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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: World Wrestling Alliance

OK, this BTB looks really good Kames. I like the signings you made of what I read on this page. I look forward to your future writes, Kames. I really enjoy your work I have seen on other forums. Anyways, I look forward to it an good luck.
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Re: World Wrestling Alliance

Todd Grisham has mysteriously dissappeared...

Tuesday Night Thunder
August 17th, 2010
York, Pennsylvania

Video plays, showing what transpired last week at the end of the show. Shelton Benjamin attacks Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy attacks Shelton Benjamin, and AJ Styles attacks all of them. It ends with AJ Styles in the middle of the ring, with all three men on the ground.
The Thunder video plays, before going to the Toyota Center in York Pennsylvania, where “Monster” by Skillet blasts throughout the speakers. The camera pans around the arena, before panning over to the announcers table.

Michael Cole: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Tuesday Night Thunder! We are here, as always in the Toyota Center in York, Pennsylvania! I am Michael Cole, and beside me is my partner, Tazz!

Tazz: The crowd is pumped tonight baby! I’ve never seen them like this.

Michael Cole: And they have reason to be pumped, because tonight, a blockbuster match was announced. The Hardy’s, who haven’t teamed up in nearly two years will team up to take on the team of AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin!

Tazz: At the end of the show last week, AJ Styles stood tall over all three men. So what’s going to happen when they’re all in the ring at the same time? We’re gonna find out baby!

Michael Cole: And the semifinals in the Television Championship Tournament will take place tonight! Due to Thunder General Manager Jim Cornette, Shelton Benjamin was pulled from the tournament due to his actions against Jeff Hardy. Shelton Benjamin will not be replaced, which means Rikishi has already found him a spot in the finals!

Tazz: Rikishi got a free ticket to the finals, but it isn’t going to be that easy to win the Television Championship.

Michael Cole:
But in the other quarterfinal, is Elijah Burke, who as we all remember, guaranteed he will be the next Television Champion, and he will take on Christian! All of that will take place tonight.

Tazz: What a show we’re gon’a have.

Michael Cole: I’m getting word that we’re going to start off the match with some action, as Booker T is in action!

*Can You Dig It, Sucka?*

Booker T makes his way down to the ring, getting a mixed reaction as he does it. He gets in the ring, but before he can do anything else, he grabs a microphone.

Booker T: I got somethin’ to say. What happen’ a few weeks ago wid’ Christian. That was just embarrisin’.

Heat at Booker T’s comments. Booker T starts pacing around the ring, before continuing.

Booker T: I know for a fact, that I’m better than him. I’m da better athlete. I should be competin’ tonight against Elijah Burke instead of this nobody I’m bout’ to face.

Booker T gets some more heat. A small ‘You Suck’ chant starts. Booker T throws the microphone down, before getting ready for his upcoming match.

*The Final Countdown*

The crowd goes crazy as Bryan Danielson makes his way down to the ring, to make his WWA debut. He gets into the ring, and the match begins.

Match #1
Booker T vs Bryan Danielson
We pick up the match in the eighth minute, where Bryan Danielson is in control of the match, with the CROSS FACE locked in. Unlucky for Danielson, Booker T’s too close to the rope, as Booker sticks his foot on the bottom rope. The referee tells Danielson to let go but Bryan doesn’t. The ref starts counting: 1..2..3..4..Danielson lets go. The ref is yelling, but Bryan gets up and yells at the referee “I HAVE TILL FIVE!” As Bryan turns around, Booker T is back up on his feet and SUPERKICKS Danielson! Booker T covers: 1..2..Bryan Danielson kicks out. Booker T slowly gets up to his feet, as the match is starting to take it’s toll on him. Booker T helps Bryan Danielson up to his feet, before he nails him with a Neckbreaker. Booker T covers again: 1..2..Danielson kicks out. Booker T gets up to his feet, and it’s obvious that he’s getting frustrated. Booker helps Danielson up to his feet, and whips him off the ropes, but puts his head down to early for a Back Body Drop, so Danielson takes advantage of it and kicks Booker T right in the face.

