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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The Future Begins NOW!

World Wrestling Entertainment
Monday Night RAW – August 3rd, 2010
Mississippi Coast Coliseum - Biloxi, Mississippi

"We Are Wild And Young" by American Bang blasts out of the arena speakers with Matt Striker standing in the ring with a microphone in hand, he begins to speak as the music dies down.

*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***

Matt Striker: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to NXT! Tonight, we have an action packed card, so to start tonight off, let's go ahead and bring the NXT Rookies out here!

"We Are Wild And Young" by American Bang starts playing again, as #1 in the polls, Kaval comes walking out onto the stage.

Matt Striker: Coming out first, Kaval!

Next out is #2 in the polls, Percy Watson. Percy does his spirit finger taunt and then walks down the ramp.

Matt Striker: "Showtime" Percy Watson!!

#3 is Michael McGillicutty. Michael jumps up in the air and does a fist pump before walking down the ramp.

Matt Striker: Michael McGillicutty!!!

Coming out, at #4 is Alex Riley. Riley proves that he is as arrogant as he looks by talking smack to the fans as he walks down the ramp.

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Riley!

Lucky Cannon comes out and walks down the stage at #5. Lucky slaps hands with the fans while going down the ramp, proving that he is a HUGE fan favorite here on NXT.

Matt Striker: Please welcome, Mark Henry's NXT Rookie, Lucky Cannon!

#6 is Eli Cottonwood, and last but not least, #7 is Husky Harris. Eli does his mustache taunt thing, while Husky looks at Eli with an arrogant look on his face, saying "what the hell is Eli doing"?

Matt Striker: And the last two competitors on the NXT Roster, Eli Cottonwood and Husky Harris!!!

The NXT Rookies stand side by side by each other across the ring from Matt Striker, the current host of NXT. A few of the rookies have arrogant looks on their faces while some of the rookies look pleased to even be standing in the WWE Ring.

Matt Striker: What a night we have planned for you guys. Tonight, one of you guys will be eliminated from NXT, but not until after all of you showcase your talents once again here on NXT!

The fans in attendance let out a huge pop. Some of the rookies feed off of it, such as Percy Watson, Lucky Cannon, Kaval, and Michael McGillicutty.

Matt Striker: Let me introduce to you, your WWE Pros!

"We Are Wild And Young" by American Bang plays once again as the WWE Pros come out once again here on NXT! But something that the WWE Universe notices is that LayCool are not present, but instead, Randy Orton comes out.

Matt Striker: Now, you guys sitting at home, as well as you guys here in the arena tonight are wondering where LayCool are, am I right? Well, here it goes, LayCool are women, therefore they can not compete against these NXT Rookies. So, therefore we thought it would be best to recruit another pro to take care of Kaval in the pro spot, so we went to the best person we could think of, that man being a former WWE Champion, the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE History, that man being, "The Viper" Randy Orton!

Randy Orton stands up and points at all the Pros, stating that Kaval will win NXT with him as Kaval's Pro. Orton sits back down and Matt Striker begins talking again.

Matt Striker: Well, now that that's over, let's get on with the night. Michael McGillicutty, your first up against.. Percy Watson! And it's next!!

All of the rookies leave the ring except for McGillicutty and Watson. McGillicutty's pro, Kofi Kingston as well as Percy's Pro, MVP come down to the ring to support their rookies.


- Michael McGillicutty w/ Kofi Kingston versus Percy Watson w/MVP -

The match starts off with the two tying up in the middle of the ring, both men possess alot of strength but McGillicutty overpowers Watson and pushes him back into the corner, the referee breaks them up and pushes McGillicutty back away from Watson. Watson goes right after McGillicutty and takes him down with a clothesline, McGillicutty gets back up and meets another clothesline from Watson. Watson takes a little time to get a pop from the crowd. He waits for McGillicutty to get back up and they meet in the middle of the ring and they shake hands, this gets the fans to give them a HUGE pop! The two then go after one another again, McGillicutty pushes Watson back into the corner and starts punching and kicking Watson. The ref breaks it up again, Watson comes back after McGillicutty and this time McGillicutty is ready as McGillicutty hits a Powerslam for a 2 count. The cameras cut to commercial.

