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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: 2004

Monday Night Raw; May 24th, 2004; Rockford, Illinois

This week Raw opens up with a video package, highlighting the main occurrences of last week’s program. These include Kane and Scott Steiner continuing their blood feud of recent times, brawling right from the Raw opening, and it ends with Kane brutally Chokeslamming Steiner from the hood of a car all the way to the cold, hard concrete floor. The video then shows several shots from the Chris Benoit/Ric Flair main event last week, which ended with Batista interfering. From there, Benoit gets pulverized by all four members of Evolution. Finally, the video shows a clip of Eric Bischoff gloating with his representative for Vengeance, Goldberg, before quickly showing Stone Cold leaving a San Antonio bar, with Shawn Michaels sitting there dejectedly, not sure if he’s willing to be Austin’s representative at Vengeance.

~ Opening Video

~ Pyro

As the smoke slowly settles around the arena, the Illinois crowd continue to let their voices be heard. Once the cameras scan around the arena a little, getting some creative signs on television, we then cut to ringside, where the commentators are ready.

Jim Ross: Hello everybody and welcome to yet another huge edition of Monday Night Raw! I’m ‘Good Ole’ JR, Jim Ross and alongside myself are my broadcast colleagues, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and Jonathan ‘The Coach’ Coachman.

Jerry Lawler: And it’s jam packed here in the Metro Centre, I think half of Rockford has shown up for this one.

Jonathan Coachman: And I can’t blame them, because everybody wants to see The Coach.

Jim Ross: I’m not sure about that, but I do know that a lot of people will want to see a match that for a long time was never ever even a possibility to happen on Raw. But that possibility is now a reality, because in tonight’s main event, we will see Goldberg go one on one with Scott Steiner.

Jerry Lawler: The question has to be asked though, JR, just what condition will Steiner be in after being Chokeslammed off of the hood of that car last week? He landed on the rock solid concrete floor, and the only thing that could have possibly had any give, was Steiner’s body.

Jonathan Coachman: I love how you’re already making excuses for Steiner, King. The fact is Goldberg, along with maybe Triple H, is the most impressive competitor on Raw right now. Eric Bischoff wouldn’t have chosen Goldberg for Vengeance if he wasn’t a certainty to beat all comers.

Jim Ross: Speaking of Triple H, after the heinous assault by Evolution last week, Chris Benoit has a tag team match against the two guys who he will be defending the World Heavyweight Championship against at Vengeance, Triple H and Randy Orton.

Jerry Lawler: The only problem there is Chris Benoit is yet to find a tag team partner.

Jonathan Coachman: Who in their right mind would want to get on Evolution’s bad side? I know I wouldn’t...

Jerry Lawler: We know that, you’re too busy up their back side.

Jonathan Coachman: Jealous?

Jim Ross: ALSO tonight, our Raw General Manager wants to be an impartial, so since he put Steiner in action tonight, he felt it was only fair to put the other man who was involved in the brawl last week in action as well. That’s right; Kane will be in action, although I’m not sure how competitive it will be, as he goes one on one with Val Venis.

Jerry Lawler: No disrespect to Venis, but he hasn’t exactly been on the winning end of things on Sunday Night Heat lately, and I can only see one outcome in tonight’s match... and that’s Kane destroying him.

Jonathan Coachman: Bischoff is a genius baby!!! AND let’s not forget, we will find out what Stone Cold’s back up plan is when Shawn Michaels doesn’t show up tonight.

Jim Ross: That remains to be seen, Coach.

***Macmillitant*** A nice amount of heat quickly engulfs the arena as the Thuggin and Buggin Enterprises all make their way through the curtain. THEODORE LONG leads the pack, a wide grin on his face, as he struts down the ramp in one of his custom made white suits. Behind Teddy are RODNEY MACK, MARK HENRY and JAZZ and despite not being booked for action tonight, they’re all in their wrestling gear. Each has a typical scowl on their face, and everything is going as normal, until a few select members of the audience let out a Bronx cheer. All the members of Thuggin and Buggin look confused until they turn around, and we see that STEVEN RICHARDS has made his presence felt. Richards is wearing an extra large Chicago Bulls playing top, with the number 23 and Jordan on it. This goes well with his denim shorts, huge white shoes with “Stevie” written on the side in gold, and a blue bandana tied around his forehead, ala Tupac. The other members of Thuggin and Buggin seem a little irritated by his presence, but he doesn’t realise, as he simply scowls and throws up the west side sign with both hands.

Jonathan Coachman: Everybody get on their feet, and let it be heard for the greatest faction in the WWE, lead by their brilliant mastermind, Teddy Long.

Jerry Lawler: Thuggin and Buggin Enterprises are a great force, but I’m sure such groups as DX, The Four Horsemen and others would disagree.

Jonathan Coachman: This is why I’ve been personally petitioning to get you kicked off of this booth. You’re stuck in the past, y-...


Jim Ross: I definitely want to hear more about this, but now isn’t the time to deal with your personal issues, as Teddy Long looks ready to let us know why he’s out here. And that’s a pretty good question as Thuggin and Buggin weren’t schedules to be here tonight.

As JR said, Teddy Long now has a mic in his hand, as he waits for his music to die down so he can speak.

Theodore Long: Usually I’d come out here, let everybody know how sick and tired I am of all the crackas in the back holdin’ us down, and talk about how things need to change... but that ain’t gonna’ happen tonight. Simply put... we’re sick and tired of bein’ discriminated against for bein’ coloured, but instead of waitin’ for somethin’ to happen... we’re gonna make them changes ourselves.

Teddy long pauses, as Jazz nods along, and Mack and Henry just crack their knuckles. Richards on the other hand really doesn’t seem to be paying that much attention.

Theodore Long: What many of you don’t know is that I consider myself to be somethin’ of a revolutionary... That’s right, I’m a black revolutionary. Much like Martin Luther King, much like Tupac, and much like any other black man who’s ever tried to make somethin’ happen for our people.

Long pauses again, rubbing his chin.

Theodore Long: Actually, I just got the perfect example for all you crackas to relate to. Since we ain’t to far from Chicago, I guess I can compare myself to... Michael Jordan...

A very nice pop from the crowd, which brings a smirk to Teddy’s face. Richards points to the name on his Guernsey, before walking over to Teddy.

Steven Richards: Yeah, y’all heard that! We said MICHAEL JORDAN, BABY. MJ, the king... the master of the hoop earring...

Teddy snatches the microphone away from Richards’ grasp, and Henry comes from nowhere, and simply lifts Stevie off of his feet, and carries him to the other side of the ring, which gets a laugh from the crowd.

Theodore Long: Don’t ever interrupt me again, playa.

Long looks over at Stevie sternly, who puts his hands up and apologizes.

Theodore Long: Much like the great Michael Jordan throughout the nineties, I can’t do all the work by myself. I am the brains but I still need some teammates, and just like MJ had Scotty Pippen and Dennis Rodman, I’ve recruited an all star team. I’ve got the best brawler in this whole company, Rodney Mack... the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry... and the female version of Mike Tyson, except worst... and the NEXT WWE Women’s Champion, Jazz!

Richards walks over to Teddy, and in his best “gangster” voice says “yo, you forgot ‘bout me, dawg.”

Theodore Long: How could I forget? We also got Stevie to, and he’s surprisingly useful which we’ll get to in a minute.

Stevie then walks up to Mack and gives him a self assured smirk.

Theodore Long: And now that I’ve got my team together, it’s time for us to make a move. When Chicago dominated in all those playoffs, they never waited for things to happen. They made things happen, they went out and snatched victory from their opponents.

Teddy pauses one final time.

Theodore Long: And that’s exactly what we are gonna’ do. We are not gonna’ wait for that redneck Stone Cold Steve Austin...

Teddy is cut off by a massive pop from the fans which pisses him and his crew off.

Theodore Long: We are also not gonna’ wait for Eric ‘KKK” Bischoff to make some changes on the discrimination we receive. We’re gonna’ start using our power to grab what we want, just like the Bulls did. And as it turns out, last week we made our first major play, tell ‘em what we talkin’ ‘bout, Stevie.

Richards receives the microphone from Teddy with a huge grin on his face.

Steven Richards: Y’know it’s kinda’ funny, over the past week here on Raw, it seems like there’s been nothing but questions waiting to be answered... Some of you, there’s probably a few of you out there who are curious as to who Chris Benoit is going to find to be his tag team partner tonight...

Loud pop from the audience, as Richards shrugs.

Steven Richards: Like I said, I knew there were a few of you. I’m pretty sure... actually I’m positive, that just as many if not more of you really want to know if Shawn Michaels is going to show up tonight and claim his spot as Sheriff Austin’s representative at Vengeance,

An AMAZINGLY loud pop, which is followed by a light “HBK” chant.

Steven Richards: Yeah, that’s what I thought. But... but there’s one other question that has been on everybody’s mind. Whether it’s Sheriff Austin, Goldberg, Chris Benoit, or freaking Funaki, there’s been one question that’s been bigger and better than the others. That question is, on Raw last week... WHERE IN THE HELL WAS STEVIE RICHARDS?

The reaction of the other members of Thuggin and Buggin says it all; they just look dumbfounded, not believing the shit that Richards is spewing. The crowd on the other hand just sort of groan, not knowing whether to cheer/boo/laugh.

Steven Richards: Well tonight is everybody’s lucky night... because I’m gonna’ give you guys somewhat of a world first exclusive and let you all know just where I was.

Richards smiles to the audience once again, as they wait for him to press on.

Steven Richards: As everybody knows, the WWE Women’s Champion Victoria used to be my shawty... Yeah, that’s right she used to be my boo... my little something... my piece of cake... you know what I’m sayin’?

Again, Richards’s stable mates roll their eyes at what Richards is saying.

Steven Richards: And with that being the case, her doctor who has worked on Vickie’s troublesome knee for so long was willing to talk to me about the condition of her leg last week.

The audience murmurs as to what this could mean, whilst all members of Thuggin and Buggin now look pleased.

Steven Richards: Basically, after a long, detailed discussion with Doctor Smith, he let me know that Vickie’s knee is barely holding up. That brace she wears, that’s basically what is holding her knee together.

Richards takes a deep breath, chuckling to himself.

Steven Richards: I’ll explain it in the simpler way that Doctor Smith described it. When you’re a little kid if you break one of your toys, you usually get some super glue and you glue the toy back together. And even though the glue will work for a little while, the toy will never be the same, and if you hit the right spot, the toy will break once again.

Richards pauses again.

Steven Richards: What this means is that Vickie’s knee brace is the super glue holding her leg together... but as long as it gets hit in the right spot... there’s only a slight chance she’ll walk again, let alone beat Jazz at Vengeance.

Heat echoes around the arena, but Richards doesn’t care as he directs his attention towards Teddy Long.

Steven Richards: Oh and Teddy, this play isn’t an alley oop... When Jazz beats Vickie at Vengeance... it’ll be a slam dunk, homie.

Teddy nods, as do Henry and Mack and it almost seems like Richards is being properly accepted for the first time. Jazz then grabs the mic from Richards.

Jazz: Yeah, that’s right, in case you haven’t realized by now... champ... Eric ‘KKK’ Bischoff has booked us in a rematch at Vengeance because he had no choice... I earned my rematch.

A slight pop as the fans won’t mind seeing these two go at it again.

Jazz: At Backlash, I was way too cocky. I know I’m better than you, but I didn’t concentrate and you got lucky. All that loss at Backlash did was make me even hungrier, even more determined to kick the hell out of you.

Heat for Jazz, who is all wild eyed.

Jazz: Now that I know your knee is that bad... ha-ha... I’m gonna’ put you in a wheel chair, bitch!

Thuggin and Buggin Enterprises look ready to leave, as Jazz looks damn near crazy however...

***All The Things She Said*** The song interrupts Thuggin and Buggin from leaving, and the crowd give an ultra friendly ovation for the WWE Women’s Champion VICTORIA. With the title strapped around her waist, Vickie is also dressed in a red wrestling outfit, which is surprising as again she hasn’t been booked in a match tonight. Vickie’s been around for awhile though, so she remains at the top of the ramp, microphone in hand.

Jonathan Coachman: What kind of champion is Victoria? She’s supposed to represent Raw worldwide and she just interrupts Thuggin and Buggin as they’re getting ready to leave? That’s not what a champion does; I don’t want somebody as arrogant as her representing the divas of the WWE.

Jerry Lawler: You calling somebody else arrogant? Pot. Kettle. Black.

Jim Ross: Unlike you, Coach, I think Victoria has been a fine champion. She’s defended against everybody who has wanted a shot, and she’s found a way to retain every time.

Finally, Vickie’s entrance theme ends so she can speak.

Victoria: Before I get down to business, I just wanted to say wow. I can’t believe I ever dated Markie Mark!

The audience laugh, as Richards leans over the ropes and yells “I’m Stevie R, ho”.

Victoria: Seriously though, Teddy, you know I don’t like you. You have your own beliefs and I respect that but I think the way you go about letting people know what your beliefs are is wrong. However, you’re a good businessman and you really have developed quite the team for yourself there.

Long nods, and Thuggin and Buggin all look impressed with themselves.

Victoria: You’ve got a white guy who thinks he is or really wants to be black... You’ve got a four hundred pound grown man who calls himself sexual chocolate... and then you’ve got Rodney Mack... who walks around with a look on his face like he’s just had a taste of sexual chocolate.

OOOOOOH! The audience laughs, as does Vickie, whilst now the crew inside the ring are pissed off.

Victoria: Guys, guys, relax, it’s the twentieth century, there’s nothing wrong with that anymore...

Again, there’s laughter from the audience whilst Thuggin and Buggin lose their shit.

Victoria: Alright, alright, now to what matters. Jazz... I’m not afraid of you and I’m not afraid of defeat. You used that pathetic excuse for a human Stevie to find out about the extent of my knee injury, well done... But if you think that’s the secret to beating me and taking this title, think again.

The crowd cheer a little for Vickie’s intensity, as she’s now dead serious.

Victoria: I’ve come up against every single challenger including you at Backlash, and I’ve beaten all of them. And guess what? My knee was in the exact same condition at Backlash and it didn’t make a difference. You can try and get in my head all you want, it’s not happening. At Vengeance, I WILL beat you again and I WILL still be the WWE Women’s Champion!

