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The King of BTB Tournament

The King of BTB Tournament



~ Judges for the Qualifying Round ~
Caesar WCWR
BkB Hulk
Emperor DC

Participants for the Qualifying Round
crooked reflection
The Perfect Poster

~ General Rules ~
You cannot use material that has been used in previous Tournaments. I've allowed leeway on using material from BTBs or even unused material you've never posted before, even though I'd recommend you write entirely new material to better gauge where you're at right now, but it's not a necessity, merely a recommendation.

Also, Plagiarism - I will not tolerate it at all. If you're found plagiarizing, you'll be immediately disqualified, no questions asked. Just a warning.

You can post a backstory. There's no limit on how long the backstory is, and you don't even need to post one, but it's advised. If you are posting one, the bare minimum is 100 words.

The "200 words = 1 minute" guideline this forum is used to will NOT be used for this Tournament. If your match seems like whatever length you specify it as, we will go with that. However, do not think you can just post a 250 word match and pass it along as a 10 minute one. Me and other judges will not baby you or nitpick, but please set limits for yourself on how long a match is and how many words you will write it for. In other words, be consistent with how your work is set up.

Qualifying Round
We are focusing on the Qualifying Round for now. Once this is settled and we have our ten official participants, the Tournament will officially begin and I'll lay out all the ground rules and so on for such an occasion. For now, however, the Qualifying Round is the main asset of validity and will remain so until it is over. I believe you're all acquainted with the Qualifying Round rules, or at least I hope you do, but if you're not, here's a refresher.

~ You will write a fifteen minute match, give or take a few minutes, but nothing too long nor short.
~ This round will not be held in the traditional manner. You're not going up against just one booker - you're going up against all your fellow Qualifying Round participants, so the name of the game is writing the best match you possibly can within the limits that have been set. I wanted it this way so that one booker, if scheduled to go up against someone who may have a less proven track record, won't grow complacent and try to half ass the effort, etc.
~ You will each be judged by one judge. You will never know who judged your matches, however, unless you can read someone's language really well and ascertain from that, or they tell you themselves, but otherwise, I'm keeping them anonymous because I do not want to deal with the crap that went on with the last few Tournaments, ie someone being displeased with the judging of their material and being a crybaby about it. If you want to take it up with someone, take it up with me. I do not want my other judges bothered by such pettiness. I will consult the very judge who gave you the score, but otherwise, do not expect much of a change unless it's justified. You know who the judges are - their names have been identified, but you will not know who judged you individually.
~ You will each be judged on three broad criteria for the Qualifying Round. You will each have a possible 30 out of 30 points, unlike the 50 out of 50 of past Tournaments - ten for each. Here they are -

Structure ~ This segment will broadly accommodate grammar, pacing of the match, how well it flows, the basic foundation of the match, and the preceding sum of all its parts. Judges will base their score on how well the match is organized and how well the writer acclimates to the limits that have been set and how well executed their match is around such limits. Basically, you are being judged on the general makeup of your match through all the literary basics.

*Note: Length will be included in the Official Tournament's Structure criteria, but in the Qualifying Round, it's a nonfactor.

Content ~ The past few Tournaments have had excitement and finish as separate categories, but here they will join as one alongside the storytelling in your match, your usage and variety of moves in such storytelling, and whatever themes and motifs your match may have. Basic storytelling devices are evaluated here, as well as the finish your match may have, the build up to that finish, and everything in between in terms of the content of your match as a wrestling match, not like structure in which it's based on literary terms.

Realism ~ Yes, for a Tournament match, there has to be a measure of realism. This has its own category because it's entirely different from the other two criteria and one where there will be the most discrepancy or dissension, so it's best to separate it from the pack. How well you manage to use the characters at your disposal and how well you manage to craft a realistic match, with whatever groundwork you provide, will be judged accordingly. You will also be judged on the stipulation (or lack thereof) of your match and how it coincides with what really happens and the expectations of that match type and so on.

~ At the end of the Qualifying Round, the judges will tally their scores and submit them to me via PM, and I will post their scores and reasoning for their judging in this thread by the end of the judging period. The six with the lowest scores will NOT be eligible for the Official Tournament, unfortunately. The ten that remain will go on and I will explain in detail what will happen when that time comes. Best to keep you on your toes, hehe.

- - - - -

Now that we have that sorted, DEADLINES! For the Qualifying Round, all the participants must submit their match in THIS thread by midnight, June 30th. At the end of that period, Judges will have a week or so to submit me their reviews of your matches and I will post 'em in this thread. I gave you guys five days of prep time so I hope you guys used that time wisely. So guys, remember - post your match in this thread by the deadline. I will give my judges the heads-up at the end of that period.

So, I hope you have fun and enjoy the ride, guys. This will be a test run for future events like this to come, and if this works or at least goes somewhat smoothly, who knows what the future holds. May you prosper in your endeavor to become the King of BTB.
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Re: The King of BTB Tournament

Back story

It's the Fatal 4-Way pay per view and it's time for the WWE Intercontinental Championship match-up between Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre. McIntyre is the first one out and makes his way to the ring when Matt Hardy attacks him from behind. Security and Smackdown General Manager, Teddy Long, make their way out and break up the brawl. Security takes Hardy to the back as Drew complains to Teddy that he isn't wasting his rematch clause in a match where he isn't 100 percent. Drew threatens Teddy with Vince McMahon and Teddy Long caves in too his demands. Teddy Long announces to the crowd that the title match won't be happening. As the crowd boos, the music of the NXT group hits as they appear in the crowd. Wade Barrett enters the ring and explains to Teddy that he is there not to cause any problems but to save the day. He explains that Teddy has the power to give him back what Bret Hart took away him from on Monday night. As Teddy thinks about, Wade uses Long's own past problems with WWE management to make him understand the group frustrations. Finally Teddy Long grants Barrett his title shot that he won for winning NXT but with the stipulation that if one NXTer get involved that the match will be an automatic disqualification. Barrett boasts that he doesn't need any help to defeat Kofi and promises Teddy Long a clean match for believing in him.The two shake hands, much to the dismay of the crowd and Long calls Kofi Kingston down to defend the title against the new challenger. The NXT group takes seats in the front row of the crowd as they show ticket stubs to the camera. Todd Grisham and Matt Striker is outraged as it seems that the NXT group has found a sympathetic ear.



Kingston bounces around on his toes as Barrett looks for an opening in the unorthodox style. Kingston. though is the aggressor as he quickly shoots in on Barrett, trying to grab a leg but Barrett is able to stop him and wrangles Kingston into a waist lock.He then picks him and slams him down to the mat. Barrett quickly grabs one of Kofi's arms and secures it in a side arm lock. He pulls back on the elbow unmercifully, as Kofi looks for an escape route. Barrett moves into a better position as he shifts his body allowing himself to change the move into a hammerlock. Kofi is face down on the mat as Barrett jumps up and drives a knee into the exposed elbow and follows it with three more wicked knee shots. Kofi yells in pain as Barrett pulls him up by the arm and keeps a hold of him as he transfers it into a wrist lock. He nails a couple more elbows into the elbow joint of Kingston before winding him up and creaming him with a lariat. Wade looks proud of his effort so far as Kingston is in trouble early on.

Barrett looks down on Kingston and starts to stomp away to all parts of Kingston's body, Kofi crawls over to take refuge in the corner, absorbing more shots from Barrett on the way. Finally, referee,Charles Robinson, gets involved, as he calls for the break and tries to back Barrett off. He gives Barrett a five count and Wade gets a few more stomps before breaking.. Barrett has words with the Robinson, who is visibly intimidated by Barrett, Barrett turns his attention back to Kofi but before he can follow up, Kofi catches him with a back elbow to the jaw. Barrett is staggered as Kofi hits a series of chops that finally knock Barrett to the mat. Kofi quickens the pace as he comes off the rope, leaps up and nails a flying ax handle. He goes for a cover but Barrett kicks out easily at one. Kingston isn't bothered at all by the kick out as he gets up, jumps, and drops a big knee shot to Barrett's head and tries again for a quick pin. Barrett is stunned from the knee but still gets his shoulder up after a two count. Kingston goes back to his strength as he goes to the ropes again, this time Barrett is waiting for a lariat but Kingston ducks it and counters with a spinning heel kick on the rebound of the ropes. The kick knocks Barrett through the first and second rope and onto the floor. Barrett gets up in front of his NXT buddies. NXT try to rally Barrett to his feet and after he pulls himself up, he turns around and gets nailed by a suicide dive from Kingston as he sailed perfectly over the top rope. The back of the head of Barrett catches the barricade as Kofi celebrates with his fans and mocks the other NXT members.

Kofi rolls back into the ring as Robinson starts to count. 1....2.....3.....4....Barrett starts to stir.....5...... 6....Barrett gets to his feet as Sheffield yells at him to get up.....7.......8......9....Barrett rolls back into the ring in time. Kingston greets Barrett's return to the ring with a kick to the head.. Kingston then picks up Barrett and slams the bigger man down in the middle of the ring. Barrett looks in real trouble as Kofi goes to the ropes again. The crowd starts cheering as Kofi signals for his crowd pleasing signature move.


The crowd goes wild as Kingston hits the double leg drop and stalks the dazed Barrett. Barrett gets to his feet as Kingston goes for the S.O.S., he gets it almost cinched in but Barrett counters with a last ditch effort mule kick that catches Kingston low. Charles Robinson isn't in position to see the kick as Kingston goes down in a heap as Barrett staggers to the corner to regroup for a minute.

Barrett shakes out the cobwebs and catches a charging Kingston with a huge spine buster. Barrett is to slow with the follow up for a pin attempt and instead choose to go back to work on the elbow. He stretches out the arm of Kingston and drops repeated knee shots to the joint again. Kingston's face shows the pain from his arm as Barrett pulls him back to his feet. He drags Kofi to the ropes and wraps the elbow around the top one and pulls on it. Robinson calls for the break at five and Barrett obliges, not before though slamming the elbow over the top rope as Kingston collapses from the sudden pain. Barrett laughs as Kingston as he tries to pull himself up using Barrett's body but Wade scoops him up, secures a hammerlock and slams him down on his knee, in an elbow breaker type of move. He doesn't go for the pin though as he stretches Kingston's arm again, steps on his wrist to hold in place as he uses his other foot to stomp away on the elbow relentlessly. He walks away from Kofi and gloats to the fans as Robinson checks on Kofi's condition. Robinson asks the champion if he wants to give it up but Kofi gets to his feet and signals Barrett to "bring it". Barrett is enraged as he runs over and nails Kofi with a right cross that connects squarely between the eyes. Kingston is knocked into the corner as Barrett comes barreling in with a big boot attempt as Kofi ducks out of the way. Barrett staggers out of the corner as Kingston hits a Pele kick out of nowhere, as both men are down in the ring.

Each men stagger to the feet and start throwing punches as the toll of the match is finally showing. As the fans rally behind him, Kingston gets the best of Barrett in the exchange when he staggers Barrett with a wild right hook and then sends him to the mat with a standing drop kick right in the mouth. He waits for Barrett to get back to his feet and comes off the ropes with a flying forearm. We see blood trickle from Barrett's lip as Kingston goes for the pin. Barrett is able to use all of his 6'5 frame as he gets his foot on the rope at the last second, stopping the count. Kingston sees the match going in his favor and keeps the pace fast as he whips Wade into the corner, but the wily Barrett reverses the attempt and sends Kofi crashing into the corner. He runs in after him but Kofi uses the ropes to leap frog behind Barrett. Wade hits the top turnbuckle face-first hard and staggers out of the corner. Kofi takes advantage as he goes for a quick roll-up but Barrett kicks out after only a one count. Barrett is slow getting up after the kick out and Kofi makes him pay when he jumps up and hits a swinging neck breaker. He goes for the cover again but Barrett shows his toughness as he grabs a hold of the bottom rope with his hand, saving the match. A look of frustration shows up on Kingston's face as he thinks about what it will take to put Barrett away.

He waits for Barrett to get up again and comes charging off the ropes, he goes for some kind of flying body press but botches it as Barrett tries to save the mistake by catching Kingston and applies a bear hug. Barrett squeezes Kofi as he starts to succumb to the move. Two times Kofi arms fall then the crowd start chanting Kofi's name as he stops his arm from falling a third time. Kofi pumps himself up and starts bouncing his legs of the mat and boxes Barrett in the ears. The move loosens the hold as he boxes them again. The second time creates space enabling him to break loose with an elbow to the stomach. Kingston runs back and comes off the ropes and ducks a Barrett lariat attempt. Kofi stops on a dime after creating the miss and leaps up for............


Barrett though telegraphs it and ducks the kick as the crowd is in total disbelief over what has just happened. Kingston crashes to the mat and lands right on the injured elbow. Kingston shows why is the champion as he pulls himself to his feet but Barrett is right there as he scoops up the injured Kingston easily on his shoulder. He gives the fans a smirk before hitting.....


Barrett hooks the leg of Kingston, smiling and wins his first WWE Championship. He wipes off the small trickle of blood down his chest as Charles Robinson hands him the Intercontinental Title and holds it up over his head for all the world to see.


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Re: The King of BTB Tournament

Backstory: Following WWE’s Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view (which was, for the record, a total flop), Dolph Ziggler began a program with Montel Vontavious Porter. Both men successfully qualified for the Money in the Bank match at the similarly named pay-per-view in a month’s time, and MVP invited Ziggler into the VIP Lounge, where he joked about Ziggler’s lack of title wins since he arrived in the WWE. When Ziggler came back with a remark about MVP’s time in prison, things got heated, and the pair brawled, with MVP knocking Ziggler from the ring. After a few weeks of costing the other man their matches, the pair finally met in that fateful ladder match at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view – as MVP looked set to take the briefcase, Ziggler scaled the ladder behind him, and capitalised with a low blow, before flinging the Ballin’ Superstar from the top and unhooking the briefcase.

On Raw the following night, a new challenge presented itself to Ziggler in the form of young hotshot Evan Bourne, who swore that he wouldn’t lose a match until he got a shot at Ziggler and the Money in the Bank briefcase he held, seeing as he never got a qualifying match for the pay-per-view match itself. Bourne would live up to his promise, beating men like The Miz, Ted DiBiase, and William Regal on Raw, while on SmackDown, MVP continued to feud with the briefcase holder, Ziggler, saying that he was a coward, and had won by cheating. SmackDown GM Teddy Long agreed, and booked this match for Summerslam – Dolph Ziggler would defend his Money in the Bank Briefcase in the very match he won it in, a Ladder Match, where his opponents would be none other than MVP himself, and the hungry Evan Bourne.

WWE Summerslam
Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

August 15th, 2010

Money in the Bank Briefcase
Dolph Ziggler (h) vs MVP vs Evan Bourne
Triple Threat Ladder Match

As the bell chimes, the crowd comes alive – the LA fans are pumped up for this one, and a mixture of chants for Evan Bourne and MVP kick off. The former turns briefly to the chanting fans with a grin, and quickly points at one of them, before turning back to face his opponents. All three men slowly look up at the briefcase, and Ziggler smirks, knowing he’s won a ladder match for this prize once already recently, and clearly confident he can do it again. MVP bounces on the balls of his feet, and eyes one of the ladders placed conveniently on the outside – but suddenly, the action kicks off, as Ziggler charges straight for the Ballin’ Superstar, knocking him down with a crunching right hand! MVP rolls from the ring, stunned, and the crowd boos Ziggler, who puts out his arms towards a furious Porter on the outside... CRACK! A giant Roundhouse Kick connects to the face from Bourne to Ziggler, and Mr. Money in the Bank goes down, clutching his face! The crowd cheers wildly, and Bourne grins – this match is underway!

MVP gets back in the ring, still smarting from the cheap shot, and helps Bourne pull Ziggler back to his feet – the two fan favourites send Ziggler off to the ropes... and flatten him with a double Clothesline when he returns! Mr. Money in the Bank hits the mat hard, and rolls from the ring, scowling. He rubs his jaw, slightly dazed, and the crowd boos his cowardice, though he doesn’t care. Back in the ring, MVP and Bourne decide to work together – MVP hurls Bourne off towards the opposite ropes, before bending over, and catapulting Bourne up, over the top rope... AND INTO ZIGGLER ON THE OUTSIDE WITH THE SOMERSAULT PLANCHA! The crowd goes wild for the early spot, and Ziggler is laid out near the ramp, completely rattled in the early going! Bourne looks a bit shaken, too, and he stays down... but MVP feels like going for the win, so he rolls to the outside, near the hard camera, and grabs himself one of the standing ladders! The Ballin’ Superstar folds the steel weapon, and slides it into the ring, but Bourne is up elsewhere on the outside, and he has the same mindset, heading to the opposite side of the ringside area, and folding one of the ladders on that side!

