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The Analyst presents WWE Austin v Layfield

Austin v Layfield

My past BTB experience suggests that its probably easiest to attempt to do a WWE related BTB, than to try and start from scratch (although those who are starting a promotion from scratch, I wish you best of luck). This BTB is going to focus on the present: 2010.
It is essentially going to be a Raw v Smackdown type of BTB, with strict limitations on performing on other shows, and also single-brand PPV's.


This BTB begins after this weeks Vengeance PPV (Fatal Four Way). There is going to be a huge 2 hour Raw with explosive announcements that will explain what in the world is happening. The correlations with real life is that Undertaker is in a vegetative state, and the NXT invasion never happened.

Vengeance PPV Results (the feuds leading into this don't matter, just to show who the champions are)

WWE: Cena def Sheamus
WHC: Swagger def Big Show in a last man standing match
Orton def Edge
Kane def Mysterio/CM Punk
USO's def Hart Dynasty (non-title match)
IC: Kingston def McIntyre
US: The Miz def R-Truth

I am going to book the first couple of months in a summary format, as I find it is easier to understand the initial feuds, and for you to get a feel for my booking. PPV's will be in full, and I will start full shows the night after Summerslam. I am going to try and differentiate Raw and Smackdown, to give both a unique feel.

Monday Night Raw 21st June

* Mr McMahon comes out to the ring and welcomes Bret Hart and Teddy Long out to the ring. He tells them that tonight’s Raw is 2 hours but it will not be enough time for everything that must occur tonight, so he will keep this brief. He fires them both on the spot.

McMahon says he feels its time for a change so he has thought of a brilliant idea, hire 2 brand new General Managers; give one complete control over a show and each week the WWE fans can pick who did a better job. At Wrestlemania the winner will be announced, and the loser fired. He says he has hired the two most fierce and intense men he could think of, and is certain they both will get the job done.

Raw General Manager is....

* McMahon introduces STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN to a huge pop, McMahon tells him to wait as he wants to only explain the rules of this competition once.

Smackdown General Manager is...


Both GM's are in the ring, McMahon tells them that as of now all WWE Superstars contracts are void, and that the GM's have the next 2 hours to sign whoever they want. He tells them to think carefully as there will be no trades or switches at all. The rosters will be final as of tonight. JBL tells him with the amount of money that he has he could get the entire roster onto Smackdown, and he always sends a warning that he will be scouting anyone from a 4-side, 6-side or 8-sided ring. Austin looks to speak and declines, instead stunning JBL! He makes his way quickly to the back, it looks like Austin is getting a head start on signing superstars!

-commercial break-

* We come back to see Cena and Edge signing contracts with Austin! Jericho walks in and demands certain clauses in his contract. Austin smiles and tells him to put their past differences aside and to sign the damned contract. Austin says he will look after Jericho, and Jericho signs.

* I/C Match- Kingston v DiBiase
DiBiase came out and demanded a title match. He offers to put his title on the line, and challenges any champion to come out. Kingston says his fighting champion and won't mind another win here tonight. It was a closely fought battle, until McIntrye interferes allowing DiBiase to steal a win. After the match they both announce they are heading to Smackdown
DiBiase def Kingston (New I/C Champion)

* We see Mysterio and Layfield talking. Mysterio asks if Layfield is being honest and he says he is. He tells Mysterio this is one of the reasons Smackdown will become a better show, but he really needs Mysterio. Mysterio shakes Layfields hand.
* Austin walks in the SES lockeroom. Punk asks if his joking, he says how is the SES meant to take either leader seriously when they are both beer crazy baboons. Austin tells him that he should re-think such an important decision, and says he is going to try and help him out. He says tonight Punk takes on Cena and Edge!

-commercial break-

Kane vs Santino Marella
Kane is still interrogating people at will over the events leading to the demise of the Undertaker. He quickly pins Marella inflicting a brutal tombstone. Austin appears on the titantron and tells Kane that he knows who attacked the Undertaker, and that they are on Raw. Kane tells him to give him a contract.

Kane def Santino Marella
•We see Christian, Regal and Morrison all in the back talking to Layfield. Orton walks in and asks what does Layfield have to offer him. Layfield asks him to sit down as we cut to Swagger in the back with Grisham. Todd asks him how does he feel after last nights huge win, as he is about to answer. Austin storms in and asks Swagger does he know who is he. Austin tells him this is the chance to become great but only if he comes to Raw. Swagger smiles and tells Grisham that last nights was a great win but not as the contract he had just signed.

-commercial break-

Jack Swagger/ Cody Rhodes vs Goldust/R-Truth

Nice little match here with the World Heavyweight Champion getting the win over R-Truth.
Swagger/Rhodes def Goldust/R-Truth

•Austin is in the back with MVP. MVP asks will these contract make him the highest paid superstar on the roster and Austin confirms. MVP says he will get his attorneys to look over it, but he should be coming to Raw.

•JBL is on the phone in the back. He says to the other person that despite not always getting along with each other, this was a great opportunity. He says that with his help Smackdown would become great again. JBL says that he was the greatest ever Smackdown wrestler, but the other person was easily the 2nd greatest. He says to see him on Friday for further discussions.

Sheamus v Yoshi Tatsu

Sheamus says that last night John Cena got lucky, he won’t offer any other excuses instead will work towards another shot at the title. Sheamus also indicates that he will remain on Raw, after Austin begged him to sign. Sheamus says he is the greatest foreigner to ever compete in the WWE, this brings out Tatsu. Sheamus wins a fun match with his Celtic Cross.

