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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

RAW Feedback

Obviously the finish to last week’s show was huge, so giving us the replay of that to start the show off was a natural move.

From there, Michaels starting the show off with a promo had to happen too. I thought it was a nice little touch to have you change up the way Michaels is dressed to match his heel turn, with the dark clothes no doubt set to match the dark new persona of Michaels. Not so sure everyone would be booing Michaels here, as he was a face for the longest time, so it would take people a bit to completely turn on him, but I still get that you want him to be instantly booed after being positioned as the heel. A bit disappointed that Michaels has no explanation to give, although having him claim that he doesn’t feel like he needs to explain himself to anyone is fine. Not so sure about the God reference, as a cocky Michaels mixed with a Michaels who is still portrayed as a Christian could be a bit of a clash, although I have seen it work before. I found the speech about Triple H ignoring Michaels a little odd too, because it didn’t really seem to have a point, other than leading into Michaels talking about his ex-partners, which he did with some great arrogance. Connecting Triple H to them as someone who Michaels took to the top in the original days of DX isn’t just a good bit of arrogance on the part of Michaels, but it’s also a clever way to use history to try to justify Michaels’ actions in his head, as any good heel should. The way Michaels talked about how he came back for Triple H and did the right thing, only for Triple H to throw it away by selfishly making the challenge to Rated-RKO was good, as was the blaming of the fans to really solidify his status as a heel, giving him a real reason to turn his back on the people who he had pandered to for years. The closing speech about how Michaels is now his own man was a great way to really drive home his point, talking up his selfish attitude along with the almost chilling quotation from the bible. I don’t mind the RVD interruption – in fact, I like it so much I did it myself when I had Michaels turn. Van Dam initially playing up to the fans was a good way to start, before creating the contrast in having Van Dam talk about his ECW Title compared to Michaels WWE Title, which I loved. RVD showing some respect for Cena was good to see, before making the challenge himself for a title match, leading into what I guess was the inevitable interruption from the McMahons. Vince instantly shooting down the idea of a title match was to be expected due to the issues he has with Van Dam. The Shane speech was pretty good too, showing the classic McMahon arrogance in talking about the Backlash tag match from last year, before, once again, cementing Michaels as a heel with the comparison between him and the McMahons. The rest of the speech was good too, continuing the issues between the McMahons and Cena with the clever announcement of Cena having no rematch, with the exciting announcement of the tournament to go with it. Vince’s little speech was good too, with a nice final line, before he claimed the ECW Title with the help of Michaels, which honestly surprised me. A lot to take in with this first segment, opening up heaps of opportunities for WrestleMania matches. Not quite sure what to make of it right now, but I will say that this promo was well written for all parties involved.

Solid start to the actual wrestling portion of the show with a nice strong showing from the tag champs for the first time as champions. A nice basic type of tag match, with nothing too big, but at the same time it does a good job in allowing the champs to look good, while Cade and Murdoch don’t look like slouches either.

Nice start to the promo with the McMahons, addressing the ECW Title situation, while also letting us know something will no doubt be going down with Cena on this show. It’s just a small thing, but I really like the goofy writing of Coach here too. He can be serious when in the ring with the faces, but with McMahon he’s still that goofy star struck jobber. Umaga not being in the tournament is interesting, although I guess it serves to protect him from a loss. It seems like you’re setting up Umaga/Cena, which wouldn’t be bad either, although I’m not sure it’s worthy of WrestleMania if you’re trying to set that up. Instead, I think you’d be better off going with Cena/McMahon. Still, I’m certainly interested.

As I’ve said before, the arrival of the Harts can only be a positive for the tag division on RAW. Looking forward to it.

Simple promo here to move Orton on from Edge and give him some focus. I’m happy to see Dykstra still paired with Orton, as it does give Kenny quite the rub, while I’m also interested in seeing what you do with Orton next. He’s certainly not challenging Shawn Michaels for the WWE Title at WrestleMania, but with his seemingly new more aggressive attitude, you could set him up for something big at WrestleMania.

Really nice match here between RVD and Dykstra, allowing Kenny to look great in hanging with Van Dam all of the way through the match. Obviously Van Dam was going to win because he has a shot at winning the entire tournament, but the effort from Kenny was great to see, really cementing his spot just off the main event, despite the loss.

Loving the new intense Lashley here. Not sure who he’s going to finally snap on with his heel turn (I’d probably say Van Dam at this stage), but it should certainly be great. He’s just about ready now.

Nice segment here with Flair and Carlito. A small thing at the start I loved was how you had Blanchard (indirectly obviously) put Carlito over, before pinning the focus on Kennedy. Flair calling Batista to end with obviously keeps the interest in No Way Out going, with Kennedy/Batista set to occur there, before we get Flair/Kennedy at WrestleMania. Good little segment with a nice natural feel about it.

Very nice match here between Punk and Umaga. I loved Punk taking the fight to ‘Mags at the start, really showing that he was up for the challenge, while the little game of cat and mouse with Umaga unable to strike Punk to begin with was done well. I was surprised the match went as long as it did, but at the same time Umaga looked strong, like when Umaga chased the referee only to get kicked by Punk. Punk persisting on with the fight up until the very end was great to see too, putting him over really strong with that plus him walking out on his own accord. Good match for both men.

Nice little segment to remind us of the arrangement with Umaga and the McMahons, which will no doubt see Umaga attacking Cena.

As I’ve said before, not so sure about this angle. It’s just a very uncomfortable type of thing to have on a wrestling show. Hopefully the Punk/Knox match that Knox spoke of comes soon.

A bit disappointed in the lack of personally of TWGTT, who I would have liked to have seen play up their world’s greatest shtick. Still, the match between TWGTT and Carlito/Flair should be a good one when it comes.

As I’ve said before, your WrestleMania is probably the show I’m most looking forward to right now.

The little promo at the start of this match was probably necessary to introduce Masters and Nitro as officially aligned. Nothing much to it, other than a nice little bit of arrogance, so hopefully this evolves.

Smart way to keep Nitro’s losing streak going with Triple H here. I was glad to see Nitro didn’t look entirely weak though, despite Trips obviously having to come out looking very strong when he’ll likely be the one to be challenging for the WWE Title at WrestleMania.

Triple H wanting to get his hands on Michaels is a natural, so it’s no wonder he called him out here. (Sidenote: why didn’t he come out earlier when Shawn was in the ring though? Surely that would be the opportune time for him to strike.) Michaels’ speech about how he was done answering to Triple H was good, keeping with the character he presented earlier in the show well, while the last line from Triple H (even if it appeared to have a typo in it ) was a very nice way to close the promo and show just how personal this thing is.

Nice little segment here to show Cena with his typical attitude, showing some intensity there, while Coach comes off looking like the goofball. Reasonably amusing too.

Interesting way to reintroduce Phoenix here as a friend of Victoria, although I guess it works with Victoria’s problems with Mickie, especially with you playing on that Mickie and Beth have past problems from when Beth originally made her debut.

Squash win for Beth here was obvious, allowing her to look good, although what made it better was Beth leaving Mickie laying, thanks to help from Victoria, really setting up a feud perhaps between the two, or perhaps even with Victoria involved.

I honestly didn’t expect Cena’s promo to be in the main event slot at the start of the show, but with the way everything else has gone, it certainly makes the most sense. Good to see Cena instantly addressing the fact that he won’t be getting a rematch, acknowledging it as he should after the talk about how he lost the title the previous week. The way he talked about Michaels was really good too, really calling him out to position himself as that good guy face (even working in the hustle, loyalty, respect line ), while his hunger for getting the title back was accounted for really well here too. Cena then calling Shane out was done nicely, with the good little shot at Steph thrown in there, before making the challenge for a fight. While the McMahons were of course going to interrupt, I wasn’t so sure about the little comment about Coach to begin with, because I thought you’d made enough jokes at his expense throughout the show. The comparison between Cena and RVD from McMahon is very interesting, because it seems you’ve been trying to keep them connected for whatever reason throughout this run. I’m not so sure what it ultimately means, but the speech here from Vince was very good, especially when it came to the part about not crossing the boss. Cena throwing it right back at Vince with their exchange was good too, before the challenge for WrestleMania, which seems like the type of match I feel Cena should be in as it’s on that top level. The matches for the next few weeks sound good too, leading up to the announcement that Cena has a match for WrestleMania. I really liked the segue this was used as for the attack from Umaga, Simply, the attack from Umaga was done really well, giving us that high impact finish to the show. Not quite sure if Umaga/Cena at WrestleMania is really a match I’d like to see Cena in as I don’t think Umaga’s on his level, despite the undefeated streak, but this was still a good way to close the show.

Another quality show from you. Really, I’m just enjoying everything about this thread now, with the women’s and tag division both going along nicely, while the rest of your card really shines. Looking forward to seeing what you bring with SmackDown! now, with a pretty good card built in the preview for the go home show for No Way Out.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Friday Night Smackdown~
February 16th, 2007
Seattle, Washington

"I told you. I’m in control here."

We open with a brief recap of last week's happenings, starting with the vicious assault of Mr. Kennedy on Arn Anderson, only for the World Heavyweight Champion Batista to arrive on the scene to chase Kennedy away. Into the arena, and we hear Kennedy claim "THAT is how you make an impact."... only for Metallingus to ring out, as EDGE makes his return to Smackdown, declaring he's challenging the however the World Heavyweight Champion is come Wrestlemania. Kennedy is then involved in a Number One Contenders Match with The Undertaker, with quick fire highlights of the back and forth bout. Undertaker seems destined to win, only for King Booker to get involved, jumping on the apron and distracting 'The Deadman', allowing Kennedy to get the cheap win with a rollup, booking his spot against Batista at No Way Out.

We then see the usual Smackdown opening video, before it's into the arena for a burst of pyro and a whirl around the arena as we hear from our three man announce team...

Michael Cole: We are just 48 hours away from the last pay per view before Wrestlemania. We are just two days away from NO - WAY - OUT! Hello everyone, welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, my name is Michael Cole, alongside me are 'JBL' and Tazz, and guys, there is excitement in the air tonight in Seattle, Washington!

John Bradshaw Layfield: There's excitement in the air 'cos in 48 hours the fastest rising star in Smackdown history takes his rightful place at the top of the mountain! Mr. Kennedy, it is his destiny to beat Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday, and I can't wait to see it!

Michael Cole: Well certainly Mr. Kennedy has gotten under the skin of 'The Animal' lately with both his comments about Ric Flair and his vicious assault of Arn Anderson last week, the champion and challenger will collide this Sunday! But we've got a lot of action to get through tonight, including five matchups with big time No Way Out implications.

John Bradshaw Layfield: No doubt about it! Both Batista and Mr. Kennedy are in action, with Kennedy goin' against Chris Benoit, while 'The Animal' has 'The Bookman' tonight, King Booker!

Tazz: And not only that, Brian Kendrick is goin' up against Rene Dupree, my boi Tommy Dreamer is in action against Paul Burchill, and six of the ten cruiserweights in action in the Cruiserweight Gauntlet this Sunday are goin' at in six man tag team action!

Michael Cole: And you mentioned the cruiserweights, we understand that Gregory Helms, the Cruiserweight Champion, is going to be joining us for commentary, and he has a big surprise in store for all of us. And as if that wasn't enough, tonight marks the first night of Bryan Danielson here in the WWE! Danielson won't make his in-ring debut until this Sunday at No Way Out, but he will be making his Smackdown debut in some fashion tonight!

Tazz: And I can't wait for that! I've seen 'im on the internet, I've heard all the stories, I can't wait to see the guy up close and personal. And I can't wait to see his debut this Sunday!

John Bradshaw Layfield: And I can't wait for all you idiots to be disappointed when Gregory Helms shows Bryan Danielson for the wannabe that he really is! I'm tellin' ya', the only reason this kid has a job is 'cos Teddy Long thought he was good. Teddy Long can't judge talent, otherwise we wouldn't have those three ECW rejects on our show.

Tazz: Hey, why don't you watch yo' mouth 'JBL'?

Michael Cole: Alright guys, let's settle down here. Folks, we also hope to hear from both the United States Champion Chris Benoit and his opponent this Sunday Finlay, and we are very excited for something that MVP is calling 'The V.I.P Lounge'! MVP set to host his opponents this Sunday at No Way Out, Matt Hardy, The Miz and Kane!


The crowd erupts as the World Heavyweight Champion Batista steps out, firing up the crowd as he crouches down to set off his massive pyro display. Wearing a dark suit and sunglasses, 'The Animal' also doesn't look ready to compete, however he wears a furious scowl on his face as he makes his way down to the ring...

Michael Cole: But it seems we're kickin' things off with 'The Animal'! Batista, just 48 hours away from what in recent weeks has become a very personal, a very emotional confrontation with Mr. Kennedy after Kennedy's actions towards Batista's close friend Ric Flair and Arn Anderson.

Tazz: Hey, credit where credit's due, Kennedy's got a ton o' talent, but somebody owe's that guy one hell of an ass kickin' after what he's done these past few weeks. I mean, Ric Flair at the Rumble, Arn Anderson last week? He's gonna get his one day, I hope it's at the hands of 'The Animal' this Sunday.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Aw quit complainin'! Let's focus on the issue at hand, the fact that tonight could, and for my money, will be the last night we see Batista here on Smackdown as the World Heavyweight Champion. 'The Animal' has let his emotions get the better of him with regards to Ric Flair, and I think that could be the key that sees Batista's reign as champion end at No Way Out.

In the ring, Batista raises his title high in the air for another pop, before he calls for a microphone, waiting for the "BAH - TIS - TA!" chants to die down before he speaks...

Batista: Y'know, I've been back on Smackdown for almost two years now. I've been a champion, I've been a challenger, I've faced a lot of different people. I was put on the shelf for six months and I battled back to make it to the top once again. In all that time, I've had a lot of different types of motivation behind me.

Batista paces the ring, title across his shoulder...

Batista: When I beat Triple H at Wrestlemania XXII, I was out to prove a point to the man who tried to hold me down, the partner who cared more about his own interests than mine. When I was drafted to Smackdown and I defended my title against 'JBL', I did to show everybody in the Smackdown locker room that I wasn't a man to mess with. When I defended my title against Eddie Guerrero...

The crowd cuts Batista off with a massive pop and an "EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!" chant, prompting 'The Animal' to glance to the heavens...

Batista: When I beat Eddie Guerrero, I was motivated by respect for an incredible athlete, a friend who gave me some of the toughest matches of my career. When I came back to Smackdown after my injury, I went lookin' for Mark Henry... 'cos I wanted revenge. King Booker, I won the World Heavyweight Championship, to make it back to the top of the mountain, to make it back where I belonged! Last month at the Royal Rumble, I beat Finlay, to prove him and everybody else I'm one of the toughest S.O.B's you're ever gonna find! But this Sunday, at No Way Out... my motivation is simple.

Batista removes his sunglasses, giving the hard camera an eyeful...

Batista Mr. Kennedy... my motivation when I walk into No Way Out... is to cause you as much pain as is physically possible!

Massive pop...

Batista: All those names I listed, every match I've ever had, I have NEVER felt as pissed off as I do about you right now! Plenty of people have run their mouth at my expense, plenty of people have caused me pain, but each and every time I've stepped up and I have destroyed them in this ring. It's the way I've been my whole life, you hurt me, you pay the price. But you Kennedy?

Batista shakes his head in disgust...

Batista: You crossed a line. Y'see not only did you attack and assault Ric Flair, a man who I owe so much for all the advice he's given me over the years, but then you turn around and beat up Arn Anderson. A man who had to retire ten years ago due to a neck injury. Two legends of this business, two men who did nothin' to provoke you. You put your hands on them, and now you're gonna answer to me.


Batista: You might talk a good match Kennedy, but as far as I'm concerned, you're nothin' but words. Until you've held this (Holding up the title belt) World Heavyweight Championship, you're nothin' but a punk with a big mouth.

Another pop...

Batista: I know you like to talk Kennedy, but right now, you're gonna listen for a change, and you're gonna listen real good. This Sunday at No Way Out, there isn't gonna be any words, there isn't gonna be any talkin'. All there's gonna be, is you and me, in this ring, one on one... and I guarantee I'm gonna KICK - YOUR - ASS!

Massive pop...

Batista: Ever since you came to the WWE, you've done nothin' but run your mouth and attack legends when their backs are turned. Well Kennedy, this Sunday, you're finally gettin' that big chance at the gold that you wanted. You may not deserve it, but you got it, and now you're gonna pay for it!

Batista pauses, having a little laugh to himself...

Batista: Y'know last week you called me a coward Kennedy. Lemme promise you one thing... this Sunday, you're gonna find out... that I'm no coward. You're gonna find out, that I am the baddest son of a bitch that ever stepped in this ring!

'The Animal' now turns to the crowd...

Batista: And I dunno 'bout these people... but I don't really feel like waitin' for this Sunday. So Kennedy... this "coward" is callin' you out infront of all these people!

Batista leans over the top rope...


Again the crowd cheers as Batista places the World Heavyweight Championship down in the corner of the ring, then removes his jacket and starts unbuttoning his shirt. Rolling up his sleeves, Batista paces the ring, waiting for a response. The crowd buzzes in anticipation, as they await the arrival of...



Intense heat as the brash, cocky Mr. Kennedy saunters down to the ring. With a t-shirt over his wrestling gear, Kennedy looks dressed to compete as he arrogantly chews gum in the face of the fans who so vociferously boo him...

Tazz: Wow. I mean, I'm impressed. Kennedy got called out, and he's actually gonna answer it!

John Bradshaw Layfield: And why wouldn't he? He knows he's got Batista rattled, he knows 'The Animal' ain't thinkin' straight, and that plays right into Kennedy's hands.

