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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 4/7/05- Tucson, Arizona

It’s the 4th of July but following last week’s shocking ending to Raw, it is no time to celebrate for both Shawn Michaels and the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. The conclusion to Raw last week saw Eric Bischoff induct Shawn Michaels as his ‘Personal Employee’ and the induction would be one Michaels would remember as the Showstopper learned that he will be the Special Guest Referee in Batista’s World title defence at Summerslam, against Kane. Bischoff broke the news moments after calling out Batista and declaring that having got Michaels on board at Vengeance, he was now coming after Batista and the World title. Bischoff had vowed he would regain control of Raw and that he needed a champion he could rely on, that would cause him no problems. The Raw General Manager then told Batista that he’d end up the same way Michaels has before telling the Animal he was about to embark upon his very own ‘Personal Hell’. That signalled the arrival of Kane who took out Batista with a vicious choke slam, leaving the Animal wounded. It was then that Bischoff made the blockbuster announcement of Batista vs. Kane at Summerslam for the World title with Shawn Michaels being placed as Special Guest Referee. Michaels looked a shell of his former self last week and following this announcement, you have to wonder just what kind of mood Michaels will be in here tonight in Tucson, knowing exactly what is expected of him both in the coming weeks and when Summerslam rolls around. We are bound to know exactly what mood Batista is in however and it is certain that the champion will be angry and on the prowl in search of both Bischoff and Kane here tonight. What will the GM have in store this week, both for Michaels and for Batista? And what will the Big Red Machine have in mind tonight following his savage attack last week? We await and see.

Last week also saw another HUGE match made for Summerslam as we learned that Christian and Ric Flair will face off one more time with the stipulation being that if Ric Flair loses, he must retire. In an emotional confrontation last week, Flair himself laid it on the line, issuing the challenge and it was one that Christian couldn’t turn down. Captain Charisma has vowed that he will finally end Flair’s career in our nation’s capital come August 19th but tonight we have learned he will face another giant test when he goes one on one with the World’s Largest Athlete, Big Show. Show has continued having major issues with the duo of Mark Jindrak and William Regal, following his defeat the hands of Jindrak back at Vengeance. Will the menacing pair figure again in Show’s business tonight? Or will Show finally get the chance to move on, starting with defeating Christian?

Also, confirmed for tonight, we will see the Money in the Bank holder in action as Edge will square off against Shelton Benjamin. The Rated R Superstar launched a vicious attack on Chris Jericho last week, promising that he would end Jericho’s days in the spotlight once and for all and following last week, that may very well be correct. We know that Jericho WILL be in Tucson but we don’t know what condition Y2J is in or what his intentions will be towards the man he defeated at Vengeance. Benjamin is another man, like Edge who built momentum last week as he scored the win in 8 man Tag team action as he, Charlie Haas and the Dudleyz defeated the Basham’s and Arabian Entity members, Daivari and Sonjay Dutt. Benjamin has vowed to get a fair one on one match for the Intercontinental title with Muhammad Hassan. Victory here tonight would certainly go a long way to proving he deserves it. Can Benjamin score a big win, or will Edge keep up his mean streak and finish off one half of World’s Greatest Tag Team’s title hopes?

Triple H has been a name on many people’s lips this past week as on Raw seven nights ago, the Game shocked everybody as he walked out, stating that he WOULD be back but he didn’t know when and he didn’t know where. The Cerebral Assassin claimed that he was no longer at his best and that he needed to go away and rediscover himself, to find the ten time World Champion once again. Will we hear any more on the matter tonight or will last week indeed prove to be the last time we see or hear from the Game for the foreseeable future?

It promises to be a big night on Raw as ever, believe me, you won’t wanna miss it!!

Confirmed for Raw:

Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin

Christian vs. Big Show

Thanks to CMS and Bazzinator for their reviews of Smackdown, appreciated. Any more reviews for that show would be great. As for Raw, expect it in a few days i would have thought.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 4/7/05- Tucson; Arizona

We start the show off with a video package of the shocking conclusion to last week’s show in which Eric Bischoff held an induction for Shawn Michaels as his Personal Employee. We see small parts of what Bischoff had to say before we see Michaels himself come out, looking very down and depressed, clearly devastated at having to do this. We then get more of what Bischoff had to say, how he wants to take back control of the entire show and that Michaels was the first step with the World Heavyweight title next on his hitlist. This brought out Batista and we see highlights of the words exchanged between the champion and General Manager. We then hear Bischoff tell the Animal that he was going to be welcomed to his very own personal hell which brought out the man who did Bischoff’s dirty work on Shawn Michaels, Kane. The Animal and Kane then went toe to toe, tearing into one another before Shawn Michaels looks set to stop things only for Eric Bischoff to demand Michaels steer clear, causing Michaels to go crazy knowing he can’t intervene. The champion gets on top but it’s Bischoff who causes a distraction, getting Batista’s attention which allows Kane to hit Batista with a devastating choke slam. We then get a look of Michaels face, he is seething as he exit’s the ring, head in his hands before we get the close to the show in which the Raw GM delivered a blockbuster announcement of Batista vs. Kane at Summerslam with the World title on the line. The bombshell was to come however as it was announced that Shawn Michaels would be the Special Guest Referee! We see Shawn’s face which is one of disbelief as he stands frozen on the ramp with Bischoff and Kane laughing maniacally inside the ring. Bischoff then vowed that the title would be his before sinisterly ending by saying ‘Welcome to hell Dave, welcome to….hell.’

We then head into the usual opening video and pyro.

Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Monday Night Raw and a very happy fourth of July to you all!! I’m Jim Ross, joined ringside by Jonathan Coachman and we are already well on our way to Summerslam!!

The Coach: Ain’t no doubt about it old timer. Last week was a BLOCKBUSTER announcement from Eric Bischoff and the World Heavyweight Championship is hanging massively in the balance now.

Jim Ross: Indeed the World title will be on the line at Summerslam, Batista meets the Big Red Machine Kane with Eric Bischoff’s ‘personal employee‘, Shawn Michaels being forced to be the Special Guest Referee. I can only imagine how the Heartbreak Kid must be feeling right about now.

‘I Walk Alone’

It’s the music of the World Champion who steps out to a strong ovation, looking fired up after what went down last week as he heads down to the ring in a vest top, shades and trousers.

Jim Ross: And folks we are wasting NO time in getting down to business! Batista was subjected to an assault by Kane last week as Eric Bischoff sunk his claws in on our World Champion. Bischoff wants that World title and it appears he ain’t gonna stop at anything to get it.

The Coach: Eric Bischoff doesn’t just want the World title, he wants control of this entire show again and having that World title on somebody he can rely on, somebody he can trust like Kane would be a HUGE step in getting that control, that power that he wants. Getting that power that he deserves J.R.

Jim Ross: But Coach there’s certain people you just don’t mess with and in my opinion, Eric Bischoff has picked the wrong guy here to be messin’ with. Batista ain’t gonna lie down for the General Manager, that’s a fact.

Batista takes a mic, looking pretty angry as we kick off Raw with a bang.

Batista: Let me start things off here by sayin’ that I didn’t expect to be here tonight if I’m being honest with you all. See over the past seven days I’ve been thinking about what happened on Raw last week and thinking about what’s gonna happen over these next few weeks headin’ into Summerslam and I just realised that y’know I may not be here much longer, I may not hold this for much longer.

Batista takes a look at the World title as the fans seem slightly confused.

Batista; And no, no, no don’t start thinking I’ve got any doubts. Don’t start to think I’m gonna back down in all this, that I’m runnin’ scared of Eric Bischoff, of Kane, that I’m worried he’s gonna take my title. Because that couldn’t be ANY further from the truth.

Batista’s intensity increases.

Batista: The reason I didn’t expect to be here tonight and the reason why I’m not sure if I’m gonna be here much longer, whether this will be sittin’ on my shoulder much longer(again looks at the title) is because I have been THIS close( Batista holds out his finger and thumb with a narrow gap) to finding Eric Bischoff and KICKING HIS ASS SO BADLY, THEY PUT ME IN A DAMN JAIL CELL!!

Nice pop there.

Batista: But… here I am, I’ve managed to hold back all week. I’ve held back for only ONE reason and that reason is because I want EVRYBODY here tonight to see exactly what I do to that LOW LIFE PIECE OF TRASH!!

Again a nice pop for the champion.

Batista: He thinks that he can screw me over for this title? That he can target me? That I’m gonna sit back and just let him take this(points at the title again)? Well he thought wrong. I’m not gonna let him get involved in any of this. I’m not gonna let my career fall to pieces because of Eric Bischoff bein’ on some-some kinda power trip, wantin’ control of this show, wanting respect for running this show. I got some news for Eric Bischoff, you earn respect around here and with that, you get…control. Eric, you ain’t got ONE OUNCE of respect from me. In fact I wanna show you just how much I respect you.

Batista looks dead focused here.

Batista: So Eric I’m not wasting another second in doing it, so you get your ass out here RIGHT NOW!!

Batista holds his hands out and waits, looking massively fired up as we all await the GM to arrive..

A few seconds pass before…

‘Sexy Boy’

It’s a MASSIVE pop with a few ‘Ooooohs’ of surprise from the crowd as out steps Shawn Michaels, still looking down and out after the past week or so he’s had to deal with.

Jim Ross: Well that is not Eric Bischoff folks. That is Sh..

The Coach: That is Shawn Michaels, Eric Bischoff’s PERSONAL employee. He is Eric Bischoff’s property. Our General Manager says jump, Shawn Michaels needs to ask how damn high? Whatever it is the Bisch wants, Shawn Michaels gets baby and that World title is the top of his list right about now.

Jim Ross: Indeed Shawn Michaels now placed in a very delicate, very awkward position come Summerslam. He knows what his duty is come August 19th as he will be the Special Guest Referee in the Batista-Kane match for the World Heavyweight title. Shawn Michaels will be expected not to call the match down the middle but to call it the way of the Big Red Machine. Sickening decision from Eric Bischoff.

Michaels is now in the ring, he has a letter in his hand as the fans begin to chant ‘HBK HBK’ while Batista looks on at him, showing no emotion whatsoever.

Batista: Shawn, with all due respect, you’re uh, you’re not the guy I wanna see right now so why don’t you go back there and get Bischoff to stop hiding behind his desk and face me like a man.

Nice pop for the Animal there as Michaels simply puts his head down and passes Batista this letter. Batista looks at Michaels as if to say ‘What the fuck?’ as Michaels turns away before spinning back to face the Animal who doesn‘t read it but simply looks through HBK.

Batista: Shawn look I‘m not in the mood for any games here alright, so you can take this letter and head back there, find me Bischoff and you bring him out here right…..now.

Batista hands Shawn the letter back but Michaels looks Tista stone cold, dead in the eye as the fans wonder just what’s going on here.

Batista: Look Shawn, I get you’re in a tough spot here but you don’t nee…

Michaels then speaks for the first time, no microphone though as he simply tells Batista ‘Just read the letter Dave. Please’. Tista doesn’t look happy Michaels cut him off but pulls the mic up again.

Batista: Look here’s the deal everybody. Shawn here has given me this letter which ‘apparently’ I have to read right now, so uh lets get this crap outta the way.

Tista cleas his throat.

Batista: Dear Dave, it’s me, Uncle Eric here. I just wanted to send you my best wishes and hope that you’re recovering following that brutal Chokeslam last week. Fortunately for you, I am not going to be in a…DAMN IT!!

The fans wonder why the Animal is frustrated.

Batista: I am not going to be in attendance here tonight.

Batista turns away, unable to contain his frustration and the fans boo as Big Dave eventually continues, gritting his teeth while doing so.

Batista: But luckily for you, my very own Shawn Michaels will be on hand just incase the inmates try to run the asylum tonight.

Nice pop for that with HBK still looking lost here.

Batista: That, that doesn’t mean that Shawn runs the show though ‘champ‘. Shawn Michaels will still do things my way tonight.


Batista: I have already informed Shawn of exactly what he is to do with you tonight. But instead of put that in this letter, I’m gonna let Shawn reveal it himself for ya. Have a good night and make sure you keep that belt warm for Summerslam.

Batista then tosses the letter behind him before standing hands on hips, looking at a desolate Michaels who still hangs his head.

Batista: Well? What’s it gonna be then Shawn huh? What’s your buddy Eric got in store for me tonight then?

Michaels paces slightly.

Batista: QUIT PLAYIN’ WITH ME SHAWN!! I want…an answer and I want one now. I’m done with these games.

Batista gets in Michaels face as Michaels takes the microphone slowly from Tista’s hand.

Shawn Michaels: Tonight, you will take on all four members of the Arabian Entity in a four on one Handicap match.

Batista lets out a smirk as the crowd boos that decision and Michaels pushes the microphone back at the World champ having spoken very downheartedly to the Animal.

Batista: Alright. Alright then if Eric wants to play it that way, I‘m in. We’ll just see how he feels when I take out his four little chronies one… by one later on tonight.

Decent pop as Michaels steps through the ropes and exits the ring and Batista spins to see this

Batista: Where the hell do you think you’re goin’ Shawn? Hey, I’m not done with you, I got a LOT of questions and believe me, I need the answers Shawn.

Michaels simply keeps walking up the ramp to the dismay of the crowd.

Batista: Shawn DO NOT walk away from me here man.

Michaels keeps walking.


Again Michaels carries on walking.

Batista: WHY? Why are you doin’ this huh? I thought you had a bit more dignity about you, a bit more pride. What have you got to lose with all this? Shawn….Shawn, HEY, I’M TALKIN’ TO YOU!

Tista’s aggression is evident as the crowd ooohs a little and Michaels finally turns around.

Batista: What…have you got…to lose Shawn?

Michaels then mouths ‘Everything’ before finally walking up the ramp and exiting as Batista drops the mic and smashes his fists off the ropes before leaving the ring also.

Jim Ross: Wow. In all my years sittin’ ar ringside I don’t think I have EVER seen Shawn Michaels quite this down, this desolate, this depressed. This is a whole new side to Shawn Michaels and it’s all because of that snake Eric Bischoff. There ain’t a damn thing Shawn Michaels can do to stop this.

The Coach: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Eric Bischoff is a FREAKIN’ GENIUS! He doesn’t need to be here tonight, he doesn’t need to deal with an angry Animal, he’s got the Heartbreak Kid to do all o’ that for him! Four on one Handicap match tonight J.R, Batista might not even make it to Summerslam. Eric Bischoff, give yourself a pat on the back. GE-NI-US.

We see Tista looking angered as he heads up the ramp with the crowd and near enough everyone seeming shocked by that opening.


We return and see a shot of J.R and Coach ringside as they discuss what just happened between Shawn Michaels and Batista before we hear….

‘Just Close Your Eyes’

And it’s resounding heat as out steps Captain Charisman, Christian accompanied by Tomko as we get set for our first match of the night.

The Coach: Get on your feet J.R! Get on your feet for the man who will END Ric Flair’s career, August 19th, Washington D.C. at Summerslam. Christian is gonna put us all outta our misery!! I can..not WAIT!!

Jim Ross: Well I think you’re underestimating Ric Flair Coach. Sure Christian’s got a shot at Summerslam to do the absolute unthinkable but Ric Flair ain’t gonna go down without a fight and you can bet your life on it that Ric Flair gives as good as he’s got at Summerslam. Christian’ gonna be in for the fight of his life.

Christian waits patiently inside the ring, stretching a little bit, waiting for his opponent .

'Welllllllll, it’s the Big Show’

And it’s a strong ovation as out steps an angry looking giant in Big Show.

Jim Ross: Coach I wouldn’t wanna be Christian right about now. Big Show has been enraged of late, he’s been fired up and it’s all because of the alliance between Mark Jindrak and William Regal. Jindrak defeated Show at Vengeance in impressive fashion but the antics of he and Regal have really gotten under the skin of the World’s Largest Athlete.

The Coach: They have and an angry giant ain’t ever something you wanna cross but J.R, Mark Jindrak ain’t someone you wanna cross and he proved that at Vengeance. Tonight, my man Captain Charisma is gonna prove the exact same thing, he can beat ANYBODY on this roster, including the man in your picture right now.

Match One: Singles Match

Christian w/Tomko vs. Big Show

Christian looks a little hesitant about dealing with the World’s Largest Athlete as Show circles the ring, wanting to get a piece of Captain Charisma early on but the CLB ducks and dives at every opportunity, trying to shy away from the giant. Show eventually decides to charge at the Captain but once again Christian ducks it, only this time Show spins around and Christian levels him with a right hand but Show doesn’t flinch!! Christian seems to apologise to Show who doesn’t look too pleased and Christian runs out of the ring before Show can even think about retaliating. Christian circles the ring on the outside, going to talk with his Problem Solver, Tomko. Eventually at the count of 7 from the referee, Christian steps onto the apron with Tomko also stepping up on the opposite side and it appears the two have a plan etched here.

Show lets out a little smirk before deciding to take out Tomko! Show heads over to the Problem Solver and dishes out a right hand but Tomko drops down to the outside, avoiding the mammoth hand as Christian catches Show from behind! Captain Charisma takes advantage, kicking Show around the shins with several vicious kicks before stomping on the left foot of Show, who yells out in pain, potentially having some toes broken there. Show bends down, clearly wary of his toes there and Christian takes full advantage delivering a right hand to the mid section, followed by another before running the ropes and taking Show down with a baseball slide, catching the knees of the five hundred pounder!

Christian takes a moment before letting out a little smirk, realising he has the giant right where he wants him. Captain Charisma begins to stomp away at the right leg of Show, looking to keep him grounded here as Christian now stands on Show’s leg for several second with the referee telling him to get off and the crowd booing CC who stands and surveys where his peeps are in the crowd. Show yells out in pain as Christian finally lets off before going right back to stomping at Show’s leg. Tomko applauds on the outside before Christian changes tact a little and decides to run the ropes before stopping in front of Show and delivering a big elbow right onto the knee of the giant. Christian goes for a surprise cover, 1..2..kick out by Show as he uses all his strength to toss Christian off of him. Christian regroups and heads over to Show once more, the giant now on his hands and knees as Christian looks to grab him by the back of his neck but Show delivers a back elbow to the mid section, followed by another as Christian appears winded. Show now gets to his feet just about and kicks Christian in the gut before delivering a VICIOUS Irish whip to the CLB that sees Christian’s back smash off the turnbuckle as Show comes charging at Christian and land with a thunderous clothesline!!

The fans let out a nice pop as Show gains the upper hand for the first time in the match as Christian stumbles out of the corner right into the waiting Show who drops him with a big scoop slam! Show lets out a roar as the crowd really rally behind the World’s Largest Athlete. Show brings Christian to his feet before delivering a nasty chop to the chest of Captain Charisma. Christian’s chest suddenly turns bright red as Show launches another stinging chop with Christian’s face painting the picture. Show’s chops have forced Christian into the ropes and Show now tells the crowd to be quiet before delivering one more thunderous chop, sounding like a trigger being pulled! Show smiles for the first time in the match before whipping CC across the ring. Christian again falls into the ropes but doesn’t rebound, instead clings on before getting out of the ring as quickly as possible, signalling that he needs a time out with Show looking less than pleased while the Tucson faithful pour heat upon him.

Christian leans against the announce table, looking to recover, holding his chest, still in some pain from those chops. The crowd boos soon turn to cheers however as we see the intimidating giant step over the top rope and down to the outside, heading after Captain Charisma. Christian turns around and he instantly freezes as he realises that Show is standing right behind him! Christian pleads with Show not to do anything but Show lashes out with a right hand, sending Christian across the announce table! J.R and Coach jump out their seats as Christian is flung across them. Show walks round to his opponent who is holding his chest still and the giant picks Christian back up, the referee’s count now at seven as Show drags Captain Charisma back towards the ring before tossing him inside, following right behind him. Show steps over the top rope once more before dragging Christian to his feet and whipping the former Intercontinental champion into the turnbuckle. Christian again smashes off of it as Show charges, looking for another big clothesline but Christian rolls out of the way and Show smashes into the turnbuckle! Christian rolls him up from behind!! 1..2..3..NO!! Show just about survives a close scare there from Christian, using all his intelligence to catch the big man out.

Christian holds his head, realising how close he was to picking up a big win right there as Show sits up, looking a little stunned at almost being beaten there. Christian now gets back to his feet and he heads to the top rope, perching himself up high as Show slowly staggers back up to his feet also. Christian now stands up high on the top rope, Show turns around and he’s met with a flying cross body from Christian but Show catches him!! Big Show catches Christian, takes him to one side and slams Captain Charisma down with a vicious sidewalk slam!! Cover by Show, 1..2..kick out by Christian!! Christian this time hangs in there as Show appears to be frustrated and he pulls the straps down on his vest, clearly meaning business here now as he lets out a roar to the fans. Show begins to signal for a choke slam! The fans rise to their feet as Christian gingerly gets to his feet, not really knowing what awaits him, he turns around right into the massive grip of Big Show’s right hand around his throat!! Christian’s gonna go for a ride but Show drops him down??

