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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 29/8/05- Tampa; Florida

We kick off the show with a recap of last week in which we see Eric Bischoff announcing Shawn Michaels pathway to hell was only just beginning and that he’d face Kane in the main event as simply part one of his punishment. We then go to that main event before seeing the shocking conclusion in which Batista comes to the aid of Michaels fending off Kane, the two bulls eventually fighting their way through the crowd as Michaels looks all set to get his hands on Eric Bischoff inside the ring only to be brutally ambushed from behind by the Arabian Entity. We then see a sickening assault from the four men as they all hit their finishing manoeuvres and Muhammad Hassan lays out Michaels with a steel chair, busting him open as the four men stand tall to close off Raw with Eric Bischoff watching on, smirking broadly at the destruction of the Heartbreak Kid.

We then go to the opening video and the pyro hits…

Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Monday Night Raw on a night where the road to Unforgiven is sure to heat up following what went down last week. I’m Jim Ross joined by Jonathan Coachman and Coach tonight I think the world wants answers from Muhammad Hassan and the Arabian Entity.

The Coach: The world might want answers J.R but I damn sure don’t, all I want…is to see it again!! I wanna see Muhammad Hassan, the Arabian Entity teach Shawn Michaels another lesson here tonight. Last week was BE-AUTI-FUL, it was the very least the Heartbreak Kid deserved and hey, I wanna see round two right here tonight baby!!

Jim Ross: Well I think you’re about the only person inside this arena who wants to see something so sickening again here tonight. What Muhammad Hassan did, what the Arabian Entity did last week was down right disgusting and I got a feeling it was down to Eric Bischoff.
‘Arab America’

And we don’t have to wait long to hear from those individuals as the music of Muhammad Hassan hits and out step the quartet of Hassan, Khali, Dutt and Daivari to storming boos as they slowly strut down to the ring, a snarl on every man’s face with Hassan and his men stepping through the ropes, soaking in this fairly hostile atmosphere tonight, the former Intercontinental Champion taking a microphone from ringside and set to address the fans here.

Muhammad Hassan
: What you people saw last week wa…

Hassan is immediately cut off by a chorus of ‘You Suck’ chants to which the Entity leader looks disgusted at.

Muhammad Hassan
: What you people saw last week was onl…

This time it’s ‘USA’ chants that cut Hassan off and you can see how furious he now is, Daivari and Dutt telling the crowd to shut up.

Muhammad Hassan

Huge heat for this as Hassan scowls, Dutt and Daivari now applauding as Khali watches on menacingly.

Muhammad Hassan
: Last week you people witnessed only the beginning of what’s to come for Shawn Michaels and you witnessed only the beginning of what’s to come…for the Arabian Entity. Y’see, what we did last week was the very least of Shawn Michaels worries. All we did last week was give Shawn a small dose, a little taste of what’s in store for him these next few weeks, these next few months, however long it takes for him to understand, for him to realise the message we’re trying to send his way.

Hassan pauses, s......ing to himself before continuing.

Muhammad Hassan: Much like last week was just a little taste of what’s in store for Shawn, last week was just a little taste of what’s to come…from us. What we did last week was absolutely NOTHING…compared to what we’re capable of. You thought last week was bad? Oh n-n-no, that was child’s play compared to what these individuals, compared to what I am capable of doing. I said last week that I was moving on, that we were moving on to bigger and better things after losing the Intercontinental Championship. Well, last week showed exactly what we’re moving on to but…but since then, since that attack on Shawn all I’ve heard people asking…is why?

Hassan scratches his chin, surprised at the questioning.

Muhammad Hassan: Why did we attack Shawn Michaels last week? Why did we take Shawn Michaels and BEAT HIM…within an inch…of his life? I’ve heard people asking ‘Oh was it Eric Bischoff’s doing?’ ‘Are the Entity simply hired guns?’ Well I laugh at those people who think we’re doing this for anything other than our own reasons, than our own benefits. I have NEVER liked Shawn Michaels. Be it Shawn Michaels the man, be it Shawn Michaels the performer, we couldn’t be more different, we have nothing in common but then…then last week Shawn said something and it made me...it made me laugh but at the very same time, it made me SICK…to the bottom of my stomach.

More boos for the Entity leader as we wonder where this is going.

Muhammad Hassan
: Last week Shawn Michaels claimed that he had faith. He told the world that he had faith that no matter what came his way, he would get through it and he would overcome it. He stated that he had faith that whenever it may be, eventually he’ll get past his whole ordeal with Eric Bischoff. But it’s that word that I took exception to, that word Shawn liked to bring up so very much…faith. And that? That’s where I and Shawn DID share one, just one similarity because not all that long ago I too…had faith.

Hassan nods his head, really believing in what he’s saying here.

Muhammad Hassan: Y’know, I’m gonna go back to where it all started. September 11th, 2001, a date that is fixed in each and every single one of our minds.

Already there are strong boos and a gradual ‘USA’ chant.

Muhammad Hassan: A date where one of the single worst acts known to man kind took place. A date where innocent people from all around the world, where innocent American people lost their lives to terrorism.

The ‘USA’ chant is now loud as hell, Hassan holding the microphone out to them, nodding his head along with it.

Muhammad Hassan
: That? That reaction you have right now, that was the reaction I had too. It was a time where this country had to stand tall, it had to come together and it had to FIGHT against these sick human beings. The people of America had to unite and had to stand up to terror, had to show that you might’ve got us once but there is NO WAY you’re getting us again!!

Actually a small pop for that.

Muhammad Hassan: And me? Well…I was one of those people. I was one of those people who took on that attitude, I walked out onto the streets and I saw the sadness in people’s eyes but I also saw the fire in them too. The determination to not let them beat us. But... when I tried to do my part, when I turned up to local meetings in my community about the fight against terror, something…something just…it didn’t feel right.

Hassan now huffs and puffs, the crowd know where he’s going with this.

Muhammad Hassan
: I walked into a room and you could…you could cut the tension with a knife. The entire room...it just fell silent, all eyes were on me. At first I didn’t…I couldn’t comprehend why. I thought to myself ‘Have I, have I done something wrong?’ But…but then it...somehow, it got worse. It went from me walking into a room to me simply walking down the street. People stared, people whispered, PEOPLE DIDN’T GIVE ME THE TIME OF DAY!! And…why? Why was that huh?

Hassan is furious now as the boos begin to come down.

Muhammad Hassan: It was because of the colour of my skin. You people looked down on me because of the colour…of…my…skin. Do you know? Do you know how that made me feel? That hurt like hell believe me because I just like you people am an AMERICAN CITIZEN!! I am an Arab American and I am DAMN PROUD TO BE ONE!! But here we are, four years on and you people NOW CHOOSE TO BOO ME!! YOU JEER ME!! YOU STILL CHANT ‘USA’!! WELL KEEP CHANTING BECAUSE I’M FROM THE SAME DAMN COUNTRY AS YOU ARE!!

Hassan is literally spewing here and the crowd, stupid as fuck chant ‘USA’ even louder with Hassan holding his hands out wide.

Muhammad Hassan
: And from that day on, I lost all faith in this country, I lost all faith in you people, I lost all faith… entirely.

Hassan is now in a pretty sombre mood after that little rant.

Muhammad Hassan
: Which is why last week...it hit a nerve, it really got to me when Shawn Michaels told the world his faith was gonna see him through this. Well Shawn I got news for ya…faith will not get you through anything. Faith is nothing but false hope and when Eric Bischoff needed somebody to teach you a lesson I and the Entity stepped up. We stepped up because we want you to feel what I’ve felt, what we have ALL felt.

All four men share a look at each other in agreement, Hassan showing real fire here.

Muhammad Hassan
: That feeling of being forced out the door is the exact same feeling you’re gonna experience Shawn. Eric Bischoff is not gonna fire you, no. But he’s gonna take great pride, we’re all gonna take great pride in forcing you…to walk away. I had that same feeling Shawn, people turned their back on me, this country turned it’s back on me and it forced me… out of its society. My faith was gone, my life was gone and now? I’m gonna force you out Shawn, I’m gonna take your faith, I’m gonna take your life away from you and I’m gonna show you that faith is NOTHING… but wishful thinking.

And with that the Entity’s music hits, Hassan and his men standing on menacingly inside the ring as Hassan gives all three of them a nod, Daivari and Dutt are smirking whilst Khali stands there as intimidating as ever before the four men depart to a strong barrel of heat.

Jim Ross: I don’t really know how you can comment on that folks. What Muhammad Hassan has just said is…it’s downright embarrassing. This country turned its back on him? You gotta be kidding me. Hassan, he truly believes that and he truly believes that he’s gonna make Shawn Michaels feel the same way he has, that he’s gonna force Shawn Michaels out the door just like that. I’m not buyin’ it.

The Coach: Well you might not be J.R but I am. Muhammad Hassan made some damn good points tonight J.R, he’s right about faith, it don’t mean a damn thing and it ain’t gonna mean a thing for Shawn Michaels. The Heartbreak Kid can believe it all he wants but Muhammad Hassan, the Arabian Entity are gonna teach him a lesson, they’re gonna bring him back to reality and they’re gonna make a statement around this place cowboy. I can…not…wait.

The four men stand tall at the top of the ramp, facing the audience and holding each other’s arms up in there as a symbol of strength and unity.


We return and head off backstage and the crowd begin going wild as we see the emergence of the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!! The Animal is pacing round backstage, sunglasses on, vest top and jeans as he holds the World Title over his shoulder before Tista is stopped in his stride by the pestering Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham
: Batista if we could just get a moment of your time. Firstly, last week saw you and Kane once again cross paths as you rushed down ringside, coming to the aid of Shawn Michaels and fending off the Big Red Machine. Moving forward, do you believe this whole thing with Kane is coming to an end or was last week simply a preview of what’s to come?

Batista takes a moment, removing his shades to a small pop.

Batista: In my eyes Todd, last week was simply a preview. I dealt with Kane at Summerslam, I dealt with him again last week but that…that doesn’t seem to be enough for him. He still thinks he’s got some kinda right at another title shot, that Shawn Michaels screwed him at Summerslam, that he really…has a shot of beating me.

Batista s......s to himself slightly.

Batista: Well here’s what I think, no…here’s what I know. I know that he doesn’t have any right at another title shot. I know that with or without Shawn Michaels I would still…be standing here as the World Heavyweight Champion and I KNOW that Kane hasn’t got a hope in HELL…of beating me.

Nice pop for that as Tista shows some intensity there.

Todd Grisham: Well I guess that leads me to my next question Dave, if you believe all those things to be true then why was last week in your eyes only a preview of what’s to come?

: I kinda figured you’d ask that Todd and my answer’s real simple. Kane doesn’t deserve another shot at this right here(looks at his title) BUT…he’s not gonna stop until he gets exactly that. He believes he was screwed, he believes that an animal…can’t beat a monster. I don’t buy it, I don’t buy it at all.

Batista shakes his head, disagreeing with Kane’s point.

Batista: But as much as Kane doesn’t deserve it, as much as I don’t buy it, I wanna give him that opportunity, I wanna give him that chance to prove it. I’m laying down the challenge. One more match, me and Kane, Unforgiven, where we can go out there and put all the doubts he’s got, all the doubts anybody else out there has got very firmly…to rest. Those doubts? I don’t have any. I know that any time, any place, anywhere I will take Kane out and I will put…him…down.

Nice little pop for that statement from the champion.

Batista: When I came down to that ring last week, me and Kane fought right the way through the crowd and we fought right the way around the whole arena. At Unforgiven that is not what I want. All I want is me and Kane face…to face inside the middle of that ring, nowhere to go, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and we will see once and for all who the better man… really is.

Tista then puts his shades back on and heads off, a strut in his step as the challenge has been laid down for the Big Red Machine and we head back to ringside where already standing in the ring, her music playing in the background is the beautiful Torrie Wilson, all smiles as she’s set for action.

Jim Ross: Well the challenge has been made. Batista wants Kane and he wants him at Unforgiven. Will the Monster accept the challenge? I’ll be damned if he doesn’t Coach.

The Coach
: Of course he will J.R. I think Batista’s making a HUGE mistake here cowboy. Batista doesn’t know what this monster is capable of and without Shawn Michaels in his corner, I don’t see a way out for the champion come Unforgiven, I’m one of the doubters, believe me.

‘I ain’t a lady to mess with’

Well Torrie’s opponent is none other than the Women’s Champion herself, Victoria who steps out with that devilish smirk across her face as she eyes up the blonde beauty.

Jim Ross: Well all eyes back on the action and at Summerslam Victoria was all set to defend her Women’s Championship against Lita only for Victoria to heinously assault the Daredevil Diva oone week prior to that match, injuring Lita in the process. With both Lita and Trish put on the sidelines by Victoria, it’s a real chance for Torrie to put herself in the title hunt tonight.

The Coach: It is…but I don’t see it happening. All I see is potentially another victim for Victoria. She’s too ruthless, too brutal, too damn good and I don’t see anybody posing her a threat to that Women’s title.

Match One: Singles Match

Victoria vs Torrie Wilson

The first minute of this match is basically a stand off as Victoria eyes up Torrie with that twisted smirk and demeanour of hers, Torrie looking back scared to death before Victoria begins circling the ring, Torrie doing likewise, clearly concerned abou her dangerous opponent here tonight.

Victoria finally does make her move but Torrie dodges it, a game of cat and mouse emerging as Victoria becomes a little frustrated. Again the Women’s Champion charges at Torrie but again the beautiful blonde ducks it much to the crowd’s approval AND THIS TIME TORRIE GOES FOR A ROLL UP!! 1…2…3…NO!! Victoria just about kicks out, the crowd thought the upset was on there!!

Victoria’s quickly up and has a look of horror as she now CHARGES at Torrie but AGAIN Torrie ducks it, only to spin around and this time VICTORIA TAKES HER HEAD OFF WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! The champion now very much on top and it’s easy pickings for her here. Victoria begins to hammer away on Torrie with some deadly kicks, head to toe on Torrie before she drags Torrie up like a rag doll, boots her in the gut, scoops her up high before finishing her off with a devastating Widow’s Peak. A twisted look on her face as she looks on at the damage before covering Torrie’s lifeless body. 1…2…3…convincing as ever.

Winner: Victoria(3:19)

Jim Ross: Impressive once again from the Women’s Champion, statement made and I don….oh come on!! The damage is done Victoria!! What the hell is the need for this?!?

The Coach: She wants to put Torrie on the injured list too J.R!!

Indeed Victoria has evil intentions in mind here as she’s stomping the holy hell out of Torrie before demanding her title belt from ringside. Lilian Garcia reluctantly hands it over as Victoria now awaits Torrie’s return to her feet, Victoria’s about to take her head off here!! Torrie’s in a whole world of trouble as Victoria squeals ‘C’mon Torrie’, Victoria is desperate to send another message tonight as she lines the title belt up…




The Coach: What the hell is she doing back here?! Victoria put her on the injured list, she’s not meant to be here!!

Lita storms down to the ring and Victoria swings the title belt…BUT MISSES!! Lita ducks underneath it and Victoria spins round, boot to the gut by Lita…TWIST OF FATE!! Victoria is floored and Lita begins to head up high!! The fans are going wild as Lita lets out a roar of adrenaline BEFORE A MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP!!! STATEMENT MADE FROM LITA ON HER RETURN!!

Jim Ross: We knew Lita was returning, we knew she wasn’t far away but we didn’t know we’d be seeing Lita tonight, coming to the aid of Torrie Wilson, coming to send a message to the Women’s Champion!! Lita wants payback and she wants the Women’s Title!!

The Coach: This is not right J.R!! This is not fair!! Victoria wasn’t ready for this, she didn’t plan for this!!

Jim Ross: Just like Lita didn’t plan for Victoria to damn near take her ankle off before Summerslam!! But Lita is back and Victoria is very much in her sights!!

We see Lita helping Torrie to her feet and comforting her as Victoria rolls out of the ring, dropping to the outside having felt the full effect of what Lita is capable of and what might be in store in the not too distant future.


We return and cut away to a video package…

The first shot we receive is of a church and through the windows we can see it’s pitch black outside as some candles are lit inside the church and we see a solitary figure but only from behind and they appear to be praying as they are on their knee sat the front of the church. This person is a fairly small man, bald head and a pretty scary look on his face as he begins rocking back and forth and is then heard saying ‘Forgive me, for I have sinned.

Forgiveness does not…come easily…

We then get a shot of Edge with his maniacal smile, holding his Money in the Bank briefcase close to him.

Certain acts, certain decisions, we can choose to let go…

We see a shot of Shawn Michaels standing over Batista following a deadly dose of Sweet Chin Music.

To let slide…

We see Charlie Haas cutting a frustrated figure as Shelton Benjamin walks past him.

To put at the back of our minds…

We then see this person still on their knees in the church looking up to the heavens as they repeatedly say ‘Forgive me, Forgive me’

But then there are other acts, there are other decisions that are simply…unforgivable…

There’s now fast paced music as we get a glimpse of an enraged Batista who kicks the ropes in frustration as Eric Bischoff smirks cockily.

We then see Chris Jericho holding the back of his head as he watches Edge slither away from his grasp, a furious look on Jericho’s face.

Finally we see Christian smirking to himself as he pats Tomko on the chest before patting his own, a devilish smirk on Captain Charisma’s face.

September 18th, 2005, those that have sinned will seek their forgiveness…

We see Kane laughing to himself in his usual monstrous manner.

The next image is of Muhammad Hassan and his Arabian Entity standing tall as Hassan embraces the boos from all around him.

The shot we then see is of Batista, his hands on his head in clear disappointment or frustration.

But for some…they will always remain…well and truly…Unforgiven.

The final image we see is of a desolate Shawn Michaels stood in the ring alone, staring down at this feet. We then return to the church to see the man praying, looking up high to the sky before he stops, looks down and into the camera, a look of despair which then changes before smiling sadistically and we then get a graphic for…

We return back to ringside, all set for some more action tonight as we hear…

‘You think you know Me’


The music of Mr.MITB hits and out steps the Rated R Superstar, Edge to a chorus of boos as he gets set for some competition here tonight. The wily Canadian has a smirk on his face as he holds his briefcase up high, pyro going off before heading down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Summerslam was an important night in this young man’s career as Edge successfully defended his Money in the Bank contract against Chris Jericho in controversial fashion but it was last week where things really heated up. Edge’s former tag team partner Christian was out here talking about his claim to a World Title shot, something that didn’t sit well with the Money in the Bank holder. We then had ourselves a full on verbal war only for Y2J to show his face and things then REALLY got going.

The Coach: Absolutely. Two men who both deserve a World Title shot, Edge and Christian but then that good for nothing punk Chris Jeri cho got involved and he had the nerve to claim he deserved a shot? Gimme a break. Jericho got put in his place by this man Sunday night and you’d better believe Edge’ll do it again if he gets the chance. The World title is in his sights and Chris Jericho ain’t gonna get in his path towards it.


There’s a surprisingly strong pop that greets the music of the returning Goldust!! The oh so familiar theme tune hits and the ‘Bizarre One’ steps out, trademark attire and blonde wig as he eyes up Edge in that twisted demeanour of his, Edge looking a little tentative about facing this unique individual.

Jim Ross: Well folks don’t adjust your television sets. That is Goldust, one of the most bizarre, freaky, weird superstars I have ever come across but there is no doubting Goldust’s ability. The Bizarre One signed a contract this past week to return to Monday Night Raw and he’ll be looking to make an impact starting tonight.

The Coach: Weird, bizarre, freaky, they don’t do this whack job justice. Goldust is in a whole different world to any of us J.R and I hope Edge sends him straight back where he came from, the nut house.

Match Two: Singles Match

Edge vs Goldust

The bell rings and Edge looks a little bit freaked out by Goldust’s weird stance as he crouches in the corner, taking his wig off before standing upright and eyeing up Mr.MITB who scrunches his face up with a ‘WTF?’ look. Goldie then begins circling the ring, Edge doing likewise and the two men lock up and it’s Goldust who takes the upper hand, applying a side headlock before shoving Edge off and into the ropes, Edge rebounds and the Golden One knocks him down with a big shoulder block, early cover from Goldust, kick out at one and a half from Edge.

Both men are quickly up and Goldust strikes with a massive right hand sending Edge stumbling but the Rated R Superstar spins right back into Goldie’s path and it’s a boot to the gut from ‘Dust who then scoops Edge up high and drops him with a nice snap suplex!! Goldust looking impressive in the early going here as he then panders to the crowd, doing his infamous deep breath in before weird gasp out(how the hell do you describe that lol?). Goldust then drops down on to Edge and begins to hammer away with right hands, picking Edge apart as the referee warns him but Goldust scares him off with almost a dog bark in the ref’s direction which draws a pop from the crowd.

Goldie pulls Edge back to his feet and whips the Canadian into the corner as Goldust backs off, taking a run up as he looks around the crowd before charging a hundred miles an hour at Edge WHO STICKS A BOOT UP AND CATCHES GOLDUST SQUARE IN THE FACE!! A definite turning point in the match as all of Goldust’s momentum in the opening few minutes fades and Edge now begins to assume a stranglehold on the match, picking his opponent apart in the corner with an array of right hands and venomous kicks to the gut of the Bizarre One.

Edge continues his offense,dragging Goldie up before nailing him with a few forearms before an Irish whip. Goldust rebounds right into Edge’s path and he takes his opponent down with a beautiful Edgecution!! Cover by Mr.MITB, he believes it’s over with here, 1…2…kick out at two from Goldust, strong resolve being shown here from the former Intercontinental Champion!! Edge slams the mat in frustration before backing off into the corner, the fans know what’s coming as Edge has that crazed look in his eyes now, Goldust struggling to his feet, not knowing what’s awaiting him, he struggles up before turning around…SPEAR!! NO!! GOLDUST SIDESTEPS IT!! Edge spins round, boot to the gut from Goldust, CURTAIN CALL!! NO!! Edge shoves ‘Dust away and into the ropes, running the opposite side and reboun…SPEAR!! REBOUNDING RIGHT INTO A SPEAR!! Cover by Edge here, 1…2…3…he got him!!

Winner: Edge(6:19)

Jim Ross: Well it was certainly a strong effort from the returning Goldust here tonight but in the end Edge simply proving too much to handle.

The Coach: Give Edge some more credit for cryin’ out loud!! This man just wiped the floor with this maniac and I’m hopin’ it’s the last we see of him!! He has no business bein’ in the same ring with a guy like Edge. This is a future World Champion J.R, not some loose cannon nut who wears a freakin’ wig.

Jim Ross: I’m not denying Edge put on a show tonight Coach, I’m just giving Goldust some credit. Edge may indeed be a future World Champi…

J.R stops in his tracks however as we see Edge has grabbed a microphone form ringside and is somewhat out of breath but ready to address the crowd.

Edge: Last week I think I made my intentions perfectly clear. I think it was made pretty damn obvious that I want a shot…that I DESERVE a shot at the World Heavyweight Title.

Boos already for Mr.MITB.

Edge: But just before my match tonight I’m sitting in the back watching the show and I hear…I hear Batista challenging Kane, I hear him offering Kane another shot at the World Title. Wh-wh-what the HELL is that about huh? What right does Kane have to another opportunity at that title? That is MY shot, that is MY opportunity and I’m not gonna sit back and just...just let that happen, no, no, NO!!

Edge is pretty fired up now as the crowd continues to boo the Rated R Superstar.

Edge: Every challenge that’s thrown my way, be it this gold freak, be it Chris Jericho, whoever the hell it is, I ALWAYS…overcome it and Batista? Batista make no mistake about it, he’d be no different. Now I know what people are thinking and hey, Christian even brought it up last week, why do I...why do I not just cash in my Money in the Bank contract?

Edge laughs a touch to himself.

Edge: And I’ll repeat exactly what I said last week. This contract guarantees me a shot at the World Title any time I want right up to Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania is a long, long time away and I don’t need to rush this, I don’t want to rush it ESPECIALLY…when I already deserve a shot at that World Title. So let me…let me cut to the chase here. I want Eric Bischoff to come out here right now and I want him to do what’s right. I want Eric Bischoff to announce ME…as the new number one contender and as the man who becomes the next…World Heavyweight Champion.

Edge smiles broadly as he patiently waits Bischoff’s arrival but he’s left waiting, no sign of the boss for now…

Time ticks on…

Edge: Hey, Eric, I know you’re a busy man and all but I’m getting pret…

‘Break the Walls Down’

And it is NOT the man Edge wanted to see that steps out from behind the curtain as out comes Edge’s recent rival, Y2J, Chris Jericho who is dressed casually and is greeted by a very strong pop from this raucous crowd. Jericho has a mic in hand and stares down his fellow Canadian from the top of the stage.

Chris Jericho: Edge I think it’s ti…

Edge: NO!! NO!! I didn’t…I didn’t ask for you to come out here Chris. I asked for Eric Bischoff and I am NOT leaving this ring until I get what I WANT!!

Edge is acting like a small child here, throwing a bit of a tantrum.

Chris Jericho: Would you…would you just do us all a favour and PLEASE…SHUT THE HELL UP!!

Loud pop for that as Edge paces around the ring now.

Chris Jericho: You’re not leaving that ring until you get what you want, is that right? (Edge nods, mouthing ‘Yeah’) And what you want is a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, well guess what Junior? You and I…we want the exact same thing.

Jericho nods to himself as Edge chuckles a little bit.

Chris Jericho: You mighta beat me at Summerslam but you know just as well as I do that without that little briefcase you’re holdin’ right there, I’d be the one standing here tonight as Mr.Money in the Bank, I’d be the one with a guaranteed World Title shot and you? You’d be standing in that ring, just like you are tonight, whining, complaining, crying because you’d know deep down, just like I do, just like alllllll these Jerichoholics do, that you are NOTHING…but a Chris Jericho wannabe.

Massive pop for that as Edge scratches his head.

Edge: Y’know I’m getting pretty tired of this now Chris. A Chris Jericho wannabe? Please. At Summerslam I proved I am FAR from a Chris Jericho wannabe. You couldn’t be any further from the truth because at Summerslam I proved I am TEN TIMES the superstar you could ever HOPE TO BE!!

Strong boos for that statement as Jericho raises his eyebrows at that.

Chris Jericho: You didn’t prove anything at Summerslam Edge. I beat you at Vengeance, I beat you when you didn’t have that get outta jail card, I beat you when you didn’t have that ace up your sleeve and I know all too well that I’d do it ag…

Edge: BUT…I beat you at Summerslam Chris, I beat you when it actually MATTERED!! When this(pointing at the briefcase) was on the line, I WON, I THRIVED under that pressure. When I walked into Wrestlemania and this briefcase hung above the ring, what did I do? Oh, oh yeah, that’s right, I WON, I THRIVED AGAIN!! And when I FINALLY…get my chance at the World Title, when the spotlight’s on me once more, yet again, I will thrive and I…will…win.

It’s a defiant statement from Edge here as he appears to be all fired up right now.

Edge: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You’ve had your shots Chris, you’ve had your time, your opportunities... I haven’t. I’ve never had that chance to break through to the next level, I’ve not had that defining moment and I am just about DONE with being held back around here so like I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted…Eric Bischoff get your ass out here and give me wh…

Chris Jericho: Woah, woah, woah. Let me…let me just get this straight. I’ve had my opportunities and…you haven’t? Well you wanna know why that is? It’s because I’ve EARNED my opportunities. It’s because I’ve worked hard to get to where I wanna be, to get…to the top. You? You haven’t done anything to deserve that opportunity and you proved it again at Summerslam. You did what you always do Edge, you took the coward’s way out and yo…

Edge: COWARD? You…you’re calling me a coward? I am FAR from a coward, in fact, I’ll take you on right here…RIGHT NOW AND WE’LL SEE JUST WHO THE COWARD IS AROUND HERE!!

Massive pop for that as Jericho looks impressed.

Chris Jericho: It only took you…what? Seven, eight years, however long you’ve been here to show some balls huh?

Ohhhhhh, Edge is livid here, the crowd loving it.

Edge: Enough of the jokes Jericho!! Get your ass down here NOW and we’ll settle th…

Chris Jericho: Hey, hey, believe me…(Jericho takes off his jacket) you don’t have to ask me twice.

And with that Jericho throws his jacket down and he begins walking down the ramp, Edge awaits him inside the ring, it’s all gonna kick off once again between these two rivals. Jericho is pumped up, Edge looks ready for his rival’s arrival…BAM!! WHAT IN THE WORLD?!? JERICHO IS ATTACKED FROM BEHIND…BY CHRISTIAN!!

Jim Ross: Oh what in the world…where did Christian come from?! And why the hell is he attacking Chris Jericho?!?

The Coach: What do you mean why?! You remember what Jericho did to him last week!!

Christian is stomping the hell out of Jericho here on the ramp as Edge simply watches on in the ring, a smug look on his face as he witnesses his rival being picked apart by his former tag team partner. Christian now grabs Jericho up to his feet, gets a hold of Jericho’s arm before WHIPPING HIM INTO THE BARRICADE!! Jericho crashing shoulder first as Edge sarcastically mouths ‘Ooooooh’ inside the ring, Christian smirking at his work on the outside.

Jericho is completely floored here, Christian eyeing him up once again before dragging Jericho to his feet, Edge is chuckling in the ring as he knows what’s about to happen. Christian sets Jericho up, UNPRETTIER ON THE RAMP!! Jericho’s skull crashes off the ramp as Christian looks on menacingly at the damage down, the crowd booing Captain Charisma’s actions here tonight.

Jim Ross: Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting actions and I don’t know what reason Christian’s gonna give for this but what I do know…is that it ain’t gonna be valid. Nothing is a valid explanation for what he’s done to Chris Jericho tonight.

The Coach: He doesn’t need an explanation, he’s Christian, he can do whatever the hell he wants. The man retired Ric Flair for cryin’ out loud, attacking Jericho don’t mean a damn thing J.R.

Edge now hops out of the ring, eyeing up Jericho with that twisted little smile of his as we see Christian step through the curtain backstage, the boos raining in on his actions as well as the cocky MITB holder who now crouches down right beside Jericho, smirking at the wounded superstar before Edge gets right in Jericho’s face, screaming, yelling at him, ‘YOU ARE NOTHING JERICHO, YOU UNDERSTAND ME? NOTHING!! SHOW ME, SHOW YOUR NEXT WORLD CHAMPION THE RESPECT HE DESERVES!!’ as Edge then ruthlessly shoves Jericho’s head down against the ramp and stands up, taking a deep breath before smirking again and raising his briefcase up high to the thunderous boos from the crowd.

Jim Ross
: Gimme a break. Edge didn’t even do this to Jericho, it was Christian who did his dirty work for him!! Edge has got nothing to brag about here tonight!!

