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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

Coachmen? Ugh not a fan at all.

I like Moore and Whipwreck coming but correct me if I'm wrong but did Whipwreck ever work for Vince? Especially not in 2007? I thought he retired in like 2001-2002 except for a few ECW reunion appearances.

Still not feeling the whole kidnapping angle at all but I am excited to see who the three friends of shane o mac are.

I liked the cruiser weight match. The match at Souled out should be awesome. Im not so sure I'm too sold on the horsemen though. Just doesn't feel right for an Anderson to be telling a Flair what to do.

I'm loving the Terry Funk run and to be honest I'm pulling for him to go all the way!

At first I wasn't feeling the Sean O Haire gimmick at all but Im starting to warm up to it now.

Glad to see Stiener get mic time but Big Poppa Pump respects Kanyon? There un-stiener like promo.

Im not a big Al Snow fan or Maven fan but I'm loving this whole segment and am actually hoping they win the tag titles.

LMAO at Shane's old friends. That was great.

Rhodes vs Hall was nice. I like the fact that Hall is advancing and I'd love to see him get a title run. Plus with Rhodes loosing it sets up a nice match between him and OJ. And it makes me think the funker may be going all the way.

Ugh Page over Tanaka? I guess it makes since because a WCW fan probably has no idea who Tanaka is. Hopefully Page looses in the next round.

Over all a solid show, nothing spectacular but it got the job done and continues to build toward the pay per view. Keep the shows coming!!
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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

From WCWFans.com:

Backstage News & Notes
Sunday 21st January 2007

Well, it’s Sunday and that means another edition of Backstage News & Notes exclusively on WCWFans.com. A whole new timeslot for this episode of Nitro but hopefully some of you stayed up to catch what proved an exciting night.

The World Heavyweight Title Tournament continued and we now know the identities of the final four men in the running for the title: Terry Funk, Diamond Dallas Page, Scott Hall and Scott Steiner. The company have yet to announce the semi-final matches, with insider sources telling us that they’re going to be drawn live on Monday night. The ‘smart’ money seems to be on Scott Steiner, who many feel the only man worthy of the belt, but there’s a groundswell of support for the living legend Terry Funk to get one more run with the belt. It’s been ten years since he shocked the world by winning the ECW belt and now fans seem determined that he’ll add to his collection.

We also found out who the third team to enter TLC will be, with Totally Buff overcoming their nemeses Gymini and advancing to Souled Out. The qualifying for that match concludes this week as Maven and Al Snow take on the reunited force of The Impact Players. Al Snow and Maven have had their issues recently as Snow battles the bottle, much to Maven’s frustration. To make matters worse, Maven was beaten down by The Dicks this week while trying to save the Nitro Girls from their advances.

The Heart Throbs hatched a plan to get Shane McMahon back by challenging Eric Bischoff and his boys to a 5-on-5 match at Souled Out, claiming they had three friends of Shane in the back willing to fight alongside them. Bischoff agreed to the challenge on the condition that those three friends face Matt Morgan, Luther Reigns and Tony Mamaluke on Nitro. When the match came around, the Heart Throbs’ partners were revealed to be the Mean Street Posse! Bischoff’s boys made light work of then men from the Greenwich, leaving them in hospital, according to WCW.com. What does this mean for the Heart Throbs and Souled Out?

Dustin Rhodes was ejected from the World Heavyweight Title Tournament due to the interference from a vengeful Orlando Jordan. A furious Rhodes demanded a match with OJ next week but was instead given two; this week on Nitro he’ll team with Marty Jannetty to take on Orlando Jordan and his partner CW Anderson. Whichever man ends up on the winning side will get to pick the stipulation for their one-on-one contest at Souled Out.

The problems between Jannetty and Anderson also came to a head this week when Jannetty was part of Terry Funk’s back-up to counteract the Horsemen. After a brawl between the two sides he took the liberty of launching himself over the top rope and taking out the Horsemen with a big crossbody. We presume tensions between the two will mount on Nitro and expect for them to interact somehow on PPV.