Michael Cole: He is the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. A man who has done everythin' in his power in recent weeks to try and attract the attention of Ric Flair. But now, after his victory last week over The Undertaker, Kennedy finds himself just a few days away from possibly being the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Kennedy confidently jogs up the ring steps, stepping through the ropes with a pep in his step. The crowd rises in anticipation, wanting to see the confrontation between the two. Batista steps forward, looking to go nose to nose, but Kennedy... holds a hand infront of Batista's face... and then reaches up for his microphone! The crowd boos as it seems instead of the brawl we all wanted, we're going to have to instead listen to the brash youngster...

Mr. Kennedy: Dave, Dave, Dave. Y'know, as much as I loved hearin' you run off that little list of people you've beaten since you came to Smackdown, there's just one little problem I have with each of those names. Each of those names Dave, they all have one thing in common. When they faced you Dave, they were all... how do I say this?... past their prime.

Batista mouths "What?", but Kennedy shrugs, indicating he's about to explain...

Mr. Kennedy: Let's look at that list. Triple H? He was in his prime before this millenium even started. 'JBL'? He retired 12 months later. Mark Henry? Are you kiddin' me? King Booker? Finlay? Face it Dave, you fight nothin' but old men. When I called you a coward last week... well that list you just rattled off proved my point. You've never faced an up-and-comer, a man who's not even peaked yet, a guy who's got his whole career ahead of him... until this Sunday.

Kennedy confidently smiles in the face of 'The Animal'...

Mr. Kennedy: This Sunday, you face the the fastest rising star Smackdown has ever seen. The future of sports entertainment. And the biggest threat to your World Heavyweight Championship... that you've ever seen.

Kennedy smugly points at himself...

Mr. Kennedy: Now, I know how you like to do this Dave. You act the big man, you make a lotta noise, you try intimidate whatever Johnny-Come-Lately is the Number One Contender. Well not me Dave. Not this Number One Contender. Y'see, tonight, I simply intend on letting my actions do the talking for me.

Heat, to which Kennedy smirks at...

Mr. Kennedy: Y'see, I may be cocky. I may be brash. I may be arrogant, and yes, from time to time, I may even be a lil' bit obnoxious.

Kennedy pauses, allowing Tazz to chime in with "A little bit?"...

Mr. Kennedy: But I have always backed up my words. I have the skills to pay the bills, and not for one - single - moment can you say I'm not who I say I am.

Kennedy has a little laugh to himself...

Mr. Kennedy: I told Ric Flair I meant business. And I backed that up... when I nearly gave his buddy Arn Anderson another FREAKIN' BROKEN NECK!

Kennedy calms himself...

Mr. Kennedy: So Dave, while this has been fun an' all... I'm not gonna fight you right now. I'm gonna focus on beatin' Chris Benoit tonight... and I suggest you watch that match Dave. 'Cos I'm gonna send you a lil' message durin' that match.

Kennedy now forcibly points a finger to Batista's chest...

Mr. Kennedy: And when I do... you better realise what you're lettin' yourself in for. 'Cos I am the man who singlehandedly beat The Undertaker last week, and I am the man who this Sunday at No Way Out... will beat you to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. I am none other than MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRR KEN – NAH – DAY!

'The Animal' stands firm, a furious look on his face, while Kennedy loudly chews his gum in his face...

Mr. Kennedy: KEN - NAH -


The crowd is stunned as 'The Animal' is sent reeling backwards, collapsing to the mat. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, Kennedy simply smiles, firing his mic back up into the rafters before he slowly turns and rolls under the bottom rope. Backing up the ramp, Kennedy continues to smirk, the camera close enough to hear him say "Think about that champ!". The camera then cuts back to the ring, as Batista picks himself back to one knee... to show that he's been busted open! The blood gushes from a gash on the forehead of 'The Animal', his face quickly a crimson mess, a furious look as Batista roars with anger, while Kennedy is content that as he said, he let his actions do the talking as we fade into commercial.


We head back into the arena for...


A solid pop for the arrival of The Extremists, with Tommy Dreamer and Sabu making a more traditional entrance, while the camera scans the crowd for a sight of The Sandman, does his usual beer can routine before making his way through the masses...

Michael Cole: Welcome back folks to Friday Night Smackdown, and we are still stunned at the way we started the show. Batista called out Mr. Kennedy, looking for retribution over the assault of Arn Anderson last week, only for Kennedy to gain the upperhand, leaving Batista busted open in the ring.

Tazz: Well 'The Animal' called out Kennedy, he wanted a little No Way Out preview tonight, but Kennedy said he wasn't goin' there tonight, sayin' he was gonna let his actions speak for him, and he did that when he drilled Batista with that microphone o' his.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And that's exactly the kinda message Kennedy needed to send tonight. He let Batista know he's a major threat to that World Heavyweight Championship, and I expect to see 'im do it later tonight against Chris Benoit.

Michael Cole: Well here come Dreamer, Sabu and Sandman, three men who are set to collide this Sunday with The Bluebloods in six man action. But right now, it's Tommy Dreamer goin' one on one with Paul Burchill.

Tazz: I gotta admit, Burchill has been impressive since he came back to Smackdown and aligned himself with Regal and Taylor, but Tommy Dreamer's got a chance to even things up a bit and give his team a bit o' momentum ahead of this Sunday.


Heat from the crowd as The Bluebloods make their entrance, with William Regal leading the way, Dave Taylor stood just behind him in a matching suit, while Paul Burchill has a mean look in his eyes as he brings up the rear...

Michael Cole: Well you said Tazz that Burchill has been impressive, and we all remember the night that William Regal told The Extremists that he was gonna be ready for a fight with them. Paul Burchill was the reason Regal was so confident that night, and Regal's been proved right so far as Burchill has really evened up the odds.

John Bradshaw Layfield: He's done more than even 'em up, he's tipped 'em in the favour of The Bluebloods in a big way. Regal and Taylor went out and got themselves a fellow countryman with a bit of class, but this guy is tough as they come. He's gonna do some damage here, believe me.

Match 1:
Tommy Dreamer
w/ Sabu and The Sandman vs. Paul Burchill w/ William Regal and Dave Taylor

An aggressive initial tie up leads to Dreamer quickly twisting into a hammerlock and then a side headlock. Burchill snaps of a right to the gut and forces Dreamer off the ropes, but Dreamer manages to match Burchill’s power by knocking him down with a shoulderblock, following this with an elbow to the back and then a grounded headlock. Burchill quickly works to get back to his feet, and with Dreamer still wrapped around his neck, he drives Dreamer to the corner, breaking the hold with a series of stiff shots to the face and spine. The early goings have a back and forth nature, as when Burchill looks to send Dreamer to the opposite corner, Dreamer reverses, catching Burchill with a hiptoss as he bounces off the turnbuckle. An armdrag keeps Burchill grounded, the frustration of the Englishman clear to see as he slaps the mat. Again Burchill has to work back to a vertical base with Dreamer hanging off him, but the veteran is soon fired off the ropes… only for Regal to reach through and grab Dreamer by the ankle. Dreamer turns angrily towards Regal who pleads his innocent, but the distraction is enough to allow Burchill to take control, as when Dreamer turns back towards the ring Burchill hammers him with a stiff lariat.

Burchill now aggressively goes on the assault, stomping the chest, drilling knees to the spine and dropping elbows across the neck. Looking to up the ante, Burchill drags Dreamer to a vertical base, where ‘The Innovator of Violence’ tries to fight back with hard rights to the gut, only for Burchill to reply with a knee to the midsection and then a hard pumphandle slam for a near fall. A hard Irish whip to the corner is followed by a stiff clothesline against the turnbuckle, allowing Burchill to then hammer Dreamer with boots to the midsection. Dreamer slumps to the mat, prompting the referee to call for the break, and with the ref’s back turned, Regal and Taylor lay in with a few cheap shots as Dreamer lies near the apron, drawing Sabu and Sandman to make their presence felt.

A ringside brawl is avoided on this occasion, and in the ring Dreamer is again whipped off the ropes, this time right into a sleeper hold. Burchill has the hold synched in tight, causing Dreamer to quickly drop to a knee. Sensing he can send The Extremists a big message by making one of them pass out, Burchill ups the pressure, wrenching on the neck and squeezing tight. Sabu and Sandman do their best to encourage Dreamer, as do the crowd, and soon Dreamer has battled back to his feet, drilling Burchill with a pair of elbows and finally breaking free with a side Russian legsweep. Burchill is back on his feet first, but Dreamer catches him with a pair of rights to the gut, then ducks as Burchill swings… inverted DDT! 1… 2… Burchill kicks out. The momentum has shifted as Dreamer scoops Burchill up with a side suplex, but instead of falling to the mat, Burchill is hung in the Tree of Woe position. Dreamer then heads for the opposite corner, looking to attack… but before he can hit the low angle dropkick. Taylor jumps up onto the apron, catching the eye of Dreamer. Taylor is quickly dragged down by The Sandman, who threatens Taylor with his kendo stick! Backing off, Taylor wants no part of Sandman… until Sandman is drilled from behind by Regal, crashing into the steel steps! Sabu is quickly over, while in the ring Burchill tackles Dreamer to the mat… only for Dreamer to reverse the situation, mounting Burchill and hammering with right hands! With a brawl in the ring and another escalating outside, the referee has lost all control on the situation, and when Sabu, Regal and Taylor bring their fight into the ring, the referee has no choice but to throw the match out!

Winner: No Contest @ 06.43

All hell has broken loose as Dreamer is taken down by Regal and Taylor, while Sabu and Burchill brawl in the corner. Sabu is subdued by Burchill, allowing Regal and Taylor to hammer Dreamer with stiff kicks and vicious shots to the face. The crowd boos all over their actions, but the boos soon turn to cheers as The Sandman has dragged himself back to his feet... kendo stick in hand! Sandman slides under the bottom rope, twirling the stick in his hand... and he hammers it into Taylor's spine! Hearing Taylor's cries of pain, Regal turns... and takes the stick square off his skull! Burchill senses what is going on, quickly dropping to the mat and sliding under the bottom rope, with Sandman swinging wildly at him as he does. Regal and Taylor also quickly head outside, scrambling through the ropes, leaving The Extremists alone in the ring. The crowd pops as Sandman raises his weapon high in the air, with Sabu helping Dreamer back to his feet. The three Bluebloods huddle together at the foot of the aisle, Regal cursing back at the ring, while the crowd keeps cheering as The Extremists send their No Way Out opponents a huge message!

We now head backstage to the office of Teddy Long, sat at his desk, reading over a few papers. A knock at the door prompts Teddy to shout "Come in.", and as the door opens we see King Booker and Queen Sharmell enter the room to heat from inside the arena...


Shocked, Teddy fumbles his papers before he stares up at Booker...

Teddy Long: What you think yo' doin' Bookah? You can't come in my office and start runnin' yo' mouth like that!

Furious, Booker flares his nostrils...

King Booker: Dammit Teddy, I want muh match! Gimme my match with 'Da Undertaker sucka!

Sharmell pats her husband's brow, trying to calm him...

Teddy rises from his chair, a knowing look in his eyes...

Teddy Long: Y'know what Bookah? Allow me to apologise from not comin' to see you sooner. I been a bit busy tryin' to find out how Arn Anderson is doin'.

Having calmed down, Booker slips back into his noble accent...

King Booker: Your king accepts your apology Thaddeus. However, I care not for the health of Arnold Anderson. For you see, I am a man of honour! I have challenged you Undertaker time after time, and yet still I don't have my match. Well now I wait no more. Thaddeus Long... I want my match. I want The Undertaker at No Way Out!

Teddy nods in agreement...

Teddy Long: Lemme holla at ya' here Bookah. Now, last week, I made that Number One Contenders Match between Mr. Kennedy and The Undertaker 'cos I wanted to give 'The Deadman' the chance he deserved. Undertaker had a great Royal Rumble, including throwing you over the top rope, and he woulda been a hell of a challenger for Batista.

Teddy ruefully shakes his head while Booker smiles...

Teddy Long: But Bookah, you took matters into yo' own hand playa. You cost The Undertaker that match. So lemme' tell ya' somethin' playa. You get yo' wish. At No Way Out, it will King Booker, one on one, with The Undertaker!

Pop from the crowd, a sentiment Booker shares as he smiles broadly...

Teddy Long: However... 'cos of yo' actions last week, the match at No Way Out ain't gonna be a straight up, one on one match.

Booker's expression snaps to one of intrigue...

Teddy Long: Y'see, after you stole a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship from The Undertaker last week, 'The Deadman' ain't too happy wit' you. And that why I have decided to let The Undertaker decided what kinda match you two are gonna have!

Booker shouts "What?!" while Sharmell chips in with "You can't do that!"...

Teddy Long: And y'know what? I'm gonna let 'The Deadman' holla at ya' when he's made up his mind!

Sharmell glances at her king, his anger rising...

King Booker: What tha hell Teddy?! You can't do this to muh! What kinda match is that punk ass gonna pick?

Teddy smiles as he shrugs...

Teddy Long: I dunno playa. I mean, it could be No Holds Barred. Buried Alive maybe? Or how 'bout... Hell - In A - Cell?!

Sharmell gasps, gripping the robe Booker wears...

King Booker: H-H-Hell... In A Cell?

Teddy Long: Who knows? I'll let you think you think it over playa. Holla at me!

The camera remains focused on Booker and Sharmell, the two looking like they've seen a ghost as we fade into commercial.


*Video Package*


MARCH 29th, 1998

The "Attitude Era" is born as 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels clash in the main event for the WWF Championship. Having been involved in the 'Monteal Screwjob' four months earlier, Michaels enters the match as one of the most hated figures in the WWF, second perhaps only to Mr. McMahon. With his D-Generation X colleagues Triple H and Chyna in his corner, Mr. McMahon's vehement belief that Austin isn't the man he wants as the face of his company and even DX influenced 'special outside enforcer' Mike Tyson, all odds point to Michaels retaining his title. However, with a level of fan support almost never seen before behind him, Austin battles to overcome the odds, with eventually Triple H and Chyna being ejected from ringside by referee Mike Chioda. As the match rages on, Chioda is knocked unconscious, and Michaels appears to gain the upperhand, looking for the Sweet Chin Music. However, Austin avoids the attack, striking with the Stone Cold Stunner and going for the pinfall... but there's no referee! But in a stunning turn of events, Tyson, DX t-shirt and all, slides into the ring, counting the 3 count to hand Austin his first WWF Championship! As Austin and Tyson celebrate, Michaels confronts Tyson, only to met with a massive punch from 'The Baddest Man On The Planet'. An 'Austin 3:16' t-shirt is then draped over Michaels' body, in what would be his last match for over 4 years.


*End Video Package*

We leave the video and cut to the parking lot, where we see the same black sedan as last week. Trinity, Nunzio, Tony Mamaluke and Big Vito stand alongside it, shiftily eyeing up the situation...

Trinity: Alright. There can't be no mistakes this week, capisce?

Her three colleagues nod...

Trinity: Alright. Get 'The Don' ready.

Mamaluke, Nunzio and Vito all head for the back door of the Sedan, while Trinity steps towards the security guard stood by the door...

Trinity: Hey there.

Suggestively, Trinity pulls open her jacket, revealing a low cut top... and perched in her cleavage is a brown envelope. Reaching in, Trinity removes the envelope and hands it to the security guard, who opens it. Removing a few notes, the guard thumbs and counts, before nodding his head. Trinity then turns and whistles, clearly the signal to go as soon Nunzio, Mamaluke and Vito smuggle a small fan with a fur jacket pulled up tight and a white fedora hat, hiding his face...

Trinity: Don't worry. When we take over, this won't be forgotten.

And with that, Trinity turns and follows the others inside, while our security guard places the brown envelope inside his jacket, zipping it up and taking a guilty look around before we fade back into the arena.

To see that Shannon Moore, Jimmy Wang Yang and Scotty-2-Hotty are already in the ring, with Moore's music still playing throughout the arena...

Michael Cole: What the- what the hell is goin' on in that parking lot? Does this mean this mysterious 'Godfather' is here now?

John Bradshaw Layfield: I can't believe this. Over 10 years I've been a part of this company, I'm the longest reigning heavyweight champion in Smackdown history, I am and forever will be a Wrestling Gawd, and you expect my opinion on those idiots?

Tazz: Or you can just call it stupid like everybody else. We don't need the rest of the crap you wanna say.

Michael Cole: Alright guys that's enough.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You're just sayin' that 'cos you're jealous they couldn't find a suit from the '60s wide enough to fit you.

Tazz: What you just say?

Michael Cole: Enough! Let's focus here. It's now time for some cruiserweight action as six of the competitors in this Sunday's Cruiserweight Open meet in tag team action. Already in the ring, we've got Shannon Moore, Jimmy Wang Yang and Scotty-2-Hotty, and outta those three, you gotta look at Shannon Moore as being a real threat to win this Sunday.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Shannon Moore had a shot at the gold a few weeks ago and he came up short. I can't see it bein' different this Sunday for Moore, or any other cruiserweight for that matter.



A solid amount of heat as Chavo Guerrero makes his entrance with his partners tonight, Joey Mercury and Daivari also stepping out. Vickie Guerrero joins the trio, offering words of advice to Chavo as they make their way down the aisle...

Michael Cole: Now here comes three individuals who could very well make a big impact this Sunday. Chavo Guerrero has had his issues with Gregory Helms in recent weeks, and Mercury and Daivari are both looking to make their mark in the division.

John Bradshaw Layfield: That's three guys who could be a threat to Helms. Daivari can get it done, Joey Mercury is a heck of a talent, and Chavo is a Guerrero. His name alone means he's gotta be talked about when you mention great cruiserweights. But Helms is the man right now, nobody can touch 'im.


*IT’S TIME...*

The boos quickly ring out as the Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms arrogantly walks down to the ring, his title slung over his shoulders as he talks trash to the fans as he goes...

Tazz: Here comes the champ!