Danielson comes off the ropes and clotheslines Booker to the ground. He helps The Book Man up to his feet, before hitting him with a Double Underhook Suplex! But Danielson follows it into a Fujiwara Armbar! He’s going to break Booker T’s arm! But once again, Booker T is too close to the ropes, as he puts his left hand on the bottom rope. Danielson lets go of the hold at once this time, before climbing up to the top rope. Bryan leaps off, looking for a DIVING HEADBUTT, but Booker T manages to move out of the way. Both men are worn out, and by the time Booker T gets to his feet, Danielson is also up. Booker T punches Danielson with a right hand, but Danielson retaliates with a right hand. Booker punches him again, and Danielson again returns the favor. This time, Booker T pokes Danielson in the eye, before hitting him with the BOOK END! The fans groan, as Booker T goes for the cover: 1..2..BRYAN DANIELSON KICKS OUT! The fans go crazy, as The 5-Time WCW World Champion’s eyes are about as big and round as they come.

Booker T can’t believe that Danielson kicked out, and is now obviously frustrated, as he starts hitting the mat. He complains to the referee, telling him he needs to count faster, but of course it wasn’t the referee’s fault. Booker T turns around and attempts to help Danielson up to his feet, but Danielson was playing possum, and rolls Booker T up: 1..2..Booker T barely kicks out! Both men get up rather quickly, before The Book Man runs at Danielson, but Bryan kicks him in the mid-section, then hits the REGAL-PLEX! The fans are on their feet, as Danielson makes the cover: 1..2..BOOKER T KICKS OUT! The fans groan, as they are all obviously wanting Bryan Danielson to win. ‘The American Dragon’ gets up to his feet, before helping Booker T up to his. He attempts to Irish whip him into the corner, but Booker T reverses it and sends Danielson into the corner. Booker T runs at Danielson, but Danielson moves out of the way, as Booker T crashes into the corner. Danielson takes the advantage to climb up to the top rope again, point up to the sky, and this time land the DIVING HEADBUTT! It takes Danielson a while, but he finally makes the cover on Booker T: 1..2..BOOKER T AGAIN KICKS OUT! Now it’s Danielson who’s getting frustrated, as he can’t put Booker T away. Danielson gets up to his feet, and attempts to help Booker T up to his feet, but Booker decides he’s had enough, and LOW BLOWS DANIELSON! The referee has no choice but to call for the bell, as the fans start to boo.

Winner via Disqualification @ 13:02; Bryan Danielson

The crowd are still giving off major heat, as Booker T rolls out of the ring, and walks to the back. In the ring, Bryan Danielson stands, as he gets a big pop from the fans. Every fan in the building is applauding, whether they like Danielson or not.


We come back from commercials, to the Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman in their office. A knock is heard, and both men say “Come In” at exactly the same time. Elijah Burke walks into the office, getting heat as he does.

Paul Heyman: How ya doin’ Elijah?

Elijah Burke: I’m doin just fine, thank you.

Paul Heyman: Not a problem at all. What can I do for you.

Elijah Burke: I’m not the one to complain..

Elijah is cut off by a chorus of boos, as the fans all know that’s what Burke’s good at.

Elijah Burke: But, I don’t think it’s fair that I’ve gotta work my ass of to get to the finals, but all Rikishi has to do is sit on his ass to get there.

Elijah Burke whispers something that sounds like “Finally found something he’s good at.”

Paul Heyman: Look, I’m not the one that made that decision, you need to talk to Jim over here.

Jim Cornette: Elijah, I don’t really care what you have to say to be perfectly honest. I think it’s good for you to have to work your way to the Championship. The more you win, the more success you will have.

Elijah Burke: I am already more successful then you will ever be, you washed up hasbeen.

Major heat for Burke at these comments.

Jim Cornette: Your honestly not very smart, are you Mr. Burke? You come into YOUR boss’s office, and insult me? And then you expect me to do something for you? That’s not how it works.

Elijah Burke: I don’t expect nothing.. I demand it!

Short pause, before Cornette answers him.

Jim Cornette: I’m not doing nothing for you. Your a punk.

