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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 19/9/05- Omaha, Nebraska

The show begins with a highlights package from last night’s Unforgiven. We start off with a shot of the Steel Cage being lowered, Kane and Batista inside ahead of their World Title showdown before we go on to see fast paced shots from all the matches on the card, including Charlie Haas running up the ramp, Shelton Benjamin clutching his I.C Title after victory. We see the Basham Brothers smirking after costing the Platform to Perfection the Tag Team Titles before a shot of Victoria smashing a Steel Chair across the ankle of Victoria, only for the shocking return of Trish Stratus , coming to Lita’s aid. We then get clips of the action from the Triple Threat number one contender’s match as we see the finish that saw Christian earn his first shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Mr.Kennedy is next on the scene as we see Goldust answer his call only to point to the ramp and out comes Eugene, dressed as Goldust to answer Kennedy’s challenge, one which Kennedy conquers once again. It’s then highlights from the Handicap match and we see all three of Shawn Michaels eliminations in a herculean effort only for Eric Bischoff and Muhammad Hassan to finally walk away on top, screwing the Showstopper once again. In closing we get some hard hitting action from the main event, including shots of champion and challenger both a bloody mess before Batista delivers a devastating BatistaBomb to retain his gold.

We then head to the opening video and pyro as J.R and Coach welcome us to Raw!!

Jim Ross: We are twenty four hours removed from what was a simply hellacious night at Unforgiven and we are now all set as the road to Survivor Series begins right here tonight!!

The Coach: One of the biggest shows of the year J.R and after what went down last night I gotta feelin’ the road to this year’s is gonna be a bumpy one!!

Jim Ross: No doubt about it. Last night saw…

‘I Walk Alone’

And it’s a HUGE pop that greets the music of the World Heavyweight Champion, the Animal, Batista!! The champion bursts through the curtain, roaring back at this pumped up crowd, dressed in a suit, title draped over his shoulder as he makes his way down the ramp.

Jim Ross: Last night saw this man!! And it saw him go through hell and back to retain the World Heavyweight Title. It was a Steel Cage match, Animal versus Monster, Batista versus Kane and good god in heaven, was it a slobberknocker!?!

The Coach: You’re not wrong with that one J.R. It was a battle of the bulls and those two laid it all on the line, I take my hat off to both of ‘em, Batista included and J.R you know that ain’t easy for me to do. It was a straight up FIGHT last night and in the end Batista pulled it off.

The Animal now has a microphone, letting his music die down as well as this crazy crowd with Tista beaming ear to ear, clearly still on a high after his victory last night.

Batista: Last night…last night I gotta admit, I didn’t know what I was steppin’ into.

Tista scratches his chin.

Batista: A Steel Cage match, it’s something I’ve not experienced in my career, it was an unknown for me last night and hey, it wasn’t just anybody I was steppin’ in there with either.

Tista laughs a little at that.

Batista: I went in there with a guy…I went in there with a monster who let’s face it, he’s kicked my ass more than once these last couple of months. I went in there and I experienced everything a Steel Cage match is all about and let me tell ya…it ain’t pretty.

Decent pop for that as Tista says that dead seriously.

Batista: The first time your face hits that steel, it’s like nothin’ you’ve ever felt in your life. But I knew I had to fight through it. I knew I had to go through all that pain, all that suffering, all that punishment. I laid everything I had on the line last night, blood, sweat and tears all for one thing, just ONE THING and that’s to stand here tonight STILL…World…Heavyweight…Champion.

We get a close up shot of the title resting on the shoulder of Batista, the crowd giving a strong pop.

Batista: But I’m not stupid enough to think that’s it, to think I can sit back and relax now that I’m through with Kane. When you get over one hurdle, you move right onto the next one and last nigh…

‘Just Close Your Eyes’

It appears Batista’s next hurdle is about to confront him as out steps Captain Charisma, Christian to a decent pop initially but it soon turns into a chorus of heat as the new number one contender surveys the arena for all his ‘Peeps’.

The Coach: HERE HE IS J.R!! That next hurdle Batista talked about, his next challenger, THE NEXT World…Heavyweight…Champion, Captain Charisma baby!! Christian!!

Jim Ross: Well indeed he is the next hurdle, he is the next challenger to Batista and the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian won a heck of a match last night, defeating Edge and Chris Jericho to earn himself a shot at the biggest prize in the game, a chance he believes has been a long time coming.

The Coach: It has been a long time coming J.R. This man’s been held back for far too long but that’s all started to turn around. 2005, the breakout year for Captain Charisma, he retired Ric Flair, he finally has a World Title opportunity and I can GUARANTEE…he WILL be a World Champion once he’s through with Batista.

Christian is smirking like a smug S.O.B right at Batista who hasn’t budged as the new number one contender grabs a microphone, his music dying down as he wags the microphone in the direction of the Animal.

Christian: Let me, let me take it from here big guy. Your next challenge, your next hurdle, your next… World Heavyweight Champion…is me.

A few cheers, a lot more boos however as Christian’s smile has yet to disappear, Batista staring intently back at the number one contender.

Christian: At Summerslam it was Ric Flair, last night it was Edge and Jericho, next? Well next up Dave…it’s you. What you went through last night? Sure, a Steel Cage match, it’s not easy but guess what? A Triple Threat match…that isn’t easy either and…and yet, do I come out here bragging about what I went through last night? Do I come out here sucking up to all these idiots?

That draws Christian his first strong dose of heat from all sections of the crowd.

Christian: No, no I don’t because I don’t need to do that. I don’t need to feel loved by these people like you do. I don’t need their support, I don’t need them to tell me how great I am, I KNOW…how great I am and there is only one thing missing, just one thing that’s stopping me from cementing my place around here as WOOOO, ‘The Man’.

More big time heat for Christian there who can’t help but laugh at his mocking of the Nature Boy.

Christian: And it’s that championship sittin’ right there on your shoulder.

We get a close up shot of the World Title, Christian pointing right at it.

Christian: That championship is the ultimate goal in this business. To become a World Champion, it’s what we all aspire to be and I’m no different. Every guy back in that locker room wants to be in your position Dave, they all wanna take your spot, they all dream of sittin’ on top of the mountain but the difference between me and them is, I don’t dream…I take.

Christian’s smile is gone now as he gets serious with the Animal.

Christian: I took Ric Flair outta my way, I took the number one contender’s spot and make no mistake about I will TAKE THAT TITLE…from you.

Good bit of heat for that but a sense of anticipation building as Tista now appears to have his chance to respond.

Batista: Y’know, I’ve had a whole lot goin’ on these past couple months. I’ve had to deal with Eric Bischoff trying to take me down, I’ve had to deal with the threat of Shawn Michaels screwin’ me and I’ve had to deal with a seven foot monster hell bent on takin’ my title BUT…that hasn’t stopped me from seein’ everything you’ve done.

Christian looks a little surprised by this before that surprise turns into another smile.

Batista: I’ve seen the way you do things around here, I’ve seen the way you go about your business and if I didn’t have a bunch of other crap goin’ on then TRUST ME…I woulda dealt with you a whole lot sooner.

Strong pop for that comment.

Christian: Is that…is that right huh? What would…what would you have done exactly Dave? How would you have dealt with me? C’mon I’m dyin’ to know, I think everybody wants to hear this, cos you’re not the only one who’s wanted to ‘deal’ with me, who’s wanted to put me in my place.

Christian is shaking his head.

Christian: Think long and hard before you gimme an answer cos hey, incase you’d forgotten, your old buddy Ric wanted to do the same damn thing and…and… remind me would ya? What happened to him? OH!! Oh that’s right…I BEAT HIS ASS and sent him to the retirement home!

Big time heat for CC as Tista bites back instantly.

Batista: You did, you did. I’m not gonna stand here and deny it, you retired Ric Flair.

Christian yells to the crowd ‘DAMN RIGHT I DID’.

Batista: You retired one of, if not the greatest superstar in the history of this business and nothing I do, nothing I say is gonna change that. My problem with you? It’s not that you retired Ric, it’s that you show him no respect, you show his career no respect, you show no respect…period.

Tista’s all business here, a no nonsense look on his face.

Batista: And you think you’re gonna be looked at as ‘the man’? You think people are gonna look at you and see you in the same light as Ric Flair? Let me tell ya, there ain’t a chance of that happenin’.

Christian looks genuinely shocked by that.

Batista: You can have as much talent as Ric Flair, you can win as many matches as Ric Flair but until you show the class of Ric Flair, the heart of Ric Flair, the respect that Ric Flair shows then you will NEVER…be ‘the man’.

Big time pop, Tista’s point made loud and clear.

Christian: Really? You’re…you’re kidding me right? Dave I don’t know how to tell ya this buddy but uh Ric Flair, he thrived…on being the ‘Dirtiest Player in the Game’.

‘WOOO’s accompany that statement.

Christian: Ric Flair was the biggest piece of trash that’s ever got to the top in this industry and that is a FACT. He did everything and anything he could to be victorious, to climb to the top of the ladder, to be the very best and if that meant walkin’ all over the guys in the back, he’d do it, make no mistake about it, he…would…do it.

Batista: No, you don’t seem to get it do y…

Christian: Oh I get it Dave, I get it. For Ric Flair, it was win at all costs, by any means necessary. Class? Respect? Gimme a break. That went right the way out the window when he stepped inside this ring and if I could give you a little word of advice, when you step in this ring with me? You’d better do the same damn thing because I WILL NOT STOP…until I take that title.

Strong heat for CC here.

Batista: You sure can talk the talk can’t you? Trouble is, nobody here believes…that you can walk the walk. And that’s just another difference between you and Ric Flair, whether ya like it or not, he ALWAYS backed up what he said in this ring. One of the greatest of all time, SIXTEEN TIMES…a World Champion. You? You've’yet to do it, you’ve yet to win one, you’ve yet to prove to ANYBODY that on the biggest stage, you’re more than just cheap talk.

Christian: I’ve yet to prove it…because I haven’t had that chance and why haven’t I had that chance? Oh…oh that’s right, it’s because of guys like Ric Flair, guys like him who hold people like me down, who take my opportunities, who fear what’s behind them. But not anymore, no, no, that’s all over with. I forced him out the door, I took him out, he couldn’t run from me and Dave…neither can you. Now is my chance, now is my time, now is my opportunity and trust me Dave, TRUST ME…I’m gonna take it.

And with that Christian shoves his microphone into the Animal’s chest, Batista looking less than impressed as his next challenger’s music hits and Christian exits the ring, a smug look on his face with the champion scowling back at him.

Jim Ross: Well that was quite the first encounter folks. Champion meets challenger and I think it goes without saying Batista and Christian are gonna go head on in this thing. Christian wants to solidify himself, he wants to be the man, Dave Batista IS that man, it is all about being top of the food chain and this one’s gonna get pretty damn heated if you ask me.

The Coach: Batista’s only on top because like Christian said, he’s never had the chance to face him. He’s never had the chance at becoming World Champion. Now he’s got it, he’s got that opportunity and Captain Charisma is gonna take it with both hands baby.

We end the opening segment with Christian standing on top of the ramp, pointing back at Batista who snarls on inside the ring. Christian then motions that the World Title will be around his waist, Batista letting out a little smirk at that before we head to a break.


We return and we’re taken straight to the backstage area, more accurately to the office of Raw’s General Manager as we see Eric Bischoff sat at his desk, hands behind his head, feet up in the most relaxed mood. The boss is all smiles as the boos rain down on him. The camera then shifts and the boos get EVEN LOUDER as we see all four members of the Arabian Entity walk into the office of Bischoff, they too are all smiles(bar the giant).

Muhammad Hassan: What’s the plan for tonight Mr.Bischoff?

Bischoff spins round in his chair, leaping to his feet and continuing to beam as he looks at the men who did their duties last night on HBK.

Eric Bischoff: The plan…is to seal the deal.

Again Bischoff starts gleaming.

Eric Bischoff: Last night, you gentleman did what was required, you beat Shawn, you left him a broken, battered, BLOODY mess and tonight? Tonight he does what’s right…and he walks away.

Big time heat for that comment as Hassan now begins to smirk menacingly.

Muhammad Hassan: It’s long overdue and Eric believe me, I can…not… wait, we cannot wait to witness it. Is there…is there anything that we can do of assistance out there tonight?

Bischoff looks down, thinking for a moment.

Eric Bischoff: You did your part last night, tonight you get to sit back, relax and hey, how about this? How about you get the best seat in the house? How about you join me out there tonight and we ALL get to watch first hand as Shawn Michaels…says his goodbyes.

Rousing amount of heat once more as Hassan and his men look around at one another before Hassan turns right back to the boss.

Muhammad Hassan: Eric, you got yourself a deal, we’ll see you out there.

And with that the Entity turn and exit, a buoyant atmosphere inside the office of Easy E as Bischoff can’t wipe the smile off his face.

Eric Bischoff: This is…man, this is gonna be good.

Bischoff finishes things off with a little chuckle to himself before sitting back down and spinning round in his chair once again before we head back to ringside.

‘Yeah We’re Comin’ Down’

And it’s a strong ovation that greets the music of the World Tag Team Champions as out come the Dudley Boyz, looking all fired up and ready for action as we then switch towards the ring where we see their opponents already inside the ring in Trevor Murdoch and Rob Conway.

Jim Ross: Well the end may indeed be near tonight for Shawn Michaels but the end was not in sight last night for the Tag Team Title reign of Bubba Ray and D-Von, the Dudley Boyz who successfully defeated the arrogant young duo of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth, the Platform to Perfection.

The Coach: Woah, woah, woah lemme stop ya there J.R. The Dudley Boyz did not defeat Doane and Nemeth last night, the Basham Brothers SCREWED Doane and Nemeth. These damn Dudleyz were at long last set to lose those titles, we were gonna finally have REAL champions before the freakin’ Basham’s stuck their noses into business that had nothin’ to do with them and I’m willin’ to bet they’re gonna pay for it.

Jim Ross: Well I won’t lie, the Basham’s did have an impact last night BUT…they have just as strong a claim to a World Tag Team Title shot as the Perfectionists do and maybe last night will earn them exactly that.

The Coach: If it does then I’ll eat your damn cowboy hat. The Dudleyz better have thanked Doug and Danny Basham by the way cos without them their run would be over, their careers would be over, they wouldn’t even be in this arena tonight. Damn it now I’m startin’ to dream J.R.

With Coach finally shutting his yap we now head to the action as D-Von and Murdoch get set to kick things off.

Match One: Tag Team Match

Dudley Boyz vs Trevor Murdoch and Rob Conway

Murdoch starts out for his side with D-Von for the champions and it’s a quick start from Murdoch who rushes D-Von the moment the bell rings and the crazed red neck mounts an attack, taking control in the opening minute or so, keeping D-Von grounded with a series of hard hitting shots from top to bottom.

Murdoch continues his assault before tagging in Conway and the Con Man takes his foot off the gas, allowing D-Von a route back into things. D-Von shows a real plucky side as he fights back into the contest, eventually sending Conway flying with a beautiful flying forearm smash. D-Von then crawls towards his corner, tagging in Bubba Ray with the big man storming in and unloading in classic Bubba fashion on a struggling Conway. With his partner in trouble, Murdoch returns to the ring but is WIPED OUT by D-Von before he’s tossed aside like nobody’s business. Bubba and D-Von then round things up in typical Dudley style with a devastating 3D to put Conway away for the three count and the victory.

Winners: Dudley Boyz(4:23)

It’s fairly plain sailing for the champions as we see Bubba and D-Von celebrate together, no sign of happiness however, instead it’s fairly stern looks on the duo’s faces before we see Bubba has gone to ringside to grab a couple of microphones, tossing one to D-Von.

Bubba Ray Dudley: Last night…last night we walked out STILL World Tag Team Champions.

Nice pop for that as Bubba and D-Von nod their heads.

Bubba Ray Dudley: But we ain’t gonna stand here and say we deserved it, say that we earned it cos fact is, we didn’t.

D-Von now takes over.

D-Von Dudley: My brother you’re right. Last night may go down as a victory but it ain’t one we exactly proud of. You all saw it, just like me and Bubba, clear as day that we walked outta Oklahoma with these championships, but it’s not cos’ we were the better team, it’s not cos’ we put those two punks down, it’s cos’ the Basham Brothers…did it for us.

Small pop for the mention of the Basham’s as Bubba now takes control once again.

Bubba Ray Dudley: Last night we got a little too caught up in the moment. We celebrated in the ring, we celebrated backstage and believe me, we celebrated ALL NIGHT LONG!! But then…then we woke up. We woke up and we realised that last night just, it just didn’t feel quite right, y’know? We’re fighting champions, we pride ourselves on being the very BEST in this business and last night we didn’t prove it.

Bubba stands, hands on hips before huffing to himself.

D-Von Dudley: Which is why right here tonight, we wanna call down to this ring the two men we beat last night, the two men who, hey, me and Bubba don’t know, nobody knows but the two men who could be standing here tonight World Tag Team Champions. We wanna call out Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth, come on down to this ring boys and we’ll do this the righ…

‘Whips and Chains’

D-Von immediately huffs, Bubba looking frustrated also as the music of Doug and Danny Basham hits, the Basham Brothers stepping slowly out from the back to a few cheers, a few boos however are thrown in there also as the duo smirk at the reaction before locking eyes with the champions, stood still at the top of the ramp.

Doug Basham: Not who you were hopin’ for right?

Doug and Danny give a little smirk at one another.

Doug Basham: Well this is who you’re getting cos if last night didn’t make it clear enough, we’re not sittin’ back anymore, we’re not goin’ anywhere until we get what we deserve and that…is a shot at those World Tag Team Championships.

Danny now takes the mic as we see Bubba and D-Von looking at each other in a less than impressed fashion.

Danny Basham: We made it clear after Summerslam that we weren’t gonna stop until we got that shot, until we got what we deserved but did we get it? Did Doane and Nemeth put their shot on the line? Did you guys give us a shot? No, no you didn’t and as much as we respect the two of you, that just...that didn’t sit well with us.

Bubba Ray Dudley: Woah, hold up a second there cue ball. You did make it clear you weren’t goin’ anywhere and me and D-Von, we get that, we got no problem with it. BUT…where we do have a problem, is you saying that…that we didn’t give you a shot.

Bubba scratches his head.

Bubba Ray Dudley: Is that how this works now huh? We’re supposed to just go round dishin’ out title shots to everybody and anybody? No, no. We may be fighting champions but you gotta EARN that shot to face us and hey, you two haven’t lost a whole lot lately, sure. But guess what? You ain’t won much either.

Bit of a pop for that, Bubba a little fired up.

D-Von Dudley: So my brothers if you wanna get a shot at us, get a shot at these, you better start takin’ names and makin’ statements. Cos helpin’ us? That just ain’t gonna cut it. We got two guys whose asses we wanna kick all over Omaha tonight.

Big pop for the mention of where we’re coming to you from tonight.

D-Von Dudley: So how bout the two of you get on outta here and let us handle our business?

Danny Basham: That’s a real good speech there boys. You want us to let you handle your business huh? Well…we got business of our own and hey, if you aren’t gonna listen to it, I think it’s time we handle it ourselves.

And with that Danny drops his microphone, nods at Doug and the Basham’s begin to walk down the ramp. The crowd rising in anticipation of two of the fan favourite teams on Raw set to collide. Bubba and D-Von drop their mics, they’re ready and waiting, not backing down from the fight that’s set to ensue…BEFORE WE SEE KEN DOANE AND NICK NEMETH ATTACK THE BASHAM’S FROM BEHIND!!


The Coach: Get ‘em Ken, get ‘em Nick!! Give ‘em what they deserve boys!!

Doane is stomping the crap out of the fallen Doug Basham, Nemeth has dropped down and is clobbering Danny Basham with some stiff looking right hands as Danny’s head rocks back and forth. Bubba and D-Von meanwhile are still inside the ring, they’re not doing anything about this, watching on as by-standers instead.

Nemeth now zips to his feet, dragging Danny up with him, striking with a boot to the gut before a THUNDEROUS Irish Whip into the barricade!! Doane meanwhile has Doug to his feet also and he connects with an Irish Whip of his own as DOUG GOES FACE FIRST INTO THE RING POST!! The crowd are now booing relentlessly…but Bubba and D-Von stand firm inside the ring, they’re motioning for Doane and Nemeth to come get them some inside the ring, the Dudleyz wanna fight…but Doane and Nemeth are having NONE of it and instead opt to back up the ramp, a cocky grin on their faces as Nemeth throws his arms up at the champions, Doane shaking his head saying ‘Not tonight’.

The Coach: You DO NOT get involved in these two guys business J.R!! The Basham’s did that last night and look where it’s got ‘em, nowhere!!

Jim Ross: Well the Basham’s mighta cost these two men last night but there’s a way of getting payback and that right there isn’t it. A damn sneak attack by Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth, blindisiding the Basham’s here tonight.

The Coach: And hey, how bout the Dudleyz J.R?! I don’t like ‘em, I don’t respect ‘em but what they did tonight? Allowing the Basham’s to get their asses kicked? THAT I love.

Jim Ross: Well the Dudleyz made their point to the Basham’s tonight that’s for sure but I think they wanted the chance to get it on again with the Platform to Perfection, a chance these two young men turned down. How wise that is? I don’t know but I’m damn sure we’ll soon find out.

The Dudleyz are now leant up against the ropes looking down at the fallen Basham’s before eyeing up Doane and Nemeth once more with the cocky Perfectionists still arrogantly smirking in their direction. Nemeth yelling ‘We’ll get what’s ours and baby, it’s gonna be PERFECT.’


We return from the break and we hear from J.R and Coach who tell us about just what went down during the commercials and we’re quickly taken to that footage and to the backstage area where we see Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth sharing a laugh and a joke before they’re caught up with by the one and only, Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Ken, Nick, can we uh, can we just grab a word on what went down out there between you guys and the Basham Brothers?

Ken Doane: What went down…well I think it’s pretty obvious just what went down don’t ya think? Last night we were all set to become the NEW World Tag Team Champions. We were gonna make the tag team division on Raw PERFECT but…but that didn’t happen did it?

Nemeth shakes his head in disgust, Doane sternly looking at Grisham.

Nick Nemeth: That didn’t happen because of Beavis and Butthead out there getting involved in OUR business!! And now tonight they wanna come on out and tell the Dudleyz, tell everybody that they’re the next in line, that the Dudleyz owe ‘em, that they deserve a shot at the Tag Team Titles. Well it’s time they had a little reality check.

Nemeth is clearly fired up here as Doane now takes over again.

Ken Doane: Just because they cost us last night, doesn’t mean they suddenly jump to the front of the line. WE are still the number one contenders, WE are still better than them and we’re DAMN SURE better than the Dudleyz!! And we are STILL GONNA BE…the next World Tag Team Champions.

Doane is much like his partner now, extremely fired up, the anger evident in his face, a gritty, steely look about both the Perfectionists.

Nick Nemeth: Tonight was a simple message. The Basham’s can try all they want to get us outta the picture but trust me, we aren’t goin’ anywhere until we get what we want, no matter what they throw our way.

Todd Grisham: Guys you mentioned the Basham Brothers, your reasons for ambushing them but can we also get a quick word on the current World Tag Team Champions, the Dudley Boyz? I mean, they called you out tonight, they wanted you in the ring and you walked aw…

Nick Nemeth: No, no, no do NOT try and spin this on us. Sure we walked away but we walked away with damn good reason. We don’t need to cave in to what they want, we don’t need to prove anything to them. The only time you will see us stepping in a ring with those two overweight, washed up pieces of crap will be when the World Tag Team Titles are on the line.

Ken Doane: Nick’s right. We’ve backed up everything we’ve said since we came here and it’s about damn time we got our rewards. The Dudleyz wanna fight us? Do it with those titles on the line. The Basham’s wanna fight us again? That…we can arrange.

And with that Nemeth and Doane give a nod at one another with Nemeth scoffing at Grisham as the two depart and we head off elsewhere backstage…

Where we enter the locker room of the man who walked out victorious last night at Unforgiven, the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin is sat down on a chair and is dressed to compete as he’s set for action later on tonight. We then see Benjamin’s focus change and with that the camera does likewise and we see Benjamin’s partner enter the room, Charlie Haas.

Charlie Haas: So…about last night.

Shelton Benjamin: What about it?

It’s rather blunt and to the point from the World’s Greatest Tag Team here. Benjamin standing up from his chair to greet his partner with a look of real anger, not taking his eyes off his partner.

Charlie Haas: I think you know exactly what about it Shelton.

Haas stares a hole through Benjamin.

Shelton Benjamin: Y’know what? You’re right, I do know. I know you helped me walk out last night still the Intercontinental Champion, I know you did everything in ya power to make sure I won that match and I know you feel whatcha did last night was the right thing to do.

Benjamin pauses with Haas holding his hands outstretched.

Charlie Haas: Exactly, so…all I want is to move on from this man. Forget about last night, you can apologise and we’ll go back to being the Worl…

Shelton Benjamin: Woah, woah, woah, slow down there.

Benjamin is very assertive in stopping Haas there with Haas looking a bit surprised.

Shelton Benjamin: Did I just hear you right? Did…did you just ask me to apologise to you??

Haas now smiles, Benjamin less than pleased.

Charlie Haas: Uh…yeah? Shelton, I helped you retain that title sitting on your shoulder and incase you forgot, last night you weren’t exactly grateful for it. I thought we’d clear the air tonight and you’d uh, you’d actually thank me for it.

Haas is pretty smug right now, Benjamin looking totally bemused.

Shelton Benjamin: Oh that’s what you thought is it? Well Charlie, lemme tell ya…you thought wrong.

Haas looks a little taken aback.

Shelton Benjamin: I wasn’t grateful for it last night, so what makes you think that anything’s changed since then? What you did last night wasn’t what I wanted man, whether you agree wit’ it or not. When I defend this title, I wanna do it the right way and hey, if that means I lose this title? So be it.

A solid pop for Benjamin here, Haas not taking too kindly to it however.

Shelton Benjamin: I ain’t gonna lower myself to letting you do all my work for me and if you can’t ac…

Charlie Haas: Little too late for that now.

Shelton Benjamin: Hey, what the HELL is that supposed to mean huh?!

Benjamin’s now in Haas’ face who smirks at the sight of his partner getting riled.

Charlie Haas: Listen, I…I don’t need to say another word. Good luck out there tonight…partner.

Haas then pats Benjamin on the shoulder where his Intercontinental Title rests with Benjamin looking at the spot Haas touched before a real look of anger is seen on Benjamin’s face, gritting his teeth before turning round, once again preparing for his match later on tonight.

We then head back to ringside where we see Molly Holly already waiting inside the ring, her music being heard in the background as she stretches, all set for action before we hear…

‘Time to Rock ‘N Roll’

And it’s a BIG pop that greets the music of the returning Trish Stratus who bursts out from behind the curtain, set for her first match on Raw in several months, the blonde bombshell looking extremely pumped up for this one.

Jim Ross: Well problems continuing between the World’s Greatest Tag Team but back to the action folks and what a night last night at Unforgiven for the former Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus. Trish shocked us all in making her return from a broken ankle, coming to the aid of Lita and in all likelihood preventing the Daredevil Diva from suffering the exact same fate she did at the hands of the twisted Victoria.

The Coach: I couldn’t believe Trish was back and I think you’re right J.R, I believe if Trish hadn’t returned last night then Victoria was gonna put Lita on the shelf, just like she did to Trish. Question now though J.R is, will Trish regret returning so soon? I mean c’mon, can you see Victoria doing ANYTHING other than putting Trish right back on the injured list? Cos I tell ya cowboy, I can’t.

Match Two: Singles Match

Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly

Trish starts this one off all guns blazing with Molly really struggling to deal with a clearly fired up Trish, a point to prove on her return to Raw. Trish fires right hands, a real onslaught from the legendary diva before a big time Irish whip into the corner, Trish following it up with a thunderous running clothesline as Molly drops to the mat.

Trish however is perhaps a little too keen to impress on her first night back in the squared circle as she looks to continue her attack, an Irish whip on Molly but Molly rebounds and takes Trish out with a double leg take down before almost instantly targeting the left ankle of Trish, the ankle that was broken back at Vengeance as we hear Trish crying out in pain, Molly working a smart game plan here.

Molly continues with working over the left ankle, stiff kicks, dropping elbows and a modified ankle lock almost is applied, Trish writhing in agony as the crowd will her on, desperate to see Trish back with a victory but perhaps more importantly, not back on the injured list. Molly eventually releases the hold before…heading to the top rope? Certainly a different approach than we’re used to seeing from the ruthless diva. Molly sets herself up high, Trish’s left leg stretched out, open for the taking as MOLLY FLIES!! NOBODY HOME!! Trish dodges it to a nice pop, rolling out of harm’s way.

It proves to be another turning point in the match as Trish rallies back into this thing, fighting to her feet, albeit a little gingerly with the ankle still perhaps not quite a hundred percent. Molly gets to her feet as well, both divas throwing themselves at the other but it’s Trish who strikes first and the momentum goes the way of the Canadian. Eventually Trish goes for a kick to Molly, Molly blocking though but Trish strikes with an enziguri!! The end now in sight as Molly groggily gets back to her feet, spinning round into a boot from Trish…Stratusfaction time!!! CONNECTING!! Cover by Trish, 1…2…3…big win on return for Trish Stratus.

Winner: Trish Stratus(6:53)

Jim Ross: A convincing win on Trish’s return here tonight and I know I’m not the only one who mighta doubted Trish coming back but Coach, she looks better than ever and if I were Victoria, I’d be concerned.

