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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Solid enough opening video, you seemed to be giving a kind of 'youth movement' theme throughout, nothing wrong with that especially since in Batista you have a brand new leader of the brand.

Opening commentary seemed fine, Coach was used well. Perhaps I'd have liked to have seen a quick rundown of the card, highlight and hyping the main event/more important matches with a few mentions of the lesser matches.

Following on from the video, it makes sense to kick things off with a relative newcomer in Hassan receiving a title shot. Liked the mention of the "USA! USA!" chant, that was a nice attention to detail. Seemed a solid enough match, although I'm not too sure about a ref bump in the opening contest. Crazy ending though, with these two newcomers helping Hassan to victory. Is this a new faction perhaps? Anyway, I always liked the Hassan character, the IC Title is a solid spot for him to be in, so be interesting to see how you use him from here on in.

Solid enough from Big Dave, but as I always seem to say from you, I'd like to hear more from your promos and interviews. Really get the point across and hype what needs to be hyped.

Can't really say too much about the divas match, although I did like the way it got a bit vicious once it went outside the ring. Trish retains pretty convincingly, so I'll assume a new challenger will be found over the next few weeks.

Again much the same as the Batista interview, a bit more depth to the promo would have been nice.

I remember saying a while back in this thread how I could see no obvious contenders for Regal and Tajiri to face, so this was a nice surprise to see you bring back The Dudleys to give them a challenge. I'm assuming from the description of the huge pop that The Dudleys are faces? A little surprised that you've had them win straight away, as now you need to find a challenger for the new champs. I'd have perhaps had a solid face v face match here, with the champs retaining, but a clear indication that a rematch is on the cards, having The Dudleys win then. So yeah, the new champs are an exciting change, the way you brought them out for the surprise was fine, but it's perhaps a little too quick. Will reserve judgement until I see how you use them going forward.

The characterisation wasn't the best here tbh. I struggled to imagine much of this being said. The ending from Trips was probably the best part, that seemed a lot more like him. But it was kinda lame and not what you'd expect from a Trips/Jericho confrontation imo.

Much better job in the Hardy/Kane match, it had a few cool spots to reflect the no holds barred nature of it. The twist of fate through the announce table was a big spot for a midcard match, but I guess it reflects the nature of the feud. A huge win for Matt, and I'd like to see you do something good win him off the back of it, perhaps even have him and Hassan go at it for the IC belt. But yeah, you did much better here, certainly continuing the idea from the earlier video that newcomers will be elevated by the show.

I guess this was just a way to get Edge on the show, as there wasn't a real clear message regarding the briefcase, which you wouldn't expect. Picked up a bit when Teddy entered, some nice hype for the draft tomorrow night. Nothing much wrong here.

This was definitely the match of the night so far, you seemed to have all the standard Orton and Michaels spots involved. The way Michaels recovered from the DDT near the end was too quick for my liking. Just a simple drag up and then the fists landed. I'd have liked to have seen an RKO attempt or something from Orton that Michaels managed to counter. Would have lead in better to the recovery and given a better flow to the ending. As it was, it came across a little bit rushed, like dashing from one spot to the next instead of slowing things down a bit to build the suspense. Little things like that add a lot of drama to matches, so try work on that.

You did a much better job with the Peep Show segment. Christian came across as the cocky, arrogant young heel, while there wasn't too much wrong with the Flair retirement tease. The best part was the way in which Christian ran down Flair's achievments when comparing them to the fact Flair hasn't beat Christian yet. Again, just in general, it was a bit rushed and not really long enough to be written out like that. But in terms of putting Christian over and having him rob Flair of his moment, it worked fine adn sets Christian up nicely for a program with a true legend, one that Christian should really win if he's going to amount to anything.

And main event time. Seemed a pretty good match, although surprised to see Jericho have so much control of the match. I've already stated that I wasn't happy with the way Jericho was inserted into the match, but at least he was used well and worth being inserted into things. Very surprised to see Edge come down during the match. That's usually save for afterwards, although you obviously wanted it as a way to screw jericho. Can only assume a program between the two to keep Edge occupied before he cashes in. Once again, the ending was very rushed, after so much drama and excitement from Edge, I'd have rather seen the match settle down a bit slightly before the finish. You could have even had Triple H hit the pedigree with Batista kicking out, would have made the final Batista Bomb all the more exciting.

Overall, a mixed bag tbh. If you're determined to write out promos like this, then try and make them a bit longer, with more detail. Have you ever considered writing in recap form? Perhaps read some of the better recap threads, they emphasis the main points much better than your current method. Also, I'd have to have seen a bit of colour in the show to break things up a bit, it was very bland to look at. You're slowly getting better, there is improvement from page one to now, but you've still got a bit of work to do. Keep on reading the better threads around, there's plenty fo material to learn from. But congrats for getting a pay per view written, most people don't make it this far.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Thanks imac, much appreciated. Regarding doing recaps, i may well look into that for whatever show doesn't have an upcoming PPV, which is Raw this month. However, this Raw will be in full, due to it being the draft. I'm still praying to eventually get better with promos and think the more i do it then hopefully the easier it becomes. Thanks for the help.

Monday Night Raw preview- 5/2/05- TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, Massachusetts

24 hours removed from Backlash, Boston welcomes not only the current Raw roster but also the Smackdown roster. Tonight will see the 2005 draft lottery commence on what is sure to be a crazy night.

Nobody is safe. From WWE champion John Cena to World Heavyweight champion Batista. Anybody can be drafted!! Find out live on Raw just who will be leaving their homes for pastures new.

Also tonight, we saw Batista retain his World title at Backlash. What will his challengers from last night, Triple H and Chris Jericho have to say on the result? There is no doubting that Mr.Money in the Bank Edge cost Jericho the chance of some gold. Surely Jericho is going to have payback on his mind tonight on Raw? And will Triple H finally be given the one on one rematch that he claims he deserves?

We also saw the crowning of a new Intercontinental champion at Backlash. Muhammad Hassan defeated Shelton Benjamin thanks to help of Daivari and two new acquaintances, but the question is, who were they? Hassan has promised us tonight that he will reveal the identity of his associates. Plus, Shelton Benjamin will surely have something to say about what went down in Manchester last night.

We also saw the shocking return to the WWE of the Dudley Boyz who became World tag team champions, defeating William Regal and Tajiri. We have learned that the former champions will invoke their rematch clause tonight! Will it be a short lived Dudleyz reign or will the champs get the job done again?

Also at Backlash, we saw two men who are desperate to be drafted face one another, with Randy Orton defeating Shawn Michaels. Will either man get their wish tonight, in what is sure to be a nervy, anxious wait for all?

From Smackdown, we will determine a new #1 contender for the WWE championship. Kurt Angle, JBL and Rey Mysterio will face off in a triple threat match to kick off Raw!! Teddy Long announced that they had to have the match tonight on Raw or else face the risk of one of those three being drafted before their shot. That match will no doubt be a blockbuster one.

And finally, Matt Hardy defeated Kane at Backlash to win back Lita from the clutches of the monster. With Lita and Hardy free from worrying about the Big red machine, can they finally move on with their lives as well as careers?

Find out all the answers and more, live on Monday Night Raw

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 2/5/05- TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, Massachusetts

We go to a highlights package from last night at Backlash. We see all the goings on, including Muhammad Hassan winning the Intercontinental title thanks to two new acquaintances. We see Trish Stratus retain her Women’s championship thanks to some Stratusfaction. We are shown the return of the Dudley Boyz to win the Tag Team Titles from William Regal and Tajiri. We then see Matt Hardy winning back Lita after defeating Kane in a gruelling No Holds Barred match. Then we are shown Randy Orton pinning Shawn Michaels thanks to an RKO, before we see Christian hitting an Unprettier on Ric Flair during his ‘retirement’ speech. Finally, we are shown highlights of the World title match and Edge trying to cash in but getting out of it before Batista hits Triple H with a Batista bomb to retain his title.

We then cut backstage where Mr. McMahon is at a desk and is greeted with a mixture of boos and cheers.

Mr.McMahon: Welcome to a 3 hour special edition of Monday Night Raw, I’m Vince McMahon and tonight, tonight marks the dawning of a new era here on Raw, on Smackdown, in the entire WWE. Tonight, Teddy Long and his Smackdown superstars will be here and tonight we shake things up again!!

Good pop from the crowd.

Mr.McMahon: Tonight marks the 2005 WWE draft lottery!! Eric Bischoff for Raw and Teddy Long for Smackdown will pull five names from the separate tumblers out on the stage inside the arena (We see a shot of it). And at the end of the show there will be a 16 man over the top rope battle royal!!

Pop from the crowd for this

Mr.McMahon: 8 guys from Raw, 8 from Smackdown. The winning superstar will earn two drat picks for their brand. So without further a due, I think I speak for everyone here in Boston tonight when I say, let’s get this show on the road!!

Big pop again from the crowd as we go to the opening video and Pyro.

Jim Ross: 24 hours removed from Backlash, the WWE rolls around to Boston Massachusetts and tonight we bring you the annual draft lottery!!

The Coach
: Oh baby!! Who’s gonna be coming to Monday nights? Who’s gonna be joining the A show? I can’t wait J.R!

Jim Ross: We are joined here tonight by our broadcast colleagues from Smackdown, take it away, Michael Cole and Tazz!

Michael Cole: Thanks J.R and Tazz, what a night it’s gonna be here on Monday night Raw!!

Tazz: Blockbuster Cole. Smackdown is gonna strike it rich here tonight in this draft, lemme tell ya!!

‘Medal’ then hits to a chorus of boos as Smackdown’s Kurt Angle makes his way out to the ring to kick off the show.

Michael Cole: And we are kicking things off Smackdown style!! Kurt Angle will take on JBL and Rey Mysterio here tonight with the winner going on to face John Cena for the WWE championship!!

Tazz: A huge way to kick off Raw Cole. Our Smackdown guys are gonna prove why we are the premiere show here in the WWE and this man is the prime example of why. Kurt Angle, one of the best in the business.

‘Booyaka’ then hits and out comes Rey Mysterio to a huge pop from the Boston crowd.

Michael Cole
: Rey Mysterio is the only competitor of the three men involved here tonight who has yet to taste a World title. Tonight is Mysterio’s biggest opportunity yet to amend that.

Tazz: This huge for Rey. If he can get the win here, he knows that he is then just one step away from becoming the WWE champion. Massive night in Rey Mysterio’s career, no doubt about it.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio of course got here due to the controversy in last Friday’s semi-final match up with JBL. The match ended in a no contest as JBL’s cabinet came down to try and help JBL but the tables were turned when John Cena and Kurt Angle came down to fend them off. The referee lost control and we ended up with Teddy Long making this a triple threat match here tonight!!

Tazz: The right call in my opinion and I think this one is gonna one for these Raw guys to remember.

‘Longhorn’ then hits and out comes JBL in his famous limo, he isn’t accompanied by any of the Cabinet and is looking very focused.

Michael Cole: JBL feels that he deserved to be handed the #1 contender ship after he never received a championship rematch following his defeat to John Cena at Wrestlemania but the facts are that JBL is where he is right now because of the actions of him and his Cabinet. Without their interference, it may just be him and Kurt Angle one on one here tonight, instead JBL must now also deal with Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: I think ya gotta cut JBL some slack Cole. He should have had his shot by now , fact. He felt that by using Orlando Jordan and the Bashams, he could get exactly what he deserved a whole hell of a lot easier.

Match One: Triple threat #1 contenders match for the WWE Title

Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio vs. JBL

In what was a great way to kick off Raw, three of Smackdown’s best superstars went at it in a huge match up.

The early going was dominated by the little high flier Rey Mysterio, who really took it to JBL especially. The ultimate underdog knocked Bradshaw out of things early on, jumping off the top rope and hitting a hurricanrana which took JBL flying across and out of the ring.

Angle and Mysterio then went at it as JBL was out of things. Angle came closest to ending things with an Angle slam but Rey managed to get his foot on the bottom rope much to Angle’s displeasure. Mysterio attempted a 619 on Angle, but the Wrestling Machine managed to duck it, however, straight from that, Mysterio rolled Angle up into a cover but Angle kicked out at two. The fans thought this one was over for a split second.

JBL managed to get his way back into the match and went at it with Angle, trading right hands before JBL went for a clothesline but Angle ducked it and hit a nice belly to back suplex. Mysterio though was straight in on Angle’s toes and turned Angle round, before whipping him into the ropes but Angle smartly rolled out of the ring, only for Mysterio to hit Angle with a baseball slide through the ropes, knocking Angle into the barricade.

With Rey and Kurt on the outside, JBL now held the advantage and followed them to the outside where he whipped Mysterio into the ring post, damaging Mysterio’s shoulder before kicking Rey in the gut and delivering a vicious clothesline from hell on the outside!! Mysterio looks out of it as JBL now set his sights on Angle.

The two fought back inside the ring where JBL got on top of things. Hitting Angle with a nice german suplex, before a cover, but Angle got the shoulder up. The fans began to pop as Mysterio made his way to his feet and back inside the ring. JBL and Rey now going at it, with Mysterio getting the upper hand and hitting a kick to the back of Bradshaw, setting him up for the 619!!

Mysterio connects!! JBL goes flying!! Mysterio up on top of the ropes, goes for the springboard off the top but Angle catches Mysterio mid air by his ankle!! Angle has the ankle lock locked in, Rey’s gonna tap!!

‘Sexy Boy’

What the hell?! Shawn Michaels’s music plays. Michaels was banned from interfering in this match by Eric Bischoff. Angle immediately breaks the hold and looks up to the ramp. No sign of HBK but we see Orlando Jordan and the Bashams come out on stage laughing their heads off as Angle goes ballistic. Angle turns around to go back after Rey but is hit with a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! Out of nowhere!! Cover, 1-2-3, JBL is #1 contender

Winner: JBL(15:26)

Michael Cole: JBL steals one, yet again John Bradshaw Layfield has stolen a victory here tonight!! He needed his damn cabinet to deal with Rey Mysterio and then he used Kurt Angle‘s rivalry with Shawn Michaels to get inside the head of the Wrestling Machine.

Tazz: He didn’t steal nothing Cole. JBL simply played the game, he played Kurt Angle and he won. You can question it but ya can’t deny how smart the former WWE champion is.!

Michael Cole: I can question his morals though Tazz. JBL has none whatsoever and now at Judgment Day he will get the chance to reclaim the WWE championship. It’ll be John Cena and JBL in a Wrestlemania rematch.

Tazz: Oh man, what a match we’re gonna be getting’ at Judgment Day.


We return and Eric Bischoff and Teddy Long are both on the stage, separate sides next to their tumbler, ready to make the first draft picks of the evening.

Bischoff: Well then people, let’s get this show on the road properly now as I, Eric Bischoff reveal to the world just who the first man coming to Monday Night Raw will be!!

Small pop as the crowd is buzzing to see who will be drafted.

Bischoff spins the tumbler and puts his hand inside, rummaging around before picking out the ball and announcing Raw’s newest member. Bischoff looks pleased with who he’s acquired

Bischoff: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome haha, to Eric Bischoff’s Monday Night Raw, a former WWE champion and one of the most dominant superstars on the entire roster, THE BIG SHOW!!!

Jim Ross: Wow, a major draft pick for Monday Night Raw!! The Big Show is headed to Monday nights!!

Tazz: Man, disappointin’ to lose someone as tough and as monstrous as the Big Show, lets just hope Teddy Long makes up for it wit’ this next pick.

Big pop here from the crowd as ‘Crank it up’ plays and Big Show makes his way, pandering to the crowd before looking directly at Bischoff, seemingly sending a message not to mess with him.

Bischoff: Come on then Teddy, try and top that one my man.

Long feels around his tumbler before taking his pick and looking fairly happy with his selection.

Long: Comin’ to Friday nights, please welcome to Smackdown, da ‘Man Beast’ RHYNOOOO!!

Michael Cole: Oh what a pick by Teddy Long!! Rhyno is heading to Friday Nights!

The Coach: You can have Rhyno Cole. We got a 500 pound giant comin’ to the ‘A’ show and you get this piece of nothing’. Have him, take him, we’re ridin’ high here on Raw baby!!

‘Man Beast’ then hits and out comes Rhyno who shakes Teddy Long’s hand and poses to the crowd as Eric Bischoff heads to the back looking pleased still having managed to draft Big Show.

We then head off backstage where we see Shawn Michaels walking round backstage, greeted by a big pop from the crowd. Michaels soon stops in his tracks though as he sees the man he lost to at Wrestlemania, Kurt Angle, who is still looking drained from his match moments earlier. Angle is staring right back at HBK across the hall. Michaels and Angle both walk forward to each other, the crowd are going crazy in anticipation. Michaels and Angle come face to face.

Michaels: You better pray that neither of us get drafted Kurt.

Michaels looks intently straight through Angle.

Angle: Shawn, I’m begging for one of our names to come out of the tumbler tonight. BEGGING. I want nothing more than to tear you apart again Shawn. I promise that this time I WILL break your ankle. Oh it’s true, it’s damn true!!

Michaels laughs slightly.

Michaels: Y’know something Kurt, I‘d love to see ya try. I saw your match out there tonight. Liked the little stunt JBL pulled. And it had me realise that you aren’t the brightest spark in the bulb are ya Kurt? At Wrestlemania, you may have got the job done. Next time around though? I won’t be stupid enough to let it happen again. I’ve got your number Kurt, believe me on that one. What happened at Wrestlemania, it’s done. It’s history, but what happens in the future, believe me, history won’t be repeating itself.

Small pop from the crowd.

Angle: You saw my match tonight huh? Well I saw your match last night Shawn. I saw Randy Orton beat you WITHOUT the help of any of his little buddies, like JBL did tonight. Randy Orton beat you fair and square, just like I did at Wrestlemania. You got the nerve to call me stupid? You believing you’ve got my number, now that, that’s stupid Shawn.

Angle pauses before going to talk once more.

Angle: You say Wrestlemania is history Shawn, you’re right it is. And the history books show, Kurt Angle 1, Shawn Michaels 0.

Boos from the crowd here for Angle.

Angle: That’s all that matters and I know, I know for a fact that it is eating you up inside, it’s tearing you apart Shawn. But I got bad news for ya, history WILL repeat itself because no matter how much it eats you up, no matter how much it tears at you, you… can’t… beat me. I’ll see ya around Shawn. Say your prayers.

Angle walks away as Shawn looks on clenching his fist, desperate to face Angle again, desperate to get drafted.

Jim Ross: Wow, what a confrontation we have just witnessed there folks. At Wrestlemania those two men wrestled a classic and I damn sure hope one of ‘em gets drafted here tonight so we can see ‘em go at it once again.

The Coach: Simply put J.R. I wanna see Kurt Angle finally break Shawn Michaels ankle in two! He came within a whisker at Wrestlemania and if indeed they do meet again, HBK will be leaving on a stretcher.

‘Time to play the Game’ then hits and the crowd rises to their feet in expectation, knowing that Triple H isn’t gonna be happy here tonight. A lot of heat as always for the 10 time World champion who is set to compete here tonight. His opponent is already in the ring, the Big Valbowski, Val Venis.

Jim Ross: Last night at Backlash, Triple H came up short in reclaiming the World title and yet again he was defeated by his former protégé’, ‘The Animal’ Batista. You gotta wonder how much this is affecting Triple H.

The Coach: Not at all is the answer J.R Two defeats doesn’t mean a damn thing in this industry. Triple H is a ten, count em, ten time World champion here in the WWE. Batista? He’s held that tile for about a month. Means absolutely nothing, he will lose it soon enough and in all likelihood he will lose it to the man in our picture.

Michael Cole: I gotta agree with J.R on this one Coach. I me..

The Coach: What in the world?! Who asked you Cole?! Since when were Smackdown allowed to get involved in Raw’s business? J.R tell Cole here to shut up.

Tazz: Hey watch your mouth Coachman before I come over there and shut it for ya.

Jim Ross: Will you all just stop it for gods sake.

Match two: Singles Match

Triple H vs. Val Venis

Trips wastes no time in finishing this one early. Venis got absolutely no offense in as The Game just beat him to a pulp. Some strong right hands in the early going followed trademark Triple H. A running knee to the skull, a spine buster and a brutal pedigree later and this one was over within the blink of an eye as Trips sends a message to Batista.

Winner: Triple H (3:34)

Triple H immediately asks for a mic from ringside and is given one by Lilian Garcia.
The fans are booing as Trips, slightly out of breath begins to speak.

Triple H: There’s a pattern repeating itself here lately and quite frankly, I’m sick to death of it.

More heat for Hunter

Triple H: Every week I’m having to come out here and talk about how I’m going to win BACK the World Heavyweight title and yet as the weeks go by, I still haven’t done it.

