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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

RAW Feedback

A little surprised that you had Bischoff start the show, instead of someone who wrestled in last week’s main event, like maybe Triple H? But since you did go this way, I’ll say that the promo was good and did its job right. Obviously, we are going to get a ton of arguments between Bischoff and Austin over the next few weeks and maybe months, with Bischoff very critical of Austin in this promo. Not sure where it’s all going to lead, but it’s safe to say that one man will have the power and one will be out on his ass. The main event for tonight looks awesome, with a ton of huge names on both sides of it. Can’t wait to see how all the stories play out in that one.

Pre-match attack from Thuggin’ and Buggin’? Guess it adds a little to the hype for the match, but I really don’t see myself getting into a feud between these two teams.

Good win for Jazz and hopefully she can move into the Women’s Title picture soon enough. Jackie is ok, but putting Jazz over was definitely the right move.

The Mick Foley interview was just decent, with the highlight being Coach’s blatant bias towards Evolution and his comments about how Foley should just give up. One problem I had was that Foley said that he thought he could beat Orton easily at WMXX. I don’t think we’ve ever heard “face” Foley say something like that, tbh.

Huge shocker here, with Matt picking up a win over Chris Jericho. Yeah, it wasn’t the cleanest finish, but it’s obvious that you like V1 and you plan on getting him up the card. I’m cool with that. Meanwhile, the feud is going to get going between Jericho and Christian, and I see Y2J coming for some payback next week.

Booker should be doing most of the talking for this duo, so I’m glad that you went about the interview like you did. Some animosity between Booker and RVD? Let’s see where this goes, because it could be a big blow to the tag division if the two break up their partnership.

This match really makes me confused as to where you are going with the tag team division, tbh. Maybe you are building towards another four-way WMXX rematch for Backlash because you are making all three teams look good at once. Not saying that’s bad, but I expected a challenging team to emerge a bit more decisively. Team 3D went over Thuggin’ and Buggin’, imo because they had the match won before Jindrak and Cade attacked. Glad that Cade and Jindrak looked the best because they’re my favorite tandem out of the three.

Stone Cold backing Maven? Surprised to see that. Is Maven in line for a big push? Guess we’ll see how he does against Nowinski.

Maven/Nowinski needed much more description, imo, possibly showing Maven overcome a few big moves from the bigger man. But I’m glad that you got Maven over with the win, making good on Austin’s claim. Hopefully he moves up the card from here.

Another very awkward altercation between Goldberg and Austin here, tbh. I almost feel like they are friendly with each other, at the very least they are tolerant, but this storyline has to lead somewhere. Obviously Goldberg is going to be involved in the main event, he is the #1 contender, but saying he’s going to do something ruins the surprise a little bit. Maybe something special will happen.

Benoit and HBK still feeling chummy. Hope this goes on until HBK turns heel and goes after the belt. Feud for the summer, plz.

LMAO at Foley not warming up. Pretty sure he’s never conditioned himself before a match.

Pretty much expected to hear everything that was said during the little Evolution promo. The big three guys all have their own thing to worry about heading into the main event and I’d rather have seen Batista just stand stoically instead of snapping the mic in two. That was a little lame. But the rest of the interview was good.

Good storytelling during the main event, with Orton still a little scared of Foley, imo, while Flair and Rocky just got at each other like they have nothing to lose. End of the match was interesting, as it was huge that Hunter pinned Benoit following the Goldberg spear, as this puts Triple H in position to possibly be added to the World Title match at Backlash. Things are really starting to pick up in the World Title picture, and that’s a good thing.

A decent show this week, maybe a little better than last week. Like the previous SD!, the match quality wasn’t great, but this time it was due to all the big names being in the main event. Look forward to seeing what you have in store next for Monday nights.

Smackdown! Feedback

Lesnar opening the show is good enough, but I felt like things didn’t flow so well during his “solo” part of the promo. Talking about having Heyman as his right-hand man made sense and all, but the part about beating Eddie in a tag team match seemed a little off. Just didn’t seem like something Lesnar would gloat about. Eddie’s part of the promo was very well written, with him sounding much more fired up as usual and he really did a good job putting over his success against Lesnar. Would have loved to see these go brawl it out, but ‘Taker coming to the ring was a nice surprise. A little too easy for him to put both men down, imo, but you got the point across that he’s also coming for the WWE title.

Another decent interview from Chavo, much like last week. It’s obvious that you’re just treading water with him until someone is named as a challenger to the CW Title and I think that man has to be Mysterio. This feud needs some proper closure.

A decent opening contest, as at this point in WWE, Cena and Rhyno were pretty evenly matched. Liked how both men had their time to control the match, with Cena getting very close, but the DQ ending seemed a little too abrupt. The next segment made more sense of the finish, as Rhyno just figured he’d nail Cena with the chair instead of trying to beat him. Big Show’s obviously got a plan for the man who took his belt.

As soon as Chavo Sr. came down to the ring for commentary, you just knew that Junior wouldn’t be far behind. A decent match between Rey and Tajiri, with the ending going very well, with Mysterio overcoming both Guerreros and then Tajiri to get the win. As I stated before, Mysterio NEEDS to get the next shot at the belt.

Eddie/Show is huge for later tonight, as I think you are going to continue to intertwine the WWE and US Title feuds for a long time. Maybe Undertaker is facing people in a handicap match next week? But who knows what Paul has up his sleeve…

Sable and Edge. I don’t think Brock Lesnar would be too happy about that in real life.

Very glad to see Bradshaw and Faarooq do well against the champions, even though they didn’t win the match. It made the champions also look good because they overcame a very tough team. The stuff after the match was what I was more excited about, because Charlie and Shelton are the guys who should be holding the belts, imo.

Another great promo from O’Haire and I really can’t wait to see what you do with this guy in terms of a push. Here’s an idea that immediately came to mind: Faarooq decides to step up and face Sean, but Bradshaw turns on his partner and that can slowly begin his transition into JBL, with him and O’Haire working together. Just a thought.

Kidman > Akio so I’m very glad that you had him pick up the victory, especially in the fashion that he did. If you’re not giving Rey a title shot, make sure that Billy is your second choice.

WOW. Lesnar/Undertaker is a huge main event for next week. Obviously, we’re going to see some interference in that one, but I still hope it delivers like their previous matches have. Great booking.

Haha. I just think that this Noble interview was funny because he mentioned the two guys that I did for the CW Title challengers. Not sure how Noble works into the title picture but I think he’ll be facing either Kidman or Mysterio soon enough.

Big Show going over Eddie is HUGE but it clearly wasn’t a clean win, given what the champion went through earlier tonight. Still, this was a great way for Big Show to display his dominance, while I think Eddie’s frustration will continue to build if stuff like this keeps happening. Both men’s next move should be interesting.

Edge/Angle is a PPV main event quality contest and I’m very glad that you did it justice. Edge is obviously going to be a thorn in Angle’s side, given how annoyed he was when Edge dominated on the mat early. Thought Angle would somehow pull out the win but I’m glad that you made the right decision, giving Edge a win in his first match back and the perfect way to launch the program between these two. Great way to finish off the show.

In my humble opinion, this week’s show was MUCH better than last week. Almost every segment this week served a purpose and the match quality was through the roof. You definitely have some things going on this show and I hope you can deliver.


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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

Thanks for the feedback, gents. Nothing much to comment on, but I am glad that the last couple of shows were received a little better than the initial ones.

Okay, here's Raw in recap AGAIN! There's a certain booking decision on this show that I'm sure nobody is gonna' like, but oh well, I felt like it had to be done.

Finally, as pathetic as this is, this is the first thread where I've ever gotten to a fifth show, so uhhh, lets all mark the fuck out.


Monday Night Raw – March 29th, 2004
Cincinnati, Ohio – Fifth Third Arena

Much like last week, this edition of Monday Night Raw opens up with a video package, but unlike last week, this week’s video package simply focuses on the main event of last week. It was eight man tag team action, and we get many explosive clips, showing highlights of all members of Evolution battling it out against The Rock, Mick Foley, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels. The package comes to an end, showing Triple H picking up the pinfall over the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit, thanks to a devastating Spear from the number one contender, Bill Goldberg.