Michael Cole: He's been Cruiserweight Champion for over a year now. He has dominated the division, and now he claims to be 'The Best Cruiserweight in the World', and he's about to join us on commentary.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It ain't a claim Cole when you can back it up with facts. The number of people Helms has beat to defend that title means he can truly call himself the best!

Michael Cole: And I'm sure he'll let us know all about it...

Helms reaches the announce desk, placing his title down and placing the headset over his ears...

Michael Cole: Thanks for joinin' us Gregory.

Gregory Helms: I thought I told you weeks ago that you call me Mr. Helms?

John Bradshaw Layfield: God you're nothin' but an embarrassment Cole. Is that how you treat our guests? Greg, how ya' doin' buddy?

Gregory Helms: I'm good. How ya' doin' 'JBL'?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Aw just great champ. I'm lookin' forward to this Sunday. Can't wait to see you put this Bryan Danielson nobody is his place.

Gregory Helms: Yeah, I'm gonna show that loser that you can have ev'ry nerd sat at a computer rootin' for ya', but that don't mean squat here in the WWE.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Love it! I can't wait!

Tazz: God, is it always like this with these two?

Michael Cole: You don't know the half of it partner...

Match 2: Six Man Tag Team Match
Chavo Guerrero
, Daivari and Joey Mercury w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Shannon Moore, Jimmy Wang Yang and Scotty-2-Hotty

Mercury and Yang get the match underway, with Mercury showing he’s a more aggressive cruiserweight in that he starts the match with a stiff forearm to the skull before wrenching on a headlock. Yang quickly forces Mercury off the ropes, avoiding him with a leapfrog and then catching Mercury with a monkey flip. The pace quickens as Yang connects on a pair of armdrags, then smacks Mercury with a spinning heel kick, scoring an early near fall. Yang then wrings Mercury’s arm, tagging in Moore who comes off the top rope with a double axe handle to the arm, before a pair of right hands and a suplex see Moore get a 2 count. Scotty gets the next tag, entering with a ton of enthusiasm, looking to keep the advantage for his team by scooping Mercury up and slamming him down... but Mercury slips off the shoulder, drills Scotty in the ribs with a forearm and then viciously grabs Scotty by the hair and yanks him down, the back of Scotty’s head slamming off the mat.

Daivari now enters the match, snapping Scotty’s head back with right hands in the corner and then hammering him with boots to the midsection. A snap swinging neckbreaker puts Scotty back down again, allowing Chavo to tag in. Chavo drills Scotty with uppercuts in the corner, before he plants Scotty with a northern lights suplex, gaining a near fall. The heels now work to isolate Scotty, keeping him trapped in their corner of the ring and making plenty of quick tags. Scotty takes a ton of damage as Mercury hits a side Russian legsweep, Daivari delivers a diving neckbreaker while Chavo connects on a painful looking tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, each move bringing a near fall that takes Scotty longer to kick out from. Daivari is in the ring, and he has Scotty trapped in a camel clutch, dead centre of the ring, far from the safety of making a tag. Scotty tries to claw at the hands of Daivari, but the hold is locked in tight as Daivari keeps his grip. The crowd and his teammates try to rally behind Scotty, and slowly he forces himself back to a knee, then back to both knees. Daivari still has the hold applied, but Scotty had battled back to a vertical base, connecting on an elbow to the midsection, and another, only for Daivari to snap a right hand to the face. An Irish whip follows, but Scotty ducks a clothesline... belly to belly overhead suplex! Daivari flies across the ring, giving Scotty the chance to reach out and tag in Moore!

Shannon slingshots into the ring and drops the onrushing Daivari with a right hand, before charging over to deliver the same to Chavo and Mercury. Turning back to Daivari, Moore goes for a boot to the midsection... but Daivari catches the foot... enzuigiri! 1... 2... Mercury dives to make the save, and this draws Jimmy Wang Yang into the ring, as he quickly starts beating on Mercury. Moore is back on his feet, and he combines with Jimmy to fire Mercury off the ropes... into a double back body drop! Chavo now attacks, but Jimmy sees him coming, ducking a clothesline and then hitting a headscissors takedown that flings Chavo under the bottom rope to the outside. Following Chavo out, Jimmy hammers Chavo at the base of the aisle, while Moore goes back to work on Daivari, snapping off right hands before firing him to the corner... but Daivari reverses... only for Shannon to jump to the second rope... springboard twisting crossbody! 1... 2... Mercury breaks it up... only for Scotty to clothesline Mercury over the top rope! Chavo, Jimmy and Mercury all gather at the foot of the aisle, and Shannon sees this as a chance to attack, as he charges off the ropes... suicide dive! Shannon lands on Mercury and Jimmy, but the wily veteran Chavo sidesteps the attack, jumping back to the apron.

Scotty is still attacking Daivari, but when he fires Daivari to the corner that Chavo stands in, Chavo reaches in and slaps Daivari for the blind tag. Scotty doesn’t realise, as instead he comes off the ropes... and meets Daivari with the two handed bulldog! The crowd is alive as Scotty’s eyes bulge, looking for the worm. W... O... R... Chavo hammers Scotty with a clothesline! As the legal man, Chavo picks a great moment to attack, and he now quickly moves to the top rope, steadies himself then flies... FROG SPLASH! Chavo gets all of it, and he quickly hooks both legs... 1... 2... Shannon dives for the save, but it’s just too late... 3!

Winners: Chavo Guerrero, Daivari and Joey Mercury @ 07.53

Chavo quickly props himself up on one knee, grabbing at his ribs to sell the impact of the frog splash. Returning to his feet, Chavo points down and throws a few words of trash talk at Scotty, before the referee raises the hands of the winning team...

Michael Cole: An impressive display from Guerrero, Mercury and Daivari. You had to take notice of that Mr. Helms?

Gregory Helms: Impressive? You call that impressive? You wanna see somethin' impressive, you pay attention to this.

Helms removes his headset, tossing it down on the announce desk and rising to his feet, snatching up his Cruiserweight Title as he does. Helms grabs a microphone from the hand of Tony Chimel before stepping up the steps and entering the ring. Once through the ropes, Helms motions towards the three men already there to stick around...

Gregory Helms: Hang on a second fellas. For the first time ever, I'm gonna ask you three to stay in the ring with me. I mean let's face it, you three pieces o' trash don't belong in the same ring as me, but I want you to see this first hand!

Chavo, Mercury and Daivari all glance at each other in disbelief at the nerve of the champion...

Gregory Helms: I promised you all a big surprise. I got somethin' I want you all to see. And I hope that you especially are watchin' this... Bryan Danielson!

Pop for the mention of Bryan, at which Helms shakes his head...

Gregory Helms: Now Danielson, since you're new 'round here... I had the boys in the truck make a lil' video to let you see what you got yourself in for when you signed on the dotted line with Friday Night Smackdown. So you three in the ring, you three losers stood down there, and especially you Bryan... I hope you enjoy. Roll my footage!

*Video Package*

A classical score plays out, accompanying the black and white, slow motion footage we see. We start way back at the 2006 Royal Rumble, the night where Gregory Helms first won the Cruiserweight Championship. We see flashing images that paint the impression that Helms dominated the match, as we see him drill Kid Kash with a stiff clothesline, before he drops Paul London with a flying neckbreaker then connects on a shining wizard to Funaki, covering him to become the new Cruiserweight Champion.

We advance through the video, as Helms sees off all three Mexicool members, Super Crazy, Psicosis and Juventud, connecting with a series of high impact moves that leave his opponents grounded before having his hand raised for an inevitable victory.

We continue to advance through 2006, seeing Helms in action against Chris Benoit, Bobby Lashley, then World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy. In each clip, Helms hits move after move, continuing to assault his opponents, although rather conveniently there is no shot of Helms having his hand raised this time.

We hit the end of the year, with Helms once again looking impressive as he sees off Jimmy Wang Yang at Armageddon. We then see more footage from Smackdown, as Helms drills the World Heavyweight Champion Batista with numerous kicks and punches before putting the champion down with a diving neckbreaker. We then see shots of Helms pinning Shannon Moore a month ago, before the image of two weeks ago, where Helms drills both Moore and Chavo Guerrero with the Cruiserweight Title, standing over both, looking every bit the 'Greatest Cruiserweight Champion of All Time'.

*End Video Package*

We now go back to the ring, where Helms is stood, his arms spread wide, soaking up every boo the crowd throws at him, while at the announce desk 'JBL' is on his feet, loudly applauding...

Michael Cole: Oh my God. Would you sit down please?!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Unbelievable! I've never seen anythin' like it in my life! Look at the names Gregory Helms has knocked off in the last year. An' not even just cruiserweights!

Tazz: Are you kiddin' me!? Half the guys in that video he didn't even beat!

John Bradshaw Layfield: You just saw the footage! What more prove d'ya need?! He's the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of 'em all!

Helms now appears to be wiping away fake tears of joy...

Gregory Helms: Such happy memories! But that right there should let EACH - AND EV'RY - ONE OF YA' realise that I am the best damn cruiserweight in the world! There's nobody I can't beat! Hell, this Sunday at No Way Out, I'll take on all of ya's! And I'll beat all of ya', 'cos I'm that - damn - good!

Ridiculous heat, as Helms once again opens his arms to the crowd... but it soon turns to a small pop as Funaki and Jamie Noble start walking down the aisle, much to the surprise of the champ...

Gregory Helms: Oh look! It's my ol' friend Funaki! You were in that video samurai boy! Now what are ya' doin' out here, interrupting my moment?

Funaki doesn't have a microphone in his hand, so he simply stares at Helms with fury in his eyes, he and Noble continuing to walk down to the ring. Shannon Moore and the rest of the face team are now also in the ring, with Moore stepping forward to go nose to nose with Helms...

Gregory Helms: What? What ya' gonna do Shannon? You gonna pick a fight with me? You better be bringin' an army with ya' Shannon, 'cos you don't want me to smack this title belt of your skull again.

Moore shakes his head, before a smug grin crosses his face, and he points for Helms to take a look around him. Helms does so, noticing that he now has eight seriously pissed off cruiserweights surrounding him! Helms scrambles as the rest of the cruiserweight division slowly encircle him, but there is no escape for the champion...

Michael Cole: I think Gregory Helms just bit off more than he can chew!

John Bradshaw Layfield: What a Goddamn minute here! What the hell is this?! This ain't no nine on one match this Sunday, it's every man for himself! What do these idiots think they're doin'?!

Tazz: Looks like they're about to give Gregory Helms an old fashioned ass whuppin'!

Realising the situation he's in, Helms pleads with his competition...

Gregory Helms: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Fellas, fellas! That video? I didn't mean that! That was just a joke! I was just messin' with ya's! I swear ta' Gawd!

Paying no notice, Moore nods, signalling the rest of the cruiserweights to step forward, closing the gap on the champion...

Gregory Helms: No wait! Wait! Fellas! Please?! I'm beggin' ya'!

Acting a leader of sorts, Moore steps forward as Helms cowers, destined to land the first blow... until Chavo steps infront of him?! Helms opens his eyes, breathing a huge sigh of relief as Chavo gets in Moore's face, aggressively pointing to his chest and shouting "I'll handle this!". Soon, Moore is shouting back, while the other's start to bicker among themselves... and the fight is on! Moore and Guerrero instantly start throwing shots at each other, while it's mayhem as the others in the ring pair off, everyone brawling for himself as any sense of camaraderie is long gone! Fists fly, bodies are strewn all over the ring, with Michael Cole saying what's on everyone's mind...


The members of the cruiserweight division have seemingly lost all interest in Helms by this point, as instead they battle among each other. The cameras soon pick up the champion though, as Helms, microphone and title in hand, high tails up the aisle. Almost in disbelief that he managed to escape the situation, Helms collapses under the Smackdown fist, and while the Superstars in the ring may not have noticed, the crowd has as they hammer Helms with boos...

Gregory Helms: Yeah! What d'ya think o' that, huh? I did it again! I beat ya'! I beat all of ya' again!

Finally the brawling in the ring stops, as the eight man posse finally realise that their target has escaped. Helms is near euphoric, feeling invincible...

Gregory Helms: I keep tellin' ya'! You got nothin' on me! Look at ya's! There's nine o' ya' in that ring right now, and not one of ya' could touch me!

Nine? Oh no Gregory... our ninth man has still to arrive on the scene...

Gregory Helms: And that's what's gonna happen this Sunday! I'll beat all of ya'! There's not one single one of ya' who can-


Initially surprised by the unfamiliar music and with the arena plunged into near darkness, the crowd is unsure as to how to react. But they soon go fucking ape shit as the name BRYAN DANIELSON flashes across the screen! The smarks in the crowd damn near have a heart attack, and the arena erupts once more as the man himself steps out, dressed in jeans, a shirt collar peaking out over a smart sweater, standing over the seated Cruiserweight Champion! Helms staggers and stumbles his way to his feet, with the steely eyed Danielson stepping towards him!

The crowd is still on their feet as Helms slowly backs his way towards the ring, glancing over his shoulder to realise that no matter what way he turns, Helms is screwed! Danielson's music continues to play, and together with the buzz of the crowd the noise in the arena is near deafening! Helms eventually stops, holding out a hand to Danielson, desperate to make a peace offering. Danielson glances at the out stretched hand, before turning to the crowd, who clearly make their feelings known.

The music stops, and now we can hear Helms plead with Danielson... "Shake my hand!". Danielson again looks at the outstretched hand... and shakes it?! Danielson grabs the hand and briefly shakes it, much to Helms' relief... before Bryan synchs him in... and hammers Helms WITH A HEADBUTT RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES! Helms is stunned, staggering back, and the crowd goes nuts as Bryan starts unloading with elbow after elbow to the side of the skull!! Danielson continues to attack, until he has Helms as the foot of the ring... so he tosses him under the bottom rope!

The crowd again goes wild as Helms tries to pull himself together... only to realise what's happened... THE REST OF THE CRUISERWEIGHTS START LAYING INTO HELMS! Everybody wants a piece of the champion, as the boots fly, Danielson remains on the outside, watching it all unfold, his expression the same look of sheer determination as it was when he entered the arena...

Michael Cole: BRYAN DANIELSON IS HERE! Bryan Danielson has made a huge impact on his WWE debut!


Tazz: The champ's takin' a trip to the woodshed right here!


The beatdown continues, but the camera stays focused on Smackdown's newest Superstar, the man who just let the Cruiserweight Champion know he's got competition if he wants to claim to the be 'The Best in the World'. The arena is still going nuts as Helms is hammered, while we take one last look at the steely-eyed newcomer before we fade into commercial.


Straight back into the arena for...



A initial great pop quickly turns to boos as Edge makes his entrance, setting a burst of pyro before he heads down to the ring...

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown everyone. Folks, we are still reeling here from the debut of Bryan Danielson here on Smackdown! I don't think Gregory Helms is ever gonna forget that moment.

John Bradshaw Layfield: That was an absolute disgrace! I can't believe what I just saw, NINE men assaulting Gregory Helms. It makes me sick!

Tazz: I loved it! I thought it was great, what an impact Bryan Danielson made!

Michael Cole: And speaking of impacts, we were all stunned when Edge showed up on Smackdown last week, declaring that he was going to challenge the winner of the World Heavyweight Championship match this Sunday to a title match at Wrestlemania XXIII.

Tazz: No doubt! I couldn't believe it when Edge came out here. I mean, think about it, now we know one half of the Smackdown Wrestlemania main event, and it's gonna be the Rated-R Superstar!

Michael Cole: Well that is a fact. We know it's gonna be Edge, but is it gonna be Batista or Mr. Kennedy he challenges?

John Bradshaw Layfield: It's gonna be Kennedy. You saw it earlier tonight, the whole world saw it, Kennedy has 'The Animal' rattled, he's inside his head, and he's gonna take the gold this Sunday. Mark my words!

Tazz: Can you imagine Edge and Mr. Kennedy in the Wrestlemania main event? Ford Field wouldn't be big enough for both those guys to fit their ego's under the roof!

Having now reached the ring, Edge calls for a mic from Tony Chimel, which he receives...

Edge: Y'know, a lot of people have asked me why I announced last week that I was gonna challenge whoever the World Heavyweight Champion is to a match at Wrestlemania. A lot of people said, I made my announcement too early.

Smugly, Edge shakes his head...

Edge: But y'see, you people... are missin' the bigger picture here. 'Cos you see, by lettin' the world know that I intend to challenge the World Heavyweight Champion, whoever it may be, at Wrestlemania XXIII... I hold the advantage.


Edge: Last week, when I made my arrival on Smackdown, the second I stepped into this ring, I put fear into the minds of anyone involved in that No Way Out main event. You think The Undertaker and Mr. Kennedy didn't have me on their minds during their match last week? You think all week long, Batista hasn't been worried about what might happen to him?

More heat...

Edge: 'Cos you see, both Kennedy and Batista know, that right now I... I have the power. I have control... of the destiny of the World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday.

Edge smirks as he utters that last line, rubbing his chin to ponder his next statement...

Edge: Let's remember one thing. I am guaranteed a Wrestlemania main event. That's right, me. Not Batista. Not Mr. Kennedy. As far as I'm concerned, they're just an opponent. One of them is going to have the honour of bein' in MY Wrestlemania main event. And this Sunday at No Way Out... who's to say that I don't decide which one of them I want? Who's to say I don't... involve myself in their match this Sunday?

Edge now begin to pace the ring...

Edge: I mean think about it! Who do I wanna face? Do I wanna face Batista? The big, powerful champion, a guy I can run rings around, a guy I can outmanoeuvre, a guy I can outclass in the ring any day of the week. Or do I want Mr. Kennedy? The young, brash, newcomer, the guy who's barely been in the door 10 minutes, the guy who quite frankly would panic under those Wrestlemania lights?

Edge stops pacing, running a hand through his hair...

