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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 22/7/05- Little Rock, Arkansas

We kick off the show with a recap of the shocking end to Smackdown last Friday night where Randy Orton defeated JBL in the main event, thanks in part to John Cena’s arrival. Cena scuppered the ‘Wrestling God’s’ ploy to use a Steel Chair on the Legend Killer, however Orton wouldn’t be too appreciative in return to the WWE Champion. Following the match, Cena would be ambushed from behind by Kurt Angle and it appeared as though Orton would come to his aid but instead it turned into a despicable two on one assault with Orton joining Angle’s side. Things went from bad to worse for Cena as JBL then got in on the act and all three challengers to Cena’s title put him to the sword, delivering a sickening assault, including a Clothesline from Hell, an RKO onto the steel steps before finally an Angle Slam to the steel steps as well. We close the recap with a shot of all three challengers smirking at the fallen champion

We then go to the opening video and the pyro hits

Michael Cole: We are just forty eight hours away from The Great American Bash and we come to you tonight from Little Rock, Arkansas! I’m Michael Cole, joined as ever by Tazz and we are fresh off of a shocking conclusion to last week’s Smackdown.

Tazz: It was a real…it was just unbelievable what went down last week Cole. John Cena took one hell of a beatin’ last week at the hand’s of his challengers and tonight, he’s gotta team up with one of ‘em!

Michael Cole: Indeed tonight’s main event will be a huge tag team match as John Cena must team up with the Legend Killer Randy Orton alongside the challengers to the Tag Team Championships, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio to take on the team of JBL, Kurt Angle and the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM. Major main event folks.

‘Muy Loco’

It’s the music of the Mexicools though that opens up the show and out come the trio of Juvi, Super Crazy and Psicosis on their Juan Deere’s as ever, met with a nice pop from the crowd.

Michael Cole: But we are kicking things off in style with the crazy, high flying trio of the Mexicools! Juventud Guerrera all set for action here tonight, taking on Jamie Noble and in just two nights time these three men will take on Noble and his partner Kid Kash as well as the Masterpiece, their recent target so to speak, Chris Masters.

Tazz: A big time six man tag at the Bash Cole. A win on Sunday for either of those teams could well kick their careers on even further here on Friday nights. The Mexicools have been on a real roll since arriving here, they ain’t gonna want that to end Sunday night.

‘A Country Boy can Survive’

The sound of Jamie Noble’s music is next to small heat as the resilient cruiserweight steps out, accompanied by Kid Kash as well as Chris Masters as he gets set for action.

Michael Cole: Well Jamie Noble and Kid Kash have really, well they’ve really come to the aid of Chris Masters in recent weeks. Masters acquired their help following weeks of embarrassment at the hands of the Mexican trio, including being kidnapped by them. All that however has changed since the arrival of Noble and Kash on the scene, two of the toughest guys on the roster Tazz.

Tazz: Absolutely. Don’t let their size fool ya, these two are as rough, as tough, as good as anyone out there. Chris Masters has got himself one hell of a helping’ hand.

Match One: Singles Match

Juventud Guerrera vs. Jamie Noble

As expected it’s an enthralling contest between these two as their contrasting styles mesh well together as Juvi looks to dish out all his arsenal of high flying, high impact moves whilst Noble looks to wear down Juvi with his rough and ready, smash mouth style and it suits Noble in the early going as he keeps Juvi grounded for long spells.

Noble works over Juvi’s lower body, both legs targeted by the tough as they come Cruiserweight whilst he also works over the lower back of Juvi who gasps in discomfort as Noble’s repeated hard shots keep him floored.

Noble keeps up the pressure for several minutes, continuing to work the legs of Juvi, even locking in a figure four esque type hold on Juvi’s right leg which he eventually releases, allowing Juvi to hobble up to his feet.

Noble then takes his eye off the ball for a minute however and it costs him as Juvi strikes from out of nowhere, on one leg as he takes Noble down with a flying forearm smash that sends the crowd wild. Juvi continues to hobble as the fans and his fellow Mexicools egg him on and Juvi scores a near fall off of a nice snap suplex as Noble holds his back now in a role reversal.

Juvi heads up to the top rope after a continued spell of dominance, he looks set to try and finish off the Pitbull here but his leg injury scuppers him as he struggles to climb up high and Noble catches him from behind and takes him down with a German suplex off the second rope!! Beautiful move from Noble as he rolls into a cover, 1..2..kick out somehow by Juvi at two and a half.

Noble looks in cruise control now as he exploits the leg once more and begins to sense a victory coming his way as he smirks at his team mates on the outside who smile right back, clapping their man here as his persistence looks to be paying off, NO!! ROLL UP BY JUVI!! 1..2..3...HE GOT HIM!! Juvi wins it out of nowhere!!

Winner: Juventud Guerrera(10:19)

Michael Cole: A big, BIG win here tonight for Juventud Guerrera and the Mexicools!! Come Sunday will this be the same result? Will the Mexicools once again get one over on the Masterpiece and the ever dangerous Pitbulls?

Tazz: That could very well be the case Cole. These three men, they may be all fun and games but when it comes down to business, they can damn sure take care of it, heck of a match come Sunday.

We see the Mexicools backing up the ramp on their Juan Deere’s dancing like crazy as usual with the fans cheering the wild threesome as we then see a dejected Noble and ferocious looking Kash and Masters.

We then cut backstage where we see John Cena appear!! Cena appears into shot looking absolutely furious, his mind dead set on later on tonight, his tag team match, where he must team with Randy Orton as well as Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio. Cena is pacing through the halls, clearly heading after something or someone here

Michael Cole: Well folks there ya see the WWE Champion John Cena who is NOT looking in the best of moods here tonight. We hope to get a word with John Cena before our main event tonight. Don’t go anywhere, you will not wanna miss it!!


We return and we head backstage once again where we see Orlando Jordan tentatively walking down the halls, clutching his United States title. Jordan is scheduled to compete later on tonight but is dressed casually for now, jeans and a t-shirt as Jordan’s face then changes and he immediately starts backing up.

Orlando Jordan: Woah, woah, woah. L..look I don’t…Matt I don’t want nothing to do wit’ you man. Lets leave this til Sunday Matt, c’mon, be a man about it.

Jordan is back pedaling as we then see MATT HARDY appear and Hardy looks pretty fired up here! Hardy eventually catches up with Jordan and he grabs him by the throat!!

Matt Hardy: You uh…you enjoy your little stunt last week huh? Did ya? You enjoy takin’ me out like that?

Hardy now shoves Jordan up against a wall.

Orlando Jordan: Matt..Matt we don’t have to do th…

Matt Hardy: Oh I think you’ll find that we DO have to do this, really, we do. You’re lucky OJ, you’re really, really lucky that I don’t rip your head off your shoulders right here, right…now because that? That’s exactly what I wanna do, oh yeah, believe me. Bu…but that’d be too easy now wouldn’t it?

Jordan is breathing heavily here, clearly worried about Hardy’s intentions.

Matt Hardy: Yeah it would and I’m…I’m not gonna sink to your level. I’m not gonna attack ya backstage, I’m not gonna attack ya from behind, I’m gonna do this face to face and I’m gonna do this in the middle of that ring on Sunday night.

Small pop as OJ’s eyes begin to bulge.

Matt Hardy: When I’m through with you on Sunday, there ain’t gonna be nothing left, trust me. You won’t leave Buffalo with that United States title, I guarantee it and you won’t leave Buffalo with your pride intact either because I am going to absolutely wipe the FLOOR with you for what you’ve put me through, ya understand that?

Jordan nods his head.

Matt Hardy: So you got two more days OJ. Just forty eight more precious hours to spend with that championship so do me a favour and keep it…keep it nice and warm for me would ya? Because come The Great American Bash I can assure you, I’m gonna take what’s rightfully mine(Hardy points at the title) and I am gonna give you what’s rightfully yours.

Hardy holds up a fist to OJ who looks on in horror as the crowd pops again. Hardy goes to leave as OJ ruffles his t-shirt a bit.

Matt Hardy: Oh and before I go uh…you got a match tonight right? Well uh…good luck with that one, I think you might need it.

Hardy then smashes Jordan with a pat on the back, almost winding the champion who begins scrambling away as soon as Hardy leaves and we head back ringside.

‘It Wasn’t My Fault’

We’re back ringside to hear the music of Snitsky hit and out comes the big freak to a few boos here and there as he gets set for action.

Michael Cole: Well some very strong words there from Matt Hardy and it really is a huge chance for him this Sunday when he gets another United States title opportunity.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole but what about this guy right here? Snitsky. Huge chance for him tonight as he goes one on one wit’, well, he goes one on one wit’ the ‘Real Deal’, the undefeated Bobby Lashley.

‘Hell Will be Callin’ your Name’

Lashley’s music then hits and out comes to a nice ovation, posing for the crowd as he looks on intensely.

Michael Cole: And speak of the devil here he is. A man who has beaten everyone in sight since debuting on Smackdown and will take on two men this Sunday at the Bash when he must take on the dangerous team of Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki. A real test for Lashley this Sunday.

Tazz: No doubt about it Cole, it’s gonna be a hell of a test for this kid but if anyone can deal wit’ two men then it’s gonna be Lashley. The strength, the power, the brutality of this kid is just…I ain’t seen nothing like it before Cole. It’s scary, he is scary.

Match Two: Singles Match

Bobby Lashley vs. Snitsky

Snitsky starts the match off strongly, really taking it to the monstrous Lashley but his early little surge is stopped soon enough by the sheer dominance, the sheer power of Lashley. Snitsky’s early pressure wears off as he looks to strike but Lashley almost takes Snitsky’s head off with a thunderous clothesline from out of nowhere as the tide turns in this one!! That proves to be a turning point in the match as Lashley now enters cruise control. Lashley tears into Snitsky with some pounding right hands before dropping Snitsky with a big time vertical suplex!

Lashley then starts to feel it, sensing this one’s about to be over with and panders to the crowd who cheer on the powerhouse. Lashley delivers a kick to the mid section before taking Snitsky down with a MASSIVE Dominator!! Into the cover…1..2..3. Convincing win for Lashley

Winner: Bobby Lashley(3:26)

Lashley barely has any time to celebrate as DUPREE AND SUZUKI JUMP HIM FROM BEHIND!!

Michael Cole: Oh damn it!! Dupree and Suzuki, like a…like a pack of wolves feeding on a vulnerable Bobby Lashley here!!

Dupree and Suzuki hammer away at Lashley but the big man fights back!! Lashley fends the duo off and shoves Suzuki off of him!! Lashley swings for Dupree but Dupree gets the hell out of the ring!! Lashley then turns to Suzuki and scoops him up, Suzuki in a world of trouble here!! DOMINATOR!! NO!! Dupree pulls Suzuki away and out of the ring, getting himself and his partner as far away as possible from this machine that is Lashley.

Tazz: Smart move Cole, smart move. That can wait til Sunday cos tonight damn sure weren’t the night for these two to try and pick a fight wit’ Bobby Lashley. Hell, I don’t think there’s ever a good time to pick a fight wit’ this guy. They’re lucky they got the hell outta dodge here man.

Michael Cole: Indeed there is only so much running away, so much hiding away that you can do and come Sunday the running, the hiding ends because Dupree and Suzuki MUST go face to face with Bobby Lashley. It is gonna be a mammoth test for all three men involved come Buffalo on Sunday!

We see a shot of a fired up Lashley, motioning at the duo of Dupree and Suzuki to come back and face him but the pair look on anxiously and continue backing up the ramp and as far away as possible from this animal.


We return and immediately head backstage where we see a dejected looking Chris Masters along with Jamie Noble and Kid Kash wandering through the halls as Josh Matthews decides to intervene.

Josh Matthews: Chris, can we uh…can we get a quick word about what took place earlier on tonight?

Masters scowls at Matthews.

Chris Masters: What took place earlier on tonight was just…it was…ahhh god…it was just….IT WAS A JOKE!! I am sick to death of the three amigos comin’ out week after week and every single time they’re getting’ one over on us. It doesn’t matter where, doesn’t matter when, they just keep on freakin’ doin’ it and that…that can’t be right, that can’t be allowed to happen.

Jamie Noble: Come Sunday though Chris, I can assure you that you ain’t gon’ have to worry no more cos see what happened out there tonight was a fluke, plain and simple. Those three guys ain’t gon’ know what’s hit ‘em at the Bash. The three of us? Together? Fightin’ the three o’ them? Those guys don’t stand a chance. We’re gonna show ‘em who’s boss, believe me.

Kid Kash: There ain’t no doubt about it, what Jamie said is a hundred percent on the money Chris. Tonight was a one off, a little blip on the radar so they better make the most of it, cos Josh, lightenin’ don’t strike twice and on Sunday we’re gon’ prove it.

Masters nods his head at the duo before turning back to Matthews.

Chris Masters: These two guys Josh, they speak sense, they speak the truth and come Sunday, that’s not all we’re going to prove either. We are going to prove that the Mexicools are nothing but a bunch of job stealing, lawn mowing PUNKS who are gonna be taught the lesson they deserve and we are gonna prove that we as a team are a match for absolutely ANYBODY here on Smackdown, a match for anybody here in the entire W…W…E.

Masters and the Pitbulls stare a hole through Matthews before leaving as we then head over back to ringside.

‘Do What I Want’

It’s heat that greets the music of the United States champion Orlando Jordan who steps out looking a little edgy following his earlier confrontation with recent rival Matt Hardy.

Michael Cole: Well if Orlando Jordan didn’t know before tonight, he most definitely does now, Matt Hardy is gunning for him in a huge way come Sunday at the Bash. Hardy cornered Jordan earlier on here tonight and promised that he would take his title when he head to Buffalo and that he will make Orlando Jordan pay for what he’s done to him.

Tazz: That was a whole new side to Matt Hardy we witnessed earlier Cole and ya only have to look at OJ right now to realise, he’s a little shaken up by it all. He’s gonna to let it slide here tonight cos this one ain’t gonna be easy and neither is what’s in store come Sunday.

‘Can you Dig it? Sucka’

It’s a very nice pop that greets the music of the former 5 time WCW Champion, Booker T who struts his stuff on stage before trotting down the ramp, looking very fired up here tonight.

Michael Cole: Booker T tried last week folks to finally get answers from his former friend, Rhyno and well, he got them but they weren’t what the former WCW Champion was looking to hear.

Tazz: Damn skippy Cole, Rhyno told it how it is in his eyes before layin’ the Book man out wit’ a sickening microphone shot before layin’ into Book again and AND again wit’ that microphone. It was just disturbing from Rhyno and I got a feelin’ Booker’s gonna be out for payback on Sunday.

Match Three: Singles Match

Orlando Jordan vs. Booker T

It’s a convincing start to the match for Booker T who gains control of the U.S. Champion from the off as OJ has nothing to give in response to Booker’s fast, powerful approach.

The former WCW Champion takes Orlando down with a nice spinning crescent kick that almost knocks OJ’s head off, the fans cheering Book on here. Book keeps the pressure up, not letting OJ into this one as he repeatedly strikes the champion with some nice backhand chops in the corner, leaving OJ wincing in pain.

Booker continues his strong offense and looks to strike down OJ once more but Jordan finds some energy from somewhere and manages to take Booker down with a clothesline from almost out of nowhere, turning the match in his favour for the first time here. Jordan works on Booker’s left leg, using it as a target point as he hammers away with repeated kicks, looking to keep Booker grounded.

Jordan keeps up the pressure as Booker yells out in pain and OJ pulls his opponent back up before dropping Book straight back down with a scoop slam. Jordan panders to the crowd who boo the U.S. Champ as Jordan goes back to work on Booker’s left leg, keeping up the punishment.

Jordan then brings Booker up, again pandering to a booing crowd and Booker drops him over his shoulder with a back body drop!! Booker turns the tables and he starts to find the momentum once more. Jordan is quickly brought back up and it’s an array of right hands from Booker, knocking him back. Irish whip from Booker who runs the opposite way, flying forearm connects!! Jordan goes tumbling.

The crowd senses Booker’s on the verge here, Booker starts to feel it but BAM!! FROM BEHIND RHYNO SMASHES BOOKER!! The referee calls for the bell as Booker is ambushed from out of nowhere

Winner via Disqualification: Booker T(8:17)

Michael Cole: Rhyno AGAIN, Rhyno AGAIN getting his hands on Booker T, blindsiding Booker T!! And now it’s…now it’s two on one for cryin’ out loud!!

Tazz: Rhyno sendin’ a message Cole, plain and simple, he’s hell bent on makin’ Booker’s life a misery right now and it’s workin’ to a tee.

The beat down continues as Jordan and Rhyno take out Booker with continuous stomps to the mid section as Booker writhes in agony and Rhyno now plants himself on top of Booker, hammering away, right hand after right hand to the boos of the Little Rock crowd.

Michael Cole: Enough’s enough now. Message is sent here Rhyno, ya can stop this now, Booker T doesn’t, he doesn’t deserve this!

The boos though suddenly turns to cheers as we see MATT HARDY storm down the ramp and Hardy has his eyes on Orlando Jordan once again!!

Tazz: Oh as the great man on Monday nights would say, ‘Business is about to pick up!’

Hardy charges into the ring and lays into Jordan with right hands, Jordan though is going down swinging as he trades rights with Hardy, the crowd on their feet here as Hardy gets the upper hand, forcing Jordan back towards the ropes, Jordan though charges and Hardy ducks it, spins OJ round and TOSSES Jordan out of the ring!! The champion is tossed to one side and lands hard on the outside as Hardy panders to the fans before turning round, RIGHT INTO A GORE!! Rhyno delivers a thunderous Gore splitting Hardy in half!!

Michael Cole: Wow!! Matt Hardy might be…Matt Hardy might be broken in half!! A devastating Gore from Rhyno and the Man Beast is simply looking unstoppable right now!!

Tazz: Ain’t that the truth, phenomenal Cole, phe-nom-enal.

Rhyno spit’s the hair out of his eyes but the fans suddenly and somewhat surprisingly pop as we see CARLITO appear!! Carlito appears behind Rhyno!! BACKSTABBER!! Backstabber connects!!!

Michael Cole: Oh, Carlito, Carlito from out of nowhere!! The Apple Spitter was waiting, stalking, biding his time but he has struck and he has struck in a big way here tonight!!

Tazz: That’s what Carlito’s all about Cole, waitin’ for the right opportunity and not just waitin’ but takin’ that opportunity. Booker T’s found that out on more than one occasion and so too has Rhyno. Tonight? Just another night to tick off for Carlito, job done baby, bring on the Bash. Big impact from Carlito man.

Lito backs up the ramp, surveying the damage he’s done here as the fans boo the Apple Spitter who smirks cockily. Some however are cheering Carlito for his actions in taking out the Man Beast just now.


We return and head backstage where we enter one of the locker room’s backstage and see a shot of a sly looking JBL who is dressed for action, his trademark white hat and black top on and the camera then shifts and we see Kurt Angle alongside him. Both men’s images are met with resounding boos as the pair get set for their match later on this evening.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You all set for tonight Kurt?

Kurt Angle: Absolutely. Cena saw what I’m capable of last week, he saw what you’re capable of and hey, he saw first hand what his ‘partner’ tonight, Randy Orton is capable of. Tonight’s about sendin’ another message to Cena, we need him to know John… I need him to know that he’s not walkin’ outta Buffalo this Sunday still with that WWE Championship, I am.

Layfield looks at Angle a little strangely.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Kurt you’re uh….you’re half way there. You got the right idea, really you do. John Cena does need to understand, well, if he didn’t already that is, he does need to understand that the odds are firmly stacked against him come Sunday night and that like ya say, he needs to realise he will most certainly not be walkin’ outta Buffalo still with that championship in hand. But I hate to break it to ya but uhm…neither uh…neither will you Kurt because that? That’s what I’m there for. That’s what I’m in the picture for on Sunday and that is what I promise, that is what I guarantee to do on Sunday night, to walk out once again as the W…W..E…champion.

Layfield then smirks as the crowd boo and Angle has his hands on his hips, laughing to himself a little bit.

Kurt Angle: Funny John, real funny but uh…there ain’t gonna be anything funny about what happens at the Bash, there’s gonna be nothing funny…at all. There is only one man who is gonna walk out with the WWE title around their waist on Sunday and it’s gonna be me, whether ya like it or not.

Bradshaw’s mood has changed significantly now here upon hearing that.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Well guess what? I don’t like it, infact I don’t like it one damn bit but I do know that it’s every man for himself in a Fatal 4 Way, I get that Kurt which is why the plan tonight is the exact same plan ahead of this Sunday. Four men are gonna enter that ring Sunday night and they’re gonna lay it all on the line for the richest prize in the business, every ounce of blood, sweat and tears they got, me and you included in that, but only one will walk away with their hand raised in victory. There is only one thing I think that you and I can agree on Kurt and that is, that man can NOT…be John Cena.

Angle nods to himself here taking a moment as the crowd boo JBL’s remark.

Kurt Angle: You’re right, you're right. Cena cannot and Cena does not stand a chance come Sunday and hey, while we’re at it, how’s uh…how’s this sound for a plan? John Cena doesn’t make it to the end come Sunday night, we know that for sure but that…that still leaves three men. The two of us and Randy Orton. Well, how about we make sure there is only two men come the end on Sunday night?

Bradshaw begins to grin now, as does Kurt.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I think that uhhh, I think that right there sounds a hell of a plan Kurt. Sunday night may start off with four men but it’s gonna come down to two and believe me they ain’t gon’ be John Cena and Randy Orton. The last men standing in the middle of that ring will be the Wrestling Machine and the Wrestling GOD, a battle for the ages, the people’s choice of a main event, may the very best man win.

Layfield and Kurt then shake hands to boos from the crowd before Angle turns and leaves, the camera following Kurt.

Kurt Angle: And that man will…be me.

Angle then smirks before we cut away and we head off elsewhere backstage to join Josh Matthews once more.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guests at this time, they are the number one contenders to the WWE Tag Team Champions, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio!

Mysterio and Van Dam appear to a nice ovation, looking in a pretty good mood, dressed for their match up later on tonight.

Josh Matthews: Guys last week we saw you come to the aid of the Mexicools, ultimately costing MNM their match up. How good did it feel for the both of you to, well, to get your own back on the tag team champions?

Rey Mysterio: Josh it felt great man, really it did but we don’t wanna be looked at as…as some kinda hypocrites. See we’ve complained a lot recently about Melina screwin’ me and Rob of the tag titles and what we did last week was not a whole lot different to that but Josh, last week was all we needed, last week was all we needed to show to those guys how it feels to be screwed, over and over and over again.

Mysterio looks a little angered now.

Rey Mysterio: We’ve felt that pain for too long, too many times Josh and last week was just one moment of payback for us and just one moment of suffering for them. This Sunday, we’re gonna inflict all the more suffering on those guys and we’re gonna do it the right way, the way REAL champions go about their business.

Nice pop there.

Rob Van Dam: Y’know Josh, Rey’s right. We’ve been screwed WAY too many times now which is why last week? Last week was nothing compared to what those guys have put in our paths. This Sunday at the Bash though, all that suffering, all that hurt, it comes to an end dude.

Van Dam now smirks a little.

Rob Van Dam: The tables are turned Sunday night and yours truly, Mr.Friday Night, the Whole Damn Show, the Master of the 619, we’re takin’ what we deserve, we’re takin’ what belongs to us, we are takin’…those tag team titles.

Nice pop again.

Rob Van Dam: No Melina, no games and believe me dude, there is no chance for MNM to leave Buffalo with those belts.

Josh Matthews: Well before you head to Buffalo this Sunday, tonight you team up with the WWE Champion John Cena as well as Randy Orton to take on MNM and their partners JBL and Kurt Angle. How big do you feel this match up will be as far as momentum goes heading into Sunday?

Rey Mysterio: It’s big Josh, we don’t doubt that but it’s not do or die tonight esse’. We win tonight, great, that’s just another message to MNM but if and hey, it’s a big if Josh. If we lose here tonight, if Melina sticks her nose here tonight, we can live with that. We can live with it because we know that on Sunday, there’ll be no Melina, there’ll be no games, there’ll be nothing MNM can do to stop us goin’ home with those tag team titles.

Rob Van Dam: But don’t mistake that for us takin’ tonight easy Josh, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Me and Rey, we give it everything we have to give and when you go out there and you join forces with a guy like John Cena, a guy who just like the two of us, he’s gonna put it all on the line out there tonight. I’d say that gives us a hell of a chan…

Van Dam then stops talking however as into the shot comes RANDY ORTON. Orton is greeted with strong heat after his actions last week and the Legend Killer smirks arrogantly as Van Dam and Rey look on.

Randy Orton: John Cena this, John Cena that. All the talk I’ve been hearing these past seven days is to do with John Cena and y’know, it makes…it makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach.

Strong heat again.

Randy Orton: Yeah it does. It makes me sick because all John Cena did last week was….wait, uhhhhh…what did John Cena do last week? Oh, oh that’s right, John Cena did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!

Huge heat for TLK.

Randy Orton: But I did, Rob, Rey, I did. Last week, not only did I beat JBL but I dismantled John Cena. People have been talking all week long, ‘Randy why didn’t you save Cena last week?’, ‘Randy, why did you attack John Cena?’

Orton pauses staring at the ground.

Randy Orton: Well I thought it would be fairly obvious just why I attacked John Cena and that is because he holds the one thing that I desire, he holds the one thing that I need, he holds the one thing….the one thing that I deserve.

Boos once more.

Rey Mysterio: You don’t deserve a damn thing Randy. People don’t talk about you because there’s nothing to talk about, because you don’t deserve to be talked about. All you deserve Randy is for John Cena to kick your ass this Sunday night.

Nice pop for the Ultimate Underdog as Orton laughs a little.

