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BigMoney2323 presents "2010: The Year of Change"

2010: The Year of Change


At WrestleMania 26 Vince McMahon shocked the world and purchased TNA. The next night on Raw, the draft took place, and TNA stars were found on RAW as well as WWE stars were found on iMPACT. Smackdown was no more which left only two shows, Raw and iMPACT. Ex-Superstars were interested in the new "Super Company" and some made returns to the screen. The womens' divsion was cancelled for the new gigantic roster and the titles have increased. Now the landscape has changed and 2010 has made its mark in the history of the pro wrestling business.

Upcoming Shows

12/14/10: Monday Night Raw
12/19/10: Backlash (PPV)
12/21/10: Monday Night Raw

PPV Schedule

12/19/10: Backlash
1/9/10: New Years Revolution: No Restrictions
1/30/11: Royal Rumble
2/20/11: No Way Out: Elimination Chamber
3/27/11: WrestleMania 27
4/24/11: Aftermath
5/22/11: Cyber Sunday
6/12/11: Night of Champions
7/3/11: Great American Bash: Free-4-All
7/24/11: Showdown
8/21/11: Summerslam
9/18/11: Unforgiven: Championship Scramble
10/9/11: No Mercy
10/30/11: Extreme Rules
11/27/11: Survivor Series
12/25/11: Grand Finale!


Big Show
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chris Jericho (Y2J)
Cm Punk
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
Great Khali
Jack Swagger
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Hardy
John Cena
John Morrison
Kevin Nash
Kofi Kingston
Kurt Angle
Luke Gallows
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Mr. Kennedy
Rey Mysterio
Robert Roode
Rob Terry
Rob Van Dam (RVD)
Scott Hall
Shelton Benjamin
Ted Dibiase
Triple H

MVP and Mark Henry
nWo (Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and X-Pac)
Beer Money Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode)
Colons (Carlito and Primo)
Big Show and ????

Other on Air Talent
Jerry "The King" Lawler (Color Commentator)
Jim Ross (play-by-play commentator)
Josh Matthews (Backstage Interviewer)
Justin Roberts (Ring Announcer)
Todd Grisham (Backstage Interviewer)
Vince McMahon (Chairman)

WWE Title: RVD

WHC: Chris Jericho

U.S. Title: Vacated

I.C. Title: Vacated

WWE Tag Team Championships: Vacated

Title History

WWE Title
1. RVD (11.28.10-?????)

1. Chris Jericho (11.28.10-?????)

Intercontinental Title
1. Drew McIntyre (11.28.10-11.29.10)
2. Vacated (11.29.10-12.19.10)

United States Title
1. The Miz (11.28.10-11.29.10)
2. Vacated (11.29.10-12.19.10)

WWE Tag Team Championshpips
1. ___________ (12.19.10-?????)

IF you leave me a review, I will return the favor.

(3/29/10)Not Removing until
[x] Miz faces John Morrison
[x] Someone gets a push after winning the Rumble
[x] Hardyz re-unite
[] Tag Team wrestling comes back for REAL
[] WWE changes from PG rating
[] Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes get a push and have a World Title Match
[] Goldberg gives 1 more spear

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Re: BigMoney2323 presents "2010: The Year of Change"

Wrestlemania Recap:
This is only to start the storylines, this is not a real ppv, just a recap type ppv.

Just to remind the fans, the roster as of this point are the same rosters of the WWE as of March 28th, 2010.

First Match- Bret Hart vs. Mr. McMahon (No holds Barred Match)
Closing Moments: Bret has McMahon in the SHARPSHOOTER. Mchmahon is about to tap.

JR: What is this?

Out from the audience come out Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan and they jump Bret before McMahon taps out. This forces Bret to let go of the Sharpshooter. Because of the stipulation the match goes on without a disqualification. Hulk hits the Leg-Drop, and the Flair puts on the Figure-Four. McMahon comes over and covers Bret hart for the three count. After the match McMahon announces that he bought TNA, all the superstars, titles, and even iMPACT. He even says that you might see some run-ins by some TNA stars just like what Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair just did.
Winner: Mr. McMahon

Cm Punk vs. Rey Mysterio
Closing Moments: Serena has the ref. distracted and Luke Gallows goes toward Mysterio and holds him and Punk goes for a punch but Mysterio gets out of it and Punk almost knoucks out Gallows with the punch. Gallows falls to the ground and rolls out of the ring holding his chin. Punk surprised at what he did. Mysterio drop-kicks Punk in the back into the ropes and goes for the 619. Luke Gallows pulls Punk out of the situation and then has a physical talk with him complaining about the punch on the outside. Punk then gets in Gallows face, and Gallows ends up punching Punk for the DQ. Punk fights back and they are going at it as Mysterio can only watch as he just lost the match. The refs have to come out to break up the brawl.
Winner: Cm Punk by Disqualificaion

Money In The Bank Match
Closing Moments: Christian climbs a ladder with nobody in site. Swagger comes in the ring. Sets up a ladder and fights Christian up top. Swagger sets him up 4 a Gut-wrench Powerbomb on top of the ladder. Jr says, "No way." But Christian reverses and pushes Swagger's ladder down and Swagger falls all the way 2 the outside floor. Christian holding his head climbs the last few steps slowly. He reaches 4 the brief-case but what is this. Its Rob Van Dam. He comes in the ring and knocks Christians ladder down and Christian flies out of the ring. RVD sets up the ladder, climbs it and grabs the briefcase.
Winner: Rob Van Dam

JR: Is this possible? We heard that TNA stars might make some run-ins, but are you kdding me? Is Rob Van Dam the MITB holder?

Vince comes out and stands in front of the Pyro.

Vince: Rob Van Dam congratulations on winning the Money in the Bank. **He walks back with a smirk on his face.**

JR: Well there you go, Vince McMahon just confirmed it, Rob Van Dam is the new Money In the Bank Champion.

King: Man what a debut for a TNA star here at WrestleMania.

Cole: And that makes RVD a 2-time MITB holder now.

John Morrison and R-Truth vs. Big Show and The Miz(c) (Unified Tag team Championships)
Closing Moments: With the Big Show and Truth tired outside, its down to Morrison and the Miz in the ring. Both are getting up and Morrison immedietely starts hitting kicks on The Miz. The Miz Irish-Whips Morrison into the ropes, he bounces off the second rope and does a turn-around one kick to the face of the Miz. Morrison climbs the turnbuckle and the ref gazes at the Miz's unconsious body, while the Big Show gets up and knocks out Morrison on the top of the turnbuckle causing him to fall onto the ring back first. Big Show comes in the ring and drags The Miz to the turnbuckle and tags himself in. He drags Morrison to the middle of the ring. Just to make sure Morrison won't kick out, Big Show boucnes off the ropes and hits a
450-pound Leg-Drop on Morrison and covers him to retain the tag team titles.
Winners: Big Show and The Miz (retain the titles)

Triple H vs. Sheamus
The match starts right away with Shemaus going for the bicycle kick. Triple H moves out of the way and when Sheamus turns around Triple H kicks him in the gut and hits the PEDIGREE. Triple H gives him the suck it chant and waits for him to get up. After 15-20 seconds Sheamus gets only to turn around into another gut kick and PEDIGREE combination. After that Triple H pins Sheamus getting the easy victory.
Winner: Triple H

Randy Orton vs. Ted Dibiase Jr. vs. Cody Rhodes
Closing Moments: It is the same as wwe match except with the Ted hitting Dream Street on Orton and pinning him.
Winner: Ted Dibiase Jr.

