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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 22/8/05- Hampton, Virginia

Twenty Four hours removed from a wild night at Summerslam, the superstars of Monday Night Raw head to Hampton on a night where the fallout and consequences will come into effect after a controversial and emotional night in Washington D.C.

Last night saw Batista retain the World Heavyweight Title, defeating Kane as Shawn Michaels did the ‘right thing’ and called it how he saw it, going against Eric Bischoff’s wishes and counting the Big Red Machine down. Bischoff promised there would be hell to pay if Michaels didn’t follow his orders and the Raw GM’s ‘Personal Employee’ will head to Hampton knowing that his job is hanging in the balance. What will Eric Bischoff have in store for the Heartbreak Kid? Will Batista have anything to say to the Showstopper? And will it be the last we see of Kane in his pursuit for gold?

The career of the legendary Ric Flair came crashing down last night as Flair was defeated by Christian in a dramatic contest. Christian had vowed going into the event that he would once and for all put away the Nature Boy and last night he lived up to his word. Flair bid farewell to the fans last night in an emotional goodbye that had us all gripped. With Naitch now out of the picture, will Christian live true to his word and really become the ‘Leader of a New Generation’? Is Captain Charisma now destined to rise to the top or will there be another roadblock in his way?

We crowned a new Intercontinental Champion last night as Shelton Benjamin finally reclaimed the gold he lost to Muhammad Hassan at Backlash. Benjamin and Hassan put on a gruelling contest and there was no doubting the role Benjamin’s partner played in the match, Charlie Haas. It was Haas who indeed earned Benjamin his title shot and it was again Haas who kept his partner in the contest, distracting Hassan and allowing Benjamin time to survive following what appeared to be a match ending Ankle Lock. How will Benjamin celebrate his title victory? Will he now know just how influential his partner was? And will the former champion and his Entity be in hot pursuit of his lost championship?

Edge retained his Money in the Bank contract, defeating Chris Jericho in controversial fashion last night. Y2J will no doubt be seeking revenge tonight in Hampton after Edge used his Money in the Bank briefcase to smash Jericho’s skull in. Will Edge get his comeuppance tonight or will the Rated R Superstar dodge Chris Jericho’s proverbial bullet?

Mr.Kennedy continues to thrive for competition and was promised last night at Summerslam that he would have his wish granted. Tonight Kennedy will be in action, will he face the challenge he so desperately desires?

All of this and much, much more will be in store LIVE tonight on Raw! Tune in, we promise, you will NOT wanna miss it!!

Confirmed for tonight’s Raw:

We will hear from Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff;

Mr.Kennedy will be in action;


All the fallout and reaction from a blockbuster night at Summerslam as World Champion Batista, Shawn Michaels and Kane will all be in attendance
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Right then! Kicking off with the epic video package at the start was good, as for every BIG PPV should start off with a video package of sorts. I like that each match was highlighted in the package, but you saved Christian/Flair until the end to just hype up that this really could be the end of Ric Flair. Starting off with the IC Title match was a good choice because these two were always going to put on a crowd pleasing match and the fans would get into it very quickly, setting up that trend for the rest of the Pay-Per-View. Near fall on Hassan right away would have also got the crowd going quickly as well as eliminating the chance of Hassan taking Shelton lightly for the rest of the match too. Hassan with a little period of control is nice with him also going to take Benji's ankle out; trying to avoid being caught out with another high flying move as he almost did at the start of the match. Having Shelton scout the third leg drop coming was nice as it shows off his wrestling background. Using that counter to set up some more offence for Benjamin was good but you did the right thing to have Hassan quickly cut him off almost as soon as he got started again. The boys on the outside getting involved now, a bit earlier than what I would have expected them too, but I see why you did it as to set up for later on in the match. Hassan using the ring shows off his heelishness as well as his resourcefulness; good way of displaying the typical heel champion, doing anything to keep his title. Also going back to the ankle was something I liked as well; I like it when people bring back an injury inflicted earlier in the match and keep it relevant. Haas looked like an absolute beast there; that seems like one definitely for the highlights video. Great way to show off Hassan's athleticism with not only the diving leg drop but also being able to land on his feet after the T-Bone; great spot there. I liked the versatility with Hassan using the Ankle Lock... but I wasn't sure because I'm rather certain it isn't the first time we'll see one in this show. Haas distracting Hassan is a great way to allow the heels to get what is coming to them and really does bring this whole angle full circle with Benjamin finally winning. I also picked up that it was a roll up from Benjamin after a corner spot that got him his win; not sure if that was an intentional nod to his victory over Triple H so kudos if it was Haas getting a boner over Benjamin winning was quite funny and I think that Haas will eventually grow jealous once Benjamin opts to defend the IC Title rather than go for the Tag Titles with Haas. Great opener here, and I fully understand you putting the title on a face like Benjamin because there are 3 or 4 people that could go for that belt now (Hassan, Kennedy, Jindrak or maybe even Haas) so good booking. Quality start to the show

Perfect place to put this little confrontation between Eric and Shawn, as it will get everyone at least thinking about the main event. I liked the way Shawn had a righteous speech to Bischoff only to be cut down right away. Evil Eric even going as far to bring up HBK's family just showed how low he is willing to go and he's such a prick I've always enjoyed your Bischoff and I can't wait to see how this whole thing develops and then comes to a head.

"Keep that freak away from me." such a great line from JBL here, and I think everyone knew what the result of this match is going to be, but I liked how you had JBL actually on top during the build up to this one; Booking 101. Lashley starting off the match the aggressor was good to see because it just shows off how annoyed he was with Bradshaw and also showing us a side we've rarely seen from Lash since he debuted in this thread. Busting out the power moves early on was a nice touch and I'm sure that it is just an indication of what is to come in this match between these two big men. Good thing that you noted JBL's experience edge because that is about all he has over Lashley in this thing. But be careful because in the last match Hassan cut off Benjamin with a big boot and you've done the same here in this match; that kind of thing is fine usually but just because it was in the match previous to this one it was noticeable to me. JBL going for the finish early doesn't surprise me because the longer the match goes, the more it does favour Lash. But having him counter the clothesline was the right move, and eventually working into a Fallaway Slam (one of JBL's big moves) was a nice touch and something that would surely annoyed The Wrestling God (TWG! OMG I'm JBL haha) Jibbles escaping the Dominator was the right move as well to give both men a sort of level playing field as both countering each other's finisher. Lash easily getting out of the submission would have had JBL knowing that he was in trouble. Lashley reversing the Clothesline from Hell again was good and this time the Dominator does connect; good because I doubt that JBL would have been able to escape it twice. Big win for Lashley as expected, and Cole had it right, the biggest one by far. Not sure where either man goes really, I'm thinking maybe Angle for Lashley? and JBL a Riches to Rags affair? Not sure, but either way, a good match here and the right man won.

After having something on the main event, I'm glad you've put this interview with Christian here. This was total, solid gold. Really good stuff from Captain Charisma here and this is a defining promo in his rise to the top. Would like to see something from the Smackdown side of things after the next match but having two Raw matches highlighted first is fine just because the bigger matches are on Raw in this show.

The first thing that I'd like to comment on this match is the fact that you have managed to build The Bashams up as a solid face team, and they have played a good number 2 face team under the Dudleyz in the build up to this match, and I'm glad you highlighted this during their entrance. Good that you managed to protect the Dudleyz at the start of this match by having the Bashams take all of the punishment at the start at the hands of the heels, but I'm glad you managed to let Doug and Danny have a little offence in at the start. Oh it seems that you decided to let the teams start to implode right from the start which is quite a good move as the heels were never on the same page the entire time. Doane breaking up the count was the breaking point between the two teams and all of the chaos from this point until the end of the match was a little hard to keep track of at times but oh wow was it fun to read. It was only a matter of time before the faces turned on each other as well, but what puzzled me was that the Dudleyz and the Bashams could have just made an agreement that if the Dudleyz got the pin they'd give the Bashams the shot? But yeah it was just something I just thought of; ignore me. Some awesome spots in the conclusion here and the favourite had to be the Superkick on Bubba. PTP getting the win doesn't surprise me and it means even more that it was one half of the champions that they pinned; something that threw everyone I think. Good match showing off just how strong the Raw tag team division is.

Here we go! Simple enough promo from Cena, you had him say everything that he would have said at the time and so I'll give you credit for that even though what he said wasn't really that special. Although I think the actual match between him and Angle will be better than Kane vs Batista. TEDDY HAS SEEN THE LIGHT! Happy you had Rey get in on this whole thing and believe RVD so Teddy WOULD believe RVD as well. You teased the RVD heel turn really well in the past few shows but I'm glad to see that he shall remain a good guy... for now anyway. Nice way to hype up Smackdown as well.

Right everyone said that this match has the possibility to be MOTN, and you set yourself a very high bar with the opener because I thoroughly enjoyed that match. I liked the banter between Edge and Jericho at the start of the match; Edge getting the final word in on that and shutting Jericho up could be a nice little spot of foreshadowing. You've done near enough the same opening for this match, Shelton/Hassan and Lashley/JBL; the face gets an early near fall and the momentum is stopped by a big boot from the heel. I'm not saying that anything is wrong with it, just that because it has happened in 3/4 matches so far it is noticeable to someone properly reading it. Edge going for the submission early on surprises me as I don't remember him to be that reliant on Submissions at this stage of his career, but Jericho feeding off of the crowd and using them to build up his fightback is very in tune with his gimmick so good job there. I liked the back and forth with alternate near falls from both guys here, it did remind me of two men climbing up a ladder to beat each other and being at the same point and fighting (weird connection I know). Edge's frustration coming into play here which I'm hoping that Jericho will use to try and take advantage of later in the match. Nice counter to the Spear, and the damage done to Edge on the outside and showing Jericho's mean streak shows how much he wants to win the match. Y2J building up steam was good to see, and Edge countering the Lionsault was a good way to then have Edge catching back up with Jericho at 1-1 for finishers reversed and also opens the door for both men to have a tense recovery process. Edge springing into life with the Dirty Pin was good to see because Heel Edge > everything. Jericho also bursting to life and locking in the Walls was great because you're really making this match look as even as it possibly could be with both of these guys being able to reverse, kick out of and avoid each other's moves. Nice way to show the desperation of Jericho by going for a Spear himself, but it could also show that he just wants to embarrass Edge more than win the match. Edge taking advantage with the Kick in the Nuts was such a good way to go with this, as I think that Jericho can warrant another chance at Unforgiven. Oh wow what an ending. Edge is just a beast here, such a heel <3 I think this whole thing will be taken to another level on Raw, but I also think that Edge isn't going to be punished for his actions. Bloody terrific match mate, really really did live up to expectation. Great outing for both men and I see neither man going anywhere but up from here

Unforgiven; looking forward to it already and this is a really good package for it.

Oh Kurt what a wanker. Still not ruling out the rematch between these two and I'm sure it will be one of the best matches you'll ever write.

I think you know who I am pulling for in this match... Both men starting out pretty strong is the right move as this is one of the harder matches to call. Carlito getting the first near fall was a nice to see and different to all of the other matches so far in the show. Hardy bringing out the big moves here was a good touch to properly get the crowd into the match. I like the pace being set by both guys in this match because both are able to be quick and agile in the ring, this exampled by Carlito being able to quickly come out with the Springboard Elbow. Wow, you've made Carlito look like a million dollars in this match by kicking out of the Twist of Fate; I was sure that it was going to be over right there. Hardy not putting his head down after that was in good character for him, and with him also kicking out of a Backstabber makes the champion look strong. Carlito now getting involved with the referee shows off his hotheadedness which we've not really seen that much in this thread. There was no chance that Lito was kicking out of TWO Twist of Fates so good job to end the match when you did with everything coming to a head nicely. Carlito will now use the whole referee thing to hopefully get himself a rematch which is awesome for everyone. Good match and you made both guys look great and that only does wonders for the US Title.

Batista not really the best with interviews but you did a good job with what you were working with here.

Right here's a match that I don't think I was invested enough in during the build up as I should have been, but I think that could be because everyone knew who the winner was going to be here and I was more looking forward to seeing where you go with Jindrak after this match. I was surprised at how you were just having Jindrak manhandle Show like you did and it was pretty pleasing to read. I'm glad you let Big Show have some moments in this where he looked like he could have eventually gone on to win the match, such as sending Regal into the post and the Spear right after it. The domination from Big Show from that point actually made me think that the upset was actually going to happen (Not often is Big Show the underdog haha) but I'm glad Regal got back into it and eventually helped Jindrak get the win. I like Mark adopting the Knee Trembler from Regal, as I can imagine that it would be even more powerful at his disposal. Nonetheless a HUGE win for Jindrak on the big stage and some massive exposure to make a statement like that at Summerslam against Big Show. I'm assuming that this feud is all but done with now because I don't see the point of having Jindrak get another win over Show. I think that IC Title would look quite nice around his waist and Jindrak, and especially Regal would cause a nice dynamic in the whole Benjamin/Haas situation. As for Big Show... I'm not sure where he goes from here but I'm sure you have something in mind for the giant.

Brilliant Flair interview and you really made it sound like it could be his last...

Now to the business end of the PPV after that match. Both men getting in some big shots right at the start was the right way to go as this match will be right down to the wire. DAT BOOT strikes again, but in a strange twist from the previous matches Taker is able to come back with one of his own. I thought that you would have had Orton starting off stronger and rallying against Taker, but with Taker getting the control of the early parts of the match really reinforces that Orton is actually the underdog in this match against Taker, with the most to prove in it. Old School popped up rather early as well, but in truth I'm not all that familiar with Undertaker matches so I wouldn't know whereabouts in a match this would usually come in. Orton bringing out the dropkick shows that he knows he is having to rely on his athleticism in this match as it is one of his few advantages over Taker. Going for the Sleeper was good to see as you're doing a great job of showing off Orton's versatility and how great his overall game is as he can include all aspects of wrestling in his arsenal. Taker getting out of it was inevitable, and he is able to quickly turn everything back around with a big power move, which is nice to remind us that Taker's power is always going to be a factor. Orton getting away from the Chokeslam was expected; we're still building up to all of the big moves. Taker is just a fearless bastard. I really liked this little sequence of near falls traded between them with some signature moves that wouldn't ever get a pin fall. But now we're getting to the exciting part of the match; Taker has more finishing moves so I was expecting him to be the first one to hit one and Orton kicking out only makes him look awesome. Orton now with the dirty tactics knowing he had a close shave is very well booked and thought out; as with him showing a different side that we saw previously in the match, as if he's scared at this point after eating a Chokeslam. Taker being the one to inject some more speed into the match was a change, just showing how important this match is for both men by the fact they are differing from the usual kind of offence they produce. A negative here of Orton only having the RKO is that Taker was always going to kick out of one at least, so it does make the RKO look a little weak... you could maybe try and introduce something else into Orton's arsenal? The ending.. just wow <3 Orton kicking out of the Last Ride was awesome and unexpected in a way, and the spot at the end to finish it... brilliant. I can notice that there was one move that Taker didn't get to hit that would have won him the match had he hit it... Dat Tombstone. I think that alone will give Taker enough warrant for the rubber match... which could possibly even be for the title Great job with this one... MOTN so far


Really good touch to have this little VP before this match just showing how important Ric Flair is to all of the other Raw Superstars, though I did at Orton and Egde just ruining it. Christian starting off the aggressor in this one was the right way to go as you're building Flair up as the underdog right from the off, which is the way you have to go in this one to properly invest the crowd. Plus, Christian is younger and the better athlete at this point anyway. Another theme that you've included in these early goings is that the only man that can beat Christian in this match is Christian himself; the first chance he took to play to the crowd and elicit some form of reaction he ended up going flying over the top rope. Flair showing a more ruthless side was a nice little change to see and well it is what you expect as it is his career on the line, so stuff like the thumb to the eye really do make sense. I'm really getting a vibe of this is just Flair schooling Christian and trying to beat some respect and discipline into him and pass the torch along to him... I get the feeling that Flair knows he isn't going to beat Christian so he just wants to hurt him as much as he can whilst he can and go out with a bang. I don't know if that is what you were going for and I'm just reading into it too much but that is what I'm seeing here. The double clothesline really brings everything back to a level playing field, and the next part with Christian trying for the Unprettier at this point in a way shows how eager he is and it could be him costing himself by trying to finish Flair off too early. And we see here that it does come back to bite him in the arse because he ends up in a Figure Four for his troubles. Tomko was always going to get involved, and you made Flair look like a beast by just flooring a guy like a foot taller than him with one punch, but the dickhead in Christian comes into play and it would have sucked for Flair's career to end like that, as Tomko doesn't deserve to be the guy to end Ric Flair; Tomko really could have just been a non-factor in this match as I don't feel like he's added anything to the rivalry whatsoever. Wow, I thought that the ending to the Orton/Taker match was good, but this was just brilliant. Flair kicking out of an Unprettier was expected, much like the previous match... and Christian was always going to be a cock in the way that he would try and end Flair's career with his own move and yet again it ended up almost costing him. The end was a bit sudden in a way, but in the end I thought it was the right choice. Another top notch match mate, you're just peeling them off here. I can draw a lot of similarities between this match and the Orton/Taker match, but unlike this one I don't think these two are going to meet again. Really great swansong for Flair, and you did the right thing in Christian allowing him to have his moment at the end. Fantastic job once again with this match

Kennedy is just a don. Really glad to see that he'll be doing something in the near future, and I'm glad you're including that he is gathering that cult following that always join in with his name like everyone did in the good old days.

Now for the big two matches! The typical serious Cena before a big match was well captured, as was those little words between the two men right at the start which were really well done, and Angle showing off his frustration by slapping Cena was great. Typical Cena exploding out of the box and playing to his strengths with the striking ability on show, but I was glad to see Angle being able to turn it around quickly and starting to pick Cena apart in the early going. I get the feeling that this is going to be a match where both men will struggle to really get on a proper roll in the match, but if either of them do I predict it will be Angle. I'm a big fan of that Fisherman Suplex Cena used to do, not sure if he still uses it now. Yeah I was right as Angle is right back in it with a near fall of his own. The Back Body Drop to the outside was a little similar to the match before with what Flair did to Christian, I think from the whole that is the only thing I'd say you need to look out for is just the repetition in some of the matches. A German Suplex on the outside! That's a brutal spot, could be the most brutal one of the whole PPV so far. I was right in Cena not being able to catch a break, and I have no problem in seeing Angle with German after German because he has always used that as a move to really wear his opponent down. I'm surprised that you let Angle actually hit the Moonsault as he usually missed that a lot more than when he actually hits it, but I'm glad you let him have his real moment on this big stage. Cena also stepping up to the plate with the Superplex was a nice touch; you're really going full out to give this match that big match feel which is good as it could well have found itself lost in the middle of all of the other big matches. Cena looked really good in whipping out that STF to get out of the Ankle Lock, and now is as good as time as ever for him to debut that. Angle turning it around and hitting the Angle Slam was nice, but I expected Cena to kick out. I really thought that was going to be it after that FU, but Angle looks really strong in managing to kick out of it. A fucking FU off the top rope!! FUCK! HOLY SHIT! Wow man that is SWEET! Epic way to end this match and there is no chance of Angle kicking out of that one. Cena earned this victory and I can safely say that this reign is consolidated; he's proved himself as champion now so I'm interested in seeing where he is going to go after this. I'm not sure in what direction Angle is headed in but I hope that he is still very much relevant, interesting with the foot on the bottom rope; I don't see how it could have been intentional though on Angle's part.

I knew that this would get heated right near the start and Kane almost gets himself DQ'd in the first couple of minutes of the match as a result. The staredown with Michaels that allowed Batista to get control was nice, and Michaels also going on to actually try and will Batista on to follow up and not make the same mistakes as Kane was a good touch. We all know that Batista can be a vicious bastard and the way you described him just throwing Kane around the ringside area was really good. I love HBK just letting them both get on with it and kill each other for everything that they've both done to him. Oh damn at Batista almost taking Shawn out and Kane using that to take advantage. I like how Michaels is going to be a running theme in the match and he will be included at lots of different points as opposed to just at the end like most Special Referees. That little line about Coach telling HBK to count faster was gold I liked the period of control from Kane here, as he always has his little part where he uses his power to cause some damage to the opponent. That Spinning Spinebuster sounded awesome from Batista; like everyone else on the show I'm glad the World Heavyweight Champion is going full out with some special offence. Dat Bischoff just casually walking down to the ring I like that Batista turns up the intensity once Bischoff is out there and goes to finish the match before EB has a chance to properly get involved but Kane stopping the Batista Bomb was the right move. SPEAR! I can see the end coming for Kane now, he's not getting anything big in now. BISCHOFF YOU CUNT! Wow Shawn doing what he's told is unexpected... maybe he isn't going to do the right thing? Shit is going down now, son! I can totally understand the SCM to Tista and how it would have got such a huge reaction from the fans. Michaels staying emotionless the entire time is just so HBK and you captured that really well. Batista looks like a God here for kicking out of the SCM as well. Out of all of the awesome endings to the matches on this PPV, this one was by far the best. All of the different weaving stories coming into this match reared their heads as each man got a sense of justice and something they wanted to see, well HBK and Tista did. Bischoff taking a right is always great to see, I just hope that someone else gets their hands on him some more in the future. Michaels basically giving Batista the assist won't sit well with Bisch and I can't wait to see what kind of hell Michaels will have to pay. JR going MENTAL at the end was awesome as well, you captured him really well in that bit. Brilliant end to the show <3

Overall this is by far the best you've ever done. The build up going into this mammoth event was brilliant, especially the Raw matches like Christian/Flair and the World Title Match that you gave so much build to. The event itself was a true spectacular, and I felt the overall feeling for passing the torch with this one with victories for Christian, Cena, Orton, Jindrak, PTP & Lashley. The matches were brilliantly written, the only gripe being the one I kept bringing up (sorry if it seemed a bit harsh) is just the repetition from match to match. Other than that the booking was fantastic and you deserve every bit of praise you get for this one buddy. Now hurry up and do that interview Can't wait for the fall out Well done, big man.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 22/8/05- Hampton, Virginia

The opening video and pyro goes off as we get a shot of a raucous crowd in the arena tonight before good ol’ J.R and Coach welcome us to the show.

Jim Ross: We are twenty four hours removed from an incredibly exhilarating, incredibly tense, incredibly emotional night at Summerslam. I’m Jim Ross joined by Jonathan Coachman and we welcome you ladies and gentleman to Monday Night Raw on a night where the actions of those last night are bound to face the consequences.

The Coach: You got that right partner. Tonight Shawn Michaels will face the consequences, Shawn Michaels will face the wrath of Eric Bischoff!! Michaels is gonna lose his job tonight I’m telling ya!!

‘I’m Back’

And we are indeed kicking things off with the Raw GM as Eric Bischoff steps out to a chorus of boos, a very sour expression on his face, clearly angered by what went down at Summerslam with some of the crowd cheering as Bischoff failed to get his way last night.

The Coach: And we’re getting straight down to business! What Shawn Michaels put this man through last night J.R was…was despicable. All he had to do was count Batista down, was follow the orders of his boss and he didn’t get the job done. Tonight? He pays for it.

Jim Ross: Well I don’t think anybody can blame Shawn Michaels for what he did last night. Shawn was placed in the toughest of situations last night and in my opinion he came out with his reputation not only intact but enhanced. The Heartbreak Kid did the right thing last night and I know that all these fans here tonight are grateful he did just that, I know that Batista is damn sure grateful he did just that.

The Coach: Well of course he is, he’s only holding the World Title because of Shawn Michaels!! Kane should be holding the gold right now, not that muscle headed freak!! Eric Bischoff’s gonna put them BOTH in their place tonight!!

Bischoff has a mic, the crowd are pretty vocal already as they begin a ‘You Suck’ chant, Bischoff gritting his teeth, not in the mood quite clearly.

Eric Bischoff: Last night-

Bischoff is cut off by the very loud ‘You Suck’ chants.

Eric Bischoff: Last night was supposed to be the night where Eric Bischoff’s vision of Monday Night Raw at long last came to fruition. It was a night where…it was a night where the World Heavyweight Championship was supposed to come back into my hands, come back into my power, go to somebody who I felt was worthy of holding that championship but…but did that happen?

A very positive ‘NO’ is heard from the crowd with a lot of cheers thrown in.

Eric Bischoff: No, you’re right it didn’t and I could put that down to Batista being the better man on the night or…I could put that down to Kane not quite being up to the job. But…neither of those statements would be true now would they? Batista was NOT…the better man last night and Kane WAS up to the job, believe me.

Bischoff now shakes his head in disbelief almost.

Eric Bischoff: Last night didn’t go to plan because of one man and one…man…only. Last night didn’t go to plan…because of Shawn Michaels.

A massive pop greets the mention of HBK.

Eric Bischoff: Let me…let me explain something for all of you people here. Shawn Michaels is MY ‘Personal Employee’, he is officially under contract…to me. He is not under contract to the World Wrestling Entertainment, he is specifically contracted TO ME, ERIC BISCHOFF which means…which means he answers to me, he does EXACTLY…what I say. I say jump, he asks how high? That’s the way this whole thing works. Well, that’s the way this whole thing should work.