Big Show lets go of Christian as we see William Regal and Mark Jindrak heading down the ramp towards the ring!! The crowd lets out a groan as Regal smirks while Jindrak looks at his rival in menacing fashion. Show calls both of them into the ring, wanting a piece of the duo here tonight. Regal heads round to one side of the ring, Jindrak another as we even see Tomko hop up on another side of the apron. Show begins to smile as the referee calls for the three men to get down. Show charges at Regal first off, but the Englishman hops down, wanting nothing to do with the angry giant. It’s Tomko next, who moves before Show can even attempt to swing for him. And finally, it’s Show and Jindrak! The crowd start to cheer in anticipation as Show and Jindrak stare a hole through one another, neither man flinching as Show heads slowly over to his strong rival. There’s some electricity in the air as Show clenches his fist, shows Jindrak it but the Protégé simply laughs as Show goes to swing but his arm’s grabbed from behind by Christian!! Christian grabs Show from behind and NAILS him with an Unprettier!! We see Jindrak laugh as Christian rolls Show over into the cover, 1..2..3..He got him!!

Winner: Christian(10:13)

Jim Ross: Damn it, Christian steals one!! Christian gets yet another assist to victory here tonight, Mark Jindrak and William Regal screw Big Show over and now look at this Coach.

We see Jindrak and Regal, like a pair of dogs enter the ring and begin beating down on the giant. They stomp and punch the World’s Largest Athlete while he’s down as Tomko also enters the ring and joins in the assault before Christian too decides to join in. The crowd are booing all over the foursome but the boos begin turning to cheers as down comes RIC FLAIR!! Flair, Christian’s opponent at Summerslam storms down to the ring with Christian immediately getting out of harm’s way. Flair drops Tomko with a right hand before smashing William Regal with a right hand also as Flair looks to save Big Show! Mark Jindrak lie in wait for the veteran though and Flair turned around right into a massive BIG BOOT from Jindrak!! Christian lets out a little smirk on the outside as Jindrak does his dirty work for him here tonight and the ‘Protégé’ grabs his mentor Regal before exiting the ring to strong heat as we see the fallen Big Show look on angrily at the duo. We then see Christian grab Tomko as they too head up the ramp, looking thrilled at the fact Ric Flair’s efforts came to nothing here tonight

Jim Ross: Ric Flair gave it a damn good shot in tryin’ to put a stop to all this but the numbers game proving just too much for the Nature Boy tonight. Christian, thanks to Jindrak tonight, yet again gets one over on the Nature Boy

The Coach: This man is just too damn good, too damn smart for anybody here on Raw and when he’s through with the Nature Boy at Summerslam J.R, when he finishes old man Flair off in Washington on August 19th, god I can’t wait by the way, he’s gonna be on his way towards the World Heavyweight Championship. Mark my words.

Jim Ross: You really do believe that Christian’s just gonna wipe the floor with Ric Flair don’t you?

The Coach: Absolutely, no reason not to believe it J.R.

Jim Ross: Well I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it at all. Ric Flair will give everything at Summerslam to save his career and Christian may well be a little too sure of himself, a little too confident, too cocky. Ric Flair is gonna get him some at Summerslam, believe me.

The Coach: Believe you? That’s like me being asked to believe our government cowboy. It ain’t happening.

We get a shot of Christian and Tomko backing up the ramp, Tomko holding Christian’s hand up in victory as he smirks at Flair who looks on fallen in the ring. We then get a glimpse of Big Show who is still absolutely raging before we see Mark Jindrak standing behind a sinister looking William Regal several feet back from Christian and Tomko.


We return and head backstage to see Todd Grisham chasing after Big Show.

Todd Grisham: Show!! Show, can we just get a quick word about what just went down out there in your match with Christian?

Big Show: What went down in my match with Christian? What went..DOWN? I’ll tell you what went down Todd, that SON OF A BITCH JINDRAK is what went down and I am gonna make…him…PAY.

Show’s intensity is evident.

Big Show: This whole thing(sighs) this whole thing started when I questioned just who there was left for me to face around here, just who was left to challenge me. My motivation had gone, my commitment to this company had gone, but now? Now I’m more motivated than EVER BEFORE and I am more committed than ever before. I am not gonna stop, I am not gonna rest until I teach Mark Jindrak a lesson.

Nice pop.

Big Show: William Regal thinks that his boy has got all the potential in the world, that his kid is the future of this company. Well when I’m through with him Todd, mark my words, he won’t have a future….AT ALL.

Another nice pop as Show heads off and kicks a trash can over backstage before we cut away elsewhere and see the lovely Maria who is standing by.

Maria: Hi! Maria here again and well last week was my first interview here in the WWE, but it didn’t really go to plan so uhm, yeah I just gotta hope my second one goes a little bit better! So without further adue, please welcome my guest Chris Jericho!

Chris Jericho emerges into shot to a nice pop and lets out a little smirk at how clueless Maria is.

Maria: Chris, last week Edge brutally attacked you after your match with The Great Khali. How are you holding up now, one week on from that assault?

Chris Jericho: First off Maria, compared to last week, this interview’s on Roddy Piper level, so kudos for uhm ‘nailing’ it tonight.

Jericho raises his eyebrows as Maria beams with happiness.

Chris Jericho: As far as how I’m holding up goes, well I’m about as good as can be right now considering what went down last week. I’ve had a lot of stitches into my head and y’know what? Maybe, just maybe Edge did me a favour last week.

Maria looks confused, shock.

Chris Jericho: And I mean that because for months now, I’ve had to deal with all his games, all his little interferences, his little attacks but last week? Last week he stepped it up a notch. After Vengeance I thought that was it, me and Edge, we had our match, which by the way I won and I thought that the both of us could move on and start afresh, start elsewhere. My intentions after that match were on one thing and that one thing Maria, was the World Heavyweight title.


Chris Jericho: But after last week I realised that my priorities, they can be put on hold for a little while longer now because Edge, he just isn’t gonna stop. He’s not gonna stop until he gets exactly what he wants and he wants me gone, he wants me out of the spotlight, out of ‘his’ spotlight.

Heat for that.

Chris Jericho: So last week I figured that if Edge-if Edge wants me to suffer so bad, if Edge wants me gone so bad, if he wants my career, then he can come and y’know he can try, try with all his might, with every ounce he’s got to take it. But Maria, if Edge wants to take that away from me then I’ve realised that I need to try and take something from him. Oh yeah, I need him to even the odds, to let him know how it feels, to know what it’s like to be a target.

Jericho is looking focused now.

Chris Jericho: I’ve been a target now for a long, long time for a lotta guys around here. When I held the Undisputed title, I had a bounty placed on my head. Take me out and you’re in line for that title, beat me and that title, well, it could be yours. Now that right there? That’s a heck of a pressure to have, a heck of a target sittin’ on your back. Edge? He doesn’t know what it’s like to have that target. He doesn’t know what it’s like to have people breathing down your neck night after night.

Jericho shakes his head.

Chris Jericho: But now? Now he’s gonna get first hand experience of that because he’s got something that I want, infact he’s got something I’m pretty sure a whole lot of people in that locker room want. He’s got the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Decent pop for that as the fans realise what Jericho was referring to.

Chris Jericho: That briefcase, Edge has said it himself, it’s a ticket to the top. And the top is exactly where I wanna get to again, it‘s where Chris Jericho belongs and every Jerichoholic damn sure knows it. So last week? Yeah it may’ve been a great night in Edge’s book but Maria, sweetheart, it could well come back to bite him in the ass.

A ‘Y2J’ chant is circling now as Jericho looks directly into the camera.

Chris Jericho: Edge, you want my career? Fine, go ahead and try takin’ it junior. But let me assure ya, you ain’t taking a thing from me, not on my watch. Money in the Bank on the other hand? Well…. that’s mine for the taking.

Jericho heads off to a nice pop as Maria smiles and we go ringside.

Jim Ross: Very strong, very firm words from Chris Jericho there. We’re used to seeing a light hearted, fun side to Y2J Coach but tonight, Jericho just not in the modd following last week’s ambush by Edge.

The Coach: And so Jericho should be strong and firm after last week. Edge coulda ended his career there and then, I’d be pretty P.O’d too if I were Jericho. I’d be worried though, very worried about just what Edge is capable of, I don’t think Jericho knows the half of it cowboy.

‘I ain’t a Lady to Mess With’

It’s small heat as the Women’s Champion Victoria makes her way out, set for action here tonight.

Jim Ross: Well last week we learned that the woman Victoria defeated at Vengeance to capture that Women’s championship, Trish Stratus suffered a broken ankle and will be out of action for months, something which Victoria seems to be pretty damn proud of.

The Coach: And why wouldn’t she be? Trish Stratus has been the pinnacle of Women’s wrestling around the world J.R and Victoria not only beat her but she put her on the shelf. THAT is impressive.

‘Walk Idiot Walk’

Christy Hemme is out next to a fairly nothing reception, a few cheers thrown in however.

Jim Ross: Christy Hemme in a heck of a tough position here tonight folks. The first ever Diva Search winner having to take on our Women’s champion, who in this kinda mood, with this kinda attitude she’s taken lately is damn near unstoppable.

The Coach: Near unstoppable? She IS unstoppable J.R and we both know it. Christy better be careful she don’t end up joining Trish Stratus on the injured list tonight.

Match Two: Singles Match

Victoria vs. Christy Hemme

Victoria smiles as she stares directly at her opponent with Christy not looking quite as confident here. The feisty redhead looks scared to death as Victoria suddenly charges, looking to sink her claws in on Christy and the two lock up with Victoria breaking it immediately to land a forearm to the face as Victoria begins unloading with right hands. The Women’s champion looks very strong, very intimidating here as she whips Christy into the turnbuckle before delivering an evil glare and charging into the young diva with a mammoth clothesline, knocking all the air out of Christy.

Victoria stalks her fallen opponent briefly before delivering a couple of vicious stomps right to the chest of Christy who holds the area Victoria did damage to. Victoria now hoists Christy up with some real venom before lashing out with a forearm, followed by a kick to the gut as Victoria nails Christy with a DDT. The fans ooooh as Christy falls flat on her face with real impact as Victoria lets out that devilish smile once more. The fans continue to boo as Victoria doesn’t finish off Christy, instead she brings Christy up to her feet again before insulting Christy who stands dazed. Victoria tells Christy she is ‘worthless’, that she’s ‘not in the same league’ as her, that she’s a disgrace before Christy SLAPS Victoria!! The fans go wild as Christy shows some fight but BAM!! Christy is taken down with a massive kick to the face that sends Christy spiralling.

The fans groan as any hope of a Christy comeback is dashed there it would seem. Victoria holds her face, looking less than impressed at Christy’s resilience there before she once again grabs Christy, this time by the hair, dragging her round the ring like a rag doll before finally bringing Christy to her feet. Hemme appears as though she’s not too sure where she is as Victoria laughs maniacally before FINALLY putting Christy out of her misery and delivering a devastating Widow’s Peak!! Christy is all over the place as Victoria’s sick smirk turns into a look of sheer focus and intensity. Cover from Victoria, 1..2..3, game over

Winner: Victoria(4:01)

Jim Ross: About as convincing a win as you will see here on Monday Night Raw from our Women’s Champion right there. Victoria toying with Christy Hemme who gave it her all but in the end, against Victoria, that just ain’t enough.

The Coach: I don’t think there is anybody that has got enough to stop this woman, she is brutal, she is vicious, she is too damn good cowboy!!

We see a shot of a crazed Victoria, holding her Women’s championship up against her face as she lets out a twisted smile, looking back at the fallen Christy.


We return and head into a video package for the soon to debut, Mr.Kennedy. Kennedy is again simply sat in a dark room with that spotlight shining brightly on him.

Mr.Kennedy: Tick….tock. Tick….tock.

Kennedy presses his wrist against his ear as though he’s listening to a watch.

Mr.Kennedy: Ya hear that? It’s the sound of time ticking by, time passing, time, well, time simply running out.

Kennedy smirks a little whilst chewing his gum.

Mr.Kennedy: Time is running out for a bunc of guys on Monday Night Raw. I think I’ve made it pretty clear the last couple of weeks just who those people are but incase ya missed it, lemme refresh a few of you morons’ memories.

Kennedy pauses, looking up to the sky.

Mr.Kennedy: Ric Flair. The Naaaaature Boy. Ha. A man who is past his sell by date, hasn’t entertained me, hasn’t entertained you, hasn’t entertained ANYBODY for as long as I can remember. Then there’s uh, oh yeah, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas. You uh, you see that wall over there? Oh, wait you don’t. Funny that ain’t it? The spotlight’s too damn busy on me for anyone or anything else to take it away but by all means, for this little experiment, go ahead. Go ahead and put that very spotlight on the walls in this room.

The spotlight does exactly that, showing all four walls, all of which are plain white

Mr.Kennedy:As frightening as this may sound it is the truth and the truth is I would rather stand here, witness these walls being painted and watch them dry than hear or see another thing from either of those two punks.

The spotlight returns on Kennedy

Mr.Kennedy: Chris Jericho? Kind of weird isn’t it? Weird because when Chris arrived in the WWE, this spotlight, it was placed on him, put upon his shoulders. Jericho was a supposed ‘entertainer’. Well here we are six years later almost and not a single soul on god’s green earth is entertained by that piece of garbage anymore. Quick tip Chris, leave now, walk out the door before you lose even more dignity than ya already have.

Kennedy smirks again before pacing round the room

Mr.Kennedy: Big Show? Excuse me, I’m sorry, what? Show? There is NOTHING to show when it comes to that giant waste of space, that giant waste of time. My…time.

Kennedy now spits his gum out

Mr.Kennedy: And then there’s the World Champion. Your very own precious Animal, Dave Batista. You want the facts? Facts are that Batista has this, this label of being an animal, of being some sort of powerhouse, some kinda monster type figure, and that? That seems to grip a lot of fans, that seems to resonate with the WWE fans. They love Batista. Well here’s some news for ya. Tigers, lions, pandas, gorillas, it doesn’t matter, I could go on and on. What do they all have in common?

Kennedy thinks for a second before a sarcastic laugh

Mr.Kennedy: Oh, oh that’s it. They too, are animals. And y’know what? People pay, they pay their money to go to the zoo to see those very animals. They go and they watch them in their cages, waiting, hoping, praying for something, for something magical to happen, something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. But guess what? It doesn’t happen.

Kennedy shakes his head

Mr.Kennedy: People stay and they watch these animals but they only stay for so long before they realise that these animals, yeah they may be some sight to see but facts are, the excitement? It soon fades and the novelty? It soon wares off and sure enough that very same thing is gonna happen with you people and Dave Batista.

Kennedy’s eyes light up

Mr.Kennedy: Oh yeah. You people will tire of Batista because you will realise he brings absolutely NOTHING to the table. But I do, ohhhhh, I do. I bring the whole god damn package. This spotlight will always be on ME. I won’t fade into the night like Chris Jericho, I won’t bore you to tears like Shelton Benjamin and I won’t let ya down when ya look through a cage and see that tiger you paid good money to watch just lying there, because I DON‘T LIE DOWN. No, n-n-no, no. I rise to the occasion and I provide the magic that you’re all just dyin’ to see.

Kennedy then looks up to the heavens as his trademark microphone comes down and he clutches it close to him

Mr.Kennedy: Monday Night Raw please brace yourelf because unpredictability is on its way, excitement is on its way, greatness is on its way and it is courtesy of ME. It is courtesy of MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KENNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Kennedy pauses


Kennedy then tosses the mic away as we see the message below

Mr.Kennedy; Coming to Raw: Soon.

We then head back to ringside and rejoin J.R and Coach before we hear….

‘You think you know Me’


Out steps Edge to strong heat, even more so following his antics last week as he gets set for action here tonight.

Jim Ross: I can’t even begin to describe just how disgusting Edge’s actions were last week on Chris Jericho. Edge was given the chance to pick Chris Jericho’s opponent, opting for the seven foot three inch, Great Khali. But that? That wasn’t enough as Edge then decided he was gonna take matters into his own hands as he launched a brutal assault on a helpless Jericho. Edge claimed that ‘plans change’. In my mind Coach, plans didn’t change and that was Edge’s plan right from the get go last Monday night.

The Coach: You don’t know that J.R The only person who knows that is Edge and I trust Edge, I would take his word all day, every day so unless you prove otherwise barbeque boy, I’m gonna stand by Mr.Money in the Bank.

Jim Ross: How? How can you stand by somebody who beats the hell out of a defenceless man like Edge did? This is all because Edge can’t deal with the fact that Jericho beat him at Vengeance.

Coach falls silent much to J.R’s delight as we await Edge’s opponent.

Ain’t no stopping me now’

It’s the music of Shelton Benjamin that hits and the former Intercontinental champion comes out to a decent pop, accompanied by Charlie Haas.

Jim Ross: Shelton Benjamin has a big opportunity here tonight folks. A one on one match with Edge, a victory over Edge could see him right back in the hunt for the Intercontinental championship, the one thing Benjamin is so focused on right now.

The Coach: Yeah well it shouldn’t be J.R. Benjamin’s been beaten twice now by Muhammad Hassan. TWICE. He needs to get on board with Charlie Haas, he needs to put that title to the back of his mind, take his partner’s advice and head for tag team gold.

Jim Ross: Can you really blame Shelton Benjamin for being ambitious, for setting his sights high? I don’t, I don’t at all. Shelton Benjamin should want the Intercontinetal title still and I firmly believe that he does. Charlie Haas may just have to wait a little longer for a shot at the World Tag team championships.

Match Three: Singles Match

Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin

Edge bounces up and down on his toes as the bell rings while Shelton does some last second stretching as Charlie encourages his partner before we even get going in this one. The two men lock eyes with one another before locking up in the centre of the ring and seeing who kicks this one off with an early advantage but it’s a stalemate. The duo back off from one another as the crowd start a small but growing ‘Let’s go Shelton’ chant. Once again they lock up but this time Edge uses all his intelligence and nails Shelton with a kick to the gut as he now gains the early momentum and begins to unravel with right hands, forcing the WGTT member aback. Edge now forces Shelton into the ropes before whipping the athletically gifted superstar to the opposite side of the ring and as Benjamin rebounds, Edge scores with a back elbow, sending Shelton down. Early cover, 1..2..shoulder up by Shelton as Edge licks his lips a little.

The Money in the Bank holder grabs the back of Shelton’s neck and brings him to his feet, delivering several forearms to Benjamin once he’s upright before whipping Benjamin into the turnbuckle. Shelton slams off the turnbuckle as Edge carefully heads over and begins to stomp away at the mid section of Benjamin with Shelton looking in considerable discomfort here. The referee calls for Edge to stop as his count gets to three and Edge holds his hands up as if to say ‘I’m done’ but that split second allows Benjamin a route back in and he takes it, nailing Edge with a right hand, followed by a flurry of rights as Benjamin works his way into the match up. Benjamin now with a kick to the mid section of Edge before Benjamin tosses Edge towards the turnbuckle and Edge goes shoulder first through the ropes and into the ringpost!! The fans let off a nice pop as Edge’s face says it all as he stays stuck to the post before finally falling back into the waiting Shelton who runs the ropes and connects with a flying clothesline!! Edge is taken down as Benjamin’s really building some steam now.

Benjamin’s quickly across to Edge and looks for a cover but Edge shoves him off before the ref can even begin to count. Benjamin instead brings Edge to his feet but Edge delivers a right hand to the gut on his way up, knocking some wind out of Shelton. The two men are now gingerly on their feet and exchange right hands and it looks like Edge is getting the upper hand but Benjamin blocks a shot and now begins to find a quick offense. Benjamin now with an Irish whip, Edge rebounds, Benjamin swings but Edge ducks it, spins Shelton round, kick to the mid section and a beautiful suplex connects taking Shelton down! Edge looks a little out of breath as he crawls over to Shelton, cover, 1..2..shoulder up from Benjamin as the fans give a small pop.

