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World Wrestling Entertainment: 2004

WWE 2004: Abusing Authority

I like to book very much, and Dubbya has given me permission to start something new AGAIN, but uh, this time, hopefully it’ll stick around for a little while. Anyway, not much to really explain, I just seem to be speaking for the hell of it, so uh, WrestleMania XX results, rosters, and PPV schedule are all below...


WrestleMania 20 Results
Madison Square Garden, New York
March 14, 2004

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Chris Benoit defeated Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a Triple Threat Match to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) defeated Kane.
WWE Championship Match
Eddie Guerrero(c) defeated Kurt Angle to retain the WWE Championship.

Women’s Championship Match
Victoria(c) defeated Molly Holly in a Hair vs. Title Match to retain the WWE Women's Championship.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty(c) defeated The World's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin), The Basham Brothers (Danny and Doug) and The APA (Bradshaw and Farooq) in a Fatal Four-Way Match to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar (w/Stone Cold Steve Austin as the Special Guest Referee).
Cruiserweight Open
Chavo Guerrero(c) won a Cruiserweight Open to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Participants included: Rey Mysterio, Akio, Tajiri, Billy Kidman, Jamie Noble, Ultimo Dragon, Shannon Moore, Nunzio and Funaki.

Playboy Evening Gown Match
Torrie Wilson and Sable defeated Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie in a PlayboyEvening Gown Match.
Evolution (Randy Orton, Batista and Ric Flair) defeated The Rock 'n' Sock Connection (The Rock and Mick Foley) in a Handicap Match.
Christian defeated Chris Jericho.
World Tag Team Championship
Rob Van Dam and Booker T defeated Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak, The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) and La Rťsistance (Renť Duprťe and Rob Conway) in a Fatal Four Way Match to retain the World Tag Team Championships.

United States Championship
John Cena defeated The Big Show to win the WWE United States Championship.


WWE Raw Roster

General Manager: Eric Bischoff
Raw Sheriff: Stone Cold Steve Austin
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler
Backstage Interviewer: Jonathan Coachman
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Benoit
Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
World Tag Team Champions: Rob Van Dam and Booker T
Women’s Champion: Victoria

Al Snow
Bill Goldberg
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Christopher Nowinski
D-Von Dudley
Garrison Cade
Lance Storm
Mark Henry
Mark Jindrak
Matt Hardy
Mick Foley
Randy Orton
Rene Dupree
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam
Rodney Mack
Scott Steiner
Shawn Michaels
Spike Dudley
Steven Richards
Sylvan Grenier
The Hurricane
Theodore Long
The Rock
Tommy Dreamer
Triple H
Val Venis

Gail Kim
Molly Holly
Stacy Keibler
Trish Stratus

WWE Smackdown

General Manager: Paul Heyman
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
Backstage Interviewer: Josh Matthews and Steve Romero
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel

WWE Champion: Eddie Guerrero
United States Champion: John Cena
WWE Tag Team Champions: Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty
Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero

A Train
Big Show
Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chuck Palumbo
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
John Cena
Johnny Stamboli
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan
Paul Bearer
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
Ron Simmons
Scotty Too Hotty
Sean O’Haire
Shannon Moore
Shelton Benjamin
Ultimo Dragon

Dawn Marie
Torrie Wilson


OVW Roster (correct as of April 10th, 2004):
Adam Birch
Alexis Laree
Anthony Carelli
Bobby Lashley
Carly Colon
Chris Mordetzky
Dara Daivari
Elijah Burke
Elizabeth Carolan
Gail Kim
Gene Snisky
John Hennigan
Johnny Jeter
Ken Anderson
Ken Doane
Kevin Fertig
Mark Copani
Matt Cappotelli
Melina Perez
Nick Nemeth
Paul Birchall
Phil Brooks
Steven Lewington

PPV Schedule
Vengeance – June 13th, 2004 – Columbus, Ohio – Nationwide Arena
The Great American Bash – June 27th, 2004 – Norfolk, Virginia – Norfolk Scope
Summerslam – August 15th, 2004 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Air Canada Centre
Unforgiven - September 12th, 2004 – Portland, Oregon – Rose Garden
No Mercy – October 3rd, 2004 – East Rutherford, New Jersey – Continental Airlines Arena
Taboo Tuesday – October 19th, 2004 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Bradley Center
Survivor Series – November 14th, 204 – Cleveland, Ohio – Gund Arena
Armageddon – December 12th, 2004 – Atlanta, Georgia – Gwinnett Center

Well, that’s my thirtieth number one post complete, I shall update in a few days.

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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

2004 was didn't live up to it's hype, imo. So I hope you'll be able to change that. I see you kept Goldberg and Lesnar around, should be intesting to see what happens with them. Good luck, hope you post a show .
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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

First post looks nice enough, though it's not like you don't have experience with them. Honestly, I'm really looking forward to this. I really think this may be the one to stick because you have all of the talent you could want on two rosters, and I know how much you want one to stick. Just let the magic work.

Good luck.

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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

First post looks nice enough, though it's not like you don't have experience with them.
Honestly, I expected this, but it's not my fault. I blame Wolfy, Legend and TKOW for posting shows, as well as your continued success. The created thread was going to stick, until all you guys got me inspired to do WWE again, so yeah, you guys really messed up.

Anyway, just some news and notes until I proofread the show.


WWE News And Notes

The WWE are said to be very impressed with just how WrestleMania XX came about. Whilst there were a few little hitches, such as the huge disappointment in the matchup between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, overall the company is pretty happy. It is said that both Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit could be looking forward to huge title reigns, as they are both very over with the crowd, and in Vince McMahon’s good books. There are no doubts on Smackdown that Eddie will stay champion, but on the Raw side of things, with Triple H always in Vince McMahon’s ear, it can never be one hundred percent that Benoit will hold onto the gold for too long.

Numerous superstars such as Mick Foley, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin have been a huge part of WWE programming as of late, however the WWE has confirmed, that two of these three names will not stick around. At this point in time, it seems as if The Rock will be leaving almost immediately, whereas Mick Foley will stick around for a month or two just to finish off a feud with Randy Orton. The man expected to stick around is Stone Cold Steve Austin, as it has been reported that creative are absolutely loving the chemistry Stone Cold has with numerous on air talent.

McMahon has also said to be impressed with everything else that took place at ‘Mania, except for both tag team matches. Whilst both brands now have solid champions ready to lead the division, they need some decent competition, and creative will be focusing on making that happen over the coming months. They are possibly hoping to have everything sorted by Summerslam.

