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Post WWE: The End Of PG, And The Dawn Of A New 'Era'

Hello everyone, this new thread will take place after the Money in the Bank PPV and will follow most of the current story lines, however I have scrapped the NXT brand as I do not keep up with it, and have plans for a few of the Season 1 rookies down the line. No plans for a third brand are being considered at this time. Guest hosts are scrapped as well, as there will be more focus on matches and programs will be more oriented towards the importance of winning a match and knowing something is at stake. Pay-per-view line ups will be the same, and the road to Summerslam is what the first focus of this thread will be. I apologize for the lack of graphics in this post. I am an avid user of Photoshop and will be making several advertisements for this thread. It is late now so I will do that within the next few days.

Here is all the rosters and pay-per-view results

Raw Brand:
Male wrestlers:

Chris Jericho
David Hart Smith - Unified Tag Team Champion
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
The Great Khali
John Cena
John Morrison
Mark Henry
The Miz - WWE United States Champion
Randy Orton
The Rock
Santino Marella
Sheamus - WWE Champion
Ted DiBiase
Triple H - Injured
Tyson Kidd - Unified Tag Team Champion
Vladimir Kozlov
William Regal
Zack Ryder

Female wrestlers:

Alicia Fox - WWE Divas Champion
Brie Bella
Gail Kim
Nikki Bella

SmackDown brand
Male wrestlers:

The Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Darren Young
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Justin Gabriel
Kofi Kingston - WWE Intercontinental Champion
Luke Gallows
Matt Hardy
Michael Tarver
Rey Mysterio - Injured (taking an extended vacation)
Shad Gaspard
Skip Sheffield
The Undertaker
Wade Barrett - World Heavyweight Champion

Female wrestlers:

Beth Phoenix
Kelly Kelly
Layla - WWE Women's Champion
Michelle McCool
Rosa Mendes

Results: Money in the Bank
July 18, 2010
Sprint Center
Kansas City, Missouri


Matt Hardy vs. Kane vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Christian vs. Kofi Kingston vs. The Big Show vs. Drew McIntyre vs. CM Punk - SmackDown Money in the Bank ladder match

Randy Orton vs. The Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne vs. Ted DiBiase vs. John Morrison vs. Edge Raw Money in the Bank ladder match

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Jack Swagger - Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship

After the match, Wade Barrett cashes in his title shot and defeats Rey Mysterio to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd is in shock at this ironic twist of fate, with the individual ‘cashing’ in his title match not being a Money in the Bank winner. Where does the future lie for Barrett. Is he officially too big for the Nexus group?

Sheamus (c) vs. John Cena - Steel Cage match for the WWE Championship


After the stunning Money in the Bank PPV event, there is chaos brewing throughout the WWE. Two Money in the Bank winners, The Miz and Christian have their sights set on World Championships. Tonight on Raw they face off against each other in a bout to prove who is potentially a bigger threat to championship gold.

Sheamus is still the WWE champion, which came with many cuts and bruises by the hands of John Cena. He will be speaking on the show tonight, surely discussing the biggest win of his career a clean pinfall on John Cena.

However, the biggest news item for Raw is the mystery GM, who is set to be revealed tonight, at the end of the show. He has asked to meet John Cena right in the center of the ring, as he is the first person he wishes to confront. Not only that, but the GM has booked John Cena in a match against Randy Orton in the main event.

Stay tuned for an electric, star studded episode of Monday Night Raw!

I want to keep this thread going, but it will be going slowly at first. I don't give timelines. The show is posted when it is posted. Raw will be up sooner than later! As for a partner, I don't want one right now but I may consider it in the future. Hope you guys enjoy this thread, a lot of great ideas are in the works!

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Re: WWE: The End Of PG, And The Dawn Of A New 'Era'

It looks good. Definitely a solid place to start. The Miz and Christain are both upper mid-carders that have been leaning towards World Championships. I suspect Miz will also drop the U.S. Title before he cashes in. I hope at least one of them holds the briefcase for a good five or six months instead of using it instantly like Swagger did. Anyways good luck.

