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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

Originally Posted by Stojy View Post
I loved your previous threads so I just thought I'd come in and take a look. Right off the bat, I'm just gonna' say that I actually really like the idea. Usually when somebody brings back WCW I don't like it, but everything seems to fit in nicely here. Shane asking his dad for permission was a tad bitchy, but it got the job done, and set the scene nicely. The interaction between Bischoff and Shane was okay to, although I would have liked Bischoff to be a little more of an asshole, tbh. The final segment was good with Heyman wanting a job. Pretty smart thinking to base this around when Heyman got fired. Honestly though, hopefully you don't do to many more backstage segments because it seems every thread that gets posted around here that tries to be 'different' has Bischoff and Heyman at the helm.

Anyway, very promising start. I can't wait for more.
I didn't realise I had fans around here! Yeah, I hate when people just randomly throw a combination of Shane/Bischoff/Heyman/Cornette together (I'm not using Cornette, just illustrating the point) because it feels convoluted. Hence the backstory which, as you know, I'm not usually big on. I just wanted to set the scene and make it feel more organic.

Originally Posted by BkB Hulk View Post

Everything looks pretty great so far. I was somewhat surprised at how easy Vince gave in to Shane to begin with, considering his well renowned stubbornness, however I can appreciate you not wanting to spend too much time on the backstory. The rest is really good, and I'm not sure how much I can really emphasise how excited I am to see this back. Your TNA thread was one of my favourites, and this already seems to be set to be amazing. Really looking forward to it bud.

Good luck.
Hallelujah? Wow. Way to make a brother feel good. Glad you're looking forward to it, I just have to try and live up to the hype. I can't believe some of BTB's finest are showing up! Love it.

Originally Posted by T.W.F.S View Post
Certainly looks interesting as of right now. Looking forward to seeing the complete roster.
I'm not a 'post the complete roster' kinda guy. You'll see who I'm using organically, as the shows unfold, that's just the kind of guy I am.

Now, on with the rest of the backstory. I might get a show out tonight, I might put one up tomorrow.


December 25th, 2006

Christmas day at the McMahon Mansion and the family is back together again. They eat, they drink, they talk a little business until Vince pulls Shane into the drawing room. He hands him a cigar and some cognac and they sit down for a father-son chat.

“So, how’s it going, son?”

“Good, it’s good.”

“Everything going to plan?”

“Sure. We’re a little thin on the talent side, but you knew that, right?”

“Yeah. Not a lot of talent out there that’s worth having that I don’t have under contract.”

“I noticed.”

“And you’ve hired Bischoff and Heyman to help you out? Talk about playing with fire!”

“They’ve assured me that they can work together and I’m taking them at their word.”

“That’s good. You want your Christmas present?”


Vince hands him a neatly-wrapped box which Shane tears open.


“Look, I was hard on you, and I planned to release those guys in the new year anyway. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone and help you out.”

“Really? Who did I get?”

“Al Snow, Tony Mamaluke, The Bashams, Gymini, Gangrel, CW Anderson, Sylvester Terkay, Jazz, Rodney Mack and Tatanka.”

“Wow. That’s, err, very… generous. Thanks dad.”

“You’re welcome.”
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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

. this piece of the backstory was brilliant. I just love the idea of this family feud, and the pure cheek of Vince with the contracts being of the guys that they were was just perfect. Really awesome, stuff, despite the lack of progression, 'cept the fact that Shane doesn't have much talent, this was probably my favorite update so far.

Fun stuff, and don't go all modest on me. I'm trying to make that my gimmick.

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Getting ignored by SCOTT STEINER
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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

Another great back story. I love the idea of the Mcmahon family dinners. I could see these turning very heated though in a year or so. Vince sure didn't give much for christmas this year. Though there are dome diamonds in that rough if used correctly. C.W. could be huge in the right role,Sylvester Terkay I don't really remember but after doing some research he has the look anyway and pretty much a blank canvas to work with gimmick wise. I was never a fan of The Bashams but they make a solid mid-level tag team for the roster. The addition of Heyman seems like a no brainer and was well written. Plus it give WCW instant tension against WWE and Vince. I also LOVE the idea that the first show is at The Georgia Dome. It has that WCW feel already. Bring on January one!

Another thing I like the fact that this thread wasn't opened with a full roster and who is heel/face first thing. I wanna read about and find out on my own. Plus at this point in the story none of the players involved even know who the full roster is going to be.
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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

Last update before Nitro - which I intend to post at exactly midnight GMT for all you followers...


Sunday 31st December 2006

WCW Monday Nitro Preview
January 1st 2007

WCW is back and tomorrow sees the rebirth of Nitro! Very little has been released to the press about the show, but we know from last week’s press conference that we’ll have Eric Bischoff and Shane McMahon on hand, and the rumour mill has been churning with names. Those we know for certain to be under contract are as follows:

Scott Steiner
Diamond Dallas Page
Sid Vicious
Scott Hall
Lex Luger
Masato Tanaka
Billy Kidman
Buff Bagwell
The Basham Brothers
Al Snow
Orlando Jordan
Tony Mamaluke
Rodney Mack
CW Anderson
Sylvester Terkay

That’s probably not even half of the contracted talent they’ve picked up, but I’m excited to see the likes of DDP, Steiner and Hall in action again after all this time.
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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

WCW Monday Nitro
Monday 1st January, 2007
Atlanta, GA

The show opens with a huge pyrotechnic display and the Nitro Girls as we’re welcomed to the show by Tony Schiavone and Don ‘Cyrus’ Callis and the ‘hometown’ crowd, who are going mental for the return of WCW.

“Here Comes The Money” plays, bringing Shane McMahon to a WCW ring for the first time in nearly six years. The crowd explodes for the company’s saviour. He walks confidently to the ring as the Nitro Girls attach themselves to his arms. When he makes it to the ring, they surround it, leaving him to climb in. He waves to the crowd and asks for a microphone.

Shane McMahon: “Boy, it feels good to be back! Atlanta, Georgia, are you ready for some WCW action?”

The crowd pops HUGE.

