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WCW 2000: New Blood Rising

My Last BTB ended 06/20/10

WCW 2000: New Blood Rising

World Championship Wrestling was once a the greatest promotion on the planet. From 1996-1998, WCW dominated the world of professional wrestling. The NWO vs. WCW storyline, Sting's quest for Hogan and the WCW World Title, The Cruiserweights and the rise of Bill Goldberg had captivated the minds of fans of all ages.

But backstage politics, mismanagement and poor booking decisions lead to WCW falling from the top and the WWF becoming the number one promotion. WCW kept falling downward.

In the fall of 1999, WCW replaced Eric Bischoff with Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera...two men who helped the WWF bring about the Attitude era. It was a train wreck, ratings went into a nose dive. Wrestlers went from heel to face to heel with in weeks, some times with in the same broadcast. Screw job finishes and swerves were rampant.

By the end of 1999 WCW was critical. Russo made a last ditch effort to reform the NWO with Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Jeff Jarrett and later Scott Steiner. The fans collectively reached for their remotes. As 2000, approached and 1999 was left behind, no one in WCW was happy. The first PPV of the year Souled Out was fast approaching and it was a creative mess.


The main feuds heading into Souled Out 2000 centered around the NWO/WCW war 3.0, as World Champion and NWO member Bret "Hitman" Hart was set to face Sid Vicious in the main event...

...Jeff Jarrett and Chris Benoit have been at each others throats over the WCW US Championship in a series of matches that had been the bright spot on each WCW broadcast. They were scheduled to lock up in a Triple Threat series of matchs. (one pure wrestling match, a bunkhouse brawl and caged heat) for the WCW US Title...

...Arn Anderson and Terry Funk had been in control of WCW taking the fight to the NWO. NWO's leader Kevin Nash was scheduled to face WCW Commissioner Terry Funk in a hardcore match. If Nash won, he would become WCW commissioner, if Funk wins NWO must disband.

Other Notable angles leading up to the PPV included: Booker T. and his brother Stevie Ray began a feud around Starrcade...Buff Bagwell was in the middle of a feud with Diamond Dallas Page over rumors of Bagwell hooking up with Page's wife Kimberly...The Filthy Animals (Rey Misterio/Kidman/Eddie Guerrero and Konnan) had been feuding with The Revolution (Shane Douglas/Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn) and were scheduled to face off in a six man tag at Souled Out...Madusa was the Cruiserweight Champion...YEAH I KNOW RIGHT and was feuding with Oklahoma who was a sexist and all that...yeah...

WCW Roster

WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Bret "Hitman" Hart
(Defeated Goldberg for Vacant Championship on Nitro 12/20/99)

WCW United States Champion: Jeff Jarrett
(Defeated Chris Benoit 12/20/99)

WCW World Tag Team Champions: David Flair & Crowbar
(Won a Tournament to win titles 01/03/00

WCW Hardcore Champion: Brian Knobbs
(Since 01/12/00)

WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Madusa
(Won at Starrcade 12/19/99

Active Roster
Bam Bam Bigelow
Big Vito
Billy Kidman
Booker T.
Bret Hart
Brian Knobbs
Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Chris Benoit
Chris Kanyon
David Flair
Dean Malenko
Diamond Dallas Page
Disco Inferno
Don Harris
Eddie Guerrero
El Dandy
Evan Karagias
Fit Finlay
Hugh Morrus
Jeff Jarrett
Jerry Flynn
Jim Duggan
Johnny the Bull
Juventud Guerrera
Kevin Nash
La Parka
Lash LeRoux
Lex Luger
Masahiro Chono- Part of Deal with New Japan
Mike Rotundo
Norman Smiley
Perry Saturn
The Artist Formally Known as Prince Iaukea
Rey Misterio Jr.
Rick Steiner
Roddy Piper
Ron Harris
Scott Hall
Scott Steiner
Shane Douglas
Shane Helms
Shannon Moore
Sid Vicious
Silver King
Stevie Ray
Super J - Part of Deal with New Japan
Tank Abbott
Terry Funk
The Cat
The Demon
The Great Muta - Part of Deal with New Japan
The Wall

Brian Adams- on hiatus
Curt Hennig- on hiatus
Goldberg- injured, due back in summer
Hulk Hogan- On Hiatus
Randy Savage- On Hiatus
Ric Flair- On Hiatus
Sting- Injured Due back in February
Wrath- On Hiatus

Jimmy Hart- Manager of Brian Knobbs & Fit Finlay
Tony Marinera- manager of Big Vito & Johnny the Bull

Asya - member of Revolution
Daffney- Manager of Crowbar & David Flair
Kimberly- manager of DDP
Leia Meow - Manager of the Varsity Club
Miss Elizabeth- Manager of Lex Luger
Miss Handcock- Manager of Idol & Lane
Paisley- Manager of TAFKAPI
Torrie Wilson- Manager of Billy Kidman
Tygress- Manager of Konnan

Bobby Heenan
Mike Tenay
Scott Hudson
Tony Schiavone
Gene Okerland
David Penzer

Billy Silverman
Charles Robinson
Mark Johnson
Mickey Jay
Nick Patrick

Other Personalities
Arn Anderson
Kevin Sullivan
JJ Dillon

Developmental Power Plant
Chuck Palumbo
Sean O'Haire
Alan Funk
Mike Sanders
Kaz Hayashi
Jimmy Yang
Mark Jindrak

Tag Teams
Ron & Don Harris
Billy Kidman & Rey Misterio Jr.- Filthy Animals
Silver King & El Dandy- Los Fabulous
Big Vito & Johnny the Bull- The Mamalukes
David Flair & Crowbar
Shane Helms & Shannon Moore
Lane & Idol- XS
Dean Malennko & Perry Saturn
The Varisty Club - Rick Steiner & Mike Rotundo
Team 2000 - Masahiro Chono & Super J

The Filthy Animals- Billy Kidman, Eddie Guerrero, Konnan, Rey Misterio Jr., Torrie Wilson & Tygress
The Revolution- Shane Douglas, Asya, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn
NWO- Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Scott Steiner
Three Count- Shannon Moore, Shane Helms & Evan Karagias


Just the day prior to WCW's first PPV of 2000, everything started to implode. The World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart couldn't compete in the main event due to severe concussion. In fact it was looking like Bret Hart's in ring career might be over. This left bookers with a problem...they had no main event.

The first thought was to move Benoit vs. Jarrett to the main event slot but then the other shoe dropped...Jeff Jarrett was injured and off the PPV as well.

The creative team quickly came up with a back up plan thanks to Vince Russo, to vacate the World Title and have Tank Abbott win it...

..In an unrelated peice of news I'm sure Vince Russo was taken off the creative team and sent home.. Here is where our story takes a turn...

In Real life, Kevin Sullivan was placed in control of the PPV and given booking powers of WCW. This lead to Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko/Perry Saturn and Eddie Guerrero to jump to the WWF and many wrestlers to ask for their releases...some didn't get them but the moral of WCW went to the toliet and before long Russo and Bischoff were in power...and WCW went out of Business about a year later.

Well WHAT IF WCW put in place a booking team of Arn Anderson, Paul Orndorff, Terry Taylor and Dusty Rhodes?

Well thats where WCW 2000- New Blood Rising picks up.


Original Card for Souled Out 2000

WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Sid Vicious vs. Bret Hart(c)

WCW United States Championship- Triple Threat Theatre
Stage 1- Catch as Catch Can Wrestling Match
Stage 2- Bunkhouse Brawl
Stage 3- Caged Heat

Jeff Jarrett(c) vs. Chris Benoit

For Control Of WCW
Kevin Nash vs. Terry Funk

Last Man Standing
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Buff Bagwell

Brother vs. Brother
Stevie Ray vs. Booker T.

Tank Abbott vs. Jerry Flynn

WCW World Tag Team Championship
Crowbar & David Flair(c) vs. Vampiro & Partner of His Choosing

Four Way Hardcore Championship
Meng vs. Fit Finlay vs. Norman Smiley vs. Brian Knobbs(c)

The Harris Brothers vs. Big Vitto & Johnny the Bull

The Filthy Animals vs. Revolution

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Madusa(c) vs. Oklahoma

That card has been thrown out the window
NEXT- WCW Souled Out 2000
New Blood Rising Starts here.

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Re: WCW 2000: New Blood Rising

I, for one, am interested. I really liked WCW and was sad to see it go. I think I block out most of WCW's dying days to protect myself. Because honestly, I initially don't remember it being in such a terrible state - Then I read your recap - it all starts to come back to me. That place was just ridiculous. Im going to follow this and see if you can actually turn that clusterf... around. Having Benoit, Saturn, Guerrero, and Malenko will help for starters. But more so, it is going to take a solid performance to pull through this one. Best of luck!

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Re: WCW 2000: New Blood Rising

Great start and I like from where you have started. But I am not sure whether I like having Benoit, Malenko, Saturn and Eddie still with the company. On the one hand it adds great quality to your roster but on the other hand there is a good challenge there if you let them leave. The emergence of news guys etc.

All in all a good start and I look forward to reading and reviewing what you offer.
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Re: WCW 2000: New Blood Rising

Sorry for the delay. This isn't the format I'm taking with future PPV's. They'll be written in full starting with Superbrawl.

January 16, 2000
The Firstar Center - Cincinnati, OH

The show starts live, no video hype. Tony Schiavone, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Mike Tenay welcome us to the firt Pay-Per View of the new millennium. Shciavone runs down the Jarrett-Hart situation, going over the injuries and vacated titles.

Arn Anderson makes his way down to the ring, with the World Championship in hand. Anderson cuts a promo about how WCW was once on top of the wrestling world but fell hard in 1999. He says he sees the injuries to Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett as a chance for WCW to pull itself up and back on top. There for because Terry Funk is busy tonight, he is in charge and that makes tonights main event up to him. He says that we will see an all WCW main event as Sid Vicious will face Chris Benoit to crown a new WCW World Champion. The crowd pops at this.

