as Regal continues laying into Batista with left and rights before Jindrak joins in the fun with his mentor

Winner via Disqualification: Batista(6:43)

Jim Ross: How low can you get folks? Mark Jindrak and William Regal failing to get the job done here tonight, so they gotta use some damn brass knucks to help ‘em out. What is the meaning for all this?

The Coach: I think I know the meaning J.R. A certain Triple H is the meaning of this. We saw it earlier tonight, Regal and the Game agreed a deal and it looks like Regal and Jindrak are holding up their end of it. A BRUTAL assault of Batista, I love it.

‘Welllllllll it’s the Big Show’

Loud pop comes from the arena as it appears the Big Show is on his way to take it to Jindrak and Regal. Nobody steps out though and suddenly we see on the titantron a group of paramedics surrounding a fallen Big Show who isn’t responding. There’s a small amount of blood also on the floor as they call for more help.

Jim Ross: Oh somebody get a damn ambulance!! Big Show’s not even moving for crying out loud!!

‘Time to play the Game’

Thunderous heat as the Cerebral Assassin steps out and heads to the ring with a purpose, sledgehammer in hand.

The Coach: And here he comes J.R! The NEXT World champion!

Jim Ross: This man is a disgrace Coach. We both know that he’s behind what happened to Big Show. You said it yourself, Triple H and William Regal came to an agreement and it damn sure looks like both have held up their ends.

Triple H tells Jindrak and Regal to lift Batista to his feet which to which they duly oblige. Triple H then looks Batista in the eyes before smirking and nailing Batista with the sledgehammer as the San Diego crowd shits all over the Game. Trips then demands a mic before crouching down and getting right in Batista’s face.

Triple H: Dave you really think you can go to war with me? Let me tell ya, you’re in for a really, really rude awakening come Vengeance. You better believe that I am the VERY BEST this business has to offer and I am taking back MY World Heavyweight championship. Game over Dave.

Trips then drops the mic to big heat once again before nodding his appreciation to the retreating William Regal and Mark Jindrak who smirk as they head up the ramp.

Jim Ross: Makes me sick. Triple H makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH! That was uncalled for Coach. Regal and Jindrak, they’re no better. What Triple H has done here tonight, not just now to Batista but backstage to Big Show as well is not right, it’s inhumane for god‘s sake.

The Coach: Aw quit your whining J.R and start to face facts. In less than two weeks Mark Jindrak will slay the giant and we are gonna crown a NEW World champion and for the eleventh time it’s gonna be the Game!


We return and are shown footage of Big Show leaving the arena in an ambulance with several concerned onlookers before we see William Regal and Mark Jindrak pop up next to the ambulance.

William Regal: Just one moment please, we’d like a word before you take him away.

Paramedic: We gotta go guys, he’s in a bad way here.

Regal looks up at Jindrak who simply tosses the medic aside to instant heat.

William Regal: See it doesn’t matter how large you are, nor does it matter how strong you are Big Show. When you have someone with the smarts that I do and Triple H will tell you that. Add that alongside someone with the physicality of Mark here then quite simply Show, you stand absolutely no chance of survival.

Heat for Regal.

William Regal: Mark Jindrak is the future of this business and whether you like it or not, at Vengeance he’s going to teach you the meaning of the word dominance.

The duo go to leave before Regal halts himself.

William Regal: Oh and one other thing. I really, really hope you enjoy your hospital bed sunshine.

Regal adjusts his neck brace, hinting at last week’s attack from Show on him before Regal leaves whilst Jindrak continues to look at Big Show lying there motionless before sblacking to himself as the crowd boos.

We then head elsewhere to join Muhammad Hassan and the Arabian Entity backstage when they’re approached by Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Muhammad, just wanted to get a qick word from you about tonight and your defeat at the hands of Shelt….

Hassan grabs Grisham by the scruff of the neck as Grisham shits himself in fear.

Muhammad Hassan: Tonight NEVER happened Todd. Myself and The Great Khali are too big a match up for anyone on this roster to contend with, let alone two nobodies like Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.


