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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

JAM’s Review

Starting out the night with Bischoff was a good move imo. With the way that the last show ended, I think you needed Bischoff to build up the Entity even moreso. You’ve got Bischoff down as a character so his promo about the Entity made them seem legit once again. Then having Batista come out to rebuttal back at Bischoff was nicely done as well. Agree with iMac that maybe there was a lot of mentioning of “death” but we get what you were trying to say. The brawl that ensued was nicely done but I’m not too sure that they would’ve backed down from HBK when he came down. He could’ve brawled with Khali a little then get clotheslined over the top rope only for Hassan to leave the ring. You built up the Entity well with Bischoff’s promo but I think you made them look a little too weak with this opening.

Now this was enjoyable from Kane for sure. Glad we got to hear from him this early. Seems as though there’s a plan in the works between Kane and Bischoff? Very interesting. That confrontation with Khali and Kane had me pulling for Kane to send a throat thrust right to Khali, would’ve been awesome HA! This could turn into a gimmick for Eugene where he pretends to be someone else. But anyway, I’m real excited for what you have in store for Kennedy. He could’ve been so much more in the WWE, so here’s hoping that he does something memorable.

Oooooh Regal was used very well here. Not too fond of Jindrak, but having Regal as his manager has made me like him just a slight bit. The dialogue between Regal and Haas was great to read. I’m not really buying Haas being the good guy since I think there’ll be some funny business when the PPV comes but we’ll just wait and see. I don’t really remember Haas on the mic but what I read from this was quite good. Looking forward to the Haas/Benjamin feud, we know it’s coming lol. Hmm, while I do like PTP getting the tag division spotlight, I think you needed the Bashams to have an impact here and I think this did the trick. Don’t quite remember the Bashams all that much other than they were JBL’s cronies. But the way they were portrayed here was nice to see. So you’ve got the Dudleyz as your veterans, PTP as your up-and-coming guys, and Bashams as your team to get noticed. I would like to see another team tbh, just like a badass face team, so I hope you bring in more teams. Quite interested in this tag match now after reading this.

thanks for the shoutout. Goldust and Eugene? What a pair that’ll be. I’m already interested, let’s see what you do with them. All eyes were on the partnership of Haas/Benjamin here so it was no surprise that you had something go down between the two. I think we finally see the whole thing explode at the PPV imo. Haas will stop putting up with Benjamin I believe to really kickstart this feud. Really can’t wait for it. It’s been my favorite part of the night so far, surpassing the opening segment.

I’m really liking Kane now for some reason. He’d be a good face or tweener for sure. Don’t think he captures the title but I think you’ve got things for him to do. Nice character development here. Yeah, this is the segment of the night for sure, changed my mind again. IMO, all three guys said their piece really nicely. Jericho indeed had the least to say but that’s okay because it’s clearly because he’s the most accomplished from the three. The whole pressure theme of the promos was a nice touch as well. Edge definitely came out looking the best here because it seemed like it was 2-on-1 with everyone trying to psych Edge out so that he’d lose it. Then the commentators did a great job of putting over the entire promo, summarizing it as best they can. Commentary does help a show in some way, so I read it just in case.

Good to see some interaction between Batista and HBK. Definitely smart building the tension for later on tonight. I sense another brawl coming up with Kane possibly entering the fray. I’m pulling for a Lita win at the PPV but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Victoria win. She needs to continue her dominant ways so maybe Lita does lose the title here. Looking forward to that.

DAT RUNDOWN OF THE CARD, pleased to see that. Well, looks like we don’t even get a match but what an ending to Raw. Knew Kane would somehow get involved because we haven’t really seen him all night, was pretty obvious imo. Them chuckin’ themselves off the stage again seems a bit redundant but this time you had Batista do it. Which brings to mind that he completely no-selled the chokeslam off the stage, that’s gotta call for bandages for sure. If you did this between them on a regular show, I’m guessing their match at the PPV will be even more brutal, can’t wait. The HBK/Entity stuff was just as brutal, even more brutal actually. I completely feel that HBK should sell the wounds he got from Raw so I’ll be waiting to see that when the PPV happens. Good booking mentioning faith there at the end, was a really nice touch and would get Hassan and the Entity loads of heat. Was just marveled at the carnage of this episode man. Would’ve been nice to see what Bischoff’s reaction was to all this. Maybe him laughing to end the show would’ve been a nice ending as well.

Overall, a lot of positives for this episode. You’ve had me changing my mind about what was the segment of the night so that’s always a good thing. Really intrigued with all that you’ve set up really, it’s a might strong card you’ve got. I’m not sure if the middle was a little slow or your opening and closing segments were just really strong, that may be the case. But nonetheless, pretty hyped for the PPV. Can’t wait

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

I'm looking forward to seeing this through--Lita a face in 2005???

vs Victoria?

Christian vs Edge

Muhammad Hassan?

I can't believe I missed this thread...

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Raw Feedback

Yeah, it's about that time. I realise it's very late in terms of when you posted the show - I know sometimes you reach a point where you say 'Screw it, I wrote it ages ago, time to move on', but I never seem to drop some thoughts your way and I'd like to change that. I've also kept closer tabs on Raw than SD, and given that this is the go-home show, I wouldn't get another chance before the PPV itself. So, down to it.

Bischoff surprised me. I remember Hassan's promo on how Americans treated him and that's the kind of depth I liked seeing. I think I was ready for Hassan to lead the Entity out here and say HBK didn't hurt them, couldn't hurt them. While I'm here, I also thought you booked yourself into a -slight- corner somewhat with the HBK-killing-all-four-guys-before-the-PPV thing, I think it doused the Entity's fire a little. I think the way forward heading into the show was to have the Entity as an unstoppable beast, so if HBK somehow came out on top at Unforgiven, he had truly overcome the odds. Of course there was an element of Michaels being a wily S.O.B, but for a lot of this saga he's been the total underdog, the man with huge amounts of attention and pressure on his shoulders, and I just think him having the Entity's number undermines that a little. I want to see HBK have the kitchen sink thrown at him, only for him to tell Bischoff to suck it and come out on top, bleeding and beaten but victorious. That being said, that's still what you're still gunning for with the very fact there's a 4-on-1 Handicap Match for him to deal with on Sunday, so it's not a huge deal, it was merely a (very drawn out) thought.

Oh right, this week's show. Hassan. Thought he could have delivered some verbal goodness. Regardless, the Bischoff characterisation was strong, the rhythm of his speech especially, and in a way this was you underlining his stance at this point of his feud with HBK. I really liked how after he talked about the Entity (the death line was a little much, yes), he brought it right back to himself - the guy is, at heart, a self-centred bastard, and it just works. Even though if the Entity win it'll be their accomplishment, he's taking all the credit, and that's very Bischoff indeed. Loves soaking in his own power. Again, I wasn't expecting Batista but you made it work; it was perhaps a little Bischoff-heavy considering it was Dave's interruption, and I wasn't huge on the Animal's gushing about HBK's ability (weren't they slapping/kicking/Powerbombing each other during the ref scandal a few weeks ago? ), but that aside, the stuff about Tista's passion for his title really chimed. It's always been one of his defining traits and I definitely think you should work it in where you can. Again, Bischoff bringing it right back to his own influence and HBK's fate worked a treat, though I'm a little confused on the Entity's appearance - it seemed like a trap, but Eric never mentioned Batista, so how did he know the Animal was going to turn up? A little confusing. Also, I thought we needed some Entity dominance to make up for them being laid out, but Dutt and Daivari got sent for a ride (not such an issue) and Khali and Hassan didn't actually do anything, which was kind of anti-climactic. Ahh, I don't know. I think as an opening segment it did its job (in many ways it was just a preview for when things exploded later) but I think the execution could have been better. I also think given the 'glare' between HBK and Batista suggesting a tense mutual respect or something a little edgier, maybe Batista shouldn't have been so complimentary of him earlier. Maybe I was looking for Hassan and HBK to sit and talk so I'm just miffed I didn't get some deep thematic rambling about God and faith and national perception (just to clarify, what you did was a better option.) I'm never satisfied, am I? Given how the show ends, my issues seem trivial, really. Bischoff is your money man, hence why he got half of Feud of the Year, and he was red-hot here, but Batista didn't really establish a reason for interrupting and I wasn't sure how the Entity came out of it. God I do ramble.

Glad to see some strong Kane character work here - he doesn't align himself with people he sees as beneath him, no matter the face or heel orientation, and that's why he started on the Entity here. Dutt and Daivari's stuttering versus Hassan's more-composed demeanour was a classy touch, especially the concept that Hassan always likes to keep Khali around for his own self-protection. Drives back to the heart that Hassan finds it difficult to trust people - I'm thinking of the Award-nominated 'faith' promo again - and although I doubt you were thinking of it when you wrote this little segment, it's what it made me think of. Hopefully you'll delve into Hassan's inner workings a little more after Unforgiven. Just a thought - not sure heel Kane has to justify anything he says. To anyone.

I like Kennedy in your thread. I like the tweener element, it's not often people try to tackle the tweener and to be honest I think you've just about hit the nail on the head with Ken. His criticisms of Bischoff, for example, scream face, but he's a total asshole and he does what he wants, ala heel. It's a fine balance, but the fact you kind of like his take-no-prisoners attitude is contrasted... you know, by the fact that he likes smacking people around and this outright obsession with proving his own worth. It's nice, I really like it. My slight problem, because I'm channelling Kennedy and saying what's on my mind, is that Kennedy says it's six days until he gets some competition... what if the glass had shattered, or the guitar riff had played, and the REAL Austin or Hart or someone like that came out? Kennedy is making the exact same challenge here as he'll make at Unforgiven, so he kind of gave away that nothing was really going to happen of note here. Eugene as an impersonator actually works quite well - I remember Charlie Haas' brief impersonator gimmick was pretty funny while it lasted, but with Eugene, while he doesn't have Haas' decent ability on the stick (yeah I said it) he has a lot more reason to use the gimmick, given how he's sort of everyone's biggest fan. Obviously Kennedy was going to kill him, though I think he would have got bored before the four minute mark, but that being said it ties right into Kennedy's asshole side and tbh I'm very interested to see who he faces on Sunday. Good stuff, feed us more Kennedy.

A very interesting dynamic between Regal and Haas here. I think you played it pretty much perfectly, though the bits with Haas "in deep thought" might have been a little bit on the nose. Otherwise, it was a controlled piece of character work, and it certainly builds intrigue, because let's face it, you can now go either way on Sunday. You can pull the trigger and have Haas switch sides, or you can have him stand aside and let his feud/partnership with Shelton build. If he doesn't influence the outcome, a Jindrak win could also provide an interesting 'why didn't you help me' bit from Benjamin for a possible Shelton turn too, so as I say, plenty of options. I could see Haas standing beside Benjamin for a little longer, just to keep the title in Shelton's hands, but for me, I'm just not a huge Jindrak fan and maybe I don't want him as IC Champion, who knows. The segment itself is well written and leaves things up in the air just enough. I believe it was DC who once complained in the Discussion Thread that no-one seems to be able to use Haas without having him feud with Benjamin, so I hope we don't just hop into another black-and-white Haas/Benjamin feud, but certainly I'm happy you're giving Haas a bit more spotlight, I did genuinely see a fair bit of potential in the guy.

Oh God the Heart-Throbs. Again, I can't see a match like this stretching to five minutes, but hey, you couldn't exactly put the Entity in there so the Dudleys needed a match of a certain length with someone. A couple of crowd reactions might have set the scene a little better but otherwise you knew what you were doing here. Of course, the focus was on the post-match material, and all in all it was well characterised in that everyone sounded like themselves - though I can't vouch for the Bashams - but I think things just got a little cluttered. Starting with the good, having the Bashams pull their stunt shows they're not content with just hanging around and waiting for a chance, so I like that they have that ambition. Doane and Nemeth really work as arrogant heels, too, and you had their overreacting, dramatic style of talking to a tee. Likewise, the dichotomy between the Dudleys and PTP (O'Neill and Young?) was pretty strong, and I think they'll have a good match on Sunday. My issues - the Bashams on the Tron really would have made things awkward visually, because of the PTP having to crane their necks to look at these guys. Also, while I like the way you've made things a bit more exciting with the introduction of the Bashams, it did feel like they weren't needed - it felt like they detracted a little from the main title feud, so maybe it was a bombshell waiting to be dropped at the pay-per-view, or on next week's show. The Bashams disappearing meant Nemeth then had to awkwardly twist the focus back to the main feud, and Bubba's final line was quite jarring as an end to the segment. Overall, it advanced this whole scene/feud quite considerably, so that's the main thing, but I just had some problems, again, with how it was all executed. Still, I'm intrigued for the title match, so job done.

While I'd never be that excited to see a Goldust-Eugene team, Goldust's stutter where one word he says turns into something completely diff... di... di - DILIGENTLY WRITING SOME FEEDBACK FOR YOU - different... ahem... could work really well, it's actually quite funny.

Nice stuff for Haas here - Coach's line after the bell suggested that if Haas wants to get any glory or even a win for himself, he needs to stop putting Shelton first, which is, in essence, an integral part of being the good tag team that Haas wishes they could be again. It's quite multi-layered as a concept and I really like the story work, despite the fact that ironically both Benjamin and Jindrak took a little bit of a backseat. Likewise, in the match, which was inevitably better than the two squashes from earlier, it almost seemed like Haas had Jindrak beat before Regal's shenanigans, and for a man challenging for a title on Sunday, maybe Mark just needed to look a little better. That said, he got the 'W' and all in all this was a nice segment. Haas has a huge decision ahead of him and I really look forward to seeing what he chooses. Excellent stuff here.

