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WWE 2010: It's A New Day, It's A New Generation

This is my first attempt at writing a BTB Project, so please be nice. I shall be doing my project on Monday Night Raw with the current real life roster. I will leave Smackdown's roster untouched, although if someone wishes they can take over the blue brand. My grammar is not the greatest so i apologize for that. I will be keeping the current Raw Champions, however i shall be changing the PPV’s so expect the likes of Money In The Bank, Hell and The Cell and more to be dropped. The new General Manager of Raw is a mystery, although he is expected to be relieved on the first show. This project will begin 28th of June.

Nothing else left to say really but wish me luck.

Raw Roster

Brian Kendrick
Bryan Danielson
Chris Jericho
Darren Young
David Hart Smith
David Otunga
Evan Bourne
Heath Slater
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry
Michael Tarver
The Miz
Paul London
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Shannon Moore
Skip Sheffield
Ted DiBiase
Triple H - Inactive
Tyson Kidd
Wade Barrett
William Regal - Manager
Zack Ryder

Tag Teams
Colons (Carlito and Primo)
Goldust and Santino Marella
Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd)
Justin Garbiel and Evan Bourne
Londrick (Paul London and Brian Kendrick)
The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso)

WWE Champion - John Cena
United States Champion- The Miz
WWE Tag Team Champions- Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd)

Other Personal
General Manager : TBA
Announcers: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler
Backstage Announcers: Josh Matthews and Maria
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

Pay Per Views

Royal Rumble- January 30th 2011
No Way Out- February 20th 2011
Wrestlemania- March 27th 2011
Backlash- April 17th 2011
Extreme Rules- May 15th 2011
Night of Champions-June 19th 2011
The Bash- July 25th 2010
Summerslam-August 29th 2010
No Mercy-September 26th 2010
Survivor Series- November 14th 2010
Armageddon- December 19th 2010

Inside Scoop

Many names have been brought on who the new General Manager of Raw is going to be. Names such as Abraham Washingston, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dusty Rhodes have been brought up, although rumours are Stone Cold is done with the WWE for the next year or more.

Over the past few years the Diva division has been lackluster and therefore it has been removed and all the divas have left Raw.

A number of stars have been released from there contract and a number have been signed.

The released stars include The Great Khali, Vladimir Kozlov, Ezekiel Jackson, Yoshi Tatsu.

With the WWE lacking tags teams, former stars have returned in order to help the division. Returning are Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Carlito. Also returning is Maria who will help out with backstage interviews.

Winner of NXT Season 1, Wade Barrett is expected to cash in on his title shot on PPV in the next couple of months, and he will be challenging for the World Title, however he is expected to be built up a few months first.

Also expected a push is Ted Dibiase who management are really high on. Dibiase will be steadily rising up the ranks of the Raw Roster.

Triple H is still out with injury and is not expected to turn up any time soon. The feeling is when he returns he will be feuding with Sheamus, the man who put him out of action.

The Unified Tag Team Championships have been split up with Raw controlling the WWE Tag Champions and Smackdown the World Tag Team.

With alot of lower midcarders, its expected a returning championship will come in to give the lower mid carders something to fight for. Either the European or Hardcore belt.However this isnt 100% guranteed.

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Re: WWE- No Name Needed

If this is your first attempt at BTB, I'd suggest having a look around at some of the other, more experienced threads and learn from them. You can only get good things out of that.

The setup and layout is decent, not sure about you not keeping Smackdown! you might as well recap it cause come the dual branded PPV's you'll have nothing to do.

Please don't ressurect the Hardcore or European titles, you have enough titles and not enough talent to work with seeing as you are focusing on one brand's roster. I actually suggest taking some Smackdown! sueprstars and placing them on Raw for roster depth so you won't have the same Main Event all the time.

Oh and nice to see you keeping the old PPV names.

Best of luck, may your thread grow and prosper.

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Re: WWE- No Name Needed

Monday Night Raw 28th of June 2010 Preview

An all new and exciting Monday Night Raw is taking place. New roster additions, new management, Raw may never be the same again.

Bret Hart has left the WWE, so therefore Raw is currently without management. With the guest host concept being scrapped who will take over the General Manager Spot and lead Raw. Will we find out this Monday?

WWE Champion John Cena currently does not have a number one contender, will we find out who the Champs new challenger will be? Will former Chamions such as Edge, Randy Orton or Sheamus make a statement?

The Miz has been on a roll as of late, once again becoming United States champion. He too like John Cena has no challenger, however The Miz will be facing Evan Bourne this week, will the high flyer make a case to be a contender?