The Coach: You wish you were Victoria J.R. Victoria doesn’t have to be concerned with Trish, she doesn’t have to be concerned with anybody. She’s the Women’s Champion and for a DAMN good reason. Trish may have looked good tonight but when she steps in that ring with Victoria, it’s a whole different ball game and I gotta feelin’ Trish is gonna strike out.

Trish celebrates to all sides of the arena who respond accordingly, all smiles and cheers greet the returning diva and whilst Trish celebrates we then switch backstage where we see what’s going on in the ring being displayed on a monitor and who’s watching that monitor? The Women’s Champion herself, Victoria. The ruthless champion is shaking her head, a look of real animosity towards her long time rival on screen as we then hear…

Victoria: You’re gonna wish you never came back.

The look of animosity then turns into one of a twisted smile as Victoria walks off and we head back to the ring to see more of Trish celebrating, her music in the background as we then fade off into a commercial break.


*Video Package*

Survival is the struggle to remain living…

We see Shawn Michaels bloodied and battered, hung up in the ropes with a look of sheer desperation on his face.

The next image we’re shown is of Batista and Kane both laid out in the technical area, both unmoved and seemingly unconscious.

Jim Ross:

And in times of struggle there are those who will crumble…

We see Edge puffing his cheeks before a shot of Chris Jericho, head down, a look of frustration before an image of Charlie Haas shaking his head backstage, hands on hips, a look of despair.

There are those who will fail to rise…

We see Kurt Angle and Randy Orton standing strong together, standing tall over a fallen John Cena, the Doctor of Thuganomics laid out cold, the WWE Championship laid down beside him.

We then get a shot of Shelton Benjamin laid out cold by the announce table, Mark Jindrak standing above him with a final image of Benjamin, eyes glazed over as he struggles to bring himself upright.

But then there are those who will show strength…

We get a shot of Christian standing on the top rope, celebrating victory, surveying for his ‘Peeps’ before we see Matt Hardy holding the United States Championship up high in celebration.

We then see Edge clutching his Money in the Bank briefcase in jubilation before a shot of Muhammad Hassan, arms outstretched, eyes closed with his Entity around him.


There are those who will stand up and be counted…

We see Kane sitting up in his menacing fashion before a shot of Chris Jericho applying the Walls of Jericho.

That’s followed up by Rob Van Dam connecting with a Five Star Frog Splash to Johnny Nitro.

The next image we’re shown is of Big Show sending a devastating Chokeslam to William Regal before letting out a trademark roar.


And it shall be those men who WILL…survive…

We see Batista delivering a BatistaBomb to Kane, the music getting faster, louder before we see The Undertaker delivering a devastating Tombstone Piledriver to Randy Orton.

Images of several superstars then flash up, all of whom have the same message.

Chris Jericho:

I will be the one to survive.

I will be the one to survive.

Muhammad Hassan:
I will be the sole survivor.

John Cena:
Survival is all that matters.

Randy Orton:
I won’t let you…survive.

I will survive…cos that’s just how I roll.

Kurt Angle:
Survival? You’ll be lucky.

Shawn Michaels:
I’ll survive…I have to.

The video package ends rather eerily as Michaels looks up to the heavens, no sense of emotion on his face before we head to a Survivor Series graphic.

WWE Presents: Survivor Series

27th November 2005; Joe Louis Arena; Detroit, Michigan

We go from that video package and head straight to ringside where we see already waiting in the ring is the five hundred pound ‘World’s Largest Love Machine’ Viscera who is doing some kind of swaying and dancing that would make several in attendance feel rather unwell. Big Vis stops in his tracks however as we then hear…


‘Turn up the Trouble’

And there’s an immediate pop, followed up with a mixture of boos and cheers, the boos probably just tipping it right now after Mr.Kennedy’s actions last night, however it appears the Kennedy fan club are also in attendance here tonight…but there’s no sign of the man himself?

Jim Ross: Well it wasn’t the night Mr.Kennedy wanted last night at Unforgiven. Kennedy craved competition, he was desperate for his challenge to be answered but in the end it was the thorn in Kennedy’s side who once again emerged as Eugene tried to take down the so called ‘Game Changer’.

The Coach: Yeah and shock horror he didn’t pull it off. BUT…the good news J.R is that Kennedy’s DONE with that schmuck and can move on to bigger and better things. Where you at Kennedy?!? The Coach is ready and waitin’ for ya!!

Jim Ross: Well folks Mr.Kennedy is scheduled to be here tonight and he is scheduled to face that man, Viscera but uhhhh, so far there is no sign of the Green Bay native. Coach I don’t know where or what Mr.Kennedy is tryin’ to pull here but it’s not what we all expe…

?: AHEMMMMMMM. Looking for somebody?

J.R is soon cut off and the camera instantly shifts towards the titantron where we see the man of the moment himself, Mr.Kennedy who is looking rather cosy in the comforts of what would appear to be his own home. Kennedy is dressed in a smart shirt, sat down in an armchair, a garden on display in the background as Kennedy beams from ear to ear, hands clasped together before he shuffles in his seat.

Mr.Kennedy: This is gonna pain me to do, really but I uh, I gotta be the bearer of bad news tonight. Unfortunately all you people in Omaha are NOT…going to be treated to seeing yours truly in action.

Kennedy shakes his head with a few boos, a fair few cheers however as Kennedy chuckles to himself.

Mr.Kennedy: Y’see, last night was where I thought everything was…where everything was gonna be put right. I thought Unforgiven was gonna be the start of somethin’ special y’know? FINALLY…Mr.Kennedy was gonna get himself some competition.

Kennedy now pauses, looking agitated.

Mr.Kennedy: But did that happen? Did I face a real challenge last night? Did I get the spotlight I deserve? NO I FREAKING DIDN’T!!

Kennedy now scowls directly at the camera with more boos than cheers now being thrown his way.

Mr.Kennedy: Instead all I got was…all I got was everybody’s favourite little superstar…Eugene. Eugene, I mean for cryin’ out loud, the guy can’t even spell his own name and they expect me to be happy about facin’ him? AH, AH, NOT A CHANCE!

Kennedy is again shuffling in his seat, trying to regain his composure.

Mr.Kennedy: But still, still I did my job last night. I took Eugene on, I kicked his ass, I remained undefeated, untested…un…satisfied. With that in mind, I thought I’d receive a call today from Eric Bischoff, mmm I did. I thought I’d receive a call and Eric would tell me about how tonight was the start of me climbin’ to the top o’ the ladder around here. Eric would tell me that everything that’s happened since I came to Monday Night Raw it would…it would just be swept aside and that tonight, we were startin’ over.

Kennedy now sighs, taking a deep breath.

Mr.Kennedy: Well, guess what? I DID get a call from Eric Bischoff today, oh yeah. I got that call and I was…I was excited. I couldn’t WAIT to hear the good news.

Kennedy now smiles quickly and sharply before that smile soon shifts to a scowl of disapproval.

Mr.Kennedy: But good news didn’t come, the good news wasn’t delivered and all that excitement I had inside o’ me turned to…well it turned to absolute disgust and why? WHY YOU ASK? Because I was told what I was gonna be doin’ here tonight, I was…I was told that I was gonna be in action.

Kennedy nods, hands clasped together as you can see the frustration inside of him.

Mr.Kennedy: But I wasn’t gonna be in action against anybody worth ONE SECOND...of my time. I wasn’t gonna be squaring off against the World Champion. I wasn’t gonna be stepping in the ring with a title contender. Hell, I wasn’t even gonna be facing the Intercontinental Champion and hey, Shelton Benjamin ain’t in my league but he’s sure as heck a step up from that klutz I beat last night.

A small pop for that amidst a few laughs from the Omaha faithful.

Mr.Kennedy: No, no instead, the opponent Eric Bischoff lined up for me stands before you in that ring right now. My scheduled opponent here tonight was none other than the five hundred pound, World’s Largest Love Machine, yeah you heard me right people. My opponent tonight…Viscera.

We get a shot of Viscera doing a dance inside the ring to muted cheers. Kennedy meanwhile has leant forward in his chair, head down as he shakes his head yet continues to smile before raising his head once more, looking into the camera.

Mr.Kennedy: Viscera. Not Batista, not Kane, not Edge, the list could go on and ONNNNNNN. Instead, I get that lump o’ freakin’ lard thrown my way. Well you’d better believe I told Eric Bischoff that he could KISS MY ASS!!

Strong pop for that as Kennedy almost jumps out of his seat.

Mr.Kennedy: He probably thought that was just talk, they were only words right? RIGHT?! Wrong. Whatever words come outta my mouth, I guarandamntee you, I will back…them…up. Which is why I am not in Omaha tonight and if Eric Bischoff hasn’t quite got it through that thick skull o’ his yet, it’s why I will not come back PERIOD…until I get what I want.

Kennedy is now bobbing on his chair, a sense of urgency in his manner here.

Mr.Kennedy: Eric Bischoff knows what that is. You people know what that is. Competition, the spotlight, the MAIN EVENT. I want it and if I’m not gonna get it? Well…if I’m not gonna get it then I’m not gonna waste…my…time.

Kennedy pauses, again shuffling around in his seat.

Mr.Kennedy: So no, I’m not gonna be there tonight, I’m not gonna be there next week and I’m not gonna be there the week after that! I’m gonna be right here, sittin’ at home waiting. Waiting until Eric Bischoff or somebody, ANYBODY in that stupid company sees the freakin’ light and gives me what I deserve.

Kennedy is pointing right at himself, thumbs to his chest as he stares a hole through the camera.

Mr.Kennedy: Clock’s a tickin’ and patience? Well, patience just ain’t my strong suit. You know where I am Eric and if ya don’t come lookin’? Well… if ya don’t come lookin’ then maybe I’ll go lookin’ myself, maybe I’ll go lookin’ elsewhere. Message received? It better be. Over…and…out.

And with that Kennedy chuckles once more to himself and we slowly fade out with the image of a clearly frustrated Mr.Kennedy as we head to a commercial break.


We return from the break and go to the scene of the announce table where J.R and Coach are all set to give us their words of wisdom.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw folks and before the commercial break it was uh, well, it was quite the statement from Mr.Kennedy. Kennedy who has craved the spotlight since coming to the WWE told the world moments ago from his home in Green Bay that he was NOT returning to Raw until he is given what he wants.

The Coach: And why should he? It’s rare that I disagree with Eric Bischoff J.R but this is one of those occasions where I do exactly that. Kennedy is one of the most talented guys in the company and Eric can’t allow him to sit at home, we’re missin’ out big time! This guy is GOLD and I damn sure Eric Bischoff makes amends with the WWE’s very own ‘Game Changer’.

‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me Now’

And out next to a strong pop is the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin struts down the ramp, title belt over his shoulder after heated tension between he and his noticeably absent partner, Charlie Haas.

Jim Ross: Well it’s been quite the ride for this man over the past twenty four hours. Last night at Unforgiven Shelton Benjamin retained the Intercontinental Title, however it wasn’t without a helping hand from Charlie Haas.

The Coach: It was more than a hand J.R. Haas made absolutely sure that Benjamin didn’t lose last night. Benjamin WAS beaten, Mark Jindrak had him down for the three count and Charlie Haas kept his partner in the contest but…but what thanks does Charlie Haas? What appreciation does Shelton Benjamin show? NONE!! He didn’t show a damn thing and it makes me sick. Did he wanna leave Oklahoma last night without that title on his shoulder?

Jim Ross: Of course not but Coach there’s a way to do it and Shelton Benjamin didn’t want it to go down like that. Charlie Haas may believe he was doin’ the right thing but after hearing from Shelton Benjamin last night and right here tonight in Omaha, I think the message is loud and clear to Charlie Haas.

The Coach: Absolutely, the message to Charlie…your partner is ungrateful, selfish and doesn’t realise how damn lucky he is.

Jim Ross: Oh c’mon.

‘You think you Know Me’


As Benjamin waits inside the squared circle, his opponent’s music hits and out comes a VERY fired up, Money in the Bank contract holder, Edge. The Rated R Superstar holds his briefcase out in front of him, looks at it, eyes widened, baring his teeth before walking down to the ring with a purpose, clearly angered over his defeat last night.

Jim Ross: Last night certainly didn’t prove to be as successful for this man. Edge failing to become the number one contender in his Triple Threat match with Christian and I think the look on the Rated R Superstar’s face tells the story.

The Coach: Sure Edge didn’t become number one contender J.R BUT…he didn’t lose last night. He wasn’t pinned, he didn’t submit. Chris Jericho cost Edge last night getting beat by Christian. Jericho’s been so damn desperate to prove he’s better than Edge and last night he did prove something. He proved he’s a damn failure and he proved he’s a whole bunch beneath Edge, something I already knew.

Jim Ross: Well Jericho mighta lost last night but that doesn’t mean he’s a failure and if memory serves me right Coach, Edge and Jericho have both beaten one another. I don’t think you can say Jericho’s beneath Edge.

The Coach: Good job your opinion doesn’t count then ain’t it cowboy?

Match Three: Singles Match

Shelton Benjamin vs Edge

It’s a cagey opening to this one as both Benjamin and Edge are perhaps still feeling the effects of their matches last night. Both men take turns to control the opening few minutes, Benjamin trying to work at his usual high tempo, Edge trying to contain him at every opportunity before looking to strike when the time arises and after a flashy few moments from Shelton, Edge does exactly that and strikes with a thumb to the eye before a clothesline takes Shelton down allowing Edge to assemble control.

The Rated R Superstar looks to keep Benjamin grounded, repeated stomps and strikes to both of Benjamin’s legs, Edge perhaps recognising that he needs to stop Benjamin’s high paced style. The Money in the Bank contract holder keeps up his onslaught, more stiff strikes before he does bring Benjamin back to his feet but almost instantly drops him back down with a beautiful vertical suplex. The first cover of the match sees a Benjamin kick out at two.

Edge shows signs of frustration as he scores a couple more near falls over the next few minutes, continuing to work on the legs of Benjamin, the Intercontinental Champion grimacing in discomfort but refusing to back out of this contest before the tables are suddenly turned as Edge delivers an Irish whip, Benjamin however hanging onto the ropes, Edge comes steaming in and Benjamin scores with a back body drop up and over the top!! Edge crashes and burns with Benjamin now having the momentum with him.

Benjamin immediately drops out the ring and looks to get right on the MITB holder as he strikes with kicks to Edge’s ribs and mid section before pulling Edge to his feet, Benjamin looking for an Irish whip but Edge reverses and Benjamin crashes into the steel steps!! Edge turning the tables once more with that big reversal before heading back into the ring, stopping the count out and grabbing a breather. He then shifts his attention back towards the fallen Benjamin. Edge heads to the outside and again focuses on Benjamin’s legs, wanting to keep up the earlier punishment as he delivers a nasty chop block to the left knee, Benjamin buckling under. The work continues with Edge stomping away at both legs, particularly the knees before he grabs Benjamin’s right knee and uses it to VICIOUSLY SWING BENJAMIN’S LEG INTO THE STEEL STEPS!!

Edge dominating right now as he soaks in the heat from the crowd before taking Benjamin back into the ring. We get a cover, 1…2…kick out at two to Edge’s frustration. The pressure then finally lets up as Edge begins to almost toy with Benjamin, taking his time, not seeming to believe that Benjamin is any threat to him now. The Rated R Superstar brings Benjamin to his feet, very slowly and it costs him as Benjamin hobbles up but strikes with a right hand. Repeated rights from Benjamin, surprising Edge and knocking him aback. Irish whip now from the IC Champ, Edge rebounds and Benjamin strikes with a boot to the gut, BIG TIME DDT!! Cover from Shelton, 1…2…kick out at two!!

The finishing stage of the match comes with Benjamin still on top following that DDT near fall. Benjamin bringing Edge to his feet and looking to strike with more right hands, he follows it up with an Irish whip into the corner, STINGER SPLASH TO FOLLOW IT UP!! Edge stumbles out of the corner, Benjamin however clutches his right leg, the sprint to the corner taking it out of him. The fans feel Benjamin building momentum now as Edge spins around, T-BONE INCOMING!! NO!! NO BECAUSE IT’S…IT’S JINDRAK AND REGAL FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! MARK JINDRAK AND WILLIAM REGAL ASSAULTING BENJAMIN FROM BEHIND!! Both Benjamin and Edge are knocked down, Jindrak and Regal going to work on the Intercontinental Champion. The referee has no choice but to call for the bell!!

Winner via Disqualification: Shelton Benjamin(13:25)


The Coach: This is for last night J.R!! This is for Benjamin leaving with Jindrak’s title!!

Jindrak and Regal are hammering away with vicious stomps all over the Intercontinental Champion as we see Edge now getting to his knees, crawling around the ring and EDGE IS HEADED FOR THE STEEL CHAIR!! Regal now backs off, barking at Jindrak to keep at it, the Protégé obliging as Edge now brings himself up, steel chair in hand…

Jim Ross: Ah somebody stop this damn it!! Shelton Benjamin’s in a world of trouble!! Where the HELL is Charlie Haas?!

The Coach: Sittin’ in the back with a smile on his face, that’s where Charlie Haas is at. This is what Shelton Benjamin deserves.

Jindrak now picks Benjamin up, Edge has the chair in his hands, sizing the I.C Champion up and down, a crazed look in his eye…

‘Break the Walls Down’

BUT HERE COMES Y2J!! Chris Jericho storms down from the back and is gunning for Edge, for Jindrak, for Regal!!

Jim Ross: Chris Jericho comin’ to get him some!! Jericho comin’ to the aid of Shelton Benjamin!!

The Coach: He’s got a deathwish J.R! Edge is gonna send him to the freakin’ hospital!!

Jericho charges into the ring and immediately FLIES AT EDGE TAKING HIM OUT WITH A DOUBLE LEG TAKE DOWN AS Y2J BEGINS TO PUMMEL AWAY!! The Omaha crowd are going wild for Jericho…BAM!! REGAL AND JINDRAK THOUGH BEGIN STOMPING THE CRAP OUT OF JERICHO!! Benjamin is down, it’s three on one still here as Jindrak and Regal dissect the former Undisputed Champion. Jindrak now takes the chair in his hand, Regal flashing that sinister smile as he recognises what his Protégé has in mind but the crowd is abuzz??



The Coach: Don’t do it Charlie, DO NOT DO IT!! I THOUGHT YOU’D SEEN THE LIGHT!!

Haas now heads towards the ring, Jindrak and Regal have their backs turned, the crowd cheering like crazy as Haas scales to the top rope!! Regal now realises what’s going on, tapping Jindrak to get his attention, the dup turning round…AND HAAS FLIES THROUGH THE SKY TAKING BOTH MEN OUT WITH A STUNNING MISSILE DROPKICK!! Jindrak and Regal are wiped out as Edge rolls outta the ring, the wily Brit following suit, dragging Jindrak out with him as Haas stands tall in the ring, comforting Benjamin before the duo tend to the fallen Chris Jericho.

Jim Ross: The tension between the World’s Greatest Tag Team has been pretty clear folks but right here and now you can bet your ass that they’re on the same page. Charlie Haas standing side by side with Shelton Benjamin tonight and as far as Chris Jericho is concerned, I think he’s clearly far from through with our Money in the Bank contract holder.

The Coach: I don’t know what Charlie Haas is tryin’ to pull here, I really don’t. I mean we all saw it earlier on tonight, him and Shelton are NOT on the same page J.R, there’s somethin’ to this tonight from Charlie Haas, I guarantee it.

We get a shot of Haas and Benjamin, a glare between the two as Benjamin nods his head towards his partner, Haas not quite so certain in his response, instead a bit of a glint in his eye almost. We then switch gears and see a shot of Edge fleeing up the ramp with his MITB contract in hand, tapping it repeatedly with Chris Jericho furiously eyeing up the Rated R Superstar.


We return and immediately head backstage where we see Edge pacing around, clutching his briefcase whilst wincing in some pain after Chris Jericho’s ambush on him following his clash with Shelton Benjamin. Edge is then caught up with by none other than a very frantic Mr.Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Edge we all saw what just happened out there between you and Chris Jericho. Clearly this thing isn’t over between you tw…

Edge: Wrong, wrong, WRONG!! I am FINISHED...with Chris Jericho. Now that…that might surprise you, it might surprise all these idiots here in Omaha but when ya think about it, when you REALLY think about it, it is crystal clear why I’m through with him.

Edge runs his hands through his hair before continuing.

Edge: Sure, last night he blew my shot at the World Heavyweight Title. I didn’t lose that match last night, Chris Jericho lost that match and you’d think, you’d think I would be the one out to get Chris Jericho, that I’d be the one wanting payback because of it but that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Edge now smiles a little to himself.

Edge: Am I angry about last night? You bet your ass I am. I wanted to come here tonight and take all that pain, that anger, that frustration out in my match with Shelton Benjamin but then…when Jericho came down that ramp, when Jericho targeted me AGAIN here tonight, all my anger, it…it faded.

Edge flicks his hair, again smiling in a crazed fashion.

Edge: Because I realised that despite not becoming the number one contender last night, Jericho still doesn’t have what I have…this.

We then get a close up of Edge’s Money in the Bank briefcase.

Edge: This is still my ticket straight to the very top and right now all I’m focusing on is picking my spot, when I’m gonna cash this in, where I’m gonna cash this in and against who…I’m gonna cash this in.

Boos for that as Edge taps his briefcase.

Edge: Chris Jericho simply doesn’t matter to me anymore. I beat him at Summerslam to keep hold of this, I proved that I am better than him but he just…he just can’t let it go and why? Why you ask? Well that’s real simple to figure out. I’m his last hope, his final chance at becoming World Champion again. This briefcase is a guarantee, it’s called ‘Money in the Bank’ for a reason and Y2J, the Ayatollah of Crap and something, everybody’s favourite catch phrase king is, well…he’s gone bankrupt.

Edge now laughs to himself, that comment drawing strong heat.

Edge: He’s outta luck, he’s outta time, he’s outta opportunities and he’s becoming desperate, he’s becoming obssessed with taking this away from me. Well Chris, bad news buddy, all my efforts, all my energy is going towards cashing this bad boy in now. You and me? We’re over, we’re through and the sooner you get that inside your head, the better. You can keep living in the past, you can keep believing you’re a champion but this is 2005, this is a new day, the right here and now and trust me both the present and the future…is Rated R.

Edge again chuckles to himself before flicking his hair out the way with his hands and heading off, leaving us with a shot of a bewildered Todd Grisham as per usual as we then head off elsewhere backstage.

And what we’re shown is rather mysterious. We go to a dark room, no sound being made as all we see are a man’s feet, however there is a strange red smoke inside the room. The feet begin pacing around the room as the camera begins to slowly rise up this person’s body. The picture goes all the way up until we reach this large man’s face and there’s an immediate ‘Ohhhhh’ amongst the fans as we see just who it is. The anger, sinister look on his face as it’s revealed to be none other than the Big Red Machine, Kane. The monster continues to pace around the room, clearly frustrated as he breathes heavily, snarling whilst doing so.

Kane: A monster… is supposed to inflict punishment, inflict pain, inflict SUFFERING…on those who cross their path. A monster… is supposed to be feared. When you see a monster…you run ha ha. A MONSTER IS SUPPOSED TO BE UNSTOPPABLE!!

Kane is now pacing frantically around the room, hands on head, he looks ready to explode here.

Kane: I…I am supposed to be a monster. But last night I WAS STOPPED! I was stopped…by Batista.

Strong pop for that.

Kane: Did Batista fear me? Did Batista look at me, like so many before him, and see the demon that lies within me? DOES ANYBODY…see that anymore?

Kane stops, looking into the camera in a questioning manner as he says this.

Kane: I used to believe they did. I used to believe that EVERYBODY looked at me and saw what I see, felt what I feel. BUT NOW? Now…I don’t know. I don’t know anymore, maybe, MAYBE…they don’t look at me like before, maybe they don’t see it, maybe they don’t feel it. Because what I used to see when I looked in the mirror was that monster…that monster who struck FEAR into other’s souls.

Kane now chuckles to himself.

Kane: What I used to feel were things that I don’t normally feel, that I’ve never felt before, that only I…could make myself feel. I used to feel that fear when I saw what lied within me, when I recognised who I am, I WAS SCARED KNOWING WHAT I WAS CAPABLE OF. But now…I don’t see it, I don’t feel it and if I don’t feel it?? Then nobody…can feel it.

Kane puts his head down, momentarily stopping in his tracks.

Kane: I can’t let that happen. I can’t let people look at me and feel…nothing. I NEED THEM…I need them to know that the monster still lives deep inside of me and Batista beating me last night? That may put doubt in your minds but all it’s done for me, all it’s going to do for me…is awaken that monster inside ha ha.

The Big Red Machine again begins laughing to himself.

Kane: You will all see…YOU WILL ALL SEE…the monster re-emerge. You will all FEEL THAT FEAR INSIDE OF YOU when you realise…ha ha…when you realise that the fire…still…burns.

And in rather eerie fashion Kane has a match in his hand, looking at it as though it’s his prized possession, smirking at it in a rather twisted way with the former number one contender having vowed to ‘awaken the monster’ inside of him. We then head back to ringside where already standing inside the squared circle are the always vein tag team that are The Heart Throbs, dancing around together in an odd way.

Jim Ross: Well, that was uh…that was pretty damn intense Coach. Kane promising us all that the ‘fear’ will return and that the ‘monster’ will re-emerge. I can’t speak for everybody but the fear never went away as far as I’m concerned, I can only imagine what the Big Red Machine could mean by that.

The Coach: All I can say is, the locker room has been put on notice, that defeat last night has awakened the monster baby!! I can’t freakin’ wait to get a look at it. Kane is gonna run this place J.R and I mean RUN IT.

‘Shattered Dreams’

And it’s a pretty nice pop that greets the music of the ‘Bizarre One’ as out steps Goldust along with his recent acquaintance, Eugene. Goldust is all robed up, wig on while Eugene is in his usual attire, happy and excited as he trots down the ramp. Goldust taking a more relaxed approach as we see the Heart Throbs looking a little frazzled inside the ring.

The Coach: Oh here we go, the damn circus is in town. J.R what the hell are these two doin’? I mean, c’mon.

Jim Ross: Well over the past couple of weeks a uh…a friendship shall we say has developed between Eugene and Goldust. Goldust encouraged Eugene to just be himself and that others will accept him in return and tonight’s the first time we’re gonna see this new team in action.

The Coach: Be himself? Being a stupid idiot won’t getcha accepted, it’ll getcha beat up and tonight, the Heart Throbs are gonna stick a beating on poor Eugene and Goldust? That freak? He’ll join the club.

Match Four: Tag Team Match

Goldust and Eugene vs The Heart Throbs

It’s the first outing together for this odd couple of Eugene and Goldust and it shows as they aren’t quite the cohesive tag unit just yet, the Heart Throbs showing a lot more team work with frequent tags and in the early going especially, singling out one of their opponents, Eugene being that man.

With Eugene struggling for a fairly long period and Antonio of the ‘Throbs working away at Raw’s special superstar, the crowd firmly rally behind Eugene and it seems to inspire Eugene, almost Hulk Hogan esque, one of his favourite superstars of course. Eugene somehow begins to ‘hulk up’ and fends off the challenge of both Antonio and Romeo, sending Antonio down first with a devastating final right hand, Romeo leaping in to save his partner only for Eugene to connect with a boot to the gut before a snap DDT connects!!

Eugene finally makes a tag and it’s Goldust’s to lose now, the ‘Bizarre One’ storming into things and striking the legal man Antonio relentlessly. As Goldust then sets Antonio up for a dose of Shattered Dreams, Romeo returns to the mix however, looking to strike Goldust as the golden one charges, only for Eugene to do likewise, thwarting the pretty boy and sending him over the top rope before BAM!! GOLDUST STRIKES WITH SHATTERED DREAMS!! Antonio drops forward, clutching his nether regions before a boot to the gut from Eugene, STUNNER!! Stone Cold esque from Eugene, Antonio in no man’s land as he stumbles back right into Goldust’s path who connects with the Final Cut!! Cover, 1…2…3…big win for Goldust and Eugene.

Winners: Goldust and Eugene(6:12)

Jim Ross: They got ‘em!! Eugene and Goldust victorious here tonight!! A huge win for Monday Night Raw’s newest Tag Team!!

The Coach: I don’t believe it. If these two guys can win a match around here then maybe they can stick you in the ring and you’d get a W on the board J.R.

Jim Ross: Hey, how bout you volunteer to step in there sometime?

The Coach: Please, if the Coach really wanted to, he’d be a World Champ by now baby. Whole different ball game cowboy. This is a sad day in the history of the WWE J.R. Eugene and Goldust not just a team but a winnin’ team? I never thought I’d see the day.

We get a shot of the bizarre duo backing up the ramp, Eugene very, VERY excited as he tries to tell Goldust all about it. Goldust tries to calm Eugene down, patting him on the back as there’s applause from the crowd before Goldust and Eugene raise one another’s arms in victory before we cut to the backstage area again.

Where we see Raw’s General Manager, not for the first time this evening with Eric Bischoff being all smiles. The boss is wandering around the halls, greeted with jeers from the crowd before he stops, still beaming and the camera shifts to see the four members of the Arabian Entity coming to join his side. We then hear from Jim Ross and Coach that coming up next will see Bischoff and the Entity headed to ringside to see Shawn Michaels ‘say his goodbyes’.


