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Sion316; WWE Rewritten

Sion 316: WWE Rewritten

The year 2003 is coming to an end and big things have happened in the last few months. Undertaker and Vince McMahon were involved in a bitter feud that ended at Survivor Series when Undertaker's brother Kane buried him alive. Brock Lesnar turned on friend Kurt Angle and had a lengthly feud with one another with Lesnar taking the belt off the olympic gold medalist and Evolution are in all the possesion of the championships on Raw. One thing is for sure 2004 looks like its shaping up to be one incredible year.

Raw Roster
Al Snow ,Batista ,Booker T ,Bubba Ray Dudley ,Chris Jericho, Christian, Christopher Nowinski, D-Von Dudley, Eric Bischoff, Gail Kim, Garrison Cade, Goldberg, Ivory, Jacqueline, Jazz, Jerry Lawler, John Heidenreich, Johnathan Coachman, Kane, Lance Storm, Lita, Mark Henry, Mark Jindrak, Matt Hardy, Maven, Mick Foley, Miss Jackie, Molly Holly, Randy Orton, Rene Dupree, Ric Flair, Rico, Rob Conway, Rob Van Dam, Rodney Mack, Rosey, Scott Steiner, Shane McMahon, Shawn Michaels, Spike Dudley, Stacy Keibler, Steve Austin, Steven Richards, Slyvan Grenier, Terri, Test, The Hurricane, Theodore Long, Tommy Dreamer, Triple H, Trish Stratus, Val Venis, Victoria, Vince McMahon, William Regal

Smackdown Roster
Akio, A-Train, Big Show, Bill DeMott, Billy Gunn, Billy Kidman, Bradshaw, Brock Lesnar, Charlie Haas, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Chris Kanyon, Chuck Palumbo, Danny Basham, Dawn Marie, Doug Basham, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Ernest Miller, Faarooq, Funaki, Hardcore Holly, Jamie Noble, John Cena, Johnny Stamboli, Kurt Angle, Lamont, Matt Morgan, Nidia, Nunzio, Orlando Jordan, Paul Heyman, Paul London, Rey Mysterio, Rhyno, Rikishi, Sable, Sakoda, Scotty 2 Hotty, Sean O'Haire, Shaniqua, Shannon Moore, Shelton Benjamin, Stephanie McMahon, Tajiri, Tazz, The Undertaker, Torrie Wilson, Ultimo Dragon, Zach Gowen

Raw - Monday on Spike TV
Smackdown - Thursday on UPN
Velocity - Saturday on Spike TV

Heat - Sunday on Spike TV

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
1. Triple H (3) December 14 2003

Defeated Kane and Goldberg in a triple threat match at Armageddon 2003

WWE Intercontinental Championship
1. Randy Orton December 14 2003

Defeated Rob Van Dam at Armageddon 2003

WWE World Tag Championship
1. Batista and Ric Flair December 14 2003

Won the titles in a Tag Team Turmoil at Armageddon 2003

WWE Women's Championship
1. Molly Holly(2) July 28 2003

Defeated Gail Kim on Raw

WWE Championship
1. Brock Lesnar (3) September 18th 2003

Defeated Kurt Angle in a 60 man Iron Man Match on Smackdown

WWE United States Championship
1. The Big Show October 19th 2003

Defeated Eddie Guerrero at No Mercy

WWE Tag Championship
1. The Basham Brothers October 23 2003

Defeated Los Guerreros on Smackdown

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
1. Tajiri (3) September 25th 2003

Defeated Rey Mysterio on Smackdown.
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Re: Sion316; WWE Rewritten

1st January 2004
Laredo, Texas

The first Smackdown of the year begins in Laredo, Texas as Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to the show. Cole talks about the road to Wrestlemania arriving and Tazz tells cole that first we need to get to the Royal Rumble. Cole then announces that tonight the US Title will be on the line when the 500 pound Big Show takes on Eddie Guerrero. Suddenly General Manager Paul Heyman music hits and we are joined by the former ECW Owner in the ring.

Heyman tells the fans that he has looked back at his few years in the WWE and has had an epithany, Heyman says that he is disgusted with his actions as a power of authority and his role should be about the passion and nothing more. Heyman says its goodbye to the man who picks sides and makes biased choices and hello to the man who made ECW a forerunner in wrestling. The crowd are shocked by Heyman's announcement and a ECW chant breaks out as an emotional Paul looks on.

Heyman gathers himself and tells the crowd that by experience he knows actions speak louder then words and announces a huge triple threat match for the main event. It will be The Crippler Chris Benoit, The Doctor of Thuganomics John Cena and The Olimpic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle who all recieve huge pops from the crowd. Thats not all as the winner will go to the Royal Rumble to take on WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. The crowd erupt and Heyman walks off with a smile on his face.

The Japanese Mafia vs. Rey Mysterio,Ultimo Dragon and Billy Kidman

We are ready for are first match of the night with cruiserweight action. Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri comes out with Japanese Mafia members Akio and Sakoda and it looks like we will be having a 6 man match on our hands. Rey Mysterio's music hits and out comes Rey with his two partners Billy Kidman and Ultimo Dragon. We start off with Kidman and Akio who put on a very impressive couple of minutes before Kidman makes a tag to Ultimo Dragon. Dragon and Akio have exchanges of moves and submission holds before Akio takes an advantage and tags in Sakoda. Things go from bad to worst for the Dragon as The Japanese Mafia take firm control isolating Dragon with quick tags and effective double teams.

