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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 27/5/05- Worcester

We see highlights from all of the finishes at Judgment Day, to the theme music of the event. From the opening contest, where Orlando Jordan defeated Matt Hardy in shady circumstances to MNM winning the tag titles sneakily against RVD and Rey Mysterio. We also see a glimpse of Paul London retaining the Cruiserweight title against Chavo Guerrero as well as the debut of Bobby Lashley, defeating Kurt Angle via countout after Angle walked out of the match. We then see a clip of The Undertaker beaten by Randy Orton after the Legend Killer used a streel chair. Before we finally see Rhyno accidently cost Booker T against Carlito before we get through to the hellacious Last Man Standing match main event in which John Cena retained the WWE title, defeating JBL. The pyro then hits and we are welcomed to Smackdown!

Michael Cole: Five days removed from a chaotic Judgment Day, Friday Night Smackdown comes to you from… and Tazz the superstars from Smackdown have all received their Judgment!

Tazz: Oh baby, what a night it was in Minneapolis and tonight the road begins to our next Pay Per View, The Great American Bash!

‘Burn in my light’

The Legend Killer, Randy Orton, fresh off a big win over The Undertaker at Judgment Day makes his way down to the ring to good heat, soaking in the atmosphere.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton folks picked up what could well the biggest and most defining victory of his career ast Judgment Day when he did exactly what he promised he would do and he defeated The Undertaker.

Tazz: Major, major victory for this kid Randy Orton. To beat the Deadman, wow, it don’t get much bigger than that. I take my hat off to him.

Michael Cole: But ya gotta believe that The Undertaker is far from finished Tazz. It took Randy Orton using a steel chair to finish the Phenom off and that steel chair is gonna be runnin’ through the mind of The Undertaker until he gets his hands on Randy Orton again.

Orton has a mic in hand, ready to address the crowd.

Randy Orton: Incase any of you people didn’t know, this past Sunday night I added yet ANOTHER name to the list. Another name to the list of legends killed by Randy..Orton.

Orton smiles as the crowd boo the cocky youngster.

Randy Orton: But there’s a small difference this time around. See this one is not just any old legend. No. See I’ve been there before, Mick Foley, Dusty Rhodes, I could name a whole bunch more but the point I‘m tryin‘ to make here is, they’re all done in this business, they all have no place around here anymore. But The Undertaker?

Pop for the mention of the Deadman.

Randy Orton: The Undertaker still supposedly has a place. He’s still regarded as ‘the man’ around here.

Orton scratches his chin looking perplexed.

Randy Orton: Now in my mind, he has absolutely NO place around here but that’s not how everybody sees it. But this Sunday at Judgment Day I think that I proved to every single one of you exactly my side in of all this and exactly why The Undertaker is DONE around here.

Heat for TLK.

Randy Orton: The Undertaker is taking up MY spotlight. This(Orton points at the ring). This used to be known as The Undertaker’s yard. This used to be where The Undertaker would strike fear into his opponents, where he would take the souls from his opponents, where he would make them rest..in..peace. Well not ANYMORE! NOT ON MY WATCH DEADMAN!

Orton is seething here as the fans drown him in heat.

Randy Orton: This(again pointing to the ring). This is now MY yard, this is now the place where people enter and their fate is decided by ME. At Judgment Day Deadman, I decided your fate and I hit you with an R..K..O.

Heat for Orton once more.

Randy Orton: But make absolutely no mistake about it. Your fate Deadman, it coulda been a whole hell of a lot worse. You need to understand something Taker and that is, if you come back and I know you Deadman, we all know you. You’ll play the mind games, you WILL be back. I don’t know when, I don’t know where and I DO NOT CARE.

Orton’s aggression is evident and the fans don’t respond kindly.

Randy Orton: Because when you come back, your fate will not just be an RKO. Your fate will be me, taking all your accomplishments, all your accolades, EVERYTHING and doing what’s been coming a long time now and that is at long last, laying them all to rest.

The crowd are shitting on Orton here.

Randy Orton: Because Deadman when you come back, I’ll be waiting. And believe me when I tell you this. I am going to end..your..career.

A ‘You suck’ chant starts up as Orton looks disgusted with the fans.

Randy Orton: But until that day comes, until The Undertaker’s shows his face around here again, it‘s time for me to move onto other business. It’s time for me to move onto something I more than deserve and that is a shot at the WWE championship.

A few cheers in the crowd, probably for Cena but also a lot of heat as Orton is making his intentions known.

Randy Orton: Now John Cena, he successfully retained the title at Judgment Day and the way I see it, if you look at the facts, there is only one man on this show in contention to be the new number one contender and that man is ME.

Boos again for Orton.

Randy Orton: Boo all you want. It’s there for all to see, clear as day. I defeated one of the biggest legends in this company’s HISTORY on Sunday and nobody else around here can even come close to saying they bettered my achievement.

Orton pauses before continuing.

Randy Orton: So with that being said, I think it’s about time that Teddy Long get out here and hand me what I rightfully deserve.

Orton waits in silence for the Smackdown GM

Still nothing before…

‘My Time is Now’

The crowd goes crazy as the WWE champion, John Cena, makes his way out to the ring, ready to confront a possible new challenger to his title.

Michael Cole: Well at Judgment Day, John Cena went through the toughest challenge of his career in a brutal Last Man Standing match to retain the WWE championship against JBL. But what does Cena have to say here tonight to Randy Orton?

Tazz: I ain’t got a clue Cole. But when the WWE champ is in the house, you know it’s gonna be big!

Cena takes a mic to a lively crowd as the WWE champion looks in a buoyant mood here tonight.

John Cena: Randy, Randy, Randy, do you think we’re all stupid?

Decent pop for Cena there.

John Cena: I mean, you come out here and you tell all these people how you disposed of The Undertaker. Of how you are the one who’s gonna decide his fate, gonna decide ALL our fates in the back. Well Randy, the way you’re headin’ right about now, your fate is gonna be me whippin’ your ass all over this arena.

BIG pop for Cena there as Orton smiles slyly.

Randy Orton: John did I uh, did I invite you out here? Is your name Teddy Long?

Cena laughs slightly.

Randy Orton: No I didn’t think so. If I recall correctly, I asked for the General Manager of this show to come down here and make an important decision, so if ya wouldn’t mind ‘champ’, I’d appreciate it if you left MY ring with your dignity still intact or else I guarantee that I will decide your fate right here, right NOW.

Heat for Orton who is again getting aggressive as Cena looks on and laughs slightly.

John Cena: Sure can talk the talk can’t you Randy? But I still got my doubts about the other side of that equation. See I still question whether you can really.. walk the walk.

Cena gets in Orton’s face as the anticipation builds with Cena looking totally serious now.

John Cena: You wanna go to Teddy Long and ask for a title shot? Randy, I think you’re forgettin’ a lil sumthin’ I pride myself on and that is that if you want some, COME..GET SOME.

The fans pop big for that as Orton backs away slightly.

John Cena: I’m standin’ right here Randy and I ain‘t backing‘ down. We don’t need Teddy Long to do this. So how about it, tonight in this very ring, Friday Night Smackdown! John Cena defends the WWE championship one on one against Randy Orton?!

The fans pop big time for this as Orton nods his head, seeming to approve Cena’s decision.


The cheers soon turn to heat as the man Cena defeated at Judgment Day, JBL makes his way, very gingerly to the ring, chauffeured down as ever in his trademark white limo, looking less than impressed with proceedings here. JBL eventually gets in the ring, still looking incredibly pissed off at what’s going down before taking a mic and clearing up just why he’s out here.

JBL: Did ya forget to send me the memo Cena? Or am I missin’ something here? Since when in God’s name did you become the Smackdown General Manager?

Heat for Layfield immediately.

John Cena: Since when did you get discharged from your hospital bed ‘champ‘?

Small pop for the champion’s ‘witty’ remark.

JBL: Funny Cena, real funny. But as far as I’m concerned, regardin’ your little offer just now, you don’t have the authority to go around here makin’ matches left, right and centre. You are every bit as incompetent as that ingrate of a General Manager we already have.

Heat for the Wrestling God.

JBL: It’s only a matter of time before somebody in the higher ups finally sees what I’ve been sayin’ for a long long time now and they will do the good deed and remove Teddy Long from his position here on Smackdown.

Big heat once more for JBL.

JBL: There will NOT be a WWE championship match here tonight. If either of you two morons think for one god forsaken second that that is gonna happen then you got another thing coming.

Huge heat for Layfield.

Randy Orton: And what right do you have to a say in all of this huh? As much as I hate seeing John Cena standing over there holding that title, he beat you at Judgment Day Bradshaw.

Pop for the mention of that fact.

Randy Orton: Now the way I see it, that sends you right the way down to the back of the line. And there is only ONE man that is worthy of a championship match on this show and that man is ME.

JBL: Do you know who you’re talkin’ to kid? Show some damn respect. I am the LONGEST REIGNING WWE CHAMPION IN SMACKDOWN HISTORY!!

Heat for JBL once more.

JBL: Ya beat The Undertaker, congratufreakinlations, join the club Randy cos I spent a good part of last year beatin’ the Deadman’s ass for that very championship.

JBL points at Cena’s title belt.

JBL: What right do I have for a title shot? Ha, Randy, what right do you have? And DO NOT give me all that bull about bein’ the youngest World champion in history. Next time Randy Orton wins a World title folks, don’t blink cos ya might freakin’ miss it.

A few oooohs in the crowd as Orton looks on angrily.

John Cena: Woah, woah, JBL hold on, hold on. Now I may not be the General Manager of Smackdown but it doesn’t take a genius, heck it doesn’t take Teddy Long to figure out a solution to this little problem we got here tonight. So I’ma make a suggestion. Right here tonight, JBL goes one on one with Randy Orton, the winner gets a shot at the WWE championship!

Surprise pop for Cena’s suggestion.


Heat for the Legend Killer once again.

Randy Orton: There is NOBODY back there, NOBODY who deserves a title shot more than ME!


Kurt Angle’s music hits to a few cheers, probably for shutting up Orton but general heat following that as the Wrestling Machine makes his way down to the ring to join the debate.

John Cena: Kurt, so glad you could make it in time. Anybody else back there wanna join the party?

Cena looks up the ramp with Angle looking less than impressed.

Kurt Angle: Cut the crap Cena. I’m out here for one thing and one thing only and it involves that WWE championship sittin’ on your shoulder.

JBL: Back of the line Kurt. That championship belongs to me. These people all want to see ME with the WWE championship. I am their heeeeeeeeero, I AM A WRESTLINGGGGGG gawwwwd and I deserve one more shot at that championship.

Huge heat for JBL here as a ‘You suck’ chant begins.

Kurt Angle: You? A wrestling God? Gee, since when did you win an Olympic Gold medal with a BROKEN FREAKIN’ NECK?! I deserve a shot at that title and you know it. In fact, all three of you know it. Ever since Wreslemania I’ve been screwed out of a shot at the title time and time again and I’m not waitin’ around anymore.

Randy Orton: Incase either of you two ha..

Kurt Angle and JBL: SHUT UP!!

Pop there for the two shutting Orton off as all three begin bickering while Cena sits back and starts smiling.


Out comes the Smackdown GM Teddy Long who is sure to set this whole issue straight.

Teddy Long: Now it seems to me like we got ourselves a bit of a problem here playas.

No shit Teddy.

Teddy Long: So what I’m gonna propose for tonight is that we settle this issue inside that very ring.

Small pop.

Teddy Long: Which leads me to a lil’ announcement for y’all here tonight, including you four in that very ring. See three weeks from tonight, we’re goin’ to have ourselves a special edition of Friday night Smackdown and it’s goin’ to be a night of champions! Ya feel me?

The crowd pop for that announcement.

Teddy Long: All the championships here on Smackdown are gonna be on the line and that includes the WWE title.

Pop again from the crowd.

Teddy Long: So onto tonight and inside that very ring we’re goin’ to determine the challenger to John Cena and that WWE title for our Night of Champions. It’s goin’ to be Randy Orton.. versus JBL.. versus Kurt Angle!! With the winner becoming the NEW number one contender.

Pop from the crowd, although with it being three heels it’s not overwhelming. JBL looks irate as does Orton, though Angle looks ready.

Teddy Long: Oh and one other thing playas. Tonight’s triple threat match is goin’ to have a special guest referee.

Now the fans are excited.

Teddy Long: So tonight, JBL, Kurt Angle and Randy Orton in a number one contenders match and the special guest referee will be….. JOHN CENA!!

Massive ovation for that announcement as JBL shouts up at T-Lo ‘What?!’ with Orton looking disgusted, pounding the ropes and Angle still looking on intently with Cena looking absolutely thrilled with the decision.

Michael Cole: What a main event folks!! Triple threat match. JBL, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton and JOHN CENA as the special guest referee!!

Tazz: Heck of an announcement from Teddy Long baby. Who’s gonna be the number one contender?! I can’t wait to find out Cole. And what about Night of champions, 3 weeks time!

Michael Cole: ALL the Smackdown championships will be on the line! Huge announcements here tonight from Teddy Long!


We return and head backstage to Teddy Long’s office as Randy Orton bursts through the door.

Randy Orton: Teddy this is not right!! I deserve to be the number one contender. Not JBL and not Kurt Angle. Did you even watch Judgment Day? I, ME, RANDY ORTON defeated The Undertaker. Let me remind you of exactly what JBL did at Judgment Day Teddy, he got BEATEN by John Cena. And Kurt Angle? Well Kurt Angle, he walked outta his match! Both of them LOST, I won Teddy, I…WON!! WHERE IS THE LOGIC?

Teddy Long: Ya ever heard of knockin’ Randy?

Orton just looks even more irate.

Teddy Long: Now ya make a point playa but incase you forgettin’, it took a steel chair for ya to beat da Undertaker on Sunday. So the way I see it, none of ya deserve to just be handed a title shot like that, ya gotta earn it Randy.

Randy Orton: I don’t need to earn anything around here Teddy. I’m Randy Orton, the youngest World champion in the history of this company. I should be handed what I deserve here tonight and I deserve a WWE championship match. Now are you gonna give it to me or am I gonna have to make you?

Orton gets in the face of Long here.

Teddy Long: You in the main event tonight Randy. You threaten me one more time playa and I’ma remove you from the match, I’ma remove you from the building’ and I’ma remove you from Smackdown permanently!

Big pop for T-Lo standing up to Orton.

Randy Orton: Big mistake Teddy. Big mistake.

Orton leaves Teddy Long’s office to some good heat as we head back ringside.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton has lost it Tazz. Who does he think he is, goin’ round threatening Teddy Long like that? Disgusting actions from the Legend Killer.

Tazz: Randy Orton feels like a victim Cole and to be honest with ya, he has a point.

‘Do what I want’

Out steps the United States champion, Orlando Jordan to a small amount of heat as we get set for a tag team match.

Michael Cole: Well Orlando Jordan is a lucky man to walking out here tonight still with the United States title around his waist.

Tazz: But he is Cole and that’s all that counts. Yeah he robbed Matt Hardy Sunday night but he got the W and that’s all Orlando cares about and I don’t blame him.

Michael Cole: Well I can assure you that Matt Hardy doesn’t see it that way and that Orlando Jordan needs to watch his back because Matt Hardy is gunning for him.


Out step the new WWE Tag team champions MNM to some pretty good heat as they make their Hollywood entrance.

Michael Cole: Well this past Sunday MNM stole the WWE Tag Team titles, defeating Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam and it was all thanks to that witch Melina.

Tazz: Cole c’mon ya gotta give these guys credit. They’ve only been here a couple months and they defeated two of the most experienced, talented guys in the business. Yeah Melina played her part but Mercury and Nitro got the job done this past Sunday.

‘Live for the Moment’

Out steps Matt Hardy to a pretty good pop as he panders to the crowd.

Michael Cole: A rotten night in Minneapolis for this man Matt Hardy at Judgment Day. Hardy looked all set to win the U.S. title before Orlando Jordan stole one, grabbing the tights of Hardy and using the ropes for leverage as the referee failed to see what went down and Orlando Jordan somehow remained with his championship in tact.

Tazz: Bitterly disappointin’ for Matt Hardy but as Hardy himself always says, ‘He will not die’ and you gotta believe Cole that Hardy’s gonna go right after that United States Championship once again.


Rey Mysterio then makes his way out to a good pop from this lively crowd.

Michael Cole: Well Rey Mysterio must be feeling the exact same way as Matt Hardy here tonight after MNM robbed Mysterio and RVD at Judgment Day. It looked all set that Van Dam and Mysterio were going to get their wish and teach MNM a lesson about respect but the young duo, well trio if ya count Melina got one over on the veterans.

Tazz: No doubts that Mysterio and Van Dam are gonna be hurtin’ from Sunday but when ya got two guys with the heart and the calibre of Rey and Rob you know they’re gonna be huntin’ for MNM and that may well start tonight.

‘One of a Kind’

RVD steps out to a very big pop as Mr.Friday Night makes his way down for action.

Michael Cole: And you can tell by the look on Rob Van Dam’s face folks that he is not in the mood for MNM’s antics here tonight.

Tazz: It’s a rare sight Cole to see Van Dam this fired up. Usually one of the coolest, most laidback dudes but man, if I was Joey Mercury or Johnny Nitro I’d be concerned here tonight.

Match One: Six Man Tag Team Match

MNM and Orlando Jordan vs. Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam and Matt Hardy

Orlando Jordan kicks things off along with Rey Mysterio as this six man tag team match gets underway. Jordan gets the early upper hand, using his size advantage over Mysterio to gain control. A series of left hands and some clubbing blows to the back of Rey sends him down as OJ works over the Ultimate Underdog.

Jordan locks Rey into an abdominal stretch as the crowd rally the former Cruiserweight champion. Jordan continues to add pressure to the hold with the pain in Rey’s face clear for all to see. Jordan finally lets go of the hold, drilling a knee into the back of Rey before going for a surprise cover as Mysterio kicks out at two.

Jordan then dragged Rey over to his team’s corner, tagging in Johnny Nitro who got right into the thick of things, drilling some hard kicks to the already damaged back of Mysterio. Nitro continued to get the upper hand on Rey, using a nice series of kicks, one right in the face of Rey, drilling him down to the mat as Nitro now goes for the cover but Rey kicks out at two.

The tide though began to turn. After another near fall from Nitro, the younger performer in MNM began to get frustrated and took his eye off the ball somewhat, allowing Mysterio time to regroup and the experienced Mysterio didn’t allow that to go to waste. Rey saw Nitro coming full throttle at it him and dropped Nitro with a drop toe hold as Nitro goes face first down into the ropes! Mysterio dials it up, it’s 619 time! But NO! Joey Mercury gets inside the ring and takes Mysterio down with a thunderous clothesline.

This leads to huge heat and an angry Rob Van Dam who charges into the ring after Mercury. Van Dam knocks Mercury down with a strong clothesline which leads to Orlando Jordan getting in now and Jordan takes RVD over the top rope with a huge drop kick! But Matt Hardy evens things up now, heading after Jordan! All chaos has broken loose now as all six men are inside the ring.

The referee tries to send Hardy back to the corner but in doing so allows for a three on two advantage which the champions take full use of. The two legal men remain Mysterio and Nitro with the referee now trying to restore order, sending Jordan back to the apron along with Mercury. RVD is now up to his knees and heads back towards his corner also. Nitro and Mysterio meet again in the middle of the ring and trade blows with Nitro then whipping Rey into the ropes, Nitro goes for a clothesline but Rey ducks it and runs the ropes. Nitro and Rey then collide in the middle, taking one another out!

The fans are now right behind Rey to go and make a tag. Mysterio crawls slowly towards his team, as does Nitro. Who will get there first? Nitro looks like he’s edging closer but it’s Mysterio who makes the tag to RVD! Van Dam is in and all of a sudden, Melina pulls Mercury off the apron, the duo head up the ramp as they want nothing to do with RVD. Nitro tags in Orlando Jordan with Jordan not realising Mercury hopped away.

Jordan charges at Van Dam but is met with a kick to his head for his troubles. Nitro is now on the outside and Melina calls Nitro up the ramp! The fans are booing the hell out of her and Mercury who’ve decided enough is enough and leave OJ on his own. Nitro joins them as RVD mouths ‘what the hell you doin?’ to the trio. Orlando then sees his team mates on the outside and throws his hands in the air, furious knowing that he’s on his own.