Bourne slides his ladder into the ring, and MVP picks up his own one! The Ballin’ Superstar sees Bourne on the apron, though, and immediately takes the initiative, charging across the ring... AND CRACKING BOURNE BETWEEN THE EYES WITH THE BUTT OF THE LADDER, SENDING HIM CAREERING FROM THE APRON! Bourne clatters to the outside, holding his face in agony, and MVP unfolds the ladder in his hands, and takes his time making sure it’s perfectly under the briefcase – Ziggler begins to struggle up on the outside, but the Ballin’ Superstar doesn’t notice, and begins to climb! The crowd cheers, and Porter scales the first few steps pretty quickly, looking to capture the coveted briefcase in the early going... but Ziggler gets in the ring, quickly scaling the ladder behind MVP – BEFORE LAUNCHING UP, AND PULLING MVP DOWN WITH THE ZIG-ZAG OFF THE LADDER! The crowd groans with the brutal impact, and both men roll about on the floor! MVP looks like he took it worse, naturally, and rolls to the corner, clutching the back of his head in pain... Ziggler looks up from the mat, and sees the briefcase high above the ring once more, so he struggles back up, and clambers up on to the ladder! The crowd boos intensely as he heads closer and closer towards the briefcase, and reaches up... but he’s not high enough! He takes another step up, and dιjΰ vu hits the fans in Los Angeles – can Ziggler do it again?

Suddenly though, Ziggler looks down – because Bourne is on the apron, and he springboards, launching himself straight on to the other side of the ladder! The crowd cheers wildly for the athletic move, and Ziggler scowls at the peak of the ladder, frustrated that Bourne would have the audacity to challenge him... so as Bourne joins him in that precarious position, Ziggler starts UNLEASHING with right hands, rocking young Evan like there’s no tomorrow! The crowd screams for Bourne to fight back, and he does just that, blocking one of the punches, then swinging hard with a right of his own, and catching Ziggler by surprise! The current briefcase holder wobbles a little, and everyone notices – there’s a fully folded ladder still lying on the mat, slid in by Bourne earlier! It looks like Ziggler may be about to taste the steel, because Bourne places a hand on his head, and tries to force him off, attempting to fling him towards that ladder on the floor! The crowd gets to its feet, anticipation of something huge to come – and Bourne manages to slide a foot through the rungs of the ladder, pushing at Ziggler’s gut with his right boot! The pair are seriously high up, and Ziggler grips frantically to the top of the ladder, the only thing to stop him being forced off! Ziggler has a moment of inspiration, though... he grabs on to Bourne’s leg through the rungs... and yanks it fully through to the other side of the ladder! The crowd groans, and Bourne’s groin collides with the side of the ladder, leaving him in a very awkward position, twisted into a nasty shape, high above the ring, with his leg stuck through the ladder’s rungs! Ziggler smirks... BEFORE DROPPING FROM THE LADDER, STILL HOLDING BOURNE’S LEG, AND PRACTICALLY BREAKING IT IN HALF! The crowd craps all over Ziggler – Bourne is screaming in agony, unable to reach his leg past the ladder, which was just bent to an impossible angle!

Ziggler lands on the mat, screaming out at the crowd like a frenzied animal, and a giant smirk begins to form... the crowd boos him wildly, and he strolls round to Bourne’s side, stepping up the first few rungs to grab him by the head – AND HE YANKS HIM FROM THE LADDER’S TRAP, SLAMMING HIM DOWN TO THE MAT FROM HIGH UP! The ladder falls to the side, too, folding a little as it hits the floor, and the impact of the move shakes the very ring! The high-flyer spasms on the mat, clutching his leg, squirming in absolute agony! Ziggler turns around... BOOM! 305 FROM MVP!!! THE CROWD GOES CRAZY!!! Ziggler had totally forgotten about the Ballin’ Superstar, who gives him back a taste of his own medicine with HIS finisher! MVP gets up, roaring out at the crowd with a smile... and then grabs Ziggler, dragging him on to the folded ladder, face down! The crowd roars, but Porter still isn’t done, grabbing the ladder which fell, and collapsing it too! He then picks it up, and lays it ON TOP of Ziggler, making Mr. Money in the Bank the filling in a ladder sandwich! The crowd cheers, and the Ballin’ Superstar deliberates on how to do this... and inspiration strikes! He heads for the ropes... and comes back, hopping, and taking the imaginary jump-shot! The crowd cries ‘BALLIN’!’, and MVP grins as he unleashes the Ballin’ Elbow... CRUSHING ZIGGLER LIKE A PANCAKE BETWEEN THE LADDERS! THE CROWD GOES NUTS!

MVP removes an unmoving Ziggler from between the ladders, and pushes him from the ring with a casual boot. He picks up one of the ladders, and unfolds it, setting it up once again beneath the briefcase. The crowd begins to chant his name, and slowly, he begins to climb, slowly stretching upwards towards the coveted briefcase – but he’s too far away, and he has to take another step... he reaches up... BUT HERE COMES A BATTERED EVAN BOURNE, SLIDING IN THE RING! Bourne looks beaten up already from the slams he’s taken, but he scales the ladder like his life depended on it! He reaches the top, and this time he’s exchanging blows with the Ballin’ Superstar! On the outside, Ziggler pulls himself up slowly with the support of a ladder already set up, and then collapses it, pushing it into the ring with a pained expression. He follows it into the ring, shaking out some cobwebs, but MVP and Bourne don’t notice him, instead continuing to trade ever-slowing blows... until Bourne mixes it up, cracking the Ballin’ Superstar with a big kick to the head! MVP wobbles, dazed... and Bourne unleashes another cracking shot to the head – SO MVP TUMBLES FROM THE LADDER, CRUNCHING STRAIGHT INTO ZIGGLER’S COLLAPSED LADDER ON THE MAT! THE STAPLES CENTER ROARS IN TOTAL AWE! MVP screams in pain, the steel destroying his spine, and Ziggler stands, stunned – he was inches away from MVP hitting HIM!

The crowd’s attention turns to Bourne, who suddenly looks at the briefcase – his eyes light up! He reaches for it, the crowd on its feet... BUT ZIGGLER SHOVES THE LADDER OVER, AND BOURNE CLATTERS TO THE OUTSIDE IN BRUTAL FASHION!!! The crowd groans with the sick impact, and Ziggler smirks – he’s cleared the ring for himself! MVP lies still in the corner, not moving, and Ziggler takes the ladder that he just pushed over, and uprights it, making sure it’s secure... but MVP starts to crawl towards him, showing some fight! Porter looks to have some cracked ribs, but he refuses to let Ziggler win, and begins to struggle to his feet – only for Ziggler to watch his every move, and pick up the very ladder MVP fell on! The steel is bent from the sick collision, but it still works for what Ziggler is thinking... he smashes the ladder into MVP’s gut, bending him over... THEN LASHES IT RIGHT INTO THE BALLIN’ SUPERSTAR’S BACK! The crowd groans, and MVP falls to his knees, eyes clenched in hideous pain! Ziggler starts to taunt him, yelling ‘HOW DOES THAT FEEL, HUH?’ in his face... then tosses the bent ladder in his hands to the outside, before picking up the other collapsed one on the floor, and leaning it against one of the turnbuckles! The crowd boos, and Ziggler picks MVP back up to his feet... BEFORE IRISH WHIPPING HIM RIGHT INTO THE STEEL LADDER IN THE CORNER!

MVP clatters off the steel, and falls backwards, practically broken in half! The crowd groans, and Ziggler smirks, before turning back to the ladder, fatigue showing a little as he slowly climbs up... the crowd boos, and Ziggler looks up at the briefcase, slowly getting nearer... BUT EVAN BOURNE WON’T GIVE UP, AND THROWS HIMSELF IN THE RING, DESPITE HAVING SOME SERIOUS INJURIES! The crowd goes wild, and Ziggler drops from the ladder suddenly, hammering him with left and right hands... but Bourne comes back with a giant Knee Strike to the face, sending him reeling back! The crowd cheers, and Ziggler comes back with a Clothesline attempt... which Bourne ducks, before feeding him the leg... ENZUIGIRI! The ‘crack’ can be heard around the arena, and Ziggler goes down – SO DOES BOURNE! All three men are exhausted and broken already, having endured some massive punishment so far!

After a few moments of stillness in the ring, it’s Bourne who has the drive to find his feet, aided by the standing ladder, which he leans against, exhausted. MVP is on the outside, not moving, and Ziggler forces himself up, too – he sees Bourne, and moves towards him, lashing out with a kick... which hits the young high-flyer in the gut! Ziggler then looks behind him, and sees the ladder in the corner, so he tries to whip Bourne to it... he does... but Bourne SCALES the ladder in the corner, then leaps off, hammering Ziggler with a huge Crossbody on the rebound! The crowd roars, and Bourne leaps back up to his feet, stumbling around the ring in a daze... before he grabs the standing ladder, and collapses it, somewhat tediously – BEFORE LAYING IT ON ZIGGLER! The crowd cheers wildy, and Bourne finds a ladder-less turnbuckle... and goes up top! The crowd goes absolutely insane, and the youngster lets out a giant yell... BEFORE HE SOARS LIKE AN EAGLE... AND CONNECTS WITH THE SHOOTING – STAR – PRESS ON THE LADDER!!! THE ROOF BLOWS OFF THE STAPLES CENTER!!! WHAT A MOVE!!!

Bourne spasms off the ladder on impact, and once again, all three men are down! The crowd is still going CRAZY for the insane move we just saw, but Bourne is down in the corner, Ziggler still squashed, and possibly dead, under the ladder, while MVP is only just starting to come to after the beating he took from Ziggler! Michael Cole is having a fit at ringside, going crazy as we see some replays of a few of the spots in the match while the men are down, before we cut back to the arena, where MVP is slowly struggling up, and pulls himself up on to the apron. He gets in the ring, and looks at the ladder in the corner, before removing the one on top of Ziggler... and placing it on a level position between the outside apron and the crowd barricade, an accident waiting to happen! The Ballin’ Superstar, exhausted from the match so far, sees Bourne struggling up to a knee... and sees his perfect chance! Porter takes a few steps back, then charges forward... AND KNOCKING BOURNE’S LIGHTS OUT WITH THE DRIVE-BY KICK! Bourne collapses like a rag doll, and the crowd goes crazy, chanting MVP’s name following the nasty shot to the face! Bourne falls to the outside under the force of the move, and MVP lets out a big yell, before grabbing the ladder in the corner! He sets it up, and looks up at the shining briefcase with a desperate look... before he begins to climb! The crowd comes to its feet... BUT SO DOES DOLPH ZIGGLER, STRUGGLING TO HIS FEET WITH THE LAST OUNCE ON ENERGY HE HAS!

Ziggler nearly falls over, having taking some brutal slams, but he still manages to find the empty side of the ladder... and he begins to climb, desperate to keep his briefcase! MVP stretches upwards, frantically scrabbling at the bottom of the briefcase... but Ziggler beats his hand away! The pair meet at the top of the ladder, and Ziggler grabs MVP’s hair, clawing like an animal to force him off... but MVP nuts him with a giant headbutt, releasing Ziggler’s grip! The crowd is going wild, and as the pair begin to exchange blows at high altitude, they roar for each shot from Porter, but boo when Ziggler connects! The pair keep blasting each other, and soon, the interval between each punch increases, to the point that the pair are almost too exhausted to attack anymore! Ziggler reaches up at the briefcase optimistically... but MVP swats the hand away, and tries to force him off once more... but Ziggler is determined, and grips on to the ladder like a limpet, refusing to fall off! MVP just keeps hammering away... AND SUDDENLY, ZIGGLER SPITS IN MVP’S FACE!!! The crowd boos furiously, and MVP looks away for a second, equally enraged... but it gives Ziggler the distraction he needs, and he leaps over MVP’s head... BEFORE PULLING PORTER DOWN WITH HIM, AND SMASHING HIM THROUGH THE LADDER ON THE OUTSIDE WITH THE SUNSET FLIP BOMB!!!

THE STAPLES CENTER GOES IN RAPTURES!!! THE LADDER BREAKS LIKE A TWIG AS PORTER GETS SLAMMED THROUGH IT, SURELY ENDING HIS PART IN THIS MATCH!!! Ziggler lands hard inside the ring, but MVP takes a brutal fall through the ladder HE set up himself, but you can be sure the irony won’t hurt as much as that move did! Porter lets out a brutal yell of agony, and we can see pain etched all over his body as he spasms in the wreckage of the ladder!!! The replays show over and over, and it just gets sicker every time you see it! MVP’S BONES MUST BE IN TATTERS! All three men in this match are practically out of it, and after a good long while of stillness, it’s Evan Bourne who crawls back into the ring, and looks at the ladder debris on the other side in total shock – he never saw it happen! Ziggler starts to pull himself up, too, and Bourne turns his attention to him, smacking him with a few hard kicks to the side, before taking a step back, and somehow finding the energy to leap up for a somewhat lethargic Hurricanrana! Nevertheless, it sends Ziggler across the ring, where he lies still, and Bourne sees his chance, steadying the standing ladder in the middle, and pulling himself up, every rung a massive step for the exhausted and broken Evan Bourne... but he takes too long, as Ziggler heads up top, and leaps off... CONNECTING WITH A BRILLIANTLY EXECUTED MISSILE DROPKICK, PICKING BOURNE OFF THE LADDER LIKE A SNIPER!

The crowd groans with the impact, and both men stay down, feeling the effects of the gruelling match. Bourne crawls towards the standing ladder, while Ziggler accidentally falls from the ring, landing on the outside – there’s a ladder right there, however, set up from the beginning, and he grabs it with a sick smile, pulling himself to his feet, and throwing it exhaustedly into the ring! Bourne, still grounded, grabs the second rung with a desperate right hand, and Ziggler gets in the ring, just as fatigued... and pulls Bourne to his feet! The crowd boos, and Ziggler begins to think Zig-Zag on to the ladder on the mat... he goes for it, leaping up... BUT BOURNE GRABS ON TO THE TOP ROPE, AND ZIGGLER CRASHES AND BURNS ON TO THE LADDER! The crowd lets out an ‘OHH!’ with that sickening sound of steel on bone, and Ziggler screams out, piercing the ears of everyone in the arena! Ziggler rolls away, spasming, and clutching at his back in agony – and Bourne takes advantage! He grabs on to the standing ladder, and starts to climb up... but he’s exhausted, and he struggles to pull himself up! The crowd begins to roar Bourne’s name, desperate to see him take home the briefcase... and he makes it to the top... only to reach up, and be one step too far off... HE’S NEARLY THERE... THE CROWD SCREAMS IN JOY AS BOURNE’S HANDS TOUCH THE HOOK...

...BUT HE STARTS TO FALL FORWARD... ZIGGLER’S TIPPING THE LADDER!!! Bourne suddenly tumbles... BUT HE GRABS THE HOOK WITH ONE HAND, AND THE LADDER GOES DOWN, BUT HE STAYS HANGING BY HIS SINGLE RIGHT FIST! The crowd goes insane, and Bourne looks up at the briefcase, but he just can’t unhook the damn thing! Ziggler looks absolutely furious, and he grabs the ladder, setting it back up as speedily as he can – BOURNE REACHES UP... AND GRABS THE HOOK WITH HIS OTHER HAND!!! The crowd goes crazy, but now he’s swinging round above the ring – the momentum of the briefcase cord is sending him all over the place! Ziggler scales up the ladder desperately, but he can’t reach Bourne, as he swings far away on the cord... AND BOURNE MANAGES TO PRY THE HOOK OPEN... BUT HE SUDDENLY SWINGS OVER TO ZIGGLER, WHO SEIZES HIS CHANCE, AND LASHES OUT WITH A GIANT BOOT... WHICH CONNECTS WITH BOURNE’S ABDOMEN, SENDING THE HIGH-FLYER SPIRALLING DOWN TO EARTH, AND HANDING THE BRIEFCASE STRAIGHT TO THE REIGNING MR. MONEY IN THE BANK!

Ziggler stands above the ring on his steel podium, ignoring the crumpled Evan Bourne and the broken MVP, and soaks up the huge, huge heat, grinning a sick smirk... BEFORE HE UNHOOKS THE BRIEFCASE FOR THE SECOND TIME IN TWO MONTHS, AND CONTINUES HIS REIGN AS MR. MONEY IN THE BANK!!! THE BELL RINGS!!!


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Re: The King of BTB Tournament

~ Back Story ~

TNA Wrestler AJ Styles was released from his contract on the 5th of April, this was due to conflicting issues between himself and TNA Management. AJ Styles was a hot free agent but World Wrestling Entertainment made the first move by contacting Styles and giving him a two year contract. On the next edition of Monday Night RAW, the vignette played, hyping the debut of AJ Styles. Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, at the last pay-per-view, Chris Jericho faced off in a Triple Threat match. The participants were WWE Champion John Cena, Jericho and Sheamus. The winner however was John Cena; this didn’t sit well with Jericho as he challenged Cena to a match the next night on RAW, which Jericho lost. The next week, Chris Jericho came out and cut a promo about how he is the rightful WWE Champion and how he wants a rematch. The RAW General Manager, Bret Hart came out and told Jericho that he would not get a rematch, but he would be in action next week. It would be Chris Jericho versus the debuting AJ Styles!

