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Re: WWE 205: Raising the Bar

WWE Smackdown- 4/22/05- Dunkin’ Donuts Center- Providence, Rhode Island

The show opens with a video package of the controversy from last week’s show with Orlando Jordan and JBL screwing Booker T in the #1 contenders tournament.

The opening video then plays and pyro hits as we go to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Friday night Smackdown. I’m Michael Cole alongside Tazz and we are still reeling from the events of last week.

Tazz: Oh man, it was a crazy night in Chicago last week and I think it’s safe to say, tonight we will see repercussions.

Michael Cole: No doubt in my mind partner. Also, tonight we will see one of the semi finals in the #1 contenders tournament as Kurt Angle meets Big Show in a massive match up!!

Tazz: Cole, that one is a unique clash of styles and I cannot wait for this one.

Longhorn’ hits to thunderous heat as JBL’s limo makes it way out with JBL, the Bashams and Orlando Jordan all stepping out to come down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Last week, I was fooled Tazz. I was fooled, you were fooled, I think everybody was fooled when Orlando Jordan looked to have finally stood up to JBL but it was all a ploy. It was all a part of JBL’s master plan.

Tazz: Cole, as stunned as I was, you have gotta give credit where credit is due. JBL played us all and he got the job done yet again and now he is one step closer to getting his WWE championship rematch.

JBL takes a mic with a huge grin on his face as the crowd in Providence boo the life out of him and the cabinet.

JBL: Haha, last week. Well, last week was one of those great moments in life when I fool each.. and.. every.. one of you morons!!

The crowd start a ‘You Suck’ chant as JBL seems to be relishing it.

JBL: Chant all you want, but I am now well and truly on the road to recapturing my possession, MY WWE title.

Orlando and the Bashams nod their heads in agreement with JBL continuing to soak in the atmosphere.

JBL: Let’s face it. John Cena is on borrowed time. There is only one man on Smackdown great enough to carry that championship and that man is ME. You people will chant my name!! ‘JBL, JBL, JBL’.

The heat is insane for JBL, it is deafening as they refuse to let him get a word in.


More chants of ‘You Suck’ for the former champ as he continues on.

JBL: Now, as I was saying. I am the only man capable of holding the WWE championship here on Smackdown and last week I did what I had to do to defeat Booker T.

More heat for JBL for the reference to last week.

JBL: You people don’t like it, I don’t give a damn. Y’see, I was backstage last week and I thought to myself, Booker T knows everything I have got in my locker.

JBL: I have fought Booker T time and again over the past year or so and he knows every trick in the book that I have up my sleeve, and that’s why I had to think of something new, something inventive, something genius.

JBL: And by god, didn’t I just?!! Haha.

The crowd is getting sick to the sight of JBL now as he continues to thrive in this environment.

JBL: And you people, haha, you people fell hook, line and sinker!! You all thought that the man on my right had ‘turned’ on me, you thought he had seen enough of me. Are you people insane?

JBL: Are you completely outta your freakin’ minds? Orlando will NEVER turn on me, Orlando is set for life if he follows my example. Danny and Doug are set for life if they stay under my leadership. These three men are not stupid. And neither am I, that’s why I saw an opportunity last week and I took it.

Orlando and the Bashams begin clapping JBL.

JBL: And now, it is all set in stone, It is ready MADE for yours truly to go on to face John Cena for the WWE title. Y’see I’ve got two hurdles to overcome. First up, we have Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio gets a big pop from the crowd as JBL smirks

JBL: Rey Mysterio? That four foot piece of garbage isn’t good enough to lace my boots, let alone even think of stepping in the ring with me!!

The crowd are on JBL again here but the former champ isn’t phased.

JBL: So, next week, Rey Mysterio gets taken care of. And then it is just one to go. Kurt Angle or Big Show.

JBL: Now Angle, as technically skilled as he is, has a brain about the size of you people in Providence!! (Great heat for JBL here) He is not smart enough, he is not capable enough to deal with what I bring to the table.

JBL: And Big Show? That fat, piece of crap can’t even walk without breaking a sweat. I could run the ropes and he’ll fall to the floor exhausted. A waste of freakin’ space.

Orlando Jordan takes the mic, laughing and begins to back up his boss.

Jordan: John, John, you’re killin’ me here man.

The crowd aren’t too keen on Jordan getting involved after his actions last week.

Jordan: Now, I’ve had people all week begging me, pleading with me to explain why I continued to allign myself with JBL last week.

Jordan: And the answer is simple!! JBL is the longest reigning WWE champion in Smackdown history!!

Boos fill the Dunkin’ Donuts center.

Jordan: Keep booing, c’mon, it ain’t gonna change the facts. And the facts are that with JBL supporting me and with me and the Bashams supporting John? Well, there isn’t anybody here on Smackdown, hell, anybody in the WWE who can stop us.

Jordan passes the mic back to JBL with the ‘Wrestlng God’ looking pleased with his protégé’s words. As JBL goes to speak again however, ‘My time is now’ hits to a huge pop that sets the building alight as John Cena makes his way down to the ring with his new title belt.

Michael Cole: Finally, John Cena is going to shut JBL and his cabinet up.

Tazz: I was personally enjoying that Cole, but it’s always a pleasure to see da champ!

Cena: Man, if I didn’t come out here, I’d have fallen asleep backstage cos you dudes are boring the life outta me!!

The crowd give a decent laugh for this seemingly in agreement.

JBL: What the hell is that?

JBL points at the WWE title as the crowd cheer a little and Cena smirks.

Cena: Did ya miss it last week John? Did ya miss me introducing this baby to the world?!?

The crowd are fully behind Cena again here as JBL shakes his head.

JBL: I saw it and it makes me SICK TO THE BOTTOM OF MY STOMACH!! John, I am counting down the days until I get my hands on you and my hands back on the WWE championship because you are devaluing every ounce of prestige the WWE championship ever had.

Cena: Is that so? Cos the way I see it, I’m shaking things up in a big way!! These people love it, I love it, hell, even Michael Cole loves it!!

The crowd cheer as does Cole in typical Cole fashion

Cena: John, I beat you at Wrestlemania and if you do indeed win this tournament, I ain’t got a problem beatin’ you again.

The crowd cheer for this as Cena gets in the face of JBL, however, Orlando Jordan steps in and takes the mic from his boss.

Jordan: Don’t you dare talk to JBL like that again Cena. Ya see, I got a real problem with you stickin’ your nose in our business when it ain’t got nothing to do with you.

Jordan: Two weeks ago, you cost me my match with Rey Mysterio. Without you, I would be facing JBL next week in the semi finals, not Rey Mysterio. That hurts John, it really hurts.

Cena: Aw poor Orlando is hurt? Boohoo, quit your crying kid, you got a problem with me, lets do it, me and you, here tonight, one on one.

The crowd pop for this, hoping to see the match up as Cena gets in the face of Orlando.

Jordan: Cena, I would like nothing more than to take you off your perch here tonight and I will prove to the world that Orlando Jordan is the real deal.

Cena nods on focused as Orlando smiles before the Bashams distract Cena, allowing JBL to hit a vicious clothesline from hell to Cena!!! The cabinet then begin to beat down Cena before, BOOKER T RUNS DOWN THE RAMP!!

Booker goes straight at JBL and his cabinet, seeking retribution for last week. Booker takes down the Bashams but JBL and Orlando get out of the ring and high tail it up the ramp to boos from the crowd as Booker looks on in the ring with Cena making his way back to his feet.

Macmilitant’ then hits to a decent pop as the crowd know what’s coming. Smackdown GM, Teddy Long comes out.

Long: Now, it seems to me that we got ourselves a situation brewin’ here tonight playas.

JBL mouths ‘you’re damn right Theodore’.

Long: Well, here on Smackdown there’s only one way to deal with these situations and that’s inside the ring, ya feel me?

Long: So tonight, in our main event, we are goin’ to have ourselves a tag team match!

The crowd pop at this announcement.

Long: JBL and Orlando Jordan will go up against Booker T and the WWE champion, John Cena!!

The crowd love this announcement from the Smackdown GM!

Long: Holla, holla, holla!!!

Long leaves the stage as JBL looks on angrily at the general managers announcement with Cena and Booker looking more than ready for this one tonight.

Michael Cole: What a HUGE main event set here for tonight Tazz!! John Cena and Booker T will get their chance at payback when they take on JBL and Orlando Jordan.

Tazz: A mammoth main event Cole and I cannot wait to see these four men go at it later on tonight. Big props to Teddy Long for makin’ this happen.


We return to the ring as ‘Cool’ hits and Carlito makes his way down to the ring for the opening match on Smackdown.

Michael Cole: Well, here comes a man who last week I think made a statement to the rest of the locker room. Carlito made a statement that he isn’t going to step up to the plate here on Friday nights.

Tazz: On the money wit’ that one Cole. The aggression, the ruthlessness of Carlito last week was refreshing and he damn near put Vito on the shelf. I think Carlito is about to hit his stride here on Smackdown man.

Heidenreich then makes his way out to the ring to a decent pop as we get set for our first action of the evening.

Michael Cole: Well, Heidenreich is definitely one of our strangest competitors on Friday Nights and this’ll be no easy ride for Carlito here tonight.

Tazz: For sure. Heidenreich is a tough dude and Carlito will have to be on his game here tonight.

Match one- Singles match

Carlito vs. Heidenreich

The match started off with Carlito kicking Heidenreich viciously in the gut on several times before hammering some hard blows to the back of his fallen opponent. Carlito then brought Heidenreich back to his feet before taking the former psychopathic like Heidenreich down with a beautiful drop kick.

Carlito went for a cover, 1-2-kick out from Heidenreich. Carlito’s new found aggression then came into play once more as he hammered away with hard lefts to the skull of Heidenreich with the referee counting to four before Carlito stopped his assault. Carlito then argued with the referee and this allowed Heidenreich to get back into the match as he almost took Carlito’s head off with a huge clothesline. Heidenreich goes for his first cover but it’s a kick out at just after two for the former United States champion.

Heidenreich then picked up his opponent and got him into position on his shoulders as the crowd roared in anticipation for this seemingly dangerous move as Heidenreich hits an electric chair on Carlito!! A huge move that seemed to take some steam out of Heidenreich also, another cover attempt, 1-2-thr-No!! Carlito gets the shoulder up at the last second as Heidenreich can’t believe it.

Carlito then managed to counter another attempt from Heidenreich to get Carlito on his shoulders as he elbowed the bizarre superstar to the head as Heidenreich fell to his knees. This then allowed Carlito to hit Heidenreich with a nasty swinging neck breaker!! Heidenreich looks out of it but Carlito refuses to go for the pin and instead sets Heidenreich up and he hit’s the BACKSTABBER!! Cover, 1-2-3, this one is OVER!!

Winner: Carlito (6:10)

Tazz: Impressive Cole. Really impressive from Carlito again here tonight. This kid is really on the right track.

Michael Cole: Oh the match is over Tazz!! What does Carlito need to do this for!!

In the ring, Carlito has picked up a steel chair and places it on the back of Heidenreich as he gets his opponent in position for another backstabber!! BANG!! This time it’s a backstabber onto the chair. The heat is insane for this as Carlito takes a bite of his apple and spits it in the face of Heidenreich.

Michael Cole: Absolutely disgusting Tazz. Carlito may have upped his game but the actions of this man are despicable. I cannot condone what Carlito’s been doing here the last couple of weeks. First Vito, and now Heidenreich.

Tazz: If it’s gonna take Carlito up to the next level Cole, then I’m all for it. I’m enjoyin’ this new found side to the coolest superstar on Friday nights.


We return with a video package for Judgment Day, the same as the past two weeks before heading backstage where Josh Matthews is standing by with Big Show ahead of his match with Kurt Angle tonight.

Matthews: Show, was just wanting to get your thoughts here tonight on your semi final match with Kurt Angle.

Show: Well Josh, I’m gonna step into that ring tonight, I’m gonna beat Kurt Angle within an inch of his life and I’m gonna go on to face John Cena for the WWE championship.

Kurt Angle then walks into the picture as Show begins to smile.

Angle: I’d watch your mouth if I were you Show. Y’see, I’m not just anybody, I’m Kurt Angle.

The crowd boos Angle for this.

Angle: Nobody and I mean NOBODY walks over me. At Wrestlemania I made Shawn Michaels tap out in the middle of the ring. How many people have done that huh?

Show: Bravo Kurt, bravo. You made HBK tap out. But here’s the thing. I’m seven feet tall, I weigh FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS. You’re gonna have a damn hard time even getting me down to put me in that ankle lock.

The crowd cheer slightly for this as Angle laughs.

Angle: We’ll just have to wait and see on that one Show. I’ll see ya out there.

Angle walks off as Show looks on, looking focused and ready for that big match tonight.

Michael Cole: I cannot wait for that one partner. Both men looking extremely ready for their clash later on tonight.

Tazz: As good as Angle is, Big Show may be right though. Can Kurt really take him down and even get that ankle lock in tonight?

Paparazzi’ hits to immediate heat as the newcomers MNM make their way out to the ring for tag team action.

Michael Cole: Well, that match is still to come as well as John Cena and Booker T up against Orlando Jordan and JBL, but here come a team who’ve made a big impact since their debut two weeks ago.

Tazz: I have been impressed with these guys no end and last week they made it clear to Rob Van Dam, hell they made it clear to all of us, that they mean business.

Michael Cole: Well last week, incase you missed it, MNM cost RVD his match with Kurt Angle and claimed that it was a message to Van Dam, who the previous week told MNM they had to earn things. Now I don’t know about you Tazz but RVD made a good point and these punks cost him a possible title opportunity!!

Tazz: Hey, you wanna get noticed, you wanna be taken seriously, then you make an impact and these guys did that last week.

Hardcore Holly then makes his way down to the ring with his partner for the evening Billy Kidman, both getting a fairly decent response as this match is ready to get underway.

Match two- Tag team match

MNM vs. Hardcore Holly and Billy Kidman

Nitro and Holly start the match off with Holly taking his usual hard hitting approach to things, roughing Nitro up with some vicious shots at Nitro before getting him into position and hitting him with a big drop kick and taking the youngster down before an early pinfall attempt, 1-2-kick out by Nitro!

Holly then takes Nitro over to his corner and tags in his partner Billy Kidman who kicks Nitro in the gut but Nitro retaliates with a vicious kick of his own to Kidman before some stiff right hands to the veteran. Nitro then whipped his opponent into his corner and tagged in his partner Mercury. The two then double teamed Kidman, resulting in a double suplex and a pinfall attempt from Mercury, 1-2-kick out from Kidman!

Mercury proceeded to apply a sleeper hold on Kidman which wore down his opponent but as the crowd cheered for Kidman to recover, the former Cruiserweight champion found life from somewhere and managed to get to his feet and break the hold before taking down Mercury with a clothesline and hit Mercury with a DDT as the Hollywood superstar looked dazed. Kidman went for a cover but Mercury managed a kick out at two.

As Mercury managed to recover, he and Kidman traded blows in which Mercury came out on top, knocking Kidman into the ropes as Mercury ran to the other side of the ring before going for a clothesline but Kidman also connected as both men took each other down!! The crowd were willing Kidman to make the tag first as both men rolled over looking to their partners. But then came a decisive moment in the match.

Melina on the outside pulled Hardcore Holly down from the apron, as Holly hit his head face first on the mat before falling to the outside as Melina proceeded to kick Holly in the groin. This all went on as Johnny Nitro distracted the referee before Mercury made the tag and it is now essentially two on one. Kidman tried to reach for his partner but Holly was nowhere to be seen and Mercury and Nitro connected with a SNAPSHOT to Kidman!! A brutal move from this team and Nitro makes the cover, 1-2-3, all over!!

Winners: MNM (6:50)

Michael Cole: Two matches, two wins, two interferences from Melina!! These two are riding their luck Tazz!!

Tazz: Riding their luck? Cole, this is why you’ll never understand the business like I do. These two have won two out of two, it don’t matter how, the record reads MNM, 2-0.


Inside the ring, RVD has run through the crowd and is taking it to Mercury and Nitro. Van Dam hit’s a spinning heel kick to Mercury before a clothesline to Nitro as he goes up top ready for a five star frog splash!! Van Dam is poised!! But Melina rolls her boys outta the ring ad they scamper up the ramp. The crowd are booing the life out of these three as RVD looks pissed inside the ring.

Michael Cole: Rob Van Dam has got him some payback here tonight!! Van Dam deserves to get his hands on those two and when he does, when he REALLY gets that opportunity, I am betting that MNM aren’t so lucky!!

Tazz: Major confrontation right there Cole and I’m on board wit’ ya. RVD and MNM will go to blows sooner rather than later and I cannot wait!!

We go backstage where we see Teddy Long talking to somebody, the camera then turns around and we see Rey Mysterio as the crowd greet this with a good reaction.

Long: Look Rey, next week I think it may be best that’s all, I mean last week they cost Booker T, do you really wanna take that chance playa’?

Mysterio: Teddy, I wanna beat JBL on his terms and if you ban the cabinet from ringside, then all it’s gonna do is fuel the fire for JBL to start his cryin’ and moanin’.

Mysterio: Naw, next week, I will take on JBL and everything he throws at me/ If that means Orlando Jordan and the Bashams get involved then I’m willin’ to take them on too. Next week, it is all about Rey Mysterrrrrio proving to the world that he’s good enough to compete with the big dogs on Smackdown.

Long: Rey, I admire ya attitude playa’ but if worst comes to worst, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Mysterio: Thanks for the offer Teddy, appreciate it.

Mysterio shakes Long’s hand and goes to leave when JBL walks in to some good heat from the fans.

JBL: What is this, a mothers meeting?

Long laughs as JBL looks on at Rey angrily.

Long: What do ya want John?

JBL: I want a damn explanation as to why I have to take on John Cena and Booker T here tonight!! One week from tonight, I have an extremely important match up with this little punk next to me and yet I am in action whilst the illegal immigrant gets a free ride? Gee, where have I heard that before?

Mysterio: Hey, hey, watch your mouth John before I slap some sense into you.

JBL: Ha ha, Rey, you lay a finger on me and I WILL NOT HESITATE to kick your head off.

JBL gets in Rey’s face as Teddy Long steps in.

Long: Hold it right there. Not tonight John. Next week we gonn’ do this, as far as tonight goes, John you make a valid point playa’.

JBL: I am not a playa’ Teddy. SPEAK ENGLISH!!

Long stares at JBL angrily.

Long: As I was sayin’, if JBL is in action then I think it is only fair that you’re in action too Rey.

Mysterio: Alright Teddy, I got no issue with that.

Long: How about tonight, Rey Mysterio one on one with an old rival, Rey Mysterio versus Chavo Guerrerooooooo.

JBL: I like the sound of that Teddy, good luck Rey, I‘ll see ya next week amigo.

JBL pushes Mysterio as the camera fades away and we go to a commercial break.

We return as ‘Crank it up’ hits to a good reaction and Big Show makes his way down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Well, we now have three huge matches still to come here tonight!! Chavo Guerrero meets Rey Mysterio, JBL and Orlando Jordan team to face John Cena and Booker T and right now we’ve got Kurt Angle against the Big Show!!

Tazz: Man, some hugeeeeee matchups still to come but this one right here is no doubt the most important of all Cole. A place in the final of the #1 contenders tournament, it don’t get any bigger than that baby.

Medal’ hits to a chorus of boos as Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring.

Michael Cole: Well we saw earlier tonight that Kurt Angle isn’t phased by having to face Big Show here tonight and that is a rarity amongst the Friday night Smackdown superstars.

Tazz: Exactly Cole. Sometimes Big Show already has a match won before he steps in the ring. With Kurt Angle tonight, that ain’t gonna be the case.