Trips pauses still out of breath after his match

Triple H: Well I am putting you all on notice here tonight, I am putting Batista on notice. Dave, listen closely to me. Playtime is over, no more time wasting, no more cutting corners. You and me. The World Heavyweight title. Vengeance. Where I promise, I GUARANTEE that the World Heavyweight championship will come home to me.

Strong heat for The Game here

Triple H: Last night at Backlash was meant to be my night. The night I right a wrong. It was meant to be the night where the King returned to his throne, where I became an 11 time World champion. But things didn’t go to plan, and that’s not because Batista is better than me, that’s because I’ve got two punks runnin’ around getting’ involved in business which doesn’t concern them.

Trips starts to look increasingly angrier

Triple H: Chris Jericho( decent pop), Edge( good heat). I warned you both to stay out of my business. This is between me and Batista, this dates back to the Royal Rumble, this dates back to when Batista turned his back on me, to when he made the decision that will ultimately define his career, he made a decision that was career suicide. He tore Evolution apart and in doing so made the choice for me to tear him apart.

Trips’ voice is getting deeper as he continues to get angrier

Triple H: This has NOTHING to do with Chris Jericho, this has NOTHING to do with Edge, so as far as I’m concerned, this is the very last time I‘m gonna say this. Stay the hell away from my business, and if you don’t, you’re gonna be joining Batista on the career suicide list.

Hunter stares directly into the camera looking just about ready to blow

Triple H: Dave, you better give me what I want. Give me what I deserve. Cos if f you don’t, I’ll damn well make you.

Triple H goes to speak again but is cut off immediately as ‘Break down the walls’ hits and out comes Y2J, Chris Jericho to a pretty good reaction once more. Jericho makes his way down to the ring to confront The Game.

Jericho: Welcome to Raw is Jerichooooooooooooooooooo.

Good pop for that.

Jericho: Hunter I couldn’t help overhearing your little speech and I just wondered where exactly Chris Jericho fits into all the talk about a World title shot?

Triple H: Jeri…

Jericho: Shut up!! I am far from finished here Hunter.

Good pop again with even a small Y2J chant breaking out.

Jericho: Facts are facts, there’s nothing hidden in them and the fact is that last night at Backlash, I had Batista beaten.

Some in the crowd pop but the majority boo this.

Jericho: I had Batista locked in the Walls of Jericho when that son of a bitch ,that Y2J wannabe, Edge, smashed me over the head with his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Boos now fill the arena as Jericho nods.

Jericho: Oh believe me Boston, I’ll deal with Edge. As he would say, ‘Bank on it’.

The crowd pop again for Jericho.

Jericho: But then there’s the other fact you’re forgetting Hunter. And this is the funny part, see, you come out here with your statements about how (Jericho puts on a fake deep voice) ‘Playtime is over’.

The fans laugh as Jericho continues.

Jericho: Play time was over last night when Batista pinned YOU in the middle of the ring AGAIN. So if anybody deserves a title shot at Vengeance, it’s me.

Jericho has gotten in HHH’s face but Hunter backs away to respond.

Triple H: Chris, you want the facts? The facts are that you had no right even being in the match at Backlash, let alone standing a chance of winning. I’m still waitin’ for my one on one rematch. The rematch that I am entitled to. Your time’s come and gone Jericho, time for you to go to the back of he line while I take back what is rightfully mine. And Chris, I’m not taking no for an answer.

Jericho: Not taking no for an answer huh? Well, how about I give you an answer you can well and truly understand.

The crowd pop as Jericho drops his mic and takes off his t-shirt. Jericho is ready to go after Triple H when ‘I’m Back’ hits to a chorus of boos and Eric Bischoff comes out.

Bischoff: Jericho!! Jericho you even think about it and I will fire you on the spot!!

Huge heat here as Bischoff prevents the two from getting at it.

Bischoff: I’m not gonna allow this to turn into a fight, no. What I am going to do though is make an announcement regarding the World title you both crave.

Jericho mouths ‘What?’ to Bischoff.

Bischoff: Next week, live on Monday Night Raw, providing that neither one of you are drafted to Smackdown, we will see Triple H go one on one with Chris Jericho and the winner will go on to face Batista at Vengeance for the World Heavyweight title!!

The fans pop as Triple H looks on in disbelief at the announcement with Jericho grinning from ear to ear.

Jim Ross: Huge announcement from our general manager! Next week, The Game one on one with Chris Jericho in a #1 contenders match for the World Heavyweight title!

The Coach: That’s why Eric Bischoff is the best in the business at what he does. What a match we’re gonna see next week on Raw baby!!

Jim Ross: And when we return we’ll find out the next two draft picks in the 2005 draft lottery!!

We see Jericho mouth ‘next week’ to Triple H who leaves the ring running his hands through his hair looking furious.


We return and see Eric Bischoff and Teddy Long are coming out to the stage once again ready to get on with their next draft picks.

Long: Smackdown to pick first this time Eric. Boston, it’s time to find out who’s comin’ to Friday Nights, ya feel me?

Bischoff: Just get on with it Teddy, preferably in English.

Long fiddles around in the tumbler before picking up his ball and looking fairly happy with his selection.

Long: Alright, I can live wit dis. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, the ‘Masterpiece‘, Chris Masters!!

Masters makes his way out to little to no reaction posing to the crowd with a few groans going round.

Michael Cole: No doubt about it, Chris Masters is one of the brightest young talents in the WWE and a great addition to the Smackdown roster!!

Jim Ross: Masters is certainly talented and if he gets his head straight, there is no doubting he could be a potential star. Could be a loss in the future for us here on Monday Nights I gotta admit.

The Coach: Don’t sweat it J.R. The Bisch is gonna bring it home here!!

Bischoff feels around before making his next selection and looking happy with his choice.

Bischoff: Hey Teddy, you gained a bright young superstar there in Chris Masters but then just like that(Bischoff clicks his fingers), you lose one. Please welcome to Monday Night Raw, the ‘Reflection of Perfection‘, Mark Jindrak!!

Again, virtually no reaction from the crowd as Jindrak makes his way out and shakes Eric Bischoff’s hand.

The Coach: Mark Jindrak on Monday Nights, now I can live with that!! A potential star right there J.R. I told you Eric Bischoff would turn this round!!

Jim Ross: This kid has all the tools to be a major asset on Monday Nights, looking forward to seeing Jindrak in action.

Tazz: Jindrak and Masters switchin’ up, I think Smackdown hit the lottery on dat one man.

The Coach: Who asked you Tazz? Huh?

Once again, the two general managers retreat to the back as we go back to the broadcast team.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman if I could stop Tazz and Coach bickering.

Coach rolls his eyes as J.R continues

Jim Ross: Last night at Backlash we saw the return of Ric Flair, who was we believe all set to announce his retirement from wrestling, let’s take a look at what went down.

We go to a highlights package of Christian and Ric Flair’s confrontation from last night’s PPV and eventually see Christian’s attack on the Nature Boy. We go back to J.R. and Coach as the crowd in Boston boo loudly at the video they just saw.

Jim Ross: Well, quite disgusting actions from Christian last night and we have been informed that two weeks from tonight, Ric Flair will be here live on Raw to address the WWE Universe and in particular to address Christian.

The Coach: What the hell is Flair’s problem J.R? Christian told it how it was last night, until Ric Flair beats him, he’s done nothing. Why can’t Flair just be a man and face Christian?

Jim Ross: I’m not even going to respond to that Coach, the mere fact that you and that idiot Christian think Flair has anything left to prove is insane. Well, let’s head backstage now where I believe Todd Grisham is standing by with that very man, Christian.

Grisham: Thanks J.R and indeed my guest at this time is none other than Captain Charisma, Christian.

Christian comes into shot alongside Tomko with the crowd pouring heat on them.

Grisham: Christian, we all saw last night at Backlash what you did to Ric Flair, I think we all want to know just why you did what you did?

Christian: What kinda stupid question is that Todd? I explained everything last night. I told Ric Flair that until he faced me one on one inside the ring, until he BEAT me one on one inside the ring, that he had proved absolutely nothing. Not a damn thing. And what does Flair do? He hides from it. He doesn’t man up and accept my challenge, he takes the shortcut and attempts to retire. Well I got news for ya, not on my watch Ric.

Boos from the crowd.

Christian: Let me make this crystal clear to you Todd, to all these idiots in the audience, and most importantly to Ric Flair himself.

Christian looks like he means serious business here

Christian: Flair, you aren’t finished until I say you‘re finished. Now in two weeks, I hear that you’re coming to Raw to ‘address’ the world, to ‘address’ me. Well Ric, let me address YOU here and now. I am warning you, you better be coming to Raw to give me the news that I wanna hear, that my peeps out there wanna hear or believe me, what happened at Backlash will be NOTHING compared to what I do to you in two weeks time.

Strong heat here for Captain Charisma.

Christian: So Ric, think long and hard, take your time, sit at home and dwell on it. This is your future Ric and you got two choices.

Christian holds his chin thinking for a moment

Christian: You come to Raw in two weeks, you announce you’re retiring and you get your ass kicked by Captain Charisma. Or option number two, you show some guts, you be the Nature Boy, the old Ric Flair and you accept my challenge, you go one on one with me and you pass the torch once and for all. I’ll see ya in a couple of weeks Ric, make the right choice.

Christian walks away to strong boos from the crowd as we return ringside and ‘We’re Coming Down’ hits to a good pop as the NEW tag team champions, the Dudley Boyz make their way down to the ring, ready for action.

Jim Ross: Indeed, in two weeks time Ric Flair will have a decision to make and I’ll be damned if Flair does retire, I know Ric Flair and I know he won’t shy away from what happened at Backlash. But moving on to the here and now and last night we witnessed the shocking return of the Dudley Boyz who defeated William Regal and Tajiri to become World tag team champions.

The Coach: What a beautiful speech from my boy Captain Charisma!!

Jim Ross: Enough already Coach, we’ve got a match to take care of here.

The Coach: Ric Flair is done!! 2 weeks J.R!! 2 weeks!!

Born Naughty’ then hits and out come Regal and Tajiri to a decent reaction from the crowd as we get set for a tag title rematch.

Jim Ross: Well as we said these two men came up short in retaining their titles last night but there’s no doubting they’ve got every chance of winning them back right here tonight. Two very talented, very experienced individuals.

Match three: Tag team match: World Tag Team Championships

The Dudley Boyz© vs. William Regal and Tajiri

The match began with Bubba and Regal starting off and the challengers took an early hold on things with Regal getting a couple of near falls after some impressive suplexes. Bubba eventually got himself back into things, taking it to Regal in the only way he knows how, with his fists.

A straight up brawler Bubba, who eventually took Regal down before the challenger returned to his feet but Bubba hit a nice back body drop before going for a cover which Regal kicked out of at two.

Tajiri and D-Von didn’t see too long in the match but when they did it was the Japanese Buzzsaw ho held the advantage, locking in his trademark tarantula to which the Boston faithful cheered loud for.

The legal men as the match came to a close were Bubba and Tajiri, with D-Von knocking Regal out the ring, this allowed the Dudleyz to hold the numbers advantage and the duo rounded things off by hitting a nasty 3D to Tajiri before getting the three count and retaining their titles

Winners and still World Tag team champions: The Dudley Boyz(7:16)

Jim Ross: The Dudley Boyz retain the gold here tonight on Raw!! Big win for Bubba Ray and D-Von!!

The Coach: A huge win J.R. But come on, these guys don’t need to do this!!

Bubba Ray has told D-Von to yep, you guessed it, ‘GET THE TABLES!!’ The crowd are going crazy as D-Von brings the table into the ring and sets it up. Tajiri is helpless as Bubba whips him into the ropes nd lifts him up, D-Von comes crashing down!! 3D through the table!! Huge pop from the Boston crowd as Tajiri is broken in half with a devastating 3D.

Jim Ross: I think that right there confirms that the Dudleyz are well and truly back!!

The Coach: Poor Tajiri J.R. He didn’t deserve that, these two brutes had the match won, they had no right to bring the table out here.

We see the Dudleyz celebrate on separate turnbuckles with their title belts.

Commercial break

We return and head backstage where we go to the locker room of the World Heavyweight champion Batista!! Batista is reading the latest issue of WWE magazine when in walks the WWE champion from Smackdown, John Cena to a huge pop!!

Batista: John, good to see ya man, how’s it going?

Batista and Cena shake hands as Cena spins his title belt.

Cena: Things are alright Dave, you know how it is, I got my problems on Friday nights man, I gotta deal wit’ JBL comin’ after me now, lets just say I’m takin’ care of business come Judgment Day.

Batista: That’s what I like to hear man, I’m likin’ that championship belt you brought with you, lemme see that spin again, come on.

Cena spins it saying ‘You like that huh’ with Batista laughing.

Cena: But on a serious note man, I came here to congratulate you for last night. I mean, Triple H and Chris Jericho, that ain’t a walk in the park. You gave a serious performance out there.

Batista: Well I appreciate that John. It took an awful lot outta me but as you always say, the fact is that the champ is here!

Pop from the crowd as Cena laughs slightly.

Cena: I know how much it means to be the man on your brand Dave , to hold the World title, and well, you are that man, ain’t a doubt about it. But Dave you are that man on THIS brand, not mine.

A few oooohs in the crowd as Batista looks a lot more serious now.

Batista: You tryin’ to say something’ here John?

Cena: Easy, I’m just sayin’ that if it came down to it, Cena vs. Batista, battle of the brands, there would only be one winner and Dave, the champ would still be here.

Cena points at himself as Batista smiles again.

Batista: One day John, one day. We’ll see.

Both men laugh as Cena walks away saying ‘Take it easy big man.’

Jim Ross: Quite the confrontation right there ladies and gentleman, the World champion from Raw, the WWE champion from Smackdown, the two dominant forces here in the WWE coming face to face. I think I speak for everyone when I say I’d love to see those two go at it somewhere down the line.

Michael Cole: J.R. I think that match would go down as a dream contest for all in the WWE universe! And I mean, with the draft here tonight, it’s still possible one of those men do get drafted and we see them collide!!

Tazz: Speakin’ of the draft, look who’s back.

We head to the stage where Eric Bischoff is back and Teddy Long not far behind him as both men approach their tumblers.

The Coach: Come on Eric, bring Kurt Angle to Raw, bring JBL over here, bring us a star.

Bischoff: Ahem, I believe it’s time for Raw’s third pick in this draft lottery.

Bischoff fiddles around before picking the ball up and looking pretty unhappy with his pick.

Bischoff: Raw’s newest addition, ladies and gentleman, please welcome Charlie Haas.

Jim Ross: Alright!! One of the best technical wrestlers in the WWE today and a great addition to the Raw roster. Charlie Haas heading to Monday nights.

The Coach: Haas can go in the ring J.R but does he not just bore you to tears? I mean come on, I need to give this guy some lessons in personality.

Jim Ross: As long as Haas gets it doen in the ring, I don’t care how you perceive him Coach.

Haas makes his way out on stage to a modest crowd reaction before Eric Bischoff stops proceedings.

Bischoff: Hey, Charlie, I just got a great idea man! Ha ha. Listen, I saw what happened last night to your former partner, your little buddy Shelton Benjamin(gets a good pop from the crowd) and hey, seein’ as you’re gonna be here on Monday Nights now, I figured why not kick your Raw career off with a bang?

Haas looks on intrigued

Bischoff: So tonight, Charlie Haas, you will go one on one in that very ring with the NEW Intercontinental champion, Muhammad Hassan!

Haas mouths ‘Oh yeah’ as the crowd pop for this, hoping Hassan gets what’s coming to him later on.

Teddy Long takes over for Smackdown’s third pick. Long reaches around the tumbler before picking out his ball

Long: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, a great new addition to the Cruiserweight division!! The Hurricane!!

Decent response from the crowd as Hurricane comes out and ‘flies’ towards Eric Bischoff before heading over to Teddy Long and shaking hands with his new boss.

The Coach: Ha ha!! Michael Cole, looks like you got someone who has something in common with you now on your show.

Michael Cole: Oh yeah ,what’s that then Coach?

The Coach: Super powers, yours being the ability to make me fall asleep every time I hear your voice.

Coach laughs at his own joke as Tazz butts in.

Tazz: Real funny Coachman, what exactly do you bring to the table huh?

The Coach: Is that some kind of sick joke shortstack?

Tazz: Hey, hey watch your mouth!!

Jim Ross: Alright enough of this crap!! Lets focus on the business at hand here, Raw has landed the gifted Charlie Haas who we now know will face Muhammad Hassan later on tonight in a huge match up!! Whilst Smackdown has received a huge boost for their Cruiserweight division with the arrival of the Hurricane!!

Michael Cole: Great additions to both rosters J.R. I can’t wait to see The Hurricane on Friday Nights!!

The Coach: I’ll bet Michael.

We then head to a video package for Vengeance: 26th June 2005: Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

Jim Ross: Indeed, Vengeance is right around the corner for all of us here on Monday Night Raw and we found out earlier tonight that either Chris Jericho or Triple H would be in line for a World title shot at that pay per view. Next week, live on Raw, barring one of the two men being drafted, we will see Y2J one on one with Triple H, with the winner heading to Vengeance.

The Coach: Gonna be a huge main event next week J.R!!

Ain’t a lady to mess with’ hits and out comes Victoria to some heat alongside Molly Holly as we get ready for a Women’s tag match.

Jim Ross: Well 24 hours ago Victoria came up short in her efforts to win the Women’s title from Trish Stratus.

The Coach: A great effort though from my girl Victoria, I think it’s only a matter of time before she takes that title away from Trish Stratus, just my personal opinion J.R.

‘Time to rock and roll’ then hits to a good reception as out comes Trish Stratus and her partner for the evening, Torrie Wilson.

Match four: Tag team match

Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson vs. Victoria and Molly Holly

The match doesn’t last all that long and the majority of the match sees Trish and Molly going at it. There wasn’t even a single attempt at winning the match as eventually Molly tagged Victoria in, while Trish tagged Torrie in and Victoria beat the hell out of poor Torrie, refusing to break a hold, resulting in a disqualification.

With Victoria refusing to let go, Trish attempted a save but in came Molly Holly and eventually it became two on one with Victoria hitting Widow’s peak on Trish before signalling to the Women’s championship once again

Winners via disqualification: Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson(4:46)

Jim Ross: For the love of god, Victoria had no right to do that to poor Torrie!! She is just crazy!! She had her chance last night and she couldn’t do it!!

The Coach: I don’t think Victoria is gonna rest J.R until she finally gets her hands on that Women’s championship and if that is the case I think it’s gonna be a bumpy ride for Trish Stratus.


‘Arab America’ hits to rapturous heat as we return and the new Intercontinental champion, Muhammad Hassan makes his way out to the ring with Daivari by his side and the two mystery men from last night at Backlash, the massive giant behind the three of them. The smaller man is standing beside Daivari.

Jim Ross: Well, last night at Backlash Muhammad Hassan stole the Intercontinental title from Shelton Benjamin. Thanks to the help of these two new ‘recruits’. I was amazed at the lengths Hassan went to to defeat Shelton.

The Coach: Wait a minute J.R. Did you just say Hassan stole the Intercontinental title? Cos I didn’t see that. What I saw was Muhammad Hassan outsmart Shelton Benjamin. When the chips were down, Hassan delivered and you may not have liked it but I loved it. Was genius from Hassan.

Hassan stands in the centre of the ring with Daivari beside applauding him as well as the smaller man, however, the large man is standing behind all three with his arms folded. The heat for this group of men is unbelievable.

Hassan: The disrespect, the prejudice, it all ends now as I AM YOUR NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!!!

More boos for Hassan here who poses with the belt held high above him.

Hassan: Now last night at Backlash, I showed why I am the future here in the WWE. I deserve to be recognised and appreciated by you people, all the more so now that I hold this. (Hassan points at his title belt.)

Hassan: Now ever since last night, people have been questioning me, people have pestering me about who these two gentleman alongside myself and Daivari are. Not only who they are but why they have aligned themselves with me.

Hassan: And the answer is simple. These two gentlemen have experienced the same kind of suffering as I have. They are both Arab Americans, but instead of people respecting that, people form an opinion immediately.

The crowd has begun a ‘WHAT’ chant now to Hassan’s annoyance.

Hassan: The man standing beside Daivari is one of the most underrated performers out there, Sonjay Dutt and you might ask why? Simple fact is that the colour of his skin means people disregard him! They don’t put him in the same bracket as other superstars and it is a disgrace!!

More heat here for Hassan as Dutt nods his head in agreement.

Hassan: The man standing behind me, is quite simply one of the most dominant and fearful men in the world!!