Monday Night RAW – 31st May 2010 – New Hampshire

Singles Match
AJ Styles Vs Chris Jericho

The timekeeper rings the bell and both AJ and Chris meet in the centre of the ring. Styles stands with a pretty smug smirk on his face, meanwhile Jericho is shouting obscenities at him, Styles is then pushed by Chris but walks straight back to the spot he was standing. Jericho can audibly be heard saying “Who is this guy?”, he then pushes AJ again who returns the favor by pushing back this time. A small “AJ” chant starts up which AJ seems to like, Jericho doesn’t however as he slaps Styles right in his face! AJ feels his face before putting his hands on his hips and shaking his head. Jericho’s smug expression is wiped from his face as AJ explodes towards Jericho, knocking him down with a flying forearm smash, he gets to his feet quickly... only to get knocked back down again... by another forearm smash! This time, Jericho swings at AJ, only for Styles to duck, run over to the ropes, bounce back... and blast his opponent with a spinning heel kick! AJ quickly covers Jericho, looking for the quick win.

.......... 1 ..... NO!

Jericho manages to get his shoulder off the canvas, but AJ stays on the attack as he picks his opponent up and launches him over to the ropes. Jericho rebounds straight into a hip toss, the momentum makes him roll, all the way out of the ring and onto the mat below. AJ regains his breath for a moment, which gives his opponent enough time to get onto the apron; AJ walks over but is caught with a right hand from Jericho. AJ spins around so his back is too Jericho, after he’s done checking his mouth, he suddenly does a back flip and catches Jericho with a kick to the face! This move gets the fans on their feet, as they are in awe of what AJ has just done, and now AJ is in complete control. Styles slows the action down for a moment, as he watches Jericho, the fans know they are in for something big as AJ is getting ready to run. Soon enough, Chris gets to his feet and AJ runs to the ropes... jumps onto them... before flying off the ropes... hitting Jericho with a springboard shooting star press! The crowd are on their feet clapping at the actions that just transpired. However, AJ seems to be in pain as he clutches onto his right foot and screams whilst trying to get to his feet. Eventually he does, he then pulls Jericho to his feet and throws him into the ring before gradually going for the cover.

.......... 1 .......... 2 ..... NO!

Styles looks up at the ref with agony on his face, he then feels his ankle as something is truly wrong. The Phenomenal One pushes through the pain though as he uses the ropes to help himself up. AJ reaches down to Chris, Jericho’s then pulled to his feet, AJ sounds off on Jericho with a few knife-edged chops to the chest. Styles grabs Jericho before whipping him to the ropes, to which Chris rebounds back but ducks a clothesline... turns back around and hits a low drop kick to AJ’s injured knee. AJ rolls on the mat, holding his knee and screwing his face up in pain. The debuting Superstar isn’t allowed any time to recover as Jericho grabs his foot, lifting it in the air and slamming it sideways, into the mat! Chris smirks, knowing he’s in total control now. The WWE Veteran continues the assault on the leg as he stomps on the knee a few times as AJ cries out in pain. After stopping stomping on AJ, Jericho slowly-walks around the ring, looking ever-so smug in his work but when he turns around he sees AJ Styles getting to his feet, albeit with the help of the ropes. Suddenly Chris sprints across the ring, nailing Styles in the face with his knee! Styles immediately holds his face in his hands, he lays on the mat with a pained expression on his face. Chris realizes the opportunity for the win as he sinks down to the mat and hooks the leg of his opponent.

.......... 1 .......... 2 .......... NO!

AJ gets his shoulders up just in time, to which the fans cheer pretty loudly. Jericho doesn’t seem happy as he looks down at AJ and shakes his head in disgust. He is then audibly heard saying that AJ made a rookie mistake in not staying down. Chris regains his breath for a moment before dragging AJ up onto his feet and then he whips him over to the corner. Jericho backs up into the opening corner and then launches himself over to where AJ is stood... knocking the wind out of him with a splash! AJ clutches his stomach as he staggers out of the corner before using the ropes to lean on, but suddenly Jericho slides out of the ring and pulls AJ’s leg, knocking him down. Jericho seems so pleased with himself as he holds onto AJ’s foot, he then raises it up and pulls it down onto the apron! AJ writhes in agony again, as his leg is being targeted and destroyed by Jericho. For a moment as Jericho takes a breather, the fans begin an AJ chant, trying to will him on. Chris slides into the ring, grabs onto AJ’s foot and drags him towards the corner. Once he gets there, he lets go, kicks AJ in the leg a few times before dropping down to the mat and rolling out of the ring. Jericho reaches in and grabs AJ’s legs before pulling him towards the ring post! The referee shouts at him to not try anything dirty, but Jericho doesn’t listen as he extends his opponents leg out before whipping it straight back into the ring post! AJ again, screams in pain, the sweat pouring off his forehead as he knows he’s got to something. Meanwhile, Jericho grabs his leg again, extends it but doesn’t slam it against the post – instead he wraps his knee around it! AJ’s leg is being pretty much destroyed as its being targeted by his opponent, the referee begins a five count but as he gets to four, Jericho lets go of AJ’s leg. AJ uses his arms to move himself away from the corner, meanwhile Chris is gloating on the outside, after a few seconds he slides back into the ring and goes for the cover.

.......... 1 .......... 2 .......... NO!

Again, AJ kicks out to a cheer from the fans, AJ’s not done yet. Chris kneels beside AJ, talking trash to him, saying he shouldn’t be here and how he is better than him. Jericho helps Styles to his feet before hitting him with a few chops, causing AJ to keel back into the ropes and then Jericho whips Styles over to the other side of the ring. Styles rebounds back and managed to duck a clothesline before rebounding and running straight into a Jericho shoulder block! Chris takes a few seconds to recover his breath while the fans start a Jericho sucks chant, but it doesn’t seem to do anything to Jericho. AJ lies on the mat, breathing heavily and squinting at the pain his leg. The pain prolongs for AJ as Jericho goes back on offense, bouncing off the ropes... before dropping a knee on Styles leg! The fans boo while Jericho slowly walks around the ring and raises his hand. Jericho looks to the outside, seeing something he likes and his eyes light up. Chris grabs AJ by the head and forcefully throws him through the top and second rope! After a few moments, Jericho follows; he then grabs AJ and pulls him over to the steel steps... he puts AJ’s leg up against the steps... and then hits it with his foot! The pain rushes up AJ’s leg as he screams in pain! The referee shouts at Jericho but he doesn’t seem to care as he slides into the ring and tells the referee to count.

.......... 1!

In the ring, Jericho leans in the corner while AJ lies motionless on the outside.

.......... 2!

Still nothing from AJ.

.......... 3!

AJ begins to stir a little albeit slowly.

.......... 4!

The fans begin an AJ chant which seems to spur him on as he sits up, feels his leg and then grabs onto the steel steps.

.......... 5!

Now, AJ is on one knee, his face shows the amount of agony he is in.

.......... 6!

Jericho moans at the referee to count quicker, meanwhile AJ has managed to grab onto the bottom rope and pull himself to his feet.

.......... 7!

AJ manages to put on leg on the apron, but is in immense pain.

.......... 8!

With only two seconds to spare, AJ uses the bottom rope to pull his body into the ring to a huge pop from the fans!

The anger on Jericho’s face is evident as he goes to pick AJ but as he picks him up, he’s met by a couple punches to the gut. The fans respond with a pop, liking what they are seeing. AJ manages to get a couple more punches in but Chris hits back with a sly kick to the leg, causing AJ to drop down to his knees! The crowd don’t like this as they boo loudly. Jericho grabs AJ, pulls him to his feet before whipping him to the other side of the ring. AJ is thrust back towards Jericho, AJ sees it early as Jericho bends over.... resulting in AJ managing to stop and kick Chris. Jericho grabs his chest which must be stinging right now, but AJ seems to be hurt as well, the kick that took place must have took a toll on AJ’s injured leg. Styles tries to shake the pain off but doesn’t work to well, he walks back over to Jericho with a painful expression on his face but Jericho was one step ahead as he grabs AJ by the back of the legs and takes him down to the mat. The fans boo and jeer loudly as Jericho tries to lock on the Walls of Jericho... he turns AJ around and locks it in! But AJ quickly pushes himself off the mat with his arms and rolls through, pinning Jericho in the progress!

.......... 1 .......... 2 .......... NO!

Jericho kicks out as both men quickly get to their feet. Chris swings at Styles but he ducks before slamming Jericho down with a back suplex! AJ is feeling it now, he waits for Jericho to get up before running at him and knocking him down with a flying spinning elbow! Styles roars out to the crowd, getting them and himself fired up. AJ walks over to the turnbuckle, exits the ring onto the apron and then climbs up to the top rope! Once Jericho gets to his feet... AJ flies across hitting Jericho with a spinning heel kick from the top rope. Jericho is sprawled in the middle of the ring, meanwhile AJ quickly feels his leg but manages to scamper over and hook Jericho’s leg.

.......... 1 .......... 2 .......... NO!

Another kick out from Jericho which makes AJ look up at the referee and look at him with a “c’mon look”. The fans begin an “AJ” chant, to which AJ responds with a smile. Styles tries to keep the momentum going by picking up Jericho and throwing him into the nearest corner. AJ backs up into the opposite corner before pushing himself forward and crushing Jericho with a splash in the corner! Chris staggers out, looking winded as he does so, Styles swings his foot through the ropes and stands on the apron, AJ ascends up to the top but Jericho falls onto the ropes, shaking them and causing AJ to fall straight onto the turnbuckle! The fans “ooohhh” as AJ’s groin goes down first on the turnbuckle. Styles sits on the top, with a look of excruciating pain. Chris recovers from the earlier attacks and begins to ascend the turnbuckle, he grabs AJ’s arm and places over his neck. Chris then attempts to superplex Styles but AJ blocks it and hits his opponent in the side a few times. Jericho relinquishes his grip and is then knocked to the mat by a headbutt from Styles! He sees his opportunity, with Jericho down on the mat, AJ stands up... before flying off and cracking his opponent with an elbow drop!

AJ uses the ropes to help him up, he then makes a sign to the crowd that the end is near. Styles helps Jericho to his feet before kicking him in the gut and putting him in a powerbomb position. After a few moments, AJ gets Jericho ready for the Styles Clash! AJ looks to hit but... AJ’s leg buckles underneath him and he falls down to the mat holding his leg in pain! The fans are obviously disappointed by this but start an “AJ” chant to try and get him back to his feet. First to his feet however is Jericho, he waits for AJ to get up which takes a few seconds. Suddenly, when AJ gets up, Jericho runs at him... and knocks him out with the Codebreaker!

.......... 1 .......... 2 .......... 3!

Jericho gets to his feet and allows the referee to raise his hand in victory. Jericho looks down at AJ, who is holding onto his leg, and after a few seconds he leaves the ring. Once Jericho has disapeared backstage, AJ is helped up by the referee, Styles is in a lot of pain but he pushes the ref away and leaves on his own accord. The fans respond with another "AJ" chant as he staggers up the ramp.

Winner – Chris Jericho via pinfall @ 11:31

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Re: The King of BTB Tournament

~~ Backstory ~~

It’s February 21, 2010, the day of WWE Elimination Chamber. The world is talking about all of the matches, but one comes to mind for everyone … Batista going one-on-one with Shawn Michaels in an I-Quit Match.

Following the Royal Rumble, and Michaels’ controversial elimination and post-elimination actions, the feud ensued between the two as the day following the event, Michaels explained why he superkicked Batista and a WWE ref, explain that his career is worth nothing now that his dreams of facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania are ‘done for’. During Michaels’ explanation to the WWE Universe as to why he committed the actions ‘The Animal’ suddenly assaulted ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, leaving him a broken mess in the ring.

The next week saw Batista acting very proud over his previous actions, even taking on Michaels’ best-friend, Triple H, in the main event. During the match, a livid Michaels tried to score some form of ‘payback’, but ‘The Animal’ outthought Michaels, fleeing from the arena.

The following week, Batista continued to show arrogance over his actions, although wary of Michaels returning once again, but near the end of the show madness broke loose. Michaels suddenly and secretly attacked ‘The Animal’ backstage, before carrying it into the arena, hitting him with all he could get his hands on. After the brutal beat-down on Batista, Michaels quickly grabbed a mic, yelling down towards ‘The Animal, “MY CAREER IS OVER! I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE … SO I’M BRINGING YOU DOWN WITH ME THIS SUNDAY! IN AN I-QUIT MATCH!”

WWE Elimination Chamber 2010
Batista vs. Shawn Michaels – No DQ I-Quit Match

Both men stood adjacent, straight across from one another, on their respective sides of the ring as the announcer concluded the introductions. The hyped-up St. Louis crowd cheered as both ‘The Animal’ and ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ gazed at one another, hatred in their eyes, both men stretching and jumping in place as the bell finally tolled, signaling the start of the match! The crowd popped as both men began circling the ring, still gazing at one another, awaiting the other to make the first move. The camera focused on both men, Michaels staring coldly at ‘The Animal’, when suddenly moving towards him with speed, taking ‘The Animal’ down with an unexpected and quick Thesz press! Michaels took no time whatsoever to maintain control of the surprised Batista, smashing his fists repeatedly into the face of ‘The Animal’, the ref not being able to do anything whatsoever about it, the crowd cheering more and more for HBK! Michaels continued with the jabs, left and right, left and right! There seemed to be no stopping whatsoever in him! He came to a halt all of a sudden and hurriedly leaped off of Batista, jumping back up to his feet, as Batista began to climb to his feet as well, looking very displeased whilst the crowd cheered for HBK.

Michaels went back on offense against ‘The Animal’, heading back towards him before slamming his hand straight into Batista’s chest! Another backhand chop from HBK, but an irate Batista slammed Michaels back down to the floor after a big boot to the face! The crowd booed as Batista stared down at Michaels as he held onto his face whilst hurriedly climbing back to his feet, and Batista started throwing punch after punch at a recovering Michaels, jabbing away at Michaels’ previously injured back, taking him back down in the process! Batista began stomping methodically onto Michaels’ back, putting him in further pain as the crowd booed even further, ‘The Animal’ not caring whatsoever and not stopping! A still-irate Batista finally halted for a moment, catching his breath. Batista wasted no time, however, as he grabbed hold of Michaels’ hair, pulling HBK to his knees in the process, before punching away at Michaels’ face whilst still holding HBK by his hair! Batista continued and took the attack even further, shoving and slamming Michaels’ head into the ring floor repeatedly, each time pulling his face from the ring mat by his hair, before slamming his face straight into the ring for a final time, freeing Michaels’ hair from his grasp, before walking around the recovering Michaels, taking in all of the boos and jeers from the crowd.

Batista inhaled a few breaths before exiting the ring, on the rampway side, and without wasting any time he bent over and threw up the ring apron, before searching through the area under the ring for a weapon. After a moment or two ‘The Animal’ reemerged from his search under the ring, standing up mighty and tall, staring and grinning towards the STEEL CHAIR in his hands … and without noticing, Michaels was sliding to the ring floor, sending his feet slamming straight into the steel chair in Batista’s hands, kicking it right into HIS face! The St. Louis crowd cheered for HBK once again, laughing at ‘The Animal’, as he, at the same time, falls to the arena floor in tow with the chair that was smashed into his face! A replay of Michaels getting to his feet whilst Batista searches for the chair is shown, followed by the obvious aftermath of that, before we focus in on the fallen Batista, while he holds onto his face whilst letting out a yell of pain. We spot Michaels exiting the ring, for the first time yelling towards the ref, “ASK HIM!”, in which the ref exits the ring as well, and proceeds to ask to Batista, “Do you want to quit?”, in which Batista yells out, “NO!”, in the process shoving the ref away from him, before climbing back to his feet, before getting NAILED IN THE FACE WITH THE CHAIR BY MICHAELS, SENDING ‘THE ANIMAL’ BACKWARDS A LITTLE, STILL STANDING, YET SEVERELY GROGGY! Michaels nails him with the chair once again, sending ‘The Animal’ down to his knees, yelling out in more severe pain, before HBK slams the chair straight into his face once more, finally sending Batista down once again! The crowd starts an “HBK” chant, the entire arena booming, as Michaels yet again nails Batista with the chair, straight into his back!