Kane wants to be the only guy to hurt Batista - great stuff, it's that sadistic side that makes him tick, the idea that if the Entity are punishing the Animal, well then Kane just isn't doing his job right. Odd placement for the segment, though, did it take Kane half a show to find Eric's office?

One of the things so crucial to a three-way feud is establishing the difference between the two faces, or in this case, the two heels, who are involved, and you did that well here. Christian's words were good - you're still building from his victory over Flair and you sold the element of him being a 'changed man' pretty well. It also sort of accounts for why he hasn't had a World Title before; he's a different man now and this time he can't be ignored, not after all he's done. Suggesting he IS 'the man' now was a comparison waiting to happen, but it set the tone for Christian's involvement in the rest of the promo and it highlights his impact in the thread so far. Once Edge came out I really liked the sort of 'crazed' element to his speaking pattern, where he speaks in threes and shouts things suddenly, it's very 'Rated R Superstar' and it sells how much he's not just going to align with Christian because they're both heels. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Money In The Bank holders going for World Title shots, given that they can just cash in it any time - I can't help but feel this could have been Jericho and Christian, with Edge teasing a Batista cash-in just to heat up the main event situation even more. That being said, I've never been one to complain about good promo work and I don't plan to start now. Especially with Edge and Christian trying to suggest that their own personal accomplishments mean more than the other's, MITB vs. the retirement of Flair was a good train of thought to explore. With Y2J, I felt you had a slight problem in the same way that you had with Batista earlier; he came out, but was pretty much immediately interrupted and the other person/people began talking again. That said, Jericho's attempt to get into Edge's head was nicely done, even if he didn't have as much to say as the other two, and Edge basically having a tantrum shows how unpredictable and... well, hateful the guy can be. This was your way of tying everything up going into Sunday, establishing why each of these three men NEED the win (even if Edge just doesn't), and I thought it was pretty well-written all things considered. I'm almost certain it's Christian's time to jump into the main event and let his new status as 'the man' really shine, especially given the angle with him retiring Batista's old mentor, but who knows. Nice job with the feud, should be a good contest.

Small Batista-HBK segment was okay. I think the element of HBK insisting he was out there was good, but I kind of assumed he'd be out there anyway? I figured he'd be involved in some capacity and he didn't need Dave's permission for that. Anyway, it's a small segment and it's not a huge deal. The HBK character remains at the forefront of the viewer's mind.

You sold Victoria as being a total badass in the opening commentary here, then you sold her short a little by having her essentially run away from the fight. I think Coach's line about "she’s not come back to face just any old diva, she’s come back to face Victoria" made it seem like Victoria was unique, a stand-alone individual capable of doing some real damage, but that then vanished really when she didn't want to fight Lita at all. I'd have quite liked to see Lita get in a few shots if Victoria was going to run away, as if Victoria had underestimated her challenger and had to rethink her gameplan. That being said, Lita winning was fine to take us into Sunday, and I don't have a clue who's going over so that was good. I think it would do Victoria wonders to go over Trish AND Lita, but perhaps you're setting up for a new heel to debut down the line and Lita as champion would work well for that. Anyway, solid segment here to build for Sunday.

Good rundown of the card here. Your control of JR and Coach is nicely done, you have their differences spot on.

I'm surprised by the -erm- surprise attack from Kane here - I think it was iMac above me who mentioned that Kane's not really known for that. I might have expected the pyro to go off as Batista was heading for the ring or something, but the sneaky side of things has never really struck me as a Kane kind of thing. Onward, however, and HBK fulfilling his promise to help Batista goes right back to the heart of his character, I like it. From here things just exploded, and you were able to separate Batista/Kane from HBK/Entity easily using the plot device you'd set up earlier with Kane, very nicely done there. Obviously earlier I was worried about how the Entity had looked, but here you turned that all around... handcuffing HBK to the ropes and beating him senseless with a ring bell will do that. Batista Bomb off the stage as well, just to make this one of the most insane endings possible, and really, what a way to take it into Unforgiven. That's not to say all go-home shows in the section must now be 'quick, everyone has to have a massive brawl and there must be blood' but occasionally it really works - and this really, really worked. The fact that Batista gets wiped out too means his match with Kane is still up in the air, plus you sold Kane as a monster because it takes THAT kind of thing to take him down and out. Hassan comes out of this looking like a criminal mastermind, an absolute monster, and this is what I'd been hoping for. His final line was a bit wordy just to get to the 'Unforgiven' bit you wanted - in future I think if you want to get that elaborate he should have a mic in his hands, but otherwise this was a stellar end to the show.

Overall, re-reading the feedback I feel like I've criticised quite a lot, which is odd because I actually really enjoyed the show. I think a lot of it is just minor issues, little things here and there, when in actuality, the 'big picture' if you will is actually shaping up very nicely. Your overall booking in terms of going into Unforgiven is great, you have a brilliant card lined up and it should be a killer show. The Haas/Regal angle is very intriguing, probably what I'm interested in the most purely because of the number of possibilities you have in front of you, while the HBK/Entity stuff got ramped up in intensity tonight and I could see things coming down to a violent and desperate finish between Michaels and Hassan. What I'd definitely like to see after Unforgiven is more of the creativity you showed with the Haas/Regal stuff and the chaotic ending - after a PPV is when you get to take things in whatever direction you choose, and I just think I'd like to see something really unique from you, just to really cement yourself as one of the rising stars, if not one of the stars, of the entire section. Anyway, I hope this feedback was somewhat helpful and not just me moaning about characters, and maybe you actually got something out of it. While I'm here, consider this a minor thank you for all the feedback you send my way, seeing as this is just about my first time of properly returning the favour. Keep the good stuff coming, I'll be back for Unforgiven predictions if not SmackDown feedback. Bon.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 16/9/05- Wichita, Texas

Texas is the home this week for Friday Night Smackdown and it is hot off the heels of an extraordinary show last week in Nashville that saw the actions of Kurt Angle and Randy Orton overshadow the main event for the WWE Championship.

With John Cena set to square off against The Undertaker, Angle and Orton showed their faces on the titantron and vented their anger at not having the championship opportunity presented to The Undertaker. The Deadman and Cena tried to ignore the duo’s appearance but Angle and Orton simply wouldn’t go away and in a shocking conclusion to the show, they hijacked the Smackdown production truck before turning the lights out on the main event which left a hostile crowd and no doubt about it, two furious superstars in Cena and the Phenom. We’ve received word that Teddy Long will kick off this week’s show and will address what went down last week. Will the GM take severe action against the Legend Killer and the Wrestling Machine or will there be another punishment in mind?

One huge match all set for this week will see John Bradshaw Layfield go one on one with Rob Van Dam. JBL made a monstrous challenge last week to Bobby Lashley with a First Blood match laid on the table for No Mercy whilst Van Dam and his partner Rey Mysterio again get inside the heads of the Tag Team Champions, MNM. With both these men seemingly on a roll, who’s momentum will come to a halt tonight and will we see or hear anything from these men’s rivals as the road to No Mercy draws nearer?

Carlito picked upa huge victory last week, defeating Matt Hardy to earn himself a United States Title opportunity. Tonight Hardy will be in action as he faces long time rival Orlando Jordan. Will Hardy be able to bounce back with a bang or will the Apple Spitter perhaps get one over on the champion again?

Last week also saw the debut of Cryme Tyme who perhaps shocked a few people in defeating the wily duo, the Pitbulls. This week Cryme Tyme will again be in action as they take on Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki. Will the Cryme Tyme roll continue? And will the Pitbulls have anything to say about their setback last week?

Confirmed for Smackdown:

Teddy Long to kick off the show;

Matt Hardy vs Orlando Jordan

Cryme Tyme vs Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki

John Bradshaw Layfield vs Rob Van Dam

Massive thanks for the Raw feedback gentleman, especially Melvis, always nice to get some fresh input. Appreciate all the thoughts from the three of you and took a fair chunk from it. Not too sure when this will be up, it's nearly there but been working more on Unforgiven, until then, hope all are well.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Smackdown Preview

As for Teddy Long when it comes to taking action, the best course of action as far as I am concerned would be to suspend both Orton and Angle indefinitely without pay but I know you wouldn't do that, so I say the best way of punishing them would be to have Angle and Orton face each other or to have them take on the rest of the Smackdown roster in a huge handicap match or have the both of them separately in gauntlet matches with them running the gauntlet

JBL vs RVD, I can't wait to see what happens there

Matt Hardy vs Orlando Jordan, fully expect Carlito Caribbean Cool to get involved in this match costing Hardy a victory

And Cryme Tyme ever since coming on to the scene, they have been impressive
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 16/9/05- Wichita, Texas

The show begins with a video package highlighting last week’s main event as we get the arrival of both John Cena and The Undertaker to the ring with the WWE Championship on the line between the two but as the bell rings and the two superstars get going we see Kurt Angle and Randy Orton appear on the titantron. We then get a rundown of what the two said before the shocking ending to the show that saw Angle and Orton hijack the production truck and turn the lights out on the main event, leaving the arena in total darkness with Angle and Orton simply stating that the ‘Show’s over’.

We then head to the opening video before heading straight into the ring, no pyro tonight as we can overhear the music of Smackdown’s General Manager in the background before seeing Teddy Long is already in the ring, microphone in hand and set to address the ending of last week’s show.

Teddy Long: I hate to come out here and start things off wit’ a negative but sometimes ya just can’t wait a second longer and that’s exactly the way I’m feelin’ here tonight.

Long is clearly in a slightly deflated mood, no dancing or ‘holla, holla’ from the GM tonight.

Teddy Long: Last week we had ourselves one HELL of a main event lined up. John Cena defendin’ the WWE Title...against The Undertaker. But that’s not what went down and that’s all because of two men, Kurt Angle…and Randy Orton.

Strong heat for the mention of both Angle and Orton.

Teddy Long: Those two superstars decided they were gonna take matters into their own hands last week. They decided to hijack the production truck backstage and forced WWE employees to turn the lights out as our main event took place.

Again, a chorus of boos as Long shakes his head.

Teddy Long: In all my time here as Smackdown General Manager, in all my time here in the WWE, I have NEVER experienced anything like that. For anybody to do something like that, even for me to do that in my role as General Manager would be as blatant an abuse of power as there could possibly be. But for two superstars to do that? That simply ain’t tolerable, that ain’t acceptable and right here tonight, Kurt Angle and Randy Orton are gonna face the consequences.

Nice pop for that, the crowd perhaps sensing or even hoping for T-Long to fire the two villains.

Teddy Long: So let’s not waste another second, Kurt, Randy, come on down here so we can deal wit’ this thing for EVE…

‘My Time is Now’

Well it is NOT Kurt Angle and it is NOT Randy Orton that emerge, it is instead the WWE Champion who comes on out to a HUGE pop with John Cena looking less than impressed, no spinning of his title belt, no look around the arena, just a fast paced walk down to the ring, all eyes on Teddy Long.

Michael Cole: Well we welcome you to Friday Night Smackdown ladies and gentleman it is a down to business approach to kick things off. Teddy Long requesting the arrival of Kurt Angle and Randy Orton but instead he’s got the Champ!

Tazz: And John Cena damn sure don’t look in the mood for any games here tonight. He wanted to face The Undertaker last week, he wanted to prove he could beat The Undertaker and he never got the chance thanks to Kurt Angle and thanks to Randy Orton. I gotta feelin’ Cena’s gonna want exactly the same as Teddy Long here tonight and that’s for those two to face the consequences.

Cena requests a mic and is handed one, a stern look on his face with T-Long not looking all too thrilled to see him out here.

Teddy Long: John listen, I know you’re upset playa bu…

John Cena: No, no, YOU need to listen. What they did last week, that ain’t acceptable, you’re right but Teddy I’m tellin’ you right here, right now…do NOT fire them, do NOT suspend them, infact don’t do a DAMN THING!! Instead? You let me KICK THEIR ASSES ALL OVER TEXAS TONIGHT!!

Major roar at that challenge from Cena who is pumped up to say the least.

Teddy Long: John I gotta take action. Me givin’ them what they want, that ain’t action, ya understand? That’s givin’ in to my superstars, that’s givin’ in to pressure, that’s givin’ in to somethin’ that just ain’t right. So John I can NOT give you Kurt Angle or Randy Orton here tonight.

A resounding level of boos as Cena turns his head away in anger.

Teddy Long: Ya gotta understand where I’m comin’ from playa. You may be the WWE Champion but I’m the General Manager of this show and it is my duty to take action after what went down last week. If I don’t then not only do they get away with what they did but that puts my position under threat and John, whether ya like it or not, that ain’t somethin’ I can allow to happen.

Cena again appears frustrated although nodding his head this time as Long’s body language is apologetic in Cena’s direction.

John Cena: Oh I understand where you’re comin’ from Teddy but to be pretty honest with ya, I don’t give a damn.

Long looks pretty surprised by that comment.