Jazz simply just chuckles to herself as the audience cheer.

Jazz: Since you seem to be so confident, why don’t you come down here right now and we’ll give everybody a little taste of what I’m gonna’ do to you at Vengeance?

Henry and Mack mockingly put their fists up, whilst Stevie pretends like he’s going to hold the ropes open for Victoria. Even Jazz thinks her proposition is rather humorous.

Victoria: You got it!

The audience begins to buzz, completely shocked as Victoria begins walking her way down the ramp.

Jim Ross: She cannot be serious! The Women’s Champion is walking into a death trap, King.

Jerry Lawler: Victoria never backs down from a fight, but this could be career suicide right here.

Jonathan Coachman: This is going to be great, old timers!

As Thuggin and Buggin Enterprises are gleeful in the ring, Victoria decides to stop half way down the ramp.

Jonathan Coachman: I knew the champ was afraid of Jazz. She’s running scared.

Vickie smirks at Thuggin and Buggin who look a little annoyed now.

Victoria: You know, it’s fitting really. Just a few moments ago Teddy was bragging about the super team that you guys are trying to create...

Teddy and co look a little confused, as an intense Jazz bellows at Vickie to “HURRY UP AND STOP STALLING”!

Victoria: And I had a feeling something like this would go down when I came out here, so I enlisted a little... SUPER... team of my own to help me out...

***Eye Of The Hurricane*** The pop is fairly louder than usual, as THE HURRICANE and ROSEY strike through the curtain rather quickly. They seem to be getting along okay, despite Hurricane’s absence last week, and they quickly meet Vickie midway down the ramp, and slap her some five.

Jonathan Coachman: What? These guys aren’t involved in this issue, this is hardly fair.

Jim Ross: I love how your opinion has changed on the situation now the sides have evened up, Coach.

Jerry Lawler: Since you didn’t say it, I’m going to go ahead and do it for you, JR. I think business just picked up.

The unlikely trio make their way to the bottom of the ramp, walking with a purpose, as Mack and Henry take the forefront in the ring with Jazz. The audience is buzzing, as the faces hop up on the apron...

***I’m Back*** The heat is pretty damn loud as the Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff steps through the curtain. He straightens the collar of his leather jacket, remaining at the top of the ramp, as the faces hop off the apron.

Eric Bischoff: Hold it right there. I am sick of everybody on MY show thinking they can do whatever the hell they want.

A fair bit of heat as Bischoff doesn’t look all that happy.

Eric Bischoff: After the events that took place last week between Kane and Scott Steiner, I refuse to let any of my wrestlers fight in a non structured environment.

MASSIVE heat from the audience, as all the wrestlers near and inside the ring look displeased as well.

Eric Bischoff: This is why Teddy Long and Stevie Richards are going to get out of the ring... I’m going to get a referee out here, and we’re going to see Jazz, Rodney Mack and Mark Henry go up against Victoria, The Hurricane and Rosey in a Six person tag team match!

Bischoff steps right back through the curtain, as a referee sprints down the ramp. Meanwhile, Vickie, and The Superheroes cautiously step into the ring.

Jim Ross: We’ve got to go to a commercial break and when we come back we’re going to have an impromptu six person intergender tag team match!

{Commercial Break}

Jim Ross: Welcome back ladies and gentleman, and just before we went to a commercial break, we had a rather explosive start to Monday Night Raw, which has lead to Eric Bischoff making a six person tag team match for right now!

Match #1
Thuggin and Buggin Enterprises vs. Victoria, The Hurricane and Rosey
Once back from the break, all six members of the match face off, and with the referee failing to gain control, they all just start pounding on each other. Rosey tees off on Henry in one corner, whilst Mack whips Hurricane into the opposite corner. In the middle of the ring, Jazz and Vickie tee off with vicious right hands, neither woman taking a backwards step. Eventually, Henry and Mack roll out of the ring, retreating for a moment, before taking their positions on the apron. Rosey and The Hurricane do the same, as Vickie gains the advantage on Jazz, taking her down with a Scoop Slam. She follows this up with her dancing moonsault before she goes for the cover, 1,2,NO!

Jazz powers out, sending Vickie flying across the ring. Jazz then quickly crawls to her team’s corner, tagging in Mark Henry, which by the match rules, means that Vickie has to tag in one of her male partners. Before she can, Henry grabs her by the hair and rips her to the canvas. The boo’s echo throughout the arena as Henry just smirks, now allowing Vickie to tag in Rosey.

The big man wearily hops into the ring, knowing that he’s about to lock hands with, well, another big man. Being the ‘world’s strongest man’ and all, Henry raises his hands, offering a test of strength and Rosey goes for it, and immediately regrets it. Henry uses all the strength he can muster to drive Rosey straight to his knees. Teddy Long and Stevie Richards can be seen making comparisons with Henry and Ronnie Coleman... but the confidence slowly drains from their faces as Rosey fights back to his feet.

He continues to get up, and eventually Henry kicks Rosey in the gut, sending him crashing back down to the canvas. The match up almost plays in slow motion for awhile, as Henry uses his usual limited arsenal, Splash, Powerslam, to keep Rosey down. Finally, Henry tags in Mack, who stomps all over Rosey, before remarkably dropping him with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. Mack then quickly goes for a lateral press, 1,2,NO!

Rodney flexes to the audience, pretty happy with his recent show of strength, before he tells everybody to “watch this”. He helps Rosey to his feet, before attempting a Suplex, but Rosey blocks it twice, before nailing a Suplex of his own. Both men are down as Rosey slowly crawls towards his corner, looking to make a tag... but MACK GRABS ONTO HIS LEG. Rosey is hopping around on one leg and Mack laughs at him... BUT ROSEY INCREDIBLY LANDS AN ENZUIGURI TO FREE HIMSELF FROM MACK’S GRIP! Rosey now continues to crawl towards his corner... before TAGGING IN THE FRESH HURRICANE!

Hurricane immediately lands a few right hands on Mack, before bouncing off the ropes and coming back with a huge flying Clothesline. Mack pops right back up to his feet, but he doesn’t once the superhero takes him back down with a Swinging Neck Breaker. Hurricane goes for the cover, 1,2,NO! Mack stays down despite kicking out, and Hurricane calls Rosey into the ring. Rosey lifts the Hurricane up into position for a Military Press... before he throws Hurricane down onto Mack... BUT RODNEY MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!

Mack has time to recover and tag in Jazz, whilst Hurricane simply shakes his head, rolls out of the ring, AND WALKS UP THE RAMP! Rosey calls for him to come back but he doesn’t, and Rosey soon chases after him. The ref gives Vickie the benefit of the doubt and allows her to continue the match, so she steps into the ring and takes it to Jazz, until she bounces off the ropes and Jazz Dropkicks Vickie right in her injured knee.

From here on in Jazz works on the leg... until finally Vickie makes a comeback. Vickie gets herself in a winning position, getting Jazz up for the Widow’s Peak before just crumbling to the mat. Vickie’s knee has given out on her, as she rolls around the ring in pain, and Jazz quickly grabs Victoria and locks in an ARGENTINE LEGLOCK! Stevie is shouting “I taught her that” to anybody who will listen, and despite struggling for a while... VICKIE HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO TAP OUT!

Winners: Jazz, Rodney Mack and Mark Henry via Submission @ 08:34

After the match, the whole of Thuggin and Buggin is in the ring celebrating, with Teddy shouting out that Jazz is going to be the next women’s champion.

Jonathan Coachman: Jazz just proved she’s the best in the divas division again.

Jerry Lawler: Now she just needs to do it one on one, and with the title on the line.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh she will, King, she will.

Jim Ross: I’m also a little concerned about just what is going on inside the head of The Hurricane. He hasn’t been himself for a few weeks now, and walking out on your tag team partners isn’t exactly a very superhero like action.

Jerry Lawler: As a person who’s wrestled for years I can honestly say that leaving your partner behind is one of the worst things you can possibly do.

Jonathan Coachman: Looking at your win loss ratio, you leaving would probably only help your partner.

Jerry Lawler: One of these days...

Jim Ross: We can continue this conversation another time because right now we’ve got Lilian Garcia waiting in the parking lot...

We cut straight to the parking lot where Lilian Garcia is standing by. Before she can say anything, a black stretch limo rolls up almost right at her feet. The driver quickly hops out and sprints around to the back before opening the door and out steps TRIPLE H, RIC FLAIR, RANDY ORTON and BATISTA all dressed in designer suits. Three of the four seem in good spirits, except for Batista who looks to be in a foul mood. Being the investigatory journalist that she is, Garcia walks straight towards ‘Tista.

Lilian Garcia: Dave Batista, Dave Batista, you don’t look to be in the best mood tonight, what’s on your mind?

Batista just snarls at Garcia, before shooting a dirty look towards Naitch.

Batista: Let me tell you what’s on my mind. Two weeks ago I BEAT Maven, the WWE Intercontinental Champion... Then the next week instead of getting a title shot, I get cast to the side and that reject Matt Hardy gets another chance at Maven.

Batista takes another deep breath, and Flair frowns, noticing Dave doesn’t look happy.

Batista: And then last week, I get told by Ric that I had to go out there and help Hardy beat Maven. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to be a part of Evolution, but it seems like everybody in this damn group is getting opportunities except for me... An...

Flair guides Garcia’s hand towards his mouth, taking the mic from Batista.

Ric Flair: And nothing... Dave Batista... you are a monster... you are an animal... you’re the EVOLUTION BY GOD WOOOOOOOOOOOOO ENFORCER... and I’ve got a surprise for you tonight.

‘Tista still doesn’t look completely sold.

Ric Flair: It’s gonna’ blow your mind, big man, it’s gonna’ blow your mind. You’ve just gotta’ wait a little while because I want to keep it as a surprise for a little bit longer...

Batista shakes his head, mutters under his breath and begins to walk away.


The Evolution Enforcer doesn’t acknowledge Flair, whilst Flair seems rather happy with himself.

Lilian Garcia: Ric, can you elaborate on the surprise you’ve got for Batista tonight?

Flair gets a cocky smirk on his face.

Ric Flair: I can’t do that, you’re just gonna’ have to wait like everybody else. But I guarantee you that it will shake the foundations of the entire Raw brand...

Garcia goes to turn in the direction of HHH and Orton, however Flair grabs her by the arm and drags her back.


Flair then struts off screen as Garcia regathers herself and turns towards Orton and Triple H.

Lilian Garcia: Triple H, Randy, you guys seem pretty relaxed considering you’ll be in action against the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit, and a partner of his choosing tonight...

Orton goes to speak, but Trips cuts in front of him. Orton grimaces a little, but mainly holds in his emotions.

Triple H: Of course we’re confident, of course we’re relaxed. We’re Evolution, you’re looking at Randy Orton, a third generation superstar... a future World Champion... and the man who will carry this business on his shoulders. And you’re looking at me, Triple H... The Game... the next World Heavyweight Champion and the man who currently carries this business on his shoulders.

Triple H pauses, takes a breath and smirks. Orton just seems to stand still, emotionless in the background.

Triple H: We’re confident because we are the two best wrestlers in this entire business. It doesn’t matter who Benoit finds to be his partner tonight, because no two men can compare to me and Randy.

This time Orton smirks, as Hunter pauses to take a breath.

Triple H: We know that Benoit probably won’t even be able to find a partner. Who in their right mind would want to step in the ring against two members of Evolution?

Trips pauses.

Triple H: Nobody...

Hunter smirks again.

Triple H: Nobody is going to step to the plate. Nobody is going to be Chris Benoit’s saviour, tonight is going to be me and Randy against Benoit, and everybody is going to get just a little
taste of what’s to come at Vengeance...

The Game then snarls into the camera before looking back at Orton

Triple H: Let’s go, kid.

Trips smirks at Lilian before walking off screen, however Randy sticks around, ready to speak. Hunter then walks back into the shot, says to Orton “come on, let’s go”, and Orton does exactly what he’s told. As they walk off screen, a last minute view of Orton’s face shows him grimacing, perhaps sick of taking orders from Triple H.


From here we head to the General Manager’s office. ERIC BISCHOFF sits behind his desk, sporting his usual leather jacket, and wearing an arrogant smirk across his clean shaven face. Meanwhile on the other side of the desk, with a can of beer in his hand is Sheriff STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN. Austin has an old school 3:16 t-shirt on as well as he’s casual cut off denim shorts, but he doesn’t seem in a casual mood, glaring a whole through Easy E.

Eric Bischoff: Well I’m glad you could join me, Steve.

The Bisch lets out a toothy grin, as Austin’s blood begins to boil already.

Eric Bischoff: I mean, I know you must be busy scrambling all over the place for a last minute replacement to fill in for Shawn Michaels at Vengeance... I know... I know it MUST be tough, knowing that in just a few weeks time your “illustrious career”, and I do use that term lightly, will be coming to an end at the hands of Bill Goldberg... and myself.

Austin still looks unimpressed, as Bischoff is just being his usual, cocky self.

Eric Bischoff: But you know what, I’ve had a change of heart. As much as the fans love to hate me, and despite the way I act to bring in the ratings, I really am a good guy. This is why I am willing to give you a chance of a lifetime tonight, I am willing to give you an opportunity that will save you from the embarrassment that is heading your way at Vengeance...

Bischoff seems a little more serious now.

Eric Bischoff: I am willing to allow you to get on your knees right now, and BEG for my forgiveness, and I’ll forget all about Vengeance, and speak to Vince McMahon about keeping you on as my own personal assistant. What do you say, Steve?

Despite them being in the office, the heat the audience gives for this statement in the arena actually carries through to the office. The ovation is so loud that Austin actually isn’t able to reply straight away. Austin has a smirk on his face now, whilst Eric’s toothy grin is back.

Stone Cold: As much as I appreciate your ‘kind’ offer, I think you can go to hell. I’ve never quit before, and I ain’t about to start now and that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Eric’s grin disappears as Austin gets fired up.

Stone Cold: You sit there with your little pompous smirk, thinkin’ you look like a million bucks in your outdated leather jacket but ya’ really just look like an ass...

Eric Bischoff: Hey, you can’t talk to me like th-...

Stone Cold: SHUT UP!

Bischoff silences with a gulp.

Stone Cold: I hope you keep sittin’ there thinkin’ you’ve got this in the bag, because after Vengeance you’re gonna’ be the one out of a job.