[CENTER]"We got our asses kicked, plain and simple. No matter what we did, we could never get the upper hand. They had Henry, and we didn't. That's all there is to it."
- Eric Bischoff
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: WWE: The End Of PG, And The Dawn Of A New 'Era'

I like the looks of this man, quitting PG sounds awesome. I can't wait for the Miz push and Christian push even though I would like a CM Punk or Matt Hardy push over there. Good Luck!
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Re: WWE: The End Of PG, And The Dawn Of A New 'Era'

Looks pretty good. Interesting you gave Barrett the WH title. I'll keep my eyes on this one.
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Re: WWE: The End Of PG, And The Dawn Of A New 'Era'

Thank you guys. I am glad there is not too much of an issue with a lot of current storylines being dropped to make way for more actual wrestling-oriented storylines! And about Barrett, I want Smackdown to be the show where I build up a strong heel to potentially fued with Undertaker or Mysterio down the line. I am quite high on Barrett and McIntyre... as well as Punk! It is a major toss up but I guarantee there are solid plans for all three! Any updates will be posted within the week, and both shows are going to be recapped for the first week or so just so I can get used to using all the characters. Peace!
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Post Re: WWE: The End Of PG, And The Dawn Of A New 'Era'

WWE Raw – July 19th 2010
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Arena: Bank of Oklahoma

1.1 Make Your Mark, At Your Own Risk!

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show, opening up with a video package highlighting the Money in the Bank pay-per-view from the night before. A major focus was on Sheamus pinning John Cena after three consecutive bicycle kicks. On the agenda tonight is Christian one-on-one with The Miz in a Money in the Bank showcase match, and John Cena locking horns with his long time rival Randy Orton in the main event of the evening. Cole makes the audience quite aware that the anonymous General Manager of Raw signed this main event tonight, and “will be making his presence known before the shows end.”

In the opening bout of the evening, Sheamus takes on Evan Bourne in a fast paced, adrenaline packed encounter. Bourne scores a lot of offence in the early going, taking the Celtic Warrior off his game at several moments of the opening minutes. At about the six minute mark Sheamus connects with the bicycle kick to score the victory. A great showing for Bourne against Raw’s dominant WWE Champion one night removed from the biggest ‘clean’ victory of his career.

One would normally expect Sheamus to continue his assault on Bourne after the match but he lets him escape afterward as Sheamus wishes to address the WWE Universe. He speaks about his win from the night before, saying that John Cena was the best in the business, until he beat him fair and square in the middle of the ring last night. Sheamus claims his dominance is no stroke of luck, as he has done everything he has ever planned to do in his first year as a WWE superstar. After this rant progresses, the Celtic Warrior mentions Summerslam being the second biggest pay-per-view of the year and he would like to face anyone who is willing to bring the fight to him. Being Irish, Sheamus says he enjoys a good fight, and expects one that will end with his hand raised in victory in one month’s time at Summerslam. As Sheamus exits to the locker room area, Michael Cole gets on the microphone and makes an announcement from the mystery GM: “Sheamus, I am ordered by the anonymous General Manager of Raw to inform you that your challenge has been accepted for Summerslam. Your opponent is a very worthy superstar who has a fair claim to the WWE title, and is someone you know very well. Next week on Raw, he invites you to meet him in the center of the ring as he addresses the WWE universe. He also has a short, yet effective message that he has asked me to deliver to you at this time: “Step your game up!” After hearing this message, Sheamus does not seem so pleased, as his expression shifts to one of disbelief as he heads back to the locker room.

