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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

JAM’s Review

I really liked the opening because it was pretty unconventional for the start of RAW. You’ve got Bischoff’s character down to a tee so it’s been a joy reading how you write for him and that didn’t change here. I did think it was a little weird for Bischoff to get a pop from the fans when he announced the ‘Tista/Kane matchup. But then you added the line about him doing what’s good for business and for the people so that line kind of saved it. Then he goes right back to being that sinister GM we’ve come to know by giving HBK a “warm-up” match, good golly. Ultimate jobber team right there. Knew HBK would pull out the win here and the attack at the end was just booking 101. Hassan and his cronies are looking like major heels after this attack, good job. Hassan “saving” HBK was a nice touch as well, good opening to the show!

Very strong promo from the Dudleyz here. It was great seeing Bubba get his word in since we now know he’s a pretty good promo man because of his TNA run. Well anyway, what I like about it the most is that Devon got his say in as well. Oh Testify! Nothing really you can fault here, it was a very enjoyable promo. Only gripe I have is that maybe Grisham talked too much? I don’t know. I’ve seen it a lot in other threads as well when the interviewer talks a whole lot, maybe it’s just me nitpicking.

Actually like the fact that the brawl occurred here. These two are pretty much done with each other so enough talking and more fighting. I hope their feud ends at Unforgiven to be honest. However, I was looking for maybe Batista or even Kane to have sold the effects from last week because a spear off the stage is no joke, that probably hurts a whole lot. So maybe play to the fact that they’re not a 100% yet. As for the divas, Lita has always been a favorite of mine and Victoria as well so I’m looking forward to seeing those ladies lock horns. Any storylines that include the divas is a win for me since now the divas division is pretty much a joke. Was really diggin’ that promo from Lita too.

Oooooh, more tension in the ranks of WGTT. This could potentially be a really good feud if you decide to turn someone which I expect to happen. Really like the psychology you got going here with both guys being apologetic then later Haas rescinds his emotions back to frustration. So Christian goes from beating Flair to feuding with both Edge and Jericho, not bad if you ask me. I do think you need to be careful how you handle this. All three guys are stars and will be in the main event but after this feud, one or possibly two of them may not be as strong as they were coming into this feud. I’m a fan of all three guys so I hope you got a solid plan as to how this entire feud will go. Whoever you choose to come out on top, I’m with you but…..Christian please! Now here I think you did good with the interview since Maria didn’t talk a whole lot. Onto the Regal promo though, everything he said was on point. Even talking about the tension within WGTT was a nice touch as it really shows that there’s something wrong between the two. You used Regal well in putting over Jindrak but Benjamin as well. I did kind of want to see Jindrak say his piece in, maybe give him a catchphrase or something. But then again, he isn’t much of a talker but I do hope we hear something from him soon.

I dig this segment with Bischoff and the Entity. Here, you put over Hassan and the Entity well while also announcing a big match against the world champion. The Entity are certainly moving up the ladder, great to see that. It’s just genius the promos that are going to come up now that Christian, Edge, and Jericho are feuding. That line that said “I’m right here Chris, do somethin’ then, do somethin’ about it.”had me laughing all the way through Hmm, Goldust huh? Ehh, could be good for the midcard, I like him.

More brawling with ‘Tista and Kane? Just let them go at it already! The main event has to be explosive if these two have gone at it this much already. WOOO! Mr. Kennedy promo. I honestly can’t wait to see what you have in store for him. He could’ve been a big star in the WWE until his push was shattered so here’s hoping you do him some justice on that end. Really like the tweener alignment that you’ve given him, suits him well. But I’m thinking he’ll have to be face or heel sooner rather than later.

The main event was utter chaos even before it started, love it! It seemed a little too overbooking for me with Haas suddenly arriving. But I guess we’ll eventually find out why that occurred next week. I can see next week being the week where WGTT truly starts to fall apart. Kane and Batista are just ruthless, I’m kind of likin’ this from them now. But I do still think that after Unforgiven, their feud should be over. That extra bit from HBK gave me chills. He’s such a good character to write for and you know exactly how to write for him, it’s great. But yeah, this was a little unexpected. Kinda makes the Entity look a little weak but I’m sure you have something in store for this so I’m not worrying.

On the whole, it was quite an enjoyable episode of RAW. The WGTT tension was my favorite part alongside the stuff that went down with the three Canadians. The World Title picture is heating up and that’s always a good thing. You got a lot of good stuff going on and not a lot of bad stuff, in fact nothing bad at all. Except maybe making some guys look a little weak but that’s fine. Good job!

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

619's Feedback for cp's Monday Night RAW

~Been a little out of the loop, so it was mighty convenient what Bischoff had to say here to catch me up to speed a little bit. Also, kudos on the non-traditional opening; they really are a great way to immediately get a reader’s attention. I could just picture the dickish look on his face that he’d have while saying this, too. You captured him in excellent fashion, and the changing of the Unforgiven main event sounds like it should be a lot of fun.

~Well that was just fun. No gripe about Michaels destroying a set of jobbers. None of them got really any kind of showing here, but nice to see Michaels more than up to the challenge (as if there was any question he’d lose to MAVEN). The post-match is what means the most here, and I love the way your Hassan played it off. He doesn’t just want to torture Michaels, he wants to completely break everything about the guy. Was a very solid segment that will surely add a layer to this mugging of a feud.

~A very nice promo from the Dudz here, I fully expect them to put the Platform in their place in a couple of weeks. They won’t hold the gold much longer than that, but they should at least put up a fighting chance against the young guys.

~A solid, if short, match that the Platform looked pretty good in. I understand why the Dudleys interfered, it’s kind of Booking 101. What I didn’t like was the logic behind it. Not only could this potentially be seen as a way for the Bashams to lay claim for a title shot, thus giving the Dudz more challengers come Unforgiven, but the champs just did what they chewed the Platform out for doing and that was sticking their nose where it didn’t belong because they’re afraid. From a booking perspective, this didn’t make much sense with all that put in. But from a character perspective, I do like it because it shows that perhaps it’s the Dudleys that are afraid of the Platform and the fact that the kids do have their number and the champs are getting a tad paranoid about keeping their gold. Whichever way you wanna look at it, I suppose

~Oh, hey Batista. Oh, hey Kane. These guys really have it in for one another, no? I like me some anarchy, and this was well done, although it did feel a little bit filler-ish to me.

~Nice to insert a little bit of vengeance into a women’s feud, and there’s no one the crowd likes to get behind than Lita. An impressive win and that address was short and sweet, just telling us exactly how she felt and what was new without any fluff. Although I’m still rooting for psycho Victoria. Moving on.

~I really like what you’re doing with the WGTT here. Lots of unresolved tension going around in this scene, even with both guys apologizing. I’m not sure which way you’re gonna go with this, but that’s what’s drawing me to it. I think both you and me are pulling a great deal of inspiration from these two from Legend’s work with them, but I implore you to make this one your own. Still, very interest peaking stuff here.

~A really strong match between the Canadians here that was never gonna end clean. These are two guys you’ve been giving a lot of focus to for a while now, so I wasn’t expecting a clear cut winner, although I wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit if all three men were involved in something together come Unforgiven.

~Btw, I wanna slap your Coach everytime he talks.

~Nice to see Regal and his boy given new direction and I also very much enjoy the fact that Regal is only gonna add fuel to the fire between the WGTT. He’s a perfect catalyst to do so given his incredibly educated nature. Dare I say Regal might prompt Haas to jump on board with him…?

~As already noted by many, you’ve pretty much got Bischoff to a tee by this point. Loved his business approach between Christian/Jericho, Christian looking like the perfect chickenshit heel he can be. I like the #1 Contendership announcement, but I can’t help but wonder if at some point in the future those three guys’ll meet in…idk…a ladder match for…idk…that briefcase thingy? That’d be fun to read, I would reckon.

~Have no idea what your plans are for Goldust, but he’s an incredibly versatile character that can be used for many different situations with many different characters. Although I was a tad disappointed there was no Shattered Dreams in this match. Conway deserves no nuts.

~Jesus, have these two been going at it for the entire hour between their segments? And they still want to have the match? I’ll buy it because it puts over the sheer hatred and intensity in the feud, as well as the need for the Cage, but god that’s a long time to be fighting.

~Kennedy was gold here. You’ve really molded him into a really interesting gray morality character who will do whatever it takes to get that spotlight. No doubt he’s more heelish than anything, but messin’ around with Bischoff like he has isn’t gonna get him any better chance that he wants for now. Perhaps his first real feud will be with Goldust…? Promo was excellent. Oh, and Kennedy more likes to ‘smack’ his gum much moreso than actually ‘chewing’ it.

~ ar the ‘cheating on Charlie Haas’ bit. Heel commentators are so much fun. This one was hell breaking loose from the start; I agree with iMac in that this one probably shouldn’t have even gotten started and just devolved into one big brawl. Charlie finally showing up was huge for that character development in whatever direction you really want to take him. Chokeslam was HUGE for Kane, seeing as how he needs more footing after losing at SummerSlam, but huge spot to end the night to put a cap on ridiculously violent situation.

~…or that’s not the end? Again, nice break of traditions with both the opening and closing. Michaels was great here, almost sounding a little bit loony, but I guess only having one thing to hold onto in a time like this might drive a man a little over the edge. As much as I marked a little bit for being pulled back and seeing the Entity all lain out and whatnot, it concerns me a little that he took them all out by himself. Whatever happens with Batista next week will be key in how these guys look going into Unforgiven.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this show, mostly because it’s nice to see a lot of your characters evolving as they go on. Benjamin/Haas is the main one, but Michaels’ devotion, Hassan’s lack therefore of, and Kennedy’s continued rise are the ones I mostly took away from this. You continue to impress and bring out the solid stuff. Hopefully, I won't be so late with reviews from here on out. Keep it up, broseph


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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Right sir, I know I've not been the best for feedback, and I only seem to be catching your Raws recently for some reason or another, I'll try my best to get the next Smackdown haha. Gongrats on your awards by the way buddy; extremely well deserved

Raw Feedback

Starting the show off like this with Bischoff in his office is different, and I am a fan of this kinda thing happening every so often but I'm sure it would lose it's novelty if it happened every week. It goes an extra step just to show how up himself Bischoff is as well; thinking that he doesn't even have to come down to the ring, but this could have easily happened in the ring. I think with the HBK/Bischoff feud, it was easy to forget that the World Title should by the most important thing on the show; which is why I'm glad he decided to talk about that first as opposed to his own personal stuff. Although speaking about Michaels afterwards is a nice segway into the next segment. The Kane/Batista announcement was the right one. You've made this rivalry so personal and deep-seeded with all of the heavy spots between the two; a Steel Cage or Hell in a Cell were the only two options. (I think I might have been subtly drawing inspiration from you and not even realising )

Michaels showing a serious side is always good, and I feel sorry for those guys in the ring. MAVEN~! DEM EYEBROWS~! Seeing these guys on Raw is a refreshing change; always need dem jobbaz. I did enjoy just how easily Shawn mowed through them all would have made great TV, just I don't think Calum would have been too happy with the outcome. The beatdown from The Entity isn't as bad as we have seen it before, which is good in a way, but I think the intensity levels could do with stepping up every week. Hassan basically saying 'I could finish you off now, but I'm going to make you wait' does a lot for his character and the storyline in whole. It gives us the feeling that Hassan and The Entity could really finish off HBK whenever they want, but are just waiting for the big PPV cheque.

I enjoyed this from the Dudleyz, both men were captured well and it just adds another little layer to this whole thing with PTP. They come out looking very strong here just because they don't care who they face and they know that they will win. You need your champions looking strong in the face of adversity so good job here Doane and Nemeth scared? Na, they can back it up

Bashams increasing popularity Good match here, I can tell that you are getting very familiar with how all of these guys operate in the ring purely because of how long this tag team feud has been going on; and it is showing off, because the tag team division matches are usually one of the best ones in each show. (As annoying as TV can be to write ) But you've been doing a good job with 'em. Dudleyz helping the Bashams here confused me at first, as they have kind of now given them a free step closer to a title shot, just because they wanted to cost PTP. But then I quickly remembered back in the interview just before where they said that they aren't bothered if it is both teams they face at Unforgiven, so that sat fine with me. Plenty of other ways to look at it, but that's how I saw it.

I'm actually glad Kane interrupted this, because I think it would be a nice change not to have a Batista interview Not that there is anything wrong with the way you write them, it is just that because he isn't the best on the mic and you have to have your champion talk at least once on every show, and because Batista isn't really able to go out there and cut a massive promo every week, he's often found on interviews. PLUS, I think the brawl here does emphasise that they do NEED to settle this in a Cage, because a normal arena can't contain them. I don't know if that is what you are going for, but it is what I'm going for with Sheamus/Henry, and the more I think about it these two feuds have a couple more parallels than I thought, great minds, ey?

Was good to see Lita back, and the routine win against Molly was good; would rather have seen her take on another Diva jobber (I used to like Molly Holly) but the fact that she won is the important thing here. The promo afterwards was needed I feel, as she didn't get a chance to talk last week. You seemed to capture her well, and it flowed really good. Glad to see this emphasis on the women and I hope it continues. Good segment to just let everyone know Lita's intentions.


Some really interesting stuff here; the first thing I noticed was just how awkward the atmosphere between them seemed, you really got that across with the descriptions in between the speaking. And BAM just when it seems that all is (kinda) well between them, that bombshell drops about tonight. Nice little segment here and it does its job in not only furthering wherever you're going with these two, as well as creating some more intrigue about the main event, as to what exactly Haas' actions are going to be.

Dude, I'm sorry... but please... break Christian away from Tomko. For me, it just seems that he is his own man now, capable of doing enough without needing Tomko, who hasn't added anything to this current feud OR the Flair feud, so I just think that he should join the four men from earlier in Jobberville. But anyway, after all the talking last week, it is good to see a match involving these men, and Christian and Jericho is the right combination to go as; we've seen Edge/Jericho on PPV a few times before now AND I know you won't give Edge vs Christian away on free TV. Edge coming in and hitting Christian (albeit by accident) is interesting and sends this whole thing in another direction, as this is good grounds for all three parties to now be against each other, which makes the whole angle that more interesting. Good stuff here, I just hope we get some backlash from this action later on tonight, otherwise we're leaving with more questions than we came in with.

I'm sorry but when Maria does that I every time. Much like Lita earlier, it is good that we had this tonight after what happened last week, just so we are sure of what the reasoning behind the attacks were (we all knew anyway but still ) Regal also buttering Benjamin up is a nice touch, and I am PRAYING that Regal starts to tamper with TWGTT and makes the rift even bigger. Regal is the perfect character to cause more trouble, and with you on the strings I'm sure its gonna be good.

Ah so Bischoff doesn't forgive and forget and Batista is fucked next week. Just another reason to hate this dick. But bloody hell we have our show-stealer for Unforgiven now. I thought from the start it would end up like this and the winner will get a title shot. Edge/Jericho and Batista/Kane have been going long enough so seeing something fresh for all parties will be cool.

GOLDUST~! Remember what you said. :

I think this Kennedy interview could have perhaps came earlier just because we just had a match announced by Bischoff, so having another match for Unforgiven announced here just makes it seem a litte crammed. You nailed Kennedy though, he was class. I just feel that I would have liked to have seen something a little more from Kennedy after his HUGE week last week, but with him not wanting bad competition and all I can buy it. Oh, and we better see The Rock answer that challenge.

Coach Like the other guys I think that maybe it might have been better to have not started this one and let them kick the shit out of each other. It just seems a little weird that Batista and Kane would just stop fighting and stand on the apron. Glad to see the brawl coming back though and even stronger than before. Haas coming when he did was good, and I'm sure he'll work that in his favour to get one on Benji when he gets the chance; 'but I saved you! That's what partners do!' or something of that kind. Reinforcing that the cage is needed with another heavy spot for these two with the announce table is a good way to end the show...

... but it was not the end of the show. This. Was. Beautiful. I loved this with Michaels, it isn't often we see a face HBK speak like this but it was brilliant. Michaels needs to be like this if he is going to overcome the odds at Unforgiven. But wow, massive statement from Michaels and I think that The Entity need to have a HUGE week next week in order to recover from this so I am expecting the mother of all beat downs or something like that; this has been taken to a whole new level now. I can also draw the parallels between this and the way that Bischoff opened up the show, which is good when you have these two guys hating each other so much. A great way to cap off the show

Overall, a really good one here matey, a couple of gripes but nothing too major. Unforgiven looks like an amazing card, and you are properly showcasing your Raw roster here, so I just hope that you can do the same with Smackdown. All of the promos in this show were top notch, and everything was advanced nicely as we head towards the PPV. You proved why you won all of those awards, and carry on this way and you'll be a contender for Best Booker next time round Can't wait for SD; Weird out.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 9/9/05- Nashville; Tennessee

Smackdown heads to Nashville this Friday and the Tennessee faithful are in for an absolute treat as the WWE Championship will be defended as John Cena puts his gold on the line against the legendary Phenom, The Undertaker!!

The Deadman was named number one contender at the end of last week’s show following a tag team match that saw Taker team with Kurt Angle in a makeshift tandem to take on another strange pairing in John Cena and Randy Orton. Teddy Long made the stipulation clear, whoever would impress, whoever could co exist, whoever could show teamwork would be named the next in line to face John Cena. Randy Orton certainly impressed but he most definitely didn’t co exist with his partner, instead he delivered a stinging RKO to the Doctor of Thuganomics which left Cena a sitting duck for The Undertaker. However Taker wouldn’t have the last laugh as Kurt Angle tagged himself in, tossing his own partner out of his way to score the victory over the champion. Despite the victory and despite an impressive display, neither Angle nor Orton got the verdict they hoped for as The Undertaker was awarded the title shot, will the Deadman take full advantage and rise to the top of the food chain once again? Or will John Cena show his usual heart, determination and will to win, overcoming perhaps his toughest test to date? Plus, you have to wonder just what role if any Kurt Angle and Randy Orton have to play as their hunt for the WWE Title continues.

Also confirmed for this Friday night, Carlito will get another crack at United States Champion, Matt Hardy in non title action. Teddy Long has however made it clear that if Carlito can somehow defeat the red hot Hardy, he WILL earn another shot at the championship he pursues. Can the Apple Spitter finally get one over on his rival or will Hardy once again put one over on Smackdown’s ‘Coolest’ superstar?

The situation between MNM and the duo of Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio continues to heat up as we edge ever closer towards their No Mercy showdown. The champions have pleaded their case time and again as to why Van Dam and Mysterio shouldn’t be getting another opportunity at the gold they’ve failed to win on three separate occasions but Teddy Long has continued to deny their pleas. This week in Nashville we have learned that MNM will head to the ring and will give their thoughts on their upcoming clash with their high flying challengers. Will MNM again try to talk their way out of this clash? Will Teddy Long again bear the brunt of their frustrations? And will the challengers have anything to say in response to the arrogant A-Listers?

The Cruiserweight Champion will be in action this Friday night as Gregory Helms goes one on one with Shannon Moore. Helms and his partner Chavo Guerrero have been on the backfoot in recent weeks with Paul London and Brian Kendrick gaining momentum in their quest to earn London his title back. Will the self proclaimed ‘Hooliganz’ disrupt Helms plans once more tonight or will Helms and Chavo send a statement to the daredevil duo?

Two weeks ago John Bradshaw Layfield heinously assaulted Bobby Lashley with us all wondering exactly why. We’ve still yet to hear a response from the Wall Street Warrior but this Friday night, the self-proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’ will be in action and he has promised to give us answers. Just what will Mr.Layfield have to say on all things related to Bobby Lashley?

And finally, after weeks of hype, this Friday marks the debut of JTG and Shad Gaspard, better known as 'Cryme Tyme'. The boys from Brooklyn are known for their antics outside the ring but just what can they produce in it as they take on the dangerous duo of Jamie Noble and Kid Kash, The Pitbulls!!

All this and so much more to come on another blockbuster show this Friday night in Nashville!!

Confirmed for this week’s Smackdown:

WWE Championship:

John Cena© vs The Undertaker

Matt Hardy vs Carlito

Gregory Helms vs Shannon Moore


We will hear from MNM

Cryme Tyme vs The Pitbulls

JBL will be in action and will reveal answers regarding Bobby Lashley

Thank you very much for the reviews, much appreciated as ever. Hopefully this is up fairly soon.

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

- I cannot wait until Smackdown because it looks like it is going to be an action-packed show
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 9/9/05- Nashville; Tennessee

The show begins with a replay of last week’s main event that saw The Undertaker team with Kurt Angle to take on John Cena and Kurt Angle before the chaos that ensued to finish the match as Randy Orton RKO’s his own partner and walking out on Cena as Kurt Angle then tagged himself in out of nowhere, taking his partner out from behind before covering Cena for a massive victory. We then see the aftermath of the goings on as out comes Teddy Long to announce the next number one contender. All three challengers are shown, Angle thinking he’s got it in the bag, Orton expecting to be handed it while Taker looks shocked at what’s gone on as Long then drops a bombshell that it’ll be John Cena defending the WWE Title…AGAINST THE UNDERTAKER!!

We then go the opening video before the pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to proceedings here in Nashville.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to Friday Night Smackdown!! We come to you from Nashville, Tennessee on a night where the WWE Championship is on the line!! John Cena versus The Undertaker right here tonight, a MONUMENTAL match up!!

Tazz: No doubt about it Cole. One of the all time greats, one of the best there’s ever been, the Phenom, the Deadman, The Undertaker challengin’ one of the best young talents in the business, the never say die champion, the one and only, John Cena. I can…not…wait.

Michael Cole: That’s not all we’ve got either folks. Tonight after weeks of hype, we will witness the debut of Cryme Tyme as they accept the challenge from Jamie Noble and Kid Kash. Cryme Tyme versus The Pitbulls here tonight!!

Tazz: I can’t wait to see what Cryme Tyme are made of Cole, they’re gonna have to do somethin’ big to knock off the Pitbulls, that’s for sure.