Jordan then turns around and is met with the waiting Van Dam who connects once again with a massive kick to the head, sending Jordan down and into the ropes, he’s in position for the 619!! Van Dam calls Mysterio into things and Rey connects. Jordan goes flying backwards and into the path of his rival Matt Hardy who drops Jordan with the Twist of Fate!! The crowd are eating up as RVD heads up top. Van Dam’s gonna seal the win here, five star frog splash to the United States champion!! Cover by Van Dam, 1.…2.…3, it’s all over!!

Winners: Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam and Matt Hardy(10:30)

Michael Cole: A major win for the team of Mysterio, Van Dam and Hardy here tonight! And a surefire sign to the champions that these three men are far from finished in their quests for gold!

Tazz: Huge win there Cole and ya can see the intensity, ya can see the aggression, the fire in these three guys, they want gold and they ain’t gonna be content until they get it.

We see a shot of MNM looking down to the ring, clearly running scared of Van Dam and Mysterio who signal they want those tag titles.

Cut backstage

We see Chavo Guerrero talking with The Hurricane.

The Hurricane: Citizen Chavo, I’m not quite following exactly whatcha tryin‘ to say here.

Chavo hangs his head briefly.

Chavo Guerrero: Do I have to spell it out for you Greg?

The Hurricane: Greg? Chavo, who are you referring to here? I see nobody around by the name of Greg.

Hurricane looks around the hall.

Chavo Guerrero: YOU! You are Greg! You’re Gregory Helms, one of the most talented Cruiserweights in the business and tonight you’re goin’ up against that fraud of a champion Paul London. Greg, I want you to beat Paul London tonight and I want you to show to the world that he is nothing more than a fluke of a champion. But I’ve got my doubts about you.

Hurricane looks taken aback by that statement.

The Hurricane: Chavo, tell Smackdown’s resident superhero what these doubts are and I, The Hurricane will banish those fears here and now.

Chavo looks furious with Helms superhero manner of speech.

Chavo Guerrero: That. That right there is my doubt. Gregory Helms can defeat Paul London. But can The Hurricane? Can the ‘superhero’? Not a chance, that’s why I’m here for you tonight Greg. I’m here to change your ways, for the better. What’ve ya done recently Greg? All you’ve done is lose, week after week. But not tonight, not once you find within yourself the true competitor, the real you, Gregory Helms.

The Hurricane looks confused.

Chavo Guerrero: I may not have beaten Paul London for the Cruiserweight title and the only other guy that’s worthy of doing so around here is you Greg. And WHEN you beat Paul London tonight, that puts you next in line for a shot at winning the Cruiserweight championship. You do that and you can thank me for rejuvenating your career, you can thank me for getting your career, your LIFE back on track and you can thank me with a shot at Cruiserweight gold. Think about it Greg, don’t make a mistake esse’.

Hurricane continues to look confused as Chavo walks away and Michael Cole hypes a non title match between Paul London and The Hurricane next!


Video Package.

Narrator: At Judgment Day, he debuted.

We see a shot of Bobby Lashley making his way down the ramp.

Narrator: He went toe to toe with an Olympic Gold Medalist

We see Lashley and Kurt Angle head to head.

Narrator: A powerful force

A shot of Lashley close up, bouncing up and down on the spot.

Narrator: A tower of strength

A shot of Lashley in training

Narrator: A dominant competitor

A shot of Lashley dominating somebody inside a wrestling ring in training

Narrator: The Real Deal

Another shot of Lashley dismantling someone in training

Narrator: Bobby Lashley

A final shot of Lashley close up, looking incredibly focused.

A graphic then comes up saying: Bobby Lashley: Makes his Smackdown debut tonight!

We then head back ringside.

Michael Cole: Well Bobby Lashley made an impressive debut here in the WWE this past Sunday at Judgment Day. Lashley was handpicked by Teddy Long to take on Kurt Angle and Lashley really took it to the Wrestling Machine, eventually winning via count out.

Tazz: Lashley is a freak of nature Cole. I can’t wait to see him in action again later on tonight, don’t miss that one if ya wanna see just sheer dominance.

‘Stand Back, there’s a Hurricane comin’ thru’

Out steps The Hurricane to a decent response from the crowd as we get set for some Cruiserweight action.

Michael Cole: Big chance tonight Tazz for The Hurricane to put himself right in the mix for the Cruiserweight championship. If he can defeat Paul London tonight then there’s no doubting that he’s in pole position for a shot at London and the Cruiserweight gold.

Tazz: No doubt about it Cole. But we saw backstage earlier tonight Hurricane bein’ given a little pep talk if ya like by Chavo Guerrero. D’ya think Hurricane’s given it any thought Cole?

Michael Cole: Well Chavo told The Hurricane that it wasn’t who he really is and that only Gregory Helms can defeat Paul London, not The Hurricane. To which Hurricane continued to ask, who’s Greg? I guess this match may just tell us whether Chavo was right and whether Hurricane has given it any thought or not.

‘Hey You’

Out comes the Cruiserweight champion Paul London, hot off a big win at Judgment Day. London runs down to the ring with his ribs still bandaged following Chavo Guerrero’s brutal ambush a few weeks back.

Michael Cole: The highflying young daredevil that is Paul London! London scored the biggest win to date of his career Sunday at Judgment Day, defeating Chavo Guerrero to retain the Cruiserweight title despite the injured ribs that are still clear for all to see here tonight.

Tazz: Credit where credit’s due Cole. This kid showed the heart and the guts of a true champion at Judgment Day and he deserved to beat Chavo Guerrero.

The two men circle the ring, ready to lock up before

'Oooooh Chavo’

Out comes the Mexican Warrior Chavo Guerrero to heat from the crowd as London and Hurricane as well as the fans look on puzzled.

Michael Cole: Well I don’t quite know what Chavo Guerrero is doing out here folks but uh.. It looks like he’s headin’ this way Tazz.

Tazz: Alright!! Chavo on commentary baby!

Chavo takes a headset and seat.

Tazz: Chavo my man, good to see ya!

Chavo Guerrero: Tazz the pleasure is all mine. Cole, sadly I can’t say the same about you.

Michael Cole: Well that makes two of us.

Tazz: Shut up Cole and welcome Chavo to the announce table would ya?

Michael Cole: Welcome Chavo. It really is uh… just great to see you out here.

Chavo Guerrero: Thank you Michael, now was that so hard?

Cole doesn’t respond.

Tazz: Well Cole? Was it so hard for ya? The man’s askin’ ya a question, ya gonna answer it or what?

Michael Cole: No…not hard at all. But Chavo what exactly are you doing out here?

Chavo Guerrero: What’s it to do with you Cole? But seeing as Tazz deserves to know, it’s strictly business. You saw my little talk with Greg earlier tonight and in time I am hoping that you’ll see exactly why Chavo Guerrero is out here.

Match Two: Singles Match

Paul London vs. The Hurricane

London and Hurricane lock up with the Cruiserweight champ getting the advantage, working the arm of the Superhero before whipping Hurricane into the ropes and taking him down with a big dropkick. Cover from London, 1..2..kick out.

London then gets Hurricane in a headlock with Hurricane trying to battle his way back up right however the champion keeps the pressure firmly applied. Eventually Hurricane gets himself to his feet as London pushes him away into the ropes. Hurricane flies back at him as London goes for a clothesline but Hurricane ducks it, runs the ropes again and takes London down with a flying forearm.

The crowd cheer and seem to be torn here as the two fan favourites continue to go at it. Hurricane quickly looks to bring London to his feet and does so before grabbing the back of London’s neck, looking to go for a suplex it seems but London resists, using his strength to hold it off, instead going to reverse it into a suplex of his own! London gets Hurricane up but Hurricane drops down the back of London before spinning him round and taking him down with a DDT! Cover from Hurricane, 1..2..kick out from London.

Hurricane holds his head, realising how close he was to victory here as he goes straight back to work on London. He brings the champion back to his feet but London reacts quickly and throws a right hand at Hurricane. Hurricane responds though and the two men trade blows as London gets the better of it, knocking Hurricane back toward the ropes. Hurricane is off balance here as London takes him down over the ropes and on to the outside, taking himself out in the process!

The two men are now down and out on the outside as Chavo Guerrero takes off his headset, clearly keen on getting his hands dirty here. London and Hurricane make it to their feet with London kicking Hurricane in the gut before throwing him back inside the ring. The referee checks on Hurricane inside the ring but it’s outside the ring where the attention turns to as Chavo Guerrero delivers a low blow from behind to London!! Boos ring round the arena as Chavo tosses London back inside the ring to the waiting Hurricane who hasn’t seen what’s just gone on.

Hurricane then brings London to his feet with the champion still reeling from Chavo’s hard shot. Hurricane grabs London by the throat, the fans pop as they know what’s coming and Hurricane delivers the Hurrichokelsam!! Cover from the Superhero, 1..2..3.. Hurricane has pinned the Cruiserweight champion!!

Winner: The Hurricane(7:53)

Michael Cole: Well that is a major victory for The Hurricane right there but he doesn’t even seem to realise that Chavo Guerrero played a huge part here tonight!

Tazz: It don’t matter Cole. Hurricane just beat the Cruiserweight champ and ya gotta believe that Friday night’s resident superhero is next in line at a shot at Paul London.

Hurricane celebrates while looking up the ramp at Chavo who smiles and points at himself with Hurricane looking confused, not for the first time tonight.

We then cut backstage where we see Kurt Angle pacing down the hall as Josh Matthews catches up with him

Josh Matthews: Kurt..Kurt if I could just get a moment of your time. Just wanted to know how you feel about tonight’s triple threat match and what role John Cena will play here tonight?

Kurt Angle: John Cena won’t play a role at all here tonight Josh, let me assure of that. All Cena’s gonna do is call the match and when Tony Chimel announces Kurt Angle as the winner of the match, John Cena is gonna raise my hand as the NEW number one contender.

Heat for Angle there, again with the odd cheer though.

Kurt Angle: But the aftermath of the match is what’s really gonna hit Cena hardest Josh. Cos John Cena is gonna raise my hand right up high and then he’s gonna turn around, he’s gonna stare right at me and he’s gonna come to the realisation that his days as WWE champion are well and truly numbered.

Boos for Angle.

Kurt Angle: Cos when I win out there tonight and I get my championship match in three weeks time, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind and believe me when I say this Josh, there isn’t a doubt in Cena’s mind either about exactlywhat the result‘s gonna be.

Angle smiles broadly before continuing.

Kurt Angle: He can’t beat me. He just can’t. I know it and John Cena knows, that if it’s me and him, one on one in the middle of that ring, I’m walkin’ out victorious. John Cena does NOT wanna face the Wrestling Machine.

More heat for Angle.

Kurt Angle: As far as JBL and Orton go, what is there for me to worry about exactly huh? Bradshaw had a great run as WWE champion, make no mistake about it but if I’d have had a shot at him and that title? Well his reign woulda lasted about five freakin’ minutes.

A few ooohs in the crowd as Angle continues.

Kurt Angle: And as for Randy Orton, the ’Legend Killer’. He did a good job Sunday, credit where credit’s due Josh. To beat The Undertaker is no easy feat and for that I commend Orton. But the facts are that The Undertaker isn’t the man he used to be, Randy Orton said it himself. He isn’t the same man that used to strike fear into his opponents, he isn’t the same man that used to dominate and destroy opponents.


Kurt Angle: But Orton lied when he said that’s his job around here now. That is s MY role around here now Josh. I strike that fear into opponents, I dominate, I DESTROY opponents inside the ring.

Big heat for Angle here.

Kurt Angle: Orton’s young, he’s confident, he’s got potential. But potential means NOTHING Josh. And as far as this whole ’Legend Killer’ routine goes. Well let me tell ya this, there’s only one legend around here that it actually means something to beat and that is ME!

Heat again for Angle.

Kurt Angle: I am the biggest legend in this company and to beat me means a hell of a lot more than it does to beat The Undertaker. So Randy, if you’re watchin’ this.

Angle turns to the camera.

Kurt Angle: Drop the Legend Killer act kid. Cos until you beat me, it doesn’t count for anything. Tonight, I’m gonna take great pride in making either you or Bradhsaw tap out, heck I’ll make BOTH of you tap out. And when I do exactly that, it’s gonna give me even more pride, even more pleasure when I break.. your.. ankles.

Angle then suddenly turns along with the camera as we see JBL appear to some strong heat.

JBL: Not a word that ever comes outta your mouth is true Kurt.

Angle sblacks.

JBL: Ya say you’re the best around, the greatest wrestler in the world. It’s all…talk. You’re too damn reliant on your little speech about Shawn Michaels. You beat Michaels at Wrestlemania, you made him tap out. We get it Kurt. But since then what’ve ya done huh?

JBL laughs a little as Angle looks intense.

JBL: What.. Have.. You.. done? You ain’t done a damn thing Kurt. Ya walked outta your match Sunday night didn‘t ya? Is that what a champion does Kurt? Is that what a ‘Wrestling Machine’ does?

Angle doesn’t respond.


Kurt Angle: I DO WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT BRADSHAW! I’m Kurt freakin’ Angle and I don’t need to be told by a nobody like you what I should and shouldn’t do!

Angle is pointing into the chest of Layfield as the crowd cheer here for Angle.

JBL: A nobody? Nobody ha ha? Kurt do you realise exactly who you’re talkin’ to here? I am the longest reigning WWE champion in Smack-down HISTORY!

Heat for Layfield.

Kurt Angle: Kinda ironic huh. What was it you said to me just now? Since then though Bradshaw, what’ve ya done?

A few oooh’s for that one.

Kurt Angle: You’ve lost TWICE to John Cena and the way I see it you’re lucky to even be in this match tonight. But for me, that’s only a good thing because I’m gonna prove to you exactly why you’re a nobody! And why I am exactly what I say I am which is the very best in this business.

JBL: The best in this business doesn’t walk out of a match against a freakin’ debutant. The best in the business doesn’t hide away from a challenge, like a rematch with Shawn Michaels. The best in the business doesn’t go over a whole god damn year without winnin’ the WWE title. Kurt, you are nowhere NEAR the best in the business and tonight I’m gonna make that crystal clear for all the world to see.

Kurt Angle: You’re gonna regret the words comin’ outta your mouth later on out there. Whether ya like it or not Bradshaw, whether Orton likes it or not, whether CENA likes it or not, I am getting that WWE championship match that I DESERVE and I am taking the WWE championship from John Cena. Oh it’s true! IT’S DAMN TRUE!

Angle leaves with JBL looking on angrily at Angle as the build continues to tonight’s main event.


We return and see a graphic for tonight’s main event to which the fans pop before…

‘Hell will be callin’ your name’

It’s the music of Bobby Lashley making his first appearance on Friday night Smackdown following his debut at Judgment Day.

Michael Cole: Well this young superstar Bobby Lashley debuted this past Sunday at Judgment Day where he went toe to toe with Kurt Angle and put up a heck of a fight, forcing Angle to leave the match as Lashley scored a debut win via count out. Tonight the ‘Real Deal’ makes his first appearance on Friday Night Smackdown!

Tazz: I’m pumped Cole. Pumped to see this kid Lashley in action again. He is straight up dominant and I fear for whoever gets in his way here tonight.

‘It wasn’t my fault’

Out comes Snitsky to no reaction as it’s gonna be monster vs. monster here tonight.

Tazz: Wow! Snitsky and Lashley! This is gonna be brutal Cole.

Michael Cole: Indeed Snitsky will be a big test for Lashley here tonight. Will Lashley be able to prove exactly why he’s labelled the ‘Real Deal’ here tonight?

Match Three: Singles Match

Bobby Lashley vs. Snitsky

It’s a real battle of strength and power between these two huge men as Lashley asserts his dominance. The early going looked like Snitsky was gonna take control as the big man took down the Real Deal with some clubbing blows but Lashley soon turned the tables, showing off some scary strength to break free of Snitsky’s reign.

Lashley then asserts his dominance in the match, whipping Snitsky into the corner before delivering a thunderous clothesline, sending Snitsky up in the air almost. The crowd ooohs at the impact from Lashley as Snitsky seems lost here.

Lashley then hoists Snitsky up before dropping him with a huge suplex. Again, huge impact from Lashley who goes for the cover but it’s a kick out at two from Snitsky. Lashley keeps the pressure right on however and doesn’t let the near fall phase him as he looks to finish this off. Lashley whips Snitsky into the ropes, the big man rebounds and goes for a big boot to Lashley who ducks it! Lashley then runs to the ropes as Snitsky turns around and is met with a huge spear! Lashley spears Snitsky in half almost as the fans let out a big pop for the newcomer.

Lashley then signals that this one’s about to come to an end and waits momentarily before bringing Snitsky up to his feet, scooping the big man onto his shoulders with relative ease before dropping Snitsky with the Dominator! Cover by Lashley, 1...2...3... Lashley wins it

Winner: Bobby Lashley(4:35)

Michael Cole: Wow! Now that was impressive Tazz! Bobby Lashley defeats Snitsky with EASE!

Tazz: Scary Cole. A guy the size of Snitsky, to just be decimated like that is damn sure impressive. This Lashley’s gonna be a major asset for Smackdown baby.

We see a replay of Lashley finishing off Snitsky as we cut backstage and see Booker T walking down the hall before he bumps into Rhyno, the man who accidently cost him at Judgment Day against Carlito!

Rhyno: Book, Book just stop. Before you say..

Booker T: Naw man, before ya say another word, lemme tell yo’ punk ass how dis is gonna go down. See what happened at Judgment Day, that ain’t sat well wit’ me, ya understand? Ya wanna get involved in my business man, you do it face to face, not no sneak attacks.

Rhyno: Book what happened was a mistake. Did you not see what Carltio did to me before your match? He attacked me, what was I supposed to do, sit back and act like nothing happened? No, see I wanted payback and I wanted to Gore the living HELL out of that son of a bitch. This had nothing to do with you man.

Booker T: Then why da hell did I end up getting’ my ass gored in half huh? Tell me that one man.

Rhyno: Look Carlito’s played us off on one another here Book. He’s not as dumb as he looks and he wants this to happen, he wants EXACTLY this to happen. Together, the two of us against him? He doesn’t stand a chance but if we’re arguing like this, we start fighting each other, then he’s gonna win this whole thing.

Booker nods his head, seeming to understand.

Rhyno: I wanna kick his ass Booker, you wanna kick his ass too, simple solution is that we do just that and send a message loud and clear. He ain’t breakin’ us Book. Not a chance.

Booker T: A’ight. You got me on dis one man but if ya DARE even think about hittin’ me wit’ that Gore again I’ma take matters into my own hands and Carlito ain’t gonna be the only one feelin’ my fist goin’ down his throat. Ya understand?

Booker looks Rhyno dead in the eye as he walks away.

Rhyno: You got my word Booker. Ya got.. my word.

We then cut backstage where we see Josh Matthews once again who is standing by with the WWE champion, John Cena, dressed in his usual jean shorts, t-shirt and baseball cap and is greeted with a strong pop from the crowd.

Josh Matthews: John tonight you are the special guest referee in the triple threat number one contenders match. How d’you feel having to call such a big match in these three men’s futures as well as your own?

John Cena: Josh tonight’s match is no different to any other match I enter. Be it as a competitor or in tonight’s case as a referee. I go into every match and I give a hundred and ten percent. I lay it ALL on the line and tonight I’m gonna do my upmost to call this match exactly.. The.. Way.. I ..see it.

Cena is slightly fired up here.

John Cena: See I ain’t got any issues with who I face for this championship(Cena pats the title he has on his shoulder). Kurt Angle’s a great performer, no doubt about it but Josh I pride myself on being a fighting champion, on facing ANY and ALL challenges so if it’s Kurt Angle who’s hand I raise out there tonight then all I can say is bring it on.

Pop from the crowd there.

John Cena: As for Randy Orton, he’s got the talent, ain’t no two ways about it but to be successful in this industry, ya can’t sit back and rely on just talent. Ya gotta have the heart, ya gotta have the will to win, the PASSION. And in Randy Orton, I just..don’t.. see it.

Cena tips his hat quickly before moving on.

John Cena: And then there’s JBL. The Wrestling God. A man I’ve had my issues with lately and a man I’ve BEATEN twice in recent weeks. JBL’s as tough as they come Josh, I’m not gonna lie to ya, he’s given me two of the toughest battles of my entire career. But I came through them and I came through them with the WWE championship in MY possession.

Another small pop for the champ.

John Cena: So be it the Wrestling Machine, be it the Legend Killer or be it the longest reigning WWE champion in Smackdown history. Did he ever mention that to you by the way Josh?

Matthews just laughs as Cena continues.

John Cena: I do not give a damn, because I am John Cena, I am the WWE champion and whoever walks out of tonight with a shot at this championship is gonna be in for the FIGHT OF THEIR LIFE!!