Randy Orton: Rey, Rey, Rey, I’d uh…I’d watch my mouth if I were you, do you uh…do you realise just who you’re talkin’ to here huh? Do ya? You are talking to the man who took out The Undertaker, the man who just last week took out John Cena and the man who in just forty eight hours will be the NEW WWE Champion.

Orton gets in Rey’s face before VAN DAM STEPS IN!!

Rob Van Dam: Rey knows who he’s talkin’ to and Randy, so do I. I’m talkin’ to the biggest piece of crap in this whole freakin’ company and I’m talkin’ to the man who in forty eight hours will NOT be the WWE Champion but the man who in forty eight hours will be getting his ass handed to him by John Cena. Hell, he might not even wait that long, your ass might be grass out there tonight if Cena has his way with you.

Nice pop for Van Dam’s comments.

Randy Orton: Rob I don’t know who in the hell you think you are talkin’ to me like that. I really don’t. See we may be partners out there tonight, all three of us may be partners but that doesn’t mean anything, I am above, I am better than the both of you. Neither of you count for anything around here, you mean nothing in this business and I can assure you, if you step in my way out there tonight, either of you step in my way out there tonight and I will have NO hesitation in leaving you in the same shape I left John Cena, the same shape I left The Undertaker, the same shape I will leave ANYBODY in who dare even think about getting in my way.

Strong boos once more.

Rob Van Dam: A lot of talk Randy, we’ll just see whether ya live up to your word out there tonight. We‘ll catch ya out there.

Van Dam and Mysterio go to leave before Mysterio turns back around.

Rey Mysterio: Oh and Randy, word of advice man…watch your back.

Mysterio smirks as Orton immediately turns around, wary of a fired up John Cena being on his tail here tonight as we then head back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Well Randy Orton putting on a lot of front there but ya gotta admit, the Legend Killer seemed a little…well a little anxious about just who may be on his back here tonight. A very angry, very fired up John Cena.

Tazz: Can ya blame him? If I were Randy Orton after last week, I’d wanna stay as far away from John Cena as possible, let alone have to team up wit’ him later on tonight.

‘Stay in Shadow’

It’s the music of Paul London that hits as we return back to the in ring action now and down comes the Cruiserweight Champion to a nice pop. His opponent, Tajiri is already waiting inside the ring.

Michael Cole: Back to the action though folks and here comes the man who in just forty eight hours will put the Cruiserweight title on the line against The Hurricane. A match that isn’t as straight forward as it seems.

Tazz: That ain’t the half of it Cole. Hurricane’s got Chavo on his back as well as havin’ to focus on the Cruiserweight gold. Hurricane’s given Paul London his word that he will NOT give in to Chavo’s little games, but, whether he likes it or not, Chavo may very well be right.

Michael Cole: Well I have to believe that Paul London’s input will ensure Hurricane doesn’t allow Chavo to make his presence felt come Sunday night and it’s a big test tonight for the champion as he takes on the talented veteran Tajiri.

Match Four: Singles Match

Paul London vs. Tajiri

The Cruiserweight Champion starts this one off at flying speed, taking Tajiri by surprise no doubt as the Japanese Buzzsaw can’t live with London’s speed and agility. London scores an early near fall following a beautiful hurricanrana that sends Tajiri spiralling.

London keeps the pressure on, really looking to make his mark here tonight, however perhaps taking a moment too long as Tajiri takes him down with a drop toe hold following a running clothesline attempt. The balance now shifts in Tajiri’s favour as he works London over with his usual array of kicks, to the ribs, to the chest, even to the head of London, knocking him all over the ring.

Tajiri decides to head off up to the top rope and look to really take a firm hold of this one but he, like London earlier on takes perhaps a little too long as he flies but London catches him with a kick to the mid section and drops him with a DDT! The fans go wild as London scrambles into a cover, kick out at two however from Tajiri.

London now senses that he can be the one to finish things and he starts to look towards the top rope but London’s attention changes as we see Chavo Guerrero coming down the ramp! Chavo looks on at London with a little smirk etched across his face as London holds his hands out, questioning why Chavo is out here but Chavo offers nothing in reply.

London then looks to head back to the top, refocusing, but Tajiri pulls him down and takes him down from behind with a beautiful belly to back suplex!! Tajiri crawls into the cover, kick out at two from London however much to Chavo’s annoyance.

Tajiri slams the mat in anger before pulling London upright. Tajiri whips his opponent across the ring, London rebounds, NO! Chavo grabs London’s foot!! London turns around and looks to strike out at Chavo who backs off, smirking again as Tajiri rolls London up from behind!! 1..2..3..NO!! London just about kicks out as we see The Hurricane storm down the ramp!! Chavo turns around and sees the Superhero coming before running round the ring to the opposite side as Hurricane’s shouts out to him.

Tajiri again looks frustrated as he now sizes London up, London returning to his knees now and Tajiri swings a boot to the head, London ducks it, quickly up to his feet, Tajiri spins round right into a DROPKICK!! Massive dropkick from London who now scales up high as he looks to end this one. Shooting Star Press!! Connects!! Cover, 1..2..3..He got him!!

Winner: Paul London(9:09)

Michael Cole: Paul London battles through to victory here tonight! Chavo Guerrero trying to use mind games once again, towards both the Cruiserweight Champion and The Hurricane but neither man falling for it here tonight and I don’t think they’re gonna fall for it come Sunday either.

Tazz: It sure don’t look like it Cole, but Chavo’s a persuasive guy and if he sinks his claws in on Hurricane between now and Sunday then who knows. All we do know, is that Paul London and Hurricane are gonna give us one heck of a match up this Sunday night baby.

London and Hurricane stand together in the middle of the ring, Chavo backing up the ramp, still smirking a little here as Hurricane and London respectfully nod at one another before staring back at Chavo.


We return from the break and head backstage where we find John Cena walking through the halls, looking severely pissed off, not for the first time this evening as Josh Matthews catches up with him.

Josh Matthews: John!! John!! We’ve been trying to get a word with you all night. First off, how are you feeling following that horrific three on one beat down at the end of last week’s Smackdown?

Cena looks at Matthews with a very stern look on his face.

John Cena: Angry is the word that first springs to mind Josh. Angry, frustrated and believe me, I’m in the mood for some payback tonight.

Small pop for a very serious Cena

John Cena: What happened last week though wasn’t a surprise to me. I know what JBL is like, I know what Randy Orton is like and I know what Kurt Angle is like. JBL, he’s a snake, he always has been, he held this WWE title for ten months and the amount of times during that reign he clawed his way, he weaselled his way to victory was just…was unbelievable. So for him to get involved last week, to take that small chance he got to take me out, I knew damn well he was gonna take it.

A few boos for this as Matthews nods at Cena’s claims.

John Cena: Randy Orton’s in the same boat Josh. He too, will take any and every opportunity he gets to get one over on whoever his opponent may be. He did it back at Judgment Day against The Undertaker, he saw an opening and he took it, he may have used a steel chair but that don’t change the fact that he still took that opportunity. I’ve heard a lot of people this week say that they thought Randy was comin’ to help me out last week, that Randy was comin’ to put Kurt Angle in his place. Well I say to those people, how stupid can you be?

Cena shakes his head.

John Cena: Randy Orton, helping people? Are you kidding me? Randy Orton does not help people. Randy Orton does not do what’s right, Randy Orton does not stick up for who’s in the right. He saw a chance to take me out last week and he just…he just couldn’t wait to take it and now tonight? Tonight I’ve gotta be on the same team as Randy, I’ve gotta stand side by side with him and that…that’s gonna be real hard for me to do without tearin’ him a new one, trust me.


John Cena: Randy Orton even thinks about tryin’ to put one on me again tonight and I’ll make damn sure he don’t even make it to Buffalo this Sunday, I guarantee it Josh.

Cena takes a deep breath.

John Cena: And then there’s Kurt Angle.

Heat for the mention of Angle.

John Cena: Kurt didn’t surprise me at all last week either, he’s the one who got the ball rollin’. See for weeks, for months infact Josh, Kurt’s been claimin’ that he knows he can beat me, that he knows I can’t beat him, that I simply don’t wanna face him. Well, for a guy who believes he’s just that much better than me, that I’m no threat whatsoever to him, he uh…he sure didn’t show it last week, in actual fact, he hasn’t showed it at all.

Cena still cuts a very serious figure.

John Cena: I’ve always said that I don’t back down from a challenge, I don’t back down from anybody and Kurt damn well knows that. Yet the guy who ‘knows’ he can beat me still won’t do things face to face, he won’t do things man to man, what he will do though is take me down from behind, take me out when my back is turned like the…like the coward that he is.

A few oooohs there.

John Cena: Well tonight once again I ain’t gonna back down and this Sunday night I’m gonna bring everythin’ I got when this title is on the line. So Kurt knows the score, he knows that I’ll be ready, I’ll be waitin’ for him, waitin’ for all three of those guys to come to Buffalo and show me what they got. The champ is here and on Sunday, he ain’t goin’ anywhere.

Cena stares a hole through Matthews once again before heading off to a nice pop from the fans.

We then cut away elsewhere backstage where we find the ‘Man Beast’ Rhyno who looks furious following the events which took place earlier on here tonight. The former ECW Champion looks to be on the prowl as he tosses away any and everything in sight, most probably on the hunt for Carlito. Rhyno then turns and corner BUT IS SENT TUMBLING AS CARLITO APPEARS FROM BEHIND!! Lito hammers Rhyno from behind, taking the Man Beast down and Lito proceeds to stomp away at the back of Rhyno’s neck, battering him with some stiff kicks before grabbing the back of Rhyno’s neck and SMASHING his head, face first into the floor, a sickening thud heard around the arena!

Lito then smirks before…before taking a bite of his apple and spitting it all over the back of Rhyno!! The fans are booing the shit out of the sleazy apple spitter who laughs to himself, BUT CARLITO RUNS OFF AS BOOKER T APPEARS!! Booker’s image is greeted with a nice pop from the fans as Lito gets out of dodge and Booker looks on angrily into the distance before looking down and seeing a fallen Rhyno, a fallen former friend and Booker looks Rhyno up and down before throwing his hand away, shakin’ his head, clearly not showing any concern for the man who turned on him several weeks back


We return and are immediately back at ringside.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and we are mere moments away from our huge main event tonight but just prior to the commercial break we witnessed…well we witnessed Carlito do what he does best and that’s strike from behind. Carlito assaulting Rhyno backstage but when the odds were evened, the arrival of Booker T, Carlito wanted nothing to do with him.

Tazz: Sickenin’ stuff from Carlito Cole. I’m just surprised Booker made the save, after all he and Rhyno have been through these past few weeks, that says a lot about the guy.


The music of MNM then hits and out come Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury and the ever ferocious Melina to strong heat.

Michael Cole: Well I think it was more to do with Booker wanting a piece of Carlito rather than saving a former friend Tazz but back to the action comin’ our way and as you can see the WWE Tag Team Champions headed this way, including Melina who of course will NOT be ringside this Sunday at the Bash.

Tazz: It’s gonna be a factor Cole, no doubt but people are forgettin’ just how good these two dudes are in that ring. They can hang wit’ the best of ‘em and that’s exactly what Van Dam and Mysterio are, two of the best. It’s gonna be one hell of a match Sunday, that’s for sure.


Out next to immediate heat comes the Wrestling God who soaks in the boos with his infamous smirk as he hops out of his limousine.

Michael Cole: We heard earlier on tonight already from this man. John Bradshaw Layfield believes he is destined to walk out of Buffalo this Sunday as the WWE Champion once again, however one of his partners here tonight was not so sure on that.

Tazz: Oh that’s an understatement Cole. Kurt Angle believes that it will be him who leaves Buffalo with the WWE title. The one thing those two guys could agree on though is that it will not, it can not in their minds be John Cena who walks away victorious.


And speak of the devil, out comes Kurt Angle next to strong heat also, much like JBL as Angle storms down towards the ring, as intense as ever.

Michael Cole: I still Tazz, I still can’t get over what Kurt Angle did to John Cena last week, what Kurt Angle instigated last week. Angle jumped Cena from behind before laying into the champion with a brutal assault as eventually Randy Orton and JBL would also join in, leaving Cena completely laid out.

Tazz: It was brutal you’re right Cole but that was a message from Kurt Angle. A message to John Cena that he is comin’ for him Sunday night and he is comin’ for that WWE title. Right now, if you’re askin’ me who my favourite is come Sunday, well you’re lookin’ at him. Kurt Angle all the way in this kinda mood baby.

The heel team now assemble in the ring as Layfield and Angle exchange words before acknowledging MNM and JBL smiles at Melina in his mischievous manner.

‘One of a Kind/619 Booyaka’

It’s a strong pop that greets the remix of RVD and Rey Mysterio’s theme songs as the veteran high fliers make their way down, eyes firmly fixed on MNM who look back somewhat anxiously.

Michael Cole: We have heard already tonight from these men and they are more than ready for what’s in store this Sunday in Buffalo. Van Dam and Mysterio know that it’s their last roll of the dice so to speak come the Bash and they plan on makin’ the most of it by capturing the Tag Team titles.

Tazz: Van Dam and Mysterio are as focused as I’ve ever seen ‘em and I’ve known these two guys for a long time Cole. MNM have got their work cut out come Sunday but Van Dam and Mysterio know it ain’t gonna be easy. They’ve proved that they can cope without Melina and at the Bash, it’s just another chance to prove it.

‘Burn in my Light’

Out next to big heat is the Legend Killer, Randy Orton who struts down with a broad, cocky smile etched across his face as Van Dam and Mysterio look on rather unkindly at their partner tonight.

Michael Cole: Much like Van Dam and Mysterio we too have heard from this man, Randy Orton. Orton interrupted his partners earlier on tonight, claiming that he was sick of hearing about John Cena and that people should be talking about him and what he did last week.

Tazz: Well, he’s got a point Cole. I mean, Orton beat JBL last week, just like he’s beaten Kurt Angle recently and just like he’s beaten John Cena too. If there’s anyone on a roll right now, it’s Randy Orton baby.

Michael Cole: But the sickening actions of this man last week Tazz, I mean c’mon. He had the chance to help out John Cena, he had the chance to do the right thing for once and he didn’t do it!

Tazz: Orton was just makin’ the most of his opportunity Cole. He had the chance to take out John Cena, all three of his opponents had that chance and they took it in a big way.

‘My Time is Now’

It’s a big pop that greets the final participant in this match as the WWE Champion John Cena appears, still cutting a very fired up, very intense figure as he heads down the ramp. We get a shot of a wary Randy Orton, an anxious looking Kurt Angle and a gulping JBL, none of these three men seemingly wanting anything to do with Cena in this mood.

Michael Cole: It’s safe to say Tazz that John Cena is not in the mood here tonight. He’s not in the mood for any mind games from any of his opponents this Sunday and if I were either of those three men right now, I would want absolutely NOTHING to do with the WWE Champion.

Tazz: The look on Cena’s face says it all Cole, he means serious business here tonight man. Cena told us earlier on tonight that he was gonna do his job here and if anybody wants to step in his way again, they’ll be on the end of John Cena’s rampage.

Main Event: 8 Man Tag Team Match

John Cena, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle, John Bradshaw Layfield and MNM

JBL decides he’s to kick this one off for his team while the Master of the 619 takes centre stage for his. Bradshaw dominates the early going, grounding his much smaller opponent from the off, taking Rey down with a thunderous clothesline. Mysterio really struggles to find a route back into this one as JBL slowly and methodically picks off Mysterio, clubbing shot after clubbing shot before a nasty landing for Rey off of a big time vertical suplex as Layfield smirks cockily.

Layfield then tags in Joey Mercury, content with the work he’s produced thus far and Mercury looks to pick up where his partner left off as he comes in and quickly strikes out at Rey, clubbing away at the Ultimate Underdog’s neck before delivering some ruthless kicks to the kidneys as Rey cries out in pain.

Mercury keeps up the pressure, making sure Mysterio stays grounded as they look to isolate the former Cruiserweight champion. Mercury makes a tag to his partner Johnny Nitro and the athletic A-Lister is quickly in and quickly lines Rey Rey up before dropping him with a beautiful dropkick! Nitro crawls into the cover, kick out at two however from Rey.

The fans and Rey’s partners are willing him on, Randy Orton the exception. Nitro then brings Rey to his feet and it proves to be a costly mistake as Nitro looks to whip Rey across the ring but Rey reverses it and Nitro rebounds, swings for Rey, Rey ducks it and runs the ropes Nitro throws him up high but Rey takes him crashing down with a hurricanrana!!! Rey now crawls towards his corner, desperate to make a tag here, he inches ever closer and he does so, Rob Van Dam enters this thing!!

Van Dam picks up where Mysterio left off and takes it to Nitro, clubbing him with a series of classic Van Dam kicks, taking Nitro’s head off with a hugely impressive roundhouse!! Van Dam goes for a cover, 1..2..Kurt Angle breaks the count!! Angle smashes Van Dam across the back of the head and keeps up with the kicks before John Cena comes flying into the ring but Angle hightails it!!

The fans boo as Angle retreats and Cena is ordered back by the referee as Nitro and Van Dam are now down and we head to a break


We return and Kurt Angle is now the legal man and is wearing Van Dam down with a sleeper hold. Michael Cole and Tazz run us through what took place during the break and let us know that Nitro tagged in Angle and Van Dam has been on the backfoot since. Van Dam however is showing some fight and starts to look like he’s breaking free here as Angle wrenches it in, the fans on their feet willing Van Dam on and he breaks it!!

Van Dam breaks the hold and nails Kurt with some right hands, kncoking the Wrestling Machine back before striking with a big kick before an Irish whip and Angle rebounds, runs under Van Dam and to his corner, tagging in JBL, Angle having enough of Van Dam’s little onslaught. JBL looks stunned as Van Dam awaits and Bradshaw doesn’t understand why Angle’s put him in this predicament as Angle drops to the outside, looking furious.

JBL slowly steps through the ropes but Van Dam meets him quickly with right hands, hammering away. Irish whip from Van Dam, JBL rebounds and Van Dam takes him down with a big back body drop!! JBL lands hard as Van Dam now runs off the ropes, ROLLING THUNDER CONNECTS!! Van Dam gets to his feet but he’s spun round, kick to the mid section, DDT FROM NITRO!!

But here comes Mysterio!! Mysterio takes Nitro down with a flying forearm and all hell has broken loose as Mercury comes in and looks to strike Mysterio but he ducks it, spins Mercury round, DDT, NO!! Merucry shoves him away, Rey rebounds, back body drop, RIGHT INTO AN RKO!! WHAT THE HELL?!? RANDY ORTON RKO’s MYSTERIO!!

John Cena charges into the ring and Cena and Orton come to blows!! Cena and Orton going at it here!! Cena is coming out on top and he forces Orton back, Irish whip by Cena, Orton though hangs onto the ropes and rolls out of the ring!! Orton gets out of dodge and backs up the ramp, holding his jaw as Cena looks on holding his fingers out to say ‘This close Randy, this close’.

Cena’s spun round by Mercury though who smashes Cena with a right hand and again, Irish whip from Mercury, Cena’s pulled from behind by KURT ANGLE!! Cena turns round and eyes up Angle with a furious look on his face as Cena heads to the outside but he’s pulled back in as Merucry and Nitro now are on Cena’s case, double teaming the champion. Irish whip once more, Cena rebounds, double kick to the mid section and a double suplex connects taking Cena down!!

Angle now gets in the ring and it’s three on one now here. Angle and the tag champions continue the beat down, hammering Cena with hard kicks to the chest as Angle then orders MNM to keep up the assault. The pair do as ANGLE GRABS MERCURY FROM BEHIND, ANGLE SLAM!! WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?! Nitro charges at Angle now!! ANGLE SLAM AGAIN!! KURT ANGLE HAS LOST IT HERE!!

Angle then roars as the crowd cheer and Angle yells, ‘Nobody gets in my way, NO-BODY!!’. Angle then brings JBL to his feet and helps his partner up, pointing out Van Dam as Angle picks the master of the frog splash up and hammers him with a right hand, JBL following up with a right of his own, still a little staggered here and it’s now a fast series of rights taking it to Van Dam, kick to the mid section by Bradshaw who then panders to the crowd who boo the shit out of him as ANGLE GRABS BRADHSAW FROM BEHIND, ANGLE SLAM!! ANGLE HAS COMPLETELY LOST IT!! Bradshaw is down and Angle pulls Van Dam on to JBL!! 1..2..3..He got him!!

Winners: John Cena, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio(14:01)

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle just turned on JBL!! Angle and Bradshaw imploding!! They had a plan, they planned on doing things together Sunday night but that plan, well Tazz, I think that plan just went out the window!! Kurt Angle sending a message to JBL, to MNM, he does things on his own.

Tazz: Oh man, oh man. Kurt Angle just got Bradshaw baby in a big way too Cole! Angle is my pick, I’m telling ya, Angle’s takin’ that title home on Sunday if he ca…OH!!

Angle roars again as he turns around and he sees JOHN CENA STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!!

Michael Cole: This is…this is what John Cena’s been waiting for!! John Cena, Kurt Angle, head to head here, face to face here tonight!! Cena’s not goin’ anywhere!!

Tazz: What’s Angle gonna do this time?!?

Angle smirks a little bit as Cena looks on intensely at the Wrestling Machine, holding his hands out as if to say ‘I’m here, take your shot’ and the crowd are on their feet, wanting to see these two go to battle….BUT ANGLE LEAVES THE RING!!

Michael Cole: Oh c’mon Kurt!! That’s what you’ve wanted, to prove you’re better than Cena!! To prove Cena is no match for you and now you just…you just walk away? Gimme a break.

Tazz: He’s savin’ himself for Sunday Cole. As much as I don’t like it, as much as these fans don’t like it, he’s doin’ the right thing.

Angle heads up the ramp, smirking at Cena who looks on intently from the ring, mouthing something to the backtracking Angle.

Michael Cole: Whether it’s right or wrong, John Cena told the truth here tonight, Kurt Angle is indeed a coward!! But this Sunday there‘ll be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!! And you can add Randy Orton in alongside him!! Orton and Angle must go face to face with John Cena!! Orton and Angle must face up to JBL!! This Sunday it’s The Great American Bash, the WWE Title is on the line, time to face the music, who will leave Buffalo with the gold?! You won’t wanna miss it!!

The show closes with Angle and Cena looking in each other’s directions, Angle still letting out a sly little smirk as he continues to backtrack.

Date: 24th July 2005
Venue: HSBC Arena; Buffalo, New York

Current Card:

WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Match:
John Cena© vs. Randy Orton vs. John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

WWE United States Championship:
Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Paul London© vs. The Hurricane

Two on One Handicap Match:
Bobby Lashley vs. Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki

WWE Tag Team Championships:
(Melina is banned from ringside; If MNM win, Mysterio and Van Dam will not receive another title opportunity)
MNM© vs. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Mexicools vs. Chris Masters and The Pitbulls

Triple Threat Match:
Carlito vs. Booker T vs. Rhyno

I will post an official preview for the Bash soon with predictions and whatnot. Any feedback for this show is welcomed although it isn't the best in terms of matches admittedly as i wanted to save myself for the Bash, hope that's understandable. The show is written so i wouldn't expect it to be too long a wait. In the meantime, hope you enjoy.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

I didnt read the previous SD! So the recap at the start gave me a good idea of what happened. Already into this thread....

I generally enjoy a show starting with a match and a cruiserweight match is just perfect for here.
10 minutes is about the limit I would give this, as reading it I guess there would have been a few slow stops for these fast superstars. I find its interesting that Masters is with the Pitbulls (contrast of styles). Good match that put both guys looking strong heading into the bash.

I really enjoyed the Hardy promo. It was different to the usual build ups we. It is usually either a call out and revenge, but here you built it up well having Hardy make OJ wait. It shows good character from Hardy and makes him look very confident.

Snitsky gets squashed, which is great as he has little talent. Lashley I did actually like for a time. He has a good look but I'm unsure why he is in a handicap feud. They are rarely done, The sneak attack showed how good Lashley is as, even 2 men had to attack him from behind. I can't see Lashley loosing on Sunday, so I think he will move up the card pretty fast.

Damn your US champ is looking weak as he was about to be beat by Booker. Second match in a row that has ended in an attack from behind. Not saying its necessarily a bad thing, just pointed it out. Hardy gets a GORE which makes Rhyno look unstopabble (just like he should be) and OJ has a fighting chance to defeat Hardy on Sunday. Good build up for both matches here.

I like how the cruiserweight scene has four top guys in it. The match was a bit long for my liking and got a bit confusing (mainly cause I don't know whos got issues with who). However The champ came out looking strong and will see where this leads to at the bash.

So the cruiserweight match got nearly ten mins and the main event (with 8 superstars) only gets fourteen? I would have shortened the CW and made the ME a bit longer.

Unexpected ending!! Cena never really got his revenge. Angle turned on everyone to prove he is on his own, Orton didn't really have much happened in this match for him (except for the nearwin with the RKO on Rey).

Bash card is looking superb!
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Official Preview: The Great American Bash

Date: 24th July 2005
Location: HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York

WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Match:
John Cena© vs. Randy Orton vs. John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

Since becoming the WWE Champion back at Wrestlemania, John Cena has been happy to take on any and all challengers. Well at The Great American Bash he will prove exactly that as he must defend his title against not one, not two but three opponents in the shape of the ‘Wrestling God’ John Bradshaw Layfield, the ‘Legend Killer’ Randy Orton and the ‘Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle.

Back towards the end of May, Orton, Angle and Bradshaw met in a Triple Threat Match where the winner would receive a WWE Title shot at the Smackdown: Night of Champions Special. Things weren’t quite so straightforward however as the special guest referee for this match? None other than the champion himself, John Cena. It would be an enthralling contest and the end result came in controversial circumstances as Kurt Angle appeared to have made Randy Orton tap out, however JBL had John Cena distracted. Angle began to celebrate, thinking the job was done but Cena, who was on the outside laying into JBL, didn’t see it that way, instead letting Angle know the match would continue. This of course riled the Olympic Gold Medalist who got in Cena’s face, only to be spun around into a thunderous RKO from Orton who would pick up the win.