Michael Cole: And how about this one? A Summerslam rematch. Matt Hardy goes one on one with the Apple Spitter, Carlito!! The United States Championship will NOT be on the line, however we have learned that if Carlito can defeat Matt Hardy here tonight he WILL earn himself another opportunity at Hardy’s gold. Big chance for Carlito tonight in Nashville.


Cole is then cut off by the sound of MNM’s music and the Hollywood A-Listers get their usual red carpet treatment as they make their way down ringside, Melina with her usual devilish looks, Mercury and Nitro a little more cocky than they have been in recent weeks as they flash broad smiles to the snapping camera.

Michael Cole: But it would appear as though we are kicking things off with a visit from the self proclaimed A-List stars, MNM who have, well, they’ve had a rough time of it lately Tazz.

Tazz: Absolutely. Findin’ out they gotta defend those Tag Team Titles at No Mercy once AGAIN against Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio…only this time in a Ladder match. I know I wouldn’t be too happy about that!! A Ladder match puts all the advantage in the challengers corner come No Mercy, it’s an environment that RVD and Mysterio thrive in. MNM? They’ve not experienced it before, they ain’t faced it first hand and they may be in for a rude awakenin’ come October 9th.

Michael Cole: Indeed everything so far has gone the way of MNM but that may all change at No Mercy. However, last week we uh, we saw Melina take a phone call and perhaps, I mean this is just speculation on our part but perhaps Melina may have been speaking to whoever it is she paid off back at the Bash. It certainly seemed that way from what we heard and if that is the case, you’ve gotta worry about Van Dam and Mysterio’s chances.

Tazz: No matter what Melina, what MNM have up their sleeve for No Mercy, I think that they’ll go in as the underdogs. It’s up to these guys now to prove me and prove a whole lotta people wrong.

Melina has a microphone and is waiting patiently for the boos to die down as Mercury and Nitro point into the crowd angrily, clearly wanting them to be quiet and allow their third party to speak.

Melina: We’ve had a couple of weeks to take in just what we’re gonna be up against at No Mercy. We’ve had a couple of weeks since Teddy Long stood in this ring and he embarrassed himself by announcing my boys would be defending their Tag Team Titles once again against those LOSERS…Van Dam and Mysterio. Not…(huffs) and not just defending them in any kinda match either, no, no. Teddy announced that it would be in(again huffs)…it would be in a Ladder match.

Strong pop for that as Melina smiles sarcastically.

Melina: So not only do my boys have to face a team they’ve already beaten THREE times, they have to do it in a match that suits their opponents, in a match that fits their opponents style, in a match that MNM have never…competed in.

More cheers for that as Melina snarls.

Melina: So I gotta ask, how…how on earth is that fair?

Melina’s clearly riled now as the fans get on her back, Nitro and Mercury telling them to shut up.

Melina: It’s not, nothing about that match is fair. And all of this comes around because Teddy Long wants the Tag Team Titles, wants OUR…Tag Team Titles around the waists of his little buddies. Cos let me assure you, that’s exactly what this whole thing's about. Teddy Long wants all the titles around this place to be in the possession of ‘his guys’.

Melina scrunches her face up, disgusted by this.

Melina: What do I mean by ‘his guys’? Well it’s really easy to understand. His guys are the people who get handed things on a plate. His guys are the people who win nothing yet STILL, yet still…they get everything. Opportunities, chances, you name it, they get it. Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Matt Hardy, Paul London, Bobby Lashley, they’re all perfect examples.

Pops for every mention of those superstars.

Melina: MNM? MNM aren’t ‘his guys’ and why…why is that? Why are we not beloved by Teddy Long? Why are we not protected at every corner? We’re Hollywood STARS, we are Smackdown’s…hell we are the ENTIRE WWE’S A-LIST STARS!! We DESERVE respect, we deserve to be treated like ROYALTY AROUND HERE!! But what do we get? We…get…nothing.

Melina is clearly seething here as Johnny Nitro takes the microphone off of her now.

Johnny Nitro: Y’know Melina’s right. Van Dam and Mysterio have had three chances at our titles, three chances…three defeats. You turn the tables round and we get three shots at them, we have three defeats? You’d better believe we aren’t getting another shot at those titles.

Nitro shakes his head, Mercury doing likewise.

Johnny Nitro: But like Melina said, this is all because Teddy Long displays BLATANT favouritism. He shows CLEAR bias to certain superstars and in his role as Smackdown General Manager that simply can't be tolerated. His job is to be impartial, his job is to call everything he sees down the middle, not to take anybody’s side around here but what do ya know? Teddy Long’s done exactly that.

Boos for Nitro’s comments as Joey Mercury then takes over.

Joey Mercury: There’s not a whole lot more to say on the matter but I will just say that us comin’ out here and talking about Teddy Long is in no way us being bitter, this is us simply stating cold, hard FACTS.

Melina yells ‘FACTS’ as the crowd boo her screeching voice.

Joey Mercury: He’s making decisions that aren’t fair, he’s making decisions that aren’t right and it’s about damn time they come to an end so Teddy why don’t you come on out here and how bout you do the right thing for once? How bout you do the honourable thing and come out here…to resign from your position as Smackdown General Manager

MAJOR boos for this as MNM take them in their stride, not responding to them as they instead wait for the emergence of the Smackdown G.M.

‘One of a Kind/619 Remix’

But it is not the GM who steps out, it is instead MNM’s challengers come No Mercy, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio who emerge to a HUGE ovation, Van Dam having a mic in hand, set to address the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Rob Van Dam: Not who you’re lookin’ for right? Well me and Rey were sittin’ backstage and we couldn’t listen to much more of this crap for any longer.

Decent pop for that.

Rob Van Dam: So you think that Teddy Long’s got it in for you guys huh? That Teddy Long is biased, that he’s shown favouritism towards us?

The trio are nodding inside the ring, looking at one another confidently as they do so.

Rob Van Dam: If you call Teddy Long finally giving us the fair shot at those titles we deserve biased, then yeah, yeah maybe he is. If you call Teddy Long finally stacking the odds against you after you’ve done every little thing possible to stack ‘em your way as favouritism, then again maybe you’re right, maybe Teddy Long does show favouritism.

Mercury and Nitro applaud what Van Dam is saying.

Rob Van Dam: But this so called bias, this so called favouritism… it’s the right thing. As much as you two dudes don’t wanna believe it, we DO deserve another shot at those titles. You’ve made my life a misery. I can’t speak for Rey but there’s times where I’ve felt like I’ve reached the end of the road and that's all because of the three of you.

There’s a real serious tone to Van Dam here.

Rob Van Dam: So no matter how much you think this is unfair, how this is not right, how Teddy Long is biased and whatever other B.S you’re spewin’, this the very LEAST that we deserve for EVERYTHING you’ve put me through, for everythin’ you’ve put Rey through and you’d better believe that come No Mercy we’re gonna take the chance we’ve been waiting for.

Big time pop for this as Van Dam’s intensity shines through. Mysterio now takes the mic as Melina seems to mouth ‘Come on then, what’s your story?’

Rey Mysterio: Rob’s absolutely right. You guys don’t understand how much this has affected him, hey, it’s affected me too but this has…this has changed Rob completely. You screwed us over three times in a row and it had Rob doubting himself, it had him…well lemme put it this way…I saw a side to him that I didn’t believe existed.

Van Dam has his head down as Rey says this.

Rey Mysterio: YOU…did that to him. It’s because of you that for the last few months his life, my life…they’ve been hell and now you wanna whine and complain because you’re gonna have to face us one more time in a FAIR fight? That's the very least you owe us esses’.

Mysterio’s bringing it here too with his serious tone, the time for fun and games appears to be over with as Van Dam takes the mic back off of Rey.

Rob Van Dam: Rey nailed it. I don’t like to admit it but I think it’s pretty damn obvious that this whole thing’s shown a completely different side to Rob Van Dam. But here we are and I’m ready to move on, ready to step up, ready to take the both of you…hell if you wanna try it Melina, I’m ready to take all THREE of you on.

Decent pop for that as Melina rolls her eyes.

Rob Van Dam: And hey, lemme tell ya, it’s ok, we get it, we understand. All this about Teddy Long, about bias, about No Mercy being ‘unfair’, it’s just a cover up isn’t it? It’s because you’re scared aren’t ya? Melina, you know your boys next to you, when the pressure’s on, when they step in the ring and there’s ladders all around them, they’re just gonna crack right in front of your eyes, ain’t that right dudes?

Melina is shaking her head, mumbling ‘no’ as Nitro and Mercury are getting pretty angry here.

Rob Van Dam: They just aren’t gonna be able to handle Mr.Friday Night and the Master of the 619 smokin’ their asses all over Oklahoma!!

Massive pop for this as Melina now snatches the mic off of Mercury.

Melina: That’s enough, seriously, have you…have you listened to yourselves? You think we’re…you think we’re scared of you? You think my boys are scared…of you two? You really are losing it aren’t you Rob?

Boos for that comment.

Melina: We’re not scared at all, in fact we’d actually be looking forward to this match if you’d y’know…actually earned it. The only reason we’re out here ‘whining and complaining’ as you put it is because of Teddy Long and his incompetence. We’re tired of having somebody like him running an important show like this, being in charge of important people like us.

Mercury and Nitro flaunt themselves amidst more boos as Melina smirks.

Melina: You two? We aren’t gonna complain about you two, not at all because we’ve proved time and time again that we are BETTER than both of you. This match at No Mercy is gonna be the final nail in your coffin because hey, three defeats in a row is bad enough, four? Four defeats in a row? On such a big stage? In YOUR kinda match? Rob I think it really will be rock bottom don’t you?

Rob Van Dam: You sure do sound confident. I don’t…I don’t really get that. You’ve beat us three times in a row, congratulations, but each and every single time you’ve screwed us over. At No Mercy that just ain’t gonna happen. Me and Rey, we KNOW you’re scared, we KNOW you’re feelin’ the heat. A-List my ass, when you step inside that ring with us, we’ll show the world just how Z-list you truly are.

Massive pop for that, Melina looking a little irritated whilst Nitro and Mercury are yelling up the ramp before Nitro grabs the microphone off of Melina.

Johnny Nitro: Feeling the heat?! Scared?! How ‘bout you two come on down that ramp and we’ll show just how scared we are!!

A strong pop for that as Rey and RVD look on at one another, Mysterio shrugging his shoulders, Van Dam nodding his head AND THE HIGH FLIERS CHARGE DOWN TO THE RING, THE FIGHT IS ABOUT TO GET GOING!! MELINA DROPS OUT THE RING AS MERCURY AND NITRO AWAIT, VAN DAM AND REY CHARGE IN…BUT THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS IMMEDIATELY SLIDE OUT OF THE RING!! MNM ducking the advances of their challengers here tonight!!

Michael Cole: OH DAMN IT TO HELL!! MNM called Van Dam and Mysterio to the ring, they wanted the fight but then…then they just high tailed it!! I think MNM really are scared Tazz and I don’t think anything they say is gonna change that.

Tazz: I don’t know Cole. I think this is all just mind games. Van Dam’s rattled, we know that, we’ve known that for months and hey, Melina’s right, like her or not. Four defeats in a row? It could be game over for Rey and Rob come No Mercy and that may just tear ‘em apart.

The champions and Melina are retreating up the ramp to a ton of boos as Nitro and Mercury smirk cunningly stating 'Not tonight' while Van Dam and Rey watch on angered inside the ring, pointing fingers at the men they meet come October 9th as we then head off into our first commercial break.


We return and we’re immediately thrust backstage where we see Kristal Marshall who is standing by all smiles as she gets ready to speak with us.

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentleman, joining me at this time please welcome the ‘Wrestling Machine’, Kurt Angle!!

Angle enters the scene, hands on hips and is looking furious, not even acknowledging Kristal as the fans greet him with heat.

Kristal Marshall: Kurt last week you successfully pinned the WWE Champion John Cena in your tag team match. However, you were NOT named as the next number one contender. Your thoughts on that?

Angle huffs, gritting his teeth a little bit at the question.

Kurt Angle: At Summerslam I took on John Cena for the WWE Championship…and I never lost that match. Last week I beat John Cena one, two, three in the middle of that ring and just like you said Kristal, I was NOT given another title shot. My thoughts on that? My thoughts on…that? ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDIN’ ME!?!?

Angle loses it, almost spitting in Kristal’s face he’s that angry.

Kurt Angle: Who the HELL does Teddy Long think he is? I beat the WWE Champion, I pinned him, not The Undertaker, NOT ANYBODY ELSE!! But he…he’s the one who gets the title shot? The Undertaker gets a chance to come here tonight and fight for the WWE Championship? Really? A guy who has lost to Randy Orton TWICE since Wrestlemania, a guy who wouldn’t even come CLOSE…to beating me just gets…he just gets handed a title opportunity.

Angle looks pissed here as he questions the decision.

Kurt Angle: It’s wrong and Teddy Long knows it, The Undertaker himself knows it, heck even John Cena knows it!! John Cena’s back here tonight and he’s thanking GOD THAT HE HASN’T GOTTA FACE ME TONIGHT!!

Loud boos for that comment, Angle is clearly seething right now.

Kurt Angle: It’s Cena’s lucky night because he knows, he knows deep down that he just can’t get the job done against me, he can…not…beat me. A crooked referee’s helped him, a biased General Manager’s helped him but I promise… next time he won’t be so lucky.

Angle shakes his head in dismay.

Kurt Angle: Cos believe me, there WILL BE a next time and when it comes I’m gonna do the same thing I did at Summerslam and that is tear John Cena apart. Only this time? This time I’m gonna finish the job off, I’m gonna add in what I did last week and that’s put his shoulders down to the mat and listen to that sweet sound as the referee counts one…two…three.

Kristal Marshall: Well Kurt if I may ask, what if John Cena doesn’t walk out here tonight as WWE Champion? Will you then be targeting The Undertaker?

Angle doesn’t respond to the question right away, instead thinking for a moment.

Kurt Angle: The WWE Championship is all I’m targeting and that means whether it’s Cena or whether it’s The Undertaker, I’m gonna be gunnin’ for ‘em. Teddy Long can stop me getting a title shot tonight…what…what the hell do you want?

Angle looks puzzled as he poses the question and the camera then shifts…and we see Randy Orton has entered the shot with a smirk on his face. The Legend Killer getting a chorus of boos from the Nashville faithful.

Randy Orton: What do I want? Kurt I want the exact same thing you do. You might have won that match last week but you only won it…because of me.

Orton now smirks at a still pissed off Angle.

Randy Orton: Let's face it, if i didn't hit Cena with the RKO last week you wouldn't have a leg to stand on here tonight. That title shot should be mine, not yours, not Undertaker’s…mine.

Kurt Angle: Yeah, yeah because hitting an RKO on your partner is a sure fire way to earn a title shot, right? Did you even hear what Teddy Lo…

Randy Orton: Oh I heard loud and clear what Teddy Long said Kurt but guess what? I don’t give a DAMN what Teddy Long says. He needs to do what’s best for this show and whether he likes it or not, I am the very BEST thing on this show and I deserve, I NEED…to be WWE Champion.

Orton’s getting a little worked up here, neither man backing down.

Kurt Angle: Well you aren’t the only one who feels that way Randy. You’re in it for yourself, you look after number one, I get that and I’m the exact same way. I don’t care about John Cena, I don’t care about The Undertaker, I don’t care about ANYBODY, all I care about is the WWE Championship being around my waist again.

Randy Orton: Well that’s one thing we have in common Kurt but that’s where it ends.

Kurt Angle: No, no, see that’s where you’re wrong. We got a LOT more in common than you think. As much as I don't wanna admit it, I'm big enough to do it and say that we’re both being held back, we’re both being denied what we want. But the question...is why? Why are we being held back? Why are we being denied what we want, what we've EARNED. It’s because Teddy Long wants us as far away from that title as we can possibly be.

Orton’s interest has picked up now as he tilts his head curiously at Angle’s words.

Kurt Angle: Face the facts Randy. You beat The Undertaker not once, but TWICE. Not a whole lot of people can say that. Me on the other hand? I beat John Cena last week, I got beaten at Summerslam ONLY…because of a crooked referee and yet do either of us get even a sniff of a title shot?

Orton now folds his arms listening in to Angle.

Kurt Angle: No, no we don’t. So you might not wanna admit it but we DO have a lot in common and I think it’s time we start putting that into practice.

Angle now smiles, Orton seemingly confused.

Randy Orton: Wh-what do you mean ‘into practice’?

Kurt Angle: Well if Teddy Long won’t give us what we want…I say we don’t let him have what he wants.

Angle is now chuckling to himself, Orton silent before he unfolds his arms.

Randy Orton: I don’t…I don’t like you Kurt and to be honest I don’t even agree with you on a whole lot of what you just said. But I DO agree that this is all because of Teddy Long and I DO agree that something…something needs to be done about it.

Kurt Angle: That’s all I wanted to hear…I got a plan.

And with that the camera zooms in on a beaming smile upon Kurt Angle’s face as we then fade out back to ringside where we hear…

‘A Country Boy Can Survive’

It’s the music of the Pitbulls who come out to a small amount of boos, all set for action after they angrily called out the imminently debuting Cryme Tyme.

Michael Cole: Well I have got no idea just what Kurt Angle has in store here tonight but onto the action and Tazz last week we saw these two men issue a challenge for right here tonight, that challenge was to Cryme Tyme who will make their Smackdown debut right here in Nashville. Kash and Noble were, well, they were complaining that they’re undervalued here on Smackdown.

Tazz: That ain’t all Cole. They seem to think that Cryme Tyme are gonna show up around here and just get handed the things they haven’t been. I don’t…I got a lot of respect for these two guys but I don’t know why they’re thinkin’ like that. We’ll see exactly what Cryme Tyme have got here tonight.

‘Bringin’ Da Hood 2 U’

Out next to a fairly decent pop considering it’s their debut are the boys from Brooklyn themselves, JTG and Shad Gaspard, Cryme Tyme who high five the fans on their way down the ramp, looking pumped up as Kash and Noble watch on furiously.

Michael Cole: Well here they are Tazz!! The boys from Brooklyn who in their words ‘Ain’t steal Nuttin’!!

Tazz: Cole don’t ever say that again.

Michael Cole: Ha ha, well partner it’s their words not mine and Cryme Tyme have said that even though they don’t steal anything, nine times out of ten Cryme Tyme still gets what they want.

Tazz: Hey, we’re about to find out.

Match One: Tag Team Match

The Pitbulls vs Cryme Tyme

Jamie Noble starts things off for the Pitbulls whilst it’s the smaller member of Cryme Tyme that begins, JTG and it’s a rough start for the debuting tandem as Noble assumes control following several early exchanges, finally flooring the ‘hood’ superstar with a beautiful snap suplex.

Noble continues to work over the very lively JTG, stomping away with his usual stiff kicks before dropping a knee right across the throat of his opponent, JTG gasping for air as Noble goes to work with an array of right hands now. After a spell on top, Noble drags JTG towards his corner, tagging in Kid Kash before a final kick to the chest as Kash picks up where Noble left off, stomping the hell out of a struggling debutant. We see Shad on the apron, encouraging his partner, the crowd trying to do the same as Kash tells them all to shut up which draws strong heat. Kash then drags JTG to his feet, striking with several forearms before an Irish whip, JTG rebounds and Kash strikes with a pinpoint dropkick, cover by Kash, kick out at two.

Kash looks to continue wearing JTG down, striking with kicks across the mid section before dragging his opponent to his feet, striking with a knee to the gut before an Irish whip, JTG rebounds and Kash goes for an arm drag, JTG though fights it, spins round and takes Kash down with an arm drag of his own! JTG now assuming control as Kash is quickly up but JTG strikes, clothesline, another clothesline and a third before he runs the ropes and connects with a swinging neckbreaker!! Beautiful from JTG, into a cover, 1…2…kick out at two from Kash!!

JTG brings Kash to his feet, dragging him over to his corner now and he tags in the big man, Shad Gaspard who storms in and goes right to work, big right hands to the gut before an Irish whip, Kash rebounds and Shad goes for a big boot, Kash ducks it, Shad spins round and Kash goes for a boot, Shad catches it, spins Kash away and TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! Huge impact as we hear JTG yell out ‘Chyeahhh’, the crowd popping big time as Shad covers, 1…2…NOBLE BREAKS THE COUNT!! Noble breaks the count and begins hammering away with kicks to Shad BUT HERE COMES JTG!!

JTG storms in and he sends Noble flying up and over the ropes with a thunderous clothesline!! Noble crashes down to the outside, Shad and Kash are to their feet now, Kash charges, Shad catches him, SAMOAN DROP AND JTG WITH A RUNNING CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER!! BEAUTIFUL DOUBLE TEAM!! Cover by Shad…1…2…3…HE GOT HIM!!

Winners: Cryme Tyme(7:19)

Michael Cole: Hugely impressive debut here tonight by the boys from Brooklyn!! Cryme Tyme victorious and if that’s anything to go by, these two are gonna make quite the impact here on Smackdown!!

Tazz: Beautiful move to finish off Kid Kash there Cole. I dunno what they call that thing but it looks lethal. These guys might not need to steal anything after all, they might just damn take it anyway!! Kash and Noble ain’t no slouches but that was impressive.

JTG is bopping along in the ring, Shad smiling and dancing along also as the crowd buy into the ‘street’ duo on their Friday Night Smackdown debut. The two men then exit the ring, a jubilant crowd wanting any chance they can to get a high five, JTG obliging as he nods his head along to their theme music, Shad yelling out ‘It’s what we do baby’ as we then get a shot of a laid out Kid Kash and a furious Jamie Noble coming to his side. The Pitbulls are eyeing up the troublesome twosome who back up the ramp, JTG letting out a final ‘Chyeaaah’ for good measure as we fade out.


We return from the break and we’re taken into the office of Teddy Long who is sorting out some paperwork at his desk, nothing too major going on for T-Long right now before he’s interrupted by Josh Matthews as Long stands up and greets the pest that he is.