Match three- Singles match- #1 contenders tournament match

Kurt Angle v Big Show

The match begins with Angle sizing up his opponent, looking for a way to bring the big man down. Angle goes straight for the legs of Show, looking to take him down from the knees which he accomplishes as Angle then begins to stomp away on Show’s left knee, before twisting it nastily and hammering away at it, trying to make sure Show isn’t mobile enough to get back up

Angle looks for an early attempt at the ankle lock but Show uses all his force and weight in his legs to hurl Angle out of the ring. Angle takes a nasty looking bump into the announce table as Show makes his way back to his feet. The World’s largest athlete then makes his way to the outside, stalking Angle. Show hoists Angle up and hit’s a nasty head butt to his opponent before throwing Angle into the ring post to a good pop from the crowd!! Angle looks in trouble here.

Show then lifted Angle up and looked to be attempting a scoop slam to the mat outside, but Angle hit Show with an elbow to the head and took the big man down with an ANGLE SLAM TO THE OUTSIDE!! The fans give a decent pop for this despite Angle being a heel as the former gold medalist showed incredible strength to lift the big man off his feet.

Angle then made his way back into the ring and this one looks to be over, Show surely won’t make the ten count. It’s six as Angle makes his way back into the ring with Big Show looking out of it. 7!! 8!! Show is back to his feet but wobbling as he attempts to get back in the ring, the count is at 9!! Show just makes it back in time!! The crowd cheer loudly for this as they feel Big Show is now back in this match.

Angle can’t believe it and goes for a clothesline on Show but the big man ducks it and grabs Angle around the throat!! Show lifts Angle up for the chokeslam but Angle counters with a kick to the gut before a roll up on the big man!! 1-2-kick out by Show!! The giant manages to kick out at the death as Angle is again stunned.

Angle begins to get frustrated and slams the mat in anger. Angle goes up top and looks as though he’s gonna attempt a moonsault!! The fans wait anxiously as Angle goes to hit it but Show moves out of the way!! Show avoids it at the last second as Angle falls to the mat in considerable pain.

Show now makes his way back up to his feet before waiting for Angle to get up. As Angle returns to his feet, he barely has time to regain his bearings as Show connects with a huge BIG BOOT!! Cover by Big Show, 1-2-kick out by Angle. Show looks on in despair as he lifts Angle back up before once more signalling for a choke slam! As Show signals though, Angle grabs the arm of Show and takes Show down with an arm drag before he locks in the ankle lock!! The ankle lock is locked in brutally on Big Show who has nowhere to go, nowhere to turn as he squirms in the middle of the ring and is left with no choice but to tap out!! Angle wins out of nowehre in quite convincing fashion!!

Winner: Kurt Angle (8:03)

Michael Cole: Angle advances!! Kurt Angle is heading to the finals of this tournament and is looking damn near unstoppable in his quest to face John Cena!

Tazz: Wow. I thought Big Show was in control Cole, I thought Angle was down and out but the courage this guy shows and the will to win. Angle is one of the toughest dudes I’ve seen and he took I to the Big Show tonight, I am mightily impressed man.


We return as Kurt Angle is making his way through the backstage area when he walks into John Cena which causes a great pop amongst the fans.

Cena: Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, I gotta hand it to ya man. Beating the Big Show like that? Impressive.

Angle: Impressive? Understatement. Cena let me tell ya, that when, not if, but when I get my hands on you, only then will you understand what the word impressive means.

Cena: Kurt, you got game, I know that. Fact of the matter is though, that I am the WWE champion. Beating the Big Show, as impressive as that is, it don’t matter, cos if you do go toe to toe with me, there’s only gonna be one result Kurt and that is, that the champ will still be hereeeeeee.

Cena points at his chest as he is face to face with Angle now, both men meaning business. The crowd are gripped by it.

Angle: John, take good care of that belt for me will ya? Cos when I win this tournament, it is only a matter of time before I take that it from you. See you soon champ, see you reaaaaaaaaal soon.

Angle walks off as Cena looks on, seemingly focused on a potential match up with Angle down the line.

Back ringisde, ‘Chavo Ardiente’ hits and Chavo Guerrero makes his way down to the ring for his match with Rey Mysterio.

Michael Cole: Well that was quite the altercation between John Cena and Kurt Angle, Tazz.

Tazz: Man, that is a match that I would love to see Cole and it is quite possibly goin’ to become reality. Cena and Angle would be off the charts.

Michael Cole: Well back to the action now though and it’s been a tough couple of weeks for Chavo Tazz with tonight a real chance for the Mexican Warrior to regain some mometum when he takes on his old rival.

Tazz: These two have had some big matches over the years Cole and tonight I’m guessin’ we ain’t gonna see either guy go lightly on the other one.

Booyaka’ hits and Rey Mysterio makes his way out to a huge ovation as he gives a mask to a kid in the front row.

Michael Cole
: In seven nights time the man in your picture may well be in the biggest match of his career!! Rey Mysterio will meet JBL in a semi final match up in the #1 contenders tournament, Mysterio is just two matches away from his first ever WWE championship opportunity!

Tazz: For sure Cole, next week is the chance for Rey Mysterio to go one step closer to achieving his dream of becoming a World champion here in the WWE.

Match four- Singles match

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

Mysterio and Guerrero immediately get to mat wrestling as Guerrero takes the early initiative by hitting Rey with three consecutive arm drags to his former arch enemy. As Mysterio rose to his feet, Guerrero took down his fellow Mexican with a nice dropkick before an early cover which Mysterio kicked out of at two.

Guerrero then locked Rey into a headlock but Rey managed to fight out of it relatively quickly as he hammered away at Guerrero with some stiff kicks to the ribs of Guerrero. Rey took his former friend down to his knees before running to the ropes and hitting a running knee to the face of Guerrero who was taken down by this. Mysterio went for his first cover attempt but again a kick out at two, this time from Chavo.

Mysterio then climbed to the top rope as Chavo off balance, regained his feet, only to be hit with a cross body from Rey!! Cover, 1-2-kick out from Chavo!! The crowd thought it was over but Chavo just got the shoulder up.

As Rey held his head in his hands, Chavo rolled out of the ring to give him a breather, or so it looked. Instead Chavo grabbed a steel chair and got back in the ring. The referee did everything to stop Chavo, but as they argued, Rey came in and attempted to take Chavo down at the knees with a baseball slide like kick to the kneecap but Chavo got outta the way as Rey slid out the ring. As Rey got back inside the ring, Chavo was now in control as he immediately kept Mysterio grounded, stomping away at his smaller opponent. Chavo then got Rey up and into position for the three amigos!! Chavo hit the first one before the twist of the hips, he then hit a second before getting the third! This got a decent response as ever as Chavo attempted a cover, 1-2-kick out Mysterio!!

Chavo was beginning to get frustrated and went back to the steel chair on the outside as Rey was down. Chavo brought it back in the ring and was all set to strike Mysterio when PAUL LONDON ran down to the ring to a good pop! London distracted Guerrero as Rey made his way to his feet and kicked Chavo into the ropes and in position for Mysterio to hit the 619!! MYSTERIO CONNECTS!! Rey then went up top, Mysterio drops the dime and the cover, 1-2-3!! It’s over, Mysterio gets the win thanks to Paul London!!

Winner: Rey Mysterio (7:35)

Michael Cole: Well thank god for Paul London here tonight!! It looked for sure as though Chavo was gonna use that steel chair on Mysterio but London prevented that and Mysterio took advantage!!

Tazz: Chavo was in control Cole, I don’t know why he needed the steel chair and in the end it cost him big time here tonight.

Michael Cole: Mysterio will now take a heck of a lot of steam heading into next week and his match with JBL. And when we return, JBL will be in action, when he teams with Orlando Jordan to take on Booker T and John Cena!!


We return as ‘Longhorn’ hits and JBL makes his way out in his limo with Orlando Jordan joining him for the tag team main event.

Michael Cole: Well folks, it is time for our main event and here comes the United States champion along with the former WWE champion.

Tazz: Cole, these two dudes are gonna stop at nothing in makin’ sure JBL wins back that WWE championship. And believe me, tonight may be the first step in that if they get their hands on JBL.

Can you dig it’ hits to a good ovation as Booker T makes his way out with his eyes firmly fixed on the two men in the ring.

Michael Cole: This man has payback in mind here tonight Tazz. Last week Orlando Jordan and JBL cost Booker T the opportunity at a spot in the semi finals of the ‘1 contenders tournament and tonight Booker T will go out there and really take it to these two punks!

Tazz: Oh no doubt Cole, if somebody cost me a potential WWE title opportunity, you better be damn sure I get some revenge.

Match five: Tag team match

John Cena and Booker T vs. JBL and Orlando Jordan

The match begins with Booker T and Orlando Jordan as JBL refuses to start off against Booker, knowing that his opponent last week will be on a mission. The match begins in exactly that way as Booker goes right after Orlando, throwing some strong right hands before stomping the life out of the U.S. champion.

The fans are eating up as they know how much Booker’s defeat last week hurt him. Booker then allowed Jordan to get to his feet before taking him back down again with consecutive clotheslines before hitting Jordan with a nast spinning crescent kick taking OJ down, Booker goes for a cover but JBL breaks it up at two to the anger of Booker who went after JBL but the ref prevented it as Jordan then took advantage, taking Booker down with a hard shot to the back of the head.

Jordan then proceeded to stomp away at Booker before tagging in JBL who continued in the same vein. As JBL seized control, he started to work on Booker’s arm, weakening his former rival. JBL hit a very well executed suplex before covering Booker but a kick out at two from the former WCW champion.

JBL was really taking initiative now though despite not finishing Booker off and the former WWE champion connected with a big boot that nearly took Booker’s head off, again a cover, 1-2-kick out by Booker again as JBL argued with the referee. JBL had seen enough and began to get on Booker with some hard looking elbow drops right onto the chest of Booker. At the third attempt however, Booker rolled out of the way as JBL missed one. This gave Booker the chance to get back into things and as both men rose to their feet, it was Booker who landed the first blow, getting a firm right hand to JBL before taking down the leader of the cabinet with a clothesline. Booker then raced to his corner and tagged in his partner!! CENA ENTERS THE MATCH!!

JBL tags in Orlando, as the champ takes down Jordan with a shoulder block before hitting the man he lost the United States title to with a big clothesline. Cena then gets Jordan into position for the five knuckle shuffle! Cena goes for it but JBL enters the fray and takes down Cena with a knee to the gut and a VICIOUS DDT!! JBL rolls Jordan onto Cena for the cover!! 1-2-KICK OUT!! Cena kicks out at the last second as Booker T has entered the ring and taken down JBL through the ropes!! Booker is hammering away at Layfield on the outside. Inside the ring, Cena and Jordan come to blows, Jordan kicks Cena in the gut and runs the ropes, attempting a clothesline from hell but Cena ducks it!! Cena hoists Jordan into position for an FU!! FU TO Orlando Jordan!! Cover, 1-2-3, IT’S OVER!!

Winners: John Cena and Booker T (13:13)

The crowd goes insane as Booker returns to the ring to celebrate with Cena.

Michael Cole: It’s over!! John Cena has got one over on JBL and Orlando Jordan once more here tonight!! Cena and Booker get the victory!!

Tazz: I can’t believe it Cole!! Cena just will not say die. The Wrestling God and his protégé’ have fallen to the chain gang yet again here tonight!! Cena is damn sure impressive.

Michael Cole: That he is Tazz and tonight he has shown exactly why he is the WWE champion!! What a night here in Providence!! Goodnight everybody!!

Show ends
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Re: WWE 205: Raising the Bar

Smackdown Feedback

You've certainly improved with regards to capturing the tone of JBL. You had his character down pretty good, and it was good how he ran down his compettition for the title shot. OJ was pretty solid too, and you had Cena pretty much spot on as well. I'm not sure about JBL hitting the clothesline from hell in the way you described it. Kinda blew your load a little early there. I would have had the distraction, then a cheap shot to knock Cena down, then have JBL lining Cena up for TCFH, before then having Booker make the save. But apart from that, a good opening with what should be a good main event, and an improvement on previous efforts.

Carlito > Heidenreich always.

Decent exchange between Big Show and Angle. Show is kinda hard to write for, not something I would enjoy tbh. Would like to have seen a bit more intensity, and a better exit line from Angle. Remember and try get his "Oh it's true... it's damn true!" line in there, as he says it during most promos.

Another good win for MNM. They should do wonders for your tag division. Cool to see Van Dam out for a bit of revenge, should set up some good stuff for the future.

Ok, Mysterio needs some work. No way would he say he'll slap sense into anybody. That's just not him. This segment was fine, it served it's purpose to set up the match, but Msterio's character was way off.

Wow, big win for Angle. The right man won, and in impressive fashion with the ankle lock. Your match writing shows a lot of improvement with this match, so more of the same of that.

Tazz kinda asked my question, but why did Chavo go for the chair here? I could understand if he hit the frog splash and then got the chair, but it seemed too early for that. Either way, London hands Rey the win, right guy won again and we've got another feud advanced.

And main event time. Good to see Cena got the win, regaining some of the heat he lost earlier. Can't really fault this, the booking was spot on for it.

Overall, you've definitely improved since the start of the thread. I'd say continue to read the more popular threads in the section, even take a look in the hall of fame section for some inspiration. Your shows are still maybe a bit on the short side, try and see if you can include more of your roster on the show every week, with them having meaningful matches/segments. Just continue to learn and work hard and you're threat will continue to improve.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw preview- 4/25/05- Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh marks the last stop on the road to Backlash for all the Monday night Raw superstars. There is sure to be a lot of chaos and controversy with some big matches already announced.

The World Heavyweight champion will team up with the Intercontinental champion! Batista and Shelton Benjamin will team up to take on the pairing of Triple H and Muhammad Hassan. Will the challengers be able to gain some momentum heading into Backlash or will the champions make their mark tonight?

Also confirmed, Randy Orton will go one on one with Chris Jericho! The Legend Killer has been fixated with getting rid of The Undertaker over the past few months but lately it’s been Shawn Michaels who has gotten into the head of Orton, will HBK have a say in what goes down tonight? And will Chris Jericho be able to build on his momentum heading into the World title match this Sunday? Jericho pinned Orton in tag team action last week and this one is undoubtedly going to be a treat for the fans at the Mellon Arena.

Last week Matt Hardy promised us that tonight he would hunt down Kane. Hardy is risking it all at Backlash, if he loses to Kane he is gone from the WWE for good. Hardy knows though that if he can defeat the monster that he will get his true love back, Lita will be free again. With just six nights to go til Backlash, will we see Hardy get his hands on Kane here tonight?

Find out all these answers and more live on Monday Night Raw!!
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw-4/25/05- Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The show opens with the usual video intro and pyro.

Jim Ross: In just six nights many of the Monday night Raw superstars will indeed face their Backlash!! Tonight marks the final stop before our Pay Per View and we come to you LIVE from the Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh. I’m joined on commentary by Jonathan Coachman and Coach what a show we have here tonight!!

The Coach: Oh baby boy, I am hyped for tonight!! Our Intercontinental champion will partner up with our World Heavyweight champion!! Shelton Benjamin and Batista take on the team of Triple H and Muhammad Hassan!! What a dream team we have right there J.R.

Jim Ross: A huge main event there folks. Also tonight, we will see the ‘Legend killer’ Randy Orton in action when he goes one on one with one of the participants in the World title match at Backlash, Y2J, Chris Jericho!!

The Coach:
Man, I can’t wait for that one J.R. It is always an honour watching Randy Orton inside the squared circle. And incase you forgot J.R, Matt Hardy promised us that here tonight, he would hunt down Kane. Is he stupid!?

Jim Ross: How could I forget? Matt Hardy is gunning for Kane and I don’t blame him one bit. Whether it be here tonight in Pittsburgh or this Sunday at Backlash, these two men are going to tear each other‘s heads off, there’s no doubt about it Coach.

Just close your eyes’ hits to some decent heat for Captain charisma as Christian makes his way down to the ring with Tomko, not dressed to compete however but looking likely to address the fans.

Jim Ross: Well at Backlash ladies and gentleman, the man in our picture, Christian, will be hosting the Peep Show where his guest will be none other than the Nature boy, Ric Flair!! If the announcement is indeed what we believe it is, then why in the world is Christian going to be the man to present it to us? Why can’t Eric Bischoff give Ric Flair this moment to himself?

The Coach: Cos the people wanna see it J.R. I wanna see it, all the guys and gals here in Pittsburgh wanna see and the people in Manchester, New Hampshire on Sunday are gonna wanna see it too.

Jim Ross: I find that incredibly hard to believe Coach.

The Coach: You better believe it. The Peepulation is larger than you could ever imagine babyboy!!

Christian takes the mic, patting his chest as the crowd boos heavier now for the former Intercontinental champion.

Christian: Where are my peeps at here tonight in Pittsburgh?

A few in the crowd pop but the majority boo heavily at Christian as he looks around the audience for his peeps.

Christian: They love me here Tomko, they really do.

Tomko nods at his partner as Christian laughs smugly with the crowd continuing to boo him.

Christian: I came out here tonight to talk about this Sunday at Backlash, and to talk about quite possibly one of those moments in life that people will never forget. One of those moments where people will say, ‘I was there’.

Christian paces slowly around the ring before stopping once more to talk.

Christian: I’m talkin’ of course about this Sunday when yours truly, Captain Charisma, hosts the Peep Show with the one, the only, the nature boy, Ric Flair.

Pop for Flair’s name

Christian: I’m talkin’ about the moment when Ric Flair does the thing nobody believed he’d eeeeever do. When Ric Flair hangs up his boots and AT LAST calls it a day.

Strong heat here for this potentially happening.

Christian: A 16 time world champion. SIX-TEEN times. (Gets a good response from the crowd) One of the all time greats in the industry. I’m not gonna come out here and knock Ric Flair’s past. No, I’m not that kinda guy am I Tomko?

Tomko shakes his head.

Christian: But I will damn sure take this opportunity to knock his present.

More heat for Christian here.

Christian: This announcement on Sunday is oh I don’t know, about ten years too late. Flair is a washed up over the hill, old man.

The crowd are in a frenzy here at Christian for his disrespect towards Flair

Christian: Hey, the truth hurts sometimes, deal with it.

More major heat for Christian here which he seems to be thriving in.

Christian: You’re really cheering?

The crowd cheer even louder to prove a point.

Christian: You’re really making me believe that I’m the only one who doesn’t wanna see an old man run around the ring risking a heart attack?

You suck’ chants are filling the Mellon Arena towards Christian.

Christian: I’m telling it how it is people. Each and every Ric Flair match I see, I’m on the edge of my seat. But it’s not for the same reasons as ten, fifteen years ago. No, back then it was cos Ric Flair could still go, he could still entertain, Ric Flair was still the very best.

The crowd goes quieter now, intrigued by what Christian is saying.

Christian: Now? Now it ain’t nothing like that. It’s because quite frankly I’m concerned he’s gonna drop right in the middle of this ring and fail to get back up again.

The silence soon turns to heat here for Captain Charisma.

Christian: This Sunday in New Hampshire at Backlash though, I’m gonna do what’s right. I am going to thank Ric Flair in the centre of the ring. I am going to shake his hand and I am going to thank him for what he has done for this business. But more importantly, I am gonna thank him for finally stepping aside, for laying that over inflated ego to rest and for passing the torch down to people like ME.

Christian was getting a decent response until the emphasis placed on the word ‘me’.

Christian: It is MY time to shine now. It is time for all my peeps out there to get what they deserve and that is for Captain Charisma to rise to the top of the mountain and for me to become this generations very own Ric Flair.

This gets Christian a lot of heat here, comparing himself to Flair was never going to go down well.

Christian: I’ve got all the attributes! I can walk the walk, I can talk the talk. You better believe it. Flair thinks he’s got a way with the ladies? How many have I had throwing themselves at me since we got here in Pittsburgh Tomko?

Tomko counts the fingers on both hands.

Christian: See, SEE! Tomko‘s two hands aren‘t enough to count them! I’ve got everything that Flair USED to have. The words there however are USED TO. And this Sunday, I cannot wait to be the man who presents to each and every single one of you, the final chapter in Ric Flair’s career. Man that sounds good.