John Cena: You wanna take action? Put ‘em in this ring with me TONIGHT and I’ll take action for ya. You suspending them? You firin’ them? It ain’t doin’ nobody any favours. Think of it this way Teddy, who do you really wanna have to deal with? Two cowards like Angle or Orton, who are gonna run and hide at every corner? Or a PISSED OFF WWE Champion and A REAL ANGRY DEADMAN!?

An almighty pop for that as Cena raises the intensity.

John Cena: You think about that long and hard Teddy cos the consequences you talk about for the two of them ain’t gonna be NOTHIN’ compared to the consequences I got in mind if you make the wrong choice.

Cena is all fired up here and the crowd are firmly behind the champion as Long looks a little ruffled by that.

Teddy Long: I get it, I do. Last week was a chance for you to face a legend in this business for the biggest prize in the game. It was a chance for you to prove exactly why you hold that title, a chance for you to prove to the world why John Cena is number one around here and ya didn’t get that.

Cena shakes his head mouthing ‘You damn right I didn’t’

Teddy Long: But despite all that, it does not mean you can call the shots around here John, that’s my job. So if you would allow me to do just that, I have a job to do and I’m gonna get down to it…right now. With that being said, Kurt, Randy would you pl…

John Cena: Woah, woah, woah, hold on Teddy, hold on. You got a job to do, I get that, I understand but Teddy I got a job to do too and that job needs to be finished…tonight.

Big pop for this, Cena making it very clear what he came to Texas for tonight.

John Cena: So Teddy I’m gonna ask you one last time. Tonight, Wichita, Texas…

Cheap pop.

John Cena: You give me Randy Orton and Kurt Angle in the middle of this ring and you let the two of them face their consequences head on, you let ‘em face the music tonight. To me? To me that sounds like a heck of an idea and you’d better believe these people feel the exact same way.

Right on cue the crowd throw a huge cheer at that declaration.

John Cena: Only one thing’s stoppin’ it Teddy…and that’s you. You got the power to make it happen, don’t let me down, don’t let these people down, don’t let this show, YOUR show down.

Long pauses for a moment, the crowd are egging Long on to give Cena what he wants, a real buzz of excitement as Long thinks momentarily, Cena holding his arms out as if to say ‘What’s it gonna be?’

Teddy Long: I can’t allow that to happen John. Kurt and Randy need to face severe conseque…

OHHHHHH!!! THE CROWD ARE GOING CRAZY AS JOHN CENA SCOOPS TEDDY LONG UP!! CENA HAS HEARD ENOUGH FROM THE SMACKDOWN GM!! FU!! FU TO TEDDY LONG!! Statement made from the WWE Champion!! Cena throws a salute up to the crowd who are still cheering wildly before Cena grabs a microphone again, the noise dying down…

John Cena: If the two of them have gotta face your consequences, then you gonn’ have to face mine Teddy. You got a choice to make, you either gimme Kurt, you gimme Randy or else I’ma give you a whole lot more where that came from.

And with that Cena tosses the mic down with an emphatic thud before his music plays over the speakers, the crowd still going wild for the champion as Teddy Long is laid out in the middle of the ring, a shocking beginning to Friday Night Smackdown.

Michael Cole: An explosive start to Friday Night Smackdown!! John Cena wanted Randy Orton, he wanted Kurt Angle and so did Teddy Long but for very different reasons here tonight and Tazz, who could’ve seen that coming?!

Tazz: Unbelievable Cole. The Champ is ALL fired up and it don’t matter who gets in his path here tonight, be it Teddy Long or not, he’s gonna take action until he gets what he wants. If I were Kurt Angle or Randy Orton I’d be stayin’ as far away from John Cena as possible here tonight.


We return and we head off backstage where we join Kristal Marshall who is standing by, all smiles, ready and waiting to speak with us.

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentleman please welcome my guest at this time, the United States Champion, Matt Hardy!!

Hardy enters the scene to a big pop from the Texas faithful as he looks to be in a buoyant mood here tonight, all set for action later on this evening.

Kristal Marshall: Matt at Summerslam you retained your United States Title by defeating Carlito but last week the roles were reversed and Carlito managed to beat you, earning himself another chance at your title. Do you feel the momentum is now with Carlito ahead of your championship match?

Matt Hardy: Momentum’s a funny word Kristal and it’s one that I don’t think much of to be honest. I could have all the momentum in the world right now, I could have so little momentum you wouldn’t think I stood a chance but either way I’d go into that match with Carlito, I’d go into my match later on tonight with the exact same mindset and that is that I will walk out victorious no matter what gets thrown my way.

Strong words from Hardy which are greeted with a mild cheer.

Matt Hardy: Yeah I lost last week but it happens, it’s how I deal with it, it’s how I respond to it that really counts and in that ring tonight you’ll see just what my response is gonna be.

Kristal Marshall: Well Matt I interviewed Carlito following your defeat last week and he made some pretty bold statements, what would your response to those statements be?

Hardy pauses, thinking for a minute.

Matt Hardy: I heard that interview, I heard each and every single word of it and you’re right, there were some pretty strong statements in there, some harsh words but Kristal that’s all they are, words. They don’t mean anything, all that matters is actions and when I put my title on the line against Carlito, words aren’t gonna be enough for him to take this away from me.

Hardy points down at the title around his waist, the camera zooming in on it.

Matt Hardy: But…y’know what? There was something that hit me last week, there was something Carlito said that made me sit up and think hey, you might be onto something there.

Kristal looks confused as Hardy smiles, nobody quite sure what he means.

Matt Hardy: But I’m not gonna deal with that now. What I am gonna do is get ready for my match tonight, head on down to that ring, put last week completely outta my mind and have my hand raised high in victory. And only after that…am I gonna call Carlito out and I’m gonna give him exactly…what he wants.

A lot of confusion comes out of that interview as Hardy heads off, a wry smile still etched on his face as we then head back to ringside where we hear…

‘Brooklyn, Brooklyn’

‘Bringin’ Da Hood 2 U’

And it’s a sizeable pop that greets the music of the boys from Brooklyn, Cryme Tyme!! Shad and JTG burst down the ramp, high fiving fans as JTG does his stupid little dance, tipping his cap and the recently debuted team get set for action.

Michael Cole: All set for some tag team action here tonight and these two men made quite the impact on their debut last week Tazz. Cryme Tyme causing what some people might call an upset, defeating the Pitbulls, Jamie Noble and Kid Kash.

Tazz: Might call an upset? I’d definitely call it an upset!! We don’t know a whole lot about these two but they damn sure looked impressive against two of the toughest guys around this place, Noble and Kash. Tonight’s gonna be a different kinda test for these two but after last week, I got no doubts they can pull it off.

‘Final Force’

And out next to a few boos but nothing too spectacular is the still bizarre pairing that is Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki with Dupree smiling arrogantly, Suzuki looking his usual stern figure as he eyes up Shad and JTG.

Michael Cole: Big opportunity tonight for these two men. Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree, both very talented individuals but they’ve not been able to get on a roll since they were beaten by the animal that is Bobby Lashley back at the Bash.

Tazz: I don’t think anybody woulda beaten Lashley on that night, heck nobody’s beaten him at all. These two dudes have gotta regroup now and they gotta start getting on the winnin’ trail, tonight would be a hell of a time to do it.

Match One: Tag Team Match

Cryme Tyme vs Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki

It’s a reversal from their debut last week as this time it’s Shad Gaspard who kicks things off with Kenzo Suzuki being the man to start off in the opposite corner. Shad starts off in powerful fashion with big right hands leaving Suzuki backed up in the corner, Shad taking a big run up before launching himself at his helpless opponent but Suzuki sees it coming and dodges the bullet, Shad crashing into the turnbuckle!!

Suzuki now takes full advantage and works over Shad for a couple of minutes, stiff boots to the gut before some vicious elbows right into the throat and chest with Shad looking winded, the damage being done by the dangerous Suzuki. Suzuki pulls Shad out of the corner before levelling the big man with a clothesline, sending him over towards his partner Dupree and Suzuki heads over also making the tag, the Frenchman entering the ring and picking up where Suzuki left off. Vicious stomps by Dupree before he drops some knees right onto the chest of Shad, big time impact with Shad grimacing in pain. Dupree then drops down and applies a Sleeper hold on the big man, looking to wear him down and keep him grounded.

The crowd support and support of Shad’s partner however seems to inspire the big man who digs deep and finds it in him to break free and it proves to be a turning point. Shad fights out of it and immediately goes to town on Dupree, huge rights from the powerhouse but as he goes for one more Dupree blocks it, Irish whip by the Frenchman, Shad rebounds and he TAKES DUPREE’S HEAD OFF WITH A BIG BOOT!! Shad drops as well, the punishment he’s endured now taking its toll as he crawls on his knees towards his partner, JTG awaiting anxiously and Shad makes the tag!! JTG hops over the ropes and comes storming in, running the ropes before dropping Dupree with a leaping clothesline!! Dupree gets to his feet quickly after but he’s caught with a big dropkick!! JTG is rolling BUT SUZUKI CLUBS HIM FROM BEHIND!! The referee orders him out of the ring BUT SHAD DOES THE HONOURS!! Shad comes storming in and grabs Suzuki from behind before tossing him up and over the ropes, Suzuki taking a crash landing!!

The fans now sense the end is near as Shad grabs Dupree, Irish whip, Dupree rebounds, SAMOAN DROP AND JTG COMES FROM BEHIND WITH THAT RUNNING CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER!! A MOVE CRYME TYME CALL THE G9!! Cover by JTG, 1…2…3…big win for the Brooklyn boys.

Winners: Cryme Tyme(6:04)

Michael Cole: Cryme Tyme with another big win here tonight!! JTG and Shad are looking like big time players here in the Tag division Tazz and if I were MNM, if I were Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio I’d be looking over my shoulder because these two men seem to be on a real roll and that roll may lead them towards the Tag Team Titles.

Tazz: Hey I know it’s early on in their Smackdown careers but if they keep on this roll you mentioned Cole then I think you might be right, these two may be lookin’ at the Tag Team Titles real soon. Big win again for the Brooklyn boys tonight and remember, they ‘ain’t steal nothin’!!

Tazz tries to be hilarious in using Cryme Tyme’s catchphrase as JTG and Shad are celebrating inside the ring, JTG again doing his ridiculous dance, Shad even bopping around a little bit as their music plays in the background, both men then exiting the ring and embracing with fans as we fade out.


We return and head backstage where we see the victorious Cryme Tyme walking through the halls and the duo are all smiles, laughing and joking with one another before we see white as white can be, Todd Grisham enter the scene, filling in for Josh Matthews here tonight.

Todd Grisham: Guys congratulations on another victory here tonight, just how confident are you two that not only will these victories continue but they’ll lead you towards the Tag Team Titles?

Shad and JTG look at each other before beginning to laugh.

JTG: Yo, yo, yo my brother befo’ you be approachin’ Cryme Tyme you gotta learn a few rules a’ight?

Grisham looks confused but nods.

JTG: First off, you better lose da glasses, they don’t suit you dawg.

And with that Shad removes Grisham’s glasses with the SD interviewer suddenly bulging his eyes clearly unable to see.

Shad Gaspard: Now they outta the way we move onto our next point of interest Toddy and…wait, ain’t you ‘posed to be on Raw?

Todd Grisham: Yeah I’m just filling in for Josh Matthews toni…

Shad Gaspard: Josh… who the hell is Jo…? Anyways, forget that, look we gotta get rid of that jacket homie, it ain’t doin’ nothin’ for you and hey, it ain’t doin’ nothin’ for us bein’ seen wit’ you.

Right on cue JTG removes Todd’s jacket.

Todd Grisham: Guys I…I can’t see here.

JTG: It’s a’ight Toddy, we gonn’ give da glasses back when this interview’s over wit’.

Todd Grisham: And…and the jacket?

Shad Gaspard: Of course, whadda you take us for man? We ain’t no criminals.

Shad is now trying on Grisham’s jacket, Grisham oblivious to the fact as the crowd gives a few laughs.

Todd Grisham: Ok soooo as I was saying…

Grisham’s not even looking at the duo now who have moved with Grisham’s vision completely gone before BAMMMMM!! SHAD AND JTG ARE ATTACKED FROM BEHIND BY THE PITBULLS!! KID KASH AND JAMIE NOBLE KNOCKING THE BROOKLYN BOYS DOWN!! Cryme Tyme are helpless here as Noble and Kash stomp the hell out of them, payback for last week’s defeat. Noble yanks JTG to his feet, a snarl on his face before he charges and SMASHES JTG’s skull off the wall!! JTG drops to the floor before we see Kash, now joined by Noble drag the bigger Shad to his feet before they deliver a double Irish whip and SHAD GOES FLYING INTO RIGHT INTO THE SAME WALL, A DEVASTATING THUD AS HIS HEAD CRASHES INTO THAT BRICK WALL!! Noble and Kash stand tall over the fallen duo, a look of sheer aggression on their faces before they head off and all we see is Cryme Tyme completely laid out, a chorus of boos heard back inside the arena.

We then return ringside where we see Sylvain Grenier already in the ring and set for action, his music dying down before we hear…

‘Stay in Shadow’

And it’s a strong pop that greets the music of Paul London who bursts down the ramp at top speed, accompanied by Brian Kendrick who also dashes down and slides into the ring with London all set for action.

