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Shotokai 06-13-2010 02:41 PM

Shotokai presents: NWA Reborn

25th May 2010
The National Wrestling Alliance, which was the home for the very brightest in professional wrestling decades ago, fades into obscurity every day. The territory system, once defining the business, was simply just not appreciated by the fans anymore. Holding series of uninteresting territories, the NWA looked for something new, and, shockingly, released the news that NWA had just wiped out the territorial system in exchange to one stable NWA promotion. More is unknown to this point.

27th May 2010
The fans over the internet community are deeply enraged with NWA’s decision to eradicate the territory system, saying it can devastate series of companies out there, now without any support, and that it is basically “shitting on a legacy”. However, the NWA doesn’t back down from their idea. A creative meeting to discuss where NWA goes from this point forth is booked for the 6th of June by current NWA Executive Director, Robert Trobich.

30th May 2010
The NWA Creative Meeting is held, and NWA is absolutely changed. As a sign to mark innovation, the NWA site announces a drastic change in title holding, vacating all NWA titles, retiring the North American Heavyweight Championship and the North American Tag Team Championship and leaving only the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, the NWA National Heavyweight Championship, the NWA World Women’s Championship, the NWA Tag Team Championship and the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship alive. In the process, Mike Quackenbush’s World Junior Heavyweight Title reign, that lasted over three years, ended abruptly. Moving on, it was decided that the promotion would call Paul Heyman to be the head booker of the promotion, and possibly an authority figure. It is decided that the NWA will distribute a weekly PPV event, called NWA Wrestling Vice. Plus, by ending the territorial system, the NWA has no roster, so, over this week, they will work hard in getting their exclusive roster.

31st May 2010
After hearing from the news, online wrestling fans were skeptical about their decision to vacate belts. Still, the NWA personnel starts heavy recruiting. The former champions, Adam Pearce, Skullcrushers, Mike Quackenbush, MsChif and Phill Shatter, all signed a contract to enter the exclusive NWA roster, with the condition that they would eventually win a title shot. Defunct title holders, The Sheik and Team Mega, were not heard of. Still, Paul Heyman, who is supposed to be the cherry on top of the cake, answered his phone call doubtfully, saying he’d “call later after he’d made a decision”.

1st July 2010
NWA, over the past week, has caused a buzz. This buzz, however, was huge, and caused a lot of damage to the TNA roster. As soon as the news spread that the NWA would feature light heavyweights as one of the centerpieces of their show, Amazing Red, the Motor City Machine Guns and Kiyoshi, unhappy with the way how the X Division was tossed away, quit Total Nonstop Action and immediately signed a new, full fledging, promising contract with NWA, being added into the roster. Nobody came from the WWE roster, due to the 90-day clause restraining wrestlers from appearing in the show. Also, Blue Demon Jr., former NWA World Champion, was brought into the roster. Paul Heyman is still skeptical about this…

2nd June 2010
Heavyweights such as CW Anderson, Bull Buchanan, and most notably A-Train join. The community is now accepting better the change happening in NWA. Alex Koslov also hops in. Shannon Moore quits from TNA and signs a contract with NWA as well. TNA, desperate in their loss of talent, promises backstage to help the X Division back to the show. Nick Logan and the Metal Master join.

3rd June 2010
Hulk Hogan fails to complete his promises, as the X Division is only featured in small segments across the show and a match in the opener. Due to this, Shark Boy, Generation Me and Brian Kendrick leave for NWA. AJ Styles is also contacted and incited by his peers to leave for a better future, but AJ declines the offer, although leaving a bridge open with the words “I’ll stay…For now”. Matt Cross joins, and Jerry Lynn quits ROH to give NWA a shot. However, the main moment of the day was when Paul Heyman called the NWA headquarters to give them a note… “I’ll do it!”.

4th June 2010
The NWA has now a full fledging roster, but a severe lack of female wrestlers. To solve this, NWA brings in famous female athletes to compete with MsChif, who are Amazing Kong, Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze. With a booker ready, the NWA announces its first weekly PPV to be held in the 13th of June. A venue is still to be specified. All recruiting stops, except that some wrestlers keep trying to convince AJ Styles to come to NWA. AJ, however, keeps turning down all offers politely.