Tajiri shows dominance in the contest and every time Dragon has an opportunity to make a tag he is stopped by vicious kicks from the Cruiserweight Champion. Tajiri tries to hit Rey which causes him to enter the ring. With the ref trying to break up the fight Akio and Sakoda start to attack a beaten down Dragon from behind. Tajiri tags in Sakoda who works over a defenceless Dragon and whips him into the turnbuckle. Sakoda walks to the other side of the ring and runs in for a clothesline, however in a bid of desperation from Dragon he moves out of the way and makes a diving tag to none other then Rey Mysterio. Rey storms the ring and cleans house taking out all 3 members of the mafia one at a time, Akio tries to attack Rey from behind but Kidman grabs akio and throws him to the outside along with partner Sakoda, Kidman then runs to the ropes and hits the 2 mafia members with an incredicle moonsault which leaves Tajiri and Rey in the ring. Tajiri gets distracted and Rey hits with a dropkick to the back setting Tajiri up for the 619. Mysterio connects with a 619 then followed by a west coast pop for the victory. Rey Mysterio celebrates as the Cruiserweight Champion lies down and out in the ring..

The Camera cuts to Paul Heyman where he and Chris Benoit are talking about the ECW days. Benoit tells Heyman that he appreciates being put into the triple threat tonight and says that when he wins tonight the WWE title will be his at the Royal Rumble. They are interupted by WWE Champion Brock Lesnar who tells Benoit that he has been in the business for 20 years but has never had that one defining moment wheras it took Lesnar 2 years to achive that moment. Lesnar draws huge heat from the crowd. Benoit responds by saying that he has made the WWE Champion tap out before and if he has the chance at the Rumble he will do it again. Benoit walks off leaving Lesnar to stew in his words. A huge you tapped out chant is started by the sell out crowd in attendance.

Hardcore Holly vs. Billy Gunn

We are back underway with Hardcore Holly making his way down to the ring. He is then followed by his opponent Mr Ass Billy Gunn. The 2 get under way in a very even contest. A crucial moment to the match took place a few minutes later as Holly throw Gunn into the ringpole leaving Gunn in a large amount of pain.

Gunn fought valiantly to try and mount some kind of offence but eventually it was the hurt shoulder of Gunn that gave way leaving Holly to take full advantage and hit Gunn with an Alabama Slam picking up the victory. Hardcore leaves the ring with Billy Gunn holding his shoulder as he is helped out of the ring by emt's.

We are taken to the back where Josh Matthews is with Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. Josh asks Angle about tonights main event and Angle replies by telling the crowd that after Lesnar took the title from him that he has been waiting for the chance to win back his WWE Championship. Brock Lesnar interupts Angle and tells him that he has taken the WWE Title from Angle so he no longer sees him as a threat. Lesnar recieves alot of heat and Angle looks straight into his eyes looking furious. Angle vows that he will take the WWE title away from Brock Lesnar and walks off as Lesnar smirks to the camera.

Royal Rumble Qualifying Match

We are now ready for the first Royal Rumble qualifying match. A.P.A member Bradshaw makes his way down to the squared circle to a decent cheer from the crowd. After a few seconds his opponents music hits and it turns out to be none other then..... Faarooq. The fans cheer louder as both A.P.A members are going to face each other. Both men stare at each other and nod their heads, both friends dont hold back and the match turns into a fist fight. The match is very even between the 2 who are both used to the other ones style. Bradshaw starts to take the upperhand nailing Faarooq with a big boot. Bradshaw starts to dominate his partner which some big offensive moves. This however doesnt last long as Faarooq out of nowhere hits Bradshaw with a shoulder block. The table is now turned with Faarooq dominating Bradshaw and hitting his own offensive moves. Faarooq looks like he is ready to win the match. He goes for the dominator but Bradshaw sees it coming pushing Faarooq away from him. Faarooq and Bradsdhaw run at each other and Bradshaw out of nowhere connects with a clothesline from hell. Bradshaw gets the pinfall and is the first superstar in this years Royal Rumble.

A video package is show of tonights US Title match between Big Show and Eddy Guerrero

Back in the A.P.A locker room Bradshaw and Faarooq are discussing their match tonight. Bradshaw tells Faarooq that it was nothing personal and that he needed to win just as much as he did. Faarooq tells Bradshaw that this is what the business is like and there are no hard feelings between the 2 and he wishes him good luck in the Royal Rumble match. Out of nowhere both members of the A.P.A are involved in an unprovoked attack by The Basham Brothers. The A.P.A lie motionless on the floor as The Bashams pose with their Championship belts.

Back to ringside and we hear the music of the Charasmatic Ernest The Cat Miller accompanied by his manager Lamont. The run to the ring and start to dance to the theme song. Tazz starts to sing the song much to the displeasure of Michael Cole. The Big Show music hits to a surprising amount of heat to the US Champion. He walks to the ring. Ernest and lamont stand scared and Big Show chokeslams both men. The Cat manages to get out of the ring and runs to the back but Lamont isnt so lucky. Big Show goes out the ring and grabs a chair and brings it with him back into the ring. Big Show throws down the chair and grabs Lamont neck. He chokeslams Lamont and his head smacks the chair with a thumping impact. Show smiles but its short lived as Eddie Guerrero music plays and he makes his way down ready for their Championship match.