Michaels takes a moment to catch his breath before ordering the ref to ask again, in which he does, but no response comes from Batista … for a moment, until he quickly says “NO!”. Michaels stares down at ‘The Animal’ as we focus in on him, no mood or expression whatsoever on his face, and suddenly once again … HE SLAMS THE SIDE OF THE STEEL CHAIR INTO BATISTA’S RIBS! OVER AND OVER! ONCE, TWICE, THREE TIMES, FOUR, FIVE, SIX! He keeps going, OVER AND OVER, OVER AND OVER, not stopping! And the chair breaks as the crowd goes into a frenzy for HBK! Michaels throws the broken chair over towards the fan barricade, staring down at the broken down Batista, catching his breath once again. We focus in on Batista, as he lays utterly still, not moving whatsoever, his mouth wide open and his eyes rolled in the back of his head, looking to be in excruciating pain, possibly even knocked out…

And suddenly Michaels grabs hold of a seemingly knocked out Batista, beginning to lift him up, all 300 pounds of deadweight, doing it successfully for just that one perfect moment, hurriedly forcing him back into the ring, before entering himself as well, but once inside, he doesn’t get to his feet, as he lays beside the knocked out Batista, feeling the effects of exhaustion and pain. The arena, except for the rowdy and hyper fans, stays entirely still and silent for a few moments as both Batista and Michaels lay in the ring, before Michaels willingly grabs hold of the ring rope beside him, pulling himself back to his feet, sweat literally pouring off of him, before shoving his dangled, sweaty hair back away from his face, before beginning to lift the unconscious Batista once again, finally getting him to his feet for a moment, lifting him in the air above his head and connecting with a sick body slam, sending both Batista and an exhausted Michaels down to the floor! The crowd begins to chant “HBK! HBK! HBK!”, trying to regenerate ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, in which successfully works as he pulls himself up to his knees, before getting back onto his feet. The exhausted, sweaty, damaged and definitely dehydrated Michaels pulls his hair from his face once again, before staring over towards the ring corner to his right, the crowd knowing what he’s thinking, in which they begin cheering and chanting “Lets Go Shawn!”. Michaels makes his way out of the ring, still standing on the outside area of the ring, in which he grabs hold of the top turnbuckle on the ring corner, pulling himself with all his remaining energy and strength to the top! The crowd is going crazy, they know what’s about to happen! The crowd chants “HBK! HBK! HBK!” repeatedly, booming all throughout the arena, as Michaels does his signature DX crotch chop towards the unconscious ‘Animal’, before hesitantly JUMPING FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE AND SLAMMING HIS ELBOW STRAIGHT INTO THE CHEST OF BATISTA, WHICH SENDS HIM ROLLING OUT OF THE RING!!!

The St. Louis crowd goes NUTS as Michaels lays in the center of the ring, exhausted and in severe pain, letting out a booming shout, his face showing the unruly damage it’s caused on him, whilst we see a still seemingly unconscious Batista out on the arena floor in front of the announcers table! Michaels yells out towards the ref, “ASK AGAIN!”, while still lying in the ring, in which the ref exits the ring and asks Batista once again if he wants to quit … but he receives no answer. The ref asks once again, fearing for Batista’s wellbeing, but still no response, but before the ref does anything further we see Michaels leap to his feet, before heading towards the ropes, staring directly out at Batista and the ref. Michaels proceeds to fall to the ring floor once again, sliding out of the ring, and standing directly above Batista, staring down at him as the crowd cheers, before staring towards the Spanish announcers table, in which the St. Louis crowd cheers even further, knowing what’s going through HBK’s mind. Michaels hurriedly grabs hold of various equipment on the announce table and begins to throw it off as the Spanish announcers scurry away whilst the regular announcers talk about what they think is about to happen, while Michaels stares at the table with a weird grin on his face, the table completely removed of all equipment, leaving it completely open for dangerous, yet opportunitist, actions, as Michaels grabs Batista and proceeds to lift him up to his feet, before carefully placing him on the table. After a few moments Michaels grins once again, staring at the nonmoving Batista, before pulling himself up to the ring on the outside as the lively crowd is literally blowing up the building with beaming chants of “Lets Go Shawn!”, in which suddenly MICHAELS GRABS HOLD OF THE ROPES, JUMPS STRAIGHT INTO THE AIR, AND GOES FOR A SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT STRAIGHT INTO THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE!! GRAVITY TAKES OVER AND MICHAELS BEGINS TO TRANSCEND DOWN TOWARDS THE TABLE AND BATISTA … AND SUDDENLY A NOW-CONSIOUS BATISTA SLIDES OFF OF THE TABLE AND MICHAELS GOES STRAIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE TO THE HARD ARENA FLOOR!!!

The crowd is going berserk! The entire arena is BOOING THE HELL out of Batista, no limit whatsoever, as he lays on the arena floor, about two feet from the broken and crumbled Michaels, still recovering from his brutal assault by HBK. Stillness falls over the arena as both men lay on the arena floor a broken mess, both suffering from so much pain and exhaustion past any limit, whilst the ref checks on them. Suddenly, Batista, somehow, crawls to his feet and grins down at the battered ‘Heartbreak Kid’, who lies in the broken mess of the Spanish announce table, seemingly rolled up in a ball. Batista yells at the ref, screaming out, “ASK HIM, DAMNIT!”, in which the ref obliges with Batista’s demand, but Michaels, somehow still conscious, responds with a ‘no’, which makes the crowd go nuts and irritates ‘The Animal’ beyond recognition. Batista starts to stomp and kick Michaels repeatedly, before lifting him up. Batista grabs hold of HBK’s arm and pulls him one good time before releasing, which sends HBK straight into the nearby steel steps! A loud thud is heard around the entire arena as Michaels goes straight into the steps, taking all of his breath and him to the arena floor, as well as knocking the steps over slightly. Batista grins at the carnage and wreckage he caused as he yells at the ref once again, in which he listens and asks once more, in which Michaels again says ‘no’.

Batista stares on in pure hatred and anger as he hurriedly walks towards the fallen Michaels before lifting him up and forcing him into the ring. Batista proceeds to enter the ring as well and stares down at HBK for a moment, catching his breath in the process, when suddenly Michaels begins to get to his feet! The crowd goes wild as Batista again stares at him, confused and angry that HBK still has some fight in him! Batista makes his way to a nearby ring corner, eyeing the recovering Michaels as he continues to climb to his feet in which he does, before getting nailed with a devastating Spear!! The crowd turns back to booing once again – giving Batista exactly what they feel about him – as ‘The Animal’ climbs back to his feet, for the third time yelling at the ref to ask Michaels THE question, in which he does, to yet again another ‘no’!! Batista is PISSED! He begins to stomp away at the exhausted and battered Michaels again, taking main concentration on Michaels’ back, before stopping and exiting the ring in a hurry. Suddenly, Batista shoves a nearby staff member out of the way and grabs hold of their chair, before reentering the ring. Batista suddenly stares around the entire ring, still holding the chair, thinking of a game-plan obviously, before laying the chair on Michaels’ neck! Batista grins as the crowd boos, knowing what he’s thinking, before he exits to the outside, while still standing on the ring floor but to the outside of the ropes, before sluggishly beginning to climb up to the top turnbuckle, FOR SUCH A RARE OCCASION, but accidentally, and foolishly, gets his boot trapped in the second turnbuckle area. He begins to try to free his foot, in the process staying on the top turnbuckle and not paying attention, but he finally frees his foot and turns back towards the ring when…

OUT OF NOWHERE, WE SEE SHAWN MICHAELS STANDING WITH THE CHAIR IN HIS HANDS, IN WHICH HE HURRIEDLY SMASHES IT STRAIGHT ACROSS BATISTA’S HEAD! The crowd goes wild again as Batista suddenly falls back slightly, groggy from the surprising chair shot, when suddenly Michaels nails Batista with the chair for the second time, in which BATISTA FALLS OVER TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RINGPOST AS MICHAELS QUICKLY TRAP BATISTA’S FEET IN THE MIDDLE AND TOP RING ROPES!!! The crowd is LOSING IT as Michaels stares at the helpless Batista, his legs being trapped on the side of the ringpost in the ring, whilst he lies in excruciating pain to the outside against it! Batista begins to yell out in agony as Michaels suddenly, and somewhat cleverly, grabs hold of the top turnbuckle and Batista’s legs, which are trapped in the ropes still, before HANGING HIMSELF OVER ON THE IN-RING SIDE OF THE RINGPOST, LOCKING BATISTA’S LEGS IN A UNIQUE FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK!!! The crowd is going INSANE!! Michaels yells towards the ref, screaming out, “ASK!” at the top of his lungs whilst Batista yells out at the top of his lungs as well, feeling the full effects of exhaustion and the pain from this unique move by Michaels, before the ref exits the ring and proceeds to say, “Batista, do you want to quit?”, in which SURPRISINGLY, BATISTA YELLS OUT, “YES! I QUIT, I QUIT, I QUIT!”


Winner: Shawn Michaels @ 14:14

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Re: The King of BTB Tournament

Backstory: In late June, Kurt Angle took Jay Lethal under his wing and made a vow to act as a catalyst in Lethal’s ascent up the TNA ranks. Angle’s promise came to fruition as Lethal rose from the relative obscurity which had engulfed him in the Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan era and stepped into the professional wrestling spotlight, commended by many including Hogan and other high-profile names in the company but at the end of September, Bischoff pitted Lethal against Doug Williams and then forced Angle to don the black and white stripes and act as Special Guest Referee. Lethal was on the verge of pinning Joe, but Kurt then launched an attack on him, hitting Lethal with an Angle Slam and costing him the match before prolonging his savage assault after the contest. With the teacher-student ties well and truly severed, Angle stated that Lethal needed to know that he would never be as good as Kurt and Jay’s belief that he was cost him dearly, but then Hogan announced that Angle would square off against Lethal on the biggest stage of all, at Bound For Glory VI!

Will Angle’s months of work to mould Lethal into a major player in TNA ultimately back-fire and cost him a victory at TNA’s biggest event of the year? Or will a light dawn on Lethal that he indeed can never reach Angle’s level?


The camera re-enters the Tucson Convention Center and as we enjoy a view of the thousands of TNA fans all cheering and on their feet, “Gold Metal” blares out and the building abruptly becomes veiled by darkness. A spotlight dawns light on the stage, and as the music picks up, Kurt Angle ascends to the stage from an elevator, receiving a very mixed reaction from the crowd, some staying loyal to arguably the greatest wrestler in the world but others unable to forgive him for betraying his former protιgι. Angle, the hood on his navy silk jacket casting a shadow over his face, throws his hands into the air and points to the ceiling as an extravagant pyro shoots off into the air and when it stirs, Kurt makes his way down the ramp, entering the squared circle and spinning around in the centre of the ring with his hands held above his head before settling in the corner of the ring with his eyes fixed on the entranceway as he waits for his opponent.

Then, “Static” sounds off to an honourable ovation from the audience and Jay Lethal jogs through the curtain, the smile and uplifting atmosphere surrounding him that we have come to knowand love visibly absent as Lethal immediately turns his attention to Angle. Breathing heavily and instilling confidence in himself, Lethal descends down the ramp, drowning out everything else around him as tonight, it is all about revenge and proving a point for the upstart and subsequently stepping into the ring, briefly turning to the crowd and raising his right hand in the air as he nods his head before turning back to Angle, who scowls, and standing in the corner opposite him.

Singles Match
Jay Lethal Vs Kurt Angle

The bell tolls and the crowd in the Tucson Convention Center suddenly come alive, cheering as Jay Lethal and Kurt Angle both walk towards the centre of the ring and have a very heated stare-down, coming face-to-face for the first time since Angle severed his ties with Lethal. Both men try to pierce each other’s eyes with their glares and they both mutter words to each other, Angle appearing to be rather pompous and confident whereas Lethal clenches his fists and rolls his shoulders, but then out of no-where, Angle slaps Lethal right across the face! The audience react with boos and ‘Ohhhhs’ as Angle sneers and mouths at Lethal ‘Just give up, Jay, get out while you still can!’ but Lethal solemnly shakes his head in reply and then charges at Angle, grabbing Kurt’s legs and taking him down to the mat! With the fans behind Lethal, he bombards Angle with stiff blows to the face with his right hands as he holds Kurt in position with his left hand wrapped around the back of his head, but the referee Dave Hebner acts quickly, getting in between the two opponents and separating Lethal from Angle. Lethal slams his feet against the canvas in frustration and on the other side of the ring, Angle regroups in the corner and continues to play mind games with his former protιgι, smirking and tapping his index finger against his head and then they both approach the centre of the ring again, engaging in the traditional lock-up.

Both competitors try to over-power each other, attempting to bring one another to their knees, but it remains a stalemate until Angle breaks the ice, forcing Lethal into the corner of the ring. However, the referee Hebner gets in between them again and instructs Angle to step back and the crowd are displeased, booing and chanting ‘Let them fight!’ repeatedly until Angle then gets right back into the action, ignoring Hebner’s request, but it back-fires as Lethal swiftly moves out of the way and Angle falls into the corner of the ring. Lethal immediately capitalizes, unloading on ‘The Olympic Gold Medallist’ with right hands until he takes a few steps back and then charges towards Angle, but Kurt hits Lethal with a boot to the face and then comes out of the corner, lifting Jay up and hitting him with a Back Suplex. Angle then makes the cover, 1.................... Lethal kicks out, and an unfazed Angle, not looking surprised that Lethal kicked out especially as this contest is so young, gets back to his feet and walks circles around his opponent, lashing out with sporadic stomps before running off the ropes and attempting a knee drop but Lethal moves out of the way and rolls out of the ring. As Angle quickly tries to recover and gets to his feet, Lethal immediately climbs onto the ring apron and jumps onto the top rope, using it as a springboard to fly through the air and attempt a Flying Cross Body, but all Angle has to do is walk out of the way and that is what he does, as Lethal crashes into the canvas!

Angle leans against the ropes and points and laughs at Lethal, shaking his head before walking towards him and getting Lethal back up, wrenching his left arm. Angle applies a wrist-lock to Lethal and simultaneously continues to mock him, shouting at him ‘Big mistake!’ over and over again until Jay rolls across the mat and takes Angle down with an arm drag, catching the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion off-guard. Angle recomposes himself before getting back to his feet and he runs at Lethal but Lethal hits him with another arm drag and when Angle gets back up again, Lethal hits the veteran with a back body drop! The crowd cheer and Lethal gets himself fired up, jumping up and down on the spot and clapping his hands which the fans also do until Angle gets back up. Lethal hits him with a few blows and lifts him up for a Scoop Slam, but Angle slips off of the back of Lethal’s shoulders and wraps his arms around his waist, going for a German Suplex. However, Lethal keeps his feet on the ground and he hits Angle with a few elbows to the head until Kurt staggers backwards into the corner of the ring and Lethal escapes from his grasps, then walking towards the corner where his former teacher is situated and climbing to the second rope on top of him. Lethal grabs Angle by the head and hits him with nine punches to the cranium, then pausing and posing for the crowd but it turns out that isn’t something Angle didn’t teach him not to do, as Angle lifts Lethal up in a Powerbomb position.

However, Lethal manages to avoid a Powerbomb and slips out of Angle’s grasps, landing on his feet behind Angle and then taking his arms, dropping to his knees and pulling the veteran down, pinning him for the first time in this bout, 1.................... 2........ Angle kicks out. Both competitors quickly get back to their feet and Lethal runs at Angle, but ends up being taken down by a drop toe hold. Angle gets back and once again ridicules Lethal, kicking him in the stomach which turns him over and then slapping him across the face several times. Jay tries to get to his feet but is prevented by Angle who repeatedly kicks and shoves Lethal back down to the mat and when he is able to sit up, Kurt reaches down but Lethal grabs Angle by his singlet by both hands and throws ‘The Wrestling Machine’ through the ropes and out of the ring! Moments later, Angle gets back up, as does Lethal, and when he sees Kurt recovering on the outside, Lethal runs off the ropes and charges across the ring, flying over the ropes and taking out Angle with a Somersault Plancha! This contest has come alive once again and the crowd go wild, chanting ‘TNA! TNA! TNA!’ whilst we see a few replays of that high-flying assault from Lethal and afterwards, both competitors get back into the ring simultaneously on the count of eight. Angle and Lethal get back to their feet and trade blows until Lethal gains the upper hand in the exchange and Irish whips Angle into the ropes, then ducking down preparing to go for a back body drop but Angle instead drives his shin into Lethal’s cranium and knocks him down!

Angle then gets his game-face on and puts the mocking and taunting on hold, getting down to business and climbing on top of Lethal, forcing his knees onto Lethal’s arms and trapping him on the mat. Lethal is forced to withstand several blows to the face from Angle until ‘The Olympic Gold Medallist’ gets to his feet and gets Lethal to his feet, Irish whipping him into the ropes and going for a hip toss but Lethal lands on his feet on the other side of Angle and hits him with a heel kick to the mid-section, then following it up by running off the ropes and driving Angle’s face into the canvas with a Bulldog! Lethal quickly hooks Angle’s legs and makes the cover, 1.................... 2.......... Angle gets the shoulder up. Jay keeps his focus on the task at hand and gets to his feet, walking towards the corner of the ring and climbing to the top rope. Lethal waits for Angle to get up before launching an attack but when Kurt gets up he reacts quicker than his former protιgι, running towards the corner, quickly climbing to the top rope, wrapping his arms around Lethal and hitting Lethal with a thunderous Belly-To-Belly Suplex from the top rope!! The crowd pop, and as Angle and Lethal both lie outstretched on the mat with Angle unable to make the cover straight away, the audience are split, some chanting ‘Let’s go, Lethal!’ but others countering it with ‘Let’s go, Angle!’