Singles Match
Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero

The first match of the PPV is a singles match that continues the feud between the Revolution and the Filthy Animals. Footage of the progressing feud is shown with Rey Misterio being taken out by Saturn flying through a table on the past Nitro and the assault on Konnan during tonights pre-show that turned the planned six man into two singles matches.

The match starts out with the crowd behind Guerrero and a small "Eddie!" chant forming. The two men lock up to start things off, Guerrerro backs Malenko up into the ropes and fires him off. Malenko nails a clothesline sending Malenko to the mat hard. Guerrero begins laying the boots to Malenko, who escapes to the outside where Shane Douglas is there to regroup from the failed opening of the match. While they are talking Guerrero takes advantage of this and hits a plancha on both men.

Guerrero rolls Malenko back into the ring and fires Malenko off the ropes and hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Guerrero makes the cover. 1....2....kick out!
Malenko slumps into the corner and Guerrero hits a European upper cut. Guerrero unleashes a series of chops and rights. Guerrero whips Malenko off the ropes Malenko comes in hard, Guerrero with a leap frog...Malenko comes off the opposite ropes with a shoulder block that sends Guerrero down to the mat.

This time Guerrero powders out with Malenko following. Guerrero answers a chop with a hard one of his own. The two trade blows on the outside with Guerrero rolling Malenko back into the ring. Back in the ring Guerrero whips Malenko off the ropes. Malenko with an up and over. Guerrero hits a drop kick to send Malenko back to the outside where Douglas helps him up. Guerrero feeling the momentum rolls his shoulders for the crowd to a huge pop.

Shaking his cobwebs out Malenko is back in and shoves Guerrero hard. Guerrero answers back with a hard shove and the two lock up. Guerrero backs Malenko into the corner but Malenko reverses the tide and unleashes a massive chop that can be heard across the river in Newport, KY! Snap suplex by Malenko out of the corner. COVER!!! 1...KICK OUT Malenko up and whips Guerrero hard into the turnbuckles. Malenko begins stomping away at Guerrero, Stone Cold Style.

Referee Mickey Jay backs Malenko up out of the corner. As the referee's back is turned warning Malenko about staying in the corner Shane Douglas on the outside takes advantage of this and chokes Guerrero. Douglas takes a few more shots at Guerrero before the referee turns around and Douglas retreats around the corner. Malenko is back on the attack and nails a huge forearm smash on Guerrero.

Malenko whips Guerrero off the rope, answering with a huge drop kick. 1...2...2 1/2 KICK OUT. Back up Guerrero is whipped off the ropes. Malenko goes for a back body drop but Guerrero rolls over landing on his feet and hits a drop kick to Malenko's shin. Malenko drops to his knees and Guerrero nails a shinning wizard to the side of Malenko's head. Guerrero makes the cover 1...2...kick out.

Malenko rolls to the ropes his head is in prime position for Guerrero to hit a spring board leg drop on Malenko on the apron. Guerrero slides back in the ring and goes back on the attack. Guerrero goes to whip Malenko but he reverses it and tries his own tilt-a-whirl but Guerrero squirms out of it but Malenko answers this with a kick to the gut doubling him over. Malenko hits a tiger bomb...1...2...Kick out.

Malenko exits the ring climbing to the top rope, something he rarely does. Malenko is planning a elbow drop but Guerrero is up and rushes up the turnbuckle unleashing forearm after forearm on Malenko. Guerrero hits a super-plex off the top rope and the ring shakes and the fans go crazy.

Both men are down, the super-plex taking as much out of Guerrero as it did Malenko. Mickey Jay starts the count. 1...2...3...4...5... both men stir and both men reach the 8th count. Malenko goes for clothesline but Guerrero ducks it. Standing switch and a hard right hand takes Guerrero to the mat. Malenko goes for a power bomb but Guerrero hits a head scissors out of it sending Malenko to the mat. Guerrero back up and rushes Malenko who hits a power slam out of nowhere. Cover 1...2...kick out.

Malenko goes for Texas Cloverleaf but Guerrero spins his legs out of it. Guerrero up and nails Malenko with a forearm and hits a suplex...he holds on and hits a second...and the third...The THREE AMIGOS!. The crowd is on their feet now.

Shane Douglas is up on the apron getting Guerrero and the referee. Guerrero nails Douglas sending him off the apron but this leaves the window open for Malenko to roll up Guerrero and with a handfull of tights. 1...2...3

Winner: Dean Malenko

Malenko gets the win, as Shane Douglas enters the ring and begins kicking Guerrero on the mat. This brings out Billy Kidman with chair in hand. Kidman clears the ring of the Revolution. Kidman helps Guerrero up as the Revolution regroups up at the stage area with Saturn and Asya joining them. The war between these two groups is far from over.

Backstage, Mean Gene is standing by with the new WCW Hardcore Champion Brian Knobbs. Footage of Knobbs winning the title this past Thursday on Thunder is shown. Knobbs give a rather boring promo about how he is going to beat everyone in the match even his mentor Fit Finlay.

WCW Hardcore Championship- Four Way
Norman Smiley vs. Meng vs. Fit Finlay vs. Brian Knobbs(c)

Norman Smiley is out with full Riot Gear. All four men start the match in the ring with weapons galore. Your typical WCW Hardcore match. Meng and Norman Smiley have formed an alliance against the Hardcore Army of Fit Finlay and Brian Knobbs. The four men trade trash can shots in the center of the ring.

Finlay and Knobbs double team Smiley with a trash can lid then go after Meng. The two Hardcore Soldiers unleash a fury of lefts and rights on the savage monster in the corner. Smiley grabs the trash can as the crowd cheers wildly. Smiley nails Knobbs and Finlay with the can taking them down. He then brings the trash can down hard on Meng, who no sells it.

Smiley lets out a shriek as Meng hits Smiley with a huge head butt. Knobbs is up and gets a nasty head butt that sends him to the outside also. Finlay gets one too, sendhing him down hard. Smiley back up and Meng hits a body slam in the middle of the ring and drops a head butt to Smiley's head. Smiley powders to the outside.

Finlay and Knobbs again team up attacking Meng in the ring. Knobbs brings a already dented trash can down onto Meng's skull. Double Irish Whip sending Meng into corner. Knobbs in first with a huge clothesline...Knobbs moves and Finlay in with a big splash sending Meng to the outside.

Smiley back in and he uses his knight-stick to take out Brian Knobbs' knee. Smiley plants it into Finlay's gut and hits the big wiggle on a fallen Knobbs. The crowd is 100% behind Smiley. No scientific wrestling her, mainly trash can shots and chops. Finlay is back up and hits a huge clothesline. Norman Smiley is screaming and seeking a way out as Finlay stalks him on the outside and down the aisle.

Finlay turns to a revived Meng hitting him with a huge shot from a Trash Can. Knobbs back in action takes Meng out with a steel chair shot to the back. All four men are fighing in the aisle now. Knobbs places Smiley's Riot Gear helmet on and begins head butting Meng. Meng head butts back.

Meng down to his knees and Knobbs plants the steel chair on top of Meng's Skull. Finlay joins Knobbs and introduces a table to the mix setting it up on the outside of the ring. Smiley takes advantage of this and covers Meng. 1...2...KNOBBS BREAKS IT UP

Finlay and Knobbs life up Smiley and crotch him on the ring post. Meng is back in action and he and Finlay find their way back into the ring. Knobbs enters the ring with a chair and he and Finlay begin double teaming Meng. Both take turns nailing Meng with a steel chair and Trash can respectively. Meng is off his feet, and the unstoppable monster is down.

Meng is set up on the apron and Finlay and Knobbs double power bomb him off the apron through the ringside table. Finlay and Knobbs turn their attention to Smiley who is backing up the aisle. They give chase as Smiley disappears backstage.

The camera cuts backstage, where the Hardcore Duo catch up to Smiley continuing the beatdown backstage. Smiley screams as Finlay whips him into TV equipment. Finlay brings a near by trash can on to Smiley's skkull and makes a cover 1..2..Brian Knobbs pulls Finlay off of Smiley. Finlay and Knobbs come to blows battling down the hallway. Knobbs breaks a broom across Finlay's back as they enter the lockerroom era.

As they are fighing in an open area Norman Smiley out of nowhere runs into Knobbs with a golf cart sending Knobbs into a pile of boxes and equipment boxes. Finlay pulls Norman out of the cart and hits him with a seris of vicious lefts and rights. They battle into a near by lock room Norman screaming trying to get away. Inside the locker room is La Parka, Lash LeRoux and Vampiro. Finlay goes to continue the assault on Smiley but runs into Vampiro. The two begin having words. Finlay shoves Vampiro back into a locker. Vampiro grabs Finlay and throws him into a near by wall mirror shattering it.

Finlay is out and Norman quickly makes the cover. 1..2..3!

Winner and NEW WCW Hardcore Champion: Norman Smiley

Mercifully the train wreck is over. Smiley is shocked as he is handed the title. Vampiro just shakes his head walking away. Smiley actss like he just won the super bowl. He hugs Vampiro and jumps up and down. Vampiro's face reads that he immediately regreats getting invovled.

A Video package is shown highlighting the Stevie Ray-Booker T. Feud. Showing Stevie walking out on Booker T at Starrcade and video of Stevie Ray in their old neighborhood talking about how Booker T. has forgotten where they came from and who he really is...Booker T can be heard saying while he doesn't want to hurt his brother he not back down from a fight.

Singles Match
Stevie Ray vs. Booker T.

The two brothers come face to face in the middle of the ring. A quick shoving contest breaks down into an all out brawl. Stevie Ray over powers Booker T with some vicious clubs to the back and goes to whip him off the ropes. Booker T reverses the whip and nails a side kick sending Stevie Ray to the outside.

Booker T follows to the outside and the brawling continues. The crowd is chanting "Booker T." giving Booker a main event level reaction. Booker T. gets advantage here and whips Stevie Ray into the guard rail. Stevie fires back with a clothlesline on the outside.