Finally... The cruiserweights returned and it was a pleasure, as always, to see them in action. An outstanding highflying contest saw the babyfaces pick up the win and all of us here at WCWFans.com are extremely excited to see them go at it at Souled Out.

Souled Out is just eight days away and as things stand, we have the following matches confirmed:

WCW World Heavyweight Title
Any two from Terry Funk, DDP, Scott Hall & Scott Steiner

For Shane McMahon's Freedom:
The Heart Throbs & (presumably) The Mean Street Posse vs. Matt Morgan, Luther Reigns & The FBI (Tony Mamaluke, Tony DeVito & Big Guido w/Trinity & Eric Bischoff)

WCW World Tag Team Titles - TLC Match
The Legion Of Doom vs. The Basham Brothers (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Totally Buff vs Maven & Al Snow or The Impact Players

Grudge Match - Stipulation TBD on Nitro
"The Lonestar" Dustin Rhodes vs. Orlando Jordan

WCW World Cruiserweight Title - 8-Pack Challenge
Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri (w/Kyo Dai) vs. Kid Kash vs. Mikey Whipwreck vs. Lash LeRoux vs. Grandmaster Sexay vs. David Flair (w/The New Horsemen) vs. "The Prince Of Punk" Shannon Moore

Things appear to be shaping up nicely for the show, with only a couple more matches expected to be added tomorrow night to round off a great card.

In backstage news from last week, there was apparently a big debate about one or two of the quarter-final matches. Heyman and Bischoff were seen arguing about the outcomes of both the DDP-Tanaka and Anderson-Funk matches. There seems to be a little dissension about the pushes the younger guys are getting from Bischoff, but Heyman has ultimately won out by asking Easy E to trust him.

There have also been heated discussions between Heyman, Bischoff and DSW director Tom Pritchard. Pritchard has reported that The Great Khali has become problematic in Atlanta by being unwilling to learn or improve in the ring, while Heyman is reluctant to call him up to the main roster until he improves in the ring. Bischoff has been playing the role of mediator in this one, as he understands the concerns of both men. From a business perspective, it’s better for the company to try and develop Khali as a wrestler, though rushing him onto television has the obvious benefit of them being able to hype a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion on the show. This battle will surely continue.

The decision to bring in Jonathan Coachman as WCW Commissioner has been reported by our sources to be Bischoff's idea. The two men became good friends whilst working together in the WWE and Bischoff is said to be extremely excited at Coach's potential in the role.

To the ratings, not that they matter without the two companies being head-to-head. Nitro did a 1.03 in it’s graveyard timeslot to Raw’s 6.94. Interesting to note that the WWE still lost viewers, despite being unopposed. Obviously, that 1.03 won’t include any PVR recordings and you’d expect that many fans recorded the show due to being at work/school the following morning. WCW insiders tell us they hope to be back in a more sociable timeslot in the near future.

A couple of signings to talk about this week. As many will have deduced from the introduction of the countdown on Nitro this week, it’s believed that an agreement was reached with Chris Jericho. The nature of the agreement is unknown, and could just be to promote the use of his single. Either way, by my calculations, the countdown runs out in the final quarter of the Nitro after Souled Out. Take that for what it’s worth.

In other news, we’re told negotiations are at an ‘advanced stage’ with a member of TNA’s roster. The star in question has links to WCW and is coming to the end of his contract, but that’s all the information we have at this time.