Bischoff is quite clearly pissed here.

Eric Bischoff: One of those orders, one of those instructions, infact y’know what? It was the ONLY instruction I gave Shawn Michaels last night, count Batista... down. That…THAT IS NOT DIFFICULT!! B-but did-did he do it? Did Shawn Michaels do his job last night? NO!! NO HE FREAKIN’ DIDN’T!!

Bischoff is raging now and the crowd are loving every second.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn Michaels didn’t follow my orders, he didn’t follow my instructions. All Shawn Michaels did last night was let…me…down. Infact that’s all Shawn has done since Wrestlemania isn’t it? Let me down, let EVERYBODY…down. He lost to Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania, he lost to Randy Orton at Backlash, then he had the nerve to kick my head off my shoulders on MORE than one occasion, his own boss. But where did-where did that get him? I’ll tell you where…NOWHERE!! Because then he went onto Vengeance and he lost to Kane too didn’t he?

Bischoff pauses for a second, nodding as he lists off Michaels downward spiral, the crowd booing this whole ordeal.

Eric Bischoff: That night at Vengeance I thought…I really, really thought things were gonna change. When Kane beat Shawn he became…mine. And when he became mine I had this idea in my head, this vision that Raw would become my show again. Nobody would take this show away from me like he tried to do, Shawn was outta the equation, he was on my side and next? Next, I was gonna take everybody else who’d crossed me outta the equation too.

Bischoff grits his teeth a little.

Eric Bischoff: Batista was that next step, taking the World Title away from him was that next step but once again…(starts chuckling to himself) once again Shawn Michaels let me down. And now? Now these past twenty four hours have been nothing short of hell for me, he put me through hell last night, HE’S PUT ME THROUGH HELL FOR FAR TOO LONG NOW AND STARTING TONIGHT, IT STOPS!!

Bischoff is adamant there, the crowd booing a fired up GM.

Eric Bischoff: Because tonight I’m gonna give Shawn a taste of his own medicine. Now people have been talking, people have been questioning just what I’m gonna do here tonight. There’s been rumours that right here tonight I’m going to fire…Shawn Michaels.

Strong heat from the crowd as Bischoff teases the possibility.

Eric Bischoff: Now believe me, last night? That was EXACTLY what I intended on doing. I couldn’t WAIT… to fire Shawn Michaels here tonight for what he’s done to me, for what he’s put me through but then I realised, that? That’d be all too easy now wouldn’t it? And Eric Bischoff does not…do…easy. So Shawn, you can thank your lucky stars because your job is…safe. BUT your well being? Ha ha, your well being is far from it.

Bischoff now begins to smirk.

Eric Bischoff: He might think it’s already begun but right here tonight Shawn Michaels pathway to hell well and truly…begins. He faces STEP ONE…of his punishment tonight. One on one inside this ring, Shawn Michaels returns to action, the Showstopper steps inside this ring and he will go one on one with a man who’s got a HUGE bone to pick with him, a man who he screwed last night at Summerslam. He will go one on one…with KANE!!

BIG time pop for that announcement.

Eric Bischoff: And believe me when I say this, so Shawn I hope you’re back there listening and I hope you’re listening real carefully. Tonight is ONLY…a preview. Summerslam was the very last time you get one over on me, the very last time ANYBODY…gets one over on me. By the time tonight is over and done with I guarantee…that Shawn Michaels is gonna realise first hand why you do NOT…cross…the boss.

Bischoff drops the mic to a chorus of boos as his music plays and the General Manager exits the ropes, heading back up the ramp, a scowl across his face as he looks to lay siege on Shawn Michaels, beginning here tonight.

Jim Ross: Strong words from Eric Bischoff here tonight and a HUGE main event set for later on. Shawn Michaels one on one with the man he counted down last night, Kane.

The Coach: Oh baby, tonight’s just the beginning J.R!! I wanted Shawn gone, I wanted him fired but this? This is even better! Shawn’s gonna feel the wrath of Eric Bischoff, he’s gonna feel the wrath of Kane and he’s gonna start the painful journey straight…to…hell.

Jim Ross: Well we knew tonight would bring consequences and Shawn Michaels will certainly face them later on tonight. What a night this promises to be!

We get a closing shot of Bischoff now smirking somewhat to himself as he heads through the curtains before we fade out.


‘Ain’t No Stoppin Me Now’

We return to Raw and it’s the music of Shelton Benjamin that hits as out steps the NEW Intercontinental Champion and his partner Charlie Haas to a nice ovation with both men looking elated following Benjamin’s triumph last night.

Jim Ross: Well what a night it was for Shelton Benjamin in Washington D.C just twenty four hours ago as Shelton Benjamin at long last recaptured the Intercontinental Championship, defeating Muhammad Hassan in a gruelling contest. Benjamin showed all the heart, all the passion, all the sheer determination that we know he possess in order to win back the title he had robbed from him.

The Coach: Oh bull! Shelton Benjamin is ONLY the Intercontinental Champion because of his partner standing next to him. Charlie Haas got him that title shot and last night? Ha! Last night he won him the damn title!! Shelton Benjamin owes Charlie Haas big time J.R!

Jim Ross: Well I don’t doubt that Charlie Haas had a small hand in Shelton Benjamin’s victory last night but Coach you can’t deny that Shelton Benjamin showed such a will to win last night. He had to fight with damn near one leg in order to walk out with that title.

The Coach: He did have to fight with damn near one leg and it was courtesy of just how freakin’ good his opponent was. He was just one second, one split second away from tapping out to Muhammad Hassan last night and Charlie Haas saved his ass whether you wanna admit it or not cowboy.

‘Just look at Me’

Benjamin awaits his opponent and that man is none other than Rob Conway who steps out on stage to crickets with the former La Resistance member desperate to make an impact tonight.

Jim Ross: Well facts are Coach, Shelton Benjamin is now standing here the Intercontinental Champion and I know that’s a huge weight off of his and Charlie Haas’ shoulders. Haas is desperate for Shelton to now focus on winning Tag Team gold alongside him but tonight it’s singles action again for Benjamin and it’s a tough test in the shape of Rob Conway. Huge opportunity for the ‘Con Man’ here tonight.

The Coach: That may be what Charlie Haas wants but he’s a stupid man if he thinks it’s what he’s gonna get. Benjamin’s as selfish as they come and him being here tonight, competing on his own AGAIN is more than enough proof of that J.R. I hope Rob Conway kicks his ass tonight and puts himself right in the hunt for that Intercontinental title.

Match One: Singles Match

Shelton Benjamin w/Charlie Haas vs Rob Conway

Benjamin starts this one off sluggishly as he still seems to be suffering the effects of his ankle injury from last night. The Intercontinental Champion tries his usual fast paced offense, storming at Conway once the bell rings but Conway manages to strike with a knee to the gut and immediately begins to pummel Shelton with right hands.

Conway then whips Benjamin across the ring, Shelton rebounding and Conway takes him down with a big clothesline as Benjamin winces in pain. Conway immediately pinpoints the injured ankle, stomping away with vicious kicks as Benji lets out a cry of agony and we see Charlie Haas looking on at ringside with a look of worry. Conway continues to batter the injured ankle of Benjamin, repeated stomps before he runs the ropes and methodically drops a leg right on top of the ankle!! Benjamin again grimaces as Conway goes for the first cover but it’s a kick out at two!

Conway brings Benjamin up to his feet following this, perhaps looking at a different route of putting the champion away, clubbing him with a right hand before a firm Irish whip as Benjamin flies into the corner. Conway comes charging BUT BENJAMIN DODGES IT!! Conway eats the turnbuckle and Benjamin hobbles out of harm’s way. Right hands now from Shelton as Conway is stuck in no man’s land here. Irish whip from Benjamin, reversal from Conway as Benjamin smashes into the turnbuckle, Conway comes charging but Benjamin gets a boot up, CONWAY CATCHES IT!! Conway catches the injured ankle!! He goes to slam it against the turnbuckle but Benjamin manages to swing round and CATCHES CONWAY WITH A KICK TO THE HEAD!! But it’s the same foot, the same ankle that connects and Benjamin drops to the mat in pain also.

The race back to their feet is a slow one but it’s one that is just about won by the Intercontinental Champion as Benjamin uses the turnbuckle to drag himself up. Conway isn’t far behind and he immediately charges at the wounded champ only for Benjamin to catch him with a big right hand. Benajmin on the front foot now, pegging Conway back. Irish whip from Benjamin, Conway rebounds and Benjamin with a boot to the gut, using his weaker foot and he goes for a scoop slam but Conway rolls down the back of him, ROLL UP!! 1…2…kick out at two from Shelton!!

Conway nearly steals it and both men are to their feet again, Conway swings, misses, Benjamin from behind, BIG BACK SUPLEX CONNECTS!! Benjamin crawls towards a cover now, 1…2…kick out!! Benjamin now comes within a whisker as he slowly gets to his feet once more, Conway not too far behind him and Benjamin steadies himself, wanting to finish this thing off, Conway spins around, kick to the mid section, T-BONE SUPLEX!! NO!! Conway elbows out of it and a kick to the ankle!! A kick to the ankle from the former La Resistance member. Benjamin’s doubled over, a look of despair on Charlie Haas’ face as Benjamin again cries out in pain. Conway now runs the ropes, goes for a big boot!! Benjamin ducks it, he’s on one leg right now as he hops back round, spins Conway his direction, T-BONE!! CONNECTS, THIS TIME BENJAMIN STRIKES AND HE HOBBLES INTO A COVER!! 1…2…3…Benjamin is successful!!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin(6:37)

Jim Ross: Yet again Shelton Benjamin digging deep!! A big win for the Intercontinental Champion over a very game Rob Conway.

The Coach: Hey, what do ya know? He can win a match on his own.

Jim Ross: Oh for the love of god. Shelton Benjamin does not need Charlie Haas’ help Coach, he may’ve had an assist last night but I know for sure that he didn’t want it and I’m betting he feels he didn’t need it either.

The Coach: He may feel that way but I guarantee you he DID need it and when it comes down to the big one recently, he’s not been able to cut it without that assist, don’t even try to deny it partner. Tonight? Sure, I’ll hand it to him, on one leg he pulled the job off but you put him in there with Muhammad Hassan for that Intercontinental title again? I know where my money would be.

Benjamin backs up the ramp, clutching his Intercontinental title, hobbling along with Charlie Haas right beside him, patting his partner on the back, clearly delighted Benjamin pulled it off again tonight.

We then head across backstage where we see Shawn Michaels walking through the halls!! The Showstopper is dressed casually and his image is greeted with a massive pop from the crowd with Michaels looking a little less down, a little less sombre than in recent weeks and months, a bit of a strut in his step before we see Todd Grisham enter the shot.

Todd Grisham: Shawn! Shawn last night you defied Eric Bischoff’s orders, counting Kane down and allowing Batista to retain the World Heavyweight Title. Twenty four hours later, are you having any regrets about your decision knowing that the consequences begin right here tonight when you take on the Big Red Machine?

Michaels actually cuts a wry smile, surprisingly as we’ve not seen that from him lately.

Shawn Michaels: Todd I can stand here tonight, look you dead in the eye and say that I have got absolutely NO REGRETS…about what I did last night. I warned Batista, I warned Kane, I warned Eric Bischoff that if you got in my path at Summerslam, I was gonna kick your teeth straight down your throat and that’s exactly what I did to ‘em both last night.

Nice pop for that.

Shawn Michaels: As far as tonight goes? I say…bring it on. It’s been a long, long time, feels like an eternity since the Showstopper laced his ol’ boots up and stepped inside the squared circle. Tonight I get to go out there, I get to do what I do best and that is steal the show one more time in the middle of that ring.

Michaels is clearly in a determined mood here as he points away, clearly directed at the ring.

Shawn Michaels: Kane’s gonna be after me, I know that, I understand what I’m up against out there tonight. It ain’t gonna be easy and hey, I know that Eric Bischoff’s gonna be after me out there too. But a…

Todd Grisham: Well Shawn that was my next question. We heard from Eric Bischoff earlier on tonight and he was obviously displeased with your actions last night. My question to you is, are you not at all concerned about just what the Raw General Manager has in store for you? I mean, you are still under contract to him as his ‘Personal Employee’.

Michaels takes a second to respond.

Shawn Michaels: You’re absolutely right, I am…still under contract to Eric but be that as it may, I’m not concerned with whatever it is he has in store for me. Tonight he’s throwin' Kane my way. Next week it’ll be something else, somebody else and then the week after that it’ll be a whole different challenge. I get that and Todd, I am ready…for that.

Grisham nods, listening intently.

Shawn Michaels: I’ve sat back for far too long now and just taken in his orders. I’ve stood in the background and accepted things I haven’t wanted to accept but after what I did last night, it was like…it was like a weight off my shoulders y’know? That was the first step and hey, it ain’t gonna be easy, it ain’t gonna be a walk in the park for me to get outta dodge Todd but believe me when I say this, I have faith.

Another nice pop greets this.

Shawn Michaels: I have faith that I can come through whatever it is Eric Bischoff throws in my path. I have faith that no matter what it is I’m forced to come up against, my ability, my passion, my heart will see me through that challenge. I have faith Todd, that be it tonight, be it a month from now, be it an entire year from now…I have faith that eventually this whole thing with Eric Bischoff will pass and that once again, soon enough… the Heartbreak Kid will be runnin’ this show once again.

It’s a defiant statement from HBK here as he grits his teeth and we head off to a nice pop as ever,a glint in his eye tonight.


We return cut away to a video package…

The first shot we receive is of a church and through the windows we can see it’s pitch black outside as some candles are lit inside the church and we see a solitary figure but only from behind and they appear to be praying as they are on their knee sat the front of the church. This person is a fairly small man, bald head and a pretty scary look on his face as he begins rocking back and forth and is then heard saying ‘Forgive me, for I have sinned.

Forgiveness does not…come easily…

We then get a shot of Edge with his maniacal smile, holding his Money in the Bank briefcase close to him.

Certain acts, certain decisions, we can choose to let go…

We see a shot of Shawn Michaels standing over Batista following a deadly dose of Sweet Chin Music.

To let slide…

We see Charlie Haas cutting a frustrated figure as Shelton Benjamin walks past him.

To put at the back of our minds…

We then see this person still on their knees in the church looking up to the heavens as they repeatedly say ‘Forgive me, Forgive me’

But then there are other acts, there are other decisions that are simply…unforgivable…

There’s now fast paced music as we get a glimpse of an enraged Batista who kicks the ropes in frustration as Eric Bischoff smirks cockily.

We then see Chris Jericho holding the back of his head as he watches Edge slither away from his grasp, a furious look on Jericho’s face.

Finally we see Christian smirking to himself as he pats Tomko on the chest before patting his own, a devilish smirk on Captain Charisma’s face.

September 18th, 2005, those that have sinned will seek their forgiveness…

We see Kane laughing to himself in his usual monstrous manner.

The next image is of Muhammad Hassan and his Arabian Entity standing tall as Hassan embraces the boos from all around him.

The shot we then see is of Batista, his hands on his head in clear disappointment or frustration.

But for some…they will always remain…well and truly…Unforgiven.

The final image we see is of a desolate Shawn Michaels stood in the ring alone, staring down at this feet. We then return to the church to see the man praying, looking up high to the sky before he stops, looks down and into the camera, a look of despair which then changes before smiling sadistically and we then get a graphic for

We return and once again we’re shown backstage and we see the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin along with his partner Charlie Haas strolling through the back. Benjamin hobbling on his ankle, I.C title on his shoulder.

Charlie Haas: Great win out there again tonight man. You’re on a roll right now, pickin’ up wins, takin’ home championships. Next step? Those World Tag Team titles!

Haas is very enthusiastic here, Benjamin huffs a little however.

Charlie Haas: Wh-what’s, what’s the matter man?

Shelton Benjamin: Nothing, nothing. It’s just my ankle man, I mean it took a hell of a beating last night and you know how tough it is in this business with injuries. I know, I know I said we’d go after the Tag titles once I got this back but Charlie, I don’t think now’s a good time man.

We immediately see Haas’ head drop.

Shelton Benjamin: Look I’m sorry but right now, this, this is my priority.

Points at the I.C title as Haas looks longingly at it also.

Shelton Benjamin: This is what it’s all about for me right now and until I’m back at a hundred percent, that’s the way it’s gotta be man. I hope you can understand that and I hope that you can stay by my side, your support helped me through last night. I appreciate it.

Charlie Haas: That’s not all that helped you through last night.

Haas s......s as Benjamin has a ‘What?’ kinda look on his face.

Shelton Benjamin: What’s that supposed to mean?

Charlie Haas: Look you know as well as I do… just…just forget it alright. Nothing to worry about and you’re right, really. Until that ankle’s a hundred percent, I got your back man. That title needs to stay around your waist, you…you deserve it.

Haas looks a bit reluctant in saying that as Benjamin nods his head.

Shelton Benjamin: Thanks man, I appreciate it, I’m glad you can understand and I promise you, once I’m back to full health again, you and me are goin’ after those titles. You got my word.

Benjamin and Haas then shake hands before Benjamin heads off leaving Haas stood still, hands on hips, clearly a little peeved off with his partner tonight.

We then return ringside and a return to the action as we hear…


And there’s a ripple of heat for the ever cocky, ever arrogant duo of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth who step out with a strut in their step, all smiles as they roll down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well last night saw a big victory for these two men as they scored the winning pinfall in eight man tag team action, earning themselves a World Tag Team Title opportunity against the Dudley Boyz. Coach we have learned since then that Doane and Nemeth will use that title shot at our next Pay Per View…Unforgiven. A huge night in the young duo’s careers when they go toe to toe with the Dudleyz, the lights on bright and the gold on the line.

The Coach: And hey, can I just say, what a performance from these two men last night! Doane and Nemeth most DEFINITELY provided us with the platform to perfection. And now? Now they’re gonna go get themselves some gold, they beat those damn Dudleyz once already last night, Ken Doane’s gonna beat ‘em again tonight and then at Unforgiven, the icing on the cake baby, Doane and Nemeth beat ‘em one more time and take those titles home.

‘Yeah We’re Comin’ Down’

It’s a rousing ovation for the World Tag Team Champions as out step the Dudley Boyz, D-Von looking fired up, Bubba a stern look on his face as we’re set for a big singles match between the Tag Title contestants.

Jim Ross: As confident as you may be Coach, I don’t think you can ever write off the Dudleyz. Last night was as chaotic as it gets, eight men flying around that ring. I think the fact remains, two on two the Dudley Boyz are as experienced as it gets , they know how to get the job done, no matter who their opponents, no matter what the environment. Come Unforigven, Doane and Nemeth will be in for the fight of their lives.

The Coach: You say experience, I say over the hill. These two guys haven’t had a test like these two men. They haven’t a young, talented, athletic pair of guys gunnin’ for ‘em and that’s exactly what they’ve got now. Yeah the Dudleyz were a force but that’s the word J.R, they WERE…a force. They aren’t anymore and the Platform to Perfection will show these two guys the platform to the station soon enough.

Match Two: Singles Match

Ken Doane w/Nick Nemeth vs D-Von Dudley w/Bubba Ray Dudley

Doane starts this one off on the front foot, his confidence from last night, well, since he stepped foot in the company to be fair is evident as he almost shrugs off D-Von as a threat and delivers a thumb to the eye, blinding one half of the tag champs momentarily.

Doane then hammers away at D-Von, repeated right hands as he forces him into the corner before delivering some venomous stomps to the mid section as D-Von ends up slumped up against the turnbuckle, Doane pandering to the crowd which draws him strong heat. Doane heads away from his opponent, cockily strutting round the ring before a big run up and a devastating clothesline that knocks all the wind out of D-Von.

Doane continues to work over D-Von, some hard shots before he drops the big man with a pinpoint dropkick, going immediately for a cover, 1…2…kick out at two as J.R questions whether D-Von is struggling a little for confidence after defeat last night.

Doane appears in cruise control as Nemeth hops up onto the apron and the two men give each other a high five as Bubba Ray shakes his head in disgust on the outside. Doane then goes back to work on D-Von, continuing to strike with repeated kicks, head to toe on D-Von before he scoops the champion up. Doane with an Irish whip and D-Von rebounds, Doane throws a right hand but D-Von ducks it, he stops in his tracks, spins Doane round, boot to the gut and a big time vertical suplex from

D-Von! The crowd let out a nice pop for that as D-Von scrambles into a cover, Nemeth looking concerned for his partner here. 1…2…kick out at two from Doane!!

D-Von is right back in this thing now and you sense the tables are turning as D-Von quickly brings Doane to his feet again, nailing him with clubbing blows, an Irish whip now and Doane rebounds right into a big hip toss!! D-Von is rolling!! The crowd are right behind one half of the Dudleyz as D-Von awaits Doane’s return to his feet, the cocky playboy arises, turns around and is met with an Irish Whip, Doane hangs on to the ropes though and Nick Nemeth hops on to the apron, pulling Doane away and he drops down and under the ropes, his partner giving him a word of encouragement. The crowd boos big time for this as Nemeth recognises his partner being on the back foot but Bubba Ray doesn’t take too kindly to this!!

Bubba storms around the ring and spins Nemeth around before SMASHING NEMETH WITH A RIGHT HAND!! Nemeth goes tumbling before Doane comes from behind and SMASHES BUBBA HEAD FIRST INTO THE RINGPOST!! Bubba is floored, Nemeth is floored and Doane hops up onto the apron where D-Von meets him but Doane sees him coming and smashes his head off the ropes!! D-Von ricochets backwards and Doane steps inside, D-Von spins back round, boot to the gut, Doane goes for a suplex but D-Von rolls down the back and SCORES WITH A REVERSE DDT!! Turning point perhaps for D-Von here as both men are down but it’s one half of the tag champs with the initiative now.

D-Von slowly crawls back to his feet, Doane is still down and crawling around the mat helplessly as D-Von begins to head up high! The fans sense that D-Von is about to risk it all, Doane in a whole world of trouble as D-Von climbs, he’s there, steadies himself, all set to fly BUT NICK NEMETH SHOVES D-VON OFF THE TOP!! D-VON CRASHES DOWN TO THE MAT AS NEMETH DOES HIS DIRTY WORK AND THE REFEREE CALLS FOR THE BELL!!

Winner via Disqualification: D-Von Dudley(8:37)

Jim Ross: DAMN IT!! NEMETH COMING FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! D-Von was about to put Ken Doane away but Nemeth coming to his partner’s aid and now look!! Bubba Ray is still down, D-Von is down, the Dudleyz are easy pickings here!!

The Coach: You should be happy to see it too J.R. Two old dogs getting some sense beat into ‘em. Their time is done, it’s been and gone, step aside old timers, Doane and Nemeth are here and they’re here to stay.

Nemeth immediately hops inside the ring to a chorus of boos and he grabs his partner, helping Doane up and the two immediately begin an ambush on D-Von, hammering away with devastating kicks, head to toe on D-Von as the crowd urge Bubba to his feet but Bubba is still down, unable to come to his partner’s aid although he is stirring as Nemeth keeps an eye on the big man’s whereabouts. The Perfectionists continue their ambush as Doane brings D-Von to his feet before tossing him like a rag doll into the waiting path of Nemeth who is pandering to the raucous crowd, Nemeth grabs D-Von…AND SCORES WITH THE PAYDIRT(ZIG ZAG)!! D-Von is absolutely rammed to the mat as Nemeth yells ‘PERFECTION BABY’ and Doane heads up high, insult to injury now as Doane scales to the top rope, he’s all set to fly…BUT THE CROWD BEGINS TO COME ALIVE AS THE BASHAM BROTHERS APPEAR!! DANNY AND DOUG BASHAM HEADED FOR THE PERFECTIONISTS!!


The Coach: What the hell are they thinking?! What freakin’ reason have they got for comin’ out here!?!

The Bashams have stormed the ring and are taking it to Doane and Nemeth!! The Platform to Perfection getting a beating from a very fired up, very determined Basham duo as Danny smashes Doane with right hands, Doug smashing Nemeth before he tosses Nemeth up and over the top with ease!! Within mere moments Danny does the exact same to Doane with the ‘Perfectionists’ going for a ride!! The fans are eating it up as the Bashams make a statement with this ambush. Danny then takes a microphone from ringside, Doane and Nemeth crawling on the outside whilst Bubba and D-Von are struggling inside the squared circle.

Danny Basham: Doane, Nemeth, you two got the job done last night, congratulations. But you boys did NOT…beat us.

Small pop for that.

Danny Basham: So me and Doug came out here to give you a little reminder, give you a little heads up that you two punks may be the number one contenders but that doesn’t mean you’re getting rid of us anytime soon.

Doane and Nemeth have now crawled to the same side and are backing up the ramp, Nemeth clutching the back of his head, Doane his lower back as they watch on at the Basham’s with Danny passing the mic to Doug.