Angle felt as though he was robbed, stating that Cena screwed him over because he didn’t want to face him, because he knows he can’t defeat him. JBL was also feeling robbed, believing that John Cena abused his power as a WWE official when he put his hands on him and that as a result Cena should be stripped of his title. Well that would not happen and Cena’s match with Orton was made official and once again it was full of controversy. Orton and Cena engaged in a terrific contest only for it to be ruined by the arrival of Angle and Bradshaw who would ambush both men before Angle turned on Bradshaw, leaving the Wall Street Warrior laid out also, Angle making a big statement.

The following week on Smackdown, Orton would face Cena again, knowing a victory would earn him another title shot at the Bash. However, we wouldn’t even get that far as Orton was left bloodied and battered backstage but by who was the question. Nobody knew, however there were two main suspects and those men were of course Angle and JBL. Teddy Long was left in a tough spot now, recognising he needed a main event for the Bash and that the main men to fill that hole would be JBL and Kurt Angle. Long gave in to their persuasion and made Cena versus Angle versus JBL in a Triple Threat match, whereby if Angle or JBL got the win, they would earn a title shot at the Bash. That match though, much like a week prior would end in chaos as Randy Orton re-emerged despite his earlier beat down and Orton took it to the prime suspects, leaving the referee to ring for the bell.

With anarchy ensuing week in, week out Teddy Long then made a blockbuster announcement that all three men would get their opportunity at the Bash in a Fatal 4 Way match. There will be no excuses now for any of these four men come Sunday night as they all get the shot they’ve been looking for. Will Cena once again overcome the obstacles in front of him? Will Randy Orton continue his recent roll since arriving on Friday nights? Will it be Kurt Angle who proves that John Cena can’t beat him and walk away with the gold? Or will the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown history add another reign to his name? All four men have a strong possibility, you won’t want to miss out on this epic main event.

WWE United States Championship:
Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy

The 2005 draft lottery saw Matt Hardy headed over to the blue brand and he began his Smackdown career on a roll, knocking off any and all comers, that was until Judgment Day when Hardy would get a well deserved United States title opportunity against Orlando Jordan and it’d be one he’d fail to make the most of. Well, we say failed, more like, was screwed out of as the reigning champion stole a victory, using Hardy’s tights to score a three count. Hardy was incensed by this and pleaded with General Manager Teddy Long to give him another shot and T-Lo duly obliged, giving Hardy another opportunity on the Smackdown Night of Champions special.

This infuriated Orlando Jordan who proclaimed that having beaten Hardy already, he should head to the back of the line and work his way up again but Teddy Long would have none of it and made the match official. The match however would last a matter of seconds, literally. Matt Hardy made his way down to the ring only to be heinously assaulted by Jordan from behind. The champion proceeded to batter Hardy with some devastating shots before using the ring post and the steel steps to leave Hardy completely unconscious. Jordan then had the nerve, he had the audacity to roll Hardy inside the ring and start the match, pinning Hardy immediately.

At that point, things between the two got understandably personal as Hardy was ruled out of action for a couple of weeks due to injury but Hardy would come back with a bang and we learned that come the Bash, Hardy will receive his rightful rematch, a decision that angered Jordan once again. Jordan has vowed to prove once and for all that he is better than Hardy and that Hardy will never make the grade on his own, claiming he lives off his successful tag team run with brother Jeff. Will Jordan’s claims prove true this Sunday? Or will Hardy prove his doubters wrong and will it really be third time lucky in Buffalo for the man who ‘Will not Die’?

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Paul London© vs. The Hurricane

At Judgment Day Paul London retained his title, defeating the Mexican Warrior Chavo Guerrero in a hellacious battle which resulted in Guerrero blowing his final title opportunity. Since then a new challenger has emerged for Smackdown’s current champion and it comes in the shape of Friday night’s very own Superhero, The Hurricane. That doesn’t quite tell the whole story however.

Since Judgment Day Hurricane has been on a roll but that roll has been somewhat down to a constant interference on the part of Chavo Guerrero. Guerrero has targeted Hurricane to take the Cruiserweight title away from London but yet Chavo doesn’t actually believe Hurricane can do so. He believes that Gregory Helms can do so. Chavo has continuously put Hurricane down, stating that he’s nothing but a joke whilst he wears his costume and mask but that underneath all of that is one of, if not the best Cruiserweight in the world. Guerrero has tried to prove it to Hurricane also and to a degree it’s worked as Chavo has helped Hurricane win match after match despite Hurricane’s disapproval.

The crime fighting superstar’s winning streak earned him a shot at London back on the Night of Champions Smackdown special and Hurricane pleaded with Chavo to let him go it alone and Chavo obliged but Hurricane…lost. This just furthered Chavo’s point and in the end it appeared as though Hurricane was beginning to listen as he seemed to take more and more interest in what Guerrero had to say. Paul London however wasn’t buying it. London blasted Chavo for trying to interfere in things, stating that this was between him and Hurricane and that Chavo needed to back off. London then looked to persuade Hurricane that he can do things alone, that he can prove himself alone and London offered Hurricane a reprieve, offering him another shot at the Cruiserweight title, one one condition, he give London his word that he doesn’t listen to any of Chavo’s proposals. Hurricane accepted and the pair shook hands with the match now official, only for things to heat up between the two.

London stated that Hurricane would no doubt push him to his limit at the Bash, much like Night of Champions but the result would remain the same and he knew he could beat him. This seemed to irk Hurricane and a tad more aggression became apparent in the superhero’s demeanour as he demanded to know what London meant by ‘knowing’ he could beat him, Hurricane believing London thought he was an easy option. London completely denied that, claiming Hurricane had the wrong end of the stick but at that point it appeared that a switch inside Hurricane had been flicked.

The question remains this Sunday night, what role will Chavo Guerrero play here? Will Hurricane prove Paul London, prove Chavo himself wrong? Or will the champion prevail and perhaps just prove his own words, that he just ‘knows’ he can defeat the Superhero?

Two on One Handicap Match:
Bobby Lashley vs. Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki

Since debuting at Judgment Day Bobby Lashley has looked simply unstoppable, running through everyone in his path, remaining undefeated and sending shockwaves through the Smackdown roster with his dominance. The question was posed, who dare step up and challenge this dominant force? Well the answer came in the shape of Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki.

Dupree and Suzuki were both victims of Lashley’s undefeated streak and this seemed to anger the duo, resulting in them ambushing the ‘Real Deal’ after a match up several weeks ago on Friday Night Smackdown. Lashley has been a one man wrecking crew against each opponent he’s faced and Dupree and Suzuki seemingly realised that two on one may well be the only way necessary to deal with this monster. On Sunday we will find out first hand whether Lashley really is as unstoppable as portrayed or whether Dupree and Suzuki can indeed take Lashley down a peg or two and despite the numbers advantage, cause what would be a major upset in knocking off the ‘Real Deal’

WWE Tag Team Championships:
(Melina is banned from ringside; If Mysterio and Van Dam lose, they will not receive another title opportunity)
MNM© vs. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

MNM have been on a crusade since arriving on Smackdown, a crusade towards gaining respect. The cocky A-List duo of Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, along with Melina have been heavily impressive since coming to Friday nights, however they have done so without earning any plaudits due to their actions and attitude both in and outside of the ring. One man took exception to this, Rob Van Dam and he told MNM to buck their ideas up and start showing people the respect they deserve, him being one of them but this didn’t sit too well with the trio who simply stated that they are three of Hollywood’s finest and that they commanded respect.

Van Dam continued to be riled up by the arrogant young duo who staked their claim for the vacant tag team titles, even proclaiming they should be handed them. This again infuriated Van Dam and a match was made for Judgment Day, MNM against Van Dam and a partner of his choosing for the WWE Tag Team titles. Van Dam’s partner? None other than Rey Mysterio. At Judgment Day though it would be the newcomers who walked out with the gold, thanks to the calculating work of Melina on the outside who helped her boys reel in the gold. This only furthered the anger of RVD and Mysterio who demanded a rematch and Teddy Long agreed it was the right thing to do so on the Smackdown Night of Champions special, they got their wish as MNM would defend their titles once again against the high flying duo. Inwhat was a back and forth contest, yet again Melina would intervene and steal the victory for her boys for the second successive match which left both Van Dam and Mysterio dejected at these shenanigans.

With both men desperate for justice, desperate for a fair shot, Van Dam laid down the challenge, asking for one more title match and if they lose they will never again get another title shot whilst MNM are champions, however there was a catch. Van Dam and Mysterio wanted Melina GONE from ringside for this one. The two veterans claimed that the only way they were gonna earn the respect they ‘command’ was by doing things like men and beating them like men. To the shock of everybody Mercury and Nitro accepted the challenge, claiming they will prove to their opponents exactly what they’re capable of come the Bash.

You have to wonder just what MNM have in mind come Sunday, can they really do this alone or is a back up plan in mind for the Red Carpet stars? Or will it be Van Dam and Mysterio that finally taste the gold and finally put an end to MNM’s tampering antics? It really is do or die for the experienced duo, can they do it? We’ll find out this Sunday

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Mexicools vs. Chris Masters and The Pitbulls

Chris Masters came to Smackdown with a lot of people expecting big things from the impressive physical specimen that he is, however Masters hasn’t wuite hit the ground running and that’s down to three men, that’s down to the Mexicools. Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis and Super Crazy debuted on Smackdown following the draft and promised to bring some fun back into our Friday nights, their first act being to target the Masterpiece. The trio would shock Masters by defeating him each and every time they stepped in the ring with him, all three men getting a victory by outsmarting, out witting, out foxing the helpless Masters. The Mexicools even kidnapped Masters, keeping him as a ‘pet project’ for over a week.

The embarrassment was beginning to spiral out of control for Masters and he decided that he needed to even the odds a little, that he needed a helping hand and well, he got more than he bargained for as both Jamie Noble and Kid Kash, the Pitbulls came to his aid. After being beaten by Juvi Guerrera, Juvi along with Psicosis and Crazy were immediately jumped from behind by the dangerous duo of Noble and Kash as Masters then declared that the Mexicools playtime was over and that he and the Pitbulls were ready to take them by storm.

This Sunday it’s show time as the Mexicools get their first big chance to shine since coming to the WWE, they can keep up the impressive roll they’ve been on and once again upset Masters? Or will the evening of the odds now mean a shift in Masters fortunes and he and his associates pick up a defining win this Sunday? It promises to be a blockbuster.

Triple Threat Match:
Carlito vs. Booker T vs. Rhyno

In the build up to Judgment Day Carlito called out Booker T, questioning where the old Booker T had gone, where the ‘real’ Booker T had gone. Lito goaded Booker into a match at Judgment Day, claiming that he wanted to bring the best back out of Booker T. However that wasn’t the way Booker’s friend Rhyno saw it. Rhyno sat backstage at Judgment Day and confronted Carlito, claiming that he wasn’t doing this for Booker, he was only doing this for himself, only doing this because he knows Booker’s confidence is shot. Carlito took exception to this and launched a scathing attack on the Man Beast, tossing him into a wall, leaving the ECW original fallen. The match would then see Lito go on to defeat Booker but it was only down to interference from Rhyno who looked to get payback on Carlito, only to inadvertently cost his friend.

Booker would let all that slide, recognising what went down earlier on in the night and vowing to take revenge on the Apple Spitter. Both men wanted their hands on Carlito and Rhyno would get his opportunity, taking on Carlito one on one on Smackdown and AGAIN Lito would steal a victory only this time, the roles were reversed as Booker inadvertently cost Rhyno. The two would again pass the incident off as nothing but Carlito began to play on it, trying to build tension between the friends and eventually, well eventually it worked a treat.

Lito would take on Rhyno in a No Disqualifications match, finally getting his chance to take out his rival but once again Booker T would get involved, trying to help Rhyno survive a steel chair shot but in the end it was Booker who would accidently club Rhyno with a chair, leading to ANOTHER Carlito victory. This one though wasn’t gonna pass and Rhyno in a shocking moment completely snapped, taking out his friend with a sickening assault, resulting in a brutal gore. Many thought it was heat of the moment but in the following weeks Rhyno has made it clear that is as far away from the truth as possible.

Rhyno has claimed that Booker has taken his spotlight for too long and that no longer would he be held back, no longer would he be looking out for others when all others do is look out for themselves. Booker was left speechless and this whole feud got real personal but the defining factor in all this on Sunday remains Carlito. Both Booker and Rhyno have remained focused on the Apple Spitter, recognising that he’s the instigator behind this and Carlito’s plan to turn the two on one another may very well end up coming back in his face on Sunday. Will the Apple Spitter walk out of Buffalo victorious once more? Can Booker T overcome his former friend and now foe, breaking free of his recent slump? Or will Rhyno’s new and ‘improved’ attitude catapult him to victory? It is certainly a delicate situation

Prediction Template:

WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Match:
John Cena© vs. Randy Orton vs. John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

WWE United States Championship:
Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Paul London© vs. The Hurricane

Two on One Handicap Match:
Bobby Lashley vs. Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki

WWE Tag Team Championships:
(Melina is banned from ringside; If MNM win, Mysterio and Van Dam will not receive another title opportunity)
MNM© vs. Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Mexicools vs. Chris Masters and The Pitbulls

Triple Threat Match:
Carlito vs. Booker T vs. Rhyno

Bonus Questions:

1. Predict the match order:

2. How many championships will change hands?

3. Who will take the fall in the WWE Championship match?

4. Which match will be the longest?

5. Which match will be the shortest?

6. Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, by who?

Would love any thoughts heading into this. The winner of the predictions contest will receive something of reward, what that is right now who knows lol. But yeah, I’d expect this to be up probably this time next week. Predict away!

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Prediction Template:

7. WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Match:
John Cena© vs. Randy Orton vs. John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

This is simple. I was split between Cena to retain or Orton to win it; but John Cena only won the gold at Wrestlemania, I feel it is still too early to take it off of him. The different personalities of the 4 men going into this match has been good to read and see them play off of each other and each has had their own period of dominance in the running into the big show; so it is really up in the air as to who will walk out with the title. I went with Cena one because it will properly establish as a champion by beating three of Smackdown's top guys at once. AND it helps with his character of always defying the odds somehow.

1. WWE United States Championship:
Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy

This has been a good feud thus far, but I see it evolving into something completely bigger tonight. As much as I dislike BOTH of the Hardy Boys, I see Jeff coming in here and helping Matt win the title in a complete shock. Would be a good way to open the show... although I could be completely wrong!

3.WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Paul London© vs. The Hurricane

This has been another well build angle, especially with Chavo's involvement. I think tonight will be Hurricane's turn right after he has lost to London, and we will see Gregory Helms from then on out, ready to take the title off of London at Summerslam.

4. Two on One Handicap Match:
Bobby Lashley vs. Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki

I could be completely wrong; but this to me just seems like something to build Lash, as a few more feud like this, with the competition getting increasingly bigger will make him look like the true beast he actually is. I think this is the end for Lashley's involvement with these two though.

6. WWE Tag Team Championships:
(Melina is banned from ringside; If MNM win, Mysterio and Van Dam will not receive another title opportunity)

MNM© vs. Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

As much as any fan would want Rey and RVD to win this match; I just can't help but feel that they won't. I did find this one the hardest to call, as I can only wonder where this will take all 4 men involved. Maybe a Hrady reunion to take on MNM in a blockbuster match at Summerslam could be on the cards? I think the best thing for Mysterio and Van Dam could be to turn on each other.

2.Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Mexicools vs. Chris Masters and The Pitbulls

I think it is about time that Masters finally gets a chance to get one over The Mexicools. This has been a well build lower card feud; something which having separately branded PPVs a chance to include in your thread.

5. Triple Threat Match:
Carlito vs. Booker T vs. Rhyno

This will be the match that will start Carlito's rise to the top; and allow Booker and Rhyno to then move off into their own feud. I see Carlito starting something with Lashley after this, and then maybe an eventual match at Summerslam?

Bonus Questions:

1. Predict the match order: Done.

2. How many championships will change hands? One - United States

3. Who will take the fall in the WWE Championship match? JBL

4. Which match will be the longest? WWE Championship Match

5. Which match will be the shortest? Mexicools vs Masters & Pitbulls

6. Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, by who? Jeff Hardy

Looks like it will be a great show; will be reading
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Apologies for missing a few shows

619s Feedback for cp's Smackdown!

I don’t think I’m fully caught up yet, but this was a nice reminding/informing opening vid. Did its job very well, although the overwhelming tone seems to be that Cena’s got to overcome the odds quite a bit.

Seemed like a very nice opening contest here, I know you’re abridging it and saving most everything for the PPV, but we still got the gist of what was going on idea wise. Only quams about this was the German suplex from the second rope might have been a bit too much in a spot like that. Also, the match going ten minutes seems a bit stretching it, but that’s nitpicking and it makes me look like an ass. Solid showing here from both men, the roll-up looking to keep all parties strong come GAB.

Cena lookin’ pissed. Somebody call his mama~!!

Pure intensity from Matt Hardy here, which certainly came across better than I would picture him delivering that in real life. Seemed almost borderline crazy. Jordan’s the perfect X-Pac heat champion that a guy like Matt Hardy might not get a whole lot for going over, but would almost be necessary. Nice to see and angry side to Hardy, too. Maybe he pulls a Benoit and beats him in 24 seconds he’s so pissed.

Jesus, Lashley still seems to be getting the rocket push here. Squashing Snitsky is no biggie, but the fact that he’s facing two guys on Sunday leads me to believe it’s almost certain he’s going to win. Not like people care a whole lot about Suzuki and Dupree anyway at this point in time (but Suzuki is awesome. Pretty plz do something with him after this)

Love the Mexicools, but they can let these guys go over’em Sunday. Lest they lose all momentum they even have. Plus, didn’t the Mexicools, like, kidnap Masters at one point? Yeah. Little retribution needed for that one.

Only way I saw this ending after the commentator spiel was by DQ or Rhyno interference gave OJ the win, so DQ was a good move I suppose. Not even the match that was the whole point, the joint beatdown was expected, as was the Hardy rescue attempt, but didn’t see that Gore coming. Surely didn’t see Carlito coming in there out of nowhere, wow. Bit of a clusterfuck ending there, but certainly sets the tone for Sunday for all of these. I’m guessing whoever wins the Triple Threat might be facing Hardy/Jordan…?

No surprise to see the heels disagreeing on which one of them will win, though neither of them came across any kind of strong here. We do know the deck is stacked against Cena, I’m just not completely on board with this now being completely about that. Or if that’s just too similar to Cena booking from 2006-2008. Either way, don’t see any of these guys walking away with it.

Interview segment was nicely done, though everyone sounded a bit vanilla. Mysterio and RVD repeated themselves quite a bit, which I didn’t find necessary. Orton crashing in came across as a guy looking for trouble, which was what Randy was in those days in being kind of a prick. Lots of tension between RVD, Mysterio, and Orton. Wouldn’t be surprised if this laid out some groundwork between any of them post GAB if Orton isn’t too preoccupied with Undertaker again.

Another match with interference is getting a tad bit repetitive, but it’s overlookable. Another solid match between the cruiserweights here, nice to see them get a tad bit of a highlight on this edition. Not entirely sure what to make of Chavo wanting in on all this, though. It’s a little confusing seeing as how I’m not entirely caught up, but that’s probably more my mistake than it is yours.

Damn, Cena was pissed here. Not surprised considering he got the snot beat down out of him last week. But why did it take all night to find Cena? What was he doing all night? Was he just wandering the halls being pissed? Or did I just miss something?

Another assault here, and again, an assault from behind by Carlito. Lots of unresolved tensions going around, but there’s a lot of interference and attacks as I’ve already noted leading the way. Didn’t understand much of the purpose to this one, though. They’d already exhibited their frustrations in the ring, and one assault from behind on Rhyno would’ve been enough to show Carlito’s stance on this. Maybe you could’ve even had Booker try to pursue Carlito earlier in the ring if you wanted to show the tensions between all three clearly, but yeah, this one seemed very out of place. I understand what it tried to do, but seemed a bit unnecessary to me.

You seem to like these huge tag team matches, don’t you? I recall this four-way producing several of them for several weeks. Match was a tad out of hand early, but got restored a good ways before the commercial break, but after the break HOLY HELL all broke loose. Orton RKOing Mysterio after his comments earlier was understandable, but Christ, Angle flat out loses his mind here! I’m all for the loose cannon element, and lord did he have it here. I suppose it was executed well, seeing as how as soon as I read it, the only thing I could say was “what the fuck”, but now sure how you wanna take that. I did enjoy it, although the only thing I didn’t like was the ending in that Angle, who just clearly said that nothing will stand in his way, still darts away from Cena.

Overall, I mentioned the abundance of sneak attacks, interference, and overall anarchy in the show, which I enjoyed, but some of it got overplayed a tad. The chaos involved in the main event was gonna be evident from the get-go, everything else seemed to just repeat itself. Still, a very enjoyable take-home show, although your mid-card is a tad up in the air, your main event almost isn’t, but we’ll have to see, won’t we? Another solid job done here, cp.

Whoop. Might as well leave some pedics while I'm here.

7. WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Match:
John Cena© vs. Randy Orton vs. John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

You’ve done a solid job of giving everyone at least some chance of looking like they’ll come out of this thing (except maybe JBL) with the win, but it undisputedly goes to Cena here. The guy’s just coming off his huge, era defining WM win and him losing it here would kill the momentum he’s building, even if many of us don’t like what he winds up becoming because of this. That said, Orton and Angle will both put up great performances in this one, and given Angle’s new demeanor, I might even see a face turn in the works for him, seeing as how you may be lacking in that department with Undertaker gone and all that. Hopefully, Orton continues his beef with ‘Taker while Angle/JBL go onto keep feuding with Cena with some sort of special stipulation down the road sometime.

1. WWE United States Championship:
Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy

Jordon, you’ve had your fun. It’s time for Hardy to get in on the fun. I can easily see Jordan keeping it here by even more dirty means, only to get comeuppance really, really soon, but please strike while the Matt Hardy iron is hot. Plus, if that Triple Threat later is inadvertently for the #1 contender for the US title, any one of those guys could put on a better match with Hardy than with OJ. Hardy over the black bisexual guy.

3. WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Paul London© vs. The Hurricane

Gonna go with London here to keep things going with Chavo and Hurricane, leading to the Triple Threat at some point in the near future, perhaps with a stip on it.

2. Two on One Handicap Match:
Bobby Lashley vs. Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki

Lashley all the way. Please don’t make it too much of a squash.

4. WWE Tag Team Championships:
(Melina is banned from ringside; If MNM win, Mysterio and Van Dam will not receive another title opportunity)

MNM© vs. Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

This is probably the best ambiguous match on the card. There’s a big, big, big part of me that thinks Rey and Rob will walk away with the win here, but there’s another huge part of me that says MNM needs this so much more than they do. Mysterio and Van Dam are great as singles competitors, but then I wonder what the rest of the division looks like if they lose – you’ve got Suzuki and Dupree who look like they’ll be fed to Lashley, and then you’ve got the Mexicools and the Pitbulls. MNM needs this win a good bit more than Rey and RVD do because they have options, but the tag division needs them more than the singles card. That said, I’m going on a toss up and saying MNM here. Would do them a great deal of good, but I won’t complain with whoever wins.

6. Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Mexicools vs. Chris Masters and The Pitbulls

Gonna go with the Pits and Masters here. They’ve been outdone at every turn so far and they need the win badly. Plus, it’s not like the Mexicools will lose some kind of credibility.

5. Triple Threat Match:
Carlito vs. Booker T vs. Rhyno

Booker and Rhyno will continue to beef and Carlito will sneak out the win here and probably go on to feud with Matthew over that US title going into SummerSlam.

Bonus Questions:

1. Predict the match order: Done

2. How many championships will change hands? 1

3. Who will take the fall in the WWE Championship match? Ol’ Jibbles

4. Which match will be the longest? Gonna go on a limb and say the Tag Team title match

5. Which match will be the shortest? Handicap

6. Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, by who? Er…Melina?

Best of luck, homes


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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

7. WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Match:
John Cena© vs. Randy Orton vs. John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

3. WWE United States Championship:
Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy

5. WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Paul London© vs. The Hurricane

2. Two on One Handicap Match:
Bobby Lashley vs. Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki

6. WWE Tag Team Championships:
(Melina is banned from ringside; If MNM win, Mysterio and Van Dam will not receive another title opportunity)
MNM© vs. Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

1. Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Mexicools vs. Chris Masters and The Pitbulls

4. Triple Threat Match:
Carlito vs. Booker T vs. Rhyno

2. How many championships will change hands? 1

3. Who will take the fall in the WWE Championship match? Orton

4. Which match will be the longest? Main Event

5. Which match will be the shortest? Handicap

6. Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, by who? Don't Know
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

News, Notes and Rumours

We are just a few hours away from Smackdown’s next Pay Per View offering, The Great American Bash! Heading into the event, it is expected to be a huge night and perhaps a defining night for several of the blue brand’s talent.

The WWE Championship match is the one that is under pressure to deliver with regards to all four participants. John Cena is looked at as being the next big thing in the company and it’s important that he continues to impress and improve inside the ring, a match like tonight will no doubt go a long way towards achieving that. Kurt Angle is perhaps one of those reasons why. It’s thought that with his in ring skills and experience, he can help raise John Cena’s game and make him look a star, something JBL has so far failed to do. Speaking of JBL, he is the only one of the four men who has consistently proven to get the crowd on his back in recent weeks as both Angle and Orton despite their status as heels, have been cheered at times. He is being seen as vital here tonight as he can face off against all three superstars and get the crowd thoroughly invested and against him, something that may not happen if for example, Angle and Orton square off. Randy Orton is also being seen in the same light as John Cena right now. Orton will no doubt go on to be a big star for the company and it’s important that he delivers on a night like tonight where all eyes are on him. There has been some talk within the company about putting the title on Orton tonight as he has a ready made programme with The Undertaker upon the Deadman’s return. Orton could feud with Cena in the meantime as a feud between two of the most promising young stars could see both men prosper.