Developmental news, now, as DSW ran a ’super’ show out of Marietta, GA this week in front of a crowd of 400. Results as follows:

1. Mitch & Johnny of Team Spirit d. The Major Brothers
2. David Young & Lance Hoyt d. Idol Stevens & KC James
3. Balls Mahoney d. Oleg Prudius in a hardcore match
4. Candice Michelle & Angel Williams d. Beth Phoenix & Shantelle Taylor
5. MVP d. Lance Cade
6. Claudio Castagnoli & Dan Rodimer d. Henry Godwinn & Brad Armstrong
7. The Miz (managed by Matt Striker) d. Cody Rhodes
8. The Un-Touchable (w/Cherry Pie) d. Urban Assault to retain the DSW Tag Team Titles
9. The Great Khali d. Elijah Burke to retain the DSW Heavyweight Title

The Miz is now being managed by Matt Striker, with the two said to be one of the most obnoxious pairings in recent history; many in the company want to see if the pairing is good enough to go to television for the long-term, so keep your eyes peeled. MVP debuted in what many called an ‘excellent match’ against Lane Cade and, again, the company is looking to get both men on television soon.

Khali’s victory over Elijah Burke was said to have been a ‘close contest’ until Burke was attacked by Kevin Thorn. Thorn cut a promo in which he referred to their shared past in WWECW as his motivation for the attack.

That’s all the notes we have right now, but we’ll be back next week with more Backstage News & Notes.

OOC: It might be a week or so before I get the next Nitro up as I have laptop issues again. All feedback is welcomed though. And I even try and rep for it when I can.

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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

I like this thread been reading through it. Like the concept. Like what your doing with limited resources (talentwise) and each shows is making me wonder what will happen next.

Things im not enjoying at the moment.

Horsemen - Good way for the people involved to try to make a name for themselves but they dont appear to do anything together. So far there leader has lost clean to a 60 year old. One member David Flair has been involved in tag match with different partners. I see why you did it but when was the last time you ever saw a member of Evolution or the original horsemen team with so many non horsemen partners. Then all 4 members were taken out by a crossbody?

Shane Mcmahon 'Kidnapping' - Kidnapping storylines always sit uncomfy with me as holding someone hostage wouldnt make me want to settle something in a wrestling ring. You'd phone the police. How did they get him through customs when traveling show to show surely airport staff would have said something. I know im just being picky just not a fan of storylines that try to break the 4th wall.

Things i am liking.

Tournaments for the titles are progressing nicely.
DDP - Love Diamond Dallas Page can actually feel myself rooting for him during the matches as im reading them.
Al Snow - Great comedy relief for the shows nice to not have everything in the show heavy especially with the tone of the major storyline.

Wrestlemania 30 was awesome

3 Axxess events
Hogan VIP
Flair VIP
Wrestlecon session 1
Hall Of Fame Section 113 Row 11 Seat 1
Wrestlemania Section 140 Row 20 Seat 14.
Monday Night Raw Section 123 Row 16 seat 6
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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

From WCW.com

WCW Monday Nitro
January 22nd 2007

Just three weeks into the new era of WCW and already big changes are happening in the company. With Shane McMahon gone and Bischoff’s attention being focussed on keeping the Heart Throbs under control, Easy E dug deep into his address book to hire a new Commissioner for World Championship Wrestling, Jonathan Coachman. Coach wasted no time in making his mark on Nitro by adding two more competitors to the Cruiserweight Title match at Souled Out, Mikey Whipwreck and “The Prince Of Punk” Shannon Moore. Later in the night, he went on to extend his influence by stamping his authority on the war between Dustin Rhodes and Orlando Jordan.

As we’ve seen, the war between Rhodes and Jordan started out innocently enough; Rhodes interfering on behalf of his friend Terry Funk, to help the living legend advance in the tournament. However, Funk’s opponent, Orlando Jordan, took exception to his actions and has been seeking revenge for it ever since. Finally, last week on Nitro, OJ’s interference cost Rhodes victory in his Quarter-Final match against Scott Hall, causing Rhodes to go to Coach demanding a match at Souled Out. Coach agreed, but only on the condition that Rhodes team with Marty Jannetty for a tag team match against OJ and CW Anderson tonight. The rewards in this contest are great, however, with the winner - Rhodes or Jordan - choosing the stipulation for their match this Sunday.

