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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

RAW Feedback

Nice way to start things off with the Rumble recap to remind us of all the major happenings, along with some good commentary, hyping both last night, tonight and next week’s Night of Champions all really well.

Michaels starting off the show was certainly unexpected, but I can’t really say that I think that’s a bad thing. Honestly, I’m a little caught off guard by Michaels addressing the situation with Triple H now, but I like Michaels making it seem like it needed acknowledgement after the Rumble the previous night, making it seem like a major deal. Michaels was pretty much spot on from the beginning too with the way he spoke about himself, so kudos on that. The juxtaposition you created between Michaels and Tripper was well done too, with Michaels happy to acknowledge his mistake because of his friendship with Tripper, while Michaels doesn’t understand where Tripper’s at by refusing the handshake. It’s not something you see too often in BTB with genuine human emotions, so it made it all the more pleasing to see the way you wrote this and conveyed Michaels’ confusion. The way Michaels talked about DX and what they came together for was pretty good before the interruption from Rated-RKO. An interesting note was the almost despondent nature of Orton during the Rated-RKO entrance, which, again, was a nice way to show the very human emotions of the superstars. Edge was good in the way he immediately went egotistical, talking himself up while putting Shawn down for not deserving to open up the show like he did. The way Edge talked about the new Shawn Michaels as opposed to what he is now is very interesting too. It almost seems that by bringing this forth, you’re giving a window for Shawn to turn heel with reasons now clear should he be the one to turn. Triple H is still the more obvious choice, but you’re leaving it open, which is good. Edge saying that people wanted to hear from him was a really nice heel tactic too because people obviously don’t want to hear from Edge; it just goes to show how egotistical he can be while still keeping it perfectly in character to draw heat. Edge trying to drive Michaels from the ring with talk about DX being dead until Michaels snapped was good, and while the talk about the old Michaels being about him lasting in the Rumble was a little odd, the way it all led up to the Triple H entrance was done well. I thought it was a bit odd for Edge to mouth of when Triple H was intimidating, although I guess that’s just what he does. I was pleased to see you acknowledge that Shane would get cheered, going about getting his heat back well. McMahon acknowledging Kenny’s history in it all was a nice added touch, and I liked the way you went about Shane addressing the Cena situation, while also talking about the situation in the ring. The way you went about making the six man tag team match was good too, and with the added intrigue of the promise of Rated-RKO being rewarded if they win, that’s a good way to go about the ending the promo and setting up a good main event. Very nice way to start the show.

Pfft, as if Conway didn’t get to use his awesome music. Nice little win for Punk here, keeping his momentum rolling along strong with a simple match. Basic booking but effective.

I thought the characterization of everyone involved here was good, and while this feud was never interesting, I guess pairing Punk with Kelly could make for storylines in the future. Knox, however, needs a gimmick reboot, perhaps as the new Dr. Death like WWE seemed to try to do at one stage. At this stage he just screams jobber, and that’s almost a backwards step for Punk, meaning this thing needs to be pretty quick.

Coach trying to do favours for his ‘boys’ Shelton and Charlie seems fine with him trying to set them up to win the World Tag Team Titles, or at least have a match for them, next week until the interruption, showing the type of heel that Coach is. The banter between Carlito and Coach was alright, although Flair interrupting Coach announcing the match next week seemed a little odd by sucking up to the crowd when it’s a backstage promo and he logically shouldn’t be speaking to them at all. Flair and Carlito declaring themselves ready for a title shot is odd too since I’m not sure if they’ve even teamed up before and that they only banded together to combat TWGTT. Going about making a match between these two like this seems a little questionable since it seemed much more personal earlier in the feud, but I guess it sets up a good match for later in the show. Carlito spitting apple on Coach was a nice way to finish the promo too after it was teased at earlier in the show. Addressing the Kennedy stuff, I’m not sure that the assault should be shaken off by Flair so easily, but I’m sure the feud will pick up as it progresses towards WrestleMania.

Pretty nice start to the match by having the three others attack the biggest threat in Victoria and then having the two faces working Maria. I thought you did a pretty good job of keeping the match as exciting as possible, and while Victoria was always going to win, I thought having just her entrance shown was maybe a little much to give it away. Still, a good divas match, especially with the talent you had to work with in Maria and Candice, who both suck.

Nice promo from Cena, showing some good respect to RVD and putting him over well, while also not just putting over the ability of Cena, but also his character of being a fighting champion by having him willing to take on all comers, whether it be RVD or whoever Shane chooses. Characterisation was very good too, with that right blend of goofiness and seriousness from Cena. Shane’s interruption was alright too, although I’m not so sure he really needed to point out the problems with Cena’s team for the main event. I personally think it should have been clear to Cena, even if wrestlers don’t always seem the brightest. Shane’s warning I guess plants it firmly in his mind though, so that’s a positive. Again, the characterisation of Shane was very good too. Nice promo.

Hopefully you don’t take too long to get to ‘Mania, because it has the feeling that it’ll be an amazing event with many possibilities for matches.

I don’t mind Van Dam making the challenge to Lashley because it continues the little bits of animosity you’ve had between them, even if the feud hasn’t completely been set alight yet. The intrigue there is still great and a match next week would be good. I thought Van Dam turned from wanting a bit more of a friendly chat to attacking Lashley personally was done a bit quickly, but with that said, the passion with which RVD spoke about wanting the ECW Title and what it means was good, and although he turned back to nice a bit oddly at the end, it should make for a heck of a match should Lashley accept.

Good to see the highlights of Kennedy/Flair from the Rumble to keep it in mind. Hopefully we’ll hear from Kennedy on SmackDown!.

Nice basic tag match here, using the normal formula effectively. Everything progressed nicely with the match kept exciting throughout, especially with the back suplex spot from the second rope to get the tag from Carlito to Flair, and the ending allows for this feud to continue, while ‘Lito and Flair probably get to pick up the gold next week. Solid booking all-round here.

Interesting segment here. I thought you did a good job of showing the frustration of Nitro and Melina, especially with the way you had it take a bit to tip Nitro over the edge. Masters approaching Nitro and seemingly coming onto Melina was interesting, with the way he went about it again being pretty good. Personally I quite like the idea of these two forming a team, so if they do eventually do it, as you’d assume, then I’d be very happy. Very natural feeling segment that I thought came off well.

I don’t mind you having The Hart Legacy come in to strengthen the tag division. I quite like The Hart Legacy name too, even if it’s just a slight modification.

Very nicely done promo here, characterising the frustration of both men with Triple H well and really showing how much this whole situation has been getting to Shawn Michaels. The doubt left in Cena at the end was good too, really bringing about some big interest in the main event.

I have mixed feelings about such a big match being just on a regular edition of RAW nestled away in the midcard, because if you would think of people with potential to end the streak on RAW right now, Lashley would be a big chance. Still, it’s good to see you following up on the Rumble and keeping Lashley’s options for a ‘Mania feud wide open. The match itself started off well with it seeming like a classic big man vs. big man match, while it progressed well at a slow pace. I thought you did a really good job of protecting Lashley in this loss by having him give everything to ‘Mags, while Umaga continues to look great by winning clean. Good match.

Estrada making the emphatic statement that Umaga’s going to take his shot that he deserves is good, while Van Dam running in to ward Umaga off to set up the match between Lashley and Van Dam for the title next week was good.

As I said before, this WrestleMania is one of, if not THE most exciting looming event coming in BTB, so I’m really looking forward to it. Very nice hype job for next week’s RAW: Night of Champions too, along with the promo from Matt about Jeff this week on SmackDown!.

Nice little tease at whether or not Tripper would show pre-match. The early parts of the match were done well with the uneasiness between Tripper and Cena and Cena forcefully tagging Triple H in. I have to say that I loved the way Kenny was able to at least hang with the big boys in the beginning too, really putting him over strong. The finish was really nice too with an exciting chain of moves, including Michaels seemingly nailing Tripper accidentally and Edge much the same with Orton. Cena getting the win over Dykstra makes sense in the end, bringing intrigue to the title situation at the conclusion of the match, while Cena continues to look good as he should as champion.

Very nice announcement from Shane to close the show, adding a great WWE Title match to next week’s card. Big announcement to close a big show. Good stuff.

Honestly, after reading this I really think it’s your best weekly show to date. Your promos and grasp of the characters are improving every week, and the match writing was once again good. The characters continue to evolve well, and really, you’ve got me excited as you head towards WrestleMania. There’s a lot of possible matches with nothing quite sure yet, so it’s certainly got that big feel to it. I’m really looking forward to seeing how things continue to shape, because right now they’re looking great. Looking forward to SmackDown! now and RAW: Night of Champions.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw Feedback

Firstly, I just wanted to apologize for taking so long to get in here. I’ve been lazy, and haven’t been writing feedback in general for awhile now, so if things are a little off, feel free to let me know. Anyway, a nice opening video package to open things up, letting me know exactly what took place at the Rumble. Regarding Smackdown events, I like Test being given a fair go against Benoit, I always liked him, whilst Finlay being in the World Heavyweight Title picture is epic, keep him around there please. I despise Jeff Hardy, so good to see you giving a young, cocky superstar like Kenny Dykstra the title, hopefully he can run with it. Cena was still superman at this time, so hopefully he’s doing something interesting, and Edge winning the Rumble is rather sexy. These were all just things that popped into my head immediately; I’ll elaborate further on things once I get into the show properly.

By the way, a really small thing regarding Edge winning the Rumble, the commentators said Edge would be in one of the two main events. Whether I give feedback for the event or not, the winner of the Rumble must be in THE main event of WrestleMania.

Opening the show with Shawn Michaels was a pretty good decision, imo, simply because he’s involved in a very interesting scenario with Triple H. I thought you had Michaels on song from the get go. I really enjoyed the way you mentioned how he has changed since back in his attitude era days, which were awesome, but that’s another topic for another day. The idea of Michaels hitting Triple H with a steel chair is okay, but if this leads to yet another rehashed Michaels/Triple H feud, I’m not sure I’d be too into it. I guess I can accept you playing a little on Michaels’ tendency to turn on partners to, as they hadn’t really done that angle with Cena in real life yet. The only line in this promo I had a real issue with was the whole Michaels is booing his own actions, just sounded really cheesy, and kind of ruined the situation for me, tbh. HBK being interrupted by Edge and Orton was unexpected, although I believe it makes sense, considering Edge won the Rumble, and should have time to brag. I’m not too sure Orton would accompany him to the ring though; wouldn’t he be a little jealous right about now? Edge, much like Michaels, was spot on. Everything he said sounded like Edge, he was his usual egomaniac self, and he managed to throw in the insults regarding Michaels as well. I wasn’t too sure about Michaels claiming that he brought back the old HBK for the Royal Rumble last night, simply because he still lost, and his back to his 2007 ways in this promo. If Michaels did indeed bring back the old HBK, he would have to stay that way, otherwise it would seem rather pointless. Triple H coming to save Michaels was alright, although a DX reunion is not really something I’m interested in. Is this the first appearance from Shane O Mac in this thread? It sounded like it may be, and tbh, I quite liked his part of the promo. I think maybe the Cena situation could have been mentioned a little later in the night though, as mentioning it right now kind of took away from the awesome situation we had in the ring. I loved McMahon’s explanation of why Triple H was really out to the ring, and Hunter agreeing, it means no DX. Anyway, the promo in general was pretty good, bar a few tiny problems, and you’ve now set up a pretty good main event for the night, good start.

After an impressive performance at the Royal Rumble, a nice squash win over Conway is the perfect way to keep Punk’s momentum rolling. At this stage, I could see him being a valuable asset to your MITB match. Regarding Conway, I understand he is being a jobber and what not, and this probably won’t happen, but I’d mark if you gave him some mic time, and actually tried to develop his ‘just look at me’ gimmick.

Mike Knox being all angry at Kelly is to be expected, as is Kelly telling him to leave her alone. Whilst I hate Knox, I believe this angle needs to be finished, so just have Punk squash Knox already. I don’t think Kelly would really suit Punk though, as despite the SES, I think Punk operates best alone.

With The Coach remaining as some sort of authority figure, I believe it should have been him who came out earlier and made the main event, leaving Shane O to address Cena later on. It would have made the Cena situation, and the opening promo one seem much bigger if they were worked separately. I liked The Coach sucking up to the WGTT, but I think you wrote Carlito rather well in this meeting as well. ‘Lito and Flair luring WGTT into a match to see who faces the champions is clever as well, giving us another great match for tonight. I have an issue with Flair not pursuing Kennedy though; it makes him seem really bitchy to barely even mention him and to set his sights on tag team gold instead. Even if Flair goes at KK in the future, by then they would have lost some heat.

Mickie James as the referee for the number one contendership was nice, as it allowed you to display her reluctance to face Victoria again. With Mickie being the face (I think this is correct), you’d expect her to be a little less scared, tbh. Anyway, a dominating Victoria owns, no matter how many times I’ve seen it, so a match between her and Mickie shall own.

The John Cena interview was okay. Discussing who would be his next challengers for the gold was to be expected, although I didn’t like the joke you threw in. I know it’s what Cena did back then, but I don’t know, it just felt a little to forced for my liking. Whereas later on, I loved the crack about the Posse, I thought that was good stuff, and should have been the only joke between the two. Shane O basically being a smart ass was done pretty good as well, adding some tension between the two, but once again, I feel as if Shane deserved an in ring segment, in which his return could have been executed better.

Whilst I understand Bobby Lashley has no personality whatsoever, I felt as if his little retorts at Van Dam throughout this made him seem a little heel like. RVD, on the other hand, who is somebody a lot of people hate to write, you pulled it off pretty well. Whilst maybe it lacked some dude’s and man’s, his passionate speech about the old ECW ways was terrific.

This tag match certainly delivered, with the match writing being pretty good throughout. Ric Flair and Carlito getting the win kind of disappointed me a little, simply because I mark for the WGTT, and it probably means that Flair won’t be gunning for Kennedy any time soon. I’m not sure what you will do with the WGTT from here, but they just have to feature prominently in your tag division, because once Edge and Orton break up, there won’t be much left.

Melina and Nitro’s bickering was pretty good, although I would have liked Nitro to bight back less, and just have Melina chew him out. It just always seemed as if that’s the way their relationship went. It’s funny that I just mentioned how tag division could be lacking soon, and now you’re preparing to make a new team. Nitro and Masters will be different, but I think they could work as a part two of a flashy MNM, being as how Masters is ‘The Masterpiece’ and all.

The Hart Legacy coming to Raw is awesome. Don’t rush them in for ‘Mania though.

It was a rather weird confrontation between John Cena and Shawn Michaels, I really didn’t know what to think. I understand the awkwardness was supposed to be there, although it really felt awkward to read. I’m not sure if this is because you did a great job with this, or a job not great enough. I know it sounds stupid, but I’m 50/50 on this one.

Lashley/Umaga was yet another good contest, showing that you’ve really got some strong rosters, which you’re willing to utilize. I mark for Umaga, so I’m rather pleased he came out on top, although he doesn’t seem as if he’s really doing anything, so hopefully that changes soon.

AAE’s promo afterward was short and sweet, making me excited for a brutal Umaga in this thread. RVD saving Lashley, and then getting the match up for next week was a nice touch as well.

The main event was rather nice as well, with your match writing continuing to impress me. One thing I really liked was Shawn Michaels taking out Triple H once again; it just adds so much more tension to the situation. Edge Spearing Orton means they are on the rocks to, which will be good for Carlito and Flair, imo. I think it will be good for your division in general as well, as Orton and Edge focused on other stuff, whilst holding the tag titles kind of belittles them. All the drama after the match was nice, and the triple threat match for next week should be off the freaking charts.

Overall, I was rather impressed with what I read. You seem to have a very clear indication of where things are going, and your match writing, and promo writing (despite the odd line here and there) made the show a delight to read. I also think the execution of the McMahon thing could have been done a little better also. One last thing, your ‘Mania card is certainly not set by any means, and usually by now, people are planting the seeds for things. I don’t know if you already have, and as a reader I just can’t tell yet, but I must implore that if you haven’t, you get things moving, as to allow adequate build for the biggest event of the year. Anyway, a pretty good show, definitely something to make me want to check out SD and read Raw next week, good stuff.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

I cant offer you any type of feedback other than to say that i have thoroughly enjoyed reading this btb. This is the first btb that i have read and it is utterly amazing to me.. Today is my day off from work and i have spent my free time reading and enjoying your work. i am definitely hooked to the storylines and cant wait for your storylines to progress. Keep up the good work, and i will be eagerly awaiting your next episode.

Wrestlemania 27.. HHH vs Undertaker.. storytelling at its finest
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Friday Night Smackdown~
February 2nd, 2007
Houston, Texas

Friday Night Smackdown emanates from Houston, Texas with the fallout from the Royal Rumble still eminent as one of 2006's most brutal rivalries is scheduled to be settled once and for all.

Since being set on fire during an Inferno Match back at Armageddon, MVP has been off our screens, plotting revenge on the man who subjected him to second degree burns, namely Kane. After returning to Smackdown last Friday night with a sickening assault of 'The Big Red Machine', MVP then put up a credible performance in the Royal Rumble Match... only to be eliminated by Kane! Tonight, the two meet to finally settle the score once and for all... in a Last Man Standing Match! Kane and MVP are set to batter themselves senseless until one of them can't answer a ten count, in what is sure to a brutal encounter that finally puts their rivalry to bed.

The fallout of the Rumble continues as the four men involved in the two Smackdown title matches, Batista, Finlay, Chris Benoit and Test meet in tag team action. After defeating Finlay to retain his title, 'The Animal' will be out to score another win over Finlay, who will no doubt be eager for a win of his own to prove his worthiness of a rematch with Batista. And after coming so close to victory last night, Test will be determined to prove he still deserves to be mentioned in the hunt for the United States Championship.

Last week, after weeks of taunting the WWE Tag Team Champions, Maryse unveiled the team she hopes to lead to championship gold, namely the returning La Resistance. Dupree and Grenier made a big impact on their re-debut, assaulting Kendrick and London after they had just survived a tough match with The Extremists. Tonight, La Resistance and The Extremists will meet in tag team action, a match that will no doubt have the attention of both The Hooligans and The Bluebloods, who had an ominous warning for the extreme trio last week.

Also tonight, after a brilliant performance in the Royal Rumble match, The Undertaker is scheduled to compete, with King Booker a keen viewer, Shannon Moore and Chavo Guerrero will meet in cruiserweight action, Matt Hardy addresses the health status of his brother Jeff and his own performance during the Rumble, while 'The Green Bay Loudmouth' Mr. Kennedy will no doubt have a few words to say after his vicious assault of Ric Flair during the Rumble, an assault that Flair refused to discuss on Monday Night Raw.

Confirmed Matches:

Last Man Standing Match: Kane vs. Montel Vontavious Porter
Batista and Chris Benoit vs. Finlay and Test

The Extremists vs. La Resistance
Chavo Guerrero vs. Shannon Moore
The Undertaker will be in action!

WWE: The Evolution Of Greed
2007 King of the Ring Has Been Posted!!!

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Very good looking show here tonight with some of your storylines looking set to continue on well. I'm not so sure what your plans are for both of your single heavyweight titles, but the tag match looks nice, as does the rest of the card. A Last Man Standing Match is a good way to end the issues between MVP and Kane, while La Resistance, The Undertaker and the cruiserweights in action should all be good.

Looking forward to it my man.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Friday Night Smackdown~
February 2nd, 2007
Houston, Texas

"You are nothin' but a loser. A wannabe, no... you're a never-was."

Much like Raw, we start the broadcast with a highlights package of the Royal Rumble. The video briefly focuses on the Raw side of things, with Kenny Dykstra's defeat of Jeff Hardy and John Cena retaining the WWE Championship over Rob Van Dam featured. More attention is paid to the Smackdown side of the event, in particular Chris Benoit's victory against Test and the battle for the World Heavyweight Championship which saw Batista overcome injury to see off Finlay. The package finishes with highlights of the Royal Rumble Match, with particular attention paid to the strong performances of Mr. Kennedy, Bobby Lashley, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Also included is the brutal assault of Ric Flair by Mr. Kennedy after Flair eliminated him, the attack of Umaga on Bobby Lashley and the dramatic ending, in which Triple H eliminated Shawn Michaels, only to later be eliminated by The Undertaker, who seconds later is also eliminated last by Edge, who stares at the Wrestlemania XXIII banner hanging from the rafters as the package ends.

The usual Smackdown intro video plays before we head into the arena for the pyro display, and as the camera spins around the crowd and then settles at the announce desk, we hear from Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield...

Michael Cole: Five days ago, we witnessed a Royal Rumble of epic proportions, but ultimately it was a Raw superstar who stood tall when it was all said and done. Tonight on Friday Night Smackdown, we look forward to No Way Out and Wrestlemania, but the big question is will Edge choose to face Raw's WWE Champion or our very own World Heavyweight Champion, Batista? Hello everyone, I'm Michael Cole, alongside me as always is my broadcast partner John Bradshaw Layfield, and JBL, who do you think Edge is gonna choose to face at Wrestlemania?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Well if Edge has any guts, any cohunes, then he'll step up and face the World Heavyweight Champion, here on the A-Show, Smackdown! But speakin' of the World Heavyweight Championship, I think it's a disgrace that Finlay ain't got the gold around his waist right now! Finlay was robbed last Sunday night, and I blame Teddy Long for lettin' it happen!

Michael Cole: I assume you're talkin' about the ending of the match between Batista and Finlay, where after weeks of assaults from Finlay and that shillelagh of his, 'The Animal' gave Finlay a taste of his own medicine.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You know damn well that's what I'm talkin' about! The ref may not of saw it, but I did, and I want Teddy Long to do somethin' about it. A rematch, a suspension, hell, strip Batista of the title! But somethin' has gotta be done about it.

Michael Cole: Well folks, Batista and Finlay will indeed meet again in the ring tonight, but in tag team action as Batista and Chris Benoit team up to face Finlay and Test. Also tonight, after returning to the WWE last week, La Resistance are in action against The Extremists, and after his incredible performance in the Royal Rumble match, The Undertaker will also be in action tonight!


*I’M COMIN’...*

Michael Cole: But folks what a huge match we're kickin’ things off with. After making his return to Smackdown last week, MVP assaulted Kane, only to be eliminated by 'The Big Red Machine' during the Royal Rumble match. Tonight, once and for all, Kane and MVP settle their differences in a last man standing match!

For the first time in 2007, the inflatable tunnel is set up, and soon out bursts Montel Vontavious Porter, sunglasses on and bling hanging from his neck. MVP slaps the ground and posses, setting off a burst of pyro before he swaggers his way down the aisle...

Michael Cole: Well it was certainly an interesting way 2006 ended for MVP, as he was literally set on fire by Kane at Armageddon during the Inferno Match the two had. But last week, MVP returned with a bang, smashing Kane with a sickening steel chair shot to the skull.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And if you ask me, Kane's lucky that's all MVP did to him last week. But Lady Luck ain't gonna be shining on Kane tonight, MVP is out for revenge, and he's gonna get it tonight.

MVP climbs the steps and enters the rings, running the ropes, getting used to his surroundings. Removing his sunglasses, MVP launches them over the top rope into the crowd, but the camera is right there to spot him placing his diamond necklace in the corner, nestling it under the bottom turnbuckle. Soon MVP begins to bounce in the ring, anxiously awaiting...


The crowd rings out with a good cheer as Kane marches down the aisle, not wasting any time in getting to the ring...

Michael Cole: I'm not so sure about that partner. Kane is one of the most sadistic superstars in WWE history. After MVP busted Kane open last week, you don't think 'The Big Red Machine' isn't going to enjoy having MVP one on one in what is essentially a no holds barred situation?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Listen, I know Kane is a sick, demented, twisted monster, but MVP is fuelled by a hunger, a desire to cause Kane pain. Nine times outta ten, I'd agree with you that anybody who steps into a last man standing match with Kane should be scared, but not tonight. Not MVP.

Kane strides up the steps, but as he lowers his head to go through the ropes, MVP hammers him, and the match is on!

Match 1: Last Man Standing Match
vs. Montel Vontavious Porter

And as he smacks Kane with a flurry of rights and lefts, MVP knocks Kane back through the ropes to the floor below, the match barely making it into the ring before it spills outside. MVP is quickly on Kane, aiming vicious kicks to the gut and head before dragging Kane back up and sending him crashing shoulder first into the steel steps, sending the top half of the flying. MVP shouts at Kane to get up, but when he does ‘The Big Red Machine’ strikes with one of his trademark shots to the throat, allowing him to scoop MVP up onto his shoulders. Kane then charges towards the ring post, looking to lawndart MVP in the steel... but MVP drops down the back... and pushes Kane shoulder first into the ring post! Kane hits the post hard and slumps to the floor, prompting MVP to tell the ref to count.

“1... 2... 3... 4... 5...”

It’s still fair too early as Kane uses the ring to pull himself to his feet, but MVP is right back on him, aiming boots to the shoulder before rolling Kane under the bottom rope. With Kane’s head propped against the bottom turnbuckle, MVP drives his boot into the throat of Kane, trying to choke ‘The Big Red Machine’ out, with the ref powerless to stop him. MVP finally removes his boot, leaving Kane choking and sputtering, but there’s no chance to catch a breath as MVP pulls him up, going for an Irish whip across the ring... but Kane reverses... and follows in for a big clothesline in the corner! Kane finally scores some offence, and he follows this by backing off to charge in for another clothesline, and as MVP staggers out of the corner Kane is waiting to take him up and down with a sidewalk slam. As MVP is down, the ref begins a count, but Kane doesn’t waste any time, climbing to the top rope, waiting for MVP to rise... flying clothesline! Kane nails MVP, and the crowd cheers as Kane cocks his hand high in the air, waiting for MVP to stumble into his grasp... but MVP turns and sees the hand just in time, diving to the mat and rolling under the bottom rope to escape the chokeslam.