6th June 2010
One week away from the event, the National Wrestling Alliance has officially booked the show to the good old Tennessee Municipal Auditorium. And now, it’s time for NWA to rise from the ashes and regain its spot up in professional wrestling, a step at a time…

NWA: Reborn


Male Active Wrestlers

Adam Pearce
Rasche Brown
Keith Walker
Mike Quackenbush
The Sheik
Ashton Amhurst
James Ross
Phill Shatter
Amazing Red
Chris Sabin
Alex Shelley
Blue Demon Jr.
CW Anderson
Bull Buchanan
Alex Koslov
Shannon Moore
Nick Logan
Metal Master
Jerry Lynn
Matt Cross
Shark Boy
Brian Kendrick
Matt Jackson
Nick Jackson

Female Active Wrestlers

Sara Del Rey
Amazing Kong
Daizee Haze

Tag Teams/Factions

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley/Chris Sabin)
The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)

Backstage Talent

Paul Heyman – Head booker, on-screen authority figure
Dan Wilson & Steven Prazak – Announcers
Gary Michael Cappetta – Ring Announcer

NWA Wrestling Vice I coming up soon…

*Cenation* 06-13-2010 05:04 PM

Re: Shotokai presents: NWA Reborn
Sweet backstory. Love where this is going. Good luck with this.

Shotokai 06-13-2010 05:21 PM

Re: Shotokai presents: NWA Reborn
Thanks man ;)

As some sort of update, the first show is posted either tomorrow or Tuesday.

Barry_Champlain 06-14-2010 01:09 AM

Re: Shotokai presents: NWA Reborn
I like the idea very much, and I think using the Indy workers is very ballsy when you have a lot of people not 100% familar with their work. I'm looking forward to it and will def. read.

Shotokai 06-17-2010 12:07 PM

Re: Shotokai presents: NWA Reborn
Sorry for the delay. Anyway, here is the show. Enjoy.


NWA Wrestling Vice I – 13th June 2010

Exclusive Online Match: MsChif and Nick Logan def. Daizee Haze and Metal Master

[Opening package: Revolution]

Narrator: For sixty years, the National Wrestling Alliance has been the dominating force in the territory system.

Highlights from old NWA territories, with permission of their respective owners.

Narrator: The NWA was responsible for giving birth and success to some of the finest wrestling federations ever.

Highlights of ECW and WCW, with the due permission once again.

Narrator: But, tonight, the NWA is about to make history. The noble company has eliminated forever the territorial system. The bright company has vacated every title, and is ready to make a brand new start…With no interruptions.

“Battle Conditions” by Nobuo Uematsu plays in the background as highlights from the current NWA roster members are displayed.

Narrator: Get ready, dear viewers…For you’re about to witness the rebirth of the NWA.

[End of package]

A small quantity of pyro explodes in the entrance ramp. The crowd, nearly 450 people, cheer wildly. The camera pans around the arena and the NWA set, which looks nifty. The stage looks modern, with sharp pieces of metal pointing at the entrance ramp. The NWA logo stands on the top of the construction. We now pan to our announcing team, of NWA Wildside fame, Dan Wilson and Steven Prazak.

DW: Welcome, everyone, to the rebirth of NWA, live on pay-per-view, on what is bound to be an historic night! I’m Dan Wilson, alongside Steven Prazak! Hey, Steve, it’s glad to be back working with you.

SP: I ought to confess, I’m loving it here! NWA Wrestling Vice? Sweet!

DW: Well, we’ve got a really nice looking card tonight, give it a look!

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Tournament Round
Amazing Red vs Kiyoshi

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Tournament Round
Chris Sabin vs Mike Quackenbush

The Skullcrushers vs The Young Bucks

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Tournament Round
Alex Shelley vs Brian Kendrick

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Tournament Round
Alex Koslov vs Shannon Moore

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
6-Man Elimination Match
Jerry Lynn vs Adam Pearce vs A-Train vs CW Anderson vs Blue Demon Jr. vs Bull Buchanan

SP: I like it! Now, we should get ready for the first match of the next NWA era… Here it comes!

Match 1
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter-Finals
Amazing Red vs Kiyoshi

Summary: Excellent match to open the show. Both men started very equilibrated, with both sides delivering deadly kicks. Kiyoshi used a quick opening to nail a hurracanrana, which knocked Red to the ground. Kiyoshi takes the offense from this point forth, with series of quick impact, high flying moves. Kiyoshi, after these moves, is still able to kick Red off of his knees. Kiyoshi makes the mistake of locking Red in some headscissors, which Red escapes from after some time under their effects. Red gradually takes back the offense, jumping into Kiyoshi and using some of his incredibly flashy high-flying maneuvers. This culminates in a corkscrew moonsault Red executes perfectly on Kiyoshi, earning him a near fall. Amazing Red, shocked, tries a handspring back elbow when Kiyoshi gets back up, but Kiyoshi ducks it and takes it to a back suplex. Kiyoshi is back dominating, and he climbs to the top rope, attempting his moonsault, but he misses. Red takes him up and nails a nasty Code Red. Amazing Red covers Kiyoshi and scores a pinfall and a spot on the Semi-Finals.