Returning from the break and we head to the parking lot where we’re shown the image of a rather infuriated looking World Champion, Batista. The Animal is greeted with strong cheers, all set to leave the arena as he heads towards his limousine when the former Evolution man suddenly stops and reaches inside his suit pocket and pulls out his phone which is ringing. Tista stares at it, same stern look on his face but that look soon evaporates and turns into a smile as he answers the call.

Batista: I wasn’t expecting this when I heard my cell ringing that’s for sure! How are ya man? It’s been a while.

Tista nods, still smiling as we’re a little unsure as to what’s going on.

Batista: Good, good, glad to hear man, glad to hear. Yeah everything’s great right now, last night was as tough as they come but I pulled through, got your buddy breathin’ down my neck now and you’d better believe I’ll stick him in his place after what he did.

Tista pauses awaiting a response, Christian the topic of conversation and it would appear we now know who’s on the other end of the phone…

Batista: I get that, I do…uhuh…yeah…yeah I know it’s gonna be tough, I know it won’t be easy but he…

The Animal now huffs, getting a little irritated.

Batista: Look Ric, I don’t know what you want me to say. He talks the talk but can he walk the walk when it comes to me and him standin' in that ring?

Well that confirms it is none other than Ric Flair on the phone.

Batista: So you’re saying you don’t think I can do it? You don’t think I can beat him? I know he’s good but Ric…I’m better.

Nice pop for that as Tista shuffles around a bit, perhaps surprised that Flair’s not as confident as he is.

Batista: Listen I gotta go and…yeah…of course, any advice you have, I’ll always take it on board, you know that.

Tista waits, nodding his head.

Batista: I appreciate it, really I do. I know how he does things and trust me, if it’s comin’ outta your mouth, I’ll definitely watch my ba...

BAM!!!! JUST LIKE THAT, RIGHT ON CUE, BATISTA IS AMBUSHED FROM BEHIND BY CHRISTIAN!! Captain Charisma knocking the Animal down, blindsiding the champion as Christian stands tall over the World Champion. The look of arrogance on Christian’s face tells the story, the number one contender reluctant to continue his assault as he instead simply stares at the fallen Dave Batista, a message well and truly sent to the champion tonight as Christian now walks off patting his chest. We hear a groan from Batista who clutches his ribs after a heavy fall and we return back to ringside.

The Coach: MY MAN J.R!! Captain Charisma sending another message tonight!! Ric Flair said it his freakin’ self, Batista watch your back!! BAM!! Christian takin’ Batista down and out, I love it.

Jim Ross: The man simply shows no class. There is no respect on the part of Christian. There wasn’t he faced Ric Flair and by the looks of things tonight, there won’t be when he faces off against Batista. Christian getting inside the head of the World Champion tonight and hey, I gotta agree with Ric Flair, Christian’s gonna go for gold by any means necessary, the Animal needs to beware.

‘I’m Back’

And for the first time this evening, Eric Bischoff’s music hits and out struts the boss to rapturous boos before we see the Arabian Entity emerging behind him, the boos only growing louder as the quartet accompany Bischoff down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well I think the reaction from this Nebraska crowd tells the story. Last night at Unforgiven it was a Four on One Handicap elimination match, Shawn Michaels squaring off against the Arabian Entity and by god, I thought Michaels was gonna pull it off. The Heartbreak Kid eliminated three of the Entity before Muhammad Hassan finished off a resilient Showstopper, but only thanks to Eric Bischoff stickin’ his nose in where it didn’t belong.

The Coach: Didn’t…didn’t belong? Are you kidding me? Shawn Michaels is Eric Bischoff’s ‘Personal Employee’ J.R. Anything involving Michaels is Eric Bischoff’s business and you know the boss, he does whatever’s right for business. Last night was the right thing to do and tonight? Tonight Shawn Michaels is gonna do the right thing too and he’s gonna walk on out that door.

The Five men now stand in the ring, the boos barely dying down as Bischoff stands, broad smirk on his face. Daivari and Dutt are likewise with Hassan seeming more of a smug look about him, Khali as intimidating as ever with Bischoff tossing a microphone around in his hand, his music fading slowly in the background.

Eric Bischoff: This has…this has been a long…time…coming.

Bischoff is peering into the crowd and has that mischievous grin as the crowd boos from the moment the boss opens his mouth.

Eric Bischoff: I’ve been waiting a long time to see the back of Shawn Michaels and that hope, that anticipation, that DESIRE to see him walk out the door has just got stronger and stronger over the past few months. But right here and now that all just…that all just seems so far in the past. Those feelings have, well, they’ve been replaced by the feeling of accomplishment, of pleasure, by the feeling of sheer pride at what I’ve done, at what we have done.

Bischoff points at the four members of the Entity, a close up of Hassan slyly grinning is then shown.

Eric Bischoff: Because together we’ve done what seemed to be impossible. We’ve taken a man who has prided himself on his spirit, his belief, his faith and we have absolutely, positively CRUSHED IT.

Bischoff now begins laughing, the boos following right behind him.

Eric Bischoff: Physically and mentally, we crushed Shawn Michaels, we crushed everything he believes in, everything he stands for and now? Now…the rewards will follow. I get what I’ve been wanting, these four gentleman get exactly what they’ve been wanting an…

Bischoff is cut off by chants of ‘You Suck’

Eric Bischoff: How bout you show some damn RESPECT? We are doing you people a favour. We are getting rid of a man who’s caused more harm than good to me, who’s caused more problems than ANYBODY back in that locker room and yet you all seem to want him to stick around. You all seem to care about Shawn, hell some of you idolise Shawn Michaels. Well newsflash, I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU WANT OR HOW YOU FEEL!!

More thunderous boos for the boss as Daivari and Dutt applaud what Bischoff is saying, Hassan standing by nodding on.

Eric Bischoff: This is about what I want, about what we wa…

‘Sexy Boy’

Bischoff instantly hangs his head and the Entity ready themselves as the music of the Heartbreak Kid hits and out steps Shawn Michaels to a HUGE ovation. The Showstopper is dressed in a vest top and trousers, cutting a rather depleted figure, not for the first time this year as he slowly, gingerly makes his way down to the ring, clearly hurting from last night. Michaels slowly steps through the ropes and the Entity are protecting Eric Bischoff who stands behind them, somewhat nervously yet a wry smile as Michaels grabs a microphone from ringside, his five foes shuffling away.

Shawn Michaels: Y’know, you and I, we don’t agree on much Eric but you’re right when you say that this… this whole thing isn’t about what they want or about how they feel.

Michaels is pointing around the crowd, an all serious approach from the Showstopper.

Shawn Michaels: But…damn it this is NOT about what you want or how you feel. This is about what I WANT, ABOUT HOW I FEEL!!

Michaels is pacing towards Bischoff, the crowd abuzz but the Entity are blocking him off and Muhammad Hassan steps forward to confront Michaels, microphone in hand.


Hassan only has to open his mouth for the crowd to shit all over him.

Muhammad Hassan: This is about us, about what I’ve done, we’ve done, about what Eric has done. We’ve taken a guy like you, a guy who is a symbol of what’s wrong with this country and we have BROKEN...YOU…DOWN.

Shawn Michaels: That’s…hey, that’s right. You have broken me down, I’m not afraid to admit it. The Shawn Michaels standin’ here tonight in front of your very eyes is not the Shawn Michaels I used to know.

There’s a silence in the arena, the fans glued to what Michaels is saying.

Shawn Michaels: Ever since Wrestlemania, everything in my life, EVERYTHING…has gone downhill. Inside this ring, outside of it, every second of me being a part of this company has…has made me more miserable than I could’ve ever imagined. And being miserable here? I then go and I take that home with me, I take it back to my family and that…that hurts the hell outta them and it hurts the hell outta me.

Michaels points right into his chest, you can feel the hurt.

Shawn Michaels: But I can’t help the way I feel. I’ve tried to put on a brave face, I’ve tried to act like nothing’s happened, like nothing’s wrong but I just can’t…do…it. That loss to Kurt Angle, I haven’t felt that much pain from a defeat in my entire career but I thought…I thought I could recover, I thought I could bounce back from that but then…then you showed up.

Michaels now points at Bischoff who is still smirking.

Shawn Michaels: You decided that you weren’t gonna let me recover from that defeat, that you were gonna punish me, make me suffer and congratulations cos you’ve done all that and whole lot more.

Muhammad Hassan: What’s…what’s the point you’re trying to make here Shawn? Huh? What is it? Cos I don’t get it. I don’t understand and I’m sure I speak for everybody else in this ring too. YOU Shawn, YOU…brought this all on yourself.

Michaels looks a little irked by that, Bischoff nodding behind the quartet as Hassan makes his point.

Muhammad Hassan: You targeted Eric Bischoff, he didn’t single you out Shawn, this was all your own doing. That loss to Kurt Angle? Eric Bischoff didn’t make you lose that match, he didn’t make Kurt Angle slap the Ankle Lock on you, he didn’t make you TAP…OUT.

Big time heat for this as Michaels looks away in anger.

Muhammad Hassan: You did all that Shawn and you couldn’t deal with it, you couldn’t handle the fact that you weren’t quite as great as you thought you were. So…so what did you do? You took it out on somebody. All that anger, that frustration, you took it out and wh…who…did you take it out on? Oh that’s right, like the GENIUS you are, you took it out on your own boss. YOU sealed your fate Shawn…you did.

Hassan is now almost laughing in Michaels face, the Showstopper looking down and despondent.

Muhammad Hassan: You started this whole thing and now? Now… we’re gonna finish it. For me, for us, for Eric and noth…

Shawn Michaels: That’s…that’s tough talk there. Really strong stuff, kinda becomin’ your thing around here isn’t it?

Muhammad Hassan: No, no see I don’t just talk Shawn…I act and my actions last night saw me BEAT YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS RING!!

Huge heat as Michaels rubs his chin, chuckling to himself. Hassan fired up at Michaels trying to put him down.

Shawn Michaels: That ya did, that…you…did. But y’know what? All that crap you just talked about? If you’da let me finish, you’d realise that’s…that’s actually why I’m out here. I didn’t come here tonight to just show up, walk down to this ring and give in, to give you what you wanted, no. You want me gone, I get it. But last night? That just ain’t gonna cut it.

Nice pop for that, Michaels digging his heels in.

Shawn Michaels: But…I…I am at breaking point, I hold my hands up to ya, I’m on my knees but I’m not down and out just yet.

Bischoff now barges through, a look of anger on his face as the crowd pop for Michaels refusal to back down.

Eric Bischoff: THEN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU OUT HERE FOR HUH?! I only…I only let you even be here tonight because I thought you were gonna do what’s right, I thought I’d finally got it inside that thick skull o’ yours that you have absolutely NO FUTURE IN THIS BUSINESS!! If you aren’t out here to walk away then…then DAMN IT YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU’RE OUT HERE FOR!!

There’s a pause, no response yet from Michaels, but there is one…from Hassan?

Muhammad Hassan: I…I think I get it. I think I know what he wants Eric. No matter how much he fights it, fights us…he can’t win. He knows it but Eric, he won’t walk away, he can’t…walk away. BUT…he does want out, don’t ya Shawn? You can’t take this anymore, your family can’t take this Shawn Michaels anymore can they? They want the old Shawn Michaels. Your wife Shawn, your wife, she wants the REAL Hearbtreak Kid, your kids…his children Eric, they want their OLD daddy back.


Michaels is spewing here, getting in the face of Hassan before the gigantic Great Khali steps forward, Michaels on edge here as he backs away, almost bursting at the seams, Hassan and Bischoff looking at one another as Hassan grins in his usual evil fashion.

Muhammad Hassan: Just like I thought, it’s eating you alive isn’t it Shawn? But you just can’t do it. You ca…

Shawn Michaels: No, no you’re right, I can't do it, at least...not yet. I told you when I came out here, tonight? It’s not about that, this is about…what I want and what I want is to make you…an offer.

Bischoff suddenly lights up, sensing an opportunity, Michaels looking reluctant to do this as he looks directly at the boss.

Shawn Michaels: This is how desperate I am Eric, it’s how much I’m hurtin’ right deep down in here(pointing into his gut) cos I’m willin’ to meet ya half way ya understand? All I’m askin’ for…is one more chance, just one…more…shot.

There’s now silence, almost a stand off as Bischoff and the Entity concur with each other for a moment, Michaels looking on with wonder in his eyes.

Eric Bischoff: One…one more shot at…at what exactly Shawn?

Shawn Michaels: Freedom.

It’s a swift, immediate response from the Heartbreak Kid.

Shawn Michaels: One more shot at freedom Eric, it’s all I ask. So y’know what I’m gonna do? I’m just gonna lay my cards out on the table right here, right now for ya and make this as simple and easy as possible for you to take in. Survivor Series, five on five, elimination match, my team…versus your team. If my team wins? Then Eric, this…this whole thing…it stops.

There’s a buzz here for that mouth watering prospect of a match at Survivor Series as Bischoff stops and thinks.

Eric Bischoff: Woah, woah, woah, wait. So…so your team of five beats my team of five and…and I just, what? I just let you go from your contract?

Shawn Michaels: That’s...well, that’s not exactly right. My team wins, that contract is terminated…along with yours.

Ohhhhhh. There is a MAJOR pop at that as Bischoff starts laughing and Hassan takes over.

Muhammad Hassan: Are…are you that stupid? C’mon Shawn, really? You’re…you’re joking with us right? You think Eric’s gonna put his job on the line just like that? You’re an even bigger fool than I thought!!

Shawn Michaels: Oh I do think he’s gonna put his job on the line…because of what I’m offering in return.

Michaels now scratches his chin, pacing back and forth as Bischoff suddenly tilts his head.

Eric Bischoff: Well uh, what’s…what’s it gonna be Shawn? What does my team get if we win huh? What can POSSIBLY make me put my own job on the line?

Shawn Michaels: If your team wins Eric, you get...(huffs), you get... whatever you want.

Well, that certainly wasn’t what a wide eyed Eric Bischoff was expecting as he and the Entity now look at each other in total surprise. Michaels clearly not wanting to say those words

Shawn Michaels: I told you Eric, I’m on the verge here, you’ve pushed me as far as I can go and if I fail this time? Then I just...I just can’t do it anymore. Whatever it is you want…I will do it.

The Entity are still conversing with the boss before Bischoff steps forward.

Eric Bischoff: I uh…I wasn’t expecting this, really. That’s uh…that is quite the stipulation you laid down there Shawn and y’know what? I kinda like it.

Bischoff laughs to himself.

Eric Bischoff: So here’s how it’s gonna go down Shawn. Survivor Series, Team Michaels versus Team Bischoff, traditional Elimination match. If your team wins, you get your wish, freedom. I will walk away from Monday Night Raw and I will walk away from the WWE.

Massive ovation for the thought of that.

Eric Bischoff: BUT IF MY TEAM WINS…if my team wins then Shawn, you…are…done. I’m not gonna fire you, you’re gonna do what I’ve been waiting for you to do, what I’ve been pushing you to do, you’re gonna do the one thing you just can’t seem to do Shawn. You’re gonna walk away.

Bischoff and Michaels stare at one another, a look of real intensity from both.

Eric Bischoff: You’re gonna walk away from the thing you love the most. Not Monday Night Raw, not the WWE. You’re gonna walk away from wrestling…period.

Michaels hangs his head, beginning to pace around the ring again as Bischoff has that smile etched on his face once more, the Entity applauding. The crowd are booing relentlessly, knowing Michaels career hangs in the balance.

Eric Bischoff: What do ya say Shawn? Do we have a deal?

Bischoff then extends his hand!! Michaels is being offered a handshake by the man he despises more than anything, the crowd crapping all over Bischoff.

Shawn Michaels: Eric, I’ve said all along that I have faith I’ll get outta this thing and guess what? Nothing and I mean nothing…has changed. I will…survive. You got yourself a deal.



The Coach: But here come the Entity J.R!! Michaels had this comin’!!

Indeed the Entity are right on Michaels tail with Daivari storming at Shawn BUT MICHAELS WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC AGAIN!! DUTT NOW COMES AT THE SHOWSTOPPER AND HE GETS THROWN OVER THE TOP!!

Jim Ross: Thanks for comin’!! Shawn Michaels taking it to the Entity and…AND WOULD YA LOOK AT THIS?!? DAMN IT, WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU!?!

The Coach: It tells you he is a smart, smart man J.R.

Who’s so smart? Muhammad Hassan of course. The Entity’s leader exiting the ring to the wrath of Shawn Michaels, the Showstopper gritting his teeth as Michaels then locks eyes with The Great Khali. Khali remaining in the ring, Hassan ordering him out but Khali not budging just yet…before eventually exiting the ring. The boos are incredible for Hassan and his giant as Michaels smirks, a real…almost sort of arrogance about him as he stares down the fallen Entity members, the retreating Hassan and Khali joining them as the quartet go to the aid of a stricken Eric Bischoff.

Jim Ross: The stakes could not be higher folks!! Survivor Series, it is do or die for Shawn Michaels!! Team Michaels versus Team Bischoff, five on five elimination match!! If Shawn Michaels team loses then Shawn Michaels must walk away from the W…W…E.

The Coach: It’s do or die for Eric Bischoff too J.R!! DO NOT FORGET YOUR BOSS!! If…god forbid, if…Team Bischoff loses then Shawn Michaels is free and J.R, Eric Bischoff is gone!!

Jim Ross: It is all about survival in Detroit, Michigan. November 27th, will faith simply be enough to survive!?! Goodnight everybody!!

Date: 27th November 2005

Location: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit; Michigan

Current Card:

5 on 5 Elimination Match:

Team Michaels(Shawn Michaels, ?, ?, ?, ?) vs. Team Bischoff(?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

RAW Review

Definitely loved how you opened up RAW with the World Heavyweight Champion Batista because if anyone and I mean anyone deserves to start off RAW it is the World Heavyweight Champion Batista because Batista went through a war, a real war at Unforgiven against Kane in that Steel Cage Match and Kane took Batista to the limit and then some but at the same time Batista has proven that no matter what obstacle is thrown in his path he always manages or always finds a way to win, gotta admire that, I respect that because this man has been World Heavyweight Champion since WrestleMania 21 since April, that's 6 months he's been champion and he is showing no signs of slowing down getting better and better each title defense but then cue his next obstacle his new #1 Contender Christian to come out and spoil Batista's celebration, I definitely knew that was going to happen

Christian running his mouth off about winning the Triple-Threat Match becoming #1 Contender beating Edge and Chris Jericho to get the opportunity to face Batista for that World Heavyweight Championship is something that I definitely saw Christian doing and on cue he did, but then going out of his way to play mind games with Batista disrespecting Batista but also disrespecting Batista's friend The Nature Boy Ric Flair bringing up the fact that Christian retired Flair but that after doing that he has been on quite the roll reminding all of us of that definitely needed to happen but at the same time what I loved even better was Batista throwing it in Christian's face that he's never ever been the World Heavyweight Champion but that he will never ever be The Man even though he retired The Man, if that wasn't a mind game, I don't know what is

But nevertheless I can't wait to see Christian vs Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship and it will happen I bet at Survivor Series and if that happens, then it will be quite the classic

Eric Bischoff with Muhammad Hassan, that whole segment with those 2 reminding us of just why they are in cahoots with one another because of The Entity beating Bischoff's personal employee Shawn Michaels was great but I wonder if Michaels is in the building and if he is, will Michaels get his hands on Bischoff or even Hassan or both?

Why do I get the feeling that it will end up being a Triple-Threat Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championship with The Dudley Boyz defending their World Tag Team Championships against The Perfectionists and The Basham Brothers? Because if that is the case, then well I am all for it

But nevertheless as for the match with The Dudley Boyz facing off against Cade and Conway, that match I couldn't care less about even though I like The Dudleys, I do, but against a team like Cade and Conway, that is why I gave up on this match

Obvious tension between Haas and Benjamin, I wouldn't be surprised if Haas ends up turning heel tonight and ends up turning his back on his longtime friend/tag team partner Shelton Benjamin because let's face it, Haas has been living in Benjamin's shadow but also out of the 2 of them Benjamin has proven that he is on the rise while Haas if anything he has become a joke, it's sad really considering Haas has potential but the only way he can realize that is if he turns his back on Benjamin because until he does that, he won't go anywhere

Trish Stratus beating Molly Holly was a great match all be it for divas because it thoroughly at least in my opinion but I don't know about anyone else's but it entertained me because of the fact that it was so back and forth but at the same time Trish Stratus going over Molly needed to happen to prove just why Trish is more determined than ever to win the WWE Women's Championship back, to win back her WWE Women's Championship and it looks like she is on a road to a date with Destiny with the WWE Women's Champion Victoria and if that is the case, I wonder if Victoria will put Trish back on the shelf because Victoria did put Trish on the shelf and if they get into the same ring with each other again, that could very well happen because Victoria has been dominant since winning that title

It looks like Mr. Kennedy could be on his way over to the blue brand, that Mr. Kennedy could be switching shows going over to Smackdown and if that happens, Eric Bischoff is losing out on quite the talent if you ask me in my opinion because Kennedy has proven that he can be in the ring with the very best that RAW has to offer but yet he is put into matches that no one could care anything about, he is getting mistreated and it isn't right because I know if Kennedy were on Smackdown he wouldn't be treated like this at all

Shelton Benjamin vs Edge if anything to me was match of the night by far, exciting all the way throughout and to the end but then Jindrak and Regal getting involved beating the holy hell out of Benjamin, well I can't say I blame them especially after what happened at Unforgiven because Jindrak had the IC Title won and if it hadn't been for Haas getting involved, Jindrak would be IC Champion now but then Regal and Jindrak and Edge all beating on Benjamin only for Jericho to come to the rescue right on cue saved this segment if anything but then it turns into a 3 on 2 only for Haas to come to his senses and save Benjamin yet again, but I wonder how much longer he will be doing that now because of the tension between them but I thought the Edge/Jericho feud was over, looks like I was wrong on that

Goldust and Eugene beating The Heart Throbs again was another match I could care less about, so I won't even feel the need to talk about it to tell you the truth because I could go on and on about how it was a waste of time but then again using this match as filler, I could understand why even though I don't agree with it

And Christian blindsiding Batista from behind backstage attacking Batista, this was great because it just proved my point that Batista got into Christian's head and like a switch, Christian just went off, it was like Batista turned on something in Christian and he snapped because of earlier because this is the type of mean streak the type of viciousness we need to see out of Christian especially if he stands any chance against Batista because Batista is bigger than Christian and he is stronger than Christian having size and strength over Christian but Christian just proved why he is smarter than Batista and not only that but Christian has the speed advantage being faster than Batista

But I wonder who it was Batista was talking to on the phone? Was it The Cerebral Assassin The Game The King of Kings Triple H his former Evolution teammate that he was talking to on the phone because if it was, then I wonder if Triple H is on his way back to RAW? Or if Batista was talking to The Nature Boy Ric Flair on the phone

And in the last part of the show, Shawn Michaels with Eric Bischoff and Muhammad Hassan was if not the best segment hands down on the whole show because it definitely builds up Survivor Series at least on the RAW side of things because the implications for this match itself are so huge and that is what I love, matches with stipulations like this, Team Michaels vs Team Bischoff Traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match where if Shawn Michaels' team wins, Eric Bischoff is gone not just from RAW but from the WWE altogether but if Eric Bischoff's team wins, Shawn Michaels is gone not just from RAW but he has to walk away not only from the WWE but from wrestling altogether, the stakes being so high for both men, no doubt that Team Michaels vs Team Bischoff will be the match that closes out the pay per view for Survivor Series with it being the main event

We already know that Shawn Michaels will be representing his own team as captain but I wonder which 4 men will be his teammates but more importantly who will represent Team Bischoff

Other than that, this is a great RAW all be it some matches were fails in my opinion but overall most of your segments and other matches saved this from being a total fail altogether, so I give you props on that
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

My review might be all over the place, but here goes.

I'm very excited for what you have in store for this Christian/Batista feud. But at the same time, I think there's only one way this can end. And that's with Christian winning the big one. I'm not sure if their PPV bout will be finish clean as I expect Flair to be involved somehow, maybe be my Batista's corner? If Christian doesn't win this one, I'm not sure what else he can do. All the build you've had for him may go down the drain if he doesn't defeat Batista for the title. But if Batista loses, I don't think there's much else he can do either. He'll get his rematch, lose, then move on, that's my thinking. With Christian winning, I predict Edge to go after him with his MITB, thus a Christian/Edge feud. That's just my thinking right now. But on this show, the exchange with Christian and Batista was done quite well. Christian is definitely a better promo man but Batista held his own and wasn't half bad. I liked the symbolism of when Batista was on the phone with Flair but was ambushed by Christian, which leads me to believe that Flair will somehow be involved in this feud one way or another.

The Mr. Kennedy saga has me intrigued quite a lot tbh, more than I thought I would be. I feel like the first real competition he'll get will be someone big like CM Punk or something. Wouldn't mind seeing that for sure. Kennedy is a fun little character you have and your writing for him is on-par. Having him tweener is smart because there's just a lot of ways you can write for him. Who knows, maybe he'll be a member in Team Michaels?

Speaking of HBK, let's talk about him. Hassan has been a real treat to see grow and develop into the character he is now. Having Bischoff by his side definitely intensifies the heat he usually gets. Not sure how you're gonna do this elimination tag match. Are we gonna see the entire Entity team fight for Team Eric or will Hassan simply be the leader? Very intrigued to see who joins both teams. The stipulation you added, I have no clue which way you're leaning, so good job with being unpredictable. I feel like I wouldn't enjoy Raw as much if Bischoff wasn't there but if HBK leaves, it'll be alright as there are more stars coming in. Really not sure where you're going with that, but it this feud has me intrigued the most.

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Okay, right off the bat, I'll be honest when I see that this edition of Raw did feel rather lackluster to me, which was disappointing, coming off a hot PPV the night before. Until the last segment of the show, there just didn't seem to be a sense of urgency with what was going down - perhaps though, it can be put down to the fact that a few issues were put to bed at Unforgiven - and overall, it did just feel like a placeholder, keeping things ticking along, and setting up for bigger issues down the road. It's not a knock on the booking of the show in general - it happens.

It looks like we'll be getting a slow build between Batista and Christian, and, if it is to go down at the Survivor Series, it would make sense to build toward it slowly, as there must be at least 8-9 weeks of TV until Survivor Series at this point. I'm interested in how you go about creating this angle, and keeping it fresh for a two month period before the actual match, but it would seem like the recently retired Ric Flair will be playing a big part in the motivation of both men; Batista, wanting to gain a measure of revenge for his mentor & Christian, using that retirement to get inside the head of the champ. This was a neat opening salvo from both men to get the ball rolling, with Dave touching on Christian never getting the type of respect Flair had, and Christian (rightfully) reminding Batista that Flair wasn't exactly a saint in the ring. Like I said, with it appearing that the angle is building for Survivor Series, I'm interested in seeing how you keep it fresh and interesting for that duration of time.

This three team war over the tag team titles, frankly, is not catching my interest. The Bashams have no personality, no gimmick, and aside from when they were in JBL's Cabinet, have never served any kind of purpose. As I've said before, The Dudleys; stale as old bread. You have one interesting tag team right now, and I'd suggest getting the belts on Nemeth & Doane, and be done with this feud and move on past it. One thing is for sure, Raw could so with some new life in the tag division. Plenty of good talent in OVW at this point too, and it'd be neat to see another pair move up from developmental to challenge the other newcomers.

Mr. Kennedy going on strike until he is faced with real competition feels like the next logical step in his quest for competition from Bischoff. This is an angle that really does have me intrigued, as I thought I had cracked it with the special challenge at Unforgiven, so I'm eagerly awaiting what way this thing does turn out. Hopefully the 'strike' angle doesn't go on too long, or at least if it does, hopefully you can keep it entertaining, and not just Kennedy talking from the titan tron every week.

To further my opening point, whilst there was nothing wrong with the Benjamin vs Edge match and the aftermath, it did just feel like this was a week of maintenance on ongoing feuds, without any interesting developments. In a neat little package, Haas and Benjamin kept their ongoing rift in the minds of viewers (readers?), Jericho isn't finished with Edge (although Edge would seemingly disagree), and Regal and Jindrak are still sniffing around for the I.C Title. Nothing bad, but nothing to get excited about either.

I did however love the 'bankrupt' line Edge used when talking about Jericho, tying it in with him talking about being MITB.

The Kane promo was pretty good, I'll admit. I hope KING. reads this thread, because he's got major man love for Kane, probably to the point where he pictures he's Katie Vick (if you're reading this KING., I kid ) but, yeah, this promo was the most intriguing part of the show, as I cant see a real slot for Kane coming off the Batista feud, or a person he can currently feud with. I would've loved for him to build off the first few points he made though, and actually question himself as a 'monster'. If he went down that path, it could make for some incredible character development. I'm eager to see just when and how Kane goes about re-establishing himself as a monster.

Eugene & Goldust as a team could be fun, but realistically, I don't see a future for them as anything but a midcard comedy team. They are a find combo to help fill the division, but right now (not to harp on about the Bashams and the Dudleys) the division is in dire need of fresh blood to compliment the Platform to Perfection. Unfortunately, Eugene and Goldust wont cut the mustard in that respect.