Michael Cole: Well shocking actions from the Pitbulls here tonight, they had no right doing that to Cryme Tyme but focusing things back to the action here tonight and the match was confirmed last week, Paul London will get his Cruiserweight Championship match against Gregory Helms at No Mercy with Brian Kendrick in his corner, the numbers now at long last being evened but Tazz we heard last week from Gregory Helms who said that the numbers don’t matter, inside the ring it’s one on one and Helms is simply better than Paul London. Certainly strong words from the champion.

Tazz: No doubt about it, question on everybody’s lips now is, can Gregory Helms back it up come No Mercy? The dude’s as talented as they come but so is Paul London, I can’t call it but hey, if anybody can pull it off it’s gonna be the champ. London’s got it all to do if he wants to win that championship
back and who knows? Brian Kendrick could play just as big a role in this thing.

Match Two: Singles Match

Paul London w/Brian Kendrick vs Sylvain Grenier

London looks for a fast start, trying to take his bigger opponent out of the contest early on. London scores with some big right hands, knocking Grenier off balance before scoring with a beautiful dropkick off of an Irish whip before coming close with a near fall. London attempts to keep the pace high but as he goes for a flying crossbody off the top, he’s caught by Grenier who follows up with a big time powerslam as the balance of power shifts the way of the Frenchman.

Grenier keeps London grounded, working over his smaller opponent with an array of kicks and stiff right hands before applying an abdominal stretch that really seems to cause London a lot of discomfort as he winces in agony, crying out in pain as Grenier really looks to punish the plucky Cruiserweight.

London tries with all his might to rise to his feet and manages to get to his knees, Kendrick along with the fans try and get London back into it, willing him on and it appears to work as London gets himself right back into it, escaping Grenier’s clutches before firing right at him with a flurry of rights, boot to the gut follows but Grenier catches it, ENZIGURI CONNECTS!! London with that big time momentum changer and it’s all the #1 contender from that point on as Grenier can’t handle the speed with London catching him with a beautiful jumping DDT, following it off with a picture perfect 450 Splash off the top as London covers Grenier for the three count, a victory of the highest order.

Winner: Paul London(7:01)

Michael Cole: Another hugely impressive victory here tonight from Paul London!! Sylvain Grenier may be bigger, he may be stronger but Paul London showing just how quick, just how agile he is here tonight and I think that is well and truly statement made from the number one contender here tonight.

Tazz: Gotta agree with ya on that one Cole, major props to Paul London here tonight. Helms said it last week, all that matters is inside the ring where it’s one on one and tonight London got the job done baby, huge win for Paul London.

London and Kendrick celebrate inside the ring, Kendrick embracing his partner and congratulating him on that win tonight before raising his hand high in the air, the crowd cheering for the performance given by the number one contender an…

‘Listen, It’s Time’

But the celebrations are cut short as the music of the Cruiserweight Champion hits and out steps Gregory Helms alongside Chavo Guerrero. Both men are applausing amidst the boos, dressed casually they step out onto the stage, Helms having a mic in his hand as Chavo points down saying ‘You were impressive Paul’. London and Kendrick turn their attentions to the duo, a look of intrigue especially on London’s face.

Gregory Helms: Congratulations Paul, congratulations, that was real impressive out there tonight.

Helms again takes a second to applaud, the crowd not buying his ‘sincerity’.

Gregory Helms: It’s like…it’s like ya confidence has just shot up isn’t it? It’s like you’ve found a new lease of life Paul and I gotta ask ya…why is that? Why have you suddenly got a bit of a strut in ya step again? Why has the smile come back Paul?

London conveniently smiles as he and Kendrick discuss something.

Gregory Helms: Cos let’s look back a couple months when I beat you for this Cruiserweight title. There was no smile was there? There was no strut in ya step was there? There was nothin’ to ya was there Paul? So…so what’s changed? What’s different now to way back when? OH!! Chavo, Chavo I got it man!! I know what it is!! It’s…it’s your little buddy Brian Kendrick isn’t it?!

Helms and Chavo look shocked that Helms ‘figured that out’ as London rolls his eyes, Kendrick having a chuckle.

Gregory Helms: Everything that was goin’ wrong, it’s just…it’s all turned right round hasn’t it? Just because you got your little buddy by ya side, ain’t that right Paul? See you people might think I’m jokin’ around, you might think I’m just messin wit’ Paul here tonight but you’d better believe I’m tellin’ the truth.

Helms nods, Chavo mouthing ‘This is the truth right here’

Gregory Helms: Paul London has suffered defeat at the hands of me, he’s taken a beating at the hands of me, he’s come up short tryin’ to get the better of me time and time again but then suddenly Brian Kendrick comes along like…like his knight in shinin’ armour.

Helms laughs.

Gregory Helms: And suddenly everything is right in the life of Paul London again. Well, that’s at least…what he believes. He believes that Brian Kendrick is the missin’ piece in the puzzle that is ‘Gregory Helms’, he believes that Brian Kendrick is evenin’ the odds, he believes that Brian Kendrick is gonna help him take back the Cruiserweight Championship.

London and Kendrick are still talking in the ring, clearly not content with what Helms is saying.

Gregory Helms: Well I got a few questions on that for ya Paul. Does Brian Kendrick make me any less dangerous at No Mercy? Is Brian Kendrick bein’ in your corner gonna stop me from takin’ your damn head off in the middle of that ring? Does Brian Kendrick wan…

Brian Kendrick: Does Brian Kendrick want you to shut your mouth?

Big time pop for that as Kendrick has grabbed a mic and interrupted Helms little speech.

Brian Kendrick: The answer to that is pretty obvious. Seeing as you got a few questions in mind here tonight, I got one of my own and I’m pretty sure I speak for Paul on this one too. How bout you stop talking, come on down to this ring and prove to us, prove to everybody that the odds really are…still in your favour?

Kendrick then motions for Helms and Chavo to bring it as the pair stare at each other like ‘WTF?’ as Helms bites back.

Gregory Helms: Who in the heck asked you to talk spanky? I’ve been sayin’ this whole damn time, you ain’t a factor at No Mercy, you ain’t a factor AT ALL!! So how bout you leave this to me and your buddy there and take a walk before I send you on one?

There’s a bit of a buzz in the crowd following that statement as Kendrick looks a little riled and London grabs the mic from him.

Paul London: Brian’s right Greg. If he’s such a non factor, why don’t you come on down to this ring and prove why the odds are still in your favour? Why don’t you come down here and back up what you just said huh? Make Brian take a walk and hey, while you’re at, why don’t you make me take one too?

Nice pop for that, London showing some intensity despite his usual laidback nature. Helms and Chavo now have a brief discussion as London sits on the middle rope, inviting the duo down to join them. We then see that Chavo Guerrero has taken the mic from Helms who looks very disgruntled.

Chavo Guerrero: Your Cruiserweight Champion doesn’t even wanna waste his breath responding to that Paul. He doesn’t need to respond to you, he doesn’t need to come down here and back up what he just said, that’s what No Mercy’s gonna be for. That’s your problem Paul, you don’t look at the bigger picture.

Chavo wags a finger at London before continuing.

Chavo Guerrero: You don’t look at what’s really important do you? You might have had the better of us lately but Paul does that count for anything? Does it put that Cruiserweight Title around your waist? No, no it doesn’t and why? Because you don’t do it when it REALLY counts. You can’t pull it off when it actually MATTERS. You’re not quite up to it Paul and Brian Kendrick isn’t gonna cure that problem.

Helms yells ‘He ain’t curin’ nothin’

Chavo Guerrero: Nothing can cure that problem because the cold, hard facts are that Gregory Helms does do it when it really matters. Gregory Helms does pull it off when it actually matters and that’s what makes him the GREATEST Cruiserweight in the WWE and that’s why he stands before you as the Cruiserweight Champion.

Massive boos for this as Helms points at his title, a devilish grin on his face as London and Kendrick look on with a ‘I couldn’t give two fucks’ face.

Paul London: Listen, we invited the two of you down to this ring cos for us? The time for talkin’ is over… but after hearing that bunch of crap just now I’m guessing you aren’t gonna take up our offer so uh, me and Brian... have got a different plan in mind.

And with that London drops the mic, he and Kendrick nod at one another before BOTH MEN FLY OUTTA THE RING AND UP THE RAMP!! LONDON AND KENDRICK GONNA TAKE THE FIGHT TO HELMS AND GUERRERO!! London and Kendrick charge up the ramp, Helms and Chavo look ready to stand strong…before they hightail it through the curtain, wanting no piece of the Daredevil Duo as London and Kendrick stop in their tracks at the top of the ramp, hands on hips, clearly frustrated as the crowd boos Helms and Guerrero’s cowardice tonight.

Michael Cole: Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero running scared here tonight!! Tazz they said the odds weren’t evened, they said that Brian Kendrick was a non factor but do you really believe a word they say after this? Clearly the Cruiserweight Champion is on edge ahead of No Mercy, I don’t think anybody can deny that.

Tazz: I think Helms is just bein’ smart Cole. Ya heard what him and Chavo had to say and they’re just waiting for No Mercy, they don’t need to do this tonight, they can wait a few more weeks and Helms can wait to once again prove why in his opinion and right now the facts don’t lie, he is the greatest Cruiserweight in the WWE.

Another shot of a frustrated London and Kendrick with London holding out his arms to the crowd who show some sympathy with Kendrick clearly mouthing the word ‘Damn’ as we head out to a break.


We return and go straight into a video package…

We see a dark room with a simple spotlight as some end of the world esque, dark music plays and into that spotlight steps Randy Orton.

Narrator: There are those who show no respect.

Orton stands in the spotlight and smirks before we then cut to footage from Summerslam where Orton hammers The Undertaker with a deadly RKO counter to the chokeslam.

We go again back to that spotlight where this time stands Rob Van Dam who plays with his hands as if warming up for battle, a fierce look on his face.

Narrator: There are those who have no regrets.

We see action of Van Dam following MNM backstage before we see footage from The Great American Bash of Van Dam kicking Joey Mercury’s head off before a shot of Van Dam exhausted having laid it all on the line.

We once more go back to the spotlight, the same eerie music playing but it’s slowly picking up pace as into the light comes Carlito, apple in hand as he tosses it up and down.

Narrator: There are those who show no class.

Footage from Summerslam where Carlito ambushed Matt Hardy backstage is shown before we see Lito’s trademark as he spits apple into the face of Hardy, a wry smile on his face after doing so.

Again we go back to the spotlight, this time there stands the WWE Champion himself, John Cena who proudly points down at the title around his waist.

Narrator: There are those who show no fear.

We then see shots of Cena tearing into John Bradshaw Layfield in their bloody Last Man Standing match at Judgment Day before we see more action from Cena defending his title at the Bash against Layfield, Angle and Orton before a final image of Cena holding his title up high.

Narrator: And then there are those who show…No Mercy.

And with that we get a shot of a roaring Kurt Angle appear into the spotlight before footage of Angle putting Shawn Michaels in the Ankle Lock before more victims falling at the hands of Angle’s ruthless streak including John Cena, Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam as the dark music really kicks into gear before slowly dying down again and we get flashing images of Angle, Cena, Carlito, Van Dam and finally Randy Orton before a dramatic, sudden stop to the music

Coming off that video package we return backstage where we see the entrance to the arena, there’s nobody or nothing there before we see slowly entering the building are Kurt Angle and Randy Orton!! There’s strong boos for the arrival of the duo after their actions last week and Kristal Marshall immediately bursts onto the scene.

Kristal Marshall: Randy, Kurt do you guys have any comment on your actions last week?

Angle and Orton just stare a hole through Kristal, no response whatsoever.

Kristal Marshall: Uh…do you have anything to say on Teddy Long promising to take action against you?

Again Angle and Orton offer no kind of response, however this time they share a look at one another. We can’t quite make out just what their thought process is though.

Kristal Marshall: Well if you have nothing to say on those two matters, do you have anything to say regarding John Cena and his action…

Kurt Angle: We’ve got a whole lot to say Kristal. We’ve got a lot to say about last week, we’ve got a lot to say about John Cena and we’ve DAMN SURE got a lot to say about Teddy Long.

Angle now chuckles to himself.

Randy Orton: But we’re not gonna waste our time explaining it all in this little interview, we’re better than this, we’re bigger than this. What we are gonna do is head out to that ring, out to OUR ring later on tonight and we’re gonna let everybody know exactly what our response is.

Kristal Marshall: Guys I appreciate that but wou…

Kurt Angle: This interview…is over.

And with that Angle and Orton head off, a defiant look in both of their eyes, all set to make an address later on tonight as we return back to ringside…

Michael Cole: Well they are hear, they are in the building and it appears as though Kurt Angle and Randy Orton will make an address later on tonight right here on Smackdown and with that Tazz I think the questions begin.

Tazz: Absolutely, a lotta questions that need answerin’ and I can only hope Angle and Orton deliver those answers tonight.


Cole and Tazz are cut off however by the oh so familiar sound of John Bradshaw Layfield’s music as out comes the trademark White limousine and out steps the Wall Street Warrior himself who is all smiles as he removes his hat to take in the jeers.

Michael Cole: Well there were a lot of questions for this man last week also but he answered them and he answered them with one hell of a challenge for Bobby Lashley.

Tazz: Got that right Cole. A First Blood match between JBL and Lashley at No Mercy, will Lashley accept the challenge? Hey, we don’t even know if Lashley will come back after that attack by Bradshaw a few weeks back.