The crowd are beginning to get agitated with Christian now.

Christian: I am a champion in waiting and I quite simply, am a legend in the making. At Backlash, when everybody says goodbye to Ric Flair, when everybody gets one last glimpse at the Nature boy, it will only be a…matter….of….time before the torch is officially passed and Ric Flair becomes a mere afterthought.

Christian looks intently into the camera now.

Christian: And as Flair fades into the background, I come into the spotlight and Captain Charisma will go on to become the headline act in the W….W….E ‘cos that’s HOW I ROLL.

Christian drops the mic and pats his chest once more to his ‘peeps’ as his music hits and he leaves the ring to a lot more heat than he started with, clearly making the desired impact here tonight.

The Coach: Beautiful J.R. Were you listenin’ to that?! At Backlash J.R. the torch will be passed!!

Jim Ross: I heard it Coach but I’m not buyin’ into it. Christian got one thing right tonight, he can talk the talk, and there’s no doubting Christian is talented. But to compare himself to Ric Flair! To say he’ll become this generations Ric Flair! Are you kidding me?

The Coach: He ain’t kiddin’ J.R. If anybody can do it, it’s my boy Captain Charisma and it all starts this Sunday!!


We return as ‘Time to rock and roll’ hits and Trish Stratus makes her way down to he ring but suddenly, BAM! Victoria, her opponent at Backlash smashes Trish over the head and begins to assault her viciously on the ramp. Victoria hammers away at Trish, stomping away at the Women’s champion before taking her title belt and smashing Trish over the skull with it, before some trainers come in and stop the assault as Victoria simply walks away with an evil grin across her face, knowing she has helped her chances of taking home the gold in New Hampshire on Sunday.

Jim Ross: Victoria has got a screw loose ladies and gentleman!! Something is not quite right
with that woman and I for one fear for Trish Stratus at Backlash. If Victoria is this aggressive and this damn intent on Sunday, It could be a step too far for our current champion.

The Coach: I have to agree with you there J.R. Victoria is looking a mighty fine bet to walk out of Backlash with some gold around her waist.

We head backstage where Eric Bischoff is in his office talking to Muhammad Hassan and Daivari. The Mellon Arena sees roars in heat for these three men.

Bischoff: Gentleman, I can make no guarantees about that but I’ve gotta be honest, I despise Shelton Benjamin being champion just as much as you do.

More heat here for the Raw GM’s comments.

Daivari rambles on in his native language which draws thunderous heat before Hassan takes over.

Hassan: Eric, for too long now, people like Shelton Benjamin have been getting a free pass. See, it’s ok for an African-American to walk free in this country, to live their life unscathed but we( he points at himself and Daivari), we as Arab Americans get a raw deal and the time is now. The time is now to put an end to this! Starting on Sunday at Backlash. Now, do we have ourselves a deal or not?

Bischoff: Gentleman, I can see us going far together here on raw. Consider it a done deal, oh and believe me, I can’t wait to see it.

Bischoff smiles broadly as Daivari shakes his hand.

Hassan; That’s very kind of you Eric and believe me, you won’t regret it. I will show Shelton Benjamin at Backlash what it’s really and truly like, to be a victim.

Hassan and Daivari leave with Bischoff continuing to smile.

Jim Ross: What the hell was that all about? What in God’s name has Muhammad Hassan got lined up at Backlash? A deal? A deal with Eric Bischoff of all people!

The Coach: I have no idea J.R but I think Shelton Benjamin’s days are well and truly numbered. When Eric Bischoff strikes a deal, you know there isn’t anybody going to stop it.

Break down the walls’ hits to a fairly good response as Chris Jericho in a tweener role at present comes out ready to go one on one with Randy Orton.

Jim Ross: Well folks, in recent weeks Chris Jericho has seemingly become a man of his word at last. He promised us that he’d get a title match at Backlash, he did. And he promised Batista and Shawn Michaels that he’d be on the same page with them for a tag team match last week, yet again Jericho did as he promised. But I, like many of these people still need convincing that Jericho is really a changed man.

The Coach: Chris Jericho has always been a man of his word J.R. and I for one would not be surprised to see him walk out of Backlash with the World title around his waist. The man has been on a roll lately and for me, he’s been the least talked about threat for Sunday. In my mind, that can only work in Jericho’s favour.

Burn in my light’ hits and Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring with the legend killer getting some good heat.

Jim Ross: Randy Orton is hell bent this Sunday on killing off the legend of Shawn Michaels folks. Orton however may not be entirely focused on the task at hand.

The Coach: You’re right J.R. I’ll admit it, Orton as intent as he is on finishing off HBK, he wants the Undertaker a heck of a lot more. It is pushing Orton to his limit now.

Jim Ross: Well this Sunday, Orton needs to focus on Shawn Michaels or else he is gonna wind up on the end of some Sweet chin music. Next Monday night however, could be a different story.

The Coach: Oh man, that is right J.R. Next week live on Raw, it is the draft lottery baby!

Jim Ross: Folks the draft lottery means any superstar could be drafted from Raw to Smackdown or Smackdown to Raw! Nobody is safe, from Batista to Funaki, it could be anybody and that includes this man, Randy Orton. Orton has to be drafted or the Undertaker has to be drafted. If not then the payback the legend killer wants simply will NOT happen.

The Coach: I can’t wait for next week baby boy!!

Match One: Singles match

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

The match begins with both men locking up in the middle of the ring and Orton getting the early advantage, striking down Jericho. Orton then methodically stomped away at the back of Jericho’s neck. Orton then posed early on for the fans which got him some good heat.

Orton then got Jericho back up to his feet before hitting a nasty European upper cut to the jaw of Jericho before taking Y2J back down again with a nice standing drop kick. Cover from Orton, 1-2-kick out! Orton goes straight back to work on Jericho, placing him in a sleeper hold, looking to wear down the former Undisputed champion. Jericho managed to find the life to break out of it though and kicked Orton in the gut before taking him down with a running bulldog!! Jericho attempts a lionsault on Orton but the legend killer rolls out of the way and out of the ring as Jericho drops to the mat, clutching his stomach in pain as we head to a break.


We return with Orton and Jericho on the outside trading blows. Jericho looks to have the upper hand though as he almost takes Orton off his feet, but Orton then ducks, turns and whips Jericho into the ring post. A nasty bump to the shoulder of Jericho as Orton gets back in the ring and Jericho slowly looks to get to his feet.

As the two men returned to the ring, Jericho began to get back into the swing of things and turn the tables on Orton. Orton immediately pounced on Jericho but Y2J blocked off Orton and this allowed Jericho to hit a great tiger suplex to Orton before getting his first pin fall attempt but Orton kicked out at two!! Jericho then brought Orton up to his feet before taking him back down with a big scoop slam. Jericho then got up to the top rope before connecting with an elbow to the chest of Orton, cover again from Jericho, 1-2-3- NO!! Orton kicks out at the last second as the crowd gasp disappointed that Jericho couldn’t finish off the legend killer.

As Jericho gets back up to his feet, he looks to lock in the Walls of Jericho. The crowd are egging Jericho on but from out of nowhere, EDGE runs into the ring and spears Jericho in half!! The referee rings for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Chris Jericho (11:46)

Edge laughs smugly at Jericho before continuing an assault on Y2J. Randy Orton then joined the beating as both men stomped away at Jericho before Orton headed outside towards Lilian Garcia and grabbed a steel chair. As Orton returned to the ring though, the crowd went into a frenzy as Shawn Michaels appeared from the back and entered the ring but both Edge and Orton scattered either side through the ropes before HBK could get his hands on either of them. The crowd start a ‘HBK’ chant as Orton and Edge back themselves up the ramp looking mighty pleased with the job they‘ve done tonight.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels has saved Chris Jericho here tonight folks!! Make no mistake about it, Jericho was about to have his head taken off with that steel chair. Michaels was just a moment away from getting his hands on Randy Orton, well in six nights he will get the opportunity to do just that. But what the hell is Edge’s problem Coach?

The Coach: Jericho is a lucky boy J.R. Edge has no problem whatsoever, he is simply looking to weaken any potential threats to him becoming World champion. Chris Jericho is one of those threats. Edge is smart J.R. and he has got what he wanted here tonight.

Michaels mouths ‘Backlash Randy’ as Jericho, holding his stomach, looks on at Edge angrily.


We return backstage where Chris Jericho is caught walking to the locker room, clearly hurt, when Todd Grisham manages to get a word from Y2J.

Grisham: Chris, could we just get your thoughts on what happened out there during your match tonight with Randy Orton?

Jericho: My thoughts are simple Todd. Edge wants to continue getting involved in my business? No problem, cos I’m gonna make it a mission of mine to get involved in his.

The crowd pop for this.

Jericho: On Sunday, I walk into Backlash with one thing on my mind, becoming the new World heavyweight champion. Nothing else matters, nobody else matters. But when Backlash is all said and done, my attention shifts to you Edge.

Jericho shifts to look straight at the camera as if he’s talking to Edge.

Jericho: You better pray that one of us gets drafted to Smackdown junior. Or you can be damn sure that Y2J is gonna give your rockstar wannabe ass the beating of a lifetime!!

The crowd are fully behind Jericho here.

Jericho: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You think you’re in my league? You think you’re some big shot cos you walk around with a briefcase? You’re nothing Edge. Not now, not EVER. You even think for one second about getting involved at Backlash and I promise to stick that briefcase where the sun doesn’t shine buddy boy!!

The fans have even started a ‘Y2J’ chant now.

Jericho: Take my word Edge, you can bank on it.

Jericho walks away looking very focused as we head back to ringside.

Jim Ross: Some strong words there from Y2J Coach and for once I do believe him, I firmly believe that Jericho is gunning for Edge and that Mr. Money in the bank needs to watch his back.

The Coach: Edge needs to watch his back? I think Jericho is gonna be the one who needs to watch his back come Sunday J.R.

Born naughty’ hits and the tag team champions, William Regal and Tajiri come out to a warm reception.

Jim Ross: In six nights, these two men will be defending their championships, however, we still do not know who against and we won’t know until this Sunday either. Tajiri and William Regal have issued an open challenge for ANY team to take them on for the tag team championships. Who will step up and face our champions Coach?

The Coach: Beats me. I want some competiton as much as these two guys do though, I know how they’re feeling, it’s tough being the best in your division. J.R. you try, week in week out, lord knows you try, but you can’t compete with the Coach baby!!

Jim Ross: You really are a jackass aren’t you?

Simon Dean is waiting in the ring and he will face Tajiri. Before the match Dean offers his products to Tajiri, who in return sprays green mist in the face of Dean!! The crowd goes crazy for this as the referee rings for the bell.

Match two: Singles match

Tajiri vs. Simon Dean

With Dean at an obvious disadvantage from the start, Tajiri dominates, hitting Dean with a series of kicks to the ribs before one straight to the skull, taking Dean down. William Regal is cheering his partner on as Tajiri goes up to the top rope and lands a leg drop on Dean! Cover, 1-2-kick out by Simon Dean.

Dean fails to get any offence in as Tajiri whips him into the turnbuckle before getting Dean in position for the tarantula!! The crowd pop for this as Tajiri allows Dean back up, before finishing Simon Dean off with a nasty Buzzsaw Kick straight to the temple, cover, 1-2-3, Tajiri gets the win heading into Backlash!

Winner: Tajiri (3:10)

Jim Ross: Coach, now that was impressive from Tajiri right there. I don’t think Simon Dean even knows what hit him tonight!

The Coach: Impressive J.R. but I would be too if my opponent had that green mist in their eyes before the bell even rang!! Simon Dean never stood a chance. I can’t wait for Backlash though to see who these two guys will defend their titles against. I got a feelin’ we’re gonna see sumthin’ big at Backlash.

We go to a video package for Backlash.

Everybody makes a decision

We see Batista giving the thumbs down to a Smackdown contract all those months ago.

Everybody faces obstacles

We see Batista and Triple H face to face

When you make those decisions

We see Batista and Triple H trading blows at Wrestlemania

When you climb those obstacles

We see Batista pinning Triple H and winning the World title

We then see Chris Jericho and Triple H come on screen as they say

‘There will always be a Backlash’

Backlash, live this Sunday!


We return with Triple H backstage when he crosses paths with Edge who is walking around with his Money in the bank briefcase.

Triple H: Saw what happened earlier on out there and lemme tell ya something. You even consider for one second trying to do to me what you did to Jericho either tonight or this Sunday and it won’t just be Jericho coming for you. I’ll join the queue and believe me(HHH gets in Edge‘s face), you don’t want that.

Edge: Easy Hunter. I got no problem with you in this whole thing. In fact, I got a proposition for ya. Backlash this Sunday. You want your World title back right? I know it is, I know it is all you want, I know it’s what you craaaaave, it’s what you desire, it’s what you liveeeeeeee for.

Triple H nods looking intrigued by what Edge has to say.

Edge: Then let me help you get that back, starting right out there tonight. You got yourself a tag team match up against Batista. I say, how about Mr. Money in the Bank accompanies you to the ring tonight? And when the time is right, Batista turns around and WHAM, I spear his ass in half. How’s that sound huh?

Triple H goes to respond but Edge butts in.

Edge: Whoa whoa whoa, and then, and then Sunday comes around, and once again, when the time…is….right, it’s groundhog day, Batista laid out on the mat after a spear. One….two…three, Triple H walks out the NEW World Heavyeweight champion.

Triple H: Edge, as great as all that sounds. I don’t trust you.

The crowd pop slightly for this.

Triple H: Never have, never will. You say you’re gonna help me win MY title back. What’s to say that when I win on Sunday, you won’t just cash in that briefcase on me there and then?

Edge ponders this.

Triple H: You can’t answer me Edge. I know how you go about things and I ain’t buyin’ into this crap about helping me win my title back. I WILL win this Sunday but I will win on MY terms. I’m warning you to stay away. If you do get involved? Be prepared to face the consequences.

Triple H walks away as Edge looks back at him laughing slightly, but as he turns around, he sees Batista in front of him!! The fans pop big for this!!

Batista: I heard your little conversation there Edge. Now I hate Triple H as much as the next guy but what he just said, I couldn’t have agreed any more with. You get involved this Sunday, you get broken in half. Thumbs up, thumbs down. (Batista motions this)

The crowd starts a ‘BA-TIS-TA’ chant.

Edge: Dave, you think you’re a tough guy huh? You think you intimidate me? Well you’re wrong. Hunter was right, he can’t trust me, NOBODY can trust me. Cos while I hold this bad boy (Edge points at the briefcase), nobody is safe. You’re the World champion Dave, cherish it, treasure it. Well, because, you never know when it might end.

Batista shrugs his shoulders, chuckling slightly.

Edge: Trouble for you is Dave, I do.

Edge pats the briefcase before walking away as Batista looks on intently.

Jim Ross: Well Edge is certainly playing with fire Coach and this Sunday if he does indeed get involved in the World title match, there are gonna be three men wanting to tear his damn head off.

The Coach: It doesn’t matter J.R. They can wanna do this, wanna do that, but Edge is right! While he owns that money in the bank contract, he holds all the cards!!

At that time, ‘Live for the moment’ hits and Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring for action.

Jim Ross: Matt Hardy told us last week Coach that tonight he would hunt down Kane. Now Hardy has been booked to compete here tonight and I just don’t see how he will be able to get his hands on the monster before Backlash.

The Coach: It ain’t happenin’ J.R. Hardy is going to have to wait. For one, Kane ain’t gonna show up here tonight and secondly if he does, how the hell is Hardy gonna find him?! That freak could be anywhere!!

It wasn’t my fault’ hits and Snitsky makes his way out to a next to nothing reaction.

Jim Ross: Well Snitsky is gonna be exactly the kinda task Hardy needs heading into Backlash. This man is strong, he’s powerful and he is a dangerous opponent on his day Coach.

The Coach: Oh for sure J.R. Snitsky is one tough son of a gun and this is a hard task for Matt Hardy tonight.

Match three: Singles match

Matt Hardy vs. Snitsky

Snitsky takes down Hardy early on with a clothesline after a lock up to begin things. The powerhouse then dropped Hardy with a scoop slam before an early cover, Hardy kicking out at two. The crowd then began a loud chant of ‘Hardy, Hardy’ as the former tag team champion began to get some momentum.

Hardy picked up some steam and took down Snitsky with a flying forearm smash before getting Snitsky in position to hit him with a brutal looking side effect!! Cover from Hardy, 1-2-kick out by Snitsky!! Hardy can’t believe it but goes up to the top rope and has Snitsky in position for the leg drop off the top rope but the big man gets to his feet and heads to the corner. Snitsky looks to lift Matt off the ropes but Hardy manages to use all his strength to kick Snitsky back down to the mat and Matt connects with a huge leg drop from the top!!

Hardy then signals for a twist of fate, biding his time for Snitsky to rise. As Snitsky returns to his feet, Hardy gets him in position and BAM, TWIST OF FATE!! Cover, 1-2-3, Hardy gets a big win heading into Backlash!!

Winner: Matt Hardy (4:47)

Jim Ross: Matt Hardy rolling towards Backlash Coach!! Will Hardy get what he wants though? Will Matt Hardy really be able to end Lita and Kane’s marriage in six nights?

The Coach: Not on my watch J.R. Kane is a sick, twisted individual and it is gonna take a miracle for Matt Hardy to overcome him.

Slow chemical’ hits out of nowhere and Hardy in the ring sees Kane appear on the ramp, KANE IS HERE!! The crowd pops purely cos they wanna see these two go at it. Kane laughs crazily, before bringing Lita out on stage, with her hands tied behind her back and her mouth taped up. Lita looks petrified as Kane laughs a little more as Hardy runs out of the ring and up the apron, but Kane gets out of town and runs behind the curtain with Lita in his arm.

Jim Ross: What the hell is wrong with this human being Coach?!?! I-I can’t believe the audacity of Kane to bring Lita here tonight.

The camera pans backstage where Hardy is running, searching for Kane. Hardy is screaming, ‘KANE, YOU SON OF A BITCH, WHERE ARE YOU?!’ Hardy walks past some crew members asking if they’ve seen Kane. Nobody can give him an answer as he heads to the parking lot. Hardy searches inside a waiting limo when from behind, KANE SMASHES HARDY OVER THE BACK WITH A STEEL CHAIN!! Hardy falls to the floor in agony as Kane continues to brutally assault Hardy with the chain. Kane then grabs a hold of Hardy’s face, with Matt looking motionless. Kane looks at Matt, ‘Backlash Matt, I am gonna finish you off once and for all, there’ll be NO COMING BACK!! ME AND YOU, no holds barred. Ha ha ha ha.’ Kane then slams Matt’s head to the floor before dropping the chain and walking off as the picture fades.


Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday night Raw and before our commercial break, we saw yet another twist in this disturbing Matt Hardy-Kane-Lita affair.

We are shown a replay of what happened.
The Coach: The stakes have now gotten even higher for this match at Backlash J.R. No Holds barred baby, Matt Hardy’s chances just dropped another notch!

Jim Ross: Kane simply makes me sick, he is not right in the head Coach and I fear for Matt Hardy at Backlash.

The Coach: I don’t think you’re the only one, Hardy is done for come Sunday at Backlash.

Jim Ross: Well speaking of Backlash, lets take a look at the incredible card we have shaping up for this Sunday’s pay per view in New Hampshire!! For the tag team championships, William Regal and Tajiri will defend the titles in an open challenge. The champions issued this last week and are begging for some competition, who will accept this Sunday?

The Coach: J.R. we are all gonna be on the edge of our seats to see who takes on this challenge! I got a feelin‘, this one‘s gonna be good! We’ve seen several teams try to take Regal and Tajiri down but we’ve seen them all fail. Somebody’s gotta step up at Backlash!

Jim Ross: Also, the Women’s championship will be defended as Trish Stratus puts the gold on the line against Victoria!