Back from commercial and McGillicutty is still in control. During the break, Watson is shown getting taken down with a DDT and body press from the top rope by McGillicutty. A few seconds after McGillicutty lets Watson back up, McGillicutty kicks Watson in the gut, doubling him over, McGillicutty takes the chance and goes after Watson, hitting his Running Neck Snap finisher for the 3 count.

Winner: Michael McGillicutty

After the match Kofi Kingston comes into the ring and he shakes hands with both McGillicutty and Watson. MVP also comes in and shakes hands with all three guys in the ring.

Matt Striker re-enters the ring and goes up to McGillicutty.

Matt Striker: Michael, how does it feel to be the only rookie here to go undefeated?

Michael McGillicutty: It feels great, Matt. It really does. And as a second generation superstar, I can only give thanks to one person, and that person being my father, "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig!

Matt Striker: There's also a few others you can always give thanks too, such as your WWE Pro, Kofi Kingston, and all of those other Pros and Rookies up there on the stage and backstage.

Michael McGillicutty: Yeah, well I guess I could. Some of these pros here know alot about this business and I congratulate them for that. As for my Pro, yeah, he's the Intercontinental Champion on SmackDown and honestly, I could take him to another level if we got into the ring and faced one another. Me and Kofi are unstoppable and I can honestly say that it would be an honor to wrestle him.

Matt Striker: Woah, is that a challenge I'm hearing?

Michael McGillicutty: No, it's not a challenge. He's my pro here on NXT and I have enough respect for him to not challenge him to a match. But as soon as I win NXT, you better believe I will challenge him to a match, I've gotta get to the top somehow, and the only way I can do that is to take down the Intercontinental Champion!

Michael and Kofi have a staredown before they shake hands.

Matt Striker: Fair enough, let's see what the Pros here think about you, Michael. Miz, you have the floor!

The Miz stands up out of his chair and grabs his microphone under his chair.

The Miz: My thoughts on his match? Michael, you are sloppy in the ring. You have no in-ring presence, you have no charisma, nothing! The only reason you are standing in that ring is because your father was a wrestler only, you only got here because of that reason.

Michael stands in the ring looking up at The Miz with intentions on his mind.

The Miz: What? Cat, got your tongue, Michael?

Michael grabs the microphone from Striker.

Michael McGillicutty: You say that I only got here because my father was a wrestler? How did you get here? By winning some sort of contest, or was it you were found on some sort of reality show on MTV or something like that? Miz, I'll tell you this, I have more talent than you will EVER have. So, how about next week here on NXT, you put your money where your mouth is and take me on in a match, me and you, 1 on 1. If I win, then nothing happens to either one of us! But if you win, I'll leave NXT!

The Miz: Haha, you BEATING me!? That won't happen, that can't happen. Let me tell you something Michael. I am the United States Champion, I am Mr. Money In The Bank, what else could I possibly want? You, gone from NXT is what I want, and next week you will be after I beat you with the Skull-Crushing Finale. You wanna know why? Because I'm The Miz... and I'm awesom...

Michael McGillicutty cuts him off.

Michael McGillicutty: Aweeesomeeeee!! Miz, number 1, these fans are tired of hearing that every week, and number 2, let me be the first to wish you good luck for next week, because your gonna need it!

The Miz: Nobody interrupts me when I'm speaking! Do you understand me? Especially if you're a nobody, such as yourself! And luck! Luck!, I don't need luck, I got here with pure SKILL!

Michael McGillicutty: Well, we will see next week.

Michael hands the microphone to Jamie Keyes as she is ready to introduce the competitors for the next match.


"Ain't No Make Believe" blasts out of the arena speakers as John Morrison and his rookie, Eli Cottonwood make their way down the ramp.

Jamie Keyes: Please welcome John Morrison and his rookie, Eli Cottonwood!

"Voices" blasts out of the arena speakers as Kaval emerges from the backstage area, with Randy Orton waiting on the stage for him. The fans give Orton and Kaval a HUGE pop, they both then start walking down the ramp.

Jamie Keyes: Please welcome Randy Orton and his rookie, Kaval!!

The fans let out another HUGE pop for Orton and Kaval.