Another man who has a big night in store is Matt Hardy. Hardy has always been looked upon as a tag team specialist, renowned for his days alongside brother Jeff but tonight he is almost guaranteed to walk away with his first major singles championship as he takes on Orlando Jordan for the United States gold. Hardy has been ousted twice by JBL’s Chief of Staff and it is expected third time’s the charm tonight for Hardy. Of course plans can change but the general feeling is that Hardy takes it home.

Two of the match ups on the card are still yet to have a winner determined even at this late stage. The WWE Tag Team Championships match between MNM and Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio is still up in the air as creative debate just what the right outcome is. MNM have done extremely well in their role as champions since debuting and have impressed a lot of people, a loss could potentially damage their momentum. However many within the company believe that Van Dam and Mysterio should take the gold here and spearhead the tag ranks in the coming months, giving it some added and much needed star power.

The other undetermined outcome is the match for the Cruiserweight Championship between Paul London and The Hurricane. The interesting storyline that’s been developing has seen Chavo Guerrero’s importance highlighted and his role in the coming weeks/months may well be what leads to the ultimate outcome tonight. There have been several options discussed including talk of a three way feud between London, Hurricane and Chavo, a possible alliance between Hurricane and Chavo and there has also been a lot of talk about a feud between Hurricane and Chavo. Following on from that last potential outcome, Paul London fans need not worry as he is held in high regard right now and whatever the outcome in Buffalo, he WILL play a big role moving forward.

As far as the rest of the card goes, the outcomes have all been determined and creative are confident that they will all deliver and that the show as a whole will come out a success. Regarding moving forward from tonight, there are numerous plans in place for fresh feuds heading into Summerslam and beyond so expect a lot of angles to be rounded off tonight and perhaps even some new ones created.

Just a few little notes before the show, aiming for this Sunday but it may go to Monday night depending on time. Appreciate the predictions thus far and any more are still welcome, template below.

Prediction Template:

WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Match:
John Cena© vs. Randy Orton vs. John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

WWE United States Championship:
Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Paul London© vs. The Hurricane

Two on One Handicap Match:
Bobby Lashley vs. Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki

WWE Tag Team Championships:
(Melina is banned from ringside; If MNM win, Mysterio and Van Dam will not receive another title opportunity)
MNM© vs. Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Mexicools vs. Chris Masters and The Pitbulls

Triple Threat Match:
Carlito vs. Booker T vs. Rhyno

Bonus Questions:

1. Predict the match order:

2. How many championships will change hands?

3. Who will take the fall in the WWE Championship match?

4. Which match will be the longest?

5. Which match will be the shortest?

6. Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, by who
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE The Great American Bash

24th July 2005; HSBC Arena; Buffalo, New York

A Great American Bash logo then flashes across the screen.

Narrator: America. A proud nation, a country united.

We hear some the National Anthem while getting a shot of the an American flag flying high.

Narrator: A land of hope and glory. A land of the brave, a land of the fearless.

We see clips of the Armed Forces now as the National Anthem continues to play.

Narrator: Tonight…

The music now changes to slow, chilling sound, a very sombre like atmosphere.

Narrator: Hope and glory is on offer.

We see John Cena holding up high the WWE title before we get a shot of a smirking Kurt Angle, a cocky Randy Orton and a mischievous JBL.

Narrator: Tonight, the brave and the fearless will fight for their lives.

We see Matt Hardy jumping Orlando Jordan before launching a scathing assault on the United States Champion. We then see MNM clutching their Tag Team titles with a desperate looking Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio.

Narrator: Tonight, we welcome you… to The Great American Bash!

The music now changes to a fast, upbeat pace. We then get flashing images of all four WWE title participants tonight.

Narrator: Four men. One objective. One Championship. One shot.

We see Randy Orton nail an RKO on Kurt Angle.


A clip of John Cena delivering an FU to JBL is then shown.

Michael Cole: The champion is ROLLING towards the Bash!!

We then see JBL being placed in the Ankle Lock.

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle, the Wrestling Machine, as aggressive, as intense as they come!!

We then see JBL lay out Randy Orton with a Clothesline from Hell.

Michael Cole: JBL with a THUNDEROUS Clothesline from Hell!! Will that be the scene at the Bash?!

John Cena: Come July 24th, Bradshaw, Kurt, Randy, I promise you all, the Champ will STILL be here.


Randy Orton: I took out The Undertaker and at The Great American Bash I take home…the WWE Championship.

John Bradshaw Layfield: A great American? You’re lookin’ at him. A true American HE-RO, a Wrestlinggggg GAWDDDDD and the NEXT WWE Champion.

Narrator: An injustice occurred…

We see Matt Hardy cheated out of the U.S. Title at Judgment Day before being sickeningly assaulted by Orlando Jordan at the Night of Champions special.

Narrator: Tonight a score can be settled and justice can be restored.

Matt Hardy: MATT HARDY WILL NOT DIE!! At the Great American Bash, the United States title comes home.

Orlando Jordan: I already beat him TWICE. At the Bash, I’m gonna finish what I started and I am gonna end Matt Hardy once and for all.

Narrator: Old friends become new enemies..

We see Rhyno nail Booker T with a gore from nowhere, shocking everybody.

Narrator: A third party the instigator.

We then get a clip of Carlito smirking as he defeated Booker at Judgment Day and slowly begins to turn the friends, resulting in this confrontation on Smackdown.

Rhyno: I can’t sit back and let you do to my career what your doin’ to your own and that is SEEING IT GO DOWN THE DRAIN!

Booker T: YOU ain’t been held back from NOTHIN’and you ain’t HAD to sit back dawg, you’ve CHOSE to sit back.

We then see Lito backstage looking on.

Carlito: And dat? Das cool.

We then get Carlito tossing his apple up in the air as the final shot.

Narrator: Tonight will truly be The Great American Bash. But who will be the bravest?

We see a shot of a roaring John Cena.

Narrator: Who will show the least amount of fear?

We get a shot of a fired up Bobby Lashley.

Narrator: Who will find hope?

We see MNM clutching on to their tag team title belts?

Narrator: Who will find glory?

We see Rhyno delivering a menacing grin.

Narrator: Who will be….the great American?

We get a final shot of JBL lifting his hat off and beaming ear to ear

Narrator: And now. Skittlez and Friday Night Smackdown Presents: The Great American Bash!

Red, White and Blue pyro then hits as we are welcomed to the HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York which is electric.

Michael Cole: The sold out HSBC Arena is on its feet! We are in Buffalo, New York and ladies and gentleman we welcome you….to The Great…American Bash!!

Tazz: This place is off the charts Cole!! Listen to these people!!

Michael Cole: Indeed a raucous atmpshere here in Buffalo on a night where the WWE Championship hangs in the balance as John Cena defends his gold in a Fatal 4 way match against John Bradshaw Layfield, Randy Orton and Kurt Angle. What a main event we have in store later on tonight!!

Tazz: Block..buster Cole and that ain’t all we’ve got. The Cruiserweight title, the Tag Team titles and the United States title will ALL be on the line as well. I got a feelin’ we’re gonna see something special tonight baby.

‘Oh Yeahhhhh’

‘Live for the Moment’

It’s a BIG pop for the music of Matt Hardy who steps out posing to the fans, set for his huge opportunity tonight.

Michael Cole: And speaking of the United States title, we are kicking things off with Matt Hardy getting his well earned, well deserved shot at Orlando Jordan’s gold. Hardy was screwed by Jordan back at Judgment Day and about a month back at the Night of Champions Smackdown special, Hardy was set for a rematch only for Orlando Jordan to despicably ambush Hardy from behind, cauing Hardy to lose that opportunity and not only that but he caused Hardy to miss a couple of weeks action due to injury. A chance for retribution here tonight for Matt Hardy.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. Matt Hardy’s been about as unlucky as anybody in his quest for the U.S. title. Tonight represents a humongous chance for Hardy to finally capture the gold and finally put a few doubters in their place.

‘Do what I want’

It’s instant heat for the United States champion’s music and out steps Orlando Jordan baring a huge grin as he struts down the ramp, not looking phased by his recent rival’s intent expression.

Michael Cole: Orlando Jordan, the look on his face is-is just, it’s disgusting. That smirk, that glint in his eye about what he did to Matt Hardy is just sickening and if I were him I wouldn’t be so confident about tonight. Matt Hardy has looked in great shape since returning and Orlando must know, he must know deep down that he’s in for the fight of his life tonight.

Tazz: Oh no doubt about it but I’m guessing Orlando really is just that confident that he’ll get the job done tonight. After all, no matter what the circumstances are, OJ is 2-0 against Matt Hardy

WWE United States Championship:
Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy

The bell barely rings before Matt Hardy is out of the blocks like a house on fire and pounces on Jordan, jumping right on him and hammering away at the current champion with a series of strong, fast right hands that the crowd greet with a big roar of approval. Hardy is desperate to get his hands on the man who has denied him time and time again of a fair shot at what he deserves and it shows here as Hardy continues the early beat down before eventually OJ scrambles towards the ropes and the referee forces Matt to break the hold, beginning a count of five.




Still no sign of Hardy giving it up here!


And right in the nick of time Hardy breaks it up and backs off, letting out a roar to the crowd who respond in the same manner. Hardy paces the ring then as Jordan escapes the ropes and walks right into the waiting Hardy once more. Right hands again from the challenger!! This time though Jordan fights back with some hard shots of his own, the lethal boxing background of OJ comes out as he nails Matt with some left hands here.

The trading of blows eventually comes to a halt as Jordan strikes with a kick to the mid section that winds Hardy as OJ now takes his opportunity to strike, delivering an Irish whip to Hardy who cannons right into the turnbuckle!! Jordan then races right at Matt and strikes him down with a clothesline in the corner, knocking Hardy’s back right into that turnbuckle once more.

Jordan then begins to turn the tide in his favour here as he rams his shoulder right into the mid section of Hardy, time and time again Jordan keeps on digging his shoulder right into the gut of Hardy, smashing his back all the more into that turnbuckle as Hardy lets out an ‘Aaaargh’ in discomfort. Jordan then lets up the pressure and instead goes back to jabbing Hardy with some more left hands, taking a boxer like stance as he takes his time and picks his spot. Bang…bang…bang, left after left from Jordan…ba….NO!! Hardy ducks this one and spins OJ round and it’s Hardy now who begins unloading with kicks to the mid section as the crowd come alive again!

Hardy really drives his foot into the gut of Jordan before moving away from his opponent once again, Hardy takes a run up and charges at Jordan but Jordan scoops him up and over the top rope!! Hardy crash lands on the outside as the balance swings once again in this opening contest.

Jordan falls to the mat inside the ring, clearly out of breath after using all his effort to get Hardy up and over there but the U.S. Champ then rolls out of the ring and begins to make a beeline for his challenger who remains unmoved on the outside, clutching his lower back however. Jordan slowly paces towards Hardy before meeting his opponent and he picks up where he left off, working on Hardy’s back as he begins to stomp away at the lower end, nearly on Hardy’s tailbone as the challenger looks in deep trouble right now.

The referee’s count is now up to four as Jordan keeps up the punishment, JBL’s Chief of Staff takes a step back before delivering a RUNNING KNEE, dropping it right onto the back of Hardy who gasps in pain as Jordan exchanges verbals with a few fans in the front row before heading back to work on his recent rival. Jordan brings Hardy up gingerly to his feet and nails a forearm to the jaw before tossing Hardy back inside the ring at the count of seven. Jordan heads back after him and rolls Hardy over into a cover…



Shoulder up by Hardy and it doesn’t seem to bother Jordan, who perhaps simply went for this to force Hardy into kicking out, using more effort and energy. Jordan takes a moment to think up his next move and the champion decides to focus once again on Hardy’s back as simply picks Hardy to his feet and drops him with a scoop slam, simple yet effective from OJ as Hardy once again holds his lower back.

Jordan begins to smirk before posing for the fans who duly oblige in booing the U.S champion. Jordan simply waves his arms back at the crowd as if to say ‘Screw you’ before cockily strutting his way towards Hardy and bending down to once again tend to his opponent BUT HARDY SEES HIM COMING, ROLL UP!!




NO!!! Jordan just about survives as the crowd appear stunned that Hardy almost pulled it out from seemingly nowhere there. Hardy seems to find a second wind here now as he’s right back up to his feet as is Jordan who charges at Hardy, ducks it, Hardy spins him round, kick to the mid section, TWIST OF FATE!! NO!! Jordan shoves Matt away from him, Matt falls into the ropes, rebounds, Jordan rolls him up now from behind!!



Kick out by Matt!! The crowd pops big as it’s Jordan now scoring a near fall. Both men are quickly back to their feet and it’s Jordan who strikes, is it? NO! Hardy ducks his advances and Jordan turns around, clothesline by Hardy and again as the never say die challenger raises his game now here. Hardy begs OJ to get up, rallying the fans and OJ does, kick to the gut, BIG TIME VERTICAL SUPLEX from Hardy!! Hardy though struggles a little following the move as he clutches his back, clearly still in pain but then quickly realises this is a chance and races into the cover…



Kick out by OJ as Matt appears to be a little frustrated now. Matt again holds his lower back before grabbing the hair of his bitter rival and bringing him to his feet again before nailing him with a right hand, and again before drilling a knee to the mid section as Jordan appears a little winded now from that shot. Hardy then takes Jordan over towards the turnbuckle and begins to use Jordan’s skull as a battering ram, smashing Jordan’s head off the turnbuckle!! Hardy repeatedly bashes OJ’s head off the top turnbuckle with OJ looking completely dazed and out of it, stumbling out of the corner and Hardy puts his arm around the neck of OJ from behind, RUNNING BULLDOG, NO!! Jordan somehow finds the wherewithal to shove Hardy away as he lands awkwardly on that back once again.

Jordan stumbles into the corner, holding his head, perhaps wondering where he is as Hardy slowly gets up and turns around wanting more of OJ, desperate to finally win the gold but he’s met with a pinpoint dropkick from OJ!! Wow, great athleticism and great resolve from the champion to stay alive in this one as Hardy goes tumbling. Jordan now crawls into the cover…



Kick out at two and a half from Hardy!! OJ is now visibly upset as he questions the referee’s pace of counting, slamming the mat in disapproval before lashing out with a big kick to the head of Hardy! Jordan then gets in Hardy’s face and tells him’ You ain’t nothing’ before unleashing several ferocious left hands. Jordan then brings V1 to his feet again and scoops him up, looks around the crowd who boo the champion once more as Jordan drops the fan favourite with a stinging backbreaker!! Hardy’s potentially injured back takes more damage again here with a brutal impact move by Jordan who refuses a cover this time, instead playing to the crowd once again, yelling at them that ‘I’m the best baby, this punk ain’t nothing on me’.

The fans start a ‘You Suck’ chant briefly but it ends as Jordan again picks Hardy up and this time whips Hardy again into the turnbuckle and Jordan nails him with a running clothesline!! Hardy stumbles out of the corner and Jordan drops him with a beautiful snap suplex!! Again though, no cover from Jordan who instead lets out a sly smirk and begins to…to head up to the top rope?? Something we are not used to seeing from Orlando Jordan here. Hardy lays motionless on the mat as Jordan sets himself up high and Jordan flies from the sky, FLYING ELBOW!! HARDY ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!

Jordan crashes and burns much to the crowd’s delight as both men are now out of the game so to speak and the fans start to believe this one is Hardy’s to win now. Both men are pretty much flat out here but Hardy is beginning to show small signs of movement while OJ simply holds a hand out for something, anything here. The referee has begun to count both men out of this one and his count is up to four now as the fans start to make some noise, trying to will Matt Hardy up and into this thing. It appears to be working too as Hardy slowly gets to his knees but OJ is rising also, he’s on one knee, trying to reach the ropes to drag himself up.

It’s a real battle to see who is up first and who will land the first blow and it’s MATT HARDY!! Hardy is to his feet first and he lands the first blow on Jordan, but Jordan fights back and the crowd really gets into it here.





The tide slowly turns in Matt’s favour now and Hardy gets right on top, nailing right after right, forcing Jordan back towards the ropes, Irish whip now from Hardy and Jordan rebounds right into a big back body drop as Hardy yells ‘C’mon’ to a fired up crowd now. Hardy appears to be running on adrenaline now as he holds his back once more and awaits OJ’s return to his feet. The champion slowly rises, Hardy priming himself to look and finish this one off. Jordan is up, Jordan turns around right into A SIDE EFFECT!! SIDE EFFECT BY HARDY!! Cover…..




HE GOT HIM!! NO!! Jordan just about kicks out at the death as the crowd lets out a groan of disapproval. Hardy holds out three fingers to the referee but his pleas are rejected and Hardy has to gather himself once more. Hardy then poses to the crowd with his V1 taunt before scaling up high to the top rope. Jordan is still down and out here as Hardy sets himself up high, Jordan is in no man’s land, Hardy then lets out a huge roar out to the crowd as he FLIES THROUGH THE SKY, LEG DROP CONNECTS OFF THE TOP!! Cover again by Matt…




NEW CHAMPION, NO!! AGAIN JORDAN KICKS OUT!! Hardy appears deflated now as he clutches his back again, wondering what it’s gonna take to win his first big single’s championship here in the WWE.

Hardy’s moment of frustration soon ends though as he slams the mat and regroups, Hardy waits in the corner, posing himself, waiting, stalking his prey in Orlando Jordan. Hardy holds his arms outstretched, willing the crowd to help him out here, egg him on. Jordan uses the ropes to bring himself up and he unknowingly turns around right into Hardy’s path, kick to the mid section, NO! Jordan blocks it and grabs Hardy, BLACKOUT, BLACKOUT CONNECTS!! (Reverse STO). Jordan crawls into the cover, the champion’s gonna retain here…




NO!! HARDY SURVIVES!! The crowd comes alive once more as Jordan shakes his head in disbelief that Hardy kicks out of the Blackout. Jordan then decides enough is enough and heads over towards the turnbuckle and Jordan begins to unravel the top turnbuckle!! The fans boo the champion and the referee doesn’t see what’s going on as he tends to Matt Hardy, checking on the well being of the challenger.

Jordan tosses the turnbuckle out of the ring, exposing the steel here, his intentions clear right now as he heads back over towards Hardy. Jordan scoops him upright and whips Hardy right over towards that exposed turnbuckle, Hardy’s back once again thundering into it as Jordan now takes a run up and looks to nail Hardy but HARDY SCOOPS JORDAN UP AND HEAD FIRST INTO THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE!! Jordan’s lights are out here as he falls all over the place, Hardy turns him around, kick to the gut, TWIST OF FATE!! TWIST OF FATE CONNECTS!! Cover…





Winner and NEW United States Champion: Matt Hardy(11:39)


Tazz: Listen to this arena Cole, the roof’s just blown off of it!! What a win for Matt Hardy baby, huge night for this young kid.

Michael Cole: So many people have doubted Matt Hardy, have doubted he could go it alone, be successful on his own but here tonight in Buffalo, Matt Hardy has indeed proved the doubters wrong!

We see a shot of Matt Hardy celebrating, clutching the U.S. title close to his chest, smiling and embracing the fans as he heads up the ramp. We see a quick glimpse of a fallen Orlando Jordan inside the ring who looks crushed by his loss before we head back to the celebrating Hardy

We then head off into a video package…

Narrator: The biggest party of the summer.

The Summerslam logo appears across the screen as the Summerslam theme plays in the background.

Narrator: High pressure, high stakes.

We see a shot of Batista raising the World title high before a shot of a dejected Shawn Michaels.

Narrator: Who can overcome these obstacles?

We see Kurt Angle locking in the Ankle Lock on Randy Orton.

We then see Kane chokeslamming Chris Jericho.

Narrator: Who can stand tall?

We see John Cena FU’ing JBL.

Narrator: Who can rise to the occasion?

We see Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas celebrating.

Narrator: Who can handle… the heat?

We see a smirking Christian before an angered Ric Flair.

Batista: At Summerslam.

Flashing shot of the Animal landing a Batistabomb.

Edge: At Summerslam.

A brief shot of Edge delivering a Spear.

Randy Orton: At Summerslam.

The Legend Killer delivering an RKO is shown.


Flair locking in the Figure Four is then shown briefly.

Kurt Angle: At Summerslam.

We then see Angle locking in the Ankle lock, wrenching the hold in.

John Cena: At Summerslam.

It’s Cena’s turn then as we see the WWE champion deliver a thunderous FU.

Christian: The heat….is on.

A shot of a desert like scene is then shown as the Summerslam logo then appears again before

Narrator: Summerslam: Can you handle the heat?

We then head off backstage where we join Josh Matthews for the first time this evening.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman joining me at this time, please welcome my guest at this time, he is one of the four participants in the WWE Championship Fatal 4 Way match later on tonight, the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Orton appears into shot to fairly strong boos, again the odd cheer though for the arrogant youngster.

Josh Matthews: Randy this past Friday night on Smackdown, you left your tag team partners John Cena, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio on their own with many people claiming you want nothing to do with John Cena, following your assault on him a couple of weeks ago. To those people, what would you like to say here tonight?

Orton is smiling, rubbing his chin.

Randy Orton: I would like to say to those people… wha…wait…what would I like to say to those people? Nothing Josh. I would like to say absolutely NOTHING to those people.

Heat already for TLK.

Randy Orton:Do any of those people have any idea how big a night this is for me? Do they? No, no they don’t and that’s why they don’t understand why I’ve done what I’ve done these past couple of weeks.

Orton pauses for a second.

Randy Orton: What I did to John Cena was no different to what Kurt Angle did, to what JBL did, they both did the exact same thing that I did and yet I’m the one who seems to be takin’ the blame. I’m the one who people are criticising. ’Oh Randy, you shoulda helped Cena out, you should’ve done the right thing.’

Orton looks cold here as he looks down at the floor.

Randy Orton: The right thing? Let me ask you Josh, what is…the ‘right thing’? The right thing for those people would’ve been for me to jump down, to take Kurt Angle out and help John Cena, help the WWE Champion to his feet, help my opponent here tonight walk away without a scratch on him. Do you…do you realise how stupid that sounds huh?

Matthews looks away a little intimidated.

Randy Orton: I’m meant to help out one of my opponents in one of, if not, the biggest match in my career just…just because it’s the ‘right thing to do’. Well Josh that may be the right thing in a lot of people’s eyes but in my eyes that is oh so far away from what the right thing is.

Orton again pauses for thought.

Randy Orton: The right thing for me to do was exactly what I did. I take out John Cena, I take out the competition and my chances of taking home the WWE title, they go up a notch. Now I may not have taken out Cena for tonight but I know he’s still hurt, I know he’ll still be feeling what I did to him, what Kurt, what Bradshaw did to him and he knows that what happened a couple weeks ago has left him in a whole world of trouble here tonight.

Orton smirks again now.

Randy Orton: So maybe…maybe I didn’t do the ‘right thing’ but if what I did was wrong then well, I don’t ever wanna be right Josh. Tonight, nothing is going to stop me, nobody is going to stop me from taking home that WWE title, from taking home what I deserve.

Orton then heads off to the usual round of boos as we cut away.

We then return back ringside to hear…


It’s the music of Chris Masters that hits and out steps the Masterpiece to fairly rousing boos as he and his recent new associates get set to take on the Mexicools.

Michael Cole: Well Chris Masters has had absolutely NO luck since coming to Friday Night Smackdown in the draft lottery with the troublesome trio, the Mexicools continuously embarrassing the Masterpiece. HOWEVER, that luck has slowly began to change in recent weeks since Chris Masters, well Chris Masters got himself a little bit of back up.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. Chris Masters went out and he got himself two of the toughest S.O.Bs on Fri..

‘A country boy can survive’

Tazz is cut off by the music of Jamie Noble and out come he and his partner, Kid Kash, the Pitbulls.

Tazz: ..On Friday Night Smackdown and speak of the devils Cole, here they are. Jamie Noble, Kid Kash, they may be Cruiserweights but these two ain’t your usual high fliers, these two are straight up brawlers and they can go toe to toe wit’ the best of ‘em.

Michael Cole: Indeed Kid Kash, Jamie Noble, two highly respected, highly talented superstars and alongside somebody like Chris Masters, these three are gonna be a huge challenge for anybody.

‘Muy Loco’

It’s a nice pop that greets the music of the Mexicools and out come the rowdy thressome, equipped with their Juan Deere’s as Super Crazy, Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera come on down for action.

Michael Cole: They promised fun, they promised excitement and since arriving on Smackdown, they’ve certainly delivered. The Mexicools have been a real thorn in the side of Chris Masters, with all three members defeating the Masterpiece as well as the trio even kindapping Masters about a month back on Smackdown!

Tazz: Yeah these three guys are as crazy as they come Cole but you know that they can get the job done in the ring, ain’t no doubt about it, these three are as good as they come and this one is gonna be off the charts baby.

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Mexicools vs. Chris Masters and The Pitbulls

Juventud Guerrera kicks things off for his side whilst it’s Jamie Noble starting this one out for Masters and the Pitbulls in a rematch of this Friday’s Smackdown. Juvi tries to rally the crowd from the get go, clapping his hands together, trying to get them to do so too and they duly oblige as Juvi and Noble lock horns in the centre of the ring. Noble is clearly the aggressor here as he forces Juvi back before breaking the hold and smashing Juvi with a forearm, followed by another as he takes Juvi up against the ropes. Noble now whips Guerrera across the ring and Juvi flies back at him as Noble swings a right but Juvi ducks under it and runs the ropes again, rebounding and taking Noble down with a flying forearm!