WWE United States Championship
The Big Show (c) vs. Eddy Guerrero

Big Show goes for the attack early but Guerrero is too quick and goes for a variety of quick high flying moves to slow down the Champion. Guerrero manages to get Show down after a dropkick from the top rope. This doesnt last long however as Show gets back on his feet and dominates for the next 4 minutes. Big Show grabs the chair from outside the ring and prepares to hit Latino Heat with the chair. he hits Guerrero right in the midsection then again to the temple of Guerrero. The bell is then rung and Big Show is diqualified. Big Show smiles and walks off with his US Championship over the large shoulders of the Champion.

We are shown John Cena in the back walking out to the ring where he is cut off by WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. Lesnar slanders Cena by telling him he is out of his depth and that he is just a small wannabe rapper fish and that Lesnar is the big Shark in the WWE. Cena quickly repsonds by telling him to cut the crap and raps to Lesnar. He then tells him that he may not be the most experienced but he has no problem slapping that smirk off Brock Lesnar's face.

Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle vs. John Cena

Its Main Event time now as Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring with a huge pop. He is followed by Kurt Angle who is easily given the biggest pop of the night. And lastly John Cena who is given a smaller pop then his opponents but is still well received. The match starts off with all 3 superstars start going at it with each other .After a few minutes of back and forth action Angle is thrown out of the ring and this leaves Benoit and Cena left. Benoit takes an early advantage on Cena using his expertised technical wrestling. Cena doesnt give up and starts to make a comeback hitting a spinebuster. Benoit rolls out of the ring and Angle makes his way back in. The 2 men slug it out with Cena getting the better of the brawl and manages to hip toss Angle. Cena continues the offence untill Angle uses his experience and chops at the leg of Cena putting him onto the ground. After a few minutes of Angle being on top Benoit Comes back in and goes at it with Angle.

The 2 men show an incredible 5 mins of excellent technical ability which each superstar countering the opponents moves and hitting multiple suplexes on each other. Cena gets back up and all 3 superstars are in the ring again. Cena and Benoit start exchanging blows and Benoit is taking to the outside when Angle and Cena clothesline him out of the ring. Angle then hits the Angle Slam onto Cena and then immedietly goes for the Ankle Lock. Cena is screaming in pain for a good minute until the hold is broken by Benoit. Benoit then puts Angle into a crossface as Cena is on the floor. Angle manages to get to the rope and the hold is broken. Angle looks out of it and Benoit goes for the diving headbutt. He connects with the move and makes a pin. Before the 3 count Cena breaks up the count hitting Benoit with a 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena picks up Benoit and connects with an F-U. Cena covers Benoit and gets the victory.

Cena's music plays and he celebrates in the ring over the victory. Brock Lesnar's music then hits and the WWE Champion makes his way to the ring. Lesnar and Cena stare each other down as this weeks edition of Smackdown goes off the air.
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Re: Sion316; WWE Rewritten

3rd January 2004
Laredo, Texas

Velocity kicks off with Josh Matthews who introduces the new colour commentator for Velocity, none other then Jim Cornette. Cornette says its great to be on the show and thats its going to be a good night as 2 more people will qualify for the Royal Rumble. Josh tells Cornette not to forget that WWE Tag Champions The Bashams will be competing as well as a rare appearance by WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

Royal Rumble Qualifier
Nunzio vs. Rikishi

The match is a complete squash. It starts with Nunzio trying to pick up Rikishi but fails. this is Nunzio's only attempt at offense when he is hit with a huge savate kick. Rikishi proccedes in dragging Nunzio into the corner and plant the defenceless Italian with a stink face. Rikishi nails Nunzio with a banzai drop and picks up an easy victory. Rikishi celebrates as he is going to the Rumble.

Highlights from Paul Heyman opening speech on Smackdown are shown.

The comfontation Between WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit is shown.

Funaki and Shannon Moore vs. The Basham Brothers

Video package is shown of The Bashams attacking The A.P.A

The contest surprised a few people in the crowd as it showed off some great team work and ability. Shannon Moore and Funaki had The Bashams number at times using their speed and fast tags to confuse the Tag Champions. However The Bashams got the advantage and dominated the rest of the match. In the end it was Doug Basham hitting a spike piledriver on Funaki to earn the victory for his team.

The comfrontation between WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle is shown.

Royal Rumble Qualifier
Orlando Jordan vs. Rhyno

This match is the most evenly contested match this far with both superstars not getting an edge over the other. The veteran Rhyno finally takes control over the unexperienced Orlando Jordan with a side belly to belly suplex. after a few minutes of a dominating from Rhyno Orlando tries to fight back and goes for a powerslam. Rhino counters and hits a gore to an unexpected Jordan. Rhyno celebrates as he has booked his place in the Royal Rumble.

The comfrontation between WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and John Cena is shown.
Highlights from the triple threat match between Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle and John Cena is shown.

