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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 11/7/05- Phoenix, Arizona

The show opens with a highlights package stemming from last week. We see the opening to the show where Batista called out Eric Bischoff only to be met with Shawn Michaels who handed the Animal a letter stating that Bischoff wasn’t there tonight and that Michaels would be covering for him. Michaels’s depressed demeanour is evident as Batista pleads with Michaels not to keep going, not to keep adhering to the GM’s instructions, despite Michaels being personally under contract to the evil GM. Michaels however kept up his sorry state and simply left the ring, not looking like the HBK of old after announcing that per order of Eric Bischoff, Batista would face all four members of the Arabian Entity in a 4-on-1 Handicap match. We then see Shawn Michaels leave the arena later on in the show, still refusing to comment on his whole situation. The package then heads to the main event and Batista facing the Entity. With Tista cleaning house, the titantron then flashes and Eric Bischoff appears, seemingly in the arena’s car park. Low and behold, Bischoff reveals he is at the arena and that Batista should come and get a piece of him like he so badly wants to do. The Animal does just that and heads after the boss only to be met with a blast of fire on the ramp as out steps Kane. We then see the resulting assault from the Big Red Machine, finishing off with a devastating choke slam off the stage leaving the World champ needing medical attention and a closing shot of a smirking Eric Bischoff and Kane.

We then head to the opening video and pyro

Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentleman to a HUGE edition of Monday Night Raw! I’m Jim Ross, joined by my broadcast colleague Jonathan Coachman and Coach, what a night we have in store for everybody here in Phoenix tonight!

The Coach: Absolutely J.R. Tonight, live on Raw, the Big Red Machine, the man who decimated Batista last week and the man who becomes World Champion at Summerslam, Kane will be in action as he takes on Y2J, Chris Jericho in our main event.

Jim Ross: A real slobber knocker that should be right there. Kane looking unstoppable of late, while Chris Jericho is on a roll right now as well. Also tonight the Nature Boy returns to action for the first time since Vengeance and he’s gonna be in for a hell of a test as he takes on ‘The Protégé’ Mark Jindrak.

The Coach: That ain’t just a hell of a test J.R, that could well be the ultimate test for Flair tonight. Jindrak is on a roll and if he could knock off Ric Flair tonight, it’d be a huge step forward for this young kid.

‘Just Close Your Eyes’

The music of Christian hits and out comes Captain Charisma, dressed casually and accompanied by Problem Solver, Tomko.

Jim Ross: But we are kicking things off folks wit…

The Coach: With the greatest talk show in history J.R!! The Peep Show!! Hosted by the greatest superstar to grace Monday Night Raw and by the man who will end Ric Flair’s career at Summerslam, my man, Captain Charisma, Christian!!

Jim Ross: Indeed the return of the Peep Show to kick off Raw here in Phoenix tonight and it was made official two weeks ago, Christian and Ric Flair got into a very heated, very tense, very emotional confrontation in which the end of resulted in a blockbuster announcement of Christian taking on the Nature Boy at Summerslam with Flair’s career hanging in the balance.

The Coach: Naitch’s career’s gone already in my book J.R. Christian proved his dominance at Vengeance and he’s gonna prove it again at Summerslam, ain’t a snowball’s chance in hell that Ric Flair is still a Monday Night Raw superstar after August 19th. The torch will officially be passed.

Jim Ross: Well I’ll never know why you believe that, especially after Ric Flair should’ve beaten Christian at Vengeance but nevertheless a real interesting situation right here tonight as Christian’s gueet on the Peep Show tonight will be none other than Ric Flair’s old Horseman buddy, Arn Anderson!!

Christian now has a mic in hand with the crowd booing Captain Charisma very strongly here.

Christian: Phoenix, Arizona, just how excited are you all feelin’ here tonight being in the presence of a real all time great, an absolute living legend in the business and no, no before you all start jumping to conclusions, I’m not talkin’ about Ric Flair bein’ here tonight and I‘m not talkin‘ about my guest here on the Peep Show tonight either.

Nice pop for the mention of Flair with a few ‘Woooos’

Christian: I am of course talkin’ about the man who will END Ric Flair’s career at Summerslam, I’m talkin’ about Captain Charisma, I’m talkin’ about ME.

HUGE heat already for the Peep Show host as he lets out a smirk.

Christian: Because make no mistake about it, I am soon to be all of those things I just mentioned. I am going to go down in history as an all time great, whether you like it or not. I am going to go down as a legend in this business, nothing and nobody can stop that. And come August 19th in Washington D.C, a fitting venue because in the nation’s capital, I am going to end the career of a national sweetheart. I am going to end the career…..of Ric Flair.

More heat again as Christian seems to be relentless here tonight in verbally playing himself up.

Christian: Hey, I already beat Flair at Vengeance but that? That was just a small preview, a very small glimpse of what’s in store for the Nature Boy at Summerslam. And y’know what the funny thing in all this is? It’s that Flair himself is the one who’s asked for it.

Christian nods as the crowd quieten downs slightly.

Christian: Me? I was done with Flair after Vengeance. To me, it was all over with, I won at Vengeance, the torch was passed, I beat ‘the man’ so to speak, I beat him one on one in the middle of this ring, what else was there left for me to do with him? But then, then two weeks ago, Ric Flair did something I never thought, I never dreamed he would do. See I’ve been waiting for a long time now, hoping, praying that Ric Flair amongst many others back there would realise their time in this business is over with. Lets face it, Flair’s time in this business, really and truly, it was over with ten years ago.

Heat once more.

Christian: Ten years ago Flair should’ve called it a day and those years that have passed since then have seen Flair get in the way, they’ve seen Flair time and time again get in the paths of people like me. Ric Flair has been stealing the spotlight from guys like me because he just can’t face the facts. He can’t face the facts that despite the fact he is a Sixteen time World Champion and that he is regarded as one of, if not the very best of all time, it really… it really just doesn’t matter.

Christian pauses.

Christian: It doesn’t matter a dime to me, it doesn’t matter a dime to anybody else around here because wrestling, well wrestling is a revolving door. People come and then they go, out with the old, in with the new but there’s always, god damn it, there is ALWAYS an excpetion to the rule isn’t there? And one of those exceptions is your much loved Ric Flair.

Christian sighs, clearly frustrated.

Christian: Flair has refused to let go. He’s livin’ off his past, he’s livin’ off the fact that once upon a time he was considered the very best. Newsflash for all of you and newsflash for Ric Flair, that ship has long set sail and Ric, now? Now you are no longer considered the best, no, all you are considered to be Ric, is nothing more than a washed up, selfish, desperate, old man.

Big heat again for CC.

Christian: I firmly believe that, which is why it came as such a surprise to me, why it came as such a huge shock to me when Flair made the challenge for Summerslam. He agreed that at Summerslam, if I can beat him again, he will at long, long last walk out the door and off into the sunset, never to be seen again.

Boos for the thought of Flair retiring.

Christian: For Ric Flair to do that, it means that something...something must’ve changed in his mindset. It means that something must’ve finally gotten to him and then y’know myself and Tomko here, we were talkin’ and it-it just clicked. That something that has finally gotten to him, that something is someone and that someone? Well you’re lookin’ at him.

Christian smiles a little.

Christian: I did the same thing leading up to Vengeance, I got inside Flair’s head, I got under his skin and when Vengeance rolled around, it showed. I outsmarted, I outwitted, I outdid the Nature Boy in every single way possible and now? Now yet again, Flair’s fallen for it and at Summerslam comes the final curtain in Ric Flair’s long career.

Heat again.

Christian: Which brings me to tonight and which brings me on to my guest right here on the Peep Show. My guest is somebody who knows Ric Flair inside out, he knows Ric Flair better than anybody, he too is considered to be a true great in this business. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome, ol’ ‘Double A’ himself, Mr. Arn Anderson!!

‘Wild Horses’

The music of Anderson hits and out steps Double A to a fairly strong pop, however he’s not too pleased as he looks on sternly at Christian and Tomko inside the ring.

Jim Ross: How great is it to have Arn Anderson here tonight Coach? Anderson a member of the Four Horseman, possibly the greatest foursome of all time in the business alongside Ric Flair. Anderson, a former WWE Tag Team Champion, a five time WCW Tag Team Champion. He has made a huge mark on this business and tonight, he’s gonna give us an insight we hope into what Ric Flair is thinking ahead of his confrontation with Christian come Summerslam.

The Coach: Absolutely J.R, I can’t wait to hear this one. Is the Enforcer gonna give us the straight up truth about Flair here or is he gonna shy away from the facts that his friend, his buddy’s career’s comin’ to an end in about a month’s time?

Jim Ross: I highly doubt we’ll hear anything other than the truth from Arn Anderson here tonight Coach.

Anderson grabs a mic from Lilian Garcia with the crowd still cheering as Christian sarcastically applauds.

Christian: Arn, great to have you here, it really is and y’know I’m not gonna waste any time, so let’s get right down to it. I wanna know Arn, what is it that’s made Ric Flair stick around for so long now? What is it that keeps him goin’, that fuels him, that motivates him? What is it that makes him just so damn scared to fade into the background, to allow others an opportunity?

Arn Anderson: Before I answer any of your questions son, I suggest you show me and you show Ric Flair some respect.

Nice pop as Christian sblacks.

Arn Anderson: Ric Flair deserves better than a piece of trash like you, spittin’ all over his legacy. Ric may have been around a long time but when you’re as good as the Nature Boy is, age don’t mean a dime Christian. Ric Flair could teach just about everybody in the back there a lesson inside this ring, including you kid.

Very nice pop for AA.

Christian: Arn, you wanna talk about respect? How about you try showin’ me, your host a little bit of respect huh? I invited you here tonight to ask the questions, to get to the bottom of a few little issues so you better start talkin’, before me and Tomko here do to you what we did to Flair at Vengeance.


Christian: So.. where were we? Oh yeah, that’s right. Arn, I wanna, no wait scratch that. I need to know the answers Arn. What’s made him stick around? What’s motivating him? Why is he so scared to fade away? Why won’t he allow people like me to shine? C’mon Arn, fill me in here. I’m dyin’ to know.

Christian puts his hands on his hips as Anderson takes a second.

Arn Anderson: What makes Ric Flair stick around huh? You really need me to tell ya that? Ric Flair is the most determined, motivated, passionate guy I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowin’ and it’s that determination, that motivation, that very passion to step inside this ring, night after night, week after week that makes him stick around Christian.


Arn Anderson: There ain’t nothing that Ric’s scared of, believe me. Ric ain’t scared of fadin’ away, Ric ain’t tryin’ to take your spot kid, he ain’t tryin’ to take other people’s spotlight. All Ric wants is to give these people his all, to give these people what they want and they still want Ric Flair. Phoenix, am I right, do y’all still want Ric Flair?

BIG pop greets that.

Arn Anderson: Christian, Ric knows that certain people don’t see it that way, you don’t see it that way I know. But ya better believe me, Ric Flair is still here, not for himself, but for all these people who still love to see him stylin’ and profiling, who still love to see him lockin’ in that Figure Four, who still love to see him letting’ out that trademark ‘WOOO’. Ric sti….

Christian: OK ENOUGH, enough of that crap Arn. Everything you just said was a complete and utter lie and I know that deep down Arn, you know I’m right.

Anderson shakes his head.

Christian: Oh yeah, it’s true. I know why Ric’s still here Arn and it’s got absolutely NOTHING to do with these people. They come here and they cheer him, they chant his name, they get on their feet for Ric Flair but he gives them… he gives them absolutely nothing in return.

Heat once more for CC.

Christian: He never has and he never will. Ric Flair is still here for several reasons Arn but you failed to bring any of ‘em up. First off, Ric Flair is still here because, well it’s fairly obvious, because he can’t wait to get his big, fat paycheque starin’ right at him.

A ‘You Suck’ chant is building now as the fans are shitting on Christian.

Christian: Flair’s always been about the money, the women, the cars, the lifestyle itself and that right there is reason number two why your little buddy sticks around Arn. He sticks around because of the fame, because of the attention. He needs to walk down the street and he needs every single person to come up to him and say, ‘Wow, you’re Ric Flair, I saw your match with Christian last week, you were great’. He can’t bare the thought of walkin’ down the street back home in Charlotte, only for a middle aged man to stop him and say ‘Ric, you were so great back in WCW, I remember your match in 1995 against…’ and THAT RIGHT THERE SCARES THE CRAP…outta Ric… Flair.

The boos are huge.

Christian: He needs to feel the love, he needs to remain in the spotlight, he needs to feel relevant Arn and you know that as much as I do right?

Anderson hangs his head a little.

Christian: So as his friend Arn, as somebody who knows Ric Flair like the back of his hand, I wanna know why? I wanna know exactly why he’s agreed to this match at Summerslam? Cos the Ric Flair I know wouldn’t have done that. The Ric Flair we all know wouldn’t have done that.

Arn Anderson: Y’know before comin’ here tonight and before standin’ face to face with you Christian, I couldn’t have given ya an answer. I thought that Ric was crazy, I thought he was a fool for agreein’ to this but Ric’s told me since that he took this match because he cannot stand the sight of ya Christian. He can’t bare to look at ya, he can’t bare watchin’ you walkin’ around like ya own this place. Ric Flair HATES you Christian and it’s beatin’ him up that ya got one over on him. It is eatin’ him alive that a PIECE OF CRAP like you mighta got the last laugh on him.

Big time pop for a fired up Arn.

Arn Anderson: And he knew, he knew damn well that you weren’t gonna give him that rematch unless he upped the ante, oh no. So that’s exactly what he did kid and despite the reasons he gave me, I still…I still thought he was crazy, I thought maybe it was catchin’ up with him a lil’ bit now, losin’ his freakin’ mind puttin’ his career on the line like that, but now? Now after comin’ here and goin’ face to face with you? I agree one hundred and ten percent with Ric’s choice, I understand full well just why Ric Flair needs to do this, why he’s put it all on the line and believe me, at Summerslam, it’s gonna be worth it, cos Ric Flair is gonna teach you the lesson that ya freakin’ deserve Christian.

Another nice pop.

Christian: You know something Arn? I don’t even care, no really, I don’t care why Flair’s agreed to this. I’ve got exactly what I want now and I was never gonna get that by goin’ down the good guy route was I? The only way I coulda got this match was by getting inside the head of Flair, by makin’ him hate the very sight of me and by what you just said, it appears as though it’s mission accomplished.

Christian smirks before continuing.

Christian: But y’know, I can’t help but feel as though Ric Flair already hates me, we all know that. He hated me heading into Vengeance and that hate? Well that hate just isn’t gonna go away, but come Summerslam I need ….I need to fuel Ric Flair’s hate, I need to further Ric Flair’s hate towards me and well there’s not a whole lot left I can do to achieve that. BUT there is something I can do. There is something I can do that’s gonna make Ric Flair hate me even more, to make me hold even more of an advantage come Summerslam. You wanna know what that is Arn?

Arn Anderson: Yeah sure. C’mon, what’s it gonna be Christian? What the hell do you think there is left that you can do to make Ric hate ya even more huh? Cos believe me there ain’t NOTHIN’ you ca…

BAM!! Christian nails Anderson with a microphone!! Christian begins assaulting the Enforcer alongside Tomko as the duo get insane heat here.


The Coach: Ha ha!! What more can Christian do for Ric Flair to hate him? That right there’s your answer J.R.

Christian continues the assault as he asks for Tomko to pick Anderson up. Tomko proceeds as Christian grabs Anderson from behind and NAILS Double A with a thunderous Unprettier!! The crowd shits all over Captain Charisma who picks up a microphone again.

Christian: You uh…you still wanna know what it is Arn? Wanna know what can make Ric Flair hate me even more? I think you just found out the hard way, what that answer is. Your buddy Ric is gonna want me DEAD by the time Summerslam comes round and that? That’s exactly what I want because it’ll make it all the more memorable, all the more sweet for me when I kill….. his career… at Summerslam.

Christian then drops the mic onto Anderson who is lying motionless before CC smirks and he and Tomko leave to deafening heat.

Jim Ross: Absolutely SICKENING attack from Christian. Arn Anderson need some help out here damn it!

The Coach: Where’s his buddy Flair or is he runnin’ scared from Captain Charisma still?

Jim Ross: Oh c’mon Coach. Ric Flair might not even be in the damn arena yet, let alone know what’s just happened to Arn Anderson. DISGUSTING from Christian and from Tomko and I hope to god, Ric Flair makes ‘em, makes #em pay for this!!

We get a shot of medics and officials rushing down to the ring, tending to a stricken Arn Anderson who hasn’t really moved since Christian’s attack. The camera then shows a grinning Christian backing up the ramp, along with Tomko as they look back at the damage they’ve done here tonight.


We return and head straight backstage where we see the Nature Boy, Ric Flair suited and booted walking from the car park into the arena. Flair is smiling and joking with someone on the phone as Flair laughs once more before saying ‘See ya later’ and continues on walking. Flair’s face then drops though as we see several officials/trainers holding Arn Anderson up as the Enforcer winces in pain, clearly not wanting any help but realising he needs it. Flair immediately rushes to his friend.

Ric Flair: HEY!! ARN, ARN!! What the hell happened to ya? Are you alright?

Arn Anderson: What do ya think happened Ric? That little punk ass Christian is what happened. Piece of dirt caught me off guard.

Ric Flair: DAMN IT!! Arn I ‘m sorry man, I’m sorry I wasn’t here sooner, I got held up at the hotel. I KNEW I should’ve been here for it. That son of a bitch is DEAD, you hear me Arn? I promise ya man, I promise ya, he ain’t leavin’ Phoenix by his own account tonight, he’s leavin’ on a GOD DAMN STRETCHER!!

Nice pop for that.

Arn Anderson: Ric, Ric, calm down, alright, you got a match tonight man. You got a match with one tough kid in Mark Jindrak, do me a favour and focus on that would ya? You go runnin’ round here all crazy chasin’ Christian, he wins. That’s what he wants Ric, you’re playin’ right into his hands. I’m a big boy Ric, I can take care o’ a few bumps and bruises. You got more important things to worry about than me right now.

Flair looks up to the heavens, set to explode it would appear.

Ric Flair: Arn, listen to me. I do…not…care. I DON’T CARE whether it’s what Christian wants or doesn’t want. I don’t care whether it means Christian wins or whether Christian loses. All I care about is getting PAYBACK. NOBODY does this to Arn Anderson, NOBODY does this TO A HORSEMAN!! And NOBODY does this to one of my best DAMN FRIENDS!! I WILL get my hands on him, whether ya like it or not Arn and when I’m all’s said and done, the last laugh tonight is gonna be ours, I promise ya Arn, I promise ya.

Flair pats Anderson on the back as Anderson nods, acknowledging Flair’s statement before being helped along once again by the medics/officials as Flair mouths ‘Damn it’ once more before heading off.

The camera then pans and we head elsewhere backstage to join Todd Grisham who’s ready to talk to us.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, joining me at this time, please welcome the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

The duo appear into shot, met with a nice pop from the Phoenix crowd. Haas is dressed to compete with Benjamin casually dressed tonight.

Todd Grisham: Guys, last week saw a small mishap occur during Shelton’s match up with Edge as Charlie, you accidently cost Shelton the victory. Seven days on from that, Shelton if I could ask you first, how are you feeling following what went down on Raw last week?

Shelton Benjamin
: It’s water under the bridge Todd as far as I’m concerned. Last week I put up a heck of a fight with Edge and yeah, maybe I coulda won it but it wasn’t my night. Charlie made a mistake but we all make ‘em.

Todd Grisham: But what about the fact that a lot of people were saying last week was your chance Shelton? A lot of people were saying that last week was your chance to stake a claim once again for the Intercontinetal title?

Shelton Benjamin: It was a chance sure but it ain’t gonna be the last chance I get Todd. Muhammad Hassan’s gotten away wit’ too much for too long now and believe me, his luck’s gonna run out soon enough and before ya know it, Shelton Benjamin’s gonna be the Intercontinental Champion once again.

Decent little pop there.

Todd Grisham: And Charlie if I could ask you the same thing. How are you feeling now one week on from what transpired last week?

Charlie Haas: Obviously I’m disappointed with what happened last week. I made a mistake, I’ve held my hands up and apologised but like Shelton said, mistakes happen. As nice as it woulda been for Shelton to beat Edge last week, Edge isn’t our concern, our concern is Shelton winning the Intercontinental title and the World’s Greatest Tag Team winning the World Tag Team titles.

Nice pop again.

Charlie Haas: And Shelton, ya know I’ve been meanin’ to talk to ya about last week. I spoke with the Dudley Boyz and they told me that we’re a million miles off of getting a shot at them, can you believe that? They think you don’t want those titles. They think you’e too focused on the Intercontinental title. I told ‘em they were talkin’ outta their asses but they didn…

Shelton Benjamin: Charlie, look as much as you’re gonna hate me sayin’ this, they’re right.

Haas looks really disappointed now.

Shelton Benjamin: Look, right now just isn’t the time for us to be chasin’ those titles. We gotta get the Intercontinental title back from Hassan man, and we gotta start here tonight when you beat him in the middle of that ring. You do that and you prove to him, prove to the Entity and prove to the WORLD why the World’s Greatest Tag Team deserve that Intercontinental title.

Small pop as Haas appears frustrated.

Charlie Haas: You…you’re right. I gotta go out there and get you back in contention tonight man. The sooner you get that Intercontiental title, the sooner we get our hands on the Tag Team titles right?

Haas lets out a small smirk now.

Shelton Benjamin: Exactly.(Benjamin now turns to Grisham and points at he and Haas) Todd, this is what you call a team, this is what you call partners and this is soon to be the gold standard here in the WWE.

Benjamin smiles and pats Haas on the back who follows Shelton but not quite so enthusiastically as Todd Grisham lets off a cheesy smile also and we head back ringside to hear

‘I am Perfection’

The music of the young tag team ‘Platform to Perfection, Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth who cockily strut down the ramp, baring arrogant grins whilst the fans boo the youngsters who are all set for action.

Jim Ross: Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth made their Monday Night Raw debuts a couple weeks back, defeating the team of Val Venis and Viscera, two of the more experienced superstars here in the WWE but last week was perhaps the making of these two young men as they defeated the World Tag Team Champions, The Dudleyz, albeit thanks to a little bit of help from Sonjay Dutt and Daivari.

The Coach: It doesn’t matter how. All that matters is the history books and right now they state that Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth DEFEATED The Dudley Boyz last week. These kids are perfection personified J.R and it’s only a matter of time before they hold some gold around here.

‘Whips and Chains’

Out next to a pretty nothing reaction as ever in all honesty is Doug and Danny, the Basham Brothers who look on intently at the young duo already inside the ring and taunting the crowd as well as their opponents.

Jim Ross: Well the Bashams fell short at Vengeance in capturing Tag team gold BUT they believe they’ve yet to receive their rightful two on two shot against the Dudleyz and tonight’s a real opportunity for them to prove it.

The Coach: Absolutely cowboy. These two are two tough S.O.Bs and they hold the experience card tonight. It ain’t gonna be easy for Doane and Nemeth. Both these two teams deserve a shot at the Tubby boys.

Jim Ross: The what?

The Coach: You heard me.

Match One: Tag Team Match

Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth vs. The Basham Brothers

It’s Doane who decides to kick this one off along with Doug Basham and the two men battle fairly evenly in the early exchanges, locking up in the centre of the ring, trying to manoeuvre a way around one another but failing to do so and in the end it’s Doane who takes the advantage as he scores a hiptoss to take down his opponent. Dykstra then locks Doug into a front chinlock, wrenching the hold in on the more experienced Basham who squeals in pain.

Doane really locks the grip in as Doug grasps out for something, anything in the hope of breaking away from the cocky youngster but this just encourages Doane to cinch the hold in all the more. Doug begins to get onto one knee however, still reaching out and Doane’s grip slowly begins to fade as Doug delivers an elbow to the mid section, almost breaking away. Another elbow from Doug, followed by another and the hold is broken as Doug now charges at Doane but Doane ducks it, Doug spins round, Doane delivers a right hand but Doug retaliates and the two rade blows with Doug winning the battle and the fans take his side in this one.
Doug batters Doane towards the corner, forcing him right up against the turnbuckle as he continues with right hands before a big swing…and a miss!!

Doane switches positions and he now begins to unload on Doug with a series of kicks to the mid section before grabbing the arm of Doug and pulling him intowards him before taking him down with a big clothesline. Doane then poses for the crowd who boo the cocky youngster before he drags Doug towards their corner and tags in Nemeth for the first time. Doane holds Doug’s arm up before yanking it down as Nemeth comes in and smashes Doug with a big kick to the mid section followed by an Irish whip. Doug rebounds and Nemeth takes him down with a beautiful fall away slam! Cover from Nemeth, kick out at two from Doug as the cocky blonde demands a faster count.

Nemeth scoops Doug up to his feet, nailing a right hand before another Irish whip, this time in towards the turnbuckle and Doug slams off hard as Nemeth comes charging but Doug sees him coming and dodges it!! Nemeth eats the turnbuckle as Doug rolls him up from behind!! 1..2..kick out from Nemeth in the nick of time!! Doug now senses an opportunity and brings Nemeth to his feet, delivering a big kick to the gut before nailing Nemeth with several more knees to the stomach before Doug scoops Nemeth up and delivers a beautiful delayed suplex with Nemeth crashing down hard!! Cover once again!! 1..2..shoulder up from Nemeth as Doug scratches his head before heading over towards his partner and tagging in Danny Basham.

Danny is right in where his partner left off and begins to hammer the fallen Nemeth with kicks to the chest before scooping Nemeth up and delivering a couple of strong forearms before an Irish whip, reversed by Nemeth, Danny hangs onto the ropes though as Nemeth charges and takes Danny over the top to the outside with a strong clothesline!! Danny lands hard to several ooohs from the crowd as Nemeth brushes his hair back before smirking at the sight of Danny down and out, as Doug encourages him from the apron.

Nemeth heads to the outside, shouting abuse at Danny before winking at Doug on the outside as he picks Danny up and Danny meets him with a right hand! The fans pop, more out of surprise than anything as Danny levels the Perfectionist with a strong right taking him off his game and Danny swings another right, knocking Nemeth back before Danny whips Nemeth into the announce table!! Nemeth’s shoulder smashes off the announce table as the fans cheer for the Basham’s, something they’re not accustomed to. Danny then stomps the back of Nemeth’s head before picking him up and tossing him back inside the ring. Danny follows and goes for a cover, 1..kick out at one from Nemeth however.

Danny scoops Nemeth up once more before tagging Doug again and Doug lays into Nemeth with fast right hands before several more fast kicks to the mid section as he sets Nemeth up for a neck breaker but Nemeth counters and shoves Doug off of him, Doug stumbles forward and Nemeth catches him from behind, Reverse DDT connects!! Nemeth crawls into the cover, 1..2..shoulder up from Doug as Nemeth yells ‘NO!’ before slamming the mat in frustration. Nemeth grabs the back of Doug’s neck, bringing him to his feet before taking him over towards his corner and once again tagging in Doane. Nemeth stays in the ring however and the two whip Doug across the ring before both kick the more experienced opponent in the mid section and deliver a Double snap suplex!! Cover by Doane, 1..2..Danny breaks it up and now he and Nemeth begin laying in to one another!!

Danny really takes it to Nemeth but he’s caught from behind by Doane!! The numbers game begins to take its toll now as Doane and Nemeth begin to hammer away with kicks to the fallen Danny as the crowd boo the duo’s antics. Doug though is slowly beginning to stir and Doane senses that as he now heads over to Doug who catches Doane with an Inside Cradle!! 1..2..NEMETH BREAKS IT UP!! The referee tries to send Nemeth away but he’s having none of it as he scoops Doug up and nails him with a forearm before a kick to the mid section, Zig Zag!! Zig Zag connects as Ken Doane is now heading up to the top rope, he’s gonna fly!! BUT WAIT!! DOANE IS SHOVED OFF THE TOP ROPE BY DAIVARI!!?!

We then see Danny Basham being assaulted on the outside by Sonjay Dutt and the Entity are making their presence felt here!! The referee calls for the bell as Nemeth heads after Daivari on the outside and Daivari drops Nemeth with a HUGE dropkick!! On the opposite side, Sonjay Dutt nails Danny Basham with a thunderous jumping DDT as the crowd ooooh at the impact and the referee has called for the bell here with all four competitors down

Winners: No contest(7:18)

Jim Ross: Oh the damn Entity getting involved AGAIN here tonight! Is anybody gonna get to stake their claim for the tag team titles without these two opportunists getting involved?

The Entity continue their ambush, stomping away at any of the four men within sight but as the crowd boo them, those boos suddenly turn to cheers as we see the Dudley Boyz storm down to the ring!! The Dudleyz are headed Dutt and Daivari’s way but the Entity see them coming and get out of harm’s way darting through the crowd, leaving Bubba and D-Von inside the ring, staring at their fallen rivals on the outside as well as the on looking duo of Dutt and Daivari.

Jim Ross: The Dudley Boyz saving their rivals here tonight! I did NOT expect to be saying that here anytime soon!

The Coach: They weren’t savin’ anybody J.R. All they’re out here for is to try and get their hands on Sonjay Dutt and Daivari but it ain’t happenin’ and it ain’t happenin’ cos these two guys are too cool, too smart for Bubba and D-Von. Keep tryin’ boys, keep on tryin’.

Jim Ross: Well it would appear that we are still NO closer to finding out just who the Dudleyz next opponents will be though Coach. Three teams in the hunt, place your wager folks.

The Coach: It don’t look like we are J.R. All these three teams are doin’ is tryin’ to prove themselves, tryin’ to impress, tryin’ to earn their shot and I say why not give it to all three of ‘em. As long as the Dudleyz ain’t holdin’ the gold, Coach is a happy camper.

We see the Dudleyz and the Entity members staring each other down as the Basham’s regroup on the outside as do the Platform to Perfection who glare at the Dudleyz who stare right back at the young duo.


We cut backstage on our return to see Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth walking down the hall when Maria bursts onto the scene, set to interrogate the young tag team.

Maria: Ken, Nick, hi!! You remain undefeated since debuting on Raw but you just got badly attacked by the Arabian Entity tonight. How are you guys feelin’ after what just went down?

Ken Doane: Jealousy’s a powerful tool Maria and what you just saw out there was exactly that. We’ve beaten Val Venis and Viscera already.