The fans let out a nice pop as Juvi runs the ropes once more and Noble is quickly up to his knees and again goes to smash Juvi but the Mexicool is too quick as he hops over Noble, slows himself down as Noble spins round and Juvi takes his head off with a thunderous kick to the skull!! Into the cover…



Shoulder up by Noble as Juvi mouths something in his native tongue to the crowd before grabbing Noble and pulling him back to his feet. Juvi smashes Noble with a couple of right hands before taking him over towards his corner and Juvi twists the arm of Noble who cries out in pain before tagging in Psicosis to the match and the fellow crazed Mexican jumps high over the ropes and crashes down on the arm of Noble who once again yells out in pain before Psicosis whips the Pitbull across the ring and Noble rebounds right into a perfectly timed arm drag from Psicosis.

Psicosis doesn’t keep the grip however and Noble flies across the ring, taking a pretty hard fall as Psicosis is quickly back onto him and brings him upright before once again whipping Noble across the ring but this time Noble uses all his smarts and hangs onto the ropes as Psicosis charges at him and Noble connects with a boot to the face! Psicosis is reeling now and Noble takes this opportunity to get back into the match, clubbing the Mexicool down with a hard shot to the back before beginning to pummel away at his opponent with some stiff kicks to the back and kidneys of the former ECW star.

We see Chris Masters applauding his team mate, smirking slyly as Noble now begins to build some momentum and is ruthless in his approach as he grabs the right leg of Psicosis and uses it to lift him up high as Noble then smashes Psicosis’ leg back down on the mat, his kneecap really feeling the force as Noble now relentlessly continues hammering that leg/knee of Psicosis down against the mat as Psicosis squeals in pain. Noble now drags Psicosis over towards his corner, kicking that knee of Psicosis one more time before tagging in Kid Kash for the first time.

Kash picks up where his partner left off and hammers away at Psicosis’ knee with some stiff kicks before drawing Psicosis to his feet and delivering a big kick to the mid section before Kash drops Psicosis with a big time snap suplex!! Kash crawls towards the cover…



Shoulder up by Psicosis as we see Super Crazy and Juvi encouraging their partner from the apron. Kash draws Psicosis up once again now and whips him across the ring right into the turnbuckle and Kash charges right at him but Psicosis dodges out of harm’s way!! Kash smashes into the turnbuckle, spinning out of the corner as Psicosis finds some energy from somewhere and runs up and onto the top rope, delivering a MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP, TAKING KASH DOWN!! Cover by Psicosis…



Kick out by Kash!! The crowd oooohs and aaaahs, hoping that was all she wrote but Kash stays in this one for he and his team. Psicosis now appears to be feeling the effects off that little burst of energy, holding his targeted leg also, perhaps feeling that now as well. Kash begins to crawl to his knees as does Psicosis and it’s the Mexicool who’s to his feet first and he spins Kash round, grabbing him by both arms, double underhook suplex!! NO!! Kash blocks it and nails Psicosis with a right hand to the mid section, kick to the mid section now and Kash whips Psicosis into the ropes, reversal though as Kash goes into the ropes and Psicosis takes him over and down to the outside with a clothesline!! Kash lands hard but the damage isn’t done there as Kash steadies himself, returning to his feet, he turns around and Psicosis goes up and over with a PLANCHA INTO A HURRICANRANA!! The fans go ballistic as Psicosis drops Kash down with huge impact and his fellow Mexicools go wild on the apron.

Both men are taken out of the game so to speak here now as the referee begins his count out and we see Crazy and Guerrera urging Psicosis, willing him back to his feet. Psicosis begins to stir and Kash slowly starts to show some signs of life and Psicosis is now to his feet and draws Kash to his knees before finally getting him to his feet and tossing KK back inside the ring. Psicosis follows him right back in but Kash is to his feet and greets Psicosis with a right hand but Psicosis responds with a right of his own and the two men exchange blows before Kash nails his opponent with a knee to the gut before tossing Psicosis over and into the turnbuckle where Kash now unloads with a series of kicks, looking to weaken Psicosis’ mid section as the Mexican slumps down in the corner.

Kash now takes a running start before NAILING Psicosis with a running low angle dropkick, knocking Psicosis’ head off almost!! Psicosis completely drops now and Kash rolls him over into a cover..



Shoulder up by Psicosis! The fans let out a cheer as Psicosis stays in this one and Kash cuts a frustrated figure as he drags Psicosis’ lifeless body over towards his corner and tags in the Masterpiece, Chris Masters who pounces on Psicosis, immediately hammering away with some strong kicks to both the mid section and that worked on knee of his opponent. Masters then brings Psicosis to his feet again and drills him with a forearm before a scoop slam falls Psicosis again. Cover by Masters now as he slows the pace down of this one..



Kick out by Psicosis once more, showing great resolve here as his team mates look on, desperate for a tag to be made. Masters gets to his feet and brings Psicosis up alos before tossing him like a rag doll into the turnbuckle once more where Masters now unloads with right hands as the referee pleads with him to let up and gives ‘Piece to a count of five, at which Masters finally give in at four, arguing with the referee about it before refocusing on Psicosis but he’s greeted with a SLAP TO THE FACE!! The fans cheer like wild as Psicosis slaps the taste out of Chris Masters mouth before beginning a series of right hands on Piece, shocking him perhaps as Psicosis suddenly finds some life.

Masters is right on the back foot here as Psicosis whips him across the ring, Piece rebounds and Psicosis shows great strength in taking him down with a MASSIVE TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!! The crowd roars but Psicosis doesn’t go for a cover, instead drops down, clearly struggling here as he crawls over towards his corner, desperate to tag in one of his partners. We see Jamie Noble and Kid Kash looking on concerned also, holding out a hand incase of Masters wanting to tag out but he doesn’t have time to as SUPER CRAZY enters the match!! Psicosis finally gets the tag and Crazy is quickly in, running the ropes and dropping Masters with a low angle drop kick, knocking his teeth down his throat as the Insane Luchador lets out some crazy noises to the fans who rally right behind him.

Masters rolls around in discomfort as Crazy brings him up by his hair and positions Masters perfectly for a BIG TIME DROP KICK!! Crazy is rolling here as Masters is quickly to his feet though but Crazy AGAIN nails him with a drop kick before poising himself once more as Masters gets up and turns around right into the waiting Crazy who lifts him up into a CRAZY BOMB!! The fans go wild as Crazy goes for a cover..




NO!! NOBLE BREAKS THE COUNT!! Jamie Noble intervenes and begins to hammer away at the back of Crazy’s neck but Noble is then taken down by Juvi who nails him with right hands and KID KASH now enters the ring, dropping Juvi with a big right hand but now PSICOSIS re enters and takes down Kash with a clothesline!! Chaos is ensuing here in Buffalo now!!

Kash is back up fairly quickly and Psicosis swings for him once again but this time Kash ducks it and runs the ropes but he’s caught with a big time drop kick taking him all the way over the top and down to the outside from Juvi who appears from out of nowhere!!

Psicosis is all smiles as his firend takes care of Kash but not for long as he’s grabbed from behind by Noble who uses him as a dart and fires him shoulder first into the ringpost!! Psicosis’ shoulder smashes into the steel as he falls through the ropes and down to the outside but Noble’s now caught from behind by Juvi again and he whips the Country Boy into the ropes but Noble hangs on, Juvi charges at him, Noble scoops him up and over but Juvi lands on the apron, swings a right hand at Noble but Noble blocks it, kick to the mid section, Noble goes for a front suplex but Juvi blocks it and reverses, SUPLEX OFF THE APRON!! JUVI DROPS NOBLE DOWN AND TAKES HIMSELF DOWN IN THE PROCESS!!

The crowd are on their feet as both men are taken down and out by Juvi’s unpredictability here as the attention turns back inside the ring where Crazy and Masters are beginning to get to their feet. Crazy gets up first with Masters not far behind and Crazy lays into him with right hands, knocking Piece off balance before whipping Masters across into the turnbuckle and Crazy sprints right at him but Masters dodges it and Crazy rebounds off the turnbuckle right into the waiting Masters who LOCKS IN THE MASTERLOCK FROM BEHIND!! Masters takes his opportunity with great pleasure here as Crazy misses his chance.

Crazy is being thrown around like a rag doll here as Masters face shows real aggression and determination to finish this one off and the referee checks on Crazy here who appears done and dusted and he is!! The referee decides enough is enough and calls for the bell giving Masters and the Pitbulls a big win.

Winners: Chris Masters and The Pitbulls(13:29)

Michael Cole: A HUGE win for Chris Masters and the Pitbulls tonight. Masters finally, finally getting one over on the Mexicools and perhaps he has landed the final, all important blow in this recent rivalry.

Tazz: If that is the final blow then it’s a hell of a blow to land Cole. Major victory tonight for the Masterpiece and his men. Hell of a match right there though from all six o’ these guys, this is what Smackdown is all about, what Smackdown produces and we still got a whole lot more to come tonight. I can’t wait!!

We see a shot of a smirking Masters who punches the air in delight as the referee raises his hand and he backs up the ramp with the Pitbulls not far behind him, having regrouped from their bumps and bruises here as they look on menacingly at the fallen Mexicools who look back ferociously, no fun and games for them this evening.

We immediately then cut backstage where we see Orlando Jordan stumbling through the halls, clearly looking very upset, frustrated, angered by losing his United States title earlier on this evening. Jordan then looks up and stops in his tracks, clearly wary of something or someone. The camera then changes and we see the arrival of John Bradshaw Layfield into shot. The Wrestling God is dressed to compete, his white hat and black jacket on him however and he has a face like thunder as he bumps into his Chief of Staff.

Orlando Jordan: John look I didn……

John Bradshaw Layfield: Enough.

Orlando Jordan: John I…

John Bradshaw Layfield: I SAID ENOUGH!!

Jordan hangs his head as Layfield stamps his authority.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I don’t wanna hear it, I don’t wanna hear one word from you, ya understand? To be quite honest with you, I don’t even wanna see your pathetic little face right about now but I..I felt I had to come find you, I felt I had to come find you and I had to tell you jus…just how disappointed, just how angry, just how EMBARRASSED I felt watching your match earlier on tonight.

Jordan huffs a little bit, hands on his hips, head down still.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Incase you didn’t know son, I am John Bradshaw Layfield, I am the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smack…down history. I am a true American Hero, I am the Wall Street Warrior and I am the one and only Wrestling Gawwwwwwwwd.

Strong heat for JBL’s usual arrogance.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I am a born winner, I belong at the very top of the food chain in every single walk of life. I don’t….I can’t associate myself with…with losers. So tell me son…tell me, be real clear on this one, I don’t want you to miss out any detail here. Tell me, di…did you win your match earlier on tonight? A…are ya still United States Champion?

Jordan looks at his mentor now, eye to eye, Layfield mocking him almost here.

John Bradshaw Layfield: WELL?!

Orlando Jordan: No.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Wh..wh..what? I didn’t, I didn’t quite catch that? Speak up kid.

JBL puts his hand up against his ear, listening ‘really’ close.

Orlando Jordan: I said…I said no.

Layfield now begins to smile broadly before laughing a little bit.

John Bradshaw Layield: No, ha ha ha. NO IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH ORLANDO!!

JBL then SLAPS Jordan much to the shock of the crowd!!

John Bradshaw Layfield: You lost out there tonight, bu…bu…but not only did ya lose, no, you lost to Matt Hardy. Matt…Hardy? Are you kiddin’ me? That waste of space does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as me, not in the same breath as ANY of my associates but what do ya know? Here we are and he’s just pinned you, he’s just pinned MY Chief of Staff. THAT is embarrassing, YOU are an embarrassment.

Jordan hangs his head in disappointment.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You have one and I mean this, you have only one chance at salvation kid. You need to learn and you need to learn really, really fast that losing? Losing just ain’t an option. So what I want you to do is, I want you to stay back here tonight, find yourself a TV monitor, sit down and glue your eyes to the screen cos I want you to watch, to witness me showing exactly what it takes to be a winner, to be…a champion.

Jordan nods his head, agreeing with his mentor.

John Bradshaw Layfield: When all’s said and done here tonight, we WILL be leaving Buffalo still with championship gold in hand and I want this to act as a catalyst, as a spark inside o’ you because one more mistake, just one more slip up Orlando and I ain’t playin’ when I say this, you’re out the door.

Bradshaw delivers one more menacing look at the former U.S. Champion before heading off and we see Orlando Jordan nodding, perhaps in fear more than anything as we return ringside to hear…

I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be Cool’

The music of Carlito hits and it’s a chorus of boos for the Caribbean star who steps out, apple in hand, not looking so full of himself tonight though as he’s set to take on his two recent rivals here tonight.

Michael Cole: Tazz, Carlito is always one to look confident, arrogant, cool if you will but here tonight, that confidence, that arrogance, that ‘coolness‘, well it appears to have gone as Carlito knows he’s got two fired up, two angry opponents here tonight who BOTH want payback, want retirbution on Carlito for what he’s done to them of late.

Tazz: It ain’t gonna be easy for Lito tonight Cole. You’re right, he’s got two men who both want a piece of him BUT Carlito’s done a hell of a job in turnin’ those two men, those two ‘friends’ against one another and I think that’s gotta be in the back of Carlito’s mind here tonight, turn these guys against each other as quickly as possible.

‘Can you dig it? Sucka’

It’s a nice pop that greets the music of the former 5 time WCW Champion Booker T who storms out onto the stage, pandering to the crowd before setting his sights on Lito.

Michael Cole: Out of all three of the men competing in this next match up it is this man, Booker T who is probably the most determined, most motivated, most fired up here tonight. Booker has had his issues with Carlito for some time now but things…well things have gone south with regards to Booker and Rhyno’s friendship and it’s thanks to Carlito.

Tazz: Well ya say that Cole but Rhyno has said it himself, this has been comin’ a long time now and it ain’t all down to Carlito and his antics, this is to do wit’ in Rhyno’s eyes anyway, to do wit’ Booker takin’ his spot, takin’ his opportunities.

Michael Cole: Well that’s something I can’t agree with and a lot of people that know these men can’t agree with either.

Carlito hops out of the ring as Booker enters and locks eyes once again with the Apple Spitter.

‘Man Beast’

It’s then the turn of Rhyno to make his way out and he does so, looking aggressively at Booker with the fans strongly booing the Man Beast, amidst the odd cheers.

Michael Cole: And here comes the third piece in the wheel so to speak. It was several weeks ago on Smackdown that Rhyno turned on his former friend Booker T, blaming Booker for costing him chances, costing him opportunities, including one at Carlito. The end result was Rhyno delivering a sinister gore to the former WCW Champion.

Tazz: Rhyno’s just found this new side to him of late Cole and personally I love it. I know Rhyno pretty damn well, we go all the way back to ECW and I ain’t seen him this aggressive, this brutal in all my years knowin’ him. Booker and Carlito have got a tough test tonight, that’s for sure.

Triple Threat Match:
Carlito vs. Booker T vs. Rhyno

Each man takes up a corner of the ring, all taking it in turns to stare down one another, Carlito looking a little anxious while both Booker and Rhyno look intense. The stares soon focus though on just one man and that is Carlito as both Booker and Rhyno set their sights on the Apple Spitter and he doesn’t like it at all, opting to hop out of the ring right from the get go, wanting nothing to do with either man in the early stages. The fans boo the former U.S champion but he doesn’t care as he instead paces the ring while Booker and Rhyno now shift their focus onto each other and the two former friends lock up in the middle of the ring with Rhyno’s aggressive style forcing the former WCW Champion back towards the corner.

The hold is then broken as Rhyno begins to stomp away at Booker’s mid section, the two men lodged up by the turnbuckle as we see Carlito still pacing round the ring. Rhyno then begins to drive his shoulder into Booker’s mid section, really hammering into his former friend’s gut. Booker lets out some aaaahs in pain as Rhyno keeps up the aggression before delivering another solid kick to the gut. Rhyno then whips Booker out of the corner from one turnbuckle to the opposite as Rhyno charges at him but he’s caught with a DROPKICK FROM CARLITO!!

Lito reappears from out of nowhere and takes down the Man Beast!! Quickly into the cover..



Booker breaks the count!! Booker breaks it with a kick to the back of Lito’s head and Booker now goes to work on his long time rival, hammering him with an array of kicks before bringing Lito up to his feet by his ‘fro and smashing him with a right hand, followed by another before whipping the Apple Spitter across the ring, Lito rebounds and Booker takes him down with a big back body drop!! Booker turns round and goes right back after Lito, drawing him up to his feet before nailing him again with a right hand as Lito pleads with him to back off but Booker isn’t having any of it and takes Lito into the corner. Booker begins to deliver some stinging knife edeg chops as Lito’s face paints a picture.




Carlito’s chest turns bright red as Booker’s stinging offense works a treat before Booker whips Lito out of the corner RIGHT INTO A GORE!!! GORE FROM RHYNO OUT OF NOWHERE TO THE ONRUSHING CARLITO!! Cover by Rhyno..



Booker breaks up the pin once again and he and Rhyno pick up where they left off and start exchanging right hands. It’s Booker this time who comes out on top, nailing Rhyno with a big kick to the mid section before Booker scoops Rhyno up and drops him with a big time suplex!! Into the cover..



Kick out by the Man Beast. Booker scowls in disappointment before bringing the former Extremist to his feet again as Booker lands a forearm before whipping Rhyno across the ring, Rhyno though hangs himself up in the ropes and Booker charges at him but Rhyno scoops him up and over the top!! Booker crashes down to the outside as Rhyno looks on at the damage before going to head out after him BUT HE’S ROLLED UP FROM BEHIND BY CARLITO!!




NO!! Rhyno just about kicks out as Carlito almost steals this one. Both men are quickly back up to their feet and Lito swings for Rhyno, he ducks it, spins Lito round, picks him up, using great atrength and goes for a running power slam!! Carlito slithers out of it though and instead spins Rhyno round, connects with a swinging neck breaker!! Lito crawls into the cover once again, desperate to end this one..



Shoulder up from the Man Beast!! The crowd cheers despite being less than impressed with Rhyno’s antics lately, clearly still favouring him to the Apple Spitter. Lito takes a moment to regroup before the camera shifts and we see Booker T now to his feet and Booker crawls back onto the apron, using the ropes to pull himself up, Carlito sees this and decides to run the ropes and take down Booker with a BIG low angle dropkick!! Booker drops down and crashes head first off the announce table!!

Lito then lets out a wry smirk and sees Rhyno down inside the ring, Booker down on the outside and Lito decides to head back after Booker, perhaps sensing he can take the former WCW Champion out of the picture here. Lito hops through the ropes and drops down to the outside, the crowd booing his every move before Lito grabs the back of Booker’s head and SMASHES it off of the announce table, Booker’s neck whip lashing backwards.

Lito continues to pummel Booker, bashing his head repeatedly off the announce table as Michael Cole questions his behaviour here. Lito then smirks slyly once again before bringing Booker to his feet and nailing a forearm before a stiff kick to the mid section once more followed by whipping Booker into the ring post!! Booker smashes head first off the steel and drops down to the mat again as Carlito takes full control here. We then see inside the ring however, Rhyno IS up and Rhyno is heading to the outside!!

Carlito doesn’t see that the Man Beast is headed his way and Rhyno grabs Lito from behind and spins him round, kick to the gut, before RHYNO LAUNCHES CARLITO INTO THE BARRICADE!! Lito drops, his shoulders smashing into the barricade as Rhyno now regains control in this topsy turvy contest with both Lito and Booker down and out. Rhyno now launches a vicious assault on Lito, smashing away at his chest with several brutal stomps before pulling out and heading back after Booker who has begun to stir.

Rhyno heads over and smashes Booker in the ribs with a vicious kick before bringing him to his feet and tossing Book back inside the ring, following him right behind. Rhyno is quick to drag Booker up and whips Booker across the ring, rebounding off the ropes and Rhyno takes him back down with a shoulder block. Once more Rhyno brings his rival up again and kicks him hard in the gut before bringing him up and Rhyno DROPS BOOKER WITH A BRAINBUSTER!! Ooooohs ring round the crowd as Rhyno crawls into a cover…




NO!! Booker just about rolls the shoulder as the fans let out a pop of relief more than anything. Rhyno pounds the mat in frustration as he allows Booker some time to recover, pulling his hair in anger it would seem that he can’t put away his rival. We then see a shot on the outside of Carlito who is still down and out, clutching his shoulder after the heavy fall he took. We then shift back inside and again Rhyno brings Booker back up, Booker is bent over and Rhyno clubs him repeatedly with some stiff shots to the lower back before going for a boot to the gut but Booker catches Rhyno’s foot, swings Rhyno round and takes him down with a BIG LEAPING HOOK KICK!! Booker takes Rhyno’s head off and very slowly crawls over towards the Man Beast. Cover..



Kick out by Rhyno!! Booker remains laying on his rival, clearly worn down from the beating he’s taken of late but he soon makes his way back up and we see Carlito beginning to stagger on the outside also. Rhyno holds his hands out, trying to claw his way to the ropes but Booker again pounces, striking Rhyno with a boot to the head, followed by bringing Rhyno up again and nailing him with a kick to the back of the head!! A few oooohs are heard round the crowd as the impact is loudly heard and Booker now whips Rhyno shoulder first through the ropes and into the ring post!! Rhyno’s shoulder may have damn well separated from that hard impact and Booker grabs him out of the way before beginning to unload with right hands in the corner but BOTH MEN ARE TAKEN OUT WITH A STINGER SPLASH FROM CARLITO!! Lito returns out of nowhere and finds the energy somehow to charge and take out his opponents.

Booker smashes into Rhyno and Carlito delivers a kick to the gut of Booker before dropping him with a beautiful DDT! Carly goes in for a cover..


Rhyno breaks it up! Rhyno somehow now finds a burst of energy and brings Lito up but Lito nails him with a shot to the stomach. Rhyno is spun around and Lito catches him from behind, BACKSTABBER!! BACKSTABBER TO RHYNO BUT HE ROLLS OUT OF THE RING!! Smart strategy from Rhyno who avoids the pinfall attempt, crawling out of harm’s way as Lito plays with his ‘fro, disappointed Rhyno escaped there but he soon returns to Booker and grabs him by the hair, pulling him upright again to his knees before he runs the ropes and charges back at him BUT BOOKER CATCHES HIM ROUND THE THROAT!!! BOOKEND!! BOOKEND CONNECTS!! COVER..




NO!! RHYNO BREAKS THE COUNT AT TWO AND THREE QUARTERS!! Carlito is saved by the man he backstabbed just moments earlier and all three men are down inside the ring but Booker and Rhyno start to make their way to their feet. It’s Rhyno who’s up first and he swings for Book but Book blocks it and starts throwing some right’s of his own, hammering away at the Man Beast. Booker now with a kick to the gut, he runs the ropes, SCISSOR KICK!! NO!! RHYNO DUCKS IT, GRABS BOOK FROM BEHIND, REVERSE DDT, NO!! BOOKER REVERSES THIS TIME AND SPINS RHYNO ROUND, SUPERKICK!! SUPERKICK TAKES RHYNO’S HEAD OFF!!

Booker now begins to feel it and positions himself for Rhyno’s next move but Booker’s caught from behind, ROLL UP BY CARLITO!! CARLITO GRABS THE ROPES!!





Winner: Carlito(11:37)

Michael Cole: Carlito steals it!! Carlito plotting, weaving, weaseling his way to victory here tonight taking FULL advantage of the problems, the furthering problems between Booker T and Rhyno.

Tazz: That right there is a huge win for Carlito Cole. This guy is on a roll right now and he’s just too damn smart for anyone at this moment in time. Booker T and Rhyno can fight all day long but it don’t matter if they ain’t comin’ out on top and Carlito’s done just that here tonight, big, big win baby for the Apple Spitter.

Lito smirks as he heads up the ramp, looking ecstatic at his work here tonight as we see a deflated Booker T inside the ring and a venomous looking Rhyno on the outside.

We then cut backstage where we see The Hurricane preparing for his Cruiserweight title opportunity later on tonight. Friday night’s resident superhero is greeted with a nice pop as he goes through his stretches and superhero moves before he stops and we see Chavo Guerrero appear. Guerrero enters, wearing a shirt and trousers, looking fairly smart and is met with boos from the Buffalo crowd.

Chavo Guerrero: You ready for th…

The Hurricane: Citizen Chavo I don’t wanna hear it, really, I don’t wanna hear anymore from you about my chances, about Paul London, about this Greg that you keep mentioning. All I want is to be left alone, be left to prepare, be left to focus on capturing that Cruiserweight title out there tonight.

Chavo Guerrero: Hey, I understand entirely. I didn’t stop by for any of those things believe me. All I stopped by for was to wish you luck out there tonight.

Chavo then offers his hand but Hurricane stares at him like he’s a piece of dirt.

The Hurricane: I appreciate your good will gesture but I don’t need luck tonight Citizen Chavo. I know what it is I have to do out there, I know what it’s going to take from me to realise my dreams tonight and it doesn’t involve luck. I’m going to prove to you, I’m going to prove to Paul London, I’m going to prove to all the doubters out there that I can do this, that I can be the very best Cruiserweight in the world.

Chavo Guerrero: I admire your attitude, your spirit, your passion to do this but all those three things don’t count for anything. When you go out there tonight, nobody and I mean nobody is gonna look at you and think ‘Hey, this guy’s the best, he is the ultimate Cruiserweight around’. They can’t think that because when they look at you, when I look at you, I don’t see it. All I see ‘Greg’ is some…some sorta joke. All I see is an embarrassment.

Heat for Chavito.

Chavo Guerrero: A superhero? Green face paint, a cape, your stupid little catchphrases, are..are they meant to make me believe in you? Are they meant to make these people believe in you? No, no they're not and until you realise that, until you walk away from all this..this lie that you’re living then you cannot and you will not become the Cruiserweight Champion.

Hurricane looks pissed now.

The Hurricane: Enough. I have heard more than enough from you now Citizen Chavo. I don’t care what you say, I don’t care what you think and tonight I will prove that The Hurricane can storm to success, that The Hurricane can become Cruiserweight Champion and that The Hurricane can indeed be the looked upon as the best Cruiserweight…in the world.

