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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

First of all, I would credit you for your vocab skills which really show out in your promos, u seem to have a flair for writing, that being said i also think there were a bit more promos in Smackdown, I checke your RAW which had quite less promos

The period around 2005 was actually very good with new stars being cemented, lets see how cena's wwe title run plays out in your BTB, also guys like masters and all who got wasted in WWE later were good around this time

Orton vs taker would be great, even the angle vs michaels storylines looks good, with angle actually in dilemma over going to RAW in order to face shawn

Nitro picking up the win was shocking, but hopefully its like the heels getting advantage in the shows before PPV and then not winning there, i put my money on rvd and mysterio

The ending of the last match was good as no one needed to get pinned and lose the momentum going into judgement day, overall a good show
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Thanks for the Smackdown feedback, any more would be welcomed and returned. Just some news here...

WWE.COM Announcement

WWE.com has learned that following this past Friday night on Smackdown, two new matches have been added to the card for Judgment Day.

For the past couple of weeks the coolest superstar in the WWE, Carlito has made it his business to rediscover the Booker T of old. Carlito confronted Booker T a few weeks back and asked Booker where the Booker T from WCW had gone, to which Booker T had no reply.

The week following on from that, Carlito assaulted Booker T and once again cited Booker’s demise during his time here in the WWE. We have yet to hear a response from Booker T on this as this past week on Smackdown Booker T failed to show up. The recent confidence crisis the former 5 time WCW champion has had has alarmed all of his fans and they will be hoping that he can begin to turn his career back around and that it starts at Judgment Day.

We have learned that Carlito asked Smackdown GM Teddy Long to make this match happen in order to see if the real Booker T would finally turn up. Only time will tell but it is now confirmed that at Judgment Day we will see Carlito go one on one with Booker T.

Also confirmed for the Pay Per View will be a United States Title match between current champion Orlando Jordan and one of Smackdown’s newest superstars, Matt Hardy. Hardy was drafted to the blue brand during the 2005 draft lottery and when Hardy bumped into Orlando Jordan backstage, he let the U.S champion know that he was coming to Friday nights to win championship gold.

That very night Hardy went one on one with Jordan in a non title match and pulled off a big win, defeating JBL’s chief of staff. This past week on Smackdown, Matt Hardy was once again in action, defeating Luther Reigns but following that match Hardy was brutally beaten down by Orlando Jordan. During the main event that night, Jordan again got himself involved, helping his associate JBL fend off WWE champion John Cena. But Jordan didn’t get away with his actions as Matt Hardy got himself involved, dragging Orlando away and beating down the United States champion.

After the show it was confirmed by general manager Teddy Long that these two will settle their issues at Judgment Day and it will be for the U.S. title.

Updated Judgment Day Card
May 22nd, Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

WWE Championship: Last Man Standing match
John Cena© vs. JBL

Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker

WWE Tag Team Titles
MNM vs. Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Paul London© vs. Chavo Guerrero

Carlito vs. Booker T

WWE United States Championship
Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 16/5/05- Sommet Center, Nashville; Tennessee

Hot off the heels of a controversial ending to last Monday night’s Raw, we are live this week from the Sommet Center in Nashville, Tennessee as we welcome the return of Ric Flair to Monday Night Raw.

At Backlash a few weeks ago, Flair made his first appearance on our screens since before Wrestlemania, where the Nature Boy announced his retirement to a shocked audience. That retirement may very well be short lived though. At Backlash Christian pleaded with Flair not to retire and that before he goes he needed to pass the torch to him, to face him one on one and Christian could show why he is this generation’s Ric Flair. What followed was a rejection from Flair and a heinous assault from Captain Charisma. Tonight, Flair returns to Monday nights and will once and for all give his final decision on retiring. Will the Nature Boy stick to his guns? And will Captain Charisma have another say in the matter?

Last week saw Triple H defeat Chris Jericho to become the new #1 contender to the World Heavyweight championship. The match wasn’t one without controversy though as Jericho was yet again cost a massive opportunity by Mr. Money in the Bank Edge. The rivalry between Jericho and Edge has got extremely hot since Backlash and you can be sure that Jericho will be out seeking revenge here tonight. It has been confirmed that Triple H will get his title match against Batista at Vengeance in a Wrestlemania rematch. How will Batista react to having to once again take on his mentor? And what will the champion’s next move be? We’re sure to find out tonight on Raw.

The rivalry between the World’s Greatest Tag team and the Arabian Entity has escalated to new heights over the past couple of weeks. Shelton Benjamin and Muhammad Hassan have done battle for the Intercontinental title in the past but the additions of Charlie Haas and Hassan’s chronies have taken this feud in a whole new direction. What will the next step be in this feud and can Haas and Benjamin continue to deal with the numbers game?

Last week also saw Shawn Michaels snap. Michaels begged Eric Bischoff to trade him to Smackdown and let him finish his issues with Kurt Angle. Bischoff however rejected and said there was no chance in hell that he’d allow someone like HBK to just jump ship. Michaels then threatened Bischoff, but the Raw GM said that Michaels was just trying to get himself fired and that he was smart enough not to do that. Michaels then lost it and hit the Raw GM with some Sweet chin Music. This past Friday on Smackdown, Bischoff shocked everyone, turning up and offering Kurt Angle a deal on Raw when Angle’s contract expires after Judgment Day. Angle will make his decision this Friday on Smackdown. What will Eric Bischoff do to deal with Shawn Michaels here tonight? And will Bischoff’s move to sign Angle appeast the Showstopper? It’s sure to be interesting whatever the outcome.

Join us live on Monday Night Raw to find out all the answers as the build up to Vengeance heats up

Show will be up tomorrow or Friday and will be in recap.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 16/5/05- Sommet Center, Nashville, Tennessee

We see a video package showing highlights from last week’s main event where we see Triple H defeating Chris Jericho in a #1 contenders match, thanks to the help of Edge and his Money in the Bank briefcase. We see the aftermath of Batista looking furious at what went down and the smiles of Edge and Triple H with Jericho laid out on the mat.

We then head to the opening video and pyro as J.R and Coach welcome us to the show and run down what is in store for tonight. The return to Raw of Ric Flair for the first time since Wrestlemania, where he will answer the challenge of Christian. The duo pose the question of will Flair stick to his retirement decision or will Christian’s actions change his mind? They also wonder what Chris Jericho will do after Edge’s antics last week and how Batista will react to Triple H finally getting his one on one rematch at Vengeance.

And that’s the start point of the show as ‘Time to play the Game’ hits and out comes the new number one contender, Triple H. The Game is greeted with a chorus of boos as he takes the mic. Hunter begins by saying that last week was the beginning of everything wrong on this show becoming right again. He talked about how that now he was getting his shot at Batista one on one, there would be no hiding place for the Animal and that teacher always conquers student in the end.

Hunter went on to say that Wrestlemania has always been a fluke in his eyes and that Batista knows it. Trips then showed the footage of last week and the last ditch attempt from Batista to stop Triple H from winning. Trips said that Batista trying to stop him getting the win proves that he is running scared of him. Triple H said that Vengeance is still over a month away and that Big Dave better make the most of every moment he has with the World title because come Vengeance it ends.

Triple H’s rambling soon came to an end though as Edge makes his way out surprisingly. Edge comes down to the ring and asks Hunter if he’s forgetting something? Edge says that what Triple H didn’t show is that he only beat Jericho last week because of him. Edge said that he did what he did last week because of his hatred for Chris Jericho, not because he wanted to help Triple H. Edge said that Trips need to realise that while he holds the MITB briefcase, he should watch his back, cos if he wins the title at Vengeance, it may just be that Triple H is the man Edge cashes in on.

Triple H told Edge that he didn’t need anybody’s help last week and that whether he came down or not, he would’ve beaten Jericho. Hunter then went onto Edge’s other point and said that if he cashes that briefcase in on him, he’ll be making the biggest mistake of his career because it’ll be an opportunity wasted. Trips however suggested a ‘better option’. Hunter told Edge that he should make the most of that briefcase and that if he was gonna cash in, he should do it tonight.

Trips said he’d be more than happy to face Edge for the World title at Vengeance instead of a fraud like Batista. Edge siad that Hunter may well be on to something there and said that he’s think about it. The talk was then cut short though as Batista made his presence felt and made his way down to the ring. Triple H slowly edged to the corner as Batista grabbed a mic.

The champion said that he’d had time to cool down after last week now but said that if this was seven days ago he’d waste no time in ripping both Edge and Triple H’s heads off. This was met with a huge pop as the Animal continued. Batista said that he doesn’t’care that he now has to face Triple H again at Vengeance and that he wouldn’t have cared if it’d have been Chris Jericho, the result will remain the same, he will walk into Vengeance and walk out of Vengeance still the World Heavyweight champion.

Triple H then interrupted him and said that Batista is all brawn, no brains. Trips told him to look at the situation he’s gotten himself into as Batista looked at both men. Trips began to tut and said that he’ll never ever learn as Edge kicked the champion in the gut and Trips began unloading on the Animal. Trips and Edge assaulted Batista with the Animal returning to his feet and right into a spear from Edge!! Trips then got on the mic and called for a referee to get down here as Edge was cashing in!!

The fans were in shock as Edge and Hunter’s plan to take the title was coming to fruition. A referee came running down but ‘Break down the walls’ then hit to a HUGE pop and down came Chris Jericho!! Jericho storms the ring and takes it to Edge!! Triple H goes after Jericho but Jericho gets the upper hand, sending Trips over the top rope. Edge is primed for Jericho to turn around though, stalking Y2J. Jericho turns around and avoids an attempted spear as he takes Edge down, looking for the Walls of Jericho but Edge rolls out of ring to big heat, having escaped Jericho just about here tonight


We return and get set for our first match of the night as the Dudley Boyz make their way out, ready to face a team who told them they were coming for their tag titles last week, the Basham Brothers

Match one: Non title tag team match

World Tag team Champions The Dudley Boyz vs. The Basham Brothers

In a good yet short opening contest, the Bashams proved why they should be in contention for tag team gold here on Monday Night Raw.

Doug Basham opened the match up with D-Von Dudley. D-Von took the early advantage, winning a battle of right hands, knocking Doug into the ropes before taking him down with a nice Samoan drop which surprised everyone. An early cover from D-Von saw a kick out at two. Doug then got himself back into the match, countering a suplex attempt from D-Von with an elbow to the temple, before dropping D-Von with a nice DDT. Doug didn’t go for a cover however and dragged D-Von over to his corner, tagging in his partner Danny.