After the break we see Sheamus throwing a fit backstage, screaming “This cannot be happening!” to everyone he sees in the area. Eventually he runs into the Raw Money in the Bank winner, and United States Champion, The Miz! Sheamus asks Miz why he is here and he says he is here to introduce himself as Mr. Money in the Bank, and perhaps give Sheamus some advice on how to get a proper tan. Angrily, Sheamus tells The Miz to leave, while he will still let him. Miz says he is about to go to the ring for his match, but informs Sheamus that he has a title shot in his hands and he can use it anytime he wants to. And when he does use it, he will become the first person to hold the United States and WWE Championships at the same time. Shaemus laughs and says that will never happen, because “I am the Dubya Dubya E champion, and I will crush you if we ever meet in that ring, fella!” Miz says, “You are dominant Sheamus, but I am something your not, and this special trait of mine will grant me championship gold at anytime I choose to cash in this money in the bank briefcase. Wanna know what it is white boy? ….. Well, it is very simple, it is because I’m the Miz……… ANNNNDDDD IIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMM…. AWESOMMMEEE!”

After that heated confrontation, we head to commercial break, and Cole hypes Christian vs. The Miz in a Money in the Bank showcase match, up next!

King and Cole take the audience back to last night’s Money in the Bank contest, once again showing how The Miz and Christian respectively were victorious in Money in the Bank matches for their own brands. Out first comes the Raw Money in the Bank winner, and United States Champion The Miz, to a surprisingly mixed reaction. Once Christian’s music plays the crowd erupts for the Smackdown Money in the Bank winner, as the match soon begins.

Both superstars seem engaged and feel compelled to deliver an excellent match, to prove they belong in the main event and are worthy contenders for top tier championships. Throughout this back and forth action we see the usual signature moves by Christian and Miz, however, Christian has great difficulty in connecting with the Killswitch, which becomes a heavy focus on his part. After many nearfalls and hard-hitting maneuvers, the finish comes when Miz counters the Killswitch into the Skull Crushing Finale to secure the victory. This bout, going seventeen minutes, and through to nearly midpoint of the show highlighted the skills of both of these athletes. Cole and King praise these men as major threats to any World Title in the WWE.

When we come back, Cole and King plug the World Tile Top 5 Rankings for both Raw and Smackdown which will be revealed next week on Raw, and how more information can be found on WWE.com. Money in the Bank winners are exempt from these lists at this time. It is based on votes, and win/loss records, beginning tonight, and is immediately effective for the Night of Champions pay-per-view in September.

NOTE: Not to completely copy TNA but I am introducing World Title rankings into my BtB which I encourage discussion on in order to keep you all involved in and to give me some feedback. I want this thread to be interactive and to let you guys have a voice, which honestly will help me out in developing future storylines in order to keep things rolling.

In Divas action, we have Alicia Fox take on Eve Torres in a re-match for the Divas Title. Fox wins with a roll-up at the three and a half minute mark. The divas have a brawl after the match as Eve is not impressed with the outcome of this match.

In a backstage interview, Josh Matthews is with Edge, who asked for this time to get some issues off his chest. Edge says he wants to talk about a few things including injuring Chris Jericho in the Money in the Bank Ladder match and some unfinished business with Randy Orton.

Edge: Last night, I did not win the Money in the Bank match, but I was satisfied. Why? I did something I never planned on doing prior to the match, rather, It was something that just happened. I saw the opportunity and I took it. Chris Jericho, you spent half a year berating me because I am injury prone; one major injury away from being retired from the WWE. Well, I came back and won the Royal Rumble this year and main evented Wrestlemania, against you, for the World Heavyweight Championship. I was unsuccessful, and well, it’s been eating at me Chris. I blame these people, because making them my puppets did not get me what I ultimately wanted, a Wrestlemania moment, with me ending your career and becoming a 10-time World Champion.

Crowd boo’s heavily at that remark.

Edge: I’ll make this simple, I see this as an eye for an eye, Chris Jericho. You have had this coming ever since I came back from my torn Achilles Tendon. (Demented look). Are you happy now, Chris? Are ya? One more thing, if you come back, I expect you to look me in the eye and tell me that you deserved every ounce of punishment I gave you and your broken arm last night. Anyways….