Brock Lesnar vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

The WWE Champion makes his way down to the ring and is met with huge heat from the crowd. His opponent is Scotty 2 Hotty, Lesnar laughs to himself at facing him. Scotty doesnt take this well and attacks Lesnar much to the shock of the Champion. Scotty's offence surprisingly continues and even gets Lesnar off his feet. Scotty is about to go for the worm as the crowd are going wild. Scott turns around and Lesnar is up and plants Scotty with a clothesline. Lesnar decimates Scotty for the rest of the match. Lesnar picks Scotty up and plants him with an F-5.

Brock Lesnar celebrates in the middle of the ring with a menacing smile. as Velocity goes off the air.
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Re: Sion316; WWE Rewritten

good two opening shows , good year to base your BTB on , a bit surprising to have Lesnar on the Velocity but it your choice , Lesnar , Cena feud seems good and maybe a Beniot , Angle feud as well so not bad shows i will give them both 4 out of 5 and im looking forward to raw
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Re: Sion316; WWE Rewritten

Thanks for the reply man im glad you liked it. With Lesnar's appearance on Velocity it was my way of letting him have a match this week because he didnt have one on Smackdown. I will most likely be doing it with other stars to give Velocity and Heat more star Value.

Next Show will be up soon
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Re: Sion316; WWE Rewritten

enjoy the first two post bro, one suggestion is that you mix up the colors/fonts or bold italics or something to seperate your matches from promos or something. It isn't an eye sore like some BTBs can be but might be easier to read if you did.

Overall good start to a great time period...I love the Japanese Mafia and glad to see them here. I for one also like the idea of bigger stars on the 2ndary shows. Reminds me of the days when the WWE had like 5 shows on the air with one core roster no splits and you'd see the top guy vs. jobber on Wrestling Challenge on Sunday mornings lol

Keep it up and I'll keep reading and reviewing bro...
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Re: Sion316; WWE Rewritten

Sunday Night Heat
4th January
San Antonio, Texas

The show starts with The Coach and Todd Grisham discussing tonights show. they mention the big main event for tonight where Captain Charisma Christan will take on The Hurricane for a spot in this years Royal Rumble.

Mark Henry vs. Tommy Dreamer

Our first match kicks off with the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry taking on the Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer. Tommy Dreamer went out on the attack but Henry pushes Dreamer onto the ground. Dreamer tries again but Henry pushes Dreamer onto the ground a 2nd time. Dreamer attacks for a 3rd time but goes for Henry's legs putting the big man onto the ground. Dreamer capatlises on this and hits with a dropkick onto the huge midsection of Henry.

Dreamer continues his offence for a few minutes until Henry hits Dreamer with a powerslam. For the rest of the match Henry is in the drivers seat using his sheer size to his advantage. After minutes of huge offence by Henry he then puts dreamer in a bear hug. Dreamer shows incredible will from the crowd and manages to power out only to be hit with the world's strongest slam. Henry goes for the pin and picks up the victory.

Jazz vs. Ivory

The next contest will be diva's action with Ivory going one on one with Jazz. Both divas start the match evenly both impressively representing the women's division. After a few minutes of hard hitting action Ivory starts to take the upperhand hitting the dominant diva with a running bulldog. Ivory coninues the offence for a few minutes before the power of Jazz comes into play nailing Ivory with a spin kick. Jazz has fury in her eyes as she flies into Ivory with left and right hooks making the official to pull her aside.

Jazz continues her assault for the better part of the match not allowing Ivory a shot of offence. Ivory gets a chant from the crowd and out of nowhere rolls Jazz into a small package. Jazz kicks out of the pin attempt as Jazz looks on furious. She grabs Ivory and locks in a Jazz Stretch. Ivory has no other option but to tap out and Jazz is declared the winner.

A Video is shown of Evolution bieng in full control of Raw holding all 4 championship gold.

Cade & Jindrak vs. Lance Storm & Val Venis

Venis and Storm come to the ring first accompanied with some arm candy. Next out are the young new tag team Cade & Jindrak. The match starts with the young guns Cade & Jindrak taking it to the veterans isolating Lance Storm. After a few moments of team work between the pair Storm makes a comeback and him and Cade have a surprising couple of minutes of excellent technician skills. This is short lived however as the musclebound Mark Jindrak starts to dominant a tired Lance Storm hitting Storm with a variety of big impact moves. The young duo again begin to isolate Storm for the best part of the match.

Storm fights valiantly and a spot of miscommunication knocks down Cade. Jindrak throws Storm into the ropes but they dont see the blind tag by Venis. Storm kicks Jindrak in the midsection and hits with a scoopslam. This leads Venis the chance to nail the money shot and pick up the win for his team.

A Video is shown of Goldberg decimation Various Raw Superstars.

Royal Rumble Qualifier
Christian vs. The Hurricane

Its time for our main event with Captain Charisma Christian taking on WWE's residential superhero The Hurricane for a spot in this years Royal Rumble. The bell rings and Christian mocks The Hurricane and strikes a few superhero poses. Hurricane then goes at it with Christian and this match is underway. Hurricane takes an early advantage not letting Christian out of the woodshed with some quick effective moves. Christian sees an opportunity countering a northern lights suplex and hitting Hurricane with a tornado DDT. Christian slows the pace of the match which works to his advantage for 5 minutes untill Hurricane sees an opening and hits Christian with a swinging neckbreaker.