Sheamus def Tatsu

-commercial break-

CM Punk v Edge/John Cena

Punk being punished by Austin leads to this match. Not entirely a squash with numerous interferences by the SES, in the end Edge Spears Punk for the win.

Edge/Cena def Punk

Austin comes down to the ring and demands an answer from the SES. JBL also comes down and asks the SES for an answer. Austin tells him to hurry up before stunning Gallows. Punk says his decisions made and attacks Austin. JBL/Punk proceed to beatdown on Austin, until Jericho runs down! Jericho hits a codebreaker on Punk as all four men brawl. The Big Show showing effects of last night’s Last Man Standing match comes into the ring and... knocks out Jericho! And chokeslaming Austin. Edge and Cena run out followed by a number of other wrestlers that Austin has signed including The Miz, Hart Dynasty and MVP. They protect Austin, as the Smackdown crew remain on the outside. JBL looking very displeased. As the Raw superstars celebrate, Punk is yelling abusive at Austin. Austin slowly gets to his feet... RKO. Orton ,from behind hits a huge RKO on Austin. To the surprise of the Raw Wrestlers who had allowed him to enter the ring without any suspicions. Orton rolls out and joins with the SES and Big Show.... he shakes Layfields hand. Layfield tells Austin that he will win this battle, and reaffirm his position as the Wrestling God. The show finishes with a shot of the laid out Austin, and Layfields celebration on the outside of the ring.

The following are the final rosters submitted by the General Managers at the deadline. There will be no trades or negogiations except for returning, or newly acquired wrestlers.


Caylen Croft
Chris Jericho
Curt Hawkins
David Hart Smith
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Ezekiel Jackson
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Michael Tarver
The Miz
Montel Vontavious Porter (M.V.P.)
Trent Barreta
Tyson Kidd
Vance Archer
Vladimir Kozlov
Zack Ryder


The Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Darren Young
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel
Luke Gallows
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Santino Marella
Ted DiBiase
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
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Re: The Analyst presents WWE Austin v Layfield

It looks like it has a lot of potential, I've recently started a btb similar to this and in 2010 aswell as you can see from the link in my sig. It's all a bit jumbled together, use more bold, italic, quotes and colors.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: The Analyst presents WWE Austin v Layfield

Smackdown 25th June

JBL comes out to discuss the events of this weeks Raw. He says that the Unified Tag Team Titles will remain with the Hart Dynasty, but they will no longer be unified, as Smackdown will crown its own tag team champions; with a tournament to crown the WWE Tag Team Champions commencing tonight.

JBL goes on to say that as a Wrestling God, he had an epiphany from another God. JBL says he has an idea that will revolutionise Smackdown forever, its name is the Middleweight Division. JBL says sometimes no matter how big the fight is within the fighter, that size prevails. JBL says this shouldn’t be right, he says some of the best wrestlers on the planet are considered ‘too small’ to be considered for a shot at a Heavyweight Title, so his solution is to give them a division to themselves.

Randy Orton comes out to a pop, and asks JBL did he see what he did to Austin on Raw. Orton says his with Smackdown and is here to make it the better show, on one condition he gets a title shot against Swagger. JBL agrees and says Smackdown will be hosting their first PPV- The Great American Bash on the 18th of July, and the main event will be Swagger v Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship.

-commercial break-

A video plays showing JBL on the phone to a ‘mega=star’ who has signed with Smackdown. The video ends with the words ‘ a former Intercontinental Champion’

The brackets are revealed for the WWE Tag Team Championship tournament
Mystery Team One v Bye
Punk/Gallows v Big Show/Christian
Young/Slater v Swagger/Marella
Bye v Mystery Team Two

WWE Tag Team Championship Tournament Match One

Punk/Gallows v Big Show/Christian

The SES are in a foul mood after a pretty bad week; Punk losing to Kane at Vengeance, and then being brutalised by Cena and Edge in a handicap match on Raw. Meanwhile Big Show had lost his World Heavyweight Championship match at Vengeance, so there was a fair bit of emotion in this match. SES dominated Christian for a majority of the match, before Show finds himself in with Punk. Punk gets man handled as Serena attempts to interfere. Christian stops her and hits an Unprettier on her, before Punk nails him with a GTS. Big Show hits a chokeslam on Punk for the win.

Winner via pinfall Big Show/Christian

Mysterio is in the back and talks up the middleweight division. He says his whole career he has defied the odds, but now there is a place for him to finally be able to show his true skills on a pound to pound basis. Mysterio says he will be the inaugural WWE Middleweight Champion.

-commercial break-

Ted DiBiase is in the ring and celebrates his shock Intercontinental Championship win over Kingston on Raw. Di Biase says that he is already by far the greatest champion to hold the belt, and will defend it anytime anyplace. Di Biase calls himself a fighting champion, and he is going to defend the belt right now!

Ted Di Biase v Local Jobber- Intercontinental Championship Match

Di Biase puts over his opponent, saying that he is by far the greatest Mongolian Champion ever. Listing some of the man’s impressive accomplishments, including being the first man to win a Great Wall of China Match. Di Biase wins the match with his Dream Streak in a matter of seconds.

Winner via pinfall Di Biase (still I/C Champion)

Heath Slater and Darren Young are in the lockeroom warming up for their tournament match later on tonight. Slater says they are living their dream, and won’t be disappointed losing as long they give it their best shot.