Pop from the crowd.

John Cena: The champ is here and Randy, Kurt, Bradshaw, if you want some…..come get some.

Cena moves on, looking focused as we head back to ringside to rejoin Michael Cole and Tazz.


Out steps Chris Masters who is all set for action when we return!


We return and Chris Masters is in the ring ready for his opponent to come out.

Michael Cole: Well Chris Masters has been very impressive since coming over to Friday nights in the draft lottery. Masters has displayed all his size and strength in dominating opponents, really making an impact here on Smackdown.

Tazz: Masters has got a lotta talent Cole. It’s clear as day to see that and I wouldn’t wanna get in the way of that Masterlock. That’s a serious hold Cole and I can’t see many, hey I can’t see ANYBODY breakin’ that hold.

‘Muy Loco’

Out come a trio of men(Super Crazy, Juventud and Psycosis) riding on some ‘Juan’ Deere’s as the crowd look confused while Chris Masters simply laughs at what he’s seeing.

Michael Cole: Well uh… this is not what we expected here tonight and I don’t think it’s what Chris Masters expected Tazz.

Tazz: Alright Cole! You know who these three dudes are?! Three of the most high flyin‘, entertainin’ guys around inside o‘ that ring! On the left of there ya got Super Crazy, on the right ya got Psycosis and slap bang in the middle ya got Juventud Guerrera. And Cole, look at the ‘Juan’ Deere’s ha ha!

Michael Cole: Well uh, how’d you know they were comin’?

Tazz: Connections Cole. Shh shh Juvi’s about to talk Cole.

Juvi takes a mic with the crowd wondering who the trio are.

Juventud: Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, incase you don’t know exactly who we are, let us introduce ourselves ha ha.

The crowd remain silent with a few cheers as some in the crowd know them from their past.

Juventud: My name is Juventud Guerrera. To my left you have Psicosisssssss and to my right you have a guy who is Super, you got a guy who is Crazy, you have Suuuuuuuuper Crazzzzzzzy.

Crazy shouts ridiculously with his tongue out.

Juventud: And we’ve come to the WWE to liven this place up, we’ve come to bring some fun to Friday nights amigos.

Slight pop now for Juvi.

Juventud: Tonight you people get a glimpse, get a taste of what’s to come as this big headed freak I’m lookin’ at goes one on one with Psicosis. Hey, hey Masterpiece, get ready baby cos we ain’t just three old Mexicans. No we are the Mexi-COOLS!

Pop again there for the trio as Juvi and Super Crazy ride around the ring while Psicosis bounds into the ring, ready for action.

Michael Cole: Well the Mexicools are here and Chris Masters, as impressive as he’s been of late, can he handle not only Psicosis but the presence of Juventud Guerrera and Super Crazy?

Tazz: These three dudes ain’t pushovers Cole. Masters is in for a test tonight.

Match Four: Singles Match

Chris Masters vs. Psicosis

Masters dominates the early going, using his considerable size advantage to get the upper hand. Psicosis looks to be struggling in these opening exchanges as Masters drops him with a scoop slam, followed by a pose to show off his muscles as Juvi and Super Crazy pound the mat, showing support for their team mate if you can call him that.

Masters then goes for a cover but a kick out at one from Psicosis. Masters then locks in a camel clutch on the Mexican, looking to wear him down as he cries out in some considerable pain. The support from the crowd along with Crazy and Juvi seemed to inspire Psicosis however and the Cruiserweight managed to battle upright before delivering a series of elbows to the mid section of Masters.

Psicosis then charged at the Masterpiece who ducked it as the high flying Luchadore ran the ropes before taking Masters down with a cross body. Cover by Psicosis, kick out at two from Masters!!

Psicosis then headed up to the top rope, much to the fans delight as they rose in anticipation. Psicosis shouted something in Mexican as Masters made his way back to his feet. He turned around to see Psicosis hurl himself from the top at him but Masters catches him before slamming him down to the mat with authority.

Masters then looked set to go back and pick Psicosis up but Juventud Guerrera perched himself on the apron, distracting ‘Piece who then turned his attention to the leader of the trio. Masters asked Juvi what he wants as Juvi simply laughed at him, doing his own pose to show off his muscles as Masters laughed saying, ‘No this is how you do it’ before delivering his own pose to some heat. This was all a part of the plan though as from out of nowhere, Psicosis rolls Masters up into the cover! 1...2...3! Psicosis steals one!!

Winner: Psicosis(5:11)

Michael Cole: Psicosis wins it!! The Mexicools triumphant on debut!! And Chris Masters looks in absolute disbelief!

Tazz: Oh baby, the Mexicools damn sure got one over on the Masterpiece here tonight. And just like that, they ride away on those ‘Juan’ Deere’s ha ha. The Mexicools Cole, only on Friday nights!

We see the Mexicools ride off to a good pop as Chris Masters shakes his head, looking angry up the ramp at the trio before we then head backstage into Teddy Long’s office when the camera soon shifts and we see Carlito enter to considerable heat.

Carlito: Teddy man, Carlito just dropped by to ask ju a couple questions.

Teddy Long: Go ahead playa.

Carlito: First of all, and dis is a travesty by the way. Why in the world is Carlito not in the number one contenders match? Did ju not see Carlito beat Booker T at Judgment Day? I wiped the floor with dat guy and the thanks Carlito gets is sitting on the sidelines? Teddy das not cool.

Teddy Long: Hold up dawg. See ya don’t deserve to be anywhere near the WWE championship after whatcha did Sunday night to Rhyno. Ya may’ve beaten Booker T but the way I see it, you only got the job done cos of Rhyno’s mistake.

Carlito looks horrified at Long.

Carlito: Ju’re punishing Carlito for winning matches? Am I hearing ju right Teddy? Ju’re even more stupid than I thought.

Long rolls his eyes as Carlito continues.

Carlito: But onto da other question Carlito has here and even more importantly, what are ya gonna do about all o’ this? In Carlito’s opinion Teddy the only fair thing to do is put Carlito in the match tonight and make this a Fatal-4-way. What do ya say huh?

Heat for Carly’s suggestion.

Teddy Long: Da only fair thing to do Carlito is put ya in a match, you’re right.

Carlito nods his head in agreement and beams with joy.

Carlito: I knew you’d see sense Teddy.

Teddy Long
: But it ain’t gonna be in tonight’s main event.

Pop for the GM there as Carlito now looks pissed off.

Teddy Long: No, see your match Carlito is goin’ to be next week and it’s goin’ to be against the man you attacked at Judgment Day, ya feel me? Next week, Carlito one on one wit’ da ‘man beast’ Rhyno!

Big pop from the crowd as Carlito grabs his hair in frustration.

Carlito: Dis isn’t right Teddy! Dis..dis.. Dis Isn’t fair! Carlito’s gonna make ju regret that Teddy!

Carlito storms out furiously but the Smackdown GM has little time to catch his breath as the next man in through the door arrives and it’s Matt Hardy!

Teddy Long: Matt Hardy, what can I do for you playa?

Long and Hardy are both pretty buoyant here.

Matt Hardy: What’s that guy’s problem man?

Long laughs as Hardy continues.

Matt Hardy: Teddy I think you know what I want. Ya saw me pin Orlando Jordan out there tonight and in three weeks time on Smackdown it’s Night of Champions. I want another shot at the United States title. I DESERVE another shot after what Orlando did to me at Judgment Day. You know I do Teddy.

Long nods his head.

Teddy Long: Matt y’know I do my upmost here on Smackdown to make things right and what happened at Judgment Day, it weren’t right what Orlando Jordan did to ya playa. Which is why you got ya wish Matt. Night of Champions, it’ll be Matt Hardy one on one with Orlando Jordan for the United States title.

Pop from the crowd for that announcement as Hardy looks ecstatic.

Matt Hardy: Oh thank you Teddy, I appreciate it man. You won’t regret that decision. Orlando Jordan better start countin’ the days down cos in three weeks, I’m walkin’ out with the U.S. championship around my waist. Matt Hardy is just getting’ started here on Smackdown! Thank you Teddy!

Hardy is bouncing around as he leaves the GM’s office and Teddy Long can finally catch his breath.

Michael Cole: Major announcements from the Smackdown General Manager folks! Next week on Smackdown, Carlito will go one on one with Rhyno! And three weeks from tonight on a special Night of Champions edition of Friday Night Smackdown, Matt Hardy will get another shot at Orlando Jordan and the United States title!

Tazz: Major opportunities at payback there Cole. Rhyno and Hardy are gonna be gunnin’ for Carlito and Jordan. Can’t wait for those ones!

Michael Cole: And up next, we will determine the number one contender to the WWE championship! Stay tuned, don’t go anywhere!


‘Burn in my Light’

Out steps the Legend Killer, Randy Orton to some decent heat as he’s the first man down to the ring for the massive main event.

Michael Cole: A huge opportunity here tonight for Randy Orton. Following on from a big win at Judgment Day, could tonight see the Legend Killer continue his momentum and earn a WWE championship match?

Tazz: Major opportunity you’re right Cole. Orton’s got all the tools baby and there ain’t no doubting’ he’s got a heck of a chance here tonight. If ya can beat the Deadman, ya can just about beat anybody.


The next man out is JBL, making his way down in his trademark limo to some strong heat as he looks set to get another shot at the WWE title.

Michael Cole: JBL feels as though he deserves one more shot, just one more opportunity at the WWE title and I gotta say, I am surprised he’s getting the chance to earn that here tonight after John Cena defeated him again at Judgment Day.

Tazz: What Cole? This man’s the longest reigning champion in this show’s history! Of course he deserves another shot ya moron.

Cole just sighs before saying ‘Anyway’.


The third and final competitor Kurt Angle makes his way out to decent heat again, with some cheers also in there for the Wrestling Machine.

Michael Cole: This man believes he has been screwed since Wrestlemania in getting a title match. Well tonight Kurt Angle can put all those claims to rest as he looks to earn himself that shot he fully believes he deserves.

Tazz: He does deserve a shot Cole. You’re telling’ me that beatin’ Shawn Michaels counts for nothing? Angle’s my pick here tonight man. But if anybody can beat Angle it’s one of these two guys Cole. Cannot wait for this one!

The three men lock eyes in the ring before….

‘My time is Now’

Out steps the special guest referee to a big pop as John Cena sprints down to the ring and slides into the caludron with all three men staring out the referee here tonight.

Michael Cole: And here comes the champ!! John Cena will determine who his next challenger is here tonight as he is put in a very sticky position having to call this match.

Tazz: It’s a tough place for Cena, no doubt about it but the champ knows whoever wins this one here tonight ain’t gonna be easy come Night of Champions.

Match Five: Triple Threat #1 contenders match, Special Guest Referee: John Cena

Randy Orton vs. John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

The main event was a fantastic triple threat match that really got the crowd on their feet throughout proceedings as all three competitors gave their all to earn a shot at the WWE championship for three weeks time.

The early going saw Kurt Angle get the upper hand over his two rivals with the Wrestling Machine’s intensity and aggression proving too much to handle as Randy Orton was taken over the top rope to the outside, following a thunderous clothesline from Angle.

With Orton now out of the equation this left JBL and Angle the only two men inside the squared circle and JBL managed to gain some momentum, poking Angle in the eye as John Cena took a look at the fallen Orton on the outside. Layfield proceeded to DDT Angle and go for the first cover of the match, which resulted in a kick out at 2.

It also resulted in the first confrontation of the match between competitor and official as JBL told Cena to buck his ideas up and count faster, with which Cena laughed off. The Wrestling God then looked to wear down Angle with a sleeper hold, demanding Cena raise Angle’s hand and see if he’s still in this thing. As the hand came down for a third and final time though, Angle found the resolve to bring himself up to his feet and break the hold before unloading on JBL with a flurry of right hands.

Angle though then found himself taken down from behind by the returning Orton who charged back inside the ring and right at Angle. This led to a two on one beat down briefly by Orton and JBL as Angle seems to take the roll of a face in this match up. The duo stomp away at Angle before dropping elbows on the Olympic Gold medalist before JBL, much to Orton’s dismay goes for a cover. Cena counts to one but Orton throws JBL off of Angle and covers him himself! Cena again goes for the count but JBL pulls Orton off and now JBL and Orton trade blows!

For the first time in the match Orton and JBL go at it with the Legend Killer getting the advantage, whipping JBL into the ropes before dropping him with a back body drop. Cover by Orton now and a kick out at two from Layfield. Orton then jumps on his opponent and hammers away at the skull with John Cena warning Orton about a potential disqualification.

Orton pushes Cena away with Cena looking less than pleased as the two go nose to nose with the crowd on their feet, hoping for the two to go at it but instead Orton goes flying into Cena as Kurt Angle is up and has nailed Orton from behind! The crowd give a pop as Orton stumbles back towards Angle right into the path of an Angle Slam! Kurt goes for the cover as Cena gets back up to his feet and heads over to make the count.



JBL stops the count at 2!

JBL just about keeps himself in the mix as Cena holds his jaw and Angle is getting back to his feet, ready to square off now with JBL. Angle and JBL go at one another with Angle backing Layfield into the corner now. Kurt whips him across the ring before charging at the Wall Street millionaire but is met with a big boot, knocking Angle down! Cover from JBL here.



Kick out from Angle to a decent pop.

JBL can’t believe it and continues to pound away at Angle. As the contest moves on, JBL again failed to put away Angle, trying every trick in the book but to no avail. With Orton still down from the Angle slam and looking in some discomfort with his shoulder, JBL and Angle continued to go one on one here, looking to finish off the job.

Layfield and Angle trade blows with Layfield rocking Angle back. The tension is building here as JBL whips Angle into the ropes, Angle though holds on. JBL charges at Angle but Kurt pulls the ropes down and sends JBL flying over the top rope! Layfield crashes down to the outside as Angle roars to the crowd. The Wrestling Machine then turns around and right into the Legend Killer’s path! Orton is back up this feet and goes for an RKO! Angle blocks it however and pushes Orton forward into the ropes. Orton comes flying back at Angle who catches him from behind and tosses Orton with a belly to back suplex, sending Orton flying.

Angle is now rolling and pulls the straps down from his vest, looking directly at Cena who stares right back at him. Angle then heads back to Orton who is in a world of trouble. Angle goes for the ankle of Orton and locks it in! Ankle lock locked in on Orton here! Will the Legend Killer tap?

Orton is writhing in pain as Angle applies firm pressure here. Cena is in prime position. Orton stretches for the ropes but he’s still a world away. Cena’s attention then shifts though as JBL is back on the ropes, the other side of the ring. JBL shouts out to Cena who looks up at Layfield. JBL is holding Cena’s WWE title.

Cena looks angered by JBL here and heads off to Layfield who is bearing a huge grin. JBL shouts out that ‘this is MINE’. Cena then asks JBL to give him the belt or else. JBL tells Cena ‘Or else what?’. But it’s inside the ring where the drama is unfolding as Randy Orton taps! Orton is tapping and Angle believes the deal is sealed! On the ropes though Cena smashes JBL with a big right hand, knocking JBL down and taking back his title belt before hopping back inside the ring to find Angle celebrating.

Cena wonders what the hell is going on as Angle grabs Cena’s arm and tells him to raise it. Cena tells Kurt that he just can’t do that as He didn’t see Orton tap. Angle looks furious and gets right in Cena’s face here. Cena tells Angle that he has NOT won the match. Angle goes berserk and goes to throw a right hand but before he can do that, he gets turned around right into an RKO!! RKO from Orton!! Cover!




Orton wins it

Winner: Randy Orton(14:07)

Michael Cole: Randy Orton has got out of jail in a HUGE way here tonight!! Orton is heading to Night of Champions and Orton is heading towards the WWE title!

Tazz: Look at the anger in Kurt Angle’s face Cole! He’s gonna explode!

Kurt Angle sits up in the ring furious that Orton just about got the job done here as JBL sits up on the outside before walking away realising he’s failed again here tonight. Cena then raises Orton’s hand in victory, not looking too happy about doing so but Orton looks delighted before smiling at Cena and motioning that the title will soon be around his waist before exiting the ring looking back at Cena.

Cena though then turns around to anticipation from the crowd and he turns round right into an Angle Slam!! Kurt Angle has snapped as he puts in the Ankle lock on Cena! The crowd give huge heat as Cena writhes in pain while Angle refuses to let go as Randy Orton lets out a massive smile from the top of the ramp. Angle eventually lets go of the hold before taking hold of the WWE title and getting right in the face of Cena with it saying, ‘You can only run for so long Cena, your ass is MINE!’ A host of referees, backstage agents and medics then rush down to Cena’s aid.

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle has DESTROYED John Cena!! Cena’s ankle may be broken in half!!

Tazz: Man oh man. Angle has lost it Cole.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton is the new number one contender folks but the Legend Killer isn’t the only man to leave their mark here tonight. Kurt Angle has SNAPPED! John Cena’s days as WWE champion may well be numbered!!

Angle then roars to the crowd to strong heat before looking up the ramp at Randy Orton who delivers an evil grin as the show ends.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE.com news

Champion Down, But Not Out!

Following a controversial ending to Friday Night Smackdown, we now know that on the Smackdown: Night of Champions special in three weeks time, Randy Orton will challenge John Cena for the WWE Title.

One man this didn’t sit well with was Kurt Angle who had made Randy Orton tap out during the contest only for special guest referee John Cena to miss the action in dealing with JBL. This allowed Orton a reprieve and the Legend Killer took full advantage, hitting an RKO on Angle for the win. Following the match Kurt Angle completely snapped and attacked John Cena, Angle slamming the champion before locking in the Ankle Lock, refusing to release the hold on a helpless Cena.

In an update on John Cena’s condition, it has been reported that the champion did NOT suffer any severe damage and was a lucky man to do so. Cena is said to still be feeling the effects of what went down Friday night but doctors have assured Cena he will be ready for when Smackdown rolls around next week and for the big match come Night of Champions.

In other news from this week’s Smackdown, it was confirmed by Smackdown GM Teddy Long that Matt Hardy will get another shot at the United States title when he takes on Orlando Jordan at the Night of Champions special. And in further news we’ve been informed of two huge additions to the Night of Champions line up, announced by the General Manager!

MNM will put their Tag team titles on the line in another Judgment Day rematch against ‘Mr.Friday Night’ Rob Van Dam and the ‘Master of the 619’ Rey Mysterio! Plus, after defeating Cruiserweight champion Paul London this past week, albeit thanks to Chavo Guerrero, The Hurricane will get a shot at the gold when he faces London with the Cruiserweight championship up for grabs!

Raw Preview will be up in a couple of days I think. Any feedback for Smackdown would be great in the meantime.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Monday Night Raw Preview- 30/5/05- Long Island

The road towards Vengeance took a turn for the worse last week for World Heavyweight champion Batista. The Animal teamed with Y2J Chris Jericho to take on the Intercontinental champion Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali. After picking up a hard fought victory, Batista was ambushed by his opponent at Vengeance and long time rival Triple H. The Game laid into his former protégé, using his trusty sledgehammer to decimate the champion. Following the attack last week it has been confirmed that Batista will NOT be at the arena for Raw tonight. You have to wonder just how severe Batista’s injuries are and what is Triple H going to have to say on the matter in Long island tonight?

Speaking of Triple H, he will be in action here tonight when he takes on a man he’s had his run ins with in recent weeks and in the past as the Game goes one on one with former Intercontinental champion, Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin has had Triple H’s number in past meetings, scoring three huge wins over the Cerebral Assassin. Will Benjamin be able to add another upset to his name? Or will Triple H prove why he is ‘that damn good’?

Also confirmed for tonight, Chris Jericho will host the return of the Highlight Reel! Jericho’s guest will be none other than Captain Charisma, Christian. Y2J has engaged in a heated rivalry since Wrestlemania with Christian’s long time tag team partner and best friend Edge. There is no doubting that Jericho will have a lot to say on that matter here tonight and you can be sure that Jericho also has a lot to say on Christian’s own current rivalry with the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. With Vengeance now just around the corner, we can all expect an explosive verbal war between these two former rivals when Raw rolls around.

Last week saw Shawn Michaels finally end his quest for a rematch with Kurt Angle, realising that right now it was impossible. Michaels though announced that he now had a new goal in mind and that was the World Heavyweight title. Eric Bischoff however had other ideas as the Raw GM told HBK that he couldn’t just hand him a championship opportunity and that to be quite frank, he didn’t deserve one. Michaels responded by telling Bischoff that he owed him, following Bischoff’s failure to sign Kurt Angle over to Raw. The challenge was then laid down by the GM as Bischoff said he was sick of Michaels calling the shots and that he was the boss around here. Bischoff proposed a huge match for Vengeance which the Showstopper gladly accepted. It’ll be HBK one on one with an opponent of Eric Bischoff’s choosing. If Michaels picks up the win, he will get a World title shot. However if Eric Bischoff’s representative gets the win, Shawn Michaels will become the property of Eric Bischoff. A shocking stipulation and this week on Raw we hope to find out exactly who Michaels opponent will be for vengeance.