The Coach: These two women have had some battles in the past but this Sunday, I expect to see one of their finest. The past two weeks have seen some highly intense, highly aggressive clashes between these two and at Backlash it’ll be no different.

Jim Ross: A match up now we referred to mere moments ago. Matt Hardy will take on Kane in what we now know will be a No holds barred match. If Matt Hardy wins, then Kane will divorce Lita and set her free but if Kane wins then Matt Hardy is gone from the WWE for good.

The Coach: HUGE stipulation at Backlash baby boy. Matt Hardy is making a major mistake getting involved with Kane. For weeks, we have seen the videos of Lita being held captive, on Sunday it may all come to an end for the man who will not die.

Jim Ross: The Intercontinental title will be defended when Shelton Benjamin faces Muhammad Hassan in what will no doubt be a heated affair.

The Coach: J.R. we may well have a new champion this Sunday. Hassan has gotten the better of Shelton Benjamin for weeks and at Backlash, I don’t think Shelton has the answers to Hassan and Daivari.

Jim Ross: Also at Backlash, a major announcement from the nature boy, Ric Flair. Christian will host the peep show with Flair as his guest. Will Flair really be announcing his retirement?

The Coach: Christian told us earlier tonight that it was ten years too late and I couldn’t agree more!! This Sunday, Flair does the good deed!!

Jim Ross: And finally, our main event, Batista will defend the World Heavyweight title for the first time when he takes on Triple H and Chris Jericho in a triple threat match! Jericho defeated the champion to earn his spot here but the former champion is sure to want his gold back. Batista has it all to do this Sunday!

The Coach: You’re damn right J.R. At Backlash we will really see just how capable Batista is. The experience of Jericho and ’The Game’ could play a huge part in this contest. Will Batista really be able to overcome it? I cannot see it.

Jim Ross: Well it is sure to be one hell of a pay per view no doubt folks and when we come back it’ll be our main event time as the World champion Batista and the Intercontinental champion Shelton Benjamin take on Triple H and Muhammad Hassan!!

We see a split screen of Benjamin on the left, Hassan and Daivari on the right, getting prepared for the main event.


We return and ‘Arab american’ hits and out comes Muhammad Hassan with Daivari to some huge heat from the crowd in Pittsburgh.

Jim Ross: In six nights, this man will have the opportunity to taste WWE gold for the first time when he takes on his new found enemy, Shelton Benjamin. I don’t like him a damn bit Coach but there is no doubting Hassan has got talent.

The Coach:
Hassan has impressed me a great deal J.R. since he came to the WWE and in recent weeks he has done so even more whilst sending a message to the Intercontinental champion. That one at Backlash could steal the show in my opinion.

Jim Ross: Oh no doubt Coach. I just pray to God, that Hassan doesn’t use that damn Daivari to turn things in his favour on Sunday.

The Coach: By any means necessary J.R. If Hassan feels Daivari can help him win the title, then I say use him.

Game’ hits to a lot of heat as Triple H makes his way out looking incredibly focused, almost pissed off looking.

Jim Ross: Well, Triple H told Edge earlier tonight exactly where to go if he thinks about getting involved on Sunday and I gotta admit, Triple H is looking on his game, pardon the pun. He looks as focused as I’ve ever seen in regaining the World Heavyweight championship.

The Coach: Wouldn’t you J.R? This man never deserved to lose it in the first place! Wrestlemania was a fluke and at Backlash, Triple H will prove that!

Ain’t no stopping me now’ hits to a decent ovation for Shelton Benjamin as he makes his way down to the ring.

Jim Ross: One of the best pure athletes in the WWE Coach and last week he finally got one over on Muhammad Hassan!

The Coach: Sneak attacks aren’t gonna help Shelton at Backlash though. He will go FACE to FACE with Hassan and as good as Benjamin is, Hassan has the edge.

Jim Ross: Your personal opinion Coach but my money is on Benjamin to come through. We’ll see just how talented Hassan is when as you said it is one on one, it is face to face.

I walk alone’ then hits to a thunderous ovation as the champion Batista makes his way down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman, our World Heavyweight champion!!

The Coach: For just six more nights ha ha!!

Jim Ross: Well indeed in six nights Batista will face the toughest test .of his career but I wouldn’t bet against him Coach. The size, the speed, the power of this man. Who can really stop Batista?

The Coach: Triple H and Chris Jericho. Simple answer for ya J.R. and it’s gonna happen at Backlash, either way we‘re walkin‘ out with a new champion haha!!

Match four: Tag team match

Batista and Shelton Benjamin vs. Triple H and Muhammad Hassan

Shelton and Triple H start the match off, with J.R. hyping the history of these two men, with Benjamin getting several high profile wins over ‘the game’. They lock up before the referee breaks the hold and Triple H lands the first blows, rocking Shelton backwards as Hunter whips the Intercontinental champion into the corner. Triple H then hammered away at Benjamin before walking away and returning, running into Benjamin and knocking him to the mat with a brutal clothesline. Early cover from Triple H but a kick out at two.

Triple H then brought Benjamin back up to his feet before looking to hit a suplex. Benjamin countered though and rolled up Triple H into a pin fall attempt! 1-2-kick out by Hunter! Benjamin nearly getting another upset victory over the former World champion. Shelton then ran the ropes as Hunter got to his feet again, clothesline attempt by the game, Benjamin ducks it and flies at Triple H with a cross body, cover again by Shelton, 1-2-kick out by Triple H, who is reeling at the speed Benjamin is bringing to the match.

Benjamin waits for Triple H to get back to his feet again before running to the ropes once more but Triple H catches him on the way back and drops Benjamin with an AA spine buster!! Brutal move by Triple H who takes a moment to catch his breath before going back to work on Benjamin. Hard right hands to the head of Shelton Benjamin. Triple H drags Shelton over to his corner and tags in Muhammad Hassan, the crowd give huge heat as the #1 contender to Shelton’s title enters the match and goes straight at Benjamin, who is on his knees. Hassan knocks his rival down completely with a big boot to the face before hoisting Shelton up and dropping him back down with a hard snap suplex!! Cover from Hassan, 1-2-kick out by the champion. Batista is waiting patiently on the apron, desperate to get into this match but Benjamin can’t seem to turn the tide.

Hassan then poses to the crowd which draws huge heat once more, but this allows Shelton to get back into things. Shelton rolls Hassan up with a schoolboy attempt, Hassan’s shoulders are down, 1-2-kick out by the Arab American superstar. Benjamin then takes down Hassan with consecutive clotheslines before grabbing Hassan and throwing him half way across the ring almost with a big belly to belly suplex. Benjamin gets to his feet quickly and tags in Batista!!

The Animal has entered the match and takes down Hassan immediately before knocking Triple H off the apron as well!! Triple H falls to the outside as Batista hits Hassan with a spine buster inside the ring!! The World champion then shakes the ropes and signals for the Batista bomb as the crowd roars in anticipation!! Thumbs up, thumbs down!! Batista hoists Hassan up, BAM!! Connects with the Batista bomb, cover on Hassan, 1-2-3-this one is over!!!

Winners: Batista and Shelton Benjamin (10:17)

Batista has little to no time to celebrate though as Edge has pulled Shelton Benjamin off the apron, face first into the mat and is now waiting for Batista to turn around!! Batista turns around and runs right into a spear!! For the second time tonight, Edge spears one of the participants at Backlash in the World title match. But Edge is closely followed by Chris Jericho!! Jericho enters the ring, holding his ribs from the spear earlier and takes down Edge!! Jericho is hammering away at Mr. Money in the Bank. The crowd are behind Jericho here but Jericho is then taken out by Triple H, who knees Jericho in the skull before lifting one of his opponents on Sunday up and into the pedigree position.

Hunter nails Jericho with the pedigree!! Batista is up again though inside the ring as is waiting for Triple H to turn around, the game does but Batista misses a clothesline attempt and instead runs right into Edge, taking Edge down with the clothesline as Triple H turns him round and takes down the champion with another pedigree!! Triple H is left standing tall with Batista, Jericho and Edge all laid out as the show closes with Hunter doing his trademark pose and grabbing hold of Batista’s World Heavyweight title, looking intently at it.

Jim Ross: Is this gonna be the scene on Sunday folks?! Is Triple H going to walk out of Backlash an 11 time World champion?! Batista has it all to do if he wants to retain his title!! Join us Sunday night for Backlash!! Goodnight everybody!!
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

cp954's Raw review

Hey, I’m new here and I’m going to be starting a BTB based on the same era, immediately after WM 21 so I thought I’d drop you some feedback as I’m interested in how you’re going to go about things. I’ll start giving feedback properly after Backlash, so I can get in to the thread. Anyway, here we go.

Nice opening commentary with JR and Coach, very realistic of the two of them. Good job on Coach immediately expressing his heel views. He’s much more of a heel commentator than Lawler ever was, and you’ve done a good job representing that. at Babyboy, love it. Some huge matches tonight, especially excited for the Orton vs. Jericho match, and to see if there’s any progression on the Kane/Hardy situation. Good job, hooking me in already :P

Christian to open the show, seems a bit random. Sorry, I haven’t caught up to speed as this is my first show of yours I’m ready, but is this announcement retirement? It’s the only possible announcement Flair MIGHT make that I can think of, off the top of my head. Anyway, Christian is comedy in his first two lines which is great. Yeah, looks like I was right, still wondering why it’s going to be on the Peep Show, though? Great use of Tomko, really driving home the “actions speak louder than words” type character he is, but I’d like to see him speak some time in the future. It was only a matter of time before Christian got some cheap heat by knocking Flair, and to be honest it wasn’t the best. I feel that for someone as arrogant and brash as Christian is, “washed up over the hill, old man“ seems far too simple and generic. But yeah, just my preference here. But this is serious Christian now, which is also great. The heart attack thing seems a little too far-fetched, but I guess that’s just one way to describe Christian in general. Good job on turning the attention from Flair to Christian in seconds, something he would actually do. Nice job, even though it did seem random to open the show, especially the one before Backlash.

Great way to return from commercials. The women’s scene was great in 05 and I hope you capitalise on it. Victoria is always a safe bet to play the psycho, crazy chick type character, and you made her play it to a tee just then, especially the way she just walked away, nice touch. I wonder what Trish was coming out for anyway? Seems a bit random, maybe you should have had JR or Coach announce why she was coming out, a match? An announcement?

And if the fan’s bad mood could be increased, it would surely have had to involve these three men. I personally hated Hassan and never saw the appeal in him, but I’m willing to give him a chance in BTB. The first line Bischoff just said, in my eyes, could the starting point of boosting Benjamin higher up in the card, whether that’s what you’re planning or not is a different story. A deal with the devil, it seems to look like. Interested to see what will happen at Backlash, and if Benjamin will have a plan lined up as well.

Right, a seemingly face Jericho is getting bumlicked by a heel-only support Coach? Right, shows to me Jericho isn’t really a changed man . It seems obvious, now you’ve mentioned it, that Orton or Taker are going to be drafted, you shouldn’t have brought it up at this point, IMO. Realistic match, with Orton methodically wearing down his opponents. I don’t understand why Edge came out though? Coach says its to weaken any threats to the championship, but is he in the match at Backlash? Or is it just because of his briefcase, he wants the title sooner rather than later. Needs a little more explanation from JR or King, or even some indication from Edge why he attacked Jericho.

Ah, serious Jericho here. Boooo. But he had some strong words, and I have a feeling at Vengeance or Summerslam Jericho may face Edge for the MITB briefcase, which quite frankly the thought of it is mouthwatering

Open challenge at Backlash? Nice, I hope you bring in a completely new team instead of a current WWE team, the tag division needs strengthening and that should be a priority, at the moment. Squash match for Tajiri, making Regal and himself look strong heading in to Backlash. Good choice in Simon Dean, as all he is good for with that gimmick is JOBBING.

Looking forward to Backlash! :P

Intense Edge is good, but he’s cropping up a fair bit tonight. Hopefully only once more, otherwise it will be Edge overkill. You seem to be making Edge more of a heel than HHH, which is weird, but whatever. My only problem is I can’t see Triple H saying what he did. The content was fine, just the choice of words seemed a bit iffy. Batista was fine, however, as was Edge.

Wow, that was some sick shit from Kane, he really does mean business. Poor Matthew.  But yeah, another match added to Backlash, and a no holds barred match seem suitable. If this isn’t the last of the feud, then it needs a completely new direction because after Backlash I can see it just getting stale.

You had Coach and JR just talking for a whole segment? No wrestlers were seen between the two commercial breaks, space the commercials out better.

Main event time, all of a sudden? Only four matches, one of which was a squash match, one featured a talentless bum (snitsky) and another was interrupted and ended by DQ? Bad booking, only two clean endings, one of which was a squash. But the main event was great, with a great ending; really builds up the tension for Backlash.

Overall, it was a good show. Storylines progressed well enough for me to WANT to read Backlash, and it generally looks like a good card (from what I’ve gathered). Just a little suggestion, though, post your Backlash card after ever Raw show, so the readers know for sure what is confirmed. I wouldn’t be 100% of the card if it wasn’t for Coach and JR running it down, and you can’t trust the readers to read it in full. Also, make your segments and promos a bit longer. This show may have been a one-off, but like I said before it was bad booking for only 4 matches, two of which were clean and one of them were a squash match. But yeah, bookings great, spelling and grammar I haven’t got a problem with (wasn’t paying huge attention to, though) and the layout is good. You’ve got me hooked for Smackdown, and Backlash.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Thanks for the feedback Revolution, much appreciated and to imac for Smackdown.

WWE Smackdown preview- 4/29/05- Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Friday night Smackdown comes to you from Pittsburgh and brings a blockbuster main event with it. The semi finals of the #1 contenders tournament will be completed when the former WWE champion JBL takes on the ‘Ultimate underdog’ Rey Mysterio for a place against Kurt Angle in the final. Will Mysterio be able to fend off JBL and his cabinet, taking one step closer towards his dream? Or will the ‘Wrestling God’ manage to overcome another obstacle in his quest to dethrone John Cena as champion?

Also, Smackdown general manager Teddy Long has confirmed that Orlando Jordan will defend his United States title one on one against the man he and JBL screwed a couple of weeks back, Booker T. Booker will be no doubt seeking revenge on Orlando, with the United States title on the line, this one is sure to be a major contest. Will Orlando find a way in dealing with the former WCW champion? Or will Booker end the reign of JBL’s chief of staff?

We will also find out who the next #1 contender is for Paul London’s Cruiserweight championship when Kid Kash meets Brian Kendrick and Chavo Guerrero in a triple threat match. All three men are highly talented inside the squared circle and are sure to put on a treat for the Mellon Arena. Find out who earns their shot this Friday night.

Furthermore, we are expecting to hear from Kurt Angle in his hometown. How will the crowd react to Angle as he returns home? And what will Angle have to say to his people?

And finally, last week we saw RVD finally get a bit of payback on MNM. What will the new Smackdown trio have in store for Mr.Friday night when Smackdown rolls round? And how will Van Dam be able to deal with MNM on his own yet again? Surely the high flier will have a plan?

Find out all the answers to these questions and much more this Friday night on Smackdown
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Told you I'd finally get around to ya...

Decent enough promo from Christian to kick things off, I felt some of the things he said were a little too cheap as by now he was Captain Charisma, he didn't need to result to low brow stuff like the heart attack line, but overall whilst it started off fairly shakey, it turned into a decent promo here, but I can't see Flair retiring at Backlash, more like kicking Christian's ass, or getting mugged by Christian/Tomko

Ok so what, was Trish about to wrestle? Bit odd, Victoria adds more fuel to their feud but really, couldn't this have waited till after Trish's match for the attack?

Eh, wasn't feeling the Hassan/Bischoff interaction. Hassan seemed so different. His first paragraph was fine but the second sentence, didn't sound like him at all. Shelton/Hassan will be a good match however

Finally get us a match, way too long for one to take place tho. Good match between the two and the aftermath with Edge & HBK getting involved making it look like HBK/Orton and Jericho/Edge for Backlash, both should be good matches

Jericho promo sounded more in character and I didn't realise he was in the title scene at Backlash. Strange that him and Edge are kinda feuding right now if he is, but ahwell, I expect maybe Jericho to get traded to Smackers in the draft anyways and give him some fresh feuds

Good win for Tajiri, but him and Regal as a tag team never sold me. Job to real team plz

Edge/HHH/Batista segment was intriguing as it sets up a few possibilities and I like Edge's last line to Big Dave, really enjoyed that as it's trademark heel Edge. Overall the segment once again seemed kinda off with some character issues and sentence structure (words being placed in the wrong spot) but was solid and got it's message across

Fuck I hate Snitsky. Glad Hardy beat him. Hardy/Kane for Backlash? Good luck Matt, but I can see him pulling off a big result, although this one may drag and Kane may get first blood. We'll see. WHOA! Kane owned Hardy there. Makes the chances of Matt winning a little better now

Nice run down on a solid card for Backlash

Main event was nothing short of chaos, especially with the aftermath. All the big feuds got their showcase which is cool and the match itself was a nice way to end the show. Don't think Edge will cash in the MITB just yet but I can't help but feel it's not too far away

Well, booking wise I think you're doing well. Definitely need to improve on your promo's (both the character of most guys, and the sentence structure and arrangement of words). Backlash looks solid, please POST THE CARD UP though so we can see exactly what's on, much easier that way too for predics etc. Also, four matches in a two hour show? Weak. Atleast could've had the Trish match go ahead and Victoria attack her afterwards.


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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Thanks for ther Raw feedback Renegade, I know I’m still nowhere near there yet but I’m gonna keep giving it a go and hope to get there soon enough, anyways, here’s Smackdown, the matches aren’t written out in full and i'm not too pleased with it but I just want to get this out the way and head onto Backlash and the draft. I will post a Backlash preview for those who want to predict in the next few days.

WWE Smackdown- 4/29/05- Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The show opens as usual with the video package before the pyro hits and we are welcomed to Smackdown!

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to Friday night Smackdown! We are emanating from the Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh and tonight, what a main event we have in store folks!!

Tazz: Oh baby. Semi-finals. #1 contenders tournament. JBL goes one on one with Rey Mysterio. The winner advances to face Kurt Angle in the finals next week!!

Michael Cole:
Also tonight, Smackdown general manager Teddy Long has announced that Orlando Jordan will defend his United States title against Booker T in another huge match up!!

Tazz: Man, Smackdown just keeps producing the goods Cole!!

Medal’ then hits and Kurt Angle comes out to a good reception as it is his hometown.

Michael Cole: This man already has his place booked in the finals next week Tazz. Last week, Kurt Angle defeated the Big Show and in a lot of people’s minds, he is the odds on favourite to go on and face John Cena for the WWE title.

Tazz: And for good reason Cole. Angle has been on a roll since Wrestlemania and whether it be JBL or Rey Mysterio, they are gonna have a hard time beating this guy if he’s on his game.

Angle takes the mic as a small ‘Angle, Angle’ chant is going around the Mellon Arena.

Angle: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Cheap pop for Angle mentioning his home town.

Angle: How in the hell did I ever manage to grow up in this place?

Angle’s fans suddenly turn to haters as he gets back his heat instantly.

Angle: Man, I don’t even know myself. But one thing I do know is that I can’t wait to leave again.

More heat for Angle as an ‘Angle sucks’ chant begins.

Angle: But anyway, I came out here tonight to talk about something else. I got two things I wanted to get off my chest. First things first. I’m hearin’ a lot of people talkin’ about the draft this Monday night on Raw. I’m hearin’ a lot of people talkin’ about the possibility of me going over to Raw, or the possibility of Shawn Michaels coming to Smackdown.

Michaels name draws cheers from the crowd.

Angle: And people are wondering, people are hoping, people are even PRAYING that me and Shawn Michaels end up on the same brand. Now I got one question for those people. Why?

The fans have quietened down now and are wondering what Angle has to say.

Angle: Why would you want me and Shawn on the same brand? So I can beat him again? What, so I can make him tap out again? So I can break his FREAKIN ANKLE IN HALF?! So I can end his career?