Danny stomped away at one half of the tag champs before elbowing D-Von repeatedly in the head leading to him locking in a sleeper hold on his opponent. The crowd rallied D-Von, willing him to break free of the hold. D-Von used the crowd to bring himself to break the hold before taking it to Danny with some strong right hands before whipping him into the corner and tagging in Bubba Ray which was met with a good pop.

Bubba entered the fray and immediately dished out some rights and lefts on Danny, gaining some real momentum. The momentum shifted though as the match went on with the Bashams using cheap tactics to gain the advantage, including a nasty low blow to Bubba.

The finish of the match came when chaos broke out and both Bashams entered the ring only for D-Von to come to the aid of Bubba. With all four men in the ring, the referee lost control as D-Von took down Danny and Bubba was trading blows with Doug but out of nowhere BAM!! The referee calls for the bell as the Arabian Entity have shown their face and Sonjay Dutt takes D-Von down with a drop kick and the massive Great Khali takes down Bubba with a huge chop to the back of the head.

Winners: No contest (6:36)

The aftermath sees the attack continue and the gigantic Great Khali dispatch of the Basham Brothers over the top rope before Daivari and Sonjay Dutt attack the Dudleyz and Dutt heads to the top rope, mocking the ‘Wassup’ that the Dudleyz regularly use to taunt their opponents before hitting D-Von with a huge 450 splash with Daivari on the opposite top rope, connecting on Bubba Ray with a big leg drop from the top. Huge heat for this group of men as Muhammad Hassan, the Entity’s leader gathers the four men together and raises their hands to massive heat from the crowd. Dutt and Daivari make their statement for the tag titles again here tonight. Before a HUGE pop and out comes the World’s Greatest Tag team, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin who run down the ramp but the four men scatter as Benjamin mouths to Hassan, ‘I’m gonna getcha Hassan, I’m gonna getcha.’

We then head backstage to the office of Raw GM Eric Bischoff who is on the phone. Bischoff is talking to someone by the name of Teddy so we gather it’s Smackdown GM Teddy Long. Bischoff tells Long that he can do whatever he wants with Kurt Angle as Angle’s contract is up after Judgment Day. Bischoff said that if Triple H’s contract was up on Raw, Teddy would do the exact same thing and try to sign him. Bischoff said that he will be at Smackdown this Friday to get an answer from Angle.

The camera then shifts and Bischoff says he’s gotta go as we see Chris Jericho walk into Bischoff’s office. Bischoff asks Jericho what he can do for him with Jericho looking furious. Y2J asks Bischoff to give him a match with Edge tonight so he can give him the ass kicking he has coming to him. A Y2J chant is running round the arena but Bischoff refuses, saying that he’s not gonna give away a match like that, a match everybody wants to see, for free. Bischoff told Jericho that he would make that match but that it’d be on Pay Per View at Vengeance on June 26th.

Jericho looked unhappy with the decision but said that at Vengeance he’s gonna shut Edge up once and for all before he moves on and once again becomes World champion. He said that Edge is a nobody on what is the Chris Jericho show and he said that if Edge even thinks for one moment that he’s got a chance of beating him at Vengeance, he can think again, because Edge is nothing but a sidetrack on his his path towards championship gold. Bischoff said that if Jericho was so sure he’s championship material then tonight he’d get a chance, a chance at the Intercontinental championship against Muhammad Hassan. The crowd booed as Bischoff smiled and laughed as Jericho asked Bischoff if he thought he was funny. Bischoff responded by asking Jericho if he was lying about wanting gold cos he could change the match if that was the case. Jericho simply responded by saying that he was gonna win the Intercontinental title tonight, he was gonna beat Edge at Vengeance and that he would then become a dual champion, the Intercontinental AND World Heavyweight champion. Big pop from the crowd for this statement


Match two: Singles match

Big Show vs. Rob Conway

In what is a simple squash match again for Big Show, the World’s largest athlete dominates Conway from start to finish. The Giant toyed with Conway, throwing him around the ring like a rag doll in the early stages before he slapped the chest of Conway to huge ‘ooohs’ from the crowd. Conway’s chest turned red raw before Show put Conway out of his misery with a huge choke slam to pick up another win here on Monday nights.

Winner: Big Show(3:12)

Big Show picks up another comfortable win since switching brands and is looking impressive here on Monday Night Raw.

We head backstage and see Edge talking with Triple H. The crowd greet them with big heat for what went down earlier. Edge asks Triple H why the job didn’t get done and Trips replied by saying that it’s because Edge couldn’t get the job done. Trips said that it’s Edge’s problem with Jericho, not his and that he didn’t need to get involved. Hunter said that he blew his chance and now the only thing on his mind was making sure that the World title be back around his waist at Vengeance. Triple H went to leave but was then stopped by Edge who told Hunter to wait a second before saying that he thinks he’s got a plan as the camera shifts away to Shawn Michaels who gets a massive pop as we see Michaels walking down the corridor all set to make his way out to the ring when we return


HBK makes his way out to a big pop as J.R and Coach emphasise just how much Michaels is desperate to get his hands on Kurt Angle and how much it is gnawing away at the Heartbreak Kid that he couldn’t get it done at Wrestlemania. Michaels takes the mic to strong ‘HBK’ chants as he smiles. Michaels begins to speak and he talks about what happened last week when he hit Eric Bischoff with Sweet chin Music. Michaels said that he doesn’t regret it one bit and said that he’s been wanting to do that to Bischoff for a long, long time. HBK went onto say that if Bischoff could get Kurt Angle to join Raw though that he would be forever grateful, saying that as much as he hates Bischoff, Bischoff knows the business and knows that Kurt Angle/Shawn Michaels II on his show would draw money.

Michaels said that Angle coming to Raw was his last chance now and pleaded with Angle to ‘do the right thing’ and jump ship, to give the fans what they want. Michaels said that he’d be watching Smackdown this Friday on the edge of his seat, hoping and praying that Angle does the good deed. The music of Eric Bischoff then hit and out came the GM to big heat as Bischoff made his way down to the ring. Bischoff told Shawn that if he dare think about hitting him again then he would pull out of any deal to sign Kurt Angle to Raw here and now. The fans booed this insanely as Michaels laughed and said that he had no problem with that, saying that last week was sweet enough.

Bischoff went on to say that what Shawn Michaels did last week was against everything written in his contract and that laying his hands on an authority figure like that was more than worth firing him. Bischoff though said that Angle/Michaels II was too good to turn down though and Shawn would be staying but Bischoff went on to say that if Kurt Angle doesn’t sign with Raw then Shawn Michaels can be assured that his life will be made a complete and utter living hell. Bischoff smirked in his typical manner to huge heat but Shawn responed verbally rather than physically this week. Michaels told Bischoff that try as he might, nobody makes Shawn Michaels life a misery, especially someone like Eric Bischoff. Bischoff then interrupted Michaels and said that tonight he was gonna give Michaels a preview of what will happen if Angle doesn’t sign and said that it’d start right now as Bischoff told Michaels he’d be running the gauntlet

Match three: Gauntlet match

Shawn Michaels vs. Viscera

With the gigantic Viscera as Michaels first opponent, the Heartbreak Kid knew this wasn’t gonna be easy. Viscera began strongly, taking Michaels off his feet before going to work on HBK, throwing right hands and a couple of nasty head butts.

Michaels though, would not lie down and came out fighting. Michaels threw rights and lefts at Viscera, unable to knock him off his feet. HBK then ran the ropes and went for a flying elbow but again failed to knock the big man down, only knocking him backwards.

Michaels then went for a clothesline but again failed to knock the big man down who then knocked Michaels down with a clothesline of his own. Cover from Visc but a kick out at two from Michaels. Viscera then looked to lift Michaels up but Michaels countered with a kick to the gut before again unloading on the 500 pounder. Michaels then whipped Visc into the corner where he connected with a running clothesline and the big man is finally knocked down!! Michaels waits in the corner for Viscera to rise, poised to strike and BAM!! Sweet chin Music, cover, 1-2-3!!

Winner: Shawn Michaels(3:33)

Bischoff is disappointed and shouts to the back to bring out the next opponent which is none other than the veteran William Regal

Shawn Michaels vs. William Regal

Michaels knows he’s in for a straight out fight here and Regal immediately brings it to him. Regal goes toe to toe with Michaels as both men trade blows with Michaels getting the upper hand, sending Regal to the mat.

Michaels goes right after Regal again, going to the mat and unloading some more on the Englishman. Michaels is looking determined to get the job done, really fired up much to the crowds delight. Michaels then looks to finish it early, going to the corner, tuning up the band for some Sweet chin Music. Michaels goes for it but Regal ducks it and takes Michaels down with a clothesline. Cover from Regal, 1-2-kick out.

Regal is now on the offensive and hoists HBK up before taking him back down with a nice suplex, looking to wear down the Showstopper. Regal then locks Michaels into a sleeper hold, again looking to wear HBK down. The crowd are rallying Michaels who looks to be fading but somehow finds it in him to draw himself to his feet and delivers an elbow to Regal’s stomach and another, managing to wriggle free from him before giving Regal a right hand, whipping him into the ropes and delivering a nice back body drop. Michaels is now rolling.

HBK goes up to the top rope, looks around the crowd before connecting on Regal with a big elbow drop off the top. The momentum is all with Michaels who tunes up the band again as Regal stumbles to his feet, Regal turns around, SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! Cover, 1-2-3, Michaels defeats Regal.

Winner: Shawn Michaels( 6:21


We return and Eric Bischoff looks deflated before bringing down HBK’s next opponent and it’s the young up and comer, recently drafted from Smackdown, Mark Jindrak

Shawn Michaels vs. Mark Jindrak

Michaels is now looking drained in this one, the previous two matches having taken their toll on the Showstopper. Jindrak is looking incredibly fresh and is dishing out some hard shots to the back of Michaels, taking him down to his knees.

Jindrak is relentless and hammers away on Michaels, really taking it to him, looking to prove a point here on Raw perhaps. Jindrak then lifted HBK up before taking him back down with a nice drop kick. The crowd started a ‘HBK’ chant but Jindrak remained in control and again took Michaels down, this time with a belly to back suplex before going for a cover, but Michaels kicked out at two.

Jindrak then went up to the top rope and possibly spent too long pandering to the crowd as Michaels managed to get himself up, Jindrak went for a clothesline off the top but was met with a punch to the gut, winding Jindrak as Michaels now took control, delivering some strong shots to the ‘Reflection of Perfection.’

Michaels whipped Jindrak into the ropes, charging after him and taking him over the top rope, before Jindrak rose and HBK went flying to the outside onto Jindrak, knocking the youngster down again!! Big move from Michaels! The crowd again right behind HBK with Eric Bischoff looking on angrily, cheering for Jindrak to get back into this as HBK tossed his opponent back into the ring.