The Coach: I beg to differ, he’s got that briefcase baby and that’s more than enough to brag about. Jericho got what was coming to him, be it from Edge, from Christian, whoever. Jericho had it coming and it’s exactly…what he deserved.


We return and run down what occurred before the break with Edge and Chris Jericho’s verbal confrontation before Christian’s ambush from behind as J.R and Coach discuss the ramifications before we suddenly cut backstage where we see Christian himself walking around the back, a stern look on his face, Tomko now beside him unlike in the attack ringside before we see Maria who interrupts the duo.

Maria: Christian could we get an explanation as to why you attacked Chris Jericho tonight?

Straight to the point from Maria here as Christian gives her a death glare.

Christian: Is it really that hard to figure out? I mean c’mon, even you Maria, even…YOU should be able to figure out why I attacked Chris Jericho tonight.

Maria points at herself, saying ‘Me?’

Christian: Last week Chris Jericho decided he was gonn…

Christian suddenly stops, looking up as Tomko unfolds his arms, hands on hips and the camera shifts where we see the emergence of Edge!! The Rated R Superstar still has that smirk on his face that he had mere moments ago following what took place between them and Y2J.

Christian: Can I help you?

Edge: Y’know what? I knew…I knew you’d see sense after last week. Getting Jericho outta the way tonight? That was the first step and now? Now the path is clear, now the World Heavyweight Title is…it’s within touching distance, I can feel it, I’m almost, almost there and thanks to your help toni…

Christian: Easy, easy I know where you’re goin’ with this and listen, I hate to be the one to break it to ya but I didn’t attack Chris Jericho out there tonight…for you. No, I did what I did out there tonight for one man and one…man…only. Me.

Christian now smirks to himself, Tomko doing likewise as Edge looks surprised.

Christian: Jericho had the nerve to get in my face last week. He claimed that he deserved a World Title shot and that…that made me laugh, it really did. He doesn’t deserve anything around here, me and you, we can agree on that. What I did tonight was simply what I always do, it was sending a message, it was making a statement, it was asserting…my dominance.

Boos for that claim as Tomko nods on in the background.

Christian: See I don’t like people who make false claims Edge. I don’t like people trying to crawl to the front of the line and Jericho? He was trying to do exactly that. Me and you, we teamed for a long time, we travelled together, we won championships together, we DOMINATED…together. But now? Now we’re on our own and if you wanna be one of those people, one of those who make false claims, who try and crawl to the front of the line, to the front of MY LINE, then go right ahead…

Christian now gets in Edge’s face, the tension rising here.

Christian: But I promise you, despite everything we’ve been through, I will have absolutely no hesitation in doing exactly what I did to Jericho and I will…take…you…out.

The stare off between these two speaks a thousand words as Edge looks a little confused, his face scrunched up, Christian now backs off a little bit before walking away with his ‘Problem Solver’, his message well and truly sent to both Chris Jericho and Edge here tonight as we head back ringside with a confused look on Edge’s face.

‘I’m Back’

We return ringside to hear the music of the Raw GM, the oh so devilish Eric Bischoff who steps out with a beaming grin on his face, clearly in a good mood here tonight as he struts down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well folks that look on Eric Bischoff’s face should be enough to tell you just what kinda mood the boss is in here tonight. Last week saw Shawn Michaels take step one of his punishment and well we all know exactly what went on as the Arabian Entity struck. I don’t…I don’t know why Eric Bischoff’s out here Coach, I mean we’ve already heard from Hassan and his men here tonight, what more can be added?

The Coach: A whole lot, that’s what. Eric Bischoff deserves his moment out here. Shawn Michaels has put him through hell J.R and he’s failed to deliver the goods time and time and TIME AGAIN!! Now? Now he’s payin’ the price and last week, I think you said it yourself, last week was only step one. I hope Bischoff give us step two tonight!!

Bischoff is handed a microphone from ringside, still beaming as the crowd are already booing the hell out of Monday night’s GM.

Eric Bischoff: What a…what a difference a week makes huh!?!

Bischoff is already drawing in the boos from this pretty fiery crowd as the boss keeps that smug grin on his face.

Eric Bischoff: This time last week I stood in the middle of this ring and I was hurt, I was embarrassed, I was let down by Shawn Michaels. But here we are tonight and well…I’m on top of the world!!

More strong heat for the GM here, Bischoff loving every moment.

Eric Bischoff
: Last week saw Shawn Michaels face step one, just step one…of his punishment. See I’ve let Shawn Michaels off lightly until last week, I’ve let him get away with all kinds of things in the hope that he’d...well, that he'd repay me. But at Summerslam, he didn’t repay me, he didn’t repay me at all, in fact he let me down more so than he ever has before.

Bischoff pauses, nodding his head.

Eric Bischoff
: And the moment Shawn counted Kane down, I knew things would have to change. I knew I’d have to REALLY start to punish Shawn Michaels and last week when the Arabian Entity came knocking on my door, I simply couldn’t say no. Their attack on Shawn last week, it was brutal, it was extreme, it was dangerous and it brought a smile back to my face, it made me feel good inside. Seeing Shawn experience what I’ve experienced for months, I took great pleasure in witnessing what took place last week.

Bischoff seems very intense in what he’s saying here.

Eric Bischoff: But being the kinda guy that I am, tonight… Shawn’s got the night off!! He’s at home resting, recovering from the beating he took at the hands of the Entity and I’m sure he’s watching Raw tonight, hi Shawn, hi Rebecca!!

Bischoff sarcastically waves at the camera before laughing to himself.

Eric Bischoff: And that…that’s why I’m out here tonight. I know Shawn’s at home watching what’s going on and I wanted…I wanted to give him a little message. So Shawn I want you to listen real close. Step one of your punishment, it’s complete, it’s over with but uh…step two? Shawn step two…is right around the corner!!

Bischoff is very upbeat when saying this, motioning around the corner as he says it.

Eric Bischoff
: Unforgiven…it’s a very fitting name for our next Pay Per View isn’t it? Because Shawn I haven’t forgiven you and come September 18th you’re gonna pay. At Unforgiven it’s gonna be Shawn Michaels versus Muhammad Hassan!!

Quite a strong pop for that as Bischoff nods along with the cheers.

Eric Bischoff: AND……

Oh there it is. Bischoff begins to smirk again.

Eric Bischoff
: The Great Khali, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari… in a four on one handicap match!!!

SHIT loads of boos for that as Bischoff playfully slaps his leg, laughing his head off.

Eric Bischoff
: You…you really thought I was gonna…oh you people are priceless. Unforgiven, it’s step two Shawn. It’s time for you to realise that you’ve finally…met your match. And just to make something clear, I don’t want any confusion. If and this is a big if. If Shawn manages to pin any of those four men…the match won’t be over. Oh no, because this will be an ELIMINATION HANDICAP MATCH!!

Even more boos now for this as Bischoff is in full blown dick mode now.

Eric Bischoff
: Shawn’s gonna have to beat all four members of the Entity to win that match and y’know what? If he does, that’s gonna take a lot of heart, a lot of character, a lot of fight and maybe then, just maybe…I’ll forgive Shawn. But if he doesn’t? And hey, I got a funny feelin’ he won’t. If he doesn’t then all I can say is that step number two will feel like a walk in the park… compared to step number three.

And with that Bischoff flips the microphone around in his hand and starts laughing to himself all the more.

Eric Bischoff: Well with that now outta the way, I guess it brings me to a couple of other things I wanted to announce here ton…


‘Turn up the Trouble’

And there’s a small pop, small wave of confusion, small bundle of heat as the music of the relative newcomer hits, Mr.Kennedy who strolls out onto stage and Raw’s General Manager has a look of real confusion on his face as Kennedy eyes him up, hopping through the ropes with that arrogant swagger of his before KK looks up to the heavens, his microphone dropping down into the palm of his hand, Kennedy now smirking at Bischoff who seems to mouth ‘What?’ back in his direction.

Mr.Kennedy: You uh…you weren’t expecting me huh? Well lemme tell ya somethin’ Eric, you shoulda been expecting me, you should’ve been expecting me since the moment I got here tonight because…well, you’ve, you’ve let me down Eric.

Kennedy puffs his cheeks out a bit here, a disappointed look on his face.

Eric Bischoff
: Look Ken…I can call you Ken right?

Kennedy doesn’t look amused.

Eric Bischoff
: I’ve been, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this whole thing, really I ha…

Mr.Kennedy: Oh you have?! You really have?! Well guess what? I DO NOT…wanna hear it any more.

Quite the pop for Mr.Kennedy there as Bischoff has his head in his hands momentarily.

Mr.Kennedy: Ever since I stepped through the door here on Raw you’ve promised me success, you’ve promised me competition, you’ve promised that I’d...that I'd become a star!!

Eric Bischoff
: And you will, it’s just gon…

Mr.Kennedy: AH, AH…I’m talking, you listen, capiche? You’ve given me those promises Eric and well, I got news for ya…you’ve broken them.

Kennedy now puts an arm around Bischoff who is trying to plead with him here.

Mr.Kennedy: That? That…hurts me Eric, it does because I only came to this show because I BELIEVED in what you told me, I BELIEVED in what you promised me and now here we are and things are…things are goin’ south aren’t they?

Eric Bischoff: Listen I promise you that you wi…

Mr.Kennedy: OH!! OH!! There we go again, you promise me. Well Eric I’m a fair guy and because of that, I’m gonna hear you out right now. I’m gonna let you tell me, let you tell the WORLD…just what it is you’re gonna promise me. Go…go right ahead but trust me…this better be good!!

Kennedy now folds his arms as Bischoff has seemingly nothing, trying to think of something to offer Kennedy here.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know I stand by everything I said when I signed you, I do. You are the game changer of this show, you are destined for success, and you’re the next big star on this show, in this entire company!! I can…I can only apologise for letting you down so far. So let me make you one more promise and I guarantee…this sticks. I promise you that I will find you competition, that I will find you a challenge and…hey, you know what?! Why don’t…why don’t we start RIGHT HERE TONIGHT?!

Kennedy looks intrigued by this, Bischoff trying to suck up to him.

Eric Bischoff: Yeah, how about it? Right here, right now we give you a match against anybody backstage who is willing to step in the ring with you. How’s that sound for ya?

: That sounds...wait, anybody? Did I hear you say anybody backstage? Eric I thought we had an agreement, I thought I was gonna get some COM…PE…TI…TION. I don’t wanna just face anybody, I want the very BEST…this show has to offer because only the very best CAN EVEN THREATEN ME!

Bischoff is concerned now, thinking as he paces around the ring, Kennedy looking at an imaginary watch on his wrist.

: Time’s tickin’ Eric, I’m startin’ to lose patience here buddy!!

Kennedy’s sarcastic demeanour is evident as Bischoff finally stops on the spot.

Eric Bischoff
: Alright, I got it!! You are gonna have a match and you are gonna have it... right now. So I’m callin’ out anybody backstage who is a former World Champion to come on down to this ring and face Mr.Kennedy tonight.

Kennedy starts nodding now, smiling away.

Mr.Kennedy: That? That’s more like it Eric, maybe…maybe me and you can get along after all. Soooooo c’mon then(now looking up the ramp)…who’s willin’ to step up, who’ s willin’ to go toe to toe with the GAME CHANGER…of this business, who’s ready to go one on one with MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KEEEEEEE-NNNNNNEEEEEE-


WHAT THE FUCK?!? The music of Stone Cold Steve Austin hits!! The Texas Rattlesnake is answering the challenge!!


The Coach:
J.R, he ain’t about to get one, look at this freak, he’s out here again!! What the hell is Eugene’s problem!?! Kennedy wants competition, this ain’t a damn circus!!

Indeed it is NOT Stone Cold, it is Eugene once again mimicking one of his favourite former superstars as Kennedy hangs his head in disgust, Eric Bischoff is already apologising to KK but Kennedy doesn’t wanna hear any of it, simply throwing an arm at Bischoff to get out his face as Bischoff scowls at Stone Cold Eugene here.

Eric Bischoff

Eugene…I mean Stone Cold grabs a mic from ringside, he’s pacing around the ring like Austin would do.

Eric Bischoff: HEY!! ANSWER ME!! I said what do you thin…

Eugene: If you think Eric Bischoff deserves an ass whippin’, gimme a hell yeah!!

HELL YEAH!! The crowd are hugely responsive here as Eugene starts smiling and clapping his hands together. Bischoff looks ready to crack here.

Mr.Kennedy: ALRIGHT THAT IS ENOUGH!! I am SICK of this crap Eric. I don’t wanna hear from you until you find me an opponent that is worth a DAMN SECOND OF MY TIME!! As for you? As…for…you

Kennedy turns his attentions to Eugene.

Mr.Kennedy: You are not Stone Cold Steve Austin, you are not Hulk Hogan, you are not…YOU ARE NOT FIT TO EVEN BE IN THIS COMPANY!!

Strong heat for Kennedy there, the crowd slowly turning on him now.

Eugene: You wa…you want a beer?

Eugene hesitantly asks Kennedy that question, the crowd laughing and it is fairly comical as Stone Cold shows his Eugene traits now.

: Y’know what? I’ll have a beer and hey, while you’re at it Uncle Eric over here, he’ll have one too won’t ya?!

Eric Bischoff
: I don’t th…

Mr.Kennedy: Oh you’ll have one, believe me, you’ll have one. C’mon Eu…I mean, c’mon Steve, where are those beers at huh?

Eugene hops out the ring and goes over to ringside grabbing some beers and tossing them back inside the ring, one to Kennedy, one to Bischoff who looks at it like ‘WTF?’ Kennedy has already opened his as Eugene steps back inside, one of his own.

Mr.Kennedy: C’mon then Steve, aren’t we, aren’t we meant to share a toast? What’s it, what’s it to huh?

Kennedy holds his beer out, waiting for Eugene to toast with him.

Eugene: Here’s to me kickin’ your ass all over Tampa!!


Bischoff begins smiling now as he applauds Kennedy slowly. Kennedy is quickly back up, grabbing his microphone again and beer also.

Mr.Kennedy: I am FINISHED…with morons like him. I am FINISHED…with being disrespected around here and I am FINISHED…

Kennedy then goes over to Eugene’s lifeless body before turning and giving Bischoff a stare, the boss still smiling AS Kennedy gives him one right back BEFORE KENNEDY POURS BEER ALL OVER ERIC BISCHOFF!! THE CROWD ARE GOING CRAZY AS KENNEDY SOAKS THE BOSS!! Bischoff simply stands there, eyes closed knowing nothing he does will get him away from this, Kennedy enjoying every second.

Mr.Kennedy: I AM FINISHED…with you.

And with that Kennedy tosses his microphone up in the air, his music hitting and he exits the ring, strut in his step having dealt with both Eugene and Bischoff here tonight, hoping that his message will finally be received, loud and clear.[/QUOTE]
Jim Ross: Well that was…Coach, I don’t know what that was!! Mr.Kennedy has had enough, had enough of Eugene, had enough of Eric Bischoff, he’s had enough of…everything!!

The Coach
: I’m in shock J.R. I didn’t think Kennedy would stoop so low. I’m…I’m honestly speechless. Covering our boss in beer? Who the hell does he think he is?

Jim Ross: Let’s be fair Coach, Kennedy’s been cravin’ competition and quite frankly, Eric Bischoff has failed to deliver. If I were Kennedy I’d be frustrated too. Kennedy wants to make headlines here on Raw and tonight he has certainly done that!!


We return from the break and head straight to a locker room where we see Shelton Benjamin taping himself up for his main event showdown tonight with Kane. The Intercontinental Champion is sat down on a chair as he wraps some tape around his ankle, the same one he injured at Backlash as he winces in a little discomfort, perhaps tweaking that ankle somewhat. Benjamin then stops what he’s doing and looks up where we see Charlie Haas has entered the room.

Shelton Benjamin: Hey man, what’s goin’ on? Where you been? Haven’t seen you tonight, thought you were gonna help me get ready for my match?

Haas has his hand up, almost apologetic.

Charlie Haas: I’m sorry man, I’ve been tryin’ all night long to speak with Bischoff about this match tonight, tryin’ to CANCEL this match tonight but he’s not havin’ any of it. Maybe you sh…

Shelton Benjamin: Wait, wait, you…you’re tryin’ to cancel my match tonight?

Benjamin seems surprised here.

Charlie Haas: Of course I am!! Shelton I didn’t forget what you said last week. You told me that while your ankle’s not a hundred percent, the Intercontinental Title was your only priority. You told me that so long as your ankle’s hurt, the Tag Team Titles, the titles we should be holding… had to be put at the back of your mind. Well here we are, one week on and Shelton, your ankle’s still not right.

Shelton Benjamin: Yeah which means th…

Charlie Haas: Which means… that you shouldn’t be goin’ out there risking it against anybody, let alone somebody like Kane. We gotta get you healthy again Shelton, I know you can’t be satisfied with being only the Intercontinental Champion, you gotta want double gold around your waist right?

Awkward silence. Haas is now looking a tad disappointed before trying to change subject.

Charlie Haas: But yeah, like I said, Bischoff wasn’t having any of it so uh…so maybe you could try and speak with him? I mean, he might actually listen to you, after all you are already one of his champions, soon to be another, he can’t afford you on the injured list.

Benjamin appears frustrated, huffing a little bit, rubbing his hands up and down his face before looking at Haas.

Shelton Benjamin
: Charlie look, I want you to listen real carefully to this alright? There is no chance in HELL of me tryin’ to cancel my match tonight. I’m a wrestler Charlie, I’m a competitor, I’m the Intercontinental Champion for cryin’ out loud and you…you want me to cancel my match?

Benjamin looks insulted almost.

Shelton Benjamin: Yeah my ankle’s hurt, I’m a little beat up but that’s what this business is all about. I could be standin’ here tonight on one leg and I would still go out to that ring and compete because Charlie…that’s what we do.

Haas looks upset but then begins to smirk?

Charlie Haas: It’s uh…it’s funny you should say that, it really is. So you’re a competitor? You could have one leg…and you’d compete?

Benjamin nods, Haas still smirking.

Charlie Haas: And yet you won’t go for the Tag Team Titles with me because… while you’re not a hundred percent, the Intercontinental Title can be your only priority? That…that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me Shelton. If you were such a competitor, you’d wanna go out to that ring every night and compete for anything and EVERYTHING YOU GET THE OPPORTUNITY FOR!!

Haas is riled up now, Benjamin looking a tad concerned.

Shelton Benjamin: Look I’m sorry man, that’s…that’s not wh…

Charlie Haas: That’s…that’s not what you meant... right

Shelton Benjamin: Right.

Haas laughs to himself before the laugh disappears and he stares straight faced at Shelton.

Charlie Haas: Wrong.

And with that Haas walks out the door and Benjamin sighs, be it with relief or disappointment we aren’t quite sure as he goes back to taping up his ankle ahead of his showdown tonight and we head back ringside.

‘Whips and Chains’

We’re right back to it and set for action as out come Doug and Danny, the Basham Brothers to a fairly decent pop, looking ready and raring to go for this big opportunity.

Jim Ross: Big opportunity here tonight for the Basham Brothers, ain’t no doubt about it. The Basham’s granted this opportunity to take on the Dudley Boyz and prove themselves worthy of entering the World Tag Team Title race.

The Coach
: It’s a huge opportunity you’re right but it’s one they DO NOT deserve. I mean c’mon, the Platform to Perfection are the number one contenders and for DAMN good reason. What have these schmucks done to deserve a shot? Nothin’, that’s what.

Jim Ross: Well they were never pinned at Summerslam, I think they’ve got every right to at least have an opportunity at earning a shot and tonight presents that chance, the Dudleyz will have to be on their game.

‘Yeah we’re comin’ Down’

Out next to a pretty strong pop are the World Tag Team Champions themselves as out come Bubba Ray and D-Von, the Dudley Boyz.

Jim Ross
: It’s been a bit of a rocky road in recent weeks for our Tag Team Champions, including defeat at Summerslam to the men they face at Unforgiven. As big as tonight is for the Basham’s, it’s a big one for the champions too, victory here would certainly be a huge boost Coach.

The Coach
: Absolutely but let’s face it, victory tonight, defeat tonight, it doesn’t matter because come Unforgiven they won’t be holding those titles any longer.

Match Three: Tag Team Match

Dudley Boyz vs Basham Brothers

It’s Bubba who kicks this one off for the Dudleyz whilst Danny Basham starts things out for the Basham’s and it’s he who takes control in the early stages, taking Bubba down with some fast paced offense, some stern right hands followed by a beautiful drop kick off an Irish whip sends Bubba tumbling, the crowd right behind it as Danny goes for an early cover, 1…2…kick out at two from one half of the champions.

Danny continues looking to earn his team a quick victory, stomping away at Bubba’s left arm in particular but generally across all areas, Bubba wincing in pain before Danny drags the big man across the ring, tagging in Doug who hops over the ropes and LANDS RIGHT ACROSS BUBBA’S CHEST WITH A LEG DROP!! Cover by Doug now, 1…2…kick out at two again, the Basham’s really looking strong early on, D-Von with a concerned look in the opposite corner at his partner’s struggles.

Doug draws Bubba up, smashing him with some stiff forearm shots before a big Irish whip. Bubba rebounds and Doug swings, clothesline!! NO!! Bubba ducks it and stops in his tracks, grabbing Doug from behind, NECKBREAKER!! Tide turning now as Bubba takes Doug down and scrambles into a cover of his own, kick out at two from Doug however. Bubba brings himself to his feet, now looking to really swing the balance of this match as he drags Doug up also and whips him into the corner where his partner awaits as Bubba tags D-Von in, the fresher of the champions quickly storms in and goes to town on Doug, nailing him with some right hands to the gut before pulling Doug away from his corner and whipping the Basham across the ring, Doug rebounds and D-VON DROPS HIM WITH A DELICIOUS FLAPJACK!! Doug is floored and D-Von heads for a cover, 1…DANNY BREAKS THE COUNT!!

Danny apologises, holding his hands out to D-Von saying ‘Gotta do what you gotta do’ as he realises his partner was in trouble there and it’s both D-Von and Doug who are now down and out, Danny backing up to his corner on looking, Bubba doing likewise as it’s a race to their feet first, the crowd fairly split although leaning more towards the champions. Suddenly however, there’s a fair bit of commotion amongst the crowd and the camera shifts…where we see KEN DOANE and NICK NEMETH strutting down the ramp!! The Platform to Perfection are here, suited and booted as they cockily stroll down to ringside, J.R questioning their motives as Bubba gives them the eye, Danny looking confused also as D-Von and Doug are stirring inside the ring.

D-Von appears to be crawling towards his corner, Doug has the same intentions, it’s gonna be a battle to their respective corners as we see Doane and Nemeth take opposite sides of the ring, Bubba keeping an eye on Doane, Danny an eye on Nemeth as D-Von stretches out an arm, nearly there and HE MAKES THE TAG!! But Ken Doane hops up on the apron and distracts the referee, the referee’s back is turned as NEMETH DRAGS DANNY OFF THE APRON AND TOSSES HIM INTO THE BARRICADE!! Nemeth’s made his mark as Doug is stranded now!! Bubba however sees what’s going on and instead of heading for Doug HE HEADS FOR DOANE!! BUT DOANE HOPS OFF THE APRON!!

Doug is to his feet now and he sees Bubba with his back turned, ROLL UP BY DOUG!! 1…2…kick out by Bubba!! The Basham’s nearly took it there!! MEANWHILE KEN DOANE HAS DRAGGED D-VON OFF THE APRON AND TOSSED HIM INTO THE BARRICADE!! It’s chaos from PTP here!! Both Bubba and Doug however are quickly up again and Doug comes swinging but Bubba ducks it and runs the ropes BUT NEMETH HOPS UP AND BOUNCES DOUG’S FACE OFF THE ROPES!! THE REFEREE NEVER SAW IT AS DOANE HAS HIM DISTRACTED!! Bubba turns back around and Doug awaits him, boot to the gut, POWERBOMB FROM BUBBA!!! Doug is floored as Doane and Nemeth grin, cover by Bubba, 1…2…3!!

Winners: Dudley Boyz(8:12)

Jim Ross: The Platform to Perfection just…they just helped their opponents at Unforgiven!! I mean, what the hell is that about?! Why are Doane and Nemeth hell bent on costing the Basham Brothers?!

The Coach: These two guys are smart J.R. A win for the Basham’s tonight and they might’ve earned their way in at Unforgiven. Doane and Nemeth, they already know they can beat the Dudleyz!! Why would they want ANOTHER team in that match? They don’t and that’s why they did what they had to do last night. These two are perfection and once AGAIN, they personified it tonight. Next Tag Team Champions baby!!

Doane and Nemeth back up the ramp with their usual arrogant smiles and cocky demeanour, Danny Basham is seething inside the ring, back to his feet following Nemeth’s assault as he comes to assist Doug who is floored inside the ring. The Dudley Boyz are also in the ring, Bubba and D-Von scowling up the ramp at their challengers, Bubba clearly not realising just quite the full effects of PTP’s actions here tonight, D-Von meanwhile does following Doane’s ambush on him as they look on at their challengers come Unforgiven but also give a nod in the way of the very unlucky Basham’s here this evening.


Returning from the commercial break we immediately head to the back where standing by in his usual geeky fashion is the one and only Todd Grisham who is set to speak with us.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman earlier on this evening we heard from the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. Joining me at this time is the man he challenged to face him at Unforigven, the man he defeated at Summerslam, the Big Red Machine, Kane.

Kane appears into shot to a fair amount of boos as he snarls at the camera before diverting his attentions to Mr.Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Kane I know you’ve got a match in just a matter of moments but we were wondering if you had an answer to Batista’s challenge for Unforgiven?

Kane doesn’t respond for a moment, looking down at the floor before tilting his head and staring back at Grisham.

Kane: I’ve got an answer for Batista alright but…I’ve also got a question. Does…does Batista know who he’s challenging? I mean, does he really know…just who he’s asking, who he’s demanding to step inside the ring with? No, no he doesn’t, he can’t do.

Kane now smirks to himself.

Kane: If he did? If he did he wouldn’t be making this challenge, he’d think twice before he even set foot…near me. At Summerslam Batista had a lucky night, he had Shawn Michaels on his side and I thought, I really thought that he’d take his victory and he'd run as far away as he could from me.

Kane now looks up, thinking about his next response.

Kane: That would’ve been the smart thing to do, that would have been the right thing to do but instead Batista’s challenged me… to a rematch. Well Batista, I’ve got news…for you, ha ha… you just signed your own death wish.

Kane now begins laughing in that demonic fashion of his before setting his eyes directly at the camera.

Kane: Me and you Dave, one…on…one at Unforgiven is your worst possible nightmare and BELIEVE ME…I HAVEN’T forgiven, I WON’T…forgive and I WILL...I will…get my revenge. I heard what you said earlier tonight, I heard you tell the world that you wanted just me and you inside the ring, nowhere to run, nowhere to go, nowhere…to hide. Well I thought you would know by now Dave, MONSTERS…don’t hide and that? That’s the difference between me…and you. An animal? It shys away, it backs…down, it shows FEAR and at Unforgiven that is EXACTLY…what’s going to happen.

Kane now looks back at Grisham, no smiles any more, it’s all serious now.

Kane: The Animal is going to come face to face with the monster… he fears most. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Summerslam was Batista’s night but Summerslam was simply delaying the inevitable. At Unforgiven the World Heavyweight Championship…becomes mine and the Animal... gets put down.

Kane smirks once again before heading off very quickly, looking back at Grisham as he does before we head off elsewhere backstage…

We move towards the parking lot now where we see the number one contenders to the World Tag Team Titles, Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth who are all smiles following their antics tonight. Doane and Nemeth however are not alone as they are both accompanied by beautiful blondes, arm in arm, the girls smiling like crazy as the Perfectionists flirt with them like crazy. The arrogant duo are soon interrupted however as another beauty enters the fray, Maria.

Maria: Ken, Nick I wa…

Nick Nemeth: Oh jeeze.

Maria: I was just wondering why we saw you cost the Basham Brothers their match earlier on tonight?

Doane and Nemeth look at each other with a look of frustration at the question being asked.

Ken Doane
: Excuse us ladies.

With that the two females walk away, headed to their car it would seem while Doane and Nemeth tend to Maria.

Ken Doane: Maria we did what we had to do out there tonight. See last week the Basham’s decided they wanna get involved in our business. They knew the stakes at Summerslam, the team who scored the pinfall would become the number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles and…who…who was it that scored that pinfall Maria?

Maria: You guys!!

Nick Nemeth: Exactly. We scored that pinfall, we won that match and we earned our Tag Team Title shot. Doug and Danny Basham didn’t win anything, they didn’t earn anything, all they did at Summerslam…was lose. But last week they came out and they claimed that they were never pinned, they were never really beaten. Well my response to that would be real simple, go and check the record books boys cos it’ll tell you, August 19th 2005, the Platform to Perfection and the Arabian Entity BEAT the Dudley Boyz AND…the Basham Brothers.

Nemeth and Doane continue to smile wryly at one another.

Nick Nemeth
: They don’t deserve to be anywhere near the Tag Team Titles, they don’t deserve to be anywhere near us. We don’t want them to be in the back of our minds heading into Unforgiven, all we want is to focus a hundred and ten percent on the Dudley Boyz and on taking what we deserve...the World Tag Team Championships.

Ken Doane: The only thing that can stop us doing that Maria…is a distraction, is a third party and the Basham Brothers are exactly that. Everything we do, we do it…to perfection. Just look at us, the way we dress, the way we look, the women we date and at Unforgiven we’re gonna add the World Tag Team Titles to sit real pretty around our waists.

Nick Nemeth: Jealousy’s a terrible thing Maria and the Basham Brothers? They’re just that. They envy our looks, they envy our talent, they envy our position and come Unforgiven, that jealousy, that envy they have towards us? It’s only…going…to grow. They can’t touch us, the Dudleyz can’t touch us and when those titles FINALLY sit on our shoulders…they too…can’t be touched.

And with that Doane and Nemeth share a smirk before heading off to join their dates, Maria left dumb struck as ever, PTP’s message loud and clear here tonight as they look to build towards Unforgiven and we now return back ringside to hear…

‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me Now’

It’s a strong pop that meets the music of the hobbling Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin as he steps through the curtain very gingerly and he is noticeably without Charlie Haas by his side following their small disagreement earlier on tonight.

Jim Ross: Well it’s been a frustrating night already for Shelton Benjamin here on Raw, an argument earlier on tonight with his partner Charlie Haas has, well, you can see the consequences. Haas is not out here alongside the Intercontinental Champion and Coach I don’t quite understand what Haas believes Shelton Benjamin has done wrong.