Also, there are a few more pay per views scheduled for this year, which some critics have raised concern about, although the WWE just laughed it off, claiming that they know exactly what they are doing.

It has also been announced that the draft won’t be taking place until just after Summerslam, although it’s expected to be the biggest draft in history.

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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

Yeah, sure, blame everyone but yourself for your jobbing.

News all looks solid. Fuck the people who complain about guys who are deadsies being used - have Benoit reign supreme with an epic reign. Eddie for an epic reign would own fairly hard too.

I really don't care if any of the older guys stick around. I would much rather you make use of the guys who are actually on the roster as active competitors, but Foley putting over Orton on his way out is fine. Austin I'm not so sure about, but we'll see.

@ solid champions of the tag division. You've got a team thrown together team and Rikishi/Scotty as tag champs. I don't mind the two teams holding the gold for awhile, but please make sure the division is built up around them.

Draft news and Pay-Per-View news is fine. If you got to the draft I'd mark. It would be a fair achievement.

Good to see this thread moving, even if it is just news. A show is necessary now.

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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

I know I'm moving a little fast, but I'll definitely take my time from here, its just that after my last couple of embarrassing attempts at starting a thread, I REALLY wanted to get a show up. Anyway, here's Raw, in recap, bar one promo.


Monday Night Raw – March 15th, 2004
East Rutherford, New Jersey – Izod Center

As per usual with the first Raw after WrestleMania, we get a five minute video package, showcasing all the awesome events which took place at last night’s extravaganza. These highlights include: John Cena winning his first singles championship in the WWE, defeating The Big Show to become the WWE United States Champion, the World Tag Team Champions, Booker T and Rob Van Dam defied all the odds, defeating Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak, The Dudley Boyz and La Resistance, in what could be described as match of the night, Christian bested Chris Jericho, thanks to some interference from the love of Jericho’s life, Trish Stratus, Evolution used the numbers game to their advantage, and proved that they had passed by The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection when Randy Orton pinned Mick Foley, Torrie Wilson and Sable defeated Stay Keibler and Miss Jackie, due to some miscommunication issues between the Raw tandem, Chavo Guerrero won a Cruiserweight open to retain his WWE Cruiserweight Championship, the most anticipated match of the evening saw Raw’s Bill Goldberg beat Smackdown’s Brock Lesnar, however after the contest, they both fell victim to Stunners from the guest referee, Stone Cold Steve Austin, much like their Raw counterparts, Smackdown’s WWE Tag Team Champions, Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty defied the odds, outlasting the World’s Greatest Tag Team, The APA, and The Basham Brothers, Molly Holly had her head shaved when she failed to regain the Womens Championship in a match against Victoria, the WWE Champion proved to be too clever for his opponent, when Eddie Guerrero untied his boot laces, which broke Angle’s dreaded Ankle Lock, and allowed Eddie to catch Angle off guard, ‘The Deadman’ returned, taking care of business, defeating Kane easily and continuing the streak, and in the main event, Chris Benoit achieved a lifelong dream, beating both Triple H and Shawn Michaels to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

There was really only one way this show was ever going to open, and it was with the NEW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit making his presence felt. ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ received a HUGE five minute standing ovation from the adoring fans in New Jersey, even long after his music finished, before finally, the audience quietened down, and Benoit was able to speak. Basically, this is an acceptance speech of sorts, as Benoit looks back on the journey he has had in his twenty years in the wrestling industry. He talks about watching wrestling on television as a youngster and wanting to be the next Dynamite Kid. However, once he became a teenager, he found out about the injuries that some of his heroes received in the ring, but it was too late, because he had already developed a love for the business. Benoit reflects on being somewhat of an outcast throughout a majority of his teenage years, as while all his friends were taking girls out, and spending money, he had no money, because he was spending everything for wrestling. He even goes as far as to claim that many times; friends would come up to him and ask “is this worth it”? From here, ‘The Crippler’ begins speaking about the torture he endured in the dungeon, and the impact Stu Hart had on his life. Chris states that Stu put all the dungeon students through hell, yet this was necessary as it gave Benoit the skills he needed to succeed. The crowd interrupt Benoit, chanting his name, before the champ gets real emotional, before admitting that he wishes Stu could be here to witness him as champion. Benoit goes on to talk about the blood, sweat and tears which he went through in Japan, and in Extreme Championship Wrestling, before going through how excited he was when he got into what was then one of the “big two”, World Championship Wrestling. ‘The Crippler’ talks about how all the broken promises really made him wonder whether he was really cut for this business, and he constantly asked himself if it was worth it. Even once he came to the WWE, he proved he had all the tools to succeed, yet he couldn’t win the big one. He had his critics from day one, and even after the Royal Rumble they remained, because the Rumble was looked upon as a fluke victory, yet he proved last night, that he’s not a fluke and that he is for real. He goes on to state that after a twenty year struggle, he has to say, “It was all worth it”. Before he can continue, he is interrupted by the former World Heavyweight Champion, and a very pissed off looking, TRIPLE H! Hunter sarcastically gives Benoit a little gulf clap once in the ring, before getting straight into gear, telling Benoit not to get too excited, because everybody still realized that Benoit couldn’t lace his boots. Trips implies that Benoit’s win was a fluke, nothing but a flash of the pan, and that now, now was where the trouble started, because now Benoit was the hunted. Whilst Benoit does have the gold, and it does eat Trips alive, he doubts Benoit will be able to defend it night after night, because he is not Triple H, the only person who can dominate Raw is Hunter, and that’s because he’s ‘The Game’. The former champ then puts Benoit on notice, letting him know that his days are numbered, because Hunter can cash in a rematch whenever the hell he pleases. Not allowing Triple H to go any further is another fan favourite, as SHAWN MICHAELS makes a rather quick entrance to the ring. HBK firstly congratulates Benoit on his win last night, before addressing his former best friend. Shawn tells Hunter that maybe he does have a rematch clause, but Raw’s GM, Eric Bischoff has to do what’s best for business, and that’s give the next title shot to the guy who deserves it. Shawn continues, stating that since ‘The Game’ was pinned last night, it should be ol’ HBK who gets the first shot at the new champ. Michaels then turns to Benoit, letting him know that nobody outperforms him on the big stage, and next time they met on the big stage, Benoit would be looking up at the lights by the time the final bell sounded. Both Hunter and Benoit took exception to Michaels’ speech, but before they could react, the General Manager Eric Bischoff made his way onto the stage. Bischoff says that he has yet to decide on a number one contender, and that he refuses to waste half the show, listening to Shawn and Hunter argue over who gets the first shot at Benoit, so tonight, we will see HBK against ‘The Game’ one last time in tonight’s main event, and the winner gets Benoit at Backlash for the World Heavyweight Championship!