The Raw GM seems to have regained his composure, as he slightly snarls at Austin, who’s had the same intense look in his eyes since the beginning of this conversation.

Eric Bischoff: It’s all well and good to talk a big fight, but I don’t know if you can back it up. I’m a business man, I always have a plan b, not that I even need one... I am talking big right now, because Bill Goldberg can fight big. You’re talking big but do you even have a plan b? Shawn Michaels is a hell of a wrestler, but he’s no Goldberg...

Bischoff pauses, adding emphasis to his last sentence.

Eric Bischoff: And who’s to say Shawn is even going to show up? You went and had a nice Texan reunion at some dump of a bar last week in San Antonio but that proves nothing. What are you going to do if Shawn Michaels doesn’t want to be your representative?

There’s a huge pause where Austin has nothing to say, and when Eric realises this, he lets out his biggest grin of the night.

Eric Bischoff: See, you haven’t even thought of a plan b, have you? Well being the nice guy that I am I’ll give you one... I heard Taka Michinoku is currently out of work, maybe you can recruit him...

Bischoff laughs out loud at his joke, as Austin remains stoic.

Stone Cold: Laugh it up well you still can. If there’s one guy I know in this business that’s got the same amount of fight in him as ole’ Stone Cold... its Shawn Michaels. I don’t need a plan b, because my plan a is bullet proof.

Eric rolls his eyes.

Stone Cold: Now I’m gonna’ keep fillin’ myself with liquor for the night... and for next week... and for the week after that... and when it’s all said and done... The Heartbreak Kid will beat Goldberg’s ass, and I’ll beat yours... And that’s the bottom line on that subject, son.

Both men now glare at each other, both still strong in their beliefs... both thinking they have the upper hand... yet in just a couple of weeks time... only one will still have a job.

{Commercial Break}

*Video Plays*

Narrator: Championships have been won.

Chris Benoit forcing Triple H to submit at WrestleMania.

Narrator: Lives have been ruined.

‘The Game’ pulling his hair out after losing at ‘Mania.

Narrator: But after every huge event.

Benoit and Eddie Guerrero hugging at WrestleMania.

Narrator: There’s a Backlash.

A clip of Benoit forcing Goldberg to submit...

This cuts to...

Triple H nailing the Pedigree on Shawn Michaels.

Narrator: And now that the Backlash is over.

Triple H and Randy Orton stare down Chris Benoit in the ring.

Narrator: VENGEANCE... will be served.

“WWE Vengeance, June 13th, 2004, Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio.”

*Video ends*

Jim Ross: Vengeance is going to take place in just a few weeks time and what a show it is set to be!

Jerry Lawler: I’ve got to say that despite our General Manager Eric Bischoff and Sheriff Austin not getting along, they’ve still been able to put together quite the card for Vengeance so far.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s the way Raw goes, we always do it big, baby. And it shouldn’t be a shock that Vengeance could be pay per view of the year, because Raw puts on the biggest show every single time. And after Vengeance, when Stone Cold Steve Austin is out of a job, Eric Bischoff will continue to entertain millions across the world... just like he has for the past two years.

Jerry Lawler: It could be Eric Bischoff who’s out of a job, Coach...

Jonathan Coachman: I’m not even going to dignify that ludicrous statement with a response.

Jim Ross: That’s right folks, one of these two men will be out of a job after Vengeance. Two weeks ago the chairman of the board Vince McMahon himself appeared on Raw and announced that both men would pick a representative to fight for them at Vengeance, and whoever’s representative loses at Vengeance will be out of a job.

Jerry Lawler: As we already know, Bischoff has chosen the ruthless Goldberg to be his representative, and Stone Cold has been pursuing the services of Shawn Michaels.

Jonathan Coachman: Just like The Rock said, Shawn Michaels is passed his prime and needs to hang up the boots. Austin expects Michaels to show up tonight and take the role as his representative at Vengeance, but I don’t even think Shawn has the guts to be able to do that. Austin probably should have taken the easy way out and just bowed down to Bischoff tonight.

Jim Ross: A lot is still up in the air regarding that situation, but one thing’s for sure, Stone Cold will never take the easy way out.

Jerry Lawler: The World Tag Team Championships will also be on the line as Booker T and Rob Van Dam will defend against Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak.

Jim Ross: The young up and comers were very impressive in their win over The Dudley Boyz to earn their shot at the gold, and they seemed to have shown a more focused streak over the past couple of weeks, but I’m not sure they can hang with the champs.

Jerry Lawler: Since WrestleMania, the champions have taken on all comers and beaten them all too.

Jonathan Coachman: They have but that doesn’t mean squat. They are crumbling at the seams and despite RVD’s attempts at making things right with Booker, I think it’s only a matter of time before they combust.

Jim Ross: It was announced earlier tonight and it has been confirmed through our backstage sources that Victoria will be defending her WWE Championship against Jazz in a rematch from Backlash.

Jerry Lawler: With all the inside information coming from Stevie Richards, and Jazz already being as lethal as she is, Victoria could struggle to get the job done again.

Jim Ross: Victoria has the heart, grit and fight of a true competitor though, King.

Jerry Lawler: It’s true, you can never count her out.

Jonathan Coachman: Are you old timers kidding me? Did you not see Jazz force Vickie to submit earlier tonight? The same will happen at Vengeance as the discrimination against coloured superstars on Raw will finally come to an end.

Jerry Lawler: Don’t get me started...

Jonathan Coachman: Racist...

Jim Ross: And of course the other match we are currently looking forward to is the main event which will be Chris Benoit defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Triple H and Randy Orton. Bischoff seems to have really stacked the odds in favour of Evolution for this one, but I for one won’t count out ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ because I believe he’s for real.

Jerry Lawler: Benoit is arguably the greatest technical wrestler of all time, he can pull out a win from anywhere, and it just makes him so dangerous no matter what the odds.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh come on, King, this isn’t Bret Hart against two hopeless numbskulls like Isaac Yankem and yourself... this is...

Jerry Lawler: Keep going, Coach, keep going...

Jonathan Coachman: This is Triple H and Randy Orton. Chris Benoit has had a great run and has been a great story, but all good things come to an end.

Jim Ross: Well as you can see Vengeance is definitely shaping up to be one for the ages but now we’ll head to the ring where Val Venis awaits the arrival of ‘The Big Red Machine’, Kane.

We then see VAL VENIS inside the ring, bouncing off the ropes, waiting for his fearful opponent...

***Slow Chemical*** Venis absolutely shits himself as the pyro goes off on each side of the ring. As KANE steps through the curtain and walks to the ring with a purpose, the audience don’t really give him heat, instead a sense of awe almost going around the arena, as nobody is sure of just what Kane will do tonight.

Jim Ross: Val Venis is a hell of an athlete, but this could get ugly tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: Could get ugly? This will be ugly...

Jerry Lawler: Val might not be able to make any new movies after this, guys.

Jonathan Coachman: For once we agree on something, King. There’s absolutely no way Val is getting out of this one in good shape, especially considering the mood Kane has been in as of late.

Match #2
Kane vs. Val Venis
As Kane hops onto the ring apron, Venis charges across the ring and hammers him with a few forearms. Having the big man rocked, Val then takes a couple of steps back and charges at Kane, landing one more forearm with some momentum behind him. Kane jumps off of the apron clearly a little staggered, whilst ‘The Big Valbowski’ climbs to the top rope... AND QUICKLY JUMPS OFF... BUT KANE CATCHES HIM... AND RAMS HIM SPINE FIRST INTO THE STEEL RING POST!

The gasps from the audience echo throughout the arena as Kane maintains his grip, and RAMS VENIS INTO THE POST ON TWO MORE OCCASIONS! ‘The Big Red Machine’ checks his mouth, making sure he’s not bleeding from the early shots he received, before he picks Venis up, and methodically rolls him into the ring. Kane is quick to follow his downed opponent, and he then begins choking the life out of Venis. The referee’s count reaches four before Kane releases his grip and glares at the ref, who scoots across to the other side of the ring.

Kane doesn’t even think about a cover, instead bringing Venis to his feet, and then rocking him with a HUGE UPPERCUT! Val staggers into the corner, and Kane whips him into the opposite corner. Venis staggers from the corner, clutching his back, and walks straight into a SIDE WALK SLAM! Kane then goes for a lateral press...ONE...TWO...VENIS KICKS OUT!

Kane gets a huge grin on his face, happy with the idea of being able to inflict more punishment on his opponent. ‘The Big Red Machine’ heads to the apron, before beginning the climb to the top rope... He then waits for Venis to get to his feet and when he does, KANE GOES FOR A CLOTHESLINE FROM THE TOP ROPE... BUT VENIS DROPKICKS HIM IN MID AIR... Val quickly crawls across the ring... and drapes an arm over Kane... ONE...KANE IMMEDIATELY KICKS OUT!

Val gets to his feet, albeit a little groggily, and has a shocked look on his face AS KANE SITS UP! Kane quickly gets to his feet, and Venis meets him with a right hand... followed by another, and another, and another... The big man’s really rocking now, as Venis bounces off the ropes for some extra momentum and goes for a Clothesline... KANE DUCKS, SPINS VAL AROUND... BUT VAL BEATS HIM TO THE PUNCH NAILING ANOTHER RIGHT HAND... THEN KICK TO THE GUT... DDT! Val hooks the leg... ONE... KANE POWERS OUT, THROWING VENIS ACROSS THE RING!

Val realises his chance is now, heading to the top rope, and once Kane gets to his feet, VAL GOES FOR A CROSSBODY BUT KANE CATCHES VAL IN MID AIR... KANE MANEUVRES VAL INTO A POWERSLAM POSITION... BUT VAL SLIDES OFF KANE’S SHOULDER, BOUNCES OFF THE ROPES... AND RUNS RIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT! Kane looks ultra pissed off now, checking his mouth for blood, before grabbing Val around the throat with two hands and showing tremendous strength bringing him to his feet like that. As the crowd gasp at the incredible show of strength, KANE REALSES ONE HAND FROM VAL’S THROAT... LIFTS HIM SEVEN FEET INTO THE AIR... AND ALMOST KILLS HIM WITH A DEVASTATING CHOKESLAM. Kane then goes for a lateral press, ONE...TWO...THREE!

Winner: Kane via pinfall @ 04:00

Kane doesn’t bother celebrating, instead just stepping out of the ring, and walking up the ramp rather quickly, almost as if he had somewhere to be.

Jim Ross: Credit to Val Venis for putting in a good effort, but at the end of the day, Kane was just far too good.

Jerry Lawler: Forgot Val for a minute, I don’t think ANYBODY could beat Kane tonight. He was just dominant.

Jonathan Coachman: For once I agree with you guys. I’d love to see you in the ring with Kane, King, NOW THAT would be hilarious...

Jerry Lawler: I’d love to get in the ring with you...

Jonathan Coachman: Ten years ago I would have done it, but I’m scared I’ll give you a heart attack, old timer.

From here we cut to the locker room of Evolution. Inside we see BATISTA still glaring at RIC FLAIR, both men now in their wrestling gear. Flair seems his usual charismatic, confident self, not noticing the way ‘Tista is looking at him. Meanwhile, in the background, TRIPLE H can be shown talking on his cell phone, whilst RANDY ORTON is lazing on the couch, making out with some glamorous looking woman. Finally, Batista speaks up.

Batista: Enough is enough, Ric. I’m in my gear and I’m still pissed off...

Flair just smirks.

Ric Flair: And I can understand that completely big man, but by god, is your luck about to change.

Naitch slaps Batista on the chest as he says this.

Ric Flair: I told you all week I had a secret for you and here it is... Eric Bischoff came to me during the week and said that due to the issue not being finished, despite you beating Maven, he wants Matt Hardy to get another shot at the Intercontinental Title at Vengeance...

Big Dave looks steamed.


Flair takes a step back, a little startled at the aggression of the Evolution Enforcer.

Ric Flair: But I spoke to Bischoff... and right here tonight, he has given US a title shot...

Batista: Us?

The big man still looks sceptical, as Flair now wears a toothy grin.

Ric Flair: That’s right, us. Right here tonight we are going to face Booker T and Rob Van Dam for the World Tag Team Titles!

Batista now gets a huge grin on his face also.


Batista, seemingly all happy again, slaps Ric some five.


The two then walk out of the locker room, doing a variety of knee lifts and what not. They look extremely upbeat as the cameras follow them all the way to the gorilla position... and then...

***Line In The Sand*** The catchy theme hits and there’s a minor pop, which quickly disintegrates into heat as BATISTA and ‘The Nature Boy’ RIC FLAIR step through the curtain. Batista looks rather menacing as per usual, whilst Flair pulls off his patented strut half way down the ramp, which causes the arena to echo with “WOOOOOOOOOOOO’s” coming from all directions.

Jonathan Coachman: Feast your eyes on the new World Tag Team Champions, old timers.

Jim Ross: This match is definitely one hell of a surprise, I have to wonder if Booker T and Rob Van Dam even know they’re scheduled to compete.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t think it really matters, JR. Booker and Van Dam are two of the best talents on Raw, they were thrown together one night just for the sake of it, and they become the champions. The deck will be stacked against them if your suspicions are true, but you can’t right the champions off.

By this point in time, Flair and Batista are in the ring awaiting the arrival of the champions, but they don’t make an appearance... We continue to wait...


Until the titantron comes to life...

And it shows BOOKER T and ROB VAN DAM both still in their street clothes, chilling in the Raw communal locker room. Then all of a sudden some backstage jobber (think TKOW) barges into the locker room, gaining the attention of the champions.

Booker T: What the hell?

Booker’s a little startled, whereas Van Dam is as cool as ever.

Rob Van Dam: Dude, you look a little stressed. What’s up?

Jobber still has his hands on his knees, out of breath. He takes a few more breaths before finally speaking.

Backstage Worker: Mister Bischoff has sent me to inform you guys that he’s booked you to defend your titles against Batista and Ric Flair tonight...

Van Dam just nods, whilst Booker’s eyes BULGE out of his head, even more so than usual.

Backstage Worker: And the match is next.

Rob Van Dam: Thanks, dude.

As the backstage worker leaves, Van Dam calmly begins loosening up, whilst Booker is stressing, throwing things everywhere, looking for his wrestling boots.


We then quickly cut back to ringside where Batista and Flair talk over strategy in the ring.

