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Smackdown: Beautiful Nightmares and Broken Dreams

I've had BTB's in the past, but never gotten round to writing it as I've always chickend out, feeling I'm not good enough. However this one I plan to stick with. And hope to improve as I go along with it. I'm not to good on graphix etc.

Thanks to Rocky Feller & Jess for the roster pics, and various others. (From EWBattleground)

Thanks to Melvisboy for the Over the Limit poster.

WWE: Smacked Down

(The roster is from April 2010, before various superstars were released)....

This BTB will follow Smackdown.

Extreme Rules results
JTG defeated Shad (Strap Match)
The Hart Dynasty won a Gauntlet Match for the Tag Team Titles
Beth Phoenix became the new women's Champion against Michelle McCool.
CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio keeping his hair.
Sheamus defeated Triple H.
Edge defeated Chris Jericho.
Jack Swagger retained his World Heavyweight Title against Randy Orton.
and John Cena retained his WWE Title against Batista.

However the night after, the WWE was rocked to its core, by the WWE 2010 talent draft.

Raw Draft Special Results
Michelle McCool & Layla defeated Eve & Maryse

Team Raw defeated Team Smackdown in a Battle Royal. Earning Raw 3 draft picks.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Yoshi Tatsu

The Hart Dynasty defeated Sho-Miz

John Cena defeated Jack Swagger

Drew McIntyre defeated MVP

The supplemental Draft also gave some shocking trades.


This BTB picks up just where the WWE draft left off. With Over the Limit round the corner, and feuds set to cement in stone, for the coming summer months and beyond.

WWE Smackdown Roster

Teams and Stables
The Hart Dynasty
Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J
The Dudebusters
The Straight Edge Society

Finlay - retired

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Re: WWE: Smacked Down

This seems intersting. There is alot of ways you can go with this roster. As there aren't that many big name main eventers, so i am interested to see who you push, if it is similar to real life. As for a partner, hope you find one, if not this could be something unique. I cant recall a thread with just smackdown. Would u give raw results? What about ppvs? Good luck, ill be reading!!
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Re: WWE: Smacked Down

Looks pretty good. I like the draft picks that SmackDown! has gotten from the draft and it shall be interesting to see where you go with the roster you have. Since it's only SmackDown! then it should be easier for you to write, good luck with this.
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Re: WWE: Smacked Down

WWE Smackdown news & notes

WWE have come to terms with the release of Kung Fu Naki, we wish him luck in all future endeavours.

The Undertaker will be returning in the next 6-8 weeks.

Smackdown Preview
April 30th 2010

Coming to you from the Giant Center, in Hershey Pennsylvania.

With the WWE draft changing the face of Smackdown, a plethora of former Raw talent, look to make a statement on the blue brand.

The Straight Edge Saviour may have picked up a victory last Sunday, but who was it that helped him to that under handed victory. Who exactly is this masked figure? And why is he helping CM Punk and Straight Edge Society?

Rest assured Rey Mysterio will want these questions answered this week on Smackdown.

Jack Swagger may have come out of Extreme Rules as champion. But with no Number One contender, who will he face at Over the Limit? No doubt many hungry Smackdown superstars shall vie for this position.

Beth Phoenix may have regained the Women’s Championship for a third time. However thanks to the draft, she has plenty of competition to keep her busy. What will the consultant to Smackdown, Vickie Guerrero have to say about this? And what will she do about the new Women’s Champion?

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Re: WWE: Smacked Down

I'm really glad to see you finally get into BTB i'll be looking forward to it =)

I <3 ME Some M.E.
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Re: WWE: Smacked Down

Meh, here's my first ever show written, I'm not the most confident of writers, but I tried my best. Feedback appreciated.

Friday 30th April 2010.

A video package airs of this past Monday’s WWE Draft.

Katie Lea posing on the ramp, as Laycool looks on laughing. As Katie Lea became the first draft pick for the blue brand. Then footage of Ziggler defeating Yoshi Tatsu. And locking him in a sleeper hold. As the 2nd draft pick Christian came out to make the save for Yoshi.
The Hart Dynasty hitting the Hart Attack onto Miz, before showing Kofi Kingston as the 3rd draft pick. And finally Drew McIntyre’s attack on MVP before the bell rang, and him hitting the Future Shock. And the final draft pick Sheamus, on stage smiling smugly

~ Fade to Black~

The crowd erupt as a barrage of pyrotechnics explode around the entrance way.
Illuminating the arena with a sea of bright colour.

Grisham: Hello and welcome to Smackdown. Coming to you tonight from the Big Centre in Hershey Pennsylvania. I am Todd Grisham and as always, I’m here with my fellow broadcast colleague Matt Striker. Tonight is surely going to be a great night.

Striker: That’s right Todd, not only have we great matches coming up for you tonight. But also we’re just 4 days removed from, what was a great night, at the WWE draft. What fallout will that bring tonight, here on Smackdown….


CM Punk makes his way to the ring, planked by his Straight Edge Society. Serena and Luke Gallows. He makes his way towards the ring with a smug grin upon his face, much to the chagrin of the capacity crowd.

Punk drops to one knee, and poses as if he is looking at a wrist watch. Luke raises his arms in a cross like notion, as Serena stands elegantly to the left.

They slowly make their way to the ring, revelling in every second of the echoing boos around the arena. Serena leaves the ring as Luke and Punk stand looking triumphant in the centre.

Serena picks up a microphone that was placed by the side of announcer Tony Chimel. And brings it with her back to the ring, handing it to her leader.

Punk grabs hold of the mic, and without speaking a word, the crowd heavily boo in disapproval. Punk seems to be amused with such a reaction, as he smirks to Luke and Serena who in turn smile back at their so called saviour.