Once we return from the commercial break, we head to the interview area backstage, where Jonathan ‘The Coach’ Coachman is standing by with Matt Hardy. Coachman isn’t his usual arrogant self, actually showing Hardy a little respect, as he asks him what his plans are to get noticed after not being on WrestleMania. Matt Hardy tells The Coach that it was simply bull crap that he wasn’t on ‘Mania, although he plans on making things change here on Monday Night Raw. He states that he is Matt Hardy, VERSION ONEAAAAHHHH, and that all his admirers want to see him at the top of Raw, and that’s where he’s going to be, sooner rather than later.

In the first match up of the night, we see the young up and coming team of Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak, taking on the French duo, La Resistance. It’s a pretty even contest, with Dupree and Grenier using their experience to have a fair period of domination in the middle of the contest, being able to isolate Cade however as usual, there was the babyface comeback. The comeback consists of Jindrak going to town, showing some amazing athleticism, nailing a Dropkick to Dupree, before showing some strength, Gorilla Pressing Grenier and throwing him over the top rope... Jindrak then tags Cade back in, and as Cade heads to the top rope, Jindrak puts Dupree on his shoulders, and Cade leaps from the top rope, Clotheslining Dupree’s head off, nailing the young duo’s version of The Doomsday Device. Cade then gets the cover, hooks the leg, and registers a victory over the French team.

Whilst the young duo are celebrating their win that will build some momentum after their loss at ‘Mania, before we see a black, hummer speed into the parking lot. The door swings open roughly, and a sports bag is thrown out of the door, before out steps Bill Goldberg. The Berg picks up his sports bag, and walks towards the building, scowling and spitting, looking intense as usual.

We then head to another area backstage, just outside the Evolution locker room, where Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista are having a chuckle with each other. Batista is heard saying that last night they proved that The Rock and Mick Foley were over the hill and that Evolution had truly passed them by. Flair lets out a “Woooooooo”, before admitting that both ‘The Legend Killer’, and ‘The Evolution Enforcer’ were awesome last night. Randy then states that he is very happy with last night, as he’s slowly cementing himself as a legend in this business, AND he’s still the best Intercontinental Champion of all time. Orton continues, saying that when he pinned Mick Foley, he put the final nail in the coffin of the Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection, and he put the final nail in the five year to long career of Mick Foley.


After the commercial break, we are treated to the second contest of the evening, which sees Christian, with his new girl, Trish Stratus going up against the first ever Tough Enough Champion, Maven. Despite everybody believing Christian would get the win rather comfortably, Maven put in a hell of an effort, and actually got a few near falls in the contest. Despite this, Christian still proved to be a little too good, nailing Maven with an Unprettier, before lying down on Maven, winning with a rather lazy cover.

After the matchup, Christian raises Maven to his feet, and holds him, allowing Trish to slap him, before nailing him with a Chick Kick. Christian and Stratus then make out for a little bit, starting their celebration early, before they are forced to scurry away, as CHRIS JERICHO ran down the ramp, and into the ring, wanting to get a piece of his arch nemesis, and the girl who broke his heart.


With the third commercial break of the evening being complete, we return, to see Sheriff Austin, sitting on a couch, drinking a beer, and watching the show on his monitor, enjoying having his OWN office. All of a sudden though, Austin’s attention is dragged from the monitor, and a loud bang is heard as his now open door slams in the door, and the cause of this, none other than BILL GOLDBERG. The tension in the room is rather evident, after the Stunner which Bill received last week; however Austin knows it’s his job to remain impartial as he asks Goldberg what he wants. Goldberg shoots Austin down straight away, letting him know that he doesn’t care for pleasantries, as he tells Austin to “cut the crap”. Goldberg says that Austin can try his hardest to pretend like nothing happened, to pretend that they were friends just because Austin gave him a ticket to No Way Out, but Austin needed to realize that they were never friends. The only reason why ‘The Berg’ remained friendly, is because he knew Austin could help him out with certain things, but he longer cares about that, because he will never, ever forget the Stunner that he received last night. Goldberg gains a rare smirk from Austin when he claims the only reason why he hadn’t already dropped Austin on his ass was because he wanted a World Heavyweight Championship match against Chris Benoit tonight. Stone Cold seems to have had enough, as he stands up, and goes nose to nose with Goldberg, as ‘Berg begins shaking with anger, before Austin laughs in Bill’s face. Austin says that despite Bill pushing his luck, he likes the way he goes about his business, and he likes the way he kicks ass in the ring, so tonight he’ll be added into the match between Triple H and Shawn Michaels, and the winner will face Benoit at Backlash. Goldberg is happy, as he laughs, nods at Austin and says “thanks, Steve”, before he leaves gracefully, perhaps showing that despite their differences, there’s still some respect there.

The confrontation between Austin and Goldberg leads us back to the ring, where the Mark Henry and Rodney Mack of Thuggin’ and Buggin’ Enterprises, with Jazz and Theodore Long, are ready to take on the World Tag Team Champions Rob Van Dam and Booker T. Just like the other two matches, this is a rather entertaining one, as it was rather enthralling to see the power of Mack and Henry isolate the ever resilient Rob Van Dam. Despite the best efforts of Teddy Long and Jazz on the outside to help out, eventually Van Dam was able to make the tag to the fresh Booker T. Once Booker got into the ring, it turned into an entire different ball game, as Booker used his agility to keep the legal man, Rodney Mack on his toes. As Booker heads to the ropes, preparing for the Scissors Kick, he is tripped up by Teddy Long... Luckily for the champs, the referee sees this, and he attempts to eject Teddy from ringside; however Teddy asks “is it because I’m black?” The referee looks awkwardly at Booker for a moment, before turning back to Long and saying “uhh, Booker’s black to...”, and as Teddy looks absolutely horrified, Booker turns around just in time to catch a charging Mack and nail The Book End and pick up the victory for his team.

It is now time for the Attitude Era marks to mark the fuck out, as a camera is backstage, and walking down another one of these hallways in the arena is a man who was not expected to be here tonight, THE ROCK!