In JBL’s office, Swagger is chucking a dummy spit, saying he just endured a gruelling last man standing match with the Big Show, and expected a night off with a Smackdown dedicated to Swagger. Instead he is forced to tag with Santino, Swagger orders JBL to return the decision otherwise the GM would witness first hand why he is the World Heavyweight Champion

-commercial break-

Matt Striker is in the ring and he says we are going to get out first look at the Middleweight Division.
Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne, Primo Colon, Justin Gabriel, Yoshi Tatsu, Chavo Guerrero, Kaval and Bryan Danielson all come out. Striker says that next week the Tournament will commence, and the final will be at the Great American Bash. Guerrero quickly asks why does Mysterio feel so cocky to winning this tournament as it will be Guerrero who will be winning this. Danielson says they are all mistaken and that he will make them tap or snap on his way to Gold. Primo asks who the hell Danielson and Kaval are, as all 8 end up brawling.

JBL is in the office and asks how we may have realised the ‘mystery teams’ in the Tag Team Tournament. He says since given power he has made numerous signings; the ‘mega-star’, Bryan Danielson, Kava, Carlito and a tag team. JBL calls them his favourite tag team of all time. Combining his two most favourite things together... they will make their debut tonight.

-commercial break-

Cody Rhodes is in the ring and reveals his ‘dashing persona’. He says there isn’t a man in the roster who could match his looks or skill. Rhodes says the he is the real deal, and is coming after the Intercontinental Championship. Randy Orton comes out through the crowd and stuns his former team-mate with an RKO!

Raw Rebound-

Drew McIntyre v Chris Masters

Masters seems to have McIntyres measure, and dominates the Scotsman for a majority of the match. Masters hits a huge powerslam on McIntyre and as he starts to cover him for a certain pinfall the crowd chant ‘Masterlock’. Masters breaks the count and sets McIntyre up for the Masterlock, but McIntyre rolls him up, 1...2...3

Winner via Pinfall Drew McIntyre

-commercial break-

WWE Tag Team Championship Tournament Match Two

Jack Swagger/Santino Marella v Heath Slater/ Darren Young

Marella seems to be very excited to tag with the World Champion, who himself looks very uninterested in the match. Slater/Young start very keenly and energetically, with frequent tags isolating Marella. Everytime Marella gets offense he attempts and fails for his cobra, much to the anger of Swagger. Swagger at one stage walks away from the ring, but forces himself to come back and break up a pinfall attempt. Such is the winning instinct of Swagger. Swagger finally finds himself tagged in and cleans the ring. Powerbombing both of his opponents and Marella. He hits a couple of Swagger bombs on Slater and applies an ankle lock! Slater quickly taps out.

Winners via pinfall Jack Swagger/Santino Marella

Jack Swagger says that he just proved that he is by far the greatest competitor in the world. He says he just won what was basically a 3 on 1 handicap match, and he doesn’t care about the Mystery tag teams or Randy Orton. He says this is Swaggers era of dominance, and he can’t be stopped.

‘Sorry about your damned luck’ says someone on the entrance ramp. He calls Swagger a fool and says that Swaggers era of dominance ends about ... NOW. As another man from behind blind sides Swagger, as then both men then attack Swagger hitting some brutal moves. The first man introduces himself as ‘The Cowboy’ James Storm, his partner says he is Robert Roode, and together they are BEER MONEY. Roode says they are going to win the WWE Tag Team Championships and we can bet our lives on it.

As Beer Money leave the ring, Swagger slowly gets to his feet looking very aggressive and ticked off. RKO! Orton strikes again! Orton stands over and looks at this fallen rival, they will meet at the Great American Bash for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Superstars 24th June
-Austin comes out and declares he is kicking Smackdown off this show and from now it shall be Raw exclusive.

The USO’s def Mark Henry/MVP

Vladmir Kozlov def Tyson Kidd

The Miz def Matt Hardy (non-title)

Velocity- 26th June

JBL welcomes us back to the return of Saturday Night Velocity. He puts over how Smackdown is better than Raw, and Velocity is better than Superstars.

Kaval/Bryan Danielson def Primo Colon/Chavo Guerrero

Ted Di Biase def local jobber (Intercontinental Championship Match)

John Morrison def Luke Gallows
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Re: The Analyst presents WWE Austin v Layfield

Monday Night Raw 28th June

We are welcomed to this week’s Raw by The King and... Jim Ross!. JR is back, he gives us a quick talk about how Austin called him straight away to give him his job back. JR says its great to be back, and how he will repay Austin by giving the best calls of his career. He says its time to kick of the show.

Dudebusters vs Vladmir Kozlov/Ezekial Jackson

JR says that the USO’s have a tag team title shot at the Hart Dynasty, but do not wish to cash it in yet. So this match may go a long way in determining the number one contenders. Croft/Barreta do their usual boasting about their achievements, and say that the only thing sweeter than finishing COD 4 in one day is to become World Tag Team Champions. Kozlov is coming of a win against Tyson Kidd. The Dudebusters struggle against the power of the giants, however they struggle to get the job finished. Kozlov and Jackson both hit their finishing moves however the other Dudebuster is there to break up the pinfall on each account. The crowd slowly start to get behind the Dudebusters, as their stamina starts to show; at one stage Croft rolls up Kozlov for a very-close 2 count. The momentum is with the Dudebusters .... BOOM

Kane’s pyro goes off and the Big Red Monster comes storming down to the ring. Hitting haymakers on Jackson and Kozlov on the outside of the ring, before chokeslaming Croft and piledriving Baretta.

No Contest

Kane gets on the mic, and asks Austin did he get his man... did he get the man responsible for attacking the Undertaker? Kane says it may have taken all four of the man to take his brother out, as he tombstones Croft.