Muhammad Hassan: At Vengeance not only are myself and Khali going to defeat Shelton Benjamin but we are going to destroy, let me repeat that so you understand, we are going to DESTROY Shelton Benjamin. In doing so, we are going to send a message to the entire locker room that is loud and clear, nobody messes with the Arabian Entity on Monday Night Raw.

More heat for the Entity leader as he lets go of Grisham now.

Muhammad Hassan: I hold the Intercontinental title Todd. Do you realise how symbolic this championship is? It means that I have power, for once in this country I hold power, we hold power. And after Vengeance, not only will I still hold this title but Sonjay Dutt and Daivari will add to our power when they bring home the World Tag Team titles. And Todd even I don’t believe you are stupid enough to understand, that only leaves one more state of power to bring home, the World..Heavyweight..title.

Big heat for Hassan mentioning his thirst for the top prize on Raw.

Muhammad Hassan: So next time, before you go asking stupid questions, think before you speak and realise that we are no longer going to be looked upon as outsiders. We are no longer gonna be discriminated against. Because after Vengeance is over with, the balance of power around here is gonna be firmly established in the hands of the Arabian Entity.

The Entity then leave with Grisham still looking ruffled as we head back ringside.

Jim Ross: Strong words right there from Muhammad Hassan folks and in all honesty, he may be right after Vengeance. If the Entity leave with both the Intercontinental title and Tag team titles, they will hold a strong position here on Monday nights.

The Coach: It’s not a question of if J.R, it’s a question of when the Entity take control. My money is on Hassan’s boys doing it at Vengeance.

‘Just Close Your Eyes’

The music of Captain Charisma hits to nice heat as Christian steps out along with Tomko, set for our main event.

Jim Ross: Well moving as far away from the Entity as possible it is indeed time for our main event and these two men along with Edge looked to really make their mark last week on Chris Jericho, only for the shocking return of Ric Flair who stopped them in their tracks.

The Coach: Ric Flair had no right being on Raw last Monday J.R. He was not scheduled to show up again until Vengeance when Christian sends him into retirement. Who the hell does he think he is puttin’ his hands on guys like Christian and Tomko, a guy like Edge. Disgraceful actions last week.

Jim Ross: Ric Flair is a Monday Night Raw superstar Coach. He can show up here whenever he likes, he’s under contract to and I don’t blame him for trying to go after Christian last week.


Mr.Money in the Bank then steps out to nice heat also, ready to join Christian and Tomko inside the ring.

Jim Ross: Well at Vengeance, much like Christian, Edge is gonna be in line for a rough night believe me. Chris Jericho will finally get his hands on this man at Vengeance and ya gotta believe that these two are gonna beat the holy hell outta one another after what they’ve been through these past couple of months.

The Coach: It’s all about proving yourself at Vengeance J.R. Edge is desperate to prove to Chris Jericho that he is better than him. I believe he is and lets be honest a lot of people do believe he is, but that doofus Jericho can’t seem to understand it.

‘Break the Walls Down’

Out steps Y2J, Chris Jericho to a big pop as he heads down the ramp with his eyes firmly fixed on Edge.

Jim Ross: You wanna go and tell that to Chris Jericho’s face Coach?

The Coach: I don’t have anything to say to Chris Jericho. At Vengeance Edge is gonna prove me right when he defeats Jericho and finally shuts him up for good.

Jericho has no hesitation stepping inside the ring as the heels retreat out of the ring, getting out of an angry Jericho’s way.

‘Sexy Boy’

Out next to another big pop is the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels who struts his stuff down to the ring.

Jim Ross: We’ve already heard from the Showstopper here tonight folks, he made his presence felt earlier on when he interrupted Batista and Eric Bischoff before delivering some Sweet Chin Music to the boss!

The Coach: And you’re glad he did that? You can sit there and smile at the fact that our boss can be treated with such disrespect? You make me SICK J.R!


Out next to a massive pop is Naitch himself, Ric Flair steps out, robe and all as he heads down to join his team.

Jim Ross: Sixteen times Ric Flair has reached the top of the mountain. He’s headlined just about everything the world of wrestling’s had to offer and at Vengeance in less than two weeks, Ric Flair is ready to throw out all the stops to produce yet another huge win in his long and illustrious career.