Doug Basham: Like Danny said boys, you may be heading to Unforgiven buuuuuuut…we want in.

Doane and Nemeth look at each other like ‘WTF?’, the crowd responding well.

Doug Basham: We know we can beat you two and we know we can beat the Dudleyz. All we need is one match and we want that match at Unforgiven, so how bout it? The Dudleyz versus the Platform to Perfection versus…the Basham Brothers, whadda ya say huh?

Doane and Nemeth shrug their shoulders and throw their hands back at the Basham’s request, clearly turning it down as we hear Nemeth yell, ‘That shot is ours’ and the two men then head up the ramp, turning their backs as the crowd boo the perfectionists. The Bashams simply chuckle to one another, clearly anticipating that response before they turn around AND ARE MET FACE TO FACE BY BUBBA RAY AND D-VON!! The crowd gives a nice pop as the World Tag Team Champions stare down the two men they teamed with last night before both Bubba and D-Von nod at the dup, a sign of respect perhaps as Danny and Doug nod also with Doug saying ‘They beat you, NOT US’ before he and Danny exit the ring, their intentions now known.

The Coach: Who the hell do these two think they are?! Doane and Nemeth earned their shot last night, these two punks didn’t!! They can’t go around just attacking our future champions like that J.R, Eric Bischoff needs to punish the Bashams.

Jim Ross: Well Coach I think they’ve got a pretty valid point. The Basham Brothers were NOT beaten last night and maybe the Platform to Perfection should provide something else and provide these two men with a title opportunity themselves.

The Coach: What a bunch of bull J.R. They don’t need to provide the Bashams with anything except an ass kicking!

Jim Ross: Well Doane and Nemeth are heading to Unforgiven but I think if the Dudleyz have any say in the matter, Danny and Doug Basham might be joining them.

The Coach: Well it’s a good thing they don’t have a say.

The Bashams retreat, not taking their eyes off the World Tag Team Champions who are handed their titles, staring right back at the Bashams with the title situation escalating somewhat here tonight.


We return and we join the lovely Maria who is standing by, perky as ever and her image met with a decent pop.

Maria: Hi everyone! I’m here backstage with my guest at this time, I want you to give him a really warm welc…

Maria’s bubbly nature is gone as a hand covers the microphone and the camera shifts to where we see the Big Red Machine Kane!!

Kane: Do you really believe that I want these people to give me a ‘warm welcome’? Do you really believe that I want ANYTHING from you, that I want ANYTHING from these people?

Maria looks horrified now.

Kane: Well I don’t want anything and I don’t need anything from anybody but I’ll tell you what I AM…going to get. Tonight I am going to get PAYBACK…on Shawn Michaels. Last night he cost me the World Heavyweight Title and now? Ha ha. Now I’m gonna cost him… his freedom.

Kane delivers that sick, twisted smirk of his.

Kane: When Shawn and I step inside that ring tonight he’s going to feel things that he’s never felt before, he’s going to experience things he’s never experienced before because I am going to PHYSICALLY DISSECT…Shawn Michaels tonight. He’s going to learn the hard way, not only do you not cross the boss…but you do NOT…CROSS…ME.

Kane’s breathing heavily now.

Kane: Once I’m through with Shawn tonight, then…then I can move back to what I began last night, I can move back to PUNISHING…Batista and I can move back to becoming World…Heavyweight…Champion.

Small ripple of heat for that comment.

Kane: Because let’s face it, without Shawn Michaels last night, Batista would NOT be holding that championship, I would. Batista had no answer for what I threw his way, he had no answer to anything I did to him, his only hope last night, his ONLY PRAYER…was Shawn Michaels and lucky for him, his prayers? They were answered. But lightening does not…strike…twice.

?: Oh really?

Kane is cut off by a voice as the camera spins round and we see BATISTA!! The World Heavyweight Champion is greeted with a HUGE pop, all suited and booted, the two men now coming near enough face to face as Kane’s grin appears, the Animal not backing down whilst young Maria gets the hell out of dodge.

Batista: Is that what you think huh? My ‘only prayer’ last night was Shawn Michaels?

Kane: That is EXACTLY…what I think. I know that you couldn’t beat me last night, I know that you can’t beat me…PERIOD. Last night was your lucky night Dave, next time? Next time I’m gonna take that title away from you and I’m gonna show that a monster ALWAYS…beats an Animal.

Kane laughs to himself a touch as Tista looks ready to blow here.

Batista: Well last night, this Animal kicked this monster’s ass ALL OVER WASHINGTON D.C!!

Nice pop now as Tista is fired up.

Batista: And tonight? Tonight Shawn Michaels is gonna do the same damn thing. You want another shot at this? You think lightening doesn’t strike twice? Well I say it does and I say… you got it. Any time, any place. This World Title…is mine and believe me, there ain’t no man… or monster… that’s gonna take it away from me, you understand that?

The two are nose to nose now as Tista delivers a deathly glare at the Big Red Machine, Kane simply smirking.

Kane: Oh I understand, I fully…understand. But Dave, I don’t think you know…just what this monster is capable of.

Kane then lets out that maniacal laugh to himself as he backs down from the confrontation and heads away, still laughing to himself and we head back to ringside.

Jim Ross: Well some very, very strong words right there from both Batista and the Devil’s Favourite Demon, Kane. It was no doubt a heck of a match last night between those two men and by the looks of things, another one doesn’t appear too far off.

The Coach: It damn sure shouldn’t be. Kane was robbed last night, ain’t no point in denying it. I don’t know what planet Batista’s on but last night Shawn Michaels WAS his only prayer and tonight Michaels gets his punishment and soon enough, Batista’s gonna get his too.

Jim Ross: I don’t qui…

‘Just Close Your Eyes’

J.R is cut off by the music of Captain Charisma, Christian and it is THUNDEROUS boos as the leader of his Peeps steps out, accompanied by Tomko, surveying this hostile crowd, a broad smile on his face as he takes this atmosphere in.


Jim Ross: For the love of god. I’ll give credit where credits due Coach, Christian pulled it off last night, it was a huge win, the biggest of his career but surely you could show a little respect towards Ric Flair? Last night saw the end of his long, illustrious career on what was an emotional night in Washington.

The Coach: Last night was Flair’s night, that was his farewell, his walk into the sunset. TONIGHT…is Christian’s night so you better show this man some respect!! What he did last night was something nobody can lay claim to, not ONE. Christian will forever be the man who sent Ric Flair packing and I’m gonna give him the respect, the appreciation that he deserves.

Christian now has a mic in hand, the smile on his face has yet to be removed as the crowd continues to boo the Canadian native.

Christian: Ric…Flair.

Just the mention of Flair’s name draws a THUNDEROUS ovation as Christian laughs smugly to himself. The fans are so loud right now Christian couldn’t get a word in if he tried. The boos for CC, the cheers for Flair eventually fade and a chant of ‘Nature Boy’ begins, getting louder and louder.

Christian: Hey, go ahead, chant his name. C’mon, keep chanting, chant it all…night…long, HE’S NOT HERE AND WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT HE AIN’T COMING BACK BECAUSE LAST NIGHT…last night…I retired…Ric…Flair.

The heat is ungodly for the former Intercontinental Champion as he basks in the glory of his accomplishment, taking a deep breathe following that small rant.

Christian: Last night, August 21st, 2005 will go down as one of the most memorable dates in the history of this industry. It’ll be one of those moments, one of those ‘Where were you?’ kinda deals, where were you when Christian defeated Ric Flair and sent him crawling into retirement?

Again Christian laughs to himself, the crowd booing the holy hell out of him.

Christian: It’s a date that will forever be remembered, that’ll live long in the memory, a night where a legendary career came crashing down but that? That’s not what you people should remember last night for. Last night I did you people…a favour.

A ‘You Suck’ chant is now building.

Christian: I did you a favour by getting rid of that washed up old hack who was stealing MY spotlight. He was taking up this show each and every week, a show you all watch, a show you people watch for en-ter-tain-ment but you tell me, go ahead, PLEASE…tell me, how is a fifty six year old man who looks like he needs a freakin’ wheelchair, parading round this ring every week entertaining?

Christian looks around the crowd who are continuing to pour heat on the cocky Canadian.

Christian: It’s not and now? Now I have FINALLY…put an end to it. Last night was NOT a night to remember because of Ric Flair, no, no, far from it. Last night was a night to remember because it was the night a new STAR…was born. It was the night a new LEADER…was born. It was the night where the torch was at long last passed down to the next generation and folks believe me, I am the FACE…of that next generation.

More boos, the atmosphere is off the chart right now.

Christian: Whether you people like it or not, you need to face facts. As the leader of a new era, the face of a new generation, I think there is only one way to go now for Captain Charisma and all my ‘Peeps’.

Christian surveys but doesn’t see anything except thumbs down in the crowd and more boos.

Christian: I think the only way to go is up and with old man Flair outta my way now, the cancer of this company at long last outta the picture, I can go after the one thing that’s eluded me in this business, the one thing that I’ve been denied an opportunity at time and time again because of people like him hogging the spotlight, hogging MY…spotlight. I think that it’s time Captain Charisma got what he deserves, I think it’s time he got his rightful shot… at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Big time heat once again as Christian nods his head, certain that his statement rings true.

Christian: I thought I’d made it clear by now THAT I DON’T GIVE A CRAP WHAT YOU PEOPLE THINK!! I deserve a shot at that title, there’s nobody that deserves it more than I do so let’s fa…

‘You Think You Know Me’


Christian is cut off quite surprisingly by none other than his former tag team partner, the current Mr.MITB Edge who hops out onto the stage to a surprisingly good reaction, probably just for interrupting Christian and the cheers soon turn to boos with Edge strolling down to meet his former partner.

Jim Ross: This was uhhhh, this was not what we were expecting and I don’t think it’s what Christian was expecting either. Edge and Christian former Tag Team Champions, no doubt one of the greatest tag teams the WWE has seen but I gotta wonder just what brings Edge out here tonight.

The Coach: Well I can only assume this is a little reunion partner!! These two guys were one of the greatest tag teams in history, you’re right and now? Now they’re gonna go on to become two of the greatest WORLD champions in history, you can write that down J.R.

Edge has a wry smile on his face while Christian looks at him like ‘What are you doing?’ as Mr.MITB grabs a microphone and gets set to make his intentions known.

Edge: How’s it going man? I’m uh, I’m guessing you weren’t expecting me by the look on your face, right?

Christian: You’re right Edge, you are and y’know, we may be former partners, you may be someone I can call a close friend and that’s why I find it…I find it kinda…I find it kinda disrespectful that you’re out here interrupting my moment like this.

Christian crosses his arms, a perplexed look on his face as Edge nods.

Edge: Well uh, sorry for the ‘interruption’ but I just came out here to address a couple of things. First things first, congratulations last night. I don’t think there was anybody happier than I was to see the back of Ric Flair, you’re not wrong when you say it’s people like him that are holding people like US…down.

Edge is now in serious mode, the fans booing as Christian now smiles.

Christian: Well thank you, thank you, I appreciate it and I’m glad my hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. So anyway as I was sayi…

Edge: Oh, oh, oh, I’m sorry, I’m…I’m not done just yet. Y’see that was one of the reasons I came out here but it’s not the only reason. No, the other reason I came out here tonight was because I couldn’t…I couldn’t help but overhear what you were saying about uh, about how nobody deserves a title shot more than you do. That, that is what I heard isn’t it?

Christian: You’re damn right that’s what you heard, it’s what they heard, it’s what everybody heard and it’s about time it was put right.

More heat for CC as Tomko nods on menacingly behind him.

Edge: Well it may be what everybody heard and yeah I agree you haven’t had the opportunity you deserve…but neither have I. Together we were one of the GREATEST Tag Teams this company has ever seen, we ran riot over the tag teams, we had legendary matches but since then have either of us had that shot? Have either of us had that one opportunity, just one…to make it to the top?

Christian seems to be listening carefully.

Edge: No, no we haven’t, so sure, sure you do deserve a shot but so do I and hey let’s face it, last night at Summerslam I won my match too and unlike you, I beat somebody who doesn’t need a walking stick to make it down to the ring.

Strong heat for Edge there as he makes his point to Captain Charisma.

Edge: That means that me, NOT YOU…deserve first shot at the World Heavyweight Title. I don’t think that you can have any comp…

Christian: Woah, woah, woah hold on just a second. You did win last night, congratufreakinlations but incase you forgot you already have a shot at the World Title and it belongs inside that briefcase of yours.

Christian points at Edge’s MITB briefcase as Edge smirks.

Christian: So maybe you haven’t had that shot, that opportunity you talk about but it’s there for you, it’s waiting, it’s in your own hands Edge. Me? I don’t have that shot, that opportunity, that power. All you need to do is cash that contract in and that World Championship we’ve both dreamed of, it could be yours.

Edge is nodding, murmuring, ‘It could’

Christian: So why don’t you run along to the back, walk through Eric Bischoff’s door, open up the briefcase and cash in. Hell, why don’t you do it…TONIGHT?

BIG pop at the thought of that as Christian appears to be goading Edge in here.

Christian: Then? Then we’re both winners. You’ll be standing here next week as the NEW World Heavyweight Champion and then you can do what’s right, you can do the honourable thing and you can give me…first shot at that title.

There’s a bit of a buzz in the crowd as Edge rubs his chin, seemingly considering it.

Edge: You make a pretty uh, a pretty good point there, really ya do. But this briefcase, it holds a contract in it guaranteeing a World title shot any time I like right the way up to Wrestlemania. That’s eight months from now, eight…long…months. I don’t need to rush this, I don’t want to rush this.

Edge pats the briefcase.

Edge: Just because I hold this contract, that doesn’t mean I just don’t deserve a title shot. I won last night just…like…you and the way I see it, that means I deserve a title opportunity just as much, hell I deserve it MORE than you do, MORE THAN ANYBODY ON THIS SHOW DOES!! Money in the Ba…

‘Break the Walls Down’

Ohhhhh. There’s a very loud ovation that greets the music of the man Edge beat last night as out steps Y2J, Chris Jericho, a stern look on Jericho’s face as he spins round from his infamous pose, sights set on Edge inside the squared circle.

The Coach: What the hell does he want?!

Jim Ross: Coach I think Chris Jericho wants toset the record straight as far as Edge goes. Edge did beat Jericho last night, he’s not wrong on that but Edge needed that damn briefcase to do it, he needed to use a referee to help him. Chris Jericho could be standing here tonight as Mr.Money in the Bank were it not for Edge’s heinous actions last night.

Jericho has marched to the ring, a mic in hand already with Edge backing away into the corner, not wanting anything to do with Jericho following what went down last night.

Chris Jericho: I uh, I find it real funny Edge that you come out here and you parade around this ring like you…like you’ve got some God given right to a World Title shot.

Edge seems to mouth ‘Yeah I do’.

Chris Jericho: When the fact of the matter is, the only thing you’ve got a right to…is me kicking your ass all over Hampton, Virginia!!

Massive pop for that as Edge shakes his head.

Chris Jericho: See you come out here and you brag about how you won last night, about how you’re in line for a title opportunity, about how Money in the Bank is almost…it’s almost like a back up plan for you right? Well let me tell you something, you DID win last night but make no mistake about it junior, without that briefcase right there you’d be standing here tonight looking at the NEW Mr.Money in the Bank and you’d be standing here looking at the NEXT World Heavyweight Champion, the Ayatollah of Rock ‘N Rolla, Y2J, Chrissssss Jerichooooooo.

Nice pop again for Y2J as Edge shrugs his claims off, backed up in the corner still.

Chris Jericho: I was this close(uses his fingers to make a small gap) to beating you last night until you showed just what kinda man you are didn’t you? Using a referee as a shield? I mean, c’mon, really? And then, then you go and use that briefcase to smash my skull in? Does that, does that make you feel like a tough guy huh? Does that make you really believe you should be the one facing the champion? Because the way I see it, you don’t deserve to be anywhere near the World Title. I beat you at Vengeance, remember that? And I should have beaten you last night which means that I…should be the next in line for a shot at Batista.

Christian: Hold on just a second there Chris. You? Really? You should be next in line for a shot at the title? Correct me if I’m wrong here but have you, have you not had your opportunities? Have you not had shot after shot after shot at a World Title? Hell, it makes me sick to my stomach saying this…but you’ve even held a World Title, tha…

Chris Jericho: Only the first ever Undisputed Champion, it’s not…it’s not a big deal though or y’know…

Jericho’s little brag draws a few laughs and a small cheer as Christian laughs.

Christian: Am-am I laughing? Is that meant to be funny? Tha-that’s the problem, it’s always a joke with you Jericho isn’t it? Well it is NOT a joke to me. You’ve had your time, you’ve had your chances, I haven’t and it’s about damn time I get what I DESERVE! I’ve already got rid of one guy who hogged my spotlight…

Christian now gets in Jericho’s face as the tension builds

Christian: And I got no problem doing the same thing to another one.

The two men are face to face, the arena going crazy right now BEFORE EDGE COMES IN FROM NOWHERE, BRIEFCASE SHOT TO JERICHO, NO!! JERICHO SEES IT COMING AND DODGES!! JERICHO GRABS EDGE FROM BEHIND AND TOSSES EDGE OVER THE TOP ROPE!! EDGE GOES TUMBLING TO THE OUTSIDE!! Jericho is all fired up, the crowd going crazy as he turns back around, BOOT TO THE GUT FROM CHRISTIAN, UNPRETTIER!! NO!! JERICHO SHOVES CHRISTIAN AWAY, CHRISTIAN COMES OFF THE ROPES, NO HE DOESN’T!! Christian holds onto the ropes and drops out of the ring, wanting NOTHING to do with Y2J tonight!! Jericho’s offering both him and Tomko out here but Christian’s Problem Solver joins him on the outside, hightailing it out of this situation.

Jim Ross: Edge is running!! Christian is running!! Chris Jericho is standing tall tonight and I think Y2J has a damn good point here tonight!!

The Coach: What? Chris Jericho has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about!! These two men both WON last night, Edge and Christian deserve their opportunity, Jericho? He LOST last night and he’s had his opportunities. What exactly is valid about his point J.R? C’mon, explain it to me genius.

Jim Ross: I think it might be the fact he was about to beat Edge for the second straight Pay Per View before Edge used the damn referee to get him out of jail!! Chris Jericho may very well be standing here as Mr.Money in the Bank tonight were it not for Edge’s antics last night.

Jericho looks on as Edge holds his lower back towards the top of the ramp, scowling back at his adversary whilst Christian does likewise, joined by Tomko at the bottom of the ramp with Christian mouthing ‘You’re just another Flair, Jericho, just another Flair’ as Jericho motions for them to step inside the ring with him and we fade away.


We return from the ad break and we’re shown backstage to a simple shot of…the floor? However we then begin to see several feet appear and the camera rises higher as we see the legs, mid section , upper bodies and eventually faces of four men that draw immediate heat from the crowd as The Arabian Entity come into shot, Daivari, Sonjay Dutt, The Great Khali along with their leader and FORMER Intercontinental Champion Muhammad Hassan looking very desolate following what went down last night. The quartet are then met from behind by the ever enthusiastic Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Muhammad, guys, last night certainly didn’t go the way you would have hoped it to. Can we get a word on how you’re feeling following last night’s events?

Muhammad Hassan: How we’re feeling, how…we’re feeling? How the HELL…do you think we’re feeling?

Hassan gets in Grisham’s face here with the interviewer taken aback a little.

Muhammad Hassan: Last night these two men tore apart the World Tag Team Champions, they taught the Basham Brothers a lesson, they were a level above their own partners and yet they failed to walk out victorious, they were robbed last night. Whilst I? I too…was robbed. I PHYSICALLY DOMINATED…Shelton Benjamin, I nearly tore his ankle right off the bone, he was just one second away from me forcing him to tap…out. But…but did I walk out still the Intercontinental Champion?

There’s a few ‘No’ chants in the crowd as Hassan laughs to himself before that deadpan expression returns.

Muhammad Hassan: No, I did not and that is NOT…make no mistake about it, that is NOT because of Shelton Benjamin. He may be holding that championship but he’s only doing so because of his partner, because of Charlie Haas.

Hassan almost cringes at the sound of his name.

Muhammad Hassan: I knew, these gentleman beside me knew, everybody knew, Charlie Haas himself…knew that Shelton Benjamin could…not…beat me. He’s failed time and time and time again, last night the record books may state he got the job done but we all know that couldn’t be any further from the truth. So as for how I’m feeling tonight Todd? Forgive me for not being in the best of moods.

Hassan huffs, hands on hips as Daivari and Dutt do likewise, Khali standing there as intimidating as ever.

Todd Grisham: Well I guess that leads me to my next question and it regards the Intercontinental Championship. Do you know yet when are you planning on invoking your rematch clause?

Muhammad Hassan: Y’know, I’m glad you asked that because I think the answer…it might surprise you, it might surprise a whole lot of people but it doesn’t surprise any of us in the Entity. Todd, I am NOT…invoking my rematch clause for the Intercontinental Title.

There’s a surprisingly loud cheer in the arena as Grisham looks perplexed.

Muhammad Hassan: I am done with Shelton Benjamin and I am done with Charlie Haas. I’ve proved more than once that they are simply not on my level and I don’t need to prove it anymore. The Intercontinental Championship, it meant a lot to me, it still…means a lot to me but I don’t want to and I don’t need to waste another second dealing with those two miscreants.

Hassan snarls at the thought of the two men once again.

Muhammad Hassan: Now? Now it is time for me to move forward, time for us…to move forward. The Arabian Entity are moving on to bigger and better things. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are the greatest force in the entire WWE and it’s about damn time we start getting the respect we deserve. Summerslam was the end of our first chapter, tonight marks the beginning of a whole new one and believe me, the page... is about to be turned.

Hassan gives a venomous glare as he and his three associates depart with Grisham looking a little curious as to what the Entity’s leader means and just what this group have in store and we return ringside to hear…


‘Turn up the Trouble’

There’s a small ripple of heat as well as a small amount of cheers for the arrogant loudmouth, Mr.Kennedy who struts out on stage, chewing gum and not looking in the greatest of moods tonight as he gets set for action.

Jim Ross: Well we’re all set for some action now folks and here’s a man who came to Monday Night Raw looking for a challenge, looking to reach new heights but so far, he’s yet to be handed that opportunity, something Mr.Kennedy hasn’t taken too well Coach.

The Coach: Not at all and I don’t blame him. Kennedy’s got STAR written all over him, he’s called himself a ‘Game Changer’ and I believe him. Eric Bischoff needs to get this man a challenge, I understand the boss is a busy man but he made Kennedy a promise and I think he’s gonna stick to it, starting tonight.

Kennedy waits inside the ring before looking up the heavens, outstretching an arm as his microphone lowers into the palm of his hand, set to address this crowd.

Mr.Kennedy: Well, well, well. Here we are, tonight is the night folks, tonight all you people here in Hampton get to witness Mr.Kennedy’s very first…challenge. It was, it was twenty one days ago that I made my Monday Night Raw debut, it was twenty one days ago where the WWE’s very own ‘Game Changer’ made his presence felt against…Eugene?

Kennedy almost questions that statement.

Mr.Kennedy: I…I just didn’t, I still don’t get that. I joined Monday Night Raw because I was promised the cream of the crop, I was promised that I’d be up there with the so called ‘best’ this show has to offer and when I get here, I get…Eugene. But y’know what? I let it pass. I let it slide, I figured Eric Bischoff was just…warmin’ me up. He knows what a hot commodity I am, he knows just HOW DAMN TALENTED…I am.

Kennedy cuts a little smile.

Mr.Kennedy: But then…then the week after that I faced…I faced Maven. I mean, c’mon are you kidding me? Maven? I wanted Batista, I wanted Edge, I wanted Jericho, I wanted Christian, I wanted ANYBODY considered a star on this show and I GOT FED… Maven?!?

Kennedy is worked up now.

Mr.Kennedy: Two weeks, two absolute jokes and then last week. Last week I show up and I thought, for some stupid reason, I thought hmmmm, maybe this is the week!! Maybe this is the week where Eric Bischoff pulls his finger outta his ass and finds me a freakin’ challenge!! But did he? NO HE DIDN’T FIND ME ANYTHING BECAUSE I WAS LEFT OFF THE ENTIRE SHOW!! He left his game changer…off the freakin’ card.

Kennedy’s working up a sweat here as the crowd offers a mixed reaction, some siding with the blonde loudmouth, some opposing his arrogance.

Mr.Kennedy: That? That left me a little frustrated, a little angry so I went and had a conversation with my ‘boss’. I went and found the man in charge, I went and confronted…Eric Bischoff and he promised me, he assured me that starting right here tonight, I was gonna become his priority. He guaranteed me that no matter what happened at Summerslam last night, tonight? Tonight was gonna be…my night.

Kennedy now smiles to himself, still chewing gum as he rants.