Jim Ross: The champions had no idea they were even competing tonight, and now they’re expected to compete in just a matter of moments. It’s not exactly fair but it’s going to happen. We’ve got to head to a commercial break but still to come we’ve got Scott Steiner up against Goldberg...

Jonathan Coachman: BUT coming up next we’ll crown NEW champions when Batista and Ric Flair take the titles from Booker T and Rob Van Dam.

{Commercial Break}

***Can You Dig It, Sucka/One Of A Kind Remix*** The song is greeted by a VERY LOUD pop as the mega over World Tag Team Champions step through the curtain. BOOKER T has an intense look on his face, stomping down the ramp, whilst ROB VAN DAM continues to be his laid back self. Booker doesn’t even set off his usual pyro at the top of the ramp, whilst RVD still stops and chants his name along with the ring announcer and the fans. This irritates Booker who looks back and yells “c’mon, Rob”, so Van Dam continues his slow strut down the ramp.

Jonathan Coachman: In all honesty, I absolutely love Booker T as a wrestler, I always have. I think he has all the tools yet he continues to be held down by Van Dam.

Jerry Lawler: They’re the World Tag Team Champions, that’s pretty good if you ask me.

Jonathan Coachman: I didn’t ask you...

Jim Ross: Either way, Coach, just because RVD has this calm attitude, don’t let that fool you. He is always ready to go.

Jerry Lawler: Whatever it is, these two certainly need to get on the same page, because after tonight, it could be Ric Flair and Batista defending the titles against Cade and Jindrak at Vengeance.

Match #3: World Tag Team Championship Match;
Booker T and Rob Van Dam vs. Batista and Ric Flair
Booker T and Ric Flair decide to start things out, and they circle the ring timidly, before they attempt to lock up... but Flair sidesteps Booker, and coolly runs his hands through his slicked back hair. The five time WCW Champion shakes his head, as Flair is worsening Booker’s mood, when they attempt to lock up again, yet Flair does the exact same thing. This time Booker gets right in Flair’s face and says “what the hell’s wrong with you”, and FLAIR RESPONDS WITH A HARSH SLAP ACROSS BOOKER’S FACE!.

The gasps from the crowd quickly turn into WOOOOOO’S as Flair lets out one of his own, before Booker meets him with right hand after right hand after right. Flair’s rocking and reeling now, as he slowly backs into the corner, and Booker continues his assault of right hands, adding in some chops before he whips Flair into the opposite corner. Booker charges across the ring, but runs straight into a boot face. ‘The Nature Boy’ then charges out of the corner, only to be Back Body Dropped.

Flair gets to his knees, pleading with Booker for no more, and as Booker gets close, Flair pokes him in the eye. ‘Naitch’ then lands a few chops, before tagging in Batista who quickly lands a few knees to the mid section before taking down Booker with a Scoop Slam and going for the cover, ONE...TWO...Booker kicks out!

‘Tista brings Booker back to his feet before sending him to the ropes, yet when he comes back, Batista misses a Clothesline... AND BOOKER LANDS A SIDEKICK! ‘The Book Man’ then rushes to tag in RVD, who heads straight to the top rope, AND LANDS A FLYING KICK TO BATISTA’S FACE! Batista somehow stays on his feet, but staggers into his team’s corner and Flair makes the tag, charging Straight into a SPINNING HEEL KICK! RVD goes for the cover...ONE...TWO...NO!

Van Dam is quick to bring Flair to his feet, before whipping him into the corner. Van Dam then charges and lands two big shoulders to Flair’s mid section, before performing a Monkey Flip. Van Dam then heads to team Evolution’s corner with Flair in good position... and GOES UP FOR A SPLIT LEGGED MOONSAULT... BUT BATISTA LANDS A STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND, KNOCKING VAN DAM OFF THE ROPES! This allows Flair to crawl to Batista and make a tag, and Batista immediately begins stomping a hole in Van Dam.

From here it’s Evolution dominating RVD, whilst Booker gets more and more frustrated out on the apron. After numerous quick tags and near pinfall attempts, Flair is back into action and begins some vintage Flair action, as he works on the knee of Van Dam. Eventually he softens him up enough and LOCKS IN THE FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK! The pain is excruciating for RVD as he yells and screams like a lunatic, clawing at the canvas, trying his best to get to the ropes... and finally... HE GETS THERE!

Flair looks majorly pissed as he’s forced to break the hold. He then brings Van Dam to his feet, and lands several chops, each followed by a WOOOOO from the crowd, and a huge one from Flair to. However, this momentarily lapse of concentration allows RVD to go for a kick to the mid section, Flair catches the foot... AND VAN DAM SCORES WITH A STEP OVER SPINNING WHEEL KICK!

The crowd try and lift Van Dam as Booker claps along, but Flair is the first to make the tag, and the ‘Evolution Enforcer’ comes into the ring, in a world of confidence. He drags Van Dam to his knees, before signalling the end is near... AND HE GETS HIM UP FOR THE BATISTA BOMB... BUT VAN DAM IS ABLE TO FIGHT HARD, NOT LET ‘TISTA GET INTO POSITION... AND COUNTER WITH A FACE BUSTER!

The fans go ballistic again, as does Booker, and this time VAN DAM TAGS IN THE FRESH BOOKER T! The five time WCW Champion charges into the ring, ducking a Batista Clothesline, before taking him down with one of his own. Flair quickly hops into the ring, only for Booker to drop him with a right hand, and then Booker begins to work on Batista, backing him up into the corner. There Booker lands a few more chops, before hoisting Batista up onto the top rope... BOOKER IS QUICK TO FOLLOW UP... AND HE NAILS A SUPERPLEX... BEFORE DRAPING AN ARM OVER BATISTA... ONE...TWO...SHOULDER UP!

Booker is poised now though, as he waits for Batista to begin getting up, and then Booker bounces off of the ropes... but FLAIR GRABS HOLD OF HIS LEG AND DRAGS HIM OUT OF THE RING! As Booker takes care of Flair on the outside, and the referee is distracted, RVD comes in and lands Rolling Thunder on Batista.

Eventually Booker and the ref get back into the ring, yet Flair soon follows, and Booker is forced to throw Flair back out over the top rope. This gives Batista time to recover, and when Booker turns, he turns straight into a SPINEBUSTER FROM ‘THE ANIMAL’. Batista lets out a ferocious Raw, before drawing his thumb across his throat, claiming that the end is near for the second time tonight.


Booker goes for the cover, but the referee tells him he’s not the legal man... and Booker rolls off of Batista confused... and RVD COMES FROM THE TOP WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! As Van Dam sells the move, a pissed off Booker knocks Flair loopy with one more right hand, before VAN DAM MAKES THE COVER...ONE...TWO...THREE!

Winners: Booker T and Rob Van Dam via Pinfall @ 13:24

Booker half heartedly helps Van Dam to his feet, asking him why he tagged himself in, but Van Dam just hugs Booker, jubilant with the victory. The referee then hands them their titles, and rather than celebrate, Booker quickly leaves the ring, and a confused Van Dam soon follows.

Jim Ross: Well the champions still seem to have some problems to work out, despite their impressive victory over former champions Flair and Batista tonight.

Jerry Lawler: It looks to me like Booker T needs to sort out his ego?

Jonathan Coachman: Are you kidding me? Van Dam is the one who needs to learn to become a team player, and if he can’t do that soon, they’re in trouble when they face Cade and Jindrak.

Jim Ross: We’ll have to continue this debate another time partners... BECAUSE HERE COMES THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION...

Jerry Lawler: You’re right, it’s Maven...

Jonathan Coachman: What the hell is he doing here?

Funnily enough, MAVEN IS SPRINTING DOWN THE RAMP, much to the delight of the fans in attendance...

Flair and Batista are both in the ring, shitting bricks, not sure what to do because MAVEN HAS A STEEL CHAIR WITH HIM!


This momentary distraction allows Batista to clobber Maven from behind. Maven drops the chair, as Batista hammers away, causing Maven to collapse to the canvas.

Jonathan Coachman: He’s in trouble now.

Flair has now begun making his way to the back, as Batista picks up the steel chair. He waits for Maven to get to his feet... AND CHARGES... BUT MAVEN DROPKICKS THE STEEL CHAIR INTO BATISTA’S FACE!

The pop is a fairly good one, as ‘Tista drops the steel chair, and staggers through the ropes and to the outside.

Jim Ross: What a shot by Maven.

Maven follows Batista outside the ring, and slowly begins taking apart the Spanish announce table...

All of a sudden, the fans begin to boo, and Maven looks a little confused until...


Jerry Lawler: Wow!

Jonathan Coachman: There ya’ go, baby.

Hardy now finishes the job, removing the monitors from the Spanish announce table, as Batista is now backing up.

He pushes Hardy out of the way... before grabbing Maven, and hopping onto the announce table with Maven.

Jim Ross: Oh come on. This could PARALYZE THE KID DAMN IT!

Batista puts Maven’ head between his legs... takes a deep breath... gets him up... AND SMASHES MAVEN THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE WITH A BATISTA BOMB!


Jerry Lawler: Did you hear the thud that went through this arena?

Hardy jumps up and down with glee, laughing, before offering Batista a high five. Batista looks at Hardy, shakes his head... AND PLANTS HIM WITH A SPINEBUSTER ON THE COLD, HARD CONCRETE!

Jonathan Coachman: Oh no, not Matt Hardy! Somebody’s got to stop this, this is truly getting out of hand.

As Batista roars into the camera, having truly lost it, the EMT’s begin sprinting down the ramp, having two patients to check on as we head to the back.


And we see ROB VAN DAM having finally caught up to BOOKER T in the hallway.

Rob Van Dam: What’s your problem, man?

Booker’s eyes open wide.

Booker T: My problem? Your ass is the one hoggin’ the spotlight...

RVD looks exasperated.

Rob Van Dam: The spotlight? Are you kidding me? It’s not about the spotlight, it’s about us retaining the gold.

Booker T: If it ain’t about the spotlight, then why’d you tag yourself back in to get the pin?

Rob Van Dam: Dude, I thought you were you in trouble.

Booker just shakes his head and walks away, as RVD doesn’t really seem like he knows what to do. Eventually RVD goes after Booker again... but the camera leaves them and heads around a corner nearby, where the number one contender’s for Vengeance, GARRISON CADE and MARK JINDRAK can be seen with shit eating grins, believing that the champions could possibly be falling apart...

{Commercial Break}

Once we return from the commercial break, we head back into the office of the Raw General Manager, ERIC BISCHOFF. Bischoff is seated behind his desk, feet up, with a big smirk on his face, whilst Sheriff STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN sits on the couch on the other side of the room. Austin doesn’t seem to look as confident as he did earlier, just sitting there stoically.

Eric Bischoff: What’s the matter, Steve?

Austin looks at Bischoff, and shakes his head. Easy E just laughs to himself, knowing exactly what Austin would love to do to him right now.

Eric Bischoff: You don’t seem as sure of yourself as you were earlier...

Again, nothing from Austin, as Bischoff continues to try and have him lose his temper.

Eric Bischoff: Why are you so calm, Steve? I’d be angry as hell if I were... Wait, wait, I’ve got it... you’re hiding Shawn Michaels somewhere aren’t you?

Austin looks at Bischoff with evil eyes, not believing the shit Bischoff is spinning.

Eric Bischoff: Come out, come out, wherever you are, Shawn? Come on, Michaels...

Easy E laughs out loud, as he mockingly gets up and looks behind the curtains to see if Shawn is ‘hiding’ there...

Eventually Bischoff sits back down, opens up his desk draw, and pulls out a can of beer. He cracks it open, before taking a small mouthful.

Eric Bischoff: Ah, that tastes so good... almost as good as victory... but that will come at Vengeance... because you need to get it through your THICK head Steve... Shawn isn’t coming!

Stone Cold gets up, walks around the desk... AND LIFTS BISCHOFF UP BY THE COLLAR! Bischoff gulps, not laughing anymore, as Austin looks like he may strike at any moment.

Stone Cold: You better shut your mouth, ya’ silly little bastard. Ole’ Stone Cold don’t take that kind of crap from anybody... you wanna’ run your little mouth off about the taste of victory, well lemme’ tell you somethin’, you keep going and you’re gonna’ taste an ass kicking!

Austin throws Bischoff back onto his chair, before taking a few steps back.

Stone Cold: So you better hope Shawn Michaels does get his ass to this arena tonight... because if not... your ass belongs to Stone Cold Steve Austin...

Sheriff Austin then storms out of Bischoff’s office, whilst Bischoff angrily throws the can of beer to the floor, his plan of being a smart ass not exactly working out as well as he thought it would.


We then cut to the communal locker room, where there is a bunch of jobbers hanging around, and in a corner, clearly secluded, sits THE HURRICANE. The Superhero is untying his boots, when ROSEY barges into the locker room, causing everybody to look towards the doorway. Rosey stares everybody down, clearly pissed off, and the jobbers all look away, as Rosey approaches his tag team partner.

Rosey: What the HELL is going on with you?

The Hurricane barely looks up.

Rosey: You just left me out there to get my ass handed to me, now be a MAN and answer me... What the HELL is up with you?

Rosey has his hands on his hips, frustrated, as his partner still won’t look him in the eye.

The Hurricane: Nothing.

Rosey: Nothing? Are you serious? That’s all you’ve got to say, nothing?

The Hurricane: Yep. Nothing.

Rosey lets out an annoyed sigh.

The Hurricane: Listen... I apologize. I really do... I had some stuff to deal with... it has been taken care of, can we just leave it at that?

Rosey sighs again, taking a few moments to think things through, as Hurricane finally looks him in the eye.

Rosey: Yeah, of course. After all, I am the S.H.I.T, and I can’t be trained without my superhero mentor!

Hurricane even seems to roll his eyes at that one, as Rosey sits down next to him, and the two seem to be back to normal as they chat away...


Cut to ringside.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw ladies and gentleman, and we just witnessed a couple of interesting scenarios take place backstage. Firstly, we heard that Stone Cold’s chosen representative for Vengeance, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels still hasn’t arrived, which means he hasn’t accepted the offer.

Jerry Lawler: Eric Bischoff really made sure Austin knew Michaels wasn’t here to. Bischoff should watch himself from here on in, because Austin likes to trash talk, so you know he’s really mad when he doesn’t say too much.