Pop for Cornette.

Jim Cornette:
Now, you better get the hell out of my office, before I take you out of the Television Championship Tournament!

Pop. Burke stares Cornette down, before slowly walking out of the office.

Jim Cornette: Who does he think he is?

Paul Heyman: Personally, I think he’s the next World Champion.

Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman stare at each other, before the camera cuts away.

Christy Hemme: Ladies and Gentlemen, would you all please welcome my guest at this time, he is the challenger to Jeff Hardy’s WWA World Championship, AJ Styles!

AJ gets quite a bit of heat.

Christy Hemme: Tonight, right here on Tuesday Night Thunder, you are going to be teaming up with Shelton Benjamin, to take on The Hardy’s. What do you think about this?

AJ Styles:
What do I think about this? I think it’s, well stupid. I’ve got a match in five days time at Breaking Even, I should be resting up, I should be preparing for that match. But instead, I am being forced, to team up with Shelton Benjamin to take on the Hardy’s.

Pop at the mention of the match.

AJ Styles: I don’t like it, and I know Shelton doesn’t like it. But I can guarantee this. I don’t know which Hardy it’s going to be, I would prefer it be Jeff, but it doesn’t matter. One of those Hardy Boys, are leaving this arena tonight in an ambulance. They’re going to have to be carted away from the ring on a stretcher!

Some heat. At this, Shelton Benjamin appears in the camera, getting quite a bit of heat.

Shelton Benjamin: I overheard ya. I don’t like this one bit either. As a matter of fact, I don’t like you one bit either.

AJ Styles: Is that right?

Shelton Benjamin: That’s damn right.

AJ Styles: I don’t like you one bit either. I don’t like Matt Hardy at all, but I do agree with him on one thing, you are a punk.

Actual pop for Styles.

AJ Styles: But I’m willing to put all of that aside tonight, for this match. So, I say let’s go out there and win tonight.

AJ Styles puts his hand out, wanting Shelton to shake it. Shelton looks at Styles, before looking down at his outstretched hand, before finally shaking it. The two men smile at each other, as Thunder cuts to commercial.


*Don’t Waste My Time*

Elijah Burke makes his way out to the ring, obviously not happy with what happened with the General Managers. He gets into the ring, before getting in the corner on the second rope, and motioning that the Television Championship is going to be around his waist.

*Just Close Your Eyes*

Christian makes his way to the ring, getting a pretty good reaction from the crowd. He climbs up the steel ring steps, before entering the ring. He gets on the second rope, where he ‘looks’ for his peeps. He gets off the ropes, and the two men are almost set to start their match before..

*You Look Fly Today*

Rikishi, the man who is already in the finals makes his way to the ring. He gets a pretty good pop, as he just decides to stand on the ramp to scout his opponent.

Match #2
Television Championship Semifinal
Elijah Burke vs Christian
Rikishi, so far has not played a role in the match, as he has just been watching the match. We pick up the action in this match in the fifth minute, where Elijah Burke is in the control of the match. He whips Christian off the ropes and lowers his head down looking for a Back Body Drop, but he lowered his head to early, as Christian makes him pay the price by kicking him in the face. Christian then comes off the ropes and clotheslines Burke. Christian covers: 1..2..Burke gets his shoulder up. Christian helps Elijah Burke up to his feet, before putting him in an Inverted Facelock, before bringing him down with an Inverted Facelock Backbreaker. Christian covers: 1..2..Elijah Burke kicks out again. Christian is starting to look frustrated that he can’t put Burke away. He gets in the corner and waits for Burke to get to his feet. Elijah Burke helps himself up in the corner. Christian shoots at him, looking for a spear, but Elijah Burke moves out of the way, making Christian go shoulder first into the steel ring post. Christian falls out of the ring upon impact with the steel ring post.