Strong boos here as a lot of the crowd see the image of this man on the big screen and are taken aback by his size.

Hassan: He is over seven feet tall!! He is the Punjabi nightmare and he will strike fear into the heart of all those who even THINK of setting foot near him!! He is The Great Khali and he is here to stand up for not only us( points at himself, Daivari and Dutt) being disrespected but also for himself.

‘You suck’ chants are now going strong

Hassan: People ridicule him for his size, they look at him as though he’s some sort of sideshow, well they will no longer look at him in that way, they will no longer look at us in that way!! We are the Arabian Entity and we are taking over the WWE!!!

Daivari, Dutt, Khali leave the ring as Hassan remains and ‘World’s Greatest’ hits and out comes Charlie Haas for his Raw debut after he was drafted to the red brand just moments ago.

Jim Ross: The Arabian Entity? I am shocked at what is developing here on Monday Night Raw ladies and gentleman. This man, Muhammad Hassan has taken things onto a whole new level here. Forming a group to deal with prejudice, to deal with disrespect. Sonjay Dutt and this behemoth The Great Khali have joined forces with Hassan and Daivari. Hassan claims that they will no longer tolerate any disrespect. Coach, I mean what prejudice do we here in the WWE have towards Hassan? What disrespect do we show him exactly? What is he talkin’ about for god sake?

The Coach: He’s talkin’ about things like last night J.R when you disrespected him after he won the Intercontinental title. You don’t like his methods, so what cowboy? Deal with em. If Batista did what Hassan did last night, you and these people would be all over him!! Hassan does it and you look down on him, you disrespect him.

Jim Ross: What I said last night was nothing to do with the kinda things Hassan claims Coach!!

Coach falls silent as J.R tries to look Coach in the eye but Coach is having none of it.

Jim Ross: Well, anyways, clearly Charlie Haas I’m sure didn’t take kindly to what happened to his former partner last night at Backlash and I’m bettin’ that he’s gonna seek some retribution here tonight.

The Coach: Tonight, Charlie Haas is gonna learn some boundaries here on Raw, he’s gonna learn what it’s like to play with the big dogs baby.

Match five: Singles match

Muhammad Hassan vs. Charlie Haas

The match began in surprising fashion with Haas getting the upper hand and really taking it to the Intercontinental champion. A series of submission attempts and some nice chain wrestling from Haas, even prompting a ‘Charlie, Charlie’ chant from the crowd.

Hassan though eventually got a grip on the match and had a couple of near fall attempts that Haas did well to kick out of, especially after a big snap suplex from the champion. With Hassan’s group of associates ringside, Haas was always up against it and midway through the match, Haas was thrown to the outside where Daivari got up on the apron to distract the referee, allowing Sonjay Dutt to stomp away at the fallen Haas, before throwing him back into the ring for Hassan to continue with.

A pinfall immediately after saw Haas manage to kick out to Hassan’s disbelief. Hassan then took his eye off the ball and Haas hit a nice belly to belly suplex with the crowd egging him on, but Hassan kicked out.

The match eventually came to a conclusion as Haas grabbed the initiative but once again, locking in the Haas of pain, with Hassan looking likely to tap but this time Sonjay Dutt came up on the apron, distracting the referee, allowing The Great Khali inside the ring who pulled Haas away from Hassan and delivered a huge chop to the skull of Haas, knocking him down. Hassan then locked in his own submission, the Camel Clutch, to which Haas eventually tapped out to

Winner: Muhammad Hassan( 9:41)

Jim Ross: Hassan steals one AGAIN!! What is it gonna take for Muhammad Hassan and his chronies to..

The Coach: Whoa, J.R they have a name, the Arabian Entity and I LOVE it!! They are smart, they are calculated and they are dominant baby boy, straight up dominant.

Jim Ross: Hassan didn’t look so dominant when Haas had the submission locked in did he? He needed Daivari and Dutt to cause the distraction, he needed Khali to damn near break Haas in half before he could get the job done.

The Coach: He got the job done though J.R and that is why he’s OUR Intercontinental champion. I will..


Shelton Benjamin is taking it to Hassan inside the ring before Khali realises and goes straight after Benjamin but Benjamin fights back!! Benjamin is taking it to the big man!! The crowd are going wild for the former champion!! Khali isn’t budging though as Hassan takes Benjamin down from behind to massive disapproval from the crowd. Hassan begins to stomp at Benjamin but Charlie Haas is back to his feet and goes after Hassan!! Another big roar from the crowd but Dutt and Daivari are in the ring now and Dutt takes Haas down with a drop kick. Daivari is playing the role of cheerleader as Hassan locks in a camel clutch on Benjamin who is tapping relentlessly. Dutt lifts Haas up away from that and feeds him to the waiting Khali who hoists Haas up and drops him back down with a vicious double handed choke slam as Hassan lets go of Benjamin and the four men line along the ring and hold their hands high in te sky to insane heat from the crowd.

Coach is applauding as J.R shouts ‘It’s four on two for crying out loud!! Somebody needs to put an end to this!!

The four men stand tall as we go to a Commercial break

Jim Ross: Welcome back ladies and gentleman and before our commercial break we witnessed yet another disgraceful act from Muhammad Hassan and his followers, take a look.

We see highlights of before the break.

The Coach: What is so disgraceful about that J.R? Shelton Benjamin didn’t need to come down here. Shelton Benjamin knew that if he came down to this ring, the Arabian Entity were gonna tear him to pieces and baby boy that’s exactly what happened. Shelton played with fire and he got burned.

Jim Ross: You may see it that way Coach but the way I see it, Shelton Benjamin had every right to want some payback here tonight after what went down at Backlash.

The General managers return to their tumblers, ready to make their fourth draft picks of the evening. Teddy Long is set to pick first.

Long: Welcome back to the next pick in this draft lottery and it’s Smackdown to pick first!!

Long feels around the tumbler before picking his ball and looking a bit concerned by Smackdown’s new addition.

Long: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, Sn…S…Snitsky.

Snitsky comes out and stares down Teddy Long who looks petrified.

Bischoff: Good luck with that Teddy, you’re more than welcome to have him.

Bischoff smirks before making his next pick and looks torn on the addition.

Bischoff: Teddy, Teddy, lemme do ya a deal here. I just picked one half of the best tag teams on Smackdown, one of the best tag teams in the WWE. But you can’t have one without the other. So I’m askin’ you to give Raw his partner as the fifth and final draft pick, what do ya say?

Long: Alright, I can live wit dat playa. Who is it?

Bischoff: Ha ha, well your number one contender isn’t gonna be a happy man. The newest additions to the Monday Night Raw roster, Doug and Danny, The Basham Brothers!!

Teddy Long looks quite happy as does Bischoff.

Bischoff: What are you so happy about?

Long: Well, lets just say that the Cabinet ain’t gonna be makin’ my life so difficult anymore playa!!

Teddy begins to do his dance as the crowd pop slightly.

Long: Eric, before ya go, how bout seein’ as you’ve made all your draft picks tonight, how bout I make my final pick right now?

The crowd get excited about the 5th draft for Smackdown as Bischoff nods and says ok. Long fiddles around before taking his ball out and looking quite happy.

Long: Ladies and gentleman, he took a heck of a beatin’ earlier tonight but he’s gonna make one hell of an addition to the Cruiserweight division!! Tajiri is comin’ to Friday Nights!!

Small pop as Eric Bischoff laughs.

Bischoff: Teddy congratulations on that pick.

Bischoff rolls his eyes before continuing

Bischoff: Well, I guess that’s it folks, the picks have been made until the battle royal and it is only a matter of time before Eric Bischoff’s Raw welcomes two more new faces to Monday Nights!! Teddy, good luck out there, you’re gonna need it!

‘I’m Back’ hits and Bischoff walks to the back laughing as Teddy follows behind smiling also.

We head backstage where we see Mr.Money in the Bank, Edge, dressed to compete in the upcoming battle royal, talking with Muhammad Hassan and his group of associates

Edge: Look Muhammad, I saw what you did out there tonight to Charlie Haas, to Shelton Benjamin. And I gotta tell ya, I liked what I saw.

Daivari is smiling as the rest look on intently.

Edge: That’s why I have a proposition for ya. See, I got a lot of people gunnin’ for me. They see this(points at his MITB briefcase) and they see a threat. Chris Jericho, Triple H, Batista, at Backlash they were all looking over their shoulders, hoping, praying that I didn’t cash this baby in. And I gotta protect my interests, which is why I’m coming to you.

Hassan: I’m listening. Cut to the chase Edge.

Edge: I want protection. I want you and your group to protect me, to protect this(again points at the briefcase). If we join forces, we can take over Monday Night Raw, we can take over the WWE!!

Heat here for the suggestion of an alliance. Daivari then guides the group away as Edge has a strange look on his face.

Edge: Is that it? What, you can’t even give me an answer? Huh? Well, screw you!! While I hold this I don’t NEED ANYBODY!!

Heat once more as Edge turns around and sees Batista standing right behind him!! The crowd pops big time for this.

Edge: Whoa, whoa, Dave, hold it right there, I..I..

Edge attempts to walk away but Batista grabs him by the shoulder and turns him back round, with an angry look on his face.

Batista: Going somewhere? I heard your little speech there. And you know what? You’re right, you DO need protection. I promise you here and now Edge, if you even THINK about usin’ that on me again, I will break you in HALF!!

Big pop from the Boston faithful
Batista: Your little stunt at Backlash was all well and good, but when it came down to it, you backed out. Cos that’s all you are Edge. You are a COWARD.

A few ooohs in the crowd

Batista: You wanna use that briefcase? How about you be a man? Me and you, one on one, face to face. And if you don’t choose to do things that way and you wanna cash in when my back is turned? Trust me when I say that you will be making the single, biggest mistake of your damn career.

Batista pushes Edge away as the Rated R Superstar looks on scared to death before composing himself again.

Another Vengeance promo before we get the first entrant in the interbrand battle royal as ‘Live for the Moment’ hits and Matt Hardy makes his way out to the ring to a big pop after his win last night.

Jim Ross: Well, last night, Matt Hardy scored the biggest win of his young career so far, defeating the monster Kane and winning Lita back at long last from the Big Red Machine. Hardy the first man out for this upcoming battle royal, stay with us folks to find out who the final two draft picks will be!!


We return and ‘Metalingus’ hits as Edge comes down to the ring looking over his shoulder, convenient after what he said earlier. All the other participants are in the ring as Edge is the final man to come out and we get set for this battle royal

Match six: 16 man interbrand battle royal (Winning superstar earns two picks for their brand in the draft lottery)
Randy Orton vs. Big Show vs. Mark Jindrak vs. Matt Hardy vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Christian vs. Edge vs. Eugene vs. Chris Masters vs. Snitsky vs. Joey Mercury vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Rhyno vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T vs. Carlito

The match of course is fast paced and high intensity with everybody gunning for one another. MNM go straight after Big Show, trying to remove Raw’s newest and biggest superstar. Rhyno and Edge lock horns while RVD goes at it with Randy Orton. The first elimination sees the ruthless Carlito who has torn apart Smackdown recently, take Eugene over the top rope and onto the floor seeing Smackdown gain first blood.

The second elimination wasn’t far behind as Raw evened the score. One of Smackdown’s new draftees Snitsky went flying as Matt Hardy took to the big man, with Hardy getting the crowd standing on their feet. Hardy though was then met by Carlito as the two men traded blows with Hardy seemingly getting the upper hand and throwing Carlito over the top rope but Carlito hung on for dear life!! Somehow Carlito stays in this thing!

Elsewhere we saw a third elimination as RVD hurled Mark Jindrak over the top rope much to the crowd’s pleasure as RVD did his signature ‘R-V-D’ pose to the crowd but was then taken down from behind by Edge. Edge hammered away at Mr.Friday Night as chaos was still going on in and around them.

Randy Orton was now dealing with one of Smackdown’s key men here, Booker T. Booker was hanging on for dear life onto the ropes as Orton tried to force Booker out of this thing, but it was to no avail as from behind Orton turns round right into a GORE from Rhyno!! The crowd popped huge for this as Rhyno looked down on Orton, ready to finish him off but out of nowhere, Christian pushes Rhyno over the top rope!! Rhyno is eliminated as Christian looks absolutely thrilled with his work.

Christian began to slap his chest before looking for his peeps in the crowd but was turned around into a Bookend!! Booker T back inside the ring, takes down Captain Charisma and a spin-a-roonie for the crowd!!

Whilst Booker is doing his thing in the middle of the ring, towards the corner, Sonjay Dutt making his Raw debut along with Big Show are going at it with MNM. Dutt, despite being a heel is doing his best for his brand. It comes to nothing however, as Show is taken down to his knees and Dutt runs at Mercury who hurls Dutt over the top rope and onto the outside.

Several superstars still remain but one more drops as Randy Orton, back to his feet, throws Chris Masters over the top rope before setting his sights on RVD, who is still battling with Edge. Orton and Edge now double teaming RVD. MNM are still looking at disposing of Big Show. Christian and Booker T are fighting in one corner. Matt Hardy is dealing with Carlito in another.

Hardy whips Carlito into the opposite corner where he runs after him but Carlito connects with a big boot and hit’s a backstabber!! Backstabber to Hardy, but Carlito runs right into Big Show who has toppled MNM. Show tosses Carlito over the top rope!! Carlito eliminated!!


We return and we immediately see Booker T eliminate Christian to probably the loudest pop of the night!! Christian can’t believe it and demands he get back in the ring but the referees make sure he doesn’t go back as Christian marches to the back, with Booker T laughing on. But Booker has no time to celebrate as Edge comes from nowhere and tosses the former WCW champion over the top rope!!

We are now down to MNM, Randy Orton, Matt Hardy, Big Show, Edge and RVD. MNM and RVD the only Smackdown guys left in and they have had their problems in recent weeks over on Friday nights. Can they put those problems aside for their brand?

Mercury goes after Matt Hardy , Nitro after Big Show while Orton and Edge once again set their sights on Van Dam. RVD though takes Edge down with a massive kick to the head before hitting Orton with a drop kick!! Van Dam runs to the ropes and looks for rolling thunder but after his roll is stopped by Big Show who grabs the throat of RVD!! Show lifts him up, CHOKESLAM!! But Big Show is grabbed either side by MNM and the duo eliminate Big Show!! Show is gone!!

Orton is down, Edge is down, Van Dam is down as MNM celebrate their achievement in knocking the 500 pound giant out of this. But Matt Hardy is not down!! Hardy brings the fight to MNM! The crowd start a ‘’Hardy’ chant as Matt takes Nitro down with a DDT but Mercury pounces immediately. Mercury takes Hardy down with a clothesline before whipping Hardy into the corner where Mercury attempts a running clothesline but Hardy hoists him up in the air and over the top rope!! Mercury is eliminated as Nitro, now to his feet goes for the same move as his partner but Hardy lifts him up in the air and over the ropes!! But Nitro hangs onto the outside, showing great athleticism.

Hardy realises and goes to knock Nitro off but Nitro ducks it and hits Hardy in the gut with a shoulder. Nitro gets back in the ring but Hardy immediately sends him back out with a vicious clothesline taking himself out as well!! Hardy and Nitro eliminated!!

Edge and RVD are slowly making their way to their feet. Orton is already back but getting a breather in the corner, the final three men size each other up. Two from Raw, one from Smackdown. Who will come out on top?

Van Dam makes the first move, going straight after Edge with Orton steering clear. RVD and Edge trade blows with Van Dam coming out on top but Orton comes from nowhere and takes RVD down from behind. Orton and Edge take turns to stomp away at the ECW original. The crowd are willing Van Dam on with ‘RVD’ chants filling the arena. Orton gets Van Dam to his feet but RVD with a kick to Orton’s gut!! A kick to the gut of Edge also. RVD takes Orton down with a big roundhouse kick before turning round, where Edge comes from nowhere and hits Van Dam with a spear!! Van Dam is broken in half as Edge poses to the crowd.

Huge heat for Mr.Money in the Bank but suddenly the boos turn to cheers as Edge is grabbed from behind and thrown over the top rope by CHRIS JERICHO!! Jericho has eliminated Edge, he wasn’t even in the match!! Edge is gone. Coach is going berserk on commentary as Jericho goes to the outside after Edge. Jericho is beating the hell out of the Rated R Superstar, throwing him into the barricade before delivering a brutal DDT to the mat! Jericho then locked in the Walls of Jericho before screaming in anger to the crowd!

The fans are loving Y2J who eventually stops and tells Edge that ‘this is what happens when you mess with the King of the World’. Jericho leaves to a huge pop as inside the ring, Randy Orton is back up to his feet almost, with RVD down on his knees. Both men get themselves back up and go right after one another again.

The crowd are really into this as Orton and Van Dam head to the corner. Van Dam whips Orton from one corner opposite to the other but Orton bounces back and takes RVD down with a thunderous clothesline. The crowd can’t believe the impact as Orton goes after Van Dam again and brings him to his feet before whipping him into the ropes but RVD hangs on!! Orton charges at Van Dam but Van Dam ducks it and lifts Orton over the top rope!! Orton stays on the apron though!! Orton hangs in as RVD realises and goes back after him, but Orton hits Van Dam in the stomach before getting back in the ring, taking RVD down with a scoop slam.

Orton’s now waiting, pleading with RVD to get up. Orton looks primed for an RKO. RVD slowly gets back up and Orton goes for the RKO, Van Dam counters, pushes Orton into the ropes, Van Dam straight after him, hit’s a drop kick, Orton flies over the ropes!! Orton is eliminated!! RVD wins!! Smackdown wins!!

Winner: RVD( 18: 35)

Michael Cole: RVD wins it!! RVD has earned Smackdown two extra draft picks!! Who will be heading to Friday Nights!!

The Coach: You’re kiddin’ me!! Edge had the damn thing won!! Orton had it won!! How in the?? What in the??

Tazz: Hey, you better believe it Coach!! RVD brings it home for Smackdown!!

Teddy Long comes out back on stage beaming and takes a mic.

Long: RVD congratulations playa!! And lemme thank you for bringing the braggin’ rights to Smackdown!! So without further a due, the first bonus pick and heading to Friday nights is……….

Long fiddles around in the tumbler before picking up the ball and smiling even greater than before

Long: Holla, holla!! MATT HARDY!!!

RVD nods his head inside the ring as Matt Hardy makes his way out to pose with Teddy Long and to the fans who give a big pop.

Michael Cole: Alright!!! Matt Hardy is coming to Smackdown!! What a pick for Teddy Long!!

Tazz: And we still got one more to come!!

Long fiddles around once more before taking the final pick in the 2005 draft lottery.

Long: Ladies and gentleman, the final draft pick, for Friday Night Smackdown, please welcome, Randy Orton!!!

A mixed reaction with a lot of heat but some cheers at the fact a big name has jumped brands. Inside the ring RVD shrugs his shoulders but the crowd is now booing profusely as RVD is turned round right into an RKO!! RKO from Orton who had made his way back inside the ring after being last eliminated.

Orton then smiles broadly as he shouts ‘Oh yeah, Deadman I’m coming for you’ and does his classic pose but…. GONG. The Boston crowd erupts as the lights go off and come back on and The Undertaker is inside the ring!!! The Undertaker is here and Orton turns around!! Orton is stunned and can’t believe it!! Taker hoists Orton up and sets him up for a vicious TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!

Jim Ross: By god, The Undertaker is back!! The Deadman has returned and he has Randy Orton in his sights!! Be careful what.. You.. Wish.. for!! Goodnight everybody!!

The camera shows Undertaker doing his signature pose over a fallen Randy Orton as the show comes to an end.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

News and notes

With the draft now been and gone, there is a feeling that this is a fresh start for the company. With the placing of first time champions on each brand, there is a feeling that a new batch of superstars are going to be stepping up as some of the older heads come towards the end of their careers.

Following on from the draft, there was said to be some disappointment that there were no real major moves bar Randy Orton, however, that was the plan all along. The draft this year was simply being used to move around some of the mid card as creative feels there are big feuds already set on each brand. The Orton-Undertaker rivalry is clearly one of those on Smackdown now.

The Shawn Michaels-Kurt Angle rivalry is not dead in the water apparently. The talk from both men over the past month led many to believe that one of them will be drafted, however that didn’t happen but again, this was the plan all along. The feeling is that there will be a rematch at some stage but the direction is going to be a lot different to just drafting one man over to the other brand. It is expected that a lot of thought will go into it and that the longer the fans are made to wait, the more they’ll want it and when it happens, it will no doubt deliver.