The Coach: Too long J.R. Far too long. Flair was a great, Flair was the best. He needs to move over and at Vengeance Christian’s gonna make Ric Flair sit up and realise that this is a new era baby boy. This is the era of Captain Charisma.

Match Four: Six Man Tag Team Match

Ric Flair, Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels vs. Christian, Tomko and Edge

The Nature Boy kicks things off for his team, much to the delight of the crowd whilst Tomko gets things going from the opposite corner. The fans are electric from the get go as the two men lock up and it’s Tomko who strikes first as he overpowers Flair, winning a battle of strength before delivering a kick to the midsection of Naitch. Tomko then delivers a series of knees to the gut of Flair, looking to knock the wind out of him. The big ‘Problem Solver’ then lifted Flair up before dropping the Nature Boy with a big scoop slam. Early cover from Tomko, 1..2.kick out from Flair.

The veteran soon manages to work his way back into the match however, despite continued pressure from Tomko. Having taken Flair down once again following a thunderous clothesline, Tomko decided he’d head to the top rope and as Flair began to surface Tomko took a leap of faith only for Flair to see it coming and nail Tomko with a right hand to the stomach before beginning to unleash an assault of rights and lefts on his big opponent. Flair then whipped Tomko across the ropes before delivering a kick again to the stomach of Tomko and delivering a nice snap suplex. Cover now from Flair, 1..2..kick out from Tomko. Flair began to sense he was in control and yelled out a classic ‘Wooo’ to the crowd who responded with one of their own as Tomko got back to his feet slowly.

Flair then took the big man over to the turnbuckle, delivering his infamous knife edged chops to the chest of Tomko, followed by more ‘Wooos’ from the crowd but as Flair lined up another Tomko managed to find new life and launched himself at Flair taking him down with a big clothesline before crawling across to his corner and making the tag to Edge who now entered the match and headed straight after Flair. Mr.Money in the Bank immediately began stomping away at Flair, kick after kick on the fallen veteran as the crowd booed every move of his. Edge then looked out at the crowd as if to say ‘don’t boo me’ before bringing Naitch to his feet and laying into him with a some right hands before whipping Flair across the ropes and delivering a big back body drop as Flair rebounded. Cover from Edge, kick out at one from Flair as Edge demands a faster count.

Edge continued his pressure on Flair who seemed to be tiring as he looked to mount a comeback from nowhere and eventually the breakthrough came as Edge looks to finish the match off. Having delivered a vicious DDT to Flair, Edge looked to line up the spear, poised and primed on the other side of the ring, Edge begged for Flair to get up and Naitch duly obliged, turning around, SPEAR! NO! Flair dodges it and Edge sails into the turnbuckle, unable to halt his momentum!! Flair then heads across to his corner and tags in Shawn Michaels!! Edge turns around right into the waiting Michaels who delivers some hard rights, knocking Edge back before Michaels whips his opponent and delivers a hard elbow to the oncoming Edge. Michaels then locks Edge into a headlock, looking to put pressure on the Rated R Superstar.

As the match continues to wear on, tags were being made as Edge brought Christian into the match for the first time whilst Shawn Michaels brought Chris Jericho into the picture. Christian and Jericho went toe to toe with one another as they did last week with their one on one encounter and both took turns to pick up near falls. Christian pushed Jericho to his limit following an elbow drop from the top rope, scoring a close two count, following continued pressure on the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla. This seemed to spark Jericho into life however and Y2J began to up his game, testing Christian right to his maximum as Captain Charisma just managed to get a shoulder up following a nasty looking Lionsault, heavily impacting the stomach of Christian.

Jericho couldn’t believe it and went to lock in the Walls of Jericho on the beaten down Christian but chaos soon ensued as Tomko didn’t sit back and let it happen, interfering and taking down Jericho. Tomko however was then met with a pumped up Ric Flair who charged at Tomko, sending him over the top rope, sending himself over in the process!! With Jericho and Christian down, both men crawled their way over to their corners, looking to make a tag and they do!! Christian gets his first, tagging Edge back into things whilst Jericho, just a second later, tags Shawn Michaels back into things.