Edge looks a little frustrated but gets to his feet and takes a moment to rest against the ropes, allowing Shelton to slowly get to his knees before targeting Benjamin again. Edge smashes his elbow into the back of Shelton’s head, drilling it in several times before delivering one brutal right hand that really seems to knock Shelton off balance. Edge then locks Benjamin into a side headlock, applying a strong hold on the talented Benjamin who fights instantly to try and break out the hold but it’s no use as Edge keeps Benjamin grounded. Edge yells ‘Come on’, clearly putting his all into this hold as Benjamin, having looking out of things moments ago, begins to find some more fight deep down inside of him. Benjamin is to his knees now and begins to throw some small elbows to Edge’s mid section as the Rated R Superstar has a more concerned look on his face now and Benjamin’s persistent digging finally releases the hold and Benjamin falls away into the ropes, taking a small breather. Edge wants none of it though and runs to the opposite side of the ring, off the ropes and charges at Benjamin but Benjamin uses all his know how and pulls the top rope down, sending Edge over and onto the outside!! The fans let out a nice pop as Charlie Haas cheers on the outside and we head to a commercial break at around the six minute mark.


We return and J.R informs us of what went down in the commercial break. Benjamin and Edge both took momentary breathers, inside and outside the ring before Shelton followed Edge out to the outside, only to be met with the waiting Rated R Superstar and the two began to trade blows, taking it in turns to one up each other which is continuing in the process as we return. Benjamin and Edge are once again trading rights before Benjamin smashes Edge’s head off the apron to a nice pop as the referee’s count is at eight and Benjamin tosses Mr.MITB back inside the ring, following right behind. Edge crawls on his knees as Shelton smells an opportunity and runs the ropes before dropping Edge with a baseball slide, catching him right in the face!! Benjamin rolls him over into the cover, 1..2..kick out from Edge much to the fans disappointment.

Benjamin too looks a little disappointed but he picks himself up and dusts himself off before dragging Edge up too and Benjamin smashes a right hand to the forehead of Edge before whipping his opponent into the turnbuckle. Edge crashes off of it and Benjamin comes charging, STINGER SPLASH connects!! Edge is in no man’s land here as Benjamin seizes control, Edge stumbles around, Benjamin catches him from behind and delivers a pinpoint belly to back suplex!! Shelton rolls over, cover, 1..2..3..NO!! Edge just about gets the shoulder up as the camera shows Charlie Haas’ frustration now. Benjamin signals three fingers to the referee, indicating he thought it was over but the referee says the job’s not done as Benjamin pounds the mat in frustration, wondering how he’s gonna put Edge away.

Benjamin hammers away with some right hands while Edge is down before Shelton brings Edge up and continues with the right hands before a kick to the mid section, Shelton lines up the T-BONE SUPLEX!! Edge though with an elbow to the head and Benjamin loses his grip. Edge drops down and charges at Benjamin knocking him down with a big clothesline, clutching his face as he looks to regain a foothold in this match. Edge looks on at the fallen Benjamin now before grabbing the back of Shelton’s head and taking his opponent over to the turnbuckle where Edge bounces Benjamin’s head off the turnbuckle and delivers one more before spinning Shelton round and delivering some shoulder blocks, forcing Benjamin’s back to smash into the turnbuckle. Benjamin lets out an ‘Oooh’ clearly in pain as Edge now lifts Shelton up onto the second rope, what has the Rated R Superstar got in mind here J.R. questions. Edge delivers another right hand but Benjamin fights back with a right of his own knocking Edge back as Benjamin now hops up onto the top rope but Edge comes flying back with a hammer right hand of his own. That again knocks Benjamin off balance, infact almost off the top completely and Edge now scales the ropes, getting to the second rope, delivering a right hand in the process and the two begin to exchange right hands as they fight on top. Benjamin slowly seems to be trying to stand up right and Edge seems to be joining him on the top rope! J.R. is shitting himself, fearing disaster here and Edge grabs Shelton’s neck, is he gonna go for the suplex off the top??!! Edge has him set up but Benjamin fights with an elbow and breaks the hold but Benjamin pulls Edge into him and is met with a right by Edge who again grabs the back of Shelton’s neck, can he do it this time? HE CAN!! EDGE CONNECTS WITH A MASSIVE SUPERPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE!! BENJAMIN COMES CRASHING DOWN WITH EDGE TAKEN OUT OF IT TOO HERE!!

The fans have gone crazy as Charlie Haas sheds a concerned look with J.R and Coach claiming neither man will get up after that but we see Edge stir slightly, perhaps there is life in him yet. Benjamin still hasn’t moved here and Edge slowly but surely heads over to the lifeless body of Benjamin and rolls him over into the cover, 1...2..3..HE GOT HIM, NO!! Benjamin SOMEHOW kicks out at two and three quarters to a big time pop from the crowd as Edge holds his head in disbelief. Edge gets to his knees and runs his hair through his hands as he thinks of a way to get this over and done with before heading off and placing himself towards the turnbuckle. Edge seems to be setting up the spear here as Benjamin slowly finds where he is. Benjamin’s to his knees as Edge is urging him up, slowly to his feet once again, Charlie Haas is now up on the apron, pleading with Shelton not to turn around. Benjamin sees his partner but he turns round anyway and EDGE STTEMPTS A SPEAR but Shelton dodges it and Edge crashes into the turnbuckle!! Haas is still on the apron and cheers before getting Shelton’s attention. Benjamin looks perplexed and asks Haas what the deal is? Haas seems to just be encouraging his partner here and Benjamin seems to mouth ‘I know what I’m doin’ Charlie, I know what I’m doin’ as Benjamin turns around, SPEAR!! SPEAR FROM OUT OF NOWHERE CONNECTS!! Cover, 1...2...3...he got him!!

Winner: Edge(12:47)

The Coach: Did you see that J.R?! Charlie Haas just cost Shelton Benjamin!! Way to go Charlie!!

Jim Ross: Oh c’mon Coach, he didn’t mean to do that! Charlie Haas was only trying to help out his partner, try to give him some encouragement. Shelton Benjamin putting up a hell of an effort here tonight but that one moment, that one little error and Edge on hand to take advantage, like the opportunistthat he is.

The Coach: You damn right Edge is J.R. The man is smart, dare I say, the man’s a genius. He showed it last week and he’s showed it again tonight. Chris Jericho said earlier on tonight that he wants Edge’s Money in the Bank contract, well lemme tell ya, mark it down if ya want to J.R, he ain’t gonna get it.

We see a crazed looking Edge heading back up the ramp, clutching his Money in the Bank briefcase before getting a shot of inside the ring and seeing Shelton Benjamin looking less than pleased with his partner here tonight. There are then a few words exchanged between the two before Shelton nods his head and the pair seem to kiss and make up, so to speak. The camera though then changes and we shift back to Edge who makes his way through the curtain, still somewhat out of breath and still clutching his MITB briefcase. Edge staggers around backstage slowly before we see a CHARGING CHRIS JERICHO!! Jericho takes it to Edge with right hands as Edge drops his briefcase and Jericho continues the assault, getting his payback after last week.

Jim Ross: Chris Jericho getting him some on Edge!!

The Coach: Somebody get back there and stop this!!

Jericho continues to hammer away with right hands before dragging a helpless Edge up to his feet. Jericho steadies himself before delivering a knee to the mid section before tossing Edge HEADFIRST into a wall!! Edge smashes off the wall as Jericho seems relentless here. Y2J then grabs Edge’s MITB briefcase, stalking the Rated R Superstar here but before Jericho can even begin to set himself for it, several officials and trainers head down to the action and separate Jericho from Edge, restraining him from going any further with this attack as Jericho lets out a roar before finally being taken away as we see a close up shot of Edge who is down and out of things here. We then head back to ringside to J.R and Coach.

Jim Ross: That is the very least that Edge deserved here tonight. Chris Jericho getting payback and we heard earlier on from Jericho, he said that if Edge wants him gone, wants to take him out, take his career even, then Jericho was gonna take something from Edge and that something is the Money in the Bank contract.

The Coach: Two wrongs don’t make a right J.R. What Chris Jericho did just now was uncalled for, unprovoked and unprofessional. I can’t wait until Eric Bischoff is back to deal with Jericho personally.

Jim Ross: How you can call that unprovoked I don’t know Coach. I really don’t.


We return and head off backstage once again and join Todd Grisham who is standing by.

Todd Grisham: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and at this moment in time, I am joined by the World Tag Team Champions, Bubba Ray and D-Von, the Dudley Boyz.

Bubba and D-Von appear into shot to a nice pop from the fans here tonight.

Todd Grisham: Guys, tonight you take on the newest tag team on Monday Night Raw, the young duo of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth. How much do you know about these two and how are you approaching tonight’s match?

Bubba Ray Dudley: Todd, I’ll be honest and say that my brother and I, we don’t know an awful lot about these two, but, from what we saw last week, we know they can go in that ring out there.

D-Von nods in the background as Bubba continues.

Bubba Ray Dudley: So we do what we always do tonight and we approach this match with one hundred percent focus, one hundred percent concentration cos we know that they want these World Tag Team titles. We know that every team we come up against wants these titles.

Bubba holds out his title belt.

D-Von Dudley: Oh testify. We go out there and we do what we do best Todd, we fight. It don’t matter whether it’s two young guys like Doane and Nemeth, whether it’s two more experienced guys like the Basham Brothers and it don’t matter a dime whether it’s four guys, like the Arabian Entity.

Heat for the mention of the Entity.

D-Von Dudley: Me and Bubba know only one way and we’re gonna go out there and we’re gonna teach these two rookies exactly what it takes to hold these belts.

Again, the title belts are held out for us to see.

Bubba Ray Dudley: And y’know the thi…

Bubba then stops talking as the camera changes and we see Charlie Haas come into shot.

Charlie Haas: Bubba, D-Von, I couldn’t uh… I couldn’t help but overhear you there talkin’ about teams wantin’ those titles but you forgot one team in particular. You forgot the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

Nice little pop for that as there’s clear tension here.

Bubba Ray Dudley: Charlie look here, I like you, really I do, both outside and inside that ring. You’re a hell of a talent man but there’s a reason your name wasn’t on that list of ours. And that reason, well it‘s clear as day, that reason…. is Shelton Benjamin.

Charlie looks confused here.

D-Von Dudley: Ya may not get where we’re comin’ from Charlie but it’s simple. Shelton Benjamin has eyes for one thing Charlie, just one thing and it ain’t these World Tag Team titles.

Charlie Haas: Hey, hey c’mon, Shelton may want the Intercontinetal title, but he wants those titles sittin’ on your shoulders just as much, believe me.

Bubba Ray Dudley: I wanna believe you, really I do. The Dudley Boyz versus The World’s Greatest Tag Team. That is a heck of a match right there but Charlie, it ain’t happenin’, right now that match is…well it’s a million miles away.

Charlie Haas: Shelton wants this, really he does. You gotta believe me here guys, you gotta trust me. Just give me one opportunity, give us one chance. You don’t know how much those titles mean to me.

Bubba Ray Dudley: Oh Charlie, Charlie, we do know how much they mean to you, we do.

D-Von Dudley: Trouble is, they don’t mean the same to Shelton.

The champions then walk away leaving Haas looking a little frustrated and a little angered here as we head back ringside.

Jim Ross: Well that’s uh..that’s quite the confrontation right there between our tag team champions and Charlie Haas.

The Coach: The Dudley Boyz J.R, as much as I dislike them and I really dislike them. I agree with exactly what they’re sayin’ right there to Charlie Haas. Shelton is being selfish, Shelton is being greedy, he should be lookin’ out for his partner and goin’ for tag team gold. The Intercontinental title has gotten the better of him, Muhammad Hassan has gotten the better of him and the sooner he realises it, the better.


It’s the music of the young tag team, Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth: The Platform to Perfection as they head down to the ring for action, dressed in similar looking trunks, both cutting broad, cocky smiles as Nemeth points out his phyique to the crowd.

Jim Ross: These two men made a heck of a debut last week as they defeated the team of Val Venis and Viscera in impressive fashion.

The Coach: In PERFECT fashion cowboy. These two guys are gonna enlighten us again tonight, they’re gonna let us in on exactly what it’s like to feel perfection when they DISPOSE of the Dudleyz. I can’t wait!

We get a shot of Doane and Nemeth stretching inside the ring, waiting patiently before we hear..

‘Yeah we’re comin down’

The music of the World Tag team champions hits and out come Bubba Ray and D-Von to a solid pop, set to take on the newcomers tonight.

Jim Ross: An impressive display at Vengeance saw the Dudley Boyz retain their tag team titles and again last week we saw a real strong showing as they teamed with the World’s Greatest Tag Team to defeat the Basham Brothers and Arabian Entity members, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari. Do you believe that the Dudleyz will have new challengers after tonight in Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth or will those other teams still be wanting the Dudleyz gold?

The Coach: Of course they’ll still want the Dudleyz gold J.R and you better believe if they get the chance, they’ll take it. But I gotta admit, those titles would look pretty damn good around the waists of these guys, Doane and Nemeth. Now they would be worthy champions, unlike these jokes.

Match Four: Tag Team Match

The Dudley Boyz vs. Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth

Nemeth decides to kick this one off for his team and it’s D-Von who does so for the tag champs as they look to make their mark on the young newcomers. The two men lock up in the centre of the ring and Nemeth puts his bigger opponent into a side headlock but D-Von uses all his strength to shove Nemeth away and into the ropes. Nemeth rebounds right into the path of D-Von who drops him with a shoulder block, met with a decent little pop. D-Von grabs Nemeth up and delivers some forearms to the face before an Irish whip to the cocky youngster right into the turnbuckle. Nemeth smashes his back into it before D-Von charges and smashes into him with a big time clothesline. Nemeth lets out a yell of ‘Aargggh’ clearly hit hard by the impact as D-Von now deliver some big kicks to the mid section before dragging Nemeth over towards his corner, tagging in Bubba as D-Von holds Nemeth’s arm, allowing Bubba straight in and on the front foot, delivering some right and left jabs in typical Bubba fashion.

Nemeth’s sent backwards before Bubba delivers a strong elbow that sends Nemeth down. Bubba is quick to bring his opponent up again though and delivers a series of fast elbows to the skull before a kick to the mid section as Bubba hurls Nemeth into the turnbuckle with Nemeth going shoulder first through the ropes and into the ring post!! The fans let out a big pop as Nemeth looks in real agony here with Bubba heading back over towards him. The larger Dudley drags Nemeth up to his feet, standing him up beside the turnbuckle as Bubba unloads with some right hands, really going to work on the youngster, not letting up here but Nemeth finds some resilience and manages to block another right from Bubba before Nemeth delivers some rights of his own, sending Bubba back. Nemeth now appears on the front foot but Bubba ducks and Nemeth fails to connect, Bubba spins him round, Irish whip, Nemeth rebounds and Bubba goes for a big back body drop but Nemeth lands on his feet!! Bubba turns around right into a big drop kick from Nemeth, timed to dare I say it, perfection as we head into a Commercial break.


We return and Nemeth is on his knees now, Bubba down and out of it but Nemeth opts to crawl towards his corner rather than opponent and Nemeth tags in Ken Doane to the match. Doane is quick to get after Bubba and delivers some stomps to the back of the big man’s neck before dropping down to the mat and opts to go for a sleeper hold, looking to keep the big man grounded and further worn down. Doane lets out a cry, clearly using all his might to lock Bubba into this hold and the big man’s face is turning bright red under the pressure. The crowd are getting right behind Bubba though, willing and urging the tag team champion to get out of this sticky situation. Doane is losing grip slowly as Bubba uses all his power to get to his knees but still can’t quite escape the clutches of Doane. Doane is clearly losing a hold now as his facial expression changes to one of despair as Bubba finally breaks free and delivers an immediate elbow to Ken’s gut before a few stomps to the mid section as Bubba swings once more, Doane ducks it and spins Bubba round right into a kick of his own before Doane delivers with a vicious swinging neck breaker!! Cover by Doane, 1..2..kick out by the big man as Doane pounds the mat in frustration.

Doane now runs the ropes before slowly stopping and delivering a methodical knee to the face of Bubba, really driving his knee into the mush of the big man as Doane yells a ‘C’mon’. Doane’s quick again to bring Bubba back up and delivers an elbow to the back of the head, followed by another before an Irish whip, Bubba comes back at Doane who attempts a clothesline but Bubba runs through and charges off the other side of the ring before taking Doane down with a huge flying shoulder tackle!! Doane is sent spiralling as both men lay down and Bubba begins looking towards his partner with the intention of bringing D-Von back into this. Bubba crawls towards D-Von with the crowd egging him on, Doane meanwhile is a lot slower in reacting but he too is heading over towards Nemeth. The crowd soon begins to boo though as we see Sonjay Dutt and Daivari appear heading slowly down the ramp towards the ring!! Dutt and Daivari lock eyes on D-Von who suddenly loses all track of Bubba, instead focusing on the Entity duo. Bubba is close and Bubba makes the tag but D-Von takes a second getting inside the ring, clearly wary of Dutt and Daivari. On the other side of the ring, D-Von’s hesitance allows Nemeth to get tagged in by Doane and Nemeth meets the champion in the middle of the ring and the two men go right at it with right hands.

Nemeth appears to be gaining the upper hand as he sends D-Von back but the big man blocks another right hand attempt before smashing Nemeth with a mammoth right!! D-Von now with a scoop slam takes Nemeth down before he runs towards the ropes but his foot is grabbed by Dutt!! D-Von falls down as Dutt and Daivari walk away, holding their hands out as if to say ‘We didn’t do a damn thing’ but the crowd boos their actions. We see a furious Bubba on the outside and Bubba decides to drop down and head after the devilish duo!! Bubba speeds after the Entity members and in cat and mouse fashion they run as far away as possible from the big man. Bubba charges round the ring but he’s taken down by a FLYING KEN DOANE!! Doane charges off the apron and takes down Bubba with a flying clothesline, timed right on cue as Bubba is thrown out the equation. D-Von looks up and sees what’s going down before heading to the ropes and checking on his partner but D-Von is rolled up from behind by Nemeth!! 1..2..3...HE GOT HIM!!!

Winners: Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth(7:31)

The Coach: WOW! What a win for Doane and Nemeth!! Future Tag champions right there J.R, these two kids have got IT.

Jim Ross: As big a win as that is Coach, do ya not think it had anything to do with Sonjay Dutt and Daivari?! The two Arabian Entity members sticking their claws in here tonight on Bubba Ray and D-Von and by god, what a mistake that could be.

The Coach: Quit playin’ around J.R. A mistake? You gotta be kiddin’ me, the mistake is on the Dudleyz part in thinking they’re through with these two guys. Sonjay Dutt and Daivari, Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth, the Basham Brothers, take your damn pick J.R, one of ‘em is gonna be our next Tag team champions.

We once again head off backstage and see Shawn Michaels, still looking down, still looking gloomy and seemingly heading towards the parking lot. We then see Todd Grisham however, chasing to get to the Heartbreak Kid.

Todd Grisham: Shawn, Shawn!!

The Showstopper turns around, not looking too pleased to see Mr.Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Shawn, I gotta ask you, how are you coping, both here tonight, having to fill in for Eric Bischoff , following on from last week’s big announcement and also on the whole being forced to almost be like a slave to the Raw General Manager?

Michaels hangs his head.

Shawn Michaels: Y’know the sayin’, ‘A picture paints a thousand words’. Todd, I think the picture you see right now.. says it all.

Michaels then goes to walk away once more but Grisham heads after him.

Todd Grisham: I think everyone wants to know though Shawn just what you’re gonna do about this situation right now. I mean, can you tell us what your plans are? Can you tell us what Eric’s plans are and what the future holds exactly for Shawn Michaels?

Michaels just keeps walking.

Todd Grisham: Shawn?

Michaels just continues to walk as Grisham decides enough is enough with regard to chasing Michaels and he stands a few feet away.

Todd Grisham: Shawn?

Again no reply as Michaels heads off into the distance and Grisham gives in as we receive no more answers as to just how the Showstopper is feeling and just what his intentions are right now.

We cut away elsewhere backstage as we now join Raw’s other reporter, Maria.

Maria: Hi! Me again! And right now I would like you to all please welcome, the World Heavyweight champion, Batista!

The Animal enters the picture, dressed to compete as he’s not far away from competing in his Handicap match against the Arabian Entity.

Maria: Batista, coming up in just a matter of moments, you have to take on the Arabian Entity in a four-on-one Handicap match. How do you feel about having the odds stacked so much against you tonight?

Batista: Y’know, I kinda expected it Maria. I know what Eric Bischoff is like, I’ve had to sit back and watch the way he works for a long time now, going all the way back to when I was getting’ started in Evolution, right through to this whole thing with Shawn Michaels. I know that Eric Bischoff will do anything to get what he wants and what he wants right now, is this, he wants the World Heavyweight title.