“I thought you might be. Look, I have no intention of coming out here and talking all day, that’s not my style. I just wanted to thank you all for coming, to welcome the WCW fans back home and tell you to enjoy the sho--”

“I’m Back” fills the arena and incites another massive cheer as Eric Bischoff walks the aisle of the reborn company that he built. He’s flanked on either side by Matt Morgan and Luther Reigns, both of whom are wearing smart suits and carrying briefcases.

Eric Bischoff: “You know, Shane, it really is good to be back. I spent more time in this ring over the years than anybody and I can’t believe I’m back at home. A word to the wise though, Shane - don’t come out here and suck up to these toothless redneck morons, because they won’t ever appreciate a damn thing that you do for them.”

The crowd boos him, it’s a quick turnaround.

“That’s right, boo me. Vent your anger. But the truth is, you all turned your back on me as soon as you could. The second I walked out that door for the last time, you forgot all about Easy E. But that’s okay, that’s alright. Let me give you a little history lesson to refresh those memories. I was the guy who built WCW from nothing. I was the guy who turn this company from little civic centres and crowds of 400 people to the top of the mountain. I was the guy who brought you Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Goldberg. I was the guy who put together the New World Order. For the last few years, I’ve been the guy who kept Vince McMahon’s pockets lined with money by making Raw the best show on television.”

The crowd boos him. Nobody likes a braggart.

“Now I’m the guy who’s going to put WCW back on top of the mountain. In these briefcases are the symbols of a new era. The new WCW World Heavyweight and World Tag Team Title belts. Those belts will soon represent the very pinnacle of our sport. The men who hold those titles will be recognized the world over as the top guys in professional wrestling. And tonight, we begin tournaments to find out who those guys are. Ladies and gentlemen, you can love me or hate me, but I am the one true saviour of WCW.”

Shane: “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Listen to you, same old Bischoff. It’s always ‘me, me, me’ with you, isn’t it? ‘Look what I’ve done, look at me, this is my company, wah, wah, wah.’ This is my company, Eric. I’m in charge, I run this show and I can fire you any time I like.”

Eric: “Is that so, Shane? Is that what you think? I think you should bear two things in mind here, kid. The first is that when you hired me, you gave me full control over the television output. The second is that I had a lawyer look at my contract and, well, you’ve screwed yourself over you dumb son of a bitch. He looked at the fine print and this contract is completely airtight. You cannot fire me. No matter what I do, Shane, I’m here for as long as I want to be. I can sleep with your wife, your sister and your mother and you can’t do a thing about it. Talking of which, Shane, I thought you were just coming out here to smile and wave? Why don’t you get out of the ring before you get yourself hurt?”

Shane snaps, spearing Eric and beating down on him. It’s a short-lived fight as Reigns and Morgan pull Shane away from him and start beating him down as Eric directs traffic. “Heart Throb” plays, bringing the Heart Throbs running to the ring. They slide in, immediately going to work on Reigns and Morgan as Bischoff runs for the hills. Eventually, the big men escape the onslaught and escape to the floor. Shane has been saved.

Eric: “Boy, was that ever a stupid move. You guys weren’t listening to me when I announced the tag team title tournament, were you? I was going to put you guys in there and give you a chance to make a name for yourselves, but now I’m going to make you earn it. If you want to keep your spot in the tournament, you’re going to have to beat my personal security, Reigns and Morgan, in tonight’s main event. Have a nice night.”

“I’m Back” plays again as we head backstage, were a limo has pulled up in the parking garage. The driver opens the door and out steps “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner and he’s joined by his head freak, Midajah. The crowd cheers for Steiner, though they know they’re probably going to end up hating him. But Steiner is homegrown WCW and that makes him a hometown hero in Atlanta. He grabs a member of the ring crew and asks him where Eric is and gets pointed in the direction of his office.

We cut away, where a scarily big grin fills the screen. The camera pulls back and the crowd goes wild for Diamond Dallas Page. He’s standing alongside the gorgeous Rue DeBona.

Rue DeBona: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m Rue DeBona and I’m standing here alongside former three-time World Champion Diamond Dallas Page. DDP, how does it feel to be back here in WCW?”

DDP: “It feels good to be back, Rue! Diamond Dallas Page, the true People’s Champion, is back in the saddle, riding high and feeling fine. You know, when I got the call to come back here, I thought long and hard about it. The say you can never go back, that it’ll never be the same but DDP is all about thinking positive. They used to call me Positively Page, remember? I saw a chance to come back to the big time, to get myself back in the spotlight and get my hands on another World Title.”

Rue: “Which brings us nicely to Eric Bischoff’s announcement at the top of the show. With the announcement of a tournament to crown a new WCW World Heavyweight Champion, you must be expecting to take your place among the contenders?”

DDP: “When I agreed to come back, one of the conditions of my signing was exactly that - I said I would only com back if I was involved in the crowning of the first champion in some way, so I‘d say it’s pretty likely I’ll be involved in this tournament. And I don’t care who get comes between me and the gold, each and every one of them is going to feel the bang!”

DDP walks away and we find ourselves in Bischoff’s office. Scotty Steiner has made himself at home, sitting in Bischoff’s big leather chair, feet up on the desk as Midajah massages his shoulders. Bischoff finally walks into his office as he just finishes off his discussion with a member of the production team.

Eric: “Scott Steiner! It’s been a long time, man. Good to have you back!”

Steiner stands up and they shake hands.

Steiner: “What’s this I’m hearing about a tournament, Eric? You’re going to make me work to get my title back?”

Eric: “I’m making everybody work for the title, Scott. But hey, you’re a world-class athlete, you’re not afraid of a little competition, are you?”

Steiner: “Me? Never. You bring on whichever fat ass you want, I’ll beat then all down to get my gold. Tell me who I’m facing tonight, Eric.”

Eric: “Tonight, Scotty, I’m giving you the night off. But next week I’m going to put you in the ring with one of those ‘fat asses’ you were talking about - your first match is going to be against Rikishi. Enjoy your night, Scott, I’ll see you next week.”