Edge: Don't you people see? I... am in control here. I control the fate of the World Heavyweight Championship. All it takes it for me to climb in that ring this Sunday... and one spear later, I'll have the opponent of my choosing. I'll have the main event I want, I'll have guaranteed myself the World Heavyweight Championship!

Heat, at which Edge simply smiles...

Edge: And that... that is why I made my announcement when I did. I picked the perfect moment, I sowed the seeds of doubt, I put fear in the minds of Kennedy and Batista. They might be facing each other this Sunday... but they'll both be thinkin' about me. All the attention will be on me!

Edge basks in the boos of the crowd...

Edge: This show NEEDS me! Smackdown NEEDS to be Rated-R! The World Heavyweight Championship NEEDS me! And whether they want to admit or not... Batista and Mr. Kennedy... they both need me too. They need me... but I don't need them. I can pick and choose either one of them, it doesn't matter who. This isn't arrogance, this isn't being big headed. Batista, Mr. Kennedy... it doesn't matter who I take the World Heavyweight Championship from... 'cos at Wrestlemania XXIII... I will fulfil my destiny.


Edge: My destiny is to become World Heavyweight Champion. There's not a damn thing either Mr. Kennedy or Batista can do to stop that. But at No Way Out... I'll give one of 'em a chance to try. It's not a case of me winning the Rumble and choosing which title I want to challenge. It's a case of me winning the Rumble... and deciding which World Heavyweight Champion has the honour of losing to me on the grandest stage of 'em all!

More heat...

Edge: So to both participants in the World Heavyweight Championship match this Sunday, I just want you to know that I'll be there... and I'll be watchin' every second. And when the time is right... I'll make my choice. And when I do-


The crowd is initially taken aback as Teddy Long steps out, mic already in hand. Teddy stops near the top of the aisle, not bothering to wait for his music to die down...

Teddy Long: Edge! Hold on a minute there playa.

An anxious look crosses Edge's face...

Teddy Long: Edge, when you decided you wanted to come to Smackdown and challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship, I was diggin' that playa. I happy to have ya'. But y'see Edge, this is my show. And when I make a World Heavyweight Championship match, I don't want anybody gettin' involved, ya' dig?

Teddy paces up and down under the Smackdown fist as Edge leans against the ropes...

Teddy Long: Last week, King Bookah took matters into his own hands, and I ain't gonna let that happen again. This ain't Raw playa, this is Smackdown. We do things a lil' differently around here.

Brief pop...

Teddy Long: This Sunday at No Way Out, there will be no outside interference. You just gonna have to sit back and enjoy it like ev'rybody else.

Another pop, to which Edge shakes his head...

Edge: Or what Teddy? What, you'll take away my title match? Yeah, try it Teddy. And I will sue your ass for all it's worth! I won The Royal Rumble! I hold all the cards here Teddy, not you!

Teddy shrugs, reluctantly...

Teddy Long: Y'know somethin' playa... you right. I can't take that match away from you. You earned it, by hook or by crook, but you earned it. But what I can do... and what I will do... is make sure you don't interfere in the match this Sunday. Y'see Edge, while you mighta won The Royal Rumble and got that shot at the World Heavyweight Championship... but you still ain't signed on tha' dotted line here at Smackdown. You might be on my show, but you ain't a member of my roster yet playa. Now I have allowed you to come out here last week and tonight to make your lil' announcements, but I ain't gonna allow you to be involved this Sunday.

Edge listens intently...

Teddy Long: So Edge, since you still aren't technically a member of the Smackdown roster... and since No Way Out is a Smackdown only pay per view... you are BANNED from the building this Sunday playa!

Big pop...

Teddy Long: And if you wanna have that Wrestlemania main event... you'll sign a Smackdown contract next Friday night... and you'll stay away this Sunday playa.

Edge: And what if I don't?

Teddy Long: If you don't? I can make Wrestlemania XXIII the worst night of yo' life playa!

Edge laughs to himself, nodding his head...

Edge: Y'know what Teddy? You can make all the threats you want, but the fact of the matter is this. You don't tell me what to do Teddy. I make the rules regarding my match at Wrestlemania. But uh... I'll play by your rules this Sunday Teddy. I'll stay away. I'll watch No Way Out at home. I give you... my word.


Edge smirks up the aisle at Teddy, who of course looks sceptical. Both men exchange glances, the camera switching between the two, and just before we fade into commercial, Michael Cole asks the question we all are...

"Surely Teddy Long can't take Edge at his word?"


We return to see King Booker in his locker room with Queen Sharmell stood nearby. Booker angrily tosses items of clothing into a nearby gym back, muttering under his breath...

Queen Sharmell: My King... something troubles you.

King Booker: What da' hell Teddy Long talkin' 'bout?

Sharmell nervously glances at the camera...

Queen Sharmell: Ahem, um... my King? What happened to your accent, your Excellency?

Booker aggressively throws an elbow pad off the wall, before taking a moment to compose himself...

King Booker: Yes, my Queen. You are right. One must show the appropriate level of decorum during times like these. But I fear Thaddeus Long has royally screwed me. If I was granted the one on one match, as I requested, I would of course beat The Undertaker. But with this stipulation in place... I am not so sure.

Queen Sharmell: But my King... surely you don't fear The Undertaker?

A furious look crosses Booker's face...

King Booker: Da' hell? I ain't scared a' that suckah! He ain't nothin' next to muh! I beat 'em at any match he want! He ain't bettah than King Boo-

Sharmell screams as the LIGHTS IN THE ROOM GO OUT! Booker and Sharmell shout and scream at the commotion, with Booker being most vocal. Both shout for help and demand the lights come back on, and eventually they do... with both Booker and Sharmell huddled together, clinging to each other for dear life...

Queen Sharmell: I-I-I... I think you made him mad, my King.

Booker says nothing, too scared to speak, as he and Sharmell continue to cower with each other, the pair shaking with fear as we head back into the arena.



Once again there is a ton of heat as Mr. Kennedy arrogantly strides down to the ring, a cocky smirk on his face after his actions from earlier in the evening...

Michael Cole: What a night it's been so far for Mr. Kennedy. Earlier tonight, Kennedy drilled Batista with his microphone, busting open the World Heavyweight Champion, and now he's taking on the United States Champion Chris Benoit.

Tazz: And what a weekend it could wind up bein' for this guy! I mean, I don't like Kennedy, I don't like his actions or the way he's gone about his business lately, but he's got a legit shot at bein' World Heavyweight Champion this Sunday.

John Bradshaw Layfield: He's got destiny on his side! He's young, he's hungry, he's the future of this business, and this Sunday, he takes the title away from 'The Animal'. Mark my words!

In the ring, Kennedy removes his t-shirt and tosses it to the floor, bouncing on his heels, eagerly awaiting the arrival of...


The crowd gives a great response as the United States Champion Chris Benoit steps out. Benoit has an emotion-less look on his face, his eyes focused on the ring as he cocks his neck while walking down the aisle...

Michael Cole: And what about the United States Champion Chris Benoit, the man who this Sunday takes on Finlay in what is sure be a brutal encounter.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It's gonna be a war Michael! Benoit and Finlay, two of the toughest S.O.B's you're gonna find. I can't wait to see the two of 'em knock the hell outta each other!

Tazz: No doubt about it. This is gonna be a big test for Kennedy right here. Ain't no better way for tryin' to get ready for Batista than by takin' on 'The Crippler'.

Match 3: Non Title Match
United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. Mr. Kennedy

Looking to prove his credentials, Kennedy is the aggressor early on, as from the initial tie up he drives Benoit back to the corner. The referee steps in looking for a break, and while Kennedy initially gives it, he quickly goes to work with stiff boots to the midsection. Kennedy then swings a right hand, only for Benoit to duck, turning the tables as Benoit unloads with chops to the chest. An Irish whip sends Kennedy off the ropes, right into a knee to the midsection, with Benoit following with a snap suplex for an early 2 count. Kennedy quickly rolls under the bottom rope, trying to regroup, but Benoit stays on him, following Kennedy outside to again strike with chops across the chest. Kennedy is then driven face first off the announce desk, before being rolled back under the bottom rope. Kennedy tries to distance himself as he backs off to the corner, and it works briefly as when Benoit moves towards him, Kennedy strikes with a boot to the midsection. Kennedy then looks to send Benoit to the opposite corner, only for the United States Champion to reverse it, taking Kennedy up and down with a back body drop. Once more Kennedy rolls under the bottom rope to try and recover, but again Benoit is quick to follow him outside. This time however it costs Benoit, as after tagging Kennedy with a chop to the chest, Kennedy is able to grab Benoit by the tights, yanking him forward and sending Benoit shoulder first into the steel steps.

The steps come unhinged from the force of Benoit crashing into them, and after seeing the United States Champion clutch his arm, Kennedy is quick to attack the shoulder, aiming stiff kicks to the joint and then rolling Benoit back into the ring. Kennedy doesn’t follow though, as he remains outside to grab hold of Benoit’s left arm, smashing it across the ring post as Benoit lies on the mat in pain. Kennedy continues to target the shoulder, drilling his elbow to the top of the arm before aggressively tosses Benoit shoulder first into the turnbuckle. A scoop slam is followed by a hard elbow drop, with Kennedy going for a lateral press, forcibly driving his forearm into Benoit’s face as he gets a 2 count.

Kennedy continues his attack with simple kicks and punches to the shoulder, to then once again firing Benoit shoulder first towards the corner. This time however, Benoit flies straight through the ropes, finally stopping as his shoulder connects with the ring post, leaving the United States Champion to cry out in pain. Benoit then takes an awkward fall from the ring to the outside, with Kennedy looking to press home his advantage as he steps through the ropes. With Benoit down on one knee, resting against the steel steps, Kennedy sees a chance to do some damage, starting with a kick to the head before he then grabs Benoit’s arm, placing it across the top of the steps. Climbing the stairs, Kennedy uses his foot to keep Benoit’s arm in place, before raising his other foot... and STOMPING DOWN ACROSS THE SHOULDER! The impact of the boot coupled with the steel steps causes the audience to gasp, but Kennedy remains cold blooded, a sick look on his face as Benoit cries out in agony.

Back in the ring, Kennedy begins to feel cocky, arrogantly rubbing his boot across Benoit’s face, but when he helps Benoit back to a vertical base, the United States Champion shows great fight as he fires back with a pair of chops with his good arm, backing Kennedy to the ropes. Benoit then looks for an Irish whip, but Kennedy hangs on... and counters with a single arm DDT! 1... 2... Benoit rolls a shoulder. This pattern continues for the next few minutes, as Kennedy continues to pile on the pressure, hitting a forward Russian legsweep, a shoulderbreaker and a spike DDT, each move leading to a cover, each cover seeing Benoit barely hang on. Kennedy’s frustration grows with every kick out, but he looks to stay focused, aiming kicks and punches to the arm before hoisting Benoit up onto his shoulders for a rolling fireman’s carry slam... but Benoit fights out of the predicament with elbows to the head, dropping down behind... and then hooking Kennedy’s arm, taking him down to the mat... CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! Benoit goes for the crossface... but Kennedy is able to fight it! Kennedy has his hands in-between his neck, pushing back on Benoit, with Cole quick to point out that due to the damage suffered to his arm, Benoit might not be able to lock in the crossface. Both men continue to strain and fight, with Benoit trying to wrench the hold on, while Kennedy desperately fights against it.

Eventually Benoit has to give up, drilling his good elbow to Kennedy’s skull, with Kennedy having dodged a bullet. Benoit now looks to regain control, connecting on a few boots to the back, before he pulls Kennedy to his feet... and rattles off a German suplex! Keeping his grip tight, Benoit pulls Kennedy to his feet... second German suplex! Still with the grip locked in tight, Benoit looks to complete the Hat Trick... but Kennedy drills him with an elbow to the side of the head... and then steps through... to hit the MIC CHECK! Kennedy plants Benoit and hooks the leg... 1... 2... Benoit gets a foot on the ropes! Kennedy cries out in anguish as Benoit is able to stay alive, leaving Kennedy in disbelief with him sure he had the match won. Sensing he needs to hit that one big move that will but Benoit away, Kennedy drags Benoit to the corner, hoisting the United States Champion up onto his shoulders. Slowly climbing the ropes, Kennedy makes it to the second turnbuckle, obviously looking for the GREEN BAY PLUNGE... but Benoit fights out of it, hitting elbows and fists to the head, managing to perch himself on the top rope... and then pushing Kennedy down to the mat! Kennedy hits the mat hard, but a commotion is heard across the ring... as The Little Bastard has snuck out from under the ring! Catching the eye of Benoit and the referee, the leprechaun has the referee turned away from the ring, and just as Benoit is about to climb to the top rope, Finlay leaps over the barricade... and CLUBS BENOIT WITH THE SHILLELAGH! Benoit instantly crumples to the mat, and this allows Kennedy to crawl over and drape an arm across Benoit, with the referee turning just in time... 1... 2... 3.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy @ 10.12

Kennedy rolls away, relieved to have gotten the win, albeit for the second week in a row with an assist. Kennedy is quickly back on his, a huge grin on his face as he builds a great deal of momentum ahead of this Sunday...

Michael Cole: Dammit! Chris Benoit was lookin' great for the win, but Finlay struck with the shillelagh, costing Benoit the match!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Haha! Mr. Kennedy just proved to everybody he can talk the talk and he can walk the walk! He just knocked off Chris Benoit!

Tazz: Yeah with a huge assist from Finlay! Man, there's gonna be hell to pay when those two meet this Sunday!

Finlay has now reached the top of the aisle, standing at the entrance way, looking back at Benoit in the ring. Benoit props himself up, rubbing the back of his head due to the shillelagh shot. Kennedy soon reaches the top of the aisle, awkwardly looking at Finlay, before both men share a nod and Kennedy disappears backstage. Finlay remains, flashing that toothy grin, will in the ring, Benoit grimaces, yet the fury in his eyes says it all as we fade into commercial.


We return to see Finlay walking backstage, looking over his shoulder as he goes. He's soon stopped by Josh Matthews requesting an interview...

Josh Matthews: Finlay! Finlay, can we have an interview please?

Finlay stops, turning to again look over his shoulder, before nodding his head in agreement...

Josh Matthews: Finlay, what was the motive behind that attack of Chris Benoit?

A disgusted look crosses the Irishman's face...

Finlay: Motive? Listen son, I don't need any motive. What ye' just saw was me sendin' Chris Benoit a little message. Ye' like to talk about how tough Chris Benoit is. Well lemme tell ye' kid, there's nobody on this roster tougher than me.

Finlay flashes a toothy grin...

Finlay: I hit ye' hard... and then I hit ye' even harder. Yer' World Heavyweight Champion Batista found that out a few weeks ago. He thought he could stand toe-to-toe with me. And what happened?

Finlay hoists his shillelagh in the air...

Finlay: He got a taste o' this! And if Chris Benoit ain't careful... he's gonna be-

Suddenly Finlay is tackled to the ground, as Chris Benoit has finally caught up with him! Instantly the fists start to fly as both men roll on the floor, jockeying for position, trying to gain the upperhand. Benoit is on top, hammering down on Finlay, who in desperation manages to shift his weight, rolling Benoit off of him and scrambling to his feet. Staggering away, Finlay grabs his shillelagh and heads off down a hallway, but Benoit gives chase, catching Finlay and driving him into a vending machine!

The shillelagh hits the floor as both men struggle, but Benoit gains control as he grabs Finlay... and launches him into a catering table! Bottles of water scatter as Finlay glides along the table top, but he stumbles off, tipping the table over in an attempt to slow Benoit down. 'The Rabid Wolverine' is stopped momentarily, and this allows Finlay to strike with a stiff right hand. Stepping over the table, Finlay then grabs Benoit... and launches him into a nearby bank of trash cans!

With Benoit down, Finlay briefly drops to a knee to regain his breath, before scrambling back towards the vending machine, scooping up his fallen shillelagh. Stood behind Benoit, shillelagh high in the air, Finlay shouts "GET UP!" as Benoit struggles to his feet... and Finlay charges... but Benoit ducks... and BACK BODY DROPS FINLAY ONTO THE CONCRETE! Finlay groans in agony before finally, a string of backstage agents and referee's (no Arn Anderson though) charge into the area, separating the pair. One half of the group motion for Benoit to leave, with Benoit, reluctantly agreeing to depart the scene. The camera sees Benoit leave the area, before it switches to look down on Finlay, who despite being in pain aggressively slaps away any attempts to help him back to his feet as we fade into a video...

*Video Package*

We open to a pitch black, with the faint sound of a revving motor engine slowly but surely getting louder...

Narrator: The road may be long...

Slowly on the horizon we see a red convertible driving over a hill, heading towards a sunset which lights the screen...

Narrator: The journey may be treacherous...

The revs of the engine increase and get louder, with the camera closing in on shots of the side of the car...

Narrator: But you'll love every second of it!

We now skim along the rear of the car, the sun glistening on the chrome duel exhaust...

Narrator: So strap yourself in...

The car now speeds past a road sign that reads "8 MILE ROAD"...

Narrator: And get ready!

From behind we see an image of the Detroit skyline, with our car heading down a straight road towards it...

Narrator: 20 years on, Wrestlemania returns to Detroit, Michigan!

More fast paced shots of the car racing through the streets of Detroit...

Narrator: And it's going to be...

The car suddenly crashes into the screen, with the grill of the car having the official Wrestlemania 23 logo and tagline printed on it...

Narrator: The ride of your life!


*End Video Package*

Back into the arena...


A good pop as one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick steps out, ready to compete, while Paul London joins him in street clothes and Ashley Massaro wears her usual get up...

Michael Cole: Well that was certainly an interesting altercation between Matt Hardy and Edge, two many who have a storied history with each other. But right now, Brian Kendrick is set for one on one action as he tangles with Rene Dupree.