He pauses for a few seconds before beginning to speak.

Punk: Last Sunday, was Extreme Rules.. As I am sure you are all aware… I beat your hero, your so called leader Rey Mysterio… I did it all by myself. Luke Gallows and the lovely Serena were removed from ringside.. And I defeated Rey Mysterio…. All by myself.

The crowd continue to boo the Straight Edge Saviour, as he pauses for a moment.
Punk: And as you can see. My hair, my symbol of purity. Remains in tact. Surely this is a sobering thought for the WWE universe, knowing that I still remain. Pure… And every strand on my fair head means I… CM Punk… am still better than you!

Punk pauses again, as the crowd continue to boo.

Punk: And as for you Rey Mysterio….


Rey Mysterio’s music hits to a great reaction from the capacity crowd. Making his way out decked in blue and yellow. He has a microphone in his hand, as Punk and the other S.E.S stand in the ring.

Nothing is said for a few moments, as Rey smiles at the ovation the crowd have given him.

Rey: Punk, the whole WWE universe wish to know something…. Why lie?... Why tell these fans and those watching at home, that you beat me single handed? Everybody….

Punk taps on his microphone.

Punk: Hold on one second Rey. Everyone saw me beat you.. On my own!.. And after all I am the only true man. The only true man in the locker room.. the WWE universe… the entire world!... I…

Mysterio cuts off Punk.

Mysterio: No Punk, everybody saw you cheat a victory. There is video proof…

Mysterio signals to the titantron.

the footage shows the interference of the masked man. And the flapjack on the outside that he gave Rey

Mysterio: That does not seem such a clean victory after all does it Punk? … A tainted victory… For a fraud. A phoney. These are not the actions of an honourable man, Punk.

Punk looks on.

Punk: I beat you Rey, fair and square in this ring. I put you to sleep… I beat you. Rey, I have honour... Luke do I have honour?

Luke nods his head.

Punk: Serena, do I have honour?

Serena also nods.

Punk: See, I have honour Rey.

Rey: Then do the honourable thing, Punk… Face me again at Over the Limit… No Luke... No Serena… No masked man. Just you and me… one on one... With your hair on the line. The honourable way!

Punk looks on in a pause of thought.

Punk: I have your answer Rey… NO! I have nothing to prove to you Rey, not you or this crowd. Or the entire WWE universe... So the answer is no!

Rey looks on puzzled.

Mysterio: No honour, Serena and Luke…. You really think this man is your prophet? No integrity. Why do you follow this man? What has he ever given you? His hair remains, yet you are forced to shave yours. Why?

Punk aggressively stares at Rey.

Punk: Rey, this hair remains, for it is a symbol of my purity. Every strand is free of the sins of this world. And my society is fully aware, it remains as a sense of hope. That one day they too will lead others to the path of Straight Edge. If I accept your proposal what do I get in return?

Mysterio: If you beat me Punk, you get me! I will join your Straight Edge Society.

Punk again ponders at the thought.
Serena and Luke Gallows look on.

Punk: My answer is still no! Now stop wasting the time of the Straight Edge Society and leave.

Mysterio drops his microphone, and looks to head backstage. However turns around and sprints to the ring, much to the agreement of the capacity crowd.

Grisham: It seems Rey didn’t get what he wanted but has seen this as a chance of redemption from last Sunday.

Striker: I think he’s making a brave move Todd.

Rey enters the ring and is immediately taken down by Luke Gallows with a big boot. Luke picks up Rey and attempts the Gallows Pole. Hoisting Rey up, however Rey manages to wriggle free, sending Luke down with a huracanrana. However Rey gets dropped the floor by a vicious Clothesline from CM Punk.

Rey holds his head as Serena proceeds to kick him in the gut. Gallows and Serena continue to beat down on Rey, as Punk looks on in jubilation. Punk picks up the motionless body of Rey Mysterio and sets him on his shoulders. From out of nowhere….


The crowd erupt as; Evan Bourne sprints to the ring decked in red and black. Gallows attempts another Big Boot but Bourne rolls out of the way, causing Gallows to stumble, and sending him through the second rope to the floor. Punk attempts a kick but is evaded by the electric newcomer. Who in turn sends Punk to the outside after a Diving Double Knee Drop.

Striker: It seems to me, this match has started early. Join us after the break when Evan Bourne makes his debut on Smackdown, against Luke Gallows. Next…


Striker: Welcome back to Smackdown, where the high flying Evan Bourne is to take on the Straight Edge Goliath known as Luke Gallows.

Grisham: And during the commercial break, Rey Mysterio and CM Punk were both removed from ringside by WWE security.

Striker: That’s right Todd, but right now let’s get back to the action….

The action began, with Bourne and Gallows on either end of the ring. Serena looking on as Gallows looks ready to take out Bourne. The crowd heavily behind the Smackdown newcomer, as he stares at the giant before him.

Grisham: This will be no easy task for Evan Bourne…

Striker: Don’t count this young man out just yet Todd. I’ve seen this guy back in his ECW days. He’s very quick, and could work to his advantage, with this kind of opponent.

The bell sounds as the two participants stare at each other. Evan suddenly runs towards Luke, Luke catches him however and whips him into the ropes. He then attempts a Clothesline, but Evan evades it by rolling out of the way. Luke then attempts another Clothesline but gets a kick to the shin for his troubles. Followed by another kick to the leg. Evan attempts a third, but his much larger opponent, over powers him, grabbing him by the waist and throwing him into the corner!

