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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Post Vengeance News and Notes:

WWE officials are said to be pleased with the outcome and reaction to Vengeance, believing it to be a lot more successful and significant for the Raw brand than their previous Pay Per View, Backlash. The recent pushes of Christian, Mark Jindrak and Muhammad Hassan along with current rivals Edge and Chris Jericho are all set to continue as we head to Summerslam with officials being pleased with their work, both at Vengeance and in the weeks gone by on Raw as they all look to continue moving up the ranks on Monday nights.

We can also officially confirm that the Batista-Triple H rivalry is over. The match up at Vengeance had been billed as a war and with Batista now 2-0 against The Game, the Animal has indeed won the war. We can’t confirm at this time who Batista’s next challenger will be heading into Summerslam but there are several strong options right now. As far as Triple H goes, he will now be out of the World title hunt for the foreseeable future as he turns his attention elsewhere. Where that is exactly, we can’t confirm but it’s thought that Triple H being away from the World title will be a breath of fresh air, both for him, for the fans and for the brand itself.

One of the big angles on Raw right now is the Shawn Michaels and Eric Bischoff saga. Last night, Kane returned after being absent since Backlash and defeated the Showstopper, meaning Michaels now becomes the property of the Raw General Manager. The angle has many, many possibilities but all we can confirm right now is that this WILL be a long term storyline with a huge pay off at the end of it all.

With regards to Ric Flair, a lot of people believed that last night would be his final match, however the ending to that match certainly suggested otherwise. Even Flair himself believed that last night was going to be his last night inside the squared circle. We can confirm that Flair will appear on the next Raw, however where Flair goes from there now is anybody’s guess.

On the injury front, Trish Stratus will likely be out of action for two to three months, perhaps even longer after ‘injuring’ her ankle last night. The injury is kayfabe but Trish has requested some time away which was granted to her. There is concern about who now challenges Victoria for the Women’s Championship but it’s thought the creative team do have something up their sleeves.

And finally, at Vengeance we saw a vignette for soon to be Raw Superstar, Mr.Kennedy. Kennedy has impressed in FCW, particularly with his work on the microphone and is expected to receive a push from the get go, despite the current strong set of heels on Monday nights. Kennedy is expected to make his debut either before or shortly after Summerslam

First off, thank you very much to imac for the review of Vengeance. I took quite a lot from your thoughts and am now really looking to build on them. Really appreciate it and glad you enjoyed it somewhat. In terms of the next show, Raw IS written so expect a preview fairly soon, just wanted to get some notes out there beforehand. The show itself may not be posted until the new year however, but we shall see. Until then, Merry Christmas!
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Raw looks awesome! can't wait to see it!
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 27/6/05- Anaheim; California

Twenty Four hours removed from a chaotic night at Vengeance, Monday Night Raw comes to you from Anaheim, California as the road to Summerslam begins!

Last night saw the conclusion to the Batista-Triple H rivalry as the Animal retained the World Heavyweight Championship at the Game’s expense. The rivalry which began all the way back in January when Batista won the Royal Rumble had been described as ‘war’ by both men and last night the war was finally won. Will we see a new challenger emerge here tonight to the title? And what will both Batista and Triple H have to say on the ending to this bitter rivalry? We are sure to find out.

Also last night we witnessed the return of the Big Red Machine Kane who was chosen as Eric Bischoff’s representative to take on Shawn Michaels. Not only did Kane return but he defeated the Heartbreak Kid, meaning Michaels is now the property of the Raw General Manager. Bischoff has been waiting for this moment for some time now and we have learned that tonight will see Shawn Michaels’ official induction as Eric Bischoff’s ‘Personal Assistant’. What will Bischoff have up his sleeve as he looks to further embarrass the Showstopper? How will Michaels react, both to last night and where he goes from here? And will we hear from Kane on his reasons for returning last night? So many questions, lets hope we find out the answers.

Another big victory last night came for Christian as he defeated the Nature Boy, Ric Flair in an incredible contest. It appeared as though Flair was going to teach Christian a lesson, only for Tomko to sink his claws in and allow Christian to pull off the upset. Tonight, we will hear from Ric Flair on what went down last night in Vegas, as well as where he goes now from here. Will Flair be passing the torch over to Christian? Or will the Nature Boy want payback after last night’s shenanigans? Plus, you have got to wonder just what Captain Charisma will have to say on the matter.

Chris Jericho defeated Edge last night in a massive opening contest. Jericho scored the win via a roll up, catching the Money in the Bank holder off guard. Edge vowed last night that it would NOT be the end of the matter and that he will not stop until he sends a message to Y2J. Edge has promised us that tonight he will ‘Put Chris Jericho firmly, FIRMLY in his place’. What does the Rated R Superstar have in mind for the former Undisputed Champion? And will Jericho have anything to counter with?

Mark Jindrak put in a very impressive performance last night as he slayed the giant, much to everyone's shock making Big Show tap out in the middle of the ring. Jindrak has been on a roll as of late, ever since aligning himself with his new mentor, William Regal. How will Jindrak cope with what is sure to be an angry giant on his tail now? And what will Mr.Regal have to say about his protege's success last night and his next step here on Monday Night Raw? We hope to find out here tonight in Anaheim.

There were three more championship matches that took place last night, one of which saw the Dudkey Boyz retain thei Tag titles, defeating both the Basham Brothers and Arabian Enitity members, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari. Will either of the challengers stake their claim to a two on two rematch or will the Dudleyz move on to new challengers? Also, the Women’s Championship changed hands as Victoria defeated an injured Trish Stratus to capture the gold. We have been informed that there will be an injury update on Trish this Monday night, something you can be sure Victoria will wanna hear. The Intercontinental Championship was also on the line last night and the champion Muhammad Hassan retained his title as he teamed with The Great Khali to defeat Shelton Benjamin in a Handicap Match. The odds were always stacked against Benjamin but you can be sure that he’s not finished just yet in his pursuit of both the title and the Entity themselves.

And finally, tonight will also see the much anticipated debut of Raw’s newest Tag team as Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth will be in action. We have seen video packages of the young duo for several weeks now and we can expect them tonight to be looking at providing us with the ‘Platform to Perfection’ as they like to put it. They are certainly confident in their abilities but just what can we expect from the self proclaimed ‘Perfectionists’? We will find out tonight.

Confirmed for tonight’s Raw:

The debut of Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth:

We will hear from Ric Flair following his defeat at Vengeance:


Shawn Michaels’ official induction as Eric Bischoff’s ‘Personal Assistant’

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 27/6/05- Anaheim; California

We begin the show with a look back at last night’s PPV, Vengeance. We get a highlight reel with the theme music from the show as we get flashbacks through all the matches that took place last night. We see some of the opening contest as Chris Jericho defeated Edge before we see the Dudleyz retain their tag team gold. It’s then action from the Women’s title match in which Trish Stratus suffered a severe ankle injury and Victoria captured the title before we see Mark Jindrak come out victorious against Big Show. We then get action from the Intercontinental title match as Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali defeated Shelton Benjamin, making sure Hassan retained his gold before we see the shock return of Kane to be Shawn Michaels’ opponent. The end of the match then plays out as Kane defeats HBK, meaning Michaels is now the property of Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff. It’s then the turn of Christian and Ric Flair as highlights are shown from their match up as we see Captain Charisma pull off a huge victory. The end of the video package comes as we see the main event, Batista defending the World title against Triple H and leaving with his title still intact after defeating his long term rival in a hard fought contest, seemingly ending the ‘war’.

Pyro then hits and we are welcomed to Raw by our commentary team

Jim Ross: Twenty four hours removed from a chaotic, hellacious Vengeance, tonight the road to Summerslam begins!! I’m Jim Ross, joined as ever at ringside by Jonathan Coachman and Coach, what a night we had last night in Vegas.

The Coach: Oh baby, last night was a wild night J.R and I got a feelin’ that tonight is gonna be no different. Tonight inside that very ring, Eric Bischoff is going to give Shawn Michaels his induction as his PERSONAL EMPLOYEE. He’s the bosses property now and I cannot wait cowboy, that is gonna be a moment to savour let me tell ya.

Jim Ross: I don’t think I’m gonna be able to sit here and watch that, I really don’t. Shawn Michaels defeated by a returning Kane last night and must now suffer the humiliation of being the property of Eric Bischoff. I can only imagine just what Bischoff’s got in store for Shawn Michaels tonight.

‘Time to Play the Game’

Boos ring out immediately as Triple H makes his way out looking in a foul mood here tonight, 24 hours removed from being defeated by Batista for the World title.

Jim Ross: That picture tells a story folks. A frustrated figure here tonight is that man Triple H as he came up short last night in his efforts to win back the World Heavyweight title. Batista proved just too strong and too good for the Game last night.

The Coach: Now hold on there, you believe that? You really believe that Batista is too good for Triple H? You have GOT to be kidding me? Batista is nothing compared to that man right there, NOTHING.

Jim Ross: Two victories in a row, first at Wrestlemania and then last night at Vengeance would suggest otherwise partner. Triple H just didn’t have enough to deal with the Animal and you can tell by the look on his face that he knows it.

Trips has a mic and is dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and his denim blue vest type jacket thingy, you know the one right. The crowd boo him as Trips takes a moment before beginning to speak.

Triple H: Last night…. last night it uh..it didn’t exactly go the way I had hoped it would go, nor did it go the way I had expected it to go.

A ‘Batista’ chant begins.

Triple H: See last night was supposed to be the night where I got back what was and still is rightfully mine, where I got back the World Heavyweight championship.

Trips sighs, still looking angered here.

Triple H: It was supposed to be the night where I became the eleven time World champion and the night where the war was finally over with. But instead I didn’t get back what was and still is mine, I didn’t get to be the eleven time World champion I wanted to be, I didn’t get back what I deeply, deeply desire. But the war? The war is indeed over.


Triple H: Only problem with that is, Dave Batista.. won the war.

Trips grits his teeth saying Batista’s name as the crowd lets out a nice response.

Triple H: Batista beat me at Wrestlemania and well, he beat me again last night at Vengeance. And knowing that a guy like Batista has beaten me now not just once, but twice, it hurts the living hell outta me.

Another decent pop meets that remark.

Triple H: For weeks now, for months infact I’ve been comin’ down to this ring and I’ve been tellin' everybody in the back, I’ve been tellin' everybody at home watching, heck I’ve told Batista himself exactly what I thought about him and that is that he is nothing but a fluke of a champion.


Triple H: And up until last night I firmly believed that. I had absolute no doubt in my mind that Batista got lucky at Wrestlemania and that he got lucky again at Backlash. But what happened last night, well what happened last night, it uh.. it put my claims to rest.

Trips scratches his chin, clearly not pleased with having to say this.

Triple H: After last night all I can do is stand here, hold my hands up and this pains me to do, really it does, but I gotta admit that last night and throughout this whole thing Batista’s been the better man.

Pop for that surprising comment from the Game who still cuts a desolate figure.

Triple H: Beat me once, yeah sure whatever, I have an off night, it happens to the best of us. But beat me twice? You gotta have something inside ya that separates you from everybody else to do that and Batista did that exactly.

Trips nods his head as a few Batista chants start up.

Triple H: So when I got home last night, I sat down and I had all kinds of things runnin’ through my mind. I kept on thinking about that match and I kept on thinking, what exactly is it that separates Batista from the rest? What exactly is it that Batista’s done to beat me on not just that one occasion but TWICE?

Trips pauses before continuing.

Triple H: And I was sitting there for a long, long time and you know what answer I came up with? Nothing.

Heat for Trips now.

Triple H: I got absolutely NOTHING. There ain’t a DAMN THING that Batista’s got that separates him from anybody else back there and there ain’t anything special that Batista’s done to BEAT ME.

Boos for Triple H ring round the arena.

Triple H: Boo it all you want but it’s the cold, hard truth and it brings me to my next point. Which is, that if Batista’s not got that something special about him, then how exactly did he beat me? And then y'know, it hit me, it dawned on me. It dawned on me that last night wasn’t about Batista, it wasn’t about how good he was inside this very ring. No, y’see last night I realised that it was about me and it was about how bad I was.

Trips sighs, clearly unsettled here as some fans cheer and some boo, clearly unsure what to do with Trips putting the spotlight on him yes but admitting he failed.

Triple H: For the first time in a long, long time I stood in front of the mirror at home and I felt as though I was no longer looking at the Game, the Cerebral Assassin, the TEN TIME World champion. When I looked in that mirror, up and down about fifteen freakin' times over, searching and hoping for it but I didn’t see that. I saw myself and I saw doubt, I saw disappointment, I saw fear.

The fans are in a bit of shock here, not knowing how to take to Trips comments.

Triple H: Fear that I will NEVER get to the very top again. Doubt that I can get to where I wanna be, where I NEED TO BE. DISAPPOINTMENT in my..self.

Trips hangs his head again before taking a deep breath.

Triple H: And at that very moment I realised that right now, at this point in my career, I can NOT and I WILL NOT embarrass myself ANYMORE.

A few boos with the odd cheer in there for Hunter.

Triple H: So having taken all of that into consideration, I made the decision to come here tonight, to stand in the middle of this ring, in front of all you people and tell each and every single one of you that tonight is the LAST time you will see me on Monday Night Raw for the foreseeable future.

Coach yells out ‘WHAT?!?!’ as the crowd goes nuts!! Some are cheering wildly whilst others look shocked, others are also cheering hear as Triple H announces he’s leaving??

Triple H: Now I know that that may come as a shock to a lotta people but I’ve left myself with no other option. I can’t come out here and step foot inside this ring again and tip toe around, losing to guys who CAN‘T EVEN LACE MY BOOTS.

Trips shakes his head.

Triple H: BUT. And you people here tonight along with the guys in the back had all better listen to this really, REALLY carefully. I am FAR from finished here on Raw. I am FAR from finished in the WWE. AND I AM FAR FROM FINISHED IN WANTING MY WORLD TITLE BACK!

The intensity is evident here from the Cerebral Assassin.

Triple H: I may be gone a month, two months, six months, a year. I don’t know right now and to be honest with you, I don’t care. But I WILL be back and you can BET YOUR ASS, I WILL BE BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE!!

A decent pop greets that.

Triple H: So Batista, Edge, Jericho, Flair, Christian, Shawn Michaels. Whoever the hell it is that’s holding that World title when I come back, you’d better believe that I’m comin’ for ya.

A real intense sound to the Game’s voice as he signals his intent here.

Triple H: And before I step back through these ropes, I wanna put everybody on notice. I’m not known as the Game for nothing. J.R. over there didn’t call me the Cerebral Assassin for nothing. I am not a ten time World champion FOR NOTHING. I am all of those things because simply put, I AM THAT DAMN GOOD! AND WHEN I COME BACK…

Trips pauses as a few fans chant his name while others keep booing.

Triple H: When I come back, you will all see.....exactly why.

Trips tosses the mic down and exit’s the ring with his music playing and a shocked crowd here split by the decision of Triple H here tonight.

Jim Ross: A SHOCKING start to Monday night Raw folks! Triple H has..he’s gone!! I can’t quite believe it Coach. Triple H believing that he needs to go away and to rediscover himself, to find the Game, the Cerebral Assassin once again after what happened last night at Vengeance. For the life of me, I woulda NEVER expected Triple H to come out with that, EVER.

The Coach: I am speechless J.R Really and truly, I’m speechless! The greatest superstar on this show, h..he.h..has just LEFT?! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME?! Hunter please don’t go!! What are we gonna do without Triple H around here J.R?

Jim Ross: An unbelievable start to Raw, what more drama will unfold here tonight folks?!? Good Lord.

We see a shot of Triple H looking back down the ramp before sipping his water, turning and departing.


We return and immediately get a replay of the shock opening to Raw in which Triple H announced he would be leaving Raw and the WWE for the foreseeable future, following what happened last night at Vengeance.

Back to ringside and inside the ring already are the team of Val Venis and Viscera, set for

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw folks on what is already proving to be a wild night, following the blockbuster announcement to kick off the show in which Triple H announced he was leaving Raw and leaving the WWE for the foreseeable future.

The Coach: BUT he IS coming back J.R. Don’t get too excited just yet, he will be back and he said it himself, he will be better than ever before. God I hope that day comes around quickly.


It’s the sound of new music to the WWE fans as we get set for the debut of Raw’s newest tag team, Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth; The Platform to Perfection.

Jim Ross: Well we are all set for some tag team action right about now and the two men you can see in your picture are Ken Doane on your left and Nick Nemeth on your right. For weeks we’ve been seeing videos from these two young men talking about and showing us how they lead their lives and how they’re gonna come here to Raw and teach all of us just what it takes to be perfect. They have certainly got an attitude about them, that’s for sure.

The Coach: I’ve been waiting for this moment for FAR too long J.R. These guys are gonna finally be able to teach YOU what it takes to get to the levels of perfection that they have and that of course the Coach, yours truly has. Lord knows I’ve been tryin’ with you but it’s about the toughest job in the world partner, Doane and Nemeth can make it possible. Look at ‘em, they are PERFECTION PERSONIFIED!

Jim Ross: They got the look Coach, no doubt but we’ll just see whether they can back it up here tonight.

Match One: Tag Team Match

Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth vs. Val Venis and Viscera

It’s Doane and Venis who kick off the match with Doane cutting a cocky, arrogant grin before posing to the crowd which draws him instant heat and it’s a mistake as Val clubs Doane from behind and takes him down to a decent pop. Venis then begins to stomp away at the fallen perfectionist as the referee breaks things up, preventing an early disqualification. Venis waits and allows the rookie to get back to his feet before charging at Doane but Doane sees it coming and tosses him up high, crashing down with a big back body drop. Doane is quickly into the cover, 1...2...Shoulder up from Val.

Doane then runs the ropes at good pace before dropping a vicious looking elbow right into the chest of the veteran before delivering some hard stomps to the ribs of Val before getting a ticking off from the referee and heading over to make the tag to Nemeth. Nemeth is straight in and straight to work on Val, locking his opponent into a headlock before yanking away, applying firm pressure as the crowd gets behind Venis(very quietly albeit). Val struggles to break the hold as he fights with all he’s got and eventually finds an opening as Nemeth’s grip lets up and Val breaks free. Venis elbows Nemeth in the mid section and again before running the ropes once more, charging at Nemeth but he’s caught with a BEAUTIFUL DROPKICK! The fans even let out an ‘Ooooooh’ as Nemeth smashes his feet into the mouth of Venis. Nemeth scrambles across into the cover, 1..2..Kick out by Val much to the fans approval.

Nemeth picks Val up before whipping the big man over and towards his corner where Viscera tags himself in! The 500 pounder steps through the ropes and suddenly Nemeth’s cockiness eludes him and he has a rethink of charging over there. Eventually, with Viscera ready and raring to go, Nemeth yells out to the crowd ‘I’m perfect, I ain’t afraid of anything or anybody!’ before he races over towards the big man and he’s met with a thunderous clothesline! Nemeth is right back to his feet but again he’s met with a big clothesline as Viscera looks to build some momentum. The World’s Largest Love Machine then scoops Nemeth up before pressing him up high in the sky and delivering a HUGE Military press as Nemeth comes crashing down! Big Vis into the cover, 1..2..DOANE INTERFERES and smashes Viscera across the head with a big boot.

The referee then demands that Doane get back to his corner as Nemeth slowly gets to his knees while Viscera rolls around on the mat. Nemeth then gets himself up and lets out a little smirk, realising he’s back in control. Nemeth positions himself behind the giant, facing his partner Doane, what has Nemeth got in store here? The big man is to his knees as Nemeth spins around and SMASHES VAL VENIS OFF THE APRON!! Nemeth takes Venis down with a big right hand as Val lands hard on the outside. Back inside the ring and Viscera is up, he’s spun round by Nemeth who delivers a THUNDEROUS DDT. Nemeth now with the tag to Doane who heads immediately up to the top rope. Doane then lets out a huge smile before posing to the crowd and delivers a MASSIVE Leg Drop off the top rope! Cover by Doane, 1..2..3., it’s over!!

Winners: Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth(5:09)

The Coach: Now THAT was impressive! Dare I say it J.R. but that..that was PERFECT!!

Jim Ross: I’ll hold my hands up, Doane and Nemeth very impressive here tonight against a game Val Venis and Viscera. Are we looking at the future of t..

The Coach: No, no, no we are not barbeque boy. We are looking at the present as well as the future of tag team wrestling. Ken Doane, Nick Nemeth providing each and every one of us, ESPECIALLY you J.R with the platform to perfection, I LOVE IT!!

We see a smirking Doane and Nemeth back up the ramp as the crowd boos.

We then cut backstage and we enter the office of Eric Bischoff who has a smug look on his face as ever. The camera then turns and we see the new Women’s champion, Victoria who enters the room

Eric Bischoff: Victoria!! How are ya? And I must say, congratulations on what was a BEAUTIFUL victory last night.