With the likes of Carlito, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, returning to Raw. What are these former stars intentions on the Red Brand.

Finally with NXT finishing, all the season one rookies have been assigned to Raw, will any of the rookies appear this week?

All will be releaved next week on Monday Night Raw
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Re: WWE- No Name Needed

I love this so far dude! Kinda sas you let Big Zeke go instead of giving him and Kendrick a tag run

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Re: WWE- No Name Needed

True when looking at my roster i reliezed its not overally massive and could do with some additions, so he may be rehired in the future, you never know.
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Re: WWE 2010: It's A New Day, It's A New Generation

Looks pretty good so far. I'll be checking back and reading!

I hope personally that Abe Washington gets the GM spot.

Good luck!
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Re: WWE 2010: It's A New Day, It's A New Generation

I can understand if this is your first BTB, but if you are aware that your grammar isn't that great, use a spell check on MS Word. Other than that, good luck. I suggest you do things different to real life to generate interest in this thread.
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Re: WWE 2010: It's A New Day, It's A New Generation

Yeah i am using spelling and grammar so hopefully it will be ok.
Can i ask what you mean by doing things different ? Just i'm a little confusedd there haha.
First Raw is tomorrow =D
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Re: WWE 2010: It's A New Day, It's A New Generation

Raw’s opening videos plays with new graphics of the roster. The Pyro goes off, and we are live from Philadelphia, PA and the crowd is going wild.

Michael Cole: Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to a brand new Monday Night Raw!

The King: That’s right Cole, we have an all new and improved Raw, plus we have a new General Manager whose identity is unknown.

Michael Cole: Correct King, all we know about the brand new Monday Night Raw is that all the Champions have kept there belts and we have new additions to the Raw Roster.

“My Time is now” hits the PA system, John Cena, with a mic in hand makes his way to the ring to a mixed huge reaction from the crowd, although it’s more cheers than boos.

John Cena: I’m not going to blab on, I’m going straight to the point. We have a new GM here on Raw and none of us know who he is. Quite honestly I couldn’t care who he is. I only want to know one thing and that is who is going to be facing me at The Bash.

“Break the Walls Down” hits the PA system, Chris Jericho walks out with a suit on and a microphone too. The fans are booing Jericho although he doesn’t seem to care.

Michael Cole: I wonder if Jericho has come down to also question who the new general manager is.

The King: Either way Jericho does not look happy.

John Cena: Chris Jericho, why are you out here?

Before Jericho can speak Cena cuts him off.

John Cena: Let me guess, these fans are hypocrites, parasites etc, and you think you are the only one out of everyone who deserves a title shot. Well Chris, I don’t care if you want a title shot. You need to go to the back like everyone else and earn it!

Jericho: Actually Cena, I am out here regarding your championship however it’s not quite how you put it. I have actually managed to figure out who the new general manager is going to be. I’ve had words with him and we decided that tonight, right here on Monday Night Raw we are going to have a 15 Man Battle Royal to determine who you will be facing come The Bash.

The crowd pops at the announcement.

Jericho: Tonight, I will prove why I am the best in the world and what I do and beat the other men involved in the battle royal and prove why it should be me, Chris Jericho that should be leading this brand.

Cena: Do you care to share the identity of the new general manager?

Jericho: I’m under strict instructions not to say a word. However I can tell you one important piece of information. The New General Manager will be overseeing things, and will be coming to Raw when he believes it’s the right time.

Cena: Well if this guy wants to play the mystery card then I don’t care. I am the WWE Champion, I never give up and I will never back down! I’m talking to the new General Manager, you Chris Jericho and the whole Raw Roster. IF YOU WANT SOME, COME GET SOME!

Jericho: The classic Cena quote, well Cena I want some and I’m coming to get some.

Jericho then clocks Cena with the mic. Jericho begins to pound away at Cena. Cena manages to get up to his feet and mounts a comeback. Cena bounces off the ropes and hits a running shoulder block, quickly followed by a second. Jericho swings for Cena who ducks, and hits Jericho with a spin out powerbomb. Cena begins to signal for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, just as he bounces off the ropes, Jericho gets up and hits a Codebreaker. Jericho gets up, and picks up Cena’s WWE Championship. Jericho smirks and throws the title down.

Michael Cole: What a hot start to Monday Night Raw!

The King: That was insane; Chris Jericho has just made a huge statement that he wants the WWE Championship.

Michael Cole: True King, but don’t forget he will have to earn that chance as he battles 14 other Raw Superstars for a title shot come The Bash.

Commercial Break.

“Get out of My Room” hits the PA system. The crowd is quiet at first but some cheers come through when they see Justin Gabriel making his way to the ring.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first he is from Cape Town, South Africa, weight in at 215 lb. Justin Gabriel!