MVP stumbles around on the outside, trying to clear the cobwebs, but Kane gives him no chance to recover, as he too rolls under the bottom rope and takes the fight to MVP, rocking him with a shot to the throat that backs MVP up against the barricade. A shot to the midsection doubles MVP over, and as he slowly lifts his head back up, Kane is ready to strike... with a big boot that sends MVP over the barricade into the crowd! The audience cheers as they get an close up look at the action, with Kane stepping over the barricade to hammer MVP with more shots to the throat. Desperate to put some distance between himself and ‘The Big Red Machine’, MVP stumbles through the audience, pushing people aside as he begins to make his way up the stairs! Being a few steps ahead of Kane allows MVP to turn and aim a kick to Kane’s chest, but this only stops Kane momentarily, as he continues to stalk MVP all the way up the staircase.

Eventually the two reach the arena concourse, with security doing their best to keep fans at bay. MVP is battered around the arena, his face drilled into walls, doors, even a plastic trash can, before Kane finally scoops MVP up... and slams him down on the concrete floor!

“1... 2... 3... 4... 5...6... 7...”

Somehow MVP makes it back to his feet, with Kane waiting to strike with another shot to the throat. The shot staggers MVP, sending him tumbling along the concourse, with MVP grabbing a fan (plant, obviously) and hurling him into Kane. Kane simply tosses the fan aside as a hot dog and a cup of Pepsi go flying. Putting a bit of distance between the two, MVP moves towards another plastic trash can, moving quickly to pick it up... only for Kane to kick it back in MVP’s face!

“1... 2... 3... 4... 5...6... 7...”

Again MVP makes it back up, crawling towards another stairs entrance and using the handrail to pull himself to his feet. MVP then begins to head back down the stairs, with Kane in hot pursuit, grabbing MVP from behind and hurling him gut first into the metal handrail that runs up the middle of the staircase. MVP flails down the last remaining few steps, and with both men now back on flat concrete, Kane continues to strike with those trademark thrusts to the throat. Kane then grabs a hold of MVP, running and launching him over the barricade back into the ringside area. Kane takes his time to step over the barricade, and this gives MVP a chance to attack, hitting a clothesline as Kane straddles the barricade, giving Kane a painful landing on the floor. Kane sits on the floor, his head against the barricade, and this is all the invitation MVP needs as he charges... and drills Kane with a kick to the skull! Kane’s head snaps back against the barricade with a sickening thud, with MVP demanding the referee count.

“1... 2... 3... 4... 5...6... 7... 8...”

Kane somehow makes it back up, but MVP is in control now, hammering Kane back down to the floor with a flurry of kicks to the midsection. MVP then walks over to the timekeeper’s desk, shoving Tony Chimel aside to grab a steel chair. Kane is shoved back into the ring, and MVP slides under the bottom rope, holding the chair high in the air, motioning for Kane to get back up. Kane reaches up for the top rope, pulling himself to his feet... only for MVP to drill him with the steel chair! A sickening, unprotected skull shot sees Kane slump back down to the mat. Feeling months of pent up aggression build, MVP looks down at Kane... and then unloads with multiple chair shots to the shoulder! Kane cries out in anger, each shot leader to louder cries of pain. The referee waits for MVP to finish before starting his count.

“1... 2... 3... 4...”

MVP stops the count by pushing the ref out of the way. No one can understand why, until MVP says “I’m not finished with him yet!”. Feeling he has Kane down for as long as he wants, MVP begins to taunt ‘The Big Red Machine’, arrogantly rubbing his boot in Kane’s face before turning to soak up the boos of the crowd. MVP’s confidence grows as he turns to come off the ropes, performing a few theatrics... and going for the ballin’ elbow... but Kane sits up! Before MVP can drop the elbow, Kane’s head rises from the mat... only for MVP to reach down and grab the chair... and drill Kane square in the face! Kane is down and out, and again the ref counts.

“1... 2... 3... 4... 5...”

MVP again breaks the count by diving down to the mat, hammering Kane on the forehead with a flurry of right hands. Cole asks what MVP is doing, but it all becomes clear, as MVP has his diamond studded necklace wrapped around his fist!! Repeatedly drilling Kane’s skull soon sees Kane busted open, with blood covering MVP’s fist, jewellery and jumpsuit. Cole calls the act “sickening”, but MVP continues to attack, drawing more blood, before finally relenting, allowing the referee to count.

“1... 2... 3... 4... 5...6... 7... 8...”

Kane sits up! The ref stops the count as Kane rises, leaving MVP with a stunned look on his face. MVP turns and reaches for the steel chair, swinging it at Kane... who punches it back in MVP’s face! The chair fires back, smacking MVP in the face, the force sending him rolling under the bottom rope to the outside. Kane, a crimson mess, steps through the ropes to the floor, grabbing MVP and smashing him face first off the announce desk. Kane then turns and grabs the steel steps that had previously been knocked loose, sliding them under the bottom rope into the ring! MVP is sent rolling in after them. The blood continues to flow from Kane’s forehead, but he presses on, positioning the steel steps in the middle of the ring. Kane soon pulls MVP to his feet, dragging him towards the steps. The crowd rises as Kane steps up the first step, pulling MVP with him, everyone knowing what’s coming next... chokeslam on the STEEL STEPS... NO!! Out of desperation, MVP kicks Kane in the balls, falling to the mat as Kane releases his grip. With Kane doubled over and still stood on the steps, MVP grabs the chair... and drills Kane across the spine! Kane cries in pain, standing up, allowing MVP to kick him in the midsection... and then hit the PLAYMAKER ON THE STEEL STEPS!! MVP crashes to the mat, but Kane hits nothing but cold, hard steel, prompting the referee to step in and count.

“1... 2... 3... 4... 5...6... 7...”

MVP drags himself to the ropes, pulling himself up to his feet, but the referee continues to count for Kane...


Kane sits up! The crowd erupts as somehow Kane drags his head off the steel...


But just as fast his head slumps back down again, the arena letting out a collective groan as MVP smiles at his fallen opponent...


Winner: Montel Vontavious Porter @ 14:06

With the bell rung, MVP slumps to the mat, exhausted after the effort it took to finally put Kane away. Sitting up, a sick smile cross MVP's face as he stares deep into the camera, before returning to his feet and looking down at the fallen Kane...

Michael Cole: I'm not gonna lie to you JBL, that was just downright disturbing to watch. MVP crossed a line tonight and he-

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Interrupting) MVP CROSSED A LINE?! What about Kane settin' MVP on fire? That was OK?

Michael Cole: That happened in the process of Kane trying to win a match. MVP had the last man standing match won on several occasions, but he keep breakin’ the count to punish Kane.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And that's because Kane deserved it! All the anguish, the agony, the emotional trauma MVP suffered from, it all came out tonight. MVP vowed revenge, and tonight he got it. If you want somebody to blame for this situation, blame Teddy Long! He put MVP and Kane in this situation, and now you're just mad 'cause MVP made Kane pay the price!

Michael Cole: And there you go again with the Teddy Long bashing. We gotta go to commercial to give everybody a chance to cool off.

One last shot of the smiling MVP as he backs up the aisle, while in the ring Kane is still down as we fade into commercial.


We return to the office of pissed looking Teddy Long, the Smackdown GM shat at his desk in mid-conversation on his desk phone...

Teddy Long: Uh huh... no listen playa, I've had enough of it... I want you to be here next Friday... listen playa, just make it happen and-

Suddenly the line goes dead, and we quickly see that a finger has pressed down on the button to end the call. Soon both the camera and Teddy Long tilt upwards, revealing that is was a furious looking Mr. Kennedy who ended Teddy's call prematurely. Dressed in dark jeans and a casual white shirt, Kennedy is clearly not dressed to compete tonight...

Teddy Long: Kennedy... whatcha' doin' playa? That was a very important phone call that you-

Mr. Kennedy: (Interrupting) Save it Teddy! I'm really not in the mood for any of your crap.

Teddy shrugs his shoulders in acceptance, rising to his feet to look Kennedy in the eye...

Teddy Long: A'ight playa. What are you in the mood for? What made you end my phone call like that? What do you want?

Kennedy smirks and shakes his head, loudly chewing a piece of gum as he chooses his words...

Mr. Kennedy: What do I... want? I want the man who embarrassed me last Sunday night at the Royal Rumble. I want the guy who pulled a cheap stunt to eliminate me from the Royal Rumble match. I... want... Ric Flair.

Wooooo's from the arena, which only serve to further irritate Kennedy...

Mr. Kennedy: I don't care if it's next Monday night on Raw. I don't care if it's next Friday night on Smackdown. But you get me Ric Flair in the ring, one on one, and you get it for me now.

A few pops from inside the arena at the prospect of a Flair/Kennedy match, but Long obviously doesn't share the crowd's enthusiasm as he barely moves...

Mr. Kennedy: C'mon Teddy. Pick up the phone, call whoever you gotta call. But you make it happen. You get me Ric Flair in the ring.

Teddy sighs before he smiles at Kennedy...

Teddy Long: Look playa. Lemme fill you in on a lil' somethin'. I'm the general manager of Smackdown. Ric Flair? He's got a contract with Monday Night Raw. I can't just pick up the phone and make a match like that, ya' dig?

Kennedy almost lets his frustration get the better of him, but he keeps control and presses on...

Mr. Kennedy: Alright, the pay-per-view. No Way Out. Get me Ric Flair one on one in the ring at the pay-per-view. C'mon Teddy, I know even you can make that happen.

This time it's Long who shakes his head, realising his message isn't getting through...

Teddy Long: Kennedy, listen playa. It just... can't... be done. I can't force a Raw Superstar into the ring with one of my Smackdown guys. I have no power to make a match like that, my jurisdiction don't cover those playas on Monday night, ya' dig?

Frustrated, Kennedy runs his hands through his hair and clasps them behind his head...

Mr. Kennedy: Alright... what would it take?

Teddy Long: Excuse me?

Mr. Kennedy: What would it take to make it happen? What, I gotta issue a challenge to 'im or somethin'? I gotta get Flair to wanna face me, not just 'cos you or anybody says so? Then I get my hands on Flair?

Teddy reluctantly nods in agreement...

Teddy Long: Well... yeah. If you can issue Ric Flair with some kinda challenge, and he accepts... then yeah, I could make it happen then.

Suddenly Kennedy has a glint in his eye, as if the light bulb has gone off above his head...

Mr. Kennedy: No Way Out. When you're finding a way to screw up yet another pay-per-view, you save a spot on that card for me and Ric Flair. You understand me?

Teddy Long: Oh I hear ya' playa. But uh... what if Ric says no?

A sinister smile crosses Kennedy's face...

Mr. Kennedy: Oh don't worry... he'll say yes. He'll say... yes.

And with that Kennedy walks out of the frame and out of the room to boos from the crowd, leaving behind a worried looking Teddy Long, with the Smackdown general manager clearly troubled by Kennedy's demeanour as we fade into a video...

*Video Package*


APRIL 2nd, 2000

The first ever 'triangle tag team ladder match' pits Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz against the champion Dudley Boyz for the WWF Tag Team Championships. Pushing their bodies to the limits and taking tag team wrestling to new heights in the process, all six men put their careers on the line in several death-defying high spots, including a mid-air spear from Edge to Jeff Hardy, Bubba Ray Dudley powerbombing Matt Hardy through a table and then an outrageous swanton bomb from Jeff that drove Bubba Ray through a table. Ultimately though it was to be Edge and Christian who emerge victorious, but this legendary feud would continue, leading to the first ever 'Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match' at that summers Summerslam.


*End Video Package*

We quickly cut to the smiling Josh Matthews who is standing by ready for an interview...

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time... he is the World Heavyweight Champion... 'The Animal'... Batista!

Great pop as Batista enters the shot, with the champion smilling and nodding a hello at Matthews. Dressed in his tights, 'The Animal' is ready to compete, but underneath the t-shirt he wears can still be seen the taped left shoulder, obviously still hurting after the damage Finlay has done to it in recent weeks...

Josh Matthews: Batista, last Sunday night you successfully defended your World Heavyweight Championship against Finlay, but the ending of the match was certainly mired in controversy after you struck Finlay with the shillelagh.

Not impressed by Matthews question (statement?) Batista shakes his head briefly before he takes the mic...

Batista: Look Josh, for weeks Finlay smacked that shillelagh off my shoulder. I could barely lift my left arm above my head. I had to have my left shoulder taped up before every match. But I never made any excuses. I just went out there night after night and kicked some ass!

Pop from the crowd...

Batista: At the Royal Rumble... yeah I used that shillelagh. I used before Finlay had a chance to use on me. But if Finlay wants to use that an excuse as to why he lost, that's fine with me. 'Cos I got no problem whatsoever in beating him one more time tonight... and I won't need a damn shillelagh to get the job done!

Another pop as Batista turns back towards Josh...

Josh Matthews: Well Batista, with that in mind, tonight you team with Chris Benoit to face Finlay and Test. If Finlay and Test win tonight, would that put Finlay back in the frame for a rematch with you? Or do you think a new challenger will emerge before No Way Out?

Batista pauses, rubbing his chin as he ponders his response...

Batista: Honestly? I don't care who Teddy Long chooses to face me at No Way Out. If it's a rematch with Finlay, then I'll be ready to beat him again. I don't care if it's The Undertaker, MVP, hell, if Chris Benoit wants to stab me in the back tonight and take a shot, I'm all for it. Anybody who wants to step up and challenge me, I'm ready for 'em. I might be hurtin' right now, but I'm ready for a fight from anybody who wants to bring it! You shouldn't be askin' me who I want to face Josh. You should be out there askin' who has the guts to step into the ring with me.

Having made his point, 'The Animal' turns and leaves to a solid pop from the crowd, leaving Matthews in awe at the intensity of the champion.

We now cut back into the arena for...


A decent amount of heat welcomes La Resistance to the arena, as Rene Dupree, Sylvain Grenier and Maryse make their way down the aisle. Unlike their previous teams, there is no waving of Quebec flags here, instead both men wear long, white, sleeveless trench coats, with purple tights and boots on. In the middle of the trio Maryse also wears a sleeveless trench coat, with her version being black. Sunglasses adorn the face of both Grenier and Dupree, who look and act like models...

Michael Cole: For the last month or so, Maryse made advances towards the WWE Tag Team Champions, Brian Kendrick and Paul London, about possibly representing the pair and providing to them, well... certain services I guess you could say.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And those two idiots turned her down. What the hell were they thinkin'?

Michael Cole: Well The Hooligans have been champions for over eight months now with Ashley by their side. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

John Bradshaw Layfield: If it ain't broke, make it better. Maryse coulda taken London and Kendrick to a higher level, to put them on the map, but like the virgins they are they couldn't handle a real woman. And now Maryse has found herself a real tag team in La Resistance. Maryse is gonna lead these guys to the gold one of these days, mark my words Michael.

In the ring Maryse demands and receives a microphone, ready to address the crowd...

Maryse: Excusez-moi!

The simply statement draws heat, to which Maryse simply smirks...

Maryse: Ah, you ignorant Americans. You know, zey say that everything is bigger in Texas. Looking at how you fat you people are, I guess zey are right.

Cheap heat...

Maryse: You people disgust me! All ze men in this arena, you look at your wife or girlfriend... and zen you look at me. And you all know... zat I am a real woman. Now like zat trashy whore Ashley.

More heat...

Maryse: And I want you all to look in ze ring... and see what real men are supposed to look like. Ze greatest tag team of the ze millennium. Zey are handsome... but zey are tough. Zey are what tag team champions are supposed to look like. Zey-

Maryse is interrupted as a "USA! USA! USA!” chant breaks out, causing Maryse to lose her temper...

Maryse: Tais-toi! Chacun d'entre vous taisez-vous!

The chant continues, dying down a little, forcing Maryse to speak over the top of the crowd...

Maryse: You can shout all you want. Zat doesn't change ze fact that my team... La Resistance... will zoon be ze WWE Tag Team Champions! Hooligans, you and zat slut that comes with you... your time... is up. And we-


For the second time Maryse is interrupted, as this time The Extremists emerge, with the crowd giving a great cheer to Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and The Sandman, who chugs a beer with one hand while his kendo stick is in the other...

Michael Cole: Well thank God that's over! I was getting pretty sick and tired of hearing Maryse speak.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Why are you so ignorant of other cultures Cole? You had it in for the Irish last week, and now it's the French-Canadians. Why are you so xenophobic?

Michael Cole: Oh my God. Let's go to commercial, please.


Match 2:
La Resistance
w/Maryse vs. The Extremists (Sabu and Tommy Dreamer) w/ The Sandman

As Sabu steps into the ring to start the match, Dupree turns to Grenier for one last check of his look, with his partner enthusiastically pointing out that Dupree looks good and is ready to go. An aggressive tie up sees Dupree wrench Sabu into a side headlock, but Sabu quickly breaks the hold by forcing Dupree off the ropes... only for Dupree to bowl Sabu over with a shoulderblock. Instead of taking advantage of this, Dupree arrogantly poses, and this allows Sabu to sneak up behind, snapping Dupree’s head back with a string of right hands before going for an Irish whip to the corner... Dupree reverses, but Sabu jumps to the middle rope... and catches the onrushing Dupree with a springboard back elbow! Both men are quickly back up, with Sabu connecting on a pair of armdrags that sends Dupree scurrying to his corner to tag Grenier.

Grenier takes his time as he enters, leading to another tie up, this time with Sabu wrenching into the headlock. A handful of hair allows Grenier to back Sabu into the ropes, and he shoves Sabu off the opposite ropes. Grenier looks to catch Sabu with a clothesline as he rushes towards him, only for Sabu to duck and keep running, but as Sabu comes off the ropes Dupree lowbridges the top rope, seeing Sabu fly over the top and crash to the floor. Grenier then turns and picks a fight with Dreamer, drawing the veteran into the ring but also drawing the attention of the referee. This allows Dupree to do damage on the outside, slamming Sabu hard to the padded floor and then driving him spine first into the side of the ring, before rolling Sabu under the bottom rope, just in time before The Sandman can get over there.

Dupree and Grenier now go to work on Sabu, making plenty of tags and working well together to punish Sabu, with Dupree connecting on a double underhook backbreaker and Grenier hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. Several occasions sees Sabu try to crawl towards his corner, only for him to be dragged back towards the La Resistance corner for more punishment and several near falls. Dupree is in the ring, and he takes Sabu up and down with a hard vertical suplex. Dupree instantly returns to his feet, posing again, much to the delight of Maryse. Dupree then turns and points at Dreamer, shouting “One more!” as he drags Sabu to his feet by the hair. Indeed Dupree does take Sabu up into the air, but instead of finishing the vertical suplex, Sabu shifts his weight, bringing Dupree down with a tornado-DDT! Both men are down and crawling towards their corner, with Dupree tagging Grenier... but here comes Tommy Dreamer!

Dreamer bounds into the ring to flatten Dupree with a string of clothesline, finishing off the flurry by ducking a right hand to connect with an inverted-DDT. Grenier is back on his feet, but a falling neckbreaker soon puts him down for a 2 count. Sabu is back on his feet, and soon all four men trade shots in opposite corners. Sabu and Dreamer are in control, and when Sabu rattles a big right that stuns Dupree, Dreamer drops to his knees in the opposite corner, prompting Sabu to attack... Air Sabu to Grenier! Grenier drops to the mat and then under the bottom rope, while in the ring Dreamer and Sabu work on Dupree, with Sabu and Dreamer going for a double Irish whip... kick to the gut from Dreamer, which allows Sabu to charge off the ropes... only for Grenier to grab Sabu’s foot, pulling him under the bottom rope to brawl on the outside. Dreamer stays in control in the ring though, and with Dupree swinging and missing with a right hand, Dreamer scoops him up on his shoulders... Dreamer Driver!! Dreamer plants Dupree and hooks the leg... but there’s no count! Incensed, Dreamer looks to see what’s wrong... and realises that Maryse is on the apron distracting the referee!

While this is going on, we see a brief shot of Grenier pushing Sabu spine first into the ring post, causing Sabu to slump to the floor in agony. All attention is on Maryse though, but soon the crowd cheers as The Sandman grabs her by the skirt and yanks her to the floor. Maryse suddenly is engulfed in fear as Sandman has his kendo stick in hand, threatening to strike... only for him to be blindsided by Grenier! The ref, still dealing with Maryse orders her to a neutral corner. With Dreamer now back on his feet, he looks to put the commotion behind him and comes off the ropes... only to be nailed BY THE KENDO STICK!! Grenier picked it up after he hammered Sandman, then used it on Dreamer, the ref seeing nothing. Dreamer staggers into the middle of the ring, where Dupree has recovered and is waiting... to hit a cobra clutch slam! 1... 2... 3.

Winners: La Resistance @ 07:12

On the outside Maryse smiles having handed her team an assist in their victory. In the ring, Dupree and Grenier stand over the fallen Tommy Dreamer, with Maryse quickly in to join them. Sandman and Sabu both try to regroup and pull themselves into the ring, but the boots quickly fall upon them from Dupree and Grenier, sending them back to the floor. Eager for her team to impress, Maryse starts shouting orders, telling Grenier and Dupree to further punish Dreamer...

Michael Cole: Aw c'mon now, there's no need for this. La Resistance won the match, there's no need to add to the punishment Tommy Dreamer just suffered.

John Bradshaw Layfield: There's every need Michael! La Resistance wanna send out a message to London and Kendrick, they wanna prove what they did to the champs last week wasn't a fluke.

Slowly Dupree drags Dreamer up, holding 'The Innovator of Violence' in position... for Maryse to slap Dreamer across the face! The trio laugh as Grenier readies himself to attack... but suddenly the boos intensify as William Regal and Dave Taylor jog down to the ring. The crowd, the commentators, even La Resistance wonder why The Bluebloods are in the ring... but all soon becomes clear as Regal and Taylor offer to take hold of Dreamer... so Regal can drop Dreamer with the Regal Cutter! The crowd shits all the four-on-one assault as Dupree and Grenier soon join Taylor and Regal in laying in with the boots. Valiantly Sandman and Sabu crawl back into the ring to help their fallen partner, but they too suffer from a flurry of boots... but the crowd soon erupts, as racing down to the ring comes Paul London, Brian Kendrick and Ashley!

Seeing the champs race down to the ring, Dupree and Grenier turn their attentions to them, but London and Kendrick quickly hammer with rights and lefts, before a double clothesline sends both Grenier and Dupree flying over the top rope to the floor! Soon London and Kendrick follow them outside, and all four start brawling up the aisle, with even Ashley and Maryse scrapping with each other, pulling hair and brawling on the floor! All six continue their fight all the way up the aisle, with Dupree and Grenier trying to distance themselves, making for the safety of the backstage area as fast as they can.

In the ring, Regal and Taylor now turn their attentions to Sabu, while near the ring they don't see Sandman struggle back to his feet... and regaining control of his kendo stick! The crowd explodes as Sandman slides into the ring, trusty weapon in hand... and he cracks it across Taylor's spine! Regal hears the crack of cane against flesh, and he too turns... to be hammered across the skull! The crowd again cheers as Sandman cleans house, but those cheers soon turn to gasps as through the crowd sprints a man dressed in dark jeans, a black leather jacket and a black beanie hat...

Michael Cole: What the... that's... that's Paul Burchill!

John Bradshaw Layfield: What the hell is he doin' here?

Burchill slides into the ring, behind Sandman who's too busy waiting for Regal and Taylor to get back up so he can dish out more punishment. Not realising Burchill is behind him, Sandman is helpless as Burchill attacks... dropping Sandman with a jumping neckbreaker! Burchill lets out a roar as he gets back to his feet, with the crowd hammering him with boos. Unrelenting, Burchill doesn't care as he reaches down to grab Sabu, lifting his head off the mat... and then drilling him with the curb stomp! The heat only intensifies, but still Burchill presses on, scooping up the kendo stick and then grabbing hold of Tommy Dreamer, holding the stick across Dreamer's throat, choking the life out of him! By now Regal and Taylor are back on their feet, and the camera is close enough to hear Dreamer cough and gasp for air, but to also hear Regal scream "I bloody told you we'd be ready!"...

Michael Cole: Paul Burchill has returned, and he's aligned himself with Regal and Taylor!

John Bradshaw Layfield: The student has returned! Paul Burchill learned from one of the best in William Regal, and now he's back on Smackdown, The Bluebloods are lookin' stronger than ever!

The crowd is still incensed, raining down with boos as Regal, Taylor and Burchill stand tall in the ring, looking down on the mat are the three hardcore legends laid out on the mat as we fade into commercial.


When we return, Kristal Marshall is standing by...

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time... Matt Hardy!

A solid pop as Matt Hardy enters the shot, a sombre, worried expression on his face. Dressed in dark jeans and a white vest, Hardy isn’t dressed to compete tonight...

Kristal Marshall: And Matt, last Sunday night we all saw you deliver a great performance in the Royal Rumble match, a performance that we watched in disbelief after what happened earlier in the evening to your brother Jeff. Matt, how hard was it for you to compete in the Royal Rumble match after seeing your brother leave the arena on a stretcher?