Michaels then looked around the crowd, hyping them up before heading to the corner and it looks like it’s time for some more Sweet chin Music. Jindrak gets to his feet, Michaels goes for it but BAM!! Michaels is taken out by KURT ANGLE!! ANGLE IS HERE ON RAW!!

Eric Bischoff looks delighted as Angle has taken Michaels down with an Angle slam, before locking in the Ankle lock with Michaels writhing in pain. The referee has called for the bell and Angle eventually releases the hold before heading back through the crowd to big heat

Winner: Shawn Michaels via Disqualification
( 7:23)

Kurt Angle has made his presence felt here tonight on Raw and Shawn Michaels, having ran the gauntlet must now wait anxiously for this Friday night on Smackdown to see whether Kurt Angle will officially jump ship to Monday night Raw or whether Angle stays on Smackdown, meaning Eric Bischoff’s mission to make Shawn Michaels life a misery will continue. HBK slowly gets to his feet looking through the crowd where we see the smiling Angle who looks thrilled with his work here tonight.

We head backstage where we see Batista walking down the hall as he bumps into Chris Jericho which is greeted with a big pop. Batista thanks Jericho for helping him out earlier and said that if it comes down to it later tonight, Batista will have Jericho’s back. Jericho said he appreciates it but said that what he did earlier had nothing to do with Batista, it was all about him getting some payback on Edge. Jericho told Batista that when he becomes Intercontinental champion tonight, he will do it on his own. Batista said he respects that but said he thinks Jericho doesn’t realise quite what he’s up against tonight, he’s got not just Muhammad Hassan but the whole Arabian Entity and Edge breathing down his neck. Jericho said be it one on one, or five on one, he’s the best in the world and he’ll prove why tonight.

Jericho is then attacked from behind by you guessed it Edge! But Edge isn’t alone!! He’s got Muhammad Hassan with him!! Edge hammers Jericho across the back with his briefcase but Batista can’t make the save as Triple H has attacked the Animal from behind! Triple H is beating the hell out of Batista and slams him into the wall head first, knocking the champion down. Edge on the other hand is waiting for Jericho to get back up, sizing him up with the briefcase again. Jericho turns around and BAM!! Jericho is laid out by Mr.MITB. Edge laughs maniacally as Hassan locks in the camel clutch on his opponent later tonight. Was this Edge’s plan all along? Use the Entity? Triple H calls for a referee! Is Edge gonna cash in here and now?!?! The referee appears but WAIT!! SHELTON BENJAMIN! CHARLIE HAAS! The World’s Greatest Tag team are here and they’re taking it to Edge, to Triple H, to Muhammad Hassan!! The crowd are going insane as the brawl backstage is broken up by a host of trainers and referees. All hell has broken loose on Monday night Raw.

We head back to ringside where Coach and J.R talk about what just went down and they are as stunned as anyone as we go to a video package showing highlights from Backlash of the Christian-Ric Flair segment where Flair announced his retirement but Christian refused to allow it, attacking Flair and demanding he pass the torch to him before he goes. We then see a limo arrive backstage and out steps the Nature Boy to a big pop and a whole host of ‘WOO’S’ from the crowd as we get set for the return to Raw of Ric Flair up next


We return and out comes the Nature Boy to a HUGE ovation as we get set to hear whether Flair has reversed his retirement decision of a few weeks ago. Flair is suited and booted and begins with a classic ‘WOOO’ to the crowd which is greatly appreciated. Flair starts out by saying how great it feels to be back on Monday night Raw and how the past few weeks have been some of the most difficult of his life. Flair said that it’s been going round and round his head, just what to do. Flair said that up and to Backlash it was set in stone that he was gonna retire but now, things had changed a bit.

Flair said that what happened at Backlash was an eye opener. He said that he didn’t believe it was true but it is, people still want to take it to the Nature Boy. Flair said that Christian made some good points, about how the torch does need to be passed, but Flair said that there was no way in hell he’d pass it to Christian. This got a great pop and Flair said that as far as he sees it, he passed the torch to Batista. This again got a good pop from the crowd. Flair was then interrupted by, you guessed it, Christian alongside his problem solver, Tyson Tomko.

Christian came down to the ring and told Flair that Batista was just a poster boy champion. Christian said that Flair didn’t pass anything to him and that Batista is only where he is right now because of his size and strength, not because he can wrestle. A few oooohs in the crowd for that as Captain Charisma continued. Christian said that unlike Batista, Flair had all the talent in the world and that HE is today’s Ric Flair. Flair interrupted Christain there and said that he isn’t and never will be a patch on him. Flair then got in Christian’s face and said there’s a reason nothing’s been handed to Christian over the years and that’s because he hasn’t proven a damn thing. Flair said that for twenty years he’s been working his ass off and proving time again just why he’s the very best in the business. Flair said that World titles, accolades don’t come easy and that’s why he has 16 and Christian has 0. Flair said that his hard work and determination to be the very best got him there but people like Christian think it’s all plain sailing, Flair said he’s wrong and told Christian if he wants the torch to be passed down to him, he needs to prove himself. Flair was very intense and passionate here, throwing off his jacket as the fans rallied behind him.

Christian then surprisingly took a different tone. Christian looked taken aback almost, thinking about what Flair had to say before responding. Christian said to Flair that he’s right, he has nothing to show for all his years in this business and that it eats him up inside. Christian said that that is why he’s come to Flair. Christian said that he wants to beat the very best there has been and said that it’s time to prove himself for good. Christian said that Flair cannot and will not retire until he has gone one on one with Captain Charisma. Christian pleaded that he ‘needs this’ to prove not just to all these people how good he really is but to prove to himself that he can get the job done.

Flair then thanked Christian for finally being honest. Flair said that he’d thought long and hard about his decision before tonight and had decided that for his own good, he was gonna stick with his decision and retire right here tonight. A lot of boos greeted this. Flair said that it wasn’t worth it to come back and face a punk like Christian after what happened at Backlash, however then Flair went on to say said BUT he heard what Christian had to say here tonight and his opinion has changed. Flair said that one more match will not kill him, and that he understands just how badly Christian wants this so Flair accepted Christian’s challenge and the match was made for Vengeance.

The fans gave a thunderous ovation as Christian nodded and said thank you. Flair then offered a hand to Christian which he accepted and the two shook hands. As Flair went to leave the ring though, Christian called Flair back and said he forgot something. Huge heat then came down for Captain Charisma as Tomko delivered a huge big boot to Flair as Christian then began to hammer away on Naitch. Christain was shouting in Flair’s face that he’d ‘sealed his fate’ and that the ‘flame has been lit, I carry the torch from now Flair, I carry it.’ Christian then finished the assault with an Unprettier before leaving to huge heat as Flair lay motionless inside the ring

Vengeance promo

We then head back to ringside and see shots of Ric Flair being escorted from the ring, looking out of it as J.R talks about just how sick Christian is, goading Flair into a match like that and then assaulting him afterwards. Coach said that it’s just genius from Christian as we then get a replay from earlier tonight backstage when Edge, Triple H and Muhammad Hassan attack Batista and Chris Jericho backstage with the World‘s Greatest Tag team making the save. J.R then informs us that Chris Jericho will still compete in his Intercontinental title match with Muhammad Hassan up next, but the commentators play up the possible injuries to Y2J.

Hassan then makes his way out, all set to defend his title, accompanied to the ring by the rest of the Arabian Entity, Sonjay Dutt, Daivari and The Great Khali. Y2J then makes his way out, looking extremely banged up from earlier on tonight, but looking very intense on getting the job done

Match four: Intercontinental title match

Muhammad Hassan© vs. Chris Jericho

The match is the highlight of the night as Jericho tests the Intercontinental champion to the limit. Hassan ad Jericho locked up early on with Jericho getting the early advantage, knocking the champion down.

The early going was all Jericho with the former Undisputed champion grounding Hassan with a nice suplex whilst scoring a near fall following a backbreaker. Jericho then lost the initiative though after going for a high risk move. Y2J went to the top rope but as he did so, Daivari appeared on the apron, distracting the referee and allowing Sonjay Dutt to push Jericho into an extremely awkward fall.

This allowed Hassan to gain the advantage now and the champion used that advantage well, throwing Jericho off the top before keeping him grounded with some hard shots to the temple of Jericho before stomping away at the chest of his opponent. Hassan then goes for a surprise cover but Jericho kicks out before the count of two.

The crowd are in full support of Jericho’s quest to hold gold here tonight but they can’t stop the dominance of Hassan currently as the champion continues to work on Jericho, taking him down with a vicious looking snap suplex, followed by another cover but another Jericho kick out much to the fans delight.

Hassan can’t believe it and complains to the referee as on the outside Sonjay Dutt wrings the throat of Jericho on the ropes to huge heat before the referee can turn his back. Hassan, knowing what he’s doing then stops his moaning and gets back to work on Jericho, lifting him up to his feet before whipping him into the ropes and attempting a clothesline but Jericho ducks it and hit’s a drop kick, spring boarding off the ropes to take Hassan down!! Cover by Jericho, 1-2-kick out by Hassan!

As the match wears on, Jericho has failed to take his opportunities, including the Walls of Jericho being applied but again a distraction from Daivari this time, allowed Hassan to survive. Hassan was now in control once more, having hit a low blow on Jericho after yet more distractions from Sonjay Dutt. Hassan is toying with Jericho, slapping across the face before posing for the crowd but Jericho fights back!! Jericho delivers a right hand to Hassan before taking him down with a bulldog!! Jericho goes for the lionsault, connects!! Cover by Jericho, 1-2-it’s over!! NO!! Daivari and Dutt on the apron again, distracting the referee as Jericho is furious and goes after Daivari who jumps down. Dutt remains when HUGE CHEERS ring round the arena as Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas sprint down the ramp!!

The World’s Greatest Tag Team are taking it to Daivari, taking it to Dutt but they run into the mastodon, The Great Khali. Khali knocks Haas down as inside the ring Jericho goes after Hassan who ducks and Jericho knocks the referee down, the ref is down as Jericho takes Hassan down.