Stevie Ray rolls back in the ring to break the count and slides back out. There he is over taken by a fury of lefts and rights from Booker T. Booker rolls Stevie back in the ring and whips him off the ropes. Stevie comes off fast, but Booker T leap frogs his brother and turns nailing Stevie with a forearm smash. Booker makes a quick cover. 1..2..kick out

Booker T with Irish whip on Stevie in the corner. Booker T charges and eats a big boot from Stevie. Booker T stumbles backwards and Stevie nails a huge clothesline. Booker T back to his feet and Stevie hits a back elbow. Stevie makes cover, 1..2..kick out Stevie is shows a bit of frustration on his face as he starts kicking the fallen Booker.

Stevie Ray applies a front chin lock trying to wear Booker down, but the crowd is right behind Booker. Chanting "BOOKER T! BOOKER T!". Booker makes his come back powering out of the chin lock. Booker throws some wild lefts and rights that send Stevie back into the corner. The crowd is on their feet as Booker makes his comeback. Stevie reverses the Irish Whip out of the corner but Booker hits a elbow on the charging Stevie Ray. Booker charges out of the corner and Stevie Ray hits a power slam out of nowhere 1...2...Kick out

Stevie goes for a double underhook setting up the butterfly but Booker reverses it into a back body drop. Stevie is up and he eats a Standing side kick. The momentum is on Booker T's side as he plants a boot to his brother's gut and comes off the ropes with a bicycle kick...the crow pops huge for this and even larger for the spinaroonie!

Stevie is dazed and confused as he gets to feet. Booker T hits a book end setting up the finish. Booker T climbs to the top rope and connects with a missile drop kick. Booker T. makes the cover. 1...2...3!

Winner: Booker T.

The crowd is going nuts as Booker T has put an end to the feud with his brother. Booker T. offers his hand to Stevie Ray but Stevie just shakes his head and exits the ring. Booker T. continues to raise the roof alongside the crowd.

Video of the developments between Vampiro/David Flair and Crowbar are shown now. It recaps the relationship between Crowbar/Daffney and Flair as well as their encounters with Vampiro.

Backstage with Vampiro is Scott Hudson. Vampiro says that he has no parnter and doesn't need one to take care of the crazies. Vampiro said after tonight, David Flair would would be just another nail in coffin.

We cut to Mean Gene with Psycho City's David Flair and Crowbar alongside Daffany. The Psycho's mumble about wantint to see Vampiro bleed and feel pain. The really bad acting of David Flair shines through.

WCW World Tag Team Championship
David Flair & Crowbar
w/Daffney vs. Vampiro

This match is basically a three way. Things start off with Crowbar and David Flair double teaming Vampiro. Double whip off ropes to Vampiro. Vampiro a double clothesline sending the tag team champions to the mat. Vampiro grabs Crowbar and Flair by the back of the heads and spins into a double face plant. Vampiro is fighting both men at the same time

Crowbar hits a clothesline on Flair and answers a charging Crowbar with a vicious chop. Flair rolls to the outside ad Crowbar and Vampiro continue the match in the ring.

Vampiro with Irish Whip on Crowbar. Vampiro charges but Crowbar performs an up and over on him. Crowbar tries a suplex out of the corner but Vampiro reverses it. Crowbar slides out of the suplex attempt and nails a huge bridge suplex on Vampiro...1...2...kick out. Crowbar battles Vampiro back into the corner and tries a monkey flip out of it but Vampiro lands on his feet and connects with a back kick. Crowbar rolls to the outside floor.

David Flair is on the apron trying to get back in the ring but Vampiro nails a sick headbutt sending Flair off the apron into the guard rail. Flair is up and turns right into a SUICIDE DIVE by Vampiro! Vampiro grabs Flair and rolls him back into the ring. Flair up and Vampiro lands a few sick chops. Vampiro rips Flair's shirt and connects with more chops in the corner. On the outside Daffney continues to scream and scream and scream.

Crowbar is back on the apron and Vampiro onstep a head of them hits a springboard drop kick sending Crowbar back to the outside floor. Vampiro grabs Flair and tosses him to the outside on to Crowbar. As both Crowbar and David Flair get to their feet Vampiro hits a baseball slide on the two men. Crowbar is crawling away where Daffney helps him into the ring.

Vampiro and David Flair battle in the aisle way. Crowbar out of nowhere hits a somersault on both men on the outside. Crowbar hammers away at Vampiro on the outside and the Tag Team Champions take over the match. Flair returns to the ring as Crowbar assaults Vampiro on the outside.

Crowbar with a fireman's carry sending Vampiro face first into the guardrail. Snap mare on the outside and a stiff kick to the back of the neck. This sets up a big splash from the apron by Crowbar on the already down Vampiro. Crowbar rolls the body of Vampiro into the ring to the waiting Flair.

Flair nails a knee drop on Vampiro and makes the cover. 1...2...thr-kickout. David Flair tags in Crowbar who returned to the apron and it finally looks like this match will become a tag team contest. Crowbar in and hits Vampiro with a few chops and whips him off the ropes nailing a big drop kick cover. 1...2...kickout

The Tag Champs make quick tags each man draining Vampiro of engergy. Suddenly a big pop rises as from the back emerges the new WCW Hardcore Champion Norman Smiley, in a Vampiro T-Shirt heads to the ring. Smiley takes his place in Vampiro's corner asking for a tag. Vampiro finally starts his come back in the ring with a drop toe hold on Crowbar and nailing Flair in their corner with a drop kick sending him to the outside.

Vampiro is up and makes eye contact with Smiley who is asking for a tag. Vampiro just shakes his head no...Crowbar nails Vampiro from behind with a german suplex 1...2...kick out. Crowbar tags in David Flair who whips Vampiro off the ropes. BLIND TAG FROM SMILEY as Vampiro hits opposite ropes.

David Flair with shot to gut of Vampiro and tosses the gothic warrior to the outside where Daffney and Crowbar await him. This leaves the perfect time for Norman Smiley to enter the ring behind Flair. The crowd is cheering wildly as Smiley rolls Flair up for the 1...2...3!

Winners and NEW WCW World Tag Team Champions: Vampiro and Norman Smiley

The Psycho City is beside themselves as Vampiro returns to the ring. Norman Smiley is handed the tag belts and is acting like he won back to back superbowls. Norman hands a tag strap to Vampiro who is shocked beyond belief. Vampiro doesn't know what to make of this new parntership.

On the outside the Psycho City back up the aisle with David Flair flipping out and Daffney screaming.

CUT TO THE BACK where The Revolution (Shane Douglas, Asya, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn) are with Scott Hudson. Douglas talks the normal Revolution stick with them being held down by the Powers that Be in WCW and how the Revolution is apon us in WCW and he is sure their numbers are about to grow. Douglas talks about how the Filthy Animals are puppets of the establishment who think their anti-establishment and thats the worst kind of puppet. Tonight The Revolution continues to reach the masses.

Singles Match
Perry Saturn vs. Billy Kidman

Kidman out first and is attacked from behind by Saturn. Saturn nails a few hard kicks to Kidman in the aisle way up against the guard rail. Saturn tosses him into the ring. Saturn hammers away at Kidman with lefts and rights. Kidman reverses a whip and tries a hip toss but Saturn blocks it and connects with a clothesline.

Saturn lifts Kidman up into a gorilla press and drops him down to the mat. Kidman retreats to the corner where Saturn unleashes a few hard martial art style kicks to Kidman's ribs. Saturn whips Kidman off the ropes. Kidman ducks clothesling and comes into sideslam attempt from Saturn answering with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Saturn quickly up and eats a drop kick.

Kidman back Saturn into the corner and unleashes a fury of lefts and rights. This feud has become so personal over the past few months. Irish whip, Saturn hits hard and feeds out into the bulldog from Kidman. Cover 1...2...kick out. Kidman goes for the acid drop but Saturn crothces him on the top rope and springboards into a dropkick that sends Kidman to the outside.

Kidman rolls back in only to eat a nasty kick to the side of his head from Saturn. Saturn applies a arm bar to Kidman setting up the Rings of Saturn. Kidman refuses to give up. Saturn goes for suplex but Kidman slides out and hits a roll up. 1...2...strong kickout.

Saturn up and he explodes with a huge clothesline. Saturn with a springboard leg drop for 1....2...kick out. Saturn whips Kidman hard into the corner and tears off his white shirt. Saturn begins chopping away at Kidamn. Irish whip, Saturn charges and Kidman gets the boot up. Kidman charges a dazed Saturn but eats a standing side kick that nearly takes off his head.

Saturn rips the remains of Kidman's shirt off and begins choking Kidman on the mat. Referee Charles Robinson warns Saturn and begins counting. Saturn snap-mares Kidman with the shirt and plants a hard kick to Kidman's back. Saturn lifts Kidman up and drops him down for the brain buster. Saturn to the second turn buckle and flies off with a elbow drop. 1...2...kickout

Saturn is getting frustrated and slams the mat. Saturn goes for a power bomb, Kidman slips out. Saturn kicks him in the gut and hits the Power Bomb. Covers. 1...2...2.9999 kick out!

Shane Douglas is coming down the aisle now to the jeers of the live crowd, he is joined by Dean Malenko. In the ring Saturn goes for a Moonsault but Kidman moves. Kidman is up and hits a springboard bulldog on Saturn. Saturn up and right into a short-arm powerbomb from Kidman for a cover...1...2...kickout

Both Men to their feet as Douglas and Malenko make it to ringside. Kidman connects with a one-leg drop kick on Saturn. Kidman sees the two Revolution members approaching and turns his attention to them. Kidman hits the turnbuckles and dives off them on top of Malenko and Saturn.

Kidman unleases on Malenko and Douglas with lefts and rights. Konnan enters the ringside area still limping and takes out Malenko and Douglas with a pool stick.