Josh Matthews: Excuse me Teddy, could we get a quick word on all that we’ve heard so far tonight on Smackdown?

Teddy Long: Sure thing playa.

Josh Matthews: Well I don’t know if you’ve heard everything that’s been said about you tonight but there’s been some pretty strong words from MNM, from Kurt Angle, from Randy Orton and I was just wondering how you felt about some of the claims from your own superstars?

Long looks a little bit irritated, the comments perhaps having irked him.

Teddy Long: Listen Josh I ain’t heard every word they said here tonight but I got the gist of it. They ain’t happy wit’ my decisions, they ain’t happy wit’ their positions but believe me dawg, I show absolutely NO BIAS around here, ya understand?

Matthews nods, listening in.

Teddy Long: MNM got themselves into the mess they’re in and believe me, they gonn’ have to get themselves out of it come No Mercy. Same goes for Kurt and Randy, I let ‘em know exactly what the deal was last week. They needed to co exist, they needed to show team work, they needed to prove to me I could rely on ‘em but did they do that? You damn right they didn’t.

Long’s pretty angry here, the accusations perhaps having got to him here tonight.

Teddy Long: Just like MNM, they only have themselves to blame and the only way they can get outta this is by showin’ me, by provin’ to me that they deserve to be in contention for the WWE Title.

Josh Matthews: Well Teddy that brings me to my next question, we heard earlier on from both men and Kurt Angle stated regarding our main event tonight that he had a plan. What would your message be to Kurt regarding that plan?

Teddy Long: Well so long as that plan is for the main event to run smoothly with absolutely NO interference then me and Kurt ain’t gonna have a problem. But if that plan involves ANYTHING other than that? Well to put it simply, Mr.Angle ain’t gonn’ get anywhere near that title shot he believes he deserves, ya feel me?

Long now lets out a smirk as Josh Matthews nods and thanks Teddy for his time before exiting and we return back ringside where we see the master of the worm(No, not Randy Orton TWG) but Scotty 2 Hotty who is pumping up the crowd to little return before we hear…


And the small amount of cheers turn to a loud amount of jeers as the trademark white limo pulls up and out steps the self-proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’ who is all smiles as he removes his hat to resounding boos before heading down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Strong words from Teddy Long right there and I don’t blame him for giving that kinda warning to Kurt Angle here tonight. But we’re all set for some more action and this man has NO intention of retirement after all, instead JBL has his sights very firmly set on the demise of Bobby Lashley.

Tazz: Lashley’s an absolute beast Cole BUT JBL is as smart as they come and he’s laid the groundwork, that attack a couple weeks back woulda knocked the stuffin’ outta Bobby Lashley. He’ll be back but JBL will have got inside his head, I got no doubts about that, it’s how Lashley deals with it that’ll decide where this kid goes from here.

Match Two: Singles Match

John Bradshaw Layfield vs Scotty 2 Hotty

It’s just a total domination from Bradshaw here. Scotty fights and fights to stay alive following the usual ruthless approach from the Wall Street Warrior, taking no mercy on the master of the ‘Worm’. The end is convincing as ever from the self-proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’ as he almost beheads Scotty with a venomous Clothesline from Hell, covering Scotty for the three count, a snarl on his face almost the entire time.

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield(3:17)

JBL kicks Scotty out of the ring for good measure, in no mood to mess around here tonight before he demands that Tony Chimel hand him a microphone. Bradshaw scowls at Chimel before snatching the mic and heading to the centre of the ring to make an address.

John Bradshaw Layfield: THAT was impressive. THAT was eye catching. THAT was what you call… total domination.

Layfield now manages to muster up a smile.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Every single one of those things are what you just witnessed but every single one of those things are what big, bad Bobby Lashley has been labelled too since he came to the WWE. I’ve sat in the back and had to listen to that little nerd down there Michael Cole tellin’ everybody just what Bobby Lashley is capable of, I’ve heard it all. Well I got news for ya, they’re all lies.

JBL nods, a defiance in him as the crowd boos.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Bobby Lashley is a dime a dozen, I’ve seen his kind before and that’s why it makes me SICK…to hear people labellin’ this kid as the next big thing, as the future, as a WWE Champion in the makin’. That couldn’t be ANY further from the truth.

Bradshaw appears to raise the intensity levels here now.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Like I said, I’ve seen his type before, I’ve seen these…these physical specimens burst onto the scene and sometimes they…they take your breath away, they do. Power, speed, athleticism, you name it, they’ve got it but guys like Bobby Lashley, they come…and then they go.

Layfield holds his left hand up now for all to see, his fingers.

John Bradshaw Layfield: One, two, three, four, five(tapping a finger for each number). Five…five minutes this kid’s been in this company, five minutes this kid’s been on MY show and DAMN IT TO HELL, HE WILL NOT…he will not be labelled things, he will not be handed things that he doesn’t deserve.

Strong heat for JBL getting fired up there.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It took me eight years to reach the very top of this company, eight long years before I got my hands on the most coveted prize in this business. EIGHT LONG YEARS OF BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS!! But…but now people just expect me to stand by and let some punk kid come and take my spot?

The Wall Street Warrior questions that.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Not a chance. I don’t like and I don’t respect people who just walk into things and they just get handed somethin’ without workin’ a freakin’ second for it. Bobby Lashley is the prime example. That’s why I did what I did two weeks ago, that’s why I targeted him a month back, that’s why I WILL NOT STOP…until I’ve made him work for every inch he gets around here.

More strong heat for JBL here.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I want him to go through the pain that I’ve felt. I want him to suffer like I’ve suffered, I want him to GET HIS ASS KICKED SO BADLY HE DOUBTS HE’LL EVER COME BACK!! Cos that’s what I’ve felt…oh yes sir, I’ve felt it ALL! I’ve worked too damn hard to let a guy like him waltz all over me which is why I’m here tonight with a challenge in mind.

Bradshaw now begins smiling, the crowd wondering just what the challenge may be.

John Bradshaw Layfield: A challenge that’ll see what this kid’s REALLY got, a challenge that’ll show each and every one of you people why Bobby Lashley is simply a flash in the pan. I want Bobby Lashley one on one at No Mercy but I don’t just want any kinda match, no, beating him…it just ain’t enough. I wanna make Bobby Lashley go through EVERYTHING I’ve felt, go through EVERYTHING I’ve suffered, I want Bobby Lashley to go through a FIGHT, I wanna make...him...bleed. Me and Lashley, No Mercy…a First Blood match.

Wow. Pretty big pop for that as Layfield has laid down the challenge.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I know you ain’t here tonight kid, I know you’re back home recoverin’ from the beatin’ I dealt to ya but I want you to think about this challenge and I want you to think about it REAL good. October 9th you got a chance to prove to me, prove to them, prove to EVERYBODY you are somethin’ more than a one trick pony. BUT…lemme warn ya, at No Mercy you might think you’re bein’ some kinda tough guy takin’ me on, you might think this is gonna make your career but I GUARANDAMNTEE it ain’t gonna make it, Bobby…it’s gonna break it.

And with that Layfield flashes his winning smile and drops the mic to a chorus of boos, the challenge very firmly laid down here tonight to Bobby Lashley.

Michael Cole: Challenge made and it is a HUGE one from JBL. The Wall Street Warrior versus the ‘Real Deal’ in a First Blood match at No Mercy!! Can you imagine it Tazz? It would be an all out fight in Houston!!

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. Bobby Lashley’s got a lotta thinkin’ to do. He’s beaten everyone and everything in his path so far but a guy like JBL in a match like that is gonna be a whole different ball game. HUGE challenge for Lashley IF…if he accepts. I got a feelin’ the Dominator ain’t gonna back down.

We see JBL step back into his limousine and he waves to the crowd, smiling and grinning only to receive a chorus of boos to which he scowls and yells ‘TO HELL WITH YOU AND TO HELL WITH BOBBY LASHLEY’.


We return and go straight into a video package…

We see a dark room with a simple spotlight as some end of the world esque, dark music plays and into that spotlight steps Randy Orton.

Narrator: There are those who show no respect.

Orton stands in the spotlight and smirks before we then cut to footage from Summerslam where Orton hammers The Undertaker with a deadly RKO counter to the chokeslam.

We go again back to that spotlight where this time stands Rob Van Dam who plays with his hands as if warming up for battle, a fierce look on his face.

Narrator: There are those who have no regrets.

We see action of Van Dam following MNM backstage before we see footage from The Great American Bash of Van Dam kicking Joey Mercury’s head off before a shot of Van Dam exhausted having laid it all on the line.

We once more go back to the spotlight, the same eerie music playing but it’s slowly picking up pace as into the light comes Carlito, apple in hand as he tosses it up and down.

Narrator: There are those who show no class.

Footage from Summerslam where Carlito ambushed Matt Hardy backstage is shown before we see Lito’s trademark as he spits apple into the face of Hardy, a wry smile on his face after doing so.

Again we go back to the spotlight, this time there stands the WWE Champion himself, John Cena who proudly points down at the title around his waist.

Narrator: There are those who show no fear.

We then see shots of Cena tearing into John Bradshaw Layfield in their bloody Last Man Standing match at Judgment Day before we see more action from Cena defending his title at the Bash against Layfield, Angle and Orton before a final image of Cena holding his title up high.

Narrator: And then there are those who show…No Mercy.

And with that we get a shot of a roaring Kurt Angle appear into the spotlight before footage of Angle putting Shawn Michaels in the Ankle Lock before more victims falling at the hands of Angle’s ruthless streak including John Cena, Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam as the dark music really kicks into gear before slowly dying down again and we get flashing images of Angle, Cena, Carlito, Van Dam and finally Randy Orton before a dramatic, sudden stop to the music.

Returning from the video package and we’re straight backstage where once again Josh Matthews is set for an interrogation on some poor soul.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, he defends the WWE Championship right here tonight in Nashville, please welcome, John Cena!!

Cena enters to a strong pop, a few boos thrown in however as clearly there are some fans firmly in The Undertaker’s camp tonight.

Josh Matthews: John tonight you go one on one with The Undertaker for your WWE Championship. Before we get your thoughts on that match, can we just ask you if you believe The Undertaker does deserve this opportunity ahead of both Kurt Angle and Randy Orton?

Cena huffs a little bit, tipping his cap down before looking back up at Matthews.

John Cena: Tough question, really, I mean I can see it both ways. I get why Kurt Angle’s frustrated, I get why Randy Orton’s frustrated but Josh I TOTALLY get why The Undertaker’s the man I’m facin’ here tonight.

Decent pop for that.

John Cena: Teddy Long made it pretty damn clear last week just what was goin’ down. He wanted to see who’d impress him, he wanted to see who he could trust, he wanted to see who would put their issues aside for ONE night and get on with the job. The Undertaker did exactly that. Kurt? Randy? They couldn’t do it, for just one night…and they still couldn’t do it. For that? I ain’t got any sympathy with ‘em.

Cena shakes his head.

John Cena: Where I do have sympathy for ‘em is the fact that when it comes to winnin’ and losin’, well, they ain’t done a whole lotta losin’ lately. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Kurt Angle DOES deserve another shot at this(points at the title). Him beatin’ me last week, it was controversial but it goes down in the record books as Kurt Angle beat…John Cena.

Boos for that, Cena clearly not happy.

John Cena: Randy Orton’s in that same boat, he beat The Undertaker at Summerslam, ain’t nobody debatin’ it, that’s as impressive as it gets, worthy of a title shot? I wouldn’t have complained but hey, those two know damn well they’ve only got themselves to blame.

Small pop at that as Cena smirks a little to himself.

Josh Matthews: Well with that out of the way attention turns to tonight and your opponent The Undertaker. How are you feeling about facing the Phenom and do you believe you will leave Nashville tonight still as the WWE Champion?

John Cena: I got nothin’ but respect for The Undertaker, the guy’s a legend in this business and I know it’s gonna be one of, if not THE most difficult match I’ve faced as champion so far. But do I believe I’m gonna walk out still holdin’ this title?

Cena holds the title out in front of him, both he and Matthews looking at.

John Cena: You bet your ass I do.

Big time pop for that.

John Cena: As much respect as I have for the Deadman, I hold NO FEAR about facin’ him. I’m the WWE Champion for a reason and it don’t matter whether it’s Angle, Orton, Undertaker, whoever, this championship means that I’m the guy on top. This championship means that I’m the best around here and until somebody takes it from me, ain’t nothin’ gonna change my opinion and ain’t nothin’ gonna phase me.

Cena’s determination is evident.

John Cena: No matter what gets in my way here tonight, no matter how much The Undertaker throws at me, I ain’t no bettin’ man but if I was? I’d bet that this time next week, the champ will STILL…be here.

Cena raises his title high to a strong pop once again before we head off elsewhere backstage.

As we’re taken to the parking lot where we see the trio that consist of the A-Listers, Melina, Nitro and Mercury, MNM who appear to be exiting the arena. Melina has a miserable look on her face, Nitro and Mercury are carrying their bags and are having a bit of a laugh and a joke together. The trio approach their limousine but just as Nitro opens the door, we see the trio’s driver enter the scene…

Driver: Ermm, sorry to delay our departure but I was handed this envelope a few minutes ago. Was told to pass it on to you, apparently it’s important.

With that Melina takes the envelope and all three of the Hollywood ‘stars’ look very apprehensive as Melina opens it up slowly, the driver leaving the scene and returning to the front of the limo as Melina shares a look of fear almost with Nitro and Mercury. All three then read what appears to be a letter inside the envelope but they read it fairly quickly, perhaps not a lot has been written?

Johnny Nitro: A better offer?

Joey Mercury: He’s bluffing, who…who would…

Johnny Nitro: He might be bluffing but we can’t take that chance Joey. We’re countin’ on hi…

Melina: Alright, alright. He might…he might be bluffing but guys…he might not and Johnny’s right, we can’t take that chance.

Joey Merucry: So what do we do?

Melina: Simple, we need to match that offer…and go beyond it.

Nitro and Mercury huff.

Johnny Nitro: We’ve already offered so much though, how much more have we got to give?

Melina: Look let’s talk about this on the way back, I’m sure we can work this whole thing out.

And with that Melina runs her hand through her hair frustrated with what she’s found out, Nitro and Mercury now longer buzzing, instead their body language shifts to head down as they enter the limo, MNM’s plans perhaps being scuppered.

We then head off back to ringside where we hear…


And there’s instant heat as the music of the Apple Spitter hits and out steps Friday night’s coolest superstar, Carlito who is all set for action.

Michael Cole: Big opportunity here tonight for the Apple Spitter who became involved in a pretty heated rivalry leading towards Summerslam with Matt Hardy over the United States Title. Despite suffering defeat there Carlito hasn’t given up hope of capturing that title and a win here tonight for Carlito WILL earn him another shot at Hardy with that United States title on the line

Tazz: Major chance for Carlito here tonight, got that right Cole. Matt Hardy pulled it off big time at Summerslam, probably one of the best performances in Hardy’s career and Carlito knows he’s gonna have to be on top of his game here tonight and if he comes through this? He’s gonna have to do it all over again when the title’s on the line.

‘Live for the Moment’

As Carlito waits in the ring, the crowd go wild upon hearing the music of the United States Champion Matt Hardy who storms out, eyes firmly fixed on his opponent.

Michael Cole: Well like you said Tazz Matt Hardy put on a heck of a performance at Summerslam and he’s been on a huge roll ever since coming to Friday Night Smackdown. Do you believe this is only the beginning for our United States Champion?

Tazz: Absolutely. I don’t see any reason why Matt Hardy can’t go from strength to strength. He’s been as impressive as it gets since he came here, you’re right on Cole. Carlito ain’t gonna be easy, I would never write Carlito off BUT Matt Hardy’s on a hot streak and I can’t see it changin’.

Match Three: Singles Match

Matt Hardy vs Carlito

Hardy starts this thing off on the front foot, Carlito having no answer to the red hot champion who appears as though he can’t be stopped right now, hammering away at Carlito with right hand after right hand before taking him down with a big time clothesline, the fans right behind the U.S Champion from the get go.

Hardy continues to mount the pressure, dropping Lito with a big shoulder block before a beautiful vertical suplex sees Hardy score the first pinfall attempt of the match, Lito kicking out at two, a dazed look on his face as he struggles to keep pace with the blistering start from Hardy. Finally though, a turning point for the Apple Spitter. Hardy looking to keep the tempo high pulls Lito to his feet, goes for an Irish whip, Lito hangs onto the ropes however as Hardy comes steaming in, clothesline over the top!! BUT LITO COUNTERS AND PULLS THE TOP ROPE DOWN!! Hardy goes spiralling up and over, a change in momentum now.

Lito now takes full control and works on Hardy from head to toe on the outside, stomping the hell out of the champion, no remorse as he intelligently picks apart Hardy. The referee’s countout not deterring the ‘Coolest’ superstar on Friday nights as he uses the time to his advantage, bringing Hardy to his feet before SLAMMING his head against the announce table!! Hardy falls aback as Lito now displays his usual cocky demeanour, taking in the heat from the crowd. The count is now at six as Lito grabs Hardy by the arm, that arrogant smirk on his face which changes quickly into a no nonsense look as he WHIPS HARDY FACE FIRST INTO THE RING POST!! Lito really turning the tide in this one as Hardy is floored, the count now approaching eight as the Apple Spitter has to quickly get Hardy back to his feet and inside the ring, as he follows right behind.

The pressure continues from Hardy’s former challenger to the U.S Title as he continues stomping the hell out of Hardy, the champion looking a little worse for wear here as Lito brings Hardy to his feet, Irish whip and Hardy rebounds right into a boot to the gut and a beautiful DDT from Lito!! Cover, 1…2…kick out at two and a half from Hardy, Lito coming within a whisker there. Lito doesn’t let it phase him though as he again goes in for the kill, Hardy down and out and LITO STRIKES WITH A SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!! Great athleticism from Carly there, cover again, 1…2…kick out again at two from Hardy.

The champion finally gets a stranglehold back on the match though as Carlito heads up to the top rope, waiting for Hardy to rise, as the champion does so, Lito soars, MISSILE DROPKICK!! NOBODY HOME!! Carlito crashes and burns as Hardy rests on the apron, taking a breather before heading right after the Puerta Rican star. Lito rises to his feet and Hardy swings a right, Lito ducks it, Lito swings, Hardy blocks it, boot to the gut from Hardy, SIDE EFFECT!! CONNECTS!! Lito is floored and Hardy is feeling it now, the crowd fully behind the man who ‘Will not Die’.

Hardy now heads to the top rope, the end in sight for him here as Lito’s helpless. Hardy lets out a roar before flying through the sky, LEG DROP OFF THE TOP CRUSHING CARLTIO ACROSS THE CHEST!! The fans are going wild as Hardy scrambles into the cover, 1…2…3…NO!! Lito just about gets the shoulder up!! Hardy shakes his head but returns to his feet quickly…as he signals for the Twist of Fate!! Carlito groggily sits up, no idea of his whereabouts as he staggers to his feet, Hardy spins him round, boot to the gut, Twist of Fate, NO!! LITO FIGHTS OUT OF IT, GRABS HARDY FROM BEHIND, BACKSTABBER!! BACKSTABBER FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! Cover, 1…2…3…HE GOT HIM!! LITO WINS IT!!

Winner: Carlito(10:01)

Michael Cole: HE GOT HIM!! Carlito from out of nowhere!! Carlito has earned himself a United States Title shot and…and Matt Hardy…Matt Hardy can’t believe it!!

Tazz: Hardy can’t believe it? I can’t believe it either!! Hardy looked to have this thing won but Carlito from outta freakin’ nowhere, a HUGE win for the Apple Spitter baby!! Major props to Carlito right there. Matt Hardy knows exactly what he’s dealin’ with now and it might be a whole lot harder than he ever thought it was gonna be.

Michael Cole: A major victory for Carlito here tonight and the Apple Spitter WILL get another shot at the United States title. This rivalry is a long way from over!!

Lito is overjoyed as he backs up the ramp, his arm raised by the official, all smiles as he stares right back at a disappointed Matt Hardy who can’t quite believe he’s lost this one having seemingly been in control. Hardy shakes his head in disbelief before seemingly telling Carlito that ‘Next time can’t come soon enough’. Carlito simply smiles all the more and winks in Hardy’s direction, only angering the U.S Champion further as we go to a break.


Coming back from the commercials we’re led to a dark room where all we can hear are footsteps. The camera then shows us two feet in black boots before the shot rises up the man’s body and it’s revealed as the Phenom himself, The Undertaker who stares a hole through the camera, the image of the Deadman greeted with a massive pop from the crowd.

The Undertaker: John Cena…you’ve overcome obstacle after obstacle, challenge after challenge but there is no challenge that can prepare you for your fate tonight.

Taker still has that crazy, eye bulging look on his face.

The Undertaker: When you step inside the ring with the dead, you step into the unknown. We all fear what we don’t know and John Cena you are no different. On the outside you shows strength, you show bravery, you show no fear but on the inside…on the inside just like those before you, you have weakness, you have doubts, you ARE…afraid.

Taker is very cold in the manner of his speech here.

The Undertaker: Tonight John Cena you will meet your destiny, you will fear what stands before you, you will see the WWE Title taken from your grasp and John Cena, you will…REST…IN…PEACE.

And with that chilling message Taker’s eyes roll back and he imitates his infamous throat slash, the crowd going crazy for the Deadman as we then head back to ringside.

‘I’ll do Anything’

It’s the music of Shannon Moore who storms out full of energy accompanied to the ring by his partner Spike Dudley with Moore all set for some singles action here tonight.

Michael Cole: Well Carlito’s gonna put that theory to the test when he and Matt Hardy do collide for the United States Championship. I’m pretty sure Hardy’s gonna have something to say about those claims. Moving onto tonight though and folks of course our HUGE main event still to come as John Cena defends the WWE Championship agains The Undertaker but right now we’re all set for some Cruiserweight action as Shannon Moore tangles with the current champion, Gregory Helms.