- Randy Orton and Kaval versus John Morrison and Eli Cottonwood -

Orton and Cottonwood begin the match with Eli taking control using his most important attribute, his power. Orton tries to escape from Cottonwood's grasp but Cottonwood just tightens it up a bit, Orton starts making some progress but Cottonwood picks Orton up and just throws him across the ring and then tags in Morrison. Morrison comes in and does his running knee to the jaw on Orton for a two count. Orton reaches out to Kaval but he is too far away to make the tag. Morrison brings Orton to his feet and whips him into the ropes and jumps up kicking Orton with a dropkick for another 2 count. Orton finally fights back after Morrison locks on a chinlock hold. Orton elbows Morrison and buys himself enough time to get away from Morrison and make a tag to Kaval. Kaval comes in and hits Morrison with a spin wheel kick, then he runs over to Eli and takes him down with a low dropkick to the knee making Eli drop to the floor. Kaval then jumped over the top rope and landed on Eli, but Eli caught him and Eli powered him down to the floor with a Powerslam. The referee started counting.. 1... 2....3... 4... 5.... 6.... 7...8.. and Kaval makes it back in the ring but barely, the pain was too much for Kaval and Morrison capitalized and superkicked Kaval right in the jaw and tried pinning him but only got a 2 count. Then Morrison tagged in Eli and Eli took it straight to the smaller man hitting him with a lot of offense. Going from a big boot, to a powerslam, to a variation of a chokeslam. He tried for his Face Paver finisher and Kaval escaped and scurried to his corner and tagged in Randy Orton! A huge pop came from the WWE Universe when he came in and went right at Eli with punches and kicks to Eli's huge tree trunk legs. Orton tried whipping Eli to the ropes but Eli countered and sent Orton running, Orton came back and met a big boot, leading to a two count. Eli then tagged in Morrison, and as soon as he came in he met an RKO from Orton for a two count. A huge pop from the Universe came in Morrison's favor for kicking out of an RKO. Orton couldn't believe it and started putting boots to Morrison's body parts. Orton picked Morrison up and Morrison jabbed Orton in the chin, Morrison ran off the ropes and Orton countered it and hit Morrison with an inverted headlock backbreaker. This got Orton in the game, and started "changing" if you could say it that way. He started pounding the mat with his fists and it looked like he was transforming, so to speak. Morrison stood up and Orton went to RKO him, but Morrison countered and ran right back to Orton, Orton jumped up off the mat and he connected with another RKO for the three count.

Winners: Randy Orton and Kaval

After the match, Eli came in and was checking on Morrison. Eli got up in Orton's face and Orton gave him a glare, Eli backed off a little bit but was still in striking distance of The Viper, so Orton jumped up and gave Eli an RKO as well. Kaval saw it happen, he jumped down off the turnbuckle and ran over to Orton and shoved him a little bit, starting a staredown between the rookie and pro. After about 20 seconds of staring at each other, Orton got tired of staring and just gave Kaval an RKO as well.

Matt Striker re-enters the ring and goes up to Orton, but he doesn't get to close, because he don't want to receive an RKO either.

Matt Striker: Randy, what is your explanation of all this? I mean, you just RKO'd Morrison, Eli, as well as your own rookie, Kaval.

Randy Orton: Matt, it's simple. You know the season 1 stars of NXT? Yeah, they are attacking and beating down everyone on RAW, that's not gonna happen with the season 2 stars of NXT, especially as long as I'm here.

Matt Striker: But, Randy.. RKO'ing YOUR rookie. What was the point of that?

Randy Orton: Matt, I already answered that. These rookies are not gonna leave NXT and go to RAW or SmackDown and try to make a name for theirselves by attacking the superstars that are already established on the brands. And, if it means that I'm gonna have to be a threat to every single one of them, then that's what I will be, a threat to every single one of these rookies!

Matt Striker: Very good point, Randy. Ladies and gentlemen, "The Viper" Randy Orton!

Orton leaves the ring and proceeds to make his way up the ramp. Orton gets to the stage and is stopped by all of the other rookies and they make it hard for Randy to get back to his seat. Orton pushes Alex Riley and then The Miz gets in the face of Orton and The Miz starts to hit him but stops mid sequence.