Kidman rolls back in the ring and Saturn goes for a back body drop but Kidman slips out again. Saturn turns and plants a boot in Kidman's gut and tries another powerbomb but Kidman reverses it mid air into a face buster. 1...2...3!

Winner: Billy Kidman

Kidman is celebrating his win as Konnan enters with pool stick still in hand. Eddie Guerrero hits the ring to join them as the three active members of the Filthy Animals celebrate. Douglas and Malenko rush the ring and all six men start to brawl.

Kidman and Malenko spill to the outside. The Animals have the upper hand until Aysa leads the Wall down the aisle. The Wall nails Kidman with a big boot on the outside and enters the ring where Guerrero attacks him. The Wall fights off Guerrero and clasps him around the throat lifting him up and chokeslaming him to the outside floor hard!

Malenko and Saturn continue the assault on the downed Kidman and Guerrero as Douglas instructs The Wall to attack Konnan on the inside. Konnan breaks the pool stick across The Walls back but he no sells it and hits a chokeslam on Konnan in the center of the ring. Douglas rolls Konnan to the outside and orders The Wall to destroy him. The Wall hits Konnan with a nasty big Boot and produces a table from under the ring. He brings Konnan up high above his head and drives him down through the table.

The Revolution stand in the ring as the three members of the Filthy Animals lay broken on the outside.

Backstage we see Chris Benoit warming up getting ready and on split screen we see Sid Vicious doing the same. The Announcers break from talking about the sick actions of the Revolution to talking about the world title match later tonight.

We cut to a video package showcasing DDP/Buff Bagwells feud. How DDP accused Buff Bagwell of having eyes for his wife Kimberly. The rumors of Buff having an affair with Kimberly and the increasing crazy that has become Diamond Dallas Page

Tony goes over the rules for this match which are simple...no rules. No referee, the two men will fight until one can't fight anymore.

Unsanctioned Brawl
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Buff Bagwell

This is no wrestling match, its a fight and they start by trading blows to open it. The crowd is cheering for both men with a slight edge to Page. The two men quickly spill to the outside. Bagwell slams DDP head first of fthe guard rail. Buff goes for a whip which DDP reverses sending Bagwell over the rail into the crowd. Page follows and the two start trading blows in the crowd up into the stands.

Page and Bagwell trade punches and chops in the middle of the rabbid fans. Page tosses Bagwell into the penalty box (it being a hocky arena) and unleashes a series of right hands on him. Bagwell reverses it and kicks a downed Page inside the penalty box.

After a few more minutes of brawling in the crowd they move toward the ringside area again. Page throws Bagwell hard to the ringside area over the guard rail. Page rolls Bagwell back in the ring and goes for a Diamond Cutter but Bagwell shoots him off and nailes a neckbreaker of his own. Bagwell hammers away at Page on the mat, Page and Bagwell roll back to the outside.

Bagwell slams Page off the steel steps and then whips him back into the guardrail. Bagwell rolls Page back into the ring. Bagwell kicks Page on the mat. Back up Page tries a kick to Bagwells gut but Buff grabs it. Page answers with a discus clothesline. DDP whips Buff off the ropes and tries a hip toss, but Bagwell blocks it and nails a swinging neckbreakers.

Bagwell pulls himself up in the corner and nails a bit clothesline on DDP as he makes it to his feet. Bagwell Whips Page off the ropes but Page reverses it into a short arm clothesline. Bagwell back up and Page clotheslines himself and Bagwell to the outside over the top rope.

Page focuses on Buff's pre-injured neck as they battle up the aisle. Buff turns the tide and whips Page into the WCW.com table where Mark Madden sits. Page answeres by grabbing one of the monitors and nailing Bagwell with it hard. Bagwell goes down. Page tears apart the WCW.com table and nails him with a keyboard shattering it over Bagwell's skull.

Page goes to throw Bagwell into the small WCW.com set but Bagwell reverses it and Page is sent into the wall knocking it down. Bagwell continues the assault as they brawl into the crowd more. Security is having a hard time keeping up. The two battle out into the merchandise concessions area where the fans have gathered around to watch the fight. Bagwell chokes Page with one of his own shirts from the stand. Page reveses the tide and tosses Bagwell into a concession stand and smashes a cup of beer in Bagwells' face.

the two men battle their way back out into the fans and down the steps with Page in control. They are both limping badly and Page returns Bagwell to the ringside area much like before by tossing him over the guard rail. As page is coming over Bagwell grabs his foot crotching him on the railing.

Bagwell rolls into the ring and can barely stand trying to catch his breath. Page back in the ring and is attacked by Bagwell right away. Bagwell stomps away at Page in the corner. Bagwell chokes Page in the corner. Buff turns and gets cocky, showboating for the live crowd. This gives DDP the upper hand as Page low blows Bagwell.

Buff turns in pain and Page stands back and kicks him again in the groin. Bagwell drops to his knees and Page insults Buff with a croch chop. Page throws Bagwell into the corner and nails a few elbows and rights.

Page with and Irish whip. Page follows through but Bagwell gets an elbow up and hits a vader bomb out of the corner.

Bagwell rolls away and both men take their time getting to their feet the crowd is stomping enjoying the chaos they are seeing. Both men up and Page throws a punch but Bagwell blocks it. Buff whips Page, but its reversed. Page goes for a body slam but Buff slides out. Buff with kick to the gut and nails a DDT...both men are down again!

Bagwell slowly gets to this feet and Page greets him with a belly to belly suplex. Bagwell back up and Page nails a clothesline. Page stomps away at Bagwell but Page's own knees keep trying to give out on him. Page whips Bagwell off the ropes but Bagwell hits a shoulder block. Bagwell gets to the corner and sizes up the blockbuster. He nails it, but the energy is gone from both me.

Both men stir after a few seconds...the crowd is cheering along with both men. Equal chants of "BUFF! BUFF!" and "DDP! DDP!" can be heard. Both men have a hard time getting to their feet.

Bagwell turns into a Diamond Cutter from Page. Page makes cover forgetting this isn't a match but no referee is there to count. Kimberly makes her way down to the ring, Page sees her and crawls over to her

Kimberly to the apron and is saying something to Page that the cameras can't pick up. In the ring Bagwell is up to his knees battered and bruised. He makes eye contact with Kimberly and in sheer defiance blows her a kiss. DDP snaps and grabs a near by steel chair returning to the ring and begins unleashing shot after shot on Bagwell knocking him back to the mat.

The crowd begins booing as Page continues the assault...chair shot after chair shot on the already down Bagwell. Kimberly watches with almost no emotion on the outside as Page keeps looking over at her. He then drives the chair into the ribs of Bagwell for a few shots and Bagwell is limp.

Page throws the dented chair to the side and straddles a bleeding Bagwell nailing his crimson soaked skull with a series of rights. The announcers are in shock at the brutality they are witnessing. EMTs and Trainers rush the ring as Page stands his hands covered in Bagwell's blood.

Page rolls to the outside and grabs Kimberly's hand dragging her up the aisle. Kimberly looks back as the EMTs and Trainers check on the beaten Bagwell. The crowd is now Chanting "DDP SUCKS...DDP SUCK". Page has officially become a full fledged heel for his vicious attack on Bagwell in this match.


While the EMTs and Trainers attend to Bagwell we go to Shciavone, Heenan and Tenay. The three men look visually upset about what they just saw. They say they'll give the trainers time to assist Bagwell and go to a video package for the next PPV- Superbrawl 2000!

A video for the NWO reformation, the debut of Terry Funk as WCW Commissioner and the challenge for tonight. If Kevin Nash looses the NWO is no more. if Funk looses Nash is the commissioner.

Winner Gets Control of WCW
If Nash Wins He is Commissioner, if Funk Wins NWO disbands
Hardcore Rules
Kevin Nash vs. Terry Funk

Both men are in street clothing. The fight starts in the aisle as Nash attacks Funk from the get go. Nash cuts Funk off in the aisle with a high knee. Funk answers back with some wild punches that Nash easily dodges. Nash nails a huge elbow to the back of Funks head.

Funk throws some wild punches rocking the big man, but Nash over powers Funk whipping him into the guard rail and grabbing a steel chair. Funk tries to fight back but Nash connect with the steel chair. Funk doesn't go down he just curses loudly and stumbles backward toward the announcers. Nash brings the chair down a second time, again Funk won't go down. More cursing more stumbling. Nash hits him a third time doubling him over. Nash tosses the chair to the side and power bombs Funk through the announcers table!

Funk isn't moving and is bleeding now from his forehead. Nash stands over the broken Funk smiling. Nash enters the ring with chair and has a seat. He has a microphone.

Nash: Okay that was easy.


Nash: Now as my first act as commissioner I am going to award myself the World Championship...

Slowly on the outside Terry Funk is crawling toward the ring. Nash drops the microphone and walks over to Funk pulling him up onto the apron by his hair. Funk headbutts Nash making him stumlbe. Funk in the ring continues to fire away with some rights. Nash cuts him off with a hard clothesline sending the Hardcore legend to the mat.

Nash clotheslines Funk over the top rope where Funk lands head first on the floor outside. He might be dead. Nash goes to the outside grabbing chairs and throwing them in the ring. He circles the ring as Funk gets to his feet. Nash turns the corner as Funk grabs a steel chair and just throws it at Nash connecting with Nash's skull. Nash to one knee. Funk tries it again but misses Nash. Nash is leaning into the guard rail from that last chair shot. Funk unloads lefts and rights on Nash in the guard rail and the fans are going insane. Funk grabs a chair and drills Nash in the skull opening him up.

Funk tries to whip Nash into the ring steps but Nash reverses and Funk hits hard spilling over top of them. Nash rolls Funk back in the ring. Inside the ring Nash drills Funk's back with a chair shot. Funk on his knees low blows Nash, who falls to his knees.