Elijah Burke rests in the ring while the referee starts his ten count: 1..2..3..Elijah Burke gets out of the ring and helps Christian up to his feet..4..Burke whips Christian into the steel ring steps..5..Burke helps Christian up, only to bash his head into the steel ring steps several times..6..7..Burke slides into the ring, before sliding out, making the referee start his ten count over again. 1..2..Elijah Burke gets Christian up to his feet, before sliding him into the ring..3..Burke goes over to the timekeepers table, grabs a steel chair and tosses it into the ring..4..Burke gets into the ring himself. The referee grabs the steel chair, yells at Burke and turns his back on him to put it outside of the ring. As Christian is starting to get up to his feet, Burke then pulls something out of his trunks, puts them on his hand, before punching Christian with a Knockout blow! The camera gets a shot of Elijah’s hand, and it turns out they were Brass Knuckles! Elijah Burke covers, as the referee turns around: 1..2..3!

Winner via Pinfall @ 7:31; Elijah Burke (Advances to Finals)

Elijah Burke has his hand raised by the referee. He slides out of the ring, where he yells at the fans, “I told you so! I told you I was going to win the Television Championship!”


We come back from commercial to see Christy Hemme for the second time tonight, at the Interview Set backstage.

Christy Hemme: Ladies and Gentlemen, would you all please welcome my second guest this evening, he is the World Wrestling Alliance World Champion, Jeff Hardy!

Major pop for the World Champ.

Christy Hemme: Jeff Hardy, please give us all your thoughts on teaming up with your brother, Matt Hardy for the first time in nearly two years.

The pop for Hardy is still going. A “Hardy” chant breaks out. It finally quite downs, to where Hardy can speak.

Jeff Hardy: First of all, I would like to thank all of the fans, not only for their support here in the World Wrestling Alliance, but for the support anywhere I’ve wrestled all over the world! Without you guys, I wouldn’t have one all the championships, me and my brother wouldn’t have been such a successful tag team, and most especially, I wouldn’t be standing here today with this World Championship on my shoulder.

Pop for Hardy.

Jeff Hardy: What are my thoughts going into this match? I’m excited. I’m more excited than I have been in years. And there’s one reason for that. I’m teaming with my brother again! Teaming with him is where I got my name.

Another pop, as the fans are thinking about the good times the Hardys have given them.

Jeff Hardy: But there’s one other reason. I can’t wait to get my hands on AJ Styles. After what he did last week, not only to myself, but also for what he did to my brother. And Shelton Benjamin, don’t think I haven’t forget about you. Your just lucky you didn’t actually face me in that match. You know why? Because I would have kicked your ass! I would have kicked your ass so bad, your attitude would be alot better than it is now.

Jeff Hardy gets another pop.

Jeff Hardy: So tonight, what you’re going to see is Shelton Benjamin and AJ Styles with their backs on the mat!


Jeff Hardy: Then after that, at Breaking Even, you better bet I’m going to be defeating AJ Styles and walking out of there the WWA World Champion!

The camera cuts away to an area backstage, where it appears a superstar is on the ground, apparently knocked on. As the camera focuses, it shows that the superstar is Kaval. First one to the scene is Matt Sydal. Jim Cornette runs up.

Jim Cornette: What the hell happened?

Matt Sydal: I don’t know man. I went to the bathroom there and when I came out, he was on the ground.

Sydal turns around to tend to his partner. EMT’s come and they help Kaval on a stretcher, before carting him away. Jim Cornette walks away, before stopping and saying..

Jim Cornette (softly): MVP and Ron Killings!

Camera cuts away to the ring.


The crowd gives off a big pop to Bobby Lashley, who makes his way to the ring. He looks all business tonight, but that doesn’t stop him from taunting to the fans. He gets in the ring, before he is handed a microphone.

Bobby Lashley:
That masked man, whoever he is, is really starting to piss me off.

Pop, as the crowd realizes Lashley is angry.

Bobby Lashley: So if he wants to attack me from behind, just like Goldberg, I’ve got no problem whipping his ass right now. If he wants some of me, he can come out and get it right now!