Meanwhile, the rivalry between Jannetty and Anderson continued as Anderson found himself on the losing end of a contest with Terry Funk. Despite the best efforts of the New Horsemen on the outside, Funk had come to the ring with back-up - Rhodes, Jannetty and Vader - who were only too happy to neutralise the outside threat ad give Funk a fighting chance of which he took full advantage. As an exclamation point, Jannetty cleared out the Horsemen after the match by delivering a huge crossbody to the outside.

The biggest talking point of these past three weeks has been the kidnapping of Shane McMahon. This situation has escalated quickly and last week saw the challenge from The Heart Throbs to Eric Bischoff: A five-on-five contest for Shane’s freedom at Souled Out. We already knew which five men would represent Bischoff: Morgan, Reigns and The FBI but the three partners of the Heart Throbs were something of a mystery. They promised Bischoff they had three friends of Shane McMahon in the back and the match was set. Morgan, Reigns and The FBI’s Tony Mamaluke would take on the challenge of… The Mean Street Posse?

The match was a short one that left the men from Greenwich hospitalised; to make matters worse, Bischoff and Coach have raised the stakes for Sunday: If the Heart Throbs lose, they MUST retire. What will happen this week on Nitro? Will the Mean Street Posse make it to Sunday? Find out tonight!

Qualifying matches a-go-go tonight as we find out the final pieces of the jigsaw for Souled Out as the final competitors in both TLC and the World Heavyweight title matches will be revealed. Our final TLC qualifier sees “Team Tough Enough” - Al Snow & Maven - taking on the legendary team of The Impact Players. Life hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing in recent weeks for Snow & Maven; concerns has arisen in the locker-room about Al Snow’s drunken antics, which last week saw in involved in a car accident in the parking lot as he went to the aid of the hospitalised Maven, who himself may not have been there had it not been for Snow abandoning him during a confrontation with The Dicks. With so much going on, how can they possibly focus on this contest?

Their opponents are the former two-time tag team champions The Impact Players, Justin Credible and Lance Storm. These two men have yet to make their WCW debuts, though Storm himself was a huge part of the original WCW back in 2000/01 with Team Canada. However, his name was made as part of The Impact Players and with the incomparable Dawn Marie by their side, this team are rightfully considered one of the all-time great tag teams.

Finally, Nitro will see four become two as we finally discover which two men will face each other at Souled Out for the opportunity to be the first WCW World Heavyweight Champion of the new era. The Semi-Final draw will take place live on tonight’s show, so nobody - not even the competitors - has any time to prepare for the matches. Each of the four men will feel they have something to prove, as Page, Funk and Steiner look to reclaim World Title glory while Scott Hall is a man on a mission to claim the first World Championship of his illustrious career. Who will face each other at Souled Out? Tune into Nitro - tonight at Midnight on NBC - to find out!

Confirmed matches for Nitro:

WCW World Heavyweight Title Tournament - Semi-Finals :-
Draw to take place on Nitro for matches between: Diamond Dallas Page, Scott Hall, Terry Funk & Scott Steiner

WCW World Tag Team Title TLC Qualifier :-
Maven & Al Snow vs. The Impact Players (w/Dawn Marie)

Winning team Captain picks the stipulation for Souled Out :-
Dustin Rhodes & Marty Jannetty vs. Orlando Jordan & CW Anderson (w/The New Horsemen)

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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

Finally caught up with this BTB thread. I like how Funk, DDP, Hall, and Steiner are all in the final four of this match despite some beiing old but hey, WCW need some casual viewers and these four are the best bets.

I feel that the Heartthrobs have some others in store to tag with them and that the Mean Street Posse was just a smokescreen but we'll see how it develops on the next show.

I'll give a full review of the next show when posted but keep up the good work.

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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

just found this today and read the whole thing....please keep this going because im hooked....
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