Things are getting changed up this week, as rather than having a long, promo to take up fifteen minutes of the show; we have a WWE Intercontinental Championship Match. It is the champion Randy Orton, defending his illustrious title, against a man who is very confident after his win last week, Maven. ‘The Legend Killer’ headed into the match way to arrogant, expecting to breeze past the first ever Tough Enough winner, however he was quickly brought down to earth, when Maven began the match on top, locking in an Arm Bar submission from nowhere. Eventually Orton made the ropes, however he was quite frustrated, and he ran at Maven, and ran straight into a Dropkick. The audience are behind Maven, as he pumps up the crowd, however being in Evolution for as long as he has, Randy has learned some tricks to, as he rolls out of the ring, wanting to catch a breather. The big match inexperience of Maven costs him here, as he slides out of the ring, wanting to chase Orton, but Orton expected this, and when Maven turned Orton around, he copped a poke in the eye, before being irish whipped into the steel steps. From here, Orton methodically takes apart Maven, beating him down, not allowing an inch of separation between the two. Having beaten Maven down for a substantial amount of minutes, Orton signals the end is near, before going for the RKO, but Maven pushes him away, before kicking him in the gut, and DDT’ing the current Intercontinental Champion. As the match goes on, Orton gains the advantage again, when he reverses a cross body from the top rope attempt, into a vicious looking Gut breaker. Knowing he has the match in the bag, Randy plays to the crowd a little, before signalling for the RKO, however before he can do anything, ***CRASH*** MICK FOLEY’S MUSIC HITS! The audience go ape shit, as does Orton, who looks up the entrance ramp, before looking around the ring, and even trying to search through the crowd to find Foley. Eventually the music stops, and Orton smirks, shaking his head, claiming “I knew Mick was a COWARD”, but he takes way to long, and Maven gets a desperation Roll Up and 1-2-3! WHAT THE FUCK! MAVEN IS THE WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION! Maven quickly slides outside of the ring, as Orton chucks a tantrum, knowing that he’s now lost the one thing he treasured, the Intercontinental Title, and it’s all because of Mick Foley.

After the lengthy opening contest which featured a huge upset, we’d expect to go to commercials, but instead we cut to the General Manager’s office, which this week is the Sheriff’s office, as we see Stone Cold Steve Austin watching the monitor, smiling, whilst also having a little bit of disbelief on his face. All of a sudden we hear the door slam, and Austin looks up to see the Raw General Manager, the man who is not in charge, Eric Bischoff, and he does not seem impressed. Austin tells Bischoff “I told ya’ Maven would do it, that sumbitch is tough.” Eric shakes his head, telling Austin that he doesn’t care about Maven, he doesn’t even care about Randy Orton at this point in time, Bischoff just wants to know that what he heard isn’t true. Stone Cold asks Easy E what he heard, and Eric said he heard that ‘The Rattlesnake’ is going to go after Goldberg tonight, because he interfered in last weeks main event. The glint in Austin’s eye when this is mentioned shows that this is true, as Bischoff claims that if Austin does this, there will be trouble. Not taking to kindly to threats, Steve gets up out of his chair and lets it be known that he hasn’t raised hell in a long time, so he’s just going to open up one can of whoop ass for old times sake, before getting back to his job as Sheriff. Bischoff attempts to argue, but Austin cuts him off, stating that last time he checked, he was in charge tonight, so he will go whoop Goldberg’s ass, and Bischoff should go try and do what he has been allocated to do tonight, and that’s find out where in the hell Kane is. Eric opens his mouth again, wanting to argue, but Austin simply says “now, Eric, get your little ass out of here, because I’ve tryin’ to run a show here.” Bischoff leaves in the shits, as Austin sits back down, and cracks open a beer.


Before anything can happen, including the commentators getting a word in, they are joined by the World Tag Team Champions Booker T and Rob Van Dam. When asked why they are there, Booker claims that the next contest is a confirmed number one contender’s match, so the champs just want to know who they will be facing at Backlash. Rob Van Dam decides to add that they also had to come out here, because you can’t have Raw without Booker T and Mr. Monday Night. The two teams then come out, and both The Dudleyz and Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak have words with the champs, trying to get inside their heads. Surprisingly enough, the match doesn’t go with the usual heels dominating trend, instead we get The Dudleyz isolating Garrison Cade, simply schooling him in basic tag team wrestling. The Dudleyz ring the arm a lot, using basic moves, and making a lot of tags, keeping each other fresh, as the commentators put over their chemistry in the ring together. The tides turn eventually though, as Cade shows enormous strength with his injured arm, whipping D-Von towards his team’s corner, where Jindrak was waiting on the apron, levelling D-Von with one of his deadly punches. Jindrak then gets tagged into the match, and uses his strength to beat down D-Von, and now the heels have their period of dominance. It lasts awhile, with Cade and Jindrak both getting their fair amount of licks, before D-Von reverses a Double team Suplex, into a Double DDT! Eventually, Bubba gets the tag in, and he goes nuts on both men, taking them down continuously, one after the other, before disposing of Cade, and setting up a Jindrak, who is the legal man, for the “WASSSSUPPPP” Diving Head butt into the groin. The crowd begin chanting for tables, but The Dudleyz have got other things on their mind tonight, as D-Von goes and takes care of Cade on the outside, and Bubba lands the Bubba Bomb, picking up the victory, and earning The Dudleyz the right to face Booker and Van Dam at Backlash. Booker and RVD both take off their headsets, and hop onto the announce table, and they exchange words with The Dudleyz, building some tension between the two teams.

As this is finishing up, we head to the backstage area, in Evolution’s locker room, where the former WWE Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton is livid, kicking things around, almost tearing his hair out, furious with the loss of his gold. Ric Flair, in one of his Versace suits, and Batista, in his wrestling gear, are both trying to calm Orton down, telling him that they know his the best, Maven knows he is lucky, and even Foley knows that Orton is the best, that’s why he didn’t have the guts to show his face tonight. Triple H then gets up off of the couch, also donned in a nice, suit, before putting a hand on Orton’s shoulder and letting him know that he is in Evolution because he and Flair could tell that he is going to be one of the best, so he should stop worrying about the Intercontinental Title, and he should set his sights on bigger and badder things. Knowing to listen to his leader, Orton nods, before sitting down, still shaking his heads, looking as if he is about to cry in anger, as Flair asks Trips if he needs help tonight. ‘The Game’ gets a very seriously look on his face, before answering “Ric, this... this I’ve got to do on my own.” Triple H then leaves the locker room, allowing Flair and Big Dave to go back to consoling Orton.

Next up the WWE Women’s Champion is in action, as Victoria is going one on one with Ivory. Ivory is a former Women’s Champion who can definitely go in the ring, but Vickie is at the top of her game right now, and she dominates right from the get go, until Jazz, Teddy Long, and the rest of ‘Thuggin’ and Buggin’ Enterprises’ make their way through the curtain, but remaining at the top of the ramp, just watching the match. This distracts Vickie momentarily, allowing Ivory to get her down, but eventually Vickie is able to fight out, and nail the Widow’s Peak, picking up the victory. After the match, Teddy grabs a mic, and says “hey, whitey, I want ya’ to enjoy your little victory, because baby girl Jazz has a got a shot at you at Backlash. See ya’ round, sister.” Jazz then signals for the gold, as Vickie clutches her championship to her chest, perhaps a little worried.