And finally, last week saw a newly formed duo storm Raw as William Regal and Mark Jindrak dismantled the Big Show. Show looked all set to retire from the WWE, stating that there was nothing left for him to do and that his motivation was gone, cue William Regal. Regal said that there was still a real challenge for Show to deal with and the seven foot giant found it looming behind him as Mark Jindrak appeared and crashed the Big Show’s head with a steel chair before the duo assaulted the former WWE champion with real authority. What will Jindrak and Regal have in store tonight and will Big Show have any answers to them

Confirmed for Raw:

Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin


The return of the Highlight Reel; Chris Jericho’s guest will be Captain Charisma, Christian
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Just to note something. My matches are very short at the minute as i'm building towards Vengeance and since the last PPV i've been a bit burnt out in terms of match writing so apologies for anyone expecting long weekly matches. Anyways, enjoy.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 30/5/05- Long Island

We open with no video package this week, just the usual opening and pyro.

Jim Ross: We welcome you ladies and gentleman to Monday Night Raw! I’m Jim Ross alongside Jonathan Coachman and Coach, what a night we have here tonight in Long Island!!

The Coach: Damn straight baby boy. Tonight The Game is in action as our next World champion goes toe to toe with Shelton Benjamin!! Time for Triple H to settle a score tonight J.R.

Jim Ross: A slobber knocker for sure and what about this one? The return of the Highlight Reel here tonight! Chris Jericho’s guest Coach? None other than…


J.R simply shakes his head before..

‘Time to play the Game’

Out steps Triple H in his wrestling gear but a t-shirt on to a ton of heat after what went down last Monday night and his heinous assault on Batista.

Jim Ross: Well last week we saw a simply devastating, brutal, sickening assault from this man, Triple H. The Game decimated Batista and due to that attack, the World Heavyweight champion will not be here tonight in Long Island.

The Coach: Good J.R. What do we even need Batista around here for anyway? I mean Triple H is the real World champ and at Vengeance he’s gonna prove it when he brings the World title home baby.

Jim Ross: We need Batista a whole hell of a lot more than we need this sick S.O.B Coach. What he did last week was not right, it was not humane and this show needs a World champion and it damn sure isn’t Triple H.

The Coach: YET J.R. YET.

Trips takes a mic as a ‘You Suck’ chant begins to fill the arena.

Triple H: Incase ya haven’t heard the news, I’d be more than happy to fill ya in. Dave Batista will sadly not be here tonight.

Chorus of boos for Trips announcing that.

Triple H: And just incase anybody missed it last week, the reason why Batista won’t be here tonight and the reason why Batista might not even make it to Vengeance is because of this.

Trips proceeds to point up at the titantron where we see a video from last week’s main event where Batista had just pinned Muhammad Hassan before being attacked from behind by Triple H who then proceeded to destory Batista with vicious sledgehammer shot after sledgehammer shot, leaving the World champion a bloody mess.

There’s a ton of heat again as the camera cuts back to a smiling Triple H

Triple H: Beautiful right? See Batista’s had that coming for a long time and let me tell ya, I can’t even begin to describe the amount of pleasure it gave me seein’ him squirm, seein’ him scramble and seein’ him BLEED last week.

Heat once more.

Triple H: What you saw just there will go down as a defining moment when I win back the World Heavyweight title. Because last week marked the moment where Batista finally got the message. Batista may have beaten me at Wrestlemania but that match, that night, it was just one battle and this whole deal between me and Batista, this is a hell of a lot more than just one battle. This is an all out WAR!

Small pop there.

Triple H: And when a war takes place, in order to win that war you’ve gotta have the know how, you’ve gotta have the wherewithal, you’ve gotta have the experience to go into the war zone and get the job done. Doesn’t matter how ugly it is, doesn’t matter how screwy it is, you go to war, you better pray to god you come out victorious.

Trips pauses before continuing.

Triple H: So here’s the thing. Dave Batista has never entered a war zone before. He doesn’t know what that environment is like, he doesn’t know how to finish off what he’s started.

Trips smirks as the crowd give some heat to the Game.

Triple H: When Dave was a part of Evolution he saw exactly what I’m talking about right now. See I may not have started all the wars I’ve been in over the years and believe me there’s been plenty of em. But no matter who started the war, no matter how hard, how brutal, how rough things got inside this ring for me, the end result was always the same, I won the war and Batista saw it each and every time.

Heat for Trips here.

Triple H: He doesn’t have a single god damn clue what it’s like when somebody is hell bent on takin’ what’s yours. When somebody is so driven that it eats them alive if they can’t get to it. And since Wrestlemania I haven’t been able to get to what I want, I haven’t been able to get to the World Heavyweight championship. Last week, it struck Batista, it struck him that the war has indeed begun and I know Dave, I know him better than anyone.

A few ‘BA-TIS-TA’ chants have started which cut the Game off.

Triple H: I know him better than anyone and I know how he thinks, I know what goes on inside that thick skull o’ his and believe me, it‘s got him scared outta his boots right about now. See when he saw me win battle after battle, war after war, he always came to me, he’d pull me aside and he’d say to me, ‘Hunter, man, that was just, wow, you’re unstoppable, nobody can touch you, you always find a way don’t you?’

Trips pauses once more.

Triple H: And the answer to that is you bet your ass I do.

Heat for Trips there.

Triple H: I did back in Evolution and I still do to this very day. Which is why the balance of power, it shifted last week. That’s why the tide has turned and that’s exactly why Batista isn’t here tonight.

Trips looks around the crowd who are now quiet, confused perhaps.

Triple H: You don’t get it? It’s simple. Batista’s not here tonight, not only because I beat the living crap outta him last week but the other factor you aren’t takin’ into account is because Batista’s mind is runnin’ crazy again right about now. It’s runnin’ crazy with the painful thought, the painful thought that.. he knows.

Trips is looking fired up now.

Triple H: He knows that time has come when THE GAME, THE CEREBRAL ASSASSIN proves EXACTLY why he is THAT DAMN GOOD!

Small pop again for the intensity but general heat for The Game.

Triple H: Dave can run, but he can’t hide and when the time comes, July 26th, Vengeance when that war zone opens and Batista takes that first step inside and he sees his enemy standin’ right there opposite him.

Trips points out the two men on either side.

Triple H: When that moment comes, the questions are gonna come runnin’ right back into Batista’s head and the answer is gonna be exactly the same as it was back in Evolution Dave. I always…ALWAYS find a way.

‘The Game’ then hits and Triple H leaves looking as intense and fired up as ever.

Jim Ross: The intensity is clear for all to see Coach. Triple H wants that World Heavyweight title and it appears as though he is going to stop at nothing to get what he wants.

The Coach: The passion, the emotion J.R, you could feel that electricity here tonight from Triple H and he’s right baby boy, he ALWAYS finds a way. Batista doesn’t stand a chance come Vengeance!


‘We’re Comin’ Down’

Out come the World Tag Team champions ready for action, The Dudley Boyz to a decent reception.

Jim Ross: All set for some tag team action now here tonight folks. The Dudleyz have found out in recent weeks that more than one team are after their tag team gold and tonight they take on one of those very teams, the Basham Brothers.

The Coach: Danny and Doug Basham are incredibly underrated around here J.R. These two guys are a SERIOUS threat to the Dudley Boyz. They get the job done inside the squared circle and tonight I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see these guys the Dudleyz get taught a lesson by a REAL tag team.

The Bashams then make their way down to the ring to barely any reception as we get set for this non title match. Anybody know their theme music by the way?

Match One: Tag Team Match

The Dudley Boyz vs. The Basham Brothers

The match saw the Basham’s really come close early on to shocking the tag team champions as Danny Basham took it to D-Von, coming close with a couple of near falls. A shift in momentum soon came however ad Bubba Ray entered the match and used all his size and power to get on top of things for the Dudleyz.

The finish of the match came when chaos broke out and both Bashams entered the ring looking to thwart the efforts of Bubba however D-Von soon came to the aid of Bubba. With all four men in the ring, the referee seemed to lose focus of what was going down as all four men traded blows in the middle of the ring. The match was then completely blown out as not for the first time in recent weeks there was interference from two of the members of the Arabian Entity, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari.

Dutt and Daivari took out the Dudleyz to begin with, seeming to team up with the Basham Brothers as the referee called for the bell ending this contest. Having disposed of the Dudleyz to big heat, Dutt and Daivari didn’t stop there though and took down Doug and Danny Basham for good measure with double dropkicks, sending the duo over the ropes

Winners: No contest(6:46)

Jim Ross: Yet AGAIN this duo of Daivari and Dutt have ruined tag team action here tonight and they aren’t gonna stop until they get their hands on the Tag Team titles.

The Coach: After that dominance there J.R, they may just get it. For two small guys J.R they are so damn talented and when, not if J.R, WHEN these guys get a title opportunity they’re gonna take it.

We cut backstage and join Josh Matthews who is standing by with The World’s Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

Josh Matthews: Shelton, tonight you go one on one with a man who you seem to have had’s number in the past, Triple H. Your confidence must be sky high going into tonight?

Shelton Benjamin: I’m always confident Josh. No matter who my opponent is, I know that inside that ring I’m capable of things no other superstar in the company is capable of. So it doesn’t phase me having to face a guy like Triple H tonight. Maybe that’s why I’ve beaten him before.. and then beat him again.. aaaand then beat him again!

Pop from the fans as Shelton and Charlie smile.

Shelton Benjamin: But I know how fired up Triple H is tonight, I know he’s gonna be out to not only send a message to me but to send a message to Batista. Triple H isn’t a ten time World champion for nothing Josh. I know tonight’s gonna be a hell of a test for me, but I’m ready. See Triple H may wanna send a message tonight but I got a message of my own to send and that message is directed to Muhammad Hassan.

Heat from the crowd for Hassan’s name.

Shelton Benjamin: My message is loud and clear. Come Vengeance I don’t care what the odds are, I don’t care what Eric Bischoff has thrown in my way. I’m gonna walk into Las Vegas and I am going to take back MY Intercontinental title.

Pop from the crowd.

Charlie Haas: And if Muhammad Hassan thinks that his little buddies are gonna save him at Vengeance, he better think twice. Now I may not be in Shelton’s corner come Vengeance but that don’t mean a damn thing. See The Great Khali may be over seven feet tall but that freak can just about walk, let alone catch Shelton when he’s flyin’ around the ring at the speed of light.

Pop again for Haas this time.

Charlie Haas: This guy next to me is one of a kind Josh and tonight against Triple H and at Vengeance against Hassan and Khali, Shelton’s gonna show just how good he really is.

Shelton Benjamin: You heard the man Josh. Time to play the Game? Well the Game better be ready cos there ain’t no stopping’ Shelton Benjamin.

The duo head off to a good response from the fans.

The camera then cut backstage and to the corridor where we see Trish Stratus laid out cold!! Trish has several referees, trainers and medics surrounding her as they call for an ambulance with Trish completely motionless while the camera then pans and sees Victoria standing a little bit away from the scene smiling at what’s going down here, clearly her work as we head back ringside

Jim Ross: Well disturbing circumstances there folks. Trish Stratus looked out cold, we will alert you of any update on the condition of Trish throughout the night.

The Coach: Certainly a sad situation right there J.R and our thoughts go out to Trish for sure. We can only hope somebody finds out who did this.

Jim Ross: The hell do you mean who did this Coach? It’s clear as day who did this. That damn demon Victoria! You saw the smirk on her face for christ sakes.

The Coach: Don’t go pointing’ fingers like that J.R. Victoria may’ve been happy but wouldn’t you be if your rival got laid out by somebody? I know I would, sadly nobody’s taken you out yet though. The time’ll come baby boy.

Jim Ross: Oh for the love of God.

‘Born Naughty’

Out steps William Regal suited and booted as he brings out his protégé with him, Mark Jindrak who is set for action.

Jim Ross: Well last week saw these two men make a huge impact when they ambushed the Big Show, brutally attacking the World’s Largest Athlete. Let’s take a look back.
We go to a replay of the attack from last week with Show saying he’s lost his motivation and there were no challenges left for him before Regal interrupts and introduces Jindrak who attacks Show from behind and lays him out with a steel chair.

The Coach: It was a beautiful moment J.R. Big Show thought he could have his little spotlight, his time to pander to these idiot fans about how he’s so great there’s nobody left to challenge him then BAM! William Regal and Mark Jindrak come and give Big Show what he deserves Now where’s the challenge Show? Huh? Where’s the challenge?

Jim Ross: Do you ever give it a rest Coach?

The Coach: No I do not J.R! Big Show wanted a challenge, well he got one and they’re standin’ right there in that very ring. Where’s the Big Show J.R?

J.R. isn’t even allowed to answer before Coach continues.

The Coach: Nowhere ,that’s what I thought. Challenge laid down, Big Show backs down. Why aren’t I surprised?

J.R. just sighs before continuing.

Jim Ross: Well when we come back ladies and gentleman ‘the future’ will be in action. Don’t go anywhere!


‘Child’s Play’

We return and out comes Eugene to a decent response from the fans as Raw’s special superstar makes his way out, high fiving fans as Jindrak and Regal look on.

Jim Ross: Welcome back folks and this young man Eugene is in for a tough task here tonight, taking on as William Regal has dubbed him, ‘The Future’ Mark Jindrak.

The Coach: Eugene doesn’t stand a chance J.R. This moron couldn’t beat himself let alone a guy like Mark Jindrak. I’m gonna enjoy this one.

Match Two: Singles Match

Mark Jindrak vs. Eugene

Eugene surprises Jindrak early on, taking it to the young superstar but is soon brought back down to earth as Jindrak gets on top of this one. The new protégé to William Regal looked mightily impressive as he unleashed his whole array of moves on a helpless Eugene. An impressive looking dropkick saw Jindrak score a near fall on the fan favourite but Eugene continued to hold on in there.
It was soon all over though as Regal egged on Jindrak to end things and he did just that as a brutal suplex looked to be the nail in the coffin of Eugene, however Jindrak refused to go for the cover and instead locked in an armbar, clearly the work of William Regal here, influencing Jindrak. Eugene tapped out in no time at all as Jindrak picks up a convincing win

Winner: Mark Jindrak(3:31)

The Coach: How impressive was that J.R? He just wiped the FLOOR with Eugene!

Jim Ross: I’ll give credit where credits due and that was damn sure impressive from this kid Mark Jindrak and with the wily veteran William Regal in his corner, there is no doubting that Jindrak has got all the tools. I certainly be..

The Coach: Shut up J.R. Mr.Regal wants to speak.

Regal does indeed have a mic as the crowd gives heat to him and his protégé.

William Regal: Now THAT was impressive, am I right?

Regal opens his arms out and soaks in the heat to a broad smile.

William Regal: There’s a reason why I’ve dubbed young Mark here the future of this company and that right there(pointing at a fallen Eugene) is my reasoning behind it. Sheer dominance, and as proved last week, not even the supposed most dominant superstars around here can live with what this man has to offer.

Heat for Regal there.

William Regal: The Big Show laid down a challenge last week when he said there was nothing left for him in the WWE. He put a target on his head and when he said that, myself and Mark here weren’t going to allow that to go amiss.

Regal pauses before continuing.

William Regal: And as you all saw we decided to teach that big oaf a lesson. We decided that it was time to bring the Big Show back down to earth and we brought him back down with a bang, make no mistake about it. Big Show I hope you’re listening because I’ve got news for you and you’re not gonna like it.

Regal smiles then speaks once again.

William Regal: It gives me real pleasure to inform you and to inform all you people here tonight that I’ve spoken with our general manager Eric Bischoff. And Eric has agreed to add another match to the card for Vengeance. It’ll be the 500 pound giant the Big Show one on one with my protégé here, Mark Jindrak!

Small pop for that announcement.

William Regal: And at Vengeance we’re going to finish exactly what we started last week. The Big Show isn’t going to walk out of the WWE like he seemed to think he was last week. Not on our watch, not a chance sunshine. The Big Show is going to be STRETCHERED out of the WWE.

Heat for Regal.

William Regal: Courtesy of THE FUTURE, MARK JINDRAK!!

Regal raises Jindrak’s hand as ‘Born Naughty’ plays over the PA and the fans continue to boo the duo who leave the ring both beaming.

Jim Ross: Statement made here tonight from William Regal and Mark Jindrak. And at Vengeance we can now pencil it in Coach. Regal’s protégé will go one on one with the Big Show and I can assure ya that Big Show is gonna be gunnin’ for these two men. They better watch their backs from now until Vengeance.

The Coach: Watch their backs? What for? These two guys together could be damn well unstoppable! If the Big Show can’t stop em then nobody can J.R.

We then cut away to a video package for Vengeance.

WWE Vengeance: June 26th 2005; Las Vegas, Nevada; Thomas&Mack Center

We then cut backstage and join Eric Bischoff in his office with some paperwork before Shawn Michaels walks in to a blistering ovation.

Eric Bischoff: Well, well, look what we have here, the Heartbreak Kid. What can I do for ya Shawn?

Shawn Michaels: There’s a whole heck of a lot ya can do for me Eric but first things first I was wonderin’ if ya could errr… fill me in yet about whose teeth I‘m gonna be kicking down their throat at Vengeance?

Bischoff laughs.

Shawn Michaels: Somethin’ funny Eric? Did the Showstopper make ya laugh?
Michaels does a fake laugh before turning to a deadly serious face which gets a pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Ya did Shawn, ya did. See your opponent at Vengeance is to be decided by ME. And you aren’t gonna find out who that opponent is until Vengeance itself.

Heat for Bisch.

Eric Bischoff: Cos Shawn if you say you’re as good as ya are, you hold yourself in such high regard then it shouldn’t matter who your opponent is. Big or small it doesn’t matter to you, you don’t need to prepare yourself because you’re Shawn Michaels!

Bischoff smiles again as Michaels looks sternly at Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: And Shawn Michaels is the best around isn’t he? Shawn Michaels can beat ANYBODY in his path right? So Shawn you don’t need to know before Vengeance who you’re gonna be facing cos really and trult it doesn’t matter does it?

Shawn Michaels: Seems our General Manager’s got a spring his step tonight huh? Well guess what Eric, you’re right. You are right. I will beat whoever you put in my path, believe me on that Eric. I’m headin’ into Vengeance with a clear goal in my mind. And that goal is the World Heavyweight title.

Pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: You may be heading into Vengeance with a goal in mind Shawn but that goal will never and I mean NEVER be accomplished as long as you‘re up against me. The only thing you’re leaving Vengeance with is my bags in your hand pal, cos that’s all you’ll be after this is over with, my bag carrier.

Michaels shakes his head as Bischoff beams again.

Shawn Michaels: I will be NOBODIES bag carrier Eric and ya better be careful, real careful. The way you’re goin’ about your business, if you don’t win this match at Vengeance then that means not only do I get my title shot, but that means you don’t get to push the Heartbreak Kid around like you want to.

Michaels pokes Bischoff in the chest.

Shawn Michaels: You’re only thinking about one thing Eric and that’s victory but you’re forgettin’ the other side of the coin here and that’s defeat. A little something you’re quite the expert in aren’t ya? And if , no, WHEN you are defeated at Vengeance then I’m gonna be damn sure to knock your head off your shoulders to celebrate.

Big pop again for HBK.

Eric Bischoff: Is that right Shawn? Well I’m gonna give ya a chance to vent all your frustration, all that anger you seem to have inside of ya. How about it, tonight Shawn Michaels in action right here in Long Island tonight!

Pop from the fans at that announcement.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn Michaels one on one with the Intercontinental champion, Muhammad Hassan!

The fans pop again as Bischoff grins.

Eric Bischoff: And just so things run to plan Shawn, Hassan will have his fellow three Entity members at ringside and just incase you try and one up me? Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas will be banned from setting foot anywhere NEAR that ring.

Heat for the GM who smiles once more.

Shawn Michaels: That’s a wise move Eric. Cos if I weren’t getting’ my hands dirty tonight, then all that frustration you talk about, all that anger you talk about, I might just have been takin’ it out on you.

Michaels pats/almost knocks the stuffing out of Bischoff’s back before leaving as Bischoff looks in discomfort.


We return ringisde and the ring is now set up for the Highlight Reel!

