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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 1/8/05

We are now counting down the days until Summerslam as Monday Night Raw comes to you live from Detroit, Michigan with a mammoth showdown scheduled involving the Summerslam main event party.

Last week saw Batista escorted out of the arena by security only to return later in the night and take down Eric Bischoff’s army of guards as well as the quartet of William Regal, Mark Jindrak, Edge and the Big Red Machine, the number one contender to the World Title, Kane. As Batista looked to have cleaned house however, he was blindsided from out of nowhere by none other than Shawn Michaels. Following a dose of Sweet Chin Music, the Heartbreak Kid appeared to mutter the word ‘Payback’ to the Animal. Was this simply that? Payback on a Batistabomb suffered one week ago? Or was there more to it from the Special Guest Referee at Summerslam? Tonight Michaels and Batista will meet face to face inside the ring where the Showstopper will be allowed by his Personal Employer Eric Bischoff to explain himself. It is sure to be extremely heated as we head to Detroit!

Also scheduled for tonight is a huge tag team match as Chris Jericho will team with the World’s Largest Athlete, Big Show to take on the menacing duo of Edge and Mark Jindrak. It was confirmed several days ago that Edge will have to put his Money in the Bank contract on the line at Summerslam against Y2J and there is no doubting that Edge will be feeling the heat as we head towards the biggest party of the summer. Big Show meanwhile will be desperate to get his giant hands on Mark Jindrak. The Protégé continues to one up the former World Champion, will that continue here in Detroit or will Show and Jericho steal a march on their respective rivals?

Another big time match up has been signed for tonight, however we only know one participant and that man is Christian. Captain Charisma has his mind focused on August 21st when he has the opportunity to end the career of the Nature Boy, Ric Flair but tonight the former Intercontinental Champion has issued an open challenge, an open challenge with a catch. Christian has requested to face anybody from Ric Flair’s past to come to Detroit and face him one on one live on Raw. Who will step up and face the self proclaimed ‘Ric Flair of this generation‘? Will it be a blast from the past or will it be a more recent foe of the Nature Boy? We along with Christian are soon to find out!

After weeks of hype, weeks of anticipation, tonight will mark the debut of the cocky, loudmouth, Mr.Kennedy. Kennedy has been on our screens for several weeks, delivering damning verdicts on the majority of Raw’s roster, claming he’s here to entertain, that he’s here to become a star, that he’s coming to Raw to be a ‘game changer’. Will Kennedy live up to his word? We find out…tonight!

And finally, after two straight title defenses, tonight will mark the third consecutive week of Tag Team Title action as Bubba Ray and D-Von, the Dudley Boyz face the final test in their three week hurdle when they take on the dangerous duo of Daivari and Sonjay Dutt of the Arabian Entity. Will the Entity add the Tag Titles to Muhammad Hassan’s Intercontinental gold? Or will the Dudleyz prove once again why they’re still at the top of the food chain in the Tag Team division here on Raw?

Confirmed for tonight’s Raw:

Chris Jericho and Big Show vs. Edge and Mark Jindrak w/William Regal

Christian vs.?


The Debut of Mr.Kennedy

World Tag Team Championships:
The Dudley Boyz© vs. Daivari and Sonjay Dutt; The Arabian Entity


Batista and Shawn Michaels meet face to face

Thanks for the little comments up top iMac, appreciate it. Show should be up during the week and i'll be back to reviewing and catching up this week also.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Raw seems to be looking good, this feud between Shawn Michaels and Batista seems to be getting off to the right start. I have a feeling things will go further back in regards to Shawn's payback than just one week ago, probably dating back to his Evolution days which should be fun. Plus Bischoff as a tyrant heel GM is always a good thing.

Jericho to face Edge at Summeslam for the MITB Briefcase is probably going to steal the show, but in the meantime I have a feeling Jericho and Big Show will win. I am not too fond of Jindrak, to me he was just another bland big chizzled guy but that's me. Either way I hope you keep the MITB briefcase in the long run on Edge.

This Christian and Flair stuff is definately interesting. Huge Christian mark on my part and am loving the fact that you might have him end the career of Ric Flair, and push him to the stars afterwards. For tonight however, I can only assume that you'll have Christian face one of Flair's old buddies like Anderson for example, either way should be fun.

Debut of Mr. Kennedy = .

And I like the idea that you put together a new tag team, an the Arabian Entity is creative. Just have them win and go over Dudley Boys by the end of the feud and you'll be fine, Dudleys have done it all in that division and dont really need it, while a brand new team would benefit from a win against them.

It has been a while since I have came into this thread, been meaning to but never had the time to really review anyone as of late. If I recall, the last time I reviewed one of your shows was way-back at Judgement Day last year. So I am kind of out of things, not up to date with what is going on in the thread.

I'll try my best to catch Raw and from here bring myself up to speed with everything, other than that there isn't really much for me to say, besides all the best and continue what you are doing. You have done an excellent job of growing and improving from where you began and keeping consistant, and from here the only place to go is up.

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 1/8/05- Detroit; Michigan

We kick the show off with a video package from last week’s show, beginning with with the official return of Batista before we’re shown the weasel like General Manager Eric Bischoff escorting the World Champion out of the building via security, citing Batista not yet being medically cleared as the reason. We then go to what was supposed to be the main event between Big Show and the number one contender Kane, however chaos ensues as Show and Kane tear into one another before the bell can even ring as Bischoff’s cronies come down to his and Kane’s aid. Mark Jindrak, Big Show’s bitter rival along with his mentor William Regal join forces with Kane as well as Mr.Money in the Bank himself, Edge.

As the beat down continues, the Animal somehow finds his way back into the arena and storms the ring, destroying all the security who stood ringside for this one before getting his hands on Jindrak, Regal, Edge and the Big Red Machine himself before BAM!! In a shocking twist, Eric Bischoff’s Personal Employee, the man who will officiate the World title match at Summerslam and who has been ordered to ‘do the right thing’, Shawn Michaels delivered Sweet Chin Music to Batista, stunning the Milwaukee crowd. Michaels would then mouth the word ‘Payback’ to Batista.

We then go to the opening video and pyro!

Jim Ross: We are just twenty days away from the biggest party of the summer, Summerslam!! I’m Jim Ross, joined as ever by Jonathan Coachman and we welcome you LIVE to Monday Night Raw!

‘Break the Walls Down’

It’s a very solid pop that greets the musi of Y2J, Chris Jericho, absent last week but returning to action here tonight as we get things underway.

Jim Ross: And we are kicking things off with the Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla, Y2J himself, Chris Jericho! And Coach, Jericho has had to endure the actions of Edge now for weeks upon weeks and over the past seven days we have learned that Jericho will get the chance to get his hands on the Rated R Superstar as the two will go toe to toe once again in a blockbuster showdown at Summerslam.

The Coach: It’s what Edge has wanted ever since that defeat to Jericho back at Vengeance, but J.R I don’t think Edge wanted it to go down this way. He pleaded with Eric Bischoff for this match, he begged Eric Bischoff for this match but he didn’t expect our boss to do what he did. I…I…I’m still in shock J.R, really.

Jim Ross: Oh Edge absolutely did not expect the actions of Eric Bischoff because that match at Summerslam folks is only half the story. It will indeed be Edge and Jericho one on one at Summerslam, however Edge’s Money in the Bank contract WILL be on the line by order of Raw’s General Manager after Edge failed to carry out Bischoff’s instructions last week. A huge opportunity now when we head to our nation’s capital, August 21st for this man. Jericho could very well be money come Summerslam.

The Coach: I sure as hell hope not.

‘Crank it Up’

It’s the music of Jericho’s partner here tonight that hits next as out steps the seven foot, five hundred pound giant, Big Show to a nice pop from the crowd.

Jim Ross: Well another man who’s had it rough of late, much like Chris Jericho is the World’s Largest Athlete and as you can see by the look on his face, Big Show ain’t happy right about now Coach.

The Coach: I wouldn’t be either cowboy. Big Show’s been beaten, battered and bruised week after week. Mark Jindrak has got this five hundred pound piece of garbage in his pocket and that ain’t changing’ any time soon.

‘You think you Know me’


It’s immediate heat as the music of Mr.Money in the Bank hits and out steps Edge, briefcase in hand as he looks at the case before kissing his prized posession as the camera pans to the watching Jericho who sblacks a little before pointing at that briefcase.

Jim Ross: That right there ladies and gentleman shows you just how much that briefcase means to Edge. Inside lies the contract that guarantees a World Title opportunity any time Edge likes, right up until Wrestlemania 22 but that contract is now in serious jeopardy.

The Coach: It may be on the line come Summerslam J.R and as unfair that is on Edge, you know what? I think that all this is gonna do is drive Edge to another level. Edge has been desperate to write the wrongs from Vengeance and the fact that contract is on the line at Summerslam is only gonna make him more determined, more focused, more intent on beating that punk Jericho in eighteen nights time.

Jim Ross: You may be right Coach but the fact that contract’s on the line is gonna have the exact same effect on Chris Jericho. Jericho has labelled that as Edge’s ticket to the top, a place Jericho’s been before and a place he so desperately wants to reach again. It is HUGE stakes come Summerslam.

‘Born Naughty’

Again there’s strong boos as the music of William Regal hits and out comes the veteran Englishman alongside his ‘Protégé’ Mark Jindrak who gets set to join forces with the Money in the Bank holder.

Jim Ross: And here come two men who just continue to make Big Show’s life a total misery. Since William Regal has taken Mark Jindrak under his guidance we’ve seen a whole new side to the ’protégé’ as he’s been labelled. Jindrak is a nasty piece of work and Big Show’s experienced that first hand.

The Coach: And he ain’t the only one J.R. Jindrak has taken it to Batista, to Jericho, to Shawn Michaels. William Regal saw the potential in this kid and he’s maximising it, like the great leader that he is. These two are gonna go on to dominate J.R, DOMINATE Monday Night Raw.

Match One: Tag Team Match

Chris Jericho and Big Show vs. Edge and Mark Jindrak

It’s the Money in the Bank contract holder Edge who kicks this one off up against the 500 pounder Big Show and it’s Show who grabs a stranglehold on the match from the get go with Edge unable to conquer the enormous size difference, despite going after Show time and again.

Show deals with Edge’s attempts with consummate ease, acting as a pillar on Edge’s shoulder tackles whilst taking Edge down with a big right hand off Edge’s own clothesline attempt. Show then assumes full control as he picks apart the Rated R Superstar, whipping him across into the corner and charging, full steam ahead before clobbering Edge with a mammoth clothesline, met with a nice pop from the crowd.

Show then continues to make his mark, delivering his infamous chops across the chest, the echo heard around the arena for all as Edge grimaces in pain, his chest now looking a nice shade of pink as Show laughs a little bit, Edge stumbling out of the corner before clubbing Edge across the back, doubling the TLC specialist over . Show then grabs Edge by the hair, giving him a deathly glare, evil intentions in mind but Edge delivers a kick right to the knee cap breaking Show’s grip and sending the big man to one knee as Edge catches his breath.

Edge begins to take a run up as Show clutches his knee cap and Edge comes storming in with a low angle dropkick, taking Show’s head off!! Cover, 1...2...shoulder up from the former WWE Champion.

Edge runs his hands through his hair before getting to his feet and now begins to gain control over his larger opponent, keeping him grounded with several kicks to the ribs as Show grimaces. Edge then runs the ropes before delivering a pinpoint leg drop right across the mid section of Show as Edge now slowly heads over to his corner and tags in ‘The Protégé’ Mark Jindrak. Jindrak slowly hops through the ropes, sizing up Show with a menacing grin as we cut to William Regal who looks excited that his pet project will get his hands on his bitter rival here.

Jindrak begins to hammer away with stomps to the mid section of Show, picking up where Edge left off as he looks to keep Show grounded. Jindrak then drops to his knees and grabs the back of Show’s neck, bringing his head up and beginning to slowly, viciously hammer away with left hands right to the forehead of the giant. Jindrak then looks around the crowd who boo him profusely as he lets out that smirk once again before delivering one more DEVASTATING left hand before hopping to his feet and taunting the crowd to more big heat.

We see William Regal applauding on the outside before Jindrak goes back to work on Show, bringing him to his feet, nailing a forearm followed by a kick to the mid section as Jindrak appears to…appears to be going for a suplex!! Can Jindrak lift the giant up? He’s tugging away, desperate to scoop Show up but Show’s refusing, holding in for all he’s got and…reversal!! Show finds it in him to scoop Jindrak up high and drop him with a massive suplex!!

Jindrak is down but Show’s still struggling after the pummelling just taken as Jericho stretches out an arm, desperate for the tag. Edge does likewise, clearly wanting in on this thing now as both Jindrak and Show start to crawl towards their partners, who will get there first?

Show appears to be within arm’s reach now of Jericho as Jindrak struggles a little more to get to Edge and SHOW MAKES THE TAG!! Here comes Jericho! Jindrak tags in Edge and the two bitter enemies charge at one another!! Jericho and Edge laying into each other, right hand by Jericho, right hand by Edge, the crowd are all fired up here! It’s an all out fist fight and it’s Jericho who’s getting on top, Edge being forced back towards the ropes, Irish whip by Jericho, Edge rebounds right into a dropkick by Jericho!

Jericho races over to Edge and into a cover, 1...2...kick out by the Money in the Bank winner as Jericho quickly brings him to his feet, nailing more right hands. Irish whip by Jericho, Edge comes back at him as Jericho swings for a clothesline, ducked underneath by Edge, kick to the mid section, swinging neck breaker! NO! Counter by Jericho, shoves Edge off of him, Edge spins round, kick to the mid section, DDT!! DDT by Jericho!! Cover again, 1...2...3...NO!! JINDRAK BREAKS THE COUNT!!

Jindrak breaks things up, delivering a brutal kick to the head of Jericho, forcing the former Undisputed Champion off of Edge as BIG SHOW comes storming through the ropes but Jindrak hightails it back to his corner, the referee having to step in Show’s path to stop him, ordering him back to his corner as William Regal pats his Protégé on the back there.

Edge begins to stir as Jericho looks down and out following that vicious kick. Edge slowly uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet as Jindrak yells ‘I want in’ and Edge looks at his partner as if to say ‘He’s mine’. The Rated R Superstar heads over to Jericho who is now moving and brings him to his feet, clobbering him with a hard right hand before a kick to the mid section as Edge now hoists him up and drops him down with a nice side slam. Into the cover by Edge, 1...2..shoulder up by Jericho, Edge mouthing ‘Damn it’ as Y2J stays alive.

Wiping the hair away from his face, Edge goes right back to work on Jericho and applies a sleeper hold on his rival, looking to keep him down, looking to finally get the win over his adversary. Jericho looks in a world of trouble as Edge wrenches the hold in, a look of sheer determination in his eyes as the crowd along with Big Show will on Jericho, clapping their hands together in the hope that Jericho escapes here.

Jericho is reaching out, hoping for some kind of route away but he’s dead centre of the ring as Edge locks it in all the harder, the referee checking on Jericho here as…oh an elbow from Jericho! Fight left in the Ayatollah of Rock ‘N Rolla. Elbow from Jericho again and another as Edge is taken off guard. ANOTHER elbow and the hold is broken! Edge appears a little winded as Jericho breaks free and gets to his feet, Edge charges, clothesline, NO! Jericho ducks it, backbreaker!! Big time backbreaker by Y2J!! Can he make the cover?? No is the answer as Jericho struggles for breath, instead lying on the mat in clear discomfort with Edge down also, perhaps time for a tag here?

Or perhaps not! Jericho gets to his feet, Edge still down as Jericho looks around this encouraging crowd, Walls of Jericho time!! Jericho grabs the legs of Edge who kicks out in a desperate attempt not to get locked in, Jericho looks to turn over but Edge kicks him away. Edge manages to get out of dodge and scurries over to his corner, tagging in Jindrak, wanting nothing to do with Y2J. Jindrak looks shocked but after a moments hesitation he steps back into this thing and he’s met with a big right hand by Jericho!

Jericho is taking to the young up and comer and Jindrak appears to have no answer as Jericho fires away with right hands, every one met with a cheer from the Detroit faithful. Jindrak is up against the ropes now as Jericho fires away with some stinging knife edge chops, ‘Woooo’, ‘Woooo’, Irish whip now from Jericho, Jindrak rebounds, Arm Drag from Y2J but Jindrak counters, Irish whip to Jericho who rebounds right into a beautiful fall away slam!! Textbook stuff from Jindrak, cover, 1...2...3...NO, Jericho with the shoulder up right on cue!!

Jindrak pounds the mat, not understanding how that didn’t get the job done as he immediately brings Jericho to his feet again, delivering some of those devastating left hands of his but Jericho now responds with a right of his own from out of nowhere! Fist fight ensuing here but Jindrak blocks Jericho off and swings one more, ducked by Jericho, Jericho spins around, looks for a kick, Jindrak catches his boot, ENZIGURI!! Wow, émigré from Jericho who now looks towards his corner where he sees Big Show who is desperate to get his hands on Jindrak here, the crowd are desperate too and Jericho heads over, makes the tag, here comes Show!!

Show bounds over the top rope and immediately signals for a choke slam! He’s not gonna waste any time here but Edge comes back in, SPEAR!!! SPEAR TO BIG SHOW!! Spear from out of nowhere!! OH TAKE DOWN BY JERICHO!! Jericho and Edge are going at it!! It’s absolute chaos! Show and Jindrak are down, Edge and Jericho now beating the hell out of each other, both men on the mat, swinging rights.

Jericho gets to his feet, Edge also as Jericho takes Edge over the top with a clothesline!! Edge falls to the outside, Jericho in pursuit, wanting more of his arch rival here.

Inside the ring and Show is holding his ribs, clearly hurt by the impact there as Jindrak begins to stir. Jericho meanwhile has Edge up on the outside and he tosses Edge into the crowd, following him right behind!! This thing’s spilling all over the arena now!! Jericho steps over and he’s caught with an elbow by Edge, winding the former Undisputed champion.

Back inside and Jindrak is almost up again, Show is to his knees as J.R informs us that Jericho and Edge are battling right the way through the crowd as we get a shot of them swinging rights again.

Jindrak is now up meanwhile, Show also but a little more hurt as Jindrak charges with a big boot but Show ducks it!! Jindrak is spun back round right into a hand around the throat, choke slam time!! No Jindrak manages to wriggle free and falls to his knees, the referee momentarily checking on him as BAM!!! BRASS KNUCKS!! BRASS KNUCKS FROM WILLIAM REGAL TO BIG SHOW!!

The crowd are going ape shit here as the referee turns back round to see Regal back on the outside, Show is fallen as Jindrak crawls into a cover, surely not this way? 1...2...3...he got him, Jindrak steals it!

Winners: Edge and Mark Jindrak(12:46)

Jim Ross: Oh Jindrak steals it!! Damn it!! William Regal with the Brass Knucks!! Is somebody ever gonna put a stop to these two men?!

The Coach: Brilliant!! J.R can William Regal get any smarter?! Mark Jindrak just pinned Big Show AGAIN ha ha!

Jim Ross: Are you kidding me?! Jindrak had Regal do his dirty work!

The Coach: A win’s a win J.R. The record books will have it down, Mark Jindrak beats Big Show again. You are looking at the future right there.

Jim Ross: Well I still believe that….oh the fight is still goin’ on!! The fight is on here!!

The camera then heads off backstage where we see Chris Jericho and Edge still brawling through the back, laying into one another with right hands as we begin to see officials flocking towards the two men. Jericho appears to be on top in this thing as he forces Edge back but we then see around ten to fifteen backstage workers and officials start to separate these two as Jericho yells ‘C’mon, c’mon tough guy’ as Edge grits his teeth, looking desperate to break the officials clutches and take down Y2J. We then see both men being pulled further away in opposite directions as Edge lashes out with a kick to some kind of cabinet and we head off.


We return and head over to the announce table to a shot of J.R and Coach.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and before the commercial break we saw, well, we saw what can only be described as a straight up fight between Edge and Chris Jericho.