They shake hands again and Scott Steiner leaves, replaced by Scott Hudson.

Hudson: “Eric, can I just get a quick word with you?”

Eric: “You’ve got thirty seconds, Scott.”

Hudson: “I was just wondering if you can tell the fans at home which qualifying matches to expect tonight?”

Eric: “You know what, Scott? It’s your lucky night. Tonight, you’re going to see four matches from the first round. D’Lo Brown will take on Scott Hall, Marty Jannetty is up against CW Anderson - that’s next - Terry Funk is against Orlando Jordan and Chris Kanyon takes on Tajiri. You’re also going to see the first qualifying match for the Tag Team Title TLC Match at Souled Out as the Legion of Doom take on the Dicks. You happy now?”

Hudson: “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

Hudson leaves and we go back into the arena where, as promised, “Mama Said Knock You Out” is playing and brings “The Enforcer” CW Anderson to the ring. He climbs in, all business, and grabs a microphone.

CW Anderson: “Cut my music. I said cut my music, show some respect.”

The music stops.

“I don’t want to hear that song again. Now, for years I’ve been messed around, accused of being a ‘poor man’s Arn Anderson’ and I’m not going to take it anymore. Tonight, that all changes because I’m going to take the first step towards achieving what he never could - I’m going to win myself the WCW World Heavyweight Title. Now bring that bitch to the ring so I can plant my flag.”

“Rockin’ Rockers” plays, bringing his opponent, Marty Jannetty to the ring. Jannetty is in full Rocker gear and sprints to the ring, slapping the hands of fans on the aisle as he goes. He slides into the ring and we go to Stephen DeAngelis for the introductions.

WCW World Heavyweight Title Tournament - First Round
Marty Jannetty vs. CW Anderson

These guys engaged in a great technical battle in the early going before Anderson’s power gave him the early advantage as he beat down on Jannetty with some big moves. Eventually, Jannetty’s experience came into play and his instincts kicked in, allowing him to use his technical knowledge and what’s left of his speed to get back on top, making a strong comeback and firing up the crowd as he began to take total control of the match.

As Jannetty looked to finish Anderson off, he spent a lot of time playing to the crowd, signalling the Rocker Dropper but the crowd erupted as a disturbance got their attention. Jannetty looked confused but it soon made sense as he found the ring - and himself - surrounded as David Flair, Erik Watts and Erik Angle jumped the barrier to surround the ring. They stood at ringside watching him get on his guard as CW made it to his feet, spinning Jannetty around by the shoulder and whipping him to the ropes before hitting him with the big high-angle Spinebuster. Anderson covers: 1..2...3!

Winner: CW Anderson

“Mama Said Knock You Out” begins to play again, infuriating Anderson as he asks for a microphone.

CW: “I told you that I never wanted to hear that music again, you idiots! “

Watts, Angle and Flair climb in the ring and start liberally taking shots at Jannetty as he talks.

“What you are looking at is the greatest assembly of talent in eight years. Eight years ago, in this very ring, was the last time you saw this.”

He holds up four fingers.

“But it won’t be the last. You see, we got all the components; we have an Anderson, we got a Flair, we got two talented stars in Watts and Angle. What you’re looking at is the formation of the greatest force in World Championship Wrestling today. What you’re looking at is Four Horsemen. We are the New Horsemen, and everyone in the back better be on notice because we will stop at nothing to get our hands on all the gold. Now hit our music”

All four men stand united, four fingers in the air as the crowd boos and the world-famous Four Horsemen theme plays.

Backstage at the Gorilla position, Terry Funk is stood watching at the monitor with Dustin Rhodes.

Funk: “You see that, Dustin? New Horsemen, indeed. David Flair spits on his father’s legacy once again.”

Rhodes: “That’s the trouble with these youngsters, Funk. No respect for the older generations. For what you did, for what guys like our fathers did, for what their own fathers did. There’s no tradition anymore.”

Funk: “That’s because they have nobody to teach them. My match is up next, Dustin. How about you and me go to the ring and show them how it was done back in the day?”

Rhodes: “You want me in your corner? I’d be honoured.”

The Heart Throbs are in their locker room. Antonio is pacing and panicking whilst Romeo tries to prepare himself, taping his wrists.

Antonio: “What the hell have we done, man? What did we do? Why did we go out there to save him? That was dumb. So dumb. We’re going to get killed out there.”

Romeo: “Hey, chill out. Relax, man. We had them beaten down out there, they were running scared. We’ll just prepare for this like any other match and everything will be just fine, okay?”

There’s a knock at the door and a slightly dishevelled Shane McMahon walks in.

Shane: “Hey guys, just wanted to stop by and say thanks.”

He shakes both their hands.

“Look, I wanted you to know that what you did has been noted and I owe you one. I also think you should know that I’m going to be out there with you tonight to even up the odds. They’ll have Bischoff in their corner, you got Shane O’Mac.”

Antonio looks comforted by this.

Out in the parking garage, there are problems at the security gate as Big Guido, Tony Mamaluke and Tony DeVito are desperate to get in the building.

Security Guy: “Look, guys, I’m sorry, I can’t let you in. You’re not on the list.”

Mamaluke: “We just need to speak to Mr. Bischoff. That’s all. We’ll be two minutes.”

Security Guy: “I let you in, I have to let everybody in. I can’t do it, I’m sorry.”

Mamaluke: “That’s alright, we understand. Guido, thank the man.”

Guido grabs the security guy and tosses him back inside his security booth before he and DeVito start beating him down. With the guard unconscious, they straighten up their clothes and stroll into the building as a horrified onlooker rushes to the security guard’s aid.

Back in the arena, “Do What I Want To” plays, bringing Orlando Jordan down to the ring as he shadow boxes his way down the aisle. He rolls into the ring and grabs Stephen DeAngelis’ microphone right out of his hand.

OJ: “After years on the sidelines, the MVP of professional wrestling, the one and only Orlando Jordan is finally getting his chance to shine. First I take out a former world champion, the legendary Terry Funk, then I work my way all the way to the top of the food chain and capture the World Title. And if any of you, anyone in the arena, anyone in the back, thinks that they can hold me back, you gotta know just one thing: I always do what I want to and I do it however I want to. Now bring that old fool down here.”