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker (Streak vs. Career)
Closing Moments: So far the match has been great, even a little better than last year's match if possible with the Undertaker hitting a Last Ride and Shawn Michaels hitting a Sweet Chin Music already with kick-outs of both. Right now Undertaker has the advantage and stalks HBK to get up and puts his hand around HBK's throat. He lifts HBK's right arm over his right shoulder, lifts him up and slams him down for the CHOKESLAM. The Undertaker taunting the Tombstone. HBK gets up and Taker puts him up in the Powerslam position, HBK pushes off of it and Taker turns around into SWEET CHIN MUSIC. Both men are down and HBK crawls over to cover Taker. The ref counts, ONE...TWO...THRE Undertaker kicks out. HBK can't believe it. HBK goes to the corner and tunes up the band. Taker gets up and HBK side-steps to Taker going for Sweet Chin, but right before Shawn can get his foot off the ground Taker catches him and turns him around into the Pile-driver position and sets him up for the Tombstone and hits it. Taker covers, ONE....TWO...THRE now HBK kicks out and Taker can't believe it. Taker taunting the Tombstone again thinking a second one will put Shawn away. Shawn gets up and Taker about to lift Shawn up into the Pile-driver position, but out of nowhere, HBK hits SWEET CHIN MUSIC. Both men are on the ground with about no energy. Shawn kips up and Taker is still on the ground. Shawn climbs the rope and goes for the elbow only for Taker to move out of the way, and Shawn hits the mat with his bear elbow in pain. HBK finally recovers only to be in the Powerslam position and then TOMBSTONED. Taker covers, ONE...TWO...THREE!!!
Winner: Undertaker (Shawn Michaels career is over)

**Fans chanting, "Match of the Night" repetitive.**

**Shawn Michaels gets a huge pop from the fans while he waves and high-fives and shows his emotion of leaving of the WWE**

Edge vs. Chris Jericho(c) (World Heavyweight Championship)
Closing Moments: Both men standing on the outside with the count at 2. Chris Jericho Irish-Whips Edge into the steel steps and gets back into the ring at 5. Edge recovers at the last second and gets in the ring at the 9 count. Chris Jericho angry, kicks Edge and lifts him up and Irish-Whips him into the ropes, Edge bounces off and Jericho goes for a punch and Edge ducks hit and runs toward the other side of ropes, bounces off and hits a SPEAR out of nowhere. Edge covers knowing he has the win, ONE...TWO..THRE Jericho kicks out. Edge surprised. Edge goes into the corner taunting Jericho to get up. Jericho does and Edge runs at him and Jericho moves out of the way and pushes Edge into the steel ring-post. Edge groggy, comes off the turnbuckle and Jericho hits the CODEBREAKER. Jericho goes toward the ropes, bounces off the second one and hits the direct LIONSAULT on Edge. Jericho covers with confidence, ONE...TWO...THREE!!
Winner: Chris Jericho (Retains WHC)

Main Event- John Cena vs. Batista(c) (WWE Championship)
Closing Moments: The match has been going on for 20 minutes now, and its about dead even with Cena hitting an F-U and Batista hitting a Batista Bomb already in the match. Cena has Batista and tries to get something going as fatigue is obviously settling in. Cena puts Batista in the Fireman's Carry going for the F-U again, but Batista counters and gets off his back side and hits a SPINEBUSTER on Cena. Batista goes to the top rope and shakes it with some of the crowd cheering him on. Batista does thumbs up-thumbs down which only means one thing for Cena. Cena gets up and Batista kicks him in the gut and puts him in the Piledriver/pedigree position. Cena reverses putting Batista into the Fireman’s carry position. John Cena hits the F-U with the fans on their feet. Both men showing fatigue as they are laying on the ground. Cena crawls over acrros the ring at a very slow speed. Near the entrance RVD comes out holding his newly won MITB briefcase with him. He gives it to the ref. and signals to cash it in. Justin Roberts announces that this match is now a triple threat match. Cena finally gets to Batista without knowing what’s going on and covers him. The ref. gets to 1 until RVD hits the 5-star Frog-Splash off the top rope onto them both and Batista rolls out in pain. RVD covers Cena with a mixed reaction. The ref. counts, ONE….TWO….THREE!!!!
Winner: Rob Van Dam (Cashed in Money in the Bank; New Champion)

JR: I can't believe it! RVD just cashed in the MITB briefcase and became the new WWE Champion .

Cole: After an amazing match it looked as if Cena was about to win until RVD cashed in the briefcase to win it all. I was at the edge of my seat nearly the entire match.

King: What an exciting way to end off the night after a great Wrestlemania so far.

JR: Goodnight Ladies and Gentlemen, and we hope to see you Monday night at the 3-hour Raw, for the 2010 WWE Draft, now reported having two shows, with Raw and the newly acquired iMPACT will replace Smackdown and be on Thursday Nights.

**Show goes off air**

IF you leave me a review, I will return the favor.

(3/29/10)Not Removing until
[x] Miz faces John Morrison
[x] Someone gets a push after winning the Rumble
[x] Hardyz re-unite
[] Tag Team wrestling comes back for REAL
[] WWE changes from PG rating
[] Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes get a push and have a World Title Match
[] Goldberg gives 1 more spear
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Re: BigMoney2323 presents "2010: The Year of Change"

Raw preview for 6.21.10:

Less than 24 hours after a historic WrestleMania the draft takes place live at the Arena in Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, Connecticut. A huge night set to tale place as Vince McMahon is supposed to start the show with major announcements. Surprises all through the show plus dream matches between Raw and Impact stars.

matches set to take place:

ShowMiz vs. Team 3-D
Cm Punk vs. Aj Styles
Chris Jericho vs. Sting
Rey Mysterio vs. Desmond Wolfe

All matches will be for 2 draft choices except the final battle Royal which will be for four picks. Overall there will be 11 matches.

Stay tuned as raw will be up later tonight.

IF you leave me a review, I will return the favor.

(3/29/10)Not Removing until
[x] Miz faces John Morrison
[x] Someone gets a push after winning the Rumble
[x] Hardyz re-unite
[] Tag Team wrestling comes back for REAL
[] WWE changes from PG rating
[] Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes get a push and have a World Title Match
[] Goldberg gives 1 more spear

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Re: BigMoney2323 presents "2010: The Year of Change"

Monday Night Raw

June 21st 2010
Bridgeport, Connecticut in the "Arena at Harbor Yard"

**Video package of WrestleMania 26**
JR: Hogan and Flair? What are they doing here? The Video shows Hogan and Flair jump Bret Hart. Then McMahon covers for the win. After the match McMahon saying "TNA is mine" echos throughout the arena repitive. Then a clip of RVD grabbing the MITB briefcase and McMahon coming out and congratulating him. Clips of the other matches like Gallows and Punk going at it, Big Show and The MIz retaining their titles, Triple H squashing Sheamus, Ted Dibiase picking up a huge win. Then clips of the World title match with Jericho finally winning. Then onto the Taker vs. HBK showing the match of the decade which most people will consider and Taker hitting the Tombstone to end HBK's career. HBK saying bye and showing some fans crying. Then onto the WWE Match which shows Cena hitting the F-U after a long match only to be crushed by RVD cashing in MITB and destroying Cena's moment and becoming WWE Champion.
**Cameras go live to JR and Jerry "The King" Lawler**

JR: Well its great to be back, after WrestleMania and what a WrestleMania it was.

King: For sure JR, i mean everything that happened was so impactful.

JR: Which reminds me that tonight is a 3 hour special event, the 2010 WWE Draft.

King: So much has happened in the past 24 hours, the whole landscape of the WWE has changed.

JR: Well WWE has bought out TNA, gaining their roster, championships, show, plus many more.

King: And Smackdown has ended and iMPACT will replace Smackdown but be on Thursday Nights.

JR: And for now the entire Smackdown roster is apart of Raw but is subject to change for the draft.

King: Yeah, that's right. And Every superstar from TNA is on iMPACT as of now, and that includes new WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam.

JR: To Take these people through a history check, half of these stars acquired from TNA has been in the WWE before and jumped ship to TNA but now has a second chance in the WWE.

King: But now we have all these stars on only 2 shows where before it was 3.

JR: And now, the divas have all been released.

King: Yeah, for now it is only the men in the WWE.

JR: But still the WWE was overpopulated with talent so some people form TNA didn't get a WWE contract and some ex-WWE employees have been released.

King: No puppies!