Jericho is unloading on the Intercontinental champion as he goes to apply and does lock in the Walls of Jericho!! Hassan is tapping!! But there’s no referee!! Jericho has the title won but BAM!! From out of nowhere Jericho is taken out YET AGAIN by Edge!! Edge knocks Jericho down with the Money in the Bank briefcase, waiting for Jericho to get back to his feet, poised to strike again. Jericho is lost as he gets back to his feet and he turns around right into another hard shot to the skull from Edge!! Huge heat for Mr.MITB as Hassan covers Jericho. Edge has pulled the damn referee over, the referee slowly counts, 1.…2.…3, it’s over

Winner and STILL Intercontinental champion: Muhammad Hassan(14:21)

Yet again Jericho is cost by the Edge along with the rest of the Entity as the World’s Greatest Tag team fail to fend off the group. The Entity and Edge are now all in the ring, with Haas and Benjamin down on the outside. Hassan begins to celebrate retaining his title as Edge is laughing at a fallen Jericho. Daivari and Dutt then begin stomping away at Jericho as Hassan orders Khali to finish Jericho off. Khali picks up Jericho and drops him with the Khali bomb, devastating impact as Jericho has no answers.

The fans are chanting for Batista and they get their wish!! The World champion storms down to the ring!! Batista has it all to do though and he throws Daivari over the top, throws Sonjay Dutt over the top. Batista is intent on unleashing hell here!! Batista and Hassan trade blows with the Animal getting the upper hand and throws the Intercontinental champion over the top as well! Edge has hightailed it out of the ring and is watching as BAM!! Triple H from out of nowhere hammers Batista over the back of the head!! Huge heat for the #1 contender as Batista is knocked down. Edge is on the outside laughing before getting back inside the ring.

But Edge has no time to get his hands on Batista as Shelton Benjamin is up!! Charlie Haas is up and they are taking it to Edge inside the ring!! The Great Khali though, intimidating as ever makes his way over and smashes Haas over the head, knocking him back down as Benjamin has Edge in position for a T-Bone but Khali knocks Benjamin down now. Edge is to his knees as Khali and Triple H stand tall. Trips lifts Batista back up, looking for a pedigree, but Batista counters, Batista refuses to budge and hits Hunter with a back body drop!! Huge pop as Batista whips Trips into the ropes before he clotheslines the Game over the top rope now!! But Batista meets The Great Khali!! Khali and Batista are staring each other down as the crowd wonder who will budge first!!

Batista throws a right hand but Khali doesn’t even move!! Khali grabs Batista’s fist as he attempts another and shoves him away before going for a shot of his own but Batista ducks it and kicks Khali in the gut, Batista runs the ropes and SPEAR!! KHALI IS DOWN!! THE BIG MAN TAKEN DOWN BY BATISTA!! The champion has cleaned house as J.R and Coach talk about just how dominant the World champion has proved to be here. The show ends with shots of Benjamin, Haas, the Arabian Entity, Edge, Triple H and Chris Jericho all down and out.as Batista stands tall and roars to the crowd, looking down on his fallen opponent for Vengeance, Triple H

Current Vengeance Card:

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista(c) vs Triple H

Christian vs Ric Flair

WWE Women's Championship: No Disqualification Match
Trish Stratus(c) vs Victoria

Chris Jericho vs Edge

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 20/5/05

The final stop on the road to Judgment Day comes from Nashville as Kurt Angle makes one of the biggest decisions in his career.

After defeating Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania, the Heartbreak Kid has been intent on getting a rematch with Kurt Angle. The recent draft lottery was seen as the only way the two could go toe to toe again but the draft kept both men apart leaving the dream rematch on the backburner. However, with Kurt Angle’s contract expiring after Judgment Day this Sunday, Raw’s General Manager Eric Bischoff has swooped, looking to take Angle to Monday nights and make the rematch reality.

Angle has proclaimed he has nothing to prove to Michaels but vowed to break the Showstopper’s ankle if they meet again. Will the lure of finishing off his rival once and for all prove too strong for Angle to resist? Michaels has taken his frustrations out on Eric Bischoff in recent weeks, hitting the GM with some Sweet chin Music, can Bischoff pull off a major coup and steal Angle from Smackdown? We will find out the answer this Friday night.

Also on Smackdown we will see a huge main event as the number one contender to the WWE Title, JBL will go one on one with The Undertaker. With just two days to go until both men face huge challenges, we are bound to see one man leave Nashville full of momentum heading into Judgment Day. One can only assume what kind of a role their opponents at the Pay Per View will play tonight as the WWE champion John Cena and the Legend Killer Randy Orton will be no doubt looking to strike the final blow before Judgment Day rolls around.

Booker T has been absent from the past couple of weeks on Smackdown, following both verbal and physical attacks from the coolest superstar on Friday nights, Carlito. These two will meet this Sunday and you have to wonder whether Booker T will show up in Nashville and look to make a mark on Carlito heading into Judgment Day.

It will no doubt be a bumpy ride with just 48 hours to go until the first Smackdown Pay Per View since Wrestlemania. What will the Smackdown superstars have up their sleeve this Friday night? Tune in for all the answers and more

Confirmed for this week’s show:

JBL vs. The Undertaker


Kurt Angle must decide his future: Stay on Smackdown or jump ship to Raw
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Rightio, I definitely need to start reviewing and when I've been browsing I've seen this thread pop up several times and for what seems to be your first thread (I'm guessing) the quality has been great, despite me only skimming through. I'm not fully up to date with your feuds but i'll try and catch up.

Smackdown looks good and I shall be most definitely be reviewing, dude.

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Just skimmed through the thread and I can tell from your first shouw and your latest show that your definately improving. I'll try and drop some feedback for you when Smackdown is up.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown-20/5/05- Nashville; Tennessee

The show opens up with the usual Smackdown intro and pyro as we head to Michael Cole and Tazz!

Michael Cole: We are just 48 hours away from Judgment Day and tonight we will see a HUGE main event heading into this Sunday’s Pay Per View as the #1 contender JBL goes one on one with The Undertaker!!

Tazz: A big time main event Cole! I can’t wait, JBL and the Deadman, only on Friday nights baby.

Michael Cole: Also tonight, we will hear from Kurt Angle who has one of the biggest decisions to make of his career. Tonight, the Wrestling Machine decides whether to stay here on Friday Night Smackdown or whether he is to jump ship and join Monday Night Raw to face Shawn Michaels one..more..time.

Tazz: I got a bad feelin’ on this one Cole, I can only hope Kurt makes the right choice and stays here on Friday nights.

Michael Cole: As much as I don’t like Kurt Angle outside of the ring, inside of the ring there is no doubting just how big an asset Kurt Angle is for us here on Smackdown and I gotta agree with you on that one partner. We will find out for sure though later on tonight.

‘Man Beast’ then plays and out comes Rhyno to a good pop as he gets set to make his Smackdown debut.

Michael Cole: But we are kicking things off with the Friday night Smackdown debut of the ‘Man Beast’ Rhynooooo!

Tazz: A major major acquisition for Smackdown Cole. This dude is one of the toughest guys I’ve ever been inside the ring with. And you better believe me, if he hits you wit’ that gore, that’s it, you’re done man.

Michael Cole: Indeed, Rhyno was drafted here to Smack down a few weeks back and we’ve been waiting in anticipation for his arrival, tonight we get to see just what Rhyno is gonna bring here to Friday night Smackdown.

Snitsky then makes his way out to virtually no reaction as we get our first match under way.

Match One: Singles match

Rhyno vs. Snitsky

Rhyno looks a bit rusty early on and the big man Snitsky took advantage of that, taking it to the Man Beast. Snitsky couldn’t capitalise on his momentum though and the balance swung with Rhyno stepping his game up and eventually finishing off his monster opponent with a vicious Gore for the three count and a winning debut to his Smackdown career.

Winner: Rhyno(5:41)

Michael Cole: Wow!! A big victory here tonight for Rhyno on his Smackdown debut!!

Tazz: Dat was impressive Cole. Ain’t no doubting’ that Rhyno can be a big addition to da Friday Night Smackdown roster and dat right there proves why.

Michael Cole: That gore from Rhyno. The power, the aggression, the brutality of it, a hugely impressive showing here tonight from the ‘Man Beast.’

We head backstage where we see Kurt Angle sitting in his locker room, clearly contemplating what his decision will be for later on tonight when he must decide whether to leave Smackdown and join Raw.

We immediately switch cameras and go to Teddy Long who is in his office with Raw GM Eric Bischoff

Long: Look Eric, I understand da situation wit’ Kurt. Ya got every right to make him an offer. But whatcha don’t have a right to is comin’ to my show last week and getting’ inside da building’ without my permission.

Bischoff: Teddy, Teddy, Teddy. Come on man, as if you were gonna let me in? I mean, I only did the exact same thing that you would do. If Triple H’s contract was expiring, there’d be no chance in hell I’d let you onto my show but I know damn well that you’d try and get in anyway. Difference between me and you is, I’m smart enough to hire REAL security Teddy. Not your cheap ones I can pay off just like that(Bischoff clicks his fingers).

Long: Well let me tell ya dis. Ya do it again and I will have no hesitation sendin’ all of my Smackdown superstars out to deal wit’ you, ya feel me?

Bischoff: Yeah we‘ll see how that works out for ya, I ‘feel’ ya Teddy. But onto tonight, and onto Kurt Angle.

Bischoff smiles at the mention of Angle’s name.

Long: What about it? Da way I see it, Kurt Angle ain’t goin’ anywhere playa. Now I know you used ya cheap tactics last week Eric but dis week I know Kurt Angle is gonna make da right choice.

Bischoff: And what is that exactly Teddy? Huh? Stay here on this garbage show? Not a chance. The only offer that Kurt Angle is considering is Eric Bischoff’s offer and you can believe that next Monday night on Raw, on MY show we will be welcoming Kurt Angle and we will be one step closer to seeing Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels, the rematch, the match that EVERYBODY wants to see it.

Pop for that comment

Long: Look Eric, I as much as anybody wanna see dat rematch but it ain’t takin’ place unless Shawn Michaels comes over here to Friday nights playa.

Bischoff: No..chance..in hell. Start the countdown because when all’s said and done here tonight, Eric Bischoff will come up victorious yet AGAIN. See ya out there later Teddy.

Bischoff laughs before leaving Teddy Long’s office.


We return and ‘Live for the Moment’ hits as Matt Hardy makes his way out to the ring to a good pop.

Michael Cole: Quite the couple of weeks for this man Matt Hardy since he arrived here on Smackdown. Hardy defeated United States champion Orlando Jordan on his first night here but last week after another victory, this time over Luther Reigns, Orlando Jordan exacted a measure of revenge. Let’s take a look.

We see replays of Orlando Jordan’s attack on Hardy last week, resulting in the U.S.champion leaving Hardy down and out.

Tazz: Was a brutal assault by Orlando last week Cole but ya gotta give Matt Hardy credit. Orlando Jordan came out here in da main event last week, looked to help out his associate JBL and Matt Hardy comes back out and takes it to Jordan. Big props to Hardy on dat one.