Austin comes down and it is obvious he is in a bad mood. Austin tells Kane if he touches another man that he will have to answer to the angriest SOB on the planet. Austin tells Kane, that he has had a crap week; he was blindsided last week by Orton, and then again on Smackdown by JBL when he announced plans for the GAB. Austin says he isn’t scared of any SOB, and is going to take on JBL face-to-face... Austin is going to run his own PPV that night! Austin says he wants to give back to the youngsters of his roster, by giving them their chance to shine. He says this particular event was what brought him to prominence, and is why he is where he is today. Austin announces the return of... THE KING OF THE RING. It will feature eight man who have never before held the world title, and the winner gets a WWE CHAMPIONSHIP shot at SUMMERSLAM!

Kane quickly latches his hand around Austin’s throat, before Austin suckerpunches Kane and STUNS him! Austin stands over Kane, and says that next week he will be involved in a triple threat match against Edge and Sheamus, where the winner will get a title shot against Cena at KOR!

-commercial break-

David Otunga is in the back with Todd Grisham. Otunga puts himself over and says he is going to make an impact on Raw, and it is going to be through all his own hardwork. Goldust interrupts and says that he is a massive movie buff and would it be possible for Otunga to hook him up with Jennifer Hudson! Otunga is speechless and leaves.

The Miz v David Hart Smith (non-title)

The Miz comes out and says that he demands to be in the KOTF tournament. He says once he is in it, that he will beat Cena (he points out that he has done ‘numerous times’ before) and will come WWE Champion. Because his the Miz and his AWESOME! Smith comes out, and there is still a lot of confusion over the number one contenders, with USO’s holding off their match and the no contest earlier tonight. This match is very technical with The Miz showing that he can match it with some of the most technically sound wrestlers. Miz complains about Kidd’s ‘interference’ which sees Kidd and Natalya ejected from ringside. In the confusion The Miz his the with The Skull Crashing Finale...1,2,3.

Winner via pinfall The Miz

Cena is in the back with Edge. Edge says his over their feud and it was nice for a change to team last week. Cena says he agrees, and they shake hands. Edge pulls him towards him and looks him eye to eye and says he won’t hesitate taking that title.

-commercial break-

Jericho is in the back with Austin. Jericho says that Austins first decisions have been rather pathetic. Jericho says that Sheamus and Edge have had numerous title chances, and Kane shouldn’t get a shot just because he is a bully. Jericho says that he should be at least allowed into the KOTR tournament as a wildcard. Austin says a star of the calibre of Jericho doesn’t need to prove himself every night does he? Austin says wouldn’t it be best if we only saw Jericho once a year? Jericho puts it down to Austins ‘first-night’ jitters. Jericho asks Austin to put him in a match tonight, and Austin does against John Cena.

Kofi Kingston vs David Otunga

Kingston lost his Intercontinental Championship last week in controversial fashion against Ted Di Biase he has now moved to Smackdown. Otunga is making his WWE debut tonight, and looks rather confident. Kingston overcomes Otungas early power game and starts to punish the rookie, with some vicious kicks and knees. Kingston hits the SOS on Otunga for the 1...2... the ref is pulled out of the ring by Goldust! Goldust quickly goes underneath the ring as the ref looks around, Otunga gets out of the ring and complains to the ref. Meanwhile Goldust goes comes out the otherside of the ring and hits a low blow on Kingston! Otunga doesn’t see this, and rolls Kingston up 1...2....3!

Winner via pinfall David Otunga

-commercial break-

Zack Ryder is interviewed by Grisham, as Ryder puts himself over as a perfect candidate for the KOTR. Young, handsome and ruthless... Ryder says we know his the real deal. Kane appears and questions Ryders involvements over the Undertaker Incident. Kane says he doesn’t care about a triple threat match or the WWE Championship... he wants revenge on Ryder now! Kane slams him through a wall!

Sheamus vs Matt Hardy

Sheamus comes out and says that Cena has beaten him once... but no man can beat Sheamus twice. Sheamus says that he will win the triple threat match and go on to defeat Cena at KOTR. Hardy says he is going to win tonight, then he is going to win the KOTR and you never know he may be beating Sheamus at Summerslam! This seems to infuriate the Celtic Warrior he attempts to clothesline Hardy from the start of the match. Hardy uses his never-say-die attitude as he attempts to wear out Sheamus. Hardy hits a side-effect, but Sheamus is able to roll out of the pin cover, and hit Hardy with a big boot for the 1,2,3!

Winner via pinfall Sheamus

Sheamus celebrates in the ring, when EDGE SPEARS HIM! Edge lays over Sheamus and says that he has waited over a year for another shot at Cena, and nothing can or will stop him.

The USO’s are in the back and say they suffered severe injuries when they were training. Their training consisted climbing a volcano in their native land. USO’s say medical advice says they won’t be ready to compete until... Summerslam. Kane comes storming past and asks where Austin is, Kane says it’s time for revenge.

-commercial break-

John Cena v Chris Jericho

Jericho comes out and complains about the treatment of Raw’s number one star, but says he forgives Austin after all it is his first night, and after all Jericho is the bigger man and is able to forgive! Jericho says when he defeats Cena tonight, Austin won’t have a choice but to put him in that triple threat match next week. Cena comes out to a huge pop and is ready for a potentially huge match. Jericho stands firm and fights cleanly as Cena favours his left leg. Cena at one stage counters with an FU, but is unable to hit it as his leg collapses.

-commercial break-

As Jericho continues the assault on Cena, we are quickly told by JR something is unfolding in the back

- KANE has Austin around the neck, and he says that Austins cheap shot is indicative that Austin was behind the Undertakers demise! Austin pleads and says he isn’t... but he has a lead. He asks why does Kane thing that he was put in the triple threat match? The man responsible for the Undertakers demise looks to be... JOHN CENA. Kane face is distorted as he lets Austin go and powerwalk out.