“Man With A Harmonica” plays next and there’s a huge pop as the living legend Terry Funk appears at the top of the aisle, accompanied by the artist formerly known as Goldust, Dustin Rhodes. They walk side-by-side to the ring as Funk keeps telling OJ that he’s going to teach him some respect.

WCW World Heavyweight Title Tournament - First Round
Terry Funk (w/Dustin Rhodes) vs. Orlando Jordan

Funk is a ball of fury as he starts to unload on the disrespectful youngster right from the bell, but he can’t sustain this pace as his age catches up with him and the younger man, Jordan, starts to build some momentum. OJ gains himself a definite advantage as Funk has tired quickly and begins to disrespect him by paint brushing the older guy, rather than finishing him off.

Dustin eventually gives up hope, climbing on the apron to try and persuade the referee to stop the match. Funk sees him and pleads with Dustin to leave him be, to let him fight his own battle, but while the referee’s back is turned, OJ takes the opportunity to deliver a final insult, kicking Funk in the balls before getting in Dustin’s face. He shoves Dustin, Dustin shoves him back, right into the referee, knocking him off his feet. Dustin climbs in the ring, hitting OJ with the Curtain Call and draping Funk’s arm over the fallen man. He leaves the ring and shakes the referee to wake him up. He makes a slow count and 1.…..2.…..3! Funk gets the victory, though he’s none the wiser as to how.

Winner: Terry Funk

We go straight backstage, where we’re in one of the winding underground corridors of the Georgia Dome, somewhere near the boiler room. There, shrouded partially in darkness, stands Sean O’Haire. Dressed in his black suit, red shirt and black tie combo, he looks every inch the Devil’s advocate.

O’Haire: “Tonight is supposed to be a night for celebration, a night where we gather to celebrate the resurrection of World Championship Wrestling. But this was no resurrection, there was no divine power behind it, this is not a second coming of any kind. What you’re witnessing tonight is something quite different - a rebirth.

“Yes, WCW has been reborn in a new image with new faces leading to an undetermined future. The past is gone, lost forever to the sands of time. What happened before need not be spoken of and that’s why, as we head into a new era, WCW needs a new generation of talent. Every generation needs a leader and leaders are not always elected, everyone in American knows that first hand.

“Some are born into power, some are elected in to power, some are given power. But those of us who are smart take charge of our own situation and take charge of the situations of those around them. Yes, power can be given or earned, and for some, it’s a birthright. But tonight, I’m putting WCW on notice because here I am, waiting in the shadows, waiting in the darkness, waiting for my time to strike. Soon, I will take power.”

He laughs demonically before walking away from the light, becoming one with the darkness around him.

In another corridor upstairs, The Dicks are horsing around outside the Nitro Girls locker room. They oil themselves up, making sure they look good, then walk straight into the locker room, eliciting shrieks of fear as the girls hurry to cover themselves up. Harmony throws her shoe at them.

Harmony: “Get out of here, you dicks!”

They beat a hasty retreat out the door.

Chad: “Yeah, they want us.”

They high five and dance away.

Meanwhile, Tony Mamaluke, Big Guido and Tony DeVito have finally made it to Bischoff’s office. They walk in without knocking and find him on the phone.

Eric: “No, man, I’d love to bring you in… No, you know I’ve always got a spot for you, but you’ve got a contract… Look, I’ve got some people here to see me, but if you get out of the contract, I’ll see what I can do.”

Bischoff hangs up the phone, looking a little annoyed that he’s had to cut his call short.

“Don’t you knock? Who the hell are you guys anyway?”

As usual, Mamaluke speaks for the group.

Mamaluke: “You don’t remember me? I used to work here back in the day. Tony Mamaluke.”

Eric: “Never heard of you. What do you want?”

Mamaluke: “My associates and I come to you, Mr. Bischoff, in the hope of finding employment with this fine organization. We’re talented, hard working, great at following orders and none of us mind getting our hands dirty.”

Eric: “Really? Look, I might have a job for you. I have a couple of guys giving me a headache…”

Guido: “You want we should whack ‘em for you?”

Eric: “What? No!”

Mamaluke: “Quiet, Guido. What’s cooking, boss?”

Eric: “Let’s get rid of this camera, then we can talk.”

DeVito gets up and ushers the cameraman out of the room, forcing the director to cut back to the arena. He’s just in time, as “Party Boy’s Theme” plays, bringing out everybody’s least favourite male stripper duo, The Dicks. They’re still oiling themselves up as they dance their way to the ring to some decent heat.

“What A Rush” begins to play and the crowd goes insane as the Legion Of Doom, Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich make their way to the ring, both fully painted, fired up and ready to go.

WCW World Tag Team Title - TLC Qualifier
The Legion Of Doom vs. The Dicks

A huge mismatch of styles here as the all-power, roughhouse offence of the LOD takes on the faster, more technical style of The Dicks. The Dicks eventually managed to isolate Heidenreich and take advantage of his lack of experience to double team him continuously, but they constantly struggled to put him away.

Despite their dominance, they couldn’t match the power and resilience of Heidenreich and he eventually managed to fight back and make the hot tag to Animal, who came in angry and ready to clean house. He destroyed the Dicks with big-time power moves until he’d finally exhausted his rage and built up a head of steam, taking Chad Dick up for the electric chair and Heidenreich went up top… DOOMSDAY DEVICE! This one is done: 1...2...3!

Winners: The Legion of Doom

Backstage, Mark Lloyd finally finds himself on interview duty as he's collared one of tonight’s competitors for an interview - Chris Kanyon is in the hotseat.

Lloyd: “Chris Kanyon, tonight is a special night for you, isn’t it? Welcome back to WCW.”

Kanyon: “Thanks, Mark.”

Lloyd: “So, tonight you find yourself elevated to a position that you never found yourself in during the old era - you’ve become a contender for the World Heavyweight Title and, in just a few minutes time, you’ll be facing Tajiri in your first round qualifying match. How are you feeling on the verge of your WCW return?”