Michael Cole: Indeed Matt Hardy will not lay down and it was announced this week on wwe.com that this Sunday at Judgment Day, Orlando Jordan will defend his United States title against Matt Hardy in what is a massive opportunity for Hardy to prove himself here on the blue brand.

Hardy takes a mic as a small portion of the crowd start a ‘Hardy’ chant.

Hardy: Y’know, I said when I came to Smackdown a couple weeks back that I was here for a new start. I was here to prove that Matt Hardy could hang with the big boys, that Matt Hardy could win championships on his own.

Good reaction from the crowd for this.

Hardy: I wanted to prove all the doubters wrong, all the people who’ve put me down, criticised me over the years. This to me, is my chance to shut them all up, once and for all. And now in just 48 hours, I’m gonna do EXACTLY that.

Pop for Hardy

Hardy: Because this Sunday at Judgment Day, I get my chance, what I’ve been waitin’ for. I will go one on one with Orlando Jordan for the United States championship. One of the most prestigious championships in the industry and now I’m fightin’ for it, I’m getting’ my shot. You don’t know how much that means to me.

Again a good reaction from the crowd.

Hardy: And let me tell ya, it’s not a case of if, it’s a case of WHEN I win this Sunday. And you better believe me when I say that it will only be the beginning because I promise you all that Matt Hardy is gonna make a name for himself here on Smackdown and Matt Hardy is going to make a name for himself in the entire WWE. I’m not gonna lie down anymore, I am gonna walk into Judgment Day still as a tag team specialist, as a part of one of the all time great tag teams in WWE history.

Hardy gets a pop for the mention of his tag team days

Hardy: But when I walk out of Judgment Day it’s gonna be a whole different story. People are gonna start to see Matt Hardy the singles wrestler, someone who can make it on his OWN. Orlando Jordan, I’m puttin’ you on notice. Two days and counting OJ, keep real good care of that belt for me, cos Sunday it’s coming home.

Hardy gets a big ovation as ‘Kash Money’ then hits and out comes Kid Kash ready for action.

Match two: Singles match

Matt Hardy vs. Kid Kash

The opening of the match sees Hardy get on top of his smaller opponent, taking Kash down at every possible opportunity. Hardy scored a near fall, following a nice scoop slam, but Kash managed a fairly quick kick out.

The Cruiserweight then got himself into the match, almost surprising everyone including Hardy with a roll up but the #1 contender to the U.S. Title kicked out at two. Kash then looked to wear Hardy down, locking him a sleeper hold but the crowd rallied Hardy, who managed to find the resolve to break free.

The shift in momentum once again then changed as Hardy almost finished the job off, scoring a near fall following a hard leg drop from the top rope. Hardy was surprised it didn’t get the job done but waited for Kash to get to his feet. Hardy then kicked Kash in the gut and going for the Twist of fate. Kash counters it though and looks for a back body drop but Hardy lands on his feet, turns Kash around, Twist of Fate connects!! Cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Matt Hardy(7:21)

Michael Cole: Matt Hardy is rolling to Judgment Day!!

Tazz: Big win again for Hardy there Cole and Hardy has some major momentum headin’ into dis Sunday baby. Orlando Jordan’s in trouble at Judgment Day.

We go to a Raw rebound with particular importance being placed on the Shawn Michaels gauntlet match which saw Kurt Angle jump the barricade and attack Michaels, adding more fuel to the fire in that rivalry ahead of Angle’s decision tonight. We also see the conclusion of the Intercontinental title match and the brawl between the Arabian Entity, Edge, Triple H, Batista, Chris Jericho and the World’s Greatest Tag team in one of the most chaotic Raw’s in recent memory.

We then head backstage and see the WWE champion John Cena walking down the hall. Cena’s appearance is met with a great pop but the cheers soon turn to boos as Cena is greeted by Carlito.

Carlito: John Cena ha ha. Dee WWE champion, da face of Friday nights.

Carlito then tosses his apple up in the air before catching it.

Carlito: A damn disgrace.

Boos ring round the arena again

Carlito: Y’know who should be WWE champion John? Do you? The WWE champion should be Carlito. But no, Carlito doesn’t get dat kinda opportunity, Carlito has to make his own opportunites. Dat’s why dis Sunday at Judgment Day, Carlito made a lil challenge. See, Carlito challenged Booker T to a match dis Sunday and hey, Carlito doesn’t even know Booker T is gonna turn up but whether he does or he doesn’t, Carlito is walkin’ outta Judgment Day with his stock having risen and one step closer to coming after you and dat WWE title.

Carlito again tosses his apple smiling as Cena looks to be thinking

Cena: For the love of God Carlito, would you please just SHUT UP!!?

Massive pop for the champion here as Carlito looks horrified

Cena: Whine, whine, whine, yap, yap, yap. Nobody cares man!! You can talk all you want about how you should be WWE champion, but fact is you aren’t, I am.

Pop again for Cena

Cena: Now if I were you I’d be more concerned about Judgment Day and when Booker T kicks your ass all over Minneapolis.

Carlito laughs as the crowd cheer for the thought of that

Carlito: If you were me? John you’ll never be Carlito, you’ll never be anything like Carlito. And you can tell Carlito all you want about Booker T but da facts don’t lie John, Carlito’s got your number. On Carlito’s first night here on Smackdown, Carlito beat YOU for the United States championship. Did you forget about dat?

Cena: No, no I didn’t forget about it but i'm guessing you're forgetting i won that championship back off you aren't ya now? And Carlito things change. A LOT has changed since that night. Since that night, I’ve gone on to bigger and better things, I’ve gone on to become the WWE champion. Carlito, tell me man, what have you done since then?

Carlito looks angry now and starts stuttering

Cena: My thoughts exactly, so why don’t you shut your mouth and let your actions do the talkin’ for once. How bout tonight in that ring, John Cena one on one with Carlito? What do ya say?

The crowd pop as Carlito thinks about it

Carlito: Y’know what Cena? Carlito would love nothing more than to make a fool of you one more time here tonight, you’re on man. And when, not if but WHEN Carlito beats you again tonight, dat will be cool.

Carlito walks away with Cena looking on smiling

Commercial break

We return and ‘Cool’ hits as Carlito makes his way to the ring ready for action against the champ.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday night Smackdown and before the commercial break, the WWE champion John Cena challenged the cocky, loudmouth Carlito to a match up right here tonight and the man who faces Booker T this Sunday had no hesitation in accepting. A bold call from Carlito here tonight.

Tazz: It ain’t bold Cole. If da WWE champion offers ya a match, you ain’t gonna turn it down, tonight’s a big opportunity for Carlito to make a statement towards da WWE title.

‘My time is now’ then hits to a big time pop from the crowd as John Cena makes his way out for this contest.

Michael Cole: This Sunday comes the biggest challenge in John Cena’s WWE career. The WWE champion will defend his title against the self proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’ in a Last man Standing match. A major obstacle for the champion at Judgment Day. He’s never been in a Last man Standing match before, it’s gonna be an entire new world for Cena this Sunday.

Tazz: Damn right Cole. Cena knows what he’s getting himself into this Sunday and you would have to put JBL down as the favourite. He has the experience factor, JBL knows how to been around long enough to know just what it takes to win one of these things. Cena’s gonna need to pull one out the bag at Judgment Day.

Match three: Singles Match

WWE champion John Cena vs. Carlito

The match was a very solid outing as Carlito showed that he can hang with the very best on the brand. The Caribbean superstar almost ended things early on following a nice DDT that saw Cena kick out at two.

The champion though responded well and as Carlito whipped Cena into the ropes, the leader of the chain gang took down his opponent with a big shoulder block, knocking Carlito right off his feet. The champ then ran the ropes once more before taking down Carlito with yet another shoulder block, really building up steam as the crowd got right behind him.

Cena then, quite surprisingly made his way towards the top rope which proved to be a real mistake as Carlito brought himself to his feet and ran towards the corner, pushing Cena off the top and down to the mat, landing quite awkwardly on his left leg. This allowed Carlito to compose himself, allowing the former U.S. champion a small breather before heading to the outside and going to work on the champion.

Carlito stomped away at the leg of Cena, looking to exploit a possible injury before throwing Cena back inside the ring. The crowd began a ‘Cena’ chant, looking to will the champion but Carlito continued away at the damaged leg.

Stomp after stomp, brutally picking apart Cena who is writhing in pain, not what he needed just two nights before he defends his WWE Title. Carlito then looked to possibly finish things off, attempting a figure four leg lock it looked like, but Cena showed he still had fight left in him, refusing to be put in the hold. Cena used all his leg strength to kick Carlito away from him and the power took Carlito halfway across the ring.

Cena steadily made his way to his feet as did Carlito. The battle now on to see who strikes first and it was Cena, laying right hands at Carlito, really taking it to his former rival. Cena really built up some steam, sending Carlito down again with a big shoulder block before running the ropes, it’s five knuckle shuffle time!

Cena does his trademark, you can’t see me to his opponent before dropping Carlito with the shuffle. Cena is poised, ready to strike for an FU as Carlito makes his way to his feet. Carlito is up, spins around, Cena hoists him into the air, ready to drop him but BAM!!

Cena is taken down by a thunderous shot from his opponent this Sunday, JBL. The ‘Wrestling God’ then continued to batter away at Cena, smashing his fists to the skull of the champion as the referee calls for the bell and heat pours down on the number one contender.

Winner via Disqualification: John Cena (11:31)

Michael Cole: JBL has sent a message to John Cena here tonight, and now look, now look at these two! They’re taking everything out of the champion before this Sunday. Somebody stop this!!

Carlito joins in the assault, throwing some rights and lefts at Cena as JBL continues alongside him, assaulting the champion before a big pop from the crowd! It’s BOOKER T! Booker T sprints down the ramp and is heading after Carlito!!

Michael Cole: Booker T!! Booker T is here and he’s coming for Carlito!!

Booker takes Carlito down with a couple of right hands before unloading on JBL! Cena slowly makes his way to his feet now as it’s two on two. Booker goes right back after Carlito and takes him down with a BookEnd. JBL though, worms his way out of the ring to big heat, not wanting anything to do with Cena or Booker.

Michael Cole: Well thank god for Booker T! We haven’t seen Booker the past couple of weeks, since Carlito’s tirade about Booker T being a shell of his former self but tonight partner, Booker looked nothing like a shell of his former self. Booker looked on a roll.

Tazz: Damn right Cole. If Booker can take that into this Sunday against Carlito then we got a heck of a match on our hands baby.