Without wanting to sound harsh, the backstage cheapshot from Christian to Batista didn't work for me. It felt forced and awkward. Not only that, but before that actually happened, (while we didnt hear what he was saying) given Batista's responses, Ric Flair was obviously telling Batista he didn't think he could beat Christian?? Sorry, man, but as much as I love what you're doing with Christian (and how much I like the guy too), Batista should be going into their match (whenever it happens) as the clear favourite, given the fact he's been a strong champion, who beat the almighty Triple H, and just saw off a monster heel. Christian, in seven years, has never even come close to being champion. Why would Flair even suggest that he doesn't think Batista can beat him? Makes no sense to me. IMO, at the most it should've been kept to Flair telling Batista to be careful.

Anyways, what did Christian hit him with to knock him over? Keeping it at one shot also seems a) Odd, because Christian surely must realize there'll be hell to pay for it, so he might as well have continued it and done a little bit of damage, & b) getting put down with one shot, and not getting up makes Batista look like a bitch. I get what you wanted to accomplish with this, but Christian needed to do a bit more than strike one blow to really make it worthwhile.

Clearly, the closing promo was always going to be the best part of the show. You've played out this angle really well, and as I (hope) have said before, this is the best face Shawn Michaels character in BTB right now. Bischoff with the Entity not wanting to fire HBK, but wanting to humiliate him by making him quit has now reached a point where it needs a conclusion, and Survivor Series is the perfect time and place to do it. Even some foreboding toward Michaels vs Angle II during the promo?? It seems HBK sees his downfall all having started at WrestleMania 21, and perhaps even after winning his freedom at the Survivor Series, he wont be fully 'free' until he can redeem himself against Angle?? The Survivor Series match has been clearly in the pipeline for quite some time, and it was no shock that HBK made that challenge tonight - it makes perfect sense. Even when running through Shawns timeline since WrestleMania was well written, as those kind of things can quite often be rather boring for a reader - but this wasn't. The stipulations make sense, as for Bischoff to agree to put his job at stake, Michaels was always going to have to sweeten the deal, and he certainly made the stakes big enough.

Personally, I know this was a big night for Michaels, but it might've been best for the Entity to end the night on top, stood over HBK, rather than fleeing. It would've been a nice way to show that he's in serious trouble, and NEEDS the help of four other guys ... whereas his efforts last night, and seeing off the Entity tonight make it look like he could nearly get the job done on his own. That said, I'm assuming Bischoff uses all four members of the Entity in his team, but it could simply end up being just Hassan and maybe Khali, which makes that last point I made kinda moot.

Anyways, I've banged the same drum long enough. Not a classic episode of Raw by any stretch, but not every show can be. This was fine for what it was, and both started some new angles, whilst keeping the existing ones rolling.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Thank you very much for the feedback, especially Wolfy. Took a lot from what you said and I agree that the show was pretty bland, there's a lot to work on leading to Survivor Series. My line of thinking was to take it slow with the PPV still a little bit away but the plot will definitely look to thicken over the next couple of shows. I’ll just explain my thinking behind the Batista/Christian/Flair phone call bit. I totally agree with you that it came off a little awkward when reading it back and the attack was a little bit ‘what went on there?’

The line from Batista about him believing Flair doesn’t think he can beat Christian. Obviously you as a reader don’t know what Flair said but in my head Flair was simply warning Tista that Christian will be a lot tougher than he thinks and shouldn’t be underestimated. The reason Tista got so worked up and almost paranoid that Flair was seemingly doubting him was because Christian had gotten inside his head earlier in the night and also because this means a lot to him to get one over on Christian after putting Flair down.

The attack from Christian meanwhile. That was only one shot from behind with the reason being again, the mind games factor. That one shot will be played upon in the next show, won’t give a whole lot more away other than that. Hope that clears it up, I know it didn't come across that way and I really appreciate you pointing that out, it certainly helps. Anyways, I’ve rambled long enough, SD preview time!!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 23/9/05- Lubbock, Texas

For the past few weeks Kurt Angle and Randy Orton have joined forces in trying to take over Friday Night Smackdown but last week them running roughshod over the blue brand came to one hell of a halt. Teddy Long stamped his authority, some might say finally, as he dished out a huge One Hundred Thousand dollar fine to both men as well as banning both men from any unsanctioned physical contact. The major thing for Angle and Orton however is that despite the fine and despite the ban, they both now have exactly what they were gunning for, a WWE Championship match. Whilst laying down the law Teddy Long also caved in, announcing that Angle and Orton, along with The Undertaker would challenge John Cena at No Mercy in a Fatal 4 Way Elimination match. Tonight, Angle will be in action against the angry Deadman, will Randy Orton stand by the side of the Wrestling Machine or is it now every man for himself as the race to No Mercy begins?

Speaking of Teddy Long stamping his authority last week, Angle and Orton weren’t the only ones on the receiving end. The WWE Champion was also punished for a devastating FU to the Smackdown GM with John Cena being suspended for one week meaning tonight in Lubbock there will be NO WWE Champion. Cena knows that if he appears tonight and breaks his suspension he will be stripped of the WWE Championship. The Champ surely won’t risk his title reign just for a shot at Angle and Orton…will he?

Tonight will mark match number one in a Best of Five Series for the United States Title as Matt Hardy defends against Carlito. The Apple Spitter has claimed that Hardy beating him at Summerslam was a fluke and that ninety nine times out of a hundred, he’d beat the former Team Extreme man. Well Hardy laid his cards out on the table, issuing a Best of Five challenge which Carlito duly accepted. Will Lito prove himself tonight and steal a march or will Hardy get another ‘fluke’ under his belt and take the lead in this five match battle?

A huge eight man tag team match is also set for tonight as the WWE Tag Team Champions, on a bit of a downward slope of late, MNM will team with two men who’ve also had a bit of a turn for the worse in recent weeks, Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero. Those four will take on their respective rivals of late as Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, Paul London and Brian Kendrick will join forces to build one of the best high flying teams you’re likely to see! Will MNM, Helms and Chavo pull off a timely victory and boost their confidence ahead of their showdowns at No Mercy? Or will the recent upturn in fortunes continue for Van Dam, Rey, London and Kendrick?

And finally, last week saw the return of Bobby Lashley and in a big way as the ‘Real Deal’ took down JBL in devastating fashion, seemingly accepting the First Blood match for No Mercy. Tonight Lashley returns to action and will no doubt be looking to send a message to the Wall Street Warrior.

Confirmed for tonight’s Smackdown:

Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker

WWE United States Championship:
(Best of Five Series: Match One)
Matt Hardy© vs Carlito

MNM, Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero vs Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, Paul London and Brian Kendrick


Bobby Lashley will be in action

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 23/9/05- Lubbock, Texas

There’s no video package from last week’s show as instead we get the usual introduction before the pyro hits and Michael Cole alongside Tazz welcome us to proceedings.

Michael Cole: Welcome everybody to Friday Night Smackdown!! I’m Michael Cole, joined rinside by my broadcast colleague Tazz and what a night we have in store here in Texas tonight!!

Tazz: Oh baby, an absolute BLOCKBUSTER main event Cole. Two of the four men that will go at it for the WWE Title collide tonight. Kurt Angle versus The Undertaker, it don’t get much bigger!!

Michael Cole: Indeed a huge main event and we’re still reeling from what took place last week. John Cena delivering an FU to Teddy Long and in the process has been suspended for one week meaning right here tonight, there will be no WWE Champion in attendance.

‘I Spit in Da Face of People who don’t want to be Cool’


Strong heat all round as out first to kick off the show is the ‘Apple Spitter’ Carlito, all set for action in the Best of Five Series with Matt Hardy for the United States Title. The Coolest superstar on Friday nights is tossing his apple up and down, an arrogant smirk on his face as he slowly struts down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Well we’ve got a whole lot more on the John Cena situation to come as well as a look back at the repercussions Kurt Angle and Randy Orton face for their actions in recent weeks but we are kicking things off with United States Title action!

Tazz: Best of Five baby. Match number one right here tonight in Lubbock and a real opportunity for Carlito to prove himself, to back up everything he’s said. He’s claimed that Summerslam was a fluke, that Matt Hardy got lucky, that he could beat Matt Hardy quote ‘Ninety Nine times outta a Hundred’.

Michael Cole: Well Matt Hardy took strong issue to that statement and well Carlito’s got a lot to do if he wants to stick to his word. Matt Hardy laid the challenge down, Best of Five series, a challenge Carlito was only too happen to accept.

‘Oh Yeahhhhhhhhh’

‘Live for the Moment’

And it’s a big time ovation as out storms the United States Champion, Matt Hardy. Hardy immediately signals to the fans, clearly pumped up as he hypes them up also. The champion then locking eyes with a still smirking challenger.

Tazz: Well Cole Carlito was only too happen to accept because well, he believes everything he says is true and hey, last time these two met he DID beat Hardy, ain’t no denyin’ it.

Michael Cole: Well that’s true, it was a few weeks ago right here on Smackdown where Carlito did pin Matt Hardy but Tazz who’s to say that wasn’t just a fluke? Both men have victories over the other, tonight and this Best of Five series will no doubt throw any claims of a fluke right out the window.

WWE United States Championship: Best of Five Series(Match One)

Matt Hardy© vs Carlito

It’s really hot opening for Matt Hardy who perhaps has a point to prove following his recent non title defeat to the Apple Spitter. The opening few minutes for Carlito is all about trying to avoid Hardy’s aggression with the champion unleashing a flurry of right hands every chance he gets, Lito trying to get himself in between the ropes to break it up, eventually retreating to outside the ring, only for Hardy to follow right behind!!

Lito wanders round the ring, oblivious to the fact that Hardy’s on his tail but he’s soon spun round by the champion who strikes with a boot to the gut before he SMASHES Lito’s head off the barricade, the crowd going wild for a fired up Hardy here. Hardy keeps up the offense on the outside, Lito in no man’s land with Hardy in firm control of this thing, more right hands, kicks, elbows from the champion as they circle around the ring before reaching the announce table.Hardy grabs Lito by the ‘fro, goes to whack his challenger’s skull off the announce table but Lito digs deep!! Carlito fights it and manages to break Hardy’s grip with an elbow to the gut. Lito takes a second, Hardy likewise before both men are back up and Hardy charges, Lito sidesteps it and tosses Hardy up and over the announce table, Tazz and Michael Cole dodging the bullet in the nick of time!!

Carlito immediately heads back to the ring, breaking the countout and allowing himself a breather as Hardy begins to stir on the outside, the crowd firmly behind him. Eventually Hardy gets back to his feet, somewhat groggily as Lito drops down to the outside again, dragging Hardy away and back into the ring. Hardy remains floored inside the squared circle and Lito goes to work with stiff kicks across the chest and ribs of Hardy. The next couple of minutes see Hardy really struggling to find a route back into this thing as Lito continues to work over the ribs of Hardy as well as his lower back, perhaps awaiting to strike with the devastating Backstabber.

Lito continues his onslaught before allowing Hardy to his feet before striking with a hard knee to the gut following it up with a nice vertical suplex, again Hardy’s lower back smashing against the canvas as Lito goes for a cover, 1…2…kick out at two from Hardy. Lito shows his frustrations but drags Hardy to his feet again before an Irish whip, Hardy’s back smashing into the corner and Lito comes charging but Hardy gets an elbow up!! The fans sense a momentum shift as Hardy now begins to mount a fight back into this, big time right hands before an Irish whip of his own, Carlito rebounds and Hardy strikes with a reverse elbow, cover, kick out at two.

Hardy clutches his lower back but quickly gets back up, bringing Lito with him and it’s another boot to the gut from Hardy, Irish whip is reversed Hardy rebounds and wipes Carlito out with a flying clothesline!! Lito quickly back up, Hardy building steam here as Lito swings at him, Hardy sidesteps it, SIDE EFFECT CONNECTING!! Cover, Kick Out at two again from the Apple Spitter!! Hardy and the crowd groan together almost but he quickly brings himself back up, still clutching his lower back as he now looks around to the crowd, they sense what’s coming as Carlito begins to stir, begins to rise. Lito nearly to his feet now, Hardy is feeling it here, he spins Lito round, boot to the gut, TWIST OF FATE!! NO!! Lito shoves Hardy away into the ropes, Lito following behind, ROLL UP!! 1…2…KICK OUT AT TWO AND A HALF!!


Winner: Carlito(9:24)
*Carlito now leads the series 1-0

Tazz: He got him again Cole!! Carlito takes round one!!

Michael Cole: A huge victory for Carlito and a major step towards becoming the United States Champion!! Matt Hardy, look at…Matt Hardy can’t believe it Tazz!!

Indeed we cut back to inside the ring where Matt Hardy looks on and is scratching his head, shaking it in dismay that Carlito got the better of him here tonight.

Tazz: Absolutely. Hardy’s title may be in jeopardy and I think he’s beginnin’ to realise it. Carlito might well be inside Hardy’s head.

Lito backs up the ramp, all smiles as the referee raises his hand in victory, Lito now yelling back at Hardy ‘Ninety Nine outta a Hundred, ju hear Carlito?’. Hardy grits his teeth at that before putting up one finger(not that one) and seeming to mouth ‘That’s only one, still four to go’.


We return from the break and we go right away backstage and into the locker room area where we see the two men who’ve been on a crusade of late in trying to take over Smackdown, Kurt Angle and Randy Orton. Angle is moving around the room, hands on hips, a frustrated manner about him as he’s all dressed to compete later tonight. Orton meanwhile is more casual, a Legend Killer T-shirt on with jeans and his demeanour is casual too as he stands, arms crossed simply looking on at Kurt.

Kurt Angle: Teddy…Teddy Long is…WHAT THE HELL IS HE TRYIN’ TO DO TO US?!

Angle continues pacing, huffing and puffing.

Kurt Angle: First of all, fining us? Not just…not just fining us but fining us A HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS?! Seriously? Who in the HELL does he think he is? And then…and then he pulls that crap on us that we can’t get involved in any ‘unsanctioned’ physical confrontations or else we…we lose our title shots? Our title shots that...THAT WE EARNED!!

Randy Orton: It’s about power Kurt. I know it, you know it and Teddy Long knows it too, that’s why he’s pulled this little stunt. He’s trying to make his mark, trying to show off all his power but it means absolutely nothing. It means nothing because now? Now we’ve got exactly…what we wanted.

Orton now begins to smirk, Angle thinking about it for a moment.

Randy Orton: We’ve got our title shots and that’s all that matters. It took us taking things into our own hands to finally get it through to Teddy Long but Kurt…it worked. Now? Now we don’t need to make a point, to make a statement, all we need to do is make sure we get to No Mercy and make sure that one of us…leaves with the WWE Title.

Angle begins to nod, Orton looking at him in an almost questioning manner.

Kurt Angle: You know what? You’re right. Screw it, why should I be angry? We ARE goin’ to No Mercy, we ARE getting what we deserve and I AM gonna finally take the WWE Title.

Angle now begins chuckling to himself murmuring ‘you’re right, you’re right’. The mood has however changed from agreement to a little bit of friction as Orton looks less than impressed with that last remark.

Randy Orton: Uhhhh, just...just slow down there a second. Two out of three’s…not…not bad. We are goin’ to No Mercy, we are getting what we deserve but…well, I hate to break it to ya Kurt but you are NOT taking the WWE Title…I am.

Orton clearly not agreeing with Angle there, Kurt now stands with a perplexed look on his face, Orton now the one smirking.

Kurt Angle: Well I uh…I guess we’re just gonna have to agree to disagree huh? But one thing I think you and me can agree on...is that this match is an elimination match. Which means we have to work together to take out Cena and The Undertaker. We pull that off? We pull that off then...then we can see who the better man really is.

Angle and Orton share a real moment of tension here, Orton not looking so sure about that.

Randy Orton: I guess uh…I guess you’re right, it’s what we have to do. But Kurt, you’re most definitely right about how we’ll see who the better man is at No Mercy and I know you think that’s you. I know you think you’ll be the one standing tall with the WWE Title and hey, tonight? Tonight you got yourself the perfect opportunity to prove why haven't you?

Orton’s now remembered just what Angle’s got in store tonight and produces a smile as a result.

Randy Orton: You and The Undertaker one on one out there. If uh…if you’re really the better man, if you really are gonna become WWE Champion then you’ll have absolutely no problem beating the Deadman tonight will you? Cos incase you forgot, I’ve beaten The Undertaker… twice.

Orton’s got a real arrogance about him here as he smirks at that fact, Kurt stands dead still, eyes firmly fixed on Orton before he nods his head.

Kurt Angle: I don’t think it’s me, I know…it’s me and tonight? I’ll prove it. I’ll prove it to you, to The Undertaker, to John Cena and to ANYBODY ELSE who doubts me. I'm better than anybody back here in the locker room, I'm better than anybody in this ENTIRE COMPANY!! And whether you like it or not...I'm the next WWE Champion.

Angle then smirks, Orton’s arrogance smirk however is still there, the Legend Killer really picking things up between the two there as the Wrestling Machine now exits he room, focused on his match tonight with the Deadman. We then get another shot at a now pondering Randy Orton before we go back to ringside where we hear…

‘Muy Loco’

And returning ringside it’s the music of the crazy duo of Psicosis, and Super Crazy with the lawn mowers in full effect tonight, these two high fliers set for tag action.

Michael Cole: Well the partnership Kurt Angle and Randy Orton have formed in recent weeks is uh, well it’s beginning to show a little tension but back to the action folks and we’re all set for a tag team contest and Tazz these guys are ready to get back in the hunt for gold, the Mexicools!

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. We ain’t seen much from these guys lately but tonight if they can get themselves a victory against two dudes who, well we all know, they ain’t exactly been in the mood for games these past few weeks, then they got as good a chance as anybody round here to face whoever the champs are after No Mercy.

Crazy and Psicosis enter the ring, full of energy as they fire up the crowd, their music then dying down along with the wacky antics before we hear…

‘A Country Boy Can Survive’

Out next to a decent amount of heat are those two men Tazz spoke about that haven’t been in the mood for games recently, Kid Kash and Jamie Noble, the Pitbulls. Kash and Noble are once again venomous in their demeanour as they scowl towards the Mexicools, the trio awaiting them still all smiles in this clash of personalities.

Michael Cole: Well there has been no doubting the ruthless streak inside these two men and last week we saw first hand evidence of that. Kid Kash and Jamie Noble haven’t been happy since the debut of Cryme Tyme and last week they’d seen enough, sickeningly assaulting JTG and Shad backstage, leaving Cryme Tyme down and out.

Tazz: Was real brutal Cole. I know what these two dudes are capable of and believe me, it ain’t pretty. Cryme Tyme have been damn sure impressive since comin’ to Smackdown but when these two are on their game, they’re gonna be real tough to take down. They wanna send a message around here and Cryme Tyme sure as hell felt it last week.

Match Two: Tag Team Match

The Mexicools; Psicosis and Super Crazy vs The Pitbulls; Jamie Noble and Kid Kash

Kash starts things out for the Pitbulls whilst it’s Psicosis who kicks it off for the Mexicools and Psicosis looks to start out at a fast pace as expected, going right after Kash and despite small success in striking Kash with an array of kicks, Kash quickly shifts things in his favour as Psicosis whips Kash across the ring, Psicosis lowers down looking for a back body drop but Kash sees it coming and connects with a stinging low angle dropkick!!

Kash looks to build on his momentum and keep Psicosis grounded as he immediately goes to work on some stiff kicks all across the body of the Mexicool before dragging him over towards his corner and tagging in Jamie Noble. Noble picks up where Kash left off and works over Psicosis’ body, head to toe in stiff kicks before dropping down and laying into his opponent with some stinging, methodical right hands. Noble then sinks an elbow right into the throat of Psicosis only for the referee to begin a five count, Noble breaking the hold at four and a half.

Noble again keeps up the work on a struggling Psicosis here with Super Crazy watching on from his corner, willing his partner back into this before Noble again tags in Kash who strolls through the ropes and begins to playfully slap the back of Psicosis’ head. Kash has an arrogant smirk as Psicosis gets to his knees now, Kash still toying with him but Psicosis spins round and SMASHES Kash with a right hand!! Big pop as Kash wobbles back, Psicosis now to his feet and he strikes with fast paced right hands, momentum changing here before an Irish whip, Kash rebounds and Psicosis strikes with a spinning heel kick!! Both men down as Psicosis crawls across to his corner, Kash doing likewise but a lot more groggily than Psicosis.

Both men eventually make the tag, Psicosis doing so quicker but Crazy stalls, waiting for Noble and as Noble rushes Crazy uses the ropes to fly through the sky and take Noble down with a cross body!! Crazy’s quickly up, willing Noble to his feet and Noble does so but Crazy comes storming at him, big time clothesline and again before a third clothesline to the onrushing Noble. The fans are wild here as Crazy now runs the ropes, rebounding but Noble strikes with a boot to the gut, DDT!! NO!! Crazy shoves him away, Noble rebounds off the ropes BUT CRAZY’S STRUCK FROM BEHIND WITH A CHOP BLOCK BY KASH!!

Kash coming into this thing…but so too is Psicosis!! Psicosis storms in and smashes Kash with right hands, repeated rights, Kash held up against the ropes but Psicosis catches Noble out the corner of his eye charging in, Noble going for a clothesline but Psicosis dodges it and Noble NEARLY RUNS INTO KASH!! He stops in his tracks but is spun round by Psicosis, boot to the gut, NO!! Noble catches it, spins Psicosis away, NO!! ENZIGURI BY PSICOSIS!! BUT KASH NOW GRABS THE MEXICOOL AND TOSSES HIM UP AND OVER THE TOP!! Kash with some trash talk down to the fallen Psicosis but here comes Crazy!! CLOTHESLINE OVER THE TOP TO KASH!! Both men down on the outside as Crazy roars to the crowd BUT IN COMES NOBLE WITH A ROLL UP!! 1…2…3…HE GOT HIM!!

Winners: The Pitbulls(7:57)

The Pitbulls take it but Noble pounds the mat in what would appear to be frustration before heading outside the ring and…and Noble is grabbing a steel chair!! Super Crazy is sat in the ring in shock, not knowing that Noble’s headed to the outside.

Michael Cole: Well it’s a big win for the Pitbulls here tonight but what is…what is this about?! Noble just won the match!!

Tazz: It’s about that ruthless streak Cole, these two wanna send a message, just like they did to Cryme Tyme, just like they wanna do to the Tag Team champions and to every tag team around this place.

Noble then drags Kash up to his feet before Crazy realises it’s two against one with a steel chair!! The look on Crazy’s face says it all…before he looks round the crowd then back at the Pitbulls and tells the Pitbulls to bring it on!! The pop is huge as Kash and Noble look at one another before nodding and they now storm the ring, steel chair in hand!!

Michael Cole: Super Crazy is in a whole world of trouble here!! The Pitbulls, it’s two…it’s two against one, they already won the match, what is the need for this?!

The numbers game works in their favour as Noble strikes with a boot to the gut, Kash is smashing away with right hands before a double Irish whip, Crazy rebounding and it’s double flapjack that sends Crazy spiralling!! Noble now picks the chair up, intentions clear, wanting to send a message here tonight…but suddenly the crowd comes alive as CRYME TYME COME STORMING DOWN THE RAMP!!

Tazz: Ahhhh here we go Cole!! Payback for last week!!


Noble drops the chair as JTG and Shad come flying through the ropes and the FIGHT IS ON!! Cryme Tyme and the Pitbulls going toe to toe and it’s the boys from Brooklyn who overpower their smaller opponents with HUGE right hands!! But there’s again noise from the crowd as we see RENE DUPREE AND KENZO SUZUKI COMING THROUGH THE CROWD!! Dupree and Suzuki now spin Cryme Tyme round and the numbers game shifts once more!!

Michael Cole: Dupree and Suzuki!! What the hell are they doin’ out here?!? This is getting out of control!!

Tazz: It’s about makin’ a statement Cole, these guys they all wanna do just that and hey, they are doin’ it, just look at this.

Cryme Tyme struggling here as Noble, Kash, Suzuki and Dupree hammer away before Dupree now strolls over and picks up the steel chair…BUT HE’S CUT OFF BY PSICOSIS!! Psicosis back into this thing and he begins hammering away on Dupree, Suzuki though comes across, two against one there…BUT HERE COMES SUPER CRAZY!! The Mexicools doin’ battle with Dupree and Suzuki, Cryme Tyme now fighting back against the Pitbulls, it’s mayhem!!

Michael Cole: It’s…it’s absolute chaos here in Texas!! The Pitbulls, the Mexicools, Dupree and Suzuki, Cryme Tyme, they’re all out here and they’re all beating the hell outta each other!!

Tazz: Ah baby, this what Smackdown’s all about Cole!! Four teams just getting it on, they all wanna be the freakin’ best, I love it!!

The Mexicools are now on top of Dupree and Suzuki, a clash of the Internationals here with Dupree and Suzuki trying to stick it straight back at them with right hands of their own. Cryme Tyme meanwhile are on the opposite side of the ring now going toe to toe with the Pitbulls, Noble and Kash despite the size difference giving as good as they’ve got BUT SHAD CLOTHESLINES KASH OVER THE TOP ROPE!! JTG is hammering away at Noble but NOBLE WITH A THUMB TO THE EYE AND NOBLE ROLLS OUT UNDER THE RING!! Noble going to attend to his partner, the Pitbulls seemingly had enough of Cryme Tyme tonight. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, we see Super Crazy lining Kenzo Suzuki up and he takes SUZUKI OUT OF THE RING WITH A STUNNING DROPKICK!! Psicosis now whips Dupree across the ring, into the ropes, Psicosis comes charging and SENDS DUPREE SPIRALLING OUT OF THE RING WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK!! The two face teams taking care of business here tonight…but we now have a face off!!

Michael Cole: Cryme Tyme, the Mexicools comin’ out on top here tonight but Tazz are we…are we about to see these four go at it as well?!?

Tazz: I don’t know Cole but I gotta admit, I’d freakin’ love to see it!

Instead we get Shad and JTG begin laughing to one another, Psicosis and Crazy doing likewise as both teams nod in the direction of the other with Dupree and Suzuki regrouping on the outside, crawling round the ring whilst the Pitbulls back up the ramp looking visibly frustrated at failing to gain the upper hand here tonight. We get a final look back at the face teams standing tall before we cut to a break.


We return from the break and it’s immediately to the office of Teddy Long who’s greeted with a mild pop, the Smackdown GM attending to some paperwork it seems before we hear a door burst open and in storm the Pitbulls, Jamie Noble and Kid Kash.

Kid Kash: You wanna tell us just what the hell that was huh? Those two street thugs getting involved in our business like that? That’s just not on Teddy and you’d better do somethin’ about it or you can bet your ass that we will.

Teddy Long: Look I don’t know what was goin’ on out ther…

Jamie Noble: Well well well ain’t that a surprise? You don’t know nothin’ about anythin’ do ya Teddy? Well you’d better know this, you mighta brought your boys Cryme Tyme to Friday nights but believe me, we gonn’ send ‘em straight back to where they came from.

Noble and Kash really aren’t happy at all here but the door then goes again and in come…Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki.

Rene Dupree: Teddy, Teddy zis is…zis is just, it’s not right!! Me and Kenzo we thought that…we thought that Smackdown was about ze competition, about who ze very best was inside the ring but what do we see?

Dupree and Suzuki look at one another.

Rene Dupree: All we see is jokes in front of us. Cryme Tyme, two street rats, two guys who would rather steal from people’s pockets than fight like REAL men. And…and ze Mexicools? They have no class, they have no style, they drive lawnmowers to ze ring Teddy!! Lawnmowers!!

Even Kash and Noble are nodding their heads with Dupree’s comments.

Teddy Long: Look what do you want exactly playas? I get it, the four of ya don’t like Cryme Tyme, ya don’t like the Mexicools but listen here, they are just as big a value to the tag team division as the four of you.

Nice pop for that, Dupree and Suzuki shocked, the Pitbulls likewise.

Rene Dupree: Zis is…zis is outrageous!! WE are ze only tag team worthy around here and it’s about time you started to recogni…

Jamie Noble: Hold up a second there Pierre. You’re…you’re the only worthy tag team around here? Lemme tell ya, the two o’ you COULDN’T LACE OUR DAMN BOOTS!!

There’s now arguing and bickering between all four men, even Suzuki getting involved despite his lack of English before T-Long intervenes.

Teddy Long: ENOUGH!! Now I’ve just about had it wit’ all this whinin’ and complainin’. You want Cryme Tyme? You want the Mexicools? You gonn’ get em and while we’re at it, you might get a whole lot more thrown ya way playas.

A bit of confusion now amidst the two sides.

Teddy Long: At No Mercy we gonn’ have ourselves an Open Invitational Gauntlet match!!

Nice pop there for Teddy's announcement.

Teddy Long: Any team that wants to throw their name in the hat are welcome to do just that and the four o’ you along wit’ Cryme Tyme and the Mexicools will all be involved.

Kid Kash: Teddy, Teddy that’s…that’s all well and good but what in the world do we get from it huh? We beat whoever you put in our path each and every week anyway, what makes this thing any different?

Teddy Long: Well the winners of that Gauntlet match will be the next in line for a shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles. How ‘bout that?

Decent pop at that, Noble and Kash nodding at one another with the thought of becoming tag champs. Dupree and Suzuki doing likewise.

Rene Dupree: For once Teddy, for once, you make a good decision.

Dupree and Suzuki then turn and leave, Teddy not taking too kindly to that remark as Noble and Kash follow right behind, this big tag team gauntlet contest now all set for No Mercy. As Long then sits back down, he huffs and puffs but is soon disturbed again, this time by Kristal Marshall.