The crowd heavily boo, as Luke pounds on Evan in the corner. Punch after punch to his stomach area, being felt by the WWE universe. After a flurry of punches, he simply tosses Evan to the cold canvas, and goes for a cover…


Evan kicks out.

Luke picks up Bourne, lifting him up and body slamming him back down to the floor. Serena looks on in approval, as Luke continues to toy with Bourne. With a series of body slams, punishing the back of Evan. Luke attempts to pick Evan up once again, however Evan surprises Evan with a small package roll up.



Luke kicks out.

Luke gets to his knees and looks seriously frustrated. Evan quickly bounds from the ropes with a Shining Wizard, connecting straight on Luke’s jaw. Evan turns Luke round. He turns backwards, hitting him with a Standing Moonsault! Another pinfall attempt by the plucky youngster…


Gallows powers out sending Evan through the ropes, to the unforgiving floor outside!

Striker: I don’t think Luke is playing around here Todd, the S.E.S member is seeing red.

Luke grabs Evan in a Beahug position, and rams his back against the ringpost!
Luke rolls Evan back into the ring, Irish Whipping him into the corner with such velocity, he falls face first into the canvas. Evan holding his back in pain, as Serena looks on, looking rather proud.

He drags Evan to the middle of the ring, and attempts a pin…



Evan kicks out yet again!
The crowd chanting for Evan to get back up, as Luke gets more and more frustrated with his foe. Luke whips Bourne again into the corner. Setting up for an avalanche. Luke charges towards Evan, but all Luke felt was canvas as he rolls out the way. Luke rebounds back round straight into jumping kick from Evan straight to the head. Evan with another blow to Luke. As he tries to push Evan out of the way. Evan sells the back as he runs the ropes again, this time however attempting a Huracanrana. Luke stops him mind move and attempts a Powerbomb counter, but Evan flips out of it, jumping to the second rope and hitting a Springboard Dropkick to the back of Gallows, knocking him to the ground!

Evan climbs the top rope, waiting for Luke to get up. He makes his way to his feet, his hands on the mat turning into fists as he made his way up, he turns round straight into Evan’s patented Diving Double Knee Drop!!! Luke falls down hard as Evan appears to be building up some momentum on the S.E.S member.

He ascends the top rope once more, signalling for the Air Bourne. Serena however has different ideas, as she climbs the ropes and distracts the referee. Evan looks around, as the Masked S.E.S member makes his way from under the ring, pushing Evan from the top rope!!!

The crowd go crazy as Rey Mysterio runs out to ringside attacking the masked assailant, with a flurry of punches. The mysterious masked man however rolls back under the ring, as Rey looks on. However the distraction was enough, as Luke picks up Evan, lifting him up and dropping him down for the Gallows Pole!!! Gallows covers him…




And the match is over.

Chimel: Here is your winner… Luke… Gallows!!

Striker: I believe tonight, Evan has made many enemies in the Straight Edge Society. But just how many members are there? Maybe we will find out soon.

Rey enters the ring after the final bell rings, Luke and Serena make their way up the entrance ramp smiling at the fallen Evan Bourne in the ring.

Originally Posted by replay
The Replay shows Evan’s Diving Double Knee Drop, as well as him going to the top rope, before being thrown from the turnbuckle by the mystery Masked Man.

We return as Rey helps Evan to his feet, as they walk to the back together.


We return from the commercial break, with Goldust walking aimlessly through the corridors. Decked in his long gold wig, that many have become quite accustomed to from the Bizarre One.

Goldust: Agent 22, we must find a tag team partner?

The camera pans and it appears that Goldust is talking to himself!

Goldust: Maybe? No… My faithful companion… he’s on Raw.

Yet again speaking to himself.

Suddenly a big smile appears on his face.

Goldust: Oh Agent 22, I have a great idea, come we have an assignment.

Goldust moves away from the camera into a side room as the camera comes back to the ring.

Tony Chimel is standing in the centre of the ring.


The crowd boo as the music hits.

Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.
Making his way to the ring, from Ayr, Scotland.. he is the WWE Intercontinental Champion… Drew McIntyre!

Drew slowly makes his way to the ring, the title strapped around his waist. An arrogant look upon his face, as if he is above the people in attendance.

Striker: And here comes the ruthless and calculating Intercontinental Champion, Drew McIntyre. Who last week sought to destroy another human being… Lets take a look.

Originally Posted by Smackdown last week
The replay is aired of Drew’s assault on Matt Hardy, during the tag team match. Drew stomping Matt’s head into the ring steps, and the attack after the match was stopped.

Grisham: What Drew did to Matt last week, was down right sick.

Striker: Not only was it disturbing, but we wish Matt Hardy a speedy recovery, as he is now out of action due to the actions of this man, Drew McItnyre.

Drew grabs the microphone that Chimel was using, as he wishes to address the capacity crowd. A string of boos echo through the arena.

Drew: Matt Hardy…

Drew stops for a moment, with a smile upon his face.

Drew: I’m not going to waist my breath on you people!

Drew slams the mic to the floor, unstraps his Intercontinental Championship, and awaits his opponent.


Chimel: And his opponent, he weighs in at 220 pounds. From Tokyo, Japan… Yoshi Tatsu!

Yoshi explodes onto the stage with a jump, punching the air with his fist. Drew on the other hand doesn’t look amused, as he quickly exits the ring. Yoshi continues his bounding to the ring, taking time to acknowledge the crowd with handshakes.

Before the match even begins, Drew charges at the youngster with a barrage of punches. Sending him to the ground.

Grisham: It seems the champion, doesn’t take to kindly to Yoshi Tatsu.

Striker: Is this the kind of action, we are to get from the “chosen one”.