Jim Ross: Wow, King, I’m excited as hell to see The Rock here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: I’ve always loved The Rock, but after last night, I don’t know if he should be back here. I mean he and Foley got dominated by Evolution last night, and I hate to say it, but maybe he’s better off making movies than he is in the squared circle.

Jim Ross: The Rock’s got more heart and courage than anybody I know, and he won’t take what happened last night lying down.

Jerry Lawler: I’m really not sure, Evolution is just that good.


The ovation is enormous, quite easily the loudest of the night, as the roof of the Izod Center literally shakes, as out steps ‘The People’s Champion’ The Rock. ‘The Great One’ has his usual ‘Just Bring It’ t-shirt on, with a pair of sweat pants, capped off with his custom shades, and he seems pumped, as he stops at the middle of the ramp, to raise the people’s eyebrow, before he continues down the ramp.

Jerry Lawler: I guess we’ll see just what The Rock has to say about last night right now.

Jim Ross: You’ve got that right, King; The Rock’s never been one short of words.

Once in the ring, The Rock receives a microphone from Lilian Garcia, before she hops out of the ring, giving The Rock the spotlight.

The Rock: Finally...

~ He can’t continue, as he’s cut off by the crowd going nuts again.


~ More cheers for the epic cheap pop.

The Rock: Damn... yeah, it feels good to be back, no, it feels great to be back, not only is The Rock back in New Jersey, not only is The Rock back in a WWE ring, but The Rock is back home.

~ More adulation from the fans, as The Rock looks really compassionate.

The Rock: But that’s not the only reason why The Rock feels so good right now, no, no, no, no, ya’ see The Rock’s come back home heaps of times since he went to Hollywood, heaps of times, but this time it’s different, this time The Rock is stickin’ ‘round for more than just a cup of coffee, this time The Rock is here to stay.

~ More of those cheers, as Rock smirks.

The Rock: Now I know what you’re all thinkin’, you’re probably thinkin’ “hey, The Rock’s gonna’ be here for another month, awesome”, but that’s not the case. Don’t get The Rock wrong, Hollywood was fun, Hollywood was really fun, and The Rock got more pie in Hollywood than everybody on the WWE roster combined...

~ A bit of a mixed reaction for the Hollywood remarks.

The Rock: (playfully) Hey, hey, don’t give The Rock a hard time, he’s just bein’ honest... (end playful voice)... Yeah, The Rock’s just bein’ honest, The Rock did love Hollywood, but there wasn’t a day that went by, whether it was “The Rundown”, or whether it was “The Scorpion King”, there wasn’t a single day, not one single day, where The Rock didn’t miss coming out here and entertaining all of The Rock’s fans.

~ Even more cheers, as The Rock smiles, continuing to lap it up.

The Rock: And even though The Rock missed all his fans so much, The Rock still wasn’t gonna’ return full time, The Rock was gonna go back to Hollywood, make some more movies, and then come back to finish his career, but after last night, it just isn’t gonna’ happen.

~ Slight applause.

The Rock: Last night gave The Rock two solid reasons why he couldn’t leave the WWE again...

~ A pause, probably for dramatic effect.

The Rock: Number one... The Rock missed THE MILLIONS...


The Rock: AND MILLIONS of The Rock’s fans way too much, and reason number two... last night, The Rock lost.

~ Heat, as The Rock dampens the mood a little.

The Rock: Hell, The Rock’s a man, he’ll admit it every time, he’ll call a spade a spade, The Rock lost last night, and it sure as hell won’t be the last time The Rock loses, but last night, last night inspired The Rock to do somethin’ special.

~ Silence, as they wait for what The Rock is inspired about.

The Rock: To be more specific, it was a certain somebody who inspired The Rock to return to wrestling full time, and for that he probably deserves a little credit.

~ A small ‘Foley’ chant, but Rock shakes his head.

The Rock: No, no, Mick Foley inspired The Rock to come back, but he didn’t inspire The Rock to stay.

~ Silence.

The Rock: The Rock was in the ring with a damn near freak of nature last night; The Rock was in the ring with an Animal, The ‘Evolution Enforcer’ as they were callin’ him earlier, Dave Batista. Batista has a lot of talents, his fast for his size, he’s got amazing strength, but he also sweats more than anybody The Rock’s ever been in the ring with, and for some strange reason he smells like two hundred and eighty pounds of monkey crap!

~ Huge pop, for the insults at Batista.

The Rock: None of those attributes inspired The Rock to come back, which brings The Rock to Randy Orton, now The Rock has a lot of similarities to Randy Orton... They both get a lot of pie, they’re both third generation superstars, but last night Randy Orton ran around the ring like a little bitch, scared of Mick Foley so it damn sure wasn’t Randy Orton who inspired The Rock to come back.

~ More cheers, this time for the insults at Randy.

The Rock: Which brings The Rock to the man who actually did inspire him to come back last night, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair?

~ A mixed reaction, leaning towards cheers, as the Woooo’s spread across the arena.

The Rock: That’s right; The Rock was inspired by Naitch, beca...


Despite being in Evolution, and despite being a heel, the crowd still give a fairly positive ovation, before they are drowned out by “Woo’s” filling the arena, as Ric Flair makes his presence felt. Flair is donned in a navy suit, with his hair slicked back, looking, well, cool.

Jim Ross: I’m not so sure The Rock was finished...

Jerry Lawler: When you’re Naitch, you do what you like, and if The Rock has something to say, Ric wants him to say it face to face.

Flair is now in the ring, and he pulls a microphone from inside his suit jacket.

Jim Ross: Can you feel the electricity between these two. What a combustible situation we have here.

Jerry Lawler: History in the making right here, JR.


Ric Flair: First things first, its Mr. Flair to you, buddy...

~ Flair smirks at his own arrogance, whilst The Rock takes off his shades, not looking happy.

Ric Flair: And I don’t know ho-

~ The Rock puts his hand right in Flair’s face, shutting him up, and drawing a bit of a mixed reaction due to the disrespect.

The Rock: Whoa, whoa, whoa, with all due respect, The Rock wasn’t finished...

~ Flair doesn’t get annoyed, instead just chuckling to himself, and lowering his mic.

The Rock: And The Rock doesn’t take to kindly to bein’ interrupted. The Rock doesn’t care who you are, The Rock doesn’t care what kinda’ reputation you’ve got, but what The Rock wants to know, is what do you think gives you the right to come out here and interrupt The Rock?