The Coach: How can you not understand? Shelton Benjamin is putting his partner on the backburner, it’s disgusting J.R. Charlie Haas is supposed to be his friend, his BEST friend, his partner and he’s treating Haas like he’s a nobody. I hope he gets a taught a lesson tonight by Kane cos Charlie Haas ain’t gonna be here to bail him out.

‘Slow Chemical’

BOOM!! A huge burst of pyro hits to the music of the Big Red Machine as out steps the number one contender to the World Title, Kane who has his sights firmly set on making a statement to Batista here tonight.

Jim Ross: It appears as though the match is set, the rematch is on for Unforgiven and Kane is looking to prove that an Animal simply cannot beat a Monster and come September 18th in Oklahoma, we’re gonna find out as Kane challenges Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. Two bulls going toe to toe in what I imagine is going to be nothing short of a straight up fight.

The Coach: You got that right J.R and lemme tell ya, Kane is gonna right the wrongs of Summerslam. He WAS screwed by Shawn Michaels and at Unforgiven, lightening ain’t gonna strike twice. Batista got outta dodge at Summerslam, at Unforgiven he ain’t gonna be so lucky.

Jim Ross: And Coach how do you honestly believe these two are gonna stay inside the ring? Batista wants it, he’s made that clear, he simply wants man to man inside that ring but these two have fought all around the arena, they fought off the damn stage a couple months back. Is it gonna be possible?

The Coach: I don’t think so. I mean you got two absolute brutes sluggin’ it out for the World Title, it don’t get any bigger and I think at Unforigven you’re gonna see things reach boilin’ point.

Match Four: Singles Match

Kane vs Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin goes for a fast start, perhaps sensing that it may be his best chance with regards to his injured ankle and early on it appears as though it’s working. Benjamin jumps right on Kane, fast paced style as he hammers away with right hands before some big kicks right the way across Kane’s mid section, Kane forced into the corner, the Big Red Machine having no answer for Benjamin in the opening stages.

Benjamin looks to keep the pace high, whipping Kane across the ring, the big man bounding back off the turnbuckle and right into the path of Benjamin who takes him down with a big clothesline!! Kane trickles back up and Benjamin opts for another but this time Kane ducks it, Benjamin spins back round and is met with a STINGING UPPER CUT BY THE MONSTER!! Benjamin is sent spiralling as Kane now slows the pace down, eyeing Benjamin up as the I.C Champion flounders on the mat. Kane then drags Benjamin up, elbowing the supremely talented athlete numerous times across the jaw, Benjamin wincing in pain before an Irish whip from the monster, Benjamin rebounds and Kane sends him flying with a big back body drop!!

Kane is completely in control right now as he stomps away at Benjamin’s body, dissecting the second tier champion on Raw before he again brings him to his feet and nails Benji with a strong right hand. Kane positions Benjamin in the corner and RAMS AN ELBOW INTO BENJAMIN’S THROAT!! Repeated elbows from Kane as Benjamin looks out of breath here and Kane stumbles out of the corner, pacing around the ring before reaching the opposite corner, Benjamin in no man’s land here as Kane comes a charging but Benjamin gets a boot up AND KANE CATCHES IT!! BENJAMIN’S INJURED ANKLE IN TROUBLE HERE AND KANE SLAMS IT OFF THE ROPES!! Benjamin’s ankle is twisted all kinds of ways from the rebound, Kane using all his wits there as Shelton clutches that ankle, clearly feeling the effects now, Kane letting out that demonic smirk of his.

The Big Red Machine continues his dominance as he drops down and now goes to work on that ankle, placing Benjamin’s ankle in between his legs as Kane applies as much pressure as he can, Benjamin now squealing in discomfort as Kane goes in for the kill. The referee checks on Shelton, asking him if he wants to quit but Benjamin isn’t interested, clearly in some pain but not wanting to throw the towel in as he tries to crawl for the ropes but he doesn’t even need to bother eventually as Kane releases the hold, the damage perhaps done already here as the referee again checks on the Intercontinental Champion.

Benjamin continues crawling around the mat, trying to rise to his feet but Kane is right on him in an instant and drags him back to his feet, tossing him into the corner as Kane goes thundering right in after him and connects with a monstrous clothesline, knocking all the wind out of a struggling Shelton Benjamin here. Kane is in full control here as Benjamin stumbles out of the corner, right into Kane’s path and the big man DROPS Benjamin with a huge sidewalk slam!! Cover by Kane, 1…2…kick out at two from Shelton!!

Kane gives a look of frustration as he gets to his feet, the crowd sensing the end is near as Kane now signals for a chokeslam!! Benjamin is in all kinds of trouble as he fights to his feet, the tension rising as Benjamin slowly does so, he’s all but there as he spins around, GOOZLE!! CHOKESLAM TIME!! NO!! BENJAMIN BREAKS FREE AND ROUND THE BACK OF KANE, ROLL UP!! 1…2…3…NO!! KANE JUST ABOUT SURVIVES!! Benjamin nearly stealing a huge victory!!

The crowd are now right behind Shelton, sensing an upset perhaps as both men get back to their feet and Benjamin goes for a boot to the gut BUT KANE CATCHES HIS FOOT, spins Benjamin around BUT BENJAMIN WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK CATCHES THE BIG MAN!! The tide has turned as Kane is dazed, Benjamin sees an opportunity, boot to the gut now, T-BONE SUPLEX INCOMING BUT KANE BLOCKS IT!! Kane digs his heels in and swipes with an elbow to the side of Benjamin’s head, repeated elbows and Benjamin’s grip is broken, both men doubled over and Benjamin now comes a swinging, Kane ducks it, Benjamin turns round AND FROM OUT OF NOWHERE STUNS KANE WITH A SUPERKICK!! Benjamin catches Kane as he hobbles on one leg for the cover, Benjamin’s ankle struggling now but can he do it here?!? 1…2…BAM!!!


BENJAMIN IS ASSAULTED FROM BEHIND BY…BY MARK JINDRAK!! MARK JINDRAK AND WILLIAM REGAL!! Jindrak and Regal stomping the hell out of Benjamin as Regal rips into Shelton’s injured ankle and the referee calls for the bell!!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin via Disqualification(11:06

Jim Ross

The Coach
: You know damn well what the meaning is J.R!! Jindrak wants some gold and he and Mr.Regal are gonna get him some!! Shelton Benjamin has met his match and where’s his partner at huh?! Where’s Charlie Haas to save him?! Oh yeah…Shelton drove him away!!

Jindrak and Regal continue the ambush to the boos from the crowd as Regal now hops out of the ring and to the outside…where he grabs Benjamin’s Intercontinental Title!! Regal makes his intentions clear as he hands the belt to Jindrak, the Protégé eyeing it up like a piece of meat as Regal sits Benjamin upright…BUT KANE INTERVENES!!

Jim Ross: Thank god. Kane seeing some damn sense and stopping this before it gets outta hand!! Jindrak and Regal were gonna take Benjamin’s damn head off with the Intercontinental Title.

The Coach: I don’t think he’s stopping anything J.R!!

Indeed J.R’s stupidity is evident as Kane drops the I.C title, Regal and Jindrak staring at him worriedly as HE GRABS BENJAMIN BY THE THROAT!! CHOKESLAM INCOMING!!



Here comes the World Champion!! Batista storms down the ramp as Kane tosses Benjamin aside and all three of Kane, Regal and Jindrak await the Animal, Jindrak and Regal wanting in on the act first as Tista storms in, Regal charges, SPEAR!! SPEAR TO REGAL, ALMOST CRUSHING HIM IN HALF!!

The Coach: Oh William, sacrificing himself for the cause!!

Regal’s gone as Jindrak storms in with a BIG left hand, Jindrak is taking it to the World Champion but THE ANIMAL COMES STORMING BACK!! It’s a fist fight of mammoth proportions here as Batista and Jindrak go hell for leather and the World Champion has the Protégé rocking!! Batista SMASHES one more right hand before taking a step back and delivering a thunderous clothesline!! Jindrak is quickly back up only for BATISTA TO TOSS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!! AND NOW WE’RE DOWN TO TWO!!

Jim Ross

The Coach: It’s not what Batista wants, believe me!! Kane’s gonna teach him a lesson!!

The crowd are feeling it, Batista’s telling Kane to bring it, Kane’s smirking, onlooking and…THEY CHARGE AT ONE ANOTHER, TISTA AND KANE SLUGGING IT OUT!! Right hand after right hand!! It’s the Animal who’s on top, Kane is being pegged back here as BATISTA CLOTHESLINES KANE OVER THE TOP!! BUT THE CHAMPION ISN’T DONE, THE CHAMPION IS HEADED RIGHT AFTER HIS UNFORGIVEN OPPONENT!!

The Coach
: I thought he wanted this to stay in the ring J.R?!

Jim Ross: The occasion has gotten to the World’s Champion!! Batista and Kane tearing the hell outta one another!!

Indeed Batista has dragged Kane up to his feet again and is tearing into him with more right hands, Kane is rocking here as Batista goes for a boot to the gut now, connects and Tista WHIPS KANE INTO THE BARRICADE!! KANE’S BACK SMASHING INTO THE BARRICADE!! BATISTA IS ON A RAMPAGE HERE!! The Animal doesn’t waste any time in again dragging Kane up and this time he tosses him further up the ramp, there appears to be no stopping the World Champion tonight!!

Jim Ross: This thing’s spilling all over the damn arena again!! Nothing’s gonna keep these two men from fighting each over across the entire building!!

Tista now drags Kane to his feet, he looks around the crowd, the fans are going wild as the Animal places Kane’s head between his legs, he’s gonna BATISTABOMB HIM ON THE RAMP!! TISTA SCOOPS HIM UP HIGH, BUT NO, KANE WITH A BACK BODY DROP AND BATISTA CRASHES DOWN ON THE STEEL!!

The Coach: That’ll teach him for leavin’ the ring!! Stick to what you wanted Dave!!

And now it’s Kane who’s in command as he quickly draws Tista to his feet, a scowl across his face as he takes Tista further up the ramp BEFORE SMASHING TISTA’S HEAD OFF THE DAMN SET!! BATISTA’S SKULL REBOUNDING AS KANE SHOWS NO REMORSE!! Knee to the gut now from Kane, these two on the stage here as Kane repeatedly knees the champion in the gut, Tista clearly winded here as he tries to bring himself upright again and AS HE DOES KANE GRABS HIM ROUND THE THROAT…AND HE BEGINS TO TRICKLE OVER TOWARDS THE EDGE OF THE STAGE!!


The Coach: DO IT!! Teach Batista a lesson!! Prove your point Kane, an Animal CANNOT deal…with a monster!!



The Coach: I’m in shock J.R!! What the hell have we just seen?!?

Indeed it is a scene of chaos as Batista and Kane lay motionless on the ground, EMTs, Paramedics, trainers, officials, the works are on their way out as the crowd are completely abuzz here, a few murmurings of ‘Holy Shit’ as the final image we see on Monday Night Raw is a crowd of emergency help coming to the aid of the World Heavyweight Champion and his challenger as J.R and Coach fall silent, selling the effects here and we fade to black.

Date: 18th September 2005
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Current Card:

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista(c) vs Kane

Four on One Handicap Match:
(Shawn Michaels must eliminate all four members of the Entity to win)
Shawn Michaels vs The Arabian Entity

World Tag Team Championships:
Dudley Boyz(c) vs The Platform to Perfection

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

JAM's Review

No other way to start the show than with the Arabian Entity. I had a feeling that it would be them to take out HBK so we had to hear from them. And wow, what a promo that was. It kind of started off kind of slow, kind of redundant really. But then it really picked up once you mentioned the 9/11 attack. I would probably be booing the hell outta Hassan if I was in the arena for this promo as well. I'm already looking forward to how this feud continues. Then the commentary from JR really put over how much heat Hassan got after that promo. Just a really good promo for the start of the show.

Not too sure about Batista just giving Kane a title shot but I can see why he would do it. I think this'll probably be in a cage match with the way that promo went. I think you wrote him pretty good so no complaints from me. That line about Kane not accepting that an animal can beat a monster was great as well. LITA! Anything with Lita is good so I'm glad we got to see her return here.

The exchange between Edge and Jericho was pretty standard. Both guys brought up good points. I really like these two so I'm glad we got to see more of them. I'm guessing that they'll probably meet at the next PPV again but maybe with Christian in the mix now. You just made the segment even better with Christian being involved. Not sure it was much of an assist from Christian to Edge rather than payback for Christian. But nonetheless, maybe we get a triple threat for the briefcase at the next PPV? I don't really see what else Christian can do at this point. Maybe they team up against Jericho and someone at the PPV, a big name. So much possibilites!

Oh damn, Christian put Edge in his place. Loved it! Total markout from me after reading that promo. You've really gotten Bischoff written down pat here. I'll say that you write him the best out of everyone. I like how you make it seem like he's a nice guys because he gave Shawn the "night off" and then announces a handicap match for him at Unforgiven. Kennedy! This guy has to be pushed in your thread and I can see that you're gonna do that with him. The Rattlesnake!? Oh no, it's Eugene, damn it. Now this is very interesting. Kennedy as a face, I'm liking this so far. I think HBK found an ally in Kennedy. Not really sure with that, but that's what I'm thinking. Two good segments back to back, woooo!

Yeah, definitely thinking WGTT is splitting up. I can't wait to see how you write that feud. Haas is pretty underrated and I wouldn't be surprised to see him shine as a singles wrestler, let's just see how that goes. As for your tag division, not really much to say. Don't know why PTP would aid the Dudleyz though, hope we see more from the tag team division on the next show. Just felt like filler here.

Good stuff from Kane here. He's always been a good talker imo and this promo just proves it. I like how he welcomes the challenge but calls Batista stupid for laying out the challenge. As for PTP, Ziggler's promo skills now in real life has led me to believe that his promo skills here are definitely gold. So I guess Ziggler's character now really helped me read through this promo from PTP, just saying. Jindrak and Regal? Totally forgot about them. I guess it was okay reasoning for their attack on Benjamin. But the real stuff to comment on happens after the match. Kane/Batista definitely got better after that scene, both men down, spear off the stage. Good one, cp, really good.

Overall, it was a good episode. You did a good job of getting everyone on the show for sure. The ending I wasn't really sure of when Jindrak and Regal attacked but I guess you had some reasoning to that. So much to like about this episode that I'm gonna rank it for you. Christian/Jericho/Edge - KENNEDY! - HBK/Bischoff feud - Kane/Batista - WGTT conflict. So many good things going for you on this episode. Smackdown is really falling behind but is still a good show as well. Good job!

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Raw Feedback

After last week there was only going to be one way to kick this show off, and I’m glad you went with The Arabian Entity. Got a feeling hits is Hassan’s time to rise up the Raw totem pole after his Intercontinental Title run. I liked how Hassan said that it was just the start for Michaels, but also his group as it implies that they’ll get a lot out of this feud with Michaels. I really liked the connection between Michaels faith and when Hassan had faith. I was quite uncomfortable reading the rest of the promo as it seemed to take on a really personal tone with the racism and the terrorism. But, I can understand why you used, it was it was a cheap, but a good way to get Hassan more heat and it was a good way to implement him losing faith. Really impactful promo to kick us off and show us why Hassan attacked Michaels, solid start to the show.

A bit of a hit and miss interview here for me. I liked how Batista referred to last week as only being a preview and we can expect some more from The Animal. But I wasn’t really feeling Batista just handing the title shot to Kane, I get why he would do it though, but I think it’d be a good move to make Kane earn it. I understand Batista wanted to show there is no doubt in that he’s the better man, as at Summerslam Kane was kinda’ screwed.

I would have actually preferred a really fun and fast paced match to kick off the show, but that might just be me. Simple match and a simple way to make a Victoria look good. Good to see Lita back, making the save for Torrie, and a Victoria/Lita series of matches should be solid. Good way to reintroduce Lita to Raw after her injury.

Dat Unforgiven video package.

There was no way Goldust was going to win this unless Edge was screwed by Jericho or even Christian for that matter. Good to see Goldust getting some offense and not having another one sided match back to back. Goldust makes for an entertaining guy to put other guys over so hopefully you keep using him in this capacity, can also be used for some funny moments backstage. I can’t really remember what was said between Christian/Edge/Jericho on the last Raw so excuse me if I get anything wrong here. I’m not so sure on Edge demanding a World Title shot, mainly because he has the briefcase so if he wants a shot so bad, he can just cash it in and make the World Title match a triple threat or wait for a single match. Would be interesting to see what would happen to the briefcase if he wins the title without it though. I thought Edge referring to Batista earlier just handing Kane a shot worked well to increase Edge’s frustrations. Alright, now I get why he won’t cash it in, ignore everything I just said. You really showed off Edge’s frustrations by cutting Jericho off as he was beginning to speak, can really tell he’s pissed off. Laughed at the Chris Jericho wannabee line. After Christian’s great feud with Flair I really hope this can live up to that, as I’d really like to see Christian move up the card and there’s no way he wins the briefcase from Edge so I’m interested to see what you do with him.

Good to know Christian didn’t attack Jericho because of Edge and done it for himself. Intense words from Christian to Edge, which makes sense to me. Solid interview, we needed an explanation for Christian’s actions we got it, hoping that once this is done then Christian can start heading up the card. Although for some reason I can see him winning the Royal Rumble.

I honestly thought we’d get another match here to break the promo’s up, as that’s two in ring promos in a row. Good to see Bischoff putting over the Arabian Entity as destructive, he really showed how sick he is over the past few months and this continued that by saying the destruction of Michaels put a smile on his face. A four on one handi-cap?? I loved the smugness of the Bisch’ in this promo, as it seemed he thought he was being the good guy by allowing Michaels the night off only to announce he’d take on four men. You told me that Triple H left to find himself after his loss to Batista, and for some reason I really think he’ll return at Unforgiven, helping Shawn Michaels against The Entity. Calling it now . I liked Kennedy arrogance in his bit of the promo, interrupting Eric at every opportunities. Oh you bitch! I honestly thought that was Steve Austin making a return but instead we got ... Eugene . Good bit of comic relief to end the promo as the whole night has had a very serious tone up to now.

It’s only a matter of time before Benjamin and Haas break up, and I’m enjoying the slow build up to it, really making it a big moment when it does happen. Good to see Benjamin having the balls to compete with his ankle, even to the point of shouting at his friend to get that point across. Charlie sounds like a real dick in this backstage segment, like a little kid who’s had something taken away from him.

The Basham’s just scream generic to me, but this was a good match. The tag division is something of an afterthought with everything that has been going on recently so hopefully you get a real personal heated feud for the titles going. Found it strange that PTP cost Basham’s the match but I’ve got a theory as to why they’ve done it, but I’ve already said one theory in this review so I won’t say another one incase they don’t come true.

Kane’s a good Superstar to write for, I enjoy writing for him as he’s very versatile in what he can pull off. I liked the contrast between The Monster and The Animal, looking forward to this match even though I have some gripes at the way it came about. Another interview right after?? I know it’s two different interviews but maybe they could have been spaced out better. I’m glad I never said my theory because it was dead wrong, haha.

Kane and Shelton Benjamin was always going to be a good match. Some good offense from both men as well but I did not expect Mark Jindrak to interfere, truthfully I forget about him since Summerslam. Charlie Haas not saving Benjamin will add fuel to the fire that is starting to burn between them, while Jindrak staking a claim to the Intercontinental Championship is a good progression from his feud with Show. I was thinking that Benjamin needed a clear challenger while this thing with Haas builds and he’s got it now. Batista making the save instead was predictable, but needed. Awesome brawl to end the show, really heating up the Batista and Kane picture as they don’t have Michaels/Bischoff to help get it heated. The moment when Batista speared Kane off the stage was definitely one of the best, and would have been a great picture to fade away from.

I thought this was a solid episode, I had a couple of gripes but nothing major. Some good progression in this show and I look forward to next week with more from WGTT and the Michaels/Arabian Entity situation. Good job my man, onto SmackDown.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

After what happened to conclude Raw last week, it was always going to be HBK, Biscoff or Hassan that would start the show, so good choice here with The Entity. As I said to you before, I really enjoyed this promo... I think it takes Hassan to a whole new level and a high profile feud like this with HBK is only going to do him wonders in the long run. I like it when a wrestler uses another wrestler's words against them and applies it to themselves, much like you did here with the whole concept of 'faith'. This also gives Hassan a legitimate reason to go after Michaels, and doesn't make these guys just hired guns for Bischoff like Kane was; Hassan actually wants Michaels himself for his own personal reasons and is just using Bischoff's problem with HBK as a means to get to him. Including the September 11th attacks was always going to be a huge risk, but I think you made it work; it adds another layer to this feud and really shows Hassan for who he really is; an American that has fallen victim to a stereotype. The whole bitter personality of Hassan came through in this as well. "YOU STILL CHANT ‘USA’!! WELL KEEP CHANTING BECAUSE I’M FROM THE SAME DAMN COUNTRY AS YOU ARE!!" had me laughing a little bit as well Overall a good start to the show in my eyes

I understand why Batista would just offer Kane a rematch, but I can see the logic behind it. Batista is a face champion that welcomes all challengers and his victory against Kane at Summerslam wasn't clean so he wants to prove himself fairly against him. The wording of the promo, as in the whole 'nowhere to run and nowhere to hide' could mean that this match might be some sort of gimmick match to finally end this thing? Steel Cage? Hell in a Cell maybe? Punjabi Prison?

Victoria vs Torrie was probably a pain to write, so kudos for doing that Would have preferred a different match here, as we've had a promo, an interview and now a Divas squash match, a fast paced match would have been much better suited for this slot I feel. Victoria is a beast of a champion though; I may not be keeping fully on track with your Womens division but from what I remember Vic' has just destroyed everyone she has been against. The aftermath of this match more than makes up for the match itself as Lita is back! A huge statement made on her return and I am guessing that she will be challenging Victoria at Unforgiven, which will be a really solid match for sure. I can imagine that now with Lita's return you are much more optimistic about writing the women Should be an enjoyable feud with these two and will be a good read no doubt.

GOLDUST!! Bringing Goldie back is good for your midcard, another solid face you can have in there that will be able to put people over and make for some golden (pardon the pun) moments backstage. Nice to see him not be completely squashed by Edge, as to not make him look weak in his return match. Enough about Goldust now because Edge was the real purpose of this match. A good solid win for Mr MITB and one that will do him no harm going forwards. The promo afterwards was a good way of clearing up the question of why he wants to be named #1 Contender and have a shot that way as opposed to just cashing in the contract, as I remember that thought did cross my mind as to why he wouldn't just do that. I was expecting Jericho to come out at this point and you've had a lot of practice of these two going at each other on the mic and it shows because the chemistry you created was really good. Edge talking about how he thrives under pressure and wins when it matters was really good; that is a good quality in him to point out. Jericho goading Edge into a fight was nice, but Christian attacking Jericho here was something I didn't see coming. I like how Christian has became a new dimension in this rivalry between Edge and Jericho, because they all have history with each other but this makes it all feel fresh. because for the first time they are all included in the upper midcard. Jericho will need something to go his way soon though because Edge and Christian are looking like the much stronger two out of the three. Good segment

Christian then showing Edge that he is in it for himself is a really good move booking-wise as well, purely because it does distance them both away from the days when they were together. The way you have booked Christian it wouldn't suit him to just team back up with Edge to take out Jericho, so seeing Christian as this kind of 'lone-wolf' character is a nice, refreshing change, and a big evolution for him as a character. Although I do think it is time for him to drop Tomko, because he adds nothing I feel.

Hmmm... another big promo right after the Edge and Jericho one? I'm not 100% sure about that, as this does feel like a very promo heavy show, so maybe just a mid card match or something would have been good in this spot, or just any match in general. Bischoff is always at his worst when he is in a good mood, and I enjoy your Bischoff the most when he is just being a prick for the sake of being a prick; Laurinaitis in my thread is really helped by your Bischoff by the way The way he talked about this only being the start of Michaels' punishment really made me happy because it has been brutal only after one week, and that was just stage one?! Him giving Shawn the night off... and trying to make out that he is a nice guy made me laugh bis match made for Unforgiven now; this card is shaping up to be very good. The fact that Shawn will have to go through the ENTIRE Entity to win the match makes it even harder, reminds me of when Vince kept making DX go against the Spirit Squad in a way. Kennedy coming out here wasn't expected, and yes, this was just as good reading the second time as the first Kennedy just wanting some competition is good, as it makes him look like an even cockier bastard than he already is. holy shit That was pure brilliance mate, one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed in a BTB no doubt. I don't think you'll want to make Kennedy a fully-fledged face, but the turn of sorts was inevitable given the way you have noted the fans are starting to react towards him. Some nice character development for Kennedy here, I like.

I like how the cracks are really starting to show between TWGTT now, as it is becoming more and more obvious that Benjamin just doesn't give a shit about the Tag Titles. I am positive that this thing is going to kick up into another gear soon and I am looking forward to it happening.

I'm a fan of how the Bashams have increased in popularity lately, I think I said that I had noticed it before, but they have emerged as a very unlikely, capable #2 face team on Raw. The match was a solid one, lots of hard hitting moves and strikes, which is what is expected from these two teams given their similar styles. PTP costing the Bashams the match made sense to me because they were doing it to help themselves, not the Dudleyz. Smart booking once again, and I think it is best for Unforgiven if it just stays as your two top teams fighting it out for the titles.

These couple of interviews here were really nice, and I really liked the Kane one, that final line in it was killer.

I like it how much of a beast you make Kane look like, purely by the fact that he knows that Benjamin has an injured ankle, but he barely targets it during the match; just opting for his usual power moves It was the right move however for Kane to be dominating the majority of the match until Matchwriting 101 kicks in and we get the mini face come back. I thought for sure one way or another this match wasn't ending cleanly and yeah I was right Jindrak is the logical choice for the next challenger to Benjamin's title, and Regal as the manipulator he is can cause even more problems between Haas and Benjamin. Hopefully you will have Regal mention at some point that Haas DIDN'T come and save Shelton from Kane & Jindrak. Batista coming down for the save was always expected but I can't see any problems with it really. I don't like how Kane just stood back and let Regal and Jindrak take the beating and not get involved himself; purely because he was just talking about putting Batista down, but at the first chance he gets he just hides in the back whilst others have a pop at the champion. I like how Batista wasn't satisfied with ridding Kane from the ring, he wanted to send a message; this is the side of Batista that I am a fan of. Kane turning things around was good, and almost going back to the Chokeslam off of the stage form before Summerslam was a good touch, and I am glad you had JR sell that and point it out. An almighty spot to end the show on; and it is great for Batista to get that revenge on Kane from before Summerslam. This is a very physical feud and I hope that you are able to work in the fact that these two cannot be contained... and use that to decide on the right gimmick match for Unforgiven if you so wish to have one.

All in all, I really enjoyed this show again mate. Only gripes I could have had is some of the ordering of the segments, and it could have possibly done with one more match. BUT Unforgiven is shaping up REALLY well with those two huge matches announced on this show, and the possibility of Victoria/Lita and of course the Edge/Christian/Jericho stuff AND Benjamin/Jindrak. The promos were as good as I have ever seen them from you, especially the Hassan one at the start which, along with the Bischoff/Kennedy/Stone Cold stuff, was my favourite part of the show. Nice job man, onto Smackdown! <3
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 2/9/05- Tampa, Florida

Tonight on Smackdown we were supposed to be receiving a WWE Championship match with John Cena defending against the winner of a number one contender’s match between Kurt Angle and Randy Orton. Instead we head to Tampa with no championship match scheduled and a whole host of questions to be answered.

Kurt Angle and Randy Orton’s match last week was all going smoothly and we appeared in line for a winner, that was until The Undertaker made his presence felt and took out both his long time rival Orton and Angle, making a statement of intent. However, the Deadman would succumb to the numbers game as opponents for the night joined forces with Angle and Orton coming together to take down the Phenom until the arrival of the champion himself to even the odds, John Cena. Was The Undertaker simply out to get Randy Orton’s attention once again or is the Deadman indeed setting his sights on the WWE Title? We hope to find out tonight whether the Demon of Death Valley has inserted himself into the title picture and if not, we hope to find out just who is at the top of the list for John Cena’s next challenge.

Last week saw the first match for No Mercy made where MNM will defend their WWE Tag Team Championships in a LADDER match against Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio. The A-List champions were left reeling at this announcement, believing they’d seen the last of the high fliers, however Teddy Long took all evidence on board and decided MNM DID pay somebody off to help them retain their gold. We’re still no nearer finding out just who the mercenary was but with a title defence now scheduled, we are some way towards justice. Tonight we will see the champions in action as they team up with Carlito to take on Mysterio, Van Dam and the returning United States Champion, Matt Hardy who will no doubt be gunning for the Apple Spitter.

John Bradshaw Layfield shocked the world last week when he announced suddenly that he was retiring, citing Bobby Lashley as his reasoning. The ‘Real Deal’ was left shocked, a mixture of emotions as he seemed to want more of the Wall Street Warrior. Well it turns out he may indeed get it. Later that night backstage Lashley was heinously ambushed by Bradshaw with the ‘Wrestling God’ having simply played Lashley, having played us all and stating he was not retiring and was instead targeting Lashley and vowed to teach him a lesson. Lashley will NOT be in attendance tonight due to doctor’s orders but JBL will be and he will be in action. Will Layfield send yet another statement to the ‘Real Deal’?

Also confirmed for tonight, Paul London will be in action as he squares off against the Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri with Brian Kendrick by his side. The two who have been referred to as ‘The Hooliganz’ have finally one upped the tandem of Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero over the past couple of weeks, will that trend continue tonight with a London victory? Tune it to find out.

All this and so much more tonight on Friday Night Smackdown!!

Confirmed for Smackdown:

MNM and Carlito vs Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam and Matt Hardy

JBL will be in action

Paul London vs Tajiri


The fallout from all the drama surrounding the WWE Championship

Big thanks for all the Raw feedback, much appreciated chaps and any more is welcomed. This should be up before Christmas, hope all are well in the mean time.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 2/9/05- Tampa, Florida

We kick off the show with a recap of what went down last week, the events which led to a Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton main event in which the winner would become number one contender to the WWE Title. We then see highlights from the match before a shocking ending which saw The Undertaker make his presence felt as all hell broke loose with the Deadman, Angle and Orton all coming to blows before WWE Champion John Cena came to the aid of the Phenom, fending off Angle and Orton’s advances, leaving us with more questions than answers to close last week’s show.

The opening video then pyro hits as these bad boy gets set to begin!!

Michael Cole: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Friday Night Smackdown on a night where we hope to figure out just who is next in line for a shot at the WWE Championship!! I’m Michael Cole joined as ever by Tazz and partner, it is sure to be a wild one tonight.