Finally, expect the debuts of Mr.Kennedy and Bobby Lashley in the next month or two. Both men have impressed in development and it is expected Kennedy debuts on Raw, with Lashley on Smackdown.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown preview- 5/6/05, DCU Center, Worcester, Massachusetts

Following the draft lottery from Raw on Monday, Smackdown comes to you from the DCU Center in Worcester. Matt Hardy, Snitsky, Tajiri, The Hurricane, Chris Masters, Rhyno and Randy Orton all made the switch to Friday Nights with Smackdown losing the Basham Brothers, Mark Jindrak, Charlie Haas and the Big Show. With these new additions to the roster, how will they respond to the challenge and who will make their debut this Friday night?

Perhaps the biggest draft pick of all was the Legend Killer Randy Orton who was eliminated in the interbrand battle royal by Rob Van Dam, leading to Orton being drafted to Friday nights. Ever since Wrestlemania, Orton has been desperate to get retribution from his loss to the Undertaker and with the two now being on the same show, Orton will no doubt be seeking revenge. Monday on Raw, Orton was greeted with a tombstone piledriver to welcome him to the blue brand from the Deadman himself. What will Orton have to say to that and how will Orton react this Friday night?

Also on Raw Monday night we saw JBL win a triple threat #1 contenders match against Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle. JBL is now set to go on to Judgment Day where he will get his rematch for the WWE title against John Cena. How will the champion feel knowing that JBL is the man he must face in less than 3 weeks time? And what will JBL do to celebrate getting his title opportunity? Tune in this Friday for the answers as Kurt Angle has been confirmed to give his thoughts.

During that triple threat match on Raw, it looked as though Kurt Angle was gonna get the victory until JBL conned Angle by using Shawn Michaels’ music as a distraction. Angle and Michaels both hoped that the draft would be kind to them, however they were kept apart much to the fans discontent all over the world. What will Angle’s next step be in this feud with Michaels and what will Angle have to say regarding the WWE title now?

Also, over the past few weeks we’ve seen Rob Van Dam have his issues with MNM. The trio of Mercury, Nitro and Melina have been a thorn in Van Dam’s side and have vowed to take Van Dam out of the equation as they continue to pester Teddy Long for the vacant WWE Tag team championships. Will MNM get their wish this Friday or will Teddy Long or Rob Van Dam get in their way?

Find out all the answers to these questions and much much more, this Friday night on Smackdown
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 5/6/05, DCU Center, Worcester, Massachusetts

We immediately go to a video package from Monday night on Raw, showing highlights of the triple threat match between Smackdown’s JBL, Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle. We see Angle being outdone by JBL to win the match thanks to the Cabintet distracting Angle via Shawn Michaels’ theme music playing. We then see shots of all of Smackdown’s new draft picks, Rhyno, Chris Masters, The Hurricane, Snitsky and Tajiri. We then go to the battle royal to close the show and see the closing moments where Smackdown’s RVD eliminated Raw’s Randy Orton to earn Smackdwon two final draft picks. Matt Hardy is the first, before Orton himself is drafted. Orton then nailed RVD with an RKO from behind, before smiling and shouting that he’s ‘coming for the Deadman’. But we then see the return of the Deadman himself as The Undertaker returns and delivers Orton a tombstone piledriver.

Opening video and pyro hit as Michael Cole welcomes us to the show.

Michael Cole: Almost 15,000 fill the DCU Center tonight in Worcester, Massachusetts. I’m Michael Cole, alongside Tazz and we are still reeling from the draft lottery this past Monday night on Raw. Smackdown hit the jackpot!!

Tazz: Oh for sure Cole. RVD brought it home in the battle royal and we welcomed seven new superstars to the blue brand!! What a night dis is gonna be baby.

Michael Cole: You’re right on that partner and tonight we have been told that we will hear from Kurt Angle on what went down this past Monday night and where he goes from here with regards to Shawn Michaels and the WWE championship.

‘Burn in my light’ then hits to stop Cole in his tracks as a chorus of boos ring round the arena as Randy Orton wastes little time in making his first appearance on Smackdown since being drafted.

Michael Cole: But we are kicking things off with one of Smackdown‘s new additions, the Legend Killer, Randy Orton!! It was a mixed night for Orton on Raw, this past Monday. He got his wish in being drafted here to Smackdown, but he was beaten by RVD in the battle royal and we then saw the return of The Undertaker. The first time we’ve seen the Deadman since Wrestlemania. For weeks, Orton has been proclaiming that he would get his payback on the Undertaker, but Monday night, Orton paid the price for those comments.

Tazz: Orton may not have had the night to remember Cole but he got the one thing that he wanted and that’s the opportunity to come here to Smackdown and to go at it again with the Deadman and I for one cannot wait to see it.

Orton, dressed casually, takes a mic and Worcester are giving him quite a bit of heat here.

Orton: Boo me all you want, NOTHING can take the shine off this night.

More boos here for the Legend Killer

Orton: This is MY night. The night where you people finally start to take me seriously.

The heat is getting stronger and stronger for Orton.

Orton: See this past Monday night, I got what I wanted, I got what I NEEDED. I needed to be drafted, I needed to come here to Smackdown because I NEED to finish off The Under…taker.

Orton clenched his teeth whilst saying the Deadman’s name, which got a pop.

Orton: If you saw what happened on Raw then believe me when I say that it doesn’t affect me, it doesn’t scare me in the slightest. Undertaker caught me off guard, he got me when my back was turned. For once, for once, the Undertaker is the one who is scared and this past Monday proved that.

Orton smiles before gathering his thoughts again.

Orton: At Wrestlemania, for the very first time in his illustrious career, the Undertaker realised something, he saw something, felt something, for the first time. He saw me and he saw a THREAT. The Undertaker feels THREATENED BY ME!!

Worcester are drowning Orton in heat now.

Orton: Nobody has pushed the Undertaker that far, that close at Wrestlemania. Hell, nobody has ever pushed the Undertaker that far in his entire career. I was just a second away from breaking the streak, just one second from taking the one thing that separates the Undertaker from the rest of us.

Orton tones it down a notch now.

Orton: See, that undefeated streak at Wrestlemania, that strikes fear into his opponents. When they hear about the names that have fallen to the Undertaker, from Jake ’The Snake’ Roberts to Triple H to Kane to Diesel, the list goes on. When people hear those names and realise that they’ve all fallen victim to the Deadman, they sink into their shell, they shy away.

The arena has fallen slightly quiet, intrigued by what Orton is saying.

Orton: But not me. No, I embraced the challenge and I took it to the Undertaker! I may not have won the battle at Wrestlemania, but believe me when I say that I will win the war.

‘Un-der-ta-ker’ chants are filling the arena.

Orton: Now that I’m here on Smackdown, there is only one thing on my mind, there is only one thing that I can focus on. And I will stop at NOTHING until I get what I want and that is to destroy the legacy and to destroy the legend of the Undertaker, once and for all.

Orton goes to speak once again but is cut off as ‘Macmilitant’ hits and out comes Smackdown GM Teddy Long to a good reaction.

Long: Randy, welcome to Smackdown playa, good to have you hear but I couldn’t help over hearin’ what ya sayin’ there.

Orton: Thanks a lot Teddy for the warm welcome, now if you don’t mind, I’d like to finish what I was saying. So…

Long: Hold it right there playa. Now, we run things a little differently on Friday nights to the guys over on Raw. And that falls in to what you were just sayin’ Randy. Now I know you got the Undertaker on your mind but on this show we don’t sit back and wait for that one man, ya feel me?

Orton: No Teddy, I don’t FEEL you. Now I’d hate for us to get off on the wrong foot, so if you don’t mind, unless you’re out here to give me my match with the Undertaker then I suggest you turn around and head to the back before I make you.

Huge heat for Orton here who gets in the face of the GM

Long: Randy, I suggest you tone it down, I think you’re forgettin’ just who ya boss is here. Now I ain’t gonna give you Undertaker here tonight but there’s a ton of guys sittin’ in the locker room back there just waitin’ for their chance to shine, maybe waitin’ for a chance to shine against YOU. But Randy, there‘s one man in particular.

The crowd give a small pop, knowing who Long is talking about.

Long: You should be thanking this man for bringing you to Smackdown Randy. He may have eliminated you from the battle royal on Monday night but he’s the reason you may get ya chance at the Deadman again. But what thanks did you give him Randy? You gave him an RKO from behind.

Boos from the crowd with a small ‘RVD’ chant.

Long: That’s why tonight, I’ma give him a chance at retribution and I’m gonna give you, Randy, your Smackdown in ring debut. One on one in that very ring tonight, our main event, Randy Orton will take on Rob Van Dam!! Holla holla!!

Orton has his head down clenching his fist as ‘Macmilitant’ hits again and Teddy Long heads to the back.

Michael Cole: Wow, what a match scheduled for later on tonight!! Randy Orton one on one with RVD!! Teddy Long does it again!!

Tazz: Huge match right there Cole. I can’t wait to see Orton in action baby, against RVD of all people, two of the best right here on Smackdown goin’ at it, it don’t get any better than that.

Michael Cole: But what about Orton’s declaration, that he will stop at nothing in destroying the legend of the Undertaker. Can Orton really do it?

Tazz: Well, he is the Legend Killer Cole. If anybody can, it’s Randy Orton.


We return and head backstage where we see Teddy Long in his office but is interrupted by a furious Randy Orton.

Orton: Teddy, Teddy, what the hell is your problem?!

Long: Calm down Randy. Now listen, I told you, things are different on dis show, you ain’t gonna get things easy here playa.

Orton: I told you that all I want is ONE thing, just ONE DAMN THING!! I want the Undertaker. RVD isn’t worth a moment of my time and I’ll prove that later on tonight.

Long: Well, you better be ready Randy, cos believe me, RVD ain’t happy bout what went down on Raw. Now as far as the Undertaker goes, I ‘ma give you what you want Randy, you WILL get your match with the Undertaker, live on Pay Per View at Judgment Day.

Orton smiles now, after getting his wish.

Orton: Thank you Teddy, now was that so difficult?

Long: Like I said Randy, things ain’t that easy on Smackdown. You will get that match IF you prove to me that you goin’ to take other superstars seriously here on Friday nights, and that starts with RVD tonight. You beat him, you get the Undertaker at Judgment Day.

Orton: Teddy, I WILL beat RVD tonight, but I won’t do it because of your little threat, I’ll do it because of the Undertaker. You can talk about other superstars all you want, but the facts are I do not, and will not care, until I have finished what I started at Wrestlemania. I will get the Undertaker at Judgment Day and I will beat him, I will punish him, I will FINISH him.

Orton walks out, slamming the door as we head back ringside.

Michael Cole: Well, not the start to his Smackdown career that Randy Orton was looking for. If and only if Orton beats RVD tonight, he will face The Undertaker at Judgment Day.

Tazz: Major stipulation right there and it just adds to what is no doubt gonna be a major match up here tonight.

‘Chavo Ardiente’ hits and out comes the #1 contender to the Cruiserweight title, Chavo Guerrero, ready for action.

Michael Cole: Last week on Smackdown, we saw Chavo Guerrero defeat Kid Kash and Brian Kendrick to earn a shot at Paul London’s Cruiserweight championship at Judgment Day.

Tazz: A huge win for Chavo last week baby and now he’ll get his chance to regain that Cruiserweight title. I can’t wait for dat one at Judgment Day.

‘Stand back, there’s a Hurricane comin’ thru’ The Hurricane makes his way to the ring for his Smackdown debut to a good pop from the Worcester crowd.

Michael Cole: And here comes another new addition to Friday Night Smackdown!! The Hurricane was drafted Monday night on Raw and there is no doubting that our superhero here in the WWE will make a big impact on Smackdown.

Tazz: Hurricane is certainly a big addition to the Cruiserweight division Cole and I gotta feelin’ he’s got a point to prove tonight when he goes at it wit’ Chavo.

Match one: Singles match

Chavo Guerrero vs. The Hurricane

The match is pretty slow to begin with for the typical Cruiserweights with plenty of mat wrestling. Chavo gained the upper hand taking Hurricane down with a couple of nice suplexes but failing to put away the newest Smackdown superstar.

Hurricane picked up a bit of momentum following that and had his own near fall attempt after a cross body from the top rope but Chavo just got the shoulder up to deny Hurricane a debut win.

The end of the match saw Hurricane with the advantage and an attempted shining wizard kick was ducked by Chavo who then rolled Hurricane through, grabbing the tights and scoring the three count much to the crowd and Hurricane’s disapproval.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero(6:13)

Michael Cole: Damn it, Chavo steals one here tonight!! Hurricane looked like he was gonna get off to a winning start here on Smackdown but Chavo hooked the tights and just like that, it’s over.

Tazz: Hey, by hook or by crook Cole. Chavo is one of the best in the business and that right there proves why. Big win for the #1 contender.


We return and the camera picks up JBL and Orlando Jordan talking backstage which gets instant heat from the crowd.

JBL: This should have been a defining night for me Orlando, a defining night for the Cabinet. It was all set in stone. I won the triple threat match on Raw, I’m goin’ to Judgment Day, tonight was the celebration, but no. No, what does Teddy Long do? He lets that no good piece of crap Eric Bischoff draft, not just one, but BOTH of the Basham Brothers. What in the world does he think he is doin’ to me Orlando huh?

Jordan: John I have no idea, but what I do know is that, it doesn’t matter what Teddy Long does, it doesn’t matter whether Doug or Danny are here, because you’re John Bradshaw Layfield!! You are an American Hero, you are a Wrestling God and you are the next WWE champion!!

Huge heat for OJ’s comments

JBL: Ha ha, you know what kid, you’re damn right I am. Now tonight, I’m gonna go out there and I’m gonna call John Cena down to the middle of the ring and I’m gonna make him a lil’ proposition for Judgment Day. And I promise, it’s gonna be big Orlando.

JBL’s face then turns a little bit

JBL: The hell do you want?

The camera turns and we see a shot of Matt Hardy, which is greeted with a big pop from the crowd.

Hardy: Well hi there, incase you didn’t know I’m Matt Hardy and I just wanted to introduce myself, put the guys in the back on notice, put you BOTH on notice, that I’m here to win and I’m here to win championships.

Hardy has his eyes on Orlando Jordan’s U.S title with his tone changing from sarcastic to serious from what he was saying to begin with.

JBL: Son, I suggest you take a step back and realise who you’re talkin’ to. I am JBL, a Wrestlingggggggg GOD!! You DO NOT talk to me like that, you do not talk to Orlando like that. How bout I t…

Jordan: Whoa, calm it John, I got this one. I’ll catch ya out there later.

JBL walks away telling OJ to deal with him before he does, sblacking at Hardy.

Orlando steps in front of his mentor before composing himself.

Jordan: Now that you’ve introduced yourself Matt, how bout I introduce myself to you? See I’m Orlando Jordan, the United States champion.

Orlando points at his title as the fans boo

Jordan: You wanna talk about winning championships? The only time you’ve ever won anything in your career is when your brother has done all the work for you.

Ooooohs in the crowd as Hardy looks pissed off

Jordan: I on the other hand HAVE won a championship. I beat the current WWE champion to win this thing. I saw you lookin’ at it and believe me, I don’t plan on losin’ it any time soon, especially to a punk like YOU.

Orlando prods Hardy in the chest as Hardy laughs.

Hardy: Orlando, pleased to meet you man. And well, you may be right. I have won a lot of tag team titles, and I mean a lot, but I’m on my own now. I’m on my own and I’m lookin’ to make a statement. Which is why, if I were you, I’d be careful with my words, cos what you don’t know Orlando is that I’ve spoken to Teddy Long already tonight and well, he let me in on a little secret, ya wanna hear it?

Jordan nods, looking annoyed with Hardy’s tone here

Hardy: Tonight, in front of all these great fans in Worcester(cheap pop), I’m gonna be makin’ my Smackdown debut.

Another pop for that announcement.

Jordan: That’s great Matt, really great, but you want me to let you in on a little secret? I don’t give a damn.

Hardy: Ha, oh really? Funny you should say that then, cos my opponent tonight, well, my opponent tonight, IS YOU.

Hardy then slaps Jordan in the face before he can even respond!! Huge pop for Hardy who then walks away saying ‘See ya out there OJ.’

We cut back ringside to rejoin Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Well quite the start to Matt Hardy’s Smackdown career partner!

Tazz: Matt Hardy wants some gold baby. A fresh start and now Hardy can put all that stuff wit’ Kane and Lita behind him. Hardy and Orlando goin’ at it later tonight? Smackdown just gets better and better Cole.

‘Can you Dig it, Sucka?’ hits to a big pop as Booker T makes his way out, ready for action.

Michael Cole: Been a rough time lately Tazz for this man Booker T. Was screwed out of the WWE title #1contenders tournament, was screwed again in his United States title match with Orlando Jordan and then last week, Carlito really rubbed salt into the wounds when he called Booker a failure in his career so far here in the WWE.

Tazz: Strong words from Carlito last week but Booker has been havin’ a rough ride lately Cole and I know how bad it can get when you’re stuck in a rut. Booker’s gotta stay strong and eventually he’ll get back to the top of his game.

‘Masterpiece’ hits and out comes another Smackdown debutant, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters.

Michael Cole: Chris Masters was our second pick in the 2005 draft lottery and this young man certainly has a bright future here on Friday nights partner.

Tazz: This dude is legit Cole. Look at the size of Chris Masters, the physique of this young kid is phenomenal and I think we’re gonna be seein’ big things for ‘The Masterpiece’ on Friday nights baby.

Michael Cole: A big test for Masters to debut against someone with the experience of Booker T though Tazz. How does Masters combat that?

Tazz: You could argue this is an even bigger match for Booker though Cole. Both men need this win here tonight. As far as ya question goes, Masters just has to use his size to his advantage, use the strength and the power he has and he will have a shot here.

Match two: Singles match

Booker T vs. Chris Masters

Masters gets to grips with things well to begin with, taking down Booker and working on the left arm in particular of Booker, singling that part of his body out. Even looking to lock an armbar in, but Booker managed to get out of it.

Booker did get into the ascendancy though and came close to picking up the win after a nice spine buster to the big man but could only get a two count.

The match then fell to the outside where Booker looked to hurl Masters into the ring post, however Masters reversed it and managed to smash Booker T’s left arm and shoulder against it, further weakening the former WCW champion.

The two men did make it back in the ring and Booker attempted a Book end however, Masters managed to elbow Booker away from him as Masters looked to lock in the Masterlock!! Booker didn’t let him lock it in however and managed to roll Masters up from behind!! Masters kicked out at two though much to the crowd’s dismay.

The end of the match came when Booker was again getting on top, however just moments later, out came Carlito who told Booker last week exactly what he thought of him and the distraction was enough for Masters to lock in the Masterlock from behind, leaving Carlito smiling and leaving the referee no choice but to end the match as Booker was beaten.

Winner: Chris Masters(8:35)

Michael Cole: What the hell is Carlito’s problem Tazz!!?? And what is this about?!

Tazz: Sendin’ a message Cole. Carlito wants to prove to the world, to prove to Booker T just how ruthless he has become these past few weeks now and just how much in his opinion anyways that Booker T has fallen.

Michael Cole: Oh somebody stop this please!!

Carlito is in the ring hammering away at Booker T before getting Booker up and hitting him with a vicious backstabber. Carlito then shouts at Booker ‘It’s my time, step away Booker, you’re nothing anymore’ before Carlito takes a bite of his apple and spits in the face of the fallen Booker T.


Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown and before the break we saw yet more vicious actions from Carlito, who attacked Booker T from behind after Booker’s match with Chris Masters. Let’s take a look.

We see a replay of the attack which draws strong heat from the crowd.

Tazz: Ya gotta wonder how Booker is gonna respond to this Cole. I mean we haven’t seen the real Booker T in some time and this attack by Carlito, it could be the knockout blow to Booker.

Michael Cole: Well I and all supporters of Booker T hope that isn’t the case Tazz. But moving on and still to come tonight, we’ve got the Smackdown debuts of Matt Hardy and Randy Orton. Hardy will go one on one with United States champion Orlando Jordan, while Orton will go up against ‘Mr.Friday Night‘, Rob Van Dam! And also, JBL has promised to call out John Cena to give the WWE champion a ‘proposition’. What will JBL have in store for the champ? Find out later tonight, only on Smackdown!!

We go backstage to Teddy Long’s office again, where he is faced with the trio of MNM.

Melina: Look Teddy, I’m not gonna ask you again. When are my boys here gonna be handed the WWE tag team titles? We’ve been on this show for over a month now, and STILL you haven’t handed them to us. We’ve beaten everybody in our path, we’ve dealt with Rob Van Dam enough already, so I suggest you give us those titles before I go to Mr.McMahon himself and I will have you FIRED IMMEDIATELY!!

Huge heat for the ever bitchy Melina.