Eventually, Angle crawls across the ring after shaking the ring to its core with that Belly-To-Belly Suplex and slowly hooks Lethal’s left leg, making the cover, 1.................... 2............... Lethal kicks out! That was the first near fall of this contest so far, and Angle realizes this, knowing that he could have put this match away right there if he had made the cover quicker, and he pulls himself to his feet with assistance from the ropes. Angle stands behind Lethal and slams his feet against the canvas, impatiently waiting for Lethal to get up, and when he does, Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Lethal lands on his feet and immediately jumps into the air, hitting ‘The Wrestling Machine’ with a Jumping Leg Sweep! Lethal immediately covers Angle, 1...................... 2.............. Angle gets the shoulder up! Lethal takes an extended breather before getting back to his feet and slowly getting Kurt up. Lethal walks towards the ropes in front of Angle and jumps onto them, flying backwards and attempting an Elbow, but Angle avoids it and catches Lethal, nailing Lethal with a German Suplex in mid-air! For a few moments, Angle and Lethal are down, but Angle is still holding on and he makes his way back to his feet, hitting Lethal with another German Suplex! Kurt then gets up again, refusing to let go of his opponent, and Angle hits Lethal with a third and final German Suplex!! This time, Lethal flies across the ring out of Angle’s grasps and it takes a while for Angle to crawl towards Lethal, but eventually he does and he makes the cover, 1...................... 2.................... NO! Lethal gets the shoulder up!

The crowd cheer, but the feeling is not shared by Angle, who sits up with a look of disbelief on his face, and he shakes his head before getting up and looking down at Lethal, as a smirk emerges on his face and he looks around the Tucson Convention Center before freeing his arms from his singlet and letting out a resounding roar before lifting Lethal’s leg up, and applying the Ankle Lock to Jay Lethal!! Most of the crowd pop, as the Ankle Lock is something you just have to approve of, but Lethal manages to roll over onto his back and he kicks Angle away, freeing his leg. That took a fair amount of energy out of Lethal, some would be surprised that he’d be able to escape that Ankle Lock after being hit with three German Suplexes before, and Angle regains his composure, glaring at Lethal and mouthing ‘I’m gonna break your freakin’ ankle whether you like it or not’ before marching towards Lethal, but Lethal catches Angle off guard with a drop toe hold, sending ‘The Olympic Gold Medallist’ face-first into the middle turnbuckle. With Angle on his knees, his head resting against the middle turnbuckle, Lethal climbs out onto the ring apron and jumps onto the ropes, spring-boarding off them and hitting Angle with a Missile Dropkick to the spine! Angle falls back down to the mat after that, as does Lethal and once again the exhaustion from this match prevents him from making the cover straight away, something which has cost both competitors on numerous occasions during this contest.

Lethal eventually manages to hook Angle’s legs, making the cover, 1...................... 2.................... NO! Angle kicks out! Wondering what it will take to put Angle away, Lethal sits up and runs his hands through his braided hair, wiping some sweat from his forehead before slowly getting to his feet. Lethal manages to bring Angle to his feet and gets him in position for the Lethal Combination but Angle fights out of it with a few elbows to the side of Lethal’s head. Lethal staggers backwards into the ropes and Angle then clotheslines Lethal over the ropes, taking Lethal and himself out of the ring, as both competitors go crashing down to the concrete floor! ‘The Olympic Gold Medallist’ is the first to get back to his feet and he takes Lethal’s legs, looking around the building and letting out a reverberating roar, before catapulting Lethal face-first into the ring-post!! Angle gets back up and looks down at Lethal who is down and out after his head bounced off of the ring-post, and he grabs Lethal by his face, shouting into his left ear ‘You are not better than Kurt Angle! You’re nothing!’ before getting him back up and loading a dazed Lethal back into the ring. Angle then re-enters the squared circle and he covers Lethal, 1.................... 2.................... NO! Somehow, some way, Lethal gets the shoulder up! Angle cannot believe it as he sits in front of Lethal and looks back at him, not knowing how he hasn’t managed to beat Lethal, before getting back up and looking at Lethal with his hands on his hips before grabbing Lethal by his hair and lifting him to his feet, holding onto his hair as he shouts in his face ‘Quit! Quit or I’ll break every damn bone in your body!’ but Lethal then kicks Angle in the mid-section and quickly gets him in position, hitting him with the STO Backbreaker before following it up with a Reverse STO, completing the Lethal Combination!

Both competitors lie motionlessly on the mat with the ball now in Jay Lethal’s court, and Lethal ever-so slowly sits up, looking at Angle before edging slightly across the ring and covering the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, 1.................... 2.................... 3-NO! Angle kicks out!! How long will this match go on for? Nobody in the Tucson Convention Center knows, especially the competitors, and Lethal crawls into the corner of the ring, pulling himself up and then climbing to the top rope. Lethal waits for Angle to get up, and when ‘The Olympic Gold Medallist’ is on his feet, Lethal goes for a Leg Lariat, but Angle moves out of the way, and Lethal accidentally hits the referee Dave Hebner with the Leg Lariat instead!! This match has just been turned on its head, and Lethal looks at Hebner with a look of horror on his face with a beleaguered Angle waiting to pounce behind him, and when Lethal gets up, Angle nails Lethal with the Angle Slam!! Not thinking straight which isn’t surprising due to the punishment that Angle has taken in this contest, Kurt hooks Lethal’s legs and makes the cover, but then remembers that the referee is down and out and a frustrated Angle gets back up, walking towards Hebner.

Angle violently shakes the referee around by his shirt until he slightly wakes up, enough to resume calling this match but he is still very dazed and Kurt walks towards Lethal, looking down at him and saying ‘I’m gonna break your freakin’ ankle right now!’ before grabbing Lethal’s leg, and locking Lethal in the Ankle Lock!! However, before Angle can get a good grip of his former protegι’s ankle, Lethal turns the tables on Angle, rolling forward and holding onto Angle’s legs, catching Angle off guard with a cover!The referee counts, managing to count faster than some would expect, 1............................ 2.............................. 3!!!

Winner: Jay Lethal at 14:42

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Re: The King of BTB Tournament

Singles Match
Jay Lethal (Face) vs. Matt Sydal (Heel)

Jay Lethal and Matt Sydal are set at opposite ends of the ring, as the referee calls for the bell, and the match is now underway. Jay Lethal begins to circle the ring to the right, which forces Sydal to circle the ring towards the right as well. The two finally meet in the middle of the ring in an elbow-collar tie up. Lethal shows his strength advantage, as he pushes Sydal back towards the turnbuckle. Sydal backs into the turnbuckle, and raises his hands calling for separation. The referee instructs Lethal to move away from Sydal, and as soon as there's any slight separation, Sydal attacks with a kick to Jay's midsection.

With the cheap tactic, Sydal continues his onslaught, as he grabs Lethal's right hand wrist, and twists it causing his arm to twist and churn as well for a standing armbar. Sydal intelligently uses the standing armbar to drag Lethal to the centre of the ring away from the ropes and a possible submission break. Matt then hops up and down with the standing armbar causing more stress and strain to Lethal's arm. With a look of slight agony, Lethal flips over onto his back, untwisting his arm and relinquishing the hold. Lethal hits a ridiculously quick arm drag right after sending Sydal across the mat. Sydal hastily gets back up to his feet, and charges back towards Lethal, who attempts another arm drag, but Sydal lands on his feet this time, and attempts an arm drag on Lethal, Lethal, however, shows his true strength, and doesn't even budge. Instead, Lethal gives Sydal a kick to the groin region before placing his left leg on Sydal's head while still having the arm drag in place. Sydal, who's in a precarious bent position, lifts the leg up with his head, and Lethal flips backwards onto his feet, as he releases the arm drag hold and clotheslines Matt Sydal right away.

Matt Sydal gets up from the clotheslines only to be swiftly greeted by a dropkick to the chest, which sends Sydal crashing back into the ropes. Jay Lethal stands in the middle of the ring seemingly delighted from having gotten the better of Sydal thus far in the match. Lethal dashes towards Sydal, who is hanging off the ropes, looking to clothesline Sydal over the top rope, but Sydal drags the top rope down, which sends Lethal over the top rope crashing into the mat outside the ring. Matt Sydal takes a moment to refocus himself, and let Lethal up to his feet. The referee begins to count due to Lethal's absence from the ring.



Lethal slowly, but surely gets to his feet, but as soon as he does, Matt Sydal uses to the top rope to slingshot him over and crashing into Jay Lethal for a flying crossbody. Both men crash to the mat with Lethal clearly getting the worst of the two. The fans at the Lawlor Events Centre in beautiful Reno, Las Vegas erupt with cheers for the high-flying manuever. Sydal is slowly up to his knees holding his head, which is seemingly in pain. The ref begins another count due to the inactivity in the ring from men now.



Sydal is up to his feet, and slides into the ring, while Lethal is still groggy on his hands and knees on the outside. With Sydal sliding into the ring, the previous count is broken, and yet another count is started...



Lethal is finally up to his feet, and groggily moves to the apron. Sydal sees this, and dashes towards the opposite ropes, bounces off the ropes, and comes back towards Lethal. Sydal slides down and attempts a baseball slide to Lethal's face, but Lethal moves out of the way causing Sydal just to land on his feet on the outside. As soon as he lands on his feet though, Lethal hits a vicious clothesline taking Sydal completely out, as Sydal actually did a backfrlip with his body crashing hard on the mat. Lethal wastes no time, and drags Sydal's body into the ring. Lethal attempts the first pin of the match...



It's quite evident that only three and a half minutes into the match, there's still too much in Sydal for him to lose now. Jay Lethal drags Sydal up to his feet before grabbing him by the hamd, and Irish whipping him across the ring right into the turnbuckle. Lethal charges at Sydal now, but Sydal shows his true athleticism, as he sidesteps out of the way last second letting Lethal hitting his body and face against the turnbuckle. Sydal sidesteps back in now, but coming with him is a vicious back elbow strike to the back of Lethal's head. Lethal, dazed and confused, begins to stumble backwards toward the centre of the ring. Sydal takes advantage of this, and hits a nicely positioned enziguri kick to Lethal's bare face. Lethal drops down to his knees, and Sydal follows up with a high savate kick to Lethal's head once again. Lethal now drops down to his hands and knees.

Sydal is just wearing Lethal out. Sydal kicks Lethal in the gut a couple of times before taking a step on Lethal who's on his hands and knees. From standing on top of Lethal, Sydal leaps up in the air and moonsaults backwards before crashing onto Lethal's back for a standing moonsault! The fans, despite not being on Sydal's side, cheer for the spectacular move off of Lethal. Sydal quickly rolls Lethal over, and hooks his leg.




Jay Lethal's still got too much in him to give up now. Sydal places Lethal in a seated position in the middle of the ring now, and throws two severe kicks to Lethal's back. Sydal then drops down, and places his head into Lethal's back while grabbing Lethal's chin, and pulling back. This hold wrenches at Lethal's back, which is what Sydal is clearly trying to wear down. Sydal slowly manuevers his hands up, and instead of pulling Lethal's chin back, Sydal pulls Lethal's mouth back. The ref sees this, and calls it as an illegal move, and therefore starts a count.





Sydal lets go, but the damage is clearly done, as Lethal seems to be in an unbearable amount of pain. Sydal unleashes another kick to Lethal's back before grabbing Lethal, and dragging him up to his feet. Matt Sydal Irish whips Lethal towards the turnbuckle now, but Lethal manages to reverse it, and send Sydal to the turnbuckle. Jay Lethal tries to take advantage of the match for really the first time, as he charges towards Matt Sydal looking for a clothesline. Sydal, however, lifts Lethal up and over the ropes, but Lethal lands on the apron! Sydal doesn't know this, as he slowly walks to the middle of the ring. As Sydal turns back towards Lethal, Lethal hops up and springboards off the top rope before grabbing Sydal's head in midair, and dropping Sydal on his face for a springboard DDT! Lethal turns Sydal over for the pin attempt.




Matt Sydal kicks out, but Lethal doesn't let up, as he quickly drags Sydal up to his feet, and from behind, underhooks his arms under Sydal's arms. It looks as though Lethal is going for his signature release dragon suplex, but as Lethal flips Sydal in the air, Sydal slips out and lands onto his feet. Lethal is slightly aware of this, as he turns around to face Sydal, but Sydal jumps his the air and htis a spinning heel kick straight to Lethal's face. This sends Lethal back a bit, but Lethal doesn't let up on the exchange, as he charges towards Sydal. Sydal leapfrogs over Lethal, and Lethal almost suicide dives out of the ring, but he stops right before doing so. Lethal turns around only to be greeted by a perfectly placed dropkick sending Lethal out of the ring anyways.

Sydal smacks his chest a couple of times showing nothing but confidence, as he quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle. Lethal gets up from his feet on the outside, and Sydal, whose back is towards Lethal, leaps off the top turnbuckle and hits a crazy DIVING MOONSAULT! Lethal is knocked down, and Sydal is rolling around in complete agony after he put his body on the line in order to do some damage. The referee has no choice, but to start a count due to the inactivity in the ring.




Lethal is still laying motionless, as Sydal gets to his hands and knees.



Jay Lethal is now showing signs of life, as Sydal slowly gets up to his feet. Sydal, however, is using the apron to keep himself up.


Matt Sydal wastes no time this time, as he picks Lethal up to his feet, and drags him into the ring breaking the ten count. Sydal hooks Lethal's right leg.




Sydal is slightly frustrated, and tells the ref “COUNT FASTER”. The ref, like any professional ref, ignores Sydal. Sydal now drags Lethal towards the middle of the ring more, as he walks over to the ropes. He looks at the ropes, and then back at Lethal seemingly measuring the distance in between. Sydal leaps up and springboards off the middle ropes, as he moonsaults and twists in midair trying for the double helix, but Lethal rolls out of the way and Sydal crashes and burns. The pain of the failed high impact move actually gets Sydal to his feet grasping his back, and Lethal with all the strength he can pull out of himself right now grabs Sydal and sends him to the turnbuckle. Lethal charges towards Sydal, leaps up into the air, and lands a wheel kick to Sydal's chest region. Sydal stumbles forward, and Lethal continues his attack, as he grabs Sydal's head with one arm, and lands a one hand bulldog completing the combo. Although Lethal looks completely exhausted over eight minutes into the match, Sydal has just taken a turn for the worst. Lethal flips Sydal onto his back, and hooks his leg.



Matt Sydal unbelievably kicks out right away showing signs of true fight inside of him. Despite being astonished, Lethal continues to attack, as he picks Sydal up to his feet, and gives him a kick to the sternum before hooking his arm over Sydal's head, and Sydal's arm over his own head. Lethal quickly hits a snap suplex now. Lethal looks to the top turnbuckle, and begins to make his way over. Lethal scales to the top turnbuckle, and calls for the diving headbutt. Lethal leaps up, and Sydal rolls away causing Lethal to fall flat on his face, as Sydal was just playing possum. Sydal is seating against the rope trying to regain himself, while Lethal is laying flat on the mat motionless. Sydal, however, seems too out of it, and cannot capitalize on Lethal's misfortune. Sydal uses the ropes to drag himself up to his feet, as Lethal seems to be stirring as well. Sydal waits for Lethal to get to his feet before throwing a couple of right-handed forearm strikes to Lethal's temple, and out of nowhere, Sydal leaps up, grasps Lethal's head with his ankles and flips Lethal over for a HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN! Sydal attempts to pin.




Matt Sydal is completely upset with the referee's decision, as he surely though it was a three count. Sydal picks Lethal up to his feet, and Lethal suddenly rolls Sydal up!




Lethal nearly escaped with a shocking win, but Sydal kicks out, and quickly goes on the attack, as he thrashes Lethal with vicious kicks to the body. Sydal grabs Lethal by the hand, and Irish whips him to the ropes, but Lethal counters and sends Sydal to the ropes instead. Sydal hits the ropes, and bounces back towards a devastating superkick, also known as the LETHAL KICK from Jay Lethal! Sydal was nearly decapitated with the move, and lays motionless on the mat, while Lethal has dropped to the mat himself tired and distraught from the move. If Lethal could just capitalize on the move, he may have won the match, but Lethal is slow to regain himself. The ref begins a count due to both men being down...




Both men are stirring now, as Lethal gets to his hands and knees, and Sydal is to his knees.



Lethal gets up to one foot with his other leg being on its knees, while Sydal gets to his knees using the ropes to get himself up.



Lethal's up to his feet breaking the count, and Sydal's dragged himself up as well. Both men attack each other with a barrage of exchanges in the middle of the ring. Lethal gets the better of the exchange with a final European uppercut. Jay Lethal then sets Matt Sydal up for the Lethal Combination! Sydal, however, has other plans as he elbows Lethal in the head three times, before bending him back. Sydal somehow maneuvers his leg over Lethal's head, and drops him with his signature INVERTED LEG BULLDOG DROP into a pin!




Sydal's patience is clearly wearing thin, as he looks to the one spot that has never done him wrong...the top turnbuckle. Sydal looks over to the top turnbuckle with a dark expression upon his face, but he doesn't notice Lethal already stirring. Sydal climbs out of the ring through the ropes, and walks along the apron, before stepping on the bottom turnbuckle to get to the second turnbuckle, and onto the second turnbuckle to get to his destination, the top turnbuckle. Sydal looking to finish here, but Lethal's already to one knee, which leaves Sydal no chance of hitting the Shooting Sydal Press. Lethal gets to both feet, however, and Sydal goes for diving double knee drop onto Lethal's shoulders instead, but Lethal dodges it, and somehow, Sydal athletically lands on his feet. Sydal turns around to face Lethal only to be hit by a stiff kick to the groin region. Jay Lethal muscles enough energy to set up the Lethal Combination. He goes for it, as he the STO BACKBREAKER! And now, he follows up by hitting a REVERSE STO completing the LETHAL COMBINATION! The fans are going completely insane, and rooting for a seemingly certain win now. Lethal turns Sydal over for the pin...