Nick Nemeth: Walk in the park.

Ken Doane: We’ve beaten the Dudley Boyz already. The World…Tag Team..Champions, yet we wiped the floor with them.

Nick Nemeth: Piece of cake.

Ken Doane: And tonight we were about a minute away from adding the Basham Brothers to that list.

Nick Nemeth: No sweat.

Nemeth’s cocky little approach sees Doane stare a hole through him.

Ken Doane: None of the three teams you saw out there trying to one up us is even capable of lacing up our boots. Three teams already on our list and well there’s still one more to go, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari.

Nemeth now nods, looking a little more serious.

Ken Doane: Those two guys wanna get in our way? Go ahead and try but when we come face to face, when we go head to head, there is only ever….gonna be one team walkin’ out victorious.

Nick Nemeth: Maria, look at me.

Maria does so.

Nick Nemeth: Now look at Ken.

Again Maria does so.

Nick Nemeth: What you see standing in front of your own two eyes is the single most athletically gifted tag team in all of the WWE and what you see is two superstars who yeah, they may be young, who yeah, may be cocky but who can DAMN sure back it up in that ring and y’know why?

Maria: Why??

Maria asks ditzily back.

Nick Nemeth: Rhetorical questions aren’t your friend now are they sweet cheeks? We can back it up because quite simply Maria, we are perfect, we are the very personification…of perfection.

Ken Doane: And if the Basham’s, if the Entity or even if the Dudleyz wanna try and find out a little bit more what it’s really like to be perfect? Well they can find out the hard way, cos we won’t hesitate providing them with that platform.

Doane then pats Nemeth’s chest and says ‘C’mon’ to Nemeth as the duo leave, smirking as ever and we head back ringside.

Jim Ross: Certainly impressing inside the ring but Coach outside of it is a whole different story. The arrogance of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth is on a whole different level.

The Coach: I love it. You can’t not like the attitude of these guys. They are too good in the ring, too good in every aspect of life J.R and they know it! What’s wrong with havin’ that kinda confidence when they can damn sure back it up baby?


It’s the theme music of the World’s Greatest Tag Team that hits to a decent pop as out step Charlie Haas, set for action, alongside his partner Shelton Benjamin.

Jim Ross: Well I think it is wrong to be so damn arrogant, whether you’re talented or not Coach and speaking of talented, both Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin are exactly that and tonight Charlie Haas will be looking to stake a claim for he, for Shelton Benjamin and for the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

The Coach: Hey, call me crazy J.R but I don’t think Charlie Haas is lookin’ to make a statement for Shelton Benjamin tonight. I think he’s lookin’ to make a statement for himself tonight and I don’t blame him. Shelton Benjamin’s draggin’ Charlie down right now in my book old timer.

‘Arab America’

It’s the Arabian Entity’s music that hits next to instant heat as out step only the Intercontinental champion Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali with Sonjay Dutt and Daivari seemingly absent following their appearance earlier on tonight.

Jim Ross: Well the Entity appeared to have moved away, Muhammad Hassan had appeared to have moved away from Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas but clearly they have yet to do enough to succeed in doing just that. Muhammad Hassan has still yet to defeat Shelton Benjamin without a helping’ hand from his damn cronies and in my mind, until he does so, he’s gonna have these two breathin’ down his neck.

The Coach: By hook or by crook, it shouldn’t matter J.R. Fact of the matter is, Hassan beat Shelton TWICE when the gold is on the line and in my mind and I know in his mind, that should mean the end of this thing. Hopefully and I sincerely mean this, hopefully Hassan puts these two outta their misery here tonight and finishes them off for good.

Match Two: Singles Match

Muhammad Hassan w/The Great Khali vs. Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin

Haas tries to pump himself up before the match, slapping his face gently as Hassan fiddles with his wrists and the two men stare down one another. The pair then locked up in the middle of the ring before Haas applies a side headlock, looking to take it to the Intercontinental champion in the early goings as he shoves Hassan off and into the ropes before taking Hassan down with a nice shoulder block. Early cover, kick out at one.

Haas claws Hassan up, grabbing his left arm before yanking and twisting away at it before whipping Hassan across the ring once more, taking him down with a beautiful arm drag. Haas is building some solid momentum now as he delivers a couple of stomps to the back of Hassan’s head before again bringing him to his feet. Haas positions Hassan up against the turnbuckle, delivering several kicks to the mid section before moving slowly away from his opponent, taking a run up and delivering a big time running clothesline to Hassan, knocking all the wind out of him!!

Hassan stumbles out of the corner as the fans cheer Haas’ good start and as Haas again charges at his opponent, he’s caught from out of nowhere with a thunderous clothesline from Hassan!! The roles are reversed from moments earlier as Hassan finds something from somewhere to catch Haas as he now regroups, clinging on to the ropes, holding his chest with Haas down on the mat.

Hassan picks Haas back up again moments later driving a knee into the mid section followed by another as the crowd boo the Entity’s leader. Hassan then delivers a perfectly executed swinging neck breaker that takes Haas down!! Cover from Hassan, 1..2..shoulder up from the WGTT member as Shelton Benjamin breathes a sigh of relief for his partner, encouraging him on the outside. Hassan sees Benjamin’s look of concern and heads over to his side of the ring, smiling mischievously at his recent rival as Benjamin gives a death glare right back at him. Hassan then heads back over to Haas and brings him to his feet, delivering a right hand before an Irish whip sends Haas towards the turnbuckle. Hassan charges but Haas scoops him up and over the top rope!! Hassan lands on the apron though and spins Haas round, right hand, NO! Haas blocks it and nails Hassan with a right hand that sends the I.C. Champion flying down to the outside!!

The fans let out a solid pop for that as Haas regroups before heading to the outside after his fallen opponent, giving the giant Khali a look as he steps through the ropes. Haas picks Hassan up by the back of the neck before smashing him headfirst against the ring post!! Hassan’s skull rebounds menacingly off the steel as Haas then whips the Arab American into the barricade!! Hassan’s back and shoulders take huge impact as the barrier smashes into them and Hassan yells out in pain with Haas letting out a wry smile.

Haas goes to pick Hassan back up once more but we see the Great Khali bound over towards the much smaller Haas. The fans oooh a little as Khali goes face to face with Haas who takes his eye off of Hassan. Haas doesn’t back down however and we see Shelton Benjamin appear, the two partners willing Khali on to try them here but Haas is then blindsided by Hassan!! Hassan appears from nowhere and clubs Haas down with a hammer blow before we then see Khali take out Shelton with a massive big boot!! The Entity now take firm control here as Hassan panders to the crowd who boo the shit out of him before he tosses Haas back inside the ring.

Hassan now targets the back of Haas, stomping away at the lower part of it with some really vicious kicks before dropping an elbow as Haas’ face paints a picture of discomfort. Hassan then brings Haas to his feet once more, smashing Haas’ lower back with a clubbing blow before bringing Haas to his feet and dropping him again with a vicious looking backbreaker!! Into the cover, 1..2..Shoulder up from Haas! Hassan huffs and puffs a little before getting to his feet and thinking of his next step.

We then get a glimpse of the outside and see Shelton Benjamin holding his head but beginning to stir as we then see a shot of the dominant Khali standing on looking at the action inside the ring. Hassan brings Haas up again before whipping his struggling opponent across the ring and into the turnbuckle with Haas’ back again rattling up against it hard. Hassan then strides towards Haas and begins to shoulder block Haas, further digging Haas’ back into the turnbuckle.

Hassan then places Haas up on the top rope, smashing him with a right hand as Haas looks in a world of trouble here. Hassan then begins to climb up the ropes as he positions himself on the second rope. J.R seems concerned on commentary now as Hassan wraps his arm around Haas’ neck, he’s going for a suplex off the top! He locks the arm around but Haas digs a knee into Hassan’s gut, and again before nailing some right hands as Haas now shoves Hassan off the top rope!! Hasaan crash lands and Haas now sizes him up before FLYING and delivering a big elbow drop from the top rope!! The fans go ape as Haas rolls Hassan into the cover, 1..2..3..NO!! HASSAN JUST ABOUT ROLLS A SHOULDER!! Haas can’t believe it and neither can the fans as Hassan stays in this thing.

Haas slowly picks himself to his feet, clutching his lower back still in some pain in would appear as he holds his hands up to Shelton as if to say ‘What now?’ but Shelton just claps his hands together saying ‘C’mon’. Haas then heads over to Hassan but Hassan who is to his knees, strikes Haas in the gut with a right, forcing Haas back as the Intercontinental champion gets to his feet. Haas turns round and he’s met with another right hand but he responds with a right of his own and the two trade blows with Haas getting the upper hand. Haas now with an Irish whip, reversal, Haas rebounds and Hassan catches him with a kick to the gut, DDT!! Venomous DDT from Hassan!! Cover, 1..2..3..NO!! Haas survives by the skin of his teeth as Hassan is now the frustrated one.

Hassan kicks the ropes in frustration before storming back down at Haas and he attempts to find the Camel Clutch!! Camel Clutch is almost locked in but Haas is fighting with all he’s got and Haas manages to get Hassan away by using his back leg to swing round and kick Hassan off. Both men now on their knees and it’s a case of who’s up first. It’s Hassan who charges at Haas, Haas ducks it and spins Hassan around, kick to the mid section, beautiful suplex!! NO!! Hassan manages to flip out and land on his feet! Haas turns around, big boot, NO!! Haas ducks it and rolls Hassan up from behind!! 1..2..3!! IT’S OVER!! HAAS WINS IT!!

Winner: Charlie Haas(9:22)

Jim Ross: HE GOT HIM!! HE GOT HIM!! HUGE win for Charlie Haas here tonight and the message, well the message is loud and clear from the World’s Greatest Tag Team, they want the Intercontinental title and they want a piece of Muhammad Hassan.

The Coach: Charlie Haas can do whatever the heck he wants but it don’t mean a damn old timer. If ANYBODY deserves an Intercontinental title shot, it’s Charlie Haas and I hope Shelton Benjamin realises that. He just did what Shelton has failed to do twice, I love Muhammad Hassan but I’ll hold my hands up, Charlie Haas got one over on him tonight, I’ll be damned but he did it and that in my eyes should mean Charlie Haas, NOT Shelton Benjamin gets a shot at the gold.

Benjamin and Haas celebrate in the ring as Benjamin does the belt signal to Hassan who retreats up the ramp with Khali beside him. Hassan looks absolutely furious after Haas’ shocked him here tonight as Haas gives a look to both Hassan and then Shelton.

We then cut away backstage and we enter the office of Eric Bischoff who is grinning ear to ear, sorting through some paperwork. The crowd immediately boo the Raw GM as Bischoff then drops his paper and the camera pans to see Shawn Michaels standing within arm’s reach of the boss! Michaels is greeted with a nice pop as ever, still looking down and gloomy, not coming to terms with his situation still

Eric Bischoff: Shawn, y’know, last week, it uh…it probably, and this is really sayin’ something, it probably topped what went down the week before. I mean, seeing Batista get crushed, get dismantled, get man handled by Kane when he tossed Batista from the stage last week was simply… it was simply priceless, am I right?

Michaels simply huffs.

Eric Bischoff: Oh c’mon Shawn don’t be like that. This really isn’t all that bad, you’re choosing to make this whole thing feel like a living nightmare Shawn if you just jump on board and you do things my way, you’ll learn that life ain’t as hard as it seems. We should be celebrating tonight Shawn, Batista’s not here! Things are just getting’ better for us round here, well, getting better for me anyway.

Bischoff lets out a cheesy grin.

Shawn Michaels: Eric there is nothing and I mean there is absolutely nothing you can do, nothing you can say to me that will make this experience even the least bit satisfying.

Little pop for Shawn who speaks sombrely. Bischoff sblacks a little bit.

Eric Bischoff: Well if that’s the way you wanna do things Shawn, then so be it, it’s your decision. BUT, you will do as I say, whether you like it or not and tonight, I’ve got a little something I’d like ya to do for me and it involves our main event. Kane, going one on one with Chris Jericho.

Shawn Michaels: What do ya want Eric?

Eric Bischoff: You know what I want Shawn, I want control, I want respect, I want power. You aren’t the only person that has disrespected me, Batista can vouch for that but Shawn, Batista isn’t the only other person to do that either. Chris Jericho falls right onto that list as well and y’know, I think it’d be a real sight to see for all these fans in Phoenix if they got to witness Chris Jericho joining Batista in a hospital bed by the time the show’s over with. What do ya think to that idea Shawn?

Big heat as Michaels grits his teeth.

Shawn Michaels: Eric I can’t. Really, I mean, what do ya need me to do exactly? That Big Red freak can take care of things all by himself, he doesn’t need help from me, he doesn’t need help from anybody.

Eric Bischoff: Oh he doesn‘t, he doesn’t Shawn but that? That wouldn’t be any fun now would it?

Bischoff lets off that cheesy grin before laughing a little.

Eric Bischoff: So uhm…why don’t you uh…why don’t you run along and make me a cup of coffee and when ya get back we’ll discuss the, shall we say ‘arrangement’ for later on tonight?

Michaels stares a hole through Bischoff, not moving an inch.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn, I said… make me a cup of coffee or else maybe YOU will join Batista as well in the hospital, how’s that sound for ya?

Michaels spins round and walks out, looking furious with Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: I don’t think that things can get any better than this.

Bischoff puts his feet up and hands behind his head before letting out an ‘Aaaaah’ and smiling broadly to strong boos.


We return and head back ringside to hear…

‘Born Naughty’

Out step William Regal and his ‘Protégé’ Mark Jindrak as the duo receive considerable heat.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and Coach Mark Jindrak and William Regal may well have a death wish. Jindrak and Regal continue to get under the skin, continue to anger Big Show and in my honest opinion, it’s gonna come back and haunt them soon enough.

The Coach: Not a chance. I don’t care how convinced you are, Big Show CANNOT and Big Show WILL NOT get the better of these two. Hey, he might get the better of one of ‘em but both? Ain’t happenin’.


‘Also Sprach Zarathrusta’

The Nature Boy’s music hits, he’s all set to face the ‘Protégé’ but Flair doesn’t look his usual upbeat self, instead he marches down to the ring, not even acknowledging he loud cheers he’s receiving.

Jim Ross: Well that look right there says it all folks. Ric Flair arrived at the arena tonight to find one of his close friends Arn Anderson in a pretty bad way following a disgusting ambush by Christian and Tomko during the Peep Show which kicked off Monday Night Raw. Flair has vowed to take revenge and he’s vowed to do it tonight.

The Coach: Arn Anderson was right though J.R. when he told Flair to focus only on his match tonight cos if he don’t, Jindrak’s gonna make sure that Flair ends up with his buddy Double A on the shelf.

Match Three: Singles Match

Ric Flair vs. Mark Jindrak w/William Regal

Flair wastes little time in heading after Jindrak, not allowing the youngster a second as he pounces on him and begins to nail away with firm right hands. Flair taking out all his pent up anger out on his opponent, who appears to be wrong place, wrong time tonight. Flair pummels Jindrak all the way towards the turnbuckle where Flair now lands some vicious knife edge chops to the bare chest of the ‘Protégé’! The fans yell out the usual ‘Woooo’s as Flair continues the onslaught before letting out a ‘Wooo’ of his own. Flair then goes for one more chop but Jindrak grabs the right arm of Flair and shoves it away before nailing a kick to the mid section as he tries to find a route into this contest.

Jindrak continues his offense, hammering Flair with several kicks to the mid section before tossing Flair head first through the ropes and into the ring post!! Flair’s right shoulder smashes off of it as his face is etched in pain while we see William Regal begin to smirk a little on the outside. Flair slumps downward as Jindrak heads back over to his opponent and picks him to his feet, before delivering a forearm, knocking Flair off balance once more. Jindrak continues with another couple of forearms, sending Flair back before an Irish whip and Flair rebounds right into the path of the ‘Protégé’ who drops Flair with a big back body drop! Jindrak then panders to the fans, earning him some strong heat before heading back after the Nature Boy.

Jindrak scoops him up to his feet, nailing yet another forearm before whipping Flair across the ropes and as Flair rebounds Jindrak delivers a PICTURE PERFECT DROPKICK!! Almost taking Flair’s head off, Jindrak delivers a stunning dropkick to the oncoming Flair. Into the cover, 1..2..shoulder up by Flair. Jindrak slams the mat, a little frustrated before regrouping and taking a second to think his next move. Flair begins to stir on the mat, getting back slowly to his feet and Jindrak decides to strike once more but Flair nails him with an elbow to the gut! A fast flurry of elbows now from the Nature Boy as he fends Jindrak off. Flair now gets to his feet and spins Jindrak round, kick to the gut, BIG TIME SUPLEX from Naitch!! Flair crawls into the cover, 1..2..Kick out by Jindrak as Flair now comes within a whisker.

Flair wipes the sweat off his forehead before grabbing the back of Jindrak’s neck and bringing him upright once again before delivering his infamous stinging knife edge chop to the chest, followed by a chorus of Woooos from the crowd as Flair delivers another chop, and another before an Irish whip. Jindrak though hangs onto the ropes and Flair charges at him, clothes lining the big man over the top rope!! Jindrak falls to the outside as Flair has him really on the backfoot now and begins to exit the ropes also, dropping down to meet his opponent. Flair is clearly still riled by Christian’s antics earlier on tonight and immediately begins to hammer away with right hands on the fallen ‘Protégé’. Flair smashes the forehead of Jindrak with repeated rights before slamming Jindrak’s head off of the announce table!!

Flair lets out a Woooo as Jindrak’s head bounces off like a battering ram as Flair looks to build on this and again begins a series of right hands before looking to smash Jindrak’s skull off the ring post but Jindrak blocks it, using his boot up against the post to fight off and Jindrak manages to back elbow Flair off of him, catching Naitch right in the eye. The referee’s count is now at 5, pushing 6 as Jindrak now grabs Flair from behind, rolls him round before drilling Flair head first off the ring post!! Flair’s turn now to rebound sickeningly as Jindrak now tosses his opponent back inside the squared circle.

Jindrak follows suit and rolls Flair over into a cover, 1..kick out at one from the sixteen time World Champion much to the Phoenix crowd’s delight. Jindrak looks angered by this and sits Flair up on the mat, not to his feet, still in a seated position as Jindrak now lines Flair up before SMASHING Flair’s head in with a thunderous kick right square in the jaw. The impact can be heard around the arena as Jindrak goes for another cover but we see WILLIAM REGAL hop onto the apron?! Jindrak turns and sees his mentor with Regal wagging his finger, as if to say, ‘Not yet’ wanting more punishment of the Nature Boy. Jindrak lets out a little smirk before standing u and bringing Flair up with him. Jindrak then whips Flair with authority into the corner and charges at an absolutely monstrous speed SMASHING Flair in half almost with a vicious clothesline!! Flair staggers out of the corner and Jindrak scoops him before dropping him with a nasty looking backbreaker but Jindrak keeps Flair in his grasp and delivers ANOTHER backbreaker AND ANOTHER as Jindrak repeatedly hammers Flair’s back before finally putting him out of his misery and covering him, 1..2..3..NO!! Flair somehow survives much to William Regal’s disbelief on the outside.

Jindrak gives the referee a menacing glare, remonstrating with him that it should’ve been a three count but the referee simply holds two fingers out. Jindrak clearly frustrated heads back towards Flair and goes to scoop him up again BUT FLAIR CATCHES HIM WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE!! 1..2..3..NO!! Jindrak survives JUST as Flair almost steals a big win from out of nowhere. Jindrak is quickly up and swings at Flair but Flair ducks it and catches Jindrak from behind with a belly to back suplex!! Jindrak takes a hard fall as Flair begins to strut his stuff, letting out the trademark Nature Boy walk and woooo! Flair then catches William Regal out the corner of his eye and Flair KNOCKS REGAL OFF THE APRON WITH A HUGE RIGHT HAND!! Regal is laid out by a fired up Ric Flair here as he awaits Jindrak’s return to his feet. Jindrak slowly rises and Flair drops him with a double leg take down, FIGURE FOUR TIME!! Flair goes for the Figure Four Leg lock!! Jindrak is wriggling away, trying to fight out of it but it’s no use as FLAIR FINALLY LOCKS IT IN!!

Jindrak has nowhere to go, nowhere to turn to, he’s dead set in the centre of the ring as Flair locks the hold in with all he’s got. The effort Flair’s putting in is evident as his face shows it for all to see. Jindrak’s right hand is raised, is it gonna come down? Is the ‘Protégé’ about to tap? He’s fading, his hand is lowering…BAM!! WHAT THE HELL?! FLAIR IS AMBUSHED FROM BEHIND BY CHRISTIAN!! Christian hammers Flair with a sickening kick to the temple before beginning to unload with vicious kicks to the skull of Flair as the referee rings for the bell and Christian lets out a little smirk

Winner via Disqualification: Ric Flair(11:03)

Jim Ross: Aww, SON OF A BITCH!! Christian’ got a HECK of a nerve about him even THINKING about comin’ out here after what he did to Arn Anderson earlier tonight, let alone thi…this assault on Ric Flair now!!

The Coach: He’s playin’ with Ric Flair J.R, he is toying with Ric Flair and I freakin’ LOVE it!! Christian said it earlier on tonight, he played Flair to perfection ahead of Vengeance, he got inside his head but he knows that’s not enough anymore. He needs to go that extra step before Summerslam and tonight he’s done exactly that. Ric Flair’s gonna want Christian DEAD by the time Summerslam comes BUT that’s just gonna play into this guys hands, I’m telling ya.

Christian continues the ambush as Jindrak rises to his feet and the duo now begin to launch a stinging assault on the Nature Boy. Christian tells Jindrak to get Flair up and Jindrak obliges, hoisting Flair up before tossing him towards Christian who catches Flair in position for the Unprettier!! Christian’s set to strike BUT THE CROWD START TO CHEER AS DOWN COMES THE BIG SHOW!!

Jim Ross: YES!! Here comes the World’s Largest Athlete!!

Show storms the ring but Christian has already high tailed it with Jindrak joining him, the pair wanting nothing to do with the seven foot giant here tonight.

The Coach: Aw what does this guy want?! Ric Flair, you ain’t gonna have any help come August 19th, you can kiss your stinkin’ career goodbye at Summerslam!!

Jim Ross: Well thank god for Big Show here tonight and hey, believe me Coach, come Summerslam after what Christian’s done tonight, after what that pathetic excuse for a human being has done to Arn Anderson tonight, he could be the one kissin’ his career goodbye come Summerslam.

The Coach: Fat chance.

We see a look of real anger and frustration on the face of Ric Flair, being tended to by Big Show who really appears as though he’s gonna blow a gasket while he looks on at a smirking Captain Charisma once again backing up the ramp having gotten the better of the Nature Boy here tonight.


We then cut backstage and we head once again into the office of General Manager, Eric Bischoff. . Bischoff is busy drinking some coffee(surely cold by now) before the GM suddenly looks up and sees the World’s Largest Athlete standing before him, Big Show. Show’s greeted with a nice pop from the crowd but looks here to discuss business, showing a really stern face. Bischoff looks at Show clearly a little worried here.

Eric Bischoff: I’m kinda in the middle of something here Show so uh…now’s not a good time.

Bischoff starts to skim over some paperwork as Show grits his teeth.

Eric Bischoff: SHAWN!!

Bischoff cries out for HBK to return but no sign of the Showstopper

Big Show: I don’t need to deal with Shawn Eric. I need to deal with you.

Show looks pissed and speaks very intently as Bischoff’s face drops a little bit.

Big Show: I am SICK of Mark Jindrak. I am SICK of William Regal so I’m not askin’ ya Eric..

Show gets in the boss’ face.

Big Show: I am telling you. Give me another match with Jindrak so I can put a very firm end to his fun and games around here. And when I’m done with Jindrak? When I’m done with him I’ll take out his little mentor, his little buddy Regal for good measure, just because I can.

Small pop.

Eric Bischoff: What makes you think you deserve a match with Mark Jindrak huh? What in the world have you done lately around here Show? Huh? C’mon, I’m dyin’ to know. Correct me if I’m wrong but uh..di…didn’t you lose to Jindrak at Vengeance? Oh, oh and wait a second, didn’t you uh…didn’t you just lose last week to Christian?

Show looks to the heavens clearly frustrated.

Eric Bischoff: So to me Show that means you DO NOT deser..

Bischoff is cut off by Show who gets right in the face of Bischoff once again with the GM probably feeling every breath from the big man who stares Bischoff dead in the eye. Bischoff looks frozen as Show puts a hand on his shoulder.

Big Show: See this?

Show gives Bischoff a very close shot of his giant fist.

Big Show: This right here, it uh..it can cause all kinds, all sorts of damage with just one shot from it. Just…one. And right now? Right now I’m really, really tempted to use that one shot on you. So, I’m gonna say this one…more…time and I’m gonna make it really simple for ya Eric. I want another match with Mark Jindrak and if I don’t get it? If I don’t get it, this fist is gonna connect with your little weasel face and smash it into a thousand little, tiny pieces.

Bischoff still looks like he’s about to shit himself.

Big Show: Do…do we have a deal here Eric? Do we have an understanding?

Eric Bischoff: Y…yeah..yeah sure, you got your match with Jindrak. Next week on Raw, one on one, you and Jindrak live on Raw. H..h..how’s that sound fo..for ya?

Show smirks.

Big Show: That sounds perfect Eric. Wasn’t so hard now was it?

Eric Bischoff: N-n-n-no. Not at all Show, not at all.

Show then pats Bischoff viciously on the back before walking out smiling and we see Shawn Michaels re-emerge through the doors and both he and Show exchange a glance before the big man leaves.

Eric Bischoff: Where the HELL have you been Shawn? I was almost ASSAULTED by that big piece of crap just now and where were you? Where were you when I NEEDED YOUR HELP SHAWN!! That’s what you do for me Shawn, you are MY EMPLOYEE, MINE!!

Michaels grits his teeth a little.

Eric Bischoff: You gonna answer me or what?

Shawn Michaels: I was off doin’ all your little dirty work, like ya..like ya asked me to do. I can’t be in two places at once Eric.

Michaels still looks a shadow of his old self here.

Eric Bischoff: You’re right. You’re right Shawn. So uhm..how..how did it go out there?

Michaels huffs a little bit.

Shawn Michaels: He agreed.

Bischoff smirks.

Eric Bischoff: Perfect, but is…is that it? Is that all ya got for me Shawn? No details, no nothing?

Shawn Michaels: He agreed Eric, I didn’t even need to ask him, that is ALL I got for ya.

Bischoff holds his hands up.

Eric Bischoff: Alright, alright. Shawn, y’know you’re really doing just such a GREAT job right now. You’re on board, he’s on board as well, this one’s gonna get real ugly for Jericho tonight and hey, maybe it’s time we talked about exactly what our future holds?

Michaels gives Bischoff a death glare moving a little in his direction, looking like he wants to hit the GM, before Bischoff laughs a little.

Eric Bischoff: Oh Shawn. Quite the little partnership we have here don‘t ya think? I’ll see ya out there later…buddy.

Bischoff grins evily again before walking out as Michaels clenches his fist a little and we fade away.


We return and immediately go backstage where we join Todd Grisham who is standing by.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, please welc….

The mic is snatched away from Grisham by Edge who appears into shot to strong heat as the Rated R Superstar looks in a foul mood tonight.

Edge: I’ll hold my hands up and say that I did agree to do this interview with ya Todd, I did but I’ve changed my mind on that now, as a matter of fact I’ve changed my mind on a whole lot lately. So uh…so instead of this being an ‘interview’, all this is gonna be now is a simple statement from myself.

Grisham nods, a little rattled by Edge.

Edge: Two weeks ago on Raw, I absolutely decimated Chris Jericho. I took Jericho and I laid him out in the middle of the ring, I used this to its full advantage.

Edge shows the MITB briefcase to the camera.

Edge: I used this to smash Chris Jericho’s skull, I used it to cave Chris Jericho’s skull in, I used it to make Chris Jericho… BLEED.


Edge: But I-I didn’t do it just for the hell of it. No, no, there was a purpose behind it. I did it to send a message to Chris Jericho. Oh yeah, Jericho seems to think that little ‘victory’ over me at Vengeance was enough to get rid of me, he thinks that was enough to get me off his back. Well I didn’t realise Jericho was that stupid but clearly, clearly I was wrong. So I uh…I taught him a little lesson a couple of weeks back. I taught him that I don’t.. I don’t just go away, I don’t just fade away into the background after a little, very little, insignificant setback like what occurred at Vengeance.

Edge looks frustrated.

Edge: But guess what? Yet again, yet again he didn’t learn. He didn’t learn that I will always come out on top, he didn’t learn that I am always, always in control around here. One loss, it-it doesn’t change that fact. And that brought us to last week when I faced, when I beat Shelton Benjamin in the middle of that ring. But afterwards? After that match, I head backstage, coming off of a real tough battle out there remember, I head backstage to of course find Chris Jericho and y’know that he’s been watching, he’s been waiting for me to step just one foot back there so he could gain a small measure of revenge, gain just that little bit of payback. Jericho decided he was gonna beat me down backstage and try to, just try to get one over on me.

Edge has a puzzled look on his face.

Edge: Trouble is Todd. Nobody gets one over on me. NOBODY. I always come out on top and this whole thing with Jericho, it’s gonna prove exactly that, believe me. Jericho, he usually talks a whole lot of crap, usually sees what only he wants to see but..but Jericho was right about one thing he said last week. He was right when he said that I want him gone, that I want him outta the picture, out of the spotlight, out of MY spotlight.

Big heat for Edge.

Edge: It’s true. I do want him gone, he hasn’t done a damn thing around here since he won the Undisputed title all those years ago now. Great, really it was a great achievement but that? That was a long, long time ago now and he is still, still to this very day stuck in the past, LIVING off his past. Me on the other hand? I’m all about the present, the current day, I’m all about the future Todd. And I am the present and I am the VERY FUTURE of this company!

Edge is bordering on crazy here.

Edge: Jericho may’ve been right on one thing but he was wrong on something else, he was wrong on something a whole lot more important. Jericho claims that he wants, Jericho claims infact that he will take this, that he will take the Money in the Bank briefcase away from me. He claims that this right here, this is his ticket back to the top.

Edge now looks at the camera.