Tazz: Huge chance for Moore tonight. Paul London’s the number one contender, Paul London’s the man who faces Helms at No Mercy but Shannon Moore could no doubt put himself in contention with a win here tonight, not that it’s gonna be easy.

‘Listen, it’s time’

And there’s rousing heat as out steps the Cruiserweight Champion, basking in the boos as Gregory Helms arrives alongside his partner in crime, the Mexican Warrior, Chavo Guerrero who continuously points to the Cruiserweight title around Helms’ waist.

Michael Cole: Well these two guys have seen the numbers game continue to be their advantage, however that’s all changed now Tazz. Helms and Chavo have got the upper hand time and again over Paul London but since the Daredevil has found himself his own partner in Brian Kendrick, things have certainly changed. The odds are now even and come No Mercy, Helms and Chavo know that the Cruiserweight title may well be in jeopardy.

Tazz: Well there ain’t any doubts that the numbers game no longer plays into these two’s hands BUT I disagree wit’ you that these two guys know the title’s in jeopardy. I don’t think they do, I think Helms and Chavo are just as confident that they’re gonna walk out wit’ that belt still around the waist of Gregory Helms.

Match Four: Singles Match

Gregory Helms vs Shannon Moore

Moore starts this one off surprisingly strong as Helms looks a little taken aback by the fast paced style from Moore, Tazz and Michael Cole playing up that maybe Helms mind is elsewhere tonight, perhaps more focused towards the challenge of Paul London come No Mercy.

Moore scores a surprise early nearfall off of a sunset flip that has the crowd going crazy, thinking the champion was to be beaten, Chavo tearing his hair out on the outside before Helms turns the match in his favour in emphatic style, taking Moore’s clean outwith a spinning heel kick from out of nowhere. From that point on it was all plain sailing for the champion who picks apart Moore in his usual arrogant fashion, mouthing off to the crowd that ‘This is ya boy’s fate at No Mercy’ as he drops Moore with a delayed vertical suplex, massive impact on his plucky opponent.

Helms continues to remain in control and puts Moore out of his misery in the end as he takes Moore’s head off with a STUNNING Shining Wizard!! The impact reverberating around the arena as Helms slides into a cover, Chavo Guerrero telling the crowd just how damn good his partner is, 1…2…3…game over for Shannon Moore.

Winner: Gregory Helms(4:11)

Michael Cole: No doubt a dominant display from Gregory Helms here tonight and the numbers really didn’t matter here tonight. No need for Chavo Guerrero, no need for underhand tactics, Helms got the job done tonight but the big question is, can he do that against Paul London?

Tazz: I don’t see why he can’t Cole. Helms is the champion for a reason and that reason is that he’s freakin’ talented.

Michael Cole: Talented, sure but Tazz even you gotta admit that’s NOT the reason he’s champion, Chavo Guerrero is that reason.

Helms now has a microphone as Chavo Guerrero holds the Cruiserweight Championship out for him, Helms accepting it with a broad smile, placing it on his shoulder before addressing everybody.

Gregory Helms: So the match is set huh? Me puttin’ this championship on the line at No Mercy against boy wonder himself…Paul London.

Nice pop for the mention of London.

Gregory Helms: But hold the press ladies and gentleman because Paul London’s little buddy, Brian Kendrick is gonna be in his corner.

Another little pop for the mention of Kendrick, Helms and Chavo smirking at one another.

Gregory Helms: Major news right there ain’t it? Well, at least you’d think it is by the way people are talking. All people keep on sayin’ is that now Kendrick’s in Paul London’s corner, now that there’s two of them to take on the two of us, now that the numbers game is no more…that my title reign is under threat.

Helms says that in an almost questionable manner.

Gregory Helms: Well all I can say is... are you people really that stupid? Do you people actually listen to whatcha sayin’? Brian Kendrick being at ringside puts my title reign in jeopardy? Gimme a break. Brian Kendrick ain’t gonna make an ounce of difference at No Mercy. The fact still remains that when that bell rings, the only two men standin’ inside this ring are gonna be Paul London and the greatest Cruiserweight of ‘em all…Gregory Helms!!

Strong boos for that as Chavo applauds the arrogant champion.

Gregory Helms: That match ain’t gonna be two on one, it ain’t gonna be three on two, it’s gonna be a straight up, one on one and y’all might not wanna hear it but I ain’t liein’ when I say that your boy Paul London just ain’t up to the challenge.

Helms shakes his head, smirking to himself.

Gregory Helms: So forget title reigns bein’ under threat, forget Brian Kendrick bein’ in his corner, forget the odds apparently bein’ even cos when ya play with Gregory Helms, the odds are NEVER even. At No Mercy Paul London’s gonna do what he does best… fall short. And y’all gonna witness the master at work doin’ what he does best…WINNIN’.

Helms then drops the mic, an emphatic thud as we see Chavo continuing to celebrate before yelling ‘THIS MAN IS A WINNER’ and Helms looks down at the title belt around his waist before the duo exit the ring amidst a chorus of boos once again.

Michael Cole: Do you really buy that? Gregory Helms absolutely certain that the odds remain in his favour come No Mercy but in recent weeks what’s actually happened is the opposite of that. London and Kendrick have had Helms, they’ve had Chavo’s number and come No Mercy I would say the odds are in the challenger’s corner.

Tazz: You’re so damn biased Cole. You heard from the man himself right there, Brian Kendrick doesn’t make an ounce of difference when it comes to inside that ring. Sure he’s gonna occupy Chavo but the confidence from Helms tonight, man he had me believin’ in him a hundred percent. Helms has faith that one on one, ain’t nobody beatin’ him and at No Mercy that theory’s gonna be put to the test.

Helms takes the title off from around his waist and raises it up high, Chavo is still telling the crowd that Helms is ‘Just too damn good’ as both men then share a smirk at one another and we head off to another break.


We return from the break and we’re taken backstage where we see a jubilant Carlito passing through the halls, all smiles as he tosses his apple up and down in the air before being stopped in his tracks by a determined Kristal Marshall.

Kristal Marshall: Carlito, congratulations on your win over Matt Hardy tonight. You’ve now earned yourself another shot at the United States title, just how confident are you that this time around you’ll be victorious?

Carlito: Is…is Carlito confident? Carlito is ALWAYS confident and what ju saw out there tonight was Carlito proving exactly why he’s so confident.

Lito is clearly overjoyed, the boos already incoming for the Apple Spitter.

Carlito: Carlito told ju dat Summerslam was a fluke. Carlito may not be holding dat United States title right now but dat doesn’t tell the whole story and Matt Hardy knows it. He had one lucky night but lucky nights against Carlito? They don’t come around very often ESPECIALLY…for a guy like Matt Hardy.

Lito tosses his apple a little, smirking slyly at Kristal.

Carlito: See a guy like Matt Hardy, he doesn’t…he doesn’t even belong in this company, let alone holding one of its championships. Matt Hardy has and ju better believe Carlito, he always will be nothin’ but an afterthought. Since the very moment he stepped foot in the W…W…E all people ever talked about was his brother. The Hardy Boyz, a legendary tag team, Carlito’s got no issues wit’ saying dat because Matt Hardy never made dat team legendary, no, no. His brother jumpin’ off ladders, his brother jumpin’ through tables, his brother tryin’ to kill himself made dat team legendary. Matt Hardy? Ha, Kristal, Matt Hardy as always…was nothin’ but an afterthought.

Strong boos for that as Lito continues smirking in his usual fashion.

Carlito: Carlito on the other hand? Carlito was made for this business. Carlito’s family? It’s wrestling royalty Kristal. When ju look at Carlito ju see somebody who not just belongs here, ju see somebody who belongs on top, ju see somebody who was BORN…to be a champion.

Carlito defiantly stares at Kristal.

Carlito: Das why one loss to Matt Hardy, it doesn’t bother Carlito cos Carlito knows…ha ha, Carlito knows dat nine times outta ten, heck ninety nine times outta a hundred, Carlito will always beat a loser like Matt Hardy. So Carlito’s got a lil message for ju Matt, enjoy holdin’ dat title, enjoy callin jurself a champion cos when Carlito gets his opportunity…dat title’s headin’ where it belongs and dat? Das cool.

Lito then takes a bite of his apple, nodding along smiling as we zoom in on him and his incredible ‘fro before we head back to ringside where there are several seconds of silence before we hear…


‘Graveyard Symphony’

And it’s a HUGE pop that greets the music of the Deadman, the Phenom, The Undertaker who makes his infamous entrance, a focused look as ever on the face of the number one contender here this evening.

Michael Cole: He is the cornerstone of this business. The legendary Phenom and Tazz it has been over three years since The Undertaker held a World Title. There is no doubt he’ll want to put an end to that tonight and once again return to the top of the food chain here in the WWE.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Over three years, that’s a heck of a long time for somebody like The Undertaker and there is no doubting that even for someone as cold as The Undertaker, that’s gotta hurt. John Cena’s back’s against the wall tonight, that’s for sure.

Taker takes his place in the ring, going through his usual routine, loud cheers as ever for the Deadman as he then awaits the arrival of the champion…

‘My Time is Now’

It’s an equally loud ovation as the WWE Champion bursts out, John Cena who looks all fired up tonight, interacting with the crowd before locking eyes with a fiercely determined looking Undertaker who awaits him inside the ring. Cena’s small smile evaporating into a look of sheer determination.

Michael Cole: The look on John Cena’s face says it all. A look of sheer determination on the face of the WWE Champion as he knows just what awaits him here tonight. Cena has overcome every obstacle thrown in his way so far as champion but this a whole different ball game Tazz.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. The Undertaker ain’t like any other superstar here in the WWE. But hey, John Cena ain’t like any other either, this is one of those match ups where if both of these guys are on their game you simply can’t call a winner and I can’t freakin’ wait.

Match Five: Singles Match

WWE Championship:

John Cena© vs The Undertaker

There’s an electric atmosphere amongst the fans as Cena and Taker stand in opposite corners, eyes locked on one another as the referee raises the WWE Championship up high, Cena’s attention flickering to it for a moment, Taker’s doing likewise and the bell then rings as both men begin to circle the ring, Taker at some speed, Cena a little bit more methodically before……



And there’s immense heat as both Cena and Taker stop in their tracks and look up at the titantron where we see the image of Kurt Angle and Randy Orton!! The two heels are being booed like crazy as Angle smirks, Orton a little more cold as they appear to be what looks like the WWE’s production truck. There’s several people sat down and monitors all over the place of different angles, the ring, the backstage area as well as the fans.

Kurt Angle: Sorry to interrupt but uh we got some bad news, y’see, this match? This match can not and this match will not take place.

Huge heat for that as Cena looks confused.

Randy Orton: Kurt’s right, this match just can’t happen, not on our watch. Teddy Long’s got this whole thing wrong and he needs to understand where we’re comin’ from, so uh, we hate to spoil the party but uh…you won’t be witnessing John Cena versus The Undertaker for the WWE Title here tonight. Infact you won’t get to witness John Cena versus ANYBODY for the WWE Title…until we get what we want.

Orton smirks now as Cena is furious inside the ring, Taker looks at Cena like ‘WTF?’ and Cena begins to move away, the champion yells 'TO HELL WIT' THEM, LET'S DO THIS', the crowd going crazy as Cena wants to carry this match on!! Taker still looks confused, not sure what's going on before he begins nodding back at Cena andit appears as though champion and challenger are ignoring the presence of Angle and Orton!!

Kurt Angle: You might be asking, ‘What…what can you guys really do to stop it?’ ‘Teddy Long’s in charge of Smackdown, not you two guys’.

Angle begins laughing as we see that Cena and Taker have now locked up again and Cena is forcing the Deadman aback towards the corner, Michael Cole and Tazz are confused as hell, the crowd likewise.

Randy Orton: Well for those of you who still think Teddy Long can take charge of a show like Smackdown, for those of you who think Teddy Long can take charge of ANYTHING…then guess again. Teddy Long may be the ‘General Manager’ of this show but he has absolutely NO AUTHORITY... but you’d better believe…we do.

Orton and Angle begin nodding at one another as we now see that Taker has Cena in the corner and is unloading on the champion with right hands to the gut, Cena looking a little winded as the challenger assumes control, the distraction of Angle and Orton no longer phasing them.

Kurt Angle: We’ve got all the authority, we’ve got all the power and until we get the title shots that WE DESERVE…we’re gonna abuse that power. That’s why we’re here in the production truck backstage.

Angle and Orton begin walking over to two gentleman sat down with headsets on.

Kurt Angle: How...how we doin’ guys?

The two men look scared to death, they clearly know what’s going on here, perhaps having had prior warning as Tazz notes that Angle and Orton may have had this whole thing planned from earlier on tonight.

Randy Orton: He said, HOW…ARE…YOU…DOING?

Orton grabs one of the men by the collar, the worker is petrified as he shakes, quivering whilst Orton glares at him.

Production Worker: I’m…I’m doin’ good, doin’ good.

We then flicker back to the action as Cena is fighting back with right hands to the Deadman, Irish whip by the champion, Taker rebounds and Cena knocks him down with a shoulder block. Some fans are glued to the titantron, others directly focused on the ring action.

Kurt Angle: That’s…that’s great, really. Well uh, seein’ as we’ve got the most authority and seein’ how we’ve got the most power around here, we decided that…we’re gonna show Teddy Long how to really use that authority, that power that he so CLEARLY lacks. Which is why we paid a visit back here tonight...cos right now, as I say these very words, you’re all getting one HECK of a main event right?

We go back to the action and we see that Cena has Taker upright and is looking for a suplex but Taker is fighting it, digging in with elbows to the back of Cena’s head and he breaks the hold the champion has before we shift back to the titantron.

Randy Orton: And that main event was made all because Teddy Long wants to please you people. He doesn’t care about his superstars, he doesn’t care about what we want, well uh... guess what? We don’t care about what HE wants and that’s why this STUPID main event he’s got in store for you, it ain’t happenin’. Don’t believe us? Thisthis is what authority looks like, this…is what power looks like.

Orton then looks at Angle, a moment's hesitation before Angle eyes up one of the production workers.

Kurt Angle: Off.

Angle gets right in the face of one of the production crew, the man still trembling with fear as we see him shaking his head before we get a quick flash of the action and The Undertaker goes for a big clothesline but Cena ducks it and Taker spins round right into a knee to the gut before a big clothesline from Cena now. We then shift back to the tron and Angle now has his hands on hips, Orton is biting his lip in anger.

Kurt Angle: I said…off.

Still nothing as we’re left wondering just what the hell is going on here.

Randy Orton: TURN THEM OFF NOW…before this gets really outta hand.

The production worker appears to finally give in as Orton gets right in his face, the worker then begins to edge closer towards some of the buttons on the system as Angle and Orton share a stare, begin laughing to one another as the production worker pushes a button, the camera immediately shifting to inside the ring where Cena has Taker in a chinlock…BEFORE THE LIGHTS GO OUT IN THE ARENA!! IT’S TOTAL DARKNESS INSIDE THE ARENA AND THE BOOS ARE ABSOULTELY THUNDEROUS!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?

We then flick back to the tron which is still on as Angle and Orton begin to walk away from the terrified production workers.

Kurt Angle: We told you that this wasn’t happening. We told you that until we get what we want, YOU aren’t getting what you all want and Teddy Long, Teddy Long IS MOST FREAKIN' DEFINITELY…not getting what he wants.

Randy Orton: As General Manager he has a responsibility to do what’s right, he has a responsibility to do what’s fair and he…is…not DOING IT!! So we? We’re gonna do it for him.

Angle is chuckling, Orton a more ruthless look in his eye before a closing line from Angle, the arena still in total darkness, the boos still thundering in.

Kurt Angle: Show’s over folks. Show’s over.

Angle continues laughing as he walks out of shot, Orton doing likewise with a more cold stare before a wry hint of a smirk and we go to a final shot of an absolutely pitch black arena, absolutely no image of anything, we’re only left to hear the very loud, very audible boos from the Nashville faithful.

Date: 9th October 2005

Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

Current Card:

WWE Tag Team Championships: Ladder Match:

MNM(c) vs Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:

Gregory Helms(c) w/Chavo Guerrero vs Paul London w/Brian Kendrick
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Smackdown Feedback

Hola, fellow 2005-er. Let's delve into this. I've been a lurker for the most part but I figure I might as well post some feedback for ya.

I like this opening promo. Melina as the mouthpiece for Mercury and Nitro works really well and I do like how she carried most of their work throughout. Did a good ob of putting her guys over, and the dialogue seemed realistic. A ladder match b/w RVD/Rey and Mercury/Nitro sounds like sex, so I am certaily looking forward to that. Moving along, you did a good ob using two guys who aren't really known for their mic skills. I'll have to delve into the thread to see what RVD was referring to (or if you could help me out, that would be great). To wrap things up, a prototypical cowarldy heel escape of the ring is a good way to finish this off. Looking forward to seeing the nightly and weekly progression.

Good stuff from Angle and Orton, two guys that do have some skills on the mic. An Angle-Orton 'unholy alliance' would probably produce some good stuff so I am interested to see where this goes now that the seeds have been planted. I was a big fan of Orton at this time and cannot stand his current character so the nostalgia factor may have influenced my thoguths on this promo, but I still think it was well done for what it was.

Cryme Tyme? Okay. I can dig it. I do think that, IRL, they didn't get the fairest of shares and they do have some potential in them and I thought it was good that you ahd them go against an established team that had talent (Noble and Kash definitely fit that mold). This was a pretty good match here with some back-and-forth action. The finish was good, nothing too out of the ordinary and it was a good way of getting CT over. So far, so good.

Short 'n sweet promo from T-Lo who was written well and had the dialogue you'd expect. I have a feeling his stern warnings aren't going to go over too wel.

A JBL squash seems like a good way to make him look strong in this feud he has with Lashley. Not that I am totally against him being around the WWE Championship but I do like you are finding other routes for him at this point in this thread. JBL is one of my favorite characters to write and I thought you captured him very well here. I do think though that you could have used a few less commas and a few more periods, from a grammar perspective. I'm victim to it sometimes, but comma splices suck. If that's what you're doing wrong, then you've got a whole lot going good. I did like this:

John Bradshaw Layfield: One, two, three, four, five(tapping a finger for each number). Five…five minutes this kid’s been in this company, five minutes this kid’s been on MY show and DAMN IT TO HELL, HE WILL NOT…he will not be labelled things, he will not be handed things that he doesn’t deserve.
I though the finger-snapping was a good touch and it definitely seems like something JBL would do. Very nice segment here.

First Blood, eh? Not a bad choice for a gimmick match. I don't think this will be the payoff of this feud so I think that it will be ramped up later on, which is something I'm looking forward to seeing. I sense a cage match down the line, but that's just me.

Eh. Not sure if I like this Cena promo a lot. Not sure waht it is, but the way he kind of came off was awkward and sort of reminded me of how he was. This isn't necessarily a knock on you, rather his character. Just felt off for some reason. Hopeful for improvements in that area but when it came down to it, Cena ended the promo right and he no doubt will probably still look very strong by the end of the night.

Hmmm. Confusing bit there with MNM, unless I am missing something. Intrigued.

Very good match here with Carlito and Hardy, and I do like Carlito going over here. Keeps the necessary balance of heels and faces ddown to a tee so I expect the fourth match of the night to be won by the face. Your match writing is very easy to read and follow and the pacing of this match seemed to be good. A good finish, and believable also, since the leg drop isn't that powerful a move so it does seem theoretical that Carlito can hit the Back Stabber out of nowhere, as you put it. Good stuff. Push plz.

Always love 'Taker promos, even if they're short like this. HYPE~ seems to be at a good level.

Wow, caught me off guard there with Helms winning to put the heels on top 3-1 on the evening, but that's not a bad thing at all. As you seemed to push forth, this was to get Helms over and you did just that with a pretty good performance and not against a scrub either in Moore. 3 Count Reunion plz. (JK) Seems like the 'dominant champ' figure is working for him so far.

Good bits by both Helms and Carlito. Can't complain really about either and each seem to be going in their own respective directions. Like I said, Carlito 4 Prez.

Whoa. Okay. That ending was VERY interesting and not something that I was expecting. If Orton and ANgle are going to be pulling tyrannical stuff like this week in and week out this definitely has me intrigued. Although, I can probably guess where this is leading, but then again, I could totally be wrong too. Liked how this night paid off and how it concluded.

Overall, a darn good show.Though there were a few areas to work on but the pros really outweighed the cons. Hopefully we can both have successful '05 threads. Cheers.

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 12/9/05- Wichita, Texas

It’s the final stop on the road to Unforgiven and it could well be the final stop on the road for Shawn Michaels. This Sunday night Michaels will be thrown into the lion’s den as he must take on and defeat all four men members of the Arabian Entity but after the ending to Raw last week, where Michaels laid out the dangerous quartet, Michaels chances may well have improved. Tonight the Entity will be in action, but will they be at a hundred percent? They take on a fired up, raring to go Animal, the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista in what Eric Bischoff has tasked as their Unforgiven warm up match. Will the Entity send a message or will Batista and perhaps the Heartbreak Kid strike the Entity down once more?

Speaking of the champion, it’s a huge night for him when he crosses paths with the Entity. However, there is still of course the threat of the Big Red Machine Kane looming over him. Last week saw the Animal and the Monster tear into one another right the way across the arena, culminating in the Devil’s Favourite Demon delivering a devastating Chokeslam through the announce table on the reigning champion. With just six days separating these two from now until their Steel Cage encounter, will they be able to keep their hands off one another or will things reach boiling point in Wichita?

We learned last week that Edge, Chris Jericho and Christian will do battle at Unforgiven with a World Title opportunity at stake. Tonight we’ve already learned that Christian will address his ‘Peeps’ in the middle of the ring. There’s no doubting that Captain Charimsa will stake his claim to the title but will his fellow Canadians interrupt the party? You would have to assume the tension will rise as a title opportunity hangs in the balance.