‘Break the Walls Down’

Out steps Y2J Chris Jericho to a big pop as Jericho gets set for the return of his talk show the Highlight Reel.

Jim Ross: Been a rough time recently for Y2J. Jericho has had his issues with Edge and at Vengeance those two men will go one on one to settle the score. Edge has been a thorn in Jericho’s side right off the back of Wrestlemania, costing Jericho the World Heavyweight title and also the Intercontinental title.

The Coach: Jericho had it comin’ J.R. The way he spoke about Edge is what started all of this. If Jericho woulda kept his mouth shut, he could be World champion right now.

Jericho takes a mic to some ‘Y2J’ chants.

Chris Jericho: Jerichoholics it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the return of the Highlight Reeeel!

Pop for Jericho.

Chris Jericho: And tonight my guest is a man that I’ve had my differences with in the past, a man I’ve wanted to tear limb from limb and a man who’s recently started to call himself this day and age’s very own Ric Flair.

Heat there as the fans know who Jericho means.

Chris Jericho: So lets not waste any time in bringing him down here. Ladies and gentleman, Christian.

‘Just close your Eyes’

Out steps Captain Charisma alongside Tomko to strong heat.

The Coach: There he is J.R! The man who at Vengeance is gonna put Ric Flair in his place! Captain Charisma baby!

Jim Ross: Indeed in three weeks time Christian will take on Ric Flair in a match where Christian is gonna have to put up or shut up.

The Coach: No J.R. Christian will put up and YOU will shut up. Christian is the modern day Ric Flair baby boy and at Vengeance he’s provin’ it.

Christian takes a mic before looking for any of his fans in attendance.

Chris Jericho: Christian first thing’s first let’s ge…

Christian: First thing’s first Chris, you better realise you’re damn lucky I’m a nice guy and let you have me on your show here tonight. If I was in charge around this joint, you would be MY guest on the real talk show around this place, THE PEEP SHOW!!

A few cheers in the crowd but mainly heat for Christian.

Christian: See when Eric Bischoff informed me I’d be on the highlight reel, I wasn’t a happy man. But Eric explained it to me, he said that I didn’t really need the spotlight of being a host here tonight and that you on the other hand Chris? You’re in DESPERATE need of the spotlight right about now aren’t ya pal?

Jericho smirks.

Christian: Yeah that’s right. Past couple weeks, heck the past couple months you’ve been getting’ your ass kicked by my good buddy Edge.

Heat for CC.

Christian: People are startin’ to talk Chris. People are startin’ to have their doubts about you. You couldn’t get the job done for the World Heavyweight title at Backlash. You couldn’t get the job done for the Intercontinental title a couple weeks back. What can ya get the job done at Chris?

Heat again here.

Christian: I’ll tell you what and it’s the reason I came here tonight. It’s why I decided to let you have your moment as host because this(Christian spreads his arms), THIS is what you can get the job done at isn’t it Chris? The job of inviting the leader of a new era, the job of listening to what the modern day Ric Flair has to say, that’s the job you can get done isn’t it?

Christian wears a broad smile as Tomko nods and the fans boo some more[.

Christian: I couldn’t do that job. No, no, not a chance. I couldn’t stand in this ring and interview somebody who completely outclasses me in every aspect of the job I’m in, no I just couldn’t. How d’you do it exactly man? I mean, come on, share the secret. I’m dying to kn..

Christian is cut off by Jericho.

Chris Jericho: Would you please do everybody a favour in this arena and SHUT THE HELL UP!

BIG pop for Jericho.

Chris Jericho: On and on and on. Christian every single word coming from your monkey ass is total crap. A modern day Ric Flair? The leader of a new era? The only thing you’re leadin’ is the Pride Parade with your lil buddy there Tomko.

A lot of laughs at that comment from Jericho.

Christian: That’s a good one Chris. How long you had that one building’ up for?

Chris Jericho: Oh a little while now. And you wanna talk about uh..getting the job done?

Christian nods.

Chris Jericho: Well facts are buddy boy that if your old pal Edge hadn’t stuck his nose in, you’d be standing here lookin’ at the World Heavyweight champion right now.

Pop again for Y2J.

Christian: But I’m not am I Chris? I’m standin’ here lookin’ at a complete and utter LOSER.

Heat again for Captain Charisma.

Chris Jericho: And what does that make you Christian? What does that make you exactly? You wanna talk about me not getting the job done? When was the last time you got the job done huh? Let’s look at the facts shall we? Chris Jericho, the first EEEEEVER Undisputed champion.

Pop for that mention.

Chris Jericho: Christian, the……. Hold on a second, let me just think. I got it, Christian, the…… Oh wait that’s right, you have NEVER done a damn thing to compare yourself to ME.

Pop again for Y2J.

Chris Jericho: Christian if ya can’t even compare yourself to me, how in the world can you compare yourself to somebody like Ric Flair? Ric Flair is one of, if not the greatest professional wrestler of all time and yet YOU? You of all people are comparing yourself to him?

Christian: You’re damn right I am Chris. See I may not hold as many championship reigns as Ric Flair, I may not hold the same accolades but that’s because I’ve been held down in this company for FAR TOO LONG!! Chris, guys like me and Edge have NEVER been given the credit we deserve. Despite goin’ out there and puttin’ our bodies on the line, revolutionising the WWE with the TLC match and yet STILL nobody has given me, nobody has given Edge a second look and you’re one of those people Chris.

Boos for the CLB.

Christian: Which is why I chose Ric Flair. You’re right when you say Ric Flair is one of the greatest of all time. There’s no denying it, but this is 2005 Chris. Flair’s time in the limelight is done and he is taking up not just my spotlight, he’s takin’ yours as well.

Chris Jericho: He’s not taking anything away from anyone. As long as Ric Flair can still step inside this ring and compete then he DESERVES the spotlight still.

Pop from the fans.

Christian: BUT HE CAN’T CHRIS! He just can’t. I know, and it eats me up inside when people tell me I’m wrong. I know that I am BETTER than Ric Flair. All I need is that one shot, that one night, that ONE OPPORTUNITY and at Vengeance I will finally get that chance.

Chris Jericho: But are ya gonna take it? Are ya gonna grasp it with both hands? See Christian you talk an awful, awful good game. But when the time comes, when it’s time to step up and show the world what you’ve got, is it really there after all? Is it really inside of you? That so-called Ric Flair talent you possess?

Christian ponders what Jericho’s saying.

Chris Jericho: And there it is people. For that split second right there Christian, you just answered my question. There’s doubt in your mind. You’ve put all this pressure on yourself, you’ve hyped yourself up and now and at Vengeance if ya don’t get it done, if ya don’t live up to your own hype, it’s game over.

Christian puts his head down for a second as Jericho smiles.

Chris Jericho: No more ‘leader of a new era’, no more ‘modern day Ric Flair’. The only thing you’ll be thinking’ of is where your next match is even gonna come from.

Tomko tells Christian not to listen to him.

Christian: You know what Jericho, you’re right. And believe me it hurts to say that but you are. See we aren’t all that different are we Chris?

Jericho says ‘Yes we are’ away from the mic.

Christian: No, no we’re not. See at Vengeance we have BOTH got a point to prove. If I lose, hey what are the chances? Slim to none I know. But if I were to somehow, someway be defeated by the old man then I’m gonna fall flat on my ass for sure. But for someone who talks as much as you do Chris, you need to start realising that you’re in a pretty similar position pal.

Christian pauses before continuing.

Christian: See you may not like it but what I said earlier was true. People are doubting you. These people here tonight may chant your name but they chant your name not expecting you to come good anymore, they chant your name in the hope that you rise from the ashes. See it’s been a longgggggg time since you won that Undisputed title you like to talk about so badly. A longgggggg time Chris.

Jericho looks angered by Christian.

Christian: It’s about time you start lookin’ at the present, start lookin’ at the future. Do ya see another World title around the corner? I don’t see it for ya. You’re on a sinking ship Chris. But me? I’m climbing the ladder to stardom as we speak and at Vengeance the questions will all be answered. All the doubts people have about Captain Charisma will be put to rest and all the questions about Chris Jericho will be answered. Trouble is, I don’t think the answers are gonna be the same.

Christian then pauses once again as Jericho speaks.

Chris Jericho: You want answers? I can give you the answers right here, right now. At Vengeance you and your little buddy Edge are gonna come face to face with reality. There’ll be no more sneak attacks, no more playing games. When the bell rings and you and Flair, me and Edge come face to face, I know I’m gonna be handing out the ass kicking of a lifetime!! And I guarantee you that Ric Flair does the exact..same..thing.

Pop for Jericho there as Christian hands the mic to Tomko and gets in Jericho’s face as it looks like the two men are gonna come to blows. Both men are trash talking but Tomko prevents Christian taking it any further as the Captain leaves the ring to a ton of heat as Jericho waves goodbye to him. Christian backs up the ramp but again takes the mic.

Christian: Oh before I leave Chris. I just wanted to give you my answers. My answers are real simple. Come Vengeance Ric Flair falls foul at the feet of greatness and all my peeps know it, cos that‘s just..how I roll! And Jericho I told ya to stop lookin’ at the past and start lookin’ to the future, well your future, it’s right..behind you!

Christian laughs as Jericho turns around and EDGE charges at him!! Jericho sees it coming though and connects with a right hand before charging after Mr.Money in the Bank but Edge rolls out of harms way before running up the ramp to join Christian and Tomko, wanting nothing to do with Jericho as the crowd boo Mr.MITB.

Jim Ross: Look at this snake Coach. Edge wants damn near nothing to do with Chris Jericho unless his back is turned! He’s a damn coward and I can’t wait for Vengeance when Jericho finally gets his hands on the Rated R Superstar, that I can assure ya.

The Coach: He just got his hands on him JR! And Edge was smart enough to get outta there! Quit your complaining. The only guys who deserve to complain around here are that man Edge and the man who spoke from the heart out there tonight, the man who will steal the SHOW at Vengeance, Captain Charisma baby, Christian.

We see a shot of a smirking Christian alongside Tomko, a fleeing Edge holding his jaw and an angered Jericho as the picture fades away.

Video Package

We see a Jeep driving through a town before the camera cuts to inside the jeep where we see the two young men who introduced themselves last week, Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth. Doane is driving whilst Nemeth is in the passenger seat.

Ken Doane: Hi I’m Ken Doane.

Nick Nemeth: And I’m Nick Nemeth.

Ken Doane: Last week you saw a glimpse, a taster if you will of what the high life is all about.

We see a small cutback to the pool party last week and Doane and Nemeth with a woman each.

Nick Nemeth: See myself and Ken, we like to live life to the max.

A shot of the two men laying in the sun with champagne it seems from last week again.

Ken Doane: We’ve got the money, this car says it all.

The camera shows the car from the outside and inside.

Nick Nemeth: We’ve got the ambition

A Ferrari zooms past them as both men’s heads tilt back towards it.

Nick Nemeth: Time to put a deposit down on that bad boy Ken.

Doane nods as they continue on.

Ken Doane: We’ve got a gift

Nick Nemeth: Gifted in looks.

Ken Doane: Gifted in talent.

Nick Nemeth: Gifted in LIFE itself.

Ken Doane: And we’re ready to bring those gifts over to Monday Night Raw.

Nick Nemeth: So get ready.

Ken Doane: And buckle up

Both men buckle their seatbelts as Doane speeds up.

Nick Nemeth: Cos Nick Nemeth

The car speeds even faster as both men start to shout over the engine noise.

Ken Doane: And Ken Doane

The car looks to be heading for a crash as they swerve.

Nick Nemeth: Are ready to provide the platform

The car swerves again and begins to slow down as both men start to grin cockily.

Ken Doane: For perfection.

The car then comes to a halt and stops perfectly placed outside what looks like WWE headquarters as all you see is the licence plate which reads ‘P3rf3ct’.

'Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth: Coming to Monday Night Raw: Soon'

The camera then returns to ringside as we rejoin Coach and J.R.

The Coach: I can’t wait for those two guys J.R. They can teach you a thing or two that‘s for sure. Maybe then you’d actually deserve to sit next to someone like myself.

Jim Ross: Sure Coach.

‘Arab America’

Out steps Muhammad Hassan accompanied by his fellow members of the Arabian Empire, Sonjay Dutt, Daivari and The Great Khali. The crowd give them some strong heat.

Jim Ross: These four men have caused turmoil on Monday Night Raw ever since they formed at Backlash, handing Muhammad Hassan the Intercontinental title. At Vengeance Hassan will put that championship on the line against Shelton Benjamin but has a HUGE advantage in the fact that match will be a 2on 1 handicap match with The Great Khali by Hassan’s side AS WELL as having Charlie Haas banned from ringside.

The Coach: As he should be J.R. Eric Bischoff has made a great call there, we can’t have Charlie Haas potentially ruining an Intercontinental title match.

Jim Ross: Are you kiddin’ me? But it’s alright for Hassan to have his chronies in his corner?

The Coach: Oh damn right barbeque boy.

J.R goes silent as the four men surround the ring in wait of Hassan’s opponent.

‘Sexy Boy’

Shawn Michaels steps through the curtain to a rousing reception from the Long Island crowd as we get set for this big match up.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels has it all to do come Vengeance folks. The Heartbreak Kid will go one on one with an opponent of Eric Bischoff’s choosing. If Michaels wins he gets a World title shot, if Michaels loses, he becomes the property, you heard correctly, the property of Eric Bischoff.

The Coach: Can you imagine it J.R? Can you really imagine Shawn Michaels, one of the all time greats having to become just a sidekick to the almighty Eric Bischoff? THAT is gonna make for some damn good television.

Jim Ross: I can’t even contemplate it Coach, I just can’t.

Match Three: Singles Match

Shawn Michaels vs. Muhammad Hassan

The match is a tight affair with both men having opportunities to pick up the victory but not being able to put away their opponent for the three count. In the early goings it was Hassan who got the upper hand, cheap shotting Michaels as the bell rang before launching his offense on the Heartbreak Kid, scoring a near fall following a nice suplex.

The crowd began to tear into Hassan and his three associates, starting a strong ‘USA’ chant which the leader of the Entity did not look best pleased with. This may have taken Hassan’s focus off his game also as Michaels began to bring himself back into the match, pummelling Hassan with some strong right hands before taking him down with a running elbow as the Showstopper looked to build some momentum.

Michaels then scored his first near fall of the match following a cross body from the top rope! Hassan just rolled the shoulder up much to the dismay of the crowd as they thought Michaels had pulled it off.

As the match wore on and both men seemed to tire, the numbers game began to get the better of Michaels. With HBK looking to finish things off, the duo of Dutt and Daivari hopped onto the apron with the referee trying to wave them away it was left to Michaels himself to dispose of them, sending both men flying to the floor with two big right hands as the crowd gave a huge pop.

Michaels however turned around and was met with the gigantic Great Khali standing across the ring at him. The referee was again trying to get Khali out of this match and was even close to calling for the bell however Michaels stood toe to toe with Khali and decided enough was enough before hammering Khali with some Sweet Chin Music!! The crowd went electric but not for too long as Hassan rolled Michaels up, grabbing the tights in the process and scoring the three count!!

Winner: Muhammad Hassan(11:45)

Jim Ross: Damn it! Michaels is screwed here tonight! That damn Entity just continue to steal their way to victories and you gotta feel for Shawn Michaels.

The Coach: Shawn Michaels crossed the boss J.R. You can’t feel for a guy who does that. Muhammad Hassan a deserving winner here tonight. This guy could be the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time!

Jim Ross: Oh bull Coach. Somebody’s gonna put a stop to Hassan some day and I’m damn sure hoping that it’s Shelton Benjamin at Vengeance. And as for Shawn Michaels, one heck of an effort here tonight from the Heartbreak Kid.

The Coach: Effort don’t count a dime come Vengeance J.R. If Shawn Michaels gets pinned again at Vengeance, it’s game over baby!

We cut backstage to the office of Eric Bischoff who is watching the match on a monitor, looking incredibly pleased with the outcome. We then see The Dudley Boyz walk through the doors of the GM’s office to a decent response from the fans as Bischoff looks slightly hesitant.

Eric Bischoff: Gentleman, what uhh, what can I do for ya?

Bischoff looks a bit shaky still as the duo look angry.

Bubba Ray Dudley: You can start by giving us those damn punks Dutt and Daivari, they think they’ve been mistreated in this country? Just they freakin’ wait til me and D-Von get our hands on them. They ain’t seen the meanin’ of the word mistreated yet.

The fans pop for an aggressive Bubba here.

Eric Bischoff: Look I saw what went down earlier tonight and hey I gotta admit I liked what I saw. Not only Dutt and Daivari but the Basham’s too, both teams are makin’ statements. Both teams want those titles sittin’ on your shoulder. You’re telling’ me you wouldn’t do the same if you guys weren’t holdin’ the gold?

The duo stare a hole through Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Exactly. So the way I see it you wanna get your hands on those guys? You got it. You got Dutt and Daivari at Vengeance alright?

D-Von Dudley: Oh testify.

Pop for D-Von there but Bischoff’s not through yet.

Eric Bischoff: ANDDDD the Basham Brothers in a triple threat tornado tag team match! How do you guys like the sound o’ that one?

Bischoff smiles broadly thinking he’s one upped the tag champs here.

Bubba Ray Dudley: I like the sound of that a whole hell of a lot Eric. See me and D-Von, we DO NOT CARE how many teams ya put up against us. Bring a whole stinkin’ squadron in for Vengeance and we will TAKE THEM DOWN!

Pop for Bubba again.

Bubba Ray Dudley: All we came here for Bischoff was to get Dutt and Daivari. The Basham’s are just an added bonus. Thank you very much Eric. Always a real pleasure to see ya.

The Dudleyz leave looking focused, seemingly pleased with Bischoff’s announcement as the GM looks confused.

Bischoff's phone then goes off and he answers, looking exicted by the call.

Eric Bischoff: Hello.

Bischoff pauses for a second before his face lights up.

Eric Bischoff: You’re sure on this? He’s definitely gonna come back?

Bischoff again pauses.

Eric Bischoff: And there’s no chance of him letting me down?

Bischoff pauses again waiting for a reply before beaming with joy.

Eric Bischoff: Great, great news. So I’ll see him at Vengeance right?

Bischoff jumps off his chair and punches the air in delight.

Eric Bischoff: And I thought this day couldn’t get any better! Awesome news Paul. Tell him I appreciate it and I’ll be seeing him come Vengeance. Take care man. Bye, bye.

Bischoff puts the phone down before grinning evily once more.

Eric Bischoff: Oh Shawn, Shawn, Shawn, Vengeance will be..mine ha ha.

J.R quietly says 'Paul?' as we fade off.


'Ain’t no stopping me now’

The music of Shelton Benjamin plays as we return to Raw and both Benjamin and Haas make their way down to a good pop.

Jim Ross: Two of the finest young athletes in the entire WWE and Shelton Benjamin has certainly had the midas touch over Triple H in recent encounters beating the Game on three occasions, a feat not many can claim Coach.

The Coach: It’s impressive J.R, I’ll admit it. But when Triple H is in the kinda mood he’s in tonight, I can’t see Shelton Benjamin, I can’t see ANYBODY stopping the Game.

‘Time to play the Game’

Out comes the Game to a chorus of boos, still with that stone face look on his face as he walks with authority to the ring, looking at his opponent inside the squared circle.

Jim Ross: We heard from the Game earlier on tonight Coach and you can tell that he is fired up, that is hell bent on reclaiming the World Heavyweight championship at Vengeance. I don’t condone what he did last week to Batista though, not at all and when Batista returns next week you can put your life on these two bulls lockin’ horns.

The Coach: If I were Batista J.R I’d be seriously, SERIOUSLY considering not even showin’ up at Vengeance. We all saw what Triple H did to Batista last week and after what the Cerebral Assassin had to say here tonight, I am 100% convinced that that man right there is walkin’ outta Las Vegas in three weeks time, the 11 time, count em’ J.R, 11 time World champion.

Match Four: Singles Match

Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin

The main event was highly anticipated and certainly delivered for a fiery Long Island crowd. Shelton Benjamin was once again proving a massive obstacle for the Game to overcome as Trips struggled to deal with the speed and agility of one half of the World’s Greatest Tag Team. From the get go Hunter became frustrated with not being able to put away Benjamin and it inevitably cost the former World champion as Shelton nearly pulled off another huge upset, rolling up the number one contender for Vengeance. With Charlie Haas looking on from ringside, his support continued to push Benjamin on and also pushed the crowd on as they urged Benjamin to notch up a fourth win over the Cerebral Assassin.