Batista pats his title on his shoulder.

Batista: Trouble is, I may know exactly what Bischoff is like but he knows, he knows just as well exactly what I’m like. And for that reason, he’s not showed up here tonight. He’s not showed up here tonight because he knows damn well that I was gonna tear him limb… from limb when I got my hands on him.

Nice pop.

Batista: But, Eric can only run for so long and I guarantee you that the next time me and Eric Bischoff cross paths, he’s gonna end up in a really, really bad way, believe me on that one. And as far as tonight goes and having to take on four guys, all I can say is that I am more than ready for it.

Batista nods, seemingly focused and concentrated.

Batista: I know what those four guys are capable of, they’ve shown everybody what they’re capable of. Muhammad Hassan’s the Intercontinental champion and because of those other three guys, he don’t look like he’s losin’ it any time soon. But, Maria, a certain someone once told me not all that long ago that there is always, always a way and tonight I plan on finding it. I plan on takin’ each and every one of my four opponents out one..by..one and when I’m through with them, the message for Eric Bischoff will be loud and clear.

Maria: But what about your opponent at Summerslam, Kane? And Batista, what about Shawn Michaels too?

Maria asks in her usual clueless demeanour a fairly useless question as Batista smirks a little.

Batista: Y’know Kane is one of the toughest guys in this entire company, I know I’m in for a fight come Summerslam but by now everybody knows that I’m not one to back down from anybody or from anything. My problem right now doesn’t lie with Kane, he’s just lookin’ at getting his hands on what everybody else in the back is looking at getting theirs on, and that’s this World Heavyweight title. My problem lies with Eric Bischoff, but, and this is a big but. I want Kane to, no no, wait a second, I need Kane to know that if he wants to make this personal, if he wants to jump on board with Bischoff, if he wants to try and screw me over then I will have absolutely NO problem in doin’ to him exactly what I did to Triple H, and that is showin’ him the door.

Nice pop again as Batista mentions Trips’ exit from Raw.

Batista: As far as Shawn Michaels goes? Well….I just… pffft… I can’t even begin to tell you my thoughts on that one Maria, really I can’t. The Shawn Michaels I’ve seen these past couple of weeks isn’t the Shawn Michaels I really know, it isn’t the Shawn Michaels that everybody knows, that everybody loves. Shawn needs to understand, he needs to realise that he may well be under contract to Eric Bischoff but there are more important things in the world than doin’ a guy like Eric Bischoff’s dirty work. This may be Shawn’s job but having some pride, having some self respect are a damn shot more important and I don’t think Shawn Michaels can see that right now.

Batista sighs before continuing.

Batista: He’s in a tough spot, I get that. Bischoff wants to put him as guest referee in my match at Summerslam, I got no issue with that whatsoever and y’know why? Because I believe in Shawn Michaels and I believe he’s gonna see the light. There’s only so much one guy can take and if I were in Shawn Michaels position right now, all the money in the world couldn’t get me to stoop down to Eric Bischoff’s level and I’m hopin, I’m really, really hopin’ that Shawn feels the same way.

Maria: But… what if he doesn’t?

Batista pauses, looking a bit taken aback by that.

Batista: If he doesn’t? Well if he doesn’t Maria…then I got myself a hell of a problem come Summerslam.

Batista then leaves looking intense as he gets set for his match, which is NEXT!


We head back to ringside to hear the familiar tune of…

‘Arab America’

The Arabian Entity’s music hits and out come the foursome with Muhammad Hassan, The Great Khali, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari all looking in fairly menacing moods here.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw folks and we are all set for a uh..very daunting main event for our World champion as Batista must take on all four of these men in a Handicap match. Coach, just how devastating could this be for Batista tonight?

The Coach: It could be a whole lot more than just devastating old timer, tonight could be the very end, lets pray to god that it is, it could be the very end of Batista’s career tonight if these four get their hands on him. The Arabian Entity have been a breath of fresh air around here and they are about as impressive a group as I’ve seen in a long, long time. Batista’s in for it here tonight.

The foursome line up in the middle of the ring as the two smaller members, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari stretch whilst Hassan grins evily and Khali simply stands on looking as the crowd wait for the arrival of the Animal.

‘I Walk Alone’

And the wait is only a small one as out steps Batista to a big ovation, not quite as big as his earlier appearance but still strong nonetheless as he roars out to the crowd before setting his sights on the four men inside the ring.

Jim Ross: Batista has overcome a lot in his career but tonight, four on one is about as tough as it gets. Batista placed in this situation tonight by Eric Bischoff, who is out for one thing and one thing only, the World Heavyweight championship. He doesn’t want it sitting on Batista’s shoulder, he wants it on somebody he can rely on, someone who won’t get in his path and that man in his eyes, is Kane.

The Coach: The boss doesn’t just want that World title, he wants control of his own show, is that too much to ask for? By getting Shawn Michaels on board and by getting the World title, he’s on the right path to doing that. Batista should NEVER have got involved in our General Manager’s business in the first place. Tonight and again at Summerslam, he’s gonna pay the price.

Match Five: Four on one Handicap Match

Batista vs. The Arabian Entity

Batista looks focused, determined and ready for this battle as the Entity discuss who is going to start this thing off and the conclusion is that it’ll be one of the little men who get things rolling with Daivari taking one for the team and stepping through the ropes to take on the Animal. Batista lets out a little smirk once seeing Daivari is gonna step up but that smirk soon turns to a serious look again as Daivari edges forward and Batista make a move only for Daivari to backtrack in towards his corner and put his hands out as if to say ‘Back off’. The Animal obliges and Daivari stretches a little before moving away from his corner and back towards the middle of the ring and again Batista makes a move but AGAIN Daivari backs away and this time he decides it’s not worth it and tags in The Great Khali!!

The fans oooooh a little as the seven foot three inch behemoth steps over the ropes and into the ring with Batista still looking ready for this. Khali shows no emotion and doesn’t hesitate in stepping forward towards the champion. The two square off face to face, well, face to chest in Batista’s case and Batista doesn’t bat an eyelid before delivering a BIG right hand!! Khali though doesn’t budge!! Batista steps back and continues with the right hands but Khali doesn’t flinch and blocks another attempt before smashing the Animal down with a thunderous chop to the skull!!

Khali now stalks the fallen champion, sizing up his prey before wrapping those mammoth hands around the neck of Tista and bringing him back up to his feet as the crowd try and will the World Champion on. Khali delivers another chop, this time to the chest of the Animal before grabbing the Animal by the throat and tossing him over towards his team’s corner as the back of Tista’s neck smashes against the turnbuckle before Khali sees Sonjay Dutt extend a hand, Dutt is begging to get inside the ring and Khali allows him to do so. Dutt is quick into the ring and begins to stomp away at the mid section of the Animal. Dutt then eases off before moving away from Tista who is still stuck in the corner as Dutt stands back before racing at Batista and nailing him with one knee flying into his face as Dutt’s high flying style comes into effect, almost knocking Batista’s teeth out.

Dutt the grabs the arm of the Animal before drawing him into himself and kicking the big man in the mid section before grabbing the back of Tista’s neck and dropping him with a beautiful DDT! Dutt into the cover, 1..2..kick out by Batista as Dutt shows he can hang with the big boys here. Dutt now heads to across, looking over to the ropes and he scales high up to the top, waiting for the Animal to rise again. Batista begins to stir as Dutt steadies himself up high. Batista now to his feet, staggers up slowly before turning around, Dutt flies but BATISTA DRILLS HIM WITH A THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE!! A mid air clothesline from the World Champion that almost takes Dutt’s head off his shoulders is greeted with a great pop.

The camera pans and we see a worried look etched across the face of the groups leader and Intercontinental champion, Muhammad Hassan. Hassan yells some words of encouragement to Dutt but he seems out of it here as Batista gets back to his feet and suddenly comes to realise he’s back in control now. Batista slowly heads over to Dutt, bringing the little man to his feet before drilling a knee right into the gut, followed by another before Tista whips Dutt into the turnbuckle and charges at him, smashing him across the throat with another venomous clothesline!! Dutt looks to be completely winded here as the Animal shows his dominance. Batista waits for Dutt to stagger forward before scooping Dutt up and delivering a vicious scoop slam. Into the cover, 1..2..HASSAN BREAKS IT UP!! Muhammad Hassan delivers a big kick to the head before continuing with some hard shots to Batista as the referee demands he break it off and head back to the apron but Hassan doesn’t relent, continuing the assualt as the referee threatens disqualification. Hassan eventually lets up and heads to the corner, drowned in boos from the fans as he evens it up now, allowing Dutt back into this.

Dutt grabs the ropes, trying to haul himself up as Batista crawls along the mat, clutching his head. Dutt, now to his feet, opts to try and strike out at the champion again, delivering some stiff kicks to the side of Tista’s head taking him down, making sure he’s grounded before Dutt heads over towards his corner and brings in Muhammad Hassan to the match, Hassan’s arrival is greeted with a chorus of boos as the Intercontinental champion steps in and picks up where Dutt left off, striking Batista with some stomps to the head, keeping the big man down on the mat as Hassan attempts a cover, 1..2..shoulder up. Hassan now locks in a chinlock on the big man, further trying to ware him down. Batista scowls a little as Hassan wrenches in this hold and the crowd try to rally round the champion who reaches out, hoping to find the ropes to claw his way back up. Batista is fighting with all he’s got and manages to draw himself to his knees, Hassan appears to be struggling now and Batista uses all his strength, all his might to break the hold!! Batista breaks the hold and smashes Hassan with an elbow to the ribs, and another as Batista now begins to unload with right hands.

The Animal builds momentum with a series of rights before a kick to the mid section, Irish whip from Tista and Hassan comes back at him, big back body drop from the World Champion!! Batista turns around but he’s met with a BIG BOOT FROM KHALI!! The giant enters the ring and takes down the Animal as Dutt and Daivari head around to the outside and they grab a STEEL CHAIR as it’s now a four on one assault as J.R. calls for the referee to disqualify the Entity here. The fans are booing the shit out of the foursome however those boos soon turn to cheers as we see the Dudley Boyz racing down the ramp!! Bubba and D-Von heading after Dutt and Daivari!! The duo see the Dudleyz coming and they drop the chair in the ring and hightail it out of the ring and through the crowd wanting NOTHING to do with the tag team champions but Bubba and D-Von follow them through the crowd!! The chase is on!!

The fans are going crazy as the tag champs are on the backs of Dutt and Daivari but the camera returns to focus inside the ring where Hassan and Khali continue the assault on the Animal as Khali brings the Animal up to his feet before whipping him across the ring, Batista rebounds and the Animal EXPLODES WITH A THUNDEROUS SPEAR KNOCKING KHALI DOWN!! The fans go wild as Hassan is quick to pounce and strike at the champion while he’s vulnerable but Batista fights back with right hands and the two men exchange blows with the power of the Animal coming out on top. Hassan is forced back as Batista now whips the Entity leader, Batista goes for a kick to the gut as Hassan rebounds but Hassan drops to his knees and delivers a thunderous LOW BLOW!! The referee calls for the bell as Hassan’s low blow gets him out of dodge

Winner via Disqualification: Batista(10:09)

Batista’s face says it all as Hassan takes a second, trying to get Khali up and out of there but Khali appears floored and unable to regain his standing. Hassan is desperate to get his partner, his back up if you will, up to his feet, worried about the Animal here and he has every reason to be as Batista’s face turns from pain to anger and he sees the steel chair lying there!! Hassan sees Batista looking at that chair and Hassan exit’s the ring, leaving Khali alone!! The Animal is still in discomfort but seems to think ‘Screw it’ and picks up that chair all set to swing it, every intention of taking Khali’s head off here!! The fans are on their feet as Batista pulls back BUT he’s cut off by the sound of…

Eric Bischoff: Dave, Dave! Hey, up here. How you doin’ man? Glad to see ya got my letter earlier on tonight, I knew, I just knew you’d enjoy what I had in store for ya. Anyways I uh… just wanted to uh..to let you in on a little something.

Batista mouths ‘What?’ aggressively as Eric Bischoff has appeared on the titantron to immediate heat.

Eric Bischoff: See I’ve been watchin’ the show tonight ‘champ’ and I’ve heard every little thing you’ve had to say and well, I sense that there’s a uh, a bit of anger, a bit of frustration, a bit of hatred towards me Dave, am..am I right?

Batista nods and seems to say ‘Oh yeah’.

Eric Bischoff: Well Dave, I got a little secret to share with ya. I uhm..I mayyyyy have told a little lie earlier on tonight. See contrary to what Shawn Michaels told you at the start of the show, I AM here in the arena tonight! In fact Dave, I’m in the parking lot right now!

Batista lets out a smirk, clearly knowing it’s the kinda Bischoff thing he’d do before his face turns to anger once again as the fans boo.

Eric Bischoff: So all that anger, all that frustration, all that hatred you got building’ up inside of ya big man, why don’t you try comin’ out here and takin’ all of that out on me? I know, I know you’re desperate for it Dave, absolutely desperate to get your hands on me, so what’s stopping’ ya, huh? What’s stopping ya Dave? Your buddy Shawn’s already left, is that it? Is that what you’re afraid of? Nobody around to bail ya out? I DARE you to come out here and show me wh…

Bischoff suddenly stops as we see Batista leave the ring and head up the ramp, seemingly ready to hunt down the Raw GM.

Eric Bischoff: I knew you’d see the light Dave. C’mon out here, I’m BEGGIN’ YOU.

Batista continues heading up the ramp, his intentions clear in mind as the image of Eric Bischoff disappears off the titantron.


Jim Ross: What the hell?!?

Batista is cut off on the ramp and flung back by a thunderous sound as fire begins to come up through the ramp, blocking Batista’s path to the back, Batista can’t see a damn thing as he’s just a couple of feet away from this thick fire shooting up before we see KANE appear!! Kane comes almost through the fire it seems as he hammers Batista with savage right hands as the Animal is on the back foot here.

Jim Ross: This was Bischoff’s plan all along!! Kane is physically dominating the World Champion here and there ain’t a damn thing anyone can do about it!!

The Coach: Just when I thought our General Manager couldn’t get any smarter, he goes and does this!!

Kane continues his assualt before dragging Batista up towards the top of the ramp and whipping Batista into the stage set!! Batista crashes head first into the set as Kane shows absolutely no remorse here. Kane again picks the Animal up to his feet before once more smashing Batista’s head off the set and the Animal is now busted open!! Kane now lets out a maniacal laugh as the fans shit all over him before Kane grabs Batista by the throat!!

Jim Ross: Oh come on, NO!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH DAMN IT!!

Kane looks set to choke slam Batista onto the ramp here but Kane hesitates and instead the Big Red Machine steps to his left, heading towards the edge of the stage.

The Coach: J.R he’s not gonna do it is he?!


Kane’s laugh fades and he shows a completely different facial expression of focus, determination and pure evil as Kane lifts Batista up high in the sky, CHOKESLAM OFF THE STAGE!! CHOKESLAM STRAIGHT TO HELL!!


The Coach: I’ve never seen anything like that in all my time sittin’ next to you J.R. Kane is evil, he is sick and he is THE NEXT World..Heavyweight..Champion.

We get a closing shot of Kane sblacking before laughing like crazy as we then see the camera shot change and head back up to the titantron again as we see Eric Bischoff, grinning ear to ear before stepping inside a limousine and speeding off. The final shot of the show is of a fallen Batista, looking absolutely out cold, being tended to by paramedics and WWE officials as we then see a joint shot of Kane and Batista with the Big Red Machine looking down on the fallen Animal.

Current Summerslam Card
Date: 21st August 2005
Location: Washintgon; DC

World Heavyweight Championship:
Special Guest Referee
: Shawn Michaels
Batista(c)vs Kane

If Ric Flair loses he must retire:
Christian w/Tomko vs Ric Flair

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

I told you I like face Batista, however I’ve never seen him as a character you can put out there and have him cut a long promo. It started out well but his interaction with HBK was a little off, but probably because the segment, because of Batista being the one doing all the talking, should have ended sooner. Classic screwing of babyface here.

You are really high on Jindrak right? He practically no sold everything from The Big Show in their little face off during Christian’s match, and then owned Flair. Jindrak looks like gold right now. Big Show…not so much. The match was fine, although it going so long doesn’t do anything for the giant. Surprised Christian was physically able to hook the Unprettier.

Then again, the Show promo afterwards poses the possibility of a more fired up Show going on forward.

I skipped the women’s match tbh. Not interested in them.

I have my cons and pros with the Kennedy promo. As a viewer, it’s always fun to get that “controversial” moment when a wrestler bashes the other one and brings out their flaws. But it’s more of a dirty pleasure. As a booker, both in BTB and real life, it should be avoided imo. No problem with Kennedy calling himself the whole damn package and bashing all the other big names and putting himself over, but I am not sure about calling another wrestler boring, even if it’s the absolute truth.

Forgot to talk about Jericho’s promos. Nice touch with Y2J mentioning the world title. Doing that while in a lower in the card feud, elevates the rivalry in the sense of practically making it an unofficial Number One Contender’s feud. Good fire shown throughout.

Edge vs Shelton was a nice athletic match, really back and forth fitting for a match that felt like a main event. The Charlie Haas storyline clearly continues and it’s in slow burn with is fine. The teased more intense Jericho, we get it tonight as he also shows he can put Edge away. No Holds Barred or Last Man Standing seems to where we are heading.

And it continues. I am not sure about Haas practically begging the Dudleyz to give them a match, and the only reason for it not to happen is that they think Shelton doesn’t want it. I don’t know, I didn’t really understand the motivation of any in the characters in this one. I get Dudleys want the best match possible, but it should suffice for them to just get the match, not care if they others one “want it” or not.

The Tag title scene is getting convoluted…in a good way. I sense a multi man tag match coming.

Another Batista promo. This one actually didn’t go down towards the end. I however don’t like the humanization of Batista. I get where you’re going, with him almost hoping HBK snaps out of his situation, or otherwise he will lose the belt. However, I see Batista as more of a no sense, go get them. To put in perspective, Batista is acting like John Cena towards the JBL vs Cena RR 09 match, when he should be acting like Randy Orton towards Orton vs Barret SS 10

The Handicap match was perfect. Batista was kept really strong throughout and the Entity didn’t look particularly weak. The ending was expected and we get Batista one way or the other beating the odds, that is until he gets screwed by Eric Bischoff and dismantled by Kane.

Nice Show, although like I said and you probably noticed, I didn’t particularly liked the direction you are beginning to take Batista nor how Big Show was booked tonight. Other than that, it was a fine show continuing the hype for Summerslam.


Born to Wrestle Federation:

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.


Breaking News!!

Champion Injured:

Twenty Four hours after a brutal choke slam off the Raw stage from Kane, it has been confirmed that World Heavyweight Champion Batista has suffered a rib injury. The Animal was said to be in real discomfort following the heinous attack by his Summerslam opponent, orchestrated by Raw’s General Manager, Eric Bischoff. Following an examination from the WWE doctors and medical team, Batista has been advised to take time away to recover from his injuries. At this moment in time, we can confirm Batista will miss next Monday’s Raw with the likelihood being he misses the following few weeks also. You have to wonder now whether or not the World Heavyweight title match at Summerslam is beginning to look in jeopardy.


Main Event Set For Smackdown!

With the World Heavyweight Champion being forced out of action on the Raw side of things, the WWE Champion John Cena will be under the spotlight this Friday night on Smackdown along with his three opponents at The Great American Bash. We can reveal that Teddy Long has booked a blockbuster main event for this week in Tucson as John Cena, Kurt Angle, JBL and Randy Orton will compete in a Fatal-4-Way Tag Team match!! The General Manager then went one step further and informed us that each of the four participants will get to pick their own partner in what will no doubt be a high stakes show stealer this Friday night. Who will the champion and challengers pick to do battle alongside them as the road to the Bash begins to wind down? Tune in this Friday to find out!!

Thanks to CMS for the Raw review, anymore would be great and returned as ever. Just wanted to put this out there, expect a Smackdown preview in a few days time.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Always kept tabs on this thread, a very good read.

Raw Feedback

I do like the whole scenario with what is happening between Bischoff, Michaels, Kane and Batista. You've made Bischoff this total ass, and having him punish HBK and Batista at the same time makes it look even more so. This was a very strong opening promo, and you got Batista's emotions through excellently. The amount that Batista was saying compared to the tiny amount Shawn Michaels said anything showed that the evil boss Bischoff is getting to both men in different ways. You have done the Shawn Michaels loosing his smile storyline fantastically thus far, and I am hoping this lasts for a while, and then seeing a great culmination at Survivor Series or maybe this could go all the way to Wrestlemania.