We go to a replay of the events before the break with Jericho and Edge dismantling one another backstage before the inevitable break up.

Jim Ross: Well these two bitter rivals simply wanna tear each other apart Coach and that match at Summerslam, I don’t think it’s gonna be anything other than a brawl between Edge and Jericho

The Coach: If that’s the way it’s gonna go down then you better believe Chris Jericho will be put in his place by the Rated R Superstar come August 21st. When Edge is as intense as that, when Edge has got it all on the line, he delivers, he did it at Wrestlemania to win that Money in the Bank contract and he’s gonna do it again at Summerslam. Mark my words.

Jim Ross: Well lets take you over now to our colleague Todd Grisham who is standing by waiting to talk to us.

We cut away backstage where Grisham is positioned, ready for his first interview of the evening.

Todd Grisham: Thanks J.R and joining me at this time, he is the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. Please welcome, Kane.

Kane appears into shot, a very angry look across his face as he scowls at Grisham which shakes the scrawny interviewer up a little bit.

Todd Grisham: Kane last week you were scheduled to take on Big Show in our main event only to see the arrivals of Mark Jindrak, William Regal and Edge before the emergence of Batista back into the building. How did you feel as Batista came down that ramp headed after you?

Kane begins to laugh a little bit here.

Kane: I felt great Todd. I thought that by now people would realise, people would understand that I am not afraid of anybody, that I am not afraid of any challenge thrown in my direction. When somebody wants to pick a fight with me, when somebody wants to cross my path, all I feel…all I feel is a sense of joy.

Kane looks up high, smiling, looking quite disturbed here.

Kane: That joy I feel is because there is nothing more I love than inflicting pain, than beating down, than sending a message to those who try and step in my way and that message? That message is one that they are not going to enjoy ha ha and Dave Batista? Dave Batista is no different.

Kane strokes his chin a little, still displaying that evil smirk of his.

Kane: Since Batista’s come back, I’ve had to endure people talking, people whispering, murmuring that Batista is on some kind of warpath, that Batista is on a path of destruction around here and that I am in his way. Do-do people not know who I am Todd? Do people not understand just what I am capable of?

Kane tilts his head as he looks in Grisham’s direction.

Kane: I think that you are all forgetting just what I did to Batista. I think that you are all forgetting that I was the one who put Batista on the shelf, that I took Batista out. But now? Now Batista’s made his ‘big’ triumphant return, everybody’s happy, everybody’s excited that their hero has come back, that their hero is coming after me. Well let me ask you a question, why? Why are these people happy he’s back?

Todd Grisham: I…I don’t…I

Kane: I’ll tell you why they’re happy. They’re happy because what they expect is that come Summerslam, Dave Batista will get his hands on me, that Dave Batista will teach me a lesson, that maybe, just maybe Eric Bischoff will feel the wrath of Dave Batista too. Well let me give all of those people who believe that a reality check.

Kane now looks directly at the camera.

Kane: None of that is going to transpire. Not one single word of that will prove to be true and I’m sure you’re all wanting to know why, well here’s the answer. You people should be devastated Batista’s come back, that he’s coming after me, you should be DEVASTATED! Because all that is gonna happen to your beloved Batista is that I, ha ha, I am going to do to him the exact same thing I did to him before. I am going to take Batista…out.

Kane laughs to himself again.

Kane: But this time it’s gonna be a whole lot worse because not only am I gonna take the Animal out, not only am I going to put Batista on the shelf again, I’m gonna ensure that this time? This time he doesn’t…come…back.

Strong heat for the Big Red Machine here.

Kane: So for all those people who are excited at the prospect of Summerslam, at the prospect of Batista beating me, at the thought of Shawn Michaels even playing his part in it all, well you’re all in for a very…very rude awakening.

Kane’s intensity levels have risen now here.

Kane: Come August 21st, what‘s going to happen is that I am going to dominate your precious Batista. I'm gonna put him back on the injured list, Shawn Michaels is going to count one, two, three as I put down the Animal and you are all going to be looking at the new World…Heavyweight…Champion.

Kane begins to laugh again as he heads off and we return ringside.

We return and we get a shot of the crowd who are still pretty excitable despite not much going on since the earlier tag match as we then return to see Lilian Garcia in the ring as well as Eugene who is bouncing up and down excitedly, clearly set for action here.


‘Turn up the Trouble’

There’s relative silence as this unfamiliar music hits but it’s soon apparent as to who it is for as out steps the man who for weeks has informed us he’s on his way to Monday nights, the arrogant loudmouth, Mr.Kennedy.

Jim Ross: Well we have heard over the past several weeks from this man ladies and gentleman. He is loud, he is arrogant, he is obnoxious, he is Mr.Kennedy and he believes he’s all set to take Monday Night Raw by storm.

The Coach: He believes it because it’s true J.R. I’ve listened to this guy, I’ve heard what he’s had to say and he means business baby. Kennedy ain’t comin’ here to pick up a paycheque, he ain‘t comin‘ here to sit in people‘s shadow, Kennedy’s here to win him some gold.

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Genleman, making his Monday Night Raw debut, weighing in at two hundred, forty f…

Garcia has the mic snatched from her grasp by Kennedy which draws him some heat already as he tosses her microphone to the outside and then looks up to the heavens before stretching an arm up high as a microphone is lowered from the rafters and the arena goes dark bar a spotlight that shines bright on Kennedy.

Jim Ross: What the hell was that for? What the hell did he do that to Lilian for? She was just tryi…

The Coach: She was just getting in this man’s way. Let the guy speak J.R. I wanna hear this, we ALL wanna hear this.

Kennedy is cockily chewing gum as his music quietens down and he gets ready to enlighten us.

Mr.Kennedy: First thing’s first. Lilian, lovely, lovely Lilian, let me teach you a couple things sweetheart. From now on you DO NOT introduce me to these people cos quite frankly you aren’t worthy of carrying out such a…such a prestigious honour, leave that to the professionals around here.

Heat again for Kennedy as Lilian looks horrified.

Mr.Kennedy: So without further a due. Ahem.

Kennedy clears his throat.

Mr.Kennedy: Ladies and gentleman, it is now time, it is now the moment you have allllllllll been waiting for. Tonight in this very ring, against this…this special little individual, you will witness the arrival of the man who will single handedly…change the entire face of Monday Night Raw, who will change the entire face of the W…W…E.

Kennedy breathes for a second before going off again, finished staring at Eugene.

Mr.Kennedy: Tonight will be marked upon as a defining moment in this industry, mark my freakin‘ words on that. A star is born, a game changer is displayed right in front of your very eyes. So you should all feel privileged that you are about to see the debut of a man who weighs in at a quite astonishing two hundred forty five pounds, who hails from Greeeeeeeen Bayyyyyyyyyyy, Wisconsinnnnnnnnnnn.

Kennedy displays a look of intensity now.

Mr.Kennedy: Tonight you will all bask in the glory of witnessing the one, the only……… MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR……….KENNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Kennedy has the mic held high as the fans boo the crazed new superstar.


Kennedy then tosses the mic up high as the lights come back on and we see Eugene backed up in the corner as Kennedy spits his gum out and gets set for action.

The Coach: WOW!! This man may just be the greatest superstar of all time J.R!!

Jim Ross: What? The guy hasn’t even had a damn match Coach!!

The Coach: Wait and see J.R. Just wait and see.

Match Two: Singles Match

Mr.Kennedy vs. Eugene

The first minute of the match is Kennedy toying with poor Eugene, shaking his hand to begin with in a sarcastic manner as Eugene looks quite excited to be doing so, Kennedy simply laughing. The two then go to lock up but Kennedy breaks away asking Eugene if it’s alright for him to have a stretch, Eugene obliges as he claps his hands while Kennedy stretches against the ropes, getting a little heat here.

Kennedy finally finishes stretches, citing that he’s ‘done’ before circling the ring, Eugene doing likewise before they lock up again and this time Kennedy forces Eugene into the turnbuckle before delivering a big shoulder into Eugene’s mid section followed by shoulder after shoulder as Eugene stumbles outta the corner.

Eugene clutches his stomach as Kennedy asks the referee ‘Is he alright?’ Kennedy then goes over to Eugene and asks him ‘You ok kid?’ ‘You alright?’ Eugene nods his head, holding his stomach as Kennedy shows his ‘sympathy’ and puts an arm around Eugene, continuing to ask him if he’s alright. Kennedy then SLAPS Eugene right across the chops, drawing BIG TIME heat from the crowd as he laughs like a little prick.

Eugene stumbles backwards holding his face before turning round and is met with some stiff right hands from Kennedy, kick to the mid section before a snap suplex drops Raw’s special superstar. Kennedy heads over into a cover, 1...2...KENNEDY STOPS THE COUNT!!

Kennedy pulls himself up and says ‘Not just yet Jack’ as he brings Eugene to his feet and tosses him into the corner. Eugene is perched as Kennedy takes a run up, continuing to interact with the crowd as he tells them ‘Watch this, you’re gonna like it’ as Kennedy charges and almost turns Eugene inside out with a venomous clothesline!! Eugene stumbles once again out of the corner as Kennedy grabs Eugene and DROPS HIM WITH THE MIC CHECK!! Cover by Kennedy, 1...2...3...he got him

Winner: Mr.Kennedy(4:10)

The Coach: I told ya J.R!! This guy is gonna equal greatness, we’re lookin’ at a star!! Go and ask Eugene, c’mon J.R, go and ask him.

Jim Ross: Oh would you give it a rest Coach? That was no doubt impressive from Mr.Kennedy but I don’t thi…

The Coach: Shut your mouth J.R!! The man has a microphone, he talks, you listen!!

Kennedy does indeed have his own lowered from the rafters microphone once again.

Mr.Kennedy: I really, really hate to say i told ya so but folks, the evidence don't get much clearer than this. The wiiiiiiiinner of this matchhhhhh via pinfall………MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR….KENNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Wait for it.


The microphone heads back up as Kennedy struts that cocky smirk and exit’s the ring to a fair amount of boos considering he’s only just debuted. Coach is now standing and applauding Kennedy as he walks away.

Jim Ross: Oh for cryin’ out loud, would you sit down and do your job Coach?

The Coach: I’m doin’ my job and you should be doin’ yours cowboy. When you get to be a part of history, when you get to watch a man of this talent do his thing, strut his stuff, you damn sure better applaud him for it.

Jim Ross: Gimme a break.

Kennedy waves to the fans at the top of the stage in a sarcastic prick kinda way before departing as we head off.


We return and head backstage and we are taken into the office of Eric Bischoff. The sight of Bischoff immediately draws strong heat from the crowd with Bischoff smiling in the direction of….Shawn Michaels!! Michaels appears on screen to a nice pop as ever, though there are a few boos in the mix, probably for his actions last week.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn, last week was just…it was…I can’t even describe how great it was, how proud I was of what you did to Batista last week. I didn’t think you had it in you!!

Bischoff pats Michaels on the back in a friendly way with Michaels not responding too kindly.

Shawn Michaels: Let me make one thing crystal clear to ya Eric. Last week? Last week had absolutely nothing to do with you, it had nothing to do with me working for you. You were not involved in any way, shape or form, ya understand that?

Michaels make it painfully clear for the GM here.

Eric Bischoff: Hey I understand and to be honest Shawn I don’t care whether that was for me, for you, for whoever, all I care about is that you did a damn good job last week.

Bischoff begins to laugh sinisterly.

Eric Bischoff: You may not realise it Shawn but you’re starting to turn things around. Really, you are. You’re starting to see the light, you’re starting to see things…the Eric Bischoff way.

Boos meet this statement as Michaels smirks.

Shawn Michaels: Eric, no matter how long you have me under this contract for, no matter how long I have to turn up to work every week and listen to all the crap that comes outta your mouth, I will never and I hope to God that you listen real carefully to this. I will never…start to see things your way.

This is met with a very nice pop for the Showstopper as Bischoff’s demeanour changes a little.

Eric Bischoff: Like I said Shawn, you simply haven’t realised it yet but soon enough it’ll click inside that head o’ yours. One day Shawn you’re gonna turn up and you’re gonna think to yourself, ‘You know what? Eric was right’.

Bischoff begins smiling again now.

Eric Bischoff: And later on out there tonight? You’re gonna do things the right way again Shawn, just like you’re gonna do things the right way at Summerslam. Tonight when you go face to face with Dave Batista you’re gonna tell him exactly how you feel. Don’t beat around the bush Shawn, don’t bottle up those feelings deep down inside of you, let it all out, let Batista feel your...feel your pain.

Michaels hangs his head a little here, perhaps Bischoff’s words ringing true somewhat.

Eric Bischoff: I promise you Shawn, whether you like it or not, eventually, you’re gonna see the light. Tonight? Tonight’s another step on that road and hey y’know what? I can not wait to see it.

Bischoff again pats Michaels on the back before heading off as Michaels looks at where Bischoff hit him and grits his teeth, clearly frustrated that there’s nothing he can do revolving the GM.

We then head off elsewhere backstage and once again join Todd Grisham who is standing by ready to speak to us.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, joining me at this time, the man who meets Muhammad Hassan for the Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam, Shelton Benjamin.

Benjamin appears into shot, looking a lot happier than he has been recently and is met with a nice reception from the crowd.

Todd Grisham: Shelton last week saw your tag team partner score a huge victory, defeating Muhammad Hassan to earn you an Intercontinental Title shot. How grateful are you to Charlie Haas for his performance last week?

Shelton Benjamin: Grateful? Grateful isn’t a strong enough word to describe how I feel about Charlie’s performance last week. Me and Charlie are as close as can be, the guy’s my best friend in this business Todd and what he did last week meant the world to me, really, it did.

Benjamin nods as he seems a little emotional almost.

Shelton Benjamin: Charlie’s been in my ear ever since he was drafted to Raw. He’s been sayin’ ‘Shelton man, when are we goin’ after the Tag titles?’ ‘Shelton, you’ve had your title shot, now it’s time for US to win some gold’. But I’ve had to put Charlie’s hopes to one side cos I just can’t focus on anything but that Intercontinental title, not until I get a fair shot, not until I get a fair crack at what I deserve.

This is met with a decent pop from the crowd once more.

Shelton Benjamin: Now any normal guy wouldn’t take too kindly to that. Any normal guy would flip out, would say ‘Shelton, forget it, I’m done’ and that’s exactly what Charlie could’ve done. Last week he could’ve easily went out there against Hassan and not given a damn. And hey, I probably would’ve held my hands up and said y’know what? Fair enough Charlie, fair enough.

Benjamin nods his head as he says this.

Shelton Benjamin: But Charlie Haas? Charlie Haas ain’t no normal guy Todd. Charlie Haas isn’t that kinda guy. Charlie Haas is the kinda guy who has your back, who no matter what you put him through, he stands by your side and he steps up to the plate and for that I am forever in debt to him.

A nice bit of applause there for Benjamin’s strong words.

Shelton Benjamin: And I promise right here, right now. Once Summerslam’s come and gone and I WIN the Intercontinental title, me and Charlie will go after the Tag Team Titles and we will once again prove exactly why we’re the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

Benjamin then stops as we see the man himself appear into shot to a pretty nice pop, Charlie Haas.

Shelton Benjamin: Speak of the devil. How’s it goin’ man?

Benjamin and Haas embrace with Haas looking in a pretty buoyant mood.

Charlie Haas: Pretty good, pretty good but hey, can’t be as good as you must be feelin’ right? I mean you got your shot man, this is it, Summerslam, you take the big one home.

Benjamin smiles as Haas builds his confidence all the more.

Shelton Benjamin: Damn straight man. I was just telling Todd here how grateful I am for last week y’know? Meant a lot for you to go out there and do that for me. I mean, I didn’t expect any less but still, I appreciate it and as soon as I win that bad boy back August 21st, me and you are goin’ for some gold! I’ll catch ya later man.

Haas and Shelton shake hands again both bouncing around happily as Shelton then heads off and Haas is placed next to Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Charlie can I just get a quick word on your thoughts on all this? I mean you were adamant that Shelton should simply focus on the Tag Team Titles, yet you helped him gain this shot come Summerslam.

Haas pauses for a second, not answering.

Charlie Haas: I’m a professional wrestler Todd. Every single time I step inside that ring, I give it my all, no matter who my opponent, no matter what the stipulation may be and last week I did exactly that. And now? Now Shelton gets exactly what he’s wanted and to be honest he deserves it. Hassan’s put him through a lotta crap these past few months, Shelton’s really struggled and come Summerslam, that’ll all come to an end, once and for all.

Haas looks confident.

Charlie Haas: And then? Then finally, at long last me and Shelton can move on from this, move on to what our real goal is, move on…to the Tag Team Championships.

Haas then goes to walk away but Grisham reluctantly follows.

Todd Grisham: Bu-but Charlie, how can you be so sure? I mean the Entity are gonna be in Muhammad Hassan’s corner once again at Summerslam.

Charlie Haas: Oh I’m sure this will come to an end come Summerslam Todd. Infact I know…it will come to an end.

Haas looks Grisham dead in the eye before walking away as Grisham looks a little confused by Haas’ words and we head back ringside.

'Arab America’

We return and immediately hear the oh so familiar music of Muhammad Hassan and the Arabian Entity as out steps Sonjay Dutt and Daivari, all set for their big tag team title opportunity here tonight.

Jim Ross: Well Charlie Haas has made his intentions clear. Shelton Benjamin’s quest for gold ends at Summerslam and after that, his quest begins. Speaking of Tag teams Coach it’s been a hell of a ride these past few weeks involving the Tag Team Titles. The Dudley Boyz defended their gold successfully against the Basham Brothers as well as Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth last week, however it hasn’t come without controversy.

The Coach: Controversy’s an understatement. Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth were on their way to becoming Tag Team Champions last week only to have it ruined by those damn Basham Brothers. We were about to see the Tag Team titles become perfected!

Jim Ross: I think you’re forgetting that these two men played a huge role last week. Sonjay Dutt and Daivari were the ones who looked set to cost the Dudleyz their titles, only for the Bashams to even the odds and come to the aid of our Tag Team Champions.

The Coach: The Bashams had no right being anywhere near that ring last week and you know it J.R. Made me sick, I used to have a whole lotta respect for those guys, not any more, not a freakin’ chance.

‘Yeah, We’re Comin’ Down’

It’s a nice pop that greets the music of the World Tag Team Champions as Bubba Ray and D-Von head down to the ring, looking pretty fired up.

Jim Ross: Well I think the Bashams have certainly earned the respect of these two men over the past couple of weeks. The Dudleyz have had a real hard task in having to defend their titles three weeks in a row, culminating here tonight and if it wasn’t for the Bashams last week, they may not be holdin’ those titles.

The Coach: May not? They would not J.R. These two guys need to take a good long look at themselves in the mirror and realise they just don’t have it any more. Move on, let guys like Doane, Nemeth, Dutt, Daivari, REAL talent shine rather than take up their opportunities. Makes me sick J.R.

Match Three: World Tag Team Championships

The Dudley Boyz© vs. The Arabian Entity; Sonjay Dutt and Daivari

Daivari starts this one out for the Entity whilst D-Von does so for the champions as the two men begin circling the ring. Eventually they tie up and it’s D-Von who gains control, the size difference evident as the much larger D-Von forces Daivari back and into the corner before breaking up the lock and beginning to deliver some stern right hands.

D-Von keeps up the pressure as he now begins to stomp away at the mid section of Daivari who slouches into the corner with D-Von continuing to hammer away, clearly pumped up here tonight as the referee has to restrain one half of the champions. D-Von composes himself a little before going back at Daivari, pulling him upright before nailing an elbow to the head. Irish whip now from D-Von but a reversal by the Entity member as D-Von falls into the opposite turnbuckle and he’s met with a huge jumping knee to the skull!!

The fans ooooh as the impact can be felt around the arena with Daivari’s knee smashing into D-Von’s head there. D-Von slumps falling out of the corner as Daivari charges and drops D-Von to the mat with a bulldog! Cover by Daivari, 1...2..shoulder up in the nick of time by D-Von there as Daivari appears a little disappointed.