A huge uproar comes from the fans. Lashley drops the microphone, takes off his shirt before throwing it into the crowd. He gets ready, circling around the ring, since he’s not too sure where the masked man will come from. Suddenly, the lights go out, and when they come back on, none other than BRETT DIBIASE is on top of Lashley, pummeling him with rights and lefts. DiBiase gets off of Lashley, takes his shirt off and throws it out of the ring. DiBiase gets on the top rope, before leaping off with a Missile Dropkick, but Lashley moves out of the way just as the last time. DiBiase gets up to his feet rather quickly, but is quickly downed by a huge SPEAR from Lashley! The crowd starts booing, as GOLDBERG slides into the ring, then gives Lashley a huge SPEAR! Goldberg stands over Lashley, telling him it’s going to be like that this Sunday. Goldberg leaves the ring, before the lights go out again. But this time it’s the MASKED MAN in the ring!! He gets on to the top rope, then jumps off hitting a MOONSAULT! The lights go back off, and then they come back on, the Masked Man is gone.


We come back from commercials to the office of Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman: Well how do you know they did it? You have no proof and it seems like your just going on instinct.

Jim Cornette: Come on Paul, even somebody without a mind could now that they have the biggest motive-

Jim Cornette is interrupted by a knock on the door.

Paul Heyman: Come in.

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase walk into the room. Ted DiBiase has a piece of paper in his hand.

Jim Cornette: Can we help you?

Cody Rhodes: Actually, it’s not can, it’s you will help us.

Jim Cornette: And why do you think that?

Cody Rhodes: You see, we deserve a shot at the World Tag Team Championships. We are the best team here in the WWA, and what you did to us last week, well it just wasn’t right. And, if you don’t give us a Tag Team Championship Match, we are going to sue your ass!

Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman look taken aback.

Paul Heyman: And how do you expect to do that?

Cody Rhodes: Show him, Teddy.

Ted DiBiase: My pleasure.

Ted DiBiase gives the paper to Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman. Both men read it.

Ted DiBiase: You see, that’s a page out of our contract. And it says, right there that we get a Tag Team Championship Match whenever we want. And we decided we are going to take that match this Sunday at Breaking Even. And, there’s nothing you can do about it!

DiBiase takes the paper out of Heyman’s hands, before Priceless walks out of the room laughing.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have had one wild night tonight. And as you all just heard, Priceless will challenge for the WWA World Tag Team Championships this Sunday at Breaking Even, against the champions, The Motor City Machineguns.

Tazz: You gotta give Priceless props, what they did was real smart.

Michael Cole: Also this Sunday in tag team action, MVP and Ron Killings are set to do battle with Matt Sydal and Kaval, but with what just happened, we have to wonder will Kaval be able to make it?

Tazz: Nobody knows Cole. We still haven’t got word on his condition.

Michael Cole: Matt Hardy will take on Shelton Benjamin in singles action!

I can’t wait for it baby, I hope Hardy gets his revenge!

Michael Cole: Bobby Lashley vs Goldberg. And, I think the most important question to ask about this match, is will the Masked Man appear?

Tazz: Well tonight, when Brett DiBiase appeared, we all thought that he was the one in the mask the entire time, but it turns out it wasn’t him.

Michael Cole: In the finals of the Television Championship Match, Rikishi will go one on one with Elijah Burke!

Tazz: Elijah Burke is one step closer to fulfilling his promise to become the TV Champ.

Michael Cole: And in the Main Event of the evening, Jeff Hardy will defend his WWA World Championship against AJ Styles!

Tazz: I’m pumped, the first time WWA is on pay-per-view, and it’s going to be a hell of a show.

*Ain’t No Stoppin Me*

Shelton Benjamin comes out, getting quite a bit of heat. He walks down to the ring, not focusing on the crowd.

*Get Ready to Fly*

The man who will challenge for the WWA World Championship at Breaking Even, AJ Styles makes his way to the ring. He receives a mixed reaction, but with about 85 percent boos and 15 percent cheers (always gotta have them Styles Marks .)

*Live for the Moment*

Matt Hardy comes out getting a giant pop from the crowd. He walks down to the ring, but doesn’t get in. Instead, he waits for..


The younger Hardy brother comes out, getting another giant reaction from the crowd. Hardy runs down to the ring, where both he and Matt slides into the ring.