Kanyon: “I’m feeling great, Lloyd. You know, when they called me up and said ‘Kanyon, we want you to come back’ I was over the moon. Then I get here and Eric Bischoff announces that I’m part of the tournament. Me, Chris Kanyon, a potential WCW World Champion. Then I thought about it, and it really made a lot of sense to me.”

Lloyd: “Really?”

Kanyon: “Really. After all… Who betta than Kanyon?”

Kanyon walks away, having shoehorned his catchphrase into the promo.

We’re backstage in another locker room, where we find a semi-conscious Al Snow relaxing in front of a monitor in a La-Z-Boy with Head on his lap, surrounded by crushed beer cans and pizza boxes. Maven comes into the locker-room, takes one look at Al and pulls the beer can from his hand and pours it on him to wake him up.

Snow: “What the hell?”

Maven: “I could ask you the same thing, Al. You’re supposed to be here scouting. You said ‘go hit the gym, I’ll sit here and scout the other guys.’”

Snow: “And?”

Maven: “And I come back to find you drunk, half asleep and surrounded by pizza.”

Snow: “I’m not drunk.”

Maven: “Someone drank all this beer.”

Snow: “Wasn‘t me. Head, have you been drinking again? You liar! You’re a drunk! You’re a lying, scheming drunk! What did you say? Are you talking back to me? I’m not finished talking! Now you clean this up. Clean this mess up right now!”

Snow then passes out drunk, snoring loudly. Maven rolls his eyes and leaves the room.

Backstage in the parking garage, a limo is waiting and the Horsemen appear. They seem to have acquired a fifth member since we last saw them as Amy Weber is off out to party with them. Is she just the latest party girl for them, or is there more to this?

Back in the arena, “Imperial City” is playing and Tajiri is making his way to the ring, accompanied by Ryan Sakoda and Masato Tanaka. Tony Schiavone helpfully explains that this group is known as Kyo Dai and that Tajiri is the leader of the group.

“Who Betta Than Kanyon?” is the question asked of the arena as the ‘innovator of offence’ comes to the ring to a big pop. He may have been off television for three years, but he hasn’t been forgotten about.

WCW World Heavyweight Title Tournament - First Round
Chris Kanyon vs. Tajiri (w/Ryan Skoda & Masato Tanaka)

A much-anticipated battle between two of the most talented superstars on the roster lead to an evenly-matched contest with a lot of back and forth, hold-counter hold wrestling. Both guys are exceptional all-rounders and it showed as they switched up styles regularly to keep the match strong, exciting and fast-paced.

The end came when Kanyon had taken the strong advantage, beating down on Tajiri and going to the top rope for his signature Moonsault, only to be wishboned down by the other members of Kyo Dai when the referee’s back was turned. Tajiri struggled to his feet to find Kanyon in the Tree of Woe and hit him with a big baseball slide to bring him down to earth. Tajiri then lay in wait for Kanyon to return to his feet. Eventually he made it and turned to face a Buzzsaw Kick, which Kanyon ducked and took advantage of Tajiri’s momentum to deliver the Flatliner. The referee made the count and this one was in the books.

Winner: Chris Kanyon

We head backstage, where an extremely focussed-looking D’Lo Brown has grabbed Scott Hudson and a microphone.

Hudson: “At this time, I’d like to introduce you all to one of the contenders in tonight’s first round matches, Mr. D’Lo Brown. D’Lo--”

D’Lo snatches the mic. He’s too focussed for a proper interview, it seems.

D’Lo: “Thanks, Scott, but I can take it from here. I got one question for you, Atlanta, and it goes like this: Are you down?”

A pop from the crowd.

“I didn’t hear you, Atlanta. I said ‘Are you down with the Brown?’”

Huge pop.

“That’s what I thought. Scott Hall, I know you’re going to be walking around up in here like you’re something special, like you deserve extra respect and privileges because you’re some kind of WCW legend. Let me tell you something there, chico - where I come from, respect is earned. I heard a rumour that you’ve been telling the boys all night that D’Lo Brown is a good draw for you, that it was the best match you could have hoped for. But you need to know something, son. I am no pushover. WCW is my house now, and you better recognize. I didn’t come here to play second-fiddle to you or to nobody and I will not just lay down and take it from you tonight. If you want to get a little closer to that first World Title of your career, I suggest you show up prepared and ready to work.”

He thrusts the mic back at Hudson and walks away.

We then cut to a video package highlighting three of WCW’s newcomers. Lot’s of talking heads talking about people underestimating the importance of MMA and it’s influence on pro wrestling in the modern era, then extolling the virtues of the three men the video is focussed on promoting: Daniel Puder, Sylvester Terkay and Josh Barnett, talking about them as strong athletes with superior conditioning and technique and describing them as big threats to the established wrestlers in WCW.

Back to ringside ready for our final first round match of the evening, but before the entrances Tony and Cyrus recap the night’s events and inform us that next week’s first round matches on Nitro will be as follows: Scott Steiner vs. Rikishi, Vader vs. Masato Tanaka, Diamond Dallas Page vs. Rosey and Dustin Rhodes vs. Gangrel.

An unexpected noise fills the arena at that point to a huge pop: “N-n-n-now.. 4 life” - Nobody was expecting to hear the nWo theme tonight! But why? Scott Hall appears solo at the top of the ramp and makes his way to the ring to a massive cheer. He demands to be handed a microphone and you can feel the excitement for him addressing the crowd.

Hall: “Hey, yo!”

A massive, somewhat cheap, pop.

“I know what you’re all thinking, okay? Why did Scott Hall come to the ring to the nWo theme? Well let me tell you something, homes. We made a pact, a promise to ourselves and to each other, that when we became nWo, we were nWo for life. Now, Kev may not be able to be here tonight, neither can Hulk or Sean, but I know that if they were, they’d be standing right here beside me. So if I have to represent the black and white by myself, that’s what I’m going to do.