Edge and HBK go at each other yet again, tearing apart each other with right hands before Michaels knocks Edge down with a clothesline, the Showstopper then delivers a scoop slam before hitting a surprise leg drop on the fallen Money in the Bank holder. On the outside Flair and Tomko are surfacing whilst Jericho and Christian are slowly getting back to their knees. But the crowd soon begins to boo as we see Eric Bischoff appear! Bischoff has a smug smirk on his face as he struts down the ring whilst Shawn Michaels looks on, wondering why his rival has appeared. Christian then charges at Michaels, finding energy from somewhere but HBK sends Christian flying over the ropes, tumbling to the outside! HBK begins tuning up the band as Edge slowly gets to his feet. On the outside Bischoff works his way around the ring and pulls Jericho off the apron, face first into the mat to big heat as Michaels now heads to the outside, switching attention to the Raw GM who hightails it away from a driven Michaels.

Inside the ring Edge is back to his feet as both Ric Flair and Tomko are now also back inside the squared circle. Flair and Tomko tear into one another once more but the numbers game catches Flair out as Edge delivers a sucker punch before a massive big boot from Tomko sends Flair tumbling. Michaels sees the double team and charges into the squared circle, knocking Edge down before he and Tomko trade blows. Tomko’s strength looks to be giving him an advantage but Michaels eventually gets the upper hand, sending Tomko down with a clothesline. We then see a different camera shot however of Bischoff distracting the referee’s attention. We then see a shot of Christian passing Edge the Money in the Bank briefcase! Shawn Michaels then turns around and he turns right into a BRUTAL shot from Edge and the briefcase! Cover from Edge, 1..2..3. It’s over

Winners: Christian, Tomko and Edge(12:22)

Jim Ross: Damn it, Edge steals one! That briefcase used to full effect here tonight on a helpless Shawn Michaels. And look at these damn snakes now Coach!!

The Coach: Oh J.R I love it!! Eric Bischoff is a freakin’ genius!! Look at these guys go!! Michaels, Jericho, Flair getting they’re all getting their comeuppance here tonight!!

We see Eric Bischoff barking orders at the trio, demanding that they take out their opponents furthermore, specifically Shawn Michaels. They duly oblige and Tomko now to his feet once again brings Michaels up to his feet with HBK not knowing where he is, in a real daze after the briefcase shot and Michaels is soon met with a thunderous spear from Edge!! Michaels writhes in agony as Bischoff looks down on the fallen Showstopper with a huge grin on his face before yelling at Michaels, ‘You do not cross me Shawn’. Bischoff then kicks Michaels in the gut before Tomko brings HBK up again and tosses him out of the ring, following him out there in the process. Tomko then whips Michaels into the barricade, leaving huge impact on Michaels back as he grimaces in pain as Bischoff heads up the ramp beaming.

Christian is now on the outside also and he heads towards Lilain Garcia. The crowd is booing like crazy as Christian grabs a steel chair and tosses it into the ring. Edge then shoust Christian’s name before smiling at him, Christian then smiles back and realises what Edge means. Christian then grabs another chair and heads back inside the ring.

Jim Ross: This is getting outta hand now!! Somebody get out here and stop this!! We all know what Edge and Christian have got planned here, SOMEBDOY GET SOME HELP!!

Chris Jericho is back up now and hurls himself inside the ring but the trio are right on him, not allowing him room to breathe as Edge grabs him by the hair before slapping Jericho across the face to huge heat from the crowd. Tomko then delivers a thunderous boot to the face, sending Jericho back down. Edge immediately brings Jericho back up, yelling ‘Not so fast Chris, I will teach you to show me some respect’. Edge then holds Jericho up before letting go at the last second as Christian levels Jericho with a steel chair right across the skull!!


The Coach: I’m speechless J.R This is just…this is beautiful.

The trio then laugh before Christian points across the ring at an already beaten down Ric Flair. Flair’s not showing any real signs of movement but that doesn’t stop Christian heading in his direction. Captain Charisma gets down on his knees and rolls Flair onto his back before yelling over and over again, ‘Time to pass the torch Ric, time to pass the torch, it’s my time to shine’. Christian then brings Flair up to his feet before Tomko takes over holding Flair up as both Edge and Christian take a steel chair. The crowd are booing profusely with some sitting in shock, fear perhaps of what they’re about to witness.