JR: I'm sorry to agree with you King. But from this night forward, everything you see here in the WWE is in a whole different landscape.

**"No Chance" Plays accross the PA System as the man who defeated Bret hart last night and WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon comes out to heat**

Vince: Ladies and Gentlemen if you have not already been aware, I have purchased TNA and iMPACT will now replace Smackdown as the secondary show and will be on Thursday Nights. And also we have a new WWE Champion who is at the moment a part of Impact but anything can happen in the draft and you enver know. Well a few things i need to address. First of all, the roster size here in the WWE has almost doubled and therefore the entire Womens division has been dropped and every female superstar has been released unfortunately. **Crowd boos** But it is time for a new beginning here in the WWE and that is why I have a big surprise that you will find out about by the end of Raw that will blow our minds. But a few other things to address before i go. 1st of all because tonight is the draft we don't have time for a HBK farewell, but we wish Shawn the best of luck and appreciate all his work here in the WWE **Fans pop** 2nd of all the whole guest host kind of thing here on Raw is now disbanded and will now need a Gm. A Gm will be founded and hired by next week. And 3rd of all, the titles here on Raw have been increased. Since all of Smackdown's stars are coming to Raw, all of Smackdown's titles will be coming to Raw. So no Raw has the WWE title, the WHC, the I.C. title, the U.S. title, and the Unified Tag Team Championships. And Impact will have the TNA World Title, the Global Championship pushed to a Main event level, the X-Divisions champions, the TNa Tag Team Titles, and the re-juvinated European Championship. Goodbye Ladies and Gentlemen and enjoy the draft.

King: Well JR, I can't wait anymore, let's get started with the draft.

**Cameras go to Justin Roberts in the middle of the ring**
Justin Roberts: This match is scheduled for one-fall and is the first match in the 2010 WWE Draft.**

**"One of a kind" plays accross the PA system as the WWE Champion, RVD comes out to mostly boos but 1/3 of cheers**

RVD: You are looking at MR. Money in the Bank for the 2nd time. Now though, I am Mister World Champion! And...

**He gets cut off by Christians theme song, "Just close your eyes" and Christian walks down to a huge pop**

Christian: Rob, you took away MY Money in the Bank Contract. I was going to win, and become a World Champion for the first time here in the WWE. And now as apart of Raw, I will get 2 picks for my brand.

JR: Yeah I forgot to mention that tonight, every match will be for TWO picks. Except the Battle Royal which will be FOUR!

RVD(Impact) vs. Christian(Raw) (1st Draft pick match)
Closing Moments: RVD has the slight advantage in the match has he one-leg drop-kicks Christian down to the mat. Christian gets up and RVD Irish-Whips him into the corner. RVD charges at Christian and Christian kicks RVD at the last second. RVD backs up after the kick and Christian climbs up 2 roes and grabs RVD in the DDT position and hits a swinging DDT from the second rope. Christian gets up and has his arms spread out thinking Killswitch. RVD gets up and Christian grabs the back of his arms turns him around looking for the killswitch but RVD pushes Christian into the ropes and Christian bounces off only to be jumped over by RVD and bounces off the ropes again and this time RVD hits a Drop-kick on Christian. With Christian laying on the ground, RVD hits the Rolling Thinder. RVD trying to capitalize goes to the top rope and does his famous "R-V-D" chant and jumps off and hits the FIVE-STAR FROG SPLASH! RVD covers Christian, ONE..TWO...THREE!!!!!
Winner: Rob Van Dam (gets 2 picks for iMPACT)

JR: Wow, RVD capitalizing on the moment, gets the pinfall and 2 picks for Impact.

King: Man Christian, we needed that win.

JR: Well here we go, who is Impact getting?

**The Titantron shows the draft pop-up thing**

The First superstar is.....Edge!!!!!!

**"You think you know me" plays across the PA system as Edge comes out to a pop and has mixed emotions**

**Edge has a stare-down with RVD and crosses his hands around his waist as he is telling Rvd that he is coming for his title**

JR: Wow, Impact got Edge. One of the biggest superstars on Raw is now gone.

**The Titantron shows the draft pop-up thing again**

JR: Let's see who else will Impact get?

The Second pick for Impact is.......Dolph Ziggler!

JR: Wow, Dolph Ziggler is now on Thursday Nights.

King: I just noticed JR, both of those picks came from Smcakdown. So we didn't even get to see them wrestle here on Raw.

JR: Yeah, that also means we didnt' lose anyone either.

King: Well up next we got another draft match after this short commercial break.

******************Commercial break********************

JR: We are back Ladies and Gentlemen to the most highest episodic weekly show in history.

King: And hear we go with round 2 of the 2010 draft.

**Cameras show Justin Roberts in the middle of the ring**

Justin Roberts: This next match is scheduled for one-fall and is the second draft match.

**ShowMiz's theme song plays as Big Show and Miz walk down with their titles in tact to some heat**

**Team 3-D's music hits as they come out to a pop**

ShowMiz(RAW) vs. Team 3-D(IMPACT) (2nd Draft pick match)
Closing Moments: Brother Ray and the Miz in at the moment with the Miz going to work on Ray’s arm. Ray has been constantly beaten up by Miz n Show in the past 5 mins. Miz puts him into the corner and hits kness o the face of Brother Ray. Then Miz backs up to the opposite corner and runs at Ray and hits him with a clothesline. Ray bounces off and falls face first to the mat while Miz is showboating. Miz stands behind Ray while he gets up signaling for the Skull-Crushing Finale. Ray gets up and Miz locks it in but Ray lifts his arms with strength to break the hold and hits elbows from behind on Miz. Then Ray bounces off the ropes and hits a diving shoulder block onto Miz. Both men are down. The fans are behind Ray to make the tag. After a suspensful wait, Brother Ray gets the tag as the fans explode. Brother D-Von comes in and hits punches and clotheslines onto the Miz. Then D-Von goes up the turnbuckle and hits a divign head-butt. D-Von is feeling it and so is Ray. Ray comes in the ring and they are looking for the 3-D. Big Show comes form behind and knocks them both out, and wlks back over the rope to his turnbuckle. The Miz barely conscious, crawls over to the Big Show and makes a tag. Big Show comes in and rolls out Ray and picks up D-Von by the neck in the chokeslam position. Big Show hits the chokeslam on D-Von. Big Show makes the pin, ONE….TWO…THREE!!!
Winners: ShowMiz (2 picks for RAW)

JR: ShowMiz have won it which means 2 picks for Raw.

King: Wow, let’s see who we get.

**Draft thing shows up on the titantron**

The First pick for Raw is…..Mr. Anderson!!!!!

Jr: Wow!

King: Hey, we got him. Misterrr.. Anderson.

**Mr. Anderson’s theme plays as the Green Bay born superstar comes out to a mixed reaction**

Anderson: Ladies and Gentlemen the asshole is here on Raw. **Fans boo** but that man isn’t Mr. Anderson. That man is Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennedyyyyyyy……….Kennnedy!!!

JR: Well it looks like Mr. Anderson is back to Mr. Kennedy.

**Draft thing shows up again on the titantron**

The second pick for Raw is…….X-Pac.

JR: Well a long working WWE employee now back on Raw, and that is no other than X-Pac.

King: A lot of people don’t know this but X-Pac was in both the now and D-X, two of the most popular groups during the “Attitude Era.”

**Cameras go backstage to Todd Grisham**

Todd: I am here at this time, with John Cena!!

Todd: So John, what are your thoughts on last nights WrestleMania Main Event between yourself and Batista?

John: Well Todd, I had Batista beat. We were both covered in sweat and exhausted. I got to hand it to him, we put everything that we could out there. And then Rvd out of one second comes down to the ring and ruined everything me and Batista have worked for in the past year. Every superstar’s dream is to win a Main Event at WrestleMania and that is what every superstar perepares for over the past year. And both mine and batista’s hard worked was ruined in a single moment. Batista is just as mad as I am, but Rob, now your on notice! I am coming for you! And I am coming for that WWE Title!!