The build of Mark Jindrak in this thread has been brilliant also. I don't recall anyone actually giving him a decent push before, so this is very refreshing to see. Christian also has been getting a good rub, but I think Flair will get the win at Summerslam, leading to a rubber match between the two , where Christian should definitely go over and win the feud, potentially moving onto a championship feud with Batista.

A nice few words from Big Show, and a new motivation is really what he needed at this time. I'm not sure if he will have a rematch with Jindrak that it should be at a stage such as Summerslam, purely because it might stack the card too much, due to the Smackdown presence also.

Edge and Jericho feuding over the briefcase is good, because it was true in what Jericho said in this interview, it is both men's ticker to the top. I think that Edge should hold onto it though.

Haven't paid much attention to the Women's Championship scene, but I know as much that Victoria is the champion. Good to have her win here.

THIS is something that I am looking forward to. I think Kennedy is right in saying that he will bring excitement to the show, if not that, certainly a great deal of controversy. The way he ran down Batista in this promo tells me that he is probably going to go right in at the deep end, and target The Animal from the off, which is good. Even if he doesn't go for the title, he will still be a great addition to the Raw roster. I could be wrong about the Batista feud, but the way that almost every other face of note was insulted by Kennedy in this promo, he will most certainly have his hands full when he arrives on Raw.

Good that Edge gets the win here, putting a dent in Shelton's single's career hopes. I'm not too sure if Haas purposely cost Benjamin here, but as I'll explain my thoughts on that in just a second.

The post-match attack from Jericho was expected. I expect these two to lock up again at Summerslam and then move on to something different. It would be good for Jericho to be Kennedy's first challenge, and Edge moving into the Main Event scene and an angle with Batista.

Good interview from The Dudleyz, hyping up their match coming up soon. I think you got both characters here just to a tee. The segment got even better when Haas got involved. This made me think that Charlie DID purposely cost Benjamin the match with Edge, just so he can keep him as a tag team partner. If you decide to go the whole Haas doesn't want to let Shelton go angle, I think it would be different to see Haas stay the face, and Benjamin go heel, due to his selfishness. If you even do decide to go with splitting TWGTT up over this, I would be very interested to see it not go the way that most bookers book it. You do whatever you want to do though

I actually thought that the tag team match would go the other way, but I am glad that you gave the rookies the win here. The Dudleys have beaten all other credible opposition in the form of the Bashams and The Entity, so this new team coming in and making themselves look like a threat is good booking, although the win not coming clean. But I don't feel that Doane and Nemeth will be the ones taking the gold from Bubba and D-Von, that right will be given to Dutt and Daivari, even more likely being them with their connection to Eric Bischoff.

More Shawn Michaels developments here, you've done so well in showing us the conflicting emotions he has about his new role.

Most people try not to let Batista speak too much, but you've given him two meaty promos in the same show, and you've written them well, and I think especially due to the departure of Triple H, you've succeeded in making Batista the face of Raw.

The Main Event was dealt with correctly in terms of a DQ finish not damaging anyone involved. But it was what happened afterwards that everyone will remember this show for. Brilliant Bischoff here, and the games he is playing at the moment are great, leading Batista right into the trap that is Kane. I think it is good that we won't see the Animal for a couple of weeks, as it gives the rest of the card some time to develop, and you don't want the Batista/Kane storyline to grow out before Summerslam even arrives, due to how far away it is.

Overall a great show, and Smackdown is just as exciting. The main event you've already announced is a blockbuster, and it will be a good show for sure! Top job!
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 8/7/05- Tucson, Arizona

Friday Night Smackdown comes to you from Tucson with less than three weeks to go until The Great American Bash!! Tonight, a HUGE main event has been announced by Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long and it involves all four participants in the WWE Championship Fatal 4 Way match at the Bash. The champion himself John Cena, Kurt Angle, John Bradshaw Layfield and Randy Orton will compete in a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team match with Teddy Long allowing each man to pick their own partner. This match could well see a huge shift in momentum for the winner, which means it will be all the more important just who their partners will be. Who will join forces with the champion? Who will the Wrestling God stand side by side with? Will the Wrestling Machine recognise he needs a helping hand? And can the Legend Killer trust anybody after his attack a few weeks back? What a main event it promises to be.

Another Tag Team match has been confirmed for this Friday night as Super Crazy and Psicosis, the Mexicools will square off against the Pitbulls, Kid Kash and Jamie Noble. Last week saw Juventud Guerrera pick up a shock win over Chris Masters as the Masterpiece suffered his third successive loss against the Mexicools members. Masters has been subject of the fun and games produced by the crazy Mexicans ever since they debuted, unable to find an answer to their antics, however last week that changed. Following his defeat, the high flying trio were ambushed from behind by Kash and Noble. We then heard from Masters who revealed that the Pitbulls were going to help him dispose of the Mexicools for good before sending an ominous message that the Mexicools ‘Playtime’ is over. Will we see the first stages of Masters plan tonight or will the Mexicools reign supreme once more?

Also on Smackdown we will see the return of Matt Hardy!! Hardy was injured back at the Smackdown: Night of Champions special thanks to a sickening assault from Orlando Jordan. Jordan has defeated Hardy on two occasions now, stating that he was finished with the man who ‘will not die’. However last week, Teddy Long had bad news for the United States Champion as he informed Jordan that Matt would be returning next week and that at The Great American Bash he would face Hardy once again for the U.S. title. The news didn’t sit well with JBL’s chief of staff and he will be hoping that Hardy is still not fully recovered from the heinous assault several weeks ago.

We saw more developments last week in the growing rivalry between Booker T, Rhyno and Carlito as Rhyno once again attacked his ‘friend’ Booker T. Rhyno claimed last week that Booker has held him back, that Booker has taken his spot with the Man Beast then stating he wouldn’t sit back and wait for his chance any longer. Rhyno though has vowed that he WILL get his hands on Carlito sooner or later. The Apple Spitter’s luck will surely run out sooner or later as he has dodged both Booker and Rhyno ever since this thing began back at Judgment Day. Lito believes his plan of turning the two friends on each other has worked to perfection but will that be the case again tonight? And what will Booker have to say on both Carlito and Rhyno’s antics? We hope to find out this Friday night

Confirmed for Friday Night Smackdown:

John Cena and ? vs. Kurt Angle and ? vs. John Bradshaw Layfield and ? vs. Randy Orton and ?

The Mexicools; Super Crazy and Psicosis vs. The Pitbulls; Kid Kash and Jamie Noble


Matt Hardy returns to action

Thanks ThatWeirdGuy for the Raw feedback. Expect Smackdown Sunday latest, probably earlier however.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 8/7/05- Tucson, Arizona

Opening video plays and pyro hits as we are all set to go here tonight on Smackdown!

Michael Cole: We are just over three weeks away from The Great American Bash and tonight a huge main event graces Tucson Arizona!!

Tazz: Oh Cole this one is gonna be off the charts! John Cena, Kurt Angle, JBL, Randy Orton, the four men involved in the WWE Championship match at the Bash will be in a Fatal-4-Way Tag team match up here tonight and Cole, they get to pick their partners!

Michael Cole: Indeed, you have to wonder just who is gonna join forces with those four men here tonight as we edge ever closer to The Great American Bash. Also scheduled for tonight, it’s Super Crazy and Psicosis from the Mexicools, taking on the men who last week joined forces with Chris Masters, Kid Kash and Jamie Noble.

Tazz: Another big time tag team match right there Cole. The Mexicools playtime is over accordin’ to Chris Masters. Will that ring true here tonight?

‘Oh Yeahhhhh’

‘Live for the Moment’

It’s the music of Matt Hardy that kicks off Smackdown though as Hardy returns after missing the last couple of weeks following a vicious assault at the Night of Champions special by Orlando Jordan.

Michael Cole: But we are kicking things off with the return of Matt Hardy!!

Tazz: Absolutely great to see Matt Hardy back here on Smackdown. That attack from Orlando Jordan a few weeks back was enough to put anybody outta action but Matt Hardy ain’t one to sit back for too long. Awesome havin’ Hardy back.

Michael Cole: And Matt Hardy will get his chance at retribution on Orlando Jordan and it will come at The Great American Bash as we learned last week that Hardy and Jordan will do battle for the United States title in Buffalo, New York. Major announcement from Teddy Long last week.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole and no less than Hardy deserves. Orlando Jordan’s got his hands full come the Bash baby.

A small Hardy chant kicks up as Matt gets all set for action.


(Don’t know his theme at all) Out steps Luther Reigns to a nothing reaction as he gets set to be Matt Hardy’s returning opponent tonight.

Michael Cole: Well a victory here tonight for Luther Reigns could well be the kickstart he needs to start moving up the card again here on Smackdown. No doubt a tough opponent for the returning Matt Hardy.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Reigns is one tough S.O.B and Matt Hardy will know that he’s in for a fight tonight.

Match One: Singles Match

Matt Hardy vs. Luther Reigns

Hardy jogs on the spot a little bit as Reigns looks on somewhat nervously before the two men go to lock up. Reigns has the size advantage and overpowers Hardy, forcing him back before breaking the lock up and delivering a kick to the mid section as he now looks to gain some early momentum, perhaps take advantage of Hardy not having competed in a few weeks. Reigns delivers several clubbing shots to the back of Hardy before another kick to the gut, followed by an Irish whip. Hardy slams into the turnbuckle as Reigns charges and delivers a venomous clothesline, knocking all the wind out of the former Cruiserweight champion.

Reigns smirks a little as Hardy holds his chest, falling away from the turnbuckle as Reigns grabs the arm of his opponent before again looking to whip Hardy across the ring but Hardy manages to reverse it, sending Reigns this time, flying into the opposite corner as Hardy follows right on his tail and delivers a massive shoulder block into the stomach of Reigns. Hardy continues with several shoulder blocks before delivering several more kicks to the mid section as Hardy really starts to find his feet here. Hardy now delivers with some right hands but Reigns blocks another attempt and delivers a right of his own sending Hardy back as Reigns finds his way out of the corner. Reigns spins Hardy round and delivers a big forearm, knocking Hardy off balance again before whipping Hardy across the ring, Hardy rebounds off the ropes and Reigns goes for a clothesline but Hardy runs through and comes off the opposites side, knocking down Reigns with a flying forearm!! The fans rise as they applaud their returning favourite here.

Hardy picks himself up and dusts himself down, going for a cover on Reigns, 1..2..shoulder up from the big man as Hardy gets his breath back and draws himself up before bringing Reigns up also and driving a knee into the mid section, followed by another as Hardy now goes for the neck, looks for a neck breaker but Reigns shoves him away and into the ropes, Hardy falls back and Reigns rolls him up, grabbing the tights!! 1..2..3...NO!! Hardy just about kicks out as Reigns almost steals a huge victory there.

Both men spring back to their feet and Reigns throws a right hand but is blocked by Hardy who delivers a right of his own and now begins unloading on the powerhouse with a flurry of rights, really putting Reigns on the back foot. Hardy has Reigns up against the ropes and keeps up the right hands before scooping Reigns up by the back of the neck, looking at a suplex, or is he? Hardy doesn’t, instead he drops Reigns face first into the ropes with authority!! Reigns face bounces off the ropes before he falls to the outside as Hardy really looks in control of this one now, letting out a little smile as he watches on at the fallen Reigns. Hardy steps through the ropes and onto the apron, about to drop down to his opponent but the fans begin to boo as the camera shifts and we see ORLANDO JORDAN slowly making his way down the ring, holding his U.S. title belt, watching carefully as Hardy locks eyes with the man who took him out, the man he meets at The Great American Bash.

Hardy refocuses however and drops to the outside, heading after Reigns but he’s met with an elbow to the mid section as the big man finds his feet. Reigns digs away with several elbows on his way up before a kick to the mid section, further damaging Hardy as he then grabs the arm before whipping Hardy into the barricade!! Huge impact on Hardy’s right shoulder as we see a smirk appear across the face of the on looking Orlando Jordan. Reigns shows no emotion however and slowly heads over to the fallen Hardy before bringing him to his feet and tossing him back inside the ring, following right behind. Reigns quickly rolls Hardy over into a cover, 1..2..kick out at two by a valiant Matt Hardy here tonight.

Reigns looks a little frustrated by that and stomps several times on the right arm/shoulder of Hardy, cut more out of frustration than a game plan you feel here from Reigns. Orlando Jordan meanwhile is telling Reigns to ‘Get him, punish him, finish him off’ as Reigns directs a nod in his direction. Reigns brings Hardy to his feet once again before drilling his knees into the mid section before setting Hardy up straight and delivering a vicious shot to the temple, another attempt by Reigns but this time Hardy blocks it and Hardy now digs deep to find some right hands of his own! The fans begin to sense a comeback as Hardy finds some strength from within and finds his offense. But Reigns suddenly charges out of nowhere, CLOTHESLINE, NO, Hardy ducks it, spins Reigns around, SIDE EFFECT!! Side effect takes Reigns down as the crowd let out a strong roar for the number one contender to the U.S. title.

Hardy glares right at Jordan, mouthing something to his rival heading back after Reigns, bringing the big man to his feet before another kick to the mid section as the fans cheer, knowing what’s about to occur. Hardy grips the back of Reigns neck before staring a hole through Jordan, pointing at the U.S. champ, clearly motioning that this one is for him before Hardy SLAMS Reigns with a vicious twist of fate!! Cover from Hardy, 1..2..3, that’s all she wrote

Winner: Matt Hardy(6:12)

Michael Cole: Matt Hardy back with a BANG here tonight!! Despite Orlando Jordan’s best efforts once AGAIN here tonight, Matt Hardy fights him off to a score a big victory.

Tazz: Hardy lookin’ mighty damn impressive right there Cole. If I were Orlando Jordan, I’d be worried by Matt Hardy right about now. If he’s this fired up, this intense come The Great American Bash then I don’t think ya can stop him leavin’ wit’ that United States title.

We see Hardy inside the ring, leaning against the ropes, visibly angered by the sight of Orlando Jordan who heads up the ramp, clutching his U.S.title closely to his chest, looking clearly concerned now that his rival has returned to Friday nights.

We then cut backstage and enter the office of Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long. Long is sitting down in his char, looking up, clearly in conversation with one of the Smackdown superstars.

Teddy Long: Look I know you ain’t happy about what went down last week but fact of the matter is, nothing that took place in that match can be placed on me. My job around here is to make matches and to allow the superstars of Smackdown’s business to be settled in that ring out there, ya feel me?

The camera then turns and we see a very angry looking Kurt Angle come into view. The Wrestling Machine is greeted with a mixed reaction from the crowd, more boos however.

Kurt Angle: Right Teddy, well explain to me just how that ‘settling business’ went down last week between me and Randy Orton huh? Oh wait, I remember, lemme explain it for ya. I had Randy Orton BEAT in that ring before John FREAKIN’ Cena stuck his nose in my business AGAIN. YOU shoulda stopped that Teddy! You should’ve done something about it.

Teddy Long: John Cena only got involved in that match up because JBL did, Kurt. If it wasn’t for John Cena, you and JBL woulda screwed Randy Orton outta that match. Is that fair Kurt? Is that right?

Kurt Angle: Hey, I had NO idea that JBL was even at ringside, let alone trying to help me win that match. NO idea Teddy.

Heat for Angle’s clear lie.

Kurt Angle: I don’t even understand why I was in that match last week in the first place. This thing between me and Randy Orton is because he believes that I ‘attacked’ him a couple weeks back, which let me clear up, is a piece of freakin’ crap. I haven’t laid one finger on Randy Orton unless it’s been inside that ring and both he and you Teddy, cos I know, I just know you’ll use this against me. Both he and you of have got absolutely no proof, nothing at all.

Long raises his eyebrows.

Teddy Long: Look Kurt, what do ya want here playa? I get it, you’re angry, you’re upset, why you’re angry wit’ me I don’t know but all I can do is make matches and that’s exactly what I’ve done here tonight. So instead of comin’ to me, cryin’ and complainin’, how about you go and find yourself a partner for tonight? Or else you gonna be goin’ it alone dawg.

Nice little pop there.

Kurt Angle: Oh I’ll find a partner Teddy, don’t worry about that. But I want you to know, wait that’s wrong, Teddy I need you to know that at The Great American Bash, John Cena, your little poster boy Teddy, he can’t run from me like he did last week again, that can’t happen anymore Teddy. And Randy Orton? I’m gonna do what Randy’s attacker couldn’t, and that is put Randy Orton down..for good. As far as JBL goes, he’s somebody I actually do have respect for around here but it’s every man for himself when the WWE title is at stake, so I’m gonna shatter his dreams of becoming WWE Champion once again because I, Teddy, .ME..KURT ANGLE..is walkin’ out of Buffalo with that title around my waist.

Angle is fiercely intense here.

Kurt Angle: Oh it’s true, it’s DAMN true. B..b..but why am I telling you this Teddy? Why do you need to know all of this? You need to know because when I walk out of The Great American Bash as once again the WWE Champion, you Teddy, you are my next priority. So I suggest you start tryin’ to win me over ‘boss‘, before it’s too late for me to change my mind.

Angle then leaves the GM’s office, slamming the door as Teddy Long shakes his head, clearly not too phased by Angle’s comments there.


We return and head off backstage once again where we see JBL and his chief of staff, the United States champion, Orlando Jordan talking.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Look I don’t get what you’re worried about kid, really I just.. don’t.. get it. Matt Hardy wants to try getting his hands on you again tonight? You got me watchin’ your back so you needn’t worry about a damn thing. You already beat that waste of space twice, AND put him on the shelf a few weeks back. If anybody is worried around here, it’s Matt Hardy.

Layfield lets out his trademark grin.

Orlando Jordan: Y’know you’re right boss. I’m U.S. Champ for a reason and it’s cos I wipe the floor wit’ low lifes like Matt Hardy. And tonight, you and me, we’re gonna wipe the floor wit’ whoever it is we facin’ in that tag team match out there.

Well we now know who JBL’s partner will be.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Absolutely. I don’t give a damn who Cena or who Orton picks, hell even who Kurt picks. We go out there tonight and we show ‘em who’s boss in this whole thing, we show them that I am pullin‘ the strings around here, that they ain’t in any position to call the shots, ya understand?

Jordan nods.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I trust you Orlando, you’re my chief of staff for a reason, I don’t’ just hand that honour out to anybody and I know, I know you ain’t gonna let me down tonight. Orlando, listen carefully son, I cannot afford… to be let down tonight.

JBL’s facial expressions change somewhat.

Orlando Jordan: Look don’t worry about a thing John. We’ve had each others backs for a long time now and tonight? It ain’t gonna be any different. By the time the show’s over with, we’re gonna be the ones standin’ tall and Cena, Orton, Angle, they’re all gonna know that you the one to beat come The Great American Bash.

JBL lets out a little grin before patting OJ on the back.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I couldn’t have put it any better myself kid ha ha.

Layfield again pats Jordan on the back before the duo walk off away from the camera and we cut back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Well JBL’s partner tonight confirmed for us there, the ‘Wrestling God’ has chosen his Chief of Staff, Orlando Jordan to be in his corner tonight. Smart choice do you feel Tazz?

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. JBL and Orlando Jordan have been allies, they’ve been friends for a long time now and when you go into an environment like tonight, you gotta know you can teust your partner and JBL knows for sure that he can trust Orlando Jordan here tonight.

‘Hell will be Callin’ your Name’

It’s the music of Bobby Lashley that greets the Tuscon crowd and out steps the ‘Real Deal’ to a nice pop.

Michael Cole: Well we are all set for action again right now folks and in your picture is one of the most physically gifted men I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching inside that ring, Bobby Lashley and the ‘Real Deal’ has had his hands full of late with Rene Dupree and with Kenzo Suzuki. Lashley defeated both men in singles contests before the pair decided to take matters into their own hands, attacking Lashley backstage in a brutal beat down and we do now know that at The Great American Bash, Lashley will get a chance for payback as he takes on the duo in a two on one Handicap match. Big test for Bobby Lashley come Buffalo.

Tazz: Cole, Lashley has been absolutely dominant since comin’ to Friday nights, beatin’ everyone and everything thrown in his path but with the numbers game comin’ into play, Dupree and Suzuki could hold the edge in this thing but, if anybody can deal wit’ two men at the same time, it’s this frak o’ nature, Bobby Lashley.


Again, much like Reigns, I’ve no idea on the theme here but out steps Sylvain Grenier to nothingness reaction with the Frenchman set to take on the Real Deal.