Hurricane gets a second wind and pumps up the crowd and connects with a hurrichokeslam but Christian kicks out at 2. Hurricane looks set to finish the match setting Christian for the eye of the hurricane. However this quickly turns into Hurricane's downfall as Christian pokes the eye of The Hurricane and plants the unsuspecting superhero with the unprettier. Christian goes for the pin and picks up the victory.

Christian celebrates qualifying for the Royal Rumble as heat goes off the air.
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Re: Sion316; WWE Rewritten

5th January 2004
Memphis, Tennessee

We kick off the first Raw of the year and JR and King welcome us to the show. The introducion is short lived as Evolution's music hits with all 4 members walking to the ring wearing their championship gold. They enter the ring and are welcomed to an incredible amount of heat.

After waiting for the noise to die down Triple H takes the mic, he tells the fans and people at home that this is HHH's year and that he will end 2004 as it began with him as World Champion. An asshole chant echo's in the arena and HHH waits patiently for the noise to stop. The World Champ then goes on to claim that he has beaten everyone not only on the roster but the WWE and that their is no man in the company who can take his title away from him. HHH smirks but Goldberg's music hits and the crowd erupt.

Goldberg stays on the ramp and begins to hype up the crowd in Memphis. He says that the 2 foes have a little bit of unfinished business relating to HHH taking the title away from him. Goldberg then demands a match at the Royal Rumble for the World Title. The fans go crazy and give Goldberg a huge pop. HHH tells him that if he really wants a title match then tonight he will have to go up against World Tag Champions Batista and Flair.and if he wins he earns a title shot at the Rumble. Goldberg doesnt back down and tells HHH that when Flair and Batista are out .... YOUR NEXT.

Royal Rumble Qualifier
Kane vs. Rico

Rico enters the ring first with Miss Jackie and both of them seem pretty happy, that is until the big red machine Kane's music hits and is introduced to some big heat from the fans in attendance. Both men are in the ring and Rico looks petrified. Rico runs to attack Kane but he is met with a huge boot to the face. Kane picks him up and connects with a chokeslam and Rico looks down and out. Kane signals for the end and hits Rico with a devastating tombstone and scores the victory. Rico lies motionless in the ring and Kane demands a mic and begins to address the crowd. He tells the fans that now that Undertaker is no more that nothing can stop Kane from decimating 29 other men and going on to Wrestlemania and becoming World Heavyweight Champion. Kane then picks up a lifeless Rico and hits another chokeslam. Kane walks out of the arena with a menacing laugh.

The camera cuts to the back where Captain Charisma Christian is talking to backstage interviewer Terri. Christian tells her that after qualifying for the Royal Rumble its a disgrace that he is left off tonights Raw. Christian blames it on Austin unaware that Austin is standing behind him. Austin gets one of the biggest pops of the night and Austin coughs getting Christian's attention. Austin calls Christian a creepy little bastard and tells him that next week he will get his match against an opponent of Austin's choosing. Austin tells Christian thats the bottom line cause Stone Cold says so and walks off leaivng Christian furious.

Royal Rumble Qualifier
Booker T vs. Tommy Dreaner

Its now time for the next Royal Rumble qualifying match and Tommy Dreamer makes his way to the ring first where he is welcomes to a small ECW chant. He is followed by 5 time WCW Champion Booker T who gets a decent pop from the WWE crowd. Both men look at the other and shake hands showing mutual respect. Both men lock up and start the match evenly. After a few minutes of back and forth action Booker gets the advantage using his quickness as a factor. Booker stays on the offence hitting Dreamer with a spinning heel kick and takes full control of the match for the next couple of minutes. Booker sets up Dreamer for an axe kick but Dreamer moves and Booker misses. Dreamer waits and hits Booker with a running one handed bulldog. Dreamer continues the attack by picking Booker up and planting him with a DDT. Dreamer then pulls booker and puts him in a tree of woe. Dreamer signals that he is ready for a low angle dropkick and shouts ECW. Dreamer runs but in the last second Booker pulls his body up and Dreamers feet hit the turnbuckle. Booker Flips himself over and waits for Dreamer to get up before giving him an axe kick. Booker is pumped and thrills the crowd with a spin-a-roonie. Dreamer staggers to his feet but is met with a bookend. Booker goes for the pin and gets the victory.

Molly Holly and Victoria vs. Lita and Trish Stratus

An announcment is made that this divas tag match will have a special referee. Memphis's own Jerry The King Lawler. Lawler is given the bigest pop of the night as he waves to the home crowd. Victoria and Womens Champion Molly Holly come to the ring first then followed by fan favourites Lita and Trish Stratus and we get the match underway.Trish and Lita look dominant in the opening minutes but it doesn't last long as Victoria and Molly take control isolating Trish. Afrer minutes of dominance by the duo of Molly and Victoria Trish finally gets an opening and makes a tag to Lita. Lita is on fire taking out Molly Holly and leaving Victoria in the ring. Out of nowehere Stevie Richards runs to the ring to try and help Victoria. Stevie tries to attack Lita but is cut off by Jerry Lawler who hits Stevie with a belly to back suplex. at the same time Lita drops Victoria with a twist of fate. Both Lawler and Lita go to the ropes and Lawler hits a diving fist drop on Richards while Lita nails Victoria with a moonsault. Lita goes for the pin and Lawler counts to 3. Trish, Lita and Lawler celebrate in the ring.