‘One of a Kind’

And it’s a HUGE pop that meets the music of Rob Van Dam who bounces out onto the stage and is accompanied by his partner Rey Mysterio, Van Dam set for some singles action tonight despite his quest for Tag Team glory come No Mercy.

Michael Cole: It was a heated confrontation last week between these two men and the team they face at No Mercy, MNM. MNM claimed that Teddy Long was displaying blatant favouritism in granting Van Dam and Mysterio another rematch, something which didn’t sit well with the high flying duo.

Tazz: It didn’t and ya can’t blame ‘em either. They do deserve another shot at No Mercy, the odds are in their favour at long last but with those odds comes a whole lotta pressure and it’s up to Rey and Rob to handle that when No Mercy rolls round.

Match Three: Singles Match

John Bradshaw Layfield vs Rob Van Dam w/Rey Mysterio

It’s a cagey start with Bradshaw not wanting to throw himself into this, recognising the speed and athleticism of his opponent. We get several lock ups only for JBL to break them all and move away, composing himself once again but on the final one as Bradshaw goes to break it again, Van Dam strikes with a kick to the back of Layfield’s head!! JBL doesn’t like it one bit and immediately heads out the ring, wanting no piece of Van Dam in the early minutes with Mr.Friday Night showing why he’s so dangerous.

JBL regroups on the outside but it doesn’t last long as Van Dam heads his way and HURLS HIMSELF UP AND OVER, WIPING JBL OUT WITH A PLANCHA!! Both men down as the crowd goes wild for RVD, Rey Mysterio encouraging his partner as Van Dam slowly gets to his knees. Van Dam keeps Bradshaw on the outside, bringing him to his feet before striking with a boot to the gut as Van Dam then looks to bash JBL face first off the barrier but Bradshaw blocks it and elbows Van Dam in the face. RVD spirals backwards and JBL with a clothesline takes him down!!

The Wall Street Warrior now dominates Van Dam for several minutes, tossing him back inside the ring and working over the high flier in his usual rough house style, some really deadly strikes, right hands, boots, typical smashmouth JBL here as Van Dam remains grounded. Bradshaw eventually does bring Van Dam up, nailing him with a stiff elbow before an Irish whip, Van Dam rebounds and JBL CONNECTS WITH A BEAUTIFUL FALLAWAY SLAM!! Cover by Bradshaw, 1…2…kick out from RVD.

It’s all JBL here as the ‘Wrestling God’ perhaps surprisingly decides he’s gonna head up high!! JBL taking a leaf out of Van Dam’s book as he stands on top of the turnbuckle and…and JBL does the ‘R-V-D’ thumbs to shoulders schtick which draws insane heat before Bradshaw flies, ELBOW DROP OFF THE TOP, NOBODY HOME!!

Van Dam dodges it and the tables turn here as Mr.Friday Night takes over. JBL rises to his feet but Van Dam with a boot to the gut before he runs the ropes and a Spinning Heel Kick takes Layfield down!! Van Dam is now the one to do his ‘R-V-D’ taunt to the fans who eat it up as Van Dam runs the ropes once more, ROLLING THUNDER CONNECTING!! The end is near for Rob Van Dam as he looks around the crowd and decides to head up high!! But the crowd’s cheers turn…to jeers? As we see MNM BURST THROUGH THE CROWD!! JOEY MERCURY, JOHNNY NITRO CLUBBING REY MYSTERIO FROM BEHIND AND VAN DAM HASN’T SEEN IT YET!!

The referee has now gone to the ropes and is ordering the duo away with Van Dam still up high but now seeing what’s going on BUT BEFORE HE CAN DO ANYTHING WE SEE MELINA ON THE APRON AND SHE LOW BLOWS VAN DAM!! RVD drops down to the mat, damage done by Melina as JBL rises to his feet, using the ropes to drag himself up. Mercury and Nitro are backing away from the fallen Mysterio, pleading their innocence as they link back up with Melina. Inside the ring, Van Dam is stirring as JBL runs the ropes and HE TAKES VAN DAM’S HEAD OFF WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! Cover by Bradshaw, 1…2…3…big win for the Wall Street Warrior.

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield(9:14)

Michael Cole: MNM costing Rob Van Dam tonight!! Van Dam looked in control, JBL was in all kinds of trouble before the Tag Team Champions stuck their noses in and…and now look!! MNM going a step too far here!!

Tazz: Looks like JBL ain’t finished either!!

Indeed Mercury, Nitro and Bradshaw are all stomping the hell out of Van Dam inside the ring, the crowd are booing the hell out of the trio as we see Melina now on the apron, barking orders at her men, yelling and screaming to ‘MAKE HIM SUFFER’. Mercury now drops down and begins pounding at Van Dam with stiff right hands to the skull as JBL and Nitro continue putting the boot in BUT WE THEN SEE REY MYSTERIO COME FLYING THROUGH THE ROPES, MYSTERIO BACK TO HIS FEET AND REY STRIKES NITRO WITH KICKS TO THE KNEE!! JBL comes after Mysterio though and strikes with a right hand but Rey fights back with more kicks!! JBL on the backfoot BUT NITRO TAKES REY DOWN WITH A CLUBBING BLOW FROM BEHIND!!

Michael Cole: The numbers game proving just too much for Rey Mysterio!! Mysterio and Van Dam are in big trouble here!!

Tazz: I think MNM’s intentions are clear, they aren’t gonna let these two even make it to No Mercy and looks like JBL wants in on it too, any excuse for the ‘Wrestling God’ to dish out a beatin’.

Mercury and Nitro now join forces, pulling Mysterio up as we see Melina, that devilish smirk on her face as her boys hold Mysterio upright and JBL begins rolling his arm around, the anticipation rises as the crowd now exactly what’s coming here. JBL runs the ropes…




Tazz: Oh baby, to borrow a line from Monday nights, business is about to pick up!!

Lashley bursts into the ring and Joey Mercury swings for him but Lashley blocks it and he SMASHES Mercury with a big right hand. Nitro’s next, charging in at the big man but LASHLEY TOSSES HIM UP IN THE AIR WITH A BIG BACK BODY DROP BEFORE JBL CONNECTS WITH A RIGHT HAND!! The numbers game now catching up with Lashley as JBL strikes with right hands, clubbing the back of the ‘Real Deal’, Lashley dropping to one knee as JBL now brings him to his feet again, Irish whip, Lashley rebounds and SPEARS THE HELL OUTTA BRADSHAW!! JBL CUT IN HALF BY A DEVASTATING SPEAR FROM BOBBY LASHLEY!!

Michael Cole: WOW!! The impact, the speed, the power of Bobby Lashley!! MNM stopped in their tracks tonight and it would appear as though Lashley has accepted JBL’s challenge for No Mercy!! First Blood, JBL claimed it could break Lashley’s career but is JBL the one who has bitten off more than he can chew?!

Tazz: Bobby Lashley looks all FIRED UP!! You may be onto somethin’ there Cole. If Lashley is this focused, this intense, this motivated then I don’t think even in a match like that, JBL or anybody can stop this kid. Straight up dominance from Bobby Lashley tonight.

Both MNM and JBL are now down on the outside, Melina is attending to her boys with a scowl being delivered in the direction of the ‘Real Deal’ who stands tall inside the ring and helps both Rey Mytserio and Rob Van Dam to their feet, the high flying pair acknowledging Lashley’s help tonight with a nod of respect as B-Lash’s music plays in the background amidst a jubilant crowd. We fade out with Lashley snarling in the direction of JBL who looks right back at him with a look of almost horror, open mouthed at the power of his opponent come No Mercy.


We return and we’re taken to what appears to be a medical room where we see Teddy Long sitting and is being treated by one of the WWE Doctors. Long has an icepack on his neck as he sits on a medical bed and is clearly in a lot of discomfort following that earlier attack on him by John Cena. Long grimaces in pain a little as the doc asks him if he’s ok, to which Long responds aggressively with a ‘What does it look like?’ Long’s attention is then diverted as he suddenly looks up and we see Todd Grisham enter the scene, his glasses seemingly found, his look of unease however hasn’t.

Todd Grisham: Teddy I know I have only been here and will only be here for one night but I’ve already seen just how chaotic Smackdown has been. Following on from that my first question is, just what action will you take towards John Cena following his FU on you earlier this evening?

Long looks a little agitated by Grisham’s question.

Teddy Long: What the hell gives you the right to come on over to my show and criticse the way things go down playa?

Todd Grisham: I’m…I’m sorry Teddy, I was just calling it the way I see i…

Teddy Long: Well the way I see it is you better get to steppin’ and head back over to Raw before I get the job done for ya, ya feel me?

Grisham looks a tad unnerved by that comment.

Teddy Long: But as far as John Cena goes and what action will be taken, I know for a fact that Kurt Angle and Randy Orton are gonna head on down to that ring later tonight and I can pretty much guarantee John Cena’s gonna be headed their way too.

Decent pop for that, the crowd anticipating Cena taking it to Angle and Orton.

Teddy Long: Well let me tell ya, no matter how much I’m hurtin’ right now, I’m gonna be out there too and I promise that I WILL take action against John Cena, I WILL take action against Kurt Angle and I WILL take action against Randy Orton.

Another nice pop as Long gives a steely scowl in the way of Grisham.

Teddy Long: The inmate’s don’t run the asylum around here…I do and I’m gonna make sure the three of them all know it out there tonight.

We get a close up shot of a clearly furious Teddy Long, perhaps feeling the strain before we head back to ringside for some more action…

‘Do What I Want’

And there’s a flutter of boys as out steps former United States Champion Orlando Jordan who is primed to take on the man he lost that championship to back at the Bash.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to the action and a chance for a small measure of revenge tonight for this man. Orlando Jordan lost to Matt Hardy back at the Bash, Hardy taking the United States Title from Jordan and JBL’s former Chief of Staff has found life tough going on Smackdown ever since.

Tazz: Orlando’s gotta get outta this rut and hey, what better way than by doin’ it tonight against the man he lost his championship to? Big chance for Orlando Jordan to get back to winnin’ ways tonight but he knows as well as anybody, it ain’t gonna be easy against Matt Hardy.

‘Live for the Moment’

And it’s a big time pop that greets the music of the champion himself, the U.S Title holder Matt Hardy storms out, all guns blazing, a smirk on his face as he eyes up his former rival inside the ring.

Michael Cole: It’s certainly not because since coming to Friday Night Smackdown Matt Hardy has been on an incredible roll and since capturing that United States Title, his momentum has only increased. Hardy now looking as strong as he has ever done here in the WWE.

Tazz: No doubt about it. As a tag team guy we all knew what Matt Hardy was capable of but on his own we didn’t know if he could step up to that next level, right now I think he’s provin’ it to all the doubters despite that setback against Carlito last week.

Michael Cole: And Tazz we know Matt Hardy will defend his United States Title against the man who defeated him last week in Carlito but we heard from the champion earlier on tonight and he said he was gonna call Carlito out tonight. What do you believe Matt Hardy has in mind for the Apple Spitter?

Tazz: I ain’t got a clue Cole but I sure as hell know that I can’t wait to find out.

Match Four: Singles Match

Matt Hardy vs Orlando Jordan

Hardy removes the U.S title belt from around his waist handing it to the referee but as he does so he’s attacked from behind by Jordan!! Orlando not wasting anytime in taking it to his former rival, clearly a point to prove as OJ clubs Hardy with left and right hands, a furious onslaught from the former champion.

Jordan keeps on taking the fight to Hardy, not letting the champion have any room to breathe as he strikes fast and furiously in the corner, repeated left hands followed by vicious stomp after stomp to the mid section as Hardy slouches down in the corner. Jordan continues dishing out the punishment, including a ruthless strike to Hardy’s head, sending the champion down but Jordan drags him right back up again. Jordan grabs him by the back of the neck before tossing Hardy up and over the top, Hardy landing awkwardly on the outside as Jordan heads right after him.

Jordan looks to keep up the pace but as he goes to slam Hardy’s head off the announce table, Hardy blocks it!! The champion blocks it and instead SMASHES Jordan face first off the table!! A turning point for Hardy as he now assumes control and whips Jordan into the ring post!! Jordan immediately falls as the fans begin to drive the champion on, Hardy going right at Jordan and bringing him back into the ring.

Hardy now picks up the pace and Jordan seemingly has no way back. Determined right hands by Hardy before an Irish whip, boot to the gut on return and Hardy strikes with a big time vertical suplex!! Hardy then heads up high, he senses the end is near as Jordan lay helplessly on the mat and HARDY SCORES WITH A LEG DROP OFF THE TOP!! Beautiful move as the crowd goes wild, Hardy beginning to really feel it now. Hardy drags Jordan up, his former rival is lifeless, boot to the gut by Hardy, a roar to the crowd, TWIST OF FATE CONNECTING!! Cover by Hardy, one, two, three, the U.S Champ rolling.

Winner: Matt Hardy(6:15)

Michael Cole: Matt Hardy once again impressive and once again getting the better of Orlando Jordan!!

Tazz: An old rivalry renewed but the result ends up the same baby, Matt Hardy walkin’ out on top. Huge win for Hardy tonight and it don’t look like he’ gonna wait any longer to call out Carlito!!

Hardy has asked for a microphone and has received one, his hand having being raised by the officials as the U.S Champ smiles, the crowd on their feet after that performance.

Matt Hardy: Y’know ever since I came to Smackdown I’ve felt as though my career has just taken off. I’ve got a whole new confidence, I feel like no matter who I step inside this ring with I will walk out victorious.