Another match added to the Unforgiven card this week was for the Intercontinental Championship where we’ll see Shelton Benjamin defend his gold against ‘The Protégé’, Mark Jindrak. Jindrak has been on a total hot streak since aligning with William Regal and with the growing tension between Benjamin and Charlie Haas, there’s no doubting that Jindrak alongside Regal will look to take advantage of this. Tonight, Jindrak will take on Benjamin’s partner in singles action. Will the ‘Protégé’ send a message to the champion or will Haas stand up and fight for his partner, perhaps denting the challenger’s confidence, just six nights before the title showdown? We eagerly await to see!

The Tag Team champions will also be in action tonight as the Dudleyz take on the Heart Throbs seeking to send a message to their challengers come Sunday. Last week the Platform to Perfection suffered a surprise defeat to the Basham Brothers thanks to a distraction from the Dudley Boyz. The Perfectionists were left shocked whilst the Bashams again staked their claim for a title opportunity. Will they again be involved here in Texas tonight? Will the Perfectionists have anything up their sleeve for the champions? Or will it all be plain sailing on the road to Oklahoma for the veteran champions?

Plus, Mr.Kennedy will be in action tonight but just who will step to face the undefeated star? Kennedy has issued an ‘Open Challenge’ for Sunday at Unforgiven but who will face him tonight, will it again be the persistent Eugene or will perhaps somebody else rise to the challenge?

So many questions just six nights from a huge PPV in Oklahoma, find out all the answers and much more LIVE on Monday Night Raw!!

Confirmed for Raw:

Four on One Handicap match:

Batista vs The Arabian Entity

Mr.Kennedy vs ?

Charlie Haas vs Mark Jindrak

The Dudley Boyz vs The Heart Throbs


Christian will address his ‘Peeps’

Thanks to KURTANGLEFAN123 for the SD feedback, much appreciated. Anymore is welcome but expect this up end of the week hopefully.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 12/9/05- Wichita, Texas

There’s no video package showing last week’s shenanigans, instead we go straight to the opening video before the pyro hits and we’re shown a sold out crowd here in Texas.

Jim Ross: We welcome you ladies and gentleman LIVE to Monday Night Raw. We are in Wichita, Texas and folks it’s the final stop on the road as we are just six, count ‘em, SIX days away from Unforgiven.

The Coach: Six days baby, I can’t wait any longer!! These folks in Wichita are in for a treat here tonight as well J.R. A HUGE main event as the Entity get their warm up match for this Sunday at Unforgiven. It’s a four on one handicap, the Entity taking on the World Champion, Batista!! The Animal’s gonna get wounded tonight!!

Jim Ross: Indeed a huge test for Batista here tonight just six nights before he steps inside a fifteen foot high steel cage to take on the demonic monster, Kane.

J.R is then cut off as we hear the music of…

‘I’m Back’

The one and only Raw General Manager, Mr.Eric Bischoff who strolls out onto the stage, a chorus of boos as he shows little to no facial expression, eyes firmly fixed in front of him, clearly something the boss needs to get off his chest tonight.

Jim Ross: But there is our boss, Raw’s General Manager, Eric Bischoff and Coach it would appear as though Mr.Bischoff is NOT a happy man here tonight.

The Coach: And why should he be? Shawn Michaels took out the Entity last week, he attacked them from behind, who the hell gave him…did Eric Bischoff give him the right to do that? No he damn sure didn’t and Michaels is gonna have to pay the price, be it tonight, be it at Unforgiven, it’s gonna happen.

Bischoff has a microphone as some strong ‘You Suck’ chants have begun, Bischoff closes his eyes, shaking his head a little bit before scouring the arena.

Eric Bischoff: Last week as Raw went off the air, we all saw the footage, we all saw exactly what happened. Shawn Michaels…

Big pop for the mention of Michaels as Bischoff groans.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn Michaels sat backstage and he rambled on about his faith, he rambled on about his beliefs and he rambled on about a bunch of other crap that…let’s be honest, it’s not gonna save him come Unforgiven. He might believe it but I can assure you and I can assure Shawn, it’s simply false hope.

Bischoff shakes his head.

Eric Bischoff: And once Shawn’s little speech was over with, all we were left with, all we got to see was the sight of four fallen men. All we were left with was a shot of the Arabian Entity laid out one next to the other, a dented steel chair laid right beside them, torn apart… at the hands of Shawn Michaels.

Bischoff surprisingly doesn’t seem all that bothered by this, the crowd cheering however.

Eric Bischoff
: Oh…oh you people like that? You people enjoyed seeing that last week?

A rousing response.

Eric Bischoff: Well DO NOT…get used to it!! I mean, how STUPID can Shawn Michaels get? The Entity…they’re already out to get him this Sunday, they know what’s at stake for them, the chance to FINISH…the Heartbreak Kid, they don’t need any extra motivation but…but what does Shawn do? He gives it straight to ‘em.

Bischoff chuckles, shaking his head once more.

Eric Bischoff: He mighta thought he was weakening the Entity last week, he mighta thought he was sending them a message, hey maybe he thought he was sending me a message but all Shawn did last week was PISS ME OFF!! But then…then I got to thinkin’ and I realised that if I’m pissed off, can you imagine how the Entity must’ve felt?

Bischoff is all smiles now.

Eric Bischoff: Take my anger, take my frustrations, times it by ten and you’ve got…you’ve got just a fraction of how they must’ve felt which means only one thing and that’s come Unforgiven all that anger, all that frustration, they’re gonna let it out, oh yeah. They’re gonna let it all out, they’re gonna unleash EVERY little bit of it on Shawn Michaels. They’re not just gonna beat Shawn this Sunday, they’re not just gonna finish his career, they’re gonna finish…his life.

Big time heat for that, Bischoff with that sleazy smile on his face.

Eric Bischoff: Which is why as much as I was pissed off last week, tonight? Tonight, I’m feelin’ really good. I’m feelin’ good because ladies and gentleman, tonight…tonight may very well be Shawn Michaels last night on Raw.

Bischoff is beaming, the crowd booing that statement like crazy.

Eric Bischoff: Don’t believe me? Hey, that’s your choice but you’re simply in denial if you don’t. What Shawn’s done to me, what he’s put me through, it’s gonna end this Sunday night and I cannot even begin…to tell you just how proud I’m gonna feel knowin’ that I did this to him. How proud I’m gonna feel knowin’ that I forced him out the door, that I made him walk away from the one thing he loves most in this world, that after EVERYTHING HE’S PUT ME THROUGH…I…Eric Bischoff ended…his…career.

Monstrous heat for this, Bischoff defiant in his statement.

Eric Bischoff: So I thin…

‘I Walk Alone’

But the boss’ little rant is cut off to a HUGE ovation as the music of the World Heavyweight Champion hits and out steps Batista, suited and booted, roaring out to the Wichita crowd, not showing any signs of the Chokeslam through a table last week as he lays his eyes on the Raw GM. Bischoff is looking furious as he stares right back at the Animal, stepping into the ring and grabbing a mic from ringside as a ‘BA-TIS-TA’ chant has begun, Tista acknowledging the chant as his music dies down.

Eric Bischoff: Did…did I invite you out here? What....what the hell do you want? You want me to cancel your match tonight is that it? Huh? Is that it? I mean I don’t blame you if it is, I wouldn’t wanna be facin’ those guys either, I mean the…

Batista: I’m not out here to cancel anything Eric, infact as much as you’re not gonna wanna hear it, I cannot WAIT…to kick their asses ALL OVER THIS ARENA!!

Big time pop for that, Tista already fired up.

Eric Bischoff: Kick their asses? Gee Dave, you musta landed real hard on that head o’ yours last week if you even think there’s a chance of that happening. Y’know what? I’m actually glad you came out here cos just like tonight’s a special night for Shawn Michaels, it’s also a special night for you, ain’t that right ‘champ’?

Batista looks a little confused now, Bischoff smirking.

Eric Bischoff: Just like tonight is Shawn Michaels last night on Raw, tonight is YOUR last night on Raw as the World… Heavyweight… Champion.

A barrage of boos for this as Tista’s the one to smirk now.

Eric Bischoff: And just like I’m gonna enjoy every second of seeing Shawn forced out the door this Sunday, when you lose that World Title to Kane, I’m gonna get that very same satisfaction.

Batista: Well I hate to break it to ya Eric but Shawn’s not goin’ anywhere and this World Title? Well lemme put it this way, you’re gonna have to KILL ME… before you take it from me.

Big time pop for that, the Animal not backing down in his usual aggressive fashion.

Batista: See you might like to think that you’ve stacked the odds against me Sunday night, you might like to think you’ve stacked the odds against Shawn but if there’s one thing, just ONE thing me and Shawn have in common, it’s that those odds don’t mean a damn thing.

Bischoff mouths ‘Oh really?’

Batista: You can put Shawn Michaels in the ring with one man, you can put him in the ring with four men, hell, you can stick the whole locker room in the ring with him and he will STILL put on a show like only he knows how. And Eric, it really wouldn’t shock you would it…if Shawn pulled it out the bag again this Sunday night?

Bischoff puts his head down for a moment.

Batista: That look right there says it all. You know you’ve put Shawn through hell, you know you’ve made him suffer but you know…you still might not come out on top in this whole thing. You know that you aren’t up against just anybody, you’re up against the Heartbreak Kid, you’re up against the ma…

Eric Bischoff: Alright enough, enough Dave. Let me…let me get this straight…I know I might not come out on top? I might not come out on…ha ha. I’M ERIC FREAKIN’ BISCHOFF, I ALWAYS COME OUT ON TOP!!

Monstrous heat for that, Bisch clearly furious.

Eric Bischoff: I don’t give a damn whether it’s you, whether it’s Shawn, whether it’s anybody in the back of that locker room, I will take…you…down. You said it yourself, the amount I’ve put Shawn through already, the amount I’ve made him suffer but that is NOTHING…compared to what’s in store for him this Sunday night. No matter how much heart, how much determination, how much faith he possesses, NONE OF IT… is gonna save him.

Bischoff wags a finger, Batista s......s at that comment.

Eric Bischoff: And that goes for you too Dave. That goes for this Sunday at Unforgiven and that goes…for tonight too cos if all goes to plan? You might not even make it to Sunday night.

Batista: That right? Well like I said earlier Eric, if later on tonight you plan on takin’ me out then you’d better make sure yo…

Eric Bischoff: Woah, woah, woah, hold on just a second. I didn’t say anything…about later.

Bischoff then begins smirking like crazy, the crowd abuzz as Batista seems a tad confused…

‘Arab America’

Jim Ross: Oh good god almighty.


Oh snap. There’s a wave of anticipation from the Wichita crowd as they know what’s coming, Batista knows it too and tears off his shirt!! The Animal wants some of the Entity, he’s not backing down here!! We then see Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali making their way down the ramp, the World Champion is motioning them to bring it here.

Jim Ross: Batista isn’t goin’ anywhere!! The Animal wants him some of the Entity!! Hassan and Khali have the champion in their sights, we aren’t gonna have to wait until our main event!!

The Coach: There isn’t gonna be one if this goes the way I think it’s gonna!!

Hassan slowly walks up the steps, Khali right behind him…BEFORE THE ANIMAL IS CLUBBED FROM BEHIND BY SONJAY DUTT AND DAIVARI!! The other half of the Entity sneaking through the crowd and they’re laying into the World Champion!! Hassan and Khali now entering and the Entity’s leader has a sadistic smile on his face as Eric Bischoff looks on from ringside.


The Coach: Genius!! Pure…genius.

The beatdown is ensuing as Hassan is yelling down at Batista, the Animal fallen as Dutt and Daivari hammer away with boots across the body of the champion before dragging the Animal to his feet…and placing him right into the path of The Great Khali!!

Jim Ross: Oh no…no don’t do this. Batista’s got a damn steel cage match Sunday night, he’s gotta put his title on the line for Christ sakes!!

The Coach: Who gives a damn? I don’t and neither do these guys J.R. They are as ruthless, as cold, as DOMINANT as you get and I guarantee you th…

‘Sexy Boy’


The Coach: Eric Bischoff’s right, he really is stupid!! What is he thinking?!?

Indeed Shawn Michaels’ music hits to an ENORMOUS pop and the Heartbreak Kid comes storming down to the ring as Khali tosses Batista aside, the Entity’s sights solely set on their opponent Sunday night!! Michaels flies under the bottom rope as Dutt comes charging right at him AND MICHAELS TOSSES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!! Daivari now flies at him BUT MICHAELS WITH A BACK BODY DROP AND DAIVARI GOES TUMBLING!! Michaels then spins round…and Hassan has pulled Khali away and both men have left the ring, Hassan not wanting any part of the Showstopper!!

Jim Ross: Look at ‘em running, the Entity want NOTHING to do with a fired up Shawn Michaels!! The Heartbreak Kid has these four on the ropes and you’d better believe that this Sunday, he’s heading to Oklahoma to take…them…out.

The Coach: Oh please. The Entity could strike him down whenever they wanted but tonight? They don’t have to, that’s what Sunday night’s for J.R and Shawn Michaels knows it.

We see Michaels by the side of a fallen Animal, Batista looking absolutely furious as Michaels stares down the four Entity members who back up the ramp, Eric Bischoff right beside them as Bischoff looks ready to blow a gasket. Hassan meanwhile is yelling right at Michaels ‘NOT NOW SHAWN, WE DON’T NEED TO SHOW YOU NOW, YOUR TIME WILL COME!’

The Coach: See J.R!! You heard it from the man himself, Shawn’s time will come and when it does, he’s gonna pay for his sins!!

Jim Ross: A lotta talk from Hassan, a lotta talk from the Entity but will they back it up later on tonight? Will they back it up this Sunday night? I damn sure can’t wait to find out.

We see Batista getting to his feet now, Michaels simply glaring at the champion, Tista likewise right back at the Showstopper before a final image of a united Entity at the top of the ramp, their sights firmly set on their opponent tonight and this Sunday at Unforgiven.


We return from the break and we’re led backstage where we see the Entity snarling as they wander through the halls. Daivari and Dutt are talking to one another before they suddenly stop what they’re discussing and all four stop in their tracks with Hassan looking a little tense, Dutt and Daivari more than a little, Khali unfazed as we the camera then pans…to see the Big Red Machine, Kane!!

Kane: Do you think that I need… your help?

Daivari sticks his nose in, shitting himself.

Daivari: We don’t…we don’t think tha…

Kane: Do you think that I want…your help?

Dutt’s turn now.

Sonjay Dutt: We don’t think that at a…

Kane: Do you think that I…can’t beat Batista this Sunday?

Hassan now steps forward.

Muhammad Hassan: You can beat Batista this Sunday and Kane, you will beat Batista. We acted tonight to send a message, we acted to make a statement, not to you, not to Batista but to Shawn Michaels.

Kane’s calmed down a touch now.

Muhammad Hassan: We know you don’t need us, we know you don’t want us but tonight we do step inside that ring with Batista and whether you like it or not, we will…make an example out of him and we will soften him up for Sunday night. But we won’t be doing it for your benefit; we’ll be doing it for our own.

Kane’s head tilts as he smirks before responding.

Kane: Where’s Bischoff?

Muhammad Hassan: Wh…what do you want Mr.Bischoff for?

Kane: We need... to have a little talk. So…where is he?

Kane gets in Hassan’s face now, the Entity leader looking a little uncomfortable but not backing down as THE GREAT KHALI now steps forward and stands beside a slightly more confident Hassan now. Kane not looking concerned at all about the giant in front of him.

Muhammad Hassan: He went to his office. Listen we’ve said it already, we’re not doing this to help you out, we’re doing it to se…

Kane: Oh I heard LOUD AND CLEAR…why you’re doing this. But I need to know…why he’s doing this. I need to know… why he made this match and I need to know…what role I play in it all.

Kane then heads off, the Entity seemingly a little confused by that confrontation as we then head back to ringside with a lot of questions left unanswered.


‘Turn up the Trouble’

And we return to the sound of Mr.Kennedy’s music as out steps the arrogant loudmouth to a mixed reaction as ever, the usual KENNEDYYYYY fans cheering while a few boo the brash newcomer and he strolls down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well it has been a chaotic start to Monday Night Raw and the interaction there between Kane and the Entity goes along with it. But back to the action folks and this Sunday night Mr.Kennedy has issued an ‘Open Challenge’ where he hopes that somebody is at long last gonna give him some competition.

The Coach: About damn time somebody does. This man is craving competition J.R and he deserves to get what he wants, he’s that talented. Heck, maybe he’ll get some competition here tonight!!

Kennedy, gum in his mouth as ever, looks up to the heavens awaiting the arrival of his microphone which is soon lowered from the rafters, Kennedy clutching it immediately as his music dies down.

Mr.Kennedy: Six days ladies and gentleman, six days and countin’ until yours truly FINALLY… gets himself some competition.

Kennedy smiles, a few cheers, a few boos thrown in.

Mr.Kennedy: It’s gonna be a special night this Sunday because you’re all gonna witness first hand exactly what I’m capable of. You’re all gonna witness first hand just why ‘Game Changer’ ain’t just a name…it’s a FACT.

Kennedy nods his head sternly.

Mr.Kennedy: Since I’ve been here you’ve seen…you’ve seen just a fraction of the talent I possess. All you’ve seen is nothing but joke after JOKE after FREAKIN’ JOKE…step in this ring with me and hey, I’m pretty damn sure another one of em’s gonna walk down that ramp tonight and step inside this ring with me.

Kennedy rolls his eyes.

Mr.Kennedy: BUT I’m gonna settle for it tonight, I’m gonna allow it this one last time because once Unforgiven comes and goes, it’ll at long last be over with and then EVERYBODY and I mean every last one of you…will see why there is only ONE…breakout star on Monday Night Raw, why there is only one breakout star in the ENTIRE WWE and his name... is MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KEEEEEENNNNNNNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…

Wait for it.


Kennedy then tosses his microphone up, motioning for his opponent to come out, clearly mouthing ‘Who’s it gonna be this week huh?’

There’s still nothing as Kennedy now yells ‘OH C’MON, WE AIN’T GOT ALL NIGHT’ and then…





The Coach: He…he can’t be!!

Kennedy now begins pacing, he’s a little worried now, the music still playing…BEFORE WE SEE A FIGURE EMERGE AND ONCE AGAIN KENNEDY’S BEEN FOOLED AS OUT STEPS EUGENE, WHO IS CLAD IN BRET HART GEAR!!

The Coach: Oh for the love of God, what is wrong with this guy?!? Kennedy wants some damn competition and this guy ain’t givin’ it to him!! Doesn’t matter whether he thinks he’s Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, Bret freakin’ Hart, he’s still a moron underneath it all!!

Jim Ross: Well…I don’t even know what to say. Eugene clearly wants to make a name for himself Coach and who can blame him? The kid’s got heart, the kid’s got guts, let him have his fun although I gotta agree with ya, I don’t think Mr.Kennedy’s gonna like this.

The Coach: That’s an understatement. Week after week Mr.Kennedy’s had to put with this guy and it’s about time it comes to a stop. KILL HIM KENNEDY!

Eugene steps in the ring, removing his jacket and shades, a decent pop, more sympathetic than anything with some boos also thrown in for him, some disappointed it wasn’t ‘The Hitman’. Kennedy simply stands, head down, hands on hips before looking up briefly at Eugene only to laugh and put his head down again. Kennedy then looks around the crowd before yelling ‘HOW DID I FREAKIN’ KNOW? HUH? HOW DID I KNOW?’ The referee then orders the bell to be rang, Eugene primed and ready, Kennedy now laughing and we’re all set to get going.

Match One: Singles Match

Mr.Kennedy vs Eugene

It’s squash territory here as Kennedy takes apart the hapless Eugene, who despite trying to trade blows with the loudmouth early on, fails to build on it as Kennedy strikes with a boot to the gut before an onslaught of knees to the gut in the corner, telling Eugene ‘You’ll never be Bret Hart, you’ll never be Stone Cold, you’ll always be a piece of garbage’ as he nails another knee for good measure.

Kennedy continues toying with Eugene, slapping the courageous superstar to the displeasure of the crowd as Eugene falls to the mat, Kennedy stomping the hell out of him as he then runs the ropes and drops a vicious elbow across the chest. Repeated elbows now from Kennedy before dragging his poor opponent up and takes his head off with a thunderous clothesline!! Kennedy then yells ‘He ain’t the best, Bret Hart wasn’t even the best, I AM THE BEST!!’

Kennedy goes to finish Eugene off, bringing him up to his feet, setting him up, MIC CHECK TIME!! EUGENE FIGHTS OUT OF IT!! Double leg takedown now!! SHARPSHOOTER!! EUGENE GOING FOR THE SHARPSHOOTER, THE CROWD GOING WILD!! BUT KENNEDY KICKS EUGENE AWAY!! Eugene stumbles, Kennedy getting back to his feet, Eugene spins round, he gets caught, MIC CHECK CONNECTS!! Cover by Kennedy, 1…2…3…game over.

Winner: Mr.Kennedy(4:01)

Jim Ross: A valiant effort by Eugene but I don’t think there was ever any doubt that the once again impressive Mr.Kennedy was gonna walk away victorious here tonight. I can only hope he gets the competition he craves this Sunday night because I don’t think anybody wants to see poor Eugene getting beat like this anymore.

The Coach: I do. If he’s stupid enough to answer Kennedy’s challenges then this is the very least he deserves.

Jim Ross: Oh for god sake, you were complaining about Eugene even being out here earlier on!!

The Coach: And I still am!! But if he’s gonna come out here, let him get his ass kicked, might make the kid finally learn his lesson.

Kennedy spits his gum in the direction of Eugene, looking down at his fallen opponent in disgust, his music playing as the crowd are now more leaning towards booing him. Kennedy then looks around the crowd once more before yelling ‘THIS IS NOT WHAT I CAME FOR!! SUNDAY NIGHT THINGS HAD BETTER CHANGE!!’


