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Pro Wrestling Association: The Future

Backstory: I was bored so I decided to make a brand new company.
Yeah, I did it. TNA closed it's doors and Jeff Jarrett took the money and ran,
creating the Pro Wrestling Association. The future is now here. Enjoy.

Owner: Jeff Jarrett
Booker: Eric Bischoff
Play-by-Play: Mike Tenay
Color: Taz
Interviewers: Christy Hemme and Jeremy Borash

PWA World Champion: Abyss
PWA Affliction Champion: Brian Kendrick
PWA Tag Team Champions: Vacant
PWA Television Champion: Jay Lethal

Abyss [H]
AJ Styles [F]
Alex Shelley [F]
Brian Kendrick [F]
Brutus Magnus [H]
Bryan Danielson [H]
Chris Sabin [F]
CM Punk [H]
Desmond Wolfe [H]
Doug Williams [H]
Eric Young [H]
Jay Lethal [F]
Jeff Hardy [H]
Jimmy Rave [H]
Johnny Devine [F]
Kazarian [H]
Ken Anderson [F]
Kevin Nash [H]
Matt Morgan [H]
Paul Burchill [F]
Petey Williams [F]
Robert Roode [H]
Rob Van Dam [F]
Scott Hall [H] - Not Under Contract
Sean Waltman [H] - Not Under Contract
Shane Helms [H]
Shannon Moore [F]

Tag Teams
The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams)
The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)
Canada's Finest (Johnny Devine and Petey Williams)
The Future (Eric Young and Robert Roode)

- Every event will take place on Saturday

Upcoming Events
7/31 - PWA Unchained - Spike TV
8/7 - PWA Unchained - Spike TV
8/14 - PWA Unchained - Spike TV
8/21 - PWA Uprising - Live on PPV!
8/28 - PWA Unchained - Spike TV

I'm back...

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Re: Pro Wrestling Association: The Future

Pro Wrestling Association

Tables Match Opener!
Jimmy Rave v. Paul Burchill

PWA Television Championship
Desmond Wolfe v. Jay Lethal

Bryan Danielson and Shane Helms v. Canada's Finest

PWA World Championship Tournament
Matt Morgan v. RVD v. CM Punk

PWA World Championship Tournament
Abyss v. Jeff Hardy v. Ken Anderson

PWA Affliction Championship
Brian Kendrick v. Kazarian v. Shannon Moore

Motor City Machine Guns v. The British Invasion

PWA World Championship
Winner 1 v. Winner 2

Predictions are open to anyone!

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Re: Pro Wrestling Association: The Future

So your starting off with a PPV?

The roster looks good enough, but I hope you didn't just throw all of this together because you were 'bored.' You need to plan this out, take your time and make this a good BTB.

And in the upcoming events, it says PWS Bad Habits, but all the other events say PWA.
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Re: Pro Wrestling Association: The Future

My bad, I fixed it.

I actually have been planning things out. Got some ideas and wrote some stuff out. I'm starting with a big show to spark the interest and start things. Thanks for your thoughts and I hope you stick with it. Predictions are welcome! :P

I'm back...

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Re: Pro Wrestling Association: The Future


Many people have been buzzing about the first show for PWA. Some have question what exactly the Affliction Championship is for, and Jeff Jarrett gave us an answer during an interview with PWI.

"When TNA closed it's doors, it had an angle featuring the ECW guys. They were ready to return to the ring and make a huge impact." Said Jarrett, "Well, it gave me an idea. I know the fans well, and I know that they love a good Hardcore bout every so often. This made me create the Affliction Championship. For those that are ready to get extreme and shed some blood, they may be ready to hold this belt."

Many superstars have been excited for the new company and have expressed great interest in signing. Some of these wrestlers include, Christopher Daniels, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, and Amazing Red.