Main Event
Matt and Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin
We pick up this match nearing the eighth minute. Both men on both teams have had significant amount of time in the ring. Currently, Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin are the legal men in the ring. Shelton Benjamin whips Matt Hardy into the ropes, runs at him and jumps, before splashing him in the corner. Hardy falls down to the mat, before Benjamin drags him to the middle of the ring and attempts a pinfall: 1..2..Hardy kicks out. Benjamin gets up, helps Hardy up to his feet, guides him over to his corner and tags in Styles. Shelton holds Hardy while Styles gets in the ring and kicks him in the midsection. As Hardy kneels over, Styles comes off the ropes and attempts to kick Matt Hardy in the head, just like he did at the closing of last weeks Thunder, but Hardy moves out of the way just in time, before landing a Neckbreaker on the Challenger for the World Championship. Hardy covers: 1..2..Styles kicks out. Hardy gets up to his feet, and whips Styles into the corner. M. Hardy runs at him, and goes for some sort a clothesline (or was it a splash?), but Styles moves out of the way just at the last second, runs over to Shelton and tags him into the match.

Styles runs at Hardy, who is still in the corner, and knees him in the mid-section. He does this multiple times, before whipping him into the opposite corner. Shelton runs at Hardy, and attempts his patented splash, but Hardy moves out of the way just in time. Hardy staggers out of his corner, goes over to Jeff Hardy, and tags him in! The WWA World Champion comes into the ring getting a major pop from the fans. He runs at Benjamin and clotheslines him down to the mat. Benjamin gets back up, yet Hardy downs him with another clothesline. Hardy runs over to Styles and hip tosses him over the top rope into the ring! Styles gets up, before getting clotheslined out of the ring by Jeff Hardy! Hardy turns around, to Benjamin who goes for the PAYDIRT, but Hardy somehow reverses it into a modified spinebuster! Hardy covers: 1..2..Benjamin kicks out. Hardy gets up to his feet, but Styles is now back in the ring and rakes Jeff’s eyes. Matt Hardy gets back in the action, by running at Styles and Lou Thesz Pressing him, before laying the right hands on him. Matt Hardy and AJ Styles roll out of the ring, both men throwing punches at each other.

Back in the ring, both men have for the most part recovered, and start slugging it out. Shelton gets the better of the World Champ, and backs him back into the ropes, before whipping him off the ropes, but Shelton lowers his head too early for a back body drop, and pays the price for it, as Hardy kicks him in the face. Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin have stopped their battle, and both men are now in their respective corners. Hardy whips Benjamin off the ropes, but AJ Styles makes a blind tag, and climbs in the ring, as Jeff Hardy elbows Benjamin in the mouth. Hardy doesn’t know AJ Styles is the legal men, and it ends up to be disastrous for him, as he turns around into Styles, who kicks him in the midsection, before landing the STYLES CLASH! Styles covers: 1..2..3!

Winners via Pinfall @ 14:25; AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin

AJ Styles rolls out of the ring, and makes his way backstage, making sure to gloat to the fans some about his pinfall victory, and motioning to Hardy that he will become the World Champion at Breaking Even. Shelton Benjamin is next to go backstage. The Hardy brothers are standing tall in the ring, as the final episode before Breaking Even, of Tuesday Night Thunder comes to a close.

End of Show

Quick Results
Bryan Danielson d. Booker T
Elijah Burke d. Christian
AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin d. Matt and Jeff Hardy

Event: Breaking Even
Date: August 22nd, 2010
Venue: Toyota Center, York, Pennsylvania

WWA World Championship
Jeff Hardy(C) vs AJ Styles

Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley

WWA Television Championship
Elijah Burke/Christian vs Rikishi

Matt Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin

WWA World Tag Team Championships
The Motor City Machineguns(C) vs Priceless

Matt Sydal and Kaval vs MVP and Ron Killings


NO PREDICTIONS YET PLZ!!~ I’m going to post a preview, then a template, then after that predictions can be posted. Btw, don’t expect Breaking Even till Christmas . I hope I was joking with that last statement, but with the way my life has been going, I honestly don’t know. But, like a said expect a preview by Saturday .
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Re: World Wrestling Alliance

Breaking Even Preview
August 22nd, 2010

WWA World Championship
Jeff Hardy(C) vs AJ Styles

AJ Styles is the hungry competitor in this match. It all started out on the first episode of WWA Thunder, a four man tournament was announced to crown a World Champion. Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley, and Goldberg were the three men picked to compete in the tournament. In the opening matches, AJ Styles defeated Goldberg, while Jeff Hardy defeated Bobby Lashley, with some unwanted help from Goldberg.