~ Flair gets ready to speak, but before he does, he slides one of his hands through his slick hair.

Ric Flair: I’M THE NA-

~ Oh boy. Interruption.


~ The audience remains split down the middle.

The Rock: The only thing that matters is that you need to realize that nobody, AND THE ROCK MEANS NOBODY interrupts The Rock, no matter how many World Titles you’ve won.

~ Flair gets a little annoyed now.

The Rock: Now as The Rock was saying, you inspired The Rock to come back, Ric Flair, ‘The Nature Boy’, you made The Rock want to wrestle again.

~ Flair shrugs his shoulders.

Ric Flair: I inspire people every day...

~ The Rock looks a little annoyed now.

The Rock: I’m gonna’ make this perfectly clear right now, if you interrupt The Rock one more time, The Rock is gonna’ take his microphone, and even take yours, turn them both sideways, and STICK THEM STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!

~ Flair goes bananas, going red in the face, as the fans all have a nice chuckle.

The Rock: Ric Flair, you inspired The Rock, but not because of how many World Titles you’ve won, not because of the ridiculous amount of product you put in your hair, not because of those nice shiny robes you wear, and not even because of the fact that when you walk around your tits hit the floor...

~ Rocky is interrupted by a HUGE mixed reaction from the crowd.

The Rock: But simply because The Rock has a vision... Think about it, Ric, two of the greatest, The Rock and Ric Flair locking horns at Backlash for the first time ever on pay per view!

~ There’s an epic pop for this announcement, which lasts awhile, before eventually Flair gets the opportunity to reply.


~ Flair’s going nuts, and the crowd are eating it up.

Ric Flair: Challenge me? You think you can just challenge me like I’m any other chump in the back. What you’ve gotta’ realize is that I’m not Hulk Hogan; I don’t need another pay day... I’M THE NATURE BOY!!!

~ Flair rips off his jacket.

Ric Flair: I’m a member of Evolution; I’m a sixteen time World Champion... WOOOOOO!... SIXTEEN TIMES, BABY... I’m the limousine ridin’...

~ Flair drops an elbow on the canvas.

Ric Flair: jet flyin’... KISSS STEALIN’... WOOOOO... WHEELIN’ DEALIN’ SON OF A GUN!!!

~ Yay.

Ric Flair: I’m wrestling royalty, and you couldn’t lace my boots... You w-

~ Ric needs to take a breath before he dies, so The Rock takes over.

The Rock: RIC, RIC, Ric, lemme’ paint the picture for you, the sixteen time World Champion, Ric Flair, arguably the greatest of all time, against the jabroni beatin’... LALALALLALOW... Pie eatin’, lost last night but he don’t care, because he’s gonna LAY THE SMACKDOWN ON RIC FLAIR, PEOPLE CHAMP, THE ROCK!

~ More cheers.


~ Flair doesn’t reply straight away.

The Rock: Simply put, do you have the testicles to go one on one with ‘The Great One’?

~ Flair is now ready to reply apparently.

Ric Flair: Just like the old saying goes, TO BE THE MAN, YOU’VE GOTTA’ BEAT THE MAN, and Rock, I am the man, and at Backlash, I’ll prove that you’re nothing...

~ The Rock ALWAYS has the last say.

The Rock: The Rock wishes you the best of luck, because The Rock GUARANDAMTEES that after Backlash, he will officially be the man, IF YA SMELL... WHAT THE ROCK... (in a whisper) is cookin’!

The Rock’s music then hits, and he heads to the top rope, stupidly turning his back on Flair, and once he gets off the top rope, he’s CHOPBLOCKED by Flair!

Flair goes to town, stomping all over The Rock, as the fans continue to go nuts... Flair then lifts Rock to his feet, and begins chopping and punching Rocky, but eventually The Rock counters, peppering Flair with right hands...

The Rock does his usual spit on his hand crap, before nailing Flair with a SPINEBUSTER! The Rock then sets himself, readying himself for The People’s Elbow, yet when he comes off the rope, HE GETS RKO’ED BY RANDY ORTON!

Evolution continues to beat down The Rock, stomping all over him, before Batista takes him to town with a BATISTA BOMB!

Adding insult to injury, Flair then locks in the FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK, AND THE ROCK BEGINS SCREAMING OUT IN PAIN. EVENTUALLY THE ROCK TAPS OUT, AND FLAIR LETS GO, LETTING OUT ONE LOUD “WOOOOOO”, knowing that if this happens at Backlash, Ric Flair will be ‘The Man’ once and for all!!!


After that long promo between The Rock and Ric Flair it’s time for some more in ring action as Jazz, with her Thuggin’ and Buggin’ Enterprise boss Teddy Long, trying to reinvent herself in the women’s division with a match against the WWE Womens Champion Victoria. The champ has been on a roll of late, fending off all challenges, including Molly Holly last night, and things looked set to continue towards the end of this contest, when Vickie had all the momentum, and looked just about set to hit the Widow’s Peak. Unfortunately for Vickie though, Jazz was able to slide out of the Widow’s Peak attempt, and nail a ferocious DDT, drilling Vickie’s head into the canvas. Having the match pretty much one, and that epic bastard Teddy Long cheering him on, Jazz adds some more punishment, locking in the STF, and despite struggling for awhile, eventually Victoria taps out. THE WOMENS CHAMPION JUST SUBMITTED TO JAZZ!

There’s only one thing to do after this upset, and that’s head backstage where three members of Evolution, Randy Orton, Batista and Ric Flair are standing out the front of their locker room, laughing, seemingly having the perfect night. Orton and Batista go to walk inside their locker room, but Flair quickly tells them not to go in there, because Triple H is preparing for the main event. Not to be deterred, the two youngsters continue to chuckle, telling Flair how after five weeks of this, The Rock will be lucky to make it to Backlash. All of a sudden, all three members of Evolution get attacked by MICK FOLEY!! FOLEY PEPPERS THEM WITH RIGHT HANDS, BEFORE CONVENIENTLY COMING AROUND THE CORNER, SECURITY COME AND GRAB FOLEY, AS HE CONTINUES TO TRY AND GET AT EVOLUTION, AS HE YELLS AT THEM, TELLING THEM THAT THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE TO DO MORE THAN FORCLIFF HIS LOCKER ROOM DOOR TO KEEP HIM AWAY FROM THEM, THE SONS OF BITCHES! It seems as though it’s just Evolution’s night though, because as security begin to take Foley away. BATISTA RUNS AT THEM AND RANS FOLEY’S HEAD INTO THE CONCRETE WALL AND FOLEY DROPS LIKE A SACK OF POTATOES! As security then yell out for EMT’s, Evolution laugh once again, before leaving.