Jeff Jarrett is said to be in talks with Kurt Angle to take part ownership in the company. Kurt doesn't feel positive about signing since Eric Bischoff followed the train from TNA. Angle says he wants to work some more on Angle Foods and travel with his family. He said that he is more than willing to take the spot, just not at the moment.

More news will be posted as it is available.

I'm back...

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Re: Pro Wrestling Association: The Future

Tables Match Opener!
Jimmy Rave v. Paul Burchill

PWA Television Championship
Desmond Wolfe v. Jay Lethal

Bryan Danielson and Shane Helms v. Canada's Finest

PWA World Championship Tournament
Matt Morgan v. RVD v. CM Punk

PWA World Championship Tournament
Abyss v. Jeff Hardy v. Ken Anderson

PWA Affliction Championship
Brian Kendrick v. Kazarian v. Shannon Moore

Motor City Machine Guns v. The British Invasion

PWA World Championship
RVD v. Abyss

best of luck to you on this btb, you have a good roster so ill be sure to keep looking out for it

I <3 ME Some M.E.
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Re: Pro Wrestling Association: The Future

Wow that pwi insider article was intruiging. This seems like a nice thread. Stick with it is has potential! Like the PPV banner too
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Re: Pro Wrestling Association: The Future

Thanks guys!

My two other BTBs were trash, and now I feel like I can do good and write some awesome stuff. Again, thanks for the feedback and the prediction. It makes me more hyped to get this going.

I'm back...

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Re: Pro Wrestling Association: The Future

The PPV will be posted on Saturday, instead of Sunday. I will be gone all next week from Sunday-Saturday. So the first Unchained might be bumped to Monday or Tuesday.

After all of this everything will be back on schedule, so don't worry!

I'm back...

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Re: Pro Wrestling Association: The Future


Pro Wrestling Association

Music is blaring through the arena as the crowd goes crazy for the debut of Jeff Jarrett's newest project and quite possibly the future of professional wrestling: PWA! The PPV line up is one of the biggest and promises to showcase some of the best wrestlers in the business. With everything set to go we cut to the commentators.

Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the future of wrestling... today! I am joined by my good friend and broadcast partner, one of the best, Taz!

Taz: Thanks, Tenay. Y'know, when TNA folded, everyone was in a shock. They were ready to do anything to see the same great action they enjoyed for nearly 10 years. Jarrett took the opportunity and has made his dream come true, yet again.

Tenay: No strings attached this time, Taz. It's just Jarrett and his roster. He is proud of this moment and has expressed that this time everything will be ten times better, because no one can push him out of the company.

Taz: The first show was announced a week ago and it is promised to be a big one. We will see the crowning of our first World Champion, Television Champion, and Affliction Champion!

Tenay: Don't forget the tag team division, the titles aren't up for grabs, but the teams in action can put themselves in line for them.

Taz: I can not wait for this show to get going, so let's get started with our opener, a Tables match!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

--- Match One - Jimmy Rave v. Paul Burchill - Tables Match

This was one hell of an opener, with the crowd hyped to their feet. Burchill was playing a face, getting the crowd behind him. He hit a few big moves on Rave, including an unexpected dropkick. Rave kept to the sky, keeping Paul on his toes. Rave got the advantage and brought a table into the ring. He stood it up and pushed it over right on top of Burchill. With the table on top of Paul, Jimmy went to the top and hit a leg drop, almost breaking the table. He sets it up and picks up Burchill. Burchill get's a rake into Jimmy's eyes and rolls out of the ring the recuperate. The crowd begins to go crazy, there is a man walking down the ramp to the ring. Kevin Nash! He enters the ring and Chokeslams Jimmy Rave through the table. Paul Burchill enters the ring with a chair only to get a boot to the face, with the chair in between. The ref calls for the bell.

--- Winner: No Contest

Kevin Nash throws Jimmy Rave out of the ring and focuses on Burchill.

Mike Tenay: What does he have against Paul Burchill?

Taz: I don't think there is anything, Nash just wants to bash someones skull in.