“You know, a lot of people called me old and washed up. Well, if I’m washed up, I’m going to do it my way, for me and for my brothers in the Kliq. But more importantly, if I gotta go out, if I gotta be ‘washed up’ then I’m going to go out on my terms - holding the WCW World Heavyweight Title.”

“The Real Deal” plays, bringing Scott Hall’s speech to an end and gathering D’Lo Brown a modest cheer as he makes his way down the aisle. He may officially be the babyface in this contest, but the WCW fans still don’t quite have the love for him that they always will for Scott Hall.

WCW World Heavyweight Title Tournament - First Round
D’Lo Brown vs. Scott Hall

There was an obvious mismatch in size here as D’Lo gave up six inches in height to Scott Hall and that put him at an immediate disadvantage as he found himself on the receiving end of a heavy beating but he eventually managed to use his speed and agility advantage - not to mention a possible sobriety advantage - to find his way back into the match and take the fight to Hall, who was reeling (or staggering) as a result of the onslaught (and/or bourbon).

After a suitably back and forth contest from the two veteran talents, the match unfortunately had to come to an end and as things wound to a close D’Lo managed to catch Hall with the Sky High. The referee made the count: 1...2...No! Hall kicks out. D’Lo, frustrated, gets to his feet, using his famed theatrical leg drop to keep Hall on the mat and climbing the ropes, looking for the Lo Down frog splash… But Hall rolled out of the way. Both men are down and the referee is administering the count, but both men make it to their feet by seven.

They trade punches and Hall whips D’Lo to the ropes only to eat a leg lariat on his return, but a cover only gets two. D’Lo brings Hall to his feet, looking to finish him off once and for all but Hall is smart enough to rake the eyes. Hall takes advantage with a quick boot to the gut and wrenches D’Lo off the mat - if he hits this it’s over… Razor’s Edge! Down for the cover: 1...2...3!

Winner: Scott Hall

The nWo theme plays once again as Hall celebrates his victory in the ring. Backstage, we’re in the weight room as we witness a reunion between Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell.

Luger: “Damn, Buff, you’re really hitting the weights hard, man.”

Buff: “Lex, how’s it going man?”

He stops pumping iron to greet his friend.

Luger: “I couldn’t believe it when you called. Totally Buff back in business, huh?”

Buff: “Yeah, man. With Buff Daddy and the Total Package reunited, there’s nothing that can stand in our way.”

Luger: “So what’s the plan man?”

Buff: “For now? We get ready to work, then we go party. You know we’ve got our qualifier in two weeks, right?”

Luger: “So? We can take them.”

Buff: “Not these guys, not without training. They’re like us, only ten years ago.”

Luger: “Yeah?”

Buff: “Yeah, these guys, Gymini, are supposed to be real ripped.”

Luger: “Is that so?”

At that point, Gymini walk in.

Jake Gymini: “Yeah, that’s so. And I suggest you get out of our gym. Now.”

You know that nobody talks to Totally Buff that way and they’re on the attack, brawling with their future opponents all over the weight room until a massive group of agents and trainers come to separate them.

Back in the arena, Schiavone is hyping that battle as though his life depends on it when the man event of what will no doubt be deemed ‘the greatest night in the history of our sport’ is ready to take place. “I’m Back” fills the arena for the second time tonight and Luther Reigns and Matt Morgan, dressed for action and accompanied by Eric Bischoff, make their way to the ring to the loudest boos of the night.

“Heart Throb” plays next and their opponents make their way to the ring, accompanied by Shane McMahon, to probably the biggest pop of their short careers so far. They slide straight into the ring and the brawl is on.

The Heart Throbs (w/Shane McMahon) vs. Matt Morgan & Luther Reigns (w/Eric Bischoff)

As the bell rings, the brawl continues and very quickly spills out to the floor, giving the referee nightmares as he tries to control it and restore some kind of order to proceedings. Eventually he does, but Reigns and Morgan are pissed at being humbled earlier and they’re determined to take it out on Antonio Thomas, with frequent tags truly isolating him in the heel corner.

With Romeo helpless on the apron, Bischoff begins to direct traffic once again and appears to be taking some delight in being able to crush the team who chose to rebel against him. Despite all the punishment he’s taken, Antonio refuses to be beaten, managing to break free of the corner when Reigns and Morgan switched mid-tag and dived across the ring to tag in his partner. Romeo came in hot, determined to use his freshness and speed to his advantage and take out his monstrous opponents. Eventually he managed to get them both off their feet with a combination of ducking and weaving, refusing to stop moving, as Antonio joined him to get some double-team revenge of his own.

The Heart Throbs are on the verge of winning, their slick teamwork having worn down their opponents but there’s a commotion at the top of the ramp as Mamaluke, DeVito and Guido make a grand entrance, crashing onto the stage in a (presumably stolen) ambulance. Despite the distraction, The Heart Throbs carry on their task of looking to put Reigns and Morgan away as the Italian trio unload a gurney from the back and wheel it down to ringside. Leaving it to roll its way to the apron, the three of them build up a head of steam down the ramp, with Guido attacking Shane as the two Tonys slide into the ring and begin beating down on The Heart Throbs, causing the ref to throw this one out.

Winners (by DQ): The Heart Throbs

Bischoff looks irate, but it doesn’t stop him joining in the beat down in the ring as Guido throws Shane inside and it’s six-on-three as the assault continues. The referee has long since escaped, wanting none of this war and eventually, all three men are down and bleeding. Guido eventually throws Shane over his shoulder, to get him to the waiting gurney, to which Bischoff straps him down tightly before ordering the three Italian hired guns to ‘get him out of here.’

They do as they’re told, loading the gurney into the back of the ambulance, locking it tightly shut and speeding out of the arena, leaving a shocked crowd to watch a smirking Bischoff and his men stand over the fallen Heart Throbs as we fade to black.

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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

Nitro Review:

First off I love the announce team. You've got Shivanoe THE VOICE of WCW and Cyrus add's that edgey feel to the broadcast team that WCW was always missing.