Nice pop as Hardy nods his head.

Matt Hardy: And that says a whole lot because here on Friday nights there’s talent wherever you look back in that locker room, there’s competition whatever way you turn but y’know what? I thrive on that competition, I look forward to that competition because I wanna take on the best and I wanna BEAT…the best.

Again another nice pop as Hardy seems pretty pumped up tonight.

Matt Hardy: I wanna prove myself each and every night I step inside this ring. Prove myself to everybody in the back, prove myself to all you people, prove myself to the entire world that Matt Hardy is…for real. Which is why last week I heard somethin’ that…well that made me sit up and think about exactly that.

Hardy now scratches his chin, thinking for a moment.

Matt Hardy: With that in mind I’d like to call out the very man who spoke those words last week, the very man who, hey I hold my hands up, the very man who beat me right here in the middle of this ring last week. So Carlito, come on down to this ring so uh…we can have a little ‘talk’.

Hardy now waits for a moment, the crowd aren’t quite sure what to make of this with Hardy calling out his rival.


And his wait is a relatively short one as out steps the ‘Coolest’ superstar on Friday nights, dressed in a Caribbean shirt and tossing an apple up and down, Lito slowly plods out onto the stage and takes his place atop of it, microphone in hand as his music dies down and Hardy now begins to smirk a touch.

Carlito: What’s dis about Matt? Carlito’s a busy man, he’s not got a lotta time for guys like ju, well…unless it involves kickin’ jur ass again, Carlito’s got a LOT of time for dat.

Lito now begins smiling with a few boos floating around for that as Hardy puts his head down chuckling.

Matt Hardy: I bet you have and y’know what? That’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you about cos there was somethin’ you said last week Carlito tha…

Carlito: Something Carlito said? Are…are ju sure? Carlito thought all you’d remember from last week was what Carlito did and das beat ju one, two, three in da middle of dat ring!!

Lito is grinning ear to ear now as Hardy looks to be getting frustrated this time around, the smile and chuckling gone.

Matt Hardy: How did I guess you’d bring that up? Well congratulations Carlito, I hold my hands up, you beat me last week but what was it you said last week about beatin’ me?

Lito looks a little confused, having a think to himself.

Matt Hardy: I think the exact words were that you know that nine times outta ten you can beat me, hell I think you mighta even claimed you could beat me ninety nine times outta a hundred.

Carlito: Das exactly what ju heard!! Carlito knows for a FACT he could beat ju day in, day out. Summerslam? Dat was just a fluke and Matt ju know it too. All dis talk about ju thriving on competition, ju don’t mean dat, it’s all just ju sucking up to these stupid fans like ju always do.

Pretty strong heat for that as Hardy mouths something away from the microphone.

Carlito: Don’t boo Carlito, Carlito’s just stating da facts. Matt Hardy’s never been anything more than talk. Ju should be embarrassed having him as United States Champion, ju should wanna see a REAL champion, ju should wanna see Carlito holding dat title, somebody who can actually back up their words.

Matt Hardy: Somebody who can back up their words? Well…how bout you do exactly that? I wanna hold you to that Carlito and I wanna hold you to what you said last week too. So whadda ya say? Next week, Matt Hardy versus Carlito for the United States Championship…in match number one…of a Best of Five series?

BIG TIME Pop for that challenge as Carlito looks a little unsure how to respond.

Matt Hardy: Nine times outta ten, ninety nine times outta a hundred, all you gotta do Carlito is three outta five. What’s it gonna be?

Hardy has a smug look about him, sensing that Carlito may try and wriggle out of this, Hardy having thrown down the gauntlet. Carlito takes a deep breath before responding.

Carlito: Best of Five series…

Lito paces around the top of the stage, thinking to himself.

Carlito: Ju wanna let Carlito beat ju not just once, not just twice but three times? Ju know what Matt? Ju gotta deal and when Carlito takes dat title from ju, ju won’t have anybody to blame but jurself and all these people will finally see ju for da fraud ju really are.

More heat for the Apple Spitter there but he doesn’t seem the least bit phased.

Matt Hardy: Is that right? Well I guarantee you whether it takes three, four or the whole five matches, at the end of it all I won’t be called a fraud, I won’t be blaming anybody, all I’m gonna be... is standing here in the middle of this ring STILL United States Champion while you? You’ll have proved to everybody what they already know, what I already know and that’s for all the talk, for all the hype, you just can’t back it up.

Strong pop for Hardy there, Lito rolling his eyes and tossing his apple.

Matt Hardy: Carlito this may be a best of five series but believe me you better bring everything you got to throw at me…cos I don’t plan on this goin’ distance. I’ll see ya next week and we’ll all see… what you’ve really got.

And with that Hardy drops the microphone, his music hitting as the U.S Champion panders to the crowd, the Texas faithful getting right behind him as Lito simply smiles before taking a bite of his apple, nodding his head as Hardy mouths some more words at his rival.

Michael Cole: Wow. A huge challenge laid down tonight from the United States Champion. Right here next week, Matt Hardy one on one with Carlito in the first match of a Best of Five series!!

Tazz: Gonna be off the charts Cole, possibly five matchups between these two and they’ve both got a lot to prove, both done a lotta talkin’. Five matches? That should well settle it once and for all. Bring on next week baby, Hardy and Carlito, I can’t freakin’ wait!!


Returning back off the break we head backstage where we see a slightly sore duo of Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro who are accompanied as ever by Melina, huffing and puffing after being on the receiving end of Bobby Lashley’s physical force tonight. Melina then stops in her tracks, Mercury and Nitro continuing on before realising that their third party has stopped behind them as they spin around and lock eyes.

Johnny Nitro: What’s up? We got what we wanted tonight, sure we took a hit from Lashley but we sent a message to Van Dam and Mysterio, that’s all that matters.

Melina: Look I don’t…I don’t care about what happened with Lashley. What happened with Rob and Rey tonight, yeah I agree we did send a message but you’re wrong with ‘that’s all that matters’. What matters right now is us finding more money because we’ve still not heard a response Johnny and it’s…it’s starting to get to me.

Melina has her hands on her head, clearly frustrated, clearly getting a little stressed at seemingly being unable to find more money for their ‘mystery man’.

Joey Mercury: Listen you just gotta relax alright? We got plenty of time until No Mercy and that means we got plenty of time to find that extra money.

Mercury trying to diffuse the situation does far from it…

Melina: Relax? Relax, are you kidding me?! How am I supposed to relax Joey? Huh? Do you…do you not even care? Do neither of you care?

Johnny Nitro: It’s not like that Meli…

Melina: Well tell me Johnny, what is it like? You two guys are the ones holding those championships, they aren’t around my waist, they’re yours, why should I be the only one who cares? Why should I be bothering to even help you if you don’t even wanna stay on top?

Wow, this is certainly a whole different side to Melina.

Joey Mercury: Woah, calm down. We do care, we care a whole lot more than you seem to believe but you just gotta relax, you gotta be patient and we promise, we’ll find that money from somewhere and come No Mercy he will not…let us down.

Melina takes a deep breath as Nitro puts his hand on her arm to comfort her, closing her eyes to take a second as the Tag Champs stand by her side.

Melina: You…you’re right. I’m sorry, I overreacted, it’s just…this whole thing’s getting to me and I think the quicker we can figure this, the whole lot easier No Mercy is gonna be for the two of you.

Mercury and Nitro both nod in agreement before a final word.

Johnny Nitro: We promise, you got nothin’ to worry about.

And with that we get a final shot of a clearly still worried Melina who looks up to the heavens before we head back to ringside.


And there’s resounding levels of heat as out steps the ‘Wrestling Machine’, Kurt Angle with a look of pure focus and intensity, not taking in any of the fans as he walks hurriedly down towards the ring, he and Randy Orton set to make an address tonight. Angle reaches the bottom of the ramp before smirking as we then hear…

‘Burn in my Light’

Once more there’s a resounding amount of boos as slowly out steps the Legend Killer himself, a more methodical pace as Randy Orton heads down to join Kurt Angle, the two men meeting at the bottom of the ramp and giving one another a glare before entering the ring, the crowd certainly invested in booing these two following what they did last week. Orton and Angle both grab a microphone with Orton’s music dying down and them taking centre stage in the ring.

Randy Orton: Ever since we stepped foot in this arena tonight we’ve heard a lot of talk, we’ve heard a lot of rumours, we’ve heard…a lot of crap.

Orton shakes his head to more boos.

Randy Orton: We’ve heard people claiming what we did last week was wrong. Wrong? Are you kidding me? Here’s something that’s wrong. Neither of us getting a shot at the WWE Title, THAT is wrong.

Orton’s intensity levels rise, getting a little worked up.

Randy Orton: What we did last week was something that needed to happen. It needed to happen so Teddy Long could at long last realise just what’s standing in front of him and so he could FINALLY… stop taking us for granted.

More boos as Angle now steps forward.

Kurt Angle: But rumour has it, Teddy Long’s got other ideas. Rumour has it, instead of giving us the title opportunites we deserve, Teddy Long…is gonna punish us?

Decent pop for that, Angle questioning it.

Kurt Angle: Teddy Long is gonna punish us for doing the exact same thing as he is? Cos that’s all we did last week. Teddy Long is denying us the opportunity we want, the opportunity we deserve. So last week all we did…was return the favour. He wants John Cena versus The Undertaker to be the headline, he wants John Cena versus The Undertaker as his main event, he wants it just to please all of you people. Well guess what? If we don’t get what we want, then he doesn’t get what he wants.

The heat returns for this as we see Orton nod in agreement.

Kurt Angle: I don’t care what you people think about it, that’s the way this is gonna work and Teddy Long needs to get his head around it real quick or else what you all saw last week will be NOTHING compared to what we do next.

Angle begins to smirk.

Kurt Angle: And as much as you might wanna believe it, as much as guys like John Cena and The Undertaker wanna believe it, they can’t stop it, nobody…can stop it.

Randy Orton: And y’know half the problem is them thinking they can, the other half… is Teddy Long thinking they can. He thinks that allowing John Cena to take us on, allowing The Undertaker to take us on will really stop us, will really teach us a lesson but that just shows you how stupid Teddy Long really is.

Orton pauses for a moment before continuing.

Randy Orton: I’ve already beaten The Undertaker twice, Kurt should have beaten John Cena, he would’ve beaten him were it not for one of Teddy Long’s officials, how convenient is that huh? Kurt should be standing here tonight as WWE Champion while I should be standing here as his challenger.

Big time heat for this as Orton nods, Angle yelling ‘that’s a fact’.

Randy Orton: But we get put aside, we get put to the back of the line and why?

Kurt Angle: Because we aren’t Teddy Long guys that’s why and if you wanna get an opportunity around here, if you wanna win championships around here, it doesn’t come down to whether you deserve it or not, it comes down to whether you’re a suck up to that JOKE of a General Manager.

Angle shakes his head in disgust, Orton placing his head down in frustration.

Kurt Angle: Think about it. MNM have beaten Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio THREE times and yet at No Mercy they’ve gotta defend their titles against them in a Ladder match!! Why??? What have they done to deserve a shot? Oh!! Oh that’s right!! They’re Teddy Long guys, that’s why they get that shot.

Angle’s cynicism isn’t greeted well by the Texas faithful.

Kurt Angle: And Randy said it himself, he’s beaten The Undertaker TWICE since Wrestlemania? Does he get a title match? No, no he doesn’t and why? Because he’s not a Teddy Long guy.

The crowd really aren’t buying into this ‘Teddy Long guy’ routine.

Kurt Angle: And me? Well, I’m pretty sure you all know by now I am FAR FROM a Teddy Long guy which is why I don’t get the rematch I deserve, which is why I don’t get the rematch I earned and DAMN IT, THAT’S NOT FAIR!! THAT’S NOT RIGHT!!

Angle’s losing it now, the crowd booing the Wrestling Machine’s actions also.

Randy Orton: It’s not fair, it’s not right and it’s happening time and time again but now? Now we’re through with it, we are done with it and tonight…tonight we came out here not just to set the record straight, we came here…to do something else about it.

Now the interest has risen as Orton stares coldly into the crowd.

Randy Orton: Unless…unless Teddy Long comes out here right now and gives us what we want, gives us what we deserve, then once again we’re gonna take matters into our own hands. So Teddy…what’s it gonna be?

Orton and Angle now wait patiently, Angle is ready and raring to go, gritting his teeth, desperate to see Long appear whilst Orton is a little calmer, arms folded as he waits to see what’s in store for them…

‘My Time is Now’

But Orton and Angle are NOT best pleased to hear the music of the WWE Champion as out steps the WWE Champion John Cena and he appears to NOT be in any mood for the duo’s games tonight. Cena has a mic and stands on top of the stage, not all action just yet from the Doctor of Thuganomics.

John Cena: Take matters into your own hands, get what you want, get what you deserve. Well that mighta been your plan last week, might be your plan tonight, may well be your plan in the future but I got news for you… I’m gonn’ take matters into my own hands, I’m gonn’ get what I want and I’m gonn’ get what I deserve too and y’know what? I ain’t gonn’ wait a second longer to get it.

And with that Cena slams down his microphone, removes his shirt, tossing it into the crowd who are electric. We then see Angle and Orton bracing themselves inside the ring for Cena to come and get him some. Cena then looks at the duo one more time, a look of real intensity before CENA SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP AND HEADS INTO THE RING, READY TO TAKE THE FIGHT TO BOTH MEN!!