Daivari now takes charge of this one, looking to keep D-Von grounded as he delivers several stiff kicks to the back of D-Von’s head before dropping some pinpoint elbows, looking to wear D-Von down. Daivari takes a moment or so before dragging D-Von away from the centre of the ring towards his corner and tags in Sonjay Dutt to this one now.

Dutt hops over the ropes, lively as ever and immediately picks up where his partner left off, dropping some elbows onto the back of D-Von’s head, the top of his neck as D-Von grimaces in pain here. Dutt then draws D-Von up, nailing a kick to the mid section, Dutt now runs the ropes and takes D-Von down beautifully with a running spinning heel kick!! D-Von is floored as Dutt scrambles into a cover, 1...2...3...NO!! Dutt with the nearest of near falls as D-Von continues to struggle here.

Dutt bangs the mat in frustration before getting to his feet and draws D-Von to his also, looking to keep the momentum going as he clubs D-Von across the back of his neck again, clearly a target spot for the Entity before a kick to the gut from Dutt. Irish whip now from the high flier and Dutt charges right behind him but D-Von responds with a big elbow knocking Dutt away! Dutt spins out of the corner and spins right back round as D-Von flies from the middle rope taking Dutt down with a flying shoulder block!!

D-Von immediately clutches his neck however as he tries to get back up but appears to be struggling, Dutt clearly struggling also as D-Von heads towards his corner, evidently wanting to tag in Bubba to this thing. Dutt looks headed for his corner also as Daivari stretches out an arm, desperate for his partner to reach him. It appears as though D-Von’s gonna get there first but Dutt’s speed appears to be helping him, both men now a whisker away after slow starts to react but it’s D-VON WHO GETS THERE FIRST!! Here comes Bubba!! Dutt makes it too and Daivari comes storming in but it’s Bubba who takes it to him!!

Bubba’s straight to it with right hands before the classic Bubba Ray jabs begin as Daivari has no answer. Left jab, Right jab, Daivari is all over the shop before Bubba drops him with the point of his elbow, cover by Bubba, 1...2...Dutt breaks up the count!!

Dutt jumps all over Bubba as D-Von re-enters the ring and SPEAR!! WOW!! D-Von spears Dutt through the ropes, taking himself down in the process!! Both men crash and burn to the outside as D-Von immediately writhes around in agony, holding that targeted neck area, Dutt clutching his left ankle, perhaps an awkward landing for the cruiserweight there as both Bubba and Daivari lay down in the middle of the ring as the legal men.

Bubba claws his way to the ropes as Daivari gets to his knees, holding his forehead after the effect of Bubba’s stiff shots. Bubba draws himself up, Daivari a little slower as Bubba heads after the little man but he’s met with an elbow to the gut, followed by another as Bubba is doubled over and he’s caught with a massive dropkick from out of nowhere by Daivari!! Cover on Bubba, 1...2..kick out from the veteran as Daivari demands a faster count from the official.

Daivari picks himself out and dusts himself down again before looking at Bubba, clearly not all that sure what his next move should be as he then looks to the outside where he sees D-Von and Dutt still down and out as Daivari now heads over to the turnbuckle and begins to scale the ropes, Daivari’s going up top!

Daivari steadies himself as Bubba gets to his feet, he turns around to see Daivari fly, cross body, NO!! Bubba caught him!! Powerslam!! Powerslam by Bubba!! Crawls into the cover, 1...2...3...NO!! Daivari just about survives as the crowd thought this one was over.

Bubba sits back up and looks stunned as he picks himself up and we see Dutt and D-Von beginning to stir on the outside with Bubba going over to check on what’s going down, peering through the ropes before refocusing inside the ring where…HEY!!! WHAT THE HELL?! Bubba is blindsided by KEN DOANE AND NICK NEMETH!!

The Platform to Perfection come from nowhere and take Bubba down and now begin to pick apart the champion, stomping a mudhole on him as…OH HERE COME THE BASHAMS!! Danny and Doug Basham making a bee line for the ring, for the Perfectionists!! The referee calls for the bell as the Bashams and PTP go to war!!

Result: No Contest(9:13)

D-Von and Dutt see what’s going down and D-Von heads to go in and stop all this but Dutt has other ideas and grabs D-Von from behind, slamming his head off the apron and tossing D-Von inside the ring, following him right behind! Dutt now stomps the hell out of D-Von as Daivari gets to his feet and begins to stomp the crap out of Bubba with this thing spiralling out of control.

Jim Ross: It’s chaos here in Detroit!! The Dudleyz, the Bashams, the Perfectionists and the Entity are goin’ to war!!

The Coach: Get ‘em Ken, Get ‘em Nick!!

It’s carnage as the Basham’s are slogging it out with the Platform to Perfection, both teams beating the holy hell out of each other whilst Bubba and D-Von are now up and on their feet, the Entity having lost momentum and these four are going toe to toe also.

Jim Ross: These eight men all want the same thing, these eight men all want the World Tag Team Titles but I don’t think the Dudleyz are letting their gold slip away without a fight Coach!!

The Coach: Dutt, Daivari kick their ass all over this stinking arena!! Out with the old, in with the new!!

Finally the brawl ends as Doane pokes Danny Basham in the eye and gets outta the ring, dragging Nemeth from his feet out of the ring also and hightailing it up the ramp. Doug Basham looking on furiously as we see Bubba Ray toss Daivari over the top rope but Daivari lands on his feet and now he too drags Dutt under the bottom rope by his feet, the Bashams and Dudleyz standing tall in the ring with PTP and the Entity clearly rattled by the solidarity shown here from their rivals, clearly wanting out of this crazy situation as we head away from the chaos.


We return to Raw and we immediately head backstage where we see all of the eight men involved in that brawl before the commercial. The Dudleyz, Platform to Perfection, the Basham’s and the Entity are all arguing as Eric Bischoff stands in the middle of it all.

Eric Bischoff: ENOUGH!! HEY, HEY!! I SAID ENOUGH!!

Finally the arguing dies down as all eight men look like they wanna rip each other apart here.

Eric Bischoff: Now I am sick and tired of all this crap that’s been goin’ on with you guys and we’re gonna find a way to settle this. But, rather than the predictable, me sticking you all up against each other, that’s not what we’re gonna do. No, no, see Eric Bischoff doesn’t do easy, Eric Bischoff doesn’t do predictable.

Bischoff looks at each of the men before continuing.

Eric Bischoff: So here’s what we’re gonna do. Summerslam, it’s gonna be the World Tag Team Champions, Bubba Ray and D-Von, the Dudley Boyz teaming…with the Basham Brothers.

Bubba Ray Dudley: What?

Doug Basham: Bubba’s right Eric, what the hell is that about? I mean, c’mon we may respect Bubba and D-Von but we want what they’ve got.

Eric Bischoff: If you’d all let me explain. It’ll be you guys teaming up to take on Ken Doane, Nick Nemeth, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari in an eight man tag team match.

Decent pop for that but everyone looks confused.

Nick Nemeth: An eight man tag team match? Eight…man…tag team match. Eric I think you’ve kinda forgotten that there are only TWO men who hold the Tag titles and there are only TWO men who deserve a shot at them and hey, it ain‘t the Arabian Knights and it damn sure ain‘t the Chuckle Brothers.

Daivari: Hey!! You watch your mouth punk!!

Eric Bischoff: Alright, alright, I get it, you all want the Tag Team titles but here‘s where it gets interesting. Whoever scores the winning pinfall in this match will earn their team a Tag Team title shot at Unforgiven. IF and in my eyes this is a very big if. If either of you two, Bubba, D-Von, if either of you two score the winning pinfall you will get to pick your opponents come Unforgiven. Now get the hell outta my office before I have you thrown out.

The fans pop for this announcement as the Dudleyz look very sternly at the Basham’s, knowing that they want to win this match but need to be the ones who do so while PTP and the Entity do likewise.

Eric Bischoff: I said, GET OUT!!

The teams then leave, all looking a little pissed off about this situation as we head away and back ringside.

Jim Ross: Well a HUGE announcement there from our General Manager regarding the World Tag Team Titles but folks we’d now like to take you back to last week where….well, where we saw a pretty disturbing video from Christian. Let’s take a look.

We are shown that same video as last week where we're led to a simple enough looking street, there are several houses to the left of our picture as well as to our right. The houses are all fairly standard looking homes, nothing too fancy, not too shabby however, as we see a loose dog running around the grass outside one particular house and some children playing on another patch in what just looks like a nice little neighbourhood. A few cars slowly drive up and down before suddenly out pops in front of the camera from out of nowhere, Christian.

Christian looks directly at the camera before beginning to walk backwards, looking around at the scenary. Captain Charisma is dressed in jeans, an orange patterned t--shirt and a leather jacket

Christian: Well, here we are folks, Charlotte, North Carolina. The home of the Nature Boy, the home of Ric Flair.

Christian starts laughing as he spins around continuing to look around before once again facing the camera.

Christian: I wanted to come here and I wanted to record all of this from the very moment that my match with Ric Flair at Summerslam was announced. You might think to yourself, ‘Why?’ ‘What relevance does this have to Summerslam?’

Christian looks down, stopping his backwards walk before looking back up.

Christian: I’ll tell you exactly why. The relevance this has to Summerslam is that this, this right here is where Ric Flair returns to, this is the very place where Ric Flair comes home when I beat him at Summerslam, this is the place where Ric Flair will get to enjoy every little second of his retirement.

The camera does a 360 spin, showing off all avenues on display here.

Christian: And I need these people to know exactly what kinda guy Ric Flair is. I need his home town to know that come Summerslam, it won’t be a hero returning home. No, n-n-n-no, not at all. It will be the ultimate villain comin‘ back home.

Christian is chuckling to himself

Christian: People don’t understand the type of guy Flair is. People of all ages just don’t get it. I need the kids of Charlotte especially to understand that they can’t look up to him, they can NOT look up to Ric Flair. I need them to know though that no matter how bad a role model Ric Flair is, there’s always an alternative and that they can always and I mean this from the very bottom of my heart, they can always look up…to me.

Christian is still walking down the street as he then stops and looks at some children playing outside. The kids look around 8 or 9 years old and are running around chasing after one another

Christian: Lets…lets try it out shall we? Hey, hey guys, come on over here.

Christian calls the two kids over, both are boys and they seem hesitant and start discussing with one another what to do

Christian: Come on, don‘t be shy.

This isn’t very appropriate calling young boys in from the street but the boys follow Christian’s orders

Christian: Hey guys, what’s going on? My name’s Christian and I’m here in Charlotte today to just do a little QandA, you two uh, you two wanna get involved?

Boy One: Yeah, sure!

Both boys look extremely excited by this as Christian has a dickish look on his face

Christian: Awesome. Well uh, first question, do you guys know who Ric Flair is?

Christian kneels down and gets in the boys faces, staring them right in the eyes

Boy Two: Yeah, he’s awesome!! I love it when he does the ‘Wooo’.

The other boy laughs as Christian turns his head laughing, almost in disgust.

Christian: You like that huh? Think that’s pretty cool right?

Both boys smile excitably and nod back at Christian

Christian: Well let me tell ya something guys and I want you to be prepared for this ok? Your mommy and daddy may hide the truth from you but I’m not gonna do that, no way, na uh, not a freakin’ chance because I want kids like you to understand life, to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Y’see, that ’Wooo’ Ric Flair does, it is not cool. Far from it, infact nothing about Ric Flair is cool. Let me ask ya, how old are you two kids?

Boy One: We’re both nine years old.

Christian nods

Christian: Nine years old. Y’know, I remember being your age and I remember going to a sports club every day after school was over with. We did all kinds of stuff there, soccer, basketball, baseball, wrestling. This sports club I went to, it had kids your age right the way up to about twelve years old and there were these two kids there, both of ‘em twelve year old boys and they used to walk around this club as though…as though they were in charge, as though they were in control, y’know?

Boy Two: We have one guy like that at school.

Christian: Oh really? Well this is gonna be all the more helpful for you two guys, believe me. These two boys, they got everything given to them, our wrestling coach treated them like his own two sons and why? Why was that d‘ya think? Because they were the oldest there, because as the two oldest there, they got everything handed to ’em cos they were bigger, cos they were stronger while us nine year olds sat back and watched them get handed everything, time and time again, just like that.

Christian clicks his fingers

Christian: You think that’s fair?

Boy Two: N-n-no.

Christian: No, you’re right, it wasn’t fair. So instead of sit back, y’know what I did? I went to that club one day after school and I decided, enough’s enough and I confronted those two guys. I said that I was sick of ’em taking my opportunities away, just because they’re older than me, so uh, ha, y’know what they did?

Boy One: They let you get a turn?

Christian laughs looking up to the heavens.

Christian: Let me have a turn, ha ha. Wrong answer kid, they beat the holy hell outta me. Yeah, they did and I’m not afraid to admit that but what I want is…what I need is kids like you to understand that those bullies I talked about? Those two bullies are the exact same…as Ric Flair.

The two kids look open mouthed as they look at one another

Christian: It’s true. Ric Flair is a bitter, old man and he can’t walk away from being a bully, he can’t step aside and let somebody younger, somebody better than him take his spot. He just won’t do it, he just can’t do it and that’s why I’ve made it my mission to take him out, to take him down, to END your beloved Ric Flair.

One of the kids looks a little upset now and one slightly nervy as Christian looks quite sinister here

Christian: I won’t allow him to do what those two bullies did to me all those years ago and the sooner that people, that kids like you realise that Ric Flair is the one in the wrong here, the better.

Boy One: C-c-can we go now? Please, you’re upsetting my friend.

Christian: Oh we’re done here and hey, sometimes kids, the truth hurts.

Christian pats one of the kids on the head as the two run off with one holding the other who is really upset now and Christian stands up, shakes himself off and smiles broadly

Christian: That right there? That’s just two, just two kids who need to learn the truth about Ric Flair and hey, there’s a whole ton of Charlotte left for me to, well, left for me to ‘explore’.

Christian then starts laughing and the camera fuzzes off

We return to the sight of J.R. and Coach with the fans voicing their opinions, all booing the actions of Captain Charisma.

Jim Ross: Well we have learned that Ric Flair will return to Monday Night Raw next week and he will address Christian’s visit to his home back in Charlotte. I know that Nait…

‘Just Close Your Eyes’

The Coach: Yes!! There he is J.R!! The man who in eighteen days time will retire, yeah I said it, he will retire Ric Flair once and for all.

Indeed out steps Captain Charisma, alongside his Problem Solver Tomko as Christian comes down all set for action here.

Jim Ross: Indeed Christian will face Ric Flair in eighteen nights at Summerslam but I wouldn’t bank on Christian retiring the Nature Boy Coach. Christian, as good as he is inside that ring, Ric Flair will fight for his life when we head to Washington and Christian ain’t gonna like it.

The Coach: Well Ric Flair ain’t gonna like it either because no matter how fired up he is, no matter how much he ‘fights for his life’, his life, his career ends come Summerslam, mark my words cowboy.

Jim Ross: Moving on to tonight though folks and Captain Charisma has issued a challenge here tonight. Christian’s challenge is for somebody from Ric Flair’s past, to come to Monday Night Raw and face him one on one here tonight. Anybody who has faced Ric Flair in his entire career will be eligible, will have the opportunity to take him on, I mean Coach, it could literally be anybody.

The Coach: Your guess is as good as mine J.R. I have absolutely no idea but I’m lookin’ forward to finding out.

Christian now has a microphone in hand as a ‘You Suck’ chant breaks out already here, wasting no time to pour heat on CC.

Christian: Twenty small days and counting until an event that has been labelled, that has been branded as the ‘biggest party of the summer’. Of course I’m talking about Summerslam.

Christian nods his head smiling a little here.

Christian: Well here’s the thing. It won’t be the biggest party of the summer. No, no, far from it infact because Summerslam is going to be the biggest party of the entire YEAR!

Boos as well as the odd cheer thrown in there.

Christian: I hear all my peeps asking, why? Why will it be the biggest party of the year? Well I thought that would be clear as day for everybody here tonight to see, for everybody sitting at home watching to see. Summerslam will be the biggest party of the year because Summerslam will mark the end of Ric Flair’s career.

Christian’s now intense, smile removed as he stares directly into the camera, the crowd booing him once again.

Christian: Finally the old man around this place will fade off, will fade away into the background, will head off into the sunset and believe me, believe me… there won’t be a single damn guy in the back there who won’t join in the celebrations because this has been in the making for far…far too long now.

Christian shakes his head in dismay.

Christian: I’ve been waiting for this moment, jeez, I don’t even know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment. Tomko here will tell ya, this has been my mind for a very, very long time. I’ve had to wait, sit back, watch as Ric Flair takes up my spotlight. Not just for a few weeks, no, I’ve had to endure that pathetic shell of his former self strut around this ring, stealing my moment for years and it makes me physically…it makes me, I can’t even…IT MAKES ME PHYSICALLY SICK!!

Christian’s intensity levels rise again as the crowd shit all over him as he takes a moment to calm himself down and compose himself.

Christian: But y’know what? I can wait twenty more days. I can wait that little while longer because I know just how sweet it’s gonna be when the moment comes, oh yeah, you can’t deny that moment is coming and when it does, the biggest party of the summer, the biggest party of the year, the biggest party…of ALL TIME. Washington DC, August 21st, Captain Charisma retires… the Nature… Boy.

More strong heat for Christian whose smirk returns now.

Christian: That? That has to wait though, me and Tomko can’t quite get the confetti out just yet but what we can do is this, we can start the celebrations a little early. See, all week long I’ve been working hard, searching, desperately trying to find somebody to come here tonight and face me one on one in this ring. But, there’s been a little catch we put on that. That catch being, my opponent has to have been a part of Ric Flair’s career, he has to have faced off against the Nature Boy at some point down the years and well, I’m sure this doesn’t surprise anybody here tonight but nobody, not one single person has accepted my challenge.

Boos ring round the arena again.

Christian: Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

Christian and Tomko laugh to each other.

Christian: None of Ric’s old buddies wanna try and stand up to me, stand up for their good pal and hey, who can blame ‘em? I mean they all saw exactly what I did to Arn Anderson a little while back, they all saw what I did to Flair himself at Vengeance and they’re all sitting at home, scared to death that I’d do the same damn thing to them.

More heat for the brash mouth of Captain Charisma.

Christian: So this is it, the final boarding call. If there is anybody back there who wants the opportunity of a lifetime, wants the chance to step inside the ring with this generation’s very own bigger and better version of Ric Flair, now…now is your shot.

HUGE heat for Christian’s Flair comparison as Christian soaks it in before folding his arms, waiting for a response but not getting one at all.

Christian: I knew it. Tomko, c’mon let’s get outta this dump and start focusing on Summersl…

‘Wild Horses’

The fans who know this theme go CRAZY as ARN ANDERSON appears through the curtain to Christian’s horror!!


The Coach: Christian put this guy in a hospital J.R, he can’t be here!!

Jim Ross: Well there he is Coach and he’s heading down to this ring and by god, he’s heading towards giving Christian an ass kicking!!

Anderson steps through the ropes as Christian, surprisingly, is still smirking.

Christian: Perfect. Double A huh? You just don’t know when to give it up do ya Arn?

Anderson looks ready to fight, he’s coming down minus the glasses, dressed in his usual demeanour however, not in ring gear, simply looking for a fight.

Christian: I mean, I’ve put you in the hospital once already and y’know what? I got absolutely NO problem doing it again. Woah, woah hold on just a second, didn’t …didn’t you uh…didn’t you have to retire due to injury Arn?

Anderson snatches the mic out of Christian’s grasp which is greeted with a pop. Christian and Tomko laughing to one another.

Arn Anderson: I damn sure did but quite frankly son, I don’t give a RATS ASS! You put me in a hospital bed and I ain’t come here to kiss and make up, I came here to return the favour, I came here to put YOU in a hospital bed.!

HUGE pop as Anderson shoves the mic into Christian’s chest.

Christian: That’s funny Arn, real funny. Look all you had to do was ask, so I’ll put you outta your misery here tonight, lets get this show on the road and hey one more thing, Flair if you’re watching back at home like I know you are then I beg you…I BEG you to please, please…enjoy watching this.