BAM!!!! Con-chair-to to Ric Flair as the two steel chairs smash of Flair’s skull. The crowd is stunned into silence as Edge and Christian throw their chairs on the ground before smiling again at one another while Christian then goes and begins to taunt Flair once more as Raw comes to an end with the sight of a fallen Shawn Michaels, an unresponsive Chris Jericho and an unconscious Ric Flair before a final image of Edge, Christian and Tomko looking intensely at the damage they’ve done here tonight.

Current Vengeance Card: June 26th 2005: Las Vegas; Nevada

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista(c) vs Triple H

Chris Jericho vs Edge

WWE Intercontinetal Championship: 2 on 1 Handicap Match(Charlie Haas is banned from ringside)

Muhammad Hassan(c) and The Great Khali vs Shelton Benjamin

Christian vs Ric Flair

WWE Women's Championship: No Disqualification Match
Trish Stratus(c) vs Victoria

World Tag Team Championships: Triple Threat Match
The Dudley Boyz(c) vs The Basham Brothers vs Sonjay Dutt and Daivari

Shawn Michaels vs ?
(If Shawn Michaels wins he becomes Number one contender to the World title; If Shawn Michaels loses he becomes the property of Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff)

Mark Jindrak vs Big Show

All feedback will be appreciated and as ever returned. Hope you enjoy.

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Raw Feedback

Was a strange opening segment tbh, as in some ways it was spot on and in others a bit confusing. I thought Batista was excellent, you really sold the tension between he and Triple H well ahead of Vengeance, and the champ was pretty much spot on in terms of character. Bischoff out I wasn't too concerned with, loved the way he threatened to ruin Batista's career if he didn't play ball and the comparisons to Michaels. As for Michaels coming out, I didn't really understand it. While I appreciate the fact he and Bischoff are embroiled in a major feud right now, I just think you chased that sweet chin music spot a bit too much without any actual words of true substance between the two. Bischoff announcing the match with Jindrak sounds fine, but that was far too much text for me for Michaels to then turn around and tell Bischoff not to interrupt him. It just went on too long imo. You did however bring it back around to finish on a high note with Michaels making his intentions to Batista clear. That's a nice tease for a potential championship feud. A hit and miss start to the show, although the characterization of Batista and the tease at the end were very well done, just lacked a bit in the middle.

Much better promo here from Edge and Christian though. Really liked the way they called out Flair and Jericho for living on past glories, certainly something both men can easily be accused of. This was fine, nothing much to fault really.

First match up, and it seemed a pretty solid triple threat match. Having made reference to the previous win for the Bashams, I didn't see them winning this one too. Interested that it was Sonjay who grabbed it though, but you saved a bit of face for Bubba by having hit a big move only to caught out for the finish. I'm sure that with still two weeks to go you'll find a way to even things up ahead of the pay per view match. But for what this was, another touch of build towards the big match, this was fine and did no team any real harm.

I liked the “you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours” attitude of this little segment. I dunno what could go down between Triple H and Big Show, that certainly bears looking out for, but I'm gonna guess at Jindrak and Regal trying to give Dave a beating after the match tonight. Intriguing words here, certainly adds another dimension to the rest of tonight's show.

Solid victory for Trish, nothing wrong with that. Post-match, was good to hear from Victoria, although it was kinda lame the way that mystery attacker thing got cleared up in a flash. I'd have maybe tried to have Victoria plead her innocence a bit more then have a big reveal for the attacker (maybe you have that in mind for the ppv?) but this kinda had a weak ending to it this way. Who knows, maybe you'll put something out the bag. But don't let that attacker angle die such a death, try use it to build something. Did however appreciate Victoria heading for the hills, that was pretty typical heel stuff so props for that.

Some solid words from Haas and Benjamin. Didn't do much for the IC Title match, but was a nice little pep talk. Perhaps the fact Haas isn't in Shelton's corner means something for the PPV, like a run in or turn? Worth keeping an eye on that. As for the tag match, seemed a good win for TWGTT so I guess the pep talk worked. Haas and Benjamin did seem to be working well, so perhaps my turn idea isn't in mind, but I was surprised to see Hassan take the fall. I know it's awkward to get Khali into realistic pinning predicaments, but I thought for sure he would take the fall. But anyway, solid enough stuff here, a good win for the challenger ahead of his title defence.

