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TNA (IWC): The Four Year Plan

Year One: The first year; Dixie takes a step back on-screen and brings in JBL as the new sheriff in town (as well as replacing Tenay at the announce table), employing Wolfe and Tomko as his left and right hands-- one with finesse and the other power.

Flair narrows Fortune to four members forcing out James Storm and Styles while repackaging Roode, Morgan, "Kaz," and Williams.

A third group takes shape featuring Joe Seanoa, Samael Burke (his real name is Samuel (Samael means venom of God)), Mr. Anderson, and a female member such as Sarita or Flash. Joe recreates the MEM as the Main Event Money-- their shirts are simply three letters in bold.

JBL would announce major changes week after week. First he would announce that the company would be renamed soon and the Thursday night show would begin broadcasting live every week beginning in October; second he would announce that the show would be moving to the Manhattan Center and that the company would be renamed International Wrestling Championship; and third he would announce that the next time people saw the show it would feature a new set, a new ring, and a new name: Thursday Night Fight, Live.

The new ring would be a heptagon MMA cage. The new stage and entrance way would feature a LED staircase and LED flooring:

because the embedding won't work

The broadcast team would be placed on the fourth tier of the Hammerstein (or the second tier in the Grand, if filming there).

JBL would open the show declaring new rules: the end of the pin fall, the banning of boots, the banning of kicking opponents when they are down, the banning of forearms to the head (because this still isn't the UFC), the enforcement of mouth pieces, the enforcement of greasing before entering the ring, the enforcement of MMA gloves, etc. The refs would all be released and the new refs would be of strong build, like Big John McCarthy; and there would be no more bull****.

Tag team wrestling would become a five round team match in which the team decides who enters the ring at the start of each round.

Three weight divisions would be established: super heavyweight, heavyweight, and light heavyweight.

Up to a third of the roster would be released, and a new roster would be built over the coming years. Those released would include: Abyss, Neal, Storm, Amazing Red, Young, Gen Me, Homicide, Nash, Kiyoshi, Foley, OJ, Raven, Rhino, RVD, Hogan, Rosie, Richards, and 3D.

The three new groups would fight, with the new MEM coming out the victors over EV2 and Fortune. As the storyline closes, the EV2 guys are released.

Joe would be crowned the first super heavyweight champion with Super Mex, Morgan, and Tomko chasing him.

Angle would become the light heavyweight champion; chased by Pope, Shelley, Sabin, Styles, and Lethal.

Mr. Anderson would become the heavyweight champion, and he would fight Hardy, Roode, and Wolfe.

Year Two: The PPV is done away with entirely and a deal is made with Showtime or HBO or possibly a network such as Fox for four to six "Free PPVs" a year. The difference being that the PPV event is built up with major stars who only wrestle four times a year in this alternate future, like Kurt Angle and Randy Couture.

This brings me to the first big signing I would make: Randy Couture or Chuck Liddell or both. They are retiring MMA stars but still can wrestle; and wrestle is what they should do. TNA needs to stop with the tunnel vision for ex-ECW, WCW, and WWF wrestlers-- there are guys in MMA that draw more buys than anyone currently in the WWE.

The biggest match of the year would be Kurt Angle vs Couture.

Year Three: Granted house shows are pulling strong numbers, begin filming from the house shows and leave the Hammerstein behind.

Year Four: Launch a Monday night show during the hour before Raw which takes guys from backgrounds in jiu jitsu, sambo, sumo, olympic wrestling, and MMA; and makes new stars of them. These guys go on to fued with those on the main roster.

I imagine a massive Japanese sumo wrestler facing down the Samoan Submission Machine for the super heavyweight world title.

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Re: TNA (IWC): The Four Year Plan

ok good start, i dont know what you plan on doing with this booker whether it just this post or you plan on doing shows for it but good luck anyways
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Re: TNA (IWC): The Four Year Plan

Though it isn't exactly a booking of a specific episode, I believe the first thing anyone taking charge at TNA should do is lay out a long term plan for how they will progress the product.

The criticism from Heyman has been that TNA doesn't have a long term goal-- they only have a short term goal which they chase every episode and fail: ratings. I would want to do things that you have to take your time with; things that can't be done in one episode or even six months. If you give everything away in one episode, it's too much for the viewer to keep up with and you're out of road the next week.

It comes down to more than writing; it's about merchandising, it's about hiring someone to coach the talent with mic work, acting, and the ditch digging of creating a promo; it's about changing the product being sold so that money can be made. Money is the first priority; profit is the oil that keeps the gears moving.

I'm not after McMahon or the WWE fanboys-- I would take aim at generating profit rather than perceived market share or perceived dominance. More later.
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Re: TNA (IWC): The Four Year Plan

I'd take any period of TNA wrestling over this ridiculousness, mainly because you'd make it not a wrestling promotion nemore. I'm all for adding MMA elements into the current TNA product but this takes the biscuit, a poor rich tea one at that.
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Re: TNA (IWC): The Four Year Plan

You've done well to weave so many retarded ideas into just one post OP.

I'm presuming this is just a one-off post rather than a continuing thread? If it is a continuing thread, spoiling your own major angles is definitely a unique philosophy.

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Re: TNA (IWC): The Four Year Plan

The creative side of fixing TNA is not limited to just the plot of an episode-- it's about branding, change of venue, forging a new in-ring product that isn't the WWE, changing the focus of where new talent comes from, changing merchandise, and changing where money is spent (PPVs vs cable vs Showtime vs HBO).
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Re: TNA (IWC): The Four Year Plan

why not just start an mma promotion ?
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Re: TNA (IWC): The Four Year Plan

Did you draw those logos by hand and scan them onto a computer?
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