Mr.Kennedy: Well, my night has arrived and let’s not waste any more time. I don’t know who it’s gonna be, you don’t know who it’s gonna be but what we all know is…it is NOT…gonna disappoint. So please…bring out my opponent…

Kennedy waits anxiously, crossing his arms, microphone still in hand as we all wonder just who’s gonna step through that curtain…




The Coach: What in the world?! This…this can’t be happening, this ca…HA HA HA!! J.R LOOK AT ‘HULK HOGAN’!!

Indeed it is NOT Hulk Hogan, instead it is EUGENE dressed up in the yellow and red of the immortal Hulk Hogan, the crowd are still going crazy, not quite knowing this is infact Eugene. Kennedy has a look of absolute disgust on his face as he grimaces somewhat, unable to believe what he’s seeing coming to confront him.

Jim Ross: Well Kennedy wanted competition and in the shape of Hulk Hogan, I thought he’d found it but uh, let’s…let’s hope Eugene can find the spirit of Hulkamania inside of him.

The Coach: Oh c’mon J.R, Eugene could dress up as freakin’ superman and it wouldn’t make a difference. This is no competition for Mr.Kennedy!!

Eugene is now in the ring and is doing the infamous ear to the fans as Kennedy laughs at what’s going on right now. The music dies down and Kennedy pulls the mic to his mouth again.

Mr.Kennedy: This…this is a joke right? You’re, you’re just messin’ with me aren’t ya? Hulk Hogan, that’s ha, that’s REAL funny, REAL…funny.

Kennedy is playfully laughing.

Mr.Kennedy: I uh, I asked for some competition and this is…this is what I get? Y’know Eugene, I already kicked your ass a couple weeks back and the mood I’m in toni…

Kennedy is cut off as Eugene snatches the mic.

Eugene: Let me tell you somethin’ brother!!

The crowd gives a nice pop for that as Kennedy has a look of horror on his face.

Eugene: I am NOT Eugene, I am the immortal HULK HOGAN!! And tonight, me and ALL these Hulkamaniacs are gonna run wild…ON YOU!!

Kennedy then viciously snatches the mic away from Eugene who is laughing and clapping excitedly while the fans cheer Eric Bischoff’s nephew.

Mr.Kennedy: THIS IS…THIS IS NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR!! THIS IS…this is…y’know what? Screw it. You could be Eugene, you could be Hulk Hogan, you could be Stone Cold Steve Austin, you could be freakin’ Batman, I AM GONNA KICK YOUR ASS and maybe then, maybe then…


Mr.Kennedy: Somebody…will take some notice of me.

Kennedy then lets the mic go before demanding the referee to ring the bell as Eugene or ‘Hulk Hogan’ is down and Kennedy spits his gum out, tossing it to the outside and this match is set to get underway.

Match Three: Singles Match

Mr.Kennedy vs Eugene(Hulk Hogan)

Eugene is still down and Kennedy is laughing smugly at his fallen opponent’s feet. The crowd are booing Kennedy mercilessly as the ‘Game Changer’ does now finally get to Eugene and hoists the Hogan impersonator to his feet. Eugene is stood still, looking completely dazed and KENNEDY SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE FACE!!

Eugene stumbles backwards as the crowd are shocked at the blatant disrespect from Kennedy here. The loudmouth blonde then grabs Eugene from behind, spinning him round and now goes to town with some pretty stiff right hands here, knocking Eugene further back towards the ropes. Kennedy now with an Irish whip, Eugene rebounds and Kennedy takes him down with a big back body drop!! Kennedy smiles cockily again before wiping his hands, again very disrespectful towards a helpless Eugene.

Kennedy finally looks set to finish this one off as he signals for a Mic Check. He draws Eugene up, looking around the crowd who are continuing to boo KK. Kennedy sets Eugene up, MIC CHECK!! NO!! EUGENE BLOCKS IT!! Kennedy’s in shock here as Eugene blocks it and Eugene elbows Kennedy away BEFORE HE STARTS HULKING UP!! THE CROWD ARE GOING CRAZY AS EUGENE BEGINS TO HULK UP!! Kennedy is laughing at this and he goes for a right hand but Eugene blocks it and now EUGENE POINTS AT KENNEDY!! ‘YOUUUUUUUU’, the crowd are loving it and Eugene unloads with right hands of his own, Irish whip from Eugene, Kennedy rebounds, big boot from Eugene, NO!! Kennedy ducks it, spins Eugene round, MIC CHECK!! CONNECTS!! Kennedy wipes his mouth, almost in disgust that Eugene mounted any offense before covering his opponent who is down and out. 1…2…3…Kennedy takes it.

Winner: Mr.Kennedy(3:06)

The Coach: That is emphatic!! Eric Bischoff baby, I’m the biggest fan of yours out there but I gotta agree with Mr.Kennedy on this one, he needs the spotlight, he needs the competition and he needs it NOW!!

Jim Ross: Well it was emphatic but I don’t think Kennedy needed to disrespect Eugene like he did here tonight.

The Coach: Hey, Eugene shouldn’t have wasted his freakin’ time then J.R. Kennedy asked for competition, Eugene despite his best Hulk Hogan impersonation, he ain’t ever providin’ anybody with competition. Do not waste this man’s time and he won’t waste yours, statement made from Ken Kennedy right here tonight.

Kennedy now has a microphone, lowered from the rafters as ever.

Mr.Kennedy: The wiiiiiiiiiiiinner of this matchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, like you couldn’t have freakin’ guessed…MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KENNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…

The fans are cheering along, always in love for the second 'KENNEDY' as KK pauses for it.


Kennedy then tosses the mic back up, giving a scowl of disapproval at Eugene before exiting the ring, backing up the ramp and yelling ‘Competition my ass’ as he turns back around, storming off, clearly unhappy about facing yet another joke in his eyes and we head out.


We return and we once again head off backstage where we join the beautiful Maria for the second time this evening as she is standing by waiting to speak to us, a little less perky than usual considering her interaction with Kane earlier on tonight.

Maria: Hi, me again!! I already had one interview tonight but luckily I get to have another one!! So let’s get right down to it and please welcome my guests, William Regal and Mark Jindrak!

Jindrak appears into shot with his mentor alongside him, Regal smirking whilst Jindrak stares somewhat menacingly.

Maria: I know Mark doesn’t really like talking does he? So Willy if I could ask you…How happy were you both following last night’s victory over Big Show?

Regal cringes at her calling him ‘Willy’

William Regal: We were thrilled with the victory last night. We were thrilled, not because Mark won but because of the sheer manner in which he did it. Mark once again dominated Big Show, he brutalised a man who stands seven feet tall, who weighs five hundred pounds, he disposed of him like he was…nothing.

The camera displays a shot of the impressive looking ‘Protégé’.

William Regal: And we were thrilled with the outcome last night because at long last Big Show came to the realisation that he simply cannot deal with, he simply cannot handle someone with the capabilities of Mark Jindrak. Big Show’s been around a long time and so have I but I don’t think he’s come across someone like Mark before, someone who not only man handled him but out witted him, out foxed him at every corner.

Regal pauses momentarily.

William Regal: It’s why we are as powerful a force as there stands in this company today. On one hand ou’ve got a monster of a man who has all the talent in the world. He has size, speed, athleticism, power but yet, Mark, believe it or not, Mark does possess weaknesses.

Regal nods, perhaps surprising a few people here.

William Regal: He’s not as wise as some of those on the roster, he’s not as experienced as they are, he doesn’t have the same knowledge as some of these other superstars but that…that is where I come into play. I’ve got that know how, I’ve got that experience, I’ve got that knowledge and young Maria, I will pass down that know how, that experience and that knowledge to Mark Jindrak. You put all of that together, you combine all those attributes and well, you’ve got quite simply…an unstoppable force.

Regal now begins smiling as he eyes up Jindrak who is rubbing his hands together, a grin on his face also as Regal laughs a touch to himself.

William Regal: And this unstoppable force is only just getting started, believe me. Big Show was our first target, our first victim and our statement? It was loud and clear. It’s now time to make that next step Maria and once step two is complete, those attributes I listed won’t be the only thing we possess, we’ll be in possession…of championship gold.

Jindrak begins chuckling somewhat as Regal looks at him with a real devilish smile, almost knowing the beast he has on his hands right now before he looks at Maria and whispers ‘Thank you’. The two men then walk away as Maria shrugs her shoulders and smiles once more and we return ringside.

Jim Ross: Strong words right there from William Regal and it would appear that Mark Jindrak is on the hunt for gold. Champions, you have been warned. But folks we are now all set for what is a HUGE mai…


‘Slow Chemcial’

And as J.R gets set to hype our main event, the first competitor makes their way out as here comes the Big Red Machine, Kane who is looking ready for business here tonight, a real look of sheer anger in his face as he storms down the ramp.

Jim Ross: A huge main event right here live on Monday Night Raw. This man was in his eyes robbed of the World Title last night, Kane gave a hell of a performance, pushed Batista to his limit but in the end he came out on the losing end, something he puts down to the man he faces here tonight, the Special Guest Referee at Summerslam, Shawn Michaels.

The Coach: He was robbed in his eyes J.R but he was robbed in my eyes too and I know he was robbed in a whole lot of people’s eyes. Batista may be an animal but this man is a MONSTER and I think you put the two together, take Shawn Michaels outta the equation and the monster walks away victorious. Kane’s gonna want payback here J.R and if I were Shawn Michaels I’d be pleadin’, I’d be beggin’ Eric Bischoff to get me outta this match tonight.

Kane now awaits the arrival of his opponent, a devilish glare on his face as he stands dead centre of the ring, the crowd anticipating HBK’s arrival…

‘Sexy Boy’

And they don’t have to wait long as out steps Shawn Michaels to a mammoth pop! The arena explodes as Michaels steps out and he’s full of all the old Shawn Michaels’ swagger. The famous pose of Michaels is on display and the crowd eat it up with Michaels all smiles but that smile soon changes to a stare of determination as he locks eyes with the Big Red Machine.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels is not the type though Coach to run and hide. He’s had to put up with Eric Bischoff’s games for far too long and what he did last night at Summerslam was something that no matter what Eric Bischoff forces him to do, it was something he can look back on with huge pride. Shawn Michaels did what was right last night at Summerslam and I can only hope Eric Bischoff’s obsession with punishing Shawn Michaels will come to an end soon enough.

The Coach: Ob-obsession? What the hell are you talking about? He’s just trying to get Shawn to do his job. Is Vince McMahon obsessed by you because he tells you you’re showing up next week to do your job? No he is NOT and the same goes for Eric Bischoff. Michaels needs to do what’s right and following Eric Bischoff’s orders is EXACTLY that. He failed to do it last night and tonight he faces the consequences.
Match Four: Singles Match

Shawn Michaels vs Kane

Michaels looks ready for this big showdown. There’s a steely, determined look in his eye as he bobs on the spot before firmly setting his sights on Kane who has a snarl on his face, he too determined for payback over what happened last night at Summerslam. The bell then rings and these two former WWE Champions begin to circle, a strong ‘HBK’ chant building around the arena now.

The two men lock up in the middle of the ring and Kane immediately overpowers Michaels, forcing him back into the corner and the two men’s grip breaks and Kane begins unloading with venomous right hands, smashing his fist into Michaels face in brutal fashion. Michaels takes the punishment, finding no answer to the Big Red Machine’s power. Kane continues to pick apart the Showstopper, keeping him pegged in the corner as he smashes his shoulder into the gut of Michaels. Repeated shoulder blocks as Michaels winces in pain, his stomach taking a battering from the 300 pounder.

Kane looks to continue his ambush but instead it’s Michaels who comes into the contest much to the crowd’s delight as he reverses an Irish whip from Kane with the big man rebounding right into a big shoulder block from the Showstopper. Kane’s fairly quick back up to his feet but Michaels is there to greet him and Michaels straight away connects with a stinging chop across Kane’s chest!! ‘WOOOO’S’ ring round the crowd as Michaels continues to deliver vicious chops across Kane’s chest, forcing him back towards the corner.

Michaels goes for one more chop, lining Kane up but Kane sees it coming and grabs Michaels by the throat, turning the tables and tossing Michaels into the corner, Kane now on the front foot and he SMASHES Michaels with a deadly uppercut!! The sound of that uppercut reverberates round the arena as Michaels tumbles to the mat. Kane now hammers away with boots across the mid section and chest of Michaels, stomping the hell out of the Heartbreak Kid before he again scoops Michaels upright and delivers yet another devastating uppercut, Michaels in no man’s land at the minute. Irish whip from Kane, Michaels rebounds and HAS HIS HEAD TAKEN OFF WITH A BIG BOOT!! Cover by Kane, 1…2…kick out at two from Michaels as Kane gives the official daggers.

Kane brings himself up, taking a moment before he draws Michaels up also before delivering a big knee to the gut, followed by another AND ANOTHER as Kane winds the Showstopper here before scooping him up high and he DROPS Michaels with a big sidewalk slam!! Michaels floored again as J.R questions Michaels having some ring rust here. Another cover by Kane, 1…2…kick out at two and a half from Michaels!!

Kane beginning to show a little frustration now before he brings the Showstopper to his feet once again, nailing another firm knee to the gut. Irish whip now from the Big Red Machine, Michaels hits the ropes but he hangs on, Kane comes charging and Michaels with a back body drop!! Kane goes soaring up and over, falling to the outside, a crash landing for the seven footer as Michaels earns himself a breather.

Michaels eventually nips through the ropes, dropping to the outside and looking to mount some pressure on the Big Red Machine. Michaels draws Kane up, using the back of his head to do so, keeping hold of his head and Michaels smashes Kane’s skull off of the ring apron!! Kane catapults backwards but Michaels immediately pounces, spinning the big man round and connecting with a strong right hand, quick, fast paced right hands now from the Showstopper, the crowd loving it. Irish whip now from Michaels BUT KANE REVERSES AND MICHAELS GOES FACE FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!

Kane regains the initiative as the referee’s count is now up to seven and the Devil’s Favourite Demon recognises this, drawing Shawn to his feet and shoving him inside the ring, following right behind. Kane now appears to have a renewed focus as he drags Michaels up to his feet, boot to the gut before a big Irish whip and Michaels crashes into the corner, Kane comes charging and CLUBS MICHAELS WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! You can hear the impact right the way through the crowd as Michaels is crushed and stumbles right back into the path of the monster who hoists Michaels up and HAMMERS HIM DOWN WITH BACKBREAKER!! Michaels yells out in pain as Kane targets Michaels lower back, rolls him into a cover, 1…2…kick out right before the three count!!

Kane now in the ascendency and he feels that the time may be drawing near to victory as the Big Red Machine decides to head up high!! The crowd are on their feet, anxious to see what goes down here as Kane climbs to the top rope. Michaels is labouring on the mat, a little movement being shown as he tries to get to his knees, Kane steadies himself up high as Michaels slowly is up, turns around, FLYING CLOTHESLINE!! NO!! MICHAELS MEETS IT WITH A BOOT TO THE GUT!! DDT FROM MICHAELS!! A second wind from the Showstopper who has turned the tables completely here, the crowd right behind him!!

Michaels is being urged to cover him but the Heartbreak Kid is too slow and instead HE DECIDES TO HEAD UP HIGH!! The crowd are really abuzz now as Coach is screaming for Kane to get up but the seven footer is slumped to the mat as Michaels sets himself, the Showstopper staring around this buoyant arena before he SOARS THROUGH THE SKY, FLYING ELBOW DROP CONNECTS!! Cover by Michaels, 1…2…3…HE GOT HIM!! NO!!! KANE KICKS OUT AT THE DEATH!!

Michaels is stunned, an emotionless expression on his face as he stares a hole right through the official, he stares right back at Michaels giving him a definitive show of ‘Two’ as Michaels shakes his head. The Heartbreak Kid though doesn’t take long to get back in the saddle as he heads across the ring towards the corner…AND MICHAELS BEGINS TUNING UP THE BAND!! The atmosphere is electric as Michaels pounds his foot off the mat, once…twice…three times, Kane now to his feet, he spins around…NOTHING??! The camera shifts to the ramp where we see ERIC BISCHOFF!!

Bischoff is barking at Shawn to turn around and Michaels has done exactly that. The Raw GM has that smug look on his face as he smiles at his ‘Personal Employee’, Michaels scowls right back, clearly furious his boss is out here to try and stop him winning this match. Michaels asks ‘What are you doing?’ as Bischoff simply says ‘Just watchin’ the match Shawn, just watchin’ the match’ and Michaels delivers another death glare in Bischoff’s direction before Michaels turns around…RIGHT INTO THE PATH OF KANE!! GOOZLE!! CHOKESLAM!! NO!! Michaels fights out of it, down the back of Kane, Kane spins round, SWEET CHIN MUSIC, CONNECTING!! SWEET CHIN MUSIC FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! Cover by Michaels, 1…2…………BISCHOFF’S PULLED THE DAMN REFEREE OUT OF THE RING!!

J.R is going ape shit on commentary, the crowd are going ape shit as the referee and Bischoff argue before Bischoff DECKS THE REFEREE WITH A RIGHT HAND!! Michaels is still covering Kane, not realising what’s gone on before he finally rolls off of the big man and sees what’s gone on ringside, a look of pure frustration on Michaels part here as Bischoff wipes his hands of the referee, waving at Michaels sarcastically saying ‘I’ve got the power to do that Shawn!’ Michaels grits his teeth together, picks himself up before he drops out of the ring, heads to the announce table and MICHAELS GRABS A STEEL CHAIR!! The crowd roar with excitement as Bischoff gulps in despair and Michaels begins to circle the ring, Michaels in pursuit of Eric Bischoff!!

Bischoff is charging around the ring, not wanting Michaels anywhere near him with that weapon, Michaels is right on his tail though as he closes in. Bischoff though decides to hop into the ring, Michaels runs right after him, BAM!! MICHAELS IS CUT OFF BY KANE!! THE BIG RED MACHINE BACK TO HIS FEET AND STRIKES WITH A MASSIVE UPPERCUT!!

Michaels is in no man’s land now as Bischoff begins to deliver that sick smile of his, Kane doing likewise as Kane grabs the STEEL CHAIR!! What has the monster got in mind now?! Bischoff is egging him on here, desperate to see Shawn Michaels punished. Kane looks at the chair as though it was his own son, all set to swing and take Michaels head off…BUT THE CROWD COMES ALIVE AS WE SEE BATISTA STORM DOWN THE RAMP!! BATISTA CHARGING TO THE RING, CHARGING TOWARDS KANE!!

Kane sees him coming and Batista enters, Kane swings the chair but Tista ducks it and SMASHES Kane with a right hand, a fist fight ensuing as Kane and Batista trade rights, these two bulls tearing the holy hell out of each other and it’s the World Champion who is in control, knocking Kane aback before clotheslining him over the top rope and out of the ring but the Animal follows right behind!!

These two going at it with the fans now as Tista jumps over to join his rival where he’s caught by a right hand to the gut!! Kane and Batista going to war right the way across the arena here, tearing each other apart!! This match appears to be well and truly over with!!

Winner: No Contest(16:05)

Jim Ross: BATISTA AND KANE FIGHTING THROUGH THE CROWD!! The World Champion and the Big Red Machine, the Animal and the Monster tearing the hell out of each other, Batista coming to the aid of Shawn Michaels here tonight!!

The Coach: What the hell does Batista think he’s doing?! He’s not a part of this!! Does he want Eric Bischoff involved in his business again cos that’s exactly what he’s gonna get!!

Attention turns back inside the ring where Michaels is now to his knees, desperately trying to crawl to his feet as he simply doesn’t realise that Kane is now gone, dealing with Batista. Michaels then locks eyes with Eric Bischoff who has been watching the two bulls go at it and Bischoff now has a real sense of fear painted all over his face. Bischoff is stood right opposite the Showstopper and the crowd are going absolutely wild as Bischoff realises what he’s now up against!!

Jim Ross: This is it Shawn!! This is your moment!! Give Eric Bischoff a taste of his own medicine!!

The Coach: Don’t do it Shawn!! You’re gonna pay the price!!

Michaels is now to his feet, the crowd are electric as he looks at Bischoff with a real sense of venom before he begins to smile, Michaels knows he’s got Bischoff right where he wants him, Bischoff is already pleading with Michaels not to do anything, holding his arms out as he backtracks slowly across the ring BUT MICHAELS PICKS UP THE STEEL CHAIR!! Michaels has a glint in his eye…but Bischoff now begins to smile?? Bischoff is smiling as Michaels seems to be confused, there’s rumblings in the crowd and Michaels turns around sensing the commotion INTO A THUNDEROUS CHOP ACROSS THE HEAD FROM THE GREAT KHALI!! Khali, Sonjay Dutt, Daivari and their leader Muhammad Hassan are inside the ring and the Entity are all over Shawn Michaels!!


The Coach: I freakin’ love it J.R!! This is what Hassan meant, this is what the Entity meant when they said they were moving on to bigger and better things!! This is what they meant by a new page being turned!! Eric Bischoff has pulled off a masterstroke!!

The assault is continuing as Hassan stomps all over Michaels lifeless body, Dutt and Daivari joining in like a pack of wolves whilst Khali stands there menacingly. Bischoff is barking at Michaels, telling him ‘This is what you get when you cross the boss!!’ as Hassan then orders Daivari to pass him the steel chair!! The crowd are booing mercilessly as Dutt holds Michaels upright, the fans in the arena sense what’s coming here…

Jim Ross: OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO!! Don’t do this!! Michaels is…Shawn Michaels is defenceless!!

BAM!! HASSAN SMASHES THE STEEL CHAIR OFF THE SKULL OF MICHAELS!! There’s silence through the arena as Michaels lay completely fallen and Michaels has been BUSTED OPEN!! Bischoff cracks another devilish smile as Hassan stands tall over HBK and his associates look on at the damage done.

Jim Ross: Damn it to hell. Damn Eric Bischoff and damn these four men. Makes me…IT MAKES ME SICK!!

The Coach: They’re moving up the food chain J.R and I think it’s about damn time!! Hassan and the Entity are gonna get the respect they deserve whether you like it or not.

It appears they aren’t through just yet either as Hassan then points to the top rope, Michaels laying centrally and Sonjay Dutt heads up high, Daivari heading up to the corner adjacent. The two high flyers in the group steady themselves, Michaels is absolutely motionless as Hassan signals for them to make their mark and they don’t waste anytime as DAIVARI FLIES OFF THE TOP AND HAMMERS MICHAELS WITH A FLYING LEG DROP RIGHT ACROSS THE THROAT!! Daivari immediately hops off of the Showstopper, letting out a roar of sheer adrenaline as Hassan then signals to his other high flier, Michaels having no time to recover as DUTT NOW LEAPS OFF THE TOP AND WOW!! 450 SPLASH TO SHAWN MICHAELS!! THE HEARTBREAK KID TASTES A 450 SPLASH AS THE CROWD GASPS AT THE INCREDIBLE MOVE!!

Jim Ross: Enough is enough!! Shawn Michaels has taken enough damn punishment, would somebody stop this?! Does Eric Bischoff have an ounce of decency?!

The Coach: I love it, keep it comin’ boys.

Bischoff is grinning like a Cheshire cat as Dutt picks himself up off of Michaels fallen body, no movement whatsoever from the Showstopper as Hassan showing no remorse immediately drags Michaels up and viciously tosses him RIGHT INTO THE PATH OF THE GREAT KHALI!! The crowd ooooohs instantly as Khali grabs Michaels around the throat, a look of pure venom in his eyes and he lifts Michaels up high before DROPPING MICHAELS WITH THE PUNJABI PLUNGE!!

The Coach: The Punjabi Plunge J.R!! Michaels is facing the consequences tonight and he’s facing ‘em in a big, BIG way!! When’s he gonna learn? Do not…cross…the boss!!

And as soon as Michaels drops to the mat, Hassan is on him like a rabid dog as he LOCKS IN THE CAMEL CLUTCH!! Michaels despite all the punishment is facing even more here as Hassan locks in that devastating move, not letting up as Bischoff yells ‘Punish him!’ with Hassan crying out, the force he’s putting into this move as the rest of the Entity lick their lips at this hellacious assault. The crowd are absolutely stunned as Hassan finally, FINALLY lets up, releasing the grip and simply standing over a fallen, beaten and bloodied Heartbreak Kid tonight.

Jim Ross: As sickening, as disgusting an assault as I have seen in my time here on Monday Night Raw. Tonight was supposed to be the night where the real Shawn Michaels returned, where the Showstopper once again stole the show but it has been ended with the Arabian Entity sinking their claws in at the hands of Eric Bischoff.

We then see all four of the Entity stand in a line over the fallen Showstopper and they raise each other’s hands to absolutely thunderous heat before we see Eric Bischoff standing by applauding the quartet as Monday Night Raw comes to a devastating close.

Jim Ross: Was tonight the first step towards the Entity holding all the power on Monday Night Raw? Is this simply the first statement from these four dangerous, sick individuals? Is Eric Bischoff indeed one step closer to making his vision of Monday Night Raw complete? Thank you for joining us ladies and gentleman, goodnight!!