Victoria smirks.

Victoria: Eric thank you,, thank you very much, and I must offer my congratulations to you for what you did last night with Shawn Michaels. That is gonna be something I think everybody can look forward to later on tonight out there.

Eric Bischoff: Abso-freakin-lutely!! I cannot wait for tonight, believe me I’ve got a surprise in store for Shawn later tonight and I think he’s gonna like it.

Heat for the GM who smiles slyly again.

Eric Bischoff: But uhm, wh..what exactly is it ya came by for Victoria? Something I can do for ya?

Victoria: Well I was uh, I was just wondering what the latest news was on Trish after what I did to her last night? I mean, I know she went to the hospital, well, I say she went but we both know that I PUT her in the hospital.

Heat now for the Women’s champion who shows off her mean streak.

Eric Bischoff: The latest news I heard was that Trish suffered a pretty badly broken ankle last night. And hey I gotta be honest, between me and you, I couldn’t care less! I mean, that’s one less problem I got in getting this show to look the way I want it to look.

Big heat for Bisch there.

Eric Bischoff: I don’t think that there is anybody better to be the face of the Women’s division here on Monday Night Raw than you Victoria. And I’m pretty damn sure that title’s gonna be in your hands for a long, LONG time to come.

Bisch lets out a smile again as does Victoria.

Victoria: That’s exactly what I was hoping to here Eric and trust me, I won’t let you down.

The two smile at one another again with evil intentions as Victoria exits.

Eric Bischoff: What a night this is gonna be. What…a…night.

Bischoff smiles again before punching his fist and rubbing his hands together.


We return and we are taken immediately backstage to be shown Ric Flair arriving at the arena in a limousine. Naitch’s arrival is greeted with a massive pop.

Jim Ross: Well there he is ladies and gentleman, the Nature Boy, the dirtiest player in the game, Ric Flair is here and tonight we WILL hear from the sixteen time World champion after what transpired last night in Vegas.

The Coach: That’s a whole lotta nicknames J.R. but you forgot one, the most important one. The man who got BEAT by Christian at Vengeance.

Jim Ross: Oh c’mon Coach, don’t start with that bull.

The Coach: It ain’t bull J.R, it’s about as real as it gets. Captain Charisma got the victory last night and not a damn thing you say can change that.

‘Break the Walls Down’

It’s a massive ovation that greets the music of Y2J, Chris Jericho who heads down to the ring set for action, fresh off a big win last night over his rival Edge.

Jim Ross: Chris Jericho got exactly what he deserved last night. For weeks, for months Edge has screwed Chris Jericho, he’s cost him title after title, shot after shot but last night Edge got what was coming to him and Jericho got a huge win.

The Coach: I stand by what I said last night J.R. The referee pulled a fast count, there is NO way Edge woulda lost that match if it weren’t for that referee, we need him suspended. Hell, fire him for all I care.

Jim Ross: Jericho caught Edge off guard and you know it full well Coach. For all Edge’s smarts, he didn’t catch on to Jericho last night. Y2J proved he is still as good as they come around here on Monday Night Raw, that‘s for sure.

‘You think you Know Me’


The music of Mr.Money in the Bank then hits and out steps Edge, not dressed to compete, carrying his breifcase and surprisingly having a wry smile on his face.

Jim Ross: Well uh, we know that Edge is not Chris Jericho’s opponent and to be honest, after what Edge said last night following his loss, the last thing I expected was for him to be out here smiling.

The Coach: Maybe he realised that last night didn’t matter. He is STILL the Money in the Bank contract holder and while he has it don’t count a dime what Chris Jericho does around here. Not a dime.

Edge has a mic as the crowd starts up a ‘You Suck’ chant.

Edge: I know, I know. You weren’t expecting to see me now were ya Chris?

Jericho smirks a bit as he stretches his neck a little, preparing for his match.

Edge: Well I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting this either. See while you were all set for your match tonight, my intentions were clear as day in my mind. After what happened last night, after you somehow, someway managed to beat me, I was just…I was so angry, I was so frustrated.

Edge pulls his hair a little.

Edge: I told everybody last night that I would come here tonight and I would send a message to you. That I would get payback on you and that I would put you in your place Chris.

Jericho looks to be getting impatient.

Edge: But I kinda cooled off a bit since then and I thought things through a little and y’know something, I figured that I didn’t need to do any of that here tonight because while I still want you gone from here, to stop living off your past and while I still want you to see the light, to see that these people DO NOT CARE about you anymore.

Strong heat for that.

Edge: While I still want all that Chris, I’ve realised that I don’t need that right this very second. Tonight I was gonna come down here with the intention of finishing you off FOR GOOD. I was gonna beat you down, tear you apart, crush you into pieces, NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. But I don’t want it panning out that way now. No, n-n-n-No.

Edge takes a breather.

Edge: Chris, plans change. And the way I want this to work now is that I want this to be slow, I want this drawn out, I want this to feel like an eternity for you Chris. I want you to suffer. I want to punish you. I want you to FEEL EVERY MOMENT of pain I’m gonna inflict on you. And that? That still begins right here tonight because thanks to our General Manager.

Boos already for Bischoff.

Edge: Thanks to our General Manager, I’ve been given a bit of a…. a bit of a licence tonight. See I’ve been given the opportunity to choose your opponent here tonight Chris and well, all I can say is boy are you gonna like it.

Edge lets out a little laugh before he pulls away from the ramp and holds his hands out to present Jericho’s opponent here tonight.

‘Arab America’

It’s the music of the Arabian Entity and out steps the 7’3 giant member of the quartet, The Great Khali to ‘oooohs’ from the crowd as Jericho lets out a little smirk, knowing he’s in a spot of bother here tonight.

Jim Ross: Oh wow.

The Coach: Edge you’re a freakin’ genius ha ha! This Khali he…he…he’s UNSTOPPABLE J.R! Look at the size of him, it’s like looking at Godzilla for cryin’ out loud. Jericho ain’t so cocky now is he huh?

Jim Ross: I don’t know when he was being cocky Coach but I know damn well that he ain’t smiling right about now having to take on this absolue giant of a man. We saw Khali last night as he teamed with Muhammad Hassan to take on Shelton Benjamin and we saw just how devastating he can be. You gotta feel for Chris Jericho tonight. We know he’s had his issues with Eric Bischoff recently and clearly that’s played a factor here tonight.

The Cocach: I don’t feel anything right now except excitement. And as far as Eric Bischoff playing a role in this, well I say it ain’t a moment too soon. He shoulda done this weeks ago, that way Edge wouldn’t have had to put up with what Jericho pulled off last night when he bribed the referee to make a fast count.

Jim Ross: Oh enough Coach!!

Match Two: Singles Match

Chris Jericho vs. The Great Khali

Edge looks on from the ramp as Jericho takes a quick glimpse at him before setting his sights firmly on the Punjabi Giant. Jericho paces the ring for a few seconds, wondering just how he’s gonna tackle the seven footer who simply stands and stares a hole through Y2J. A ‘Y2J’ chant starts up and it’s the man who defeated Edge last night who makes the first move, going toe to toe with Khali before kicking the giant right in the kneecap, followed by a series of kicks, trying to take the big man down but it only knocks the Entity member off balance.

Jericho then runs the ropes and looks to take Khali down with a clothesline but he’s met with that vice like grip of Khali who grabs him by the throat before tossing Jericho half way across the ring, into the turnbuckle. Jericho’s neck smashes right off of it as Khali marches towards him and we get another camera shot of Edge who looks more than pleased with what’s occurring. Khali, looking intimidating as ever grabs Jericho by the hair before slapping the chest of Jericho with a huge chop! The sound can be heard all over the arena as Jericho winces in pain.

Khali then delivers another big chop as Jericho drops to his knees, struggling to deal with the Entity’s largest member. Khali then stalks Jericho who crawls along the mat before Khali sees enough and decides to bring Jericho to his feet, delivering a clubbing knee to the mid section as Jericho gasps for air. Khali then hoists Jericho up before dropping him right back down with a big scoop slam. Khali goes for a cover, simply putting his boot across Jericho’s chest, 1..2..kick out from Jericho to a decent pop. The crowd tries to rally behind Jericho here, chanting for the former Undisputed champion but Khali’s size and strength seems to be too overbearing as he brings Jericho back up.

Irish Whip from Khali but Jericho holds onto the ropes, allowing some time to find his feet. Khali heads over at a snail’s pace and Jericho delivers a right hand! Right hand after right hand from Jericho but Khali doesn’t seem to budge before he pushes Jericho back into the ropes before Khali runs and attempts a clothesline but Jericho pulls the rope down and sends Khali tumbling to the outside as the crowd go wild!! Khali crashes down as Jericho takes a look at Edge, who is looking a lot more worried now, before he heads to the outside after Khali.

Khali struggles to get back up as Jericho delivers some forearms to the head of the big man before bringing him up to his knees, Khali’s upper body is upright as Jericho stands back, looks at Edge, smiles and charges at Khali, sending him FLYING with a massive almost dropkick like move as his feet slam into the face of Khali! Edge can’t believe it and starts to look very anxious, running his hands through his hair before Jericho gets the big man up again to his knees before trying with all his might to bring him to his feet but he struggles and backs off as Khali brings himself up eventually. Jericho goes for a right hand but he’s sent tumbling as the massive hand of Khali shoves him away and Khali gets back inside the ring. Jericho is down on the outside as the count reaches 7 from the referee. The referee then checks on Khali momentarily as we see Jericho getting back up but then we see Edge heading after Jericho!! The Money in the Bank holder brings Jericho to his feet, Irish whip, Jericho reverses though and sends Edge crashing into the steel steps!!

HUGE pop for Jericho who then at the count of 9 gets back inside the ring but he’s met with the fist of Khali who sends him spiralling. The Punjabi Giant then paces before bringing Jericho upright again as he whips Jericho across the ring but Jericho uses all his momentum and jumps onto the second rope before flying high in the sky and delivering a scissor kick to Khali, knocking the giant down!! Jericho gets up and heads over to towards Khali but BAM!! EDGE FROM BEHIND SMASHES JERICHO WITH THE MONEY IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE!! The referee calls for the bell as Edge gets drowned in heat from the crowd.

Winner via Disqualification: Chris Jericho(7:01)

The Rated R Superstar then begins to lay into Jericho, hammering away with kicks to the head of Jericho who puts his hands up to his head but it’s no use as Edge continues hammering away. Mr.MITB then rolls Jericho over onto his back before climbing on top of him and delivering some big right hands to the forehead of Jericho who is absolutely defenceless here. Edge then takes a second before he goes over towards the tunbuckle and Edge loosens it before tossing it away and we get a close up shot of the exposed turnbuckle here as Edge walks right back over to Y2J. Edge then lets out a sick smile before he brings Jericho upright and then SMASHES Jericho’s skull off of the exposed turnbuckle!! AGAIN AND AGAIN Edge is repeatedly bashing Jericho’s skull off the exposed turnbuckle before he lays Jericho down with a right hand. The crowd are shitting all over the Money in the Bank holder here. We then see a shot of Jericho who is bleeding heavily here


The Coach: I gotta stand up and applaud this.

Coach does exactly that as J.R stares a hole through him.

Edge continues to dismantle Jericho with right hands, before retunring to the Money in the Bank briefcase lying on the mat. Edge then surveys the arena who continue to boo the life out of him. The Rated R Superstar then brings Y2J up to his feet before letting out a sly smirk before lining Jericho up SMASHING the briefcase across the skull of Jericho who is bleeding profusely here

Jim Ross: Somebody stop this for crying out loud. Edge has..he’s..Edge has SNAPPED!

Edge then grabs a mic from ringside before getting right down and in the face of Jericho.

Edge: (Panting) What uh..what was it I told you earlier on tonight Chris?

A pause before Edge continues.

Edge: Plans change.

Edge then drops the mic and lets out a sick laugh before picking up his briefcase and leaving to a ton of heat.

Jim Ross: I don’t know what the hell has gotten into Edge but he seems like he is lost right about now, just lost. Edge seems completely out of control and Chris Jericho is gonna want payback, believe me on that one. Edge is gonna get his, make NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!

The Coach: Oh c’mon J.R. Edge said it himself, plans change. He didn’t intend on doing that to Jericho but I guess Y2J did something here to change Edge’s mind, I can’t help but think what it was.

Jim Ross: Coach just shut up for god’s sake. Edge knew EXACTLY what he was doing here tonight, this was the plan all along after Jericho beat him last night. Edge can’t take it!!


We return and go straight to a replay of the Edge-Jericho situation from before the break. We then hear from J.R who gives his thoughts before handing us over to Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Thanks J.R. And please welcome my guest at this time, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista.

The Animal appears, dressed smartly, cutting a wry smile after his victory last night.

Todd Grisham: Batista first of all, last night you defeated Triple H AGAIN to retain the World title. Just wanted to hear what your thoughts are on that match and that victory last night?

Batista: Y’know I thought that Wrestlemania was about as good a moment as I’d ever have, as I’d ever feel in my entire career. But last night at Vengeance, I got that same feeling over and over and OVER again.

Nice pop there for the champion.

Batista: Last night was a big moment for me and for my reign as World champion. I proved I can go toe to toe with the very best at Wrestlemania, I proved I could beat the very best at Wrestlemania. But last night I proved that wasn’t just a one off. Last night I proved that I am NO fluke and that I deserve to be at the very top of the food chain here on Raw.

Another decent pop.

Batista: It was a tough match, no doubt about it. Triple H, as much as I hate the guy, I know that he can get it done inside that ring. He called this whole thing between us a ‘war’. Well last night? Last night I ended the war. Last night I WON the war.

Batista smiles cheesily.

Todd Grisham: Well as you said ,the war is now over with and we saw a shocking start to Raw tonight when Triple H announced he would be leaving Raw for the foreseeable future. What are your thoughts on that ?

Batista: Well I uh..I certainly wasn’t expecting that one. I heard what Hunter had to say and I got no problem in saying this but I think every word that came outta Triple H’s mouth out there tonight was a complete and utter pile of crap.

BIG pop for the champion there.

Batista: Hunter claimed that last night wasn’t about me, it wasn’t about how good I was, how I retained my title. It was all about him wasn’t it? About how bad he was, how he wasn’t on his game. Well I got news for Triple H, he wasn’t bad last night, not at all. And he was on his game but Todd, my game was just too damn good for him.

Again a nice pop as Batista‘s intensity is evident.

Batista: I know what Triple H is like. He’s not got it in him to give credit where credit’s due. He never has and he never will. Last night wasn’t an off night for him. Make no mistake about it, last night was the changing of the guard around here and THAT is the real reason Triple H is leaving. He can’t stand being second best.

Tista shuffles his title belt a bit.

Batista: He knows deep down that his time at the top is done. He knows that I’m the man around here now. Triple H knows…he can’t beat me.

Pop for that.

Batista: So I’m telling you and I’m telling everybody out there, don’t buy any of Hunter’s crap. He’s gone and he ain’t comin’ back because of ME. All I can say is, Hunter if you’re watching this, enjoy your time off and trust me, you don’t wanna rush back cos I’ll still be here. And I will still be the World..Heavyweight..Champion.

Pop again before the champion walks away with Grisham nodding his head and we head back ringside to hear…

‘Born Naughty’

The music of William Regal hits and down comes the Englishman, set for action, accompanied by his protégé, Mark Jindrak, fresh off a big victory over Big Show last night at Vengeance

Jim Ross: Well two men who certainly had a good night just 24 hours ago at Vengeance. William Regal was an on looker as he watched his protégé, the impressive Mark Jindrak defeat Big Show and Coach I gotta be honest, Jindrak DOMINATED the World’s Largest Athlete.

The Coach: It was one of the most impressive displays I’ve seen in a long time J.R and this young kid Jindrak has got a HUGE future, especially if he’s got William Regal by his side. BUT, J.R how great is it to see William Regal in action here tonight?!

Jim Ross: Well it ain’t gonna be easy for Regal here tonight, cos he’s gonna have to deal wit..

'Wellllllll, it’s the Big Show’

J.R. is cut off by the music of the seven foot giant the Big Show who storms through the curtain and onto the ramp, to a nice pop from the fans

Jim Ross: With THIS MAN!! Big Show, as I’m sure you can tell by the look on his face here tonight, he is not happy after what went down last night. I know for sure that he’s gonna wanna send a message here tonight to Mark Jindrak.

The Coach: He can try all he likes to send a message but Mark Jindrak will not be phased AT ALL by anything Big Show does, be it to Regal, be it to ANYBODY on this roster. Jindrak’s got nothing to fear and he proved that last night.

Match Three: Singles Match

Big Show vs. William Regal

Show doesn’t take his eyes off Jindrak in the first thirty seconds or so as Regal is on his guard and neither man makes a move before Show finally turns his attentions to Regal and heads over to the Englishman. Regal though is quick and immediately strikes Show with a couple of left hands but it’s no real use as Show grabs the back of Regal’s neck and head butts him down to the mat as Show again looks over intently at Jindrak whose near nothing expression remains the same.

Show then brings Regal up and tosses him into the turnbuckle with ease as Regal’s back pounds off of it. Show then in his usual fashion delivers a stinging chop across the bare chest of Regal who winces in pain as the fans ‘Wooo’ with the echo heard all the way around the arena. Show again continues with another chop, followed by another as we get a close up of Regal’s chest which has turned from white to red in seconds. Show finally relents and brings Regal out of the corner before whipping his rival’s manager across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle. Regal again smashes right off of it as Show charges full speed at the Englishman but he sees it coming and manages to get out of harms way as Show crashes into the turnbuckle!

Show falls backwards as Regal senses an opportunity here and he spins the big man round before delivering a big left uppercut before several kicks to the left knee of the giant. Regal continues kicking away as Show is taken down to one knee and Regal now deliver a massive running knee to the side of Show’s head!! We see Jindrak clap on the outside as Regal goes in for a cover, 1..2..Shoulder up by Show but Regal doesn’t seem to frustrated by that. Regal immediately goes back to work on the World’s Largest Athlete, again targeting the left knee as he hammers away with left hands before delivering some stiff kicks as Show now begins to show the pain he’s in as the veteran wisely keeps him grounded.

Regal now eases off and shouts out to the fans ‘This man is NOTHING, HE(pointing at Jindrak) is the future’. This obviously earns Regal heat as he now looks for a submission manoeuvre on the fallen giant. Regal tries with all his might to get the leg of Show but Show is crawling and fighting with all he’s got to avoid it. Regal seems to be winning the battle but out of nowhere Show finds a burst of power and uses all his strength to shove Regal off of him with a massive kick! Regal goes tumbling as Show desperately tries to get up. Regal is up fairly quickly though and heads after Show who is up to his knees now. Regal goes for a forearm but Show blocks it and delivers a massive right hand, knocking Regal down.

Show is now to his feet as Regal, on the mat, backs away, holding his hands out pleading with Show not to hurt him. Show’s face though is one of no remorse as he grabs Regal up by the throat before delivering a kick to the mid section as Show coops Regal up high in the sky. The fans get on their feet as Show now lifts Regal above his head before tossing Regal to the outside as he lands on his protégé Jindrak!! Both Regal and Jindrak are now down as Show lets out a roar and heads after Regal, perhaps Jindrak too. Show steps through the ropes and jumps down to the outside but feels his left knee buckle a little bit, clearly still in pain as Jindrak is to his knees with Regal just about crawling back to life. Show grabs Regal by the back of the neck before bringing the Brit to his feet as Show then grabs the arm of Regal and whips Regal shoulder first into the barricade as the fans go wild! Show then yells ‘I’m not playin’ around anymore’ which gets him some cheers.

Regal clutches his right shoulder, clearly in some discomfort following that nasty fall as Show sets his sights on Jindrak who is now almost back to his feet. Will Show take all his anger out on the rising superstar? No is the answer as Jindrak turns around to see Show staring a hole right through him. The fans feel the tension here as neither man seems to be phased but Show realises that the deal here tonight is with Regal not Jindrak, and instead turns and heads after the fallen Englishman, still with one eye on Jindrak though as he picks Regal up. Show then tosses Regal back inside the ring as he slowly heads back, still looking on at Jindrak who looks right back at the giant.

