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Getting over in the mid-card
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Re: WWE 2010: The Return of Excellence

RAW Review.

-Really liked the opening, very impactful. It's also a great angle to get the NXT 8 contracts. Well booked.
-So I may be a Miz Mark but to hear R-Truth and Morrison going over on him, not too happy. Hah.
-Lawler vs. NXT 8, that's great. When the whole "Team WWE" happened at Summerslam, I kept saying Lawler should of been involved.
- Bryan kicking anyone's head in is always a plus. However to start off the brawl, I didn't like Primo slapping Sheffield. They just took out the WWE Champion the week previous and a guy like Primo isn't afraid? This also may be the start of a Primo build, which would be great. So maybe I should shut my mouth for now.
- The Cena interview was spot on. This is what needed to happen. Super Cena came right back the next week, totally no selling the events of what happened. Much respect.
- The triple threat match was pretty good. The NXT 8 taking down the ring again was a little bit much and the whole attack happened pretty quick. I suggest you take your time with the next one, especially if it ends the show.

Overall, a very well put together RAW. Again, I think you booked it the way it needed to be booked especially with the Cena Interview. PG Format may be flying out the window soon..

NXT Review
- Interesting note that you carbon copied Hennig Sr. with Jr. Him wearing the singlet too. I'm not too much of a fan of him either way but I think you could build a Tag Team with him and Ted Jr. Just an observation, noting more.
- Dashing Cody Rhodes and Kaval ending the show. Cool with me, a fan of both.

Smackdown Review
- CM Punk's opening Promo was great. I'm from Pittsburgh so it's awesome to hear him take a jab at Ben Rothlisberger.
- JTG and Vance Archer being in action was an interesting turn of events. Though they both lost, it's nice to see a new palette to work from.
- McIntyre's Promo into the Kofi attack seemed rushed like the NXT 8 attack on RAW. It's to "all of a sudden". Sort of build it up but again, the ruthless nature of your bookings are great.
- Kane trampling Dolph. Lol. Kane rules, no doubt.
- The NXT 8 showing up was something I didn't expect. I certainly enjoyed it, even if they did destroy Swagger and Christian, two guys I like.

Overall the show was Promo heavy but I don't think it was a bad thing. All promos came across the right way and each character showed personality. Good ending, with the Smackdown Commentators getting out of harms way as well.

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Re: WWE 2010: The Return of Excellence

Raw Preview for June 21, 2010:

Just 24 hours after the Fatal 4 Way, Monday Night Raw comes to you from Albany, New York!

Last night the WWE Universe was shocked as Chris Jericho became the WWE Champion, after being inserted into last night's WWE Championship Match.

Also last night the NXT group known now as the Nexus once again attacked former WWE Champion, John Cena. Not once but twice! Cena was taken out of the arena via stretcher. Right now it is not known how long the former WWE Champion will be out of action, but it will be for the upcoming couple of weeks to say the least.

Finally it was announced by Smackdown GM, Teddy Long, that the new General Manager will be announced for Raw tonight. What will happen tonight as the road to Backlash begins!

**Raw will be posted in full later this week**

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Re: WWE 2010: The Return of Excellence

Can't believe that it's been a month since I've posted in this thread, but to be honest I haven't had much time to focus on this thread as Life>BTB. With that said here is news/recaps for the upcoming Raw and Smackdown shows, along with some notes on NXT.

Raw June 21, 2010 Notes:

-The show opened up with the Nexus in the ring congratulating and boasting over their attack of John Cena, and costing him the WWE Championship at the PPV and putting him out of action indefinately. Barrett who continues to boast and brag is cut off by the New General Manager of Raw, WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty "The American Dream" Rhodes! The crowd in Albany are excited as "The Dream" runs down the group and says that tonight, Wade Barrett will be in action as he takes on Randy Orton!


-The first match of the evening sees the Diva's Champion, Eve facing off against Maryse, in a non-title match. After four minutes of wrestling, Eve gets the win after a kick to the face of Maryse.

*In a backstage segment we see Nexus leader, Barrett, rally his troops as he gives them the order to have his back out there against Orton.


-We return to the second match of the evening and it's a return match from last night PPV, with the Unified World Tag Team Championships on the line as The Hart Dynasty defends the gold against The Usos. This match is given a little bit more time then their match last night at the PPV. However the result is the same. The HD get the pinfall victory and retain the titles.

*We cut to Josh Matthews who is with Randy Orton. Orton says that tonight he should be the WWE Champion, but he's not. And that's all because of the Nexus. Tonight he gets Barrett, and if anyone from Nexus gets invovled they will be seeing one thing...R...K...O!! Orton leaves as we go to commericals*

**In an in-ring segment we see Ted Dibase discussing his victory over Mark Henry last week. We see with power and prestige comes money. Money and women as is evident by Maryse, who is his girlfriend. Ted says that when he was booted out of Legacy earlier this year, looking back it was one of the greatest things to happen. Now it's not lurking under Orton's shadow, but rather, creating his own legacy as Ted Dibiase. Ted continues his talk until the music of one Mark Henry is heard. Henry makes his way to the ring and immediately Ted begins to attack him. Ted gets the upperhand and sends the fight to the outside. Just then though, Henry reverses and sends Ted shoulder first right into the steel steps. Henry then picks up Ted and connects with the World's Strongest Slam right on the outside! Henry's music hits as the WSM celebrates getting some revenge on Dibiase following last week.