Long: Melina, I ain’t gonna stand here and take this kinda attitude lightly. Now I ain’t gonna hand you and your boys anything, you gotta earn it. So what I’ma give you, is a WWE Tag team title opportunity.

Nitro: You heard her Teddy, opportunity isn’t good enough, we deserve to be HANDED the championships.

Long: Nitro, watch ya mouth playa before I think twice about even givin’ ya an opportunity.

Melina calms Nitro and Mercury down.

Melina: Well then Teddy, who are we gonna beat to win these things then? Cos I know for sure that it doesn’t matter who we face, there is only one team capable here on Smackdown of holding the tag team titles and that is M..N..M.

The trio smile and wait for Long’s answer.

Long: Well, if that’s the case, all I can say is your boys are gonna be pushed to their limits baby girl, cos at Judgment Day, for the vacant tag team championships, it will be MNM going up against the man you’ve made life a misery for recently playas, ‘Mr.Friday Night’, ROB VAN DAM!!

Big pop from the crowd as Melina squeals and Mercury and Nitro complain

Long: Hey, hey, you shoulda thought about that before your attacks on RVD shouldn‘t ya? And RVD’s partner will be of his own choosing. Now get yourselves outta my office would ya? I got some business to attend to.

Melina: With pleasure Teddy. And believe me when I say this, you’re going to regret that decision. Come on boys.

MNM leave as Teddy Long does his trademark dance to a small pop

Michael Cole: What another huge match now set for Judgment Day!! MNM and RVD have had their problems in recent weeks and now at Judgment Day, RVD will get his chance at revenge while MNM will get their chance at the titles they crave. MNM vs. Rob Van Dam and a partner of his choosing for the vacant tag team titles at Judgment Day. Blockbuster announcement from Teddy Long.

Tazz: That’s why Teddy Long is da man Cole. I can’t wait for it, Judgment Day is gonna be off the charts baby.

Michael Cole: Indeed it is and coming up next, we will see the Smackdown debut of Matt Hardy!!

We go to a promo for Judgment Day

Actions speak louder than words

We see John Cena delivering an FU to JBL at Wrestlemania and holding the WWE title high

But all actions are judged

We see JBL deliver a clothesline from hell to Cena a couple of weeks ago

A target is placed upon you

We see highlights from the #1 contenders tournament with the last image being Rey Mysterio looking at Cena’s title belt

And you’re gonna face your very own day of reckoning, your very own Judgment Day

We see the words Judgment Day in bold as John Cena stares intently at the camera

‘Live for the moment’ hits to a big pop now as Matt Hardy makes his way out ready for action.

Michael Cole: Earlier on tonight Matt Hardy wanted to, well, he wanted to introduce himself to JBL and Orlando Jordan. Let’s take a look.

We see a replay of what went down with Hardy and Orlando backstage.

Tazz: Hardy certainly ain’t lookin’ to make friends by the looks of things. Championships are all Matt Hardy wants here on Smackdown and if he can beat Orlando Jordan here tonight, it’ll be a big step in the right direction.

Michael Cole: No doubt about it Tazz, gonna be an interesting match up undoubtedly.

‘Longhorn’ hits to immediate boos as the crowd are used to JBL but instead it’s Orlando Jordan without the limo, making his way to the ring looking in no mood for fun and games.

Michael Cole: the United States champion certainly doesn’t look like he’s ready to sit back and tolerate what Matt Hardy did earlier tonight Tazz.

Tazz: Can ya blame him? What would you do if ya got slapped by someone Cole? Wait, don’t answer that actually. But most guys wouldn’t sit back and take it lightly, Orlando is in that category Cole.

Match three: Non title Singles match

United States champion Orlando Jordan vs. Matt Hardy

The match is one that certainly has the fans into it as they’re firmly behind Hardy on his Smackdown debut.

Hardy dominated the early stages with some nice take downs on OJ and a really close near fall on the champion after a vicious DDT. The two men battled into the corner which resulted in Hardy attempting to get Jordan onto the top rope, however as Hardy went up to join him, Orlando managed to kick Hardy down though before delivering an elbow from the top!! Hardy was able to kick out at two though after a cover attempt.

Jordan then took control and locked in a sleeper hold on his opponent. Hardy was struggling for a time and it looked as though the champion may get Hardy to pass out, however as the referee brought Hardy’s arm down for a third time, Hardy managed to find some life from somewhere and got himself back to his feet before breaking free of the hold thanks to an elbow or two to the gut of Orlando.

Hardy then looked to seize the initiative and threw some strong right hands at the champion before running the ropes and taking Orlando down with a couple of hard clotheslines before hitting a side effect!! Hardy refused to go for the cover though and waited for Orlando to rise again before going for a twist of fate!! Orlando reverses, goes for a DDT but Hardy reverses, spins OJ round, TWIST OF FATE!! This time Hardy connects and gets the cover, 1-2-3!!

Winner: Matt Hardy(7:50)

Michael Cole: What a way to kick off his Smackdown career!! Matt Hardy has beaten the United States champion here tonight in Worcester!!

Tazz: Huge win for Matt Hardy right there, what a match up and I’m bettin’ that Matt Hardy’s name is thrown right into the hat for a shot at the United States championship.


We return and go backstage again where we see Carlito passing through the hall as Josh Matthews tries to get a word from the former U.S. champion.

Matthews: Carlito, just wanted to know what was going through your mind earlier this evening when you attacked Booker T?

Carlito: Carlito had a lot in mind when he attacked Booker T earlier Josh. Carlito told Booker last week exactly what I thought about him. For too long, Booker has been runnin’ around talkin’ about how he’s a 5 time WCW champion. Josh, remind me what company we’re in again?

Matthews: The W..

Carlito: The WWE, dats right.

Josh looks disappointed Carlito cut him off

Carlito: Booker T doesn’t seem to realise dis and Carlito wants Booker to understand that this is no longer his show, this is Carlito’s show. See, I won the United States title on my first night here in the WWE. What’s Booker T done since he came here huh? Nothing Josh.

Heat for Carlito’s comments

Carlito: Carlito’s doin’ Booker T a favour here. The message is clear for ju Booker, ju are nothing anymore. Ten years ago, yeah sure, but now? Now it’s Carlito’s time, step away Booker or what happened tonight will be nothing compared to what Carlito has up his sleeve. And dat? Dats cool.

Carlito takes a bite of his apple as he walks away looking happy with his nights work.


We return and ‘Longhorn’ hits as JBL makes his way out, ready to confront John Cena.

Michael Cole: Well it’s been quite the week for this man Tazz. Monday night on Raw, he defeated Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio in a triple threat match to become the #1 contender to the WWE title, however, JBL lost two of his Cabinet members, the Basham Brothers in the draft lottery. How will that affect JBL d’ya think?

Tazz: He’s JBL Cole. The longest reigning champion in Smackdown history, I think he’s gonna cope pretty well.

JBL takes a microphone and gets himself set with the crowd drowning him in heat

JBL: It is people like you here in Worcester that gives America a bad name.

Huge boos here with a ‘You suck’ chant beginning

JBL: What kinda way is that to greet a true American hero? I am the longest reigning WWE champion in Smackdown HISTORY!!

Tazz says ‘I told ya’

JBL: And you people want to tell me that I ‘suck’? Absolutely disgraceful. And I will tell you what else is disgraceful. John Cena holding MY WWE title is as disgraceful as you can get.

Cheers for the mention of Cena

JBL: I am sick and tired of havin’ to see that punk walkin’ around spinnin’ that title like it doesn’t mean a damn thing. That title is the most prestigious thing in this business and Cena is making a mockery of it!!

More heat for the Wrestling God

JBL: The only reason I haven’t gone backstage, kicked Cena’s ass all over this arena and taken back that very title, is because I’m waiting for three weeks from now, in just three weeks time, I will AT LAST get my rematch with John Cena. And at Judgment Day, I prove to the world, I prove to all of you people(points around the arena), that Wrestlemania was a fluke, plain and simple.

More ‘You suck’ chants for JBL who is looking disgusted with them

JBL: I am going to beat John Cena within an inch of his life and I am going to take back what is rightfully MINE. And you know where this all starts from? This all starts from our incompetent general manager, Teddy Long.

The crowd boo for these comments

JBL: Teddy Long is conspiring against me!!

Louder heat from the crowd now

JBL: You better believe it. This Monday night on Raw proved exactly that, when he just let the Bashams head to Raw without even battin’ an eyelid. Teddy Long does not want me anywhere near the WWE title. No, because Teddy Long is a complete moron, just like each and every one of you!!

Massive heat again for JBL here from this electric crowd.

JBL: Because just like Teddy Long, you all wanna see John Cena on top. You all wanna see that care free, rapping, disrespectful, thug as the face of this brand, as the face of the WWE and it makes me SICK!!

A few in the crowd laugh at how worked up JBL is getting

JBL: Well, believe me when I say this, I guarandamntee that at Judgment Day, the days of John Cena are numbered and I will once again be the face of Friday nights. I will once again be the face of the WWE, you people will chant my name, ’J..B..L, J…B..L..’ and all that is wrong in the world will be put right again!!

The crowd start a Cena chant in hope that he shuts JBL up.

JBL: Now I came out here tonight for one reason. I promised that I was goin’ to call out John Cena.

Cheers for the mention of the champion again.

JBL: So with that being said, Cena why do….

JBL is cut off by ‘My time is now’ and out comes the man himself, the WWE champion, John Cena.

Michael Cole: Here comes the champ!!

Tazz: This is gonna be big Cole. You can tell by the look on JBL’s face, he ain’t happy about being interrupted, that’s for sure.

Cena gets in the ring to a strong ‘Cena’ chant as JBL looks on angrily.

Cena: Worcester Massachusetts, wow, you guys are hottttttt tonight!!

Big pop again for the hometown hero

Cena: Man oh man. It don’t get no better than this. So, lets get down to business, JBL, here I am, what’s the big proposition you got for me?

Cena is smirking as JBL looks on in typical frustration

JBL: What is it Cena? What is it that makes you so great? Why is it that these people chant for you? They cheer for you, they love you, they support you. WHY?! It never ceases to amaze me how damn fickle our fans are here in the WWE.

JBL has the crowd in the palm of his hand

JBL: I mean, ya come out here in your street clothes, with your rap music and your spinning title belt. You look a disgrace, you act a disgrace, you ARE a disgrace and yet these people are always behind you. I.. I can’t get my head round it Cena.

Cena: D’ya ever think that it wasn’t me? Did ya ever think it was the simple fact that these people don’t like you JBL?

Big cheers for Cena here as JBL’s face turns to thunder

JBL: Watch your damn mouth Cena before I shut it for you.

Cena: Look, I came out here because you were gonna call me out. Now I ain’t one to back down from a challenge so lets get this show on the road. What do you want exactly?

JBL suddenly begins smiling

JBL: I was hoping you’d say that Cena. You talk about how you never back down, how if people ‘want some’ they can come ‘get some’. Well Cena at Judgment Day, I want that(points at the title) and I’m gonna get that.

Heat for JBL’s comment

JBL: I’m laying the challenge down Cena. If you’re so confident, if you really are the man that you say you are, then you will accept. At Wrestlemania, you got lucky son.

Cena shakes his head

JBL: Don’t shake your head kid, you got lucky and you damn well know you did. At Judgment Day, you won’t have that luck on your side again because I’m takin’ you to school Cena. Me and you for that WWE title in a Last…man…standing match.

A few oooohs in the crowd as Cena laughs

JBL: What do ya say Cena?

Cena: Last man standing match huh? One of the toughest, most brutal matches in the entire WWE. A match that can take YEARS off a man’s career. But John, you should know me by now that when I say something, I mean it.

Pop in the crowd

Cena: Last man standing, Steel cage, I quit, Submission match, it don’t matter to me John because I NEVER back down!! I accept your challenge and when Judgment Day rolls around, when all is said and done, I can guarantee that the champ will sti….

Cena is cut off as JBL drops his mic and hits Cena with a right hand, knocking the champion backwards. But Cena retaliates, Cena and JBL trading blows now!! Cena takes down JBL with a clothesline. Cena is stalking JBL, JBL gets to his feet, Cena gets JBL on his shoulders, FU!!! FU to JBL!!

Michael Cole: The challenge has been well and truly accepted!! FU from Cena!! And now, John Cena defends the WWE title at Judgment Day against JBL in a Last man standing match!!

Tazz: It don’t get much bigger than dat Cole. Huge challenge laid down by JBL but well you gotta give Cena props, he just doesn’t back down. Unbelievable guts and at Judgment Day these two men are gonna be put to the test.

Michael Cole
: And still to come tonight on this wild Friday night Smackdown, Randy Orton goes one on one with Rob Van Dam, if Orton can get the win, he will get his rematch at Judgment Day with the Undertaker!!


We return and see JBL , holding his back and Orlando Jordan leaving the arena after a rough night for both men.

Jordan: Anything I can do boss? I mean, I’m not just gonna stand here and let what happened to ya out there go unpunished. I will TAKE Cena out for you, just tell me when, just tell me where John.

JBL: ENOUGH. I don’t need you to do a thing. I have got Cena right where I want him. What happened out there was just me reeling Cena in. I got exactly what I wanted here tonight and that is for Cena to accept my challenge. At Judgment Day I finish what HE started and I am telling’ ya, John Cena will regret the day he ever crossed the path of J…B…L. Let’s get outta here.

Both men leave in JBL’s limo which is now in the parking lot as we head back ringside and ‘Hey You’ hits and out comes the Cruiserweight champion, Paul London.

Michael Cole: Well in just a few weeks this young man will defend his Cruiserweight championship against the veteran, Chavo Guerrero, in what will no doubt be a hell of a match.

Tazz: For sure Cole. London continues to get better each week I see him. You put someone as exciting’ as Paul London in the same ring as someone as skilled as Chavo, you’re onto a winner baby.

‘Asiattacker’ hits and out comes another new Smackdown addition, Tajiri.

Michael Cole: Tajiri had a pretty rough week over on Raw, losing the tag titles at Backlash before getting put through a table this past Monday, however now is the chance for a new start here on Smackdown for the Japanese Buzzsaw!!

Tazz: The Cruiserweight division got a massive boost this past Monday Cole. First The Hurricane, then Tajiri. This dude can go and is gonna give our champ a major test here tonight.

Match four: Non title singles match

Cruiserweight champion Paul London vs. Tajiri

This match is a lot more fast pace than the earlier clash between Hurricane and Chavo with London and Tajiri wowing the crowd at just how quick they are.

Tajiri was an energetic with his classic array of kicks taking it to London, including one brutal shot to the head, leaving Tajiri to go for a cover but London just got the shoulder up.

After that London managed to turn the tide and hit a great dropkick to take Tajiri out of the ring. The two men fought to the outside where Tajiri kicked London onto the announce table as Tajiri went up to the top rope!! Big risk move here from Tajiri but the crowd didn’t get to see it as from out of the crowd came Chavo Guerrero! The number one contender hit London on the table with some strong right hands to beat down the Cruiserweight champ before going up to the top rope himself as Tajiri just walks away to the dismay of the crowd.

The referee has called for the bell as Chavo signals to the fans and hits London with a FROGSPLASH!! FROGSPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE!! LONDON IS LAID OUT!!

Winner via Disqualification: Paul London(4:53)

Holy shit’ chants begin in a minority as Chavo is down and out as well as the trainers and doctors come down to check on both men.

Michael Cole: Well I’m speechless Tazz. Chavo had no right, had no need to do that to Paul London here tonight. Absolutely destroying our announce table and destroying Paul London.

Tazz: I just hope these two dudes are alright Cole. Wow, what impact, good god. Just goes to show how much that title means to Chavo

We see another Judgment Day promo, the same as earlier as we head backstage to Josh Matthews who is standing by with Kurt Angle.

Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, please welcome, Kurt Angle.

Heat as Angle’s name is mentioned.

Matthews: Kurt we saw your confrontation with Shawn Michaels this past Monday on Raw. Now, neither of you got the result in the draft that you wanted. How do you feel about that? And what’s next for Kurt Angle?

Angle: Y’know something Josh, I’m torn on the draft, I’m torn on Shawn Michaels. See, on the one hand I wanna break his ankle in half, but on the other, what else do I need to prove to you or to Shawn Michaels or to anyone? Tell me, come on.

Matthews: I..I

Angle: That’s what I thought. You can’t Josh. Nobody can. At Wrestlemania I proved that I am the greatest wrestler in the WWE, the greatest wrestler in the world and Shawn Michaels just can’t face it. And y’know what, I don’t blame him. Shawn Michaels is supposed to be the showstopper, the icon, ‘Mr.Wrestlemania’. Well, at Wrestlemania I proved to Shawn Michaels that for all the plaudits, for all the names, he just isn’t Kurt Angle.

Heat here for Angle.

Angle: And it makes Shawn angry, it hurts Shawn deep inside, knowing that he can’t get it done. He can’t beat me. I don’t have a problem with takin’ care of Shawn Michaels again. I just wanna make that crystal clear to everyone. I’m not afraid of beating Shawn again, but because of what I just said, because of all that goes with being Shawn Michaels, he needs this more than I do. I don’t need this at all. But Shawn, he needs to beat me to prove to himself, to prove to his fans that he really is what people make out to be. Until Shawn gets that done, he is nothing but a phony.

Big heat for that comment.

Angle: So I’ll be waiting, if and when mine and Shawn’s paths do cross, I’ll be ready, and this time, make no mistake about it, I will prove once and for all, just who the real icon, just who the real showstopper is and that’s Kurt Angle.

Angle pauses for a minute before continuing.

Angle: But until then, my focus shifts, my focus is on something else, my focus is on the WWE title.

Small pop at the mention of the title

Angle: Monday night on Raw, JBL stole my shot at the title, and I’m not gonna let that sit lightly, believe me. My goal here on Smackdown is to once again reach the top of the mountain, to once again become the WWE champion. So like I said to Shawn Michaels, when Judgment Day is gone, John Cena, JBL, whoever it is, I’ll be ready and waiting. Oh it’s true, it’s….damn… true.

Angle walks away as we head ringside.

Michael Cole: Some strong words right there from Kurt Angle. Angle believes that Shawn Michaels needs to beat him to prove a point to all his fans. I mean, come on Tazz, what exactly does Shawn Michaels have to prove to anyone?

Tazz: It ain’t about provin’ anything’ Cole. This is about pride for Shawn Michaels. This is about bein’ the best and Kurt’s right, he is the best and Wrestlemania proved it.

Michael Cole: But c’mon. For Angle to call Michaels a phony? How disrespectful can you get?

Tazz: I agree wit ya on that one Cole, I just wish the draft woulda been kind enough to put these two on the same show man.

Michael Cole: I think that’s one thing we can both agree on.

‘One of a kind’ then hits and out comes RVD for tonight’s main event.

Michael Cole: A heck of a main event in store here tonight though folks. Monday night on Raw, this man Rob Van Dam last eliminated Randy Orton to win the battle royal and two further draft picks for Smackdown. Only for Smackdown to draft Orton himself over to Friday nights. Orton responded with a vicious RKO from behind to Van Dam which brings us to tonight with RVD looking for some payback.

Tazz: Dis one is gonna be big Cole. I know Van Dam as well as anyone and I know that dat RKO on Raw from Orton will have left ‘Mr.Friday Night’ lookin’ for some revenge here tonight.

‘Burn in my light’ then hits and out comes the Legend Killer, Randy Orton to strong heat from the crowd.

Michael Cole: Well, this match has huge consequences for Randy Orton folks. Ever since Wrestlemania, Orton has been desperate to get another shot at the Undertaker and now that he’s been drafted over to Friday nights, Teddy Long has given Orton that chance. He beats RVD tonight, he gets the Undertaker at Judgment Day.

Tazz: Big time stipulation Cole. I know Orton is as focused as can be on getting his chance at the Deadman again. But with RVD lookin’ for payback of his own, this ain’t gonna be easy for Orton.

Match five: Singles match

If Orton can win, he will get his match at Judgment Day with The Undertaker

Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam

The match is one that is more than worthy of main eventing as Orton and Van Dam really took it to one another. The early going saw RVD go right after Orton, clearly wanting payback after Monday’s events.

Van Dam brought it to Orton with a lot of hard right hands and some strong kicks which brought Orton to his knees. RVD then took his advantage and continued to build on it with a strong offense. The highlight being a cartwheel followed by a standing moonsault to Orton, followed by a two count, close to finishing Orton off, whilst also bringing the fans to their feet.

Orton managed to draw himself back into things however, taking control after RVD ran the ropes, coming at Orton, but the Legend Killer managed to take RVD down with a beautiful dropkick, timing it to perfection before getting a near fall.