Show steps back through the ropes, still clutching that knee as he crouches down with Regal crawling across to the opposite side of the ring as he grasps for the ropes to bring himself up. Regal reaches them but he’s met by the huge hand of Show who grabs his hair but Regal tries to fight, using an elbow to the mid section, followed by another as he tries to rattle Show. Regal continues elbowing and elbowing before knocking Show down to his knees with a stiff kick again to the injured left knee as Show lets out a cry in pain. Regal has now escpaed Show’s grip and runs the ropes, looking for a running knee but Show catches him by the throat!! The fans let out a big pop as Show’s face suddenly becomes enraged and he looks intensely at Regal before turning round and facing Jindrak who looks a little disappointed now. Show looks at Jindrak, points and seems to say ‘This one’s for you kid’ before hoisting Regal up high in the sky and delivering a THUNDEROUS Chokeslam. Cover from Show, 1..2..3, that’s all she wrote

Winner: Big Show(7:39)

Jim Ross: Message sent!! Big Show in absolutely NO mood to mess for fun and games here tonight folks. He wants Mark Jindrak and he wants to show the ‘Protégé’ exactly what he is capable of. If I were Jindrak, I wouldn’t be too keen on dealin’ with an angry giant right about now.

The Coach: As impressive as that was. And as impressive as William Regal is J.R, he ain’t Mark Jindrak. Big Show can be as intense, as angry, as hell bent on getting his hands on Mark Jindrak as he wants but facts are, Jindrak’s too damn good, he proved it last night.

We then head off to a video package where we see the same man from last night’s video appear, Mr.Kennedy who is again sitting on a chair in a dark room, chewing gum with just a spotlight on him.

Mr.Kennedy: Yeah me again, can’t contain your excitement right? Well I should be right anyway, cos I’m as exciting as it gets for you people, believe me.

Kennedy holds out one finger.

Mr.Kennedy: If you can get excited by a guy like uh.. like Dave Batista for example, then something.. something’s just not right is it?

Kennedy holds out another finger.

Mr.Kennedy: A guy like Ric Flair seems to get you people on your feet. I ask again, something’s just not right is it? I could go on and on, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Shawn Michaels. All these guys, they can get you people on the edge of your seats, they excite you, they ‘en..ter..tain’ you.

Kennedy counts them all off on his fingers before getting up off his chair.

Mr.Kennedy: To me that, that just has to be some kind of SICK JOKE. Each and every one of them has absolutely NOTHING to offer. Not to me and not to any of you people watching this.

Kennedy looks up at the sky.

Mr.Kennedy: See that spotlight. Watch this.

Kennedy walks around in a circle.

Mr.Kennedy: That spotlight, y’see it? It follows me EVERYWHERE I GO! And y’know why it does that? Do ya? That spotlight follows me around because I DESERVE it. I am as gifted as you can get, inside the ring, outside the ring, people stand up, they listen to me, they watch me, they LOOK UP.. to me.

Kennedy spits his gum out.

Mr.Kennedy: But I don’t quite get it, why do they listen to the guys I mentioned earlier on? Why do they watch them? Why do they look up to..them?

Kennedy lets out a little laugh.

Mr.Kennedy: And y’know what conclusion I came to? I came to the conclusion that you people, albeit very stupid, you people don’t know any better. You people have yet to see, yet to be blessed, yet to be given the very privilege of seeing someone quite like me in front of your very eyes.

Kennedy then grabs a microphone that falls from the sky.

Mr.Kennedy: This right here, this is gonna be the symbolic when I come to the WWE. This microphone, in my hands will be the very thing that teaches you people a thing or two about what exactly excitement really and truly is. I am going to teach you what it’s REALLY LIKE to be on the very edge…of your seats.

Kennedy changes facial expressions, looking more intense now.

Mr.Kennedy: Monday Night Raw ain’t gonna be so predictable anymore. And the man to give you that sense of excitement again, that sense of urgency, that sense of unpredictability is yours truly…..MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KENNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Kennedy pauses..


Mr.Kennedy: Coming to Raw: Soon



‘Also Sprach Zarathrusta’

We return to Raw to hear the oh so familiar entrance music of the Nature Boy, Ric Flair who makes his way out, suited and booted to a big pop.

Jim Ross: Last night at Vengeance was a rough night for this man, the Nature Boy Ric Flair after he was defeated by Christian in what can only be described as controversial circumstances.

The Coach: Controversial? What exactly was controversial about it J.R? Christian beat him one, two, three in the middle of that ring.

Jim Ross: Flair had Christian locked in the Figure four!! Christian was gonna tap but for Tomko’s interference.

The Coach: Christian was just about to get to the ropes J.R. Tomko was only standing on the apron to give some encouragement but old man Flair had to stick his nose in didn’t he? And guess what? It cost him!!

J.R. just sighs as Flair has a mic and is getting ‘Woooos’ from the crowd.

Ric Flair: Anaheim, California. WOOOOOOO!!

Nice pop for Flair’s cheap little reference.

Ric Flair: Now I’m sure a lotta people expected me to come here tonight, to stand in the middle of this ring and to talk about how disappointed, how frustrated, how angry I was about what happened last night at Vengeance.

Flair shakes his head as the crowd boo a little.

Ric Flair: But infact I’m gonna do the opposite. Yeah I am disappointed, I am frustrated and I am sure as hell angry. BUT, I’m not gonna stand here and let those feelings get in the way of what I need to say and get in the way of what I need to do tonight.

Flair pauses for a second.

Ric Flair: And what I need to do here tonight is, I need to…congratulate Christian.

Boos ring round the arena as Flair lets out a little smile.

Ric Flair: Now I know, I know that’s not gonna go down well with everybody here tonight and with everybody watching at home but it’s the right thing to do. Christian, for weeks, for months now has been goin’ around and he’s been askin’, he’s been pleadin’, he’s been demanding that the torch be passed down from myself to him.

More boos for the mention of CC’s antics.

Ric Flair: And last night, he uh…he beat me. He pinned me one, two, three in the middle of this ring and all I can say is congratulations kid, you got me.

Flair holds his hands up.

Ric Flair: But here’s the thing. Christian, last night you may have beaten me but DON’T YOU DARE THINK…that the torch has been passed.

Nice pop for Naitch there.

Ric Flair: Last night I had you locked in the Figure Four, I had you SCREAMING, I had you CRYING OUT in pain. Your hand was about ONE SECOND away from hitting this mat(points down) and I would’ve made you tap..out.

Pop again as Flair calms down.

Ric Flair: If it wasn’t for Tomko you’d have already been out here tonight, whining and complaining to these people that you got robbed, you got screwed, well Christian, newsflash kid, I GOT SCREWED!

More boos now ring round the arena.

Ric Flair: But I’m not one to come out here and to cry about things, I’m out here to put things right. All I’m asking for Christian is one more match, you and me, man to man, FACE TO FACE, inside this ring. I don’t care WHEN, I don’t care WHERE. HELL PUT US OUT ON THE STREET!!!

Flair takes off his jakcet and kicks it, getting fired up.

Ric Flair: Christian I want ONE MORE SHOT at ya. I wanna prove to you, I wanna prove to these fans, I wanna prove to EVERYBODY that the torch is STILL in the posession of the Nature Boy. WOOOOO!!

Wooos begin in the crowd again.

Ric Flair: What’s it gonna be kid?

Flair then waits patiently, hoping for Christian’s arrival and low and behold…

‘Just Close Your Eyes’

It’s strong heat that greets the arrival of Captain Charisma, alongside his Problem Solver, Tomko as they make their way down to the ring, Christian looking in great spirits tonight unsurprisingly

Jim Ross: As you can all clearly see, Christian looks more than pleased with himself after last night and his…Oh will you please sit down Coach?

Coach is standing and applauding.

The Coach: You should be on your feet right now J.R. And where is this man’s torch for crying out loud? Where is it?

Jim Ross: Ric Flair said it himself, he’s not passed the torch just yet. Christian doesn’t DESERVE the torch to be his, not after the way he beat Flair last week.

Christian has a mic as a ‘Christian Sucks’ chant is building.

Christian: Ric…

Christian’s cut off by the chants.

Christian: Ric, I thought you were an honourable man, I really did but I guess I was wrong. When you came out here and you said that you wanted to congratulate me, you gained an ounce of respect from me.

Christian nods his head.

Christian: But Ric, you lost ALL that respect within seconds when you did the exact same thing you said you wouldn’t do. You told all these people, I heard it in the back so don’t even think about denying it. I heard you say that you wouldn’t come out here and whine and complain. But that is exactly what you just did.

Heat for CC.

Christian: You wanna talk about how you got screwed? Ric, I did absolutely nothing wrong last night and Tomko here is in that same boat. In fact, it was YOU Ric who put your hands on Tomko remember? All he did was get up on the apron and try to give me some encouragement.

More boos for Christian.

Christian: Ric, nobody screwed you last night but yourself. You couldn’t wait, you couldn’t resist hitting Tomko could you? And y’know why that is?

Christian looks at Flair who looks ready to explode.

Christian: No? Do you know why that is?

Christian looks around the arena as they continue to boo him.

Christian: No? Well here’s why that is Ric. It is all because of..me. I’m the reason you lost last night and that’s not just me stating the obvious. I’m talkin’ about mentally Ric. These past few weeks, these past few months, I’ve been getting inside your head, I’ve been finding what it is that really makes Ric Flair tick.

Christian lets out a smirk.

Christian: I realised that a little sneak attack on you wasn’t gonna work, it wasn’t gonna bring the fire out inside ol’ Naitch was it? Then I tried the whole nice guy routine and that didn’t work either did it Ric? So then it finally came down to it, you left me with no other choice but to beat the living HELL outta you. Myself, along with a little bit of help here from Tomko and from Edge, we beat you senseless Ric. That conchairto, it left your brain completely rattled didn’t it?

Christian smirks again as ‘You Suck’ chants now occur.

Christian: But, that conchairto, that beating you took, it finally got it through to you that I mean business, I mean serious business. That moment brought the fire out inside of you Ric and I just couldn’t have been more happy about it.

Christian pauses before continuing.

Christian: Because I knew, I KNEW I had you right where I wanted you Ric. I knew I was gonna get the absolute very BEST out of you at Vengeance and I did get that, no doubt about it. BUT, I knew I’d get that moment, that moment when you’d take your eye off of it, when you’d be tempted, when you just couldn’t help yourself but to take a chance you didn’t need to take. An extra kick, an extra punch, an extra opportunity to take it to me, to take it to Tomko.

Tomko nods in the background.

Christian: And hey, what do ya know? Last night, you did exactly that. My gameplan worked to a tee and that hurts you doesn’t it Ric? It hurts you that you got outsmarted, outwitted, out SKILLED by…

Ric Flair: SHUT UP!!

BIG pop.

Ric Flair: Now I have heard just about ENOUGH CRAP from you already. I don’t give a DAMN what your gameplan last night was, all I care about is getting what I deserve and getting what these people deserve and that is Ric Flair one on one with Christian ONE MORE TIME!!

Another nice pop for the thought of that.

Ric Flair: You think you’re a real bigshot don’t ya Christian? You think you’re on top now, that you’re the torch bearer, that these people look up to you don’t ya?

Christian: Damn righ…


Flair is pumped up in a big way now.

Ric Flair: You wanna be on top, you wanna be the torch bearer, you want their acknowledgment, their respect? You EARN IT!! You go toe to toe with the very best night after night, and the very best is STILL THE NATURE BOY!!

Christian: Ric, look I get that you’re upset, really I do but you gotta face facts old timer. You are FAR from the very best around here anymore. Your time has come and gone, it is MY time to shine and last night damn sure proved it.

Heat immediately for CC.

Christian: You said you felt screwed last night. Well Ric I’ve been screwed FOR FAR TOO LONG NOW. I deserve to be the World champion on Raw, I deserve to have already held that title but how many times have I even had a shot at it huh? How many times? I’ll tell you. NOT EVEN ONE.

Christian shakes his head to more heat.

Christian: And you know why that is Ric? It’s cos of guys like you. You don’t know when to quit do you? What is it gonna take for you to finally see that you are no longer welcome, you are no longer wanted and you are no longer GOOD ENOUGH to be on MY show.

HUGE heat now.

Ric Flair: I’ll tell ya exactly what it’s gonna take. A WHOLE LOT MORE than you beating me at Vengeance, THAT is what it’s gonna take. You think I’m taking up your time, that I’m taking up your spotlight? Well I was about one second, JUST ONE SECOND away from taking you outta the spotlight FOR GOOD last night.


Ric Flair: Christian I’m not askin’ anymore, I’m DEMANDING that you face me one.. more.. time, LIKE A MAN. I will have to pass the torch sooner or later, I understand that but last night at Vengeance is NO WAY of doing it. We do this the right way kid, or else I PROMISE YOU, that spotlight you want, that spotlight you CRAVE won’t be vacant for a long, LONG time to come.

Christian: All I have to say to that Ric is…why?

Flair seems to mouth ‘what?

Christian: Why should I give you another match with me huh? What have you done to deserve it? What’s in it for me exactly? I’ll tell ya the answer to all three of those questions. Number one, I shouldn’t. Number two, nothing. And number three, well what do ya know?! The answer….is NOTHING!!

Boos again for Christian.

Christian: There is NOTHING for me to gain from this so as far as I’m concerned I am DONE with you Ric. It’s time for me to move away from you and it’s time for me to take my torch and climb up the ladder, onto bigger and better things while you fade away to exactly where you belong and that is the VERY back of everybody’s minds.

Strong heat again as Christian and Tomko smile at one another.

Ric Flair: I’ll give you the answers to those questions and I’ll give ‘em to ya straight. Why should you give me another match? You should give me another match because you claim you’re gonna be the new Ric Flair, the new leader of the pack around here, to do that, you go out and you beat WHOEVER it is that challenges you. You DO NOT back down.

Christian folds his arms as he listens to Flair.


Massive pop for Naitch.

Ric Flair: And what’s in it for you? Well I got something REAL juicy lined up for ya kid. How’s this sound? Summerslam, one more time, Christian one on one with Ric Flair. You beat me.... and I will GO, I will WALK OUT THE DOOR, I will RETIRE, FOR GOOD!!

Heat greets that as Christian looks taken aback.

Ric Flair: Think about it. I want this match Christian and I want it BAD. I wanna put Vengeance right, I wanna PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE kid. You? You want me gone, well, this is your shot, this is your opportunity. What’s it gonna be?

Christian still looks amazed at this.

Christian: You’re serious? You and me, one more time? You lose, you’re gone?

Flair nods his head as Christian and Tomko exchange words.

Christian: Ric, I gotta hand it to you man, that is a gutsy decision right there, that is as brave as you come, as courageous as it gets to lay down a stipulation like that. But you know what else that is? It’s the biggest mistake of your entire life. Ric, you’re on.

Big pop again as the first Summerslam match is set.

Christian: And believe me, at Summerslam I will bring the image, I will bring the career and I will bring the LEGACY of Ric Flair .. to an end.

Christian and Tomko leave the ring with Flair looking a little emotional but nodding his head, clearly desperate to put the record straight at Summerslam as he doesn’t take his eyes off the backtracking duo who head up the ramp.

Jim Ross: Can you believe it?!? Summerslam, the match is set, Christian will go one on one with Ric Flair in a rematch from Vengeance but this time, the stakes are HUGE! If Christian is victorious, Ric Flair will be forced to retire. An unbelievable stipulation proposed here tonight from Ric Flair. Is..is Flair nuts Coach, putting his career on the line?!

The Coach: He is J.R. I’ve thought he was nuts for a long time now cowboy but this one takes the cake. We say bye bye to the Nature Boy come Summerslam and THAT is gonna be a sweet, sweet moment for Christian and all his peeps, ME included!!


We return and head backstage immediately to join a lovely young lady who is standing by with a microphone in hand

?: Hi! I’m Maria and I’m Raw’s newest backstage interviewer, how exciting! And uhm, let me get this right ok. Joining me at this time, at this moment, please, please welcome my guest Muhammad Hassan!

Hassan enters the fray, his Entity behind him staring right through Maria.

Maria: Did I get it right?

Muhammad Hassan: You couldn’t have got it more wrong Maria. Now I’m not here for your questions, we are not here to listen to your stupidity.

Maria suddenly has a glum look on her face.

Muhammad Hassan: We’re here to talk about what happened last night and where we go from there, beginning here tonight. Last night was a night of, well it was a night of mixed emotions for our Entity. See although Sonjay and Daivari came up short in winning the World Tag Team titles, that was only because of the Basham Brothers.

Dutt and Daivari nod.

Muhammad Hassan: A straight two on two match up and there would only be one winners. But believe me when I tell you, these two WILL get their rightful shot at the Dudley Boyz and they WILL leave with the World Tag Team championships.


Muhammad Hassan: But last night was also a great night for myself and for this giant standing beside me because we DISPOSED of Shelton Benjamin.

Boos again for the Intercontinental champion.

Muhammad Hassan: And now? Now finally we can step away from the likes of Shelton Benjamin and the likes of Charlie Haas getting involved in our business. Neither of those men deserve even a SNIFF at this Intercontinental title.

Hassan adjusts his title belt on his shoulder.

Muhammad Hassan: I don’t know who will be my next challenger for this title but what I do know is that it will not be long before I see yet another championship on my other shoulder and that will be the World…Heavyweight…Championship.

Boos again.

Muhammad Hassan: Tonight though these people in Anaheim will be given a real treat as they get to see Sonjay and Daivari in action up next. The only negative about that is that they have to see three other teams who are not WORTHY of being in the same ring as these two men. Sonjay and Daivari must team with those incompetent Basham Brothers, while on the opposite side you’ve got those overweight, run down, PATHETIC excuses for Tag team champions the Dudley Boyz.

Heat for Hassan and his claims at the Dudleyz.

Muhammad Hassan: And they team with the so called ‘World’s Greatest Tag Team’, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Better known to us as the ‘World’s Greatest Failures’. I think we all know who’s picking up the victory here tonight.

Hassan and the other three members smirk.

Muhammad Hassan: And tonight Maria, I want you to know that this is the very last night we want to be seen talking to you ok, do you uh, do.. you.. un..der..stand.. that?

Maria nods, looking quite scared as Hassan spells it out to her.

Muhammad Hassan: And tonight also marks the very last night we want to be associated with Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

The Entity walk away to heat as Maria shakes a little bit.

We head back ringside to hear..

‘Yeah We’re Comin’ Down’

The music of the World Tag Team champions hits and out come the Dudleyz to a nice pop from the crowd

Jim Ross: A successful night twenty four hours ago for the Dudley Boyz as they defeated not one BUT two teams to remain Tag team champions, beating the Basham Brothers and Arabian Entity members, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari in a high paced Triple Threat match.

The Coach: I still can’t believe they pulled it off. I mean I literally gave them NO chance heading into Vengeance but they proved me wrong. All I do know J.R. is that two on two, straight up, these two can’t get the job done against either of those two teams. Not on my watch.
Jim Ross: Well we’ll just see about that one Coach.


The music of the ‘World’s Greatest Tag Team’ then hits and out step Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas to a good ovation as they join their partners for this 8-man tag team battle

Jim Ross: Quite the contrast for these two men compared to the Dudleyz last night. Charlie Haas banned from ringside as his partner Shelton Benjain looked to win back the Intercontinental title, however the numbers gave proved just too much for Benjamin as he came up short.

The Coach: It was always gonna be a tough ask but I’ll give credit where credit’s due, Shelton put up a heck of an effort last night. Muhammad Hassan just too damn good though.

Jim Ross: What about Khali Coach? What about the fact that Hassan had a seven foot, three inch giant by his side. That didn’t play a factor no?

The Coach: Well it mighta done but I’m not so sure, Hassan’s too good anyway J.R, you and I both know that.

‘Whips and Chains’

It’s a fairly nothing like reaction as the Bashams make their way out, looking intense

Jim Ross: Well certainly a gallant effort last night from Doug and Danny Basham but they came up just short in capturing the gold as they were the team pinned by Bubba and D-Von last night. No doubting though that these two men will still have their eyes on the prize, wanting a two on two match up, much like the duo of Dutt and Daivari.

The Coach: Hey I’m a big fan of these guys J.R BUT in my opinion it’s Dutt and Daivari next in line. And as SOON as they’ve had and might I add, WON their shot at the Dudleyz, we get the match we all wanna see Dutt and Daivari versus the Basham’s for the World Tag Team titles. Now that sounds like a match!

Jim Ross: I don’t know if it’s the match we ALL wanna see like you said but I agree with the Basham’s not being next in line after their defeat last night.

'Arab America’

Out next are the Entity’s duo of Sonjay Dutt and Daivari, accompanied by their leader and I.C. Champion Muhammad Hassan as well as the man who took on Chris Jericho earlier tonight, The Great Khali

Jim Ross: Again, much like the Bashams, it was a valiant effort from Sonjay Dutt and Daivari last night as they looked to ccapture the tag titles but the Dudley Boyz managed to get the job done and as we heard earlier tonight, that left a bitter taste in the Arabian Entity’s mouth.

The Coach: So it should J.R! These guys didn’t even get pinned last night and they lost the match!! Bubba Ray and D-Von can only run for so long before the Entity strikes.