Edge: Well Chris, this ticket? It belongs to ME. This contract is mine and I’m not giving it up, not for ANYBODY, ya understand that? Your ticket to the top expired a long, long time ago and there is no route back. There is no route and there is no hope left for ya Chris. Tonight, when you take on Kane, when you step foot inside that ring with the Big Red Machine, you’re gonna realise that one, just one lucky night at Vengeance counts for absolutely NOTHING in the long run and Kane’s gonna bring you right back down to earth here tonight.

Edge then heads off to strong heat only to return back.

Edge: Oh and Chris you uh…you can bank on that.

He then taps his briefcase before smirking and we head back ringside.

‘Walk idiot Walk’

It’s the music of the fiery red head Christy Hemme that hits and out she parades to a decent pop, still full of beans despite last week’s destruction from Victoria.

Jim Ross: Well here comes a lady Coach who has got a lot of heart and a whole lot of courage. Christy Hemme actually requesting a rematch here tonight with Victoria, our Women’s Champion following one from the savage beating she dealt Christy last week. A bold move from Miss.Hemme.

The Coach: Bold? Bold? Ha ha. STUPID is the word you’re lookin’ for J.R. I’d have thought Christy woulda learned last week that Victoria is as dangerous as they come and facin’ her once is tough enough but facin’ here twice? Facin’ her twice is just askin’ for your career to be cut short and that ain’t no understatement either.

‘I ain’t a lady to mess with’

Heat greets the arrival of the deranged, crazed Women’s champion, Victoria who steps out looking as determined as ever, setting her sights on Christy

Jim Ross: That look says it all folks. Victoria has been on a rampage of late, startin’ off at Vengeance when she captured the Women’s championship, defeating an injured Trish Stratus, Trish unfortunately suffering a broken ankle during that match and since then Victoria has been relentless in continuing her warpath which already features Christy Hemme.

The Coach: Warpath is exactly right J.R. Nobody can get in Victoria’s way right now without facin’ the consequences and sadly, Christy’s gotta face ‘em again here tonight.

Match Four: Singles Match

Victoria vs. Christy Hemme

It’s the same story as last week with Christy looking a little hesitant while Victoria lets out her twisted little smirk, feeling like this is another prime chance for her to dish some punishment out. Victoria then yells out to the redhead ‘You really wanna do this again?’ Christy shakes her head, trying to focus herself and Christy charges at Victoria, taking the fight to the Women’s Champion here!! The crowd are right behind her as she unloads with right hands on the demon like champion but eventually Victoria fends her off, shoving her away before delivering a vicious kick to the mid section before tossing Christy through the ropes, all the way down to the outside as she lands hard on her shoulder.

Victoria heads out after her, smirking a little still but that smirk soon vanishes and a more serious look comes over her as she brings Christy to her feet, nailing her with a forearm before whipping Christy venomously into the barricade!! The back of Christy’s neck hammers off of the barricade with several fans ooohing and aaaahing at the impact. Victoria then wipes a drip of sweat off of Christy’s forehead, laughing sinisterly as J.R mentions how twisted she is on commentary.

Victoria then lifts Christy up, she appears to be out of it already as Victoria then drops Christy face first onto the barricade as she really is tearing Christy apart as Coach mentions just how damn good the Women’s champion is. Victoria at the count of 7 tosses Christy back in, glaring at her work before following suit and Victoria scoops Christy up to her feet again, whipping her across the ropes before connecting with a DEVASTATING CLOTHESLINE THAT SENDS CHRISTY INSIDE OUT!! Brutal stuff from Victoria as she laughs a little before finally, FINALLY putting Christy out of her misery and delivering a nasty Widow’s Peak. Into the cover, 1..2..3. Christy falls short once more

Winner: Victoria(3:00)

Jim Ross: Sheer dominance once more from our Women’s Champion folks. Right about now, I really, really can’t see anybody stopping this young lady from continuing that. Oh c’mon now, this is-enough’s enough Coach, what is the need for this?

We see Victoria continuing to ambush the fallen Christy, stomping away at her before pulling her hair and slapping Christy across the face as the fans boo the crazed champion.

The Coach: It’s just another show of dominance J.R. All Victoria wants to do is show just how damn good she is and this right here says it all.

Victoria continues to hammer away at Christy before hoisting Christy up to her feet, Victoria set to do further damage here to the defenceless Christy. Victoria has Christy Hemme set up for another Widow’s Peak. Victoria is all se….


The crowd goes WILD as the music of LITA hits and the daredevil diva charges down to the ring!!


Lita rushes the ring and swings for Victoria but Victoria ducks it and she exit’s the ring, wanting NOTHING to do with the returning Lita here tonight.

The Coach: We-we haven’t seen Lita since Backlash J.R!! What is she doing back here? Victoria needs some damn notice next time!!

Jim Ross: Well it would appear Coach that Lita is back and is back for one thing, the Women’s Championship. I think the question of who can stop Victoria is staring us right in the face, it’s Lita!!

Lita smiles at a backtracking Victoria before tending to Christy Hemme inside the ring as the fans continue to cheer her return.

We then cut backstage and we see the Big Red Machine walking down the halls before we catch a glimpse of Todd Grisham who is quickly, yet nervously chasing after Kane

Todd Grisham: K-K-Kane ca-can we just get a uh-a quick word?

Kane stops and looks Grisham up and down.

Todd Grisham: I was just wondering what uh-what your plan is here tonight in tak-taking on Chris Jericho?

Kane takes a deep breath.

Kane: My plan? My… plan? Ha ha. I NEVER have a plan. Y’see, I don’t need to plan things, I don’t need a strategy because what you see standing before you is total and utter domi-NATION.

Kane gets in Grisham’s face.

Kane: Nobody steps in my way, nobody can get in my path and that path? That path continues tonight. Chris Jericho becomes a mere FOOTPRINT on that path out there tonight.

Kane goes to walk away.

Todd Grisham: O-on that matter Kane, we have yet to hear from you since you returned at Vengeance. W-wh-why di-did you come back exactly and just why did you uh-why did you join forces with Eric Bischoff?

Kane smirks a little before chuckling.

Kane: Why did I come back? Why…did I..come..back? Ha ha. I would have thought that by now, the answer, well I would’ve thought the answer was simple for you to understand. I came back for one thing and I came back for one thing only, I came back for the World.. Heavyweight.. title.

Kane’s smirk turns to a focused look.

Kane: As far as why I joined forces with Eric Bischoff, why I aligned myself with Eric Bischoff goes. I DON’T join forces with anybody, I don’t align with anybody. I am doing this alone and I am doing this for myself. I came back to prove to myself, I came back to prove to EVRYBODY OUT THERE that the monster is still ALIVE, to prove that the fire inside me does indeed….STILL BURN.

That smirk returns.

Kane: Eric Bischoff has given me that opportunity and I will…I will repay him when I beat Batista at Summerslam. BUT I need for you, I need for everybody, Eric Bischoff himself to realise that it won’t be for him, oh no, no, no. I will win that World title for me and only for me. See, I have no feeling, I have no EMOTION swirling around inside of me for any other human being walking this earth. Shawn Michaels at Vengeance, people questioned why I chose then, questioned why I chose him. Well I didn’t choose Shawn Michaels, I didn’t choose him AT ALL. Shawn Michaels was wrong place, wrong time. Chris Jericho tonight is wrong place, wrong time. And Dave Batista, ha ha, come Summerslam Dave Batista will be wrong place….wrong time.

Kane tightens his glove.

Kane: My path is clearing, the obstacles, they are moving all the time. Slowly, very, very slowly the pieces are all falling into place and come Summerslam, the puzzle, my puzzle will be complete. Shawn Michaels may be the guest referee in my World title match, he may be under a lot of pressure but that DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT. It does not change the fact that no matter who I face, no matter who makes the count in that match, I will be victorious and I will take my rightful place as the World.. Heavyweight.. Champion.

Kane then leaves, laughing a little as Grisham stutters, ‘Thank you for your time’.

Jim Ross: It’s Jericho versus Kane and it’s next!!


We return and head into another video package for the set to debut Mr.Kennedy. Kennedy once more is sitting on a chair in a dark room, spotlight shining on the arrogant soon to be Raw superstar. Kennedy then looks up at the camera putting a hand up to it, chewing some gum whilst smirking.

Mr.Kennedy: Me again. Incase ya missed it, last week I uhhh- I shed some light on why your oh so beloved superstars are nothing more than boring… washed up…. overrated… flash in the pans.

Kennedy smirks again

Mr.Kennedy: The past few weeks I’ve shed some light on why I am the most entertaining superstar to have ever graced your television screens. I’ve shed some light on why inside the ring, on why outside the ring there is simply no…body, not ONE person who can touch, who can come within an inch of the charisma that runs inside my body.

Kennedy’s face turns more serious now

Mr.Kennedy: This week? This week there’s a uh…there’s been a change o’ plan. This week I’m not gonna brag about just how great I am, no I can save that for another time, another place. I’m not gonna explain to you people why your favourite stars aren’t quite gonna live up to your extreme expectations. No, I’m not because quite frankly it’d just be me stating the obvious.

Kennedy spits out the gum he’s chewing

Mr.Kennedy: This week I’m gonna keep it real short and real simple b-but I’m still gonna shed some light for you people. I’m gonna shed some light on exactly when you people, when the superstars of Raw, when the entire WWE are finally going to get their wish, finally going to see me appearing in front of their very eyes because the time is oh so close. It is oh so very close for me to appear on Monday Night Raw.

Kennedy then lowers his microphone from the rafters

Mr.Kennedy: Three weeks from this very night. In just twenty one small days you are all going to witness a momentous occasion, you are all going to be a part of history, you are all going to mark it down in your diary because on August 1st 2005, you will witness the debut of yours truly.

Kennedy pauses momentarily

Mr.Kennedy: You will witness the debut of the BIGGEST star to ever set foot in the WWE. You will witness the debut of the one, the only, MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KENNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Wait for it..


Kennedy then smirks before the video fades out into a message

Mr.Kennedy: Coming to Raw: 3 weeks.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw on what has already turned out to be a huge night here in Phoenix but we…

‘Break the Walls Down’

It’s a massive pop that cuts off J.R as out steps Y2J, Chris Jericho with a more spirited look on his face than last week, following his payback ambush on the Money in the Bank holder, Edge.

Jim Ross: But we are FAR from finished tonight. It is main event time and Coach last week, Chris Jericho, well he returned the favour on the Rated R Superstat, levelling the playing field so to speak with an attack backstage, taking Edge out.

The Coach: What's the sayin’ J.R? Two wrongs don’t make a right and Chris Jericho’s actions last week didn’t make a right, at all. Edge had a legitimate claim in attacking Chris Jericho for Jericho ROBBING him at Vengeance. Jericho had NO right to do what he did last week and I hope Kane punishes him for it here tonight.

Jericho waits for a few seconds inside the ring as a small ‘Y2J’ chant starts up before….


‘Slow Chemical’

Out steps the Big Red Machine, looking in absolutely no mood for messing around here tonight as he sets his sights very firmly on Chris Jericho.

Jim Ross: Well we heard just moments ago folks from this-this twisted individual who says that all his focus is on becoming the World Heavyweight champion. Kane claims he is NOT in limbo with our GM and that guys like Chris Jericho are simply wrong place, wrong time right now. What do ya make of that Coach?

The Coach: I think Kane’s telling’ the truth old timer. He knew that if he came back at Vengeance and beat Shawn Michaels the World title would be in his sights and he did just that. It just so happens Eric Bischoff wants the title off Batista and J.R who else apart from Kane is really a suitable option to take down the Animal.


The Coach: I rest my case. This guy is a walking, talking, living monster and he can and in my eyes, will destroy Dave Batista at Summerslam with or without Shawn Michaels on board.

Jim Ross: Well no doubting that Kane is gonna give Batista a hell of a test when Batista returns home, when he returns to Washington on August 19th. What a night that promises to be, I only hope Shawn Michaels does the right thing.

Kane steps over the ropes and he and Jericho look all set to do battle as the referee speaks with both men but before the bell rings…

‘I’m Back’

Jim Ross: Oh, what now?

The Coach: That’s the way you greet our boss. You’re lucky you’ve not been fired yet cowboy, seriously.

It’s the music of Eric Bischoff who steps out to strong heat baring his usual cocky demeanour.

Eric Bischoff: My sincerest apologies for delaying your main event folks but I’ve uh, I’ve got a small announcement to make and I’d like to share it with each and every single one of you here tonight.

Bischoff smiles expecting a good reaction but the crowd boos the shit out of him.

Eric Bischoff: What I would like to announce is that this next match is gonna have a little bit of a twist added to it. You people are still going to see Kane one on one with Chris Jericho but it is now going to be a No Disqualification match!!

Nice little pop for that as Jericho nods and Kane smirks somewhat.

Eric Bischoff: And y’know Chris, you’ve uh, you’ve not really done yourself any favours around here the past few months. You’ve got in my way, you’ve stood up to me, you’ve, well, you’ve tried to cross me, you’ve tried to cross the boss. So, as well as this being a No Disqualifications match, we’re gonna have a little sneak preview if you will of Summerslam right here tonight. Chris, you’re gonna experience what it’s like to be in Dave Batista’s shoes come August 19th, you’re gonna experience what it was like being in Shawn Michaels shoes at Vengeance because well, the odds are stacked against you right now.

Bischoff smiles.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and gentleman, the ‘Special guest Referee for tonight’s main event, I give to you… Shawn Michaels!!!!

Michaels then emerges from behind the curtain donning a referee’s shirt, looking disgusted at having to do this as some of the crowd even boo the Showstopper. The camera then pans to see Jericho smirk a little, realising the odds are stacked against him even more now.

Jim Ross: Oh you son of a bitch.

The Coach: Ha ha!! Eric Bischoff, genius at work, absolute genius. Jericho’s days are numbered baby, it’s all over for Y2J, just like it was at Vengeance for the Showstopper and just like it will be at Summerslam for Batista. This is BEAU-TI-FUL.

Michaels walks tentatively to the ring, hanging his head as Jericho looks at him in a confused way while Kane and Bischoff both smirk devilishly. Bischoff then heads to the back once again as HBK steps through the ropes.

Jim Ross: Chris Jericho can’t quite believe this but folks quite frankly, Shawn Michaels doesn’t have any other choice. If this is what Eric Bischoff wants, then it’s what Shawn Michaels must do. The Heartbreak Kid is Eric Bischoff’s very own ‘Personal Employee’ and unless Shawn Michaels wants firing, he must oblige to everything the General Manager proposes.

The Coach: Which means he will do the right thing here tonight and he will count Chris Jericho down. And he will do the right thing at Summerslam when he counts Batista down and he hands the World Heavyweight title to the Big Red Machine. All will be right with the world come August 19th.

Main Event: No Disqualification Match
Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels

Kane vs. Chris Jericho

Kane smirks a little as Y2J slaps his wrists before shaking off a little, clearly preparing himself for the task at hand as the camera then pans to Michaels who has his head down before flashing a glance over at Kane who stares right back at him. Michaels then looks at Jericho who simply nods at the Showstopper respectfully, perhaps realising what a tough spot he’s in here. The two competitors then shift focus onto one another and go to meet in the middle of the ring and Kane strikes first landing a clubbing right hand at Y2J who responds with a right of his own and we have an early fist fight transpiring here.

It’s the Big Red Machine though who wins the battle as he manages to fend off Jericho’s advances and strike with a big uppercut to Jericho which leaves him reeling up against the ropes as Kane now looks to take the early advantage. Jericho is caught up in the ropes and again Kane delivers a strong right before an Irish whip, Jericho rebounds and Kane catches him with a Sidewalk slam!! Strong start from the Big Red Machine as Jericho is down and Kane goes for a cover, 1..2..shoulder up by Jericho as a reluctant Michaels makes the count, his face showing no emotion.

Kane glances over at Michaels before setting his sights on Jericho once more as he picks Y2J up by the hair before tossing him in towards the turnbuckle where Kane begins to unravel with right hands to Jericho’s mid section, letting out a grunt after each one as Jericho gasps in pain. Kane then goes for one more big shot though and Jericho dodges it, getting out of harm’s way before taking Kane down with a low angle dropkick, catching Kane on his knees!! Kane is taken down and Jericho now begins to hammer away with several kicks to the back of the Big Red Machine’s neck as Jericho then brings Kane to his feet once more, nailing a forearm, followed by an Irish whip, Kane gets caught up in the ropes and Jericho charges, clothesline over the top but Jericho takes himself down in the process!!

Both men hit the outside pretty hard and Shawn Michaels checks on the pair of them, making sure they can continue, the Showstopper sticking to his duties no matter how much he despises doing so. It’s Jericho who begins to stir first, reaching out for something, anything to help him up but he finds nothing. Kane begins to surface also, on his knees now and he’s met with a kick to the chest by Jericho! Jericho really nails Kane with a stiff kick and again as he looks to keep the big man grounded. Jericho now grabs the back of Kane’s neck, and heads over to the ring post where Jericho smashes Kane head first against it!! NO!! Kane blocks it and instead smashes Jericho face first off the steel!!

Jericho bounces off the post as Kane now looks to gain control of this thing and Kane now smashes Jericho’s head off the barricade as Y2J looks somewhat dazed by this period of dominance from his opponent. Kane now grabs the left arm of Jericho and looks for an Irish whip into the barricade!! NO!! JERICHO REVERSES AND KANE SMASHES OFF THE BARRICADE!! The fans cheer wildly as Jericho turns the tables and Kane takes a huge fall, tumbling into the barricade.

Jericho takes a second to regroup, still affected by those brutal head shots from Kane but Y2J begins making his way over to the seven footer and brings him to his feet again before struggling but succeeding in tossing his opponent back inside the ring. Jericho crawls after him and rolls him over into a cover, hoping that may put the big man away. 1..2..shoulder up by Kane as Jericho and Michaels exchange looks. Michaels holds out two fingers to confirm that was two, still with a nothingness expression on his face. Jericho remains determined though and brings Kane to his feet, kick to the mid section and Jericho manages to hoist Kane up high and drop him down with a nice suplex. Jericho again crawls into the cover, 1..2..kick out once more by Kane, again to Jericho’s frustration.

Jericho slams the mat before taking a second, allowing Kane to get to his knees and Jericho goes to grab Kane again but he’s met with an elbow to the gut and another from Kane who begins to fight back. Jericho is forced back a little bit as Kane gets to his feet and Jericho charges but Kane drops him with a big boot!! Jericho’s head is damn near taken off his shoulders as Kane resumes control of this one, stumbling into a cover, 1..2..3..NO!! Jericho just rolls the shoulder, much to the Phoenix crowd’s delight.

Kane brings Jericho to his feet again, delivering a right hand once more before whipping Jericho in towards the turnbuckle and Kane charges at him delivering a brutal running clothesline before sitting Jericho up on the top rope, what’s Kane got in mind here?? Kane delivers another right hand, making sure Jericho remains up high before Kane scales up to the second rope!! Kane grabs Jericho’s head, he sets him up, SUPLEX OFF THE TOP!! NO!! JERICHO SHOVES KANE OFF OF HIM AND KANE HIT’S THE MAT HARD!!

Kane though is quick to his feet but he sees the on rushing Jericho, MISSILE DROPKICK!! NOBODY HOME!! Kane dodges out of harm’s way and Jericho lands awkwardly on the mat. Kane looks angry that Jericho derailed his suplex attempt and he stalks Jericho who slowly gets to his knees, Kane begins to signal for the choke slam!! Jericho slowly gets to his feet, clutching his back where he landed just now and turns around to be caught by Kane who puts his hand right around Jericho’s throat, CHOKESLAM!! NO!! Jericho rolls out of it and spins Kane around, double leg takedown, WALLS OF JERICHO!! Jericho looking for the Walls but Kane kicks him off and away!

Jericho and Kane both get back up at the same time though and continue to go at it with both men trading right hands as they get to their feet. Kane comes out on top, his size and power overcoming Y2J as he forces him back. Kane now whips Jericho across the ring, Jericho rebounds and Kane goes for another big boot but Jericho ducks it, rolls Kane up from behind!! 1, 2, 3...NO!! Jericho releases his grip and holds his hands out, looking at Michaels asking where the three was but Michaels looks at him out the corner of his eye , holiding up a two and Jericho is caught napping by that venomous BIG BOOT AGAIN!! Kane’s boot knocks Jericho down and out of the ring as Kane follows suit.

Kane stalks Jericho before grabbig Y2J’s head and smacking it off of the announce table!! Jericho looks dazed once again as Kane now whips Jericho shoulder first into the steel steps!! Jericho’s shoulder really hammers against the steel as Kane shakes his head in anger before moving Lilian Garcia out the way and KANE EYES UP THE STEEL CHAIR!! Kane tosses the chair inside the ring, proceeding to head after Jericho and toss the Ayatollah of Rock ‘N’Rolla back inside also. Kane has evil intentions in mind here as Jericho appears in a whole world of trouble. Kane grabs that chair, a glint in his eye almost as Shawn Michaels watches on, wary of what will happen here and Kane sees Jericho turn around and SMASHES THE CHA…NO!! Jericho sees it coming and LOWBLOWS KANE!!

The crowd go wild as Jericho low blows the big man, sending him down and Jericho now LOCKS IN THE WALLS OF JERICHO!! WILL KANE TAP?! Kane is writhing in pain as Jericho locks it in, Shawn Michaels watches the hand of Kane closely before stepping away, that hand is slowly falling, the crowd are desperate for the Big Red Machine to fade. His hand is lowering, it’s almost th…BAM!! IT’S EDGE!! Edge smashes the Money in the Bank contract across the skull of Jericho!! J.R. is beside himself on commentary, stating that this was who Bischoff had lined up earlier tonight.

Edge smirks at the fallen Jericho before putting the briefcase down and looking at Michaels who is still desperately down about this whole thing. Edge then tells Michaels to get Jericho up. Michaels flat out refuses but Edge points his finger right in Michaels chest and the crowd urge Michaels to do something about it! Michaels turns his head clearly desperate and Edge slaps Michaels!! The crowd oooohs as Edge tells HBK to do as he says BUT MICHAELS LAYS OUT EDGE WITH A RIGHT HAND!! THE CROWD COMES ALIVE AS MICHAELS SNAPS…OR DOES HE??

We then see Eric Bischoff appear, smiling as Michaels spots him and backs off. Bischoff wags his finger at Shawn saying ‘No, no, no’ as Michaels hangs his head and kicks the ropes in frustration.
Edge gets back up and slaps Michaels again saying ‘DO IT OR YOU’RE FIRED’, we then see Kane rise to his feet before seeing Bischoff smirk and say ‘He’s right’. The crowd are booing the shit out of the heels here as Jericho is down and out.

Michaels doesn’t fight back this time and instead begrudgingly heads over to Jericho, picking up his lifeless body. Michaels lifts Jericho up, looking him up and down before saying ‘I’m sorry’ and spinning him around RIGHT INTO A DEVASTATING SPEAR!! Edge almost breaks Jericho in half as he looks intently at his fallen rival and we again see Eric Bischoff smirking on top of the stage. Kane then picks Jericho up, not content with that being enough as he grabs Jericho by the throat, the crowd booing the Big Red Machine as he lifts Jericho up and sends him to hell, CHOKESLAM!! Jericho is out of it and Michaels drops down ready to make the cover but Kane….doesn’t cover?? Instead we see Eric Bischoff walking down the ramp and up the steps before looking at Shawn and saying ‘YOU are gonna finish this Shawn, I want YOU to finish him off’ as Kane picks Jericho up and ERIC BISCHOFF STARTS TUNING UP THE BAND!!

Michaels can’t believe it as Coach pisses himself on commentary and the fans boo the living shit out of Bisch as Michaels realises that he’s simply got no choice and has to oblige to the GM‘s order. J.R. is calling Bischoff every name under the sun as he, Kane and Edge laugh sickeningly and Michaels hangs his head before he steps away. Kane then tosses Jericho right into Michaels path and Michaels strikes with SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! A look of regret, remorse comes over HBK as Kane lets out that maniacal laugh before slowly dropping down and covering Jericho as Michaels then reluctantly covers, 1..2..3.

Winner: Kane(13:19)

Jim Ross: I honestly didn’t believe that this SICK BASTARD Eric Bischoff could sink any lower but this..this just takes the cake. I am in shock, I am in DISBELIEF at the AUDACITY that Eric Bischoff has in doing this to Chris Jericho here tonight.

The Coach: Chris Jericho deserves it for what he put Eric Bischoff through, he should have NEVER crossed the boss J.R. Shawn Michaels is STILL learning that and by god, Batista WILL learn that come Summerslam. Tonight? Tonight was a sneak preview of what’s in store come August 21st!!

We end the show with a shot of a smirking Bischoff heading up the ramp, Kane looking intent at the damage he’s done and Edge clutching his MITB briefcase, snarling at Jericho before we see a dejected Shawn Michaels who is also looking at Y2J, fallen and flat out in the centre of the ring, Michaels then appears to mouth ‘I’m sorry’ again as the camera fades to black.

Date: 21st August 2005
Location: Washington DC

Current Summerslam Card:

World Heavyweight Championship:
Special Guest Referee
: Shawn Michaels
Batista(c) vs Kane

If Ric Flair loses he must retire:
Christian w/Tomko vs Ric Flair

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

No time to give a full review but i must say that all the storylines in this are extremley compelling and your promo work is impecable. you perfectly capture the characters in their words. Bravo my friend, bravo.


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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Y2J is welcomed to hell; Three week Tag Team Title treat!

Coming out of Raw, we were left with yet another sickening ploy from Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff being put into play as Chris Jericho succumbed to the evil boss’ ways. This resulted in the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla being left beaten and battered at the hands of his current rival Edge as well as the Big Red Machine Kane and much to the horror of fans worldwide, even Shawn Michaels joined in on the act, although the Heartbreak Kid had absolutely no choice but to comply with the General Manager’s orders.

Jericho was facing Kane in a No Disqualifications match with Michaels placed as the Special Guest Referee, under severe pressure to do the right thing, well, the right thing in Eric Bischoff’s eyes that was. Jericho would apply the Walls of Jericho on Kane, only for Edge to come from nowhere and deliver a sickening shot to the back of Jericho’s head with his Money in the Bank briefcase, leaving Jericho laid out cold. The damage was not done there however and Kane would lay into Y2J, adding to his woes by delivering a devastating chokeslam. As Shawn Michaels went to count the pinfall, he would be stopped in his tracks by Bischoff who demanded that Shawn himself finish Jericho off and Michaels begrudgingly did just that, smashing Jericho’s head off his shoulders with Sweet Chin Music. Coming off of this, we here at wwe.com have learned that Jericho did NOT suffer any severe injuries and WILL be on Raw next week and it is certainly thought that Jericho will address what happened this past week and will also want to address Shawn Michaels.

Also, following all the recent run ins, ambushes and attacks in the tag team division, Eric Bischoff has decided enough is enough and made a HUGE decision regarding the World Tag Team titles. Four teams have been battling it out since all the way back before Vengeance, right through to where we are today and we have learned that next week and the following two weeks afterwards, the tag titles WILL be defended as all three recent challenging teams will get their opportunities at the gold in straight up two on two match ups.

This coming week on Raw, the champions, the Dudley Boyz will put their titles on the line against the dangerous duo of the Basham Brothers. The following week, whoever the champions may be will put their titles up for grabs again, this time against the Arabian Entity duo, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari. Once again, whoever walks out of that one with the belts in hand will place have to place them on the line the following week against the cocky, undefeated, young team of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth, the Platform to Perfection. Who will walk out of next week’s Raw with the gold? But more importantly, who will walk out on top come the end of all this? It will certainly be a massive three weeks in store for Monday Night Raw and it’s tag team division, which is sure to be shaken up by these big time match ups

Just wanted to get some notes out there. Smackdown preview to come soon, maybe not til next week however. Would really love any comments for Raw in the meantime, as I’d really like to hear people’s opinions, what they like/don’t like about how things are shaping up heading towards Summerslam.

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 15/7/05- Phoenix, Arizona

We are now less than two weeks away from Smackdown’s next Pay Per View offering, The Great American Bash and this week the stars of Friday night will head to Phoenix as the race for the WWE Championship continues to heat up. A huge main event has been signed by General Manager Teddy Long that will pit the Legend Killer Randy Orton against fellow title challenger John Bradshaw Layfield.

Orton has been on Layfield’s heels ever since he was ambushed backstage several weeks ago, with the Legend Killer believing Layfield to be one of two prime suspects along with Kurt Angle. Orton has since gotten a small measure of payback on Angle, however he has yet to strike down the Wall Street Warrior. On Smackdown this week, Orton gets that opportunity but it is also an opportunity for Bradshaw who alongside Orlando Jordan scored a huge win last week in the Fatal 4 Way Tag Team match up, involving all four WWE title participants come the Bash. Another win this Friday for JBL would see the momentum really on his side as we head to Buffalo in just nine nights.

Also confirmed to compete this week is another WWE title participant at the Bash and that man is Kurt Angle. Angle once again got heated last week with the WWE Champion John Cena and you have to wonder whether these two will be kept apart ahead of the Pay Per View. Angle will be in action against another title contender for the Bash, the United States title number one contender, Matt Hardy. A win tonight for Hardy would no doubt be potentially the biggest of his career and give him a huge confidence boost ahead of his showdown with Orlando Jordan in Buffalo. Kurt Angle will not want to suffer any kind of blip though before getting his WWE Title opportunity so this one will no doubt be hotly contested. Who will come out on top? And who will take a big step towards championship gold at the Bash?

The WWE Tag Team Champions will also be in action as Mercury and Nitro take on Super Crazy and Psicosis of the Mexicools!! MNM have continued to one up their rivals Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam in recent weeks and as the time ticks down heading towards the Bash, another win here for the champions may well be the final nail in the coffin of their veteran opponents confidence. The Mexicools have too been on a roll, however that came to an end last week as Crazy and Psicosis were defeated by the Pitbulls, Jamie Noble and Kid Kash. Kash and Noble have come to the aid of Chris Masters of late in dealing with his and the Mexicools issues. Will Masters and his companions have any say in the outcome tonight or will the Mexicools fly high once again?