Jonathan Coachman: And he has a right to be mad, but not with Eric Bischoff, with Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels built his reputation ten years ago on never backing down, yet he’s nowhere to be seen... Maybe The Rock was right after all.

Jim Ross: And The Hurricane and Rosey seem to be back on track...

Jonathan Coachman: Who cares?

Before any of the commentators can respond, namely ‘The King’, who really seems to be hating on The Coach tonight...


***Break The Walls Down*** The pop is freaking enormous once the crowd recovers from the pyro, as the ‘highlight of the night’, ‘Y2J’, CHRIS JERICHO steps through the curtain. Dressed in a black button up shirt, and grey skin tight leather pants, Jericho looks like a typical rock star. He slaps hands with the fans, although he’s not as upbeat as usual, forgoing his usual flashy entrance, and instead just walking down the ramp.

Jim Ross: Also still to come tonight is Chris Benoit and a partner of his choosing against Triple H and Randy Orton, as well as Goldberg against Scott Steiner... but right now, we’re joined by Chris Jericho!

Jonathan Coachman: What the hell is he doing out here? He’s not scheduled to be here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: I guess he has something to say about his long time friend Lance Storm turning his back on him a couple of weeks ago.

Jonathan Coachman: Well, this isn’t Memphis, King. This isn’t bush league, this is Monday night Raw. You can’t just do whatever you want.

Lawler actually takes his headset off for a moment, clearly pissed off with The Coach, who can be heard chuckling over the broadcast...

Jericho now has a microphone in hand, as his music dies down and he prepares to speak.

Chris Jericho: Rockford, Illinois...

A huge cheap pop is heard for the MEGA over Jericho, who lets out a quick smirk.

Chris Jericho: Welcome to... RAW...IS...JERICHO!

Yet another huge pop, followed by a short lived ‘Y2J’ chant.

Chris Jericho: You’re all going to have to forgive me tonight, as I’m probably not going to be the Chris Jericho you’re used to. I’m not out here to be the highlight of the night... I’m not out here to be the ‘Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla’... I’m out here for serious business.

Jericho pauses as the fans don’t really know how to react.

Chris Jericho: I got offered to host the Highlight Reel by Stone Cold Steve Austin during the week, but I turned it down. In the mood I’m in right now, I don’t care for flash carpets, for fancy monitors or any of that crap... tonight I’m not Chris Jericho, the larger than life rock star... tonight I’m Chris Jericho... the pissed off son of a bitch!

A nice pop from the audience, but Jericho doesn’t seem to really care.

Chris Jericho: I’ve been walking around the locker room since before WrestleMania in a really bad mood, and despite making Christian tap like a ballerina at Backlash... not much has changed.

Another pop from the fans, but Jericho still doesn’t seem all that pleased.

Chris Jericho: He’s hobbling around on crutches, yet he’s getting private boxes, living the luxurious life... well I’m getting beaten and battered left right and centre from everybody.

The fans give heat for the way one of their favourites has been treated.

Chris Jericho: And to be honest... I’m getting tired of it real fast!

Jericho has an angry look on his face, as the fans pop.

Chris Jericho: Now I’m not going to get too much into it, but we all know how the story goes. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl... girl turns into a trash bag hoe... girl hooks up with boys best friend... war is waged... and somehow the new couples six foot six pet goat gets involved...

Cheering and laughter can be heard for Jericho’s joke, but again, he doesn’t seem all that concerned.

Chris Jericho: But those three jackasses, whilst still being involved... and they will get what’s coming to them, they are not who I want to deal with right now. The man I want to talk about right now is the man who attacked me two weeks ago for no reason, and then beat me down again last week... that man is Lance Storm!

A huge amount of heat can be heard, not so much because Storm is a mega heel, but because Jericho has a problem with him.

Chris Jericho: So Lance, get your BORING ass out here RIGHT NOW!


***Perfect Storm*** The heat is probably the loudest Storm has got in his career, as LANCE STORM steps through the curtain. Storm is wearing a t-shirt with the Canadian flag on it, as well as a pair of denim jeans. He walks down the ramp, meaning business like usual, as a slight “boring” chant can be heard emanating from the fans.

Jim Ross: I’m not sure it’s such a smart move for Storm to step in the ring with Jericho, given the mood Jericho seems to be in.

Jonathan Coachman: Don’t worry, JR, Storm definitely knows how to handle himself.

Jerry Lawler: This should be one interesting confrontation. I wonder if we’ll get an answer to the question on everybody’s mind... why did Lance Storm attack Chris Jericho.

Storm gets in the ring, gets given a microphone, and gets right in the face of Jericho. Both men’s jaws clench up, the anticipation building, before Jericho begins to speak again...

Chris Jericho: The reason why I asked you out here Lance, is because a lot of people don’t know this, but you were actually a really good friend of mine...

Jericho shakes his head, whilst Storm stands still, emotionless.

Chris Jericho: We trained in the Hart Brothers Wrestling Camp down in Calgary... we had our very first professional wrestling match together and what a match it was... it ended in a draw.

Jericho looks almost disappointed, but Storm still has no reaction whatsoever.

Chris Jericho: We went on our first tours of Japan together... we joined ECW around about the same time...

Jericho’s cut off, as the usual “E C DUBBYA, E C DUBBYA” chants begin echoing throughout the arena.

Chris Jericho: Our careers crossed paths again and again... and even now we are still in the same company together. You were the first real friend I had in this business...

‘Y2J’ looks pretty annoyed/hurt, whilst Storm continues to stare a whole through Jericho.

Chris Jericho: They say when you get to the big leagues watch out because everybody changes once they get an ego. The one guy I thought I could trust... the one guy I thought would never change was you... now what I want to know is... why?

The audience begins to stir as this is what they’ve been waiting for.

Chris Jericho: The floor is yours, tell me now... why’d you turn your back on me?

Storm finally shows a sign of life, as he moves the microphone up to his mouth.

Lance Storm: Why?

After just one word, the crowd gives Storm a bucket load of heat, hating even more now. Meanwhile, Jericho nods, saying “yeah, tell me why”.

Lance Storm: Because you deserved it!

More huge heat as Jericho can’t believe the reaction he’s received. Storm though, still remains emotionless.

Lance Storm: We did start off as friends, Chris, we were great friends. As you said, we had our first match together and that’s just a bond that can’t be broken... until you became selfish.

Major heat as ‘Y2J’ screws up his face.

Lance Storm: When we first started training, if one of us was struggling to pick something up, the other would always have our back... When I got invited to go tour Japan for the first time, what did I do? I spoke to the promoters and made sure you could get a place on the tour as well, because I wanted us to both be successful.

Lance pauses, clearing his throat.

Lance Storm: Even when we started out in ECW down in Philadelphia... you were struggling early on, so I helped you become the best you could be and how did you thank me? You went running to WCW and you left your ‘best friend’ behind!

A fair bit of heat for Storm, as Jericho now speaks up.

Chris Jericho: Come on, Lance. You don’t honestly believe that. You’re letting Christian get into your head, he’s trying to make my life a living hell... he’s just using you.

Jericho pauses, contemplating how to try and convince Storm, whilst Lance actually looks a little angry, showing some emotion for the first time tonight.

Chris Jericho: You know this is Christian talking, not y-...

Lance Storm: SHUT UP!

The audience gasps, as everybody is taken aback by Storm’s show of emotion.

Lance Storm: Don’t you dare try and undermine me and say this is about Christian, it’s not. It’s about you and me, and this is something I should’ve come out and said years ago.

Storm is forced to pause, as he’s copping some amazing heat right now.

Lance Storm: You are right about Christian wanting to make your life hell though, and so does Trish, Tomko... and so do I!

More heat, as Chris shakes his head.

Lance Storm: Christian’s not inside my head, everything I’m saying is coming from my heart... but Christian is the one who gave me a chance to get out here and speak my mind. If it wasn’t for Christian I’d probably still be stuck on Sunday Night Heat... not that you’d give a damn. Come to think of it, that’s probably exactly where you wanted me to be.


Lance Storm: There’s been a common trend of you holding me back wherever we’ve been. In ECW, despite me helping you get to the level you needed to be... you held me down. Is it just a coincidence that WCW only finally let me in once you left? I don’t think so.

Jericho scoffs, as the crowd continues to boo.

Lance Storm: And even once I got here, after you wouldn’t return my phone calls, wouldn’t help me out, I still got here... And when I did, you got all the title shots. YOU got all the talking time, you got all the cool t-shirts, and I got absolutely nothing.

Heat, as Jericho mouths “how’s that my fault”?

Lance Storm: It’s your fault because you didn’t have the decency to pick me up when I was behind, and help me out... the way I did for you. You claim that you trusted me above everybody else in this business, and you thought I would never change, well I didn’t change. You’re the one who changed, you got successful, and you let it get to your head and you left your true friends behind.

Again heat from the audience, as ‘Y2J’ chimes in before Storm can continue ranting.

Chris Jericho: I’m sorry that I’m better than you!

Oh my. Jericho’s retort... EARNS HIM A SLAP IN THE FACE FROM LANCE STORM!!! The crowd cannot believe it.

Lance Storm: That’s exactly what it comes down to, Chris, who’s better than the other? I’ve had enough of lurking in the background, forget Christian and forget all your other problems and listen really carefully to his next bit. I attacked you just to get your attention, and now that I have it, here’s what I propose...

The underrated wrestler pauses, building that anticipation.

Lance Storm: Me and you, one on one, in a wrestling match at Vengeance... Let’s find out once and for all just who the better wrestler is.

Chris Jericho: You’re on!

The crowd pops as JR reminds us through commentary that the match still isn’t official until Bischoff signs off on it.

Chris Jericho: And Lance, I’m g-...


Jim Ross: Oh, come on. Enough is enough, you can’t do this every week. Somebody needs to stop these guys!

Christian restabilises himself with his crutches, and TRISH STRATUS and TYSON TOMKO make sure he’s okay, as Storm goes on the attack.

He stomps all over Jericho for awhile, before he locks in the CANADIAN MAPLE LEAF!

Jonathan Coachman: Ha ha, this is great...

As Storm cinches on the pressure, and Jericho screams in agony, Tomko gets right in his face, yelling at him, “IS EVERYTHING A BIG JOKE NOW, FUNNY MAN”?

Jerry Lawler: Tomko clearly isn’t happy with Jericho’s comments earlier, but this is not the right way to react.

Jonathan Coachman: Of course it is, they want to shut his mouth up for good.

Storm now drops his submission, and Tomko slowly brings Jericho to his feet... before just holding him there...

AND TRISH LANDS A CHICK KICK, which causes Jericho to crumble back down to the canvas.


The happy quartet, led by Christian, now all smile and pose to the fans, having successfully made Jericho’s life hell for the third week in a row.

{Commercial Break}

Once back from the commercial break, we head to the interview area, where TODD GRISHAM (first appearance in thread, I don’t even know if he was around at this time, but with The Coach commentating, I needed somebody else) is standing by.

Todd Grisham: Hi, I’m Todd Grisham, and I’m standing by with Test and Stacy Kiebler.

TEST and STACY KEIBLER come into shot, hand in hand, and with big smiles on their faces.

Todd Grisham: Well you guys requested this time, what is it that you wanted to tell everybody?

The always leggy Keibler guides the mic to her mouth, looking delicious in a denim mini skirt.

Stacy Keibler: Test came to me a few weeks ago and said that he wanted me back. He wanted me back not only as his manager, but also as his girlfriend.

Stacy pauses and looks at Test, and the two stare endlessly into each other’s eyes.

Stacy Keibler: Because he realised that he was happier with me, and more successful with me around.

Stacy pauses again, still with a smirk.

Stacy Keibler: So we’ve talked about problems, worked through them... and we’re happy to say that we are once again together!

The couple are all smiles again, as the crowd gives them a decent pop. Test now grabs the microphone from Grisham’s hand.

Test: I treated like Stacy like an ass last time, and it’s safe to say that won’t happen again. Once she left me, not only was I unhappy, but it was effecting my performance in the ring as well... I couldn’t win a match.

Test takes a deep breath, before continuing.

Test: But now everything is on track, in both my personal and professional life, which means the best of Test in the ring is going to come back as well.

Test then prepares to walk away, but Keibler stops him and whispers something in his ear.

Test: And I’m going to do it... for all of my Testicles!

This evokes another pop from the crowd, as Test then hands Grisham the microphone. Test and Stacy then share a quick peck, before they leave the camera shot.


Cut back to ringside.

Jim Ross: Welcome back ladies and gentleman, and what a great story that is. Test and Stacy Keibler are together again.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh yeah, great news. I can die a happy man now.

Jerry Lawler: I must admit I was kind of hoping I would be able to woo Stacy a little.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh god!

Jim Ross: Well, still to come tonight is Scott Steiner against Goldberg in our main event, but coming up next we’ll see Triple H and Randy Orton in tag team action against the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit, and a partner of his choosing.

***Line In The Sand*** The noise that echoes throughout the arena is unrivalled, and mainly negative as TRIPLE H and RANDY ORTON stroll through the curtain. Hunter stops at the top of the ramp, tipping water on himself like usual, whilst Orton stands right behind him, performing his ‘Legend Killer’ pose. Hunter looks back, and seems a little irritated at Orton, before the two begin down the ramp, again Trips makes sure he’s a step or two ahead.

Jim Ross: Well, here c-...

Jonathan Coachman: Allow me, JR. Here comes one half of the greatest wrestling group of all time, Evolution. You’ve got the former and next World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, and a future World Champion in Randy Orton!

Jerry Lawler: They do make a formidable team, Coach, so here’s hoping Chris Benoit has found himself a good partner.

Jim Ross: As much as I don’t like these two, there’s a reason why they are the ‘Cerebral Assassin’ and ‘The Legend Killer’, and if Benoit doesn’t have a partner, he’ll be destroyed.

Jonathan Coachman: And then Bischoff can just award Triple H the title and he can have the night off come Vengeance... Wouldn’t that be great, ha ha.

Jerry Lawler: That’s if the two can coexist, there seems to be a little tension between the two.

Jonathan Coachman: There’s no tension, Trips is just making sure Randy knows his role.

***Whatever*** As usual, the World Heavyweight Champion CHRIS BENOIT gets the loudest pop of the night, as he steps through the curtain, with that big gold belt strapped around his waist. Benoit IS ALONE, but he does have a microphone in his hand and he stops half way down the ramp.