And with that Christian tosses the mic away as Tomko exit’s the ring, Christian turning round to speak with him quickly as ANDERSON JUMPS CHRISTIAN FROM BEHIND AND TAKES HIM DOWN!! ANDERSON BEGINS HAMMERING AWAY WITH RIGHT AND LEFT HANDS AS THIS ONE GETS UNDERWAY!!

The Coach: Hey get your hands off of him old man!!

Jim Ross: Arn Anderson getting him some payback!! This one is off and running!!

Match Four: Singles Match

Christian vs. Arn Anderson

Anderson completely hammers away at Christian with Captain Charisma having no answer to the Enforcer’s aggression here. The built up anger being spilled all over by the man who Chrsitian put in hospital several weeks ago.

Anderson then whips Christian off the ropes with the former Intercontinental Champion rebounding right into a devastating clothesline from Double A taking Christian down. Anderson hops on top of his opponent and begins hammering away, left and right, left and right again as the referee has to get him away. Anderson then fires up the crowd who cheer like wild for the veteran here.

Anderson then goes back to Christian who is slowly to his feet and OH!! Anderson is met with a thumb to the eye, a thumb to the eye from Christian, pulling a page out of Ric Flair’s book! Anderson is blinded as Christian grabs him from behind, UNPRETTIER!! BAM!! Cover by Christian, 1...2...3, that’s all she wrote

Winner: Christian(2:11)

The Coach: Take that Anderson!! Next time stay in your hospital bed or else Captain Charisma will send ya back there!!

Jim Ross: Damn it. Arn Anderson put up a fight, he took it to Christian here tonight folks but in the end Christian weasels his way to victory and if he does that at Summerslam then it’ll be the end of Ric Flair’s career. I can’t even begin to imagine wha…OH COME ON!!!

J.R stops in his tracks as we see Christian ordering Tomko to lift AA to his feet again as the crowd shit all over Christian here. Tomko holds Anderson up as Christian wipes the sweat off his forehead before getting right in the face of Anderson, mouthing obscenities to the Enforcer as Anderson looks like he’s ready to blow a gasket here and CHRISTIAN SLAPS ANDERSON!!


The Coach: That is the LEAST he deserves!!

Christian then smirks before heading out of the ring and he grabs a STEEL CHAIR!! Tomko keeps a hold of AA as Christian slides back in the ring, chair in hand, looking at it as though it were his prized possession and he swings it back…



Indeed the Nature Boy is here!! Suited and booted, Flair heads on down to the ring as Tomko tosses Anderson away and awaits Flair as Christian drops the chair and Christian……exit’s the ring?!?

The Coach: That’s damn smart strategy from Christian. Stay outta this old man’s path, finish the job off in style, not here, not now.

Jim Ross: Christian’s running scared Coach!! Christian wants NO PIECE of Ric Flair!!

Flair enters the ring and drops Tomko with a right hand!! Tomko rebounds and Flair hammers him with another before whipping Tomko into the turnbuckle and Flair unloads with chop after chop, WOOOOOO, Tomko is in a world of trouble as he drops outta the corner and the infamous Ric Flair strut is now on show!!

Jim Ross: The Nature Boy!! Stylin’ and Profilin’!!

Tomko is down and it’s time!! Flair locks in the FIGURE FOUR!! FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK TO TOMKO!! The Problem Solver is writhing in agony as Flair looks up the ramp, a look of intensity etched across his face as Flair stares down the man who he meets at Summerslam with Christian looking a little worried by Flair’s actions here tonight. Flair finally lets go as Tomko is completely torn apart by Naitch as he lets out another roaring, ‘Woooo’ joined by the crowd as we see Flair now tend to Arn Anderson and lift him to his feet asking his friend if he’s ok. Anderson then hugs Flair before Flair raises the Enforcer’s hand which greets a mammoth ovation from the crowd.

Jim Ross: That? That right there Coach is what ya call class. A show of class from Ric Flair, from Arn Anderson, two of the all time greats in this industry and if there’s any justice in this world, Ric Flair will teach that punk Christian a lesson at Summerslam.

The Coach: If there’s any justice in the world, Arn Anderson would still be in his hospital bed and Ric Flair would be sat in a retirement home back in Charlotte.

Jim Ross: Oh would you quit it? At Summerslam, the showdown is on, the stakes are as high as can be and I can only hope, I can only pray that this is the scene in Washington DC on August 19th!

We head off with a shot of Flair and Anderson looking up the ramp at Captain Charisma who appears to mouth ‘Damn it’ as Flair nods in agreement almost.


We return to Raw and see the wily old presence of William Regal along with his Protégé Mark Jindrak stumbling down the halls before we see the beautiful Maria bump into the duo, microphone in hand.

Maria: Hi Willy!!

Regal looks up to the heavens as if to say ‘Oh why me?’

Maria: Just wanted to y’know, get your thoughts on what your Protégé did earlier on tonight to the Big Show…

William Regal: What young Mark here did earlier was absolutely no different to what he’s been doing since I first aligned myself with him. Since day one he has been dismantling, brutalising, destroying his opponents, he’s been destroying the Big Show.

Regal flashes a little grin as Jindrak looks on menacingly.

William Regal: Quite remarkably Big Show still, he still quite hasn’t understood that he is no match for young Mark and what he has to offer. Mark showed back at Vengeance when he defeated the World’s Largest Athlete. He showed it again several weeks back on Raw and he’s shown it again tonight. He is simply more vicious, more cunning, more dangerous than Big Show. Quite frankly Maria, Mark is better…than Big Show.

Boos for that statement.

Maria: Mark, what do you have to say about Big Show?

Maria looks(cluelessly) at Jindrak who doesn’t respond.

William Regal: Mark doesn’t have anything to say about someone so far down beneath him. He lets his actions do the talking and that Maria? That is the way we like it and that is the way we will continue to do our business. If Big Show wants to continue being a part of that business, then so be it but I’d like to personally deliver him this message…

Regal looks directly at the camera now.

William Regal: Show, this is…this is and this has been nothing, absolutely nothing compared to what this man is capable of.

The camera shifts to Jindrak before shifting back on Regal.

William Regal: He’s displayed to you exactly why I took him under my wing. He’s displayed to the entire world exactly why I took him under my wing and if you haven’t already seen the light, if you haven’t already realised it, he is not…going…to stop.

Regal laughs rather maniacally.

William Regal: So by all means, keep coming after me, keep coming after Mark but be warned, what you’ve experienced thus far will be mere child’s play compared to what he does next.

Regal and Jindrak then head off with Jindrak staring a hole through Maria as we head back ringside where already waiting in the ring is former Diva Search contestant Ashley Massaro who panders to the crowd before we hear…


And out steps Lita to a nice little ovation from the crowd as the Daredevil Diva heads down for action.

Jim Ross: Well last week Lita was asked to prove herself, to prove that she was worthy of a Women’s Championship opportunity against Victoria and Coach I think she did exactly that, defeating a game Molly Holly.

The Coach: Lita was impressive last week, no doubt about it but J.R I said it last week and I’ll say it again. Molly Holly as good as she is, she ain’t Victoria. Ashley Massaro? I don’t think she’s got a dime on the Women’s Champ baby and tonight will prove why neither of these women, NO woman in this industry can touch Victoria right now.

Match Five: Singles Match

Lita vs. Ashley Massaro

Lita starts off a little rusty as Ashley brings it to the multiple time former Women’s Champion, looking to make her mark here.

Ashley really hammers into Lita, nailing the Daredevil Diva with right hands before some solid forearms send Lita aback as Ashley takes her down with a vicious clothesline, the crowd a little surprised here.

The Diva Search winner keeps on top for a couple more minutes, keeping Lita floored with several stomps to the back and some nasty elbows dropped on the back of Lita’s neck as the crowd tries to rally the fan favourite.

After taking all the surprising punishment, Lita suddenly turns the tables. Ashley hoists her to her feet before whipping Lita with authority into the ropes as Lita rebounds and Ashley looks for a back body drop but ducks too soon as Lita smashes her with a kick to the face!! Lita then drops Ashley with a big time clothesline as she assumes control for the first time.

Lita lets out a roar to the crowd as she awaits Ashley’s return to her feet as the crowd begins to stir and the camera shifts to see Victoria strutting down to the ramp. Lita doesn’t realise as Ashley turns around kick to the mid section, Twist of Fate!! NO!! Ashley shoves Lita away, Lita hit’s the ropes but hangs on as she sees Victoria in her eyeline. Lita looks furious as Victoria hops onto the apron and goes for Lita but Lita DROPS her with a right hand!!

Roll up!! Roll up by Ashley, 1...2..kick out by Lita!! Both women are quickly up as Ashley swings a right, ducked by Lita, kick to the mid section, Twist of Fate, CONNECTS!! Cover, 1...2...3...she got her!!

Winner: Lita(5:17)

Jim Ross: Impressive again Coach!! You can’t deny that Lita’s shaking off the rust and is on a real roll right now. Victoria must be worried about her title, she must be fearful of just how dangerous Lita is.

The Coach: She ain’t scared of anything or anybody J.R and that’s a fact.

Jim Ross: Then why in the heck is she runnin’ scared huh Coach? Why is Victoria not standing up to Lita huh?

The Coach: Because Lita’s not worth her time cowboy, she just isn’t worth it, it’s as simple as that.

Victoria holds her jaw as she lay fallen on the outside looking up at Lita who celebrates on the turnbuckle, posing to the fans before looking down at the Women’s Champ and motioning that she wants her title belt.


We return and head into a video package...

Narrator: The biggest party of the summer.

The Summerslam logo appears across the screen as the Summerslam theme plays in the background.

Narrator: High pressure, high stakes.

We see a shot of Batista raising the World title high before a shot of a dejected Shawn Michaels.

Narrator: Who can overcome these obstacles?

We see Kurt Angle locking in the Ankle Lock on Randy Orton.

We then see Kane chokeslamming Chris Jericho.

Narrator: Who can stand tall?

We see John Cena FU’ing JBL.

Narrator: Who can rise to the occasion?

We see Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas celebrating.

Narrator: Who can handle… the heat?

We see a smirking Christian before an angered Ric Flair.

Batista: At Summerslam.

Flashing shot of the Animal landing a Batistabomb.

Edge: At Summerslam.

A brief shot of Edge delivering a Spear.

Randy Orton: At Summerslam.

The Legend Killer delivering an RKO is shown.


Flair locking in the Figure Four is then shown briefly.

Kurt Angle: At Summerslam.

We then see Angle locking in the Ankle lock, wrenching the hold in.

John Cena: At Summerslam.

It’s Cena’s turn then as we see the WWE champion deliver a thunderous FU.

Christian: The heat…is on.

A shot of a desert like scene is then shown as the Summerslam logo then appears again before…

Narrator: Summerslam: Can you handle the heat?

We return and head on over to the announce table once again as we hear from J.R and Coach.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and folks during the commercial break we received word that Victoria hs finally, finally given in and has accepted a match for Summerslam one on one with the Daredevil Diva Lita and the Women’s Championsip WILL be on the line. Huge stakes come August 19th.

The Coach: Huge indeed but I ain’t worried, I ain’t scared, I got no doubts that my girl Victoria will wipe the floor with Lita at Summerslam and prove once again just why she is the most dominant, dangerous diva in this business. I guarantee it.

‘Sexy Boy’

It’s a rousing ovation that greets the music of the one, the only, Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!! Michaels heads down to the ring, a stern look on his face, no over the top shenanigans as he clearly has things on his mind here tonight.

Jim Ross: Well Eric Bischoff has given Shawn Michaels permission, I can’t believe I’m saying that but Eric Bischoff has indeed given the Heartbreak Kid permission to come down to the ring here tonight and to confront Dave Batista, to clear the air so to speak with the Animal.

The Coach: Clear the air, yeah right. Michaels kicked his dam head off last week and now he wants to ‘clear the air’? I think Eric Bischoff’s right J.R, I think Shawn Michaels has begun to see the light, he just doesn’t realise it yet.

Michaels takes a microphone as the applause dies down and the Heartbreak Kid steadies himself, not looking as down and depressed as he has done in recent weeks.

Shawn Michaels: I guess…I guess I owe everybody an explanation.

A few cries of yes, a few cries of no, a few rumblings, nothing major.

Shawn Michaels: Well I think it’s real easy for everybody here tonight to understand so I’ll just get right down to it. Two weeks ago Batista returned after suffering a rib injury at the hands of Kane, he came down that ramp with one thing on his mind and that was to get his hands on anybody and everybody that he could.

Pop for that as Michaels nods.

Shawn Michaels: But uhhh, did he end up getting his hands on Kane? No. The man who put him on the injured list didn’t feel the wrath of the Animal. Did he…did he get his hands on Eric Bischoff? No, no he did not. The man who has set this whole thing up in the first place, the man who has targeted Dave Batista, just like he targeted myself did NOT get a taster of what Batista’s capable of.

Michaels pauses momentarily.

Shawn Michaels: But, y’know who Batista did get his hands on? Y’know who Batista did lay into? He got his hands…on me, he laid in…to me.

A few boos can be heard but it’s more intrigue as to what Michaels has to say.

Shawn Michaels: Now correct me if I’m wrong here but at no point in this whole thing have I gone against Dave Batista. At no point in this whole thing have I supported Eric Bischoff and what he’s doing. Everybody knows how I feel about Eric Bischoff and hey, it ain’t pretty, believe me.

Nice pop for that.

Shawn Michaels: So when I came round from taking that Batistabomb, to be quite honest I was stunned, I was hurt, oh yeah I felt it but more than that I was stunned. Eric Bischoff’s ordered me around to do a whole lotta his dirty work since Vengeance and I’ve had to go along with it. Every single minute, every second of it has been nothing short of a living nightmare for me but I’ve had to take it.

Michaels shakes his head.

Shawn Michaels: I thought and hey, call me crazy but I thought Batista understood y‘know? Of all people I thought he would understand what kinda situation I was in, what kinda situation I am still in. But no, he seems to think that I want to be a part of all this, that it’s my decision to be a part of this whole thing. He seems to believe that I can just…that I can just walk out.

Michaels laughs a little to himself.

Shawn Michaels: Well it ain’t that simple. I cannot just walk away from this business, this is what I do, this is what I live for, this is…this is my life.

Sympathetic pop.

Shawn Michaels: And right now? Right now is about as tough a spot as I’ve ever been in but when you’re at a low point in your career, when you’re at rock bottom, the only way…is up. I know, I know deep down that something will change, something has got to change and when it does, this will all be over with. I thought Batista would recognise that fact, would recognise that I’m slugging it out right now and I’m slugging it out in the hope that one day, soon enough, the Heartbreak Kid will once again steal the show.

A very nice pop there.

Shawn Michaels: So last week comes along and I’m sitting in the back and I’m watching Batista come out here and deliver his little speech. I’m watching him let everybody know that, woah, hold up a second, that… that can’t be right, can it? He let you all know that he uh, he DID come down to this ring seven days earlier with the intention of getting his hands on me. That? That caught me off guard, that hit me a little bit right there.

A few boos for that point brought up.

Shawn Michaels: I thought y’know, maybe I was wrong place, wrong time, maybe he’d realised his mistake, maybe an apology was in order but what do ya know? He meant it every damn step of the way. So I figured I was left with no option, no alternative but to send Batista a message last week, to let him know that I may have to let Eric Bischoff walk all over me but I ain’t about to let him do the same.

It’s a fierce determination shown from Michaels, not seen in weeks, months from him as he grits his teeth here, receiving a pop as well as the odd boo from the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: So Dave, now’s your chance. The score’s tied. One against one, you had your moment, I’ve had mine. Way I see it is this, we got two options here. Number one, you can come out here and we can let this all slide, water under the bridge and we can move on, we can focus on what the real problem around this place is, we can focus on Eric Bischoff.

Nice response for that suggestion.

Shawn Michaels: Or option number two, you can come down to this ring and we can do this the hard way.

Oooooooh is the overwhelming response for that as Michaels holds out his arms, awaiting the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion.

‘I Walk Alone’

It’s more a sense of anticipation than a thunderous pop as the Animal, Batista makes his way down and he doesn’t look in the mood here tonight. Big Dave is dressed pretty smartly, a shirt and blazer as well as his shades for indoors which are always interesting.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels has laid it on the line here Coach and we’re about to find out just what our World Champion makes of all this.

The Coach: Well he don’t look too happy that’s for sure and this one could be about to get real ugly, real quick.

Tista steps through the ropes, looking intensely at the Showstopper before grabbing a microphone from the lovely Lilian Garcia.

Batista: So I got two choices huh Shawn? I can either shake your hand and let bygones be bygones or… I can kick your ass.

More ooooohs from the crowd as well as some cheers.

Batista: To be honest with you I came here tonight intending to do exactly that, kick your ass all over this arena. What you did last week, it didn’t sit well with me Shawn. I’ve been sitting at home all week long thinking it over, thinking through what went on last week and I’ve been desperate for tonight to roll around so I could take out all the anger, all the frustration that’s been building up inside o’ me, to take it all out…on you.

Tista gets in Michaels face now as the tension rises. Michaels now backs off and slowly raises the mic to his mouth.

Shawn Michaels: Well I guess…I guess that answers my question.

Michaels then tosses the microphone down and takes off his t-shirt. This thing’s about to explode!!

Jim Ross: Awwww here we goooo!!

Batista then removes his blazer as the crowd starts to feel something big’s going down here.

The Coach: This is what Eric Bischoff has wanted all along!! This ain’t benefiting Batista, this ain’t benefiting Shawn Michaels. This is benefiting one man and one man only, the boss!!


‘Slow Chemical’

Uh-oh, the third party makes his arrival as down storms the number one contender, Kane! Evil intentions in mind here as Michaels and Batista watch on.

Jim Ross: Business is about to pick up folks!! The Big Red Machine, Kane is making a beeline for the ring, a beeline for Batista!!

The Coach: It’s gonna be two on one J.R!! Michaels and Kane against the Animal!! He’s about to get put down!!

Kane steps through the ropes and Batista swings a right hand, Kane swings right back and these two men go to war!! Michaels stands in the background, he doesn’t wanna get involved as Kane forces Batista back, getting the upper hand on the World Champion. Irish Whip by Kane AND BATISTA EXPLODES WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! Kane is floored as Batista roars to this fired up crowd. He drags Kane up to his feet again and knees the monster in the gut, Batistabomb time!! The Animal stares right at Shawn Michaels as he takes his challenger up high but Kane fights it off!! Kane wriggles free and GRABS BATISTA BY THE THROAT!! CHOKESLAM!!! NO!! SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! WHAT THE HELL?!!? SHAWN MICHAELS WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO…TO KANE!!

The Coach: What the hell did he just do?!? What the hell is Shawn Michaels thinking?!?

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels!! Shawn Michaels has floored the Big Red Machine!! Shawn Michaels ain’t takin’ sides Coach!!

Batista is a little dazed as he turns around and sees Kane down and out before looking up at Michaels, SWEET CHIN MUSIC, NO!! MICHAELS FEIGNS IT!!! Shawn Michaels playing mind games with the Animal!! Michaels then motions he was ‘this close’ before seeming to mouth, ‘I coulda Dave, I coulda’ as Batista who has backed away, clearly worried of the impending SCM as Michaels then exits through the ropes with Batista looking on and the tension between the two men evident for all to see.

Jim Ross: Can you feel the tension Coach?! Can you feel the intensity between these two men? Between all THREE of these men?! Kane wants the World Title, Batista has the prize and Shawn Michaels is the man in the middle, Shawn Michaels has the power come August 21st!!

The Coach: Shawn Michaels has the power and if he’s got any sense at all, if he wants to keep his damn job, he will do the right thing at Summerslam!! He will count Batista…DOWN!!

The final shot is of HBK and Batista mouthing words to one another before we get a glimpse of Kane sitting up and smiling devilishly at Shawn Michaels, clearly an angry monster following the Heartbreak Kid’s actions as we fade out.