The final image is the Arabian Entity, hand in hand as we then see a close up shot of a bloody and beaten Shawn Michaels laying at the feet of these four assassins.

Date: September 18th 2005
Venue: Ford Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Current Card:

World Tag Team Championships:

The Dudley Boyz(c) vs The Platform to Perfection

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

JAM's Review

Bischoff to open the show was the right choice since he has the most beef with HBK, which is no doubt your main storyline. Bischoff is really good on the mic and you write for him very well. A little later in the promo, it felt like Bischoff was just whining but in the later half of the promo, things got back on track and ended really strong. I can already tell that this is gonna be a helluva journey for HBK, but he'll somehow find a loophole and get out of this contract in the end. But for now, let the warpath begin.

All the intrigue surrounding this Intercontinental situation is really good to see. I'm just waiting to see when Haas strikes and goes for Benjamin's gold. I'd be really surprised if you didn't have him turn if I'm honest. Pretty good booking that you had Benjamin win the match with one leg so to speak, building on the fact that this happened at Summerslam as well. As for HBK's promo, it was quite good. But first of all, I think Todd said a bit too much, he should just ask the questions instead of giving his own promo, but you do it well so I don't mind it. Anyway, HBK's promo was rather good. Shows that he's ready for whatever Bischoff tries to throw at him and he needs to be ready. Interesting that you've chosen “faith” to be apart of this promo from HBK but it was still really good, some strong words from HBK, nice!

More conflict within this team of Benjamin and Haas, it's been really good. Pull the trigger already! The tag team division is heating up on RAW. That 8 man tag match you had at Summerslam was so chaotic but was still an entertaining match. The duo of Nemeth and Doane go so well together so goodjob with that. The singles contest was pretty good but I had a feeling the perfectionists would pull off something like this. And now the Bashams?! Not too sure about them just lettin' themselves into the match since the perfectionists did win the match at Summerslam. Very bold move for you to give the Bashams some mic time, never seen that before. The nod from the Dudleyz to the Bashams was a nice touch but we all know that when the gold is on the line, these teams will go to war.

The Kane/Batista exchange was a good read. It felt kind of off for a bit when Kane sounded nice for some reason. But it slowly transitioned back to his sadistic side. Batista's part of the promo was good too. That was a good line about an animal beating a monster. I could see these two locking horns in the ring again for the next pay-per-view but that remains to be seen.

Oh man, I was marking out the whole time I was reading this segment. Edge, Christian, and Jericho are 3 of my favorite superstars ever. Having these three man your upper card definitely says something about your roster. Saying that it's stacked because they aren't even going for the gold. It was certainly interesting to see the Edge/Christian confrontation. Christian plays a heel really well and so does Edge so it does make me think what route you'd take. When Jericho came out next, thats when things really picked up, had me glued from start to finish with this segment. Definitely nothing to complain about here. I gotta say that this is my favorite storyline going on so far from you.

Hassan was well-written for here. Even he does the job of hyping up a Charlie Haas heel turn. His group does look rather unstoppable. Pretty interesting that you had him not invoke his rematch. Makes me wonder what's next for these guys. They say they're on to bigger things but hmm. Maybe they are used by Bischoff to torture HBK? That's my guess.

And now it's Kennedy's turn. RAW definitely has a lot of guys that can make it higher up in the card so that gives you a chance to experiment with a few guys. Kennedy has always been good on the mic and it was no different here. This whole 'Game Changer' shtick is pretty entertaining. Oh man, if that was really Hogan, that would've been very shocking. Not really sure I like that the match went three minutes, I think Kennedy would've put him away rather quick. But it is Hogan though so you gotta sneak in some mannerisms so I guess that's a pretty good enough explanation.

Still not sure why you're so high on Jindrak but you have been booking him well. Hell, anyone paired up with William Regal will definitely be good. I like the words that Regal said. I thought it sounded a little like Regal was belittling Jindrak but Regal had some good words to say about Jindrak. You're probably pushing him though because he's someone new and well, it's definitely good to give us some fresh stars in WWE.

Yeah, didn't think the main event was gonna end cleanly. By the looks of things, looks like we'll be getting Batista vs. Kane at Unforgiven which I don't mind at all. And boy, I knew Hassan's stable was gonna be the new muscle for Bischoff. What they did to HBK was pretty brutal and I think it was a bit much. I think they should've just had Hassan make a statement after that chair shot, they should've just let Hassan take over from there. The ending just seemed a bit much but it wasn't bad, was still a good segment and will leave us wanting more for next time.

Overall, the fallout show to Summerslam was quite good. I loved the Christian/Edge/Jericho confrontation just because I'm big fans of all guys. All your midcard feuds advanced but the big thing here is what HBK is in store for. With the Arabian Entity at Bischoff's disposal, I'm sure HBK will be reaping the consequences but I do see him getting some help. One thing I would say is that your rising stars are mostly heels. I was waiting to see some rising star as a face but we didn't exactly get that. Christian, Edge, Jindrak, Hassan, Kennedy are all major players but it seems like you're running out of faces for them to go after so I hope you address that soon. But really, it was an awesome show, I enjoyed it very much

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Right. After Summerslam, you're gonna have to go a long way to outdo yourself but after the majority of your rise so far I'm more than confident that by Survivor Series you'll be twice as good as you are now at this rate

After what happened Bischoff was the only man that would have kicked off the show, so already a great start. If I'm being honest this is one of the best promos I remember seeing you writing, and all of the other awesome memorable ones were also from Bischoff. You know exactly how to write him and that is why I hope he's around for a while because you've made such a good character here with him that is actually so hate-able. The way that he went from calm at times to literally raging and shouting was a great way to just show how he is feeling; two different ways that he is angry. The match between Michaels and Kane for the main event is an awesome choice, so props for that. The best part of this promo though is just the closing line... having the balls to steal a line from Vince McMahon himself just shows how far up his own arse Bischoff is. Great start to the show mate, I'm expecting the rest of it to follow suit.

I liked Shelton being in the first match of the night here after he started off at the PPV. This was always going to be a Benjamin win but you gave Conway a strong showing... I didn't even know he was on the roster if I am being honest Good continuity from Summerslam with Conway going after that ankle that Hassan did the damage to. Benjamin at 100% would have won this match in about two minutes but I did like that you had him struggling to hit those big power moves due to his ankle, but glad the T-Bone finally did find the mark and he carries on his momentum from Summerslam with another victory here.

I really enjoyed this promo from HBK; we're seeing a side to him that could have been long forgotten after everything he has been through. I liked the whole cocky aura he had surrounding him and the way he seemed like he felt untouchable. Bringing in the faith aspect and religion was a really nice touch... but I expect Bischoff to be the total prick he is and target that. Nice to hear from Michaels and a nice way to further this whole thing as well as hyping the main event.

Feels like ages since I saw you request that image in the Graphics Request Thread Looking forward to Unforgiven!

I love how Haas is literally straight into talking about the Tag Team titles he's like a little puppy craving for attention from his master Shelton. Well this is a route that you were obviously going to go down and one that I've seen a few times but I can already see that you are trying to put your own twist on all of this before Haas goes crazy and snaps. I'd like to maybe see you shake things up by making Shelton the heel if these two go at it? Benjamin vs Haas stemming from this kind of situation is quite a common storyline so I'm hoping you put your own stamp on it and differentiate from what's been done before.

I'm glad that PTP are the number one contenders as they really should be the champions to really show how the division has advanced since Wrestlemania. I liked that D-Von was getting the better of Doane for the majority of the match, only for PTP to turn it around using illegal tactics. The aftermath was interesting to me... I think I commented before saying that you've kind of given the Bashams a slow face turn, and from the reaction here it seems that they are a solidified threat to the titles now given their recent surge in popularity. Also the fact that you gave them some MIC TIME? I remember Bashams being the ultimate jobber team after they left JBL so you've done a great job making them and keeping them relevant again. But I can't help but think you'd only have them involved at Unforgiven just to eat the pin fall so PTP and the Dudleyz can face off at Survivor Series. I'm enjoying the Raw Tag Team Division atm so good job

at Maria just being scared of Kane. Really nice interview from the big man; you've improved a lot with Kane on the mic each time I've read something so well done here. I know that Batista isn't the best talker ever but you gave him some good stuff here. The whole thing about animals and monsters was really good. Not sure if you'll have these two go at it again but if it is it should be at Unforgiven and it should be an unforgiving gimmick match.

This segment was like a smark's wet dream. Having these three all arguing over the title really does make it seem like such a huge deal. These are your three true upper midcarders right under Batista, Kane and HBK in the main event and I think that for now only one of them can take the next step up to the top of the card. I know that Edge has MITB but it has to be Christian. Whilst he was talking at the beginning I was eating up every word he was saying. I'm glad that you've now set Christian's eyes on the title as that is the best way to properly alleviate him up the card following the biggest win of his career thus far. Bringing out Edge at this point right after the title was mentioned was also a good way to take this promo. I love how it started out really nice between them and bring polite but then they start talking about the title and things start to get heated. I liked again how Christian tried to goad Edge into cashing in tonight but he wasn't having any of it; it seems that Christian has met his match as far as the mind games go here. When Jericho came out it just felt a little weird how Edge just didn't say anything? I thought it would have been right in Edge's character to take the piss out of Jericho over what happened at Summerslam. But Christian dealing with Jericho was good; you gave Christian an aura of that he feels like he can beat anyone now, which I like. I think I would have preferred a more serious Jericho here as this promo was a really intense one before he got involved. In the aftermath it was nice to see Jericho coming out on top after Summerslam to make him look credible again. I don't see why you had Tomko just run out of the ring instead of try and attack Jericho; I think you should just have Christian ditch him if he's not going to be used more as he added nothing to the Flair feud in my eyes and he pussied out of a fight with Jericho. I'm not sure where you are going with this as Jericho and Edge have some unfinished business whereas Jericho could be the next step up for Christian to make his eventual title win even bigger. Really good segment but there were just some parts I couldn't get my head around.

Interesting move not to have Hassan want the IC Title anymore... I think it works out pretty well as he'd only lose if he went for it again thus denting his credibility once more. Looking forward to seeing what's next for this group

Oh wow... You totally trolled us all here. Here I was thinking that Kennedy was going to be getting the better competition he deserves and he's back to Eugene Hulk Hogan again. I really enjoyed the promo before the match from KK as he ran down his previous opponents. As much as I want him going higher up the card a little feud with Eugene ending up with Kennedy wiping the floor with him at Unforgiven wouldn't go amiss as it does give him something to do and that first PPV win. Although I'd rather he started moving up the card sooner than later, but given that there are a lot of heels above him in the pecking order I can understand why he's dealing with Eugene at the moment.

I actually lol every time you have a William Regal interview with Maria... Willy I can just picture Regal's face screwing up when she says it every time. I did like that Regal basically called Jindrak thick and he just stood there nodding along which heavily reinforces that point from Regal Shelton... look out. If anyone is able to drive the wedge in between Haas and Benjamin it is going to be Regal so I'm looking forward to seeing where this whole thing goes.

Main Event time! The match segment of the match was really well done. Simple enough with Kane dominating HBK only for Shawn to rally back and have the match won only for Bischoff to come out and cost him. I liked that Batista came out to even up the score as I really felt we hadn't seen enough of him in the show given that he's the champion and everything. I was not expecting what happened next though! Great way to bring your greatest heat magnets together with Bischoff hiring the Entity. The beatdown at the end of the match was just brutal with HBK just eating all of those finishers. Really good way to make the Entity look strong after their terrible night at Summerslam This leaves a lot of questions to be asked for next week and I'm looking forward to seeing the state and mood of Michaels next week.

Well done with this one here mate, you fell out of Summerslam looking really good and advanced everything nicely. For some storylines it is clear where you're headed but there is still a lot of guesswork to be done for a number of characters which is always a plus. Onto Smackdown now brah <3
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 26/08/05- Hampton, Virginia

We are five nights removed from a wild and exciting night at Summerslam where a number of Smackdown superstars stole the show while others found things to be a little more frustrating.

One of those men who found Summerslam to be frustrating was the man who challenged for the WWE Championship, Kurt Angle. Angle came up short in his quest for gold, being toppled by John Cena, however it wasn’t without controversy. Cena delivered a devastating FU off the top rope, covering the Wrestling Machine and scoring the three count, only for replays to show Angle’s foot was on the bottom rope. In what was such a huge match on a huge stage, the mistake will have left Angle irate and we have learned that he will kick off Friday Night Smackdown and demand answers as to what went down in Washington. Just what will Angle have to say as we head to Hampton? Will the WWE Champion himself, John Cena have anything to say on the matter? All we do know, is it’s bound to be explosive.

At the opposite end of the scale, Summerslam was a memorable night for Randy Orton as the Legend Killer defeated The Undertaker in impressive fashion. Orton pulled off one of the biggest wins of his career and later in the night made his intentions clear, the WWE Championship is next on his agenda. Will Orton make his first move tonight or will he be stopped in his tracks, perhaps by an angry Phenom?

Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio appear to finally be on the path to figuring out who screwed them at the Bash as they seek another shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles. Tonight on Smackdown, Teddy Long has vowed to call out MNM and demand answers regarding just exactly what transpired all those weeks ago. MNM are sure to deny the allegations but will the General Manager be able to find a break through? Or will Van Dam and Mysterio fall short once again in their quest for redemption?

The United States Title was defended at Summerslam as Matt Hardy defeated Carlito. However, it was the aftermath that left people talking as Carlito viciously assaulted Hardy backstage, clearly furious at having been ousted by the champion. Due to that attack Matt Hardy will NOT be on hand for Smackdown tonight but we know Carlito will be. Will the Apple Spitter have anything to say about his actions this past Sunday or is it simply all about the gold for Smackdown’s ‘Coolest’ superstar?

Bobby Lashley picked up the biggest win of his career thus far Sunday night, defeating JBL in a smash mouth contest. Lashley has dominated since coming to Friday nights and will be in action once more this evening. Will Lashley’s hot streak continue? Or will he finally be put in his place, perhaps by the ‘Wrestling God’ himself, John Bradshaw Layfield?

Also confirmed for tonight, the Cruiserweight Champion will be in action as Gregory Helms faces Brian Kendrick. Helms has requested this match in order to prove to Paul London that all the back up he can find will result in nothing as he looks to topple Helms and his acquaintance, Chavo Guerrero. Plus, Booker T will be in action as he takes on Chris Masters in a battle between two men both coming out of recent rivalries and both looking to step up the ladder on Friday nights once again.

Confirmed for Smackdown:

Kurt Angle will kick off the show!

Gregory Helms vs Brian Kendrick

Booker T vs Chris Masters

Teddy Long will call out MNM


Bobby Lashley will be in action

Appearances from Randy Orton and WWE Champion John Cena!!

Thanks for the Raw feedback chaps, much appreciated. Hopefully this is up soon enough. Until then, peace!
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 26/8/05- Hampton, Virginia

The show kicks off with the usual opening video package before the pyro hits and we see the arena abuzz as we go to our commentary duo.

Michael Cole: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Friday Night Smackdown, I’m Michael Cole joined as ever ringside by Tazz and we are still reeling from the effects of a momentous night at Summerslam just five nights ago.

Tazz: Summerslam was off the charts Cole and tonight the fallout begins baby. We had it all in Washington, our nation’s capital and I got a feelin’, these folks in Virginia are gonna be in for a blockbuster as well right here tonight.


And we don’t have to wait long for our first arrival of the evening as out comes the Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle looking less than impressed as the crowd greets his arrival with a chorus of boos. Angle grits his teeth, marching intently down to the ring, set to address the audience.

Michael Cole: Well blockbuster may be the right word Tazz because we are kicking things off with the man who fell just short in his quest to capture the WWE Championship at Summserslam. However there was no doubt it was in controversial fashion and I’m guessing Kurt Angle’s out here tonight to get straight down to business.

Tazz: Ain’t no doubt about it Cole. Angle and John Cena put on a hell of a match at Summerslam and it was the champ who came out victorious but I know Kurt Angle’s gonna be hurtin’ inside tonight. Angle took that FU right off the top rope and yet he still had the wherewithal to get his foot on the bottom rope. The referee never saw it and whether ya like it or not, Kurt Angle deserves another shot at the WWE Championship.

Angle now has a microphone in hand, that angered look on his face as he has one hand on his hips, taking in the boos from the crowd before beginning to speak.

Kurt Angle: Y’know, every time I walk down that ramp you people seem to boo me.

More boos as Angle laughs.

Kurt Angle: You people boo me and…and for what reason? I mean, let’s look at the facts. At Summerslam I pushed John Cena further than he’s been pushed before, I was this close(uses his fingers making a small gap) to becoming WWE Champion before I was ROBBED of that opportunity. I was robbed by a referee who simply couldn’t do his job. My foot was on the bottom rope and he counted one…two…three.

Some strong cheers in there as Angle smirks.

Kurt Angle: There…there we go again. You people cheer that, I mean, really? You people cheer a referee making a BLATANT mistake, you cheer John Cena for CHEATING…to beat me and what…what do I get? I…I get booed? I get booed for stepping inside this ring, putting on a FREAKIN’ SHOW AND BEING SCREWED OUT OF THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!! THAT’S WHAT I GET BOOED FOR, ARE YOU…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?

Massive heat for this as Angle is all fired up tonight.

Kurt Angle: I should be the one you people cheer for. I should be the one you people have sympathy for. I should be standing here AS THE WWE CHAMPION!! But instead…ha…instead John Cena is the one you cheer for.

Angle shakes his head as right on cue, the crowd cheers.

Kurt Angle: He’s the one you cheer for, he’s the one you show sympathy towards whenever something goes against him. He’s the one…who holds the WWE Championship and y’know what? IT MAKES ME SICK!!

Angle gets all worked up again here as the crowd are really rattling him.

Kurt Angle: But despite all that, despite everything I just said about John Cena, going into last night I actually…I actually had a little respect for him, I did honestly. I had a little respect for him because FINALLY he did what a champion should do and he stood up to a challenge, he stood up to me and he was ready to take me on last night. After all the hiding, after all the backing down, after everything, he finally agreed to go one on one with me, face to face with me inside this ring and for that? For that, I respected John Cena.

Angle nods, calmed down a touch from beforehand now.

Kurt Angle: But coming out here tonight in front of all you people, I have got no problem in saying, that respect I had for John Cena, that respect he earned from me? I lost ALL of it after what he did at Summerslam. Cos let me tell you something, John Cena knew EXACTLY what happened at Summerslam. When he hit that FU off the top rope and I heard the referee begin the count, I knew exactly where I was inside this ring and instinctively I put my foot on the bottom rope.

Angle nods along, very convinced in his words there.

Kurt Angle: The referee though, he keeps on counting, he doesn’t see it, he doesn’t know what’s going on but John Cena? John Cena saw it, he saw every inch of it and yet…he took that victory and got as far away from that ring as he could, as fast as he could. He took it, he ran with and HE EVEN HAD THE NERVE…he even had the nerve…to celebrate it.

Angle is clearly pissed here as the crowd begin a small but growing ‘CENA’ chant.

Kurt Angle: But I’m out here tonight, despite everything that’s gone on, I’m out here to give John Cena…a second chance. I’m out here to give John Cena the opportunity to come out here and put this whole thing right. All you’ve gotta do is come on down to this ring Cena, apologise for what happened Sunday night and give me…give me the rematch that you KNOW…I deserve.

Angle seems very sure of his words here.

Kurt Angle: So Cena, now’s your chance, now’s your opportunity to come on out here and earn my respect again. What’s it gonna be?

Angle folds his arms now, awaiting the arrival of ‘The Champ’.


Still nothing and Angle seems to be losing his temper a little bit now.

Kurt Angle: I said…WHAT’S IT GON…


‘Burn in my Light’

Well it is not John Cena making his way down to the ring, it is Randy Orton!! The Legend Killer heads down the ramp, an emotionless look on his face as he eyes up Angle with the Wrestling Machine not looking best pleased to see the former World Champion.

Michael Cole: Well that is not John Cena and the look on Kurt Angle’s face says it all. That is indeed the Legend Killer, the man who defeated The Undertaker at Summerslam, Randy Orton and Tazz we heard from Orton at Summerslam with him believing that it should be him who’s next in line for a shot at John Cena and the WWE Championship.

Tazz: Hey Orton’s got every right to throw his name into the hat Cole. Randy Orton did exactly what he said he was gonna do last night. He went out there and he took it BIG TIME to the Deadman and he scored a huge victory. Orton’s got a damn good claim towards a title shot. Trouble for him is, Angle’s got one too.

Orton grabs a mic, not taking his eyes off of Angle however with the Wrestling Machine looking pissed at the Legend Killer for interrupting him here.

Randy Orton: Kurt I made my view very, very clear on this whole thing after your match at Summerslam. But incase you didn’t hear, I’m gonna repeat myself just…just so you can get it well and truly into your head. At Summerslam I defeated…The Undertaker.

Orton smirks as the crowd lets out a loud boo at that statement.

Randy Orton: I did exactly what I promised I would do and now? Now he’s gone. It’s the same old story with him, every time he loses, every time he’s embarrassed, he runs away, he goes and hides and he doesn’t come back until it suits him, until he’s got his pride back. Well this time? This time I think…wait, wait…this time I know that his pride is so hurt, he may not come back…at all.

Even stronger boos this time around for the Legend Killer.

Kurt Angle: Look I don’t give a damn what you did last night Orton. You may’ve defe…

Randy Orton: Oh but Kurt you should, you really should give a damn because at Summerslam I WON my match. I defeated one of the biggest legends there’s ever been in this business and I did it WITH EASE!! You? All you did at Summerslam was LOSE. Kurt, you may not give a damn about me but I certainly don’t give a DAMN about you and your whining, your complaining. Face the facts, at Summerslam you just couldn’t get the job done. Foot on the rope or not, you lost and I…won.

Kurt Angle: I DID NOT LOSE!! I was SCREWED at Summerslam, YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!? SCREWED!!

Angle calms down now, Orton not batting an eyelid here as he and Angle stare off against one another.

Kurt Angle: Now unless you’re out here to give me what I deserve, I suggest you leave…before I make you.

Oooooh, the tension has risen in the arena here, some of the crowd on their feet now as Angle and Orton are on the verge of coming to blows.

Randy Orton: Well I don’t plan on going anywhere because the way I see it…I should be next in line to face John Cena…not you. So uh…I guess...I guess that means…you’re gonna have to make me.

Orton now drops his mic and takes his T-Shirt off, getting in Angle’s face!! The crowd are abuzz despite these two being heels as Orton and Angle are set to come to blows and Angle tosses his mic away also, he’s not backing down!!


Tazz: Angle’s at boiling point Cole!! Orton ain’t backin’ down!!


But the two men soon turn their attentions to the titantron as we hear the voice and then see the sight of the Smackdown GM as Teddy Long appears in his office to try and sort this puzzle out. Orton and Angle aren’t looking best pleased to see the man in charge however as Orton stands hands on hips, Angle arms folded.

Teddy Long: Kurt, Randy, listen here playas. Now I know the two o’ you both want a shot at the W-W-E Championship and after what went down at Summerslam, I gotta admit, ya deserve it.

Long nods reluctantly as Angle says ‘Yeah’, Orton raising his eyebrows.

Teddy Long: Randy you right dawg, you DID beat The Undertaker at Summerslam, I gotta hand it to ya and Kurt? The referee DID make a mistake at Summerslam so ya know what? I think I know exactly how we gonn’ settle it. Tonight right here inside that very ring, we’re goin’ to have ourselves a BLOCKBUSTER main event. We are goin’ to see the Legend Killer, Randy Orton one on one with the Wrestlin’ Machine, Kurt Angle!!

A surprisingly strong pop for that announcement as Orton and Angle stare down one another, a menacing look on Angle’s face, a cold, calculated one on Orton’s.

Teddy Long: And the winner of that match will go on to face John Cena for the WWE Championship next week RIGHT HERE ON SMACKDOWN!!

HUGE pop for that as Angle now seems to be ready and raring to go, a smirk coming across Orton’s face too.

Teddy Long: Holla Holla!!

And with that Teddy Long disappears off the tron and there’s real tension once more as Orton and Angle stare off inside the ring, a fierce look of determination on both their faces as we now have huge match now in store right here tonight.

Michael Cole: WOW!! A huge match all set for our main event tonight!! Kurt Angle one on one with Randy Orton and the winner will face John Cena NEXT WEEK for the WWE Championship!!

Tazz: Teddy Long’s pulled it outta the bag Cole!! Orton and Angle right here tonight, we’re gonna see who the true number one contender really is baby and I can’t wait!! This is what Smackdown is all about!!

Michael Cole: Indeed a major main event, who will head to Friday Night Smackdown next week as the number one contender to the WWE Title? We will find out right…here…tonight. Orton and Angle on Friday…Night…Smackdown!!

Angle and Orton exchange words, we’re unable to pick up on them but it appears Angle mouths ‘I’ll put you in your place tonight’, a claim which Orton simply laughs off before exiting the ring, although not for one second taking his eyes off of the Olympic Gold Medalist.