Match Four: 8-Man Tag Team Match

Sonjay Dutt, Daivari and The Basham Brothers vs. The Dudley Boyz and The World’s Greatest Tag Team

It’s Charlie Haas who kicks things off along with Danny Basham for the opposite team as the fans anticipate a good match up here. The two men circle the ring before locking up and it’s Charlie who wins the early battle as he shows more aggression in forcing Danny back in towards the ropes. Haas now looses his grip and whips the Basham across the ring, Danny rebounds off the opposite ropes right into a solid shoulder block from Haas. Danny’s straight back up but Charlie is off and runs the ropes, comes back at Danny, tries for a clothesline, Danny ducks it, Haas runs through bounces off the ropes once again and THIS time connects with a huge flying clothesline!! Into the cover, 1..2..kick out from Danny as Charlie is dominant early on here.

Charlie’s quick back up to his feet and brings Danny up also, Irish whip as Danny smashes into the turnbuckle, Haas comes charging at him but Danny delivers a big boot to the face! Charlie clutches his face as Danny now gets some offense in, delivering some right hands to Haas before two kicks to the mid section. Danny now grabs the neck of the former Tag champ and tosses him towards the turnbuckle and Haas flies shoulder first through the ropes and into the ringpost!! The fans ooooh as Charlie’s shoulder crashes off of it with his face telling a story as he grimaces in pain. Danny is quick to pounce now and grabs Shelton again, taking him over towards his team’s corner before Danny tags in Daivari to the match.

Daivari strikes Shelton instantly with right hands before delivering a knee to the gut which takes the wind out of the Entity’s firm rival. Daivari now hammers away with strong kicks to the mid section of Haas before delivering a beautiful dropkick! Cover from Daivari, 1..2..Shoulder up from Haas much to the fans’ relief as Shelton Benjamin tries to give some encouragement to his partner here. Daivari now heads up to the top rope as he waits patiently for Haas to get up to his feet. Haas slowly gets to his knees, a little bit worse for wear here as he’s now upright, turns around to see a flying Daivari but Haas dodges the bullet as Daivari comes crashing down! Haas now senses an opportunity and crawls towards his corner and makes the tag to Bubba Ray who enters the ring to a good pop!

Bubba picks up the pace here as Daivari is up to his feet and straight into the charging Dudley who is sharp with right and left hands to his much smaller opponent. Bubba now with some jabs as Daivari is put on the back foot, Bubba then lets out a loud roar to the fans before taunting Daivari and knocking the Entity member down with a HUGE elbow to the head. Bubba goes for a cover, 1..2..Shoulder up from Daivai as Bubba gives a stern look at the referee. The one half of the Tag champs then started to use his size advantage to the maximum. Bubba picks Daivari to his feet, smashes another elbow into the head of Daivari before an Irish whip, Daivari comes flying off the ropes and flying into the sky as Bubba connects with a big back body drop!

Daivari clutches his back as Bubba is straight back on the little Entity member, bringing him up before yet another Irish whip. This time Bubba can’t get to Daivari though who gets the hell out of harm’s way!! Daivari manages to hold on to the ropes before charging across and tagging in his partner, Sonjay Dutt. The fans laugh a little as Daivari chickens out while Dutt gives him a ‘WTF?’ look. Dutt though has no hesitations and enters the ring, albeit slowly before he paces around in a circle as he wonders how to approach the big man. Dutt though doesn’t get the chance as it’s Bubba on the front foot, charging at Dutt but the Entity member’s speed comes in handy as he ducks and dives all Bubba’s efforts before delivering some stiff kicks to the mid section of Bubba, knocking him out of his stride.

Dutt now gets things going for his team as he continues to strike Bubba with a series of kicks before whipping the big man across the ring, Bubba bounces back right into a big dropkick from Dutt!! Cover, 1..2..Kick out from Bubba as Dutt holds his head in disappointment. Dutt now looks to build, stomping away at the chest of Bubba as we get a shot of D-Von, Haas/Benjamin on the apron looking concerned for their partner. Dutt now heads off to the top rope, where he’s most comfortable you may say as Dutt poises himself for Bubba. The Dudley boy slowly gets to his feet as the crowd urge him on, Bubba gets back up and turns around to be met with a flying Dutt!! Bubba catches him though but he’s caught with a hurricanrana!! Big hurricanrana from Dutt and into the cover!! 1..2..3..NO!! Bubba gets the shoulder up to a strong pop as Dutt slams the mat.

Dutt now drags Bubba over by his leg towards his corner as he looks to isolate the big man before tagging in Doug Basham as we get our first glimpse at him tonight. Basham is straight in and aggressive on Bubba, stomping away at the back of his neck as Bubba looks to protect himself, in clear pain here. Doug now locks the big man into a sleeper hold as he attempts to try and diminish Bubba’s strength and energy furthermore here. The crowd again try and egg on their favourite here as Doug continues wearing down the champion, applying more and more pressure, letting out a roar as we see Danny applauding on the apron. Doug loses his grip slightly though somewhat and Bubba’s allowed a small route back into things here, managing to get to one knee as he looks to fight out of this. The crowd support and the encouragement of his team seems to inspire Bubba as he uses all his strength and power to battle out here, breaking free of Doug’s grip before lashing out with some big right hands eventually taking the Basham down.

The fans now get on their feet as Bubba looks to build some momentum as he yells ‘Come on’ to Doug who gets to his feet but is taken down with a scoop slam. Bubba now runs the ropes and delivers a running leg drop!! The fans ooooh as all of Bubba’s weight comes crashing down on Doug, into the cover, 1..2..kick out from Doug as Bubba looks to be the one frustrated now. Bubba decides to switch things up a bit now and heads over to his corner making the tag to D-Von who comes in to a solid response from the crowd. D-Von quickly brings Doug up and delivers several forearms, Irish whip now to Doug, into the turnbuckle, D-Von comes charging at him but Doug scoops D-Von up and over the ropes, crashing down onto the outside!! We then see Daivari and Dutt instantly drop down to the outside, like a pack of dogs looking to take out D-Von, but they’re met on the outside as quick to the scene are Benjamin and Haas! Benjamin lays into Daivari with a right while Haas takes on Dutt and the fans rise to watch these four go at it!

The World’s Greatest Tag Team lay into the Entity members, forcing them back before Shelton whips Daivari into the barricade!! Haas looks to do the same but instead whips Dutt into the ring post!! Both Entity members are taken out here as Benjamin and Haas pick D-Von to his feet and help him back inside the ring. D-Von staggers in slightly as Doug Basham greets him with a kick to the back of the neck, keeping D-Von grounded. We see Shelton and Charlie make their way back towards their corner as we then get a shot of Dutt and Daivari crawling around on the outside. Doug realises that the numbers game has swung in the way of their opponents and drags D-Von over towards his corner before reintroducing Danny into the match. Danny is quick to continue where Doug left off with some stomps to the head before dropping several elbows on the one half of the champions.

Danny now scoops D-Von up high in the air. Danny looking for a big suplex here but D-Von manages to slide out the back before connecting with a reverse DDT to Danny!! An opening finally comes for the champion here but he struggles to make the cover, still fatigued from the goings on thus far. D-Von instead opts to head over towards his corner, crawling across the mat as he desperately looks for a tag here. Danny begins to stir too but he doesn’t head for a tag, instead heading after D-Von, trying to prevent him getting to his team mates. D-Von is within touching distance, an arm’s reach away as all three of his partners hold out a hand. Danny is close too though, well within reach now of D-Von’s leg and he catches it! D-Von now on one leg but he uses all his leg strength and power to force Danny off before making the tag to Shelton Benjamin!!

Benjamin comes charging in and delivers right hand after right hand to Danny Basham. The crowd are on their feet now as the athletic Benjamin looks to stamp his authority now. Benjamin with an Irish whip, Danny comes back at Shelton but Shelton grabs him, belly to back suplex!! Danny goes flying as the crowd lets out a roar. But we then see Daivari and Dutt storm the ring as they’re now up and at it! Dutt and Daivari enter and head for Shelton but they’re met with Bubba Ray and D-Von who are in NO mood for the Entity’s antics here. Doug Basham now enters the ring but he’s soon met by Charlie Haas and it’s chaos inside the squared circle! Bubba tosses Daivari over the top rope and to the outside as D-Von follows suit and sends Sonjay Dutt to join his partner!! Charlie Haas now joins in the party as he clotheslines Doug Basham over the top rope! It’s now four on one inside the ring and poor Danny Basham is helpless as Shelton Benjamin sets him up, T-BONE! T-Bone suplex connects!! Benjamin into the cover, 1..2..3!! It’s over!!

Winners: The Dudley Boyz and The World’s Greatest Tag Team(12:15)

Jim Ross: BIG win for Shelton Benjamin here tonight and by the look on his AND Charlie Haas’ face, they still want that Intercontinental title that Muhammad Hassan currently holds!

The Coach: But J.R, what about THAT look right there?!

We see the Dudleyz, holding their titles and Benjamin/Haas have a staredown before Shelton points at their Tag titles, with Haas nodding and smiling with the fans popping.

Jim Ross: Well I think that is clear for everybody that Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas want both the Intercontinental AND World Tag team titles in their locker room. Both of which though are gonna be HUGE asks. Hassan and the Entity still hold the numbers game when it comes down to it and the Dudley Boyz are no slouches, believe me on that one!

The Coach: And that numbers game is gonna be exactly what stops Shelton Benjamin getting near the Intercontiental title again. These two guys better make the Tag titles their priority or else it’s gonna end real ugly for ‘em.

We get a shot of Benjamin/Haas, the Dudleyz and the Entity all looking at one another with intentions clear on all accounts.

Jim Ross: Well folks, up next it is the official induction of Shawn Michaels as Eric Bischoff’s personal employee here on Monday Night Raw. Don’t go anywhere, you will NOT wanna miss this!


We return and we head backstage immediately to see Todd Grisham chasing after the duo of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

Todd Grisham: Shelton, Charlie!! Congratulations guys on a big win out there tonight. Can we just get a quick word on what your plans are now following on from both last night at Vengeance and here tonight?

Charlie Haas: Our thoughts lie on two things right now Todd and believe me, we aren’t gonna stop until we get the both of ‘em. Number one, the World Tag Team titles. The Dudley Boyz saw out there tonight exactly what we’re capable of and I think they know that we are as big a threat as anybody on this show to those titles.

Shelton Benjamin: And secondly, the Intercontinental title. Really and truly Todd as much as I wanted to believe I did, I never stood a real shot last night and until I get what I deserve, Muhammad Hassan and his boys are gonna be seein’ a whole lot more of us than they’d like to.

Benjamin and Haas look at each other and smile knowingly.

Shelton Benjamin: I mean last night I had the odds firmly stacked against me and yet I was STILL this close( Benjamin uses his fingers to point out) to walking out with the Intercontinental title. I know, I know that when I get another shot, one on one, I know that I’m gonna be walkin’ out with that championship belt around my waist again.

Charlie Haas: And when that happens Todd, you’re gonna be lookin’ at a DOUBLE champion because we are gonna be holdin’ the Tag team titles by the time Shelton gets that rematch. The Dudley Boyz need to know that we are comi…

Shelton Benjamin: Woah, woah Charlie, how long were you planning’ on me waitin’ for man? I want the Tag Team titles, believe me, but I want Hassan and I want the Intercontinental title a whole lot more right now. Charlie you know I need that Intercontinental title before I can get my head in the game, before I can focus on us again and take those Tag titles home wit’ you.

Haas nods his head, seeming to accept it.

Charlie Haas: Right, right of course I do man, of course. That Intercontinetal title is the priority, I get it. So Todd, let me re-answer your question. Until Shelton teaches Hassan a lesson, until Shelton takes that title back, the Tag team titles are at the very back of our minds.

Benjamin and Haas then head off with Grisham looking perplexed and we head back ringside.

Jim Ross: Well an interesting interview right there from the World’s Greatest Tag Team. Charlie Haas clearly intent on Tag Team gold but Shelton Benjamin, not quite having the same thought process.

The Coach: Can you blame him? I would much rather win Commentator of the year than win Best Commentary team alongside you old timer. Same deal for Shelton, he needs to think about nobody else and NOTHING else except that Intercontinental title.

‘I’m Back’

It’s rousing heat for the Raw GM’s music as out steps the man himself, Eric Bischoff, grinning from ear to ear as he struts down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well I don’t know how Eric Bischoff can look so smug, so happy about himself after what he’s put and is going to continue putting Shawn Michaels through. Last night at Vengeance, Eric Bischoff chose Kane to return and take on Shawn Michaels, knowing that if Kane won, the Showstopper would become the property of our General Manager. Kane got the job done and starting tonight, Shawn Michaels is now the personal employee of Eric Bischoff.

The Coach: Why so smug? Why so happy? Why do you think?! For the past few weeks, the past few MONTHS Shawn Michaels has made Eric Bischoff’s life a misery, he’s been walkin’ around like he owns the place, kicking Eric’s head off, threatening him, making demands. Last night put an end to all that. As far as I’m concerned justice was served last night.

Bischoff has a mic and begins to laugh a little to some strong heat still.

Eric Bischoff: Anaheim, California how EXCITED are you feelin’ here tonight to get to be a part of something so special, so unique, so INCREDIBLE as what you’re about to see?

Heat again.

Eric Bischoff: Last night at Vengeance, the stipulation was crystal clear. Shawn Michaels would face a representative of my choosing. He wins, he gets his World title opportunity, he loses? And well, simply put, his world comes crashing down.

Bischoff lets out a wry grin once more.

Eric Bischoff: Because if Shawn Michaels lost last night, he would become my property. He would become my very own personal employee. Shawn Michaels would have to do ANYTHING I say. And well, here we are twenty four hours later and guess what? Shawn Michaels LOST last night.

Boos for the GM.

Eric Bischoff: Which means that the power, well the power is now firmly in my hands, which is exactly how it SHOULD BE. See ever since Wrestlemania, Shawn Michaels has been, well, he’s been almost possessed. He’s been intent on getting his own way, no matter what that may be. Shawn’s been desperate to get a rematch with Kurt Angle, absolutely desperate. But that didn’t happen, hey I tried, I fought for that match to happen but Shawn? He just didn’t see it that way.

Bischoff now looks inquisitive.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn seemed to believe that it was my fault, that I didn’t want him to get payback on Kurt. The ONLY person Shawn should’ve blamed for that was Kurt Angle. Kurt had the chance to come to Raw and he didn’t take it, that was Kurt’s decision and nobody elses, I could not control that. And hey, if Shawn woulda got the job done in the first place, we wouldn’t even be in this situation right now would we?

Heat there as Bischoff grins again.

Eric Bischoff: So when that didn’t go to plan for Shawn, he didn’t take it on the chin, he didn’t react like a professional does, no. Instead Shawn decided to take it all out on me, his own BOSS. Shawn hit me with Sweet Chin Music on more than one occasion and y’know he seemed to think he could just get away with it. Not on my watch Shawn, not a chance.

Bischoff shakes his head.

Eric Bischoff: When Kurt Angle didn’t happen, Shawn finally turned his attention elsewhere but again, he didn’t do it in the right way, he decided that he deserved a World title match, just like that.

Bischoff clicks his fingers.

Eric Bischoff: Well things just don’t work that way around here. But what do ya know? Shawn again, he didn’t take too kindly to that either, so what did he do? Did he try and earn a title shot like anybody else would? No. Did he prove to me why he deserves a title shot? No. Shawn decided he was gonna kick my head off my shoulders yet again.


Eric Bischoff: And at that moment, I thought to myself, I am the GENERAL MANAGER of this show. I’m the boss around here and I shouldn’t have to put up with THAT KINDA CRAP FROM ANYBODY!!

Big heat.

Eric Bischoff: Which is how Vengeance came about. I realised that I needed to get control of not only Shawn Michaels but of this entire show again. And last night, I did exactly that when Shawn Michaels was beaten one, two, three in the middle of this ring.

Bischoff lets out that grin again.

Eric Bischoff: So now tonight I stand before you as a very, VERY proud leader of this show and every great leader, well they need a team around them. They need support, they need protection, they need a… LACKEY.

A ’You Suck’ chant begins as Bischoff smiles.

Eric Bischoff: And what better lackey to have than the man I’m about to introduce to you? He is the SHOWSTOPPER, he is the HEARTBREAK KID, he is MY PERSONAL EMPLOYEE ha ha. Please welcome, SHAWN MICHAELS!!

‘Sexy Boy’

It’s a huge pop that greets the music of Shawn Michaels who steps out from the back, looking in a very sombre mood, clearly not yet ready for what’s about to take place.

Jim Ross: The expression on Shawn Michaels’ face tells you all ya need to know about just how he’s feelin’ right now. Last night may well have been the lowest point in the career of Shawn Michaels. After being defeated by Kane, Michaels realised that he was now in the hands of the devil and before Vengeance even came to a close Eric Bischoff already had Shawn Michaels carrying his bags in what was a disgusting act from our General Manager. Disgusting.

The Coach: If you got somebody working for you, you make them do whatever it is you need doing J.R. It don’t matter if it’s carryin’ your bags, makin’ a cup of coffee or walkin’ your dog, you make ‘em do it! And that is exactly what Eric Bischoff did last night. Hey, can you imagine how great it’d be to see Shawn Michaels walkin’ the Bisch’s dog?

Jim Ross: Yeah really great Coach, really classy.

Michaels steps in the ring, no microphone, just a look of helplessness on his face as the fans chant ‘HBK HBK’.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn, I..I..I can’t express just how great it feels to see you standing there, knowing, just knowing that you are absolutely HELPLESS right now.

Bischoff smiles as Michaels grits his teeth.

Eric Bischoff: How does it feel Shawn? Huh? How does it feel standing there knowing you’re not in control? How does it feel to be embarrassed in front of all these people?

Bischoff gets in Michaels face now and speaks softly.

Eric Bischoff: It must really hurt you mustn’t it? Must make you wanna go crazy, make you wanna take it out on somebody right? Make you take it out o..on..me? Do you wanna take it out on me Shawn, do ya?

Michaels has to turn his head away and continue gritting his teeth, clenching his fist.


Big heat here as Michaels scratches his chin with Bischoff taking a deep breath.

Eric Bischoff: You brought this all on yourself Shawn, really you did and now? Now you’re paying a very, very hefty price. You’re now in my posession Shawn and things are gonna change around here, things are gonna take a very different shape and you are gonna help me achieve that.

Michaels shakes his head.

Eric Bischoff: Oh yeah, don‘t you shake your head, that is a FACT. See you’ve been taking up an awful lot, in fact you’ve been taking up too much of my time lately and that’s..well that’s left me taking a backseat as far as the rest of this show goes. Last night I told everybody that it was the starting point, it was only the very beginning of me taking back control of MY show. The first piece of the puzzle is complete Shawn, you’re here and you’re gonna fulfil whatever it is I want, whatever it is I need.

Michaels hangs his head again as the fans try and gee him on but it’s no use.

Eric Bischoff: So now we move onto the next problem and we move on to another man who’s stuck his nose in business that doesn’t involve him. And that man is the World Heavyweight Champion, that man is Batista.

Pop for the mention of the champ.

Eric Bischoff: So Dave, if ya wouldn’t mind comin’ on down to the ring, so we can get this whole th..

‘I Walk Alone’

The popular World champion steps out to a big ovation but he’s in no mood for all that as he marches towards the ring and we go to Shawn Michaels who looks at Batista like a little lost puppy.

Jim Ross: Fresh off a HUGE title defence last night at Vengeance, Batista must now face up to the boss and I just don’t know what it is that is feuling this power trip from Eric Bischoff. Why is he now going after Batista? He’s done enough damage as it is with Shawn Michaels.

The Coach: He’s already explained J.R. Batista crossed the boss a few weeks back and well, look what happened when Shawn Michaels crossed the boss. Eric Bischoff wants TOTAL control of this show and believe me, he’s gonna get it.

Batista enters the ring, takes a mic from Lilian Garcia as Bischoff continues smiling.

Batista: You got a REAL NERVE Eric comin’ out here and doin’ this. You have NO RIGHT doin’ that to somebody like Shawn Michaels, to a LEGEND like Shawn Michaels.


Eric Bischoff: Hey, I have EVERY right to do this because it is exactly what he’s agreed to and it is exactly what he DESERVES. Now he knows, NOW HE KNOWS what it feels like, what I’ve felt like having no power, no control of my own FREAKIN’ SHOW!!

Heat once more as the Bisch is fired up.

Batista: You may think you’re getting that power back, that control back, but right now I’m about ten seconds away from taking all that away from you again and TEARING YOU APART!

BIG pop for the Animal.