The Hurricane will also be in action this Friday night as he takes on Brian Kendrick in a big time Cruiserweight contest. Hurricane has promised Paul London that he will not listen to anything Chavo Guerrero says and he will not take on board anything Chavo Guerrero does in trying to turn his fortunes around ahead of their championship bout at the Bash. London, who defeated Hurricane at the Smackdown: Night of Champions special has issued Hurricane a rematch for the Bash, on the condition that they do things the right way. Will we see any change in Hurricane’s opinion tonight or will Friday night’s resident superhero stick to his principles?

The ongoing saga between Booker T, Rhyno and Carlito will deepen this Friday also as we have learned that Booker will kick off Smackdown and will call out his former friend, the Man Beast, Rhyno. Rhyno has in recent weeks turned on his friend, citing that Booker was taking his opportunities and keeping him out of the spotlight. Rhyno has vowed to no longer let that be the case and he will take action on whoever steps in his way, right now those two men are the former WCW Champion and the Apple Spitter. Will Rhyno listen to what Booker has to say this Friday night? What exactly will Booker have on his mind to dish out at his one time close friend? And will Carlito show his face, having backed down from both men in recent weeks? It will no doubt be a combustible situation

Confirmed for Smackdown:

Randy Orton vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

WWE Tag Team Champions MNM vs. The Mexicools; Super Crazy and Psicosis

Kurt Angle vs. Matt Hardy

The Hurricane vs. Brian Kendrick


We will hear from Booker T

Just a warning, the matches aren’t going to be the best for this one as I’ve been working on the PPV and it’s burnt me out a little, so keeping it pretty simple here. Show should be up middle of the week.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

I'll just drop in a few comments for you, cp

Raw Review

Although I feel that the announcements of both Flair vs Christian and Batista vs Kane for Summerslam were a little premature, due to the fact that The Great American Bash hasn't even came around yet. But you've solved the Batista/Kane situation well, as Kane can be busy helping Bischoff whilst Batista recovers from his injuries. This leaves you a lot of time to build Christian/Flair, and I think that we'll probably be seeing Edge/Jericho again at Summerslam as well, so I think if you want to push Christian into the title mix after Summerslam, he HAS to beat Ric Flair, as much as I thought the match itself could have been announced at least two weeks after it was, so far you have done brilliantly in making this rivalry between Christian and Flair relevant in the show. Giving Christian the opening slot really emphasised that you're testing the waters with him and seeing if he'll be able to cut it as one of the top guys on the show. The segment itself was very good I thought, as Anderson was able to hold his own for the most part, but I think most would assume that it was going to go down like it did, but this was good, as it does add a decent amount of fuel to the fire.

The small interaction from Flair and Anderson after the commercial was good. Flair promising revenge will only mean well for the rest of the show, as this isn't all we're going to see from these two tonight.

A nice showing of solidarity from TWGTT, but you can't help but feel that the seeds of doubt are now started to be being planted in Charlie's head, and maybe once Shelton gets his hands on that Intercontinental Championship (I think that will happen at Summerslam), and Shelton then becomes occupied by trying to KEEP the gold, that is when the cracks in the relationship between the team mates will start to show, and I'd like if Charlie maybe COST Shelton the championship, and it is dropped back to Hassan or someone else, say Jindrak or Mr Kennedy, instead of Charlie eventually challenging Benjamin for it instead, which is the route Legend has gone down. But I think it would be a fresh angle for Haas and Benjamin to feud without the gold being involved. But a good interview nonetheless, and we now know the motives of both men, so it did what it needed to do.

A good tag match, between two teams trying to gain a shot at The Dudleyz. It was good to see that The Bashams got some offence in, as many would have expected POP to get the win, which is what it seemed like they were on the brink of achieving. Having The Entity get involved was a good way to create some rifts between the different teams, and the The Dudleyz come down. Here we have the four teams competing over the next three weeks, and I think an issue you've created is that we can pretty much guess that The Dudleyz will retain against The Bashams, and also against The Entity, but the last match in the series is the one that I'm troubling with, as on one hand you've got the young team that some may see to not be ready for gold yet, but on the other, you'd have basically buried 3 teams with The Dudleys. Maybe I'm wrong, and The Entity will win, but I do see The champions or The Entity leaving with the gold at the end of the series. Maybe saying that The Bashams have been coming out to "nothing reactions" should warrant them not deserving a title match? Could just be me nitpicking haha.

You're very good at writing Maria we didn't see some of her trademark silliness here, but you've written it well in other shows. I also got a little feel of the Old Spice adds when Nemeth told Maria to look at each of them . Jokes aside, this was a good interview, and the cockiness and brashness of The POP came across well, and this has set the wheels in motion for a match or maybe a series of matches between these two and The Entity, but with both teams being heel, we could see these two maybe turning into tweeners? Not sure they're characters would suit babyface just yet.

Ahhh! A great win for Charlie Haas! I like the new options you've given yourself now, and we could now see CHARLIE HAAS taking the gold off of Hassan, and Benjamin being the heel in the situation between the two partners. I can see how it would work either way, but the bottom line is that Hassan is in trouble, and I obviously can't wait for him to get what is coming to him.

FINALLY!!!! As much as I like everything else, Eric Bischoff is my favourite thing about your BTB. He is just such a dick! So many people (myself included) have tried to write characters that are just hated, and Bischoff is an easy one to make people hate, but the way you have gone around it is fantastic. Picking on the top three faces on Raw is a good move, and I hope this Shawn Michaels storyline continues for a good few months, as it has the makings of becoming the thing that people will remember this thread for. You've managed to convey HBK's conflicting emotions brilliantly, and he knows that he has to do everything Bischoff says, but it is so clear that he doesn't want to! The way Bischoff is portrayed here is that he would actually put HBK in the hospital with Batista if he didn't get him a coffee, and you know you've made a good heel in BTB when the readers actually have a feeling of dislike towards him, and God I can't wait for his comeuppance, but I am enjoying seeing Bischoff at the height of his power here, and long may it continue over the summer months.

A good showing from Jindrak, and he is certainly one of your high points on Raw, as a guy that I don't think I've seen pushed in a BTB before, but you've got him in a solid program with Big Show. I like that Christian made his expected appearance, and that Jindrak helped with the post-match beatdown, allowing Show to come and make the save. I think this match was good to progress along two feuds at once, and gives Jindrak a big rub by being able to go toe to toe with The Nature Boy.

Bischoff. It seems that maybe after Jericho, Big Show could be the next man in line for Bischoff's games, and I wouldn't mind seeing that actually, could lead to a 10 man tag or something at Survivor Series. I liked Michaels here, as he actually went along with Bischoff's plans, and that is something that can add a new dynamic to any angles involving Michaels and the other faces that Bischoff decides to pick on.

I liked this Edge interview, and I can't wait for him and Jericho to lock horns, and put this feud to rest, hopefully with Edge coming out on top. A gimmick match to end it at Summerslam maybe? I really liked the closing line here, and this could become a little catchphrase for Edge.

LITA!! After weeks of Victoria just decimating everyone, finally someone who could now prove a challenge. I've actually enjoyed this warpath that Victoria has been on, and I think maybe she'll be over as the legit Diva if she can keep the championship despite Lita's presence.

Todd Grisham trying to interview Kane This was a good piece from Kane, as I thought we should have heard from at least one of the main event competitors before the actual match. Kane is looking like a large threat to Batista at Summerslam at the moment, and the Main Event proved it, even before everyone else started to get involved. I don't know how many times I can say it, but Bischoff is such an amazing character in this thread! I need a nickname for him... Dickoff or something, because he just has everything going his way at the moment, and it seems that there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Jericho would have had a real claim had he gone on to win the match, but the ending itself was the moment that defined the show; it proved that Dickoff (Last time I'll say that ) has complete control over Shawn Michaels and the fallout from this is going to be insane with Jericho I'm sure wanting to get some revenge on Michaels.

Great show once again man! This is becoming one of the big threads on this section, plus you are one of the most active members, it is great to see you take an interest in other people's shows as much as you do. Anyway, you've done a fantastic job here, the moments that stuck out to me in particular were the opening segment and the little Bischoff bits in between the shows. You're doing a good job of building new guys, and the road to Summerslam is a long one, but you've made a roaring start. Well done
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 15/7/05- Phoenix, Arizona

Opening video and pyro hits as we are welcomed to another hotly anticipated edition of Friday Night Smackdown!!

Michael Cole: Good evening everybody and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown!! I’m Michael Cole alongside Tazz and we are less than TWO weeks away from The Great American Bash and tonight a HUGE main event in store as we come to you from Phoenix, Arizona!

Tazz: Cole, this one is gonna be off the charts. Randy Orton, one on one wit’ JBL here tonight, BIG time main event.

Michael Cole: Indeed, Randy Orton gets the chance to get his hands on the self proclaimed Wrestling God, one of the men he believes attacked him backstage several weeks ago. Big opportunity at payback for the Legend Killer here tonight.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole, can’t wait for that one.

Michael Cole: Also tonight, following his return to Smackdown last week, Matt Hardy will once more be in action here this evening in what could be the toughest test for him to date as he takes on the Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle!

Tazz: Huge match up Cole, for both men. Both of these guys need some momentum headin’ into the Bash and tonight they try to gain just that. Whoever wins this one is gonna be rollin’ towards Buffalo baby.

‘Can you dig it? Suckaaaaa’

Big pop greets the music of Booker T who comes out wearing a shirt and trousers, looking excited to be here, smiling and delivering high fives to the fans, despite his altercations with Carlito and Rhyno in recent weeks

Michael Cole
: Well it’s been a rough couple of weeks, a rough couple of months infact for this man, Booker T. The five time WCW champion has been stuck dealing with Carlito but as of late, Rhyno, a man Booker has been friends with for so long has well, he’s put friendship to one side and he’s been taking out Booker T, something that hasn’t sat well with Booker.

Tazz: For sure Cole. Booker and Rhyno, they were long time friends, they had each other’s backs but Booker’s cost Rhyno on too many occasions now Cole, accidental or not, Rhyno’s been losin’ matches because of it and he’s had enough, I don’t blame ‘im y‘know.

Michael Cole: Well both men’s issues come because of Carlito and we learned this week that Teddy Long has made a major match for The Great American Bash that will hopefully solve all of this. Booker T will meet Carlito and Rhyno in a Triple threat match. All three men get what they want come the Bash.

Booker has a mic and acknowledges the strong crowd response.

Booker T: I ain’t uh.. I ain’t one to come out here and start yakking on about stuff none of y’all got any interest in hearin’ but tonight’s a little bit different so if y’all could bare wit’ me on dis one.

Booker scratches his chin.

Booker T: See the past couple of weeks things ain’t been goin’ the way I planned it. Infact, things ain’t been goin’ the way I planned for quite some time now but these past couple o’ weeks, they really got to me and they got to me because I ain’t expected it. I ain’t expected it at all. There ain’t been no cheap shots by some PUNK like Carlito.

Nice response for Booker’s insult.

Booker T: I ain’t been screwed over by a guy like him, a guy that e’rybody sittin’ in this arena, dat e’rybody at home, e’rybody in the back knows would screw me, would screw anybody over to get what dey want. But dat ain’t happened. Naw, see what has happened is I have been cheap shotted and I have been screwed over but it’s been by somebody who believe it or not I thought I could call a friend, a guy I thought had my back, who looked out for me, who was on my side. I’m talkin’ about da ‘Man Beast’, I’m talkin’ about Rhyno.

Heat immediately for the mention of Rhyno.

Booker T: Me and Rhyno we been tight for a long time but these past couple of weeks, something inside o’ him has just… just…snapped. But I don’t want y’all to get things twisted. See I know him, I know he ain’t da type to just go ‘head and take a backseat, dat ain’t the way he works. But the both o’ us had the same problem, we still got the same problem and dat problem is Carlito.

More heat, this time for Carly.

Booker T: Carlito’s the type ‘a guy who likes to talk a lot, likes to run his mouth but when it comes down to business? He don’t wanna know. When it comes down to my business wit’ him, when it comes down to Rhyno’s business wit’ him, he will use any and e’ry excuse to get outta harm’s way but dat? Dat ain’t gon’ happen anymore ‘cos in less than two weeks from tonight at The Great American Bash, Carlito ain’t got nowhere to run, he ain’t got nowhere to hide.

Booker shakes his head as the fans pop a little.

Booker T: At the Bash, it’s gon’ be Booker T up against Rhyno, up against Carlito in a Triple Threat Match and believe me on dis one, we’ gon’ settle dis thing once and for all. Carlito’s been getting in my business ever since Judgment Day, he claims dat he wanted to ‘help’ me, dat he wanted to ‘turn my career around‘, to find da ‘old Booker T. Well I got news for Carlito, I don’t need help from ANYBODY, I don’t need to turn my career around and I DAMN sure don’t need to find da old Booker T.

Nice pop.

Booker T: Cos lemme tell y’all, da Booker T ya lookin’ at right here in da middle of dis ring is the best Booker T you gon’ see. Now I may not have been winnin’ a whole lot lately but it ain’t cos I’ve lost a step. Da ONLY reason I ain’t been winnin’ a whole lot lately is cos of Carlito and he knows, he knows dat when I get my hands on him at the Bash, I’m gon’ BEAT dat sucka’s ass all over Buffalo, New York.

Very nice pop here for an amped up Booker T.

Booker T: And I’ll tell y’all someth…

‘Man Beast’

Booker’s eyes open wide as the music of Rhyno hits and down comes the Man Beast, dressed to compete, with the audience not sure how to react with the Master of the Gore making his way down ringside.

Michael Cole: Well this uh…this could be quite the confrontation partner.

Tazz: Cole that’s an understatement right there. Rhyno and Booker, long time friends, torn apart by this whole thing with Carlito, we may get some answers here from Rhyno. Answers that I’m bettin’ Booker T is desperate to know.

Rhyno takes a mic from Tony Chimel and the crowd boos the Man Beast as Booker crosses his arms, waiting to hear what Rhyno has to say.

Rhyno: Booker, Booker, Booker. I uhhh. I thought I explained it well enough for everybody, I thought that I had made things crystal clear for you to understand but apparently I was wrong.

Booker seems to say ‘What the hell you talkin’ bout?’

Rhyno: I explained exactly why I did what I did to you Book. You wanna come out here and you wanna give your explanation to these people? You wanna give your side of the story? Well your explanation, your side to all this is a whole lot further from the truth than you think.

Rhyno tosses his hair a little bit.

Rhyno: There is some truth to what you’re sayin’ though, I’ll give ya that. Truth is, I don’t like Carlito, I hate EVERYTHING he represents.

Little pop.

Rhyno: This whole thing between me and you, it did start because of Carlito, yeah it did but Book, Carlito’s not the reason why I hit you with the Gore a couple weeks back. He is NOT the reason why I came after you again last week. YOU are the cause of this Booker and you know DAMN WELL WHY!

Rhyno’s aggression is evident now.

Booker T: MY FAULT? Tell me….you didn’t…. just…say that.

Booker looks speechless as Rhyno nods.

Rhyno: You’re DAMN right I did Booker. This is all because of you, it’s your fault I attacked you last week and it’s your fault that there is NO way back from all o’ this. Me and you, we used to be friends you‘re right, I used to have your back man but now? Now that just ain’t gonna happen, not today, not tomorrow, NEVER again and it’s because you’re so…so fixated Book, that’s right, you are fixated on one thing, just one thing and that one thing is you.

Heat for the Man Beast.

Rhyno: All you think about is what’s good for Booker T. You don’t care what’s good for me, you don’t care about any of these people, I know that for a fact. All you look out for is number one and I ain’t takin’ it no more Book.

Rhyno shakes his head.

Rhyno: You couldn’t let me have my moment could ya? You couldn’t let me have my chance, my shot at takin’ that punk Carlito and teachin’ him a lesson. You couldn’t take it because you couldn’t stand to see me succeed where you failed coulda ya Book?

Book mouths ‘Naw’.

Rhyno: Carlito beat you at Judgment Day. Carlito has dealt with you on more than one occasion but me? Carlito had never gotten the better of me, one on one, man to man inside this ring. He never had, that was….until you came along. You came down to that ring and you smashed me over the skull with one of those steel chairs down there (Rhyno motions over to the chairs). YOU did that Booker and at that moment, at that very moment I realised that I can’t sit back and let you do to my career what your doin’ to your own and that is SEEING IT GO DOWN THE DRAIN!

Rhyno is FIRED up here as the crowd boos the shit out of him.

Booker T: My career goin’ down da drain? MY CAREER’S GOIN’ DOWN DA DRAIN? You got some nerve comin’ out wit’ something’ like dat dawg, a REAL nerve, Lemme, just lemme put something out dere for ya right now. You wanna talk about careers goin’ down da drain, you wanna talk about havin’ at sit back, bein’ held back. YOU ain’t been held back from NOTHIN’and you ain’t HAD to sit back dawg, you’ve CHOSE to sit back.

Rhyno seems to say ‘That’s not true’.

Booker T: You were in Eee See Dubya for a couple years man, you were like, you were dis…dis dominant, unstoppable, out of control ‘Man… Beast’. Dat nickname was as fittin’ as dey come man, you held da Eee See Dubya World Title. Dat ain’ no easy feat but since you came here, since you came to the Dubya Dubya Eee, you ain’t done a DAMN THING man.

Ooooohs from the crowd.

Booker T: You ain’t been held back by nobody, look atcha man. (Booker eyes Rhyno up and down) Where’s da dominant, unstoppable ‘Man…Beast’ dat tore up Eee See Dubya? Where’s he at? Where’s he hidin? Cos y’all been here for four years now, we came to dis company da exact same time and in those four years I AIN’T SEEN DA MAN BEAST, I AIN’T SEEN HIM, NOT FOR ONE SECOND!

Booker is the one worked up now.

Booker T: I’ve won da Tag titles, I’ve won da Intercontinental title, I’ve MAIN EVENTED Wrestlemania dawg but YOU?? YOU AIN’T DONE JACK AND YA GOT NOBODY, AIN’T NOBODY TO BLAME BUT YAS….

BAM!!! Rhyno smashes Booker T out of nowhere with the microphone before unloading with more mic shots to the head of a helpless Booker as he’s drowned in heat from the fans. Rhyno eventually gives in, holding Booker’s head up, looking firmly into the eyes of Booker, baring a menacing grin on his face before dropping Booker’s head back down to the mat and taking a glance at the damage he’s done tonight.

Michael Cole: Rhy…R…Rhyno has just…just LOST it Tazz!! Rhyno has SNAPPED and Booker T is feeling every ounce of it here tonight! Booker T doesn’t deserve this!!

Tazz: Man oh man Cole. A few home truths have lit the fuse inside the Man Beast baby and I think we’ve just witnessed dat unstoppable, dominant force that Booker T described to us earlier and he’s standin’ right in front of us. Rhyno ain’t sittin’ back no more. At the Bash, if I’m Booker T, if I’m Carlito right now, I’m runnin’ scared.

Rhyno exit’s the ring to ‘You Suck’ chants, not showing any remorse for his vicious attack here on Booker T. The camera then heads to the back where we see Carlito watching on a monitor, Lito looks very, VERY concerned here that the Man Beast has indeed been awakened and that he may be heading for Carlito next.


We return and immediately head back to ringside to hear…

‘Sliced Bread’

And out steps Brian Kendrick to a nothing pop from the crowd.

Michael Cole: Well it’s been a chaotic start to Friday Night Smackdown already with Rhyno yet again ambushing Booker T for just-for NO apparent reason. Booker T is gonna get his revenge Tazz, I’ve got no doubts about it, this whole thing with both Rhyno AND Carlito has seen Booker robbed time and again. At the Bash, something’s gotta give for Booker T.

Tazz: I don’t know Cole. Maybe Rhyno’s right, maybe Carlito’s right, maybe Booker’s career really is goin’ down the drain. Maybe Booker is holdin’ these guys back. Gonna be a heck of a battle at the Bash though baby, that’s the one thing you can bank on.

Michael Cole: Well back to the action here tonight and a real opportunity for Brian Kendrick here as he will take on the number one contender to the Cruiserweight title, The Hurricane. A win here for Kendrick could be a HUGE moment in this young man’s career.

‘Stand Back, there’s a Hurricane comin’ thru’

It’s a nice pop that greets Friday night’s resident superhero as The Hurricane soars out, set for action.

Michael Cole: It was confirmed last week that Hurricane will indeed get another shot at Paul London and the Cruiserweight title at the Bash after Hurricane promised London that Chavo Guerrero would not get inside his head, not now and not before July 24th rolls round. Chavo has been trying for several weeks to convince Hurricane that he can be the man to transform his career, that he can help him leave The Hurricane behind and that Gregory Helms is the man to bring home the Cruiserweight title. It would appear that Hurricane is having none of it though come The Great American Bash and that he wants to do this the right way.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. Hurricane wants to do this thing fair and square but ya gotta believe he’s thought long and hard about Chavo’s proposal, about Chavo offerin’ his help. That ain’t something ya can just turn down like that Cole, especially after Hurricane already lost to London back at Night of Champions.

Michael Cole: Well I don’t think Hurricane’s that kinda guy Tazz and I’m mightily relieved that we’re gonna get to see that rematch at The Great American Bash.

Match One: Singles Match

The Hurricane vs. Brian Kendrick

It’s a relatively even opening few minutes as Hurricane looks to make his mark and build some momentum before his big chance at the Bash. Hurricane scores a very early near fall following a beautiful vertical suplex after wearing down Kendrick with some right hands and stiff kicks to the ribs. Kendrick though comes close to a bit of an upset as he catches Hurricane off guard with a schoolboy at which Hurricane kicks out at two and a half.

The two men continue to evenly battle, displaying some nice moves for the crowd, particularly Kendrick who shows off his high flying style, taking Hurricane down with a springboard moonsault! Kendrick goes in for the cover but it’s another near fall with Hurricane kicking out at two and three quarters this time. We then see Chavo Guerrero walking down to the ring, taking a close look at the the man he’s been trying to ‘help’ of late, Hurricane’s fortunes here.

The turning point in the match comes as Kendrick whips Hurricane into the turnbuckle and charges at him but Hurricane dodges it and Kendrick eats the turnbuckle. Hurricane then seizes control as he takes Kendrick down with a running knee to the temple! Kendrick falls to the mat and Hurricane heads up top, FLYING ELBOW, NO! Kendrick gets his knees up!! Hurricane falls away, clutching his arm as Kendrick stumbles to his feet and charges at Hurricane but he’s caught round the throat!! Hurrichokeslam connects!! Cover, 1..2..3, he got him!!

Winner: The Hurricane(7:06)

Michael Cole: A big win for Hurricane here tonight Tazz and do ya think the message was sent to Chavo Guerrero here tonight? Do you think the message was sent to Paul London here tonight? That message being that Hurricane doesn’t need anybody’s help, he CAN do this on his own come the Bash.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Y’look at Chavo there applauding, actually applauding Hurricane here tonight, maybe his opinion’s changed after what he‘s just seen. Huge win though for Hurricane right there.

We see Hurricane’s hand raised by the referee with Chavo Guerrero still watching on applauding before letting out a little, sinister grin with Hurricane looking on at him.

We then cut backstage where we join Josh Matthews for the first time tonight.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, joining me at this time, the WWE Champion, John Cena.

Cena appears into shot and is greeted with a strong pop from the crowd. Cena’s got a smile on his face, wearing his usual t-shirt and jean shorts.

Josh Matthews: John we’re less than two weeks away now from The Great American Bash where you will defend your WWE title against not just one but three men in a Fatal 4 Way match. For several weeks now Kurt Angle has been claiming that you’re afraid of him, that you don’t want anything to do with him and last week for the first time since, we saw the two of you come to blows with Kurt himself coming out on top. With that in mind, I have to ask, are you at all afraid of Kurt Angle and what he’s capable of and do you believe he is your biggest threat come the Bash?

John Cena: Josh people who know me by now, you bein’ one of ‘em, should know that I’m not afraid of anybody. Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, Batista, I don’t care who it is, you name ‘em and I’ll tick ‘em off cos I’m not afraid of and I don’t back down… from anybody.

Decent pop.

John Cena: Kurt Angle may’ve gotten the better of me last week but that don’t mean a damn thing and you wanna know why? It doesn’t mean anything because Kurt Angle, well Kurt Angle does NOT hold this.

Cena holds out the WWE Title.

John Cena: Kurt Angle hasn’t got his hands on this, Kurt Angle isn’t the one sittin’ on top of the food chain around here. I am.

Nice pop again for the champ.

John Cena: And that right there is why one week, one night of Kurt Angle getting the better of me doesn’t count a dime because until he beats me in the middle of that ring, until he holds this, takes this WWE title away from me then his claims mean absolutely nothing.

Cena pulls a confused kind of face.

John Cena: As far as Kurt being my biggest threat goes, that claim, well that claim could very well be true Josh. I ain’t gonna stand here and say Kurt Angle’s not a threat, that Kurt Angle can’t win this title at the Bash because he is a threat and he could very well walk outta Buffalo holdin’ this. BUT, he needs to realise that there’s three other guys in that match up. He needs to realise that there are three guys who are just as focused, just as determined, just as motivated as he is to walk out with this around their waist.

Cena again points at the title belt.

John Cena: As far as I’m concerned, well, people know exactly what I’m gonna give. Absolutely nothing less than one hundred percent comes from me, I give it all I got every time I step inside that ring and you can bet your ass that come the Bash Kurt’s gonna find that out first hand because this? This ain’t bein’ taken away from me lightly.

Again Cena points at his prized possession.

John Cena: Randy Orton is as talented as they come, he ain’t the youngest World champion in history for no reason Josh. The kid can go and he’s gonna fight with all he’s got to take this away from me in two weeks time.

Cena nods his head as a few cheer and a few boo for those words.

John Cena: And then there’s…

? And then there’s me Johnny boy.

Into the shot comes the Wrestling God himself, John Bradshaw Layfield to immediate heat.

John Bradshaw Layfield: There is me, the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smack..down history. There is me, the only true American hero. There is me, a living, breathing WRESLTINGGGGGGG GAWDDDD. There is J…B…L.

Layfield then lets out a wry smile as the fans shit all over him and Cena smirks somewhat.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Me and you Cena, we don’t-we don’t tend to agree on a lotta things now do we? But, I do agree with you on what you just said, I really do. Kurt Angle is NOT your biggest threat at The Great American Bash, infact he’s not even close to it.

Layfield screws his face up a little bit now.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Where I do disagree with ya Cena is in your, your crazy belief that there isn’t-there isn’t a standout, there isn’t a clear cut threat to your championship, that we’re just all equal in your book right?

JBL then turns to an intense look.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Wrong. I am the standout, I am the clear cut threat to that championship, to my championship.

John Cena: Your championship? The uh- the championship that I beat you for? The championship that I beat you to retain? That championship?

John Bradshaw Layfield
: Don’t play smart with me Cena, you and I, we both know that on each of those occasions it was a freakin’ miracle you walked out with that title in your hand.

Boos for Bradshaw as Cena can’t help but laugh at the claims.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Oh, go ahead laugh it off but incase ya missed it, it was I who won that tag team match last week, it was I who BEAT your pathetic excuse of a partner and it was I who landed the first blow because last week is gonna sit, it‘s gonna fester inside your mind, inside Kurt’s mind, inside Randy’s mind and tonight? Tonight the second blow is landed when I knock off that cocky, loudmouth, punk Orton and show him, show you, show EVRYBODY why I am the only candidate to walk out of Buffalo as the WWE Champion.

Big heat for JBL here as Cena’s facial expression turns serious.

John Cena: You know, there’s a lotta similarities between you and Kurt Angle y’know that? You both like to make a lot of claims, make grand statements. Kurt claims I’m runnin’ scared of him, you claim you’re the only ‘candidate’ to win the Fatal 4 Way. But, just like Kurt those claims you make, those statements you make, are a complete and utter sack of crap.

Nice pop for the champion there.

John Cena: You may have won the tag team match last week but at the Bash, it’s a whole different ball game. There ain’t gonna be eight men runnin’ round tearin’ each other’s heads off. It’s gonna be four guys all DEAD SET on capturing this WWE Championship and you can’t just sneak through the back door like ya did last week, na uh, no way cos we’re ALL gonna be gunnin’ for you.

Small pop.

John Cena: You ain’t got Orlando Jordan to do your dirty work for ya, at the Bash you gotta do things on your own and lately? Well, lately you ain’t been doin’ too damn well with that have ya?

A few oooohs as Bradshaw looks a little insulted.

John Bradshaw Layfield: How dare you? How DARE YOU talk to me like that Cena? I DO NOT deserve to be spoken to by some-by some PUNK like you in that way. Would you talk to Muhammad Ali like that after he lost to Joe Frazier? Would you talk to Michael Jordan like that after he lost the NBA Play off final? NO! No you would not and I- J..B..L belong in that very same category of the most elite athletes in American history. Defeats, setbacks, blips, they happen, they occur but all greats, all legends of their field, they bounce back and they respond to adversity in the only way they know how and at The Great American Bash I will do exactly the same and I will once again become… WWE Champion.

Huge heat for that obscene comparison.

John Cena: You, you really are something aren’t ya? You don’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as those guys. You don’t deserve to be spoken to like that by me? Well here’s a crazy idea, how about try earning some respect around here? You may have been the WWE Champion, you may have held this title belt for longer than ANYBODY in Smackdown history but you ain’t got ONE ounce of respect, not from me and not from anybody sittin’ in the back.

Bradshaw again looks baffled by Cena’s claims.

John Cena: You want to be treated like the god that you claim to be, you start by goin’ out there tonight and provin’ to me, provin’ to EVRYBODY that you can do things on your own, that you can get the job done on your own when you take on Randy Orton. You do that? Maybe then, just maybe, you’ll earn the respect you’re lookin’ for.

Cena then heads off to a decent pop as JBL shakes his head looking stunned by Cena’s ‘lack of respect’ once again as he takes off his hat in disgust.


We return and head back ringside to hear…

‘Final Force’

The music of Rene Dupree hits and out come he and his tag team partner, Kenzo Suzuki, the two men who will take on Bobby Lashley at the Bash. The pair come down to the ring, all set for action with the fans giving them a small dose of heat.

Michael Cole: Well in less than two weeks we will see whether these two men’s claims are gonna be revealed true or whether Bobby Lashley will quash them as Dupree and Suzuki will take on the ‘Real Deal’ and these two men firmly believe they can knock off the undefeated Lashley.

