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It is just WWE after, Money In The Bank. Enjoy!

Raw Roster

General Manager: Armando Estrada
Commentary: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler
Announcer: Justin Roberts
Interviewer: Todd Grisham

WWE Champion: Sheamus
United States Champion: The Miz
Divas Champion: Alicia Fox
Unified WWE Tag Team Champions: The Hart Dynasty

Alicia Fox
Brie Bella
Chris Jericho
Darren Young
David Hart Smith
David Otunga
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson - Inactive
Gail KIm
Heath Slater
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry
Maryse - Valet Of Ted DiBiase
Melina - Inactive
Michael Tarver
Natalya - Valet Of The Hart Dynasty
Nikki Bella
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Skip Sheffield
Tamina - Valet Of The Usos
Ted DiBiase
The Miz - Raw Money In The Bank
Triple H - Inactive
Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

Smackdown Roster

General Manager: Theodore Long
Commentary: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker
Announcer: Tony Chimel
Interviewer: Josh Matthews

World Heavyweight Champion: Kane
Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes
Women's Champion: Team LayCool

Alberto Del Rio - Yet To Debut
Beth Phoenix - Inactive
The Big Show
Caylen Croft
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Curt Hawkins
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Jack Swagger
Joey Mercury
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston
Luke Gallows
Matt Hardy
Michelle McCool
Montel Vontavious Porter (M.V.P.)
Rey Mysterio
Rosa Mendes
Shad Gaspard
Trent Barreta
Tyler Reks
The Undertaker
Vance Archer

Upcoming PPV
SummerSlam - August 15, 2010

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Re: WWE: NXT Gen

Raw Results for July 19 2010

Promo 1
We are shown highlights of money in the bank of when The Miz won the money in the bank and the end of the Sheamus and John Cena in a cage match when Cena was in control of the match when Chris Jericho came down and announced that the anonymous GM was In fact Armando Estrada which cost Cena and Sheamus climbed out of the cage

We start the show when the highlights end and Jericho and Estrada are in the ring laughing at what happened at Money in the bank , Jericho starts off by saying Vince McMahon had a meeting of all the raw superstars to decide who they wanted as their general manager on the Tuesday of when Bret Hart was attacked by Nexus, Jericho says that you fans might not know this but me and Estrada are very good friends of the scenes , Jericho says that Estrada was his first choice and after about 15 minutes of that meeting afterwards that he contacted Estrada and asked him about it , Jericho says that he and Estrada decided to work together to combat some of the Egos in the WWE like Cena and Estrada was behind the emails , Jericho says Estrada wanted to make sure that you didn’t rumble him and Jericho’s plot so he put out Stone Cold and DX catchphrases out there to do that, Jericho says that he was tired of always second choice behind Cena and that the reason you didn’t see him much on Raw them 4 weeks because was sending the emails alongside Estrada , Jericho says they both wanted John Cena ended so put him always in situations where he could like a 7 on 1 handicap match , Jericho finally says that Estrada has booked him to face Cena at Summerslam and then Estrada grabs the mike and says that Chris Jericho will soon be the face of the WWE like he always should have been.

Match 1

Match 1 is between Mark Henry teaming up with Melina to take on Nexus member Michael Tarver and Jillan Hall, the match was dominated by Henry and Melina due to Henry weight advantage over Tarver, the ending of the match was that Tarver went for the Kill Shot but Henry ducked out of the way and hit Tarver with the World Strongest Slam for the 1.2.3
After the match Nexus came down and attacked Henry and managed to destroy him with ease and then Wade Barrett got on the microphone and said they will target the good guys but will not include John Cena as he is busy with Barrett good friend Chris Jericho.

Promo 2

Josh Matthews is standing by with John Morrison, Matthews asks about not winning the money in the bank match last night, Morrison says he not too disappointed in himself that he didn’t win last night because he knows The Miz isn’t good enough to hold a major title because when they were on ECW together, Miz didn’t win anything where as Morrison was a 1 time world champion , Morrison also says that The Miz needs him more than he needs The Miz and that with The Miz being too involved with the money in the bank , Morrison can just take away his US Championship.