He throws him into the corner and picks up the chair. Before he can swing for the fences, Jeff Jarrett walks to the stage.

Jarrett: Nash! Stop it right there! Kevin, what do you think you're doing? I never invited you nor do I want you in my building! Do what's right or I'll let the local police help you!

Nash laughs as he throws Burchill out of the ring. He unfolds the chair and sits down.

Jarrett: Really? You're gonna play this games? If this has anything to do with the past company, leave it there and don't bring it to PWA.

Kevin asks for a microphone and gets it.

Kevin Nash: Jeffery, you didn't think I would just retire did you? I know I'm getting there, but the fact that I lost a job doesn't count me out. You knew I was going to follow you Double J.

Jarrett: You need to leave my building. I told you once and I'm certainly not going to tell you again.

Nash: Well, I guess I know how Hall and Waltman felt. But hey how about we share the feelings here.

Scott Hall and Sean Waltman appear behind Jarrett.

Nash: Don't you see Jeff? Don't you see it? You wanted to run this place alone, but you know you can't. The authority figures kept us from doing what we needed to do back in TNA.

Jarrett: Don't mentio...

Nash: But listen Jarrett, now it's a different game. This place seems like it's on an 'anything goes' regime. The Band is here in PWA, whether you like it or not.

Jarrett: You know what, I can't get a single word into that pathetic head of yours can I? Fine. I can deal with it. If you want a spot, earn it! All three of you. That's right. Tonight you three will all have a match, to earn your spot in the PWA.

Nash: We're down with that. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam are backstage.

Jeff: Rob, man, good luck tonight. I know how you must feel after everything that happened, but I have faith that you can win your match and continue to the main event. You're a strong man.

RVD: Thanks, Jeff, it means a lot. You know, this place isn't half bad. I can't wait to own that coveted World title like I did before.

Jeff: But, I forgot to mention one thing. I'm going to win my match. So you know what that means, right?

RVD: Well, as long as I win mine, we'd be facing each other.

Jeff: Exactly.

With that he walks off, leaving Rob alone. He shakes his head and begins warming up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Desmond Wolfe makes his way out to the ring and grabs a mic.

Desmond Wolfe: Alright, listen up you wankers. I am making it perfectly clear right now that you will all be required to cheer me every time I step onto that stage. Because after tonight I will have won the very first PWA championship match, and be your Television Champion. I will be the top superstar in this company in the matter of minutes, and in the coming months I will dominate this company and be the covenanted World Champion!

He drops the mic and gets ready for the match...

--- Match Two - Desmond Wolfe v. Jay Lethal - PWA Television Championship

Being a highly anticipated match, it did not disappoint. The first few minutes was a great back and forth fight, with some intense counters. Lethal got the upper hand when Desmond tried to hit a running elbow in the corner. Lethal ducked and Wolfe crashed into the turnbuckles. This lead to a series of moves from Lethal, leaving Desmond in a world of hurt. Jay finally said he was going to end it and went for the Lethal Combination, but was reversed and Desmond hit a powerful lariat. Desmond took full control and hit every move he could think of, along with an attempted Tower of London. Lethal fought back while in position, with his feet on the turnbuckle, then pushed off into a school boy. Lethal got the win with Desmond being caught off guard.

--- Winner: Jay Lethal is the new PWA Television Champion

Lethal grabs the belt and celebrates with the fans. Desmond looks infuriated. He grabs a mic.

Desmond: Jay! You know you got lucky! These idiots don't want to see you with my belt! I want a rematch next week! Try to beat me like a man!

Jay nods his head and holds up the belt, signaling that there will be a rematch.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jeff Jarrett is seen backstage sitting at his desk. He is shaking his head.

Jeff Jarrett: First night and things are already getting bad.

With that, the British Invasion walks into the room.

Jarrett: Okay, what do you guys want?