Teddy Long: Kristal what can I do for ya baby girl?

Kristal Marshall: Teddy everybody was just wondering if we could uh, if we could just get a quick word on the whole John Cena suspension as well as the recent punishments for Kurt Angle and Randy Orton?

Long rolls his eyes, sighing and putting his head down before looking back at Kristal who was rather bubbly, not quite so much following that response.

Teddy Long: Kristal I appreciate ya doing ya job but I’m gonn’ make this real easy for ya. I will be making no comment on John Cena tonight and I will be making no comment on any of the recent punishments involvin’ Kurt Angle and Randy Orton.

Kristal Marshall: But Teddy everybody wan…

Teddy Long: I said…(huffs)I said no comment. Now please, I got a lotta work to do.

And with that Long gives Kristal daggers, the interviewer looking a little surprised at Long’s slightly more aggressive manner as she heads off and Long shakes his head, puffing his cheeks out.

We then head back to ringside where we see already waiting in the ring is the monstrous Snitsky who awaits his opponent as do we before we hear the oh so familiar theme song…

‘Can you Dig it? Suckaaaaaa’

And out to a nice pop is Booker T who strolls out from behind the curtain but doesn’t seem to be all that enthused as he gets set for singles action here tonight on the blue brand as his pyro goes off but there’s nothing quite as exciting about Booker’s demeanour as he then fixes his sights on Snitsky.

Michael Cole: Well really strong words there from Bobby Lashley who will compete later on here tonight but back to the action and to a man who we haven’t seen or heard from in a few weeks, Booker T. The last time we saw Booker, the former WCW Champion was starting to get a little frustrated with the actions of Chris Masters but uh Masters had a few choice words of his own for Booker.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole, Masters showed absolutely no respect for Booker T or for Booker T’s career. BUT…those words, I gotta admit, they seemed to hit a nerve wit’ the Book man and I’m thinkin’ maybe, just maybe that’s why we’ve not seen as much Spinaroonie action the past few weeks.

Match Three: Singles Match

Booker T vs Snitsky

Booker starts this one off pretty cagey, not wanting to hurl himself into it against a man the size that Snitsky is. Eventually the Book man does get the upper hand however, catching Snitsky out with a boot to the gut and begins to unleash a flurry of rights on the big man, really taking it to the monstrous figure.

Book keeps up the pressure whipping Snitsky into the corner before smashing right into him with a thunderous clothesline, repeated rights now from Booker as he scales to the middle rope. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, the crowd counting along as Booker dishes out rights…TEN…NO!! Snitsky shoves Booker away, Booker stumbles aback, BIG BOOT BY SNITSKY!! Cover follows it, kick out at two by Booker. Snitsky keeps up with his offense, knocking Booker around with punishing blows, right hands, right and left stomps before dragging Booker up then hammering him straight back down with a simple yet effective powerslam.

Snitsky keeps building, Booker really struggling to cope with the big man but almost out of nowhere he turns the tables. Irish whip by Snitsky but a reversal, Snitsky rebounds and Booker connects with a Harlem Sidekick!! Snitsky floored to a big pop and Booker begins feeling it here, the crowd right behind him. Booker’s signalling for it now, Snitsky getting to his feet, BOOKEND…


But Booker suddenly tosses Snitsky aside, looking up the ramp with his ‘What da hell?’ look upon his face as out steps Chris Masters, flexing and smirking as Booker now tilts his head, mouthing ‘What?’ up the ramp. Masters then begins to walk down the ramp and with a purpose, Booker now inviting him into the ring and it looks like Masters is gonna take the challenge!! But…then he just stops, Masters stops, wagging a finger and saying ‘No, no’ before motioning for Booker to turn around, Booker does just that right into Snitsky who drops Booker with a MASSIVE Pumphandle slam!! Into the cover, 1…2…3…Snitsky wins!!

Winner: Snitsky(5:01)

Michael Cole: Chris…Chris Masters just cost…he just cost Booker T!! What the hell was that about?!?

Tazz: I think this just carries on what Masters was sayin’, he don’t sit back and wait for things to happen, he goes out and makes things happen. What Masters wants to happen from costin’ Booker here? I don’t know but whatever it is, he don’t look happy about it.

Indeed Masters backs up the ramp looking on at a crest fallen Booker T, the Masterpiece not looking happy whatsoever as he snarls at the former WCW Champion who is wide eyed in looking back, not understanding why Masters just distracted him. Masters then shakes his head before we head off into a commercial break.


We see a dark room with a simple spotlight as some end of the world esque, dark music plays and into that spotlight steps Randy Orton.

Narrator: There are those who show no respect.

Orton stands in the spotlight and smirks before we then cut to footage from Summerslam where Orton hammers The Undertaker with a deadly RKO counter to the chokeslam.

We go again back to that spotlight where this time stands Rob Van Dam who plays with his hands as if warming up for battle, a fierce look on his face.

Narrator: There are those who have no regrets.

We see action of Van Dam following MNM backstage before we see footage from The Great American Bash of Van Dam kicking Joey Mercury’s head off before a shot of Van Dam exhausted having laid it all on the line.

We once more go back to the spotlight, the same eerie music playing but it’s slowly picking up pace as into the light comes Carlito, apple in hand as he tosses it up and down.

Narrator: There are those who show no class.

Footage from Summerslam where Carlito ambushed Matt Hardy backstage is shown before we see Lito’s trademark as he spits apple into the face of Hardy, a wry smile on his face after doing so.

Again we go back to the spotlight, this time there stands the WWE Champion himself, John Cena who proudly points down at the title around his waist.

Narrator: There are those who show no fear.

We then see shots of Cena tearing into John Bradshaw Layfield in their bloody Last Man Standing match at Judgment Day before we see more action from Cena defending his title at the Bash against Layfield, Angle and Orton before a final image of Cena holding his title up high.

Narrator: And then there are those who show…No Mercy.

And with that we get a shot of a roaring Kurt Angle appear into the spotlight before footage of Angle putting Shawn Michaels in the Ankle Lock before more victims falling at the hands of Angle’s ruthless streak including John Cena, Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam as the dark music really kicks into gear before slowly dying down again and we get flashing images of Angle, Cena, Carlito, Van Dam and finally Randy Orton before a dramatic, sudden stop to the music.

We come back from that video package and it’s right to the backstage area where we see Chris Masters from behind before Kristal Marshall bursts onto the scene, trying to grab a word with the Masterpiece.

Kristal Marshall: Chris, Chris we haven’t seen or heard anything from you over the past few weeks. Why tonight? And why did you distract Booker T during his match with Snitsky?

Masters stands, hands on hips before huffing and looking away in a frustrated fashion.

Chris Masters: You haven’t seen or heard anything from me because the people in charge around here are too STUPID to see what’s right in front of ‘em. I thought a few weeks back that I made it clear about my feelings on my position around here, so y’know what? I took a step back and I thought I’d see if anything had changed, had it? Not a damn thing.

Masters now shakes his head, looking down at the floor.

Chris Masters: So that’s when I decided that tonight, I’d do somethin’ about, that I’d take matters into my own hands but the question I had comin’ here tonight was, what exactly am I gonna do? Who am I gonna target? And then…then I saw Booker T.

Masters scratches his chin, looking a little agitated just at the mention of Booker.

Chris Masters: I saw Booker T out in that ring competing tonight, while I sat backstage being told there was nothing here tonight for me. Let me reiterate that for you Kristal, BOOKER T…had a match tonight while I didn’t. That washed up failure who incase you forgot, I BEAT in my last match on Smackdown, gets to come here tonight and compete while a guy with REAL talent, a guy with a future so bright that it makes Booker’s career pale in comparison.

Masters actually smirks at that comment.

Chris Masters: I just…I just don’t get it, y’know? Why does everything, everybody have to be stuck in the past? Booker T was a five time WCW Champion, congratulations to ‘im. But if memory serves me correctly, WCW…died. This is the WWE now, this is the big leagues and what the hell has Booker T ever done around here huh?

Kristal offers up no response.

Chris Masters: Exactly, nothing. So why is he getting my time out there? Why is he getting my attention, my matches? Why is he getting my spot? Cos hey, I can’t answer that and by the looks of it neither can you, but I can do something about it. And just like tonight showed, I will do just that, be it mentally, be it physically, it doesn’t matter, I will get…it…done. I can’t allow a guy like him to be on top o’ me around here anymore, I’m not waitin’ in the wings for him to get tired of this and step aside, no, no. I’m takin’ action and trust me, I am takin’…him…out.

Masters delivers a rather cold stare before heading off, a worried look on the face of Kristal before we head off elsewhere backstage and it’s to Smackdown’s other interviewer, Josh Matthews who is standing by ready to speak with us.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman please welcome my guest at this time, the man who faces John Bradshaw Layfield in a First Blood match at No Mercy, Bobby Lashley!!

Lashley enters the scene and has a fierce look on his face, he’s dressed to compete as he attends to his wrist tape, swaying side to side slowly, rather intimidatingly.

Josh Matthews: Bobby last week we saw you return to Smackdown following that severe beating you took at the hands of JBL. My first question, are you now at a hundred percent and are you ready for what’s in store at No Mercy?

Bobby Lashley: I am more than ready for No Mercy Josh, I am more than ready for JBL and I am more than ready to make…him…pay.

Nice pop for that.

Bobby Lashley: What he did to me was, yeah, it hurt a whole lot, it put me on the shelf for a few weeks. I suffered one hell of a concussion but did it surprise me? Did Bradshaw pulling that little stunt shock me? Not at all. I know what JBL’s capable of, he’s been around this business a long time, seen it and done it all. What he pulled on me was straight outta his playbook and in all honesty Josh, I shoulda seen it comin’.

Lashley shakes his head, perhaps a little frustrated with himself.

Bobby Lashley: But that doesn’t make me any less angry, it doesn’t make me any less fired up, it doesn’t make me want him to suffer any less. JBL wants me to learn the hard way, he wants me to fail around here, he wants me to break my career. Well my message to JBL is real simple.

Lashley now looks directly into the camera.

Bobby Lashley: You talk about learning the hard way. That's fine by me cos the hard way is the only way I know and at No Mercy that’s exactly what you’re gonna find out. You might think that a First Blood match is gonna break me, that it’s gonna be too much for me to take, that with everything you’re capable of this is the night you put me in my place. Well I got a question for ya John. Do you know what I’m capable of? Cos if you did, believe me, you’d know just what I’m willin’ to do to break you and you’d know that at No Mercy?

Lashley pauses, having a little laugh to himself.

Bobby Lashley: At No Mercy the only one getting put in their place, the only one that’s gonna suffer, the only one who is gonna bleed…is you.

Lashley then turns back to Josh Matthews, staring a hole through him before heading off and we return to ringside, a nice pop for a very fired up and intense Bobby Lashley there. Upon returning to ringside we then hear the music of some certain A-Listers…


And there’s strong heat as the red carpet is rolled out with the glamorous trio that are Joey Merucry, Johnny Nitro and Melina stepping out, fur coats and all with the Tag Team Champions set for action here tonight. However it is certainly not all smiles as Melina scowls, a dead serious look on her face whilst Mercury and Nitro simply glare at one another, problems perhaps in MNM’s camp.

Michael Cole: Well MNM have been feeling the heat in recent weeks ever since learning about their next Tag Team Title defence which will be October 9th at No Mercy when they collide with Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio in a Ladder match! It’s a match that most certainly suits Van Dam and Mysterio and a match that MNM have never had any experience of and Tazz, I gotta ask, is this affecting MNM’s state of mind heading into that match?

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. I think you can see, even here tonight that MNM just ain’t so sure of ‘emselves as they have been since they won those titles, hell, since they walked through the doors here in the WWE. A Ladder match, especially against two guys like Van Dam and Mysterio, it can change you, it can change your career and I think MNM know that come No Mercy.

‘Listen, It’s Time’

Their partners for the evening are another double act that haven’t had it all their own way of late but they come out looking in much better spirits as the Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms along with Chavo Guerrero strut out to a decent chorus of boos. Helms is parading the title belt around his waist as Chavo points at his partner, almost trying to sell him to the Texas faithful.

Michael Cole: And it’s been a similar story for these two men as of late. Gregory Helms has been seemingly unstoppable since aligning with Chavo Guerrero and becoming the Cruiserweight Champion with Paul London unable to find a way to get the title back from the duo but since London himself found a partner in Brian Kendrick, the odds have most definitely been evened.

Tazz: Well the odds are even, ain’t no denyin’ it but I think Helms and Chavo are just playin’ it safe. They don’t wanna get drawn into anythin’ before No Mercy like they almost did last week. They wanna wait til then and they wanna wait to prove their point, that Gregory Helms is the greatest Cruiserweight around.

Helms and Chavo enter the ring, joining MNM as the four men all give a nod of respect the way of their partners, MNM beginning to seem a little more at ease now their partners have joined them.

'Stay in Shadow’

But as that quartet awaits the crowd comes alive as we hear the music of Paul London, the daredevil storming out from behind the curtain alongside his fellow high flier Brian Kendrick with the duo’s eyes firmly fixed on Helms and Chavo.

Michael Cole: Well we said it just a few moments ago that the odds are now even and there has, well, there’s been a strut in the step of Paul London again. London’s had a lot of struggles in dealing with the numbers game but now he’s got Brian Kendrick on board there’s a real belief about him that he can take back the Cruiserweight Championship.

Tazz: And why shouldn’t he have that belief? London’s one heck of an athlete, one heck of a performer and now the odds ain’t stacked against him he’s got a real shot. That said though Cole, Helms is still one of the smartest guys in that locker room and even though the numbers game ain’t in his favour no more, he’s still gonna have somethin’ up his sleeve, ya just know it.

‘One of a Kind/619 Remix’

And it’s a HUGE pop as we hear the meshed together theme songs of Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio with the high flying tandem stepping through the curtain full of energy and all smiles, the camera then panning to a snarling MNM before back to the very calm and casual veterans who perhaps know that they may just have MNM’s number right now.

Michael Cole: And you wanna talk about belief, about confidence, look no further than these two men. Rob Van Dam in particular has endured a torrid few months, failing time and again to get the better of MNM but since getting that match set for No Mercy, his entire demeanour alongside Rey Mysterio has totally changed and these two now HAVE to be favourites heading into that Ladder match.

Tazz: They’ve got the experience, they know what to do in that kinda environment, all signs point towards these two guys puttin’ all their struggles behind ‘em at No Mercy and hey, I think it’d be a fittin’ moment after everythin’ they’ve been through. BUT…can ya really write the champs off Cole? After all, they’ve pulled it off time and time again, they’re champs for a reason. No Mercy, sure, everythin’ points to Van Dam and Rey pullin’ it off but ya gotta believe MNM have one last trick up their sleeve.

Michael Cole: I sure as hell hope not. They’ve put Rob Van Dam, they’ve put Rey Mysterio through enough and at No Mercy I fully believe that it comes to an end.

Match Four: 8 Man Tag Team Match

MNM, Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero vs Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, Paul London and Brian Kendrick

It’s Chavo and Mysterio who kick this bout off, no love lost between these two men after some of their epic battles in the past and it’s the Master of the 619 who dominates the opening stages, his speed and agility too much for Chavo to contend with as Rey scores with some ever so flashy moves before striking a big blow with a tiltawhirl headscissors that has the fans going wild!!

Mysterio keeps right on at Chavo, Gregory Helms encouraging his partner from ringside while we see Melina snarling at Rey who is kicking all across Chavo’s back with stiff shots. Rey then runs the ropes, Chavo rolls across, Rey jumps over him, rebounds and CHAVO STRIKES WITH A DROPKICK!! Beautiful execution from absolutely out of nowhere by Chavo with both men now down following this hot paced opening few minutes. Chavo edges ever closer to his corner, Mysterio is down and out but trying likewise. It’s Chavo who makes it first however and he tags in Helms who sprints into the ring and drags Mysterio back towards his corner, immediately striking with an elbow to the back of the head as Helms keeps Rey grounded.

Helms is cocky and arrogant as ever, toying with Rey, dishing out trash talk left, right and centre as Rey crawls around the ring, Helms striking every now and then with a boot to the face as Rey flops into the mat. Things not looking good for the face team here as we get a shot of a worried looking Rob Van Dam in the corner. Helms then points at Paul London before saying ‘Hey Paulie watch this kid’. Helms then grabs Mysterio, bringing him up and delivering a boot to the gut before Helms hoists Rey up in the air, Suplex incoming…NO. Rey rolls down the back and spins Helms round, fast paced kicks from Rey as the crowd comes alive. Irish whip now by Rey, reversal, Rey rebounds and wipes out Helms with a crossbody!! Helms taken out as Rey paces across on his knees to the corner and makes the tag to Brian Kendrick!

Kendrick storms in and picks up where Rey left off, repeated arm drags send Helms tumbling before a beautiful dropkick really seals the deal, cover by Kendrick, kick out at two. The former Spanky is now right in control of the Cruiserweight Champion and drags Helms up whipping him into his team’s corner where he follows right behind and scores with a clothesline. Kendrick then tags in Paul London and we’re all set for a No Mercy preview here with London and Helms set to do battle. London is relentless with stomps to the gut of Helms who pleads with London to stop but there’s no remorse from the former champion. London keeps up the fast pace, striking with a snap suplex before running the ropes and dropping a big elbow right to the heart of Helms, cover by London, kick out at two.

London again keeps up his offense on Helms, striking with boots and elbows, a real aggression about him here as he then whips Helms across the ring, London ducks down and HELMS KICKS HIM STRAIGHT IN THE FACE!! Massive shot by Helms who immediately scurries towards his corner, wanting no more to do with Paul London and he tags in Joey Mercury. Mercury rushes in and hammers London with some pummelling forearms across the lower back, the size difference certainly in Mercury’s favour as he then drags London closer towards his corner before delivering with a boot to the stomach of his opponent, following it up by dropping a knee right onto that stomach again. Merucry crawls into a cover, kick out at two from London.

The next couple of minutes see MNM trade turns in exploiting London as Mercury tags in Nitro who uses his flashy style to keep London down, nothing traditional about this A-Lister as he strikes with beautiful kicks and shows off his athleticism in delivering a handstand before dropping down from that with a big knee to the gut. Following Nitro’s spell of control he again tags in Mercury with Tazz mentioning how these two tag team specialists are in cruise control here isolating London. Mercury again strikes with stiff blows before he locks in a sleeper hold on the helpless London, some worried faces amongst the crowd. Mercury wrenches the hold in and the referee lifts the arm of London…it drops. He lifts it a second time…it drops again. He lifts it a third time…and it dr…NO!! LONDON FIGHTS IT!! London manages to hold out and begins to show signs of life, digging elbows into Mercury’s stomach, Mercury’s grip loosening and London breaks free!!

London escapes and strikes with a boot to the gut, no Mercury blocks it, catches London’s leg, ENZIGURI FROM LONDON!! Mercury down and London begins to crawl towards his corner…makes the tag, HERE COMES ROB VAN DAM!! The crowd go wild as Van Dam storms in and takes it to Mercury with his usual array of strikes and kicks, the MNM star having no answer as Van Dam whips Mercury into the ropes, Mercury rebounds and Van Dam connects with a Spinning Heel Kick! Mercury floored and Van Dam now runs the ropes…ROLLING THUNDER CONNECTING!! Cover, 1…2…NITRO BREAKS THE COUNT!! Nitro breaks the count and begins hammering away on Van Dam but we see that MYSTERIO HAS STORMED IN AFTER HIM!! MYSTERIO AND NITRO GOING BLOW FOR BLOW NOW HERE!! Rey with an Irish whip, clotheslines Nitro over the top, Rey now runs the ropes…PLANCHA TO NITRO!! REY GOES OVERBOARD TAKING HIMSELF AND JOHNNY NITRO DOWN!!

Meanwhile we see that Mercury is crawling towards his corner, Van Dam is crawling towards his as Kendrick and London, Helms and Chavo await the tags. Mercury is just a second away as Chavo reaches out, Mercury tags him in, Van Dam tags Kendrick!! Here we go!! Kendrick’s speed is too much to handle for Chavo here and the pressure mounts as Kendrick grabs Chavo’s head, runs towards the corner, SLICED BREAD INCOMING!! CONNECTING!! Cover, 1…2…HELMS BREAKS IT UP BUT HERE COMES LONDON!! HELMS AND LONDON NOW SLUGGING IT OUT!! But Joey Mercury now comes storming in and begins assaulting the fallen Kendrick but he doesn’t see that Van Dam is up high and VAN DAM TAKES MERCURY OUT WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK!! Mercury rolls out of the ring, the referee is too busy trying to get Helms and London to break it up…AS WE NOW SEE MELINA INSIDE THE RING AND MELINA KICKS VAN DAMN SQUARE IN THE NUTS!!

The heat is insane as Van Dam drops, Helms and London are now brawling on the outside, absolute anarchy right now. The two legal men are Chavo and Kendrick with both men getting to their feet now, we then see Melina going to tend to Joey Mercury as both Chavo and Kendrick are up, Kendrick with a boot to the gut, Chavo catches it, spins Kendrick away, boot to the gut from Chavo, Irish whip and Chavo goes with him, rolls Kendrick up from behind, CHAVO’S GOT THE TIGHTS, 1…2…3…HE GOT HIM!! CHAVO WINS IT!!

Winners: MNM, Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero(14:29)


Tazz: He lies, he cheats, he steals Cole!! What a match!! I thought Kendrick had it, I thought MNM mighta had it at one point, it looked like Van Dam was cruisin’, some unbelievable stuff out here and hey, Helms and London are still goin’ at it!!

Indeed Helms and London are still beating the crap out of each other with London now dishing out some devastating blows, Helms having no answer as the referee is now trying to separate them but it’s seemingly impossible before Helms STRIKES WITH A THUMB TO THE EYE!! Helms blinds London before running away from the fight, grabbing his Cruiserweight Title and going to the side of his partner Chavo Guerrero.

We then see that Melina has helped Joey Mercury to his feet, Nitro to his knees as Melina and Mercury head that way. We see that Van Dam is still down and in some trouble after Melina stuck her nose in, whilst Mysterio is now coming to his aid. The rivalry between these two teams only growing as the lead up to No Mercy continues.


Returning from the break we go right back to the announce table where Michael Cole and Tazz await us.

Michael Cole: Welcome back everyone to Friday Night Smackdown and we are still reeling from the close to last week’s show that saw, well, it saw Teddy Long really stamp his authority. Let’s take a look back at the close to last week’s show.

And with that we get a video package showing the end to last week’s show of which Kurt Angle and Randy Orton took over, demanding a title opportunity and citing their anger at the work Teddy Long is doing as Smackdown GM. We then see John Cena appear and declare the time for talking over as he takes it to the duo only for The Undertaker to do likewise following the lights going out. The package ends with the appearance of Mr.Long himself with the GM making the announcement that at No Mercy it’ll be a Fatal 4 Way Elimination match between the four men for the WWE Title but not without dishing out punishments. Long declaring that John Cena would face a week’s suspension for hitting him with the FU whilst fining both Angle and Orton one hundred thousand dollars for their actions the week prior as well as declaring that if they get involved in any unsanctioned physical contact they will lose their title shot and be fired.

We then return back to Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Well folks it is of course a bit of a strange situation not to have the WWE Champion here tonight with us but John Cena will be back next week and I’m sure he’ll be looking to make his mark heading into his title defence at No Mercy.

Tazz: Oh no doubt about it Cole. Cena’s got it all to do at No Mercy to walk away still WWE Champion and this suspension is the last thing he woulda wanted but next week baby, the champ returns! I can’t wait to see what John Cena’s got in store for Angle and Orton, hell maybe even the Deadman!

And with that we get a final shot of a giddy Cole and Tazz glowing over Cena before we head off backstage to see one of the other men involved in that Elimination match at No Mercy…Randy Orton. Orton is in the locker room and is packing away some things into his bag, a wry little smile on his face before he turns round upon hearing some noise. The camera then shifts and we see the re-emergence of Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle: Uh what are…what are ya doin’ Randy?

Orton simply stares at Angle for a moment before responding, clear tension between the two.

Randy Orton: What does it look like I’m doin’? I’m getting ready to head outta here, I’m done for tonight.

Kurt Angle: Woah, woah, woah, done? You’re…you’re not done Randy, I thought we were in this together. I’ve got a match with The Undertaker tonight, I…I thought you were gonna be in my corner, I thought we were taking matters into our own hands, I thought we were gonna make sure Teddy Long didn’t get to screw us ove…

Randy Orton: Well for starters I can’t get involved out there tonight Kurt. Remember what Teddy Long said last week? Yeah, exactly. But more importantly I figured that uh…wait what was…what was it you told me earlier? Oh, oh that’s it, I got it. You said you were the better man.

Orton begins smirking again now, Angle nodding realising he’s put himself in it here.

Randy Orton: Well if you really are the better man Kurt then I figured that you won’t need me in your corner tonight. You won’t need my help, you won’t need anybody’s help will you Kurt? Because you’re…you’re simply better than anybody in this company aren’t you?

Angle now looks to the floor before locking eyes with Orton again.

Kurt Angle: Clever Randy, really…clever. You don’t wanna be in my corner tonight? That’s fine by me cos guess what? I don’t need your help, I don’t need anybody's help and you’re DAMN RIGHT when you say I’m better than anybody else in this company including you.

Orton doesn’t take too kindly to that, looking at Angle in a questionable manner.

Randy Orton: We’ve been working together the past couple of weeks and sure we’ve stood tall, we’ve taken control, hell, we have run this place Kurt. But being around you? I know better than anybody, you’re just not all you make out to be.

Angle’s eyes bulge at that comment.


Angle and Orton are nose to nose now.

Randy Orton: Well I uh…I guess you get the chance to prove it huh? Starting out there tonight with The Undertaker and finishing at No Mercy…with me. Good luck out there.

Orton then pats Angle on the shoulder in an almost dismissive fashion with Angle biting his bottom lip, clearly furious about Orton leaving his corner tonight, the fight to become WWE Champion taking its toll on their recent alliance. We then return ringside where already inside the ring waiting is Sylvain Grenier, his music fading out in the background.

Michael Cole: Well we saw the tension earlier on tonight between Kurt Angle and Randy Orton but Tazz it would appear as though whatever alliance those two had formed may just have gone out the window.

Tazz: Orton backin’ down tonight, wantin’ nothin’ to do wit’ Angle or the Deadman and y’know what? It’s smart Cole, real smart.

‘Hell Will be Callin’ your Name’

As Grenier prepares for his opponent we then hear the music of the ‘Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley who slowly walks out, a look of real intensity on his face with the Texas crowd giving him a warm welcome.

Michael Cole: Well focusing back on the action and last week saw Bobby Lashley return and return with a vengeance, taking out JBL and making a big impact following a concussion sustained at the hands of the ‘Wall Street Warrior’. Lashley and Bradshaw all set for what will be a straight up fight at No Mercy, a First Blood match. Just how ready, how prepared do you think Lashley is for what’s in store October 9th?

Tazz: Nothin’ can prepare you for that kinda environment Cole. JBL’s been there, he’s done it, he knows what to do in a straight up physical fight like what’s gonna go down at No Mercy. Lashley’s strong, he’s tough, he’s powerful but he don’t know what it’s like to be in that kinda match. For me he’s the underdog October 9th and it ain’t gonna be often that ya hear me say that, believe me.

Match Five: Singles Match

Bobby Lashley vs Sylvain Grenier

It’s an absolute obliteration from Lashley who dominates poor Sylvan with an incredible display of power, aggression and brutality. Lashley delivers continuous right hands to Grenier, a real ruthless streak about him as Cole and Tazz play up how they’ve never seen Lashley quite this way before. Lashley drops Grenier with an Overhead throw before smashing him into the corner and coming right behind with a devastating clothesline. Repeated rights in the corner as Grenier sways side to side, not knowing where he is before stumbling out of the corner, Lashley running the ropes and taking GRENIER’S HEAD OFF WITH A MASSIVE LARIAT!!

Grenier drops to the mat but Lashley doesn’t let up, instead dropping down also and Lashley begins absolutely unloading with huge, repeated, fast paced right hands, Grenier is defenceless right now. Lashley FINALLY lets up and the referee goes to check on Grenier who is absolutely stone cold still, perhaps knocked out and the referee calls for the bell!! The referee stopping this match but Lashley doesn’t like that decision one bit!!

Winner via referee stoppage: Bobby Lashley(2:40)

Michael Cole: Wow. Bobby Lashley has…he’s just snapped here tonight!! Lashley has just…he’s toyed with Sylvain Grenier!! Is this…is this all just a message to JBL?! Is this what awaits JBL at No Mercy?!

Tazz: Looks like he ain’t done neither!! Sylvain don’t stand a freakin’ chance, Lashley’s lost it Cole!!

Lashley is now continuing this pummelling as he brings Grenier up and tosses himr to the outside before beginning to absolutely smash Sylvain’s head off the announce table, the Frenchman is absolutely all over the place as Lashley appears to be relentless. The Real Deal then lifts Grenier up with ease before looking around the crowd who give him a roar of approval, liking this badass approach from B-Lash. Lashley then lets Grenier stand before a big time Irish whip and Grenier goes head first into the ring post!! It’s a sickening thud as Sylvain drops to the mat, Lashley following suit and dropping down on top of him before lifting his head up and we see that Grenier has been busted open!! Lashley unleashes a few more right hands before referees come out and finally drag Lashley away. The dominance on display is evident as Lashley lets loose a little smirk before nodding to the crowd who’ve begun a ‘Lashley Lashley’ chant.