Tazz: Got that right Cole. Tonight we’ve been promised some answers from Teddy Long as to who will face John Cena for the WWE Title but that ain’t all we’ve got tonight baby!! Right here tonight in Tampa we got a huge six man tag team match!! The WWE Tag Team Champions MNM teamin’ up wit’ the Apple Spitter Carlito to take on Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio and the United States Champion, the returning…Matt Hardy!!

‘My Time is Now’

It’s a MASSIVE pop that greets the music of the champ himself, John Cena who storms out on stage, all guns blazing as he looks pumped to be here tonight.

Michael Cole: Indeed a huge six man tag team match all set for tonight but Tazz we are kicking things off…with the champ!! It’s been a strange ride for John Cena since Summerslam, retaining his title in a gripping yet controversial match with Kurt Angle before showing up last week and expecting to find out his next challenger only to end up taking both of them out, joining forces with The Undertaker.

Tazz: Definitely been a rollercoaster for John Cena and Cole I can only imagine that’s why John Cena’s out here tonight, to get the answers he’s lookin’ for, get the answers we’re ALL lookin’ for.

Cena takes a mic, a smile on his face as he surveys the crowd before getting set to address them.

John Cena: Tonight you people here in Tampa were supposed…to see a WWE Championship match.

Strong boos from the crowd now as they know that will not be the case after all.

John Cena: You were supposed to see me defending this title against one of two men, either Kurt Angle…or Randy Orton.

Heat for both those men, the odd cheer thrown in however for both too.

John Cena: And y’know what? I sat in the back watchin’ that match and I couldn’t tell ya who was gonna win. Kurt and Randy, they’re two of the best this show has to offer and they were tearin’ the house down last week before…well, before a certain somebody decided to show his face.

The crowd give a pretty strong pop as they know exactly who Cena’s talking about.

John Cena: You all know exactly who I’m talkin’ about and I think he made his intentions pretty damn clear come the end of last week’s show. In case you’ve been livin’ under a rock for the past week I am of course talkin’ about The Undertaker. The Phenom got involved in last week’s main event, making a a statement to the world that he ain’t goin’ anywhere, that this is still his yard and that whether it be Randy Orton, whether it be Kurt Angle or whether it be me…he wants to sit on top again, he wants to be the big dog again, he wants to be… WWE Champion again.

Big pop for that as Cena nods his head, understanding the fact he’s got the Phenom breathing down his neck.

John Cena
: I saw the look he gave me at the end of last week, I saw the look he gave this championship at the end of last week and I’ve seen that look before, that look says ‘Kid, you got what I want and you better believe I’m comin’ for it’. Well Deadman, I got a message for you and it ain’t hard to understand, if you want some…come…get some.

Cena’s intensity is evident, it’s all business now for the champion.

John Cena: I ain’t backed down from a challenge yet and Deadman, you ain’t no different, you want a shot at me? You want a shot at this? All you gotta do is ask cos believe me, I got absolutely NO DOUBTS…that I’d do the exact same thing to you that I’ve done to Kurt Angle, that I’ve done to Randy Orton and that is BEAT THEIR ASSES AND WALK OUT STILL…W…W…E…champion.

A very strong pop once more for a fired up champion tonight as Cena takes a breather, calming himself down.

John Cena: With that said, the main reason I came out here tonight wasn’t to talk about The Undertaker, it wasn’t to talk about Kurt Angle, to talk about Randy Orton, it was to find out the answer I think we all wanna know. Just who is next in line for a shot at the WWE Title? So Teddy Long if you wouldn’t mind coming down to this ring and letting me in, letting the world in on just who my next challenger is gonna be.

And with that Cena awaits the arrival of Smackdown’s General Manager, wanting to know just who his next challenge will be when it comes to the WWE Championship.

‘Burn in my Light’

But it is NOT TeddY Long who makes his way out, it is instead the Legend Killer, Randy Orton who steps out onto stage, Legend Killer T-Shirt on as well as his Wrestling gear as he stares Cena up and down with the champion staring right back, a smile on his face as though this was what he expected. Orton enters the ring, not taking his eyes off Cena before grabbing a mic from Tony Chimel, his music dying down as he gets set to address the matter at hand.

Randy Orton: John you may want Teddy Long out here to ‘let you in’ on who your next challenger’s gonna be but who needs Teddy Long…when I can do it for him?

Orton now smirks, rubbing his chin, Cena not looking too impressed.

Randy Orton: I can tell you right here, right now with absolutely no hesitation that I… am the next in line for a shot at the WWE Title. At Summerslam I defeated The Undertaker, I beat him with EASE and then last week? Last week I was moments away from doing the exact same thing to Kurt Angle.

John Cena: But that didn’t happen did it Randy? You didn’t beat Kurt Angle last week and Kurt Angle didn’t beat you which means…we’re right back where we started. I don’t know the number one contender, these people don’t know the number one contender and Randy, as much as you wanna believe you do, you do NOT and you are NOT…the number one contender.

Strong pop for this as Orton grits his teeth a little bit.

John Cena: You mighta beat The Undertaker at Summerslam and hey, hats off to ya, that ain’t an easy feat BUT last week we didn’t get a winner, you didn’t get the job done an…

Randy Orton: I didn’t get the job done? And why…why is that John? Why didn’t I get the job done last week? It wasn’t because Kurt Angle was better than me, it wasn’t because I just wasn’t up to it, it was because of one man and one…man…only. I didn’t get the job done last week…because of The Undertaker.

Another strong pop at the mention of the Phenom.

Randy Orton: And y’know what? You’ve come out here tonight and you’ve made all these claims, all these challenges, be it to me, be it to Kurt or be it to The Undertaker himself but John, aren’t…aren’t you forgetting to do something? The very first thing you should’ve done out here tonight was THANK…The Undertaker.

Cena looks a little confused here.

Randy Orton: You should be thanking The Undertaker for what he did last week because he stopped the inevitable, he stopped me from winning that match and he stopped me from coming here tonight, EMBARRASSING you and taking... that WWE Title.

A large amount of heat for Orton’s comments there as Cena lifts his hat off his head, putting it back on, you can see he hasn’t reacted too kindly to that remark from TLK.

John Cena: I should thank The Undertaker, is that right? Because he stopped you from comin’ here to Smackdown tonight and embarrassing me?

Cena sounds perplexed as he responds to Orton’s claims.

John Cena: Well Randy you can believe whatever crap comes outta your mouth all you want but I got a question for ya. You might not have won last week, you might not have earned the title shot you wanted but…what’s stoppin’ me and you steppin’ inside this ring tonight anyway and you ‘embarrassing’ me like you promised?

Cena is now in Orton’s face and the crowd are electric as Cena and Orton stare one another dead in the eyes. The stare lasts a matter of seconds before Orton backs away, smirking to himself.

Randy Orton: What’s stop…what’s stopping us? I’ll tell you what’s stopping us Cena…NOTHING!!

Big pop again as it appears Orton is going to go one on one with the champion right here tonight.

Randy Orton: So why don…


But just as the match looked all set to be confirmed before the arrival of Smackdown’s General Manager, the Playa himself, Mr.Teddy Long. Long struts out onto the stage, a broad smile on his face as he does a little jig, his music slowly dying down as he gets set to address this situation that’s brewing.

Teddy Long: Now hold on just a second there playas. As much…as much as I and all these people would love to see the two of you go one on one tonight, that simply ain’t gonna happen.

There’s some strong heat for this as Orton and Cena both look disappointed with Long’s decision.

Teddy Long: That ain’t gonna happen because we have ALREADY…got our main event set for right here tonight in Tampa!!

Now the crowd are hot once more, T-Long with the cheap plug.

Teddy Long
: Inside that very ring, we gonn’ have ourselves a TAG TEAM MATCH!!

Oh what a fucking shocker Teddy.

Randy Orton: NO!! NO…Teddy we are not having a ta…I am NOT teaming up with Kurt Angle tonight. I refuse to team with him and I refuse to face HIM(looking at Cena) unless it’s for that WWE Title so why don’t you just do what’s right and give me what I deserve.

Teddy Long: Well Randy you ain’t got anythin’ to worry about dawg because you are NOT teamin’ wit’ Kurt Angle here tonight and you are NOT gonna be up against John Cena.

Orton has a ‘WTF?’ look on his face now, Cena has a more surprised look on his face, the crowd are intrigued.

Teddy Long: Because our main event here tonight is gonna be…it’s gonna be a little bit different, ya feel me? On one side of the ring we’re goin’ to see the team of Kurt Angle…and THE UNDERTAKER!!

Wow, big pop for that as Cena nods his head, Orton hasn’t moved however, listening intently.

Teddy Long: And on the other side of the ring it’s goin’ to be Randy Orton…teaming wit’ JOHN CENA!!

OH!! It’s a THUNDEROUS pop at that as Orton simply puts his head down, he’s clearly fuming here, trying to hold it in as Cena’s look of inquisition is now one of intensity. Cena looks at Orton who refuses to look back before the champion seems to mouth ‘Do what we gotta do’.

Teddy Long: I’m goin’ to be lookin’ at just who can co-exist out there tonight playas, just who’s gonna go out there, put their issues to one side and steal the show!! Wit’ that bein’ said, by the end of the night, we might, we just might… have ourselves a new number one contender, holla holla!!

And with that T-Long’s music hits, a huge tag team match set for later on tonight as Orton and Cena now share a staredown as they realise that they’re going to have to team up here tonight to take on a likewise make shift team of Kurt Angle and The Undertaker.

Michael Cole: What a HUGE main event made by Teddy Long here tonight!! Kurt Angle must team with The Undertaker to take on Randy Orton and…and John Cena!! How will these two teams be able to co exist?!

Tazz: Major props to Teddy Long Cole. He coulda taken the easy option but he’s really shook things up here tonight in a big way, BLOCKBUSTER main event and I can’t wait to see how these two teams are gonna be able to work together. The number one contender might well be found right here tonight baby!! Look at Orton’s face!!

Orton looks absolutely seething as he and Cena continue facing off, Cena not looking as concerned with the announcement as much as Orton is with the Legend Killer looking like he’s in a whole world of trouble here tonight.


We return from the break and already in the ring is the Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri who looks on poised and ready for some action here tonight before we hear the music of his opponent…

‘Stay in Shadow’

And it’s the high flying Paul London who storms out to the ring, accompanied by his partner in recent weeks Brian Kendrick and the duo receive a very warm welcome from the Tampa faithful with both men charging full speed ahead into the ring.

Michael Cole: Well last week was a huge step in the right direction for Paul London his quest to regain the Cruiserweight Championship. London has been plagued by the numbers game in recent weeks with Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero proving too much to handle but the addition of Brian Kendrick alongside him has really seen a change in fortune.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. London just couldn’t handle Helms and Chavo on his own so he did the smart thing, got himself some help and last week it paid off as Kendrick pulled one outta the bag beating Helms thanks to the work of Paul London. I think Chavo and Helms may be a little more on edge after last week.

Match One: Singles Match

Paul London w/Brian Kendrick vs Tajiri

This one is unsurprisingly very fast paced as London looks to make a statement towards Gregory Helms whilst Tajiri is perhaps doing likewise, seeking a title opportunity of his own following a bit of a barren run but it’s London who gets off to a flier, striking Tajiri down with a string of clotheslines before a beautiful dropkick floors the Japanese Buzzsaw.

London continues his strong offense, bringing Tajiri to his feet, nailing some big elbows to his opponent’s jaw before a boot to the gut, Irish whip by London as Tajiri flies into the turnbuckle, London comes storming in and smashes Tajiri with a big corner clothesline. Tajiri stumbles out of the corner, London on the front foot as he runs the ropes, clothesline again, NO!! Tajiri ducks it and London runs through, SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY!! Beautiful stuff from London off the ropes, Tajiri spinning round into trouble, cover by London, 1…2…kick out at two to jeers from the crowd.

London scoops Tajiri up, not wanting to dwell on that two count as he strikes with several fast paced right hands, Irish whip now from London, Tajiri rebounds, clothesline!! NO!! Tajiri ducks it, London spins round and Tajiri strikes with a deadly kick to the gut, stiff kicks now from the Japanese Buzzsaw as London appears winded, Tajiri now the one assembling control as he works all over London’s body with an array of striking kicks. Irish whip now from Tajiri, reversal from London, Tajiri runs through…HANDSPRING BACK ELBOW!! Trademark Tajiri as London is floored and Tajiri scrambles into a cover, 1…2…kick out at two from the Daredevil London.

Tajiri comes within a whisker and he now senses the end is near as London slowly begins to rise, Tajiri sizes him up, the BUzzsaw kick perhaps in mind here as London sits up and Tajiri goes for the Buzzsaw…London ducks it…AND HE ROLLS TAJIRI UP FROM BEHIND!! 1…2…3…NO!! Tajiri gets the shoulder up!! Both men are quick to their feet and Tajiri looks for another kick but London catches a boot, swings Tajiri round, boot to the gut from London and he connects with a HUGE DDT!! The crowd pops like crazy as London storms up high, the end in sight as he looks around the arena, Tajiri sprawled out on the mat and LONDON FLIES, 450 SPLASH CONNECTS!! Cover…1…2…3…London takes it!!

Winner: Paul London(6:45

Michael Cole: A convincing win for Paul London here tonight, impressive as ever against a more than capable Tajiri. What kinda message will that send to Gregory Helms, Tazz?

Tazz: I got no doubts Cole that Gregory Helms has already got the message and that message is loud and clear, Paul London is comin’ for him and he’s comin’ for the Cruiserweight Championship.

London, a little out of breath shares a handshake with Brian Kendrick before grabbing a microphone from ringside, his music dying down as he clearly has something he wants to get off his chest.

Paul London
: Chavo Guerrero…and Gregory Helms.

Heat already for the mere mention of their names.

Paul London
: You two took away the one thing that I care about most in this business, you took away the Cruiserweight Championship and since that moment it’s been a real uphill battle for me. It’s been two on one, it’s been struggle after struggle but the last couple of weeks…well, things have changed haven’t they?

London now looks in Kendrick’s direction, a smirk now on the Daredevil’s face.

Paul London
: Things have changed because the numbers game, the thing you rely on most, the thing you use to your advantage time and time again…it’s gone.

Decent pop for this.

Paul London: It’s no longer Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero walkin’ all over Paul London. It’s now Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero goin’ to battle with Paul London… and Brian Kendrick!!

Nice pop for that as Kendrick excitably yells ‘YEAHHH’.

Paul London: Which means that I’m no longer gonna fall victim to your little games, I’m not gonna get jumped from behind, I’m not gonna get screwed over by the numbers anymore and Greg, Chavo, trust me on this one, with Brian standing in my corner now, the score WILL…be settled.

Another strong pop for London here as he wipes some sweat off his forehead.

Paul London: Ever since the two of you took that title away from me I’ve been waiting, biding my time for the right opportunity to get my rematch for MY Cruiserweight Championship. That time hasn’t come, the odds have been stacked against me time and again, the moment’s just…it’s just not been right but now?

London smirks, laughing a little to himself, Kendrick doing likewise.

Paul London
: Now, the odds are even, the time has come, the moment is here and I wanted to announce right here tonight in front of all you people here in Tampa that at No Mercy, October 9th, I WILL get my rematch and I WILL take back…what is mine.

Wow. Big announcement from London here tonight.

Paul London: You two have been ridin’ your luck for long enough but I guarandamntee your luck’s about to run out cos when we head to Houston, Texas you’re not just comin’ up against one man on a mission, you’re comin’ up against TWO FIRED UP HOOLIGANS WHO ARE HELL BENT…who are hell bent on takin’… you… down.

And with that the music of Paul London hits and he and Kendrick exit the ring to a strong pop, London’s intentions made clear as he challenges Gregory Helms for the Cruiserweight Championship come October 9th.

Michael Cole
: Strong words from Paul London here tonight and Tazz London is not wrong. The odds are now even, Brian Kendrick is in his corner and he will be on October 9th at No Mercy where London will invoke his rematch clause for the Cruiserweight Title. Should be a heck of a match.

Tazz: No doubt about it Cole. London and Helms had an awesome contest at the Bash where it all ended in controversy. At No Mercy, there ain’t gonna be any of that as Brian Kendrick joins Paul London’s corner. Chavo and Helms better think up something different to get the better of Paul London, two on one just ain’t gonna happen anymore and I think it makes the whole thing a whole lot more interesting when we head to Houston.


We return and go straight into a video package…

We see a dark room with a simple spotlight as some end of the world esque, dark music plays and into that spotlight steps Randy Orton.

Narrator: There are those who show no respect.

Orton stands in the spotlight and smirks before we then cut to footage from Summerslam where Orton hammers The Undertaker with a deadly RKO counter to the chokeslam.

We go again back to that spotlight where this time stands Rob Van Dam who plays with his hands as if warming up for battle, a fierce look on his face.

Narrator: There are those who have no regrets.

We see action of Van Dam following MNM backstage before we see footage from The Great American Bash of Van Dam kicking Joey Mercury’s head off before a shot of Van Dam exhausted having laid it all on the line.

We once more go back to the spotlight, the same eerie music playing but it’s slowly picking up pace as into the light comes Carlito, apple in hand as he tosses it up and down.

Narrator: There are those who show no class.

Footage from Summerslam where Carlito ambushed Matt Hardy backstage is shown before we see Lito’s trademark as he spits apple into the face of Hardy, a wry smile on his face after doing so.

Again we go back to the spotlight, this time there stands the WWE Champion himself, John Cena who proudly points down at the title around his waist.

Narrator: There are those who show no fear.

We then see shots of Cena tearing into John Bradshaw Layfield in their bloody Last Man Standing match at Judgment Day before we see more action from Cena defending his title at the Bash against Layfield, Angle and Orton before a final image of Cena holding his title up high.

Narrator: And then there are those who show…No Mercy.

And with that we get a shot of a roaring Kurt Angle appear into the spotlight before footage of Angle putting Shawn Michaels in the Ankle Lock before more victims falling at the hands of Angle’s ruthless streak including John Cena, Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam as the dark music really kicks into gear before slowly dying down again and we get flashing images of Angle, Cena, Carlito, Van Dam and finally Randy Orton before a dramatic, sudden stop to the music.

We return from that video package and head backstage where we see Josh Matthews who is ready and waiting to speak with us, goofy smile and all sorts.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman joining me at this time, he is the ‘Wrestling Machine’, he is…Kurt Angle.

And with that Angle appears into shot, hands on hips, a look of sheer intensity on his face as ever as he eyes up a now slightly tense Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Kurt later on tonight in our main event you will have to team up with The Undertaker to take on John Cena and Randy Orton. What are your thoughts on having to team with the Deadman here tonight?

Kurt Angle: I think it is absolutely RIDICULOUS!! This…this whole show is RIDICULOUS!! I took John Cena, the WWE Champion to the absolute limit at Summerslam and I NEVER LOST!! But…but what happens? Do I…do I get my rematch, do I get what I deserve? No, no I don’t. Instead I turn up here last week and I’m told that I’ve gotta beat Randy Orton to get that rematch.

Angle has a confused look on his face now, almost taken aback.

Kurt Angle
: It…it made no sense to me, it made no sense to anybody and yet I go out there and I’m all set to do it, all set to beat Randy Orton and take what I deserve but then…then what happens?

Angle begins laughing to himself now, shaking his head.

Kurt Angle: The lights go out, the Deadman comes from outta nowhere like he always does and he…HE RUINS MY CHANCES!! HE TAKES AWAY MY TITLE SHOT AND NOW?! Now…I’ve gotta team up with him tonight? Give me a freakin’ break.

Angle is clearly furious here although he has calmed himself down slightly compared to his rant moments ago.

Josh Matthews: Well Kurt as much as you don’t like it, Teddy Long told Randy Orton earlier on tonight that if he wants to be named the next number one contender he would have to co exist with John Cena, put his issues to one side and simply steal the show. What do you make of Teddy Long’s statement?

Angle thinks about it for a second, either not sure how to respond or perhaps simply too angry to do so.

Kurt Angle: Well if that’s what it’s gonna take to be named number one contender then I think it’s safe to say that Randy Orton doesn’t stand a chance because there is only ONE MAN…who’s capable of stealin’ the show and Josh…you’re lookin’ at him.

Angle now smirks to himself, the crowd giving him a little heat for his arrogance there.

Kurt Angle: Ask Shawn Michaels, ask John Cena, ask ANYBODY…just who the best damn wrestler in this company is and their answer would be Kurt Angle. Tonight? Tonight I’m not gonna go out there and co-exist with The Undertaker, I’m not gonna put ANY issues I have to one side but I GUARANTEE…I’m gonna steal the show and when I do? When I do Teddy Long will have absolutely NO CHOICE…but to name me as the number one contender, oh it’s true.

Angle stares intently at Matthews, really pumped up right now.

Kurt Angle: It’s damn true.

And with that Angle departs, his message crystal clear for all to understand as he heads towards his main event slot later on tonight and we return back ringside where we see Heidenreich who is stood inside the squared circle preparing for action, his music dying down in the background before we hear…


Just like that, the boos begin filling the arena as out comes that trademark white limo, the door being opened to reveal the Wrestling God himself, a beaming John Bradshaw Layfield in his custom white hat and black jacket.

Michael Cole: Well back to the action here tonight and Tazz, how JBL can come out here smiling and laughing as if what he did last week wasn’t wrong. JBL goaded Bobby Lashley, he goaded all of us into believing he’d retired only to return later in the night and viciously assault Lashley.

Tazz: It was underhanded, no doubt Cole BUT…it worked to a tee for JBL and for him? That’s all that matters to him and I think he may have finally one upped Bobby Lashley with what went on last week.

Michael Cole: Indeed Bobby Lashley unable to attend here tonight due to that assault last week, we expect, we hope that Bobby Lashley will be back here on Friday Night Smackdown next week and I’ve no doubts JBL will have something in store once more for the ‘Real Deal’.

Match Two: Singles Match

John Bradshaw Layfield vs Heidenreich

Heidenreich looks to get at JBL from the get go, steaming in and levelling the former WWE Champion with some right hands to the face before battering Bradshaw’s kidneys with some strong rights as Layfield is backed into the corner. Once there Heidenreich continues with some shoulders to the gut of Bradshaw, the ‘Wrestling God’ looking in some discomfort, perhaps surprised at Heidenreich’s strong start, the crowd getting firmly behind him.

Heidenreich backs away from the corner now, a look of determination in his eyes as he heads to the opposite corner, back turned before spinning round and charging, BIG BOOT BY JBL!! Heidenreich taking too long and JBL heads out of the corner to take him down with authority, Heidenreich’s stranglehold on the match perhaps over and done with now as the boos reign in on the Wall Street Warrior as he begins to go to work on his opponent with some massive kicks to the skull, the referee warning Bradshaw to back off.

Bradshaw then drags Heidenreich to his feet, clubbing him with a right hand, another right follows before a big Irish whip, Heidenreich rebounds right into a reverse elbow from Layfield!! Heidenreich stumbles to the mat as JBL now has a wide grin on his face, the crowd pouring heat on him as Bradshaw now drops an elbow right into the chest of Heidenreich. Quickly back to his feet and he drops ANOTHER elbow and ANOTHER, Heidenreich struggling for air now as JBL really takes it to him here. He lifts the big man back to his feet, dragging him over towards the turnbuckle BEFORE TOSSING HEIDENREICH THROUGH THE ROPES SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE RINGPOST!! Heidenreich writhing in agony now as JBL viciously picks him apart here.

Layfield now lets out a yell claiming that ‘I HOPE YOU’RE WATCHIN’ THIS BOBBY, THIS IS YOUR FATE KID’. Heidenreich now stumbles out of the corner, dazed and in some pain as JBL runs the ropes, the end in sight as he takes Heidenreich’s head off with a HUGE Clothesline from Hell!! Cover from Bradshaw, 1…2…3…game over.

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield(4:33)

Michael Cole: A ruthless display here tonight from John Bradshaw Layfield and there certainly appears to be a strut in his step as he looks to put an end to Bobby Lashley’s seemingly unstoppable streak here on Smackdown.

Tazz: Ruthless ain’t wrong Cole. A vicious showin’ from JBL tonight and I think you’re right, Bobby Lashley’s downfall seems to be Bradshaw’s motivation right now. He ain’t had it easy since Wrestlemania and I get the feelin’ that beatin’ Bobby Lashley is all that’s motivatin’ him right now. Lashley’s gonna have to raise it a whole ‘nother level if he wants to see off JBL, I’m damn sure of that one.

JBL does appear very intense as he backs up the ramp, yelling to himself ‘That’s what it’s all about’ before looking at the camera and shouting furiously ‘BOBBY LASHLEY, MEET YOUR MATCH KID’.


We return and immediately head to the locker room where we see Randy Orton who is sat down, hands clasped together as he appears to be in deep thought ahead of tonight’s main event but Orton’s eyes soon widen and he quickly stands up as we see the emergence of John Cena!!

John Cena: Easy, easy, just relax alright, I ain’t here to start anything. I just came by to make sure we’re on the same page tonight. I’ll take on any challenge thrown my way but dealin’ with a fired up Wrestlin’ Machine and a Deadman on my own? That ain't exactly top of my wishlist.

Randy Orton: You don’t need to worry about a thing Cena. I’m on the same page as you…for tonight. But don’t get any ideas in your head, I’m on your side tonight for one reason and one reason only…that championship sitting on your shoulder.

We get a glimpse of the title belt, Orton staring right at it.

John Cena: That’s all I needed to know, I’ll see ya out there.

Cena goes to depart…

Randy Orton: Hold…hold on just a second, I’m not quite finished Cena. You might’ve come here looking to make sure we’re on the same page tonight but if you didn’t come and find me? Well I was gonna come and find you because, well, I’ve got a few concerns of my own.

Cena looks confused, Oron biting his lip before continuing.

Randy Orton: See I’m a little concerned…about you.

John Cena: You’re concerned…about me? Well gee Randy ain’t that thoughtful of ya?

Orton laughs out of pity for Cena’s humour.

Randy Orton: My concern is down to what Teddy Long said earlier, you remember that don’t you? Teddy Long said that whoever could co-exist tonight, whoever could put their issues to one side, whoever could steal the show would be named the number one contender to the WWE Championship.

John Cena: Sooo what are…what are ya getting at here?

Randy Orton: What am I getting at? Well isn’t it obvious Cena? You don’t want me anywhere NEAR that title. I know that and you…you know it too which is where I’m concerned. I’m concerned that you’re gonna go out there tonight and you’re not gonna ‘co exist’, that you’re not gonna ‘put your issues aside’, that you are not gonna let me ‘steal the show’ because you KNOW…because you know that if I get even a sniff at that title…I’m taking it.

Orton and Cena square off now with Cena’s facial expression now one of all business.

John Cena: That right? Well those concerns you have? Forget about ‘em. You got my word that tonight… I’ll co exist with ya, I’ll put my issues aside for one…night and hey, while we’re at it you can try…to steal the show but make no mistake about it, after tonight that ALL…goes out the window and Randy, if you’re number one contender? If you’re number one contender then even better, because nothin’ would feel better…than me kickin’ your ass.

Big time pop for that.

John Cena: I’ll see ya out there…partner.

And with that Cena pats Orton on the back before exiting, Orton looking at where Cena touched him in…just disgust and we head back to ringside.

We then shift away from the locker room and elsewhere backstage where we see Paul London and Brian Kendrick who are seemingly having a laugh as they stroll through the back together, it’s all smiles following London’s victory and statement earlier on tonight as the duo appear to be exiting the arena with London asking Kendrick ‘Where do you wanna go?’ before BAM!! LONDON AND KENDRICK ARE TAKEN DOWN FROM BEHIND BY GREGORY HELMS AND CHAVO GUERRERO!!

HELMS AND GUERRERO KNOCKING THE HOOLIGANZ DOWN AND BEGIN HAMMERING AWAY WITH VICIOUS STOMPS ACROSS THE FALLEN BODIES OF LONDON AND KENDRICK, CHAVO DRIVING HIS BOOT INTO THE FACE OF KENDRICK, HELMS NOW DROPPING TO HIS KNEES AND DISSECTING LONDON WITH RIGHT HANDS!! The boos from the crowd ring around the arena as the Cruiserweight Champion and his partner have man handled London and Kendrick here. The beating finally stops as Helms nails one final right hand that sends London’s head crashing to the floor and Chavo kicks the skull of Kendrick in for good measure, the heat is through the roof for these two men.

Gregory Helms
: The odds may be even boys but Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero will always, ALWAYS…overcome ‘em.

And with that Helms and Chavo share a look at one another before a smirk appears on both their faces and they head off laughing at the damage they’ve done here tonight. The numbers game clearly not affecting their thought process as they head to No Mercy.

Back to ringside.

Michael Cole: What the…what the hell was the need for that?! Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero taking out Paul London and Brian Kendrick here tonight. They just backed up everything Paul London said tonight about sneak attacks, getting jumped from behind, what do…what do these two thing that’s gonna achieve?!

Tazz: It’s all about makin’ a statement, the odds might be even but what did Helms just say Cole? Odds don’t matter cos Helms and Chavo will always overcome ‘em. At No Mercy they’re gonna have to back that up but tonight they nailed that first step.

‘I Spit in the face of People who don’t want to be Cool’

Moving on from that we hear the music of the Apple Spitter who steps out to a small amount of heat as Carlito wears a broad smile, tossing his apple up and down in the air as he gets set for some six man tag action involving the man who’s title he desires, Matt Hardy.

Michael Cole: But back to the matters at hand next and a huge six man tag team match coming up next with this man being a part of it, Carlito. Tazz at Summerslam it was a disappointing loss for the Apple Spitter however he was the one who left Summerslam still standing, delivering a brutal ambush backstage to Matt Hardy. With Hardy back here tonight, do you believe Carlito will find a way to get a rematch for the United States Title?

Tazz: I think he will Cole. Whether it be by earnin’ it the right way, I’m not so sure but I think Carlito will get what he wants. Matt Hardy’s a fightin’ champ and if Carlito wants him some, Hardy will give it to ‘im, you’d better believe.


Out next to even more resounding heat are the WWE Tag Team Champions alongside Melina, Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, MNM who have the red carpet treatment as ever, however Melina isn’t looking as devious as usual, instead a fairly stern look on her face, likewise for the champions following last week’s announcement.

Michael Cole: Carlito’s partners here tonight, two men who do NOT look happy and let’s face it, who can blame ‘em? Finally MNM were undone last week, their plan was hatched as Teddy Long weighed up all the evidence and found that MNM did pay somebody off to screw Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam at the Bash. The consequences? MNM will now defend their titles at No Mercy against Mysterio and Van Dam in a LADDER MATCH!!

Tazz: Gonna be an awesome, awesome match Cole and you gotta believe that at long last Mysterio and Van Dam have the odds in their favour when we head to Houston. MNM may be taken to and beyond the extreme.