Nice contrast to the Flair interview compared to the earlier effort from Edge and Christian. Made sense for Flair to speak of the ability of his team to win titles while Edge and Christian haven't been there yet. Flair's character was pretty spot on too, so this was all good, logical and served a purpose.

Loved this match up, you really let Jindrak come out of it strongly. Also liked the way you played up the presence of Regal at ringside. As I kinda thought, Regal would cause the DQ and the beatdown was on. Really liked the post match stuff too, perhaps didn't think it was necessary for Trips to come out with the sledgehammer, you could have just had him on screen standing over show with sledgy, but apart from that this was a well worked match and post-match angle. Well done, highlight of the night so far.

Was kinda wanting more from the Hassan promo, perhaps him expressing a real sense of injustice at what happened earlier, but he seemed to rather quickly brush it off. In contrast to the Haas/Benjamin bit from earlier, the focus was much more back on the IC match, so that worked better. Also liked the nudge towards the tag titles, and it wouldn't surprise me to see a Hassan retention and a Dutt and Daivari victory. Also liked the last little bit with the talk of the Entity really making their mark. Again, was disapointed with how quickly earlier tonight was brushed off, but apart from that it was fine.

And main event time. I'm always a big fan of false hot tags in matches like these, and we had that when Flair tagged out only for the heels to regain control. That was a nice touch. The ending was pretty solid with Bischoff getting involved, and it was absolutely the right decision to have Edge, Christian and Tomko win, as after all the talk tonight about them not stepping up to their opponents levels, this really put them over as genuine threats for Vengeance, even if there was shenanigans involved. Post match was pretty crazy, what with the beatdown of Michaels then the chair assaults on Jericho and Flair. With Edge/Jericho and Christian/Flair on the cards, does this mean Tomko is Bischoff's representative? If so, I can think of no better time than tonight to announce it, but you chose not to, so we still wait for official conformation. But yeah, great stuff here. Really made Edge, Christian and Tomko look like threats.

Overall, the second half of this show really shined in comparison to the first half. Surprised we're still waiting to see officially who will face Michaels at the PPV, especially since we're so close to it now. Edge, Christian and Tomko came out of it looking beastly though, a big positive there, and the Batista/Jindrak.Triple H/Big Show situation was handled very well, so a positive show all round. Good stuff man.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Yeah, it's like a week late, but I'm here

619s Feedback for cp's Monday Night RAW

Very nice opening segment here, with Batista sounding very intense about this ‘war’ with Trips, which very well should be by this point. I’m not an expert on 2005 doings, but I do know that Trips and Batista were pretty much in love with hating each other at that point, so nice to see you implement that in The Animal. Bischoff possibly making things very hard for Batista would definitely give him something to do and build him up even more post this latest title defense. HBK coming out and ‘making the save’ and drilling Bischoff was fun, and I would’ve said it wouldn’t work had it not been HBK. He seems to have been tortured to the point of apathy on the whole ‘bottom of the barrel’ stuff. And plus it’s HBK. The tidbit afterward about the potential title feud between the two while interesting, I felt was a tad out of place. And surely Shawn realizes that kicking the GM’s face in is no way to get himself a title shot in the near future…? Still, a very nice attention grabber here to kick things off.

Another well put together segment with E & C and Tomko, although some of Edge’s dialogue was questionable. Can’t imagine Edge ever kicking off an interview segment with ‘we really feel great, Todd’ or saying ‘whilst’. The idea and the content was there, though, so nice job here.

I’ve never liked the idea of a non-stipulated Triple Threat. Like without a title or something on the line. It’s just one of those matches where something is usually up for grabs. I understand these three are involved in a three-way tag match come Vengeance, it’s just this match type seemed a bit out of place. Match was solid, although short, but really seemed like a throwaway which I never feel a Triple Threat should be. Could’ve done better here.