Michael Cole: Wow. Absolutely emphatic folks. A whole different side to Bobby Lashley here tonight than we’ve seen before. JBL said that this match wasn’t gonna make Lashley’s career, it was gonna break it. From what we’ve seen tonight Tazz, this match, this beast could very well break JBL.

Tazz: Statement made. I gotta admit, I wasn’t too sure on Lashley’s chances headin’ into No Mercy. But watchin’ that? Watchin’ how vicious, how ruthless, how damn brutal Bobby Lashley was here tonight, he may just be ready for what’s to come at No Mercy. Man, it’s gonna be off the chain, Lashley and JBL are gonna straight up FIGHT and Cole, I can’t wait to see it!!

We get a shot of Lashley being escorted up the ramp, looking back at a fallen Grenier who is being attended to as the crowd cheer for the Real Deal and we head to a break.


We return from the break and we go backstage where we see a rather miserable looking Rob Van Dam sat in the locker room slumped down staring into space, still dressed in his ring gear before Rey Mysterio appears, joining his friend and partner right beside him.

Rey Mysterio: Rob, it happens man. Let’s put it to one side esse, the main thing is they didn’t beat us out there tonight. They mighta helped Chavo steal a cheap win over Kendrick but that’s all they got. Come No Mercy, they can’t get us anymore Rob, they can’t run anymore and they damn sure know it too.

Van Dam huffs, shuffling in his seat.

Rey Mysterio: Everything that’s happened with us and them, it’s gonna be put to bed at No Mercy. No more games, no more screwin’ us over, no more worries Rob. We’ll put those two punks in their place, we’ll teach ‘em about respect and we will take the Tag Team Titles.

Rob Van Dam: Dude I know, I know, I just…I just thought we coulda had ‘em out there tonight that’s all. I’m sick and tired of this whole thing, them, Melina, just...everything man. No Mercy though, you’re right. That’s our time, that’s our place, that’s our moment to put everything right and I know there ain’t nothin’ that’s gonna get in our way this time.

Van Dam and Rey then embrace, both men standing up whilst doing so.

Rey Mysterio: That’s what I like to hear man, I’ma go take a shower homes.

And with that Rey heads off, towel over his neck before Van Dam sits back down, huffing a little before he reaches into his bag…but there’s a look of confusion?? Van Dam then pulls out what appears to be a letter. RVD opens the letter up and we can see him reading, a look of real concentration on his face before he puts the letter down and scowls, just staring straight ahead. The content of the letter unclear but it would seem almost certainly NOT good news for Mr.Friday Night and the Master of the 619.

We then return back to ringside and we are all set for our main event!!


And it’s resounding boos as the music of Kurt Angle hits, the Wrestling Machine storming out and he does not look to be in a good mood, pacing down the ramp, eyes firmly fixed on the ring as he snarls, perhaps in frustration at Randy Orton walking out on him tonight.

Michael Cole: For the past few weeks Kurt Angle alongside Randy Orton have done everything in their power to take control on Smackdown. Last week however that all changed, Teddy Long really stamping his authority in fining both superstars as well as imposing a ban on ANY unsanctioned physical contact. Now Tazz following those punishments, we’ve seen here tonight that Angle and Orton’s relationship has well, it’s fallen apart, the mind games have begun ahead of No Mercy.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Orton and Angle both have one goal and it’s to become the WWE Champion. At No Mercy they gotta go at one another, they can’t be on the same page and hey, they’ve run this place last few weeks, ain’t no denyin’ it. But if you wanna be the WWE Champion you gotta do it alone and that starts right here tonight for the Wrestlin’ Machine.


‘Graveyard Symphony’

The roof almost comes off the arena at the sound of the infamous gong as the lights go out and slowly stepping from behind the curtain comes the legendary Phenom, The Undertaker. We see a shot of a back and forth moving Kurt Angle who doesn’t look up at his opponent, perhaps trying to not let the Deadman phase him as Taker eyes up his fellow title contender come No Mercy.

Michael Cole: The legendary Phenom who two weeks ago could well have become the WWE Champion and Tazz he will no doubt be seeking retribution on Kurt Angle tonight.

Tazz: If you got the Deadman breathin’ down ya neck then you know you’re in a boat loada trouble. The Undertaker is gonna wanna make Kurt Angle pay the price here tonight. He’s had his issues wit’ Randy Orton? Are they over? Not a chance but tonight he wants to send a message to Angle and hey, I’m sure this is a message to both Orton and John Cena too.

Match Six: Singles Match

Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker

Angle and Taker stare off for several seconds, a real big time fight feel about this one as the crowd are amped up and ready to rock and roll with this. Very loud ‘UN-DER-TA-KER’ chants can be heard to which Angle scoffs at as the two men lock up and Taker overpowers Angle but Angle goes behind and secures a waist lock, Taker elbowing out of it and now whips Angle across the ring, Angle rebounds and Taker decks him with a big right.

It’s all Taker in the early going as he dishes out his usual does of big blows, right hands, left hands, boots to Angle with the Wrestling Machine struggling to come up with an answer to the Deadman’s onslaught before Taker rounds things up nicely in dropping Angle with snake eyes. He runs the ropes, incredible speed from the big man before he goes for a big boot…Angle ducks it, Taker spins round and Angle takes him down with a clothesline!!

The Wrestling Machine shifts the balance of this one his way and Angle now goes to work on the Deadman, boots to the throat, to the face, to the chest of the fallen Deadman before Angle lets out a roar to the crowd who respond with big time heat. Angle then brings Taker up, striking with right hands before a European uppercut rocks Taker back. Boot to the gut now from Angle before a big Irish whip, Taker rebounds and Angle catches him, BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Angle into the cover, 1…2…kick out at two and a half from the Phenom.

The next few minutes are all Angle as he dissects Taker, bit by bit before firmly targeting the left ankle, smashing it with boots, hammering it down into the canvas and such as Taker grimaces in discomfort, Angle having a wry smirk upon his face before he drops out of the ring and reaches back in, grabbing the ankle of Taker as he drags the legendary Phenom across towards the ring post. The crowd sense trouble here as Angle grabs a firm hold of Taker’s left leg BEFORE CLUBBING HIS ANKLE INTO THE RING POST!! Taker yells out in agony and there’s a wave of disappointment inside the arena as they fear Angle may be in cruise control now.

Angle steps back inside, it’s a slow methodical pace as Angle clearly came with a game plan. He eyes up Taker before again going for that ankle but Taker kicks away. Angle again goes right back for it but Taker AGAIN kicks out. Angle’s wobbly but now charges in…AND TAKER GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT!! The Deadman struggles to his feet, his hand round Angle’s throat, Chokeslam time!! NO!! Angle with a kick right to the ankle!! Taker loses grip as Kurt stumbles away, Taker doing likewise, both men leant up against the ropes now. Suddenly the pair both begin to edge forward, starting to stand tall and Angle fires a right hand, BAM, Taker fires back, HUGE right from the Deadman and the fist fight is on!! Angle strikes, Taker reacts, Angle fires again, Taker dishes one back and now we start to see a real flurry from Taker, the fans going wild in Texas!!

Taker in control here as he forces Kurt back towards the ropes, Irish whip, Kurt rebounds…GOOZLE!! CHOKESLAM!! NO!! KURT AVOIDS IT AGAIN!! Angle rolls down the back of Taker…ANGLE SLAM!! NO!! TAKER LANDS ON HIS FEET!! Boot to the gut now from the Deadman, he scoops Angle up…TOMBSTONE INCOMING!! Angle slides down the back again and floors Taker with a double leg take down!! ANKLE LOCK TIME!! NO!! Taker’s now the one to avoid it as he again fights out, kicking Angle off. Angle again steams in but he got caught!! CHOKESLAM CONNECTING THIS TIME!! TAKER SCORES WITH IT!! Surely he’s gonna go for a cover…BUT ANGLE’S ROLLED OUT OF THE RING!! Angle taken out with a Chokeslam but cleverly rolls out of the ring and Angle…Angle’s now beginning to back up the ramp!! He’s seen enough here!!

The referee begins a countout as Taker looks on in confusion as to why Angle is walking out here but Angle looks back and simply shakes his head, he’s done here!! The referee’s count is nearly there…Seven…Eight…Nine…Ten!! That’s it, Angle is counted out!!

Winner via Countout: The Undertaker(10:26)

Michael Cole: What in the world is this about Tazz? Kurt Angle vowed to prove a point here tonight. He vowed to prove he was the ‘better man’, he vowed to prove why he’s the next WWE Champion but all he’s proved tonight is…he’s a coward!!

Tazz: It’s smart Cole. He don’t need to risk getting in trouble out there tonight when he’s right around the corner from No Mercy. I’m just disappointed it stop one heck of a match, these two went at it Cole and if this is a preview of No Mercy then count me in baby.

Michael Cole: Well it may just be a preview of No Mercy for us and perhaps for Kurt Angle! If he gets caught like that at No Mercy, his promise of becoming the next WWE Champion will go up in flames and by the looks of things all he’s done here tonight is fuel the fire of an angry Deadman!

The final image we see is of Angle at the top of the ramp, no longer shaking his head, instead he’s smirking as he looks back at a FURIOUS Undertaker who stands at the front of the ring, watching on at Angle. Angle then points at his head before seemingly mouthing ‘It’s smart Deadman, I don’t need you tonight’. We then fade to black.

Or do we…

Instead we cut away and it’s to the parking lot where we see Randy Orton who is carrying his bag and appearing to leave the arena. Orton is headed towards a limousine that has pulled up for him and the Legend Killer reaches it, putting his bag down and going to open the door…but it won’t open. Orton tries again but has no success and he now looks up at the sky, biting his bottom lip in frustration before shouting out his anger.


Nothing. Orton then knocks on the driver’s window…

Randy Orton: HEY…I said…OPEN THE DOOR!!

Orton then goes to try it again but there’s nothing. Orton throws his arms up in the air before spinning round in frustration…but as he turns round his eyes widen as he looks like he’s seen a ghost. The camera then shifts and we see JOHN CENA is facing Orton!! Cena looks one pissed off S.O.B, Orton then tries to run but Cena grabs him and begins to hammer away on Orton!! The WWE Champion, banned from the arena tonight, waiting outside to strike down one of his two foes. Cena is absolutely beating the hell out of Orton here, shouting at Orton that ‘You can’t force me out Jack’.

Cena then SMASHES Orton’s head off the hood of the limo with Orton staggering all over the place before Cena hoists Orton up…FU ONTO THE LIMOUSINE!! CENA WITH A DEVASTATING FU THAT LAYS ORTON FLAT OUT OVER THE HOOD OF THE LIMO!! Cena then shakes his head at the fallen Legend Killer, message well and truly sent from the ‘Champ’ tonight as he then does his ‘You can’t see me’ taunt to Orton. Cena sticking it to Orton, one of his three challengers for the WWE Title come No Mercy, one of the men who pushed him over the edge last week, taken out in a HUGE way here tonight as the show comes to an end.

Date: 9th October 2005

Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

Current Card:

WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match
John Cena(c) vs Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton vs The Undertaker

WWE Tag Team Championships: Ladder Match
MNM(c) vs Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Gregory Helms(c) w/Chavo Guerrero vs Paul London w/Brian Kendrick

First Blood Match:
John Bradshaw Layfield vs Bobby Lashley

Open Invitational Tag Team Gauntlet Match:
(Winning team will receive a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships)

Entrants so far: Cryme Tyme, The Pitbulls, Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki, The Mexicools
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Smackdown Review

Wow what a way to end Smackdown with Cena somehow showing up and laying out Orton with an FU on the hood of the limo just when Orton is about to leave the arena, what Cena did was actually smart taking out one of his opponents in the Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match for the WWE Championship at No Mercy, that was great because now it leaves Angle on his own at least for now but Angle at the same time if it came down to it, he wouldn't hesitate to turn on Orton and or Orton wouldn't hesitate to turn on Angle either so it is only a matter of time before that alliance of theirs crumbles

Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker was a great match, and if anything you talk about a WrestleMania-worthy type main event on Smackdown, and boy did it deliver all be it that it ended in a countout but if anything it just states the obvious that Angle was about to be beat but being smart gets out of the ring just when Taker is about to win the match just proves that Kurt Angle was using one of his 3 I's that being intelligence but The Undertaker I am sure he will get his hands on Angle eventually

I wonder if there will end up being tension between Rey Mysterio and RVD and if that is the case, I wonder if RVD will turn heel turning on Rey Mysterio?

Lashley is a beast absolutely dominating Grenier, and I wouldn't be surprised if Lashley ends up setting his sights on the WWE Championship soon and if he does that, I would hate to be the WWE Champion whether that is Cena, Orton, or Angle after No Mercy but he has to get by JBL but that definitely sent a strong message to JBL but I wonder how JBL will respond to this message?

Carlito vs Matt Hardy Best of Five Series for the WWE United States Championship, this is going to be something and why? Because one man has to win 3 matches in order to become WWE United States Champion and now since Carlito is up in the series 1-0, he only has to win 2 more matches to become the champion but for Hardy he has to win 3 consecutive matches in a row to retain his title but I don't know how Hardy could come back into this

But with the whole WWE Tag Team Championship scene it doesn't really interest me, and neither does the WWE Cruiserweight Championship scene for that matter either
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

News and Notes:

Over the past few days the WWE has come to terms on several releases with Tyson Tomko being perhaps the most high profile. Officials have been considering breaking him away from Christian for quite some time with the feeling being that Christian no longer needs his ‘Problem Solver’. However, there were no plans to release Tomko at that point in time. The release came about because upon being told the news of his future plans, Tomko was unhappy with his position with the company and therefore actually asked for his release.

The other two releases aren’t quite as high profile as Juventud Guerrera and Nunzio have been let go from their contracts. Guerrera, one of the Mexicools had developed a reputation as having an attitude problem backstage which is why of late we’ve seen more emphasis on Psicosis and Super Crazy rather than Guerrera. The release came as no surprise to anyone with Psicosis and Crazy now to be pushed as a straight up tag team. Nunzio meanwhile was in the same boat as Tomko, being simply unhappy with his position and asking to be released.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 26/9/05- Waco, Texas

The road to Survivor Series is well and truly underway with a huge match already signed, sealed and delivered with major consequences riding on it. Tonight as we head to Texas, there’s no doubting we’ll see more twists and turns as Shawn Michaels and Eric Bischoff, with their job and in Michaels case, career on the line, looking to fill their teams ahead of their Survivor Series showdown. Will we learn anything here tonight from either man? Will both teams begin to take shape? Or will it be just one man who makes the first move?

Another issue that is escalating and escalating quickly is the situation between the World Heavyweight Champion Batista and his next challenger, Christian. Captain Charisma made an instant impact on the Animal last week, striking down the champion in the parking lot as the mind games quickly began. The World Title is at the forefront of this feud, however there is also the Ric Flair factor. Christian of course retired the champion’s former mentor and there’s no doubting Batista will be out to exact revenge. We’ve learned that we will hear from the challenger here tonight and we hope to learn what exactly Christian’s motives were for the ambush last week.

The Platform to Perfection felt as though they were robbed of the Tag Team Titles at Unforgiven as the Basham Brothers stuck their noses in, still seething that they weren’t involved in the title shake up. Tonight, this grudge between the two teams will end once and for all with the winners surely set to move on and claim that title opportunity. It’s the Perfectionists versus the Basham’s and it’s No Disqualifications!

Another huge match signed for tonight will see the Women’s Championship on the line as Victoria defends against the Daredevil Diva, Lita. Lita was robbed at Unforgiven as Victoria backed out, using a Steel Chair to save her title. With Trish Stratus now back in the mix and her sights set too on Victoria, the cunning champion will surely not get away with those actions again tonight. Is this the night that Lita gets what she deserves? Or will Victoria again find a way to save her championship?

There is all this and much, much more in store tonight as Raw heads to Texas. Be sure to tune in, you won’t wanna miss a second!!

Confirmed for tonight’s Raw:

No Disqualifications Match:

The Platform to Perfection vs The Basham Brothers

Women’s Championship Match:

Victoria© vs Lita


We will hear from the #1 contender to the World Title, Christian!
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Yeah it's back

WWE Monday Night Raw- 26/9/05- Waco, Texas

We kick off the show with a video package showing the close to last week which saw a heated promo between Eric Bischoff, the Arabian Entity and Shawn Michaels. We see Michaels pleas for once chance to break free from the wrath of Bischoff and offer a match for Survivor Series, Team Michaels versus Team Bischoff with Michaels stating if his team wins, he is allowed to leave his contract to Eric Bischoff and Bischoff himself will be fired. We then get Bischoff’s response being that if his team wins then Shawn Michaels must walk away from the one thing he loves most-wrestling. Not Raw, not the WWE, wrestling period. We close the video package with Michaels striking Bischoff with Sweet Chin Music and the Entity’s leader Muhammad Hassan retreating along with the giant Great Khali following Dutt and Daivari’s failed attempts to take the Heartbreak Kid down. The video package closes with a shot of a stern Michaels and a fallen GM, with J.R’s commentary playing over it saying ‘Survivor Series, it is Do or Die for Shawn Michaels!!’.

We then go to the opening video package and pyro hits before we get a shot of the sold out arena in Texas as J.R and Coach welcome us to the show.

Jim Ross: We welcome you ladies and gentleman LIVE to Monday Night Raw! I’m Jim Ross, joined by Jonathan Coachman as we come to you from Waco, Texas with the road to Survivor Series now a whole lot hotter.

The Coach: You got that right cowboy. It’s do or die at Survivor Series for Shawn Michaels but more importantly J.R…for Eric Bischoff!! The boss’ job is on the line but Shawn Michaels career, his CAREER is in the balance baby and I gotta feelin’ that tonight we may start to see Shawn Michaels feelin’ that pressure.

Jim Ross: Well indeed the stakes couldn’t be any higher but I thin…

‘I’m Back’

J.R is cut off by the theme of the boss himself as out steps Eric Bischoff to HUGE heat. The Texas crowd are on their feet but most certainly not in a good way as Bischoff calmly strolls down the ramp, a pretty stern look about him as he scowls around at the fans. A much different look than he had last week that’s for sure where he was all smiles. J.R notes how it’s now such high stakes that Bischoff can’t afford to relax when it comes to Michaels, when it comes to Survivor Series. Bischoff then snatches a mic from ringside before standing dead centre of the ring, waiting for his music and the boos to die down.

Eric Bischoff: All week long I’ve ha…

Bischoff is cut off by the boos, the boss putting his head down for a moment, scratching his chin before continuing.

Eric Bischoff: All week long I’ve had people questioning what happened last week. I’ve had people questioning just why I’ve let Shawn Michaels have this chance, this opportunity to free himself from his contract to me. People have questioned why I’ve put my own job on the line to give Shawn what he wants.

Bischoff now pauses, the crowd quietened down now.

Eric Bischoff: Well I got a question of my own and it’s to each and every single person that has questioned last week, that has questioned me, that has questioned my decision. Just…just how damn STUPID are you?

Boos for that despite the crowd not even knowing what Bischoff is talking about yet.

Eric Bischoff: Sure, I’ve given Shawn Michaels a shot at Survivor Series. I’ve given him an opportunity, one final chance at freedom but this is…this isn’t about what I’ve given Shawn Michaels, no. This is about what Shawn Michaels…has given me.

Bischoff now shows off that twisted smirk for the first time this evening to immediate heat.

Eric Bischoff: He’s given me the chance to do what I’ve been hoping to do, what I’ve been so desperate to do for months and months now. He’s given me the chance to do what others have been, well they’ve been hoping to do for YEARS! He’s given me the chance… to force him out the door.

Bischoff is still smirking as a small ‘You Suck’ chant has broken out.

Eric Bischoff: And that? That is why I’m not…I’m not concerned at all about what’s on the line for me at Survivor Series. I’m not concerned because incase you people haven’t learned by now, I am ERIC BISCHOFF!!

Major heat for this, the smugness of Bischoff is just blatant.

Eric Bischoff: And Eric Bischoff does…not…lose. I’m a winner, plain and simple. If I get knocked down, I get right back up again and eventually I will ALWAYS…come out on top. So whatever Shawn has done to me in the past, whether he’s disrespected me, whether he’s kicked my teeth down my throat, right here and now, it doesn’t matter. Really, it just…it doesn’t matter anymore because Survivor Series, that-that is the end game, that is all that counts now, that is the final battle and believe me…this is a battle Shawn just can’t win.

Bischoff’s now more serious in his demeanour as the boos come round his way as ever. Bischoff then adjusts his jacket before continuing.

Eric Bischoff: Why…why is that? Why can’t Shawn win exactly? What makes you so confident Eric? Well that’s real simple to understand. This is all about team work come Survivor Series, this is all about whose team will be strongest, whose team can co-exist and quite simply, whose team will be…the best.

Bischoff now rubs his chin before chuckling to himself.

Eric Bischoff: And just incase it slipped your minds, I’m the General Manager of this show. I am every single person in that locker room’s boss. I can make their careers…or I can break ‘em. That? That gives me power. You think Shawn Michaels can walk back there and hold that kinda power? You think he can walk back there with that ace up his sleeve? NOT A CHANCE!!

Bischoff composes himself again.

Eric Bischoff: I hold the key to those superstars careers. Shawn Michaels doesn’t hold a damn thing for ‘em, so do you really, do you REALLY…believe that he’s gonna find four guys willing to sacrifice, willing to put their necks on the line, willing to risk it ALL to…to save him? To try and take me outta the picture?

Bischoff shakes his head.

Eric Bischoff: No, no I don’t…I just don’t see it. But are there, are there five guys back in that locker room who I could turn to? Are there five guys back there who would stand up for me, for their boss? Are there five guys who would love, just LOVE to see the back of Shawn Michaels? Five guys who HATE everything Shawn Michaels stands for. You bet your ass there are.

Bischoff is now beaming again, the Texas crowd aren’t quite so happy, more major heat for the wily GM.

Eric Bischoff: And that…that is why Shawn Michaels doesn’t stand a chance come Survivor Series. I’ve got the pick o’ the bunch. I’ve got five spaces on Team Bischoff and I guarandamntee you that you will see nothing short of the biggest, the baddest and the very best team imaginable. I won’t settle for mediocre, for average, I want the very best this show has to offer and I know…I KNOW that I’m gonna get it.

Bischoff now walks a little circle in the ring before stopping and holding out two fingers in front of him.

Eric Bischoff: In fact, I’ve already filled TWO spots in Team Bischoff over the past seven days and when I said that I want the biggest and the baddest…I damn sure meant it. So hey, while I’m out here let’s…let’s give Shawn Michaels a little look into his future. This is…this is just a small piece of the puzzle Shawn, this is just a fraction of what you’ve got headin’ your way at Survivor Series. So please… allow me to introduce to you Shawn, allow me to introduce to everybody the first two members of Team Bischoff at Survivor Series!!

Bischoff then points up the ramp, still beaming as we await just who his first two picks are…

‘Arab America’

And the heat is INCREDIBLE as the music of the Arabian Entity hits and out step the Entity’s leader Muhammad Hassan along with the seven foot four inch MAMMOTH, The Great Khali. Hassan is snarling as he walks down the ramp, Bischoff applauding both men as Khali walks menacingly behind Hassan. The duo enter the ring with Bischoff shaking the pair’s hand as Hassan then grabs a microphone from ringside, set to address a few things clearly here…but not before the boss does again.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and Gentleman, Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali!!

Bischoff is clearly thrilled with his first two recruits as the crowd boos in disapproval and Hassan now takes centre stage.

Muhammad Hassan: Thank you Mr.Bischoff and please, let me just state how truly honoured we are to be chosen as a part of your team at Survivor Series.

Hassan and Bischoff give a respectful nod each other’s way. Coach notes how beautiful this is on commentary as J.R simply states ‘For God’s sake’.

Muhammad Hassan: Now, we’re not out here tonight to tell you about why we’re on Team Bischoff, about why we want to force Shawn Michaels out, about why we HATE…Shawn Michaels. Because everybody...everybody already knows that, you all know exactly what we think about your precious Heartbreak Kid.

This leads to a small but growing ‘H-B-K’ chant which Hassan s......s at.

Muhammad Hassan: All we’re out here to do tonight is state just what it’s gonna mean to us, about what it does for us when we walk out victorious at Survivor Series. You see, a victory won’t just be for us, it won’t just be for Team Bischoff, victory at Survivor Series will be a victory for the whole of America, the America that I want this country to be.

The heat’s insane here as we see Hassan almost basking in it, Bischoff is applauding the comment.

Muhammad Hassan: Because the America that I want this country to be, the America that I wanna see, that I wanna be a part of doesn’t look at Shawn Michaels as a hero. It doesn’t see a guy like Shawn Michaels as someone to look up to, as somebody who’s a symbol of all that’s right, as somebody to be respected. No, no, the America that I wanna see, that I want to be a part of would look at ME, would look at my Entity as REAL HEROES.

WOW, the boos are off the scale for Hassan here.

Muhammad Hassan: The America that we should aspire to see would value me, would value my Entity as the standard for EVERYTHING that is right. They would see what we stand for and they too would believe in the same message that we believe in. At Survivor Series when we are through with Shawn Michaels, when we send him out the door, you will all see what’s been clear to us since the very beginning. You will all see that it is us, not Shawn Michaels you should have followed. You will all see that it is us, not Shawn Michaels who you should show respect and that it is us, not Shawn Michaels who you should truly believe in.

Major heat once more with Hassan seeming to relish in it, Khali stood menacingly behind him rubbing his hands together before Bischoff now steps forward once again.

Eric Bischoff: You’ll get your wish gentleman, I guarantee that you will get your wish. Hell, we will all get our wish come Survivor Series. Getting rid of Shawn Michaels, as sweet as it’s gonna be, as good as it’s gonna feel, it is only the beginning. It is only step one of my vision for Monday Night Raw.

Bischoff now nods his head pacing around before pointing at Hassan and Khali.

Eric Bischoff: See just like these two men have a vision for what America should be, a vision I agree with might I add. I too have a vision and my vision for Raw will be a whole lot clearer once Shawn Michaels is outta the picture. Once Shawn’s gone, those who follow his path, those who side with him, they’ll fall by the wayside just…like…that. We’re movin’ forward around here and if you don’t learn to love it, then you’re simply gonna be forced to leave it.

Bischoff is pretty stern there as he scowls directly ahead of him, Hassan nodding on.

Eric Bischoff: But that…that’s for Survivor Series. I gotta wait nearly two months for this thing to all come to an end but I don’t…I just don’t wanna wait. So that’s why right here tonight, we’re gonna have ourselves a very small, little glimpse into the future. A Survivor Series preview, you could call it.

Bischoff begins smirking again, that sinister smile as he gives a quick glance the direction of the two Entity members.

Eric Bischoff: Right here tonight inside this very ring, we’re gonna see the Showstopper in action!!

Fans pop big time for that, Bischoff with a slightly mocking tone when mentioning the Showstopper.

Eric Bischoff: That’s right, I thought you’d like that but uh…I don’t think you’re gonna like this. Tonight in our main event, it’s gonna be Shawn Michaels one on one…with THE GREAT KHALI!!

The camera zooms in on the towering figure of Khali who stands on, not even flinching with that announcement. We see Hassan furiously applauding whilst Bischoff lets out a little laugh to himself.

Eric Bischoff: Survivor Series, it all comes to an end between me and Shawn Michaels. He can not and he will not survive. His long, storied, illustrious career dies on November 27th and tonight? Ha ha, tonight, we put it…on life support.

And with that Bischoff twirls the mic around in his hand, his music hitting as Bischoff shakes hands with a gleeful Hassan, Khali now beginning to move for the first time as all three men begin to leave the ring. Bischoff having made his mark in a big way here tonight, revealing his first two members of his SS team as well as announcing a HUGE main event.


We return and it’s straight to the backstage area and that’s where we see walking around the halls, Y2J himself, Chris Jericho. Jericho is dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt, his image greeted with a roar of approval from the Texas faithful before we see Todd Grisham step on the scene to interview the Ayatollah of Rock ‘N Rolla.

Todd Grisham: Chris, could we just get a uh, get a quick word on what took place last week on Raw. We saw you come to the aid of Shelton Benjamin, getting your hands once again on Edge and we all heard what the Money in the Bank holder had to say about that, claiming he was ‘finished’ with you. What exactly is your response to that and do you share that view, are you finished with Edge?

Jericho stands, hands on hips eyeing Grisham up before responding.

Chris Jericho: Listen Junior, I’ll make this real clear for you, for Edge, for anybody else who doesn’t follow to understand perfectly. Edge can claim whatever he likes, I heard his little shtick last week and like always it’s just a whole lotta crap comin’ outta his mouth.

Small pop for that.

Chris Jericho: Of course he wants this whole thing to be over with. Of course he wants to see the back of me. Of course he’s tucked his tail between his legs and run as far, FAR away from this situation as he possibly can. Cos that? That’s what Edge does. When things get…get a little too tough, a little too difficult, just that…just that little bit too much to handle for him…he runs.

Jericho looks pretty smug with that comment, mocking Edge almost.

Chris Jericho: And that’s exactly what’s happened between me and him. But y’know somethin’? I don’t…I don’t care about what Edge does, I don’t care about Edge full stop, he simply has…what I want. He has what I deserve because Edge knows, trust me he knows that no matter how hard he’s tried in the past, no matter how hard he tries in the future, he just can’t get the job done against me.

Jericho is very firm in his delivery there, clearly confident in that statement.