Matt bites down on his lip, holding back the anger inside of him, composing himself before answering...

Matt Hardy: I uh... I gotta admit, it was pretty hard. Jeff’s my little brother, I hated to see him in pain like that. But I knew the Royal Rumble was a huge night in my career. I went out there and gave it my all. I didn’t get there, but last night was a big step forward for me.

An appreciative pop can be heard from inside the arena...

Matt Hardy: Hopefully, from now on, you’ll be seein’ a new Matt Hardy. I’m lookin’ to step my game up, I’m lookin’ to take the next step. Not just for me... but for my brother Jeff.

Solid pop...

Kristal Marshall: Well Matt, I know this will probably be painful for you to answer, but I have to ask you... how is your brother Jeff? What is his status right now?

Matt runs a hand through his hair, his distress clear for all to see...

Matt Hardy: Jeff spent Sunday night in the hospital In San Antonio. They suffered a serious concussion when he got hit with the con-chair-to from Kenny Dykstra, and they think Jeff competing at the Royal Rumble only made it worse. Jeff... I dunno, he wouldn’t tell me if he was hurt. I kept askin’ him if he was ok, but I knew the answer. Honestly, I don’t even know if he was medically cleared to compete last Sunday.

A brief smile now crosses Matt’s face, suggesting he has better news to share...

Matt Hardy: But thankfully he’s home now in Cameron, North Carolina. He’s got his family around him now, he’s got his girlfriend there... we’re all tryin’ to rally around him to get him better.

Once again Kristal pulls the mic back towards herself...

Kristal Marshall: Matt, last Monday night on Raw Jonathan Coachman announces that in 3 days time at Raw: Night Of Champions, Jeff’s rematch clause would be used, regardless of whether Jeff competed in a match with Kenny Dykstra or not. Jeff, after what you just told us... there’s gotta no way Jeff can compete this upcoming Monday night... can there?

Matt pauses for a few seconds, a hint of a smile on his face...

Matt Hardy: Well... never say never, huh? Medically, Jeff shouldn’t compete this Monday night. But if he wants to take part In that match, I sure as hell can’t stop him. So let me just say this Kristal... this Monday night, live on Raw: Night Of Champions, there will be an Intercontinental Championship match.

Pop from the crowd...

Matt Hardy: And it will be Dykstra... versus Hardy.

With a smile, Matt turns and leaves, leaving a bewildered Kristal behind, who no doubt is wondering the same this we all are... which Hardy will compete this Monday night?

*Video Package*

We fade into a dimly lit gym, which has clearly seen better days. Smashed windows, a dusty ring, wooden bleachers, it appears to be a high school gym...

Narrator: For years he has carved a reputation as one of the very best...

We now see a slender built man aiming a series of stiff kicks at an unknown opponent, and in-between brief flashes of light we see this man is wearing maroon coloured tights...

Narrator: He has travelled the world, winning countless championships...

We now see this man engaging in a submission move with his unknown opponent, namely the cattle mutilation...

Narrator: But now...

We see our man now dressed in street clothes, leaving the shoddy gym, a blinding white light flooding the screen as he swings open the double doors...

Narrator: He brings his skill, talent and recognition...

The white light fades, and now we see the man back in his ring gear, stood in a WWE ring in an empty arena...

Narrator: To the WWE!

The camera revolves around the man, who stares into the rafters of the arena...

???: My name, is Bryan Danielson...

The camera now comes to a stop, with the man staring straight at it, a determined look in his eyes...

???: And Smackdown better be ready... for me!

The camera lingers for a few seconds before we fade to black and then the following graphic appears...


*End Video Package*

Back into the arena for...


A good amount of heat greets Chavo Guerrero as he arrogantly saunters down to the ring, his aunt Vickie Guerrero applauding as he makes his way down the aisle...

Michael Cole: Well folks, we're all excited by the imminent arrival of Bryan Danielson to Friday Night Smackdown. But right now, here comes the man who emphatically announced his return to the Cruiserweight division last week.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Chavo Guerrero took on three other cruiserweights last week, and he beat 'em all. Chavo is back in the Cruiserweight Title hunt, but until he steps in the ring with Gregory Helms, he's still gonna be in second place as far as I'm concerned.


A nice pop for the ever fan-friendly Shannon Moore, as the punk slaps plenty of hands as he makes his way down the aisle...

Michael Cole: Well what about Shannon Moore? Moore holds a victory over Gregory Helms, he picked it up about three weeks ago, and then came very close to becoming the new Cruiserweight Champion the following week.

John Bradshaw Layfield: That first week was just a fluke as far as I'm concerned. The following week, with the title on the line, Gregory Helms proved why he's the best Cruiserweight in the world. Forget Shannon Moore, his chance came and went a few weeks ago.

Match 3:
Chavo Guerrero
w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Shannon Moore

Straight from the first collar-and-elbow tie up, Chavo is the aggressor, snapping kicks to the midsection and forearms to the back that drop Moore to a knee, before Chavo rams him face first into the top turnbuckle. A scoop slam is followed by a stiff kick to the small of the back, and Chavo continues on the attack with a bridging Northern lights suplex for an early 2 count. Chavo continues to land stiff kicks and forearms to the back, but when he goes for an Irish whip, Moore reverses, avoiding Chavo as he runs the ropes with a leapfrog to connect on a spinning heel kick. Now the pace of the match picks up as both men are quickly back up, only for Moore to hit a pair of armdrags, finishing off the sequence with a dropkick that knocks Chavo under the bottom rope to the floor.

The crowd responds as Moore gets fired up in the ring, while on the outside Chavo is tended to by his Aunt Vickie. Wanting to keep the momentum high, Shannon charges off the opposite ropes, flying over the top rope to the floor to take out Chavo, with Vickie quickly scurrying away to safety. Again the crowd responds positively, with Moore taking the fight to Chavo with a flurry of rights and lefts to the back as both men struggling back to their feet. Chavo is tossed back into the ring, with Shannon leaping up onto the apron and then returning to the ring with a springboard crossbody, gaining Moore a 2 count.

The fast paced action continues with both men struggling to gain control, as Chavo snaps off a rolling wheel kick only for Moore to fire back with a dropkick. Moore looks to runs the ropes, but Chavo fires back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, ending Moore’s momentum and giving Chavo a measure of control. Now looking to target the back, Chavo draws huge heat from the crowd as he snaps off not one... not two... but three rolling vertical suplexes, with Vickie oddly enough being the only one who applauds Chavo’s use of the three amigos. With Moore down, Chavo begins to taunt and throw some trash talk at the crowd, shouting “I’m the best the world!” at the top of his lungs before climbing to the top rope. There, Chavo steadies himself, holding his arms out to soak up a few more boos before flying through the air... frog splash... NO! Guerrero takes too long, allowing Moore the chance to spring to his feet, jump to the second rope and snap a right hand to Chavo’s face, causing Chavo to drop and crotch himself on the top turnbuckle. Still stood on the second rope, Moore hammers Chavo with right hands, before he jumps up, wrapping both legs around Chavo’s head... FRANKENSTEINER!! The crowd erupts as both men fly through the air, crashing to the mat below. The referee checks on both men before starting his 10 count, but soon a commotion is heard from the crowd. The reason for this soon becomes apparent, as a figure has entered the ring, bowling over the referee mid-count... it’s Gregory Helms! Helms has stormed the ring, title belt in hand, waiting for Chavo and Moore to rise. Chavo is back up first... he gets hammered by the title belt! Moore is soon back up also... and he too takes a title shot to the skull!! Both participants in the match are down, and the referee has recovered sufficiently to call for the bell, the match an obvious no contest.

Winner: No Contest @ 06:12

Ungodly heat as Helms ruins what was shaping up to be a dramatic finish to a solid match. In the ring, Helms clearly doesn't care though as he stands tall, holding his title high in the air which only draws more heat. Chavo and Moore are both lifeless on the mat, and we fade into commercial with the sight of the still dominant Cruiserweight Champion, having laid out two potential challengers to his crown.


When we return, we see Montel Vontavious Porter in the dressing room, already changed back into his street clothes. MVP stands over a bench, his bag placed on it. Quickly he tosses his ring gear into the bag, not worrying about neat packing. The jumpsuit is thrown in, as are his boots, but when MVP picks up the necklace he was wearing early tonight... he stops. The same necklace that MVP used to bloody Kane, stained red by dried-in blood. MVP stares at the necklace, smiling at the thought of his actions earlier tonight. Feeling his work for the night is done, MVP clenches the necklace tight in his hand before he finally places it in the ring, scooping the bag up onto his shoulder before he heads for the exit. In the corridor, MVP barely makes a move before Josh Matthews chases him down...

Josh Matthews: Uh... MVP? Can we have a moment of your time please?

Not really wanting to, MVP stops and nods...

Josh Matthews: MVP, after your victory over Kane tonight, in such dominant fashion, can we assume that your issues with Kane are now in the past?

Settling in for the interview, MVP drops his bag to the floor...

Montel Vontavious Porter: You can do more than assume that Josh. You can take it to the bank. Kane is nothin' more than some punk I left a bloody mess in the middle of the ring. Kane is nothin' compared to me, and I proved that tonight. I got nothin' more to say about Kane. I'm outta here.

MVP bends down to pick up his bag, but Matthews persists...

Josh Matthews: Well MVP, seeing as you feel you have nothing left to prove with regards to Kane, what's next for you?

A look of sheer disgust crosses MVP's face...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Look man, I ain't here to mess around. Now that I'm back on Smackdown, lightin' up Friday nights, I'm here for one thing, and one thing only... to win championships. I got the money, I got the fame... but now I want the glory. I finally settled things with Kane, and now I want to get my hands on some gold.

This time MVP does bend down and pick up his back, but instead of leaving he stares at Matthews before speaking...

Montel Vontavious Porter: So you do me a lil' favour Josh. You tell Teddy Long and Batista, that if they lookin' for somebody to step up and challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship... then I'm the guy they should be lookin' at.

Once more MVP turns to leave, only to have Matthews in his ear...

Josh Matthews: Wait, MVP are you sayin' that you're-

Having heard enough, MVP stops and snaps at Josh...

Montel Vontavious Porter: No more questions tonight man. You understand me? I'll have a few words for y'all next week. But right now, I'm outta here.

MVP takes one last intimidating stare at Josh before he departs the shot, leaving Josh standing, frustrated at the lack of answers he got as we fade into a pre-filmed segment...

We return to the same dimly-lit room from previous weeks. The camera focuses from behind a televison set, with Big Vito sat on a wooden stool, still tied to the stool, unable to move, forced to watch the TV. The light shining from the screen illuminates the dark room, although instead of squinting, Vito stares at the screen, almost in a trance. As we enter the room, the last few notes of "My Way" by Sid Vicious can be heard playing out, and with the music stopping so does the light from the screen, the movie Vito was watching obviously having come to an end. Trinity then steps forward to switch the TV off, seeing Vito snap back to reality and slump down into the stool...

???: Now Vito... now do you 'ah' understand what is 'ah' expected of you?

The camera now turns to the old oak desk, the mysterious 'Godfather' figure sat on the big leather desk behind it. Still unable to see out Don's face, there is just enough light in the room to illuminate Nunzio and Tony Mamaluke, both men flanking either side of 'The Godfather'...

Big Vito: I understand. You want me to plan robberies and go home and get my shinebox.

???: No Vito. We want 'ah' you to 'ah' help us. We want 'ah' you to restore 'ah' de pride for our peoples. We want 'ah' you to be the muscles of the Full Bloody Italianos!

Vito nods his head slowly, still in that trance like mood...

Big Vito: Yes. I understand.

???: Ah Vito... is 'ah' good that you 'ah' understand. And tell me Vito... what do you 'ah' think about 'ah' de dress now?

Slowly Vito shakes his head...

Big Vito: I'll never wear a dress again!

???: Si Vito! Now everything is 'ah' in place. Next week, we arrive on the Friday Night Smackdown. And I will make every Smackdown 'ah' Superstar an offer they cannot 'ah' refuse.

Evil laughter rings out from the 'Don' and his cronies, while the apparently brainwashed Vito merely stares straight ahead, his expression not changing as we fade into black.

We now cut to the unusual sight of the legendary Arn Anderson standing backstage, talking to some random worker. The appearance of 'Double A' draws a big, respectful pop from the crowd, but Arn is oblivious to this as he and the random worker look down at a clipboard, with Arn pointing and gesturing and offering some nondescript pointers. Soon though both Anderson and the worker feel a presence upon them, and this is confirmed as both they and the camera pan to reveal Mr. Kennedy has approached them both...

Arn Anderson: Can I help you son?

Blanking Arn, Kennedy stares furiously at the backstage worker...

Mr. Kennedy: Get outta here.

Concerned, the worker turns to Anderson for advice, not daring to move, while 'Double A' stares intently at Kennedy...

Mr. Kennedy: I said... get outta here.

Again the worker turns to Arn, this time the legend nods...

Arn Anderson: It's alright. Get on outta here kid. We'll talk later.

Reluctantly the worker leaves the area, leaving Kennedy and Anderson alone...

Arn Anderson: Kennedy, to what do I owe the pleasure?

Kennedy smirks...

Mr. Kennedy: Ah, Arn Anderson. Another so called 'legend' hangin' around backstage, reminiscing about 'the good ol' days'. I bet you and guys like Ricky Steamboat spend your days just sittin' back here, talkin' about how you went 60 minutes every night of the year! God! Those were the days, huh Arn?

Not impressed, Anderson scratches his head...

Mr. Kennedy: Oh wait, I almost forgot. Arn... you used to be a Horseman didn't ya'? Wow, I bet you've got a ton of stories to tell from those days. Ric Flair... he was a Horseman, right? I mean you two, you and Flair... you guys gotta be pretty tight, am I right?

Anderson offers a brief laugh before turning more serious...

Arn Anderson: Look, cut the crap kid. What do you want Kennedy?

Kennedy laughs and obnoxiously chews a piece of gum, taking his time to speak...

Mr. Kennedy: What do I want? I want you to deliver Ric Flair a little message... from me. You tell Ric Flair, that since Teddy Long can’t organise a match for me against Ric at No Way Out... that I am challenging Flair to a match at No Way Out. Man to man. Mano a mano. I don't care how you wanna do it. Give him a call. Drop into the next room in the old folk’s home. Send him an email.

Kennedy stops, thinking to himself...

Mr. Kennedy: Wait, send an email? Do you even know how to turn a computer on Arn?

Arrogantly Kennedy smiles...

Arn Anderson: Enough of that crap son. Why don't you show a lil' respect to the guys who-

Mr. Kennedy: (Interrupting) Blah, blah, blah! Show respect to the guys who paved the way, right? Save it. Ric Flair didn't show me any respect when he eliminated me from the Royal Rumble. If Ric Flair had any respect for this business, he'd have followed you into retirement a long, long time ago.

Kennedy smirks as he sees the rage building inside of Anderson...

Mr. Kennedy: Make sure Flair gets the message. I want him in the ring at No Way Out. And make sure he shows up... or else it's gonna be more than respect you're gonna have to worry about.

Both men stare intently at each other, neither man giving an inch, neither wanting to be the first to blink... until Kennedy smirks again, chewing his gum loudly as he turns and leaves, Anderson watching him go, a furious look on his face as we fade into a video...

*Video Package*

We open to a pitch black, with the faint sound of a revving motor engine slowly but surely getting louder...

Narrator: The road may be long...

Slowly on the horizon we see a red convertible driving over a hill, heading towards a sunset which lights the screen...

Narrator: The journey may be treacherous...

The revs of the engine increase and get louder, with the camera closing in on shots of the side of the car...

Narrator: But you'll love every second of it!

We now skim along the rear of the car, the sun glistening on the chrome duel exhaust...

Narrator: So strap yourself in...

The car now speeds past a road sign that reads "8 MILE ROAD"...

Narrator: And get ready!

From behind we see an image of the Detroit skyline, with our car heading down a straight road towards it...

Narrator: 20 years on, Wrestlemania returns to Detroit, Michigan!

More fast paced shots of the car racing through the streets of Detroit...

Narrator: And it's going to be...

The car suddenly crashes into the screen, with the grill of the car having the official Wrestlemania 23 logo and tagline printed on it...

Narrator: The ride of your life!


*End Video Package*

When we return from the video, Joey Mercury is already in the ring, his music slowly fading out. Mercury anxiously paces in the ring, awaiting his opponent. A few moments silence...

And a few more...





Smoke quickly bellows out as the crowd gives an incredible reception for The Undertaker. In the ring, Mercury has his head in his hands, while 'The Deadman' slowly makes his way towards the ring...

Michael Cole: After a vintage performance in the Royal Rumble, 'The Deadman' is back on Smackdown, looking to claim another victim. It's The Undertaker and Joey Mercury, one on one, when we return to Friday Night Smackdown!


Match 4:
Joey Mercury
vs. The Undertaker

We return just in time to hear the bell ring, with ‘Taker looking to go on the attack early, stalking towards Mercury. Joey however wants to try delay the inevitable, sliding under the bottom ropes to the outside. Not wanting to waste any time, Undertaker follows Mercury to the floor, with Mercury backing away as he does. A quick chase ensues, with Mercury eventually sliding back under the bottom rope. Again ‘Taker follows, and this allows Mercury to hammer down with forearms to the back. They have little effect though, as Undertaker continues to fight back to his feet, prompting Mercury to charge off the opposite ropes... right into a big boot to the face! Stunned, Mercury backs off to the corner, but Undertaker follows him in, grabbing Mercury by the wrist to drag him back to his feet before winding on the arm and driving his shoulder into the arm. The anticipation of the crowd builds as they all know what’s coming next, with ‘Taker climbing to the top rope, walking along the rope and then dropping down with old school, gaining Taker an early 2 count.

Reeling, Mercury once again crawls for the safety of the corner, but there’s no let up as ‘The Deadman’ stays on the attack, hitting a rapid flurry of rights and lefts to the midsection, before a massive uppercut sends Mercury up and down to the mat, much to the delight of the crowd. Mercury is again dragged to his feet, this time to be sent across the ring with a hard Irish whip. A burst of speed sees ‘Taker charge across the ring, but as he looks to drill Mercury with a boot to the face, Mercury dives for safety, hanging Undertaker up on the top rope. Slowly ‘Taker removes himself from the corner, but he clearly favours the knee that struck the turnbuckle, and Mercury is quick to take advantage of this, catching a staggering ‘Deadman’ from behind with a chop block.

Mercury now looks to gain a measure of control, first by stomping down on the knee and then dropping elbows and legdrops across it. Mercury then drops down to the mat, driving his own knee into ‘Taker’s, before wrenching the leg into a kneebar, hyperextending the knee. Mercury has the hold locked in tight, but as the cheers of the crowd rise, Undertaker claws to break free, but unable to reach the ropes or force Mercury to break the hold with his hands, ‘The Deadman’ resorts to using his free leg, smashing it into Mercury’s face, with JBL quick to remind us all of the extensive plastic surgery Mercury’s face has previously been subjected to.

With Mercury releasing the hold, both men struggle back to their feet, but it’s ‘Taker who’s first to the punch, catching Mercury with big rights to the face. Mercury quickly fires back with a kick to the knee, before he turns and charges off the ropes... but runs right into the mits of Undertaker, who grabs Mercury by the throat... but before he can go for the chokeslam, Mercury desperately aims a kick to the knee... and then stuns the crowd with a perfect enziguri! The crowd gasps as ‘Taker slumps to the mat, and now Mercury quickly dives into the cover, hooking the leg... 1... 2... no! Undertaker kicks out, leaving Mercury frustrated after being seconds away from the biggest win of his career.

Shaking off the cobwebs, Mercury rises to his feet first, throwing out kicks as ‘Taker tries to return to a vertical base. Right hands back Undertaker to the ropes, where Mercury goes for an Irish whip... Mercury swings with a clothesline, but Undertaker ducks... and he snatches Mercury by the throat... chokeslam! Undertaker plants Mercury with a chokeslam, dropping down to place both hands across Mercury’s chest for the elementary 1... 2... 3!

Winner: The Undertaker @ 06.04

Despite a great effort from Mercury, 'The Deadman' emerges victorious. Standing up from off the mat, 'Taker draws a thumb across his throat, gaining yet another solid pop from the crowd...

Michael Cole: The Undertaker is rollin' on his way to Wrestlemania! 'The Deadman' looks as good as I've ever seen him. If there's anybody who deserves a shot at Batista at No Way Out, it's that man right there.

John Bradshaw Layfield: No wait a minute Cole. Before you start runnin' your mouth about 'The Deadman', we saw a dominant display from MVP earlier tonight. How about we give him a chance? A guy who's never had an opportunity before. Let's see what he can do in that kinda environment.

Michael Cole: I understand that, but you can't argue with how good The Undertaker looks right now.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I can argue that point all night long! What you don't realise is that-


JBL stops in his tracks as King Booker steps out from the back, Queen Sharmell by his side as always. Booker doesn't dare go down to the ring though, instead he has a mic in hand and addresses 'Taker from the top of the aisle...

King Booker: Bravo Undertaker! Bravo!

Sharmell breaks out with a totally over-the-top round of applause...

King Booker: Congratulations on your victory over Joseph Mercury. Bravo.

Another round of over-the-top applause from Sharmell...

King Booker: But unlike yourself and Joseph Mercury... myself and you... we have unfinished business to attend to 'Deadman'. For you see, you have continued to embarrass me Undertaker. You continue to besmirch me, week after week. And you eliminating me from the Royal Rumble last Sunday night... that was the last straw.

A few cheers from the crowd, which Booker ignores...

King Booker: My royal subjects grow weary of your antics 'Deadman'. They grow weary of seeing their majestic leader treated in such fashion. As ruler of the Smackdown kingdom, I-

"Un - der - ta - ker!!" *clap clap clap-clap-clap* "Un - der - ta - ker!!" *clap clap clap-clap-clap*

King Booker: Why don't y'all shut the hell up suckas!!

Boos from the crowd, while Booker tries to compose himself as Sharmell dabs away fake beads of sweat from his forehead...

King Booker: As ruler of the Smackdown kingdom, and as your King, I deserve better from you Undertaker. And since you refuse to step in line with these peasants... you must be humbled. Undertaker... I demand of you... a match. A match for which I may gain my revenge on you.

In the ring, 'The Deadman' listens intently, staring up the aisle at Booker...

King Booker: No Way Out. Grant me this request and face me at No Way Out... so that I may finally vanquish thee!


Booker slams his mic to the floor before turning to leave, not wanting to wait for the answer, contempt however that his message has been made...

Michael Cole: Well there you have it folks. King Booker, obviously still upset with the way The Undertaker has dominated him in recent weeks, wants another shot at 'The Deadman'.

John Bradshaw Layfield: King Booker may have been pinned by The Undertaker in the tag team match last week, and he may have been eliminated by him in the Royal Rumble, but when if those two meet, one on one, it's gonna be a different story, I guarantee it.

Michael Cole: Well I guess we'll have to wait until next week to find out if The Undertaker accepts King Booker's challenge. We have to go to commercial now, but when we return, it's our main event! Royal Rumble opponents collide one more time as Finlay and Test team up face the United States Champion Chris Benoit and the World Heavyweight Champion Batista! Join us when we return to Friday Night Smackdown!


When we return from commercial, it's The Miz who greets us, the camera focused on his face as he smugly smiles at the camera. Stood nearby is Michelle McCool who looks as unimpressed as Miz does right now...

The Miz: Wrestlemania. They showcase of the immortals. Y'know, it's this time of year that people start making their plans for the big show. You go backstage at any WWE show, and you can feel the tension in the air. Guys wanna put themselves in the money spots at Wrestlemania, and The Miz? I'm no different.

Miz now begins to walk down a corridor, Michelle following along as he talks to the camera...

The Miz: I wanna make my mark at Wrestlemania. I wanna have my Wrestlemania moment. And for me to do that, it all starts at now. Now is the time for me to make my move. Now is my time to shine. So when I hear guys like Matt Hardy sayin' he wants to take the next step...

Miz turns to McCool, who simply shakes her head at Hardy's words from earlier...

The Miz: It makes me think... really? Matt... Hardy? REALLY? His Wrestlemania moment came SEVEN years ago. Matt Hardy is nothin' more than a tag team wrestler who got left behind. If The Hardy Boyz were like The Rockers, then Jeff would be Shawn Michaels, and Matt would be Marty Jannety.

Boos from inside the arena...

The Miz: Matt Hardy is nothing compared to me, hell, Jeff Hardy is NOTHING compared to me!

More heat...

The Miz: Matt... you are nothin' but a loser. A wannabe, no... you're a never-was. But me? I'm the future of the wrestling industry. I'm the guy everybody is gonna want a piece of. Cos I'm The Miz... AND I'M...

A few smarks can be heard shouting "awesome!", but Miz pauses, taking one last glance at McCool before turning back to the camera...

The Miz: (Whispering) Awesome!

Miz smirks, with McCool nodding her head in the background as we fade into a video package...

*Video Package*

We open to a cold, damp winter's day. The call of a crow can be heard, with the camera soon focusing on this crow, it perched on a tombstone before it flies off into the sky...

Narrator: We all have the freedom to choose our actions...

Our crow now lands on the walls of a prison courtyard, inmates shackled together, slowly walking in a circle as guards look on...

Narrator: But we don't have the freedom to choose the consequences of those actions.

We follow our crow to the playground of an orphanage, as children happily skip, laugh and play, a pair of nuns watching them do so...

Narrator: What consequences will your actions hold?