Michael Cole: And what about that snake JBL? When it was two on one out there JBL couldn’t get his hands on Cena fast enough. Two on two though and JBL hightails it outta here. On Sunday JBL’s gonna have nowhere to run that’s for sure!

Tazz: Smart Cole, very smart. JBL’s still gotta face the Undertaker here tonight ahead of this Sunday and you can believe that JBL wants to go to Judgment Day in one piece.

We head backstage where we see Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio in their locker room, both men get a big reaction from the crowd.

Van Dam: I cannot wait for Sunday Rey Rey. Finally, we’re gonna put a stop to these punks runnin’ round our show like they own it. At Judgment Day it’s gonna be sweet as man when Tony Chimel takes that microphone and announces Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio as the new WWE Tag team champions. How good is that gonna sound dude?

Pop again from the crowd

Mysterio: Rob, I hear you esse. This Sunday though it ain’t just about becoming tag champs. It’s about teaching these guys a lesson. Last week, Johnny Nitro, hey he beat me, I hold my hands up but I can promise you that at Judgment Day I ain’t gonna let that happen again.

Van Dam: That’s what I’m talkin’ about Rey Rey.

Van Dam smiles before Melina walks in to huge heat as Van Dam’s grin suddenly disappears

Melina: Sorry to interrupt your little moment here boys but I just thought I’d drop by and see how you’re feeling ahead of Judgment Day.

Van Dam: Cut the small talk Melina, what are ya really here for?

Melina: No fooling you Rob is there? Well, lets just say I’m here to wish you luck for Sunday cos believe me, you’re gonna need it when my boys get their hands on you. This has gone on for long enough now Rob, you disrespected me, you disrespected my boys and now, we’re gonna make you pay. We’re gonna prove at Judgment Day exactly why we deserve to be handed things and exactly why we are the A-listers here in the WWE.

Mysterio: Melina, there is nothing and I mean NOTHING A-list about you, believe me on that one.

The crowd pop as Melina looks furious

Melina: WHO ASKED YOU REY?! Since when did you even get involved in all this? This is between MNM and RVD. Facts are Rey, you’re only here because he(pointing at RVD) knows he can’t deal with our greatness alone. Bottom line is, when we’re done with you at Judgment Day, Rey, you’ll just be thrown to the sidelines again.

Van Dam: Hey, hey that’s enough Melina. Talk is real cheap sweetheart and this Sunday the talking ends and all that matters will be when that bell rings and Nitro, Mercury, they realise that this isn’t Hollywood anymore, this is the WWE and being an A-lister? It don’t mean a damn thing. Me and Rey are taking the titles Sunday and we will prove to you that NOBODY here in the WWE is handed anything.

Melina: We’ll just see about that Rob. Two days to go Rob, see you in Minneapolis. Oh and Rey, think about what I said will you?

Melina leaves their locker room to heat as Mysterio looks on with Van Dam.

Van Dam: Man, I can’t wait for this Sunday, don’t worry about that piece of trash Rey.

RVD then leaves the locker room as Mysterio continues to look on.

We then head to a graphic hyping tonights main event of JBL vs. The Undertaker before another graphic showing Kurt Angle, Eric Bischoff and Teddy Long with the question remaining, will Kurt Angle stay on Smackdown or jump ship to Raw?


We return and already in the ring are Tajiri and the #1 contender to the Cruiserweight title, Chavo Guerrero as ‘Hey you’ hits and out comes Paul London to join his partner in the ring, The Hurricane.

Michael Cole: Big match up this Sunday for this young man Paul London as he defends the Cruiserweight championship against his rival Chavo Guerrero. Guerrero delivered a brutal message to London a couple weeks back and you have to wonder just what condition Paul London is in, heading into Judgment Day.

Tazz: London’s gotta be hurtin’ Cole but dat tends to go out da window when gold is on the line and Paul London ain’t gonna give up da Cruiserweight title dat easy at Judgment Day.

Match four: Tag team match

Cruiserweight champion Paul London and The Hurricane vs. Chavo Guerrero and Tajiri

The match is pretty short lived as none of the cruiserweights get an awful lot of time to showcase themselves. Cruiserweight champ Paul London began the match, up against the Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri.

After some frantic action between the young champion and the experienced veteran, a hot tag was made to each others partners with Chavo and Hurricane entering the fold. The ending of the match then came as Hurricane was in control.

Friday nights resident superhero hit a beautiful DDT to Chavo, sending him to the mat, before setting him up for a Shining Wizard attempt but Hurricane missed it and Chavo rolled Hurricane up to score the three count, despite the best efforts of Paul London to stop Guerrero stealing the win for him and Tajiri. London looked on frustrated, knowing he failed to get his hands on Guerrero again tonight, but fully aware that in two nights at Judgment Day there’ll be nowhere to run for Chavo

Winners: Chavo and Tajiri( 4:29)

Michael Cole: Well in 48 hours there will be no hiding place for Chavo Guerrero and he will have to face the wrath of Paul London. But tonight, Guerrero has not only escaped from London but has pulled off another big victory on Smackdown.

Tazz: Cole I’m telling ya, the experience factor is gonna play a huge part at Judgment Day and Chavo has Paul London right where he wants him headin’ into Sunday.

We go to a quick video package for Judgment Day before returning and out comes Smackdown GM Teddy Long, followed by Raw GM Eric Bischoff as we get set for Kurt Angle’s contract decision.


Michael Cole: Welcome back folks to Friday Night Smackdown, I’m Michael Cole alongside Tazz and we are mere moments away from discovering the destination of Kurt Angle’s future.

Tazz: I got goosebumps Cole. I’m prayin’ for Angle to stay on the blue brand, prayin’.

Both Bischoff and Long have a mic in one hand along with a contract in the other as Teddy Long opens proceedings.

Long: Now, y’all know why we’re out here and I think that it’s only right we get straight down to business, ya feel me? So Kurt Angle…

Bischoff: Woah Teddy, what’s the rush here? It’s a rare sight seeing Eric Bischoff on Friday nights and I figured that while I’m out here, these people wanna enjoy seeing me, so it’s only fair that they get what they want and that is to hear from Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff then grins as the crowd pour heat on him

Long: Now hold on there Eric. I think I speak for everyone here tonight in Nashville when I say there ain’t a damn person in this arena who wants to see Eric Bischoff.

Big cheers for Teddy Long here as Bischoff shakes his head

Bischoff: Clever huh Teddy. These idiots wouldn’t know greatness if it came and slapped them in the face. And that’s exactly what I am Teddy, greatness. And that’s exactly why Kurt Angle is gonna stick your Smackdown contract and sign this.

Bischoff holds the Raw contract up to big heat from the crowd for his earlier comments

Long: Well as far as I’m concerned, the word great don’t associate with you Eric and why don’t we just see what Kurt Angle is gonna decide right here and now. So ladies and gentleman, enough is enough, without further adue, allow me to introduce to you, Kurt Angle!

‘Medal’ then hits to a mixed reaction, the majority giving Angle heat as the Wrestling Machine makes his way down the ramp. Angle has a mic in hand and looks very focused on dealing with this issue.

Bischoff: Kurt great to see you man!!

Bischoff offers a handshake to Angle who just stares at the Raw GM

Bischoff: Now Kurt, the answer is simple here. You’ve got two options. One smart option and one absolutely ridiculous option, but nevertheless it iss an option. And that option is to stay here on this B-grade show Kurt, working with a moron like Teddy Long and being left off of Pay Per View cards, which may I remind you, you’re doing exactly that this Sunday at Judgment Day.

Angle nods his head before Bischoff continues

Bischoff: Buuuut on the other hand. You can come to Eric Bischoff’s Monday Night Raw, the A-show, the PREMIERE show in sports entertainment. And Kurt you can work for me, you can work for someone who values what you do, who respects what you do and you can go onto win the World Heavyweight championship. The final piece in the jigsaw? Well, you can once and for all, shut Shawn Michaels up and end the career of the showstopper. Now like I siad Kurt, the answer is simple.

Angle: Look Eric, I see where you’re coming from I really do. I respect what you’ve done in your career. The way you guided WCW towards the top, the way you guided Raw to new heights, I respect that, I do.

Bischoff smiles, looking at Teddy Long

Angle: But Eric, fact of the matter is, I think you’re nothing more than a piece of garbage.

Big pop for Angle there with Teddy Long now the one smiling

Angle: I don’t like the way you go about things Eric and I gotta admit, the thought of working with you makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach.

Bischoff has his head in his hands as the crowd again cheer Angle

Bischoff: Look, Kurt I can make life real easy for you. Whatever you want, you got it, just do the right thing and sign with me, sign with Raw, I promise you, you will not regret it.

Long: Now hold on a minute playa. Ya seem to be forgetting Smackdown here Eric. Kurt, we can offer you a hell of a lot more than what that ‘piece of garbage’ can offer you. Kurt, I admire ya as an athlete, what you’ve done in the WWE is phenomenal, championship after championship, accolade after accolade and Kurt if you stay on Smackdown playa, it ain’t gonna be the end of that.

Angle: Teddy, look I’ve been on this show long enough now to realise what goes on here and what you can offer me. But Teddy, Eric makes some great points. I’m not even on the card for Judgment Day, what’s the deal there Teddy?

Bischoff: Yeah!! What’s the deal there Teddy?


Huge pop for Angle again

Long: Kurt, I ain’t gonna lie here. Truth is I didn’t book ya on the card cos of this whole contract situation. I can’t afford to let a potential Raw superstar face a Smackdown superstar and then jump ship just like that. Not a chance. Kurt I needed reassurance, I needed to know you’d still be here after Judgment Day and ya couldn’t give me that which is why I couldn’t give ya a match this Sunday playa.

Angle nods his head seeming to understand where Long is coming from

Angle: I understand that Teddy. Now it’s been playing on my mind all week long. What do I do? Where does Kurt Angle go from here? And truth is I haven’t been able to find the answer. But here we are tonight and I've gotta make a decision.

Angle ponders for a minute as a ‘HBK’ chant starts

Angle: Monday Night Raw, the flagship WWE show. What does it offer to me? It offers a fresh start, it offers new surroundings, it offers me Shawn Michaels.

Pop from the crowd as Angle grits his teeth saying HBK’s name.

Angle: Friday night Smackdown. What does it offer to me? What.. does..it..offer..to..me? It offers, not a whole lot, I gotta be honest here.

Bischoff: YES!! YES!! Kurt I knew you’d see sense, I knew that Raw was the place for you. I’m gonna make the main event for Vengeance right here, right now. Kurt Angle one on one with Shawn Michaels!! How do you all like that?!?

Huge pop from the crowd as Angle nods his head and Teddy looks deflated.