Tazz: Yeah and Kendrick obviously a member of The Hooligans, Dupree a member of La Resistance, and those two teams are gonna go at it this Sunday for the gold baby!

John Bradshaw Layfield: It's been a heck of a run with the titles for London and Kendrick, but Maryse has had their number since the first day she started messin' with their heads. London and Kendrick won't be able to keep their eyes off that lil' bombshell, and that's what's gonna cost 'em.


Pretty solid heat as Rene Dupree emerges, he and Sylvain Grenier following behind the lead set by Maryse...

Michael Cole: Well you mentioned Maryse, a young lady who turned up here on Smackdown and immediately set her sights on acquiring the tag team titles. She offered London and Kendrick her managerial services, and when she was turned down, she brought Dupree and Grenier to get the job done.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You don't mess with a lady as fine lookin' as her! She saw what she wanted, and she'll do whatever it takes to her it.

Tazz: Hey, London and Kendrick ain't some love struck teenagers here. I'm pretty sure they can keep their eyes on the prize.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Then they're bigger losers than Cole is...

Match 4:
WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Kendrick w/ Paul London and Ashley Massaro vs. Rene Dupree w/ Sylvain Grenier and Maryse

Holding the size and strength advantage over his opponent, it’s no surprise when Dupree takes control from the collar and elbow tie up, quickly twisting Kendricks’s arm. Kendrick uses his athleticism to work into a better position, allowing him to run to the corner, jump to the top rope and send Dupree flying with a springboard armdrag. Dupree is back on his feet, but a pair of leg lariats send him back down, with the La Resistance member reeling in the corner. A pair of rights to the gut connect, before Kendrick fires Dupree to the opposite corner… but Dupree reverses, only for Kendrick to jump to the second rope… springboard crossbody… right into a dropkick from Dupree!

The crowd gasps as Dupree connects to Kendrick’s chest while in mid air, and the punishment continues as Dupree hoists Kendrick up for a long vertical suplex, earning the challenger this Sunday an early near fall. With Kendrick down, Dupree starts to feel a little cocky, doing the pas de basque before coming off the ropes for the elbow drop… but he takes too long and runs straight into a hurricanrana! Dupree is all over the place as Kendrick drill him with rights to the face, backing Dupree to the corner. An Irish whip sends Dupree across, but when Kendrick charges in, Dupree elevates him over the top rope… but Kendrick lands on the apron… only for Dupree to hit a dropkick to the face, sending Kendrick flying to the floor!

After a taking a few moments to recover, Dupree turns towards London and Ashley, getting in their face and throwing some trash talk. With the referee trying to sort this out, Grenier starts laying into Kendrick with forearms to the spine, before scooping Kendrick up… and lawn darting him into the steel post! Kendrick looks out of it, and the referee turns just in time as Grenier rolls Kendrick back into the ring, with Dupree going for the cover, gaining a near fall. A trio of clubbing forearms land across Kendrick’s jaw, before Dupree wrenches him into a standing rear chinlock, twisting on Kendrick’s neck. Dupree has the hold locked in tight, but eventually Kendrick struggles back to a vertical base, only for Dupree to transition into a back suplex… but Kendrick rolls through landing on his feet, tagging Dupree with a right hand. Dupree fires back, as does Kendrick, who then connects on three straight. The punches back Dupree to the ropes, allowing Kendrick to go for an Irish whip… Dupree reverses… but Kendrick connects on a textbook running dropkick!

Dupree staggers back to his feet, swinging and wildly missing with a right hand, allowing Kendrick to hook him up… tornado DDT! 1… 2… Dupree rolls the shoulder. Dupree crawls for the safety of the corner, but Kendrick immediately charges… only to again be elevated over the top rope to land on the apron. Dupree again swings and misses, allowing Kendrick to drill a shoulder to the midsection before springing to the top rope… double foot stomp! Kendrick connects on the doubled over Dupree, hooking the leg… 1… 2… Dupree gets a foot on the rope!

Sensing her man is in trouble, Maryse jumps up onto the apron, calling for the attention of Kendrick. This prompts Ashley to make her way over, yanking Maryse down to the floor… and a catfight breaks out! Both woman scratch, claw and slap each other, with London and Grenier quickly racing over to try separate the pair. In the ring, Kendrick is briefly distracted, but he senses Dupree attacking from behind, avoiding the contact, seeing Dupree charge straight into the turnbuckle. Kendrick then looks to go for Sliced Bread… but Dupree puts on the breaks as Kendrick runs for the corner, ducking down and taking Kendrick down with a backslide… 1… 2… Dupree has both feet on the ropes… 3!

Winner: Rene Dupree @ 06.38

The commotion at ringside costs Kendrick as Dupree takes full advantage, picking a big victory for his team ahead of No Way Out. London and Maryse quickly slide into the ring to console Kendrick, while on the outside Dupree celebrates with Grenier and Maryse as we head backstage...

We now cut to a different part of the arena, to another hallway, although one without the chaos we saw moments ago. The camera follows none other than Edge as he makes his way through the arena, an initial pop that quickly turns to boos welcoming his arrival on our screens. Weather dark jeans, a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket, 'The Rated-R Superstar' confidently walks the corridors of the arena... until suddenly he stops, his expression changing instantly. Soon the camera pans to reveal the reason for this change in attitude... as we see Matt Hardy walking down the corridor in the opposite direction. Awkwardly, both men continue on their way, their eyes locked as the come closer together, until both men stand face to face, Edge now with a massive smirk on his face...

Edge: Well, well... Matt Hardy. Long time no see. How's it goin' buddy?

Matt doesn't respond, his eyes simply burning a hole through Edge...

Edge: Oh, right, right. You don't like me. God Matt, you really gotta learn to let stuff go. You gotta let the past be the past. You gotta learn to forget. Believe me, I forgot all about you as soon as I kicked you off of Monday Night Raw.

Matt rolls his eyes...

Matt Hardy: And what? Now you're here on Smackdown you wanna bring the past up again?

Edge simply shrugs...

Edge: Yeah but, y'know, speaking of the past... we've had quite the past, you and me. I mean, you remember some of the battles we used to have Matt? You know, all those ladder matches, table matches, TLC matches? Those were some fun days huh?

Exasperated, Matt finally snaps...

Matt Hardy: Look Edge! Is there a point to all this?

Edge: Ah, Matt. Still so feisty. And that's always been your problem. Y'see, since the days of those TLC matches, my career has gone higher than any ladder you could ever climb. King of the Ring, Intercontinental Champion, multiple times Tag Team Champion, Mr. Money in the Bank, W - W - E Champion! And the 2007 Royal Rumble winner, and the future World Heavyweight Champion.

Edge sighs contently, basking in his moment...

Edge: And oh yeah... I stole your girlfriend too!

Having heard enough, Matt grabs Edge by the collar, driving him against a nearby wall...

Edge: Hey! Easy!

Matt Hardy: Y'know what Edge? 2007... is gonna be my year! It starts this Sunday at No Way Out... and it's gonna carry me all the way to Wrestlemania. So try get in my way Edge... and I'll run straight through you.

Point made, Matt release his grip on Edge's jacket before taking one last look at 'The Rated-R Superstar' and then walking off, while Edge regains his composure and watches Matt leave, smirking in the knowledge he got to Hardy as we fade into commercial.


We return to see the ring decked out with a black leather couches, beautiful women and Montel Vontavious Porter stood amongst them, a glass of champagne in his hand...

Michael Cole: Welcome back everybody to Friday Night Smackdown. There you see Montel Vontavious Porter in the ring, and folks we understand this is the debut of what MVP likes to call, 'The V.I.P. Lounge'.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Why am I not in that ring right now? I'm a V.I.P., I'm a Wrestling Gawd, I belong in there right now.

Tazz: They only had room for one jackass in the lounge, and MVP filled the quota.

Michael Cole: Well I assume it's because you're not involved in the Number One Contender's Match for the United States Championship this Sunday. But let's hand it over to our host, MVP!

Stood in a pair of dark jeans with a white shirt, bling hanging from his neck and dark sunglasses on, MVP looks the part as he grips a glass of champagne in one hand and a microphone in the other...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Big things poppin', little things stoppin'! It's time for the first ever 'V.I.P. Lounge' with me, your host, 'The Ballin' Superstar', 'The Half Man, Half Amazing', M - V - P!

MVP takes a sip of champagne as the crowd boo him...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Now, this Sunday at No Way Out, y'all are in for somethin' real special. Y'see, since I signed the largest free agent contract in Smackdown history six months ago, I've been doin' nothin' but makin' people sit up and notice me. But this Sunday is gonna be the night I take my game to another level. This Sunday, I book my spot on my first ever Wrestlemania!

Heat, which MVP just shrugs off...

Montel Vontavious Porter: You people can boo, but you can't deny my talent. And not Kane, not The Miz, not Matt Hardy, none of 'em is gonna deny me this Sunday. And it ain't no secret, but the fact of the matter is that I'm betta' than all of 'em!

MVP smirks as he takes another sip from his glass...

Montel Vontavious Porter: It's my time to shine, it's my moment in the spotlight. Miz? He ain't up to task man. He can't hang wit' me. Kane? Y'all saw what I did to Kane two weeks ago. He ain't nothin' to worry about. And Matt Hardy?

A nice pop for the mention of Matt, to which MVP shakes his head with confusion...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Matt Hardy? His time came and went a LONG time ago. That guy ain't accomplished nothin' in this business without either his bro' or his buddy from North Carolina by his side. He can't go it alone, and more importantly, he can't go it wit' me.


Montel Vontavious Porter: And this Sunday, y'all gonna find out first hand that I am half man, half amazing.

More heat...

Montel Vontavious Porter: But Sunday night ain't just about me. There's gonna be three other guys in that ring wit' me, and while I dunno why they should even turn up this Sunday, I'm gonna bring two of 'em out here right now. So my first guest here in the 'V.I.P. Lounge' is a guy who sure as hell can't hang wit' me in the ring... but he can come hang in the 'V.I.P. Lounge' anytime he wants. Give it up, for The Miz!


A solid volume of boos as The Miz and Michelle McCool step out, arms linked as they walk down the aisle. Miz is dressed in a smart pair of jeans, a crisp black shirt and bright red tie, while McCool wears a short black dress, the pair looking like they could step into any fashionable Hollywood club. At the bottom of the aisle, a massive bounce opens a red velvet rope, letting Miz and McCool past him. The pair climb the steel steps, where Miz grabs a microphone. Upon entering the ring, Miz and MVP don't exchange any pleasantries, with Miz still smouldering after being abandoned in the ring during the tag team match last week...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Miz, Michelle, welcome to the 'V.I.P. Lounge'. C'mon guys, sit down, have some champagne, let's relax.

A waitress hands Miz and Michelle a glass each as they sit down on the black leather couch opposite MVP...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Now Miz, last week, you and me, we teamed together in a tag team match. And to be honest man, you let our team down last week. I mean c'mon man, gettin' beat by Matt Hardy and Kane? That ain't championship material. That ain't the kinda stuff that's gonna win you the match on Sunday.

Miz laughs to himself as he shakes his head...

The Miz: Really? That's what you're sayin' to what last week, that it was MY fault?

MVP nods...

The Miz: Well how about we remind everyone just exactly what happened last week? About how you walked out on our match last week, leaving me to take on both Matt Hardy and Kane.

MVP can be heard shouting "It didn't go down like that!"...

The Miz: You showed exactly what kinda guy you are when you abandoned me last week. You can talk a good game, but you have NOTHIN' to back it up with. You're nothin' but a loudmouth. But me on the other hand?

MVP rolls his eyes...

The Miz: I am ready to grab my Wrestlemania momment. I am ready to be a champion. And this Sunday, I am going to beat you, Kane and Matt Hardy... 'cos I'm The Miz... AND I'M... AWE - SOME!

Miz turns to Michelle, the two clinking their glasses together...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Well you definitely The Miz... but you ain't awesome. You pretty awful if you ask me. And you nothin' but a liar. I didn't walk out on our match last week, I knew that you couldn't handle things. You didn't derserve to be my partner man!

The Miz: Wait, I'm a liar?!

Montel Vontavious Porter: Yeah, you a liar! You don't belong in the fatal four way this Sunday!

Miz turns to Michelle, a look of disgust on his face...

The Miz: Oh I do belong. You're gonna find that out this Sunday at No Way Out. This Sunday, they are no partners, they are no teams, it's every man for himself... and I'm the best man in this match. But I will give you one thing MVP.

Montel Vontavious Porter: What's that?

The Miz: I couldn't help but agree with you that Matt Hardy is nothin' but a tag team specialist who's way out of his league. Matt Hardy has been in this company for almost TEN - YEARS and all he has to show for it is one Cruiserweight Title reign, and even then, he had to try lose weight to compete with guys smaller than him.

MVP nods along with every word...

Montel Vontavious Porter: You right man. You absolutely right. And hey, what about that other loser in the match, Kane?

The Miz: Don't even get me started on him.

Montel Vontavious Porter: That guy sets ME on FIRE! And then I hand him his ass in a Last Man Standing Match, and then somehow he winds up getting a shot at Wrestlemania. He don't deserve a title shot. That guy's done nothin' in his career, 'cept be WWE Champion for one whole night!

Miz laughs and shakes his head...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Infact he don't deserve to be a guest in my 'V.I.P. Lounge'. He don't belong minglin' with the good lookin' people in this ring right now.

The Miz: Absolutely not.

Montel Vontavious Porter: You know this! But uh... I guess I oughta bring out one other guest. Let's get Matt Hardy out here...

"OH YEAH..."


Real strong pop as Matt Hardy bounces out from the big, firing up the crowd. Unlike the two men already in the ring, Matt's attire is much more casual as he wears a black 'Matt Hardy' t-shirt and camoflage combat pants...

Michael Cole: Well thank God the lovefest between MVP and Miz is over with. This Sunday is a huge night in the career of Matt Hardy. We heard what he said earlier tonight to Edge, Matt feels No Way Out could provide him with the big break he's been lookin' for.

Tazz: No doubt about it, this Sunday could potentialy see Matt earn that shot at the big time he's always wanted.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Y'think he coulda at least dressed for the occasion. I mean look at 'im, look at how he's dressed! You don't walk into a V.I.P. lounge dressed like a hobo!

And it appears 'JBL' isn't the only who feels this way, as when Matt approaches the bouncer at the base of the aisle, he shakes his head, pointing at the sneakers Matt is wearing and telling him he can't enter the lounge. As 'JBL' laughs and revels in the fact that he was right, MVP is seen motioning for the bouncer to let Hardy enter, with the velvet rope being pulled aside and Hardy picking up a mic, entering the ring to another pop...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Matt! Take a seat man.

Hardy sits down on the couch next to Miz and McCool, with Michelle sat inbetween the two. Matt and Miz share a bit of trash talking with each other before our host gets back to business...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Now Matt, this Sunday is pretty big night for you. Some might say, it's gonna be the biggest night of your entire career. See unlike people like me, guys who are destined for greatness, guys like you Matt... you guys are born to be losers.

Matt rubs his jaw while Miz shouts "That's right!"...

Montel Vontavious Porter: You never gonna ammount to anythin' Matt. I mean, when people talk 'bout you, they see you as the other Hardy Boy. They look at your brother Jeff, and they see a guy who put his problems behind 'im and made somethin' of 'imself. But even he don't look to good right now.

MVP confidently slouches back into the couch...

Montel Vontavious Porter: And while Jeff tried to make a name for 'imself on Monday Night Raw, what were you doin'? You went on a diet so you could be a cruiserweight. Then you got fired over a girl. And now what? Now here you are on Smackdown, tryin' to make a name for yo'self all over again. Well guess what Matt? This ain't yo' time anymore. This is my time to shine. Your time came and went when you were tryin' to ease of the burgers and fries.

Now MVP sits forward, staring intently at Hardy...

Montel Vontavious Porter: And now Matt, you nothin' more than a guy who blew his shot at the big time, and don't deserve another one. This Sunday, you'll be losin' once again, and then when I'm at Wrestlemania becomin' the United States Champion... you might be lucky if you even make it to the show.

The crowd boos as MVP smiles smugly...

Matt Hardy: You finished?

MVP nods, motioning that the floor is now Matt's...

Matt Hardy: Alright, let's get a few things straight. When I arrived in this company, I was a member of the Hardy Boyz. One of, if not the most, innovative tag teams in WWE history.

Nostalgia filled pop...

Matt Hardy: Me and Jeff, we did everythin' we could in the tag team division. We went out seperate ways, and I am proud of what my brother has achieved over the years.

Another pop...

Matt Hardy: And yes, I did work hard to lose weight to enter the cruiserweight division. And once I made weight and became Cruiserweight Champion, I had some of the most exciting matches on Smackdown, week in and week out. Me and Rey Mysterio, we kicked off Wrestlemania XIX, and we kicked that show off with a bang!

Pop, to which MVP rolls his eyes...

Matt Hardy: Me and Rey Mysterio MAIN - EVENTED Smackdown with a Cruiserweight Championship match, somethin' that was never done before, and ain't been done since. After that, I moved to Raw... and I'll admit, my world fell apart. I lost my girl, I lost my job, I nearly lost it all.

Matt pauses, biting his lip in thought...

Matt Hardy: But y'know what? All of that only makes me more determined to make sure this Sunday is my night.


Matt Hardy: I waited way too long for a Wrestlemania moment of my own, and this Sunday, I'm gonna grab it with both hands. Chris Benoit, Finlay, it doesn't matter, all that matters is that I'm at Wrestlemania, and I become United States Champion.

Another pop...

Matt Hardy: And as for you two, you guys are gonna have to learn to-

The Miz: (Interupting) Aw enough!

The crowd boos as Miz rises off the couch to his feet, standing over Matt...

The Miz: Time for a reality check Matt! When are you gonna realise these people don't wanna see you anywhere near Wrestlemania?! They don't want you... they want ME!