We return from the break and we immediately hear this music…

‘Hell Will Be Callin’ Your Name’

And it’s a strong pop that greets the music of the ‘Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley who storms out onto the stage, all set for action here tonight.

Michael Cole: Welcome back ladies and gentleman to Friday Night Smackdown and still to come tonight, a huge main event, Kurt Angle one on one with Randy Orton where the winner will go on to face John Cena for the WWE Championship next week. But right now we are all set for our first action of the night and a man who scored perhaps the biggest victory of his young career at Summerslam, Bobby Lashley!

Tazz: No doubt Cole. Lashley scored a huge win, knocking off JBL at Summerslam, that’s a former WWE Champion right there and Lashley put on a hell of a show. There ain’t no doubt that Lashley’s really makin’ his presence felt on Friday nights.

Lashley steps through the ropes, bobbing up and down inside the ring as he awaits his opponent…

‘Man Beast’

And there’s a ripple of heat from the crowd as out steps a man who will no doubt be a challenge for Lashley here tonight, the Man Beast himself, Rhyno.

Michael Cole: Well there’s no doubting Bobby Lashley is on the rise here on Friday nights but tonight is a real test for him as he comes up against a man who is no stranger to a tough battle, to an obstacle he needs to overcome in Rhyno. The Man Beast has had a real attitude change since coming to Smackdown and a win tonight for Rhyno would no doubt see him looking perhaps towards the United States Championship.

Tazz: I know that Rhyno’s desperate to challenge for gold around here and I don’t think you’re wrong when you say he’s lookin’ at the United States Title right now. A win here tonight would certainly be a huge one for the Man Beast but it ain’t gonna be easy against a dude like Lashley.

Match One: Singles Match

Bobby Lashley vs Rhyno

Rhyno took the early initiative here, perhaps showing his experience as he allows Lashley to charge at him like a loose cannon, Rhyno sidestepping him and immediately going to work with right hands to the ribs and kidneys of B-Lash. The Man Beast continues the pressure as he drives his knees into Lashley’s gut, forcing the big man into the ropes before a big Irish whip from the former ECW star, Lashley rebounds and Rhyno swings, misses!! Lashley runs through, rebounds off the ropes and SMASHES Rhyno down with a flying shoulder block!!

The fans pop big time as Lashley turns the tables and now he gains control, drawing Rhyno to his feet and now he’s the one to unload with right hands, Rhyno having no reply to them. Irish whip this time from Lashley as Rhyno rebounds right into Lashley’s path, boot to the mid section and Lashley scoops Rhyno up high with EASE!! Lashley panders to the crowd, Rhyno up high in the sky before HAMMERING him down with a delayed vertical suplex!! Lashley cruising now, cover, 1…2…kick out at two from Rhyno!!

Lashley has a moment’s frustration before drawing himself up, bringing Rhyno with him before he nails the Man Beast with a stiff forearm before tossing Rhyno into the corner. Lashley however decides to head in the opposite direction, it looks like he’s gonna build up some steam here!! Lashley heads into the corner, Rhyno is poised, the big man charges, running shoulder from Lashley BUT RHYNO GETS OUT OF DODGE AND LASHLEY GOES SHOULDER FIRST THROUGH THE ROPES AND INTO THE RING POST!! There’s a loud ‘oooooh’ from the crowd as Lashley grimaces in pain, his shoulder smashing into steel and Rhyno taking his chance at a small breather here.

Lashley begins to slide away from the corner and eventually slumps down in the corner, Rhyno now somewhat fresher heads over to the fallen powerhouse and Rhyno now goes to work, stomping the hell out of Lashley, his chest, his stomach, the back of his neck as Lashley has no answer for this vicious display from the War Machine with the crowd booing Rhyno’s ruthless approach. Rhyno then drags Lashley up, smashing him with a right hand that sends Lashley into the corner once again and Rhyno now goes to town with a string of fast paced rights, really picking Lashley apart.

Irish whip once more from Rhyno and Lashley thunders off the opposite corner, right back into Rhyno’s path, boot to the gut and Rhyno uses every ounce of power to scoop Lashley up high!! Impressive stuff but Lashley wriggles down the back of Rhyno, he’s broken the hold and Rhyno spins round, clothesline from Lashley, NO!! Rhyno dodges it and runs the ropes, GORE ATTEMPT!! SIDESTEPPED!! Rhyno rebounds off the ropes and Lashley catches him, BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!! Beautiful stuff from Bobby Lashley!!

The crowd are on their feet now as Lashley begins to feel it, he’s ready to finish this thing off as Rhyno begins to surface, albeit very gingerly, not knowing that Lashley is awaiting him. Rhyno finally rises, slowly turning right into Lashley’s path and the big man scoops him up high…DOMINATOR CONNECTS!! Cover by Lashley, 1…2…3…another impressive victory for the ‘Real Deal’.

Winner: Bobby Lashley(7:26)

Michael Cole: Once again an impressive display from Bobby Lashley! Rhyno gave him a heck of a test right here tonight but Lashley once more living up this label of the ‘Real Deal’.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Bobby Lashley’s taken on every and anybody since comin’ to Friday nights and I don’t know who’s gonna stand up to him next but I do know, they ain’t gonna have it ea…


Tazz stops talking immediately as he, along with everybody is surprised to hear the music of the man Lashley defeated at Summerslam, John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL’s trademark white limousine pulls out before JBL appears, suited and booted with a dead serious look on his face as he eyes up a curious Lashley inside the ring.

Michael Cole: Well this was not what we were expecting folks. JBL was defeated five nights ago by that man in your picture Bobby Lashley and I…I don’t quite know what the Wall Street Warrior has up his sleeve here for Lashley.

Tazz: I ain’t got no clue Cole. JBL’s a former WWE Champion, that loss at Summerslam will no doubt have hurt the Wrestlin’ God but I don’t know what this is gonna do for him, I really don’t.

JBL simply stands by his limo, mic in hand as he awaits his music dying down.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Bobby, congratulations kid. Mighty fine victory again right there just like…just like you had at Summerslam…when you beat me.

There’s a small pop at that as Lashley nods his head.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And that…that’s exactly what happened at Summerslam isn’t it? You…beat…me. I ain’t gonna stand here and deny it, the record books will tell the story. At Summerslam Bobby Lashley defeated J…B…L. Y’know how that makes me feel kid? Do ya?

Layfield now has a chuckle to himself.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It makes me feel downright sick…to the bottom of my stomach.

Bradshaw isn’t losing his cool here, simply delivering a cold, stern response.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Look at ya. You stand there at over six feet tall, two hundred seventy plus pounds, built like King freakin’ Kong. You’re young, you’re athletic, you’re powerful but despite all of that, damn it to hell you are NOT…in my league.

Strong boos for that statement as Lashley shrugs them off.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You never were and you never will be but the facts are, you put me away one, two, three in the middle of that ring Sunday night and y’know what? I feel…I feel embarrassed by that. A guy like you managing to beat a guy like me, that ain’t…that ain’t right but make no mistake about it, you didn’t…you didn’t beat me because you’re better than me. HELL NO! You beat me…because I wasn’t on my guard, because I wasn’t on my game and truth be told Bobby, I haven’t been on my guard, I haven’t been on my game since right the way back at Wrestlemania and this? This was quite frankly…the final straw.

Bradshaw shakes his head now, the crowd unsure what to make of this whole scenario.

John Bradshaw Layfield: So with that in mind, I came out here tonight to get a little something off my chest so if you people wouldn’t mind…a little bit of respect while I make this announcement please.

This only draws a loud chorus of boos as JBL scowls at one side of the crowd with that trademark look of his.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Tonight I come here to announce that this…(Layfield huffs), this breaks my heart to say but tonight…will be my final night on Smackdown.

WHAT?!? The pop is through the roof as JBL announces he’s quitting!! Bobby Lashley even looks surprised in the ring as JBL lowers his head for a second.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I realised after Sunday night that I can no longer step inside that ring and be embarrassed BY PEOPLE LIKE HIM!!

Camera shows a shot of Lashley who motions for JBL to come down to the ring.

John Bradshaw Layfield: So go right ahead, cheer that I’m quitting, cheer that I’m gonna be gone from your television screens BUT IT IS YOUR LOSS, NOT MINE!! I am the one, the only…WRESTLINGGGGGGGGG GAWWWWWWWWWWWWD and without me THIS SHOW IS GONNA FALL TO PIECES!! So you can thank…ha ha…you can thank that man standing inside the ring. You can thank Bobby Lashley because HE is the one that’s drove me out, HE is reason I’m gone, HE is the reason you people will no longer see Wall Street’s finest and HE is the reason why this show is gonna crumble…to… the ground.

JBL points a finger in Lashley’s direction as Lashley scoffs at his claims, still desperate for Bradshaw to come down to the ring and fight him.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Bobby you might stand there with that smug look on your face kid and my warnin’ to ya is this, enjoy it. Enjoy it while it lasts cos I gurandamntee you, it ain’t gonna be long until someone wipes that look from off your face and gives you the ass kickin’…you deserve. I’ll see ya around kid and hey, good luck to ya cos believe me...you’re gonna need it.

And with that Layfield tips his hat to Lashley and to both sides of the arena, his music now playing as he steps back inside his white limo having shockingly quit Smackdown here tonight. We then get a look on Lashley’s face who is snarling almost, clearly wanting another piece of the Wall Street Warrior here tonight.

Michael Cole: Wow. JBL, the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown HISTORY has…has quit here tonight!! I’m in shock Tazz. Bobby Lashley has driven JBL out of Friday Night Smackdown!!

Tazz: I’m in shock Cole. JBL’s one of the greatest superstars in Smackdown history and he’s just walkin’ away!! Bobby Lashley beatin’ him at Summerslam was just the final nail in the coffin for Bradshaw. All these defeats Cole, they’ve just taken their toll on the Wrestlin’ God. I didn’t think I’d see the day.

Michael Cole: Well it’s no secret that since Wrestlemania things haven’t gone the right way for JBL but him quitting? Folks we never anticipated this. A shocking night already and we’ve still so much more to come!!
With that we head backstage following a final shot of JBL’s limo heading out and a look of an intense, fired up Bobby Lashley inside the ring. We head to the back where we see Josh Matthews who is standing by giddily waiting to speak to us.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time, the WWE Champion, John Cena!!

Cena appears into shot to a very loud pop with the champion cutting a wry smile before locking eyes with Matthews.

Josh Matthews: John at Summerslam you successfully defended your WWE title in a controversial match against Kurt Angle. What are your thoughts on Kurt Angle claiming he ‘deserves’ a rematch after what took place five nights ago?

John Cena: Y’know I heard exactly what Kurt Angle had to say earlier on out there tonight and it might surprise you Josh but I do have a little sympathy with him. At Summerslam Kurt pushed me all the way, he took me to another level and when I finally thought I’d put him away, I see a replay and I see that his foot…was on the bottom rope.

Cena shrugs his shoulders at that.

John Cena: For that and for that alone, I got a little sympathy with Kurt. Bad calls happen to the best of us and it don’t sit well with anybody, me included. But I take a whole lot of exception to a lot of other things Kurt Angle said out there tonight. He claimed that…that I knew what happened Sunday night, that I knew his foot was on the bottom rope, that I knew and that I took it and I…I ran away?

Cena now has a confused look on his face.

John Cena: Well Kurt Angle clearly doesn’t understand what I’m all about. I wanna win each and every single time I step in the ring but Josh… I wanna win the right way. If I’d have known Kurt’s foot was on the bottom rope, the first thing I would’ve done is let the referee know because make no mistake about it, foot on the rope or not, I STILL would’ve walked outta Washington D.C as the WWE Champion.

Cena looks at his title with pride, the crowd responding well to that comment.

John Cena: I don’t want people to have any doubts about me as a man and I don’t want people to have any doubts about me as a champion. That’s why tonight if Kurt Angle does beat Randy Orton, you’d better believe that I cannot WAIT…to step in that ring with him again next week and I cannot WAIT…to shut his mouth once and for all.

Again a nice pop meets Cena’s intense comments.

John Cena: But…that’s if Kurt wins tonight. If Kurt loses, if he’s beaten tonight then next week right here on Smackdown I’ll be puttin’ my title on the line against a guy who I actually gotta give a lotta credit to. Against a guy who took The Undertaker to his limit at Wrestlemania, who has BEAT The Undertaker twice since then and a guy who has made it crystal clear he wants this title and he ain’t gonna stop until he gets it. I’m talkin’... about Randy Orton.

A small pop greets Orton’s name but it’s mainly a hell of a lot of boos.

John Cena: Me and Randy have had our differences since he came to Smackdown. We battled at the Bash and we’ll do battle again, I got no doubt about it. Be it next week, be it a month from now, be it a whole year from now, me and Randy Orton will come to blows and when that happens? When that happens I’m gonna show that no matter how many legends he’s killed, he ain’t got what it takes to put me down, he ain’t got what it takes to kill me off and he ain’t got what it takes…to take this championship away from me.

Cena looks at his title once more with a real sense of pride, the crowd cheering for the champion as the interview ends with an intense look on Cena’s face.

We return and go straight into a video package…

We see a dark room with a simple spotlight as some end of the world esque, dark music plays and into that spotlight steps Randy Orton.

Narrator: There are those who show no respect.

Orton stands in the spotlight and smirks before we then cut to footage from Summerslam where Orton hammers The Undertaker with a deadly RKO counter to the chokeslam.

We go again back to that spotlight where this time stands Rob Van Dam who plays with his hands as if warming up for battle, a fierce look on his face.

Narrator: There are those who have no regrets.

We see action of Van Dam following MNM backstage before we see footage from The Great American Bash of Van Dam kicking Joey Mercury’s head off before a shot of Van Dam exhausted having laid it all on the line.

We once more go back to the spotlight, the same eerie music playing but it’s slowly picking up pace as into the light comes Carlito, apple in hand as he tosses it up and down.

Narrator: There are those who show no class.

Footage from Summerslam where Carlito ambushed Matt Hardy backstage is shown before we see Lito’s trademark as he spits apple into the face of Hardy, a wry smile on his face after doing so.

Again we go back to the spotlight, this time there stands the WWE Champion himself, John Cena who proudly points down at the title around his waist.

Narrator: There are those who show no fear.

We then see shots of Cena tearing into John Bradshaw Layfield in their bloody Last Man Standing match at Judgment Day before we see more action from Cena defending his title at the Bash against Layfield, Angle and Orton before a final image of Cena holding his title up high

Narrator: And then there are those who show…No Mercy.

And with that we get a shot of a roaring Kurt Angle appear into the spotlight before footage of Angle putting Shawn Michaels in the Ankle Lock before more victims falling at the hands of Angle’s ruthless streak including John Cena, Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam as the dark music really kicks into gear before slowly dying down again and we get flashing images of Angle, Cena, Carlito, Van Dam and finally Randy Orton before a dramatic, sudden stop to the music

Friday Night Smackdown Presents: WWE No Mercy, October 9th 2005, Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

‘Sliced Bread’

We return to Friday Night Smackdown to hear the music of Brian Kendrick as he storms out on stage to a warm welcome with Paul London following right behind him.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and it’s a big opportunity for this man tonight folks. Brian Kendrick has…well he’s sort of come to the aid in recent weeks of Paul London. London was screwed back at the Bash with Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero joining forces and Helms taking the Cruiserweight Championship. With the numbers game against him, Kendrick has stood alongside London and tonight he gets a shot at the Cruiserweight Champion. A win may even see Kendrick catapulted into title contention.

Tazz: No doubt about it. This thing’s got real heated, real quick and Brian Kendrick’s become a part of that. Paul London hasn’t got that rightful rematch yet but with Kendrick now evening the odds, I can’t see it bein’ too long before he gets it. Kendrick knows though that tonight’s a chance for him to show exactly what he’s all about.

‘Listen, it’s Time’

And there are immediate boos as the music of Gregory Helms hits and out steps the ever arrogant Cruiserweight Champion alongside his partner in crime, Chavo Guerrero, the boos being hurled their way.

Michael Cole: These two men have been seemingly unstoppable since joining sides at the Bash. Chavo Guerrero brainwashed The Hurricane to turn into, to become Gregory Helms and their rise has been immediate. With the odds now evened, do you believe this partnership will start to show weakness Tazz? Will Helms and Chavo continue to reign supreme here on Friday nights?

Tazz: They got the talent to do it Cole, they got the brains to do it Cole but one thing Kendrick and London have got…is the heart. They want payback, Paul London wants his title back and it’s all on Helms and Chavo to stop these two from makin’ that happen.

Match Two: Singles Match

Gregory Helms w/Chavo Guerrero vs Brian Kendrick w/Paul London

Helms starts this one off as cocky as ever, strutting around the ring like he owns the place as Kendrick eyes him up eagerly. The two men eventually lock up but Kendrick surprises Helms and takes him down with a beautiful arm drag from out of nowhere!! Helms is quickly up to his feet, perhaps a little surprised by that and he storms at Kendrick once more but he’s taken down again with a perfectly timed arm drag, Kendrick rolling in the early stages!!

Kendrick keeps up the pressure on Helms, scoring with a few beautiful takedowns including a text book snapmare, followed by a beautiful dropkick as Kendrick goes for the first cover of the contest, 1…2…kick out at two from the Cruiserweight Champion as we see a concerned look on the face of Chavo Guerrero at ringside. Kendrick decides early doors that he’s gonna head up top, perhaps looking to put Helms away ASAP. Kendrick steadies himself as Helms returns to his feet, he spins round and we see KENDRICK SOAR THROUGH THE SKY but Helms connects with a boot to the gut before dropping Kendrick with a neckbreaker!! Kendrick’s neck swings back with real impact as Paul London grimaces on the outside and Helms scrambles into a cover of his own, 1…2…kick out at two from Kendrick!!

Helms now assumes full control, picking apart Kendrick in his usual demeanour as he ruthlessly stomps all across Kendrick’s chest before dropping an elbow right onto Kendrick’s ribs as we again see Helms’ rival Paul London on the outside, this time encouraging Kendrick to keep in this thing. Helms takes notice of this and tells London to shut his mouth which draws some strong heat from the crowd, Helms laughing at their disapproval before setting his sights back on Kendrick.

Helms then locks Kendrick into a sleeper hold as he continues looking at keeping the high flyer grounded, wearing him down in the process as Chavo gently applauds his partner’s good work. Kendrick’s facial expressions tell the story as he looks in terrible trouble for breath, Helms wrenching the hold in as the referee begins to see if the end is in sight. Kendrick slowly starts to fade, Paul London willing him on, the crowd getting behind him also but the referee raises Kendrick’s arm up high…and it drops. Phase one complete for Helms here as he cinches it in that bit tighter. The referee grabs Kendrick’s arm again, lifts it up high and it drops for a second time!! Kendrick in deep trouble now as Helms yells ‘C’mon’, Chavo licking his lips ringside, sensing the end is near as the referee raises Kendrick’s arm a third and final time and…HE HOLDS ON!! Kendrick shows some fight as the crowd rally around him and Kendrick begins to dig deep, London egging him on from ringside as Kendrick smashes Helms with elbows to the gut, winding the champion and he finally breaks the hold!!

Kendrick is freed and Helms spins round, boot to the gut from Kendrick before an explosive right hand, fast and hard repeated right hands from Kendrick here before a big Irish whip, Helms though hangs on to the ropes, Kendrick comes charging but Helms scoops him up and over…before Helms pleads with the referee for a time out AND CHAVO PULLS KENDRICK DOWN AS HE FALLS FACE FIRST ONTO THE APRON AND DROPs DOWN TO RINGSIDE!! The crowd booing the shit out of Chavo here as he holds his hands out acting innoncently and Helms unsurprisingly stops pleading with the referee, turning his attentions back to Kendrick…BUT PAUL LONDON COMES STEAMING ROUND RINGSIDE AND HE’S IN HOT PURSUIT OF CHAVO GUERRERO!!

London storms around the ring and Chavo sees him coming, the Mexican Warrior runs as fast he can the opposite way to London. It’s a game of cat and mouse as Helms however has dropped out of the ring and dragged Kendrick up. Helms tosses Kendrick back inside the ring as fast as he can, aware of the situation brewing around him before we see LONDON CLUBS CHAVO FROM BEHIND AND PAUL LONDON IS NOW UNLOADING ON CHAVO AT RINGSIDE!! The crowd are going wild as London hammers away…but inside the ring Helms turns Kendrick over into a cover!! 1…2…3…NO!! KENDRICK KICKS OUT TO MORE RAUCOUS APPLAUSE!!

Helms is pissed again here, pounding the mat in anger before he demands answers from the referee. The official is giving him nothing though, simply stating it was two before we see more of Paul London really laying into Chavo. Helms however now sees what’s going on out the corner of his eye and heads towards the ropes, Helms yells’ HEY!’ at London with the former champion immediately leaving Chavo and taking to a war of words with his bitter rival. Helms tells London to ‘GETCHA HANDS OFF MY PARTNER’ with London delivering a boot for good measure before saying ‘What are you gonna do about it huh?’ Helms simply scoffs at London’s response before spinning round and heading back to Kendrick, Helms goes to drag Kendrick up, looking to finish him off for good he…INSIDE CRADLE!! 1…2…3…KENDRICK GOT HIM!! KENDRICK CATCHES HELMS FROM NOWHERE FOR THE VICTORY!! THE CROWD HAS EXPLODED!!

Winner: Brian Kendrick(8:51)

Michael Cole

Tazz: You gotta be kiddin’ me?!? Helms’ war of words with Paul London just cost him!! The odds really are even Cole!! Helms and Chavo getting a taste of their own medicine here tonight!! HUGE win for Brian Kendrick!!

The look of horror on Gregory Helms face says it all as here as he sits up in the ring, disbelief that he’s lost here with his partner Chavo still recovering on the outside. London and Kendrick celebrate back up the ramp, London giving a little wink in Helms direction having really gotten one over on his rival tonight, allowing his partner in crime Brian Kendrick to score a real upset victory over the Cruiserweight Champion.

Michael Cole: The look on Gregory Helms face says it all!! Tonight the Cruiserweight Champion, the Mexican Warrior, they have well and truly been outdone by these…these Hooligans Tazz!!

Tazz: Cole that ain’t a bad name for these two, they’ve caused Helms and Chavo all kinds of trouble tonight and maybe that Cruiserweight title, maybe this partnership really is in danger, somethin’ I never expected to say.
We cut away with one final shot of a now SEETHING Gregory Helms who is pounding the mat in frustration, stunned that Kendrick pulled it off tonight as Chavo is now sitting up on the outside, looking in at Helms, realising what’s happened and we head off backstage where we join Miss Kristal Marshall for the first time this evening.

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest, he is the ‘Coolest’ superstar on Friday nights, he is…Carlito.

Lito appears into shot, tossing his trusty apple up and down with a smirk on his face as he stares willingly at Kristal, the interviewer looking a little uneasy.

Kristal Marshall: Carlito, Sunday night at Summerslam you were beaten by Matt Hardy with the United States Title on the line. Following that match you went on to brutally assault Matt Hardy backstage leaving Matt with a potential serious injury and left unable to attend tonight’s show. I think the question on everybody’s lips Carlito…is why?

Carlito’s eyes light up once hearing that Hardy isn’t here tonight before replying.

Carlito: Ju know Kristal, ju’re a hell of a lot better looking than dat Josh guy BUT…ju’re just as stupid aren’t you?

Kristal did look pleasantly surprised before looking disgusted with the second part of Lito’s answer.

Carlito: Carlito…Carlito thought he made it very clear at Summerslam just why Matt Hardy got a beating handed to him. See Matt, he DID beat me at Summerslam, he did but Kristal dat was more luck than judgement, dat wasn’t because Matt was better than Carlito, no, no, no. He kept his title Sunday night because Carlito took his eye off the ball, because Carlito…Carlito holds his hands up, Carlito underestimated Matt Hardy.

Carlito nods, the smile now gone as he tosses his apple again, staring at the floor before turning his attention once more to the lovely Kristal.

Carlito: So what ju saw when Carlito attacked Matt Hardy after the match was simply Carlito sending a message. Dat message was crystal, ha ha, ju see what Carlito did there? Crystal, Kristal?

Kristal looks unimpressed.

Carlito: No? Well like Carlito said, dat message was crystal clear. A guy like Matt Hardy, he doesn’t belong in the same ring as Carlito, let alone BEATING Carlito. Carlito is wrestling royalty Kristal. Carlito’s father is one of the all time greats in dis business, Carlito grew up with dis in his blood and whether ju like it or not, Carlito’s gonna follow in his father’s footsteps. Carlito’s gonna rise right to the very TOP…of the WWE.

There’s some fairly stern heat for that as Lito stares a hole through Kristal before diverting his attentions elsewhere.

Carlito: Matt Hardy on the other hand? What’s...what’s his legacy huh? All Matt Hardy is known as… is a leech. A guy who’s leeched off his brother, who’s leeched off a stupid ladder match, who’s leeched off his name for too long and Carlito, make no mistake about it, Carlito WILL…kill this leech off for good and Carlito WILL once again become the United…States…Champion. Now Kristal… dat? Das cool.