The end of the match saw Trips once again get on top, dropping Shelton with high knee, following a fast paced offence from Benjamin. Trips then pulled a sleeper hold on Benjamin, looking to ground down the former Intercontinental champion. With Benjamin looking to get himself back in the match, it seemed to be the continued support from Haas and the crowd that brought him back into it. Benjamin brought himself upright before nailing Hunter in the gut, releasing the hold.

Shelton then ran the ropes once again before taking Trips down with a huge running clothesline! Cover from Benjamin but a kick out at two from the Game! Shelton begins to feel the momentum shifting and poises himself for Trips’ return to his feet. Trips gets up and turns around, Benjamin goes for the T-Bone, counter from Trips though as he clotheslines Benjamin down.

Benjamin returns back up to his feet, right into a big right hand from the Game who then whips Shelton across the ring into the ropes, Benjamin rebounds and Trips takes him down with a thunderous face breaker knee smash as Benjamin’s skull collides full on with the Game’s left knee. Triple H then roars to the crowd as he has heat poured on him by the Long Island faithful.

Trips then brings Benjamin up to his feet once again before setting him up for the Pedigree. Trips points around the arena, seeming to mouth ‘This is for you Batista’. Trips moment of taking his eye off the ball cost him though as Benjamin counters and tosses Trips over his shoulder. Hunter is stunned as he gets back to his feet but he runs right into Benjamin who sets him up, T-Bone suplex!! Benjamin connects!! The fans go insane as Benjamin goes for the cover…



Kick out!!

Somehow, someway Triple H kicks out and the crowd cannot believe it, nor can Haas who has his head in his hands whilst Benjamin looks stunned, wondering what more he can do to get the job done here. Benjamin gets to his feet and takes a minute in the corner to regroup himself as Triple H looks to bring himself up also. Both men now on their feet and Benjamin heads straight for the Game but Trips sees him coming and connects with a cheap shot, thumb to the eye from Trips as Benjamin is taken aback.

Trips then signals enough is enough and drops out of the ring and to ringside where he picks up a steel chair but Trips is met by Haas! Charlie Haas confronts Triple H to a big pop from the crowd as Haas tells Trips to put it down or deal with him as Trips holds his hands out to say he’s not gonna do anything. The referee drops out of the ring to try and get Haas away from the Game but both men are going at each other verbally.

But it’s inside the ring where the action is going on!! With the referee distracted and Benjamin’s attentions on the outside, he’s turned around by his bitter rival Muhammad Hassan, accompanied by The Great Khali and Hassan drops Benjamin with a low blow before the Great Khali drops Benjamin with a massive power bomb!! The crowd shit all over the duo as Hassan and Khali exit the ring as Trips drops the chair and heads back inside to the fallen Shelton.

Charlie Haas turns around and sees Hassan and Khali fleeing and Haas grabs the steel chair Triple H had and wastes little time in heading after the duo!! The crowd egg Haas on as Khali and Hassan get out of harms way, Haas right behind them. Inside the ring though, all Triple H has to do is cover Shelton Benjamin.




Triple H gets the win here tonight

Winner: Triple H(12:26)

Jim Ross: Damn it this is not right!! The damn Entity has screwed Shelton Benjamin AGAIN here tonight!! Hassan needs to pay Coach!!

The Coach: Absolutely beautiful J.R. Triple H standin’ victorious has got to be one of the greatest sights I’ve ever seen on Monday Night Raw and come Vengeance he’s gonna do it again!!

Jim Ross: But what about Hassan and Khali?! What about those no good S.O.Bs huh? I hope Charlie Haas gets his hands on those two! And what the hell is this about?!

The camera cuts to see Triple H who is taking it to Benjamin despite the best efforts of the referee to stop him. Trips hammers away at Benjamin with strong right hands before dropping out of the ring to huge heat but he’s far from finished. Triple H heads under the ring and pulls out old faithful, the sledgehammer.

Jim Ross: Oh somebody stop this damn it!!

The Coach: J.R this is not gonna end well for Shelton Benjamin and there ain’t anything anybody can do about it.

Trips heads back into the ring towards Benjamin who is defenceless. Trips brings the hammer up over his head as J.R squeals for help when…

‘I walk alone’

It’s BATISTA!!! THE ANIMAL IS HERE!! Batista storms down to the ring as Triple H looks like he’s seen a ghost!!


The Coach: You gotta be kidding me?!

Triple H gets out of dodge as quick as he can before sprinting round the ring and up the ramp wanting nothing to do with Batista as the crowd pur heat on him once again with a fired up Batista wanting to tear him apart here tonight.

Jim Ross: Batista may not have gotten his hands on Triple H here tonight but he may well have saved Shelton Benjamin’s career. Tonight was Triple H’s night but come Vengeance will the Game have what it takes to tame the Animal? Goodnight everybody!

Current Vengeance Card: 26th June 05; Las Vegas, Nevada

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista(c) vs Triple H

Chris Jericho vs Edge

WWE Intercontinental Championship: 2 on 1 Handicap Match
(Charlie Haas is banned from ringside)
Muhammad Hassan(c) and The Great Khali vs Shelton Benjamin

Christian vs Ric Flair

WWE Women's Championship: No Disqualification Match:
Trish Stratus(c) vs Victoria

World Tag Team Championships: Triple Threat Match:
The Dudley Boyz(c) vs The Basham Brothers vs Sonjay Dutt and Daivari

Shawn Michaels vs ?
(If Shawn Michaels wins he becomes Number one contender to the World title; If he loses he becomes the property of Eric Bischoff)

Mark Jindrak vs The Big Show
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Smackdown Preview- 3/5/05- Long Island

Last week saw a highly controversial main event on Friday Night Smackdown in which we crowned a new number one contender to the WWE Title, Randy Orton.

The Legend Killer won a triple threat match against Kurt Angle and John Bradshaw Layfield however the main talking point afterwards was not Randy Orton’s victory, it was John Cena’s refereeing. The WWE champion was tasked with calling the match by Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long and the champion missed a huge call in the contest. With Kurt Angle putting Randy Orton in the Ankle Lock it looked only a matter of time until Orton tapped. With Orton’s hand inching ever closer to the mat, JBL made his mark in the match, distracting John Cena by taking his WWE title belt and seemingly taking it hostage. The special referee was in no mood for JBL’s antics and headed after the former champion, knocking him down and taking his title belt. But whilst that went on, inside the ring it had all gone on as Kurt Angle made Randy Orton tap out.

As John Cena re-entered the ring he was met by a jubilant Kurt Angle who grabbed Cena’s hand and asked him to raise it. Cena was confused by all this and told Angle he didn’t win the match to the fury of the Wrestling Machine. Angle told Cena that Orton tapped but Cena said he didn’t see it, therefore it didn’t happen. With Angle about to explode on Cena, he was turned around by you guessed it, Randy Orton. Orton then laid Angle out with an RKO before pinning the Olympic Gold Medalist and booking his shot at the WWE title on the Smackdown: Night of Champions special. Following the contest, Cena raised Orton’s hand looking intently at the Legend Killer but Cena was then attacked from behind by a seething Kurt Angle. Angle tore into Cena, locking in the Ankle Lock and refusing to break the hold, damn near breaking Cena’s ankle in half. As Smackdown rolls into Long Island tonight, what will John Cena’s response be now that he’s seen the footage from last week? Will Kurt Angle have calmed down or will the Wrestling Machine be intent on inflicting more hurt on the WWE champion? And what will Randy Orton have to say about all of this as we build towards Night of Champions?

Speaking of Night of Champions, we learned last week that Matt Hardy will get another shot at Orlando Jordan and the United States title. Hardy was robbed of the gold at Judgment Day when Orlando grabbed the tights of Hardy to pick up a sneak victory. In two weeks time, Hardy will get his rematch and a lot of people believe Hardy will finally get his hands on the U.S title. What will these two have in store for each other here tonight?

Also, it was confirmed on wwe.com this week that MNM will defend the WWE Tag team titles at the Night of Champions special in another Judgment Day rematch against the team of Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam. Last week saw MNM manage to get out of harm’s way with a relentless Mysterio and Van Dam on their tails. Tonight, will MNM manage to stter clear of the dynamic duo again or will Mysterio and Van Dam get their hands on the A-Listers just two weeks before their big showdown?

Confirmed for tonight’s show is a big match up for the Man Beast Rhyno as he gets a shot at retribution when he takes on Carlito. The ‘Coolest’ superstar on Friday Nights viciously assaulted Rhyno at Judgment Day after Rhyno tried to talk sense into Carlito before his match with Booker T. It didn’t work and Carlito saw fit to take down the master of the Gore. Tonight Rhyno gets a chance at payback. Will he achieve it, or will Carlito get inside the head of Rhyno once more? And you also have to question whether Booker T will play any part here tonight following on from Judgment Day when both men cost him yet another match.

Don’t miss a huge night on Smackdown as we build all the more towards Night of Champions in just two weeks!

Confirmed for tonight’s show:

Carlito vs. Rhyno

Expect the show up later on in the week. In the meantime any Raw feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Just wanted to note that the matches aren't particularly long or great again as i'm looking not to burn out before the upcoming PPV.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 3/6/05- Long Island

The show opens with a video package from last week’s Smackdown and the main event #1 contenders match between JBL, Randy Orton and Kurt Angle with the special guest referee being the WWE champion himself, John Cena. The ending came when Kurt Angle had Randy Orton in the ankle lock and as it looked like Orton was to tap, JBL distracted John Cena by taking the WWE title belt and seemingly looking to take it from the champion. Cena had seen enough and knocked JBL down, taking his title belt back. In the process however, Randy Orton tapped out and Kurt Angle thought the match was won. Cena returned to the ring and told Angle he hadn’t seen what happened and that the match would continue. This infuriated Angle who got in the face of Cena with Cena not backing down. Angle looked ready to explode but was then turned around by the Legend Killer who connected with an RKO and pinned the Wrestling Machine. The close of the show then came with Cena raising Orton’s hand before Orton left the ring and Kurt Angle attacked Cena from behind, laying the champion out with an Angle Slam before tearing into Cena’s ankle with an Ankle lock as Cena writhed in pain whilst Orton looked on with an evil grin.

We then go to the usual opening video and pyro as Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to Smackdown

Michael Cole: Indeed last week saw a controversial ending here on Friday Night Smackdown and tonight there is sure to be a major fall out from what went down in Worcester seven nights ago. I’m Michael Cole, joined as ever by Tazz and we welcome you to Friday..Night..Smackdown!

‘My Time Is Now’

The music of the WWE champion John Cena hits to a big pop as the champ makes his way down, not looking as jubilant as usual and with a clear limp on show following Kurt Angle’s attack last week on his ankle.

Tazz: The champ is here Cole!

Michael Cole: But Tazz it looks as though last week has certainly gotten to John Cena. The WWE champion was placed in a tricky situation last week. Named as the special referee by Teddy Long, Cena called it how he saw it, however that wasn’t the way that we all saw it.

Tazz: Ya gotta feel for Cena Cole. He did his job as best he could last week but Kurt Angle didn’t sit too well with it and who can blame him really? I mean if you make somebody tap out and you’re headin’ towards a WWE title shot, then it goes and gets taken away from ya like that? You’d have every right to react the way Kurt Angle did.

Michael Cole: What by damn near breakin’ John Cena’s ankle in half? I don’t think so partner.

Cena takes the mic to a pretty noisy crowd here tonight.

John Cena: Y’know usually I’d come out here and go through the whole ‘the champ is here’ kinda deal but tonight I got some business to attend to.

Small pop for Cena there.

John Cena: See last week I was tasked with being the special guest referee in a #1 contenders match for my WWE title. And you all know what went down, you‘ve seen the footage. Randy Orton pinned Kurt Angle. I counted Kurt Angle down, 1..2..3.

Pop again there.

John Cena: So as far as I was concerned that was that. Game over, me and Randy Orton for the WWE title, 2 weeks time on Smackdown: Night of Champions. But Kurt Angle, wellllll he had other ideas in mind. Namely, tryin’ to break my ankle in half.

Heat for that.

John Cena: Now at the time I didn’t have a damn clue what Kurt’s problem was. I thought Kurt was just bitter. I thought Kurt was a sore loser, that he couldn’t take it that Randy Orton pinned him. But turns out, Kurt had every right to be angry with what went down in that match up.

A few are surprised Cena’s admitting Angle had a point.

John Cena: But Kurt you had NO RIGHT to do what you did to me after that match last week.

Pop from the crowd.

John Cena: I’ve seen the footage now, I saw what really went down and Kurt ya got the short straw man, I feel for ya but that don’t mean you take it all out on me. You made Randy Orton tap out, but Kurt don’t ya think your celebrations were a bit too soon?

Cena pauses.

John Cena: I mean, you didn’t see me call for the bell did ya? You didn’t HEAR the bell ring did ya Kurt? No I didn’t think so. Infact nobody in the arena saw me call for the bell, nobody in the arena heard the bell ring. So Kurt I suggest you do yourself a favour after what went down last week. I suggest you DO NOT get in my face here tonight or I promise I’ll make ya pay for it.

Pop again.

John Cena: So with that in mind let‘s move on to m….


The music of the former WWE champion hits and out comes JBL in his trademark limo, cutting Cena off to some good heat with the Wrestling God looking surprisingly buoyant.

Michael Cole: Well JBL could be considered the man who cost Kurt Angle last week Tazz. After all it was JBL who distracted Cena, it was JBL who drew John Cena away from his duties as guest referee.

Tazz: You got a point Cole but at the end of the day JBL was just tryin’ to keep himself in the match. He saw Angle had Orton beat and he took a chance. It backfired, ain’t no doubt about it, not just for JBL but for Kurt Angle too.

JBL, suited and booted has a mic in hand and Cena smiles at his enemy who stands across the ring from him.

JBL: John Cena, the good Samaritan. You tell a hell of a story son.

Heat already for JBL.

JBL: But there’s a few parts of this little story missin’ aren’t there Cena? Ya don’t seem to keen to share those parts with everybody though do you now? How convenient.

Heat again for the Wrestling God.

JBL: Well where to start? What about the part where Kurt Angle had Randy Orton locked in the Ankle lock, and YOU, the special guest referee decided to take your eye off the ball. The part where YOU decided that I was your priority, like I always have been Cena and while you carry that WWE championship, I always will be.

Cena laughs as JBL is pointing directly at Cena’s title.

JBL: Don’t you dare laugh kid cos I’ll wipe that freakin’ smile right off your face. The main part of the story you’re forgettin’ to tell is that YOU put your hands on me last week Cena.

Pop there.

JBL: Ha ha. You people cheer now but you’re all forgetting that last week John Cena was NOT in competition. Last week John Cena was a WWE OFFICIAL!

Heat for Layfield, though some confusion as to where he is going with this.

John Cena: Woah, woah, woah. Hold it right there, lemme just stop you for a second cowboy. See I didn’t forget a damn thing about last week You on the other hand? Aren’t you forgetting a certain part of the story Mr.Wrestlin’ God?

JBL mouths ‘Not a thing’ as Cena continues.

John Cena: Aren’t you forgetting that you took MY WWE title? You and you alone brought that beating upon yourself John. Don’t try and put this all on me.

JBL: I WILL PUT THIS ON YOU!! I will put this on you Cena because like I explained to you and these morons here tonight(Heat), you were a WWE official last week and you put your hands on me. You were trusted with calling a match last week, a damn important one for that matter and you lost control.

More heat.

JBL: Now Cena if I were you I’d start by beggin’ me for forgiveness and I‘d end with givin’me another shot at that WWE championship. And if ya don’t? I promise you I will go straight to the Board of Directors and I will have you STRIPPED of the WWE championship!

Huge heat for Layfield here.

John Cena: Beg you? Beg you for forgiveness? I’ve heard a lot of crazy things in my time around here but that takes the cake. JBL, I will NEVER beg anyone let alone a piece of trash like you for forgiveness.

Big pop for the champ there who looks intense again now.

John Cena: So you can go to the Board. You can personally go to Vince McMahon for all I care. But I am not gonna give you an apology and there ain’t a snowball’s chance in hell you’re getting’ another shot at this title!

Cena raises the WWE title belt high to let another pop.

JBL: You’ll do as I say Cena or else that title, which might I add you are doing a mighty fine job in disgracing.


JBL: That title will be removed from your possession and it will only be a matter of time before it’s returned to it’s rightful home. It is returned to me, the GREATEST WWE CHAMPION IN HISTORY!!

The heat pours on JBL now.

JBL: So what I’m proposing ‘champ’ is that right here tonight you do the honourable thing an..

JBL is cut off as..

'Burn in my Light’

The music of the number one contender Randy Orton hits and out steps the Legend Killer to some heat as usual but a few pops for interrupting JBL

Michael Cole: And here comes a man with a whole host of reasons to be cheerful Tazz. Randy Orton is now the number one contender to the WWE title and will get his shot two weeks from tonight on Smackdown: Night of Champions. Major opportunity for the Legend Killer but it’s one that he doesn’t totally deserve lets face it.

Tazz: Orton does deserve it Cole. He won the match last week for cryin‘ out loud. I feel for Kurt Angle, no doubt but Orton took advantage baby and he’s headin’ to Night of Champions for one heck of a match up.

Orton takes a mic with boos evident for all to hear.

Randy Orton: Bradshaw you uh..you might wanna rethink this through here. See I, me, Randy Orton is the number one contender, not you.

A few cheers, a few boos as JBL looks irate.

Randy Orton: And as far as you’re concerned Cena, you’ve got just two weeks. Two precious weeks left with that championship before it falls deservingly into my hands. Because in two weeks on Smackdown: Night of Champions, I am going to end this little charade of yours, I’m going to end this sham of a title reign and I am going to restore some honour back into that WWE title.

Orton points at the belt and has now lost any crowd support he had.

John Cena: Well for a guy who tapped out last week you sure are full o’ yourself aren’t ya Randy?

Orton smiles as Cena laughs.

JBL: Pardon the interruption gentleman but the both of ya are wastin’ my time here. So Orton why don’t you run along now to the back and let the adults do the talkin’ here kid.

A few oooohs as Orton looks slightly taken aback by the comment.

Randy Orton: Well Bradshaw, call me a ‘kid’ all you want but I’m the same ‘kid’ that beat YOU and Kurt Angle last week so how bout YOU run along to the back and ring up the Board of directors like you’re threatening to do, cos there isn’t a chance that I’m givin’ up my title shot for ANYBODY.

John Cena: Wow, so this is what déjà vu feels like. Am I the only one or didn’t we see this all go down last week?

A few chuckles.

John Cena: Listen, Randy you won the match last week, I understand that. BUT you owe a great deal to me and believe it or not you owe an even greater deal to that man there, JBL.

Orton looks confused.

John Cena: Without his distraction Randy. Without him draggin’ me away from the middle of this ring, I’d have been callin’ for the bell and Kurt Angle would be number one contender, not you.

Pop from the crowd.

John Cena: You’ve rode your luck Randy and when Night of Champions rolls around, you better be ready Randy. You got two weeks to prepare yourself for the fight…of your life. And in two weeks, your luck.. runs…out.

Pop again for the champion who looks deadly serious here.

JBL: Déjà vu is right Cena cos I saw the exact same crap go down last week as I am tonight and that is me being overlooked for another title shot and I am SICK OF IT!!

Heat for Bradshaw.

JBL: Now Teddy Long‘s sittin’ back there like the moron that he is so Teddy you better get out here RIGHT NOW or else I’m headin’ to the back, I’m walkin’ out of this building and I’m flying straight to WWE headquarters. And BELIEVE ME, I will have you(points at Cena) STRIPPED of that title, I will have you(points at Orton) SENT BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL and I will have you Teddy Long(points to the back) REMOVED FROM YOUR POSITION! Now come out here and giv…


The music of Kurt Angle hits and out steps the Wrestling Machine, dressed to compete and he walks down with his eye firmly fixed on WWE champion John Cena. Cena drops his mic and braces himself for Angle as the fans get ready.

JBL: NO! Kurt this isn’t goin’ down. Not when I’ve got more important things to deal with. Kurt you STAY ON THAT RAMP!

Angle doesn’t take JBL’s advice and heads right to the ring.

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle is in no mood for talking Tazz and he’s heading straight for John Cena! These two are gonna explode! Cena wants Angle, Angle wants Cena and here.. we.. go!!