Doug Williams: Woah, take a breather boss. We were just wondering why in the bloody hell the Tag Team titles aren't up for grabs tonight.

Brutus Magnus: Every title is on the line except for our division. What do you have against tag teams?

Jarrett: I have nothing against the division. Look, there are two tag team matches tonight. I guess I can make the winners face off next week for the titles.

Magnus: There ya go. We will see you next week when we win our titles. Have a good day, sir.

Doug shakes Jarrett's hand and they both leave.

Jarrett is left with his head in his hands, rubbing his eyes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cut to the commentators.

Mike Tenay: Well, it looks like Jarrett just made it official. The two tag team matches tonight are now a mini tournament!

Taz: And the two teams that win will go toe-to-toe next week for the coveted Tag Team Championships.

Mike: Let's get our first tag team match under way.

--- Match Three - Bryan Danielson and Shane Helms v. Canada's Finest

A great match from four excellent competitors. They delivered a great match with some aerial feats that could only be described as amazing. Devine and Williams worked well together as faces and kept Danielson and Helms off guard. Bryan and Shane had trouble working together, but kept fighting. Devine was knocked out of the ring and gave Danielson the advantage. He laid a boot right into Williams' head, leading to a Boston Crab. Shane Helms entered the ring after knocking out Devine for good. He applied a crossface to Williams. Petey had nothing else to do but to tap out.

--- Winners: Bryan Danielson and Shane Helms advance in the Tag Team Tournament

Danielson quickly gets up and raises his fists into the air, celebrating the victory. Helms is up and doing the same. They notice each other.

Tenay: Bryan Danielson and Shane Helms just won the tag match, but there looks to be a disagreement between the two.

Bryan claims that he was the reason they won, with his Boston Crab. Helms says that if it wasn't for him and the Crossface, that Petey would have escaped.

Taz: I think they should just claim that they both helped win the match as a team, that's usually how tag team matches go.

After the heated debate, Danielson storms off and walks to the back, without looking back to his partner.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

--- Match Four - Matt Morgan v. RVD v. CM Punk - World Championship Tournament

One of the most highly anticipated matches of the night surely gave the fans what they wanted. Morgan and Punk worked together to punish RVD. They kept him on the ground most of the match, with the fans not having any of it. Rob got an occasional come back, once grounding Punk and hitting a Rolling Thunder to Morgan, but the odds were against him as he kept getting outnumbered. Morgan and Punk finally butted heads when they both wanted to do their finishers. Morgan stated that he is the bigger man and deserves the win. Punk simply told Matt, "I'm better than you." RVD came to his senses and shoves Punk into Morgan, who fell out of the ring, and then did an roll up on CM Punk for the unexpected win.

--- Winner: Rob Van Dam advances in the World Title Tournament

Matt Morgan is in a rage and Punk seems shocked. Morgan enters the ring, and leans on the ropes. Punk slowly gets to his feet.

Taz: What an awesome match from these three, it was truly one of the best.

Tenay: Rob Van Dam picked up the win and Mor...

Morgan turns around and lays a perfect Carbon Footprint right on Punks skull.

Tenay: Oh my God, CM Punk is out.

Morgan lies on top of Punk and the crowd chants.. 1...2...3.

Taz: Well, it looks like Matt Morgan just proved that he is better than Punk.

Matt shakes his head and leaves the ring. Punk is getting looked at by medics.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul Burchill is seen busting into Jeff Jarretts locker room. Jeff stands up, surprised.

Paul: Jeff! I don't care who has a job here or not by next week, I want one of them in that ring!

Jeff: I take it you're talking about The Band.

Paul: Right on the dot.

Jeff: Well, seeing as Nash was the one that ruined the match, I'll put you up against him. But not next week. You'll go against him at our next PPV. As for next week, you and Jimmy Rave can have the match you deserve. If any of The Band interfere, they will all be banned from the PWA, and this time I'll let the police have a go at 'em.

Paul: Anything works for me...