Cole: Justin Gabriel is a real high flyer and finished 3rd in Season One of NXT.

The King: I haven’t seen much of him but he has an awesome finisher.

Cole: That’s right, Gabriel’s finisher is a 450 Splash, and is absolutely breathe taking when you see it.

“Oh Radio” hits as Zack Ryder makes his way to the ring. Small heat for Ryder.

Justin Roberts: His opponent from Long Island, New York. Weighing in at 214lb Zack Ryder!

Cole: Zack Ryder was a Pro from NXT Season 2, so this is a little bit of a rookie vs. pro match.

The King: If Ryder keeps Gabriel grounded then there is no way he should lose.

Justin Gabriel vs. Zack Ryder

The bell goes and the match begins. Both men lock up; Gabriel uses his quickness to reverse it into a standing switch position. Ryder elbows Gabriel in the side of the head, Ryder quickly bounces off the ropes but is met by a drop kick from Gabriel. Gabriel covers but only for a two count. Gabriel picks Ryder up and scoop slams him. Gabriel runs off the ropes and hits a knee drop. Ryder rolls away and is begging Gabriel to leave him alone whilst backing up. Gabriel goes for Ryder who pulls him face first into the middle turnbuckle. Ryder immediately gets up and puts the boots to Gabriel. Ryder punches away at Gabriel whilst yelling “You’re still a rookie!” Ryder slowly picks Gabriel up and hits a neck breaker. Ryder covers but just gets a two. Ryder slaps Gabriel in the head and yells “Woo Woo Woo”. Ryder whips Gabriel into the ropes and kicks him in the gut, Ryder then quickly follows this with snap DDT. Ryder covers but once again it’s another two count. Ryder grabs Gabriel who pushes Ryder away; Ryder goes back to Gabriel who hits him with a hard right. Gabriel follows this up with another. Gabriel is building momentum and runs off the ropes but Ryder cuts him off with Rough Ryder. Ryder covers however Gabriel gets his foot on the ropes. Ryder gets up and is celebrating, thinking he won. The referee tells him that Gabriel’s foot was on the ropes. Ryder is in shock and argues with the referee. Ryder goes over to Gabriel, who springs up and hits a drop kick. Gabriel waits for Ryder to get up and hits him with two clotheslines after one another. Gabriel quickly goes to the apron and is waiting for Ryder to get up. When he does Gabriel hits him with a Springboard Cross body and a cover but just gets a two count. The fans are behind Gabriel as he hits Ryder with a snap suplex. Gabriel drags Ryder near the corner and signals for the 450 which brings the crowd to there feet. Just as Gabriel gets to the top, Ryder knocks him off balance. Ryder climbs to the top rope with Gabriel and punches away at him. Ryder signals for a huricanranna. Quickly Gabriel power bombs him to the mat whilst staying on the top rope. Gabriel looks to the fans who cheer him on, Gabriel then hits the 450 splash! Gabriel makes the cover and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Justin Gabriel

Cole: He did it! Justin Gabriel is victorious in his first singles match on Raw.

The King: What a victory it was, I thought Ryder had it in the bag but he made a mistake keeping Gabriel on the top rope and it cost him.

Cole: Your right King, Ryder was in a great position to win-.... Wait a minute!!

All of a sudden from out of the crowd come Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver who ambush Gabriel and begin to attack him. Gabriel can’t fight them off as the duo put the boots to the young South Africa. Sheffield holds Gabriel as Tarver punches away to Gabriel’s ribs. As soon as Tarver stops, Sheffield hits him with the Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder. The crowd boo as Sheffield and Tarver stand tall proud of there actions.

Cole: What was the meaning of this!

The King: Well I think Sheffield and Tarver where a little jealous of there former next associate, and decided to send a message.

Cole: If they wanted to send a message, then why do it the cowardly way?

The King: Well Michael, sometimes the best attacks is the ones you never see coming.

We now go backstage as we are with Josh Matthews.

John Matthews: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, joining me at this time are none other than the WWE Tag Team Champions, Hart Dynasty.

Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith and Natalya walk into the camera view which gets a small pop from the crowd.

Matthews: Hart Dynasty, first of can you shed any light on Bret Hart leaving Monday Night Raw.

Natalya: Well Josh, Uncle Bret decided that it’s a new time in the WWE. Alot of new superstars are here and its now a different generation. Bret thought he needed to step back and do what’s best for the business. Uncle Bret didn’t want us to be living in his shadow and his legacy. He wanted us to build our own Legacy and that’s what we are going to do!