Mixed Reaction from the crowd, as Edge soaks up the reaction from the fans.

Edge: Ever since being drafted to Raw, The Viper, Randy Orton,

Huge Ovation for Orton!

Edge: (laughs) Yeah, Randy Orton has gotten in my way ever since I have stepped foot here on Raw. At Fatal 4 Way he got in my way of the WWE championship, and last night, I could not become Mr. Money in the Bank for an unprecedented third time, because of your ‘hero’, Mr. RKO. But you know what, I still see a light at the end of the tunnel. Because even though you cheer for Randy Orton, he has never acknowledged any of you for what you have done for him. He has still been the same selfish SOB he has always been. So next week, on The Cutting Edge, my guest will be The Viper, Randy Orton!

Huge Pop.

Edge: I want to settle some of my issues with Randy next week, but most importantly, I want you to address these people Randy Orton. And tell them how you feel, from the bottom of your heart…. If you have one!

-Commercial Break-

*** I apologize for writing certain promos in full. Edge (as well as Miz, Cena, and Orton) is a character that I want to work hard on with promos and make sure that they are top notch. He is a key player in many of my future Raw plans, so this promo was basically a test for me. Please comment on that for me if you can, and let me know how I can improve! The remaining bit of the show will be all in recapped form.***

In a number one contenders bout for the WWE United States Championship, The Monday Night Delight, John Morrison takes on his close friend, and tag team partner at times, R-Truth. The winner earns a shot against The Miz at Summerslam! Michael Cole places heavy emphasis on how both of these men have success in singles action against The Miz.

This match is highly competitive and fast paced, with the crowd excited and split almost evenly, a little more on the side of Morrison and his flashy moveset. These men have a lot of chemistry in the ring together, and as a result many unique counters are executed throughout this bout. The finish comes when Truth does a cradle-style roll-up on Morrison. However, both men have their shoulders on the ground which rules the match as a no contest. Both men are upset with the referee’s decision, as we head to the backstage locker room area where Randy Orton is preparing for the main event match against John Cena, which is moments away. He appears to be in a contemplative state, perhaps because of Edge’s words from an interview earlier on.

The camera switches to the backstage area where John Cena is heading toward the ring to meet Randy Orton in the main event. Josh Matthews approaches him, asking him about his thoughts on facing Randy Orton, and the anonymous GM making his presence known, perhaps following his match.

Cena: First of all, I need to congratulate someone. Sheamus…
Crowd boo’s at the very mention of the WWE Champion.
Cena: You proved to me last night that you are tough as nails, and that you deserve the WWE championship. It took a lot to put me down for the 1-2-3, but dammit, you did. And I would be a hypocrite if I said you did not earn it. However, we will meet again at some point, and when that happens, I will stand tall as the WWE champion once again.

Crowd cheers.

Cena: But tonight is about Randy Orton.

Crowd pops again.

Cena: Well Josh, Randy Orton is one hell of an athlete. It is no surprise to me that these people have sided with him in recent months. He is one of the best performers in this business, and I mean this sincerely. We have had many battles against each other in the past, and each time Randy gave me every ounce of fight he had in him. Overall, I would say we are even as far as wins and losses are concerned. Tonight is about something different Josh. This time, seeing Randy Orton and myself lock horns is going to mean something entirely different to the WWE Universe. Tonight, Randy and I go out there and prove to these fans that we are the top two superstars in this company!

Fans cheer loudly for that statement.

Cena: When that final bell rings, it is my hope that the fans see who the best superstar in this business truly is. And when that final bell rings, something else is ‘supposed’ to happen. This anonymous GM is going to reveal himself to the entire WWE Universe. (Cena stares straight into the camera). If you had something to do with the Nexus attacking me week after week, you had better have a damn good reason for it! Cause if you did, that would give me every reason to drop your anonymous ass tonight Or, if you did not have anything to do with it, and you want to shake my hand, well, I guess we will see how that goes shall we. Either way, I am not leaving this arena until you show your face.