I can sleep with your wife, your sister and your mother and you can’t do a thing about it.
That one had be rolling in the floor priceless. I like the heat between Bishoff and Shane but it wouldn't have hurt my feelings if it took a few Nitro's before they stopped getting along.

DDP: “When I agreed to come back, one of the conditions of my signing was exactly that - I said I would only com back if I was involved in the crowning of the first champion in some way, so I‘d say it’s pretty likely I’ll be involved in this tournament.
Hmmmmm WCW politics didn't take long to pop up did they? Personally I hope DDP doesn't make it past the first round. IMO he is/was always best as a midcarder.

I hope that's not all we've saw of Stiener tonight. It's just not Nitro without a in ring Stiener rant. Either way good to see he is toward the top of the WCW title picture. Rikishi should be an easy first win for him. Hopefully its a quick squash match because Rikishi vs Stiener doesnt do much for me.

As for the rest of the people in the title tournement, honestly, none of them do much for me. I'm excited about Funk and Hall and I marked out to see Jannetty's name toward the top of the card but other than that I don't get much out of it.
D-lo I can take or leave, Kanyon isn't at world title level, Tajiri I can see being in the title picture but looking through a WCW fan's eyes Tajiri is that cruiserweight from ECW and WWE that spits green stuff, Orlando Jordon needs to be built up a lot more before he is in the title picture, C.W. belongs but again probably not to the WCW fan.

I am excited about the tag team division. It looks like its going to be a focal point of the show and that is a good thing.

Holy mark out moment, when I read Flair, Angle, and Watts were coming to the ring I knew what was about to happen. Four Horsemen baby I love it. You have officially hooked me for the duration of this BTB.

Good to see the Funker in action. There is HUGE potential with Dustin Rhodes if used correctly.

Im glad Funk advanced. OJ does nothing for me. Wait, is this before or after he comes out

Didn't get much out of the O'haire interview other than wierded out, but I guess that is what was supposed to happen.


I Lol'd at the Snow/Maven segment. Snow should provide some nice comedy for the show.

Masato Tanaka!!!! Sweet! Too bad Tajiri lost but I can deal with Kanyon.

Good to see Hall get the win. Not super excited about Buff/Luger.

I gotta admit the main event was kind of a let down. The heartthrobs? Who the hell are they? ( I mean I know who they are but you get what I mean). Morgan I like from TNA but at this point what the hell has he done to be in this spot? IMO for this HUGE show the main event should have been a title tournement match. With a big run in or some sort of big finish. Something that gets me fired up and ready to watch next week. This match makes me wanna DVR it and catch it when I can.

Overall a decent show for what you had to work with. I would have liked to have saw more though you needed a really big attention grabbing show to get people coming back. Other than seeing all the old tallent again Im not sure this show did much else. Part of the problem is the lack of big draw power on the roster as of right now which is fine due to the circumstances I know you can't help that. But I'm excited I will continue to read and review.

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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

Just wanted to say this was a wicked fun read and I cannot wait for more.
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Vince gives me a comedy gimmick
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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

Perfect Poster Reviews Nitro

I've followed this thread with your updates and have enjoyed your backstory, and I need to get back to reviewing some quality work, so I'll start with yours.

Shane O' Mac and Bischoff opening the show is the right move, obviously, since you're debuting a 'new' promotion, and it's always good to see the heads of the show kick off the show. A little bit of cheap heat by insulting the crowd, not that there's anything wrong with that. Not really a fan of swearing in promos, but that's just a pet peeve of mine. However, we get the main event, while far from being star-studded, so that's good.

I know this is BTB and that anything can happen, but not only did DDP retire 18 months before this interview, but he's also 50 years old at the time of ths writing. DDP really shouldn't be in the title picture. At all. I know you want to put the title on a big name to kick off your promotion, but DDP isn't the right option. He could be used to get a couple of big feuds, but he shouldn't be close to the title.

Good to get a lot of small appearances early on, just to get their name out to the crowd. A few decent looking matches on the slate, even though almost every single one of them is a few years past their prime, at worst.

A solid opener, even though seeing as it is the first match in the rebooted companies history, I'm not really a big fan of having it end with a dirty finish. I know it was to put over the 'New Horseman' but I think it would've been fine with them just jumping Janetty after the match. Speaking of the 'New Horseman', you've assembled quite an odd collection of superstars. 3 coming from storied elders, even if CW isn't a 'true' Anderson, and 1 who's brother is one of the most successful wrestlers of the past decade. It looks like they're gonna be a big part of the show right away, and I'm glad you slightly altered the name, keeping the horsemen part to stay in tune with the WCW theme.

Some more small appearances, including a little bit of hype for the main event. It's good to get as many appearances, no matter how small, on the show as possible. Very good.

Not much to say on the second match, but I'm glad to see O'Haire, especially with the Devil's Advocate gimmick, is being used. So much potential, and you are a guy that can fill it.

at Bischoff not even remembering guys that used to be on his roster. I know it was 8-9 years ago and they had a clusterfuck of a roster, but that's still quite embarassing and shows how unorganized and how little Bischoff actually knew of his product at the time. Quite funny, despite the small burial of the FBI.

Let's see here, a team of jobbers against a team of an old rehashed team that doesn't even have 1/2 of it's original members. Sounds like a perfect recipe for success. Although both teams really aren't anything special the right team won here. But if they happen to get to the top of your tag-team division, that's just a poor, poor showing.

Ew. Kanyon. I know he's not here anymore, but he never was anything really special. Except for his awesome MK look he had as Mortis. Tajiri is pretty boss, though, so give him the win and debunk the theory of foreigners can't be in the main event.

at another comedy segment. Al Snow obviously is nothing more then a jobber, so including him in comedy segments is clearly the way to go with him. Maven could actually have a decent role in this thread, but I don't have a problem with him accompaning Snow. Good segment.

Fuck you for having Tajiri lose. So much better of a talent then Kanyon. Disappointed, but not really surprised. However, another fine written match. Both men got their share of offense in and it wasn't a clear squash, which is good for the company early on so your wrestlers don't look like a joke.