Matt Striker: Ok guys, it's time to move on now! Security, get out here and seperate these men!

Security finally comes out and splits them up.


Matt Striker: Now, it's time for the final match here on NXT tonight, it will be a triple threat match with Lucky Cannon taking on both Alex Riley and Husky Harris!

Matt gives the microphone to Jamie Keyes as "I Came To Play" blasts out of the arena speakers and The Miz waits on the stage for Alex Riley to come out, Riley runs up behind The Miz and puts his arm around him and points at both him and Miz, saying that he will win NXT with The Miz's help.

Jamie Keyes: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Alex Riley and his WWE Pro, the United States Champion, and RAW Mr. Money In The Bank, The Miz!

Riley and The Miz get in the ring and they pose one last time before "Some Bodies Gonna Get It" blasts out of the arena speakers as Lucky Cannon runs out from the backstage area, with Mark Henry waiting on him. Lucky runs down the ramp slapping hands with the fans. Lucky gets to the ring and waves for Henry to hurry up.

Jamie Keyes: Please welcome, "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry and his NXT Rookie, Lucky Cannon!

Mark finally makes it in the ring, Lucky climbs the ring and smiles at the WWE Universe and then jumps back down. At this time "Smoking Mirror" by Matt White blasts out of the arena speakers as "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and Husky Harris make their way down the ramp. Husky goes to slap some fans hands but pulls it back and laughs in their face.

Jamie Keyes: Ladies and gentlemen, Husky Harris and "Dashing" Cody Rhodes!

The three pros have a few final words with their rookies before leaving the ring and standing on the outside for extra support for them.

- Alex Riley versus Lucky Cannon versus Husky Harris -

At the beginning of the match, Riley tries coexisting with Husky to take down Lucky but it proves that Husky only wants to be by himself as he takes Riley down with a clothesline. He then runs at Lucky who is holding onto the ropes. He pulls down on the ropes and Husky flies over the top. Lucky then rushes over to Riley and tries to pin him but Riley gets out at 1. Lucky picks Riley up and whips him into the corner, running at him, he connects with a clothesline, putting Riley in a sitting position being held up by the turnbuckle. Husky starts moving a little bit and he eventually gets back up in the ring, Lucky sees him and rushes over to Husky and he starts putting boots to Husky's legs and arms. Husky fights him off and gets back up in Lucky's face and pushes him, Lucky falls and Riley catches him in a schoolboy pin for a 2 count after Husky breaks it up. Husky grabs Riley and puts a boot in Riley's ribs, making Riley fall to the mat. Husky puts a chinlock on Riley and tightens it up alot. Lucky starts moving and finally makes it up to his feet and bounces off the ropes and comes back and kicks Husky on the chin making him fall backwards and letting go of the hold. The cameras cut to the final commercial for tonight.

The cameras come back and Riley has control over Lucky. During the break, The Miz caught Lucky's foot as he was running off the ropes, making him fall, that caused The Miz to meet a Clothesline from Mark Henry. Cody Rhodes then challenged Henry to come after him, he started too but Rhodes ran off, but came back down later to watch his rookie. With Riley in control, who knows what would happen next. Lucky fights out of the chinlock and Riley tries locking it on again but Lucky keeps fighting it off. At this time, Husky Harris runs up and clotheslines both guys down. Husky runs off the ropes and hits the Back Senton, he tries pinning Riley but he kicked out, causing him to try to pin Lucky. But Riley came up behind him and turned Husky's pin into a rollup from behind, almost getting Riley the win but Lucky breaks it up as well. Lucky climbs the top rope and waits for Riley to get to his feet. Riley stands up and Lucky jumps off with a diving crossbody, pin attempt included but Riley rolls through and gets Lucky with the three count!

What a win for Alex Riley!

Winner: Alex Riley

After the match, The Miz re-enters the ring and him and Riley celebrate the win. Matt Striker also re-enters the ring.

Alex Riley: Matt, I don't want any questions. I just won an exhausting match and I just want to get the night over with so I can get back home.

Matt Striker: Well then, will all the rookies please come back out here for the elimination part of the night!