Michael Cole: Here comes John Cena!! The fight is on here in Texas!! John Cena getting comin’ for payback on Kurt Angle and Randy Orton!!

Tazz: I don’t know about you Cole but I think Cena’s bitten off more than he can chew right here!!

Cena has stormed the ring and is dishing out right hands to Orton, right hands to Angle as Cena looks to seize advantage despite the numbers game!! Orton comes charging but Cena with a clothesline takes him down!! Cena lets out a roar BUT ANGLE CLUBS HIM WITH A RIGHT HAND!! Angle now pounces as Orton gets to his feet and it’s a two on one assault now, the one man advantage playing in these two predators’ hands.

Michael Cole: Angle and Orton taking full advantage of the two on one!! John Cena in a whole world of trouble here, the champion may have wished he’d thought twice before heading after these two men!!

Tazz: Cena’s got his issues wit’ these two but goin’ it alone ain’t always the easiest way to do it and he may pay the price tonight.

Angle and Orton are now hammering Cena who is tied up in the corner, kicks from Orton, kicks from Angle, a real venom, a real aggression in both men here with Orton now clubbing Cena with a closed fist, real impact from the Legend Killer as Angle has dropped out of the ring and he’s headed towards the announce booth…where he grabs a STEEL CHAIR!!

Michael Cole: Ah no, come on Kurt, it doesn’t need to be this way. You’ve made your point, this isn’t gonna make things better for Angle or Orton!!

Tazz: It might not make things better but in these two guys minds, it can’t get any worse.

Angle enters the ring again, Orton is choking Cena in the corner, an elbow lodged into Cena’s throat before Orton lets go and Cena drops to the mat, perhaps even passed out with Orton suffocating the champion there. Angle then yells ‘Get ‘im up’ and Orton obliges, the crowd are going crazy in giving these two men heat as Angle yells out ‘ONE LAST CHANCE TEDDY, THIS IS YOUR DOING!!’ Angle waits a matter of seconds, the steel chair held back high…



Michael Cole: The Undertaker getting payback here tonight!! Angle and Orton ruined his main event with John Cena, they ruined his chance at the WWE Title and that is NOT gonna sit well with the Phenom!!

Tazz: If I were Kurt, if I were Randy I’d be thankin’ god I got the hell outta there tonight!! Just look at The Undertaker, he came here tonight and here came here to hunt these two down!! They may’ve escaped tonight but I gotta feelin’ the Deadman ain’t done wit’ these two.

Indeed Taker is snarling as Angle and Orton back up the ramp, relieved that they escaped the Deadman somewhat here tonight but at the same time fearful of what they did and almost did receive. We then see John Cena getting to his knees, looking up at Taker and realising that the Deadman may’ve done him a huge favour here tonight. Taker then looks back, recognising that Cena is to his feet as he gives him daggers before staring right back at the cowering duo of Angle and Orton.


But there’s sudden intrigue as the music of the Smackdown General Manager hits and out steps Teddy Long, very gingerly it must be said as he slowly steps out, clearly feeling the effects of John Cena’s attack on him earlier as he clutches his neck.

Teddy Long: Hold on just a second there, I ain’t done here tonight and I ain’t done when it comes to the four of you.

Angle and Orton have turned round and Orton yells ‘This better be our title shot Teddy’ as Long looks at the duo.

Teddy Long: Now the two of you are my main priority tonight, after what ya did last week you’re lucky security even let ya into the buildin’.

Angle begins to smirk, Orton shaking his head.

Teddy Long: But you ain’t gonna get away wit’ what you did last week and that goes for what you did tonight too John. I understand you were angry playa, I understand you were frustrated but that ain’t give you the right to put ya hands on me.

Cena nods his head, perhaps now knowing what he did was wrong.

Teddy Long: So the three o’ you will all face ya punishments BUT…that ain’t all ya gonna face. I can’t let what happened last week happen again and having said that I can’t let this happen again either. Everywhere ya turn right now there’s chaos and I can’t let this thing spiral outta control anymore or else it’s gonn’ start affectin’ my job. Which is why at No Mercy I’m gonna give ya what ya want.

Angle and Orton now start smiling, Cena’s interest picking up as Taker still looks on menacingly.

Teddy Long: Now lemme assure ya, I am not givin’ in to anybody, I’m not crackin’ under the pressure, I’m simply doin’ what’s right for this show to get back on track, ya understand? Which is why at No Mercy it’s goin’ to be John Cena defending the WWE Championship against…Kurt Angle.

Strong boos as Angle lets out a roar in delight, Long shaking his head, he clearly doesn't want to allow this.

Teddy Long: AND…Randy Orton.

More big time heat as Orton clenches his fists, pumping them slightly as he’s clearly pleased he’s getting his title opportunity.


MASSIVE POP!! The Deadman nods his head as Orton throws his arms up in the air, yelling ‘NO’ whilst Angle stands hands on hips, biting his bottom lip as he shakes his head in disbelief.

Teddy Long: And that match is goin’ to be a Fatal 4 Way ELIMINATION MATCH!!

Another huge pop as we see John Cena smirking, looking around the arena, clearl as excited as them before he locks eyes with the Deadman, tension evident. We then see a shot of Angle and Orton who look at one another almost as if to say ‘How did we know that was coming?’

Teddy Long: So you got what ya wanted, all four of ya are gonna get to settle things come No Mercy which means this…this all stops and it stops right now. As for last week, as for ya punishment, well why don’t we start wit’ you John?

The camera shifts to Cena who nods on, listening.

Teddy Long: John, whether ya like it or not, you cannot put ya hands on ya boss playa so I’m sorry to say it but I am hereby suspending you…for one week… without pay.

Cena actually laughs, shaking his head, perhaps in disbelief, perhaps in accepting that’s what he deserved as we see Angle and Orton laughing at one another as there’s big time boos for that statement.

Teddy Long: Which means next week you will not be needed and if ya do decide to show up? Let’s just say that WWE Championship match becomes a Triple Threat, ya understand?

Cena seems to mouth ‘absolutely’.

Teddy Long: Kurt, Randy I don’t know why the two o’ you are laughin’. I ain’t gonna suspend the two of ya, that’d be too easy and to be honest, I don’t think either of ya would even give a damn. What I am gonna do is I am goin’ to fine each of you……ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

WOW. The crowd goes wild as Orton and Angle go absolutely apeshit and they start to head up the ramp, they’ve got Teddy Long in their sights!! The two men get in Long’s face with Long not budging, not backing down here.

Teddy Long: Don’t even think about it playas because that ain’t all I got in mind for the two of you. Ya been fined but don’t forget you still got ya title shot and ya lucky to have it, believe that. BUT…don’t go thinkin’ you can still do what you want, still call the shots around here and just get handed things because that ain’t how it’s gonna be anymore. You on ya last chance because if EITHER of you two get involved in anything like last week or if either of you get involved in any unsanctioned physical confrontations like tonight, between now and No Mercy, be it with The Undertaker, with John Cena, with ANYBODY… then you will LOSE your title shot and you WILL…be FIRED!!

An INCREDIBLE POP as Angle simply looks down at the floor, Orton staring at Long with a cold look in his eyes. Long’s music then hits and the GM departs having laid down the law tonight for all to see.

Michael Cole: Teddy Long stamping his authority here tonight with some HUGE announcements!! But at the same time, has Teddy Long began to show he's cracking? Giving in to his superstars demands as we now know it'll be John Cena defending his WWE Championship at No Mercy against Kurt Angle, against Randy Orton and against THE UNDERTAKER in a Fatal 4 Way Elimination match!!

Tazz: Absolutely blockbuster Cole. Angle and Orton getting what they want but I don’t think it’s in the fashion they’d hoped for.

Michael Cole: And what about the punishments for Cena, for Angle, for Orton? John Cena suspended for one week without pay while Kurt Angle and Randy Orton have…well they have it all to lose!!

Tazz: They’ve already lost a hundred thousand dollars each Cole but losin’ their title shots too?!? I don’t think they’re that stupid, I think Angle and Orton will have a plan in mind and I think Cena and the Phenom are gonna have to get ‘emselves one too, this is gonna be awesome Cole.

We close the show with Angle and Orton spinning round to lock eyes with the Deadman and the WWE Champion, Angle looking a little concerned while Orton scratches his head as the crowd then cheers wildly as we see The Undertaker deliver a symbolic message of a thumb across the throat while John Cena simply stands, perched on the ropes as he points at the duo mouthing ‘No mercy, your time is up’. Angle and Orton look at one another one last time before we finish with the Phenom and the Doctor of Thuganomics doing likewise, the tension having risen once more tonight between these four.

Date: 9th October 2005

Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

Current Card:

WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match
John Cena(c) vs Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton vs The Undertaker

WWE Tag Team Championships: Ladder Match
MNM(c) vs Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Gregory Helms(c) w/Chavo Guerrero vs Paul London w/Brian Kendrick

First Blood Match:
John Bradshaw Layfield vs Bobby Lashley

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Unforgiven Preview

Date: 18th September 2005

Location: Ford Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

World Heavyweight Championship: Steel Cage Match

Batista© vs Kane

At Summerslam these two fierce rivals squared off in a highly tense, highly emotional confrontation that saw Shawn Michaels as the Special Guest Referee and also as a determining factor in the champion retaining his title. This Sunday however there will be no third party. It is simply one on one, man to man, Animal versus Monster as these two bitter rivals enter inside a fifteen foot high Steel Cage!!

The finish to their Summerslam encounter was controversial as the impact of the Heartbreak Kid was evident and with that obvious to everybody, Kane felt entitled to a rematch and Batista wasn’t gonna wait long to hand it to him. The Big Red Machine has made taking the Animal down and taking his title with it his only focus in recent weeks and this rivalry has got extremely heated, extremely fast. Before Summerslam we witnessed first hand just what these two were capable of as Kane sickeningly Chokeslammed the Animal off the stage, breaking Batista’s ribs but since Summerslam…things have only escalated.

We’ve seen Batista Spear Kane off the stage, we’ve seen Kane Chokeslam Batista through the announce table, we’ve witnessed these two fight their way through the crowd, fight their way across the entire arena and this past Monday night on Raw we saw a devastating Batistabomb off the stage that left both men torn apart. With nothing able to contain these two men, the question now lies, will a Steel Cage even be enough? With nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, two men trapped inside the confines of an unforgiving Steel Cage, just what brutality will these two dish out as they do battle for the richest prize in the game? One thing’s for sure, carnage awaits in Oklahoma City.

Four on One Handicap Match:
(Shawn Michaels must eliminate all four members of the Entity to win)

The Arabian Entity vs Shawn Michaels

Recent months have proved to be the toughest of Shawn Michaels career and this Sunday, it doesn’t get any easier. The Heartbreak Kid has been under the control of Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff since back at Vengeance and Bischoff is intent that Unforgiven be Michaels last day in the sun.

Summerslam saw the Showstopper defy Eric Bischoff’s orders when he counted Kane down, allowing Batista to retain the World Title and unsurprisingly it did not sit well with the General Manager. The night after Summerslam saw Bischoff vow that Michaels would regret ever crossing the boss and Bischoff wasn’t wrong. Michaels took on Kane in the main event only to be heinously ambushed by the dangerous Arabian Entity who would leave Michaels a broken and bloody mess. We learned that the Entity were in fact in this for themselves with their leader Muhammad Hassan claiming to have seen and heard enough from Michaels and his ‘faith’. What followed was a scathing verbal assault on America and the treatment of Arab Americans in this country with Hassan claiming that it caused him to lose all hope, all belief, all his faith and that he was gonna do to Michaels what this country had done to him.

Monday night on Raw saw one of the most vile and brutal assaults in WWE history as the Entity laid waste to Michaels, leaving him unconscious and fallen in a pool of his own blood. With a mountain to climb already this Sunday night, will Michaels even be in a position to defend himself? With Bischoff and the Entity fighting the cause together, the goal is simple Sunday night, take Shawn Michaels faith…and take Shawn Michaels career. With the numbers game against the Heartbreak Kid, with the wounds far from healed, is there anything Shawn Michaels can do to prevent the worst from happening this Sunday night? Will the Entity hit the jackpot? Will the boss get his wish? Or will the Showstopper pull off the impossible?

Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match:

Edge vs Christian vs Chris Jericho

Sunday night will see three of Canada’s finest do battle for the chance at a World Title opportunity, something which all three men believe they deserve but only ONE will walk out victorious and there is no doubting the pressure is well and truly on.

Christian scored the biggest victory of his career back at Summerslam when he shocked the world in defeating Ric Flair and ending the legendary career of the Nature Boy. With Flair beaten and now out of sight, Captain Charisma believed he was next in line for a title opportunity but he was not the only one. Edge also walked out victorious at Summerslam, though it wasn’t without the helping hand of his Money in the Bank briefcase as he clocked Chris Jericho with it to knock Y2J off and end his title aspirations…or so he thought. Jericho would take issue with what went down and claimed if Edge was gonna get the World Title shot, so was he, claiming that had it not been for Edge’s briefcase, he’d be the one holding Money in the Bank. With all three men having extremely viable reasons to a title shot, Eric Bischoff settled it, all three men competing at Unforgiven with that World Title shot up for grabs, something none of the three feel they can miss out on.