Todd: Well there you go, back to you King and JR.

JR: Well John Cena is now indeed coming for Rob Van Dam’s WWE Title.

King: And man what a match tonight, we have just heard that there will be a 14-man Battle Royal, 7 from each brand for a draft pick tonight. And get this JR, its for 4 picks!

JR: Wow a big announcement indeed, but here we go with out 3rd draft match of the night.

**Jack Swagger’s theme song this the PA system as the All-American American makes his way to the ring to some heat**

Jack: The All-American American is here. And should be Mr. Money in the Bank. But I’m over that, because I don’t need a briefcase to get a World Title shot. I am so good, I can earn it myself! So whoever the chump from Impact that is facing me, bring him out here!

**D’angelo Dinaero’s theme song hits as the Pope walks out to the ring to a pop**

Jack Swagger(RAW) vs. The Pope(IMPACT) (3rd Draft Pick Match)
Closing Moments: Jack Swagger so far mostly dominating the match. Swagger has Pope on the ground in a submission move. He has the Pope in an abdominal Stretch. The crowd behind Pope as Pope is slowly standing up and getting out of the move. After seconds have gone by, the Pope hits elbows on Swagger from behind. Pope gets out of the move and runs to the rope and bounces off only to be clotheslined by Swagger. Swagger makes the cover ONE..TWO, Pope kicks out. Jack Swagger picks up Pope by the stomach and hits a Belly to Belly on the Pope. Pope holds his back as Swagger lifts him up. He Irish-Whips Pope into the turnbuckle. Swagger comes running at him but Pope gets his feet up and kicks Swagger right in the chin. Swagger a little stunned backs up and runs toward Pope again but Pope does the same thing. The Pope out of nowhere hits a Double-Knee facebuster on Swagger. Swagger finds the turnbuckle and uses it to get himself up as he his holding his chin in pain and looking at the turnbuckle with his back toward the ring. Pope takes full advantage and hits the DDE on Swagger. Swagger falls down and Pope covers him, ONE….TWO…THREE!!!!
Winner: D’Angelo Dinero (2 picks for Impact)

JR: Another loss for Raw, but Impact gets 2 picks from Raw.

King: Who are they gonna get? Come on, someone bad. You can have Santino or something.

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Third pick for Impact is……Drew McIntrye!!

King: The chose one!

JR: Wow a great pick for Impact.

**McIntry’s music hits as the “Chose one” comes out to mostly heat**

**The crowd singing “Na Na Na Na Goodbye”**

**Drew gets on the mic while he is standing at the top of the ramp**

Drew: Well it looks like I don’t have to stay here with all of you untalented disgraces for people. I’m on my way to Impact.

**”No Chance” plays across the PA system as none other than Vince McMahon comes out to a mixed reaction**

**He stands next to McIntrye with Drew smiling**

Vince: Drew, it’s sad to see you go, but unfortunately now that you are on Impact, the Intercontinental Title is not a title on Impact and that title belongs to Raw. So I have to say that you are forfeiting the title.

**Drew is in shock and is in anger**

**Vince gets the title from Drew McIntyre as he walks to the back**

**Draft pop-up thing comes up again**

The Fourth pick for Impact is…..Batista!!!!

JR: My god, its Batista!

King: What!? Batista is on Raw?

JR: Batista is on Impact, well it looks like Batista can forget about getting a WWE Title re-match.

King: I still can’t believe it.

JR: First Edge, and now Batista. We need to catch up in this draft,

**Batista’s theme plays as he comes out to a mixed reaction**

Batista: Nothing has changed. Now I am on Thursday Nights, and I will do the same thing I did on Monday Nights. Completely dominate the competition. So Eric Bischoff bring it on!

JR: Well what a draft so far. We’ll be right back after this commercial break..

***********Commercial Break***********

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen we are back here on Monday Night Raw, and is a night to remember. So far big names being changed.

King: Your right JR, we’ve already seen names such as Edge, and Batista on Impact.

JR: And don’t forget FORMER Interconitnental Champion, Drew McIntyre.

King: Yeah, being drafted to Impact which ment that McIntyre had to drop the title.

JR: And then Dolph Ziggler also going to Impact.

King: Yeah and then so far Rawhas gotten tow picks.

JR: And that would be Mr. Anderson who is back to Mr. Kennedy and former member of nWo and Dx, X-Pac.

King: yeah, but we got more matches still to come, many more so we will see what Raw can do.

**Kurt Angle’s theme song plays as the Gold Medalist comes down to the ring to a pretty big pop**

**The Game’s theme song hits as 13-time World Champion, Triple H hits the ring to a pop**

**Triple H and Kurt Angle shake hands before their epic match**

Triple H(RAW) vs. Kurt Angle(IMPACT) (4th Draft Pick Match)
Closing Moments: Triple H and Kurt Angle have gone back and fourth and has been a pretty exciting match so far. Kurt Angle grabs Triple H’s leg and takes him down. Triple H bounces right back up. They are both up and show signs of impressment to the other. HHH starts hitting punches on Angle. HHH Irish-Whips Angle into the ropes. As angle bounces off HHH runs at him and hits a high knee. Triple H lifts Angle up and Irish-Whips him into the ropes. Angle catches himself and leans back on the ropes. Triple H notices it and runs at him but Angle lifts him up and over. Triple H smashing against the outside floor. Angle crawls under the rope to the outside. With the ref at 2 Angle lifts Triple H and Irish-Whips him into the steel steps which Triple H crushing them. Angle crawls back in the ring at a ref count of 6. Triple finally gets in at the 8 count. Angle goes right for Triple H, but the Game counters and send Angle head first into the ropes. Angle is tied up. Then Triple H gets Angle out of it but angle punches Tirple H and hits a German Suplex out of nowhere, and then this two more. Angle covers Triple
H, ONE…TWO…THR HHH kicks out! Angle lifts Triple H up in the Angle slam position but Triple H gets out of it and hits a Double-A Spinebuster out of nowhere. Triple H does the Pedigree taunt. Angle gets up and Triple H kicks him in the gut and puts him in the piledriver position but Angle lifts him up and over his head. Then Triple gets up and Angle hits the ANGLE SLAM. Kurt covers, ONE….TWO…THRE Triple H gets a shoulder up. Angle is shocked. And just waits for Triple H to get up as he is looking for the Angle slam again. Triple H gets up turns around and reverses Angle and kicks him in the gut and puts him in the Piledriver position and hits the PEDIGREE!! Triple H covers ONE..TWO...THRE Angle kicks out! Triple H cannot believe it as the fans are going crazy. Both men are just about exhausted. Sheamus comes down and starts to distract Triple H with Angle still laying on the ground catching his breath. The ref is making sure Sheamus doesn’t hit Triple H. Sheamus taunts at Triple H but then Triple H turns around and him and Angle charge at each other and Angle drops HHH. Angle turns him over and locks in the ANKLE LOCK. After seconds go by with Triple trying to go to all 4 ropes Angle keeps him in the middle and Triple H has no choice but to tap after 16:13.
Winner: Kurt Angle (2 picks for Impact)

JR: Man, what a match. Sheamus almost ruined it.

King: I didn’t think it would ever end.

JR: But none-the-less, now Impact has 2 more picks and after this it will be 6-2 with Impact dominating.

King: We gotta get back in the game. But let’s see who impact is getting.

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Fifth pick for Impact is…Finlay.

JR: The fighting Irishmen now on Thursday Nights.

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Sixth pick for Impact is….Christian.

JR: Wow another great pick with Christian.

King: Come on, you gotta be kidding me.

**Christian’s theme pays as he just stands on top of the ramp to a pop and is waving his hands goodbye**

JR: Well Raw is in desperate need of a win here.

King: And up next we have another draft match.