The fans are booing Angle once more now.

Angle: Cos if I do end up on the same show as Shawn, all of those things are going to become reality. Every single one of them. Shawn Michaels is history. Shawn Michaels is old news. This Sunday, Michaels takes on Randy Orton at Backlash and I can guarandamntee you that Randy Orton will further that point.

More heat for the Wrestling machine.

Angle: Shawn Michaels says that the war isn’t over between me and him. It is. There is no two ways about it, the war is dead and buried. I beat you at Wrestlemania Shawn. I’m not stepping in that ring with you again, whether I’m drafted to Raw or not.

The fans boo at this, wanting to see Angle and HBK go at it again.

Angle: I’ve made my point and now I got nothing left to prove to you Shawn. Hey, I got nothing left to prove to anybody. Now I will be at Raw on Monday Shawn, all us Smackdown guys will be. You try and start something and we’ll see where that ends up and believe me, you aren’t gonna like it Shawn.

The crowd start a ‘HBK’ chant which Angle laughs at.

Angle: Now onto my next bit of business, the WWE championship.

As Angle goes to speak again, ‘Macmilitant’ hits and out comes Teddy Long to a decent reception.

Long: Kurt, I got news for ya playa and it concerns both of the issues you talkin’ about.

Angle looks on interested in what Long has to say.

Long: Now, tonight, our main event sees JBL take on Rey Mysterio and as we all know, the winner will go and face you Kurt in the final of this #1 contenders tournament.

Angle: Get to the point here Teddy.

Long: My point Kurt is that the WWE directors gave me the timeframe for this tournament, however, they also gave the draft lottery date not long after. Now the problem here Kurt is that they clash playa. So I can’t risk havin’ the final next week on Smackdown cos’ one of ya could be a Raw superstar next week. So what we’re goin’ to do ladies and gentleman is have the final of our #1 contenders tournament live this Monday night on Raw to kick off the show!!

The crowd pop for this big time, having a Smackdown match take place on Raw.

Long: Now, Eric Bischoff has informed me, that Shawn Michaels will not be allowed to interfere in that match or he will be suspended indefinitely.

Angle: Teddy, Teddy. I appreciate you comin’ out here and letting’ me know this but fact of the matter is, I don’t give a crap.

Fans boo Angle even more here.

Angle: Shawn Michaels can show up if he wants Teddy. Well, if he wants a broken ankle. And it doesn’t matter whether the final takes place on Raw or Smackdown, the result remains the same. All I care about is that I walk out with a guaranteed title shot.

Long: I feel ya Kurt, and seein’ as we’re here in your home town of Pittsburgh, I was thinking that we have ourselves a little warm up match for you tonight! So later on tonight, Kurt Angle performs for his home town, one on one with the Cruiserweight champion Paul London!!

Small pop for this.

Angle: Ha ha Teddy, Paul London? Are you serious?

Long: Dead serious playa. Good luck out there Kurt.

Angle: I don’t need luck Teddy. Paul London is gonna need luck. Paul London is gonna need a god damn miracle cos I’m gonna break…. his…. ankle…. Oh it’s true, IT’S DAMN TRUE!!

The camera then fades as we head to a Commercial break

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, another big match up signed for tonights Smackdown by our general manager!! Paul London will have possibly the biggest match of his young career when he goes one on one with Kurt Angle!!

Tazz: Big, big match for Paul London right there. As talented as London is though, Kurt Angle may be right tonight. London could need a miracle.

Longhorn’ hits and JBL’s limo arrives in the arena, however it is Orlando Jordan who steps out of it, ready to defend his United States title.

Michael Cole: This man has had an interesting couple of weeks partner. Jordan lost to Rey Mysterio in the #1 contenders tournament, he was pinned last week by John Cena but he has managed to get under the skin of the man he faces tonight Booker T. Lets take a look.

We see the footage from two weeks ago when Jordan cost Booker T his match with JBL and lost Booker a place in the semi finals.

Tazz: Cole, Orlando Jordan was simply following orders. If JBL tells ya to do sumthin’, you better do it. But there is no doubt that tonight is a huge test for this kid, going up against Booker T.

Can you dig it?’ hits to a loud pop as Booker T makes his entrance and we get set for the first match of the night.

Michael Cole: The look on Booker T’s face says it all folks. Robbed by JBL and Orlando Jordan two weeks ago, but now he has his sights firmly set on becoming our new United States champion.

Tazz: The Book man can get the job done, simple as that. The experience factor could play a major part here tonight Cole. For all the talent Orlando possesses, he lacks in experience, something the man in our picture certainly isn’t.

Match one: United States title match

Orlando Jordan© vs. Booker T

The match was much longer than many expected as Orlando put up a strong showing against the veteran Booker. Booker dominated the middle of the match and had several near fall attempts including hitting a Book End, however, Orlando had his foot on the ropes to the dismay of the crowd.

The turning point in the match came when Booker T looked to be setting the champion up for a Scissors kick, however, down came the Basham Brothers. Booker knew he was in trouble now having to fend off JBL’s henchmen. The distraction allowed Orlando to regroup and as the referee dealt with the Bashams who had got up on the apron, Orlando hit Booker with a low blow!! The crowd gave insane heat as the champion then hit Booker with the Blackout!! Cover, 1-2-3. Jordan retains.

Winner and still United States champion: Orlando Jordan( 10:35)

Michael Cole: Damn it, Booker T has been screwed AGAIN here tonight!! How many times are the cabinet gonna get away with this Tazz? Booker was gonna win the title!!

Tazz: Was Cole. But he didn’t. Orlando Jordan has come up wid da goods yet again man. I feel for Book, I really do but that’s what the numbers game gives you and that is why Orlando holds the gold and why JBL could well be holding the WWE title sooner rather than later.


We return to see Josh Matthews backstage waiting to talk to us.

Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time, the WWE champion, John Cena.

The crowd pop big time as Cena appears into shot.

Matthews: John, we were just wondering what your thoughts were about this Monday’s draft lottery on Raw?

Cena: The draft lottery. Monday Night Raw. Time to shake things up again!!

The crowd give an excited roar at the thought of things changing drastically.

Cena: I cannot wait to see what the draft brings Josh. I mean, I could be drafted to Raw, you could be drafted to Raw, it doesn’t matter. Nobody is safe and that’s the beauty of it all. I got guys here on Smackdown breathing down my neck, waiting for their chance every single week. After Monday night rolls round, whether my fate is to stay here on Smackdown or head to Raw, there’s gonna be even more guys waiting for their shot, and Josh, you know how I do business, if they want some, they can come get some.

The crowd cheer once more for the champion, but Cena’s attention then shifts to the right of our screen as JBL walks in to a lot of heat.

JBL: John, I’ve always known you were stupid but this? This just proves my point all the more. You talk about the draft, you talk about the new faces but what you aren’t talking about is ME!!

The fans burst into boos as ever for the wrestling god.

JBL: Big mistake Cena. See I am what you need to be worrying about, I am what you need to be focusing on. Not Kurt Angle, not Rey Mysterio, not ANY of the Raw superstars. ME. Tonight, I take on Rey Mysterio and tonight I defeat Rey Mysterio. And on Raw Monday night, I will beat Kurt Angle, then that title you got on your shoulder comes back home, back where it belongs.

Cena: John Bradshaw Layfield. Mr. Wrestling God. Do you ever shut up?

The crowd cheer Cena big for this

Cena: Let me tell you a lil something. See when you were WWE champion, you defeated, hmmm, who did you defeat? Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, The Undertaker, Big Show.

JBL: You’re damn right I did.

Cena: But then Wrestlemania season swung by and there was me. Some ‘thug’ who stood no chance, not in your eyes, not in most people‘s eyes. Some guy who couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as your other challengers. But what did you do John? You overlooked him. You overlooked me and you paid the price for it.

The crowd pop as JBL’s not looking so confident now.

Cena: So you wanna talk about being overlooked? Go ahead, but I can assure you that I don’t overlook anybody. I won’t make the same mistake you did.

Cena walks away as JBL looks on, almost disgusted by what Cena had to say.

Cool’ then hits back ringside as Carlito makes his way out to the ring ready for action.

Michael Cole: Well Carlito in recent weeks has begun to perform inside of the ring like a potential star, his actions outside of the ring however are more than questionable.

Tazz: Cole, as long as Carlito is getting it done in the ring, that’s all that matters. Last week, he destroyed Heidenreich after their match up. In my opinion, Carlito is simply sendin’ a message to the Smackdown locker room, and tonight, Charlie Haas better be ready.

‘World’s Greatest’ hits and Charlie Haas comes out to a fairly average response.

Michael Cole: Charlie Haas is incredibly gifted Tazz inside the squared circle, however, he has always struggled in signles competition. Had great success in a tag team with Shelton Benjamin. Why is it that Haas hasn’t had the same success on his own?

Tazz: You’re right about Haas being a talented guy Cole, and I think it all comes down to confidence. If Haas can pick up a couple of wins here and there, I see big things on the horizon for him, but when you break off on your own after so long in a team, it can be difficult.

Match two: Singles match

Carlito vs. Charlie Haas

The match was fairly competitive as Haas dominated early on, however, Carlito soon got into the swing of things. The former U.S. champ had a couple of pinfall attempts after hitting Haas with a sweet swinging neck breaker which looked to cause the former tag champion a lot of discomfort. Haas did shift momentum once more, if only briefly as he rolled Carlito up and scored a near fall to which the crowd believed had the match won. Carlito recovered from this though and hit a beautiful drop kick which knocked Haas down before getting Haas into position for the Backstabber! Cover, 1-2-3. All over.

Winner: Carlito (5:17)

Michael Cole: Carlito is on a roll folks, no doubt about it, we’ve seen a much more focused, much more intense Carlito in recent weeks. And tonig… Oh come on, not again!!

We see back inside the ring Carlito is stomping away at Haas before heading outside to grab a steel chair. The fans are giving huge heat for Carlito here as he smashed the chair across the left leg of Haas who squeals in pain as Carlito continues to hammer away at Haas before finally stopping and taking a bite of his apple before spitting it all over Haas’ body.

Michael Cole: Disgusting. A disgusting human being there ladies and gentleman.

Tazz: Brutal right there. Completely brutal and I fear for Charlie Haas Cole. I think we can add him to the list with Vito and Heidenreich.

Michael Cole: But why is Carlito doing this?! He won the damn match!!

Tazz: To prove a point Cole.

Michael Cole: He’s proved a point for weeks now!!

Tazz: You wanna make an impact here on Smackdown? That’s the way to do it and I think people are startin’ to take Carlito seriously here on Friday nights.


We return and head backstage where Rey Mysterio is backstage in his locker room preparing for his match with JBL later on tonight. Mysterio however, was soon interrupted by Rob Van Dam to a big pop from the crowd.

Mysterio: Rob, how’s it going man?

Mysterio and RVD shake hands and hug.

RVD: Rey, I’m good man , you know how things are, I got a few problems with those punks MNM but all I’m here for is to wish ya luck out there tonight. I think I speak for everyone in Pittsburgh when I say that, I can’t wait to see you beat JBL out there.

The crowd give a good pop there for RVD’s comment.

Mysterio: Thanks bro, I appreciate it and believe me, JBL is gonna get what’s comin’ to him tonight.

RVD: That’s what I like to hear Rey.

Mysterio: And just so you know man, you need any help at all in dealin’ with MNM, you know I got your back right?

RVD: Thanks man. I think I got what it takes to deal with those dudes though and tonight, I’m gonna send a message to them.

Small pop there as Rob and Rey shake hands once more and RVD walks out leaving Rey to continue preparing.

As RVD leaves however, he is attacked from behind by, you guessed it, MNM. Mercury and Nitro smash Van Dam over the head before stomping away at RVD. Van Dam is helpless as Mercury picks him up and throws Van Dam headfirst into the wall as we hear a sickening thud of Van Dam’s skull bouncing off the wall before Nitro takes him down with a DDT to the floor.

Melina begins to laugh sickly as Mercury puts his boot on RVD’s head and pushes it down to the floor before Rey Mysterio opens his door to find what’s going on as MNM scatter down the hall with Mysterio sprinting after them before turning back to check on RVD. Mysterio called for some help as we see RVD looking lifeless as we head back to ringside.

Michael Cole: For the love of God, Tazz, MNM are certainly making more enemies than friends here on Smackdown. A sickening assault on RVD here tonight Tazz, and I cannot wait to see Rob Van Dam get to go at these two inside the middle of the ring!! We’ll see who’s running then!!

Tazz: Cole, you gotta wonder though. Will RVD even recover to get that opportunity? That shot to the head looked like it cleaned out Van Dam. I’m concerned Cole.

Hey You’ then hits as the Cruiserweight champion, Paul London makes his way out, ready for action.

Michael Cole: Well, as they say, the show must go on and here comes a man who is on one heck of a roll partner.

Tazz: For sure Cole, Paul London is enjoyin’ every second of bein’ Cruiserweight champ but tonight is a whole different ball game for this young kid.

Michael Cole: Indeed it is Tazz, and I only hope that Paul London can compete with Kurt Angle here tonight.

Medal’ then hits with still a few of Angle’s hometown cheering but a lot less than earlier tonight as The Wrestling machine makes his way out for his match up.

Michael Cole: We now that in just three nights from now, Monday Night raw, Kurt Angle will go one on one with either JBL or Rey Mysterio, with the winner facing John Cena for the WWE championship!

Tazz: This Monday night is gonna be big baby. I hate Raw as much as the next Smackdown guy does but we’re gonna steal the show on draft night and this man is gonna lead the way!

Match three: Singles match

Kurt Angle vs. Paul London

The match is very fast paced and full of great spots as Paul London stands his ground against the much bigger, much more experienced Angle. The fans were really into this match and there were several chants of ‘Angle, Angle’, however they were matched with ‘Let’s go London’ chants. London nearly caught Angle with a school boy. However, Angle kicked out at the last possible moment to prevent a shock upset. Angle would eventually get the better of his young opponent though as when London went for a cross body off the top, Angle ducked out of the way as London rolled through and on his way back to his feet Angle hit an Angle slam before locking in the Ankle lock, to which London eventually tapped.

Winner: Kurt Angle( 9:42)

Michael Cole: What a match!! And what a great effort by Paul London here tonight!!

Tazz: Man, these two have torn the house down Cole!! Listen to the ovation! London hung with Angle there, I’m impressed. But ultimately, not many can stop the Wrestling machine.

Michael Cole: And still to come tonight partner, we will find out who Paul London’s next challenger will be, when Chavo Guerrero, Kid Kash and Brian Kendrick will meet in a triple threat #1 contenders match and in our main event JBL meets Rey Mysterio!! With a final against Kurt Angle at stake this Monday on Raw!

Tazz: Oh, two huge matches there, only on Friday nights!!


We come back and have a Judgment Day video package

Actions speak louder than words

We see John Cena delivering an FU to JBL at Wrestlemania and holding the WWE title high

But all actions are judged

We see JBL deliver a clothesline from hell to Cena a couple of weeks ago

A target is placed upon you

We see highlights from the #1 contenders tournament with the last image being Rey Mysterio looking at Cena’s title belt

And you’re gonna face your very own day of reckoning, your very own Judgment Day

We see the words Judgment Day in bold as John Cena stares intently at the camera.

Michael Cole: Judgment Day Tazz!! We are now under a month away from the first Smackdown exclusive Pay Per View since Wrestlemania!!

Tazz: Lemme tell ya Cole. I can’t wait for Judgment Day, Smackdown’s time to shine baby.

Ooooh Chavo’ plays over the PA as Chavo Guerrero makes his way down to the ring for action to some good heat.

Michael Cole: Cruiserweight action now folks and here comes our former Cruiserweight champion, Chavo Guerrero. Gotta be the favourite here tonight Tazz?

Tazz: You would think so Cole but in a triple threat match, it’s anybody’s game and Chavo is in there with two high class opponents tonight.

Brian Kendrick then makes his way down to the ring ready for a big opportunity.

Michael Cole: This Brian Kendrick is certainly a potential star in the making. But the experience factor isn’t in his favour here tonight. Up against two veterans in Chavo and Kid Kash, how will that affect this young man here tonight Tazz?

Tazz: It’ll play a part, no doubt Cole, but when you got the athleticism of this kid and the skill he has, sometimes you don’t need experience, you can catch your opponents off guard.

‘ Kash Money’ hits and Kid Kash makes his way out to round off the lineup for this #1 contenders match

Michael Cole: The third piece in the puzzle, here comes Kid Kash!!

Tazz: One of the toughest dudes on Smackdown Cole. Kid Kash is a major player in the Cruiserweight division, believe me on that one.

Match four: Triple threat, #1 contenders match

Chavo Guerrero vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Kid Kash

Another very impressive match here between three of the top Cruiserweights in the WWE. All three men looked as though they were gonna get the victory at some stage. Kid Kash was the first to come close as he hit Brian Kendrick with the Money maker!! Kash got a two count before Chavo broke things up much to Kash’s dismay. Chavo and Kash then had a good battle with Chavo getting the upper hand and hitting Kash with the three amigos which got a good pop from the crowd. Chavo went for a pin, but Kash managed to get the shoulder up just before the three count.

Kendrick then returned back into things and took down Chavo with a drop kick before taking down Kash with one as well. Kendrick was building momentum and then got Kash into position and hit Sliced bread!! Cover, 1-2- Chavo breaks it up again and rolls Kendrick up!! 1-2-3, it’s over!!

Winner: Chavo Guerrero (7:33)

Michael Cole: Chavo Guerrero steals one!! Brian Kendrick had the match won but Chavo with the rollup, grabbed the tights, damn it!!

Tazz: He didn’t steal anything Cole. This is why the experience factor was always gonna play a part here tonight and man, I can’t wait to see London and Guerrero go at it again!!

Michael Cole: Well, you got that right partner.When those two step in the ring, they’re gonna blow the roof off! And still to come tonight, JBL, Rey Mysterio, one on one in the semi finals of the #1 contenders tournament!!


We return and see Carlito backstage chewing some apple, the crowd bursts into heat for the former United States champion. That soon turns to cheers however as Booker T is shown sitting on a table backstage clearly distraught after failing to win the U.S. title earlier tonight.

Carlito: Well, well, well. What do we have here? Booker T. What happened to ju man?

Booker’s eyes widen as Carlito sits down beside Booker.

Carlito: I mean, ju were a major name Book. Ju were a 5 time WCW champion and dat? Well, Carlito knows dats no easy feat.

Booker: What d’yu want man? You wanna rub it in ‘bout earlier tonight? You wanna sit here and tell me I failed? Huh? Go ahead, c’mon.

The crowd are on their feet now as Booker stands up and faces off with Carlito.

Carlito: Easy Booker. Carlito doesn’t wanna rub it in. Carlito hates Orlando Jordan as much as ju do. All Carlito wants is to know where Booker T went? Carlito could kick your ass all over Pittsburgh if he wanted to.

Booker clenches his fist after that comment.

Carlito: Where did the real Booker T, the scissor kicking tough guy from WCW go? Ju aren’t a failure in your career. No Book. Jur WWE career though? Booker, you’re a COMPLETE failure, and dat, dats not cool.

Carlito takes a bite of his apple once again and walks off with Booker T seeming almost confused at what Carlito had to say.

Michael Cole: Wow. Carlito in recent weeks Tazz has displayed a completely new attitude here on Smackdown. We saw it earlier tonight when he dismantled Charlie Haas, much like Heidenreich and Vito in weeks before and now? Now he goes and insults Booker T like that

Tazz: Cole, I think Carlito struck a nerve there. I mean, Booker as great as he has been, seems to be stuck in a rut at the moment and I think Carlito is just telling it as it is. Maybe Carlito just wants to see Booker T back on top o’ his game.

Michael Cole: I’m not buying it Tazz. I think Carlito simply wanted to put down Booker T here tonight.