We haven’t had many tonight, so we’re going to have another interview, as Jonathan Coachman is standing by. Unlike earlier in the night, where The Coach was showing Matt Hardy some respect, this time it’s different, as The Coach introduces The Dudleyz with pure arrogance. “Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the oldest team in the WWE, the guys who’ve lost the tag team titles more times than any other team ever, the fat white guy, and he’s semi retarded black brother, The Dudley Boyz”. D-Von grabs The Coach, and puts him against the wall, as Bubba grabs the microphone, and tells Coach that he’s lucky he kisses Bischoff’s ass, otherwise he’d be going through a table tonight. Bubba continues, saying that despite their disappointment last night, they are STILL the best team on Raw, yes, even better than the guys who currently hold the titles. Bubba states that there will be wood in the tag team champion’s future. The brothers then switch positions, as D-Von yells “Oh my brother, TESTIFY!” AS they go to leave, they both jump at Coach, scaring him, before they leave, shaking their heads at the embarrassed interviewer.


Finally, it’s main event time and what better main event there could be, than Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Goldberg in the ring, and the winner gets a shot at Chris Benoit’s World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash. Knowing what is at stake, all three men circle the ring slowly in the beginning, and before the action starts, Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring and joins the commentary table, wanting to scout his potential opposition for his first title defence. Being the strongest in the contest, Goldberg dominates both men in the early stages, however it doesn’t last that long, as the two former best friends were smart enough to team up and attempt to take down Goldberg together. They work on Goldberg for awhile, and they both think they have him out of commission, when they Double Suplex him over the top rope, sending him back first to the thin padded concrete floor. Then Michaels and Triple H battled it out for a bit, before HBK softened Hunter up enough, to nail the Elbow Drop from the top rope. Shawn Michaels goes for the pinfall, however before the referee can complete the three count, RANDY ORTON DISTRACTS THE REFEREE! Orton distracts the referee, breaking up the pinfall, yet MICK FOLEY RUNS DOWN THE RAMP WITH A BANDAGED UP HEAD AND BEGINS GOING PUNCH FOR PUNCH WITH ORTON! THE TWO BATTLE AROUND THE RING, UNTIL FOLEY CLOTHESLINES ORTON OVER THE CROWD BARRICADE AND THEY FIGHT THEIR WAY THROUGH THE CROWD! As this is happening, Goldberg rolls himself into the ring, and HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Goldberg ducks, putting HBK into the Electric Chair position, and then he sends him over the top rope to the floor. Meanwhile, a beaten and battered Triple H struggles to his feet, looking rather dazed, and ‘The Berg’ Spears him out of his boots. Before Goldberg can go for the pinfall, Batista distracts the referee; HOWEVER BENOIT LEAVES THE COMMENTATORS TABLE, AND FIGHTS BATISTA BACK TO THE BACKSTAGE AREA! Triple H is still down though, and before he can get up, Goldberg locks in an Arm Bar. Bill seems to have learned a new move, as he wrenches the arm, although before Trips can tap out, RIC FLAIR DECIDES IT’S HIS TURN TO INTERFERE! FLAIR ACTUALLY TRIPS GOLBDERG AND PULLS HIM OUT OF THE RING, BUT THAT’S ALL HE CAN DO, AS STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN RUNS DOWN AND TAKES CARE OF FLAIR, GIVING HIM A STUNNER ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING! Back at the ranch, or the ring, HBK is back in, and he walks straight into a Pedigree, and Triple H hooks the leg and 1-2...

Goldberg rips Triple H away from Michaels, breaking up the pinfall attempt. Triple H is still a little rattled due to the earlier beat down from Goldberg, therefore he is easy pickings for Goldberg to nail The Jackhammer, and then pick up the victory. BILL GOLDBERG IS FACING CHRIS BENOIT AT BACKLASH!

The epic main event is finished, and as Goldberg is standing in the middle of the ring, proud of himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin steps into the ring. The two stare at each other, some tension still being there, before Austin turns towards the time keeper’s table, and calls for some beers. Austin catches two beers, and throws one over to Goldberg, before cracking his open, and beginning to drink it. Goldberg then shakes his head, throws the can of beer on the floor, and leaves the ring... Austin looks a little confused for a moment, before shaking his head, and having another beer as the show fades to black.



Current Card for WWE Backlash
April 18th, 2004
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
‘The Rabid Wolverine’ Chris Benoit defends against Bill Goldberg

A Match For The Ages:
‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair vs. The Rock

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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

I for one, understand what your saying about getting a show up. When you get a show up, and get feed back it inspires you to write more shows. And Iím just going to say, writing reviews for a recapped show is kind of hard, but hey Iíll try .

Huge Mania Recap video.

Chris Beniot opening the show is, well a must for me as the man made the climb, and finally achieved his goal. A five minute ovation though? Thatís a little much to me, imo. I like the Stu Hart reference from Beniot. Triple H interrupting is, well another must for me. HHH was the most hated wrestler (or so I believe) at this time, so Iím interested how you use him. Hmm adding Shawn to the mix as well. Michaels congratulating Beniot is alright, donít know if I would see it happening, but it could. HHH and HBK is a giant match, as the two had just really ended their rivalry in the beginning of 2004. On a side note, Eric Bischoff was great, and I envy you because you get to use him as GM .

Coach not being arrogant? I think somethingís going to come out of this in the future.

I like that your going to rebuild the tag team division, but imo I liked La Resistance more than Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak. But thatís just my opinion.

Goldberg in a hummer? Lucky man. Iím interested to see how you use Goldberg, seeing as him and Lesnar both left after Mania 20.

So, from what I got from the News and Notes, Orton/Foley is gonna continue. Sorta seems like thatís true with this promo.

Yeah, so itís basically extremely hard to review matches in this type of recap form, so thereís not much I can say on the matches. Good win for Christian. Not gonna lie, I love seeing Trish Stratus beating the hell out of a guy .

ĎThe Bergí :. I donít like Goldberg getting added to the match at all. You could have had a classic #1 Contenders Match with HHH and HBK, but adding Goldberg to the match pretty much takes that away. And I hope an Austin/Goldberg rivalry isnít in the words. Just not something Iíd like to see, imo.