The next week, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles met in the middle of the ring for the biggest prize in the game, the WWA World Championship. It was a great match, with some intense action, but at the end, Jeff Hardy’s hand was raised, and he was crowned the World Champion.

The next week, Jeff Hardy was celebrating with the fans about his victory, when AJ Styles interrupted him. AJ told him that he should be the World Champion right now, and that everyone in the arena agrees with him. Jeff tells him that since he wants to be a fighting champion, and defend the championship whenever he can, he will let Styles have another shot at the World Championship at Breaking Even. Later than evening, it was scheduled to be Jeff Hardy against Shelton Benjamin, but Benjamin attacked Hardy from behind before the match could start. Before it was all said and done, AJ Styles was added to the mix, and hit a Styles Clash on Hardy, and was left standing over the World Champion as Thunder went off the air.

The next week on Thunder, Jeff Hardy teamed up with his brother, Matt Hardy to take on Shelton Benjamin and AJ Styles. They were unsuccessful though, as AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin defeated them.


Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley
This match could be one of the strangest matches on the card due to one man in a mask. The whole rivalry between Goldberg and Bobby Lashley started when WWA began. Both men were in the tournament for the WWA Championship. AJ styles defeated Goldberg. It looked as if Bobby Lashley were going to defeat Jeff Hardy, but when the referee got knocked out, Goldberg came down to the ring and took out Bobby Lashley, causing Jeff Hardy to win.

The next week, Bobby Lashley demanded answers from Goldberg, only to be attacked by somebody else- a man in a mask. The man in the mask adopted the name, The Masked Man. After The Masked Man beats Lashley down for a little while, Goldberg runs down to the ring and spears Lashley.

The next week, it was Goldberg’s turn to come to the ring. He says he has nothing to do with The Masked Man. He say she did what he did to Lashley because he saw him as a young Goldberg, and he didn’t want him to have all the success that he had. Bobby Lashley comes out, and tells Goldberg that he never wants to be him. After this, The Masked Man comes from behind Bobby Lashley, and attacks him again.

The next week, Bobby Lashley demands that The Masked Man comes out and attacks him when he’s looking. The lights go off, and when they come back on Brett DiBiase is beating down on Lashley. DiBiase is soon overpowered by Lashley, who spears him. As Lashley turns around, Goldberg slides into the ring and spears him! As Goldberg leaves, the lights go off again, and when they turn on, The Masked Man is back in the ring. He gets on the top rope and jumps off hitting Lashley with a Moonsault.


Matt Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin
This all started on the first edition of Thunder, when Shelton Benjamin attacked Matt Hardy for what appeared to be no apparent reason.

The next week, Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin are scheduled to square off in the Quarterfinals of the Television Championship Tournament. Matt Hardy comes out (with his ribs taped up from Shelton’s attack) and tells Shelton to get out here, because he wants to kick his ass. Shelton comes out, and the two exchange some words, before Benjamin attacks Hardy again. Hardy ends of fighting in the match, with his injuries, but lost to Shelton Benjamin in about thirty seconds.

The next week, Matt Hardy tells Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman that he wants Shelton Benjamin in a match tonight. They tell him he is too banged up for a match that night, but instead gives him a match with Shelton at Breaking Even. The General Managers of Thunder then put Shelton Benjamin in a match with Jeff Hardy. The match never got under way, as Shelton Benjamin attacked Jeff Hardy before the match started. Matt Hardy came out to save his brother, but in the end, ending up with his back on the mat.

The next week on Tuesday Night Thunder, Matt Hardy teamed with his brother Jeff Hardy to take on Shelton Benjamin and AJ Styles. The Hardys lost the match though.