Eric Bischoff: And that is what I’m talking about. I should NOT have to deal with these kinda threats,. I should not have to deal with you getting involved in business which doesn’t concern you AT ALL Dave. And much like Shawn here, you‘re gonna end up really, really regretting that day a few weeks ago when you crossed me.

Batista: I never once got involved in your business Eric, you got involved in mine and that’s why we’re here. You don’t want me on top I get it, you don’t want me representing Monday Night Raw as the World Heavyweight Champion, I get it. Well Eric, you need to get this, I’m not goin’ anywhere for a REALLY long time and neither is this World title ,so all I can say is go ahead and take your best damn shot.

A ‘Batista’ chant is slowly building.

Eric Bischoff: You’re right, you’re absolutely right. I don’t want that title sitting on your shoulders. This is my show and I should have a champion who deserves to be the man around here, I should have a champion who simply gets on with business, I should have a champion who STAYS OUT OF MY WAY AND WHO STEPS IN THE WAY, of people like…you.

Heat again.

Eric Bischoff: So ‘champ’. I got what I wanted with Shawn over there and now? Now I’m gonna get what I want with you. I want my show back, it began with Shawn Michaels and it’s going to end with you and that World Heavyweight Title. Dave Batista, welcome, to your very own...personal hell.

Bischoff then laughs a little as he lets out a wry smile as…


‘Slow Chemical’

Jim Ross: Oh good God almighty!!

The Coach: Batista better run J.R!!

The music of Kane hits and the Big Red Machine storms down, eyes firmly fixed on Batista as Eric Bischoff takes a watching brief, along with Shawn Michaels. BUT BATISTA ISN’T WAITING!! Batista exit’s the ring and he and Kane go at it, trading blows, the World Champion not backing down from the man who defeated Shawn Michaels last night at Vengeance.

Jim Ross: Batista is NOT BACKING DOWN!! Batista and Kane beating the HELL out of each other here in California!!

Kane though delivers a massive uppercut that sends Batista back before Kane whips Batista into the steel steps and the champion clutches his shoulder in pain. The crowd are willing, egging Shawn Michaels on as he paces around the ring with Bischoff saying ‘No Shawn, no.’ Michaels though steps through the ropes!! He’s all set to take it to Kane!!


The Coach: Do it and he’s fired, I guarandamntee it!!

Kane locks eyes on Michaels before letting out a grin as Eric Bischoff grabs Michaels arm and yells at him, ‘You do it and I will FIRE YOU RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!’ Michaels seems to mouth ‘Damn it’ before getting back inside the ring before Kane brings Batista up and tosses him inside the ring, following suit. Kane then brings the Animal up to his feet before grabbing him by the throat, Chokeslam time!! But Batista counters with an elbow to he head, Bischoff though distracts Batista, yelling ‘Dave, hey Dave’. Batista turns around and grabs Bischoff by the top of his jacket!! Batista’s gonna take out the GM but no he’s grabbed from behind by Kane!! Kane turns Batista round!! CHOKESLAM!! CHOKESLAM TO HELL FROM THE BIG RED MACHINE!!

Jim Ross: DAMN IT!! I thought Batista was gonna give Eric Bischoff what he deserved here tonight!

Bischoff then takes a mic again as Shawn Michaels smashes his fists against the ropes, clearly angered he couldn’t help here before Michaels exit’s the ring, holding his head, running his hands through his hair.

Eric Bischoff: BATISTA!! I TOLD YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH, I TOLD YOU!! You wanna get in my way? You wanna cross the boss? Well August 19th, at Summerslam, you’re gonna get EXACTLY WHAT’S COMIN’ TO YA!

Bischoff takes a moment.

Eric Bischoff: Summerslam, the World Heavyweight Championship, Batista you will go one.. on.. one….WITH KANE!!

Heat for that announcement as Kane lets out his evil laugh again.

Eric Bischoff: And the special guest referee for that match, will be SHAWN MICHAELS!!

Michaels suddenly stops on the ramp, almost frozen as the crowd is in shock and Bischoff laughs like mad.

Jim Ross: Oh you GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!?!

Michaels then turns around, with a look of sheer hatred towards Bischoff who is still beaming along with Kane. Bischoff then gets down in the face of the Animal.

Eric Bischoff: Batista, I WILL get that World title no matter WHAT IT TAKES and trust me, there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it. Welcome to hell Dave, welcome..to..hell.

Bischoff then looks at Michaels who is seething on the ramp, still barely moved since that announcement as Bischoff starts to laugh once again as does Kane as we..




Current Summerslam Card:
August 21st 2005:
Washington DC

World Heavyweight Championship:
Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels
Batista© vs. Kane

If Ric Flair loses, he must retire:
Christian w/Tomko vs. Ric Flair

As ever, all feedback would be greatly appreciated and returned. The show was a bit promo heavy but i felt that was needed to kick off the road to Summerslam and round up things from Vengeance. Ring action will pick up next week and also on Smackdown. Hope everyone has a great new year.

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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

I apologize for not leaving you some feedback for Vengeane and such, but was trying to catch up to everyone else, and by the time that happened, you move on quickly. But, here's some overdue Christmas/New Year's feedback

Never been a really big fan of the PPV recap videos to start the show. That’s just personal preference, as I like the cold open and the show explaining what’s going on. Granted, I know the package does a great job of describing what went down the night before (I went through the did read Vengeance, btw) and a solid job of catching folks up, just my personal nitpicking on the subject. Nice vid though, did its job. Moving on…

I’ve never been able to write Triple H very well, but this sounded very much like a Hunter promo – a soft build to giving a guy credit where it is due only to cut him down. This was excellently written, I will say, really captured the entire feel that the character of Triple H after losing to a guy who was his subordinate for so long. The entire allegories of ‘fear’ were very nicely done, but especially the descriptions of his reactions to having to say things he didn’t feel like. Enjoyed this segment very much, but I will say from a booking standpoint, I think this probably should’ve gone on the 10 o’clock hour. I don’t think opening the show with Trips is a bad choice, I was just probably more than expecting Michaels/Bischoff to open given the new gravity of that situation. And the fact the opening promo really should set the tone for the rest of the show, and this one just had Trips saying he’d be up and leaving. That’s my only gripe about this, but very nice job here.

Platform to Perfection, eh? Sounds like a team name I’d make. A quick note before beginning – this is a new tag team, two brand new characters. And yes, you’ve been building them for a good while now, but a description of them sure would’ve helped. All you said was ‘Doane and Nameth came down the ramp’, but what did they look like? How were they walking? Did they interact with the audience? Things like that go a long way in solidifying new characters. Yeah, we’ve all seen Doane and Nameth/Ziggler before, but again, this is completely re-introducing them (or actually, this is 2005, so their first intro really) and you need to give us a new vision of these guys. Onto the actual match, these two could’ve shown a bit more tag team elements, although having Viscera to work with isn’t the best. The spot where Venis was whipped into his own corner kinda violates tag team psychology as a whole, too. An impressive debut, but these guys need a bit more clarification before becoming players. I’m still not completely sure who they are outside of ‘pair of cocky dudes’. But we’ll get there with time, I suppose.

Ah! I have to disagree with iMac and say putting the title on Victoria was the right move. Love that chick. And plus, she has a good bit of mean-streak momentum right now.

The Edge promo here seemed to jump all over the place a little before sticking with the point, which I suppose adds perhaps a bit of delusional depth to a perhaps developing psycho Edge character. Manipulating his way to pick Jericho’s opponent seems very Edge-ish. The match itself was second nature to what actually went on afterward, which was just great. There’s psychotic, breakdown Edge that we all know and love. I sort of thought Edge could’ve used Khali a bit better. I mean, I’m sure Edge wants to end Jericho by his own hand, but using Khali here would’ve helped perhaps. That said, the accentuation of planning and all that at the end was very, very nice. Really wanna see where Edge goes from here.

Batista was pretty standard here, but he had a noticeable edge to him here, declaring that he was the very reason Trips left. I’m not entirely sure Batista/Trips is over. Hell, I’d be insulted if it was.

Good way to get Show some momentum back after being taken down last night, Regal not looking too bad here, and nice to see that this program will continue, but I was kinda hoping that Jindrak would move on past this. This isn’t a feud I don’t think Show needs to win, nor does Jindrak need to lose. The point is to put Jindrak over, yes? Don’t think it’ll do Show any good to lose to Jindrak twice.

I think you should’ve used the same Kennedy promo you used at Vengeance tonight. Realistically speaking, anyway, not everybody saw the PPV and it would reduce the work a bit to reuse it. Next week, you could’ve used the promo for this week. But enough of the nitpicking; nice package here to keep introducing Kennedy. I’m hoping this doesn’t crowd the roster, however, the more people get brought in.

Towards the beginning of the promo, it seemed like the same theme was going on with Flair about last night being disappointing and causing anger, but it slowly hit a crescendo to ascending the gravity to what it became. Really, really heavy stuff here. Partially didn’t get why “The Dirtiest Player in the Game” would complain about a little outside interference, but nonetheless, still a dauntingly great promo that can only help Christian in the long run. Truly phenomenal here.

Lots of promos here. Oh, hey Maria. Hassan sounded a bit like a generic heel and not the bitter man he is known for, and thus a little weak making excuses for the reason why his Entity lost, but got the point across that an attacks will continue on several fronts.

A really solid big tag match, props on keeping it in order. A great deal of bookers would let this situation get out of hand very quickly, myself included. No real gripes about this, except that it started to drag a little in the middle-beginnings. I also feel Dutt and Daivari may need to use more heelish moves to establish the fact that they are…well…heels. They were a bit flashy for heels.

Haas seemed like the subservient girlfriend here to Benjamin, if I could use a phrase. I don’t particularly like the idea of tag team members being of different ranks, because when they’re together, they’re equal. At least in the ring. I’m not sure what to make of this segment to tell you the truth, but I guess I’ll see in the near future.

I think you jumped the gun here a bit with Batista and Kane facing each other at SummerSlam, I really did. You have nearly two months between Vengeance and SummerSlam, and this could’ve been built a bit more before being announced, but nonetheless, I love puppetmaster characters and that’s what it looks like Bischoff has become. This did more for Bischoff’s character than anything, which I’m not sure how to feel about, other than it is a fantastic development. Bischoff’s gripe against Batista nonwithstanding, I really wanna pay attention to Michaels and what you do with him here. Sure, this is probably one big build for an obstacle for Batista to overcome, but how Michaels will be played with is what I’ll be paying attention to. You can create a lot of emotion, tension, and drama with a captive character, especially one we all have ties to in a guy like Michaels.

Overall, the theme of the night seemed to be ‘anger’ and ‘disappointment’ in the aftermath of Vengeance, which in a poetic sense of things, is brilliant. There were a good deal of pieces to pick up and put back together and try to make things out of. As aforementioned, I believe you jumped the gun a bit on the main event picture, even though it is a good bit monumental. The show had a good deal of promos, not that I’m complaining. Sometimes, you do what you have to do (or just what you feel like doing, either way). A very welcome fallout show, although I will say the in ring action was not the best you’ve done. That said, I see you as a real ‘student of the game’ as it were in this section, and you’ve continued to improve through the year. A very solid job here. Kirby hopes you, as well, have a nice New Year.


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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 1/7/05- Anaheim, California

Smackdown comes to you tonight from Anaheim and a huge main event has been signed as the Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle will go one on one with the Legend Killer, Randy Orton! And it was at the end of last week’s show where Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long announced a blockbuster main event for The Great American Bash involving those two men as we now know that Angle, Orton, JBL and WWE Champion, John Cena will do battle in a Fatal-4-Way match for the WWE Championship in Buffalo, come July 24th. Tonight, Orton and Angle get the chance to land the first blow in a match that has a whole lot more to it than the fact they’re competing against one another at the next Pay Per View.

Last week, the main event was scheduled to be John Cena versus Randy Orton with the stipulation being that if Orton won, he would receive a title shot at The Great American Bash. Later on in the night however, Orton was assaulted backstage and taken out cold, left unable to compete. Although nobody was seen to carry out the attack, the two prime suspects were Kurt Angle and John Bradshaw Layfield, both of whom were denied WWE title shots by Teddy Long. However, Long promised that they were next in line and thus with Orton out of the equation, Angle and Layfield stepped in, making it a triple threat match with the stipulation being that if either Angle or JBL got the win, they would get a title shot at The Great American Bash. The end to the match though was a shocker as Randy Orton re-emerged from behind the curtain and came down with his intentions clear, take out both Kurt Angle and JBL. The situation spiralled out of control before Teddy Long restored order and signed the huge match for the Bash. Tonight, Orton gets a chance at payback on a front runner on the list of potential attackers. What will Orton do when he gets his hands on the Olympic Gold Medalist? Is Orton even one hundred percent? Can Angle take out one of his title rivals just weeks away from that huge match up? It is sure to a must see!

Also last week we saw Carlito take on Rhyno in a No Disqualifications match. The Man Beast along with Booker T have been embroiled in a heated rivalry with Carlito since Judgment Day, both wanting to get their hands on the Apple Spitter. Rhyno got his chance last week, only for Booker T to inadvertently cost Rhyno the match up. Carlito, not for the first time when these two have been involved managed to walk away victorious as his plan to turn Booker and Rhyno on each other worked to perfection when Rhyno stunned everybody by smashing Booker T with a steel chair after the match. Nobody is quite sure just why Rhyno has snapped and tonight we hope to find out some answers. However, what we do know is that Booker T will get a chance at getting his hands on Carlito tonight as he teams up with Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam to take on Carlito and the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM. Will Booker get revenge on Lito? Will things escalate between MNM and their challengers Van Dam and Mysterio? And will we see an appearance from the Man Beast? It is certainly gonna be a big one this Friday night.

We saw more developments last week in the relationship between Chavo Guerrero and The Hurricane as Chavo continued to try and sink his claws in on Friday night’s resident Superhero. For weeks now, Chavo has tried to turn the fortunes of Hurricane around, helping him win matches, being at his side, telling him that he doesn’t believe in The Hurricane but that he believes in the man under the mask, Gregory Helms. Hurricane came up short in capturing the Cruiserweight title from Paul London a couple of weeks ago as Hurricane demanded Chavo stay away. Paul London has stood by The Hurricane throughout, telling him that he doesn’t need someone like Chavo by his side. Is London simply making sure his title stays safe? Will Chavo continue his quest in ’helping’ Hurricane? And what will the Superhero himself be feeling after the past few weeks? We hope to find out more tonight.

Teddy Long has had his critics to say the least in recent weeks. A number of Smackdown superstars have called for apologies, some even for the firing of Teddy Long after the General Manager lost control a couple of weeks ago, allowing for Bobby Lashley and Matt Hardy to be viciously assaulted as well as a WWE title match be jeopardised. Last week the chaos continued with Randy Orton’s ambush backstage. Will we hear from Teddy Long on all of this tonight or will the General Manager stay strong and stay silent? Or will we hear anymore from the Smackdown stars on their feelings towards their boss?

Also confirmed for tonight, Chris Masters will go one on one with Juventud Guerrera. Masters has been beaten and he’s been embarrassed by The Mexicools ever since they debuted on Smackdown with both Super Crazy and Psicosis defeating the Masterpiece. Tonight, Masters gets his final shot at getting payback, will he take it or will Juvi make it three for three for the Mexicools?

All this and a whole lot more to look forward to, only on Smackdown!!

Confirmed for Friday Night Smackdown:

Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton

Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam and Booker T vs. MNM and Carlito

Chris Masters vs. Juventud Guerrera

Big thanks to 619 for your Raw feedback, some really good, interesting comments for me to look into, appreciate it. Any more reviews for Raw would be great, but expect Smackdown to be up Sunday at the latest i would say.
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Nice opening with Triple H. He walked the nice line of accepting defeat while remaining his usual cocky heel self and putting Batista over. Given the time frame in which this is developing, it makes sense for Triple H to take some time off, and is off to Batista to face some new challenges.

Been noticing that some people doing throwback BTBs are bringing in Nick Nemeth. Not sure how I really feel about that. I mean, to do so in a general BTB makes total sense, because as we see now Ziggler is one if not the best wrestler in the world, but by 2005, I don’t know not only if he was that good, but even if he was the most stand out in developmental or in the coming Spirit Squad. But then again, to debut him and push him can only be a good idea. The match was nice on emphasizing the arrogant features from the Perfect team.

Nice little segment with Victoria and Bischoff, it makes the divas division seem important when the GM acknowledges their champion in that way.

Absolutely loved the Edge and Y2J segment. Kinda different approach with Jericho, usually loudmouth, not talking. Edge as a heel was always a master manipulator, and so his change of plans routine was pure gold.

You know, some people claim they don’t like face Batista. Personally, I always enjoyed him. It wasn’t until 2008 that he jumped the shark for me during his feud with Jericho, but prior to that, I enjoyed him, especially in his initial run in 2005. You nailed that serious, yet confident persona he had. Like that the door for another match between him and HHH was left open.

Regal wrestled a very intelligent match against Show. The giant was due for a win but I enjoyed this contest, and William comes off looking good from it because it lasted long enough.

Same thing with Kennedy than with Batista. Huge fan of the guy before he got injured on 2007 and then for some reason he got turned babyface and ruined. Spot on and even if the roster is loaded with heels, he seems he will be able to shine. That, or with are on the eve of a face turn from one of the heels.

Big long promo with Ric Flair and Christian, but all that does is make their feud even more high profile, which makes total sense seeing how their match at Summerslam will be a Career match for Naitch. Surprised the match is already made as there is a lot of time between PPVs to build the match, but that also applies if the match is already on the marquee.

Big match out there between those eight men. The Hassan promo didn’t exactly pop out but it was good for what it was. The faces get the win for the needed advancement in their rivalries. In the post match interview, I believe we are starting to see the first signs of dissention between the WGTT.

Nice segment with HBK and Bischoff, although I was a little turned off how the main event segment was supposed to be between those two and suddenly Bischoff just shrugged it all and said he had had enough of HBK and just moved on to Batista. Kinda undermined the whole thing. Of course it is all to link the HBK and Bischoff deal with the Kane vs Batista feud, but I feel it was kinda rushed and at the very least could have been spaced into another week.

Now, I disagree with the reviewer above me as even though I felt the segment was rushed, I didn’t felt that way about the actual announcement of the match this “early”, because I think that the feud, if any, wont be centered around Kane or Batista, but more on HBK and what he will do, a la JBL vs Cena RR 09.


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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 1/7/05- Anaheim, California

We kick off with an extended highlights package from last week’s show in which we see Teddy Long announce John Cena vs. Randy Orton with the stipulation being, if Orton can defeat Cena, he gets a title shot at The Great American Bash. We then get taken to backstage where we see Randy Orton completely out cold with trainers, medics and officials all trying to help the Legend Killer. The package then heads to the office of Teddy Long who is speaking with Kurt Angle and JBL, clearly believing they were responsible for this. We see Long question both men, who vigorously deny the accusations and Teddy has no choice but to accept and put them in Orton’s place tonight, making it Cena vs. Angle vs. JBL, with the stiuplation now being if either Angle or Layfield get the win, they receive a title shot at The Great American Bash. The package finishes with the ending of that triple threat match and the shocking reappearance of Randy Orton who staggers down to the ring and takes out Angle and Layfield before Teddy Long makes his way out and announces a huge main event for The Great American Bash. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle vs. JBL for the WWE title.

We then head into the opening video and pyro…

Michael Cole: The road to The Great American Bash will pick up in a BIG way here tonight folks. I’m Michael Cole, alongside Tazz and we are fresh off of a huge ending to last Friday’s show in which we found out our main event for July 24th in Buffalo, New York.

Tazz: And what a huge main event it’s gonna be, John Cena defending the WWE championship against Kurt Angle, against JBL AND Randy Orton in a Fatal-4-Way match! All these guys are desperate for that WWE title and come The Great American Bash they’re gonna get their chance.

Michael Cole: Indeed a blockbuster main event set for the Bash and tonight we’ve got another big time main event as Kurt Angle will go one on one with Randy Orton!!

Tazz: Major main event there Cole and you gotta believe Orton’s gonna be wantin’ Angle’s blood after that attack last week.


The music of Rey Mysterio hits to a strong pop as the Ultimate Underdog charges out, set for action.

Michael Cole: But we are kicking things off with SIX MAN TAG TEAM ACTION!! Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam will take on MNM one more time at The Great American Bash for the WWE Tag Team titles but this time, there’ll be no Melina at ringside.

Tazz: That changes everything Cole. The champs are gonna be at a major disadvantage come the Bash and you gotta believe this is the opening Van Dam and Mysterio have been waitin’ for.

‘One of a Kind’

RVD is next out, sporting a big grin to the Anaheim crowd and is met with a big pop as ever as he joins his partner, Rey Mysterio.