-Commercial Break-

It is main event time, as Randy Orton makes his way to the ring to a tremendous ovation. Cole plugs his performance in the Money in the Bank Ladder match, stating how he came close to grabbing the briefcase at several moments in the match. He also mentions how he is a guest on The Cutting Edge next week, where he will address the entire WWE Universe, telling them how he ‘truly’ feels.

John Cena’s music hits and the crowd erupts as he sprints to the ring. Cole and King discuss his efforts against Sheamus in the steel cage match the night before, and his words on the anonymous General Manager a few minutes ago.

The crowd is electric throughout this match. In fact, Orton is slightly more over with the fans then Cena is, which Cole makes a good note of. Cena and Orton both brought their A-Game, as this match was a long one. Both men had momentum built up back and forth; no one had complete control in this contest.( Note: This match started at halfway through the second hour of the show). The finish came at around the 21 minute mark with Cena making Orton submit to the STF, which he applied by countering the RKO.

Immediately following the match Cena is left standing tall in the ring as Orton slowly makes his way to the back. Suddenly, the arena goes dark, and a familiar scene is played on the titantron. A scene of city lights, buildings and streets are shown on the screen. The crowd immediately is going insane, and Cena looks confused in the ring. All of a sudden the only words heard in the arena are:





The Rock walks on the stage to an ENORMOUS ovation, probably the biggest crowd reaction in 5-10 years. Rock stands on the stage as Orton walks past him. They have an intense stare down for a good 10 seconds before Rock proceeds to the ring. As The Rock enters the ring he stares Cena down for a long time, as this is a history-making moment according to Cole: The biggest name of the past encounters the biggest name of the present. All of a sudden, Rock takes off his sunglasses and delivers a thunderous ROCK BOTTOM to John Cena. The crowd is electrified, as many of them have likely been waiting for that moment for years!

(Cole even says “Vintage Rock!” which is a major facepalm to those on the Internet)

Rock kicks Cena out of the ring and signals with his hands that he has 'taken out the trash.' He then proceeds to grab a microphone.

Rock: Finally! …. THE ROCK HAS COME BACK….. HOME!

Huge Ovation.

Rock: And finally, The Rock has come back to Raw! (Pause) Oh, hi there! (Looks at Cena). Someone give that jabroni a microphone! (The ring announcer hands Cena a mic). What is your name son?

Cena: J---


Cena shakes his head as the crowd is chanting “Rocky”

Oh wait? The Rock knows exactly who you are! The Rock knows that you have come down to this ring and addressed these people like you’re the second coming of something! In fact, John Cena…. You think that you’re the second coming of The Rock?!?!

Crowd boo’s.

Cena: Rock, with all due respect, absolutely not.

Crowd boo’s.

Cena: Now, I respect guys like you who paved the way for guys like me to perform in front of these fans week in and week out. And I understand you coming out and dropping me in the middle of the ring, to make a statement. But I have news for you, it does not work that way anymore.

Cena enters the ring and stands face to face with The People’s Champion.

Cena: Whether you like it or not, your time was up years ago, and my time is now.

Crowd boo’s.

Cena: But I respect you, and I am not going to fight you tonight. I am going to leave this ring, and you can say whatever you want to these fans. But they need to understand that you… SOLD… OUT!
Cena drops the mic and leaves the ring to a mixed reaction, mainly of boo’s.

Rock: Cena, look at The Rock! Look at The Rock right now jabroni! You are lucky The Rock did not whoop your candy ass again! You are lucky that The Rock even let you speak! But John Cena, The Rock also needs to be honest! You are right!

Crowd gives a mixed reaction!