Hurricane then exits to a nice pop as Chavo hangs his head a little, scratching his chin, looking a little disappointed.

We then cut across backstage again to join Josh Matthews who is standing by.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, joining me at this time, please welcome the ‘Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle.

Angle comes into shot to strong heat, cutting an intense figure.

Josh Matthews: Kurt for weeks, months infact, you have claimed that John Cena is running scared of you, that John Cena wants nothing to do with you. Well this past Friday on Smackdown, John Cena stood toe to toe with you in the middle of the ring and you walked away. Can you explain just why you did that and what your plan here tonight is?

Kurt Angle: I can explain it but whether somebody like you or whether people like these here in Buffalo understand is another matter entirely.

Cheap heat.

Kurt Angle: I was watching earlier on when you interviewed Randy Orton Josh and you asked him the same kinda stupid question you’re asking me here. I walked away on Friday night because incase ya didn’t realise, I’m involved in a WWE Championship match here tonight. Did uh…did that slip your mind there Josh? I’m involved in a match for the biggest prize in this business and people expect me to take a completely unnecessary risk in tearing into John Cena? Gimme a break.

More boos for Angle.

Kurt Angle: Fact is, I would have torn into John Cena Friday night, there’s no doubt about that but Josh, even with that, there comes a risk. I could’ve charged at John Cena, I could’ve tripped, broken my ankle and just like that I’m outta this match here tonight, I miss out on finally getting my opportunity, on finally capturing the WWE Championship. Do you…do you think that’s worth the risk? Do ya? Worth the risk of getting my hands on a guy who I’m just gonna rip apart tonight here anyway? Yeah…thought not.

Angle now smirks having made his point.

Kurt Angle: Tonight is where I show everybody exactly what I’m capable of. John Cena can’t compete on my level, there aren’t any two ways about it Josh. I’ve always said that he doesn’t wanna face me, that he’s afraid of facing me and tonight I show exactly why. Randy Orton, talented kid but he comes unstuck tonight, he’s got one over on me before but uh…guess why that was Josh.

Matthews stares blankly.

Kurt Angle: C’mon Josh.

Josh Matthews: Uh it was be…

Kurt Angle: It was because of John Cena, you’re right. Cena screwed me over then and he’ll screw me over any chance he freakin’ gets. Then…then there’s JBL. Guy’s as tough as they come, no doubt about it but for all that toughness he displays, he’s…he’s just not got the talent to match up with me. That’s not a knock on him Josh, he’s a hell of a competitor but in the end, the cream always rises to the top and I am the top, I am the very pinnacle of this business.

Heat for that comment.

Kurt Angle: Tonight, I go one step further and as the pinnacle of this business, I take the ultimate prize, I take the WWE Championship. You wanna know my plan tonight Josh? There isn’t one, matter of fact, there never is one. All I do is go out there tonight and do what I do best. I didn’t win an Olympic Gold medal for being mediocre, I’m not labelled the ‘Wrestling Machine’ for no reason. I won this medal(pointing at it), I’m labelled with that name because I am the very BEST when I step inside that ring and tonight…tonight Cena, Orton, Bradshaw, they all get to see first hand why.

Angle then looks intensely at Matthews.

Kurt Angle: Don’t believe me? If you don’t believe me then well, you’re just gonna have to watch and learn. Oh it’s true, it’s DAMN TRUE!!

Angle then heads off to more boos as Matthews looks a little rattled.

We then return ringside and have a brief pause before….

‘One of a Kind/619 Booyaka’

It’s the remix song for Mysterio and Van Dam as the duo come out to a very sizeable pop, looking ready and fired up for their final shot at tag team glory here tonight.

Michael Cole: Well tonight marks the final opportunity for these men Rob Van Dam and his partner Rey Mysterio to finally capture the WWE Tag Team Championships. The stipulation here tonight states that Melina, Nitro and Mercury’s leader if you will, is banned from ringside BUT if Nitro and Mercury walk away victorious, Van Dam and Mysterio will not receive another shot so long as MNM are Tag team champions. Huge stakes for Mr.Friday Night and Mysterio here.

Tazz: That’s an understatement Cole. This is as big as it gets baby. RVD, Rey Mysterio they know exactly what they have to do here tonight, anything over than victory just ain’t good enough. Van Dam’s wanted respect, he’s wanted the very best outta MNM, well tonight he gets them at their best, no Melina, no games, just straight up two on two, may the best team win, this one’s gonna be off the charts.


The red carpet is then laid out and the Paparazzi themselves are out in full force to greet the champions, Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, minus Melina.

Michael Cole: Well there ya see it, NO Melina here tonight in Buffalo. The fiery diva has been banned from ringside, however that hasn’t deterred MNM at all, they believe that they can get the job done convincingly on their own. In their eyes, they don’t need Melina, they don’t need anybody to walk away still champions tonight.

Tazz: And why should they need anybody? These two kids are damn talented inside that ring and hey, Nitro beat Van Dam a few weeks back on Smackdown without anybody’s help. I don’t blame ‘em for bein’ confident tonight, it’ll be one hell of a test but these two guys could make a huge statement here tonight.

WWE Tag Team Championships:
(Melina is banned from ringisde; If Van Dam and Mysterio lose, they will not receive another title shot whilst MNM are champions)
MNM© vs. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

It’s decided that Rey Mysterio will kick this one off along with Joey Mercury from the reigning Tag champs corner. Nitro and Van Dam hop back on to the apron as Van Dam cuts a very focused demeanour, as does Mysterio, the two usually laid back fan favourites definitely in the zone for this one. Mysterio then begins circling the ring at some pace as Mercury backs away from the Ultimate Underdog. Mysterio then begins to strike out at Mercury, looking at delivering some stinging kicks but Mercury backs off every time, not wanting anything of Mysterio’s offense here.

Mercury then drops and takes Mysterio to the mat with a double underhook take down as the A-Lister looks to ground the high flyer. Mercury now grabs Mysterio in a head lock but the Master of the 619 tries to fight back up and he does so but Mercury keeps the headlock in as Mysterio uses his speed to try to break free and he manages it, running off the ropes and throwing himself at Mercury with a cross body but Mercury catches him and drops him with a fall away slam!!

Mysterio is now down and in trouble but the Red Carpet star doesn’t opt for a cover, instead he plays with his hair, smiling arrogantly before dragging Mysterio across towards his partner and Mercury tags in Johnny Nitro to the contest. Nitro quickly springs through the ropes and begins to hammer away with some stomps to Mysterio’s ribs, really going full throttle before scooping Rey Rey to his feet and tossing him into the turnbuckle. Nitro begins to unload now with right hands before delivering a stiff kick right into Mysterio’s ribs once more, relentlessly hammering away.

Mysterio is clutching his ribs as Nitro now drags him out of the corner and in towards the ropes, Nitro with an Irish whip, Mysterio rebounds and Nitro scoops him up, wait, no, Mysterio wraps his legs around the A-Lister and twirls round with a massive TWIRLING FLYING HEADSCISSORS!! Nitro is taken down by this bit o brilliance from Mysterio who quickly rushes into the cover..



Kick out by Nitro much to Mercury’s relief as Mysterio now has a stranglehold on the match for the first time. Nitro is surprisingly to his feet fairly quickly, albeit a little dazed and Mysterio is right on him, nailing him with some thunderous kicks to the back of his left leg before Mysterio grabs the left arm of Nitro and whips him against the ropes, Nitro rebounds and Rey swings but Nitro ducks underneath it, rebounds back at Rey and takes him down with a flying elbow!! Nitro now regains control in this back and forth contest.

Nitro is quickly back up and begins to club away at the back and again at the ribs of Rey before bringing him to his feet and Nitro nails him with a boot to the gut as we see RVD willing Mysterio on from the apron. Nitro with another boot to the gut before hoisting Rey up and dropping him down with a beautiful Northern Lights Suplex!! Nitro scurries over into the cover..



Shoulder up by Rey as Nitro appears angered for a second. Mysterio showing strong resolve here as Nitro hops up and heads over to his partner, tagging Mercury back into this one. Mercury doesn’t go sprinting in however, he calmly steps through the ropes and eyes up Mysterio, allowing him to get to his knees and Mercury playfully slaps Mysterio lightly across the back of the head, trash talking the proud Mexican. Mercury then gets right in Rey’s face and SLAPS HIM BRUTALLY ACROSS THE CHEEK!! The crowd oooohs as Mercury slyly laughs but he’s met with a BIG right hand from Rey!! Mysterio has been awoken here as he begins unloading on the cocky Mercury with right hands, forcing one half of the champs back. Mysterio now with an Irish whip, Mercury rebounds, right into a drop toe hold!! Mercury eats the mat, as he gets back to his feet he turns around and is met with a Springboard Cross body from Mysterio!! Cover by Rey..




NO!! NITRO BREAKS THE COUNT!! Mysterio and Van Dam come within a whisker of tasting gold there as Nitro saves his partner. The referee orders Nitro back to his corner as Van Dam shows clear frustration on the opposite side. Both Mercury and Mysterio are down but are moving and it appears both men are looking towards their partners here, intentions clear. Mysterio crawls over as Van Dam holds out a hand, desperate to enter this contest. Mercury is grasping out for his partner also and he makes the tag but so too does Mysterio!! Nitro and Van Dam storm into the ring and Nitro swings but misses, Van Dam spins him round, kick to the gut, SPINNING WHEEL KICK TAKES NITRO DOWN!! Van Dam enters the scene with a bang here.

Van Dam brings Nitro up and strikes with more kicks, hammering the cocky young superstar before an Irish whip, Nitro crashes into the turnbuckle as Van Dam charges and lays into him with a clothesline. Nitro yells in discomfort as Van Dam now hammers away with some right hands before placing Nitro up on the top rope! What does Mr.Friday night have in mind here? Van Dam fires another right hand before he heads up to the second rope, Van Dam places a grip around the back of Nitro’s neck, SUPLEX OFF THE TOP!! NO!! Nitro bashes Van Dam with elbows to the head before shoving Van Dam off the top. The ECW original falls down to the mat but is quickly up to his feet and he’s met with a MISSILE DROPKICK FROM NITRO!! Nitro’s into the cover..




NO!! VAN DAM JUST KICKS OUT!! Nitro comes so close to putting MNM’s rivals out of the picture there but RVD hangs on in this thing. Nitro takes a moment to regroup as Van Dam is laid out. Nitro has words with his partner, clearly discussing their next move before Nitro scoops Van Dam up once more and nailing him with a forearm. Nitro now with an Irish whip, Van Dam clutches onto the ropes though and Nitro sprints right at him, Van Dam scoops him up and over but Nitro shows incredible balance, staying on the apron! The crowd ooohs as Nitro stays on, Van Dam turns around right into a kick to the gut, Van Dam doubles over and Nitro now uses the ropes to jump up and over the ropes, up and over Van Dam and rolls him over into the cover!! Beautiful athleticism from Nitro..



Van Dam rolls through and grabs the legs of Nitro into a cover!!



Both men jump up as Nitro kicks out and Nitro’s met with a kick square to the temple!! Nitro is sent crashing as Van Dam heads up to the top rope!! Van Dam looks around the crowd, FIVE STAR TIME!! NO!! MERCURY SHOVES HIM OFF THE APRON AND VAN DAM CRASH LANDS ON THE OUTSIDE!! The crowd draws strong heat on Mercury there as Mysterio goes down to check on his partner, exchanging words with Mercury who grins back at Rey. We then see Nitro begin to get to his knees as Van Dam looks out of it on the floor outside. Mysterio heads back to his corner by order of the referee but he doesn’t take his eyes off Mercury.

Nitro is now to his feet as he sees Van Dam on the outside and hops gingerly through the ropes, dropping to the outside as Van Dam begins to stir. Nitro grabs Van Dam by the back of the neck and brings him to his feet before smashing him face first into the barricade and AGAIN as Van Dam holds his face in pain, Nitro goes for one more but Van Dam blocks it this time and delivers a back elbow into the gut of Nitro, followed by another as Nitro breaks his grip. Van Dam is now free but Nitro is quickly up and steams right at RVD who delivers a big back body drop!! Nitro smashes his lower back onto the outside as Van Dam poses for the fans, he takes a running start, ROLLING THUNDER TO NITRO!! NO!! MERCURY PULLS HIM OUT OF THE WAY BUT MYSTERIO IS UP TOP, OUT OF NOWHERE, MERCURY SPINS ROUND, HURRICANRANA OFF THE TOP FROM MYSTERIO!!

The fans go ape, even a few ‘Holy Shit’ chants as Mysterio takes down Mercury with an incredibly risky move with all four men now down and out. The referee isn’t even counting the men out now, having been taken aback by the array of moves on show as he drops down to check on at first, Mercury and then Van Dam who appear most in trouble right now. Mysterio begins to get to his feet and he heads towards Van Dam checking on his partner, trying to help him to his feet but Van Dam clutches his mid section, feeling the force of that fall. We now see Nitro beginning to stir also and Mysterio notices this and tosses the A-Lister back into the ring before encouraging Van Dam to get back up and in also.

Van Dam is now to his feet, a little groggy however as he steps back up and into the ring. Mysterio heads back towards the apron, encouraging Van Dam who re-enters the ring. He’s met though with a forearm from Nitro who looks to strike the first blow. Nitro unravels a series of forearms to which Van Dam has no reply, still struggling it would seem after that missed Rolling Thunder on the outside. Nitro now kicks Van Dam in the stomach, right where that missed fall hurt him before Nitro drops him with a Corkscrew Neckbreaker!! Beautiful move by Nitro, into the cover…



Kick out by Van Dam!! The fans cheer as Van Dam stays alive, we now begin to see Joey Mercury returning to his corner also, following on from that Hurricanrana on the outside. Nitro pounds the mat in frustration before heading over and tagging Mercury back in to this thing. Mercury appears a little hesitant but Nitro isn’t interested and Mercury returns right to Van Dam’s mid section, stomping away as Van Dam rolls over in discomfort. Mercury now scoops Van Dam up and whips him into the ropes, rebounds and Mercury drops him with a shoulder block! Mercury is then quickly down and applies a sleeper hold to Mr.Friday night, looking to keep him grounded for as long as possible.

The fans immediately rally round Van Dam, willing him on, beginning to clap as they offer all their support to the challenger. A small ‘RVD’ chant now begins to surface as Mercury really wrenches in the hold, his determination evident in his facial expressions as Van Dam looks to be struggling but he is still showing some minor fight. Van Dam gets to his knees but Mercury seems to lock the hold in harder now. The crowd still right behind the high flier.

Van Dam now begins to strike with some elbows to the mid section, Mercury looking a little rattled. Mercury’s grip is loosening and Van Dam finally breaks free. Mercury is doubled over from the elbow shots as Van Dam runs the ropes and takes Mercury down with a spinning heel kick!! Mercury goes flying as Van Dam gets right back up and storms into a cover..



Kick out by Mercury!! The fans ooooh and aaaaah as Van Dam comes so close to taking the gold home there. Van Dam scratches his head momentarily, wondering what his next move will be. He gets to his feet and decides to head up high, what risk will Van Dam take here? Mercury begins to get back to his feet and he spins around right into a FLYING CROSSBODY!! VAN DAM NAILS IT BUT MERCURY ROLLS HIM OVER INTO THE COVER!! HE’S GOT THE TIGHTS!!




VAN DAM GETS THE SHOULDER UP JUST!! The fans let out a huge cheer as Mysterio looks on intensely, encouraging his partner while Nitro looks on in disappointment. Both Mercury and Van Dam rise to their feet and Van Dam swings but Mercury catches it BUT VAN DAM STRIKES WITH AN ENZIGURI!! Mercury is taken down and Van Dam looks towards his corner, he scrambles across and makes the tag!! Mysterio is quickly in and quickly takes down Mercury with a vicious low angle drop kick!! Mercury’s teeth are knocked down his throat but he is straight back up, not wanting Mysterio to get on a roll but Mysterio runs the ropes and comes back, taking Mercury down with a one handed bulldog!! Cover by Rey..



NITRO BREAKS THE COUNT!! Mysterio is denied victory there as Nitro now continues to assault Rey UNTIL RVD STEPS IN!! Van Dam and Nitro now begin to trade blows and it’s Van Dam who comes out on top with a flurry of rights, Irish whip from Van Dam, Nitro hangs on to the ropes and Van Dam clotheslines him over the top!! Nitro crash lands and Van Dam looks around the arena before LAUNCHING himself over the top and landing hard down on Nitro with a leaping leg drop!! Van Dam winces in pain as his tailbone cracks down, both men taken out of the equation here.

Mysterio and Mercury are both to their knees inside the ring and it’s a race as tho who’s up first. Both men claw and crawl towards the ropes and it’s Mercury who is up first, albeit a little hazy here, Mysterio is right behind him though and Mysterio goes for a stiff kick but Mercury blocks it, spins Rey’s leg around and REY CATCHES HIM IN THE FACE!! A 360 degree spin from Mysterio sends Mercury spinning and Mysterio drops him with a drop kick to the back, Mercury goes crumbling face first into the ropes, he’s in position here, Mysterio goes charging, 619!! 619 CONNECTS!! MYSTERIO’S GONNA DO IT!!

Mysterio scales the ropes, he’s gonna drop the dime here…..but the camera angle shifts and we see A MASKED ASSAILANT COME FROM UNDER THE RING!! They keep ducked down below the apron so the referee can’t see them before they hold a hand up and SHOVE MYSTERIO OFF THE TOP!! Mysterio comes crashing down, WOW, RIGHT INTO A DDT IN MID AIR FROM MERCURY!! STUNNING MOVE!! Cover by Mercury here..




HE GOT HIM!! Mysterio and Van Dam are screwed AGAIN!!

Winners: MNM(14:33)


Tazz: I..I can’t believe it Cole. Van Dam and Mysterio had this one in the bag until…until…that. I don’t know who or what the hell just happened but what I do know is Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio have had their FINAL shot at these guys, at these titles!

Michael Cole: Melina was banned from ringside tonight Tazz, MNM were gonna have to do this on their own. No help, no games tonight for Mercury and Nitro but that is not the way it’s turned out, whoever that was coming from under the ring have cost Van Dam and Mysterio here.

Tazz: You don’t think that was Melina do ya Cole?

Michael Cole: I don’t think it’s anybody else!! That’s for sure!! I think Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio have been well and truly screwed here tonight.

We see a shot of Mysterio looking absolutely dejected inside the ring, clearly irate about what’s gone on here tonight. We then see Van Dam hop inside the ring and ask what happened before seeing Mercury and Nitro backing up the ramp, clutching their titles, beaming in ecstasy as they realise they’ve survived tonight with their titles intact. The fans are booing the shit out of the duo as there’s no sign of the masked assailant.

We then head off to the back once again where we see the NEW United States champion Matt Hardy, walking through the arena, dressed casually, title in hand, looking as though he’s about to leave the building. Hardy is greeted with cheers from the crowd before we see Hardy stop in his tracks and smile a little bit, the camera then pans and we see the Apple Spitter, Carlito sitting near the exit to the Parking lot.

Carlito: Matt, Matt, Matt, congratulations man, the new United States Champion. Ju did it, ju proved all the doubters wrong.

Matt Hardy: Well thanks, I uh…I really appreciate it. I would, well, I would congratulate you too but I saw your match out there tonight and you may have won but uhm…the way you won out there, that’s nothing to deserve congratulations for.

Lito scowls a little before smirking.

Carlito: Ha ha, Carlito gets it Matt, Carlito gets it. Ju may have won tonight, ju may be holding dat title belt but it’s ok, Carlito understands, ju’re afraid of Carlito and das cool, really because ju aren’t the only one. No, n-n-no, dere’s a whole locker room back dere who are afraid of the roll Carlito’s on a roll, the..the hot streak Carlito is on right now and Matt, it’s only natural ju worry, only natural ju’re anxious incase ju become a part of dat hot streak.

Matt’s facial expressions turn serious now as Carlito picks business up a little.

Matt Hardy: Is that right? Well Carlito unfortunately for you I’m not on that list of people who are afraid, I’m not on that list of people who are scared about this roll, this hot streak you’re on because guees what? I too…am on a hot streak, I too am on a roll and this right here, this goes to show it.

Nice pop for Hardy as he points out his U.S title belt.

Carlito: Dat? Dat proves nothing because ju haven’t faced, ju haven’t beaten Carlito. Ju and I, we both know Matt dat if ju put dat title on the line against Carlito, jur reign as champion would be over.

Hardy tilts his head a little as if to sat ‘Oh really?’

Matt Hardy: Hey, you want it so bad, you want this so bad? You can come and you can try to take it cos I’m ready and willin’ to take on all challengers. I promise to be a fighting champion and it’d give me great pleasure, great joy in kickin’ your ass for this championship.

Nice pop.

Carlito: Ha ha. Matt, ju really are stupid aren’t ju? Ju just sealed jur fate. Carlito will hold ju to dat, believe me, Carlito will take jur word and Matt….Carlito will take jur title.

Lito then pats Hardy’s title belt before jumping up and leaving as Hardy shakes his head and continues on outside the arena.

We head elsewhere backstage where we see Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, still out of breath somewhat, wandering through the halls when Josh Matthews comes and catches them.

Josh Matthews: Guys, guys!! Joey, Johnny!! Guys, congratulations on successfully defending the WWE Tag Team titles here tonight against Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio. The real question on everybody’s lips right now however is, who was the masked assailant that helped you to victory out there tonight?

Joey Mercury: I…I…Masked assailant? Josh I dunno what you’re talkin’ about man, really. All I saw out there tonight was myself and Johnny doing what we do best, winning.


Johnny Nitro: We have proved once again just how superior we are to Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio. We proved it at Judgment Day, we proved it at Night of Champions and well, third time lucky a lotta people thought it’d be for ‘em here tonight but how wrong were those people huh? Three times in a row, not one, not two but THREE times we have beaten, we have dominated these guys and yet still they want our respect? Still, they want us to acknowledge them and their past, well I ask you Josh, why? Why should we?

Matthews doesn’t respond as usual.

Johnny Nitro: We are about the present, the here and now, we are about the future and the present is MNM, the future is MNM and we deserve respect, we deserve recognition, we deserve appreciation for just how damn good we are.

Joey Mercury: Van Dam and Mysterio, they may impress a lotta people with their fancy moves and their pandering to these idiotic fans but that’s all they impress with, that’s it. They don’t impress by winning matches, they don’t impress by winning championships. That? That’s our job.

?: And what a fantastic job it was.

The camera then pans to see MELINA appear into shot. Immediately the HSBC Arena begins to boo as the wicked witch appears into shot and hugs her boys, screeching a little bit in doing so.

Melina: How good were my boys out there tonight huh? How incredible were these two out there tonight? And just how pathetic were Van Dam and Mysterio? Ha ha.

Melina lets out that evil little laugh of hers as she brushes off her hair.

Melina: Tonight just goes to show you that whether I be ringside or not, Joey and Johnny, all day, every day will always and I mean ALWAYS beat those washed up losers.

More heat for Melina.

Josh Matthews: But Melina, you do realise that Joey and Johnny did receive help out there tonight in the form of a masked assailant, do-do you have any idea as to who that person was? Some are even speculating that it was infact y…

Melina: Don’t you DARE accuse me of doing something so…so ridiculous. They don’t need my help, they don’t need help full stop. Whoever that person was out there tonight just sped up the inevitable because like I say, no matter where, no matter when, each and every single time, MNM has and MNM will come out on top.

Melina then drags her boys away from Matthews who shakes his head and we return back ringside.

‘Final Force’

It’s the music of Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki that hits and out come the foreign pariring to fairly mild heat as they get set to take on the ‘Real Deal’.

Michael Cole: Well, I’m not buyin’ Melina’s claims that she knows nothing about that masked assailant out there tonight but moving on and as you can see, we’re all set for some Handicap action here tonight as these two men, Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki will look to try and stop, look to try and tame the undefeated, unstoppable Bobby Lashley.

Tazz: It’s gonna be one hell of a test that’s for sure Cole. Bobby Lashley has looked just so damn impressive since arriving’ here in the WWE and as good as Dupree is, as good as Suzuki is, even together I’m not sure they can stop this guy.

‘Hell Will be Callin’ your Name’

It’s a nice pop that greets the unbeaten dominator that is Bobby Lashley who marches his way out to the stage, setting his sights firmly on Dupree and Suzuki inside the squared circle.

Michael Cole: And here is that man Tazz, Bobby Lashley who debuted back at Judgment Day defeating Kurt Angle, albeit via countout, Lashley looked hugely impressive and has since gone on to continue along that path, defeating everyone, destroying everyone in sight. Can Dupree and Suzuki really test him here tonight?

Tazz: Of course they can Cole, it’s two on one but there’s testing and then there’s beating and this kid just looks too damn strong.

Two on One Handicap Match:

Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley looks on menacingly at the foreign duo as Dupree and Suzuki discuss about which of them will kick this one off against the ‘Real Deal’. Eventually the two come to the decision that it’ll be Kenzo Suzuki who will get this one underway. Suzuki seems a little phased, clearly a bit twitchy while Lashley simply jogs on the spot, an intense look etched across his face as Suzuki makes the first move, driving towards the monster and Lashley meets him in the middle of the ring, the two men locking up, collar and elbow but Lashley simply overpowers his opponent right from the word go.

Lashley forces Kenzo back towards the ropes and the hold is broken as Lashley whips Kenzo across the ring but Suzuki reverses it, Lashley rebounds and Suzuki goes for a shoulder block but is sent flying himself by his oncoming opponent! Huge display of power from B-Lash here as Suzuki is taken down but not for long as Lashley quickly hoists him up again and smashes him with several forearms to the face before VICIOUSLY tossing Suzuki shoulder first towards the turnbuckle, Suzuki flying through the ropes shoulder first into the ring post!!