Michael Cole: And here comes the other half of the number one contenders, Mr.Friday Night, Rob Van Dam!! Ths whole thing with MNM started because of Van Dam and because he wanted them to show some respect and to earn people’s respect. Do you think Van Dam is any closer to doing that?

Tazz: Not at all Cole. MNM have done things their way since comin’ to Smackdown and it’s worked for ‘em, so why change it I say?

‘Can You Dig It? Sucka’

Out next to another nice pop is the 5-time WCW champion, Booker T.

Michael Cole: Well last week was a rough night for Booker T. His rival Carlito went one on one with his ‘friend’ Rhyno in a No Disqualifications match. Booker would come down to make the save for Rhyno who was about to get his taken off, only for Booker to end up inadvertently costing Rhyno the match up. Rhyno and Booker have cost each other on several occasions of late, with Carlito getting the better of them. Well last week, Rhyno finally snapped, let’s take a look.

We see highlights of Rhyno losing his cool with Booker T last week and smashing a chair, the same chair that Booker stopped Carlito using on Rhyno, smashing it over Booker’s head, before leaving to strong heat as the crowd look stuned at Rhyno turning on his supposed friend.

Tazz: I couldn’t believe it Cole. Booker was only tryin’ to help out Rhyno man and I’m guessin’ Rhyno had just had enough. I know that’s gotta hurt Booker and he ain’t gonna take it lightly after what went down last week.


Out next to strong heat is the ever so cocky, Carlito who is tossing an apple around with a strong smirk on his face.

Michael Cole: Well Carlito in no surprise is absolute full of himself here tonight. His plan all along has been to tear Booker and Rhyno up and last week he got exactly that. The ONLY winner last week in that whole thing was this man.

Tazz: He’s smart Cole, real smart. He knows both Booker and Rhyno want a piece of him, so he turned them against each other and the way I see it, Carlito beat Booker at Judgment Day and he beat Rhyno last week so who can blame him for doin’ that?


Next out, also to solid heat and the now routine red carpet and flashing cameras is MNM, Mercury and Nitro are accompanied as ever by Melina.

Michael Cole: Well there you see the current WWE Tag team champions, along with Melina. However, Melina will NOT be in their corner at The Great American Bash but last week Melina made it clear to Rob Van Dam and to Rey Mysterio that they will still be seeing a whole lot more of her in the coming weeks.

Tazz: As evil as Melina is, which I love by the way Cole. As evil as she is, you gotta admire her, she’s smart, she’s cunning, she knows exactly what to do to get inside the heads of Van Dam and Mysterio. She may well play a big role in the outcome at The Great American Bash without even bein’ there!

Match One: Six Man Tag Team Match

Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam and Booker T vs. MNM and Carlito

It’s Rey Mysterio and Carlito who kick things off for their teams as the fans get set for a big match to kick off Smackdown. The two men head towards the centre of the ring and look set to lock up but instead Carlito delivers a thumb to the eye!! Mysterio is taken aback by this as Lito now gains an early control, clubbing the back of Rey with several hard shots before spinning Rey round and delivering a kick to the mid section followed by an Irish whip now from Lito. Mysterio comes charging back at Carly and is met with a big time clothesline. Early cover from Carlito, 1..2..shoulder up by Rey.

Lito looks slightly disappointed as he takes a second to think up his next move. Lito hovers momentarily, allowing Rey to get back to his feet before heading right back after him. Lito throws a punch but Rey sees it coming and manages to duck it before running the ropes, Lito goes for a clothesline again to the Ultimate Underdog but this time Mysterio ducks it and runs through. Mysterio once again comes back and flies at Carlito who catches him but Rey counters with a HUGE head scissors take down!! Mysterio into the cover now, 1..2..Kick out from Lito as things have started at a really fast paced tempo in the opening minutes here. Mysterio now takes his chance to get into the match as he delivers some stiff kicks to the back of Carlito whilst the Apple Spitter is down on the mat. Carlito’s face paints a picture as Mysterio continues to drill right away viciously with those kicks. Mysterio brings Lito back upright now before heading off and running the ropes, Carlito appears a little groggy and Mysterio rebounds, charging at Lito, Mysterio flies at Carlito, cross body! Carlito though rolls through, into the cover!! 1..2..3..NO!! Mysterio just gets out of it as Carlito almost stole one there.

Carlito sits up, head in his hands before looking over and realising Mysterio is almost up. The Caribbean superstar has clearly had enough of the Master of the 619 and throws his hands out as if to say ’Screw that’ as he decides that enough is enough of the punishment Mysterio’s been dishing out and heads towards his corner, quickly making the tag to Johnny Nitro. Nitro is straight in on Mysterio who’s just about back to his feet and Nitro is met with a back kick from Mysterio, ctaching Nitro in the mid section as Rey now regains control for his team. Mysterio again begins to hammer away with some kicks on Nitro but as he tries one more, Nitro catches him. Nitro holds onto the foot of Rey before spinning him around but Mysterio catches Nitro in the face with a spinning kick!! Mysterio into the cover, 1..2..Kick out by Nitro, much to his team and Melina’s relief on the outside.

Mysterio appears a little frustrated as Nitro survives but Rey Rey is quick to look at keeping up his offense and picks Nitro back up before delivering a right hand as Mysterio runs the ropes and comes back at Nitro with a baseball slide, looking to take down Nitro at the shins but Nitro ducks it, Mysterio comes upright again and is met with a beautiful dropkick from Nitro as Melina lets out a cry of joy! Nitro scurries into the cover now, kick out at two from Rey. Nitro grabs his head, still somewhat reeling perhaps from the kick he received by Rey and Nitro drags Mysterio over towards his corner before stomping away at the back of the neck of Mysterio. Mysterio holds his neck in clear discomfort before Nitro tags in Joey Mercury and he picks off where his partner left off, stomping away at the back of Rey’s neck before dropping several elbows on MNM’s recent rival.

Mercury then locks a chinlock in on Rey as we get a shot of Booker T and RVD on the apron, looking concerned for their partner here. Mercury applies a firm hold as Rey looks to be struggling and the crowd begin to egg on the Ultimate Underdog. Mysterio looks to find some strength from somewhere as he gets to his knees before digging away with some elbows on Mercury as the MNM member loses his grip slowly. Mysterio fights out of the hold as he escapes the clutches of Mercury before delivering several kicks to the shin of Mercury as he manages now to get out of harm’s way, take a breather and make the tag, bringing Booker T into the match! Booker is straight in with right hands on Mercury, forcing him back. Irish whip now from the five time WCW champion and Booker connects with a back elbow, dropping Mercury down.

Booker is now in control here as he brings Mercury back up again before another right hand, kick to the mid section now from Booker as he scoops Mercury up and drops him with a scoop slam, Booker fires the crowd up as they get behind the Book man here and he signals that it may well be Spinaroonie time! Booker feels it coming but he’s CAUGHT FROM OUT OF NOWHERE BY CARLITO! Lito enters the ring and smashes Booker with a massive clothesline, taking him down as Lito lets out a smirk and we see both Van Dam and Mysterio enter the ring, only for the referee to hold them back before he berates Carlito. The match is now evenly poised once again as both Mercury and Booker are down and both struggling slightly here.

Booker get to his knees slowly, as does Mercury and both men also get to their feet seemingly at the same time as they now begin to exchange right hands and it’s Booker who gets the upper hand as his fast pace gets the better of Mercury. Booker now with an Irish whip and Mercury comes right at Booker who goes for a spinning kick but Mercury ducks it, spins Booker around and drops him with a DDT! Cover by Mercury, 1..2..3..NO!! Booker just gets the shoulder up much to the fans’ relief. Mercury seems to be struggling for breath here as Booker struggles to make it up again. Booker holds out his arm, wanting to tag in his partner but he’s a million miles away right now as Mercury gets back to his feet and draws Booker upright. Mercury connects with a right hand, followed by another before a clothesline attempt but this time Booker ducks it and spins Mercury around right into a BOOKEND!! BOOKEND CONNECTS but Booker doesn’t go for a cover??

The camera changes and we see RHYNO approaching the ring through the crowd! Booker T suddenly loses his cool, wanting a piece of his former friend and tags in Rob Van Dam before setting off after Rhyno! Carlito too sees his rival, but unlike Booker and in typical Carltio fashion, he jumps off the apron and runs through the opposite side of the crowd!! Booker charges after Rhyno, jumping the barricade and the two come to blows with the fans going crazy. Inside the ring Mercury is still down as Van Dam looks on at the confrontation on the outside. Van Dam, Rey, Melina, Nitro and now steadily Mercury look on at the scene before realising that this match is still going on here. On the outside, Rhyno and Booker exchange right hands with the Book man getting the upper hand, only for Rhyno to deliver a sickening kick to the groin, a nasty low blow as Booker clutches his stomach, Rhyno takes a couple of steps back before goring the hell out of Booker!! The fans boo the Man Beast as he outdoes Booker again tonight with a savage gore!

Inside the ring attention turns now though as this match continues and Van Dam has turned to Mercury who is up to his feet and RVD meets him with a spinning roundhouse kick, knocking him down here as Van Dam heads up to the top rope!! Van Dam is all set to fly but we see Johnny Nitro try and stop him, only for Rey Mysterio to come from nowhere and take Nitro down with a baseball slide, sending him to the outside as Melina squeals, realising her boys are in a world of trouble here. Van Dam now steadies himself and CONNECTS, FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH TO MERCURY!! Cover, 1..2..3..it’s over!!

Winners: Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam and Booker T(10:15)

Michael Cole: BIG win for the team of Van Dam, Mysterio and Booker T here tonight!! Van Dam and Mysterio getting one over on the tag team champions!!

Tazz: But what about Rhyno, Cole?! He wanted some of Booker T and good god did he get it?! I think Carlito is next Cole.

Michael Cole: Indeed the ‘Man Beast’ making a HUGE impact here tonight on Smackdown. Can Booker T or Carlito really stop, do they even wanna get in the way of Rhyno when he’s this intense, this fired up?!

Tazz: I don’t think so Cole. It’s gonna be a real tall order that‘s for sure.

We see a shot of a fallen Booker T, holding his ribs in the crowd, Van Dam and Mysterio celebrating in the ring before looking out at what‘s happened to Booker in the crowd. We then see Mercury and Nitro both down and out before we get a shot of Rhyno, looking focused with a twisted grin on his face looking on at Booker before finally seeing Carlito hiding away with the fans on the opposite side with a priceless look of fear on his face.


We return and immediately go backstage where we see Josh Matthews who is standing by.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, joining me at this time, please welcome the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Orton is shown into shot and is greeted with boos, however the odd cheer following his recent dealings with both Kurt Angle and JBL.

Josh Matthews: Randy first off, how are you feeling one week removed from being knocked unconscious right here backstage?

Randy Orton: Josh last week I was in a lot of pain, my head was spinning, I wasn’t too sure where I was or what I was doing but tonight the only feelings I have inside of me are feelings of anger, of frustration and feelings of payback towards whoever it was that assaulted me last week.

Orton clenches his fist.

Randy Orton: Now I don’t know exactly what happened last week, I don’t know for sure who it was that took me out. BUT, I got two pretty good guesses Josh and tonight I get to go face to face with one of ‘em, and that man is Kurt Angle.

Heat for the mention of Angle but the Wrestling Machine also gets the odd cheer.

Randy Orton: But before I get to Kurt, I just wanted to bring up my point last week that i brought up about our General Manager Teddy Long. You see, it couldn’t be any more appropriate to reiterate that point than right here, right now. For those of you who missed it, a couple weeks back, Teddy Long decided he’d let superstars loose around here, he let Orlando Jordan, Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki, he let them all run wild. He let Kurt Angle and he let JBL interfere in mine and John Cena’s match for the WWE championship. He let them cause chaos, he lost all control of this show. So last week I, along with several others called for an apology from our General Manager but Josh, I didn’t get anything even close to that.

Orton looks angered now.

Randy Orton: I didn’t get that, no. And instead of an apology, what exactly did I get? I got attacked backstage, that's what I got because YET AGAIN Teddy Long didn’t do his job properly. He should've known that I would be a target, he should’ve known that after what happened the week before something was gonna happen last week, he SHOULD'VE known that security was gonna need to be ready, that superstars were under threat. But Teddy DIDN‘T DO A DAMN THING!.

Orton grits his teeth before continuing as the crowd boos him.

Randy Orton: So as much as I hold whoever it was that attacked me last week responsible, let me tell you that I hold Teddy Long responsible just as much and I swear to god, I was THIS CLOSE(Orton uses his fingers to make a small gap) to going straight to the Board of Directors and getting Teddy Long FIRED last week.

More heat for Orton.

Randy Orton: I am warning Teddy Long. One more act, just one more like last week and I will make a formal complaint to Mr.McMahon himself.

Orton composes himself.

Randy Orton: Aside from Teddy Long and his incompetence though Josh, my attacker last week is my priority and tonight I get a chance at some redemption and you might wonder why it is I believe it’s Kurt Angle or wonder just why I believe it’s JBL. Well it’s real simple to understand.

Orton licks his lips a little.

Randy Orton: Kurt, he has the motive, I mean he’s had it in for me ever since I pinned him to earn a WWE title shot a few weeks back. Now all I can say to Kurt is that I know that he would’ve done the exact..same..thing that I did. He lost that match because of his own stupidity, while I? I simply took advantage.

Orton pauses before continuing.

Randy Orton: When it comes down to the WWE title, I will do anything it takes to get my hands on it and I know that Kurt would do the same, I know JBL would do the same, hell I know John Cena would do the very same thing.

Pop for the mention of Cena.

Randy Orton: All Kurt has done and all Bradshaw has done is get on the wrong side of me and believe me, that is a big mistake to make. Just ask The Undertaker Josh. OH! Oh wait, my mistake, I TOOK OUT THE UNDERTAKER!

Big heat there for TLK.

Randy Orton: So Kurt, Bradshaw, if you’re listening to this, I suggest you write it down and fix it FIRMLY inside your heads. You even think about tryin’ something like you did last week again and you’re gonna end up the exact same way as The Undertaker.

Heat again for Orton bringing up Taker.

Randy Orton: Tonight, when I get my hands on Kurt, I’m gonna show to him that last week, it didn’t put me down and you’d better believe it did not put me out. All last week did was make me even more determined, even more hungry, even more focused on getting my hands around the WWE title and that starts tonight inside that ring.

Josh Matthews: And Randy, what are your thoughts now that you know that at The Great American Bash you will receive another WWE title opportunity, joining John Cena, JBL and Kurt Angle in a Fatal-4-Way Match?

Randy Orton: I’m thrilled. No, really I’m thrilled that it‘s gonna go down this way Josh. See this is something I actually give Teddy Long the slightest amount of credit for because now I know that whatever happens in Buffalo, July 24th, The Great American Bash, there will be no excuses. When I win that match, I won’t have to hear the complaints from any of those three anymore. All anybody will be talking about, all anybody will have left to say is how Randy Orton finally got back to exactly where he belongs and that is the VERY top of this company and that is the W..W..E..championship.

Orton walks off to general boos as we head back ringside.

Michael Cole: Well the Legend Killer seems intense, he seems motivated and he seems driven on not just Kurt Angle here tonight but on capturing the WWE championship come The Great American Bash.

Tazz: Can ya blame him Cole? I mean I know I’d be out for payback if I were Randy Orton. That attack last week looked to be pretty damn brutal.


It’s the music of Chris Masters that hits and out steps the man who’s had a tough time in recent weeks at the hands of the Mexicools.

Michael Cole: Well Chris Masters hasn’t had a good few weeks partner and it’s all down to a trio known as, The Mexicools!! Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis and Super Crazy have made Masters’ life a misery with Psicosis and Super Crazy scoring upset wins over the big man, whilst also being taken hostage by the Juan Deere riding high fliers!!

Tazz: Masters don’t look too happy about it either Cole. Tonight though he gets a chance at a little bit of payback.

‘Muy Loco’

And here they come, riding their Juan Deere’s as ever, it’s the Mexicools out to a strong pop.

Michael Cole: Here they are partner!! The crazy daredevils have been more than impressive since debuting and tonight it’s our first look at Juvi, Juventud Guerrera!!

Tazz: Juvi can go Cole, make no mistake about it. All three of these men are outstanding inside that ring and I think Chris Masters knows it now.

Match Two: Singles Match

Chris Masters vs. Juventud Guerrera

Masters shakes himself off a little bit before slapping himself in the face gently, trying to get him ready for this, realising that he’s been beaten by both other Mexicools already and another defeat here would top off the embarrassment. Juvi on the other hand has a wry smile on his face as he bounds up and down with Super Crazy and Psicosis making excitable noises on the outside. Masters eventually steadies himself and the two men lock up with Masters strength giving him the early edge here as he forces Juvi all the way in towards the turnbuckle. Masters eventually breaks the hold and delivers a kick to Juvi’s stomach before nailing Jui with some strong shoulder blocks, forcing the Mexicool to smash into the turnbuckle as Masters is relentless in the early going here.

Masters eventually lets up and allows Juvi a second before grabbing the right arm of his opponent and whipping him into the opposite turnbuckle. Juvi smashes off it once more as Masters comes charging at him but he’s met with a stiff kick to the face from Juvi who scoops himself up to the top rope immediately. Masters spins back around and is met with a flying clothesline from the daredevil Meixcan! Cover, 1..2..kick out at two by Masters. Super Crazy and Psicosis hold their heads in their hands, believing that their partner had the match won but Juvi doesn’t let it affect him as he instead gets right back up and sets his sights on the Masterpiece once more.

Juvi delivers a couple of kicks to the back of Piece before bringing him up and delivering a right hand before whipping the big man across into the ropes, Masters flies back at him and Juvi jumps over him as Masters runs through and Juvi connects on the rebound with a well timed dropkick! Cover again, 1..2..shoulder up from Masters as Juvi has him on the ropes in this one. Juvi this time does appear a little frustrated as he gets to his feet and waits in the corner, allowing Masters time to regroup before heading back and striking the big man with a right hand. Juvi follows with a flurry of rights before looking for a spinning heel kick but as Juvi spins Masters drops him with a clothesline!! Huge impact from the Masterpiece as he holds his jaw, clearly a little rattled by Juvi’s offense thus far.

Masters now is on the front foot and grabs Juvi, picking him to his feet before delivering a knee to the mid section followed by another before Masters hoists Juvi up in the sky before dropping the Mexicool with a vicious brain buster!! Juvi lands nastily as Masters heads for a cover, believing this one to be over with, 1..2..3..NO!! Juvi just manages to kick out much to Crazy and Psicosis’ relief as well as the Anaheim crowd. Masters looks frustrated, not for the first time since crossing paths with the trio as he tells the referee that shoulda been three there. Masters now continues his assault on Juvi, delivering some nasty stomps to the chest of his smaller opponent before pushing his boot into the throat of the Mexicool, looking to take all his breath away.

Masters lets off as the referee starts the count to disqualify him before he immediately scoops Juvi up before whipping the Mexicool into the turnbuckle once again. This time though Masters doesn’t charge, instead he walks over and delivers some more kicks to the mid section before picking Juvi up and placing him onto the top rope as the fans anticipate here. Masters perches the veteran Mexicool before heading up to the top himself! Masters reaches the second rope before Juvi finds some strength, finds some fight and delivers some elbows to the temple, trying to knock Masters off balance but Masters delivers a right of his own sending Juvi back. But wait, we then see Psicosis hop onto the apron as Masters shouts ‘Not again’ and chases off Psicosis but then we see Super Crazy appear on the other side and Masters now chases him, but once more Crazy avoids it. Masters now turns his attentions back to Juvi but Juvi flies off the top and catches Masters with a hurricanrana!! HUGE Hurricanrana off the top rope and into a cover!! 1..2..3!! He got him!!

Winner: Juventud Guerrera(6:01)

Michael Cole: THEY GOT HIM AGAIN!! Chris Masters beaten and outsmarted again by the Mexicools here tonight!! Masters jus…HEY!!

Cole suddenly sees what’s going on in the ring and we see Super Crazy and Psicosis down and out, being ambushed by JAMIE NOBLE AND KID KASH!?! Kash and Noble continue stomping away at the Mexican duo before we see Juvi get up to his feet and Juvi is taken down by with a BIG time double suplex from the duo who are getting big heat from the fans. Chris Masters is now up to his feet, holding his face as he reaches thorugh the ropes and asks for a mic.

Chris Masters: (Breathing Heavily) Y’know I’m pretty damn tired of all this. I am SICK of this three on one deal, I am SICK of being beaten by you guys and I am SICK of you screwin‘ me around.

Noble and Kash kick out at the fallen Mexicools again.

Chris Masters: So this past week I went out and I got myself a little bit of back up, a little bit of help to even the odds, and not just any old help. Oh no, I got two of the toughest guys on this entire roster, Jamie Noble and Kid Kash, The Pitbulls. And together? Well together, let me assure ALL THREE OF YOU, your playtime’s over boys. Playtime..is…OVER.