Michael Cole: Well Sylvain Grenier is uh…he’s gonna have his hands full here tonight partner.

Tazz: Cole that’s an understatement. Much like Luther Reigns wit’ Matt Hardy earlier, this is a big opportunity for Sylvain but I gotta admit, I don’t like his chances.

‘Final Force’

The match is set to get going but we then hear the music of Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki as Lashley’s rivals head out towards ringside and eventually work their way round to join Michael Cole and Tazz for commentary.

Michael Cole: Well this was NOT what we were anticipating but we are set to be joined by Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki who will take on Bobby Lashley at The Great American Bash. Guys, welcome and thanks for joining us.

Dupree and Suzuki take headsets with Lashley looking on intently at the duo.

Rene Dupree: We are not ‘ere to talk with you Michael Cole, we are ‘ere to take a closer look dis freak of nature before we dispose of ‘im at ‘ze Great American Bash.

Michael Cole: Well you got your former part…

Tazz: Shut up Cole. The man just said they ain’t here to talk with us, they’re here to scout the competition. They don’t need you getting in their way.

Rene Dupree: Thank you Tazz. See Michael Cole, a little bit of respect goes a long way around ‘ere.

Cole raises his eyebrows as Suzuki simply nods and this one gets under way.

Match Two: Singles Match

Bobby Lashley vs. Sylvain Grenier

Sylvain doesn’t seem intimidated by the daunting presence of Lashley as the two men go to lock up right from the bell but Lashley’s size sees him gain control right from the get go as he forces Sylvain back before grabbing the arm of Grenier and whipping him viciously across the ring and delivering a huge back body drop as Sylvain rebounds back at him. We cut to a very nervy look on the face of Rene Dupree, an inquisitive look on Suzuki’s face as Lashley draws Sylvain upright once again before tossing Grenier like a rag doll through the sky as he rams off the turnbuckle.

The crowd ooohs a little as he sound of Sylvain crashing against the turnbuckle is clear for all to hear with even Dupree oooohing a little on commentary. Lashley walks methodically over to the former La Resistance member and begins to drill away at the mid section with several shoulder blocks, really winding Grenier who appears to have no answer to Lashley’s dominance. Lashley looks over once again to Dupree and Suzuki, baring an evil smirk across his face before dragging Grenier away from the turnbuckle before scooping his opponent up high. The fans are witnessing a real treat here as Lashley wows them with his strength as he delivers a Military Press to Sylvain onto the outside, right in front of Dupree and Suzuki!! Grenier goes about ten to fifteen feet in the air as he flies thorugh the sky, landing hard on his ribs as the fans oooooh once again with Michael Cole trying to talk to Dupree and Suzuki only for the Frenchman to tell him where to stick it.

Lashley slowly hops through the ropes, keeping his eyes firmly fixed on his opponents at the Bash. Lashley again brings Grenier up, the Frenchman wishing to be put of his misery but Lashley appears intent on continuing the punishment as he SMASHES Sylvain’s head off the ring post!! Sylvain falls right back into the waiting Lashley who hoists him up before slamming his ribs into the post this time before once again delivering a dagger like stare at Dupree and Suzuki, both looking scared shitless as the fans pop big time. Lashley decides it’s punishment enough as he tosses Grenier back in the ring before delivering a little pose to the fans who cheer the real deal. Lashley then tosses Sylvain up onto his shoulders, once again encouraging the fans support as he delivers a thunderous running power slam!! It’s not quite over yet though for Sylvain as Lashley decides to finish things off in style, once again bringing the unfortunate Grenier up before setting him up for a BIG IMPACT DOMINATOR!! Grenier is sent down with authority as Lashley once again glares at his rivals who haven’t spoken in a minute or so, clearly focused on their powerhouse enemy. Cover from Lashley, 1..2..3..goodnight Sylvain

Winner: Bobby Lashley(3:47)

Michael Cole: BIG win here tonight from the always impressive, Bobby Lashley!! And Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki,you guys had better be ready for The Great American Bash because this could very well be your fate as we head to Buffalo.

Tazz: This guy ain’t called the real deal for nothing. Hugely impressive once again from Bobby Lashley tonight. Sendin’ a message to Dupree and Suzuki that he ain’t to be messed with. But Cole, ya can’t write these two dudes off either, it’s two on one remember and these two ain’t no slouches, these two can get it done inside that ring. Heck of a match it’s gonna be at the Bash.

We see Dupree and Suzuki looking on from the commentary table, having tossed their headsets away in anger, clearly concerned at the destruction Lashley is capable of as the ‘Real Deal’ motions for them to bring it down to this ring but there’s absolutely no chance of that happening.

We then cut away backstage where we see the Legend Killer, Randy Orton making his way down the hall. Orton is greeted with a few cheers amidst a host of boos as he’s dressed with a t-shirt over his wrestling gear. Orton then lets out a little grin before walking a little bit faster and finally stopping before the camera turns and we see Carlito appear into shot. Lito is dressed in a t-shirt and his wrestling gear also

Carlito: Randy.

Lito nods, acknowledging the Legend Killer before taking a bite of his apple.

Randy Orton: Carlito, just the man I’ve been lookin’ for .

Lito now has a confused look on his face.

Carlito: M..me? Ju wanted to see Carlito for something?

Randy Orton: I did. Y’see tonight I’m gonna be involved in a Fatal-4-Way tag team match against John Cena, JBL and Kurt Angle along with partners of their choosing. But I too, get to pick who my partner is and well I think that right now I’m lookin’ at the very best man for the job. What do you say?

Carlito looks a little surprised.

Carlito: Really, ju want Carlito to be jur partner huh? Randy Orton and Carlito, team mates. Now dat? Dat sounds cool Randy, ju can count Carlito in.

Orton lets out a wry smile.

Randy Orton: Perfect. But..

Orton looks Carlito dead in the eye, pretty intense here as Lito looks worried.

Randy Orton: I need you to promise me, I need you to assure me that you will not let me down out there tonight. I saw what happened last week in your tag match with MNM and I cannot, no, no, Carlito, I will not let you do that to me. And if ya do? Well you aren’t gonna need to worry about Booker T, you’re not gonna need to worry about Rhyno anymore. All you’ll be lookin’ over your shoulder for, is an R..K..O.

Decent little pop for that as Orton heads off and Lito gulps a little.


Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and we now know who Randy Orton’s partner will be here tonight as he will team up alongside Carlito! We already know that JBL will be joined by his Chief of Staff, the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan. What we don’t know however, is just who Kurt Angle and the WWE Champion himself, John Cena’s partners will be.

Tazz: Orton’s got himself a hell of a partner right there in Carlito and we all know that JBL and Orlando Jordan ain’t gonna be easy to beat, not a chance Cole. Cena and Angle are gonna need to pull one out the bag here.

‘Muy Loco’

The music of the Mexicools hits and out come the trio, as ever on their Juan Deere’s, yelling like crazy as Super Crazy and Psicosis get set for tag team action.

Michael Cole: But back to the action all set to occur and last week Tazz was probably the roughest night yet for the Mexicools since they came to Smackdown. Since debuting they’ve made the life of Chris Masters an absolute living hell with both Super Crazy and Psicosis defeating him, as well as even kidnapping the Masterpiece! Last week Masters was caught again by the trio as Juventud Guerrera made it three for three for the Mexicools, only for the trio to be ambushed by Jamie Noble and Kid Kash. Chris Masters would then explain that he’d pretty much recruited the duo to help him take out the Mexicools, saying that he was sick of the numbers game and sick of the embarrassment they’ve brought to him.

Tazz: A smart, smart choice by Chris Masters Cole. These Mexicools are so good inside that ring one on one, let alone when it’s three on one, Masters never stood a chance. Wit’ Noble and Kash by his side now, ya gotta believe the these three amigos Juvi, Super Crazy and Psicosis may be brought back down to earth.

‘A country boy can survive’

It’s the theme music of Jamie Noble that hits and out step both he and Kid Kash to decent heat before we see Chris Masters appear behind them, looking ready to explode as he sets his sights on the Meixcan trio.

Michael Cole: Well the look on Chris Masters face says it all. He’s had enough of what the Mexicools have put him through and with the numbers game outta the equation, he wants to get even. I gotta ask you though Tazz, how will the Mexicools now feel, knowing that the odds are no longer in their favour?

Tazz: I don’t think they’ll care Cole, really I don’t. These three thrive on bein’ in that ring, on givin’ these fans a treat and whether it’s one guy, two guys, three guys, the whole damn roster, they’ll put on a show for ya. I think they’ll be more than ready for this one.

Match Three: Tag Team Match

Super Crazy and Psicosis w/Juventud Guerrera vs. Jamie Noble and Kid Kash w/Chris Masters

Psicosis starts this one off for the Mexicools whilst Kid Kash opts to kick it off for the Pitbulls in a hotly anticipated tag team contest following last week’s confrontation. The two men go to lock up but Psicosis drops to the mat instead and takes Kash over with an arm drag, catching the Notorious K.I.D off guard. Kash is quickly back up and quickly back at the Mexicool but Psicosis again delivers an arm drag before charging at Kash who regroups to his feet but is taken straight back down with a big clothesline!! Psicosis lets out a little cry in Spanish to which the crowd pops before he heads over to the fallen Kash, picking him up to his feet and delivering several stiff forearms to the head of Kash before whipping his opponent across into the turnbuckle. Kash bounces off hard as Psicosis heads over to him and delivers some kicks to the mid section of Kash who winces in pain. Psicosis now positions himself on the second rope, looking round at the crowd before beginning to hammer away with right hands as the crowd count the blows..






But Kash then shoves Psicosis away with the crazed Meixcan landing hard below as Kash holds his head and heads away from the turnbuckle before eyeing up his opponent. Kash begins to stomp away at Psicosis, connecting hard on the chest of the fan favourite as Chris Masters begins to look a little happier on the outside now with his associates gaining control. Kash drags Psicosis over towards his corner, taking away any chance of him getting his partner in. Kash then locks Psicosis into a chinlock really yanking the hold in, keeping it wrenched in before holding a hand out and tagging in Jamie Noble. Noble immediately delivers a kick to the gut of Kash who keeps the hold locked in before the referee forces him to break it and Noble picks up where Kash left off, delivering a sizzling kick to the face that sends Psicosis down again.

Noble now places himself on top of Psicosis and begins to unravel with right hands before bringing Psicosis up again and nailing him once more with a right hand before a kick to the mid section and Noble nails Psicosis with a beautiful snap suplex!! Cover by Noble, 1..2..kick out from the Meixcan as we see Juvi on the outside breathe a sigh of relief. Noble yells ‘C’mon’ to the referee as Noble continues with several stiff kicks to the chest of Psicosis before he once again brings his opponent upright to his feet. Noble now with an Irish whip and Psicosis comes bouncing back off the ropes, Noble goes for an arm drag but Psicosis reverses it and sends Noble flying with one of his own!! Noble is fallen and Psicosis runs the ropes, jumping off of the second rope and delivering a lionsault!! Into the cover, 1..2..3..NO!! Noble just gets the shoulder up as Psicosis holds his head in frustration.

Psicosis leans against the ropes before tagging in Super Crazy to a nice pop and the Insane Luchador is quick into this one running the ropes before dropping a big elbow on Noble. Crazy’s quick to his feet again and hoists Noble up, clubbing his back with a hard shot before whipping Noble across the ring, Noble rebounds and Crazy goes for a back body drop but Noble lands on his feet!! Noble spins around but is met with a PERFECT dropkick from Crazy!! Quickly into the cover, 1..2..Kash breaks it up!! Kid Kash delivering a kick to the back of Crazy’s head, preventing another big win for the Mexicools there. Both men are now down and in trouble here and it’s a race as to who’s back up first with it looking to be Jamie Noble. Noble does slowly get back up, Crazy not too far behind him and Noble swings a right hand but Crazy ducks it, Noble spins round and Crazy now goes for a right hand but Noble ducks it and Crazy spins round but Noble grabs him from behind delivers a beautiful belly to back suplex with Crazy landing hard on the back of his neck/top of his back as the crowd ooooohs a little. Noble scurries into the cover, 1..2..kick out by Crazy much to the fans pleasure as Noble comes within a whisker there.

Noble lashes out with a massive kick to the face here, holding his head in his hands out of frustration before he grabs the back of Crazy’s neck and brings him up and into the corner before dishing out several stinging knife edge chops as Crazy’s face paints a picture of real pain. Noble attempts one more chop but Crazy catches his arm and instead knocks Noble aback with a big right hand as Crazy now comes charging out of the corner and takes Noble down with a bulldog!! Crazy rolls Noble over into the cover, catching the pitbull out of the blue there, 1..2..shoulder up by Noble as Crazy yells out in Spanish, a little disappointed that didn’t put away Noble there. Crazy takes a moment, allowing Noble to get back to his knees before Crazy once again heads after the former Cruiserweight champion, bringing him to his feet before whipping Noble into the turnbuckle. Noble bashes his back hard against the turnbuckle as Crazy charges at his opponent but Noble sees it coming and scoops Crazy up and over the top, CRASHING down to the outside!!

Noble takes a moment to gather himself inside the ring as we get a shot of Crazy fallen on the outside and we slowly see Chris Masters creep towards Crazy. Noble distracts the referee and Chris Masters begins to ambush Crazy with some vicious stomps to the back of the fallen Luchador but we then see Juventud Guererra storm round the ring and head off the Masterpiece!! Masters sees Juvi coming and gets out of dodge, storming in the opposite direction, wanting no piece of Juvi who instead tends to Super Crazy. Jamie Noble decides to head to the outside as he locks eyes with Juvi who mouths something to Noble with Noble not backing down and exchanging words with Juvi also before grabbing Crazy and tossing him back inside the ring, following right behind.

Noble quickly rolls Crazy into the cover, 1..2..shoulder up and Noble covers him once again, not content with that outcome, 1..shoulder up at one as Noble yells ‘Damn it’. Noble brings Crazy up, delivering a forearm to the temple before taking Crazy over towards his corner and allowing Kid Kash back into the match. Kash delivers several right hands to Crazy before an Irish whip, Crazy comes back and Kash takes him down with a fall away slam!! Straight into the cover, 1..2..kick out from Crazy. Kash is now the Pitbull who’s frustrated as we see Chris Masters encouraging from the outside. Kash brings Crazy back up before a kick to the mid section, followed by one more as Kash then locks in an abdominal stretch on Crazy, really applying a firm hold on the flying Meixcool as Crazy squeals in discomfort. The fans begin to clap, trying to show their support for Crazy, as do Psicosis and Juvi on the outside but Kash appears relentless here.

Kash continues to really wrench it in but Crazy’s using every ounce of effort in his body to fight out of it and appears to be turning the tide as he digs an elbow into the side of Kash’s leg, followed by a flurry of elbows and it appears to knock Kash off his game with the tide being turned here and the hold is broken as Crazy now gets on the offensive. Crazy turns Kash around and begins to deliver several right hands, kick to the gut from Crazy before an Irish whip, Kash smashes off the turnbuckle and Crazy charges at him but Kash ducks it and Crazy now falls into the corner. Kash now charges and goes flying, looking almost for a drop kick type manoeuvre but Crazy catches him by the legs up high and drops Kash with a THUNDEROUS POWERBOMB!! Crazy slowly crawls into the cover, 1..2..3...HE GOT HIM!! NO!! KASH’S FOOT LAY ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!! The referee sees it in the nick of time as Crazy appears furious and the fans groan thinking the match was over with.

Crazy appears a little fatigued and staggers to his feet, holding himself up by the ropes before slowly heading towards his corner and tagging in the fresher Psicosis. Psicosis is quickly in and brings Kash up, not allowing him any time to recover as he whips Kash into the opposite turnbuckle to that he just received a power bomb from. Kash again lands hard against the turnbuckle as Psicosis charges right at him but Kash sticks up his boot and delivers a kick to Psicosis’ face!! Psicosis falls away and Kash follows right behind him, grabbing him from behind and delivering a Russian Leg sweep, but NO!! Psicosis blocks it and nails an elbow to the head, knocking Kash off of him. Kash though charges right back at him, Psicosis ducks and Kash turns around right into a SPINNING HEEL KICK!! Psicosis takes Kash down and now heads off to the top rope!! Psicosis is ready to fly but Jamie Noble heads over towards him and distracts him, the two exchanging words but we then see Super Crazy appear on the other side but Noble sends him flying with a right hand!! Crazy falls to the outside as Juvi now appears on the apron but he’s dragged down by Chris Masters who smashes Juvi’s head off with a clothesline!!

Noble retreats to his corner as Psicosis looks on at the chaos ensuing on the outside. Masters then grabs Piscosis’ attention and the two have a little verbal battle and this allows time for Kid Kash to hop up alongside Psicosis on the top rope and Kash DROPS PSICOSIS WITH A GIGANTIC SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE!! The crowd goes wild despite Kash being a heel as he lays an arm over Psicosis, in as much pain as the Mexicool we can be sure, 1..2..3..BIG win for the Pitbulls

Winners: Jamie Noble and Kid Kash(11:14)

Michael Cole: Chris Masters getting one over on the Mexicools tonight!! Psicosis had this thing in the bag until Masters stuck his nose in and the undefeated streak of the Mexicools ends tonight. BIG win for Noble and Kash.

Tazz: Hell of a match, hell of a match but that’s watcha get now with it three on three, anything can happen and tonight it’s Masters and his men who land that sucker punch. I don’t think this one’s over though Cole, not by a long shot.

We see a shot of Masters, Noble and Kash heading up the ramp, Masters beaming while Kash and Noble hold their heads, clearly affected by that hard fought match before we get a shot of Juvi looking frustrated on the outside, pointing at their rivals, clearly angered and both Psicosis and Crazy on their knees in the ring, Crazy back up after that right hand from Noble with both men looking less than impressed with what just went down.

We then head off backstage once again where we see the WWE Champion, pacing through the halls, is he on the search for a partner here tonight? Cena is greeted with a pretty strong pop from the crowd as he continues walking before he bumps into Carlito?? For the second time tonight we see the Coolest superstar on Friday nights wandering around backstage but what does Cena want with the Apple Spitter? Lito looks a little wary of Cena’s presence

Carlito: Hey, hey, easy Cena, Carlito doesn’t want any trouble, lets save dat for later on tonight.

Lito holds his hands out as if to say back off while Cena lets out a little grin.

John Cena: You ain’t gotta worry man, I’m not here to pick a fight with you or anything like that at all. I’m just lookin’ for my partner tonight, so if ya wou…

Carlito: Woah woah woah, lemme stop ju right there.Sorry to uh…sorry to burst jur little bubble here Cena but Carlito, well Carlito’s already taken tonight. Carlito’s gonna be Randy Orton’s partner out there so uhhh…bad luck.

Carlito tosses his apple up in the air before smiling slightly but Cena catches the apple, now tossing it up himself.

John Cena: Sorry, what errr…what makes ya think I was askin’ you to be my partner for tonight exactly?

Carlito: Ju said ju were lookin’ for your partner right? Well, everybody wants Carlito to be their partner. All the guys in the back want Carlito on their side, all the ladies watching at home want Carlito to be their ‘partner’ as well, if ju see where I’m comin’ from Cena? Carlito just has this aura, Carlito just has this vibe about him ju know?

Cena raises his eyebrows.

John Cena: Well you’ll be pleased to hear that I certainly don’t want you to be my ‘partner’ tonight. In fact, I don’t want nothing’ to do with you, unless it involves kickin’ your ass later on out there tonight.

Nice little pop as Lito laughs a little.

Carlito: John, ju and I both know that there is no chance of dat happenin’. Not now, not later on tonight, not ever. Carlito has been and will always be better than ju Cena and deep down inside, ju know it too. I think it’s only a matter of time before Carlito takes dat WWE Title away from ju. But hey, that’s only if ju can get through The Great American Bash, which uh… Carlito doesn’t give you much chance of doin’.

John Cena: Is that right?

Carly nods, looking pleased with himself.

John Cena: Well I got a little bit of news for ya and it kinda involves what you just said there. See you’re wondering if I can get through The Great American Bash? Well Carlito, I’m wondering whether you can get through tonight.

Carlito: Cute John. Look Carlito already told ju that ju will nev…

John Cena: AH AH AH! Hold on just a second, I didn’t mention anything about me and you tonight. You better be worried about makin’ it through tonight, not because of me, but because of my partner.

Carlito has a worried look on his face now.

Carlito: W..who..who is jur partner?

John Cena: My partner tonight and the man who is gonna kick your ass ALL OVER Tucson is…. BOOKER T!!