Back off the commercials and we’re taken backstage where we see a very sombre looking Charlie Haas wandering through the halls, Haas all set for action later on tonight. One half of the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Haas huffs and puffs somewhat before looking up and realising who stands before him. A look of intrigue on his face now as the camera shifts and we get the image of a certain William Regal which draws strong boos from the crowd.

William Regal: Charles, jolly good to see you. I was hoping I’d bump into you before your match this evening.

Haas seems suspicious.

Charlie Haas: Well, here ya are, what do you want?

William Regal: What do I want? (Regal chuckles) I think the real question here Charles is…what do you want?

Haas looks confused.

William Regal: You want one thing don’t you? You want your partner back, you want Shelton Benjamin by your side once again, you want The World’s Greatest Tag Team reunited, isn’t that right?

Haas puts his head down, thinking for a moment.

Charlie Haas: Of course I do…but what’s that got to do with you?

William Regal: Oh it’s got an awful lot to do with me. This Sunday night your ‘partner’ defends his Intercontinental Championship against my protégé, Mark Jindrak. Remind me, what is…what is it Mr.Benjamin said about your relationship with him so long as he holds that championship?

Regal puts a finger on his chin, thinking as Haas huffs a little.

Charlie Haas: He said…he said that so long as he held that title, I’d have…we’d have to be put on hold. But…but he apologised for that, it was heat of the moment, he regrets what he said and that’s all in the past now.

William Regal: But is it really in the past? When he said that to you, he meant every last word of it. Mr.Benjamin has disrespected you, he’s let you down, he has taken you for granted and he needs to face the consequences Charles. A real team, true partners don’t do that, do you see myself and Mark doing that?

Haas seems to be deep in thought here.

William Regal: No, no you don’t. That’s why I come to you here tonight with a little suggestion, a word of advice if you will. This Sunday when Mr.Benjamin steps inside that ring with my protégé, imagine how you would feel Charles... if the tables were turned. Imagine how good it would feel to see your partner…lose. Imagine how good it would feel to have him back on board, how good it would feel to have him back by your side once again, how good it would feel to no longer be in the shadows of your so called partner.

Haas looks a little angered by that comment.

William Regal: Because that’s exactly what you are right now, you’re in his shadow, you’re in the background and the only way to step out of it…is by making your own impact. Think about it Charles, think long and hard.

Regal then turns his back, a twisted smirk on his face as we see Haas thinking in the background(convenience).

Charlie Haas: Wait.

Regal stops in his tracks, that smirk unmoved before turning round.

Charlie Haas: I know what you’re tryin’ to do here and y’know what? You do make some good points but William, that’s not me, that’s not who I am and this Sunday night I WILL be in Shelton’s corner and I WILL make sure that he walks out with that Intercontinental Title, whether you like it or not.

Regal nods, a decent pop for that.

William Regal: Very well, you’ve made your choice and believe me, you’ll be the one who has to live with it.

Regal then heads off, the smirk gone, just a look of frustration while Haas looks relieved to have got that over with, shaking his head as we then head off back to ringside where we see already waiting in the ring are THE HEART THROBS, Antonio and Romeo. They wait patiently before we hear the music of…

‘Yeah we’re Comin’ down’

The Dudley Boyz!! Team 3Ds music hits to a big pop and out storm the World Tag Team Champions, all set for action just six nights before their title defence against the Platform to Perfection.

Jim Ross: All set for some tag team action and in just six nights these two men will be defending their World Tag Team Championships against the talented duo of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth and Coach last week we saw the mind games truly begin from the champions.

The Coach: And how ridiculous were they? They told us they weren’t worried about the Perfectionists, they told us they weren’t at all concerned by Doane and Nemeth so what do they do? They cost ‘em their match with the Bashams. That to me screams fear and that to me screams they are HUGELY concerned about what’s to come this Sunday night.

Match Two: Tag Team Match

The Dudley Boyz vs The Heart Throbs

D-Von kicks this one off along with Romeo from the ever annoying Heart Throbs and D-Von starts off strong, gaining control after a series of high power moves, including a brutal clothesline that has Antonio looking on in horror at his fallen partner.

D-Von continues the pressure, clubbing blows keeping him very much in command before a bit of hesitation costs him and Romeo takes advantage. D-Von whips him into the corner, looking around the crowd who cheer and that moment costs him as he charges at Romeo and he sees it coming, dodges it with D-Von crashing into the corner! Romeo then goes on an onslaught, series of right hands, D-Von conjuring up no answer before he drags D-Von across the ring towards his corner, tagging in Antonio and the other ‘Throb enters, stomping away at the gut of the champion.

Antonio sustains a period of control, managing to take D-Von down a couple of times, including a nice Side Russian Leg Sweep but much like D-Von earlier, a lapse in concentration costs him as he takes the time to show off his physique, allowing D-Von to nail him with an elbow to the gut, repeated elbows from D-Von now before a big right hand, Irish whip, Antonio rebounds and D-Von floors him with a leaping shoulder block!! D-Von goes flying, likewise his opponent as one half of the champions now scrambles towards his corner, itching to tag in Bubba!

D-Von crawls towards his partner, Antonio edging towards his also BUT D-VON MAKES THE TAG AND HERE COMES BUBBA!! Bubba grabs the leg of Antonio, not allowing him to make the tag, dragging his worried opponent up and Bubba begins to go to town, right and left hands, jabs from the big man, Antonio on the ropes now, boot to the gut from Bubba, Irish whip, Antonio rebounds right into a SAMOAN DROP!! Cover by Bubba, 1, 2, ROMEO BREAKS THE COUNT!! Romeo breaks it up and begins stomping away at Bubba BUT WE THEN SEE D-VON UP HIGH AND D-VON TAKES ROMEO DOWN WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!

Romeo’s down and out, all four men are infact down but the Dudleyz are getting back to their feet and it would appear the end is in sight as Bubba now drags Antonio to his feet, BOOM, right hand, BOOM, right hand from D-Von, the Dudleyz taking turns to tear him apart before an Irish whip by D-Von, Antonio flies back, D-Von scoops him up, 3D CONNECTING!! Cover by Bubba, 1…2…3…that’s all she wrote.

Winners: The Dudleyz(5:11)

Jim Ross: A convincing display from the World Tag Team Champions here tonight and you’ve gotta believe that Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley will be headin’ to Unforgiven with a point to prove and they’ll be headin’ there ready to take the Platform to Perfection down a notch or two.

The Coach: They might be ready to do that, doesn’t mean it’s happenin’. This was nothing, tonight meant nothing, it’s all about this Sunday night, it’s all about Unforgiven and it is ALL ABOUT the Platform to Perfection wearin’ championship gold around their waists, which they DESERVE.

The Dudleyz give a nod of defiance inside the ring, their music playing as the crowd give them a rousing response before the party is interrupted…


By their opponents this Sunday night as out step the Platform to Perfection, Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth, both men are dressed smart, as you’d expect, shirt and waistcoat for both as they arrogantly walk out on stage, Doane sarcastically applauding as the Dudleyz look on with intrigue. Both men have a microphone in hand as their music dies down and they begin to address the champs…

Ken Doane: Bravo, bravo. Really, you guys were…you were just perfect tonight, right?

Doane and Nemeth smirk at one another with the ‘perfect’ comment.

Ken Doane: Well, that was about as perfect as you two are ever gonna get, that’s for sure. Perfection can be taken to a whole new level though and this Sunday that’s exactly what we’re gonna show you.

Bubba seems to shout back ‘Oh really?’

Nick Nemeth: As much as you don’t wanna admit it, you two simply ain’t up to scratch. You may be holding those titles right now but that’s because you’ve not faced a challenge like ours before, you’ve not faced two guys who are this confident, who are this talented, who are this damn PERFECT.

Strong heat for that.

Nick Nemeth: And knowing that, it puts doubt in your minds doesn’t it? It puts that fear factor inside you both and hey, it’s alright, you don’t have to confess to it because well, actions speak louder than words. Last week? Last week was the prime example of that. You…you remember what happened last week right?

Just a look of nothingness on the faces of the Dudleyz.

Ken Doane: Oh Nick, it uh, it appears these guys have got a bit of amnesia. That or maybe it’s just, I don’t know…selective memory? Cos last week you two claimed that we were ‘scared’, that we showed ‘fear’ but what did…what did you guys go and do last week huh?

Bubba has now grabbed a mic and is clearly angry.

Bubba Ray Dudley: What the hell are ya talkin’ about huh? We DID claim you were scared, we DID claim you show fear and me and D-Von wouldn’t hesitate to say the same damn thing again. You two are nothin’ but a couple of pretty boys who don’t understand just what’s gonna hit ‘em when they step in the ring with us this Sunday.

Nice pop for that as Nemeth and Doane laugh.

Nick Nemeth: Are…are you serious? That’s…that’s all you did last week? You don’t remember any little mind games? You don’t remember any distractions? You don’t remember hmmm... COSTING US OUR MATCH?!?

Nemeth is angered now, believing the Dudleyz are playing dumb.

Bubba Ray Dudley: That’s…that’s real funny but we uh…we didn’t have ANY say in your match last week. All we saw was that…you lost.

Another strong pop for that as Nemeth and Doane look at each other like ‘Surely not?’

Ken Doane: You’re telling us that you had absolutely nothing to do with last week??

D-Von now has the mic.

D-Von Dudley: We got no idea what the two of you are talkin’ about.

?: Oh but we do…

There’s confusion as we hear a random voice and the camera then shifts to the titantron where we see THE BASHAM BROTHERS!! Doug and Danny get a pretty nice pop, the Dudleyz beginning to smile a little, PTP meanwhile are already seething, they know exactly what’s gone on here.

Danny Basham: We got every idea what the two of you are talkin’ about and we can back up every word the Dudleyz have said out there. They had nothin’ to do with what happened last week, that little stunt…was all our doing.

Danny and Doug begin laughing, the crowd cheering before we see the look on Doane and Nemeth’s faces, they’re furious, Nemeth’s arms flying, Doane ranting and roaring.

Doug Basham: Y’see, last week we decided we were gonna try and throw a curveball, put a little roadblock in your path because incase you forgot, that’s exactly what you’ve been doin’ to us since Summerslam.

Danny Basham: No matter what we’ve done, no matter who we’ve beat, we’ve not got our opportunity to even earn a shot at the Tag Team Titles and that’s because you two boys are afraid of a little competition.

Ken Doane: For the LAST TIME…we are not…afraid.

Doug Basham: Then prove it. This Sunday, how about it? We make the Tag Team Title match…a Triple Threat!!

Big pop for that, Bubba and D-Von’s expression hasn’t really changed, Doane has his hands on hips, Nemeth head in his hands.

Nick Nemeth: For the last freakin’ time, you are NOT taking OUR SPOT!! You are not getting OUR SHOT!! You need to get to the back of the line and when we beat these washed up hacks Sunday night, maybe then you can have a shot at us, maybe the…

Bubba Ray Dudley: Hey jackass, you wanna call us washed up, how bout you come and say it to our faces?

Ooooh, the anticipation rises as Doane and Nemeth laugh, challenge laid down by the Dudleyz.

Ken Doane: Sorry Bubba but we uh, we’ve just not got the time for that tonight and Doug, Danny, we’ve just not got the time for the two of you…period. So for the rest of this week, while you two in the ring worry about your fate come Sunday night and while the two of you back there worry about and continue…to sit in the background, WE will be out partying, WE will be out training, WE will be out doing what we do best and that’s providing the platform for each and every single one of you…to perfection.

Nick Nemeth: And come Sunday night, those titles sitting on your shoulders right now, they’re gonna get a platform too, they’re gonna get provided with the platform to return to the LEGENDARY status they deserve because when we walk out victorious, they too…will be perfect.

Strong heat for the arrogant duo’s remarks as they broadly smile.

Danny Basham: Your little speech finished? Well you might think that you’re through with us, you might think we’re just gonna sit back and wait but uh, I hear Oklahoma’s a nice place and uh…me and Danny here have got our flights all booked and ready to go. So…

Doug Basham: So whether you like it or not, whether we’re in that match or not, we WILL be at Unforgiven and boys, I got a feelin’, you might be seein’ a whole lot more of us.

Very nice pop for that as the Basham’s fade off the tron, Nemeth and Doane not looking too phased, almost as if to say ‘Yeah right’.

Nick Nemeth: They sure do talk a good game right? But guess what? Unlike them, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. They won’t show up Sunday night, they won’t be there to save the two of you. You won’t have any excuses, you won’t have a get outta jail card, all you’re gonna be left with is egg on your faces because just like the Basham’s, you’ve underestimated us and Sunday night yo…

D-Von Dudley: Hold on my brother, we’ve underestimated you? Oh that is far from the truth. See we know that you are dangerous, you are talented, you are a threat to these titles but we’ve been around the block, we’ve seen it all before and Sunday night…it ain’t gonna be any different.

Bubba Ray Dudley: You? You two…are 'Perfection'? Well newsflash, WE…are the Dudley Boyz and at Unforgiven WE…are gonna take you to school and y’know what? I got a feelin…it’s gonna be pretty damn perfect.

A very intriguing, very confusing, very intense confrontation comes to a halt as the Dudleyz music hits and the champions stare down their challengers, Doane and Nemeth backing up the ramp, giving some mouth back to the champions who are trash talking the young duo, the anticipation for this one certainly building, especially now the Basham’s have made their intentions clear.

Jim Ross: Two teams who as Nick Nemeth put it are ‘talkin’ the talk’ here tonight but this Sunday night just who is gonna back it up inside that ring? The Dudleyz wanna put these young stars in their place, the Perfectionists wanna prove their worth, they wanna put the Dudleyz down and this has got all the makings of a slobber knocker come Sunday night.

The Coach: No doubt about it, at Unforgiven it’s gonna be out with the old, in with the new. The Dudleyz may put up a fight J.R but they can’t live with these two. Their only escape route is the Basham Brothers but I gotta agree with Nick Nemeth, they will NOT show up, they will NOT back their words up like these two will Sunday night. New Tag Team Champions J.R and I can…not…wait.


We return and cut away to a video package…

The first shot we receive is of a church and through the windows we can see it’s pitch black outside as some candles are lit inside the church and we see a solitary figure but only from behind and they appear to be praying as they are on their knee sat the front of the church. This person is a fairly small man, bald head and a pretty scary look on his face as he begins rocking back and forth and is then heard saying ‘Forgive me, for I have sinned.

Forgiveness does not…come easily…

We then get a shot of Edge with his maniacal smile, holding his Money in the Bank briefcase close to him.

Certain acts, certain decisions, we can choose to let go…

We see a shot of Shawn Michaels standing over Batista following a deadly dose of Sweet Chin Music.

To let slide…

We see Charlie Haas cutting a frustrated figure as Shelton Benjamin walks past him.


To put at the back of our minds…

We then see this person still on their knees in the church looking up to the heavens as they repeatedly say ‘Forgive me, Forgive me’


But then there are other acts, there are other decisions that are simply…unforgivable…

There’s now fast paced music as we get a glimpse of an enraged Batista who kicks the ropes in frustration as Eric Bischoff smirks cockily.

We then see Chris Jericho holding the back of his head as he watches Edge slither away from his grasp, a furious look on Jericho’s face.

Finally we see Christian smirking to himself as he pats Tomko on the chest before patting his own, a devilish smirk on Captain Charisma’s face.

September 18th, 2005, those that have sinned will seek their forgiveness…

We see Kane laughing to himself in his usual monstrous manner.

The next image is of Muhammad Hassan and his Arabian Entity standing tall as Hassan embraces the boos from all around him.

The shot we then see is of Batista, his hands on his head in clear disappointment or frustration.

But for some…they will always remain…well and truly…Unforgiven.

The final image we see is of a desolate Shawn Michaels stood in the ring alone, staring down at this feet. We then return to the church to see the man praying, looking up high to the sky before he stops, looks down and into the camera, a look of despair which then changes before smiling sadistically and we then get a graphic for

We go from that video package to the locker room area where we see a deflated looking Eugene who is still dressed in his ring gear following his earlier defeat to Mr.Kennedy. Eugene is fiddling around with his gear, a look of frustration on his face as he’s sat down before we see a hand appear on his shoulder? Eugene sees the hand and looks a little confused before the camera shoots upwards and we see who’s hand that is…and it’s GOLDUST’S!!

Eugene: You…you’re Goldust!!

Eugene’s now all excited as Goldust nods.

Eugene: You’re, you’re Goldust and…and you’re in my locker room!! This is…this is awesome!! I’m gonna tell everybody about this!! Can I…can I get a picture, I mean, Uncle Eric won’t believe that we’re friends, a lot of people won’t believe that we’re frie…

Goldust: A picture isn’t necessary because I’m here to give you more than that, I’m here…to help you.

Goldust nods, his wig shaking around as Eugene looks a tad confused(more than usual).

Eugene: You…YOU wanna help me?? Oh this is AWESOME!! I CAN’T WAI…

Goldust: Alright, calm down, calm down. We’re gonna need you focused right away because the journey starts…right now.

Eugene is clapping his hands together excitedly.

Eugene: Ooooh, ooooh I got one question before we start!! Why…why do you wanna help me?

Goldust: Oh the answer to that is really simple, you see, we have a lot in common. When I first set foot in the WWE, people judged me, people misunderstood me when all I was trying to do…was find myself.

Eugene nods.

Goldust: You’re the same. I’ve seen your matches lately, I’ve seen you wanna be Stone Cold, wanna be Hulk Hogan, wanna be Bret Hart but they are not you and you... are not them. You are Eu…Eu…Eug…EUJAM…EUGENE…Eugene!!

The crowd are laughing as it appears Goldust’s little stutter is indeed still intact as he now clears his throat.

Goldust: You are Eugene and I wanna help you to discover the real you. You don’t need to be afraid, you don’t need to be scared of who you really are, of what these people see you for. All you need to be…is you and Eugene I will hel…he…I will HELL, FIRE AND BRIMSTONE…I will help you… to do exactly that.

Again Goldust clears his throat, Eugene looking very excited as the crowd’s laughter continues at the Bizarre One’s stuttering ways.

Eugene: You’d…you’d do that for me?! I…I can’t wait!! Thank you!!

Goldust: You’re so very welcome and I promise you that when our journey has ended, people will never forget the name(inhales)…Eugene(exhales).

Goldust then heads off to a nice pop as Eugene claps his hands together, absolutely thrilled to elarn that Goldust is going to help him ‘find himself’ and we head back to ringside to hear…

‘Born Naughty’

As out steps the dangerous duo of William Regal alongside the man who challenges for the Intercontinental Title this Sunday, ‘The Protégé’ Mark Jindrak. A chorus of boos greeting the pair.

Jim Ross: I don’t eve…

The Coach: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! Are you kidding me? Goldust and Eugene?! Good god almighty.

Jim Ross: Well I don’t think there have been many more bizarre alliances in the WWE but speaking of alliances and folks this is one to be reckoned with. Mark Jindrak and William Regal have been seemingly unstoppable since joining forces and Sunday night, Jindrak looks to bring home some gold.

The Coach: Straight up domination J.R, this guy has ‘it’. Mark Jindrak is the real deal and with William Regal alongside him I really don’t see anybody stoppin’ this man from reaching the top here on Monday Night Raw.

‘Pay the Price'

Out next to a decent pop is one half of the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas leisurely making his way out and eyeing up the onlooking Jindrak and Regal inside the ring, Haas having turned down Regal’s approach earlier on tonight clearly has the duo in his sights tonight as he takes a look behind him, perhaps for his partner? Before shifting gears again.

The Coach: Now J.R, where in the world is Shelton Benjamin? Where’s Charlie Haas’ partner? William Regal told him this earlier on tonight, he said that Benjamin was only in it for himself and guess what? He was right.

Jim Ross: Well I don’t know where Shelton Benjamin is but I know damn well that William Regal was simply trying to get inside the head of Charlie Haas earlier on tonight and thank god it didn’t work, thank god we actually got some loyalty from Charlie Haas who will stand by his partner, no matter what.

‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me Now’

It’s a much louder ovation that then greets the music of the Intercontinental Champion as Shelton Benjamn jogs down to ringside, he is here to support Haas after all as Haas gives him a nod in his direction, Benjamin nodding right back before looking at his wrist as if to say ‘Running a little late’ and this one’s all set to get going.

Jim Ross: There’s your answer Coach, there’s Shelton Benjamin and he IS here in the corner of Charlie Haas.

The Coach: Gimme a break, this glory hog’s gotta come out on his own? Is he that special J.R? Is he?

J.R huffs as we see Regal and Jindrak discussing, Regal smirking in the direction of Benjamn before he appears to wink at Haas, the mind games clearly in affect from the Brit here tonight.

Match Three: Singles Match

Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin vs Mark Jindrak w/William Regal

There’s a lot of eyes on the outside for this one, perhaps more than inside the squared circle as Haas and Jindrak produce a topsy turvy opening, both men trading turns to gain control. Haas starts off the brighter, taking the big man down with a series of arm drags followed by a dropkick, Haas scrambling into the cover, kick out at two from the Protégé. Jindrak soon finds himself in pole position however as Haas drags him up, delivers an Irish whip, Jindrak rebounding and Haas goes for a back body drop but Jindrak stops his momentum, Haas gets his head up and has it knocked off by a big boot!!

Jindrak now establishes his dominance, hammering away with boots across the body of Haas, relentless kicks in brutal fashion as we hear William Regal encouraging his apprentice as ever. Jindrak then drops down and applies a side headlock on Haas, pushing all his weight down as he looks to keep his technician opponent grounded. Haas struggles to fight out of it as the force of Jindrak appears too much, the crowd are willing Haas on however and he begins to show signs of life, digging elbows into the gut of Jindrak as the big man’s grip loosens and finally Haas breaks free!! Haas breaks away and instantly sets his sights on Jindrak as we see Shelton Benjamin urging him on from ringside.