Angle: Eric, hold that thought would ya? Who said I was signing with Raw?

A few ooohs in the crowd, mixed with some boos and some cheers

Bischoff: What do ya mean Kurt? You said it yourself, there’s NOTHING here for you on Smackdown. Nothing.

Angle: Eric, I said it to you earlier, you’re a piece of garbage. I know exactly what this is all about and this has nothing to do with me. All of this is to do with Shawn Michaels. I know it, you know it and these people know it. I am DONE with Shawn Michaels. I beat him at Wrestlemania and I have nothing left to prove to him or to any of these people.

Heat now for Angle who is back in his heel mode now

Angle: If Shawn Michaels comes to Smackdown, so be it, I have no problem in breaking his damn ankle. But Kurt Angle coming to Raw? Not a chance in hell while that punk Michaels is still on that show. Gimme that contract Teddy, cos Kurt Angle is staying on Smackdown.

Boos generally for Angle here with some loyal Smackdown fans cheering the decision. Teddy Long does his trademark dance before handing Angle the contract and shaking his hand.

Bischoff: Kurt I’m begging ya!! Please, please, come to Raw. This isn’t about me and Shawn Michaels, this is about Kurt Angle, the greatest wrestler in the world, coming to the greatest show in the…

Bischoff has no time to finish as Angle lifts Bischoff up and drops him with the Angle slam!! Big pop for Angle here who finishes off proceedings by signing the Smackdown contract as Teddy Long raises Angle’s hand but Angle then lifts Long up and drops the Smackdown GM with an Angle slam as well!! ‘Medal’ then hits again as Kurt Angle leaves the ring with yet again a relatively mixed reaction from the crowd, but he leaves with us all now in the know that Kurt Angle is staying on Smackdown.


We return and head backstage where we see JBL and Orlando Jordan walking down the hall before being stopped by Josh Matthews.

Matthews: JBL, just wanted to get your thoughts on your match in just a few moments when you go one on one with the Undertaker.

JBL: My thoughts Josh are that once again I am being hung out to dry but that incapable general manager of ours Theodore Long. How is it right that just 48 hours away from my WWE championship match I have to go one on one with somebody like the Undertaker while John Cena gets a free ride facing that apple spitter?

Matthews goes to speak again but is cut off

JBL: And before you ask your next question, yes that is why I got involved earlier tonight in Cena’s match. Because tonight I’m walkin’ into the middle of that ring and going toe to toe with the phenom. Now although I will destroy the Undertaker and walk out victorious tonight, I’m gonna take a beating myself, make no mistake about it. That’s why I HAD to make a statement earlier and rest assured if it hadn’t been for that moron Booker T I’d have made sure John Cena didn’t even make it to Minneapolis this Sunday.

Jordan: Now we about to go out there and deal wit’ the Undertaker Josh, do you think John Cena wants a piece of the Undertaker before Sunday? Do you? Hell no. That is what separates my mentor from the rest, that is what makes JBL the greatest of all time. He doesn’t sit back and hide away from challenges.No, JBL stands tall and fights things head on and you’ll see exactly that tonight when JBL not only goes face to face with a legend of this business, but when he BEATS a legend of this business.

JBL: Ha ha. Orlando son, I could not have said it any better myself. I hope John Cena is watching what I’m about to do carefully, cos I’m gonna do the same to him in just two days. Two frickin days you’ve got left holding MY championship Cena. Make the most of em kid cos it’ll be the LAST time you get to hold that championship.

JBL and his chief of staff walk away as we cut to the announce table and get set for the main event.

Michael Cole: Well, what a night it has already been on Smackdown folks. We saw the Smackdown debut of Rhyno earlier on, defeating the monster Snitsky. We also saw Kurt Angle make his huge contract decision, whether to stay on Smackdown or join Raw, lets take a look.

We see a replay of the decision made by Angle

Michael Cole: A major boost for Friday nights Tazz, Kurt Angle opting to stay on the blue brand.

Tazz: No doubt Cole. As much as I and everybody else wants to see Angle and Michaels go at it, I’d rather Kurt stay here on Smackdown baby.

Michael Cole: And still to come up next, JBL, the #1 contender for the WWE title this Sunday goes one on one with the Undertaker!!

Tazz: And speakin’ of Sunday Cole, what a night Judgment Day is gonna be!

Michael Cole: For sure Tazz. The Cruiserweight championship will be on the line when Paul London defends against the veteran, Chavo Guerrero.

Tazz: The biggest stage of Paul London’s young career Cole. If London can beat Chavo at Judgment Day, he’ll be makin’ a huge statement.

Michael Cole: Also on Sunday, the WWE Tag team titles will be on the line, the vacant tag team titles as MNM go up against Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio!

Tazz: Two of the most entertaining superstars in the WWE goin’ up against the two newcomers. I love it Cole and I can’t wait to see what MNM are really made of at Judgment Day.

Michael Cole: And how about this one Tazz, Randy Orton gets his rematch with the Undertaker!!

Tazz: A massive night in the career of the Legend Killer at Judgment Day. Orton came so close to endin’ the streak and this Sunday he’s out for revenge.

Michael Cole: The United States title is also on the line. Orlando Jordan defends against the thorn in his side recently, Matt Hardy.

Tazz: Matt Hardy says that Sunday will be the night where people begin to see him as Matt Hardy and no longer just one of the Hardy Boyz. Hardy’s got it all to prove when he faces Orlando in Minneapolis.

Michael Cole: And a personal feud here sees Carlito go one on one with Booker T.

Tazz: You can tell just how much Booker wants to get his hands on Carlito and at Judgment Day he’s gonna get the chance, I can’t wait for that one.

Michael Cole: And our main event!! Last Man Standing, the WWE title, John Cena defends against JBL!!

Tazz: A big time stipulation Cole. JBL has the experience factor goin’ into this one but we all know the guts and determination of our WWE champion, this one is gonna be off the charts at Judgment Day, I’m pumped.

‘Longhorn’ then hits and out comes JBL to strong heat, in his trademark limo, accompanied by Orlando Jordan.

Michael Cole: This Sunday, JBL is intent on regaining the WWE championship and you’ve gotta believe that he will stop at nothing to get what he believes is rightfully his back.

Tazz: It’s the richest prize in the game Cole, JBL won’t stop at anything to get that title back. Last Man Standing, it’s gonna be brutal on Sunday which suits JBL just as much as it does John Cena.

JBL is waiting patiently inside the ring, awaiting the arrival of the Deadman.

‘GONG’ The fans go wild as ‘Graveyard Symphony’ hits and out comes the Phenom, The Undertaker.

Michael Cole: One of the most respected men in the history of the WWE. Over a decade of destruction and this Sunday, the Phenom will go one on one with the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Tazz: Major opportunity for Randy Orton this Sunday. At Wrestlemania he was so close to endin’ the Deadman’s streak. The Undertaker knows he has his hands full this Sunday but you would never bet against the Deadman.

Match five: Singles match

JBL vs. The Undertaker

The match is a stellar outing between two former big time rivals here on Friday Night Smackdown. The contest opened with JBL worming his way around the ring, looking to avoid going to war with the Deadman.

As Taker attempted to go on the front foot, JBL backed into the ropes, demanding the referee keep the Undertaker away from him. As the referee continued to do so, Taker finally let his guard down, allowing JBL to get a cheap shot in, kicking Taker in the gut before laying into the Phenom with some strong right hands, forcing Taker into the corner.

The #1 contender then hurled the Deadman across the ring into the other corner, running after him and connecting with a vicious clothesline. With JBL looking in control, the former champion took his time in pandering to the crowd, resulting in some big heat as Layfield soaks it in.

This allowed the Deadman to find a way back in though, as JBL returned to face his opponent he faced an onslaught of right hands, feeling the full force of The Undertaker who whipped JBL into the ropes before taking him down with a huge big boot to the jaw, knocking Layfield down.

Taker then went for an old school but was knocked off the top ropes by JBL who then allowed himself some time to recover in the ring as Taker made his way to his feet on the outside. As Taker made his way back inside the ring he was met with JBL at the ropes. JBL went for a right hand but Taker pulled JBL down, bouncing his head off the ropes.

Taker then got back inside and again unloaded on JBL before grabbing the throat of his opponent and looking for a choke slam, the fans on their feet but JBL managed to get himself out of it, elbowing Taker in the head, causing him to loosen the grip and allowing JBL to now seemingly get the advantage.

JBL waited in the corner, poised, primed for Taker to rise to his feet, looking to end this one. Taker rose and JBL goes for the clothesline from hell but Taker ducks it, grabs the throat of JBL!! JBL’s up!! JBL’s down! Chokeslam!! Cover by the Deadman, 1-2-3, NO!! The referee’s pulled out of the ring!! It’s Randy Orton!! Orton is here and The Undertaker hasn’t realised! Orton throws the referee into the barricade and enters the ring.

Taker looks surprised he hasn’t heard the three count and turns around, straight into an RKO!! ORTON LAYS THE UNDERTAKER OUT!!

Meanwhile, down the ramp comes Orlando Jordan with a referee. A referee is in place now as Orton gets out of the ring and JBL squirms towards the fallen Undertaker. Cover by Layfield, 1-2-3, it’s over!!

Winner: JBL(9:15)

John Cena comes storming down the ramp to a huge pop but it’s no use as Randy Orton and Orlando Jordan get JBL out of the ring and through the crowd as Orton looks on laughing at his dirty work here tonight and JBL smiles broadly at stealing one.

Michael Cole: JBL has stolen it yet again here tonight!! But in two nights from now there’ll be only one way to win and there’ll be no chance of JBL stealing the WWE championship!

Tazz: Hey, by no means did JBL steal that one Cole. Randy Orton cost the Deadman, Orton’s gonna have hell to pay come Sunday Cole!

Michael Cole: JBL has escaped from John Cena tonight, he has escaped from the Undertaker but Sunday at Judgment Day, there’ll be no backing down. At Judgment Day, it’s Last Man Standing!!

End of show

Final Judgment Day Card
Date: 22/5/05
Venue: Target Center, Minneapolis; Minnesota

WWE Championship: Last Man Standing Match
John Cena© vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Wrestlemania Rematch
Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker

WWE Vacant Tag Team Championships
MNM vs. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

Grudge Match
Booker T vs. Carlito

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Paul London© vs. Chavo Guerrero

WWE United States Championship
Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Judgment Day Preview:

Date: May 22nd 2005

Location: Target Center: Minneapolis; Minnesota

WWE Championship: Last Man Standing match:

John Cena© vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

A bitter rivalry will take a new twist this Sunday when John Cena defends the WWE championship for the first time in the brutal environment known as a Last Man Standing match. One man will be put down for the ten count in what will no doubt be an all out war between the champion and challenger. JBL has proclaimed since being defeated at Wrestlemania that John Cena got lucky and that if he gets a one on one rematch, he will take back what is rightfully is. At Judgment Day, he will get that opportunity.