Smith: Absolutely, we are the Hart Dynasty. As much as we love our family, we don’t want to be remembered as living off their success. We want to build our own.

Matthews: Well that’s great to here; secondly can I get your thoughts on the tag teams here on Raw? After all some former teams are returning and new ones beginning.

Kidd: Josh, it doesn’t matter if it’s The Colons, Santino and Goldust, The Uso’s or whoever else wants to come to Raw. We are the Dynasty; we are the greatest tag team today. We dare any team to try and beat us.

Natalya: Now here is our challenge! The Bash.

Smith: Hart Dynasty.

Kidd: Open Challenge.

Natalya: For the WWE Tag Team Championships!

Hart Dynasty then proceeds to leave to a small pop from the crowd regarding the announcement.

Cole: Wow, what an announcement by The Dynasty. Open Tag Team Championship Challenge at The Bash.

The King: The Bash is looking great already and we only have two matches!

Cole: Its going to be an awesome night next month, but don’t forget we need to figure out who is going to be facing John Cena at The Bash!

The King: That’s right tonight there is going to be a huge 15 Man Battle Royal to determine who is facing The Champ.

Highlights play of the announcement earlier tonight, then a graphic is shown of 15 Raw Stars involved in the match.

“Awesome” hits, and immediately the crowd give huge heat. The Miz struts to the ring smiling.

Roberts: The following bout is set for one fall. Introducing from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 231lb. He is the United States Champion, The Miz!

Cole: Since winning the United Stats Championship a few weeks ago, The Miz has been on a roll and is looking great.

The King: True The Miz has picked up some victories, but I wouldn’t say they where clean victories.

Cole: Never the less he will have to be careful tonight as he takes on this man.

“Air Bourne” blasts through the PA system and he gets huge pop.

Robert: And his opponent from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 183lb. Evan Bourne!

Cole: Evan “Air” Bourne, this guy too has been on a roll.

The King: Correct he has picked up a few wins against Chris Jericho and looks to have huge potential here on Monday Nights.

Match#2 Non-Title
United States Champion The Miz vs. Evan Bourne

The Miz and Bourne lock up; The Miz manages to force Bourne into the corner. The referee counts to 4 before Miz lets go. They lock up again and Miz kicks Bourne in the gut. Miz tries for a suplex but Bourne lands on his feet behind Miz. Miz turns around and is met by a spinning wheel kick. Bourne quickly bounces off the ropes and hits a leg drop. Bourne pulls The Miz to the corner and is going up top. Before Bourne can go for a move, The Miz rolls to the outside. Miz is holding his face when he looks to the top rope, Bourne jumps off the top nailing a diving cross body to The Miz! The crowd cheers Bourne gets up favoring his ribs. Bourne picks Miz up, who quickly drives him back first into the ring post. Miz throws Bourne in the ring and covers but only gets a two count. Miz turns Bourne onto his stomach and drives his knee into Bourne’s lower back. Miz picks Bourne up and hits him with a gut buster. Miz covers but once again it’s a 2 count. Miz shows his frustration by putting the boots to Bourne and then yelling at the referee, the crowd gives The Miz plenty of heat. Bourne is up but is resting the corner. The Miz immediately goes to work by thrusting his shoulder into Bourne’s gut. Miz turns Bourne around and picks him up and nails him with a backbreaker. Miz then drops two elbows to Bourne’s back. The Miz sits Bourne up, Miz bounces off the ropes goes for a boot but Bourne ducks and rolls him up for a two count. The Miz is angry that he nearly lost and begins to pound away at Bourne. Miz gets up and yells “Awesome!” which some of the crowd saying it with him and others booing him. Miz turns to Bourne who punches at him, Miz staggers back. Miz tries for a punch but Bourne blocks it and hits a kick to the lower leg of Miz. Bourne runs off the ropes but Miz quickly hits him with a tilt a world backbreaker. Miz covers but once again Bourne kicks out! Miz is frustrated and begins to tell the referee to count quicker. Miz turns his attention to Bourne who it’s a kip up huricanranna. Bourne and Miz slowly get up. Miz tries to punch Bourne who ducks and hits a kick to his ribs quickly followed by another two. Bourne tries to Irish whip Miz who reverses it into one of his own but Bourne counters with another huricanranna! Bourne then goes to the top ropes and waits for Miz to get up. Miz staggers up when Bourne flies off the top rope, with a diving double knee drop. Bourne covers but gets a long two count. Bourne picks Miz up and hits a jumping knee to his jaw. Miz then falls down near the corner. Bourne looks to the crowd who cheer him on. Bourne jumps to the top rope. Bourne goes for Air Bourne and....The Miz rolls out of the way. Bourne crashes to the mat and is in pain holding his ribs. Miz seizes his chance and rolls Bourne up and puts his feet on the ropes and steals the win.