‘Live for the Moment’

It’s a BIG time pop next as the United States Champion storms out on stage, Matt Hardy! Hardy returning for the first time since Summerslam where he was heinously assaulted by Carlito and immediately Hardy locks eyes with his rival, Lito not looking too phased by Hardy’s glare as he gives it right back to the former Hardy Boy.

Michael Cole
: Listen to this ovation for the United States Champion!! Matt Hardy missed Smackdown last week due to the injuries sustained at the hands of Carlito but he is back here tonight and you can see already that he’s got Carlito in mind.

Tazz: Got that one right Cole. The look on Hardy’s face says it all, he’s back, he’s fired up and he’s gunnin’ for Carlito. I’m expectin’ fireworks tonight baby.

‘Booyaka/One of a Kind Remix’

And finally, the men who challenge for the WWE Tag Team Titles at No Mercy step out to a very loud ovation, Rob Van Dam who is looking a lot livelier and bubbly than usual alongside the equally fired up Rey Mysterio. Both men smiling for the first time in a long time as they now have their rematch for the gold at No Mercy while MNM look on in disgust.

Michael Cole
: These two men have been seemingly on a downward spiral since beginning their rivalry with MNM, especially Rob Van Dam who has just become embroiled in the whole thing but last week and right here tonight I think it’s safe to say that the downward spiral has stopped and things are only going to look up for Van Dam and Mysterio as we head to No Mercy.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Van Dam seemed a lost man in recent weeks but the smile is back, the strut in Van Dam’s step is back and you can see how much it means to him, how much it means to Mysterio that they’re back in title contention and they can FINALLY get the rematch they deserve.

Match Three: Tag Team Match

Carlito and MNM w/Melina vs Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

Matt Hardy is desperate to start this one out for his team and he gets the nod of approval from his team mates while it’s Joey Mercury who kicks it off for his team, Carlito not wanting any piece of Hardy just yet tonight. It’s Hardy who starts off hot here also, Mercury having no answer for a fired up United States Champion who comes storming at one half of the tag champs with right hand after right hand, forcing Mercury up against the turnbuckle as Hardy comes racing in and clatters into Mercury with a big running clothesline.

Mercury stumbles out of the corner right into a boot from Hardy, Irish whip from the former Team Extreme man and Mercury rebounds right into a big back body drop!! Early cover by Hardy, 1…2…kick out at two from Mercury much to the relief of Melina on the outside. Hardy’s back to his feet quickly and drags Mercury up too crashing a right hand into his opponent’s skull, dragging Mercury over towards his corner where he tags in Rey Mysterio!! Mysterio is quckly in as Hardy holds Mercury up and Mysterio nails him with striking kicks!! Stiff kicks from Mysterio into the kidneys of Mercury who is wincing in pain as Rey continues his offense. Mercury is doubled over as Rey now runs the ropes, looking to keep the tempo high in this one, he rebounds and Mercury sees him coming, scoops Rey up high BUT REY CATCHES HIM WITH A HURRICANRANA!! BEAUTIFUL FROM MYSTERIO!!

Mercury crumples to the mat but Rey’s right on him again, bringing him to his feet, hoping to keep the pace up again here, more kicks to the stomach and kidneys of Mercury forcing him up against the ropes before an Irish whip by Rey, reversal, Rey rebounds and MERCURY DAMN NEAR TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! Rey’s floored as Mercury gets his breath in, both men down but Mercury crawling towards his corner, edging ever nearer as he finally reaches his destination and tags in Carlito!!

Lito strolls into the ring, eyeing up Mysterio, giving Hardy a glance in his direction to as Rey begins to stir but not for long as Lito levels him with a boot across the back. Repeated boots all across Rey’s lower back as the Apple Spitter points at Hardy yelling ‘This is for ju Matt’ before he grabs Rey and lifts him up, Mysterio looking worse for wear here as Carlito now runs the ropes and CONNECTS WITH A RUNNING KNEE LIFT!! Lito runs through though and rebounds off the opposite side, taking Rey down with a clothesline!! Lito fully in control here as he goes for a cover, 1…2..kick out at two from Rey!! Van Dam was all set to break the count there much to Lito’s annoyance who demands the ref speak with him, only to be denied his request.

Lito shows his annoyance before dragging Rey to his feet and clubbing him across the back, repeated left hands from the Apple Spitter, Mysterio really struggling here as he grabs a hold of Rey’s arm and whips him across the ring, reversal though by Rey, Carlito’s forced towards the ropes…BUT HE COMES UP WITH A SPRINGBOARD BACK ELBOW SENDING REY DOWN!! Lito impressive right now as Rey is floored and Carly scrambles for another cover, 1…2…VAN DAM BREAKS THE COUNT!! This time Rob Van Dam does save his partner much to MNM’s annoyance as Melina hops onto the apron, screeching at the official who obliges to her request and ushers Van Dam away…but while the ref’s back is turned Nitro drags Carlito over to their corner!! The referee turns back around and NITRO TAGS HIMSELF IN!! Smart strategy by the Tag Team Champions as Nitro, the freshest man storms in and immediately goes to work on Mysterio, dropping down and hammering away with repeated right hands, Mysterio really in a world of trouble here.

Nitro draws the biggest little man to his feet, eyeing him up and down before striking with a picture perfect dropkick!! Mysterio floored again, the crowd are really rallying around him though, ‘Let’s go Rey’ chants which Nitro scoffs at before he once again drags Rey up, this time a little slower, perhaps an air of arrogance as he does so and it costs him as Rey strikes with a right hand to the gut!! Nitro winded as Rey strikes with right hands and now a kick to the mid section. Irish whip by Rey, Nitro reverses it though, Rey rebounds and Nitro catches him BUT REY WITH AN INCREDIBLE COUNTER INTO A RUNNING REVERSE DDT!! The crowd pop huge, perhaps a turning point here, both men down as Rey looks to crawl towards his corner, Hardy and Van Damn desperate for the tag while Mercury and Carlito want in this thing on the opposite side of the ring.

Nitro tries to drag himself over but he’s in some trouble following that DDT, Mysterio looks the more likely although all the punishment he’s taken tonight seems to have taken its toll. Both men dragging themselves towards the corner, edging ever nearer, Rey stretches out a hand AND HE MAKES THE TAG TO ROB VAN DAM!! Van Dam storms in just as Nitro makes the tag, here comes Carlito!! Lito hops inside the ring but he’s met with a boot to the gut from Van Dam, Lito catches it, BUT A WINDMILL KICK FROM VAN DAM!! Lito’s sent spiralling here!! Van Dam grabs Lito picking him up and delivers an Irish whip but Lito reverses, Van Dam rebounds and he takes Carlito down with a spinning wheel kick!! Van Dam is rolling here…BUT JOEY MERCURY COMES IN AND TAKES RVD DOWN!! Mercury assaulting Van Dam but here comes MYSTERIO!!

Rey enters the ring and throws himself at Mercury who catches him but Rey with A WHEELBARROW BULLDOG!! Mercury is floored but here comes Nitro, SUPERKICK TO REY!! NO!! REY DUCKS IT AND NITRO’S SPUN ROUND BY MATT HARDY WHO DROPS HIM WITH THE SIDE EFFECT!! MNM taken out here, Hardy and Rey want more…BUT MELINA PULLS HER BOYS OUTTA THE RING!! The heat is off the charts as Melina drags her boys out and they…they begin to retreat, Nitro and Mercury crawling back up the ramp, wanting nothing to do with these three men, Melina standing by their side as it’s three on one now!!

Mysterio and Rey look furious but soon turn their attentions inside the ring where Carlitois stirring, Van Dam likewise as Rey and Matt share a nod of approval and Rey brings Carlito to his feet, Irish whip, Drop Toe Hold AND THE APPLE SPITTER GOES FACE FIRST INTO THE ROPES, THE CROWD KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!! Mysterio makes the move…619 CONNECTING!! Lito springs back out right into the path of Matt Hardy, boot to the gut…TWIST OF FATE!! The crowd are going crazy here as we see Van Dam scaling to the top rope, he surveys the crowd before SOARING THROUGH THE AIR, FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH CONNECTING!! Cover, 1…2…3…BIG win for Van Dam, Rey and Hardy here tonight!!

Winners: Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam(9:51)

Michael Cole: BIG win for Mysterio, Van Dam and Hardy here tonight!! MNM leaving Carlito high and dry, the Apple Spitter didn’t stand a chance Tazz against three of the very best that Smackdown has to offer!!

Tazz: Huge win for these three men tonight but MNM ain’t lookin’ too sure of ‘emselves right now Cole. Van Dam and Mysterio appear to be inside their heads, they don’t want nothin’ to do with these guys headin’ into No Mercy. You throw a ladder into all that and I can only see one outcome right now and that’s new tag team champions.

We see Van Dam and Rey celebrate, eyeing up MNM who watch on in fear it would seem from the top of the ramp, Melina snarling as she does so before we see Matt Hardy embrace his two team mates inside the ring, the three men greeted with a rousing reception as we head out.


We return and we see the trio that is MNM walking through the halls backstage. The look of defeat is evident amongst Mercury and Nitro who’s heads are down, huffing and puffing while Melina looks unusually disappointed. The threesome soon stop in their tracks however as Melina huffs once again and the camera shits where we see Carlito appear into shot!

Carlito: Ju…ju guys have an explanation for what happened out there?! HUH?! JU WANNA TELL CARLITO WHY jU WALKED OUT ON HIM?!

Lito is clearly riled up here but MNM really don’t seem interested.

Johnny Nitro: Listen Carlito, that match out there was…it was worthless. That match didn’t matter to us and hey, it shouldn’t matter to you either. We got more important things to worry about right now.

Joey Mercury: Johnny’s right. We’ve got Van Dam and Mysterio to worry about at No Mercy in a freakin’ ladder match. What do you have to worry about huh?

There’s silence.

Joey Mercury: Exactly, you don’t have anything to worry about. So instead of focusing on us tonight, why don’t you start focusing on yourself and maybe then you’ll get back on track, maybe then you might get yourself some gold of your own.

Mercury points at his Tag Team title belt as he says this, Carlito’s face screwed up.

Carlito: Ha ha, ju’re right, ju’re right. Carlito does have nothing to worry about and ju know why dat is? It’s because Carlito KNOWS…he’s gonna become United States Champion soon enough. And ju know, ju’re right on somethin’ else too. Ju’re right dat ju DO have a whole lot to worry about because at No Mercy dat gold ju like to show off, ju aren’t gonna have it any longer, all dat ju’re gonna have is JUR ASSES HANDED TO JU!!

And with that Carlito backs off, still furious that MNM walked out on him tonight and we see a worried look on the faces of Mercury and Nitro once more, Melina scratching her head.

Johnny Nitro: He’s…he’s…oh who are we kidding? We can’t do this can we? Van Dam and Mysterio…a…a ladder match?! That’s their kinda match!!

Joey Mercury
: We’re gonna really have to pull one outta the bag, I don’t even know where to start. Melina what are we gonna do?

Nothing, no response at all from the wily diva.

Joey Mercury: Hello? Earth calling Melina.

Melina: WHAT DO YOU…(calming down) what do you want me to do? I don’t know, I don’t have all the answers. We’re just…(sighs) we’re just gonna have to…

But Melina suddenly looks down as we see that her phone is ringing?? Melina looks a little surprised before holding a finger out at Mercury and Nitro to wait a second as Melina then answers the call, still looking a little confused.

Melina: Hello…I…I wasn’t expecting to hear from you again…(Melina now begins smiling)…that’s, honestly that’s great news…was last time not enough then?... Ok, ok…so how much more this time around?...(Melina now has a real deep thought process look on her face before that smile returns)…I think we can come to an agreement…speak soon, bye... bye.

With that Melina puts the phone down and continues smiling before laughing a little bit.

Johnny Nitro: Errrr, what was…what was that all about?

Melina: That…was the answer to all our problems.

That evil smirk on Melina’s face is evident, the camera zooming in on her before we head off back to ringside to once again focus on the action.

‘A Country Boy Can Survive’

Out next to a small bundle of heat is one half of the Pitbulls, Jamie Noble for action alongside the other half of the duo, Kid Kash. These two warriors have the same snarl on their face as usual with Noble set to face off against Shannon Moore who awaits him inside the ring, his partner Spike Dudley on the outside in support of his punk partner this evening.

Michael Cole
: Opportunity tonight for Jamie Noble to make a statement, for the Pitbulls as a tandem to make a statement as Noble comes up against Shannon Moore. Will Noble and Kash have the Tag Team Titles in the back of their minds right now? Will they sense that after No Mercy their time is indeed near?

Tazz: I think they have to Cole. These two dudes are as tough, as legit as they come and for me there ain’t no better tag team to go after the gold once Van Dam and Mysterio finish their business with MNM.

Michael Cole: But at the same time Tazz, is tonight a chance for Noble or Shannon Moore to really make a statement concerning the Cruiserweight Title? Of course Paul London is next in line but there will always be others in and around the title hunt, it could very well be one of these two men here tonight.

Tazz: For sure Cole, I don’t think we can count out Shannon Moore tonight, the kid’s hugely underrated but ya gotta believe this is the Pitbull’s time, this is Jamie Noble’s time.

Match Four: Singles Match

Jamie Noble w/Kid Kash vs Shannon Moore w/Spike Dudley

Noble starts this one off in…well, Pitbull like fashion with a real venom and aggression about him as he takes it to Moore with some stinging right hands and boots all across Moore’s body, grounding the punk rock superstar. Noble continues going to town on Moore, kicks across Moore’s chest and stomach with his opponent helpless right now, Kid Kash watching on with a sly grin on his face at his partner’s work.

Noble continues to dominate this one, dragging Moore to his feet and nailing him with some stiff looking elbows right into the jaw. Irish whip by Noble, Moore crashing into the turnbuckle as Noble comes a charging and SMASHES MOORE IN THE JAW WITH A STEP UP HIGH KNEE!! Moore crumples to the mat as the crowd give a massive ‘Oooooh’ at the impact of that move. Noble rolls Moore over into a cover, 1…2…kick out at two and a half.

Noble doesn’t let that phase him however, a snarl at the referee and he’s quickly back up and opts to head up high. Noble climbs to the top rope, perhaps intent on finishing this thing off as Moore appears down and out right now. Noble is set, the crowd are on their feet wondering just what’s in store as NOBLE SOARS THROUGH THE SKY WITH A LEG DROP OFF THE TOP…BUT THERE’S NOBODY HOME!! Moore rolls out of harm’s way as Noble crashes and burns.

Moore struggles to his feet but finally does so, sensing that this may be his chance with Noble down and out. Moore drags Noble up to his feet, striking with a knee to the gut before an Irish whip, Noble rebounds and Moore connects with a beautiful dropkick!! Into the cover, 1…2…kick out at two by Noble!!

Moore thought he’s taken it there but Noble survives and Moore gets to his feet, dragging Noble up with him as he strikes with some more boots to the gut, another Irish whip now by Moore as Noble crashes into the turnbuckle, Moore comes charging but Noble sidesteps it and Moore crashes into the turnbuckle, Noble stumbles out of the corner and Moore spins back round right into Noble’s path, boot to the gut, he hoists Moore up high, TIGER DRIVER!! CONNECTS!! WOW!! Moore’s down and is OUT!! Cover by Noble, 1…2…3…big win for one half of the Pitbulls.

Winner: Jamie Noble(5:22)

Michael Cole: Impressive display here tonight from Jamie Noble and I think his statement has been made. Be it the Cruiserweight Champion, be it the Tag Team Champions, Noble has put them on notice here tonight with that victory.

Tazz: Well Cole I think we might be about to find out just what Noble, just what the Pitbull’s intentions are.

Indeed Noble grabs a microphone following his victory as his music dies down and Kid Kash joins him inside the squared circle.

Jamie Noble: You see that? Did ya? That was Jame Noble doin’ what Jamie Noble does best and that’s beatin’ some poor boy to a freakin' pulp.

We get a shot of Spike attending to Moore who is now lifeless on the outside.

Jamie Noble: That is what I bring to the table and you’d better believe that is exactly what Kid Kash here does too and yet we kinda…we kinda feel like we’re bein’ undervalued around these parts, ain’t that right Kash?

Noble passes the mic over to Kash.

Kid Kash: You’re damn right and it’s about time somebody took some notice of what we do around here. We ain’t fancy, we sure as hell ain’t pretty but we do what we gotta do and we do it as good as it gets but…but do we get anything handed to us? Do we get any opportunities? No sir, we do not and that? That’s startin’ to get on my nerves a little bit.

Kash rubs his chin now, clearly agitated.

Kid Kash: But what’s REALLY gettin' on my nerves, what’s REALLY gettin' on Jamie’s nerves is somethin’ else. Management may be holdin’ us back… but it ain’t that. The boys in the back may be tryin’ to stop us movin’ up the ranks… but it ain’t that. No, what’s REALLY getting on our nerves is two guys who…who aren’t even on the DAMN ROSTER.

Kash is angered now as Jamie Noble takes the mic away from him.

Jamie Noble: Two guys who like to think…who like to think they’re owed somethin’. Two guys who like to think they can just take what they want. Two guys who like to think they’re gonna just walk in here on Smackdown, walk in here on OUR SHOW AND JUST GET HANDED THINGS!! WELL NEWSFLASH BOYS…that…ain’t…happenin’.

Noble is the one now all fired up which draws some strong boos from the crowd.

Jamie Noble: Shad and J…T…G. Better known as Cryme Tyme. We’ve all seen the videos, we’ve all seen what kinda morons these two men are and we’ve all seen exactly what they think life is like, what they think Friday nights are gonna be all about. Well we got news for ya fellas, life ain’t the walk in the park you like to think it is.

Kash shakes his head in the background as Noble continues.

Jamie Noble: Life on Friday Night Smackdown gets rough, it gets tough and you ain’t gonna be handed ANYTHING, ya understand? Next week, rumour has it that Cryme Tyme are all set to debut, well me and Kid Kash here wanted to welcome ya both personally. So one week from tonight, in this very ring when you make your oh so grand arrival, don’t say you ain’t been warned cos we’re gonna be waitin’ for ya and believe us boys... you’re gonn’ feel the bite.

And with that the music of the Pitbulls hits and they exit the ring with the challenge laid down for next week and the debuting tandem that is Cryme Tyme.

Michael Cole
: Strong, strong words from Jamie Noble and Kid Kash here tonight. They’re tired of being overlooked and next week they wanna deal with the debuting Cryme Tyme who the Pitbulls believe are stepping into their territory.

Tazz: Cole we ain’t got any idea what Cryme Tyme are gonna bring to the table but we know all about the Pibtulls and I like this attitude, I like this intensity, this aggression from these two and Cryme Tyme may well be in for a reality check next week cos in this kinda mood, nobody messes wit’ the Pitbulls


We return from the commercial break and are shown to the interview area where we see the lovely Kristal Marshall who is waiting to speak with us.

Kristal Marshall
: Ladies and gentleman joining me at this time, the ‘Masterpiece’ Chris Masters!!

Masters appears into shot, flexing his pecs as he smiles at Kristal playfully, a few boos can be vividly heard.

Kristal Marshall
: Chris last week you scored a big victory when you defeated Booker T, what can we expect from you now moving forwards?

Masters doesn’t reply immediately instead he shuffles around a little bit, thinking of a response to the question posed.

Chris Masters: Kristal my honest answer to that would be…I don’t know. I don’t know because I’m not entirely sure how Teddy Long’s mind works. See I’m a hot commodity here on Smackdown, nobody can deny it and yet, Teddy Long doesn’t…he doesn’t seem to realise what’s standing right in front of him.

Masters appears to be getting a little agitated here.

Chris Masters: Look at me Kristal, look at me. I’m one of the most physically gifted superstars this company has EVER seen and better yet, I’m one of the most talented. But what am I doing right now, what am I doing here tonight? Nothing, not a thing, do you think that’s right? Do you think that’s acceptable?

Masters poses the question, Kristal doesn’t answer as Masters gets in her face.

Chris Masters
: Well, do you?

Kristal Marshall: I…I don’t really…


And the camera then shifts to where we see Booker T who bursts onto the scene, Masters clearly in his sights

Chris Masters: Oh look what we have here. Good old Booker T comin’ to save the day. Well don’t worry Book, I wasn’t gonna hurt poor Kristal here, I just wanted her honest answer, I wanted to hear it from somebody else’s mouth.

Booker T
: How ‘bout you hear it from ma’ mouth?

Booker’s comment draws a decent pop as Masters smirks smugly.

Chris Masters: Alright then, Booker, do you think it’s right? Do you think it’s acceptable that Teddy Long continues to underutilise me?

Booker doesn’t respond for a moment, head down as he thinks of something.

Booker T: Do I think it’s right? Do I think it’s acceptable? You DAMN RIGHT…I think it is.

BIG time pop as Masters now looks horrified.

Booker T: You got talent, I ain’t gonn’ stand here and deny it, hell you beat me last week. But kid you gotta pay your dues around here, you gotta bide yo’ time, stay patient cos chances don’t just come along as soon as you click ya fingers, that ain’t how it works around here.

Masters looks pissed, hands on hips however as he listens to what Booker has to say.

Booker T: I been in this company for four years, four LONG years and I’ve had to fight for every chance I got but believe me, those chances are few and far between, ya understand? Four years and I still ain’t got to where I wanna be. You?! You been here for five minutes and you want those chances, you want those opportunities just handed to ya. Well lemme tell ya somethin’, no matter how talented ya think ya are, no matter how ‘physically gifted’ ya may be, that ain’t count for squat around here, ya gotta earn it first.

Pop for Booker’s comments, you can tell he means what he’s saying here as Masters doesn’t reply instantly, instead scratching his chin.

Chris Masters
: So…that’s your mentality huh? To sit back, to wait around for the ‘right time’, wait until you’ve earned it?

Masters now has a scrunched up look on his face

Chris Masters: Well I don’t sit back and wait for anything. I go out and I make... it… happen.

Masters now has a determined look on his face but that look swiftly changes as Masters s......s to himself a little bit.

Chris Masters: No wonder you’ve gone nowhere in this company.

And with that Masters backs away having a little laugh to himself before we see Booker T whose eyes have widened, bulged out now, he looks in horror that Masters had the audacity to slate his career then before we head off back ringside to our main event.


Out first for our main event is the man who chased WWE Title gold at Summerslam but came up short in controversial fashion, the Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle who storms out, eyes focused on the ring as the crowd chants ‘You Suck’ in their usual fashion.

Michael Cole
: Well Chris Masters not taking too kindly to Booker T’s word of advice but folks it’s now time for our main event and quite possibly time to find out who the next number one contender will be. Huge chance for this man Kurt Angle to once again earn himself a title opportunity, one that he firmly believes he deserves.

Tazz: Well ya gotta admit, whether ya like Kurt or not, he DOES deserve another shot at John Cena. What happened at Summerslam had nothin’ to do wit’ Kurt, it was a referee’s mistake and John Cena knows it just as well as Kurt does. If Angle’s named number one contender, I don’t think anybody will be complainin’.


‘Graveyard Symphony’

The lights are out as the gong strikes before the ever eerie music of the Deadman hits and out steps the Demon of Death Valley to an almighty ovation with the camera switching between Taker on the ramp and Angle in the ring who doesn’t appear at all phased by his ‘partner’ this evening.

Michael Cole: He is the cornerstone of this business, he is the Phenom, he is The Undertaker and last week he made his mark in a big way when he interrupted the number one contender’s match between Randy Orton and Kurt Angle. A lot of people questioned whether or not that was done to send a message to Randy Orton or whether it was indeed The Undertaker sending a message that he wants the WWE Championship.

Tazz: I think it was a combination of both Cole. The Deadman ain’t done wit’ Randy Orton, at least not in my eyes, that defeat at Summerslam woulda hurt Taker and he ain’t gonna just let it go. But…I don’t think The Undertaker would deny that he wants another shot on top, that he wants another run as champion and good god almighty, can you imagine that Cole?

‘Burn in my Light’

For the opposing side it’s the Legend Killer who steps out first and immediately we see a shot of The Undertaker who is getting himself psyched up inside the ring, eyes locked on his long time rival while Orton seemingly shows no fear in eyeing up the Phenom

Michael Cole: Indeed, the landscape of Friday nights would no doubt change entirely but here’s one man who will have something to say on that matter, a man who has had The Undertaker’s number of late, Randy Orton. The Legend Killer has been on a huge role of late and he’ll look to continue that here tonight no doubt as he seeks a title opportunity.

Tazz: You ain’t wrong Cole, there ain’t nobody hotter than Randy Orton right now, the only thing hangin’ over him tonight is can he co exist wit’ John Cena? I don’t think he can Cole but I damn sure hope he proves me wrong.

‘My Time is Now’

The fourth and final man in this contest then steps out to a very strong pop as Cena, much like the other competitors appears all business, knowing that he may indeed find out his next challenger here tonight as Randy Orton awaits him on the apron, giving Cena the eye before we get a shot of all four men, very serious expressions on their face as they look to impress here tonight.

Michael Cole: And how must this man feel here tonight Tazz? He’s gotta team with Randy Orton, a man he’s had his fair share of issues with to take on a man he’s had even greater issues with in Kurt Angle and a man who he crossed paths with for the first time since becoming champion last week, The Undertaker. Everybody is gunning for Cena here tonight, just what can the champion do in this kind of environment tonight?

Tazz: All Cena can do here tonight is prove why he’s the champ. If Cena can go out there tonight and pick up the win for his team, all that does is prove exactly why he’s on top and it’ll prove exactly why these three men standin’ inside that ring with him are only challengers, not champion.

Match Five: Tag Team Match

The Undertaker and Kurt Angle vs John Cena and Randy Orton

It’s a rematch of last week to kick this one off as Kurt Angle and Randy Orton step up to the plate, Taker and Cena taking their places on the apron, the crowd really up for this one as we get a small ‘Let’s go Angle’ chant mixed in with some ‘RKO’ chants also and the bell rings getting us underway.

Both men circle before locking up but Orton connects with a boot to the gut, repeated kicks now from Orton as he looks to assume control early on. Orton grabs the arm and goes for an Irish whip, reversal, Orton rebounds right into a boot from Angle now before OUCHHH, STIFF EUROPEAN UPPERCUT SENDS ORTON ROCKING!! Angle sends TLK spiralling before connecting with a right hand, big rights from Angle here before an Irish whip into the turnbuckle, Orton rebounds hard right into Angle’s path and Angle catches him with a beautiful snap suplex!! Early momentum with the Wrestling Machine!!

Angle drops down to the mat now and goes to work with some stiff right hands to the skull, Orton in all kinds of trouble right now before Angle looks to kill it off early on here, locking Orton in with a Bodyscissors, all his weight being pressed down on Orton who’s face paints the picture. Angle cinches the hold in as Orton squeals in discomfort, the referee asking if he wants to give in but Orton refuses and Angle has seemingly had enough, breaking the hold and letting out a roar of aggression which is met with a surprisingly strong pop by the crowd…BUT THAT POP SOON TURNS TO HEAT AS ANGLE CHARGES AND KNOCKS CENA OFF THE APRON!! The champion is floored, Angle grinning like a Cheshire cat at the damage done before seeing Orton now on his knees and he heads back to work.

Angle grabs Orton by the back of the head and he goes for an elbow to the forehead but Orton strikes first, elbowing Angle in the gut, followed by another as Angle is doubled over and Orton on his knees…DELIVERS A THUMB TO THE EYE!! Taking a leaf out of his mentor’s book Orton blinds Angle before grabbing his head from behind and he connects with an inverted backbreaker!! Angle floored, Orton right back in this contest as he takes a small breather, we see him catching eyes with The Undertaker, the scowl evident on both men’s faces. Orton now going to town with some stiff right hands to Angle, not letting up despite the referee’s warnings, eventually giving in and standing back up on his feet before the camera shifts and we see John Cena back on the apron and Cena has an arm outstretched, he wants into this thing, he wants a piece of Angle!! The crowd are desperate to see it but Orton simply stands there laughing as he tells Cena ‘This is my time to shine champ’.

Orton goes right back after Angle who is to his knees, Orton bringing him to his feet and it’s an Irish whip from the Legend Killer, Angle rebounds and Orton catches him with a textbook powerslam!! Beautiful from Orton and into a cover, 1…2…kick out at two by Angle!! Cena’s still desperate for the tag here, he wants a piece of Angle, arm outstretched as Orton rises to his feet. We then hear Cena saying ‘We gotta co-exist Randy, you want that title, you better tag me in’. Orton thinks about it, smirking before AGAIN saying screw it and NOT tagging the champion as he brings Angle to his feet but he’s met with a right hand!! Angle showing a second wind here as he takes the fight to Orton with repeated right hands here, boot to the gut by Angle now before an Irish whip, Orton is flung towards his corner…WHERE JOHN CENA TAGS HIMSELF IN!! The crowd go wild as Cena storms into the ring and eyes up Angle, Angle has a smirk on his face, Cena’s deadly focused as Angle appears to want Cena to bring it here…BEFORE WALKING AWAY TO HIS CORNER AND HE TAGS IN THE UNDERTAKER!!

The crowd are booing like crazy here at Angle’s cowardice but the Wrestling Machine points to his head, clearly wanting to get inside Cena’s. The crowd’s boos soon turn to cheers as they realise we have Cena versus the Deadman here, Taker with his boxing like stance enters the ring and he wants to make a statement tonight. The two men circle before locking up but there’s a knee to the gut by Taker and now repeated right hands from the Phenom, Cena on the ropes already here as the power of Taker proves too much. The champion’s forced into the corner before an Irish whip by Taker into the opposite side, Cena crashes in hard and Taker comes charging from behind clubbing Cena with a clothesline. Cena has the stuffing knocked out of him there as he stumbles out, Taker running the ropes and he comes storming in and KNOCKS CENA’S HEAD OFF WITH A BIG BOOT!! The champion being torn apart right now by the Phenom. Cover by Taker, 1…2…kick out at two from Cena.

Taker snarls at the referee before getting back up and he drags Cena to his feet, the commentators playing up just how important this is for The Undertaker as well as Kurt Angle and Randy Orton, the camera panning to both men as Taker nails Cena with an elbow to the top of the head, repeated elbows from the Deadman before Taker grabs the arm of Cena and heads towards the top rope, the fans know what’s coming, it’s Old School time!! The crowd rise as Taker scales up high and he comes down…but Cena sees him coming and nails Taker with a boot to the gut, the champion showing resolve here as he now goes on the front foot with right hands to the Deadman, the crowd cheering for the Doctor of Thuganomics as he then whips Taker across the ring, reversal, Cena rebounds and takes Taker down with a flying shoulder block!! Taker floored but quickly back up, the tension rising here as Cena scoops him up and…drops Taker with a beautiful Spin Out Powerbomb!! Cena is rolling now!!