Date: 21st August 2005
Location: Washington DC

World Heavyweight Championship:
Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels
Batista(c) vs Kane

If Ric Flair loses, he must retire:
Christian w/Tomko vs Ric Flair

Randy Orton vs The Undertaker

WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Muhammad Hassan(c) vs Shelton Benjamin

Money in the Bank Contract:
Edge vs Chris Jericho

8 Man Tag Team Match:
The Dudley Boyz and The Basham Brothers vs Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth; The Platform to Perfection and Sonjay Dutt and Daivari; The Arabian Entity
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

JAM's Review

Now that I'm finally caught up with what's going on, I think, I can comment on the new shows that you put out. If I still don't get some things right here then I apologize for it early for but anyways, here's some feedback for ya.

I like that the night started out with a match right away. It seems to me that you've gotten commentary down for JR and Coach so kudos to you for that. Just some wrong choice of words and some commas that you missed but it was still fine. The partnership of Jindrak/Regal is really good and with Big Show becoming the target, I have no doubt that this feud will be the thing to elevate Jindrak. The IC Title at this time was really prestigious so him elevating to that level will be something special. Edge and Jericho are two of my favorites so seeing them feud here was something I loved to see. The angst between the two just continue to build and I believe that this could be match of the night. It'll be hard to top the first time the MITB briefcase was cashed in since it was beautifully done in the real life WWE, but I'm just you'll have something interesting as well.

That Kane promo started out a bit slow but it quickly picked up in the second half of it. I like the line where he says we're up for a very rude awakening, that was brilliant. Kane has been impressing me in his stint in 2012 with the mask but I prefer him without it for some reason. He just looks more demented when we actually see his face. This Batista/Kane feud for the title is really good so hopefully Kane stays in the title picture a little bit longer and then we get the payoff.

Really good debut promo for Kennedy here. I liked Kennedy from the start during his reign in the WWE but I wasn't really sure what happened but he's been kind of disappointing in TNA. If he stayed in WWE, he might be main eventing at the moment. So hopefully you got some big plans for Kennedy because he can be a big star. His introductions are great and it just gives the fans all the more reason to boo him which is great.

I can't help but feel that Haas is turning heel at Summerslam. To me, that promo was a classic heel turn promo. It was really good but when you really think about it, it could go the other way. Hell, you could even have Benjamin lose at SS and have him blame Charlie thus turning Benjamin heel instead. There's certainly a lot of ways you can go here and I'm real interested in seeing which one you go with. The tag team scene looks to be loaded already so maybe Charlie or Benjamin turns heel here, can't wait for that one.

That was a really good segment in this Christian/Flair feud. Flair needed to come out on top this time and just when it looked like Christian had it all in the bag, Flair makes an appearance to produce that feel good moment with Arn Anderson. This feud is really great with Christian proclaiming that he's this generation's Ric Flair. Christian's my favorite at the moment and I must say that your work with him has been brilliant especially because he's a heel. I don't feel that Flair will retire just yet, but him, along with Christian will put on an absolute show at Summerslam, can't wait!

A strong finish to the show here. HBK explaining his actions while Batista comes out looking ready to fight only for the Big Red Machine to come down and cause havoc, booking 101 right here folks. CP, you've done a good job building everything up. That little detail where you mentioned that HBK claims to have been close to hitting the Sweet Chin Music anytime was great. Great, great show.

Overall, Summerslam is shaping up to be a real good show. The World Title picture is definitely heating up here and when you have matches that have guys like Edge/Y2J, Christian/Flair, and they're not one of the top matches, you know that you'll be having a good a show. Just some punctuations and some double checking is what this thread needs and you'll be good to go. The show was promo heavy and I'm more of a wrestling guy, which is why I prefer Smackdown since it's more of the wrestling show. Hopefully, Smackdown will have minimal promos and a lot more matches but anything is fine, you're doing great man. Really enjoyed the show CP, good job!
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

As promised...

Raw Feedback

Starting off the show with a match is a bit odd, something different. I welcome it. 90% of the time, if not more shows start off with an opening promo, usually by one of the wrestlers involved in the opening match hyping it up or by the champion, the challenger and or the GM which results in the making of the Main Event match for the evening. So I am all for something a bit unique

I was never one to mark out for Jindrak but you seem to like him and if you can make something from him, an upper card contender or a solid mid card champion than all the credit to you. You seem to be on the right road to do so with Regal in his corner and the brass-knuckles to the Big Show make me think that things wont be over between the two and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Jindrak and Show meet in some sort of gimmick match at Summerslam, as in Falls Count Anywhere, No DQ or something like that.

Edge and Jericho going at it to add some meaning and heat to their match at Summerslam for the MITB briefcase is a good thing, I was expecting something like this to happen. A bit predictable but it's the logical move.

Kane's backstage interview got it's message across but I personally would have had him come down to the ring with a microphone in hand and say what he had to say. Kane's character isn't one to exactly conduct an interview. For example his oppening line where he thanked Todd and said he felt great was a bit odd and 'iffy' for me cause it just isn't something I could picture Kane say, he is meant to be billed as some monsterous heel. I think you could have come about this promo a bit differently but again it got it's message across and served it's purpose.

Kennedy's debut already ? I think you could have saved this for a bit latter in the show and maybe used commentary to hype him up a bit more and talk about him throughout the event. But nontheless having him go over Eugene for an opening match was a good move, get him some momentum. Not much to say about it here or things I would change.

Shawn and Bischoff's talk backstage was something I could see happening, and was a good promo. Short and too the point. Made it clear that Shawn wasn't working for Bischoff and that he is a lone warrior, doing it for himself, a tweener instead of a heel. I do have my reasons to believe that maybe after Summerslam you will turn him heel because Shawn Michaels as a heel is boss!

If you ask me, I would be all for you having Benjamin win the IC title and than start a friendly feud between him and Haas to see who is the better one between them. You dont really need them in the tag team division now with the new teams you have started up (Arab one).

I like the idea of the 8 man tag team match for Summerslam being announced after the huge no contest tag team match, made both teams look strong and while not having one loose to the other and having a team's momentum come to a stop.

Here we go... Christian / Flair segment. My personal favorite thing going in your thread right now. Part of the show I waited to get to. And I predicted right with Anderson the fact that it was a squash match was very smart move, normally I wouldn't go for squash matches but in this case it makes Christian look oh so much more threatening to Flair's career which is at stake and he needs that. I would be all for Christian to go over Flair at Summerslam, Flair has nothing left to offer in the WWE at this stage in his career besides maybe managing someone on the roster, a new protigue but it doesn't look like you are going in that direction. Plus the heat Christian and Tomko would get in doing so and boasting about it would automatically elevate him into the main event and I would mark out like a schoolgirl for you to make a program with him and Michaels cause that is something I always wanted to see.

Good to have Regal do the talking for the partnership between him and Jindrak, Jindrak's weakness in the WWE was the fact that he couldnt cut a believable promo if his life depended on it and the fact that you mask his weakness with Regal talking for him is an excellent idea. Regal always had away with the microphone and to draw heat even from his time as commissioner Regal back in 2001, so this was definatelly a good idea on your behalf.

Summerslam promo ... get there asap please.

I think the closing promo was very good on your behalf BUT the thing I have a problem with is that it leaves a bit of a void for the end of Raw. A hole so to speak that isn't filled up. That being the main event matchup. The last matchup was the womens match, which shouldn't close a Raw show, and before that it was the 2 minute squash match with Christian which shuoldn't be the last match on a show either. I think you cuold have executted another match in there to be the main event, maybe Kane facing someone, maybe Batista in the match and than have SHawn come out afterwards, heck even Shawn in a match and have him grab the microphone when it is over and start speaking. Just feel that there wasn't a main event match which isn't a good thing usually.

Overall, an enjoyable read. You have some top notch stuff to go into the Summer with and this thread as a whole has a lot of potential as I have said before, but you have still some small nuts and bolts to work on that are loose a bit before this thread can be perfect. Keep it up though.

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 5/8/05- Detroit; Michigan

Friday Night Smackdown comes to you from Detroit, Michigan as the road to Summerslam draws ever closer and tonight the WWE Champion has a score to settle.

For a long time now, WWE Champion John Cena has had to deal with Kurt Angle’s claims that he’s afraid of the Wrestling Machine, that he fears facing him inside the ring. Well last week Cena did just that as he teamed with Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio to face Angle and the WWE Tag Team Champions MNM with the end result seeing Angle get one over on the champion, delivering a brutal Angle Slam from behind, allowing Joey Mercury to pick up the win over Cena. This Friday night John Cena WILL call out Kurt Angle and it’s thought the champ has a thing or two to get off his chest to the Olympic Gold Medalist.

Also this Friday for the first time since May, The Undertaker will return to action on the blue brand as he takes on the Masterpiece, Chris Masters. The Deadman returned at The Great American Bash to cost long time rival Randy Orton the WWE Championship and it was confirmed last week that Taker and Orton will square off once again at Summerslam. Will the Legend Killer have anything lined up for the Phenom on his return to Smackdown? Or will it all be plain sailing as the Deadman prepares for Summerslam?

One of Michigan’s own has had it rough of late. Rob Van Dam along with partner Rey Mysterio have been screwed out of the Tag Team Titles on more than one occasion, the most recent at The Great American Bash. An investigation by Teddy Long and the Board of Directors has been ongoing as to who screwed Van Dam and Mysterio back at the Bash, we hope to find out this Friday if there have been any developments.

The past few months have seen JBL’s career take a downward spiral, losing his WWE title at Wrestlemania and failing to recapture the gold on numerous occasions since then. Last week Layfield defeated Booker T however and went on to promise that this week he will make a big impact. What exactly does the self proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’ have up his sleeve?

And finally last week saw the official birth of Gregory Helms with the new Cruiserweight Champion ditching his superhero colours and adopting his new persona. Helms alliance with Chavo Guerrero has shocked everybody including the former champion Paul London. Helms will be in action this Friday night as he looks to prove exactly why he’s ranked number one in the Cruiserweight division right now.

Confirmed for this Friday Night:

John Cena will call out Kurt Angle!

The Undertaker vs. Chris Masters


Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms will be in action

Big thanks to JamJam and The Bad Guy for your Raw comments, appreciate it a lot. Raw is still open for feedback but expect Smackdown up either Sunday or Monday.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Hey cp, I'm going on holiday so I doubt I'll be able to read Smackdown before I go so I'll give you some feedback on Raw

Before I start I gotta say that I love what is happening on Raw with Bischoff, and I see this whole storyline ending in a huge Traditional Survivor Series Match, which would be awesome!

Good tag team match to advance the angles between Edge/Jericho and Jindrak/Show, and Edge gets a huge amount of momentum going into Summerslam which is good. I like that you didn't have Edge and Jericho too involved with each other, and Edge not wanting any of Y2J is understandable. Regal getting involved and the dirty finish irked me a little bit because it means that Big Show still isn't done with these two. It seems that Jindrak has fully gone over Big Show now and there isn't anything left for him to prove against Show. But I understand that there isn't much else for him to do at the moment with everyone else busy. I thought that he was going to be involved with Bischoff a little more as that would give him a good rub being involved in that storyline.

The Kane interview was good, and it showcases that he can talk. He was very firm and definite in everything he said which was good and you're setting this match with Batista up very well; I know I said that you maybe announced it a little too early before but it has been built up slowly and well. Also shows that Kane doesn't need Bischoff to do everything for him.

RIGHT now is the part that I think I was looking forward to the most in this show. Eugene is a good guy for Kennedy to debut against as he can toy around with him and look like a total dick which is what you did. The way he was talking through the match made me laugh a little bit. I'm surprised you used the Mic Check, as that started being his finisher in 07/08 I think and he was using the Green Bay Plunge when he first debuted in 2005. But the obvious move with him winning his first match was right and I look forward to seeing him next week. I don't think he'll be involved in any storylines until maybe after Summerslam because the Raw side is just about full at the moment.

I can't wait until when Shawn finally gets revenge on Bischoff - I will mark out.

This situation with WGTT is intriguing and it really leaves everything up in the air for what will happen. I have a feeling Haas will be involved at Summerslam but I don't know at which capacity though. Benjamin seems genuine about wanting to go for the Tag Titles afterwards but I don't think Haas believes him. A good couple of interviews and you write these two very well.

I really thought that Arab America were going to win the titles there. You've showcased these top four teams on Raw very well and each of them had a chance of being champions in this series of matches; really establishing the Dudleyz and building them up so whatever teams relieves them of the gold it will make it seem huge in the end. (Going for PTP to take the titles off of them) The 8-man brawl though was foreseeable and then the announcement of the 8-Man Tag was a curveball because I think everyone would have thought it was going to be a 4-Way Tag. I see one of the teams imploding in that match; most likely the heels.

Really good here from Christian; I think he is the best thing you have on Raw and the person you write the best. This programme with Flair is getting even more personal very very quickly. Arn Anderson accepting the challenge was no surprise as he would have wanted to get revenge for what happened before to him from Christian. Christian getting the easy win was needed; anything else wouldn't have been good for Summerlam. Tomko getting put in the Figure Four gets Flair some momentum back and this one is going to be a slobberknocker, King!

"Hi Willy!" Regal's reaction was priceless too. Regal saying what I said earlier that Jindrak has nothing left to prove, but I guess that you want to keep this going until Summerslam to let them move onto new things after that.

I apologize for not even knowing who the Women's Champion is in your thread but a good match to read and Lita winning was easily the right move against the inexperienced Ashley.

I loved this closing segment, as it leaves everything up in the air going into Summerslam. Out of all of the matches so far, this is the hardest one to call, as Michaels is a tweener and he can easily go either way. The psychological warfare between HBK and Tista is great to see, and that SCM on Kane... I'm sure Bischoff's punishment next week for Shawn won't be nice but I can't wait for it. The only problem I felt, like Bad Guy, is that it didn't feel like the end of the show, and maybe another match to cap it off would have been nice, but all of your major stars had been in action or at least featured so I get that you had no options left for a match to end the show.

Overall a really good show but the ending, although a great segment, didn't really close the show. If Michaels HAD laid out BOTH Kane and Batista it would have been a bit better because we have the one man primarily standing tall. I also think that there wasn't enough Eric Bischoff!!!! But a really great show and Summerslam is going to be huge! Keep on truckin' mate
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

a little unfamiliar with how things are going over on SmackDown so forgive me with being uneducated with your feuds and storyline It will come with time.

John Cena calling out Angle should be good, I expect it to end in some sort of brawl which needs to be broken up, adding more flames to their raging feud. Wouldn't be surprised if you had Angle get the upperhand, cause it's pretty clear they are going to face it off at Summerslam and Cena isn't loosing the gold, not in 2005 after just getting it (unless MITB cash in happens), so normally I would assume Angle- the heel to get the momentum going up until the PPV so he doesn't get jobbed out too much to Cena.

I really like Masters and to see him in such a highprofile match on SmackDown no less, against the Undertaker is a huge push. He was pretty new in 2005 and even to step into the ring with the Undertaker and holding his own with him is something he can boast about in promos for weeks to come, I wouldn't be surprised either if you had Masters get the win over Taker on Smackdown. Taker doesn't need the win, Orton can come in and cost him the win adding further heat to their feud and it can elevate Masters up in the card, so it's a win-win situation

I never really liked Van Dam and Mysterio tagging, I would be all for you to have them go against one another and feud, doesn't have to mean one of them goes heel they can still be both faces like when Eddie faced Rey at Wrestlemania before Eddie turned heel, but you should put a huge emphasis on Van Dam cause he is a hometown boy if I am not mistaken.

Make Helms into something please and I'll be a happy man.

Looks good.

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Just wanted to drop a few comments regarding SmackDown. Show looks pretty solid, with Cena calling out Angle a must see momment. You've certainly done well building this up to what seems like will be a great title match at SummerSlam. I'd be thinking that Cena would get the upper hand after what happened last week, but I'm sure Angle will look strong regardless.

Undertaker/Masters should be good, and while I of course expect 'The Deadman' to get the win, a competitive display from Masters would do him a world of good. As for the rest, I'm intrigued with where you take Van Dam and Mysterio, and of course you know I'm a sucker for a good Gregory Helms push, so let's see how he continues to develop here.

Looks like a good 'un, I'll probably hit you up with a review at some point.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 5/8/05- Detroit; Michigan

Opening video and Pyro hits as we get all set for the show with the camera panning around this sold out arena here in Detroit.

Michael Cole: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Friday Night Smackdown! I’m Michael Cole, joined as ever by Tazz and we are now less than three weeks away from the biggest party of the summer, Summerslam!!

Tazz: Ah Cole I cannot wait for tonight and I cannot wait for Summerslam! Washington D.C best be ready baby cos the Smackdown superstars are ready to strut their stuff come August 21st.

Michael Cole: And tonight, The Undertaker returns to action here on Smackdown for the first time since May!! The Deadman takes on the Masterpiece, Chris Masters, knowing that come Summerslam he will get a chance at retribution on the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Tazz: Huge match later on tonight Cole. Big opportunity for Chris Masters and I can’t wait to see the Deadman again on Smackdown baby.

‘My Time is Now’

And we are kicking this one off with the WWE Champ himself as John Cena makes his way out to a strong pop. The Champion doesn’t look to be best pleased though as he makes his way down, trademark outfit in tandem.

Michael Cole: Well there is never a better way to start Friday Night Smackdown than with your WWE Champion and Tazz, The Great American Bash proved to be a great night for John Cena, however last week didn’t work out quite so well for Cena.

Tazz: Absolutely not Cole. Cena looked all set to pick up the win for him and his team, Joey Mercury looked down and out only for Kurt Angle to just…just appear from outta nowhere and deliver an emphatic Angle Slam, an emphatic statement from the Wrestlin’ Machine last week.

Michael Cole: Yeah but Tazz, Kurt Angle has claimed time and again that John Cena is afraid of him, that John Cena won’t face him one on one, man to man, face to face and yet what happens last week? It’s Kurt Angle who attacks Cena from behind, who doesn’t go face to face with John Cena.

Tazz: Mind games Cole. Kurt Angle’s simply getting inside the head of John Cena and we’re about to find out whether that’s the case or not.

Cena takes a mic as a small but growing ‘Cena, Cena’ chant begins and the champion looks set to speak.

John Cena: Kurt Angle…

Boos from the crowd with a few cheers thrown in from the smarks in the crowd.

John Cena: Kurt Angle is a man who has claimed ever since I won the WWE Championship that I’m…that I’m afraid of him. He’s claimed that I’m scared to take him on, to put this championship on the line in this middle of this ring against him.

Cena nods as the crowd continue to boo, one fan shouting ‘You are’

John Cena: Now everybody who knows me knows that I’m not afraid. I am not afraid of any challenge, of any obstacle thrown in my way, I am not afraid of anybody…period. Everybody knows that I never back down, that I will always, always give it everything I got anywhere, any time, against any…one. And Kurt Angle, just like everybody else, you fall right into that category.

Cena’s intensity is evident.

John Cena: But still some people, just a few but some people have been talkin’, some people have been whisperin’, murmurin’ that ‘Hey, John Cena, he IS afraid of Kurt Angle’. Yeah, yeah I’ve heard it goin’ around and y’know, it makes me laugh, really it does.

Cena takes a second.

John Cena: It makes me laugh because these people clearly, clearly don’t know just who John Cena really is. But to be honest with you I am SICK AND TIRED of having to talk about Kurt Angle. I am sick and tired of having to deal with Angle runnin' his mouth, dishin' out false claims, dishin' out false accusations. So if y’all here in Detroit would excuse me, I’m just about done talking, I came out here tonight to let these…do the talking.

Cena holds out his fists to the camera which zooms in as a loud pop greets that.

John Cena: So Kurt, I ain’t waitin’ a second longer for you to get your ass out here, come on down to this ring and we do this just the way you wanna do this. Face to face, man to man in the middle of this ring. I'm right here Jack, so whadda ya say... ‘champ’?

Cena holds his arms out as if to say ‘I’m here, ready and waiting’ as the crowd waits in anticipation.