Jericho gets a two-count on Cena. As Jericho begins to get frustrated, Cena rolls him up for a two count! Jericho suplexes Cena and latches on the Walls of Jericho! Cena is in pain! As Jericho modifies the move to put his knee on Cenas head! Cena is looking to tap... BOOM.

Kane makes his way out to the ring, as Cena is motioning to tap. Kane enters the ring, and Jericho is kicked by Kane. Kane throws Jericho out of the ring, and picks up Cena. He asks is Cena responsible for what happened to the Undertaker. Cena says he isn’t, Kane yells that he hates liars. Kane chokeslams Cena, and gets a steel chair! KANE TOMBSTONES CENA ON THE CHAIR!

Kane yells that he is going to end John Cena! Just like Cena ended the Undertaker. Kane does his pose with the pyro and when the pyro goes off... SPEAR. Edge SPEARS KANE, and smiles sadistically saying that he will become the next WWE CHAMPION. SHEAMUS runs from through the crowd and hits EDGE with a BIG BOOT. Sheamus gets a measure of revenge from earlier tonight. Sheamus stands over Cena, Kane and Edge...

JR says that he could be last man standing next week and go onto the KOTR and become... WWE CHAMPION.

The last image of Raw is Sheamus holding the WWE Championship over a fallen Cena, with Jericho on the outside of the ring with a smirk, and Austin smiling and having a beer in his office.
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Re: The Analyst presents WWE Austin v Layfield

Hey man, just returning the favor for you leavung the predictions on my thread.

Raw feedback:

Hurray! J.R. The tag match was alright, was surprised Kane interfered seeing as how these guys are low carders, the interaction with Austin and Kane was fine, some of it needed a little bit more depth. Haha, the Goldust bit was imaginative, and pretty funny. Miz going over Smith makes sense, he has potential to be main eventing for sure. Was really surprised to see a Goldust heel turn, it looks like you're giving Otunga a push, I hope not, any of the other rookies would deserve it more. Sheamus winning made sense, and over Hardy is a fairly big win for him, the ending of the show, with Kane attacking Cena and Sheamus holding the belt, really built up the triple threat well and was a nice way to close the show, overall, a good show, maybe needed a bt more depth, bu it was good.

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Re: The Analyst presents WWE Austin v Layfield

Smackdown 3rd of July

A highlights package of last weeks Smackdown is shown. Focusing on Orton being announced number one contender and also his series of RKO's. Additionally the debut of Beer Money and also the opening round of the WWE Tag Team Championship Tournament. As well as the announcement of the WWE Middleweight Division.

The Smackdown pyro goes off and we are ready for the start of another action-packed Smackdown. We head to the announce team where Michael Cole and Matt Striker sit, there is a third chair which remains vacant. Cole welcomes us to the show and explains the chair is in case the General Manager JBL decides to come out and commentate.

The World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger makes his way out to the ring and he looks to be in quite the bad mood. Swagger angrily snatches a microphone and says that last week he was forced to defeat three men in the ring. When he 'easily' did this, he was then attacked by three more men. Swagger says that he has beaten Orton already once, and won't object to doing it again at The Great Amercian Bash. Swagger says that has way too much integrity to attack someone from behind, and all his life he has been told by his daddy to fight someone to their face he says he will make an example of Orton, and then the world will realise that Swagger is the real deal.

Swagger then turns his attention to Beer Money. SWagger says that he did not appreciate their sneak attack, he says he has never heard of them before and is only too happy to send them back to wherever they came from. Swagger says tonight he will win the semi-final, and at the Great Amercian Bash he will pull double-duty and win the WWE Tag Team Championship. Santino Marella comes out and is not happy about Swagger taking him out of the match last week. Marella says he wants an apology and a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Swagger walks over to Marella to try and intimidate him, Marella says that an apology will do just fine. Swagger says he will as long as Marella stays out of his way as they go on to win tonights match. Marella walks out of the ring and up the ramp.


Robert Roode and James Storm come marching out storming past Marella. Marella looks confused, as Roode is on a mic and says that their match is on right now! Marella looks scared and runs off! Swagger protests as his not even in his wrestling gear. Beer Money have certainly gotten Swagger at a bad time, its official as a referee comes running down.

-commercial break-

Jack Swagger/Santino Marella vs Beer Money- WWE Tag Team Championship Tournament Match 3

Swagger begins the match all by himself, however it appears that he prefers it this way. Swagger grounds and pounds both men who seem to have no answer to Swaggers athelicisim. Swagger is very fit and dominates with his strength and staminar. Beer Money attempt to utilise ultra quick tags to ensure their man is fresh however Swagger doesnt look like he will tire. Swagger seems to enjoy the challenge and is relishing dishing out the punishment, by beating on one man and then throwing him into this corner to allow a tag. Swagger looks like he is having a great time and even poses for the crowd. Swagger seems to have had enough and decides to end the match, yet everytime Beer Money seem to be able to just break up the cover. Swagger hits powerful slams and suplexes for numerous near-falls, the champion seems to be in control. Beer Money don't have any opporunities to strategise, as Swagger puts Storm in an Ankle Lock. Storm struggles around as once again Roode is able to interfere. As this match moves past the 15 minute mark, Swagger starts to look tired. Roode clotheslines Swagger and runs out of the ring, he continues this pattern of blindsides. As Storm hits an impressive DDT for a two-count. Storm makes a hot-tag to Roode, he comes storming in with a huge knee and then spinebuster on the World Heavyweight Champion. Marella finally makes his way back out and is dressed to compete. This distracts Roode, and Swagger counters with a German Suplex. Swagger runs jumps of the middle rope with the Swagger Bomb, as he does this Marella tags himself in! Swagger is speechless, as Roode from behind rolls Marella up with a school-boy..1...2.....3!