Chris Benoit: I’ve heard you two bragging all night long about how I wouldn’t have found a partner, and you’re one hundred percent right. I searched all week, spoke to some boys from the back, contacted some old friends from Smackdown... but nobody was interested or contractually allowed to show up and get involved in Evolution’s business.

A bit of heat from the audience, as Trips and Orton have a laugh inside the ring.

Chris Benoit: But I’m a champion, and I fight for what I believe in, so I was more than happy to come out here tonight and make both of you tap out in a handicap match!

A nice pop for the confidence from the champ, as Evolution continue to laugh in the ring. ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ remains as intense as ever though.

Chris Benoit: Until about half an hour ago when I got a knock on my locker room door from a young kid looking to make a name for himself in this business...

The two in the ring stop smiling, as the audience begins to stir.

Chris Benoit: So let me introduce my partner for tonight... making his debut... A MAN WHO’S GOING TO HELP ME KICK BOTH OF YOUR ASSES... NICK DINSMORE!!!

***What If*** The reception is actually pretty damn loud, as NICK DINSMORE steps through the curtain in a pair of plain red wrestling tights. (Just a little editor’s note here, he is sporting a buzz cut, because I can’t take him seriously with his ‘Eugene’ hairstyle.) Dinsmore seems pretty pumped, bouncing on his toes, before Benoit nods and the two begin making their way down the ramp.

Jim Ross: I’ve heard nothing but great things coming from our developmental camp about this kid, and I guess tonight is his big chance to get a permanent promotion to the big leagues.

Jonathan Coachman: What a stupid decision by Benoit. Does he really think... whatever this guy’s name is... is going to be able to cut it against Triple H and Randy Orton?

Jerry Lawler: It’s definitely a huge risk, but we will have to wait and see what this kid can do. Look at the nervous energy though, Dinsmore can’t stop bouncing around and Benoit is going to have to tell him not to use up all his energy before the match starts.

Jonathan Coachman: Getting flashbacks of your first match one hundred years ago, old timer?

Before ‘The King’ can reply, Benoit and Dinsmore are in the ring and Benoit/Trips, Dinsmore/Orton go nose to nose, all jaw jacking at each other... until Trips and Benoit point, take a step back, and blatantly laugh at Nick Dinsmore!

The referee gets in between the two teams before shit goes down, and the two teams decide who will start the match for their respective teams.

Match :4
Chris Benoit and Nick Dinsmore vs. Randy Orton and Triple H
It’s going to be Benoit and Orton locking it up, as both men circle the ring like caged animals, no stranger to each other in recent times. Eventually they lock up, and Benoit quickly applies a Side Headlock. Orton pushes Benoit off and into the ropes, but Benoit bounces back with a Shoulder Block! Benoit then waits for Orton to get back to his feet, before charging at him... but ORTON LEAPS OVER BENOIT! The crowd gasps at Orton’s athleticism, and Orton strikes the ‘Legend Killer’ pose, before turning STRAIGHT INTO A CLOTHESLINE!

‘The Rabid Wolverine’ brings Orton to his feet, before wringing the arm and tagging in Nick Dinsmore. Dinsmore immediately wrings the arm again, before locking in a Wrist Lock, causing Orton to drop to his knees in agony. Eventually Orton works his way to his feet, and uses pure strength to back Dinsmore into the corner. The referee gets in between them to get a clean break, but Orton swings for a cheap shot... Dinsmore ducks though, and THEN CHOPS THE SHIT OUT OF ORTON! It’s followed by another... and another... until he whips Orton into the ropes, and UPON RETURN TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A POWERSLAM! Dinsmore hooks the leg... one...two...NO!

Orton’s quick to his feet, still relatively fresh, and Dinsmore locks in a Side Headlock, before tagging Benoit back into the ring. Benoit lands a few stiff forearm shots before attempting to whip Orton into the ropes... but Orton reverses, and when Benoit bounces off the ropes... TRIPLE H KICKS HIM IN THE BACK! Benoit turns around and knocks Hunter off the apron with a right hand, but TURNS INTO A MODIFIED BACKBREAKER FROM ORTON! Orton hooks the leg... one... two...NO!

After the kick out, Orton gets to his feet and stomps on Benoit a few times, before tagging in the pissed off Triple H. Trips gets into the ring and immediately lands a Knee Drop, before going for a cover of his own... one... two... NO! Benoit kicks out again, so Triple H simply begins choking the life out of Benoit. ‘The Game’ pushes his luck like usual but stops just before the refs count of five. He then brings Chris to his feet, before hardly whipping Benoit into the ropes... AND BENOIT GOES CHARGING INTO THE CORNER STERNUM FIRST... AND THE VELOCITY CASUES HIM TO CRASH TO THE CANVAS!

Rather than focus in on his downed opponent, Trips turns to Dinsmore and tells him “this is what you got to look forward to, chump”. Nick doesn’t say much back, as Helmsley turns his attention back to Benoit, and helps him to his feet... but Benoit shrugs him off and lands a few hard chops, then a kick to the gut, and SNAP SUPLEX! The World Heavyweight Champion gets to his feet pretty quickly, but favouring his sternum so he tags in Dinsmore.

Nick seems born for the occasion, as he quickly lands a Low Dropkick to Hunter’s temple, before going for the cover... one... NO! Trips powers out, but Dinsmore is right back on the task, bringing Hunter to his feet, before whipping him into the ropes, and when Trips returns, Dinsmore takes him down with a Flying Reverse Elbow! Dinsmore hooks the leg... one...two... NO! Trips kicks out again, and Dinsmore again brings him to his feet, before landing a Scoop Slam.

Dinsmore then heads to the top... the fans right behind him... as he waits for Trips to get up... and when hoes... DINSMORE LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE... GOING FOR A DOUBLE AXE HANDLE SMASH... BUT TRIPS REVERSES INTO A CRIPPLING SPINEBUSTER! The gasps from the audience are enormous, as Trips drapes himself lazily over Dinsmore... one...two...DINSMORE KICKS OUT! Trips can’t believe it, so he goes for the pin again, this time hooking the!

Triple H, rather annoyed, makes the tag to Orton who comes in and begins to dissect Dinsmore. From this point onwards, we get the usual period of domination, with the heels using quick tags, a bunch of high impact moves, and some submission holds to where down the debutant. We pick play back up with Benoit clapping his hands, getting the fans into it, as Dinsmore begins fighting out of Orton’s Headlock. Eventually Dinsmore gets to one knee, before elbowing Orton several times, getting to a vertical base... he then pushes Orton away... Orton is quick to charge back at him... but runs straight into a SLEEPER HOLD!

Dinsmore tries to control Orton, whose arms are flailing all over the place, but eventually Orton manoeuvres himself in a good enough position to land a Back Suplex. Having just survived a major scare, Orton is quick to tag in Triple H, who signals that the end is near, as he gets Dinsmore in position for the Pedigree... but Dinsmore fights his way out, kicks Trips in the gut and lands a DRAGON SUPLEX!

The fans pop out of their minds, as the commentators let it be known how Hunter’s arrogance seemed to have cost him there. The fans continue to pop out of their mind, as Trips just stops Dinsmore from making the tag by holding his leg. Hunter gets to his feet, and Dinsmore hops around on one leg... until Hunter spins him around and goes for a Clothesline, but Dinsmore ducks AND NAILS A SIDEWALK SLAM!

This time he’s able to make a hot tag to Benoit who immediately comes in and runs through Hunter with a charging Forearm. Trips pops back up, and cops another Clothesline, before Orton sprints across the ring, straight INTO A BACK BODY DROP WHICH SENDS ORTON OVER THE TOP ROPE! A slight “holy shit” chant starts up, as the noise of Orton’s body slapping against the concrete floor could be heard throughout the whole arena.

Benoit then turns his attention back to Trips, ducking a wild Clothesline attempt, and LANDING A GERMAN SUPLEX! Benoit keeps the hands locked... slowly gets to his feet... and LANDS A SECOND GERMAN SUPLEX... soon after followed by a THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX! Benoit then hooks the leg...ONE...TWO...THR-NO! ‘THE GAME’ JUST MANAGES TO SHOOT A SHOULDER OFF THE CANVAS!

Benoit signals the end is near, before heading to the apron, and climbing to the top rope... but just as he’s about to go for the flying Head butt... ORTON STOPS HIM! Orton lands a few kidney punches... until Benoit kicks him in the face, causing Orton to stagger back to the floor. With Orton down, Benoit tries to turn back around... BUT TRIPS IS THERE TO HOOK HIM UP... AND TAKE HIM DOWN WITH A BACK SUPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE!

Chaos is spread throughout ringside... with Dinsmore lying on the canvas... Orton just starting to get back up on the outside... and Benoit and Hunter laid out in the middle of the ring. Finally, with the crowd at fever pitch... Hunter gets a hand over the chest of Benoit...ONE...TWO...SHOULDER UP! The ovation is crazy, as this roller coaster of a match continues, with both men slowly struggling towards the ropes to help themselves up.

Once both men get to their feet, they stagger to meet each other, where Benoit goes for a right hand, but Trips kicks him in the gut... and GOES FOR THE PEDIGREE... BUT BENOIT SPINS OUT ALA MANIA XX AND LOCKS IN THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! Trips is screaming in agony, as Benoit wrenches the hold, but with Dinsmore still down, ORTON RUSHES IN AND DROPS AN ELBOW ON BENOIT!

Orton then begins stomping all over Benoit, until Trips makes his way to his feet. The ref can’t control the members of Evolution as they double team Benoit, bringing him to his feet and whipping him into the ropes. Dinsmore somehow makes a blind tag, whilst they take Benoit down with a Double Clothesline. Benoit rolls to the outside and Orton follows, whilst Trips TURNS STRAIGHT INTO A DROPKICK FROM THE TOP ROP! DINSMORE HOOKS THE LEG...ONE...TWO...THR-NO!

The roof almost blew off the arena, as Hunter just got his shoulder off of the canvas. Meanwhile on the outside, Orton attempts a Piledriver on the concrete... but BENOIT REVERSES INTO A BACK BODY DROP, SENDING ORTON INTO THE CROWD! Back in the ring, Dinsmore brings Trips to his feet, but Hunter rakes the eyes, kick to the gut, PEDIGREE. Just like that, TRIPS DRAPES AN ARM OVER DINSMORE...ONE...TWO...THR-BENOIT BREAKS UP THE COUNT!

Just as this happens, RIC FLAIR sprints down the ramp, but two referees from the back and the ref of the match are onto it, as the three of them create a wall, not allowing Flair down the ramp. As this is happening, Benoit heads to the top... as a still not moving Trips remains down... and HE LANDS THE FLYING HEADBUTT! Benoit then rolls Dinsmore on top of Triple H before getting out of the ring...

Once outside, Orton is back, and attempts an RKO, BUT BENOIT THROWS HIM AWAY, CAUSING ORTON TO FALL BACK FIRST ON THE OUTSIDE AGAIN! The match official finally sprints back into the ring, seeing Dinsmore’s arm over Trips and counts...ONE...TWO...THREE!

Winners: Chris Benoit and Nick Dinsmore via Pinfall @ 16:47

The pop is FUCKING ENORMOUS, as the referee calls for the bell, signalling that NICK DINSMORE has defeated TRIPLE H on debut!!! With Orton down on the outside, Benoit slides into the ring, and helps the groggy Dinsmore to his feet.

Despite being absolutely out of it, Dinsmore has a huge grin on his face, as Benoit lifts up one of his arms, and the referee raises the other.

As Ric Flair slowly tries to drag a lifeless Triple H out of the ring, Benoit and Dinsmore head up to the top rope and continue to play to the crowd.

Jim Ross: Oh my god! What a debut from Nick Dinsmore! He’s just defeated one of the most decorated superstars in the entire business.

Jonathan Coachman: BENOIT CHEATED! He came in as the illegal man, they should have been disqualified.

Jerry Lawler: Evolution was constantly double teaming throughout the contest as well, Coach, so fair is fair.

By this point, Evolution is half way up the ramp, with Triple H going ballistic at the fact he lost to a newcomer. Meanwhile, Dinsmore is walking around ringside, slapping hands with all the fans, as a nice “Dinsmore” chant can be heard throughout the arena. The feeling of euphoria is clearly on Dinsmore’s face as Benoit takes a back seat, allowing Nick to enjoy his amazing first night on Raw.

Jim Ross: Nick Dinsmore certainly looks ready to make a huge splash on Raw, but right now we’ve got to take our final commercial break, and when we come back, our main event is Goldberg against Scott Steiner!

{Commercial Break}

Once back from the commercials...

***Sexy Boy*** WHAT THE FUCK? The whole roof blows off the arena, the crowd going absolutely crazy because SHAWN MICHAELS’ music as hit.


Jerry Lawler: We know Shawn has too much heart to stay away, I didn’t expect anything less.

The music continues to play... yet nobody makes their way through the curtain.

Jonathan Coachman: What, has he got stage fright?

All of a sudden, with nobody making an entrance, the music dies down...

And we cut to the office of the General Manager, where ERIC BISCHOFF is seen laughing out loud in his chair. Meanwhile, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN looks as if he could kill Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: (wiping away tears) I-I’m sorry... but THAT was hilarious.

Bischoff continues to laugh, until Austin picks up the beer can that’s on the floor from earlier...AND HE THROWS IT RIGHT AT EASY E’S FACE!

Luckily, Bischoff is able to dodge the can, falling off his chair in the process. Austin then storms out, as Bischoff gets up and straightens up his collar, still pretty pleased with his prank.


Cut back to ringside.

Jonathan Coachman: How brilliant is our boss?

Jim Ross: I guess that’s a matter of opinion, Coach.

Jonathan Coachman: He fooled everybody. Now maybe people will finally believe that Shawn Michaels is not coming back to Raw!

Jerry Lawler: The night’s not over, but unfortunately it looks like you’re right, Coach.

***Steinerlined*** Another pretty loud pop is let out from the fans tonight, as ‘Big Poppa Pump’ SCOTT STEINER hobbles through the curtain. He’s in his usual black wrestling pants, yet nearly everybody’s attention is drawn to the bandages around the ribs of Steiner. He still flexes to the fans and what not on his way down the ring, portraying an aura of confidence despite his injuries.