The commentators put over what a show it has been so far, not expecting any appearances from anyone, when ‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring. Jericho looks a little more upbeat then what he has the last few weeks, yet he still doesn’t look great. Once in the ring, he grabs a microphone, and once the audience dies down, he begins to speak. Jericho claims that he hasn’t been himself over the past few weeks, hell over the past few months, and he’d like to apologize for that. He says that he had never, ever let a girl get into his heart before, usually just giving them a dose of vitamin C before kicking them to the curb, but Trish Stratus, Trish Stratus was different. There’s a lot of heat from the audience at the mention of Trish, so Chris pauses, takes a deep breath, and then continues “I thought she was the one.” Jericho actually thought that he was in love with Trish Stratus, and whether he really was, he will never know, because he never got to explore those feelings because it turned out Trish was a lying whore. ‘The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rollah’ then turns his attentions towards his former best friend, Christian, as he says Christian turning on him like he did really hurt Jericho. ‘Y2J’ explains how they had been best friends ever since the year two thousand and two, when they became a tag team and won the tag team titles, but Christian proved that he is a “Creepy Little Bastard” when he did what he did. The fans pop as some of the old Jericho seems to be coming out slowly, however the reaction quickly changes into heat, as Christian and Trish Stratus make their way out to the top of the stage. Christian laughs at Jericho, telling him that Jericho is the one who changed. Jericho went from being this really cool guy, a rock star, somebody who was only out for himself, but then he became soft. Jericho went from being Christian’s best friend to becoming a mere shadow of his former self. Christian explains that he tried to tell Chris on numerous times that Trish was no good for him, that she would just hurt him in the end, and he wouldn’t listen, so Christian had to prove his point. “I had to hurt you, Chris, for you to see the voice of reason, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s finished now.” Christian says that if Jericho is willing to put this behind them and focus on the future, he was sure they could be tag team champions again in absolutely no time. Trish snatches the microphone from Christian, and begins laughing out loud, as does Christian, as Trish says Jericho would never be able to team with Christian, because he isn’t man enough, “and I don’t mean just in the ring either.” Trish claims that Chris Jericho likes to brag about how he gives plenty of the ladies vitamin C, but the fact remains, that Chris Jericho couldn’t even begin to satisfy her, whereas Christian on the other hand, he was like a porn star. “Slut” chants begin from the audience, as Jericho’s blood begins to boil, and Jericho tells Trish that he’s satisfied many women all around the world, and that the problem was definitely with Trish. He says that with most girls it’s a nice fit, a fun ride, but with Trish, it was like throwing a pebble through a hoola hoop. This garners a pop from the fans, and also irks Christian, who tells Jericho that he can’t disrespect Trish like that, but Jericho begs to differ, stating that he can, and he will, because it’s not his fault that Trish has crabs. Trish goes ballistic after hearing this, screaming at Jericho, but ‘Y2J’ turns his attention towards Christian, “hey, Christian, put a muzzle on your bitch!” Christian goes red in the face with anger, not knowing what to do from here, before Jericho offers Christian a proposition. If Christian can defeat Jericho in a one on one match at Backlash then Jericho swears he will never insult Trish again... Christian and Trish think about it for a minute or two, having a conference of sorts, before Christian yells out “YOU’RE ON!” Christian and Trish then make their exit, as Jericho looks satisfied in the ring, having gotten exactly what he wanted.

As Jericho makes his exit, JR and The King put over how huge the next match is going to be, as it is the ‘Evolution Enforcer’ Batista taking on ‘The People’s Champion, The Rock. The commentators talk about how Batista will be planning to soften up The Rock for Backlash, while The Rock will be looking for revenge for the beat down which took place on Raw two weeks back. Not surprisingly, Batista is accompanied to the ring by ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, and also rather predictably, The Rock comes to the ring alone. The Rock is straight out of the blocks, keeping Batista off balance early, looking to finish things before the numbers game can become an issue, however as The Rock was on his haunches, setting up for a Clothesline in the corner, Ric Flair grabbed the ankle, allowing Batista to come from behind and clobber the Rock with clubbing blows to the back. From here, Batista dominates most of the contest, with Rocky having little spurts of momentum here and there, but the massive Batista is able to keep him in check. The Rock is able to build some momentum again, when he fights out of a Bear Hug, irish whips Batista into the ropes, and when Big Dave comes back, The Rock lands a Samoan Drop. The Rock steps up a gear from here, just like he used to, dominating Batista for awhile, before landing The Rock Bottom, but when he goes for the pin, Flair puts Batista’s foot on the ropes. Not being one to be deterred, The Rock slides out of the ring and chases Flair, before Flair lures Rocky back into the ring, but The Rock saw it coming and he was able to nail Batista with a Spine Buster. Rocky then throws the elbow pad into the crowd, yet when he is going to run off the second set off ropes, Flair hops onto the apron, so Rocky punches him off it, before mocking the Flair strut (to heat from the crowd), and then finally nails The People’s Elbow, before hooking the leg, and getting the three count. After the contest, Flair is throwing a tantrum on the outside, before Rocky tells Flair to “Just bring it”, but Flair shakes his head, dragging ‘Tista out of the ring, and choosing to fight another day.

The commercials want to come, but first we head backstage, into the locker room of Bill Goldberg, who is jogging on the spot, warming up for his main event match against Shawn Michaels tonight. All of a sudden, Goldberg hears a familiar voice say “hey, Bill”... AND THEN IT’S MOTHER FUCKING ON! AUSTIN SPRINTS INTO THE LOCKER ROOM, AND SPRINGS INTO ACTION, AND THE TWO MEN BEGIN TRADING PUNCHES. Eventually Goldberg gets the advantage, trying to ram Austin’s head into the door, but Austin reverses, sending The Berg’s head into the door. Goldberg staggers out of the locker room, still trading punches with Bill, until SECURTIY BREAK IT UP! There’s heat from the audience, as Goldberg and Austin continue to try and get at each other, before Eric Bischoff appears on screen, telling security to get Austin out of the arena. Sheriff Austin then gets escorted out of the arena, as Goldberg is still trying to get at him.


Once back from the commercial break, we head backstage, to the interview area where ‘The Coach’ is standing by with the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit. ‘The Coach’ says that where he comes from, it’s terrific to have a fighting champion, and Benoit seemed like the type of guy who would be a fighting champion, yet Benoit is not competing tonight, which makes The Coach believe that maybe Benoit is not for real, and the toll of being the big leagues is getting to him. ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ looks at The Coach, a look of pure hatred on his face, as he repeats the words, “not for real?... not for real?... NOT FOR REAL!?...” Benoit tells The Coach that he is for real, and the only reason why he isn’t competing tonight is because he’s got a couple of fractured ribs thanks to the Spear from Goldberg last week. Benoit says that he will always have his doubters, and they can say whatever they want about Goldberg being to strong, but Goldberg is going to get what’s coming to him, because last week, he pissed Benoit off.

Our next contest is nothing but a squash match as Matt Hardy goes one on one with The Hurricane. Matt Hardy’s Matt fact during his entrance was that he believed masks were rather homosexual. The match up is short and sharp, with The Hurricane giving it his all for a couple of minutes, but falling to the better wrestler, as V.1. finishes him off with a Twist Of Fate. After the contest, Hardy gets on the mic, and says he and all his Mattitude Followers saw one of the WWE’s most coveted titles get embarrassed tonight, which is why he’s challenging Maven to a one on one match for the Intercontinental Title at Backlash. Hardy’s music then hits, as he celebrates his victory over The Hurricane like his just won the Royal fucking Rumble.


Once back from the second last commercial break of the night, Randy Orton is still walking around backstage pissed over the loss of his Intercontinental Title, with Ric Flair chasing him into the catering area, trying his best to calm Orton down. ‘The Legend Killer’ throws a bit of food around, before Flair puts his arms around his shoulders and tells Orton to calm down, because if he wants, he can cash in his rematch and get the Intercontinental Championship back next week. Randy pauses, looking at Flair as if he’s an alien, then saying that it’s not even about the title anymore. Orton continues, stating that next week he is going to call out Mick Foley, and do whatever it takes, to keep Foley out of action. After Orton leaves ‘The Nature Boy’ remains in the catering area after, looking for something to eat, until The Rock confronts Rick, now in casual attire. The Rock tells Flair that he hoped he watched what happened to Batista tonight, because that’s exactly what’s going to happen when they meet at Backlash. This statement draws a chuckle from Flair, who tells The Rock that he’s a sixteen time world champion, and he’ll force The Rock back to Hollywood, or if not there, he’ll force him down the ranks, just like he did to his dad, and just like he did to his grandad. The Rock gets very peeved by this, but Flair simply gives a “WOOOOOOOO” before attempting to leave, but he’s stopped by ‘The People’s Champion’. “Ric Flair, stop talking, just bring it!” Realizing he could be in a bit of strife, Flair simply nods at The Rock, telling him that the time isn’t right, before backing away.