Grisham: It doesn’t seem very honourable to me Matt.

Drew picks up Yoshi, dragging him closer to the ring, before sending him into the ring steps with a vicious whip. Drew scoops him up again, grabbing Yoshi and throwing him into the ring. Drew then orders the referee to start the match.

Drew continues to lay the pressure on Yoshi, with stomps to the stomach of the Japan native. Picking him up once more, grabbing his arms around him dropping him down with a sickening Future Shock.




And Drew picks up an easy victory.

Striker: Clearly a message was sent to the Smackdown locker room, right there. That the Intercontinental Champion isn’t messing around. He means business, and Yoshi found this out the hard way tonight.

Drew smugly makes his way out of the ring, forcing the referee to place the title around his waist, before walking away. Satisfied with the carnage he has left behind. Yoshi on the other hand is helped to the back by backstage officials.

We return from the ad break, with Theodore Long on the phone to somebody.

Long: I’m feeling it playa. Great to have you on board. If you need anything in the mean time, just holla holla.

Long terminates the phone call as Zack Ryder walks in.

Long: Zack, great to have you back on Smackdown, playa!

Teddy goes for a handshake, but Zack snubs it.

Ryder: Tell me something Teddy… How is it that the Best Smackdown draft pick in history, isn’t in a match tonight?

Teddy looks on.

Long: Well…

Ryder cuts him off.

Ryder: How is it that the best thing to happen to the World since the Backstreet Boys, waits on the sidelines, while others get the opportunity, that I should be getting?... Are you kidding me bro?

Long looks a little concerned. Then comes back with a comment.

Long: I’m feelin’ you playa. You’re young, athletic…

Ryder: I’m Zacked.

Long: Yeah ok, Zacked.. You obviously wanna make a name for yourself again, here on Smackdown. So I decided that next week you’ll have a match…

Ryder smirks.

Ryder: So who’s my opponent bro?... Primo?... Cuz you gotta know, I have his number!

Long: No playa, it’s not Primo.

Ryder: Jimmy Yang?... If it is, you serious?

Long: No, no, no, playa, it’s not Jimmy Yang… I’m talking about Kane!

The crowd like the sound of that, as they cheer for the mention of the Big Red Monster. Ryder on the other hand looks a little concerned. Before the look turns into a grin from the Long Island Loudmouth.

Ryder: That Big Red Jellybaby, no sweat GM, he’s gonna get Zack Attacked… Woo! Woo! Woo! You Know It!

Zack walks off as Teddy looks on.

The camera then cuts to a different part of the arena, with Vladmir Kozlov lay stomach first on a table. A blonde attractive woman is massaging his back.

Woman: I’ll be back shortly I have to get the massage oils.

The woman leaves the room, as a familiar face makes his way into the room… It’s Goldust!

He slowly makes his way into the room, very quietly. Goldust starts massaging the back of Kozlov. However Goldust quickly gets bored. He begins to dig his elbows into the back of him, much to the approval of the capacity crowd. Just as Goldust begins rubbing him again. The woman re-enters the room.


The oils drop to the floor with a thud as Vladmir turns around and stands up.

Kozlov: ‘Vot do you think you are doing?

Goldust is frozen to the spot, as the menacing stare of Vladmir looks on.
Goldust looks around, turning 360 degrees, before looking back at Vlad.

Goldust: Hold that thought!

Goldust makes a run for the exit, running out of the door.

Kozlov: I vil destroy you!!

Kozlov grabs his robe and chases after Goldust down the corridor.

Goldust: Abort missssion!!

They pass Primo, Jimmy Yang and Slam Master J, who look on confusingly.

Yoshi Tatsu then walks through the middle of the three and shrugs.

Yoshi: 私はちょうどここにいます

Then from out of nowhere Dolph Ziggler, applies a Sleeper Hold onto Tatsu. Applying it with reckless abandon. Dolph drops to the concrete floor applying a body scissors as he continues to apply the pressure to Yoshi’s neck. Primo, Slam Master and Yang finally manage to get Dolph off.

Dolph: Welcome to Smackdown, Yoshi!

Dolph runs his fingers through his hair, flicking his sweat onto Yoshi, he then clutches his waistcoat, before walking away. The rest check on Yoshi.


Grisham: What is happening tonight Matt? First Drew’s attack on Yoshi Tatsu, and then a second attack from Dolph Ziggler.

Striker: It seems to me that it’s just not his night Todd. But up next we have the Blackpool Brawler William Regal, in one on one action against the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison!

A chorus of boos can be heard from the crowd, as Regal makes his way out. Decked in his robe, he stops on the ramp and wraps his hand round his right wrist. A look of disgust comes from the Englishman, as if he despises each and every person in the crowd.

Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing at 240lbs. From Blackpool, England. The 2008 King of the Ring…William Regal.

Regal enters the ring, wiping his feet on the canvas before entering the ring. He looks at the audience with disgust as he awaits his opponent.


John Morrison makes his way out, with a cheeky grin upon his face. He stands on the top of the ramp, wearing his white coat/robe and sunglasses. The crowd give a warm reaction to the Shaman of Sexy.

Chimel: His opponent, weighing in at 223lbs, he is from Los Angeles, California… John Morrison!

He raises his arm in slow motion, as fireworks explode behind him.

Morrison makes his way towards the ring with a smug grin upon his face, the reflection of the bright lights shimmering in his sunglasses. Regal however does not look amused.

He paces back and forth in the ring, as John takes off his coat and enters the ring.

Striker: This match has a clash of skills. You have the veteran technician style wrestler, here in William Regal. Ruthless, dominant and calculating in his attack. Then you have his opponent, the young sprite John Morrison, agile, carefree and athletic.