Of course, Trips makes his dirty dealings. Interesting use of Jindrak here, too, wanna see what it leads to…

Meh on the Trish squash, but not liking Victoria here. Not to say she wasn’t bad, but I don’t like her running away. When Victoria’s the nasty heel she can be at her best, she’s completely psycho. I’m not too keen on anyone, even post-psycho form, not taking that characteristic forward and never really backing away too much. But I’ll see what comes of it.

Solid tag contest here, but lord, Khali must be a nightmare to write. Even in tag team formula. I’ve never really had to do so, but will say you did good with what you had. The idea of Khali being taken that far aback from sheer strikes from Haas though is pushing it a little bit, especially since Khali seems to have his monster aura here. Nonetheless, Benjamin pinning the champion in such a short amount of time before his match is a good thing for him going into it, but that could also mean he doesn’t get the win at the PPV.

Flair was actually pretty damn good here.

Got a good chuckle out of Doane and Nameth’s video package. Wanna check and see how exactly they’ll be played with beyond just being generic cocky studs.

I like that you didn’t completely feed your project in Jindrak to Batista here, albeit he had a great deal of help from Regal, but still at least no one soundly lost. I like the beatdown of Batista following what transpired earlier, but I’m not sure how to sit on Big Show being taken out backstage. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it at all, it’s just that to me, a guy like Show would be a great guy to destroy on-screen moreso than off-camera. It’s more impressive to see someone take down the giant, y’know? And I was kinda hoping that Jindrak would fell the giant come the PPV if you wanted to continue his push, instead of Trips doing it here in sort of a throwaway type of manner. Would’ve helped Jindrak a lot more, imo, had Show not been taken down in this manner until then. I haven’t read any of your RAW’s either, so I could be swinging and missing completely with this one. But I’ll have to see how that plays out. And as for Trips’ small sampling, he doesn’t fit me as a guy who says very little. But I was never really that good at reading/writing the Triple H character anyways.

So judging from this, I guess I did swing and miss a little. Maybe just a foul ball. But nice to see Regal rubbing it in like the bastard he is.

Nice Hassan here. A key part of his character is that bitterness I take, so nice to see it still on display here. My only complaint about your Hassan is the whole Hassan character was that at no point was he really Arabian, per se. He was always an Arabian descent American who just got all the shit the Arabians got. It’s nice to see him with a stable and such, but the grounding may be a bit…off. Again, haven’t read your RAWs, so I could be off.

Some solid action in the main event, but I had a little trouble with the actual finish. Is Jericho also in Bischoff’s circle of hell? If not, him physically pulling Jericho off the apron is a bit much. Perhaps should’ve just had Jericho distracted a little bit. I also didn’t like simply one briefcase shot being able to take down Michaels. Perhaps a briefcase shot and then a finisher maybe, but with the Ironman build Michaels always gets, simply one briefcase shot is pushing it a bit for me. But I’ll leave it be. Diggin’ the finish, though. That’s probably because I’m a sucker for things like this, but great way to end with the bad guys getting an onslaught to close the show.

Overall, I think I like your RAW scene better than your Smackdown scene. There seems to be much more going on there at the moment, but that’s most likely because you’ve got a PPV really close. Still, it’s better nonetheless. Was a fun show, but have to admit, you lost me a little around the middle but that wasn’t really any fault of yours, just me running on empty the last week or so. An enjoyable show, but some things need straightening out. What I don’t like (or still don’t like? Don’t know if I’ve addressed this before) was the past tense voice of the matches being written, but that’s nitpicky stuff I suppose. Solid show here, but hoping you can improve in some areas.


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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Thanks a lot for the reviews imac and 619. As for the match writing comment 619 made, PPVS etc are always written in present tense and this show will be also. I will certainly look to adapt to that for tv shows from now on though. Thanks again.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview: Night of Champions Special; 17/6/05

This Friday Night from San Diego, California comes a HUGE special edition of Smackdown, dubbed, Night of Champions. Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long came up with the blockbuster idea and the world will watch in anticipation as ALL the Smackdown championships will be on the line this Friday night.