ďIs It because Iím Black?Ē :. I loved the times with Thuggin and Buggin Enterprises. It was pretty much public knowledge that the tag champs would get the win, but itís good to see two tag team matches on Raw. Having more tag matches is an obvious way to rebuild the division.

Iím a huge Rock fan . Rock promos are so much fun to write, imo because of all his catchphrases and stuff. Rocky staying is great, but I hope you utilize him correctly. I wouldnít mind seeing Rock/Orton feud. Naitch? We could have had Rock/Batista or even Rock/Orton but Rock and Ric Flair? I guess we will just have to see what happens. IT DOESNíT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! Classic. Ricís tits hitting the floor? Never heard that one, and I never hope to hear it again. Whereíd Evolution come from? The beatdown afterwards was alright, but Iím still not liking the idea of Rock/Flair.

Victoria losing to Jazz? I kinda like this, hopefully it sets up Jazz to win the Championship.

If Securityís taking Foley away, then how would Batista be able to run at him and ram his head into a concrete wall? The beatdown as alright, but Iím not to hyped about security coming in.

I donít think Coach would be man enough to say all that stuff to the Dudleyís face .

Foley attacking Orton during the Main Event? This pretty much solidifies that their feud is going to continue. Thereís alot of interference in this match, which honestly Iím not to happy about. Let the Main Event be the Main Event. I donít like Goldberg facing Beniot at Backlash. Sure, HHH and HBK have had their shot, but I would have liked HHH and Beniot to go one on one at Backlash, or something like that.

Overall, the show was alright. There were some decisions that kept me scratching my head, but other than that it was a pretty good first show.
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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

First off, I'd like to say that I love the fact you're still using Benoit and Eddie

I always have loved the 2004 time period, and have tried many BTB's on this era, but I always fail, so best of luck to you man! I will get a review up in a while for Raw.

Thanks CHAMPviaDQ for sig and avy
^^ My BtB, hoping to get it off the ground but it's still pretty new!
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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

RAW Feedback

No better way to start the show than to have Benoit come out and reflect on his career, culminating with his victory last night. Nothing really to say about Benoitís part of the promo, as itís what we expected, even though I doubt the ovation would last five minutes. Only a matter of time before Hunter and Michaels came out, with both talking about why they should get the next title shot. Small point: Hunter wasnít pinned, he tapped out. Thatís something that the fans would have no doubt chanted when he interrupted Benoit. HBK/HHH for the #1 contendership is a good idea, but I really doubt we will see this one end with a clear winner.

Nothing but filler from Matt Hardy, imo. A match would have done much more for him. Either way, I guess he is getting a small push, or at least some attention, and I am interested to see what that entails.

Maybe Cade and Jindrak will get a little push on RAW, leading to a matchup with Booker/RVD at Backlash, huh? Good win for them to get over the loss at WMXX and I really like the potential of this duo.

Goldberg still around after ĎMania? InterestingÖ

Evolution is on top of the world following the win against Foley/Rock last night and they have every right to be. I donít see Mick Foley going away, especially after the comment from Orton. Also, I see your using my ĎEvolution Enforcerí nicknameÖ

I was glad to see that Maven fared well against Christian, despite getting the loss, but what happened after the match completely killed all the momentum you gave Maven. Getting Chick Kicked wasnít a good call, imo, and I would have rather seen Maven roll out of the ring and then Y2J come down. But I guess the main story was that Jericho isnít done with Trish and Christian, and you got that across.

Not really sure what the confrontation between Goldberg and Austin was all about, tbh. They were big enemies last night, and this ends with Austin just putting Goldberg in the main event. Would have liked a better explanation than ďI like the way you go about your businessĒ from Austin. Maybe talk about how ĎBerg beat Lesnar last night? So I guess the main event is much more interesting with ĎBerg inserted, and that spells trouble for HBK and Hunter.

Another good win for the reigning tag champions, with Booker and Van Dam beating Henry/Mack. The ďBlackĒ comment from Teddy was funny, but really his was a glorified squash. Interested to see where the champs go from here.

Glad to see The Rock still on RAW and he was pretty adamant that heís staying around for a long time. Not very realistic, but Iím still happy to see that you are going to feature him heavily. Iím really glad that he still targeted Evolution, as I thought that only Foley would be involved with them and Rock would feud with someone new. Flair/Rock would be epic and the banter between the two was good but also a little forced and rushed at times. Long story short, Iím glad that both agreed to the match because it should be the beginning of an epic feud. But the post-promo beat down seemed a little rushed too. Would have liked it to just end with a staredown and then save the attack for maybe next week. Either way, a good promo that has me excited for the match already.

Shocked to see Vicky tap out to Jazz, especially after her huge win last night. Obviously Jazz will be the next challenger, and Iím interested to see how Victoria bounces back, since you just killed some of her momentum from WMXX.

Guess Mick will also still be involved with Evolution. Again, the attack by the group was too soon, imo and itíll be tough to continue the feud at an exciting level next week because of what you just had Evolution do.

Just like I said with Matt Hardy, I feel like a match for the Dudleyz would have been better than this interview. That being said, itís good that they are still in the tag title scene, as I can see them challenging Booker/RVD again down the road.

A decent main event that was certainly full of excitement. I donít think that Michaels and Triple H would have worked together all that long against Goldberg, as the most I could see them do was one or two moves before going after each other. After all the interference and whatnot, I was glad to see Bill get the win, as heís going to have a fresher feud with Benoit than Hunter or HBK. The ending was somewhat odd, with Austin and Goldberg being the final two on screen. Guess these two will have a feud of their own in the future.

Overall, I felt this show wasnít your best effort. Whether it was rust or just rushing through the show way too quickly, I just didnít find myself all that into the program. That being said, you still have the potential for a stacked Backlash card and I hope that you can provide adequate build for that show.


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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

RAW Feedback

The WrestleMania recap is the standard way to start, giving us a reminder of the events prior to the show, and what they may possibly mean.