Chris Jericho was the first ever Undisputed Champion but since then Y2J has failed to taste the gold, Edge and Christian claim this is Jericho’s last chance to reach the top of the mountain again, will Jericho rise to the challenge and take it? Christian has never held a World Title, he’s never even had an opportunity but Christian claims he’s a new man, a changed man and that the win over Flair at Summerslam is a new beginning, will he prove just that? Or will Captain Charisma fall at the final hurdle? Edge is the only man who knows this isn’t his last chance. The Rated R Superstar already has a guaranteed title opportunity whenever he wants, right the way up until Wrestlemania but he claims that to be the ace up his sleeve, his back up call and that just because he holds that contract, it doesn’t mean he should miss out on what he deserves. Will it be Mr.MITB who earns himself a double chance or will Money in the Bank prove to be his final hope?

WWE Intercontinental Championship:

Shelton Benjamin© w/Charlie Haas vs Mark Jindrak w/William Regal

It was jubilation for Shelton Benjamin at Summerslam when he finally toppled his long time rival Muhammad Hassan to claim back the Intercontinental Championship but that jubilation has been short lived and come Unforgiven Benjamin’s reign could come to a damning halt as he goes toe to toe with a man who is on the roll of his career, Mark Jindrak.

Jindrak has been straight up dominant since aligning with the wily William Regal and the combination of Regal’s nous alongside Jindrak’s power have been mighty effective, seeing the ‘Protégé’ knock off Big Show at Summerslam in impressive style. Benjamin meanwhile may be holding the Intercontinental Title but it’s not been all plain sailing for Benjamin, most notably in his relationship with tag team partner, Charlie Haas. Haas has stood by his partner, despite Benjamin’s reluctance to go after the Tag Team Titles, instead focusing on his singles career, something that Haas hasn’t been fond of but has accepted, although not without tension arising. Haas has continued to air his grievances to Benjamin and the champion has vowed to bring their Tag Team back to the forefront of his mind soon enough but the question is, how long will Charlie Haas wait?

Always one to try and cause unrest, William Regal has already fiddled in the World’s Greatest Tag Team’s division. This past Monday on Raw saw Regal confront Haas backstage, telling Haas that if he wants his partner back, he’s gonna have to see him lose the Intercontinental Title. Regal challenged Haas to make an impact of his own and to ‘think about it’. Haas thought about it for all of a few seconds, not taking kindly to Regal’s claims and vowing he would be in his partner’s corner this Sunday and he would see him victorious. Will Haas really have his partner’s back Sunday night? Or will the growing friction between the two only further? And is this the night Mark Jindrak’s roll leads him to championship gold? So many questions for this one, so few answers.

World Tag Team Championships:

Dudley Boyz© vs The Platform to Perfection

Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth have made quite the impact since debuting on Monday Night Raw and at Summerslam they went one better as they became number one contenders to the World Tag Team Titles. This Sunday night the young ‘Perfectionists’ get their opportunity but it will not come easy as they take on the veteran champions, the Dudley Boyz!!

The Dudleyz returned to the WWE at Backlash and instantly captured the Tag Team Titles, going on to defend them successfully against the Basham Brothers and Entity members, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari but it’s a whole different ball game this Sunday night as they take on two men who are unknown when it comes to title matches. Doane and Nemeth have certainly impressed thus far but when the pressure’s on and the titles are up for grabs, will the PTP be able to step up and take them? Doane and Nemeth claim that the Dudleyz days are done, however Bubba and D-Von simply believe the Perfectionists are covering up their biggest fear…failure.

There is however, a third party involved in this and that third party are Doug and Danny Basham. The Bashams believe that the title opportunity should be theirs and have continued to challenge Doane and Nemeth to make this a Triple Threat match, something the Perfectionists have refused. With Doane and Nemeth’s continued refusals, the Bashams have vowed to take matters into their own hands this Sunday night by promising they’ll be in Oklahoma and they will ‘see’ the Perfectionists there. What have the Bashams got in mind? Are Doane and Nemeth’s title hopes not just under threat from the champions but from the outside also? Or will it simply all be mind games from the former Cabinet members and the platform is indeed provided for perfection?

Mr.Kennedy’s Open Challenge:

Mr Kennedy vs ?

He is arrogant, he is talented and he is undefeated, he is Mr.Kennedy and this Sunday night he is hell bent on finally facing a challenge.

Since debuting on Monday Night Raw, Kennedy has demanded competition but so far he’s faced anything but that. Kennedy claims to be the ‘Game Changer’ Raw needs, the ‘Game Changer’ the WWE needs and that he wants to face and he wants to beat the very best they have to offer. Raw’s General Manager Eric Bischoff has yet to give Kennedy what he wants, instead all Kennedy has faced have been in his eyes, joke acts with the particular thorn in his side being the every colourful, Eugene.

Eugene has tried his hand at being several different superstars, including Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin, yet no matter what persona he’s failed to find a way to win. Will Eugene again be the man to step up to Kennedy at Unforgiven? Will it possibly be a fresh face that bursts onto the scene to accept the challenge? The main question for Kennedy is, will the competition he craves step up to the plate?

Women’s Championship:

Victoria© vs Lita

The dominant path of destruction Victoria has been on will look to continue this Sunday night as Lita at long last gets her chance at not just the Women’s Championship but also at retribution.

This match was all set for Summerslam, Victoria having taken out Trish Stratus, breaking the blonde beauty’s ankle, Lita stepped up to the devilish diva and laid claim to a title shot, one which she was granted. However, Victoria showed her sadistic side once again, ambushing Lita backstage before launching a sickening assault on Lita’s ankle, slamming a door against it, looking to do to her exactly what she did to Trish Stratus. She succeeded as the title match was cancelled and we learned that Lita suffered a sprained ankle ruling her out of action. Trouble for Victoria was, that action would only be a matter of weeks rather than months as Lita returned, shocking the champion and she returned with a vengeance, Victoria’s title in her sights.

This Sunday Lita gets her long awaited chance. Will the Daredevil diva once again take home the gold and reign supreme? Or will Victoria once again prove why she’s the most dominant diva in not just the WWE right now, but the world?

Prediction Template:

World Heavyweight Championship: Steel Cage Match

Batista© vs Kane

Four on One Handicap Match:
(Shawn Michaels must eliminate all four members of the Entity to win)

The Arabian Entity vs Shawn Michaels

Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match:
Edge vs Christian vs Chris Jericho

WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin© w/Charlie Haas vs Mark Jindrak w/William Regal

World Tag Team Championships:
Dudley Boyz© vs The Platform to Perfection

Mr.Kennedy’s Open Challenge:
Mr.Kennedy vs?

WWE Women’s Championship:
Victoria© vs Lita

Bonus Questions:

1) Predict the match order
2) What will be the longest match?
3) What will be the shortest match?
4) Who will take the pinfall or submission in the Triple Threat match?
5) Who will be the first man eliminated, if any, in the Handicap match?
6) Will there be any blood shed, if so, which match?
7) Who will answer Mr.Kennedy’s Open Challenge
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Prediction Template:

7 ~ World Heavyweight Championship: Steel Cage Match

Batista© vs Kane

6 ~ Four on One Handicap Match:
(Shawn Michaels must eliminate all four members of the Entity to win)

The Arabian Entity vs Shawn Michaels

4 ~ Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match:
Edge vs Christian vs Chris Jericho

1 ~ WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin© w/Charlie Haas vs Mark Jindrak w/William Regal

3 ~ World Tag Team Championships:
Dudley Boyz© vs The Platform to Perfection

2 ~ Mr.Kennedy’s Open Challenge:
Mr.Kennedy vs ?

5 ~ WWE Women’s Championship:
Victoria© vs Lita

Bonus Questions:

1) Predict the match order
2) What will be the longest match? - The triple threat
3) What will be the shortest match? - Mr Kennedy's Open Invitational
4) Who will take the pinfall or submission in the Triple Threat match? - Chris Jericho
5) Who will be the first man eliminated, if any, in the Handicap match? - Sonjay Dutt
6) Will there be any blood shed, if so, which match? - The handicap match
7) Who will answer Mr.Kennedy’s Open Challenge - DAT MAVEN

Expect some feedback about Christmas time
Good luck, kiddo; looks a corker.

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Prediction Template:

7. World Heavyweight Championship: Steel Cage Match

Batista© vs Kane
The build to this match has certainly been chaotic, I feel the hatered between both men has more than been shown. A Cage match certainly entertains the idea that this will be brutal, I think there's no chance Kane walks out with the title but he definitely will give Batista a run for his money.

6. Four on One Handicap Match:
(Shawn Michaels must eliminate all four members of the Entity to win)

The Arabian Entity vs Shawn Michaels
I feel you've built up this match really well mate, you've made The Entity look a huge threat and they can only get better with a win over HBK. I do feel it's gonna lead to a Survivor Series Elimination Match, I'm not sure if HBK is gonna make the impossible seem possible by eliminating a couple of members but I feel that could possibly make The Entity look weak at Survivor Series. Regardless, Entity to get the win.

4. Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match:
Edge vs Christian vs Chris Jericho
This was a tough one to predict, I do feel that one of the heels will be walking out #1 Contender, I just wasn't sure who. You've got Christian on a roll, retiring Ric Flair at Summerslam, only a matter of time before he gets the title. Edge will have his time, he's got the briefcase after all. Jericho on the other hand, I'm not sure where he goes from here. Maybe Team Edge vs Team Jericho at Survivor Series, either way Christian vs Batista as the RAW Main Event for Survivor Series.

3. WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin© w/Charlie Haas vs Mark Jindrak w/William Regal
You've made Jindrak seem a real force on RAW, although I'm not his biggest fan. Regal as his manager really works, whilst on the other side you've got the tension growing with Haas and Benjamin. Just waiting for the inevitable turn, I do feel Haas will cost Shelton the title at one point, just not yet.

1. World Tag Team Championships:
Dudley Boyz© vs The Platform to Perfection
New champions crowned here, I feel TPTP need the win that solidifies them. Dudleys will bounce back, win for the challengers can only do them good.

5. Mr.Kennedy’s Open Challenge:
Mr.Kennedy vs?
I have no idea who is gonna come out for this, one thing I will say is that you're antics with Kennedy and Eugene have been fun to read over the weeks, Kennedy wins again here.

2. WWE Women’s Championship:
Victoria© vs Lita
I do think Lita is gonna get the victory, however I feel Victoria will keep the gold. I think you're building to a big Triple Threat between Trish/Victoria/Lita at Survivor Series so Lita wins via countout or DQ.

Bonus Questions:

1) Predict the match order
2) What will be the longest match? Batista/Kane.
3) What will be the shortest match? Kennedy's Open Challenge.
4) Who will take the pinfall or submission in the Triple Threat match? Chris Jericho.
5) Who will be the first man eliminated, if any, in the Handicap match? I'll go out on a limb and say Davari.
6) Will there be any blood shed, if so, which match? Batista/Kane, Entity/HBK
7) Who will answer Mr.Kennedy’s Open Challenge? I have no idea.

I know you really can't wait to get to Survivor Series, and if things are gonna be heated up even more by then I can't wait to read. You just keep on getting better mate, really looking forward to reading this .
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Prediction Template:

7.World Heavyweight Championship: Steel Cage Match

Batista© vs Kane

I feel that if you were gonna give the title to Kane it would have happened at SummerSlam with some kind of involvement from Michaels. Then you would have had a legitamat excuse for Batista losing. But given the wild brawls in the build up, and the fact we're now inside a steel cage, I'm going for a Batista win to bring this feud to a decisive end.

6.Four on One Handicap Match:
(Shawn Michaels must eliminate all four members of the Entity to win)

The Arabian Entity vs Shawn Michaels

Hard one to choose here. At various time during the build, you've made the Entity look very strong and then at other times pretty weak. I'll go for The Arabian Entity to win this one, but it could really go either way.

5.Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match:
Edge vs Christian vs Chris Jericho

It has to be Christian. Just has to be.

1.WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin© w/Charlie Haas vs Mark Jindrak w/William Regal

I don't see Shelton losing the title yet, as I'm sure you'll be wanting Charlie Haas involved in that somehow. But it's just too early for a split between Haas and Benji right now. So Shelton Benjamin to retain the title here.

2.World Tag Team Championships:
Dudley Boyz© vs The Platform to Perfection

You seem pretty high on the newcomers, so I'm going for a Platform win here. I just think that moving forward there'll be more options for stories with those guys as champs. Plus, Dudley's are kinda getting a bit stale at this point. New champs to freshen up the division, plz.

3.Mr.Kennedy’s Open Challenge:
Mr.Kennedy vs?

I'm taking Kennedy to win here.

4.WWE Women’s Championship:
Victoria© vs Lita

I'll go for Victoria to retain here. It'll be close, and I can see there being some shenanigans, but Victoria will be champ when it's over.

Bonus Questions:

1) Predict the match order Yip.
2) What will be the longest match? Batista/Kane
3) What will be the shortest match? Victoria/Lita
4) Who will take the pinfall or submission in the Triple Threat match? Ooh... Jericho I think.
5) Who will be the first man eliminated, if any, in the Handicap match? Davairi
6) Will there be any blood shed, if so, which match? Could see Shawn Michaels bleeding during his match.
7) Who will answer Mr.Kennedy’s Open Challenge?
Goldust I guess.
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