Chris Jericho: I proved it at Vengeance when I beat him, I proved it at Summerslam when yeah, he beat me but that little briefcase was the only reason why and without it? Without that briefcase, he’s got absolutely nothing on me.

Nice little pop for that as Jericho stares coldly at Grisham.

Chris Jericho: He knows that, I know that, all the Jerichoholics know that.

Strong pop there.

Chris Jericho: All I need is one chance and believe me I’m not gonna stop until I get it. Just one more chance to face him, one more chance to take that briefcase, to take what’s rightfully mine and I can cash that ticket in right the way back to the very top. Edge can run all he wants, he can try and hide from this, from me, he can be a coward all he likes but I can absolutely, positively GUARANTEE…that WHY…TWO…JAYYYYYYYY will…whether he wants to hear it or not, will get another shot at him. And…and when I do?

Jericho smirks now before looking back at Grisham.

Chris Jericho: When I do, I will walk out with that briefcase and then it’ll only be a matter of time before I cash that little contract in, before the Ayatollah of Rock ‘N Rolla is straight up monayyyyy, before the SEXY BEAST is right back where he belongs, before Chris Jericho is ONCE AGAIN the World…Heavyweight…Champion.

There’s a nice pop for that as we get a look at Grisham staring back with a wry smile at Jericho who heads off into the distance and we head back to ringside to hear…


And it’s a warm reception as out steps the Daredevil Diva, Lita who struts her stuff down the ramp, her eyes firmly fixed on the prize tonight as well as surely some revenge as she challenges for the Women’s Championship.

Jim Ross: Chris Jericho clearly not giving up on his quest to once again reach the very top here on Monday Night Raw and here’s one young lady who’s clearly not giving up either and that’s on becoming the Women’s Champion. Lita was robbed of that opportunity at Unforgiven, she was robbed of it right before Summerslam, will tonight be the night Lita puts all her pain and disappointment behind her? Is tonight the night Lita becomes the Women’s Champion?

The Coach: No. Simple answer J.R. There’s a reason she wasn’t successful at Unforgiven, there’s a reason she didn’t make it to Summerslam and it’s because of Victoria. She is UN-STOPP-ABLE.

Jim Ross: Like at Unforgiven when she hit Lita with the damn steel chair? That kind of unstoppable right?

The Coach: Absolutely.

Jim Ross: Oh please.

‘I ain’t a lady to mess with’

And there’s a fair amount of heat that fills the Texas faithful as out steps the ruthless Women’s Champion, Victoria. That crazed look in her eyes before she sets her sights on Lita, a twisted smile upon her face emerges as Lita looks on intently, desperate to get her hands on the champion here.

The Coach: Look at her then J.R. Look at this woman, this path of destruction and tell me Lita’s gonna beat her tonight. Have you…have you seen the look in her eye? I wouldn’t wanna mess with her and the Coach is straight up dominant.

Jim Ross: I truly believe that Lita can win here tonight and take home that title, not a doubt in my mind. Will it be a walk in the park? Absolutely not. Victoria is as strong, as dominant, as ruthless as they come but at Unforgiven we saw that Lita can shift it all in her favour in the blink of an eye. If she does that tonight, I believe she can pull it off.

The Coach: You’re as crazy as Lita is for stepping foot in that ring, lemme tell ya.

Match One: Women’s Championship:

Victoria© vs Lita

It’s a really fast paced opening with Lita hell bent on getting her hands on Victoria, a similar type of story from their Unforgiven clash. Lita is clearly extremely motivated following the injury she suffered at the hands of the champion as well as being screwed in her last outing as she takes the fight to the dangerous champion.

Lita strikes with vicious right hands and an array of kicks before a couple of near falls come her way, looking to take the title as early as possible, perhaps catching Victoria a little off guard. The onslaught continues from Lita, the fans rallying behind her as Victoria counters an Irish whip, sending Lita across the ring but the Daredevil Diva rebounds and connects with a perfectly timed crossbody, into a cover…kick out at two from the champion.

Victoria finally shifts things her way as Lita looks to keep up her fast paced offense. Another Irish whip comes from the challenger as Victoria hangs onto the ropes. Lita comes storming in, clothesline, NO! Victoria pulls the top rope down and Lita drops to the outside, the champion catching her breath as she now looks down at Lita, that evil look coming across her face as she now now storms through the ropes and down to her opponent, her intentions evident as she immediately strikes with a stiff kick to the face.

The ruthless champion continues her assault, strong boots to the face and upper body of Lita who grimaces in pain with Victoria refusing to let up, taking in the boos from the crowd with a twisted smile now on her face. Victoria then grabs Lita by the hair, pulling her to her feet before HAMMERING Lita’s skull off the announce table. Lita immediately drops to the floor again, almost out cold as Victoria again smirks devilishly.

The dominance of the champion continues as Victoria pulls Lita into the ring and continues to isolate her challenger, digging elbows into the throat of Lita who writhes in pain. Victoria scores with a couple of near falls following her continued pressure but Lita shows her usual resolve, however the pain and discomfort she’s in is evident, her face painting the picture for all to see.

Victoria however is beginning to show signs of frustration at not being able to put Lita away. The champion’s crazed look only grows stronger and she goes for another cover following a vicious clothesline, kick out at two to her frustration once more. Victoria brings herself up with Lita alongside her before a big boot to the gut and following a look around the arena she connects with a thunderous DDT, another cover follows, a lick of the lips from the twisted champion but Lita kicks out at two the shock of the champion and the delight of the crowd!! This sends the devilish champion right over the edge!! Victoria pounds the mat in anger before…before exiting the ring and…and Victoria’s heading towards a steel chair!! The crowd begin to groan, knowing what Victoria’s got in mind as she grabs the chair with force and tosses it inside the ring, Lita struggling to her feet, seemingly dazed but Victoria sharply races in and grabs Lita by the hair before charging towards the corner and she CLUBS Lita’s skull into the turnbuckle! Lita drops down and Victoria again heads to that steel chair.

Victoria now grabs the chair, she’s had just about enough of Lita again tonight, she can’t put the Daredevil Diva away as she swings the chair back…

‘Time to Rock ‘N Roll’

But the crowd goes wild as the music of Trish Stratus hits and the blonde bombshell is coming to Lita’s aid here!! Trish storms the ring and SHE WIPES OUT VICTORIA WITH A THESZ PRESS!! TRISH IS GOING TO TOWN ON THE WOMEN’S CHAMPION!! The referee calls for the bell as Trish hammers away at the now helpless champion.

Winner via Disqualification and STILL Women’s Champion: Victoria(8:33)

The referee is trying to intervene here but it’s no use as Trish continues to hammer away, she’s all fired up, still wanting payback for what Victoria did to her…before we see Lita now drag Trish off the champion!!

Jim Ross: Trish Stratus taking the fight to the Women’s Champion!! Trish just saved Lita from another assault from that…that lunatic Victoria but now…now what the hell’s goin’ on?!

Lita and Trish are now face to face, the crowd are on the edge of their seats, not quite sure what to make of this as Lita now begins to shout in Trish’s face, questioning what she’s doing. Trish responds by pointing at the steel chair, telling Lita what was set to be her fate but Lita isn’t having any of it as she now tells Trish that ‘You cost me’. Trish now shakes her head, the disagreement continuing before Trish tells Lita ‘Last time I got your back’ and Trish walks out of the ring, Lita looking on less than impressed with clear tension between the two.

Jim Ross: Well that uh, that certainly wasn’t in the script.

The Coach: I don’t know what Lita’s got to complain about J.R. Victoria was about to break her in half, Lita didn’t stand a damn chance and Trish got her outta jail.

Jim Ross: Well one thing I think’s for sure is that Victoria’s now got her hands more than full with both Lita and Trish gunnin’ for her and for that Women’s Championship.

The final shot we see is of Lita looking up the ramp at Trish who backs up, still shaking her head and clearly disappointed that Lita didn’t see what she’s done for her here tonight. Meanwhile we get a shot of a fallen champion who is crawling along at ringside, clutching her Women’s Championship, a worried look on her face following the beating she took from Trish tonight.


We return from the break and go backstage where we see Charlie Haas who is sat in his locker room and appears to be texting(I don’t think it’s Kevin Nash). Haas looks to be pretty despondent before he quickly looks to his left and in walks his partner, Shelton Benjamin. Haas immediately stands up, a little bit of tension between the two before Benjamin makes the first move.

Shelton Benjamin: Listen I ain’t here to point out the obvious. I know as well as you do that things ain’t been great between us lately but as far as I’m concerned it’s just a little bump in the road. So all I’m sayin’ is, tonight? No more apologies, no more arguments, no more talkin’ full stop. We let our actions do that for us.

Haas sighs.

Charlie Haas: You mean you do it for us? Cos god knows that I don’t get a look in round here anymore.

Shelton Benjamin: That’s…that’s actually what I was gonna bring up. I know you’ve been sittin’ on the sidelines man and I know that’s my fault, I’ve not been true to my word. We are the World’s Greatest Tag Team and tonight, I got us a chance to prove it.

Haas’ eyes light up, a little bit of shock, a real sense of happiness however as Benjamin too now smiles.

Charlie Haas: Really? You…you got us a tag match? T-tonight?

Shelton Benjamin: You damn right I did. Think of it as my way of tryin’ to put things right. Tonight, me and you, the World’s Greatest Tag Team back in action takin’ on the Tag Team Champions, the Dudley Boyz.

Nice pop for that as Haas begins nodding his head, clearly thrilled about this.

Shelton Benjamin: We win tonight? We win tonight and it’s only a matter of time before we get a shot at those titles. Tonight, I ain’t gonna focus on Jindrak or Regal, I ain’t gonna focus on this title period tonight.

Benjamin looks longingly at his Intercontinental Championship before back at Haas who also glances at the gold.

Shelton Benjamin: Tonight’s about one thing and that’s puttin’ down a marker for those tag titles and doin’ what we do best.

Charlie Haas: I uh…I appreciate it Shelton, really I do. Thanks man, I know you won’t let me down out there.

Benjamin shakes his head.

Shelton Benjamin: After everything you’ve done for me these past few months, I wouldn’t dream of it. I’ll catch you out there.

Benjamin and Haas then embrace with Shelton turning and leaving whilst we’re left with a shot of Haas who stands hands on hips, nodding and smiling before he fist pumps mouthing ‘Yes’.

We then head back to ringside where we hear…

‘Whips and Chains’

And it’s a nice pop that greets the music of the Basham Brothers with Doug and Danny stepping out all fired up as they get their long awaited grudge match here tonight with the Platform to Perfection.

Jim Ross: Huge tag team match all set for later on tonight then. The World’s Greatest Tag Team taking on the Dudley Boyz but we’re all set for some more tag team action here and a uh, a grudge match if you will. The Basham Brothers have been desperate for a shot at tag team gold since Summerslam but have failed to get it, thanks to their opponents here tonight, Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth.

The Coach: No don’t pen this on the Perfectionists J.R. The Basham’s not getting a title shot is down to them, not Doane, not Nemeth, THEM and the fact that they just aren’t good enough. Tonight, it’ll just be proved once again when they come up short against the NEXT Tag Team Champions.


As the Basham’s wait inside the ring the music of their opponents hit and out come the Perfectionists themselves with Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth arrogantly strolling down to ringside, not looking at all bothered by the Basham’s intensity.

Jim Ross: Well they’ve certainly been hugely impressive but Coach, they too are not standin’ here tonight with the World Tag Team Titles and I thi…

The Coach: Woah, hold your horses there partner. They aren’t the Tag Team Champions only because of the damn Basham Brothers getting in their way at Unforgiven. If that didn’t happen you can bet your ass they’d be wearin’ those titles around their waists right now. This is personal and I think we’re gonna see just how much here tonight.

Match Two: Tornado Tag Team Match: No Disqualifications; No Countouts

The Basham Brothers vs The Platform to Perfection

Of course with the rules being Tornado Tag, all four men stand inside the ring eyeing their opponents up. The Basham’s look majorly fired up as they bob up and down on the spot, Doane and Nemeth are more cool and calm, Nemeth winking the way of Danny Basham as the bell rings and instantly the Basham’s charge to the roar of the crowd.

The opening few minutes are all Danny and Doug Basham as the arrogant young duo of Doane and Nemeth fail to cope with the onslaught. Danny and Nemeth battle to the outside with Danny delivering a driving shoulder block into the barricade whilst Doug flies around inside the ring on Doane, dropping him with two dropkicks on the trot, following it up with the first cover, kick out at two from Doane.

The Basham’s fail to capitalise on their momentum though as the Perfectionists find their way back into the contest, thanks in part to the No DQ rule. With the Basham’s on the front foot, it was Nemeth having his wits about him that turned the contest. Danny Basham Irish whipped Nemeth on the outside with Nemeth crashing into the ringside equipment but smartly Nemeth would grab a steel chair and DRIVE THE CHAIR INTO THE GUT OF THE ONRUSHING BASHAM! With Danny doubled over, Nemeth would then strike with two clubbing shots across the back leaving him wiped out on the outside, Nemeth now crawling towards the ring, chair tossed aside.

Doug and Doane are going back and forth inside the ring as Doane whips Doug across the ring only for Nemeth to grab his leg and it’s now 2 v 1 as Doane now pounces on a helpless Doug. Nemeth crawls into the ring and the numbers game catches up on Doug with the Perfectionists using all their nous to dissect their opponent, including a number of smart double team moves. Nemeth then begins to show off his body to the crowd who respond in heat as Doane goes to head up, he looks around the arena, the camera zoomed right in…BEFORE WE SEE DANNY BASHAM EMERGE AND HE SHOVES DOANE OFF THE TOP!! Doane crashes and burns to the mat as the crowd comes alive, Nemeth turning round in shock as DANNY HAS THE STEEL CHAIR IN HAND!!

Danny comes charging but Nemeth ducks it, both men spin round again and DANNY CRASHES THE STEEL CHAIR OFF NEMETH’S SKULL!! Nemeth drops and Danny scurries into a cover, the fans are on their feet…1…2…3…NO!! NEMETH GETS THE SHOULDER UP!! Danny Basham cannot believe it as Nemeth survives. Danny takes a moment, gathering himself before we see Doane beginning to rise, Doug Basham is also beginning to stir now and Danny heads towards Doane…BUT DOANE STRIKES WITH A LOW BLOW!! Danny stumbles, Doane with a roll up, 1…2…DOUG BASHAM BREAKS IT!! Doug now charges at Doane…ducks it, Doug flies off the ropes, Doane ducks it again and DOUG CRASHES INTO DANNY!! Danny Basham wiped out as Doug spins round where Nemeth is now to his feet and NEMETH STRIKES WITH THE ZIG ZAG!! Doane’s now scaled up high…SKY HIGH LEG DROP ACROSS THE CHEST OF DOUG!! Into the cover…1…2…3…the chaos is over and the Perfectionists are number one contenders!!

Winners: The Platform to Perfection(7:18)

Doane and Nemeth immediately embrace, knowing that this thing between them and the Basham’s is now done and dusted with the Platform to Perfection most certainly coming out on top. We see a dejected Danny Basham returning to his feet, clutching his shoulder in pain as he comes to the aid of his fallen partner. Doane and Nemeth back up the ramp all smiles as Doane yells ‘PEFECTION BABY’, Nemeth punching the air in delight as they now have a tag title shot all lined up.

Jim Ross: Well they have been a thorn in the side of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth since the Perfectionists arrived on Monday nights but here tonight the Basham Brothers were finally put down and we finally have a clear challenger to the World Tag Team Championships.

The Coach: Finally have a clear challenger? These two guys have been the clear challenger all along J.R and you know it!! It’s about damn time the Basham’s were ruled outta this whole thing and tonight we all got our wish, nice knowin’ ya boys!

Jim Ross: Well I don’t think this was the wish of too many Coach. Doug and Danny Basham have shown guts, spirit, heart in wanting to challenge for the World Tag Team Titles but tonight it just wasn’t enough. The Platform to Perfection now await the Dudley Boyz and you can bet your ass they’ll be wantin’ to put these two in their place.

We get another look at a jubilant Doane and Nemeth who fist bump one another before another look at the dejected duo of the Basham Brothers.


*Video Package*

Survival is the struggle to remain living…

We see Shawn Michaels bloodied and battered, hung up in the ropes with a look of sheer desperation on his face.

The next image we’re shown is of Batista and Kane both laid out in the technical area, both unmoved and seemingly unconscious.

Jim Ross:

And in times of struggle there are those who will crumble…

We see Edge puffing his cheeks before a shot of Chris Jericho, head down, a look of frustration before an image of Charlie Haas shaking his head backstage, hands on hips, a look of despair.

There are those who will fail to rise…

We see Kurt Angle and Randy Orton standing strong together, standing tall over a fallen John Cena, the Doctor of Thuganomics laid out cold, the WWE Championship laid down beside him.

We then get a shot of Shelton Benjamin laid out cold by the announce table, Mark Jindrak standing above him with a final image of Benjamin, eyes glazed over as he struggles to bring himself upright.

But then there are those who will show strength…

We get a shot of Christian standing on the top rope, celebrating victory, surveying for his ‘Peeps’ before we see Matt Hardy holding the United States Championship up high in celebration.

We then see Edge clutching his Money in the Bank briefcase in jubilation before a shot of Muhammad Hassan, arms outstretched, eyes closed with his Entity around him.

There are those who will stand up and be counted…

We see Kane sitting up in his menacing fashion before a shot of Chris Jericho applying the Walls of Jericho.

That’s followed up by Rob Van Dam connecting with a Five Star Frog Splash to Johnny Nitro.

The next image we’re shown is of Big Show sending a devastating Chokeslam to William Regal before letting out a trademark roar.

And it shall be those men who WILL…survive…

We see Batista delivering a BatistaBomb to Kane, the music getting faster, louder before we see The Undertaker delivering a devastating Tombstone Piledriver to Randy Orton.

Images of several superstars then flash up, all of whom have the same message.

Chris Jericho:
I will be the one to survive.

I will be the one to survive.

Muhammad Hassan:
I will be the sole survivor.

John Cena:
Survival is all that matters.

Randy Orton:
I won’t let you…survive.

I will survive…cos that’s just how I roll.

Kurt Angle:
Survival? You’ll be lucky.

Shawn Michaels:
I’ll survive…I have to.

The video package ends rather eerily as Michaels looks up to the heavens, no sense of emotion on his face before we head to a Survivor Series graphic.

WWE Presents: Survivor Series

27th November 2005; Joe Louis Arena; Detroit, Michigan

We come back from that video package and it’s to the backstage area where we see Maria who is standing by waiting to speak with us, looking as glamorous yet ditzy as ever.

Maria: Hi!! I’m Maria and joining me at this time, please welcome, William Regal and Mark Jindrak!!

The crafty partnership enter the shot to a round of boos with Regal all suited and booted, a snarl upon his face. Jindrak is dressed to compete, showing off his physique despite not being scheduled for action here tonight.

Maria: Last week we all saw Mark interfere in Shelton Benjamin’s match with Edge, taking out the Intercontinental Champion. Willy, could you tell us why he did that?

Regal just stares a hole through Maria, her stupidity not sitting well with him.

William Regal: You never cease to amaze me Maria, really. Why did Mark here attack Shelton Benjamin last week you ask? I thought that anybody with even the slightest intelligence would understand why Mark did what he did last week.

Regal looks at the menacing Jindrak with a wry smile.

William Regal: What took place at Unforgiven was…it was unacceptable. Mark Jindrak should’ve become the new Intercontinental Champion. I know it, Mark knows it and Shelton Benjamin? He knows it better than anyone. My protégé had that scoundrel beaten in the middle of the ring only for…only for his knight in shining armour to bail him out once again.

Regal shakes his head in disgust, the memories proving painful.

William Regal: Charles made a decision that night, a decision to stand up for his partner, to save his partner at Unforgiven. Myself and Mark have already tried once to win him over, to change his views on that so called friend of his and he simply wouldn’t budge. He’s shown his true colours to us all. He’s shown how cowardly, how weak, how pathetic he really is and now? Now myself and Mark, we’ve no other option but to deal with him the same way we’ve dealt with Shelton Benjamin.

Regal again looks up at Jindrak who is rubbing his hands at the thought, almost mouthwatering prospect for him.

William Regal: We gave him the opportunity to do what’s right and he failed to stand up for himself, to pave his own path because as much as we don’t want to admit it, Charles is a talented individual. In fact he’s one of the finest wrestlers on the entire Raw roster but Maria he has just…he’s become so accustomed to being second best, to playing second fiddle, to watching from the sidelines and with that he’s clearly…well he’s clearly become content in allowing Shelton Benjamin to take all the glory, glory that might I add…could’ve been his.

Regal now shows off that cunning smirk.

William Regal: Could have, should have perhaps but facts are…it hasn’t and while hope is lost for Charles, there is still all the hope in the world left…for this man.

The camera again shifts towards Jindrak who is almost itching to do something as he bobs on the spot.

William Regal: He may have been wronged at Unforgiven but if Shelton Benjamin thinks he’s got away from Mark’s grasp, he needs to think again. Last week was a little reminder, a little message Shelton’s way, Charles’ way also that we are not through with them and we will not be through with them…until we take the Intercontinental Championship.

Regal stares directly into the camera now.

William Regal: Gentlemen…you’ve been warned.

The duo then head off with Jindrak eyeing Maria up and down as Regal drags him away, a smile upon the Protégé’s face and we now return back to ringside where already waiting inside the ring is C3K’s favourite superstar…MAVEN. The former Tough Enough man is anxiously waiting for his opponent, bobbing up and down on the spot before…


‘Slow Chemical’

And he’s in for a hell of a challenge that’s for sure as the music of the Big Red Machine hits and out steps the man…sorry, monster himself with Kane emerging from the curtain and storming down the ramp. A real look of intensity across the Devil’s Favourite Demon as he eyes up his prey.

Jim Ross: Well we heard last week from the Big Red Machine that quote ‘the fire still burns’. Kane came up short in becoming World Champion but he has vowed to show us all that the monster still lies inside of him, that he will still strike fear into the entire WWE and Coach, who’d argue with him?

The Coach: I know I damn sure wouldn’t. Kane is a monster, ain’t no doubt about it. He didn’t become the World Champion but that is only gonna make him even MORE dangerous.

Match Three: Singles Match

Kane vs Maven

It’s squash territory here as Kane bulldozes his way through a helpless Maven. The Big Red Machine toys with the former Tough Enough man from the first second, dominating with his size, strength and sheer ruthless approach. Kane finally decides to put Maven out of his misery, delivering a devastating Chokeslam and covering for the three count.

Winner: Kane(2:16)

Jim Ross: Well I think it’s pretty darn safe to say, the monster is still very much alive within the Big Red Machine. A dominant display here tonight from Kane and question now is, where does he go from here?

The Coach: I’m not sure J.R. He’s had World Title opportunities but you gotta believe that Kane has that title in his sights. If he gets that opportunity again? I don’t know but clearly he still wants to send a message around here and I think we’re hearin’ him loud and clear.

Kane sets off his fire around the ring, his music playing in the background but Kane seems a little dejected here, appearing not to be too happy despite the dominance shown there as he looks down at the mat and down at the fallen Maven before shaking his head and slowly exiting the ring, running his hands across his head as he does so and we head to a break.


‘Just Close Your Eyes’

And upon returning from the break we instantly hear the music of the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Title, Christian. Captain Charisma steps out, looking for all his ‘peeps’ in the crowd with the Texas faithful roundly booing the wily superstar who despite the reception is all smiles. Christian finally steps through the ropes, heading towards Lilian Garcia who he grabs a mic from, still broadly smiling before once again surveying the crowd for all his loyal ‘peeps’. The music then starts to die down and CC gets set to make an address but has to wait for the boos to fade somewhat.

Christian: That’s uh…that’s no way to greet your next World Champion now is it?

Christian laughs to himself as the boos grow a little louder.

Christian: Don’t boo the truth, I’m just pointin’ out a fact. The next World Heavyweight Champion is right in front of your very eyes. Now…now you might be thinking, how do I know that? How do I know that is a straight up fact?

Christian simply can’t wipe the smile off his face here.

Christian: Well simply put, I’ve got Batista exactly…where I want him. I’ve got Batista in the same spot, the exact same position that I had Ric Flair in and hey, I don’t need to remind anybody what happened between me and Ric now, do I?

There’s all the more boos thrown in for the mention of what Christian did to the legendary Nature Boy.

Christian: I only officially became the number one contender at Unforgiven, fact is I should’ve been a long time ago already. But it only became official at Unforgiven and…and what happened then? Oh that’s right, what happened was that within one day, within just one day of becoming Batista’s next challenger, I got right inside that thick skull o’ his.

Christian taps at his head.

Christian: Twenty four hours is all it took for me to get inside ol’ Dave’s head, to get under his skin, to make his blood boil at the very sight of me and that? That’s all that I wanted, that’s all that I needed and that is everything I got.

Christian now begins smiling once again, still tapping at his head as the crowd boos.

Christian: It’s the same thing I did to old man Flair and look at…look at the consequences that came from that one. I got inside Ric Flair’s head, I made it personal between us, I got him so fired up that it ended up costing him not just a match, no, no, it cost him....his…career.

Major heat again, Christian revelling in it.

Christian: And just like I did with ol’ Natich, I’ve done the same with(mocking voice) ‘The Animal’ and now, just like it cost his buddy, all the mind games, all the bad blood, the simple fact he wants my blood…is gonna be what ends up costing him the World Heavyweight Title.

It’s a more serious approach now from CC.

Christian: But...but people seem to forget that I coulda played this a whole different way. Last week when I knocked Dave down in the parking lot, I coulda beat the crap outta him right there and then. I coulda hurt him so badly that he wouldn’t even be able to defend that World Title. But… I didn’t. I didn’t do that because that’s…that’s just not how I roll.

Christian pats his chest, the serious tone of his last statement now died down a little.

Christian: I might not go about things the way you people want me to and to be quite honest, I couldn’t care less what any of you people want(Big time heat). But…despite that, I still…I still wouldn’t lower myself to putting Batista on the shelf, to forcing him into vacating that title, no. All last week was, was just a little taster of what’s to come for Batista, a little somethin’ just to keep him on his toes, just to make sure he’s watchin’ his back, just to make sure that wherever he goes…I’m in his head.

It’s another little cunning smirk from Captain Charisma with more heat from the Texas faithful as CC now begins to pace around the ring.

Christian: If it ain’t bro…

‘I Walk Alone’

Christian is cut off and he immediately sighs of frustration as the Texas crowd comes alive for the music of the World Champion himself, Batista stepping out, shades on, suited and booted with his title draped over his shoulder. The Animal then tosses his shades off and he does NOT look happy as he sets his sights on a surprisingly unmoved Christian. Tista doesn’t take his eyes off his next challenger as he steps in the ring, wandering over to command a microphone as Christian seems to mouth ‘What is it?’

Batista: Now I want you to listen to me and I want you to listen real close.

Christian folds his arms, yelling ‘I’m listening’.

Batista: You’re lucky I don’t walk across that ring and tear your face off right now, you understand?

HUGE pop as Christian now throws his arms up in the air.

Christian: There…there it is folks!! There it is. What did…what did I tell ya? I’ve won this thing already, he can’t…he can’t even look at me without wanting to 'tear my face off' but Dave, incase ya missed it, like I told everybody else already and like I’m tellin’ you right now. I am going to break…you…down.

Christian is showing some guts here as Tista scoffs at those claims.

Batista: Is that…is that right huh? You…you’re gonna break me down? All I’m gonna say on that one is that I’d sure as hell like to see you try.

Another nice pop, the intensity levels rising between the two here.

Batista: Don’t worry, I’ve heard every word you’ve had to say tonight but I got a problem with a whole lot of it. You think that…you think that mind games are gonna work with me? You think getting inside my head is gonna lead you to taking this title away from me? You REALLY…think that getting under my skin is gonna make sure you walk away a World Champion?

Batista is gritting his teeth come that last question, he’s fuming right now.

Christian: You’re damn right I do. I did it with Fla…

Batista: Lemme, lemme stop you right there. You mighta done it to Ric, sure and hey, it mighta worked with Ric but I am NOT Ric Flair.

A nice pop for that, a few boos in the mix however.

Batista: He’s one of the greatest wrestlers, if not THE greatest of all time but you’re not dealin’ with Ric Flair here, you’re dealin’ with a PISSED OFF ANIMAL!!

Big pop there, a real aggression in the Animal.

Batista: And pissin’ me off? You might think that’s gonna work in your favour, you might think that swings things your way when we meet for this title but I guarandamntee you that what you’re doin’? What you’re doin’… is makin’ the biggest mistake of your life.

Christian looks away, shaking his head.

Batista: Y’know, I spoke to Ric Flair last week. Right before you caught me with that cheap shot I spoke with him and he told me exactly what to expect from you. When he told me to watch my back, when he told me to keep my eyes open, when he told me that I didn’t know exactly what you were like, I thought that…I thought that he was doubting me, that he was on your side, that he didn’t believe in me. But now I know that…I know that all he wants is for me to make sure I don’t fall for the same things he did.

Batista revealing the phone call information from last week there as Christian nods his head before Tista continues.

Batista: And when you took me out last week, when you tried to send a message, when you knocked me down, trust me…you shoulda made sure I stayed down. That was your one, your only chance and you blew it. Now? Now I know what’s comin’, now I know what to expect. I’ve heard it all from Ric and last week I saw it first-hand. You think you’ve won already? Guess again cos you’ve already lost.