The first thing I noticed after looking at this show was that you paragraphs are massive. They really need to be broken up much better, because even if itís one segment, having a block of text is just too much for the reader. Break it up logically into portions so it looks much neater in the future, imo. Anyway, Benoit starting the show is what you would expect, following his big victory, and him getting a standing ovation was nice to see, even if five minutes of it is unnecessary (especially considering you just had a five minute WrestleMania recap, already killing ten minutes without truly starting the show). The speech from Benoit about his career, continuing to build how big this victory was for him and what it meant was fine, as it continues the storyline of how long and hard Benoit had worked for the title. It probably wouldnít have made for the most riveting reading, but really, it was necessary. The whole speech about his trials and tribulations, leading to the ďfor realĒ stuff, up to the ďit was all worth itĒ was fine before the interruption of Trips. Triple H giving his speech that was somewhat similar to what happened irl with the flash in the pan stuff works fine too, reminding him of the rematch that hangs over his head well. Shawn Michaels interrupting was hardly a surprise as well, as he was obviously involved the previous night too. Michaels congratulating Benoit to start with was a nice little touch to keep Michaels looking like a face, before he laid down the law to Trips well and gave good reasoning for him deserving the next title match more with the Triple H being the one to submit (not get pinned, which was a bit of a silly typo on your part) the previous night. The bit addressing Benoit was good too, with Michaels really playing up his big performance type gimmick. A bit surprised at the main event for tonight, but it should be a decent enough match regardless, especially with all of the history Triple H and Michaels. A bit disappointed that the end of the segment really took the focus off Benoit after his big title victory, but it was still a decent way to start the show.

Good to see Hardy continuing along with the V1 personality, as itís certainly a step up from the, well, personality free Matt Hardy. A bit surprised you referred to Hardyís fans as his admirers, rather than the Mattitude Followers which he used to call them, as I think if youíre going with that gimmick you should really have all of those little Hardyisms down.

I quite like Cade and Jindrak, so them looking like getting a little push is good, but I have to ask why theyíre suddenly faces again? At this stage they were the heels who were meant to have good ability but still cheated to win as heels, so a sudden swing back face seems pointless, especially as I think theyíd be much better off as heels.

Happy to see Goldberg sticking around, as I feel he could add that extra something to your shows with his presence, even if he is tricky to book for.

Evolution bragging about their victory the previous night is all well and good, although not connecting them with a stressed out Trips is a little surprising, as I think it would make for a pretty cool juxtaposition between the little group and their leader.

A bit disappointed to not see Jericho cutting some sort of promo or really attacking Christian hard and making a real statement rather than just making a run in like this. Maven lasting with Christian btw? Ugh. Talentless jobbers like Maven should be happy to get half a minute of broadcast time.

Nice to see the tension continuing between Goldberg and Austin after Austin was the only man to actually look good the previous night despite being the referee, but Goldberg being added to the main event is just far too random for my liking. He doesnít fit in with the situation at all, and really all heís going to do is take away from what otherwise would have been a very personal main event.

@ Long asking if itís because heís black. Nice to see the tag champs continuing to look good, although hopefully a storyline will follow for them, because right now their reign is looking rather mundane, especially after a fun yet pointless little match at ĎMania.

Pfft, as if the only part of the night you write out in full is for trash from the attitude era. Honestly, while The Rock seemed okay to start , catchphrases and all, I really donít like the Hollywood references, as thatís only going to get him heat. While you also had him acknowledge it, I still donít think itís right. As for Rocky sticking around, well, Iím probably in the minority here, but I really donít like it. I would much rather you use the talent you have, and while Iíd be fine with it just being a one month deal, I donít really like the idea of him coming back full time, but like I said, Iím probably in the minority, and I know an attitude era mark like you isnít going to take any notice of me disagreeing. The speech from Rocky throughout was okay, but it never seemed quite on just right. At times it seemed good, such as the little digs at Batista, but things like the way Rocky tried to diss Orton just seemed awkward. Still, Iím quite excited to see Flair interrupting and the possibility of a Flair/Rocky face-off. Flair coming out and asking for respect, only for Rocky to show him some more disrespect was a pretty cool way to start off the confrontation, while The Rockís little lines were done pretty well here too, even if the ďtits hit the floorĒ line didnít sound quite right, even for The Rock. The challenge from Rocky to Flair was done okay, but I think you really could have built it up with Rocky calling it the clash of the titans and making it seem really big before laying down the gauntlet to Flair. Flairís reaction was okay, leading to Rocky finally making a big deal of the match (which like I said before, he should have done earlier, imo). The finish to the promo seemed a little abrupt too, and like you just wanted to run the catchphrases off for both men, and to me, it would have been a lot more heated if you had simply had Rocky build up the match as much as possible, then had Flair simply say that he accepts, rather than just running through the reels of things Flair and Rocky say. The ending of the promo with Rocky going to celebrate instead of a heated staredown again seems like a weird decision, as it makes Rocky look a little stupid to get jumped so easily, even if he did fight back and get foiled by the numbers game. Still, I thought this was an okay promo, but it could have been a lot more, especially from you who I have seen write a lot better promos with a lot lesser characters in the past. It was okay, but a little underwhelming when I think of what you could have and probably should have done with this.

Jazz beating Victoria cleanly is certainly surprising, and maybe a little unnecessary as I think interference from Long would have progressed this to where you want it to go just as well, but itís still good to see you already getting a feud going with the women, even if at this stage it appears like a generic womenís feud.

The little backstage brawl between Foley and Evolution was okay, but thereís no real progression here. I would have maybe hoped for a promo from Foley, asking for one last match against Orton instead, showing some real passion after the loss the previous night, although I guess that spot was reserved for The Rock.

I donít mind Coach showing some attitude, but I think it was really a bit far here, especially the ďsemi retarded black brotherĒ part, which honestly just sounds stupid. Hopefully The Dudley Boyz cutting this promo was a prelude to a feud over the tag titles, because theyíre probably the best thing youíve got going in the tag division right now in terms of right to challenge for the titles.

Nice to see Benoit at commentary for this match, keeping him well and truly linked with the main event. The match itself seemed fun enough with the chaos, though I really donít like Goldberg as number one contender, as it feels like Benoit has to prove himself against Triple H, especially after what Triple H said earlier, before then moving on to other assignments. Goldberg just feels out of place here, though the tension with Austin at the end of the show keeps things interesting.

To be honest, I came into this show with expectations that were maybe a little higher for this show than I actually got. The show was still okay, but I just feel your writing, nor your booking in some instances was as good as it could have been. I know you have the potential to do a lot more, so hopefully you just stick with this thread long enough to show that and at least get SmackDown! up so I have something to be excited about. Sorry this took so long to get up too, but Iíve been a bit busy lately, which youíve probably guessed anyway since I havenít been on MSN. I should be okay for a bit now though, so give me SmackDown! to read and Iíll get through it quicker now.

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