Rock: Perhaps The Rock has sold out. Perhaps The Rock doesn’t deserve to be here in front of the MILLIONS… AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE! But you know what Johnny Boy? The Rock is willing to prove that you are wrong. In fact, The Rock is even willing to lace up his boots and have ONE MORE MATCH!

The crowd gives a massive ovation!

Rock: At Summerslam! John Cena, you go one on one with the jabroni beating, pie eating, anonymous General Manager that makes all the matches so there is nothing you can do about it, THE ROCK!

Enormous reaction from the crowd.


Cole and King hype this announcement as Rock and Cena stare each other down to cap off this electric episode of Monday Night Raw!

-End of Show-

Quick Results:

Sheamus b. Evan Bourne via pînfall after a bicycle kick

The Miz b. Christian in a Money in the Bank Showcase match after a skull crushing finale

Alicia Fox b. Eve to retain the Divas championship with a roll-up

John Morrison and R-Truth compete to a No Contest, in a number one contenders match to the WWE United States Championship at Summerslam

John Cena b. Randy Orton via submission in the main event of the evening


Dream Match:
John Cena Vs. The Rock

WWE Championship:
Sheamus Vs. TBD (on next weeks Raw)


Here is Raw, in a very basic, recapped format. I want to do the first week like this for sure, and then I will expand into a longer format. I promise that the shows will be more visually appealing in the near future as well. Peace!

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Re: WWE: The End Of PG, And The Dawn Of A New 'Era'

Pretty good Raw. The opening match and segment were okay. The Miz/Sheamus segment was good. It showed hints of a possible Miz face turn. I don't think that would work but of coarse it's your BTB. The next match was also good. I like the ending and the fact that it lasted a while to show they are main-event material. Once again I hope they keep the briefcases for a while. build them up to the championship. At the moment I won't make any suggestions as to the World Tile Top 5 Rankings. I think I'll wait until Smackdown. Loved the Edge segment. However I hate to see Chris Jericho injured. The could have made a great feud. The diva's was was okay. Not much to say about it. I liked the Morrison/Truth match. Can't wait to see what happens about it. Cena's first segment and match were good. Interesting choice of GM. Really liked the ending segment. Very believable. Like I said pretty good Raw. Hope you have Smackdown up soon.

[CENTER]"We got our asses kicked, plain and simple. No matter what we did, we could never get the upper hand. They had Henry, and we didn't. That's all there is to it."
- Eric Bischoff

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Re: WWE: The End Of PG, And The Dawn Of A New 'Era'

Overall I think it was a very good show, and I like many of your decisions. The booking was good, and I didn't mind the fact that it was recapped. But I have to say that I really didn't like the last segment. First of all, the anonymous GM wasn't revealed as promised. Second of all, The Rock returning is surprisingly not something I personally like. And the fact that Rock hits a thunderous Rock Bottom on Cena, and then is actually able to talk to Rock right afterwards... Unrealistic in my opinion.

But all in all, as I said, I liked the show and I will keep on following. But I have a question.... Now that you've put Barrett on SmackDown, and even given him the World Heavyweight Championship, what about the group of Nexus?? I mean, you're mentioning them, but their names aren't on the roster?? Are they gone??
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Re: WWE: The End Of PG, And The Dawn Of A New 'Era'

^^ Rock was the GM.

[CENTER]"We got our asses kicked, plain and simple. No matter what we did, we could never get the upper hand. They had Henry, and we didn't. That's all there is to it."
- Eric Bischoff
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Re: WWE: The End Of PG, And The Dawn Of A New 'Era'

Originally Posted by Apostle Lukes View Post
^^ Rock was the GM.
Yeah I got that after I commented

But that actually only makes it worse for me :/ If you wanted to bring Rock back and eventually have the so-called dreammatch, I think you should have found another way Another storyline. I just don't like the thought of Rock as GM, and especially not when he's an active wrestler as well.

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