Winner: United States Champion The Miz

Cole: The Miz steals the victory!

The King: Well Bourne took one high risk too many and The Miz showed brilliance to win here tonight.

Cole: How much did that take out of both men though? As both men will be in the huge 15 man battle royal tonight!

Commercial Break and an ad take place for The Bash!

We return from Commercial to a shot of Randy Orton in the lock room who gets a massive pop. Then Ted Dibiase Jr walks in and the crowd boo as Orton just stares at Dibiase.

Dibiase: Randy. I know judging by our recent history we haven’t been on the best of terms. However I believe tonight we can help each other. Me and you where part of one of the greatest groups of all time, we where Legacy! Tonight me and you should team up and eliminate everyone then me and you can settle it between our self’s.

Randy just stands there staring at Ted.

Dibiase: If I cant persuade you, then how about a little insurance policy that you have my back tonight?

Ted pulls out some hundred dollar bills.

Dibiase: Well Randy, what do you say?

Randy just walks off, leaving a displeased Ted.

Elsewhere backstage Chris Jericho is walking through the corridors, when Edge stops him. Both men are booed quite heavily.

Edge: Chris I need to know who the new general manager is.

Jericho: Why should I tell you, you tried to end my career a few months ago?

Edge: That doesn’t matter; I need to know who it is. For all I know this is a guy from my past who might make my life a living hell.

Jericho: I have no reason to tell you Edge. The general manager trusts me and I’m not going to break that trust. The way I see it, in the next few months I will be having a few more title shots my way.

Edge: You need a few title shots? Unlike me I only need one and I will prove that tonight.

Edge and Jericho lock eyes and the tension is rising when Sheamus then walks into the shot and is heavily booed.

Sheamus: I don’t think so fella. The way I see it, tonight I’m winning the battle royal. There is nothing you two can do, Randy Orton can do or John Cena can do. Next month Sheamus will be a two time WWE Champion!

Sheamus then walks off as Jericho looks in disgust and Edge looks worried.

The King: Well it seems quite a lot of the Raw stars are nervous.

Cole: I totally agree King, who knows depending who this General Manager is, some stars could even lose there jobs!

King: I don’t think it will be that bad Michael but I agree that there is a huge cloud on the Raw Roster at the minute.

“Cool” hits the PA system as Carlito and Primo, The Colons, make there way to ring. The duo is given a small amount of heat.

Roberts: The following tag team match is set for one fall introducing first the team of Primo and the returning Carlito, The Colons!

Cole: The Colons are back on Monday Night Raw and will be looking to make a statement for the Tag Team Championships.

The King: Hart Dynasty offered an open challenge for the belts at The Bash and if the Colons win here tonight then I believe they have a real case to challenge them.

“Shattered Dreams” hits and the crowd surprising give a huge ovation.

Cole: Now this is a team that I would call very odd.

The King: A very strange duo but we have seen stranger tag teams in the past so who knows these guys could go far.

The Colons (Carlito and Primo) vs. Goldust and Santino

Carlito and Santino, the ex tag team partners are starting things off. Santino shows of his karate moves by going for a spinning low kick. Carlito just stands there not impressed. Carlito goes for a punch but Santino grabs his arm and flips him over. Carlito gets up and goes for Santino, who does the splits. Santino then hits a hip toss on Carlito and quickly follows it up with a cartwheel and a drop kick to the face of Carlito. A huge “Santino” chant starts as Santino covers for a two count. Santino whips Carlito off the rope, however Primo makes a blind tag, and Santino back body drops Carlito. From behind comes Primo who clubs Santino to the back of his head and then puts the boots in. Primo hits a snap suplex on Santino and covers for a two count. Primo picks Santino up and whips him into the corner. Primo then hits a running splash onto Santino, who staggers followed and falls to the mat. Primo tags in Carlito and Carlito hits a scoop slam on Santino followed by hip tossing Primo onto Santino. Carlito whips Santino off the ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Santino lands on his feet and hits a DDT as both men go down. Goldust wants in the match and begins to clap for Santino and the fans join in. Carlito manages to tag in Primo, just as Primo jumps in Santino makes the tag. Primo tries to cut Goldust off, who is still on the apron, but is met by a right hand. Goldust gets in and unloads on Primo. Carlito tries to sneak attack but Goldust hits him with a huge clothesline. Goldust hits Primo with a reverse atomic drop followed by a scoop slam. Goldust covers but Carlito breaks it up. Santino is back in and goes for Carlito who avoids his attack and throws Santino to the outside. Goldust is setting Primo up Final Cut; Carlito is distracting the referee when Primo hits Goldust with a low blow. Primo turns Goldust around and hits the Backstabber. Primo covers as Carlito holds off Santino and The Colons get the victory.