We cut to the General Manager of Raw Eric Bischoff's office. Eric is at his desk talking on the phone untill The Dudley Boys barge into his office. Eric tells the person on the phone that he will ring him back and tells the Dudleys never to barge in uninvited again. Bubba tells him that they dont care and they demand a rematch against Ric Flair and Batista for the World Tag titles. Eric ponders for a little while and tells them that he will do better. Next week it will be World Tag champions Batista and Ric Flair defending their title against the Dudley Boys in.... A Tables Match. The crowd cheer as Dudley Boyz look on happy. They walk off but Eric calls them back. He tells them that not only will the winners be World Tag Champions but they will also qualify for the Royal Rumble. The Dudleys look even happier and Bubba tells Eric that next week Evolution will hear 4 words... D-Von get the tables. D-Von then replies by saying oh brother testify. The crowd cheer on The Dudleys as we prepare for the next match.

Royal Rumble Qualifier
Chris Jericho vs. Val Venis

Next up is Chris Jericho taking on Val Venis for a spot in the Royal Rumble. Venis makes his way out first receiving a little pop from the crowd but Jericho follows to an amazing reception. Jericho seems to have the fans on his side and starts the match on top hitting Venis with an inzuigiri. Venis finds it hard to mount any offence on Jericho who has taken complete control of the match hitting Venis with a springboard dropkick to the outside. The match continues and after a minutes of Jericho on form Venis surprisingly manages to avoid a missle drop kick and hit Jericho with a spinning spinebuster. Venis waste no time and goes straight up to the top ready for a money shot. Venis goes for the victory but Jericho is playing possom and avoids the move. Jericho then hits Venis with a lionsault and locks in the walls of Jericho. Venis stays in the move for a few seconds but has no choice but to tap out. Jericho stands in the ring victorious much to the delight of the crowd.

Backstage we have Todd Grisham joined with Chris Jericho fresh from his victory to qualify for the Royal Rumble. Jericho tells Grisham that at the Royal Rumble he will take 29 men down town to china town because the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla Chris Jeri... Before Jericho can finish the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry hits Jericho from behind. Jericho is hurt on the floor and Henry precedes in giving Jericho a running splash. Jericho is down and out as Henry smiles.

We are now joined in Evolution's locker room with HHH looking over his Evolution members. He tell them that tonight Evolution have the chance to kick star there year. He turns to Orton and says tonight the entire team need him to regain his IC title against Rob Van Dam. Orton tells HHH that tonight RVD will suffer an RKO. HHH smiles and turns to Batista and Ric Flair. He tells them that tonight they have to stop Goldberg from becoming number one contender. Flair tells HHH that after tonight Goldberg wont even make it to the Royal Rumble. Evolution smile and we go back to ringside.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Randy Orton (C) vs. Rob Van Dam

Out comes RVD to a big pop as we are set for the IC Title match. Out comes IC Champion Randy Orton with Ric Flair and Batista to the same amount of heat from earlier. Both men enter the ring and we are under way. Both superstars are very equal for the the first third of the match with Orton using his powerfull srtrikes to slow down RVD only for RVD to turn things around and knock Orton down a peg or two. Orton gets an upperhand hitting RVD with a full nelson slam. Orton is relentless in his attack on RVD disecting the legs of Mr Monday Night. Orton contniues the attack for a few minutes before RVD sees an opening hitting Orton with a roundhouse kick from the top rope.

RVD looks set to become the new champion hitting Orton with a rolling thunder and does his signature Rob Van Dam chant. RVD goes to the top rope ready for a 5 star frogsplash But Ric Flair goes on the apron distracting the ref. Batista goes behind RVD and tries to knock him off the turnbuckle but RVD sees it coming and knocks Batista to the ground. Out of nowhere Orton hits RVD with an incredible RKO from the top rope. Orton pins RVD and retains his title. All 3 men celebrate in the Ring as Orton holds his IC title in the air.

Goldberg vs. Batista & Ric Flair

Goldberg's music echos throughout the arena as Evolution look on from the ring. Goldberg is met with a big pop from the crowd and runs to the ring. All 3 members try to attack Goldberg but Goldberg is on fire and spears Orton out of the ring. Both Bastista and Flair go on the offence both grounding Goldberg. Batista and Flair dominate Goldberg using a variety of double team moves. After a few minutes of keeping Goldberg down. Goldberg starts to pick things up hitting big offensive moves on the World Tag Champions. Goldberg goes to the corner waiting for somebody to get up. Batista gets up and is hit hard with a spear. This leaves Flair and Goldberg picks The Nature Boy up and connects with a devastating jackhammer. Goldberg wins and begins to celebrate. Out of nowehere Orton and HHH attack Goldberg and are later followed by Flair and Batista. All hope looks lost for the former World Champ untill Shawn Michaels music hits to a wild cheer by the crowd. HBK runs in and cleans house.