Matt stands up, going nose to nose with Miz...

Matt Hardy: Miz, I promise you... there's not a person alive who wants to see you.

Miz fumes...

Matt Hardy: You had your momment on reality TV, but at the end of the day... you just not very good in the ring.

The Miz: Really?

Matt Hardy: Yeah really.

The Miz: Really Matt? REALLY? Well how about I prove to you how good I am by kickin' your ass right here, right now?!

Sensing things could be about to boil over, MVP rises to his feet, acting in his capacity of host to try calm the situation...

Montel Vontavious Porter: 'Eh, 'eh! Easy! Man there ain't no fightin' in 'The V.I.P. Lounge' unless-


Distracted by MVP, Matt had his head turned, allowing Miz to nail him with a cheap shot from the blindside. Matt hits the deck, and Miz is quick to mount him, hammering down with right hand after right hand. After a fair few shots, Miz returns to his feet, ripping off his tie and encouraging MVP to join in the assault. MVP obligies, quickly laying into Hardy with a string of boots to the chest, before Miz and MVP reach down and drag Matt to his feet. The commotion has caused the lovely ladies (and Michelle McCool) to flee the ring, meaning Miz and MVP now have free reign to punish Hardy, and they start by hurling Matt across the ring into one leather couches, Hardy bowling the couch over as he crashes to the mat. It appears Miz and MVP are about to have their way with Hardy until...



The arena rises as the fourth member of this Sunday's Fatal Four Way Kane races down to the ring! The massive bouncer at the bottom of the aisle holds out his arms, motioning for Kane to stop, but 'The Big Red Machine' runs right through him, drilling him in the face with a big boot before tearing straight through the velvet rope and rolling into the ring. MVP and Miz are both hesistant to attack, neither man wanting to make the first move... until MVP grabs Miz and fires him towards Kane... who grabs Miz by the throat... CHOKESLAM!! Kane plants Miz, but MVP sees this as his chance to attack, as he starts laying into Kane with kicks and punches, dropping Kane to a knee. The crowd cheers though as from behind Matt Hardy is back on his feet! MVP doesn't see him coming, with Matt grabbing him by the shirt and spining him around... TWIST OF FATE!

Matt sends MVP down, much to the delight of the crowd. With both loudmouths down and out, Matt moves to help Kane back to his feet... who snatches Matt by the throat... CHOKESLAM! Initially surprised to see a face attack a face, Kane soon fires off his turnbuckle pyro, standing over his three fallen opponents from this Sunday, with the crowd soon quickly back on his side...

Michael Cole: Kane may not have been invited to 'The V.I.P. Lounge', but it's he who's had the last word!

Tazz: Every man for himself this Sunday Cole! Kane may have made the save for Matt, but he soon let 'im know there ain't gonna be no friends at No Way Out!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Kane's gonna regret ever comin' out here! Look at what he's done to 'The V.I.P. Lounge', he's wrecked it! He's gonna pay for that this Sunday, you mark my words!

The crowd continues to cheer as Kane bellows out that demonic laugh of his, while the camera continues to switch between the fallen Miz, MVP and Matt Hardy as we head off for a commercial.


*Video Package*

We open to a cold, damp winter's day. The call of a crow can be heard, with the camera soon focusing on this crow, it perched on a tombstone before it flies off into the sky...

Narrator: We all have the freedom to choose our actions...

Our crow now lands on the walls of a prison courtyard, inmates shackled together, slowly walking in a circle as guards look on...

Narrator: But we don't have the freedom to choose the consequences of those actions.

We follow our crow to the playground of an orphanage, as children happily skip, laugh and play, a pair of nuns watching them do so...

Narrator: What consequences will your actions hold?

The skies darken and the rain falls, the prisoners trudging back towards the prison...

Narrator: For the lucky there will be escape...

A gravedigger continues his work, despite the rain falling upon him...

Narrator: For the few there will be salvation...

The nuns usher the children inside, the rain bringing an end to their fun times...

Narrator: But for the damned... There will be...

A prison cell door slams shut...


The massive old oak door of the orphanage closes, the glance of a sad child fading away...


The lid of a coffin is slammed shut, fading the video into black....



*End Video Package*

Back into the arena where the camera is focused on our announce crew...

Michael Cole: That's right folks, we are just two days away from Smackdown's first pay per view of 2007, the last stop on 'The Road to Wrestlemania', NO - WAY - OUT! I'm excited, I know you are Tazz, JBL? Eh... maybe not so much. But it's gonna be a heck of a show, I can't wait to be there live!

Tazz: No doubt about it baby! No Way Out is gonna be a huge night for all of us here on Friday Night Smackdown! Four titles on the line, Wrestlemania momments to be grabbed, and a whole lotta differences to be settled!

Michael Cole: Well Tazz, you talked about titles on the line, four championships at stake at No Way Out, and after what we've seen tonight, the United States Championship could turn out to be an absolute war!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Haha! Chris Benoit and Finlay, two of the toughest guys this business has ever seen! I've been in the ring with both of 'em, I fought 'em in the WWE, I fought 'em in Europe, I fought 'em in Japan, each time I stepped into the ring with either of 'em, it was nothin' short of a battle. Two tough as hell compettitors, I can't wait to see 'em go at it!

Michael Cole: And speaking of the United States Championship, we already know that the title WILL be defended at Wrestlemania. Chris Benoit or Finlay, whoever the United States Champion is once No Way Out is in the books will face the winner of our Fatal Four Way Match at Wrestlemania XXIII.

Tazz: Man it's gonna be nuts when MVP, Miz, Matt Hardy and Kane go at it. I hear Matt Hardy sayin' how it's a huge night for 'im, I hear The Miz runnin' his mouth, my early favorutie was MVP, but after what I saw tonight, I gotta go with Kane! 'The Big Red Machine' laid out the compettition, he was left standin' with his three opponents down on the mat, and that's what I think'll happen this Sunday.

Michael Cole: Also at No Way Out, six man tag team action. The Bluebloods, reinforced by the arrival of Paul Burchill, take on The Extremists, Sandman, Dreamer and Sabu.

Tazz: Hey, don't get me wrong, I got a ton o' respect for Regal and Taylor, they're two grizzled veterans, they got Paul Burchill now with 'em who looks so impressive right now... but I gotta go with my boi's Dreamer, Sandman and Sabu. The match is gonna be chaos, and I think that suits them better than The Bluebloods.

Michael Cole: And you have to think that the winner of that match would be first in line for a shot at whoever leaves No Way Out the WWE Tag Team Champions. The Hooligans, London and Kendrick, puttin' the gold on the line against La Resistance, Dupree and Grenier.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It may be London and Kendrick against Dupree and Grenier, but the x-factor in this match is gonna be 'The French-Canadian Bombshell' Maryse! She's got her boys ready, and she's in the heads of London and Kendrick. We'll have new champions this Sunday, you just wait and see.

Michael Cole: And will we have a new Cruiserweight Champion this Sunday? Gregory Helms defends the title in a Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet Match. The rules are simple. Two men start the match. You beat your opponent, you stay alive. Whoever is the last man standing once all ten men have entered will be crowned Cruiserweight Champion.

Tazz: Man so much talent in that match! I mean, look at some of the names invovled. Helms, Chavo Guerrero, Joey Mercury, Shannon Moore, Jimmy Wang Yang, and then of course, the big story, the debut of Bryan Danielson! I tellin' ya' folks, if ya' haven't seen this guy before, get on Youtube and check this kid out. Respected all over the world, trained by WWE's own Shawn Michaels, this guy is gonna be a star here on Smackdown, and he could easily win the Cruiserweight Championship in his very first match here in the WWE.

Michael Cole: King Booker is scheduled to compete tonight in our main event, but earlier tonight, Booker wasn't his usual arrogant self. For weeks Booker challenged The Undertaker to a match, and tonight we found out that at No Way Out, Booker get's his wish, only there's a stipulation involved... a stipulation of The Undertaker's choosing.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And how the hell is that fair? We're almost at the main event, the last moments before No Way Out and we still don't know what it is! How is it fair for King Booker to prepare for a match at 48 hours notice? Who knows what the sick, twisted mind of The Undertaker could come up with?

Tazz: Hey man, Booker wanted this match. Now he's got it, it's time to either put up or shut up!

Michael Cole: And of course folks, then there's the big one. Batista defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Mr. Kennedy, a match about more than a championship, but a match in which both men have revenge on their minds.

Tazz: These two might wind up killin' each other this Sunday. I mean, we've seen a vicious side from Kennedy, startin' back at The Royal Rumble that I didn't know he had in 'im. I mean we all saw what he did to Batista earlier tonight, bustin' him open with that mic o' his. Kennedy feels like he was robbed by Ric Flair at the Rumble, and this his chance to make ammends.

Michael Cole: But the flip side of that is that Batista wants revenge for the brutal assaults of not only his good friend Ric Flair, but also Arn Anderson.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Kennedy feels like this is his moment, that Wrestlemania XXIII was gonna be his night to become a champion. Ric Flair stole that dream from 'em, but now he's got a chance to make it happen a little earlier than he planned on. Kennedy has Batista rattled, he's got inside the mind of 'The Animal', and we're gonna have a new World Heavyweight Champion when it's all said and done.

Michael Cole: And folks, let not forget Edge, the 2007 Royal Rumble Winner. Edge has already made his intentions clear, he plans on challenging whoever the World Heavyweight Champion is at Wrestlemania, but then earlier tonight we heard Edge almost threaten to get involved in the match this Sunday, to almost hand-pick his Wrestlemania opponent.

Tazz: Yeah but Teddy Long ain't gonna stand for that, and that's why Edge is banned from the building this Sunday.


The crowd errupts with a massive reaction as the World Heavyweight Champion Batista enters the arena, slapping his chest and roaring to the crowd before he crouches down to fire off a massive pyro display. Noticeable on his forehead is a white bandage, no doubt the result of Kennedy's attack earlier in the evening...

Michael Cole: And speaking of Batista... here comes 'The Animal'! Batista has been World Heavyweight Champion since Survivor Series last year, when he beat his opponent in our main event tonight, King Booker. But will Batista still be champion this time next week?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Not a chance. He's been a great champion, he's battled the best, but this Sunday he's playin' a whole different ball game with Mr. Kennedy.

Tazz: I wouldn't be so sure. Batista's beat some of the best in the business to hold onto that title in the past, I'm not goin' against him doin' it again this Sunday.


Great heat as King Booker and Queen Sharmell make their entrance. Sharmell keeps up the pretence of being royalty, raising her pinky high in the air, while despite wearing his crown and robe, Booker has a worried look on his face...

Tazz: Haha! He don't look too happy does he?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Unbelievable. I can't believe Teddy Long has put our King, the ruler of the Smackdown kingdom, in this situation.

Tazz: Hey you better be careful what you say about Teddy Long. You're still under probabtion big guy!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Don't remind me...

Michael Cole: Well King Booker better not be thinking about The Undertaker right now. He better try focus on 'The Animal'...

Main Event: Non Title Match
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. King Booker w/ Queen Sharmell

With both men in pissed off moods due to the actions of the evening, it’s no surprise both men go on the attack early, with an early slugfest breaking out. Booker ends the series of punches with a knee to the midsection, but when he works into a headlock, Batista fires him off the ropes, knocking Booker down with a shoulderblock. ‘The Animal’ doesn’t press on this advantage though, allowing Booker plenty of space to get back to his feet. Once there Booker calls for a tie up, only to surprise Batista with a kick to the gut. With the champion doubled over, Booker comes off the ropes looking for the AXE KICK... but Batista catches him coming in, hoisting Booker onto his shoulder for a big time powerslam. Booker is rattled, but he manages to duck a right hand, scoring with a thrust kick to the chest. Booker then goes for an Irish whip, only for Batista to reverse it... and hoist Booker up for a spinebuster... but Booker fights out of it, landing on his feet behind Batista. Booker spins ‘The Animal’ around by the arm and then looks for a hook kick... but Batista ducks underneath... and drills Booker with the SPINEBUSTER! The crowd erupts as Batista is instantly back on his feet shaking the ropes, building for an early Batista Bomb... only for Sharmell to quickly help her man exit the ring! The crowd deflates as Booker rolls to the outside, with Sharmell barking orders at the referee to keep Batista in the ring as we head to the final commercial of the evening.


And when we return, Batista is still in control, drilling Booker with shoulder thrusts against the turnbuckle. A hard Irish whip sends Booker across, allowing Batista to charge in for a clothesline... but Booker ducks the attack, seeing Batista hit the corner, with Booker following with a Russian legsweep to put ‘The Animal’ down. Booker shakes off the cobwebs, pulling Batista to his feet and then pushing him into the corner, unloading with chops to the chest. Booker then looks to send Batista across, but ‘The Animal’ reverses, only for Booker to elevate himself over the onrushing champion. Booker lands on his feet, and waits for Batista to turn... Harlem Sidekick! Booker catches Batista on the forehead, and when ‘The Animal’ picks himself up from the mat, everyone can see that once again Batista has been busted open!

Seeing the blood, Booker instantly hammers the open wound with stiff right hands, causing the referee to step in and drag Booker away. Batista uses the ropes to help himself back to his feet, but Booker now looks to target the skull of ‘The Animal’, striking with more stiff fists before he takes Batista down with a neckbreaker. A well placed knee to the skull leads to a near fall, before Booker synchs in a read chinlock, the blood pouring down the crimson face of ‘The Animal’. Booker wrenches on the neck, continuing to apply pressure, with the commentary team pointing out that the pressure to the head and the blood loss could easily contribute to Batista passing out. After being in the hold for a while, it does indeed look like Batista will pass out, but slowly he starts to fight back, feeling the energy of the crowd as he battles back to his feet. Booker continues to hang onto the chinlock, but it’s soon broken up as Batista takes him up and down with a side suplex.

The blood loss clearly effects Batista though, as it’s Booker who’s back on his feet first, again striking with fists to the forehead before looking for an Irish whip... but Batista ducks a clothesline and keeps on running... SPEAR! Batista damn near spears Booker in half, with the ‘King’ instantly scrambling for the safety of the corner. Batista stays on the attack though, charging in for a clothesline and then drilling Booker with elbows to the midsection. Booker is sent for the ride off the ropes, straight into a massive back body drop. Booker keeps on coming, but Batista keeps knocking him down with clothesline, until Booker is fired into the corner, staggering out, straight into a sidewalk slam! 1... 2... Booker kicks out.

Batista now looks to put Booker away, starting by tagging a few rights to the face before firing Booker off the ropes... but this time it’s Booker who ducks a clothesline... and he looks for the BOOK END... NO! Batista fights free, before he takes Booker up into the air for a long vertical suplex... and then turns it into a powerslam! 1... 2... again Booker kicks out! Sensing he has Booker down, Batista is back on his feet in a flash, shaking the top rope, working the crowd into s frenzy as he gives the thumbs up... then the thumbs down! Booker is dazed as he returns to his feet, to be met by a kick to the midsection... and then he goes up in the air... BATISTA BOMB... NO! Booker furiously strikes with fists to the bloody skull of ‘The Animal’, dropping to his feet... kick to the midsection, then Booker comes off the ropes... AXE KICK... NO! Batista avoids the contact... and again hits the boot to the gut... and once more he takes Booker up in the air... BATISTA BOMB!! This time Batista gets all of it, and he slumps down to hook both legs... but there’s no 3 count! Batista soon looks up to see what’s going on... and spots SHARMELL ON THE APRON! Sharmell is busy throwing all kinds of trash talk at the referee, preventing the pinfall. Furious, Batista rises and chases Sharmell away, the ref having to intervene to stop Batista getting his hands on her. While this has been going on, Booker has made it back to his feet, and he waits for Batista to turn... kick to the midsection... off the ropes... AXE KICK!! Booker gets all of it, a delighted look on his face as he senses victory... but before Booker can go for the cover...





The eerie music plays out, and through the darkness and smoke, six druids can slowly be seen making their way towards the ring... WITH A CASKET!!

"I can't see a damn thing!"

"What the hell is goin' on here?!"

Slowly but surely, the druids make their way down the aisle, carfully wheeling their cargo. As they approach the ring, the druids work to turn the casket sideways, placing the casket down at the foot of the ring...


The crowd errupts as the lights return to the arena, and now everybody, and especially Booker and Sharmell, can see what's going on. In the ring, Booker looks like he's seen a ghost, while on the outside Sharmell has her head in her hands. Tentitvly moving towards the edge of the ring, Booker is scared to approach the casket, but he slowly reaches a hand through the ropes...


Only for the casket lid to swing open... and THE UNDERTAKER SITS UP!!

Sharmell screams in horror as 'The Deadman' is mere inches away from King Booker... and he reaches out and SNATCHES BOOKER BY THE THROAT! Panicking, Booker scrambles, breaking the grip and falling on his ass, which prompts Undertaker to climb through the ropes. Desperate to escape, Booker flings himself over the top rope, quickly meeting up with Sharmell as the two race up the aisle. Not content with this, Undertaker quickly steps over the top rope and drops down, stalking King Booker all the way up the aisle!

As this is happening, Batista has managed to drag himself back to his feet, and the ref is giving Booker a 10 count. 7... 8..... 9....... 10!

Winner: By Countout, Batista @ 13.48


Batista has his hand raised by the offical, but he quickly pulls it back down again, not happy with the match unfolded...

Michael Cole: Well it's a victory for Batista, one he certainly desevred after the way Queen Sharmell got involved in the match up. But I guess now we know, it's gonna be King Booker and The Undertaker in a Casket Match!

Tazz: God I - I got chills man! I got goosebumps all over me here! That's one of the scariest things I've ever seen.

John Bradshaw Layfield: We may never see King Booker again after this Sunday. I... I'm lost for words right now.

Michael Cole: I think that's a first! Finally 'JBL' is speechless after - HEY!