Grisham: This of course is also, William Regal’s return to the blue brand, after spending the past few years on Raw and ECW.

Striker: You can always guarantee Todd, that wherever this tough Englishman calls home. There is bound to be trouble.

*Bell Sounds*

The crowd cheers for the Shaman of Sexy, as the two square off.
Regal circles the youngster his arms ready for a grapple, as Morrison adapts to such a style.
Regal grabs him with a tie up, Morrison escapes tying him up fro the back. Regal quickly escapes countering with a headlock, and a takedown.

Working on the neck of Morrison, he however gets back to his feet and sends Regal down with a drop toe hold. Regal is startled by this, and grabs Morrison’s ankle sending him crashing to the mat!

He then begins to stretch John’s arms behind him, driving his foot into the back of Morrison, applying the pressure to the submission hold. Morrison however doesn’t seem to have quit in his repertoire, as Regal continues to apply the hold.

He however has other ides, as he places his foot on the back of Morrison’s head and stamps it to the canvas! He then poses for the crowd. Raising his arm up , much to their disapproval. Regal turns John around and goes for a cover…


Kick Out!

Regal looks perplexed as the referee only makes a two count. He scoops him back up and grapples from the front, but yet again Morrison evades it switching him back round, but yet again Regal gets the better hand, turning Morrison around, placing one arm behind the back of Morrison’s neck and the other lifting up an arm, slamming him down for a gruesome looking Back Suplex! Yet again he goes for a cover


Again Morrison kicks out! Morrison gets back up to his feet, his hand covering his neck as he looks on in pain. Regal continues his vicious assault, with a series of Suplexes. Regal targets the head again, going for a grapple but Morrison punches his way put of it. Running to the ropes, springing from the ropes, but the wily veteran catches Morrison off guard, grabbing John’s leg sending him crashing to the mat. Another pinfall attempt.


But yet again Morrison kicks out, the look of frustration sets in the eyes of William Regal, who awaits for Morrison to get back to his feet. Regal sets in the corner, looking to go for the Running Knee Strike, however Morrison moves out the way quick enough, running to the robes in desperation, and finally hitting the Flying Chuck!

A pinfall attempt. 1…

No! Regal kicks out. Regal sits up, Morrison runs towards the ropes once again, this time hitting Regal with a sickening kick to the face. Another pinfall.


Another kick out!! Morrison desperate to finish off the Blackpool brawler. Morrison this time goes for a Standing Shooting Star Press, but Regal rolls out of the way, catching Morrisons leg, causing him to fall to the canvas face first!

Regal begins to stretch Morrison arms behind his back, his hands grasping around Morrison’s face. He has the Regal Stretch applied!

The referee comes to check on the fallen Morrison, to see if he wishes to submit. Regal applies the pressure, his teeth gritting at the sheer force he applies. But the resilient youngster, just will not quit.

The crowd rally behind Morrison, chanting his name, as Regal just punishes him. However, Morrison begins to wriggle his legs, trying to get them free! Using his last bit of energy to get one free. Regal unamused at this tries to get the leg back within his grasp, but John manages to flip out, kicking Regal in the head as he did.!

Regal gets up onto his knees starring at Morrison, who is now back to a vertical base. He gets from his knees and hits a pair of European Uppercuts, then Irish Whipping John into the ropes, Morrison ducks a Clothesline, and hits a Handstand Kick from out of nowhere, Regal is dazed!

Morrison with a lightning spinning heel kick knocking Regal down. John signals to the crowd who are cheering for him. He goes up top, and connects with a Starship Pain!




And John Morrison has managed to upset Regal.

Chimel: And here is your winner… John Morrison!

Morrison raises his arm in victory, his other holding the back of his neck.

Grisham: After a hard fought victory, Morrison manages to put Regal away, with the Starship Pain.

Originally Posted by replay
It shows, Regal working on the back of Morrison’s neck, and the Regal Stretch. Followed later by the Starship Pain.

We return fro the replay with Katie Lea walking backstage.

A feminine mystique always comes from the beautiful, yet mysterious Katie. She is making her way through the backstage area, when she bumps into Laycool.

Layla: Look what the cat dragged in Michelle.

Katie looks unamused as she continues to walk straight past them. Much to the dismay of the arrogant team.

Michelle: You think you’re something special?

Katie stops and turns around.

Katie: Are you talking to me?

Which is said, in a calm yet sinister way.

Michelle: Well we don’t see anyone else around, right now do you Layla?

Layla: Naha.

No one round here Michelle. Well no one…

Laycool: FLAWLESS!

Katie looks on unimpressed.

Katie: Did you two “ladies” want something? I do have a match shortly!

Laycool smile.

Michelle: Actually, it’s more what would you like from us?

Katie ponders such a thought, beginning to laugh.

Katie: What on earth, could I possibly need from you?

Vickie enters the picture.

Vickie: Katie, I know you’re new here, on Smackdown. But as the General Consultant of Smackdown, I can grant… say special privileges, to those who do service for me…

Katie ponders yet again…

Katie: I’ m listening!


Grisham: Welcome back to Smackdown, where just before the break it seemed that the General Consultant of Smackdown had words with Katie Lea.
Striker: I have no idea, what all that was about Todd. But Lay-cool must be looking to get the Women’s Championship back into their grasps, but up now it the smart, powerful and sexy divas.
The crowd gave a mixed reaction to the dark and sinister Katie Lea, as she made her way out, She poses upon the entrance way. With a sinister smirk upon her face. Painted in black piercing daggers, which run down her face. She stops for a second before beginning to walk down.
Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making her way to the ring.. From Chelsea, England. She is… Katie Lea.
Striker: Here comes the Queen of Chaos, the Dark Orchid, kiss me deadly Katie Lea.
Grisham: And it must be asked Matt, what kind of impact will she make here on Smackdown?