‘Longhorn’ hits as JBL comes out in his limo ready for the main event.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman it is indeed time for our main event and this man got to this stage by screwing Booker T a couple of weeks back with Orlando Jordan.

Tazz: Cole, JBL is here and that’s all that counts. As long as ya get the job done, it don’t matter. Tonight, it is all about doin’ the business again for JBL and his cabinet.

‘Booyaka’ hits and Rey Mysterio comes down to a big ovation from the Pittsburgh crowd.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio advanced to this stage by defeating JBL’s chief of staff, Orlando Jordan and you have to admire the courage, the guts of Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: For sure Cole. Mysterio has the heart of a lion and JBL knows he’s in for a battle here tonight. I can’t wait for dis one!

Match five: Singles match- #1 contenders tournament semi final

JBL vs. Rey Mysterio

The match is dominated by JBL to begin with as the former champion takes control of his smaller opponent. JBL locked in a sleepr hold which at one stage looked to have ended things as Mysterio looked completely lifeless, however the former Cruiserweight champion recovered and got himself back into things. Mysterio came close himself to ending it as a hurricanrana take down stunned JBL and brought Rey a two count. The crowd in Pittsburgh rallied behind Rey, but as Mysterio was getting into the swing of things, that was stopped with a big boot to the face from JBL. Layfield then scored a two count which frustrated him.

Mysterio was then brought back up by JBL but the ultimate underdog hit his opponent with a drop toe hold which set JBL up for a 619!! Mysterio goes for it but JBL ducks it as Mysterio runs the ropes again but JBL is up and BAM!! Hits Mysterio with a clothesline from hell!! Cover, 1-2-3, JBL advances!! Or does he? NO!! Mysterio’s foot is on the ropes!! JBL can’t believe it as he calls to the back and in no time, the Cabinet come out, Orlando Jordan and the Bashams. JBL calls for a steel chair, but the crowd bursts into a frenzy as JOHN CENA comes down to help Mysterio. The Bashams and Cena are going at it on the outside as OJ and JBL are inside the ring with Rey. The referee is trying to take the chair from Orlando as JBL hits Rey with a low blow behind the referee’s back. But again, the heat turns to a big pop as KURT ANGLE comes down to the ring!! Cena and the Bashams are now in the ring, going at it as JBL and Orlando are stomping away at Rey. Kurt Angle enters the ring and takes down Orlando Jordan!! The crowd pop as Angle and JBL come to blows!! The referee has called for the bell!!

Result: No Contest (9:17)

Angle takes down Orlando Jordan with an Angle slam!! Cena takes down the Bashams with FU’s over the top rope, one after the other. JBL high tails it out of the ring as Angle and Cena stand tall, staring down each other, with Rey making his way to his feet.

Macmilitant’ then hits and GM Teddy Long comes out to clear things up.

Long: Looks like we got ourselves a problem playas and the way I see it, there’s only one solution, ya feel me?

The crowd pop knowing what’s coming.

Long: So this Monday night, live on Raw, the draft show, to determine the new #1 contender, it’ll be Kurt Angle against JBL AND Rey Mysterio!!

The crowd go wild as Angle nods intently with Cena smiling and Rey out of breath, JBL is furious on the outside, knowing his chances have diminished slightly there. Cena then leaves the ring mouthing what seemed to be ‘Good luck’ at Rey and Angle who stare at one another as Rey offers his hand to thank Angle for helping him out. Angle accepts to a big pop from his hometown but the cheers soon turn to jeers as Angle pulls Mysterio in and takes him out with an Angle slam!! Angle then lets out a huge roar as the show comes to a close.

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Well, here's the official card for Backlash, all predictions are welcome. There will probably be an official preview as well in the next few days but feel free to begin predicting.

WWE Backlash

Date: May 1st 2005

Location: Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, New Hampshire

Event Music: Stronger, Trust Company

World Heavyweight Championship: Triple Threat Match
Batista© vs. Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

Singles Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton

Free or Fired: No Holds Barred Match
If Kane wins, Matt Hardy will leave the WWE for good. If Hardy wins, Kane will divorce Lita and allow her free from his torture
Kane vs. Matt Hardy

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin© vs. Muhammad Hassan

WWE Women’s Championship
Trish Stratus© vs. Victoria

World Tag Team Championships: Open Challenge
William Regal and Tajiri© vs. ?

The Return Of The Peep Show
Special Guest: Ric Flair

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Backlash

Date: May 1st 2005

Location: Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, New Hampshire

Event Music: Stronger, Trust Company

Opening Video

We see highlights from Wrestlemania. The Money In The Bank Ladder match is shown with Edge eventually winning the briefcase. We see both Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton on the mat after their defeats at the hands of Kurt Angle and The Undertaker. Before finally, we see Batista winning his first World Heavyweight Championship, defeating his mentor Triple H to take home the gold

When the dust has settled and the showpiece is over

We see Batista holding his title high on the Raw after Wrestlemania, whilst Triple H looks on angrily

When rivalries come to a close and new enemies are born

We see Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels face to face, with images following of both men being beaten at Wrestlemania

When you choose to play with fire

We see Edge getting into the heads and making enemies of the three title men involved in the World title match

When a thorn in your side will not stop at any cost

We see Muhammad Hassan attacking Shelton Benjamin on several occasions, looking at Benjamin’s Intercontinental title.

When all is said and done

Chris Jericho:
When opportunites arise

We see Jericho getting into the title match

Triple H:
And people step out of line

We see Batista taking the title from Triple H

Out with the old

We see Christian smiling as images of Ric Flair appear

Muhammad Hassan:
In with the new

We see Hassan and Daivari standing tall over Shelton Benjamin

Matt Hardy:
To get what you want

We see Hardy running after Kane, looking to get back Lita

Haha you must face


We then head inside the arena where the pyro goes off and good ol’ J.R. welcomes us to Backlash.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Backlash!! I’m Jim Ross, alongside Jonathan Coachman. We are live from the sold out Verizon Wireless Arena and tonight the aftermath of Wrestlemania comes full circle.

The Coach: Can you feel the electricity here tonight J.R?! These people are hyped for tonight and so am I! Batista’s reign comes to an end here in New Hampshire baby!!

Jim Ross: Indeed Batista will defend his World’s Heavyweight title here tonight against both ‘The Game’ Triple H and Y2J Chris Jericho. A huge main event right there.

Ain’t no stopping me now’ hits to a good pop as the Intercontinental champion Shelton Benjamin makes his way down to the ring to defend his title.

Jim Ross: But we are kicking things off with our Intercontinental champion!!

The Coach: Shelton Benjamin has had a tough month J.R and unfortunately for him, it’s gonna get a whole lot worse here tonight.

Jim Ross: It will be tough here tonight, no doubt for Shelton Benjamin but we all know Coach, Shelton is quite possibly the best pure athlete in the WWE and I don’t think anybody can deal with the sheer athleticism and speed of this young kid.

The Coach: I think tonight will put that theory to the test J.R!!

Arab American’ then hits and out comes Muhammad Hassan accompanied by Daivari to thunderous heat

Jim Ross: Well Muhammad Hassan has by no means endeared himself to our WWE audience

The Coach: Aww who cares J.R? Hassan gets it done inside the ring and that’s all that matters.

Match One: Singles Match: Intercontinental Championship

Shelton Benjamin© vs. Muhammad Hassan w/Daivari

The match begins with both men locking up as the crowd start a ‘USA, USA’ chant. The two break off and Hassan tells the crowd to shut up which just further riles them as Benjamin goes on the offensive, hammering away at Hassan with strong right hands.

Benjamin then irish whips Hassan into the turnbuckle before unloading on the Arab American superstar. Benjamin then got on the middle rope and began hammering away slower, as the crowd chanted ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6’ to each shot Benjamin took but as Benjamin went for a seventh, Hassan ducked it and dropped Benjamin face first into the turnbuckle, in what looked a nasty blow to Shelton’s nose.

Hassan then gained the initiative and and began to stomp away at the back of Shelton’s neck, before pandering to the crowd which drew huge heat, with Daivari ringside yabbering away. Hassan then hoisted the champion back to his feet before delivering a strong snap suplex before going for the first cover of the match



Kick out by Benjamin!!

The crowd give a good pop as Shelton kicks out at 2 and a quarter, with Hassan going straight back after his opponent, getting on top of him and throwing lefts and rights at Benjamin before returning to his feet and again looking to bring Shelton to his feet but Shelton with an inside cradle!! Cover!!



Kick Out!!

Hassan kicks out and looks stunned that Shelton nearly pulled one out the blue there. Shelton then throws himself at Hassan, knocking him down with a clothesline, and another as Hassan got back up. Benjamin now rolling as Hassan again gets up but Shelton gets him into place for belly to belly suplex, HITS IT!! Great suplex from Shelton. Cover again from the champion.



3.. NO!!!

Hassan just gets the shoulder up as the crowd believed for a second that it might be over. Benjamin then went up to the top rope and poised himself for Hassan to return to his feet. As the challenger did so, Benjamin went for a clothesline from the top rope, but Hassan ducked it, Benjamin rolls through, Hassan then goes for a clothesline but Benjamin ducks it and WHAM!! Benjamin hits Hassan with a sweet drop kick. Cover again from Shelton.



Kick out Hassan.

The crowd are fully behind Shelton here, desperate to see the champion retain. Shelton gets Hassan up back to his feet and throws a right hand at his opponent, Hassan strikes back, the two men trading blows as Hassan gains the upper hand with a thumb to the eye, strong heat for Hassan here as the referee didn’t catch it. Hassan now stomping away at the gut of Shelton before planting Shelton with a DDT. Hassan again panders to the crowd, which only wastes time as Daivari applauds on the outside. Hassan goes for a cover, kick out at 1 by Shelton as Hassan’s time wasting costs him.

Hassan allows Benjamin to get back up before whipping Shelton into the corner and up onto the top rope. Hassan, not known for his high risk manoeuvres then joined Shelton on the top rope and connects with a big suplex off the top rope!!! Both men taken out of things here as the crowd egg on Shelton but it’s Hassan who just manages to get an arm across the champion’s chest, is this one over?


3... NO!!

Benjamin just gets the shoulder up. Daivari can’t believe it as this match will continue. Hassan slowly brings himself to his knees as Shelton follows not far behind. Hassan just gets up first and looks to land the first shot on Shelton but the champion blocks it and strikes Hassan, one shot, two shots, Benajmin whips Hassan into the corner now and runs straight after him, Stinger splash!! Hassan looks dazed as he comes out of the corner straight into a T-Bone suplex!!! Cover!!



Daivari has put Hassan’s foot on the rope!! Daivari has saved Hassan’s challenge here and Shelton can’t believe it!! Benjamin looks devastated and leaves the ring to go after Daivari!! Daivari is hightailing it!! Daivari runs to the back as Shelton and Hassan can now go one on one!!

Inside the ring Hassan is getting back to his feet, Shelton returns and looks to strike Hassan once more but Hassan ducks it and Benjamin hit’s the referee!!! The referee is down and Hassan and Benjamin come to blows once more, Shelton looks for a T-Bone suplex once more but Hassan with a LOW BLOW and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. The crowd are going insane for Hassan as he goes to the outside and brings a steel chair into the ring.

Hassan looks all set to take Benjamin’s head off but Benjamin who’s made his way back to his feet, KICKS THE CHAIR INTO THE FACE OF HASSAN!! Hassan is down now, Shelton is back to his feet but stumblingly slightly when, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!??!

Benjamin is taken down from behind. Daivari is back in the ring with two more individuals. One is a small man, clearly of Arabian descent and is now hammering away at Shelton, elbowing the back of the head of the Intercontinental champion. The other man is an absolute beast, at least 7 feet tall and is simply standing there as Daivari barks orders at the smaller man. Benjamin is helpless.

The smaller man lifts Shelton up and takes him straight back down with a beautiful dropkick. Benjamin is then lifted back up again and the huge man takes control. Daivari shouts ‘End him’. The huge individual takes Benjamin down with a huge chop to the skull which looks to have left Shelton completely out of it. The large man then picked Shelton back up and gets him into position for a double hand chokelsam!! Huge impact by this gigantic beast. Hassan is back to his feet and slowly the referee is as Daivari and his two assailants leave the ring. Hassan has the cover in!! Not this way!!




Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Muhammad Hassan

Jim Ross: This is not right!! Who the hell are these men?!? Muhammad Hassan has screwed Shelton Benjamin here tonight!! Damn it to hell. Hassan and his cronies have stolen the Intercontinental championship.

The Coach: I’m in shock J.R. I knew Muhammad Hassan was smart but my goodness, this is genius! I don’t know who these two men are but with them on board, nobody and I mean NOBODY is stopping Muhammad Hassan here on Raw baby boy!! Look at the size of him!! (The camera pans to Daivari and the two men)

Jim Ross: A monster Coach. Simply put, a monster. And we can’t forget the other individual who has made a big impact here as well. I can’t believe what we’ve just witnessed. There is gonna be hell to pay for Hassan Coach. Shelton Benjamin is gonna want payback, you can bet your ass on that.

The Coach: Genius.

We head backstage where Todd Grisham is standing by waiting to talk to us.

Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, your World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!!

A big pop runs through the arena

Grisham: Batista, later on tonight you defend your World title for the first time. How are you feeling heading into your match?

Batista: I’m feelin’ great Todd. Now I know I’ve got Triple H’s number. I’ve stood side by side with that man for most of my career. Every trick Hunter has up his sleeve, I have the answer for. I know how to deal with him, trust me.

Small pop for this

Batista: As far as Chris Jericho goes, different story. Edge is the ONLY reason that Jericho beat me a few weeks back and tonight I’ve got a point to prove to Y2J. I will prove that I can beat him, I will prove that I belong here and I will prove that this( points at his title) belongs around my waist.

Again a good pop for the champion

Grisham: Speaking of Edge, how do you feel, knowing that Edge holds that Money In The Bank contract? I mean, he could cash in tonight.

Batista: He could Todd but he won’t. Edge has and always will be a coward. Edge doesn’t wanna face me. If he dare think about cashing in tonight, I will have no problem in tearing that contract up and then tearing his head off!

Big pop for The Animal as Batista walks away and we return ringside

Jim Ross: The Animal certainly looks focused heading into tonight’s title match up that’s for sure and you gotta wonder just what role Edge will play tonight.

The Coach: A big one J.R. Edge holds all the cards, I’ve said it before, I ain’t afraid to say it again. We could well see Edge walk out the NEW World Heavyweight champion here tonight.

Ain’t a lady to mess with’ hits and Victoria makes her way down to the ring ready for her title opportunity

Jim Ross: Well, moving on now to a lady who has made a real statement over the past few weeks Coach. Her quest to become Women’s champion has taken her actions to the next level.

The Coach: Victoria is as crazy as they come but she’s got all the goods to leave New Hampshire with some gold around her waist. Trish Stratus knows she’s in for a fight here tonight.

Time to rock and roll’ hits to a big pop as Trish Stratus makes her way out.

Jim Ross: And indeed here comes the champion. A tough couple of weeks for Canada’s own, Trish has taken a couple of hard beatings from her opponent tonight but when it comes down to it, we all know that Trish is one of the all time greats in women’s wrestling.

The Coach: I don’t deny that for a second J.R. Trish has done it all here in the WWE but tonight, tonight she may be biting off more than she can chew with Victoria.

Match Two: Singles Match: Women’s Championship

Trish Stratus© vs. Victoria

The match begins with Victoria straight out the blocks attacking Trish with a cheap shot before the bell had even rung. This is greeted with strong heat as the challenger goes after Trish, getting on top of her and forcing her down before pulling Trish’s hair and screeching. The referee gets her off the champion as Trish looks to regroup and goes straight after Victoria and takes her down with a big clothesline before going after Victoria in similar style to the way Victoria just did to her, forcing her to the mat before throwing some right and left hands, going wild on her opponent.

Trish then began to use a more methodical approach and got Victoria up to her feet before whipping her into the corner and hitting her with some hard chops across the chest which were met with the typical ‘WOOS’ from the crowd. Trish then knocked Victoria down to the mat with a strong forearm before going for the first cover of the match.



Kick out by the challenger

Trish immediately brought Victoria up to her feet again, but Victoria blocked off her attempt to strike and as Trish went after her, Victoria took Trish down with a drop toe hold before putting Trish into a chin lock, the challenger gaining momentum as Trish writhed in pain. Victoria is demanding Trish tap out but the champion is refusing to quit. Slowly but surely Trish makes her way over to the ropes but can’t quite get a hand to it. The crowd are urging Trish to reach the ropes and she just manages to get there, surely in the nick of time as it looked as though she was beginning to struggle.

Victoria then released the hold and began to stomp away at the back of Trish’s neck, clearly causing a lot of discomfort to the champion. Victoria allowed Trish back to her feet before lifting her and dropping her back down with a hard hitting suplex. Cover by Victoria.



Kick out by Trish.

Victoria wasn’t satisfied with this and went straight for another cover but this time a kick out at just after 1. The challenger then whipped Trish into the ropes but Trish held onto the ropes as Victoria ran at Trish but the champion pulls the ropes and Victoria goes flying over the top rope to a big pop!! Trish now in control as Victoria lay motionless on the outside and the referee beginning to count.

Trish however decides to follow suit and goes to the outside after Victoria but Victoria is ready for her and pushes Trish into the ringpost, Trish’s shoulder taking a heavy knock as the champion falls to the floor in pain. Victoria then went on a rampage and hurled Trish into the barricade, smashing Trish’s ribs before laughing sickeningly. As the referee’s count reached just past 7, Victoria brought Trish back inside the ring and went straight for a cover.



3.. NO!!

Trish just, just, gets the shoulder up at the death as Victoria looks angered once more. Victoria then went up to the top rope surprisingly and as Trish made her way to her feet, Victoria went for a big missile drop kick but Trish moved out of the way!! Victoria falls to the mat as Trish now regroups again and waits for Victoria to rise. Trish gets Victoria in a headlock!! She’s setting it up, the fans know what’s coming, Trish runs to the top rope and hits Stratusfaction!! Cover!!



It’s over!!

Winner and STILL Women’s champion: Trish Stratus

Jim Ross: Trish has done it!! What a night for the blonde beauty!! Trish Stratus has overcome Victoria in one heck of a contest here tonight!!

The Coach: I gotta hand it to her J.R. Trish has shocked me. I thought the game was up and Victoria was taking that title home. Wow, major win for our Women’s champ.

We then head to a video package for the next Raw brand PPV: Vengeance
We return and head backstage where Shawn Michaels is standing by, ready to talk to Todd Grisham

Grisham: Shawn, later tonight you take on the ‘Legend Killer’ Randy Orton. What is your game plan heading into tonight?

HBK: Todd I’ve got no game plan. I’ve got nothing in my mind tonight except go out there and show the world that Shawn Michaels is far from done.

Small pop from the crowd here

HBK: Ever since Wrestlemania, people have had their doubts all of a sudden. People have questioned whether I still have what it takes to be at the very top of the mountain here in the WWE. And y’know, for a split second I questioned myself Todd But that’s all it was, a split second. Cos’ I promise you that Shawn Michaels is far from done and that the Headliner, the Showstopper, Mr.Wrestlemania is gonna go out there and show Randy Orton and the world that he is farrrrrrr from finished.

Grisham: What about tomorrow night on Raw? We found out on Smackdown this Friday that Kurt Angle will be on Raw in a #1 contenders match for the WWE title and if you get involved, you will be suspended. How do you feel about that?

HBK: Kurt Angle will get what’s coming to him, I guarantee you that. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on Kurt since the moment Wrestlemania came to a close. Eric Bischoff wants to ban me from getting involved? We’ll see how far that gets him. But that can wait til tomorrow cos tonight, HBK’s got some business to attend to.

Michaels walks away as we return ringside once more.

The Coach: Randy Orton is gonna RKO Shawn Michaels straight into retirement later tonight!! I can feel it J.R!!

Jim Ross: Well, we’ll see about that Coach but I got a feeling, we’re gonna see Shawn Michaels make a statement, to Kurt Angle, to all the WWE fans and more importantly, to himself.