Tazz: They got every right to feel confident, it’s two against one Cole and these two ain’t no joke in that ring. Dupree and Suzuki are incredibly talented, the only problem? So is Bobby Lashley. Lashley’s just a freak of nature and at the Bash we’ll get a first hand look at exactly why.

Dupree and Suzuki’s opponent is inside the ring and it’s some poor local jobber who’s about to get squashed by the foreign duo here. Dupree lets out a little smirk as he sees who awaits them inside the squared circle whilst Suzuki’s facial expression doesn’t change as usual.

Match Two: Two on One Handicap Match

Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki vs. Local Jobber

It’s a standard squash match as Dupree and Suzuki show off all the moves in their arsenal to tear apart this young kid. Dupree is the legal man from the get go and takes his time before finally making a move and taking down his opponent with a double leg take down before wearing down the rookie with some big right hands, followed by some stomps before a sleeper hold as the final blow.

Dupree releases the hold however and drags his opponent’s lifeless body over to his corner, tagging in Suzuki who picks up where his partner left off and obliterates the jobber, knocking his head off with right hands before dropping him with a vicious backbreaker. Into the cover, 1..2..3..NO, SUZUKI BREAKS THE PIN! The crowd boos the actions of Suzuki who wants to continue the punishment and whips the jobber into the corner before dropping him with a running clothesline.

Suzuki then tags in once again Dupree who immediately drops the youngster with a thunderous DDT before grinning like a Cheshire cat and finishing off the youngster with a Death Valley Driver, cover, 1..2..3

Winners: Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki(3:00)

Michael Cole: Statement made from Dupree and Suzuki here tonight. An emphatic victory over this poor young kid and…. oh now come on, enough’s enough. What-what is this about?

We see Dupree and Suzuki continue their assault on this unfortunate jobber with the fans booing their actions. Dupree motions for Suzuki to pick him up and set him up for something big here. The Japanese superstar does so and this poor kid is primed for another battering here but the fans soon rise to their feet as shock, horror Bobby Lashley comes charging down the ramp, sights set on his Great American Bash opponents!!

Michael Cole: Here comes..BOBBY LASHLEY!!

Lashley storms the ring and takes down Suzuki from the waist and begins hammering away to a big pop from the crowd but Dupree enters the fray and begins to stomp away at Lashley.

Tazz: The numbers game Cole, this is Lashley’s problem come the Bash.

Dupree has Lashley right where he wants him as Suzuki picks himself up and begins to join his partner in attempting to take out the Dominator. Dupree smashes Lashley with right hands as Suzuki holds him upright. Lashley kicks out but it’s no use as Dupree lays him out with another big right hand before Dupree lands a LOW BLOW!! Dupree kicks Lashley right where it hurts as the undefeated machine crumbles to the mat. Suzuki then begins to stomp away at the back of Lashley’s neck.

Michael Cole: A low blow from Rene Dupree!! How low can these two guys get?! Lashley’s in trouble here.

Suzuki continues his offense as Dupree steps through the ropes and the French Phenom grabs a steel chair with the fans beginning to feel some concern for their favourite Lashley here. Dupree motions for Suzuki to bring Lashley up and his partner complies with Lashley seemingly in real trouble right about now. Lashley tries to wriggle free but Suzuki pushes him forward slightly and DUPREE LAYS HIM OUT WITH A SICKENING CHAIR SHOT!!

Michael Cole: Oh c’mon, somebody stop this!! Bobby Lashley is- Bobby Lashley’s defenceless!!

Tazz: The Real Deal, the Dominator. Cole, Dupree and Suzuki may just have put a stop to the ‘unstoppable force’. Brutal shot by Dupree there, Lashley may be out cold, the kid might need some help out here.

Dupree then mouths something in French as the fans shit all over the duo as they exit the ring, Dupree smiling about his work here and Suzuki remaining emotionless. We then get a shot of the fallen Lashley laid out inside the ring, having barely moved a muscle following that beat down.

Michael Cole: Tonight, Dupree and Suzuki have taken advantage just two weeks before the Bash but Tazz this could be a night they’d wish never happened. All this is gonna do is-is gonna fire up Bobby Lashley, it’s gonna fuel the Real Deal, anger Lashley.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole, this whole thing just went up a notch tonight baby. Statement made from Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki.

We then cut backstage and we see Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio inside their locker room. Both men are dressed casually in t-shirts as the fans in Phoenix greet the duo with a nice pop.

Rey Mysterio: Hey man, don’t worry about last week. Johnny Nitro beat you, so what? We all have an off night, last week, it was yours but that just means that come the Bash we’ll be ready, we’ll be prepared, there ain’t nothing that’s stopping us from takin’ home the Tag Team titles.

Rob Van Dam: I know Rey, I know. It’s just…..(Van Dam huffs and puffs) Last week was a real reality check for me, for us as a team y’know? Maybe, maybe we haven’t taken these guys as seriously as we should have. I mean, I know they can go out there, you know that too but maybe they can go that little bit better than I thought.

Van Dam holds his arms up, shrugging his shoulders.

Rey Mysterio: You…you’re not really worried are you esse? C’mon man, you’re Rob Van Dam, the whole damn show. Ain’t NOBODY got a patch on you, especially two punks like Mercury and Nitro. You know exactly what it takes to stay on top, those guys, those guys ain’t got that experience. They may’ve got the better of us for now but Rob that’s gonna come to an end man, I promise you.

Van Dam nods a little bit.

Rob Van Dam: You’re right, you’re right, I’m bein’ stupid. No matter how much those two dudes can go in that ring, we can go one better. Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, we’re two of the most talented guys to ever step foot inside that ring and at the Bash, Mercury and Nitro are gonna find out why.

Van Dam and Mysterio then embrace a little bit.

Rob Van Dam: Thanks dude, I needed that little pep talk.

Rey Mysterio: No problem ess…

?: Sorry to interrupt this warm little exchange guys but I felt the urge, I felt the need to drop by.

The camera then pans to see Melina enter the high fliers dressing room. The flexible beauty enters to strong heat with that malicious smirk across her face.

Melina: Really and truly I just had to come and see you guys after last week. Ever since me and my boys walked through the door here on Smackdown, you’ve both disrespected us and you’ve both underestimated us, especially you Rob. You’ve both claimed that I’m the sole reason MNM are wearing tag team gold around here and not you guys. You’ve both claimed that Johnny and Joey can’t do it on their own. Well guess what? Last week, they did just that and tonight? Tonight, they’re gonna do the exact same thing.

Melina smirks as the crowd boo her.

Melina: Johnny Nitro proved to you both, he proved to EVERYBODY last week that MNM are not to be taken lightly, that MNM are the total package and that MNM doesn’t need a helping hand from anybody around here, especially from yours truly.

Melina flicks her hair around a little bit whilst saying that.

Melina: I heard a little bit of your ‘pep talk’ just now and well, I hate to say this but I kinda agree with you. Yeah really, I do. I agree Rob with what you had to say about us and that is that you DID underestimate us and that we CAN go that little bit better than you could’ve ever imagined.

Melina gets in the duo’s face whilst saying that.

Melina: And come the Bash? Well come the Bash you had better be worried, you had better be prepared because even though I won’t be by my boys side out there, they are still MORE than capable of beating some respect, some well EARNED respect for that matter into the both of you two.

Rob Van Dam: Feels good huh? Feels good comin’ in here and gloating about last week right?

Melina nods, smirking menacingly.

Rob Van Dam: Well all I can say Melina is, don’t get used to it. Don’t get used to it because when the Great American Bash rolls around, your two boys, well they aren’t gonna have a whole lot left to gloat about, let me assure you.

Rey Mysterio: When we’re through with those two guys at the Bash, you’ll still be able to boast about your Hollywood good looks, your A-list friends, your showbiz lifestlye. That won’t go away.

Rob Van Dam: But you are NOT gonna have the Tag Team titles to rub in our faces.

Nice pop.

Rob Van Dam: You got a couple weeks left livin’ the high life around here Melina. My advice to you? Make the most of it, cos when all’s said and done, the red carpet, the paparazzi? They’re gonna be gone and the only names on people’s lips will be those of Rey Mysterio and Rob…Van…Dam.

The fans join in with Van Dam’s name saying which leaves Mr.Friday Night smiling. Melina on the other hand screws up her face.

Melina: That’s a bold, very bold statement to make Rob. Y’know I thought this to myself a couple of days back but for two guys who are so loved, so adored by the WWE fans, it really is a shame you don’t stick to your words a little more often. Fans, they don’t appreciate liars, they don’t appreciate failures and for as long as I can remember now, you have BOTH fallen short of your promises, your expectations, your hopes for these oh so caring fans. Well at the Bash, it’s just gonna be another let down, it’s just gonna be another lie and it’s just gonna be another DEFEAT for the both of you. Maybe then, ha, maybe then you’ll realise that you just don’t cut the cake around here. And maybe then these so called ‘fans’ will recognise fully the true greatness of a team like MNM, WINNERS like M…N…M.

Melina then leaves to storming heat as Van Dam shakes his head in disbelief and Mysterio clenches his fist, gritting his teeth.


We then return ringside to hear…

‘Oh Yeahhhhh’

‘Live for the Moment’

It’s the music of Matt Hardy that hits and out steps the U.S. title challenger to a warm reception as he gets set for a big challenge here tonight.

Michael Cole: Matt Hardy returned to action last week after several weeks out with injury thanks to Orlando Jordan, who robbed Hardy of a fair shot at the United States title but upon Hardy’s return we learned that he will get the rematch he deserves at The Great American Bash and it would appear Hardy is as focused as ever in capturing that United States title.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole but I think not only is Hardy focused on that, he’s focused on puttin’ a beatin’ on Orlando Jordan as well. What Jordan did to Hardy was flat out brutal and come the Bash, Hardy’s gonna want payback, he’s gonna wanna take the fight to Orlando Jordan.


There’s an initial pop but it’s followed by strong boos as the music of Kurt Angle hits and out he comes, accompanied by ‘You Suck’ chants and the Wrestling Machine looks in a foul mood as he heads down the ramp.

Michael Cole: The look on the face of Kurt Angle says it all Tazz. Angle had a hard time last week in finding a tag team partner only for Rhyno to come to his aid but it would come to nothing in the end as Angle was undone by the thorn in his side of late, the man he claims is ‘scared’ of him, the WWE Champion, John Cena.

Tazz: Kurt’s claims have in his eyes been a hundred and ten percent legit but last week I didn’t see any backing’ down from John Cena and maybe Kurt’s little conspiracy theory about the champ was wrong after all. Either way, Angle and Cena WILL come to blows at the Bash and I can’t freakin’ wait Cole. Big test though for Kurt tonight and a real opportunity for Matt Hardy right here.

Match Three: Singles Match

Kurt Angle vs. Matt Hardy

It’s a pretty even opening few minutes as both competitors look to get a feel for one another and each man takes a turn to land an early blow, Angle dropping Hardy with a belly to back suplex, Hardy connecting with a Side Russian Leg Sweep as the fans rally round the number one contender to the U.S Title.

The match then shifts in Angle’s favour as the Wrestling Machine uses all his experience in outdoing a very buoyant, perhaps over exuberant Matt Hardy. Hardy strikes Angle with right hands before working on Kurt’s right arm, looking to weaken the submission expert and the strategy appeared to be working only for Hardy to surprisingly change tact and whip Angle across the ring and it allows Angle a chance to galvanise himself and rebound to take Hardy down with a strong clothesline. The Olympic Gold Medalist then begins to make his mark and pick apart Hardy with some stern kicks to the back of Hardy’s head before locking the former Tag champ into a sleeper hold and really establishing a strangle hold on the contest.

Hardy manages to work his way out of this tricky predicament but is immediately met with a fired up Angle who once again takes Hardy down with an arm drag. The Wrestling Machine keeps up the pressure, scoring a near fall following a nasty looking German suplex! Angle then looks for one more but Hardy digs deep and fights with all he’s got, elbowing the mid section of Angle and fighting his way out before scoring with a Side Effect!! Hardy goes in for the cover, 1..2..kick out by Angle!!

The fans thought it may very well be over there as Hardy hangs his head in despair. Hardy then decides to head up top, scaling the ropes and positioning himself, ready to pounce as Hardy goes for a Leg drop off the top but Angle rolls out of the way!! Hardy crash lands and Angle brings Hardy up, ANGLE SLAM!! NO!! HARDY REVERSES IT!! TWIST OF FATE!! NO, ORLANDO JORDAN!!!??

Orlando Jordan appears from out of nowhere and smashes Hardy across the back of the skull with the U.S. title belt to HUGE boos from the crowd as Hardy is taken down and the referee calls for the bell

Winner via Disqualification: Matt Hardy(8:22)

Michael Cole: Oh come on!! Orlando Jordan jus-just assaulting Matt Hardy for-for no reason here tonight!! Hasn’t Orlando done enough?! Hasn’t Orlando already inflicted enough punishment on Matt Hardy in recent weeks?!

Tazz: It don’t look like it Cole. Orlando wants Matt Hardy finished around these parts and it looks like he wants him finished by any means necessary.

Jordan continues the assault, clobbering Hardy over the back of the head with his U.S. title belt as the crowd boos the shit out of the champion. Jordan then brings Hardy to his feet, smiling a little bit before slapping Hardy who is now being held up by Jordan. Jordan then sizes Hardy up before swinging his U.S title belt back and SMASHING HARDY ACROSS THE-NO!! HARDY DUCKS IT AND SPINS ORLANDO ROUND!!

Michael Cole: Matt Hardy turning the tables! Matt Hardy getting payback!!

TWIST OF FATE!! TWIST OF FATE!! NO!! HARDY’S CAUGHT FROM BEHIND?! ANGLE SLAM!! Kurt Angle appears from out of nowhere and takes down Matt Hardy with a brutal Angle Slam.

Michael Cole: Oh damn it!! Kurt Angle clearly unhappy, clearly frustrated at not being able to finish this match up off but-but he shouldn’t be taking that out on Matt Hardy, he should be taking that out on Orlando Jordan.

Jordan then realises he’s got out of dodge and thanks Kurt Angle, smiling like a Cheshire chat before patting Angle on the back and raising his U.S. title in one hand, raising Kurt’s in the other as the crowd boo. Angle then smiles back at OJ before walking away but ANGLE RUNS BACK AND CATCHES JORDAN FROM BEHIND, ANGLE SLAM!! ANGLE SLAM TO JORDAN THIS TIME!! The crowd pops huge for that as Angle gets down in Jordan’s face and yells ‘Nobody gets in my business, NOBODY.

Tazz: Well there ya go right there Cole!! Kurt Angle not takin’ too kindly to Orlando Jordan’s actions here tonight. The Wrestlin’ Machine don’t take no crap from nobody and our U.S. Champion may justa learned that lesson.

Michael Cole: Indeed nobody is safe from Kurt Angle. When Angle is in this frame of mind, almost-almost on a warpath, you do NOT wanna get in his way. And as far as Jordan and Hardy go, well Orlando Jordan may not have had luck on his side with Kurt Angle but as far as Matt Hardy goes, he’s lucky Hardy didn’t tear him apart out there. Matt Hardy WILL get his hands on Orlando Jordan at the Bash and it WILL be personal.

We then see Angle storm up the ramp, looking pissed still before we see Matt Hardy and Orlando Jordan fallen inside the ring, the two U.S. title rivals both down and out.

We then shoot off backstage and we see The Hurricane packing his bags, looking set to leave the arena following his match earlier on tonight against Brian Kendrick. Hurricane then turns around however and we see Cruiserweight Champion Paul London appear into shot. London is dressed casually and offers his hand whilst smiling at Hurricane

Paul London: Congratulations man, big win out there tonight.

Hurricane shakes London’s hand.

The Hurricane: Citizen London, I appreciate your kind words but I want you to know that victory out there tonight was something you should NOT be so happy about, you should NOT be so pleased to see.

London’s face changes to a confused look.

Paul London: Wh-why’s that then huh?

The Hurricane: Because I am prepared, I am ready, I am focused for what’s in store at The Great American Bash. I am ready to fight the battle, I am ready to WIN the battle at the Bash and I am ready to take that Cruiserweight Championship of yours.

London nods his head, a little surprised look on his face.

Paul London: Y’know what? That is the kinda thing that believe it or not, I WANNA hear from ya man. I wanna hear that kinda attitude, see that kinda spark in ya man. I don’t wanna see Chavo Guerrero puttin’ ya down like he has done, sayin’ ya can’t do this, ya can’t do that. That’s not right, you CAN do whatever it is you wanna do and I’m prepared for what you got to offer me when we head to Buffalo.

London smiles again now as his words are greeted with a nice response from the crowd.

The Hurricane: Let me stop you there for one second Citizen London. My victory, my performance out there tonight was no message to Chavo Guerrero. My victory, my performance out there tonight was a message to YOU.

A few oooohs there.

The Hurricane: You may have beaten me at the Night of Champions special but that does-that does not mean that I’m a walk over, it does not mean that come the Bash you’re just going to turn up and beat me. Citizen London that will NOT be the case when we head to Buffalo, that will not be the case at all.

London puts his hands on his hips.

Paul London: Look man, I gotta say that I’m pretty hurt you’d think that about me. Really, I am. I told you last week, I’m not underestimating you, I’m not takin’ you lightly and I know FOR SURE that I’m in for a hell of a test at the Bash. I know that you could beat me for this Cruiserweight title. But, I know that… I know I can beat you for this Cruiserweight title.

London smirks and Hurricane hangs his head a little.

Paul London: If you aren’t gonna take my word on things, if you aren’t gonna trust your own friend then maybe(London huffs)….maybe I better start takin’ a leaf outta your book too.

The Hurricane: And uh…what’s uh…what’s that supposed to mean?

Paul London: It means that maybe I better start watchin’ my back, maybe I better start lookin’ over my shoulder for Chavo Guerrero huh?

Hurricane turns his face sideways a little.

The Hurricane: I have told you that I want NOTHING to do with Chavo Guerrero. I have told you tha..

Paul London: AND I HAVE TOLD YOU! (London calms down) I have told you that I am not underestimating you. If you aren’t gonna take my word, then maybe I better stop takin’ yours.

London then walks out clearly angered as Hurricane tosses his bag against his locker room wall, clearly frustrated by his strained friendship with Paul London.


We return ringside to hear…

‘Muy Loco’

The music of the Mexicools hits and out come the trio on their Juan Deere’s with the crowd rising to their feet.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and we are all set for some tag team action on what is a big night for two of these three Mexicools as Super Crazy and Psicosis will take on the Tag Team champions MNM! A win here for these guys could certainly put them in the frame for the Tag Team titles after The Great American Bash.

Tazz: No doubt Cole BUT these guys have gotta be lookin’ over their shoulders, gotta be wary of possible interference, possible shenanigans from Chris Masters and the Pitbulls.

Michael Cole: Indeed the Mexicools suffered their first defeat last week when Jamie Noble and Kid Kash defeated Psicosis and Crazy in tag team action but only thanks to their ‘leader’ if you will, Chris Masters. Masters recruiting the Pitbulls in order to deal with the recent embarrassments he’s suffered at the hands of this trio and it paid dividends last week.

Tazz: For sure Cole, lookin’ like some acquisition for the Masterpiece right there.


It’s instant heat as the red carpet is rolled out and the Paparazzo appear to take some snaps of the A-listers with Mercury, Nitro and Melina all making their way out, tag titles in hand.

Michael Cole: We have heard already tonight from Melina on her boys chances come the Bash as she told both Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam that Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro will earn their respect at the Bash when they defeat Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam for the Tag Team Championships without her help, without anybody‘s help. A really, really bold statement from Melina here tonight.

Tazz: It may be bold but it may well be true Cole. Johnny Nitro did it last week, he beat Rob Van Dam one, two, three in the middle of that ring without anybody’s help and Melina’s got the confidence they’ll do it again in less than two weeks.

Match Four: Tag Team Match

MNM vs. Super Crazy and Psicosis

Mercury and Crazy kick this one off for their respective teams and it’s Crazy who gets the Mexicools quite literally off to a flyer. Mercury looks to score with some early strikes, trying to ground down his wild opponent but it’s no use as Crazy’s high speed, high tempo offense kicks in and he takes down one half of the tag team champs at every opportunity he gets, including a beautiful spinning heel kick that sees him score a near fall.

Crazy then tags in Psicosis to the match and he continues at the same speed his partner has done in the early few minutes. Psicosis drops Mercury with a picture perfect dropkick, again scoring a near fall much like Crazy. The pressure continues from Psicosis as Mercury doesn’t have any time to catch his breath with the fast paced offense not letting up but a turning point soon comes and a chance of escape for Mercury as Psicosis whips the elder of the two MNM boys towards the turnbuckle and looks to knock Mercury’s block off but Mercury ducks it and Psicosis eats the turnbuckle with Mercury then catching the high risk taker with a nice vertical suplex.

The move swings the balance of the match now as Mercury is now able to make the tag to Johnny Nitro who enters and is quickly onto the fallen Psicosis. Nitro brings him to his feet and starts to build for his team, delivering several uppercuts to the Mexicool member before planting him with a clothesline.

Nitro really controls the next few minutes as he displays all his athleticism in taking it to Psicosis, taking down the veteran with several expertly timed moves including a perfect Springboard scissor kick that almost takes Psicosis’ head off, only scoring Nitro a two count however. A shift in the match though then came as Nitro delivered an Irish whip to Psicosis who then managed to see an oncoming Nitro and scoop the young tag champion up and over the ropes with Nitro falling to the outside! Psicosis didn’t see fit there though and headed to the top rope before taking Nitro back down with a moonsault off the top!! The fans go insane as Psicosis pushes himself to the limit in taking down the cocky MNM star, much to Melina’s horror.

Psicosis and Nitro are now down and out as Mercury drops down to the outside to check on his partner, Crazy does the same, not wanting any numbers game advantage for the tag champs. There’s a heated exchange then between the two and Mercury swings for Crazy who retaliates with a right hand and the two men go toe to toe with each other here!! Mercury though then delivers a thumb to the eye before shoving Crazy into Juvi!! Juvi, who has been supporting his team on the outside is knocked aback as is Crazy but Juvi just seems riled up now and turns and heads back after Mercury, only to be dragged back by CHRIS MASTERS!! Masters AND the Pitbulls, the Mexicools’ rivals emerge through the crowd and Masters whips Juvi into the barricade to strong heat from the crowd. The referee doesn’t call for the bell however as the trio have not got their hands on either Crazy or Psicosis. Crazy clenches his fist and Masters begs him to take on the threee of them but Crazy holds back and it costs him as Mercury takes him down from behind!!

We see Melina smirk as Mercury brings Nitro to his feet and Nitro now lets out a smirk also along with his partner as they acknowledge the help of the Pitbulls and Masters here. The crowd though suddenly cheer as we see ROB VAN DAM AND REY MYSTERIO EMERGE!! Van Dam and Mysterio appear to be heading down to even the numbers up here!

Mercury and Nitro turn to see them come into play and begin to scowl before tossing Psicosis inside the ring. Nitro rolls back in after him and Mercury hops onto the apron, keeping a close eye on Mysterio and RVD. Nitro then picks Psicosis up, nailing him with a kick to the gut before delivering a DDT, NO!! PSICOSIS BLOCKS IT and spins Nitro around, SWINGING NECKBREAKER!! Cover by Psicosis, kick out at two from Nitro!!

Masters and the Pitbulls then come into play once again though as Psicosis whips Nitro across the ropes as Psicosis await’s the rebound, only for Jamie Noble to hold Nitro’s leg, stopping his momentum taking him into Psicosis’ path. Juvi Guerrera then appears though and lays out Noble with a right hand, followed by Kash!! We then see Rey Mysterio making his way round and Mysterio leapfrogs onto Chris Masters, taking him down!! Melina is squealing on the outside as Juvi now drops Masters with a big time leg drop and Masters and his men are out of this equation.

Joey Mercury foolishly then goes over towards the action but he’s distracted by Van Dam who spins Mercury around from behind, the referee’s back is turned, he’s looking on at the mayhem on the other side as a SPINNING WHEEL KICK TO THE FACE TAKES MERCURY DOWN!! Van Dam takes the champ down as we then see Nitro turns and looks on at the carnage but he’s caught with right hand by Crazy and then he’s rolled up from behind!! 1...2...3...HE GOT HIM! PSICOSIS WINS IT

Winners: Super Crazy and Psicosis(11:20)

Michael Cole: OH MY!! Tazz, the Mexicools just pinned the Tag Team Champions!!

Tazz: Oh c’mon Cole, they got Van Dam and Mysterio to thank for that. Ya can’t read too much into that loss for our tag team champs. Van Dam and Mysterio caught ‘em out tonight but at the Bash there ain’t gonna be ANY outside interference remember.

Michael Cole: Well after all the interference MNM have had in recent weeks, in recent months, tonight is a huge taste of their own medicine!! And what about the Mexicools?! Talk about getting back on track here tonight, despite Chris Masters, despite the Pitbull’s attempts, they leave here tonight standing tall as we roll round to the Bash!!

We see the Mexicools riding back up the ramp on their Juan Deere’s as Van Dam and Mysterio jump on the backs and the five of them celebrate together while we then see a fuming Melina with her boys, along with Masters and the Pitbulls fallen and furious inside the ring.

We then cut backstage and join Josh Matthews who is ready and waiting to talk to us

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman coming up shortly we will see two of them involved in the WWE Championship, Fatal 4 Way match at The Great American Bash square off when John Bradshaw Layfield will go one on one with my guest at this time, the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Orton now appears into shot and is greeted with the odd cheer but still firm boos also.

Josh Matthews: Randy, we’re just moments away from tonight’s mainn event when you take on a man you believe may have attacked you several weeks ago backstage, JBL. How are you preparing for this match and what is your strategy in facing somebody like JBL, somebody who always has something up his sleeve?

Randy Orton: Somebody who always has something up his sleeve huh? Well Josh, I too have something up my sleeve and I think what I have is far more dangerous than what JBL has to offer, what I have up my sleeve is an R..K..O.

Small pop.

Randy Orton: JBL can try as hard as he wants, JBL can try as much as he likes but the facts are I am one hundred percent prepared for whatever it is he has in store for me tonight. That attack backstage a few weeks ago was between two men, it was between Kurt Angle and it was between JBL. Kurt Angle? Well, I’ve already gotten my hands on him, I’ve already let him see first hand just what I have up my sleeve and tonight? Tonight JBL is gonna suffer the exact…same…fate.

Orton’s facial expression is of nothingness.

Randy Orton: As far as strategy goes, I don’t need a strategy. All I need is to go out there, to go out there and do what I do best and that is pick apart, that is dissect, that is beat down whoever it is I’m in the ring with. I did exactly that to Kurt Angle, I did exactly that to The Undertaker and tonight I’m going to do exactly that to… JBL.

Orton goes to leave again but Matthews pesters him.

Josh Matthews: Randy just before you go, I was wondering just how you feel tonight’s match could effect the outcome at the Bash? I mean, a win here for either man tonight, it could really give them some momentum just two weeks from Buffalo.

Randy Orton: Tonight’s match will have NO effect at all on what happens at the Bash. Josh, let me fill you in on what momentum means, it means you’re on a roll, it means you’re confident, it means you look, well you look almost unstoppable. Coming off of Wrestlemania, I had no momentum, I wasn’t looked at as on a roll at all, I’d been defeated by The Undertaker, he had all this so called momentum but when we got to Judgment Day, that momentum? That momentum counted for nothing because I beat The Undertaker, I destroyed his momentum, I DESTROYED HIM, PERIOD.

Heat now for TLK as he badmouths the Deadman.

Randy Orton: So it doesn’t matter who’s got momentum, all that matters at The Great American Bash is who walks out with that title belt, who walks out as the WWE Champion and I can assure you right here, right now…I can assure you that I will be the one who walks on top, I will be the one who becomes WWE Champion and I WILL BE THE ONE…who returns to where he belongs.

Orton now heads off scowling at Matthews to strong heat as we fade away.


We return and immediately head to ringside where we hear…


It’s the music of JBL, John Bradshaw Layfield that hits and out comes the trademark white limousine before Mr.Layfield steps out, white hat and black jacket as usual, baring that usual sly grin for all to see.

Michael Cole: We have already heard here tonight from this man, John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL got himself involved with John Cena earlier on tonight, crossing paths with the WWE Champion backstage and claiming that he will show everybody here tonight why he is quote ‘the only candidate’ to walk out of the Bash with the WWE title. Strong, strong words from a man who quite frankly Tazz, can’t back it up.

Tazz: Oh c’mon Cole, that’s a little too harsh right there on a man who don’t forget is the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown HISTORY!! Can’t back it up? Of course he can!

Michael Cole: Well we’ll just see how he backs those claims up tonight.

‘Burn in my light’

It’s a slight pop upon hearing Randy Orton’s theme but as he walks down the ramp the cheers turn to boos as Orton cockily smirks.

Michael Cole: Moments before the commercial break we heard from this man Randy Orton and he believes that momentum, well it goes out the window come the Bash and he believes that he will return to ‘where he belongs’ when we head to Buffalo, he believes he will return to the top of the mountain and become the WWE Champion. There is no doubting Tazz that Randy Orton has indeed been on a roll of late.

Tazz: Can’t argue with ya there Cole. Randy Orton, ever since Judgment Day when he knocked off the Deadman he’s been so damn impressive and ya can’t help but agree with him when he says he’ll walk out of the Bash as champion. I’m a fan of both these guys, heck I’m a fan of Angle and Cena too, it’s so hard to call!!

Main Event: Singles Match

Randy Orton vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Both men start the match cautiously as the crowd get right behind the Legend Killer in this one despite him being a heel. Eventually the two men lock up and it’s JBL who gains control early on, delivering a cheap shot to Orton before starting to find his momentum and look to pick apart the Legend Killer. Layfield takes to Orton with several right hands before some forearms to the temple, eventually taking down Orton with a nice fall away slam off of an Irish whip.

Layfield scores a near fall off that manoeuvre before continuing his offense. Layfield locks Orton into a front face lock before finally releasing the hold, leaving Orton down and out it would seem before knocking Orton’s head off with a boot to the face!! Orton looks completely out of this one as JBL lets out that wry little smirk before heading after another cover, kick out at two though from Orton!