Still nothing…


The anticipation comes to a halt as here comes the Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle with a wry smirk etched across his face. Angle is dressed to compete, a vest top on however as he walks with a purpose down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Well the smile on Kurt Angle’s face may just tell the whole story folks. Kurt has gotten inside the head of John Cena and you can clearly tell by just how intense Cena is here tonight that he’s hell bent on getting his hands on the Olympic Gold Medalist.

Tazz: Oh absolutely Cole. Angle’s mind games appear to be workin’ and that’s all he coulda hoped for. If it ends in him getting that WWE Championship shot that he wants then it’s a job well done for Kurt Angle.

Angle grabs a mic from ringside and wanders around the ring a little, waiting for his music to die down, still wearing that wry little smile as Cena stares a hole through him.

Kurt Angle: I’ve been sitting in the back listening to every word you’ve just had to say Cena and I’m just…I’m just not buyin’ it. You can stand there all you want and put on this whole tough guy persona, this whole never back down, never quit kinda crap and y’know what? You may have some of these morons fooled, but me? Cena you don’t fool me. You don’t fool me at all.

Angle stares intently at Cena here, both men with deathly glares on each other’s faces.

Kurt Angle: You come out here and you claim to take on any challenge, take on any obstacle thrown in your way and yet here we are, August 5th, just a little over four months to the day since you won that WWE Championship and in all those four months I’ve been pleading my case to get a look in at you, get a look in at that title but…but has that actually happened?

Angle sblacks a little to himself.

Kurt Angle: Has it? No, no it hasn’t and y’know why that is Cena? It’s because you ARE afraid of me. Oh yeah, you’re afraid of me, you’re afraid of just what I’m capable of and you’re afraid that I will be the one to take that WWE title away from you.

Strong boos here for the Wrestling Machine.

John Cena: I had a feeling you’d come out here and ramble on and on just like ya always do. Kurt, facts are I haven’t once ran away from you, I haven’t backed away from you at all. I won this thing back at Wrestlmeania, I gave JBL the rematch he was entitled to, as much as I don’t like the guy, he had the right to a rematch and then oh yeah, incase ya forgot this one genius, you uhhh, you had a shot at this back at the Bash and lemme ask ya, how’d that go? Oh, oh wait… you didn’t get the job done.

Pop as Cena looks deadly serious despite his sarcastic approach.

Kurt Angle: Oh…oh yeah bring that up why don’t ya? Bring up the fact that I got a shot, I got a shot at that title with two other JOKES getting a shot as well! I got my shot in a match where I didn’t have to be beaten to lose and what do ya know? I didn’t get beaten at the Bash, I didn’t lose that match up, yet…yet did I walk out as the WWE Champion? No. No I didn’t and it’s because once again Cena, you took the easy way out, you took the coward’s way out.

Cena shakes his head in disagreement, the crowd giving Angle some more heat.

Kurt Angle: I am the absolute best in this business inside this ring. I know it, these people know it and you DAMN SURE KNOW IT!!

Angle gets in Cena’s face here as the tension builds.

Kurt Angle: Until you face me Cena, until you beat me, you will always and believe me when i say this, you will always... be seen as the coward that i know you are.

Cena has a stern look upon his face now, still right up against Angle.

John Cena: Like I said earlier Kurt, I didn’t come out here tonight to talk, I came out here tonight… to fight.

BIG pop there for Cena as Angle backs off a little bit.

John Cena: You wanna face me so bad? You wanna see how much of a man i really am? Lets do this, right here, right NOW!!

The crowd are riled up here as Cena whips his shirt off and tosses it into the fans but Angle…Angle LEAVES THE RING!! Angle leaves the ring to a ton of heat, mic still in hand as he smirks.

Kurt Angle: You just don’t get it do ya Cena? Me and you could go at it right here, right now but what would that get me huh? Would that get me a shot at the WWE Title? No, no it wouldn’t and until I get that, until those words come outta your mouth then I’m gonna do exactly what you’re doin’ Cena, I’m gonna back down and I’m gonna shy away.

More big time heat for Angle.

Kurt Angle: You want me in that ring, then you better give me what I want. You better give me what I DESERVE!!

Angle roars with aggression as Cena leans on the ropes, Angle backing up the ramp.

John Cena: Kurt, no more games. You want it, you got it. Time for talk is over, you and me, Summerslam, the WWE Championship.

Nice pop greets that as Angle starts to nod his head in agreement clearly.

Kurt Angle: Cena, I thought you'd never ask, you just sealed your own fate. YOU’RE ON!!

Another huge pop greets that as Angle starts beaming while Cena smiles broadly also, inviting Angle in the ring, holding the ropes open but Angle keeps backing up the ramp, clearly pleased with getting his wish as Cena's music begins to play, the two exchanging words with Angle saying 'Brave call Cena' as the stage is now set for Summerslam.

Michael Cole: Wow!! Folks we are all set for Summerslam!! John Cena will defend the WWE Championship against Kurt Angle. A match both men have been waiting for, a match we’ve all been waiting for Tazz and it’s gonna happen, Washington D.C, August 21st, does it get any bigger?

Tazz: Not at all Cole. A HUGE match up right there and I damn sure can’t wait to see these two tear into one another come Summerslam, gonna be off the charts. Can you feel the intensity?!

We fade away with Cena and Angle still smirking at one another, clearly thrilled that this thing is gonna be settled come Summerslam.


We return to Friday Night Smackdown and already standing inside the ring is Brian Kendrick who bounds up and down on the spot, ready for his opponent.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, off to a blockbuster start already with the WWE Championship match now confirmed for Summerslam, John Cena one on one with Kurt Angle. But lets get back to the action here tonight, as you can see Brian Kendrick waiting to find out just who he’ll face here tonight.

‘Listen, It’s Time’

And it’s some unfamiliar theme music as we await whose arrival this is and it’s…The Cruiserweight Champion himself, the new, born again, Gregory Helms who struts out on stage, title belt wrapped around his waist in all new black attire, jacket on, along with a beanie like hat wearing a cocky smile also. We then see Chavo Guerrero appear from behind, applauding his partner if you could call him that in Helms.

Michael Cole: And that man will be none other than the man who has made shockwaves around here ever since The Great American Bash. Gregory Helms was competing for the Cruiserweight Championship against Paul London as The Hurricane, only to shock all our fans, all of us watching when he’d use a steel chair, go against everything he said he wouldn’t do and gave in to Chavo Guerrero’s pleas, gave in to temptation and became Gregory Helms.

Tazz: It was just like you said Cole, shocking but the explanation Helms gave last week made a whole lotta sense. People took him as a joke, people didn’t see Hurricane as a threat, they didn’t know just what this dude was capable of. Chavo Guerrero knew, he knew exactly what he’s capable of and at the Bash he proved it, that Cruiserweight Championship around his waist proves it.

Match One: Singles Match

Gregory Helms w/Chavo Guerrero vs. Brian Kendrick

Kendrick starts this one off pretty quickly, taking the Cruiserweight Champion by surprise as Kendrick pounces on Helms, clobbering away with right after right, forcing him back before following up an Irish Whip with a beautiful precise dropkick, Kendrick quickly into the cover, kick out at two from Helms.

Kendrick’s quickly back on Helms, bringing him to his feet and looking to pick up where he left off, delivering some strong right hands before another Irish whip, this time tossing Helms towards the turnbuckle as Kendrick charges but he’s caught with a nasty elbow to the skull from Helms! Kendrick bounces out of the corner with Helms coming at him from behind and grabbing his head, it appears for a headlock but OH! Helms with an inverted headlock backbreaker!! Beautiful stuff from Helms as Kendrick tumbles to the mat. Cover by the champion, 1...2...kick out by Kendrick!

Helms is now in full control and continues to work over the lower back of Kendrick, keeping the high flyer down with several vicious kicks to the back as well as the kidneys with Kendrick looking in clear discomfort as Helms taunts the crowd, getting him some real heat here. Helms then drops a sinister elbow right to that lower back region as Kendrick immediately clutches his back, struggling to get back up here, Helms picking him apart.

The man formerly known as The Hurricane continues his dominance, bringing Kendrick to his feet before striking with a forearm, followed by another as Kendrick’s wedged into the corner, Helms now with an Irish Whip but Kendrick reverses and Helms flies into the turnbuckle, Kendrick charges but Helms puts up a boot! Kendrick is caught and stumbles away from the corner as Helms spins him round and drops him with a swinging neck breaker! Kendrick is floored once again as Helms dives into a cover, 1...2...3...NO!! Kendrick just about survives with Helms mouthing ‘What the hell?’ to the referee.

Helms looks to be a little frustrated as we see Chavo encouraging his partner/associate, whatever you wanna call this alliance and Helms quickly moves on as he heads over to the top rope, surprising move by the champion here. Helms positions himself on the top rope as Kendrick begins to come around, Helms then spreads his arms out wide as the crowd boo the cocky Cruiserweight Champion. Kendrick begins to find his feet as he turns around we see Helms fly, cross body!! Kendrick rolls through though, cover by Kendrick!! 1...2...3...HE GOT HIM!! NO!! Helms right in the nick of time gets a shoulder out, the crowd believing it to be other as Kendrick almost steals it.

Both men are quickly back up, Helms a little taken aback by that as he charges at Kendrick but Kendrick ducks it, both men spin round and Kendrick takes Helms down with a clothesline, Helms is quickly back up but Kendrick drops him again with a clothesline. Kendrick begins to feel the tide turning as he scoops Helms to his feet, what’s Spanky got in mind? Kendrick hoists Helms up high, beautiful vertical suplex!! Helms is floored as Kendrick crawls into another cover, 1...2...kick out at two and a half by Helms!! Kendrick giving it all he’s got here as Chavo Guerrero breathes a sigh of relief.

Kendrick brings himself up again, wiping the hair from his face as he now decides it’s time to fly. Kendrick heads towards the top rope with Helms floored as Kendrick looks around the crowd who give him all the encouragement in the world as Kendrick goes high!! Elbow drop off the top!! NOBODY HOME!! Helms rolls out of harm’s way with Kendrick taking a hefty fall. Both men are down but Helms begins to rise to his feet, slowly using the ropes for leverage, Kendrick is fighting to get to his feet also, though holding his elbow after that nasty fall, Kendrick is to his knees now BUT HELMS FROM BEHIND, SHINING WIZARD!! HELMS TAKES KENDRICK’S HEAD OFF FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! Cover by Helms, 1...2...3...game over.

Winner: Gregory Helms(6:15)

Michael Cole: I hate to admit it but that was a very impressive display from the Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms. Brian Kendrick gave it all he had but Helms just too strong here tonight.

Tazz: Impressive for sure Cole. Paul London’s got a whole lotta work to do if he wants to take that title back from Gregory Helms and when you’ve got Chavo Guerrero in your corner too? Makes it all the more difficult.

Helms backs up the ramp, title in hand as Chavo raises his hand high and Helms yells out ‘Gregory Helms, my time to shine’.

We then cut backstage where we join Teddy Long who is in his office, looking at something curiously, perhaps a television screen as we the camera then shifts up and we see Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio enter the room, the duo greeted with a big pop from the Detroit faithful with Van Dam being Michigan’s own. Long looks pleased to see the pair, Van Dam still looking angry whilst Mysterio looks more intrigued, both men dressed in casual gear

Teddy Long: Rob, Rey, good to see ya playas, what can I do for you? Good to be home huh Rob?

Van Dam simply rolls his eyes, clearly not in the mood.

Rob Van Dam: As much as I love being home, tonight I’m just not feelin’ it Teddy. We could be anywhere in the world tonight, doesn’t matter unless you’re gonna give me and Rey the answers we’re lookin’ for dude.

A few boos there for Van Dam’s lack of affection so to speak for his own people.

Rey Mysterio: Teddy what Rob’s tryin’ to say is we just wanted to know if there’s any updates on the investigation. It’s been nearly two weeks now and we’re getting pretty frustrated havin’ to wait around like this esse’.

Rob Van Dam: No, no what Rey means to say is, there BETTER be an update on this whole investigation and no we’re not ‘pretty frustrated‘, we’re REALLY frustrated dude. I think I speak on both mine and Rey’s behalf when I say that this had better be over with soon Teddy or else we’re gonna have to take matters into our own hands.

Slight pop for Van Dam’s intensity here.

Teddy Long: Look I understand your upset playas but I’m doin’ my best here a’ight? I along with several of the Board of Directors are looking into what went down at the Bash, we’re looking at all the security tapes, inside the arena, outside the arena, you name it.

Van Dam nods his head, as does Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio: And can you tell us anything?

Teddy Long: I can’t give ya anything concrete Rey but what I can show you, is this…

Long then directs both men towards a television screen where the camera pans to and we see a still image of someone in the exact same outfit as the masked assailant at the Bash, however we see them without that mask but it’s a shot from behind, however the evidence points to this NOT being Melina after all as we see this person from behind putting a mask on and appearing to be a male.

Teddy Long: This was taken several minutes into your match with MNM at the Bash and look, I don’t know how to say this but it ain’t lookin’ good for you two, ya understand? I mean, tell me if I’m not seein’ things straight but that don’t look to me like it’s Melina?

Rob Van Dam: It has to be Melina Teddy. It just…it…for god sakes, I mean it can’t be anyone but her!!

Van Dam appears to be in a state of disbelief here, struggling to understand what’s going on, Rey perplexed also.

Rey Mysterio: Look Rob, the evidence is there man. It wasn’t her, it wasn’t them. But what we gotta do is we gott-

Rob Van Dam: NO!! No, Rey we are not gonna do anything you say. It was Melina who did this to us, it was her and you know it just as well as I do Rey. You know it.

Teddy Long: Listen Rob, you know how much I respect you but I gotta go along with Rey on this one. I mea-

Rob Van Dam: Teddy, you know how much I respect you too but why don’t you do me a favour and start doin’ your job around here?


Rob Van Dam: Melina screwed us at the Bash. MNM screwed us at the Bash. Nobody else did this, it was all their dirty work. You better believe that I’m not stopping until I get to the bottom of this whole thing. Help me do this Teddy, help me do this Rey.

Mysterio and Long look at each other almost shrugging their shoulders.

Rey Mysterio: Look Rob it’s just not gonn-

Rob Van Dam: Y’know what Rey? Forget it, I might accept that crap from him but from you? From one of my closest friends around this joint? No, no I didn’t expect that at all. I WILL get to the bottom of this and I will do it alone.

Van Dam then storms out as Mysterio and Long share that same look with one another that they did moments ago and we head off.


We return and immediately head back to ringside to hear…

‘Do What I Want’

It’s the music of the former United States Champion as Orlando Jordan makes his way out to a tiny, oh so tiny amount of heat, ready for action.

Michael Cole: Orlando Jordan suffered a huge setback at The Great American Bash, losing the United States title to Matt Hardy but the downward spiral continued last week as Jordan invoked his rematch, taking on Hardy for the gold only to once again come up short.

Tazz: Desperately disappointing for Orlando Jordan but tonight’s a chance for him to put that right, a chance for him to get some momentum back, I sure hope he can take it.

‘Hell will be callin’ your Name’

There’s a nice pop that meets the music of the undefeated powerhouse that is Bobby Lashley who steps out, looking as fired up as ever, eyes dead set on Jordan who can’t believe his luck.

Tazz: Oh baby!!

Michael Cole: Well I don’t think this was quite who Orlando Jordan hoped to be taking on to as you put it Tazz, try and get some momentum back. The undefeated, unstoppable dominator that is Bobby Lashley and I don’t think we’ve really seen anyone push Lashley to the max just yet here on Friday nights.

Tazz: Chris Masters gave Lashley his toughest test last week and even the Masterpiece couldn’t come up wit’ the goods. It’s gonna take something special to beat this kid I’m telling ya.

Match Two: Singles Match

Bobby Lashley vs. Orlando Jordan

Jordan starts off very cagey, not wanting to lock up with his intimidating opponent as Lashley gives him a wry smile. Lashley begins heading Jordan’s way but OJ simply circles the ring, doing as much as possible to avoid Lashley’s charge but he can’t succeed as Lashley finally strikes, getting his hands on Jordan and the new fan favourite begins to strike with some big right hands.

Jordan is backed up into the corner and Lashley scores with a huge shoulder to the gut, followed by another and another as Jordan’s face tells the story with Lashley’s power evident for all to see, Jordan having no answer.

Lashley looks around the crowd who cheer this dominant force before whipping Jordan across the ring at real pace, Lashley follows right behind, charging and delivering another devastating running shoulder right into the gut of Jordan who slumps outta the corner, clutching his stomach in real agony here but he’s no time to recover as Lashley immediately scoops him up again. Lashley looks to get Jordan up, appearing to be in a Suplex position but Jordan somehow scrambles down the back of Lashley, trying desperately to escape as Lashley turns around RIGHT INTO A THUMB TO THE EYE!! Clever strategy from Jordan as the Real Deal is blinded momentarily. Jordan takes a second or two to have a breather before jumping back on Lashley and delivering a clubbing shot from behind, striking Lashley down.

Jordan now keeps up the pressure, stiff kicks to the back of Lashley, doing all he can to make sure the Dominator remains floored as he rolls Lashley over onto his back now and begins to stomp away on the chest of Lashley, kick after kick, not letting up before the referee finally gets OJ to stop the assault with OJ complying and backing off his dangerous opponent.

Jordan now brings Lashley to his feet, perhaps a little more confident now and he begins to strike with some stiff shots, looking to pick apart Lashley. The powerhouse looks a little dazed as OJ opts to run the ropes, flying clothesline!!! BUT LASHLEY CAUGHT HIM!! Lashley catches OJ with authority and drops Jordan with a thunderous Belly to Belly suplex!! Jordan is wiped out as Lashley drops to the mat, catching his breath in the process.

Lashley then rises again and begins pandering to the crowd who sense that the end may indeed be near. Lashley heads over to the corner as Jordan slowly, very gingerly makes his way upright again, Lashley is poised, he’s stalking the former U.S. Champion. Jordan is up, he turns around, SPEAR!! SPEAR BY LASHLEY!! NO!! JORDAN DODGES IT!! Lashley spins back round, BLACK MAGIC FROM JORDAN!!! NO!! LASHLEY SHOVES JORDAN AWAY!! Jordan runs right back at him but Lashley catches him and hoists him up high, Jordan’s in trouble here! DOMINATOR TIME!! CONNECTS!! Lashley takes Jordan down, into the cover, 1...2...3...he got him!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley(5:11)

Michael Cole: Once again, sheer dominance from Bobby Lashley!! Orlando Jordan is a former United States Champion folks, he’s no slouch and Lashley just tore him apart.

Tazz: I don’t think I’ve seen a dude this impressive in all my time doin’ this Cole. Lashley has got it all, the physique, the speed, the athleticism, the power, you name, it, this kid’s got it and I stand by what I said earlier man, it’s gonna take something speci- HEY!!

BAM!! Lashley is floored by…by….JBL!! JBL HAS BLINDSIDED THE REAL DEAL!!

Michael Cole: JBL!! What the-?! What is JBL thinking?!

Tazz: Cole is this…is this the impact, is the statement JBL promised us he’d make?

Michael Cole: I think you’d better believe it is! JBL has just ambushed Bobby Lashley. JBL promised us all he would start a comeback, start a rise to once again reach the top here on Smackdown and he promised it’d start this week and it appears as though Bobby Lashley is his target!!

Layfield then clobbers Lashley with big boots to the head, showing no remorse as he dissects the rookie. Layfield then brings Lashley to his feet, the Real Deal looking a little worse for wear here as BRADSHAW KICKS HIM SQUARE IN THE NUTS!!

Michael Cole: Oh come on!! What is this about?!?

Tazz: It’s about makin’ a statement Cole. Statement well and truly made.

JBL then runs the ropes before SMASHING Lashley with a vicious Clothesline from hell, taking Lashley’s head off!!

Tazz: Wow. I said it’d take something special to beat this kid Cole, I may’ve forgot to add, it might also take someone smart and there ain’t nobody, not on Smackdown, not on Raw, not anywhere in the wrestling world smarter than John Bradshaw Layfield.