Goldberg and Shawn Michaels both stare at each other and shake hands and hug as a inraged HHH looks on. Goldberg shouts....YOUR NEXT to HHH as Raw goes off the air.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Sion316; WWE Rewritten

Good Job

Will not Remove Until
Miz cashes his Money In The Bank and loses
CM Punk shaves his beard
Somebody on NXT gets slapped
Smackdown vs Raw 2011 comes out
Mick Foley kicks Abyss's A$$
Stevie Richards invites Nova and Da Blue Meanie to TNA
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Sion316; WWE Rewritten

January 8th, 2004
Huntsville, Alabama

Clips are shown from last weeks Main Event where John Cena won a triple threat match to face WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. It shows Cena and Lesnar staring each other down and the intro begins..

We are welcomed to Smackdown by Michael Cole and Tazz who says that after last weeks incredible main event we will hear from the number 1 contender John Cena.

Word life hits the sound system and out comes the doctor of thuganomics John Cena. Cena is greeted with a huge pop as he enters the ring with a mic in hand. Cena raps about going to face Lesnar at the Royal Rumble and also makes fun at the WWE Champion. Lesnar's music hits to huge heat from the fans in attendance. Lesnar looks irate and walks down to the ring. He is handed a mic and tells Cena that his little rhyme wasn't bad but talking the talk and walking the walk are 2 different things. Cena replies by telling Lesnar that he can back up every word he says at the Royal Rumble when he becomes WWE Champion. Things between the 2 superstars get very heated and look set to exchange blows untill General Manager Paul Heyman's music hits to a good cheer from the fans.

Heyman asks the fans in Huntsville if they want to see Lesnar and Cena in the main event tonight. The fans cheer as Heyman smiles. Heyman tells both men to find partners because tonight both men will compete against each other in tag action. The fans go wild and Lesnar and Cena continue to stare each other down

Royal Rumble Qualifier
The Big Show vs. Ernest 'The Cat' Miller

A video is shown of Big Show's attack on Lamont and Eddie Guerrero.

The cat comes down to the ring first but isnt his normal self since last weeks attack by the Big Show. The US Champion is now next and is recieved with big heat by the crowd. The match stars with The Cat running at Show but is met with a chokeslam in seconds. Big Show pins The Cat and is victorious. Show isnt finished and brings in a steel chair. He brings into the ring and in a repeat from last week chokeslams The Cat onto the chair. Big Show grabs his title and walks to the back.

Hardcore Holly vs. Rikishi

A clip of last weeks match with Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn is shown.

Hardcore Holly comes out first recieving a mixed reaction from the crowd over last weeks actions. He is followed by Rikishi and we get under way. Rikishi takes the advantage early on in the match using his weight to his advantage and hits Holly with a samoan drop. Rikishi looks on top for the next few minutes not allowing Holly to get on to his feet. Holly starts to turn the tables abit hitting a dropkick to the legs of Rikishi grounding the huge superstar. Holly tries to keep Rikishi down working on his tree trunk like legs. This seems to prove effective for a few minutes but Rikishi uses his power to get back on his feet. Holly goes for Rikishi but is hit with a savate kick knocking Holly on the outside. Rikishi goes to the outside and Holly is leaning on the steel steps. Rikishi runs but Holly moves just in time and Rikishi barges into the steel. Holly pulls Rikishi into the ring and picks up another controversial victory.

The Camera cuts to Josh Matthews who is standing by with The Big Show. Josh asks Show on his thoughts at the Rumble. Show grabs the mic and stares and Josh who backs away. Show looks in the camera and tells the 29 superstars in the Rumble should be scared because a giant has been unleashed. Big Show is interupted by WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. Lesnar tells Show that after the destruction he has caused lately he would love Show to be his partner for tonights main event. Brock puts out his hand as show looks on silently. He shakes his hand and Lesnar has a sinister smile much to the displeasure of the fans.

Akio vs. Rey Mysterio

Akio comes out with Sakoda but without Japanese Mafia leader and Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri to some average amount of heat. Next out his Rey Mysterio to a great reception. We are under way and for the first few minutes the match is extremely even with both men showing great ariel skills. Akio takes advantage due to a distraction from Sakoda. Akio continues the assult using more mat based wrestling stopping Rey from hitting any offensive moves. After moments of Akio on top he hits Rey with a belly to belly suplex. Akio decides to go straight to the 2nd rope and tries to connect with a spinning heel kick only for Rey to counter with an incredible inziguiri.Sakoda gets on the apron but is met with a dropkick. Akio runs for Rey but is then set up for a 619. Rey connects and then hits Akio with a west coast pop. Rey goes for a cover and gets the 3 count.

Before Rey has time to celebrate Cruiserweight Champ Tajiri runs into the ring and begins to attack Rey. Tajiri roundhouse kicks Rey and has him set for a buzzsaw kick. He swings but Rey craws between his legs and pushes Tajiri into the 2nd rope. Rey goes for 619 but Sakoda and Akio pull Tajiri out of harms way.