Haas now with big right hands, quick pace from Haas as Jindrak struggles to deal with it, Irish whip now and Jindrak rebounds right into a belly to belly suplex!! Beautiful from Haas, showing his strength as he floors the Protégé to a strong pop. Haas dashes into a cover, 1…2…kick out at two from Jindrak!! Regal breathes a sigh of relief, Benjamin as disappointed as Haas is before we see William Regal heading over towards Lilian Garcia??

Shelton Benjamin sees this and makes his way over as we see that Regal has grabbed a STEEL CHAIR!! Inside the ring we see Haas getting to his feet, Jindrak to his knees as Haas now decides he’s gonna head to the top rope?? Surprising move by Haas here while at ringside we see Shelton Benjamin is confronting William Regal!! Regal immediately drops the chair, holding his hands up, shrugging off any suggestions he was to use it as Benjamin tells him to back off, Regal obliges and Shelton turns away, heading back around the ring…BUT REGAL CHASES AFTER HIM AND CLUBS HIM FROM BEHIND!! Benjamin stumbles forward as Charlie Haas now drops down from the top, his eyes glued on this as he wonders what to do, does he go and help his partner or stay and concentrate on the match?

Regal looks back at the ring, telling Haas to ‘Come and help him then, he needs all the help he can get doesn’t he?’ Haas shakes his head, the crowd are urging him on here as Benjamin continues falling forwards, headed up the ramp now as Regal continues his assault, clubbing the champion from behind, Benjamin now dropping down, crashing onto the steel as Regal begins with an array of stomps all over Shelton…BEFORE HAAS DECIDES HE’S SEEN ENOUGH AND STOMRS THROUGH THE ROPES, HEADED AFTER REGAL!! Haas sprints up the ramp but REGAL GETS THE HELL OUTTA HARM’S WAY AND TROTS UP THE RAMP!! Haas tends to his partner, pointing up the ramp and mouthing exchanges with Regal before turning back and re-entering the ring, Jindrak still recovering.

Haas slides under the bottom rope and goes right after Jindrak BUT HE GETS HIS HEAD TAKEN OFF WITH A BIG BOOT!! Jindrak may have been playing possum there!! Regal is smirking on top of the ramp as Haas is laid out and Jindrak begins signalling for the end!! Haas sits up, no idea where he is, eyes glazed over as the crowd recognise what’s coming, Jindrak running the ropes, BOOM, KNEE TREMBLER TO HAAS!! Cover by Jindrak, 1…2…3…he got him.

Winner: Mark Jindrak(8:21)

Jim Ross: Damn it to hell. Charlie Haas was trying to do the right thing tonight, Charlie Haas tried to help his partner but yet again William Regal’s mind games, William Regal’s tactics working to perfection and it’s gonna be a damn shame if that’s what happens this Sunday night.

The Coach: The right thing? Please. That was the wrong thing and Charlie Haas losing tonight is all the proof you need of that, all the proof he needs of that. Shelton Benjamin cost him AGAIN tonight, when is he gonna learn J.R? Stop lookin’ out for him Charlie and start lookin’ out for yourself or else THAT is gonna keep on happenin’. New Champ Sunday night baby and I cannot wait, how BEAUTIFUL is that title gonna look around the waist of Mark Jindrak?!

Jim Ross: Think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself there Coach. Shelton Benjamin’s gonna bring it Sunday night, Mark Jindrak is dangerous for sure but Benjamin’s gonna want payback come Unforgiven, both for him and for Charlie Haas.

The Coach: You keep believin’ that old timer.

Haas sits up in the ring as we see Jindrak and Regal now sharing a smirk on top of the ramp, looking down at the damage done as we see Shelton Benjamin now to his feet, sliding into the ring to come to the side of his partner. Benjamin puts an arm around Haas but Haas noticeably shrugs him away before pounding his fists on the mat in frustration having been in control there, only to have it snatched away. The World’s Greatest Tag Team showing some friction here tonight.


Back from the break and we head to the office of Raw’s General Manager, where we see Eric Bischoff sat down at his desk and is on the phone before he suddenly says ‘Gotta go’ before standing up, a look of worry and fear on his face as we then see just who has joined him…Kane!!

Eric Bischoff: Look I heard about earlier on, I heard you’re not happy and all I can say is that the Entity were exactly right with what they said. Tonight’s not about weakening Batista for you, it’s not about giving you any kinda advantage because everybody knows that you don’t need one.

The Big Red Machine’s still not looking impressed at this.

Eric Bischoff: So what happens out there later on tonight, it won’t have a single thing to do with you alright? Tonight’s about the Entity sending a message to Shawn Michaels. Sunday night? Now that is your night, that is the night you take home that World Title and that is the night you, nobody else, you…finish Batista.

Bischoff is beaming, hoping he’s impressed the monster but Kane hasn’t budged an inch as Bischoff’s smile soon fades into a look more of concern.

Kane: I don’t think you understand Eric. Sunday will be my night, you’re right on that… but tonight? Tonight I can’t allow them to get their hands on Batista, I can’t allow ANYBODY to get their hands on him. I will stop at NOTHING to hurt Dave Batista, to see him SUFFER, to make him feel pain HE’S NEVER FELT BEFORE!! But Eric, only I can do that, only I can make him feel those things.

Bischoff’s clearly worried here.

Eric Bischoff: You can and…and you will but not tonight Kane. I need Shawn Michaels to get the message, I need Shawn Michaels to realise what he’s up against this Sunday and the only way I can do that is through Batista tonight.

Kane: Oh you wanna send a message to Shawn?? Well Eric, I got a message of my own to send and whether you like it or not, whether ANYBODY…likes it or not, later on tonight…I’ll deliver it.

Kane then begins laughing to himself before exiting as Bischoff now has a a look of confusion in his eyes. Just what has the lunatic got in mind here tonight? Bischoff huffs as he sits back down, everybody wondering just what the Big Red Machine will produce tonight.

We then head off back to ringside, a moment’s silence before we hear…

‘Just Close Your Eyes’

And there’s an initial pop that soon turns into a wave of heat as out steps Captain Charisma himself, Christian alongside his Problem Solver, Tomko. CC is dressed casually, a t-shirt and jeans as he surveys the crowd for all his ‘Peeps’ as the duo head to the ring.

Jim Ross: Sunday night promises to be a huge night for this man Coach. Captain Charisma heads to Oklahoma knowing that if he can walk out on top in that Triple Threat match he will earn a shot at the World Heavyweight Title.

The Coach: He’s my pick J.R. He’s up against two men he knows inside out. He’s battled with Jericho in the past, he’s known Edge his entire life, he holds all the cards Sunday night. As much of a fan I am of Edge, I gotta go with Captain Charisma baby, it’s his time to shine.

Christian once again surveys the arena for some more ‘Peeps’, now having a microphone in hand as his music dies down and he gets set to make an address.

Christian: I’ve waited a long, long time for…for even the slightest chance at a World Title opportunity. I’ve been good enough, nobody in this arena can argue with that but time after time, somebody, something has got in my way. This Sunday night at Unforgiven…that all changes.

Christian is defiant in that statement as he nods his head.

Christian: That all changes because I finally get that long awaited opportunity to earn a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. I take on two men who I’ve got a whole lotta history with, I know ‘em inside out and they’d like to believe they know me inside out too but fact is…they don’t, not anymore.

Christian smirks after saying that.

Christian: A whole lot’s changed since my days tagging with Edge, a whole lot’s changed since my days of goin’ at it with Jericho. I’m different now, I’m stronger than ever before, I’m better than ever before, I know…I know what it takes to get the job done, just ask Ric Flair.

Immense heat for the mention of Flair.

Christian: Summerslam was the night that Captain Charisma came of age, it was the night where you people FINALLY started to see just what the future looks like in the WWE, it was the night where the torch was passed and this Sunday that torch is gonna be shinin’ real bright again.

Tomko nods on as Christian looks his way smirking wryly.

Christian: What was it…what was it that Flair used to say, oh that’s right…’To be the man, you gotta beat the man’ and at Summerslam I did just that. And now? Now…I’m the man and if you want somethin’ around here, be it Edge, be it Jericho, whoever, if you want somethin’, you gotta go through me to earn it, you gotta beat me…to earn it.

Christian points at himself, a stern look on his face now.

Christian: And I don’t give a damn wha…

‘You Think You Know Me’


And Christian suddenly rolls his eyes as the music of his best friend and former tag team partner hits to, like Christian’s earlier, an initial pop followed by a chorus of heat as out steps the MITB holder who has an arrogant smile as he eyes Christian up from the ramp before slowly meandering down to the ring, Christian not taking his eyes off his fellow Canadian. Edge grabs a microphone, not turning his back for one second, knowing what Christian’s capable of as his music fades and he begins to confront one of the men he meets come Sunday.

Edge: So lemme…lemme get this straight, you’re the man?

Christian nods saying ‘That’s right’.

Edge: You’re the man? Really? I find that a little hard to buy into, don’t you? I mean yeah you beat Ric Flair, you beat a guy who let’s face it, he’s an all-time great in this business but…but to be the man, you gotta beat the man and Ric Flair was no longer…the man.

Heat for that comment as Christian and Tomko discuss those comments.

Edge: You wanna do somethin’ impressive? You wanna do somethin’ that’ll make people sit up and talk? You wanna be THE MAN? Beat somebody who is WORTH A DAMN!! Beat somebody who’s important, beat somebody…like me.

Edge calms himself down, the boos raining in.

Christian: Like you? Like(begins chuckling)…like you? C’mon tell me huh, what exactly have you done that’s worth a damn? What makes you important? What ma…

Edge: Oh that’s a real easy question to answer and this right here is all you need to look at.

Edge holds his Money in the Bank briefcase up high, Christian immediately setting his sights on it.

Edge: This is what makes me worth something, this is what makes me important, this guarantees me an opportunity at a World Championship and that? That’s something you can’t claim, that’s something you can’t cling onto, that’s something you can’t…bank on.

Edge now has a smug look on his face, the boos continuing for the Rated R Superstar.

Edge: Which is why at Unforgiven you’re gonna need to be the man aren’t ya? You’re gonna need to pull one outta the bag because if you don’t? If you don’t then…then who knows when your next chance is gonna come? Who knows if you’ll EVER get another chance to reach the very top?

Christian puts his head down there, perhaps realising Edge may be right.

Edge: I’ll tell ya who…nobody. Nobody knows, you might claim ya do, you might claim to be the man around here but until you prove it, who’s gonna really believe it? And hey, Jericho’s in the same position you are Sunday night. He hasn’t got that insurance plan, he hasn’t got a second chance, he hasn’t got the ace up his sleeve like I have. He knows that when he steps in that ring, he’s gotta walk out with his arm raised in victory or else he’s gonna fall to the back of the line AGAIN.

Christian: Hold on, hold on, just because you got two chances, what makes you so sure you’re gonna take one of ‘em?

Edge looks confused by that, Christian confident in his approach.

Christian: Yeah, you heard me, what makes you so confident you’re gonna cash that in successfully? All you did to win that title shot was climb a ladder and unhook that briefcase. You didn’t pin anybody, you didn’t put anybody down, you didn’t become... the man. If you were that guy, if you were the guy around here you wouldn’t have to rely on that briefcase to take you to the top but fact is, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Edge: That is NOT what I’m doing! I’m not relying on this, I’m not relying on ANYTHING. After this Sunday you’d better believe that I’m not even gonna need this. After this Sunday you’re gonna regret every single word coming outta your mouth cos when I WIN that match, this briefcase is gone, I won’t need it, I won’t want it and then…and then all of a sudden YOU…are gonna be begging me, pleading with me to hand you this briefcase because whether ya like it or not, this IS a ticket straight to the very top and you just like everybody else is gonna want in on it.

Christian shakes his head, he’s clearly not buying this theory, Edge is getting more manic by the second.

Christian: Well I guess that’s where me and you are differe…

‘Break the Walls Down’

A fairly heated situation, the crowd tense themselves suddenly changes as a HUGE pop greets the music of Y2J, Chris Jericho and out bursts the former Undisputed Champion, much to the disapproval of both Edge and Christian inside the ring, the two exchanging words, almost certainly regarding Jericho. Jericho has a mic in hand and enters the ring, eyeing up his two opponents come Sunday, the smile on his face evident, Christian and Edge as far from a smile as you can imagine while Tomko stares down the Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla.

Christian: This was supposed to be my chance to come out he…


A mammoth roar greets that as Christian throws a little hissy fit.

Chris Jericho: This was supposed to be your chance to come out here and tell the world just how much of an assclown you really are, I get that, I understand.

Another rousing response for that, Jericho turning to the jokes here.

Edge: Yeah, yeah that’s uh, that’s real funny Chris but there’s uh, there’s no real need for ya out here with your little jokes so why don’t you run along and let us finish what we wer…

Chris Jericho: No uh, how ‘bout we do somethin’ else? How ‘bout the two of you stop yappin’ on and on about how you’re gonna win this Sunday and how ‘bout you listen to the truth, how ‘bout you listen to why I’m gonna be the one who walks outta Unforgiven as the number one contender, that sound good for ya? Great, so first off…

Edge: You…you’re kidding right?

Christian: He better be.

E&C are looking at each other in disgust at Jericho’s comments.

Edge: You just don’t know when to give up do ya Chris? I thought Summerslam was the night you were gonna finally realise it’s all over for you around here. I thought Summerslam was the night you were gonna finally realise that Y…2…J is O…T…H, over the hill.

Christian actually laughs at that, mouthing ‘That’s a good one’. The fans don’t take too well to it however.

Edge: But here we are and still, you still…think you’ve got a chance of reachin’ the top again don’t ya? You still think you can win the big one and hey, you might call that determination but me? I call it stupidity because you don’t stand a chance of EVER getting back on top.

Thunderous boos for that.

Chris Jericho: Hey, haven’t heard this before have we Edge? I can’t reach the top again? I can’t win the big one? You’ve said that a whole lot lately. You said it before Vengeance and remind me, what…what happened there? Oh…oh that’s right…I beat you. You said it before Summerslam and oh that’s right, you only put me down because of that briefcase. So for someone who’s so sure I can’t reach the top of the mountain anymore, answer me this. How in the hell do you think you’re ever gonna get there?

Edge looks shocked by Jericho’s bluntness.

Chris Jericho: You wouldn’t have beaten me at Summerslam were it not for that briefcase and yet you thin…

Edge: ENOUGH!! How do I think I’m ever gonna get there? Real simple…because I’m too damn good not to.

Jericho points a finger at Edge, wagging.

Chris Jericho: You’re too damn good not to. There ya have it people, remember those words come Sunday night because guess what? You might think the pressure’s on me at Unforigven, you might think the pressure’s on Christian, you might think this is our ‘last chance’ but lemme tell ya, the pressure? It’s all on you.

Edge is shaking his head, not buying into it.

Chris Jericho: The pressure is all on you Edge. You hold that briefcase, you’ve already got a title shot lined up, you’re the heir to the throne, you’re ‘too damn good’ which means you…you should beat us…right?

Christian’s now smiling and interrupts.

Christian: I never thought I’d agree with ya Chris but you’re…you’re actually right. Every little bit of pressure? It's on your shoulders and if you can’t beat us? Beat two guys who hey, in your book, are ‘beneath you’ then…then what chance have you got of being World Champion?


Edge has lost it here and he storms outta the ring and up the ramp, pacing hurriedly as he runs his hands through his hair, Christian and Jericho looking on inside the ring. The pressure clearly is getting to Mr.MITB. Edge though then turns round on top of the ramp, mic still in hand.

Edge: Y’know what? You’re wrong, BOTH OF YOU…are wrong. You wanna try and twist this all on me? Fine, go right ahead but you’re just kididn’ yourselves aren’t ya? The pressure is ALL on you. Make no mistake about it Chris, this IS your last chance, those days of being Undisputed Champion are LONG gone and as for…you?

Edge points at Christian who’s smirking.

Edge: There’s no greater pressure than being ‘the man’ and...and that’s what ya are isn’t it? You’re the man now, right? You beat, WOOOO, Ric Flair at Summerslam and suddenly, you’re the man!! Well when you’re the man, people expect you to win matches, they expect you to win championships and to do that? The pressure is always, always…gonna be on. Sunday night, you two can deal with that and hey...don't blow it, it's all ya have left.

And with that Edge immediately turns his back, tossing his microphone and running his hands through his hair once again, breathing a sigh of relief, perhaps that this is now over til Sunday while we see Christian scratching his chin and Jericho looking defiantly back at his fellow Candian, the pressure really has increased here tonight for all three men as Edge’s music plays over the arena.

Jim Ross: Well if ever there were an example of the stakes being raised, this was it. Jericho, Edge, Christian, three men who are desperate for the World Title have, well they’ve put HUGE pressure on one another heading into this Sunday night.

The Coach: Pressure ain’t the word J,R, incredible stuff from these guys tonight. I gotta agree with you for once, which is hard for me to do. These three men have all put pressure on themselves and we’re gonna see Sunday night just who can deal with that expectation, this one’s gonna steal the show at Unforgiven J.R, make no mistake about it.


We return and we’re straight off backstage where we head to the locker room area where we see the World Heavyweight Champion Batista!! The Animal is in his ring gear and is icing his shoulder following the earlier beatdown from the Entity. The big man’s wincing in some discomfort but his expression soon changes as we see Shawn Michaels enter the room!! HBK has a no nonsense look on his face as he eyes up the champion, Tista sharing that same look right back at the Showstopper.

Batista: Look than…

Shawn Michaels: Save it, I don’t wanna hear it. What I did earlier on was because I know just what they’re capable of, I know what Bischoff’s capable of and hey, he’s already got me, I can’t let him get you too.

Batista: Well I appreciate it but that’s not gonna stop me takin’ them on tonight. There may be four of them, you know what they’re capable of and I do too, they’re dangerous but Shawn…so am I.

Nice pop for that as Michaels doesn’t look so sure.

Batista: I know I can live with anything they throw my way, with anything Eric throws my way and tonight ain’t no different.

Shawn Michaels: It is different though, really it is. You’re as tough as they come, ain’t no doubt about it. They don’t call ya the ‘Animal’ for nothin’, you aren’t World Champion for nothin’ but Dave, tonight’s a whole different ball game.

Batista seems surprised by Michaels claims.

Shawn Michaels: I’ve experienced it and this Sunday I’m gonna experience it again but now? Now I know what’s comin’, now I know what’s gonna hit me and I know exactly what I gotta do. You? You’ve not felt what they can do, you’ve not felt what they throw at ya. You’re steppin’ into the unknown tonight and when ya do that, there’s always a chance you might not make it out in one piece.

Tista looks irritated now.

Batista: Look Shawn, what are you getting at here? You think I can’t beat ‘em? You think I can’t take ‘em down, is that it?

Shawn Michaels: Oh I have full faith…you can beat ‘em. I have full faith…you can take ‘em down because the Heartbreak Kid is gonna be right out there with ya, I’m gonna go to that ring tonight and I’m gonna be in your corner.

Michaels points directly and firmly at Tista, the news met with a nice ovation.

Batista: Really Shawn, I appreciate the offer but I don’t need your hel…

Shawn Michaels: Nothin’ you say is gonna stop me from bein’ out there. Sunday night I got a gameplan, I know what I gotta do to stay alive and tonight? You’re in the same boat Dave. I’ll be out there with ya and I’ll do everything I can… for you to simply survive. You don’t have to thank me for it, you don’t even have to like it but Dave…you’re gonna have to live with it. Just trust me.

Michaels then leaves, giving a nod in the champ’s way as Batista has his hands on hips, clearly frustrated by that but at the same time he seems to be coming round to the idea. We then head back to ringside and hear…

‘I Ain’t a Lady to Mess with’

And there’s a small flutter of heat as out steps the Women’s Champion, the devilish Victoria alongside her partner for the evening, a stern looking Molly Holly.

Jim Ross: Tension everywhere tonight here in Texas and right now I don’t think that’s gonna change as we’re all set for some tag team action involving two women who this Sunday night are hell bent on tearin’ each other apart. Victoria puts her Women’s Championship on the line against Lita in a match full of fire.

The Coach: When this woman’s around J.R there is ALWAYS fire. She is just incredibly brutal, incredibly vicious and I don’t think Lita quite understands what she’s come back to face. She’s not come back to face just any old diva, she’s come back to face Victoria.


Out next, their opponents to a very nice pop are the challenger to Victoria’s title on Sunday, Lita accompanied by her partner, the beautiful Torrie Wilson.

Jim Ross: There’s no doubting it’s a challenge Coach but Lita thrives on a challenge and Sunday night will be no different.

The Coach: She won’t be thriving when her ankle’s in two pieces will she? She’s just gotta ask Trish Stratus how it feels. She got only a taster of what Victoria’s capable of, at Unforgiven she might get the real deal and it ain’t gonna pretty which says a whole lot when these two are right in front of us!

Match Four: Tag Team Match

Victoria and Molly Holly vs Lita and Torrie Wilson

Torrie and Molly start this one off…or do they? They’re all set to go at it, the bell rings before Victoria changes her mind and wants in on this, wanting no part of Lita but more than keen to get to grips with Torrie.

Victoria dominates, not allowing Torrie even a sniff as the Women’s Champion eyes up Lita throughout the assault, the Daredevil Diva itching to get involved but it’s all Victoria who uses her power and strength to almost toy with Torrie, including a mighty impressive delayed vertical suplex.

The turning point in the match comes as perhaps the ruthless champion takes her eye off the ball. Victoria drags Torrie up slowly, mouthing words to Lita…BEFORE SHE SLAPS TORRIE BUT TORRIE BLOCKS IT!! Torrie blocks it and SLAPS VICTORIA!! The crowd give a big pop, Torrie can’t believe it herself as Victoria charges at Torrie but she ducks it, Victoria spins round and Torrie takes her down with a dropkick before sprawling across the ring…AND SHE TAGS IN LITA!!