Angle and Cena charge at one another and a brawl begins! Angle is on top of Cena hammering away but Cena reverses and now the champion is on top of Angle, throwing strong rights but the two are broken up as JBL and Orton look at one another and decide enough is enough as the duo team up and target Cena. Both men stomp at Cena who holds his back in pain as Angle gets back to his feet and charges at Layfield and Orton!! Angle is getting face reactions here tonight as he takes it to JBL, then to Orton but the numbers game is too much for Angle as Orton delivers a low blow to big heat before JBL tells Orton to get him up. Orton does just that and JBL takes Angle down with a clothesline from hell!! Cena is back up now and heads after the duo but Layfield and Orton dodge it and leave the ring to huge heat as Cena stumbles to his knees and looks on up the ramp.

Michael Cole: An EXPLOSIVE start to Friday Night Smackdown! John Cena and Kurt Angle were gonna damn near tear each other apart but JBL and Randy Orton have put their marker down here tonight!

Tazz: Man oh man. Ya got three guys out there who all believe they deserve a shot at the WWE title and Cole, they all got a claim to it!


We return and head straight to the office of Teddy Long who is arguing with JBL and Randy Orton.

JBL: Are you outta your freakin’ mind Teddy? I am NOT going to do it.

Teddy Long: You are goin’ to do it JBL. I am your boss, I think you forgettin’ that one playa. Ya can go to the Board all ya want John. Facts are, you are NOT deserving of another WWE championship opportunity and tonight you WILL team with Randy Orton to take on the team of Kurt Angle and John Cena.

BIG pop for that announcement as we now know what JBL was refusing to do.

Randy Orton: And where do I fit in with all this Teddy? I’ve got my shot in a couple of weeks, Night of Champions. Why should I be teaming with a guy like HIM just two weeks before one of the biggest matches in my life? This is a DISGRACE!

JBL: You better watch your damn mouth kid or I will slap you so hard you’ll forget you’ve even got a title match.

Randy Orton: Oh really? Well how bout I gi…

Orton and JBL are face to face now as Teddy Long cuts them off.

Teddy Long: HEY! HEY! Listen up, now you two may not like each other but ya really believe Kurt Angle and John Cena are gonna get along tonight? We’re gonna see just who can work together as a team in order to get the job done tonight and I know that I can‘t wait and ALL the Smackdown fans can‘t wait to see it! Now if ya don’t mind playas, I got some business to take care of. So why don’t ya get outta my office?

Pop for the GM as JBL and Orton look disgusted. Orton leaves, slamming the door behind him as JBL continues to look at the GM in disgust.

JBL: You may be my boss Teddy but YOUR boss ain’t gonna be happy with you for the way you’re running this show into the freakin’ ground.

JBL leaves looking very pissed off as Teddy Long breathes a sigh of relief and we head back ringside.

Michael Cole: Wow. What a main event here tonight Tazz! The WWE champion John Cena must team up with the man who nearly broke his ankle in half last week Kurt Angle to take on the number one contender Randy Orton and a man he’s made no secret of disliking JBL! How will those two teams be able to co exist here tonight?

Tazz: They can’t Cole ha ha! And that’s what makes it so great! This is gonna be a rocket buster for sure!

‘Man beast’

The music of Rhyno hits to a decent pop as the Man Beast makes his way out ready for action against the man who assaulted him at Judgment Day, Carlito.

Michael Cole: No doubting Tazz that Rhyno has been waiting ever since Judgment Day to get his hands on Carlito and tonight he gets that opportunity.

Tazz: Big chance at some retribution for Rhyno tonight baby. Carlito ain’t gonna roll over though Cole. This one could get ugly, real quick.


Out steps the Apple Spitter as Carlito makes his way down to the ring to some good heat, not looking phased by Rhyno.

Michael Cole: Well Carlito has certainly been on a roll off the back of Wrestlemania. He has showed a new found aggression in doing so but at Judgment Day he crossed the line with what he did to Rhyno. The ‘coolest’ superstar on Smackdown assaulted the Man Beast following Rhyno trying to warn Carlito that he knew his plan, his motive with Booker T. Following on from that heinous attack, Carlito then stole a victory from right under the nose of Booker T, thanks to Rhyno‘s accidental interference.

Tazz: I agree with ya on what he did to Rhyno Cole but as far as Booker T goes, Carlito did what he had to do to win the match. He took advanatge of Rhyno showin’ up, and he got the result he wanted. That’s all that counts and it was a big step forward for Carlito at Judgment Day.

Match One: Singles Match

Carlito vs. Rhyno

This begins as no standard match as Rhyno charges straight at Lito and the two go right at each other’s throats. Carlito though is pegged back by a fired up Man Beast who is relentless in hammering away at his opponent. The referee eventually manages to get Rhyno to stop before the five count as Rhyno remains seething. The referee getting Rhyno away though gave Carlito a moment’s recovery and he used it before knocking Rhyno down with a big kick to the face, sending the ECW original flying.

Carlito then took full control of the match, coming close on occasion to putting the nail in Rhyno’s coffin but Rhyno hung in there, showing a lot of fighting spirit to stay in the contest and it served him well as he mounted a small comeback, coming close to getting the victory himself following a nice belly to belly suplex, scoring him a near fall. Lito then got the upper hand again soon after, landing a cheap shot on the Man Beast to set him back before delivering a nice snap suplex as Rhyno held the back of his neck seemingly in some discomfort.

Carlito began to smile and pander to the crowd who drowned him in heat as Lito kicked Rhyno about like a piece of meat, toying with him. The finish of the match came as Carlito grabbed his apple in the corner of the ring and with the fans knowing what’s coming they began to boo. Rhyno made his way to his feet as Carlito grabbed him by the neck and shouted some obscenities to him before slapping him in the face and taking a bite of his apple, only for a HUGE pop as down came Booker T, wielding a chair! Booker, Carlito’s rival since Wrestlemania came charging down to the ring but Carlito saw it coming and made the first move, throwing a right hand at Booker but Booker dodges it. The referee meanwhile has called for the bell but the two rivals continue.

Booker then swings the chair but this time Carlito ducks it. Carlito then pleads with Booker not to hurt him, begs the former WCW champion but Booker doesn’t hold back and launches at Lito with the steel chair, Carlito ducks again and Booker connects with RHYNO!! Booker looks shocked as he’s hit his friend with the chair and things go from bad to worse as Carlito grabs Booker from behind and nails him with the Backstabber!

Winner: Carlito via Disqualification(9:31

Michael Cole: Damn it, not again!! Carlito has gotten the better of Booker T and Rhyno AGAIN here tonight. When’s somebody gonna stop him?!

Tazz: They can’t Cole. Carlito’s too smart baby. What about that chair shot from Booker huh? Wow, brutal stuff and I guess ya could call that evens between Booker and Rhyno now man.

Michael Cole: What do ya mean evens? Those two men are friends, they both want a piece of Carlito and I damn sure hope they’re gonna get it.

Carlito exits up the ramp with a huge grin as Booker tends to his fallen friend.

We cut backstage and see Josh Matthews who is standing by with Mr.Friday Night, Rob Van Dam.

Josh Matthews: Rob at Judgment Day a lot of people believe you and Rey Mysterio were screwed out of the WWE Tag team Titles against MNM. Following what went down then and this past Friday night on Smackdown, you have been granted a rematch for two weeks time on Smackdown: Night of Champions. What are your thoughts heading into that match up?

RVD: My thoughts are pretty clear Josh. See MNM managed to get one over on us at Judgment Day, but that was then. In two weeks time, it’s a whole different ball game dude. Me and Rey we know what’s comin’ at us now. We know how these two dudes like to work, we know they like that skank Melina to do their work for ‘em and on the Night of Champions special, we’re gonna be ready for it.

Pop for Van Dam’s comments.

RVD: And you know something’ else Josh? Me and Rey Rey we had a little talk this week and we came to a realisation. We came to a realisation that Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, those two dudes can actually go inside the ring. And THAT is what makes me pretty P.O’d about this whole deal man.

Van Dam pauses before continuing.

RVD: I wish that Mercury and Nitro could see what they’re capable of. I didn’t know they had it in ‘em. But Judgment Day and last week on Smackdown, they proved they can go. Trouble is I don’t think they realise that themselves Josh. Instead they got Melina runnin’ around doin’ their jobs for them, handin’ them the easy way out. Well I’m layin’ down a challenge to Mercury and Nitro, I’m challenging those two dudes to go it alone in two weeks time and only then can we really see who the real tag team champions around here are.

Pop for Van Dam’s suggestion.

RVD: Now I know that MNM have got themselves a match comin’ up later tonight and I’m hopin’ one of em is listenin’ to me right now. If ya are, then Johnny, Joey, prove yourselves tonight to these fans and prove yourselves to ME, ‘R-V-D’(the fans join in as Van Dam does his RVD pose). DO NOT rely on the wicked witch to cutcha a corner. Thanks Josh.

Van Dam walks off to a pop.

Michael Cole: Well we just saw that Rob Van Dam is not a happy man Tazz and in two weeks time he and Rey Mysterio will get their rematch for the WWE Tag team titles on our special edition of Smackdown: Night of Champions!

Tazz; I cannot wait for that rematch Cole. Those four guys tore it up at Judgment Day and in two weeks there’s no doubting’ they’ll do it again.


Out come the WWE Tag team champions MNM to good heat as they enter to their usual red carpet entrance.

Michael Cole: Speaking of which, here are the current WWE Tag team champions MNM. And Tazz what did you make of RVD’s comments just now abot Mercury and Nitro? He’s got a point right?

Tazz: For sure Cole. Ain’t no doubting’ that Mercury and Nitro can go but at the same time man, if Melina’s gonna help em keep a hold of those titles then they don’t need to sweat it.

Michael Cole: Well when we come back the champions will be in action, don’t go anywhere!


‘Turn it Up’

Out come Scotty 2 Hotty and Spike Dudley to a tiny, tiny pop as the duo get set to take on the Tag team champions.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown! A big opportunity here tonight for Scotty and Spike. Can you imagine if these two guys got a win over the tag champs Tazz?!

Tazz: There’d be uproar in Hollywood Cole!!

Match Two: Tag Team Match

MNM vs. Scotty 2 Hotty and Spike Dudley

Mercury and Spike start the match off and the smallest Dudley shows all his usual guts and heart however it isn’t enough to deal with the bigger opponent in Joey Mercury. Mercury gets the upper hand from the get go, using his size and strength to wear down Spike.

The little man though showed all his fight and managed to drag himself back into the match, nailing Mercury with a dropkick from out of nowhere. Spike then went for a cover and almost picked up a huge upset scoring a two count much to Melina’s relief on the outside. As Spike then looked to get on top he was shot down immediately by an interfering Nitro. The crowd threw heat on the other half of MNM as he made his way back to the apron whilst Mercury made his way back to his feet.

With MNM now back in control Mercury hobbled back towards his corner, tagging in Nitro to the match for the first time. Spike on the other hand stumbled across to his corner and also brought in his partner, tagging in Scotty to a small pop. With the two new men into the match Nitro swung for Scotty but missed as Scotty ducked it and delivered a right hand of his own. Right hand after right hand followed as Scotty took control before delivering a nice suplex.

Scotty began to work up the crowd as Nitro was all set up for the infamous worm! Scotty called for it but in came Mercury who was in no mood for Scotty’s fun and games. Mercury’s interference though also saw the interference of Spike who evened up the numbers. Mercury hurls himself at Scotty taking him down but Spike’s on hand and hits another big dropkick on Mercury, sending the illegal man into the corner. Spike though was then turned around by Nitro who wasted no time in tossing Spike over the top rope. With it now two on one there was little hope for Scotty as Nitro and Mercury teamed up to connect with the brutal snapshot to a helpless Scotty as Nitro covers and picks up the three count

Winners: MNM(5:27)

Michael Cole: A convincing win here tonight for MNM. Nitro and Mercury certainly looking impressive heading into their match against Mysterio and Van Dam in a couple of weeks time.

Tazz: The perfect preparation Cole and what did RVD say? Can these guys go it alone? You’re damn right they can!

Cut backstage

We see Chris Masters in his locker room as Masters looks to be just chilling out reading WWE Magazine when there’s a knock at the door. Masters gets up and opens it to see nobody there?

Chris Masters: Hello? Anybody there?

Masters takes a step outside before he sees Psicosis standing down the hall. Masters heads after the member of the Mexicools who defeated Masters on debut last week.

Chris Masters; HEY! HEY PSICOSIS!

Psicosis stares at Masters.

Chris Masters: HEY I’M TALKING TO YOU! I just got a knock on my door, d’you see who it was? Or was it a little stunt from you and your boys huh?

Psicosis continues to stare a blank as Masters gets more and more frustrated.

Chris Masters: ARE..YOU..LISTEN-ING..TO..ME?

The crowd laughs as Psicosis shrugs his shoulders and Piece loses his cool.

Chris Masters: That’s it, I’m out.

Masters turns back around and heads to his locker room looking pissed as Psicosis begins to laugh. Masters then heads to his locker room but the door is shut and appears locked? Masters bangs on the door.

Chris Masters: HEY OPEN UP!

Masters then pushes as hard as he can, shoulder blocking the door down as he goes flying into the locker room. Suddenly we hear two Mexican voices and it’s Super Crazy and Juvi! Super Crazy throws a sack over the head of Masters covering the top half of his body as Masters shouts but it’s difficult to hear him. The fans laugh as Juvi then whistles down the corridor and we see Psicosis drive up to the locker room with the ’Juan’ Deere! Crazy and Juvi toss Masters onto the back of the ’Juan’ Deere which seems to have something attached to the back of it, big enough for Masters to fit in and they drive off to a big pop from the crowd as the Mexicools start chanting in Mexican.

Michael Cole: Ha ha! Tazz what the hell was that all about?!

Tazz: These dudes are crazy Cole! Chris Masters ain’t seen nothing’ yet ha ha. Gotta love the Mexicools!

Michael Cole: But where are they gonna take him?!

Tazz: Beats me Cole but the Masterpiece has met his match here on Smackdown, he can’t handle these guys!

‘Hell will be Callin’ your name’

Out steps Bobby Lashley to a tidy pop from the crowd as the newcomer gets set for action.

Michael Cole: Well this young man is now two for two since debuting here in the WWE. Lashley defeated Kurt Angle at Judgment Day via countout before dispatching of Snitsky last week in impressive fashion. This man has all the tools Tazz to be a major force here on Friday nights.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. The size, power, speed of this Lashley is unbelievable. I know I wouldn’t wanna face him that’s for sure!

His opponent is already in the ring, Rene Dupree.

Match Three: Singles Match

Bobby Lashley vs. Rene Dupree

Dupree throws a cheap shot to the monster Lashley early on, catching the newcomer off guard as the Frenchman takes early control. Dupree looked to take it to Lashley, clearly viewing his own strength as superior to Lashley and it briefly looked that way as Dupree managed to take down Lashley with a big suplex.

That however was the only real danger Dupree posed as Lashley fought back in some style. With Dupree, cocky as ever, pandering to the crowd, Lashley returned to his feet. The four time All-American took advantage of Dupree’s over confidence and began to gain momentum, taking Dupree down with a thunderous clothesline.

Lashley then turned up the intensity and wasted little time in disposing of the former member of La Resistance. Lashley lifted Dupree up from the mat and dropped the young superstar back down instantly with a huge military press drop as Dupree yelled out in pain.

The crowd were firmly behind Lashley here and the powerhouse continued his dominance before finally putting Dupree out of his misery by delivering a brutal Dominator to pick up the three count and another victory.

Winner: Bobby Lashley(4:47)

Michael Cole: Once again Bobby Lashley DOMINANT here tonight on Smackdown! Lashley looks unstoppable Tazz.

Tazz: I don’t know who can stop this man right now Cole. Lashley is on a roll and it’s gonna take a heck of a lot to put him down.


We return and head backstage where we join Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, Kurt Angle.

Angle is thrown into shot to some strong heat mixed in with the odd cheer.

Josh Matthews: Kurt tonight you must team up with John Cena, the man who you believe cost you a WWE title shot last week. How are you feeling knowing that you must team together here tonight?

Kurt Angle: Let me set something you just said there straight Josh. I don’t believe John Cena cost me a WWE title shot last week. I KNOW John Cena cost me that shot.

Heat for Angle.

Kurt Angle: I said it last week and I’ll say it again here tonight. John Cena doesn’t want me anywhere near the WWE championship. He knows for a fact that he can NOT beat me. If I get in that ring with Cena, there is only one winner and everybody knows exactly who that winner is, me.

Heat once more.

Kurt Angle: You saw what I did to Cena last week. You saw that I DESTROYED John Cena last week in the middle of the ring. He’s lucky I didn’t break his ankle in half Josh. Cena better watch his back tonight because if he puts just ONE FOOT out of line, I’ll have no hesitation in finishing what I started last week.

Josh Matthews: And Kurt what are your thoughts on Randy Orton and JBL’s roles in last week’s controversy?

Kurt Angle: Orton’s a lucky man. Simple as that. I don’t blame Randy for taking advantage of the situation, not at all. But I know and he knows as well, that I should be the one heading to Night of Champions in two weeks and that’s gonna hurt Orton knowing that, trust me.

Angle pauses.

Kurt Angle: As far as JBL goes, John Cena seems to belive that he’s the reason I lost last week, not him. Well that’s a bunch of crap from Cena.

Angle shakes his shoulders before continuing.

Kurt Angle: JBL provided a distraction, no doubt about it but that doesn’t give a referee the right to miss something like that, something so crucial, so important like what happened last week. The ONLY reason Cena played up JBL’s little distraction was because he’s too scared to admit that he doesn’t wanna face me.

Heat again for the Wrestling Machine.

Kurt Angle: All the evidence points in my favour here so I don’t know why these idiots are booing me Josh.

Angle gets extreme heat for that.

Kurt Angle: Until I get that match with Cena. Until I get to go one on one with the ‘champ’, that evidence will remain the same. John Cena knows that his title reign means absolutely NOTHING unless he faces the very best. And the very best is the Wrestling Machine Josh.

A few cheers for that.

Kurt Angle: Cena prides himself on not backing down from a challenge, on facing any and all challenges. Well John Cena needs to know that the ultimate challenge is yet to come.Tonight we may be ‘partners’ but I want John Cena to watch exactly what I’m gonna do to Randy Orton and JBL tonight and take note cos that is EXACTLY what John Cena’s fate is gonna be when I get my hands on him. Oh it’s true, it’s DAMN TRUE!!

Angle walks off to strong heat.


‘Stand Back, there’s a Hurricane comin’ thru’

Out steps the new number one contender to the Cruiserweight championship The Hurricane to a nice pop.

Michael Cole: Well in just two weeks time on Smackdown’s Night of Champions special, this man The Hurricane will be in action as he challenges the Cruiserweight champion Paul London for the gold.
Should be a highly exciting match up when those two men meet Tazz.

Tazz: I can’t wait for that one Cole but ya gotta admit that Hurricane owes a heck of a lot to Chavo Guerrero.

Michael Cole: But he didn’t know anything about it. Hurricane didn’t want, Hurricane didn’t need Chavo’s help but Chavo is persistent in thinking that he’s going to turn the Hurricane’s life around.

Tazz: Wrong Cole. Chavo Guerrero wants to turn Gregory Helms’ life around and if last week’s anything’ to go by, he’s on the right path.

The Hurricane’s opponent then makes his way out and it’s the little Italian Nunzio who gets a nothing reaction as the two square up in the ring.

Match Four: Singles Match
The Hurricane vs. Nunzio

The early goings see an even contest as Nunzio more than holds his own with the number one contender as the two men both score early near falls in an exciting contest. Nunzio looked the slightly stronger of the two at one stage following a nice swinging neck breaker which looked to have a big impact on Hurricane. Another near fall followed as the little Italian thought he had the upset.

That lucky escape though saw Hurricane start to pick himself up and raise his game as the superhero turned the tables. Nunzio brought Hurricane back to his feet but was met with a big clothesline. Hurricane then continued to build momentum, connecting with a huge running knee to the skull of Nunzio, sending his opponent back down to the mat. Hurricane then made the cover but it was another two count.

The match then took a twist as Hurricane nor Nunzio realised that out on the top of the stage came Chavo Guerrero to typical heat. Chavo looked on curiously as the two men inside the ring continued to battle. It was now Nunzio who began to get on top, managing to deliver some hard shots to the ribs of Hurricane before delivering a fast flurry of shots, winding Hurricane it seemed.

The focus though was now far from the match as Chavo began to stroll leisurely down the ramp as Nunzio spotted Chavo’s presence. Nunzio then looked to the ramp and saw the on looking Chavo who simply spread his arms out wide as if to say ‘what?’ Nunzio asked him what he’s doing out here to which Chavo replied ‘Nothing’. At this point Nunzio returned to the ring and was met with a back to his feet Hurricane who took advantage of Nunzio’s lapse in concentration and met the charging Italian with a big Hurrichokeslam! Hurricane then went for the cover and picked up the three count.