Match 2
Match 2 is between Evan Bourne teaming up with Yoshi Tashu to take on Jey and Jimmy USO known as The USOS, we are told before the match that The USOS are said to be furious about the fact that tonight instead of them taking on Hart Dynasty for the Unified tag titles it’s going to be Wade Barrett and Darren Young of Nexus, Jey and Jimmy dominate Tashu until Tashu hits the drop kick on Jey and manages to tag in his partner Evan Bourne , Bourne uses all of his ability and speed to over the USOs and manages to get Jey on his own without Jimmy , Bourne managed to pick up the victory for his team by hitting aftershock on Jey and then the shooting star press.
After the match The USOS go crazy and attack Tashu and lay him out.

Promo 3
Armando Alejandro Estrada is shown on screen with Chris Jericho when R Truth barges into the GM office and demands a US Title shot vs The Miz , Estrada grants him that wish but says that it will be next week instead of this week as he already has 5 matches booked for the night, Estrada also tells R Truth that if he doesn’t defeat Miz next week then he will consider him for a summerslam triple threat between The Miz , John Morrison and R Truth , Truth leaves and Estrada tells Jericho to leave as he wants to make a phone call , Jericho leaves and Estrada rings up someone who isn’t heard on camera but Estrada says you’re the number one contender for the WWE title.

Promo 4
Voices hits and Randy Orton comes out to loud applause, Orton goes into the ring and grabs a mike and says he was the man that Estrada has just told is the Number one contender which pleases the fans, Orton says the match will happen at Summerslam and that its he destiny to become a 6 time WWE time champion, Orton says everyone knows he better than Sheamus which the crowd shouts hell yeah, Orton says he better than a lot of guys in WWE and deserves the WWE title around his waist , Orton says that at summerslam he wishes he could kill another legend but he wouldn’t call Sheamus a legend , Orton is about to say more when Sheamus comes out to loud boos with a microphone and tells the crowd too shut the hell up and tells Randy he has achieved more than Orton in his first year in the WWE , he brings up the fact that Sheamus was 2 time WWE time champion and Orton in his first year was fighting shoulder injuries and being the rookie in evolution , Sheamus also brings up the fact that his first WWE reign was 3 month long while Orton fell out the first hurdle losing to the man Sheamus ended the career of Triple H , Orton says Sheamus is bringing up too much for the past and back then he was just a rookie but now he has become one of the most dangerous superstars in this company and will defeat Sheamus at Summerslam.

Match 3
Match is between Gail Kim and divas champion Alicia Fox, Kim is in control of this match hitting the Blockbuster Neckbreaker and then the Diving Crossbar but just as Kim is about to win the match by hitting her finisher, Zach Ryder comes out and distracts the referee which distracts Kim and allows Fox to regroup and allows her to hit the scissors kick on Kim and to win this none title match up
After the match Zach Ryder gets in the ring and says that he and Fox will become to most dominate in the WWE with Fox being the divas champion and Ryder says he will become the US Champion. Ryder then for no reason hits the Rough Rider on Kim which the crowd boos heavily and Cole and Lawler show their disgust with it.

Promo 5
Josh Matthews is interview with Chris Jericho, Matthews asks Jericho why they are targeting Cena , Jericho says what do you mean why everyone knows Cena has to be one of the most overrated superstars in the whole of the WWE yet he is the one who is always in the main event , Jericho also says that it makes him sick that the kids who come the shows chant Cena and buy his merchandise when him Jericho has been in the WWE longer and was the first Undisputed Champion and helped his team defeat WCW take over back on 2000 and where was Cena he was in the Gym hoping to leap frog his way into the company ,Jericho also says that Cena will be in action tonight but it won’t vs 1 opponent it won’t vs 2 opponent it will be a gauntlet where he will only win when Jericho and Estrada have no one else to send, Jericho about to say more when Randy Orton shows up and says that he wants to have a warm match for his main event appearance at Summerslam and Challenges Jericho to a match next week in the main event, Jericho agrees and promises to send a message to Cena.