Cole is startled, and the arena breaks into panic, as with Batista stood on the second rope celebrating his victory, he doesn't realise that behind him someone has sneaked into the ring... EDGE! 'The Rated-R Superstar' claws at his hair, begging 'The Animal' to turn. Slowly Batista steps down from the turnbuckle, turning back to the middle of the ring... SPEAR!! Edge damn nears cuts Batista in half with the spear!

The crowd shits all over Edge's actions, but Edge doesn't care as he smugly gets back to his feet. A nearby cameraman is on the apron, and Edge walks towards him, staring straight into the camera and saying...

"I told you. I'm in control here."

The boos continue to be hurled at Edge, who simply smiles through them all. Edge then steps back towards Batista, staring down at the champion who lies on the mat in agony. Edge then turns towards the entrance way, with the camera soon following... allowing us all to see that noneother than Mr. Kennedy has stepped out from the back, standing under the Smackdown fist. Edge takes one last glance down at Batista, then turns to Kennedy... AND NODS HIS HEAD?!

Michael Cole: What the - what the hell does that mean? Are Edge and Kennedy... are they in cahoots here or somethin'?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Who cares if they are! Kennedy has the advantage! He's goin' home with the gold this Sunday, that's all that matters!

Tazz: Naw, they... they couldn't be could they?

Michael Cole: What does this mean for this Sunday? What does this mean for NO WAY OUT?!

The crowd continues to boo, with Edge still stood over Batista, his arms raised high in glory, while the camera cuts to Kennedy, who takes one last look at the ring, smiles and then heads backstage as we fade... to... black.

*End Show*

Current Card for WWE NO WAY OUT:
Date: February 18th 2007
Location: American Airlines Arena; Miami, Florida

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy

Casket Match:
The Undertaker vs. King Booker

United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. Finlay

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. La Resistance

Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Daivari vs. Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Joey Mercury vs. Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Scotty-2-Hotty vs. Shannon Moore

Fatal Four Way Match:
Winner will face the United States Champion at Wrestlemania XXIII

Kane vs. Matt Hardy vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. The Miz

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Bluebloods vs. The Extremists

Date: March 3rd 2007

Location: Madison Square Garden; New York, New York

Number One Contenders Tournament Final Match:
Winner will face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP

??? vs. ???

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Smackdown Feedback

Good thing you had a video package highlighting what went down last week. It shows me that your main event scene right now is rather entertaining, and it gives me one less thing to pick up on as I read.

Honestly, there is only a handful of guys on here that I’d trust to write a Batista promo and make it readable, and you’ve just put yourself on that list. I thought the characterization was, and I don’t say this often, perfect. Big Dave was no nonsense right from the get go here, yet at the same time, you had him get extra intense at just the right time. Not only that, but you had him put himself over as a badass to which is awesome. Much like ‘Tista, KK was on song from the get go, being his usual arrogant self. One thing I didn’t like though is that Batista is supposed to be all fired up, yet he just stood there and listened to KK talk shit, that shouldn’t have happened. The attack from KK once he was done was good to, even if it did make ‘Tista look a little dumb, not being on the look out for that sort of thing.

I like the idea of The Extremists feuding with The Englishman. I don’t know how long this has been going, or if it’s a new thing, but it’s very good booking. They are pretty much the complete opposites, so naturally they make a good feud. The no contest and the brawl makes me believe this is still going to continue, which is good for me, since I’m just reading now.

Umm, absolutely no idea what’s happening with The FBI. It seems interesting though.

at the bromance between JBL and Helms, good stuff.

A pretty good Cruiserweight match, getting all the cruiserweights on display. The only issue is that Guerrero and Mercury are the only two guys I could take seriously in this match, so whilst I was glad their team picked up the victory, your division isn’t exactly blossoming with talent. Wow. I didn’t realize Noble was around, and I forgot about the commentators mentioning Danielson before, my bad. Your division actually is pretty good then, imo. Helms was spot on, being his usual cocky self, with the video package being a very nice touch. The attack of all the cruiserweights, somewhat lead by Danielson was good as well, finally giving Helms what he deserves, in a very well orchestrated segment.

Much like with the opening promo, this promo with Edge really delivered. Edge was spot on, complaining about everything as per usual, yet there’s that little bit of arrogance as well, as he knows he has he title shot in the bag no matter what. The angle he was playing was decent enough though, trying to get inside Batista and Kennedy’s head and what not. Teddy Long was good, and his argument makes sense, although I do think it’s a little rare that Edge would be constantly allowed to show up on SD if he wasn’t an official member of the roster yet. Besides that, everything was in check, beginning Edge’s relationship with Teddy Long in a bad way.

at Bookers accent leaving and then coming back. The segment itself was alright, showing Booker’s fear and reminding us that ‘Taker needs to talk later.

Kennedy/Benoit was definitely an awesome affair, getting a good amount of time into it. Finlay costing Benoit the match was nice, making me think that they are feuding, but whilst this was going down, Kennedy still looks really good heading into No Way Out. I guess considering he is probably going to lose to Batista, I would have preferred if he got a clean win here to make up for it.

Judging by the Finlay interview, I’m guessing he just randomly decided to attack Benoit. Usually I really wouldn’t like that, but with Finlay, and the explanation he gave, it kind of makes sense. Finlay is the type of character who would attack somebody just to prove they are tougher. Benoit getting the last laugh tonight was good as well, meaning things will just escalate from here, although imo, tonight should have been Finlay’s night.

Maryse being paired with La Resistance is another thing you’ve done that’s different that I really dig. Plus, she has a hot accent. Anyway, the match itself was good, with Dupree picking up the win, making the champs looking vulnerable, but it was a cheap win so they don’t look weak at the same time. The simplest booking formula there is, but sometimes it’s the most effective.

Edge’s arrogance was done brilliantly here, bragging, and I loved the mentioning of Lita. Hardy’s response was rather intense, and gives me the inkling that he has big things coming to him in this thread. Champion by the end of the year perhaps?

VIP lounge? Simple, yet it suits MVP to a tee. Honestly, I really don’t know what to say. Despite the fact that I felt this segment may have dragged a little, I really can’t complain, everything was written sensationally well. Porter was his cocky self, The Miz the same, and Hardy continues to play the guy who can’t break through the glass ceiling. The brawl at the end was nice, and Kane taking out Hardy adds a little extra excitement, showing that it really is every man for himself. Good work.

Commentary hyping up NWO was done well too.

The main event was another well written affair, with both men going at it nicely. I don’t really have an issue with the match. The Undertaker making an appearance was always going to happen, and the fact that he is in a casket match with Booker just makes it that much better. The aftermath with Edge and Kennedy somewhat having an understanding was a nice touch as well. Please go triple threat for ‘Mania because Edge/Batista is just way to overly done at this point.

Honestly, I remember reading one of your Raw’s awhile ago, and enjoying the show, but still having some issues. I think even since then you’ve come a pretty long way. Your promos are all written extremely well, your match writing isn’t to shabby, and everything seems to be leading to something at this point. Great job with this SD, I really enjoyed the read.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Good way to start, highlighting last weeks events. Looking forward to what Edge has in store tonight particularly.

Batista kicking off the show is smart after what’s been going down with Kennedy and I think you nailed this perfectly. Talking about all the men he’s fought over the years for the title was a nice touch. You can really feel the intensity in him as he puts down Kennedy, really good stuff. Kennedy coming out and putting Batista in his place almost was brilliant. I thought the way you put about how Kennedy wasn’t even in his prime yet whilst the others were all over the hill, typical Kennedy way of approaching things and the cheap shot at the end rounded off this segment well.

Good match up between Dreamer and Burchill with all the extremists and the Bluebloods getting involved. Expected the little brawl afterwards and this feud is coming along nicely. Liked the fact that Sandman brought the kendo stick into play as that’s pretty much all he can do and surely an extreme rules match will be on the cards somewhere down the line.

Loved the Booker promo here. The way he changed accents was brilliant. Hope you continue to do that and the announcement of Undertaker choosing the match was good, just makes Booker lose his cool that bit more, good decision there.

The FBI, again, I’m not really sure about this angle but I will wait and see where you take it. JBL’s commentary on it is great though haha.

Again, great stuff with JBL and Helms here, can really imagine this during JBL’s time at the announce table. The way he called him Greg but didn’t allow Cole to was priceless.

Really good six man tag here, good move in allowing them all some time to show their qualities as Helms continues to put them down, shows the fans they do have talent. Great move after the match with Helms showing his video package, great way to putting even more heat on him and JBL applauding was brilliant haha.

Danielson showing up was expected and him getting the better of Helms was the smart thing to do, gives Danielson some momentum now heading into No Way Out which was needed seeing as not everyone knows who he is.

Fantastic Edge promo here, you capture his character perfectly. The way he talks about it all being in his control and that it is his decision what the main event be at Wrestlemania, everything is about him is the right way to go.

Good announcement from Teddy Long. Really putting Edge in his place and also adds some fire to what I’m sure over the next few months will lead to Edge and Long continuing to go up against each other.

Again, another good Booker segment with Sharmell, the accent change again adds an awful lot to his character.

Great match up between Kennedy and Benoit, there was only going to be one winner. Would have maybe liked to have seen Finlay attack Benoit after the match and give Kennedy the win for himself but I understood it. Keeps Benoit strong and gives Kennedy some steam going into No Way Out.

Benoit getting some payback immediately after in the interview was a good move again as it shows just how intense these two are gonna be when they come to blows in the ring. Should be brutal.

Good match up between Dupree and Kendrick, only a matter of time you feel before La Resistance’ get the straps. That’s just my opinion. Maryse distracting Kendrick was a good move as it also adds to the fact that she’s a major player in all of this feud.

One side note would be that you put something about Matt Hardy and Edge’s altercation before it actually occurred, just a small error.

The altercation itself was good, Edge being typical Edge in listing his accomplishments to Hardy was nice, just adds to the seemingly endless story of Hardy not being able to break through which is what it feels like you’re going for.

VIP lounge was a good way to go ahead of the title match at No Way Out. MVP and Miz interaction was good, Miz’s catchphrase being used so early was bit disappointing I felt, could’ve built it up a bit more. The tension builds between the two but then they suddenly forget all that and focus on Hardy and Kane. I liked that as it showed there’s no friends come Sunday but showed that they can get along to take out the other two.

Matt’s work here was top notch, talking about his achievements and that he will break through, keeping up with what went down earlier with Edge. Miz interrupting him was no surprise and those two going at it would no doubt be good to see.

Kane comes out and cleans house in typical Kane fashion, Good move giving the big man some momentum as to be honest he’s the one I think stands no chance come No Way Out.

Good way to close the show with a big match up between the champion and the king. Some good hard hitting action was pleasing to see and Batista being busted open was a good way to go with things, shows the brutality of the match. Taker coming out was expected as we need to know the match stipulation and it’s a casket match. Good move and I expect something fishy to happen at No Way Out leading to these two one on one at Mania.

Edge then spearing Batista and seemingly aligning himself with Kennedy was smart as well as it leaves the champion looking at a disadvantage heading into the PPV.

Overall a great show imac. One of your best in my opinion, especially for a go home show. Your promos were on the money and everything went smoothly in furthering the feuds. Only negative would be the Hardy/Edge little mistake. Looking forward to No Way Out!
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

SmackDown! Feedback

Good start to the show from you with the recap of last week’s important happenings, along with the hype job from the commentators for No Way Out and tonight. I have to say, the way you write the commentary is second to only Wolfy now, with an amazing flow and natural feel to it. It may just be a small thing, but it makes the show just that much more enjoyable to read.

With Kennedy having just been made the number one contender and his attack on Arn Anderson last week, plus the phone call Flair made to Batista on RAW, it makes sense for the champ to be opening the show tonight. The summary of what he’s done to start the promo from Batista was good, even if Triple H was someone he beat when on RAW back at WrestleMania 21, not 22. Still, it acted as not just a good segue for him to talk about what he wants to do to Mr. Kennedy, but it also instantly reminds you of all of the big things that Batista has done, mostly as World Heavyweight Champion. The intensity from Batista was good here, really adding a personal element to the match by talking about Kennedy’s actions of the past month and what they mean to him. The talk about how Kennedy is just a loudmouth was pretty nice too, playing off Kennedy’s character well, before using the words from last week well with the call out. I loved the little tease of the brawl between the two, before Kennedy backed out to what he usually does in talking. Kennedy talking himself up as something different in that he’s young is a good way to try to establish why he’s a threat to the World Heavyweight Title more than anyone else before is a smart way to make him seem like someone who is a genuine chance at winning the title. Having him talk about letting his actions do the talking by bringing up when he took a cheap shot on Arn Anderson was clever too, while the obvious bullshit in having him say he single handedly beat The Undertaker last week is some good cheap heat. The attack at the end was a good way to finish, even if I expected a little more intensity after it, really sending a message from Kennedy to Batista. Very nice way to start the show off.

A pretty basic match here between Dreamer and Burchill, with a nice setup to the finish with the interference from Taylor prompting the all out brawl. The Extremists getting the advantage was definitely the way to go to give them some momentum headed into the six man tag match, while they also should be better under those type of circumstances due to them being brawlers. A nice way to head this feud out into No Way Out.

Nice promo here between Booker and Long, playing up Booker’s bullshit angle, which he used to do a lot irl. The exchange was pretty nice, and while I’m not sure the feud calls for a gimmick match, as it hasn’t been overly big, despite lasting the whole of this thread thus far, it does add a little more interest into the show and the match.

WrestleMania is shaping up quite nicely with Edge/Batista, Triple H/Michaels, Flair/Kennedy, RVD/Lashley and Cena/Umaga from what I can see.

Not really sure what to make of this whole FBI thing, with them seeming like a joke, despite all of this odd build.

I really like the addition of Joey Mercury down into the tag division, where I think he can really help out. Helms being on commentary here is a nice little touch too. The six man tag match itself was very nice, especially at the end, with the chaos being played on well. Not so sure about the heel team getting the win when you don’t really consider them threats to Helms, although I guess it works with Danielson supposed to be Helms’ biggest rival, despite having not debuted.

Interesting little Helms promo afterwards, having him show his own video. I would have maybe liked for him to have said he’s had to watch videos of Danielson so he was going to play one of his own, but the audacity of it by having him attacking guys he never actually beat was clever. Having him talk shit until he was surrounded was a nice way to show the ego of Helms, while the little issue between Chavo and Moore causing a brawl for Helms to escape with was a clever way to build to Danielson making his way out and attacking Helms with that big headbutt. Obviously he has been built to be Helms’ big threat, and I thought this was a good way to debut him.

I don’t mind a promo from Edge here, because last week was a little short, so it’d be good to see his actual reasons for wanting to move to SmackDown! (aside from running away from Orton). Edge making the point that making his decision early because it means he gets to choose his opponent is a clever and different way to look at things, with him really outright saying he will interfere at No Way Out. I’m not sure I would have made it so blatant, but still, as I said, it’s a clever little point. I wasn’t so sure about him running down his possible WrestleMania opponents like he did, because it seemed like an unnecessary way to point out their flaws, but, at the same time, the point was good. The speech about how it was Edge’s WrestleMania main event and about how SmackDown! needs him was used as a good transition too to get Edge to talking about becoming champion at WrestleMania, before the interruption from Long. You had to expect Long to ban Edge from ringside, and while the way he went about it was smart, making the contract signing of Edge next week perhaps a good segment for your next weekly SmackDown! show, I’m not sure what to make of this announcement since it would seem like Edge HAS to be there at No Way Out. Still, despite that, this was another pretty good promo.

Nice way to hype up the announcement of the stipulation later in the show, again playing with Booker’s accent well.

A nice match between Benoit and Kennedy, with some good psychology in Kennedy being so aggressive and working on the arm of Benoit. Not so sure about what we got towards the finish of the match, as Kennedy, heading into a world title match, needs to look good, and he doesn’t exactly do that with Benoit surviving the Mic Check, plus the needing of Finlay to interfere to win. I get that Benoit is your United States Champion, so you obviously want to protect him, but Kennedy needed to look good here, and I just thought it wasn’t enough.

Nice backstage brawl between Finlay and Benoit, with the description of it really showing the intensity these two have. Should be a great match at No Way Out.

I’m not sure I’ve said it before, but I’ve really liked this video package for WrestleMania. Kudos on that.

Ehm, Matt Hardy and Edge haven’t had any interaction, but I’m sure they’ll be having some now.

A nice match between Duporee and Kendrick here, proving as a fine way to send us into No Way Out, with Dupree picking up the win so as to make La Resistance look like threats to the tag titles, only to probably fall short.

Nice confrontation, playing up the past of Matt and Edge well, allowing Edge to talk up his past credentials and Matt to do his usual start of year speech. I’m not sure this will amount to anything, but it’s good to see there’s still heat there that can be used.

Glad to see you using The VIP Lounge, as it allows MVP to show off his biggest quality in talking. The beginning of the segment was pretty good, having MVP talk himself up well, while also giving us reason to believe that he will indeed win at No Way Out. The reasons were fine too, even if talking down on Miz’s ability makes him look bad. I think you’d be better off saying that he hasn’t done anything yet, rather than saying he can’t do anything, because at least he can still make himself seem like a threat then. The little exchange between MVP and Miz about what happened the previous week was a clever way to give them some tension, making sure it wasn’t just lovey dovey between the two heels. Miz didn’t seem to have a real reason to make us believe he’s a threat at No Way Out, but, still, the little exchange between the two about who is really a liar was nice, before the little bit of a lovefest, leading into Hardy making his way out well. I was a little surprised Hardy didn’t get a word in first, although the running down of Matt from MVP was pretty nice, possibly hinting at a feud between the two of them. Matt’s rebuttal was nice, talking himself up while not seeming cocky, while also giving himself some real reason to win the match at No Way Out with it being his big chance. The exchange between Matt and Miz was nice, even if, again, I didn’t like it being pointed out that Miz is awful in the ring. The brawl was set up nicely too, with the Kane run in being led up to well. I liked the fact that you had Kane chokeslam Hardy too, because it makes him look like a monster, plus it gives the match at No Way Out that every man for themselves type feel. A pretty good segment here to hype up the four way.