We get a camera shot of Rene Dupree who even winces before gulping a little, clearly worried about the dominance Lashley is displaying here. Lashley heads back over to Suzuki and pulls him out of the wreckage so to speak and nails Suzuki with a kick to the mid section before scooping Kenzo up but Suzuki manages to slide down the back of Lashley and he crawls over towards Dupree and makes the tag, wanting nothing to do with Lashley! The fans cheer as we see a clearly anxious Dupree realising he has to step in here and face the devil himself, the man he has tried to one up week after week.

Dupree steps tentatively through the ropes, holding out his hands in a sign of not wanting Lashley to head after him but he’s got another thing coming as Lashley pounces on him with a right hand!! Lashley begins to go full throttle on Dupree, smashing him with right hands before several knees to the mid section before launching Dupree up and over him with a thunderous belly to back suplex!! Dupree holds his back in agony as Lashley lets out a sly little smile and heads back after his victim.

Lashley now menacingly heads back over to Dupree who clutches his back in clear discomfort but Lashley is relentless and picks Dupree up before grabbing him in a bear hug like hold and then charging flat out, driving Dupree into the turnbuckle. Lashley now hammers away at the mid section, drilling his shoulder firmly into Dupree who has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Lashley then whips Dupree out of the corner and he smashes right into the opposite one!! Dupree comes back right into Lashley’s path though and he scoops him up high, MILITARY PRESS, NO!! SUZUKI CHOP BLOCKS LASHLEY!! The ‘Real Deal’ is taken down for the first time in this contest as Suzuki helps his partner get a reprieve.

Lashley and Dupree are both down here as Suzuki is ushered back towards the corner. Dupree begins to grasp out, hoping to use the ropes to bring him to his feet whilst Lashley tries to shake off the cobwebs here. Dupree is up first and he keeps Lashley grounded, hammering him with some stern kicks to the head, trying to keep the big man down for as long as possible. Dupree though, quite surprisingly brings Lashley up and clubs him in the back before whipping the big man across the ropes and taking him down with a perfectly timed dropkick!! Dupree crawls into the cover..



Shoulder up by Lashley and with some authority as well as Dupree is shoved right up and off of him. Dupree pounds the mat in frustration before dragging Lashley over towards his corner and tagging Suzuki back in but not without one more kick to the head in anger. Suzuki quickly rolls Lashley into a cover, looking to surprise him perhaps..


Kick out at one from the ‘Dominator’ as Suzuki now methodically runs the ropes, coming back before dropping a leg right across Lashley’s chest!! Lashley holds his chest in clear pain as Suzuki now stomps away at the chest before picking Lashley to his feet and beginning with a series of right hands before whipping the big man across the ring, Suzuki bends down, looking for a back body drop BUT LASHLEY EXPLODES AND HAMMERS SUZUKI WITH A THUNDEROUS SPEAR!! The crowd comes alive as Lashley breaks Suzuki in half!!

Dupree though is quickly in and takes Lashley out with a knee to the gut, followed by another, swinging neck breaker from Dupree!! NO!! Lashley shoves him off, Dupree rebounds and Lashley drops him with a DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER!! Lashley roars in aggression as he sizes up Suzuki now, picking him up and nailing him with a kick to the gut, DOMINATOR TO SUZUKI!! DOMINATOR CONNECTS WITH THUNDEROUS AUTHORITY!! Into the cover..




Convincing win for Lashley

Winner: Bobby Lashley(6:11)

Michael Cole: A HUGELY impressive victory here tonight for Bobby Lashley. Some absolutely incredible displays of strength, power, sheer brutality and it is clear for all to see just why this man is dubbed the ‘Real Deal’.

Tazz: Ain’t that the truth Cole? Hell of a display here tonight from Bobby Lashley. Dupree and Suzuki didn’t stand a chance baby and that’s sayin’ something cos these two dudes can go in that ring and Bobby Lashley just manhandled the both of ‘em.

Lashley heads off up the ramp, saluting to the crowd who cheer in appreciation from the dominance they’ve just witnessed from the ‘Real Deal’.

We then head off backstage where we see Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long in his office, finishing off some paperwork it would seem when in walks a fairly pissed off looking duo of Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio. The pair greeted with cheers as ever by the crowd.

Teddy Long: Rob, Rey before ya say anything I want ya to kn…

Rob Van Dam: No Teddy we want YOU to know that what happened out there tonight, that ain’t right dude, that ain’t what we signed up for. The stipulation was that Melina be banned from ringside, now I don’t know how hard it is to keep an eye on one woman but I do know that you didn’t get that job done.

Teddy tries to interrupt again but is stopped from doing so.

Rey Mysterio: Teddy, you know as well as I do, as well as Rob does that the masked assailant out there was Melina. It’s not rocket science esse. Now we know the rules of that match up, we lost, we’re out, no more shots at the Tag titles but Teddy that’s not fair and you know it’s not, not after what those punks did to us.

Rob Van Dam: So what you need to do, is you need to give us the title rematch we deserve and you need to do it this Friday night on Smackdown cos Teddy I don’t know if I can wait much longer dude. I’m just about ready to blow here.

Van Dam does look seething as Long has his head down, perhaps feeling a little responsible.

Teddy Long: Look here playas, I have already been in touch wit’ the Board of Directors about the stipulaiton for that match up and unless I or anyone else can prove that Melina was the one under that mask, then I’m sorry but I cannot give you another opportunity.

Loud heat for the GM there as Van Dam and Mysterio look pissed.

Rey Mysterio: C’mon Teddy, you know it was her!! Who else could it’ve been huh? I thought your job was to do what’s fair, to do what’s right for this show, for your superstars.

Teddy Long: Rey that is my job you’re right dawg and that is why I can guarantee you there WILL be a full investigation into who was under that mask and who cost you your match up tonight. That I can promise ya Rey, ya got my word.

Mysterio nods his head, Van Dam still furious.

Rob Van Dam: An investigation? And how long’s that gonna take Teddy? How long’s it gonna be before we get our shot? That could take months before you even get a sniff of who it might or might not be, I think I speak on behalf of Rey when I say we can’t wait that long, we can’t wait ONE minute longer to get our hands on those titles man.

Van Dam huffs and puffs a little.

Teddy Long: Rob, all I can do is assure you, I can assure you that we will do things as quickly as we can but we will do things as precisely as we can. That’s the best I can do for you playa.

Rey Mysterio: Thanks Teddy. C’mon Rob.

Mysterio then heads to leave but Van Dam appears hesitant.

Rob Van Dam: What? That’s it Rey? You’re happy with that, you’re happy playin’ the waitin’ game like this? That ain’t right dude, you know we should be standin’ here Tag Team champions right about now, not walkin’ away from all this.

Rey Mysterio: Esse, we don’t have any other choice. Teddy’s gonna do every and anything he can to make sure he finds out just who cost us out there and I’m bettin’ we find out sooner rather than later. When we do? When we do Rob, we’ll be one step closer to finally winnin’ those titles.

Mysterio then offers a brotherly handshake and Van Dam takes it, the two embracing a little.

Rob Van Dam: We’re countin’ on you Teddy.

Van Dam and Mysterio then leave with Van Dam looking on intently at the Smackdown GM who nods in acknowledgement.


We then head off into a video showing us our first Summerslam moment as we now build towards August 19th. The footage shown is highlights of the 1995 Summerslam Ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon for the Intercontinental Championship in which Michaels came out victorious in a twenty five minute classic

We then return ringside once more to hear……

‘Stand Back, there’s a Hurricane comin’ thru’

It’s a nice pop that greets the music of the Smackdown Superhero, The Hurricane as he gets set for his Cruiserweight title opportunity here.

Michael Cole: Well here comes a man who has, well he has a lot to prove tonight. A lot to prove to Paul London, to himself and to Chavo Guerrero.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Chavo’s been getting inside his head, Paul London’s been getting inside his head. Tonight we found out just which one of ‘em has won the war of words and I’m damn sure hopin’ it’s Paul London.

‘Stay in Shadow’

It’s a nice pop also for the champion himself as Paul London storms down towards the ring, looking focused, knowing that he’s gonna be in for a tough battle here tonight.

Michael Cole: Paul London remember folks granted Hurricane this match on one condition, that condition being that he didn’t give in to Chavo Guerrero and his plea to let him help Hurricane to victory. Hurricane accepted but since then he’s felt as though Paul London’s taken him, well, taken him a little lightly.

Tazz: I don’t think he has though Cole. All Paul London’s had to say is that he knows he can beat Hurricane which he does. After all, he HAS beaten Hurricane before. I think Hurricane’s reading’ too much into it, maybe, maybe listenin’ a little too much to Chavo Guerrero.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Paul London© vs. The Hurricane

London heads towards the middle of the ring and he quickly offers his hand to his admitted rival, but also his friend. Hurricane too walks towards the middle of the ring but he’s not so quick to put his hand, instead eyeing up the champion before shaking hands which is met with a nice pop from the Buffalo faithful as the two then step away again and London stretches his arms a little before the two go to lock up in the centre of the ring once again but Hurricane takes London down with a hip toss!! London seems a little surprised and heads back at Hurricane but falls right into another hip toss as the Superhero looks to gain early control here.

Hurricane now knocks London down with a clothesline as London tries to get back up but Hurricane won’t allow it here, clearly looking to send a very early message to the champion. Hurricane picks up London and whips him across the ring, London rebounding off the ropes and Hurricane swings for him but London delivers a baseball slide through Hurricane’s legs, rolls him up from behind!!




NO!! A VERY, VERY near fall early on there as London almost polishes off Hurricane within two minutes here. Both men are quickly back up and it’s London who makes his mark, taking it to ‘Cane with some right hands, forcing him back towards the turnbuckle. Once there, London eyes him up and begins to stomp away at the mid section, Hurricane wincing a little in pain before London whips him back outta the corner, reversal from Hurricane as London falls hard into the opposite turnbuckle. Hurricane runs right at him, London rolls out of the way and Hurricane eats the turnbuckle!! Hurricane stumbles out of the corner as London runs the ropes and takes him down with a flying cross body!! Cover again from London..



Shoulder up from Friday night’s resident superhero as London assumes a firm stranglehold early on here now. London quickly returns to his feet and returns Hurricane upright also, nailing him with a couple of forearms to the face before whipping Hurricane across the ring, coming back off the ropes and London goes for a drop kick but NOBODY HOME!! Smartly, Hurricane holds onto the ropes and doesn’t rebound after all as London crashes down. Hurricane now senses an opportunity and charges at the champion, nailing him with a Side Russian Leg Sweep!! Nice move from the challenger, into the cover..



Kick out by London, greeted with nice applause from the crowd as they wanna see these two go right after each other all the more. Hurricane now sits up and gets to his feet, hoisting London up again also and drilling him with several kicks to the gut, winding the champion. Hurricane now with a forearm before taking London to the mat with a nice Snapmare takedown, continuing on by locking in a rear chin lock to the champion. Hurricane looks to keep the speed merchant down here, not wanting London’s high paced style to keep coming back at him. Hurricane locks the hold firmly in, London clearly in a lot of discomfort here as Hurricane slows this thing right down.

London tries to wriggle free but Hurricane keeps the hold locked in tightly as the crowd begin to start a ‘Let’s go London’ chant, trying to will the Cruiserweight champion on and it appears to work as London uses every ounce of strength he’s got to force Hurricane’s arms apart and he FINALLY breaks the hold, nailing an elbow into ‘Cane’s chest. Both men are now fallen somewhat but London is to his feet and as per usual he’s quick in getting to the point as he runs the ropes and takes down Hurricane with a clothesline!

Hurricane’s quickly back up but again London delivers a clothesline! London grabs Hurricane up by the back of the net and delivers a stinging knife edge chop right across his opponent’s chest! The ‘Woooo’s come out from the crowd as London keeps it going with the chops, the ‘Woooos’ still flowing as London continues to punish Hurricane here. Hurricane’s chest has turned pink as London now looks to scoop Hurricane up, vertical suplex! HURRICANE LANDS ON HIS FEET! Great athleticism from Hur…BAM!! LONDON TURNS AROUND RIGHT INTO A PINPOINT DROPKICK!! Cover from Hurricane..



Shoulder up by London as ‘Cane almost takes the title home there. Hurricane ruffles his hair a little bit before returning to his feet and driving an elbow into the back of London’s neck, followed by another as Hurricane looks to keep London grounded again. Hurricane then looks around the crowd before eyeing up London again and heading towards his right arm as he locks in an arm bar on London!! An arm bar from nowhere is applied as Hurricane looks to make London tap here. A few fans cheer for this move by the superhero, however the majority are firmly behind London here and boo the challenger as Hurricane cinches it in.

London is crying out in pain as Hurricane keeps the hold in tight, London clawing out his left arm, reaching frantically for the ropes but it’s no use as he’s in the middle of the ring. London realises this soon enough and instead of grasping for the ropes, he begins to drag himself towards the ropes, Hurricane trying to peg him back but London’s fighting with all he’s got here. He’s oh so close now…

He reaches out, he’s within arm’s reach here…

Hurricane lets out a cry of determination, he’s desperate to see London tap, his arm is falling as he can’t quite reach the ropes…

London grasps out one more time, his middle finger is almost touching…

He slowly crawls forward again and HE GETS THERE!! London gets to the ropes much to the crowd’s delight as Hurricane releases the hold and takes a moment, lying down on the mat, exhausted from all the energy he put into that as London is down and holding his right arm here, clearly in a lot of pain right now.

Hurricane gets to his knees, still looking a little fatigued here but he uses the ropes to bring himself up and he hangs himself up against them for a moment before once again turning his attentions to London. He brings the champion up and hangs him up against the ropes before delivering a right hand, and again before an Irish whip. London rebounds and Hurricane takes him down with a shoulder block. Into the cover..



Kick out from London who again clutches his shoulder and Hurricane brings him to his feet again, digging a knee into London’s mid section, followed by another before landing a clubbing shot to London’s back. Hurricane then scoops London up and drops him with a beautiful Snap Suplex!! Another cover by the Superhero who is in control here..




Shoulder up by London but it’s the bad shoulder he uses and he once again winces in pain clutching the injured shoulder as Hurricane looks desperately disappointed. Once again he heads right back to London and then brings him up to his feet before delivering an Irish whip, London hangs onto the ropes, buying himself a bit of time perhaps as Hurricane comes charging and London drops the ropes down!! Hurricane’s sent flying to the outside as London finds a route back in here.

London draws himself up again, using the ropes but trying desperately not to use his right arm and London eyes up ‘Cane on the outside who begins to stir and is to his knees, holding his lower back after a heavy fall there. London then pulls the ropes and uses them as a springboard launching himself up and over taking Hurricane down with a HUGE cross body!! Hurricane lands hard but so too does London and both men are struggling here.

The fans are cheering the action either way right now and seem to be pretty evenly split although London probably has the slight advantage and it is he who has the slight advantage in getting to their feet first also as London uses the announce table to help him up. Hurricane though uses some help also, the ring his balancing act as he hangs on for dear life but he’s met with a kick to the gut from London! London now smashes Hurricane’s skull off of the apron as Hurricane falls away clutching his head and London nails another hard kick to the gut before whipping Hurricane into the Steel Steps, REVERSAL and London smashes that right arm into the steps, letting out a squeal of pain!!

London continues crying out in severe trouble here as Hurricane and he are putting it all on the line for the Cruiserweight Championship. Hurricane takes a moment to regroup before pulling London back up by the hair and shoving him back inside the ring, following right behind. Hurricane rolls him over into the cover..



Kick out by London as Hurricane hangs his head in frustration, not able to put away the champion thus far. Hurricane puts his hands on his hips now, questioning the referee before deciding it’s time to really look at ending this one. Hurricane heads up high as London squirms around on the mat, clutching that right arm/shoulder. Hurricane slowly rises to the top rope and begins to steady himself, the fans are cheering as Hurricane looks to take a big risk here, London is primed and in a whole world of trouble, MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP CONNECTS!! MAMMOTH MOVE FROM HURRICANE AND INTO THE COVER..




LONDON KICKS OUT!! The crowd goes wild as London somehow survives and Hurricane’s jaw simply hit’s the floor, stunned that the champion manages to survive. There’s a brief breather now as Hurricane gathers himself once more, wondering just what it’s gonna take here, Michael Cole and Tazz also question it as well as whether Paul London can really continue here.

Hurricane sits back up and the camera then changes to focus on the ramp where we see CHAVO GUERRERO slowly strutting down towards the ring. Hurricane turns round and sees this and suddenly looks puzzled. Hurricane heads over towards the ropes closest the ramp and asks Chavo, ‘What are ya doin’ here? I don’t need you, I didn’t ask for you.’ Chavo simply holds his hands out as if to say ‘I’m not doin’ anything here’.

Hurricane looks pissed and he turns back around to find Paul London now to his knees. Hurricane heads over to the champion but he’s met with an elbow to the gut, followed by another as London shows some signs of life now and perhaps Hurricane’s focus has gone here. We then see Chavo slowly walking round ringside as London gets to his feet and nails ‘Cane with a forearm but it’s a massive uphill task as London’s arm gives way, that arm bar earlier on clearly did some real damage to the high flier.

London grimaces as he turns away and it allows Hurricane to strike back as he grabs London from behind, German Suplex!! NO!! London lands on his feet, spins Hurricane round, kick to the mid section, DDT!! BIG TIME DDT FROM LONDON, he crawls into the cover..



Kick out by Hurricane!! The champion comes within a whisker of retaining his title as we then see……….we see Chavo Guerrero toss the Cruiserweight title belt inside the ring?? Paul London catches Chavo out the corner of his eye and heads over to the Mexican, asking him ‘What the hell are you doin’ out here?’ Chavo again holds his hands out as if to say he’s an innoncent party as London tells him to ‘Stay outta this’.

London gets pretty heated here and Chavo then mouths something back, something in his native tongue as we can’t quite work it out and London hangs himself up against the ropes, saying ‘Come and try men then tough guy’. The referee is pleading with London to turn back inside the ring to the match and London looks like he’s gonna accept that but Chavo then hops up onto the apron!! LONDON SWINGS FOR HIM BUT CHAVO DROPS DOWN AGAIN! The referee then gets into a war of words with Chavo on the outside, telling him to get out of here, the fans pop big time as Chavo is banished but he’s still pleading his case as London turns around, ready to focus once again as Hurri…….BAM!! WHAT THE HELL?!?! HURRICANE SMASHES THE TITLE BELT OFF THE SKULL OF LONDON!!

The referee is still arguing with Chavo who now finally leaves ringside and the referee turns around, Hurricane’s into the cover, not this way surely!!





Winner and NEW Cruiserweight Champion: The Hurricane(13:55)

Michael Cole: What the…what the hell just happened?! Did Hurri…did he really? Tazz I don’t believe it!! Hurricane’s fooled us all, Hurricane has…he’s aligned himself with Chavo Guerrero, what the hell is this all about?!

Tazz: Cole I don’t think The Hurricane’s aligned himself wit’ anybody here tonight baby, I think Gregory Helms has been born tonight and I think he’s aligning himself wit’ that Cruiserweight title. I’m speechless Cole, really, speechless.

We see Hurricane/Helms head off up the ramp, his hand being raised high by an ecstatic Chavo Guerrero, whose motives are still unclear. The fans are booing the hell out of these two as we then see Paul London sit up inside the ring, clearly wondering what the hell has just happened here. Hurricane/Helms holds the Cruiserweight title aloft as the fans boo the shit out of him as well as Chavo who slyly waves at a seething London inside the ring as Hurricane/Helms punches the air in delight here at capturing the gold.

We then head off backstage and join Josh Matthews for the four hundredth time tonight as he’s standing by ready to talk to us.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, we are moments away from our main event here tonight as the WWE Championship hangs in the balance. Joining me at this time, he is the WWE Champion, he is Mister John Cena.

Cena then enters shot, looking pretty focused and ready for the battle that awaits him as the fans cheer for the champ.

Josh Matthews: John, you came face to face with Kurt Angle this past Friday night on Smackdown and to some people’s surprise, Kurt backed down, walking away from you. Do you believe that Kurt has finally realised just how big a threat you pose to him, merely two days away from such a huge match?

John Cena: I don’t think Kurt’s only just realising that Josh, I think he’s known right from the get go. He knows that I’m not like him, that I’m not like a lotta the guys in the back here, I ain’t afraid of anybody, I ain’t gonna back down from anybody, whatever shape, size, age, colour, whatever, I’ll take ‘em on and Josh…I’ll beat ‘em.

Nice pop for a confident Cena.

John Cena: Kurt’s talked a whole lot lately about me. He thinks I’ve been dodgin’ him, he thinks I’ve been runnin’ from him. Well this past Friday I didn’t dodge Kurt Angle at all and I sure as hell didn’t run away from him. I stood in the middle of that ring out there, I got in Kurt’s face and I waited for him to bring it to me and then…and then…he walked away.


John Cena: But that’s alright, that’s ok because tonight…tonight I’m gonna the exact same thing. I’m gonna go down to that ring and I’m gonna stand face to face with Kurt, I’m gonna stand face to face with Randy Orton, face to face with JBL and I’m gonna say bring it on.

Cheers again for the champion.

Josh Matthews: Well you’ve certainly had your differences with all three of these men involved here tonight in the past. How confident are you that you will be leaving Buffalo still tonight as the WWE Champion, knowing that you have three men gunning for you and also John, you don‘t even need to be pinned?

John Cena: Yeah I have a bit of history with all three guys but that don’t mean a thing. When it comes down to this, the WWE Championship it doesn’t matter whether I have a history with these guys or not, we’re all fightin’ for the same thing, for the biggest thing there is to fight for in this industry and I know…I know that those three guys are gonna give it all they got to walk away with this but Josh I ain’t goin’ down without a fight.

Cena nods intensely.

John Cena: If one of those three men is takin’ this away from me tonight then I’m gonna die tryin’ to keep it. I don’t need to be pinned, you’re right but I know the deal when it comes to these types of matches, you gotta keep your eye on the ball at all times and I can assure you, my eyes are firmly fixed on the prize tonight.

Another nice pop for the champ.

John Cena: This championship….this championship means everything to me….everything. I’m gonna go out there tonight and I’m gonna fight with everything I have to give for this(pointing at the title). Kurt Angle may think he’s better than me, may underestimate me, Randy Orton may do the same thing, hell, JBL still to this day thinks I’m a fluke despite the fact I whipped his ass twice now.

Solid pop there for Cena.

John Cena: They can all underestimate me as much as they like, hey the more they do, the better cos I know, I know I’m gonna prove them all wrong here tonight Josh. The champ is here and come the end of the night? I guarantee ya, the champ will STILL….be here.

Nice pop again as Cena heads off looking in the mood to go here tonight. We then head back ringside as the main event is all set to get underway…


And out first is the former WWE Champion himself, John Bradshaw Layfield to the usual chorus of heat he receives. Layfield as ever enters the arena via his limousine.

Michael Cole: It is indeed time for our main event!! We heard from this man earlier on here tonight and JBL was, well he was less than impressed with Orlando Jordan’s defeat earlier on against Matt Hardy with JBL vowing to show Orlando what a winner looks like here tonight. Tazz, how do you rate the former champion’s chances here tonight?

Tazz: He’s got every chance Cole, any of these four guys has a shot here tonight. In a match like this, it suits a guy like JBL, a guy who can take any and every chance he gets to sneak a victory.

‘Burn in my Light’

Out next, again to some nice heat, the odd cheer however for the Legend Killer, Randy Orton who cockily struts down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton has displayed a real desire of late to prove just how good he is, to prove how dominant he is. Since beating The Undertaker at Judgment Day, he has been on one hell of a roll, defeating all three of these men involved tonight at some stage leading up to tonight and it’s gotta bode well for the Legend Killer.

Tazz: Absolutely, if you were pickin’ this one on form, on momentum, you can look no further than Randy Orton. This kid has been at the top of his game, tonight could well be the icin’ on the cake baby.


The third competitor then makes his way down to much like the previous two, strong heat though much like Orton, there are the odd cheers for the Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle.

Tazz: But this man Cole, Kurt Angle is my pick tonight!! Angle’s aggression, his intensity, his desire to win that WWE title, to prove his claims true is unreal and I can’t look past the guy. Nothin’ surprises me here in the WWE but I would be stunned if Kurt Angle don’t go all out here tonight and if not win, then come within a whisker of takin’ home the gold.

Michael Cole: Well I gotta agree that Angle is perhaps the biggest threat to John Cena’s title here tonight, however Angle’s aggression, his intensity, his desire, well they weren’t on display this past Friday.

Tazz: Cole, Kurt’s already explained that earlier on tonight man. He didn’t wanna get involved in all that when he can do whatever it is he needs to do right here tonight and I gotta go along with him. Angle’s gonna prove his claims in a big way tonight Cole.

‘My Time is Now’

And last but not least it’s the champion himself who storms out to the stage, revving up the fans, John Cena makes his way down, his fired up antics soon turning to a determined, focused look as he sees his fate inside the ring.

Michael Cole: The look on John Cena’s face says it all folks!! Cena has had his issues with all three of these men in one way, shape or form and tonight, he’s hell bent on getting payback.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. That scowl on John Cena’s face shows just how revved up, just how fired up the champ is baby. Oh this one’s gonna be good lemme tell ya. These four dudes are gonna tear each other apart!!

WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Match:
John Cena© vs. Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

All four men take up a corner of the ring, their eyes on the WWE title belt as the referee raises it high before passing it down to Tony Chimel and the bell rings. Nobody makes a move however, all four eye one another up and down before JBL starts to inch forward, as does Angle and so too does Orton and it’s now very apparent what the plan is as all three now set their sights on the champion himself, John Cena.