Winners: The Colons (Carlito and Primo)

Cole: The Colons return to Raw and pick up the victory.

The King: It’s great to see Carlito back and perhaps these two have given The Hart Dynasty something to think about.

Graphic shows the 15 men in the Battle Royal tonight.

A video package plays of NXT Season One Winner Wade Barrett, at the end of the video it shows Wade Barrett will be making his debut next week.

Cole: I can not wait to see that. Wade Barrett was the best NXT Season One competitor and it’s going to be fantastic having him on Monday Night Raw.

The King: From what I seen of NXT Season One, Barrett was the real deal. He had everything going for him and don’t forget that man has a WWE Championship title shot to cash in any time on PPV before Wrestlemania.

Backstage we see Maria rushing up to Michael Tarver and Skip Sheffield.

Maria: Excuse Michael and Skip, can I ask you why you attacked Justin Gabriel tonight?

Tarver: Justin Gabriel is nothing more than a little punk who needed to be taught a lesson in sticking together. You see when NXT finished everyone agreed we would stick together but you see Justin Gabriel was the first one to turn on us.

Skip: None of these fans care for Justin yet he wants to try win there approval. It’s not going to happen; no one in this business cares for Justin. We cared about him but he turned on his, so because of that he needs to be punished.

Tarver: Justin will be punished until he comes to his senses.

Skip: This is just the beginning.

Cole: Tonight has been full of surprises and I don’t think its going to stop any time soon.

The King: This has been one of the most shocking Raw’s in recent history!

Commercial Break.

"I'll Do Anything” blasts from the PA System. The crowd are quiet at first then give a small pop when they see who it is.

Roberts: The following bout is for one fall introducing from Whispering Pines, North Carolina. He weighs in at 202lb he is the returning Prince of Punk, Shannon Moore!

Cole: Another return! Shannon Moore is back and is back on Monday Night.

The King: it’s great to see Shannon back, he has been gone a while so he will want to make a big impact tonight!

"Written in My Face" hits and the crowd give Mega Heat.

Roberts: His opponent from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at 272lb. He is the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus!

Cole: Sheamus will be on extra duty tonight as he is in that huge Battle Royal later.

The King: The key with this match is Sheamus doesn’t want to get too worn down however; this is a warm up match for Sheamus as he has a much bigger obstacle later.

Shannon Moore vs. Sheamus

Moore runs at Sheamus and immediately pounds away. Sheamus tries to push Moore away but he just comes back. Moore gets Sheamus to one leg and bounces off the ropes when he is met by a vicious clothesline by the Irishman. Sheamus picks Moore up and hits the Irish Curse. Moore is out of it although Sheamus doesn’t care. Sheamus picks Moore up and hits Pale Justice. Sheamus covers and gets the victory.

Winner: Sheamus

Cole: Dominating victory for the Irish man.

The King: The clothesline nearly decapitated Moore and there was no coming back.

Sheamus gets the mic and the crowd begin to boo.

Sheamus: Listen up! I dominated my match, this fella stood no chance. John Cena you’re on notice, next month I will the WWE Champion. I’m not waiting around; I want all the battle royal participants to get out here now!

The King: Great strategy by Sheamus, why take a break and come back later? When he is the right mind set for the match.

“Voices” hits the system and the Crowd go crazy.

Roberts: The following contest is a 15 man over the top rope battle royal where the winner will go on to face John Cena for the WWE Championship at The Bash. Introducing, he is the Viper Randy Orton!

Cole: The Viper was offered the chance to team up with Ted Dibiase earlier tonight; will Orton go through with it?

The King: Well it seemed Dibiase wanted to buy his way to winning this match, you can never trust the viper how ever.

“What's Up?” hits and R-Truth gets a big pop as he raps his way to the ring.

Roberts: Introducing R-Truth!

Cole: Who knows maybe R-Truth can step it up and get a WWE title shot?

The King: Battle Royals are unpredictable. So maybe he can!

“Cool” blasts from the system. Small heat for the brothers.

Roberts: Introducing Carlito and Primo!

Cole: The Colons where in action earlier and made quite an impression.

The King: The picked the win up against Goldust and Santino and who knows maybe they will battle with them again tonight?

“Metalingus” hits and the crowd begin to give Mega Heat.