**Cameras show Drew McIntyre walking past everybody in the locker room and everyone waving bye and mocking him**

**Cameras go back to ringside where it shows the crowd in Bridgeport, Connecticut**

**Undertaker’s theme song hits as the Deadman makes his way to the ring to a pop after becoming 18-0 at WrestleMania.**

**Then Samoa Joe’s music hits as the man representing Impact comes out to mostly heat*

Undertaker(RAW) vs. Somoa Joe(IMPACT) (5th Draft Pick Match)
Closing Moments: Undertaker grabs Somoa Joe’s arm and clibs the turnbuckle and walsk over to the middle of the ropes and hits Old School on Joe. Somoa Joe gets up using the turnbuckle to help him and taker hits Joe in the corner with multiple clotheslines. Somoa Joe walks out of the corner groggy and gets a Big Boot by the Undertaker. Undertaker covers, ONE..TW Joe kicks out easily. Taker then gets up followed by Joe. But Joe hits a devastating Clothesline on Taker. Joe lifts up Taker and hits chops on him. He throws him into the turnbuckle with force and taker runs, hits off of it and comes back into the center of the ring where Joe hits a Sidewalk Slam. Joe covers, ONE…TWO taker kicks out. Then Joe going for a Death Valley Driver but gets reversed by Taker who starts to choke Joe. He then lifts Joe’s right arm over his. And lifts him up in the air hitting the CHOKESLAM. Taker then signifies for the Tombstone as he waits for Joe to get up. But then out of nowhere Jericho comes down to ringside and gets Taker’s attention. Jericho then starts talking trash to taker and Joe is still on the ground. Jericho comes up to the rign and stands outside the ropes but on the apron and taker swings at him but Jericho jumps down before he can reach him. Joe gets up and as Taker truns around Joe hits the MUSCLE BUSTER. Joe covers, ONE..TWO..THREE!!!
Winner: Samoa Joe (2 picks for Impact)

**Samoa Joe comes up after the pin and notices Jericho. He didn’t even see him during the match. Joe then walks intimidatingly toward Jericho as Jericho leaves frightened with his World Title in tact.**

JR: Man, another loss for Raw and I was sure that Taker was going to pick up the win for us.

King: Yeah, but did you see what happened? Jericho distracted Taker and Joe didn’t even realize it and got the win for Impact.

JR: Well who is Impact getting now?

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Seventh pick for Impact is…..Chavo Guerrero.

JR: Well Chavo is no longer on raw.

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Eight pick for Impact is…..Randy Orton.

JR: Wow!

King: You gotta be kidding me!

JR: Randy Orton! Is now on Thursday Nights.

King: We are losing superstar after superstar, and Orton might have been arguably one of the best superstars on Raw.

JR: After coming off a loss to Dibiase at WrestleMania also including Rhodes, Orton must of wanted to stay here in Raw and get a re-match with Dibiase, but it looks like that’s not happening either.

**Cameras go backstage to see Orton in his locker room livid and kicking boxes and hitting walls**

King: Man Orton doesn’t like the decision either.

JR: Well Ladies and gentlemen what a draft so far as Impact has gotten…

**JR gets cut off by Josh Matthews who is jogging through hallways with his mic in hand.**

Josh: Sorry JR, but we have received word that one of Vince’s announcement might be here.

JR: (Talking to King) huh? What is he talking about?

**Josh stops jogging as he stops at a WWE trailer truck and the cameras turn to the truck**

**And the door opens and smoke comes out and after about 3 seconds, Goldberg walks out**

JR: OH MY GOD! Its Him! Its Goldberg! Goldberg is back!

King: You said it. I can’t believe it.

**Goldberg walks right past Mathews on his way toward somewhere as he is as focused as can be**

**Seconds later Cameras show Vince’s office and Goldberg walking in**

Vince: Ahh, it is none other than one of the newest superstars here at Raw, Goldberg.

Goldberg: I am here Vince. And wait, what did you mean by one of?

Vince: Oh, your not the only superstar here that’s making his return tonight.

Goldberg: Who else?

Vince: Well it’s someone that you remember quite well, as he might be the freshest memory in your mind from your WWE.

**The door opens again and out comes Brock Lesnar!**

JR: OH MY! Now Brock Lesnar is here 2.

King: This night is truly unforgettable.

**Brock puts his arm around Goldberg**

Brock: Ahh, yes Goldberg, its nice to get acquainted once again.

**Goldberg pushes Brock’s arm off of him**

Goldberg: Yeah, it is definitely a pleasure (sarcastically)

Goldberg: But Brock, I’m guessing like me, you came back for some reason.

Brock: Actually I did. See most people knew that during my absence with WWE, I was wrestling in UFC, and as much fun as it was, I could not get you out of my mind. I couldn’t get Steve Austin out of my mind. I couldn’t get the fans booing me out of the stadium. But most of all I couldn’t get losing my last match out of my mind. And Goldberg, for old times sake, what do you say that me and you square off one more time?

Goldberg: You know what Brock, you got yourself a deal.

**While he is walking out he turns around and says one last thing**

Goldberg: But Brock, YOU’RE NEXT!!!

King: Haaa, Goldberg is back, and so is Brock Lesnar!

JR: And at Backlash they square off one on one in a WrestleMania 20 re-match.

King: Man what an announcement. Vince was right, that was huge!

**Cameras show John Morrison and R-Truth walking side-by-side to the ring as they are about to be in action**

*************Commercial Breaak************

JR: We are back laides and gentlemen and a historic night already.

King: Well not only the draft but just a few moments ago we saw the return of Brock Lesnar and Goldberg.

JR: And they will have a match at Backlash in 3 weeks.

**John Morrison’s theme hits as John walks out and then R-Truth’s music hits as he walks out and they walk down to the ring together**

**Beer Money’s theme song hits as the dominant tag-team from Impact walks out to heat**

John Morrison and R-Truth(RAW) vs. Beer Money(IMAPCT) (6th Draft Pick Match)
Closing Moments: With ShowMiz at ringside doing commentary with JR and King R-Turth and Robert Roode are in the ring at the time. Roode has the advantage. Roode Irish-Whips Truth into the turnbuckle. Roode charges but Truth gets a kick in. Then Truth clibs up to the second rope and does a cross-body type of dive but straight up, and Roode catches him with a Spinebuster. Roode tags in Storm. Storm starts hitting kicks on the layed down R-Truth. Strom smirks to the crowd then lifts up Truth and puts him on his shoulders and goes over to roode but Truth leaps off and pushes Storm head first into Roode’s corner with Roode tagging himself in and R-Truth drop-kicks him as soon as he comes in. Truth crawls over and gets a hot-tag to Morrison. Morrison bounces off the rope and drop-kicks the recovering Roode. Then JoMo tries to Irish-Whip Roode into the ropes where Roode counters and Irish-Whips JoMo into the ropes. JoMo runs into the ropes and jumps onto the second rope instead of bouncing off like Roode had predicted and John uses the ropes to propel himelf and one-leg drop-kick Roode. JoMo covers, ONE..TWO..TH.. James Storm interrupts the pinfall. Then R-Truth comes in the ring and hits a Lie Detector on Robert Roode over the rope where both of them landed on the outside. At this time John gets up and sets up Storm for the Moonlight Drive but Miz and Big Show get out of commentary and the Miz goes over to the ring and Morrison lets go of James and tells The Miz to fight and while the Miz said no, so Morriosn turned around but Miz tripped Morrison up and pulled him out of the ring and stated punching him. And threw him back in the ring. Then the ref turned around and Morrison and Storm were layed out in the ring. But Storm got up and hits the EYE OF THE STORM on Morrison. Storm covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!
Winners: Beer Money (2 picks for Impact)

JR: Well a turn of events as Miz and big Show gave Morrison and Truth the lost their which results with another loss for Raw and another win for Impact.

King: So now 2 more picks go to impact.

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Ninth pick for Impact is…R-Truth!

JR: Wow, R-Truth is leaving the side of John Morrison and Truth is now on Thursday Night Impact.

**R-Truth is in sorrow but shakes John’s hand and then on his way back up the ramp starts to show excitement**

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Tenth pick for Impact is…..The Miz!

JR: Wow! The Miz, one half of the Unified tag team Championships and the United States Champion is now a member of Impact and no longer any champion.