Both men are on their knees in the ring surrounded by steel chairs, bleeding badly from the heads. They start trading punches in the ring. Funk leans in an bites Nash on the bridge of the nose, the crowd pops at this. Nash retreats to the corner. Funk follows in with a few lefts and rights. Nash pushes him away and Funk Whips Nash off the ropes and nails a DDT. 1...2...kick out

Funk grabs another chair but Nash cuts him off with a high Knee. Nash grabs the chair and smashes Funk with it. Funk again WON'T GO DOWN! Nash repeats the chair show but Funk has a wide stance and is rocking but won't go down. Nash is in disbelief...Funk finally falls backwards hitting the mat hard.

Nash takes the time to set up two chairs in the center fo the ring and calls for the jackknife on Flair. He wants to power bomb him into the chairs. He gets Funk up but Funk hits him with a series of hard rights. Nash falls backwards and Funk spills to the outside.

Nash rolls to the outside where Funk is under the ring searching for something. Nash pulls Funk out from under the ring and gets a non-lit branding Iron to the gut. Nash retreats but Funk continues the assault with the branding iron.

Back in the ring, Funk brings the Iron down on the back on Nash's leg. He begins choking Nash with the Iron. Nash powers out standing with Funk still on his back and throws both he and Funk backwards into the still standing steel chairs! Funk is DEAD!

Nash rolls to the side and Pulls himself up by the ropes. He drops his strap calling for the jackknife. Suddenly out of nowhere RIC FLAIR appears on the apron. Nash goes to knock Flair off but this allows Arn Anderson to slide in the ring. Nash turns into a DDT from Anderson onto a steel chair. Anderson pulls Funk across Nash and the referee makes the count 1...2...3

Winner, THE NWO DISBANDS: Terry Funk

Funk is out of it as Ric Flair and Arn Anderson enter the ring. The crowd is going nuts for Flair as he and Anderson roll Funk out of the ring and help him to the back. Nash is sitting up holding his head. He is in shock, shaking his head.

The Announcers are going nuts talking about the death of the NWO!

After a quick replay we GO backstage where Mean Gene catches up to Flair, Anderson and Funk. Trainers help Funk into the medical tent. Flair and Anderson turn to Mene Gene for an interview.

Flair says last night he got a phone call from Anderson saying he needed the Nature Boys' help. That the NWO were about to take over the WCW and it was time for him to return. And return he has. The NWO are dead and long live WCW!

For Vacant WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Benoit vs. Sid Vicious

The match stars with collar and elbow lock up, Sid easily over powers Benoit sending him crashing to the mat hard to the mat. Benoit quickly up into another collar and elbow tie up. Sid backs Benoit into the corner. Clean break. The two men circle each other, another collar and elbow, Benoit with the go behind, Sid hitís a hard elbow sending Benoit to the mat. Benoit back up and Sid shoots him off the ropes and nails a shoulder block. Sid grasps Benoit by the throat and tosses him to the outside.

Benoit up and comes back in getting nose to nose with Sid. The crowd is chanting both Benoit and Sidís names. Benoit with a hard shove to Sid, Benoit comes off the ropes hard but Sid counters lifting Benoit up with a gorilla press. Sid holds Benoit for a few seconds before dropping him down hard to the mat. Sid screams ďWhose the Man!Ē at the crowd.

Sid whips Benoit off the ropes, Benoit ducks a clothesline and turns planting a drop kick to Sidís knee. Benoit back up and he hitís the ropes nailing a running high knee to the side of Sidís head, taking Sid off his feet. Benoit grabs Sidís left leg and begins kicking it. He drags Sid over to the ropes placing the big manís leg on the bottom rope. Benoit springboards off the second rope dropping a knee on Sidís leg. Benoit exitís the ring and pulls Sid to the outside by the leg. Sid fires back with a hard left hand sending Benoit back into the guard rail. Sid comes in at Benoit favoring the left leg slightly. Benoit with hard kick to the left knee. He plants a hard chop on Sid and whips Sid into the ringside steps. Sid falls to the outside floor grasping his knee.

Sid tries to get to his feet on the outside. Benoit breaks the ten count and continues his assault. Benoit unleashes a fury interchanging kicks to the knee with chops to the chest and punches to the head. Sid fires back with a huge chop, but Benoit is relentless. Sid pie faces Benoit back to the floor and rolls into the ring, making it to his feet feeling out his knee. Benoit cuts him off at the knee and whips on the figure four leg lock, the crowd lets out a huge WOOOOOOO! Benoit has him dead set in the middle of the ring.

Referee Nick Patrick asks if Sid wants to give up but Sid just shakes his head no. Sid uses his upper body strength to turn Benoit over putting the pressure on Benoit. Benoit is in a lot of pain but reaches the bottom rope to break the hold. Both men are up, Benoit first as Sid is having a hard time standing. Benoit targets the leg with a few kicks. Sid is down to his knees and Benoit chops away at him, then hitís the ropes into a drop kick.

Sid rolls to the corner pulling himself up, but Benoit is there and drives Sidís head into the turnbuckle. Sid stumbles out of the corner and Benoit nails another dropkick to the knee. Benoit wraps Sidís knee around the second turnbuckle and unleashes a series of kicks and punches to his left knee. Sid hobbles out of the corner and Benoit connects with a huge chop. Benoit nails a snap suplex. 1...HUGE KICKOUT.

Sid begins fighting back trading chops and right with Benoit. Benoit cuts off his small momentum with a drop kick to the knee again. Benoit with a drop toe hold, Benoit flips over and applies the Indian Death Lock. Nick Patrick asks him if they quit, Sid refuses. Sid finally rolls and Benoit lets go. Benoit grabs Sidís leg lifting it high and driving it down to the mat. Benoit goes for an STF, but Sid rolls and heads to the outside.

Sid limps around the ring feeling out his knee as Benoit follows. Benoit grabs Sid to turn him and Sid thunders Benoit with a hard right hand. Sid whips Benoit into the guard rail hard. He then tosses Benoit back in the ring and mounts his comeback. Benoit chops away at Sid, who no sells it. Sid answers this with an open hand slap to the face of Benoit. Benoit drops to one knee and Sid unleashes some hard rights on Benoit.

Back up Sid whips Benoit into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, Benoit ducks it and cuts Sid off at the knee. Sid fights back from one knee and tries a clothesline, Benoit ducks and hitís a german suplex, holding on to it. He goes for a second but Sid cuts that off with another hard elbow, sending Benoit back into the ropes. Benoit comes off the ropes into a HUGE power slam from Sid. 1..2..kick out.

Benoit has time to recover as Sid tests his leg out walking the ring. Sid whips Benoit off the ropes and Benoit goes for a crucifix attempt but Sid drops Benoit down with a Samoan drop. Sid again is feeling out his leg. Benoit back up and Sid goes for a Cobra Clutch but Benoit squeezes out and nails a huge chop on Sid. Sid with kick to the gut on Benoit and calls for the power bomb. Benoit slides down Sidís back. Benoit hitís a HUGE German release on Sid and signals with a thumb across his throat. Benoit to the top rope and dives off with a flying head butt, makes the cover. 1..2..kick out.

Benoit fights Sid to the corner and goes for an Irish Whip, but is reversed. Benoit hits hard and comes out of the corner into a choke slam from Sid. Sid makes cover. 1..2..foot on the rope. Sid is frustrated and slaps the mat a few times before getting up. He calls for another choke slam, and applies the choke. He lifts Benoit up but Benoit turns the choke slam into a Cross Face! Sid is down to the mat but refusing to give up. After a few seconds Sid powers up with Benoit still holding on to the cross face. Sid stumbles but his knee gives out and Sid falls back to the mat. Sid rolls a few times, but Benoit wonít let go, finally Sid taps!

Winner and NEW WCW World Heavyweight Champion - Chris Benoit

The place is going insane as Benoit is handed the belt. Sid Vicious rolls to the outside, in order to give Benoit his moment. Benoit is near tears as he holds the WCW Championship above his head. The PPV draws to a close with the image of Chris Benoit holding the World Championship and the fans going nuts.

  1. Dean Malenko def. Eddie Guerrero via pinfall
  2. Norman Smiley def. Meng, Fit Finlay and WCW Hardcore Champion Brian Knobbs to win title
  3. Booker T. def. Stevie Ray via pinfall
  4. Vampiro & Norman Smiley def. WCW World Tag Team Champions Crowbar & David Flair to win titles when Smiley pinned Flair
  5. Billy Kidman def. Perry Saturn via pinfall
  6. Diamond Dallas Page vs. Buff Bagwell had no official winner
  7. Terry Funk def. Kevin Nash in a Hardcore "Winner Gets Control of WCW" match
  8. Chris Benoit def. Sid Vicious to win the vacant WCW World Championship when he forced Sid to tap out to the Crossface.
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Re: WCW 2000: New Blood Rising

Backstage Reports

It is being reported that many are happy with the outcome of last nights Pay-Per View Souled Out. The actual buy rate numbers won't be in until the end of the month but reports are saying they met original expectations.

The make shift booking team of Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson, Terry Taylor and Paul Orndorff are expected to continue into tonight's Monday Night Nitro and beyond with Arn Anderson being named head of creative. Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera are still under contract and Ferrera will be at Nitro while Russo was sent home Saturday morning.

It is reported that Ric Flair is sitting in on booking meetings. This has struck some backstage as a bad idea but with Anderson as head of creative this was expected. It is also expected with Dusty Rhodes on the booking staff that Dustin Rhodes will soon become a feature player on WCW Broadcasts.

Other wrestlers said to be in line for a push include Chris Benoit who just won the WCW World Championship, Jeff Jarrett, Booker T., Vampiro, Eddie Guerrero and the Revolution.

Benoit winning the World Title is said to be a big boost to moral backstage. He is expected to carry the belt at least into Superbrawl as long term plans for the title haven't been mapped out. No word on who Benoit's opponent will be at the PPV but Jeff Jarrett, a rematch with Sid Vicious and Ric Flair have been floated as candidates.