Carlito takes a bite of his apple and heads off with Kristal still looking unhappy with the Apple Spitter for his attitude towards her in that interview but his intentions certainly made clear tonight.



We then return ringside to hear the music of the Smackdown General Manager, Teddy Long who makes his way out to a mild pop, strutting his stuff as he strolls down the ramp in a seemingly vibrant mood.

Michael Cole: Well folks we’ve already heard tonight from our General Manager, setting up a huge main event for right here tonight but I’m guessing Teddy Long is out here for a whole different matter and it’s something that came around at Summerslam. Backstage at Summerslam Teddy Long spoke with both Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio, the conclusion? Right here tonight Teddy Long will call out MNM and demand answers.

Tazz: Well we know MNM have been doin’ all kinds of stuff backstage and Rob Van Dam’s been on their tails. Van Dam believes that MNM paid someone off to screw ‘em at the Bash and he’s been proved right. Teddy Long still ain’t buyin’ it though Cole and I mean who can blame him? Van Dam’s been out of control, he’s tried everything in the book to get a rematch, this stinks of desperation on Mr.Friday nights behalf lookin’ in from the outside.

Michael Cole: Exactly, BUT…that was until Rey Mysterio helped matters. Mysterio overheard the exact same things that Rob Van Dam did and now, Teddy Long’s taken it on board which brings us to right here tonight and I think Teddy Long’s about to call out the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Long indeed has a mic, a stern look on his face now, all business for him.

Teddy Long: Ladies and gentleman incase you didn’t know, in recent weeks on Friday Night Smackdown I, along with several members of the Board of Directors have been carryin’ out an investigation into MNM and their Tag Team Championship victory at The Great American Bash. The conclusion we came to? Well the conclusion we came to was simply that MNM…did nothin’ wrong.

Heat for that comment as Long nods his head in agreement.

Teddy Long: Now as much as I ain’t taken to any of MNM since they debuted here on Smackdown, there was no evidence whatsoever that they did anything wrong at the Bash. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio? They were robbed, ain’t no doubt about it but as far as I was concerned, as far as the investigation was concerned, it had nothin’ to do wit’ Melina, it had nothin’ to do wit’ MNM…period.

Long pauses before continuing.

Teddy Long: But then this past Sunday night at Summerslam both Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio came into my office and they gave me some new information. They gave me the information that…that MNM paid off somebody to screw ‘em over at the Bash.

Big time heat for that as Long holds his arms outstretched.

Teddy Long: Trust me on this one, I wanted…I really wanted to believe what I was hearin’ but…ya gotta understand, Rob Van Dam, he ain’t been actin’ right these past few weeks. He ain’t been the Rob Van Dam we all know, he’s become frustrated, he’s become more intense than I’ve ever seen him, he’s become…well, he’s become desperate. And when Rob Van Dam came to me and gave me this information, I simply didn’t believe it. I thought, I thought that Rob Van Dam was makin’ this all up. But then…then there was Rey Mysterio and he told me the exact…same…thing.

Pop from the crowd as they know where this is going.

Teddy Long: Rey Mysterio backed up every word Rob Van Dam was saying. He heard the same things Rob heard and at that point, I had to believe a hundred and ten percent what was goin’ down and that’s why tonight, we gonn’ get to the VERY bottom of this whole thing!! So without wastin’ any more time, MNM, please…come on down to this ring.

There’s a long delay as Teddy Long awaits the arrival of the A-Listers before finally…


And it’s immediate heat as the cameras come out and the red carpet is rolled out for the arrival of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro accompanied to the ring by the ever fiery, Melina.

Michael Cole: Well the accusations have been made and Tazz, MNM are about to respond. What exactly do you think the Tag Team Champions reply will be here tonight? Does Melina, do Mercury and Nitro have anything in their defense here tonight?

Tazz: I ain’t got a clue Cole but it better be somethin’ good. The odds aren’t in the champs favour right now and I think they know that, I think Melina knows that. I’m sure they’ll have somethin’ up their sleeves but I’m stumped as to what it’ll be.

The trio step in the ring and it’s Melina who has the microphone, the wicked witch doing the talking for her boys as ever.

Melina: Teddy, Teddy, Teddy. I just…I just don’t get you, really I don’t. This ‘investigation’ was closed…by YOU. This investigation was closed and it was put away for good because guess what? You found absolutely…nothing. You said it yourself, there was no evidence against us, there was nothing to suggest we had ANYTHING to do with what happened at the Bash and yet now? Now all of a sudden you wanna take their side?

Melina gives Long an inquisitive look as Mercury and Nitro shake their heads.

Melina: You wanna side with a guy who you said it yourself Teddy, a guy who is absolutely DESPERATE to get one over on us. He’s desperate to get back at us and y’know why? It’s because he’s bitter. He’s bitter that my boys are just too smart, they’re too talented, they’re just too DAMN GOOD FOR HIM!!

Strong heat for a fired up Melina as Nitro and Mercury smile broadly at her comments.

Teddy Long: Now if you were listenin’ to what I said earlier on babygirl, I clearly stated that I know Rob Van Dam’s become desperate and that’s why I did NOT take his side, ya understand? I only took his side when I heard another opinion, when I heard from somebody who could back him up. I only took his side of the story when I heard what Rey Mysterio had to say.

Melina: And that? That is the problem Teddy. You might not believe Rob Van Dam but why in the hell should you believe Rey Mysterio? What reason do you have to believe him huh? See he is JUST like Rob Van Dam. He’s bitter that he couldn’t get one over on us, he’s frustrated that all that 'Mexican spirit' inside him, it’s been drained from him, it’s been TAKEN from him by M…N…M. He just can’t face the facts that like his buddy Rob, he is over the hill, he is DONE and WE…were the ones to prove it.

The heat is massive as Melina smiles devilishly at her comments, the crowd really on her back.

Teddy Long: Hold on just one second there Melina. Now lemme tell you something. You’ve only been on Smackdown a matter of months. Rey Mysterio? He’s been here for years and guess what? So have I. So forgive me if I’m wrong but I think I know Rey Mysterio a hell of a lot better than you do so why don’t you quit this whole charade you three are pullin’ and give me what I wanna know? Why don’t you tell me just who you paid off, just who you got to screw Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio and why don’t you do it…RIGHT NOW!!?

Big pop as Teddy Long stands up for himself in a massive way here. MNM however don’t appear to be phased by this. Melina puts her hands on hips, smirking as the crowd are willing them to make the reveal.

Melina: You think it’s that easy huh Teddy? You think that just because you and Rey have been around here a while, just because you ‘know’ Rey Mysterio that he wouldn’t just lie to you like that. Look at what my boys here hold. They are the WWE Tag…Team…Champions. They’ve got a target on their backs and those two losers will do ANYTHING to get a shot at that target, including…LIEING to you Teddy.

Melina nods, right in T-Long’s face as he adjusts his glasses with Mercury and Nitro raising their titles in the air to firm heat once again.

Melina: So no matter what you think you know, no matter what Rey, what Rob think they know, I can guarantee that you’re wrong, I can guarantee that they’re wrong and I can guarantee that this investigation is a waste of EVERYBODY’s time so why don’t you do your job Teddy? Why don’t you stand here and tell everybody that this investigation is over with and that Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio will never, they…will…NEVER get another shot at MNM.

Melina awaits Teddy’s response with the Smackdown GM in a really tough spot right now, Mercury and Nitro are egging Long on to do what’s right here as Melina appears to be getting impatient.

Melina: Well? What’s it gonna be Te…

‘One of a Kind/619 Remix’

But Melina is cut off and the champions turn around anxious of what’s in store for them, the crowd rising as out steps Rey Mysterio along with a very intense looking Rob Van Dam but both men are staying at the top of the ramp, not wanting this to get physical clearly, not just yet anyway as Melina seems to mouth ‘What are you doing?’ Van Dam has a mic in hand and looks ready to add to this interrogation of the Tag Team Champions.

Rob Van Dam: I kinda…I kinda had a feelin’ you’d try and throw that out there Melina. Try and say that me and Rey were desperate, that we were makin’ this whole thing up whe…

Melina: YOU ARE!! You’re both PATHETIC little men that are trying any and everything you can to get another shot at us because it hurts doesn’t it Rob? It really, really hurts that you just can’t…beat…us.

Rob Van Dam: Oh it hurt, it hurt a whole lot when you beat us at the Bash, you’re right. But fact is Melina, you needed your little mercenary that night to beat us didn’t you? You needed somebody else’s help because you knew, all three of you knew that you just couldn’t get the job done in a fair fight.

Melina really seems to be losing it here now, looking like she’s about to boil over.

Melina: I told you, I’ve told him(pointing at Long), I’ve told EVERYBODY THAT WE DID NOT PAY ANYONE ANYTHING TO HELP US!! SO WHY DON’T YOU JUS…

Teddy Long: Alright, alright, enough… I SAID ENOUGH!!

Long intervenes, clearly sick of the already back and forth exchanges from RVD and Melina.

Teddy Long: Now I have heard both sides of the story and to be honest wit’ ya, this really doesn’t seem to be progressin’ anywhere now does it? As much as I trust the both of ya, Rob, Rey,it’s your word against MNM’s word so unless either they come clean or we have ourselves some concrete evidence against ‘em then playas, I’m afraid the decision stands and you will…(huffs)…you will NOT receive another opportunity at the WWE Tag Team Championships.

MASSIVE chorus of boos for this as Melina begins to smirk, Mercury and Nitro high five one another in celebration.

Melina: Well, there ya have it Rob. You got nothing, Rey’s got nothing, Teddy here has got…nothing. So why don’t you run along to the back, find someth…

Mysterio has now taken the mic from Van Dam and interrupts MNM’s mouthpiece.

Rey Mysterio: Wait, wait. I…I hate to interrupt you Melina, I mean your voice is just so…so soothing, right guys?

Very loud boos from the crowd as Rey’s sarcasm is evident.

Rey Mysterio: But uhm Teddy you said that unless there was ‘concrete evidence’ then you couldn’t give us another shot at the titles. Well…what if I told you and what if I told the three of you standing next to him that we DO…have concrete evidence?

There’s a very strong pop as Van Dam nods his head, a smile for the first time in however long from him as MNM look stunned, Teddy Long intrigued.

Teddy Long: Then I’d say bring it on playa!! Show me what you got Rey.

Melina is incredibly anxious here now as we see Mercury gulp a little bit.

Melina: NO!! NO!! We don’t need this, we don’t need to stand here and take this. They…they’re bluffing Teddy!! You can’t…you can’t believe them. We did nothing wrong and they…they’ve got nothing to prove it!!

Rob Van Dam: Oh but Melina that’s where you’re so very, very wrong because we have got something to prove it. See I’ve been followin’ you for the past few weeks and last week, Rey here followed you guys with me and well, let’s just say that you may have found a way at keeping a hold of those titles, but you’ve not found a way of keeping a secret have you?

Melina: What do you- who do you think you are? Teddy, these two have been STALKING us!! That…that can’t be allowed, you need to do something about this!!

Teddy Long: Now, now, I…I think rather than hearin’ about stalkin’, we hear a little bit more about this secret. Rob, what were you sayin’ dawg?

Rob Van Dam: Well Rey suggested we uh, we pay a little visit to some of the cameramen and they... well they gave us a little video tape and on that tape? Well I don’t wanna spoil it for any of these people here tonight and I ESPECIALLY don’t wanna ruin it for you Melina so why don’t…why don’t we all take a look together huh?

And with that Van Dam points to the titantron and Melina already has her hands on her head inside the ring as she knows what’s coming. We then see the video that Van Dam has got his hands on play across the arena and it’s footage from backstage on last week’s show…

Johnny Nitro: Are you uh- are you alright? Where’ve you been?

Nitro is staring at Melina who doesn’t appear to be in the best of moods.

Melina: I’ve been trying to find him but he’s just…he’s just NOWHERE!! I’ve searched the arena from top to bottom and I can’t find him anywhere at all.

Mercury now stands up, concerned.

Joey Mercury: He’s…he’s gotta be here though, right? He still owes us, we gave him a LOT of money, that wasn’t a one off after all.

Melina: Hey, don’t you think I know that? I can’t find him, it’s as simple as that. He’s got the money and clearly…that’s all he was after.

And just like that the footage cuts off and we return ringside where we see Melina with her head in her hands, clearly knowing that she and her boys have no escape route here. The crowd are popping like crazy as Mercury and Nitro have that ‘Oh Shit’ look on their faces, Nitro biting his bottom lip as we then see Van Dam shrugging his shoulders, knowing this has spun his and Rey’s way with the Master of the 619 widely smiling as attention then turns to Teddy Long.
Teddy Long: Melina, babygirl…care to share with us all just what the meaning of that was?

Melina simply shakes her head in despair as Long bares a wry smile himself now.

Teddy Long: I thought not. Well I guess that settles it huh? So it WAS you that screwed Rob and Rey at the Bash? Well, guess what playas, that means…that means that you WILL have to defend those Tag Team Titles and you WILL have to defend them against…R…

Melina: WAIT!! WAIT!! Teddy, Teddy, please…

Teddy Long: No, Melina enough…is enough. You and your boys have got away with this for far too long and it’s gotta come to an end so here’s what we’re gonna do. Rob, Rey, you gonn’ like this playas.

And with that Van Dam and Mysterio look at one another and begin to smirk, knowing their plan has come together perfectly.

Teddy Long: There will be no more games, no more mystery men and for the three of you, there really will be no more advantages because come October 9th, Houston, Texas at No Mercy, it’s goin’ to be on Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio’s terms ya understand? Because they will challenge you for the WWE Tag Team Championships and they will challenge you…IN A LADDER MATCH!!

WOW!! The pop is insane as Mercury and Nitro begin squabbling with the General Manager and Van Dam and Mysterio are simply elated on the stage, real passion from both men as Melina simply stands there, scrunched up, just about ready to blow before she lets out a shriek in anger which gets a good laugh out of Van Dam in particular and with that Teddy Long exits the ring, leaving an absolutely SEETHING trio in MNM inside the ring, Mercury and Nitro are pacing around the ring while Melina simply snarls at the outcome before Van Dam takes the chance to rub salt into the wounds.

Rob Van Dam: I can’t speak for Rey but dudes let me tell you something, you’ve taken me to a place I didn’t know existed inside me. These past few weeks, few months have been HELL for me but at No Mercy? At No Mercy me and Rey are gonna take you to places you didn’t know existed, me and Rey are gonna take you…to the EXTREME and we are gonna take… those Tag Team Titles.

And with that Van Dam and Mysterio smirk again and their music hits, it’s real jubilation from both Van Dam and Rey, their title shot, their deserved opportunity is now set for No Mercy while the expressions on MNM’s face are at the total opposite end of the scale with Melina giving the pair a death glare while Mercury and Nitro are no longer pacing, they’re simply stood still, head in hands as they now know what their fate is come October 9th.The fans have begun a loud 'R-V-D' chant as he does his usual thumbs to the shoulders while Rey Rey pats him on the back and we head off.

We return from the break and we go backstage where we see Bobby Lashley wandering through the halls, dressed casually following his match earlier on tonight before Lashley is approached by Josh Matthews, microphone in hand.

Josh Matthews:
Bobby, Bobby we all know what transpired earlier on tonight when following your victory over Rhyno, JBL appeared and well, he shocked everybody, including you I’m sure, by announcing he was quitting Smackdown. What are your feelings on this?

Lashley smirks to himself a little bit.

Bobby Lashley: I’m a little torn on the whole thing Josh. I might have a smile on my face right now and that’s because I am happy JBL’s quit. I’m happy because I know that I’m the one who’s made him realise…that he just can’t cut it any more. But at the same time? At the same time, I’m a little disappointed.

Lashley shows a slight look of disappointment now, head down as he takes a second to address why.

Bobby Lashley: I’m disappointed because as much as I enjoyed beating Bradshaw at Summerslam, I wanted more. That match was the biggest in my career so far and I don’t wa…

BAM!! LASHLEY IS AMBUSHED FROM BEHIND…BY JBL!! John Bradshaw Layfield, the man who retired, who quit earlier on tonight has returned from out of nowhere and is now beating the holy hell out of Bobby Lashley!! JBL is stomping all over Lashley’s fallen body, vicious kicks from head to toe on the ‘Real Deal’ before Bradshaw KICKS Lashley’s head off with a thunderous boot to the temple!!

The crowd are booing like crazy as JBL finally stops this sick assault before snatching the microphone away from Josh Matthews, staring a hole through him with Matthews standing by looking on like a lost little boy.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
You really…you really bought all that crap earlier huh? You bought it, he bought it…EVERYBODY BOUGHT IT!! I’m ‘quitting’ Smackdown, are you freakin’ kidding me?! JBL does not quit ANYTHING!! I do not walk away, I do not back down and I do not let some PUNK LIKE BOBBY LASHLEY GET ONE OVER ON HIM WITHOUT THERE BEING CONSEQUENCES!!

JBL is now fuming, his face screwed up as he gives a death glare at the fallen Lashley before stomping on him once again. The Wall Street Warrior now getting down in Lashley’s face.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
You might’ve thought you drove me out kid, drove me away but nobody and I mean no…body drives me away. You beat me at Summerslam but make no mistake about it, that wasn’t the last time me and you will step inside that ring, oh no siree. We will step foot in that ring again and I WILL prove to you, I WILL prove to myself and I will prove to EVERYBDOY who has any doubts about me that I am still…a Wrestlinggggggggggg Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwd and I am still the torch bearer for Friday Night Smackdown, for the ENTIRE W…W…E.

JBL now begins chuckling to himself.

John Bradshaw Layfield
: You’re new on the block kid, you didn’t see this comin’ did ya? And that? That’s why you’re just some rookie flash in the pan who had his night, his ONE…night at Summerslam but let me tell ya Bobby, this…this is the reality you’re up against. This ain’t play time any more, this ain’t a walk in the park, THIS is what the business is all about, THIS is what Smackdown is all about and THIS is what J…B…L…is all about.

Bradshaw delivers that devilish smirk once more, Lashley completely out of it before JBL begins eyeing up Matthews again.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Josh, I might not have been on a hot streak since Wrestlemania but I am still the very best this show has to offer, I am still the very best this company has to offer and HELL WILL HAVE TO FREEZE OVER…before I even consider quitting. Bobby Lashley wants to make his mark on me? He wants to use me…use me? To get to the top? Well he’s got another thing coming believe me Josh and I guarandamntee ya…it ain’t gonna be pretty.

And with that JBL adjusts his tie, ruffles his suit back together and heads back off away from the scene of the crime so to speak with Matthews looking shaken up and Lashley completely beaten down before we head back ringside.

Michael Cole: Well quite disgusting actions here tonight from JBL. Goading Bobby Lashley, goading everybody into believing he’d quit, that he’d walked out on Smackdown, walked out on the WWE, only to return and to just ambush Bobby Lashley like that. I don’t know why or how JBL thinks that’s the answer to his problems Tazz.

Tazz: I gotta admit, it was pretty low from Bradshaw wit’ that but at the same time, I see why he did it. He’s not had a whole lotta luck lately, he’s not been on top of his game. Maybe this is a new lease of life from JBL, maybe this is what’s gonna spark JBL right back to the top of the ladder here on Friday nights Cole.
Can you Dig it? Sucka

There’s a strong ovation as the music of the former FIVE TIME WCW Champion Booker T enters through the curtain and out onto the ramp, all set for action here tonight.

Michael Cole: Concentrating back on the action here tonight now and it’s been a tough couple of months for this man, Booker T. Booker has been involved in a pretty heated rivalry with a man we saw earlier on tonight, Rhyno. That whole saga is now behind Booker and tonight you’ve gotta believe is a fresh start for him as he looks to once again set his sights on perhaps chasing championship gold again Tazz.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Booker’s as good as there is here on Friday nights and now that whole deal wit’ Rhyno is outta the way, I ain’t got any doubts that Booker’s gonna start rising up the ranks here on Smackdown and hey, you may be right, championship gold could be in the Book man’s sights.


Well Booker’s opponent tonight is none other than the Masterpiece Chris Masters who steps out to a small amount of heat, flexing his physique as Booker eyes up the big man from inside the squared circle.

Michael Cole: Much like Booker T, Chris Masters has been involved in recent weeks with troubles of his own, namely the Mexicools. The troublesome trio continued to get the better of the Masterpiece Tazz until Masters got himself some back up.

Tazz: And what back up they were too. Kid Kash, Jamie Noble, the Pitbulls took it to the Mexicools and finally allowed Chris Masters to get one over on those three. Smart strategy from the Masterpiece and there ain’t no doubt he’s relieved to finally be away from those three amigos. Big chance for him tonight to build some momentum, a win over Booker would certainly do that.

Match Three: Singles Match

Booker T vs Chris Masters

Masters takes the upper hand from the get go, overpowering Booker unsurprisingly before launching a stinging array of right hands in the corner as Booker struggles to cope with the physical prowess of the Masterpiece here. Masters keeps up the strikes before shifting his focus to the mid section of Booker, crashing in on him with some vicious shoulders to the gut with Booker wincing in discomfort, Masters strong start continuing here.

Masters looks to continue his solid opening and whips Booker out of the corner, Booker colliding with the opposite turnbuckle as Masters comes charging in but Booker sees it coming and sticks a boot up, catching Masters square in the jaw!! Masters stumbles out of the corner, Booker now on the offense perhaps as he trickles towards ‘Piece and connects with a right hand, right hand after right hand now from Booker, fast paced stuff from the former WCW Champion before a boot to Masters gut. Irish whip from Booker, Masters rebounds and Booker with a big back body drop!! The crowd loving it here as Booker begins to dominate. Piece is quickly up though, Booker swings, Masters ducking it, he runs the ropes but manages to hang on AS BOOKER COMES STEAMING IN AND CLOTHESLINES HIM UP AND OVER!! Booker in the ascendancy here in a big way as Masters is floored.

Booker hops between the ropes and down to the outside now, Masters beginning to stir before Booker strikes with a knee to the mid section, Masters squealing in some pain as Booker strikes once more before crashing Masters head off the barricade!! Masters really struggling here as Booker again uses his head as a battering ram, crashing it off the ring apron now before tossing Masters back inside, following right behind him. Booker crawls over to Masters, rolling him over and into a cover, 1…2…kick out at two from Masters!! Booker coming close to a big win there as he gets right back to his feet, dragging Masters up with him and nailing the big man with a stiff looking forearm. More strong forearms from Booker now, smashing the hell out of Masters but Masters fights back and strikes with a right hand of his own!! Fist fight now ensuing as Masters gives it back to Booker here. Masters throws another big right but Booker catches it, boot to the gut before Booker scoops Masters up and drops him with a beautiful suplex!! Booker scrambles for another cover here, Masters having no answer right now, 1…2…kick out at two and a half!!

Booker’s slightly frustrated now and slowly makes his way to his feet as he looks around the crowd, he might be looking to end this thing now, the crowd supporting him every bit of the way. Booker awaits Masters return to his feet, Booker’s beginning to feel it here. Masters slowly gets back up, spins around, boot to the gut from Booker, he runs the ropes, SCISSORS KICK!! NO!! MASTERS AVOIDS IT, BOOKER SPINS ROUND, MASTERLOCK!! MASTERLOCK FROM CHRIS MASTERS AND JUST LIKE THAT THE TBLES ARE TURNED!! Masters has the hold locked in and Booker’s being shaken like a rag doll, nowhere to go as the referee checks on him, Booker’s in deep trouble, Masters cinching it in hard here and the referee calls for the bell!! Booker’s out of it!! A HUGE win for Chris Masters tonight!!

Winner: Chris Masters(6:03)

Michael Cole: Masters steals it!! Booker appeared to be in control Tazz but Chris Masters from out of nowhere catching Booker with the Masterlock and when that gets locked in…there is NO escaping!!

Tazz: You got that right Cole. Booker’s gotta be a little frustrated wit’ that one. He had this thing in the bag but Chris Masters just from outta freakin’ nowhere with that Masterlock, brutal move and like ya said Cole, ain’t nobody breakin’ outta that once it’s locked in.

Indeed the look on Booker’s face says it all as Booker scowls at Masters who backs up the ramp with Booker seemingly mouthing ‘What the hell?’, shocked that Masters caught him out of nowhere like that. The Masterpiece however is elated as he gives Booker a wry smirk and we head on out with a final look at an angered Booker T


We return from the break and we head straight into a video package and we see the ever mischievous Cryme Tyme appear into shot as JTG and Shad are strolling along a beach, clad in vest tops and flip flops, sunglasses and shorts on as they stroll through the sand. The beach is packed full of people as the sun shines brightly with the two partners in crime surveying the scene.

Shad Gaspard: Yo, yo, yo, it’s your boy Shad Gaspard and my homie right here JTG and we decided, well, we decided it was time for a little vacation.

JTG: Chyeahhhhhhhh.