The skies darken and the rain falls, the prisoners trudging back towards the prison...

Narrator: For the lucky there will be escape...

A gravedigger continues his work, despite the rain falling upon him...

Narrator: For the few there will be salvation...

The nuns usher the children inside, the rain bringing an end to their fun times...

Narrator: But for the damned... There will be...

A prison cell door slams shut...


The massive old oak door of the orphanage closes, the glance of a sad child fading away...


The lid of a coffin is slammed shut, fading the video into black....



*End Video Package*

Back into the arena for...



The boos ring out as Finlay makes his entrance, trusty shillelagh in hand, The Little Bastard snarling by his side...

Michael Cole: We are just over two weeks away from Smackdown's next pay-per-view offering, No Way Out. And what role will this man play that night?

John Bradshaw Layfield: I think it's a damn disgrace that we're watchin' Finlay walk down to the ring right now without the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. I hope Finlay teaches Batista a lesson tonight and gets the rematch he deserves.

Michael Cole: Well could it be Batista against Finlay at No Way Out one more time for the World Heavyweight Championship?

John Bradshaw Layfield: If Teddy Long's got any sense of doin' the right thing, that's what we'll see.

As they approach the ring, Finlay orders The Little Bastard to crawl under the ring, giving the little guy a kick on the ass as encouragement. Finlay rolls under the bottom rope and stands, awaiting the arrival of his partner...


A decent amount of heat as Test steps out, striding down to the ring with a snarl on his face...

Michael Cole: Test gave a great account of himself at the Royal Rumble, taking Chris Benoit to the limit in the United States Championship match. But as we've seen time after time, there's no quit in 'The Rabid Wolverine'.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Test hammered Chris Benoit durin' that match. I dunno how Benoit is still United States Champion. Test had that match won time and time again, only for Benoit to somehow keep hangin' in there until he got his chance to put Test away.

In the ring Test nods to acknowledge Finlay, before he starts to pace the ring...


The crowd gives a great welcome for Chris Benoit as he paces down the aisle, cocking his head, his championship slung over his shoulder...

Michael Cole: And speaking of Benoit, here comes the United States Champion! A gutsy effort from Benoit at the Rumble saw him hang on to his championship, but Benoit was taken to the limit, yet he somehow managed to remain United States Champion.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I don't like Chris Benoit all that much, but I gotta give credit where it's due, he put up a heck of a fight against Test. But how much did that fight take out of him? We'll find out tonight.

Michael Cole: We're gonna find out after this commercial. Make sure you return to Friday Night Smackdown, our main event is next!


We return to see Test and Finlay goading Benoit to enter the ring, but Benoit stands defiantly at the foot of the ring, awaiting the arrival of...


A massive pop for Batista, who steps out, crouches down and sets off a massive explosion of pyros before making his way down the aisle...

Michael Cole: And you talk about gutsy performances at the Royal Rumble, Batista may have shown more guts than anybody in overcoming Finlay. The World Heavyweight Champion, injured shoulder and all, overcame the odds to retain his title.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Overcame the odds!? He cheated! Plain and simple. He used the shillelagh and-

But JBL doesn't get time to finish his rant, as when Batista joins Benoit at the bottom of the aisle, the pair nod heads, drop their titles and dive under the bottom rope, and the match is on!

Main Event:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista and United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. Finlay and Test

And instantly Benoit uses a double-leg takedown to drive Test to the mat while Batista uses sheer brute strength to drive Finlay into the corner. Benoit hammers Test with a flurry of rights and lefts, while in the corner Batista repeatedly drives his shoulder into the midsection. Benoit is now back on his feet, dropping boots to Test’s chest, while Batista now has Finlay against the ropes, sending him for the ride into a big back body drop. Finlay rolls under the bottom rope, and when the ref ushers Batista out of the ring, we’re left with Benoit and Test as the match settles down a bit. Benoit stays in control for the early moments of the match, rocking Test with chops to the chest before a release German suplex puts Test down. The force of the suplex brings test close to his corner, allowing him to reach up and tag Finlay.

Finlay enters the ring and takes the fight to Benoit, with both men engaging in a hard collar-and-elbow tie up. Both men jockey for position, only for Finlay to back Benoit into the corner, teeing off with a pair of right hands. Benoit quickly reverses Finlay against the turnbuckle, unloading with more stiff chops to the chest... only for Finlay to fire back with chops of his own! The two men go back and forth, duelling chops with each other, until Benoit fires off three in a fourth, rearing back for a big fourth that knocks Finlay down, much to the delight of the crowd. Batista now tags in, and he rattles off a few power moves, knocking Finlay down with big running clothesline and shoulderblocks before planting Finlay with a spinebuster, gaining a near fall.

Benoit returns to the ring, and again engages in hard hitting action with Finlay before going for another German suplex... only for Finlay to strike with an elbow to the side of the head, then scoop Benoit up onto his shoulders, planting Benoit with a rolling fireman’s carry slam, gaining Finlay a 2 count. Test gets the tag, and he looks for a measure of revenge on Benoit, punishing his Royal Rumble opponent with a big boot to the face in the corner and a stiff falling neckbreaker. Benoit tries to rally back with chops to the chest, only for Test to reach down... and hammer Benoit with a pumphandle slam! 1... 2... Benoit rolls the shoulder, and we fade into the final commercial of the night with Test and Finlay firmly in control.


As we return, Benoit is taking a hammering from Finlay in the corner, with repeated shoulder thrusts to the midsection and then stiff forearms to the back of the head and neck forcing Benoit down. Test and Finlay now look to target the neck, with Finlay hammering with more forearms while Test rattles off a full nelson slam, getting a 2 count. Finlay is back in, and he continues to snap those forearms to the neck, before he snapmares Benoit down and then aims a stiff kick to the base of the spine. A shoulder clawhold applies more pressure to the neck area, slowing the match down as Finlay looks to wear Benoit out. Batista encourages the crowd, who eventually rise and make noise for Benoit, with the United States Champion answering their call, battling back to his feet to snap off a pair of elbow to the midsection... only for Finlay again to club him with a forearm and then bring Benoit in for a short-arm clothesline... but Benoit ducks underneath... and drops Finlay with a release German suplex!

With both men down, Benoit crawls across the ring, while Finlay has a shorter journey to his corner. Finlay gets their first, tagging in Test, who charges across the ring to grab Benoit by the foot... but Benoit dives and tags in Batista! ‘The Animal’ storms the ring, rattling Test with a series of clotheslines before sending him off the ropes... into a massive back body drop! Finlay then charges, but he runs right into a big boot to the face, before Batista grabs Finlay by the arm and fires him to the corner, ‘The Animal’ following in for a clothesline against the turnbuckle. Test is back on his feet to club Batista from behind, only for Benoit to catch Test around the waist... for one German suplex... and a second... and a third German suplex completes the hat trick! 1... 2... Finlay dives to break the count, and now once again Benoit and Finlay are rolling around on the mat, both men brawling their way under the bottom rope to the outside.

Batista is back up, and he looks to go to work on Test, but with the referee more concerned with the battle on the outside, Test uses this to his advantage... low blow to Batista! ‘The Animal’ crumples to the mat, with the crowd shitting all over the antics of Test. On the outside, Benoit and Finlay are engaged in an all out brawl, both men scrapping across the announce desk, sending Cole and JBL out of their chairs. As this happens, The Little bastard sticks his head out from under the ring, reaching up to grab Finlay’s shillelagh from the corner. Benoit stands as Finlay lays across the announce desk, with Benoit hammering him. With the ref now turning his attention back to the ring, The Little Bastard is poised to strike... but Benoit turns just in time, snatching the weapon from him... and then looks to nail Finlay with it... no! Finlay rolls off the announce desk, scrambling around the ring to safety, seeing Benoit hammer a hole through the top of the announce desk.

The shillelagh is tossed aside as Benoit goes after Finlay, the two resuming their battle at the base of the aisle and eventually up it. In the ring, Test is in complete control, and the camera shot switches back just in time to see Test synch Batista in, wrapping both arms around the waist of ‘The Animal’... gutwrench powerbomb... NO! Batista counters with a back body drop, dropping to his knees in pair for the earlier ball shot. Both men stagger back up, with Test throwing a right hand... only for Batista to fire back... Test strikes again... so does Batista... and a second in a row... and a third from ‘The Animal’... before a fourth knocks Test down! Batista then looks for Test to rise, charging in... spear... no! Test goes for the big boot... but Batista ducks underneath and keeps on running... SPEAR!! This time Batista connects, and a burst of energy sees Batista back on his feet, shaking the ropes before staring into the crows... thumbs up... thumbs down! Test’s legs are like jelly as he stumbles back up, but it’s not for long as Batista brings him in... takes him up... BATISTABOMB!!! The camera takes one last look at Benoit and Finlay, still brawling half way up the aisle, before ‘The Animal’ rolls over to hook the leg... 1... 2... 3!

Winners: Batista and Chris Benoit @ 14:24

A commanding victory for 'The Animal', who rolls off of Test and bounds back to his feet, his arm raised high in the air. Up the aisle, Benoit and Finlay continue to brawl, despite Batista's music playing out and a plethora of officials trying to separate the pair...

Michael Cole: There is mayhem here on Smackdown! Batista has won, but what on earth is goin' on with Finlay and Benoit?

John Bradshaw Layfield: They could fight all night! That's too of the toughest bastards you'll ever find!

Michael Cole: What does this all mean for No Way Out? Batista has prevailed, so who will be the next man to challenge 'The Animal'? Join us next week to find out! Goodnight!

In the ring Batista has climbed to the second rope, holding his title high in the air, all the while the battle between Finlay and Benoit rages on as we fade to black.

*End Show*

Current Card for WWE NO WAY OUT:
Date: February 18th 2007
Location: American Airlines Arena; Miami, Florida


Date: March 3rd 2007

Location: Madison Square Garden; New York, New York


WWE: The Evolution Of Greed
2007 King of the Ring Has Been Posted!!!

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

SmackDown! Feedback

Nice start t the show to get us hyped up by recapping the Rumble and setting the tone for SmackDown! now being on the road to No Way Out. Not an overly stacked card for tonight’s show, but still a rather nice looking one.

Very big match to start with here. I guess with the tag match in the main event slot, having this match not is the best way to go. Just a small thing, but I don’t think you’ll see MVP throw his sunglasses into the crowd. He’s all about being a heel who rubs his possessions in the face of other, so I don’t think he’d be the type of guy to share his wealth with the crowd under his heel gimmick. Good start to the match, setting the tone physically by having MVP jump Kane. It was pretty basic from there through to the middle of the match – not that that’s a bad thing – although I have to say I liked them going through the crowd, which would obviously get the crowd really into the action. I thought the desperation of MVP was characterized really well through these stages, really showing that he was in a battle with the monster before he got the cheap shot in when they got back to ringside. Showing MVP’s sickening side in the end, only for it to nearly cost him the match was a nice little spot at the end, although MVP getting the win was the obvious choice. Having him split Kane open was a nice little added touch to make MVP seem all the more beastly too. Good start to the show with a good win to really get MVP going in this thread.

I’m not sure if it’s meant to be anything we take away as too major, but I am interested in seeing who it was that Teddy Long was talking to. Kennedy wanting Flair after Flair ‘embarrassed’ him at the Rumble was good to see, especially with the desperation he had for the match, wanting to make it happen at any cost. I thought this would be angled more towards WrestleMania rather than No Way Out, but I guess I’ll see where you go with this for now.


Simple Batista promo that gets the job done, showing him as a fighting champion who is ready to step back in the ring with Finlay after the Rumble, or anyone for that matter at No Way Out. I actually have no idea who you’ll have challenging him, but this was a solid Batista promo as we wait to find out.

Basic little promo to get the remodeled gimmick of La Resistance out there, which I actually like (it’s kind of similar to what I’m going for with Dupree, actually ). You gain yourself some cheap heat to get these guys over and also outline what they’re about, which is a fine way to introduce them properly to SmackDown!.

Nice little start to the match with Grenier checking how Dupree looks. Lovely way to get some cheap heat for the narcissism of La Resistance. Pretty straight forward match here for the most part, with the ending being pretty good in cementing La Resistance as dangerous heels with Maryse’s distraction leading to the win, while The Extremists are obviously protected by their defeat only being thanks to some underhanded tactics.

The post-match felt a little odd in that it seemed like La Resistance were trying to make a statement, only for them to willingly have their thunder stolen by The Bluebloods. Still, the London and Kendrick run in and subsequent brawl off with La Resistance was good, while Burchill rejoining up with Regal is clever. I don’t mind the three man Blueblood squad at all, and it obviously works against The Extremists, being that there are three of them as well. While you’re not doing anything huge with your tag division, the booking of it has been very solid thus far, and this was no exception.

Solid promo from Matt here, talking up his own performance at the Royal Rumble well, while obviously putting a fair bit of focus on Jeff too. Nice way to hype the Intercontinental Title match for RAW this week here, and hearing that it’ll be on sounds good. RAW is looking like a stacked show, and this will only add to that. I actually wasn’t wondering which Hardy will be competing on RAW, but I guess I am now.

Looking forward to the addition of AmDrag to the SmackDown! roster. He should be a good help in the cruiserweight division.

This seemed like a nice match between Chavo and Moore, with things kept at an exciting fast pace. Unlike the tag division, I feel your cruiserweight division is stuttering a bit, as while a three way feud here is okay, Moore’s push to be a viable contender has seemed a bit stop start, while Chavo only just started looking good last week. I guess you have to have time thanks to the WWE doing absolutely nothing with the cruiserweights at this time, but right now the division needs some work.

Nice way to remind us of MVP splitting Kane open by really having the chain emphasized, perhaps making for a useful little weapon in the future for MVP. His actual promo itself was pretty good, ending the thing with Kane once and for all, while MVP declaring he wants gold is okay too. I’m not sure I’d like to see a Batista/MVP feud; especially at this stage considering MVP is still very new to SmackDown! and that those two headlining a Pay-Per-View would probably be a catastrophe buy rates wise, but showing MVP will be after gold down the line, if that’s what you’re doing, isn’t a bad thing.

While these segments have been cheesy, and I feel you’ve overdone the ahs a bit much in them, I don’t mind The FBI coming back. They’re fill out a nice spot in the midcard of SmackDown!. Plus, Vito being in The FBI is much better than Vito wearing a dress.

Kennedy seeking out Arn Anderson to deliver the challenge to Flair was a clever way to go about things. The arrogance of Kennedy was good throughout the promo, really getting in Anderson’s face and talking shit about Arn’s age like you would expect from a guy like him. Talking about how Flair showed him no respect and the threat at the end were both nice little lines from Kennedy, making for a nice promo here.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing you get to WrestleMania 23. I honestly have no idea about the majority of the card, which makes it all the more exciting. Looking forward to seeing where you go with it.

Solid win for ‘Taker on SmackDown!, getting him some momentum going as we heard towards ‘Mania, which is obviously The Undertaker’s time of the year. Good to see Mercury allowed to be competitive too, giving him a solid filler week before he moves into his next feud, possibly going after Benoit and the US Title, which I would quite like to see.

Good promo from King Booker, perfect in terms of character, especially with him snapping at the crowd after referring to them as his subjects, in challenging ‘Taker to a match at No Way Out. This one has building for a while, so the match at No Way Out seems a natural. Should be good.

The Miz promo was fine in terms of modern day character, but I have to say that I’m a little disappointed that he not only seems to have just taken his modern day character (catchphrases and all) on board. I also find it strange that you seem to be positioning The Miz for a feud with Matt Hardy leading to No Way Out. While he may be WWE Champion now, back in 2007 The Miz absolutely sucked, thus pushing him hard simply wasn’t an option. I don’t mind him being used in a low position on the card, or even as part of a tag team where his flaws could be easily covered, but pushing him as a singles competitor in early 2007 simply doesn’t seem viable.

The No Way Out vignette was pretty clever. Like WrestleMania, most of the card is a mystery, giving it an exciting feel.

Nice way to kick the match off with a bang, although I thought you maybe went overboard in trying to bring the high impact early on, as having Benoit throw so many German suplexes, having Test reel off the pumphandle slam and having Batista use a spinebuster so early in the match seems odd when all can be used as either finishers or big nearfall moves. The finish of the match was nice though, setting up what should be a good feud between Finlay and Benoit with high match quality, while Batista looking good is also a good way to finish the show as we wait for a number one contender. Good finish.

Another very solid show here. Your writing, as usual, was good throughout, and the booking seems to be building along nicely without anything too obvious happening. I’m not too sure what you have planned next, but I feel like that’s one of the positives of this thread, as you really do keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Looking forward to the next stop of RAW: Night of Champions before you well and truly get going on the road to WrestleMania. Things are shaping up well, so I can’t wait to see what happens next. Good work, my man.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Exams are over. Let's try get this thread back on track.


~Monday Night Raw~
February 5th, 2007
Sioux City, Iowa

~Three Hour Special~

Sioux City, Iowa is buzzing at the prospect of the first three hour special edition of Monday Night Raw in 2007. And tonight, the stakes couldn't be higher as we gear up for Raw: Night Of Champions, the night where every championship contested on Monday Night Raw will be on the line!

Having embarrassed the McMahon family in recent weeks, WWE Champion John Cena knew that when Shane McMahon kicked off last week's show by announcing they he personally would be choosing Cena's opponent tonight, 'The Champ' was in for a long night. But no one could have predicted that Shane would pick not one, but two opponents for Cena, placing the WWE Champion in the middle of the dispute between Shawn Michaels and Triple H, a friendship that has fallen apart in recent weeks and could be set to explode tonight! With 'The Game' seemingly baying for blood after he was the victim of an accidently sweet chin music last week, will Michaels' pleads for reconciliation fall on deaf ears? Will both former DX members sacrifice the other for the richest prize in wrestling? Can Cena survive in one of the most hostile environments he's ever experienced? And what role will the McMahon's play tonight? The answers to all these questions will no doubt be revealed by the time we go off the air.

Also on the line tonight, for what Mr. McMahon has announced as the last time ever, the ECW Championship will be contested under 'Extreme Rules' with a new school - old school battle. The current champion, Bobby Lashley, the new face of extreme, albeit for many ECW purists the face of the corporate, McMahon ECW. The challenger, Rob Van Dam, the very embodiment of that old school mentality that emanated from the bingo hall in Philadelphia. While Lashley contends that he's always done his best to represent ECW in the right way, Van Dam is determined to see the ECW Championship go out on a high note. Which one of these 'extreme' warriors will emerge as the last ever ECW Champion?

Last week's main event saw the cracks in the World Tag Team Champions widen as Edge and Randy Orton almost came to blows. Tonight, they face the newfound team of Ric Flair and Carlito. Having already won the Royal Rumble, guaranteeing himself a Wrestlemania main event, Edge clearly has his mind on other things. But with Orton determined to continue holding tag team gold, and the experience factor heavily favouring the champs, it's going to take a monumental effort for Flair and Carlito to leave with the gold tonight.

Having delivered not one, but two concussions to Jeff Hardy in recent weeks on his way to becoming the new Intercontinental Champion, Kenny Dykstra felt confident that he'd be having the night off tonight. However, having heard what Matt Hardy had to say regarding his brother's condition last Friday night on Smackdown, Dykstra has been less than confident over the weekend. After emphatically stating that it WILL be Dykstra vs. Hardy tonight, the question remains... what Hardy will show up tonight? Will Jeff recover in time to challenge and regain his title? Or will brother Matt step into the breech and defend the family honour, in the process winning the Intercontinental Championship? Or can Dykstra show experience beyond his years by responding to whatever opponent he winds up facing?

For months Victoria ran roughshod over the Divas division, destroying Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson and Maria on her way to earning a title shot with champion Mickie James three weeks ago on Raw. James scored the win that night, but in a somewhat fortuitous fashion, catching the challenger in a victory roll having been the second best throughout the majority of the match. Having earned another shot last week in a fatal four way match that James refereed, tonight Victoria is determined that this is her time to win championship gold. But Mickie will no doubt bring the fight, and tonight will see this bitter rivalry finally come to an end, one way or another.

Also tonight, Umaga and CM Punk will in singles action, Chris Masters will no doubt be looking for an answer to the proposition he made Johnny Nitro last week, while perhaps the two most interested spectators of the World Tag Team Championship match will be Shelton Benjamin and Charlie, who will no doubt be looking for the first crack at whoever the new champions may be. All of this and more tonight on the three hour special Raw: Night Of Champions!!

Confirmed Matches:

WWE Championship Triple Threat Match: John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
ECW Championship Extreme Rules Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Rob Van Dam

World Tag Team Championships Match: Rated-RKO vs. Ric Flair and Carlito
Intercontinental Championship Match: Kenny Dykstra vs. Jeff Hardy??
Women's Championship Match: Mickie James vs. Victoria

Umaga and CM Punk will also be in action!!


~Raw: Night Of Champions News, Notes and Spoilers~

With Raw: Night Of Champions mere hours away, speculation from the locker room suggests a major heel turn is in the works for during tonight’s main event. Several scenarios have been put forward, with surprisingly the one gaining most traction being the idea of turning WWE Champion John Cena heel in a major swerve. Feeling that since Cena receives his share of boos regardless of where he competes, Cena could turn heel by siding with the McMahons tonight, swerving on Triple H and Shawn Michaels by aligning himself with Vince and Shane and going forward as a ‘Corporate Champion’. Both Triple H and Shawn Michaels are also being considered for heel turns, with the month long DX breakdown story perfectly poised for either man to change alignment. Triple H it appears has been very receptive to turning, especially if it lands him the WWE Championship and a main event at Wrestlemania. The outcome of the ECW Championship match will also weigh heavily on the destination of the WWE Championship. One idea that has caught Vince McMahon’s ear is that of a ‘Corporate’ John Cena facing Bobby Lashley in some sort of title unification match. Tonight is being billed as the last time ever the ECW Championship will be defended, leading to the assumption that title could easily be unified at ‘Mania with the right storyline behind it.

With Edge having won the Royal Rumble and destined for a main event match at Wrestlemania, Ric Flair and Carlito are almost guaranteed to walk out of Raw: Night of Champions as the new World Tag Team Champions. One late creative pitch called for Edge and Orton to retain the titles, leading to Orton becoming involved in a triple threat match with Edge and a World Champion at Wrestlemania, but as of right now the original plan of Orton and Edge's partnership combusting and handing Flair and Carlito the titles in the process is expected to be carried through. As such, Rated-RKO would almost certainly cease to exist, with creative having no intention of portraying Orton's character as a lackey to Edge as he chases gold at Wrestlemania.

Orton is set to benefit from a renewed level of faith in him from Vince McMahon himself. After being suspended 60 days in early 2006 for unprofessional behaviour, Orton was giving one last chance by McMahon to rebuild his career and re-establish himself. Having been impressed with Orton's demeanour during the Rated-RKO tag title reign, Orton was heavily considered a favourite to win the Royal Rumble. However, with that spot going to Edge, Orton is now being considered as an early favourite to win Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania, with a return to championship gold at some point after the summer. However, this all of course depends on how Orton's behaviour holds up over the upcoming months.

As for the third member of Rated-RKO, Kenny Dykstra has no worries of losing his Intercontinental Championship at any point soon. Since being heavily pushed as part of the Spirit Squad, Dykstra is now making a name for himself in the singles ranks. Allowed to be competitive against John Cena, Shawn Michaels and Triple H on Raw last week, Dykstra sets to remain a strong presence on the show through Wrestlemania and beyond.

The feud between Mickie James and Victoria is set to come to a conclusion tonight, with James likely to retain her title. One interesting note is that OVW diva Beth Phoenix has been appearing on Raw house shows over the last few weeks. Last seen on Raw back in June 2006 as a fan favourite, Phoenix could be set to debut in the next few weeks. If she returns as she left as a face, it would suggest that Victoria would secure victory tonight, leading a feud with Phoenix or even a triple threat for the Women's Championship at Wrestlemania.

One man still out of the loop with regards to Wrestlemania is Umaga. Plans for 'The Samoan Bulldozer' have still to be finalised, with the Samoan's impressive 'undefeated' streak still considered a useful tool to build towards a match. Many plans have been thrown forward, including Umaga facing Cena for the WWE Championship to having Umaga enter Money in the Bank. As of right now, the Wrestlemania fate of Umaga still remains unclear, but creative will be pressed to come up with something quickly.

Promo videos continue to air hyping the debut of the Hart Legacy. Harry Smith, TJ Wilson and Nattie Niedhart will all debut before Wrestlemania and instantly be involved in a feud with another tag team. An experienced team such as The World's Greatest Tag Team or Cade 'N' Murdoch may be asked to step in a carry the youngsters through their first few weeks of being on the main roster, however Benjamin and Haas may be asked to continue their feud with Flair and Carlito. The burgeoning team of Johnny Nitro and Chris Masters also looks set to continue, as creative presently has nothing for either man as singles acts. A partnership could reinvigorate both men, especially after the disappointing ends they respectively had to 2006.

And finally, Nick Dinsmore is set to return to Raw in the next few weeks. After the 'Eugene' character was removed from television during a brutal assault from Umaga, Dinsmore is scheduled to make his re-debut as a much more serious character. Creative feel they have the perfect storyline reason in place for Dinsmore's return, with Dinsmore himself excited at the possibility of finally being able to demonstrate his considerable talent as a more credible member of the Raw roster.


WWE: The Evolution Of Greed
2007 King of the Ring Has Been Posted!!!

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

First of all, I hope exams went well for you.