Orton then started to get on top as he needs to regarding the stipulation for this match. Another near fall came after hitting his signature backbreaker following a headlock. The impact looked to have taken Van Dam out of things but Mr.Friday Night managed to just get the shoulder up.

Orton continued to look to finish Van Dam off but failed to take his chances as RVD brought himself back into things with a roundhouse kick to the skull of Orton from out of nowhere!! But Van Dam failed to go for a cover, instead taking some time to regroup.
As both men got themselves to their feet it was RVD who got a grip on things, getting to Orton first and taking it to him with some big rights again before taking Orton down with a clothesline, followed by a nice German suplex as RVD heads up to the top!!

The fans pop as RVD looks to finish Orton off at last, but the cheers soon turn to jeers as we see Melina on the other side of the ring, coming through the crowd!! Van Dam sees her as she climbs up to the apron and gets the referee’s attention. Whilst the referee has his back turned, through the crowd on the other side come Mercury and Nitro who push Van Dam off the top!!

Huge heat from the crowd as Mercury and Nitro drop to the outside and meet Melina whilst RVD makes his way back up but is turned around right into the waiting Randy Orton who hits him with an RKO!! Cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Randy Orton(13:21)

Michael Cole: MNM have screwed Rob Van Dam again here tonight!! How many times are we gonna see this between now and Judgment Day?!

Tazz: A lot Cole. Unless Van Dam can get himself a partner, the same damn thing is gonna happen every week. It’s the numbers game man.

MNM continue to assault Van Dam as Randy Orton joins in the beat down. All three men are stomping away at RVD as Orton tells Nitro and Mercury to get Van Dam up to his feet. But suddenly, the lights go out!! GONG. The lights come back on and The Undertaker is in the ring!! Huge pop from the crowd as Taker goes right after MNM. Orton has gotten out the ring as Taker hits Mercury and Nitro with big right hands before getting Mercury by the throat, getting Nitro by the throat!! Double choke slam from the Deadman!! But Taker turns around, RKO!! RKO FROM ORTON!! Taker is down as Randy Orton stands over the Undertaker.

Michael Cole: The Undertaker has returned to Smackdown here tonight!! But the Undertaker has been laid out by Randy Orton and an RKO. Orton vs. The Undertaker at Judgment Day!! We’ll see you next week everybody!! Goodnight!!

Current Judgment Day Card

WWE Title: Last Man Standing match
John Cena© vs. JBL

Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker

WWE Vacant Tag team titles
MNM vs. Rob Van Dam and a partner of his choosing

WWE Cruiserweight title match
Paul London© vs. Chavo Guerrero
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 9/5/05- Little Rock, Arkansas, Alltel Arena

We are live from Little Rock, Arkansas this Monday night in what is sure to be a wild night for all the superstars of Monday Night Raw.

Last week saw the 2005 draft lottery and a lot of big moves occurred as Raw gained five new faces. The Big Show returned to Monday nights along with Doug and Danny Basham, Mark Jindrak and Charlie Haas. What kind of impact will these five make, if any, on their first night on Raw?

Also, last week, general manager Eric Bischoff announced a HUGE main event for tonights Raw. We will see the Game, the King of Kings, Triple H go one on one with Y2J, Chris Jericho with the winner going onto Vengeance to face Batista for the World Heavyweight championship. At Backlash, Jericho was cost the title by Mr.Money in the Bank, Edge. Will Jericho get another shot by beating The Game in Little Rock? Or will the 10 time World champion move one step closer to making it number 11?

Furthermore, tonight we are expecting to hear from Shawn Michaels after what went down during last weeks draft show. Michaels was praying that the draft see him and Kurt Angle on the same show but ultimately Michaels wish wasn’t met and it now seems as though HBK won’t be getting his shot at revenge on the Wrestling Machine. What will Michaels next move be and what will he have to say regarding the Angle situation?

We found out exactly who Muhammad Hassan’s new chronies were last week on Raw and they have certainly made a big impact since arriving on Monday nights. The Great Khali and Sonjay Dutt have joined forces with Hassan and Daivari to form the Arabian Entity. Last week the Entity got the upper hand yet again on Hassan’s rival, Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin however now has an ally, his former tag team partner, Charlie Haas was drafted last week and tonight on Raw The World’s Greatest Tag Team will reunite and take on Daivari and Sonjay Dutt in tag team action. Will the Entity have the answers for the reuniting Haas and Benjamin this week?

Christian has had a big couple of weeks and with just one week now until Ric Flair returns to Raw, we are fully expecting Christian to address that situation here tonight. Captain Charisma has called Flair to answer his challenge and to face him one on one in order to ‘pass the torch’ in Christian’s words. Christian has told Flair that one way or another he will get his hands on him, what will Christian threaten this week?

Confirmed for tonight’s Raw:

#1 contenders match for the World title
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

The World’s Greatest Tag Team; Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs. The Arabian Entity; Sonjay Dutt and Daivari w/Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali

The show will be in recap as will all of Raw up until the Smackdown PPV, Judgment Day, Smackdown will be in full up til then. After Judgment Day it’ll be vice versa.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

I have just read through the last few shows and were good.

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 9/05/05; Little Rock, Arkansas, Alltel Arena

Opening video and pyro plays before we are welcomed to the show by good ol’ Jim Ross and The Coach who give us a run down of tonight’s show, with the priority being them hyping up the main event for tonight, Triple H one on one with Chris Jericho, the winner going onto Vengeance to face Batista for the World Heavyweight title.

‘Sexy boy’ then hits and out comes the showstopper Shawn Michaels. J.R and Coach talk about the repercussions of last weeks draft and in particular what now happens to HBK. Michaels was intent on getting his hands on Kurt Angle but with the draft keeping them at bay, there is no longer a chance of that happening.

Michaels takes the mic and immediately gets to the point, talking about his rivalry with Kurt Angle and how he is desperate to avenge his defeat at Wrestlemania. After what went down last week though, he no longer has that opportunity. HBK then called out the Raw GM Eric Bischoff to the ring to address the situation

Bischoff answered the call and made his way to the ring. Michaels began by telling Bischoff how they’d never seen eye to eye but that didn’t matter in this situation and pleaded with Bischoff to give him what he wants by trading him to Smackdown. The crowd cheered at the prospect of HBK switching shows to go at it with Angle again. Bischoff however, laughed off the request, telling Michaels that he was ‘insane’ if he thought that he was going to let one of his main attractions on Raw go to Smackdown that easily.

Bischoff went on to tell Shawn that while he understands him wanting to get his hands on Angle, it was just not gonna happen while he remain in charge on Raw. Michaels began to get frustrated and grabbed Bischoff by the jacket before telling Bischoff to change his mind or face the consequences. Bischoff, scared to death continued to refuse, with Michaels letting go of him. Bischoff then went on to say that there was no way in hell one of his superstars would threaten him like that and that if this was anyone else he would fire them right here on the spot.

Bischoff then told Shawn that seeing as this was him though, firing him was the last thing he would do as that is exactly what Shawn wants. Things then took a turn for the worse though for Raw’s GM as he grinned and said Shawn would stay on Raw and there wasn‘t a damn thing he could do about, Michaels heard enough and out of nowhere hit Bischoff with some Sweet chin music before leaving to a huge pop, looking pissed off at what just went down


We come back and we take a look back at Michaels hitting Eric Bischoff with Sweet chin Music. J.R and Coach talk about just what the consequences of Michaels actions will be and the length Michaels is going to in order to face Kurt Angle once again. The music of Charlie Hass then hits and out comes Haas along with Shelton Benjamin as we get ready to see the reformation of the World’s Greatest tag team here tonight as they take on two members of the Arabian Entity, Daivari and Sonjay Dutt.

Match one: Tag team match

The World’s Greatest Tag Team; Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs. The Arabian Entity; Sonjay Dutt and Daivari

Daivari and Dutt are accompanied to the ring by the Intercontinental champion Muhammad Hassan and the 7 foot 3 behemoth The Great Khali and the commentators talk about just how big a role they’ll play in this match as Charlie Haas and Daivari kick things off.

The match is pretty back and forth with the Entity taking control early on, using typical underhand tactics. The presence of Hassan and Khali were clear for all to see as Hassan distracted the referee early on, allowing Dutt to come in and take Haas out, leaving Daivari to get a near fall.

Daivari continued to get the better of Haas before the match turned after a double clothesline took both men down, allowing a breather in the match. The crowd egged Haas on to make the tag but Daivari got up first to tag in Dutt who prevented Haas from reaching Benjamin, however Haas managed to take down Dutt with a drop kick from nowhere before crawling his way over to tag in Shelton.

Benjamin came in and immediately took it to Dutt as the finish of the match came about, we saw Daivari make a blind tag, getting himself in the match as chaos ensued with Haas also getting involved. With the four men in the ring, Haas sent Dutt flying through the ropes, taking himself to the outside also. Inside the ring, Shelton connected with a T-Bone suplex to Daivari, getting the three count and the win!!

Winners: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas; The World’s Greatest Tag Team(7:24)

The aftermath was all the more eventful as once again Hassan looked to make his presence felt, getting in the ring from one side of the ring with The Great Khali getting in from the other. Hassan went straight after his rival Benjamin while Khali went for Haas. The fans were going crazy as all four traded blows, with Benjamin leaving Hassan reeling and Haas taking Khali back a step. However, once again the Entity got the upper hand with Dutt and Daivari entering the scene and aiding Hassan in dealing with Benjamin.

The three took Benjamin down to his knees with Khali taking down Haas with a huge chop to the skull. As Haas lay motionless on the floor, Khali joined in with the other three in taking it to Benjamin. Hassan ordered the seven footer to get Shelton up to his feet. Khali obliged and brought Shelton up before lifting the former Intercontinental champion up and taking him back down again with a huge double handed choke slam.

The impact is huge as Hassan orders Khali to do the exact same to Haas. Again, Khali obliged and took Haas down with huge impact once more. The crowd are booing the life out of these four as Hassan shouts out ’this is what you’re dealing with’ to both men as J.R talks about how low this group of men are going to go next in getting rid of the threat that Shelton Benjamin and now Charlie Haas pose to them

We go to a video package for Vengeance: June 26th 2005; Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

We then head to the commentators who show us a replay from last week’s battle royal where we see the final three of Edge, RVD and Randy Orton as we see Chris Jericho throw Edge over the top rope despite not even being in the match, getting a bit of payback on Edge after he cost Jericho the World title at Backlash. We then head to Todd Grisham who is backstage with Jericho ready to ask some questions.

Grisham asks Jericho if last week made up for Edge’s interference at Backlash and how Jericho feels going into his #1 contenders match with Triple H tonight. Jericho responded by saying that last week was a small dose of what he has in store for Edge and that nothing could make up for him Edge costing him at Backlash. Jericho said that he felt great heading into the match with Triple H tonight and that just like Edge is going to, Triple H is going to get a glimpse at exactly what Y2J is capable of here tonight.

Jericho said that he was going to win and that he would then go on to Vengeance and become World champion again. He said that for all the Jerichoholics out there, tonight was going to mark a very special night. He then promised that when Vengeance was over with, Edge was going to be at the forefront of his mind and that he was going to prove to Edge that payback really is a bitch


We return and we see Trevor Murdoch in the ring, set for action as ‘Crank it up’ hits and Big Show makes his way out for his Raw debut.

Match two: Singles match

Big Show vs. Trevor Murdoch

The match is short lived as Show completely dominates his opponent. The 500 pound giant used all his size advantage to take down Murdoch repeatedly, really impressing on his first night back on Monday nights. Show finished Murdoch off with a brutal choke slam, ending a three or four minute onslaught to the Redneck

Winner: Big Show(3:41)

J.R and Coach talk about just how impressive Big Show was here tonight and how the Raw roster should be put on notice that the giant is coming. We then head backstage where we see Todd Grisham once again, this time introducing Christian alongside Tyson Tomko to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Grisham went to ask Christian a question but immediately Christian interrupted and told Todd that he knew what was coming and that his services for this interview were no longer required, Christian then shoved Grisham out of the way.

Captain Charisma said that he requested this interview to make one final attempt at swaying Ric Flair’s decision for when he comes to Raw next week. Christian reminded us of the attack on Flair at Backlash, saying it was something that had to be done in order to prevent a travesty of justice, that being Flair retiring before he passed the torch to Captain Charisma. Christian said that the passing of the torch is necessary in everything, be it a doctor, be it in Baseball, be it in life itself.

Christian talked about how Flair was a part of Evolution and how Flair was the past of that group, he said that since those days, the Evolution has been completed. Batista and Randy Orton have gone from the future to the present, which means Flair is now simply an afterthought. Christain said he respected Flair for retiring but that it simply will not happen this way, it will happen on his terms.

Christian’s face then turned slightly as the camera turned around to show the World champion Batista, which was met with a big pop. Batista told Christian that Ric Flair will never, EVER be an afterthought and that he respects Flair’s decision to retire, saying that if Christian wants someone to accept his challenge of a match, he would, tonight!!

Christian accepted the challenge to many peoples surprise in the arena and told Batista that he was gonna go out there tonight and give everybody, Ric Flair included, a preview of what is to happen when he gets his hands on the Nature Boy, one way or another.

We return to ringside and ‘I Ain’t a lady to mess with’ hits as we see Victoria make her way out to the ring, ready to take on Torrie Wilson

Match three: Singles match

Victoria vs. Torrie Wilson

Victoria dominates the early going, looking as focused, some may say psychotic, as she ever has. Torrie got little offense in, almost shocking everyone with a rollup, which Victoria kicked out at 2 of, however after that Victoria got control again. The end of the match saw Victoria take Torrie by the hair and tell her that her ‘little buddy Trish would get a taste of this real soon’ before hitting her with the Widow’s peak for the three count

Winner: Victoria(4:16)

Victoria has little to no time to leave the ring as Trish Stratus runs down the ramp into the ring and starts unloading on Victoria!! These two women have had a heated recent rivalry and Trish has finally had it here tonight. The two women are beating the hell out of each other now, rolling around the mat as some referees and trainers come down to try and separate the two. They manage to drag the women away from each other, but Trish escapes their clutches and goes right after Victoria to a big pop from the crowd!! The referees manage to get a hold of her again as Victoria screams at Trish to bring it on.


We return and J.R and Coach announce that during the commercials they received word that it is now confirmed for Vengeance that Trish Stratus will defend her Women’s championship one more time against Victoria, this time in a No Disqualification match. Huge stipulation for these two women at Vengeance.

We then head backstage where we see Shawn Michaels sat down backstage looking completely lost with himself as he looks up to see Triple H walking towards him. The two men come into shot together which is greeted with a few cheers and ooooh’s as the former best friends look on at one another.

Triple H begins to tut as he looks at Shawn before telling him that he’s pathetic. Trips said that the old Shawn Michaels wouldn’t be moping around, feeling sorry for himself, he’d be out there doing something about it. Trips said that while he’s out winning titles, Shawn is always the one sitting around reflecting, reflecting on what might have been, what could have happened. Trips said that that’s why people like him and people like Shawn just can’t go together. Reflecting gets you nowhere, it’s about taking action.

Trips said that Shawn was his best friend many years ago for a reason but that that reason died when Shawn Michaels became the man he is today. Trips told Shawn to watch his match tonight and take note, because he lost at Wrestlemania too, but instead of crying and complaining he was making a statement. Trips finished by saying that Shawn needs to find himself again, but while he was out finding himself, he’d be winning the World Heavyweight title once again, The Game then walked away as Shawn continued to sit there thinking about what Hunter just said.

We return ringside and ‘Just Close your Eyes’ hits as Christian makes his way out to the ring, ready to go one on one with the World champion, Batista

Match four: Singles match

World Heavyweight champion Batista vs. Christian w/Tyson Tomko

The match is very solid as the World champion is given a tough test from Captain Charisma. The opening was dominated by Christian who got the upper hand thanks to a distraction from Tomko. Christian came close to ending things on a couple of occasions after a roll up, grabbing the tights and a vicious DDT.

As the match dragged on, it seemed to turn in Batista’s favour as the crowd rallied behind the World champion, seemingly giving him new life. Batista came close to finishing off Christian after a brutal spine buster but as the referee’s arm came down for the three count, it was Tomko again who got up on the apron and distracted the referee, allowing Christian to survive.

Batista, clearly angered by Tomko, left the ring to chase down Christian’s problem solver. With Batista finally getting his hands on Tomko, the Animal unloaded on him, taking him down before spearing him in half to a huge pop from the crowd as Batista got himself back inside the ring.

On returning to the ring though he was met by Christian who took Batista down before punishing the champion with a series of right hands and elbows to the back of the head of the fallen animal. Christian then called for Tista to rise to his feet before setting him up for the Unprettier but Batista countered and pushed Christian into the ropes before going for a clothesline but Christian ducked it and went for the Unprettier again, connecting!!

Cover from Christian, 1-2-3!! Christian has pinned the champion but NO!! Batista’s foot was on the rope!! The referee saw it at the last second as the crowd pop, realising Batista is still in this. Christian is now furious and heads to the outside grabbing a steel chair before returning to the ring. Christian is sizing the champion up. The crowd are urging Batista not to turn around.

The Animal does and ducks a chairshot!! Batista with a kick to the gut of Christian before taking the Captain down with a clothesline, Batista now rolling and gives Christian the thumbs up, before the thumbs down!! He hoists Christian up and drops him with the Batistabomb!! Cover, 1-2-3, it’s over!

Winner: Batista( 13:53)

J.R and Coach talk about how good a match we just saw and J.R says about how that is exactly why Batista is the World champion. Coach simply bemoans Christian beating beaten and says it’s yet another fluke win for the Animal as we head to a Smackdown rebound, showing all the highlights from last weeks Smackdown, including the JBL-John Cena title match stipulation for Judgment Day and the RVD-Randy Orton match where Orton got the win, earning him a match at Judgment Day with the Undertaker.

We then head backstage where we see Bubba Ray and D-Von, The Dudley Boyz walking down the hall when they bump into the newest tag team to Raw, the recently drafted Basham Brothers. Bubba Ray tells D-Von that the Chuckle brothers are here on Raw as the two laugh, whilst Danny(what’s the difference?) tells Bubba they won’t be laughing much longer as now they’re on Raw, they’re coming for the tag team titles and that the Dudleyz better watch their backs.

D-Von told them to step back and take a look at a real tag team, cos this is the closest they’ll ever get to one which brought a decent pop from the crowd. Doug stepped in and told D-Von that in the next few weeks, they’ll put those words to the test as the Bashams walked away with Bubba and D-Von looking on when BAM!! From out of nowhere, the Dudleyz are ambushed by Sonjay Dutt and Daivari???

The two members of the Arabian Entity take out the champions before Muhammad Hassan appears to huge heat and kneels down to look at the Dudleyz before telling them that the Bashams aren’t the only ones who want tag team gold before looking at Dutt and Daivari as the camera focuses on the two men and it appears that the Dudleyz have two teams gunning for them here on Raw

Another Vengeance promo


We return and it’s main event time as ‘Break the Walls down’ hits and out comes Y2J Chris Jericho to a good pop from the crowd as he gets ready for this #1 contender match with The Game Triple H.

Match 5: #1 contenders Singles match

Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

The match begins slowly with both men eyeing each other up, pacing up and down, waiting to make the first move. The crowd are right behind Jericho with a ‘Y2J’ chant filling the arena. Eventually both men lock up and Trips gets the early advantage.

After dominating the early going, Trips seems to take his foot off the gas with Jericho taking advantage of Triple H dropping the pace. Jericho began to get a stranglehold and took The Game to his limit, right hand after right hand before knocking Trips to the outside where Jericho used the ringpost as a weapon, hurling Triple H shoulder first into it.

The two men continued on the outside with Jericho again looking to dish out the same punishment to Hunter but Trips managed to reverse it and instead threw Jericho into the steel steps, making a huge impact onto the knees of Jericho. As the ten count approached Triple H managed to make his way into the ring as Jericho looked unlikely to recover, however the King of the World just managed to roll himself in at the last second.

With both men back in the ring now, Trips again looked to gain control, applying a sleeper hold on Jericho. With Jericho fading, the crowd seemed to spur him back into the match with Jericho breaking free of the hold and exchanging right hands now with the Game. Jericho whipped Trips into the corner where he followed after, charging at his opponent but Trips charged at Jericho, bouncing off the corner, using the momentum of being thrown and Trips went for a clothesline but Jericho ducked it, Triple H hit’s the referee!!

The referee is knocked down as Jericho now takes down Triple H with a bulldog from behind!! Jericho turns Hunter over and locks in the Walls of Jericho!! Will Triple H tap? The pressure is well and truly locked in, Trips is writhing in pain and he taps!! Triple H taps out!! But the referee is down, the referee is out of things as Jericho releases the hold, realising that he can’t get the job done.