JBL looks at the referee in disgust before taking a moment to think up his next move. Bradshaw opts to bring Orton to his feet, whipping the youngster into the turnbuckle, charging right at him but Orton sees it coming and dodges it as Layfield eats the turnbuckle!! Orton now begins to shift the momentum as he takes it to JBL with some firm rights before beginning to deliver a series of stomps to the mid section.

Orton then scores his first near fall following a scoop slam to the near 300 pounder, Orton perhaps just testing Bradshaw’s resolve here. TLK brings Bradshaw to his feet before continuing with some right hands, Irish whip now to Layfield and Orton catches him with a pinpoint dropkick off the rebound, beautiful move by Orton drawing a nice pop.

Orton now looks to really build here and wear down his more experienced opponent here tonight. After a continuous offense of kicks and right hands, Orton now whips JBL across the ring, Layfield hanging on to the ropes for dear life however but Orton takes him up and over the top rope, all his momentum taking himself over in the process!! Both men crash land and it’s a race to who’s on their feet first. It appears as though Orton will be that man as he finds the apron to pull himself up with JBL not far behind him. Orton approaches Layfield, laying into him with a right hand but JBL responds with a right of his own and a fist fight breaks out. The fans are right on Orton’s side and Orton grabs the arm of Layfield, whipping him into the ringpost, NO!! JBL reverses it and sends Orton HEAD FIRST INTO THE STEEL!!

Orton drops to the outside as JBL regains control now and brings Orton back inside the ring. The Wrestling God immediately goes for a pinfall but it’s a kick out at two from JBL who appears desperate now, slamming his fists off the mat in frustration. After a continued period of pressure from the Wall Street Warrior, but to no avail, he decides enough is enough and heads to the outside, grabbing a Steel Chair!! The fans begin to boo vigorously the former WWE Champion who tosses the chair back inside the ring and makes eyes for the fallen Legend Killer.

The referee tries to get JBL to ditch the weapon but he’s having none of it, refusing the referee’s request and as Randy Orton begins to work his way back upright, JBL starts sizing him up. The crowd though suddenly begin to cheer as we see JOHN CENA storming down the ramp, the man who exchanged words earlier on tonight with JBL about him doing this alone. Cena hops on to the apron and seems to motion ‘Bring it on‘, wanting JBL to use that chair towards him. Layfield smirks a little bit before charging after Cena who ducks it and hops off the apron, Layfield tossing the chair in his direction as Cena then smirks and tells JBL to turn around and he does…RKO!! RKO TO JBL!! Cover by Orton, 1..2..3..he got him!! Cena outsmarts the Wrestling God!!

Winner: Randy Orton(12:02)

Michael Cole: Orton got him!! Randy Orton with another BIG win here tonight!! John Cena, of all people, coming to the aid of the Legend Killer here tonight in Phoenix!!

Tazz: Orton can play down the momentum all he wants to Cole but it WILL play a huge role come the Bash and right now the guy wit’ all that momentum is Randy Orton, though he owes a huge deal o’ that to John Cena baby.

Cena and Orton then exchange glances with the champion pointing at his title belt and mouthing something to Orton, clearly suggesting that he’s done nothing until he holds this. Orton acknowledges Cena’s remarks but BAM!! WHAT THE HELL?! Cena is ambushed from behind by…by KURT ANGLE!! Angle smashes Cena down from behind before tossing Cena head first into the ring post!!
Michael Cole: Oh c’mon what is this about?!? Kurt Angle has lost it!! Kurt Angle has snapped and John Cena is helpless right about now, absolutely helpless!! C’mon Randy do the right thing!!

The crowd are egging Randy Orton to do the right thing and help out John Cena. Orton looks on at the damage Kurt Angle is doing and the Wrestling Machine gives a quick glance over to Orton, looking as ferocious as ever as he picks Cena up and then launches Cena into the steel steps!!
Tazz: What’s Orton gonna do Cole?!

Orton begins pacing around the ring, clearly wondering as Angle smashes Cena’s skull off the steps. Cena is BUSTED OPEN!! Orton goes towards the ropes, backs off, goes again and Orton steps through the ropes!!

The fans go wild as Orton heads after Angle with Angle not backing down but…Orton does nothing?? Orton then lets out a smirk and tosses Cena inside the ring!!

Michael Cole: Oh come on, NO!! DON’T DO THIS RANDY!!

Tazz: I thought he was really gonna do it! I thought he was gonna help Cena!!

Orton and Angle then smile sickeningly at one another as Angle lifts the steel steps and tosses them inside the ring, Orton already entering the ring as the crowd boo profusely. JBL is now up too, a little out of breath but realises what’s going on now and smirks also, clearly unconcerned by his defeat moments ago.

Michael Cole: The champion is a sitting duck!! John Cena is…is defenceless, it’s three on one for cryin’ out loud!!

Angle sets the steel steps up before stomping on Cena repeatedly as JBL motions for he and Orton to lift Cena up. They oblige and hold Cena upright, the champion not able to stand himself as JBL runs the ropes and hammers Cena with a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! Cena is turned inside out by the brutality of Bradshaw there as he gives a savage look at the fallen champion.

Michael Cole: Enough is enough, the damage is done.

Tazz: I think these guys are far from done Cole.

Randy Orton now motions for JBL and Angle to pick Cena up and they do exactly that, Cena still unable to stand as Orton laughs so arrogantly in the face of Cena BEFORE DROPPING CENA WITH AN RKO ON THE STEEL STEPS!!! CENA’S HEAD SMASHES OFF THE STEEL AS ORTON BENDS DOWN AND GLARES AT CENA INTENTLY, TAKING IN THE DAMAGE HE’S DONE!!

Michael Cole: Jo..John Cena is…is, he’s gonna need some help out here, we gotta get some paramedics or…we just…somebody needs to come out and help John Cena.

The fans are shitting all over these three men as JBL laughs disgustingly before we see Kurt Angle’s eyes widen and realise that he wants a piece of the pie, demanding Orton and Bradshaw pick Cena back up.

Tazz: C’mon Kurt, you don’t need to do this man.

Angle then shouts at Cena, ‘Wanna try avoiding me again after tonight?’ Angle then SLAPS CENA!! The fans give Angle insane heat before he GRABS CENA FROM BEHIND AND DROPS CENA ON THE STEPS WITH AN ANGLE SLAM!!!

The commentators have gone dead silent and so have those in the crowd now as Angle looks on gleefully at the damage he, Orton and Bradshaw have done here. We get a shot of a dead still, bloodied and battered John Cena, flat out on the steel steps before a look at all three of his opponent’s at the Bash looking on at the viciousness they’ve displayed here tonight as the camera fades away.

Date: 24th July 2005
Venue: HSBC Arena; Buffalo, New York

Current Card:

WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Match:
John Cena© vs. Randy Orton vs. John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

WWE United States Championship:
Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Paul London© vs. The Hurricane

Two on One Handicap Match:
Bobby Lashley vs. Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki

WWE Tag Team Championships:
(Melina is banned from ringside; If MNM win, Mysterio and Van Dam will not receive another title opportunity)
MNM© vs. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Mexicools vs. Chris Masters and The Pitbulls

Triple Threat Match:
Carlito vs. Booker T vs. Rhyno

Big thanks to ThatWeirdGuy for Raw feedback, much appreciated. Again, the matches are quite short for this show due to burnout but for Raw and the final Smackdown before the Bash i would expect the in ring action to pick up. Hope you all enjoy.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 18/7/05- Little Rock, Arkansas

Last week’s Raw saw yet another despicable display from Raw’s General Manager Eric Bischoff as he initiated a scathing plan to strike down Chris Jericho and it involved not just Bischoff’s recent go to monster, Kane or Jericho’s very own recent rival but it involved none other than the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. The Big Red Machine Kane was scheduled to face Jericho but before the match could get underway, Bischoff reared his face and announced that the match would now be No Disqualifications AND Shawn Michaels would be forced to be the Special Guest Referee. It was a no win situation for the Shostopper as well as Jericho who in the end succumbed to a choke slam, a briefcase shot AND a spear from Edge before the final nail in the coffin being some Sweet Chin Music from an extremely remorseful Shawn Michaels.

Michaels would then count to three and give Kane the victory and the Heartbreak Kid knows that if he does that very same act at Summerslam we will crown a new World Champion when Kane meets Batista who is still currently sitting on the injured list. What will Bischoff have up his sleeve tonight and in particular what will have up his sleeve for Shawn Michaels? What we do know is that Chris Jericho, despite his beat down last week will be in attendance tonight and he WILL call out Shawn Michaels. Jericho will surely have a whole hell of a lot to say to Michaels following last week. Will Michaels finally show some emotion and reveal just why he’s obliging with everything the evil GM says? Or will Jericho, like the rest of us, be left searching for more answers?

Also confirmed for tonight is a big time main event! In a Vengeance rematch, Mark Jindrak will go one on one with the World’s Largest Athlete, Big Show. Jindrak dismantled the giant at Vengeance and Show has gone out of his way to get another opportunity to right a wrong, even threatening Eric Bischoff last week into making this match. Will Show get his revenge here tonight, or will he be the next victim in Bischoff’s firing line? And can Mark Jindrak prove his win at Vengeance was no fluke and that he is the total package?

Arn Anderson has been on a lot of people’s minds since last Monday’s Raw, following a heinous assault at the hands of Christian. Captain Charisma invited Double A to be a guest on his Peep Show but it turned out to be a grave mistake by Anderson as Christian inflicted a devastating beat down which left Anderson’s good friend Ric Flair absolutely seething. We can confirm that Arn Anderson IS on the mend following the assault and we can also confirm that both Christian and Flair will be in Little Rock this Monday night. There will no doubt be fireworks between the two as we inch closer and closer towards their epic showdown at Summerslam.

A World Tag Team title match is confirmed for tonight as well, the Dudley Boyz will defend their gold against the dangerous Basham Brothers. It was confirmed earlier in the week that over the next three weeks, the Bashams, the Entity and the Platform to Perfection will all get championship opportunities no matter who the champions may be. It could well be a very testing few weeks for the Dudleyz or a very brief title run for the Bashams. Who will walk out with the gold?

We are also guaranteed to hear from the returning Lita who shocked everyone last week by returning and setting her sights on the destructive Women’s Champion, Victoria. What will the Daredevil Diva have to say about her return and will Victoria face her challenge?

And finally, Charlie Haas stunned the Entity last week when he defeated their leader and Intercontinental Champion, Muhammad Hassan. Haas’ partner Shelton Benjamin has been relentless in trying to gain a title shot, however he has fallen short every time. Haas meanwhile has been relentless in trying to gain a Tag team title shot, wanting to divert Shelton’s attentions away from Intercontinental glory. Having scored a win last week, has Haas now propelled himself into the title hunt or is his main focus still on being the World’s Greatest Tag Team?

So many questions that we hope will be answered live this Monday night on Raw, it’s must see!!

Confirmed for Raw:

Chris Jericho will call out Shawn Michaels;

Big Show vs. Mark Jindrak

World Tag Team Championships:
Dudley Boyz© vs. Basham Brothers


We will hear from the returning Lita!!

Ric Flair and Christian will be in Little Rock
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 18/7/05- Little Rock, Arkansas

Opening video and Pyro hit as we are shown a glimpse of the arena, who rise to their feet and we hear the oh so familiar voice of good ol’ J.R.

Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Monday Night Raw, LIVE from Mobile, Alabama seven nights removed from a quite frankly, disgusting end to last week’s show when yet again Eric Bischoff, well, Eric Bischoff proved what a piece of dirt he really is.

The Coach: Woah, woah, woah, slow down there old timer. Eric Bischoff simply got payback on Chris Jericho last week. Jericho got what was coming to him, just like Shawn Michaels and just like Batista has and just like Batista will once again at Summerslam

‘Break the Walls Down’

It’s a strong ovation for the music of Y2J who comes down to the ring, not looking his usual upbeat self, instead a more serious look sketched across Jericho’s face.

Jim Ross: And speak of the devil, here is the man who was subject of that sickening attack last week, a three on one ambush thanks to Eric Bischoff. Jericho went one on one with Kane in the main event last Monday night, a No Disqualifications match with Eric Bischoff making his very own ‘Personal Employee’ Shawn Michaels the Special Guest Referee and well, Shawn Michaels musta felt like he was being held at gun point. He had no choice but to go along with Bischoff’s orders or else he’d face the consequences.

The Coach: Exactly right J.R but just like I said with Jericho, Shawn Michaels deserves to be in the position he’s in right now, he chose to cross the boss and now? Now he’s payin’ for it.

Jim Ross: But Coach c’mon, Chris Jericho didn’t deserve what happened to him last week, a briefcase shot by Edge, a chokselam from Kane and yet that wasn’t enough in the eyes of Eric Bischoff, forcing Shawn Michaels to deliver Sweet Chin Music to Y2J, kick a man while he’s down why don’t you? Bischoff has no remorse damn it.

Jericho has a mic now, in the centre of the ring, set to address last week we assume

Chris Jericho: Last week(Jericho pauses but smirks a little), last week was uhmm…last week wasn’t the greatest night of my career let me put it that way.

A few boos immediately.

Chris Jericho: Yeah that’s how I feel right about now too. See I expected what happened last week, the very moment Eric Bischoff announced that my match with Kane would be No Disqualifications, I knew what was gonna happen. I knew that Kane would throw everything he had at me and believe me, he threw all he had. I expected Edge to show his face, it’s what he does, he’s garnering himself a bit of a reputation now of taking any chance, taking any opportunity that he gets to-to make some sorta impact.

Jericho scowls a little.

Chris Jericho: So when Edge smashed me with the Money in the Bank briefcase last week, I didn’t feel angry, I didn’t feel upset, I didn’t…well I didn’t feel anything because I already expected it and believe me, I am gonna deal with that and I am gonna deal with Edge. When I’m through with him he’s gonna regret everything he’s tried to do to me, he’s gonna regret everything he’s tried to take away from me.

Jericho pauses momentarily as the fans cheer.

Chris Jericho: He’s gonna regret it because I am going to do to him a whole HELL of a lot worse than he’s done to me and I am going to take a whole hell of a lot worse from him than he’s done from me because that Money in the Bank contract, his oh so precious little Money in the Bank contract won’t be his for much longer and as Edge himself would like to say, he can bank on that.

Nice pop for Jericho there with some ‘Y2J’ chants circling.

Chris Jericho: But the main reason I’m out here tonight, well it has nothing to do with Edge, it has nothing to do with Kane, in fact it doesn’t even have anything to do with that jackass Eric Bischoff.


Chris Jericho: No, the reason why I’m out here tonight is because there was something I didn’t expect last week, something that caught me a little bit off guard and that is the actions of a certain individual, that is the actions of a Mr. Shawn Michaels.

Nice ovation for the mention of the Showstopper as Jericho nods his head.

Chris Jericho: That right there speaks volumes of the respect Shawn Michaels has from everyone, myself included, the respect Shawn Michaels has earned from everyone but last week? Well, last week I uh…I hate to break it to ya but I kinda..I kinda lost a little of that respect for Shawn.

A few boos there.

Chris Jericho: The reason we all love, the reason we all respect Shawn is because he stands up for what’s right, he does things by the book. Shawn’s had his problems in the past, very well documented problems but he’s conquered his demons, he’s found a way through the uphill battles he’s been faced with and you won’t meet somebody…somebody who is more humble, somebody who is as determined, somebody who is as proud as Shawn Michaels is in doing what he does.

Small pop.

Chris Jericho: Shawn’s a great guy, a guy who is admired, a guy who is looked up to in that locker room back there and that…that’s not just because of what he does inside this ring, that’s because of what he does outside of that ring too. When the cameras aren’t rolling, when all the fans, all you guys have gone home, when you just need somebody to talk to, when you just need somebody’s help, no matter what it may be, Shawn Michaels, Shawn Michaels is that guy.

A ‘HBK’ chant starts up.

Chris Jericho: Which is why last week I didn’t expect what happened, why I just did not see it coming. Shawn Michaels stood in this ring with Eric Bischoff barking orders in his ear that he was gonna, that he was gonna finish me off. Kane wasn‘t to do it, nor was Edge but he was to finish me off. Now the Shawn Michaels I know, the Shawn Michaels everyone back there knows, he wouldn’t have taken orders from Eric Bischoff, he wouldn’t have stood there and done exactly what he had to say. I don’t care what the consequences may be, Shawn may have been suspended, Shawn may have been fired but Shawn Michaels, the guy who wears his heart on his sleeve, who takes so much pride in what he does, in WHO HE IS was sure to say ‘Screw it, screw you Bischoff, I’m not, I am NOT gonna stoop to your level’, w-w-wasn’t he?

Jericho is a little fired up now here

Chris Jericho: No is the answer, no he wasn’t. Instead, Shawn Michaels just…Shawn Michaels just stood there and he kicked my teeth down my throat before counting my shoulders down for the three count just.. like.. that.

Jericho clicks his fingers.

Chris Jericho: Now Shawn may, Shawn may have showed regret, showed remorse for what he did but that? That means nothing to me because that was…that just was not the Shawn Michaels I’ve come to expect, that we’ve all come to expect.

Jericho shakes his head in disappointment.

Chris Jericho: Now I am tired of Shawn comin’ out here week after week and just…just moping around, tired of Shawn saying nothing, absolutely nothing to anybody and that’s why I’m asking for ya Shawn, I’m asking for ya to come down to this ring right here, right now and give me, give Batista, give everybody out here some answers.

Jericho then holds the mic close to his chest and waits patiently….

Still nothing

‘Sexy Boy’

A few oooohs but mainly cheers as HBK answers the call and down comes the Showstopper to face Chris Jericho. Michaels is dressed in his usual demeanour, casually, still showing no emotions whatsoever, hanging his head low, not looking at Jericho at all.

The Coach: I don’t know who Chris Jericho thinks he is J.R. I thought it was pretty darn obvious why Shawn Michaels did what he did last week, he did it because he HAD to, because his BOSS told him to do it.

Jim Ross: I think it’s not as black and white as you make out to be Coach. Jericho said it himself, the Shawn Michaels we all know would tell Eric Bischoff to stick it where the sun don’t shine and he’d walk away, Shawn’s too, well I thought Shawn was too proud to fall down to Eric Bischoff’s games.

The Coach: Well you were wrong and so was Jericho, I am loving Shawn Michaels of late though cowboy, it is refreshing to see Shawn Michaels on the same page as our incredible General Manager.

J.R gives Coach a death glare as Michaels takes a microphone from ringside and we get ready to hear from Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: Chris, I really, really don’t blame you for comin’ out here and sayin’ exactly what you’ve had to say just now. If the shoe were on the other foot, I’m pretty sure I’d feel the same way too.

Jericho giggles a little.

Chris Jericho: Then…then why? Why Shawn? Why did ya do it? Why are ya still doin’ this? Doin’ Eric Bischoff’s dirty work, sinking to his level, dealing with the devil himself. Shawn this..this just…it’s not you, it’s not you at all and I want you to stand here and I want you to tell me the truth. Why?

Jericho holds his arms out.

Shawn Michaels: I..I…look Chris I just…I just gotta do it, I can’t walk away from all this, I can’t just walk away from them.

Michaels points around the crowd who cheer a little.

Shawn Michaels: This is my life. Being in this ring, performing for these people, the rush it gives you, I don’t need to tell you Chris, I know you feel it too, you feel the exact same things that I do. There’s nothing like it, that’s why I can’t just..just throw it away.

Michaels huffs a little.

Shawn Michaels: I need to be in this ring, I need to walk through those curtains back there every Monday night, I need to be here Chris and it’s not just for me, it’s for my family. I walk out, I hit Eric Bischoff with some Sweet Chin Music and I don’t just lose my passion Chris, I lose my job, my family loses everything it’s got.

Michaels is seeming a bit more passionate now.

Shawn Michaels: So that, that is why I did what I did last week and that is why I will keep on doing what I’m doing until…well until the time passes. As much as I don’t wanna, as much as it kills me inside havin’ to do this, and trust me it kills me doing this. But Chris, I don’t have any other choice.

Michaels hangs his head again.

Chris Jericho: That’s it? That’s all you got for me? I don’t…Shawn I don’t get that, I just…I just can’t grasp it.

Jericho paces a little bit.

Chris Jericho: Family? You’re doing this for your family’s sake, well let me ask you Shawn, what happens when Vince McMahon calls one of the guys in the back there into his office and he sits them down and he has to look them dead in the eyes and say ‘I’m…I’m sorry, but it’s the end of the road for ya kid, we’re uh…we’re gonna have to let ya go’. When that happens Shawn, what do…what do those guys then do huh?

Michaels paces round the ring a little now, very edgy.

Chris Jericho: I’ll tell you what they do Shawn, they go home and they then sit down their families, exactly like Vince sat them down earlier on that day and they’ve gotta sit there and they’ve gotta look their loved ones, look their children right in the eyes and say ‘Kids, daddy doesn’t want you to worry but he…he lost his job today but it’s alright, we’ll be alright, we can…but it, ah god, but it might, ahhh, it might mean we uhhh, it might mean we have to cancel our vacation to Disneyland. I’m...I'm so sorry.’

Michaels clenches his fist a little now, clearly hurt by this as a few fans even boo Jericho.

Chris Jericho: How do you think that feels Shawn? How do you think THAT feels? There can’t be anything worse in the world than that feeling right there, not a thing. Just knowing you can’t provide for your kids but it does happen, it happens all the time, in every single walk of life, not just this business and y’know what those guys do Shawn?

Jericho looks at Shawn momentarily who can’t bring himself to look back.

Chris Jericho: Those guys don’t mope around, those guys don’t let it drag them down, they get up, they dust themselves off and they go out and find something else, they find a new job if needs be, they find new hope, not just for them but for their families, for their kids and you Shawn, you could do the exact same thing.

Michaels turns his head a little bit as the crowd are taken in by all this.

Chris Jericho: When your kids are grown up Shawn, how do you think they’ll wanna remember you huh? As a man of a honour, as a man who prided himself on doing what’s right, no matter what obstacles lay in front of him, no matter what the consequences may be. Or as a man who let himself down, a man who let others down, a man who…who just let people walk all over, who let a slimeball like Er…

Shawn Michaels: ENOUGH!

Nice pop there as Michaels finally displays some emotion.

Shawn Michaels: I get it alright, I get it. Everything you just said was absolutely right and it…it’s eatin’ me up inside Chris. Every moment of every day is hurting me, knowing that I’ve gotta come to work and I’ve gotta take orders from…from him. You think I don’t know that I’m letting my kids down, my wife down? You think I don’t know that this is…this is all wrong? Well Chris, I DO know this is wrong, I DO know I’m letting a lot of people down but at this moment in time I uh…I….

Jericho holds his hands out as if to say ‘What?’

Shawn Michaels: I…

Michaels hangs his head again, huffing and puffing before squinting and holding his head in his hands.

Shawn Michaels: I just… DAM IT I CAN’T DO THIS!! I’m sorry.

Michaels then tosses the mic down to the mat to boos from the crowd who appear disappointed that Michaels has just left things at that. Jericho looks on puzzled in the ring, not sure what to make of this whole admission from Shawn Michaels here tonight.

Jim Ross: Well I don’t…I don’t know what to say Coach. Shawn Michaels, I mean, we know he’s in a tough spot, a really tough spot right now but this is….this is something else.

The Coach: For once, for once in his career, Shawn Michaels is doing the right thing. Jericho may think Shawn’s not standing up for what he believes in, that Shawn could just walk away like that and find something else to do but Shawn said it himself, this is his life, this is what he LIVES for and whether it’s for all these fans or for Eric Bischoff, he’s gonna keep on doin’ it.

We see Michaels look back at Jericho who is balancing up against the ropes, looking on perplexed at the actions and comments of HBK here tonight. HBK then continues walking up the ramp and finally through the curtain as Jericho scratches his head before turning around, still contemplating what has gone down just now before turning around and we see EDGE!! EDGE WITH BRIEFCASE IN HAND!! BAM!! NO!! JERICHO DUCKS IT AND EDGE…OH EDGE HIGHTAILS IT OUTTA THE RING!! Edge wants nothing to do with Jericho now.

Jim Ross: Aw what a damn coward!! What a damn coward Edge is!! He can attack Jericho from behind but face to face, man to man, he just…he just walks away like that? Gimme a break.

The Coach: Smart J.R. He done enough damage last week, that right there was mind games, that’s all that was. Jericho’s a lucky boy right there, Edge coulda struck whenever he wanted.

Edge then backs up the ramp, clutching his briefcase, knowing he’ s missed a chance here to make his mark as Jericho looks on in the ring furiously with Edge then beginning to smirk, realising although he missed a chance, he also got away without a beating from a vengeful Y2J.


We return and head straight to ringside as our first match of the evening is set to get underway

‘Whips and Chains’

It’s the music of the Basham Brothers that hits to a fairly nothing reaction, although some small heat is there for JBL’s former lackeys.

Jim Ross: Well it’s a huge night for these two men, a huge opportunity for these two men as Doug and Danny Basham will receive a straight up, two on two match for the World Tag Team championships. The Basham’s were a part of the triple threat contest at Vengeance in which the Dudleyz retained their gold but since then well, a FOURTH team has entered the hunt for gold with the cocky young duo of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth staking their claim.

The Coach: I think all three challenging teams right now deserve a shot and thankfully our genius general manager is gonna give it to ‘em.

Jim Ross: Indeed, earlier on today we received word from Eric Bischoff that starting tonight with the Basham’s, all three teams would receive a tag title opportunity in the coming weeks. It’ll be the Dudleyz versus the Bashams tonight with the winners defending the gold LIVE next week on Raw against the Arabian Entity duo, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari with the winners of THAT one facing Doane and Nemeth a week later, AGAIN with the titles on the line. Huge test for whoever the champs may be in these next few weeks.

World Tag Team Championships:

The Dudley Boyz© vs. The Basham Brothers

Bubba Ray kicks this one off for the champions, whilst Doug kicks this one off for the challengers and it’s a cagey opening with both men looking to get a stranglehold on for their team here. It’s Doug who eventually finds an opening and takes advantage of a swing and a miss from Bubba, resulting in Doug taking Bubba down with a nice reverse DDT! Doug heads into a cover..1..2..kick out at two from Bubba much to D-Von’s relief on the apron as he looks a little tense right now.

Doug then goes on the attack once more, working away at the lower back of Bubba, clubbing away repeatedly with some hard shots before Doug scoops Bubba to his feet and whips the big man across the ropes, Bubba rebounds and Doug smashes him with a boot to the gut before dropping Bubba with a backbreaker!! Into the cover once more..1..2..shoulder up again from Bubba at two and a half as the Basham’s come oh so close to capturing the gold there.

Doug then drags Bubba over towards his corner and we now get Danny introduced to the match for the first time as the two exchange a tag and Danny quickly brings Bubba to his feet, delivering a string of right hands before whipping Bubba into the turnbuckle and Danny goes for a big clothesline but Bubba connects with a boot to the face!! Danny is sent spiralling and Bubba now begins to hit his stride, taking down Danny with his infamous array of right and left hands, boxer like jabs taking down JBL’s former Cabinet member.

Bubba then begins to dominate and he works over Danny with some elbows to the head before taking Danny down with a sidewalk slam handing the advantage back to the champions here as he tags in D-Von now. D-Von picks up where Bubba left off and is on Danny with fast rights before delivering some stern knife edge chops to Danny’s chest, the crowd ‘wooooing’ along with it. D-Von then scores a near fall following a nice vertical suplex as Danny clutches his back in some considerable pain now.

The match then takes a turn as D-Von heads up to the top, looking for a high risk manoeuvre but there’s NOBODY HOME!! Danny rolls outta the way and D-Von crashes and burns as both men are down and out here and crawl towards their corners hoping for a tag. Bubba has his hand out and is desperate for D-Von’s outstretched hand to tag him in, Doug the same for his respective team and it’s D-VON who gets there first!! But DANNY gets the tag as well right behind him!!

Doug now enters and he and Bubba go at it full throttle but the veteran overpowers the Basham and he gets Doug on the back foot. Bubba then whips his opponent across the ring, and goes for a back body drop, Doug lands on his feet, spins Bubba around, swinging neck breaker, REVERSAL!! Bubba shoves Danny off and away into the ropes, he rebounds and Bubba sends him spinning with a thunderous clothesline!!

The Dudleyz gain control here as Bubba quickly picks Doug up, whips him across the ring again but Doug hangs on to the ropes, Bubba charges and Doug ducks it, BUBBA TAKES OUT DANNY ON THE APRON!! Danny goes flying as Bubba is rolled up from behind!! 1..2..3..NO!! Bubba just manages to kick out as Doug almost steals it there.

Both men are quickly up and Doug drives a knee into the gut, Irish whip, Bubba comes back, Doug bends down but Bubba drops down and smashes Doug with a slap to the face!! Bubba then crawls over to D-Von, tags him, it’s two on one here and the fans know what’s coming as Bubba poses for them with the 3D sign!! Bubba with a kick to the mid section, whips Doug into the ropes, he rebounds, the crowd are on their feet as Doug is scooped up in the air and comes CRASHING BACK DOWN WITH A 3D!! Cover by D-Von, 1..2..3...Dudleyz retain

Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz(12:45

Jim Ross: What a victory for the Dudley Boyz here tonight!! A game effort from Doug and Danny Basham but Bubba and D-Von showing all their experience, all their class right there and speaking of class..

The Dudleyz nod their heads at Doug and Danny as Danny re-enters the ring and stands beside his partner as the two extend their hands and the crowd pops a little here as the Dudleyz and the Basham’s shake hands. Perhaps the two teams have come to realise that joining forces may be the right call with the Entity and the Platform to Perfection on their heels.

The Coach: Oh c’mon, what is this?! Doug, Danny I thought you guys had a bit more to ya than just suckin’ up to these old has beens. The Basham’s just went down a notch in my book tonight.

Jim Ross: Well they may have gone down in your books but in mine and in a lot of people’s they just went up a notch or two.

We then see Doane and Nemeth watching on a monitor backstage, shaking their heads in disapproval before seeing the entire Arabian Entity doing the same thing elsewhere, all shaking their heads in disgust at what’s gone down between the two teams just now.