Moving onto the show, this is one that I've really been looking forward to since you posted your last show. It could go a HUGE way to shaping WrestleMania, making it pretty much must read. With the way this has been hyped as the last ECW Title match and the talk of a heel turn in the preview, outside of perhaps a Triple H heel turn, I'm also fairly sure you're going to go with something I predicted quite some time ago and have Lashley turn heel on Cena with a run in to side with Vince. That's not as likely as some others, but it's probably my favourite scenario right now. The rest of the card looks solid too, with all of the title matches having potential to be good, plus two of the guys who seem be going places also getting matches.

As far as the news goes, I'm not going to speculate too much because, well, I already have, but I like the idea of Phoenix coming up to strengthen the women's division, along with The Hart Legacy helping out what seems like a pretty strong tag division right now.

Everything looks in order, and the show should be great. Expect feedback ASAP.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Monday Night Raw~
February 5th, 2007
Sioux City, Iowa

~Three Hour Special~

"Fairytales don't come true when I'm involved."

We open with a brief highlights package from last week, focusing on the happenings of the main event, where all three members of Rated-RKO teamed to take on John Cena, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Tensions run high throughout the match for the 'face' team, with Cena having to forcibly tag 'The Game' into the match, only for Rated-RKO to spend much of the match weakening Trips. The chaotic finish to the match takes up most of the highlights, as Shawn Michaels accidently catches Triple H with sweet chin music, only to then taste an RKO, only for Edge to accidently spear Orton, allowing Cena to his the match winning FU to Kenny Dykstra. Mayhem descends after the bell, with Michaels and Triple H almost coming to blows, while Rated-RKO appears to be falling apart. Shane McMahon then makes his presence felt, with the highlights package ending on his announcement of tonight's main event, Cena defending the WWE Championship against both Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

We now get the usual Raw opening video and then it's into the arena for a massive pyro display, and as the camera pans the arena Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler shout over the fever pitch crowd, everyone in attendance knowing tonight will be a huge night...

Jim Ross: Welcome everybody to a very special three hour edition of Monday Night Raw! Welcome everyone, to Raw: Night Of Champions! Hello everyone, I'm Jim Ross, alongside me as always is Jerry 'The King' Lawler, and King, there is electricity in the air tonight for what promises to be a monumental episode of Monday Night Raw!

Jerry Lawler: Oh J.R., you ain't kiddin'! What a night we've got in store. Tonight, John Cena defends the WWE Championship against both Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a triple threat match! Michaels and Triple H looked they wanted to kill each other when we went off the air last week, and Cena doesn't even have to be involved in the pinfall to lose his title!

Jim Ross: It's a situation that has the potential to explode, and it could happen tonight with the WWE Championship on the line! But folks, this is Raw: Night Of Champions, and every title here on Raw is up for grabs. And despite Mr. McMahon's wishes, the ECW Championship will be on the line tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah well Mr. McMahon may not have been able to stop the ECW Championship match tonight, but Mr. McMahon has stated that tonight is the last ever night the ECW Championship will appear on Monday Night Raw. J.R., tonight, either Bobby Lashley or Rob Van Dam is going to walk away as the last ever ECW Champion.

Jim Ross: Also tonight, Mickie James and Victoria will look to finally settle their long standing rivalry as they battle for the Women's Championship. And, well as absurd as it may sound, Jeff Hardy is scheduled to compete in a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship. Jeff of course suffered a severe concussion at the Royal Rumble, probably isn't even medically cleared to compete here tonight, yet Jonathan Coachman has decided that tonight is the night for Jeff to have his rematch.

Jerry Lawler: Well we heard from Jeff's brother Matt last Friday night on Smackdown, and Matt vowed that it would be Dykstra versus Hardy tonight. But which Hardy is gonna show up J.R.?

Jim Ross: Well that's a very good point 'King'. I hope Jeff Hardy's health allows him to compete tonight, but I also don't wanna see the kid do himself serious, permanent damage.


A mostly positive response for the WWE Champion John Cena, who looks confident as ever despite his title being on the line tonight. Cena bounds out onto the stage, giving the fans a big salute before he races down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope...

Jim Ross: Love him or hate him folks, you gotta appreciate the heart and passion this man brings to the ring every night. But tonight, will heart and passion be enough for John Cena to retain the WWE Championship, especially that, as you pointed out 'King', Cnea doesn't have to be pinned to lose his title tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Well not only that J.R., but think about who he's in the ring with. Shawn Michaels and Triple H, two great former champions in their own rights. I just don't know if Cena can overcome those odds.

In the ring, 'The Champ' asks for and receives a microphone from Lillian Garcia, before waiting for the crowd to quiet before he starts to speak...

John Cena: Sioux City, Iowa, tonight you guys are in for a huge night!

Small pop...

John Cena: Tonight, live, Raw: Night Of Champions. Every title is on the line, every champion is in action tonight... including yours truly. John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Triple H. A triple threat match for the WWE Championship. It don't get any bigger folks.

Another small pop, but Cena remains serious...

John Cena: I got a lotta respect for both Triple H and Shawn Michaels. They are icons in this business, future hall of famers... but what is not in either of their futures is my WWE Championship. Not tonight, not any night. You two wanna settle your differences in the ring tonight? I'm fine with that. I got no problem steppin' back and lettin' you two go at it. Heck, maybe I'll pull up a chair next to J.R. and 'King' and watch two of the very best go at it.

A quick shot of J.R. and 'King', both smiling in Cena's direction...

John Cena: I'm just messin' around here. Tonight, it's gonna be a hell of a fight. I know that tonight, neither Shawn Michaels or Triple H are gonna have settlin' their difference at the front of their minds. Their gonna be focused on the richest prixe in the game, the WWE Championship. If either man gets the chance to take this title away from me, they'll grab it with both hands. But both Shawn Michaels and Triple H better realise one thing...

Cena holds the WWE Championship in his hands, taking a lingering look at it before bursting to life and turning to the crowd...

John Cena: That THE CHAMP... IS... HERRRRRRREE!!

Solid pop...

John Cena: The champ is here and I ain't gonna stand aside for nobody! If it all goes down between Michaels and Triple H, I'll be the one who ends it for both of 'em. This ain't about the problems those two are havin', tonight is about the WWE Championship, and when my title gets involved, nothin' gets in my way of holdin' on to it.

Another decent pop, with Cena nodding for the fans response before narrowing his eyes as he stares into the hard camera...

John Cena: But now I wanna talk about somethin' that happened last week. I wanna say a few words about a certain Shane McMahon.

Boos from the crowd, at which Cena can only smile...

John Cena: Shane, last week you tried to play games with me and the WWE Championship. You put me in a six man tag team match with two guys that have done nothin' but get in each other's faces the last few weeks, and then you offer my opponents a shot at me tonight if they could get the job done. You warned me against one of my partners stabbin' me in the back, you said I was in an impossible situation. And then after I get the job done, after I get the win for my team, you turn around and put me up against both Michaels and Triple H tonight.

Cena removes his hat, runs a hand through his hair and then stares deep into the hard camera...

John Cena: Well Shane, I got new for ya'. If you got a problem with me 'cause of what I did to your old man... then why don't me and you settle it man to man, in this ring TONIGHT!


John Cena: I know I'm busy tonight, I got a huge match to go ready for, but I don't mind pullin' double duty to settle things with you Shane.

Another pop...

John Cena: So Shane O'Mac... if you want some... COME GET SOME!

Cena defiantly slams his mic to the mat, before taking off his t-shirt and throwing it into the crowd. Cena snaps himself against the ropes a few times before looking up the ramp and shouting "C'mon!"...

Jerry Lawler: J.R., did John Cena really just call out Shane McMahon?

Jim Ross: That's certainly what it sounded like, but I'm not sure that's all that smart a move for the WWE Champion to be makin' right now.

Jerry Lawler: Not smart? Is he crazy? You never pick a fight with a McMahon J.R., it never ends in your favour.

Cena continues to pace the ring... until...


It's not Shane McMahon. Instead it's Jonathan Coachman stepping out from the back, to a bunch of heat from the crowd. 'Coach' begins to slowly walk down the ramp... until he stops, shaking his head. Cena looks disgusted that it's Coachman and not Shane that's making his way down to the ring, but 'The Champ' seems content that at least he'll get his hands on one of the men who have been a thorn in his side lately. Coach throws a few trash words at Cena, and a smirk soon crosses his face, as when 'Coach' starts waving towards the entrance way, the charade is revealed as a squad of secutiry guards follow him down to the ring...

Jim Ross: I shoulda known Jonathan Coachman would never walk into the ring with John Cena alone. It seems that'Coach' has answered the call from Cena, but he's bringing company with him.

Jerry Lawler: I told you so. Bad things happen when you call out a McMahon. 'The Coach' is about to teach John Cena a lesson on behalf of Vince and Shane.

'Coach' and the troops all head into the ring, where around 8 security guards form a barrier between Cena and Coachman. Mic already in his hand, 'Coach' positions himself across from Cena ready to berate him behind the safety of his hired goons...

Jonathan Coachman: Well, well... John Cena. Y'konw, if I was you Cena, as horrible as that thought may be, if was you Cena, I'd really, really watch my mouth when it comes to talkin' about the McMahons. Be very careful what you wish for Mr. Cena, 'cause you just might get it.

Feeling invincible due to the security team, 'Coach' arrogantly points at Cena as he speaks, the WWE champion keeping his compusure thus far...

Jonathan Coachman: You got a real attitude problem Cena. You don't have any respect for authority. Hell, you barely have any respect for yourself what with the cheap-ass clothes you wear.

Cena looks up and down at his 3/4 lenght combats and "Hustle. Loyalty. Respect." t-shirt before shaking his head at 'Coach'...

Jonathan Coachman: That disgusting t-shirt you're wearing Cena, it says respect on it. I suggest that if you want to remain WWE Champion for much longer, you better start showing Mr. McMahon and his son Shane some respect. Because if you don't Cena... things could get very uncomfortable here on Monday Night Raw for you.

Feeling his point has been made, 'Coach' smiles as the crowd boos...

Jonathan Coachman: Now Cena, I have a little message for you, from Mr. McMahon. Two weeks ago, you put your hands on Vincent Kennedy McMahon. And that Cena... that was a huge mistake. And last week... you got in Shane McMahon's face. And that was an even bigger mistake. Now, Mr. McMahon is back after his vacation last week, and he wants you to know somethin' Cena. He wants you to know that-

John Cena: (Interrupting) Hold on a second there 'Coach'. I got somthin' I wanna say first. I just wanna let you to know, that I don't give a damn what Vince McMahon thinks.

'Coach' is stunned, shouting "You can't say that!" as the crowd cheers...

John Cena: Vince, I ain't talkin' to the paid help tonight. I know you're back there, and I know you can hear me. Vinny Mac, 'Coach' came out here and he talked about respect. In my book, respect is earned. You don't demand anythin' off of me Vince, especially not respect! Same goes for Shane, and the same goes to you too 'Coach'.


John Cena: But I said two weeks ago that one of these days I was gonna get you alone in this ring 'Coach' So if you wanna earn a bit of respect right now, you'll step infront of your hired goons and you'll stand across me man to man, and you can help me send a message of my own to the McMahons.

'Coach' adjusts his tie, composing himself before he replies...

Jonathan Coachman: Listen Cena. I'm gonna give you a lil' advice. Don't mess with Mr. McMahon. Countless superstars over the years tried it... and they all wound up losing. You remember what happened to Bret Hart, dont'cha Cena? You don't want that to happen... to you. If you're not careful Cena... somethin' like that could happen... tonight.

Boos as 'Coach' smiles smugly, while Cena runs a hand through his hair...

John Cena: What is that 'Coach'? Is that some kinda threat? Is Vince gonna try screw me outta the title tonight? Is that what you're sayin'?

Arrogantly 'Coach' shrugs, shouting "Maybe" across the ring...

John Cena: Well Vinny, if you wanna threaten me, why don't you step out her and do it yourself? Why don't you come out here and bring Shane with ya'? C'mon Vince! I know you're back there, you know where I am.

Cena looks up the ramp... but there's still no sign of either McMahon, much to the ammusement of 'Coach'...

John Cena: It ain't gonna happen is it?

Cena shakes his head ruefully before looking at Coachman...

John Cena: He's not gonna come out here is he?

'Coach' laughs as he gleefully shakes his head...

John Cena: Well... if Vince ain't gonna come out here... and Shane ain't gonna come out here... you'll just have to do.

And with that, Cena explodes through the security line... and gets his hands on 'Coach'! Immediately Coachman makes a run for it, but Cena manages to grab hold of his suit jacket, ripping and clawing at it, only for the security to finally react, dragging Cena to the opposite side of the ring. 'Coach' makes a run for it as the sheer number of guards overwhelm Cena...

Jonathan Coachman: What the hell do you think you're doin' Cena! You don't put your hands on me! Security... I think it's time you taught Mr. Cena a little lesson in respect.

With Cena held against the ropes by two guards, two other guards step forward, intent on dishing out some punishment... only for Cena to kick out at them, catching one in the face and the other in the gut! The two guards holding Cena's arms are pulled into each other face first, knocking both under the bottom rope. Clotheslines and right hands send guards scurrying from the ring, until there's only one left, namely the guard Cena just kicked in the gut. Stumbling towards him, Cena is ready to strike... with the FU!! The crowd erupts as Cena quickly explodes to his feet, roaring up the ramp at Coachman as security guards scramble to safety...

Jim Ross: What an explosive way to start Monday Night Raw! John Cena, he's had enough, he wants the McMahons!

Jerry Lawler: Cena may not have gotten his hands on Jonathan Coachman, but he just sent a message to both Vince and Shane McMahon!

Jim Ross: And he's not done yet! Cena defends the WWE Championship later tonight, on this special Raw: Night Of Champions!


When we return it's too the surprising sight of former ECW Commentator Joey Styles. Styles is dressed in a sharp suit, with a microphone in his hand, suggesting it's time for an interview...

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, join me in welcoming my guest at this time, he is the challenger for the ECW Championship... 'Mr. Monday Night'... Rob... Van... Dam!

A good pop greets Rob Van Dam as he steps into the frame, shaking hands with Styles as he does, the respect and friendship between the two clear for all to see...

Joey Styles: Rob, tonight you face the ECW Champion Bobby Lashley for Lashley's title, but for many fans this match takes on even greater significance. You Rob, you represent the ethos of old school ECW, while for many, Bobby Lashley represents a new, corporate image of ECW. With that in mind Rob, what does this match mean for you tonight?

Van Dam smiles and nods his head as he ponders his response...

Rob Van Dam: Joey, me and you... we go way back. Anybody who was there back in the day, back in the original ECW, knows what the ECW Championship means to me. Any fan who watched us in the original ECW, knows that tonight is a big night for me. You're right dude, tonight's about more than a championship.

Styles nods along, agreeing with every word...

Rob Van Dam: To Vince McMahon, ECW and its Championship are nothin' more than an inconvenience. Does Lashley feel that way?

Van Dam gives a shrug and a shake of the head...

Rob Van Dam: I dunno man. I mean, sure he carries the title around with him. He likes the look of it over his shoulder and around his waist. But when was the last time Lashley put that title on the line? When was the last time the ECW Championship was relevant here on Raw? When was the last time the spirit of ECW, the true ECW that I gave my blood for... when was the last time the spirit of that organisation was felt all around the world?

Respectful pop from inside the arena...

Rob Van Dam: That's what tonight's all about dude. It's about taking things to the extreme one last time. I'm talkin' about really showing what old school ECW was all about. And sadly for Bobby Lashley... that dude's gonna find out all about the spirit of ECW first hand tonight.


Rob Van Dam: And I'm gonna hold that ECW Championship in my arms again... one... last... time. 'Cos I'm Rob... Van... Dam!

Another good pop from the crowd, with RVD giving Styles a pat on the shoulder as he turns to leave.

A few moments silence until...



The crowd buzzes again as the legendary Ric Flair steps out, "woooo-ing" his way down the ramp and into the ring...

Jim Ross: Its time for our first championship match, and what a way to start with none other than the 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair!

Jerry Lawler: J.R., we say it often enough, he's a sixteen world heavyweight champion, he's been Intercontinental Champion, he's held tag titles... can Ric Flair add yet another piece of gold to his name tonight?

Jim Ross: I think he's got a great chance. This combination of Flair and Carlito combines the savvy veteran skills of Flair with the exciting action of Carlito. Rated-RKO have seen off all challengers during their reign, but Flair and Carlito could prove to be a huge threat to the champions.

In the ring, Flair removes his blue robe, passing it over the top rope to a stage hand below. Flair then pulls on the top rope and takes a little jog of the ring as...



It's another good response as Carlito emerges from the back, his trademark apple in one hand, the lovely Torrie Wilson holding the other. Carlito looks more serious that usual, clearly focused on the job at hand tonight...

Jim Ross: And this young man Carlito has a great chance to really get his career back on track tonight. It wasn't a great 2006 for the man from the Caribbean Superstar, but in recent weeks, under the tutelage of Ric Flair, Carlito has been more serious and more focused, and it could all pay off tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Well I talked about the numerous championships Ric Flair's won over the years, Carlito's had his share of gold too. Here's a guy who's been both the Intercontinental and United States Champion. He could become a tag champion for the first time tonight.

'Lito shares a brief hug with Flair, before giving Torrie one last kiss on the cheek as she departs the ring. Carlito removes his t-shirt and throws it into the crowd, before he and Flair share a few last minute words as...




Major heat as Edge and Randy Orton walk down to the ring with a purpose. A determined looking Orton leads the way, while the 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Edge remains a few steps behind his partner, the tension of last week's altercation as we went off the air obviously still lingering...

Jim Ross: But for that to happen, Flair and Carlito will have to make it past Edge and Randy Orton, two men who have dominated the tag team division here on Raw in recent months.

Jerry Lawler: And of course, their greatest claim to fame, it was Edge and Randy Orton who killed D-Generation X, despite how the match went down. But J.R., I wanna ask you, do you think Edge and Orton can be on the same page tonight after what happened last week?

Jim Ross: I'm sure Edge and Orton, with the titles on the line, can work together just fine. It's not gonna be easy for Flair and Carlito here tonight, I promise you that.

Match 1: World Tag Team Championships Match
World Tag Team Champions Rated-RKO (Edge and Randy Orton) vs. Ric Flair and Carlito w/ Torrie Wilson

As the bell rings, Carlito is in the ring, ready to go, although in the opposite corner an uneasy exchange between Edge and Orton takes place, with Edge adamant that it be Orton who starts the match for his team. Orton does indeed step forward, but not after taking a long, hard look at Edge before he ties up with Carlito. The match starts at a fast pace as Orton works into a headlock, only to be sent off the ropes, bowling ‘Lito over with a shoulderblock. Orton looks to again come off the ropes, but this time he’s sent down by a hiptoss. Kicks drive Orton to the corner, where Flair gets the tag, lighting up Orton’s chest with a string of chops to the chest. Flair then looks to target Orton’s left arm, with Flair and ‘Lito making plenty of quick tags as they continue to work the arm. Flair is in, wrenching the arm around, only for Orton to grab a handful of hair, pulling himself and Flair into the Rated-RKO corner. Edge makes a tag behind Flair’s back, so when the ref calls for the break and Flair unloads with a chop to Orton’s chest, he doesn’t see Edge sneak in behind him... to drop Flair with an inverted-DDT! 1... 2... Flair rolls the shoulder.

Trapped in the Rated-RKO half of the ring, Edge and Orton quickly go to work on Flair’s lower back, with a series of stiff kicks being aimed to the base of the spine. The champions show off their obvious advantage in terms of teaming together as Edge holds Flair in position for Orton to fire a tough forearm to the back, before a clothesline knocks Flair down. The Orton stomp does more damage, before he drags Flair to his feet and fires the veteran to the corner. Flair hits the turnbuckle hard... and staggers straight into a huge back body drop! 1... 2... again Flair rolls the shoulder.

The punishment of Flair continues, as Edge and Orton manage to hold their team together to work well together, wearing Flair down with every blow aimed to the spine. The tags continue as Edge re-enters the ring, looking to hook Flair up for a suplex... inside cradle! 1... 2... Edge barely kicks out. The near fall gives Flair a bunch of energy, as when both men return to their feet, Flair beats Edge to the punch, teeing off with rights and lefts before a big chop knocks Edge down. Flair now begins the walk towards his corner... but Edge grabs the foot! Out of desperation Edge hangs on, with both men now on their feet... enzuigiri! The crowd is stunned as Flair delivers a far from textbook enzuigiri, but it does enough as the veteran crawls to his corner... and tags in Carlito!

‘Lito slingshots into the ring and starts smacking Edge with right hands, backing Edge to the ropes, allowing Carlito to go for an Irish whip... which Edge reverses... but ‘Lito ducks a clothesline... and keeps running, jumping to the second rope... for a springboard back elbow! Orton is in, but he too runs into a right hand, allowing Carlito to send Orton to the corner... but when Carlito charges, Orton gets the boot up... and hammers Carlito with a clothesline! Regaining the advantage for his team, Orton shakes away a few cobwebs, and the match looks to settle down once again as we fade into commercial.


And when we return, Orton has ‘Lito locked in a chinlock, but Carlito is in the process of struggling back to his feet, connecting on a pair of rights to the gut to free himself before swinging with a big right... but Orton ducks... and drops ‘Lito with the inverted headlock backbreaker. Edge gets the tag, and he instantly locks on a reverses chinlock, transitioning into a bodyscissors with his legs as he looks to keep ‘Lito grounded, keeping the hold locked in for an age and wearing Carlito down. Once more Carlito struggles to break free, but eventually he does make it back up, elbowing his way out of the hold and coming off the ropes... straight into a flapjack! 1... 2... ‘Lito kicks out, but the champs remain in control as Orton comes in, dropping several knee drops to the head before whipping Carlito off the ropes into a perfect snap scoop powerslam, scoring another near fall.

Edge is back in, clubbing ‘Lito with forearms to the neck, before he drags ‘The Caribbean Superstar’ to the corner, hoisting him up onto the top turnbuckle, his body facing away from the ring. A few more forearms connect before Edge climbs to the second rope, looking for a side suplex from the top rope... but Carlito shifts his weight in mid air... and counters with a crossbody off the top! The crowd pops as both men crash to the mat, and now both men head for the corners... here comes Orton... but here comes Ric Flair! ‘The Nature Boy’ steps through the ropes just in time to catch the on-rushing Orton with a stinging chop, knocking Orton down only for Flair to fire him off the ropes... back body drop sends Orton up and down! Edge is back up, but he too runs into chops, before Edge swings and misses with a right hand... Flair connects with the atomic drop... and then clotheslines Edge over the top rope to the floor!

Now Orton is alone in the ring, the legal man for his team, but he connects on a hard right hand to Flair... and goes for an RKO out of nowhere... no! Flair grabs the top rope, saving himself and seeing Orton crash to the mat. Orton slowly staggers to his feet, turning back towards Flair... and not seeing Carlito attack from behind... BACKSTABBER! Carlito connects, but it’s Flair as the legal man who hooks the leg, we’ve got new champions... 1... 2... NO! Edge drags Flair from the ring! Edge saves the title as he pulls Flair under the bottom rope to the outside, dropping shots to Flair, but here comes Carlito... springboard crossbody takes Edge down!

Now Flair and Carlito return to the ring, looking to double team Orton, but Orton springs to life, catching Carlito as he tries to step through the ropes... with the rope hung DDT! Flair enters the ring via the steps, snapping yet more chops to Orton’s chest. Flair then looks to send Orton off the ropes, only for Orton to reverses the Irish whip... but Flair hangs on to the top rope, seeing Orton crash and burn on a dropkick attempt. Quickly, Flair moves in, snatching a foot of the grounded Orton... and twisting into THE FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK!! The arena erupts as Flair locks on his signature submission move, with Orton crying out in agony, straining, scratching and clawing for the ropes... but he can’t reach, and it looks like Orton will tap... but Edge flies across the ring with an elbow drop, breaking the hold and saving the titles!

The crowd deflates as Edge saves his partner, now laying in with stomps to the chest before retreating to the corner, crouching, waiting for Flair to rise. Slowly the legend stands back up, but so does Orton, struggling to his feet as he favours his leg. Here comes Edge, making his move... SPEAR... NO! Flair dives to the side... but Edge puts on the breaks before he hits Orton. Realising they had a narrow escape, Edge sighs with relief, but Orton looks confused, shouting “What are you doin’?” at his partner. Edge protests his innocence, but once again Rated-RKO relations are strained. Orton again shouts, this time “You gonna spear me again!?” in reference to last week when Edge connected. Edge decides he’s heard enough, as when Orton looks to turn back to Flair, Edge spins him around... and FLIPS ORTON THE DOUBLE BIRD... AND THEN WALKS OUT ON THE MATCH! The crowd is stunned as Edge simply rolls under the bottom rope and walks up the ramp, leaving Orton behind. In the ring, Orton is furious, screaming up the ramp, kicking the bottom rope in frustration, furious that Edge has walked out on him. As this is going on, Carlito has snuck back into the ring... and he drops Orton with the BACKSTABBER!! Edge stops at the top of the ramp and turns to watch, just in time to see Orton get nailed... and in time to see Carlito hook the leg... 1... 2... 3!

Winners: And NEW World Tag Team Champions, Ric Flair and Carlito @ 12.46

The arena goes nuts as Flair and Carlito get this huge night of to a great start. The referee is quick to hand Flair and 'Lito the gold, both men hugging as they raise the titles high in the air.