It is now time for the main event, which features the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Bill Goldberg against ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels. Both men seem extremely confident before the match begins, however once it gets under way, it is clear the6y both have two very different strategies. Being a veteran, Michaels knows his outmatched in the power department, so he begins the match ducking Goldberg’s strikes, before peppering away with a few jabs, and then avoiding more of Goldberg’s strikes. Once HBK backed The Berg into the corner things changed, as Goldberg was able to turn the tables, trapping Shawn in the corner, and sending him to the canvas after a couple of clubbing blows. Goldberg keeps the match at a rather slow pace, although he isn’t able to keep Shawn down for the whole thing, as he is eventually able to fight out of Goldberg’s period of domination, after hitting two Atomic Drops and a Flying Forearm. The referee begins to count both men out, before at the count of six, HBK kips up, showing he’s got a little bit left in the tank. Michaels nails another Atomic Drop, and another Clothesline, before hitting a Scoop Slam, and heading to the top rope, diving off with the big Elbow Drop from the top. After a long, long two count, ‘The Showstopper’ gets Goldberg to his feet, but The Berg immediately shrugs Michaels away, before lifting up, and nailing a Gorilla Press Slam. Having Shawn pretty much down and out, Goldberg then heads to the corner, setting up for The Spear, however as he’s about to explode from the corner, he’s distracted by the ARRIVAL OF CHRIS BENOIT ON THE STAGE! Goldberg eventually shakes himself out of it, before running at Michaels for The Spear, BUT HE RUNS STRAIGHT INTO SWEET CHIN MUSIC WHICH GIVES SHAWN MICHAELS THE HUGE VICTORY! After the contest, with Bill being helped to the back, Michaels continues to celebrate, until he is interrupted by Triple H, who makes his way to the ring, clapping for Shawn Michaels.


We return from the commercial break with Triple H and Shawn Michaels remaining in the ring, having a stare down, yet now, Shawn Michaels has a microphone as well, and getting in before Triple H, he asks him just what in the hell does he want. Triple H laughs, telling Shawn to shut up for once, and listen, because ‘The Game’ has a lot to say. He talks all about their history; he talks about starting as a young, lonely curtain jerker, until Shawn Michaels took him under his wing. He also talks about how in ninety seven and ninety eight, Triple H was the reason that Shawn Michaels was able to retain the World Championship. ‘The Game’ claims that the only reason he remained friends with Shaw until he injured his back was because he pitied Shawn, whereas the only reason why Shawn remained friends with Triple H was because he needed Triple H to stay at the top. “Long before it became publicly known, Shawn Michaels knew Triple H was that damn good, but when you got injured, Shawn, I was able to prove to the world that I was that damn good.” Triple H continues, stating that when Shawn returned a few years ago, Triple H wanted to prove that he was the best, by beating the one guy he had never beaten before. Triple H says whilst he did beat Shawn on multiple occasions, he has to admit Shawn also beat him on multiple occasions which is why he’s out here tonight. The former World Champion claims that this feud has been seven years in the making, and it still isn’t over, so with no titles, no stipulations, just a straight up wrestling match, Triple H wants to see who the better man is once and for all at Backlash. The audience seem to love the sound of this, as Michaels remains rather stoic, before finally beginning to talk. “Hunter, you’ve brought up a lot of old issues here, so before I answer your challenge, you’re gonna’ have to here me out.” ‘The Game’ doesn’t move, remaining focused on his adversary, as Shawn Michaels says back in ninety seven he befriended Triple H because he could see a world of potential in a young kid who was to shy to use it. HBK continues, stating that at that point in time, the spotlight belonged to Shawn Michaels, but when he got injured, the torch was well and truly passed. It was passed to Steve Austin, and then Triple H took it from him. Shawn says that he never used Triple H because he loved Triple H like a brother, and he still did all those years later, until when he returned to the WWE, and Trips tried to end his career. “Hunter, there was no need for that, but you did it anyway and you failed... But in failing, you lit a fire in me the likes of which had never bean lit before. Ya’ see, I did pass the torch seven years ago, but I’ve realized there’s still a bit of mileage in ol’ HBK, and that is why, at Backlash, I will kick your teeth down your throat, and take back MY spotlight!” The stage has been set, so HBK’s music then hits, as the two former best friends, now hated enemies go nose to nose, as the show fades to black.



Current Card for WWE Backlash
April 18th, 2004
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
‘The Rabid Wolverine’ Chris Benoit defends against Bill Goldberg

The Final Encounter:
'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

A Match For The Ages:
‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair vs. The Rock

The Second Battle:
Chris Jericho vs. Christian w/Trish Stratus

World Tag Team Championship Match:
Booker T and Rob Van Dam defend against The Dudley Boyz

WWE Womens Championship Match:
Victoria defends against Jazz w/Teddy Long

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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004


Been reading through this bad boy the last few days and after starting off a little wobbly, you're starting to put together some good shows Stojy, really enjoying the build towards Backlash, the card looks amazing. Rock vs Flair is certainately different and I don't recall if it's been done before in BTB (atleast I've never seen it happen) and also am expecting a Foley/Orton match to be added to Backlash. Not too keen on seeing HBK & HHH feuding again but as you've labelled it as the Final Encounter, it'll hopefully be just that. Epic stuff keeping The Berg around, and him facing Benoit is gonna be an interesting match. Also making The Dudleyz mean something still gets marks from me too, them vs RVD/Booker is a feud I wanted to see back in 04 IRL but it didn't develop sadly.

All in all, you're writing some good stuff and keep it up as Backlash continues to look like it'll be a goody. <3.


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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

RAW Feedback

Glad to see you finally starting off RAW with a match, as you said, the last few weeks have been all promos to start. Even though it was just thrown together with no build, Maven/Orton was a very good match and had a huge result that shakes RAW up a little bit. Orton was as arrogant as ever but it’s obvious that you see Maven going places, picking up a win over one of the top guys on Monday nights. In addition to giving Maven the belt, this was a good way to keep Foley/Orton interesting, as they’ll obviously be facing off in the near future.

Austin going after Goldberg tonight? Sounds like quite the confrontation, with Austin inevitably feuding with ‘Berg after costing him the belt at Backlash, imo.

Would have really liked to see Cade/Jindrak pick up the win, but hopefully they get a shot against Booker/RVD sometime down the line. Good win for the Dudleyz, as they’ll always be in the tag title picture, and the little tension-building confrontation after the match gives it the first of bit of hype, which is nice.

Orton would throw a temper tantrum like that, so it made sense to see him that upset. Triple H doing something tonight? Wonder what that entails…

Not the best hype in the world for the Women’s Title match at Backlash, as I figured the two divas would fight instead of just having the two exchange words. It was nice to see Vicky pick up another win, but this feud needs to get a little more exciting.

Finally, we get to hear from Y2J after his loss to Christian at WMXX. This was a pretty good promo, but then it hit the fan when Christian and Trish came out to the ring. The beginning, with Jericho talking about how badly he was hurt by Trish, that was good because it really put him over as the victim. I liked that the old Y2J started coming out in the middle of his promo, but what happened after Christian and Trish came out was just awful. Some of the things that were said would never be heard on WWE TV, especially the last thing about the pebble and the hoola hoop. I get that you wanted to make the feud more personal, but the way that you chose to do it was just awful. I’m glad the match was made for Backlash, but I really hope you consider taking the storyline in a different direction.

Just a quick note: a match of this caliber never would, nor should, follow a lengthy promo. You have to give the people some time to recharge before shifting focus that quickly. Great story told in the match between Rock and Batista. I’m glad that The Rock actually won, giving him his first bit of good fortune in this feud, following the last two weeks. Eventually, Flair is going to have to face Rocky like a man, but I don’t see him doing it before Backlash.

Kind of strange that you’d have Austin escorted from the arena when it’s his night to run RAW. Obviously, he’s coming back at some point tonight. It’s still good that you continued to build the issue between Austin and Goldberg, as it’s obvious that the thing going on between these two is set to EXPLODE.

Basic statement from Benoit, which was really all that you needed to do here. He’s pissed off at Goldberg and that aggression is going to be taken out at Backlash … or possible sooner.

LMAO at Hardy’s fact about masks. That was really funny. A pretty basic win for V1 but challenging Maven for the IC Title is a surprise. I’d personally like to see this feud develop, with Maven taking on a pretty hated guy to get himself more over in his first title defense.

Orton/Foley confrontation could be huge next week, with anything set to happen between the two hated rivals. Another very good segment between Flair and Rock, with Rocky echoing the sentiments of pretty much everyone reading the thread when he told Flair to stop talking, leading me to believe that Flair will just keep doing more of the same next week.