Very nice pop for that as Carlito’s face drops before Cena takes a bite out of Lito’s apple and tosses it back to him before walking away and we see Carlito looking absolutely stunned that he must come up against one of his rivals out there tonight.


We come back to a grpahic of our main event which we now know three of the four teams for, John Cena and Booker T vs. JBL and Orlando Jordan vs. Randy Orton and Carlito vs. Kurt Angle and a partner of his choosing as Michael Cole and Tazz run this over with us, wondering just who Angle will pick to be his partner.

We then head off backstage and we see the man himself, Kurt Angle searching, hoping to find a possible partner for here tonight. Angle then bumps into Chavo Guerrero who is walking in the opposite direction

Kurt Angle: Chavo look I’ve got a big tag team match tonight and I really need to fin..

Chavo Guerrero: Kurt as much as I’d love to take that offer up man, I can’t. I’ve got a little bit of uh…. ‘business’ to take care of, involving Paul London and Greg…oh wait sorry, ‘The Hurricane’. But hey, good luck in finding a partner man.

Chavo heads off as Angle looks a little frustrated here.

Kurt Angle: DAMN IT!!

Angle kicks some kind of cabinet before heading off and continuing his search. He keeps walking, surveying all areas before finding another potential partner for tonight as the camera turns and we see the huge, disturbing figure of Snitsky appear into shot. Even Angle looks a bit hesitant here.

Kurt Angle: Uh..Sn..Snitsky you wouldn’t uh..you wouldn’t happ..


Snitsky bellows at Angle who is understandably jumpy now and the fans give a little laugh before Angle simply carries on walking. Snitsky clearly not in the running now. Angle continues his pursuit before he stops, stares and smiles, walking further forward but that’s all we see as the camera now returns back ringside.

Michael Cole: Well Kurt Angle having a hell of a hard time finding himself a partner here tonight and remember what Teddy Long said, if Angle doesn’t find a partner, he’ll go it alone out there tonight.

Tazz: Yeah but Cole, we just saw Kurt’s face light up, the Wrestlin’ Machine must have something up his sleeve. He sure as hell better hope he does or else he’s in big trouble tonight.


It’s instant heat as the red carpet is laid out and we see Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro and Melina making their way out, with Johnny Nitro set for singles action.

Michael Cole: Well last week was certainly a rough ride for MNM with Rob Van Dam pinning Joey Mercury during six man tag team action. Tonight, Johnny Nitro looks to get a measure of revenge as he takes on Mr.Friday Night in singles competition and y’know Tazz this feud between MNM and the team of Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam, it’s one that seems to be slowly slipping out of MNM’s hands, week by week. The stipulation at the Great American Bash, with Melina banned from ringside, as well as the recent momentum swing in favour of Van Dam and Mysterio must be concerning for the A-Listers.

Tazz: I don’t know Cole. These guys knew what they were doin’ agreein’ to this stipulation for The Great American Bash. Van Dam and Mysterio may be on a roll right now but MNM ain’s stupid, they gotta have something prepared for when we head to Buffalo.

‘One of a Kind’

It’s the music of RVD that hits to a very nice pop as out steps Mr.Friday Night along with his partner, Rey Mysterio.

Michael Cole: Van Dam and Mysterio have been chasing the gold, they’ve been chasing MNM in general now for a couple of months to no avail but it’s starting to feel as though these guys are now winnin’ this battle. Things all began with RVD wanting respect from the cocky youngsters, believing their attitudes to be all wrong, only for the threesome to try and put Van Dam in his place. One thing’s for sure partner is that at the Bash, this one could very well explode.

Tazz: All Van Dam wanted was a bit of class, a bit of respect from these guys but so far, they ain’t budged an inch and until Rob and Rey beat them, until Rob and Rey walk away wit’ the Tag team titles, I don’t think they’re gonna get it.

Match Four: Singles Match

Rob Van Dam vs. Johnny Nitro

Van Dam and Nitro circle the ring briefly before both heading towards the centre of the ring and it’s Nitro who throws the first shot but Van Dam blocks it and instead nails Nitro with a massive kick to the ribs as Mr.Friday Night then unloads with a series of stern kicks to Nitro’s ribs followed by a beautiful spinning heel kick to the face that takes Nitro down!! Van Dam doesn’t cover the red carpet star though and instead runs the ropes but Nitro rolls away, realising RVD is on his way, not allowing Van Dam any offense.Van Dam though skips over Nitro and runs to the opposite side of the ropes, rebounds and is met with a BIG TIME clothesline from Nitro!! Nitro timing his return to his feet perfectly to take down Van Dam and the one half of the tag champs now begins to stomp away at the chest of his fallen opponent, greeted with squeals of joy from Melina on the outside.

Nitro quickly looks around the crowd before allowing them to ‘revel’ in looking at his physique. Nitro then draws Van Dam to his feet before nailing him with a forearm to the temple followed by an Irish whip. Van Dam rebounds but he’s met with the point of Nitro’s elbow, sending him down once more. Cover by Nitro, 1..2..shoulder up by Van Dam as we once again hear the shrieks of Melina. Nitro then pulls back the arms of Van Dam who is still fallen and drives his knee into Van Dam’s back, really wearing down the high flier. Van Dam looks in a spot of bother here with Nitro exerting all his effort into this hold. Van Dam tries using all his strength to bring his arms back in closer to his body, Nitro is struggling here and Van Dam finally wins the battle, managing to flip Nitro up and over his shoulders. RVD brings himself up to his feet as Nitro does too and the two men charge at one another with Van Dam taking the young A-Lister down with a forearm smash.

Van Dam hoists Nitro up before a kick to the mid section before Mr.Friday Night NAILS Nitro with a beautiful Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge!! 1..2..3..NO!! Nitro hangs in there, just about as Van Dam comes within a whisker. The crowd groans, frustrated that Van Dam didn’t get the win there as we see Rey Mysterio cut a frustrated figure on the outside. Van Dam picks himself up and dusts himself down before he sees Nitro still really struggling on the mat here as Van Dam then looks around the crowd who cheer before he runs the ropes, ROLLING THUNDER TIME!! Van Dam goes through the sky but NITRO ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!! Van Dam eats the mat as Nitro dodges out of harm’s way and both men now lay motionless on the mat.

Van Dam clutches his ribs whilst Nitro slowly gets to his knees, holding his lower back and the crowd start a small ‘RVD’ chant that begins to grow while Mysterio encourages his partner on the outside. Mercury looks a little easier on the outside now his partner has regrouped but Melina simply cuts an angry figure. Nitro, now back to his feet brings Van Dam upright also before drilling a knee to the mid section. Nitro then grabs the back of Van Dam’s neck before delivering a thunderous SWINGING NECKBREAKER!! Van Dam is in worlds of trouble now. Cover from Nitro, 1..2..Kick out by Van Dam!! The crowd pops but Nitro slams the mat in disgust before arguing with the referee that should’ve been three.

Nitro then stomps away at the chest of Van Dam before once again scooping him to his feet. Nitro now whips Van Dam into the turnbuckle before charging at him but Van Dam sidesteps it and Nitro flies face first into the turnbuckle before being struck in the back of the head by a STIFF kick by Van Dam that takes Nitro down! Van Dam heads up top, the fans know what’s coming!! Nitro is down and out as Van Dam panders to the crowd before FLYING through the sky, FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! NITRO IS UP THOUGH!! NITRO WAS PLAYING POSSUM AND HE CONNECTS WITH A PICTURE PERFECT DROPKICK TAKING VAN DAM DOWN!! WOW!! Nitro heads up top now, Corkscrew Moonsault nails Van Dam!! Cover, 1..2..3...HE GOT HIM!!

Winner: Johnny Nitro(6:21)

Michael Cole: The momentum shifts once more here tonight!! Johnny Nitro picking up a BIG win over Rob Van Dam and you can tell by the look on Rey Mysterio’s face, Van Dam’s partner that he can’t quite believe it. Nitro not needing Joey Mercury, not needing Melina here tonight, he did it alone!! Perhaps MNM are capable without Melina, perhaps come The Great American Bash they can indeed retain those Tag Team titles.

Tazz: Huge win right there Cole. Major props to Johnny Nitro and just look at how much that means to MNM. They proved here tonight that they don’t need Melina, I can’t believe I’m sayin’ it but tonight proves it. That right there has just blown the match at the Bash wide open baby, I love it.

Van Dam is now sat up and holds his hands out, talking to his partner inside the ring as if o say ‘Did that really just happen?’ Mysterio can’t quite seem to believe it either as MNM back up the ramp, looking absolutely ecstatic with Nitro’s win here tonight.

We then head off backstage and join Paul London in his locker room before the camera then shifts and we see The Hurricane beside the Cruiserweight Champion. Both men are greeted with nice pops but there’s clear tension between the two.

Paul London: Well? You’ve had a week to think about this man, I can’t wait much longer, what’s it gonna be?

The Hurricane: Citizen London you know that I’m not gonna turn down an opportunity like this, an opportunity to once again face off with you for that Cruiserweight title. I accept your challenge for The Great American Bash.

Decent little pop.

Paul London: Just a second there, I uh, I don’t think you answered my challenge correctly though man. See I asked last week, I told you last week that you weren’t gonna get this match just like that(London clicks his fingers). No way. I need you to be straight with me here, now’s not the time for jokin’ around, I need answers. Are you and me gonna do this right way at the Bash? Are you and me gonna fight for this title one on one, man to man?

Hurricane screws his face up a little bit.

The Hurricane: I’m a little bit shocked Citizen London that you would question my intentions, that you would question Friday night’s resident Superhero’s integrity. Whatsupwitdat? You should know that I act in a civilised, dignified way in everything I do, whether it’s inside the ring or fighting off crime on the outside.

Hurricane does a stupid little pose which is greeted with a decent little pop.

Paul London: So we’re on for the Bash then? You and me for the Cruiserweight title? You can stand there and you can promise me here and now that nothing Chavo Guerrero does, nothing Chavo Guerrero says, be it over these next few weeks or be it at the Bash itself will change your intentions?

The Hurricane: There is nothing Chavo Guerrero can do to pers…

And speak of the devil, in walks Chavo Guerrero to instant heat. Chavo is sporting a shirt and trousers, letting out a wry smile as he locks eyes with the champion.

Chavo Guerrero: Paul, Gregory, good to see you both.

Paul London: What do you want Chavo? I ain’t in the mood for any of this tonight.

Chavo Guerrero: Easy Paul, easy. Look I’m not here for anything other than to see what arrangement you guys had come to. I heard your little challenge last week Paul and well curiosity got the better of me tonight. So uh…what’s the answer Greg?

Chavo looks at Hurricane who looks over his shoulder.

The Hurricane: Greg? I know of no Greg Citizen Chavo. The answer though is that I have accepted Citizen London’s challenge and we will do battle for the Cruiserweight title at The Great American Bash.

Paul London: Which means that nothing you say, nothing you do, is gonna get in our way between now and then Chavo. Me and Hurricane, we want one thing, we want this championship but we wanna do it the right way, we wanna do it by puttin’ on a show for these fans and by givin’ it all we got in the middle of that ring.

Strong pop for the champs comments.

Chavo Guerrero: Well I guess I know where I stand then right? Gre…oh sorry, Hurricane I suppose my work with you is done then right? If nothing I say can change your mind, if nothing I do can change your mind then I guess you’ve made your choice. But hey, what can I do if this is what you really want huh? You wanna keep trying and y’know, I admire that, really I do. But there’s a difference between trying and succeeding right? And Hurricane you aren’t gonna succeed, you can’t succeed.

Chavo looks to have a bit of fire in his eyes now.

Chavo Guerrero: Go ahead at the Bash, you and Paul here can go out and you can put on your little show like you’re both so desperate to do but when you come back here a beaten man again, don’t say I didn’t tell you what was comin’. If Paul London can beat me, a Guerrero, then The Hurricane? Some joke of a superhero? He doesn’t stand a chance.

Hurricane’s head drops a little now.

Chavo Guerrero: Gregory Helms on the other hand? Well, you and I both know, hey, Paul himself here knows that Gregory Helms can get the job done. Why d’you think he wants to face you again huh? Is it cos you two are friends? Cos you’re best buddies? Don’t be so damn stupid, it’s cos he KNOWS, he knows he can beat you. He knows you’re an easy optio…

Paul London: HEY! Back off Chavo before I show you where the door is and believe me, I got no hesitation.

Chavo holds his hands out as if to say ‘Ease off’

Chavo Guerrero: Think about it, I’m only trying to help you esse’. You know where to find me if you uh…if you need me.

Chavo then winks before patting Hurricane on the back and exiting.

Paul London: Look man, don’t listen to a word he says. You and I both know how close you came to winnin’ this thing a few weeks back. You don’t need him to help you, you don’t need him to guide you. You can do this on your own.

The Hurricane: You know you can beat me? You think I’m an easy option?

Hurricane speaks softly here.

Paul London: Oh c’mon, don’t play with me like this man. An easy option? I only beat you by the skin of my teeth a few weeks back, THAT was not easy, not by a long shot. Chavo’s just messin’ with your mind. Forget him, he just can’t face the fact that you’re the one getting a shot at this, not him. Just put everything to one side and realise that you got another shot at this. Make the most of it.

London then pats Chavo on the back before leaving as Hurricane looks on before mouthing ‘Make the most of it'.


We return and immediately join Josh Matthews who is standing by waiting to talk to us.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guests at thise time, the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM.

The threesome of Mercury, Nitro and Melina enter the picture to decent heat with Nitro and Mercury smiling whilst Melina flashes her evil grin.

Josh Matthews: And if we could start with you Johnny, first off congratulations on a huge win here tonight over Rob Van Dam. Do you believe that having beaten Van Dam here tonight without the help of your partner and without the help of Melina, that you’ve proved to a lot of people that at The Great American Bash you can indeed walk out still holding the WWE Tag Team Championships?

Johnny Nitro: What you saw tonight Josh was the simple fact that all day, every day MNM is better than both Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio.


Johnny Nitro: We’ve known since we stepped foot here on Smackdown that nobody can compete with us. BUT, others haven’t been so sure on that, in particular Van Dam and Mysterio. They seem to believe that they have a god given right to walk all over us, that we shouldn’t be able to beat them because we’re young, because we walk the red carpet, because we are stars. They believe that because they’ve been around here for a long time now that they deserve our respect? Well guess what, just like they told us, you gotta earn respect.

Mercury nods as Melina smiles a little again.

Johnny Nitro: And so far? It’s MNM two, Van Dam and Mysterio zero. That to me, that to us, does not deserve respect. WE deserve their respect, we deserve everybody’s respect around here because we are simply that damn talented. There’s a reason why we’re followed by the paparazzi, there’s a reason why we walk that red carpet Josh and that reason is clear as day, it’s because we command attention. Van Dam and Mysterio on the other hand? They’re lucky to get one minute in the spotlight, lucky to get one fan want their picture, let alone the entire world.

Melina now butts in.

Melina: Allow me to take it from there Johnny. Josh, you know what the stipulation at The Great American Bash is right?

Matthews nods his head.

Melina: I will be banned from ringside and if my boys walk out victorious Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio will head to the back of the line and out of MNM’s business. Think about the pressure that puts on those two guys Josh. They have to win, if they don’t? They’re out.

Melina lets out a little laugh.

Melina: It is win win for MNM come the Bash. We’ve proved time and time again that we are better than those two. We have proved, ahem, they have proved that they don’t need help from me, they don’t need help from anybody and I think that tonight? Tonight may well be the night where Van Dam and Mysterio realised that they’ve let themselves in to a whole world of trouble when we head for the Bash.

Mercury and Nitro nod in the background.

Melina: Whether I’m at ringside or whether I’m sitting in the back, the facts are that MNM will get the job done. After The Great American Bash, we will not only have Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio’s respect, we’ll have everybody’s.

The trio then leave, having made a real statement here tonight as we head back ringside.


We return to hear the music of John Bradshaw Layfield who comes out in his trademark limo, alongside his tag team partner and Chief of Staff, the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan.

Michael Cole: Some seriously strong words there from MNM and it really is that big of a match come the Bash, it’s all or nothing for Van Dam and Mysterio and MNM know that all too well. They’ll pull out all the stops when we head to Buffalo. But back to the action here tonight now and as you can see JBL and Orlando Jordan makin’ their way out here for this HUGE main event tonight. A Fatal 4-Way tag team match and JBL is probably the only one of the four WWE title participants involved to really have any connection to his tag team partner, surely that’s gonna help him here tonight Tazz?

Tazz: No doubt Cole. JBL and Orlando Jordan have been partners for a long time now, they got each other’s backs and that’s gonna help the Wrestlin’ God out here tonight for sure. These two guys right here are my pick for this one.

JBL and Jordan enter the ring and JBL removes his hat, smiling to the crowd who boo the shit out of him unsurprisingly.

‘Burn in my Light’

It’s the Legend Killer out next with the odd cheer from the fans although that is mixed in with strong boos also. Orton isn’t accompanied by his partner to the ring.

Michael Cole: Well Randy Orton got a small measure of revenge on Kurt Angle last week, with the Legend Killer believing Angle to be responsible for his attack backstage. The other man he holds responsible for that is JBL and you can be sure that Orton will be gunning for him tonight.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. But, again, we don’t know for sure that Kurt or Bradshaw had anything to do wit’ it and neither does Randy. Hell, it coulda been John Cena for all we know. The only certainty is that Randy Orton is gonna come out all guns blazin’ tonight.


It’s fairly resounding boos as out comes Carlito, all set to help out Randy Orton here tonight. The Apple Spitter comes out, tossing his apple around, baring a sly little smirk on his face as he accompanies Orton at the bottom of the ramp.

Michael Cole: Well Carlito agreed to be Randy Orton’s partner earlier tonight however at the time he didn’t know just who John Cena’s partner would be, Carlito’s rival, Booker T. A choice that didn’t sit too well with Carlito.

Tazz: Carlito was seriously P.O’d when he found out that Booker T would be in the champ’s corner tonight and I don’t blame ‘im. Carlito and Booker have had a real battle goin’ on lately and ya can bet that it continues here tonight.

‘My Time is Now’

It’s a very strong pop next as out comes the WWE Champion, John Cena who looks focused as he eyeballs all four men in the centre of the ring, storming down the ramp and charging into the ring, not waiting for his partner, not phased by his opponents tonight.

Michael Cole: Well John Cena clearly not worried who he’s up against here tonight. He knows that as WWE Champion, everybody is gunnin’ for him and come The Great American Bash, it really is the toughest test yet for John Cena as he will have to defend his title against not one, not two but three opponents. A huge ask it’s gonna be for John Cena to walk out of Buffalo, still with his title intact.

Tazz: For sure Cole but Cena ain’t stupid, he knows the odds come the Bash and I don’t think he’s worryin’ about it. John Cena believes he can beat anybody and I agree with him, if Cena’s on his game, no matter who his opponent is or how many of ‘em there are, Cena can get the job done. Kid’s got the heart of a lion in that ring.

‘Can you dig it? Suckaaaa’

It’s another nice pop as out next is the 5-time WCW Champion, Booker T who doesn’t do any of his usual antics, instead simply looks on at Carlito, one of his real rivals right now here on Friday nights.

Michael Cole: Well Booker T was never gonna reject this opportunity Tazz. A chance tonight for Booker to once again get his hands on Carlito, something he’s tried but failed to do on several occasions now, including last week when yet again, Rhyno made his presence felt and attacked Booker. The Man Beast has failed to sink his claws in on Carlito yet but Booker has felt his wrath for the past couple of weeks now.

Tazz: Yeah it’s been a rough few weeks for Booker T. Both Carlito and Rhyno have been on his tail and it’s left the Book man wi’ his back against the wall. Tonight’s a big chance for Book to get some payback, at least on Carlito.


It’s generally boos that ring round the crowd, however the odd cheer is thrown in also with Kurt Angle making his way out, looking slightly worried.

Michael Cole: Moment of truth time Tazz, for Kurt Angle. Angle has been on the hunt for a partner but as yet, we believe he hasn’t found one. And remember, Teddy Long told Kurt that he would have to go it alone if he couldn’t find a helping hand here tonight. By the look on his face, it would appear Kurt hasn’t found the man he was looking for.

Tazz; He better hope he has Cole or else he’s in for a major ask here tonight doin’ this alone. C’mon Kurt, who’ve you got?

Angle waits for a moment at the bottom of the ramp before looking back towards the curtain as the superstars inside the ring look on as well as the fans but there’s nothing. Angle looks back inside the ring, takes a deep breath and enters the ring, Angle doesn’t appear to have a partner!

Michael Cole: Wow. Kurt Angle appears to be going this alone Tazz!