Masters drops the mic and exit’s the ring with the Pitbulls not far behind him as the crowd boo ruthlessly.

Michael Cole: Wow. A real statement made from Chris Masters, aligning himself with both Jamie Noble and Kid Kash, two of the very best Cruiserweights around here, two of the toughest individuals around here and what a battle we have on our hands now!

Tazz: Cole you got two MAJOR forces right here on Smackdown now. Masters and the Pitbulls, the Mexicools and they’re gonna be on a collision course, I can’t wait!! Big time acquistion from Masters here tonight.


We return and head into the office of Teddy Long who appears to be sorting some paperwork when the camera pans away and we see the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan who is greeted with heat from the fans

Teddy Long: Orlando, what can I do for ya playa?

Orlando Jordan: You can do a whole hell of a lot for me Teddy and you can start with REVERSING your decision on Matt Hardy getting a shot at MY United States title.

Long looks a little bit taken aback.

Orlando Jordan: As far as I’m concerned Teddy, I beat Matt Hardy at Judgment Day and I beat him again a couple weeks back on the Night of Champions special. So tell me, how, why does that mean that waste of space gets another shot at me huh? Explain that for me please Teddy.

Teddy Long: Orlando you know exactly why Matt Hardy is getting’ another shot at that title. What you did at Night of Champions was unacceptable, it was unprofessional and it was uncalled for. Matt Hardy didn’t do anything to deserve that assault before your match even took place.

Orlando Jordan: Matt Hardy deserved EVERYTHING that he got a couple weeks back. See I beat him at Judgment Day. Now that to me suggests that he drop to the back of the line, that he get outta my face and he get outta my business. But no. No n-n-no, what happens after Judgment Day is that you, you have the nerve, the audacity to give him another shot. You gave him.. another shot? Are you kidding me? And now? Now you wanna go and give him yet ANOTHER undeserved shot at this title, at MY title?

Teddy Long: Hey, look if you woulda beaten Matt Hardy fair and square at Night of Champions then we wouldn’t be in this situation right now would we playa?

Orlando Jordan: Oh we would Teddy, believe me, we would because you are intent on takin’ this away from me.

Jordan holds the U.S. title in the face of the GM.

Orlando Jordan: You ain’t gonna stop are ya until I lose this? You ain’t gonna stop until Matt Hardy gets his hands on this are ya? Well I got news for ya Teddy, that ain’t happening, not now, not soon, not EVER.

Heat for OJ here.

Teddy Long: Look, I ain’t tryin’ to make ya lose that title, all I’m tryin’ to do is what’s right and what’s fair. So with that in mind, Orlando I gotta tell ya that I received a phone call this morning from one of our medical team and they told me that by next week..

Teddy pauses as OJ holds out his hands.

Teddy Long: By next week, Matt Hardy will be medically cleared to compete.

BIG pop for that as Jordan looks up to the sky.

Teddy Long: And with Matt Hardy now ready to return to action, I’m gonna make this match that we all wanna see official right here, right now. At The Great American Bash, you will defend your United States championship, one on one against Matt Hardy!!

Orlando hasn’t moved since hearing Hardy would be returning as the fans give a nice pop.

Orlando Jordan: Big mistake Teddy. I almost finished off Matt Hardy a couple weeks back, but now? Now YOU’VE made me all the more determined that at The Great American Bash, I’m gonna make sure I finish the job.

Jordan leaves the GM’s office before Teddy does his trademark little jig to a decent pop as we head back ringside where we see Heidenreich already inside the ring set for action.

Michael Cole: What a match set for The Great American Bash!! Matt Hardy will get his shot at the United States title when he takes on Orlando Jordan in Buffalo. Hardy cleared to compete again as of next week, and ya gota believe he’ll be out for payback on the man that put him out.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Hardy’s gonna wanna tear Orlando Jordan apart, if I were the U.S. champ right now, I’d be worried come next week man.


The oh so familiar music of the ‘Wrestling God’ hits and out comes JBL in his trademark white limo to strong heat as ever.

Michael Cole: Well one of the men who will participate in the WWE championship Fatal-4-Way match at The Great American Bash and Tazz we believe that JBL had a strong hand to play in the backstage assault on Randy Orton last week.

Tazz: Well I agree wit’ ya that it looks suspect but Randy Orton himself admitted that he didn’t even know who took him out so we can’t point the finger at JBL without anything’ to back it up.

Michael Cole: JBL set for action here tonight against Heidenreich and ya gotta believe that he’ll be looking to make a statement here tonight to all three of his opponents on July 24th, John Cena, Kurt Angle and Randy Orton.

Match Three: Singles Match

John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Heidenreich

The bell rings and we get a shot of JBL who is looking stone dead at Heidenreich, clearly focused on getting the job done here tonight. The shot then turns to Heidenreich who makes the first move and charges at Layfield but he’s met with a big kick to the mid section as Bradshaw looks to take control right from the start here.The former WWE champion then delivers several clubbing shots to the back of Heidenreich before another boot to the stomach as JBL then whips Heidenreich across the ring and into the ropes before nailing his crazed opponent with a big boot to the face which sends him spiralling to the outside!

Bradshaw takes a long look at the fallen Heidenreich before letting out that trademark grin and heading out after his opponent. JBL stalks Heidenreich, waiting for him to get to his feet. As Heidenreich does finally get back in an upright position Layfield grabs his arm before whipping Heidenreich with authority into the steel steps! Heidenreich crashes shoulder first into the steps as JBL lets out that little smirk again to a small ‘You suck’ chant from a section of fans standing nearby. Layfield then picks Heidenreich back up before tossing him inside the ring as the Wrestling God is in cruise control right now.

JBL simply uses his boot to kick Heidenreich’s face slowly, softly, almost mocking his opponent before he runs the ropes and delivers a massive elbow right onto the chest of Heidenreich who is helpless right now. Layfield picks himself up and dusts himself down a little as Heidenreich gets to his knees, reaching out for the ropes, hoping to find his way back up again but he’s met with the hand of JBL who clutches the back of his neck and picks him up before looking Heidenreich dead in the eye and slapping him across the face!! The fans oooooh before beginning to boo as JBL continues to add insult to injury here.

Layfield with another kick to the mid section now before hoisting the big man up in the air and dropping Heidenreich with a vicious looking suplex. Into the cover, 1..2..NO JBL PULLS OUT OF IT!! The fans boo as JBL refuses to put Heidenreich away and the referee says ‘C’mon’ to the Wrestling God, realising that he’s got this thing won. JBL again lets out a little smirk before launching some hard right hands on the fallen Heidenreich, right hand after right hand to the forehead of Heidenreich who looks in no man’s land right now. Bradshaw again hammers away before slamming Heidenreich’s head against the mat before standing up and taking in the heat from the fans who boo him to death. The former WWE champion then picks Heidenreich up once again, still seemingly not through with him here. JBL picks Heidenreich up to his feet, before allowing him to stand as he runs the ropes and delivers a THUNDEROUS Clothesline from Hell, sending Heidenreich inside out!! Cover from Layfield, 1..2..3

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield(5:06)

Michael Cole: Statement made from JBL here tonight folks. An impressive showing from the Wrestling God and you can tell by the look on his face right now that JBL means serious business ahead of The Great American Bash.

Tazz: Damn fine display out there from JBL. Heidenreich ain’t no slouch Cole and JBL just disposed of him like a piece of trash. I got absolutely no doubts that the Wrestling God has as good a chance as anybody o’ walkin’ outta Buffalo wit’ the WWE title back around his waist.

JBL has an intense, focused look on his face as he looks at a fallen Heidenreich before exiting the ring to the usual chorus of boos, turning and letting out that trademark smirk of his whilst watching his opponent's lifeless body inside the ring.

Michael Cole: Well folks, coming up next we WILL hear from the WWE champion himself, John Cena! Don’t go anywhere!


Back to ringside..

‘My Time is Now’

We return to hear the music of the WWE champion who makes his way out to address everybody here tonight

Michael Cole: You cannot fault John Cena Tazz for his attitude in all of the recent goings on around here. Cena has been having to deal with the antics of JBL, of Kurt Angle and of Randy Orton over the past few weeks but yet that hasn’t phased the champion. Cena could’ve blamed all the recent chaos on Teddy Long, just like everybody else seems to be doing but the champion wouldn’t settle for that, John Cena stood up for Teddy Long and John Cena has taken any and everybody that wants his WWE championship.

Tazz: Cole you’re a hundred percent right, the one word that you can use when you mention John Cena is respect and that’s exactly what he’s got from me. I respect the hell outta Cena for the way he’s dealt wit’ everything since becoming’ WWE champion BUT ya gotta believe Cena is a little angry deep down. I mea..

Michael Cole: Wait, angry? What about?

Tazz: Hold on Cole, I was getting to it. Cena’s gotta be angry that despite sticking up for Teddy Long, despite backing’ our GM, last week Teddy goes and puts Cena in a Fatal-4-Way match for the WWE championship at The Great American Bash? I mean come on Cole, that ain’t what Cena was hopin’ for was it?

Michael Cole: Well..let’s find out now exactly what John Cena thinks.

Cena has a mic in hand as the crowd give him a warm welcome.

John Cena: Y’know these past few weeks, these past few months infact have been one big old rollercoaster for me. I’ve gone from being a guy that a lotta people didn’t think could win the big one, a guy that people didn’t see as capable of being the face, the very top of this company.

Cena seems to think for a second.

John Cena: But then at Wrestlemania I did the unthinkable, I beat JBL and I won the W..W..E championship

Nice pop.

John Cena: And I proved there and then to all those people that I can win the big one and that I can be the face of this company, I can be the guy sittin’ on top. But when ya do hold this(points at the title belt), when you’re looked at as number one, there comes a certain responsibility with it and lately I’ve begun to realise just how big a responsibility that is.

Cena huffs and puffs a little.

John Cena: A few weeks back, things, they uh.. they got a little chaotic around here. Bodies were flying, attacks were flowing, nothing and nobody seemed to be safe and y’know I didn’t think anything of it. I sat back and I thought man, business is pickin’ up here tonight.

Little cheer for that.

John Cena: But then all of a sudden, as those things kept on spiralling outta control people, well people began comin’ to me. They began to talk to me and they began to ask me, ‘John, what are you gonna do about this? How are you gonna help set things straight around here?’

Cena now has a puzzled look on his face.

John Cena: And y’know what I did? I laughed. Yeah I’ll admit it, I laughed at those questions because frankly, what in the hell did any of that have to do with me? It was none of my business, it was between other guys in that locker room, guys who had no issues wit’ me. BUT, then I realised. I realised that as the WWE champion, it is my duty to make sure things work the right way around here. Teddy Long? He may be the General Manager but he can’t do it all. We, as WWE superstars have a duty and as the WWE champion, you got an even bigger one baby, to make sure your show doesn’t get outta control.

Cena nods his head as a few cheer it.

John Cena: So I thought to myself, John, you gotta go out there tonight with Randy Orton and you gotta put on a show. You gotta show everybody what Smackdown’s really about and what this, the WWE championship is all about. But my match with Randy Orton, well, it uh, it didn’t exactly go to plan and that was all down to two men. John Bradshaw Layfield(Heat) and Kurt Angle(Heat again).

The boos ring round as Cena lets out a smirk.

John Cena: Those two men decided that they were gonna come on down to this ring and they were gonna keep up with the theme of the night and they were gonna cause us some chaos. I kinda expected it to be honest, I know that both John and Kurt have got their issues wit’ me, they got their sights set on this championship. But the way I do business, it ain’t the same way those two guys do business.

Cena tips his hat a little.

John Cena: When I got an issue, when I got a problem with somebody, I say it to em’, man to man, I take action face..to..face. But JBL, Kurt Angle those two guys don’t like to do that, they like to go down a whole ‘nother route, they like to attack you from behind, when your guard’s down, when it suits them. Randy Orton, hey I’m not the biggest fan of the guy but at the very least, Randy Orton has always gone face to face with me.

Small pop for that.

John Cena: And then yet again last week, I’m all set to go one on one with Randy but what do ya know? He gets ambushed backstage and well, guess who steps in for him? Who takes his spot? Well, who else but Kurt Angle and JBL.

Heat for their actions last week.

John Cena: Coincidence? Not in my book. So last week suddenly turns into a Triple threat match and hey, you all know me, I don’t back down from anybody, all I could think was bring it on. I wanted a piece of those two guys, Kurt Angle he’s had a whole lot to say about me supposedly ‘avoiding’ him, about me supposedly ‘not wanting to face him‘. Well last week, I wasn’t avoiding him, I wasn’t avoiding anybody.

Cena’s intensity level has increased here.

John Cena: But YET AGAIN my match got interrupted, only this time it was Randy Orton himself who made his way down to..settle a score shall we say. Now that? That’s a whole different ball game. See I got no problem with what Randy Orton did last week because he, unlike JBL, unlike Kurt Angle, he had a DAMN good reason for getting involved in that match.

Small pop.

John Cena: So we got three men running around the place, week after week, causing chaos, causing mayhem all because of one thing. All because of this, all because of the WWE championship.

Cena holds the title out in front of him.

John Cena: This right here, it can make a man do crazy things, I get that but there is only one way to settle it and it ain’t through cheap shots, it ain’t through talkin’ trash and it certainly ain’t through sneak attacks backstage.

Cena shakes his head.

John Cena: Teddy Long, he’s been getting a lotta criticism the past couple weeks, he’s been getting people callin’ for apologies, callin’ for him to lose his freakin’ job for cryin‘ out loud. There’s been nothing Teddy Long can do that would change what’s happened, the only thing he can do is make the big decisions, make the big matches and last week he did exactly that.

Cena now begins to nod his head.

John Cena: So now at The Great American Bash, there’ll be no cheap shots. There’ll be no trash talkin‘. There will be NO sneak attacks. All there will be is four men stood inside this ring, face to face doing things the right…way. John Cena(pop), Kurt Angle(Heat), JBL(Heat) and Randy Orton( Heat) . Four of the VERY BEST in this business today will do battle for the richest prize in the game on July 24th.


John Cena: Now THAT is how we do things around here. THAT is how you settle your business and THAT is how you see who the better man really is. And in less than a month from now, those three men and everybody watching is gonna see that I am the better man. The CHAMP IS HERE!! And come July 24th, Bradshaw, Kurt, Randy, I promise you all, the champ will STILL….be here.

Cena drops the mic to a strong pop as the WWE champion exit’s the ring, throwing up the championship belt as the fans cheer again.

Michael Cole: Confident words from John Cena but the WWE champion knows that injjust under a month’s time, his title will be in jeopardy as he faces not one, not two but THREE of the very best superstars in the entire WWE.

Tazz: I can’t wait Cole. It’s gonna be a hell of a match up and John Cena, yeah he’s under threat but if anybody can deal wit’ that kinda situation it’s John Cena. Nobody’s got the drive, the heart, the will to win like this kid and at The Great American Bash he will lay it all on the line when it comes to that WWE title.

Michael Cole: And still to come here tonight folks, a HUGE main event as two of the men involved in that Fatal-4-Way at The Great American Bash will square off, it’s Kurt Angle one on one with Randy Orton, tonight!!


We return and it’s straight to ringside as we hear…

‘Sliced Bread’

The music of the Cruiserweight Champion, Paul London hits to a nice ovation as the high-flying daredevil charges down to the ring, set for action with his opponent already in the ring, Billy Kidman

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown folks and we are all set for some Cruiserweight action! Paul London has had his hands full of late with both Chavo Guerrero and The Hurricane. But the bigger picture in all of this has been the story developing between Chavo and Hurricane which has left London really having to look over his shoulder at all times.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Chavo’s come up short on winnin’ the gold and he’s turned his attentions to Hurricane, well, in his eyes he’s turned to Gregory Helms.

Michael Cole: Indeed Chavo has been trying to get Hurricane to ditch the superhero routine and find the man underneath it all, one of the best Cruiserweights in the world as Chavo put it, Gregory Helms but Hurricane hasn’t seen the light so to speak. Chavo started to help Hurricane win matches and when Hurricane realised, he pleaded with Chavo to stop, saying he’d do it alone.

Tazz: Yeah but Cole, Hurricane then took on Paul London for the Cruiserweight title and he didn’t get the job done! Chavo told ‘im, if he’d have had Chavo’s help, he could be the new Cruiserweight champion, not Paul London.

Michael Cole: Well I certainly hope that it doesn’t come down to Hurricane and Chavo pulling a fast one on Paul London, that’s for sure. London has stuck by Hurricane and you cant bet that the champion is more than wary of what Chavo Guerrero’s capable of.

Match Four: Singles Match

Paul London vs. Billy Kidman

London and Kidman lock up at the get go before taking turns with right hands and it’s the champion who gets the upper hand, gaining the advantage over the veteran Kidman. London delivers some fast right hands before an Irish whip to Kidman who comes back off the ropes and is met with a perfectly timed dropkick from London. Into an early cover, kick out at two. London is quick to keep up his early offense as he brings Kidman right back up before delivering a forearm that sends Kidman aback. London again with an Irish whip as Kidman heads into the turnbuckle, London comes charging right at him, goes for a clothesline but Kidman sees it coming and gets out of dodge. London rattles against the turnbuckle and Kidman catches him from behind, delivering a beautiful belly to back suplex!

Kidman now scurries over into a cover but the time it took to get there allows London to kick out at one. Kidman gets to his feet and delivers a couple of kicks to London’s mid section before hoisting the Cruiserweight champion up again. Kidman delivers another kick to the gut before looking to pick London up high but London fights it. Kidman continues to look at bringing London up but London resists and delivers an elbow to the temple of Kidman, forcing him to break his grip as London now connects with some kicks to the mid section of his opponent, taking him off balance. London now charges at Kidman and takes him down with a clothesline, Kidman’s right back up but he’s met with another as London looks to build some momentum here.

London then grabs Kidman by the back of his neck before scooping Kidman up and delivering a nice snap suplex which is greeted with a strong cheer from the crowd. London now head up to the top rope, is the Cruiserweight champion gonna look to end it here? The crowd rises as they expect big things from the daredevil. London waits patiently, looking for Kidman to rise. Kidman slowly stumbles to his feet as he turns around, London flies!! Missile dropkick attempt but Kidman gets out of harm’s way, not for the first time tonight as London crashes and burns. Kidman takes a second to regroup himself as London holds his ribs in pain from the fall just taken. Kidman, now refreshed perhaps, heads after London once again as he brings him upright before whipping London across the ring. London though holds on to the ropes as Kidman charges at him and clotheslines London out of the ring and onto the outside!

London lands quite awkwardly on his left shoulder as Kidman heads out after him. The fans rise as they expect some big action in front of them and Kidman tries to kick that off as he grabs London by the top of his head and brings him to his feet. Kidman then holds the left arm of London and whips him across into the ringpost!! London’s shoulder bounces off of it as Kidman looks to try and exploit the possible injury to the champion here. London winces in pain as Kidman is quick to bring him to his feet again before tossing London back inside the ring. Kidman rolls London over and attempts a cover, 1..2..kick out though from London to a decent pop as Kidman appears a little frustrated.

Kidman gets back up and begins to stomp on London’s shoulder, continuing to plug away at the apparent injury here. The veteran then brings London upright once again before grabbing his left arm and twisting and turning it, looking to further exploit the shoulder here as London lets out a cry of pain. Kidman then changes initiative and delivers a kick to the mid section from out of nowhere before using that arm and whipping London across the ring into the turnbuckle. Kidman heads after him but London uses the ropes and picks himself up and jumping over Kidman. Kidman smashes off the turnbuckle as London rolls him up from behind into the cover!! 1..2..3..NO!! Kidman just gets the shoulder up as London holds his shoulder again. London now senses an opportunity to regain a stranglehold in this match as he brings Kidman up, forearm to the face, and again by London. Irish whip now from the champion and Kidman rebounds right into London who delivers a perfectly timed spinning back kick that sends Kidman down!! London though is straight back to work as he brings Kidman up again, kick to the mid section, DDT, NO!! Kidman blocks it and spins London round, swings for London who ducks it himself this time before spinning Kidman round, DDT connects this time!! The fans sense London is close here now as he heads to the top rope, looking to finish this off. Kidman is out of things here before we see London glimpse around at the fans before London FLIES through the sky and drops Kidman with the Shooting Star Press!! Cover, 1..2..3.. It’s over!!

Winner: Paul London(6:17)

Michael Cole: Big victory for the Cruiserweight champion here tonight against a game Billy Kidman!

Tazz: Paul London looking damn sure impressive here tonight Cole and I don’t care whether it’s Chavo, whether it’s Hurricane, it don’t matter who it is, London when he’s puttin’ on performances like that, he ain’t gonna be stopped.