Match 4
Match 4 is for the unified tag titles with the Hart Dynasty defending their gold vs Wade Barrett and Darren Young of Nexus, Nexus tried to use their numbers advantage but where stunned when John Morrison, R Truth, Evan Bourne and Mark Henry came out and attacked all 4 members of Nexus who were on the outside and attacked them to the back, Wade Barrett and Tyson Kidd started the match and was quickly Barrett dominated Kidd due to the strength advantage and Barrett and Young were making quick tags to each other to wear Kidd down , the ending of the match was that Kidd managed to tag in Smith when Kidd drop kicked Young , Smith quickly disposed of Young over the top rope and went face to face with Barrett and managed to get the better off him and hit the running powerslam on Barrett and then tagged in Kidd and he locked in the sharpshooter but Young pulled Barrett out of the ring and they went up the ramp and got themselves counted out.

Match 5
We now come to our main event where John Cena is standing in the ring and waiting for his first opponents to come out
Nexus members Health Slater and David Otunga come out and Cole and Lawler announce it will be a 2 one 1 match up,
Otunga and Cena start up with Slater on the rope area, Cena quickly uses his experience on Otunga and hits the five knuckle shuffle on Otunga, Cena knowing there is more to come from Jericho and Estrada pulls Health Slater into the ring and hits the F-U on him which Slater roles out of the ring from and Cena then locks into the S-T-F-U on Otunga which he taps out to
Ted DI Biase is the next superstar to come and it is announced that this is the 2 opponent of 4, Ted tries to attack Cena to start with and could be able to pin him when DI Biase hits the Dream Street but Cena kicks out at two and the crowd are chanting for him to get back to his feet which he does so and hits the Twisting belly to belly suplex and gets DI Biase up and hits the F-U on him for the 1.2.3
Cena is celebrated beating his second match when suddenly he is hit by the money in the bank briefcase by The Miz who is he next opponent and is DQ for it and The Miz leaves the ring with Cena in massive pain ,
Chris Jericho and Estrada come down and announce that Estrada is Cena last opponent of the evening, Jericho urges Estrada to pin Cena which he does but Cena kicks out and gets up and hits the F-U on Estrada and pins him for the 1.2.3
After the match Cena goes onto the top rope and taunts Jericho to the crowd delight as raw goes off air

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Post Re: WWE: NXT Gen

Raw Feedback
by mj.s2005

Overall you got some good things going for you man, but your format is quite elementary and needs to be expanded so your main points can be emphasized. So at this point I will not grade your work, but leave a general overview.

Aside from that, the Orton-Sheamus and Cena-Nexus programs seem alright so far, and its good that you are utilizing all of the Nexus talent in singles and tag team bouts. Its also great to see how no one is siding with Cena, because of him being the most overrated superstar in the company. That makes logical sense, so good job with that. Try to keep Orton in character as best as you can as a face. Having him ask the audience questions like Stone Cold would is a bit out of his character. So keep that in mind. I really hope you book The Miz well with that briefcase as I am quite particular about seeing how others build him up to the main event level.

I can't really say much else other than good luck, and to take some advice from bookers who have been here for awhile. I hope to see this thread continue and hopefully I will have more to say after a few more episodes of Raw.

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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: WWE: NXT Gen

Armando Estrada is a very different choice for a GM but he has been a GM before during his stint in ECW. I like it. Morrison and Miz feud is a thumbs up. I hope you push some guys just like I will be doing and I like the future storyline you have with Nexus. *wink*

I can't wait to see how your side of things shape up. Oh and just so you people know, Smackdown will be up tommorow, I want to get Raw some reviews before I post Smackdown. Okay? Okay. The thread is kicking off guys, make sure you fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a wild ride.
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Re: WWE: NXT Gen

source PWinsider.com

WWE are said to be very happy with Chris Jericho's performance on Monday Night , WWE plan to make him their top heel and we could see him feuding with Triple H

WWE are also delaying the return of Triple H because they are so impressed with the two main faces on the roster (John Cena and Randy Orton) and the two main heels on the roster ( Sheamus and Chris Jericho) and they dont just want to put him back in when their no one to feud with
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Re: WWE: NXT Gen

Smackdown will be up on Monday
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Re: WWE: NXT Gen

Originally Posted by bikergrove View Post
Smackdown will be up on Monday
Partner, please don't spam our thread with needless junk like that. SmackDown is being edited right now and will be up soon. I hope you will enjoy but to hold you off, I will give you a preview.