Jim Ross: Scott Steiner is one of the toughest guys to ever grace a WWE ring, but he can’t compete in a match against Goldberg with banged up ribs.

Jerry Lawler: His insides have to be crushed after the Chokeslam off of the hood of the car last week, and all those bandages do is create a target for Goldberg.

Jonathan Coachman: Goldberg’s been on a roll as of late to, this one could be over in record time.

***Invasion Remix***The heat that echoes throughout the arena is pretty extreme, as the titantron comes to life and a backstage hand knocks on a locker room door. The door then bangs open and out steps BILL GOLDBERG, scowling and spitting as much as ever. The Berg makes his way through the backstage area, before stepping through the curtain, and setting off his usual pyro display.

Jim Ross: This man is a beast, there are not many men who don’t fear him. It’s no coincidence that the hallways are always empty when he’s walking through them.

Jonathan Coachman: For once you’re right, JR. Goldberg is everything you said he is, and that’s why he’ll steam through Scott Steiner tonight, and he’ll steam through whoever Austin gets as his representative at Vengeance.

Jerry Lawler: Well, these two have been in the ring together a lot of times though, so if Goldberg did happen to have a weakness, Steiner would know about it.

Jonathan Coachman: Be serious, King.

Match #5
Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner
The referee calls for the bell, and the two behemoths meet in the centre of the ring. Both men mouth to each other, before The Berg strikes with the first right hand. Steiner is quick to retaliate, and from there it’s right hand after right hand. Goldberg, Steiner, Goldberg, Steiner, Steiner, Steiner, Goldberg knees Steiner right in those injured ribs. The Berg then bounces off the ropes and goes for a Flying Shoulder Block, but Steiner drops to the canvas, avoiding Goldberg. The Berg is quick to his feet, backing into the corner, where Steiner just begins hammering away with right hands. He CONTINUES beating the absolute shit out of Goldberg in the corner, before letting out a scream, clearly letting out some of his frustration from the past month.

‘Big Poppa Pump’ takes a few steps back, and charges, but The Berg moves, and STEINER GOES SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE RINGPOST! With Steiner still stuck in the ropes, Goldberg just begins stomping the shit out of his injured ribs. From here, and for a majority of the match it’s pretty one way traffic, with Goldberg dominating, and every time Steiner looks set to make a comeback, Goldberg attacks those ribs.

After landing a huge Military Press yet still only getting a two count, Goldberg goes and crouches in the corner, preparing for the Spear. Once Steiner staggers to his feet, the crowd urging him on, GOLDBERG CHARGES ACROSS THE RING... BUT STEINER AVOIDS CONTACT AND THIS TIME GOLDBERG GOES SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE RING POST! Steiner then drags The Berg out of the corner, whips him into the ropes, and drops him with a Clothesline. He follows up with a quick elbow drop, holding for a Steiner breaks the count to do some push ups, shouting “even with busted ribs, baby”.

Steiner continues the assault from there, hitting various power moves, and getting near falls, before he sets up Goldberg on the top rope. Steiner is up after him, and hammers away with a few right hands... BEFORE LANDING A T BONE SUPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE! Both men are down, Goldberg not moving, and Steiner rolling around in agony, before he makes a cover...ONE...TWO...THR-NO!

Steiner and The Berg are both forced to use the ropes to help them to their feet, Steiner looking the worst of the two, despite being on the offensive. As he’s pulling himself up, he stops for a moment, clutching at his ribs... and when he finally gets up... HE GETS MOWED DOWN WITH A SPEAR!

The Berg is up and about now, as he gets on the ropes and roars to the crowd. He then methodically grabs Steiner, gets him up... AND FINISHES HIM OFF WITH THE JACKHAMMER, followed by a relaxed pin...ONE...TWO...THREE!

Winner: Goldberg via Pinfall @ 10:00

After the match, rather than Goldberg’s music hitting...

***I’m Back*** The theme song of the General Manager is played to waves of heat, as ERIC BISCHOFF steps onto the stage. He hurries down the ramp, before hopping into the ring, and with his usual cheesy grin, he raises Goldberg’s arm in victory.

Jonathan Coachman: There you go. Just like what we’re going to see at Vengeance.

Bischoff then gets a microphone from one of the jobbers at ringside.

Eric Bischoff: Now we’ve seen just how dominant MY Vengeance representative can be... but we still don ‘t even know if Stone Cold has a representative...

Bischoff looks pleased, as Goldberg just stands around menacingly.

Eric Bischoff: So Steve, I know you’re in the back listening and the time has come for your representative to make an appearance...

Again, Bischoff pauses, yet nothing happens.

Eric Bischoff: Come on, stop wasting time!









Until Eric Bischoff is visibly laughing out loud in the ring again. The Berg also has a rye smirk, as Bischoff wipes tears away from his eyes.

Eric Bischoff: Ha-ha... I didn’t think it would be as funny the second time round... but boy was I wrong...

Before anything else can go down...

***I Won’t Do What You Tell Me*** The crowd has been hot tonight, and there’s yet another massive ovation as STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN comes stomping down the ramp. He’s got his usual ‘BMF’ walk going, and a dirty look in his face, as he steps into the ring and gets right into the face of Eric Bischoff.

Goldberg steps in front of Bischoff, and goes nose to nose with Austin. The two jaw jack to each other... as the crowd reach fever pitch... and then...

***Sexy Boy*** This time the ovation makes the arena rattle, as SHAWN MICHAELS actually comes SPRINTING down the ramp!


Jerry Lawler: It looks like Stone Cold has his Vengeance representative.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh no!

As Michaels slides into the ring, Bischoff tries to get out of dodge... BUT AUSTIN GRABS HIM AND FORCES HIM TO STAY INSIDE THE RING!

Jonathan Coachman: Get your hands off of Eric Bischoff!

Meanwhile, Michaels and Goldberg trade right hands with HBK getting the better of the exchange... and he then bounces off the ropes, and lands his patented flying forearm... followed by a kip up.


Michaels waits for The Berg to get to his feet, and SPRINTS AT HIM... BUT RAINS STRAIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT!

Jonathan Coachman: Ha-ha, here we go, baby. Shawn Michaels should have stayed retired.

The Berg then heads to the corner, and crouches down, AND GOES FOR THE SPEAR... BUT MICHAELS AVOIDS CONTACT!


The crowd goes ape shit and continues to do so, as Austin flips Bischoff the bird... BEFORE DROPPING HIM WITH A STONE COLD STUNNER!

Jonathan Coachman: Hell has frozen over.

Jerry Lawler:
Things just got a whole lot more even heading into Vengeance, although there may be repercussions for that Stunner.

With the crowd still whipped into a frenzy, Austin gets some beers, and throws some to Michaels, who shakes his head. Austin laughs, then rolls out of the ring and finds a couple of bottles of water on the timekeeper’s table and gives them to Michaels, and they both share a celebratory drink.


As the two continue to celebrate, and Michaels comically drinks water, spilling it all over himself ala Austin with the beer...

We cut to the entrance ramp, where Scott Steiner is slowly making his way to the back, clearly favouring his ribs.

As he makes his way to the top of the ramp, he stops, and takes a deep breath... ONLY TO GET CHOKESLAMMED OUT OF NOWHERE ON THE STEEL RAMP BY KANE!

Kane then grabs Steiner by the foot, and drags him through the curtain.

An eerie finish to a happy ending, as the camera remains focused on the curtain, the commentators speechless... as we fade to black.



WWE Vengeance:
Date: June 13th, 2004
Location: Nationwide Arena; Columbus, Ohio

World Heavyweight Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Chris Benoit (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H

Battle For Control Of Raw; Eric Bischoff’s Rep vs. Stone Cold’s Rep:
Whoever’s Rep wins will have full control of Raw, whilst the other will be fired.
Bill Goldberg w/Eric Bischoff vs. ???

World Tag Team Championship Match:
Booker T and Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: 2004

Little late for your welcome back party (so late in fact that you've got a show up), but good on ya to be back in the game. Show looks pretty rock solid, if a little promo heavy, though I don't think I've read much, if any, of your shows on the RAW side of things. If there's one thing that jumps out of it right at me is your decision to kick off the show with what seems like a jobbers/lower card filler feud which I commend you on. I also commend you on what you said a while back about changing who you wanted to push instead of doing it with the same old people. The whole 'be the change you want to see' thing, even if you said you had to replan a lot of stuff.

Sorry if the comments were to a minimum/useless, but this was probably just me saying I miss your grumpy ass


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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: 2004

Raw Feedback

Welcome back. Seems like forever since you've posted, but it's great to have you back around these parts. Let's hope you stick around for a while and we get plenty of goodness from you, and the thread was really starting to pick up some steam the last time I remember reading it. Anyway, onto the show...

I appreciated the little recap of last week's show, brought back a few memories, especially the exchanges between Austin and Michaels in the bar. Hopefully we'll get an answer from Michaels tonight.

Wow, what a way to open things. Certainly never through I'd see the opening segment on Raw feature so much Stevie Richards. But then again, he is one of your most entertaining and creative characters, and this was really well written, so I guess it deserves top billing. I liked the level of detail in which you described Stevie's outfit, it really painted a picture and helped set the scene for his promo. I kinda lol'ed at all the basketball chat, but I guess it very much got the point across in a pretty creative manner. Also, I'm mazed you went there with the 'KKK' stuff, perhaps a bit much, especially with a heel group referring to Bischoff like that. What on earth, Victoria? Certainly can't remember ever reading a show where a divas feud featured so heavily in the opening segment, but again, Victoria was so well written it didn't feel out of place one bit. That's one thing I'll say about this opening, the characters and actually people used seemed so strange, yet it was so creative and beautifully written that it fit perfectly. And we've even got an entertaining opening match out of it. All good stuff here.

Made sense to start with Victoria and Jazz, with them being the central storyline of the match, although it was a tad surprising to see Rosey take much of the beating for the faces. Anyway, seemed a pretty standard match, although that enzuigiri from Rosey was a pretty sweet spot to set up the hot tag. Wow, Helms walking out on the match? Hmm... I wasn't quite so sure about the spot to set it up, as tbh, it wasn't exactly like Rosey could do much about it. But if this leads to an end to the silliness of The Hurricane gimmick and we get back to a much more serious Helms, then I'm all for that. AS for the finish, given what Stevie had to say earlier regarding Victoria's injured knee, the submission made perfect sense, and now Jazz looks like a real serious contender, getting back some of the heat she would have lost at Backlash. Isn't too much to complain about here, although perhaps there wasn't quite enough from the commentators post match. I'd have liked a little more on Hurricane's actions before we cut away.

A very interesting promo from Evolution, not so much from the words, but more from the subtle details of the facial expressions of Batista and Orton. Certainly made sense to have Flair and Triple H handle the majority of the speaking duties, although Batista certainly got his point across in his brief words. Have to assume that Flair has managed to wrangle some kind of IC Title chance for 'Tista, otherwise we could have a pretty pissed off Animal. As for Trips and Orton, again it was the description of Orton as Trips wrapped up the promo that caught the eye. From this, I could easily see Batista and Orton turning on Flair and Triple H, which would be pretty sweet to see happening at the same time. I'm fully expecting Benoit to have a partner tonight, although who that is, I've got no idea right now.

Smart little segment to build the intrigue of Austin and Bischoff, and both men seemed very much in character. Omg, a Taka Michinoku mention! Anyway, I'm thinking Michaels will accept and we'll see a very worried Bischoff at the end of the show, although time will tell.

Eeek, what a beating Kane laid on Venis, although at least it wasn't a complete squash with Val getting in some offence. But yeah, obvious win is obvious, Kane looks beastly in the process.

While I've no problem with Flair setting up the tag title shot for he and Batista, as I'm sure there's no chance they'll win, I don't agree with how happy Batista was about it. After hearing how much he wanted to get an IC title shot, to then have a huge grin on his face for the tag titles seems a bit of a contradiction. I'd have had Batista be much more reluctant, but of course, eventually agreeing to take part.

As for the match, I quite liked Flair's antics in the early going. Reminded he that during his Evolution days he still had so much to offer on Raw, and you captured that real arrogant style he had back then. Pretty standard to see Flair and 'Tista dominate Van Dam, but the finish was pretty creative. It seems like the problems between Van Dam and Booker have been going on for a good while now, and this just added to them ,with 'RVD' stealing the spotlight almost. I can't help but wonder how much longer you're gonna wait to turn one of them, hopefully Van Dam btw, as a heel RVD would certainly be something different than we've seen around these parts.

Jesus, the post match was just so strange. Why would a face run out after a heel had lost to jump him? That just didn't really make sense. Obviously you done it to set up the spots that made Batista regain the heat he lost from the defeat, and of course now we're set up for the potential of a triple threat for the IC title, but I just don't get why Maven would come out after the decision. But yeah, despite that, the table spot was pretty sweet. And another nice little addition to the issues between RVD and Booker. It's starting to look like Vengeance is where this team is gonna fall apart.

Lol, Bischoff is such a prick. I liked the fact you alluded to the change in confidence in Austin, as it was a nice little reminder that time is ticking down on Michaels being here. Although of course, Austin fires back in typical fashion. Again, much like the earlier segment between the two, there was nothing ground breaking here, but it served its purpose of building a little more hype and suspense to the big announcement.

Well, it seems that the Super Heroes aren't doing so well either. Perhaps having two teams on the same show falling apart at the same time is a bit much, but hopefully you'll let this one simmer a bit longer to give a bit of time between this breakdown and the Booker/RVD one, as too close together would see both suffer a bit.

Such a smart move to emphasize, through both your description and with Jericho's words, that the Highlight Reel has been ditched in favour of a more serious approach. That really added a sense of intensity to the situation. Jericho was gold early on, especially liked the ballerina and goat comments, and it was smart to remind us that the feud with Storm is really just a holdover 'til Christian is back in action. Made sense to remind us all of the history between Lance and Jericho, it certainly adds a personal nature to the feud. Storm's not really a great character to write for, but you certainly used him well, as everything seemed very thought out, and it made sense for Storm to call Jericho selfish when in actuality it's more Storm's jealousy that appears to be where you're headed with the feud. I remember feeling slightly giddy when Storm attacked, and I'm even more so now. I can't even remember if the two feuded in real life, I certainly can't remember reading it here on WF, so I'm right on-board with this one. One minor complaint is that I'd have had Tomko storm the ring to beat up Jericho with Christian watching on. That would have allowed Christian to appear like the mastermind in all of this, with Storm and Tomko his puppets. But apart from that, loved this. Oh yeah, that would be jezebel, jobber.