The crowd sense the end coming as Cena signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, he runs the ropes…’You can’t see me!’ CONNECTS!! BUT THE UNDERTAKER SITS STRAIGHT UP!! The crowd can’t believe it and neither can Cena who looks shocked but that look soon turns to a smile as Taker gets to his feet and Cena charges at him BUT TAKER GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT!! CHOKESLAM!! NO!! Cena spins out the back, Irish whip AND ANGLE MAKES THE BLIND TAG!! TAKER REBOUNDS RIGHT INTO CENA’S PATH, FU!! FU TO THE UNDERTAKER!! NO!! TAKER SLIPS DOWN THE BACK BUT CENA’S SPUN ROUND…BY RANDY ORTON!! RKO!! WHAT THE HELL?!? RANDY ORTON WITH AN RKO TO HIS OWN DAMN PARTNER AS ORTON…ORTON JUST WALKS OUT THE RING!! Cole and Tazz can’t believe it as Orton’s cost himself and his team. The crowd are booing like hell as Kurt Angle storms into the ring and ANGLE TAKES THE PHENOM DOWN WITH A CLOTHESLINE BEFORE HE COVERS JOHN CENA!! Angle’s gonna steal it, 1…2…3…HE GOT HIM!! ANGLE PINS THE CHAMPION!!

Winners: The Undertaker and Kurt Angle(12:01)

Michael Cole: What the hell did Randy Orton just do?! Orton…Orton was the one who needed to co exist, Orton was the one who…who pleaded with John Cena to help his cause here tonight only for Orton to stab him in the back!!

Tazz: I think it was…I think it was when Cena tagged himself in Cole!! I think Orton thought Cena was costin’ him his chance tonight…but I think Orton’s just cost himself!! And hey…what about Kurt Angle Cole?! Angle just beat the champ!!

Michael Cole
: It was Angle with a blind tag, just like Cena did to Orton and in the end, one man has conquered, one man has fallen here tonight, all because of a damn tag!! Cena looked like he might’ve been about to knock off The Undertaker, it would’ve been a huge statement from the champion but instead the champion is pinned here tonight, a MASSIVE win for Kurt Angle but he owes it to Randy Orton!!

Angle is celebrating as Orton backs up the ramp, a scowl on his face as The Undertaker comes to his knees following Angle’s ambush, Cena is doing likewise, both in some discomfort as Angle exits the ring still going wild at that victory before we hear…


And out comes the Smackdown General Manager, Teddy Long. Are we about to get the news on the next number one contender

Teddy Long: Randy, lemme just stop ya there playa cos I think you gonn’ wanna hear this.

Orton is at the top of the stage, about to head behind the curtain but has stopped in his tracks to hear Teddy Long out.

Teddy Long: Now I said that I hoped to name a new number one contender by the time the show was over with here tonight and that is EXACTLY…what I am goin’ to do.

BIG pop for that as Angle begins beaming, Orton’s interest picks up while Cena and Taker are inside the ring, beginning to come around to what’s happening.

Teddy Long: What I was lookin’ for out here tonight was for who could co exist, who could put their issues aside and just who would come on down and steal the show. Well outta the three contenders tonight, there was only ONE…who did those things.

The tension builds, the fans are anxious to know, the superstars likewise.

Teddy Long: Randy Orton…

Strong heat as Long appears to be naming Orton number one contender, Orton beginning to smile arrogantly now.

Teddy Long: You did NOT…co exist with John Cena here tonight and you did NOT put yo’ issues aside therefore playa you are NOT…the next number one contender.

The crowd give a strong pop for that as Orton yells at Teddy ‘He took my chance!! He took my opportunity!!’ but Long is having none of it as Orton is livid here.

Teddy Long: Kurt Angle…congratulations, you did win that match tonight.

Angle is smirking like anything now, nodding as he says ‘Thank you’.

Teddy Long: But you did NOT…co exist with your partner here tonight, you did NOT show any signs of teamwork. Instead you tagged yourself in to win that match, to take all the glory fo’ yaself and you didn’t allow The Undertaker to have a chance dawg. Therefore, Kurt you too…are NOT the next number one contender.

Angle is absolutely ready to blow a gasket here as he storms up the ramp yelling ‘BUT I STOLE THE SHOW, I WON THE MATCH’.

Teddy Long: Which means that right here on Smackdown, one week from tonight, it is going to be John Cena defending the WWE Championship…AGAINST THE UNDERTAKER!!

The pop is absolutely deafening as Cena and the Deadman share a staredown, both men breathing heavily as we have a MONSTROUS match all set for next week now. Meanwhile we see Teddy Long facing up against an angered Randy Orton and a seething Kurt Angle who have seemingly shot themselves in the foot here tonight, the pair of them following Long backstage as we get another shot of Cena and the Deadman, evident tension in the air.


Tazz: Awesome. Absolutely awesome Cole. Angle and Orton are absolutely furious but Teddy Long made the stipulation clear, he was lookin’ for teamwork tonight, he was lookin’ for somebody to come out here and just get the job done and hey, The Undertaker may just have done that were it not for Kurt Angle wantin’ in on things. Ya gotta feel sorry for the Wrestlin’ Machine Cole but Teddy Long made it pretty damn clear and y’know what? I ain’t complainin’, Cena versus the Deadman next week, absolutely freakin’ huge!!

Michael Cole: Folks you will not wanna miss it!! John Cena, The Undertaker, the WWE Championship next week on Smackdown!! Goodnight everybody!!

And with that we get Cena mouthing words to the Deadman, holding his WWE Championship out as the Phenom simply stares right at it, a mammoth match all set for next week now as the show comes to a close.

Date: 9th October 2005

Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

Current Card:

WWE Tag Team Championships: Ladder Match

MNM(c) vs Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:

Gregory Helms (c) w/Chavo Guerrero vs Paul London w/Brian Kendrick

Have a good Christmas folks
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

JAM's Review

I think after the events that occurred last week, it would’ve been better to open the show with either Randy or Kurt Angle just to show how frustrated they are that they didn’t get a conclusion on their match last week. The promo exchange between Orton and Cena was pretty good. I like how the intensity picked up only for Long to come out and be vintage Teddy Long again, setting up a tag team match. But wow! Orton/Cena vs. ‘Taker/Angle will be pretty awesome. Not sure how this’ll end. Maybe it’ll actually be Orton vs. Cena since I think you’re pretty much done with Orton/’Taker.

This was pretty good mic work from Paul London but I do think Kendrick is the better guy at promos. However, something about this just makes me feel like Kendrick will turn on London for some reason. I think feuding London and Kendrick would be quite interesting and should spice up the cruiserweight division even more.

Kurt’s always been a good talker and this promo was pretty good. I like how you kept Angle looking strong and possibly working in this match alone, maybe not even tagging ‘Taker into the match. Would make for a very good heel-ish move for him. JBL/Lashley seems like some pretty standard stuff. But I think Lashley will eventually come out on top of this feud.

Good to see the continued tension between Orton and Cena here. I like that it was Orton who called out Cena who was the one who may sabotage the match. But yeah, just a good back and forth between these two. You’re really writing them well imo. Again, more continued action with the Hooliganz and Helms/Chavo. Glad to see the crusierweights are getting a good amount of time. I’m not really sure about having MNM leave Carlito here during the match. Carlito’s been one of the better young heels you have so I would’ve liked to see his momentum carry through but I guess you have big plans for MNM. Can’t wait to see what you got in store for that rivalry they have with RVD/Rey.

Noble is really underrated. I’ve seen his stuff from ROH and he was pretty good as James Gibson. This promo he cut with Kash was absolutely brilliant imo. They’re a perfect tag team because they complement each other well. But I guess it was a way for them to get noticed and for setting up Cryme Tyme’s first feud, which ofcourse they’ll come out of. Hope Kash and Noble won’t just be a jobber team! Petty feud with Booker/Masters, meh, not really feeling it. Masters should definitely go over here since I think he could’ve been used more.

Complete and utter chaos in the main event was expected. I did think it was kind of weird for Teddy to be out again, but he had to so that he could set up a match for next week. Honestly not a fan of ‘Taker getting the shot here because I think it’s pretty predictable that the match won’t end cleanly. Could be a fatal-four-way at the next PPV, that’s what I’m thinking.

Overall, the show was alright. I know you said it’s pretty hard to keep SD interesting since it’s PPV is still far away but you did a good job here. Really liked the crusierweights getting their time in the program, hope you continue to do that. The main event scene is heating up and with those four guys, only good things can come of it. Onto the next!

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 5/9/05- Nashville, Tennessee

We are just thirteen nights away from Unforgiven and last week saw the road to Oklahoma really begin to take shape as two HUGE matches were signed and as we head to Nashville this Monday night, the tension is only sure to increase.

The World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line in less than two weeks as Batista defends against the monster Kane. These two bitter rivals took their feud to a new extreme last week as following our main event, the Animal came to the aid of a helpless Shelton Benjamin to fend off the duo of Mark Jindrak and William Regal along with the Big Red Machine. Batista cleaned house before coming toe to toe with his challenger at Unforgiven and the end game was almost a repeat of what took place before Summerslam as Kane set Batista up for a Chokeslam off the stage only for the tables to be turned and Batista, sacrificing himself, speared Kane off the stage taking himself down in the process. It was a shocking conclusion to Raw and this week, both men having been cleared to compete, will be in action as the World Champion teams with the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin to take on Kane and his partner, ‘The Protégé’ Mark Jindrak. Having fought all the way around the arena, having fought off the stage, will tonight be the night where these two men are contained the ring?

The other match set for Unforgiven last week was courtesy of Raw’s GM, Eric Bischoff as he declared that Shawn Michaels punishment was to undergo step two in Oklahoma where Michaels will take on ALL FOUR members of the Arabian Entity in a Handicap match with Michaels having to eliminate every member of the Entity in order to be victorious. Prior to that announcement Muhammad Hassan cut a scathing promo on the Heartbreak Kid, citing his reasons for attacking Michaels. This Monday night, the Showstopper will return and will no doubt have a response to Hassan and the Entity’s assault on him as well as his upcoming match with the quartet. Just what will Michaels await when he returns this Monday night in Nashville? Only the boss knows his fate.

Since Summerslam three men have become fixated on being the next in line for a shot at the World Title and they are three of Canada’s finest. Edge, Chris Jericho and Christian have all had their eyes on the prize but with Kane now being named number one contender, just what’s next in store for these three men? Christian, having defeated and ended the career of Ric Flair at Summerslam has stated that he’s at the front of the line however both Edge and Jericho have had their say on the matter with these two bitter rivals also having strong claims. Unsurprisingly this has seen things spiral out of hand between the trio and come Monday night they will cross paths again as Christian goes one on one with Y2J, however, there is no doubting that Edge will keep a close eye on proceedings. Just who will leave Nashville having stolen a march in the race to the World Title? One thing’s for sure you will not wanna miss it.

We already confirmed that Shelton Benjamin will be in action in our main event, however we will also seek answers from his tag team partner, Charlie Haas. Haas walked out of the duo’s locker room last week, clearly angered after a disagreement with Benjamin and as Shelton took a beating at the hands of Mark Jindrak and William Regal, Haas was nowhere to be seen. Will the World’s Greatest Tag Team settle their differences this week or will Haas continue to feel aggrieved?

Also scheduled for this week, the Platform to Perfection will be in action as they take on the Basham Brothers, hoping to cement their status as number one contenders. Will the Dudleyz has any say in the outcome as the PTP continue to look past the champions? Plus, Lita will make her in ring return following injury having made a big statement to the Women’s Champion last week. And finally Mr.Kennedy sent shockwaves around the locker room last week after a brutal assault on Eugene was followed up with a showering!! Kennedy poured beer all over Eric Bischoff, stating he was ‘finished’ with the boss. Will Kennedy’s frustrations continue to grow or will Mr.Bischoff aim to please the so called ‘Game Changer’?

Confirmed for Raw:

Christian vs Chris Jericho

The Platform to Perfection vs The Basham Brothers

Lita will be in action


Batista and Shelton Benjamin vs Kane and Mark Jindrak

Shawn Michaels returns to Raw

Thanks to Jam for the SD feedback. Got a couple of shows to review before I post this, festive period's been a bit hectic but shouldn't be too long a wait. Happy new year to all too!
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 5/9/05- Nashville, Tennessee

There’s no video package to begin the show and we don’t even head to the arena to kick this one off. Instead we’re sent immediately to the office of Raw’s General Manager Eric Bischoff who is sat down in a chair at his desk, elbows on his table, hands clenched together as he eyes up the camera.

Eric Bischoff: Good evening and welcome to Eric Bischoff’s Monday…Night…Raw.

Bischoff smirks in his usual fashion.

Eric Bischoff: Before tonight’s show begins I just…I just wanted to get a couple of announcements outta the way. First off, last week we all saw the way Raw came to an end. It ended with Batista and Kane crashing off the stage as a result of a Spear from the World Heavyweight Champion.

You can hear the cheers in the background for Batista’s actions last week.

Eric Bischoff: The week before that? The week before that I had to watch the two of them fight their way all around the arena and y’know what? I’m pretty damn tired of it. I’m tired of seeing all this chaos, all this carnage week after week and I don’t wanna see it again at Unforgiven, I don’t think anybody wants to see it, INCLUDING…Batista and Kane.

Bischoff pauses momentarily, shaking his head.

Eric Bischoff: Eric Bischoff does what’s good for business, Eric Bischoff does what’s good for you people and Eric Bischoff does what’s good for his superstars.

Boos for that as the crowd all know this is a bunch of B.S, Bischoff still grinning.

Eric Bischoff: Which is why at Unforgiven I am CHANGING…the World Heavyweight Championship match.

Now there’s a buzz.

Eric Bischoff: We aren’t gonna see any more of Batista and Kane tearing the hell outta each other around ringside, through the crowd, around the entire arena, no, it ain’t gonna happen. Instead I’m gonna make sure they settle things the way they wanna settle it. Face to face, man to man, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, an Animal and a Monster... LOCKED INSIDE A FIFTEEN FOOT HIGH STEEL CAGE!!

Massive pop for that, Tista versus Kane inside a steel cage at Unforgiven.

Eric Bischoff: And when all’s said and done I have got no doubts…we’ll have a new World Champion.

Bischoff’s sleazebag smile returns, convinced Batista will lose his gold at Unforgiven.

Eric Bischoff
: But with that out the way, it brings me to my next announcement and it concerns right here tonight in Nashville.

The Nashville crowd give a cheer, expecting big news.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight you people are…ha, well, you’re in for a real treat, believe me. Tonight you get to witness Shawn Michaels back on Monday Night Raw!!

You can hear a cheer in the arena at the mention of the Heartbreak Kid.

Eric Bischoff: My very own ‘Personal Employee’ returns and guess what? He is going to KICK OFF the show!! That’s right the Showstopper is gonna start things off inside that ring out there because…well, he’s got a lot to work on ahead of Unforgiven hasn’t he?

Bischoff has a thinking look on his face now.

Eric Bischoff: At Unforgiven he’s gonna take on The Arabian Entity in a four on one handicap match where he’s gonna have to beat ALL FOUR of his opponents to win that match. So I thought hey, what better way to prepare Shawn for that match than to…than to give him a four on one handicap warm up match right here tonight!!

Bischoff’s serious thought process is gone as he holds his arms outstretched, grinning maniacally once more.

Eric Bischoff: I CANNOT WAIT to see just what Shawn’s capable of here tonight and I’m willing to bet…he can’t wait either. Enjoy the show folks.

And with that Bischoff leans back in his chair, hands clasped together as he laughs to himself and we head off into the opening video package, no pyro before heading straight to the commentary table where we get a shot of J.R and Coach, the arena is rocking.

Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Monday Night Raw, I’m Jim Ross joined by Jonathan Coachman on a night where the Heartbreak Kid returns and where the World Title situation just got a whole lot more interesting!!

The Coach: HUGE announcement from the boss J.R. Batista and Kane inside a STEEL CAGE at Unforgiven!! Batista’s got his wish, there will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide when the Big Red Machine kicks his ass and takes his title!!

We then cut to inside the ring where we see a ready and waiting quarter of The Heart Throbs, Simon Dean and Maven. The Heart Throbs are bobbing up and down, arrogantly smiling, Dean is flaunting his patented ‘Simon System’ while Maven looks on intensely.

Jim Ross: But folks we’ll save that for later because inside the ring, you can see four men, Antonio and Romeo, better known as The Heart Throbs along with Simon Dean and Maven who are all set for action against this man…

And there’s a moment’s silence before we hear the oh so familiar…

‘Sexy Boy’

The roof BLOWS off the arena as Shawn Michaels steps out on stage and it is not the usual Michaels entrance as instead Michaels simply scowls intensely, he is clearly focused and determined to send a message here tonight as he eyes up his four opponents inside the ring ahead of his Unforgiven tune up.

Jim Ross: The Heartbreak Kid is back two weeks after suffering what was a bloody, brutal, heinous assault at the hands of the Arabian Entity. Michaels was left a complete mess and must now go up against all four of those sadistic men at Unforgiven and he must eliminate ALL FOUR to win the match. Tonight, it’s Michaels ‘warm up match’ as Eric Bischoff put it, the boss wanting to see just what the Showstopper is capable of here tonight.

The Coach: I wanna see it too J.R. That attack from the Entity, it may have made him even worse than before. Shawn Michaels has just gone from bad to worse since Wrestlemania and I think come Unforgiven it’s gonna be a defining night in his career. The odds are stacked against him, can he pull off a damn miracle? I don’t think so and hey, he probably won’t even pull it off tonight.

Match One: Four on One Handicap Elimination Match

Shawn Michaels vs The Heart Throbs, Simon Dean and Maven

Antonio of the Heart Throbs kicks this one off as Michaels looks at him with a ‘What the hell is this?’ kind of expression, Antonio all smiles, bright and bubbly as he eyes up the Heartbreak Kid. The two men eventually lock up and Michaels forces ‘Tony to the corner, the referee breaking the hold, Antonio desperate to escape as Michaels backs off and Antonio comes charging with a right hand, flurry of right hands as his partners encourage him from the apron.

Antonio keeps up with the right hands before an Irish whip, Michaels rebounds off the ropes and TAKES ANTONIO DOWN WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!! Loud pop for the Heartbreak Kid as he takes his opponent down but Antonio is quickly back up and right in Michaels path as the Showstopper unloads with right hands, Antonio up against the ropes, Irish whip from Michaels, the Heart Throb rebounding right into a big back body drop!! Michaels goes for a cover, 1…ROMEO BREAKS IT UP!!

The referee orders the other half out as Michaels gets to his feet again, Antonio not far behind as we then see Michaels go for a right hand but Antonio blocks it, looks for a right hand himself but Michaels ducks it and it’s a boot to the gut from HBK before he scoops Antonio up and drops him with a big time suplex!! Antonio is floored and Michaels wants to finish this as he heads to the corner…and begins tuning up the band!! We see Simon Dean enter the ring and try to stop it BUT MICHAELS TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! The crowd erupt as we then see the faces of Romeo and Maven who want nothing to do with Michaels now, Dean rolling to the outside as Antonio begins to stir, he spins round…Sweet Chin Music connects!! Cover, 1…2…3…Antonio’s outta this thing!!

Eliminated: Antonio(2:56)

Michaels is back to his feet…not knowing that Romeo is behind him here!! Michaels gathers himself, the referee checking he’s alright before getting Antonio out of the ring, Michaels turning around right into a clothesline from Romeo!! Michaels knocked down but quickly back up, another clothesline from Romeo, Michaels AGAIN back up as Romeo goes for a third clothesline but Michaels ducks it, Romeo spins round, OH SWEET CHIN MUSIC OUT OF NOWHERE!! JUST LIKE THAT MICHAELS FLOORS THE OTHER HALF OF THE HEART THROBS!! Cover once again, 1…2…3…Romeo’s gone!!

Elimnated: Romeo(3:25)

Maven then looks on, Michaels turning round to see that the youngster is slowly entering the ring, albeit a little hesitantly as he knows just what he’s up against here tonight. Maven sets one foot inside before he’s stopped by Simon Dean!! Dean is back and he wants in on this thing, Maven happy to step aside as Dean pumps himself up to take on the Heartbreak Kid who has a smirk, almost as if to say ‘bring it on’. Dean hurls himself at Michaels who sidesteps it, Dean running into the ropes rebounding right into an atomic drop from Michaels!! Dean is scrambling in pain as Michaels runs the ropes and takes Dean out with a flying forearm!! Both men go spiralling, Dean all the more, Michaels lying on the canvas breathless right now…BUT HE NIPS UP!! Michaels is rolling here!!

The numbers game doesn’t appear to phase Shawn here as he again waits in the corner, he knows what time it is and Dean staggers to his feet, he seems to know what time it is also as he turns around AND HAS HIS HEAD KICKED OFF HIS SHOULDERS!! Cover by Shawn, it’s academic, 1…2…3…DEAN IS GONE!!

Eliminated: Simon Dean(5:20

Dean is disposed of just like that but Michaels can’t even get up before Maven pounces on him!! The youngster clubs Michaels with repeated shots across the back, keeping him grounded as he now takes HBK out with vicious kicks across the back of the neck. Maven taking his chance to make an impact as he runs the ropes and drops a BIG elbow right across HBK’s chest. Into the cover, 1…2…kick out at two from Shawn.

Maven quickly gets up, dusts himself down before going right back after Shawn, bringing him to his feet before nailing a right hand. Big time rights from Maven here before an Irish whip and Michaels rebounds, clothesline, NO! Michaels ducks it, Maven spins round, SWEET CHIN MUSIC, NO, MAVEN CATCHES HIS BOOT!! ENIZGURI BY THE SHOWSTOPPER!! Maven is floored by that big impact as HBK has a route back in now, the effects of four on one perhaps now taking their toll. Both men find their way to their feet and Michaels strikes with a right hand, repeated rights from HBK BUT A THUMB TO THE EYE FROM MAVEN!! Michaels blinded, stumbling away as Maven comes charging, Shawn ducks it and Maven’s momentum takes him to the corner, Maven runs up the turnbuckle and FLIES OFF THE TOP BUT MICHAELS CATCHES HIM IN MID AIR WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC, GOOD LORD!! THE CROWD ARE ELECTRIC AS MAVEN’S TEETH ARE GIVEN A KICKING!! Cover by Michaels, 1…2…3…he got it!!

Eliminated: Maven(7:33)

Winner: Shawn Michaels(7:33)

Jim Ross: Statement made by Shawn Michaels here tonight!! He’ll head to Oklahoma at Unforgiven and he will take the fight to Hassan and to the Entity!! Be it one on one or four on one, Shawn Michaels will show NO fear and you’d better beli…OH WHAT THE HELL?!

BAM!! SUDDENLY MICHAELS IS AMBUSHED BY MUHAMMAD HASSAN AND THE REST OF THE ENTITY!! Michaels being stomped the hell out of by these four men, showing no remorse, a ruthless streak in all four members here as Michaels is left helpless, no time to recover from that gruelling contest and not for the first time under Eric Bischoff’s reign is in dire trouble.

The Coach: Shawn shoulda known this was comin!! He needs to watch his back at ALL times or else these guys are gonna strike!!

Jim Ross: Michaels has already fended off four men tonight and you expect him to deal with four more?! C’mon Coach, Michaels doesn’t stand a damn chance!!

Indeed the ambush is continuing as Hassan is barking orders at his men before we see Daivari and Dutt hoist Michaels to his feet, dragging him up as Hassan points at Khali, the crowd are booing furiously as Michaels is now to his feet…WHERE HE AWAITS A DEVASTATING CHOP ACROSS THE SKULL FROM THE SEVEN FOOTER!! Michaels is floored as Hassan smirks to himself, Daivari is applauding Khali’s work while Dutt laughs at the fallen Showstopper, not a thing Michaels can do here. Hassan then yells at the two smaller members to drag Michaels to his feet once again, his intentions evident.

Jim Ross: Oh come on, enough is enough damn it. These four sent Michaels to the damn hospital a couple weeks back and I…I think they’re gonna do it again. Somebody needs to get out here and stop this.

The Coach: Who? Who is gonna stop these four guys J.R? I’ll tell ya…nobody.

Dutt and Daivari have Michaels to his feet again here, the Heartbreak Kid looking down and out before they toss him into Hassan’s path and the Entity leader is ready and waiting to STRIKE WITH A DEADLY REVERSE STO!! Michaels is crumpled in a heap on the mat as Hassan soaks in the boos from the crowd... before WE THEN SEE THAT DUTT HAS GRABBED A STEEL CHAIR FROM RINGSIDE!!


The Coach: Oh baby!!

Dutt hands the steel chair to Hassan who appears in a trance almost as he eyes up Michaels. This time it’s Khali who grabs Michaels and lifts him to his feet, the seven footer holds Michaels still as Hassan lines the steel chair up, boos raining in as he swings back…AND HE…stops??? Hassan pulls the chair down and instead throws it to the mat before grabbing Michaels by the chin, pulling his face in close and he screams in Michaels face ‘NOT TONIGHT SHAWN. UNFORGIVEN, WE FINISH YOU AND THEN ALL YOUR FAITH…HA HA, ALL YOUR FAITH…will… be… gone’. And with that Hassan shoves Michaels down to the mat with the Showstopper’s body lifeless and the Entity relishing in the boos they’re receiving as Dutt and Daivari grin at the damage done, Khali standing ominously over Michaels as Hassan gives a menacing scowl at the Heartbreak Kid. An eerie resemblance to their attack two weeks ago.

The Coach: Tonight’s Shawn Michaels lucky night!! Ain’t that nice of Hassan J.R? Allowing Shawn to make it to Unforigven cos believe me, he coulda made sure that didn’t happen here tonight.

Jim Ross: You’ve gotta be kidding me. The Entity have AGAIN done their upmost to take Shawn Michaels out here tonight and for…for what damn reason? It’s four on one at Unforgiven, they don’t need to weaken Shawn Michaels.

The Coach: For what reason? J.R it’s to send a message, it’s to make a statement that the Entity are here and they are taking over.

Jim Ross: Taking? They might have already taken over Coach. What chance does Shawn Michaels have in thirteen nights at Unforiven?!

We see the Entity backing up the ramp looking on at the damage done inside the ring before a shot of HBK completely down and out of it inside the ring, not having moved since being dropped by Hassan and his men there as we head off to a break.


We return and we’re immediately taken backstage where we join Todd Grisham who is all set to speak with us.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman our next match up will see the Basham Brothers take on the number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles, the Platform to Perfection. Joining me at this time are two men who will have a close eye on that match up, please welcome, the World Tag Team Champions, the Dudley Boyz!!

Bubba and D-Von enter the shot to a decent pop, nothing too groundbreaking however.

Todd Grisham: Bubba, D-Von last week we saw a rather strange occurrence in your match with the Basham Brothers where your challengers at Unforgiven, well…they gave you an assist. What did you make of that?

Bubba Ray Dudley: We were surprised Todd, gotta admit it, we were surprised. Not only that but we were, well…we were a little angry about it all. Doane and Nemeth, they’re two young punks who hey, it ain’t easy to stand here and say this but… they’ve had our number when we’ve crossed paths. And because of that they seem to have this idea in their heads that we aren’t…that we aren’t any kinda threat to them.

D-Von nods on in the background.

Bubba Ray Dudley: They seem to believe that when we show up at Unforgiven and we go toe to toe inside the middle of that ring that they’re just gonna walk all over us and take away our titles, no questions asked. Well newsflash for ya, they wanna win these? They’re gonna have to go through HELL and back to do it.

Nice pop for that.

D-Von Dudley: Y’see Todd, last week me and Bubba, we learned a little something else about ‘em, we learned that for all their confidence, for all their arrogance, for every ounce of ‘perfection’ that they claim to be…they’re scared. It may not be of us, in fact it’s definitely not of us but they’re scared that Unforgiven just ain’t gonna be the party they want it to be.

D-Von chuckles a little bit.

D-Von Dudley: They’re scared that the Basham’s are gonna get put in that match, they’re scared that things just aren’t gonna go as planned, they’re scared…of failure and for us? Well for us, that works in our favour. Fear? It’s a sign of weakness and believe us Todd, that’s not the only weakness they’ve got. Me and Bubba, we ain’t scared of nothing, we don’t fear a damn thing around here, we’ve seen it all before and at Unforgiven, whether it be us against Doane and Nemeth, whether we’re up against the Basham’s, whether we’re against BOTH those teams, we’ll walk in as Tag Team Champions and we one hundred and ten percent believe that we will walk OUT…as Tag Team Champions.

Another nice pop at the confidence shown from D-Von there.

Bubba Ray Dudley: So our message to those two punks is to keep that confidence they got, keep on worryin’ about the Basham’s, keep on worryin’ about their little girlfriends, their stupid hair cuts and all that other crap they got goin’ on. Cos while they worry about that, we’ll worry about the only thing important and that’s keepin’ hold of these titles and kickin’ their asses all over Oklahoma at Unforgiven.

D-Von Dudley: Oh testify!!

And with that Bubba pats D-Von the shoulder and the champions walk away to a strong pop and a smiling(creepy) Todd Grisham before we head back ringside.

‘Whips and Chains’

It’s the music of the Basham’s that awaits us as out step Danny and Doug Basham to a fairly solid pop as the two men look really pumped ahead of this showdown here tonight, seeking revenge after last week’s ambush by PTP.

Jim Ross: Chance here tonight for these two men to gain a measure of revenge. Last week saw their opponents here tonight cost them against the Dudley Boyz and Coach I gotta ask ya, do you believe that the Basham’s have got Doane and Nemeth worried?

The Coach: Worried? About what, goin’ bald? These two wouldn’t worry anybody let alone two guys like Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth, they are perfection J.R, these two goofs? Couldn’t be any further from perfection if they tried and tonight it’s gonna be proved fact once again.


Next out are the challengers to the gold at Unforgiven, the Perfectionists themselves, Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth, the Platform to Perfection who step out all smiles, flaunting their bodies to a ton of heat from the crowd with the Basham’s watching on, anxious to get their hands on the cocky duo.

Jim Ross
: Well you might think they are ‘perfection’ and they seem to believe it too but until they win the World Tag Team titles I don’t think anybody’s gonna buy that. Impressive as they have been, at Unforgiven it’s a whole different ball game, they gotta go toe to toe with two of the all time greats in tag team wrestling, something that ANY team will struggle to cope with.

The Coach: I’ll admit that the Dudleyz are no doubt legendary but it’s for what they’ve done in the past, not the present. The present is all about these guys, the future is all about these guys and at Unforgiven they’ll prove it, got absolutely no doubts whatsoever about that. The Basham’s are just a small hurdle and the Dudleyz are that final hurdle.