London now has a mic in hand but wait’s a second to catch his breath.

Paul London: For quite a while now, I’ve been sittin’ and watchin’ what’s been goin’ on between Chavo Guerrero and The Hurricane.

London again takes a second, still panting a bit.

Paul London: A lot of people have their opinion on it. Some are comin’ up to me and they’re saying ‘Paul, you gotta watch your back man, Chavo’s gonna sink his claws in on Hurricane and hey, before you know it, Gregory Helms will be the Cruiserweight Champion’.

Boos as London nods.

Paul London: Others? Others are saying ‘Paul, you don’t need to worry about a thing, Hurricane, he wouldn’t do that to you, he’s better than that. Chavo ain’t gonna get his way this time round’.

London again pauses, breathing heavily.

Paul London: And throughout all this, I agreed with those people. I thought to myself that Hurricane, he’s gonna do what’s right, Hurricane will go about wanting this, about chasing this title the right way.

London holds out his title.

Paul London: But now? Now, I’m starting to have some doubts creep in. I’m starting to wonder just whether Hurricane really believes he can chase, whether he really believes he can win this the right way. Chavo’s tryin’ to get inside his head, tryin’ to turn him, supposedly Chavo is trying to ‘help’ Hurricane. Well I’m telling Hurricane right here, right now that he doesn’t need help from ANYBODY.

Decent little pop.

Paul London: Hurricane, he pushed me to my limit a couple weeks back and on another night, he coulda walked out as the Cruiserweight Champion. In my mind, he does deserve another shot at this so I’m gonna lay down the challenge right here and now. Paul London vs. The Hurricane, The Great American Bash for this Cruiserweight title.

Nice pop for that as London holds up his belt.

Paul London: BUT I wanna do this man to man, I wanna do this the right way, fair and square. No Chavo Guerrero, no mind games, just you and me Hurricane in the middle of this ring, may the very best man win. Now I’m gonna let you think about it and by next week I want an answer, I wanna know who you really are. We do this the right way, I’m puttin’ all my trust in you ‘Greg’.

London then drops the mic and exit’s the ring with a really strong look of intensity on his face as the fans give him a nice reception.

Michael Cole: Strong, STRONG words from Paul London here tonight and Tazz can ya really blame him for having his doubts about this whole thing?

Tazz: Not at all Cole. When the Cruiserweight title is on the line, you do whatever it takes and I think Chavo Guerrero has got that, or is close to getting that inside the head of The Hurricane.

Michael Cole: Well next week, Paul London wants an answer, he wants to know just what Hurricane is gonna do and how he’s gonna do it. London vs. Hurricane at The Great American Bash, what’s the answer gonna be?!

We then head off backstage where we see Josh Matthews running, before we see that he’s catching up with the ‘man Beat’ Rhyno.

Josh Matthews: Rhyno! Rhyno, just a second!

Matthews catches him and Rhyno turns around, not looking in the mood.

Josh Matthews: Rhyno last week you shocked everybody when you attacked your friend Booker T, following your loss to Carlito. Tonight, once again you attacked Booker, leaving him laid out with a gore. We all know about your issues with Carlito but the question on everybody’s lips is, why did you attack Booker T both last week and again here tonight?

Rhyno looks pissed about the question.

Rhyno: I thought it’d pretty obvious to everybody just why I did what I did to Booker. This whole thing between me and Booker comes from Carlito. This is all Carlito’s fault, HE is my priority right now and Josh, Booker, he just keeps on getting in my way.

Rhyno flips his hair a bit, looking less than pleased right now.

Rhyno: I’ve realised a whole lot lately that I don’t wanna walk around this place anymore waiting for my chance to come, waiting for my time to shine, helping other people to get in front of me which is exactly what I’ve been doing with Booker T. At Judgment Day, I tried to help Booker, I tried to help him deal with Carlito, after what that guy did to me, I didn‘t want Booker endin’ up the same way, but it didn’t work.

Rhyno shakes his head.

Rhyno: So y’know, I decided that I was gonna try and get my own bit of payback on Carlito. That I was gonna send a message to him, both from me and from Booker. But again, it didn’t work, because Booker just couldn‘t stay outta the picture could he? He could not stay away. Then we get to last week and finally, I finally get my hands on him. Me and Carlito, a No Disqaulification match, the PERFECT environment for a guy like me to get that payback I so badly wanted, the payback that I CRAVED.

Rhyno’s aggression is evident here.

Rhyno: But who cost me Josh? Who cost me? Yeah, yeah you guessed it, Booker T cost me. Who else? Booker T needs to be the centre of his attention, he only thinks about NUMBER ONE! Last week was MY moment, MY chance at retribution and Booker just wouldn’t let me have it.

Heat now for the Man Beast.

Rhyno: When that bell rang and Carlito was announced as the winner, it began to sink in, it began to really hit home. So I did exactly what I needed to do last week and I gave Booker T exactly what he DESERVED. There ain’t NO place for friends around here Josh. Not anymore. Booker T looks after only one thing around here and that’s himself. From now on, I’m doin’ the same damn thing.

Heat again for Rhyno as he heads off and we see a taken aback Josh Matthews.


We return and we head into a pre-recorded video. It’s just set in one room with a purplish background like curtain, but we see the tag team of Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suuzki who are looking on at the camera, Dupree with a slight grin, Suzuki fairly emotionless.

Rene Dupree: Bobby Lashley. Ever since ‘e came to Smackdown, people ‘ave labelled ‘im as unstoppable, as dominant, as a freak of nature.

Suzuki simply nods as Dupree ticks them off the list.

Rene Dupree: As impressive as ‘e is, those labels e ‘as been given are not entirely true. See Bobby Lashley may be a freak of nature, ‘e may be dominant BUT dominance? It always comes to an end. Unstoppable? Ha ha, everybody can be stopped.

Dupree lets out a little smile as Suzuki just keeps looking like one of those nodding dogs.

Rene Dupree: There is always a way to a way to win, believe me, always. As far as a way to deal with someone like Bobby Lashley goes, myself and Kenzo we ‘ave ze answers and that is why we are challenging ‘big’, ‘bad’, Bobby Lashley to a match at ze Great American Bash. Bobby Lashley? ‘is momentum, ‘is run of dominance it’s gonna end.

Dupree again lets out that evil like grin before pointing at he and Kenzo.

Rene Dupree: And when we’re through with Lashley, ‘e will no longer be labelled a freak of nature, ‘e won’t be unstoppable, ‘e won’t be dominant anymore. All Bobby Lashley will be labelled as, is a failure.

Dupree then laughs lightly before leaving and Kenzo looks intently at the camera before delivering a nod and joining his partner in exiting the shot.

Head back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Well that video was recorded earlier on today folks and although Bobby Lashley is not here tonight, we have been informed that Lashley has accepted the challenge and at The Great American Bash, those two men Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki will take on the ‘Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley. No doubting that it’s gonna be one of the biggest tests of Lashley’s young career to date, taking on two very game, very focused, very motivated superstars when we enter Buffalo on July 24th.

Tazz: Lashley’s destroyed everything in his path since comin’ to Smackdown Cole and there ain’t no doubt that it’s gonna be a big ask for him come The Great American Bash but if anybody’s got the tools to take on two men, it’s Bobby Lashley baby.

‘Burn in my Light’

It’s heat from the crowd with the odd cheer as out steps the Legend Killer, Randy Orton, set for our main event

Michael Cole: Well already tonight Randy Orton has made his intentions clear as he wants payback in our main event. Orton is in no doubts that it was Kurt Angle and/or JBL that attacked him backstage last week. Tonight, Orton gets his shot at Angle.

Tazz: This is gonna be a hell of a match up Cole. You got two of the participants in the Fatal-4-Way at The Great American Bash who are gonna wanna send a message, gonna wanna make a statement here tonight and in Randy Orton you got someone who wants to take payback. This is gonna be big.


It’s pretty strong heat for the Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle as he steps out, not taking his eyes off of Orton

Michael Cole: For weeks now Kurt Angle has claimed that John Cena is running scared of him, that John Cena wants absolutely nothing to do with him. Well in just under a months time Kurt Angle will get to prove whether or not his claims are true because John Cena must face Angle as part of that Fatal-4-Way for the WWE championship.

Tazz: Cole we heard from Cena tonight and the champ said himself that he ain’t backing down from anybody and that includes Kurt Angle. I don’t think Cena’s blufffin’ neither. When Cena and Angle come face to face in that Fatal-4-Way it’s gonna be a major collision course.

Main Event: Singles Match

Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle

There’s no waiting around here as Orton is straight on the attack, clearly wanting a big piece of Kurt Angle here tonight. Angle barely has time to breathe as Orton is all over him like a rash with right and left hands from all angles as he lays into the Wrestling Machine, pegging Angle back into the turnbuckle. The referee tries to calm Orton down before beginning a count as Orton borders on getting disqualified here. At the count of three though, Orton backs down and steps off Angle only to be met with a right hand from the Wrestling Machine! Angle now puts Orton on the back foot with right hands of his own before an Irish whip to the Legend Killer who rebounds and Angle catches him with a belly to back suplex, sending Orton flying and his momentum takes him under the ropes and out of the ring! This one is starting a frantic pace as Angle lets out a roar to the crowd with a few cheers but mainly boos as we get a shot of Orton down on the outside.

Angle waits momentarily before dropping to the outside also and going right to work on Orton, delivering a couple of stomps to the fallen Legend Killer before grabbing the back of Orton’s head and bringing him to his feet as Angle again delivers some right hands before whipping Orton into the announce table! Orton’s back smashes against the table as Michael Cole and Tazz rise, wanting nothing to do with this but their fear is shortlived as Angle again picks Orton upright before tossing him back inside of the ring. Angle goes for a surprise cover, 1..kick out at one from Orton as Angle raises an eyebrow to the referee before going to work on the back of Orton’s neck, delivering some clubbing forearm shots as Orton is down and in a bad way right now, perhaps a bit too over zealous heading into this encounter.

Angle now locks Orton into a choke hold as the Wrestling Machine wraps his legs around the neck of Orton before yanking away, applying strong pressure here to the young, cocky superstar. Orton gasps for air, swinging his arms around, not tapping but hoping the ropes are within arms length but it’s to no avail as he’s almost slap, bang in the middle of the ring. Orton still struggles as Angle doesn’t appear to be relenting and the fans take Orton’s side in this one, despite him being a heel, they will Orton on to escape Angle’s clutches and Orton manages to get an arm onto Angle’s left leg, trying, clawing at it to get off of him. Orton’s strength is clear as he almost fights free but Angle decides he’ll end it himself before smashing Orton with a kick to the face, putting him firmly down again.

Angle takes a second before dragging Orton upright once more and Angle looks for a right hand but Orton blocks it and delivers a right of his own, looking for a route back into things. Orton with a nother right hand, followed by another before a stiff looking uppercut takes Angle off balance and Orton connects with a dropkick!! Orton scurries into a cover, 1..2..shoulder up at two from Angle as it’s Orton’s turn now to take control. The Legend Killer gets back to his feet before running the ropes and slowly, methodically dropping a knee right onto the face of Angle who clutches his forehead right after. Orton then delivers a couple more stomps to the head before bringing Angle to his feet. The Legend Killer goes for an Irish whip, reversal by Angle though and Orton hit’s the turnbuckle, Angle comes charging at him, NOBODY HOME! Angle spins round right into a kick to the mid section by Orton who drops Angle with a snap suplex!! Cover again by Orton, 1..2..shoulder up once more from Angle as Orton looks a bit more frustrated now.

Orton takes a moment in the corner, allowing Angle to his knees before heading back onto the mutiple time WWE champion. Orton delivers some hard elbows to the head of Angle before looking to bring him up but he’s met with a shot to the mid section, followed by another as Angle tries to draw his way back into this. Orton is winded now it appears and that allows Angle to strike, delivering some right hands to Orton before a clothesline takes down the youngster. Orton is right back up though and Angle takes him back down once more with a nice arm drag. Angle keeps Orton grounded now with a chinlock applied as he really looks to wear down the Legend Killer. The second hold Angle has applied tonight and Orton needs to find that same strength and power to get out of this as he found earlier on tonight already. Angle tightens his grip furthermore as Orton lets out a cry in pain, again reaching out, hoping to cling onto something, anything to draw him to his feet. Eventually after a long slog, Orton does begin to find an extra ten percent and digs away at Angle with some elbows, getting to his knees slowly before delivering some more elbows as Orton manages to break the grip of the Wrestling Machine.

Orton and Angle are both searching for some breath and it’s Orton who moves first, having broken free, delivering a right to Angle but Angle responds and we have a real battle on our hands now here as both men trade right hands and it’s Orton who gets the better of his opponent, forcing him back before knocking him down with a HUGE right. Angle is right back up again though as Orton delivers an Irish whip, Angle comes off the ropes and Orton takes him down with a nice back elbow. Quick into the cover, kick out at one though from Angle. Orton keeps the pressure on however as he’s straight back to work on Angle, putting a boot right into Angle’s face before the referee breaks things off and Orton decides to try his luck with Angle up to his feet. Orton with an Irish whip slams Angle into the turnbuckle and Orton charges at him, looking for a clothesline but Angle scoops Orton up and over the top down to the outside as Orton eats the floor!

Angle takes a second to catch his breath, still reeling from Orton’s onslaught before heading out to his opponent for the second time here tonight. Angle grabs the neck of the Legend Killer before smashing him face first off the side of the ring, leaving Orton to clutch his nose here. Orton spins around again and is met with a boot to the gut before Angle tosses Orton face first into the ring post!! Orton’s head smashes back off the post and he drops once more as Angle lets out a roar to the crowd who simply boo him. The referee’s count is now at 7, so Angle opts to drag Orton up again, before tossing him back inside the ring and following in pursuit. The Wrestling Machine eyes up Orton, stalking him almost before delivering a kick to the face, followed by another before lifting Orton up again. Orton seems dazed as Angle stands him up and grabs him from behind, ANGLE SLAM TIME!! Orton counters it though and pushes Kurt off of him and into the ropes, Angle comes back at him to be met by an RKO, RKO, NO!! Angle counters this time, pushing Orton away. Orton spins back around into a kick to the mid section before a snap DDT from Angle!! Cover, 1..2..3.. NO!! Orton just about kicks out.

The crowd doesn’t know whether to cheer or groan as Orton holds on and Angle can only look on in frustration that he couldn’t finish off Orton there. The Wrestling Machine now heads to the corner and pulls the straps down on his attire, clearly wanting to finish this off now as Orton gets slowly to his feet. Orton is up again now and Angle catches him from behind, Angle Slam this time, no Orton again slithers away before a schoolboy!! 1..2..3..NO!! Angle just about kicks out this time as Orton almost steals one. Both men are rapidly to their feet and it’s Orton who strikes laying out Angle with a big time dropkick from out of nowhere! Orton now sense it’s his turn to try and finish this off and he drops to the mat, stalking Angle, priming him for an RKO here as the fans get to their feet but there are sudden boos?? We soon see why as JBL comes down the ramp! Layfield hops up onto the apron and distracts the referee’s attention. Orton doesn’t seem to know what’s going on but soon realises the ref is gone and sees JBL on the outside. Orton charges at him but JBL drops down, mouthing insults at the Legend Killer. Orton turns back around to focus on Kurt Angle but Angle is up and connects this time!! Angle connects this time with a thunderous Angle Slam!! Into the cover, 1..2..3..NO, ORTON KICKED OUT!!

Somehow, someway Randy Orton kicks out to the horror of both Angle and JBL. JBL seems devastated and hops up on the apron again but the fans begin to cheer wildly as down comes John Cena!! Cena grabs JBL and tosses him down before unloading on Layfield with right hands before Cena whips JBL into the steel steps!! Angle sees Cena on the outside and motions for him to come inside the ring, Angle seems to say ‘You wanna piece?’, Cena nods and hops on the apron, only to hop back down again and let out a wry smile as Angle mouths ‘What?’ Cena then says ‘Turn around’ and Angle does right into an RKO!! COVER FROM ORTON, 1..2..3..HE GOT HIM!!

Winner: Randy Orton(12:14)

Michael Cole: Randy Orton got him!! John Cena has cost Kurt Angle in a HUGE way here tonight!!

Tazz: Man oh man Cole. Look at Kurt Angle’s face! John Cena has unleashed a whole new side to Kurt Angle, he’s gonna explode!!

We see a fired up look on Angle’s face as he looks about ready to blow before we see Cena on the ramp, not taking his eyes off of Angle, looking dead serious before holding his WWE title up high to a strong pop. We then see a shot of JBL on the outside, holding the back of his head after his hard landing before we see the referee holding Randy Orton’s hand up in victory on the opposite side, he too staring at John Cena before switching his attentions to Angle.

Michael Cole: Four men, one goal. The WWE Championship! But on this night, it is Randy Orton and it is John Cena, it is the champion himself who land the first blow!! Goodnight everybody!!

Date: 24th July 2005
Venue: HSBC Arena; Buffalo, New York

Current card for The Great American Bash:

WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Match:
John Cena(c) vs John Bradshaw Layfield vs Randy Orton vs Kurt Angle

WWE United States Championship:
Orlando Jordan(c) vs Matt Hardy

Two on One Handicap Match:
Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki vs Bobby Lashley

WWE Tag Team Championships:
(Melina will be banned from ringside; If Van Dam and Mysterio lose they will not receive another title opportunity whilst MNM are champions)
MNM(c) vs Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio
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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Very good opening six man tag team match thought that rhyno interfering was well done without taking the focus away from the match itself.

Randy Orton segment was well written i feel that Orton back in 2005 was just developing and by putting him against the likes of Angle can only benefit him in his progress.

love the angle of masters being fooled by the mexicools. thought it was a good and about time that masters bought in the help of someone and with the pitbulls it balances it out numbers wise as well as allowing them to develop into a good team.

oj and teddy segment was well written. personally i dont remember much oj in the wwe but vaguely remember him to an angry man so for me the segment and personality was well written and covered as well as further setting up the future match with hard.

JBL continuing on his role toward GAB was good heidenreich obviously stood no chance to win but someone of his size and standing in the ring is a big thing for momentum.

The cena and angle interaction was well written with some great back and forth action and good to see people get behind cena who like orton wasnt fully established as a star in 05 but these sort of things go a long way to getting there

good to see the champ london win. always liked him and good to see him being used well. the post match talk by london though didnt seem very much like him but can see where you're going with him being unbeatable in his own eyes cockiness is something london can portray well i feel like kendrick

Rhyno showed his psycho persona well in his little thing backstage which goes a long way into further putting him against the likes of booker and carlito.

lashley against suzuki and dupree could be interesting hope lashley gets over the these two and the segment gets dupree and suzuki to appear to have a fighting chance.

Loved the main event thought it was well written with some great action for both orton and angle. finish definetly sets up a big battle in the next few weeks before GAB could make for interesting reading thats for sure


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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Since I am a new reader, the package was great help in catching up with the main storyline.

There’s something so Smackdown about that storyline between Rhino, Booker T and Carlito. That’s not something good or bad, it’s just that is one of those storylines that wouldn’t have surprised me seeing back in 2003-2007 in the midcard of Smackdown. Nice doing with Carlito wrestling as more of a heavyweight, a more grounded moveset in here, instead of him going out and busting some high flying moves. Faces get the win which is to be expected in a big multiman tag matches

Nice Randy Orton promo in here, with his usual routine back in the day of getting more and more intense, reaching a climax and then cockily lower his intensity. Not sure if he would be so happy about the Fatal Four Way instead of a one on one match though.

Nice match between Master and Juventud following the classic big man small man dynamic. Poor Chris as apparently he has lost to the entire Mexicools. Not too sure initially about pairing Masters with cruiserweights. I don’t see him looking for that kind of help, but let’s see where this goes.

Never been a big fan of Orlando Jordan, but this was a nice segment with him. I see Matt Hardy beating him at the GAB.

I think JBL should have defeated Heidenreich a little faster. Then again, five minutes is still in squash territory so it’s alright.

That was a fine promo with John Cena. You had him nailed perfectly and you gave the title match all the hype in the world with that promo alone. Lol John Cena just sold you the PPV.

Not too invested on the Rhino and Paul London promos. I just don’t care about them. Nonetheless, the promos were nicely written and Rhino’s has me thinking on who is he really going to go after, is he going to finally take Carlito out or has he completely set his sight on Booker T.

I had read this main event long before reviewing the rest of the show, and I used it for inspiration to continue working on my next show. There was something about the flow of it that made it a perfect Kurt Angle match. Tbh, sometimes I could picture Tazz calling the match with some of the lines you had in there. The ending was interesting with Cena just costing Angle the match, but I it’s all in the spirit of hyping the fatal four way.


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