One of the more interesting developments at Souled Out was the crowning of New WCW Tag Team Champions Vampiro and Norman Smiley. This is being described as a temporary pairing and they will be transitional tag champions. Vampiro and Smiley have gotten over well with the fans as of late and Terry Taylor thought an Odd couple pairing would be good for both men at this stage in their careers.

The Revolution grew in numbers at Souled Out with the Addition of the Wall and rumors are their may be one to two more wrestlers joining Shane Douglas' revolution. The stable will be taking a more militant stance on WCW Management in the next few weeks.

The Revolution may be the group replacing the NWO as the decision was made to pull the plug on the stable after Hart's injury. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Scott Steiner won't be used at tonight’s Nitro and with Jeff Jarrett and Bret Hart nursing injuries the NWO days are officially done in WCW...well at least until their next revival

The First Nitro of the Anderson Era should be up this week.

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Re: WCW 2000: New Blood Rising

I'm enjoying this man, putting the belt on Benoit is a smart move as is disbanding the nWo. Hopefully you keep this up.
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Re: WCW 2000: New Blood Rising

Can't wait for more.

Will not Remove Until
Miz cashes his Money In The Bank and loses
CM Punk shaves his beard
Somebody on NXT gets slapped
Smackdown vs Raw 2011 comes out
Mick Foley kicks Abyss's A$$
Stevie Richards invites Nova and Da Blue Meanie to TNA
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Re: WCW 2000: New Blood Rising

Dubya C Dubya! Didn't watch too much of it back in the day, but I know some of the characters, so I'll do my best with the knowledge I have. Ridiculously huge roster btw. Haha @ Vince Russo's idea, and him possibly being booted too.

Souled Out Feedback

Arn Anderson opening the show makes some sense since the world title picture is kinda in a pickle. Good choice having Sid face Beniot. For some reason, I see you having Beniot win just because more readers will like it, and because he's an easier 'read'. I think though that Beniot wasn't ready back then. Sid Vicious is also a much more credible world champ.

Malenko gets the win in the opening match due to Douglas' actions. I'm not too sure what's going on here, but Kidman out to stop the after match beatdown was intriguing. The feud between these stables isn't over I guess.

lol @ the boring Brian Knobbs promo. Funny how you would describe it as that. Good to have right before his match I guess. Seemed like a crazy ending considering the match made it's way to the locker room area. I know who Norman Smiley is, but I've never been a fan of the guy. I never thought he belonged in wrestling so I'm not too excited of him being your hardcore champion. But with that said, the hardcore title can change hands at any moment, so he probably won't hold it for long.

Bro vs bro match now. I didn't like the ending to be honest with ya. I never really thought that a missile dropkick was a strong enough move to finish a match. Glad Booker won though, as he's the more talented of the two.

Nice lil' bit setting up this next match between Flair & Crowbar against Vampiro. Wicked turn of events in this match, as Norman Smiley ends up being Vampiro's partner. With Vampiro absolutely shocked during the hardcore title match, I'm guessing his surprised state was probably at how good Smiley is =P. But yah, nice turn of events. As expected from Smiley coming out, the two win.

Another Revolution against Filthy Animals match here. I loled @ the 2.9999 in the count. Haha. Don't recall seeing that before. Considering the match earlier, I expected interference in this one too, and there...not to disappoint come members of each team. Glad to see Kidman win, as I've always been a fan of his. The aftermath seemed quite brutal, and Revolution stands. The Wall joining these guys is huge. Literally and figuratively. Crazy things going down in this storyline. Like to see how you keep the ball rolling with this.

lol @ the affair rumors. I don't remember anything like that from back then, but funny nonetheless. Holy shit @ this brawl. Nice to see the use of the ringside area. Kimberly's appearance makes sense. DDP fully destroys Bagwell at the end. Crazy. With Kimberly checking on Bagwell, I don't know what to think. Bagwell should surely be out for a while after this.

Superbrawl is the next PPV? Always loved that name. Anyways, this match between Nash and Funk has huge ramifications. NWO disbanded is huge. lol @ that early part where Nash thought it was over. Handing the title to himself eh? lol. This certainly means he'll lose now, and that's exactly what happens. Quite big of you to disband NWO considering many would tweak them. I'm quite excited to see what happens now.

And now the main event for the vacant title. I gotta say, I predicted the finish to this. Beniot was the clear choice, as he's the easier wrestler to use, but I really, really, really think Sid Vicious should have been chosen. I don't think Beniot was ready for the world title at this point in WCW. He wasn't built up enough for it.

Overall, for an opening ppv, not bad. I would have liked to see more depth in the matches with a bit more detail and flow to them. I felt the flow was lacking the most. Fully written promos and hype could have definitely added to this show as well. The booking was well done I guess. I'm sure you have everything thought out. Looking forward to Nitro, and the continuation of this thread. I'm a fan of reading more about WCW (would have commented much more if I knew more), so I can't wait. Good luck btw with this. This is something different to the section that has the potential to be good.

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Nitro 1-17-00

OOC: Still playing with format...added pics so that some of you who may not know WCW 2000 can have a visual of the worker I'm talking about.


We open cold to a limo pulling up to the arena. Stepping out of the limo into the cold night air is "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson. He is shortly followed by WCW Commissioner Terry Funk who is still showing some of the battle scars from his match with Kevin Nash the night before.

After a few seconds they are joined by "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair who is dressed in a fine suit. He is all smiles and lets out a little "Woooo" before joining Anderson and Funk. All three head into the arena with giant smiles on their faces.

January 17, 2000 - Columbus, OH


Tony Schiavone: Fans welcome to Monday Nitro and we are Live in the capitol city of the great state of Ohio...Columbus for three hours of WCW! I am joined as always by Bobby "the Brain" Heenan and "Iron" Mike Tenay! And fellas, just twenty four hours ago the face of WCW changed forever and we have plenty to discuss here tonight but down in the ring our first match is about to begin...

Match #1
Psychosis w/The Juice Juvi Guerrera vs. Blitzkrieg

These two put on one hell of a wrestling match. High Flying and lucha libre style spots. The announcers of course were talking about the NWO being defeated last night at the PPV and the fact that Ric Flair had returned to WCW. Blitzkrieg would pick up the win with a flying sunset flip from the top rope, getting the 1, 2, 3.

Winner Via Pinfall: Blitzkrieg

After the match Blitzkrieg is celebrating when Juventud Guerrera hits the ring and begins laying the boots to him. Psychosis has by this time recovered and joins in on the action. From the back Lash LeRoux rushes the ring and cleans house on Psychosis and Juventud Guerrera sending them to the outside and backing up the aisle.

LeRoux helps Blitzkrieg to his feet and the two friends embrace. All four men have a mini-stare down as we cut to....


Jeff Jarrett is walking backstage looking for Kevin Nash. He keeps asking production crew members where the N.W.O.'s locker room is. Everyone gives him the look like "HE CAN'T BE SERIOUS". Jarrett calls the guys slap nuts and continues on.

***Commercial Break****


We come back from commercial break with Scott Hudson backstage interviewing Booker T.

Scott Hudson: Last night Booker, you faced your own brother Stevie Ray in a very physical match up. You came out the winner of that contest and offered your hand in respect to your brother and he just walked away. What is going though your mind?

Booker T.: Look last night I proved who the better man was. I finally shut up Stevie's big mouth. Stevie wants to talk about how I forgotten where I cam from. I remember damn well where I came from. I still got the scars to remind me every day of the life I worked my ass off to get away from. Now that business between me and Stevie...well thats done. We are always going to be brothers you know. One day I hope Stevie grows up and we can move on.

Scott Hudson: Well there you have it...

Scott Hudson is cut off by the arrival of Champagne Chris Kanyon, and his Champagne Dolls. Champagne is all smiles tonight

Champagne Chris Kanyon: WHA-WHA-WHA. You know bro, its like listening to a record with you. You need to chill and relax...you need to CHILLAX. Take it from CCK, you are a one trick poney. CCK gots a real important question for you Booker...why was your ugly mug on PPV last night and The Champagne was in Hollywood last night?

Booker T: Look sucka, I don't know who rang your bell, but you've picked the wrong night.

Champagne Chris Kanyon: Again...WHA-WHA-WHA.

Booker T: Tell you what why don't you get your punk ass in that ring tonight and I'll make you wha-wha.

Champagne Chris Kanyon: Your on.

CCK walks away laughing to his Dolls, Booker T. just shakes his head and goes the opposite direction.

Scott Hudson: There you have it, tonight Booker T. vs. Champagne Chris Kanyon!


Back at ringside, Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan recap the events that lead to Chris Benoit vs. Sid Vicious at the PPV last night. Thanks to our friends over at WCW Magazine, we get stills of Benoit defeating Sid Vicious for the vacant world championship. After this we throw it to Mean Gene in the ring.

Mean Gene: Alright fans, its the moment you've all been waiting for. Please welcome my guest at this time. The man who last night took the wrestling world by storm becoming WCW World Champion for the first time...Chris Benoit!

The Crippler heads to the ring to a thunderous pop. We see all kinds of "Benoit" and "Crippler" Signes. A few Rabbid Wolverine. Benoit dressed in full wrestler gear with the brand new "Intensity" Benoit T-Shirt heads to the ring the Big Gold over his shoulder. He enters the ring as the announcers sing his praises talking about how hard he has worked over the years. Iron Mike Tenay puts his text book knowledge of wrestling to work recounting some classic Benoit moments from Japan.

Mean Gene: Chris Benoit, after a little over a decade in the wrestling business you have finally reached to very top, becoming WCW World Champion!

Chris Benoit: Gene, I have been up and down many roads in wrestling. The highs and the lows...There have been plenty. I have worked too long and too hard to let last nights chance pass me by. I've broken too many bones Gene, had too many stitches to let last night pass me by. So when the oppertunity came up and I was given the chance...I took it.

Mean Gene: You faced Sid Vicious in a grueling match up. Any thoughts on your Souled Out opponent and what about a rematch?