Striker: Well I know her from her ECW days Todd, and all I can say is. She is deadly. She truly lives up to her namesake of the Beautiful Nightmare.
Katie perches herself upon the top rope, waving her hands like an eagle in mid flight, letting out a scream as she does. She enters the ring with grace, ordering the referee to take off her corset. She smirks as she awaits her opponent.
Beth Phoenix comes out to a strong response from the capacity crowd. She takers her women’s championship and raises it above her head.
Chimel: And her opponent, From Buffalo, New York. She is the WWE Women’s Champion… Beth Phoenix!
Grisham: And her comes the new Women’s Champion, who beat Michelle McCool, just 5 days ago at Extreme Rules.
Originally Posted by E.R
A replay is shown of Beth beating Michelle at Extreme Rules.

Striker: But tonight Todd, she has the Beautiful Nightmare to contend with. And this isn’t the first time these two divas have encountered each other. Outside of the WWE, these 2 divas have clashed many times.
Beth sits upon the top turnbuckle raising the Women’s Championship above her head, before flipping backwards from the top rope.
Beth hands the title to the referee, as the match begins.

*bell rings*
Katie Lea begins the match getting in the face of the Women’s Champion, Beth however doesn’t back down from the Scarlet Witch. Katie unimpressed by the champion pushes her into the ropes! Beth retaliates with a huge shove, sending Katie crashing to the canvas.
Katie smirks it off getting back up, and slapping Beth around the face. Beth punches Katie in return. Katie however has other ideas as she grapples for position with the Glamazon, neither woman getting the advantage. Katie moves to the back of Beth grabbing her round the waist, seeming to go for a Suplex! But Beth then moves round and grabs Katie by the waist, before sending face first down to the mat with slam.
Beth continues to hold Katie around the waist, almost like a backwards bearhug, but Katie manages to get to her feet. Beth’s grip slowly loosens as Katie claws at one of Beth’s hands. Freeing herself and grabs Beth by the arm looking for an arm drag! But Beth the more powerful, turns it into a Legdrop onto Katie’s arm.
Katie gets to her feet, her arm in pain after the vicious drop. Beth telling Katie, to come on! An Arm wrench from Beth to Katie’s arm, twisting at her wrist. Really working on the arm. The pain visible in Katie’s face.
She manages to wriggle free from the move with a vicious hair pull. Beth however manages to get to the ropes, as Katie continues to pull at her hair. Katie lets go before the count of 5, backing off in the process.
Katie pushes Beth once again, this time into the ropes. Beth however has other ideas, rebounding with a vicious clothesline!
Beth waits for her to get back to her feet and hits a back elbow to her face. Katie once again getting to her feet, before being scooped up by her foe. Beth seems poised to slam down the vicious diva, but she wriggles free, grabbing Beth by the hair once again. Seeming to go for her Hair pull Backbreaker, but yet again Beth powers out, raising her arms to grab Katie’s hair, pulling her back with a vicious slam from overhead!
Beth goes for a cover.
Katie kicks out.
Beth goes for another Clothesline, however Katie ducks the maneuver, grabbing Beth by the hair once again, and sending Beth’s face into her knee!
Katie makes the cover.
Beth kicks out.
Katie picks up the fallen champion, and sends her head slamming into the turnbuckle with a sickening thud. Katie brings Beth round and connects with a Snapmare, before a dropkick to her back! Katie viciously taunts the crowd, much to their disapproval. Before going for another cover.
Beth kicks out once again.
Katie now starts to pound the back of Beth, she grabs her arms, getting on top of the Glamazon for a Camel Clutch submission. Really working the back. Beth however musters some strength, managing to power out of the move. Beth now standing falls backwards sending Katie crashing to the canvas. Both Katie and Beth struggle to get back to their feet. Trading punches with each other. Beth grabs Katie’s arm spinning her round, before hitting a side suplex!
Beth urges Katie to get back to her feet. Katie turns around walking into a Body Slam! Beth then rams into Katie in a spear fashion into the corner, lifting her up to the top rope. Continuing to punch the Beautiful Nightmare. Beth hoists herself to the second rope, however Katie kicks Beth down to the ground!
Katie stands on the top rope, at first recouping, or just awaiting for Beth to return to her feet. Katie goes for a Missile Dropkick!... However Beth evades it, as Katie lays on the ground front first, Beth grabs her arms, lifting her up and sending her crashing to the canvas with a menacing Glam Slam!
She goes for the cover.
Beth has beaten Katie Lea.
Chimel: Here is your winner… Beth Phoenix!
Grisham: And right here, the Glamazon picked up a hard ought victory over the Beautiful Nightmare.
Striker: They put on a great match no doubt Todd, I sure hope this isn’t the last time we see these two ladies compete.
Beth clutches onto her Women’s championship, hoisting it over her shoulder. She stands triumphant looking down at the fallen Katie. She comes round, and viciously stares at the champion. Beth starts saying something that the audience could not pick up on, and Katie responds with a nod of the head.
Beth puts out her hand, as if to help Katie up. Looking confused Katie accepts the invite. Beth helps her up to her feet, before letting go. But Katie didn’t let go. She kept holding on, spinning Beth around and hitting her with a vicious Hair Pull Backbreaker. Put the onslaught didn’t end there, she picked up the Women’s Champion and whipped her into the ropes, put catching her swinging her into a devastating Catatonic Backbreaker!!
Beth lays motionless on the canvas, as Katie poses over the fallen Amazon like, Beth Phoenix. Katie leaves the ring smirking at the crowd, before disappearing out of view.