He leaves the office, happy for a chance at revenge.

AJ Styles is seen entering the room. The crowd cheers for the wrestler, excited to see him in the company.

AJ: Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. I can't tell you how excited I am to be here.

Jeff: I'm excited for you. You are one of the greatest wrestlers in this business, and I'm glad you followed the train.

AJ: Listen, until I'm ready to compete, do you think I could take up a manager spot?

Jeff: What do you mean until you're ready to compete?

AJ: Hmm... well... At a taping a few weeks ago, I twisted my ankle real bad. So.. yeah...

Jeff: Alright, listen. I'll give you the spot, but you better be ready by the next PPV. I don't want unused talent on my payroll.

AJ: No problem. I'll go find a future champ.

He leaves the office. Jarrett is left with a smile on his face.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

--- Match Five - Abyss v. Jeff Hardy v. Ken Anderson - World Championship Tournament

Another anticipated match. This was an all out match, giving the fans everything they hoped for. Abyss dominated Jeff and Anderson in the beginning. He was a monster, dishing out pain in many forms. After a few minutes of giving beatings, and taking a few from his opponents, he slide out of the ring to get a chair. Jeff and Ken got to their feet and decided to work together. Abyss slide into the ring and both men went onto the assault. Anderson held Abyss down while Hardy choked him out with the chair. Typical team work and Abyss getting a few comebacks was most of the match. A double suplex to Abyss, along with a double closeline from Abyss to the duo. The end came when Jeff Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb and Abyss. Ken told Jeff to pin him, but grabbed the chair while the ref was counting, and planted it right in the back of Jeff's head. He threw the chair out of the ring and wiped his hands, almost as if he just did the dirty work. He pinned Hardy. Right when the ref got to 2, the lights went out. They came back on a few minutes later with Abyss laying on top of a bloody Anderson. The ref had nothing else to do but to count to 3.

--- Winner: Abyss advances in the World Title Tournament

Tenay: What the hell was that?

Taz: I have absolutely no clue Mike, but it looks like Abyss has a friend!

Tenay: Well, somebody just attacked Anderson and pulled Abyss on top of him for the win, and I don't like it.

Taz: We can't change anything, but we can get answers. Hopefully Abyss knows who it was and we can find out soon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A hype video for what has went down already airs.

Followed by a video promoting the next PPV, The Uprising. Already announced for the PPV is Paul Burchill v. Kevin Nash.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

--- Match Six - Brian Kendrick v. Kazarian v. Shannon Moore - PWA Affliction Championship

The Affliction Championship promised matches with only the deadliest weapons, and the very first match for this division did not disappoint. Kendo sticks, chairs, a table, and even a pool stick were all used. One spot involved the table, set up, and a pool stick. Kendrick slammed Kazarian's face onto the table, and Moore lined up a shot with the pool stick. He jammed it right into Kaz's forehead, drawing blood. Later on, Kendrick hit a Super Huricanrana to Moore, who crashed through the table. AJ Styles came out to the ring, in sneaky fashion, tripping Kaz from the outside, who landed face first onto a chair. He yelled to Kendrick to pin Kaz, and he did. AJ held Shannon's foot so that Brian can get the win.

--- Winner: Brian Kendrick is the new PWA Affliction Champion

Kendrick leaves the ring, and is confused as to why AJ picked him. He says "I didn't need your help" and pulls his hand away as AJ tried to raise it. Styles follows him to the back, congratulating him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman make their way to the ring. The refs are still clearing the ring out and helping Shannon Moore and Kazarian.

Kevin Nash: Get the hell out of my ring!

He shoves a ref. Hall and Waltman kick some debris and a chair out of the ring. Moore and Kaz make it out safe. A ref stays in the ring.

Kevin Nash: Let's get this over with. Double J, get your ass out here!

Jeff makes his way out to the stage.

Nash: Who the hell do we have to send to the hospital to get a contract around here?