Born Naughty’ then hits and the Tag team champions, William Regal and Tajiri make their way down to the ring to a decent reaction from the fans.

Jim Ross: This one is sure to be interesting folks. For the past few weeks William Regal and Tajiri have claimed there is no competition for them on Raw and they have issued an open challenge here tonight for ANY team to come and face them for their titles.

The Coach: These guys have been impressive J.R. I’m not a big fan but they’ve started to grow on me recently, I can’t wait to find out who’s gonna step up!!

The crowd waits in anticipation at who will take on the champions

Jim Ross: Who’s it gonna be?!?!

A moments more silence before ‘We’re Comin Down’ hits and THE DUDLEY BOYZ make their return to Raw to a huge pop!!

Jim Ross: BUBBA RAY!! D-VON!! The Dudley Boyz are here!! And they’re coming for the Tag team titles!! What a shocker here in New Hampshire!!

The Coach: I don’t believe it J.R. We haven’t seen The Dudleyz in…. well I don’t know how long.

Jim Ross: And I think Regal and Tajiri’s plea for competition haswell and truly been met here tonight, what a match we have in store for you! Can The Dudleyz win gold on their first night back?

Match Three: Tag Team Match: World Tag Team Championships

William Regal and Tajiri© vs. The Dudley Boyz

Tajiri and Bubba start the match off with Bubba going straight after his much smaller opponent but Tajiri in typical fashion, ducks and dives at every opportunity before striking Bubba with some stiff kicks to the ribs and chest before connecting with one to the face of Bubba.

The Japanese Buzzsaw then ran the ropes before attempting a handspring back elbow which connects to Bubba and knocks him down. First cover of the match by Tajiri.



Kick out by Bubba

Tajiri then made the first tag of the match bringing in William Regal. The size difference is now made up for as Regal can more than go toe to toe with Bubba. Regal goes straight to work on Bubba, hitting him with some hard left hands before taking his opponent down with a knee to the head. Cover by Regal.



Kick out once again by Bubba.

Regal then lifted Bubba back to his feet and went for a suplex but Bubba stopped Regal in his tracks and elbowed one half of the champions in the gut before hitting an elbow to the skull of Regal before also attempting a suplex which Bubba connects with, dropping Regal nastily on his head. First cover from the Dudleyz.



Kick out by Regal.

Bubba then began to hammer away Regal who remained on the mat as Bubba hoisted him back to his feet before once more dropping Regal with a scoop slam, Bubba then made the tag to his partner, D-Von.

D-Von entered the match and looked to begin where Bubba left off. D-Von brought Regal up to his feet but Regal landed a blow to D-Von, D-Von hits back. The two veetrans going at it, trading blows as Regal gets on top and takes D-Von down with a belly to belly suplex!! Regal crawls over to his fallen opponent and attempts a cover.



Kick out by D-Von!!

Regal can’t believe it and the crowd are into the match big time. Regal crawls over towards Tajiri who is itching to get back into the ring but D-Von catches Regal’s leg and spins him round before smashing Regal with a big clothesline, huge impact from D-Von!

Both men are down once again as the crowd begins to clap and wonders who will make the tag first if anyone. D-Von shows life first with Regal not far behind, D-Von goes after Regal once again but Tajiri comes into the ring from nowhere and takes D-Von’s head off with a roundhouse kick!! The crowd ‘ooooooh’ at the sound of the kick as Bubba doesn’t take kindly to this and comes into the ring now. Chaos has broken out as Bubba takes Tajiri over the top rope and goes over with him!! D-Von and Regal are now left in the ring as Bubba makes his way back inside. It’s two on one now as Bubba knocks Regal down from behind before pointing at D-Von who knows what to do and goes up to the top rope!!

Bubba holds Regal’s legs out wide as D-Von shouts ‘WHASSUP’ and Bubba repeats before D-Von flies off the top with a head butt to the groin of Regal. The crowd pop as they then set Regal up. D-Von hurls Regal into the ropes, back Regal comes, D-Von hoists him up high in the sky, Bubba comes crashing down, 3D!!!! Cover by D-Von.





Winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz

Jim Ross: One of the all time great tag teams are back and they are back on top of the mountain once again!!

The Coach: Incredible J.R. Bubba Ray and D-Von are back for one night and are champions again,. Those titles are just like magnets to these guys!!

Jim Ross: We’ve seen two championships change hands now here tonight and still to come, could the most important of them all change hands? Batista defends the World title in our main event!!

The Coach: Whoa J.R. Batista LOSES the World title in our main event!!

We go backstage where Chris Jericho is preparing for the match later when in walks one of the men he will face later on tonight, Triple H to strong heat.

Jericho: To what do I owe this pleasure Hunter?

Triple H: Funny Chris, since when did you become a comedian? Last time I checked, you were getting your ass pedigreed by me.

A few ooohs in the crowd as Jericho reponds

Jericho: Touche’. Very smooth Hunter. Now as I was saying, what are ya here for huh?

Triple H: I just wanted to know what Chris Jericho is gonna show up here tonight. Past few weeks we’ve seen a new side to ya Chris. You’ve become a man of your word and quite frankly, I ain’t buying it. How long is this crap gonna last Jericho?

Jericho: Is it really that hard for ya to believe Hunter? Man of my word? Always have been Hunter. Just so happens that now? Now I’m not taking anybody’s side, the way I see it, it’s every man for himself, I’m not in it for you, I’m not in it for Batista., I’m not in it for anybody but ME. You wanna know what Chris Jericho is gonna show up tonight? It’s gonna be the same damn one that shows up every week.

Good pop here for Jericho.

Triple H: The one that gets involved in business that’s nothing to do with him then huh? Y’see Chris, this whole deal is between me and Batista. He holds MY title, not yours. Wrestlemania, I lost, I hold my hands up. But see, here’s the thing, I had a rematch clause in my contract. What did you have Chris? Nothing, not a thing and yet you get a helping hand from that punk Edge and you get my shot? That doesn’t work for me. And out there tonight, I will win back MY title and Jericho you’re gonna fall to the back of the line, exactly where you belong. See ya out there.

Triple H walks away as Jericho smirks, continuing to tape himself up.

Jim Ross: Some strong words there from the ‘Cerebral Assassin’ and folks there has been some very strong actions in recent weeks between the two men involved in our next match up. Kane and Matt Hardy have been at war for what seems an eternity but tonight, that all comes to an end.

The Coach: That’s right J.R. It’s No Holds Barred here tonight. Kane wins, Matt Hardy is done for. If Matt Hardy can pull off the impossible, then he will set Lita free and the monster will divorce Lita.

Slow Chemical’ then hits and out comes Kane ready for this major contest.

Jim Ross: This human being never fails to sicken me Coach. Some of his actions over the past few weeks have been horrific in what he’s done to poor Lita.

The Coach: I have to agree with you there J.R and tonight, I really and truly feel for Matt Hardy cos I don’t think anybody can deal with this monster of a man.

Live for the Moment’ then hits and out comes Matt Hardy, sprinting down the ramp and straight into the ring, throwing strong right hands at Kane as the referee signals the start of the match!!

Match Four: Free or Fired; No Holds Barred Match

If Kane wins, Matt Hardy , must leave the WWE for good. If Hardy wins, then Kane must divorce Lita and set her free.

Kane vs. Matt Hardy

The bell rings and the match officially starts as Matt Hardy hurls Kane inside the ring and continues to assault the Big Red Machine with some strong right hands knocking Kane to the mat. Hardy then drops an elbow to Kane before hammering away once more at his hated enemy.

Hardy then gave Kane a moments peace as he tore off his shirt and threw it into the crowd screaming as Hardy riles himself up further. Matt goes back after Kane but the monster is up and connects with a strong uppercut to Hardy knocking him back to the ropes before taking Hardy over the ropes with a big boot right to the temple. Hardy went sailing to the outside near the announce table, narrowly avoiding hitting his head further on there.

Kane followed suit and as Hardy rose, again Kane hit a massive uppercut, knocking Hardy aback. The Big Red Machine then whipped Hardy into the steel steps knees first, the impact sounded terrible as Hardy collapsed in a heap with Kane grinning in that evil way.
Kane then went on the warpath and dismantled the steel steps, throwing them inside the ring before stalking Hardy almost, poised for him to return to his feet. As Hardy got back up Kane threw him back inside the ring, clearly wanting to inflict further punishment on Hardy with the steps.

Kane went straight to those steps and picked them up, ready to strike Hardy but Hardy with a kick to the shins and Kane drops the steps!! Hardy now on the attack, taking Kane down with a clothesline and now Hardy has the steps in hand!! Hardy sizes Kane up!! BAM!! Hardy smashes Kane over the skull with the steps, the monster is down!! Hardy goes for the cover.



Kick Out!!

Kane just kicks out and sits straight back up to the horror of the New Hampshire crowd!! Kane and Hardy exchange blows!! Kane gets the upper hand and as Hardy goes at him, Kane takes Hardy and hits him with a sidewalk slam. Big move from the big man. Cover by Kane now.



Hardy gets the shoulder up!

Kane looks pissed off and goes to the outside, grabbing a steel chair from near Lilian Garcia. Kane throws it inside the ring and marches back towards Hardy. Hardy is steadily back to his feet but Kane whips him into the corner as Hardy bounces back towards him, but as Kane goes to grab Hardy’s throat, Hardy kicks Kane in the gut and delivers a DDT taking Kane down, but Hardy can’t capitalise as he’s been worn down also. Hardy doesn’t go for the cover and instead goes up to the top rope, the audience on their feet, excited to see Hardy take a risk. Kane isn’t moving at all as Hardy manages to get himself set before a roar to the crowd and a leg drop off the top rope!! But Kane avoids it at the last second!!

Hardy lands awkwardly as Kane now begins to make his way back to his feet with Hardy now really struggling. Kane goes to pick up the chair once again and sizes Matt up. Hardy makes his way back to his feet but Kane is behind him and smashes Hardy across the back with the chair!! A vicious shot from Kane as Hardy falls down to the mat, but smartly he manages to roll out of the ring, Kane though isn’t far behind him and follows Hardy to the outside once more where Kane takes apart the announce table, throwing the monitors all over the place before going back to Hardy.

The fans know what Kane’s intentions here are as the Big Red Machine grabs Hardy by the throat, he’s gonna send Hardy to hell here!! Kane lifts Matt up ready for a choke slam through the table but Hardy elbows Kane in the side of the head and manages to break free before throwing Kane head first into the announce table, a hard shot to the skull as Kane rolls onto the table himself now. Hardy joins his opponent on there and continues to assault his much larger enemy. Hardy then stands both him and Kane up, before kicking Kane in the stomach and shouting, ‘THIS IS FOR LITA!’ before Hardy hits Kane with a twist of fate through the announce table!! ‘HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!’ chants from the crowd as Hardy goes through with Kane and neither man is really moving.

The fans try and take it all in as a ‘HARDY HARDY’ chant starts up and slowly Hardy begins to show signs of life. Kane still hasn’t moved though as Hardy starts to get to his knees. Matt knows that he can’t win the match this way though and tries to lift Kane up to his feet once more which he manages to do. Kane looks out of it however as Hardy tries to take Kane back towards the ring.

Kane though fights back and lands a shot to Hardy taking Hardy aback once again as these two fight on the outside. Kane then threw Hardy back inside the ring under the bottom rope before joining his opponent back inside. The former WWE champion then looked to end this one, sizing Hardy up once more, looking to get Hardy in position for a chokeslam. Kane grabs him by the throat but Hardy again counters with an elbow to the head, Hardy now has Kane in position, TWIST OF FATE CONNECTS!!! Cover!!




It’s Over!!

Winner: Matt Hardy (15:35

Jim Ross
: YES!! YES!! Matt Hardy has done the unthinkable!! Matt Hardy has defeated the Big Red Machine and Lita is at last free from the terror, from the nightmare that is Kane!!

The Coach: I-I-I’m in shock J.R. I can’t believe Hardy has pulled this one off. I take my hat off to him. Wow, I didn’t think Kane could be stopped here but Matt Hardy has won back the love of his life here tonight!!

Lita then makes her way down from backstage embracing with Hardy as Kane is fallen on the mat. Hardy and Lita kiss as Matt looks up to the heavens, clearly relieved to have got the job done and saved his former girlfriend and also his career here tonight.

We head backstage where Eric Bischoff is standing by with Mr. Money In The Bank, Edge. The sight of these two men draws huge heat.

Bischoff: So, you gonna do it?

Edge: Eric, even if I was, you really think I’d let the cat out the bag? This bad boy(taps the briefcase) is my ticket to the top and when the time is right I’ll cash in.

Bischoff: That’s why I hold you in such high regard Edge, you’re like myself in many ways. Smart, calculating, controversial. I personally can’t wait to see it. Hell, I’d love to see it happen tonight!!

Heat here for Bischoff

Edge: Just wait and see Eric, wait and see.

As Edge goes to leave, he is stopped by a surprise entrant, Smackdown GM Teddy Long enters to a decent reception from the crowd.

Bischoff: What the hell are you doing here?!?

Long: Eric, good to see you too playa.

Bischoff: So what’s the deal here Teddy? Here to watch how a real show is run?

Long: Just stopping by to scout the talent Eric. See incase you forgettin’, tomorrow night on Raw we got ourselves a draft lottery and we gonna be takin’ some o’ ya talent Eric, ya feel me? Hey, it might even be you Edge.

Edge: Not a chance in hell, you will see me on your second rate show Teddy. I’m Raw’s to keep while I hold this baby(again taps the MITB briefcase).

Long: See that’s where ya wrong playa. ANYBODY can be drafted. Ya Money In the Bank contract, it don’t mean squat Edge. You can use it on Batista OR John Cena. You get drafted, you come use it over on Friday Nights.

Bischoff: He’s right Edge, as much as it pains me to say it, he’s right. But the fact of the matter is Teddy, we both know that no matter what happens tomorrow night, with Eric Bischoff in charge, Raw will always, ALWAYS be the A show.

Bischoff and Edge shake hans and have a laugh as Teddy Long looks on.

Long: Eric, I’ll see you tomorrow night when we‘ll just see about that. Edge, I may see you on Friday nights real soon. Holla holla!!

Long leaves Bischoff’s office as Edge and Bischoff look on as though Long was a real inconvenience.

Jim Ross: The draft lottery will be live tomorrow night on Raw and I can’t wait to see who comes and joins us on Monday nights Coach!

The Coach: We could see JBL come to Raw!! We could see The Undertaker! Kurt Angle! John Cena could even end up on the premiere show. I cannot wait baby boy!

Burn In My Light’ then hits and out steps Randy Orton to a lot of heat as the Legend Killer gets set for action.

Jim Ross: A man on a mission here ladies and gentleman and a man with a very keen eye on that draft lottery tomorrow night. Randy Orton has been hell bent on gaining revenge on The Undertaker since Wrestlemania. Only problem is, the Deadman is on Smackdown. Orton has stumbled upon a new rival however and tonight he must deal with a very focused, a very determined Shawn Michaels.

The Coach: You gotta believe that Randy Orton is just as focused, just as determined as Shawn Michaels here tonight, both men have something to prove here tonight and I firmly believe that the ‘Legend Killer’ will get the job done here tonight.

Sexy Boy’ then plays and down comes the Heartbreak Kid to a huge reception from the crowd.

Jim Ross: The showstopper, the Heartbreak Kid. Shawn Michaels came up just a fraction short against Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania and tonight he has vowed to take care of business once more.

The Coach: I think HBK is still hurting from Wrestlemania J..R. He hasn’t been able to get back in the game since then and he’s gonna realise tonight that it may well be the end of the line as far as his career goes. An all time great, yep, ain’t a doubt about it. A current great, that accolade goes to Randy Orton.

Match Five: Singles Match

Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels

Michaels and Orton stare each other down to kick things off, both men reluctant to make the first move as both men circle their way around the ring. A loud ‘HBK’ chant is filling the Verizon. The two eventually lock up and Orton takes Michaels into a headlock but HBK runs Orton into the ropes and breaks free as Orton pushes Michaels to the opposite side of the ring, bouncing off the ropes as Orton takes Michaels down with a big back body drop, before the first cover of the match. Michaels kicks out at just after two however.

Orton looked to pick up the tempo as he battered away at Michaels with some strong forearm shots before allowing Michaels up to his feet, only to knock him down once more with a beautiful drop kick. Orton then posed for the fans which didn’t go down too well and drowned the Legend Killer in heat to which the cocky youngster grinned devilishly to.

As HBK began to get back to his feet, Orton waited and turned Michaels around only to be hit with a strong right hand, and again from Michaels. HBK now on the offensive, whips Orton into the corner and begins to throw some backhand chops which of course is received with ‘WOOOS’ from the crowd with Orton’s chest turning red. Michaels then took his opponent away from the corner and took Orton down with a scoop slam before signalling to head up to the top rope.

The fans in New Hampshire gave a good cheer for Michaels as he made his way up to the top, as HBK looked to set himself though, Orton, quick as a cat was up to his feet and knocks Michaels off the top and out of the ring into the barricade and down onto the mat. A hard hitting fall for Michaels as Orton regroups inside the ring.

The referee begins to count Michaels out as Orton slowly makes his way out to join HBK. Michaels is writhing in pain as Orton lifts him up and whips Michaels into the ringpost!! Michaels shoulder could be dislocated J.R. believes as he falls to the floor once more, clearly in a lot of pain. Orton is now completely in control and hoists Michaels back to his feet before rolling him back in the ring at the count of 7.

Back inside the ring now, Orton attempts a cover, trying to take HBK by surprise perhaps, again a kick out at 2 from the Showstopper. Orton now gets Michaels into a headlock again but gets him in position and hits HBK with an backbreaker from the headlock position. A nasty bump again as Orton once more goes for a cover.



Michaels just gets the shoulder up to the relief of the crowd.

The crowd are trying to rally Michaels now. ‘HBK’ chants fill the Verizon with Orton once more lifting Michaels up and hurling him into the corner before going for a running clothesline but HBK moves out of the way and runs the ropes as Orton rebounds and HBK hits Orton with a big flying forearm smash, taking himself down in the process but Michaels kips back up!!! Big pop for HBK here as he builds momentum!!

HBK is tuning up the band!! He’s gonna go for some Sweet Chin Music!! Orton picks himself up and turns around, Michaels goes to hit it but Orton ducks under it and goes for an RKO!! Michaels counters it and pushes Orton into the ropes, Orton rebounds and Michaels with the roll up, cover!



Orton kicks out!!

HBK nearly pulls one out of the bag but Orton manages to stay in this match as the pair roll on. Michaels up to his feet, Orton sharply behind him as HBK takes him down and again as Orton gets back up. Michaels is rolling now!! HBK whips Orton into the ropes, Orton rebounds as Michaels is set up for Sweet chin music!! Orton holds onto the ropes however, and rolls under the bottom rope out of the ring. Wise move by Orton here as he escapes the shift in momentum.

Orton now on the outside catching his breath as Michaels waits in the ring but HBK has had enough and flies over the top rope!! Michaels takes Orton down!! Huge high risk manoeuvre by Shawn Michaels but it connected and both men are now down on the outside as the referee begins to count.

Michaels begins to get back up to his feet and brings Orton up with him, taking him back inside the ring. Michaels looks for a cover but Orton fights back and kicks Michaels away from him, giving him the chance to get to his feet. It doesn’t last for long though as HBK regains the advantage, striking Michaels with a hard right hand, followed by another and another as Michaels pumps up the crowd.

HBK had Orton on the mat as Michaels grabbed the leg of his opponent. HBK going for a figure four leglock!! Michaels gets it locked in!! Will Orton tap?? The pressure is applied and Orton is in agony here!