Jerry Lawler: They did it J.R.! Ric Flair and Carlito are the new World Tag Team Champions!

Jim Ross: Congratulations to Flair and Carlito, but have we just seen Rated-RKO implode here? Edge walked out on that match, leaving Orton to fend for himself!

Jerry Lawler: And I can't imagine that'd made 'The Legend Killer' all that happy.

Torrie is soon in to embrace Carlito, while Orton has by now rolled to the outside, staring up the ramp at where his partner has just departed the scene. In the ring, the celebration continues as Flair "woooo's" to each side of the ring, with 'Lito proudly climbing to the second rope to raise the title high as we fade into commercial.


We return to a backstage corridor to see a furious Randy Orton storming through the backstage area, pushing random backstage workers aside as he goes...

Randy Orton: WHERE IS HE?! Huh?

One worker gets too close to Orton, prompting the former World Tag Team Champion to grab the worker by the collar...

Randy Orton: YOU! You seen Edge?

The random worker shits a brick, barely mumbling a "no" in response, prompting Orton to toss him aside...

Randy Orton: EDGE! Where the hell is he?!

Now it's the cameraman who gets too close...

Randy Orton: Get that damn thing outta my face! EDGE!

Giving Orton plenty of space, the cameraman backs off, allowing us to see Orton head further down the corridor, only for Kenny Dykstra to run up to Orton, a concerned look on his face...

Kenny Dykstra: Hey, hey Randy! Randy, what are ya'-

Randy Orton: (Interrupting) WHERE IS HE?! WHERE'S EDGE?!

Flustered, Dykstra can only stutter his answer...

Kenny Dykstra: I-I-I don't know! What the hell happened out there?

Randy Orton: Edge walked out on me, that's what happened! God... I can't believe this!

An awkward silence breaks out, allowing our cameraman to move in for a close up of both men...

Kenny Dykstra: Y'know what? Screw Edge. We don't need him.

Slightly confused, Orton stares at Kenny...

Kenny Dykstra: I mean it, we don't need him. If Edge doesn't wanna team with you, then we ain't helpin' him become WWE Champion at Wrestlemania. Screw 'im! I mean, you're 'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton. I'm the Intercontinental Champion. We don't need Edge. He needs us more than we need him.

Composing himself, Orton nods his head...

Randy Orton: Yeah... you're right.

Kenny Dykstra: Alight man. If we see Edge, we'll kick the crap outta him! But if we don't... who cares? He's not better than you Randy.

Again Orton nods, this time with a smile, clearly pleased at the words of his protégé...

Randy Orton: I thought I told you to get that damn thing outta my face!

Once again Orton turns his attention to the cameraman, who quickly backs away as Orton and Dykstra walk off. A nearby door then squeaks open, and a head pops out... it's Edge! Edge gulps hard as he watches Orton and Dykstra leave, obviously having heard every word, before he quickly steps out of what appears to be a storage cupboard, his bag already over his shoulder as he briskly heads for the exit as we fade into a video.

*Video Package*


MARCH 31st, 1996

Two of the finest workers of their generation, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels compete in the first ever Wrestlemania Iron Man Match, with the man scoring the most falls within the hour being crowned WWF Champion. The two battle for an hour, with stalemate throughout until a dramatic last minute sees Hart finally lock on the sharpshooter. Determined to hang on, Michaels somehow battles the pain, unable to reach the ropes yet still refusing to submit. The clock expires with Michaels still locked in the sharpshooter, leading Hart to believe that since the match ended in a tie, he was still champion. However, then WWF Commissioner Gorilla Monsoon ordered that there would be a period of sudden death overtime, where the first man to score a pinfall would be victorious. Despite the anguish he suffered in the sharpshooter, Michaels hits two sweet chin music’s, handing him the victory and his first WWF Championship in the process in one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history.


*End Video Package*

We now cut to the arena for...


Week on week the pop grows for CM Punk, who steps out, tapping and listening in on the imaginary watch on his wrist before shouting "It's clobberin' time!" and then racing down to the ring...

Jim Ross: Folks, it's already been an explosive night, and there's still more much to come, like CM Punk in action, when we return live to Raw: Night Of Champions!


We return with Punk already in the ring, his music just dying out, before the attention turns to the top of the ramp as...


Heat as Johnny Nitro and Melina make their elaborate entrance, complete with photographers and red carpet...

Jim Ross: Welcome back folks. Here comes a young couple, who for one reason or another, have not had a very successful start to 2007. Both Nitro and Melina have lost their share of matches in recent weeks, leading to a bit of tension between the two last week.

Jerry Lawler: Right and that tension nearly got worse when Chris Masters, another guy who's not been winning many matches lately, made Nitro an offer for the two of them to form a tag team of their own. Melina was certainly impressed, but I don't think Nitro was.

Jim Ross: Well I guess all will be forgiven if Nitro can pull of a win here right now...

Match 2:
Johnny Nitro
w/ Melina vs. CM Punk

From the tie-up a brief exchange of technical wrestling breaks out, as both men counter in and out of side headlock takedowns. Both men are on their feet as Punk works into a hammerlock, only for Nitro to hammer Punk with stiff elbows to the head, then charging off the ropes... Punk dives to the mat, seeing Nitro run across him... and then quickly springs up to connect on a single-leg dropkick, earning Punk an early 2 count. Punk then goes to work with hard kicks to the thigh, but when he goes for an Irish whip to the corner, Nitro springs to the second rope... and fires out with a springboard roundhouse! Nitro smacks Punk on the head, and he quickly hooks the leg... 1... 2... Punk rolls the shoulder.

Sensing he has the advantage, Nitro attacks with a string of uppercuts against the ropes before he goes for an Irish whip... and ducks a right hand... to catch Punk with a STO backbreaker... transitioning into a Russian legsweep. Nitro is quickly back up, only to spin 180 into a legdrop, hooking both legs but still only getting a 2 count. Nitro moves to mount Punk, hammering down with right after right before wrapping both legs around Punk’s neck, looking to squeeze the breath out of Punk. Nitro wraps his legs tight, every squeeze applying more pressure, leaving Punk unable to break free. Finally Punk flips into a bridging pin, causing Nitro to release the hold as he kicks out at 2.

With both men back on their feet, Punk snaps off two quick fire right hands, blocking a punk from Nitro to connect on yet another right of his own before hitting a right, a left and a back elbow before looking to finish the sequence with a kick to the skull... but Nitro ducks the roundhouse... and tags Punk with a right to the midsection. Nitro then goes for an Irish whip... but Punk reverses... and drops Nitro with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! 1... 2... again Nitro kicks out, but now it’s Punk who looks to build momentum, knocking Nitro down with two quick fire clothesline before a massive kick to the side of the skull keeps Nitro grounded.

Punk drags Nitro back up, scoring on short knees to the face before he fires Nitro to the corner... and charges in for the step-up knee to the face... and then explodes out of the corner with the bulldog! Punk has the crowd behind him as he’s back on his feet, waiting for Nitro... to nail a double underhook backbreaker! 1... 2... Nitro rolls the shoulder! Melina breathes a sigh of relief, but she’s soon interjecting herself in the match as Punk steps through the ropes near her. Punk waits for Nitro to rise, lining up a slingshot clothesline... only for Melina to grab his foot, distracting Punk and allowing Nitro to strike... with an inverted suplex that brings Punk back into the ring face first! Nitro quickly hooks the leg... 1... 2... Punk has a foot on the rope!

The frustration of Nitro spills out as he cries out, but he quickly recomposes himself by dragging Punk to the corner, setting him up as Nitro grabs the top ropes... hoists himself up... split-legged corkscrew moonsault... no! Punk gets his knees up, which sees Nitro drive his midsection into them. Nitro writhes in pain, just long enough for Punk to recover, compose himself and get back on his feet just in time to see Nitro sway towards him... Punk hoists Nitro up onto his shoulders... to hammer him with the Go-To-Sleep! Punk nails the GTS, and he quickly wraps Nitro up... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: CM Punk @ 05.28

Another impressive performance and another victory for CM Punk. The crowd gives a good pop as Punk rises to his feet to have his hand raised, while on the outside Melina is tearing her hair out, incredulous at the fact that Nitro has suffered yet another defeat...

Jerry Lawler: Aw would look at poor Melina. She looks like she's about to cry. Maybe I should go over there and console her J.R.?

Jim Ross: You just stay right where you are 'King'. I don't think even your legendary charm can save the day for Melina.

Melina has now joined Nitro in the ring, consoling but at the same time expressing her disgust at the outcome of the match, with the camera switching between the smiling Punk and the furious Melina as we head backstage...

To a pair of divas, this time it's Kelly Kelly and Candice Michelle who grace our screen. The two share some inaudible chat, both girls smiling and sharing the occasional laugh...

Candice Michelle: So uh, what's this I hear about you and CM Punk?

Kelly blushes...

Kelly Kelly: Well that depends. What did you hear?

Candice Michelle: I heard that you've got a thing for him and you wanna ask him out.

Again Kelly blushes, more so than before...

Candice Michelle: I guess that's a yes! He's kinda cute and all, but I dunno about that whole no drinking thing.

Kelly Kelly: Well, I dunno. I mean, I only broke up with Mike a few weeks ago, and I just got started here on Raw. But... I liked him when we were on ECW together so I guess-

The mood of the room soon darkens though as the shadow of Mike Knox is cast over the two. Kelly looks worried at the appearance of her ex-boyfriend, while Candice is unimpressed at the interruption...

Candice Michelle: Uh... can we help you?

His eyes firmly fixed on Kelly, Knox barely blinks as he responds...

Mike Knox: Leave... now.

Kelly shuns away from the glare of Knox, while Candice isn't impressed...

Candice Michelle: Excuse me? You can't just barge in here and talk to me like that.

Still Knox stares a hole through Kelly as he answers...

Mike Knox: I said leave... now.

Candice refuses to budge, but Kelly realises it would be better not to piss Knox off...

Kelly Kelly: It's OK Candice, you can go. I can handle it.

Candice takes a good long stare at Knox, who still hasn't stopped looking at Kelly, before she smiles at Kelly and leaves...

Kelly Kelly: What do you want Mike? Why won't you just leave me alone?

There is no change in the almost deranged expression on Knox's face...

Mike Knox: That's no way to talk to your boyfriend Kelly.

Kelly Kelly: You're not my boyfriend anymore Mike! I dunno how many times I have to say it to you.

Still Knox stares, much to the discomfort of Kelly...

Mike Knox: When are you gonna realise Kelly that you can say it as many times as you want... but you're never gettin' away from me.

Creepy. Kelly decides that if words won't do it, her actions will...

Kelly Kelly: Oh really? Well why don't you watch me leave Mike? Then maybe you'll get the message.

Kelly turns to walk away, only for Knox to take a firm grasp of her wrist, causing Kelly to squeal in surprise...

Mike Knox: You're not goin' anywhere Kelly. You're comin' with me... now.

And with that, much like last week, Knox drags Kelly Kelly off camera. This week however, he does so with greater force, leading to a much heightened look of fear in Kelly's eyes. Kelly struggles, but Knox easily drags her away, Kelly crying for help as she goes but no one seems to be in the vicinity as the cries get quieter... and quieter... until the fade into commercial.


*Video Package*

Quick-cutting shots flash across the screen of two young superstars, the two trading moves across a wrestling ring in a dimly-lit room...

Narrator: In Canada, wrestling is a tradition...

More shots of the youngsters in action, with it now clear that one of them is a strapping powerhouse, while the other is a smaller, technically gifted athlete...

Narrator: And one place is sacred to all...

We now see a blonde woman enter the ring, encouraging the two men inside...

Narrator: Beneath a family home is a place where only the brave enter...

Quick-fire shots of Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, The British Bulldog, Lance Storm and Bret Hart...

Narrator: And only the strong survive.

More shots of the two men flying around the ring, visible only through the shadows...

Narrator: The last graduating class of the Hart Dungeon is coming to Monday Night Raw...

The trio now stare at the camera through the shadows...

Narrator: To forge a new legacy!


*End Video Package*

Back to the show and...




For the second time tonight we hear the Burn In My Light Remix, but this time it's to announce the arrival of the Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra, who cockily strolls down to the ring, his title slung over his shoulder as he goes...

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw ladies and gentlemen. It's been quite the night so far, but right now, here comes the Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra, who is scheduled to face Jeff Hardy in a rematch of the Royal Rumble.

Jerry Lawler: Well at the Rumble, we didn't know if Jeff was gonna make it to compete in the match, but credit to Jeff, he showed up and put up one hell of a fight, but the injuries Jeff suffered on the Raw before the Rumble just proved too much for him to overcome.

Jim Ross: Jeff Hardy suffered a con-chair-to the Monday before the Royal Rumble, he was DDT's onto a steel chair at the Rumble behind the referee's back, causign Jeff to suffer a severe concussion. We heard from Jeff's brother Matt on Friday Night Smackdown, that although Jeff may not be medically cleared to compete tonight, Matt wouldn't be able to stop Jeff from taking part in the match if he showed up tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but J.R., Matt Hardy also promised that it would be Dykstra against Hardy tonight. What do you think he meant by that J.R.?

Jim Ross: I guess we'll just have to wait and find out 'King'.

In the ring, Dykstra demands to be handed a microphone, snatching it away from Lillian Garcia...

Kenny Dykstra: At the Royal Rumble, I told you all that Jeff Hardy wasn't gonna show up for our Intercontinental Title match. And what do ya' know? He did.

Boos as the smug Dykstra shakes his head...

Kenny Dykstra: Jeff showed up, despite every doctor he went to see tellin' him not to. Instead of forfeiting the match and the Intercontinental Title to me, like his doctors told him to, like his family begged him to, Jeff turned up and faced me. And y'know what? He left on a stretcher!


Kenny Dykstra: But those doctors and his family, they weren't tellin' Jeff not to show up because of the injuries he suffered at my hands on Raw. Oh no. They didn't want Jeff to show up... because they knew if he did, I would cripple him.

More heat...

Kenny Dykstra: They knew I'd hurt Jeff, they knew I'd stop at nothin' to get my hands on the Intercontinental Title. You all cheered when Jeff turned up, you believed the fairytale could happen, you thought the movie script would come to life, you all thought Jeff would defy the odds and hold on to his title.

Dykstra stares into the crowd, shaking his head...

Kenny Dykstra: But fairytales don't come true when I'm involved. I punished Jeff Hardy, not just for my sake... but for his. I taught Jeff a lesson, that you don't mess with me and get away with it. And when I looked into the cold, lifeless eyes of Jeff after our match at the Royal Rumble... I knew he'd learnt that lesson.

More heat...

Kenny Dykstra: And that's why I know... I guarantee... that Jeff Hardy won't show up tonight. I know he's not here, so that's why I want you...

Kenny points at referee Jack Doan, the same referee who was in charge of the Royal Rumble match...

Kenny Dykstra: To declare me the winner of this match by forfeit. And I know you've gotta give 'im a ten count... so why don't you start counting... right now.

Reluctantly, Doan calls for the bell before staring up the ramp, making his count...


Arrogant as ever, Dykstra smirks, holding his title in the air, drawing a few more boos...


So sure of Jeff not being here, Dykstra leans against the ropes, his arms open wide, feeling invincible in the moment...


"OH YEAH..."


What the...? Dykstra is stunned and the crowd goes wild as Smackdown's Matt Hardy steps out, firing up the crowd...

Jerry Lawler: He's here J.R.! Matt Hardy promised it would be Hardy against Dykstra, and now Matt's shown up in place of his brother!

Jim Ross: This building has exploded! Matt Hardy is here, and look at the look on Kenny Dykstra's face! He can't believe it!

Matt is all smiles as he steps into the ring, with Dykstra's face having changed from shock to fury. Hardy again looks to fire up the crowd, but Dykstra cuts him off...

Kenny Dykstra: Wait a minute, wait a minute! What the hell are you doin' here? This ain't your match Matt, this is Jeff's rematch!

Matt holds out his hand, asking Kenny for the microphone...

Matt Hardy: Kenny... you're right. You're absolutely right. This is my brother Jeff's rematch. But since my brother Jeff is in no shape to compete tonight... I figured I might as well give you the ass kickin' he owes you.

Pop from the crowd as Kenny shows concern...

Matt Hardy: And Kenny, my brother Jeff said that since Jonathan Coachman decided that tonight was gonna be the night for his rematch... and since he couldn't make it... that I could take his place.

Another good pop from the crowd, with Dykstra raging at the announcement, shaking his head and shouting no...

Matt Hardy: So right now Kenny, it's gonna be you and me... for the Intercontinental Championship.

And with that Matt walks to the corner of the ring, handing the microphone back to Lillian Garcia and removing his t-shirt. Dykstra offers a brief protest to the referee, who simply shakes his head and calls for the bell to be rung again. As Hardy removes his t-shirt, Dykstra sees a chance to strike, clubbing Matt from behind and the match is on!

Match 3: Intercontinental Championship Match
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Matt Hardy

And quickly Dykstra hammers down with furious right and left forearms to the back, dropping Matt to his knees. Dykstra then drops down to continue to attack, and once he has Matt flat on the mat Kenny applies the boots. Angry that once again a Hardy has interrupted his 10 count, Dykstra looks to pull Matt to a vertical base and chuck him in the corner, but Hardy quickly turns the tide, yanking Kenny hard against the turnbuckle and hammering in with a flurry of right hands to the midsection, before a handful of hair allows Matt to smash Kenny face first of the top turnbuckle. A hard Irish whip sends Dykstra across the ring, with Matt charging in for a corner clothesline, seamlessly transitioning into a running bulldog for an early near fall. Dazed, Dykstra crawls to the ropes, but Matt is right on him, teeing off with a few rights to the head before sending Kenny off the ropes... into a big back body drop! Dykstra is quickly back up, but he’s left staggering towards the ropes, with Hardy charging... and a clothesline sends Kenny over the top rope, tumbling to the floor!

Dykstra lands hard at the foot of the aisle, while in the ring Matt briefly soaks up the cheers of the crowd before he notices Kenny rising... and comes off the opposite ropes... to connect on a baseball slide dropkick that sends Kenny flying! Hitting the ramp face first, Dykstra takes a few moments to regroup before he gets back on his feet... only to wave his hands, turn and walk out on the match! Much like Edge did earlier, another Rated-RKO member is leaving a match. The crowd boos as Dykstra leaves, but the boos soon turn to cheers as Hardy is racing up the ramp... to smash Dykstra from behind with a running forearm! Again Dykstra tastes the ramp, with Hardy quickly pulling Kenny back to his feet, running the Intercontinental Champion back down the ramp and under the bottom rope into the ring.

The crowd is alive as Hardy stares down at the desperate looking Dykstra, everyone member of the audience wanting to see Matt extract revenge for his brother and in the process win the Intercontinental Championship. Dykstra is on his hands and knees, begging Matt for mercy, while the crowd is baying for blood. Matt hears the cheers and steps forward... only for Kenny to grab the waist of Hardy’s combat pants... and pull Matt forward... sending him shoulder first into the steel ring post! The crowd instantly deflates as Dykstra pulls out a desperation move, causing Matt to cry out in pain.

Taking his time to return to his feet, Dykstra sees Matt still wrapped around the ring post, prompting the youngster to jump to the outside, grabbing Matt’s arm and placing a foot against the ring post, yanking the arm forward, applying all kinds of pressure on the shoulder that again causes Hardy to express his pain. A 5 count finally prompts Kenny to release his grip, but the champ quickly slides back under the bottom rope, catching Matt as he stumbles from the corner with a snap running neckbreaker for a 2 count.

Now Dykstra looks to apply pressure to the arm, driving his elbow into the shoulder, taking Matt down with a single-arm DDT and then scooping Hardy up for a shoulderbreaker. Dykstra continues to apply pressure, but Hardy shows great resolve to stay in the match, but his resolve is pushed to the limit as Dykstra synchs back to apply a fujiwara armbar! Dykstra pulls on the arm, applying pressure to the damaged shoulder, leaving Hardy in a desperate state, clawing for the ropes. Unable to reach with his free hand, Matt tries to manoeuvre his body to allow him to reach the ropes with his feet, kicking out at the bottom rope but continually falling short. Dykstra continues to up the pressure, with the referee repeatedly asking Hardy is he wants to submit. Defiantly Matt shouts “No!”, but the pain is clear for all to see, as despite his best efforts Hardy is still unable to reach the freedom of the ropes. Still Hardy struggles for the ropes, but it’s to no avail as Dykstra continues to ramp up the pressure, until Hardy shifts his weight onto his knees, forcing Kenny over into a bridging pin... 1... 2... no! Dykstra kicks out, breaking the hold in the process, angry at coming so close to losing his title. The angry comes out as Dykstra instantly jumps on Matt, driving knees into the shoulder as Hardy lays prone on the mat, before Kenny drags Matt to his feet, firing the challenger off the ropes... Kenny swings with a clothesline... but Hardy ducks... and strikes with the side effect!

Both men are down, and the ref is quick to administer a count, making it all the way to 7 before either man can return to a vertical base. Dykstra connects with a right, but Matt fires back with a right of his own. Favouring his left arm, Hardy tags Kenny with three rights in a row, only for Dykstra to score a kick to the midsection. Dykstra then winds up Matt for a neackbreaker, only for Hardy to counter... inverted DDT! Hardy plants the champion, and he hooks the leg... 1... 2... no! Dykstra rolls a shoulder, saving his title. The crowd encourages Hardy to continue on the attack, with the challenger scooping Dykstra up for a slam and then climbing to the second rope... legdrop finds the mark! 1... 2... no! Again Dykstra rolls the shoulder, much to the disappointment of the crowd.

Matt is back on his feet, tried, still favouring the left arm, but determined that victory is in his grasp. The challenger waits for the champion to rise, with young Dykstra slowly struggling back to his feet. Hardy sees Dykstra rise and makes his move... kick... twist of fate... NO! Dykstra blocks it, clubbing Hardy with a forearm to the small of the back and then pushing Matt to the corner. Kenny then charges, but Hardy uses the ropes to propel himself over the onrushing champion, landing on his feet behind Dykstra... who hits the turnbuckle and turns... TWIST OF FATE! Hardy connects, hooks the leg... 1... 2... DYKSTRA GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES!

The ref sees it in plenty of time, pointing it out to Matt as the confused challenger wonders where the 3 count was. Dejected, Hardy looks determined to finish Dykstra off, retreating to the centre of the ring, motioning for Kenny to rise. His legs like rubber, it takes an age for the champion to stagger to the centre of the ring, where Hardy is waiting to strike... with another side effect! Again Hardy plants Kenny, but instead of going for the cover, the challenger is climbing to the top rope, his back to the ring. On the top rope, Hardy looks out into the crowd, before glancing over his shoulder for one last look at his target as he launches himself... moonsault... no! Hardy crashes and eats nothing but mat, and suddenly it’s Dykstra with the momentum, as he drags Hardy into position and races to the top rope... SKY HIGH LEGDROP!!! Dykstra gets all of it, and he drapes himself over Hardy, holding a hand high in the air to count along with the ref... 1... 2... NO!! Dykstra never hooked the leg, allowing Matt to roll a shoulder! The crowd roars as Hardy hangs on, with the camera catching the amazed expression on the champions face.

Realising his finisher failed to put Matt away (although J.R. continues to remind us of the arrogance of the youngster costing him by not hooking the leg), Kenny’s look of amazement soon turns to vengeance, as the youngster rolls under the bottom rope. On the outside Kenny sends the timekeeper scrambling, grabbing the steel chair he’s just vacated, stepping up the steel steps and through the ropes, the Rated-RKO signature weapon gripped firmly in his hands. J.R. admonishes Dykstra on commentary, with ‘King’ quick to point out it was the use of a steel chair that handed Kenny the Intercontinental Championship at the Royal Rumble. The referee sees Dykstra coming, and when Kenny lifts the chair high in the air to hammer Matt, Jack Doan steps in, yanking the chair from Kenny. Furious, Dykstra turns and gets in Doan’s face, with Doan defiantly saying he won’t let Kenny use the chair. Dykstra angrily intimidates Doan back into the corner, and Matt sees this as a chance to attack, charging in... but Dykstra moves at the last second... and Matt nails the ref against the turnbuckle! Doan crumples, dropping the chair, while Hardy doubles over in pain. Quickly, the champion makes his move, sliding the chair into position and then synching Matt in... for a DDT ON THE CHAIR! Dykstra plants Matt just like he did Jeff at the Rumble, quickly sliding the chair across the ring before hooking both legs as the ref crawls to make the count... 1... 2... 3.

Winner: And still Intercontinental Champion, Kenny Dykstra @ 10:21

The crowd shits all over Kenny's actions, who once again strikes a member of the Hardy Boyz with a steel chair. The boos quickly rain down on Dykstra, who looks at the fallen Hardy, having scooped the chair up again. Instead of doing further damage, Dykstra slams the chair to the mat, rolling under the bottom ropes to back up the ramp, a smug smirk on his face as we cut backstage.

To the sight of Joey Styles, who is ready for another interview...

Joey Styles: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw. Folks my guest at this time, he is the current ECW Champion... Bobby Lashley.

A mixed response as Bobby Lashley walks into the frame. Lashley wears a focused snarl and a black t-shirt that says "Dominator" across it, while the ECW Championship is slung over his shoulder...

Joey Styles: Bobby, tonight you defend the ECW Championship, a title you won back at December To Dismember in the Extreme Elimination Chamber, against Rob Van Dam i what many people consider to be a battle between 'old school' and 'new school' ECW. Earlier tonight, I spoke with RVD, and he felt that you Lashley lacked the passion and the spirit of the original ECW. With that in mind Lashley, what does this match tonight mean for you?