Tazz: Hey props to Angle for doin’ this on his own but this could be a really stupid move from the Wrestli…

‘Man Beast’

Wait a second! The music of RHYNO hits and out comes the Man Beast with the crowd letting out an initial pop and we see a huge smile come across the face of Kurt Angle! The camera then pans to see Booker T looking fired up now, telling his rival to ‘Bring it down here’ before we see Carlito step behind Randy Orton, clearly concerned that Rhyno is on his way.

Tazz: Ohhhhhhh Kurt Angle’s a genius Cole!! Rhyno baby!! What a pick!!

Michael Cole: A SHOCKER from Kurt Angle. Rhyno will be the Olympic Gold Medalist’s partner here tonight and Rhyno will get his hands on Booker T and on Carlito here tonight!! The stakes have been raised.

Main Event: Fatal-4-Way Tag Team Match

John Bradshaw Layfield and Orlando Jordan vs. Randy Orton and Carlito vs. John Cena and Booker T vs. Kurt Angle and Rhyno

Two men must start off this match and there’s no hesitation from John Cena and Booker T, both men wanting to get this one underway and it’s Cena who opts to kick it off. The team of JBL and Orlando Jordan don’t want anything to do with them, as well as Carlito and Randy Orton. Kurt Angle appears somewhat hesitant but not so much as JBL’s team or Randy Orton’s but as Angle looks set to get this one going, Rhyno, Kurt’s partner steps in front of him and the Man Beast will get things under way against the WWE Champion, John Cena.

A ‘Lets go Cena’ chant begins as the two men lock up in the middle of the ring but it’s a stalemate with both men showing just how strong they are. Again the duo go to lock up inside the squared circle but instead Rhyno delivers a kick to Cena’s mid section, gaining the upper hand as he now delivers kick after kick to the gut of Cena before whipping Cena across the ring. Cena rebounds off the turnbuckle and is met with a big shoulder block from the Man Beast taking the champion down.

Rhyno immediately drags Cena up before nailing him with several right hands followed by yet another kick to the mid section as Rhyno then drops Cena with a hard scoop slam, into the cover, kick out at two from the WWE Champion. Rhyno brings himself up, looking a little angered before beginning to stomp away at his fallen opponent as Cena clutches his targeted stomach. The Man Beast once again brings Cena up and again looks to whip Cena across the ring but Cena reverses and Rhyno rebounds off the rope right into a big back body drop from Cena!! Rhyno taken down BUT SO TOO IS CENA as JBL enters the fray and drops Cena with a big boot having tagged himself in off of Rhyno hitting the ropes!!

The fans immediately boo the Wrestling God who hammers away at Cena with vicious stomps to the head before driving his boot into the throat of Cena, choking his long time rival. Rhyno is slowly to his feet and the referee has the unenviable task of ordering Rhyno out of the ring which he doesn’t take too well to. JBL seems focused however and keeps his foot firmly placed driven into Cena’s throat as the referee threatens a disqualification and Layfield retreats. Cena is pulled to his feet again by the longest reigning champion in Smackdown history who delivers a clubbing blow to the back of Cena’s neck before whipping Cena acroos towards his corner and Cena smashes hard against the turnbuckle.

JBL sizes Cena up in the corner and begins to unload with right hands, knocking the champion aback before tagging in his Chief of Staff, Orlando Jordan. Jordan picks up where his mentor left off and hammers away at Cena with some strong left hands before bringing him out and away from the corner and delivering a Snapmare take down before locking Cena into a sleeper hold, continuing to ware down the struggling champion.

Jordan wrenches in the hold as Booker T encourages his partner on the outside, as do the fans with Cena gasping for air. Cena holds out a hand, reaching for the ropes but he’s nowhere near them and realises he needs to use all his strength to fight out of this. Jordan looks determined to keep Cena grounded but the unquestionable strength of Cena shines through as he manages to pull Jordan’s left arm up and away from him, breaking the hold to a nice pop. Jordan is quick on Cena’s case again though and delivers some kicks to the mid section before Cena catches one and spins OJ round before scooping Jordan up!! FU TIME!! FU CONNECTS!! BUT CENA IS GRABBED FROM BEHIND BY CARLITO!! BACKSTABBER!!

Carlito who is NOT the legal man weasels his way into the ring and helps keep this thing going before pointing at Cena and saying ‘Das for earlier Cena’. Lito is then ordered out of the ring as JBL sends a smile in Lito’s direction and both Cena and Jordan are now down and it’s a race for who’s first to their feet. Jordan begins to stagger while Cena has barely moved a muscle and Jordan recognises that, crawling towards Cena’s lifeless body before throwing an arm over Cena. 1..2..3..NO!! Cena just about kicks out much to the fans relief as Jordan looks a little dazed but disappointed also.

Jordan slowly gets to his feet, using the ropes for leverage but wise enough to not go near anybody other than JBL. Jordan then heads back after Cena who is to his knees and OJ is greeted with a right hand to the gut forcing him back as Cena gets to his feet and the champion begins to strike, landing blow after blow to the mid section of the U.S. Champ. Cena now with an Irish Whip but Jordan hangs on to the ropes and Jordan tags in Carlito!! Jordan then drops down to the mat and waves his arms around saying ‘Not now, I’m done wit’ you Cena’ to which Cena smiles whilst Carlito looks horrified. JBL also looks frustrated by his protégé’s actions and demands he get back up on the apron. Cena invites Lito into the ring and the Apple Spitter slowly makes his way through the ropes only for Cena to…retreat? Cena then looks around the crowd before pointing at Booker T!! The fans then begin to cheer and Cena tags in the former 5 time WCW Champion!! Booker races into the ring and charges at Lito who attempts a right hand but Booker blocks it and begins to unload with some rights of his own, getting his hands on his recent rival at long last!!

Booker whips Lito into his corner and continues his offense, nailing Lito with right hand after right hand before stomping a mudhole out of the cocky young star. Booker then takes a second to look at his other rival Rhyno, pointing in his direction and exchanging words with the Man Beast. Lito then comes from out of nowhere though and POKES BOOKER IN THE EYE!! Lito finds a way out of trouble as Booker spirals out of the corner and stumbles away with Carlito then taking the veteran down with a clubbing blow from behind before pandering to the crowd, drawing him his usual chorus of heat.

Lito brings Booker to his feet, smashing him in the face with some forearms before lining Booker up and taking him down with a beautiful dropkick. Cover from Lito, 1..2..shoulder up from Book as Randy Orton encourages his partner from the outside. Lito holds three fingers out to the referee, claiming that was all she wrote but the referee is having none of it and Lito instead drags Booker over towards his corner and tags in Randy Orton to the match for the first time.

Orton drops a knee right into the face of Booker as he looks to pick apart his opponent in methodical fashion. The Legend Killer continues to pick away at Booker with several stomps and right hands to the fallen Spin-a-roonie master before he brings Booker to his feet and drops Booker with a vicious DDT in the centre of the ring!! The fans spell trouble here, cover from Orton, 1..2..KURT ANGLE BREAKS THE COUNT!! Angle enters the ring for the first time tonight and smashes Orton in the head before unloading on the Legend Killer to a BIG pop from the crowd but chaos soon ensues as JBL, in typical JBL fashion sends Orlando Jordan in to the ring for OJ to challenge Angle but OJ is simply thrown over the top rope by the Wrestling Machine!! Angle then roars to the crowd before turning around and RANDY ORTON AWAITS TO CLOTHESLINE ANGLE OVER THE TOP!! Angle joins Jordan on the outside as Orton holds his face and at around the eight minute mark we head to…..

We return and Randy Orton is on top for several minutes here with Booker T being in a tricky spot as the Legend Killer applies a front face lock with Booker fighting with all his might and Michael Cole and Tazz run us down what occurred during the commercial break with Orton largely dominating the former WCW champ. Booker begins to fight back and shows some strong resilience as Orton’s hold on things appears to be fading. Booker finally manages to break free and delivers a back heel kick to the gut of Orton winding the youngest ever World Champion as Booker now looks to build.

Booker runs the ropes, AXE KICK!! NO!! ORTON DUCKS IT, SPINS BOOKER ROUND, RKO!! NO!! Booker shoves Orton away and into the ropes, blind tag from Kurt Angle!! Booker then rolls Orton up but the referee doesn’t count as Angle grabs Booker from behind, ANGLE SLAM!! CONNECTS!! Cover, 1..2..Carlito and John Cena break the count and stomp on Angle as all hell breaks loose!! Lito and Cena come to blows now inside the ring as both Angle and Booker, the legal men are down along with Orton. Lito and Cena continue trading blows and the champion gets the upper hand forcing Lito back before an Irish whip, Carlito comes rebounding, GORE!!! GORE from Rhyno who comes from out of NOWHERE to take down his rival!!

The fans greet it with a big pop but Rhyno is turned around, FU!! CENA DROPS RHYNO WITH AN FU!! Orlando Jordan though comes from behind and smashes Cena over the back of the head, knocking the champion down as Jordan lets out a broad smile to which the fans shit all over him. Jordan brings Cena up and delivers a left hand followed by an Irish whip, Cena smashes into the turnbuckle and Jordan charges at him but Cena sees him coming and scoops him up and over the top rope sending Jordan down to the outside!! We see a shot of JBL gulp on the outside, not wanting in here as Cena heads back to the centre of the ring where he’s spun round by Randy Orton, RKO!! NO, CENA SHOVES HIM OFF RIGHT INTO KURT ANGLE’S PATH, ANGLE SLAM CONNECTS!!

The crowd goes crazy now as Angle and Cena come face to face!! Angle and Cena about to explode here and the crowd eats it up as Angle throws the first shot but Cena fires back and the two men exchange right hands with the crowd going crazy still here. Cena begins to get the upper hand, forcing Angle back but Angle delivers a kick to the mid section from nowhere before a big uppercut sends Cena stumbling. Angle now with an Irish whip but Cena reverses it and Angle goes into the ropes, BLIND TAG FROM JBL!! JBL doesn’t enter the ring though as Angle rebounds and Cena scoops him up, FU!! NO!! Angle escapes and catches Cena from behind!! Angle Slam again!! The third of the night and the crowd explodes with a mixed reaction and Angle is rolling here as he turns round to focus again but he’s met with a kick to the gut by Booker T, Booker grabs Angle and CONNECTS WITH A BOOK END!! BUT WE SEE JBL RUN THE ROPES AND SMASH BOOKER WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! Cover by Layfield, 1..2..3...HE GOT HIM!!

Winners: John Bradshaw Layfield and Orlando Jordan(14:09)

Michael Cole: JBL steals one!! JBL steals the victory here tonight from under the nose of the Legend Killer!!

Tazz: JBL’s so damn smart Cole!! What a HUGE win that is right there for the Wrestlin’ God. The momentum in this thing switches big time tonight.

Michael Cole: Things just continue to heat up between these four men! John Cena, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle and JBL, the race is on to the Bash!! JBL taking a huge step here tonight back towards the WWE title!! How will the other challengers respond?! Goodnight everybody.

The show closes with a deflated looking John Cena, an angry Kurt Angle, a fallen Randy Orton and a beaming JBL who can’t stop smiling having stolen the victory here tonight.

Date: 24th July 2005
Venue: HSBC Arena; Buffalo, New York

Current Card:

WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Match:
John Cena(c) vs. Randy Orton vs. John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

WWE United States Championship:
Orlando Jordan(c) vs Matt Hardy

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Paul London(c) vs The Hurricane

Two on One Handicap Match:
Bobby Lashley vs Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki

WWE Tag Team Championships:
(Melina is banned from ringside; If MNM win, Mysterio and Van Dam will not receive another title opportunity)
MNM(c) vs Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Starting a show with a match could always get tricky as it has to be a high profile match for it to be a nice or good beginning to the show. On paper Hardy vs Reigns isn’t wont turn the world on fire, however Matt Hardy returning is newsworthy enough. This was all about bringing Hardy back, displaying his offense and advancing the feud with OJ.
The promo between Kurt and Teddy was nice, although it was a little random, until the very end, in which Kurt himself took the randomness of the segment and gave it direction, saying that should he become champion, Teddy Long is his next priority, giving sense to this entire segement.

Nice personality shown by OJ in here, making him appear more on par with JBL.

Lashley was a monster in this match. I liked the opponent selection as it obviously links with Dupree. I think Bobby will be screwed come the PPV and the heels will cheat to win, but tbh you have me guessing as he’s looking mighty impressive.

Poor Carlito can’t catch a break. This Randy Orton was a little more his psychotic self instead of his cocky self, which makes sense considering he might be feeling the pressure of this Fatal Four Way and his desire to be champion, put together with the fact that he was attacked backstage. He was also more faceish, which you reinforced by saying he got cheers.

The match between the two teams was longer than I expected, but action packed. Like I said before I am not sure abut the pairing of The Pitbulls with Chris Masters, but nonetheless they had to get the win here tonight, otherwise they would have been up for a very weak start.

Loved Carlito in this one, going back to his cocky self. This also added more contrast to Randy Orton before. No doubt RKO is going face. Anyways John Cena drops the bomb and poor Carlito has to deal practically with the entire locker room right about now lol.

Not sure how to take the Kurt Angle segment. It did reinforced the fact that he was having a hard time finding a tag partner, however, or at least myself, don’t buy Chavo Guerrero as a tag partner comparable to the ones the others had selected.

Big win in for Nitro in this one. Nitro vs RVD in real life would be a nice athletic contest and you showcased just this. Nitro winning in here legitimizes the option of victory of MNM without Melina, but also opens the door to begin his singles push. In another note, I loved the Michael Cole commentary after the match.

The segment between the three cruiserweights was a little corny at times, especially the exchange between Hurricane and London, and the beginning with Chavo, but towards the end when Chavo brought the twist of planting the seed that Paul might be trying to give Hurricane a match for all the wrong reasons, then it got interesting, and opens the door for a heel turn for either party. Chavo is a slacker though lol, he turned out the main event match because of this?

Interesting promo from MNM, adding more range to their personas, as being concerned with getting respect. The hard way, but getting respect either way, instead of taking the highroad and concerning with their star status and lifestyle.

And here it’s the main event, which has been pushed heavily throughout the show, with the mystery of who will be Kurt’s partner. He ends up being Rhyno, which made a whole lot of sense like Michael Cole pointed out. The match itself was jam packed and featured all the complications of a match like this, with big moves getting hit but someone coming into the ring to interfere. This week it is JBL who ends up victorious and it’s his time to get momentum. You’ve made a nice job in not making it predictable on who will walk out champion of The GAB.


Born to Wrestle Federation:

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Two more matches added to the Bash!!

wwe.com has been informed today by Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long that TWO huge more matches have been confirmed for Smackdown’s upcoming Pay Per View, The Great American Bash.

The first of those two matches will be much anticipated as Carlito will face BOTH Booker T and Rhyno in a Triple Threat match. These three men have been at each other’s throats ever since Judgment Day with Rhyno even being ‘forced’ in his eyes to turn his back on his long time friend, Booker T. It appeared as though both Rhyno and Booker would join forces in their mission to take the cocky Apple Spitter down a peg or two however Carlito’s own plan came to fruition as he has continued to inflict tension between the two, eventually resulting in Rhyno delivering a brutal Gore to the former WCW Champion. The Man Beast has claimed that his eyes are still very firmly fixed on Carlito but that he could no longer allow Booker to stand in his way. At the Bash all three of these men will get the opportunities they are looking for as they look to pull off a major win and in some cases perhaps, a career altering win.

The second match added for the Bash is a Six Man Tag Team contest as the Mexicools, Super Crazy, Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera will take on the recently formed alliance of Chris Masters and the Pitbulls, Jamie Noble and Kid Kash. Masters has suffered ever since the Mexicools debuted on Smackdown with the trio going out of their way to embarrass the Masterpiece. The fun and games ended recently however as Masters found himself some back up and evened the odds thanks to the help of Noble and Kash who defeated Super Crazy and Psicosis this past Friday on Smackdown, ending the Mexicools undefeated streak. Will Masters finally get one over on the trio come Buffalo or will the crazy high fliers once again score a huge victory?

Date: 24th July 2005
Venue: HSBC Arena; Buffalo, New York

Current Card:

WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Match:
John Cena© vs. Randy Orton vs. John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

WWE United States Championship:
Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Paul London© vs. The Hurricane

Two on One Handicap Match:
Bobby Lashley vs. Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki

WWE Tag Team Championships:
(Melina is banned from ringside; If MNM win, Mysterio and Van Dam will not receive another title opportunity)
MNM© vs. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Mexicools vs. Chris Masters and The Pitbulls

Triple Threat Match:
Carlito vs. Booker T vs. Rhyno

Thanks to CMS for the Smackdown feedback, it will be returned in the next two or three days for sure. Any more feedback would be welcomed and returned. As for Raw, expect a preview sometime next week.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 11/7/05- Phoenix, Arizona

Monday Night Raw emanates this week from Phoenix and it will emanate WITHOUT it’s World Champion. Last week saw Batista not only subjected to a Four-On-One Handicap match against the Arabian Entity but also saw the Animal the victim of a heinous assault by his opponent come Summerslam, the Big Red Machine, Kane. Kane has been under the spell of Raw’s General Manager, Eric Bischoff ever since returning at Vengeance and the GM once again got one over on the World Champion last week. Bischoff has targeted the Animal after successfully capturing Shawn Michaels services at Vengeance and last week Bischoff even placed the Heartbreak Kid in charge of Raw, stating that the Showstopper would do his every request. Michaels however had left the building by the time Batista’s match began and this allowed Bischoff to weasel his way in, clearly tricking both Batista AND Shawn Michaels. Bischoff then goaded Batista towards the back, only for his path to be cut off by the rampaging Kane who would strike, delivering a brutal choke slam off the stage to a helpless Batista. It was confirmed earlier this week that Batista suffered a rib injury and will miss several weeks of action, perhaps even throwing the World title match at Summerslam into doubt.

Tonight, Kane WILL be in action and he will be up against yet another man Eric Bischoff has had his issues with of late, Chris Jericho. Bischoff will no doubt want Jericho to suffer the same fate as Batista and it is going to take a huge effort from Y2J to survive this challenge. What will the destructive GM have up his sleeve in this one? How far will Kane go this week? What role will Jericho’s rival Edge play in this thing tonight? And will Shawn Michaels finally speak up on just how he’s feeling being the ‘Personal Employee’, being the subject of Eric Bischoff‘s twisted games?

Confirmed for tonight and KICKING OFF the show will be Captain Charisma hosting the Peep Show and his guest? None other than ‘Double A’, ‘The Enforcer’ himself, Arn Anderson!! Anderson is a long time friend of Christian’s bitter rival Ric Flair and will no doubt be giving Christian an earful over his recent actions. Christian will face Flair at Summerslam with Flair’s career hanging in the balance. AA is bound to have something in store for the cocky Captain Charisma but what will Christian have in mind to ask the former Horseman? It is sure to be a blockbuster way to kick off Raw!

Speaking of Ric Flair, he too will be in action on Raw and it will be a hell of a challenge for the Sixteen time World Champion as he must take on ‘The Protégé’ Mark Jindrak! Jindrak has been hugely impressive since aligning himself with William Regal, dismantling the Big Show at Vengeance and will now get another big opportunity tonight when he faces Flair. A win for Flair would no doubt see his confidence soar heading into Summerslam while a win for Jindrak would continue to see his stock rise. Who will leave Phoenix with the momentum behind them?

Two more big match ups are also scheduled for Raw. The first of which will see the young tag team of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth take on the Basham Brothers! Doane and Nemeth; The Platform to Perfection are undefeated since joining the Raw ranks, knocking off the tag champs in the process last week. The Bashams are seeking gold also and a win here would no doubt catapult them into the title hunt. Who will walk out one step closer to gold?

And the Intercontinental Champion will also be in action as Muhammad Hassan will go one on one with Charlie Haas. Haas’ tag team partner Shelton Benjamin has fell short in his efforts of late to recapture the Intercontinental title but a win here tonight for Haas would no doubt propel the duo back into the title mix. Haas accidentally cost Benjamin last week in his match with Edge and he’ll be keen to make up for that error this week by taking his partner’s rival down a peg. Hassan on the other hand will want to add more misery to Benjamin and Haas’ recent woes.

You won’t wanna miss this blockbuster edition of Monday Night Raw!

Confirmed for Raw:

Kane vs. Chris Jericho

Intercontinental Champion Muhammad Hassan vs. Charlie Haas

Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth vs. The Basham Brothers

Ric Flair vs. Mark Jindrak


The Peep Show! Special Guest: Arn Anderson
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