Winner via pinfall Beer Money

Beer Money celebrate their victory up on the ramp, they look very battered and bruised. Swagger's face is priceless, he just spent over 20 minuntes in a handicap match with him dominating. Then his partner tags himself in and gets beat in 3 seconds. Swagger goes agro and hits a menancing uppercut to Marella, he then applies an Ankle Lock. Marella is in pain and quickly tries to tap out, but Swagger doesnt release the hold. Swagger is sobbing and letting his emotions out with a brutual hold on Marella. Swagger screams that he doesnt lose and Marella cost him a once in a life time opporunity. Swagger stands up and finishes with some brutal kicks to the head... RKOOOOO. Randy Orton from NOWHERE sends the World Heavyweight Champion tumbling to the ground. Orton stands over him and poses.

-commercial break-

Beer Money is in the back with JBL and they are celebrating with a Beer! Storm thanks JBL for allowing them to open the show with 'both teams' utterely underprepared. JBL thanks Beer Money for a great performance, and says he wishes them the best of luck. Roode says they can discuss the plans later on. CM Punk and the SES walk in, Punk is appalled that a man of leadership would be intoxicating himself while on duty. Punk says that he is going to making an official complaint over both GM's behavior. Punk says that he and Gallows were last week victims of atrocious refereeing. Punk says that Serena is out injured due to what Christian did to her, and that they should have won through a DQ. Punk says they expect vindication, but JBL says that is expects Punk to stand up for himself and to quite complaining he says 'what's your business is your business', and excuses them from the office.

John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre

McIntyre is coming off a win against Chris Masters last week on Smackdown, while Morrison is coming off a win in Velocity's main event against Luke Gallows. Both men look set to continue their form here tonight, McIntyre starts proceedings with a brutal knee to Morrisons head that catches the Friday Night Delight of guard. Morrison counters a Northern Lights Suplex attempt and hits a standing moonsault for a two count. McIntyre hits a couple of clothesline and a shoulder block that takes Morrison down. Morrison managers to hit McIntyre with a huge boot to the face that stuns The Chosen One, Morrison wastes no time climbing to the top rope and hits the Moonlight Drive,1..2....3.
Winner via pinfall John Morrison

McIntyre is stunned at how quickly he lost control of the match, he complains to the referee as Morrison quickly leaves the ring and celebrates on the entrance ramp.

A video plays showing JBL on the phone to a ‘mega=star’ who has signed with Smackdown. The video ends with the words ‘ a former European Champion'

-commercial break-

JBL is in the ring and says its time to reveal the World Middleweight Championship Tournament, he says the final will be at the Great American Bash. He says the spots are totally randomnised, to ensure absolute integrity. The titantron reveals the brackets-one at a time:

Yoshi Tatsu
Bryan Danielson

Chavo Guerrero
Primo Colon

Justin Gabriel

Rey Mysterio
Evan Bourne

JBL says this division is going to revolutionise Smackdown, and he says a new World Champion will be crowned... and the tournament starts now!

Yoshi Tatsu vs Bryan Danielson- WWE Middleweight Championship Tournament- Round One

Danielson is making his in-ring debut since being rehired by JBL. Tatsu is also making his Smackdown debut, both competitors show a mutual respect by giving each other a handshake to commence the match. There is a battle of strength between the two with Tatsu coming out on top, pushing Danielson away. Tatsu follows up with a huge drop kick for a one count. Tatsu attempts a diving shoulder block, but Danielson ducks underneath it and rolls Tatsu up for a one count. Danielson delivers some brutal kicks to the chest of Tatsu, followed with a vertical suplex. Tatsu managers to roll away from the pinning predicament, and his an enzighuri for a two count. Tatsu follows it up with a running leg drop also for a two count. Danielson rolls back to his feet and takes Tatsu down with a running shoulder block, on the ground Danielson applies an arm bar which Tatsu struggles in... he looks to tap... Danielson lets go off the hold and then applies a rear naked choke. The referee steps in on the 4 count, as all the momentum is with Danielson. Danielson goes back to keeping Tatsu on the ground with some big kicks to the back, he attempts to follow that up with a running knee strike but Tatsu evades by ducking the kick. Tatsu jumps to his feet and KICKS DANIELSON IN THE HEAD...1.....2....kick out! Danielson somehow kicks out of Tatsus finishing move. Tatsu looks like he is set to deliver the kick again, but Danielson catches the LEG! Danielon swiftly applies a Chickenwing! Tatsu tries to fight the move off, but he can't so he taps out!

Winner via Submission Bryan Danielson

Post-match Tatsu congratulates Danielson as they both pose together.

-commercial break-

We return to Smackdown where we urgently go to the back where it becomes apparent that Christian has been knocked out senseless. The EMT's are working on Christian, as the Big Show comes running into the scene and is fuming. He yells that Punk is going to pay for this.