*We cut backstage to the NEW WWE Champion, Chris Jericho, dressed in a blue suit, smiling as he looks into the camera. We will be hearing from Jericho, later in the evening. However when we come back it will be Nexus leader, Wade Barrett taking on Randy Orton!

**Commercials/End of Hour One**

**Second Hour**

We start off with the first main event of the evening, as Randy Orton looks to get some revenge against Wade Barrett, as the two face off. The sixteen minute match sees Orton and Barrett exchanging momentum throughout, with the cruicial point of the match sees Orton connecting with his devasting DDT off the ropes. However as Orton readies himself to go for the RKO, the rest of the Nexus group make their way into the ring and begin to attack the former WWE Champion. The crowd begins to boo loudly as the match is called off. However we see a few of the wrestlers in the back, (Henry, Santino, Koslov, Morrison, and The Hart Dynasty, as well as R-Truth) to even the odds. However we see that the Nexus begin to retreat as if they are going to do this on their terms and their terms alone. The groups have a showdown as we cut to commercials*

**After seeing what happened, we cut to the office of the NEW GM for Raw, Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes mentions that he is loving his first night on the job as he is talking to some of the divas, when Randy Orton walks in. Orton says he wants Barrett. Rhodes agrees and says that he will have Barrett at Backlash. Rhodes then says that next week it will be Wade Barrett and a partner of his choosing against Randy Orton and a partner of Randy's choice. Orton agrees to the matches, as we cut back to the ringside area.

**After a few moments we hear the music of the current United States Champion, The Miz. The Miz, who is accompained to the ring by his NXT rookie, Alex Riley, enters the ring and speaks on his title victory last night against R-Truth. The Miz says that he is the most dominant United States Champion ever! That comment does not sit well with the fans as they begin to boo Miz even more. However it's not until Dusty Rhodes shows up that the crowd gets back on their feet. Rhodes says that The Miz is a joke and a fraud. Rhodes orders both men out of the ring and to get a ref out here because it's time for the next match. We hear the introductions of both John Morrison and Evan Bourne. Rhodes tells Miz that the winner of the match will face Miz at Backlash for the US Championship! And that match is next!


-We return to the match in progress with both wrestlers trying to earn a title match for the US Championship at Backlash, in a little over three weeks away. Both men pull out all the stops though giving the fans in Albany a real treat. However after twenty minutes of wrestling and high flying moves, a missed Air Bourne sends Morrison to hit his kick to the face followed by Starship Pain and getting the three count for the win. After the match though, Miz gets a mic and says that at Backlash, once again "Marty Jannetty" will be shown to be nothing more than a LOSER! Then Miz and Riley sneak in the ring and try to attack Morrison. However Bourne is there to take out Miz, as Miz is thrown to the outside. Riley left in the ring is hit with the corkscrew neckbreaker, followed by Starship Pain as well. Morrison stares down Miz, as Miz is livid as he pulls Riley out of the ring.

-We cut once again to Chris Jericho, as Josh Matthews tries to get a word from him. However we will hear nothing from Jericho as of now. *Commercials*

-In the final match of the evening we see Sheamus taking on Vladimir Koslov. The match is kept short, however the main point in the match sees the Nexus members, Skip Sheffield and David Otunga help Sheamus get the win. The duo attack Koslov following the match, as the rest of Nexus enter the arena. Sheamus leaves the area as quick as possible, as we get to see what is now the traditional attack from the Nexus, with Gabriel connecting with the 450 splash to end it. The crowd boos the group as we cut to commercials.

-We return and we get a rundown concerning tonight and also we have been informed that we should be hearing an update on John Cena in two weeks. It is also noted that instead of tonight, next week on Raw, Jerry Lawler will face a member of Nexus in one-on-one action. We now see the ring with a black carpet and a podium in the middle. The music of the NEW WWE Champion, Chris Jericho hits as Jericho enters the arena to a ton of heat. Jericho says that no matter what the situation that caused it, he is now the NEW WWE Champion. Jericho says that these unbelievable sheep doubted Jericho's ability and now will all have to watch as he controls the entire Raw locker room. With that said we hear Dusty Rhodes on the titan tron. Rhodes mentioned that with Backlash coming up, and as the WWE Champion, that title must be defended. Rhodes says he's thought about naming an opponent for quite some time, but instead of just saying who it is, I'll let you find out for yourself. Jericho has a confused look on his face as he turns around and is...SPEARED BY EDGE! Edge is the Number 1 Contender for the WWE Championship! Jericho clutches his ribs and stomach as Edge stares at the WWE Championship. The road to Backlash has begun!

*End of Show*

OOC: NXT and Smackdown notes will be posted over the next couple of days.

Card for Backlash:

WWE Championship:Chris Jericho(c) vs. Edge

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

WWE United States Championship:
The Miz(c) vs. John Morrison

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Re: WWE 2010: The Return of Excellence

Smackdown Preview for June 25th, 2010:

It's a new era on Smackdown as CM Punk has become a four time World Heavyweight Champion. The Straight Edge Superstar has a lot to say following his huge title victory. However with a little under four weeks until Backlash, will CM Punk be able to rule as champion, as tonight he will defend the title in a rematch against Jack Swagger!

Also announced for Smackdown, we will have a match to determine a new number one contender as Matt Hardy will face off against Christian.

Finally with the Nexus running wild on Raw, will their presence be once again felt on Smackdown!

**Smackdown along with a NXT recap will be posted later this week.**

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