Jay Lethal is absolutely stunned as to how Matt Sydal kicked out. Lethal has both hands on his head in total disbelief. Lethal picks Sydal up to his feet, and Irish whips him to the turnbuckle. Lethal charges toward the turnbuckle, and nearly takes Sydal's head off with a nasty clothesline. Lethal nows lifts Sydal onto the top turnbuckle in a seated position. Lethal climbs onto the middle ropes, and slowly lifts Sydal onto his feet on the top turnbuckle. Lethal also gets onto the top turnbuckle now with his arm hooked over Sydal's head, and Sydal's arm hooked over his head. Lethal grabs Sydal by the tights, and is trying to lift him up, and over for a top turnbuckle suplex, but Sydal doesn't budge. Sydal slowly unhooks himself, and the two somehow starting exchanging forearm strikes on the top turnbuckle. Sydal pushes Lethal off the top turnbuckle, and Lethal drops off the turnbuckle onto his back. Sydal calls for it...Sydal leaps off the top turnbuckle, and hits the SHOOTING SYDAL PRESS!!! OH MY GOD!!! Sydal is grabbing his chest in pain, but he manages to hook Lethal's leg anyways.




Winner @ 13:06 – Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal gets up to his feet, and begins to celebrate, as the ref raises his arm. Sydal takes his arm away from referee, and climbs to middle turnbuckle, and poses in front of the fans. Most fans give him some heat, while the die hard high-flying lovers actually cheer. Sydal leaps off, slides out of the ring, and makes his way to the back.

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Re: The King of BTB Tournament

“KEN - NA - DAY”


The catchy entrance music of the one and only Ken Kennedy hits in the arena, as the crowd begins to boo the arrogant blonde wrestler. Kennedy walks out onto the stage, chomping on his gum as he makes his way down the ramp, ready for his first one-on-one shot at the U.S. Title.

Tony Chimmel:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall … and it is for the United States Championship! Introducing the challenger … from Green Bay, Wisconsin … weighing in at 243 pounds … KEN KENNEDY!!!

Kennedy makes his way up the steps, stepping in between the ropes, and making his way to the center of the ring. Kennedy then turns and glares at Chimmel, shaking his head, obviously mad that he couldn’t introduce himself, like he always has.

Michael Cole:
Ken Kennedy has been very impressive since debuting over a year ago, and now he has his first one-on-one match for Championship gold. People may not like his style, but he earned this opportunity fair and square, there’s no denying that.

Kennedy is an arrogant young man, Cole, but that is because he’s got all the talent in the world. This is going to be a great chance for Kennedy to showcase his skills, as this is his first big one-on-one match on pay-per-view.


The crowd explodes into cheers, as the current United States Champion Matt Hardy explodes out onto the stage. Hardy plays to the fans before heading down the ramp, slapping hands with some young kids along the way.

Tony Chimmel:
And his opponent … he is the United States Champion … from Cameron, North Carolina … weighing in at 236 pounds … MATT HARDY!!!

Hardy slides into the ring and then gets right onto the top turnbuckle, unhooking his Championship belt before raising it into the air, getting a good pop from the crowd. Hardy gets down and looks across the ring at Kennedy, who is still chomping away at his gum arrogantly.

Michael Cole:
Matt Hardy has been the United States Champion ever since he beat Booker T at WrestleMania 22. Matt has had a great reign so far, pinning Booker, Finlay, and Marcus Cor Von over the past few months, but this may be his toughest one-on-one challenge yet.

We’re about ready to get this thing going, Cole. Hardy and Kennedy, one-on-one, with the United States Championship on the line. This is gonna’ be a Rocketbuster!

**Bell Rings**

United States Championship Match:
Matt Hardy © vs. Ken Kennedy

As soon as the bell rings, both men leave their respective corners, keeping their eyes locked on each other, as they meet in the center of the ring. Hardy doesn’t break his intense stare, as Kennedy smirks before looking down and then SLAPPING HARDY RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE!! The crowd boos, as Kennedy continues to smirk, while Hardy looks at the ground, before coming back with a right hand. Kennedy is taken off guard, as Hardy continues to hammer away, taking Kennedy into a corner, getting the crowd behind him.

Ken doesn’t stay in the corner, as he comes back and locks up with Hardy in the center of the ring, with neither man getting much of an advantage, as they go back into the corner, with the referee getting them to do a clean break. Kennedy comes back out of the corner again and pushes Hardy back, showing some intensity in the opening minute. Kennedy continues on the assault, grabbing Hardy by the arm before whipping him against the ropes, looking for a clothesline on the rebound, but Hardy ducks underneath, hitting the opposite ropes and coming back with a hard forearm smash to the face.

The crowd is again behind Hardy, as he knocks Kennedy down the second the challenger gets back to his feet, sending him crashing down to the mat again. Kennedy gets back to his feet again quickly, but Hardy tries to throw him into ropes again, but as KK hits them, he slides out of the ring to the outside, getting out before Hardy gets too much momentum going.

The crowd boos the challenger, as he begins walking around the ring, trying to bait Hardy out of the ring, with Matt keeping his eyes locked on the man gunning for his Title. Matt finally takes the bait, sliding out of the ring, going right after Kennedy as soon as his feet hit the ground, while Kennedy is coming with a right hand, but Hardy sidesteps and throws him into the steel steps, landing the first big blow of the match.

The crowd cheers, as Kennedy holds his shoulder, before Matt lifts him back to his feet and rolls him into the ring, following back in as well. Hardy stomps KK a few times before grabbing him by the head and lifting him up again, hitting a quick kick to the gut before he goes for a DDT, but Kennedy pushes off and sends Hardy against the ropes, only for Matt to come back with a hard clothesline. Matt quickly drops down, making the cover.


Kennedy gets his shoulder up pretty quickly, not allowing Matt to win that early, not when he is still very fresh. Ken tries to get back to his feet, but the Champion grabs him by the arm again, throwing him into the ropes before going for another clothesline, only for Kennedy to duck it and slip behind Hardy, clubbing him in the back of the head and sending him face-first onto the mat. Kennedy then gets right next to Hardy’s face, yelling “TAKE THAT CHAMP!”, before grabbing Matt by the arm, but Hardy counters into a small package!!


Kennedy gets his shoulder up, again popping back up to his feet quickly and glaring at Hardy, shocked that he has already gotten a few near falls. KK charges at Hardy, looking for a clothesline, but Hardy side steps and Kennedy runs into the corner, pounds his fist on the top turnbuckle, showing some early frustration, before he turns back around and gets met with a few right hands from the Champ, backing him into the corner again, before Hardy backs up and hits a turnbuckle clothesline. Hardy grabs Ken by the head and looks to hit a Bulldog, but as he jumps, KENNEDY PUSHES HIM FORWARD AND THROWS HIM TO THE MAT!

The crowd lets out a groan, as Kennedy smirks, while Hardy holds his back, taking quite some damage with that last counter. Hardy gets onto his knees, trying to get back to his feet, but Kennedy charges at him and drills him right in the side of the head with a KNEE LIFT!! Hardy falls back down to the mat, as the challenger makes the cover.


Hardy gets his shoulder up, but KK doesn’t waste any time, bringing the Champion back to his feet and tossing him against the ropes, drilling him with a stiff right hand on the rebound. Hardy rolls on the mat, heading over to the ropes and using them to try and get back to his feet, but Kennedy follows and drills the Champion with a stiff kick to the back, causing his neck to lie across the bottom rope. Kennedy follows that up by driving his knee into Matt’s back, pulling his head back and putting pressure on his neck. Kennedy continues this until the official’s count of four, calmly releasing the pressure and backing up with his hands in the air.

Hardy grasps his throat, trying very hard to breathe, as Kennedy goes back on the attack, not letting up one bit, as he lifts Hardy back up to his feet and rocks him with a few right hands, causing Matt to stagger back, leaning against the ropes. Kennedy then grabs him by the arm and brings him back in, hitting a stiff kick to the gut before going behind and hitting a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! The crowd groans again, as KK lands his first big blow of the match, dropping down and making the cover.


Hardy gets his shoulder up again, refusing to stay down and lose his title. Kennedy begins to look a little bit frustrated, as he lifts Hardy back to his feet, only for Matt to come out of nowhere with a fury of right hands, backing Kennedy up. KK comes back with some rights of his own, but Hardy again gets the advantage, taking it to his challenger with a ton of momentum, hitting numerous rights before rearing back and dropping him with the DISCUS PUNCH!

Kennedy quickly tries to reach his feet, even though he needs to wobble a little bit, as Hardy grabs him and shoots him off into the ropes, bending down as Kennedy rebounds off, but the challenger sees this, hitting Matt with a stiff kick to the face. Hardy takes a few steps back from the impact, but Kennedy follows up, grabbing Matt by the head and getting him into position for a DDT - BUT MATT SPINS OUT AND LOOKS FOR A KICK TO THE GUT - BUT KENNEDY GRABS HIS LEG AND BRINGS HIM ONTO HIS BACK - BRIDGING OVER WITH COVER!!


Hardy barely kicks out of the very unique pinning predicament, as he and KK both get to their feet at the same time, going after each other with right hands, but Kennedy ducks the first one Hardy throws, going behind Matt and looking for an inverted neckbreaker, only for Matt to elbow out and send Kennedy back into the corner. The Champion then charges into the corner and hits a second turnbuckle clothesline, before turning around, grabbing Kennedy by the head, and running out and hitting a BULLDOG!!

The crowd gives a strong pop, as Hardy doesn’t make the cover, instead he mounts Kennedy and begins to hammer away, while Cole and Tazz think that he is letting out frustration with the way the match has gone so far, with KK having the advantage the past few minutes. Once Hardy gets in half a dozen shots, he gets back to his feet, grabs Kennedy by the arm, whips him against the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Kennedy ducks underneath, goes behind the Champion, and locks in a Sleeper Hold!

Matt immediately begins flailing around, trying to get out of the hold, but Kennedy keeps it locked on pretty tight, as Hardy’s flails begin to have less and less behind them, as he drops down to one knee. Kennedy tightens his grip, as Matt begins to fade quickly, looking to be out of it right here and now, as the referee grabs his arm, lifts it into the air, and watches as it falls once. The referee puts up one finger, as Kennedy tries to tighten the grip, as he yells out “COME ON!”. The referee lifts the arm a second time, letting it drop, but MATT KEEPS IT UP!!

The crowd gets behind the U.S. Champion, as he begins to show life, slowly getting back to his feet and begins to elbow Kennedy in the gut, with the challenger loosening his grip with each shot. Hardy finally gets him to break the hold, as KK backs off for a moment before coming back and looking for a knee to the gut, but Matt side-steps him and hits a kick to the gut, TAKING HIM OVER WITH A PERFECT NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX INTO A BRIDGE!!


Kennedy just barely gets the shoulder up, keeping his Championship dreams alive. Hardy rolls off and can’t believe his challenger kicks out, with the crowd letting out another groan. Matt reaches a vertical base again and grabs Kennedy by the head, bringing him back us as well. Hardy hits a right hand before sending the challenger against the ropes with an Irish whip, waiting for him to come back, but Kennedy keeps his arms locked around the top rope. Hardy sees this and charges at the challenger, only for Kennedy to catch him with a clothesline as he bursts out, damn near turning the U.S. Champion inside out.

Kennedy then heads over to the apron and slowly makes his way to the top rope. It takes the challenger a little while to get up to the top, seeing as we well into the match at this point. Just as Kennedy gets his balance on the top, Hardy is back on his feet and charges at him in the corner, hitting a jumping forearm, causing him to sit on the top rope. Hardy then grabs KK by the legs and gets underneath him, HITTING A CORNER POWERBOMB, CONTINUING THE MOVE INTO A COVER!!


The crowd can’t believe it, and neither can Hardy, as KK somehow gets his shoulder off the mat in time. Hardy runs his hand through his hair, becoming more and more frustrated by the minute, not being able to put Kennedy away. Matt then lifts Ken up to a vertical base, looking to hit the challenger with a suplex, but Kennedy lands behind him, looking for an inverted DDT, but Hardy elbows out again, sending Kennedy into the ropes. The challenger comes back, only for Hardy to duck a clothesline and take him down with an INVERTED DDT of his own!!

Hardy doesn’t drop down and make the cover right away, instead getting back to his feet and heading to the corner. Hardy turns around as soon as he gets there and boosts himself up onto the second rope. With Kennedy still lying on his back in the center of the ring, Matt gets his balance on the second rope, making his classic “Version 1” sign before letting out a yell and leaping off, LOOKING FOR A LEG DROP - BUT KENNEDY ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AT THE LAST SECOND!!

Hardy crashes and burns on the mat, as Kennedy rolls away into the corner, slowly getting back to his feet. Hardy then moves into the corner, slowly crawling to try and get back into the match, but Kennedy comes and delivers a hard kick to the gut, sending Matt rolling into the corner, his head eventually resting on the bottom turnbuckle. Kennedy then charges forward again and hits Hardy with the FACEWASH!!

The crowd boos, as Kennedy drags the lifeless body of the United States Champion into the center of the ring, dropping down and making the cover.



The crowd pops huge for the Unites States Champion, as Kennedy can’t believe that just happened, with him coming so close to victory. Kennedy shakes his head as he gets to his feet, looking more and more agitated with each kick out. He grabs Hardy by the arm and shoots him into the corner, looking to follow it up with a turnbuckle clothesline, but Matt gets his feet up in time! The challenger staggers backwards, while Matt catches his breath before coming at KK, looking for a clothesline. Kennedy ducks the move and bounces off the ropes himself, coming back with a head of steam, BUT HARDY CATCHES HIM AND WRAPS HIS ARMS AROUND HIS OPPONENT - HITTING THE SIDE EFFECT!! Hardy rolls over and makes the cover, with many a fan thinking the match is over!



The crowd lets out another groan, but Hardy doesn’t let this kick out get to him, as he pops back up to his feet, backing away from the fallen challenger, beginning to open and close his hands quickly, with the crowd cheering because they know what is coming next. KK wobbly reaches his feet, as he turns around to face Hardy, receiving a kick to the gut, BEFORE MATT LOOKS FOR THE TWIST OF FATE - AND AS HE TURNS AROUND - KENNEDY COUNTERS IT INTO AN INVERTED NECKBREAKER!!

The crowd can’t believe the counter, as the entire momentum of the match shifted just like that. Kennedy brings Hardy back to his feet before whipping the United States Champion into the corner. Kennedy follows that with some rapid right hands, with Matt looking like he has no clue where he’s at. Kennedy then lifts Matt and places him on the top rope, only for Matt to drill him with a forearm! The Hardy fans aren’t excited for long, as Kennedy rocks him with a knee to the gut, using the ropes to pull himself up for the shot.

Kennedy then gets onto the middle rope, turns around, and brings Hardy onto his shoulders. The challenger stands up on the middle rope, looking around the arena, with everyone on the edge of their seat. Kennedy then lets out a long “KEN - NA - DAY” yell before jumping off the middle rope - HITTING THE GREEN BAY PLUNGE!!!

Kennedy rolls away from the impact, before coming back over and hooking the far leg!


Winner: AND NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION - Ken Kennedy at 12:10

The fans can’t believe it, as Kennedy rolls off the cover and gets back onto his feet, having just ended the near five month reign of Matt Hardy!! KK lets out a big yell, as he is pumped about the win, while the referee raises his hand into the air.

Michael Cole:
We have a NEW United States Champion!! Ken Kennedy has just beaten Matt Hardy!!

I told you Kennedy was talented, Cole! He made the most of his first one-on-one Title match, winning his first piece of Championship gold!

Kennedy yells at the referee and quickly gets handed the United States Championship. He smiles as he looks at it, before we learn why Tony Chimmel has yet to announce the winner, as the lights go down and Kennedy raises his hand into the air, with the old school mic falling into it.

Ken Kennedy:
Ladies and gentlemen, you now have a new United States Champion, and his name is … KEN KENNEDY!!!

A small amount of heat from the fans, with Kennedy pausing for dramatic effect, tilting his head back.

Ken Kennedy:
KEN - NA - DAY!!!

KK thrusts the mic back up into the air, getting a very mixed reaction from the fans, before he heads out of the ring, his new piece of gold in tow.

Michael Cole:
A new United States Champion has been crowned here tonight, and despite Matt Hardy’s best effort, Ken Kennedy was the better man, and that is why he is the one leaving with the gold.

Yeah, big ups to Matt, but he just ran into the wrong challenger at the wrong time. Kennedy has been talking for so long about making an impact, and Ken, I think you just made it kid.

Michael Cole:
That he did, Ken Kennedy is now the new United States Champion.