We cut backstage now where we find Eric Bischoff in his office and Bischoff has a stern look on his face as he sits at his desk. Bischoff then looks up and the camera turns around to see Shawn Michaels for the second time this evening. Michaels is greeted with another nice pop from the crowd, however some are now booing the Heartbreak Kid

Eric Bischoff: I didn’t uh…I didn’t give you my permission to go out there earlier on tonight now did I Shawn?

Michaels puts his hands on his hips, realising he’s about to get a dressing down from Easy E.

Eric Bischoff: I didn’t allow you to go out there and I didn’t allow you to speak ONE word to Chris Jericho or to ANY of these people!

Strong heat now for Bisch.

Eric Bischoff: If you even think about doing something like that again then I will have absolutely NO hesitation in firing your ass right on the spot, ya understand me Shawn?

Michaels nods his head.

Eric Bischoff: I…I didn’t quite hear ya Shawn. What was that?

Shawn Michaels: Yes.

Michaels grits his teeth whilst answering the boss.

Eric Bischoff: Now that’s better isn’t it huh? And seeing as though you’ve gone out of your way already tonight to disobey, to challenge me, well, I’m gonna challenge you again here tonight to..to make an impact Shawn. How’s that sound for ya?

Michaels tilts his head, realising that he’s gonna have to once again do Bischoff’s dirty work.

Eric Bischoff: Last week I made a match up for right here tonight, I made Big Show versus Mark Jindrak but Shawn I only, I only made that match up because I felt…well I felt as though my own safety was at risk, I was under a LOT of pressure from Big Show, physical pressure and Shawn that? That is because you were nowhere to be seen.

Shawn Michaels: Loo…

Eric Bischoff: Ah ah, I don’t wanna hear it. I don’t want superstars intimidating me, I don’t want MY superstars feeling as though they can walk all over me like that, not a chance, you learned the hard way, Batista learned the hard way, Jericho learned it too. Tonight? Tonight Big Show is gonna join that list because Big Show is gonna learn to respect me, he’s going to learn to respect authority full stop.

Bischoff smirks a little.

Eric Bischoff: I have no doubts whatsoever that Mark Jindrak will punish Big Show tonight, that kid will make him suffer but suffering just...it just isn’t enough for me. I want Big Show to be punished, I want Big Show to be brutalised tonight and well, Jindrak can do a whole lot of damage, Regal can help him too but well, I say where’s the harm in adding a third party huh?

Michaels stares a hole through Bisch as the fans boo the shit out of him.

Eric Bischoff: So tonight, whether Mark Jindrak wins, whether he loses, I know he’s gonna make Big Show suffer. But when all’s said and done, when the referee calls for the bell and that match is over with, I want you Shawn, I want YOU to make sure that suffering, that hurt that Big Show feels tonight, I want you to make it a whole, whole lot worse.

Bischoff’s face now turns serious.

Eric Bischoff: Are we clear Shawn? Ya get the message here buddy?

Michaels nods a little bit.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn c’mon, we’ve been through this earlier already, I need you to…I need you to speak up cos I didn’t get the answer I was lookin’ for the….

Shawn Michaels: YES!! We are crystal….clear.

Michaels looks ready to blow a gasket as Bischoff smirks once again before patting Michaels on the back and exiting his office.

Eric Bischoff: Pleasure as always Shawn.

We hear Bischoff delivering that line in the background as Michaels kicks Bisch’s desk a little bit and we fade out.


We return and head ringside once more to hear

‘Just Close Your Eyes’

The music of Captain Charisma hits to massive heat as the smirking Christian steps out, surveying the arena for his ‘Peeps’ alongside Tomko as CC looks set for action here tonight.

Jim Ross: Well the boos you can hear right about now are as just and deserved as I can ever remember in all my time here in the World Wrestling Entertainment. What Christian did last week to Arn Anderson, what Christian has done in the weeks beforehand, well it’s been simply sickening, let’s take ya back to last week and that…that heinous ambush on Arn Anderson.

We go to a replay of last week’s Peep Show in which AA was the special guest. We hear a brief version of events before the disgusting ending in which Christian, along with Tomko blindsided Anderson before laying him out with a brutal beat down before sealing it with a hideous smirk at their actions.

Jim Ross: Absolutely uncalled for from Christian last week and we can now update you on the condition of Arn Anderson. Thankfully, the Enforcer is recovering well from his minor injuries suffered last week but we can just thank god that it wasn’t a more serious price Arn Anderson had to pay for what went down in Phoenix last week.

The Coach: That’ll teach him J.R. That’ll teach him for coming onto Raw, coming onto the Peep Show, Christian’s show remember and disrespecting him the way that he did. It was..it was..insulting J.R. I felt insulted so goodness knows how Captain Charisma felt. If anything, that attack last week was justified.

Jim Ross: You have GOT to be kidding me Coach, what Christian did last week was absolutely disgusting and although Ric Flair failed last week to teach this punk a lesson, come Summerslam, he’s gonna get the job done. That I have NO doubts about.

The Coach: Keep dreamin’ old timer. Christian ENDS old man Flair’s career come Summerslam.

Christian takes a microphone from Lilian Garcia and is set to address his ‘Peeps’ ahead of his scheduled match up.

Christian: Last week…

Christian is cut off by ‘You Suck’ chants filling the arena.

Christian: Last week was a night I don’t think anybody will ever want to forget. I mean that because last week may very well be the turning point, it may very well be a defining moment, it may very well be…..the beginning of the end.

Christian smirks a little as the crowd continues to boo CC here.

Christian: The beginning of the end for the career, for the legacy of Ric Flair.

Pop for Flair’s name.

Christian: I’ve told you all before but I feel as though I need to reiterate just how big this thing is between me and Ric and just why I did what I did last week to poor old Arn Anderson. This whole thing with me and Ric, it’s about a passing of the torch, a changing of the guard around this place, a change that should have taken place a long, long time ago but Flair just…he just can’t fade away can he?

Christian poses the question, the answer is more boos.

Christian: He hasn’t been able to walk away from all this, his ego was just too big for that, his bank balance just too small for that which is why this thing with me and Ric is just so huge. It’s because on August 19th, at Summerslam, Ric Flair is going to be competing in his final, take my word for it, his final EVER match.

Strong heat once again.

Christian: You can boo it all you want but the simple fact is that I am going to end the career of the Nature Boy in Washington D.C and let me tell ya, it is long overdue. Ten, hell, maybe even fifteen years later than we all anticipated, than we all hoped it would come but in less than a month’s time, it comes to a very, very sweet end and it comes to an end when this genration’s very own Nature Boy, the Ric Flair of this era takes the torch and holds it up high, burning brightly as I stand on top of this company as I stand where I BELONG.

Big time heat once again.

Christian: Arn Anderson, people have questioned why i did what i did to him last week but he plays into all this, oh yeah. He plays into it all because I know that Ric Flair couldn't...he could not hate me, could not despise me any more than he already does. Nothing I did to Ric in the weeks leading up to Summerslam was gonna light that fire inside of him even more. I’d already feuled that fire inside Ric Flair as much as I could right? Right??? Wrong. What I did to Arn Anderson last week may be looked at as uncalled for but let me assure you, last week was absolutely one hundred and ten percent necessary for what is to come at Summerslam.

Christian nods his head, the boos now gone as the crowd wonders what Captain Charisma is getting at.

Christian: At Summerslam, I need Ric to be at his absolute very best when I step inside this ring with him. I need it because I need Ric to have NO EXCUSES when I wipe the floor with him and send him right where he belongs, right into… retirement.

The boos return.

Christian: And the only way I’m gonna get him at his best, at his peak is by making him as fired up as he can possibly be, is by making him hate the very sight of my face. By doing what I did last week to ol’ Double A I now know, I now know that Ric Flair will be at his best come Summerslam, I know that Ric Flair does indeed hate the very sight of my face, I now know that Ric Flair…Ric Flair wants me… dead.

Christian’s face turns serious.

Christian: So right here tonight, well I’ve requested a challenge tonight, I requested a huge test tonight from our General Manager Eric Bischoff to prove to all of you and to prove to Ric Flair exactly what I am capable of. I want to send another message to Ric Flair, I want to send a message that no matter what is swirlin’ around his head right now, no matter how much he hates me, no matter how much he wants to beat me into a hospital bed, no matter what his emotions, they cannot and they will not help him deal with what I’m gonna do to him at Summerslam. Tonight, I’m gonna deliver a preview of what’s in store for ya Ric, I’m gonna give you a very, very small glimpse of what your future looks like and I’m gonna give all you people a very good look at why I am the next big STAR in this industry and why I, Captain Charisma am soon to be the TORCHBEARER of this entire company cos that's just how...i...ROLL!!

Massive boos once more before Christian awaits his opponent.

‘Child’s Play’

Jim Ross: Oh c’mon.

The Coach: Now THAT is a challenge J.R! Can you believe this? Eugene and Christian here tonight, how’s it go J.R? Business is about to pick up right? A..am I right?

Jim Ross: You have got to be kiddin’ me Coach? Eugene is the challenge, Eugene is the big test, gimme a break, Christian knew damn well what he was getting here tonight.

Match Two: Singles Match

Christian vs. Eugene

It’s as convincing an opening as you’d expect from CC who hammers away at the helpless Eugene with right hands to which Raw’s ‘Special star’ has no answer for. Christian picks apart Eugene with real focus etched in his face, however that focused look then lets up as he suddenly turns out that cocky, arrogant little smile before surveying the arena for his peeps which draws him immediate heat.

Christian connects with a big time drop kick that almost takes Eugene’s head off as he points down at Tomko and pats his chest before Christian struts around the ring Flair esque style!! This draws INSANE heat from the Little Rock faithful as Christian smirks again before heading over to Eugene and slowly picking him to his feet. Christian then looks Eugene up and down before laughing once again BUT EUGENE EXPLODES WITH A RIGHT HAND!! The fans come alive as Eugene knocks Christian down, CC’S right back up tough and charges at Eugene who takes him down with a back body drop!! Eugene drops down and APPLIES THE FIGURE FOUR!!

Eugene lets out a ‘Wooooo’ as he locks the Figure Four in on Christian who is writhing in agony. Is Christian gonna….is he gonna be beaten by Eugene here?!? The fans are on their feet as Christian scratches and claws his way towards the ropes, will he get there? Eugene applies more pressure but Christian JUST gets the ropes!! This drains the crowd as Eugene releases the hold and gets to his feet, looking a little disappointed.

Eugene then heads over to Christian but he’s met with an elbow to the gut! Eugene’s sent backward as Christian claws his way up using the ropes and Eugene charges at him but Christian takes his head off with a clothesline!! Christian is back in cruise control now here and looks set to finish this one off now, a look of sheer anger coming across his face as he hoists Eugene up and grabs him from behind. Christian then looks sternly at the fans before DROPPING Eugene with a vicious Unprettier!! Cover..1..2..3..game over

Winner: Christian(3:11

Jim Ross: As emphatic as I think we all expected from Christian here tonight. Eugene gave it his all, a scare for Captain Charisma but in the end, just not enough to deal with a very fired up, a very driven, a very…

The Coach: A VERY IMPRESSIVE Christian J.R. This man is the pinnacle of Raw right now, the pinnacle of the WWE and the sooner you realise that, the sooner all these people realise that, the better.

Jim Ross: But what the hell is this for?! What..why is there ANY need for this?!

We then see Christian and Tomko launching a similar attack on poor Eugene to the one they executed on Arn Anderson a week prior. Both men stomp away at the back of Eugene’s neck before Tomko hoists the defenceless nephew of Eric Bischoff to his feet and Christian exit’s the ring, grabbing a STEEL CHAIR!!

The Coach: This is it J.R, this is the preview!!


The fans go ape as Ric Flair’s music hits and down charges the Nature Boy!!


Flair is suited and booted but rolls his sleeves up as he charges inside the ring and begins to unload on Tomko and then on Christian!! Flair takes down Tomko with a huge right hand before heading after the one he really wants, getting his hands on Captain Charisma! Flair takes Christian down from the legs and begins to smash Christian’s skull in with vicious right hands!!

Jim Ross: The crowd are on their feet!! This arena is going wild as Ric Flair gives Christian the beaitng he deserves!!

The Coach: Who invited this guy here huh?! Who called for Flair to be here tonight?!

Flair then lets up the attack before yelling ‘WOOOOO’ to the fans before going back to Christian and it’s FIGURE FOUR TIME!! Flair grabs the legs of Christian and is set to lock the deadly hold in but Flair sees the on rushing Tomko and Flair instead takes him down once again with a big right!! Flair begins to hammer away on the ‘Problem Solver’ as we then see Christian somehow manage to get out of dodge and roll out of the ring. Flair turns around and sees Christain’s gone, appearing to motu the words ‘Damn it’ but it doesn’t deter Flair who instead LOCKS THE FIGURE FOUR IN ON TOMKO!!

Jim Ross: Christian’s a lucky son of a gun here tonight, this, this right here could very well be and in my eyes will most DEFINITELY be his fate at Summerslam!! Christian can only run for so long!!

Tomko is tapping relentlessly but Flair keeps the hold locked in, facing towards Christian who backs up the ramp, looking a little less confident than he did just moments earlier. Flair eventually lets go of the hold and shouts out to Christian ‘You’re next ya little punk, you hear me?’ We then get one final shot of both Flair and Christian before fading out.


We return and get a brief run down of the events that occurred prior to the commercial break with Flair making the save for Eugene and getting his hands on both Christian and Tomko. J.R then informs us that Todd Grisham managed to catch up with Ric Flair during the Commercial break…

Todd Grisham: Ric…Ric, can we just get a quick word? First off, how is Arn Anderson following what went down last week and also, just how good did it feel out there tonight, getting your hands on Christian?

Ric Flair: Arn’s doin’ ok Todd but he was lucky, real lucky. That no good son of a bitch could’ve done a whole lot more damage, so I think we can all thank god that Arn’s doin’ ok right now. As far as tonight goes, it felt good, it felt really, REALLY good getting my hands on that punk out there.

Nice little pop there.

Ric Flair: I’ve wanted that ever since Vengeance and it felt just as good as I’d hoped it would but it still…it still didn’t satisfy me Todd. What you saw out there wasn’t enough, it was NOWHERE NEAR…enough. I wanna make Christian pay for what he’s done to Arn and I wanna make Christian learn, understand exactly what respect is, what respect’s about. See, I have NO problem passing the torch but I DAMN SURE ain’t passin’ it to a guy like him! That’s why I requested this match at Summerslam, that’s why I NEED this match at Summerslam, I need it to teach this kid a lesson.

Flair is worked up a little bit now here.

Ric Flair: Now I know it’s high risk come Summerslam, I know that it could, it could very well be the end of the Nature Boy on August 19th but with high risk comes high reward and right now I can’t think of ANY better reward than kicking Christian’s ass all over Washington D.C.

A nice pop again with a few wooooos thrown in.

Ric Flair: Christian is right about one thing though, he’s right when he says that I hate the very sight of him. I hate every single thing about him and everything that he stands for but he’s wrong when he says that’s what he wants me to feel. No, no, no, he doesn’t want me to hate him, he doesn’t want me fired up, he doesn’t want me at my very best. That hatred I have for him, that FIRE inside of me, the Nature Boy, WOOOOO, at his VERY best is NO reason for ANYBODY to be happy, no reason for ANYBODY to be confident because when I am at my best, when I am fired up, when I have that hate built up inside of me, eatin’ me up then I can assure ya that NOBODY CAN STOP ME!!

Flair is really going for it here as the fans pop big time.

Ric Flair: At Summerslam, Christian is gonna find out exactly what Ric Flair is all about, he’s gonna find out exactly why Ric Flair is the SIX-TEEN TIME, WOOOOOO, WORLD CHAMPION!! And he’s gonna find out that diamonds are forever and so is RIC…FLAIR!! WOOOOO!!

Flair then walks off to the usual cheers and ‘Wooos’ from the crowd.

We then cut elsewhere backstage and we see Mark Jindrak conversating with his mentor, William Regal. The duo are greeted with heat from the crowd as they seem to be conjuring up a strategy for Jindrak’s showdown with Big Show later on tonight

William Regal: Tonight…tonight Mark we continue what we began back at Vengeance, we finish what we started. Tonight Mark we finish…The Big Show.

Pop for the mention of Show there.

William Regal: You’ve impressed a lot of people as of late, you’ve impressed me, you’ve impressed Eric Bischoff, you’ve impressed your peers. Quite frankly Mark, you’ve impressed everybody.

Jindrak nods his head.

William Regal: The dominance you’ve displayed, how vicious you’ve been, how brutal you’ve been. Mark, there is nobody and I mean there is absolutely nobody on the entire roster who wants any part of you whatsoever and make no mistake about it, that includes Big Show.

Regal pauses for a moment.

William Regal: Big Show knows just what you’re capable of, Big Show is afraid of what you’re capable of and tonight, you’re going to prove exactly why. You’re going to prove to everybody just why you are the future of this company and you are going to send a message, you’re going to send a message that soon, very, very soon you will be standing alone at the top of the Monday Night Raw food chain.

Jindrak smirks a little, as does Regal.

William Regal: After tonight, nobody will be talking about Edge, nobody will be talking about Shawn Michaels, nobody will be talking about Kane, nobody will talking about ANYBODY except the ‘Protégé’ himself, Mark Jindrak.

We then get a close up shot of a smirking Jindrak who bounces on the spot, preparing himself ahead of his big match later on tonight as we then cut back ringside.


It’s a nice pop that greets the ever familiar music of the gorgeous Stacy Keibler who struts her stuff down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well the last couple of weeks have seen Victoria, our Women’s champion be challenged by Christy Hemme who despite all her feistiness, all her guts, could not knock off the oh so strong Victoria. Tonight, Stacy Keibler will look to take her opportunity.

The Coach: She can look, she can search high and wide but J.R, lets be real here, Stacy’s better off sittin’ in the back tonight, she does not stand a chance when it comes to getting in the ring with Victoria.

‘I ain’t a lady to mess with’

It’s small boos that flutter around the arena as out steps the psychotic Women’s champion, Victoria.

Jim Ross: Well we await to see just whether that’s true or not Coach but one woman we do know does stand a chance of going toe to toe with Victoria is Lita who returned last week to confront Victoria, following her victory over Christy Hemme. Let’s take a look.

We go to a replay of the events that transpired last week where we see Victoria launching an ambush on Christy Hemme only for the shocking sound of Lita’s music to hit, her first appearance since Backlash and out stormed the daredevil diva to try and get her hands on Victoria who would get out of dodge before that chance occurred.

The Coach: Lita’s great, really she is, she’s held that Women’s title on many occasions but facts are J.R, Lita ain’t anywhere NEAR as great as our current champion. Victoria is too strong, too powerful, too damn brutal for any female competitor on this PLANET. Go ask Trish Stratus, oh wait, she’s stuck at home with a broken freakin’ ankle.

Jim Ross: She may be strong, powerful, brutal but Lita is as big a test as they come and if she gets her opportunity, you can be sure she’s gonna do everything in her power to take it. Victoria may not be so conifdent anymore now that Lita is back in business.

Match Three: Singles Match

Victoria vs. Stacy Keibler

Stacy looks scared stiff as Victoria locks eyes on her in her usual devilish manner before heading her way and overpowering the leggy blonde from the get go. Stacy is really defenceless as Victoria shows just why she is unstoppable right now, tossing Stacy around like a rag doll including a vicious backbreaker sending Stacy crumbling.

Victoria only scores a two count however as Stacy shows some heart, shows some fight to stay in this one. The kick out however only seems to fire up the Demonic Diva who lashes out with an array of stiff kicks before bringing Stacy to her feet and beginning to club her with some right hands to which Stacy seems to have no response. Victoria then whips Stacy out of the corner into the opposite corner and charges at her, looking to take her damn head off but Stacy puts up a boot!!

The fans pop as Stacy sends Victoria flying aback and Stacy hops onto the apron and FLIES OFF THE TOP CATCHING VICTORIA WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! Cover by Stacy!! 1..2..kick out by the champion much to the groans of the Little Rock faithful. Stacy seems to sigh in disappointment, realising that may be her only shot here. She brings Victoria to her feet and lays into her with several forearms but Victoria blocks one and takes Stacy down with a thunderous clothesline.

Victoria now has that crazed look come across her face, clearly riled by Stacy’s little revival there and she picks Stacy up with authority, knee to the gut, a sick smirk coming across her face, WIDOW’S PEAK!! Stacy is fallen as Victoria crawls into the cover..1...2...3

Winner: Victoria(4:46)

The Coach: How impressive is this woman J.R? Huh? How damn impressive is she?

Jim Ross: Indeed another impressive display from Victoria here tonight and it would appear, well it would appear as though we’re gonna hear from our Women’s Champion right about now.

Victoria does have a mic in hand, breathing quite heavily following her outing just there.

Victoria: For the last…for the last seven days I’ve had to deal with people constantly getting in my face, constantly asking me about one thing, about one woman, about…Lita.

Victoria grits her teeth as the fans pop at the mention of Lita.

Victoria: Lita seems to think, she seems to believe that she can just…just turn up and come straight after me…come straight after this Women’s title. Well, I can assure her and I can assure everybody here tonight that she is very, very wrong.

A few boos now for the champion.

Victoria: You see, I am the most dominant Women’s Champion that this company has ever seen. I thrive on my opponents getting their opportunity, earning their opportunity and then..then being crushed, being brutalised, being embarrassed by me.

Victoria sticks her tumbs into her chest as she says ‘me’.

Victoria: I take great pride, I take great pleasure in crushing these women’s hopes, their dreams of capturing this(points at the title). But Lita? Lita just…just walks back in after months away and she just expects to be handed a shot at this title, given a shot at me like that. Wha..what makes her think she’s so special? What makes her think she deserves it? Well I can assure her that she has done NOTHING to earn her shot, and until she does, then she can kiss goodb…


Victoria is cut off by the music of the lady herself Lita who struts onto the stage, met with a solid pop from the fans! Lita has a mic in hand and is smirking somewhat with Victoria looking less than impressed.

Lita: Really Victoria? Really? You care about people earning their shot, earning their opportunities? No, no I’m not buying it. All you care about is….no wait, scratch that. You don’t care about anything do you?

Victoria smirks.

Lita: The only reason you don’t want me anywhere near you is because you know that your little reign of terror, your run of dominance around here, it’s gonna come to a very swift end when me and you step inside that ring.

Victoria seems to shout ‘No.’

Lita: Yeah, it’s true. You may have beaten Christy Hemme and Stacy Keibler. You may have broken Trish Stratus’ ankle but until you’ve beaten me, until you’ve broken me, then none of that counts for anything.

Victoria: Look I’ve heard enough okay. I don’t need to stand here and take this kinda crap from somebody who, well, from somebody who just can’t match up to me, match up to what I have to offer so if you really think you deserve it, if you truly believe you can take your shot at me, why don’t you come down here and prove it?

A few cheers for that as Lita even looks happily surprised.

Lita: I thought you’d never ask.

Lita then drops her mic and storms down to ringside as Victoria braces herself!!

Jim Ross: Oh business is about to pick up folks!! Lita and Victoria gonna get it on here!!!!

The Coach: Lita’s got a frakin’ death wish wanting to step inside the ring with Victoria!! She’ll regret this!!

Lita races into the ring BUT VICTORIA EXITS UNDER THE ROPES!! The crowd boos the shit out of the Women’s Champion who wants absolutely nothing to do with Lita here tonight.

Jim Ross: Oh come on!! Victoria made the challenge, the so called ‘dominant’ diva wants NOTHING to do with Lita, absolutely NOTHING to do with her here tonight.

The Coach: Hey don’t be hatin’ on Victoria like that J.R. Victoria’s already explained that Lita doesn’t deserve a shot at her, she doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near her, so why let her? Genius from our champion. Lita’s gotta prove herself all over again baby.

We see a shot of Lita laughing, an angry kind of laugh as Victoria backs up the ramp, also laughing but hers more of a ‘I got you’ kind of laugh.


‘Arab America’

We return and hear the oh so familiar music of the Arabian Entity as out step the foursome of the Intercontinental Champion Muhammad Hassan, The Great Khali, Daivari and Sonjay Dutt, to strong heat as ever.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and we are returning with the sight of the Arabian Entity who have, well they’ve made it clear that they don’t want Shelton Benjamin anywhere near them or Muhammad Hassan’s Intercontinental title.

The Coach: And so they shouldn’t. Benjamin’s been beaten TWICE now by Hassan and he doesn’t DESERVE a rematch. However, Charlie Haas? He may well deserve a shot, after all and it pains me to say this, he did beat Muhammad Hassan last week.

Jim Ross: Indeed it was a huge win last week for Charlie Haas. Haas though has had his sights set on only one thing and that’s the World Tag Team Championships, Shelton Benjamin has not been so keen and you have to wonder, did Charlie Haas win that match last week in order to get Shelton another shot, to get his partner back in the frame or have his priorities changed? Has Charlie Haas now set his sights on Intercontinental gold?

The group are being loudly booed here as Hassan takes a microphone and is set to address the fans here.

Muhammad Hassan: Y’know, they call this country, my country the lan…

Immediate boos for Hassan mentioning this is his country.

Muhammad Hassan: The land of hope and glory. Well ever since Backlash that has been proved to be true for myself and for our Entity as I have reigned supreme, basked in the glory of being the Intercontinental champion.

Hassan holds his title up high to more boos again.

Muhammad Hassan: But as far as hope goes? There is absolutely NO hope left for Shelton Benjamin.

A ‘You Suck’ chant is now building up.

Muhammad Hassan: Shelton has had his chance, he’s had more than one chance at me, at this Intercontinental title and he has blown it each and every single time. All hope that he had, it evaporated the moment I beat him at Vengeance. Muhammad Hassan- two, Shelton Benjamin- oh.

Hassan holds a finger up to the fans, almost asking them to be quiet but it’s no use.

Muhammad Hassan: I came out here tonight not to talk about the past though, I came out here to talk about the future, about where Muhammad Hassan, about where the Arabian Entity goes from here and believe me when I say, the sky’s the limit for the four of us.

We see Daivari and Dutt nodding while Khali looks on menacingly.

Muhammad Hassan: Next week begins that ascent, it begins when Sonjay and Daivari will finally capture the World Tag Team titles from those overweight, washed up, hasbeens the Dudley Boyz.


Muhammad Hassan: And once those titles are in our possession, that leaves just one, just one more championship left for us to conquer, left for me to conquer. That just leaves the World…Heavyweight…Championship.

Hassan now smirks a little as the crowd continue to boos the shit out of him and a small ‘USA‘ chant even begins..

Muhammad Hassan: Believe me, this Intercontinental title is in no danger of leaving my waist anytime soon which means I can…I can shift my focus elsewhere, which means I can shift my focus onwards and upwards and ma…


Muhammad Hassan: And maybe the…



HUGE heat now for the fired up Hassan.

Muhammad Hassan: I am sick of being disrespected, being made to feel…to feel an outcast in MY OWN COUNTRY!! This championship, this Intercontinental title, it hasn’t got me that, maybe, just maybe when I stand before you as the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, YOU WILL SHOW ME EVERY INCH OF RESPECT….

Hassan breathes deeply, calming himself down as the crowd shits on him

Muhammad Hassan: Every inch of respect…that you all owe me.

The heat is off the charts now for the I.C. Champion.

Muhammad Hassan: Now befo…

‘World’s Greatest’

Hassan is interrupted by the music of the World’s Greatest Tag Team and it is a MEGA pop for the duo of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas for finally shutting up Hassan.

Benjamin has a mic in hand as he and Haas remain at the top of the ramp on the stage.

Shelton Benjamin: You’re do…

Muhammad Hassan: I don’t…I don’t recall inviting you out here, so if you wouldn’t mind, I need to finish addressing these people, MY people.

Coach is applauding the words of Hassan while the crowd continues to pur heat on the Entity leader. Daivari then rambles something in his native tongue which just draws even more heat as we see Shelton and Haas look at each other as if to say ‘WTF?

Shelton Benjamin: You didn’t invite us out here Muhammad, you’re right but we just had to come out and we had to let you know that your little statement, your little claims are complete and utter crap.

Nice pop.

Shelton Benjamin: I’ve got no hope? My hopes have evaporated? Muhammad incase ya forgot, you screwed me over to win that championship and at Vengeance, lemme refresh your memory, it wasn’t just you who beat me was it? It was you and that freak o’ nature standin’ beside ya that beat me, it was two on one.

The camera pans to Khali who shakes his head angrily as the fans cheer.

Shelton Benjamin: So if you think that I’m just gonna fall to the back of the line, that I’m just gonna fade away like that, then you got another thing comin’. I am not gonna stop until I get another shot, I am not gonna stop until I get the rematch that I deserve, the rematch that I’ve earned.

We see Charlie Haas nodding his head.

Muhammad Hassan: Funny, real funny Shelton. Y’see you have done nothing, not one thing to earn antoher shot at this and I..I’m not even talking about what happened at Backlash or what happened at Vengeance, I’m talking about the bigger picture. Since I won this title, your career has..well it’s been on a bit of a downward spiral hasn’t it?

Benjamin scratches his head a little bit.

Muhammad Hassan: You haven’t been able to defeat me, you haven’t been able to defeat…well, you haven’t been able to defeat anybody bu..but I’m glad you came out Shelton, infact I’m glad you’re both out here because I wanted to mention that little fact just there and I wanted to compare that to you Charlie. You’re the one who has…well Charlie, you’re the one who’s had a bit of momentum lately, you’re the one who’s career is on the up somewhat while your partner continues to fall, continues to bring you down.

Boos as Shelton mouths ‘No, no’

Muhammad Hassan: Charlie it was you who beat me last week, I am gracious in defeat, I accept when I have been defeated and last week you did just that, something HE has failed to do each and every time we have met. If anybody deserves a shot at this, it’s Charlie Haas, NOT Shelton Benjamin.

A few boos are heard but cheers also as the crowd are a little bit torn.

Shelton Benjamin: Hey, I know I can beat you, any time, any place, hell, we can do this right here, RIGHT NOW if you wanna go?

Nice pop for that as Hassan smirks and Daivari and Dutt shout insults up the ramp.

Muhammad Hassan: You can’t Shelton, you and I both know it, my Entity knows it and Charlie Haas? He knows it too.

Haas hangs his head a little.