There’s nowhere for Orton to go, in the middle of the ring, Orton is fighting to get out but the Showstopper is looking defiant. Orton begins to crawl towards the ropes, slowly but surely. He’s within an arm’s length away from getting there now. Just at perhaps the last second as Orton seemed as though he was gonna tap, Orton just manages to grab the bottom rope and cling on for dear life. Michaels breaks the hold, looking determined to finish the job off.

Michaels positions himself, waiting for Orton to get up. Is he gonna go for Sweet Chin Music once again? Michaels opts against however and as Orton rolls on the mat, still struggling to move, HBK goes back to work on the left leg of Orton stomping away at the leg of Orton before Michaels lifts Orton back to his feet but Orton out of nowhere takes HBK down with a standing drop kick!!

Huge move from Orton who goes for the cover, slowly making his way across to HBK’s fallen body.



Kick out by Michaels as Orton now looks to regain momentum. Orton is elbows the chest of Michaels before stomping away on the right arm of Michaels, HBK writhing in pain as Orton takes Michaels over to the ropes and begins to hammer away at the back of Michaels’ head, some nasty shots from Orton as the Legend Killer holds Michaels legs between the ropes and the fans know what’s coming as Orton sets Michaels for the DDT from the ropes. Orton looks across the crowd who are drowning him in heat as Orton connects with a sickening DDT to HBK. Cover by Orton.




HBK just gets the shoulder up at the death, Orton can’t believe it as this match continues further. Orton lifts Michaels up again but HBK manages to find some fight from somewhere and hits Orton with a forearm shot to the head. HBK now on the offensive and he runs the ropes, Orton ducks the oncoming Michaels but Michaels runs through and he takes Orton down with a flying forearm again. Orton is down. Michaels is tuning up the band!! Will he finally hit it here?!

Orton is making his way to his feet, Michaels is poised, Orton turns around. BAM!! NO!! Orton ducks it and Michaels turns around, RKO!! RKO from Orton!! Cover!!




It’s Over!!

Winner: Randy Orton (23:47

The Coach: I told you J.R.!! Shawn Michaels is done!! Randy Orton has pulled it off baby!! The Legend Killer adds another victim to his long list and it is only a matter of time before he adds The Undertaker to that list as well!!

Jim Ross: What a match folks, what a match. I gotta hand it to Randy Orton, an impressive victory no doubt about it. But you can’t question Shawn Michaels here tonight, HBK certainly proved he is far from finished here in the WWE.

The Coach: How do ya come to that conclusion J.R? Shawn Michaels just got beaten in the middle of that ring AGAIN and you’re telling me he ain’t done? The real Shawn Michaels wouldn’t let that happen J.R.

Jim Ross: Well I beg to differ and so the fans in attendance at the Verizon here tonight. Shawn Michaels has still got plenty left in the tank, you better believe it.

We then head backstage once more where we see the new Intercontinental champion Muhammad Hassan with Daivari and their two new acquaintances standing by with them heading towards the exit as Todd Grisham tries to get a word in with him.

Grisham: Muhammad!! Daivari!! Can we just get a quick word on earlier tonight?

Hassan: What about it? About the fact that Muhammad Hassan is now your INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!!?

Huge heat here for Hassan as Daivari and the smaller man clap.

Grisham: I think we all want to know more importantly who these two men you have with you are exactly?

Hassan: You Americans. You don’t even congratulate me on my achievement in becoming champion, you just head straight to the questioning, straight to the interrogating. And in regards to that question Todd, I will give you an answer tomorrow night on Raw. For now though, it’s time we leave this dump of a place and return home to celebrate.

Daivari then rambles off his native language as the foursome leave to big heat.

Jim Ross: Well, I’m still in shock at what happened earlier tonight with that man and his new cronies Coach. Shelton Benjamin never stood a damn chance.

The Coach: Exactly J.R. If you’ve got the tools, use em. Hassan did just that and he walked out with the Intercontinental title around his waist.

Just close your eyes’ hits to strong heat as Captain charisma makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Tomko, ready to host the Peep Show.

Jim Ross: Well, it is indeed time for the return of the Peep Show ladies and gentleman. I for one, am more than intrigued as to what the Nature Boy Ric Flair has in store for us tonight. The rumours, the speculation, come to an end.

The Coach: They do J.R. They do and so does Ric Flair’s career. THANK GOD.

Christian takes a mic as the crowd are preparing themselves for Flair’s arrival.

Christian: I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time let me tell ya.

Boos fill the Verizon as they know what Christian is implying.

Christian: Tonight, it becomes a reality. Ric Flair puts us all, puts HIMSELF out of his misery.

More strong boos for Captain Charisma as Tomko laughs smugly.

Christian: And what a way, what a place to do it!! Right here on the legendary Peep Show.

Christian smiles broadly as a ‘You Suck’ chant begins in a small section of the crowd.

Christian: Tomko and I, we’ve been thinking of the best way to give Ric a good send off. How to show Ric just how much we appreciate what he’s done over the years and just how much we appreciate what he’s gonna do here tonight and well, we couldn’t really agree on anything. I mean, he’s already on the Peep Show, that’s as good as it gets. But then a switch flicked in the back of my mind and we came to an agreement.

The fans are intrigued as Christian goes to one of the chairs in the ring and picks up an envelope. Christian opens the envelope and reveals a letter.

Christian: Ahem, Dear Mr.Flair, this is a personal letter to announce that you have been accepted into the ‘Carriage Club of Charlotte’ retirement home. Yours sincerely, David Lawless, Owner

At this point Tomko begins cracking up with laughter on the floor as Christian begins to laugh also and throws the letter up in the air. The fans are ripping on both men.

Christian: So there ya have it Ric. My gift to you, you retire, you go back home to North Carolina, you take up your fancy retirement home and you STAY there for good.

More heat for Captain Charisma before ‘WOOOO’ The crowd goes into a frenzy as ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ hits and out comes The Nature Boy, Ric Flair to a huge pop from the New Hampshire crowd..

Christian and Tomko begin talking to one another as Flair makes his way down to the ring suited and booted ready to make his announcement. Flair steps in the ring and soaks up the cheers before the music fades.

Christian: Ric, great to see ya again, really is but let’s get this over with now, c’mon, give us the good news.

Flair: Christian, thanks for having me on here man but I would really appreciate it if ya gave me the opportunity just for a couple of minutes to talk to all my fans here in New Hampshire and all over the world. Could ya do that for me?

Christian holds his arms out spread mouthing ‘Ok Ok’ as Flair continues.

Flair: Thank you. Now I came out here tonight, to give all you people a major announcement regarding the Nature Boyyyy.

The fans start a small ‘WOO’

Flair: You know, it’s been a heck of a journey. I’ve travelled all around the world, wrestled day in, day out over 30 years. 30 years, wow, feels incredible just saying it. I’ve wrestled some of the greatest superstars that have EVER graced a wrestling ring. From Dusty Rhodes to Roddy Piper( Pops for both men)

Flair: Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, The Undertaker, Triple H, WOOOOOOO.

Big pop here for Flair who is now in classic Flair mode..

Flair: You name em, I’ve faced em, hell, I’ve probably beaten them. SIX TEEN TIME World champion. SIX TEEN TIME!! Limousine Ridin’, Jet Flyin’, Kiss Stealin, Whealin’ Dealin, WOOOOOOO, The Nature Boy has done all there is to do!!

Major pop here once more as the crowd are loving Flair.

Flair: And that is why I’m here tonight.

Flair turns a little more sombre now as he turns serious.

Flair: I come to you here tonight to officially announce that..

Christian: Whoa whoa whoa, hold it there Flair.

Strong heat for Captain Charisma as Flair looks pissed off.

Christian: Y’know, ever since I knew about this little announcement you were gonna make Ric, I’ve been counting down the days. I’ve been looking forward to this more than anybody else. Ric Flair finally walks away but then…. then you come out here and you struck a nerve Ric.

Flair looks on intrigued.

Christian: 30 plus years, 16 World championships. Harley Race, Roddy Piper. All I have to sat to that is BIG DEAL.

Major heat again here for Christian as Flair laughs.

Christian: For all your accomplishments Ric, for every accolade, tell me, have you ever gone one on one with Captain Charisma? Have you ever beaten Captain Charisma? Huh? Have you?

Flair: As a matter of fact, I haven’t.

Christian: That’s what I thought, so Ric until you have faced me, until you have beaten me, then quite frankly Ric, you’ve achieved NOTHING. Zilch, squat, not a damn thing. I am the new Ric Flair, I am the new face of a generation. What’s the old saying you got Ric? Something like, To be the man, you gotta beat the man. Well, Ric, I am the man.

Flair: You’re the man huh? The Creepy Little Bastard is the man?

The crowd begins laughing as Christian tells them to shut up.

Flair: Look, I know what you’re getting at kid and I admire the fact that you got the guts to even compare yourself to me. But I came here tonight to do something I need to do and no matter what you say, I’m gonna do it.

Christian: Go ahead then Ric, the stage is yours.

Flair: So as I was saying I came here ton…

BAM!!!! Christian levels Flair with the microphone as Captain Charisma begins to assault Flair along with Tomko. Christian nails away at Flair with right hands to the forehead, busting Flair wide open as he brings Flair back to his feet, allowing Tomko to nail Flair with a big boot!! The crowd are drowning the two in boos as Christian pats his chest and gets Flair into position to hit the Nature Boy with the Unprettier!!

Christian then takes the mic once more

Christian: If nothing I say is gonna do it Ric, then maybe actions will speak louder than words. Ric, you aren’t done until I say you’re done. The passing of the torch has only just begun.

Just close your eyes’ hits once more as Christian and Tomko leave to huge heat leaving Flair lying motionless in the ring.

Jim Ross: Unnecessary, uncalled for, unbeli…

The Coach: UNPRETTIER!! Haha. J.R Captain Charisma has taken it to the Nature Boy here tonight. Ric Flair has fallen to the new face of a generation.

Jim Ross: I can’t believe what we’ve just witnessed. Ric Flair came out here to make an announcement, to more than likely announce his retirement. What the hell did Flair do to deserve that?!? Christian assaulting Flair into a bloody mess out here tonight. But why?

The Coach: He told us why J.R. Christian wants Flair to go toe to toe with him inside that ring, to prove a point to Naitch, to say that he is indeed the man.

We head to a video package for Summerslam: The biggest party of the Summer!, August 21st, MCI Center, Washington DC.

Jim Ross
: Summerslam comes to you from Washington DC this year and we can’t wait to bring you the biggest party of the summer but coming up in a matter of moments we have the biggest contest of the night.

The Coach: Ain’t no doubt about it. The World Heavyweight title baby, let’s get this party started!!

Break down the Walls’ hits and Y2J comes out to a fairly positive response, still a fair bit of boos around the crowd but a lot of cheers.

Jim Ross: Chris Jericho earned his shot in this match when he defeated the champion Batista a few weeks back on Raw, at the time he head Edge to thank but in recent weeks it has been Edge that Jericho has been gunning for.

The Coach: That’s where Jericho has to be careful tonight J.R. He can’t focus too much on the possibility of getting his hands on Edge, he needs to be 100% set on winning the World title here tonight or he ain’t getting the job done.

Time to play the Game’ hits and down comes the Cerebral Assassin, Triple H makes his way out to big heat.

Jim Ross: 10 time World champion. The Game, the King of Kings, one of the best there’s ever been no doubt but at Wrestlemania he was beaten by the better man, a man he mentored, Batista.

The Coach: On one night J.R. One night!! For a split second Triple H let his focus slip and it cost him but make no mistake, he will win his title back tonight!

I walk alone’ then hits to a huge pop as the World Heavyweight champion Batista makes his way out ready to defend his title.

Jim Ross: One of the most powerful, dominant men that I have seen here in the WWE for some time Coach and at Wrestlemania he realised a dream in becoming the World champion. Tonight though is a whole different ball game. Batista must defend his championship for the first time and against not one, but two men.

The Coach: And not just any two men J.R. Two former World champions themselves. Jericho and Triple H hold the advantage here tonight and when all is said and done we will leave New Hampshire with a NEW World champion. I love it!!

Match Six: Triple Threat Match: World Heavyweight Championship

Batista© vs. Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

The match starts off with Batista telling Triple H and Jericho to bring it on and pumping himself up for both men, but neither Jericho nor The Game make a move as both men cover all angles. Eventually we get the first move as Jericho goes toe to toe with Batista and Triple H hovering in the corner. Jericho tells Batista he wants to go, Batista laughs and pushes Jericho who responds with a push of his own and Batista lands the first blow, Jericho and Batista trade blows as in comes Triple H taking down the champion with a hard shot before going to work on Jericho.

Triple H whips Jericho into the ropes and takes down Jericho with a forearm shot as Y2J comes back towards him. Batista is now back into the equation though and knocks Triple H down with a clothesline. Jericho is now back up though and grabs Batista round the waist, looking to suplex the champion. Batista manages to turn the tables on Jericho though, but Jericho manages to roll Batista up with a schoolboy, cover!!


Triple H breaks things up before Jericho has a chance and now The Game is taking it to Jericho. Batista is making his way back up to his knees as Triple H realises this, he kicks Batista in the gut before hitting the champion with a hard right hand before switching to Jericho and back again to Batista. Triple H in control. Trips brings Jericho back to his feet and goes for another big shot but Jericho ducks it and runs the ropes, coming back at Triple H but Trips throws Jericho over the top rope to the outside!!

Jericho falls hard to the outside as it’s left with a Wrestlemania rematch for the mean time inside the ring. Batista is back to his feet and is staring down Triple H who turns around. The fans are roaring for as both men step forward and Triple H hit’s the first blow, Batista fights back, both men trading shots as the champion gets the upper hand and whips Hunter into the corner where Batista follows with a running clothesline, taking all the wind out of Triple H’s sail.

Batista then took his opponent down with a front power slam before attempting his first cover of the match.



Kick Out by Hunter.

Batista quickly took a look on the outside where Jericho was beginning to get back to his feet. Torn between going after Jericho or continuing on Triple H, Batista opted to stay inside the ring and focus on Triple H. The Animal brought Hunter back to his feet but as Jericho returned to the apron, distracting Batista, Trips took the advantage and kicked Batista in the stomach before taking him down with a face breaker smashing against the knee of Triple H. Hunter went to make a cover but Jericho breaks it up before the count even begins.

Jericho goes to work on Triple H now who is back to his feet. Jericho throwing some nice backhand chops to the chest of Triple H who backs away pleading with Jericho to stop. Jericho has pushed HHH back towards the corner now where the chops continue before Jericho runs Triple H across the ring and lands a one arm bulldog to The Game!! Jericho goes to the ropes for a lionsault but Batista catches Jericho in the air as he comes down with a huge spear!!! Cover by Batista!!



Triple is back up though and breaks the pinfall up. Nobody can gain the upper hand here in this championship match. Now it’s Triple H stomping away at Batista as Jericho looks completely out of it thanks to the spear from the champion. Trips manages to lock Batista into a sleeper hold now, wearing the big man down in the centre of the ring. The New Hampshire crowd start a ‘Batista’ chant, trying to spark some life into the wounded animal. Trips has the hold locked in firmly but Batista is trying to get back up to a standing position.

He seems to be showing signs of a comeback as he gets back to his knees and begins to elbow away at the gut of Triple H who is loosening the hold. Batista has now broken free and begins to hammer away at Trips, Batista whips Hunter into the ropes and takes him down with a spine buster!! Batista is pumping up and has the thumbs up!! Thumbs down!! The champion grabs Triple H and attempts to get him up for a Batista bomb. Jericho is back to his feet though and takes Batista down with a drop kick!! Cover by Jericho.



Kick out by Batista!!

Jericho and Triple H are now the two men standing inside the ring as Jericho hits Hunter with a nice European Uppercut knocking the former champion back as Jericho whips Hunter into the ropes, Jericho goes for another drop kick but Hunter has hung onto the ropes and fallen down to squirm out of the ring, strong heat for Hunter here who is taking a breather on the outside.

Jericho doesn’t take kindly to this though and follows suit, tracking Hunter down. Trips waits for Jericho however and whips Y2J into the barricade, a hard shot to Jericho’s ribs as Trips looks to the crowd before heading to the apron and pulling a sledgehammer from under the ring!! The fans ‘ooooooh’ as Trips looks on intently. With it being triple threat rules there are no disqualifications and we all know how lethal Trips can be especially with his trusty sledgehammer.

Triple H pulls the hammer back over his head. He’s gonna knock Jericho’s head off! But he can’t bring the hammer back down as Batista is behind him!! Batista pulls the hammer away from The Game and kicks Hunter in the gut before hurling him into the ring post shoulder first!! Triple H’s shoulder may be separated from the impact of that shot. The Game rolls in agony on the outside as Batista now goes after Jericho.

Batista stalks Jericho who is trying to walk around the ring and away from the oncoming animal. Batista catches Jericho though and throws his head down against the steel steps!! Jericho’s head rebounds in a big way as Batista continues going after Jericho. Tista again goes to hit Jericho’s head against the steps but Jericho puts his foot on the steps and blocks it before crashing Batista’s head against the step now!!

Batista is now on the rocks as Jericho crawls back into the ring and waits for either Trips to return or Batista. A bit of a breather for all three men now as Batista seems to be getting back to his feet. The champ slowly crawls back into the ring but Jericho is on him like a dog and hammers away at the ribs of Batista before getting him up and dropping him back down with a nice suplex. Cover from Jericho.



Batista gets the shoulder up to the relief of the crowd.

Jericho now senses an opportunity and hit’s a nice sunset flip to his fallen opponent, another cover from Jericho here.



Kick out again from the champion. Jericho is beginning to get frustrated now and goes for the legs of Batista, he’s looking for the Walls of Jericho!! Will he lock it in? Jericho has one leg, he’s trying to turn Batista over onto his front but he can’t quite force it through, Batista is fighting with all his might but Jericho manages to get it in!! Jericho has it applied! Will we see a new World champion?

Jericho is screaming for Batista to tap when BAM!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! EDGE!! Edge has appeared from nowhere and flattened Jericho with the Money In The Bank briefcase. Edge stomps away at Jericho and goes to the outside, putting the briefcase in the hands of Lilian Garcia, he’s telling her to announce it!!

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentleman, Edge is cashing in his Money In The Bank Contract!!

The crowd are in shock as of what they are about to see but inside the ring Batista is back to his feet and is demanding Edge come and face him now!! Edge looks scared to death on the outside as out the corner of his eye he sees Triple H back to his feet also!! Trips starts coming after Edge who grabs his briefcase and hightails it out of here!! Edge is retreating!! But has the damage been done to Jericho’s title chances. Back inside the ring, Triple H has returned and he and Batista are going at it.

Batista has the upper hand and whips Hunter into the ropes and on the rebound he hits him with a spine buster!! Batista is shaking the ropes, he’s calling for the Batista bomb once again!! Batista hoists Hunter up!! But Trips with an elbow to the head again and Trips now sets Batista up with a pedigree!! He has the arms hooked but Batista powers out of it and flips Triple H back over his head. Trips returns to his feet, Batista goes for the Batista bomb again, he has him up!! This time he brings him down!! Batista bomb!! Cover!!




Batista retains!

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Batista (20:27)

Jim Ross: The Animal has done it!! Batista has retained the World title here tonight at Backlash!! Against all the odds. Triple H tried every trick in the book, Jericho thought he had it, Edge tried to worm his way in but Batista is still the champion!! How do you like that Coach?!

The Coach: Batista has gotten lucky AGAIN!! Jericho had the match won!! Edge woulda taken the title if it wasn’t two on one!! Batista will get what’s coming to him and it’ll happen soon!!

Jim Ross: But it wasn’t here tonight!! Tonight Batista has retained his World title and tonight he has beaten Triple H yet again!! Batista has dealt his Backlash here tonight in New Hampshire!! Goodnight everybody!!

So that's my first attempt ever at a PPV. Struggled to be honest, i'll take any kind of review or feedback possible, would really appreciate it as i know i'm a long way from getting to the top but with the right help maybe i can get close. Hope you enjoy and give feedback if possible. Thanks.
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