Grisham: What is going on in the mind of the Beautiful Nightmare?
Striker: It appears nobody knows but her Todd, a clear message has been sent to the Smackdown Divas tonight, that Katie Lea has arrived!
Josh Mathews is seen backstage.
Mathews: Ladies and gentlemen, joining me at this time, the newly drafted Smackdown superstar, Christian.
Christian moves into the cameras view with a pop from the crowd.
Christian: I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. I’m back here on Smackdown, and I have only one goal on my mind… Gold!! I don’t care who or what, I have to go through. I deserve the World Championship. For years I’ve worked myself stupid for this company. This is my time to shine. Unlike the current champion, I’ll earn it the proper way!
This is my time to give my peeps what they wanna see. Christian… World Heavyweight Champion!
Christian looks directly into camera, a look of steely determination in his eyes... A pair of familiar hands appears around the neck of Christian…. Ziggler has Christian locked in a sleeper hold!
Aggressively slamming Christian to the ground, as he wrenched on the throat of Christian. He then wraps his legs around the waist of Captain Charisma in a body scissors, much like he did with Yoshi.
Ziggler lets go of Christian, as he appears to be unconscious, running his fingers through his bleach blonde hair and flicking his sweat at the motionless Christian!
Grisham: What has gotten into Dolph tonight Matt?
Striker: I don’t know Todd, but he seems to be poised to cause trouble, for the new Smackdown superstars.

The crowd heavily boos, as they await the imminent arrival of Sheamus. He makes his way out, mic in hand, smugly smiling at the audience.
Grisham: This man made quite the impact last Sunday, when he took out The game, Triple H.
Striker: The vicious attack was just that vicious and calculating. But now he has a new home. All that comes to mind is, who or what is next for this deadly competitor?
Originally Posted by E.R & Raw
A replay is shown on Sheamus’ attack on Triple H. Also him being drafted to Smackdown during Raw’s 3 hour draft show.

Sheamus enters the ring, reveling in the response from the capacity crowd, maintaining the smile upon his face as he lifts the microphone to his mouth.
Sheamus: Last Sunday…
The crowd continue to boo him, as he smiles once again.
Last Sunday… I took out Triple H.
The crowd boos once again.
Last week, your hero was destroyed… By me! An act so brutal, that Triple H is now gone.
Sheamus smiles once again.
Now I promised, John Cena would be next. However he fears me. Everyone on Raw feared me. And here I am, on Smackdown. They feared me so much, management pulled strings for me to move here!
The crowd boos once again.
They every right to fear me, as does the rest of the doublya doublya e universe.
Sheamus smirks.
And now I’m here on Smackdown, every man in the locker room should fear me!
I’ll take out anybody that gets in my way of what I want… The World Heavyweight Championship!
The crowds continue to boo.
If there is anybody in the back, that wants to step up, come on out now fella! And meet your maker.
Sheamus waits, turning round to see if anyone is coming. But no one does.
He continues to wait for a minute or two.
Just as I thought, no one wants a piece of me… Pitiful!
Sheamus throws the mic to the mat, and is about to leave the ring.
Kane walks onto the stage, to a huge ovation fro the crowd.
Sheamus remains in the ring; he appears to be looking for a fight, as he takes off his shirt.
Kane however has a better idea, he stand upon the entrance way, lifting his arms and dropping them down, igniting the ring posts with flame.
Sheamus drops to his knees at the sight of the flames.
Kane looks at Sheamus and laughs.
Grisham: It seems Kane has taken offence to what Sheamus has said tonight.
Striker: A message has just been sent to the Celtic Warrior from the Big Red Monster. Play with fire; you’re going to get burnt!
Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring. From Perry, Oklahoma, weighing at 263 lbs, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger!
Jack arrogantly makes his way, the championship fastened around his waist. He has a mic in his hand.
Swagger: Cut my music.
The crowd boos.
And still your World Heavyweight Champion… Jack Swagger!
I put my championship on the line, and beat Randy Orton last Sunday! My finest accomplishment in my life. Winning this World Heavyweight Championship! And Kofi Kingston’s defining moment tonight. Will be facing the two time, two time All American American… Jack Swagger! The World… Heavyweight… Champion!
The crowd boos as Jack is now in the ring, awaiting his opponent.
Chimel: And his opponent, from Ghana, West Africa. He ways in at 221lbs… Kofi Kingston!
The crowd awaits the arrival of Kofi.
But he doesn’t arrive.
Backstage we see Kofi Kingston fighting with Dolph Ziggler!
Dolph whips Kofi into some crates with a sickening thud!
He picks up Kofi, but he manages to get free hitting Ziggler with the Trouble in Paradise!
Kofi then makes his way out of the curtain to the entrance way.