Michael Cole: You call it smart but Tazz I gotta question, just how smart is it? Just how clever is angering this monster? JBL has made a MASSIVE statement here tonight but will it ultimately lead to his downfall?

We get a shot of JBL standing tall over the Dominator, raising a fist high to the crowd who boo the shit out of the Wall Street Warrior as Bradshaw lets out that sly, twisted grin of his.

We then head off into a video package…

We’re shown a fairly modern building as the camera slowly rises and we see ’The Grand Hotel’ at the front of this building, clearly a fancy, expensive hotel as we see several pretty flashy looking gentleman walking in and out, all suited and booted. We then cut to the car park of this hotel and again see several flashy individuals, some incredibly beautiful women all making their way around. A car then pulls into the car park, a very impressive looking, top of the range, Lamborghini, roaring like a lion in distress. The car pulls up, just one man inside of it as he hops up just outside the hotel. We then see two black men, also wearing suits appear into shot, one is relatively small and wearing something that looks like a bandana, the other is significantly taller having long, braided hair. The gentleman inside the vehicle then steps out…

Driver: Park her up for me would ya…Da…Ke…damn it I forgot your names, I’m sorry.

This guy tosses his keys to the larger black man, sporting the braided hair

?: I’m Shawn and this is Jonathan, now don’t you worry yourself over that, it would be our pleasure to park your car sir.

Both Shawn and Jonathan wave to the individual as he departs, saying ‘Thank you’.

Shawn: Shawn and Jonathan, is this dude for real?

The two men have a laugh and a joke before hopping in the car, Shawn starting the engine

Shawn: Yo, yo, yo, you hearing this thing purrrrrrrrrr baby? You hearin’ this?

Jonathan: I am hearing all dat and more my brother, lets get this thing goin, cccchhhhyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

The two begin to speed off, a look of excitement in their eyes.

Shawn: Yo, all you peeps watchin’ this at home right now, allow us to introduce ourselves to ya. First thing’s first, my name DAMN SURE ain’t Shawn and the two of us wouldn’t be caught dead workin’ in a place like that, you think they employ black guys? Pssssh. My name is Shad Gaspard.

Jonathan: And lemme, lemme ask y’all a question, do I…do I look like a Jonathan? You gotta be kiddin’ me. My name is JTG and me and my boy here Shad, people on the streets have given us a little nickname. Why don’t you go ‘head and fill these people in?

Shad has a look of concentration in his eyes as he doesn’t respond.

JTG: Yo, Shad it’s yo’ turn to speak……WOAH!! And you ain’t good at this drivin’ thing man. You tryin’ to get us killed?!?

Shad swerves, narrowly avoiding another car

Shad: A’ight, a’ight, a brother ain’t used to speed like this, we don’t get no damn Lamborghini’s in Brooklyn now do we?

JTG nods his head in agreement.

Shad: People on the streets like to label us as ‘Cryme Tyme’. But we…we ain’t criminals are we J? I mean, it ain’t our faults people hand us things, right? I mean, that dude at the hotel just gave us the keys. We ain’t steal nuttin’.

JTG: We ain’t steal nuttin’ man.

Shock, horror in the distance we begin to see flashing lights as you guessed it, the cops come calling.

Shad: Ah, help a brother out baby. Not again.

JTG: Y’all gonn’ let me do the talkin’ this time a’ight?

Shad nods as they pull over and the officer steps out to question them.

Officer: Afternoon gentleman. Fancy lookin’ car ya got here. You mind showin’ me your license?

Shad: Absolutely not sir, I’d be more than willing to give yo…

JTG: I thought I was doin’ the talkin’ man?

Shad: Excuse me just one second officer, I believe it’s in the trunk.

Shad steps out of the vehicle

Officer: Why would your lice…WOAHHHHHH!!

All of a sudden Shad grabs the officer and takes him over before stuffing him in the trunk!! Shad then races back to the vehicle and steps inside

Shad: He just fell in, I couldn’t stop ‘im.

Shad holds his hands up, pleading his innocence..

JTG: I hate it when that happens.

Shad: Me too man. Where we headed?

JTG: Hey, the one place they ain’t gonn’ find us is home. Brooklyn it is.

Shad: Brooklyn here we come but for all of y’all watchin’ at home, tonight may be Brooklyn, but soon? Soon we gonn’ be headed your way, soon we gonn’ be headed to Smackdown…

JTG: And Friday nights best be ready cos like we said, although we ain’t steal nuttin’, nine times outta ten? Cryme Tyme still gets… what they want.

We then hear the officer yell ‘Get me outta here’ as Shad and JTG laugh and we head off before seeing…

‘Cryme Tyme: Coming Soon to Smackdown!

We return back ringside to hear…

‘Oh Yeahhhhh’

‘Live for the Moment’

And it’s a very strong pop that greets the music of the United States Champion, Matt Hardy! Hardy bursts onto the stage, full of energy lifting his title high as he gets ready for action.

Michael Cole: Well when we come back folks, it’ll be this man, the United States Champion, Matt Hardy in one on one action, don’t go anywhere!!


We return as Hardy is pacing up and down the ring, his music still in the background before dying down as we then hear…

‘Man Beast’

A few oooohs as Hardy knows who’s headed his way. We then see him emerge from the back as Rhyno comes down, a determined, focused look on his face as he faces the U.S. Champ here.

Michael Cole: Well after failing to settle their differences at the Bash as Carlito came out victorious, Booker T and this man, Rhyno have picked up where they left off. Rhyno cost Booker T his match up last week with JBL and I don’t think these issues between Rhyno and Booker are gonna go away until they finally get their hands on each other, one on one inside this ring.

Tazz: I gotta agree wit ya Cole. Booker and Rhyno have a real history together, the two of ’em have been friends for a long time and this thing ain’t gonna end until they settle it the only way they know how and that’s to get it on inside that ring.

Match Three: Singles Match

Matt Hardy vs. Rhyno

Hardy and Rhyno both looked pumped up as the bell rings, staring a hole through one another before Hardy starts to circle, Rhyno doing likewise and we get these two locking up in the centre of the ring with it eventually ending in deadlock, neither man quite able to come out on top and it’s back to square one.

The two men lock up again and this time it’s Rhyno who gains the upper hand, striking Hardy with a knee to the gut forcing the U.S. Champ to clutch down and hold his mid section as Rhyno now strikes with right hands, forcing Hardy into the ropes, Irish whip now by Rhyno and Hardy rebounds, knocking Rhyno down with a clothesline!!

Hardy again clutches his mid section, clearly that knee making some impact before bringing Rhyno to his feet as Hardy tosses the Man Beast into the corner and now relentlessly plugs away with some kicks of his own to the mid section, working over the former ECW Champion who is stuck in no man’s land at the moment.

Hardy now with an Irish whip out of the corner towards the opposite and Rhyno connects hard as Hardy now lines up a charge of his own but Rhyno sees it coming and throws an elbow up, knocking Hardy aback. Hardy stumbles away before spinning round and he’s met with a kick to the gut again as Rhyno whips Hardy across the ring, Hardy rebounds and he’s caught with a spine buster!! Big time impact from Rhyno!!

Rhyno lets out a roar of adrenaline before heading over to the corner, he’s gonna try and end this one early as Hardy slowly rises, not quite knowing where he is, he gets to his knees, Rhyno urging, begging Hardy to get up and Hardy slowly does so before turning round, GORE!! GORE FROM RHYNO!! NO, HARDY WITH A KICK TO THE MID SECTION, TWIST OF FATE!! NO!! Rhyno shoves Hardy away into the ropes but Hardy responds with a flying clothesline knocking the Man Beast down!!

Hardy lets out a cry to the crowd but as he does so he’s clubbed from behind by CARLITO!! THE APPLE SPITTER FROM OUT OF NOWHERE TAKES HARDY DOWN!! BUT HERE COMES BOOKER T RIGHT ON HIS TAIL!! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!!? Booker charges the ring almost immediately after Carlito made his presence felt and begins to trade blows with his recent rival, the former WCW Champion coming out the stronger as he takes it to Lito, Irish Whip by Booker, back body drop by Booker!! Booker turns around and he’s met by RHYNO!! RHYNO AND BOOKER NOW, THE TWO BITTER ENEMIES BEGIN TO COLLIDE!!

Winner: No Contest(3:20)

Michael Cole: Booker T, Carlito causing chaos here in Detroit!! Booker T and Rhyno, these two bitter rivals all over one another!! Carlito wanting to send a message, send a message to the United States Champion!!

Tazz: Think of the history here Cole. I mean Booker, Rhyno and Carlito were all up against each other just back at the Bash and we got Hardy thrown into this thing now!!

The brawls continue with Booker and Rhyno continuing to hammer away while Hardy and Carlito are now up and they’re smashing the holy hell out of one another and it’s Hardy who appears to be coming out on top, forcing their respective opponents here back as they pummel away with right hands as HARDY SENDS CARLITO OVER THE TOP!! Lito is floored and it’s met with a big pop from the crowd as RHYNO IS SENT PACKING BY BOOKER!! Both Rhyno and Carlito are sent to the outside, these two men not exactly fond of one another either as they exchange words with their rivals and then right on cue as he oh so often tends to do…


It’s the music of Smackdown’s General Manager Teddy Long that hits and out he steps, set to make the announcement we all know is coming.

Teddy Long: Hold on just a second there playas…

Lito looks back at Long before shouting ‘Ju out here to suspend him? Ju see what he did to Carlito?’

Teddy Long: Now I signed a match here tonight for all these fans in Detroit and that match was Matt Hardy one on one with Rhyno. But Booker, Carlito, seems to me like you two didn’t want it to go down that way did ya?

Booker mouths ‘Naw’

Teddy Long: So what we’re going to do is this. Carlito, Rhyno, I know you two have had your differences but you’re going to step back inside that ring and you’re going to be teaming up to take on the duo of Matt Hardy and Booker T!!

Nice pop greets that all too predictable statement as Carlito flaps his arms around in anger, Rhyno still looking his usual tough guy self as Booker and Hardy look pumped up.

Michael Cole: Wow! Huge match made by Teddy Long!! Hardy and Booker versus Carlito and Rhyno!!

Tazz: This is what Teddy Long’s all about Cole. Big time tag team match and it looks like we’re getting this thing started right about now.

Indeed we are as Rhyno is already in the ring, wanting to go, Carlito a little bit more hesitant as he walks around the ring to his corner before slowly perching himself on the apron, happily allowing Rhyno to take centre stage here.

Match Three/Four(You be the judge): Tag Team Match

Matt Hardy and Booker T vs. Carlito and Rhyno

It’s the two rivals who go toe to toe starting this one off as Booker T pleads with Matt Hardy to start this one out against the Man Beast and Hardy obliges as Booker and Rhyno charge right at one another and it’s Booker who lands the first blow, it’s an all out fist fight from the off between these two with Booker showing real passion, real intensity in taking it to his former friend.

Booker takes control of this thing as he overpowers Rhyno, forcing him back before delivering a kick to the gut and then striking with a beautiful super kick esque strike that takes Rhyno down, early cover by Booker, 1...2...kick out at two from the Man Beast as Booker immediately hops up, clearly pumped up and ready for this thing.

Booker quickly pulls Rhyno up, nailing a forearm as he looks to keep on top of his rival. Booker now with an Irish Whip and Rhyno rebounds off the ropes and Booker takes him down with a back elbow!! Big time impact from Booker who now runs the ropes himself and drops a knee right to the head of Rhyno, precise stuff from Booker! Into another cover, 1...2...Carlito breaks the count!! The crowd shits all over the Apple Spitter as he saves his recent rival but prevents another, the referee forcing him back to his corner with Lito pleading his innocence.

Both Rhyno and Booker are down now with a race on as to who reaches their feet first, both men holding their heads, Booker’s eyes bulging out of his, confused at what went down, Rhyno now crawling towards his corner. Booker uses the ropes to bring himself up, taking a moment to regain his composure as Rhyno is within an arm’s length of Lito now and he reaches him!! Carlito skips in through the ropes and is on Booker T like a rash, left hand after left hand, clubbing the back of Booker as Lito now begins to stomp away at the knees of Booker, trying to ground the former WCW Champion as we get a shot of a fired up Matt Hardy watching on.

Booker is now to his knees as Lito runs the ropes before SMASHING Booker with a low angle dropkick!! Beautiful move by Lito who rolls Booker into a cover, 1...2...shoulder up by Booker, met with a nice pop from the Detroit faithful. Carlito snarls at the referee before once again going back at Booker, picking him upright, clobbering him with another left hand before a knee to the gut, followed by another as Lito relentlessly takes it to Booker here. Irish Whip now by Lito as Booker smashes into the corner, Lito taking a run up as he charges and nails Booker with a big time clothesline! Booker stumbles out of the corner as Lito nails another kick to the mid section before scooping Booker up high, suplex time from Carlito but Booker rolls out the back of it!! Booker rolls out, Lito spins around and he’s caught with a HUGE spinning heel kick!! Carlito is down but Booker doesn’t quite have enough to make the cover just yet, he crawls slowly over and he puts the arm across now, 1...2...3...NO!! Carlito with a shoulder up!

The crowd groans as Carlito survives that big time move from Booker T who appears to be in need of a breather now and he begins to head over to Matt Hardy, the U.S. Champ stretching out an arm, desperately wanting in on Carlito here. Booker is inching ever closer but Carlito sticks out an arm and holds on to the leg of Booker, not allowing Booker room to manoeuvre. Booker tries to wriggle out as Carlito clings on and pulls Booker back a little bit but Booker shows real strength as he kicks Carlito away and MAKES THE TAG, HERE COMES HARDY!!

Hardy bursts onto the scene right as Carlito gets up and he’s met with a flurry of fists from the champion!! Hardy coming in strong here as Lito has no answer, Irish whip from Hardy as he runs the opposite ropes and takes Lito down with a flying clothesline!! Hardy laying it all on the line as Lito gets to his feet, kick to the mid section, Northern Lights suplex! Wow, huge move here from Hardy as he heads over towards the top rope, Carlito completely sprawled out here as Hardy roars to the crowd, they sense what’s coming. BUT OH RHYNO SHOVES HARDY OFF THE TOP DOWN TO THE MAT!! Big time heat for the Man Beast…but here comes Booker T!!

Booker charges round the ring and tugs Rhyno off the apron as these two go at each other’s throats again with Rhyno the aggressor this time, clearly wanting some payback on Booker’s earlier dominance as he forces Booker back before taking him down with a thunderous shoulder tackle into the steel ring post!! Booker thuds to the floor as inside the ring Carlito is beginning to stir, Hardy likewise. The crowd are rallying Hardy whilst meanwhile, Rhyno is on the outside contemplating his next move before he suddenly just tosses his hands at Booker in a dismissive manner and he just…he just walks out?? Why has Rhyno just left his rival like that?

Back inside the ring and Carlito is to his feet, Hardy all but there as Lito charges at him but Hardy catches him with a right hand as Carly is sent spiralling, Lito spins right back around into the waiting Hardy WHO DELIVERS BIG TIME WITH THE SIDE EFFECT!! The end is near for Carlito as Hardy wearily fires the crowd up, Twist of Fate incoming as he heads to Lito’s lifeless body, drags him up, kick to the mid section, Twist of Fate time!! NO!! Carlito pushes Hardy away and into the ropes, Carlito with a roll up from behind!! 1...CARLITO’S GOT THE TIGHTS!! 2...3...CARLITO STEALS IT!! CARLITO STEALS IT WITH THE TIGHTS!!

Winners: Carlito and Rhyno(7:51)

Michael Cole: Damn it!! How many times?! How many times over the past few months has Carlito stolen his way to victory?!

Tazz: I can’t keep count Cole but you gotta hand it to him, this kid is picking up victory after victory by any mean’s necessary and he didn’t just beat anybody right there, he beat the United States Champion.

Hardy looks pissed as he asks the referee what happened, that’s how quickly it went from Hardy being in control to Carlito pulling one out of the bag as we then cut to the ramp to see Lito smirking as he backs up the ramp before he motions that he wants that United States title belt Hardy holds. Booker T is still down on the outside, clutching his lower back having taken that shoulder into the ringpost before Rhyno departed, looking worse for wear here before we get another shot of a cocky, confident Carlito at the top of the stage.

We then cut away backstage and we see JBL, suited and booted again, white cowboy hat now on after being absent during his beat down of Bobby Lashley earlier in the night. We then see Josh Matthews appear quickly into the picture

Josh Matthews: JBL! JBL, just wanted to get a quick word on what transpired between you and Bobby Lashley earlier on tonight. Could you give us an explanation as to why you targeted Bobby Lashley?

JBL begins smiling.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You never learn do ya kid? You want me to slap the taste out your mouth again just like I did last week? Do ya?

Josh Matthews: N-n-no.

Matthews looks a little worried here after suffering a slap last week from Layfield.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Well then why don’t you start treatin’ me with some respect? Why don’t you stop interrogatin’ me week after week?

Josh Matthews: Y-yes, yes sir.

JBL stares a hole through an intimidated Matthews.

John Bradshaw Layfield: That’s more like it. So you want my reasons huh? You wanna know just why I, why I targeted Bobby Lashley? Well I woulda thought that it was real easy for you to understand. I promised last week, I vowed that I would make an impact, that I would send a statement to the Smackdown locker room.

Bradshaw begins beaming again now.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And what do ya know? I did exactly that. What better way is there to make an impact than what I did out there tonight? To take a six foot four inch, two hundred seventy plus pound FREAK OF NATURE, a guy who has yet to be defeated, a guy who has…he’s yet to break a sweat Josh!! To take him and physically dominate him, take him and wipe the FLOOR with him!

Big heat for Layfield now.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I’ll tell ya, no, no there isn’t. There is no better way to make an impact than what you witnessed out there tonight. The boys in the back are on notice, the rise to the top of the mountain has once again kickstarted and it is only a matter of time. It is only…a matter…of time before JBL, before a true American Hero, before the one and only, WRESTLINGGGGGGGGG GODDDDDDDDDDDDD…once again becomes the W…W…E Champion.

Massive heat here for a fired up Bradshaw who now looks directly into the camera.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Bobby Lashley, you might be strong, you might be fast, heck, you might even be good but you are not, I repeat, you are NOT…on my level, you are not in my league. I’ve been at the bottom before but I worked, I clawed my way right to the very top and Lashley, you’re simply gonna be a notch on my belt kid, all you’re gonna be is a bump in the road as I drive all the way back up…to where I belong.

Bradshaw then scowls at Matthews once more before leaving the arena with more boos being aimed his way from the Detroit faithful.

We then head off elsewhere where we once again see Detroit’s own Rob Van Dam. Van Dam is met again with a big time pop as we see he’s on the phone, clearly listening to what this person is saying to him as he nods his head.

Rob Van Dam: Dude that’s just not gonna work. No, no it ain’t happenin’.

Van Dam shakes his head as we have no idea just who he’s talking to or what about.

Rob Van Dam: Look they’ve got away with it for the last time, I know it was them, I just know it was them and Teddy? He knows it too. Did you see the tape?

Van Dam waits for a response.

Rob Van Dam: Yeah look I don’t know how or who they got to do it but it was them. I don’t- I just don’t buy that Teddy Long has seen ALL the tapes, that he’s seen ALL the evidence.

Van Dam looks puzzled now.

Rob Van Dam: I’m not saying Teddy Long’s in on it, no, I’m just saying that those three might be, those three have to be getting somebody to do their dirty work. It’s not as clear cut as Teddy Long makes out that’s for sure.

Van Dam bites his bottom lip before sighing as he has his head in his hands a little bit.

Rob Van Dam: Alright man, alright, I’ll let you know if I get anywhere with all this. Catch ya later dude.

Van Dam then hangs up before huffing and heading off. The camera then heads away from Van Dam and around the corner where we see…MELINA lurking, looking mischievous as she too then heads off rather hurriedly.


We return to Smackdown and we’re all set for more action as we hear…

‘Muy Loco’

It’s the music of the crazy, high flying trio of the Mexicools who come out on their Juan Deere’s as ever and are greeted with a decent pop.