Jericho goes over to the fallen referee but as he turns around BAM!! Jericho is smashed in the skull by EDGE!! Edge’s Money in the Bank briefcase has taken Jericho out cold!! Edge pulls the referee’s shirt, trying to draw life into him as Triple H rolls over, Edge puts Hunter’s arm over Jericho!! But suddenly a huge pop!! Batista is charging the ring!! Batista runs Edge out of the ring and into the crowd!! But inside the ring Triple H has the cover, the referee is counting!! 1-2-3! It’s over!!

Winner: Triple H(15:13)

Triple H gets the hell out of the ring, stumbling as the referee raises his hand on the outside with Batista having stormed back in the ring to try and get his hands on Hunter but was a split second too late as Edge has cost Chris Jericho here tonight and Triple H has stolen his way to Vengeance where he will now get his one on one rematch for the World title with Batista!! Coach says the fluke champion’s days are numbered as J.R hypes that huge match to close the show, ‘And now at Vengeance we will indeed see just how much of a fluke champion Batista really is Coach, it’s teacher vs. student, one more time, Triple H challenges Batista for the World Heavyweight title!! Edge has screwed Chris Jericho here tonight!! We’ll see you next week everybody.’ The show ends with Edge shown in the crowd smiling along with Triple H as Batista looks on angrily with Jericho laid out

Current Vengeance Card: 26th June 2005; Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

World Heavyweight title match

Batista(c) vs Triple H

WWE Women's title: No Disqualification Match

Trish Stratus(c)vs Victoria
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 13/5/05, Little Rock, Arkansas

We get highlights of last week’s main event of RVD vs. Randy Orton with MNM once again costing RVD and Orton getting the victory, earning the chance to face The Undertaker again at Judgment Day. We then see the aftermath and Undertaker going after Orton and MNM as Orton lays Taker out with an RKO to close the show.

We then get the opening video and pyro as we join Michael Cole and Tazz

Michael Cole: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Friday Night Smackdown!! I’m Michael Cole alongside Tazz and partner, what a main event we have in store tonight!! John Cena teams with The Undertaker to take on JBL and Randy Orton!!

Tazz: Oh baby!! The WWE champion teamin’ wit’ da Deadman, a huge main event Cole. I can’t wait for dat one!!

‘One of a kind’ then hits and out comes Rob Van Dam to a big pop.

Michael Cole: But we are kicking things off with Mr.Friday Night himself, Rob Van Dam!! And last week Tazz, we found out that RVD will get his shot at payback on MNM at Judgment Day, it’ll be MNM versus Van Dam and a partner of his choosing for the vacant WWE Tag team titles. Question is, who will RVD’s partner be?

Tazz: Well there’ve been a lotta rumours Cole, we just gotta hope that Van Dam spills da beans here tonight for us. I know RVD as well as anyone and dis whole deal wit’ MNM is takin’ its toll on him lemme tell ya. He cannot wait for Judgment Day.

RVD takes a mic as the audience has a small ‘RVD’ chant going.

RVD: Y’know, I’ve been in this business a long time and lemme tell ya, it ain’t easy. Goin’ out to compete in the middle of this ring, night in, night out, putting my body on the line. Man, just thinking about it brings back some painful memories.

RVD pauses before continuing
RVD: I got my break in ECW(cheers for the mention of that). The most brutal matches and moments in my career came and went during the time I spent there. I fought with guys like Sabu, like Tommy Dreamer, the Sandman, the list goes on, some of the most crazy dudes you’ll ever meet in your life.

The crowd cheer with an ‘ECW’ chant beginning as RVD smiles

RVD: I’ve been put through tables, I’ve had barbed wire bust me open, I’ve had kendo sticks, thumb tacks, everything you can imagine thrown at my body, I’ve been there and done it. Then I came here to the WWE. I’ve fought with some of the best in the business and I’m proud to say that I’ve fought with them, I’ve teamed with them, I have beaten them.

Another pop from the crowd

RVD: But one thing that stands out for me is that whether it was in ECW or here in the WWE, nobody and I mean nobody has ever handed me anything.

Van Dam is looking very intense here

RVD: I’ve won title after title and it’s all been through my own hard work, my own dedication. After all, that’s why you people know me as the whole f’n show.

RVD laughs as the crowd start a big ‘RVD’ chant

RVD: And that’s why these past few weeks man, I’ve been getting’ sick and tired of seein’ MNM runnin’ round Smackdown like they own the show. Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury, you two dudes have been here, what? A month? And you guys think that the WWE Tag team titles should just be handed to you at the click of your fingers?

Boos from the crowd

RVD: Well, let me tell you dudes something. You ain’t gonna be handed a damn thing.

Pop from the crowd as Van Dam continues

RVD: When Judgment Day comes round, you two are in for a rude awakening cos Mr.Friday Night and his partner are gonna teach you exactly what it takes to EARN championships around here.

RVD has the crowd in the palm of his hand

RVD: But, and this is a big but. Yeah, there’s Mercury, there’s Nitro but let’s not forget the ace up their sleeve, Melina.

Boos immediately for the mention of Melina’s name

RVD: Believe me, I feel the same. See Melina is every bit a piece of trash as those two are. She thinks she’s got IT, well Melina sweetheart, let me tell ya, you ain’t got nothing.

Laughs in the crowd and a big cheer as RVD continues

RVD: The whining, the screaming, the interfering, everything about her is as annoying as hell and I can’t stand the sight of her.

Massive pop again for Van Dam

Paparazzi’ then hits and out comes the troublesome trio themselves, MNM to big heat as they make their way down to the ring

Melina: Rob, Rob, Rob, here’s the thing ‘dude’, we go on about being handed things because we DESERVE to be handed things, we’re MNM, the greatest tag team to ever grace the WWE.

A few laughs in the crowd but the majority give heat for that comment

Melina: But you? Rob, you don’t deserve to be handed ANYTHING!

Heat again for Melina here

Melina: You may be right about one thing though, it’s not been easy for you over the years. But hey, you think it’s easy for us? Well let me tell you, it‘s not.. It’s incredibly hard for the three of us to even give you a moment of our time considering the schedules that we have.

Mercury and Nitro nod their heads as RVD sblacks and the crowd boo the shit out of Melina

Melina: You people should appreciate us even being here!!

Huge heat continues

Melina: We could be out in Hollywood at a party right now, out on the red carpet with the stars, but no, we’re here on Smackdown. We are the ultimate A-listers Rob and that is reason enough for my boys to be handed the Tag team titles.

RVD: What are you an A-lister for exactly Melina? Being a total bitch?

Massive pop for Van Dam as Nitro cuts RVD off

Nitro: Hey, hey, you don’t talk to her like that!

RVD: Or what Johnny?

Van Dam gets in the face of Nitro who backs away

Nitro: You think you’re real cool don’t you Rob? You think cos you have your little catchphrases and nicknames that you’re better than us? Well at Judgment Day, we’re gonna shut you up for good and there’ll be no more Mr.Friday Night, it’ll be more like, hmm( turns to Mercury), Joey, how does Mr.Title light sound?

Mercury starts laughing hysterically as Nitro continues

Nitro: Cos we’re takin’ the tag titles and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it.

Nitro and Mercury laugh at Nitro’s poor joke

RVD: Really? Nitro, tell me man, what makes you so sure huh?

Mercury butts in

Mercury: How about the fact you don’t even have a partner yet Rob? What, you think you can beat the two of us all by yourself? Please.

RVD: Think before you speak man, cos you three don’t know this but I got a little secret. See, I DO have a partner for Judgment Day.

Pop from the crowd

RVD: And he hates your guts just as much as I do. He’s been in the business as long as I have and he damn sure worked just as hard to get where he is today.

Melina: Where is he then Rob? Hiding in the back of your mind? Use the mind game all you want Rob. You don’t have a partner and we’re not buyin’ it.

RVD: I don’t have a partner? Well, how bout I introduce him to you right here, right now.

Pop from the crowd as they wonder who RVD will reveal

RVD: He was there for me when you guys jumped me a few weeks back and he promised that if I needed his help, he’d be there for me. So when Teddy Long announced that match last week, well he was the only dude I was ever gonna turn to.

Some in the crowd know who Van Dam is talking about while others wait
RVD: Mercury, Nitro, Melina, my partner for Judgment Day is…

RVD can’t reveal who it is as Mercury and Nitro take Van Dam out before going to work on their bitter rival, stomping away, beating down on him before, ‘Booyaka’ hits and out comes Rey Mysterio to a big pop!! MNM scatter as Mysterio comes to the aid of Van Dam before taking the mic.

Mysterio: You two can run all you want but facts are at Judgment Day, you two ain’t walkin’ away with anything cos on May 22nd, the new Tag team champions will be Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterioooooo!!

Massive pop from the crowd as Mysterio confirms that he is RVD’s partner at Judgment Day!

Michael Cole: Wow!! Rey Mysterio has come to Rob Van Dam’s aid here tonight and at Judgment Day Mysterio will team with RVD to take on MNM for the WWE Tag team championships.

Tazz: That match at Judgment Day just took another huge twist Cole. Van Dam and Mysterio? I can live wit dat. MNM have got their work cut out here Cole.

Michael Cole: You may well be right partner, and still to come here tonight on Smackdown, the WWE champion John Cena teams with The Undertaker to take on JBL and Randy Orton!!


We return and Brian Kendrick is in the ring ready for action as ‘Masterpiece’ hits and out comes the Masterpiece himself, Chris Masters.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and this man Chris Masters was drafted over to Friday nights a couple of weeks ago. Last week Masters debuted, defeating Booker T in what was a real statement from the Masterpiece Tazz.

Tazz: For sure Cole. This kid has all the tools, the size, the speed, the ability, Masters has it and beating Booker T ain’t easy lemme tell ya. I see big things for Chris Masters here on Smackdown.

Match one: Singles match

Chris Masters vs. Brian Kendrick

Masters dominates his much smaller opponent right from the off in impressive fashion. Masters worked the upper body of Kendrick early on, beating down on him with some hard shots. Masters then hit a huge gorilla press slam on Kendrick which took everything out of the young cruiserweight, the impact was massive. Masters did then take his foot off the gas slightly and Kendrick managed to throw some right hands, knocking the big man off balance before taking down Masters with a drop kick.

The crowd began to get behind Kendrick however his momentum was soon halted as he went to the top rope, ready to pounce on Masters who returned to his feet but as Kendrick took the leap of faith from the top, he was met by Masters who caught Kendrick from behind and applied the Masterlock to which the referee had no choice but to call for the bell.

Winner: Chris Masters(5:27)

Michael Cole: A convincing win here tonight for the Masterpiece and Tazz that was nothing short of impressive from Chris Masters.

Tazz: Highly impressive Cole and that Masterlock? Wow, I don’t see anybody breakin’ outta it any time soon.

We cut backstage to see MNM appearing to be headed towards the parking lot before Smackdown GM Teddy Long appears.

Long: Hold on there playas, where do ya think ya headin’?

Melina: Anywhere Teddy, anywhere away from this show, away from you, away from RVD, from Rey Mysterio, from all these people in Boston! We don’t deserve to be treated like this.

Big heat as ever for Melina

Long: Now I don’t know where ya get off thinking’ like dat baby girl but you ain’t leavin’, not on my watch, cos tonight we got you some action.

Pop from the crowd as the three look confused

Melina: What do you mean ‘action’ Teddy?

Long: I mean dat tonight in dat very ring, we gonna get ourselves a small Judgment Day preview. It’s goin’ to be the man on ya right there, Johnny Nitro one on one with Rey Mysterio!!

Huge pop from the crowd as the trio go berserk

Melina: You can’t- you-you just URGHHHHH!! TEDDY THIS IS NOT FAIR!!

Long: Holla holla!!

Long walks away as Melina squeals once more with Nitro and Mercury complaining to one another

Michael Cole: Well yet another huge match up later on tonight here on Smackdown now!! Rey Mysterio will face Johnny Nitro! I think I speak for everyone when I say that I hope Mysterio can put an end to these guys running their mouths.

Tazz: What happened to impartial Cole? You gotta look at this from MNM’s perspective too, this is a big chance for Johnny Nitro to show he can hang wit da big boys here on Friday nights. I’m lookin’ forward to seein’ that one later on.

Michael Cole: Well we will find out tonight that’s for sure but another big incident that took place last week folks was when the Cruiserweight champion Paul London took on Tajiri. Let’s take a look.

We see highlights from the match last week which resulted in a disqualification after Chavo Guerrero interfered and frog splashed London through the announce table with some ‘Holy shit’ chants echoing in the background.

Michael Cole: Well we have learned that after that brutal frog splash through the table from Chavo last week, Paul London will not be here tonight after not being cleared for action by the doctors. We understand that our colleague Josh Matthews is standing by at this time with the man who took London out last week, Chavo Guerrero.

Matthews: Indeed, my guest at this time is the #1 contender to the Cruiserweight title, Chavo Guerrero.

Guerrero appears into shot to a lot of heat

Matthews: Chavo, we saw last week your vicious attack on Paul London, resulting in you frog splashing him through the announce table. My question is why and what possessed you to take your rivalry with Paul London to such extremes?

Guerrero: Josh are you stupid? (Looks at the camera) Are you people all stupid? Cos for this past week, all I’ve had is people asking me why I did what I did to Paul London. And I just stare at them Josh, I stare and think to myself, is it not painfully obvious to you why I did what I did?

Chavo stares at Josh in that exact manner

Guerrero: I’m the #1 contender to the Cruiserweight title esse. You really think that what happened last week hindered my chance at becoming champion?

Matthews shakes his head

Guerrero: No I didn’t think so. What I did last week only HELPED my chances of becoming champion again. I could beat Paul London whenever, wherever but Josh if I get the chance to weaken my opponent, I’m gonna take it.

Heat for Chavo now

Guerrero; Now I hope you’re watching at home Paul. I hope you’re getting your rest, recovering well, cos Paul you’re gonna need all the rest you can get. I’m counting the days til Judgment Day and you better believe that when I get my hands on you again, that Cruiserweight title is gonna be back around my waist, back where it belongs.

Matthews: Chavo, a lot of people have been wondering though, has Paul London got your number? After all, you lost the title to him and lost the rematch. What do you say to those people?

Guerrero: Ha ha Josh, Paul London has won two matches to get where he is today. I’ve been winning matches, winning titles for YEARS.

Chavo strokes his chin for a second before continuing

Guerrero: The name Paul London means absolutely nothing in this business. The name Guerrero, the name Chavo Guerrero, it’s looked up to by so many people all across the industry, all across the world! When Judgment Day comes, I will prove to Paul London, I will prove to you, I will prove to everybody that two fluke wins mean absolutely nothing here in the WWE and I will prove just exactly what the difference is between Paul London and Chavo Guerrrrrero.

Chavo walks away as Josh Matthews looks on and we head back to ringside

Michael Cole: Well Chavo Guerrero looks more than focused on regaining the Cruiserweight title at Judgment Day Tazz. But you’ve gotta believe that Paul London will seek retribution for that attack last week.

Tazz: No doubt about it Cole. London, as banged up as he is, you can be sure that he ain’t gonna take lightly to what went down last week. These two could steal the show at Judgment Day.

We then hear the music of Luther Reigns who makes his way out to the ring, ready for action.

Michael Cole: Folks when we return we will see this man, Luther Reigns in action as he goes one on one with Matt Hardy!! Don’t go anywhere!!


We return and ‘Live for the moment’ immediately hits to a big pop and out comes Matt Hardy.

Michael Cole: Well Matt Hardy had a great debut last week on Smackdown Tazz, defeating the United States champion, Orlando Jordan. Hardy told Jordan that he was coming to Smackdown to win titles and if I were Orlando Jordan I’d be concerned after that defeat last week.

Tazz: Matt Hardy can go Cole. We all know that, but Hardy has never quite been the same performer on his own, his move to Smackdown is the big opportunity he needs and last week Hardy made a statement. I can’t wait to see what Matt Hardy brings to Friday nights in the comin’ months baby.

Match two: Singles match

Matt Hardy vs. Luther Reigns

The match starts off with both men locking up and Reigns takes control early on, using his size to his advantage. Reigns takes Hardy down with a scoop slam before attempting a pinfall but Hardy kicks out at two. Reigns looked to take the initiative and continue an assault on Hardy, stomping away on his opponent, throwing strong rights and lefts at Hardy.

Reigns began to become frustrated and this allowed Hardy his chance to take control. Hardy took it to Reigns, unloading on the big man with some strong shots before running the ropes and taking Reigns down with a flying forearm. The crowd right behind Hardy, he continued his roll, forcing a near fall after a nice suplex.

The finish of the match came when Reigns looked to have got the upper hand, whipping Hardy into the corner before charging at him but Hardy got the boot up and took Reigns down with a side effect!! Big impact from Hardy but he refused to go for the pinfall and instead preyed on Reigns. As Reigns got back up Hardy was set and BAM!! Connects with the twist of fate!! 1-2-3, it’s over!!

Winner: Matt Hardy(7:06)

Michael Cole: Matt Hardy is on a roll!! Another big win for Hardy here tonight, defeating the impressive Luther Reigns BUT WAIT!!! ORLANDO JORDAN!! ORLANDO JORDAN IS ATTACKING MATT HARDY!!

Hardy has nowhere to go as he turns around straight into a shot to the skull with the United States title belt from Orlando Jordan. Jordan proceeds to stomp away at Hardy before lifting him up to his feet again, Hardy looking completely dazed as Orlando takes Hardy out again with the title belt. Jordan then held Hardy’s head up and put the title next to his face, telling Hardy, ‘You’ll never touch this so long as I’m champion, you understand? NEVER. You’d better pick your targets a bit more closely next time Matt cos NOBODY takes Orlando Jordan lightly.’

Orlando then left to a chorus of heat as Hardy lay motionless on the mat

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, Orlando Jordan has made his mark here tonight. A statement of intent from JBL’s chief of staff and the United States champion. Matt Hardy may be on a roll but that roll has been well and truly halted by Orlando Jordan right here and now.

Tazz: Big time Cole. I love dis attitude from Orlando Jordan. Matt Hardy got in his face last week and instead of sittin’ back, Orlando takes matters into his own hands, JBL must be a proud man right now.

Michael Cole: Aw c’mon Tazz, Orlando had no right to just assault Matt Hardy from behind like that. Hardy fought Jordan face to face last week, no sneak attacks, nothing.

Tazz: Hey, by any means necessary Cole. He ain’t the United States champion for nothing.

We then head to a Judgment Day video package

We go backstage and head to Teddy Long’s office when the GM suddenly hears the door and in walks JBL to big heat from the crowd

Long: JBL, what can I do for you playa?

JBL: You can speak English for a start Teddy.

Long laughs as JBL sets himself

JBL: Do you think what happened last week was acceptable Teddy? Do you? Cos what happened last week was a complete and utter disgrace.

Long: What you talkin’ bout John?

JBL: What am I taking about? For god sake Teddy, John Cena put his hands on me as though I was a piece of meat and you just sit back and take no action. Tell me Teddy, what happened to being an authority figure? What happened to being impartial? Cos you can bet your ass that if I attacked John Cena like that, you would make sure I pay for it!

Long: Calm down there playa. Now as far as I saw, last week you provoked John Cena. Now I know if somebody provoked you JBL, you’d retaliate, so the way I see it, John Cena did what anybody would do and took matters into his own hands, ya feel me?

JBL: No I don’t ‘feel’ you. I want action taken damn it!!

Heat here for JBL as Teddy Long begins to look annoyed

JBL: You are hell bent on stopping’ me from becoming WWE champion again Teddy. I know it, these people know it and John Cena damn sure knows it!! His reign as champion is on borrowed time and you are doin’ your upmost to extend that timeframe aren’t ya Teddy? Well guess what? It ENDS at Judgment Day, whether ya like it or not!

Long: How bout you just get yourself ready for tonights main event instead of comin’ in here and accusing me, cos quite frankly I’m sick of it.

Pop for the GM standing up for himself.

Long: Now you got yaself at championship match at Judgment Day, that’s all I can give ya playa but I ain’t gonna lie JBL, I hope that John Cena is the Last man Standing come May 22nd!

Massive pop again for the GM as JBL looks horrified before laughing slightly.

JBL: I knew it. I knew you were on HIS side, on these peoples side! It is an outrage and I am goin’ to make sure that when I become WWE Champion again that it is not just John Cena’s reign coming to an end, it will be yours too Teddy, count on it ‘playa’.

JBL walks out of the office as we cut to Josh Matthews who is standing by with Carlito.

Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, Carlito.

Carlito appears with a smug look on his face to some good heat

Matthews: Carlito last week we saw you attack Booker T after his match with Chris Masters. I think the answer we are all looking for is why?