**The Miz is truly shocked and is showing anger and throwing a fit**

**To Shut him up, the Big Show just completely knocks out the Miz with one punch as the fans pop**

**Then Show walks up the ramp with the Tag Titles**

**Vince McMahon comes out and talks to show on the top of the ramp**

Vince: Big Show, now that Miz is no longer on Raw, not only is he no longer United States Champion, but nor you or Miz is Unified Tag Team Champions. Actually now that we have another show, I am dropping the Unified tag Titles, and now it is just going to be the WWE Tag Team Championships, and Big Show since you were the past champion, the Tag Titles are now vacated but at Backlash you can find yourself a partner and you will face the team of MVP and Mark Henry. Good luck.

**Big Show walks out with a smirk**

JR: Well another big announcement there, as not only is Miz now a member of Impact, but the Tag Titles are vacated and are now only the WWE Tag team Championships.

King: Yeah, and get this, at backlash Big Show gets to choose a new partner and they will face the team of Henry and MVP.

JR: Well now that that is happening we got more draft matches up next.

**Cm Punk’s music hits as the man who betrayed Luke Gallows last night comes down by himself to heat**

**Aj Styles music hits as the current TNA World Champion comes down to heat also with Ric Flair by his side**

JR: Well both of these men aren’t fan-favorites but 2 great stars at that, and this looks like a great match ready to happen.

King: Man, we really need a win here, come on Punk!

Cm Punk(RAW) vs. Aj Styles w/ Ric Flair(IMPACT) (7th Draft Pick Match)
Closing Moments: So far a pretty even match. Cm Punk starts hitting high kicks on Styles which pushes Styles into the turnbuckle, where punk then starts to his some slaps. Then Aj reverses with punches and throws Punk into the turnbuckle back first. Then Aj clibs to the second rope and hits punches on Punks head with Punk having no defense. Aj hitting lefts and rights then Punk grabs Aj’s legs and pushes him off. Aj hits the mat. Punk uses the time to recover until he picks Aj up slowly but Styles reverses and Irish-Whips Punk into the ropes, Punk bounces off and Aj hits the mat and Punk steps over and then goes back to the ropes and bounces off again and this time gets drop-kicked by Aj. Aj then goes for a kick on Punk but Punk catches his leg and then aj hits the Enzuigiri. Punk then starts to gain momentum as he starts to hit kicks on Aj and then hit the knee in the corner-bulldog combination until Luke Gallows comes down and into the ring and starts brawling with Punk. Gallows completely destroying Punk as the bell rings.
Winner: Cm Punk by DQ (2 picks for Raw)

After the match Gallows and Punk are still going at it as Aj has nothing to do but watch and then goes toward Flair and thy leave respectively. Punk then gets the advantage over Gallows and eventually this a GTS. Punk then grabs a mic and goes in Gallows face.

Punk: That’s why rookies like you stay down their, and people like me win World Titles!

**Punk then throws the mic toward Gallows and walk up the ramp slowly and with confidence as the draft thing shows up on the titantron**

The Third pick for Raw is…Jeff Hardy!

**Cm Punk is at the top of the ramp and doesn’t see what it says until jeff’s music hits and out comes Hardy as he smirks at Punk until he starts brawling with the man that ended his WWE career back in mid-2009. Jeff Hardy is just delivering punch after punch. Jeff hardy remembers what happened between them two and then Punk pushes Hardy off of him and they both stand up and then hardy kicks Punk in the gut and hits the TWIST OF FATE out of nowhere on the metal at the top of the ramp. Hardy does the his signature hand movements before walking to the back.**

JR: Wow, Jeff Hardy is on Raw and I guess he didn’t forget what happened between him and Cm Punk of last year.

King: Finally we got a win, and see it pays off as we just got the Charismatic Enigma.

JR: But King, we got another pick also.

King: Alright, who is it?

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Fourth pick for Raw is…..Rob Terry!

JR: Former Global Champion, Rob terry who will now be stripped of his title, is on Raw, and this in my opinion is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the entire business.

King: I’m with you JR, this guy can seriously bring it all to the table.

JR: Well maybe this can starts something for Raw, because we are in desperate need of some more draft picks.

King: We already got Mr. Kennedy and Cm Punk, plus Rob Terry and X-Pac.

JR: Your right.

King: And just think of if we got Aj Styles, or Abyss or RVD. Or even Sting. I’m just so excited.

JR: Any of that could happen. But then also Impact could get people like John Cena or Triple H, the Undertaker, Chris Jericho, or even Cm Punk.

King: Yeah, boy I hope we get to keep all of them.

**********Commercial Break***********

**Cameras go to Todd Grisham in the interview area**

Todd: I am here at this time with WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam! **fans give mixed reaction**

Todd: Rob, what are your thoughts on what happened last night, and your Money in the Bank and WWE Title victories?

RVD: Well Todd, first I would like to say, that I am the first person to win 2 matches at 1 WrestleMania with a total of 12 competitors last night. Nobody has and nobody will ever deafeat 12 people in one WrestleMania in 2 different matches. And to John or Batista or any of the Money in the Bank participants, it wasn’t personal, it was how my new Chairman, Vince McMahon would say, “It’s just business. ” You were just in the wqrong place at the wrong time. When I heard that TNA was now a part of WWE, I thought to myself, I could either go on Raw the next night and participate in the draft and let the fans know that I am here, OR I could go to WrestleMania, the biggest night of the year for all of wrestling, and win the MITB briefcase and cash it in and become a 2-time World Champion. And now, everyone is talking about what I did last night. So if you ask me, I say what I did, was the best thing I have done in my entire career.

**Rob walks off**

Todd: Well there you go, strong words from the WWE Champion. JR, King back to you.

**Cameras go to the announcers table with JR and King**

JR: Well after a big night so far, we still got a little more than an hour left, and it is being reported that we have 4 more draft matches, and the 4th being a battle Royal for 4 picks! So Raw really has to come together here as of late.

King: Your telling me.

**Chris Jericho’s music hits as the World Heavyweight Champion comes down to the ring after beating Edge last night to heat**

JR: And what better way to do then to start it off with World Champion, Chris Jericho.

**Sting’s theme song hits as the Icon makes his way down to the ring to heat**

Chris Jericho(RAW) vs. Sting(IMPACT) (8th Draft Pick Match)
Closing Moments: The World Champ looks like he has everything under control as he has Sting in an arm-bar. But just as he does the lights start to flicker black and go dark but for only a second. Jericho is questioning what’s going wrong. He goes to the ref and asks, and then to Justin Roberts and then to the announcers and none know. He goes back in the ring and Sting hits a Spinebuster on Jericho. Sting then goes to the top rope and hits a diving knee drop on Jericho. Jericho gets up trying to recover but Sting gives him no time as he puts on the sleeper. Jericho trying to get out then starts to fade. Jericho falls down. Sting covers, ONE..TWO..THRE Jericho kicks out. Sting then picks up Jericho looking for the Scorpian Death Drop but Jericho counters and hits a DDT. Jericho then looks for the Walls of Jericho and then the lights flicker again and Jericho lest go and loks around for any sign but doesn’t see any. Sting tries to capitalize and put in the Scorpian Death Lock but Jericho counters and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Sting finally taps…
Winner: Chris Jericho (2 picks for Raw)

After the match Chris Jericho and asks for his title but the title keeper doesn’t have it and Jericho looks around for it until he goes back in the ring and the lights completely go out and lightning shoots to the ramp and they come back on with Jericho knocked out on the mat and Taker at the top of the ramp staring at the unconscious Jericho.

JR: Well Jericho being attacked by Undertaker after the match, but that was after he got 2 picks for Raw.

King: Way to go Jericho! Come on, who do we get?

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Fifth pick for raw is…..Jay Lethal.

JR: Jay Lethal is coming to Raw.

King: Ahhh Black Machismo. He does the greatest impressions.