Jim Ross: If you’re that damn confident, if they’re that damn confident then why are they so worried about the Basham’s?

The Coach: They’ve explained already J.R. They don’t want a triple threat, they don’t want the Basham’s to possibly steal their title chance. The Basham’s could beat the Dudleyz at Unforgiven and they’d have no say in the matter, that’s not right, that’s not fair!!

Match Two: Tag Team Match

The Basham Brothers vs The Platform to Perfection

Danny Basham and Nick Nemeth start this thing off and it’s a fast paced opening in which Danny takes control. Following off of a few lock ups and arm drags exchanged before Danny takes the perfectionist down with a beautiful drop kick off of an Irish whip, early cover from Danny, 1…2…kick out comfortably from Nemeth.

Danny looks to keep the momentum as he drags Nemeth up, catching him with several stiff forearms before a big Irish whip into his corner as he tags in Doug to the contest. Doug races in and picks up where his partner left off, smashing into Nemeth in the corner with some strong shoulders to the gut before he moves away from the corner, Nemeth staggering out of the corner right into Doug’s path and he strikes with a boot to the gut, Doug runs the ropes BUT NEMETH CATCHES HIM WITH A POWERSLAM ON THE REBOUND!! Beautiful move from Nemeth and into the cover, 1…2…kick out at two from Doug!!

Nemeth pounds the mat in frustration before bringing himself and Doug to their feet and nailing an elbow to the skull, repeated elbow shots from Nemeth here before a knee to the gut as Nemeth then grabs Doug by the back of the neck and CLUBS his head off the turnbuckle. Doug falls away as Nemeth tags in Doane who’s on the front foot right away and nails Doug with a big time clothesline, cover by Ken…1…2…kick out at two from Doug. Doane keeps up the pressure as he locks Doug into a chinlock, applying a tight grip as Doug gasps for air, the crowd trying to rally him back into this thing but Doug appears to be struggling.

Doane keeps the hold firmly locked in as Danny tries encouraging Doug from the apron and it appears to work, Doug finding a second wind as he battles to his feet, breaing free of the hold and beginning to nail Doane with some elbows to the gut, Doane now on the back foot as Doug scores with an Irish whip, Doane rebounding right into a boot to the gut and a BIG TIME DDT!! Doug scrambles into the cover, 1…2…NEMETH BREAKS THE COUNT!! Nemeth stops things and begins stomping away on Doug but here comes Danny and he clubs Nemeth with a clothesline up and over the ropes!! Nemeth is floored but Danny takes himself down with him!!

Inside the ring now we see Doug and Doane both laid out but both trying to get to their feet, it’s a race to who’s up first….and it’s Doane. Doane is up and strikes Doug with a right hand, repeated strikes from the Perfectionist as Doug’s stuck in the corner now before a big time Irish whip as Doug hits the opposite corner and Doane comes flying with a corner clothesline!! Doug drops to the mat off of that impact and Doane heads up to the top rope, he senses that this could be over with, the crowd booing rigorously here as Doane steadies himself……

‘Yeah We’re Comin’ Down’

But there’s suddenly a huge cheer as we hear the music of the Dudley Boyz!! Doane looks horrified as he hops off the top rope and waits in the centre of the ring, he wants the Dudleyz and he wants them now!! But…there is NO sign of Bubba and D-Von as their music continues to play, Doane growing frustrated…BEFORE HE’S ROLLED UP FROM BEHIND!! DOUG’S GOT THE COVER, 1…2…3…HE GOT HIM!!

Winners: The Basham Brothers(5:47)

Jim Ross: He got him!! The Basham’s take it!! Doug and Danny just beat the Perfectionists and you can see exactly why Doane and Nemeth fear the Basham Brothers!!

The Coach: WHAT?! NO YOU CAN’T J.R!! Ken Doane had the damn match won until the Dudleyz screwed him!! What the hell was that about huh?! Distracting Doane like that, it’s not right!!

Jim Ross: Maybe it’s about time these two start payin’ attention to the men they meet at Unforgiven then Coach. Maybe instead of worryin’ about the Basham’s, they start realisin’ that Bubba and D-Von are champions for a reason and it’s them who pose their greatest challenge, thirteen nights from now.

The Coach: Maybe…you should shut your mouth.

Doane is sat in the ring, a look of absolute disgust on his face as Nemeth joins him and asks what happened, Doane simply shaking his head in frustration while we see Doug and Danny Basham backing up the ramp to the cheers of the crowd, a delighted duo following a huge win here tonight, are the Basham’s back in title contention?


We return from the break and we’re backstage where the World Heavyweight Champion striding through the corridors, dressed to compete ahead of his main event tag team match later on tonight, Batista entering the scene to a big time pop before we see the pesky yet lovely Maria step into the fray.

Maria: Batista, hey! Tonight we found out that your match at Unforgiven against Kane for the World Heavyweight Title will now be inside a STEEL CAGE!! How do you feel about that announcement?

Batista: Honestly? That’s the best thing Eric Bischoff’s ever done for me. He may think he’s giving the advantage to Kane by making this match but Maria, he doesn’t know what this Animal is capable of when it’s caged.

Big time pop for that.

Batista: Everybody saw what I was capable of when I speared Kane off the stage last week and hey, we’ve been fighting all the way around the arena week after week, I wanna kick his ass and he wants to kick mine all because of this World Title. Putting us inside a steel cage? It’s the perfect environment for both me and Kane to do exactly what we wanna do. There won’t be anywhere for hi…


Jim Ross

The Coach: This thing’s picking up where it left off baby!! Kane and the Animal tearing each other apart!! You gotta love it!! Kick his ass Kane!! KICK…HIS…ASS!!

Indeed the fight is spiralling all across backstage as Kane strikes with a dvastating uppercut that sends Tista stumbling before he grabs the back of Tista’s head and SMASHES IT OFF OF THE WALL!! Batista falls to the floor as Kane is now right on the front foot, there’s nobody in sight right now to break this thing up as Kane again grabs the World Champion and drags him to his feet but he’s struck with a boot by the Animal!! Batista now roaring back as he strikes with a big time right hand that rocks the seven footer before TISTA THEN WHIPS KANE INTO A LOCKER ROOM DOOR!! Kane’s back is clubbed against the door and he sinks to the floor in agony before finally we see some officials and trainers etc coming to stop this from getting even further out of control as they take Batista away from Kane while some tend to Kane but the Big Red Machine does NOT take kindly to it as he shoves them away and AGAIN HEADS AFTER BATISTA!! There seems to be no stopping this as again the backstage folk intervene, finally pulling these two heated rivals away from one another and we head back to ringside with the tension rising here tonight.


And we return to hear the music of the woman who made her return last week, the Daredevil Diva, Lita!! The fiery red head storms down the ring, charging into the ring where she’s all set for action against her ready and waiting opponent Molly Holly.

Jim Ross: Tensions running high between Kane and Batista, a damn brawl on our hands backstage and I dread to think what’s gonna go down later on tonight out here when we get those two in the ring. But right now we’re all set for some diva’s action and how great is it to see Lita? The Daredevil Diva made her return last week following an ankle injury at the hands of Victoria and there’s no doubting that Lita is gunning for the Women’s Champion.

The Coach: She is but is that really a smart move J.R? I don’t think so. Victoria’s put her on the shelf once already, she’ll do it again if she has to. She’s taken Lita out, she’s taken Trish out, she will take ANYBODY out who gets in her way. This might just be too soon for Lita to come back.

Match Three: Singles Match

Lita vs Molly Holly

Molly looks to start this one off at a fast pace and takes it to Lita, trying to catch her off guard and it works as she sends Lita rocking backwards into the corner, unloading with right hands before some stiff boots to the gut but it’s a short offense from Molly as she can’t keep the pace and Lita comes firing back into this thing before you know it.

Lita’s ankle looks to be a hundred percent as she flies around the ring, taking Molly down with a series of clotheslines before nailing the former Women’s Champ with a beautiful spinning heel kick that nearly takes her head off. The crowd pop big for this showcase from the returning diva who appears not just fully fit but full of confidence before she finishes this one off with a picture perfect Moonsault that catches Molly right on the money. Scrambling into a cover, 1…2…3…Lita convincing.

Winner: Lita(3:00)

Lita doesn’t waste any time in celebrating, a broad smile on her face as the fans give a strong pop for the returning diva’s victory before she asks for a microphone from ringside and Lilian Garcia immediately provides her with one.

Lita: Y’know I was all set to challenge for the Women’s Championship back at Summerslam, I was all set to take on this…this unstoppable champion that Victoria has been but that uh…that never happened. That didn’t happen because just six nights before Summerslam I suffered, well, I suffered a pretty badly sprained ankle.

Boos as the crowd know what went down

Lita: For those of you that don’t know, I was attacked backstage, I had a door smashed right into my ankle, it was nearly torn into pieces right there and then. Fact of the matter is, I was lucky to only suffer a sprain, my ankle could’ve been broken, hey, my career might’ve been ended and that was all thanks…to Victoria.

Lita shakes her head as the crowd gives heat for the mention of Victoria.

Lita: It was all a set up from Victoria, it was all so she couldn’t defend her title against me at Summerslam and she got exactly what she wanted. But there was some bad news for her, in fact there was some REALLY bad news. See, she might’ve escaped facing me at Summerslam, she might’ve put me out of action but she shoulda made sure that she finished…me…off.

There’s a bit of intensity from Lita here as the crowd gives a small pop.

Lita: All Victoria has done is delay the inevitable because now I am BACK, my ankle is a hundred percent and I am READY to do just what I was gonna do at Summerslam and I am ready to KICK VICTORIA’S ASS AND TAKE THE WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Real passion from the fiery Lita here as the crowd fully buys into it.

Lita: Eric Bischoff has made it official, the Summerslam match that never too place WILL take place at Unforgiven. Victoria will put her title on the line against me and I guarantee that whatever she tries between now and then? It just ain’t gonna work because I’ll have eyes in the back of my head if I have to, I’ll watch my back at every turn and I will not only take that title away from her but I promise…OH I PROMISE… to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Big pop once more for the Daredevil Diva as her music hits and we see a defiant challenger to the Women’s Championship exit the ring, the crowd even starting a small ‘LITA’ chant.

Jim Ross: The match is on folks, Victoria will defend her Women’s Championship at Unforgiven against Lita who has got a real fire inside her!! You can feel the passion in Lita and I fully believe that Victoria may have bitten off more than she can chew here.

The Coach: Oh bull. Just cos Lita gave us that little speech, doesn’t mean she stands a chance come Unforgiven. She can be fired up all she wants, it doesn’t matter, Victoria’s too damn strong and too damn twisted for Lita to deal with, she felt it a month ago and she’ll feel it again in a little under two weeks. Lita’s gonna wish she never came back, I guarantee it.

Lita heads up the ramp with a fierce look of determination on her face, the Women’s Championship in her sights as she heads to Unforgiven to take on her bitter rival.


We return and cut away to a video package…

The first shot we receive is of a church and through the windows we can see it’s pitch black outside as some candles are lit inside the church and we see a solitary figure but only from behind and they appear to be praying as they are on their knee sat the front of the church. This person is a fairly small man, bald head and a pretty scary look on his face as he begins rocking back and forth and is then heard saying ‘Forgive me, for I have sinned.

Forgiveness does not…come easily…

We then get a shot of Edge with his maniacal smile, holding his Money in the Bank briefcase close to him.

Certain acts, certain decisions, we can choose to let go…

We see a shot of Shawn Michaels standing over Batista following a deadly dose of Sweet Chin Music.

To let slide…

We see Charlie Haas cutting a frustrated figure as Shelton Benjamin walks past him.

To put at the back of our minds…

We then see this person still on their knees in the church looking up to the heavens as they repeatedly say ‘Forgive me, Forgive me’


But then there are other acts, there are other decisions that are simply…unforgivable…

There’s now fast paced music as we get a glimpse of an enraged Batista who kicks the ropes in frustration as Eric Bischoff smirks cockily.

We then see Chris Jericho holding the back of his head as he watches Edge slither away from his grasp, a furious look on Jericho’s face.

Finally we see Christian smirking to himself as he pats Tomko on the chest before patting his own, a devilish smirk on Captain Charisma’s face.

September 18th, 2005, those that have sinned will seek their forgiveness…

We see Kane laughing to himself in his usual monstrous manner.

The next image is of Muhammad Hassan and his Arabian Entity standing tall as Hassan embraces the boos from all around him.

The shot we then see is of Batista, his hands on his head in clear disappointment or frustration.

But for some…they will always remain…well and truly…Unforgiven.

The final image we see is of a desolate Shawn Michaels stood in the ring alone, staring down at this feet. We then return to the church to see the man praying, looking up high to the sky before he stops, looks down and into the camera, a look of despair which then changes before smiling sadistically and we then get a graphic for…

We fade away from that video package and we head instead to the locker room area where we see Charlie Haas who is not in action tonight but is instead sat down and is watching a TV monitor which is showing highlights from the end of last week’s main event where his partner Shelton Benjamin got ambushed by Mark Jindrak and William Regal. Haas is clearly disappointed at what he’s seeing as he shakes his head in dismay before we see Haas switch his attentions from the monitor to someone entering the room, that man being…Shelton Benjamin.

Charlie Haas: Shelton listen man I…

Shelton Benjamin: No, no, you need to listen.

Charlie Haas: I can explain really, I mean I wa…

Shelton Benjamin: I said that YOU…need to listen.

Benjamin’s firm stance sees Haas back down.

Shelton Benjamin: Look I don’t know where you were last week, I don’t know what was goin’ on inside your head but I do know…that I’ve only got myself to blame for it.

Haas looks a little surprised.

Shelton Benjamin: I’ve been thinking a whole lot about what you said last week and I’ll hold my hands up, you were right. I’ve let you down by not goin’ after the Tag Team Titles with you. Whether I’m holdin’ the Intercontinental Title, whether I’m standin’ here on one leg, you’re my partner and we in this thing together.

Haas gives a little smile for that comment.

Shelton Benjamin
: So all I came by to do tonight was apologise to you and let you know that from now on I’m gonna focus just as much on us provin’ why we are the World’s Greatest Tag Team as I’m gonna focus on holdin’ on to this Intercontinental Title.

There’s a bit of an awkward pause as Haas mulls over that.

Charlie Haas
: I appreciate it Shelton, I really do. But…I had something I wanted to say to you tonight and all that you just said doesn’t change what I wanted to tell you.

Shelton Benjamin
: I’m listenin’.

Charlie Haas: I too wanted to apologise tonight. I wanted to apologise for being selfish last week, I shouldn’t have got involved, it was none of my business Shelton. What you do around here is nothing to do with me unless we’re in that ring together and last week we weren’t.

Haas shakes his head, disappointed with himself although a little smile on his face.

Charlie Haas
: Last week I shoulda just let you go out there, no questions asked, stood in your corner and had your back. But I didn’t do that, instead I left the arena, I was that frustrated, that angry… that I walked out and Shelton, all I can do is wholeheartedly apologise.

Haas does seem somewhat apologetic although not quite as apologetic as he perhaps should be.

Shelton Benjamin: Listen man, I don’t blame you for last week. Let’s just let it slide and move on to tonight. You’ll be in my corner out there right?

Charlie Haas: Wh-what do you mean tonight? You got a match?

Benjamin looks surprised that Haas didn’t know that.

Shelton Benjamin: Yeah? I thought you knew? I’m tagging with Batista against Kane and Jindrak, I could really do with you out there man, I know Regal’s gonna be ringside.

Haas has his head down and appears to be thinking about something.

Charlie Haas: You’re tagging…with Batista? Alright, ok, I just…you didn’t tell me that was all. So you uh…you do want me out there with you right?

Shelton Benjamin: Of course I do.

Charlie Haas: Great, great. I’ll be there, don’t worry about it. Look I uh…I gotta go man, I’ll catch ya out there.

And with that Haas pats Benjamin on the shoulder, knocking his Intercontinental Title off a little bit with Shelton readjusting and having a confused look on his face as his partner’s apology seems to have altered to frustration yet again and we head off once more to ringside.

‘Break the Walls Down’

A strong ovation greets the music of Y2J, Chris Jericho who enters the fray roaring with adrenaline as he interacts with a wild crowd, all set for action against a long term rival here tonight.

Jim Ross: Certainly all is not well between The World’s Greatest Tag Team and folks all is not well between this man Chris Jericho and his pursuit of the World Title. Jericho was robbed back at Summerslam of becoming Mr.Money In The Bank and has since continued his rivalry with Edge only to have Christian enter the mix with all three men fighting for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Coach: And outta all three of ‘em this guy’s the one who deserves it least. He lost at Summerslam, he’s lost every damn big match he’s had over the last four years. He does NOT deserve another one. Step aside Jericho and let guys like Edge, like Christian, actual WINNERS get their opportunities.

‘Just Close your Eyes’

There’s a surprising initial pop before a chorus of heat greets the arrival of Captain Charisma himself, Christian who is surveying the crowd for all his ‘Peeps’ accompanied as ever by his ‘Problem Solver’ Tomko.

Jim Ross: Well in my eyes Chris Jericho DOES deserve a shot at the World Title. He was robbed at Summerslam and if that hadn’t happened I’ve got no doubts he’d be standin’ here as Mr.Money in the Bank but…I gotta admit that Christian after what he’s done these past few months is more than deserving of a title opportunity.

The Coach: Thank you. Finally you’re jumpin’ on the Christian bandwagon, Coach has been on it since day ONE and he’ll be on it til the day Christian retires. This man is pure gold J.R and it is only a matter of time, I guarandamntee it before Captain Charisma is sittin’ on top of the mountain.

Match Four: Singles Match

Christian w/Tomko vs Chris Jericho

It’s a cagey opening as both men try and gain the upper hand. However these two know each other inside out and it makes for a fairly tactical bout in the early going as both Y2J and Captain Charisma fail to build up some momentum, taking turns to one up the other, Christian striking with a big back body drop, Jericho responding with a series of clotheslines, trying to keep his fellow Canadian down.

After the opening stages we finally see one man gain the upper hand and it’s Christian thanks in part to the help of his ‘Problem Solver’ Tomko. Jericho has Christian right where he wants him, nailing him with knees to the gut before an Irish whip but we see a reversal from Christian, Jericho hits the ropes AND TOMKO TRIPS HIM UP!! Jericho is floored whilst Christian had the referee’s attention. Jericho now down and Christian begins to stamp his authority on this one, literally picking Jericho off with stamps right across the back of Y2J’s head before looking around the crowd surveying for his ‘Peeps’ which draws him some heat.

Christian then begins to deliver some stiff elbows, rolling Jericho onto his back and dropping those elbows right into the chest of Y2J who gasps for air, all the air being taken out of him with these hard elbows as Tomko nods on in the background. Christian then drags Jericho a little bit across the ring, placing Jericho’s head between the ropes before using them for leverage and standing on Jericho’s back, forcing his throat down on the ropes. Christian is choking his former long time rival, Jericho gasping for breath right now as the referee warns Captain Charisma to get off and eventually he obliges, Jericho falling to the mat once more and clutching his throat in real pain here.

Christian’s all smiles as he keeps up the pressure on Jericho, drawing him to his feet before a big Irish whip into the corner, Jericho clatters into the turnbuckle as Christian comes charging and he scores with an elbow to the jaw!! High impact from Christian as Jericho drops to the mat again, it’s all Christian right now following the mixed opening and CC decides he’s gonna head up high!! Jericho is down but begins to stir as Christian looks on from the top, beating his chest to the booing crowd, he waits patiently as Jericho begins to get to his feet, he turns around, DIVING CROSSBODY!! JERICHO ROLLS THROUGH INTO A COVER, 1…2…KICK OUT AT TWO FROM CHRISTIAN!!

Both men are quickly back up and Christian storms right at Jericho who dodges it, Christian runs the ropes and rebounds…right into a back elbow by Jericho!! Y2J now the one in control and he draws Christian back up, immediately hammering away with some striking forearm smashes that rock the Captain back towards the ropes, Christian falls into them and Jericho with an Irish whip, reversal, Jericho hangs on and Christian comes charging…ONLY FOR JERICHO TO PULL THE TOP ROPE DOWN AND CHRISTIAN CRASHES TO THE OUTSIDE!!

The fans have gone wild here as Jericho has the upper hand now and he’s the one who now spirals to the top rope. Christian’s struggling to his feet as Jericho sets himself, Christian turns around RIGHT INTO A DIVING BACK ELBOW OFF THE TOP!! Both men are down now, this contest evenly poised and it’s a race to their feet here as the referee begins a countout.

It’s tentative from both, the effect of that move being felt by Jericho just as much as Christian and we see that Tomko is by his man’s side, trying to help Christian up as both men reach their knees now, Jericho crawling towards the ring. He finally reaches his feet, Christian not far behind him and Jericho immediately looks for a right hand but Christian blocks it and pulls Jericho’s hair!! A cheap tactic by Christian before a boot to the gut and CC clubs Jericho’s head off the apron!! The count is now at 7 before Christian tosses Jericho back inside, following right behind him and he instantly rolls Jericho into a cover, 1…2…kick out at two from Y2J.

Christian looks to really kick on here and he drags Jericho to his feet once more, nailing him with repeated right hands before an Irish whip once again, Jericho rebounds this time RIGHT INTO A FLAPJACK FROM CHRISTIAN!! Cover once again, 1…2…kick out again at two from Y2J, hanging in right now after Christian’s dirty work got him in control. Christian pounds the mat in disappointment before again bringing Jericho to his feet but takes his eye off it for a minute and Jericho strikes with a right hand, repeated rights now from Jericho to the kindeys as Christian appears winded. Jericho now standing tall and he goes for a kick but Christian catches his foot, Jericho in trouble BUT HE CATCHES CHRISTIAN WITH AN ENZIGURI!! Christian is floored and it’s Jericho scrambling into a cover, 1…2…kick out at two!!

This topsy turvy contest continues as Jericho uses the ropes to pull himself up, Christian is to his knees, looking for the ropes also but Jericho gets to him first and nails an elbow. Jericho now with an Irish whip and Christian rebounds right off the turnbuckle into Jericho’s path, Bulldog!! Jericho scores and the fans know what’s coming…LIONSAULT CONNECTS!! Jericho catches it and immediately goes for the Walls of Jericho!! But Christian is fighting it!! Jericho can’t quite lock it in….and Christian kicks him away!! Jericho comes charging back but Christian with an Inside Cradle, 1…2…3…NO!! JERICHO JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!!

Both men are quickly up, Christian is struggling off the Lionsault though and Jericho comes right at him but Christian ducks it and grabs Jericho from behind…UNPRETTIER!! NO!! JERICHO SHOVES CHRISTIAN OFF AND INTOT HE ROPES, HE REBOUNDS AND JERICHO WITH A DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN…RIGHT INTO THE WALLS OF JERICHO!! Can he lock it in here, Christian’s fighting with all he’s got…BUT JERICHO TURNS HIM OVER!! IT’S LOCKED IN!! Christian’s dead centre of the ring here, nowhere to go, will he tap?!? The crowd are going wild as Christian squeals in pain…BUT THEN WE SEE TOMKO HOP UP ON THE APRON!!

Jericho hasn’t seen him yet but the referee has and is remonstrating with him before finally Jericho sees what’s going on and goes over to ask Tomko what the hell he’s playing at, Tomko is refusing to budge…SO JERICHO SENDS HIM TUMBLING WITH A RIGHT HAND!! Tomko is knocked down as Jericho scowls at the ‘Problem Solver’ before turning back to Christian who is to his knees now…but Jericho’s attention is diverted to the ramp…WHERE WE SEE THAT EDGE IS STORMING DOWN RINGSIDE!! Briefcase in hand, Mr.Money in the Bank is headed this way and Jericho is calling for him, Edge appears to have no problem accepting the challenge…but he stops before getting in the ring??

Jericho’s desperate for him to step inside but Edge appears to be having second thoughts…AND JERICHO SIDESTEPS THE ONCOMING CHRISTIAN!! Christian spins back around and he charges again at Jericho but Y2J with a big back body drop…Christian lands on his feet AND EDGE ENTERS THE RING…SWINGS HIS BRIEFCASE AT JERICHO BUT JERICHO DUCKS IT AND EDGE SMASHES CHRISTIAN WITH IT!! The referee calls for the bell as Edge looks on in horror having taken Christian’s head off!!

Winner via Disqualification: Christian(11:16)

Edge looks like he’s seen a ghost before he’s turned round by Jericho and Y2J is hammering his bitter rival with right hands!! The crowd are going wild as Jericho swings for one more…BUT EDGE DUCKS IT AND IMMEDIATELY DROPS OUTTA THE RING!! EDGE WANTS NO PIECE OF JERICHO AND SPRINTS RIGHT BACK UP THE RAMP, CLUTCHING HIS BREIFCASE, FEARFUL OF BOTH JERICHO AND WHAT HE’S DONE TO CHRISTIAN TONIGHT!!

Jim Ross: Edge!! Edge just…Edge just got Chris Jericho disqualified!! He tried to damn near take Jericho’s head off but he caught his former partner, he caught Captain Charisma with that briefcase and just look at Edge’s face!! He knows what he’s done here tonight!!

The Coach: Mistakes happen J.R. Edge didn’t mean it, he was lookin’ for Jericho!! Jericho might not have won the match but he’s lucky he’s still conscious!! Edge woulda smashed his head off with that briefcase but now…NOW MY MAN’S FEELIN’ THE EFFECTS!! I hope he’s alright J.R, ya think he needs me in there?

Jim Ross: I think he needs you as far away as humanly possible Coach. Not a good night for Christian, not a good night for Chris Jericho, hell it wasn’t a good night for Edge!! When will any one of these three men get what they want!??!

We get a shot of all three men, Christian visibly frustrated at having Edge cost him, Jericho frustrated too despite the victory, the cheap fashion infuriating him while Edge is frustrated that he took out his former partner rather than his bitter rival here tonight as he backs up the ramp.

We return then to the backstage area where we’re joined by the young and gorgeous Raw interviewer that is Maria.

Maria: Hi! It’s me, Maria here and I’m backstage joined by two men who made a real impact last week during our main event. Please welcome, William Regal and Mark Jindrak!!

Immediate heat as the ‘Protégé’ and his mentor enter the fray looking rather smug after their doings last week.

Maria: Willy, tonight your Protégé is involved in the main event when he teams up with Kane to take on Batista and the man you attacked last week Shelton Benjamin. Can you explain to everybody just why you targeted the Intercontinental Champion last week?

Regal rolls his eyes at Maria calling him Willy before waiting to respond to the question as Jindrak simply watches on.

William Regal: Maria, I think you just answered your own question my dear. Why did we attack Shelton Benjamin? Because he holds what we desire, he holds what young Mark here is soon to prise away from him…the Intercontinental Championship.

Regal now smirks, looking at Jindrak with an evil smile as Jindrak looks on at Maria.

William Regal: At Summerslam my protégé here disposed of the Big Show like no man has done before and following on from that we vowed that our next step, the next goal for Mark would be championship gold and that statement still stands true. We put the entire locker room on notice which is why Shelton Benjamin can’t say he hadn’t been warned.

Again a shot at a menacing Mark Jindrak with Regal gleaming over him.

William Regal: Last week wasn’t anything personal, we hold nothing against Shelton Benjamin, in fact myself and Mark actually somewhat admire Shelton Benjamin.

Maria looks surprised by this.

William Regal: We admire him because he too is focused on just one thing and that’s the Intercontinental Title that’s currently in his possession. Don't believe a word he said earlier about making the Tag Team Titles also a priority of his, that's a lie and he knows it, I can see it in his eyes Maria.

Maria nods on, not really taking in what Regal's saying.

William Regal: No matter what Charlie Haas asks, no matter how much he pleads, nothing will take Shelton Benjamin’s focus away from that title. That’s his own partner Maria, a man he trusts, a man who he stands by through thick and thin, yet he will not do as Charlie Haas desires because his passion is…it’s simply too much for that Intercontinental Title. That’s…that’s as admirable as it gets in my book.

Regal rubs his chin, seemingly thinking.

William Regal: So like I said. Nothing personal, Shelton Benjamin simply has what we want and last week was our first statement of intent. Tonight? Well tonight he gets just another taster of what his future awaits and that future involves Mark Jindrak standing tall over him and it involves Mark Jindrak becoming the NEW…Intercontinental Champion.

With that we get one more shot of a devilish William Regal and a relaxed yet intense Mark Jindrak who seems to be unfazed ahead of his main event slot later on tonight before we head off into a commercial break.


We return and we’re in the office of Eric Bischoff as we get a close up shot of his face, a fairly intense look on his face as the camera slowly zooms away and we see the rest of his office where standing right in Eric Bischoff’s eyeline is the quartet known as the Arabian Entity, the four men looking pleased following their work earlier on tonight.

Eric Bischoff: Expected something else, gotta admit, expected more tonight BUT…I can see where you’re comin’ from and at Unforgiven if you do what you promise I won’t have any complaints. Just make sure you stick to it and we won’t have any problems.

We then see the Entity all nodding in agreement.

Muhammad Hassan: We can assure you at Unforgiven we’ll finish the job off. We could’ve finished Shawn off right there and then tonight but that’s not what we want. We want him to make it to Unforgiven and we wanna finish him off in style, we wanna embarrass him, we wanna put his faith to shame on the biggest platform we can.

Bischoff is smirking in his usual demeanour now, that news having clearly brightened his mood.

Eric Bischoff: That is exactly what I wanna hear and hey, while you’re here, I had an idea for next week, how’s this sound? Shawn had his warm up match tonight so uh…why don’t you guys have one too? Next week the Arabian Entity in a four on one handicap match taking on…Batista!!

Bischoff is glistening over his idea as the Entity all look around at one another, Dutt and Daivari are nodding.

Muhammad Hassan: Eric…that sounds perfect. We’ll see you next week.

Bischoff is chuckling to himself as the quartet exit his office, their work done here tonight as the boss sits down in his chair, all set to relax…before bursting into the room comes Captain Charisma, Christian who is accompanied as ever by Tomko.

Eric Bischoff: Hey, you ever heard of knocking?!

Christian: Hey, you ever heard of controlling your own show?! Did you see what happened out there?! Did you?!

Christian is clearly furious here as Bischoff huffs and puffs.

Eric Bischoff: Yeah I saw.

Christian: So…so what are you gonna do about it? Tonight was my opportunity to prove why I’m the next in line for a shot at the World Title, not that I should even have to prove it, we all know I should be. I was gonna go out there, knock Jericho off, shut his mouth once and for all and show Edge how to really get things done around here and believe me, it ain’t by using a damn briefcase.

Eric Bischoff
: Alright look I get where you’re comi…

CRASH. The door then flings open and in comes Chris Jericho to a decent pop with Christian and Bischoff both looking less than impressed by his arrival as Christian shoves Tomko in front of him, which draws a few laughs.