Chavo Guerrero vs Primo Colon- WWE Middleweight Championship- Round One

Guerrero gets on the microphone before the match, and guarantees victory in this tournament. He says none of the other seven middleweights can come even close to him. Starting with Primo, Chavo claims that he doesn't even know who Primo is. Primo comes out and says that they tagged with each other on last weeks Velocity... that they lost because of Chavo. This seems to infulriate Guerrero he starts the match with a flurry of punches and kicks as Primo is unable to get his t-shirt off. Guerrero managers to hit two Amigos, as Primo counters the third into a suplex of his own. Primo then hits a running leg drop for a one count. Primo locks in a Boston Crab as Guerrero struggles to break free... he finally manages to reach the bottom rope. The referee is forced to break the hold up, and in doing so Guerrero hits a low blow on Primo. The refereer is too distracted to see it, as Chavo sets Primo up for the Gory Bomb! It connects as Primo looks to be out of it, as Guerrero climbs to the top rope and hits a 5-star frog splash..1...2....3

Winner via pinfall Chavo Guerrero

In the back its the Big Show barging into the SES lockeroom, Show says that he know they are behind it after what JBL told them earlier tonight. Punk pleads innocence and says that he should get proof before making accusations, Punk says that the SES has nothing to gain from taking Christian out... but the same can't be said for Show's mystery opponents tonight. Show looks frustrated, and he leaves... Punk looks very angry as he gathers Gallows and the masked man together for a pep-talk.

-commercial break-

Cody Rhodes is interviewed by Josh Matthews, Rhodes says that its time for a change around here and that the 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes has challenged Randy Orton to a match on next weeks Smackdown! Rhodes says that Orton is going to regret ever blind-siding him last week.

Ted Di Biase vs Local Jobber (Intercontinental Championship Match)

Di Biase says that last week he proved that he was a fighting champion by defending his title on Smackdown and Velocity against two of the toughest competitors in the business. He says this week he has invited all the way from Bangladesh- the Bangladesh Brawler; who is so feared that he doesn't possess a name. Di Biase says if he somehow manage to win tonight that it will solidify his position has a true legend in this industry. His opponent comes in, and Di Biase quickly hits the Dream Street..1...2....3

Winner via pinfall Ted Di Biase (retains title)
-commercial break-

Big Show makes his way into the ring for the semi-final of the WWE Tag Team Championship Tournament, it looks like he will be at it alone with reports that Christian has been taken to a nearby medical facility. Big Show says that he is going to win tonight against the mystery opponents and go on to win the titles at the Great American Bash. CM Punks music plays as the Straight Edge saviour comes out on a mic saying that he didn't appreciate Shows accusations earlier tonight. Punk says that he and the SES had nothing to do with Christians attack.. but they will have something to do with Shows attack. Gallows and the Masked Man attack Show from behind! Punk joins in by brining a chair into the ring, and clobbers Show over the head followed by a big boot by Gallows. The masked man than hits a moonsault as Show looks completely out of it. Punk kicks Show a couple more times as the SES celebrate over the fallen Big Show.

Big Show/Christian vs Mystery Team- WWE Tag Team Championship Match Four

With Christian not here, and Show layed out in the middle of the ring... who are their opponents..... William Regal and Wade Barrett. The two Englishmen make their way into the ring and look quite pleased with what has just transpired. Barrett quickly jumps on Show ...1...2....3.

Winner via pinfall William Regal and Wade Barrett.

Smackdown goes off the air with Regal and Barrett celebrating over a fallen Big Show. Cole tells us that at the Great American Bash this team of cocky Englishmen will battle it out against Beer Money for the WWE Tag Team Championships. But next week will Big Show and Christian get revenge against the SES, there are two more Middleweight Tournament matches, and Randy Oron makes his Smackdown debut against Cody Rhodes!

Superstars 2nd July

R-Truth def Curt Hawkins

Dolph Ziggler/Zack Ryder def Matt Hardy/MVP

Mark Henry def Vance Archer

Velocity 4th July

Kaval def Darren Young

Chris Masters def Finlay

Luke Gallows def JTG
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Re: The Analyst presents WWE Austin v Layfield

Smackdown Review:
The tag team match had a good ending, you managed to give beer money the win while not at all burying Swagger, it was a smart ending and fulfilled its purpose, looks like your gonna push Beer Money which is a good decision. As was the post match stuff, a 20 minute mathc to kick off doesn't seem realistic though. Middleweight title doesn't seem like somehting WWE use, but I amn't complaining, now the middleweights won't just be glorified jobbers I suppose. Was surprised at the quick win for Morrison, but can't complain about it. Lol, I don't think you should have callled DiBiases opponent a jobber :P Maybe a local competitor would be better suited, the ending was fine, but didn't really seem like a main event, overall, fairly good show.

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Re: The Analyst presents WWE Austin v Layfield

SmackDown Feedback

I'll do a "good/bad" style of review, seeing as I can't really comment on your characterisation much or anything overly specific, seeing as it's recapped. I will, however, comment on your booking, and tell you about whether or not I enjoyed the show - hopefully this feedback should be good enough to help you improve.

- Although it has little to do with this show, it's good to see you booking again, and I have to applaud you for making this stand out from other modern WWE threads by bringing in Austin and JBL, and bringing in this SmackDown vs Raw concept again. Should make for some interesting feuds.
- Stuff like introducing a "Middleweight division" is new and fresh, and it looks like you have some good guys in there to use for it, though most of them would still work in the Cruiserweight division, plus you could re-introduce the historic title belt instead of creating a new one.
- Bryan Danielson and Chavo Guerrero winning their matches.
- Swagger's promo sounded very much like what he would say, and his feud with Orton looks promising.
- Good thinking behind having Beer Money and JBL have a beer together, as well as Punk interrupting, it would all work very well considering their gimmicks.