Goldberg/Michaels is a tremendous match to have for the main event, but I’m shocked that you’d give it away on free TV. But with so many big names on RAW, you can afford to have some of these matches. Really liked the pace, flow, and strategy of the contest, with both men using their strengths to their advantage, making for a very evenly matched fight. The ending of the match was superb, with Benoit being his usual stoic self and still costing Goldberg the loss. Not sure Goldberg would ever agree to pinned on TV, but it’s your thread so you don’t have to listen to his inflated ego!

Last week, it looked like Triple H was set to enter his name into the World Title equation. Now, he’s confronting Shawn Michaels? You maybe needed one more segment before this one, when Triple H was denied entry into the title match at Backlash, leaving him with only one man to face. These two were very cordial to each other compared to what went down IRL, but that makes sense in a way. They really know that there’s nothing more they can do to each other. Both men talking about their history was very well-written and I really think you’re getting better at writing recapped promos, with the quoted lines helping a lot. So the stage is set for the “final” match between HBK and HHH, and it’s set to be huge. Not sure if this is really the end of this great rivalry, but you certainly make it seem like it.

Probably the best show that I’ve read from you in this thread, and maybe the best show I’ve ever read from you period. You truly are coming into your own and I just hope you stay motivated (and eventually write FULL shows!) because this could be a great thread. Keep it up, bud.


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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

Some comments for SD and Raw...

lol @ Vanilla Gorilla. Never heard that before. By the sounds of it, awesome f'n opening segment. Eddie/Lesnar/Taker could be a feud of epic proportions. Paul Bearer at the end there just seemed random. I doubt Chavo will hold the title longer than Eddie. He's always been less charismatic to me, and that's a big deal. Anyways, Chavo/Rey feud seems to be progressing a bit. Wahhh @ this Rhyno assault on Cena. The little segment afterwards makes the end result of the match make more sense. Seems weird for a monster like Big Show to pay someone off though. I'm sure Show would have gotten the job done himself. Mysterio was way to superhuman in this match here. He dodges everything AND gets the win. Would have been nice for Tajiri to get the win, but it probably wouldn't mean much. Eddie's against the ropes again tonight against Big Show. Cena to interfere tonight maybe? Anxious to see what you got planned for Taker. Rather weird segment with Sable. I doubt it could mean anything, but then again, you wouldn't have done it if it didn't mean anything. Nice to see the faces against faces mention. It's always weird to see it. I doubt think Benji and Haas are the type to attack with chairs, but I guess it's a good way to give them intensity and desire. Don't know if I told you this before, but I'm not a fan of O'Haire. I just don't see it. Farooq to face O'Haire, get destroyed, and have J-B-L come out of it to face O'Haire at JD. Filler match here, but it's great to see some CW action. Always been a fan of Kidman so it's definitely nice to see him pick up the win. Taker against Lesnar should be a treat. I'm hoping for a DQ or something to have the feud prolonged and a possible triple threat match at JD. Tons of cruisers getting time tonight eh? I'm not gonna complain, I love me some CW action. Noble is another whom I've always been impressed with so it'd be nice to see him in title contention as well. Wow @ Big Show cleanly (well basically) beating Eddie. Don't know what to think of that tbh. Edge beats Angle in the much anticipated return. Huge statement here, as the upper card/title scene is definitely getting loaded. Don't think this is over, or so I hope. Compared to last week's SD, I feel this week was far greater in entertainment and booking. Things seem to be getting a little scrambled though, which is a concern. I think you have everything settled, and you're just trying to mix up things since JD is miles away. Good job nonetheless. This in full would have be great though =P.

Maven always seems to get the 'bitch' wins. Every thread I see him winning in, it's a shitty win. Nonetheless, it's over Orton and for the IC title, which is a pretty huge deal. I don't think it should have happened this way, but meh. You did need to create another feud, and this feud between Orton and Foley already has a lot of 'steam'. I also remember this time when Orton feuded with Foley that Orton became the Legend Killer. Haven't really seen anything like that yet from you, but I know it's coming. The whole Austin/Bischoff feud is quite entertaining. Would have liked to see this promo in full *wink*wink*, but I'll deal with the recap. I'm sure you've heard of the unfortunate death of Cade so it would have been nice to see him win this, and possibly get a title reign out of it from your thread. The Dudleyz do have some momentum, but they're boring. Staredown was a nice touch at the end of the match. Kinda of a filler promo here that needed to happen. Evolution is still strong, which is awesome. Triple H doing things on his own was the main thing from this promo, and for some reason, I still don't see him doing it on his own. I don't feel that Jazz/Victoria has run that smoothly, but I'm glad you didn't do too much with the feud this week. Jericho with a promo = awesomeness. lol @ dose of vitamin C. lol also @ the comments towards each other in this promo. Basically, the promo confirmed a match between the two parties, and it was bound to happen. I'm glad you didn't have another 'attack' type of thing. It's been happening way too often. The Rock against Batista eh? Glad The Rock took the win. Seems like Orton is going to be in the uppercards soon so Batista should just stick to jobbing. Wow @ Austin/Goldberg. Austin gets escorted out? I guess Eazy E's gonna change things up now. Fractured ribs? I guess it makes sense to build Goldberg up like that. It's very, very, very difficult to get fractured ribs though. Controversial at you saying masks are homosexual. I don't care too much, but it's quite controversial for tv. Hardy against Maven sounds good. Maven never gets a good push anywhere or in any BTB as far as I know, so hopefully Hardy doesn't take the title just yet. A lot of tension between Flair/The Rock. Great buildup for the Backlash match tbh. I kind of expected the main event to go down like that with Beniot appearing, Goldberg losing, and Triple H confronting HBK afterwards. Totally would have booked it the same way. The passing the torch in this promo made it sound awesome. Glad you finished the show off like this too. I don't really dislike any booking decision in this show. If you were talking about Maven getting the title, I'm rather happy for something new and different. Solid recap here man. Your booking ideas and such are pretty damn good. Can't wait for the real deal.

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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

RAW Feedback

Really, really sorry I haven’t been keeping up with this thread as well as I should have been. Hopefully that changes from here on out.

Nice little recap to start things off, helping out those of us who are lazy (totally not me).

Starting the match off with a title match? Wow, a big way to kick things off, even if, to me, this match seems a little random. Maybe I missed something, but I don’t see Maven being anywhere near the level required to be in a match like this, even if he did win a match the previous week. Maven taking the control of the match early due to Orton’s arrogance is a good way to start, before Orton used his big match experience well (even if it’s a little limited back in ’04 ). A bit surprised Orton stayed on Maven as much as you said he did, as ’04 Orton definitely liked to show a lot more arrogance and show off, and I would think he would especially do that against a guy like Maven. The upset victory certainly surprised me with the finish here, although I’m not sure that’s a good thing. While Orton is feuding with Foley, I would have liked a really long reign from Orton to build the prestige of the title, and four months isn’t a whole lot when you consider the position Orton is in, imo. Maven too, as the upset champion, isn’t something I really like. It’s not just my dislike for Maven in general, but fluke champions haven’t been taken quite so well in awhile now. To me, this seems like it could end a lot like Santino Marella’s initial Intercontinental Title victory in 2007 with the crowd booing him because he doesn’t deserve the title. I know you’re a fan of Maven, and I applaud you for pushing someone different, but you’re doing to have to do a good job to get me on board with Maven as a champion. Right now I just don’t feel he deserves it, and this match only reaffirmed that belief for me.

The Austin/Bischoff situation is kind of interesting, although for me, their running little program died in 2003, and was never really as good as it could have been. The heat between the two was pretty good here though, and Austin going after Goldberg should be interesting, considering the past between the two and what we’ve seen from them in this thread, with Austin being the reason Goldberg has the title match considering he was never in the number one conenteders match before Austin put him in. Something to look forward to later on the show for sure.

The number one contenders match seems a little random, but hopefully you can build some stuff in the tag division from here. The match itself was nice enough, with Cade and Jindrak using a bit of dirty tactics well to try to overcome the better team, only for The Dudley Boyz to pick up the win, which works for me. A feud between Booker/Van Dam and The Dudley Boyz could work well, so hopefully you run with it from here.

Honestly, I like the fact that you showed Orton’s disgust at losing his title to Maven, but I hated the way Triple H made the title seem like nothing, telling him to just shake it off. Perhaps just a small thing, but I really didn’t like it. Whatever Triple H is up to later is interesting though, and the fact that is has to be done alone is big. I have no idea what it is, probably because I haven’t been following this properly, but I’m excited nonetheless.