The main event is one that has had a lot of people talking and it’s one that a lot of people believe will see a new WWE champion crowned. John Cena will make his second championship defence since capturing the gold at Wrestlemania, his opponent will be the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. Orton defeated both Kurt Angle and John Bradshaw Layfield in a Triple threat match several weeks ago to earn this opportunity, though it didn’t come without controversy. The special guest referee for that match was none other than the champion himself, John Cena and it was his name on everybody’s lips after the match was over. Kurt Angle had Randy Orton locked in the Ankle lock and with seemingly no way out, it looked like Orton was ready to tap out. However as John Cena looked on, his attention was diverted to the outside of the ring as JBL distracted him, taking Cena’s WWE title from ringside and taunting the champion. Cena refused to let Layfield get away with it and proceeded to head after the ‘Wrestling God’, beating him down and taking back his title. But, in the meantime, Kurt Angle had made Orton tap out. Believeing he had the match won, Angle celebrated and told Cena to raise his hand but the special referee refused, telling Angle he didn’t see it. This infuriated Angle who squared up to Cena, only to be turned around into a thunderous RKO from Randy Orton. Orton picked up the win and thus earned his opportunity for Night of Champions.

Since then, Orton has PINNED Cena in tag team action and has been on a real roll, picking up some big wins heading into this huge opportunity for him. Cena on the other hand has had his hands full with not only Orton, but JBL who believes Cena should be stripped of the championship for putting his hands on him whilst he was a WWE official and also Kurt Angle who has sought retribution for Cena costing him a title shot. Angle and Cena have been at each other’s throats for several weeks with the Wrestling Machine looking relentless in his pursuit of the champion. Will Randy Orton continue his roll and walk out of San Diego the new WWE champion? Or will John Cena manage to put all his worries aside and retain his championship? And will we see Kurt Angle and JBL stick their nose in the champion’s business yet again?

The WWE Tag Team championships will also be defended as the cocky Hollywood A-Listers MNM will go up against the fan favourite tandem of Rob Van Dam and San Diego’s own, Rey Mysterio. The hometown hero and Van Dam have been on a quest to teach MNM some respect, furious with the way the duo along with Melina have acted since their debut on the Blue Brand. MNM have so far yet to learn but will tonight be the end of the road for the red carpet stars as Van Dam and Mysterio capture the gold? Or will MNM once again find a way to fend off the high flying duo? All we do know for sure is that it has the potential to steal the whole show.

Another potential show stealer is the match up between Paul London and The Hurricane as these two do battle for the Cruiserweight title. The Hurricane defeated London a few weeks back, earning himself this title opportunity and has been on a huge roll ever since. But has that roll all been down to somebody else? Chavo Guerrero. For weeks Chavo has been on a mission to change The Hurricane’s ways and to bring out the man behind the costume, Gregory Helms. Chavo believes that Hurricane is nothing more than a joke but if he were to ditch the superhero schtick, he could become a true great. Chavo’s motives are unclear as many believe he is simply out for revenge against Paul London, who beat him for the Cruiserweight gold. With Chavo no longer in the running for the title, is he using Hurricane or does he really want Hurricane to succeed? Hurricane has told Chavo he’s not interested on several occasions, as well as Paul London telling Chavo to keep clear. Hurricane has even asked for Chavo not to be at ringside for this match up, to which Chavo agreed. Will Chavo stick to his promise and allow Hurricane and London to do battle? Or will the Mexican Warrior try and change Hurricane’s ways for the better once more?

The final championship that will be on the line this Friday will be the United States championship as the champion, Orlando Jordan defends against Matt Hardy. Hardy has had his eyes on OJ’s gold since coming to Friday nights but Jordan has dodged the bullet, defeating Hardy at Judgment Day thanks to a hold of the tights. Hardy has yet to receive a deserved rematch but this Friday it will come and many believe that the champion’s luck has run out, with Hardy looking on a real roll as of late. Will the champion manage to survive again and force his rival far away from the title picture? Or will Hardy at long last get a taste of the U.S. gold?

It promises to be a huge night for all the Smackdown stars and we guarantee, you will not wanna miss it!!

Confirmed for Smackdown:

WWE Championship;

John Cena© vs. Randy Orton

WWE United States Championship;

Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy

WWE Tag Team Championships;

MNM© vs. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

WWE Cruiserweight Championship;

Paul London© vs. The Hurricane
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