Kofi holding his back as he makes his way into the ring, but Swagger rolls out the ring, and charges at Kofi! Picking him up on his shoulders and throwing him to the ground!
Swagger then drags him into the ring, as the bell sounds. Jack goes for a pinfall.
Kofi kicks out!
Jack lifts up Kofi once again, this time tossing him into the ringpost! Kofi holds his arm in pain, as Swagger ties him up turning around to the back position, hitting Kofi with a back suplex!
Another pinfall.
Kofi kicks out once again.
Swagger once again brings Kofi to his feet, applying a Bearhug wrenching on his back.
Kofi screams in agony as the crowd try to get him back in the zone.
Kofi begins to raise his arms, getting back into the match with some punches to the head of Swagger!
Swagger lets go of the Bearhug but Belly to Belly Suplexes Kofi for his efforts!
Kofi laid near the corner, as Swagger runs up, jumps from the second rope upon rebounding hitting a splash onto the defenseless Kofi!
Swagger then goes back to the other corner and runs again, jumping from the second rope, but Kofi rolls out of the way! Causing Swagger to hit the canvas. Kofi holds onto the ropes to help him get back to his feet. As Swagger gets back up.
Swagger goes on the offensive with punches, but Kofi evades them lifting his arm up to block them. He then whips Swagger into the ropes, hitting him with a huge chop, sending Swagger crashing to the mat!
With Swagger down, Kofi signals for a boom, boom, boom.
The crowd give him what he asks for, as Jack makes his way back up. Swagger charges at Kofi, but Kofi jumps up evading him!
Swagger charges again but so does Kofi, who evades Swagger once again rebounding off the top rope, looking for a diving crossbody, but Swagger catches him!
Sending him crashing down with a Gutwrench Powerbomb!
Swagger covers him…
And Jack Swagger is the winner.
Chimel: Here is your winner… The World Heavyweight Champion… Jack Swagger!
Swagger raises his arms in victory, as the referee checks on Kofi. EMT’s come from the back to check of Kofi, who is helped out of the ring.
Grisham: A decisive win for the champion right here tonight.
Striker: But what has gotten into Dolph Ziggler? He was a main factor in this match tonight, and just like Yoshi and Christian before him, Kofi Kingston was attacked by the cocky youngster.
Swagger takes a microphone.
Swagger: And your winner… the two time, all American American… Jack Swagger!
The crowd angry at the outcome showers the champion with a chorus of chants.
There is nobody on Smackdown that can beat me, for this World Heavyweight Championship!
The crowd continues to show their displeasure at the champion.
Teddy makes his way out to a pop from the crowd. He stands upon the entrance way with a microphone.
Long: Swagger, you just like everybody else here in the crowd and the WWE universe as a whole. Are probably wondering who your next opponent is for Over the Limit?
Swagger: Tell me, so I can defeat them.
Long: I hear you playa’. Well you see I was looking through the WWE contracts, that superstars currently have… And I happened to find one certain Superstar. One superstar from Raw, this particular Superstars contract, happens to be up the day before Over the Limit.
The crowd seems intrigued by what Teddy is saying.
And well this past week, I’ve been in meetings with this Superstar, and he has agreed to come her to Smackdown, when his current expires!
Now as a part of this agreement, I’ve granted him a World Championship shot, at Over the Limit.
Swagger looks on confused.
Swagger: Who is he?
Long: You know this superstar very well. He also knows a thing or two about holding championship gold. Your opponent at Over the Limit, and soon to be new Smackdown Superstar is…
The crowd explode with cheers at the thought of Randy Orton moving to Smackdown! Swagger flips out in the ring.
Long: Holla’ Holla’
Long walks away, as the crowd go mad. Swagger is still flipping out, not realizing that the Viper had snuck into the ring, as is behind him. Swagger turns around, as Orton strikes with a vicious RKO!
Striker: Randy Orton has signed with Smackdown! And now he is to face Swagger once again for the World Heavyweight Championship!
Grisham: Randy Orton, Welcome to Smackdown!
Orton picks up the World Title, stand upon the top turnbuckle and poses with the belt.


Quick Results
Luke Gallows def. Evan Bourne
Drew McIntyre def. Yoshi Tatsu
John Morrison def. William Regal
Beth Phoenix def. Katie Lea
Jack Swagger def. Kofi Kingston

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Re: WWE: Smacked Down

Daman077c's thoughts:

Good first show overall, you got feuds going, and that's the whole point of the first few shows in a BTB. Hoping Bourne goes into a feud with Punk, which would be awesome. Random Japanese kanji FTW! That added an extra touch, even though translated it makes no sense. Figures you'd put Katie in a title feud with Beth. :P Orton and Swagger for the World Heavyweight Championship? Count me in.

^This woman is awesome.
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Re: WWE: Smacked Down

Hey, this one was decent! I am really not a fan of WWE or SD!, but I gave it a try, and found myself entertained. You payed attention to the details, which help paint the picture. Most of the dialogue was authentic, from the commentators to the in ring talent. The SES/Bourne-Mysterio angle was really good to kick off the show. That's where I got hooked, as it felt pretty authentic. You even pointed out Mysterio's gear color - which is a nice touch when it comes to a chameleon type like Rey Rey. Also, Goldust's antics were spot on, and I really appreciated him being used.

Though, things got a little puzzling during some of the matches. The Morrison/Regal match left me guessing on some of the pure wrestling exchanges. But that is to be expected - as sometimes it's just flat out hard to describe some of the technical switches, counters and reversals. And I'm still wondering on that Kofi crossbody turned into Swagger's "All American" powerbomb. I'm not quite sure if that would work out. Either way, I'm not gonna gripe about those little things, because the bigger picture is painted. A clear and concise BTB that I will be reading for sure - good job!

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Re: WWE: Smacked Down

Good First Show
I feel really seriously bad for Yoshi Tatsu...Poor guy
Goldust was hilarious
A few spelling/grammer errors here and there
The Randy Orton switch to Smackdown was surprising yet not really because you only have one show
Again, Good First Show
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Re: WWE: Smacked Down

Great first show, loved the comdedy with Goldust, I even used the Google Translater because I was curious about what Yoshi said in the hall lol. I like the way the feuds are developing and looking forward to reading more of this, nice stuff with Randy Orton coming to Smackdown! as well.

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