- Morrison's finisher from the top rope is the Starship Pain - the Moonlight Drive is his old finisher, which he still sometimes uses, but he doesn't go up to the top turnbuckle to do it, it's a Corkscrew Neckbreaker.
- I felt like all your feuds integrated too much - things like Orton feuding with Swagger, and yet having Rhodes after him, while Swagger himself has all this stuff going on in the Tag Team Tourney, too. It all seems very cluttered, and imo, each man should stick to one feud at a time, if possible, unless you're going for a particular angle where the guy gets blindsided by a variety of people or something.
- A 20+ minute match to kick off the show is very unrealistic, and Beer Money looked awfully weak - to get manhandled by one guy for 20 minutes, whether he's the World Champion or not, makes them look like jobbers, and the fact they could only win by a Roll Up on Santino Marella just makes them look weak. Even World Champions are allowed to struggle against two people, man, you didn't have to bury Beer Money to make Swagger look good.
- It's "DiBiase", not "Di Biase". Small thing. It does nothing for him to squash no name jobbers when he's the IC Champion, either. Give him a real feud.
- Superstars and Velocity have no real meaning to them if you just tell us needless results. We need to know at least what happened, or they're just pointless.
- Barrett and Regal got no real build, and they don't look even slightly impressive by lying on top of Big Show after an attack. I don't really get what the whole need for them to be a "mystery team", it doesn't really make much sense for them to just appear as a "surprise", it adds nothing to anything. They would have done better to just have been announced earlier as the team, and let them cut an interview to hype themselves.

All in all, the show was ok. It didn't excite me all that much, mostly because it was in recap, and I couldn't really get a feel for the emotion or the drama in any of the matches or segments. The booking is ok, but guys like Christian/Show and Swagger/Marella are odd pairings which look like you just threw them together for the sake of it. Some of your booking decisions were fairly questionable, but I like that you're doing new stuff with the middleweights and whatnot, as well as JBL and Austin, too. Keep at it, man, I'll be reading.
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Re: The Analyst presents WWE Austin v Layfield

Firstly I'd just like to say thanks for the feedback much appreciated. A couple of points I hope will make more sense; DiBiase (thank you) and the jobber matches is actually a storyline, as he is putting himself over on the mic as a 'fighting champion' when in reality his beating no-bodies. The 20 minute match was meant to show that Smackdown was going to focus on wrestling... but both of you are right probably too long. Melvisboy your also right about Morrisons move (I am bored by that many so normally just fast forward his matches). The recap shows will continue until Summerslam as I feel its important to get main feuds/directions out in the open. I'll take all of your points into consideration and I thank you both for feedback!

This week will be the first week that YOU the WWE Universe can vote on your favourite show either Raw and Smackdown. Remember your vote is important as at Wrestlemania the GM with the least amount of votes... is fired! So vote based on which show the GM has kept things more interesting and new, and come back to to see the results!

Raw Preview

A huge mainevent on Raw has been made with a Triple Threat Match for the number one contendership to John Cena's WWE Title. Edge who made an impact last week spearing both Kane and Sheamus, will the Rated-R Superstar pick up the win and move on to the King Of The Ring? Or will the Celtic Warrior who was able to take out both Edge and Cena last week, back up his words and move on to KOTR? Or will it be the man possessed by revenge... Kane. Kane has been on a mission lately to find and punish those responsible for the attack on the Undertaker, Austin told Kane that Cena was responsible so will it beat the Big Red Monster heading to the KOTR to challenge and punish the WWE Champion?

Austin told us that this years KOTR would feature superstars who had never won a world title before, will we find out the competitors or does Austin have other ideas?

Chris Jericho who was named the biggest star on Raw by Austin, had been left out of the number one contenders match and been told he wont be a wildcard into the KOTR. Jericho put down this let downs to Austins 'first-night jitters', will the Rattlesnake finally give Jericho an opportunity or will Jericho once-again be overlooked?

Additionally David Otunga last week made a winning debut with a huge victory over Kofi Kingston due to unlikely assistance by Goldust, will Goldust explain his actions and will Otunga continue his winning ways?

Also Austin attempts to have the Tag Team Number One Contender Match again, after interference by Kane last week; who will be challenging the Hart Dynasty at the KOTR?

Tune in to find out, and plus lots lots more.

Matches Announced

Edge vs Sheamus vs Kane

Kozlov/Jackson vs Dudebusters

King of the Ring

KOTR Tournament

WWE Championship: John Cena vs ???????

World Tag Team Championship: Hart Dynasty vs ?????

Smackdown Preview

Jack Swaggers quest to win the WWE Tag Team Championships was denied last week, due to miscommunications with Santino Marella and are great display by Beer Money. Will Swagger be able to get back onto winning ways, or will he be forced into a losing streak has he challenges Santino Marella. Can Orton who has blindsided Swagger the last couple of weeks make another statement ahead of their Title Match at The Great American Bash?

Big Show was forced to take on Regal/Barett all by himself, after Christian was laid out in the back. Big Show is adament that the SES was behind it, which they denied. But they were responisble for a brutal 3 on 1 pre-match attack which allowed Regal/Barett to easily get the win. What will be the fall out from these attacks, and who did attack Christian?

Also Beer Money and Regal/Barett wil meet at the GAB for the WWE Tag Team Titles, will either team try and get an upper hand?

Plus lots lots more, including two more matches in the Middleweight Tournament, and JBL promises another clue to his 'mega-signing'

Matches Announced

Jack Swagger vs Santino Marella

Justin Gabriel vs Kaval

Rey Mysterio vs Evan Bourne

The Great American Bash

World Heavyweight Championship: Jack Swagger vs Randy Orton

WWE Tag Team Championship: Beer Money vs Regal/Barett
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Re: The Analyst presents WWE Austin v Layfield

Nice show man
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