Roberts: Introducing, he is the Rated R Superstar Edge!

Cole: Edge was paranoid tonight as he feels he could lose his job, the best way to keep it is win this battle royal, win the WWE Title.

The King: That’s easier said than done Michael although Edge is The Ultimate Opportunist, so maybe he will win tonight.

Ad plays for The Bash and a video package for Smackdown’s future.

As we return from the break, Evan Bourne, Goldust, John Morrison, Mark Henry, The Miz, Santino Marella and William Regal have all made there way to the ring.

“It’s A New Day” hits the PA System and the crowd give heat.

Roberts: Introducing Ted Dibiase!

Cole: Earlier tonight Dibiase tried to buy Randy Orton’s help, however the Viper left without saying anything. Will Orton team up with Dibiase?

The King: Dibiase got a trust fund a few months ago and since then he thinks he can buy everything. That’s not the case, he needs to earn it.

“Break the Walls Down” hits the PA system and the crowd give the biggest heat of the night.

Roberts: And finally he is Chris Jericho!

The King: Chris Jericho was the one who informed us of this battle royal. The mystery GM told him plans regarding tonight’s Raw.

Cole: Don’t forget Chris Jericho attacked John Cena earlier, so Jericho will have a huge target on his back.

Main Event 15 Man Battle Royal for the number one contender ship to the WWE Championship
Carlito vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. Evan Bourne vs. Goldust vs. John Morrison vs. Mark Henry vs. The Miz vs. Primo vs. R-Truth vs. Randy Orton vs. Santino Marella vs. Sheamus vs. Ted Dibiase vs. William Regal

I’m a little rushed this week so I won’t be doing the full battle royal. Sorry if I’ve let anyone down.
Anyways ill give the eliminations and began win the last 6 people in.

Elimination#1 William Regal by John Morrison
Elimination#2 Goldust by Edge
Elimination#3 Evan Bourne by Edge
Elimination#4 Santino Marella by Sheamus
Elimination#5 Mark Henry by Chris Jericho, Edge, The Miz and Sheamus
Elimination#6 Carlito by Randy Orton
Elimination#7 Primo by R Truth
Elimination#8 R Truth by The Miz
Elimination#9 The Miz by John Morrison

Morrison turns around, after eliminating The Miz, and is met by a huge spear from Edge. Edge turns and hits Dibiase with one too. Edge goes for Sheamus too who counters by hitting the Bicycle kick. Sheamus turns around and is met by a Codebreaker from Jericho. Jericho goes for Orton who counters into a snap powerslam. Orton is in the zone and is waiting for Jericho to get up. Jericho slowly makes his way up and is met by a huge RKO. Everyone is down apart from Orton. Orton grabs Edge and throws him over the top rope however Edge holds on and falls on the apron. Edge is climbing back into the ring when Orton kicks him in the face. Edge is resting on the middle rope. Orton quickly grabs Edge and hits Rope hung DDT. Morrison is now up and hits Orton with a clothesline. Dibiase gets up and he too gets a clothesline. Dibiase is then hit with a spinning wheel kick from Morrison. Morrison drags Dibiase in position and signals for Star Ship Pain. Sheamus however hits him round behind. Sheamus picks Morrison up setting him up for Pale Justice but before he can hit it, he is given a second Codebreaker from Jericho. Jericho then has Morrison in a corner and is trying to force him out. Orton is up and pounding away at Edge as Dibiase and Sheamus are laid on. Jericho gets Morrison to the apron but Morrison is holding on. Edge hits Orton with the Edgecution. Edge sees Jericho and tries for a spear but Jericho moves and Edge hits Morrison, who falls to the outside and is eliminated.

Elimination#10 John Morrison by Edge

Sheamus is now up and immediately attacks Jericho. Dibiase is still lying low in the corner as Orton and Edge square off. Orton gets the better of Edge stomping him to the ground. Orton turns to Sheamus and grabs him hitting Inverted headlock backbreaker. Meanwhile Jericho hits a running drop kick to Dibiase. Orton then begins to stomp away at Sheamus. Orton turns back to Edge who rakes him in the eyes. Edge throws Orton over the top although he hangs on to the apron. Edge goes for Orton who pulls down the ropes however Edge hangs on to. Orton and Edge are on the apron and begin to punch away at one another. Jericho goes for them both but Orton and Edge punch him away before hitting each other again. Edge hits Orton with a low blow, which is legal. Orton manages to hang on to the bottom rope and is still in this match. Before Edge can get Orton, Dibiase begins to punch away at Edge. Orton manages to roll under the bottom rope. Edge pokes Dibiase in the eyes to get away from him. Edge looks to where Orton was but he is no longer there. He looks in the ring when all of a sudden... He is met with a RKO! Edge then falls to the outside.