Muhammad Hassan: So why don’t you do yourself a favour, why don’t you do your partner a favour, do what he wants to do for once, because so far, so good for Charlie Haas and why don’t you go chase the Tag team titles, go challenge the Dudleyz, wait, wait scratch that, those guys are done come next week. Challenge Sonjay and Daivari and THEY TOO will beat you.

Strong heat again as Hassan smiles devilishly.

Shelton Benjamin: Why don’t y…

Charlie Haas then covers the mic and asks if he can speak. Shelton begrudgingly agrees.

Charlie Haas: Shelton, he’s uh….he’s kinda right.

Shelton looks at him in bemusement as the fans boo.

Charlie Haas: You have had your chance and you uh…you haven’t taken it. Maybe we should just look at the tag titles, maybe we should just regroup, re focus and go back to what we do best, go back to being the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

A few pop but a few boo as Haas tries to sway his partner.

Daivari: Shelton, for too long you have been outwitted, outsmarted, simply outdone by the power of the Entity. It is indeed now time for you to step away, whether you like it or not, you will not and you can not compete with Muhammad Hassan, you can not comepete with us.

Boos for the little Entity member butting in there. Haas hands the mic back to Shelton who looks speechless.

Shelton Benjamin: You re…you really believe I can’t do it, don’t you?

Benjamin looks at Haas who screws up his face.

Shelton Benjamin: That hurts me man, really, it does and I’m gonna prove to you, I’m gonna prove to ALL of you(looking at the Entity) that I can do it, that I can beat you and I can once again become the Intercontinental champion.

Nice pop.

Shelton Benjamin: All I’m askin’ for is one more shot, one more opportunity. You and me Hassan, one more match, I lose? I lose and I will back down, I will step away and me and Charlie we will go back to the tag ranks, we will go back to what…to what we do ‘best’.

Hassan seems to conversate with his group who come to a decision.

Muhammad Hassan: We’ve thought about it and we uh…we’ve come to a group decision. Charlie, you think Shelton should change his mind right? That he should forget about this and join you in capturing tag team gold?

We see Haas nodding a little bit, slightly hesitant however.

Muhammad Hassan: Well Shelton, our offer is really, really simple. Next week, one on one, me against Charlie Haas.

Shelton says ‘What?

Muhammad Hassan: I win, you’re done, no more shots, no more opportunities, you‘re out. He wins? If he wins, then you get your shot at me, you get your shot at this Intercontinental championship.

Haas hangs his head a little bit.

Shelton Benjamin: Deal.

It’s an emphatic reply from Shelton Benjamin who doesn’t even think twice about it. Haas looks at him like ‘Wait a second’ as we then see Hassan, Daivari and Dutt all smiling.

Muhammad Hassan: That’s the answer I was lookin’ for but Shelton I think…I think you just made a big, big mistake. I think you may have…you may have jumped the gun a little here Shelton. You have just put all your faith, all your trust in Charlie Haas just now in beating me next week. You have just put all your tust, all your faith in Charlie Haas, the man who wants you NOT chasing this title, to beat me and win you that opportunity.

Shelton now looks a little less confident, realising the predicament he’s in now as Hassan smirks slyly again and the crowd boo before Hassan begins to laugh.

Muhammad Hassan: Shelton, ha ha, I think you’ll find that right there is uhhhh…checkmate.

Hassan then drops the mic and begins to laugh with Daivari and Dutt as ‘Arab America hits and we see a shot of Benjamin and Haas conversating with one another.

Jim Ross: Wow. A HUGE match now set for next week and the question is simple, will Charlie Haas win his partner the championship match that he desires or will Muhammad Hassan walkout victorious and send Shelton Benjamin’s title hopes down the drain?

The Coach: That ain’t the real question baby boy. The REAL question is, will Charlie Haas do the right thing next week? Will Charlie Haas cost Shelton Benjamin a title match he does NOT deserve, a title match that Charlie Haas damn well deserves!!?

Jim Ross: I don’t think that’s even a possibility Coach. There is no way Charlie Haas would cost Shelton Benjamin on purpose, not a chance. The Tag titles may be his priority but Charlie Haas would never stoop so low.

The Coach: Hey, I guess we’ll find out next week but I got my suspicions and I got my doubts about Charlie Haas next week.

We see Benjamin and Haas leave the stage, still talking with one another before seeing that twisted grin from Muhammad Hassan once more.


We return and go straight to a video package for the soon to debut Mr.Kennedy. Kennedy is once more in his dark room, sitting patiently on a chair with simply a spotlight shining brightly on him.

Mr.Kennedy:Two…more…weeks. Just four…teen more days until greatness descends upon the WWE. I know, I know you’re all just desperate for me to arrive, wishing that I was there tonight to just liven the place up, to freshen things up but it’s gonna be worth the wait, it will be all the more satisfying when I do arrive, these next two weeks, the excitement builds, the anticipation grows and then finally, finally yours truly steps onto the scene and finally yours truly takes his place where he belongs.

Kennedy now laughs a little

Mr.Kennedy: Ya may wonder where it is I feel I belong exactly but I thought ya could tell by now, I thought ya could tell that I belong at the absolute top of this industry. When I step foot through the doors of this company, I will be looked at in the only way people know how, I will be looked at as the shining star of the World Wrestling Entertainment.

Kennedy now has a more serious look

Mr.Kennedy: The picture doesn’t lie, you only have to look at me, you only have to spend one minute, just one in my company to understand, to realise that I am what is…what is lacking in the WWE, I am what the WWE is crying out for, a larger than life…superstar.

The cocky smirk re-emerges now

Mr.Kennedy: For years this company has missed that someone, that something that stands out like a sore thumb and in two weeks time, I give them exactly what they want, exactly what you people want, exactly what you all need.

Kennedy now lowers the microphone from the sky

Mr.Kennedy: This is the symbol, this is the very symbol of which I will demonstrate to you all the charimsa that just…that just oozes inside o’ me. You all want to hear me, you all want to listen to every single little thing that I have to say and when I get one of these in my hand, I will entertain like no other.

Kennedy then looks at the mic menacingly before switching his attentions back to the camera

Mr.Kennedy: But don’t mistake that comment, don’t mistake it at all. I’m not just coming for you all to listen to, I’m not just coming for you all to revel in what I have to say. I’m coming to entertain you but this microphone is only half the job, the other half? Well the other half is inside the ring. Inside the squared circle I am every ounce as good as I am with one o’ these in my hands. I will excite, I will refresh, I will revitalise this company and when all’s said and done you will never, ever forget the time and place you were when I marked my arrival in this business and one day when you look back on all the greats, all the true living legends of this sport, you will never, ever forget the name..Mister…Kennedy.

Kennedy pauses…

Mr.Kennedy: Kennedyyyyyyy.

Kennedy is less loud, obnoxious, in your face with his usual double Kennedy catchphrase, choosing to be more cold, sinister and chilling with the manner he’s speaking in as we end with…

Mr.Kennedy: Coming to Raw: 2 weeks

We then return ringside and already waiting inside the ring is Rosey, who looks pumped up ahead of his upcoming match up.


‘Slow Chemical’

Jim Ross: Uh oh.

It’s a slight pop for the initial hit of Kane’s music but it’s soon followed by boos as the number one contender to the World Title appears, set to take on a hopeless you feel Rosey here.

The Coach: Uh oh indeed J.R. Rosey ain’t got a snowball’s chance in hell tonight!! This man is on fire, he is on a roll right now, he is the NEXT World Heavyweight Champion. Mark my words, Batista’s time is up come Summerslam because this..this…this monster is gonna dismantle him just like he did two weeks ago. We haven’t seen Batista since he fell off that stage, since he was thrown off that stage and I’m willin’ to bet we don’t see him for some time yet either.

Jim Ross: Well I’ll agree that Kane is on a roll right now, since returning at Vengeance he has looked unstoppable, he has been on a warpath but if anybody can stop that path, it’s gonna be the World Champion, it’s gonna be Batista.

Match Four: Singles Match
Kane vs. Rosey

It’s sheer dominance from the Big Red Machine as he toys with Rosey from the very first second. Rosey doesn’t hold back in taking it to Kane, charging at him and delivering some firm right hands but Kane doesn’t seem phased and with one right hand the balance shifts entirely as Kane goes on an onslaught.

The number one contender to the World title stalked Rosey like an animal stalking their prey as he methodically picks apart the 400 plus pounder with right hands and some stiff uppercuts before taking the big man down with a huge boot to the face! Kane then launches Rosey into the corner where he keeps up the pressure, delivering right after right to the kidneys of Rosey who’s face paints a picture here.

Kane then drops the big man, showing some scary strength as he drops with a highly impressive sidewalk slam. Kane lets out that maniacal laugh as he then sits up and readies himself to finish his no doubt willing opponent here. Kane signals the end is near as he raises his hand high and the crowd know what’s in store as Rosey slowly, very gingerly gets to his feet, he spins around to a hand around the throat!! CHOKESLAM!! Chokeslam connects, cover..1..2..3. Convincing from Kane

Winner: Kane(4:00)

Jim Ross: Simply dominant. Kane is indeed looking completely unbeatable right now and if he can keep this..this intensity, this viciousness, this brutality up ahead of Summerslam then boy oh boy are we gonna be in for a slobber knocker come Summerslam?

The Coach: Ain’t that the truth J.R? Two bulls goin’ at it in our nation’s capital, August 19th, Batista is taught a lesson by the Big Red Machine by the next World Champion. Batista, even when he’s recovered from injury, even when he’s one hundred percent healthy, I got a feelin’ he ain’t gonna wanna come back and face this.

Kane gives a sickening grin as he looks at the damage he’s done here tonight to a helpless Rosey before he heads off and out of the ring and the fans continue to boo the Big Red Machine.

We then cut backstage and join Todd Grisham who is standing by waiting to talk to us

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, our main event is just moments away and will see Mark Jindrak go one on one with my guest at this time, he is the World’s Largest Athlete, he is The Big Show.

Show then comes into shot, looking fired up ahead of his grudge match here tonight.

Todd Grisham: Show tonight you get your chance at retribution, your chance to get payback on the man who defeated you at Vengeance, on the man who has been a constant thorn in your side of late, Mark Jindrak. How are you feelin’ ahead of such a big match tonight?

Big Show: It’s something I’ve been waitin’ for ever since the moment Vengeance was over with. On that night, he got me but as the sayin’ goes, ‘Lightning doesn’t strike twice’.

Small pop for that.

Big Show: I won’t allow the same thing to happen tonight as what happened at Vengeance, I can’t let that happen. Jindrak’s a talented kid but he needs to be put in his place, he needs to be brought back to reality tonight because he thinks he’s a whole lot better than he really is. Tonight I show him exactly what it takes to reach that top level, to break through the glass ceiling.

Show’s eyes show real passion here.

Big Show: I feel as confident as can be tonight, I really do because I know that when I am this focused, nobody can stop me, no…body. I can guarantee that by the time tonight is over with, Mark Jindrak will have been taught a lesson and as for Regal? William Regal has pushed me, he’s tested me just as much, if not more than Jindrak and he too…he too is gonna get what’s comin’ to him here tonight.

Nice pop for that.

Todd Grisham: Show before you go, one last question. We heard earlier on tonight from Eric Bischoff and he vowed to add you to the list of Shawn Michaels, Batista and Chris Jericho in being taught some respect, in being taught to respect authority. What are your thoughts on those comments?

Show lets out a fired up laugh, if you could call it that.

Big Show: My thoughts….ha ha. My thoughts are that if Eric Bischoff even thinks about getting involved here tonight then he’s gonna end up suffering the same fate as Mark Jindrak, the same fate as William Regal. He’s gonna end up with this fist being rammed down his throat.

Show holds out his enormous fist and it’s met with strong cheers as Show then heads off and we fade out.

Jim Ross: The Big Show meets Mark Jindrak, NEXT!!


We return and rejoin J.R. and Coach on commentary before hearing…

‘Welllll, it’s the Big Show’

‘Crank it Up’

It’s a sizeable pop that meets the music of the World’s Largest Athlete as Big Show storms out, looking ready and raring to go for this grudge match.

Jim Ross: The look on this giant’s face folks really tells the whole story here. It was a couple months back that Show claimed his motivation had gone, there was nothing left for him here in the WWE. But then, well then along came Mark Jindrak.

The Coach: Ohhhh, J.R along he came indeed. Mark Jindrak has DOMINATED Big Show since the first moment he got his hands on him and it’s continued ever since. Big Show ain’t dealt with anyone like this kid before and alongside William Regal they’re an unstoppable force.

‘Born Naughty’

Immediate heat comes across from the crowd as William Regal’s music hits and out he comes accompanying his ‘Protégé’ Mark Jindrak down to the ring.

Jim Ross: That they may well be Coach and here you seem them, the dangerous duo of William Regal and his ‘Protégé’ Mark Jindrak. Jindrak defeated the World’s Largest Athlete back at Vengeance in impressive manner and he’s had, well he’s had no qualms whatsoever in facing Show again tonight.

The Coach: And why should he? After the way he trounced Big Show back at Vengeance, this ain’t gonna be nothing but a walk in the park for my main man Jindrak.

Main Event: Singles Match

The Big Show vs. Mark Jindrak

Show is aggressive from the outset but he’s matched by Jindrak and these two bulls lock horns with Show’s size advantage allowing him to come out on top in the early stages as he forces Jindrak back towards the turnbuckle. Show then smashes Jindrak with a right hand, followed by another before SLAPPING Jindrak across the chest, the echo being heard all around the arena as Jindrak’s chest immediately turns bright red and he winces in pain.

Show dominates for the next few minutes, tearing into Jindrak with some more venomous slaps across the chest before dropping him with a scoop slam. Show sets eyes on Jindrak’s manager of sorts, William Regal, realising that he will still play a role here tonight. Show then brings Jindrak up and continues his offense but Jindrak responds with a hard shot to the gut as Show is now winded. This allows Jindrak a small spell of control, the Protégé being encouraged by Regal strikes with left hands before a kick to the gut of Show and a BEAUTIFUL dropkick takes the giant down!! Jindrak storms into a cover…1...2...kick out by Show and with some authority as he shoves Jindrak up and off of him.

Both me get back to their feet, Jindrak clearly quicker and he smashes Show with a knee to the gut, driving his knee right into the mid section, over and over as Show looks in trouble now. Irish whip from Jindrak and Show stumbles off the ropes right into a thunderous clothesline from Jindrak, wiping Show out. The crowd boos the young superstar as William Regal smirks on the outside.

Jindrak comes close to finishing off the giant following an impressive missile dropkick off the top but it only scores a two count much to Jindrak and Regal’s dismay but to the Little Rock crowd’s delight. This seemed to be the catalyst for a turnaround as the crowd really begins to rally round Show, willing the big man on and it works as Jindrak makes a costly slip up, taking his eye off the ball as Show takes him down from out of nowhere with a big boot!!

Show begins to get a grip now and finds his voice also, roaring to the crowd as they cheer on the giant who is desperate to get one over on the man who embarrassed him at Vengeance. Show drags Jindrak up and smashes him with a right hand, kick to the mid section, Show drops Jindrak with a vertical suplex!! Show then roars once again as he signals for a choke slam!! The fans rise to their feet as Show steadies himself and Jindrak gets to his knees. Show’s ready and primed here BUT WILLIAM REGAL HOPS ONTO THE APRON!! Regal grabs Show’s attention and Show grabs Regal by the throat!! Regal pleads with Show not to do any damage but Show doesn’t back down BUT JINDRAK TAKES HIM DOWN FROM BEHIND!! Chopblock from Jindrak falls Show as Regal gets a lucky escape.

Jindrak takes this opportunity to shake a few cobwebs off and get back to work on Show, hammering away with some stiff kicks to Show’s right arm, perhaps setting himself up for that devastating armbar to come. Jindrak continues to work on that arm of Show, torking away at it as Show grimaces in pain with Regal encouraging his Protégé from the outside still. Jindrak now pulls Show up, using all his strength to do so before SMASHING Show’s arm off the ropes with Show rebounding off hard as he falls away squealing. Jindrak spins him round, kick to the gut, DDT!! Cover by Jindrak..1..2..shoulder up by Show but it’s the right arm/shoulder that does so and Show seems to be struggling here.

Jindrak slams the mat in frustration before getting a word of advice from his mentor and going back to work on that right arm, continuing to stomp away viciously. Jindrak then pulls Show up again before whipping him across the ring, Show comes back and SPEAR!! THE 500 POUNDER DROPS JINDRAK WITH AN ALMIGHTY SPEAR!! The crowd comes alive as Jindrak is broken in half and Show slowly gets to his knees again and he’s clearly intent on finishing this!!

Show signals for the chokelsam once more, Jindrak is oh so slowly rising, he’s almost there, he gets up and turns around, HAND AROUND THE THROAT!! CHOKESLAM!! NO!! SHOW IS SMASHED IN THE BACK FROM BEHIND BY KANE!!! The referee calls for the bell as Kane appears and takes down the giant, ERIC BISCHOFF is here also, and is barking orders at the Big Red Machine!! We then see a very anxious looking SHAWN MICHAELS slowly following the duo behind

Winner via Disqualification: The Big Show(13:01)

Jim Ross: Oh c’mon!! Not again damn it!! What the hell is this about?! Bischoff’s done enough damage in recent weeks for cryin’ out loud!!

The Coach: Not to this big ol’ waste of space he ain’t and after what Big Show did to him last week, this is the very least he deserves. Go get ‘im Kane!!

Kane now launches an assault on the World’s Largest Athlete as Shawn Michaels steps through the ropes, forced once more to be a part of this evil ploy by Raw’s GM. William Regal has also joined us, entering through the ropes and he wants a piece of Show!! Regal steps in front of Kane and lays into Show with strong left hands, right to the forehead of Show, wanting to send a message to the monster as Eric Bischoff looks on with a beaming grin.

Jim Ross: This…this is just plain wrong. Enough is enough. Batista’s suffered, Chris Jericho’s suffered and now Big Show? Why? For what DAMN REASON?!

The Coach: Cos he crossed the boss babyboy!! Simple as that.

Bischoff then points around the arena and yells, ‘This is for all of you!! This is for you people to ENJOY.’ They boo the shit outta Bischoff who then orders Regal to bring Show to his feet and he does so, along with Jindrak who is back to his feet. Jindrak clubs Show with a left hand before tossing him into the path of Kane who catches Show around the throat!! Chokeslam time!! BUT WAIT, JERICHO!! CHRIS JERICHO COMES STORMING DOWN THE RAMP!!

Jim Ross: YES!! Chris Jericho!! Y2J coming to the aid of Big Show!!

The Coach: Jericho is just plain stupid J.R. This is absolutely ridiculous, did he not learn from last week??!

Kane tosses Show aside as Jericho doesn’t seem to care and charges inside the ring and lays into Kane with right hands!! The crowd are fully behind Y2J here as he takes it to the Big Red Machine but it’s all too much as Jindrak and Regal join in and take Jericho down. Shawn Michaels looks on dejected as he runs his hands through his hair, he wants to help Jericho but he knows he can’t.

Jim Ross: Come on Shawn!! Do it!! Just do it for christ sakes!! Help Jericho out, help Big Show out!!

The Coach: He ain’t doin’ squat J.R. He can’t afford to do a damn thing.

Michaels watches on helplessly as Jericho fights back!! Jericho responds and takes Regal down, jumping all over the Brit and delivering some right hands!! But KANE grabs him from behind, pulls him up and smashes him with an uppercut!! We then see Bischoff pat Jindrak on the back, Jindrak then heads to the outside and grabs a steel chair!!

The Coach: Great idea boss.

Jindrak comes back in and lines Jericho up as Regal is to his feet now and takes Jericho off of Kane, Regal wants him some of Y2J here!! Angered by that attack, Regal lays into Jericho with left hands before holding him from behind, a sinister grin across the Englishman’s face as he then holds Jericho in position as Jindrak SMASHES HIM WITH THE CHAIR!! NO!! JERICHO DUCKS IT AND REGAL’S TAKEN DOWN!!

Jim Ross: YES!! JUSTICE!!

Regal is floored as the crowd explodes and Jindrak drops the chair in disbelief. Jericho spins Jindrak round, DDT ONTO THE CHAIR!! JERICHO IS ROLLING!! BUT NO!! SPEAR!! SPEAR TO JERICHO AS EDGE APPEARS FROM NOWHERE TO SMASH JERICHO!!

Jim Ross: Aw, son of a bitch!! That…that damn COWARD Edge. Oh and now look, how convenient?! Edge runnin’ away, not for the first time here tonight by the way. Edge wants nothing to do with Chris Jericho, absolutely nothing!

The Coach: Edge is a busy man J.R. Places to go, people to see, not that you’d know anything about that.

Kane now laughs maniacally as Edge indeed has ducked under the ropes and leaves through the crowd, content with his nights work having one upped Jericho AGAIN time here tonight as Kane now turns back to Big Show who is to his knees as Kane grabs the steel chair!! What’s Kane got in mind here?

Jim Ross: No don’t do it Kane!! Do not do it.

The Coach: Do it!!

Kane grabs the steel chair as Show turns around, BAM!! STEEL CHAIR ACROSS THE SKULL!! Show drops like a fly as Kane absolutely decimates him and Show has been BUSTED OPEN!!

Jim Ross: We need some help out here, I mean this is just absolute carnage from the Big Red Machine!

The Coach: We need some popcorn that’s what we need old timer.

Kane then grabs the chair once again before, oh god, before he PLACES IT ROUND THE LEG OF BIG SHOW!!


Kane then laughs sickly again as he heads to the top rope, Big Show lying motionless on the mat

Jim Ross: Awww please somebody get out here!!

But…Eric Bischoff stops him?!? Bischoff pulls Kan down and wags his finger in his face saying no, no, no.

Jim Ross: Oh thank god, some sense coming out of our General Manager for the first time in a long time.

BEFORE BISCHOFF POINTS AT SHAWN MICHAELS!! Bischoff signals for HBK to scale the ropes!!

The Coach: Oh sense indeed! Genius!! Sheer genius!! Shawn Michaels is gonna break Big Show’s leg and guess what? He’s gonna like it!!

Jim Ross: Shawn don’t, just... Shawn, don’t do this.

Michaels looks at Bischoff up and down like a piece of shit. Bischoff telling Michaels sternly, ‘You do this Shawn, you do this.’ Michaels seems to refuse but Bischoff SLAPS HIM!! The crowd ooooooooooh as Michaels holds his face in disbelief, Bischoff barking at him to do it and…..Michaels does!! Michaels heads up top!!


The Coach: Ha ha!!

Michaels slowly gets to the top rope, Big Show is in no man’s land here as Michaels gets set to fly…..



The Coach: No, no, no!! This isn’t…this isn’t fair!!

Batista storms down the ramp to a HUGE ovationm, his ribs bandaged but a stern look on his face as Bischoff hightails it!! Kane though awaits his fate and Batista and Kane go at it, trading right hands!! Batista is overpowering the monster!! Kane is shoved back towards the ropes, kick to the gut, Irish whip from the Animal, Kane rebounds, kick to the gut once more, Batista scoops Kane up high!! BATISTABOMB!! NO!! BISCHOFF PULLS KANE AWAY!! Kane gets out of dodge as Batista kicks the ropes in frustration!!

Jim Ross: You lucky bastard!! Kane is one lucky bastard tonight let me tell ya!!

The crowd are booing profusely as Kane avoids the World Champion here and Batista turns around with Shawn Michaels standing behind him!! Michaels looks depressed as ever, acknowledging the Animal, saying, ‘I’m sorry’, perhaps for not having Batista’s back of late and Batista simply nods back, hands on his hips as he looks to the sky before KICK TO THE GUT, OH WOW, MICHAELS IS IN TROUBLE!! BATISTABOMB!! BATISTABOMB CONNECTS TO SHAWN MICHAELS!!
Jim Ross: Good God, what authority!! An explosive end to Monday Night Raw as I have ever seen!! Batista is back, the Animal has returned and he’s gunning for Eric Bischoff, he’s gunning for Kane and by the looks of things he’s gunning for Shawn Michaels!!

The Coach: And by the looks of things Bischoff and Kane are gonna be too damn smart for this Neanderthal come Summerslam!! They’ve outsmarted him since Vengeance and they’ve done it again tonight.

Jim Ross: What a night folks, WHAT…A…NIGHT!! Batista has returned and let me assure you, there will be HELL to pay for Eric Bischoff and there will be HELL to pay for Kane!! Goodnight everybody!!

We close the show with Batista motioning that he was ‘This close’ to getting his hands on Kane as the number one contender and Eric Bischoff escape up the ramp looking back in anxiety, perhaps even fear as we then get a shot of Shawn Michaels fallen in the ring, laid out from that devastating Batistabomb before a final shot of all the bodies laid out. Jindrak, Regal, Jericho, Show and Michaels before one more glimpse at the devilish duo of Bischoff and Kane as well as the Animal.

Date: 19th August 2005
Location: Washington DC

Current Summerslam Card:

World Heavyweight Championship:
Special Guest Referee
: Shawn Michaels
Batista(c) vs Kane

If Ric Flair loses he must retire:
Christian w/Tomko vs Ric Flair
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

The Animal Returns!!

Monday Night Raw witnessed an explosive conclusion this past week as the World Heavyweight Champion Batista returned to set the record straight and get his hands on the man who injured him a couple of weeks ago, the Big Red Machine, Kane.

Batista was not scheduled to return for at the very least another two weeks following a rib injury but that didn’t stop the World Champion from making his mark on Monday night as he crashed Eric Bischoff’s parade. However, it wouldn’t all go to plan for the Animal. As Raw’s twisted General Manager, Eric Bischoff looked set to continue his recent punishment of superstars, this time in the shape of the Big Show, who lay motionless, a steel chair wrapped around his leg as Bischoff ordered Shawn Michaels to fly off the rope and potentially break Big Show’s leg, the music of the World Champion would hit which propelled the Little Rock crowd into a complete frenzy.

Batista stormed the ring and looked to take out Kane who waited in anticipation of the Animal’s arrival but was met with a fired up, pissed off Animal who took it to the demonic monster with all he had. Batista though would only briefly get his hands on the number one contender as Eric Bischoff sank his claws in, pulling Kane out of harm’s way much to the crowd and Batista‘s displeasure. Batista would however get involved in some action, delivering a nasty Batistabomb to Eric Bischoff’s right hand man of late, none other than the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, the man who at Summerslam will officiate his World title match with Kane. Could that move prove to be a costly one from Batista come August 19th at Summerslam? It’s clear that Batista is fed up with Shawn Michaels taking orders from Raw’s General Manager and much like the rest of us, he wants to get that message through to the Showstopper. What will both men have to say this Monday night? And what will Eric Bischoff himself have to say on the matter? It is sure to continue heating up as we draw ever closer towards Summerslam

Smackdown Main Event Set!

This Friday night on Smackdown is the final stop on the road before The Great American Bash and Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long has made a HUGE Eight Man Tag Team Match!! The WWE Champion John Cena will be forced to team up with one of his opponents on Sunday and one of the men who savagely attacked him just one week ago, Randy Orton as well as the number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio. Those four men will square off against the team of Kurt Angle, John Bradshaw Layfield and the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM.

Who will be able to leave Little Rock with all the momentum ahead of the Bash on Sunday? You will not want to miss this mammoth main event

Smackdown Preview should be up either Sunday or early next week.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 22/7/05- Little Rock, Arkansas

Smackdown comes to you this Friday night from Little Rock just forty eight hours away from what is set to be a blockbuster Great American Bash!!

Last week’s Smackdown saw a disturbing ending and tonight there are sure to be repercussions in store. The main event last Friday night saw two of the four men involved in this Sunday’s WWE Championship match go toe to toe as Randy Orton took on John Bradshaw Layfield. It was a fairly even contest until JBL decided to try and use an escape route, use a steel chair on the Legend Killer. This didn’t sit well however with the WWE Champion John Cena who stormed down to the ring, preventing Layfield from taking Orton out. The appearance of the champion was enough to save Orton and it was enough to take Bradshaw off his game as the Wall Street Warrior would feel the effects of a thunderous RKO, allowing Orton the victory.

Orton however, would not show any thanks for Cena’s interference. As Cena watched on, pleased at having scuppered JBL’s chances, he was viciously ambushed from behind by the fourth participant in the WWE Championship match at the Bash, Kurt Angle. Angle who has had a running issue with the champion launched a stinging assault on Cena, while the fans in the arena urged Randy Orton to help the champion. Orton seemed to be considering it, looking around the arena and he stepped through the ropes, Angle hesitant only for Orton to help the assault!! Orton and Angle joined forces to decimate the champion before JBL also joined in proceedings as the champions completely dissected the champion, just nine days before their huge showdown.

Tonight, John Cena must TEAM with Randy Orton in an incredibly bold move from General Manager Teddy Long. Cena and Orton will join forces with Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio to take on Kurt Angle, JBL and the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM. What will transpire this Friday night in a such a potentially combustible situation? Be sure to tune in and find out, it promises to be an incredible final stop on the road to the Great American Bash.

Also this Friday night, the United States Champion Orlando Jordan will be in action as he takes on the former WCW Champion, Booker T. Jordan has had his hands full of late with a highly determined, highly motivated Matt Hardy whilst Booker has been caught up in a brewing rivalry with former friend Rhyno as well as the opportunistic Apple Spitter, Carlito. What role will their respective rivals play in this match, so close to their meetings at the Bash? And who can potentially score a momentum building victory?

Confirmed also for tonight, Juventud Guerrera will go one on one with Jamie Noble. Guerrera and his Mexicools will take on Noble, Kid Kash and Chris Masters at the Bash in a hotly anticipated contest but tonight offers the opportunity to land an early blow, who will take that chance? Plus, the Cruiserweight Champion will be in action as Paul London squares off against the Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri. London has his hands full with The Hurricane on Sunday but this Friday will prove every bit as testing against his veteran opponent. Can London send a message to Smackdown’s resident Superhero and the thorn in both their sides of late, Chavo Guerrero?

It will no doubt be an incredible night this Friday on Smackdown as we inch ever closer to The Great American Bash!! Make sure to tune in and catch all the action this Friday night!!

Confirmed for Smackdown:

John Cena, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle, John Bradshaw Layfield and MNM

Paul London vs. Tajiri

Juventud Guerrera vs. Jamie Noble

Orlando Jordan vs. Booker T
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