Chris Benoit: Sid is a man I've come to respect. We've fought many times before, and if the World Title wasn't on the line. If it wasn't my shot...then that match last night could have went to Sid. But last night was destine to be my night Gene...and I took full advantage of the situation to finally become World Champion.

Mean Gene: Well Chris Benoit the question becomes who is the first man to get a shot at your new Worlds Championship?

Chris Benoit: I will be a fighting champion Gene. Big or small, top of the card down to the guys struggling to get off Saturday Night, a place I've been before. Come one come all because the line starts here.


The Cowboy knock off plays as Jeff Jarrett still in his NWO silver gear heads to the ring, guitar in hand. He talks trash to the fans along the way.

Mean Gene: Now wait a minute here I was in the middle of interviewing Chris Benoit...Jeff Jarrett! Jeff Jarrett what are you doing out here...and why are you wearing that?

Jeff Jarrett: Listen up slap nut, I'm trying to figure out what exactly is going on. Big Kev and the boys are no where to be seen and now I get the news that the guy I was suposed to be beatin on last night is the World Champion? You tell me whats going on Gene!

Mean Gene: You know good and well the NWO was disbanded last night Jeff Jarrett!

Jeff Jarrett: What I know is a hundred times what you or any of these redneck Ohio fans know. Now my question to you..."champ". If I was 100% at Souled Out do you think you'd be carrying that belt right now? No. So I'm saying this right here and now. I want a shot at that belt you claim is your title!

Chris Benoit: How about tonight Jeff, I'll do what I would have done to you last night if you didn't get yourself a headache...make you tap out!

The crowd pops at the idea of Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Benoit tonight.

Jeff Jarrett: Hey now back up! I ain't cleared to wrestle tonight, but I will be by Superbrawl. And I'm offically challenging you to a match at Superbrawl.

Chris Benoit: You want it?

Jeff Jarrett: More than anything.

Chris Benoit: You got it.

Benoit and Jarrett come nose to nose in the center of the ring. The Announcers point out that the match isn't official yet, but hope management are watching this. Jeff backs off smiling noding and leaves the ring with out touching Benoit.

***Commercial Break****

Back from commercial break and in the ring, 3 Count are preforming their "hit" single, while the fans just tear them apart. They get cut off by the Filthy Animals music. The Announcers say thank god and discuss the feud between the Filthy Animals and the Revolution as we get stills of the Wall attacking the Animals last night.

Match #2
& vs. &
3 Count w/Shane Helms vs. The Filthy Animals

Another contest that showcased some high flying action. During the bout on the the cameras cut back stage to see The Revolution in full force invade the Animals locker room where Torrie Wilson, Konnan & Rey Misterio Jr. were watching the match. Misterio on crutches was tossed into the wall hard by...The Wall (yeah I know). And then Konnan was smashed over the head by a crutch thanks to Perry Saturn. Torrie Wilson just screamed. Back in the ring, the Animals put away 3 Count dispite outside interference from Shane Helms when Guerrero hit Evan Karagias with a Frog Splash

Winners Via Pinfall: The Filthy Animals when Kidman pinned Karagias

The Animals celebrate their victory when a Torrie Wilson rushes to ringside and tells Billy whats going on back stage and they bail quickly. Guerrero and Kidman rush to the back and the cameras follow them backstage into the locker room area where Misterio and Konnan are layed out. Kidman calls for a trainer as we cut to...

***Commercial Break****

Back from commercial break, we are backstage as a trainer checks on Konnan, who seems better and Misterio who is still out of it. Guerrero and Kidman are pacing back in forth as their fallen teammates are being helped by EMTs. Misterio is loaded on to a gurney and the EMTs said they want to get his knee looked at.

Back ringside as the next match is about to begin, the Announcers talk about the actions of the Revolution as The Disco Inferno alongside the Mamalukes makes his way to the ring. Followed by his opponent Vampiro who carries one half the WCW World Tag Team Championship with him. The Announcers talk briefly about Norman Smiley becoming the most unlikely partner of Vampiro's last night.

Match #3
Disco Inferno w/The Mamalukes vs. Vampiro

All hell breaks out in this match up. Vampiro easily dominates the Inferno, but the Mamalukes get involved, which brings out the WCW Hardcore Champion and 1/2 The WCW Tag Team Champions with Vampiro..."Big Wiggle" Norman Smiley. Smiley hits the Mamalukes with a Trash Can. While this is happening Vampiro nails Disco with the nail in a coffin for the win.

Winner via Pin Fall: Vampiro

After the match, the brawl continues with Vampiro coming the Mamalukes aid. From the back the Hardcore Soldiers rush the ring with weapons galore and Fit Finlay & Brian Knobbs attack the Tag Team Champions all six men brawl until security pulls them apart and we have to go to...

***Commercial Break****


Bill Goldberg hits a spear on an unsuspecting wrestlers

The TIME is NOW!!!

Vampiro on his way to the ring

Winner takes All

Chris Benoit diving off a steel cage nailing Jarrett with a head butt

...Leave it all in the ring

Sid Vicious looking intensly into the camera.


Ric Flair lets out a wooo at the camera

The old horsemen music brings Arn Anderson and WCW Commissioner Terry Funk to the ring dressed up and all smiles

Arn Anderson: When I called Terry Funk, the simple truth of the matter was I was looking for a crazy son of a bitch to take on the NWO...and thats what I got. Terry you did something no one else could do, you cut the poison out of this company with one match. I thank you for that sir.

Terry Funk: You know Arn, I have to say...I take a lot of pride in what I do. I may be getting older, I may not be as pretty as I used to be. But last night I got to do one thing and that was prove to the entire world that Terry Funk can still do this, and do it well.

"We Want Flair" starts.

Terry Funk: We'll get to him. You know the only reason I became Commissioner of WCW was to rid it of the NWO and now that its done, I don't see much else for me to do with the title Arn. So as of this moment I am stepping down as WCW Commissioner...and I have talked it over with Terry and Paul and Larry and we all agree there is one man for the job...thats the Enforcer!

Crowd pops at this and Arn Smiles a bit. Arn takes the microphone.

Arn Anderson: I accept this role and as my first act of business...I want to bring out the man as of last night we reinstated in World Championship Wrestling...


Arn Anderson: The Fifteen time World Champion! The Best Damn Wrestling on the Planet Earth...RIC FLAIR!!!

"Dawn" plays and The Nature Boy walks out onto the stage to a thunderous pop. Decked out in a fine suit, Flair struts down the aisle and into the ring with NEW Commissioner Arn Anderson and Terry Funk.

Ric Flair: Columbus...O-HI-O! WOOOOOOO! The Nature Boy walks that aisle once again. I have the rolex on...I have the hair slicked back...I'm wearing the 500 dollar shirt...The Nature Boy is back!


Ric Flair: This past weekend I was sitting at home, because the Power that Be felt I was washed up...that I was over the hill! They left me in a desert to die. But when the curtain was pulled back, let me tell you something...just like in the wizard of Oz. When the curtainw as pulled back you were seen for what you really were...and no one got any brains! But then Arn called me and he said Naitch...we need you. WCW needs you. I said no. He said the NWO is going to kills us Naitch. I said good! This ship has been dead for months! He said no....no, its time to make WCW the greatest promotion on the planet earth again. Time to wrestle Naitch...time to go out there and show them why WCW is the number one promotion on the planet.

Flair hits the ropes getting worked up.
Ric Flair: After years of tyrants...after putting idiot in control of the ship...now is the time. A New YEAR! W...C...W! WOOOOOO! So climbed aboard my jet plane...I boarded in my limousine...and I came back to steal the kisses...to wheel and deal! WOOOOO! And last night, by God last night...WCW became number one...once again. Chris Benoit is the champion, by gawd, Chris Benoit is the champion!

Big Pop

Ric Flair: I look around at the young and hungry talent in the locker room...No more do I see the dead eyes of yesterday. The glass ceiling is shattered and now the three of us...we are in charge of the greatest show in the world. So WCW, get ready. The longest line in the world is still space mountain baby...and the best wrestling is in WCW. WOOOOOOO

"Dawn" hits as Arn Anderson and Ric Flair hug. Terry Funk joins in and the crowd is going nuts.


Backstage- We see Jeff Jarrett watching on a monitor...he just shakes his head.

***Commercial Break****

Back from break, we are informed that this Wednesday Night on Thunder on TBS, the vacant US Championship will be filled by four men on the roster who are climbing up the ladder. From the Filthy Animals Eddie Guerrero, from the Revolution former US Champion Dean Malenko, the Gothic Warrior Vampiro and Booker T. Fatal four way for the vacant US Championship!

This brings us to our next match as Champagne Chris Kanyon from Hollywood hits the ring with his Champagne girls. Booker T is out next to a great pop from the crowd.

Match #4
Champagne Chris Kanyon vs. Booker T

Great back and forth match with the announcers really putting over Booker T and to a lesser extent Kanyon. Kanyon tries some underhanded tactics and nearly pulls off the win but Booker rebounds and nails a bookend setting up the missle drop kick for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner Via Pin Fall: Booker T

Booker T celebrates the win while the announcers again plug Thunder on TBS Weds. Featuring Booker T in a four way for the vacant US Championship

***Commercial Break****

Back from commercial we are backstage with Scott Hudson and the Revolution's leader Shane Douglas and the Wall
w/ &

Scott Hudson: Last night at Souled Out Shane Douglas you revealed your newest member to the Revolution...The Wall. And it had a huge impact on the Filthy Animals. Earlier tonight you and your gang attacked Konnan and Rey Misterio in the locker room, why not do it out in the ring why resort to underhanded tactics?

Shane Douglas: First off Scott Hudson, this is no Gang...it is a Revolution. We are sick and tired of being held down in WCW. Management may come and go but their goal is always the same...push down the workers...control the flow of cash. Supress the talent. The Filthy Animals should be on our side...they should see the light but they don't. Thats why I sicked the Wall on them last night and thats why I sent a message tonight. Beware of the Revolution. If your not with us, your just a casualty of war...