Nothing wrong with allowing Victoria to look good, while keeping the heat between Jazz and Victoria going with the hype with their title match for Backlash, even if nothing really happened to further the angle tonight.

Jericho promo? Epic. Jericho talking up his pimping ways to start with was fine, because it brought up how personal his thing with Trish was, which I think is something you did really well. It made the whole issue seem all the more emotional, and thus the turn is that much bigger, especially with the “I thought she was the one” line. Jericho addressing Christian and bringing out the sop story with that could have been done a little better, as I honestly thought it was a little rushed before he was interrupted by Christian. Christian’s explanation about his turn on Jericho, telling him Jericho was the one who changed was done pretty damn well, especially with the lines that Trish was bad news for him, that she would just hurt him, only for Christian to get with her, giving Christian some really good heel material, along with the mocking of the tag title stuff. Trish insulting Jericho too was good, using some of the cheap bedroom stuff, although I have to admit I laughed at the “pebble through a hoola hoop” line. The old Jericho coming out with the lines about Trish having crabs and Christian muzzling his bitch were really good too, although the stipulation for the match at Backlash is odd, and it’s a bit of a weird way to set it up. While the rest of the promo was good, I’m a bit iffy on this. I guess we’ll see how it unfolds, but at this stage it’s certainly an odd stipulation to add.

No commercial break between the match and promo?

Nice match here between Batista and Rocky, allowing Batista to somewhat hang with The Rock and allow him to look good, while also giving The Rock a chance to get in Flair’s head with the mocking of the strut and continue their thing along. A well booked match here for sure, doing good for all involved.

The brawl between Austin and Goldberg was just a backstage one that was quickly broken up? Ugh, very disappointing after the build earlier, tbh.

Again, like the last segment, I find it disappointing that this looks to be Benoit’s only involvement on the show. The guy is all about being tough, so having him not compete due to an injury and instead cutting a promo just seems wrong for him, and really, I think it does more harm than good. The rest of the show has been booked well, but the world title match doesn’t look to be getting anywhere near enough hype for mine.

@ Matt believing masks were rather homosexual. Fine match here to get Matt some momentum going, allowing him to look good by squashing the jobber (poor Helms ). The challenge to Maven is interesting, because it really seems like it would be a filler match at Backlash with no real hype, but I guess a few defences would do Maven some good, and starting with V1 is okay.

Orton still being pissed really shows Foley getting into his head, which is cool to see, and the calling out of Foley next week should certainly be interesting, despite what you may tell me on MSN. The confrontation between Flair and Rock though really didn’t seem necessary after what we saw earlier tonight, and ultimately, I thought it should have been left for next week too.

Very big main event with Michaels vs. Goldberg. The way the match went made sense, giving it some fine psychology, allowing both men to show what they’re good at. Honestly, I’m not so sure about Goldberg losing so close to Backlash, and the way in which he lost with Benoit intervening doesn’t really seem like Benoit. Maybe if he was making the save for Michaels from an attack from Evolution, but just plain distracting Goldberg seems very un-Benoit. As I said earlier, the world title match hype is disappointing.

Triple H coming straight out after the match is a different way to go about setting up the promo, and I have to say, I like it. Hunter clapping Michaels after the match, only to show some real attitude to start the promo seemed a bit offputing as a start. The contrast just seemed too much to flow properly. Triple H bringing up their history was fine, talking about how Shawn used him to retain the title, and how he was always that damn good but Shawn was holding him back, though the line about him remaining friends with Shawn because he pitied him seemed to be very oddly placed in there. Triple H making the challenge of a final match between the two to prove he’s better with no gimmicks is a great way to go about it, imo, and Michaels talking about their history in return before accepting the match was really well done too, making him seem like the good guy, before showing that great intensity to close it off. Really good way to finish the show.

As a whole, a pretty good recapped show here, mate. At times there were a few things that I thought seemed a little silly, and I’m not happy with the Maven situation, but apart from that, there was some really solid booking here. I’m glad to see this thread continuing to develop, and with full shows coming soon, I’m really hoping you can continue to turn this into one of the better things going around. Good stuff, man.

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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

Thanks for the feedback, fellas. BKB, Maven is a work in progress give it time, and it won't hurt Orton in the long run. I get what you mean about the Triple H thing to, but he's Triple H, he doesn't give a fuck about the IC Title, no matter who holds it. He's ego is way to big to really care about Orton's success. Austin/Goldberg has plenty of greatness to come, can't give it away all in one serve. And Benoit/Goldberg build does suck, and it will continue to suck, because I don't rate either man on the mic, so I've let them take a backseat. Hopefully both men getting more physical in the coming weeks will make up for my shitty booking.

Here's Smackdown:


Thursday Night Smackdown – April 1st, 2004
Columbus, Ohio – Value City Arena

After what went down last week, the audience were buzzing with anticipation from the get go, wondering just who’d they would hear from first, when surprisingly, Edge makes his way to the ring. Still on a high since his return, Edge gets a very nice ovation, which he well and truly deserves after defeating Kurt Angle last week. Once the ovation dies down, Edge gets straight to the point, stating that after his first bit of in ring action, it feels really good to say that he is back. He states that for all the time he was out, rehabbing, making sure his body would be healthy enough, so that he could compete at the best of his ability for the rest of his career, it was tough. He put himself through hell to get back inside this ring, and whilst it felt terrific to be back in front of an audience, there was always going to be a little bit of doubt in his head until he actually competed in a match. “I was a little nervous heading into last week’s match, because testing my body in a match is one thing, but wrestling Kurt Angle is another.” Edge continues, claiming that as annoying as the guy is, he knows how to get the job done, so Edge had to be on top of his game, but after last week, he’s happy to say he is at a hundred percent health. He and Angle put each other through hell last week, pushing each other to the limit in a twenty minute classic, but at the end of the day, Edge was able to come out victorious. “It felt good to beat Kurt; it felt really good… beating one of the best in the world, opened my eyes to something though.” Edge pauses for a moment, as do the fans, curious as to what Edge is talking about, until Edge claims that he doesn’t want to waste any time, because he’s ready to wear some gold again. The up and coming superstar explains that all the tag team championships, all the Intercontinental championships, even the United States Championship, they were all an honor to hold, and to compete for, but Edge craves bigger and better things. Edge states that he wants a piece of gold, and after beating Kurt Angle last week, he believes he deserves a shot at the WWE Championship. This statement garners another nice reaction from the fans, who wouldn’t mind seeing Edge getting a title shot, until the fans ovation shoots through the ropes, as the WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero makes his way to the ring from out back. Eddie tells Edge that he admits it is great to see Edge back, and Edge was very impressive in his return match against Angle, but Angle isn’t the best on Smackdown right now, Eddie is. Guerrero claims that he respects the hell out of Edge, but Eddie’s had a rough couple of weeks and he feels as if he needs a great technical match to get himself back on track, and since Edge wants a shot at the title that he possessed, Eddie has an idea. Eddie G claims that he has a proposition for Edge, and that is if Edge can beat him right here, right now, he’ll give him a shot at the WWE Title next week. The audience pop huge for this announcement, as Edge says “you’re on”, as a referee sprints down the ramp, because this match is taking place right now.

The matchup begins rather respectfully, with the two great competitors locking up, before Edge drops to a knee, and takes Eddie down with a Fireman’s Carry. After this, we get a break in action, before they lock up again, and this time Edge takes the champion down with an arm drag. Eddie looks very frustrated now, calling for a test of strength, and once both men’s hands link, Eddie heads towards the ropes, climbing up, before attempting a Hurricanrana, but Edge pushes him off, and Eddie flips in mid air and lands on his feet, before quickly being run down with a huge Clothesline. Realizing that he is in a little bit of trouble, Eddie rolls to the outside for a breather, but the over excited Edge commits to a Suicide Dive to the outside, but Eddie is able to avoid contact, forcing Edge to land sternum first into the announcers table. Knowing he has an advantage, from here, the veteran WWE Champion takes his time, rolling Edge back into the ring, and systematically taking him apart, move by move. Whilst he does dominate for awhile, he surprisingly jumps the gun a little early, and when he heads to the top rope for the Frog Splash, Edge is able to interrupt him, and nail a Superplex from the top rope. After the huge maneuver, both men are down for a little while, as the referee begins to count, however they both get up at the count of eight, before having a slugfest, which Edge wins. Edge forces Eddie on the back foot, really upping the pace; however despite several near falls, he just can’t put the WWE Champion away. Eventually, he takes Eddie down, and sets up for The Spear, yet Eddie is able to leap frog over Edge, who stops himself before the corner, but walks into a kick to the gut, followed by the Three Amigos. Feeling “it” at this stage of the contest, Eddie begins shimmying, yelling out “VIVA LA RAZA”, before heading to the top rope, and finishing off the match with a Frog Splash. After the contest, both men get a standing ovation, as they shake hands, before Edge leaves, allowing the WWE Champion to celebrate his impressive victory.