Winner and advancing to the Semi-Finals: Amazing Red

DW: What a huge match! I loved it! Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think it is time for a commercial break! We’ll be right back, with another one of them matches!

*Commercial Break*

We fade right back to the NWA arena.

DW: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the huge NWA spectacle as it continues! This time, it’s another tournament round, as Chris Sabin battles Mike Quackenbush!

Match 2
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter-Finals
Chris Sabin vs Mike Quackenbush

Summary: Another neat little bout. Chris Sabin started dominatingly, with series of kicks, majorly focusing on Quackenbush’s knee. Mike vacillated and then fell as Chris continued his offense now with mat wrestling. However, Mike is able to retaliate with an arm drag and armbar. Chris kicks out of the arm bar and pounds out aggression to Quackenbush in the corner. Quackenbush kicks him away, climbs the turnbuckle, and delivers a nasty senton to Chris. Quackenbush dominates from this point forth, leaving Sabin with no way to fight back. Quackenbush, meanwhile, attempts the QD I and QD II, but both fail. Sabin eventually capitalizes on an opening to take the offense, but Quackenbush tries already to nail the QD III. He fails. After getting Chris stunned, Quackenbush tries the QD IV, which he finally nails to get his victory.

Winner: Mike Quackenbush

We now cut to backstage, where an altercation between Jerry Lynn and Adam Pearce is taking place.

Lynn: You’re still a little disrespectful bastard since we first met, aren’t you?

Adam: You’re still holier than everyone, huh? Just because you went on to be ROH Champion, doesn’t mean jack. Remember, I was behind all that.

Lynn: Do you think I’ll tolerate this crap from you, man? You’re a rookie in the business. I am a professional at what I do. And when we go out there…

Adam: I’ll regain what was still respectfully mine.

Adam slaps Jerry and walks away. Jerry Lynn, furious, runs at Adam and starts a brawl. Security has to tear them apart before they kill each other with furious fists.

DW: Wow! Jerry Lynn is really mad at Adam Pearce!

SP: They’ll face later on, give them a chance… All that matters for now is the match we’re about to see…

Match 3
Tag Team Match
The Young Bucks vs The Skullcrushers

Summary: Classic tag team bout. The Young Bucks dominated at first, with Matt and Nick both in the ring attacking Keith and Rashe, with kicks and those offensive strikes. Matt clotheslined Rashe over the top rope, making both men land on their heads, while Keith and Nick are now the legal men. They tie-up, Nick takes the lead. Nick keeps delivering kicks, and quick takedown maneuvers, which are enough to tire down Keith. Keith is now grounded, and Nick bounces off the ropes for a standing star press, but Rashe from the outside pulls his feet and breaks his momentum. Matt throws Rashe into the barricade, angry, but the referee orders them back to the apron. Nick wears down Keith with quick strikes, but Keith is able to lift him and deliver a powerbomb. Keith takes the offense from this point, keeping Nick grounded with strong powerhouse moves such as powerslams and spinebusters. Keith and Rashe now tag frequently, as Matt goes desperate in his corner. Rashe and Keith’s alternate beating on Nick comes to a close when Rashe misses a clothesline and is nailed with a sneaky superkick from Nick. He now struggles to tag Mike, which he eventually does. Matt fires out of the corner, beating both men, Keith out of the turnbuckle, and delivering a nasty dropkick to the face of Rashe. A close shot sees him bleeding from the nose. Keith, angry, comes in, but Nick comes in too to avoid cheating, connecting a Lou Thesz press to keep him down. Matt and Nick get together and nail the combo, More Bang for Your Buck, to knock out Rashe. Matt does the pinfall and earns the match.

Winners: The Young Bucks

Matt and Nick Jackson celebrate after the match, but, suddenly, three men, wearing dark masks, come out and beat them to a bloody pulp in the center of the ring using tough steel pipes. They also clean the house, sending out Rashe and Keith. The crowd boos heavily. They take off their masks to reveal The Sheik, Ashton Amhurst and James Ross, which receive more boos. The Sheik grabs a mic.

Sheik: Oh, you didn’t like it! Nobody cares!

Boos ensue.