WWE Smackdown - July 23, 2010 - Preview

"Vengeance Awaits"

Kane has promised vengeance ever since the Memorial Day weekend when he found his older brother, The Undertaker in a Vegetative State. One has to wonder if Kane's older brother will be proud of the Big Red Machine, winning the World Heavyweight Championship.
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Re: WWE: NXT Gen

WWE Smackdown - July 23, 2010 - Newark, New Jersey - Prudential Center

Kane is in the ring with the World Heavyweight Championship slung over his shoulder and a microphone in hand. He says that he was at his brother's bedside last night and his older brother's eyes were wired shut but somehow he was able to say two words and those two words were, Why Brother? Kane then grins and says that he was the one who put his brother in a vegeitative state and the reason is because like before, he has never forgiven him for burning down the family funeral home and killing their parents. He says that he also did this for Paul Bearer who needs vengeance on Taker from getting buried in the concrete crypt a few years back. The lights go dark as The Undertaker is in the ring when the lights go back on. The Undertaker begins brawling with Kane and then he Chokeslams him. He says that the vengeance is coming to an end as he rests in peace. Taker sticks his tongue out, raises his arm and makes his eyes go white. The segment ends.

Cody Rhodes defeated Kofi Kingston to win The Intercontinental Championship (A great match by the two young men. Kingston was on a control frezny but somehow The Dashing One, got the advantage with a Cross Rhodes and the cover for the win.) After the match, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes grabs a microphone and the Intercontinental Championship. He says that he is the first ever, Dashing Intercontinental Champion and that he will become Dashing World Heavyweight Champion in the near future.

We cut to the back with Matt Hardy in Christian's Locker Room. Christian isn't in the Locker Room but then he enters and begins yelling at Hardy for being it. Hardy says that he has been through alot in his career and he isn't going to let some C Rate cancelled branded champion take the place he deserves which is the World Heavyweight Championship picture. Christian says he might be there if he was ever good. Hardy then attacks Christian. There is no security and Christian is busted open. Hardy then grabs a chair and attacks Christian. Hardy walks out of the Locker Room.

JTG defeated CM Punk (The man from the hood shut up the Straight Edge Messiah. CM Punk had most of the match in his hands until he went for a GTS but JTG reversed it into The Shout Out for the cover and the win.) After the match, Luke Gallows, The Masked S.E.S. Member & Serena rush down to the ring and attack JTG. The Big Show then comes down to the ring and then attacks CM Punk. He then grabs The Masked S.E.S. Member and locks in the Cobra Clutch and removes the mask and The Masked S.E.S. Member is Joey Mercury. The Big Show throws Joey Mercury into Luke Gallows and then Serena is behind Big Show, she Low Blows Show and then grabs a Dart Gun she finds under the ring and shoots him in the butt which knocks the giant out. The Straight Edge Society walk to the back.

"Broken Dreams" hits as "The Chosen One" Drew McIntyre comes down to the ring in a suit. He grabs a microphone. He says that he is the most deserving for Intercontinental Champion but apparently, he is over that now and is destined to be World Heavyweight Champion soon. "Booyaka 619" hits as Rey Mysterio enters the stage, he walks down the ramp and enters the ring and gets a microphone. He says that Drew is not deserving of a World Heavyweight Championship shot as he whines too much about losing and goes straight to the Chairman Of The Boards, Mr. McMahon to reverse the decision and that is not how a champion plays like. "Get Down On Your Knees" hits as The All American American Jack Swagger comes down to the ring in a suit with a microphone already in hand. He says that there is many ways to win a match, pinfall, submission, disqualification, count out or knockout and there is many ways to cause a win, much like Kane had did, he cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase. "I Am Perfection" hits as Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero come down to the ring. Vickie says that her man is much deserving, he is perfection. "Smoking Mirrors" hits as The Dashing Intercontinental Champion, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes enters the ring with a microphone in hand. He grabs a microphone. He says that he is Dashing and he is the most deserving contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, as he has just won the Intercontinental Championship earlier. Theodore Long stops at the stage with a microphone in hand and says that the winner of a 10 Man Battle Royal in the main event will determine the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.