We return from the commercial break, and head backstage, to the interview area, where Josh Matthews is standing by with Paul Bearer, urn in hand, and The Undertaker, who is lurking in the background. Being the terrific reporter that he is, Josh informs Paul about the epic battles between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker in the past, and how every time Lesnar came out on top, before asking what will be different this time around. Paul tells Josh that The Undertaker was running off fumes when he met with Lesnar in the past, but now with the power of the urn back at his side, there’s no way Brock Lesnar can take on ‘The Phenom’. Bearer continues, stating that the creatures of the night are back out in numbers, and they, along with The Undertaker will make sure Brock Lesnar is a dead man walking… The Undertaker then walks into the spotlight, rolling his eyes to the back of his head, “Brock, you will… rest… in… peace.” Thinking things are over, Matthews relaxes, before jumping, getting a fright from Bearer who yells out “OOOHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS”.

Next up we get some Cruiserweight action, as Jamie Noble goes one on one with Rey Mysterio. The matchup begins with both men circling each other, a little hesitant, as they have had many battles in the past, until finally, they go to lock up, but Noble kicks Rey in the gut, before hammering away with forearms to the face. Noble then whips Rey into the ropes, and when the little masked man returns, Noble is able to hit a Tilt A Whirl Back Breaker. With Rey Mysterio down and out, the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero makes his way to ringside, simply wanting to watch his main rival be decimated. Seeing the champion seems to light a fire under Noble as well though, as he takes the action to the outside of the ring. Once outside, the viciousness of the redneck comes into play, as he repeatedly rams Mysterio’s head into the steel steps, before giving Chavo a mouthful. When they get back in the ring, Mysterio is able to stop Noble’s onslaught, by nailing a Wheelbarrow Bulldog. From here, Rey-Rey goes to town, performing several high impact moves, before setting up, and connecting with the 619. As Noble bounces up, dazed after being kicked in the head, he accidentally pokes the ref in the eye, but it doesn’t matter, as Mysterio nails the West Coast Pop. He doesn’t hold onto the pin though, as he quickly bounces up, and ducks a shot with the title from Chavo, before peppering at Chavo with right hands. Surprisingly, as this is going on, Billy Kidman comes through the crowd, climbs to the top rope and lands the Shooting Star Press on Noble. Looking around, Kidman then helps Mysterio get rid of Chavito, and Mysterio goes for the cover, as the recovered referee makes the three count.

After the fun Cruiserweight battle, we head backstage, to the interview area once again, as Josh Matthews is standing by with the other man who will participate in tonight’s main event, ‘The Vanilla Gorilla’, Brock Lesnar. Matthews recaps what Paul Bearer said earlier on about The Undertaker being a different competitor now, before asking if this worries Lesnar at all. Lesnar shakes his head, stating that it doesn’t matter how the Undertaker is dressed, whether he is riding a motorbike, or walking slowly through a cloud of smoke, it simply doesn’t matter. “I’ve beaten The Undertaker before, and I’ll beat him again… Whether he’s alive, or whether he’s dead, The Undertaker is gonna’ feel some pain tonight.” Brock then shoots Matthews a look that could kill, before walking away as we head to a commercial break.


We head straight to ringside after the commercial break where both Michael Cole and Tazz put over the fact that ‘The Saviour’, Sean O’Haire will be making his return next. The commentators then discuss just which member of The APA will accept his challenge, listing pros and cons for both Bradshaw and Faarooq, before we head to the backstage area, into the office of The APA, to find Bradshaw and Faarooq, face down on the floor, unconscious, with a bloodied steel chair lying between them.

Conveniently, at this time Sean O’Haire decides to make his way to the ring, and knowing something is up, the audience give him a huge negative reaction on his return. Once in the ring, O’Haire simply laughs at the audience, before implying that The APA were clearly afraid to face a superior athlete, so they decided to drink themselves asleep, like they do every other night of their pathetic lives. Knowing this isn’t the case, he gets more heat from the audience, before he claims the same challenge is on for next week, so The APA can’t escape their fate. Sean then says since he is already out here, he might as well have a tune up match, so if anybody wants to be saved from their miserable lives, they can come and have a shot.

Not surprisingly the challenge is answered; however it is answered by none other than ‘The Punk Rocker’, Shannon Moore. O’haire is extremely cocky throughout the contest, using his strength to simply decimate Moore. After having beaten on Moore for awhile, O’Haire began slapping him across the head, telling him that he lives a tainted life, before Moore fires up, peppering O’Haire with right hands, before running off the ropes, gaining some momentum, until he’s taken down with a Death Valley Driver. Realizing he has the match in the bag, O’Haire then climbs to the top rope, before coming off with a Senton Bomb, and picking up the victory. After the contest, Moore barely moves, whilst O’Haire celebrates a little, before looking right into the camera and telling both members of The APA that they are next.


Once back from the commercial break, we get a video package showing little bits of the opening promo last week between the WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero and Brock Lesnar, before the lights went out, and The Undertaker appeared, giving Eddie the Tombstone, but extra emphasis is on the Chokeslam received by Brock Lesnar. Michael Cole and Tazz then give it their best shill job, claiming that after all the battles in the past, tonight’s main event between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker may just be the best one yet.

The next match of the evening is nothing but a squash, as the ruthless Rhyno goes one on one with Chris Kanyon. The underdog in Kanyon tried to get some of his innovative offence going, but he was simply unable to, as Rhyno was able to power his way out of everything. After beating Kanyon around the ring for awhile, Rhyno ran through him with THE GORE, making up for his disqualification loss to John Cena last week.

We then head backstage, to the interview area, where Josh Matthews is standing by with the WWE United States Champion John Cena. The Champion doesn’t seem in the mood tonight, not even rapping, instead letting Josh ask him a question. Josh asks Cena how he feels about what went down last week with The Big Show clearly paying Rhyno to soften Cena up. Cena tells Josh not to worry about Rhyno, because even though he didn’t orchestrate the act, he will get what’s coming to him some time soon. As for The Big Show, it’s obvious to Cena that the reason why Show tried to get somebody else to do his dirty work for him is because he is scared. “Whoa, whoa, don’t get me wrong, I call a spade a spade, I’m not sayin’ The Big Show is scared of me, but The Big Show is scared of losin’ to me again.” The champ continues to explain, claiming that Show has this reputation as a big, angry giant who almost everybody fears, but after losing to Cena at ‘Mania, if Cena was able to kick Show’s ass again, The Big Show would lose a certain aura. “Well, Big Show better believe that he’s gonna’ get his ass kicked by me again, because I’m callin’ him out NEXT WEEK!” Cena then says “peace, Josh”, before leaving, having done his business for the night.

Next we have the second last matchup of the night, which is all about the tag division, as one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Rikishi, goes one on one with Shelton Benjamin. Benji began the match a little cagey, not wanting to over commit against his large opponent, however both Haas and Scotty are at ringside, and a quick distraction from Charlie, allowed Benji to go on the attack. Shelton nailed Rikishi with clubbing blows to the back, before attempting to send him into the ropes. ‘The Kish’ reverses though, sending Benjamin into the corner, before following in, ramming his ass into Shelton’s chest. Shelton conveniently falls in perfect position for Rikishi to back that ass up, but before he can, Haas pulls Shelton out of the ring. Rikishi is experienced enough to not follow them out, but Scotty attempts to attack Haas, and gets thrown straight into the ring post, being busted open in the process. Rikishi is not happy now, as he slides out of the ring, his ass getting stuck half way through the ropes, until he finally gets out, but Benji has time to get back in, so Rikishi decks Haas with a right hand, before copping a Baseball Slide from Benji. From here, Shelton has a clear advantage over Rikishi, although despite his best efforts, the contest isn’t exactly exciting as Rikishi can’t do that much. Eventually Benji attempts his patented Clothesline from the top rope; however Rikishi was able to counter with a Super kick in mid air. The big man, Rikishi constantly tries to put Shelton away after this, but he can’t, even after rubbing his ass in Shelton’s face, and hitting a Samoan Drop. The nephew of Jimmy Snuka then drags Benji to the corner, before attempting a Banzai Drop, but Haas hops onto the apron, distracting Rikishi long enough, for Shelton to nail a German Suplex from the second rope, picking up the easy three count after this epic move.