Carlito: Josh isn’t it obvious? A couple weeks back Carlito told ju, told Booker T, told everybody dat Carlito was sick of seeing dis phony Booker T. Da real Booker T died when WCW died and Carlito can’t STAND to see dis imposter runnin’ round anymore.

Carlito takes a bite of his apple

Carlito: Ju see what Carlito did last week was try and get some passion, some aggression back in Booker T. But Carlito gets to the arena tonight and what do I hear? Carlito hears that Booker T isn’t even here tonight. What does dat tell ju Josh? Dat tells ju that Carlito was right. Carlito is always right ha ha.

The fans give heat for the Caribbean superstar

Carlito: Booker T doesn’t give a damn anymore and quite frankly Carlito’s not gonna waste anymore time on dat guy. Carlito just wanted to help but Booker doesn’t see it dat way. So Book, Carlito’s got a message for ju.

Carlito pauses before continuing

Carlito: If and dis is a BIG if. If ju find ju’self again, if da real Booker T comes back to Friday night Smackdown, den ju come and find Carlito. Cos Carlito doesn’t wanna face ju in dis state, no. Carlito wants ju 100% at ju best so I can beat da former 5 time WCW champion, not da washed up has been we all see ju as right now. And when ju come back? When ju are da real Booker T? And when Carlito beats you? Dat? Dat will be cool.

Carlito takes another bite of his apple and heads off.

Commercial break

We return and ‘Paparazzi’ hits and out comes Johnny Nitro along with Joey Mercury and Melina, ready for his match.

Michael Cole: Well, earlier tonight folks we learned that Rob Van Dam’s partner at Judgment Day will be none other than Rey Mysterio which didn’t set well with MNM. Tonight though is a big opportunity for Johnny Nitro to prove that he and MNM can compete with the best around here on Smackdown.

Tazz: For sure Cole, you won’t find many better than Rey Mysterio and RVD. If MNM can beat these guys at Judgment Day, that’s a huge step in the right direction for these young guys.

‘Booyaka’ hits and out comes the ultimate underdog himself, Rey Mysterio, accompanied by RVD and we get set for action.

Match three: Singles match

Rey Mysterio w/Rob Van Dam vs. Johnny Nitro w/Joey Mercury and Melina

The match is a real highlight of the night as Nitro proves that he and perhaps MNM really can hang with the top dogs on Smackdown.

Mysterio began things in control, taking it to Nitro and overwhelming him with some innovative moves. The Mexican high flier scored the first near fall of the match around two minutes in, coming close with a nice hurricanrana into a pin, which Nitro just managed to get the shoulder up at the count of two. Nitro began to get a foothold on things after Melina distracted the referee allowing Nitro to hit Mysterio with a low blow. Huge heat for the youngster for that tactic.

Nitro then took control and hit Mysterio with a nice side Russian legsweep which got him a two count. The pressure continued and Nitro hammered away at Mysterio, not allowing him a second to breathe. But a couple of minutes later, Mysterio regained control following a Nitro mistake.

One half of MNM went to the top rope and instead of looking to hit Mysterio, Nitro started gloating with Mercury and Melina which allowed Rey to drop kick the ropes and Nitro to fall, landing delicately. Mysterio then hurled Nitro off the top and ran the ropes, as Nitro got to his feet he caught Rey in mid air but Mysterio got the upper hand, hitting Nitro with a bull dog. Cover by Rey, 1-2--kick out by Nitro.

Rey then continued to make the match high tempo, not giving Nitro room to manoeuvre. The veteran got another near fall moments after the last one following a sunset flip from Nitro, which Rey countered out of and connected with a sweet roundhouse kick to the head of Nitro, nearly knocking him out cold but somehow Nitro got the shoulder up.

With Nitro in trouble, Melina and Mercury began to stick their noses in and Melina got up on the apron to distract the ref, Mercury looked to get in the ring but RVD met him on the outside to take him down which was greeted with a great pop from the crowd. With Van Dam and Mercury now going at it on the outside, the action continued in the ring and Mysterio with a drop toe hold to Nitro, Mysterio’s going for the 619!! Connects!!

Mysterio heads up to the top, the referee is looking on the outside at Van Dam and Mercury telling them to get out. Melina though!! Melina pushes Rey off the top and Rey is caught with a DDT mid air from Nitro!! Huge move from Nitro!! Cover, 1-2-3, it’s over!

Winner: Johnny Nitro (12:35)

Michael Cole: Nitro has stolen one here tonight!! MNM have stolen one from Rey Myterio and Rob Van Dam yet again and these punks seem keep getting away with it!!

Tazz: If the referee ain’t seen it, it ain’t cheatin’ Cole. Fact. Johnny Nitro has picked up the biggest win of his career right there.

Michael Cole: But how can Nitro be happy with that huh? How can MNM condone their actions tonight?

Tazz: By the ‘W’ in the record books Cole. These two guys, this trio are makin’ a big impact on Friday nights baby. Van Dam and Rey better step their game up.

Mysterio is still down and RVD looks devastated that MNM have got one over on him and now his partner again. We head off to a video package for the ‘Man Beast’ Rhyno who will be making his Smackdown debut next week!!

Immediately we cut backstage where we see the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. The crowd immediately boo the sight of Orton, but the boos soon turn to cheers as the WWE champion, John Cena enters the fray.

Cena: Well, well, well, Randy Orton, good to see you man!!

Orton isn’t fooled by Cena’s over enthusiasm

Orton: Cut the cheap talk John, what do you want?

Cena smirks

Cena: Just thought I’d show my face before tonights big match and wish you luck, cos believe me Randy, you’re gonna need it. You’re gonna need it tonight and you’re gonna need it at Judgment Day against the Undertaker.

Pop from the crowd

Orton: I don’t need luck John because it is my destiny to end the career of the Undertaker, one of , if not he biggest legend to ever set foot in this company. And he is gonna be put to rest once and for all by ME. There will be nothing lucky about it. Simply put, at Judgment Day, I do what so many men have failed, including YOU John.

Cena: You sure can talk the talk can’t you? I’ll admit, back in the day the Undertaker had my number, I was young, inexperiencd but now? Now I’m the WWE champion.

Cena holds the belt in Orton’s face to a big pop from the crowd

Orton: You wanna talk about young? Inexperienced? John, I am the youngest World champion in HISTORY!!

Boos ring around the arena

Orton: So you can say what you want about being the WWE champion, about experience, you can say whatever you want John. But I promise you, when I’m through with the Undertaker, whether it be you or JBL, I am gonna take that title and bring it exactly where it belongs, around my waist.

More heat again for the Legend Killer

Cena: Randy, you know that at Judgment Day, JBL ain’t walkin’ away with this(points at his title) so the way I see it, you want this? You’re gonna have to go through me. And Randy, you know how I roll around here by now.

Cena gets in Orton’s face holding up the title

Cena: You want some, come…get…some.

The fans pop huge

Commercial break

We return and head straight to ringside

Michael Cole: Well before the break we had quite the confrontation backstage between the WWE champion John Cena and Randy Orton. Two of the best young stars here on Smackdown, here in the entire WWE! I mean, can you imagine Cena and Orton going at it for the WWE title?!?

Tazz: You’re right Cole. For once you’re right, a big time match up right there and if we get to see it some point down the line, I ain’t gonna complain.

Michael Cole: Well they may come to blows right here tonight as in our main event later on, we will see John Cena team with the Undertaker to take on Randy Orton and the #1 contender to the WWE title, JBL.

‘Stand back, there’s a Hurricane comin’ through’ hits and out comes Smackdown’s superhero himself, ready for action, The Hurricane.

Michael Cole: That main event still to come tonight but we are all set for some Cruiserweight action!!

Tazz: Only on Friday nights Cole!!

‘Asiattacker’ then plays and out comes the Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri to a mixed reaction

Michael Cole: Well last week Tajiri made his Smackdown debut, taking on Paul London, but there was confusion amongst our fans when Chavo Guerrero took Paul London out, Tajiri just stood and looked on, seemingly glad to see London suffer.

Tazz: I kinda liked it Cole. Tajiri had a little tag team run on Raw with William Regal, but now he’s here on Smackdown, he’s lookin’ out for number one, himself. I’m lookin’ forward to seein’ where Tajiri goes here on Friday nights.

Match four: Singles match

Tajiri vs. The Hurricane

The match is as you’d expect, pretty high paced with Hurricane gaining the early initiative. Friday night’s Superhero came close to ending it within the opening minute following a shock roll up from out of nowhere which Tajiri just got the shoulder up at the count of two.

Tajiri then struck Hurricane with a nasty kick to the ribs, followed by two, three more, really battering the ribs and chest of his opponent. Hurricane looks like he’s struggling for breath as Tajiri then takes him down with a nice suplex followed by a cover but a kick out at two.

Tajiri then went for another big kick to the head of this time of Hurricane however he ducked it and caught the Japanese Buzzsaw with a big uppercut, knocking Tajiri off balance. Hurricane then took Tajiri down with a nice Northern Lights suplex which Hurricane held onto for a cover but Tajiri this time kicked out at two.

The two men eventually feel to the outside as Hurricane charged at Tajiri by the ropes, the Japanese Buzzsaw ducked it and Hurricane went over the top but held on, only for Tajiri to blow the Green Mist into the eyes of Hurricane, who proceeded to fall to the outside. The fans began to boo Tajiri but the referee didn’t see the incident though as Tajiri’s back was turned to him.

With Hurricane down on the outside and the fans booing Tajiri, he snapped and pointed around the crowd before kicking Hurricane’s head off almost with a big kick to the temple before grabbing a steel chair and to everyone’s surprise, went on to hammer Hurricane across his back and ribs with some brutal shots using the chair as the referee called for the bell

Winner: The Hurricane via Disqualification(6:43)

Michael Cole: Tajiri has snapped!! What has gotten into the head of the Japanese Buzzsaw Tazz?

Tazz: I’m speechless Cole. Tajiri has turned a corner here on Smackdown, I see gold in Tajiri’s sights in the not too distant future. Wit’ this kinda attitude, you can believe me on dat one.

Michael Cole: Hurricane looks out of it here, he may need some help.

Hurricane is attended to by some trainers and helped to the back as we cut backstage and see Kurt Angle sitting in his locker room, met with boos from the crowd. Angle receives a knock at the door and it’s the Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff?!?

Angle: How’d’ you get in here?

Angle rises from his seat as Bischoff smirks

Bischoff: Doesn’t matter does it Kurt? I’m here now and I’m here to talk to you.

Bischoff points at Angle who looks hesitant about him being here

Angle: Well…

Bischoff: Look you watched Raw Monday night didn’t you? You saw what happened with me and your buddy Shawn?

Angle: I saw and Eric, let me just say, I don’t like Shawn Michaels, I don’t like him at all and I don’t agree with most things he does. But him kicking your teeth down your throat? That was something I agreed entirely with.

The crowd pop as Bischoff looks surprised

Bischoff: Kurt I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that

Angle laughs

Angle: Pretend all you want but it’s the truth Eric, now what are ya here for?

Bischoff: I’m glad you asked, see I’m here for one reason only and that is you Kurt. I need your help.

Angle: You? Eric Bischoff? You need my help? I never thought I’d see the day.

Bischoff: Funny Kurt, real funny. Look this whole Shawn Michaels deal, it’s gotta end. I can’t have Shawn Michaels running round MY show kicking people’s heads off every week.

Angle: So where do I fit into all this huh?

Bischoff sblacks

Bischoff: See, I cannot and will not let Shawn Michaels come to Smackdown, over my dead body will that happen. But…

Bischoff smiles in his usual sly, evil manner

Bischoff: Kurt Angle coming to Raw? I can live with that. In fact I would LOVE for you to come and join me on Monday night Raw. You can finally settle this thing with Shawn and when all is said and done Kurt, you can become World Heavyweight champion. How do ya like the sound of that?

Angle ponders what Bischoff has said

Bischoff: You may not like me, but Kurt, what is there for you here on Smackdown anymore? Come on man, Teddy Long has screwed you out of becoming WWE champion for long enough now! JBL stole your title shot from you! Hell, you’re not even booked for a match at Judgment Day! You’re being completely overlooked on what is a freakin’ B-rate show and quite frankly, it is a disgrace!!

Some fans are booing Bischoff’s cheap tactics whilst others are cheering at the thought of Angle jumping to Raw for another match with Shawn Michaels. Angle doesn’t seem to know what to say.

Bischoff: Look, how bout I let you think about it Kurt and by next week on Smackdown, you give me an answer? You give the whole world an answer? You can stay here on Smackdown and continue to ROT, to be OVERLOOKED, to be DISRESPECTED. Or…..

Bischoff smirks once again

Bischoff: You can come to Eric Bischoff’s Monday night Raw, you can finish Shawn Michaels FOR GOOD and you can once again become the most formidable force in the entire WWE.

Bischoff looks up and uses his hands from left to right to say, ‘Kurt Angle, World Heavyweight champion. Think about it Kurt, think about it.’ Bischoff pats Angle on the back before leaving as Angle looks completely speechless, wondering what move he should make next.

Commercial break

We return and head to Michael Cole and Tazz who discuss what just happened.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday night Smackdown and before the commercial break that slime ball Eric Bischoff, how the hell did he even get in the arena? Eric Bischoff, the Monday night Raw general manager was trying to tempt Kurt Angle, trying to STEAL Kurt Angle away from Smackdown and jump ship to Raw.

Tazz: Well I hope and pray that Kurt Angle makes the right choice and stays wit’ us here on Smackdown. Bischoff is a no good piece of crap and Angle needs to stay as far away from him as possible.

Michael Cole: Well I sure hope that Teddy Long has something to say about this and that Teddy Long puts Eric Bischoff in his place.

‘Longhorn’ hits and it’s main event time as JBL makes his way out in his trademark limo to big heat from the crowd.

Michael Cole: In just a couple of weeks time this man will be looking to regain the WWE championship and last week we learned that JBL will face John Cena in a Last man Standing match at Judgment Day. A huge stipulation!!

Tazz: No doubt about it Cole. JBL and Cena are gonna beat the holy hell outta each other at Judgment Day and I can’t wait for it. Can you really see either man bein’ put down for a ten count? I can’t see it Cole. Somethin’ big’s gotta go down at Judgment Day.

‘Burn in my light’ then hits and out comes the Legend Killer, Randy Orton to big heat also as he’s all set to team with JBL.

Michael Cole: Last week was an even bigger week for Randy Orton. Orton defeated Rob Van Dam to earn himself a match at Judgment Day with the Undertaker. Does Orton really know what he has let himself in for?

Tazz: Some people are callin’ this kid stupid for wantin’ another shot at the Deadman but I gotta give Randy Orton major props for wantin’ another opportunity. Orton is intent on finishin’ the Deadman and at Judgment Day, he may just do it Cole.

‘GONG’ ‘Graveyard Symphony’ then hits and out comes The Undertaker to a huge pop from the crowd.

Michael Cole: For the first time since Wrestlemania, tonight we will see the Undertaker in action! At Wrestlemania the Deadman saw off the challenge of Randy Orton but since then Orton has made it his mission to once and for all, finish the career of the Undertaker. Easier said than done partner.

Tazz: For sure Cole. This man is one of the greatest and one of the most intimidating superstars to ever set foot inside the squared circle. But at Wrestlemania we all saw how close Randy Orton came to beatin’ and endin’ the Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak. At Judgment Day, we’re in for a blockbuster when Taker and Orton go at it again.

‘My time is now’ then hits to a thunderous ovation as the WWE champion John Cena makes his way out for this huge tag team match.

Michael Cole: The champ is here!!

Tazz: Oh baby.

Michael Cole: Last week John Cena accepted the challenge from JBL, a Last man Standing match at Judgment Day. Some people have said that it’s a huge call from Cena to accept that match, I mean JBL has all the experience in the world compared to our WWE champion. Do you pit JBL as the favourite for this one at Judgment Day?

Tazz: Cole it’s a tough one to call. Cena’s got the total package man BUT like you say, JBL has that experience factor which could prove key especially in a match like sumthin’ as brutal as a Last man Standing match.

Match five: Tag team match

WWE champion John Cena and The Undertaker vs. JBL and Randy Orton

Taker and JBL start the match with JBL circling round the ring, trying to avoid the Deadman but fails to do so as Taker takes it to the former WWE champion. Undertaker gets the upper hand early on, taking it to JBL with some strong right hands, followed by an irish whip into the corner, as JBL bounced back off, Taker was primed and waiting to deliver a huge big boot to take down JBL.

The Deadman then looked to take JBL for some old school but Layfield managed to turn the tables on Taker and kicked Taker in the gut before he could walk the ropes. JBL then managed to get a hold on things, hitting Taker with some big right hands before knocking the Deadman down with a big boot of his own.

Layfield then locked the Demon of Death Valley into a sleeper hold. JBL continued to apply some strong pressure but with the crowd getting behind Taker, he seemed to find life from somewhere and managed to break free from the hold. JBL couldn’t believe it and ran the ropes, looking to hit a clothesline from hell but Taker ducked it and grabbed JBL by the throat!! Taker goes for the choke slam but from behind Randy Orton comes in and knocks Taker down!! Huge heat for Orton as the referee forces him back to the apron with JBL down on his knees as is Taker.

JBL makes his way towards Orton looking for the tag and finds his partner but Taker does the same and now it’s the champion Cena and Randy Orton going at it in the ring. Orton lands the first blow but Cena responds. Both men trading right hands with Cena getting the better of it. Cena whips Orton into the ropes and takes the Legend Killer down with a running shoulder block.

Cena poses for the crowd and waits for Orton to get back to his feet. Orton rises and turns right into Cena who lifts Orton up for an FU but Orton counters and kicks Cena in the gut, DDT from Orton. Cover, 1-2-kick out from the champion. The crowd are really into this match as Orton is now primed for Cena to get back up. As Cena gets up, Orton goes straight at him and throws Cena towards his corner knocking the Undertaker off the apron and into the barricade. Orton laughs as Cena and Taker are down with Orton taunting the Undertaker.

Orton drags Cena over towards his corner now and tags in JBL again. JBL smugly smiles and they doubleteam Cena for a minute or two with both men taking turns to stomp on Cena. Orton then exit’s the ring and JBL looks to pick off his opponent at Judgment Day.

Layfield is shouting that ‘you’re nothing Cena’ and ‘stay down for 10, just like at Judgment Day’ but as Layfield continues the verbal insults, Cena connects with a big right hand on JBL to a big pop from the crowd. JBL is knocked back into the ropes as Cena connects with a back body drop on the #1 contender and now Cena is in control.

On the apron though Randy Orton tries to get back in the ring but Undertaker has made his way around the ring and pulls Orton off the apron, face first into the mat. Taker and Orton are now going at it on the outside. Taker hurls Orton into the ringpost, almost taking Orton’s shoulder out of place. Inside the ring, Cena is stalking JBL but through the crowd from behind, it’s JBL’s chief of staff, Orlando Jordan!! Jordan is primed to attack Cena but then there’s a major pop as Matt Hardy appears!! Orlando throws a shot at Cena but Cena fights back, Cena and OJ going at it as Cena turns Orlando round into Hardy who takes down OJ and begins to hammer away at Orlando!!

The crowd are eating it up but the referee has called for the bell. BAM!! Cena was looking at the Hardy-Jordan brawl when JBL takes Cena down from behind!! Huge heat for JBL but the Undertaker is back in the ring and is going after JBL!! JBL though, cowardly as ever, exit’s the ring as Hardy throws Orlando over the rope to join him. Orlando and JBL retreat as does Orton on his knees. Inside the ring, Hardy and Taker stand tall with Cena making his way back up to his feet, mouthing’ Just wait’ to JBL

Winners: No Contest( 12:23)

Michael Cole: All hell has broken loose here on Friday Night Smackdown!! Matt Hardy has got revenge on Orlando Jordan, the Undertaker has taken it to Randy Orton but JBL has laid out the WWE champion here tonight!!

Tazz: Absolute chaos Cole and at Judgment Day this thing is just gonna explode between Cena and JBL. There will only be one last man standing and at Judgment Day we find out who the better man is.

Michael Cole: I can’t wait partner. John Cena is finally gonna shut JBL up once and for all but tonight the #1 contender has taken the upper hand. Join us next week everybody. Goodnight!!

The show ends with JBL smirking and the camera zooming in on an angry, intense Cena.

Current Judgment Day Card

WWE Championship: Last Man Standing match
John Cena(c) vs JBL

WWE Tag Team Titles
MNM vs Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

WWE Cruiserweight title
Paul London(c) vs Chavo Guerrero

Randy Orton vs The Undertaker

All feedback would be much appreciated and returned.

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