Massive pop for the Animal and his intensity as Christian scratches his chin, laughing to himself a little as he paces round by Batista.

Christian: Your old buddy Ric’s filled ya in huh? You know what’s comin’? You know what to expect? Dave…you never know what to expect.



The Coach: He’s keepin’ Batista on his toes!! Captain Charisma can strike at any time, Batista’s not ready for Christian, I’m tellin’ ya J.R, you’re lookin’ at our next World Champion!!

Batista crumples to the mat, clutching his nether regions as Christian simply stands over the fallen World Champion, the boos flooding in for the smirking challenger who looks down at the champion with a smug look before switching attentions to the World Championship belt which he eyes longingly. Christian then takes another look around the crowd, laughing at his actions here before exiting the ring. Batista begins to sit up, clearly in a lot of pain at that nasty strike from Christian and the two men lock eyes with Christian backing up the ramp. Captain Charisma then points to his head, yelling ‘It’s all up here big guy, I’ve got you right where I want, right…where…I want.’ Batista puffs his cheeks out in return, breathing heavily and looking absolutely furious as we then head off to another break.


We return from the break and it’s to the office of Raw’s General Manager with Eric Bischoff pacing around his office, hands clasped together as he appears to be deep in thought. The door then goes however and Bischoff spins round, immediately smiling as we then see the man who just took Batista down, the number one contender to the World Title, Christian.

Christian: You uh…you wanted to see me?

Christian still has that same smirk that we saw before the commercials as Bischoff clearly requested him.

Eric Bischoff: You bet I did. I saw whatcha did out there just now and hey, I saw whatcha did last week and while we’re at, I’ve seen what you’ve been doing for months now.

Christian: Soooo, what about it exactly? It’s what I do Eric, you and all my Peeps here in Texas know that by now.

Christian laughs, the boos are very audible.

Eric Bischoff: Sure, sure but I uh…I just wanted to personally let you know that I like it, I like it a whole lot and I believe, I truly believe…that I’m looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Both men are now all smiles, Christian’s ego being stroked a little here.

Christian: You’re damn right Eric and I can guarantee that I will represent you as Raw’s General Manager, this show as a whole, this entire company a hell of a lot better than that idiot holdin’ my title right now does.

Eric Bischoff: That’s…that’s actually kinda why I asked you to come by tonight.

Christian perks up a little now, listening in.

Eric Bischoff: Y’see, I don’t want Dave Batista as my World Heavyweight Champion, I’ve made that pretty damn clear for all to see and the problem right now is that at Survivor Series, I’ve got a huge match with a whole lot ridin’ on it and I want my team to have, I need my team to have the very best that Monday Night Raw has to offer.

Bischoff pauses.

Eric Bischoff: And right now, Batista holds that World Heavyweight Championship and holding that championship means that Batista is viewed as, that Batista is looked upon as the very best. You and I? We both know that’s a load of bull but from the outside looking in, that’s…that’s just the sad truth. Now there’s just…there is absolutely NO WAY that I want Batista on my team at Survivor Series but…who’s to say he is World Champion come Survivor Series?

Christian suddenly begins nodding, the smile on his face as he seems to like what Bischoff has to say.

Eric Bischoff: See here’s the thing, I don’t want him on my team but I DO want you on my team at Survivor Series Christian and I want you on my team… as the World Heavyweight Champion. I want you on my team as the very BEST that Monday Night Raw, Eric Bischoff’s Monday Night Raw… has to offer.

There’s a lot of boos now at the thought of Christian and Bischoff aligning.

Christian: I like where you’re goin’ here Eric, I like it a whole lot.

Eric Bischoff: I thought you might so here’s…here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna make you a member of Team Bischoff at Survivor Series, if…if you want that is?

Christian nods, Bischoff breathing a sigh of relief slightly.

Eric Bischoff: Great, great and here’s the thing, you will go into that match as the World Heavyweight Champion cos what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give you your World Title opportunity and it’s gonna happen three weeks from tonight LIVE on Monday Night Raw right in your own back yard.

Bischoff has that smug smile of his as he butters Christian up.

Eric Bischoff: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, three weeks from tonight. That’s the night where you make history, that’s the night where you become the man, where you become the World…Heavyweight…Champion and hey, I can’t think of anywhere better for you to do it. I mean how’s that…how’s that sound for you…champ?

Christian looks to be thrilled with this decision, Bischoff likewise, patting Christian on his back with his plan seemingly working.

Christian: That sounds like one hell of a plan Eric. Captain Charisma wins his first World Title right on his own turf, that’s…like you said, that’s fitting right there, that’s historic. Eric…you got yourself a deal.

Christian then offers his hand, Bischoff accepting and the two men shaking on it with both wearing broad smiles as Christian then exits. Once Christian’s departed we see Bischoff clench his fists together and fist pump, clearly overjoyed that another member of Team Bischoff is sewn up here tonight.

We then return back to ringside where we hear…

‘Yeah, We’re Comin’ Down’

And it’s the music of the World Tag Team Champions as out come the Dudley Boyz to a nice pop as Bubba and D-Von try and rev up the crowd, all set for an interesting challenge here tonight.

Jim Ross: Well the Dudleyz were admittedly not happy with the way they retained the World Tag Team Titles at Unforgiven and they’re dead set on giving the Platform to Perfection another opportunity and they were more than happy to take the Basham Brothers on too but after tonight, it would certainly appear that an Unforgiven rematch is on the cards.

The Coach: You’re damn right it is and rightfully so. Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth have backed up everything they’ve claimed since they came to Monday Night Raw and tonight they did the same thing. The Basham Brothers couldn’t lace their boots and it showed out there tonight. The Dudleyz better watch their backs cos Perfection is on its way and for the Dudleyz, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

The Dudleyz pose for the fans, their music dying down as Bubba and D-Von hand their Tag Titles over towards ringside and we then hear…


And it’s a pretty strong pop, louder than the Dudleyz for sure as out step the self-proclaimed World’s Greatest Tag Team with Shelton Benjamin slowly walking down the ramp, slapping hands with some of the crowd, Charlie Haas meanwhile is clearly buzzing as he bounces up and down, a few steps ahead of Benjamin, a strut in his step as he bursts into the ring full of life, ready for this opportunity.

Jim Ross: Well that’s for another time and place but here tonight the Dudleyz take on two young men who’ve got a point to prove. The self-proclaimed World’s Greatest Tag Team have certainly not been able to prove that claim of late with Shelton Benjamin understandably focusing all his attentions on his Intercontinental Title.

The Coach: Woah, woah, woah, understandably? What’s understandable about letting your partner, your so called best friend down time and time again cos that’s what Shelton Benjamin’s done. Charlie Haas has wanted this night since the minute he came to Raw in the draft and only now is he getting it. Why? Because his ‘partner’ is as selfish as they come and the sooner Haas realises it, the better.

Jim Ross: I don’t think you can call Shelton Benjamin selfish after what he’s been through with that Interc…

The Coach: I’ll call him whatever the hell I want. The Coach can call anybody anything and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it R.J, yeah I just called ya R.J, see what I did there huh?

Jim Ross: For god’s sake.

As Coach laughs at his own joke the bell rings and this one’s all set to get underway.

Match Four: Tag Team Match

The Dudley Boyz vs The World’s Greatest Tag Team

This one starts off hot with Charlie Haas in full flow, clearly high on confidence, getting this opportunity to tag with his partner again here tonight. Haas is quick and effective as he opens it up for his team up against D-Von Dudley who struggles to deal with the technical mat based style of Haas. The WGTT really click early on and everything appears to be going swimmingly as Haas and Benjamin make frequent tags, isolating D-Von in their corner as Bubba looks on worriedly from across the ring.

Benjamin is now the legal man and he whips D-Von across the ring, D-Von rebounding right back into Benjamin’s path but D-Von ducks it and springs off the opposite side of the ring wiping Shelton out with a flying shoulder tackle!! It proves to be a turning point as D-Von manages to crawl across the squared circle making his way towards his partner, Bubba’s arm outstretched and D-Von makes the tag! Bubba storms in and instantly goes to town on Benjamin, making sure he can’t get Haas back into the contest.

Bubba keeps control of Benjamin before a turning point comes with Bubba whipping Benjamin across the ring but HAAS TAGS HIMSELF IN!! Haas makes the tag, neither Bubba or Benjamin seeing it as Benjamin rebounds and Bubba wipes him out with a beautiful fallaway slam!! Into the cover…but there’s no count!! Bubba wonders what’s going on as he gets back to his feet and he’s met with a dropkick from Haas!! Cover…1…2…D-VON BREAKS THE COUNT!! Both Bubba and Haas are down as the referee ushers Shelton Benjamin away. It’s Haas who’s to his feet first but Bubba isn’t far behind and both men get right into it, throwing rights at one another and it’s Bubba whose power is overbearing Haas. Bubba comes out on top and forces Haas into the corner where he tags in D-Von, Irish whip by Bubba, Haas rebounds and it’s a double kick to the gut, DOUBLE DDT!! Haas floored, cover by D-Von, 1…2…kick out at two from Haas!!

We see Shelton Benjamin now taking his place in the corner, a confused look on his face, perhaps wondering why and when Charlie Haas tagged in as he now sees his partner in trouble. D-Von establishes control once more, working over Haas, slowing the pace down somewhat here before yet another shift. D-Von goes over towards the top rope and it proves to be costly as he sizes Haas up, Haas getting to his feet, D-VON FLIES…NOBODY HOME!! Haas rolls outta dodge, D-Von’s quick to his feet and Haas now takes it to D-Von!! Fast rights, stiff kicks from Haas with D-Von now on the back foot, Irish whip by Haas who flies off the opposite side and D-Von flies back at him, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!! BOTH MEN DOWN!!

Haas’ momentum stopped in its tracks but D-Von fails to build some of his own, a stalemate taking place almost. Benjamin and Bubba both want in this thing, itching to get in as Haas and D-Von crawl towards their respective corners. Both men are within arm’s reach and HAAS TAGS IN FIRST, D-VON RIGHT BEHIND!! HERE COMES BENJAMIN, HERE COMES BUBBA!! The crowd come alive as Bubba throws a right but Benjamin blocks it, big rights now from Benjamin, a real intensity from the Intercontinental Champion. Benjamin with an Irish whip, Bubba rebounds and Benjamin strikes with a DAMN SUPERKICK!! Bubba’s head’s taken off…but there’s commotion in the crowd as the camera shifts and we see WILLIAM REGAL THROUGH THE CROWD!!

Regal hops the barricade and the wily veteran tugs the leg of Charlie Haas. Haas immediately storms off the apron and the chase is on!! HAAS CHASING REGAL THROUGH THE CROWD!! Benjamin’s now sizing Bubba up once more in the ring, Bubba stirring…BUT WE NOW SEE MARK JINDRAK STORMING DOWN THE RAMP!! Jindrak gets Benjamin’s attention as he paces round the ring and…and Jindrak’s gone towards the announce table…where he grabs Benjamin’s I.C Title!! Benjamin has a look of real anger on his face, realising that Charlie Haas is in the crowd and Jindrak has a hold of his championship. We now see Charlie Haas returning through the crowd, clearly unable to catch Regal before we focus back on Benjamin who is gritting his teeth together as Jindrak now puts the title back down. That sinister smirk still on his face as he then motions for Benjamin to turn round…WHERE BUBBA AND D-VON AWAIT, THE CROWD COME ALIVE…3DDDDDDD!! Charlie Haas now storms over the barricade as Mark Jindrak hightails it!! Bubba into the cover…1…2… HAAS ENTERS THE RING…3…the champions are victorious!! HAAS WAS TOO LATE!!

Winners: The Dudley Boyz(9:52)

The Dudleyz come out on top, thanks to the crafty approach of William Regal and Mark Jindrak. Charlie Haas is absolutely devastated as he sits, head in his hands realising that his chance, the WGTT’s chance at title glory has come crashing down and it’s all thanks to William Regal and Mark Jindrak.

Jim Ross: Ah Jindrak and Regal screwing Shelton Benjamin over, screwing the World’s Greatest Tag Team over here tonight!! This has got nothing to do with Mark Jindrak and William Regal!!

The Coach: Jindrak and Regal screwed Benjamin over?? Are you kiddin’ me?!? Shelton Benjamin just tossed Charlie Haas’ hopes down the drain J.R!! The World’s Greatest Tag Team were gonna win that match, they were gonna be in the hunt and Shelton Benjamin…like he always does lost his concentration, Shelton Benjamin screwed ‘em over.

Jim Ross: Oh c’mon!! Jindrak and Regal caused the distraction!! They knew damn well what they were doing and it’s all to get inside the head of the Intercontinental Champion, to cause friction between the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

The Coach: I don’t blame Mark Jindrak, I don’t blame William Regal, I blame Shelton Benjamin and only Shelton Benjamin. He’s too damn worried about Mark Jindrak takin’ his title that he forgets about the match, that he forgets about the Tag Team Titles, he forgets about what his partner wants and that has gotta be the final straw for Charlie Haas, it’s gotta be.

Benjamin is now sat up inside the ring, Charlie Haas leaning against the ropes, hands on hips in disbelief that at what just happened, he and Benjamin seemingly in control. Benjamin now gets to his feet and looks up…and he sees Charlie Haas standing across the ring, giving him a real death glare. Haas looks completely crestfallen as Benjamin seems to mouth ‘I’m sorry man’. Haas simply shakes his head before walking across the ring, Benjamin tries to grab him, trying to talk to him but Haas shoves him away!! There’s a few ‘Ooooohs’ from the crowd as Haas is clearly furious here but surely he can’t put that all on Shelton Benjamin? Benjamin now stretching his arms out, almost apologetic as Haas exits the ring and quickly storms up the ramp, still shaking his head and we head off to another commercial break with the image of Shelton Benjamin, who is also visibly frustrated left in the middle of the ring.


Returning back from the break and the first image we see is of Todd Grisham who is ready and waiting to speak with us backstage.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, joining me at this time, please welcome the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!

Michaels appears into shot to a HUGE pop with him being one of Texas’ own. Michaels looks fairly calm and seemingly focused ahead of his big main event still to come.

Todd Grisham: Shawn you laid the challenge down last week and we now know that at Survivor Series, it is do or die for you and your career. Tonight, you take on one of the members of that match from Team Bischoff, The Great Khali. How are you planning to deal with somebody like Khali who is…who is simply a monster?

Shawn Michaels: I know what I’m up against tonight Todd, I’ve faced Khali before and the word monster doesn’t…it doesn’t do him justice lemme tell ya. But last time me and this monster stepped foot in that ring…I beat him.

Nice pop there, Michaels with a real focus in his eyes.

Shawn Michaels: And tonight I plan on doin’ the exact same thing. I heard all that crap Bischoff talked about earlier on tonight, how he’s plannin’ on buildin’ the biggest, the baddest and the best team possible to take me down but Eric, if you’re listenin’ I can assure ya, nothing you do and nobody you got can take…me…down.

Michaels looks directly into the camera, another nice pop greeting his stern words.

Shawn Michaels: I’ve been pushed too far for too long and at Survivor Series I finally get to put a stop to it all. The past few months have been…they’ve been by far the worst of my career, right up there with the very worst in my entire life and this match at Survivor Series, it’s my last throw o’ the dice, it’s my last chance for freedom and I’m not gonna let that slide.

Michaels shakes his head whilst saying that.

Todd Grisham: Well Shawn as you said, this is your last chance but the facts are, this is a five on five match up which means you’re gonna need four other men by your side come Survivor Series. Have you found anyone at all yet who is to be a part of Team Michaels?

Michaels doesn’t respond for a moment, instead scratching his head.

Shawn Michaels: Y’know, all week long I’ve had people asking me that kinda question. ‘Are ya gonna be able to find four guys willin’ to save your career Shawn?’ ‘Are ya gonna be able to find four guys that you can trust?’ ‘Are ya gonna be able to find four guys that are willin’ to give everythin’ for ya Shawn?’

Michaels now looks at Grisham and almost scoffs at him.

Shawn Michaels: The answer…is no.

Grisham looks confused.

Shawn Michaels: I won’t be able to find four guys willin’ to save my career, I won’t be able to find four guys I can trust and I sure as hell won’t find four guys who will give everythin’ they got just for the Heartbreak Kid. But…I know for a fact that I can find four guys who are willin’ to make sure Eric Bischoff’s days around this place are numbered.

Big pop for that thought from the Texas crowd.

Shawn Michaels: And that? That’s all I can ask for headin’ into Survivor Series. They don’t have to wanna see me get my moment, they don’t have to wanna see me survive, they just have to want…him…gone. Have I got anybody yet? Nope, Team Michaels is still on one and that’s…that’s fine by me cos there’s a lotta time until Survivor Series rolls round and I have faith that by the time it does I’ll have four guys by my side who will give it everythin’ they got to see the back o’ him.

Michaels pauses, staring coldy at Grisham.

Shawn Michaels: Eric Bischoff might think he’s got this whole thing figured out, that he’s got everything under control but just when he thinks he has the answers…I change the questions. Just when he thinks he has the biggest…I’ll go one bigger. Just when he thinks he has the baddest…I’ll find badder and just when he thinks he’s got the best…he sees the Showstopper standin’ in front o’ him and he knows that deep down… he’s already lookin'... at the best.

Big time ovation for those strong words as Michaels heads out, a fierce determination about him here tonight, all set for action later on tonight as we then head back to ringside and to the announce desk where J.R and Coach await us.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels as defiant as ever and he’s gonna need to be here tonight and come Survivor Series but moving forward and to another man who’s proving to be extremely defiant, Mr.Kennedy. Kennedy has vowed not to return to Monday Night Raw until he’s given what he wants, until he’s given what he believes he’s worthy of and folks we’ve been sent a video here tonight from the man himself, let’s take a look.

Coach smiles and nods, J.R tipping his hat and we then head into this video from Kennedy. We go to a what appears to be a garden as we see grass everywhere, the sun is shining, there’s several bushes around as the camera goes from right to left, seeing everything about this garden. We keep seeing this large area from left to right before we see a swimming pool come into shot, several chairs placed around it, a small, black poolside table is there with a drink perched on it as we then come to a halt with the camera stopping on one of those chairs with the figure Mr.Kennedy sat down on it. Kennedy is wearing a vest and some shorts, looking directly into the camera as he lays back a little, a broad smirk on his face, chewing gum for a change.

I uh…I recorded this lil video for ya this afternoon but right now you’re all probably sat at home on your couch watching Monday Night Raw, watching out for all your ‘favourite’ superstars but you know just as well as I do that…that something’s not…quite…right, that something’s just, it’s missing, that someone is missing and you…you wouldn’t be wrong.

Kennedy chuckles to himself.

In fact you are absolutely right. The missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle that is Monday Night Raw is sat right here in his own home back in Green Bay but make…make no mistake about it. I may look pretty damn comfortable sittin’ in my chair, takin’ a dip in the pool, livin’ the high life but I am far, FAR…from comfortable.

Kennedy now stares daggers at the camera.

See this wasn’t the way I’d planned for my Monday to be, this wasn’t the vision I had when I opened my eyes this morning, no. See last week I made it absolutely CRYSTAL CLEAR about the way things were gonna go down. I wasn’t coming back to Raw, I wasn’t coming back to the WWE until I was given what I deserved. I put everybody on notice last week, I warned everybody of how this whole thing was gonna play out. So for the past seven days, all… week… long I’ve been waiting, I’ve been anticipating, hell all morning I’ve still, I have STILL been expecting the call.

Kennedy now pulls his phone out of his pocket, looking at it longingly.

But have I seen that jackass Eric Bischoff’s name come up on my phone at all? Have I seen the princess herself Stephanie McMahon’s name appear? Have I seen the heir to the throne Shane O’Mac’s name pop up on this screen right here? Has the old bag Linda bothered to pick up the phone? Has Vincent KENNEDYYYY McMahon himself had the courtesy to call?

Kennedy shakes his head while laughing, clearly in a frustrated fashion.

Nope. Not one of ‘em. Not one of ‘em has tried to bring their ‘Game Changer’, their money maker, their bonafide STAR back to this company and I don’t…I don’t get that, y’know?

Kennedy scratches his head, clearly puzzled.

I don’t understand it, I don’t have the answer for it and like I said last week, patience? Patience just ain’t my strong suit. All I want is what I deserve, that’s not…that’s not much to ask right? One phone call, just one could be all that’s needed to satisfy me and Eric, Vince, whoever it is that wants to take note of this…satisfying me, satisfying your biggest star, that should be your one and your only priority right now.

Kennedy now turns and spits his gum out.

So here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna give you one more week, another seven whole days to do what’s right. Pick up the phone, tell me what I wanna hear, put me where I belong, give me the SPOTLIGHT and if ya…if ya don’t? If ya don’t then I might uh…I might just make a little trip to Stamford next week. Y’know, Stamford? The home of WWE’s headquarters, where the uh, the corporates themselves sit on their high horses and do, well, they seem to like doin’ a whole loada nothin’ don’t they? Well next week, if push comes to shove, I might just make ‘em do somethin’.

Kennedy stares fairly coldly into the camera now and with that the video goes fuzzy and we head off into a commercial, Kennedy’s message loud and clear for all to see/hear here tonight.


‘Arab America’

And we return to the music of the most dangerous stable in the WWE right now, the extremely impressive Arabian Entity as out steps Muhammad Hassan, The Great Khali, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari. The four men casually stroll down to the ring before we see walking behind them, you guessed it…Eric Bischoff. Bischoff is all smiles as Khali steps menacingly over the top rope, Hassan, Dutt and Daivari pacing round the ring, Bischoff interacting with some very vocal fans in the crowd as Khali now awaits his opponent.

Jim Ross: I don’t like ‘em but I can’t argue the fact that these four men have taken Monday Night Raw, have taken the WWE by storm since aligning together. Muhammad Hassan is one of the most cunning, calculated individuals I’ve seen around here in a long, long time. You combine that with the athleticism and talent possessed by Dutt and Daivari alongside the sheer power, the size of The Great Khali and it’s no wonder these guys have run roughshod here on Monday nights.

The Coach: Absolutely J.R and come Survivor Series, Eric Bischoff has pulled off a master stroke in getting Hassan and Khali on his team. Shawn Michaels has already felt it, he’s had to deal with these guys before and he KNOWS he can’t handle them, let alone whoever else the boss has got lined up. Tonight you know as well as I do cowboy that we’re getting ourselves a lil’ Survivor Series preview!!

‘Sexy Boy’

And the pop is HUGE as out steps the Showstopper himself, the man whose career is on the line come Survivor Series, Shawn Michaels. Michaels has a steely look in his eye, no flashy entrance as he simply walks down to the ring, extremely focused as he eyes up the monster that awaits him. We get a shot of Hassan, Bischoff and the other Entity members, all eyes on HBK who stares them out individually before stepping in the ring, removing his vest top and once more setting his sights on this giant of a man he meets.

Jim Ross: He’s had one of the worst periods in his long, illustrious career but the one thing Shawn Michaels continues to have is faith. The Heartbreak Kid believes that he can get outta this situation, that he can get outta this living nightmare and come Survivor Series he will get that opportunity, that chance to escape, to find freedom and in the process take down the man he despises most, Eric Bischoff.

The Coach: He can have all the chances he wants, all the opportunities he likes but he’s up against ERIC FREAKIN’ BISCHOFF BABY!! It just doesn’t matter what he does J.R, Bischoff’s already got himself three of the best there is and he’s got two more to go! Who’s Shawn Michaels got huh? Oh that’s right, he hasn’t got anybody. Why? Because NOBODY…nobody wants to go up against their boss and nobody wants to join forces with a loser like Shawn Michaels.

Jim Ross: You keep believing that Coach but I kno…

The Coach: Oh I will believe it, y’know why? Cos it’s a simple fact. Whoever he does end up finding? Whatever garbage he lines up on his side? It’s gonna be just that, garbage. Nothing’s gonna be good enough to stop the boss J.R…nothing.

Match Five: Singles Match

Shawn Michaels vs The Great Khali w/The Arabian Entity

It’s a fairly slow main event, no surprise with the giant Khali involved as he goes about things in his usual meandering way and it’s the big man himself who dominates the early going. Michaels struggles to get any kind of a hold in the match as his every move is countered by the sheer size and power of the monster he’s up against.

The Arabian Entity are clearly content with proceedings as we see them all beaming from the outside, Muhammad Hassan in particular whilst Eric Bischoff looks on more sternly. Michaels continues to struggle and is thrown from all corners of the ring, Khali almost toying with Michaels here who grasps around for any kind of a lifeline but is then whipped across the ring, Michaels rebounding and his head’s almost taken off with a thunderous big boot!!

Khali however, perhaps takes his foot off the gas slightly as he roars to the crowd before leaning down to HBK where he’s met with an elbow to the gut, repeated elbows now from Shawn before a kick to the knee. Michaels now runs the ropes and it’s a low angle dropkick that takes Khali down at the knees!! Khali is floored and Michaels perhaps now back into this thing. Michaels senses he’s got hope now as he heads across to the top rope, sensibly steering clear of where the Entity are stood, we now see Eric Bischoff beginning to pace, clearly worried as Michaels steadies himself…ELBOW DROP OFF THE TOP!!! MICHAELS HAS REALLY TURNED THE TABLES HERE!!

The crowd are all fired up now as Michaels heads to the corner…he’s tuning up the band!! But we see Daivari hop onto the apron…OH SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO DAIVARI!! Sonjay Dutt now storms into the ring and MICHAELS TOSSES HIM UP AND OVER THE TOP!! THE ENTITY FALLING ONE BY ONE!! The camera cuts to see Eric Bischoff now waving…waving to the back…what the hell is this about?!? As we see Hassan enter the ring and he swings for Michaels, Michaels ducks it…SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO HASSAN!! MICHAELS IS ROLLIN’, THE CROWD ARE ELECTRIC…BAM!!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?! MICHAELS IS WIPED OUT FROM BEHIND BY…BY CHRISTIAN!! The referee calls for the bell as Eric Bischoff enters the ring and orders Christian, his new team member to continue the assault.

Winner via Disqualification: Shawn Michaels(7:51)


The Coach: This is why Shawn needs help J.R!! This is why Shawn needs guys on his team and he needs ‘em quick but guess what?! Nobody wants to help Shawn Mi…




Batista storms the ring, Bischoff getting outta dodge as Christian throws a right hand but Batista blocks it…Batista firing away with right hands of his own and Christian has no answer for them!! Irish whip by Batista…BUT CHRISTIAN HANGS ONTO THE ROPES AND DUCKS DOWN, WANTING NO PART OF THE WORLD CHAMPION!!

The Coach: How smart is Christian J.R!? He doesn’t need this, he’s got a World Title shot to get ready for.

Jim Ross: But he needs to get involved in Shawn Michaels business does he?!

Batista is raging as we now see Khali stumbling to his feet…Batista running across the ring and THE ANIMAL WIPES KHALI OUT WITH A THUNDEROUS SPEAR!! Khali is taken down as Bischoff and Christian retreat up the ramp, the Raw GM seething as Christian shakes his head. We see the Entity now getting together on the outside as they pull Khali from the ring, their pride clearly wounded here tonight as Batista now pulls HBK to his feet, Michaels recognising the Animal’s help as he offers Batista a handshake…and the champion accepts!! Big time pop as Michaels and Batista perhaps align here tonight.

Jim Ross: Are we looking at the second member of Team Michaels at Survivor Series!?! Has the Heartbreak Kid found one of the four men he wants, one of the four men he needs to take down the Eric Bischoff regime?!?

The Coach: He can find four men all he wants and Batista can be one of ‘em but he is NOT taking down Eric Bischoff at Survivor Series whether he likes it or not!

Jim Ross: Team Bischoff have the numbers game right now but Team Michaels appears to be taking shape and the look on the boss’ face, the look on his team’s face tells the story!! Eric Bischoff’s job is in serious jeopardy come Survivor Series!! Goodnight everybody!!

Michaels and Batista now stare down the Entity, Bischoff and Christian who stand on top of the ramp, looking back in anger at the fact Michaels and the Animal have taken them down here tonight as we see Michaels now let out a sly little grin, perhaps knowing that things have swung in his favour here tonight as another shot of Eric Bischoff gulping is shown and we slowly fade…to…black.

Date: 27th November 2005

Location: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit; Michigan

Current Card:

5 on 5 Elimination Match:

Team Michaels(Shawn Michaels, Batista, ?, ?, ?) vs. Team Bischoff(Muhammad Hassan, The Great Khali, Christian, ?, ?)
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Team Bischoff vs Team Michaels, Shawn Michaels obviously the captain of his team and Batista joining Team Michaels, the World Heavyweight Champion joining Shawn's team, what a pick for Team Michaels but look at who Bischoff has on his team already he has Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali Entity Members and then he has the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship Christian on his team, it makes me wonder who will be the 3rd, 4th and 5th members for Team Michaels? Or who will be the 4th and 5th members for Team Bischoff but what I love so much about this match is that Eric Bischoff's job is on the line, if Eric's team loses, he's gone, fired, and Michaels is free from Bischoff, both Bischoff and Michaels' careers are on the line in this match because if Shawn's team loses he's gone, fired

Even if Christian does beat Batista for that World Heavyweight Championship, Edge could always cash in his Money in the Bank on Christian, so Christian shouldn't get too comfortable becoming champion because like that it could all end for him

I still smell that Charlie Haas heel turn coming from a mile away
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