Sheik: We, this magnificent group, joined our forces to fight this huge injustice from NWA management! We were untouchable champions, but the NWA destroyed permanently our titles! This is outrageous, and WE are here to claim back what is, was, and always will be rightfully ours! We are The Triad, and we’re here to restore OUR titles! WE WILL STOP AT NOTHING!

The Sheik drops his mic as the crowd boos. The Triad exits to a generic rock song.

DW: Wow! We have a new faction in town! The crowd hates it!

SP: I for one am liking these guys! They deserve back their titles!

DW: Anyways, we’ll take a quick break! Be right back!

*Commercial Break*

We’re back from our commercial break, and ready for another match in our tournament.

Match 4
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter-Finals
Alex Shelley vs Brian Kendrick

Summary: Very short match. Alex Shelley and Brian Kendrick immediately engaged in a lock-up, Brian taking the lead. Brian with series of quick shots and strikes, and then a perfectly executed standing moonsault to Alex Shelley. Brian Kendrick dominates for nearly another minute, Alex seemingly having no offense. Brian grabs Alex by his chin, runs towards the turnbuckle and delivers a nasty Sliced Bread #2. Alex, while struggling to get out of it, lands sideways, reliving the pain and the effects of the maneuver. As Brian nearly has his match won, Chris Sabin comes in, running down the aisle, and pretends to slide under the bottom rope, but doesn’t. Brian Kendrick is distracted kicking Sabin out of the ring, so Alex, who hasn’t suffered much damage from the finisher, rolls him up into a cradle roll, using the tights, for a dirty victory.

Winner: Alex Shelley

Post match, Brian is furious. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley commemorate, happy, as Brian Kendrick leaves the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Match 5
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter-Finals
Alex Koslov vs Shannon Moore

Summary: A complete squash match. Shannon botched plenty of moves. Alex Koslov dominated all the time, nailing quick moves every here and there. Shannon seemingly botched a back body drop, landing on his knee, so he seemed slightly injured. Alex tries to end the match as soon as possible, with the Red Scare, to knock the lights out of Shannon and score the win.

Winner: Alex Koslov

Now that the bracelets for the World Junior Heavyweight Title are decided, it’s time for our main event...A new NWA World Champion will be crowned!

Match 6
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Six Man Elimination Match
Jerry Lynn vs A-Train vs Adam Pearce vs CW Anderson vs Blue Demon Jr. vs Bull Buchanan

Summary: Great match. Everything started as pure chaos, Jerry Lynn flying towards Pearce and delivering huge blows, A-Train laying the law all over Bull Buchanan, and CW Anderson fighting off Blue Demon Jr. After this chaos, A-Train eventually takes the spotlight of the match, knocking away Buchanan and CW Anderson single-handedly. Blue Demon Jr. and Jerry Lynn team up to handicap Adam Pearce, who is cornered in the turnbuckle. A-Train yawns, to the crowd’s amusement, and picks Blue Demon Jr. up to an electric chair drop. A-Train quickly pulls up Blue Demon Jr. and tries to nail his finisher, but CW Anderson interrupts. However, his offense isn’t big, as A-Train turns around and delivers the finisher, billed as the A-Bomb, on CW Anderson. He scores the pinfall over CW Anderson just like that.

Eliminated: CW Anderson

Blue Demon Jr. and A-Train get involved in heavy brawling. Jerry Lynn keeps battling Adam Pearce, now to the outside. Bull Buchanan rests in the turnbuckle, and then spears both Demon and A-Train. Bull Buchanan is now the center of activity for two minutes, with A-Train and Blue Demon getting absolutely no offense. Suddenly, Jerry Lynn comes flying off the top rope and knocks out Buchanan with a nasty clothesline! Quick cover, but he fails. Jerry keeps battering Bull Buchanan for some more time, and finally nails his finisher, the cradle piledriver, to knock out Buchanan. Lynn crawls to the cover and eliminates Buchanan.

Eliminated: Bull Buchanan

Jerry Lynn is now the center of the match. Jerry is able to keep A-Train and Blue Demon down. Adam is knocked outside. Jerry Lynn delivers a lot of offense to both of them, almost pinning A-Train, but failing. After some time squashing A-Train, Jerry is able to nail the cradle piledriver, but he only gets a two-count, much to his surprise. As he was about to pick up A-Train, he grabs him and delivers an A-Bomb. Lynn squirms in pain on the ground. Blue Demon Jr. comes to life and nails his three-quarter facelock jawbreaker. As he’s about to pin A-Train, Adam Pearce enters the ring and nails Blue Demon Jr. with his trademark piledriver, covering Blue Demon Jr. for the elimination.