Slightly ticked off by Styles' line of questioning, Lashley flares his nostrils before answering...

Bobby Lashley: What does this match mean for me? Joey, tonight is a chance for me to prove a point to a lot of people. A lot of you 'old school' ECW fans. Guys like RVD, who look at me like I'm evrythin' that was wrong with the new ECW. Guys like you Joey.

Feeling slightly intimidated, Styles gulps as Lashley stares at him...

Bobby Lashley: But y'see Joey, I'm not what was wrong with 'new school' ECW. I don't like to say it, but the problem lies with people like you and RVD.

Styles is surprised and taken aback by this comment, but Lashley doesn't notice as he carries on...

Bobby Lashley: You put ECW up on a pedestal, like there's been nothin' better than it in the history of wrestling. Well honestly Joey, I'm gettin' a bit sick and tired of it. I get it, OK? I'm not the type of image you guys used to have. I'm not puttin' myself through tables and bustin' myself open on barbed wire every night. But guys like you and RVD... I hate to say it, but you guys need to move on.

Lashley shows a sense of regret at his words, almost feeling sorry for Styles, as if he's breaking bad news to him...

Bobby Lashley: Tonight, ECW ends once and for all. I'm not happy about it. I take pride in bein' the ECW Champion. I give my all every time I step in that ring, for myself, and for this belt. But it's never good enough for you is it Joey? It's never good enough 'cause I ain't one of you. I was never there in the bingo hall in Philadelphia, I was never a Paul Heyman creation. I've tried my best to represent this title in the manner it deserves... but it's just not good enough for you. But y'know what?

Lashley pulls the title off his shoulder, holding it infront of Styles' face...

Bobby Lashley: Tonight's the last night you ever gonna see this title. And it ain't gonna be around RVD's waist... it's gonna be around mine. And then maybe I'll have the respect of RVD and you... the respect an ECW Champion deserves.

Lashley takes one last look at Styles before lowering the title belt and turning to leave as we fade into a commercial...


We return to a close up of the announce desk, with J.R. and 'King' filling the frame...

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw folks. What a night it's been so far, we've already seen one championship change hands, we've got new tag team champions 'King'!

Jerry Lawler: And what a great job Ric Flair and Carlito did to beat Edge and Randy Orton, but I think Edge has to get a huge assist after he walked out on that match. I don't think we'll be seeing Rated-RKO together in the ring anytime soon.

Jim Ross: I think that partnership in dead and gone 'King'. Remember folks, still to come tonight, John Cena defends the WWE Championship against Shawn Michaels and Triple H in a triple threat match, and Mickie James and Victoria will face off for the Women's Championship.

Jerry Lawler: God I can't wait for that triple threat match. John Cena's WWE Championship is in serious trouble tonight, and we could see an explosion once Shawn Michaels and Triple H start goin' at each other.

Jim Ross: All that still to come later tonight...

The camera then widens to see a smiling Joey Styles has occupied a seat next to Ross and Lawler...

Jim Ross: But right now, the ECW Championship is on the line for the very last time! And who better to join us to call this match, none other than 'The Voice Of Extreme', Joey Styles!

Joey Styles: Thanks J.R., thanks 'King', it's a pleasure to be back on Monday Night Raw, I only wished it was under better circumstances.


The crowd explodes to welcome the arrival of Rob Van Dam. RVD has the crowd buzzing as he walks down the ramp, bouncing into the ring and climbing to the second rope for his usual thumb gesture...

Jim Ross: Well despite the fact that tonight is the last night we'll see the ECW Championship on Raw, RVD challenged Bobby Lashley last week to an extreme rules match, to try and bring a bit of relevance back to the ECW Championship.

Joey Styles: Rob Van Dam, very much the epitome of that old school mentality that was ECW back in the bingo hall days. He was there in the good days and the bad, and if tonight is the last night we ever see the ECW Championship, who better than RVD to send the title out in a blaze of glory?


A mixed welcome for Bobby Lashley as the ECW Champion confidently makes his way down to the ring, Lashley all business as he wears a determined look on his face...

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but Joey, this ain't a bingo hall in Philadelphia. This is Monday Night Raw, and that man Bobby Lashley has been dominant as the ECW Champion.

Joey Styles: No doubt about it, Lashley has been impressive since he won the title in the extreme elimination chamber. But like RVD said last week, there's nobody lookin' to step up and challenge Lashley for the ECW Championship because Lashley hasn't exactly been fulfilling his obligations as champion.

Jim Ross: Well he's gonna fulfil 'em tonight. This is gonna be a slobberknocker, I guarantee it!

Match 4: ECW Championship Extreme Rules Match
ECW Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Rob Van Dam

As both men stand toe-to-toe in the centre of the ring, it’s Van Dam who does all the talking, motioning Lashley to bring it and doing his signature thumb taunt. Lashley snarls and goes for a collar and elbow tie up, winning the battle of strength as he backs RVD to the corner. The referee steps in, trying to force a break, which Lashley respectively gives. Stepping out, RVD again goes for tie up, and this time he uses Lashley’s momentum to twist the champion into the corner, driving the shoulder twice into the midsection and then does a back handspring out of the corner... only for Lashley to explode into Van Dam with a clothesline! The crowd gives a mixed response as Lashley flattens the challenger, with the champion tossing Van Dam through the ropes as the match quickly spills outside.

Lashley’s first action is to smash RVD face first off of the steel steps, causing the challenger to stagger around the ring to just infront of the announce desk. Van Dam’s face then tastes the desk, before Lashey looks to send Van Dam into the steps... but RVD reverses the Irish whip... sending Lashley shoulder first into the steps! The steps go flying from the impact of Lashley crashing into them, with Lashley reaching for his shoulder. With the steps now dislodged, RVD rolls Lashley onto the top of them, the ECW Champion lying prone across the steel. Van Dam then retreats, and the crowd cheer as Van Dam charges... Rolling Thunder... onto the steel steps! Both men feel the impact of the attack, with RVD clutching his ribs as he rolls to the floor.

Van Dam is back on his feet first, and he immediately starts digging underneath the ring, having to walk around to the side of the ring at the base of the ramp to find what he’s looking for, with the crowd popping as Van Dam pulls out a table! Setting the table out near the base of the ramp, Van Dam sees that Lashley has by now slid back into the ring, prompting RVD to slide back in too. Van Dam comes off the ropes, but Lashley sees him coming, catching Van Dam in his grasp and then sending him flying with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, earning the champion a near fall. Looking to put together some offense, Lashley begins laying in with knees to the midsection, before he scoops Van Dam up for a fallaway slam that leaves Van Dam laying near the ropes by the previously set up table.

Lashley slowly makes his way towards the challenger, dragging Van Dam to a vertical base and tagging the challenger with a few stiff rights. Eyeing up the table outside, Lashley positions himself, looking over his shoulder at his target as he looks to suplex Van Dam over the top rope and through the table. Lashley hoists Van Dam up, but the challenger kicks in mid air, managing to force himself back down to the mat. Again Lashley takes Van Dam up, but again RVD manages to fight back to the mat. A stiff right hand to the gut buys Van Dam a break, and he follows with two shots to the face before charging off the ropes... straight into a back body drop... but Van Dam grabs the top rope, landing on the apron and saving himself from going through the table! Teetering on the edge, Van Dam grips the rope with his left hand while swinging with his right. Van Dam hits enough right hands to back Lashley away from the ropes, prompting Van Dam to spring to the top rope... but before he can springboard into an attack, Lashley charges... and and spears Van Dam off the top rope... THROUGH THE TABLE BELOW!! Boos and cheers welcome RVD crashing through the table, and as Lashley drops to a knee, the camera focuses on the unrepentant look on Lashley’s face as we fade into commercial.


We return with both men in the ring, Van Dam looking glass eyed as Lashley has him locked in a camel clutch, Van Dam being subjected to the hold for most of the commercial. Tiring of the move and realising RVD won’t submit, Lashley goes outside and starts rummaging under the ring, bringing out a pair of steel chairs and tossing them into the ring. Lashley again lifts up the apron, this time pulling out another table, sliding the wood under the bottom rope. The time Lashley took retrieving the chairs and table has given Van Dam a chance to recover, and the challenger sees the champion coming, grabbing a chair and tossing it to Lashley... who catches it infront of his face... VAN DAMINATOR! Van Dam drives the chair into Lashley’s skull, but the toll of the match is clear as both men lie motionless on the mat.

Eventually it’s Van Dam who’s back up first, and he grabs the table Lashley introduced to the ring, setting up near the corner. Lashley shakily makes it back up, only for Van Dam to catch him with a jumping roundhouse, knocking Lashley on his ass, head propped against the turnbuckle. Sensing what could be about to happen, the crowd pops as Van Dam positions a chair across Lashley’s face. The pop increase as RVD retreats to the corner, firing himself to the top rope. Poised, Van Dam does one last thumb taunt before he flies across the ring... VAN TERMINATOR!! Van Dam again drives a chair into Lashley’s skull, prompting an “E-C-DUB!! E-C-DUB!! E-C-DUB!!” chant to ring out in the arena. Van Dam writhes in pain, but he somehow manages to drag Lashley away from the ropes to make the cover... 1... 2... no! Lashley rolls the shoulder, saving his title.

Van Dam returns to his feet, and he soon realizes that he has Lashley down in the middle of the ring. RVD quickly goes to the corner, again slinging himself to the top rope, where he steadies himself, taking a deep breath before launching himself for a picture perfect FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH... NO! Lashley rolls to safety... and VAN DAM CRASHES TO THE MAT! Van Dam kicks and clutches his ribs in agony, but Lashley wastes no time as he stands up and grabs a chair... AND SMASHES IT OFF VAN DAM’S SKULL! The crowd gasps as RVD collapses, his body going limp as Lashley aggressively slams the chair down to the mat. Instead of going for the cover, the ECW champion looks to drag his lifeless challenger back to his feet. It takes an age, but eventually Lashley has RVD up, scooping Van Dam onto his shoulders and pointing at the table set up across the ring... Lashley charges for a DOMINATOR THROUGH THE TABLE... NO! Van Dam drops down the back... and rocks Lashley with a jumping roundhouse... that knocks Lashley ON TOP OF THE TABLE! Seeing he has Lashley right where he wants him, Van Dam springs to the top rope, wasting no time to launch himself... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE!! The crowd explodes as Van Dam flies through the air, with RVD quickly diving to make the cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: And NEW ECW Champion, Rob Van Dam @ 15.33

The roof nearly bursts off the top of the arena in celebration as Rob Van Dam becomes the new ECW Champion! Styles is on his feet to give a standing ovation as RVD uses the ropes and the ref to prop himself up, clutching the ECW Title close to his chest...

Joey Styles: RVD has done it! The ECW Championship is back in the hands of 'Mr. Monday Night'!

Jim Ross: What an unbelievable effort from Van Dam! He and Lashley damn near killed each other, but it was RVD who persevered, and he is the NEW ECW Champion!

Jerry Lawler: Unbelievable! What a way for the ECW Championship to be put to rest, with two guys pushing themselves to the limit. That was extreme!

Lashley remains down, the second defeat he's suffered in consecutive weeks, and now he's without the title he's held for the last three months. The crowd continue to cheer as RVD climbs to the second rope, hoisting his new championship high in the air as we cut backstage.

We not cut to a rowdy and boisterous locker room and to Ric Flair and Carlito celebrating their victory from earlier tonight. The champagne flows from all angles, and while Carlito has his arm wrapped around Torrie Wilson, Flair somehow has pulled a bevy of stunning women into the locker room with him to help start the party...

Ric Flair: WOOOOO!! Haha! What d'ya think o' that ladies?! Carlito... we did it brother! WOOOOO!!

Flair takes a swig from a champagne bottle while Torrie gives 'Lito a kiss on the cheek...

Carlito: Hey man, Carlito and Ric Flair as 'de World Tag Team Champions? 'Dat's cool man!

Ric Flair: I'll drink to that brother! WOOOOO! Alright ladies let's get some music goin', let's get this party started! We gotta-

Carlito: (Interrupting) Hey Ric! Ric, Ric... before you go crazy on 'de champagne man, Carlito gotta ask you somethin'. Carlito knows you heard what 'dat punk Mr. Kennedy said to you on Smackdown.

Flair turns his head, almost in disbelief that he and Carlito are about to discuss Kennedy at a time like this...

Carlito: Carlito gotta know man. What's 'de deal man? You goin' to No Way Out? You gonna face Kennedy on the pay-per-view? What's 'de deal Ric?

Flair takes another swig of champagne before he answers...

Ric Flair: Carlito my friend, you and me... we're the NEW World Tag Team Champions amigo! Kennedy is nothin' but a punk as far as I'm concerned. But you and me, this team, this friendship we have... this has the chance to be somethin' big. To be somethin' special! We are gonna defend these titles against anybody who wants to step up and take a shot at us. Nothin' my friend is gonna break this team up, and that's including Mr. Kennedy. So no, I am not gonna agree to face Kennedy at No Way Out.

A few boos from inside the arena, the fans disappointed at not getting the Flair/Kennedy match...

Ric Flair: I am officially rejecting Mr. Kennedy's challenge, because you and me my friend... we're gonna put these titles back on the map. We're gonna walk into Wrestlemania and we're gonna defend this gold! We're gonna go down in history as the greatest World Tag Team Champions there ever was, and nobody... especially not Mr. Kennedy... is gonna get in the way of that. Alright?

Carlito smiles and nods, full of respect and admiration for the legend he now calls partner...

Carlito: 'Dat's cool Ric... 'dat's cool.

The pair share a handshake, which quickly turns into a hug...

Ric Flair: Hey! Ain't this supposed to be a party?

Flair grabs another bottle of champagne, popping the cork into the ceiling...

Ric Flair: Let's go ladies! Let's party! WOOOOO!

The girls cheer and start to dance as Flair continues to throw down the champagne. Soon though the good vibes in the room quickly disappear, as all eyes turns towards the door... except for Flair, who continues to drink and dance. Eventually realising that the rest of the room has shut up and turned towards the door, Flair and Carlito do likewise... to see that Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass have now entered the room. With the room now quiet, Benjamin breaks out with a long, sarcastic slow-clap as he and Haas walk towards Flair and 'Lito...

Shelton Benjamin: Way to go guys. I mean really, really impressive. The way you two guys beat one Randy Orton... that was impressive.

The group of beautiful girls cower behind Flair as 'Naitch' steps forward...

Shelton Benjamin: Almost as impressive as the way you cheated to beat us last week.

Charlie Hass: And every other time you've pulled some kinda stunt to beat one of us.

Flair smiles as he hands the champagne bottle in his hand to one of the girls...

Ric Flair: Listen guys. I've you two wanna take a shot at me and Carlito... all you gotta do is ask. Carlito and Ric Flair are the NEW World Tag Team Champions, and we won't back down from anybody. Especially not two guys we already beat.

Benjamin and Haas seethe at that comment, while Carlito shares a quick chuckle with Torrie...

Shelton Benjamin: Oh don't worry Ric. We'll be comin' for our shot. And we ain't gonna wait very long. C'mon man, let's get outta here.

Haas takes one last stare at Carlito before he follows Benjamin out of the door, leaving the camera focused on the smiling tag team champions as we fade into commercial.


We return to a battle-weary Bobby Lashley stumbling through the backstage area. Hurting from his match, pissed off at losing his title, Lashley kicks over trash cans and barges past backstage workers. Suddenly Maria approaches the former ECW Champion, microphone in hand...

Maria: Uh Bobby? Bobby can we have a few words regarding...

Maria lets out a cry as Lashley snatches the microphone clean out of her hands...

Bobby Lashley: No interviews. Understand?

Maria cowers, the presence of Lashley clearly intimidating her...

Bobby Lashley: I said DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!

Fear grips Maria as she only mumble a "Mm-hmmm" and nod her head in response. Lashley shakes his head, rubbing his hand across his face. Releasing he's in the wrong, Lashley shows remorse as he goes to say sorry... but instead Lashley slams the mic off the concrete floor in a last show of frustration before he storms off to the locker rooms, leaving the visibly shaken Maria behind.

We now go to see Todd Grisham standing by...

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... he is one of the challengers in tonight's WWE Championship triple threat match... Shawn Michaels!

Whilst the majority of the reaction that welcomes Shawn Michaels is cheers, there is a small undertone of boos, fans obviously not knowing what to make of Michaels' recent actions...

Shawn Michaels: Shawn, tonight you face both John Cena and Triple H with Cena's WWE Championship on the line. But Shawn, is the WWE Championship a secondary concern for you right now given what happened as we went off the air last week between you and Triple H?

The worried look that seems to be permanently etched on Michael's face lately is in full force as HBK pauses before responding...

Shawn Michaels: Y'know somethin' Todd? I'm a great believer in the Lord above havin' a plan for all of us. I believe in divine intervention. I believe that the Lord has a hand in everythin' that happens in our lives. And lately it seems that every time me and Triple H get in the ring together, one of us winds up hittin' the other one. And I dunno why this keeps happening.

Michaels glances to the heavens, almost knowingly...

Shawn Michaels: But I guess it's just the way things are meant to be. I guess me and Triple H... maybe we'll never get our friendship back on track. I meant what I said last week, I truly did want to clear the air with Hunter. I offered the olive branch of peace, but for some reason or another, from Edge comin' down to the ring, to Shane McMahon puttin' us in a match together, to me accidently kickin' Hunter square on the chin... I guess it just wasn't meant to work out like I planned.

Sadness and regret now cross Michaels' face...

Shawn Michaels: But maybe... maybe I was never meant to rebuild my friendship with Triple H. Maybe all that's happened lately, from DX ending, to what happened in the Rumble, to last week, maybe all of that was part of a bigger picture. A bigger picture... that's gonna lead me to the WWE Championship tonight.

Pop from inside the arena...

Shawn Michaels: Maybe I had to lose a friend... to gain what I truly desire. Maybe it's a sacrifice I had to make.

Michaels again pauses, composing himself...

Shawn Michaels: I guess tonight, we'll all find out for sure. Tonight, I'm gonna roll back the years, give the performance of a lifetime, be the old 'Aitch-Bee-Kay people talk about. I have nothin' against John Cena. Tonight, whatever happens, it's not personal between me and him. But Triple H... it's pretty personal between you and me. Last week, I hit you with the sweet chin music by accident. And I guarantee, despite the rumours people wanna spread, that was an accident. But tonight...

Michaels now has a more focused look on his face as he turns to the camera...

Shawn Michaels: If I get the chance to kick your head off and win the WWE Championship... I'm gonna take it Hunter. I only hope you can forgive me...

Michaels again glances to the heavens...

Shawn Michaels: As my Lord above will.

A stunned silence hits the crowd, no one quite sure how to react as Michaels walks away. Grisham has a concerned look on his face, with everybody wondering about the mental state of Michaels as we cut back into the arena...

Jim Ross: Well... I guess I should apologise on behalf of Bobby Lashley. Nobody wants to see somethin' like that happen to a young lady like Maria.

Joey Styles: Certainly Bobby Lashley very frustrated by his loss earlier tonight at the hands of RVD. But what about Shawn Michaels right there? That was certainly an interesting interview from 'The Heartbreak Kid'.

Jerry Lawler: I guess Shawn realises that to be WWE Champion, you have to make sacrifices. I know how badly Shawn wants to reconcile with Triple H, but it may not be able to happen for Michaels if he wants to win tonight.


A solid pop welcomes the arrival of Mickie James, who is as bubbly as ever as she bounces down the ramp, the Women's Championship slung over her shoulder while she slaps hands of the ringside fans...

Jim Ross: It's goin' to be quite the main event when Michael, 'The Game' and John Cena collide. But right now, the Women's Championship is on the line. Mickie James defends the gold against Victoria, when we return. You won't wanna miss it folks!


we return to see Victoria already striding down the ramp, her music playing, accompanied by some decent heat from the audience...

Jim Ross: There you see the ever dangerous Victoria, a young lady who three weeks ago had a shot at the Women's Championship, only for Mickie James to score, in the eyes of many people, a fluke victory. The champion surprised the challenger according to anyone who watched that match three weeks ago.

Jerry Lawler: I gotta admit, I was one of those people who felt Mickie James caught Victoria by surprise. And I gotta be honest, now that I think Victoria is gonna be a lot more prepared, I dunno if Mickie James is gonna be able to hold onto her title tonight.

Joey Styles: It's gonna be a tough task that's for sure...

Match 5: Women's Championship Match
Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Victoria

Having dominated the previous encounter between the two, it’s no surprise that from the first collar and elbow tie up Victoria forcibly pushes Mickie down to the mat. The champion returns to her feet tentatively for another tie up, and once again the challengers overpowers Mickie, as Victoria twists into a waistlock and then takes James down with a belly-to-back takedown. Instead of pressing on this advantage, Victoria instead returns to her feet, her arrogance clear for all to see as she easily allows Mickie back to a vertical base. The crowd is soon cheering though as Mickie tackles Victoria to the mat, the champion mounting the surprised challenger and hammering her with forearms. The two battle for position, and wind up rolling under the bottom rope to the floor.

Outside, Mickie tags Victoria with another pair of forearms, before the aggression of this feud comes to the fore as Victoria is smashed face first off of the top of the announce desk. Mickie grabs another hand full of hair and looks to repeat the trick, only for Victoria to hit an elbow to the midsection, and as the champion staggers back, Victoria manages to drive Mickie spine first into the side of the ring. Taking a few seconds to recover, Victoria again drives Mickie into the apron, before rolling the champion back into the ring for a 2 count.

Victoria looks to work on the spine as she locks on a bridging reverse chinlock, but the champion quickly works back to her feet. Victoria keeps her hands clasped around Mickie’s head, but Mickie fires elbows into the gut, coming off the ropes, ducking a clothesline and building up a head of steam... but Victoria takes her up for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker... only for Mickie to counter with a headscissors takedown! The speed of the match builds now as Mickie catches the onrushing challenger with a pair of armdrags, finishing the sequence with a dropkick for a near fall. Looking to build on this momentum, Mickie pushes Victoria to the corner, and after a few boots to the gut, the champion goes for an Irish whip... but the challenger reverses... and Mickie crashes into the corner, immediately grabbing at her back. Victoria then rushes in, only for Mickie to fire a boot to the face, placing both legs on Victoria’s shoulders and looking for the Mick-A-Rana... but Victoria hangs on... and viciously powerbombs Mickie against the turnbuckle!

The crowd gasps as the champion hits the corner hard, with Victoria dragging Mickie to the centre of the ring... 1... 2... Mickie rolls a shoulder. Victoria then looks to continue punishing the spine, snapping Mickie down with a backbreaker and then stomping Mickie as the champion crawls for the ropes. Again the back is target as with Mickie draped over the middle rope, the challenger c=drives her knee into the small of the back, wrenching back on the chin with the ref quickly in to give Victoria a 5 count to release the hold. Feeling in control, Victoria grabs a handful of hair and viciously tosses Mickie across the ring. Trying to gain a bit of heat, Victoria arrogantly rubs the sole of her boot across Mickie’s face, before again grabbing the hair and tossing Mickie across the ring. The crowd answers with boos, but Victoria doesn’t care, shaking her head at the audience before again scooping Mickie up... and taking her up onto her shoulder for the Spider’s Web... but Mickie counters in mid air... with a tornado DDT!

The champion pulls out a desperation counter, leaving both Divas grounded. Slowly they return to their feet, with Victoria again reaching for the hair... but Mickie fights her away, striking with a pair of forearms that back Victoria to the ropes. An Irish whip sends Victoria across, with Mickie catching her with big clothesline. Victoria is back up, only for a right hand to knock her back down. Again Victoria is up and down from a stinging shot by the champion, until the challenger stays down long enough for a cover... 1... 2... Victoria kicks out. Once more Mickie looks to send Victoria to the corner, only for the challenger to reverses... but again Mickie gets the boot up... and then straddles Victoria’s head... and this time connects on the Mick-A-Rama! 1... 2... no! Victoria rolls the shoulder at the last second. Sensing victory is close, Mickie stands, waiting for the challenger. Victoria makes it back up, only to be rocked by a forearm, prompting Mickie to charge off the ropes... for a Lou Thesz Press... but Victoria catches her... and counters with a massive spinning spinebuster! 1... 2... 3?... NO! Somehow Mickie rolls a shoulder, leaving Victoria stunned.

The challenger is back on her feet to confront the referee, who is adamant it was only 2. Incensed, the challenger grabs the champion by the hair, drilling a forearm to the spine before Victoria synchs Mickie in... and takes her up into the air... and across her shoulder... Widow’s Peak... NO!! Mickie rolls all the way through with a sunset flip, but she can’t hold it long enough for a pin. Victoria rolls through and quickly back to her feet, but Mickie is waiting for her... to nail the Long Kiss Goodnight!! There’s no lip-locking, but the massive roundhouse finds it’s mark, and Mickie drops down to hook both legs... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: And still Women's Champion, Mickie James @ 08.04

Finally, a decisive victory for Mickie over Victoria. Exhausted, Mickie remains slumped on the mat, selling every ounce of the beating she received. Victoria remains grounded, flat on her back as Mickie slowly rises to her feet. The ref hands Mickie her title and raises her hand to an appreciative pop from the crowd. Victoria is now coming around, slamming her hand off the mat, but it's the image of the victorious champion that lingers as we cut backstage.