Layfield earned his rematch by winning an eight man number one contenders tournament, defeating Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle in a triple threat match to get to this point. The challenge was then laid down from the number one contender, JBL told Cena that if he really was a man of his word and that if he really did ‘never back down’ then he’d accept the challenge for Judgment Day of a Last Man Standing match. Cena duly obliged and promised JBL that he would prove himself and that he will indeed never back down. JBL looked pleased to hear Cena’s decision and attempted a cheap shot on the champion but was instead met with an FU as the champion got one over on JBL yet again. The following week saw the longest reigning champion in Smackdown history and number one contender gain a measure of payback on Cena during tag team action. Cena teamed with The Undertaker to face Layfield and Randy Orton. As the match ended in a no contest, Cena was distracted by JBL’s chief of staff and turned around right into a brutal clothesline from hell from the ‘Wrestling God’.

This past Friday saw the number one contender yet again avoid Cena’s wrath and get one over on the champion. Layfield attacked Cena during his match with Carlito, laying out the champ before Booker T came to Cena’s aid and in the main event of the show, JBL defeated The Undertaker, again avoiding a bulldozing Cena who headed to the ring to fend off Randy Orton and JBL’s assault on the Deadman.

With the anticipation building and the Last Man Standing stipulation hanging over this match Sunday, many feel it will be a defining night in both men’s careers. Cena has it all to prove at Judgment Day. Was Wrestle mania a fluke? Will JBL win back the WWE championship? Or will John Cena prove all his critics wrong and walk out of Minneapolis and the hellacious Last Man Standing match still the WWE champion?

Wrestlemania Rematch:

Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker

Wrestlemania saw The Undertaker defeat Randy Orton and extend his undefeated streak to 13-0. However, everyone was left in no doubt that Randy Orton came closer than anyone to ending the streak. Since Wrestlemania has passed, with Orton on Raw and the Deadman on Smackdown, a rematch was out of the equation but the annual draft lottery saw all of that change.

Randy Orton was the final pick in the lottery and would therefore jump ship to Friday nights meaning his mission to kill the legend of The Undertaker was back in full effect. Since coming to Smackdown Orton has been hell bent on getting his rematch with the Phenom and has pleaded with Teddy Long to make it happen. Teddy Long refused, infuriating Orton. Long told Orton that he’d have to earn that rematch and that he’d need to defeat RVD if he wanted to get his match at Judgment Day.

Luckily for Orton, he got the job done against Van Dam and was granted his match for Judgment Day but the games then well and truly began as The Undertaker returned after the match but was caught off guard by MNM who cost Van Dam the match. Taker took out Mercury and Nitro but turned around right into an RKO from the Legend Killer who could do nothing but smile after taking down the Deadman.

The following week saw Orton team with JBL to take on Taker and John Cena. Both men were in no mood for fun and games as Orton and Taker took it to one another but as the Deadman began to get the upper hand, Orton walked away and got out of there as quick as he could, waiting for Judgment Day.

Or so we thought. This past Friday just two nights before Judgment Day, The Undertaker went one on one with JBL. The match was a solid affair but the end came when Orton made his presence felt, laying the Undertaker out with an RKO once again, costing the Phenom the victory.

With Orton relentless in getting what he wants, you have to wonder whether he really can do the unthinkable and fulfil his quest to end the career of The Undertaker. Could Judgment Day be the night? Or will The Undertaker prove exactly why he is the cornerstone of the WWE and defeat the Legend Killer once again?

WWE United States Championship:

Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy

The annual WWE Draft lottery took place on Monday Night Raw the night after Backlash and one of the big moves was that of Matt Hardy who switched shows to the blue brand and to Friday Night Smackdown. Once he made that move Hardy made his intentions known to JBL and his chief of staff Orlando Jordan and that intention was to win championships.

Hardy has stated that he no longer wants to be seen as just a tag team specialist and that he was coming to Smackdown to make a name as Matt Hardy, not one of the Hardy Boyz. This didn’t sit too well with Orlando Jordan however, the current United States champion who told Hardy that he needed his brother to do all the work and that on his own he’s nothing. Hardy though made OJ pay for those comments as on his Smackdown debut he defeated the U.S. champ in a non-title match.

The following week saw Orlando gain a measure of revenge on the man who ‘Will not Die’ as Jordan brutally attacked Hardy after his match with Luther Reigns. Orlando looked to make his point loud and clear but later on that night it was Hardy’s turn to get the upper hand. Jordan looked to come to the aid of his mentor JBL who teamed with Randy Orton to face John Cena and The Undertaker. Orlando looked to hand the win to his boss and Orton but was left in no doubt that he’s got a fight on his hands in Matt Hardy who evened the numbers game and took down the U.S. champion.

With things between the two really heating up, this Sunday the tension will boil over and we will answer all the questions. Will Matt Hardy prove he can do it on his own and start to build his singles career by winning the United States title or will Orlando Jordan put a dent in his dream and prove that he is here to stay as the U.S. champ?

Grudge Match:

Carlito vs. Booker T

Since Wrestlemania it’s been a tale of two completely different stories for Carlito and Booker T. The young, brash apple spitter Carlito has been on a roll as of late, showing a new found aggression in taking out several Smackdown superstars.

Booker T on the other hand has lost a whole lot of steam in recent weeks. The former five time WCW champion has been stuck in a rut, unable to find a win from anywhere whilst also seeming to lose a lot of confidence. Booker T appears to be a shell of his former self and Carlito was not shy in voicing his opinion on that matter.

The Caribbean superstar told Booker to his face that Booker was disgracing his name and that he was no longer the Booker T that arrived in the WWE four years ago. Carlito said that he wants to see the old Booker T return and that the Booker T who was here in the WWE was a failure. This seemed to stun Booker but yet with confidence lacking, the master of the Spinaroonie didn’t even know how to respond

The following week on Smackdown Booker was in action against Chris Masters when Carlito cost the veteran another match, before delivering a brutal attack to Booker afterwards, spitting apple in Booker’s face to add insult to injury. Carlito told Booker to step away and that it is ’his time now’.

Following that attack we failed to see Booker T for two weeks with Carlito proclaiming that he tried to help Booker but that it hadn’t worked and Booker was now facing up to the fact he was a failure by sitting at home.

With questions being raised about whether Booker T would even return to Smackdown, Teddy Long made the match for Judgment Day with everyone wondering if Booker would return but this past Friday on Smackdown, Booker returned and made a big impact. With Carlito in action against the WWE champion John Cena, Booker came to the aid of the champion who was up against a two one assault in Carlito and JBL. Booker came in and took Carlito out with a big Bookend and perhaps the real Booker T has returned. We are sure to find out on Sunday just whether this is the beginning of a Booker T resurgence or if it’s the beginning of the end for Booker T.

WWE Vacant Tag Team Championships:

MNM vs. Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

Joey Merucry, Johnny Nitro and Melina arrived to the WWE and to Friday Night Smackdown the week after Wrestlemania and have made an immediate impact on the blue brand, rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.

Two of those people are Rey Mysterio and in particular ‘Mr.Friday Night’ Rob Van Dam. The cocky young trio of MNM demanded they be awarded the vacant WWE Tag team titles from Smackdown GM Teddy Long but this didn’t go down too well with RVD. Van Dam told MNM that nobody deserves to be handed anything in this business and that in all his years of wrestling nobody has handed him anything, he’s earned it.

Teddy Long agreed with Van Dam and told MNM that they’d have to earn the titles. This infuriated MNM, in particular Melina who bemoaned the decision and took action, sending her two boys to attack Van Dam and cost him his match with Kurt Angle in the WWE championship number one contenders tournament.

As the weeks went on, the numbers game continued to get the better of RVD and eventually he turned for help, his old friend Rey Mysterio told Van Dam that he had his back if he needed him and when Teddy Long announced it’d be MNM up against RVD and a parnter of his choosing there was only one man Mr.Friday Night would turn to.

With the numbers game now out the window, will the rookied duo of Mercury and Nitro be able to defeat two of the highest profile, most talented superstars in the WWE? Will they be able to back up their claims about being the A-listers on Smackdown? Or will Van Dam and Mysterio prove that you earn things the right way here in the WWE? It is sure to be electric whatever happens this Sunday in Minneapolis

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:

Paul London© vs. Chavo Guerrero

Ever since Paul London defeated Chavo Guerrero just before Wrestlemania to become Cruiserweight champion, Chavo Guerrero has been relentless in attempting to regain the title.

The Mexican veteran was defeated once again by London on an edition of Friday Night Smackdown before London and his tag partner for the night Brian Kendrick defeated Guerrero and Kid Kash in action. With Guerrero seemingly having no luck in getting his championship back, the tide turned the following week when Chavo defeated Kash and Kendrick in a triple threat match to earn himself a second and final rematch at Judgment Day for the title.

With the victory under his belt, confidence seemed to return to the wily veteran who went on to brutally assault Paul London on the next week of Smackdown, With the champion in action against new draft pick Tajiri, Chavo made his presence felt in a big way, attacking his rival before laying London out with a massive frogsplash right through the announce table!! The attack damaged the ribs of Paul London and further intensified the feud between these two.

When they collide in Minneapolis on Sunday there is sure to be a real fire to the match and with the rib injury still looking like it’s affecting Paul London there is real doubt as to whether he can retain his championship. Will London pull another one out the bag or will Chavo’s experience prove all too much when Sunday rolls around

Prediction Template

WWE Championship: Last Man Standing Match:

John Cena(c) vs John Bradshaw Layfield

Wrestlemania Rematch:

Randy Orton vs The Undertaker

WWE United States Championship:

Orlando Jordan(c) vs Matt Hardy

WWE Vacant Tag Team Championships:

MNM vs Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

Grudge Match:

Carlito vs Booker T

WWE Cruiserweight Chammpionship:

Paul London(c) vs Chavo Guerrero

Predictions would be more than welcome and all feedback for the PPV will be returned.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Championship: Last Man Standing Match:

John Cena(c) vs John Bradshaw Layfield

Wrestlemania Rematch:

Randy Orton vs The Undertaker

WWE United States Championship:

Orlando Jordan(c) vs Matt Hardy

WWE Vacant Tag Team Championships:

MNM vs Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

Grudge Match:

Carlito vs Booker T

WWE Cruiserweight Chammpionship:

Paul London(c) vs Chavo Guerrero
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