Josh Matthews has decided that he wants to be on the show one last time, so he is standing by in the interview area, with a man inconspicuous by his absence on tonight’s show so far, Kurt Angle. Matthews congratulates Angle on a wonderful performance in last week’s main event, which could have went either way, before asking him why he has kept quiet until tonight. Angle asks Josh if he is trying to be funny, because no matter how well Kurt wrestled last week, losing is simply unacceptable. Angle continues, stating that he is sure that everybody expected him to come out this week, and do something to Edge to make up for last week’s fluke loss, but Edge can consider himself lucky, because at this point in time, Kurt Angle has got bigger fish to fry. Kurt says that next week he is going to do what Edge couldn’t do, he is going to get himself a match with Eddie, but he is actually going to WIN it, and then no matter how far Paul Heyman’s head is up Brock Lesnar’s ass, Heyman will have to give Angle a title shot. ‘The Olympic Gold Medalist’, Angle then leaves, as Matthews breathes a sigh of relief, being done for the night, and not being hurt by the intense Angle.


After the final commercial break of the evening, we head to the office of the Smackdown General Manager, Paul Heyman, who looks like he has had an extremely relaxing night, sitting on his couch, as Brock Lesnar walks in, donned in his wrestling gear, ready to go. Paul asks Brock what is up and Brock just asks if Paul is sure he wants Brock to end the career of one of Heyman’s talents. Heyman claims that the only talent he cares about is Brock, so Brock can do whatever he wants. ‘The Vanilla Gorilla’ begins to walk off, before saying “remember, Paul, no interference, tonight I’ll do it by myself.”

It is now time for the main event, as eventually Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker both make their way to the ring. Whilst ‘Taker is taking off his coat, Lesnar attacks him, driving ‘Taker into the corner with shoulders to the gut, eventually driving him to the canvas. Noticing Bearer on the outside, Lesnar then slides out of the ring, and punches Bearer straight in the face, knocking him unconscious. This leaves the urn on the floor, and Lesnar picks it up, and looks as if he is ready to smash it against the ring post, when he is stopped by ‘The Deadman’, who connects with a perfect uppercut to Lesnar’s chin. After some vintage ‘Taker stuff, such as the Leg Drop off of the apron, both competitors are back into the ring, with ‘The Phenom’ taking care of business at a rather methodical pace. Realizing he is in the box seat, the veteran capitalizes, landing Snake Eyes and a high impact Big Boot on Lesnar. The man formerly known as the next big thing looks a little dodgy at this stage, and ‘Taker realizes it, wringing his arm a few times, before going for Old School, yet once he’s on the top rope, Lesnar shows incredible strength, dragging Undertaker off the ropes and catching him on his shoulders, before nailing an F5 out of nowhere! After the referee got to the count of eight, Lesnar drapes an arm over his opponent, but the dead superstar is able to get a shoulder up at the count of two. It seems as if it’s the time in the contest for Lesnar to dominate, and that’s exactly what he does, taking it to ‘Taker with brutal strikes. After a long, long, exciting beat down period, Lesnar goes for the F5 again, but ‘Taker reverses into a tremendous looking DDT. After that, both me get back up, and just slug it out with each other, going right hand for right hand, until ‘The Deadman’ gets the advantage and goes for a Chokeslam, but Lesnar slips out of it, and attempts an F5, unfortunately for him, ‘Taker reverses and is able to land the Tombstone, picking up the three count.

After the contest, Lesnar remains unmoved in the ring, as The Undertaker celebrates, before being ANGLE SLAMMED BY KURT ANGLE!!! ANGLE HAS MADE A HUGE IMPACT IN THE SPACE OF TEN SECONDS, as the show ends with Angle letting out one, last primal roar, knowing he could have just inserted himself into the title picture.


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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

I've never been any good at writing previews, nor do I enjoy them, and I think it shows, but I felt the first full show in this thread deserves one.


Monday Night Raw Preview – April 5th, 2004

This week Monday Night Raw heads to the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, and being just two weeks away from Backlash, its Eric Bischoff’s turn to run things and he plans to prove that everything is bigger in Texas with this show.

The Raw General Manager has really decided to throw around his power this week, banning ‘Sheriff’ Stone Cold Steve Austin from the arena, and being that it’s his turn to run things, Austin has no option to oblige. As for Austin attacking Goldberg last week, the punishment for this is out of Bischoff’s hands, although we all know Bischoff would like nothing more than to see Austin gone. With this being said, the owner of the WWE, Vincent Kennedy McMahon has promised to make his first appearance on WWE television since WrestleMania. The boss has not mentioned what the board of director’s decision regarding Austin will be, although he has promised that he will make an announcement regarding the decision sometime during the night.

Having the chance to shine tonight, Eric Bischoff has stacked the Raw card with a bunch of action packed matches. Everybody knows that two of the biggest superstars in WWE history are ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels and ‘The People’s Champion’ The Rock, and whilst their paths have never really crossed properly in the ring, that will change tonight, as they will be competing as one in tag team action. Their opponents will be none other than their opponents for Backlash, Evolution teammates, Triple H and Ric Flair in what is sure to be an absolute classic.

The feud over the World Heavyweight Championship between current champion Chris Benoit and the number one contender Goldberg has been heating up for awhile now, and what better way to see just who is heading into the match in better shape than by pitting the two in matches. ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ will be going head to head with the ‘Evolution Enforcer’, whilst in the main event, Goldberg will be going one on one with ‘The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rollah’, Chris Jericho.

Randy Orton is one man who is not happy on Raw after his long time rival, Mick Foley cost him the WWE Intercontinental Championship in a match against Maven last week. Orton spoke to his Evolution teammates last week, and made it clear that he plans to call out Foley and settle things once and for all tonight. Whether Orton will stick to his word or not is a whole other story though.

The Womens Champion Victoria seems to have had a very rough couple of weeks, with Jazz almost haunting her in her sleep, as she chomps at the bit, waiting to get her shot at the gold at Backlash. Realizing she needs to get back at Jazz and gain some momentum so close to Backlash, Victoria requested a match and Eric Bischoff made it happen. They will compete in a Mixed Tag Team match, which will see Jazz and one member of Thuggin and Buggin Enterprise, going up against Victoria and a mystery partner who will be revealed during the show.

Like most of the titles on Raw at the moment, the World Tag Team Titles are in the middle of two competitors, as Booker T and Rob Van Dam want to keep the titles away from The Dudley Boyz at Backlash. Deciding to set up a preview of Backlash a little early, Bischoff has booked Booker T to go up against Bubba Ray Dudley in singles action, and both their partners will probably be at ringside.

We will also hear from Maven regarding Matt Hardy’s challenge for the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash, and Christian and Trish Stratus will also be in attendance.

Confirmed Matches:
Chris Jericho vs. Goldberg
Batista vs. Chris Benoit
Shawn Michaels and The Rock vs. Triple H and Ric Flair
Booker T vs. Bubba Ray Dudley
Mixed Tag Team Match
Jazz and Rodney Mack vs. Victoria and ???

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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

Haven't been following Raw as much as Smackdown but I may start, this show seems to be of PPV stature. It has huge matches that could main event a PPV like Shawn & The Rock teaming up, Jericho & Goldberg going at it plus Batista and Benoit.

Should be an exciting show as we get closer and closer to Backlash.

I'll try my best to leave some comments once it is up.

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Re: Stojy Presents WWE 2004

I have been reading back from the start.I like the format of your shows and the MEGA Roster you are working with... as for Raw HBK/Rock vs Flair/HHH should be epic!!
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