Winner: The Hurricane(6:29)

Michael Cole: Hurricane victorious again here tonight Tazz but yet AGAIN it’s thanks to a helping hand from Chavo Guerrero. And Hurricane doesn’t have a clue about it!

Tazz: Cole even if he did, would he really be concerned? He’s winnin’ matches and that’s all that matters. If Hurricane does that again in a couple weeks time, he’s gonna have some gold around his waist.

Hurricane is celebrating his win with a happy crowd but he then turns and sees Chavo Guerrero applauding him on the ramp as he backs away with Hurricane looking confused once again by the actions of Chavo here.

We then cut backstage and head to the locker room of Matt Hardy who is talking to Cruiserweight Champion, Paul London as they have the action from Hurricane’s match on

Matt Hardy: You better be careful Paul. Hurricane doesn’t even know what the deal is here man. You need to watch your back with Chavo about. After all, he is a Guerrero, that(pointing at the monitor) is what they do.

Paul London: I know man. I gotta talk to Hurricane about all of this, he seems to be in la la land right about now with what Chavo’s doin’ here.

Matt Hardy: Exactly, we both know he ain’t the kinda guy to go along with all this. This is Chavo’s work and it’s gotta stop man, you can do that, I know you can.

Paul London: Well thanks man, I’m gonna go try and find him, get this all out in the open.

London and Hardy shake hands to cheers from the crowd as London walks one way with Hardy walking the other. Hardy then walks along the corridor before he sees the man he faces in two weeks time on the Night of Champions special, United States champion, Orlando Jordan. The two come face to face, looking intently at one another.

Matt Hardy: Well look what we have here. OJ how’s it going man? How’ve you felt since screwing me at Judgment Day huh?

Jordan raises his eyebrows surprised by Hardy’s tone here.

Orlando Jordan: Matt I didn’t screw anybody at Judgment Day. Though I do remember BEATING you at Judgment Day.

Heat for the U.S. champ.

Orlando Jordan: You know Matt, I always had you down as the bitter type. The kinda guy who just can’t accept being second best and well I think you’ve proved my point since Judgment Day don’t you?

Matt Hardy: Bitter? I’m anything but bitter OJ. I’m not that kinda guy you got me down as. What kinda guy am I though? I’m the kinda guy who will not stop until he gets what’s rightfully his. And OJ, that United States championship sittin’ on your shoulder? THAT is rightfully mine.

Pop for Hardy there.

Orlando Jordan: This is anything but yours Matt. See this title represents a true warrior, a champion at heart. You on the other hand? You are not a champion at heart Matt, you will never be a champion AT ALL!

Heat again for Jordan here.

Orlando Jordan: In two weeks time I’m gonna prove exactly that. I am gonna prove that you are exactly what I say you are and that is a second rate, bitter failure who will ONLY be a champion when his brother’s there to bail him out!

A lot of heat for Jordan as Hardy laughs slightly.

Matt Hardy: My brother and I, we formed one of the greatest tag teams in the business and he did bail me out on occasion you’re right but I bailed him out as well. It’s what tag teams do, it’s what BROTHERS do.


Matt Hardy: But I’m doin’ this thing on my own now. I am Matt Hardy and I will prove that I have EXACTLY what it takes to be a champion. I will prove it to all my fans out there and I will prove it to you Orlando. I am takin’ that U.S title from you come Night of Champions and maybe then you’ll realise that Matt Hardy will..not..die!

Pop again as Hardy walks off and OJ strokes his title, looking slightly concerned.

We then go to a graphic hyping tonight’s main event. Kurt Angle and WWE champion John Cena team to take on the number one contender Randy Orton and JBL, NEXT!


We return and get set for our main event of the evening.


Out rides JBL in his trademark limousine to strong heat as ever.

Michael Cole: Well tonight JBL made a statement Tazz. He believes that John Cena crossed the line last week when he put his hands on him. John Cena was the special referee in last week‘s main event and when JBL provoked him, Cena lost it.

Tazz: Cole, I got some sympathy with him on that one. John Cena should NOT have done what he did last week. But like ya said, JBL did provoke Cena and if that was me in Cena’s position, I’d have done the exact same thing.

‘Burn in my Light’

Out steps the number one contender Randy Orton, drawing in the heat as he cockily smirks.

Michael Cole: Well this man Randy Orton will meet John Cena two weeks from tonight on Smackdown’s Night of Champions special with the WWE championship on the line. Since coming to Smackdown Orton has been on a roll and last week continued that when he pinned Kurt Angle to earn his title opportunity.

Tazz: Was a huge win Cole and I like Orton’s chances come Night of Champions. This kid’s got IT and it’s gonna be a great match up between Orton and Cena.

Michael Cole: But tonight is going to prove a huge challenge for Orton as well as the other three competitors. It’s no secret that Orton and JBL don’t get along Tazz, how will they be able to co exist here tonight?

Orton enters the ring and exchanges glances with Layfield.

Tazz: I think they can pull it off Cole. They both want the same thing and that is the WWE title. John Cena’s the champ and when ya get the chance to meet him in the ring like tonight, they’re both gonna wanna make a statement to Cena that I’m gonna be the guy who’s takin’ that title.

As JBL and Orton wait in the ring, the two exchange a few words with JBL looking quite riled.


The music of the Wrestling Machine hits to a mixed reaction as Kurt Angle heads to the ring looking as intense as ever, ready to make his mark here tonight.

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle is in a lot of people’s eyes the rightful number one contender but he will NOT get that chance come Night of Champions after Randy Orton stole the victory last week. Kurt Angle made Randy Orton tap out in the middle of the ring only for John Cena to miss the call, following JBL’s antics.

Tazz: I feel for Angle man. I feel for all of these guys Cole! Each one of em has a right to feel aggrieved after what went down last week, well except Randy Orton and tonight they’re gonna take it out on each other, this one’s gonna get ugly real fast and I can’t wait!

‘My time is Now’

Michael Cole: And here comes the man at the centre of the controversy. The WWE champion, John Cena!

Cena trots out to a hot reaction from the crowd before the camera instantly switches to inside the ring where we see an angry mob almost, waiting for the arrival of Cena.

Tazz: Look at the faces of JBL and Kurt Angle Cole. Those two guys ain’t lookin’ very happy right now. As much as I think JBL and Randy Orton will be able to co exist tonight, Angle and Cena I can’t see workin’ out too well.

Michael Cole: Indeed Kurt Angle tore apart John Cena after last week’s main event and tonight the two men went right after one another again. They woulda damn near killed each other if JBL and Randy Orton hadn’t got involved.

Match Five: Tag Team Match

John Cena and Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton and JBL

JBL and Orton argue over who will start the match and it’s decided that JBL will get proceedings underway whilst on the other team Angle doesn’t even look at Cena, taking his place behind the ropes leaving Cena to start things off. Cena and JBL one up each other in the early goings with both men taking turns to fall their opponent. The pper hand eventually went to the former WWE champion as Layfield connected with a big boot to Cena, sending the champion spiralling down to the mat.

Layfield then took this opportunity to lock in a sleeper and try to put away his long time rival. The camera then panned to an intense looking Kurt Angle, showing no emotion at his ‘partner’s’ suffering before we see a shot of Randy Orton who looks thrilled to see a vulnerable Cena. The champion though began to stir and used all his fight to dig himself out of trouble, delivering some elbows to the ribs of his opponent, throwing JBL backwards as Cena ran the ropes before charging at Layfield and knocking him down with a big shoulder block.

With both men down it’d be a case of who could return to their corner first to make a tag. Angle looked more than ready to get his hands on Orton while the Legend Killer held his hand out also, looking to get a piece of the action. It was JBL who managed to crawl over first and extend his hand to the waiting Orton. The Legend Killer entered and waited patiently in his corner for the incoming Angle. Cena got to his corner, looking for the tag but Angle walks away?

The crowd shit all over Angle as he heads down the ramp and readjusts his boots it seems. Cena looks on furiously as Orton and JBL smirk and Orton wastes little time in going after Cena. Orton stomps away at the champion who is still feeling the effects of that sleeper it seems. Orton then drops a knee on Cena who grimaces in pain. Cover from Orton, kick out at two from the champion. Orton then brings Cena to his feet before tossing him across the ring towards his corner and charges at him, delivering a thunderous clothesline as Cena crashes into the turnbuckle. On the other side of the ring Angle has made his way back up to the apron and holds out his hand in sarcastic fashion.

Orton then exchanges words with JBL as their animosity is still clear to see. Orton looks to go for a DDT to Cena but the champion finds some strength from somewhere and delivers a shoulder to the gut of Orton and another as Orton loses his balance. Cena’s now on top and delivers some strong right hands to Orton before whipping Orton across the ring and charging at him, knocking him down with a big running shoulder once more. Cena then calls for the fans who get excited as the champion delivers a five knuckle shuffle! The excitement builds as Cena waits for Orton to get to his feet but is met by JBL!

JBL heads right after Cena but Cena sees him coming and tosses him over the top rope! JBL’s gone and Cena again stalks his prey but the crowd begins to boo as Kurt Angle is in the ring! Cena knows something is up and turns around to see Angle. Angle though doesn’t move? The two come face to face as the tension builds here! Tazz is going crazy expecting the two to trade blows and they go for it! Angle throws first but Cena responds! The two partners taking out all their anger and hatred toward one another and it’s Cena who gets on top but Angle hits back and Cena’s turned around, RKO!! RKO from out of nowhere!! Angle exit’s the ring, holding his jaw but grinning as Orton covers the champion, 1..2..3! Orton pins Cena!

Winners: Randy Orton and JBL(13:08)

Tazz: Ya just knew they couldn’t get along Cole! Angle and Cena have EXPLODED again!

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle has again gotten the better of John Cena here tonight! Kurt Angle wants John Cena and he wants the WWE title! But more importantly, Randy Orton has PINNED John Cena here tonight! If Orton does that in two weeks, he will become the new WWE champion.

Tazz: Look at the anger on Cena’s face Cole. He’s gonna blow. Angle is inside his head, Orton is inside his head. How is Cena gonna cope with all of this?!

Michael Cole: I have no idea but the facts are that John Cena has it ALL to do with just two weeks until Night of Champions! Will John Cena be able to fend off the challenges of a furious Kurt Angle and a confident Legend Killer? Goodnight everybody!

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

...and some overdue feedback for you

619s Feedback for cp's Friday Night Smackdown

Good shot with the opening paragraph about catching up on what went down last week. I myself am in the dark about the whole thing, so nice to know what’s going on fairly early.

Opening seg was really solid, with Jibbles and Orton really sounding great in comparison to the already solid Cena. The promo seemed to drag a big, though, to the point where I was kinda disbelievingly saying ‘oh no, more?’ when Angle’s music hit. Luckily, he didn’t talk, he just let his fists do that for him. Very solid opening to catch attention.

Big tag match on Smackdown is so Teddy Long-ish lol.

Not sure of the story between these guys, but it seems like a grudge and nothing much but, although the Booker bit did take me for a slight spin. Carlito hitting the Backcracker after outrunning Booker may be a tad odd, seeing as how moments before he was running scared, I would’ve imagined he would’ve hauled ass all the way, but nonetheless, solid match and good storytelling here. Don’t like the match format, though, with it not being in active voice and all, but those are technical things. Moving on.

Van Dam sounded really heartfelt here, although with everything said, he seems like he’s asking MNM to turn face. Seriously doubt they’ll take him up on that offer, but we’ll see. Also, didn’t like RVD using the word ‘skank’. It might fit okay for him, but it just seems like a really juvenile word to use in this situation.

Poor Scotty and Spike. Jobbers gonna job, I guess.

at Masters and the Mexicools. Good stuff, although Masters could’ve said a little more and drawn out his frustration a little more before he got fed up. Maybe a few knocks on the door, several talks with Psicosis, all that. Still interesting where the hell they’ve taken him.

Most folks around here aren’t too high on Lashley, but he can be fun and very solid in the right role. Good job on the continued build-up, though.

Solid Angle promo, although I felt this one drag on a bit, too. I got the feeling that maybe it was supposed to be long with a commercial coming before it, then a commercial coming afterward, but it seemed like filler after a bit. The commercial before and after it seemed really odd and out of place, but again, that’s nitpicking.

Interesting tidbits with Chavo and Hurricane here. Nice to see you doing something with the cruiserweights besides ‘ho-hum he’s the #1 contender and they don’t like each other’ that other bookers seem to get into. Gives the division a bit of depth when this occurs. Really interested to see where this goes.

The Matthew bit with London was a tad intriguing, while the Jordon bit did a nice job of getting Hardy over a bit before he goes after the gold. Never really was an OJ fan, but he could be used well as that pesky dude that no one wants to hold the gold to put over the heartfelt face kidna guy.

Main event time, and didn’t think that Angle/Cena would be the time to blow up here. Angle refusing to get in on things hits towards his ultimate motives, which may be facing Cena in another few months, or making that title match in two weeks a triple threat. Whatever the means and motives, it was kidna inconsistent psychology to have Orton and JBL be disagreeing all night, only to have them co-exist rather well in the main event. They had the rough opening, but beyond that, seemed to have nothing at odds with one another. But that could just be me nitpicking again. Good job getting Orton the pin on the champ going into his title shot, but Angle/Cena is far, FAR from over.

Overall, an enjoyable show, and I like where you’re headed with some things, although there is room for improvement. The opening promo seemed to drag a bit, while the Masters/Mexicools bit wasn’t long enough, in my book. On that note, it felt a tad short, with the absence of other backstage segments, but since you said you didn’t wanna get burnt out en route to PPV, I’ll let it pass. As far as characters go, Cena seemed to be in his 2006-now style moreso than his ’05 style. Orton and JBL seemed to be right there, though Angle seems cloudy. Everyone else seemed a tad too generic, but I’m trusting you’ll hold those down in due time. Some good stuff you’ve got going here, and hope it keeps going bigger and better


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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Smackdown Feedback

Solid enough promo to open the show, your characterizaion of Cena and 'JBL' has really improved from the early days of the thread. I felt that Cena perhaps felt a little bit 'whiny' for the most part, especially during his solo part at the beginning, but I felt you turned it around by the finish. Orton didn't really add much to the situation, but I understand his appearance being a neccesity to give you all four men in the ring to set up the main event. Angle was spot on though, his actions really got across the bad-ass nature of his character. Nothing spectacular or ground breaking, but a solid way to start the show.

While the announcement of Teddy was very much expected, I'd have perhaps just had him announce it before the break, giving the announcement of the tag team match a bit more impetus and letting it linger into the commercial, but this way was fine too. Should be a good matchup, plenty of potential for who's gonna turn on who during it.

While Carlito and Rhyno seemed a pretty standard affair, I wasn't all that sure with the way you described the Booker run in. To start with, we've got Lito seeing the chair but throwing the first right hand, only for then Lito to plead for mercy, to then ultimately get the upperhand. Was very strange tbh, didn't really work for me. While I liked the fact that Carlito as the heel gained the upperhand, I wasn't happy with the drastic change in emotions on display from him.

A bit hit and miss with Van Dam's charectirization tbh. While most of it seemed ok, words like 'realization' and 'skank' didn't really work for me. Also, why wasn't Rey present for the interview? As Van Dam's partner I would have expected him to be there. While I liked the appeal to MNM to let their wrestling do the talking and give the challengers a fair fight, a few parts of this just didn't work for me.

Meh, squashy squash squash. Not even an appearance of the worm.

lol what on earth was going on with Masters and The Mexicools?

Good win for Lashley, nice to see him building his way up the card. Give him a nice feud to get involved in for the next ppv though plz.

Much better interview with Angle. Seemed very much in character and had the requisite catchphrase too. Perhaps a bit surprising that you went with a commercial before and after a backstage interview, that kinda thing usually happens with long, in-ring promos, but w/e. But yeah, you used him well tonight with his no nonsense stuff to open the show and now this effort here.

Cool situation between Chavo and The Hurricane here. I'm intrigued as to how you'll play this ahead of the title match in a few weeks, as it could either see Chavo continue to help Hurricane win so he can have first crack at the gold, or Chavo will finally cost Hurrican to lose in a real 'fuck you' type of move. Intriguing to see how this will develop, definitely interesting and a different approach to things.

A bit strange that Matt would have London speak to Hurricane about things, as I dunno why he wouldn't just do it himself. But saying that, I wanna see how it develops once London does speak to Hurricane. Does Hurri play dumb and shrug it off, or is there a different reaction? Defo worthwhile seeing that segment, hopefully next week. As for OJ, I've never really been a fan, so I'm rooting for Matt here, as I think he as a character is more useful to you going forward than OJ. But perhaps you could stretch this out to a third and final match on a PPV to give a title change that real special feel to it? That would be my take on the situation.

And main event time. I liked the descriptions of how the heels argued yet Angle simply stepped aside, gave an interesting insight into how the match could progress. Lol @ Kurt walking away to adjust his boots, that was a nice touch. Orton getting the win sets him up nicely for the title shot ahead of him, but given the way Cena/Angle progressed here, I can't see anything other than a Cena win, allowing him to go on to face Angle with the gold on the line. Where we leave JBL after this, I dunno, but this seemed to all maek sense and was a smart bit of booking. No complaints here.

Overall, solid is a word I used a few times during the review, and that's what this was: solid. Nothing really jumped out, and there was a few formatting issues you need to sort out, but overall, nothing to really complain about. A lot of stuff built towards the big show, and that's always a good thing. Keep reading and learning and continuing to improve though.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Thanks very much to imac and 619 for the reviews, much appreciated guys. Just wanted to clear the odd bit up for you...

First off the commercial before and straight after an interview was just an error on my part, wasn't intentional. Secondly to imac's point about the Carlito/Rhyno/Booker stuff, yeah i completely agree it was a bit of a strange one and i messed it up somewhat, thanks for pointing it out. Glad you both enjoyed the shows in some way, shape or form though and i'll take all your thoughts on board.

Any more feedback would be great, if not expect a Raw preview some time this week. Cheers.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 6/6/05

Monday Night Raw is all set to provide a blockbuster show for all its fans in Baltimore tonight as we can reveal that a huge triple main event has been signed by Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff.

The first mega match up of the night will see two former bitter rivals face off as Chris Jericho goes one on one with Captain Charisma, Christian. Last week saw Christian as the guest on Jericho’s highlight reel with Jericho keen to send a message to his current rival Edge via Mr.Money in the Bank’s best friend. It was however, Edge who ended up looking for the last laugh as Christian set Jericho up for a sneak attack from behind by Edge, only for Y2J to see it coming and narrowly dodge the bullet as Edge escaped. The war of words was a brutal one as both men highlighted just how important their respective match ups were come Vengeance, when Christian meets the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, looking to make his mark in the ’big leagues’. Whilst Edge and Jericho do battle with many questioning Jericho‘s big match capabilities in recent months, Christian included. Tonight, the two men will simply let their actions do the talking.

The second part of our triple main event involves a man mentioned already, Edge. The Rated R Superstar looked to make his presence felt last week but just missed out on gaining even more momentum in his feud with Chris Jericho. Edge has gotten under Jericho’s skin ever since Wrestlemania and tonight, Eric Bischoff wants him to do the exact same job to Bischoff’s recent target, Shawn Michaels. After being hit with Sweet Chin Music more times than he’d have liked from the rebellious Showstopper, Bischoff had seen enough and laid down the challenge to Shawn Michaels for Vengeance. Michaels will go one on one with a superstar of the General Manager’s choosing and if the Heartbreak Kid can finally end his recent high profile losing streak and win, he gets a World title shot, if Bischoff’s superstar wins, HBK will become the property of our General Manager. With Bischoff announcing this match here tonight, you have to believe that he’s looking for any way he can to soften up Shawn Michaels.

The third and final part of tonight’s triple main event sees a six man tag team match as the World Heavyweight champion Batista teams up with one half of the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and the World’s Largest Athlete, The Big Show to take on the team of Triple H, Intercontinental champion Muhammad Hassan and the ‘Protégé’ Mark Jindrak. All six men have huge issues with their opposite sides and it is no doubt going to all go down when they meet inside the squared circle. Will either Batista or Triple H get the upper hand as we continue to get closer and closer to their World title match at Vengeance? Or will it be a chance to shine for one of the other four men in this mammoth tag team match? Make sure to tune in and find out

Confirmed for tonight’s Raw:

Chris Jericho vs. Christian

Shawn Michaels vs. Edge

Batista, Shelton Benjamin and Big Show vs. Triple H, Muhammad Hassan and Mark Jindrak
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