Shad Gaspard: So we here in Miami, Florida and we here at SOUTH BEACH BABY!! And lemme tell y’all, we likin’ what we seein’, ain’t that right J?

JTG takes a look around the beach and sees a group of gorgeous women, all bikini clad getting their tan on as JTG then makes a weird facial expression of seeming delight.

JTG: Damnnnnnn right. See we here just getting ourselves some rest, some relaxation cos it ain’t far off now is it Shad?

Shad Gaspard: It ain’t far off.

JTG: It ain’t a million miles away now is it Shad?

Shad Gaspard: It ain’t a million miles away baby.

JTG: It is only round the corner!!


JTG: Until Cryme Tyme find their way onto Friday nights, find their way onto your TV screens and find their way onto Smack…DOWN!! Chyeahhhhhhhh.

Shad Gaspard: And that’s exactly why we here getting ourselves a little breather, takin’ ourselves a little break before we come and cause chaos all over Friday nights like only Cry…


And with that Shad and JTG are BUNDLED by a diving half naked man on the beach who has hurled himself at the pair in order to try and keep a volleyball up as we see a game of volleyball going on in the background. All three men are down and begin to bring themselves to their feet as JTG especially has a look of horror on his face, Shad more a look of intensity as the volleyball player goes to laugh it off.

Volleyball Player: Hey, real sorry guys, didn’t mean any harm, just tryin’ to play some volleyball!

The guy then playfully pats JTG on the back before going to pick the volleyball up…BUT JTG PULLS HIM BACK IN!!

JTG: Really, REALLY I wanna let you go and get that volleyball my brother but uh you can’t…you can’t just knock us down like dat and expect to…expect to walk free like that. Uh uh, no way.

Volleyball Player: So…so wh-what are you suggesting?

Shad Gaspard: Oh we got uh….we got two options right now. We go…

?: Hey what the hell do you think you’re doin?! Get your hands off of him!!

Clearly one of the volleyball players friends has taken exception and heads over.


BAM!! SHAD SENDS THE MAN DOWN WITH A MASSIVE RIGHT HOOK!! There’s a look of horror on the original volleyball player’s face now as he realises what he’s dealing with.

Shad Gaspard: That? That’s option number one right there a’ight?

JTG: Option number two…

Shad Gaspard: Option number two? We uh…we get ourselves a little cash payment, ya understand? Me and my boy J here get ourselves a little compensation or else things could become a whole HELL of a lot worse my man. So uh…what’s it…what’s it gonn’ be?

Volleyball Player
: I…I…

Shad then FAKES TO THROW A PUNCH and the guy squeals like a little girl!!

Volleyball Player: I’LL GO GET MY WALLET!!

The guy then runs away straight to his bag as JTG and Shad bump fists, laughing and joking with one another before slowly walking over towards this guy and his awaiting wallet.

JTG: When are people gonna learn Shad? You mess wit’ Cryme Tyme, you get in Cryme Tyme’s way? And hey, there’s gonn’ be a price to pay.

Shad Gaspard: Ain’t that the truth my brother. The Friday Night Smackdown roster better understand just what they getting themselves into. Cos they don’t wanna be getting in our way like that, they don’t wanna be apologisin’ to us, they don’t wanna be payin’ up…thank you sir.

And just like that the guy hands over some money with JTG looking at ie excitedly until he realises…it’s not enough and gives a death glare at this scared to death volleyball player who hands over everything he’s got, emptying his wallet!

JTG: And like we always say, although we ain’t steal nuttin’…

Shad Gaspard: He just gave us that money, we ain’t…steal…nuttin’…

JTG: Nine times out of ten? Cryme Tyme still gets… what they want.

And with that JTG and Shad begin to fiddle with the money and we see them head off further down the beach before we see a message pop up on our screens…

Cryme Tyme: Coming to Smackdown: 2 weeks'

We then return ringside where we are all set for our main event…

‘Burn in my Light’

And the first man out for said main event is the Legend Killer, Randy Orton who leisurely makes his way out, that arrogant smirk of his on his face as the crowd boos wildly amidst some screaming women with Orton’s World Title hopes on the line here tonight.

Michael Cole: Sunday night saw this man score possibly the biggest victory of his career, defeating The Undertaker and shocking the world in the process. Orton is no doubt on a roll right now and tonight presents another HUGE opportunity for the Legend Killer as he seeks John Cena and the WWE Title.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Ain’t nobody on a hotter streak right now than Randy Orton. That defeat at Wrestlemania to the Deadman, it could’ve sent Randy Orton spirallin’ but infact it’s had the opposite effect. It’s made Randy Orton more ruthless, more cold, more calculated and hey, the results speak for ‘emselves. Orton’s knocked off the Deadman and the WWE Title could very well be next for the Legend Killer.


Out next to yet more boos is the second half of this main event as Kurt Angle bursts from behind the curtain and the Wrestling Machine immediately locks eyes with Randy Orton, Angle clearly intent on getting his deserved rematch for the WWE Championship.

Michael Cole: Well the WWE Title may be on Randy Orton’s ‘to do’ list but it’s right at the very top of this man’s. We heard earlier on tonight from Kurt Angle and Tazz, he was NOT happy with what took place at Summerslam, firmly believing he was screwed and you can be sure that Kurt Angle is furious at having to earn another shot here tonight.

Tazz: Damn straight. Kurt may’ve been pinned Sunday night but that foot on the bottom rope don’t lie Cole. Angle got robbed and I got a lotta sympathy with him having to face off against Randy Orton tonight. But y’know what? That sympathy went right outta the window when I realised just how damn good this match is gonna be!! I can’t wait for this one!!

Match Four: WWE Championship #1 Contenders Match

Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton

There’s a big time feel about this one as the bell rings with Orton and Angle simply stood still staring down one another, the crowd completely torn here as to who they choose, several ‘Let’s go Angle’ chants amidst some ‘RKO’ ones also before both men begin to circle the ring and this one looks set to get going. Orton and Angle lock up centre of the ring and Angle immediately applies a waistlock but Orton wriggles free and turns the tables, waistlock on Angle now but Angle nails an elbow into Orton’s face and breaks free, spinning round and Angle now on the charge with some vicious right hands to Orton, the Legend Killer now on the backfoot.

Angle keeps up the pressure in the early goings, rattling Orton with those fast paced rights before an Irish whip as Orton rebounds right into a clothesline from Angle!! Orton floored and Angle begins an assault, deadly kicks across both right and left arm of Orton, the master of the RKO in some pain as Angle stomps across his arms before targeting the back of Orton’s neck, really picking him off here as the referee sends a warning his way. Angle adheres to the warning and drags Orton up, clubbing him with a stiff uppercut that sends Orton flying into the corner, Angle on a mission tonight with the WWE Title in his sights. Orton penned up against the turnbuckle and Angle begins to stomp away once more, right into the mid section of Orton who winces in pain BUT SUDDENLY CATCHES ANGLE WITH A THUMB TO THE EYE!! Angle blinded as Orton gets a breather now, the Wrestling Machine spins round RIGHT INTO A CLOTHESLINE FROM ORTON!! Randy Orton taking advantage, using that thumb to the eye as his get out of jail card there.

Orton’s now the one to begin stomping the hell out of his opponent, Angle getting a taste of his own medicine as Orton repeatedly stomps across the back of Angle’s head, Michael Cole playing up the importance of this match on commentary as Orton stalks Angle here before striking with another boot to the back of Kurt’s head. Orton slowly picking off Angle here as he now runs the ropes, plodding back towards Angle before dropping a knee right onto Angle’s face!! Calculated work from Orton as he drops down to Angle’s level now and begins to unravel some right hands, slowly, brutally to Angle’s forehead, the referee threatening a DQ and Orton gets off, slamming Angle’s head to the mat as the crowd boos the Legend Killer.

Orton immediately drags Angle to his feet again, catching the Olympic Gold Medalist with a stinging forearm, repeated forearm shots now from Orton before a big Irish whip, reversal from Angle, Angle goes for a back body drop but Orton stops in his tracks and KICKS ANGLE SQUARE IN THE FACE!! Angle is dazed and spins round right into a boot from Orton, Irish whip, Angle rebounds right into a fallaway slam!! Beautiful stuff from orton and a cover, 1…2…3…NO!! Angle kicks out at the last split second!!

Orton can’t believe it and the fans let out some boos amidst some wild cheers also, clearly a split in the camp here as Orton thought he had his title shot in the bag there. Instead Orton has to refocus and slowly drags Angle up, clubbing him across the back with repeated shots before he tosses Angle through the ropes and down to the outside, Angle landing hard on his right shoulder as Orton follows behind him, dangerous intentions in mind. Angle clutches his shoulder but Orton’s on him in a flash and smashes him with a right hand before an elbow to the skull, Orton relentless now as HE WHIPS ANGLE SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE RING POST!! ANGLE’S RIGHT SHOULDER THUDS AGAINST THE POST AND HE CRASHES TO THE FLOOR IN AGONY!! Orton dissecting the Wrestling Machine right now.

Orton lets out a sly little smirk yelling to the crowd ‘That title…is MINE’ which only draws strong boos before he slowly heads over to Angle and goes to bring him to his feet but Angle shows some fight here and digs in with an elbow to Orton’s gut, Angle’s left arm doing the work as his right has taken a pasting. Orton falls away, winded by that shot as Angle gets to his feet, Orton spins round, boot from Angle and ANGLE SMASHES ORTON’S SKULL OFF THE STEEL STEPS!! This one is getting intense, Angle and Orton laying it all on the line for a shot at the WWE Championship as Orton rebounds off the steps and Angle tosses him under the bottom rope back inside the ring, following in his trail. Orton’s grimacing in pain, that shot rattling his head as Angle draws him straight back up, kick to the mid section once again before an Irish whip, Orton rebounds right into Angle’s path, BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX BUT ANGLE’S ARM GIVES WAY!!

Orton slips out as Angle appears in discomfort, both men spin back round and it’s Orton who strikes with a right hand, Angle though fights back and throws a left hand, catching Orton by surprise but Orton delivers a STIFF shot that sends Angle spiralling into the ropes, Orton now striking with shots to Angle’s arm before whipping him across the ring, Angle rebounds, Orton goes for a dropkick BUT ANGLE CATCHES HIM ON THE WAY DOWN WITH AN ANKLELOCK!! WHAT THE HELL?!? The crowd are stunned as Orton didn’t time it right and Angle catches Orton’s left ankle on the way down, Ankle lock applied and Orton’s in trouble!! Randy Orton writhing in pain as Angle locks the hold in, the crowd are split once more, some on their feet in support, some voicing their discontent at Angle’s strong position. Orton’s arm is up high, will Orton tap here?! Orton’s reaching now, crawling towards the ropes as Angle really puts the pressure on but you can see he’s in some pain too, that right arm of his struggling now as Orton slowly…crawls and he reaches out…fingertips away and ORTON REACHES THE ROPES!!

Angle releases the hold and falls away, rolling around the mat clutching his shoulder, he’s clearly in pain right now, both men are down and it’s gonna be a battle to their feet first, this contest gripping the crowd despite both men being heels as we get some more ‘RKO’ chants, a few ‘Angle, Angle’ chants thrown in too as Angle begins to stir, clutching his shoulder, Orton showing signs of life. Orton now using the ropes to pull himself up as Angle’s all but there, Angle comes to his senses, Orton is up and stumbles to the middle of the ring, Angle charg…RKO!! WHAT THE HELL?!? JUST LIKE THAT ORTON STRIKES!! ANGLE IS DONE HERE!! Orton crawls, scratches his way across to Angle’s body, cover…









Orton and Angle are both laying on the mat as Orton sees his nemesis standing across the ring for him, Orton can’t believe the Deadman is here and he has the Legend Killer in his sights!! Taker moves forward, Orton backing away as Taker slowly moves towards him…BEFORE HE’S CLIPPED FROM BEHIND BY KURT ANGLE!! ANGLE BACK TO HIS FEET AND TAKES THE DEADMAN DOWN AT THE LEGS!! ANGLE AND ORTON NOW WORKING TOGETHER!! The two opponents teaming up to take out the Deadman…BUT THE UNDERTAKER COMES ROARING BACK, TAKER IS GIVING IT ALL HE’S GOT AGAINST ANGLE AND ORTON, STINGING RIGHTS FROM THE DEADMAN!!


Michael Cole: John Cena and The Undertaker cleaning house tonight!! The WWE Champion and the Deadman joining forces in Hampton!! Randy Orton thought he’d sent The Undertaker into hiding!! He thought he’d earned a title shot here tonight but the Deadman isn’t going anywhere!! The Deadman is here to stay and The Undertaker still has Randy Orton in his sights!!

Tazz: Cole I don’t think that’s all he has in his sights either!! Look at this!!

Indeed we then pan away to see The Undertaker staring down John Cena who holds his WWE Championship and The Undertaker gives Cena a nod in that direction!!

Michael Cole: Randy Orton wants the WWE Championship, Kurt Angle wants the WWE Championship and folks it would appear The Undertaker wants the WWE Championship too!!

Tazz: Wow. What a night but Cole, who is next in line for a shot at that title?! We ain’t any closer to findin’ out!!

We see a shot of Orton and Angle backing up the ramp, staring at one another before staring right back inside the ring where we see a tense situation brewing between Taker and Cena who also stare at Orton and Angle, nobody being able to trust one another here tonight.

Michael Cole: Four men all want one thing, the WWE Championship, who will it be that gets that title opportunity?! All we do know is, John Cena has his hands full!! Are John Cena’s days as champion numbered?! What a night here on Smackdown, thanks for joining us, goodnight everybody!!

The final image is of Orton and Angle giving each other one more look of hesitation before seeing John Cena raise his WWE Title up high and The Undertaker staring right back at it.

Date: 9th October 2005

Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

Current Card:

WWE Tag Team Championships: Ladder Match

MNM© vs Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

Bit later than anticipated but hope all enjoy. Got a couple of reviews for some people to throw their way but will return all feedback for this thing too. Also, massive thanks to Starbuck for the No Mercy poster.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

JAM's Review

Good start to the show with Kurt voicing his complaints about what went down at Summerslam. I'm not sure about the whole booing route you went but the promo really picked up well when Orton came out. The exchange between your two top heels was rather good. That “or I'll make you” line from Angle was impressive and really got me into the staredown that the two had. Teddy Long makes a blockbuster main event and I'm loving it but I do think it may become a triple threat once it comes to the PPV which I won't mind at all. Strong opening to your show. It helped that my two of my favorites started your show so good job with that.

Whoa whoa whoa, JBL quit, just like that?! Seems fishy. Not sure if it's really the final night we see JBL as I think he still has plenty left to do. But if it is, I wouldn't mind it. He put over someone like Lashley and that was needed for him to take the next step. Cena being Cena here. Not really much to say as it sounded like a standard Cena promo, no complaints here.

Hooliganz! Really like these guys so I hope we see the Crusierweight Title up for grabs against one of them, don't matter who. The Carlito interview felt a lot like the speech that JBL gave. I don't know, it just seemed awfully similar but thats not a bad thing. The feud is still pretty fresh but it'll need something to really kickstart it. That "crystal" line was nicely done though :P

You're always really good at video packages and this was no different. So goodjob on the No Mercy vignette. This whole RVD/Rey/MNM feud has been rather interesting. I thought we'd get a twist tonight but no. RVD/Rey get their shot but I have a feeling that this mystery person will make an appearance at No Mercy and I hope it's revealed to be someone big! Debuts are always fun. Interesting that you had RVD take the lead in talking here over Rey. I liked that you had RVD mention that another side of him has awoken and that ECW reference about being extreme was well done too.

And ofcourse JBL isn't retiring, troll'd! Think it was kind of awkward though, was he talking into the mic or was he talking directly at Lashley? He seemed to say a lot while beating down Lashley. Plus, Josh was still there so it kind of felt like an awkward segment. Maybe just have JBL beat down Lashley and have him say a few words, get JBL to be more serious instead of a loudmouth even though that's who he is. Oooh a Masters win? No idea what you do with Booker T now but a loss isn't the right start for Booker.

This is your best Cryme Tyme vignette yet. You had them being all silly but when it came time to be serious, it was great. They're gonna be a great addition to your tag division on Smackdown and I expect big things from them. Maybe even have them be a host to their own show or segment, it'll be great! Didn't really expect the Undertaker to make his presence known tonight. But I can already see the main event for next week. Orton/Angle vs. Cena/'Taker. The match Orton and Angle were having was very back-and-forth. But then when 'Taker arrived, I don't seem to understand why both Orton and Angle would gang up on him but I guess it was to set up having Cena come down. Not bad, not bad at all.

Overall, it was an enjoyable episode. You advanced your feuds pretty smoothly and that's all that we can ask for. I like how you managed to have everything get onto your show because sometimes that's a hard thing to do. The big thing here was the WWE Title situation, it just took over the show, which it should. The opening was good, the ending was good. The inbetween stuff was alright, nothing compared to the beginning and ending. So you had your really good moments and your good moments to cut it short. Onto the next!

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

SmackDown Feedback

Natural decision to kick things off with the seriously pissed off Angle given what happened at SummerSlam. Angle was written very well, with plenty of freakin' and those other little bits that gave a good sense of the character. And I liked the way you shifted the focus of Angle's rant from anger, to the faux respect and then to the disgust at the end. Was all really well written and given the level of truth and fact behind it, albeit stretched in typical heel fashion, it all certainly made sense for a rematch. And the same could be said for Orton, another who certainly has a legit claim to a title shot and was keen to make sure everybody knew it. The dynamic between the two was pretty interesting given they're both heels, and I felt you could have built on that a bit more. I wanted to hear more boasting from Orton, more playing up the fact that Angle had his chance and couldn't take it. It was all kinda rushed into the pushing and the Teddy interruption. Certainly should be a huge match with two of SmackDown's biggest stars going at it. I'd say the Angle part of this segment was pretty much spot on, while the content of Orton's was fine, I really wanted more of it. But all in all, a really solid start to the show.

Another big win for Lashley, who's really starting to gather steam in this thread. I honestly thought after SummerSlam he'd be pushed further towards the world title scene, but from the commentary it appears US Title in his future. Anyway, pretty solid match, Rhyno is certainly no jobber, so another big win for 'The Dominator'.

Wow, big announcement from 'JBL'. Certainly didn't see that one comin'. Well, in one sense it certainly does a lot for Lashley, with 'JBL' pretty much putting him over as he walks away. However, why was this not a stipulation in a match? Didn't necessarily have to be SummerSlam, you could have saved some kind of Loser Leaves Town Match for the No Mercy undercard. A bit strange, but then again, maybe there's a whole lot more to come from this.

Pretty good interview here from Cena, it started off very face-like with the respect shown towards Angle and the regret over the dodgy decision. Perhaps a little too face-like with the thing about telling the ref, but that's not big a deal. Certainly fits Cena's character anyway. Nothing really to complain about here, was a solid and interesting interview from Cena, and from the way it was worded, I could see Orton getting the shot at No Mercy after Cena beats Angle in a rematch.

Seemed a pretty fast paced match here, and I liked that use of the word brainwashed by Cole in the introductions. Nice touch. Chavo's involvement in the match was pretty good, certainly gave Helms the advantage, and the ending was pretty well worked with it coming back to haunt Helms. Some real solid booking here, nicely advances the little feud these four have been having.

Ha, liked that opening line from 'Lito, also liked the crystal comment. While there was nothing groundbreaking in what 'Lito had to say, it certainly all made sense, and it keeps the feud ticking over with Hardy not here tonight. One thing I would point out, sometimes you change your th at the start of words to d, and then other times you don't. For the sake of consistency, I'd pick one way or the other and go with that throughout when 'Lito is speaking.

Wow, big move to give the 10 o'clock spot to the tag title feud, certainly adds a bit of legitimacy to it all. I thought you used Melina very well here, the way she took forward what Teddy had said about finding no evidence, yet you wrote with that hint of desperation to avoid the situation. Was very nicely done, with the whole Mexican spirit part being a real stand out comment from her. Ah cp, what a tease you are. I was expecting the big reveal there, but we're still looking for the answer. Clever stuff. And then to top it all off, a Ladder Match. Given the four individuals involved, that should be a real show stealer. Top stuff here, it was all superbly written, with tons of intrigue, and while we might not know all the answers yet, we've got enough to give us what should be a great match at No Mercy. And the beauty of it all is that our mystery man could make another appearance down the line. Really good stuff.

Ah 'JBL', you sneaky so-and-so. At least with the promo after the beatdown he was back to form. But... I'm now thinking do we get a No Mercy rematch with his career on the line? Or maybe even that Loser Leaves Town Match I was thinking earlier? No idea, but certainly an interesting way to keep the feud running and also for 'JBL' to get his heat back after the SummerSlam defeat.

Wow, a huge win for Masters, and especially one that was so clean. Very surprising. I will however take issue with the post match. You can't really call making someone pass out “stealing” a win as Cole said. Granted, the Masterlock came out of nowhere, but he's still made Booker pass out. There's no stealing in that imo. Certainly have Cole and Tazz shocked, but the choice of words there was wrong for me.

where the hell are you going with these videos? Beach volleyball!?

Ok, main event time. Certainly a smart move to have Angle be the face in this match, he was always a character fans could easily get behind even when heel. While the working of the arm by Orton made sense, I wasn't all that sure about the arm coming into play on the belly-to-back suplex. That might have been a chance to go for the Angle Slam, only for the arm to give way. 'Taker here, nice to see he's not doing a disappearing act after his defeat. And now here comes Cena. Are we going for another four way title chase? Annd was there no official decision as to the outcome of match? Not even a DQ or maybe a No Contest? Could have done with that to finish things off. But yeah, it was a pretty solid match that had a wild ending, which given the people involved was probably the smart choice.

Overall, a really solid show. A lot of feuds seemed to continue and advance, with many of them looking like they'll be leading to bigger and better rematches at No Mercy. A few technical points I picked up on and pointed out, but it was a fun read and a nice way to get htings going again on the blue brand after the success of SummerSlam. Well done, Raw soon plz.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 29/8/05- Tampa, Florida

The last Raw of a hectic month comes to you from Tampa on a night where the ramifications of last week are sure to be in effect.

The main event seven nights ago saw Shawn Michaels face Kane and it appeared the Showstopper was set for a massacre at the hands of the Big Red Machine, Raw’s General Manager Eric Bischoff and the use of a Steel Chair, only for the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista to charge the ring and go toe to toe with the seven foot monster. As the Animal and Kane fought through the crowd, inside the ring stood Michaels and Bischoff as it appeared likely that Bischoff finally got what was coming to him. But that’s not how things panned out as from out of nowhere Michaels was blindsided by Muhammad Hassan, The Great Khali, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari, the Arabian Entity. The Entity would launch a sinister assault on Michaels leaving him a bloody mess to close off the show in sick style. Tonight Shawn Michaels will NOT be in attendance due to the injuries he sustained last week, however we will hear from these four men and their reasoning for last week’s assault on Shawn Michaels. What will the group have to say? Was this their own doing or was it the work of Raw’s crafty General Manager?

Tonight’s main event will once again feature the Big Red Machine. It’s been confirmed that Kane will go one on one with the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin. It’s a huge opportunity for Benjamin to get a big victory on a big stage, possibly even catapulting him up the pecking order on Raw, will he be able to fend off the monster and take his chance? Is Benjamin’s ankle even in one piece to compete tonight? Only time will tell but Kane will no doubt be in a foul mood and seeking to get his hands on anyone he can after what Batista did to him last week. Will the Animal once again cross Kane’s path tonight?

Last week saw an interesting altercation between three of Canada’s finest as Edge, Christian and Chris Jericho all engaged in a verbal war, staking their claim to a World Title opportunity. All three men are no doubt in the running for that opportunity but will any one of them be able to make a statement here tonight? And will the other two men perhaps have something to say about it? We are sure to find out.

Mr.Kennedy has craved competition since his arrival on Raw but so far he has found none. Last week the music of the immortal Hulk Hogan hit and Kennedy was set to finally face a huge hurdle only for Eugene to stride down the ramp, dressed in yellow and red, sporting his best Hogan imitation. This only infuriated the ‘Game Changer’ and Kennedy dispatched of Eugene almost instantly. Will tonight be the night Kennedy gets his wish or will he once again be denied the one thing he desires?

Also confirmed for tonight, the World Tag Team Champions will be in action as the Dudleyz take on a team with a point to prove, the Basham Brothers. Will Doug and Danny be able to prove exactly why they should join the party at Unforgiven where the Platform to Perfection will get their shot? Plus, Women’s Champion Victoria will be in action as she goes one on one with Torrie Wilson!!

Confirmed for tonight

Kane vs Shelton Benjamin

Victoria vs Torrie Wilson

The Dudley Boyz vs The Basham Brothers


We will hear from Muhammad Hassan and the Arabian Entity

And World Heavyweight Champion Batista, Edge, Christian, Chris Jericho and more will all be in attendance

Massive thanks to Jam and iMac for their SD feedback, appreciated as ever guys.
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