Eric Bischoff: Oh for the love of god.

Christian: NO!! No, you don’t get anything here Chris, just stay outta this, this is my business. If Edge hadn’t hit me with that briefcase I’d have beat you out there and you know it so back up before I pick up where I left off.

Chris Jericho: Is that right junior? Well how about you stop hiding behind your little ‘Problem Solver’ and try backing that up huh?

Jericho is now trying to get to Christian but Tomko is standing firm, protecting his associate who tries to act tough behind him.

Christian: I’m right here Chris, do somethin’ then, do somethin’ about it.

Eric Bischoff
: ENOUGH!! Enough. Seriously, I have had it up to here with the two of you, with Edge, with this whole freakin’ situation so I’m gonna give you all exactly what you want and that’s the opportunity to be the next in line for a shot at the World Title.

Christian: I shouldn’t have to earn it, I should already have it Eric and you kno…


Bischoff is clearly stressed to the limit here as Christian holds his hands out in an apologetic fashion, now listening to the boss’ words.

Eric Bischoff: At Unforgiven it’s gonna be Christian versus Chris Jericho versus Edge in a Triple Threat Match where the winner will be…the next number one contender to the World Heavyweight Title. Now get the hell outta my office before I change my mind.

Jericho seems very pleased with the announcement, Christian a little less so as he eyes up Jericho with a snarl.

Chris Jericho: There’s your chance tough guy. You got your shot, it’s what you’ve been waitin’ for, now are ya gonna take it? I gotta feelin’ that just like your little buddy Edge, all you’re gonna do is crack under the spotlight. I’ve taken my chance before and in two weeks, trust me... I’m gonna take it again.

And with that Jericho departs, a close up shot of Christian then comes with Captain Charisma looking a little riled by those comments and we head off back to ringside for some more action where we see already standing in the ring is Rob Conway who is stretching and readying himself for his upcoming match before we hear…

‘Shattered Dreams’

And there’s an immediate pop for the oh so familiar music of the ‘Bizarre One’ as out steps Goldust, fresh off his return to the company last week. Conway looking a little wary of the freak as he strolls down the ramp.

Jim Ross: Another HUGE match set for Unforgiven there folks, a triple threat number one contenders match. Major opportunity for those men heading into Unforgiven but as we focus back on tonight and on this man. Goldust made his return last week, coming up short against Edge but it was no doubt an impressive re-debut for the ‘Bizarre One’ Goldust.

The Coach: There ain’t nothin’ impressive about Goldust J.R apart from the fact he’s managed to get a job around here again. This guy is a freak, plain and simple and I don’t wanna see ANYTHING he’s involved in. I hope Rob Conway sends him straight back to Bizarro world or wherever the hell he’s come from.

Match Five: Singles Match

Goldust vs Rob Conway

The first minute or so of the match is simply all about Goldust’s mind games as he plays with Conway, the Frenchman looking scared to death at some of the Bizarre things his opponent does such as his perch in the corner before blowing a kiss in Conway’s direction and his usual deep breaths before a freakish exhale that draws a laugh from the crowd.

The action finally gets going and Conway launches an array of right hands on the ‘Bizarre One’, rocking him a little bit before a big Irish whip sends Goldie into the turnbuckle, Conway comes charging but he’s caught with a boot to the face!! Conway is pegged back and ‘Dust now goes to work, striking with some stern right hands before a stinging uppercut sends Conway down, the crowd right behind the strange superstar.

Goldust keeps up the momentum, dropping Conway with a beautiful Sidewalk slam, scoring a nearfall but Conway hangs in. Goldust then heads towards the top rope, bit of a surprise move as he looks set to soar, Conway getting to his feet and Goludst flies, Double Axe Handle, NO!! Conway stops it with a boot to the gut, Irish whip, Dust rebounds and Conway goes for a back body drop but Goldust sees it coming and falls to his knees, BIG UPPERCUT!! Goldust strikes as Conway spins round right into his path once more and Goldust signals to finish it…FINAL CUT…CONNECTS!! Cover from Goldie, 1…2…3…big win for Raw’s resident freak.

Winner: Goldust(4:13)

Jim Ross: Impressive once again from Goldust here tonight and Coach ya gotta admit, Goldust has come back and he’s come back perhaps better than ever!!

The Coach: I don’t have to admit anything, especially not THAT. Sure he won tonight, so what? The guy should be wearin’ a straight jacket, not competing inside that ring. J.R I was scared for Rob Conway in there, he may be scarred and I ain’t talkin’ physically.

Goldust celebrates his win, perching himself on the top rope before his trademark inhale, exhale routine which draws a decent pop from the crowd, big win for Goldie here tonight and we head off once again into a break.


We return and we return amidst ABSOLUE CHAOS AS WE SEE BATISTA AND KANE ARE ONCE AGAIN BRAWLING ALL OVER BACKSTAGE!! There’s trainers and officials charging to the scene but the Animal and the Monster are absolutely beating the holy hell out of one another as Batista charges Kane up and into a wall but the Big Red Machine responds with a HUGE uppercut!! Finally the officials separate the pair once again with Batista yelling to ‘LET ME AT HIM’ while Kane is snarling in anger, hell bent on getting his hands on the World Champion.

The carnage seems to have ended as officials lead Batista away with him screaming at Kane ‘I’LL SEE YOU OUT THERE’ but as Tista turns around we see KANE HAS BROKEN FREE AND HE CHARGES AT THE CHAMPION, BATISTA CHARGES THE OTHER WAY, BREAKING THROUGH OFFICIALS AND THE FIST FIGHT IS ON ONCE MORE!! There appears to be no stopping these two men who are all over one another here, seemingly nothing and nobody capable of tearing them apart!!

We then cut away elsewhere backstage and standing by waiting to speak with us is the lovely Maria, not for the first time this evening as she looks a little bewildered unsurprisingly.

Maria: Hi, it’s me again, Maria! And I’m joined right now by a man who has made a real impression since debuting here on Monday Night Raw. Please welco…

Maria suddenly has the microphone snatched from out of her hands by…

Mr.Kennedy: Please welcome the man who is revolutionising Monday Night Raw, who is the WWE’s very own GAME CHANGER, please welcome MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KEEEEEEENNEDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYY.

Kennedy passes Maria the microphone back, the crowd buying into his whole ‘Kennedy routine’ as Maria goes to speak…BUT the mic is snatched again.


Again Kennedy passes it back, Maria smiling stupidly as Kennedy chews his gum cockily.

Maria: Thanks for introducing yourself!! If you don’t mind I’ve got just a couple of questions that I think everybody will want to know the answers to. First off, do you regret anything that you said or did last week to Eric Bischoff? I mean, you poured beer all over him and you told him that you were finished with him, that’s kinda mean don’t ya think?

Kennedy stares a hole through his dumb interviewer as he laughs sarcastically to himself.

Mr.Kennedy: Yeah, yeah, real mean, can only apologise.

Kennedy rolls his eyes.

: Do I…do I regret anything? No, no I don’t, I NEVER regret anything that I do, anything that I say. I stand by everything that went down last week. Pouring beer over Eric Bischoff? He had it comin’, he’s lucky that’s all he got sent his way believe me. As far as me telling Easy E that I was ‘finished’ with him? Again I stand right by that and the only way that’s gonna change…is if Eric himself changes.

Kennedy pauses, thinking to himself.

Mr.Kennedy: He brought me to Raw on a promise. He promised me that I was gonna get the spotlight, the spotlight that I DESERVE. He promised me that I was gonna be exactly what I say I am and that is the game changer this show needs, the game changer this entire company needs and yet I’ve been on Raw, what? A month now, give or take a little bit and what spotlight have I been given huh? What opportunities, what chances has he afforded me?

Maria looks puzzled.

Mr.Kennedy: I’ll tell you what, NONE, NA DA, ZILCH, ZEEEEERO and that? That just ain’t good enough for a guy like me. I’m a guy who wants to be…who NEEDS…to be on top and right now, Eric Bischoff just ain’t givin’ me the chance to show why. Heck, let’s look at right here tonight Maria, do you uh…do you see me in action here tonight? Do you see me getting the chance to prove why I’m Raw’s crown jewel?

Maria shakes her head.

Mr.Kennedy: That’s right, ya don’t and that’s because Eric Bischoff has once AGAIN…left me off the show but he’s uh…he’s got time for guys like freakin’ Goldust, for guys like Chris Jericho, like Kane, like Batista, like Jindrak, the list goes ON AND ON BUT I AM BETTER THAN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF ‘EM!!

Kennedy gets some cheers for this, a few boos however as he positions himself above fan favourites Batista and Jericho.

Mr.Kennedy: So until Eric changes his ways, until he sees the light I’m gonna…well, I’m gonna have to take matters into my own hands. That’s why I WILL BE at Unforgiven and don’t fear, I WILL BE in action because I’m issuin’ an Open Challenge. That’s right, I’m challenging absolutely anybody to face me in Oklahoma because lord knows that Pay Per View needs Mr.Kennedy.

Kennedy chuckles to himself.

: But I wanna put a word of warnin’ out there for whoever wants to step up and face me. Since I’ve come here all I’ve faced are complete jokes, Eugene bein’ the prime example and at Unforgiven I don’t want that, I don’t want any more jokes stepping inside that ring with me. I want the very best there is on offer and until I get it? Until I get it then last week’s gonna look like nothin’ for Eric Bischoff cos he and the big shots upstairs are gonna have one HELL… of a pissed off superstar on his hands.

And with that Kennedy has an intense look on his face, his eyes widened as we get a close up, his ‘Open Challenge’ now set for Unforgiven and we return ringside, Kennedy receiving a decent pop for his comments there.

‘Born Naughty’

It is indeed main event time as out first comes Mark Jindrak accompanied by his manager William Regal with Regal possessing that wry smile of his, Jindrak looking pumped up and ready for his opportunity tonight.

Jim Ross: Big chance here tonight for this young man. Mark Jindrak has made huge strides since being taken under the wing of William Regal and he’s set his sights on the Intercontinental Championship, a good showing here tonight would no doubt put him in contention.

The Coach: In contention? He’s already the best contender there is to that championship and I’ve got no doubts he’ll receive his opportunity and J.R when he does? When he does he’s gonna take it. This guy has been on fire, William Regal has helped him no end and I FIRMLY believe this kid has all the tools to one day reach the very top. You heard it here first, always believe the Coach baby.


‘Slow Chemical’

And out next is the Big Red Machine…….but he’s nowhere in sight as Jindrak and Regal wait inside the ring looking a little bemused, not quite sure where their tag team partner has vanished to here.

Jim Ross: Well uh…we’re anticipating the arrival of Kane folks but we know, well we know that he and Batista have been workin’ their way across the arena pretty much all night long. I don’t…I don’t know whether that’s got anything to do with Kane’s whereabouts right now.

The Coach: I’ll bet that Kane’s back there tearin’ Batista a new one. I still can’t believe Batista’s happy about bein’ put in a damn cage with Kane, that’s career suicide right there. He won’t walk outta there on two legs, let alone with his World Title.

Well as there is no sign of the Big Red Machine we then hear…

‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me Now’

As Shelton Benjamin, the Intercontinental Champion makes his way out with a very determined look on his face as he psyches himself up, clearly noticing that both Jindrak and Regal are eyeing him and his title up while it’s soon noted that there is NO sign of Charlie Haas.

Jim Ross: No doubting that Shelton Benjamin hasn’t had it all his own way since becoming the Intercontinental Champion. He suffered an ankle injury during the match he won that title and has since had some problems involving his tag team partner Charlie Haas who…who we believed was gonna be out here tonight in Shelton Benjamn’s corner but it would uh…it would appear not.

The Coach: Can ya blame Charlie Haas? Really? I mean Shelton’s let him down time and time again, he’s a selfish man and tonight’s another prime example of that. He coulda tagged with Charlie Haas tonight but no, here we are and Benjamin’s in the main event again WITHOUT his partner and with somebody else. He’s cheating on Charlie Haas!!

Jim Ross: Oh for the love of god.

Benjamin waits in the ring now for his tag team partner’s arrival…

‘I Walk Alone’

The arena ERUPTS as the music of the World Champion hits, Benjamin awaiting Batista to enter the scene…..but just like Kane there is nothing as the music fades and we’re now left with what would appear to be a one on one contest.

Jim Ross: I think we know what’s goin’ on now folks. Batista and Kane, they must still be trying to be contained backstage but I mean…we got a match set for tonight!! Somebody throw ‘em out here and let’s do this inside the damn ring!!

The Coach: Couldn’t agree more with ya J.R, throw Batista into the lion’s den right in front of our very eyes. Don’t hide back there champ, we wanna see this thing and we wanna see it n…



Jim Ross: Batista and Kane!! Get ‘em inside the ring!! This match hasn’t even started!!

Inside the ring however, Benjamin is watching what’s going on here BEFORE HE’S BLINDSIDED BY MARK JINDRAK AND THE REFEREE RINGS THE BELL!! This one is finally off and running as we then see Batista WHIP KANE INTO THE BARRICADE!! THE ANIMAL LETTING OUT A ROAR OF ADRENALINE HERE!! He finally relents now, realising he’s got business to take care of inside the ring as he slowly then makes his way towards his corner, noticing that Regal and Jindrak are eyeing him up, wanting him involved in this thing. Regal then looks on in Kane’s direction, wondering if he’ll be able to help his partner here as Tista takes his place on the apron, eyes firmly fixed back on Kane who is now beginning to stir on the outside following his brawl with the Animal tonight.

Match Six: Tag Team Match

Batista and Shelton Benjamin vs Kane and Mark Jindrak w/William Regal

Inside the ring this thing is continuing and it’s Jindrak completely in control following the blindside on Benjamin as he picks apart the Intercontinental Champion with vicious kicks all across Benjamin’s body, head to toe as William Regal encourages his Protégé from the outside.

Jindrak keeps up the pressure, dropping a knee right across Benjamin’s lower back, repeatedly doing so as Benjamin cries out in pain, Batista watching on anxiously, he wants to get his hands on anybody he can before we then see that Kane is now getting to his corner and makes his way onto the apron, the Big Red Machine locking eyes with the Animal, both men looking like they wanna kill each other before we again focus on the two men in the middle. Jindrak now steps on Benjamin’s lower back, using all his weight to virtually stamp on Benjamin as the crowd try and rally around the fallen champion.

Jindrak keeps looking at his mentor, seeking encouragement and he gets it before he goes right back after Benjamin, bringing him to his feet before nailing a boot to the gut. Irish whip now from Jindrak and Benjamin rebounds right into a BIG BACK BODY DROP…NO BENJAMIN COUNTERS INTO A JUMPING IMPLANT DDT!! Beautiful from Benjamin but it takes some out of him also, both men down and Batista especially, Kane also desperate for a tag here. Jindrak is crawling towards his corner, Benjamin towards his but he seems to be suffering from the early work by Jindrak, who will get there first? Regal is begging Jindrak to hurry and he’s all but there…….he makes it!! Here comes Kane!! Benjamin’s nearly there…AND HE MAKES IT!!

Batista storms into this one and he and Kane pick up where they left off!! Batista and Kane hammering the hell out of one another, not for the first time tonight and it’s the champion who’s on top!! Batista is pegging Kane back here, Kane staggering towards the ropes and Batista now takes a run up…CLOTHESLINE OVER THE TOP!! Kane is taken up and over, Batista roaring to the crowd who roar right back before he exits the ring and he’s headed for the monster once more!!

The two legal men have exited the ring as William Regal comes strolling around to try and fend the Animal off…BUT HE’S MET WITH A BIG RIGHT HAND FROM TISTA!! REGAL’S KNOCKED DOWN AND WE NOW SEE JINDRAK HOP OFF THE APRON AND JINDRAK TAKES TISTA DOWN WITH A CHOPBLOCK!! Batista now floored and Jindrak is going to work, vicious kicks all over the World Champion…BUT HERE COMES SHELTON BENJAMIN!! Benjamin runs round the apron and FLIES RIGHT OFF OF IT, TAKING JINDRAK DOWN WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!! THIS THING’S COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL!!

All four are down on the outside, the referee is counting both Batista and Kane out as both try and regain their composure, Kane using the announce table to get to his feet, Tista using the steel steps, the count is now at 6 as both men are now steady on their feet…but not for long as they charge right after each other again, J.R citing how a cage may not be enough to keep them at bay come Unforgiven. Tista smashes a right on Kane, Kane smashes one right back before throwing another, Tista catches it though and grabs Kane by the back of the head CLUBBING KANE’S SKULL OFF THE STEPS!! Kane rebounds and falls away as Tista again lets out a roar of adrenaline, the crowd loving every second. Kane is to his knees but Regal is now all but to his feet as he spins around…AND SEES BATISTA STARING HIM DOWN!! REGAL LOOKS SCARED TO DEATH!! Tista has nothing but pain in his eyes and he heads after Regal, Regal running away and TISTA GETS CAUGHT BY A RIGHT HAND TO THE GUT BY KANE!! AND…THE REFEREE COUNTS TO TEN, IT’S A DOUBLE COUNTOUT, THIS ONE NEVER REALLY EVEN GOT GOING!!

Winners: Double Countout(5:40)

Jim Ross: Is…is anybody gonna stop these two?! I don’t…I don’t even think a damn steel cage is gonna stop them!! This match barely even got going because these two just can’t stand the sight of each other, they wanna tear one another apart!!

The Coach: Don’t ya just love it?! I mean look at these two!! Kane’s got him right where he wants him here J.R!! Look at this!! Indeed Kane is now in control as he grabs Tista’s skull and now he’s the one to use it as a battering ram as he SMASHES HIS HEAD OFF THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! Meanwhile we see Jindrak and Benjamin now stirring BEFORE WE SEE WILLIAM REGAL COME ROUND THE OPPOSITE SIDE AND HE KICKS BENJAMIN SQUARE IN THE FACE!!

Jim Ross: Oh good god!! William Regal like the piece of dirt that he is!! Benjamin’s down and out, he’s defenceless!!

The Coach: He wouldn’t be if he’d treated his partner with some respect!! If he had done then Charlie Haas would be out here right now to even the odds…BUT HE’S NOT!!

Regal is now battering Benjamin with kicks to the stomach, no holding back before he drags Jindrak up and it’s now two on one, Benjamin in no man’s land as Regal and Jindrak go to town on the Intercontinental Champion. Meanwhile we see that KANE HAS CLEARED THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! HE’S TOSSING MONTIORS AROUND EVERYWHERE, WHAT THE HELL HAS HE GOT IN MIND HERE?!?


The Coach: Batista’s asked for it J.R!! When is he gonna learn?!


Jim Ross: What the hell is that for?!? What the hell has Regal got to do with Batista and Kane?!

The Coach: Everything J.R!! Batista took him out earlier on, he’s not just gonna let that slide, not a chance!!

Both Tista and Kane are now down as we go back to see Jindrak and Regal stomping the hell out of Benjamin before Regal orders Jindrak to get him up, he obliges and Regal pulls something out his suit pocket…IT’S THE BRASS KNUCKS!!


The Coach: Do it!! Take his head off, the selfish son of a…


BUT JINDRAK THROWS BENJAMIN DOWN AND DRAGS REGAL AWAY AS WE SEE CHARLIE HAAS STORMING DOWN THE RAMP!! HAAS COMING TO THE AID OF HIS PARTNER!! Regal and Jindrak have seen enough and hop over the barricade, their work down as Haas tends to his partner and drags him up, taking him back around the ring and up the ramp, locking eyes with Regal and Jindrak, Haas clearly not happy at what’s gone down tonight on his partner.

Jim Ross: Well thank god for Charlie Haas. Regal and Jindrak were gonna finish Shelton Benjamin off for good there, I can only imagine the damage they would’ve done.

The Coach: I thought better of Haas J.R. I thought he’d seen the light. You’re only makin’ this worse Charlie, he doesn’t give a damn about you, you should not be helping him.

Jim Ross: Oh gimme a break Coach.

We then see back to ringside and we see Batista and Kane both stirring, Kane is on his feet, his intentions clear as he begins to laugh maniacally, Batista to his knees and Kane then drags Tista to his feet, BIG right hand…NO, Tista catches it and nails a right hand of his own but a boot to the gut by Kane and a STINGING UPPERCUT, Tista spins back round…and Kane wraps his hand once again around the throat!! The crowd know what’s coming now, J.R and Coach likewise as they hop out of their seats, Batista in no man’s land…CHOKESLAM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!


The Coach: If that’s the case J.R then all I can say is that I fear the worst for Dave Batista come Unforgiven. You put Kane inside a steel cage against a man he DESPISES and you lock that door, there’s no goin’ back for Batista. You are looking at the next World Champion J.R, sheer DOMINANCE from the Big Red Machine. The Animal has bitten off more than he can chew.

The final image we see is of a motionless Batista, his body in the wreckage of the announce table as Kane simply watches on, laughing devilishly at the damage he’s done here tonight, knowing that he’s taken one step closer to becoming World Champion come Unforgiven. The sight of Batista laid out cold is one that has the fans booing like crazy, not sure just what condition their champion is in as we come to brutal close to the show…

Or maybe not…

We then go backstage and we see Shawn Michaels who is crouched down, hands clasped together as he seems to be contemplating something, sat inside a room, seemingly all alone, Michaels having a real look of almost nothing in his eyes as he stares down at the floor before looking up at the camera.

Shawn Michaels: I’ve been targeted because…I’ve been targeted because I have...I have faith. Is that right? The Entity have come after me because…I have faith.

Michaels ponders that, moving his lips around, still crouched down, hands held together still.

Shawn Michaels: Well I just thought I should let ya know that no matter what Eric Bischoff puts me up against, no matter what the Entity put me through. Their beliefs and my beliefs will ALWAYS…always…be different.

Micahels now has a stare of anger, frustration on his face.

Shawn Michaels: They’ll always believe that people are out to get them, that the world’s against ‘em, that only evil can prevail. They will never believe in what’s right, they will never believe in what’s good, they will never see the light. People like them will NEVER…have faith.

Michaels is seething here almost as he stares a hole through the camera before putting his head down again, pausing momentarily.

Shawn Michaels: But as much as they want to punish me, as much as they want to change me, as much as they want me to jump on their bandwagon, I will never, let me repeat…I…will…NEVER…lose my beliefs. I will NEVER…lose faith.

Michaels now looks up again and smirks in a way we haven’t seen from Shawn Michaels in a long time.

Shawn Michaels: The situation I’m in, the people I’m up against, the contract I’m signed to, it shouldn’t…it shouldn’t give me any reason to believe…right? But y’see…faith consists in believing when it is beyond reason to believe and that is EXACTLY the way I see this thing.

Michaels now laughs a little bit to himself.

Shawn Michaels: Eric Bischoff, a twisted, twisted man who has all control over me, he has the power and me? I got nothin’, not a damn thing. At Unforgiven, I gotta take on four men, I gotta take them on and I gotta beat ‘em one…by…one. The odds are against me, there’s no way out, four of them…one of me, it's beyond reason…to believe…isn’t it?

Michaels looks inquisitively to the camera now, it’s quite the transformation in HBK here.

Shawn Michaels: No, no it isn’t because I DO believe, it’s not ‘beyond reason’. I will get outta this whole thing, don’t know when, don’t know where, don’t know how but believe me…I will. Well..well how do ya know that Shawn? How do ya…how do ya figure that out huh? Simple.

Michaels now gives a dead serious stare once again directly down the camera.

Shawn Michaels: I…have…faith and so far…so good.

Michaels then smirks before standing up and walking away, the camera following him from behind before it shifts back to where Shawn was sitting and then shifts once again…WHERE WE SEE A STEEL CHAIR AND WE SEE ALL FOUR MEMBERS OF THE ARABIAN ENTITY COMPLETELY LAID OUT!! HASSAN, KHALI, DUTT AND DAIVARI ARE DOWN AND OUT!! Shawn Michaels faith…having seemingly paid off, the Heartbreak Kid has taken it to and taken out the Entity!! The final image of the show is what we’ve just seen, the motionless bodies of all four men before a shot zoomed in on a dented steel chair before we chillingly fade to black.

Date: 18th September 2005
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Current Card:

World Heavyweight Championship: Steel Cage Match

Batista(c) vs Kane

Four on One Handicap Match:
(Shawn Michaels must eliminate all four members of the Entity to win)

Shawn Michaels vs The Arabian Entity

Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match:

Edge vs Christian vs Chris Jericho

World Tag Team Championships:

Dudley Boyz(c) vs The Platform to Perfection

Mr.Kennedy's Open Challenge:

Anybody is eligible as Kennedy demands 'competition'

WWE Women's Championship:

Victoria(c) vs Lita
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Raw Review

Interesting way to open the show with the Bischoff announcement, especially with it coming from his office instead of having Bischoff head to the ring. Was something a bit different and set an interesting tone for the rest of the show. Certainly a big stipulation to add to the title match, although it's one that makes me think we're all but guaranteed a Batista win, which is a shame as you've done well to build Kane up over the course of the summer. Anyway, Bischoff was very much in character, a real sense of smugness as he was taking about doing what was best for the fans, so this was a pretty strong opening.

Lol, jobbers. No doubts Michaels was taking this one, and tbh, I'd see him doing the same again come the pay per view. The Entity beatdown was pretty well written, a nice way for them to gain some heat back, especially the part with the swing and hold from Hassan. Gives the impression that they're toying with Michaels, which was a really nice touch. I'll point out that in the commentary afterwards, you're got J.R. saying “upmost”, where I think the word you're looking for is “utmost”. But yeah, the match was fine, kinda like what the 'E usually do in real life in giving us an example of what to expect, but the beatdown was far better, especially the way Hassan held back at the end. That was a real nice touch, one that's took this feud up a notch now.

Really good promo from the Dudleys, one of the better ones I've read you write for them. The characterisation was pretty good and the content was spot on, with all the chat about Nemeth and Doane being scared and having weaknesses. Really can't complain here, it was a well written interview that did a good job of hyping the feud between the two teams.

As for the match that followed, again it was pretty well written, although I will take issue with something you wrote near the end. You said that when the Dudleys music hit that Doane was horrified, yet wanted the fight there and then. Those two don't really mix imo, it was a poor choice of word. If Kenny was really amped up and dying for a fight, I'd have gone for furious or incensed or something like that. Your use of the word frustrated later on was fine, but the horrified didn't really work imo. But yeah, ending made sense, a nice way for the champs to get one over on their young challengers, but given the content of the interview and the outcome of the match, it wouldn't surprise me to see the Bashams added to the title match.

The interview by Batista and then the attack from Kane all made sense, getting over the fact that these two NEED a cage to settle their differences. I'd have perhaps liked to have heard more from the champ before Kane's interruption, but this was fine, it served it's purpose by demonstrating how much these two just want to beat each other up all over the arena.

Solid enough win for Lita, who clearly needs to build a bit of momentum in the next few weeks. Liked the promo from Lita, especially the bit about how Victoria should have finished her off, that's added a rare sense of heat and passion to a woman's feud, so well done for that. But yeah, should be a good match come Unforgiven, and given the no show at SummerSlam, I'm fully expecting Lita to take the win.

Another interesting altercation between Haas and Benjamin, a real sense of tension between these two that's starting to bubble under nicely. The fact that Benji is in the main event tonight while Haas is watching from the sidelines just adds to the awkwardness between the two. This is something that's really caught my interest, defo intrigued as to where you're going with this, and this meeting of the minds between the two right here was another good addition to the rivalry that's starting to build. Nice stuff here.

Really strong match here between Jericho and Christian, some real good back and forth action, and Tomko was used well as a distraction throughout the contest. The finish has me intrigued though, as I kinda thought you would move away from Edge and Jericho post SummerSlam, but now it seems that you're carrying on with the fued, and not only that, but throwing Christian into the mix. A triple threat between these three could be something very special, but just be careful not to have Christian lost in the mix. You've done so much with him over the last few months that to let all that momentum slip away would be a real shame.

Lol, Willy. Giggles. Wasn't so much digging the bit about Regal admiring Benjamin, that seemed very much out of character for him, but the shit stirring he did over Benji and Haas was much more like it. Jindrak's another character very much on the rise on Raw, but I get the feeling his Intercontinental Championship hopes very much rest on how you execute on the issues between Haas and Benjamin.

Wow, four on one with the champ next week. That's a bold move from you, as a defeat for the Entity wouldn't do much for their momentum heading into Unforgiven. Interested to see how you handle that match, I'm thinking something involving Kane for a DQ or count out to protect all involved. Ah, there's the triple threat announcement. I really think Christian needs to be winning that, Edge certainly doesn't need it given that he's holding the briefcase, and I don't think Jericho is in any shape to challenge for the title right now. Christian to continue his rise to the top imo.

Hard act for Goldust and Conway to follow Jericho and Christian, but this was a pretty decent written match. Goldust could settle into a solid mid card role for you, although please, less of the 'Goldie' in the match descriptions. Cringeworthy!

Surprised to see the fight raging on so close to the main event, but again, it puts over the intensity of the feud and the fact that these two need to be caged up to finally settle their differences.

Awesome stuff from Kennedy, that was the promo of the night. He's a character you've pretty much nailed right from the get go, and it shows the improvement you've made as a writer that now you can introduce guys like him and write him well from the get go. The open challenge should be pretty sweet, can't really think who would be accepting it right now. But once Unforgiven is behind you, try find a feud or stroyline for this guy to get his teeth into.

Loved that line from Coach about Benjamin cheating on Haas, that was pretty funny stuff. The whole situation was pretty wild, I probably wouldn't have even bothered starting the match, I'd have just jumped straight to the brawling and let them go at it. But yeah, Haas helping Benjamin for now is of course to be expected, the juicy stuff will come later, and I'm sensing a tag match between those two and Regal and Jindrak in the near future. As for Kane and Batista, awesome chokeslam from Kane, and I liked the use of JR and the line about the cage not being enough to hold them. You've done a real nice job throughout the show of putting over how wild and crazy this whole situation is, and it should peak nicely inside the cage at Unforgiven.

Oh hullo, a lil somethin' extra for us. Really nice words from Michaels, the whole faith and belief stuff shining through, although I'm a little worried about the fact that Michaels managed to take out all four men. Doesn't do much for The Entity, who now need a big week next week against Batista to regain their heat. But yeah, Michaels' words were awesome, just be careful how you handle Hassan and his cronies next week and you should be back on track.

Overall, a really enjoyable show. There was a lotta good stuff written and very little stuff to pick up on. Batista and Kane really stepped up a notch tonight, and the Haas/Benjamin situation is really starting to tick along nicely. Yeah, not a whole lot to fault, it was a really good effort and you achieved a lot with regards to setting up Unfogiven. Roll on SmackDown!
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