The Miz, Mark Henry, and Cody Rhodes go back up to their seats and they set down and watch the elimination part of the night. Just then "We Are Wild And Young" by American Bang blasts out of the arena speakers as the rest of the rookies come out, Michael McGillicutty comes out leading the pack, followed by Kaval, then Eli Cottonwood, and then last but not least, "Showtime" Percy Watson.

Matt Striker: Since Mr. Riley wants to get the night over with, let's go ahead and bring up the poll sheet.

The NXT poll sheet comes up on the titantron with #1 through #7 listed. A name comes up on the #1 slot, that name being MICHAEL MCGILLICUTTY. Michael looks pleased with that. A name comes up on the #2 slot, that name being ALEX RILEY. Alex points at The Miz and smiles arrogantly, he also looks pleased with that. A few seconds later and another name pops up beside the #3 slot, that name being KAVAL. Kaval looks pleased with that as well, but he still wants to get revenge on Orton after what he did to him earlier. His eyes latch onto Orton and Kaval shakes his head, and mutters the words "I'll get you Orton!" #4 is PERCY WATSON. Percy does his spirit finger taunt and then he gets a huge pop from the WWE Universe. After about 5 seconds, a name appears beside the #5 slot, that name being LUCKY CANNON. Lucky gets excited and jumps up and down at the sight of that, he slaps hands with a few fans before getting back in line with the other NXT Rookies.

Matt Striker: Eli Cottonwood.. Husky Harris.. please step forward. Eli, if you would please tell the WWE Universe and the Pros why you deserve to stay in this competition.

Matt gives Eli the microphone, Matt backs up a bit and Eli begins to talk.

Eli Cottonwood: Matt, you know just as much as I do. Rookies, you know just as much as I do. Pros, you guys also know just as much as I do, I am THE biggest Rookie in the history of NXT. I am Goliath, and everybody here are ants to me. I can squish these guys with 1 hand, the other hand can be tied up behind my back and I can still crush them! I can crush everybody!

Matt Striker: Alright, Eli. Thank you for... that. Husky Harris, it's your turn now.

Husky Harris: Thank you, Matt. See, it's people like you that I enjoy being around. Narcissism is my game, being arrogant, cocky, and a jerk is what I am categorized under. They ask me if I'm the Husky Harris guy from NXT. I say that I am Husky Harris, and I ask them if they have a problem with it, they call me fat, they call me a jerk, and you wanna know what I do about it? Take my anger out on these guys here! You see, I'm gonna climb the ranks and I'll be #1 by the time the end of this season rolls around, you wanna know why? I'm an Army Tank with a friggin' Ferrari engine! So, how about this.. this nobody called Eli Cottonwood should be the one getting eliminated, not me!

Matt Striker: Thank you Husky! Well, let's just see who gets number 6.

The WWE Pros, the WWE Universe, Matt Striker, and the Rookies watch the NXT poll sheet as #6 comes up on the screen, the name that appears is HUSKY HARRIS. This gets Husky all riled up but Eli, on the other hand starts going crazy, knocking the steel steps over, pushing the announcers tables over, he even goes after Husky, hitting him with a big boot. The other rookies try to calm Eli down but it just makes Eli worse than before. He pushes every single of the rookies down, and not 1 at a time, he does it all at once. Eli pushes Striker away and then starts walking up the ramp. Some of the Pros stop him, such as Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, and MVP, as well as his own pro John Morrison. Eli pushes Morrison and Orton away, but walks right past Kofi, MVP, and Mark without even making any contact with them.

Matt Striker: And that ends NXT!

At this time, Eli Cottonwood comes back out on the stage and starts throwing the chairs at the Pros, pushing the pros, and knocking the pros down and off the stage. He even give Morrison a big boot, he gives Orton a Face Paver on the stage. All the other Pros stand back away from him, all except for Mark Henry. Henry goes after Eli, but he runs backstage and he is shown on the titantron, getting in a car and driving off.


NXT Poll Sheet:
#1 - Michael McGillicutty
#2 - Alex Riley
#3 - Kaval
#4 - Percy Watson
#5 - Lucky Cannon
#6 - Husky Harris
Eliminated from the competition - Eli Cottonwood

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