Jarrett laughs.

Jeff Jarrett: You see, I made it official earlier that you guys would fight for your jobs. Since then I have been thinking about it, and you don't deserve to waste TV time fighting my top notch talent. So this is how it's going to go down: This is a triple threat match. Scott Hall versus Sean Waltman versus Kevin Nash. Winner gets a contract, the other two must leave the building.

The trio is visibly unhappy, and start making a game plan.

Finally, Scott Hall shoves Waltman. Nash is obviously faking being shocked. He then shoves Hall into the corner. Hall clutches his face and falls out of the ring. Kevin bounces off the ropes and lands a huge leg drop on Waltman. Sean's legs fly into the air.

Taz: Oh no! Waltman is knocked out!

Tenay: You can't be serious...

Taz: This is a serious match for these three, one of them is getting a contract.

Nash then pins Waltman for the win.

Kevin looks winded as the ref raises his hand into the air. Hall slides into the ring and looks angry. But then they start laughing and hug. The signature Wolfpac hand symbol is thrown into the air.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Medics are rushing around backstage and tending to Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams.

Tenay: Look, Taz, this can't be good!

The Motor City Machine Guns have made their way to the ring during this commotion. They start to look confused. They just now found out that this happened.

Taz: Do you think they had something to do with this?

Tenay: I can't say if I do. They look just puzzled as we are.

--- Match Seven - The Motor City Machine Guns v. The British Invasion - Tag Team Tournament

--- Winnners: The Motor City Machine Guns advance in the tournament.

Taz: Well, the Guns win by default.

They celebrate and hug. Then they leave the ring and celebrate with the fans.

Tenay: No right to showboat like they are, but what can ya say?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rob Van Dam is seen backstage icing his knee. Jeff Hardy enters the scene.

Jeff Hardy: You got lucky.

Rob just stares at him.

RVD: Are you serious, man?

Jeff Hardy: I know you usually don't see me in this kind of zone, in this attitude, this mind set. But I just got jipped out of the World Title opportunity. I know that you and I could have put on one hell of a show. Right now, I'm on my own. I'm done making friendships. Everyone is my enemy.

He gets in RVD's face.

Jeff Hardy: Including you...

He then leaves the scene. Rob is obviously worried about Hardy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

--- Main Event - Rob Van Dam v. Abyss - PWA World Championship

Abyss kept looking to the ceiling, maybe hoping for some more help. He didn't get it, and only took a beating from RVD. Abyss was getting attacked from every direction, never knowing where Rob would hit him next. Abyss finally out of no where got the advantage by hitting RVD with the Black Hole Slam. He couldn't cover RVD fast enough and couldn't get the win. Jeff Hardy made an appearance, with a darker, more sadistic design on his face. His face paint shows that he may have had a change of heart. Jeff stands on the stage staring at the action in the ring. Rob notices him, and the ref is yelling to Jeff. Ken Anderson enters the ring and hits Abyss with a Mic Check. The confusion in the arena is huge, as the commentators have no clue what is going on. Anderson then notices Hardy, who now has his eyes set on him. The lights go out. They come back on and Jeff is gone, and Abyss is standing behind Rob Van Dam. Anderson falls back, scared. Abyss turns RVD around and hits the Shock Treatment for the win.

--- Winner: Abyss is the new PWA World Champion

Tenay:Taz, what the hell just happened?

Taz: I have no idea! Jeff stood on the stage, then disappeared when the lights went out! Who can explain that?

Tenay: I wonder if the mystery man is behind this. Anderson tried to help RVD get the win, but it backfired as Abyss seemed to be immune to anything after the lights came back on.

Taz: I thought we were going to get answers as to what happened earlier, but now we have more questions!

Abyss is standing over Rob Van Dam with the belt close to his chest. He points the ceiling, nodding his head. Anderson is fleeing the scene, getting away from all the confusion...

End of PWA Bad Habits

I'm back...

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