Kennedy is now at the top of the ramp, holding his title belt high in the air for everyone to see, as Matt Hardy is getting back to his feet in the ring, a clear look of disappointment on his face.


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Re: The King of BTB Tournament

At WWE Extreme Rules, CM Punk and Rey Mysterio waged war once again. This time in a match that had Rey Mysterio's mask on the line, ( I know irl it was Punk's hair) Rey Mysterio came out victorious retaining his honor and heritage. In what was a highly competitive and exhilarating contest, Punk fell just short of doing what he set out for.

The following week on Smackdown, Punk and the Straight Edge Society came out and stated what a disgrace Rey was to his predecessors. That his mask was a slap in the face to every competitor who has ever stepped foot inside of a wrestling ring. He said that if Rey was such a man of the people, why doesn't he come out and show the world who he is. They are cheering for someone they don't know. Punk asks " What is Rey hiding"? Mysterio came out and asked Punk why he cared so much about this? Why was he so obsessed with this? Punk replied " Without that mask, you are nothing. You lose all your credibility. You are just a regular person without it". Rey says "Punk wasn't the first to try, and won't be the last." This brings out Chris Jericho who wasn't drafted to Raw. He comes out in his suit and tells everyone how great he is. But also says that he was one of those people who tried to take Rey's identity, but unlike Punk he did succeed. He unmasked him last year for a short time, but this time wants to do it perminantly. Jericho comes down to the ring as Punk and Jericho corner Mysterio but Rey slips out the ring. Punk and Jericho are mad at one another and argue.

The following week, Rey Mysterio is in action against Luke Gallows of the Straight Edge Society. Rey is in control and eventually picks up the win after the 619 followed by his patient senton splash for the win. No sooner Rey can stand up, CM Punk nails him from behind with a forearm. He beats down Rey for a little and eventually connects with the GTS. The crowd is stunned as CM Punk now tries to unmask Mysterio. The crowd screams for someone to help. Punk gives a big smile as this could be it!! When all of a sudden, CHRIS JERICHO runs down the ramp and into the ring!!!! This stops Punk in his tracks. Punk looks confused and asks Jericho " What the hell are you doing". Jericho then from nowhere hits Punk with a codebreaker! Jericho then looks down at Rey and goes over to him to unmask Rey, but Mysterio is conscious again and is able to wiggle out of the ring. This leaves Jericho in the ring upset.

The third Smackdown removed from Extreme Rules, it is Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston facing off against Drew McIntyre and Chris Jericho in a tag team match. After an entertaining bout, with Kofi and Drew on the outside, Jericho and Mysterio battled in the ring. Mysterio after a 619 tried the senton splash but in mid air Jericho countered into the CODEBREAKER!! for the victory. Jericho now looks down at Rey seeing this as his chance to do what he has waited for! He grabs Rey's mask and begins pulling it off, when CM PUNK comes down. Jericho stops just as Punk did last week. Jericho gets in Punk's face. Punk then nails Jericho with a muay tai kick staggering Jericho, followed by the GTS. Punk now goes to Mysterio who just like last week, narrowly escapes. This leaves CM Punk in the ring ticked.

On the last Smackdown before WWE Over the Limit, Jericho defeats Kofi Kingston with a codebreaker in a well fought contest. After the match, Jericho gets on the mic and challenges Rey Mysterio to a match at Over the Limit. Jericho says he expects an answer by the end of the night. Later in the night, CM Punk is in action against Kane. After another back and forth match, CM Punk would pull out the win after a springboard flying clothesline. After the match, just as Jericho did earlier, CM Punk challenged Rey for a match at Over the Limit. He too says he anticipates an answer later tonight. At the end of the show, the moment finally came. As Rey Mysterio came down to the ring to announce what his decison would be. He said " he has competed with both men and had tremendous matches with both. " Right as he was about to say who he would face, we hear CM Punk's voice and soon we see him at the concession stand. He is holding a mic. He bashes Rey more, and takes all the Rey Mysterio masks from the stand. He puts them inside of a cardboard box and begins to spray it with lighter fluid!!! He then says " This is for your own good" as he lights a match and throws it into the box!!! As the box is engulfed in flames. Punk stands next to the box and laughs. Rey meanwhile looks concerned and shouts out " Punk, you're on!! You and me at Over the Limt!!! Punk is thrilled. But soon we seen Jericho in the locker room. He is standing in front of a door that says, Rey Mysterio. An agent tells Jericho to stop but Jericho throws him to the ground. Jericho inside begins destroying everything from valuable pictures on the wall, to Rey's luggage, and even breaking some of Rey's jewelery!! In ring, Rey is almost in tears he is so angry!! " You know what Jericho? Me and You at Over the Limit" Rey storms out of the ring up the ramp with mic in hand, then stops. "You know what? TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!!! You guys both wanna get me, well I want BOTH OF YOU THIS SUNDAY!!!! Smackdown goes off the air with Rey Mysterio looking ticked.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall and it is a triple threat match!!


the crowd's cheers turn to boos as CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society come out onto the stage. Punk down on his knee goes through his usual prematch routine. He then begins talking with the Straight Edge Society, as Gallows and Serena walk to the back. CM Punk, alone, shockingly makes his way down to the ring.

Justin Roberts: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 225 pounds, CM Punk!


The boos continue as Jericho's pyro goes off and he walks out onto the stage. With his usual cocky strut, Jericho walks down to the ring. Once in the ring, him and Punk exchange words over this upcoming match.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, weighing in at 226 pounds, Chris Jericho!

* BOOYAKA 619 *

The cheers flow through the Joe Louis Arena, as Mysterio springs out into the arena with his pyro. He runs to both sides of the stage setting off the pryo on each. Mysterio does his usual thing, walking down the ramp talking to all his fans in the front row. Now however, he becomes focused, as he locks eyes with the two men who look to do him in. He gets into the ring as the three men are locked in a staredown.

Justin Roberts:
And from San Diego, California, weighing in at 175 pounds, Rey Mysterio!

Triple Threat Match
CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho

The three men are all anticipating this match, as are the fans. The referee calls for the bell and we are underway. Jericho immediately charges at Mysterio in the corner, but Mysterio flees into another one. Where he has to dodge an attack from CM Punk and does. As Mysterio stands alone, leaving his two opponents frustrated. Jericho charges at Mysterio, this time with a clothesline but Mysterio ducks and kicks Jericho with a kick to the side of his leg. Punk from behind hits Mysterio with a forearm to the back of the head. CM Punk hits Mysterio with two forearms and whips him off the ropes attempting a clothesline but Mysterio ducks and comes back off with a beautifully executed flying headscissors takedown on Punk. Mysterio is then met with several vicious chops from Jericho and is whipped off the ropes. Jericho tries a clothesline but Mysterio ducks and comes back off attempting a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown but Jericho catches Mysterio's legs and has them locked for what looks to be the walls of jericho. Instead he catapults Mysterio into the corner. Mysterio however lands on the second rope, and bounces right back off with a crossbody from the second rope, directed for Jericho. However, Jericho moves out of the way and Mysterio lands on Punk and covers him.



Jericho breaks up the count with a forearm to the back of Mysterio. Jericho picks up Mysterio and punishes him with several right hands. He takes him and whips him into the corner. Jericho runs in and connects with a clothesline in the corner. Mysterio falls down, as Jericho drives his boot into the side of Mysterio's face. The referee tells Jericho to break the count, but Jericho begins aruging with the official. CM Punk turns Jericho around and hits him with some open hand slaps, followed by a spinning wheel kick to the gut. Punk charges off the ropes and nails a stiff jumping side kick to the face. Punk goes for the cover on Jericho but from behind Mysterio takes him down with a schoolboy



Jericho comes behind Mysterio and grabs into an Oklahoma roll



Punk grabs Jericho and counters into a crucifix pin



Mysterio breaks it up with a baseball slide to the back of Punk. The crowd cheers on at what they are seeing thus far. Mysterio kicks Punk in the leg a couple of times as he gets to his feet. Mysterio bounces off the ropes and pulls off a perfect tilt-a-whirl armdrag on Punk sending him under the bottom rope to the outside. Mysterio turns around into a back elbow from Jericho. Jericho slowly struts around the ring putting his fist in the air as the crowd gives him massive heat. Jericho drops down onto Mysterio with an elbow drop. He gets back up and does two more, before once again strutting around the ring. Jericho picks up Mysterio and hits him with a scoop slam. In the corner of Jericho's eye, he sees Punk getting back up on the apron. Jericho springs off the second rope and hits Punk with his patient springboard dropkick sending Punk down hard onto the outside. Jericho once again focuses his attention on Mysterio who is down on the mat. Jericho gets in Mysterio's face pulling on his mask. The crowd screams in horror but Mysterio kicks Jericho in the head staggering him back. Jericho though gets right back up and dropkicks Mysterio in the face. Jericho drives his knee into the back of Mysterio as the referee sees if Rey will tap. Jericho screams "ask him" as Mysterio has nowhere to go. The crowd tries to get behind Rey as he slowly rises, and Jericho tries to keep the hold in. Mysterio now on his feet, but Jericho smartly breaks the hold. He picks Mysterio up with a backbody drop into a backbreaker!!! The crowd reacts as it looks like Mysterio was injured on that move. Mysterio slowly crawls to the side. When Jericho turns around he is met with a stiff roundhouse kick to the side of the head. He staggers and bounces off the ropes. He comes back and Punk takes Jericho down with a snap scoop powerslam and hooks the leg.



Kick out by Jericho. CM Punk picks Jericho up and hits him with several kicks to the mid-section. He whips him off the ropes into the corner. Punk charges at him and hits his running knee lift in the corner. He grabs Jericho's head and runs off for a bulldog but Jericho pushes off Punk, as the momentum takes Punk face first into the opposite turnbuckle. Jericho bounces off the rope as Punk turns around and hits his one handed bulldog. Instead of going for a pin, Jericho leaps off the second rope for a lionsault but Punk moves and Jericho is able to land on his feet. Jericho charges at Punk who is near the ropes, but Punk sends Jericho over head, crashing hard onto the outside. Punk takes a second to get himself together. He then goes to the opposite side of the ropes and charges. He goes through the second rope with a suicide dive on Jericho as both men are down as the crowd cheers. Both men stay down for several seconds, as the toll of this exciting match is starting to wear them thin. Soon they rise slowly, Punk a little sooner. As both men get up they stand side by side, Mysterio comes charging over the top rope with a slingshot plancha crossbody, as all 3 men are down as the crowd goes nuts!!! As all 3 men slowly get up, the referee is up to a 7 count when Mysterio slides back into the ring. Now Jericho and Punk slowly get up. With Mysterio in the ring alone, the crowd begins to chant " One More Time". Mysterio looks around as the crowd cheers. Mysterio goes through the second rope as the crowd seems disapointed. Just as Mysterio was gonna step to the outside, he bounces off the ropes with a split-legged moonsault!!! The crowd once again cheers as they are loving this match. Mysterio picks up Jericho and rolls him back into the ring. He quickly goes for a pin.



Jericho kicks out. Mysterio goes under the second rope onto the apron. He tries a springboard splash onto Jericho but Jericho moves at the last second. Both men slowly rise up with help of the ropes, as CM Punk gets up onto the apron. Jericho attempts a back body drop on Mysterio but he lands on his feet. Mysterio tries the same as Jericho impressively lands on his feet as well. Jericho grabs Mysterio into a victory roll pin as the ref goes down to pin he has no time as Punk comes charging in and jumps over Jericho with a sitout pin taking Jericho down and the momentum sends Mysterio flying in a variation of a german suplex!!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile Punk is pinning Jericho.



Jericho kicks out. The fans at this point realize they are witnessing something special as they chant " This is Awesome". CM Punk bounces off the ropes and drops the leg drop on Chris Jericho. He once again bounces off the ropes and hits another leg drop. Punk picks up Jericho, slowly as he talks trash to him. Punk kicks Jericho in the gut, and follows it up by hooking both arms and does a double underhook backbreaker. Punk turns around and is met by Mysterio who springs off the top rope into a seated senton. Mysterio runs off the ropes, ducks an attempted clothesline from Punk, and then bounces off the second rope and lands on Punk's shoulders. Now in an electric chair position, Mysterio spins and tries a hurricarana, but Punk holds strong and throws him over his shoulders as Mysterio lands on Jericho and with a seated senton to Jericho!!!!! The crowd is amazed as Mysterio pulled off that crazy move. Mysterio still estatic from the move turns around and is met by CM Punk and his springboard clothesline!! Punk hooks the leg.



but Rey wiggles out. Punk begins to get frustrated. He signals for the end with his hands. He picks up Mysterio and has him up for the GTS. As he lifts Mysterio up Mysterio counters into a headscissors takedown sending Mysterio throat first into the second rope. The crowd pops as they know what will be coming next! Mysterio points to the crowd as he charges for the 619, but from out of nowhere Jericho nearly decapitates Mysterio with a thunderous clothesline. The crowd boos as Jericho lifts up his fists. He bounces off the second rope and this time connects with the lionsault on Mysterio.



CM Punk breaks up the count. Punk hits Jericho in the back several times with forearm shots. Punk kicks Jericho as he tries to get up. Punk whips Jericho into the corner. The straight edge superstar charges at Jericho but Jericho tosses Punk over his head. However, CM Punk lands on his feet on the apron. He gets his foot up high enough and kicks Jericho in the head sending him down. Punk soon ascends the top ropes as Jericho gets up. His back is facing Punk. Punk waits patiently. All of a sudden Mysterio runs at Jericho who gives Mysterio the unintentional assist as he throws Mysterio up to the top rope onto Punk who tries a hurricarana but Punk catches him and holds him. He then jumps off the second rope with a HUGE POWERBOMB!!! The crowd goes nuts at the move!! Jericho sees this as his chance with Mysterio out in the corner now. He grabs Punk and eventually turns him over and locks in the Walls of Jericho!! Punk is in the center of the ring as the crowd is going nuts. Punk tries to fight his way out to continue this awesome match. Punk pulls Jericho somewhat closer to the ropes, and is now within an arms length away. Jericho is however able to pull Punk back into the center of the ring! This match might now be over now. From behind however, Mysterio dropkicks Jericho in the back. Thus breaking the hold and sending Mysterio down throat first onto the second rope. Mysterio again tries a 619 this time he nails it as the crowd errupts!! Mysterio quickly springs off the ropes and nails a big splash on Jericho. Mysterio however topples over in pain and isn't able to make the pin right away. After a couple of seconds of holding his mid-section, he rolls into the cover.



CM Punk at the last second breaks up the count. Punk and Mysterio exchange right hands, but Punk kicks him in the gut. He grabs Mysterio and takes him down with a Fireman's Carry and locks in The Anaconda Vice!!! The submission move Punk hasn't used in quite some time is locked in on Mysterio. Mysterio desperately reaches for the ropes but is nowhere near the ropes. While Punk has it locked in, he begins to yank on Rey's mask looking to pull it off. The crowd screams for it not to happen. Mysterio rolls and shifts his weight into a pin on Punk but before the referee can reach one Punk rolls him back into the Anaconda Vice. Now however they are close to the ropes. Mysterio after a couple more seconds is able to reach his feet out and put a foot on the bottom rope. Punk must break the hold, and does at the count of 4. CM Punk looks ticked and snaps as he goes to the outside and picks up a steel chair. He comes back into the ring with it. He is met by Jericho an a spinning wheel kick. Jericho slowly picks up Punk and tosses him sternum first into the turnbuckle. Jericho squats down and now has Punk up on his shoulders in an electric chair position. Punk waves his arms to try to break out. He rakes the eyes of Jericho and reaches for the ropes trying to break free. Just as he is about to Mysterio comes off with a springboard. In Mid Air, Mysterio catches Punk with a FRANKENSTEINER OFF OF JERICHO'S SHOULDERS!!!!!! Punk's head however spikes his head into the ground as hit looks like he may of legit injured himself. The Arena meanwhile is going balistic as they break out the " HOLY SHIT" chant. All 3 men lay motionless in the ring. After several more seconds Jericho and Mysterio are the first to get up, using the ropes for assistance. They are both on their feet, as they begin exchanging right hands and chops. Mysterio tries a clothesline but Jericho ducks. Jericho grabs Mysterio's leg. Mysterio tries an enzuigiri but Jericho ducks. Jericho grabs Mysterio's legs and tries to turn him over for the walls of Jericho. He tries to turn him over, but Jericho bends down and Mysterio grabs Jericho's head into a sleeper hold. Jericho pulls Mysterio up as Jericho still has Mysterio's leg and Rey has Chris's head. Rey breaks out and lands on his feet. He spins around into a wheelbarrow bodyscissors into a bulldog but Jericho pushes off Rey and he lands on his feet. Rey charges back at Jericho but Jericho hits a CODEBREAKER from out of nowhere!! Jericho gets himself together then slowly crawls into a cover and drapes an arm across Rey.



SMASH!!!!!! CM Punk nails Jericho in his back with the same steel chair that he brought into the ring! CM Punk slowly picks up the lifeless body of Jericho and puts him on his shoulders and connects with the GTS!!!. Punk collapses from the fatigue of this grueling match. Punk slowly crawls now for the cover onto Jericho.