To the sight of two of the secutiry guards we saw earlier, this time the duo stood infront of a door. The pair part allowing the camera through, and as one of them opens the door we quickly see we've entered the office of Mr. McMahon. The sight of the chairman of the board draws boos from the crowd, and more boos ring out as the camera pans to see both Shane McMahon and Jonathan Coachman stood nearby...

Vince McMahon: Well at least I don't have to look at that piece o' trash ECW Title anymore. Somethin' good's come out of this night so far.

Shane bits his lip as he nods his head, while 'Coach' gives an uneasy laugh...

Vince McMahon: What the hell's gotten into you two?

Jonathan Coachman: Well, uh... Mr. McMahon, I know you heard what John Cena said earlier tonight. He's pretty mad right now. I mean, you saw what he tried to do to me in the ring. I just...

'Coach' pauses, almost afraid of what he's about to say...

Jonathan Coachman: I don't think we oughta make him any angrier. He tore through your security like they weren't even there. Who knows what could happen if he gets his hands on us tonight.

Mr. McMahon: Oh... us?

Jonathan Coachman: Oh... uh, on you Mr. McMahon.

Vince shakes his head at 'Coach' in disgust...

Mr. McMahon: What are you scared 'Coach'? Huh? Well let me tell you somethin', I may have sent you out there earlier to deliver my message to Cena, but since you failed to do that, I'm gonna take matters into my own hands... and send Shane out there to do it.

Stunned, Shane turns to his father...

Shane McMahon: What? You want me to go out there tonight?

Mr. McMahon: What, you're scared like Coachman? Dammit Shane, you're a McMahon! John Cena put his hands on me two weeks ago, and you're little attempt at payback last week didn't exactly work now did it? That's why tonight, the two of you, and the security are gonna take care of things. You understand me?

Reluctantly, Shane nods his head...

Shane McMahon: Yeah. Alright. I'll take care of it. By the end of the night, John Cena will know never to screw with the McMahons.

A beaming smile of pride crosses Vince's face, while Shane remains decisively unconfident as we fade into commercial.


Silence as we return...



An initial gasp quickly turns to heat as the menacing savage Umaga paces his way down the ramp, Armando Alejandro Estrada close behind him as always...

Joey Styles: His domination has been second to none. A savage beast of monstrous proportions. The undefeated 'Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga. And the question is 'King', who on earth could stop this monster's path of destruction?

Jerry Lawler: I honestly don't know. I've never seen anythin' like him. The power, the fury of this man... it's scary.

Jim Ross: Both Rob Van Dam and Bobby Lashley have tried in recent weeks to tame this savage, but nothin' it seems can phase this man.

Jerry Lawler: And I'd hate to be the poor guy who has to face Umaga tonight.

In the ring, Umaga snarls as he awaits his opponent, Estrada speaking words into his ear, seemingly psyching up his monster. Umaga lets out a native cry, demanding an opponent. The call is answered as...



A tentative, almost fearful Super Crazy steps out, not his usual confident self, as the Mexican puffs out his cheeks as he slowly makes his way down to the ring...

Jim Ross: Aw Gawd.

Jerry Lawler: Well I admit the guts of Super Crazy to step into the ring with Umaga... but I don't think this is all that smart. I think this is more than crazy. This is more like super insane in if you ask me.

Match 6:
w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Super Crazy

The bell rings, but neither man moves much, with Super Crazy showing a look of fear on his face. A roar from Umaga finally draws Crazy towards him, but as Super charges, he runs straight into a shot to the throat, knocking him down. Crazy coughs and splutters, but Umaga is in no mood to let him recover, scooping Crazy to his feet to fire him off the ropes... straight into a massive Samoan drop! Down goes Crazy again, but with Estrada barking orders, Umaga looks to fire through his repertoire, dragging Crazy to the corner, propping his head against the bottom turnbuckle. Umaga then retreats to the opposite corner, letting out a tribal scream before bouncing in the air and charging across the ring... Samoan wrecking ball! Crazy’s neck furiously snaps back against the turnbuckle, and it looks like he’s about to put out of his misery as ‘Mags drags him to his feet... Samoan spike! 1... 2... 3.

Winner: Umaga @ 01.38

Joey Styles: Dominant. Simply dominant.

Jerry Lawler: That was scary. I mean, can you honestly see anyone stopping this man? I know I can't.

Jim Ross: It make take someone beyond human to stop Umaga.

In the ring, Estrada has stepped through the ropes with a microphone to join his savage. Super Crazy is helped towards the ropes by the referee, with Estrada laying in a few cheap kicks to speed up Crazy's exit from the ring. With Crazy now under the bottom rope and on the floor, Estrada turns to the hard camera...

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Tudos... excussemay, haha! Everybody listen... to me! Last week amigos, we said we wanted our... comos se dice... opportunity here on Raw. But 'dis?

Estrada steps towards the ropes, pointing at Super Crazy who is slowly being helped up the ramp by the referee...

Armando Alejandro Estrada: 'Dis is what we get? 'Dis is no match for The Saaaaamoan Bulldozerrr... UMAGA! Haha!


Armando Alejandro Estrada: We want 'de... comos se dice... 'de challenge amigos! And we ain't gonna wait any longer. So next week, we gonna...


What the...? A collective stun soon turns to cheers as the ever popular CM Punk steps out from the back. Now dressed in jeans and a hoodie, Punk already has a mic in his hand as he waits for the pop to die down...

CM Punk: Geez, Armando. Why so mad man? I don't get it. You've got this monster, this beast at your disposal... yet each and every week, you come out here and do nothin' but whine and complain.

Estrada rips off his sunglasses in disgust...

CM Punk: But y'know somethin' Armando? I hear ya' buddy. I get where you're comin' from on this. Y'see, in one strange... weird way, me and your boy Umaga... we're exactly the same.

Estrada squints his eyes, staring in confusion...

CM Punk: Now don't get me wrong. Me and Umaga, we couldn't be more different on a lotta things. I can actually string a sentence together and I don't need to tattoo the country of my birth on my stomach to remember where I come from.

Now Estrada stares in anger...

CM Punk: But y'see Armando, there is one thing that ties me and Umaga together. You and Umaga... you talk about wanting a challenge. You talk about wanting competition. Well y'see, I am 'The Straight-Edge Superstar'. I have no weakness, I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs I have no addiction... except one.

Pop from the crowd with Estrada looking on intently...

CM Punk: I need... I crave... competition.

Another pop...

CM Punk: So Armando, if you and 'The Jungle V.I.P' over there are lookin' for a challenge... then look no further... than me.

The crowd cheers as Estrada turns towards Umaga, the monster simply snarling at Punk...

Armando Alejandro Estrada: 'Ju wanna challenge us amigo? Haha! 'Ju sure you don't take drugs? 'Ju sound like 'ju high on somethin' amigo.

Punk laughs as he runs a hand through his hair...

CM Punk: Armando, I guarantee you, I'm in no way under the influence. I've never thought more clearer in my entire life. You want a challenge Armando? Well here's your challenge. Next week... me and Umaga... one on one. A lot of guys have taken a shot at beatin' the monster... and I wanna go next.

A big pop receives Punk's challenge as Estrada calmly puts his sunglasses back on, pondering his response...

Armando Alejandro Estrada: 'Ju know somethin' mi amigo? 'Ju got a deal!

Pop, but Estrada isn't finished...

Armando Alejandro Estrada: But 'ju should know 'dis. Next week, in 'dis ring... Umaga will... comos se dice... DESTROY 'ju! And when we finished with 'ju... 'ju gonna want to start takin' the painkillers amigo.


Despite the ominous warning from Estrada, Punk smiles down at Umaga, knowing he's got what he wanted...

Jerry Lawler: J.R., I think we just found the one man more crazy than Super Crazy.

Jim Ross: Well credit where credit's due 'King'. CM Punk wants to make a name for himself here on Monday nights, and what better way to do it than to be the man who finally beats Umaga.

Joey Styles: Yeah but he came out here and he challenged Umaga! That's not just crazy, that could prove to be suicidal!

We now cut backstage where we see a solemn looking Johnny Nitro slowly stuffing his ring gear into a sports bag. Nitro picks up a pair of sunglasses, holding them in his hands... and then launching them across the room. Off camera we hear a door swing open, with Nitro turning... to see Melina and Chris Masters have entered the room...

Chris Masters: Melina says you wanna talk to me?

Almost reluctantly, Nitro nods his head...

Johnny Nitro: I uh...

Nitro pauses...

Melina: C'mon Johnny. We talked about this. We both agreed... it's for the best.

Again, reluctantly, Nitro nods his head...

Johnny Nitro: I might... be interested in teamin' with you Chris.

Melina lets out a quick squeal of joy as Masters smiles...

Chris Masters: I knew you'd come around man. You made the right choice. Put it there...

Masters extends his hand...

Chris Masters: Partner.

And Nitro... slowly... offers his hand in return. Melina quickly claps her hands in delight as once again she finds herself in control of a tag team, with the camera zooming in on the handshake as we fade into a video package.

*Video Package*

We open to a pitch black, with the faint sound of a revving motor engine slowly but surely getting louder...

Narrator: The road may be long...

Slowly on the horizon we see a red convertible driving over a hill, heading towards a sunset which lights the screen...

Narrator: The journey may be treacherous...

The revs of the engine increase and get louder, with the camera closing in on shots of the side of the car...

Narrator: But you'll love every second of it!

We now skim along the rear of the car, the sun glistening on the chrome duel exhaust...

Narrator: So strap yourself in...

The car now speeds past a road sign that reads "8 MILE ROAD"...

Narrator: And get ready!

From behind we see an image of the Detroit skyline, with our car heading down a straight road towards it...

Narrator: 20 years on, Wrestlemania returns to Detroit, Michigan!

More fast paced shots of the car racing through the streets of Detroit...

Narrator: And it's going to be...

The car suddenly crashes into the screen, with the grill of the car having the official Wrestlemania 23 logo and tagline printed on it...

Narrator: The ride of your life!


*End Video Package*

We cut back to the announce desk and the sight of J.R. and 'King'...

Jim Ross: Folks, the time has come. After this commercial break, the WWE Championship is on the line in a triple threat match, featuring Triple H, Shawn Michaels and the WWE Champion John Cena.

We now cut to the image of Triple H confidently walking through the backstage corridors, the crowd giving a loud pop, although there is a light smattering of boos at the sight of 'The Game'...

Joey Styles: And there you see 'The Game', Triple H. A man who's had his share of problems with Shawn Michaels over the last month or so. Could it all break down tonight when Michaels and 'The Game' step into the ring together, or can Triple H keep his focus on the WWE Championship?

Jerry Lawler: Well we heard from Shawn Michaels earlier, and he felt confident he could but his personal problems with Triple H aside for one night to focus on winning the WWE Championship. And I gotta think that if Shawn Michaels can do that, 'The Game' won't have any trouble doin' it too.

Jim Ross: Certainly Triple H is a very focused, determined indi-

J.R. stops dead in his tracks, and the crowd quickly rains down with boos as Shane McMahon steps out from a nearby doorway. Shane, smug as always, smirks at Triple H, both men taking their time to stare at each other before Shane speaks...

Shane McMahon: Hey Hunter. I just uh... I just wanted to wish you good luck in your match tonight.

Not impressed, 'The Game' takes a slug of his water bottle...

Triple H: You... wanna wish me... good luck?

Shane McMahon: Yeah man. I mean, y'know... there's no way John Cena's gonna leave that match tonight WWE Champion. I am personally gonna make sure of that. As far as I'm concerned, you and Shawn Michaels can fight it out among each other to see who gets the title.

Still unimpressed, 'The Game' steps towards Shane...

Triple H: Listen Shane...

And then goes nose to nose with him...

Triple H: Stay the hell out of this match tonight. I'm warning you... you get involved in this match... and it won't just be John Cena you gotta worry about. You're gonna be worryin' about me too.

Shane adopts his father's trademark 'gulp' before Trips turns and walks away, leaving the camera focused on a slightly flustered McMahon as we fade into commercial...


We return to...



No light smattering of boos here as the arena erupts as Triple H emerges, his head lowered as he stands just out of the entrance way...

Joey Styles: It's time for our main event folks! The WWE Championship is on the line, and here comes the former 10 time World Champion. Tonight, can Triple H put aside the problems he's had with Shawn Michaels and win championship number 11?

Jerry Lawler: Like I said before we went to commercial, I don't think that Triple H will have any problems keeping his focus off of Shawn Michaels and on the WWE Championship. But J.R., what did you make of what Shane McMahon had to say to Triple H before we cut to commercial? Triple H might be able to not focus on Shawn Michaels, but what if Shane McMahon gets involved?

Jim Ross: I don't think we'll need to worry about Shane McMahon tonight. You've got three men in that ring in Triple H, Michaels and Cena who all hate Shane with a passion. I don't think Shane would dare walk down that aisle and interject himself in this match.

As our new commentary trio speak, the noise level has hit the roof as Trips is up on the apron, spraying water into the air before storming through the ropes and then to the second corner. 'The Game' continues to pose for the crowd as...


Again no mixed response, just a good solid pop to welcome Shawn Michaels to the arena. The concerned look that Michaels has had on his face in recent weeks is replaced tonight by a steely grit of determination as Michaels drops to his knees and opens his arms to the heavens...

Jim Ross: Earlier tonight, Shawn Michaels talked about his recent troubles with Triple H perhaps being part of a bigger plan. That if losing a friend meant winning the WWE Championship, it was a sacrifice he was willing to make. After almost five years without championship gold, could tonight see Shawn Michaels once again become champion?

Jerry Lawler: Certainly Shawn is gonna have the man upstairs in his corner. But what about the mindset of Shawn Michaels goin' into this match? I can't believe that Shawn could just switch off the emotions he's been feeling in recent weeks and focus on the WWE Championship just like that.

In the ring, the tension between Michaels and 'The Game' is obvious as both men stand in opposite corners from each other, staring intently across the ring. The crowd buzzes as both men stand, motionless, looking across at a former partner... until...


A deafening but mixed response for the most controversial champion in WWE history. John Cena charges out onto the stage for the second time tonight, saluting the crowd before racing down the ramp and sliding under the bottom rope...

Joey Styles: No one has ever split opinion like John Cena! He enters this match the WWE Champion, but will Cena overcome this triple threat situation to hold on to the title he fought so hard to win back?

Jerry Lawler: I honestly can't see it happening. I know John Cena has overcame the odds many times before, but I think trying overcome both Triple H and Shawn Michaels might be a step too far.

Main Event: WWE Championship Triple Threat Match
WWE Champion John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

The tension is in the air as all three men hang back in a corner of the ring, Triple H and Michaels stood opposite each other, Cena in the middle, his head darting from side to side to keep an eye on both opponents. Michaels and Triple H only have eyes for each other though, both men staring a whole through each other. The buzz of the crowd continues to build, and it further increases as ‘The Game’ strides forward to the middle of the ring. Michaels does likewise, the two former DX members not going face to face, but close enough to see the whites of their eyes. The tense standoff continues until Cena also steps forward, looking to make his presence felt... only for Michaels and Trips to grab Cena... and launch him over the top rope to the floor! The champion hits the floor hard, but all attention heads straight back to the ring, where once again ‘The Game’ and ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ go toe-to-toe... and soon the fists start to fly! Michaels and ‘The Game’ explode with right hands, until Michaels rattles off three and a row, backing ‘The Game’ to the corner where he unloads with stiff chops to the chest. Picking himself up, Cena shrugs his shoulders to the amusement of the crowd, deciding to let his two opponents go at it for a while. Michaels continues to sting the chest of ‘The Game’, until he goes for an Irish whip across... only for Trips to reverses it, sending Michaels upside down into the corner... and then ‘The Game’ hammers Michaels as he drops back to the mat with a clothesline.

Sensing a chance to get back into things, Cena slides under the bottom rope, spinning Trips around to smack him with a few rights before he sends ‘The Game’ to the corner, coming off the ropes for the one handed bulldog. Cena then snaps off the fisherman’s suplex, hooking the leg for a cover that is interrupted by the diving Michaels. Now it’s Michaels and the champion who go at each other, with Michaels again unloading with hard knife edged chops against the ropes. An Irish whip sends Cena off the ropes, but he catches Michaels with his head down looking for a back body drop, prompting Cena to deliver a kick to the chest... and then hoisting Michaels up onto his shoulders... FU... NO! Michaels struggles and drops to his feet behind Cena... SWEET CHIN MUSIC... SENDS CENA OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR! The crowd erupts as Michaels damn near takes Cena’s head off, but he can’t take advantage with a cover as Cena lands on the outside, and it’s on the image of the fallen champion that we fade into the final commercial of the evening.


And we return to see Michaels and Triple H in the ring, with HBK connecting on an inverted atomic drop before a pair of chops back ‘The Game’ to the ropes. Michaels goes for an Irish whip, but Trips reverses... only for Michaels to duck a clothesline... but Triple H fires back with the high knee strike! Another Irish whip, but Michaels reverses... but he again ducks his head, allowing ‘The Game’ to hit the facebreaker knee smash and come off the ropes... but Michaels ducks the running clothesline and picks up speed... for the flying forearm! J.R. points out that since they know each other so well, it’s no surprise that neither man can take control. In the ring, Michaels and Triple H are down, and so is Cena on the outside... until Michaels kips up! HBK explodes to his feet, just in time for ‘The Game’ to rise... SWEET CHIN MUSIC... NO! Triple H ducks and waits for Michaels to turn... spinebuster! ‘The Game’ plants Michaels, and now Triple H waits for Michaels... kick... PEDIGREE... NO! Michaels counters with a back body drop!

With both men down, the crowd rises again as John Cena has made it back to the apron and is climbing to the top rope! Poised, ‘The Champ’ steadies himself as Michaels and Triple H rise near each other... allowing Cena to connect on a double diving legdrop bulldog! Cena drives both challengers into the mat, and now it’s the champion who looks to attack, snatching Michaels as he rises and launching him over the top rope. Now it’s just Cena and Triple H, with the champion stalking his prey... then taking ‘The Game’ up on his shoulder... FU... NO! Triple H slides off... and looks for the pedigree... but Cena grabs the boot... and trips the other leg... STFU!!! The arena comes unglued as Cena wrenches Triple H into the STFU! Scratching and crawling for the ropes, ‘The Game’ tries desperately to fight free of the submission, but Cena has it locked in tight, pulling back on the neck, keeping Trips down. Desperately Triple H inches his body closer to the ropes... but it’s no use, ‘The Game’ can’t reach, he’s gotta tap... until Michaels grabs Cena by the ankle, pulling him towards the centre of the ring... and twisting into a FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK!! Michaels turns the tables by locking Cena in a submission hold, and suddenly it’s the champion who is clawing for the ropes! Slowly, inch by inch, Cena drags himself and Michaels towards the ropes, reaching out... but just falling short. Once again Cena shows incredible strength, forcing himself towards the ropes, reaching out... and grabbing the bottom rope!

Realising his attempt failed, Michaels breaks the hold and returns to his feet, just as Triple H does the same. A tried looking slugfest ensues, with both men trading shots until ‘The Game’ hits a knee to the midsection and fired Michaels to the corner, following in with a clothesline. Michaels collapses in the corner, but now Cena is back up, drawing Triple H’s attention, with Trips snapping some stiff punches before going for the Irish whip... Cena reverses, but he lowers his head... PEDIGREE... NO! Cena reaches down, grabbing a knee... and forcing Trips on his shoulders... FU... NO! Once again Triple H fights free, dropping to his feet and pushing Cena towards the now standing Michaels... SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! Michaels connects, but Cena only stumbles towards ‘The Game’... straight into a PEDIGREE!! Triple H plants Cena, and he goes for the cover... but of course, Michaels breaks it up at 2!

Cena rolls to the side of the ring, looking out cold, with the two former DX members now slugging it out. Tired right hands and chops are thrown, until Trips goes for an Irish whip... but Michaels ducks his clothesline... and keeps running... flying forearm! Michaels connects... and fires up with a kip up! Seeing his opponent down, HBK goes to the corner and climbs to the top rope... elbow finds it’s mark! 1... 2... Triple H rolls the shoulder! Michaels felt he had it won, only for ‘The Game’ to stay alive. Sensing that with Cena down and Triple H hurting this is his chance to win, Michaels stands in the corner... and he stomps his foot... and waits for ‘The Game’ to rise... tuning up the band... stomp after stomp... Triple H is up, and he staggers towards Michaels... SWEET CHIN MUSIC! But Triple H stumble towards the now standing John Cena... who hoists ‘The Game’ up onto his shoulders... in position for the FU, but here comes Michaels... and Cena shows superhuman strength to LIFT MICHAELS ONTO HIS SHOULDERS TOO... DOUBLE FU!!! Cena drills both Michaels and Triple H, and he hooks the leg of ‘The Game’... 1... 2... SHANE MCMAHON YANKS THE REFEREE FROM THE RING!!

Cena can’t believe it! He lifts his head, wondering where the hell was the 3 count, searching for the referee, not realising that he’s down on the floor outside the ring. Sitting up, Cena continues to look around ringside... until he sets his eyes on Shane! Furious, Cena clearly shouts “You sunnova bitch!” at the smirking McMahon... but the smirk soon fades as Cena makes a move to roll under the bottom rope... and the chase is on! Cena races after Shane as both men run around the ring, but there’s a commotion at the top of the ramp... as Vince McMahon steps out, waving his security force down to the ring! Cena continues the chase as Shane slides into the ring, and then out the other side, just in time as the security makes it to the ring... and four of them tackle Cena to the mat! Exhausted from the match, Cena can’t offer much resistance as the posse of security guards jump the WWE Champion, holding down to the mat. Seeing that Cena is down, McMahon rushes over to the announce desk, pushing Lillian Garcia aside and snatching up the steel chair she previously sat on.

Shane orders the guards to pull Cena to his feet, and with six of them keeping a tight grip, Cena is powerless as he’s raised to his feet... and held in position... as Shane cracks the steel chair off Cena’s skull! The crowd shits all over it as Cena’s legs buckle, but the security keep Cena standing... allowing Shane to again nail Cena with the chair! Nothing but pure heat as Shane orders his team to dump Cena to the mat, with McMahon adding the ultimate insult of kicking Cena under the bottom rope to the floor, all the while a beaming Vince looks on, proud of his son’s handy work... but that smile soon turns to fear, as Triple H is now stood behind Shane... SLEDGEHAMMER IN HAND! Frantically the hired goons point for Shane to turn, as ‘The Game’ hoists the hammer high in the air. Shane turns... and his jaw drops, as his life flashes before his eyes... but before Triple H can swing, Shane grabs a guard and tosses him forward... so Trips drives the sledgehammer into his skull! Shane flees from the ring, but the guards keep coming... one guard has the sledgehammer drilled into his gut... another gets it driven off his skull! Michaels is back up, picking up the steel chair Shane dropped... cracking it off a guards skull! The last three guards charge, with the former DX members working in tandem... steel chair... sledgehammer... another steel chair shot! The security guards are all dispatched, with the crowd in raptures as ‘The Game roars his approval... until...



The crowd is stunned....


As Shawn Michaels...



The crowd is furious, shitting all over Michaels’ actions. ‘The Game’ crashes to the mat instantly, with Michaels releasing his grip on the chair... then dropping to both knees... and draping himself over Triple H... just in time for the referee to crawl back into the ring...






Winner: And NEW WWE Champion, Shawn Michaels @ 18.12

Joey Styles: What the...?

Jerry Lawler: Oh my G- Did that just happen?


Sitting up, Michaels runs both hands through his hair, covering his face with his hands on the way back down, a man who feels redemption. A man... who's conscience is clear?

Jerry Lawler: Can you believe this?! Shawn Michaels is the WWE Champion... and he just took Triple H's head off to do it!

Joey Styles: What can be going through the mind of Shawn Michaels right now? 'HBK' sought peace with Triple H, he wanted forgiveness for his actions... and now he does this?

Jim Ross: Shane McMahon got to John Cena, but it was Shawn Michaels who took advantage of it. God I... I just can't believe it! What the hell has happened here tonight?! WHAT THE HELL IS SHAWN MICHAELS THINKING?!

Returning to his feet, Michaels looks around him. Carnage. Mayhem. Cena down, the former WWE Champion, a broken man on the floor, looking out cold, probably still not aware that he’s just lost his title. In the ring, Triple H, a former friend, not moved an inch since a steel chair struck his skull. The crowd, still stunned from what has happened, finally breaks out with a chorus of boos as Michaels drops down to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope, the WWE Championship clutched tight to his chest...

Joey Styles: Shawn Michaels is the new WWE Champion... and I don't think John Cena even knows he's lost the title!

Jim Ross: John Cena is out cold right infront of us. What the hell's gonna happen next week? What's Cena gonna do when he realises what's happened? What's 'The Game' gonna do when he gets his hands on Shawn Michaels? What the hell has Shawn Michaels got to say about all of this!?

Slowly walking up the ramp, Michaels stares dead ahead, an expression-less look on his face. Much like the night that started all this, Michaels walks up the ramp, his back to Triple H, much like 'The Game' did to Michaels almost one month ago. In the ring, Trips has finally come around, propping himself up on his elbows, just long enough to gather himself... with 'The Game' finally realising what's just went down. The new champion strides from the ring... where rage engulfs his former friend... as we fade... to... black.

*End Show*

Date: March 3rd 2007

Location: Madison Square Garden; New York, New York


WWE: The Evolution Of Greed
2007 King of the Ring Has Been Posted!!!

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