Douglas laughs and he and the Wall walk off as we Cut to the Ring where Revolution members Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko are in the ring ready to face their opponents...A SCREAM AND CRAZY LAUGH fills the PA and the Psycho City come to the ring lead by Daffney. The team of David Flair & Crowbar looked focused ever since loosing their titles last night on PPV

Match #5
& vs. &
The Revolution vs. Psycho City w/Daffney

Much like all other Psycho City matches, Crowbar does all the work while Flair and Daffney make eyes at each other. Saturn and Malenko easily take apart the former tag team champions and Crowbar submits to the rings of saturn for the win.

Winners via submission: The Revolution

Following the match, Eddie Guerrero, Konnan and Billy Kidman hit the ring weapons in hand and take out Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn. This brings The Wall and Douglas out and they engage the Animals in brawl. All seven brawl at ringside until security can break it up. Terry Taylor leads Security down and forces the two factions apart.

***Commercial Break****

Back from Commercial break, we are in the back with Chris Benoit getting ready for his upcoming match when Ric Flair walks up to him. Flair is all smiles.

Ric Flair: Chris, I am so happy for you man. You deserve it.

Chris Benoit: I have you to think for helping me get here Ric. You taught me so much.

Ric Flair: Well, I hope you have a title shot in there for an old man. Cause you know the saying...To be the man, your gonna have to beat the man. WOOO!

Chris nods and smiles as he and Flair embrace and Flair moves on leaving Benoit to warm up. Tony says that Chris Benoit will face Meng later tongiht on Nitro...

Mean Gene Oakerland calls out his guest at this time, the man who put Buff Bagwell on the injured list last night...Diamond Dallas Page.
Page enters to the stage to a chorus of boos. Page shrugs them off.

Mean Gene: Dallas Page, the fans out here have voiced the same reaction many in the back are at you right now. They think what you did to Buff Bagwell was sick.

DDP: Look, Fluff Bagwell knew what he was getting into when he crossed the line and started putting the moves on my wife! As for you fans, you can kiss my ass.


DDP: I was done with the need of being the Peoples Champion a long time ago...I'm a superstar. I'm a legend and you fans pay your money to see me! Not Buff Bagwell. So Buff I know your at home watching this with you cracked skull...all I have to say to you is this...

DDP holds his hands up in the diamond shape...and brings it down.


Out of the back emgerges Sid Vicious

Mean Gene: Sid Vicious the man facing Diamond Dallas Page tonight in the main event. What are you doing out here.

Sid Vicious: I don't care what you did to Buff Bagwell last night. I don't care who has or hasn't been with your wife...What I want you to understand is last night I came this close to being World Champion. And tonight I want you to know this, when you step into the ring with the Master and Ruller of the World...what I do to you isn't because of your actions...its because you are just in my way.

DDP: Is dat so?

Sid Vicious: Because the only BANG your gonna feel tonight...is when I Power BOMB YOU THROUGH THE MAT!

Sid laughs and walks away as DDP just stares off at him.

***Commercial Break****

Back from break and the unstoppable monster Meng is in the ring waiting his opponent...The World Champion Chris Benoit. As the World Champion makes his way to the ring we once again get the Souled Out Replay plugged by announcers.

Match #6
NON-Title Match

Meng vs. Chris Benoit

Very physcial match up. Lots of brutal chops and stiff punches. The match ends with the TRIO German Suplex from Benoit and the Flying head butt for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner Via Pinfall: Chris Benoit

After the match Benoit hoist the World Championship over his head, only to be attacked from behind by the Harris Brothers!

The Twin Towers continue the assault until the Champion starts fighting back with chops and hard rights. The announcers don't know what provoked this attack until Jeff Jarrett slides into the ring with guitar in hand and as Benoit turns he breaks the guitar over the Champions head. He flanks The Harris Brothers and Jarrett picks up the world championship holding it above his head while Benoit lays motionless.

Jarrett tosses the belt down at Benoit before leaving with the Harris Brothers. The Announcers say they need to take a break to check on the champion.

***Commercial Break****

Video of Lex Luger in Sting's outfit attacking Bam Bam Bigelow on Thunder during Bigelow's match with Kanyon. We see short video of Luger dressed as Sting over the past couple of weeks and footage of his attack on Sting at Starrcade that put the Stinger on the shelf.

Match #7
The Total Package w/Miss Elixabeth vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Most of this not very good wrestling match sees the announcers talking about Luger putting Sting out of action at Starrcade. Luger is on the verge of winning and goes for the Torture Rack when the lights start to flicker... In the rafters we can see a figure pointing a bat down at Luger. Luger drops Bigelow and starts freaking out. On the TurnerTron we see the message...02-20-00 Its SHOWTIME....Luger bails form the ring when another figure in a Sting mask appears in the audiance pointing the bat. Luger heads up the ramp and to the back with Elizabeth leaving Bam Bam and the referee counting. 1...2....3....4....5....6....7....8....9....10!

Winner Via Count Out: Bam Bam Bigelow

Bam Bam Bigelow looks up with a smile on his face at the 02-20-00 Its ShowTime Graphic. The Announcers conclude that Sting is sending Lex Luger a message about Superbrawl on PPV.

***Commercial Break****

Back and its time for the main event...DDP vs. Sid Vicious. DDP is out first with Kimberly in tow. Again the announcers talk about what happened at Souled Out with Buff Bagwell. Sid is out next and heads to the ring focused...

Main Event
Diamond Dallas Page w/Kimberly vs. Sid Vicious

These two pull of a classic Nitro Main Event...plenty of brawling. DDP using his speed to stay out of Sid's power moves. After another commercial break, DDP has Sid on the ropes targeting the same knee Benoit did at the PPV. Sid battles back and the action spills to the outside. Sid and DDP battle up the aisle and back down with Sid dominating DDP. Back in the ring DDP hits a low blow and starts his comeback. Kimberly on the outside much like last night almost seems comatose...stoic. The action gets underway with Sid going for a chokeslam. But DDP hits a Diamond Cutter out of it. makes the cover 1...2...KICK OUT

Page Can't believe it. Sid is up and on a warpath...DDP bails out of the ring and grabs Kimberly by the hand taking off. Sid Vicious follows. Sid finds Page down the aisle with a few lefts and rights...the Announcers HATE TO DO THIS.....BUT THEIR OUT OF TIME

No Contest

We fade to black with the bell ringing and Sid being whipped into the guardrail in the aisle....TUNE INTO THUNDER TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS FOLKS...

Quick Nitro 01-17-00 Results
Blitzkrieg def. Psychosis
Eddie Guerrero & Billy Kidman def. Evan Karagias & Shannon Moore
Vampiro def. Disco Inferno
Booker T. def. Champagne Chris Kanyon
Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn def. David Flair & Crowbar
World Champion Chris Benoit def. Meng in a non-title match
Bam Bam Bigelow def. The Total Package via count out
Diamond Dallas Page wrestled Sid Vicious to a no contest

Announced for Thunder on 01/19/00
Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko vs. Vampiro vs. Booker T for the Vacant US Championship


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Re: WCW 2000: New Blood Rising

Zidanes review

Before I start the review I would just like to say that I love this period of time and think that you can do alot with this BTB if you stick with it, so good luck.

Nice opening with Flair, Anderson and Funk entering the arena. Plenty of possibilities regarding these three.

Good win for Blitzkrieg to start off with. Short amount of text but it would have been a good match. Little feud to kick off the show, Lash Leroux never really excited me but I think he has enough talent to be pushed correctly.

Booker and Kanyon starting a feud up backstage is good. Both very talented at this point and underpushed, hopefully you can give them some good air time.

Nice little promo with the new World Champion and I like having Jarrett taking on Benoit at Superbrawl but it just felt abit rushed and Jarrett didnt seem to deserve the shot. I suppose you are going down the route of Benoit being a big babyface and taking on all challenges from opponents.

Good win for the Filthy Animals, hopefully they get a nice push up the card but the thing I didnt understand. Torrie came out to tell Billy, when Kidman got backstage he found himself and Misterio laid out and then called for a trainer? Think you need to have a quick re-read of your writing.

A win for Vampiro is always good as I think he is a good talent that was also in the same boat as Kanyon and Booker T who was underpushed. A three team match is what you are aiming for could be intersting but I would only be interested in seeing the Mamalukes as Champions.

Love the Superbrawl image!!

So Flair is back which is good, look forward to seeing what you do with him.

Four way for the U.S belt. I presume Booker will be the new champion which I have no problems with.

I love the Revolution and remember enjoying watching them at this period of time. You have some really talented guys in the company and to have the Revolution feuding with the Filthy Animals is a good move.

Nice to see Benoit on the show with a win over Meng. Not really a fan of you jobbing Meng but as its the World Champion its not the end of the world.

Harris Brothers helping Jeff Jarrett is good as it helps develop Jarretts heel character.

Luger against Bigelow would be a pretty big match up, and seeing the Stinger in the rafters is always good. PLease have Sting come back and retire Luger, Please!!

DDP and Sid putting on a classic would be suprising. Going down the route of having two babyfaces face off in the future would be good.

Overall it was a good show, I think you got some things bang on and a few things were off. Personally you are lacking in Main Event heels. Only Jeff Jarrett can be classified as a Main Event heel apart from maybe Luger. I am assuming you will be bringing back Main Event heels in the coming weeks but having Flair, Benoit, Sting, DDP and Sid as faces and then Luger and Jarrett as the heels is a bit off. Having the Four way for the U.S belt on Thunder is a mistake in my opinion, have it on next weeks Nitro or at Superbrawl. Im still abit puzzled as why you are doing 3 hour Nitros and 2 hour Thunders. Thats alot of writing, I know you have a big roster but I am sure you can reduce the amount of T.V time there is.

But I enjoyed reading and reviewing and look forward to future shows.
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