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Phenom: The Chronicles of The Undertaker

Intro: On the 23 of September 1999, just 3 days before Unforgiven, where Undertaker was set to compete in a 6 pack challenge for the WWF title, Undertaker was suspended by Vince McMahon on Smackdown for refusing to wrestle Triple H in a casket match. In truth Undertaker left due to an injury, and he wouldn't be seen again in over 8 months. In this BTB, Undertaker doesn't get injured, he has the casket match with Triple H, which goes to a no contest after interference, and he then fails to capture the WWF title in the six pack challenge at Unforgiven. This BTB will follow the legendary phenom and will start after Unforgiven, and will continue for as long as possible. For anyone who doesn't know, during this period Undertaker was using his gothic Lord of darkness gimmick, just coming off a run with Big Show as the tag team champions. This is Phenom: The Chronicles of The Undertaker.
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Re: Phenom: The Chronicles of The Undertaker

Looks great so far.
I love these "personal" BtB's where it follows one superstar, but I can never seem to find one which stays around. () So hopefully with this, that'll all change. Looks good so far, and I can't wait to see what you do with this! It's a great time to do one about The Undertaker as he is on top of his game, and at any moment, Taker could pick up an "injury" and return as "The American Badass" so this has a lot of potential. Good luck.

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Re: Phenom: The Chronicles of The Undertaker

Uh Ohh..

A personal BTB, I'm intrigued. I'll keep posted.
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Re: Phenom: The Chronicles of The Undertaker

The Undertaker, huh? I will be reading. Good luck.

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Asking SCOTT STEINER for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Phenom: The Chronicles of The Undertaker

Raw - 24 September 1999

At the beginning of Raw it is announced that the number 1 contender for the WWF title at No Mercy will be decided in a triple threat involving Steve Austin, The Rock and The Big Show. In a short clip backstage, Undertaker makes it known he is majorly PO'd that he isn't in the match, especially considering Big Show, who has never been WWF champion, is.

The Undertaker vs X-Pac

"Make Some Noise" Hits as the fan favourite X Pac makes his way down to the ring, crotch chopping and slapping hands with the front row fans.

"Ministry" Plays as an eerie feeling comes over the arenaand the lights darken, this is interrupted by a big explosion as 'Taker's theme kicks in and he appears from the back with Paul Bearer at his side. Underaker enters the ring as the bell rings to signal the start of the match.

Undertaker starts the match aggressively, knocking X-Pac into the corner and laying big right's and left's into Pac. X-Pac dodges a shot and starts hitting his own shots on Undertaker. 'Taker seems furious and tries to get his hands on X-Pac, who dodges again and hits Undertaker with more shots. X-Pac hits 'Taker with a kick to the gut and tries to Irish whip him, but Undertaker is too powerful, and he throws X-Pac right over the top rope. Undertaker follows X-Pac out and starts hitting some big shots. Undertaker whips X-Pac right into the stell ring post. Undertaker rolls X-Pac into the ring and Pac backs into the corner. The Undertaker lands shot after shot as the ref tries to restrain him, and starts to count him out. Undertaker refuses to let up, choking Pac with his boot. The ref gets his count to 5 and calls for the bell disqualifying Undertaker.

Winner - X-Pac via DQ

As Undertaker realises he has been DQ'd he turns to the ref, who immediately jumps right out of the ring. Undertaker takes X-Pac up on his shoulder's, and... Bam! Tombstone Piledriver!

"Burned" Starts to play to a big pop as Kane storms out from the back, arriving to help his tag team partner X-Pac. Kane steps over the ropes, enterin the ring, and stares down Undertaker, as Paul Bearer tries to convince Undertaker to back away. The Brothers of Destruction go nose to nose, until Undertaker eventually listens to Bearer and backs away, leaving the ring as Kane tends to Pac.

The Big Show vs Steve Austin vs The Rock

....The Rock looks for a Rock Bottom on Big Show, but... Big Show shoves Rock off and attempts a chokeslam. Rock elbows off Big Show, kicks him in the gut and hits a DDT. "Ministry" Blasts over the PA as everyone turns there attention to the top of the ramp, where Undertaker storms don the ramp with a steel chair in hand, Paul Bearer following behind. Undertaker rolls into the ring and smashes The Rock over the head with the chair. Stone Cold rolls into the ring and 'Taker quickly turns and blasts him too. The Big Show climbs to his feet against the ropes, and stares at Undertaker for a few seconds, Undertaker nods at his former partner, and truns to leave as Big Show looks set to cover Rock or Austin and become the number 1 contender. Then, Undertaker turns and hits a sickening shot on Big Show's skull, as the giant ssinks to his back. Undertaker starts laying more chair shots into Big Show, venting all his frustration on the giant, and bends and mutates the chair. Undertaker tosses the chair down and leaves the ring, storming up the ramp followed by Bearer, as inside the ring Austi covers Big Show and wins the match. Raw ends with the music of the rattlesnake playing and Big Show betrayed and beaten in the ring.
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