JR: He kind of reminds me of Charlie Haas that one year when he was doing his impressions. Ha remember that JBL impression. Ha it was a riot.

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Sixth pick for Raw is…..Daniel Bryan.

JR: Daniel Bryan? He was elgible?

King: yeah JR, Vince told us that all the NXt stars would be drafted because NXT wasn’t working out. And I guess Daniel Bryan got the green card to the final roster.

JR: well, we have seen him wrestle in independent circuits, but its nice to see him here in the WWE main roster.

**Cameras go to Randy Orton’s locker room where he is packing his things**

**Ted Dibiase then walks in**

Randy: What do you want?

Ted: Look Randy, the past year and a half, was really great for me. You taught me almost everything I needed to know, and even though me and Cody never really thanked you, I am thanking you now. And last night, we found out that Cody was the weak link all along. But as your former stablemate and now maybe your friend, I wish you the best of luck on Impact.

Randy: You think I need your luck? Your not my friend. I only used you and Cody to help myself, and I thought I might as well teach you some stuff on the way there. And Ted last night, you got lucky. I am a 6-time World Champion, you are a 2-time Tag Champion. I think we got our distance apart in this business.

Ted: Well than Orton explain how I did? I am a lot better than you and these people give me credit for. And now with you out of the way, I will show you that like my father, I will accomplish everything there is to accomplish and more. Just make sure your watching Monday Night Raw on Monday’s and you’ll see.

**Dibiase walks out**

JR: Alright we got 2 more matches and then the Battle Royal.

King: And the next two matches will be for tag-teams and in the battle Royal 2 of the pick will be a tag-team and then 2 singles wrestlers.

JR: So if Raw wins this match, instead of getting 2 singles wrestlers we are getting 1 tag team?

King: Yeah, exactly. Let’s see, we could get team 3-D, beer Money, the Motor City Machine Guns, Latin American X-Change, the British Invasion, man theres a bunch of options.

JR: And that also means Impact could get Cryme Tyme, the Harty Dynasty, MVP and Henry, and now ShowMiz is not a team anymore and neither is Legacy or John Morrison and R-Truth.

**Sheamus’s music hits as the Irish-man comes out to heat**

**Abyss’s music hits as the “Monster” hits the ring to a pop**

Sheamus(RAW) vs. Abyss(IMPACT) (9th Draft Pick Match)
Closing Moments: Sheamus is hitting punches on Abyss’s back while he is on one knee facing down. Abyss gets up turns around and catches Sheamus’ punch. Abyss then hits a punch of his own and then Irish-Whips him into the ropes. Sheamus bounces off and gets blindsided by a clothesline from Abyss. Abyss then hits a Back Body Drop on Sheamus. Abyss picks him up but Sheamus reverses and hits his Frenzy on Abyss. Then hits a swinging neckbreaker. Sheamus measures Abyss and looks for the Bicycle Kick. Abyss gets up and he hits the BICYLCE KICK on Abyss. Sheamus looks to cover until Triple H comes down to the ring with a sledgehammer. Sheamus is shocked and doesn’t know what to do. Triple H is taunting Sheamus but Sheamus has no choice but to focus on his match but he turns around into a BLACK-HOLE SLAM! Abyss covers ONE….TWO…THREE!!!
Winner: Abyss (2 picks for Impact)

After the match Triple H comes in the ring and holds the sledgehammer over a knocked-out Sheamus. Triple H then sais, “Payback’s a bitch” before hitting Sheamus with the Sledgehammer multiple times. Triple H then walks to the back with a determined look on his face.

JR: Abyss getting the win maybe thanks to Triple H, who was only returning the favor that Sheamus gave out earlier with his match with Angle.

King: Yeah, but that means one of our tag teams are going to Impact.

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Eleventh and Twelfth for Impact is….the Hart Dynasty!

JR: No, one of our best teams and up and coming teams, the Hart dynasty is now a part of Thursday Night Impact. And with 6 picks left in the draft, Raw desperately needs all 6.

King: Even if we win these next two matches, the best we can do is tie with Impact.

JR: They have certainly dominated so far.

King: But our time is getting limited so we are jumping right to the next match.

**Rey Mysterio’s music hits as the master of the 619 comes out to a big pop**

**Desmond Wolfe’s music hits as he comes out with Chelsea to heat**

Rey Mysterio(RAW) vs. Desmond Wolfe(IMPACT) (10th Draft Pick Match)
The Match starts with Desmond taunting Mysterio and Mysterio doesn’t take kind to it and runs past Desmond, bounces off the ropes and Hurricanrannas him into the 619 position in the ropes. Mysterio bounces off the other ropes and hits the 619. Then Mysterio does a flipping senton over Desmond into a quick pin, ONE..TWO..THREE!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio (2 picks for Raw)

JR: Wow, that was quick.

King: Yeah, and Mysterio just won us 2 picks. Way to go Rey.

JR: Well actually it’s a tag-team, but who is it going to be?

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Seventh and Eighth pick for Raw is….Beer Money Inc.

JR: Wow! What I consider the best team that was in TNA is now a part of Monday Night Raw.

King: And what a good time to fit in to the equation, we just lost 4 of our top teams in the past 24 hours.

JR: Well Beer Money might be the bets team here in the entire WWE with Raw and Impact.

King: Yeah, and they a part of Raw. Woohoo, we got Beer Money!

JR: Yeah and Ladies and Gentlemen it is about time for our Main Event right when we get back form Commercial Break.

*********Commercial break********

**Monday night theme song plays as 7 of the best Raw superstars come out to mostly a pop**

**From 1st to 7th out comes Chris Jericho, Cm Punk, Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Triple H, The Big Show, and John Cena.**

JR: Wow, what a team we got, there is nowhere we are going to lose.

King: You got the World Champ, people like Cena, HHH, and Taker, then Cm Punk and Jeff Hardy. And the 500 pound giant, the Big Show. No1 is throwing him over the ropes.

**Impact’s theme song plays as 7 of its bets superstars come out**

**from 1st to 7th out come RVD, Randy Orton, Batista, Abyss, Edge, Samoa Joe, and Aj Styles**

JR: Wow that team is almost just as good.

Main Event: Team Raw vs. Team Impact (11th Draft Pick Match)
-Abyss and Samoa Joe by a thunderous clothesline by the Big Show
-Big Show by the teaming of all 5 remaining Impact superstars
-Undertaker by his own teammate, Chris Jericho after Taker was fighting with Orton and Jeircho lifted him up and over
-Cm Punk and Jeff Hardy. They were brawling and RVD came up and threw them both over.
-Batista by a clothesline from Cena
-Orton by Triple H throwing him over
**Final 6=Cena, Triple H, and Chris Jericho vs. Aj Styles, Edge, and RVD**
-Triple H and Edge as HHH was leaning against the ropes and Edge speared him over and himself in the process.
-Chris Jericho by Aj drop-kicking him over
-Aj immediately after by Cena
**Remaining 2 are John Cena and RVD**

Rob tries to take advantage and throw over Cena but Cena catches himself and stands on the apron outside of the ropes still staying on the ring. RVD notices and comes over only to be punches by Cena. Then Rob comes back over and Cena lifts him in the Fireman’s carry position. Cena then F-U’s Rob off of the ring and stays on winning the match.
Winner(s): John Cena from Raw (4 picks for Raw)

JR: What a huge win from Cena.

King: yeah now we get a tag-team from Impact and 2 superstars.

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Ninth and Tenth pick for Raw is….Scott Hall and Kevin Nash(The Band)

JR: Old friends reunited again as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash rejoin X-Pac on Raw.

King: Not only that but this strengthens our tag division a lot more.

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Eleventh pick for Raw is……Kurt Angle!

JR: Kurt Angle. We got the 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist!

King: Man with one more pick, its gotta be huge to beat Edge, Batista, and Randy Orton.

JR: Well already we have gotten Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, Daniel Bryan, and Kurt Angle. But yeah a top star here would really put us ahead of Impact.

King: Come on, who is it!?