WWA Television Championship
Elijah Burke vs Rikishi

An eight man tournament was announced to crown a WWA Television Champion. In the first week of action, Christian defeated Booker T, and Shelton Benjamin defeated Matt Hardy. Elijah Burke was being interviewed, and he guaranteed victory in the tournament. The next week, the final two quarterfinal matches took place, Rikishi defeated Ron Killings, while Elijah Burke defeated Brian Kendrick. Shelton Benjamin was pulled from the tournament, due to his actions on WWA World Champion Jeff Hardy. On the final Thunder before Breaking Even, Elijah Burke defeated Christian to move on to Breaking Even to be in the finals of the Television Championship Tournament.


Matt Sydal and Kaval vs MVP and Ron Killings
On the first Thunder, both teams competed in the Fatal Four Way tag Team Elimination Tournament for the WWA World Tag Team Championships. Both teams were unsuccessful in winning the match, as the match was eventually won by The Motor City Machineguns

The next week, Kaval took on MVP in singles action. Both men’s partners were at ringside for the match. The match ended up being called a No Contest after both teams broke into an all out fight.

Next week, Ron Killings faced Rikishi, but Rikishi won the match via Disqualification after MVP started attacking him. Killings and MVP attacked Rikishi, before Matt Sydal and Kaval ran out to the ring and stopped them.

On the last stop before Breaking Even, Kaval was found knocked out backstage. Was it Ron Killings and MVP, or someone else? Will Kaval make it to Breaking Even?


WWA World Tag Team Championships
The Motor City Machineguns(C) vs Priceless

On the first Thunder, both teams competed in the Fatal Four Way tag Team Elimination Tournament for the WWA World Tag Team Championships. The Motor City Machineguns were the eventual winners of the match.

Priceless go to Paul Heyman and Jim Cornette, and tell them that they are the better tag team and should be the Tag Team Champions. They ask them to give them another shot at the title. They tell Priceless that if they win their next match, then they can get a WWA World Tag Team Championship Match at Breaking Even. Their next opponents would be The Motor City Machineguns, and Matt Sydal and Kaval.

The next week, Priceless were unable to defeat The Motor City Machineguns, Matt Sydal and Kaval. So they wouldn’t be getting a Tag Team Title Shot. Or that’s what everyone thought.

ON the final Thunder before Breaking Even, Priceless come into the General Managers office, and demand a WWA World Tag Team Championship Match. The General Managers tell them no. Ted DiBiase hands Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman a page out of their contracts, which reads that they get a guaranteed WWA World Tag Team Championship Match, which they would be taking at Breaking Even.



WWA World Championship
Jeff Hardy(C) vs AJ Styles

Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley

Matt Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin

WWA Television Championship
Elijah Burke vs Rikishi

Matt Sydal and Kaval vs MVP and Ron Killings

WWA Tag Team Championships
The Motor City Machineguns(C) vs Priceless

1.) Place the matches in order.
2.) How many matches will end in Pinfall?
3.) How many Championships will change hands?
4.) Will The Masked Man play a role in Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley?
5.) Will The Masked Man be revealed?
6.) Will any other surprise matches be added to the card?

1st Place: 500,000,000
2nd Place: 250,000,000
3rd Place: 100,000,000
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Re: World Wrestling Alliance

6 - WWA World Championship
Jeff Hardy(C) vs AJ Styles

5 - Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley
3 - Matt Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin

1 - WWA Television Championship
Elijah Burke vs Rikishi

2 - Matt Sydal and Kaval vs MVP and Ron Killings

4 - WWA Tag Team Championships
The Motor City Machineguns(C) vs Priceless

1.) Place the matches in order. Done.
2.) How many matches will end in Pinfall? Five
3.) How many Championships will change hands? Zero
4.) Will The Masked Man play a role in Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley? Yes
5.) Will The Masked Man be revealed? No
6.) Will any other surprise matches be added to the card? No

Sorry about forgetting Thunder feedback. I'll drop off some comments once Breaking Even is posted.
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