Eliminated: Blue Demon Jr.

Adam Pearce is the center of all attention, as A-Train and Jerry Lynn are knocked out. Pearce smiles, cocky, and pounds Lynn on the ground. When Lynn is battered enough, he eventually nails another piledriver to eliminate Jerry Lynn, smirking.

Eliminated: Jerry Lynn

It’s all down to the former champion and Adam Pearce. They exchange punches for sometime, but Adam takes the lead. Pearce goes for the piledriver, and hits it, but A-Train kicks out. Another attempt of the piledriver, Pearce about to nail it, but A-Train to his feet, tossing Pearce in a neat back body drop. A-Train, now with the offense, grabs Pearce by the throat out of nowhere and nails the A-Bomb. Pearce lays motionless on the ground and A-Train crawls for the cover… And he does it! A-Train DOES IT!

Winner and NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion: A-Train

A-Train is handed the title, some confetti pours from above, and A-Train celebrates as the show goes off the air.

KOB 06-17-2010 01:43 PM

Re: Shotokai presents: NWA Reborn
Aweome :D This makes me wanna do a BTB just like this. All the junior matches were very good, it's quite a roster of cruiserweights. A-Train was a great choice to put the world title on. Everything looks solid, matches are well written and the show is laid out well, but you should put a bit more effort into the font, use more colors, spell ou the names fully instead of intitials etc. I'll review more soon, and you might be so kind as to leave a review on my btb ;)

miguel21oliveira 06-17-2010 02:15 PM

Re: Shotokai presents: NWA Reborn
Very fresh BTB wanted to see an original one like this in a long time, liked the matches but I think you should work more on the promos.

Don´t like the A-Train name, A-Train makes me remember of a WWE jobber, if you call him Giant Bernard it will make more impact, or it´s just me being a little bitch about it...

Shotokai 06-18-2010 07:26 AM

Re: Shotokai presents: NWA Reborn

Originally Posted by KOB (Post 8527239)
Aweome :D This makes me wanna do a BTB just like this. All the junior matches were very good, it's quite a roster of cruiserweights. A-Train was a great choice to put the world title on. Everything looks solid, matches are well written and the show is laid out well, but you should put a bit more effort into the font, use more colors, spell ou the names fully instead of intitials etc. I'll review more soon, and you might be so kind as to leave a review on my btb ;)

Hehe, thanks for the feedback, man. I was in a rush when formatting, so now I edited the post with a little more italics and bold. I might review your BTB thread soon ;)


Originally Posted by miguel21oliveira (Post 8527314)
Very fresh BTB wanted to see an original one like this in a long time, liked the matches but I think you should work more on the promos.

Don´t like the A-Train name, A-Train makes me remember of a WWE jobber, if you call him Giant Bernard it will make more impact, or it´s just me being a little bitch about it...

Hey! Thanks for the feedback as well. As it is the first episode, I didn't have an idea of what I could put in the promos. The next show, I'll work harder on them...I still have to introduce Paul Heyman to the show :)

LOL, my plan is to have him change his name, but I just don't know what to call him... Giant Albert? lol

Shotokai 06-18-2010 08:07 AM

NWA News/Card/Rumors
June 18th 2010
The NWA Wrestling Vice II show will be again held at the Tennessee Municipal Auditorium. The card was just announced:

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Semi-Finals
Singles Match
Alex Shelley vs Mike Quackenbush

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Semi-Finals
Singles Match
Amazing Red vs Alex Koslov

Tag Team Match
The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) vs The Skullcrushers (Rashe Brown and Keith Walker) vs The Triad (Two members at their choice)

4-Way Dance
MsChif vs Amazing Kong vs Daizee Haze vs Sara Del Rey

Singles Match
Jerry Lynn vs Adam Pearce

Main Event
Non-Title Singles Match
A-Train vs CW Anderson

Plus, the NWA Executive Director and the NWA Wrestling Vice Authority Figure will be on the show!

miguel21oliveira 06-18-2010 09:16 PM

Re: Shotokai presents: NWA Reborn
Nem tinha reparado que também és português. Lol boa sorte vou estar sempre a par desta BTB eu tam+bem tentei fazer uma há uns tempos do mesmo género da tua, mas para ficar uma coisa em condições come muito tempo embora dê pica.

Bom saber que há mais portugueses neste forum, qualquer dica, tou cá para isso.

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