Michael Cole: Ever since stepping foot here on Friday nights The Mexicools have been out to cause chaos and last week Tazz, it was no different. The Pitbulls came down ringside to assist their associate Chris Masters in his match with Bobby Lashley, only for the Mexicools to come on down and even the odds, fending off Kid Kash and Jamie Noble.

Tazz: These three guys clearly ain’t settled the score yet wit’ Kid Kash and Jamie Noble and this next match is gonna be off the chain, believe me on that one, Super Crazy and Psicosis can go, Kash and Noble can go. These four in the same ring? Potential to blow your socks off Cole.

‘A Country Boy Can Survive’

It’s then a fair few amount of boos as down come the snarling duo of Jamie Noble and Kid Kash, better known as The Pitbulls, set to take on their rivals here tonight.

Michael Cole: Well here comes those two men and you can see just by the look on their faces that both Kash and Noble are in no mood for the Mexicools antics here tonight.

Tazz: Not at all Cole. Real chance for these two teams tonight as well, I mean MNM don’t have any challengers right now, a win for one of these two teams and they’re gonna be right in contention for the Tag titles.

Match Four: Tag Team Match

The Mexicools vs. The Pitbulls

Jamie Noble begins the match for the Pitbulls with Super Crazy taking charge for his team, the two men going to lock up in the centre of the ring but it’s Noble who strikes with a quick kick to the mid section, catching Crazy a little off guard with Noble now assuming control. The former Cruiserweight champion strikes with right hands, knocking Crazy back before an Irish Whip into the corner as Crazy slams into it with authority, slumping to the mat as Noble keeps up the offense, catching Crazy with some stiff kicks to the chest as Crazy lay in no man’s land early on.

Noble then draws Crazy up and strikes with several forearms to the skull before yet another Irish whip towards the opposite corner and Noble comes charging right behind but Crazy uses the ropes to hoist himself up and over the incoming Noble with the Pitbull going shoulder first into the ring post!! Noble writhes in pain as Crazy now has a chance to gain control. Noble falls out of the corner and spins around right into Crazy’s path, kick to the mid section and a nice snap suplex from Crazy!! Into the cover, 1...2...kick out at two from Noble.

Crazy’s quick to his feet and drags Noble over towards his corner, tagging in Psicosis and the other half of the Mexicools tonight hops on over the ropes and lands right across Noble’s chest with a sweet leg drop!! Cover by Psicosis, 1...2...kick out at two once again from Jamie Noble. Psicosis is quickly up and drags Noble up also, whipping him in towards the corner as Psicosis comes charging but Noble scoops him up and over!! Psicosis lands on his feet on the apron though, great athleticism from the Mexican as Noble spins around and swings a right hand but Psicosis catches it and nails Noble with a right hand of his own! Noble is sent spiralling as Psicosis heads up top and Psicosis flies BUT NOBLE CATCHES HIM WITH A DROPKICK IN MID AIR!! WOW!!

Noble floors Psicosis as he drops to the mat also, both men down, Noble certainly the more aware however as he slowly, very slowly begins to wander over towards Kid Kash. Kash extends an arm and Noble slowly reaches out, tagging in his partner as Kash hops through the ropes, eyeing up and down Psicosis, thinking up his first move and it’s an emphatic kick to the ribs, Psicosis bent over as Kash now unloads with some vicious kicks to the ribs, Psicosis crying out in pain as he drops to the mat and Kash now begins to drop some elbows, again targeting the ribs of the high flier.

Kash brings Psicosis to his feet now and scores with a right hand before a kick to the gut as Psicosis is doubled over and Kash runs the ropes, clothesline! NO! Psicosis ducks under it and Kash spins around right into a leap from Psicosis who takes Kash down with a hurricanrana!! Beautiful from Psicosis who keeps Kash down for a cover, 1...2...3...NO!! Kash just about survives this thing as Psicosis nearly steals it.

Both men are fairly quick to their feet as Kash swings a right but again Psicosis ducks it and spins Kash round, spinning heel kick by Psicosis, Kash catches his boot, swings him away but it’s a 360 spin from Psicosis and he catches Kash right in the face!! Psicosis strolls over to his corner as Crazy is desperate to get in on this, tag is made and Crazy goes up top!! Crazy riles up the fans as he heads up high, what’s he got in mind here? MOONSAULT FROM SUPER CRAZY!! NOBODY HOME!!!

Crazy crashes into the mat as Kash has the wherewithal to see it coming and both men are now down, Kash crawling delicately towards his corner, desperate to tag in Jamie Noble to this contest. Kash is inching, ever closer now as Crazy begins to show life but it’s too late as Kash makes the tag, Noble enters and he immediately brings Crazy up, nailing a kick to the gut before a hard hitting shot across the back, Noble runs the ropes and goes for a massive kick to the head but Crazy dodges it!! Noble misses, he turns around, back suplex by Crazy!! Noble lands on his feet, rolls Crazy up from behind, 1.…2.…shoulder up by Crazy!!

This wild contest continues just about as both men are quick to their feet and Noble strikes first but there’s retaliation from Crazy as a fist fight ensues and it’s Crazy who’s coming out the victor right now, Noble losing out to a flurry of rights but BAM!! KID KASH FROM BEHIND TAKES CRAZY DOWN!! BUT HERE COMES PSICOSIS!! Psicosis takes it to Kash now and tosses him through the ropes, Psicosis takes a step back before running the ropes, what the hell is he doing here?! PLANCHA OVER THE TOP TO KASH!! Psicosis taking both himself and Kid Kash down here in incredible high risk fashion as inside the ring, Noble gathers himself and he heads over to Crazy, kick to the mid section, Tiger Driver!! NO!! Crazy counters, kick now to Noble’s mid section as he looks for a sunset flip but Noble catches him, great strength by Noble!! TIGER DRIVER CONNECTS!! Cover by Noble, 1...2...3, he got him!!

Winners: The Pitbulls(8:13)

Michael Cole: Noble gets him!! Huge win for the Pitbulls!!

Tazz: Wow, that is one hell of a victory for Jamie Noble and Kid Kash right there, the Mexicools, they-they can’t believe it!!

They can’t as we see Juvi Guerrera cutting a frustrated figure at ringside having seen his men defeated here tonight. We then see the Pitbulls backing up the ramp celebrating as Kash motions that the Tag Team titles may well be next on their agenda. We get another shot of the Mexicools as Psicosis joins Crazy in the ring, helping him up and patting him on the back before they deliver a glaring look up at the Pitbulls, clearly this one isn’t over in their minds.

Michael Cole: Well folks, lets take you over to the newest member of our Smackdown broadcast team, Kristal Marshall!!

We then head over to the lovely Kristal who is waiting in the backstage area, mic in hand to speak to us.

Kristal Marshall: Hi guys!! Kristal here and for my very first interview here on Friday Night Smackdown, it doesn’t get any bigger. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the WWE Champion, John Cena!!

Cena appears, smiling at the over exuberant Kristal, tipping his cap to her. Cena is greeted as ever with a nice reception from the crowd.

Kristal Marshall: John earlier tonight we saw you exchange strong words with Kurt Angle, resulting in you challenging Kurt to face you at Summerslam for the WWE Championship. Now the match is official, just how confident are you that you can beat the Wrestling Machine?

John Cena: Kristal I’m gonna give you a free pass on that one seein’ as it’s your first night on the job. I’m extremely confident that I can beat Kurt Angle at Summerslam, extremely confident. Now I know Kurt’s got it all inside the ring, he didn’t win an Olympic Gold Medal for nothing, the dude’s talented. But Kristal I think people forget this sometimes…so am I.

Nice pop again, a few boos thrown in though as he almost compares himself to Angle.

John Cena: I’m talented too, if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t be standing here holding the WWE title. Now that? That is what gives me all the confidence in the world. As long as I hold this, then I’m on top, I’m the guy to beat and Kurt keeps bringing up this little theory of his, he keeps saying that I until I face him, until I beat him then I’m not a true champion, I’m not a real champion. Well Kristal I say this, until Kurt faces me and until Kurt beats me, then he’s not what he claims to be, he’s not the very best, he’s not the true champion here in the WWE, I am.

It’s pretty strong stuff from Cena here, a determined focus is clear for all to see.

John Cena: So yeah, I am confident and I got every reason to be. Kurt’s claimin’ I’m afraid of facin’ him, that I’m runnin’ scared of his challenge. Well at Summerslam we’re gonna find out who’s really sca-

BAM!! KURT ANGLE FROM BEHIND!! KURT ANGLE CLUBS CENA FROM BEHIND!! Angle begins to hammer away at Cena, repeated right hands to the temple of the champion who has no response. Angle then brings Cena to his feet before smashing Cena’s head off of a wall backstage!! Cena goes tumbling as Angle looks incredibly intense here. Angle again brings Cena to his feet, nailing another right hand before tossing Cena into that wall again!! Cena tumbling into the wall with HUGE impact to his back, the loud thud heard all around the arena as Cena falls to his stomach, face down and Angle gets in his face, breathing heavily as the crowd boos the number one contender. Angle then mouths, ‘Scared? We all know who’s scared Cena’. The Wrestling Machine then smirks but only briefly as he then exit’s the scene as we see Cena laid out cold, his championship spread on the floor next to him.


We return and head into a video package..

Narrator: The biggest party of the summer.

The Summerslam logo appears across the screen as the Summerslam theme plays in the background.

Narrator: High pressure, high stakes.

We see a shot of Batista raising the World title high before a shot of a dejected Shawn Michaels.

Narrator: Who can overcome these obstacles?

We see Kurt Angle locking in the Ankle Lock on Randy Orton.

We then see Kane chokeslamming Chris Jericho

Narrator: Who can stand tall?

We see John Cena FU’ing JBL.

Narrator: Who can rise to the occasion?

We see Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas celebrating.

Narrator: Who can handle… the heat?

We see a smirking Christian before an angered Ric Flair.

Batista: At Summerslam.

Flashing shot of the Animal landing a Batistabomb.

Edge: At Summerslam.

A brief shot of Edge delivering a Spear.

Randy Orton: At Summerslam.

The Legend Killer delivering an RKO is shown.


Flair locking in the Figure Four is then shown briefly.

Kurt Angle: At Summerslam.

We then see Angle locking in the Ankle lock, wrenching the hold in.

John Cena: At Summerslam.

It’s Cena’s turn then as we see the WWE champion deliver a thunderous FU.

Christian: The heat…is on.

A shot of a desert like scene is then shown as the Summerslam logo then appears again before…

Narrator: Summerslam: Can you handle the heat?

We return back ringside from that video package to hear…


And there’s a flutter of boos, no more, no less as we get set for our main event with the Masterpiece himself, Chris Masters making his way down ringside.

Michael Cole: Huge opportunity awaits this young man here tonight Tazz. Chris Masters has endured mixed fortunes since coming to Friday Night Smackdown, being continually toyed with at the hands of the Mexicools but ultimately coming out on top, delivering a very strong display in victory at The Great American Bash and now here tonight a victory could really propel the Masterpiece.

Tazz: Victory here tonight would be the biggest in this kid’s young career. Masters has all the tools to become a big player here on Friday nights and he could make that first step tonight.

Masters waits in the ring, all set to go, a little anxious perhaps as the crowd get on their feet in anticipation of…


Huge pop already as the infamous gong strikes…

‘Graveyard Symphony’

Before the oh so familiar eerie feeling overcomes the crowd with The Undertaker making his way from behind the curtain to a crazy pop.

Michael Cole: For the first time since May, the cornerstone of the WWE, the Deadman, the Phenom, The Undertaker returns to action here on Friday Night Smackdown and Tazz we now know that The Undertaker will go one on one with Randy Orton at Summerslam in a mammoth showdown.

Tazz: Cole I’m pumped for this one, the Deadman back on Smackdown but I’m even more ready for Summerslam. The Undertaker, Randy Orton one on one, these two men have been at each other’s throats since back before Wrestlemania and at Summerslam they’ve each got a point to prove, it’s gonna be an absolute classic come Summerslam I’m telling ya.

Michael Cole: Indeed Randy Orton put the Deadman out of action at Judgment Day, the Phenom returning at The Great American Bash to dent the Legend Killer’s WWE Title hopes. At Summerslam The Undertaker will be fired up, he’ll be on top of his game and he will want payback. If I were Randy Orton I’d be a worried man come August 21st.

Match Five: Singles Match

The Undertaker vs. Chris Masters

Masters looks a little overwhelmed as the bell rings, understandably so as he stands a few feet away from the legendary Deadman. Taker has his game face on as the two men then lock up in the centre of the ring with Taker overpowering Masters and forcing him into the corner as the referee comes between them. He tells Taker to move back and he obliges before charging again at Masters but the arrogant youngster ducks his advances, turning the tables and beginning to unload on the Phenom, taking him by surprise perhaps.

Masters establishes control, firing away with right hands before beginning to stomp at the mid section of Taker, taking every opportunity he gets to dish out some punishment but suddenly Taker shows a burst of energy as he overpowers Masters, grabbing him by the throat and tossing him into the corner as Taker now begins to hammer away and the veteran doesn’t let up. Clubbing blow after clubbing blow keeps Masters in the corner as Taker heads away, the crowd right behind him before Taker charges and SMASHES Masters with a corner clothesline!!

Masters stumbles out of the corner but Taker grabs the right arm of Masters and the crowd know what time it is as an ‘OLD SCHOOOOOOOOL’ can be heard. Taker hops up on to the top of the turnbuckle, showing great agility as he tip toes along the top rope, BAM!! CRASHING DOWN ON MASTERS!!

Masters is down and the crowd pops big time, Michael Cole using his ‘Vintage Undertaker’ line as Taker now signals the end may be near, Chokeslam time already!! Masters steadies himself having risen to his feet, turning around right into a hand around the throat!! BUT MASTERS WITH A KICK TO THE GUT!! Taker’s grip is broken as Masters catches his breath before nailing Taker with another kick and he scoops the Phenom up before dropping him with a beautiful suplex! Great strength from the Masterpiece.

Masters now works over the Deadman for a couple of minutes, keeping Taker grounded as he works away with a variety of hard shots, hands and feet before locking in a tight looking sleeper hold as the Phenom’s face turns bright red, Masters really clenching it in as the fans rally around the returning legend. Taker’s arms flap around as he claws out, looking for an escape route as he fights to his knees, Masters just locking it in even harder as the referee lifts Taker’s hand up once….twice…three times BUT TAKER KEEPS IT UP HIGH!

Taker now fights, elbow to the mid section, followed by another as Masters grip loosens, the hold now broken!! Both men are now in a race to reach the other first and it’s Taker who strikes, big time right to Piece and again as Masters tries to fight back but Taker blocks it and continues his assault, Irish whip now from Taker but a reversal from masters, Taker rebounds and Masters swings for him, Taker ducks it, runs through and TAKES MASTERS DOWN WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!! Classic Undertaker as he rises to his feet, Masters groggily doing the same and he turns around, Chokeslam time!! Masters goes up but he slides round the back of the Deadman!! MASTERLOCK!! MASTERLOCK TO THE UNDERTAKER!! But Taker fights the lock, Masters can’t quite get it in as Taker smashes him away with an elbow, Masters falls away and Taker sends him flying with a big boot!!

Masters is dazed as he gets to his feet and Taker catches him this time, Chokeslam….CONNECTS!! Taker delivers the slash across the throat now as the fans know exactly what time it is! Masters is out of it though, Taker waiting patiently as his opponent eventually begins to stir, Masters now to his knees, he uses the ropes to pull himself up as he spins around right into the waiting Deadman. Taker scoops him up high, Tombstone time!! NO!! Masters rolls down the back again pushing Taker into the ropes as Masters rolls him up from behind!! 1...2...3...NO!! TAKER KICKS OUT!! Masters almost pulls off a shock!!

Both men are quickly up and Masters charges but Taker scoops him up high once again!! THIS TIME HE CONNECTS!! TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!! 1...2...3...Goodnight Masterpiece.

Winner: The Undertaker(8:22)

Michael Cole: Back with a bang, The Undertaker returning to Smackdown with a vengeance! Statement made Tazz, The Undertaker sending a message to the Legend Killer.

Tazz: Hey props to Chris Masters Cole but that is why The Undertaker is regarded as the Phenom around this joint, hell of a performance from the Deadman and Randy Orton better be takin’ notes cos I don’t think this is all that Taker’s got lined up come Summerslam.

Michael Cole: Indeed you have gotta believe tha…

?: Taker!! Hey Taker up here!!

Cole is cut off as the camera shifts from focusing on the Deadman in the ring to go over to the titantron where we see Randy Orton appear for all to see. Orton cuts a fierce and determined look, a Legend Killer T-Shirt on as we only see his top half, the fans already booing at the sight of the former World Champion.

Randy Orton: Taker I know you just had a match but I feel as though this…this just couldn’t wait. Y’see I’ve been back here in the locker room all night long, waiting for your match to be over with so I could just give you a little bit of advice, a word of warning if you will.

Taker has a confused look on his face as we head back up to Orton.

Randy Orton: I’ve been thinking ever since last week about Summerslam, about just what’s gonna happen when me and you come face to face inside that ring on August 21st. But Deadman, that’s not all I’ve been thinking about, see I’ve been thinking about tonight, I’ve been thinking about next week and the week after that, all this build up towards Summerslam and y’know what I figured?

Taker is breathing heavily as we see Orton smiling now?

Randy Orton: I figured that these next few weeks you’re gonna try and make as straightforward as possible right? I mean you’re The Undertaker, the Deadman, the Phenom, it’s gonna be same old, same old from you isn’t it? I’m in that ring, those lights are gonna go out, your little lightening bolt’s gonna hit isn’t it, some kinda fire’s gonna burst from outta nowhere, just like it always does isn’t it?

Orton laughs to himself slightly.

Randy Orton: Well I decided that uhhhh…that is NOT…how this is gonna work Deadman. I’ve had enough of your mind games, I’m tired of all the crap you try and pull on me, try and pull on EVERYBODY! It’s not gonna work this time, it’s not gonna work because two can play those games Undertaker, I can play mind games just like you can.

Taker is leant on the ropes now and sblacks a little bit.

Randy Orton: When you’re trying to get inside my head, trying to get inside your opponents head, they have to be on their guard, they have to be ready, be prepared because at any moment…you could strike. At any moment those lights could go out so you have to be cautious, you have to be careful, you have to watch…your…back because well, when you’re around Deadman, anything…could happen.

GONG, what on earth? The lights go out and there’s a moments confusion before the lights return and RANDY ORTON IS IN THE RING!!! ORTON’S IN THE RING!! The crowd is abuzz as Taker turns around, RKO!! RKO TO THE UNDERTAKER!!

Michael Cole: Randy Orton!! Randy Orton with an RKO to The Undertaker!!

Tazz: Where the hell did Orton come from Cole, I thought he was backstage?!?

Michael Cole: Randy Orton sending a message, making a major statement here tonight! The mind games may have begun from The Undertaker but it appears that the Legend Killer has ideas of his own. Randy Orton has…he’s outwitted The Undertaker Tazz!

Tazz: I’m in shock Cole, Orton got him tonight, Randy Orton GOT The Undertaker. Let the games begin, wow.

Taker is laid out cold as Orton stands over him delivering a very deathly glare, not taking his eyes off the Phenom who lay motionless with Orton clearly ready for the challenge that awaits him before Orton seems to mouth the words ‘Watch…your…back.’

Date: 21st August 2005
Location: Washington DC

World Heavyweight Championship:
Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels
Batista(c) vs Kane

WWE Championship:
John Cena(c) vs Kurt Angle

If Ric Flair loses, he must retire:
Christian w/Tomko vs Ric Flair

Randy Orton vs The Undertaker

WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Muhammad Hassan(c) vs Shelton Benjamin

Money in the Bank Contract:
Edge vs Chris Jericho

8 Man Tag Team Match:
The Dudley Boyz and The Basham Brothers vs Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth; The Platform to Perfection and Sonjay Dutt and Daivari; The Arabian Entity

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