Mysterio weakly breaks up the count and he throws himself with his last bit of energy onto CM Punk. The three men all lay unconscious in the center of the ring. The crowd stands up and begins appluading the effort of these three athletes. As they all begin to roll over and begin to pull themselves up the crowd chants "619". They all soon get up. As they do Jericho and Punk give each other a look. As they both stop and stare at each other for about 10 seconds. They then simultaneously turn and stare at Rey Mysterio. They look back at each other once more before charging at Rey. They begin pummeling away at Mysterio. They then grab at Rey's mask. The crowd boos. The mask now rips as they tear at it like a bunch of hienas. The mask rips off Rey's face as Jericho has one end and Punk has another. Rey covers his face and rolls to the outside and under the ring apron. The crowd boos as CM Punk and Jericho both hold up their " trophies" of what they have done. They both have a look of accomplishment. They look around for where Mysterio is. But all of a sudden the crowd errupts as Mysterio is standing on the apron wearing a NEW MASK!!!!!!!!!!!! He springs off the ropes and dropkicks both men in the back with each foot from behind sending them into the ropes. Mysterio then charges off the ropes and connects with the double 619!!!!! He then looks to connect with a splash but as he springs he lands on his feet. The crowd looks confused? Rey then points to the steel chair that is still in the ring. He picks it up and holds it in the air! The crowd cheers as they want to see Mysterio go Extreme! Mysterio takes the chair and nails CM Punk in the back with it. Then hits Jericho. He then begins wildly swinging the chair repeatedly at the backs of his opponents. After several more shots, he tosses the chair down in anger, as he lets out a scream! The crowd cheers. He takes Punk and Jericho and places them side by side. He goes under the rope. He looks up, as he springs off the ropes and does a SPRINGBOARD DIVING SPLASH ON BOTH MEN!!!!!! Mysterio covers both of them




Winner @ 14:47, Rey Mysterio!!!!
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Re: The King of BTB Tournament

Randy Orton vs. John Cena- Summerslam 2009

The two biggest stars in the WWE began to butt heads around the aftermath of WrestleMania but it all came to a head when Randy Orton punted John Cena and left him out of action from Backlash until after The Bash where Orton regained his WWE Championship against Shawn Michaels. John Cena must attempt to stop ‘The Age of Orton’ the only way he knows how, by fighting. But Randy Orton’s punt has returned to his repertoire but with Legacy banned from interfering in the match by penalty of suspension and with Cena’s STFU making people tap left, right and centre the odds may just have turned in John Cena’s favour as he aims to win the WWE Championship once again.

Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena- WWE Championship

The two men are checked out by the official as the bell rings in this hotly anticipated contest. The electricity is in the air and the sound is deafening as the two titans circle each other. Randy Orton breathes heavily before attempting to get John Cena in a headlock, which is met with a mixture of boos and cheers but Cena easily fights it off and manages to use a hip toss to floor Orton but Orton is quickly back up and he SLAPS THE TASTE OUT OF JOHN CENA’S MOUTH! John Cena mouths “good shot” and smirks at Orton before becoming intense and wrapping his knuckles around the side of Orton’s face. Cena rains down on shots that keep Orton in the corner but ‘The Viper’ squirms out of the tricky predicament and hits a picture perfect dropkick to knock John Cena to the apron.

Randy Orton slides out of the ring to regain his composure, there he gets involved in an altercation with a fan and as he makes his way back to the ring Cena grabs him by the neck and drags him up to the ring but Orton THUMBS CENA’S EYE! The referee is oblivious as Orton struts in to the ring, there Orton begins to mount a meaningful offense and he takes a run up and chop blocks Cena’s knee, making him kneel. Orton begins to play with Cena now, kicking the aforementioned knee but Cena once again mounts a comeback. Cena lands a few punches before reaching vertical base, Cena then goes for a big kick to the mid section but Orton grabs the leg which forces Cena to go for broke and attack with his weaker leg and Cena hits the ENZUIGURI! Not a move normally accustomed to the Chain Gang Soldier and it looked like it took his toll on him as he landed uncomfortably on his bad leg. Orton seems shaken by the attack but not fatally so and he gets back to work on Cena’s leg. Orton grabs Cena’s leg and drags him over to the corner, whilst keeping hold of the bad leg of Cena Orton wraps the leg around the steel pole in excruciating fashion. Cena screams out in pain and the referee goes outside the ring to intervene and get the action back in the squared circle.

The Viper squirms his way in to the ring and pulls Cena over and goes for a quick cover,




Cena forcefully puts his shoulder up as if to let Orton know he is still in this match but Orton doesn’t care in the slightest as he picks up Cena but Cena once again begins to fight back, he hits a shoulder block which sends Orton reeling in to the ropes and Cena retaliates with a SNAP SCOOP SLAM! Cena begins to find his composure and his energy seemingly returning but he is still hobbling on his bad leg. He perches himself up on the turnbuckle and begins to punch his bad leg to regain feeling in it a la Mind Games and it seems to have had some effect as Cena moves slightly more freely but still in a restrained manner as Randy Orton gets to his feet. Cena reaches out at Orton but Orton hits a swift European Uppercut, and then another one in quick succession before applying a chinlock to a resolute Cena. Orton begins to apply pressure extensively but Cena takes a quick step back and uses his ring nous to hit a BACK SUPLEX as Orton lands on his head. Cena drapes a hand over Orton as this match begins to liven up,



SHOULDER UP! Cena never was going to win the match there but he is beginning to get a foothold in this match with neither men bringing their signature moves to the fore just yet as the feeling out process continues. Orton and Cena both struggle to their feet and they exchange words in the middle of the ring before Orton cockily poses in front of Cena which brings out Cena’s trademark “You can’t see me” which is greeted by a rapturous response from the live audience but Orton brings Cena crashing down to Earth by SPITTING IN JOHN CENA’S FACE. A decidedly angry Cena waits as the camera gets a good shot of the saliva dripping down the chiselled face of John Cena but then, all of a sudden, JOHN CENA EXPLODES OUT OF THE BLOCKS! Not the smartest move by Orton as he is taken down with a Lou Thesz Press and is clubbed with lefts and rights as Orton covers up his face. The referee tries to break the two apart because of the usage of a closed fist but Cena isn’t done as he wraps his massive hands around the throat of Randy Orton for a pseudo Choke-STF combination but not quite the full whack as Orton rolls over and Cena is at risk of being caught here,




Just in time Cena relinquishes the hold but Cena has most definitely made his mark here and the crowd let Orton know it as Cena is most definitely on side with even the smarkiest of fans after that positively badass exchange. Cena then decides to show Orton his more technical side as he picks Orton up and despite a missed shoulder block Cena hooks the leg of Orton and clubs him across the back. Cena then lifts ‘The Legend Killer’ in the air and lets him hang for just a second, letting the blood rush to his head and then crashing him down on the mat with a FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX! However, after that rush of momentum Cena’s leg pain seems to have come back to haunt him as he slumps over in the corner and begins to take his right Reebok trainer off to maintain circulation to the leg as he must have felt things tightening up. On the other side of the ring Orton is beginning to maintain his bearings and, despite the protestations of the referee (even running the line thin by pushing the official) he runs over to Cena AND GOES FOR THE PUNT BUT JOHN CENA LITERALLY FALLS OUT OF THE WAY AND OUT OF THE RING!!!

John Cena did himself a hefty bit of damage but it was for the greater good as that punt would have ended things there and then. Orton, however, is absolutely IRATE as he saw that moment slip away from him. Cena sorts himself out and slides in to the ring but Orton is there waiting and he stamps viciously on the back of the former WWE Champion. Cena struggles over to his trainer as Orton seemingly halts his attack and lets Cena put on his trainer but this is all a ruse as Orton hits a sublime dropkick to the face of Cena. Orton wants to finish this now and then but instead of going for the RKO or his infamous punt he wants to SERIOUSLY dismantle Cena. Orton goes back to the injured leg and rips off the trainer and stamps on the probably swollen foot. Orton then rips off the taping around the foot of Cena and begins to stamp relentlessly as Cena protests in pain. Orton then gets up to the second rope and STAMPS on the ankle of Cena over and over. Orton, still angry over missing the punt, goes for the cover,




Cena still has fight left in him but Orton is left dismayed after an unusual long count from the referee and he lets his frustrations be known but he has taken his eye off the ball once again and allows Cena to struggle to his feet. Cena, despite all of the injuries and the torment (now with both shoes on), CLIMBS TO THE TOP ROPE and looks down as Orton turns around and he goes for a crossbody but Randy Orton DROPKICKS HIM OUT OF MID AIR! The commentators are astonished at the incredibly athletic move and it is replayed several times but Orton continues his attack, no distractions this time. Orton untangles the pad from the turnbuckle and uncovers the metal which can cause severe damage if used. Orton clubs Cena around the head with another European Uppercut as the dazed Cena keels over in intense pain. Orton now systematically throws Cena out of the ring. Orton grabs Cena but Cena hits Orton in the gut, Orton takes a step back and charges at Cena letting his anger take over but Cena uses this to his advantage AND THROWS ORTON IN TO THE STEEL STEPS!

The crowd ooh and aah as Cena begins to find some momentum, he rolls in and out of the ring to break the referee’s ten count. Cena launches his first meaningful attack in a while as he clotheslines Orton in to the apron. Orton is groggy now and Cena dislodges the steel steps to possibly get the attention of Orton. However Cena has a change of heart and he gets on the apron and waits for a groggy Orton to turn around and he leaps off of the apron BUT ORTON CATCHES HIM WITH A SICKENING RKO OUT OF MID AIR!!!

The first signs of desperation from Randy Orton there as he claws his way up the apron and just about in to the ring as the referee reaches a 4 count. Orton verbally abuses Cena which causes the referee to stop counting for a short time but Cena has a lot of work to do to get back in to the ring. The referee is at the count of 6 as Cena clambers up to his feet and at 8 he manages to slide to grab on to the apron and with a second left he uses everything he has to leap in to the ring to a huge cheer from the crowd. Orton, meanwhile, has completely lost it in the ring as the fans jeer him. His IED seems in full effect here as he lashes out at the ring ropes but Orton then stops and just smirks. Orton waits patiently as he lets Cena get to his feet. The calculating Orton methodically beats down on the WWE Golden Boy as Cena mounts little to no retaliation. King remarks that he has never seen Cena this beat up and he may be right as Orton hangs Cena’s legs up on the middle rope. Orton lets out a wry smile as he squeezes the cranium of Cena has he is set up for the Rope Hung DDT. Orton systemically pulls the trigger in unrelentless fashion as Cena’s face collides with the apron and his carcass slumps to the floor. This one is all but done as Orton turns Cena over and hooks the injured leg,




CENA KICKS OUT!!! Orton and the several thousand in attendance could not believe that. Orton questions the referee but the referee points to his WWE insignia just to show he is in charge but Orton is simply seething. He picks up Cena, wasting no time from his previous mistakes and he grabs the neck of Cena and forces him to the turnbuckle but Cena, by some sheer determination, tries to fight his face away from the grating steel of the uncovered turnbuckle pad. Orton, conceding defeat in that particular battle, attempts to weaken Cena with a headlock. He slows down the tempo, perhaps foolishly as he applies even more pressure to Cena’s now red face. Orton then elbows Cena in the cheek and throws Cena in to the turnbuckle but CENA HITS A DROP TOEHOLD ON TO THE TURNBUCKLE! Cena, out of pure instinct, fought his way out of a tight predicament but Orton got his hands in the way to absorb most of the impact from the blow and he staggers up to his feet, incensed that he has been outsmarted. Orton picks up Cena and he RAMS HIS FACE IN TO THE UNCOVERED TURNBUCKLE REPEATEDLY!!! AGAIN AND AGAIN ORTON SMASHES CENA’S FACE IN TO THE METAL AND CENA IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN!


The crowd are in shock as Cena lays crumpled and Orton can taste the victory on his lips as he begins to prepare for the match-ending punt. Orton taunts to the crowd as Cena crawls and COUGHS UP BLOOD but Orton doesn’t give a damn. The referee goes to check on Cena as Orton shouts at him to get out of the way but Cena is clearly in some distress here but that doesn’t stop Randy fuckin’ Orton AS HE GOES FOR THE PUNT!!!




Cena has him in the middle of the ring and there seems to be no way out as Cena gives payback to the man who put him out of action and has put him through hell tonight. Orton is rapidly losing air as he scratches and claws his way towards the ropes but to no avail Randy Orton is going to pass out or tap out here tonight at Summerslam! Cena wrenches back and yells “TAP!” but Orton is proving resilent but he starts fading and the last, valiant attempts at reaching the ropes are futile as Orton fades... ORTON TAPS OUT!!!





Some are cheering a John Cena victory but their cheers are short-lived as they, and John Cena, come to the realisation that the referee is down. Cena tries to revive the ref but the ref is well and truly out for the time being but the good news for John Cena is that so is his opponent. Cena hobbles over to Orton and pumps up his Reeboks and every single fan in the arena is on their feet as they know what is coming...



Cena is in pole position now as another referee makes his way down to the ring. Cena picks up Orton and scoops him on to his shoulders and John Cena HITS THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!! This one is all said and done, John Cena hooks the leg,




Orton SOMEHOW kicks out, the Viper shows he, too, has some fight in him. John Cena struggles for breath as he holds his head and leg in equal measure of despair and agony. He has fought so hard to overcome the odds time and time again but here it looks like just one battle too far and it looks like he might just know it. Cena and Orton both reach a vertical base at the same time as this rollercoaster of a match reaches its epic conclusion. Cena hits Orton right between the eyes but Orton punches back! Both men have given all they have got and are running on fumes at the moment. They both, again, trade blows in the middle of the ring. Cena, who was won the fans over during the course of this match, gets cheered whenever he lands a punch and Orton gets a huge negative reaction when he lands a punch.

Finally the two men break out of the monotony as Orton tries to go for a chinlock but Cena struggles out and applies a collar and elbow tie up and then uses the momentum to Irish Whip Orton towards the unprotected pad (which the referee, surprisingly, hasn’t dealt with) but Orton holds his hands out towards the ropes and stops himself but Cena comes charging in but Orton skilfully sidesteps and a confused Cena TURNS AROUND IN TO AN RKO!!! Orton wastes a little time dragging Cena away from the ropes,




JOHN CENA NEVER GIVES UP!!! After being put through hell he is still fighting and it looks like he has some fight left in him as Orton stares at Cena in complete and utter disbelief. Cena IS MAKING HIS WAY TO HIS FEET! He is struggling but by God he is getting to his feet. Orton is shaking at the core and he goes to punch Cena but Cena blocks it, he scoops Orton up...




Cena leaps on Orton and applies the STFU out of nowhere!!!

Cena is like a rabid animal as he begins to choke Orton out but Orton is fighting with everything he has and he is clambering his way to the ropes but Orton has lost this battle but... CENA LETS GO!?!? Orton breathes a deep sigh of relief but Cena relinquished the hold because he just has no damn energy left. Orton doesn’t need a second opinion as he gets to his feet and stumbles over to Cena AND KICKS HIM RIGHT IN THE HEAD! HE HITS THE PUNT!!! THIS ONE IS OVER!!!

Orton is out of it, too, after not connecting fully with the and he landed a good deal away from John Cena but he is crawling, he is breathing heavily and he slides across the ring in menacing fashion and with one final movement he places a hand over John Cena,




There is no bell but Orton thinks he has won when he turns around and sees the unthinkable....


In one of the most heroic displays of all time a slight leg movement from a seemingly unconscious Cena has kept him in this. Orton, however, is absolutely livid! Orton goes to the outside and smashes up the announce table and the surrounding area then he focuses his attention on the WWE title belt. He grabs his title and gets in to the ring and lifts Cena to his feet. Cena is wobbling on his feet as Orton leans back and goes to strike the final blow... NO DROP TOE HOLD ON TO THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!!! CENA HAS A SECOND, NAY, FIFTH WIND HERE AS HE GETS IN TO POSITION... FOR THE PUNT!!!

Cena is going to end it with the move that nearly ended him all those months ago. Cena has something in face which we have never seen before, evil. Cena is hellbent on stopping Orton at any cost and he shakes his head and goes a short but agonising distance for the PUNT....











Winner @ 16:22 and STILL WWE Champion, RANDY ORTON

Orton can't quite believe his luck as Cena hesitated for a brief and important second and that cost him the match. Orton's lack of emotion and compassion seemingly won him the match and it proved to be John Cena's downfall.

J.R: Would you look at that? What a brutal battle, one of the most damndest things I have ever seen with both men coming back from things that should cripple normal human beings but that is why these are WWE superstars. But the Age of Orton is still here and all because John Cena had one shred of humanity still left in him and he did the right thing by not punting Orton but it ultimately cost him.

King: Well, I can say right now that was one of the greatest things I have ever seen in the history of sports entertainment. Both men should be proud of themselves after such a rollercoaster of a match but where does it go from here? Does Cena get another shot or will Orton have a new pretender to the throne?

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