Man, another attitude era star? Brown actually has some talent, unlike Snow, but where's all of the young talent on this show? It just seems like a bunch of 40 year olds trying to have one last hurrah and paycheck. But, I guess that pretty much describes WCW in it's dying days. Oh, sickburn.

I'm not really a fan of Hall coming out to the nWo theme, especially this early in their history. The nWo was long and dead 5-6 years ago in the WWE, no need to bring it back, especially when you only have 1/3 of the original cast. Let Hall do his own stuff, and the nWo wouldn't be the right way to go on about it. And, btw, it's not 'N-n-n-now...4 life'. Just something I had to point out. Don't have a problem with him winning, though, as one of the originals of WCW should be in contention for the biggest prize in the company. Except for Kanyon. He blows.

Ew. Buff Bagwell. Out of all of the WCW Originals you can have, you choose Buff Bagwell? Oh well, at least he's working in the tag-team division and not the World Title scene, especially since Totally Buff has had a little bit of history as a tag-team. Never heard of the Gymini's though. Should be interesting to see what they're like.

Another solid match in the main event, which has been a recurring theme throughout this show - no squashes. Which I think is a good thing for a company that's getting it's feet back off the ground. Squashes are good every now and then, but right now you should focus on putting on some good matches and storylines, which is what is happening. I like the FBI making their name heard early as Bischoffs cronies, and it looks like we have a stable wars a-brewing with Bischoff's crew against Shane O' Mac's crew. We need a hot angle to start off this company, and this looks to be headed in a good direction.

For a first show, there was a lot of positives to look at. You got a lot, and I mean a LOT of guys name and face on the TV screen, even if it was only for a minute or two. You got all of this talent, you mise well showcase it. I didn't like Tajiri losing or Hall trying to rehash the nWo, but the Tajiri case really is only a personal preference. The matches, while not great in length, were solid reads and even contests. Not much more to say about the show, and I know this really isn't gonna help you a lot in the long run, but I enjoyed the show and will continue to be a reader. 8/10
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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

From WCWFans.com:

Backstage News & Notes
Sunday 6th January 2007

Welcome everybody to the new WCWFans.com, your online home for all the backstage news from World Championship Wrestling. This week marks the first of the promotion’s return from the ashes and, as such, today we’ll have our first weekly round-up of all the backstage news and notes.

A lot of the feedback for the return of Nitro has come from internet fans questioning the decision to keep most of the bigger stars in the company out of the ring. Many felt that restricting Steiner and Page to promos is partially responsible for the poor rating this week, as Nitro scored a 3.47 directly against Raw’s 6.96. Nitro is also the lowest-rated show of all three major promotions this week, having also been outscored by ECW, Smackdown and Impact.

Looking around the net, a lot of people seem to have placed the blame for the poor numbers on Heyman’s shoulders, believing it to be his decision to lead off with the Heart Throbs vs. Reigns & Morgan main event. While it was Heyman’s decision, our sources tell us that Shane and Bischoff both signed off on the plan as Heyman attempts to build new stars as rapidly as possible. For what little it may be worth to net fans, the Heart Throbs’ entrance for the main event was said to have been greeted by a near-deafening roar from the crowd at the Georgia Dome, leading the company’s marketing staff to believe they could have a new Hardy Boyz on their hands.

Steiner himself was said to have kicked up a fuss backstage at not being involved more heavily in the show as it seems Bischoff may have promised him that the company would be built around him in this incarnation. Apparently they were seen arguing backstage but Steiner was eventually able to be calmed down when he was reminded that this was just the first show, and he has already been announced for tomorrow night’s main event.

Antonio Thomas has brought a little heat upon himself backstage after reportedly getting extremely drunk after the show and being seen vomiting outside the bar later on. Unconfirmed rumours suggest that he may even have been working under the influence last night, which management are said to be ‘keeping an eye on’ as he has had some personal problems of late. The feeling is that they’ll try and work with it for now but he might be shipped off to rehab should it become an issue.

The reaction to the formation of the New Horseman was said to have been unexpectedly lukewarm, though that could be because of the poor way in which it was handled. There’s a strong feeling that CW Anderson being positioned as the leader of the group makes no sense. What people might do well to remember in this situation is that even though Ric Flair was the leader of the original group, he often left the talking to Arn Anderson, and this may be the reason for giving CW the stick Monday night.

Some WCW traditionalists have kicked up a fuss about the use of WWE gimmicks in the new WCW; the feeling there is that it was easier to introduce the roster as they were last seen on WWE television for now to help bring in new fans familiar with their work. The gimmicks should evolve over time, and it’s unlikely that many future ex-WWE signings will come in without being repackaged even slightly. Some have especially suggested that the use of Sean O’Haire in the ‘devil’s advocate’ gimmick was a little too WWE, but this reporter feels it’s a smart move - it was a gimmick that had potential to be a big money-spinner for him in the WWE until they cut off his legs and made him Piper’s bodyguard.

This week also saw the WWE’s traditional January roster cull. As usual, it mostly affected developmental and backstage personnel, but many established names were cut. With the backstage mandate to look at any and all released WWE superstars, it’s expected that some will be offered contracts by the company. As this goes to print, we know for a fact that Monty Brown, Chuck Palumbo, Jerry Lawler, Trinity and Jim Duggan have signed WCW contracts, with talks ongoing with the likes of Sonny Siaki - a former WCW Powerplant graduate - The Miz, Elijah Burke and The Great Khali. There are discussions ongoing about establishing a farm league for the company, so those released from developmental may get a new lease on life there. Incidentally, almost the entire Spirit Squad was fired as part of the cull, with only Kenny Dykstra being kept on - there’s a feeling that Heyman is high on one or two of them from his time in OVW. TNA also wielded the axe this week and WCW have picked up Lance Hoyt and David Young off the back of their releases.

That's all for this week, but we'll be back next Sunday with more WCW backstage news and notes.

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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

Awesome. Not being afraid to put your own show down in your "dirt sheets" is a great idea. I also like how you obviously took the feedback to heart because what was said in this was also reflected in the reviews you got. Good job. Is it time for Nitro yet????!!!
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