Tiffany defeated Layla (The women showed great competition. Layla had the match won but Kelly Kelly came down ringside which got Michelle McCool distracted which let Tiffany hit with a Superkick and the cover on Layla.) After the match, Theodore Long comes down to the ring and says that there should be only one Women's Champion so at SummerSlam, the four of them will square off in a Fatal 4 Way match for the Women's Championship.

Christian is still laid out in his Locker Room when MVP knocks and asks if he can come in. He says don't reply to tell that he can. No reply and MVP comes in, he walks in and then gets a shocked look on his face as he yells for EMTS to come and help. They do and we cut to ringside.

Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer defeated Chris Masters & MVP (A squash match may we know it as. Hawkins & Archer proved dominance. Hawkins connected with a devastating Neckbreaker and the cover for the win.) After the match, Hawkins says that they are the best Tag Team in WWE History and this is only a quarter of the impact they will show on Smackdown. We cut to the back.

CM Punk and The Straight Edge Society is in the Locker Room. Punk tells Joey that his mask got ripped off and that his arm got injured. None of them we there. He says that Serena betrayed the Society by being in a bar. He says that Gallows has been getting worthless and it seems he has been on some sort of drug like he was when he was retard 101. Punk tells them that they better not let him down or they are going to pack their bags and this isn't a threat, it is a promise. He says he is in The Battle Royal.

The Undertaker defeated Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, The Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, CM Punk, Luke Gallows & Joey Mercury (Taker returned wanting revenge on his brother and he didn't stop at nothing to get the title shot. He eliminated everybody with no problem at all.) After the match, Taker celebrates as everybody looks on frustrated.
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Re: WWE: NXT Gen

good show partner , nice to have a Kane/Undertaker feud , Matt Hardy turning heel was good hope you push him and hopefully you push Cody Rhodes now he is the champion
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Re: WWE: NXT Gen


. I must say the announcment of Estrada as GM was kind of lack luster. Though I did like the explanations of why the different catch phrases were used. I was just
expecting a huge swerve/Shocker with the GM thing.... With this being a Btb, you could have used anyone to make this work. I cant place a finger on why you'd go with Estrada. I hope it goes places though with him joing and backing Jericho. Could be interesting if done well.

. I like what you're doing with Nexus.

. Orton as #1 contender, good-good but why have Estrada tell him over the phone?

. Sheamus promo was pretty good.

. Jericho promo against Cena, also good.

. Some pretty good TV matches:

I was shocked with Henry's team winning and Bourne and Tashu going over the Uso's. Im not complaining though. Only gripe out of those would be Henry getting the win over a Nexus member at this point and time. I would have had Melina go over Jillian instead. The Nexus attak after made up for it all though.

I liked RAW for the most part, only real dislike was the GM angle. But im sure its going places.


. Powerful way to kick off Smackdown with the Kane promo. I don't know about Taker returning so soon though and in that way. We'll see where it goes from here.

. Great match to kick things off. Two good talents in the ring for a title and we get a title change, Niceee. Cody as champion is fresh. Hope this match was supposedly
announced last week

. Hardy/Christian love it already. A feud both could use.

. The S.E.S/Show segment I actually liked and felt it would have come off well on TV. Wasn't too upset with JTG going over Punk either.

. Good #1 contender segment.... It got some good talent some Tv time and pushed the nights mainevent well.

. The Battle Royal, I get why Taker won but I felt the whole Taker/Kane angle was rushed. He returned witin secs of Kane announcing he was the culprit who took him out. It lacked suspense in my opinion. I get why he returned on this episode though, you have to push towards Summer Slam right away.

All in all really enjoyed this Smackdown. With Undertaker/Kane angle (the way its starting) being the only dislike.

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