Cena decides that if he’s gonna go down, he’s gonna go down fighting though and he charges right into the abyss with all guns blazing as he lays into JBL with right hands before Kurt Angle and Randy Orton pounce on him like a pack of dogs. Cena tries to keep fighting however, he’s swinging right hands but it’s no use as Orton hammers Cena with a kick to the mid section as Angle now lays into the champion with some more right hands. Cena is doubled over now and Orton digs his elbow into Cena’s back repeatedly, hammering away before Angle stiffly kicks Cena in the mid section. JBL is now back in this thing and he grabs the back of Cena’s head and spins him round before tossing Cena into the turnbuckle where Layfield now goes to work with right hands, a look of anger despatched across his face.

Layfield hammers away at Cena with right after right but Angle has had enough and pulls JBL away, wanting a piece of Cena himself here as he now goes to work on the champion. JBL looks furious however and he now pulls Angle away but he doesn’t even get the chance to strike as Orton now pulls Layfield away and goes to work and JBL HAS HAD ENOUGH!! Layfield pulls Orton away and lays into the Legend Killer with a right hand!!JBL goes to work on Orton but Layfield is spun round from behind by Angle who now trades rights with Layfield!! The early alliances in this one descending into chaos already.

Angle comes out on top as he kicks JBL in the gut and now unloads with right hands, forcing JBL back. Angle now with an Irish whip and Layfield rebounds off the ropes right into a big back body drop and an RKO!! WOW!! RKO MID AIR TO THE FALLING LAYFIELD!! Orton goes scrambling for a cover but he’s not even given a chance to as Angle pulls him up and smashes him with a right hand before delivering a stiff forearm that sends Orton aback. Angle now with a kick to the mid section and he scoops Orton up and drops him back down with a nice vertical suplex!! Angle scrambles into the cover..


CENA breaks the count! John Cena is back in business here and he grabs Angle by the vest and hurls him up and over into the corner where he smashes Angle’s head off the turnbuckle!! The crowd explodes as Cena smashes his head off again and Cena finally gets his hands on the Wrestling Machine as he has yearned to do for weeks now. Cena spins Angle round and begins to stomp a mudhole into Angle here. Angle is looking winded now as Cena then whips him out of the corner across into the opposite side, the champion charges right behind him and goes for a clothesline but Angle is lighting quick and gets a boot up, knocking Cena back. Angle now takes a moment before exploding out the corner again and knocking down Cena with a clothesline.

Angle holds his stomach, in a little pain it would seem before grabbing Cena and scooping him up. Angle begins with some right hands before whipping Cena across to the ropes, Cena rebounds and ducks underneath Angle’s advances BUT RIGHT INTO A DROPKICK FROM ORTON!! Orton is firing on all cylinders early on here as the champion is down, even bringing a sly smirk from Angle.

Orton is to his feet and he heads for Angle, the two men begin trading rights here and it’s the Legend Killer who takes it to the Olympic Gold Medalist, pinning him back with his offense. Irish whip from Orton here, Angle though catches the ropes, clinging on, not wanting to fall back at Orton but Orton takes Angle up and over the ropes with a clothesline!! Angle is sent tumbling to the outside towards the ramp as Orton surveys the damage, he spins back around to the bodies inside the ring where HE IS MET WITH A BIG BOOT FROM JBL!! Cover by Layfield..



Shoulder up by Orton as JBL almost wins it out of nowhere there. Layfield pounds the mat in anger, the Wall Street Warrior almost getting his own back on that early RKO from Orton. Layfield brings Orton back up and clubs the youngest ever World champion across the back with a stinging shot. JBL then dismissively tosses Orton over the top rope, joining Angle on the outside as Orton lands hard down there. JBL looking to take as many bodies out of the equation as possible before he now turns his attentions inside the ring towards Cena.

Cena is on his knees and JBL kicks him in the kidneys with Cena letting out an ‘Aaaah’ in pain before Layfield playfully slaps Cena across the back of the head. JBL now brings Cena up and delivers a right hand before launching Cena into the turnbuckle with a thunderous Irish whip. JBL then methodically stalks Cena, working his way over and digging in with more right hands, the brutality from the former champion is evident. Layfield now hoists Cena up on the top rope, using all his effort to put the champion up high as he nails another right hand. Layfield now works his way up, reaching the second rope. The fans begin to rise to their feet as they sense some high risk stuff going down here. JBL wraps his hands around the back of Cena’s neck, superplex off the top! NO!! Cena blocks it, Cena drives his elbow into the back of JBL’s head, and again before SHOVING LAYFIELD OFF THE TOP!! JBL falls down to the mat as Cena now steadies himself on the top, high risk manoeuvre in mind for the champion here. Cena steadies himself BUT HE’S SENT FLYING BY KURT ANGLE!! Angle sprints up the steps and shoves Cena down to the outside as Cena takes a NASTY fall hitting against the barricade as Angle looks on at the damage done here.

Angle then steps through the ropes and back inside the squared circle where he turns his attentions to JBL. Layfield is to his knees but Angle kicks him ferociously across the back of the head, sending him down again as Angle now begins to methodically stomp away at the back of JBL’s head/neck. Angle then drops an elbow before sitting Layfield up and wrapping his arms around the neck, locking Bradshaw into a sleeper hold as he looks to ware down the veteran.

JBL’s face is all puffed out now as Angle cinches the hold in and Jibbles struggles for life here. JBL is fighting with all he’s got though and begins to elbow Angle in the stomach, to no effect it would seem though as Angle lets out a roar of aggression. Layfield keeps the elbows going and he manages to squirm his way out, breaking Angle’s resistance and crawling free as Angle bends down now, clutching his mid section. Both men get slowly to their feet as we see Randy Orton hop back onto the apron, Orton steps through the ropes and he heads right after JBL, smashing him with a boot to the gut before a stiff uppercut sends Layfield spiralling. Orton delivers another before whipping JBL RIGHT INTO ANGLE WHO CATCHES HIM, OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Beautiful move by Angle there as JBL goes tumbling.

Angle lets out another roar which is greeted with a pop but he turns around, RKO!! NO!! Angle shoves Orton away and Orton falls into the ropes, rebounds, Angle catches him from behind, ANGLE SLAM!! ANGLE SLAM CONNECTS!! Cover…



CENA STEPS IN!! John Cena returns to this one and breaks the count, keeping a grasp of his title for now at least. Cena quickly draws Angle up and goes to town on him, right hand after right hand, Irish whip to Angle who comes off the ropes and Cena hammers him down with a BIG back body drop!! Angle holds his lower back following that fall as Cena goes right back to work on him, bringing him to his feet and he hoists Angle up once more, kick to the gut, Cena gets Angle on his shoulder, FU!! NO!! Angle’s pulled down from behind by JBL!! JBL now with a kick to the gut, runs off the ropes, CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL TO CENA!! Cover by JBL, NEW CHAMPION!!



RANDY ORTON BREAKS THE COUNT!! Orton returns to the fold now and breaks the count, kicking Layfield right on the top of his head before he lifts Layfield up, Irish whip, JBL uses the ropes to stop his momentum, Orton comes charging, JBL scoops him up and over but Orton lands on the apron, JBL turns around, right hand, blocked, Orton nails a right, JBL turns around and ANGLE COMES FROM NOWHERE CLOTHESLINEING JBL OVER THE TOP TAKING BOTH HE AND ORTON DOWN!!

Orton and JBL drop hard to the outside as Angle does his dirty work there but it appears as though Angle isn’t finished here as grabs Cena back up before tossing Cena through the ropes as well, joining Orton and Bradshaw on the outside. Angle then lets out a smirk before he heads to the outside also and he…he begins to CLEAR THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! What the hell has Angle got in mind here? Angle tosses the lid off before grabbing several monitors and ripping them off the table. Angle then grabs Cena and SMASHES Cena’s head off the announce table!! Cena’s neck snaps back before Angle tosses him spread out across the table here. Angle then turns around and he’s met with a right hand by JBL!! JBL lands a big blow to Angle there but Angle responds with a right hand of his own!! The two men trade blows and it’s Angle who comes out on top as he kicks Bradshaw in the gut before whipping him towards the ring post but Layfield reverses and ANGLE CRASHES HEAD FIRST INTO THE POST!!

Angle drops like a fly as Bradshaw catches his breath and sees Cena on the table, opting to keep him down, clubbing him with right hands, picking apart the champion here. The camera then shifts and we see Randy Orton beginning to rise now, Bradshaw sees this also and turns around to kick Orton in the skull!! Orton is sent crashing back down but is quickly brought back up by JBL who smashes him with a right hand before he drives Orton into the announce table!! Orton’s left shoulder is sent crashing into the table as JBL panders to the crowd who pour heat on the ‘Wrestling God’ here.

Layfield then clubs Cena with a right hand once again, keeping him down on the table here before Layfield kicks Orton in the chest. JBL then heads up on to the announce table, what has the Wall Street Warrior got up his sleeve here? Layfield kicks Cena in the chest before grabbing him by the back of the neck and scooping him up to his knees. Layfield then bends down and gets in Cena’s face telling him, ‘You are nothing but a waste of space Cena, a waste of my time and I’m gonna finish your ass off here.’

Bradshaw then laughs a little bit BUT CENA SCOOPS HIM UP FROM UNDERNEATH AND HOISTS LAYFIELD UP HIGH!! CENA’S STRENGTH IS INCREDIBLE AS HE DROPS JBL THROUGH THE TABLE WITH AN FU!! The crowd goes ape as Cena hops down right as JBL falls through. Michael Cole is left speechless as Tazz even mouths an expletive. Cena falls to his knees on the outside, looking exhausted as all four men are down at present. Cena though is stirring and so too is Angle, Orton is still down and clutching his shoulder whilst JBL is completely out of it here.

The crowd noise begins to die down now after that electric couple of minutes but Cena is now to his feet, albeit keeping his balance thanks to holding the apron. Angle is also up now, he too only up via hanging on to the barricade. Orton is now beginning to rise also, on his knees now as Angle is the first to roll back into the ring, recognising that he can only win the title inside the squared circle. Angle slowly gets back to his feet as Cena now crawls under the bottom ropes and inside the ring also as both he and Angle glare at one another and Angle appears to mouth, ‘You can’t beat me.’ Cena, out of breath then laughs a little before turning serious, stating, ‘I know I can, deep down, you know it too.’

The two men then slowly meet in the centre of the ring and trash talk each other a little more as Angle turns away for a moment and then LANDS A RIGHT HAND BUT CENA RETURNS THE FAVOUR!! It’s a fist fight taking place here now as Angle and Cena’s hatred for one another is evident and it’s Cena who appears to be coming out on top here, forcing Angle aback. Angle is forced back towards the ropes, Irish whip from Cena, Angle rebounds and ducks underneath Cena’s advances, he runs the ropes again and takes down Cena with a flying forearm!!

Cena is down as Angle roars in aggression, not for the first time this evening and Angle pulls the straps of his vest down!! The Wrestling Machine means business here!! Angle then looks at Cena intensely BEFORE LOCKING IN THE ANKLE LOCK!! Cena screams in agony as Angle wrenches the hold in here!! Will Cena tap??!

Angle has him dead centre of the ring as Cena graps out for the ropes, trying with every ounce of fight in him to squirm towards them but Angle breaks the hold?? Angle breaks it because he sees Randy Orton re-emerge!! Orton hops under the bottom rope and he jumps right on Angle taking him down and hammering him with right hands, ala Austin back in the day. The fans even cheer slightly for the Legend Killer here. Orton keeps up the right hands before bouncing off and picking Angle up, landing a European uppercut on the Wrestling Machine before a kick to the mid section, RKO!! NO!! Angle shoves Orton away, Angle charges, DDT!! DDT FROM ORTON, HE ROLLS ANGLE INTO THE COVER!!




NO!! ANGLE JUST ABOUT KICKS OUT!! Orton comes within a whisker of tasting gold again but Angle survives! Angle is down, Cena is down, JBL is still motionless on the fallen wreckage of the announce table as Orton has his head in his hands wondering what his next move shall be here. He decides to head after Cena and brings the current champion to his feet, driving his knee into Cena’s gut, again and again AND again as Cena is taking a pummelling now. Another uppercut now from Orton before an Irish whip, Cena comes back off the ropes, right into a fall away slam!! Cover again from Orton..



ANGLE BREAKS THE COUNT!! Angle crawls and launches himself on top of Orton, denying the Legend Killer again. Orton is quickly up and turns his attentions back on Angle, kicking him in the kidneys before bringing him to his feet, kick to the gut again from Orton before scooping Angle up and goes for a suplex, reversal by Angle, spins it round, ANGLE SLAM!! NO, ORTON SLIDES OUT THE BACK, ROLL UP!!





Shoulder up from Orton!! Nice sequence of moves there as both men come close to victory. The two men return to their feet almost at the same time and they both charge and TAKE EACH OTHER DOWN WITH CLOTHESLINES!! Both men are taken down as all four men are down and out once more, HOWEVER we begin to see the first signs of life from JBL now as he starts clawing out on the outside, trying to get to his knees. Cena is alos getting to his knees and he DOES now get to his feet, hanging up against the ropes and Cena targets Orton, bringing the Legend Killer to his feet and striking with a right hand. Cena keeps up with the rights as Orton falls backwards into the corner, Cena keeps up the offense as he hammers relentlessly at Orton before grabbing the back of Orton’s head and flying out of the corner with a one handed bulldog BUT ORTON SHOVES CENA AWAY!! CENA TURNS AROUND, RKO!! RKO TO CENA!!

Angle charges at the Legend Killer, swings for him, Orton ducks it, spins round, RKO TO ANGLE!! ANGLE AND CENA FALL VICTIM!! BUT JBL IS BACK INSIDE!! Somehow, someway Bradshaw returns and looks for a big boot, Orton ducks it, RKO ONCE AGAIN!! RKO TO JBL!! COVER BY ORTON…




The place goes pitch black as the crowd go absolutely insane as the infamous gong sounds around the HSBC Arena. A few moments pass and still nothing before……


Another gong strikes and the lights come back on, Orton is standing tall in the ring BUT THE UNDERTAKER IS BEHIND HIM!! ORTON TURNS AROUND AND SEES THE DEADMAN STARING RIGHT BACK AT HIM!! The man Orton defeated at Judgment Day, the man he ambushed with a steel chair is glaring a hole through him and Orton acts like he’s seen a ghost and gets the HELL OUT THE RING!! TAKER IS ON HIS TAIL THOUGH!! Orton sprints up the ramp, his title dreams going to pieces here as the Deadman tracks him down but can’t quite catch him. The crowd is in complete shock as a ‘Taker, Taker’ chant starts up.

Inside the ring, all three remaining competitors are left and all three are down currently after those RKO’s but all three are starting to move here as the crowd try to reinvest in this match. Angle is up first, Cena right behind him and the two men go at it again but JBL then strikes down Cena with a BIG BOOT!! Layfield gets his own back for that announce table fall and now he turns his attentions to Angle. Layfield and Angle do battle, trading rights before JBL grabs Angle’s arm, whips him into the turnbuckle with authority and Angle smashes back off of it, RIGHT INTO A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! Cover..




NO!! ANGLE KICKS OUT!! SOMEHOW ANGLE STAYS IN THIS!! JBL looks absolutely stunned as Angle surives and Bradshaw begins remonstrating with the referee who assures JBL it was a two count. JBL is horrified and picks Angle up, standing him up like a mannequin before running the ropes again, Angle completely groggy here, CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL AG…NO!! ANGLE DUCKS IT, CATCHES JBL FROM BEHIND, ANGLE SLAM!! ANGLE SLAM CONNECTS!! COVER..




NO!! JBL KICKS OUT NOW TO THE HORROR OF BUFFALO’S HSBC ARENA!! A look of pure shock comes across Angle’s face now as JBL somehow clings on in here. Angle then lets out a roar of anger this time before kicking the ropes and THEN HEADING FOR JBL’S ANKLE!! ANKLE LOCK IS LOCKED IN HERE!! JBL IS IN A WORLD OF TROUBLE!!

Angle continues roaring as the hold is locked in and JBL’s hand falls further and further down, he’s about an inch away BUT JOHN CENA SPINS ANGLE ROUND FROM BEHIND, FU!! FU TO ANGLE!! CENA’S GOT IT!! COVER..



ANGLE KICKS OUT!! HOW IN THE WORLD DID ANGLE KICK OUT?!? It’s Cena’s turn to look stunned now as Angle somehow survives and Cena looks on at the referee, holding out two fingers, questioning if it was really two but the referee simply nods. Cena sits up and we begin to wonder just what Cena has in mind as he goes for the leg of Angle and he applies an STF!! STF ON KURT ANGLE!! WILL CENA MAKE THE SUBMISSION EXPERT TAP OUT?!

Cena has the hold locked in for dear life as he clutches Angle’s face, while drving at the leg of Angle who holds his hand out for the ropes but he’s nowhere near them, his hand is struggling, his face turning a different shade now as Cena is gonna hang on, Angle’s close to fading, BAM!! CENA’S HEAD IS TAKEN OFF BY JBL!! JBL on practically one leg smashes Cena down with a kick to the back of the head, Layfield picks Cena up, boot to the gut, he runs the ropes, CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL, NO, CENA SCOOPS HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS, FU!! FU CONNECTS!! COVER!!





Winner and STILL WWE Champion: John Cena(25:29)

Cena’s hand is raised by the referee and his title belt given back to him as he looks absolutely exhausted here while we see Kurt Angle down, having tried to break the count but having failed and we see JBL in a lot of pain right now after taking that nasty FU.

Michael Cole: John Cena has done it!! John Cena is STILL the WWE Champion!! An incredible match up, an incredible performance, an incredible night for John Cena!!

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Big props to John Cena out there tonight, he took on three other guys, three of the absolute toughest guys on this Smackdown roster and he came out on top. Damn sure impressive from John Cena.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton came close but the SHOCKING return of THE UNDERTAKER, scuppered his chances. Kurt Angle came within moments of capturing the gold and JBL fought with everything he had but on this night there was only one winner, there was only one champion, there was only ONE…Great American!! Goodnight everybody!!!

We get a closing shot of Cena posing on the top turnbuckle to the fans, raising his title up high, a broad smile on his face having come through hell here tonight as the Buffalo fans stand to applaud
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Okay, let's get to this.

The Great American Bash Review

The opening package was well written. It got the points across well and really highlighted the important matches.

The opener was just as I expected. A great result for Hardy, and you made sure that Jordan didn't look weak AT ALL. Even though I was fully expecting a Hardy win, you did have me going for a bit that OJ might have stolen it again. But it was the right time for Hardy, and I am glad that he has the Title finally; and I believe we may only see one more match between these two, as Hardy has a feud with Carlito lined up it seems. All in all, a great feelgood opener.

A good interview with Orton here, and he was right in everything he said. Obviously the right thing in the fans eyes was not the same for him; only making the fans take a disliking to him even more.

The 6-Man Tag went on for a lot longer than I thought it would, and I am surprised that it got more time than the US Title Match, given the importance and build for each match; this one being much more of a lower card affair. But the one good thing about the longer time is that all 6 men were able to shine, but the best team won in the end.

The interaction between OJ and JBL was interesting here. Are we planting the seeds for a face turn and then a feud with Jibbles for Jordan? Would be a great way to push him up the card, and I will keep an eye out for that now.

Carlito winning was the obvious and right call to make here; he can pursue the US Title, and Booker and Rhyno are able to continue their feud. I was also surprised that this got less time than the 6 man tag also, as this was arguably the second biggest match on the card.

Kurt Angle's interview was good here. He was well in character and on point; and Cena is now the only one of the main event we haven't heard from.

I can tell you why you did so well with the Tag Team Title Match... it was because it actively annoys me that MNM are still champions and Rey and RVD have been screwed AGAIN. I think this isn't the end of the road for these teams against each other, but I think it very well could have been. I hope the masked assailant wasn't Melina, because if it is someone new; this feud stays interesting for a while longer, as Mysterio and Van Dam have another person to get revenge on. The match itself was well written and looked like it could have gone on for another five minutes.

Sooo... the seeds have been planted. As someone who doesn't like Matt Hardy that much, part of me hopes that Carlito completely buzzkills him and takes the gold off him at the first try; this could lead to Carlito saying how that he is better than Hardy because he didn't need more than one try.

Melina playing defensive here makes me think it was her, but once again, hoping it wasn't.

The easiest one to predict on the entire card... Lashley looks like a legit tank and I hope he moves up to someone much bigger than these two now, as I think there is no wasy Dupree and Suzuki can try and claim anything back off Bobby from here.

Van Dam understandably pissed off, and maybe we'll see some more disagreements between these two in the future? A great tag team, but I don't recall ever seeing anyone put these two against each other.

A great Cruiserweight Title Match, and this who triangle isn't over by a long shot. Is he Gregory Helms now or just an evil Hurricane?

Typical Cena interview, and you got across what you needed to.

A great Main Event, and as I have learnt writing multi man matches are hard, but an enjoyable challenge. The mentality of each man came across extremely well, and you captured Cena's entire personality with the line 'Cena decides that if he’s gonna go down, he’s gonna go down fighting'. You encapsulated the other three brilliantly as well. I thought the ganging up on Cena would last a little longer than it did, and bringing out the RKO so early was a nice way to make the match easier to manage. Each man had their period of dominance which was good to see. I have to say that the spots in this match were awesome, such as the mid air RKO to Layfield and then Jibbles going through the announce table too. Bringing Taker in was a clever way to keep Orton away from the finish; and I now expect to see Angle/Cena at Summerslam.

Overall a brilliant PPV, cp. I'm happy that I got most of the winners right, but the highlight for me was definitely the main event. I'll re read that a few times as I write my Six Pack Challenges. Anyway, keep it up, and looking forward to business as usual! Let the Road to Summerslam Commence!

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

The Great American Bash fall out!

The superstars are of Smackdown are now preparing to head towards the biggest party of the summer, Summerslam! Last night saw a controversial night in Buffalo at The Great American Bash as two championships changed hands along with a string of shocking twists and turns.

A huge talking point last night was what occurred during the WWE Championship match as The Undertaker made his return, appearing for the first time since Judgment Day when Randy Orton toppled the Deadman. The Demon of Death Valley certainly made it clear why he was back and who he was after as he targeted the Legend Killer, chasing after Orton who hightailed it out of the ring, through the crowd and with it lost his chance at taking home the gold. The current plan is to have Orton face the Deadman at Summerslam, possibly in a gimmick match. There were plans at one stage to put the title on Orton and then have Taker return to feud for the title they were later nixed as it was concluded that the title isn’t necessary in this heated rivalry.

Speaking of the WWE title, John Cena remains the man in possession as he came out on top in last night‘s Fatal 4 Way, pinning JBL for the third time in recent months and all but killing off the Wall Street Warrior’s future title hopes. The plan as of right now is for Cena to meet Kurt Angle in a HUGE Summerslam main event. Angle has for months made it clear he believes Cena’s avoided him and that Cena knows he simply can’t beat him. Well, at Summerslam that will most probably be put to the test in what is expected to be a major programme in both Cena’s title reign and future as a whole.

One of the titles that changed hands last night was the United States Championship as Matt Hardy claimed his first major singles title finally fighting off Orlando Jordan, giving the fans in Buffalo a real feel good moment to kick off the show. Hardy has impressed management ever since heading over to the blue brand and is scheduled for a lengthy reign with the title. His first feud is rumoured to be with Carlito who defeated both Booker T and Rhyno last nigh and the seeds were planted following that after a backstage altercation. However a rematch with Orlando Jordan hasn’t been ruled out either.

There is also a new Cruiserweight Champion in The Hurricane…or maybe not? Paul London was defeated last night for his title, however was it The Hurricane who won that match or was it infact Gregory Helms? For weeks, months even, Chavo Guerrero has been trying to convince, trying to persuade Hurricane that he can not be successful, that he cannot be taken seriously until he ditched the superhero routine and found the man underneath it all, one of the very best Cruiserweights in the world, Gregory Helms. Well last night, it appears Hurricane succumbed to Chavo’s ways as he grabbed a steel chair, brought into the ring by Chavo and smashed Paul London’s head off, walking out of the HSBC Arena with championship gold, celebrating alongisde the devilish Guerrero. Many people believe that Hurricane/Helms and Guerrero will form an alliance and look to dominate the Cruiserweight ranks on Friday nights moving forward. However there is also a rumour that this will simply be a three way feud between London, Chavo and Hurricane/Helms.

Another controversial incident last night came during the WWE Tag Team title match as MNM retained their gold thanks to…well thanks to a mystery assailant. Van Dam and Mysterio appeared set to take home the titles, however out of nowhere a masked assailant came through the crowd and intervened, helping MNM retain their gold. MNM were always pegged to win, the finish however was come up with late in the day to serve as a loophole in the stiuplation that Van Dam and Mysterio cannot receive another title opportunity if defeated. It IS expected that the high flying duo will use this to gain one more opportunity at Summerslam. As far as the masked assailant goes, we cannot confirm who it is at this time, Melina is the obvious candidate, however it has been pitched to us that this could be a blast from the past of either Van Dam or Mysterio.

The Booker T-Rhyno feud is one that WILL continue we can confirm. Whether or not the two men get a match on the card for Summerslam is currently up in the air and depends on how well the feud is received in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, the Mexicools feud with Chris Masters and the Pitbulls is done and dusted now, Masters and his men finally getting one over on the crazy Mexican trio however, the alliance between Masters, Kash and Noble has been received well and could continue moving forward. As far as the other match that occurred last night, Bobby Lashley was said to have impressed numerous people backstage and will get rewarded with a Summerslam match, against who however, we cannot confirm

Just wanted to get some news and rumours out there. Don’t believe them all by the way!! You know the dirt sheets. Really appreciate the review ThatWeirdGuy. As far as the predictions go, it was a tie between 619 and TWG. Of course I’ll review both of your next shows, anything else you‘d like, let me know. Moving forward with this, I am tempted to take a break, I don’t know what people would think regarding that but we’ll see. Some of the next Raw is written so who knows. Until then, thanks for reading and any more reviews would be welcomed!
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