Elimination#11 Edge by Randy Orton.

Jericho and Sheamus are squaring off in the corner as Dibiase and Orton come face to face. Dibiase offers Orton a handshake and after about 20 seconds Orton shakes his hand. Dibiase turns to get Sheamus or Jericho when all of a sudden; Orton grabs Dibiase and throws him to the outside.

Elimination#12 Ted Dibiase by Randy Orton.

The crowd are going crazy as the Viper has a sick smile on his face. Jericho turns to Orton and is met by a clothesline, Sheamus gets one too. Jericho runs at Orton who hits a snap powerslam. Sheamus runs at Orton who hits a drop kick to his face. Orton begins to wait for Jericho to get up. Jericho slowly gets up. Orton goes for another RKO but Jericho pushes him into Sheamus who pulls down the top rope. Orton manages to stay on the apron, when all of a sudden Ted Dibiase yanks Orton to the outside.

Elimination#13 Randy Orton by Ted Dibiase.

Orton is irate as Dibiase walks up the ramp with a smile on his face. Orton gets up and runs after Dibiase who runs away. Meanwhile we are down to the final two Sheamus and Chris Jericho. Both men signal to the other they want the WWE Championship. Both men then begin to punch away at one another. Jericho gets the better and tries for the Irish whip; Sheamus reverses it although Jericho comes back with a flying forearm. Sheamus gets up and is met by a running reverse elbow. Sheamus staggers up and gets a one hand bulldog. Jericho then goes for the Lionsault but Sheamus gets his knees up however Jericho counters the counter into the Walls of Jericho. Sheamus is screaming in Pain and begins to tap although that doesn’t matter. After about 40 seconds Jericho releases the hold. Jericho picks Sheamus up and hits another Codebreaker. Sheamus doesn’t go down although he staggers back into the ring ropes. Jericho runs at Sheamus who tosses him over the top. Jericho holds the ropes and skins the cat. Sheamus sees this and goes for Jericho who head scissors Sheamus to the apron. Both men then get up and are on the apron fighting. Sheamus gets the better and hits the Bicycle Kick on the apron! Jericho is still some how in this match. All of a sudden Sheamus tackles Jericho and rams him into the turnbuckle. Both men then crash to outside at a similar time.

The referee’s are split who won this match. Sheamus gets in the ring and raises his arms as if he won. Jericho crawls in the ring and raises his hand. The two referees’ are arguing who won the match. The replays then come on and both men are shown to hit the floor at exactly the same time!

Winner: N/A

Sheamus and Jericho are still arguing and begin to push each other.

Cole: Who’s the number one contender?

The King: Both men landed at the same time, it seems we have co-winners.

My Time is now” hits the PA system, John Cena makes his way to the ring to a mixed huge reaction from the crowd, although it’s more cheers than boos.

Cena gets in the ring and immediately hits Jericho with the Attitude Adjustment. Sheamus begins to laugh at Jericho and then Cena hits Sheamus with one too. The crowd cheer as Cena does his signature poses.

“Excuse Me” The crowd give mega heat to Vickie Guerrero as she walks out.

Vickie: I said Excuse Me!

More heat.

Vickie: The new General Manager of Raw asked me to be here tonight just as insurance encase anything bad happened. John Cena you made a fatal mistake. The new General Manager of Raw was going to let you pick either Sheamus or Chris Jericho to face you at The Bash. However because you done that it will now be a...TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!

Cole: What a huge main event for the WWE Championship.

The King: John Cena may have just cost himself the WWE title.

Cole: What a historic Raw, so please join us next week!

Raw ends with Cena looking worried and the crowd booing Vickie Guerrero’s announcement.

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Sheamus

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hart Dynasty vs ???

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Re: WWE 2010: It's A New Day, It's A New Generation

Honestly, your matches are top notch. I love the detail that you put in them, especially with the battle royal that you had at the end of the night. I think you could probably improve a little bit on your promos. They could mainly just use some individuality and uniqueness to them. I think that's something that the WWE has failed to do lately is give their characters a definitive character. Everyone sounds the same. I think that's what you should improve on, is giving the promos just a little more umpf. The Cena/Jericho reaction was alright and I think Jericho made the promo. The Hart Dynasty interview was realistic. Either way it was a pretty good btb and I'm definitely staying tuned. I'm lookin' forward to seeing how you book Sheamus/Cena/Jericho. I think Sheamus is going into the match with the most momentum. He completely squashed and dominated over Moore. Good btb though.

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