Royal Rumble Qualifer
Billy Gunn vs. Chris Benoit

We are set for the next Royal Rumble qualifer. Billy Gunn comes out first with his arm in bandages from last weeks match with Holly. Benoit is out next to a huge cheer from the crowd. The match starts out very well for both men with their experience playing as an even factor for the beggining of the match. Even with his injured shoulder Gunn takes the upperhand hitting Benoit with a military press slam. Gunn continues to take control using a variety of powerfull moves for a few minutes before Benoit starts to fight back hitting Gunn out of nowhere with a german suplex. Benoit then starts to work on the hurt shouler of Gunn to stop his big impact moves. Benoit keeps it up for awhile but Gunn manages to hit a powerslam on Benoit but it starts to take its toll on his shoulder. Gunn needs to put this away and goes for a famouser but Benoit some how counters hitting Gunn with a hatrick of suplex's. Benoit takes the opportunity to go to the top. He hits Gunn with a diving headbutt and picks up the victory. Benoit celebrates booking his place in the Royal Rumble to the delight of the crowd.

We cut to the back where Eddie Guerrero is walking to the ring. He is cutt off by Benoit the crowd cheers both men and the two shake hands and hug. Benoit tells him that he wishes him good luck in his Royal Rumble qualifier tonight. Eddie says thanks and congratulates him on winning tonight and that if both men end up against each other at the Rumble he wont hesistate in throwing Benoit out. benoit replies by telling Latino Heat that first he has to qualify then they can exchange words. Eddie walks off and Benoit smiles at looks on.

Royal Rumble Qualifer
Eddie Guerrero vs. Ultimo Dragon

Ultimo Dragon makes his way down first recieving a little reaction from the crowd. Out next is Guerrero in his low rider who recieves a huge pop from the WWE crowd. The match is underway and we are treated to some great technical wrestling by both men who know each other well. After a while guerrero takes an upperhand hitting Dragon with a hurricarana. For the rest of the match Guerrero was pretty much in control with Dragon making rare offensives only for Guerrero to counter. Eddie hits Dragon with the 3 amigos and looks set to win the match. Eddie climbs the turnbuckles ready for a frogsplash. Dragon out of nowhere runs up the turnbuckle and tries to hit Guerrero with a dragonrana. Eddie's strength plays a vital part in the match staying on the ropes pushing Dragon down. Guerrero capatalises hitting Dragon with a frogsplash. Eddie covers Dragon and is the winner. Eddie celebrates qualifying for the Royal Rumble match.

The camera cuts to Paul Heyman's office. There is a knock on the door and he tells them to come in. In comes WWE Tag Champs The Basham Brothers. They ask why they have been called to Heyman's office and Heyman tells them that he didnt like what transpired last week with them attacking A.P.A. He tells them that next week The Basham Brothers will put their titles on the line against A.P.A the crowd cheer as the angry WWE Tag Champions complain to the general manager.

Brock Lesnar and The Big Show vs. John Cena and ???

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring first to some big heat from the fans. A video is shown from earlier of Lesnar asking the 500 pound Big Show to be his partner. Lesnar stands in the ring waiting for his partner. Next out is US Champion The Big Show given the same amount of boos as Lesnar. A video is shown recapping Big Show qualifying for the Royal Rumble earlier tonight. Big Show and Lesnar stare each other down as they wait for their opponents tonight.

Next out is John Cena who is greeted to a a big pop from the fans. A video is shown recapping the comfrontation between Cena and Lesnar resulting in Cena needing to find a partner for tonights match. Cena is in the ring and a big silence takes over the crowd waiting for Cena's partner. Kurt Angle's music hits and the fans go wild. Angle walks to the ring and starts to talk to Cena about who will start the match. Lesnar and Show also discuss who will start the match and they agree on Angle starting it out with Show.

Angle and Show start things off with Show gaining the advantage early on using his sheer size and power to his advantage hitting Angle with a sidewalk slam. Show tags Lesnar and he begins to work on Angle keeping the gold medalist on the ground. After a few minutes of frequent tagging between the 2 big men Angle hits Lesnar with a belly to belly suplex and turns the tables. Angle tags in Cena but Lesnar quickly tags in Show . Cena and Show lock up but the giant easily overpowers the number 1 contender. Show takes control for a few minutes but Cena fights valiantly hitting a dropkick off the top rope.

Cena tags in Angle and both men go at it again. Both men slug it out with Angle getting a slight advantage hitting Show with a hatrick of german suplex's. it doesnt take long before Show and Lesnar take advantage again isolating Angle from Cena. Lesnar is in and starts to dominate Angle for a few minutes.Lesnar looks to put the match away and goes for an F-5 only for Angle to counter and hit a belly to belly suplex.

Angle tags in Cena and the crowd go mad. Lesnar has nowhere to hide and both him and Cena slug it out. They are joined with Angle and Show and all hell has broken loose. Lesnar clotheslines Cena out of the ring and Angle clotheslines Show. This leaves Angle and Lesnar in the ring and Angle hits Lesnar with an Angle Slam. As Lesnar rolls out the ring, Show enters hitting Angle with a huge chokeslam and Angle rolls out. Next Cena is in and picks up the 500 pound man. The crowd go wild as Cena F-U's The Big Show. Before Cena can pin Show Lesnar runs in and hits Cena with an F-5. Lesnar pins Cena and picks up the victory for his team.
Lesnar is standing tall over an out cold John Cena and raises the WWE title above him as Smackdown goes off the air.
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