I think Grisham was around in 2004, so I’m sure you’re good to go with him. Test and Stacy back together = push for Test? Eh, nothing too exciting, but could always be a solid addition to the midcard.

Wow, what a way to introduce Dinsmore. Far better than any of that Eugene shit. And for some reason I’m kinda getting a Brent Albright/Gunner Scott feeling from this. It would be a great way to get Dinsmore over quickly by having him have Benoit as a mentor of sorts. But yeah, really intrigued as to where he can go, and you can’t get much of a better introduction than teaming with the world heavyweight champion.

And wow, even during the match, he scored plenty of offence on Triple H and Orton. The match write up was a little bit different as there didn’t really seem to be any period of sustained dominance from either team, but it all worked out in the end. Dinsmore looks like a huge prospect straight off the bat, especially as he pinned Triple H. I could see The Game beating Dinsmore in some form of rematch down the line, but there would be no shame in that at all, especially after a debut like this. Really interesting stuff here, such a unique way to bring a character into the thread, but it really worked well, and Dinsmore looks like he could be a star for you going forward.

ah, Bischoff! That was pretty golden. What an absolute dick. I’m still saying Michaels is here, although rule of threes suggests he’s missed his chance. But yeah, that was such a dickhead thing to do, I loved it.

Main Event only in name imo, as the real main event has just happened with Dinsmore if you ask me. But anyway, Steiner seemed to put up a real strong fight, but it has to be Goldberg who gets the win here, and in pretty convincing fashion. Oh right, another rule of threes, and this time Michaels is here! So, despite not hearing the words, I’m gonna assume Michaels is in. Should be a great match up between he and Goldberg, and I’m glad that given all the shit he’s pulled during the evening, Bischoff got his well deserved comeuppance. Lol, what on earth was that between Kane and Steiner at the end? Just seemed so random and out of nowhere, and barely any reaction through your description or from the commentators. It deserved something imo, especially if you plan on having it be part of the Kane/Steiner feud.

Overall, a very enjoyable show. Several stories developed, and I’m loving the shape up of Jericho/Storm. The arrival of Nick Dinsmore was a very pleasant surprise, and he looks like he’s gonna be a major player in this thread moving forward. Everything else had its share of time devoted to it, although that Kane/Steiner spot at the end deserved better. That’s my only real major complaint, the rest of the show was really impressive. Hopefully you’ll be sticking around to deliver more of the same on a regular basis.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: 2004

Since the beginning of this thread, you've really stepped up in your feuds and the different storylines. First time since I signed up that I'm reviewing this thread.
First off, THANK YOU for NOT just writing off Chris and Eddie in your threads like so many other BTB's I've seen. And here's hoping they both get the amazing title runs they deserve.
Like I said, the BTB has been well done, so I'll comment on my 4 favorite feuds.

1. The splinters in Evolution are really starting to show. Orton as well as Batista both seem to be losing patience with their mentors. Would love to see an EXPLOSION between the 'past' vs 'future' as it's never been done before.

2. I am also loving the slow build up with Booker and RVD. I am also curious to see where this is heading, cause as it stands EITHER of them can turn heel.

3. For Smackdown, although I'm not a fan of TWO heel GM's, the Coalition war with Eddie has him looking like the underdog he is and I'm hoping Eddie gets his hands on Heyman soon.

4. The slow build of Sean O Haire has been well executed. I am LOVING his character right now and the build up he's getting. I am predicting a SS feud with Cena.

All of these are just brilliant and I hope they get to be built upon.
Continue the fine work!

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: 2004

Cheers for the comments, and especially the feedback, iMac. Here's a little something I didn't put on the show due to the show already running long, plus I wanted to it have its own space.

Originally Posted By
Due to Monday Night Raw being absolutely packed with content as of late, there’s been some pressure from Spike TV to make sure the program goes no longer than two hours. Vince McMahon and company have made a decision as a collective that from now on they will make sure all the juicy story arch’s and matches will fit into Raw’s allocated time slot. However, this past week on the May 24th edition of Monday Night Raw, there was one very important segment cut out at the end of the show due to time constraints, involving ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane and ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner.
Originally Posted By
We are proud to bring you an exclusive video of what took place once Raw went off the air.
KANE has just dragged a downed SCOTT STEINER through the curtain. The commentators are now on their feet but still have nothing to say, they’re simply shocked and exhausted after a huge night. Even Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold, who are still in the ring, stop celebrating and look up as the titantron comes to life.

It shows Kane continuing to drag Steiner through the backstage area, a purely psychotic look on his face.


Obviously there’s no reply from the downed Steiner.

Kane continues to drag Steiner down a certain hallway, when two security guards who both look like they are about to piss themselves step in Kane’s way.

Security Guard #1: Sorry, but you’re gonna’ have to stop right there.

The demonic superstar simply chuckles to himself, BEFORE KICKING ONE OF THE GUARDS RIGHT IN THE FACE, knocking them unconscious.

The other guard tries to get away, but there’s no hope of that happening, as Kane quickly grabs him, and PLANTS HIM WITH A CHOKESLAM!

‘The Big Red Machine’ looks back at the motionless Steiner, and continues to drag him down a hallway, before finally opening a door and dragging Steiner inside.

Once inside the empty locker room, we see a petrol can sitting on the floor. Kane drags Steiner into the middle of the room, before looking at the can with evil intentions.

He picks up the can, twists off the lid... AND KANE POORS PETROL ALL OVER THE FACE OF STEINER!

This wakes Steiner up, as he opens his eyes, coughing and spluttering.

Scott Steiner: What the... what the hell is that smell?

Steiner still pretty out of it sees Kane at the door with a sadistic smile on his face.

Kane: The room and you are covered in gas...

Steiner’s jaw completely drops, he’s scared shitless, as he knows there is no way he can get back to his feet and escape in the pain he’s in.


He slowly picks a match out of the box and lights it, before looking over at Steiner again. Steiner remains scared, as Kane seems to have a certain gleeful look in his eyes.

Scott Steiner: Don’t do it...


Kane then throws the match onto the floor and WE SEE THE ROOM BEGIN TO FILL UP IN FLAMES!

Kane then slams the door shut, and begins to walk away, a smile on his face, and his maniacal laugh ringing throughout the hallways of the arena.

Also for those who care, I have started Smackdown which will be a wrestling heavy (<3) show this week. I've got one more post I'd like to make before the preview though, so hopefully I'll have all that ready to go somewhere in the near future.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: 2004

I meant to comment on this a lot sooner, but then I kinda forgot. Sorry about that. Anyway, gotta admit, this little video was pretty wild. I liked the kinda rationale you gave it with regards to the Spike TV pressure being applied. I personally wouldn’t care if a show you posted felt “too long” just as long as you covered everything you wanted to, but each to their own I guess.

As for the action itself, Jesus Christ, mental stuff. I mean... Steiner’s dead, right? Obv you’ve got some way in mind of explaining all this, but I loved this for what it was, Kane at his absolute sadistic best. Fuck knows where you go with it from here, as I can’t imagine we’ll be seeing Steiner anytime soon, so it’ll be interesting to see how Kane develops and how the feud continues. This defo served a purpose, really added fuel to the fire for the feud, plus was pretty shocking as well. Great stuff man.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: 2004

I've had a last minute reshuffle of the deck of my Raw Vengeance and Summerslam cards so I've had to back tracka little.

News And Notes

Originally Posted by
Earlier in the week it was confirmed that Spike TV were unimpressed with WWE’s flagship program Monday Night Raw running a little longer than its selected two hour slot. The powers that be at Spike contacted the WWE and made their complaints known, and Vince McMahon and company immediately caved, taking out the last segment of Raw this week, and uploading it as a bonus video on The video was a rather controversial one, which has gained the WWE mass amounts of media attention, as Kane dragged Scott Steiner to the backstage area, trapped him inside a room, and lit it on fire, effectively burning Steiner. A Spike TV representative has said “the WWE has always been known to push the limits but this may be a little too far. Their program isn’t a drama series or a movie, its sports entertainment, so we don’t want people being murdered or lit on fire during the program.” The representative went on to say that they would be contacting the WWE to let them know that they are highly against this storyline continuing. No representatives of the WWE were available for comment at the time of writing this article.
Originally Posted by
A video was highlighted earlier in the week which showed Kane taking Steiner backstage after Raw, trapping him a room and lighting it on fire. The video then cut out, but it seemed obvious to all that Steiner was going to be severely burned, and perhaps even burnt to death. This however is not the case, as Steiner has contacted, and let us know that he is fine. Apparently there was another door in the room that the camera didn’t capture, and once Steiner got his wits about him, he was able to escape. ‘Big Poppa’ Pump’ has sworn for revenge so we would watch out if we were Kane next week on Raw.
Originally Posted by
It is believed that the WWE has once again caved in to the pressure from Spike TV. It is believed that Steiner not being burned and escaping is a way to keep the Kane/Steiner feud going, without offending anybody from the network.
Originally Posted by
The battle between Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff and Sheriff Austin has been going on for the whole year, yet when it got physical last month, the Chairman of the Board intervened. He ended up giving Bischoff full control of Raw and suspended Austin, and after Stone Cold dropped Bischoff with a Stunner on the last episode of Raw, McMahon has suspended him again. Vince released the following statement, “I understand this might not be the most popular decision in the world, however it’s one the Board of Directors and I deem necessary. We can’t have authority figures running around starting fights with each other or other wrestlers for that matter, so Stone Cold Steve Austin will not be at Raw this week. We will review the running of Raw with Bischoff in charge and see if Austin needs to be reinstated after that.” McMahon also mentioned that Austin will definitely be reinstated before Vengeance, as the battle for control of Raw will still take place.
Originally Posted by
The Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff has come out after Raw and released an updated card for Vengeance which is just over two weeks away. Bischoff confirmed that the WWE Women’s Champion will be defending her title against Jazz in a Backlash rematch, and Chris Jericho and Lance Storm will also do battle at Vengeance. Finally, and much to the chagrin of Eric Bischoff, Shawn Michaels has officially signed the contract which names him as Austin’s representative for Vengeance. The new current Vengeance card can be seen below...

WWE Vengeance:
Date: June 13th, 2004
Location: Nationwide Arena; Columbus, Ohio

World Heavyweight Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Chris Benoit (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H

Battle For Control Of Raw; Eric Bischoff’s Rep vs. Stone Cold’s Rep:
Whoever’s Rep wins will have full control of Raw, whilst the other will be fired.
Bill Goldberg w/Eric Bischoff vs. Shawn Michaels w/Stone Cold Steve Austin

Grudge Match:
Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm

World Tag Team Championship Match:
Booker T and Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak

WWE Women’s Championship Match:
Victoria (c) vs. Jazz w/Thuggin’ and Buggin’ Enterprises

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: 2004

Well looks at this morose motherfuckin' jobber right here<3

I haven't read an ounce of this diary, but I must get on it! The card for this PPV looks like the tits, and after reading those articles about the Kane/Steiner angle, I am looking forward to seeing how you portrayed it.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: 2004

Just got around to checking the thread. I must say I really like the Scott Steiner/Kane feud. It's always good when much attention is given to a midcard feud, and with all the elements you're throwing to this, including the Spike TV deal with them not liking some of the moves WWE have pulled, it really elevates the feud's level. I like it.

Other thing that I noticed and it was also mentioned in a comment above is how you've kept some deceased wrestlers still on your BTB. It's respectable when BTBers select to take them out of the threads, however and specially in a thread based in past years it's important that you've kept Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Test, and in the case of the first two to keep their pushes.

It all looks great. Don't know when you will be posting your next show, but I'll certianly make it my best effort to review it.


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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: 2004

WWE Thursday Night Smackdown Preview May 27th, 2004

The aftermath of Judgment Day is now over, but Paul Heyman’s Coalition continues to bring the battle to the rest of the Smackdown roster.

Anybody who thought since The Coalition weren’t successful at Judgment Day they might back off a little, were very wrong. Paul Heyman and his band of followers seem more determined than ever, on making sure that the WWE Championship comes back to The Coalition. Last week, fresh off of Judgment Day, Heyman forced the WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero to defend his title in a steel cage match against Matt Morgan. Despite the big man’s best efforts, Guerrero was able to pick up the victory, however as he was making his way up the ramp, he was taken out with a Chokeslam from The Big Show. The Big Show then announced, and Heyman has confirmed that Eddie will be defending his WWE Title against Big Show tonight. Just how many weeks in a row can Eddie pull out a big match performance and retain his title before The Coalition just becomes too much?

Whilst a majority of The Coalition seems focused on the WWE Title, Heyman has made it clear from the get go that he is none too happy with John Cena being in possession of the WWE United States Championship. The two men who have been allocated the job of screwing Cena out of the title are Rhyno and A Train. This became clear last week when John Cena went up against the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero in a champion vs. Champion match, and Rhyno cost Cena the victory. This week Cena will face Chavito again, except this week Cena’s US Title will be on the line, will Cena be able to overcome the odds this week? And just what will the egomaniac Chavo do to ensure that he becomes a double champion?

Speaking of the Cruiserweight division, one man who seems ready to just about explode is Jamie Noble. He unfortunately came up short on his quest for the Cruiserweight Title at Judgment Day, and when asking Heyman for a rematch last week, Heyman gave Noble some serious attitude. Not one to take things lying down, Jamie had a crack back, and this lead to the redneck getting into a heated confrontation with Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is one of, if not the best wrestler in the entire WWE, and everybody knows Noble has a whole lot of heart, but will that be enough for him to keep up with Kurt Angle tonight?

Much like the US Title match, we have another rematch of last week as Sean O’Haire will face Paul London again. O’Haire hasn’t been pinned and hasn’t submitted all year; however last week he did lose his first match of the year, when he couldn’t put London away, got frustrated and whaled on him with a chair. O’Haire, the self proclaimed saviour of Smackdown, would have continued the attack if it wasn’t for Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman making the save, so London will be looking for revenge tonight. Will that motivation be enough for London to get the win, or will O’Haire prove that he can beat Paul London?

Tune in this week on Smackdown to see all of this, the return of The APA, and much, much more.

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