Lita storms into the squared circle, Victoria in her sights BUT VICTORIA CHARGES TO HER CORNER AND TAGS IN MOLLY!! Molly looks surprised as Victoria leaves her high and dry, getting out of the ring and heading up the ramp!! Molly enters the ring, facing towards the ramp asking Victoria why? She then turns round, boot to the gut by Lita, TWIST OF FATE!! BANG!! Lita heads up high…MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP!! Cover, 1…2…3, big win for the challenger on Sunday.

Winners: Lita and Torrie Wilson(4:27)

Jim Ross: You still think Victoria’s gonna dominate on Sunday? I think it’s pretty damn clear that Victoria knows what she’s up against come Unforgiven. I think she knows she’s in for perhaps the fight of her career when she steps through those ropes and sees Lita standing across the ring from her.

The Coach: Oh don’t give me that J.R. Victoria does know what she’s up against on Sunday and that’s why she’s resting here tonight, she doesn’t need to face Lita, she’s gonna do that on Sunday. Victoria doesn’t want what happened before Summerslam happen again, who would? We get to see the full ticket Sunday night when Lita gets snapped in half!!

Jim Ross: Oh please.

Lita and Torrie celebrate to an array of cheers, Victoria is now long gone, Molly down and out as Lita looks around the arena, nodding her head, full of confidence that this Sunday she takes home the Women’s Title.


We return and we’re taken to the announce table where we see J.R and Coach and we hear the Unforgiven theme playing in the background as out commentary duo get set to run down the card for this Sunday night.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and folks we are just six days away from a HUGE night in Oklahoma as Unforgiven approaches us. Huge match ups, huge stipulations and plenty of championships on the line, one of which is the Intercontinental Title. Shelton Benjamin will defend his championship against a man who is simply on the roll of his career, Mark Jindrak.

The Coach: I think we’re all set for a new champion J.R, I just don’t see any way of Shelton Benjamin stopping this man on Sunday night. Charlie Haas might be in his corner, he might be on his partner’s side but Mark Jindrak’s got William Regal and no matter what Haas does, no matter what Benjamin does, Regal and Jindrak will do it better.

Jim Ross: The World Tag Team Titles are on the line, the Dudleyz defending against the Platform to Perfection but will a third party get involved?

The Coach: I damn sure hope not. The Basham Brothers have got no right to be there on Sunday, leave the Perfectionists alone and let ‘em take home the tag team titles, the Dudleyz days are done.

Jim Ross: An ‘Open Challenge’ issued for Sunday night by the undefeated and quite frankly, untested, Mr.Kennedy. Who will step up and face the ‘Game Changer’? Kennedy’s hopin’ for some competition.

The Coach: He’s not the only one J.R. This guy needs to challenged, this guy needs to be takin’ on the very best, let’s hope somebody can provide him that challenge and not some shmuck like Eugene.

Jim Ross: Another title up for grabs Sunday night, the Women’s Championship as Victoria finally has to defend her gold against a fired up, ready to go Lita!

The Coach: She can be fired up, she can be ready to go but the only place she’s headin’ is the emergency room when Victoria finishes the job she started back before Summerslam.

Jim Ross: The pressure is indeed on for this one. A Triple Threat match, the winner will become the number one contender to the World’s Heavyweight Title, who will rise to the occasion? Will it be Edge? Will it be Christian? Or will it be Chris Jericho? One thing’s guaranteed, you can expect fireworks in this one.

The Coach: What’s the term you use J.R? This one’s gonna be a SLOBBERKNOCKER!! Three of Canada’s finest goin’ at it, the winner heads for the World Title. If I had to pick I’d go for Captain Charisma, it’s his time to shine baby, I can’t freakin’ wait!!

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels road outta hell just doesn’t get any easier come Sunday night as the Heartbreak Kid takes on ALL FOUR members of the Arabian Entity knowing he can’t just beat one, he’s gotta beat ‘em all to walk out victorious. Michaels’s back’s against the wall Sunday night, will the Entity force Michaels out the door or has the Showstopper set to pull off the unthinkable?

The Coach: Michaels doesn’t stand a chance J.R and you know it. It’s four on one, four of the most dangerous men in this business against some stupid believer in the Heartbreak Kid. Belief, faith, it ain’t gonna see him through this one. Sunday night’s the Entity’s time to shine.

Jim Ross: And then the big one. The World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line inside a STEEL CAGE! Batista defends against Kane, it’s Animal verus Monster, two men who wanna beat the holy hell outta one another get to do exactly that and all I can say is Oklahoma better brace itself cos this one’s gonna get real ugly.

The Coach: Ugly is an understatement J.R, these two aren’t gonna quit until the other one’s unconscious. It’s got real heated, real fast and it’s all over that World Title, the biggest prize in the game baby and cowboy, Sunday night it goes into the hands of Kane.

Jim Ross: Well all we do know is that it’s gonna be an unbelievable, chaotic, must see night no matter what happens when we head to my home town.

The Coach: Nobody cares about your stupid home town, worry about the matches, not about your fellow Barbeque lovers.

J.R simply sighs before we hear…

‘I Walk Alone’

And it’s another big time pop that greets the music of the World Champion, we’re all set for our main event here as out comes the underdog tonight, Batista, a look of real steel, real determination in his eyes as he makes his way down to the ring, the Entity in his sights just six nights befo…OH BAM!! WHAT THE HELL?!?!



The Coach: Kane said he had a message and that whether Eric Bischoff liked it or not, he was gonna deliver it!! Well guess what? Message sent!!

Kane brings Batista up to his feet and catches him with a STINGING UPPERCUT!! Tista is rocked and in no man’s land right now as Kane comes charging at him and knocks him flying with a clothesline, Tista falling into the barricade here, the crowd are on the edge of their sea…

‘Sexy Boy’


Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels sticking to his word!! Shawn Michaels vowed to be in Batista’s corner tonight, he didn’t want the champion to go through what he’s been through and bah gawd he’s doing exactly that!!

The Coach: What the hell is this about? Michaels has no business with Kane and he damn sure doesn’t wanna start any!!

Michaels has raced down the ramp and Kane doesn’t wanna wait for him, he charges up the ramp too and A FIST FIGHT IS ON!! MICHAELS THROWING RIGHTS, KANE THROWING RIGHTS BUT THE SPEED OF MICHAELS SHOTS ARE SENDING THE BIG RED MACHINE ABACK!! Michaels on the front foot here!! Kane is rocking and Michaels senses his chance, takes a step back before storming at Kane and he TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK!! KANE IS DOWN, BATISTA IS DOWN AND MICHAELS IS FIRED UP HE…

‘Arab America’

Jim Ross: Oh business is about to pick up!!

J.R has nailed it as here come the dangerous quartet, the Arabian Entity are here and DUTT AND DAIVARI ARE SPRINTING DOWN THE RAMP!! THEY WANT MICHAELS!! Hassan and Khali are more measured in their approach as Michaels waits for the high flyers to storm his way and Dutt comes in first, BAM!! RIGHT HAND BY MICHAELS KNOCKS HIM DOWN!! BUT DAIVARI STRIKES A KICK TO THE KNEE!! Repeated kicks from Daivari, Michaels struggling somewhat, losing his balance but from out of nowhere a right hand to Daivari!! Michaels is taking the fight to the Entity!! WHACK!! BUT THE GREAT KHALI WITH A DEVASTATING CHOP ACROSS THE SKULL AND MICHAELS IS FLOORED!!

The Coach: That’s what you get for playing with fire Shawn!! You shoulda stayed back there, left Batista to get what he deserved!! You might not even make it to Sunday night now!!

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels was doing what’s right and these…these savages just can’t seem to wait til Sunday night. I hope to god Shawn Michaels has something left in him for what’s t…HEY WAIT A MINUTE!!


Jim Ross: Thanks for comin’ Dutt!!

The Coach: And thanks for comin’ Batista, look out!!

BAM!! BATISTA IS SENT TUMBLING BY KANE!! THE BIG RED MACHINE SENDS THE ANIMAL CRASHING AND GIVES A SCOWL IN THE DIRECTION OF THE ENTITY!! Kane wants Batista to himself, Kane wants to take down the Animal alone!! The Entity give a nod his way, clearly a sign they agree to it before they leisurely make their way over to Shawn Michaels who is still down as Kane drags a struggling Batista up the ramp, what the hell have these men got in mind here?

Jim Ross: This could be about to get outta hand, I hope Shawn Michaels and Batista have got some fight in ‘em here!!

The Coach: They ain’t got nothin’ left, it’s time to finish these two off. They’re gonna be easy pickin’s come Sunday night!!

Batista is to his knees now as he tries to claw his way back up, meanwhile the Entity have tossed Shawn Michaels inside the ring, nobody quite sure just what they’ve got in mind here. Kane now strikes with a kick to the ribs, keeping Batista down, the two men pushing further and further up the ramp. Inside the ring we see Hassan barking orders, telling Daivari and Dutt to ‘Get ‘im up’ and the duo oblige and Hassan strikes with a boot to the gut, Michaels being held up by the duo before…before Hassan nods at Khali, what’s he interpreting there? We see Khali begin to walk over to…oh no….KHALI UNHOOKS THE TURNBUCKLE!! HASSAN THEN POINTS OVER TO IT AND DUTT AND DAIVARI DRAG MICHAELS OVER!!

Jim Ross: Oh no, we don’t need this, we don’t need to watch this. For the love of god, somebody get out here and stop this. IF SOMEBODY DOESN’T STOP THIS, MICHAELS WON’T EVEN MAKE IT TO UNFORGIVEN!!

The Coach: And that’s his fault J.R!! He shouldn’t have been out here tonight!! This was none of his business!!



The Coach: Why should they? FINISH HIM OFF!! Shawn Michaels is paying for his sins!!

The camera then shifts to the top of the stage where we see Kane stalking the Animal before he drags him to his feet and grabs him by the back of the head, SMASHING HIS SKULL OFF THE STAGE, NO!! TISTA BLOCKS IT AND SMASHES KANE HEAD FIRST INTO THE STAGE!! Both men drop down to their knees, champion and challenger wanting to damn near kill one another.

Inside the ring we see a bloody Heartbreak Kid now as Hassan then points towards Lilian Garcia and Dutt and Daivari carry out their duties immediately…WHERE THEY SNATCH THE RING BELL AND BRING IT BACK TO THEIR LEADER!! Hassan immediately grabs it, looking at it menacingly…before passing it to Khali!! There’s an immediate wave of heat as Khali knows what he’s gotta do here and Hassan begins to smile….BEFORE PULLING OUT HANDCUFFS!! HASSAN HAS HANDCUFFS AND HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE’S DOING WITH THEM!! He grabs Michaels, taking him towards the ropes before cuffing Michaels up to the middle rope. The Showstopper is defenceless, he’s got a look of desperation in his eyes, he knows what’s coming his way as Michaels even seems to mouth the word ‘Please’…BUT KHALI WITH THE RING BELL…SMASHES IT ACROSS THE BLOODY SKULL OF MICHAELS!!

The Coach: HE’S DEAD J.R!!


The Coach: They wanna force him out J.R!! They were gonna wait, they were gonna let Shawn Michaels live but he crossed them tonight and now…now he’s gotta pay!!

The echo reverberates around the arena as Michaels is absolutely laid out cold, bleeding profusely now as the entire crowd are simply speechless. We then turn our attentions to the stage where we see both Batista and Kane to their feet, albeit groggily and Kane stumbles towards the champion AND GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT!! CHOKELSAM INCOMING!! NO!! BATISTA WITH A BOOT TO THE GUT, KANE’S GRIP LOOSENS!! BATISTABOMB TIME!! NO!! KANE WITH A BACK BODY DROP!! THESE TWO ARE HEADING FURTHER AND FURTHER TO THE TECHNICAL AREA, BATISTA ON THE EDGE OF THE STAGE HERE!!

The Coach: Michaels is done for and J.R, Batista’s about to join him in a hospital bed!! Finish him Kane!!

Jim Ross: I’ve seen enough for one night Coach, I don’t need to see this. Enough is enough, I just…I can’t believe what we’re seeing.

Michaels is bleeding like a waterfall and is now stuck perilously against the ropes as Hassan takes the ring bell once again in his hand. We switch quickly back to the top of the stage, Kane has Batista in his sights, the Animal rises, GOOZLE!! NO!! Tista with an elbow, Kane spins round, Tista charges, Kane ducks it, Tista turns back round, right hand by Kane, BLOCKED!! BOOT TO THE GUT FROM TISTA, THEY’RE ON THE EDGE OF THE DAMN STAGE…BATISTABOMB!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! BATISTABOMB…AND BATISTA PLUNGES FORWARD RIGHT WITH IT TAKING BOTH MEN OFF THE STAGE AND INTO THE TECHINCAL EQUIPMENT!! BOTH MEN CRASHING AND BURNING!! THE CROWD ARE GOING ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!

The Coach: Holy…



And with that we get a chilling final shot of a laid out Batista and Kane, piled on top of bundles of equipment before the crimson sight inside the ring where Shawn Michaels, handcuffed to the middle rope is absolutely unconscious with the Arabian Entity standing tall inside the ring, staring back at the damage they’ve done here tonight, no look of regret, no look of remorse as the crowd simply remains silent, shocked at what has developed here tonight in front of their eyes.

Jim Ross: In all my time here on Monday Night Raw I don’t believe I have ever seen something this sick, something this twisted, something this damn brutal and this Sunday we will head to Unforgiven but folks…I truly don’t believe Shawn Michaels will. This is…this is just too damn much, good…goodnight everybody.

A very sombre J.R’s final words to close off a sickening, eerie ending to the show with the Entity standing tall, Batista and Kane torn apart at the hands of one another with Shawn Michaels bloodied and battered inside the ring, Unforgiven now totally up in the air as we fade…to…black.

Date: 18th September 2005
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Final Card:

World Heavyweight Championship: Steel Cage Match
Batista(c) vs Kane

Four on One Handicap Match:
(Shawn Michaels must eliminate all four members of the Entity to win)
Shawn Michaels vs The Arabian Entity

Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match:
Edge vs Christian vs Chris Jericho

WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin(c) w/Charlie Haas vs Mark Jindrak w/William Regal

World Tag Team Championships:
Dudley Boyz(c) vs The Platform to Perfection

Mr.Kennedy's Open Challenge:
Anybody is eligible as Kennedy demands 'competition'

WWE Women's Championship:
Victoria(c) vs Lita

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Raw Feedback

Interesting that you started with Bischoff out first, almost as a spokesman of sorts for the Entity, could have easily gone with Batista out first, but this worked pretty well with Bischoff very quickly regaining the momentum that the Entity lost last week. Was a pretty simple speech from Bischoff, but it worked well in that it put over how Michaels' actions could come back to haunt him. Again, options as for who could have responded to this, could have been Batista or Michaels really, but the champ makes a lot of sense. Wasn't at all sure with Batista saying Bischoff would have to kill him to take the title away from him, as we just heard Bischoff say the Entity would end Shawn's life. Awful lot of death talk for the opening segment. The whole Entity set up was nicely... erm... set up by you, with Hassan and Khali providing the distraction. Michaels out for the save, again, makes sense, but I'm in two minds about Hassan and Khali walking away from the fight. Obviously protects Hassan from getting kicked out of the ring, but I wouldn't have minded seeing Michaels take out Dutt and Daivari, then take a quick beating from Hassan and Khali, only for Batista to get back into it and the faces win the two on two fight. But yeah, as an opening segment, this worked really well, it got over the feelings of Bischoff and the Entity, while at the same time hyped both tonight's main event and the match this Sunday.

I really liked this bit with Kane, played into his character so well. Despite being a heel, he's very much a lone wolf, too deranged to be associated with anyone, and it was such a smart move to have him call out the Entity. And there's of course the intrigue as to what he has to say to Bischoff. No complaints here.

Some pretty strong words from Kennedy, you got across his frustration pretty well, as well the almost inevitability of it all that Kennedy knew he was in for another joke. Not entirely sold on the name 'game changer'. That could use some work imo.

As for the match itself, the use of Eugene was again pretty comical, although we definitely needed a pre match description of him putting the sunglasses on a kid at ringside. A little attention to detail like that would have set this whole thing off perfectly. Anyway, Kennedy over, of course, but I liked the use of the sharpshooter, and also I liked the way you conveyed Kennedy's annoyance and frustration with the whole thing. Very intrigued as to who he'll face this Sunday.

Great use of Regal here, so smarmy and conniving in his words. Your use of Regal as a mouthpiece for Jindrak has been pretty sweet, definitely a great way to make Jindrak relevant, and as demonstrated here, you've used Regal well to manipulate situations to Jindrak's favour. I loved the way he sowed the seeds of dissention even deeper than we've seen in recent weeks between Haas and Benjamin. I fully expect Haas to lose tonight but Benjamin to win on Sunday, but this just adds to the simmering situation between Haas and Benjamin, one which is gonna escalate after Unforgiven imo. But yeah, this was spot on, a great use of Regal and a segment which could be a key storyline point in a few months time when looking back on how the Haas/Benjamin story really kicked into gear.

Solid win for the Dudleys, just what they needed ahead of this Sunday. Lol, Heartthrobs. What an awful team they were. Post match, was pretty interesting for a couple of reasons. Obviously Doane and Nemeth are gonna big themselves up, but throughout their talk with the Dudleys and the Bashams, you managed to convey quite nicely that despite them saying they're not afraid, there really is a sense of fear of defeat, that sense of fear of not being perfect and missing out on their opportunity to become champions. It's a very subtle thing, but it worked quite well here. Secondly, the Bashams owning up to last week's shenanigans was fair enough, but I dunno how I'd feel about them getting into the match to make it a triple threat. Granted, they've had plenty of issues with PTP, but I feel after the multi team scenario at SummerSlam, you'd be best served sticking with PTP and the Dudleys for this one. But yeah, a very interesting segment, one that could lead to developments this Sunday.

Ha! A Goldust/Eugene partnership would be pretty sweet tbh. You could definitely have a lot of fun writing those two guys as a team. Not a whole lot to say, was kinda funny, but I'm assuming you'll use this as a bit of light relief, and given my use of Santino and The F.B.I. in my thread, you know I'm a big fan of that. One thing I will say, the commentators reaction... please no more “Good god almighty” from Coachman. That just sounded so... awkward when reading it in his voice. Keep that line saved for JR in future.

I thought you wrote the story of the Jindrak/Haas match pretty well, with the way Regal and Benjamin had their roles from the outside, it all fit nicely and of course gives an indication as to what we can expect this Sunday. I thought it was a bit odd the way it was Haas who chased after Regal though. I'd have maybe went with Haas is close to winning, Regal distracts him, Benjamin gives chase, and that's the distraction that leads to Jindrak getting the win. The whole Haas running up the ramp, then back down to the ring, that didn't work so well for me. But then again, the fact that it was Benjamin taken out and Haas tried to do the right thing, which you had JR put over and emphasis very nicely, is something that again can be used in the future between Haas and Benjamin. So yeah, two minds over that part, but booking wise, this was pretty textbook. Jindrak got the win, we saw what influence Regal can have in the match, and we've got another interesting moment between Haas and Benjamin. Still very much believe that Shelton will win this Sunday, although this has set and the early segment has definitely added that sense that Jindrak could do it. But he won't imo.

Hmmm... sensing something going down with Kane an d Michaels tonight. Kane's words here were rather creepy and sadistic, and despite what Bischoff had to say, I doubt anybody will be getting in Kane's way.

While I liked the fact that we got to hear from all three guys in the triple threat, and your pet project Christian certainly came out of this looking well, I was a little underwhelmed by your use of Jericho. I think out of the three, Jericho would be my favourite to use in this situation, given his comic ability and the ease of which you could write insults for him, but he was utilized the least here imo. Obviously Christian has to be kept strong, especially off the back of his win over Ric Flair, but this promo very much makes me feel like we'll be seeing Edge beat Jericho this Sunday. It could be Christian, but this gives the impression it'll be Edge. Should be a great match, three very talented guys involved, but while Edge and Christian came out of this looking fine, I don't feel the same way about Jericho. Just something that didn't seem right with him. Maybe you're lulling me into a false sense of security, but I dunno, Jericho probably has very little chance of winning now imo.

I liked the almost symmetrical points of view from Michaels here to Kane earlier in the evening, the way they both felt the had to be there tonight and nothing would stop them. Not a whole lot to say as it was a short little segment, but definitely Michaels was used well here.

Lita wins tonight, was needed ahead of Sunday really, but I'm gonna assume that a Lita win here means a Victoria win at Unforgiven, especially given the way Victoria wanted in at the start of the match for Torrie but didn't want the same with Lita. That suggests that somehow, someway, Victoria will sneak the win.

I will say one thing straight away about this, I'm glad you took on board my feelings on you starting last week's match and then breaking it down into the brawl on board and just got straight to it this week. Far better scenario to work with, and it really gets over how wild and crazy you want things to be in a much more timely fashion. I didn't see Kane ambushing Batista, that's never really been Kane's style, but it was refreshing to see something different here. Kane's always very much been a guy who strides down the ramp and starts a fight, so to see him be a bit more sneaky was certainly interesting. Michaels and the Entity of course follow, and standard booking to have the numbers game give the heels the advantage. Holy shit indeed, loved the way this all panned out. The viciousness of what was going on in the ring, Hassan looked an absolute beast from this. And the way we kept going back and forth from the ring to the stage, it was so much better than last week. And to top if off, we've got an insane stunt from Batista to end it all. Really, this was all so fantastically writing, I really enjoyed reading it. And to top it off, we've got Hassan questioning faith. Loved it. Really nothing to criticise about this ending, it was set up so well and then executed beuatifully, and the two major stories heading into Unforgiven just got put over in a massive way.

Overall, a very strong show to head into Unforgiven. Maybe lagged a bit in the middle, but the start was strong, and the ending was incredible. The Jindrak/Benjamin situation was well written, especially the use of Regal, while everything else got a bit of attention paid to it. I obviously pointed out a few things I didn't like, but overall, a very strong show to send us into Unforgiven, a show I can't wait to read.
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