Very nice hype job for No Way Out, which looks set to be a good show.

Very nice main event here, with the action kept at a high throughout. I never expected a clean ending here with The Undertaker’s announcement to come, and a Casket Match obviously makes sense due to it being the specialty of ‘Taker (plus it lends itself to easy interference so we can find out Undertaker’s WrestleMania opponent). It all set up the ending very nicely too, with the possibility of Edge and Kennedy working together against Batista I guess making it seem like Kennedy is more of a threat to Batista’s title, even if he won’t actually. A very nice way to send us off to No Way Out.

Another very impressive show here, iMac. As a go home show it accomplished all that it had to, plus the writing throughout was good. This thread continues to become one of the top in the section, and with WrestleMania fast approaching, I’m really looking forward to No Way Out and beyond. Well done, mang.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

I've been reading your work the last few weeks and I have to say you are quite a consistent and polished writer, so I thought I'd give you some feedback on SmackDown!...

Eww @ Batista promo. Especially as a face. Really, I think he came across a bit out of the ordinary face Tista, I just wasn't entirely feeling it when he was going on about Kennedy. Speaking of Kennedy, here he comes and this was a pick up for the segment as Kennedy shone here, really good stuff. He's good on the stick and you wrote him well, the cheap shot was typical heel action and leaving the champ busted, is gonna come back and bite him I think, but for now, puts him over as the cocky heel as he would rather admire his work rather than ruthlessly beat Batista down, which is a refreshing change as others would've had him continue the attack. After a patchy start with Batista, Kennedy made the segment much better

A no contest and the ensuing brawl is surely pointing to a Bluebirds victory at No Way Out, which I guess was always on the cards as let's face it, the Extremists aren't ever gonna be more than midcarders at this stage of their careers

Booker/Long segment was pretty well written, you got both men's ghetto babble (King breaking character a bit at the endtbh) down pat and Taker, can't see him picking HIAC. Buried Alive is a possibility, but I think Last Ride or Casket could be the way he goes in the end, either way, Booker's in trouble

lol wut @ The "Godfather" of the FBI being here. I don't recall seeing this in the last SD! I read, should be interesting to find out who it is. RATINGS for having The FBI around tbh, always good addition to the tag division

Yuck. Davairi. Future endeavour plz. Helms is the man in the CW division, sadly the faces were never winning this as you picked three jobbers really, who have no shot of winning the strap at NWO. Nice work on Helms after the match, and then all the others turning on him was awesome, only for inner bitching to fuck them over, good one Chavo you dick. DANIELSON. I was wondering if he'd come down, and quite a unique way to debut, he could very much win at NWO and go on to face Helms at mania, would be a sweet programme as you've got a good basis to build on here with Danielson smashing Helms and leaving him to the rest of the cruisers

hmm Edge's promo was solid, then Teddy banning him from the PPV makes for some interesting opportunities to tease us. Will Edge maybe go back to RAW, seeing as he hasn't signed to become a SD! star and challenge for the WHC, or will he indeed listen to Long, and wait it out before making his impact next week on the show? Well played out segment and you captured Edge pretty well with his deviousness at the end

Haha. Booker losing his accent. That was great . Really good stuff there

Kennedy gets a good win thanks to Finlay, who's gonna give Benoit a run for his money at NWO especially with Little Bastard, but I can't see him winning. This also makes Kennedy look good that he beat the US champ and a name like Benoit, without making Benoit look weak, which is smart and safe booking

Finlay promo was decent and then here comes the predictable backlash from Benoit, nice little brawl here and the face gets his revenge, which tips the balance in regards to their US Title match. Still think Benoit's retaining, but atleast now it's not gonna be obvious

La Resistance! Great to see them being used again, always thought they got jobbed after a promising first six months or so. Would like to see them take the tag gold, although I wouldn't mind some sort of clusterfuck tag feud brewing for Mania involving these teams plus The FBI and Bluebloods and Extremists, would be interesting. Anyways, Dupree winning thanks to the bitch fight at ringside points to a London/Kendrick retainment at NWO, but I don't think it'll be quite over then

lol Matt Hardy. Will it really be his year? I'm not so sure, but we'll find out come NWO

Good segment here featuring the four men at NWO for the US contendership, fuck The Miz tbh, I hate him. I can see MVP winning it, not really feeling Kane in the US scene at all, he'll be in something bigger come Mania I think. Good move by the heels beating down the face Hardy and you were smart to keep Kane off the mic and just have him demolish everyone

Pretty good main event here between Batista and King Booker, and Taker's cameo was pretty awesome, Casket match was a good choice, should be a good match and EDGE making his mark at the end of the show was quite cool too. Overall, with Taker/Booker getting their stipulation sorted, Batista getting owned, Edge looking threatening and then the nod to Kennedy, it's set up some intriguing stuff for NWO, and has capped off a very enjoyable show

Overall I gotta say I'm impressed. You're a good booker, and you're got a neat and tidy presentation which always help, add the fact you're writing some good stuff, and I'll be keeping up with this one. Good show.


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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

February 18th 2007
American Airlines Arena; Miami, Florida

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy

Heading into the Royal Rumble, Mr. Kennedy claimed it was his destiny to headline Wrestlemania. The self proclaimed "fastest rising star in Smackdown" history entered the Royal Rumble Match as entrant Number 2, but made light work of this predicament by lasting well over thirty minutes... that is until 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair entered the match. After Flair's shocking elimination of Kennedy, an even more shocking assault took place, as Kennedy sought immediate revenge on Flair, brutally attacking Flair and leaving the sixteen time World Champion a broken man. With Flair on Raw, it was left to Smackdown's World Heavyweight Champion Batista to defend the honour of his mentor. With Kennedy threatening both Teddy Long and Arn Anderson for a match at No Way Out with Flair, it was 'The Animal' who answered Kennedy's challenge, as Batista threatened to end any Wrestlemania dream Kennedy may have had. After earning a shot at the big gold belt, Kennedy is once again chasing his destiny of headlining Wrestlemania... but only if he can get past 'The Animal'. And what of the x-factor in the situation, the 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Edge? Since declaring he intended to challenge the World Heavyweight Champion, whomever it may be, at Wrestlemania, Edge has made his presence felt, first by interrupting Kennedy, then by spearing 'The Animal' last Friday night. With Edge feeling he has the power to choose his opponent, in essence handing Kennedy a victory, Teddy Long has BANNED Edge from the arena tonight. With security on high alert for the presence of 'The Rated-R Superstar', can Edge be stopped from making his presence felt? One man fights to chase his destiny, while the other fights to defend the honour of his mentor... but who will head to Wrestlemania as the World Heavyweight Champion?

Casket Match:
The Undertaker vs. King Booker

The first Smackdown episode of 2007 saw both King Booker and The Undertaker involved in a Fatal Four Way Match to determine the Number One Contender to Batista's World Heavyweight Championship. Finlay may have won that night, but it was 'The Deadman' who King Booker blamed for his defeat. During the match, Undertaker chokeslammed Booker through the announce desk, and since that moment Booker has been out for revenge. So much so that he stunned everyone by being one of the few men to openly call 'Taker out, challenging 'The Deadman' to a match. The Royal Rumble came, and still Booker waited for his chance to go one on one with 'Taker. That chance came briefly during the Royal Rumble Match, where it was Undertaker who eliminated King Booker, much to the chagrin of 'The Ruler of the Smackdown Kingdom'. Once more the challenges came, only for Teddy Long to award Undertaker another chance at becoming Number One Contender, this time in a match with Mr. Kennedy. Sensing a chance to make a statement, it was King Booker who cost Undi' the match, sending Kennedy to No Way Out and his match with Batista. Last Friday night on Smackdown, Booker finally got his wish, as Teddy Long announced Booker and Undertaker would indeed meet at No Way Out... in a match of The Undertaker's choosing! The mind games started as Booker was left to wait until 'The Deadman' announced his decision... and it came in typical Undertaker fashion, as during the main event of last Friday night's show, Booker was confronted by six druids... and a casket! Scared stiff, Booker tentatively opened the casket, only to be met by The Undertaker's hand around his throat! This Sunday, there will be nowhere to run to for King Booker, as he comes face to face with 'The Deadman'... realising he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. Finlay

When two of the toughest competitors on the Smackdown roster meet in the ring, you expect that eventually one man will back down. But when Finlay and Chris Benoit met during tag team action, the heavy hitting carried on long after the bell, with both men brawling their way backstage. Immediately the questions were asked as to who was the tougher man? Determined to find out the answer, Benoit called out Finlay for nothing short than a old fashioned brawl. The wily veteran Finlay though countered by saying the only way he would fight with Benoit was if the United States Championship was on the line. After agreeing to the title match, both men engaged in yet another arena brawl, with once more security needed to separate the two. The stakes were raised once again last Friday night on Smackdown, as Finlay struck Benoit with his shillelagh, costing Benoit his match with Mr. Kennedy. Once again though, Benoit wouldn't take Finlay's actions lightly, and this time the cameras where there to see the pair brawl around the backstage area. Tonight, the two meet in one on one action with the potential for the match to spin wildly out of control... and the possession of the United States Championship could be decided in chaotic fashion!

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. La Resistance

Ever since Maryse showed up and declared one way or another she would lead a team to tag team gold, The Hooligans have been finding life as champions tough. After rejecting Maryse's initial offer of managing them, staying loyal to Ashley Massaro in the process, London and Kendrick have fought of challenges to their titles from both The Bluebloods and The Extremists. But now that Maryse has reunited La Resistance, the champions are in serious jeopardy of leaving No Way Out without the title they have held for the last nine months. With Dupree and Grenier focused on the gold, and the sultry Maryse using her feminine charms to cloud the judgment of the champion, will La Resistance continue their title winning ways of yesteryear on Raw here on Smackdown? Or can Ashley get her team focused once again on defending the gold?

Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Daivari vs. Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Joey Mercury vs. Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Scotty-2-Hotty vs. Shannon Moore

Having held the Cruiserweight Championship for over a year and saw off all challengers put infront of him, Gregory Helms felt justified when he declared himself "The Greatest Cruiserweight in the World". Arrogantly challenging Teddy Long to provide him some competition, 2007 hasn't been quite as smooth as 2006 was for Helms. it started with Shannon Moore, coming over from ECW and defeating Helms in non title action, only to lose a title match the following week. Then there was Chavo Guerrero, prodded on by his Aunt Vickie to defend the Guerrero name, stating that he was re-entering the cruiserweight division. More cruiserweights emerged to take on Helms, with Joey Mercury and Daivari entering the scene. But perhaps the biggest challenge to Helms will be newcomer Bryan Danielson, making his WWE debut tonight! Danielson is a world renowned cruiserweight, with his large internet following aware of the damage this man is capable of. Helms got a small taste of that Friday night as Danielson arrived on Smackdown with a headbutt for the champion, before Helms was tossed back into a ring full off pissed off cruiserweights. After insulting and running down the entire division, Helms puts his title on the line in a gauntlet match tonight, where to become champion, survival is the task. Can Helms survive? Will Chavo restore pride to the Guerrero name? What kind of impact will Danielson have on his in-ring debut? And will we leave No Way Out with a new Cruiserweight Champion?

Fatal Four Way Match:
Winner will face the United States Champion at Wrestlemania XXIII

Kane vs. Matt Hardy vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. The Miz

Four men at differing stages of their careers, but men four men with a common hunger to head to Wrestlemania in search of that performance that could define their careers. The veteran of the match Kane, a man who made 2006 a living hell for MVP, only for the youngster to finally overcome him in a brutal Last Man Standing Match. MVP, a man who has always talked a good game, and is only recently starting to walk the walk. The Miz, a man ridiculed for this performances, but now with Michelle McCool in his corner, a man more focused, more determined to prove the naysayers wrong by earning his Wrestlemania moment. And then Matt Hardy, the man known best as a tag team specialist. On his own now, Hardy is determined to step out of the shadows of brother Jeff, and prove that 2007 can be his year. All four men want to go forth to Wrestlemania and challenge the United States Champion, whomever it may be, but to get their they'll have to overcome three men with similar ambitions. But only one man can grab the chance to create their Wrestlemania moment. Will experience see Kane through? Will youth prevail for MVP or Miz? Or will Matt Hardy finally show he can compete in the singles ranks?

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Bluebloods vs. The Extremists

Nobility. Manners. Class. Never words you would associate with ECW alumni Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and The Sandman. And since the three arrived on Smackdown, William Regal has turned up his nose at the extreme trio. Having met in tag team and eight man action, Regal and Dave Taylor felt besmirched by the actions of The Extremists, vowing revenge. That revenge came in the fashion of Paul Burchill, reunited with Regal to storm the ring and deliver a vicious beating to all three Extremists members. After a match between Dreamer and Burchill on the last episode of Smackdown descended into chaos and a no contest, who knows what way this one could go? Can Sabu, Dreamer and Sandman prove they and their style of wrestling belongs on Friday nights? Or will the arrogance of Regal, Taylor and Burchill be justified as they prove class will always win out?


Prediction Template:

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy

Casket Match:
The Undertaker vs. King Booker

United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. Finlay

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. La Resistance

Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Daivari vs. Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Joey Mercury vs. Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Scotty-2-Hotty vs. Shannon Moore

Fatal Four Way Match:
Winner will face the United States Champion at Wrestlemania XXIII

Kane vs. Matt Hardy vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. The Miz

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Bluebloods vs. The Extremists

Bonus Points:
What will be the match order?
How many championships will change hands?
Who will take the fall in the Fatal Four Way Match?
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who?
What will be the longest match?
What will be the shortest match?
Who will last the longest during the Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet Match?
How many pinfalls/submissions/other finishes will there be?
Will Edge find a way inside the building?

Um, so yeah. Some predictions would be mega. Show will be in FULL and posted at some point over the weekend. Sunday night imo. Maybe Monday night. There's one more news, bits and rumours post to make before then. Saturday afternoon maybe? I dunno. But yeah, for now, predictions plz. Gogogo! <3

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

7. World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy

6. Casket Match:
The Undertaker vs. King Booker

5. United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. Finlay

1. WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. La Resistance

2. Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Daivari vs. Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Joey Mercury vs. Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Scotty-2-Hotty vs. Shannon Moore

4. Fatal Four Way Match:
Winner will face the United States Champion at Wrestlemania XXIII
Kane vs. Matt Hardy vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. The Miz

3. Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Bluebloods vs. The Extremists

Bonus Points:
What will be the match order? ^
How many championships will change hands? None
Who will take the fall in the Fatal Four Way Match? The Miz
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? No
What will be the longest match? WHC Match
What will be the shortest match? Six-Man Tag Team Match
Who will last the longest during the Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet Match? Danielson
How many pinfalls/submissions/other finishes will there be? 4/2/1
Will Edge find a way inside the building? Yeah, he will.

Marking for: Randy Orton, John Morrison, CM Punk, Ted Dibiase, Christian.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

( 7 )World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy

( 6 )Casket Match:
The Undertaker vs. King Booker

( 4 )United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. Finlay

( 5 )WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. La Resistance

( 3 )Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Daivari vs. Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Joey Mercury vs. Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Scotty-2-Hotty vs. Shannon Moore

( 1 )Fatal Four Way Match:
Winner will face the United States Champion at Wrestlemania XXIII
Kane vs. Matt Hardy vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. The Miz

( 2 )Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Bluebloods vs. The Extremists

Bonus Points:
What will be the match order? Done
How many championships will change hands? 2
Who will take the fall in the Fatal Four Way Match? Hardy
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? No
What will be the longest match? Taker/Booker
What will be the shortest match? Tag Titles
Who will last the longest during the Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet Match? Helms
How many pinfalls/submissions/other finishes will there be?
Will Edge find a way inside the building? Obv
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Prediction Template:

7) World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy
Batista is headed into a match against Edge for the title at WrestleMania, while Kennedy is to face Ric Flair, thus Batista must win.

6) Casket Match:
The Undertaker vs. King Booker
Someone will pop out of the casket here or something to kick off a feud with Undertaker for WrestleMania. Who? I have no idea. Maybe Lashley.

5) United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. Finlay
I could see this going either way, but I'm thinking we'll get Benoit/MVP, much like irl.

4) WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. La Resistance
The Hooligans have a date with The Bluebloods at WrestleMania.

1) Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Daivari vs. Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Joey Mercury vs. Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Scotty-2-Hotty vs. Shannon Moore
Helms to get a cheap victory over Danielson after AmDrag has dominated.

3) Fatal Four Way Match:
Winner will face the United States Champion at Wrestlemania XXIII

Kane vs. Matt Hardy vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. The Miz
Hardy is really the only other possibility, but I can see him and Miz continuing their issue on the way into MITB. Kane shouldn't be in a US Title match and Miz is simply too crap at this stage to have in a one on one title match at WrestleMania.

2) Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Bluebloods vs. The Extremists

Like I said before, they're going for The Hooligans.

Bonus Points:
What will be the match order? See above.
How many championships will change hands? Zero.
Who will take the fall in the Fatal Four Way Match? The Miz.
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Yeah, let's say Ric Flair in the main event, and Lashley to attack 'Taker.
What will be the longest match? Benoit/Finlay ... please?
What will be the shortest match? Bluebloods/Extremists.
Who will last the longest during the Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet Match? Bryan Danielson.
How many pinfalls/submissions/other finishes will there be? Do we count all of the falls in the gauntlet? I'm thinking no, but correct me if I'm wrong. I'll go 4/2/1.
Will Edge find a way inside the building? Yes.

The show being in full is top news. Looking forward to it.

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