**Draft pop-up thing shows up on the titantron**

The Twelfth and final pick for Raw is……ROB VAN DAM!!!!!!

JR: OMG, it doesn’t get any bigger than the WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam.

King: Now the WWE Championships is officially on Raw and so is RVD. John Cena must love this.

**Cameras show John Cena in the ring smirking at RVD**

JR: Man what a draft. After a long night ladies and gentlemen, probably the longest and biggest 27 hours in the history of this business has taken place.

King: A quick review, Impact dominated at the beginning winning match after match getting Edge, Randy Orton, Batista, Christian, The Miz, R-Truth, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, the Hart Dynasty, Chavo Guerrero, and FInlay in the process.

JR: And Raw had a little comeback getting Jeff Hardy, RVD, Kurt Angle, MR. Kennedy, Daniel Bryan, Jay lethal, Rob Terry, Beer Money, and all 3 members of the Band.

King: And also we saw tonight the return of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. And those 2 will have a match against each other at Backlash.

JR: And Also we saw the splitting of both WrestleMania teams, ShowMiz and R-Turht and John Morrison as a result of the draft. Plus the tag titles, United States title, and Intercontinental Championship are all vacated at this point.

King: But Big Show gets to choose a partner to face MVP and Mark henry at backlash for the tag titles.

JR: And it is said that Vince McMahon is setting up a 4-man tournament for the vacated Intercontinental Championship where the finals will be at Backlash.

King: Also, Raw now has 6 titles and no womens division.

JR: And not to mention, the biggest and most obvious announcement of all, WWE bouth out TNA and Impact is now the secondary show on Thursday Nights replacing Smackdown.

JR: Well ladies and gentlemen we will see you next Monday Night for another edition of Monday Night raw, don’t miss it.

**Show ends**

Quick Results

1. RVD d. Christian by pinfall after the 5-star Frog Splash
2. ShowMiz d. Team 3-D by pinfall after Big Show knocks out Team 3-D
3. D'Angelo Dinero d. Jack Swagger by pinfall after a DDE
4. Kurt Angle d. Triple H by submission with an Ankle Lock after interference from Sheamus
5. Samoa Joe d. Undertaker by pinfall after a Muscle Buster with help from Jericho's distraction
6. Beer Money d. JoMo & R-Truth by pinfall after Storm hit the Eye of the Storm with help from the Miz
7. Cm Punk d. Aj Styles by DQ after Gallows interfered and brawled with Punk
8. Chris Jericho d. Sting by submission with the Walls of Jericho
9. Abyss d. Sheamus by pinfall after a Black-Hole Slam and distraction from Triple H
10. Rey Mysterio d. Desmond Wolfe by pinfall after a 619 in less than a minute
11. Raw wins the 14-man Battle Royal after John Cena eliminated RVD with an F-U over the top rope

Draft Picks

1. Edge after RVD defeated Christian
2. Dolph Ziggler after RVD defeated Christian
3. Drew McIntyre after the Pope defeated Jack Swagger
4. Batista after the Pope defeated Jack Swagger
5. Finlay after Kurt Angle defeated Triple H
6. Christian after Kurt Angle defeated Triple H
7. Chavo Guerrero after Samoa Joe defeated the Undertaker
8. Randy Orotn after Samoa Joe defeated the Undertaker
9. R-Truth after Beer Money defeated John Morrison and R-Truth
10. The Miz after Beer Money defeated John Morrison and R-Truth
11. Tyson Kidd of Hart Dynasty after Abyss defeated Sheamus
12. DH Smith of Hart Dynasty after Abyss defeated Sheamus

1. Mr. Kennedy/Anderson after ShowMIz defeated Team 3-D
2. X-Pac after ShowMiz defeated Team 3-D
3. Jeff Hardy after Cm Punk defeated Aj Styles by DQ
4. Rob Terry after Cm Punk defeated Aj Styles by DQ
5. Jay Lethal after Chris Jericho defeated Sting
6. Daniel Bryan after Chris Jericho defeated Sting
7. James Storm of Beer Money after Rey Mysterio defeated Desmond Wolfe
8. Robert Roode of Beer Money after Rey Mysterio defeated Desmond Wolfe
9. Scott Hall of the Band after John Cena won the Battle Royal
10. Kevin Nash of the Band after John Cena won the Battle Royal
11. Kurt Angle after John Cena won the Battle Royal
12. Rob Van Dam after John Cena won the Battle Royal

Note: Sorry, I had to post Raw on Sunday because I won't have my computer Monday or Tuesday.

IF you leave me a review, I will return the favor.

(3/29/10)Not Removing until
[x] Miz faces John Morrison
[x] Someone gets a push after winning the Rumble
[x] Hardyz re-unite
[] Tag Team wrestling comes back for REAL
[] WWE changes from PG rating
[] Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes get a push and have a World Title Match
[] Goldberg gives 1 more spear

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Re: BigMoney2323 presents "2010: The Year of Change"

Wow definitely surprised me with the whole women being dropped. But actually I think the Knockouts would completely annihilate and squash the divas in my opinion lol. The knockout division is a much stronger division.

But...getting passed that..

I just want to say very good overall show.
It had a lot of detail and I think it made it mass easier to follow.
I think it's a pretty cool concept too with the whole TNA and WWE thing.

A couple things that did catch my eye though.
I love the way that you booked the draft pics. How an Impact superstar would face a RAW superstar to determine who would get the draft picks. I thought that was really unique and a cool concept. I also love how you are pushing RVD and how you had that little stare down with Cena. I think they could really have a pretty epic feud if the right amount of time and energy was placed in it. I think Batista will be able to do some amazing things over on Impact too, I'd love to see a good built up feud with him and Styles. I think it'd be a cool concept, especially with Flair being connected with both of them.

Overall, it seems like a very interesting btb. I think it's probably the most unique that I have seen on here, especially with the way that the draft picks were picked and how TNA is being incorporated into this.
Definitely keeping my eyes posted on this one though.

I hope Desmond gets some time though, he could virtually have a match with anyone on the entire roster.
I can't wait to read Impact! (:

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Re: BigMoney2323 presents "2010: The Year of Change"

Haha Matt, I honestly am very gracious for the review, but as I said in my idea at the top of the page, I had this plan to make this league with a partner, and he was the GM of Impact, and he backed out before we could even start it so I am just doing Raw by myself, but if someone wants 2 take over Impact then that would be cool too, because also I would love to see a match with Aj and Batista with Flair. Plus When we made this league he had TNa stars, WWE stars and alumni people so Impact has a few alumni people that I can't say yet because they have not returned on screen yet for Impact. And also I would love to see a Christian/Edge tag or feud over there. And with Orton and Abyss. But for now since no1 wants to take the job of Impact Gm, I am just doing Raw for now.

IF you leave me a review, I will return the favor.

(3/29/10)Not Removing until
[x] Miz faces John Morrison
[x] Someone gets a push after winning the Rumble
[x] Hardyz re-unite
[] Tag Team wrestling comes back for REAL
[] WWE changes from PG rating
[] Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes get a push and have a World Title Match
[] Goldberg gives 1 more spear
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Re: BigMoney2323 presents "2010: The Year of Change"

Well, I could help book Impact (:

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Re: BigMoney2323 presents "2010: The Year of Change"

Umm yeah, if you want to book it, go ahead, but I would have to talk to you about the PPV schedule.

IF you leave me a review, I will return the favor.

(3/29/10)Not Removing until
[x] Miz faces John Morrison
[x] Someone gets a push after winning the Rumble
[x] Hardyz re-unite
[] Tag Team wrestling comes back for REAL
[] WWE changes from PG rating
[] Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes get a push and have a World Title Match
[] Goldberg gives 1 more spear
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Re: BigMoney2323 presents "2010: The Year of Change"

Yeah obviously lol.
Do you have msn or facebook or anything like that?

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Re: BigMoney2323 presents "2010: The Year of Change"

You can only have one BTB at a time MattCharles. You can't do two BTB's at the same time.

11 matches seems like alot, even if it is a 3 hour Raw.
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